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The Prospector Apr 6, 1907

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Array MR 10 1907
/m^ - J
r      *
t)niA, b- \^
Vol. 18.
No. 14.
Visitors Hero and There   People j
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Uo Away.
•Jen men employed, ovor -MO ol
thom an' Japanese. Accordingly tho Dominion governmenl
and Ihu Ci. T. P. believe ill
"Cnniidn for the .laps."
What Do You Think of This ?
A snfe ngonl was in i iranbrook
this week .'lllll   ll'ied    In   sell    llle
Prospector's llnancier a safe
The agent oilher look the Pros
pector's well edited, well
equipped uud well slocked ollice
for a hunk, or he does mil undor
stand his business. Any man
with iim ordinary amount of
grey matter in Ins upper stopu
knows thut u printing ollice has
about us uiiii'h use for n safe us ti
frog has for a bathing suit.
Citizens    Take   to   the    Woods
and Strong Drink.
Sunday night just as n good
many citizens were retiring, or
had retired, for n peaceful rest
on a feather bed, loud explosions
ere heard   and   a  tremendous ™Hnlrses'   Jusl  received  this
bom bom of powder thai   fairly 	
shook the walls of a good many Mrs. Dr. Green returned
houses, uml also scared the Saturday lasl from Stillwater,
C. P. K  night staff to worlt.   By|Min"' where she  has  been   for
(nni' weeks
Born Tuesday April -ml. ii
Mr. und Mix .1   Nesbi'l. n son,
Born Priday April Silt, in
Mr uud Mrs, DoGrnco, ti
daughter.  '
A. l.eiieh i.'i ur I Wednesday in,in n business Irip tn lhe
Wanted. A girl Inr general
housework. Apply lo I.. W,
Pat v.
I)  Breokenrldge of the Crows
Nesl   Lumber  I'n.   nl*  Wardner,
wns in tin' city Friday.
Hi*. Hugh Wmi. nl PortSloelo
wus nt Gateway this week nn
professional business.
The health ni Cranbrook is
good. Very little sickness being
reported liy llle doctors,
Tate, llu; jeweler, is showing
:i swell line nf Indies' bund   bags
Mrs   Keith  nnd   Mrs.   Carter,
sler aud mother of Mrs. M.   II.
What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the  Wolfare
of the City.
'I'he regular monthly mooting
of the city council was held in
llu, council chamber on Wednes
day evening. There were presenl bis worship Mayor Pinlay,
nnd Aldermen Ryan, (lill. Pink,
McCowan and Hickenbotham.
Records of lust meeting were
read and on motion adopted.
A report from the police commissioners re Ibe appnintuinnt
nf chief of police and constable
was read; also a request from
ex Chiel of Police Baron asking
fur the auditing of his books,
were the subject of a warm
On motion of Aldermen McCowan and Hickenbotham, the
appointing of a truant officer was
placed in the hands of the finance
committee with power lo ael,
Chief of Police Dow ami I'm
vincial Constable Morris were
appointed as truant olticeis.
A communication was read
from Indian Agenl R, L. T Gal-
braith of Porl Steele asking the
council lo provide some place
where Indians coming tn ('ran
brook could hitch Iheir horses,
thereby preventing them from
straying around the town and
being impounded. Council was
unable tn see tlml this was a
matter for (heir consideration
and the city clerk was instructed
to write Mr. Galbraith to that
'I'lie finance committee then
made their report, and on motion
all accounts were ordered to be
The city clerk was instructed
tn call for tenders for supplying
the occupants nf the city jail
wilh meals.
'I'he council then resolved into
a committee of the whole to consider bylaw No. Illi. clause by
clause, with Alderman Pink in
tho chair. The committee reported bylaw No. HO as passed.
Bylaw No illi was then read a
third time.
Leave was then granted to Introduce bylaw No. il", which
was read u lirst and second time.
Council Ihen went into a committee of the whole, Mayor
Pinlay ill the chair, to ■Consider
bylaw No. il". clause by clause.
The committee reported bylaw
as Inst in cominillee.
Leave was granted to introduce bylaw No HHj Alderman
Kyan not filling. Bylaw No. 118
was mad a lirst ami second lime.
Bylaw Nn. 8(1 was then read a
lirst and second lime.
Bylaw Nn. in wns then read a
lll'Sl uud second time: Alderman
li'vau not vollllg.
'I'he council Ihen rosolvod in
in a committee nf ihe wliolo tn
consider bylaw Nn llll. clause by
elaiisi'.AIdi'i'inan Mcl'nwnn inlhe -.».-..,  Provincial     Constable     .In,
chair.   The committee roportod ever hoiii dor uny i  worship- VVii|k|] „,  .,,,„., s,„„|i. W|IR e|)
,,   , i ping ll   l.nieial   impel':    We  uo j(...,,,,,     ('ranhrnnl,*     Iif
as having passed bylaw No. Ill), '   * ' J.?f,
..       .„, ,, ,        lllll  kllnw Wlllll   llie   I  llllills Will'     III tending    In   hllslliess
llvlnw Nn  .l!i was ll,i'i  read a
Locnl news is as hard In tind
i ihis week as Liborals iii British
It is estimated thai 200,1)00,01*10
leei ni' lumber will he manufactured in Southeasl Kootonay Ihis I
1 year.
George E. Pisher, presldeni of
lhe   Burlington   (Ontario) Can
ning ciimpiiny, was llie guest nf
his cousin. Mr^. Hugh Stewart,
i inod Priday.
Pred Kyckman. who has I n
ill with rheumatism for several
iniinllis, has recovered and is
HOW ul wnrk as passenger brake-
man nn Nn. *,. ami I',.
WANTED nil kinds or ladies and
gents cleaning, pressing and repairing lit llie Cranbrook live
works Armstrong Avenue, opposite Imperial llnlel.
Premier McBride Makes  an  Excellent   Speech     Maedonald
Talks Through His Hat
ness: Election of officers, There
will be other important business
enme up affecting thu party, and
all Conservatives are requested
S-wtal io Tlio I'romHotor. I"  attend,    ti.    H.   THOMPSON,
Victoria, April 4.—The debate nn Pi ler McBride's better
terms resolution  was continued
llth day of April,  11107, al  ihe!   CRANBROOK PUBLIC SCHOOL
hour nf 6:80 p. ui.   sharp.     Husi
Report for February   Large At*
many il was thought thul the
much talked nf emiiel. that wns
to appear ubout April first,  had
shaken hands wiih oue of the|King, are visiting the latter th
planets, wilh [he resull that it [woeli
i fell in ihe eurtli ami was demolishing beautiful Crunbrook.
Mori Hillings, editor of the
Herald, who was returning from
church, heard Hie re-echoes
through Ibe air. and believing
thai il was the Jap army trying
to capture Canada, ran in the
Herald office, grabbed llie lever
of tbe Gordon press, prepared
at a moment's notiee tn "turn'er"
loose on the enemy. Hilly Hoi-
lins, who was reading lhe family
bible that wus sent tn him from
Lucan, Ontario, gol sn rattled
that he ran tn lhe bur and in n
tit of absent-mindedness innl, a
drink nf water. Dunk Maclean,
who sees thul nn nlle steals
Cranbrook during the night,
picked up ii hard boiled egg and
a bale nf hay, and shrieked,
'■ Now bring nu your battalions."
Women were seen running
around wilh hat pins in their
bauds, and old sinners were seen
to bend their knees Inr the lirst
lime. It was al Inst found nut.
before Ibe town was dosertod
what caused these untimely o.\
plosions.      ll   was   only    Wmi
Pong,  the local   Chinese    mev-     Cranbrook Is Iho best town  iu
chain, paving his annual tribute Hie interior of British Columbia
, ,        ,       ,      ,, . . ,   and   will   continue   to   be   Ion.
to his god. and ii I hinatnau wilh | .,,,„,. ,,„, ,lom,s (lf ,,„, |,not.kB|.g
tho dough usually sets off a Ion ,0r Crunbrook have turned in,to
nr   two   nl    tire crackers,     sky  mild,
rockets and bombs on that occa* 	
.,,,- ,       i       ,     Patrick On rk,tho oldest t mor
su.ii.     A l h ue.se god enn he a   v ' , ,,,    , ,.,    , . ..
■ around Port Stoele, wus a visitor
old Hung:   A  baby ourriugo,  a |lls,     Sunday    ai    Cranbrook
doll, hum ami eggs, au  imago of Although sll years of age.   he is
some sort, a box car, or men n as active as a man of fiO,
Liberal newspaper    hut un: ul
'■.lim" Ramsey, a local (' P.I.
tiremun, who curries as a side
issue wresiling, wants lo gel on
a match with (ieo. Mead of Creston for s-."io a side. Ramsey is a
good 'uu: bul lie will lim! Mead
lliere with the goods.
P. Lund, president nf lh,
Crow's Nesl I,limher I'n. nf
Wardner. returned on Sunday
lasl Irom Ottawa, where he has
been attending n session of the
commission who are at present
investigating tho alleged lumber
Hen Hucklolol'l Wednesduy for
the Bukley valley. He shipped
his pack horses from here to
Ashcroft, from  which point  he
  enters tlie   valley.     His   mission
!■'.   Won   of    Winnipeg,    will  is Pl'ospecting lor  mineral,   ami
have charge nf Ibe big steam ^'''onltural lands, and  locating
mi Monday evening, being- lhe
cause nf the lirst night sitting nl
lhe present session. 'I'he principal   feature   nl*   the   evening's
debate was the excellent summing up of llie ease given by the
premier in his closing speech.
Ill   whieh.   while    paying    the
eeretary treasurer.
Oratorio Emmanuel.
tendance and Good Conduct of
shovel nf lhe ('.   P.   iv.   I'm*   lie
coming season.
A. 'I'. Culwoll nf Porl Sleele,
lhe nlil time mine owner and
prospector, was al Craubrook
Tuesday mi business.
S. li Scovill nl* Calgary and
P McDiarmiu nf Winnipeg were
registered at Ihe Cranbrook Friday
I*'. W. Stewart of Toronto and
Iv ('. Windsor of Nelsou were
registered at lhe Craubrook Priday.
Don McKay returned Thursday from an extended visit to
Idaho, "Don" says that Crunbrook look's good to him.
Capitalists will (lock to the
Cranbrook districl this summer
like bees to a llower garden, or
tramps in n  free lunch counter,
Our bulk seeds costs much
less than lhe package variety
We guarantee our seeds lo lie
fresh and true tonaine. Seeour
udvl. C. 13. Keid & Co.. the
druggist s.
Aldel'iuun   Pink   gave   notice
Unil he would ul lhe nexl   In,'el
ing of the council move I lint l.y
laws  No.   i'.ti  and   llh  he  tliinlly
considered and adopted
The receipts for lhe year 1007
are estimated at 1^24,070.72, expenditures, §24,525.2;',
The report of Aldermen Pink
and Ryau re appointment of city
treasurer, was adopted.
Council adjourned tit 11 p. m.
A special meeting of the council wus held hist, nfght (Friday)
to consider bylaws No, uli and 80,
Invasion of "Japs."
The Grit papers are all the
time piiblishingwhat the Laurier
administration is doing Inr
Canada, Thoy say tho Dominion
government,    is    building    u|
in   eon
ship   here;   imi   Ihey certainly|nw-llnn   with   his   doparltnont.     Tlio   Piiislot
turned     ChitllllOWll     Innse     lasl
Sunday night,
W'uler rules iii Winnipeg hnve
he,ui advanced 50 per com uud
I lugpi' beer 11 ii ss slumped  In two
I glasses'for live eeuls.     Hoi'ti is u
Pruiieis II. Bacon   m   Golden problem Inr ihe prohibitionists
hus been appointed assessor uud  lo hoIvi
collector I'm ihe Golden assess-
menl district; collector of
revenue lux, and milling recur
dor   Inr    llm    Goidon    mining
The Emmanuel executive wish
in thank ihe managers nf Um
Presbyterian church ami the
officials of lhe Methodist church
division,    and   registrar  of   lhe   I'm-   the   use nf   lhe   respective
county court holdnn ut  Golden, churchos; also each t iborwho
,'.,,, |    ,. I Iimii purl in lhe oratorio nn I Inod
,1.   Cl,   I'o I nu I     \ rug   as   |. . , '      .   , ,
1 | I' rulav nighl.
commissioner lor lulling uln*
davits iu Iho suproi lunrl undor the ■ Provincial Elections
Uun Club Shoot.
Several members of lhe I 'ran
brook Rod uud i luu Club were
shooting ai ihe traps   Monday,
Construction wnrk mi lhn joint
< lovernmonl uud munlcipiil build
is well under way. * kuifruo.loi'
Johnson from now mi will push
I he work as rapidly us possible
llel'i.ro the Slimmer has passed
lhe building   will   he ii,liiiili-li.il
Canada for Canadians,   Such Is The scores vyorit good,  but  the
not   tho  ease.    Pr nee  Riiperl,  high wind interfered to s x
the     Dominion    government's lent with a high avorugo,   The
(Grand Trunk Pacific) townsite,
is being cleared,  and mil  of   the
noxl regular  practice  will  luki
placo Saturday aflui'iioou at:: p. it
A quid wedding was solum-
nosed mi Saturday evening last
when ,Mr..laiiiesGordmi I ire,'hen
und Miss Alice Louise llilliniu
wnm united in marriage Tho
cere ninny wus performed ui i he
Heiwenti pcrfcei sight nnd residence of Mr W Haynes by
partial blindness are many de- tho Unv .1. P.  Wostinan,   Only
grees     ol       seeing. Mnilerii  II lew inliiiiule friends wnm  pre
science i bins usloglve porfeel  senl.     Mr.   I  Mrs    Brechen
vision   in   nearly ull   who soo, | will make their Im  in  Cran
however  I in perfectly.    We  di
lint charge forexniuiiinlimi.     W
I''. Tale, graduate oplicliin
livery, he justly characterized
lhe mailer nf his (Macdonald's)
remarks ns purely academic,
In this respect, it may be hen
remarked. Mr. McBride has thi
endnrsutioii of men and journals
on both sides isi politics. Mr.
Macdonald's speech has been
universally condemned on thesi
very grounds, ll is well pointed
out thai tbe speech of the mem
ber for Rossland was not the
speech of u patriot or of a.states
mun advocating his country's
cause, but the speech of a lawyer
defending ;i client—the client in
this case being Sir Wilfrid
Laurier; that frmu first tn lust
Mr. Maedonald attempted tn
misrepresent the conference of
premiers us a sort of final court
of appeal, thereby to make it a
buffer to shield Sir Wilfrid
Laurier from public condemnation on account of his attitude
Inwards British Columbia; and
finally t hat the whole tenor of
the remarks of the leader of the
opposition placed him in the d
grading light of a man who
spoke in deadly fear of offending
Ottawa on the one band and the
voters of llritish Columbia on
the other which is no morn
than the cold simple truth. It
is an unpleasant thing to relied
thai the mistaken vote nf n constituency should ever have
elected to a seal in lhe house a
gentleman holding such very
peculiar views of his sworn duty
towards this province as a member of her legislature: it is, on
tlie other hand, a matter for devout thankfulness lhat the wisdom of the electorate of llritish
I'oliiinl.ia as a whole placed him
in :i position where he is powerless lo do much harm.
Mr. Macdonald's amendment
having been already ignomlni-
ously defeated, Mr. McBride's
resolution Wlls put to Ihe house.
uml received the emphatic endor-
nation of twenty voles to nine,
lhe SoclullstS having retired
from ihe house, and the only
vnles against the resolution
lining those nf suqh of the
Liberals us luul not paired.
An importanl and interesting
foal lire of Tuesday's proceedings
was the introduction by Hon.
II. Ri, Voiiiig Provincial Sec re-
tnr.v. of the second reading of
lhe hill providing for llie setting
aside nf 2,000,000 neres of Crown
lunds for ihe endowment of a
provincial university, Willi the
exception of the opposition nf
ihe Socialists, wiui apparently
objeel in oduc.nlion as much us
ihey object in work, the hill
passed iis second rending
A measure nf in. Utile
public Interest, both lo the
coasl   uud   the   interior,   wus
Introduced on Wednesday by
the Iimi. P. .1. Pulton, Chief
Commissioner of Lands und
Works, in lhe shape ol' u hill lo
render valid licenses for elniins
iu ilie Districl ni Soiiiheusi
Kootonuy. < lonsldorable debute j
is likely In Iiiiii- place mi thi
bill a finr ihe holidays,
'I'iik Man in hii; i 'ai.i.kiiy
Conservative Meeting
I'liere will he ii meeiing of the
Join in wishing il.i'i my years Hie reading room ovor Mighton's
of huppy married life, lolgar  store,  mi Thursday, the
choirs     rendered     lhe     grand
oratorio Emmanuel iu ihe Presbyterian church.
'I'he wm k was well  rendered,
leader of the opposition a com land ihe conductor, Mrs.   W   'I'.
plimeiil up,,ll his   rhetorical   de    Keid. Is now receiving   the  eon
Div.   I
P. IL Ander , Teaubrr.
Pupils attending      55
Total attendance    470
Vverage attendance 28.50
A rnro nnis on trout wusgveu     .,,.,,.,      ,, ,      ,.,. .,
,.      ... ,. ,, ft, Delia     Drummoud,     Elfrida
the   elllzells   nl   ( raubl'OOk     OS    n , i    win   „•,-        ,,    ,
III iiiiiii,mid. Sybil   \\ lute.   Ruth
!• rulav evening when I he   unted   • i.........   n ,,-  , ,.    ,
Harvey, Harvey Dickson, Kath-
Tlie hrst of May will soon he
here and something should be
done aboul a celebration for llm
children. What is nicer to see
than a lot of children emigre
galed together. In Cranbrook
this year let there be a crowning
of a May queen, and a big dance
around the May pole.
Decorators and painlers are at
work this week ai lhe Cosmopolitan, The dining room, and Ihe
rooms up stairs are being made
very pretty by lhe artists; while
the bur is one of the swellest in
town. Mine hnsl Small believes
iii having every thing around thn
bar looking ileal, clean and
At lln' Presbyterian munsc,
Crunbrook, last Tuesduy. Alex
under Hurry, an employee of the
Sl. Eugene mine. Moyie, was
united iu marriage lo Miss Cussie
McKenzie nf LodllC, Albert!!.
'I'he Prospector wishes the
newly wedded couple health,
happiness und prosperity. The
ceremony was performed by the
Rev. C. (). Main.
'I'he Blister services in lhe
Methodisl church were a great
success. Notwithstanding the
weather was not nil thul oould
be desired, the attendance was
good, und in tho evening the
Church was filled In the doors.
The music wns well rendered
and the decorations were very
tastefully arranged, Next Sun
day Rev. W. E .limes, who hus
hud a few years experience in
London, England, will preach
morning und evening.
Among Ihe Presb)terians
ei'viei's   in   lhe
Knox Presbyterian church were
ilinnug llie mnsl eiijovulile ever
held iii Craubrook. The sing
iug. Ihe profusion nf llowci'S ur
ranged around the pulpit, und
lhe gnnd audiences ns well as lhe
pointed sermons, ull tended toward making lhe services joyous
us well ns  hellelii'iul.   'I'he music
wus especially gnnd uiiil showed
careful   though!   and   training
In lhe evening the choir sung
"I nni Ile thai Liveth," with buss
solo by Mr. McSweyn, und
"Ohrlst.lho Lord is Uiseii Today," The morning service wus
devilled in Um children,
Hpnlii'ii llilhiin.
gralnlutinus of her friends for
the able manner iu which she
wielded Die billion, She hud
the largo chorus well under coil-
Iml and ai in. time wns there the
slightest hesitancy on the pari of
lhe singers of yielding lo the
guiding hand.
'I'he chorus work wus good,
ouch pari being well sustained
all through, The snlnists wine in
excellent form and as each did
well we refrain from making
special mention nf any. 'I'he
large audience showed thoir
apiircciaiion l.y rounds of applause. 'I'he proceeds will be
devilled In the support of lhe
Children's Aid Society. Alter
the entertainment the chorus
was invited to the home nl'Mr. and
Mrs. W.H.Wilson where refreshments were served In all who
were able In attend. A very
pleasant lime was spent and |
afterwards motions passed expressing appreciation of Um
kindness of Mr, and Mrs. Wilson
and congratulating Mrs. Keid.
A few speeches were made expression a hope that a permanent
chorus would be organized and
lhe good work continued,
The orcheslra did good work
all through and greatly added lo
I he success of the evening, Miss
Hutchcroft at the piano is tn be
congratulated mi the taste dis
played in all purls and her perfect rendering of the wnrk*.
Death of T, H, L, Fenwick.
It is wiih tho deepest regrol
lhat we chronicle the death of
Mr. Thos. II. Penwick of Port
Steele, at the early age of thirty-
six years, after six weeks illness
llis death was quite unexpected
for although his illness wus a
somewhat lengthy one, his ultimate recovery was not doubted,
and the news of his death came
lis a severe shock to all nf his
friends win. remembered him as
it strong healthy inun. an athlete
of no mean repute, always ready
tn help, nf a buoyant nature und
i sure friend. Born in North
Devon, he canie tn British
Columbia about I" years ago in
join his brother Mr. A. li.   Pen
leen Bridges, Vivian Sissons,
Jossie Kennedy, Lillian Leask,
Jessie McCowan, John Wood,
Spry Morris,
Div. II.
Mi- Ciilil'voll,   Teacher.I
Total attendance    725
Average  Attendance :ni i'j
Gordon Anthony, Rachel
Bardgett, Albert Barnhart, May
Anthony. Georgina Cartwright,
Melvn Cartwright. Mildred
('line. Josh.. Drummond, Mary
Duncan. Rose Dumont, Arthur
Powler. Louise Haeg, Edgar
Hundley. Bertha Hickenbotham,
Lillian McCowan. Charlie Morrison, Carl McNabb, Dave Reid,
Clifford Sissons, Inez Smith,
Olive White.
Div,   III.
MU- I'link. Toucher,
Total attendance  .'i-io*
Average attendance 81.22
Nathan     Barnhardt.      Percy
Bardgett,   Berg   Bearlle,   Eva
Conely, Wilfred Dallas, Kathleen
Dumont,  Gordon  Powler,   Marguerite Harvey. Gladys Hickenbotham, Jessie Hunter.  Wilfred
Hunter.    Ralph    Laurie.    Ross
Pascuzzo. Mabel Passmore, Andy
Patterson, May Pyatt.
Div,   IV.
Miss Hall,  Teiii'i,,.,..
Total attendance     7jo
Average attendance :l7.ju
Arthur Bowness, Alex- Dick
sou. Grade Higgins, Robert
Marshall, Charlotte Moore,
Bernard   Schermerhatn,    Alice
Div   V.
MUs I'Yii/.ii-r. Teacher.
Total attendance    -*-
Average attendance 1111,83
Ethel Reed, Ruth Haeg, Mary
Barnhardt,     Norman     Powler.
Rainsford Parks.  Harry  Doris.
Merrill Liske, Chns, Woodward.
Among the Craft
An emergent  communication
of Cranbrook Lodge, A. P. Sl
A. M., was held iii the Masonic
temple. Thursday evening.
Visiting brethren from Moyie,
Porl Steele and Kimberley were
in attendance, Our cowan reporter says that several were
initiated and passed. There was
a large attendance, many visiting brethren being present.
North   Star   Lodge.    A. P. &
wick, ami Ihe respect   iu   which ', A.M., of  Port   Steele,   held  an
he wns held was well evinced at emergent     uinloatiou     on
Mouday In the Masonic hall, to
attend ihe funeral of Brother
Thomas Penwick,   who died al
his funeral, whim utmost without
exception,    tl mire    town
turned nut tn honor him for  lh,
lasi lime. The Masons, of whose Steol(3 on Saturday last. There
order he was a member, ii.cro.is- Wlls ;l li"'-'-' attendance of the
Ing tho solemnity of Hie proceed' °''ft'L
ln«8 b* lhu"' ri',u°'; '■]<■*;      I Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
lie loaves a  wile and  three  1
children win, have lhe   heartfelt      The me ship, ,s and s Iter
ymputhyol all those au gst receipts for the district of South'
who,,, they hnve hved   fnr  so Ugt, Kootonny for last weok were
lon«' ills Inl lows
The   service   wus   hold   nl  Sl. WEEK    YEAH
John's Church, Porl  Steele,  by     Si. Eugene.,  .   458     (1,0112
Ihi'   Kev.   Plewelliug,   vicar   of,     Sullivan ..    sou      H,(I00
Cranbrook, and coinplolodul the Total t -'-s   i i i •",
eiiielery,   where   Ihi' Until t-s-rs- \
nioiiy of the  Proe  Mnsmi-. nlso Election of Officers
look place. —
A greai nuinlmrofwreulhsand j   Selkirk Prnooptory and Priory
Unworn, largo masses of botiiill ,'"'''' |K ''egnlur u thly assom
lui    Easier    lillies    and     while   l,lv   '"   *'*'"' MttSOIlIc   tempi	
blossoms marking tl st n |„ Monday evening,    'i'he prlnch
which ho has hold by all pal businoss transao.ted wns ihe
' si un tin 1 election nf oilicors fnr the
A   public   inonting   of    fruit ensuing   year,    The   following
growors   will   he   held    iii   tho ollicers wore elected;
council   chamber   on   Monday, sir KiiIkIii l>. .I. William* P. IJ
April Ifith, ill  2 o'clock,   lo or Hlr Knight j, V, Arnwlruii-i *■'.
gani'/.o for tho mutual henelil or su- Knight .iitoi.s i-iniu^         m.
iisi tbers and make iheir oc Si h","*'!! ..'"'""'J'■ 'l''"'       a"S'
,  , sir hni^'lit I In,nuts Murk. H. M.
Clipntlon successful, Hit- Knight A, H. (Irueo...,        Tnim. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK It. 1., APRIL ll, 1907.
kstahi.isiikii   issa
R. B. Grace,
©Ije glrrapcctov. | %
SATURDAY, Al'l'.ll. Ii. 1001
over death. The Greek wnnl
pascha is translated Easier but
once   in   the   Now   Testament.
______ f
SB  9
Easter is celebrated as the an* j     jfc
niversarj' of the Lord's  victory      -xl
In all other places ii is rendered Ji,
pnssover,    In ihe early church A
pascha designated the festival oi Ji,
Chrisl s crucifixion.    After  the A
second   century,   according    to i'i
some, or after the fourth, accord iji
ing to others,  the word   des •. jj-,
nated both the festival and crui ■ A
tixinn and resurrection. A
a     a     . ■•'
Although last Sunday was dis- *
agreeable, the fair sex nf Cran- •{♦
brook promenaded the public *
thoroughfares and displayed *
their costly and pretty Easti r
bonnets; mid we will state hero,
in tho credit of the ladies, not
one of the bonnets bore the
trade mark ul Tim Eaton, having heen purchased in local
millinery stores,
a      *      *
The Calgary Herald, one
time ii staunch Conservative
paper, announces thai hereafter
it will be strictly independent.
By this does the Herald mean
that it will be open to all parties.
influenced by none except for
a consideration.
In  contemplating   upon    ihe
general prosperity of the province   as   a   whole,  it is with a
source of much gratification thai
the people of Cranbrook district
can point to their share  in   the
progressiveness   and    develop
ment of British Columbia,    Here
we have resources,   mining  und
lumbering, us  well   us   agricul
tural.   that   are noi   lo bo   stir
passed   in   Ibe    province;   mul
capital, us well ns settlors,  ure
beginning lo come into tho dis j
trie!   frmu   all   quarters   of   the
Macdonald's   spi h,   during
lhe dobntfl on the heller terms
resolution of the government.
shed un  light   mi   the  question.
The s| Iml' Premier McBride,
however vored    lhe   whole
ground and presented Lite case
for the province wilh  more con*
seenlivelless Ihllll Wlls pnssillle
ill lute eleel mn addresses
A iniuisler declares thai   hell
is   a    place   nf     strung    drink,
tobacco, baseball,   il ires ami
peek-a lum shirl waists, 11,
Death, where is thv sting
hill & eo.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything will do it very quickly
We mill quote you
Mens Bous* Shoes
Ai such prices ihal will
make ynn think we never did
intend to pay for them,
Imagine n man's I lox Call Shoe
wi ith 53. 511 w hicli we w ill  sell at
S i. 75.     A   1,un, h   of   Ullll   lines to
it   51.25   worth   any where
•■  n   53.00 to s5.00
We bought I',"" pairs ol   travellers
samples of  American  sines.     This
line «,■ got FY f Duty and :n   2H
off for Cash,    -lusi ,■, and listen to
mn Gciitii
Brand Clot
ng     Vie   ave
Clothiug that will lisl ng sh you
from other men by Iheir Sl \ e, Pi I
and Appearance.
This line »v will <t li for the
next two week- only at the exact
tt holesale    ci .st, si 2., v.
s 14.00, $ 16.00and siS.00. Regular
-j,1.nn. 522.00. s24.00 and <:\ -
We  have  500 Suits   "I   other
ill.ikes    tll.lt    tt'O    tt ill sell .it   s ;. 50,
s-,. yi anil 57.50,  Regularly sulci nt
-11.50 11. ;o ,iinl 1 5.1'".
We have .1 bum li "I Boys Soils
lu sell ,11 1.75, Sonic nl thom
rt'ttll) wm Hi 5.01, and 6.00.
liven the wholesale cost will be
lost sight of,
lu I lie— (luuds, I .iiieiis, Table
Linens, Sheeting, etc, ive will sell
,u even less than wholesale cost.
FURNITURE.    We will
lu* pleased in show you und quote
you prices on this particular line
.ilsii Carpets,
The fact is simply this: Vie arc under
I,envy obligations to the Hunk and
Wholesale Houses and must dig up a
certain amount of motley in 11 limited
length of time. So enme early and
listen to our army of good uulured
clerks lell you the story of Iheir lives
und how we turn over tho cash each
dny to the bank.
N.B. Each day we are putting on a
Come and see what it is.
HILL   SL.   CO.
Harvey, MoCarter & Maedonald
CRANBROOK,    -    B.O,
Solicitor, Etc.    *
British Columbia
Cninbrook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
~7**4  NOTARY I'lllll.le
Crunbrook, ll.C
P.U.S. Al* CE.
Fort Steele B.C.
imss+s+„+.4t,iiiftt+"* a a t»iii»M«»«"i—
PhUoiclan and Suroeon
Hocus:   II til 11 ll.lll.  2 to 4 |l.lll,
7 to S p.m.
Phone utllee 105    Roaldenoo Inn
iiiiii ■"*• ,• ."mmmmmm*
Estate Hank Eller.
Hi Tlll'K'lH-i llf  ''tli   A|iril     lIHIi     I.'i    Ilir   pur i t
'Unset ot ihe   liiteiTHl  (if ll stlltc  ol   linn- -.
■Uli'i ik- stiil hiiftiuite in ihi' Allilli Mr-notion [ /
I I'linin tii'lil  lot l.'n.M'i Kl'lllll IIH Lot nm':. j
iimi iiii'.iiiiiiiiiiii i'ii.|iiin' ni inj Kttii'i' I **
1 'unit I. Iitiii Mil roll, nm; j 1
,1   V AriiiKLruiiK, \tt
'lllll' I    llili'lul    III    Il| Hll J     III    I'lllllllllssilllHT    It
1 1. nml Works for iwrinlMluii  to iniroliiw
ih.- Inlloulii" 'li'stTllii'il lumls   .liuiiii'   in   K;is
Im...iiiui*. District on ih" Moyie rlvor u r
<>i«-mi ii" hull niii'-s nurlli from tin- Inter
iniin.mil il.. 1111.Inn Lin.* 1.1 tin in,Miilinl Llltl
Moyio l.'L.'i'   r i icliurni h pom plnmctt at
uln i"
1 I'i
nl   Lini.-    Movio   lln
- <%
A   .1   Kunl     Lucille.
Thnt ii is inadvisable lo drive en	
Iieuvy wagons across sidewalks '"
has   been   demonstrated almostj  Murcii
every dny for the   |.asl   month
Where   iv   ihe    sidownlk    boss
loeatod "'
*     a     *
Raster   services    were    ce 1
brated in every church in  Cran   Extract   From   Pound   and   Dog
There are two ways of milking sure that your seed \|V"
is all right:   Send a sample to tho Agricultural   Do- *t$t/t
partmenl ut Ottawa (and wait a month for 11 reply) or W
get all your seed here.    You are just ns sale in plant* WW
ing our seed as though it hud  been  giveu  11 govern- ^W.
ment lest.    The reason is that it is all of last year's \)||^
crop, and each variety wus grown  under right  con- -./.•«
ditions to produce the best of its kind.    You can be \U/
certain of results when you plant our seeds and they i\j\*n
cost no moro than the doubtful kind. nJ/k
A complete assortment of Flower, Garden and Field Seeds WW
Are just in, and are of an excellent quality. arftr.
1 Inlet's bv mail promptly and carefully executed. \W
 1 ._  ^
C. E. REID & CO., S
Phone  7 4 ip^g   DrUgglStS.
['ltAN'UltOOIf, ll.C. April l>t. iwjr.
Tax By Law
■     .nn 1    .,                    ., .'I'-.-, in lie
(Jill _ .      ,'   ,,]
iijiiniii nr 1             (j i'iiii u uri/i    , ■
lli'l'wjae 1 ■    un;.  In
',.....     .
II r    11    .'   •■-    j,   -
\        .    .        '        j hii 11 in itnlin
.,'    u,  .. :..    line Ul
■ m          .....     , miinii   a mi
brook Sunday
There is considerable 1] sson
siou in the city council, The
burning question is, Shall
i/niiililinu he suppressed
(Iranbrook 1- at present >■   n
Ing many o( the prh ileges ,,'  n
growing city      While
council nre lighting on tin
tion of the suppression ol gum
bling and  the exil  of tinhorns
mnl parasites, the justice
are having   Iheir  share   0
privileges      On   Wednesday,   11    ' '- ***** animal, ami
colored   woman   frmu   Ilia   red P ""'* ' " ''*    '"*'• ""''
light district of  Kimberluj    i'lm '.    ,'.'''''". "'",', ",„..'',', •',','
was on trial, made ti   savage 111    ,,,,.    .. ■     ,,, ,  ■    ■,,,   linf* : a,'it
tack on the prosecuting  witness i>,-e ,i,,-n ■  , ,,,■   mii re
nml constables  '"''"I '-lie imiinil   e.ss\    :   |.i,..-.-.-,i
Id -'II
Tlieri-   ii'lll  Iki   ,  lax  nn  all iluu. nl
One amusotnenl has  followed L|.7,*,ami im all lilti'lma *.'     Iilatlm
another in I Iranbrook lhis week    duty of II wiiur nl dnu   In pnii-nri! 11
I.KAI.Kits  IN
General Merchandise and Groceries
Employment Agents
., • ' .,:-'■-        :..,[■<•-.
milieu H.i 11,:  Mill  owners can got Fifty to One Hundred Men  by applying to
 "• " ■-' '■»'""■ this company,   HOP YUEN Agent
.      »-l 0(1      ...      -:."'■!' „,
'-'"'"'"' Posl Office nddross Qtioug Yi Co, Box H71.
„, „,,,,,,.,; 1 Phone'.in. Cranbrook, H.C,
tt * '* It ksh * tm**tk ** nrit ift * akat * * * tjk **- Bfa Wkkh \kA
A\n\.n\,nt.^\.^n.n\^n,i^A.nt.nt iat i^^\^\j^^^\^\\1^^i.^\i^r,^r .^Rj.^^,^Ri^R, ^^-^9
1...SAW  YOUR   WOOD...I
9 WITH   A
9        It's the mosl perfect running engine you can gel.    The9
9 latest equipment for sawing wood. 9
SnriTliAnr    r»r»/\f*    Plumbing, Roofing, Heat eg
F. O. E.
Meet every Wodiiemlaj'
at 8.30 11.111. In Rl..l'\ Hall
Vlsitlug   Urothent Cordially   Invltoil
Chas. Smith, W. Prmldunl
M. I). Iln.i.isos. S,.',',v.
Iir.   Collin.  Aerie I'liysieian.  P.O.
Hex 28.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter 3:
3 NO. 126. r.. a. m. \.
tt tt
S riuguhii' moetlnga:—2nd Tues- S;
3 day in eaell month at eight a-
%  o'clock.
S      Sojiiui'iiiiig  Companions   are
3 cordially Invited,
I Wm. V. Tate, Sorlbo E,
4 ■        -.
1        BOX  I C'KANHKOOK, 11. C. i
ing ana Blower Work.
■Wr •\m^*xW*\m\* 'It-'lt ^^^L^Uk^^L^-     liL.^L.uL^OL.^U'-^^L.^. ^J|JL
I™,™, Wl-W,iWlWl^*. W W,ifH|fllir7*„Tli,^*.      Lmi.,™.W.™',^\.^V^ *W* ^**\W,r*9*\&*\
***ssa*-A      *amsat-9      Km** 9
; Gaioaru Game Go.
4 Orders by mall will i ivo pr pi nml earel'ul  attention  j
Fresh and Sa ted Meats
Fish and Pouury in Season
Court Granbrook 8943
Ml'lK'I'S   3S1.   AND   ITH   TI'KSUAVS
I'isitni'r   brother!)   cordially   Invttcil
C. !!..   A. McCOWAN,
Sccrciary, T. MAUSII.M.l.
* *
* T        r^ir\T l 11 I
Order by Phone 'lis
**** a-****.****-.* •*^"»»»»'»%
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
lleiueen lire criiclinr shows,
uhiss blowers, -,lo".Iili:' eiill, iy.
police  courl    proeuoilitiffH   nnd
council i I'm1.'-',   life   in  I'run
l,rook  has been  one  lonn   per
pilllllll  lice   Inneli.
(Iood    morning I     Have   you
dunned your hticii yard?
Under   New  Manage merit
When you   iVItllt   n   eniiil
I Ir.nlilii.illeis   Inl   iiiiiiiii;'     I,!          """" I     I lisl nu I inns     Kl Villi     111    All.
» l.hlii'   In   slnl.   iiiiiii- In till!  \i,,        i.i      •    i i,   o i    ,
•\ i i Music, Physical Uii I tu ro und nlo
"• Mniiitolm
IMI'II   Ullll   I,111   lltlll'l'S.
'I '' Mil      1 I,,      ,'|l>    ,'1,'t l(        III ||l!l .'        | ||l<
ll,,),-   Mill   I,"   ill! lllll   Ullll     Hill.-—    I'"-
.lee, I uili 1,1, anlil nr rtinlriiye.il   Tau«
n,u-i I,,, placed ,,n lhe ilnija' eiilliir mi io
In I,,- pliilnly -n,,ii.
In ,i,I,Iiii,,i, hi ,1,,' ;il„,v,' ('lull :',■-. nn;
,", iiii  j iilliy ,,i .in  Infraction nl llie
hi   i.   i. Until,, pniiaU) nr iiiiii.'in
mil i i.-t- ne two ii th- Imprint.) nl
i i<   |Wc Give You Your Money's Worth
NKW   WKS'I'.MINSTKU,   11,0,
Receives both Ladles nnd
'lentlemen ns Ucsidcnt or as Day
Students. Has a comploto Com-
inereiiil or Business Course, I're-
pares students to gain Teachers'
I'ertilieales of all smiles. lu
allllllatlon with Touonto I'm-
VKHHITY fill's tlie lour years
course I'm' lhe It.A. ile^ree. nml
lhe tlrst your ol tho Toronto
.School of Seieiiee. Ilns l|
special "I'rospeelors I'ourse"
lor miners who worli iu III'
D, A. McDONALD. Manager
l''or     Calendar     (lie,    nddt'OS!
"Coluinbinii CoIIoko".
Term  opens  Seplember l"lh.
[Tonsorial Parlor I
For a Cool and Oliinn Shave       :
Or a Perfect Hair Cut
A Hot or Cold Bath
i';"T" Walter B.Laing,„^!;uj
:    linker Sli'nel, firiiiilii'iiiik, li.tt.    ;
Carpenter % Builder
(Iood Worli til
K'i'iisi,mil,le I'rir
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
S Tailor % Importer of
I      Fine Woolens.
S Crunbrook,B.C,  Armntrong Ave
Sloam   Itiiilei's anil t'lirnace Work il
(lost and Slock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranbrook, B.G.
City Scavenger
Parties having back yards,
aud closets to clean, and refuse
matter to be takon away, should
leave orders with me.
Leave nrders at the City Clerktiolllee
nr drop a postal nurd in Hex lOo,
Notloo in lioreby civen iluu sixty
days nil,'i dale I Intond in apply to the
i 'hief Commissioner of Lands anil
Works for penftission to pureliune tbo
fiilliiwliit! lleserilieil hind in Soulh KiihI
I'liinini'iii'iiii.' at a post, plunteil on llie
ensl hank nf llio Moyio Hiver mul on
tin, soutli I inn Hilary ol Prp-oiiiptioti
Itneiiril No. IIU7. Tlionoo ean't twenty
ohalns (20.00), thenee suulli seventy
,'lialns 170.001 in,ire nr less to a point
line eiir.1 of M, I'riiven/ano's soiutiivt'st
 'nul' posl,,   'I'heni'ii wesl to thn Moyle
lllvor.   Thi'iire noriherly up st.renm to
tliu pi I lii'iiiiiniiij.'.
K. lh lolll
II II. II. MeVlttie, Airmil
Duind Hits aui day of Oolohor, isoo. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B C, APRIL.'., \'.«'-7
*******************9*9*****t***9***999******     flrl.,, l'ti.,i,iii|.|*tiii*      ls "'"  yflt   finished,    Whether
t      rADT    nrpprt]   p ♦    -iU*' ^*__*____     ""'   abandonment    of    Prim
X       rUKl       uIJIiLjLIj *    777:-.7r777-:~:r7^Zr-JZ Aiiinnn is,...l.v a blnB remains lo llp|ll, ,„ ,,„. (-hi„f  c.11'„„i„i ,.
Notice is lien,l,,v L'iven thai Valentine
lli,!,' Baker will, IIU days after ,lat-.
iTURDAY. •UUlll.t', 190"'
lie seen,   lint   it   is   the  iliil.v   of   Lauds aud Works for a speolal  licence      9
voi'V imuev nublished in British to out timber on the following parcel      M
■   iii ,„ii„ft,i \' ,. .., i.-:...i i  -■ , i    '^*
BREWING   CO,,   LTD.    |        More Western Octopus.        ,,, a, ,.„„„  	
led with the facts and to let tne     N,0 ,    commenoing at a post planted
uo The Week bus  public know jusl what   is  being about S3 chalna North and three uhalns
|R *W* •***^  i<**X ^a*\ ^W ^R ^*t\ *W* 4*0*9 *^r*  *Wa  *** ^** **9^  **t*a •***■  *^f*t •***■ ^Yi"* ***** -W* VW".
Since last
...  -,,,,  I of land North ol  Kimberley,  In  Soutl
,|    i_j a i~* <      a>      *  • I oliinil.ia loinaKe itseii aci|iiiunl-; .,
'MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of EXTRA PINE    ♦  |.rii,]^.il m.uiy ,,m|,„.s:ltioii.-. on done and whal is not being dono Kant ur the N*„nh-,,,-i corner of'Ii
"SS     l-^O WT H I'i ♦ 'heiiiiiiuile it took up with  re- |,V |hl, vVostorn  Octopus   Tlm I :i.uik.
,***      i VJI\ I I^l\ J sped lo the monopolistic  policy weelc.
* in, in   r ully seems   to   hav
Bottled beef for family
use n specialty
Outside   Orders
Thenee Wesl in ehain-.: N'orth 4n
chains: Weat 41) ehaina: North 40 ehains:
Kasl 4U ehaina: North 40 ehaina: Kaat
40 ehains and South 120 chains tn place
nl beginning.
♦ been along the linos of the hold   when the Dealer Does Not Have|   Notll,e ,„ hereby given thai Valentine
♦ up "ttino,   Transportation com-      Them Send for a Catalogue.      Hyde Maker win. no days from date,
^       ni,*.   hnve   found    themselves   apply to the Chief Commissioner   ol
nfronled     with     suggestions!    „„  ,- | Lnnds and Works for a speetnl lleone
Marysville, B.C.        COLE i: HANDLEY. Prop.
The Lending Hotel of the St,
Mary's Valley. Nice airy rooms
newly furnished. Table as
good as any in Kootenay.
X confronted    with     suggestions
♦ which could noi   bo lion ably
There are a few Store.*,  »'"""S 110 cut timber on llie following   parcel
the    HHii    Slaler    slum agencies nf land North of Klraborley,  In
* GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* *
. Wm.' \Am"\Am   _tm   <LV    _\f   —X-*   \—>    —a*    —^   —taf   a±Y   \—Y    —tssf   —Kg    —Xt   ami   —m*   \At   \kt   —St*   mKa*    —it   \mst   mm^
mj\ tot? ^9 ^R 4Qr*flw *W ^p *^ ^K ^9 ^9 ^9 ^9 ^9. ^v *f. ^9 ^9 ^9 ^(5 H ^^9 ^*
P. O. BOX 812     !>.
TKLFPHONK  NO. I      i"*;
▼ ,   .       , . ... ,, ""            ,,,,.,.,      .-,,,,.,,   ,,._.. *,,, mini -Minn oi   i\ inint'riev.   in   stnnlli
i entertained,     A  capitation   feo whel.e tho slfttel. womel,'s shoB |.:,ls, Kootenay, via, Sf-f?^^
; bus been demanded oil passengers              fa   fa      ,      ln suoh oases     x„. 2.   Co, nelngatapostplaiito.l Sp*58*"*5*
• ,,...: .i.l -c. 11.                                                                                           I.i , 1011..U.1,,    w....i i.i       1 kW
Fort  Steele Brewing Co.. Ltd.    ♦ ^ ^.^.^ ,n	
"999***************9*************************    portution company to another in gi,0Br;(
No, -.   *', 1,mi,'ini: ni 11 post planted I IIU
going north by persons associat*  ,,„; ln()y \vh-. "desires the i<>c°m-|'^^^ 1
by sending direct to the Sluter|   n,,.,„.,. \,„-ii, io elmlns:  Kast   ii
■sSS^5$^S5i5S?jS£$i^cS ^SS^SSS5s5^^S5^^^^^5J
I with '.he ti. T. I'-, freight has
liarni.le shoe may easily get  " ,:; dum
opposition to the wishes  of   tie
because a rake-oll wns
inpan.v. Montreal,  for  a I ehaina: Nortli SO chains: Kast Wehaina:
catalogue.    All sizes and widthsIs?""' l'-'" ,'l"li"-"'"' w"-'Sl1 olmln»ui
. . I as that which has made the name
,"   opulent of a new country,   tl   is I „
-. ■  ,v.   .i^w^iftwA^^Aw^'i', ...      * . ^ . ..     a . va. *. a:- '       * .              litre made in u hundred of tin
ft.-4ft.♦..♦.♦.*.4.*t 9 9 99   ft 9 ♦.<* *.9 ♦»♦•>♦<> ♦   refused.     lui  while all   Hits  is ,     ,   ,   ,
1,               ,      ..           ,.     , . .                                                                                          best styles.
*,      ■■r-^        -»--r        r-^, -i- -r  ^-- -a—s  r-r-i ~>           /^g /^v               ''in  en,.ugh. am   Iii u certain OX-       ,,,,                   u                ,            ,.
a    F*\     TT     PilTAT^T'       0       I* I \     . ,    i ,*   * .      . '    ''"' samo' hlu'  workmanship
♦ . U                 V         /    I \J \           Xr 1 *   "'HI u matter ol pub he   iuteresl.                         ....        .*,        ',
u rS >               r\ AT I    II ,          ,                , nnd cultured desgn is evidenced
*. I ) k)        V / I \ (V VA/ *   sneu t   s calcuatod to retard .......    r .,,,■•    i
■J, XJ, li,     K-t ±_ ± \J i. V X        v>*w wv, ■■                   " iu the tinish of  the  ladies   shoe
♦. .. -~, business uiul io luniler llicclevel-        .,.,.,.             ,   .,
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc, ,,«,i,m ivi,,„i, i,:,s „,i„ie,i„,„:,,„„
g  source the latest  developments TV*    *' 'tlel itS oi,ole West: thenee 141. chains Se,  thenee
♦:;,n connection with the Pacific.|°f^^T^,.    ,, , ,.  „ n I"^"^L" SllS '" ,"-i""i,";*
, perhaps in the final issue more a
iiuiiier I'm* ihe internal economy
'Slater" a synonym for fine footwear. The Sluter shoe for men
was   first   perfected,   but   the
OF   9
T   of the G,  T,   f,     i ne i,„u „. .      ,      ..     ,   ,.      .      ,
A i, .,, , ,   '. Slater shoe loi' ladies  has boon
"i | however, will bo  greatly   inter
.*j;esiuil to learn from an authentic
| on  the  market for years,   and
| plm*.- of beginning;,
Notice is heroby given that Valentine
Hytlo Baker will, thirty days frnmdtito,
apply to ihe Chief Cnmiutittiionur  nfi
Luntlti and \ViH'k» for a spri'ial licence
lo eut Umber on the followiny: pui I U*J(j
of land North of Kimberley, in South |
Kaul Kootenay, viz;
('omnienuiiiij whore a post has been
planted about ten chains North of the
Suulli Weal cornel1 of Ambrone Stable's
timber lluenee: thence I 111 uhalns
North: thenue B0 chains Kast: thenee
:iu eliuins  North:   tlience  KW   chains
^Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection !
Remember we carry the only stock of 11)07
papers in Cranbroolt.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds ni Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
t, , . ,,   i    Kuii> & Co.. Craubrooli, H.C.
v   terminus,  tt is only a few months
♦ ago since  the  Liberal   press  i,,1 ~~ N(1TU.,,
particular, was Hooded with  in*    Tnke ,„„•„,. tlult l,,i,,IJ. ,,„„ .,,„,.
spii'od   paragraphs,   emanating duto I Intend to npply to tho uhtof
from Ottawa aud Toronto, to the Commissioner of Lunds und Wnrks lor
effect that at  last  serious oper-  l"™i*<'"» "> m't "'"l  «i"'.v   »»'»>
,.    ,     ,,,, ,    tlmlior from the the lollowiuir iloso' lliod
.*,   alums wore nn loot.     I liousanils . ,.    ,
v, latins in aouthensl Kootenav:
,T  of Japs were to be corralled at,    coniraoncins' at « |.om  pliuitwl so
^I'l'inee  Rupert, and thence  des- Uliulns wesi ol the nonhoaal eorner of
* palchod into the interior to com-1 Broekenrld^e It Lund's thiiber lleenso
1.,-iiiii u rriii'tii.iiul eluim
stukeil by Charles M, Kilwunls
ISth, Maroh, 11)07
Nearest to railroad depot,    lias accommodations   lor   Ihe   public   unequalled   in ll
Proprietors ^j
Sixty days after dute, I. lhe iimler-
signed Intend lo u'p|)ly t" tho Chlol
Couuiiissioiicr ul' I.un,Is and Works at
Vtcloi'lii H. C. for permission to pur-
ehuse the following* deserlheil lands in
Kasi Kootenay.
Commencing al n pnst plunteil on the
Kasl line of Lot 8001, twenty ehains
north of the south-oust eorner of >uiit
Lot 31101, tlieneo north twenty i'liuins.
thenre oii-l eighty eliaiiis, thonee smith
twenty   ,'liains.   tlionco   west   oiglity
!*] : ineiice the work ol railway eon-1 lll"lll»'1' Bl,86i """"■" m,l*tl' *"' '■ll"i,"•'"
At] ,. r       , .,,' the southoust eornor of IS. A.   Ilurvev's
w s ruction.    Lumber mills were ■     ,     .. 	
. . ttmher lluense   niuiiher  ltlttl-1,   thenee
P.O. BOX 88     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE11I    -,-   '"   '"'   B1'ecled   forthwith,   the wusl mo chuins, the south 40 ehuins,
ft     ..     „.     „,     M        'SM Government lands recently ac* thenee oust lno ehuins n g the north !,.lr.d;;; „,'   .     eommeiieemont I
■ '*.-.*--F..*..,*.,.i. ,,-.-.., AV. .WlV'A'-Ti' I'M' *-     -        A.       •     AV    -       A.        •     A\. A ^ *ll*lll|^ |U I Hill     I 1*1 I     I   ' I   I   ||   I   | I      1   I I     *       I | \ I       |   |   I     .
.*.*.*. 4.*. 4. ft. 4.ft. 4.*. 4.*. .♦.<.>.».♦.<» ♦.<.♦»♦,<>♦   (iulri3tl    ,.,„,    ,el.m-,,nl    purposes 1 r suid Hreenenrlilge & Lund  iim- j ,,ll„,dlli„;,. [m „,.,,,„. ,„,„,. ,„. lei)s.
 were   to  be  siirveveil,   and   lhe!1"-'1' Hcamu  N"* 'Vlsr' "' I'"' t vom-i Matthew Ureek 'idge.
timubb  xo'HCG. townsite o(  Prince  linperl   laid j"",''"'''","','"', „     ,   ,  David llreekenridge, Agent.
 ,,,, .,,. ,,.,, .,, ,,„,. .„„,,. ' lilted Until Muri'li. I'.nn. i,., l,'..l.„„„„„ .,-,!,    nni
L'lt'lij   u,\,-i,  ii,,ii  -in 'ial*  'in,,        . ,,,    .     ,...,,,,,   ^,.,.. .....^  ,,, I- li'lil'ilill'V J,tli, 10117.
nn,, i,|,|iiyi,iiii.' u„ii.ei,ii'i eiiii "'"'    in ini i, e\ei.\   siep was io     ]4 uii^sini
Urnlsnml Works tor SliDdill I.l- be   lllk'ell   to    sel     the    gigantic	
ami riiiiy iiii-sy llmlii'i' li'oin Uir ||,.1,.|,'llll,l.r   ,,,■    iMs    hnap    ,.,„,.) 'I'lMUKK Nn'lICK
i-Reduced Rates!
Atlantic Seaboard
Ti I
Kootenay Points
Effective for TratiB-Allanth'
I'tissongot'S arriving on or snli-
sequent to April 2lltli.
I'ooteimy   i'i
itljinl,"! al ll„
;,t,',l Mj,it'll la
I.llllllii'i' Coll
Kilwiml Wjiie
Colonist Rates]
All Points Ontario,
Quebec, Marilime
Provinces, St. Paul,
Chicago, and
United States
On Snle Daily
Till Otlth April
Send For Your Friends while
lhe rales are low. Pull |iar
tieiihii's on application to
local agents or write
(I  Illlllor, Agenl f.'riinhi It,
.;, .1. Covli'. A.ll.l'.A., V i
,1, S. CAIITK.i:. II.I'.A.. Xolsi.
, I,,,,',-!,,   gireil   Uml   ■-
Take notice that thirty days after
iliiie I Intend to npply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands und Works for
permission to eut nml curry uwuy
limber Iiiiiii thu following described
lunds in Soutlieusl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post plnnleil two
hundred und forty (2-10) eliuiiis wesi of
Hi,- iiorilieiist  cor • ol the  llrecken-
rldge .t Lund  timber license number
61)85.   tlionco   nortli   eighty-four  ,S4
linins,  Ihonee   west  seventy-six
(mm tiioIevidence four years ago.   ll  is, ,,,,,,.,.,,. ,
Bl til llio K. Duvis limlici' lii'i'iise  niiiiibi,r
;„  not  yet  two  months since   Ihe^^,,  eigi,ly.r(„i,. ,.|,„iMS  nt,  nieiiw
eusl iilong the nortli line of Mii,I Hrei'k-
oui'ldgo & Luml limber license number
r.l)S5, seventy-six  711 eliuins to poinl of
usi poi'ntiot) a-rolling, nnd inn shod
li,' time the ftve hundred miles of
mi railway from the Rocltios to tlio
('nasi was to bo constructed und
the northern part of the province
would blossom us the rose. All
this adept journalistic enter
prise wns in evidence before the
tti'i* I provincial elections, just ussimi
'l,'!j',";'l""l"'l';,| i!^1!1::";"!?;:''!';"'  Inr promises   were  so  much   in j t'liulHH,  llience   west  seventy-six   (711
!*,'.ir,'i„, ■m',i|,,i,'',Vi"»«-,'„!■ u,,,i,|., i-     ■■•     -*; '  '*      ' ,'1"llns' Hionce south iilnngtl usl line
rolloiviiii:  ilcsct'ltioil   llimla    siiniiieil
ICooti'iiiiy   litstrlcl,   I'liiiiiiieiii'liiu :,i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
iiiuiwi nt tin' uoriii-wMi ri,™,-, „i r. I,, iir.8. elections were held, aud what is
Ihi'iii'i'ruiiiiiiiu''J" i'lniiii-,-,in1 111,-ii,','e, i'linin-   ., ... .     ,      .,     .,.,
norm. Ihonra ll) i'lialns wosl. Ill 8il eliuiiis   ,l""'   pOSlllOll   today.'     lhe   jolir-
noiitii. ttieiirc in cliuius won. iiimii'ii nn I'linim' utilisiie enterprise has subsided,
'.',';!!,~ even the   Victoria   Times   has
censed to publish tho Hon.    Win,
i.„„ii,, ,■ cim-iiny      Tompleman's   predictions,    but
i-iiiwii,,i Uuu-.   iiciii. i what is very much  more  to  the
point, as evidencing the actual
| condition of uffairsandthe policy
smnll. the.! llll i'lu
nortli to imiiit ur ,
U-iO ucros more ,„■ l,
Mllll'll ll'ill. Km",
in. ,'"[iliuiiimi
Hul.'il 30th .Miircli. 1007.
It Otis Staple
Just Arrived.
Severn! Hundred Pounds ef Pirsl i
'Ins.-. Dairy
llnller iu Rolls ol 1. ". and li Pounds
We Have Also it Quantity of !•'
rosh Killed.
Young and Tender Turkeys.
Several Car loads of Haled llav, l'l
lopped Oats
Wheal.   Hi* mil 1 lilts.
Dominion Meat Co.
Tuk»- notice thut sixty  (lays   uftor
dato I, the umlersignud intend to apply ! r    (-i   \ i>i
tn thr Chief CoramlHsionei' of UiihIh' "'     ""' '
uiul Works al Viotoriu, I!  (.'.  for permission to purchase tin' following dos-
cribed lumls in Kasl Kootenay,
Common ui n g ut u posl plantedat tin
nortli cusi I'oniur of Loi No. 0201.
thenee oasl Tl' ohultis. miii'u or less, to
the south eusl corner nl' l.m No, 14.
tliunce south oijrhi i'liuins. inoru or less
to the nortn boundary of Lui No. t;):;:;,
thence wesl thirty-one ehains und
twenty links to the norlh west corner
nf Lot Xo. 1143ft. Ihonee soulh nineteen
chuius and forty six links to the north
wesi corner of Lot No. 11434, thenee
west forty-oiio chuins to tlie eusl
boundary or Ttmher licenco No, 82113,
thoneo norili twenty-seven chuins uud
forty-six link.- lothe pla if commence
menl, containing otic hundred and tin
ueres, more or less,
Arthur Haiti.
David Breckenrldge, Agent.
12 Dated February 27th, 1(11)7.
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
ol ihe li. T. P, is the  fuet  that
ieenee Nu. 1 | lOllil.V   l'l'illl'0   Ulipel't   is    pl'Ul'li   | *
I l.el','1,1  "ive untie,' llllll  I illtullll    In i ''"' '>' doSI'I'll'd.      Till! IllSl    steillll-
ii|i|ily in Uie Chief imiiiiiisMiiiii'i' nl ship I'l'i.tii lhe Norlh brought
Lumls it Wi.i'liMii Vli'torlii roriiBpni'liil down forty .laps, lenvlng only
iy ,,„.iv liiidi,..,' six 0|] tho Island and practically
ill lhe white labour  whieh had
'I'uli,■ iinliee liml hIxi.v ilii.vstilli'i'iliii
I IlltOllll l,lil|i|ll.l In llle I iiii'i I,,1111111
rtlOtlUI' III Llllills llllll W'el'ka rnl' perillii-
sloil III pilI'lOlllBU lllll ll,llll" illi;  lIllHi'l'll
eil luml Iii Simili Kn-t  Kooienay, nn,
I llllll
Iron, lli,, rollowlll*, iluM'I'tliilll Imnl in
In South 1'lunt   Kiinteiin.i. L'oiiiiiioiuihig
ill n |in-.l .Innl.'il ilblllll llili'i'-,|lllll'lel'S
III tl llllll, Ullhtel'I.V ri'lllll III,' Snlllll-cnsl
,',,,'11,'r nl .1. 'I'. '''i|.|„'i''- |„','-,'lii|,linll
llllll ill,,,III nil,-   llllll   nil,-   ,|il,n'li'l'   mil,'.
eii-l iii Hie S|„,Uun,- InU'i'iiiitlol.ill I Iiii I
lllll.    llli'lli'i'   -LUI 1.    Sll   I'lllllllH,    lll.'l	
,'ll-l Sll elniins. Ill,-II,',' lliil'lll SO I'llllillS,
tllolll'0 WOHl SO i'linin- In |il;i,'.' Ill .'nm-
Thirty iluys nfter duto, wu the unilur-
siynoil.  lntoml  to it|i]ilv in llin Chiel
I'lillllllisaillllel'111 l.bllils   llllll   Works   III
Victoria.  ll.C.  for a special tlount-c to I  ■—I
ul mul ,'iii'i-y uwuy tlinbai' from the NOTICE,
followinit   ilusui'lliDil    lumls    in    Kast     Tnko notloo that  Ihli'ty iluys ttftor
Kootenay: (Into wo Inlonil  lo apply to the Chlof
Conin iiij; ut  ii pnst planted Mill I'liiniiiissloin'i'of Lumls ami  Works at
Com fort able Bedrooms
lirst Class Dining Room
eliuins     easl      unil       l"i.     ohalns
snlltll    of    the    ",T    llllle    Dost    nil     UlO
east line of Lot 45112 und running weat
Hll  ,'llllilla.   south    Sll   ,'llilins.    ,'llst   Sll
ehulns, north Sll i'liuins tnllie pluee ol
been rushed up to Prince Rupert
three months ago, Even the
surveyors have been taken oltj Muroli''5i.li, mol
I their work, and Iheir assistants, Crow's Nesl I'ush LuniburCo., Ltd,
who were hired for the coming Coiiiiiietwlng ui a pnsl planted 240
season, have been discharged and elmlns east and ISO ohalns south ol ihe
are   back   iii   Victoria,     Th
Steamship Camousiin on her trip
.imu,- \. iinn,-i  down carried it  messenger who
her ihe .'nh. Iimii.
Viellirill. It.C. for II special   lieence   In
out iiiiiI eurry uway tlinlier from the
Inlliitviiiii desii'lbed lumls  situate   in
Slilllheasl  Kenlellllt:
Coniiiieneinii at n posl plnnleil twenty
chains eaat of the north weat  corner or
Lot nun. tliui-i asl eighty  ehulns,
tlieneo norili elglity ehains. tlionco
west eighty elniins. Ihenee south eighty
chains lo point of cniiiniellc, incit.
Dutoil March nth, IHO".
Crow's Nesl I'uss I,limber Company.
| NORTH   STAR        I
• —      HOTEL J
Kimberley,   B. C.
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.,
K,l. I'Vticiin. Agenl
being uu islunil in I lie Koi.lullay lllvei'l [ \'^\g^iitu t\QW ,n,,,,
I'nnunuliehig nl n pnsl plnnleil en
-alii Island at the Nmib Wesl Cornor
of tlie Indian Rosurvo mi tlio south '-ml
ol Ituinniors Plai mi tlio oasl side of
tlto Kootonuy Itlvor, thuiico I'liuulng
iipsti'oiuu iibniii iiue-liiill' mile in the
mouth ol Six Milo Crook, suid Island
nntltiilnhig in all uboul 15 acres,  more
l.iiicd I omliur'Jlliil, III
8 I..
I llilcllil
en-ell in
■riMiiia;    \nTii*f.
■cl.t ,',,,',I 11,1,1 iallllljh  <■
,,.,,..' ..,,|,i,' in , imiiHi
laa ,'i'„l liimls nml nolle l
ij llmlior li'ini
sllll, I  nil   I
ill Iho uni'ili tti'st ,*
hoiUIi Kl ,'lniliis: tin
nortli WJulinlns: tin
I'iii,,, ,.l .'.iiiiiiii'i,,',
III   ,',MI.   lh,'
,,,'lii.i,,-  111,
n uiveru i;
had l n placed by tho tl. T. P,
for lumber, so that there Is not
even llio |il'i'leiue of continuing
even Ihoi'OUgllOSl kind of lumber
building. As things stand al
present tlio <i. T. P, have
"pulled out" of Prince Rupert,
and The   Week   allheal's   to   the
,,    i u h ,|    , .j1,,'.',"!''pi,,-"'1    |.,i opinion il. has held and expressed
iill al,me, Hint Ihey have mil uml
~* never did havo tho slightest   in-
lfc*<^'S*»i»>*»»»K'S*«»««**a>*».>*«>*1)[, letiii, f making ii  their tor-
l!""i' *2 y^T&i   /"It TTVT"C S minus     The  whole  thlnu   has
1'"''"'''■ I itSM   UJ-jIINJCj tj  ihugogfii ' bl ii IT    ll
I t> Is posssiblo Unit if Premier  Mc
"""•""""*"•"•'  H Olllionlll.l n  llllllii'i'Sl        /   llride InnI I n  I'oillld  IIIOI' II
>A                            I     I           ,        , I 'tis    "    "' '"' ' » phiisant iii Iho inallor of a   land
fi MWiTiil'.i lliiTKI. » gi'iinl, this iinsi'lllsh itorpornllnii
iiouii     IS Sl"1'":.1'!lmVD. ".i,".l"n"! "":'liy
mile pusi iiii the eaat line el Lot 4502]
and rnuniiie west so chains, south 801
eliuins. enst. NO clllliliS,  'ill  So  eliuins
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to |ihlee of coinniencenicnl.
was Instructed to, und actually J   March 25th. IHO", notice.
lllll,   e -el   every   order   whieh j      Crow's Xest I'uss Llll r Co., Lid. Notice I- hcivb.t  givon  thai   sixty
C ncimj   al   n   pnsl   pliinlod   240 iluj'B aftor dutu I lntoml lo upply lo the
ehulns ensl und ISO ehuliiB south or the Chief   rnmnilssi r   of   Lunds  und
57 mile pnsl ,,n 11 usi Iii f Lot 15112 Works for permission to piu'ehnsu the
uml  I'linnlnu aouth so elmlns, oast SO following doscrlbcd lumls In South Must |
uhalns, norlh so clisiiis. wosl so eliuins. |
In lhe pin, f I'oinineiiceiuen1
March 25th, 1007,
lescrlbcil lands
r,,i< iiclnu ni n posl planted on iln
Kusi Iimii nl tlie lllglil ol Wn.t   nf tin
Crow's N,-i I'uss l.nniii.-i' i ,,.. Lid, j VuliK llrunuh ul ihoC.I'.R, and on the
C'oinmonelnn ill  »  i  pli 120 s"lllh boundiiry or 1're.cniptl il
'hlllns eusl   ISO chains s I lhe | V'* """    Tl"*'"''* H"*1 l"1"* I' ■•hill"'*
IT mile posl on usl li, ■*' '*■"" I'' '• ,v "r ll'»" »'B»' '»'"!< "'
nl 1511
nml   I'llII1.1MM   eusl   sn  clllllll
chuins, wosl so elniins, nnrtli sn chain
in lhe place ol cm nee I.
Miin-h 2Til.li. 1007.
II   Crow's Xest hiss Lumber Co,, I.i,I
Teams and drivers furnish | ,
nil.  for  any   poinl  In lhe dis
Iriel. *
A. DOYLE,  Malinger \
|| 1,'irsi riiu.s Woi-ii i iiiiuiiiiH JJJL i'li  liupori, Iiiii  llis llrinl""1 "'"'
fl alliliideou tha' iiiieslion. eonpleil   ,.    ,
'* ' ' Knnli'llllt
,   jjjjl lhe Moyie river, llmncosoulherly along
.     I tho Moyie rlvor down slreani to where
Iho said river Inlorsei'ls Ilui -ui,l oasl-
erly  Iimii nl lhe   Vnlili Im li nf Hi.-
I.'.l'.lt.    'l'h.-1  iioi'lherlj   iiliiie;  the
 sulil I til'III "I Wuy sevenly'tlll Iniin-
; (7,1.00 ' les- In Ilui |>l I   I"'
TIMHKIt NOTICK I' ,    . '
Tliin.t iluys nl  we lliu under-  " M   p,
signed,  ii I lu npiil.t   I" ll"' Chief   n ||   ||   jii'Vllllr,  V-
Ciiiinulss 'nil Lunds uml  Works ill      |  ihlsllls t i.l Oclnber,
V'li'lorlll, 111'-, for n s| nil   licence   In
I   uml  eill'I'J   lllfill   li r  fl' In
IIII.I. & i ii. The only pine- in town
Ihal can make life worth the llvlnp.
an note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Gto. R. Lwsk & Cm
Willi lhe hn'hi whieh has reeenl ly
Tonsorial Art 1 bonn n„,own UpnM t,|1(, privmo ,.i,„i,,. „,.si ,,,,,1 m etm
lliolls.   Oxislillg    lieltveen     ll,i llm,-.
I'Vilci'iil llovei'iiiiii'iil and lhe  (i.   Will unit
T.     P.,     lis      I'Vlileliee      by       the    "'
"egi'Uaiions ror   MotaKatln ;',';„„. ,
1,'eserve. all  lend   to  show   Ihal      Miirch 27lh, 101
'I ai it   llttetupli'd   hold-up   II   Crow's Nesl I'uss Lumber Co., Llil
l'l,ins.  Spit illiniums
.unl Estimates
All   kinds   of    building    material
,',';;,,,, j constantly on hand. l'lli*. PliOSPECTOK, CHANUKOOK   U. C, APUILii. UK."
1 FlFFfllF"!WHEN you ™K,
A   i a
H   ►       ,-,,mt, i/iTruou        1 need    iti   i-hl
-j. .,...■' >■*■>»•»•
Lovers of the Bi'ttutifiil in Dt'intativi'  Klleets  will
* find in our Art  China,   whicli  wc have mi display,  *
* ' *
I the hiohest ciiilinilitiion!   nl  individual design. :  $
9 I
9 '
. *
* *
Lady Caramels
Pcanui Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nuu-tei
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
9 OT\ LKS change in Clunaware as well as other thuisrs     lhe lending niaiiulucl   rers are eonstunllj  evolving novel shapes 9 *           ,,„.,,- ....   ,,,      .
—t ^                                                                                                                                                                                                                       J. I     I l.l.l-.l'liONI*. NO.  I'll.     ,
*** and new decorative effects.    Our stock reflects the best tulenls of the Potters  Art. and new creations mini Ihe foreniosl   •*• ,                                                t
ft * *■***** + *>***■*'***'**+***■****-*
I potters of the Old World are eat her,, I here for vour choosing                                                                                                                i
Of anything yon
need in china Think Of Us.
We import direct from the
I English potteries.
This Week we received
from Wood nnd Sons, Burs-
letn, Sttiffordshlre a con<
signment of Dinner and Toll-
et ware.
The prices      well we will quote them here
anil you can call and see what it is we ofier.
■a, j'oiiei s ,-i   , ne > >iu   t» < ,r,u are i:;u uen',1  ni're  ., >i   ;. our ciioi'siiiii w
9 W'-  "''' offering an excellent assortment ot Complete Hreakfasl. Dinner ami Tea Seiviee-s of exquisite llaviland. I .iin,,; es 3ff.
9 and Meakiu China.     The elegauce aud distinctiveness o   the ibove uako lliem especially  suilablc lor eul—* *'*
9 mining     Look over your collection uud see il you do uoi  t'ei|iiin        -tin
ilo, .1.,  u   now       i lur itssorl ineul
was never so coinpleti
W.  K.  HK.M'TY
v Kit UUI M\   li i
i      il     \    Penilrose of   C-iilgtiry
J   tt as iu low ii M,,inI.it
*     (I   II  I'd,i.i  ..I   Hustings,
9   Mu 1, .  iviis ei town Priday.
lli   i'i,,-,. Dinner Sol Crown Derby Colors it :r..(lu
III   Pioco Dinner Sot Groon Decorations Gold  Edge,   ,$25.00
02    Piece Dinner Set Crown Derby Colors 1(128.00
n-:_    I'i,., ,. I )in nei' Sel I'a ill on III iie Hold   Edge * 20.00
02    Piece I r Sol Plu lllue ♦ 17.00
':.'    Pioco Dinner Sel Pink and Gold Edge  * Hi.iHi
1'ieee Toilet Sei iiieliiiling .lur in Green, Bine, Pink* 12.00
Piece Toilel Sel wilh .Till', iii While and I told 8 10.00
ti     Piece Toilet sets in various colors tind decorations.$  H.fiO
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES und CROCKERY
i ui Cilass,   Bunts,  Slii.es. Rubbers, Mitts, Gloves, Hosiery
» Constable    A      \     Ward    of
^ Marvsi ilie »;is ,n tbe eiiy   Mon
9 dm
9 i,   K   I.,iiie. and !■'   W   Tines
9 lutiu of Vancouver  were at   the
_                                                                   _.____^________ Vi      Hullock Webster,    chief
Why Cough  to The Coffin      Jj^^^^il-X^.: *     '-.■*."..■>   c^^S^g^;?*    (jt|tl* IH'tfOllCCttU* lvootonuys,   was   in Cninbrook
Dr. Scott's Prescription m
Tuesday mi olticial husiness.
.1.   ti.   Phillips   and     X.    C
' i )K f-pil /^\ 1 * O-a. ~ ilV i*"""nrt"""""""'*'""'m"TiTnmm.:.  Mcbrotnny   ol    loronto    wen
N„.»»or       I    The Quality Store    | | L0CAL News | ^x  n,„,„, „
Cold Cure Tables      *M Wi •••uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiuuuuu*? —
&J New Advertisements This Week.     Harry Drew proprietor of thi
/ljl I North Star Hotel  at hunberley,
They do the work  and  urres
lhe most stubborn cold.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.       |
j,     A   FEW   POTTED   PLANTS
L.st*    '   ui .'■ I.   be -
was   transacting    bushu
Cranbrook Monday.
TUK  I.KADINll   l-'l.'l  IT  STOIII'l
Marmalade Season Is Here
Choice Sweet, OmllgeB '10
uml fiO ,'mils por tin/-
Ltmionn BOc. per tlozon,
K.'.iu.'.'.l Uiil.-s
Sewlnu Mnelih.e
l.„'lii's liunil li„,
II. I), li. Stewart of Medicine
Kink Muraint
million tt Mm
ii t. itogors     .Tames Pinlay, manager of the
J. d.Mciiririo SulHvtvn   Group   ol   Mines   at
i* f iioiii&co Kimberley, was in the eiiy Mmi
ii*. a. iiuiitij I day.
c. P. 11
John Lettslt has applied for a
patent Oll a new rotary steam
engine, which is considered  bv
Krotl \V. Stviiln
W.   I'. Till,'
Ladies Hand Baps
I for Iho latest designs In neat and natty
HAND MACS and PURSES would ask you
io inspect our stock just received,
ll will lie a pleasure to show you the goods
and quote prices.
C.l'.ll. Wnli'li Inspectors' Crows' Nest "iis« Division
f ]flMPBLLL & MANNING | m.;:W!,v,m;;.;i,v.m;,,.x;. :];;:■- - —
i5S^^'^^'i*'Si^jjt*5S^55^s5^55^35^>i'« ;    toilers were out last Saturday.
i_^5^^^c^^^;_^^.*J^±-^^-~^±-^^*_~=ei^J -'pin, noxt thliiK will be gophers
engine to be a  world.
♦ 9ft 9ft9ft9ft.9ft;4ft.9%4ft-*7:ft-97*yftft&rft-*ft
Letluco, l.'liiili.iii.. Spiniti'h,  I
III II  I llll..lis
Stewarts Fine Cli hiics
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftrinstroim, ftve.
A   large   number   of   robins
tzt zS have put in an appearance,
I I>EflSK& HENDERSON 1 ,Mi,,i„g eom«dino,,,,
Sz ■m~m —————   *"*      —                                 zS brook llus week   tCiilsominitig.
£ "'"'   FTAQHinMARl  T   TAITDR1^        3 I    l!* A-  Choynetle,  and   |,'.  ti..
th rAonlUlNADLlli    lAiLUnO       3 'Porsier of Calgary were Cran-
th Always  Up-to-Oate                         2 ibrook visitors Tuesday.
99499499*94494494444944449        tZt
| L3   r\   \/    i     I Cranbrook,
: D.L'. V *\    SluUUllUUlUlUlUlUUi
-     - B.G. 3
the superiority of our drugs and ! ft,-
service by   giving   us  a   trial.   ♦
I You'll not  be disappointed,   ti. j ft
E. Reid ^ Co., the druggists.        'J
S. I). Pumpelly and W. tngals\ft
were registered at the Cosmopo- > *
titan Priday. Mr. Pumpelly \s\ft.
hei'e looking after his mining] 9
interests which are located on
Lulie Creek.
♦ COOL ii
< *zz
* SZt
FRftGRftNT.   i £
t   zz.
* iz
a    iZt.
*.**4,**********.******.**'*-<    2Z
Meals. Lard. Butler,
etc.. arrive by Refrig-
■ Cars twice a week.
ensuring  goods lhat
arc a
isolutely fresh,
Problem in arithmetic: Ifone \ft
Chinaman is lined $12 for firing ■>
two bunches of flrecrackersIft
on Sunday—How much should C
i'i) Chinamen be lined for tiringj.v
4SH bundles in half an hour on i *
Sunday lust? *■
Cory Dovv arrived in Cranbrook     ,,, |;   Ando~  pl.iucipal ,„■  *
Monday, and assumed the duties
l'h.wing has commenced in the
Kootenay valley around Cranbroolt and Port Sleele.
.1. K. Waldo of Nelson was 11
guest at the Craubrook Sunday
Happiness at Home
Make your wife happy
In buying ,1
Souvenir Range
of chief of poliee Tuesday.
tlio Craubrook public   schools, &
Miss Purdy and  Miss Caldwell,   ti
teachers, lefl on Monday  after
3     C,   Harrower of Lethbridge,  noon for Nolson to attend ti eon
ZS iund l'\ H, Hale ol Kernie wen
z3 registered at the Craubrooli
zS Monday.
vention of llrilish Columbia
leacliers lo lie held iu Nelson
this week.
♦ ;«*♦:♦ ♦ 0 9 r- ♦ » ♦ v. ♦ I ft. 9. ft * ft; * ft 9. ft.* fty> ft;
Portraiture by Photography   «r
I P. BURNS <fe CO., Ltd.l
Artistic   Picture   Framing        ^ Head Om U   u Office for East Kooteuay,       =3
£" Call A Cranbrook, B, 0 ^3
., S|M.,^!I., ".[ES ^iUUiiilUiiiUilUiiUUiUlUiUltiliiiUiiilUUiiiliiUiiUilillUlU^
riUwl)  niUllU UU. Comfortable Rooms
I). It. Vales, manager of ihe A pleasant dunce was held in
_ Staples Milling Compuny of Wentworth Hall on Monday
31 Wycliffe was intliolown Monday evening. The atlendaiice being
73\ on compuny business, good,  the music oxcollenl,  tho
3i   floor in splendid condition  mado f ###«#####it####$###||#######
.1  Vi.  Wilson, A.   Macfarhine tho evoning one long to be ro- VA X
and A. Cl. Donahue, all of Vim- !"oml,G,'0£     !Vttller U","s ""#  " ~       ~
couver,  spent   Sunday  last   in Charles Knocko were  tho  pro    -
ranbrook. meters of the dance.
'i Cranbrook, B.C.
linker Si   *        Craubrook, IJ I
Headquarters For
Mining Men
The Canadian Pacific  Railway
Indian Agent, K. L. T. (ial ,
braith, and Wm. Carlin of Porl-.company announce a reduction
Steele were at Cranbrook Satin-1'" fillvs Ll,'om Canadian Atlantic
day last on business !l""'ls ,0 t,l,!   Kooten».V district
for settlors arriving  in  Canada
ifter April -lith    The rule from
Roval Hotel
Marysville, l-J.C. A P CHENETTE. Manager
Pish lies are the order of the
day, but as yet the Prospector
has not heard of the big eateh
thai lowered the St. Mary's rivor
six inches,
id   ii,r,'." ,   .    Km
.iquors and '
Montreal lo Cranlirook is S-H.il."
Through    rates    from    Great
Ihilain or lhe continent  quoted
on upplleation lo local ngents or
.1. S. Carter,  district  passenger
iagent, Nolson.
Stock iu the Upper Columbia
uud    Kooienay     valleys     cam,'! ^^
ed  and neatly furnish   through   he winter looking I ; 	
■nul  il ly.    lu   fad   they   look1        '    "
REID & CO. %
Nl -1 ICE.
Tuk,  i iitle,
all.lll-r 111 I'llll
1 lelnriii II  0
i'llll.-.!: till   '	
.,, ,Ui.■!!  '   I'.,.,,'. ■   ,
il1'  "'"  ll""1 l"'intUol  ii|toi|0contspot'| I,
j    i lur noigltbor,   the ('runbrooli
•S.ill, iimii    llllllll   Barracks     | Ijertthl.colobraloil iis ihliiril
II iI.'I-.    II M.I.
Fred W. Swain
CrunbrookJJ ti . Armslrong Ave
.   . -
iliie li
H uVliii'li
i luniin, in lair nt n (mat jilnun
 .,,■■ : ■■     Lull    '■    '   .-■
ellal ■.'lli'lultie. llllllll e lll'lll
Hii-n,',' ii'UHl 'J" i'lniiii     	
IN Inpl I ..-      j '   '        -      II \V"    earelllllt     lit
i 'a iiiiii i' li -. ,'  i.'l'.i  Irilh.s wc sell und   liiinriin
Itiihi ri li, ii im,        lee Im I nu and snlisfiiclion
lijil.'.l I'Y'b. ITIh,  ■    l      I     1,'eid A   l  ,, .  lliu  il L'islS.
llllle     I     i 11,1     le    Itpplj     Kl III,' l'lli,ll
I'niiiiiii-iiiii.'i' ill l.jiuih ami   tVnrks ni
\ i,'h,riii. II, ('.. lur il -|ii
i'lll jniiI   I'iirr.v   littil.t    Iin
rnllliU'lllK   lleni'1'll.nil    luml-    in     Kual   W
k..ni.luiv. 9
lay lusi week.   Next lo the Pros
puctor the Herald  is tho oldest i   ,.,„ ,„,,, „, |lh,„,,. „,
paper  published   hi    Soiiiheusi u    uul.||l0|nM„,w'B ,,u»i   Hue     ll
K""ll'"il''' .'Iiiiiii- miiiIIi i.i ll'llmi llltlll:  1  ii.llll
' ' III .'liiiin-: tlie iml ID t'lndii',: iln'	
Andrew Williamson leaves oii niiiiilrjyuliuliiu; tlii'ii,'o uiini  tllelialun
lhe  Hrsl   of  May    for   Toronto nurlli-III iiIihIiihs tliu n-i II) uluihiH
where he will play hlct'OSSO   this Uu.' mmtli SHII'linltia: llmiii-f eu-i Ifi *
Isummor,    "Scolly" is one of llio .-imi,,.: n,,- all 71 eii-ilnm iluuiei' A
'*■ '      ! "     '      llll llllll  >H'lll>l    III-'llllllll.!    fy
New Soring Garments
New Spring Suits have been tumbling into
the Ready-to-Wear Department.   We never 9
before offered more  9
HSI Suits. Skirts. Blooses. Jacnetsl
I'haii for ibis Spring      Clol   a  glimpse  of
lhn Dainty Costumes    Wo are Sole Agents $
i,,r Hi,- Novi Modi Costumes.   Evory Garment 9
Man Tailorod,    Uur Dressmaking Department
Is iii charge of Miss Bmmi'iT of Montreal,
to ai d, ,e -.ii i lit. fails to hesl stick   handlers in  Camilla
and will in, d,miii In, one  of  Hie n,,,  „,.,.,   i,;, ,■],.,,,,..   ,,,  ,,|,,
mcnibcrs     of    ilu>     Cauadian i*.-;_.■ ■.■,,,,j..
lacrosse   team    thai   goes    lo ,\".'t*. c M.nwr.i.i.. i.,,,n
Australia this suminur, i   n:,i,.,i n,|u a,,i c|ai nl April, luu'
9 "


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