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The Prospector Oct 19, 1907

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Vol. 18.
No. 4'J.
A. E. Walls Compares Opposition
Chief Willi British Statesmen
and With Premier,
illy A. 13. Watls.l
Miii-Ii lum l„-i'i, ivrlli,-n regarding
Mr, Bunion's ability im u letulor liy
liypor - critical noil constituted ox
porta wim in, iiitj.liy tgnornnl of
tlio tii.iii anil lllsn of wllut ,-nllsti
lull's ii loailoi    i.l ini'ii. nr ruthcr nl
what  'li alto   up of n man slioulil
consist    wim   aaplrou to coniliicl  tlio
public   lllU ilir.-...    llltnll'B    nl   I 111-   rnllll
try. I.ilir tli,' business el un hull
vidua) in n corporation public Imsi
ness does   net   nccossurlly r.-ill fnr n
SllVOl' tnnmli'il nl'iller, in fnct llis
lory     provofl   Hint   Hint   cluss  uf   llli'll
ilosplto thoir ability to pull tho wool
ovor Hi,' I'yi's of tho public, by nlil
ol   tin1   glamour   of oIotiucncD often
llllVO     lllilili'     llln.sl   ilisnlill   failures   in
conducting tho busincus aflnti's of nn
empire. On the othor hand mon
who were not equal to Mr. Borden
ns orators havo made successes must
magnificent. Why'.' Because they
possessed the power or instinct of
choosing the mon best ndaptcd lor
their lioutonants. That was tho
secret of Napoleon's success. That
was the secret of tho lute Marquis
nf Salisbury's success us a premier
us an administrator nf nations, nl
men, ami affairs; as aa orator lie
certainly was nut the equnl uf Mr.
Bordon. (in thr othor hand take
the great orator whom Disraeli said
"was Inebriated with the exuberance of his own vorbosity." .Mr.
W. K. Gladstone was only in good
form when in that state," nml even
Ins candid friends admitted that lie
miiilp au awful mess nf national
polities, colonial politics and international politics, la fact you may
notice it in every day life that the
man afflicted with too iiiuelT verbosity cannot see ahead the length nf
a gooseberry; as a rule Ego is ii
religion, and he becomes sn rapt in
the adoration nf sell Unit lhat is
the extent nf his vision. Sir Wilfrid Laurier resembles Mi'. (Hailstone in the exubernnco uf his verbosity, ami lie certainly excels the
"Grand "Id Man" iu getting things
twisted up in a general muddle, uml
Ins business acumen in choosing his
lieutenants, or generals, ur maim
gei's lias certainly net proved a
brilliant success, witness Kitten, Hy
man Emmerson nml company. Hut
even all that might lie forgiven if he
would he honest enough tu condemn
and punish the culprits by whom he
lias been siirrnundeil fur years. Silver -tongijed oratory uiiiy gull the
people fur u while, but it will nut
docoive them nil the time.
Tho handwriting is nn the walls
uf the nation: " Mene, Mt'ae. Tekel
Upharsln." "Thou art weighed in
the balance and found wanting." If
nut seen it can he felt. Mingle
amongst the crowds, us I have d
ufter the biggest meetings, tu hear
the pros und runs; that is the place
tn feel the pulse nf the nation; nne
cunnut expect to feel the pulse
throbbing through tlie medium nf a
subsidized press, and the masses begin tu realize the fact that, notwithstanding denials to the contrary
they havo been hoodwinked hy the
men they put their whole faith in,
thut their trust has been shamefully betrayed.
Ancient and modern history demonstrates the fact thnt the anger
of an Indignant people cannot be
stayed liy silver -tongtied orators,
who have grossly mismanaged the
affairs nf the public. Not sn many
yenrs since such traitors once tlie
idol uf the people, were ripped limb
from limb by nn enrnged populace,
and if the people knew nf nne half nf
what tins transpired, uud what Is tit
ttie present time taking place, they
would rise in their might and hurl
their betrayers tn perdition. Much
has come to light, mine is coming;
the sleuth hniinils nf the niitiun aro
nn  tile  war  path.
A lung time since 1 auggestod ti
Mr. Borden that, lie enter Into com-
potion wilh Sir Wllfi'td Laurier by
adopting sonic nf his methods uf
stage play fur theatrical effect, lull
Unit Is foreign tn liis nature, and he
showed bis sound jmieenletlt bv unl
ull.otnpt.liii:   il.
Can any person explain why n
prime minister nr a monarch should
be an orator? King Edward dues
tint claim tn be an orator, ami
tni'tiiiuilely for Canada lie poascsacs
i|iiiilit.ies nf fnr grnuter value than
"ilU'bl'iiil inn catisotl by the exuliel
nnee uf verbosity."
'I'he    grcatoul   objection   ruised  by
bis opponents aualnsl Ilim as a lead
ei nf m,'ii is that lie is llol all nra
tnr uml lacks lhe magnetic power In
enthuse IliS alltllenco, but he slrilies
the thinker as a nmn wim Is ill ear
nest, ntiaoltitely Innocent nf Hie
charm uf the political bunco man
who deals with a constructive pull
ey insleiiil uf a tlostl'llctivo OHO, He
handles lhe former In a thoroughly
stutea - manlike manner witli no
The statement that lie lacks tlie
personal magnetic power nf attraction is only mado liy those whn dn
lint know liim, und even such critics
if possossod of ordinary intelligence
could arrive ut a different conclusion
by deduction. Nn man could win
und bold the position us a leader nf
u great party without it. Momticrs
wim havo sal in parliament over u
quarter uf a century ure his closest
friends and greatest, admirers, ami
speak of I'ilu ulwuys in the highest
terms,  iiiiti".leil   with  nffoction.estoom
ami rosl t.  Mr.  Bordon is business
like in his   llnblts uml is nne nf Hie
iuinloat workers  in  Parllai it.,    lie
nut only drvoles bis whole time but
bus sneiHired bis private fortune for
public   work, n striking contraat tn
 nbeis m Sir Wilfrid's govornmonl
One iblng is cortaln, Iimi if ibe
people nf ('llllilllil c.llunsi' to entrust
the reins nf govornmonl in Mr. Bor
den, lie cannot possibly use less hu
gneity   in choosing   the m Iiora nf
bis cabinet than Sir Wilfrid Laurier
lum ilnne during bile years. And Hie
poopio mny rent assured that lie will
imi    tnl'Tate    anything   nf an   unclean   nut me.   graft, nr   corruption,
within     Hie    sen|ie  nf     bis     inlllient't'.
i'iiii     Hull   truthfully    be  said   nf    llis
great  opponent?
"One of the Big Seven."
W. A. Gliillilior, M I'., was nl
C'-rilllbrook Wednesduy. He was
inei  ni  ihe dnpol  by (i number
nl'    lhe    faithful,    und    lll'l'llllire
 ills iiiiidu In linlil -,i mooting of
ll xeclltivc ill   MiglllOll'S   llllll
wlie■■>■   matters   nf   importance
ivei e discussed.
Ill llie OVCMlillS II meet ill;:' nl*
Liberals WHS lletil ill Wetllivnl'lll
llllll. speeches were made bv Mr.
litillilier, Ur. Kins,'. !•'. IS. Kini'i-
scui und others, ll is reported
thnt lliere wns snnie disappoint-
mon I expressed bv ti number of
Hie faithful by his non-committal
ns In lhe ponding Dominion election, and tn his position us a fill
ure candidate
What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote  the  Welfare
of the City.
There wns n meeting of tlie
City Council held in Mighton's
flail on Wednesday evening.
There were present His
Worship Muyor Pinlay, nnd
Aldermen Ryan, (iill. Ilieken-
bothnin. Met'ownn .lucltson and
Records of Lust regular meet
inn were rend and approved, and
on motion of Aldermen McCowan
nnd (!ill adopled
Communications from T.
Boyter, nud T. II. Moore nnd ,1.
Connor's applying for the
position of jailor were rend und
On motion of Alderman Plnli
nnd Jackson, ihe matter of
appoint ing a jailor was referred
io ihe Police Commissioner,with
n recommendation that the Chief
of Polico secure a good man. n
rute payer of thecity if possible.
The report of the finance committee wus Ihen read, and
accounts amounting lo Jii,342.-12,
were oii motion of Aldermen
Jackson and McCowan ordered
(hi motion of Alderman Hick-
enliolliiiin und McCowan, lhe
Board of Works were requested
to investigate the necessity of
building sidewalks on Hanson
Avenue. Vim Home street, nnd
Durick Avenue. Also the cleaning out nnd eiilnrging tlie ditch
on Garden street, with power to
ll was moved by Aldermen
Hiekonbothum nnd (lill. Hint llie
contract witli llie Water Supply
Company, und llie placing of nil
necessary hydrants lie referred to the City Solicitor and
fire nml Light Company. Suid
hydrants not to cost the city
more than *>2.7n per month, with
power io net. Alderman Ryan
unl voting,
Council adjourned at 10 p.m.
The Last Sad Rites.
The funeral of (!. II. Kerr look
plnee from llie Bllgllsh Church
on Sunday ul'lornoan nt four o'clock, Tin' funeral wus one of
the    hll'gOSl    .vol    witnessed     ill
Cranbrook fnr a number of
years, Tiie eolliu wus covered
wiili lloi'ul li'ih.ules. and wus
taken from Ihe Kerr home In llie
English Church where the service was conducted liy the Rev.
Ii'leivellen. ll wus a mosl impressive service, and many an
eye wns dimmed with u lour of
sorrow nt llie loss of so Into and
kind u friend
The pnll-beiirei's   were   K    S.
Baron, .1    R I,   Irn   Pierce.   I''.
Deacon,    Percy    Haywurd,    .1.
Visitors Here and There   People
Who Come to Cranhrook and
Those Who Go Away.
I). .1 I'linpin of Vancouver was
ul tlie Cosmopolitan Sunduy last.
The Curfew nel I will ring ut
s o'clock next Monday,
Miss Waldie of "(llenliursl.*
Toronto, is visiting with Mrs
Hugh Stewart tins week.
A large number of Cranbroolt-
iles visited Porl   Sleele   Sunday
A.    McQueen   of   Kamloops,
representing  tlie   Inland   Cigar
l'n.. was at tlie Royal Priday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Woods of
Cherry ereek, were in town
Dun. MacDonald of the Manitoba Hotel was nt Spokane this
week ou business.
Mr. and Mrs. E. ,1. Pilzpntriek
of Mnrysville were ul Craubrook
Mr. and Mrs A. L. McDermott
was at Kiugsgute on Saturday
evening last.
Mr. ami Mrs. (Ieo. Curlwriglil
of Creston were Cranbrook
visitors Priday.
Ed. 1'Vngnn came down from
Marysville Thursday mi Imsi
I len Phillips nnd wife of Port
Sleele were Cranbroolt visitors
I Vol
Mr. and Mrs. X. McLeod
Curran wns ut tlie Cranbroolt
Priday. having returned from
u visit In the const.
Mrs. II. L. Sawyer of Marys
ville was shopping ni Cranbroolt
Miss Alexander of Pernie wns
Hie guesl of Mrs V. Hyde Buki r
I Ills week.
S. .1. Mighton, was confined to
Ins home tliis week being ill
with a severe cold.
('. II. Prescott, muster
mechanic of the Spokane Intel''
national railway was a guest at
the Royal Thursday,
A. T. Caldwell, Mrs. D.
Orilllth nnd I). Newell of Port
Sleele were registered ul lhe
Cosmopolitan Tuesdny.
The subject Inr discourse next
Sunduy evening at tho Methodist
Church will lie "Tlie Scarlet
Dr. S. K. Harvey of Moyie was
in lhe cily Wednesdav. He left
on tlie Kimberley train Thiisdny
fnr Marysville on business.
C. H. Pollen returned Monday
froi.i n hunt ing trip lo White
river. He succeeded iu killing
two mountain sheep, bnth having
splendid horns.
Wm Laidlaw, the Burns
Brothers. Pred. Duftield, X.
Dwyer, R. J. Binning, G. Baker
and Dr. Miles visited llie Wild
Horse creek placer mines ou
Sunduy lasl.
Its Immense  Water  Power Wil
Soon be Harnessed   Its
Placer, Quartz and
Iron Mines.
C. A. MacNitmarn of  Pernio.
A. IS. McNaughton nnd  wife of 	
Vancouver were  registered   atj    Geo. Turner, president of the
Hie Cranbrook Priday. jSiillivan Group Mining Co.. nnd
' Prank Hogan u  director of lhe
Mrs. Muiii, mother of the Rev.
C. II. Muin, returned lo her
home in Vancouver after a
pleasant sojourn of several
weeks at llie manse.
coinpuny were nl Crnnbrooli
Tuesday, on their way In tin
mine ul Kimberley.
A very pleasant reception wu;
given Wednesduy by Mrs J.   11 , 	
King in honor of a relative  who! Royal Priday
is spending it shorl time at ('run
Mr. und Mrs ('. A. Solly of
Winnipeg. A. Bniiiiermnii of
London, ami .1. McCauley of
Vancouver, were guests nl   llu
G. T. McGregor. R. .1. Brim-
son, P. .1. Heiild und .1. M.
Chutlertotl of Moyie were registered at tlie Cranlirook Thursday.
X. R. Andrews of Klnisdale.
X. S,, Thus. Mmm of Edmonton,
and H. L. Loll of Vancouver,
were guests nl llie Royal Wed
T. L. Byron, manager of the
Cranbrook Pire Brick nnd Terra
Cotta Company came down from
Perry Creek Wednesday on busi
W. IS. Cooke of Kaslo, P. W.
Gordon of Nelson, B. Barman of
Vancouver und .1. W Ward of
Vancouver were gnosis nl lhe
Cranlirook* Monday.
II. B. Gillmore, ex M. L. A.,
of Vancouver, representing tlie
Will Irons Engine Co. of England was transacting business ut
Cranlirook Tuesday.
At the men's Own, the afternoon will lie spent In considering
some aspects of lhe social (pies-
tiou. Orchestral music. All
men invited.
Tllfl second senior Modal oolites! will take place nexl Thursday evening al H p in. ul llie Bap
tisl Church. All inieresled are
invited to attend. A collection
will he taken up lo defray ex
Hayward Conley.
At the Methodisl Parsonage ou
Thursday evening, Mr William
Flny wn ed wus united in marriage
In Miss Luln It Conley, liy lhe
Rev. li. Hughes,
Mr. nud Mrs, Unywurd have
llie besl wishes nf Iheir iiiany
friends Inr Iheir future
P. tjiishhrnok of London, J. Vi.
Collls of Vancouver, A. E. Key
nolds of Calgary, W. Nelson of
Vancouver, ami 0. IS. Jordan of
Kalispell were registered ul lhe
('ranbrook Wednesday,
The Rev. .1, A. Doyle the
Western Secretary of Sunday
Schools will occupy the pulpit
of tlie Methodisl Church on Sun-
dny iheL'Tili. A special Thanks
giving OITorlng will lie usited for
on tliis occasion as a delei'miiied
effort i.s lining uiade by lhe
management lo wipe mil a debl
Ilia! remains oil tlie Trust Properly. Tlie Ladies Aid will hold
a special sale on Iheeveiiing pre
e ling Thanksgiving whon nil
kinds of good  tilings   fnr   lhe
dinner can be purchased,
Clint McDonald litis made extensive   Improvements   in    liis
fruit and confectionary store,  il
is now   one  of  the   model   imsi
ness houses in Cranlirook.
Pred. Duftield, watch repairer
ul Win. P. Tate's bus resigned,
and left for the const Priduy.
His many friends in Cranlirook
are very sorry that ho is leaving
W. G. Watson of Crow's Xesl.
R. Vi. Workman of MacLeod, Vi.
A. Legaiilt of Pincher creek. R.
A. Simmons of Vancouver, E. 11.
Thompson of Toronto, and J. M.
Everts of Vancouver were gnosis
nt the Cranbrook Sunday lust.
.1. E. Stephens of Vancouver,
C Hurt of Victoria, 11. Lowle of
Macleod. A. Kennedy of
Winnipeg, and J. S. Birruilioii of
Montreal wore registered at ihu
('ranbrook Saturday last.
Prank VanDecar was guide to
u party of hunters and lishormon
who weul iuio ilie mountains
neiil' Perry ereek Wednesilny.
'I'he party returned in llm evening with fourteen willow grouse,
uud some "0 line trout.
if you wisli In nseerliiiu
if this dislriel is slllillble
for fruil culture, null nt
the ollice of lhe Pl'osl Invest
ment Co.. ami see the photo's nf
many line orchards lluit ure
I oca led iu tlie Cranlirook district,
The "tiym" was formorally
opened Priduy evening of lasl
week. There wus n lurge
attendance, who wnrv treated
lo a niiiiiliei' of Iiii"
athletic conlests. A pleasing
[nature wus the boxing conlosl
lielween Irn Pierre uml Mr.
Sheridan, whieh afler several
rounds wus decided n draw.
The   Herald   oilers   In    wager
Ihul Bill Gnlliher will   be   i
tinted ii candidale,   to   succeed
himself il Ihul he will l lee
led.   This is ii doclded  change
of the inn,'. n lew months ago
ll (lhl   Mun"   of   lhe   Herald
would have ivagered ihal hohlni-
i-il. would be Hm cnndldalo uud
Bull river Hows iu a southerly
direction from llie Rooky Mountains, nnd empties intothe Koole
nuy ubii'il lour miles norlh of
llie town of Wurilner. Quite n
lurge amoillll of millillj! Ins been
done ill this seetiou in llie pusi.
nml within Hie pnst lew yoars n
number nl' quart*: elniins   hnve
been    located,     chiefly     ill    tin'
vicinity of Burnt ereek*. whoro
the olil trial crosses Hull river
about live miles from ils inoulli.
Tl (lid Punk Bridge,"\vhich
wus repluced I llis year liy a Howe
trus bridge over inn feet n
length, wus I he ceii Ire of activity
in early days, when the discovery
of gold pincers, a mile above Hie
bridge made lhe river famous,
und returned smnll fortunes lo
many prospectors. The records
ns to the amount of gold taken
from lhe river are rather meagre
and incomplete, Inn old limers'
estimates place the figures qmto
high. There is no doubt bul
thut a large amount of gold wus
washed from lhe river bed: und
thai it was very coarse und nf
good quality, nnd Ihul pay dirt
was confined tn u very limited
stretch of the river on both sides
of lhe bridge, Hint is In suy jusl
above and below the canyon.
Bull river is nt ull times ii good
sized stream, swift uud broad, until ii enters llie canyon where it
is Confined to u width not exceeding thirty feet liy perpendicular wulls of quiii'lzite und
slules. Through this gorge, iu
il distance nf n mile, the river
drops Iwo or three hundred feel
in u succession of fulls mul
rapids. Above llie bridge the
rocky banks ure only n lew feel
above lhe level of the wuter.
Here the river rushes along
lushed into foam, as Iwo sharp
right angled turns obstructs ils
passage. Straightening itself on
ils course ii makes n wild dash
at the bridge as through lo
sweep it away, Inn wlien within
a distance of twenty foot il drops
out of sight in u sheer rail of sn
feet, sending up a cloud of spray
in which hung u beautiful rain
how, seeming lo act us nn arch
for tlie narrow bridge spanning
the canyon, Below ihe bridge,
lhe river plunges nu for some
three-quarters of a mile between
walls of ever increasing height,
imlil finally the gorge 200 feet hi
depth, yet scarcely one-half that
distance iu iis upper width, is
Suddenly lhe gorge, or canyon, widens into a valley Willi
sloping sides, wooded to tlie
waters edge, through which the
river now peacefully winds,
scarcely recognizable as the mud
i vicinity cai
uml gold
Tin- Bull river water power
consists ni u fall nl 27" fi el in
less iluiii one mile, with a volume
nf water iluu is estimated at mil
less thiin 12, miner'sinchos nt
iis lowest stage, ami will develop
aboul nm thousand horse power
The ti
Great   Frilains  Mighty  Display
of Ships.
There is now assembling in the
North sen un,| the English
channel lor manoeuvres under
iim command of admiral Innl
Charles Beresford, a Heel of
els now  iii   liunil   W'henl British war ships
lis    immense     power    is    in    In
harnessed, uml in tlm near future
will be transmitting power in
mincsnnd towns in tlm Kootonay
valley Thero will he n large
lown wiili ninny poi'miinoul in
dustrios located at Hull rivor.
'I'he Hull ru,-.- Mining nml
Power ('lunpnnv. is incorporated
Willi ;i capital of sjilii.iniil. and
have accquired by purchase ihe
immense water power, also u
mile nl* placer ground, nml Inn
ueres of choice laml. siiuated bo-
low tiie falls.
A ilum has been constructed,
whicli is seven feet high, uml lj.1
feet in length. President (Ieo
Henderson, was in Cranbrook
Monday, uud lie suid: "Thai
it wns ilie intention nf ihe com
puny lo complete lhe work ns
soon us possible, ihul 2" men
were now nl work*, nud I hut
another large force would be employed ns soon as certain
machinery was placed on
G. Benjamin of Chicago will
have charge of the work.
Arrangements have been emu
pleled for the Installation nf a
sawmill. Tlio grade Inr tho
Hume has boon completed, the
Hume will lie seven feel in height
wilh ii width of Hi fern, nml n
total length nl' 9,200 feel.
000,000 feel of planking fnr tlm
Hume will be purchased from the
Crow's Xesl Puss Lumber tin.
ll will lake I,'500,0110 feel of
lumber to make the necessary
frames for iiie Hume, this w II be
sawn ni llie company's mill The
mill will be constructed directly
nver the Hume, nml the logs
when mil will be llonted down
the river In lhe Hume, thus
saving n greal deal nf expense
ami time.
Ml-. Ileiiilei'soi: nlso stilled
Hull Cranlirook'. in u direct line
i'iiiiii Bull river wns but sixteen
miles. Uml if ihe company could
make ihe necessary arrange-
ments, lines would boeonslmoled
In this cily, Moyie und Klmbor-
ley, und Hun il mightbepossible
to havo ihis worli done during
nexl spring, ul nny event, lhe
work would be pushed In com
pletion as rapidly ns possil le
ps representing
an aggregation nl naval power
surpassing all the immediate
available resources of unv two
other countries nf Europe, and
yet nm a single ship of this Heel
Im- been drawn from the reserves, the Meililerunenn Hector
the Devonshire of Portsmouth
The Hoine Unci whicli is now
assembling consist merely of
those ships maintained iu the
vicinity of the British Isles ami
whicli. throughout tho year,
hnve been engaged in war train
ini:. It numbers lb' pennants
ami is composed nf 20 battleships, Iii armoured cruisers, a
number of protected cruisers.
various'auxilliary vessols and Is
torpedo bonis
The battleship Dreadnaught is
net taking pari in tlie manoeuvres, as she is being lltteil Willi
n new steering engine before
further sen trials, which it is
hoped will prnve of assistance in
(leieriiiining ilie design of future
large battleships,
Tlie Hrsl section of tlie coming
naval manoeuvres, Covering four
days, will be of tactical description and the linal days' will he
devoted to studying'the problem
nf defending ships against
torpedo attacks,
Willi lhe "mosquito licet"
attacking the largo warships and
nil the land stations manned, the
coming operations are expected
io he mosl interesting.
Galliher at Kernie.
I'Vniii'.    nri.   17th,
w, A. Galliher, 'I.l'.. accompanied
liy .Mrs. Galliher arrived in Ferule
un the delayed west hound express
Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. .unl Mis. Galliher spent the
afternoon ut the hotel unit in walk
im; uhout tlif Btreots viewing the
new federal building, the provincial
building   uiul     other   Improvements
ill    nil'   l„
'ing pushed to   , ipie-
Holiday Experiences.
A unique entertainment was
held al llie Methodist Church
lasl Tuesday evening, when Die
members and friends who had
been away on vacation during
Iiie summer read papers descriptive of thoir holidays, 'i'here
wus u lurge attendance end lhe
several papers whicli were ull
■ exceedingly well written were
torrent  met   mth u  few  yards) nle subject of favorable common!
further up. The Cunyon of Hull
river, with tho unbroken forests
to the very edge of its perpendicular clilfs, forin one of lho
mosl beautiful bits of seonory in
tlm Kootenays, uml ii Is
appropriate that nature should
havo sei ii in its goidon frame.
Where I he gold enme from Hull
lay Immediately abovo and below
tho canyon, is still an unsolved
mystery, "Pay" extends inu n
short distance abovo and below
lhe canyon. Various attempts
have boon uiade iu late years lo
work these placers bul without
any decided success. Almosl
every year considerable
qua ii I.i lies of gold is fiiltun mil
bv minors,
and enjoyment liy nil presenl
It wus the unanimous opinion
lluit although ihe places visit
ml luul iheir individual charms
nnd were ull glowingly depicted,
British Columbia and Cranhrook
hi particular was the nne spot to
whicli ihey all very gladly re
turned At tlie close of tlie
papers, Homo Sweet Homo was
rendered us a solo by Miss
Connolly, tlm congregation inking up llm refrain, Tea was
afterwards served in tlm vestry
and a mosl onjoyablo evening
was broughl  lo a  close     Mis
imu during tin' fine weather,
Mr. Gnlliher wus greatly pleased
with tlir many Indications nf per
inuiii'iit growth tu In- scon nn every
lu tiie evoning ji kind nf informal
reception was held in the parlors uf
Hie IViililnif hotol, und niiiiiy people
rcgnrdlcss nf political adulations
iiilli'il upon Mr. Galliher.
Later the momhers nf thr Liberal
Association retired tn tin- dining
[nnin .unl enjoyed an Impromptus
banquet President Higgins nf the
Fornie Lfhcral Association nut at the
licud nf ih,' inliii' witl, Hu. guest ol
tin' evoning mi his right. In re
sponso tn tin- "health nf our guest"
Mr,    Gallthi mi,'   a   very    happy
lit He   sp 'li  in    which however,  he
disappointed Ins henrors by his non
i initt.i! attitude us tn tlie pending Dominion otocttons, and us tn
liis i,wn position with regard there- .
tn. "Ur suid it was yet tun curly
tn make conjectures bul thut at the
proper time he would lie pleased tn
he confidential witli them. The
hnniniet was attended by a large
majority nf the Liborals nf the Pernie riding, more than forty out of
Hi,' sixty six faithful whn registered
their approval uf their lute candidate in tin1 provincial elections be-
intr presenl 'llus evidence uf unanimity in the ranks of the purty"uii-
gers" well fm- tin' party in the coming Dominion conflict. Mr. t.ulli-
her was asked by many nf his friends
present t" use his Influence tu induce
nn' public works department tn
change   tin' plun nf Hu- root uf   tbe
new    pnst   Olllee  from   a   flat    as   now
Intended t i a peeked roof, Tn this
Mr. Gallihor readily assented, hut
it is loured thai the only effect of
this move was i" put two nr three
new shingles "ii the root nf the Wat
ilnrf   hotel
,\li j,ml Mrs Galliher left mi Wednesdays     west   bound   express   fm'
i'van lit k
Bnvsb Diplomacy.
Britain Ims scored ;, notable
diplomatic triumph. Threatened
in Asia she has defended her
position and made il secure with-
mil firing u shot Hul ii was
because she was able to fight,  if
h'yi-k n  presided at tl 'gun L i   bo,   Unit   she  wus  in  n
uml   thu   Pastor   occupied   the  :,: ,     ■
A Distinct Event.
Mr C I' Walker, of Winnipeg,
announces thai he  Ims s ired,
, .,      . . .    'loi' n   limited   season   Hm   lute
A,ll""!;l11" »C  Properties |I|0l, „|itUii Iriuuipli in I alio
I'"'.' I oii Hull river,   overlook   comedy, "Weare Kiiig,"and will
in" tlm placers, are iim Mablo, semi  this   oxcnllcnl   nilrarllon
Chlckiiuiiin Stone, Daisy, Silver
Chiel, Silver 1,'ecl, .Molly Dawn.
Cuckoo nud   Twilight     There
lb rough western t 'a inula, playing
tlm   principal  cltlos,   ut   some
early date
are a number of Crown granted |    Tills cnm| v  Is  nl   such   n
high   nl'der    nml     tlm    piny    sn
delightful Hun Mr Walker fools
elniins iu this vicinity.    Valuable
Iluu    he   would     lie    e , I discoveries Iiii vo I u   uu ui
Moral-   "Don't count yoiirchick Mho l-hlok in Stono ami  Old eoiiliilonl il will prove ono of the
ens until they are hatched." Abo   claims.    Tlie nre  in  ibis mosl popular of his olTorings,
position In make so excellent a
selllemeiil. The uew arrange'
menl, while ciinlii'iuing British
power, is in line wilh lhe policy
of King Kilwnril. iu   liml   il   dis
plJI'SOS llie C.lOUdS llllll  have   limn
darkened the horizon ami makes
im' universal  | e    Mud ami
Ai Moyio, nn Wednesday even
ini; by Hie Rev. I,' Hughes, Mr.
floorgn William Wriglil In  Miss
iir;  Kllxuliclh Wilson  of  Per,
nie. in the presence of n few
friends Mr. ami Mrs Wright
I will reside in .Moyie. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C., OCT.  IU, 1907.
♦* <> 4 <■ V o ♦ a 9 a 9 <■ 9   a 9 a a * <■ 4 9 a 4 ♦ •> ♦
l'n ini.\ :-
Quick Work:
^1      AIISi'l.r'I'KI.V S \TIS     .
i.sr.Mu.isni:ii   nu
A. B. Grace,
llHO   III     till'   I'lnspi'l Inl
your   shall'  ol   it
a    a
man Is bol    don't 'Imi
***** "»;************ **************       Professional.
* . t   t   -asar        ■»■» ^-v m T w-» -» m -. *^. r -» . ,. 9
kai "ini:v i;i:si'i.Ts
point lo eni llu
lll'ltht ns close i
Wall Papers
Irom thai are ar
inn ami ,,i '.cry tin • tpiulity.
desiiru und color-
will  please  4 ,
ivh make ii n   ♦';
innrgiii   nl   4
.   |IOs.-ill|c ft
^ije l^rospertov.
The Painters and Decorator;
■9,4.9.4 9 4 9.4 ♦.<>:♦ 4 9' 94 9: a ♦ 0 ♦. o ♦ »*♦.♦ .
r^ t   1
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ „ _   _  „-,      ,-. m r-, r~,r    t-s *
iATUKUAY, HOT. m. lour
Bottled beer lur family
use ;t specialty
♦ Outside   Orders
X i)                C, O. BOX 812      hj                                             9
X A      TELEPHONE   SO. I      (S                                              ♦
1 Port   Steele  Brewini; Co., Ltd.    *
Z 9
Baker Streel,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Special Rates By the Month
Draying a Specialty
Just  received a Carload
nl Wagons and Carriages.
A line line of Trucks
lor special lumber work
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
PHONE   183
ft~9 ♦ « 9. a ♦, 4 .4 <.♦<•'♦<• ♦<>;♦,<>>■<> ♦ 4 ft 4 ftft
ft: a
.fta'ft <.♦<•♦<•♦*■ a.a ♦ 4 a a ft 4 ft 4 ft.4 4'ftft "ft
1    "•'" FASH1 NABLE TAILORS    1
g Always  Up-to-Date 2
•*" mmm.
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. =f
| We Will Have |
IftaZ' —•
| For Saturday |
mm--. -~*A
£ 3
I P. BURNS & CO., Ltd. |
C* HmuI om.,-.                          iWiini oilir.' Im- Eimi Kootonay, zS
*ZZ Calgary, Albortn                              Oranbrook, B  (.' z3
The Herald ol last woek has the
following bit ol satire. '" To set
rii«' minds nf nome people at rest It
might be well for us to again state
that we are not a candidate tor
any office In the gift uf the people
and have no desire in that direction
We are fortunate In being the editor
ol what other newspaper men in the
province say is one of the best week
lies in Ui Itish Columbia an d we
know th:it .1 Im i as good .1 husmess
■is any country weekly paper in Can
adis We ire living in one of the
besl towns in Canada and in thi
best province in the Dominion We
make enough for our good wife and
sell i-i live 011 and any dnj that «
are shy our neighbors will see thai
we do noi  go hungry.   We are bappj
and    conti nti -i     What    ■•   is  there
We    have    heard  it   said,   time  and
again,   thut    the   Old  Man ol
the     Her a Ul,    aspired    foi     political
r        lie  wanted  "Bill"  Gal
iiers     seat    m the Dominion House
■ ■ ■        ■   ■■■    . id openlj   express
ed Itimsell  to thai  effect
The follow ing coni iii sat loi too ,
place, ■ >ne day inst summer, be
tweeu  -1  prominenl business man nnd
■ :   .Man'        Enters  Simpson
W ell am   out'        Business man
what? > Out for the aom
inal n for 11 ember in the Dominion
: I
\ ■:   :w,\s\   be craay
Simpson      ,,; I      Gallihei   «on't   run
1 j  .-.-« . labte timber
■■■ I is F    '    Deane and tuj Belt
Bu- nt ss   *; Simps ■•.   v ■;:;*   off,   n>>
support j
;•   ■  ysi li     Exil d  M in
of thi people of Cran
bh ok and thi list! let have been at
foi thi v "• ■■ ei set iously considered the matter in tht- slightest
:■-*■• - tni'■■*■ ing full well that there
■■■ * - n - .- . in It, save "the desire
■     lie pact     :   tee  ' Did Man."
• •   •
:. .->■ hi iKlers and licence holders
are again reminded that registration
must be mad" before' Oct. 3lst V
enable those who wish, to vote at
the next municipal flection. Every
qualified voter in Cranbrook sin mid
see that his or her name is on the
'"How it feels to he up in the air"
Is the title oi n magazine article.
No gentle reader, the Old Man did
not write it, it. is how he feel.s since
he declined, with thanks, the Lib-
eral nomination for the house of
• •   •
" 1 cannot get along without the
Prospector" i.s what a subscriber
says who is located in Vancouver.
• •   •
The fine "in dc provided by the
Messenger Boy orchestra, was much
appreciated by the !.irge aiulhmre at
the opera house on Saturday 1.
Ing last.
■   •   •
The Canadian Pacific Railway Com
pany i* gradually learning from the
Kootenay press -that the "octupus"
is not  tiie    whole push  in    this   dis
• *   •
Sir Thomas Shnughnessy, and hii
associates visited Cranbrook Kriday
last. The time spent in this city
was just four minutes.
• •   •
The recent warm weather is mak
ing the bench lands us dry as tin
der, and though the season is late
every precaution should be taken ti
prevent  forest tires.
• •   •
Conservatives will enter the Dominion election fight in tho cause of
good   government.
»   •  •
Certain f J ri t newspapers are as
Blduoiis in their endeavor to dis
credit  the Hon. Mr, RX.   Borden,
• »   •
There arc Blgns and tokens that
Hie preparations of tlie Conservatives jn the coming Dominion elec
tions are  no  less thorough   because
they are silently made.
• •   *
Tlie Liberal newspapers, from the
Atlantic to the Pacific can hardly
find words to express their feelings
over the result of the bye-elections
at   Brockville  and   Suskatehuwun.
• A      *
The proceedings of the big Liberal convention at Vancouver last
week, when summed up, looked like
six hits worth of nothing seated on
the roiiL'li  edge    of the catalogue nf
• •   •
Altogether the prospects for 1
period of pood government in ran
ndn an- extremely bright,
• •   •
Vou iln not need to knock the
brains uui of common sen.se to im
prove     social     anil     political     coniii
t mns.
• •   •
The <". P, R,( is giving n reduc
tion in freight rates to Nelson and
several other towns in the Koote
nay Something might be done in
that line by the company for tin
hencflt   of   towns on  the Orow'H Nest.
The muliclouH Imi is a difficult
problem, for in- knoWH thai he Ii
Lolling   ,'.    he   ami     lliere   in    im    Imp
for him Hut > i«- mosl cheerful
Mara are fco he found Just nl. present.
in iln., difUrfcL, Ihey are I he polll
Iml haiK. Without Hiiyinr win
iik-v are, 01 why they arc, tlm
honei t men have developed an utter
ihhoruiirei oi ihei.e partlftH IN-st.
tnnl. nnd good miming may bring
thin ■■  partlr 1   t..  Mien    normal   self,
"   that    thev       may   BOO      where     they
land    in      the    eves     "inl     Opltlll I
hnaci  men
• *    •
Laurier njivs lies Kiirry.luit. Van
conver will p.- hanged before II will
• •   t
tin. in. o    is   picking up   — Advor-
* ...SAW   YOUR   WOOI)...*i Harve>' MoCarter * Maodonald
ft                                with  a S
ft          It's tl I'M |»'i'li','l run gong .vmi i'iiii gut. 'l'l"'*
ni    who   are so   notKhborly   Uml   w I;,t,• -1 ei'llipmoiil I'm' sawing wood m
,'v    iiiTli'i-i    their own hiisini'ss to  *T At*
9                      THK  IIKST is TUE CIII'.AI'KST J**
,-llllllk  "I   Ico    llowu   Ills   Imili   I" i""l w
Inn,    ,,ll          ll   uiil   ,,nly    liuiiii'  lum ft1
We ;i uly .it  tin'   Ih'lhiiiiiiih   "t *
our   iii.tiistrijil uiul mining   pms|nT ft.
Hi.- Crnnbrook districl w.
llll'l Vll
ttcitit  tu their netuhbon
a     a     a
Whon  Uu- wmi,I  moves   im' slimilil
in,,v,'   wiili   11; hul   1 imiiy inon   ft
k,-i    iiu- tiles ttuii    thoy are uunim'.   _.
tlie world I **
linn ling*, liiml
wer Work.
Sutui'  people un- so skcpticiil  ''   '    ^ m. m. yt. m m m ft, ^ ^ ul m, m. UL    m, m. mt m, m, m\ m, m m, m, m- ltt>
if they  were permitted  to rench Un-! ** ^* ^* ^* "* **■ ** ~ ~ ^* nt nt nt nt   tft m jft m nt nt nt At *4\ At sat At
pearly    cntos   they  would    wnnl   i",    	
chip ,'it ;i piece to *.■»• if it wus gi
uii,,' pcnrl.
Tiili,'  noiti'i' iluu thlny ilu.v lifter
.hu,- Tin. Urow'M  Xi'sl   I'li--   1 uml'''''
I'liiiijinily l.imili'il, "I   WjiI'iIiiit   II.   '*•
Lumber N'aiiufui-ltirt'i's, .1 l.'oi'iioi'iilton,
inl.'Mils In :l|']i|v hi lh,'   l'hii'1   t'ollllllta-
- r    ..I     [.amis    and    Works   al
Vli'turin fur 11 -i'ivihI li.'.'.i.'.- 111 uui anil
,'jirry away iimlH'r Inun thi' [ollmvinii
ilpm.'rllHMt lands:
I. I iniiili,'ll,-IM:; .11 :l |„'-l planlod
I'i'        I  IIS KllSl i'i' Mih' I'llsl '.''•   i'li   lh,'
1-    Inrj 111 Liii l.limtn Kast Kooti'
tun ami llllilllil:; SO ih.llli- Kji^I , SO
,-luiin- south, so j-luiiiia WVsl Jliiil sii
idialns tn,ith iii |,!uiv nl ,-iiiiitii.'ii,■''-
I1.1l, li   Viu.iol Llllll, l'»l".
1 i'iiiiii,'lu'iiij: ill ;i t',i>! pluiili'il SO
,   .    usl ill Mill! 1'iwl ■'■ .ni iln- Kiisl
,,  I ,': i,,'ii jii Kasl  Ivooleiuiy
, :L- a,, i>halns oast,  si' i'lialns
•   i-haius IV, -:  ami  SO 'ii.i ns
nor! Ij i" plai'o of I'lmimetii'i'inonl.
Datod Vugiisl 2Sth. 1007.
II. (.'oinineni'itiy hi u posl |ilaiitod SO
■ sii - 'lasl ol Mil,' I'i'si 1','iuii ibs Kasl
-,-  udal'3 ol l.'l 15011 in Kasl   Koo!,'ti;iy
.um I'linntnu ;i- follows, SOi'hatiissouth,
SO ohains West, -su ,-liain^ north anil su
i-haius Kasl i" place of eoinnieni'enient.
Dated Augusi Stili 11)07.
i. 1 oiiini,-iii-iii^ at a post planted so
chains Kasl ,.! Mil,' I'osl 2n on iln- Kasl
boundary of Lol I'l'i' and nitniinn so
chains oast. SO chains south, SO chains
West ami So i'liuins north 10 place of
Ust.-,I Anu'iist '.'"th, inn**.
5. Commencing nt a posl plnnted 111
Mile Post 2il on the Kasl boundary of
l.m iTiHO and running 80 clialns east, so
chains-muli. sll chains West and so
chains north in place of commencement.
Dated Augusi 27th, 1H0H.
'I. ('ommenclng at a post planted at
Mil.- I'nsi L'H on the Kast boundary of
Lot 151)0 and running 80 chuins north,
sit i'liuins east, so chains south anil so
chains West to place uf commencement.
Dated Augusi Hsu,. 1007.
7. Commencing at a post pluntod at
ih.- North Wesi eorner of Timber
Lieence 11854 in Kast Kootenay and
running 10 chains west. 100 chains
south. 40 chains easl. no chains south.
40 eliains Kast, 80 chains nortli. 40
chains Wesl and SI) chains norlh to
place of oomnienceuienl.
Dated September 25th, 1807.
Crow's Xesl I'ass Lumber Company
40 .lames McLaren. Loentor.
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Mniinltt. Itm-il liy  lhe
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico  Paragon Ribbons
in all  colors   and   for
all makes of typewriters.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons—of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
6ii(is. E, Rem & Go
colTnlee3I stationery >
CHANBROOX.,     -    ll.C.
Solicitor. Etc.
Granbrook      * British Columbia
nml NOTAUV   I'Ultl.ll*.
CJrtuibrool*, B.C.
6. H. Thompson
JZZtA   IIAIIItlS't'RIl St siii.Ii'ITiiii
ZZ2t   NOTAUV I'l'lll.lr
OPPIOE   REID  nun.ihni*
Cranbrook, I i.e.
P.I^.S.  <V CE.
Furl Stcolo H.C.
7% Llveru
Teams ami drivers furnished I'm' any point, in tlie districl.
A. DOYLE. Manager
East Kootenau
I'Vir all kinds of
Nothing fine of coarse, largo
or small that we cannot handle.
We Also Do Dru Dueing
Otlice .1. Leask, Tailor
Receives both Ladies and
Gentlemen as Resident or ds Day
Students, Has a complete Commercial or Husiness Course. Pro-
pares students lo gain Teachers'
Cortitlcatos ol' all grades. In
allilllal.ion with Toi'ONTO I'm
VKItsiTV gives Hie four years
course lor Hie II. A. degree, and
lhe first your nl the Toronto
I School of .Science. lias a
special "Prospectors I'mirse"
ror miners who worli ill IM'.
Instructions glvon in Art.
Music, Physical Cultui'fl and oio-
<l ul inn.
Por Calondur ole, address
"Columbian Collogo".
Term opens Seplombor I "Hi,
1 'JI Hi.
PHONE  56.
The Quality Store
Two things thai rant lie boat
A N 11
Huntley and Palmers Biscuits
Leave your order for Preserving Fruits al Campbell    ill
St .Manning thoy will protect you. ^J
Phusician'"id Siirijetm
lll'l'll'l'l .MI.MS'l'llllN'll   AVI-:.
Hunts:   I) to II 11.111.  - lol p.m.
7 lo S |i.in.
I'linin' (illli'o IU.'.     Uesliluiii'i) Hm
Fi    Oi    £■■
Moot i-vi-i-y I'l'iiln.v ut s p.m.
VMtiiis;    llnillii'i'j.   Ciii-iliall.v    lnvili',1
I'llAS. SMITH, Vi. l'ri'aiili'ii!
M.  II.  Illl.l.lMIS. Si'i'i.
A.i'ii' I'liyaii'inii. I'. 11. I Jos *_'S.
;: Rocky Mountain Chapter £
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Phono .*i7. Head Office Calgary.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .  .
(lur meat  is always  fresh,  as all our hoof is trilled ill
i'■ »m ......1.. imu. ».a'.i,.„.-.,m >a*a*amramra*ara*a.m*am ... .tsmmasmm.
** HOTEL -»
I Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection %
Nearest In railroad depot.     Has ai'eoininii
ilaliiins   lur   lhe   public   unequalled   in
pilot and Cold Hat lis Proprietors j
I'lliiNi' 111 ru. imx *<iii
Plans, Spccilications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand.
Nu. 126.   It. .\. M.
Ili'irnliii' iiioi'tiiiyh.'   Siiil 'I'nrj
nes-  I
day   in   oiirli    niiinlli    nl   ulfflll   ':
3 Sojoni'tiiug  Conipanlons  are a-;
:B I'oriliallv Invited. f
$ I
■"s Wm. !•'. Tate, Surlbo E, |
a 5:
^ lliix 4       cnANHHOOK, U. I*. *f
Court Cranbrook 8943
MEETS   -'Nil   ANO   ITII   Tlirnsll.WS
Visiting   1,1'i'ilii'i'n   i-otiliiilly   Invited
(.'. I!..   Vi. I'. MACDONALD
Si'i'i'i'tai'v. Vi. llKNliKIISON
!Tonsorial Parlor:
For a Cool and Clean Shnvn
Or a Pertoet Hair Cut
A Hot or Cold Bath
•Walter B. Lalng nRfSfw.
;    Bakor Street, Cranbrook, ll.C.    f
I'litti'il nki'r.
En ill Uli n,I'
I'll A NIIHOOK, It iv
sii'nni  lliillorn anil I'iii'Iiiut Work a
H| fully.
Cosl, and Slock EsUmatcs
Pui'iiishod Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranbrook, B.C.
Carpenter "A Builder
Good Work at
Reasonable Pi'lco
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
| M Cline   I
tl       mn I>| Mm	
llll Itiiilu-i Shi,,
»• linillil In lln-
MAM'I'tHIA  lln'I'KI
*  li'lral t'lnas Work in nil bi'iilli'li™ is
'" "Ml- I
CRANBROOK . „    .
  Hist rii-t of Kootenay.
TAX BY-LAW.                       ; Take notloe that Manly H. Craig, ol
N rson   shall allow any horso. Pml'- x- a oecupntlon Tinibar Land
lo, Lull, i.x, imv, .slii'i'p. mint, pig Knitineei'. Inlonils to»|i|)lj foraspeeia'
IV   ■"»«     '    """.    "■'•   ,'<„,   --.iiir,,,   K>">>-.    I'.Ji I *  -I  I- r
\*S\    "i "iiii'i' cuttle of poultry to run at I timber licence over tho hillowlnn de-
\  y    iniu'i' within tin' city,  otherwise tin- si-i-il.,..) lands;
J71-' ' sjiiiii-    iimy    11'   iiiiii.iiinili'il    nnil   tin-     ,. ' ,  ,i
ma?      owner  roof is liable tor   .In gea    " ' In»t »t a ixwt jilantod al Uie
Smiih Premier
tilhi'i's hoi'sea, mini's, golillngs, 111
Mrs ur mules, $1.0(1 i'Iiiii.
Hull.   $5.00
Cow ur othor kind ul cattle, $2.no.
Ituni' pig, .ft.nn
I'iii, sheep ur goat, $1.00,
Fowl, 2t> cents.
'I'lu' potimlkoopor mny nlso collocl
. . , . . , [$1.00    lur   Impoumltng   any    animul
has widened its market un-,jiml   2:,   conts   tor   Impounding nny
tilitincludestl-iewholeeivil-:,';;;,1,;,;""1  ",r  "''"' mny  ''"arK" "H
ized world; has become the!   !''""',:lml tp0B? a5 ,,'"ts i""' ,lu',u-
11   iiif   animals   are nut  rodeemed
typewriter  of ever  300,00c! in.' poundkeepor will procood to sell
'I' v   shull   ho n   tux on ull dogs
mill   w.'si    'iiir ul   l.m   No. 11175,
Any person my Impound uu animal tliunce south Hll chains them asl  80
found running nt largo. The nne to elniins tliem-e norlh Sl) eliains, tlienee
'is'iuliuw's''''1'1"'' ''"' ('V''ry """""' 'I"''"1 «Oehi'iustii|ilni'eoriieKliiniiitr,anil
Stallions, $5.00 I eontaluinu IH" acres nun ■ loss.
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous
record of sales, because it
has from the beginning besl
met every typewriter need,
'"f^HE trl-color feature of
j the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recognized as the greatest improvement ir. modern type-
wrlterconstruction -yetin
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental features, for which the Smith
Premier has always oeen
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on request.
Ss Smith Lincoln Streel
ul $1.75 nnd on ull bitches $5.00.
It. is the duty nl tlie owners ot
dogs tu procure a tag from the City
Clerk otherwise the dogs will In'
Impounded uml unless redeemed will
i,e sold ur destroyed.   Tugs must he
|ll ll'l'll      UU      llOg'S     llllllll'   SU   US   III    he
plninly seen.
In iiililitii.n tu tlie above charges,
nny person guilty ui un infraction
ui llie by-law is linlih' tu u penalty
ul Jinn.nil unit costs in- Iwo months
T. M. Roberts,
I'itv Clerk
Manly II Ci
Dated Ann. ITlli 1*107.
Dlstrlot oi Kootenay.
Tuki'not i.'i-1 hul Manly II. Craig, oi
I'i'i'ili. X. li. occupation Tlmbor Land
Kugiiii'iT. Intends lo upplv I'm' n bpnotal
timber llumtce over the followlnir described lumls:
Commencing ul  11   posl   plant,.-,!   lil
chains wosl of tho soutli west 'nor ol
Llcoi Lot No. SUOS, thonco south   In
I'llllillS.      llli'lli'i-      WI'SI        111       ll	
boundary of the 0. I', li. 45111 alioui llltl
i-liuins. thenco norili III chains, ttionci
easl llltl i'liuins ui pluco ul commence
in.nn ami ciuittilntitg mu acres moro 01
Salvation ftnnu Barracks
Sunday Services:
Afternoon    -
isli capital lui--  beon  going  into
| industrials uml   hu--   |iroveii   a
good thing fm' She investor,
tuternsl in Cimadii 1ms heen in-
,.l,„.fc ('rousing year    by    year     'I he
Kvoiilng 8o'elock money luts gone  into uur  rail-
Sunday Suhool ai i.i*. ii.m. roads, our loan antl mortgugpeora-
Meetings lield evurj  niglii   In  the|panies,  banks and   governmenl
week except Monday nt 8 p.in. and tnunicipal bonds;  ulso  to  ;i
*   moderate extont   into industrial
Methodist Church. Iin,i mining ventures.
  A iiuiiiiii'i' nf eastern journals
lioin-uT lliiiiis. I'ji-n.i' deplore the foot that during the
Sunday Morning Sorvlce at 11 a.m.     Inst few years  there  have heen
I'-ollowshlp meeting   -  -  12-I5n.m.      |',.w     instances        nl        llriiisli
Sunday School a Itblo ClaasS p.m. : iluiusll.i;l| |,|;I11|S being establish-
A special Invitation is given to iu Canada,
young men to attend the pastors     Commenting on  this   subject
bible class. ihe Montreal Chronicle says:
Steel f
Manly II Oral
Dated Aug. Iiiib l!»ir.
6^ J|S@£
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-DAY on 30 days KM
trial Irom your dealer anti I e.(|!'
learn all about real shaving M
comfort. yis,
1 Sf"«l
CrnnbrooU, B.C.   The Druggists
Any muli' or female, being n Ui'it
isli subject of tin- full ago of 21
years, who lots paid all the rates
and tuxes for the current year,and
ims continuously resided within the
municipality since the lirst day of
Janunry, 1,107, und who Is a house
holder or licence holder within th
municipality, may register us 11
voter for the 11108 election, if the
necessary declaration is deposited
t this uilii-c on or before 5 p.m. of
the 30th day ui October, Persons
qualifying us license holders, win
are not property holders, must nt
nmi! to registration of their names
un the list. Persons who hnve be
ionic property owners since Decern
hiT Hist (11106) are requested to in-
fortn the undersigned at once.
Tims. II. Roberts, O.M.C,
City   Clerk's   Oltico,   Cranbrook,B.
C . Oct.  1st,  1007.
Take notlco that the Mott-Boulton
Lumber Company, Limited, of Elkmouth, B.C, occupation lumber
manufacturers, intends to apply for
a speeiui timlier licence to cut nnd
carry uwuy timlier irom the follow
Ing described lands:
Commencing at u post  plnnted nt
the   Ninth   West   corner   of Lot 3511
East     Kootenay,    thence    north   80
i'liuins, thence cast 80 chains, thence
suuth     80    chains,    thence   west   80
chains   to   place   of commencement.
Containing li-lii acres more or less.
Hott-Boulton Lumber Co., Ltd.
per A.  J.  Mott
Dated    this   8th    duy   uf    October
IIHI7. 41
District of Kootenay.
Tiikr notice iluu   Robert   Lltllu  of
Fort Steele, occupation prospector, in-
tends 10 apply  lur  u    special timber
lie ivoi'   llio following described
lanils: Commencing nt it posl planted
at llio iiorlli eusl cornet' ul 'I'. I.. 7.V2
Issued in ti.. VV. Wilson, thenco south
Itm i'linin.-. thonco oasl lllchalns.tbencn
north 1(10 chains, thence wosl ■lii.-linin-
["oberl I.inl.'.
I.ii.'iii.'il .lum' ii. liinr. Uugislorod
.lum' L'n. 1:1117. Th.' limo foi- Hm com-
tni'iii'i'iiii'iit ul ihr ptiblleiillon of iiii-
nollce iduxtotidud muil the hlth., day
September 1907.
.1. I'*. A'111^1 i'iiii"'.
As-isinin Commissi -ul' Lands
uud Work.-. "7
District of Kootenay.
Take notice iluu I Wllllum staples of Wy-
I'Uffo 11. (-.. oi'i'iii'iiilon liiiiibfiiiiioi. intent] to
apply fnr permission 10 ptircbnso the followlni;
liusei'ilieil luml: - Commencing at a post plnn-
ii-tl in i'lialns wesl nf tlie wost boundnry ol Lol
■,'iur.. tlii'iii'i' nortii iln clialns, tlioncc cast if,
i'li..ins moro ni less in tlie ivcstcrn boundary or
l.nl 'iiiui iiii'iu'i' south .*'ii i'liiiins moro ur less to
ihi' liinil: nl tin' si. Marys rlvor. tlionco followlni: ui,' St. Marys rivor in a westerly tlireetion
tn tin' plaoe nl lii'Rintilair uml coiilninllui 20(1
ucros more or less.
Wllllum Slnplos.
h'ciliiivi! K;Mrs I'iiiiii
K'lMtTll  I'iiiiii-.
Oil    S.iir    Dail-
Sept,', l.st, 1,0 Oct,. 31st
Mtniii'i'iil (till In Oltivwn * I I.K
Detroit, Windsor, I,,,iniin,.
Gno'ph, Toronto Parl-dnlo
Sllll. I.'i
C'oi'I'ubi ilim:  Low Ilni.- from
Inlorincillalc points,
District of Kootenay.
Tuko nolico lluit Hobort Little of
Fori Steele, occupation prospector, in-
teiuls iu apply lui' 11 spoolal Licence over
llm following described hinds :- ■ Commencing ut 11 posl planted ono milo
ivosl of llu- auiiili wost corner of T. I..
721111 Issued lu U.S. 1'mzull. thenco wost
so i'liuins.1 hu south 80 ohalns, thonoo
oasl SO clialns, thenco north 80 chains.
Roborl Little.
Located iliinc 5, 1007: rogistored
.Inn,' 'Jll. 11107. Tlio lillie for llio I'liln-
ini'iii'i'inent of the publication of this
iii.iii'.' is I'M.'iuli'il nuiii ilir mih. day
ui September 1007.
.1. V. Ann-Iron--,
Asststanl  Cnmniisslouer of
I.inula und Works. 117
Soo Spokane Service
Tli.- I'lnnsl on ihr ('outh 1 uiul
the   Klish'sl   Iml,i,-,,11 Spnklll ml
tho Twin Cities.
Tlm ( iiiinn I'ucillc Oporali
Htai'lard Sleoping Oars
Tourist Sleeping liars
llu Two Unity Ti'itiisi'oullnoiili
Ti'iniis in'l'lni'h lllrocllou
I'iii' rairs, ri'si'ii aliinis uud
nn V Infiiriiiiilion desired
apply In Infill agent or
K. .1. (Joylti. A.tl.r.A., V mvor
JOHN MtiK. li.I'. V. N'olsou
Dlstrlot ot Kootenay.
Take notiee that II, Stowart, of Crnn-
broiilt ii.-i-npillion I'ontt'Hi'iot', iiitomls 10
upply foi'n spi'i'iul tlmbor lii'i'tn ver
the rhllmvinu' di'surtlied lands:
ton in'iiiL' lit II posl pluiili'il at llio
\.   tV iu'i' of  Hloek 2,'tlll,   llii'iii'i'
nurlli .'III i'liuins. llii'iii'i' wesl 111 i'lialns,
llu- norili nil i'liuins, thoneo oast  BJ
,'luiin,-, iiii'iu'i' south !iu eliains and
ilii'ii,-,' 11,-ai 11 ehains to place ul com-
Itlchnril Stowart.
llllll'll Ui'l.iiii'i' Isi. 11107. Ill
District of Kootenay.
Take notloo thul Manly II. Craig, of
IVi'ili. .N. II. iipnllnn Timber  Land
Eugluoor, lul Is lu apply for 11 s| Ial
llmlior   lici vr llm lolliiwiii:'  tlu-
surlliuil lumls:
(' mincing ul 11 pnsl planted ut  tlio
N, K. ('oritur of Lol.8282, tin  wonl
u I nni 1 lu i-liuins lu 1 lie niit'l li wosi corner
l.ol SUS'J. Hi,.in',' uni'ili ul I 211 chains
luiin' uni'ili li I   Lil',',,,.,.   Lui Nu.
snii',". iluu ivosl about ir. i'liuins lothi-
Easl  lim' uf Loi 1,17::. tin  11,,i'iii sn
i'liiiins, tlio11 u-i in ohalns,   iln-t	
.nuiii no i'linin-. ih<-  .-usi aboul IB
chains, il -muli In chains lu place ot
beginning,  coul 111111 up. utii ucros morn
Shoe Shop
Repairing a Specially
Cranhrook, B.C.
Genuine Snaps
In Cranbrook
City Property
$111110 Cnah and .$S0o in easy payments, buys h large new, two
story, nine room residence, well
?G00 Cash and $400 on easy terms,
buys a new live room house on
Baker Hill, east front, full size
lot, house nicely painted,
plastered,  etc.
§1000 Cash nnd $1500 on your own
terms, takes one of the nicest
residences in Cranbrook 8
lar^e rooms, nil plastered, nice
lawn, two story burn on rear
of lots. Worth nearly twice
the amount.
$4200. An ideal investment, large
business building, best loeatiou
in town, in good repairs, rents
for $1200 per year, your own
terms.   Can  you   beat  it?
The Frost Investment Co.
Armstrong Aw. Cranhrook. li C.
^he Urospector
'Canada thoroughly upprocial
j Uu' benefits she hus gained from
! British investments in iho Dominion. Whal is nuiii' slu' recognizes iluu in the immetlialo
I'iiiihv sho will lio morn than
usually   ili'|ii'tiiii'iii    ioi   iiiv.it
Made Unauthorized Appointment   lll'il;li» tor u conllnuatloi	
urease nl the sunn' class nl in
vi'siiueiii in onuhlo Iiit in carry
in completion tlie extensive ra
nuiii nml other projects on which
slie litis omharkeil. While recognizing this, il is lell   here nl
With Premier McBride and
Messrs. Hays and Morse.
Vancouver, Ocl.   7.    There  is
ii virtual deadlock  between  ihe
provincial government and |lhe|cog.uz,ng tms, „ ,s „,, nore „
Grand Trunk Pacific railway in the same lime thai there is an
the negotiations for a settlement 0|1101' PhM0 "r Invenlmoni in
oflhe'tlisputorespectingthesale ''i,ll:ul;l llli" ""» " ,v,"iv"  """'"
of the Indian reserve at   I'r \aim* '""'eUniled kingdom.
Kupert to the railway company. '" ,ho liro,il '"' '"'", '•""»"■»*•
Parties possessing inside know   There is n promising field  for n
dilTet'oiil liiml nl investment,
appealing In tt different class ul'
Tlie   |,i',',,.„l   tii'ute   >ii„i.t    isi     ln   lhe   ll,sl   liv"  >'<•'■""-    ,lim'
said lo have been the result of a have h""n ;l few 'nstincesol Bl'il-
misunderstanding involving   an lsh  industrial  plants being .
The oven door
of the Kootenay
drops down and
provides a shelf
upon which to
rest the  pans
drawn from the
-^The  door is
jL strongly braced
ind will
easily support the
weight of an
extra heavy
Free   Booklet
ledge about the recent turn of
affairs now regard a settlement!
is mure remote than  formerly. I
District of Kootenay.
Tuko notice Unit Manly 11. Oulg, nf
Perth, **. H. iii'i'iipiitiun Tinibor Lnnil
Knyini'iti', Intonils to apply roruspecltil
timber lii'i'iu'i' over tin' following; de-
sorlbotl lumls:--
Coiutnouclng ul it post plunteil tin
i'liuins wusl uf the soulh west corner nl'
Liconce Lot No 81102, theueo south SI)
i'liuins. tlieneo west so i'liuins. tlicune
nortli SO chuius, thenee eust Sll nlittins
lo pluee uf I'liiiiiiii'iii'i'iui'iil.uml eontulu-
inn iiiii ueres more in* leas.
Manly II. Craig.
Dllteil Aug. Ililli. 11107. llll
District ol Kootenay.
Take notlco tlini Manly II. Cruig. of
Perth, N. II. occupation Tinibor Luml
Bnghioer, intonils to upply for it speolal
tinibor liconce over thi following ile-
scrihi'il lanils:
Coininetiuiiig tit a post phmted about
110  chuins  soulh   of  the   north   wosl
,riier of Liconce Lot st'iil, thence west
about llu i-liuins in the oust  boundary
(C. r. R. 451)1, thunee south 50 ohnlns,
thonco oast llll i'liuins, thonee north .111
hiiins to pluco of beglntitngaml contain,
inu ti-in ueres inure or less.
Manly II. Craig.
Dated'Aug. Hlth, 1110". Illi
District ol Kootenay.
Take notice that Manly II. Cruig. of
Perth, N*. tl. occupation Tlmbor Lund
lDnginoer, Intends to apply for a speeiui
timber liconce over tho following de-
i-i lii.'il lunds:
Coinmottutng at a posl plutiti'tl al tbe
Soutli West Corner nf l.nl No. lilii't,
thence west 80 uhalns, thonee north SO
'liuins, thonee eust SI) i'liuins. thence
iml h so eliuins In pluco ul' commence-
nii'iit uiul cnntulnlng lill) ueres more or
Manly II. Cruig.
I)uled Aug. llllh 11107. .'Ill
alleged iil'l'riint   to   IVeinier  Mc
Tl was brought about hy the
unauthorized Intervention of a
prominent Liberal politician who
arranged witli the premier to
nieei President Hays and C'enernl
tablished in Canada among the
announcements, thai regarding
the establishment of a brunch
carpet manufacturing plant al
Peterboro, Ontario, is prominent.
The representatives of lhe Iiiii
lsh linaiicial journals,  now  here
PATMORE   BROS.,   Sole   Agents
Manager Morse in, iheir return "" their tour of inspection, might
do worse tliiiti  in give uu  im
from tlie Norili
tn order to keep the appoinl
ment Mr. McBride abruptly
abandoned liis upper country
tour with Iluu. It L. Borden,and
hurried to the coast only to find
that the Grand Trunk Pacific
executive officers had gone east
without wiring unv explanation
Cor their failare to keep their en- companies
poi'tant share of their attention
to this matter. If they cover tho
country ni all throughly thoy
can hardly escape being struck
liy tlie number and variety nf tliu
branch manufacturing plants
built, building, and lo be built in
ihis country by  United   Stales
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Management
I le:ult|ii-irlers  Im   milling
men and nlil timers,
Oil behalf of Mr. Iluys it is
stated lhat he iliil not authorize
tlie politician to negotiate a meeting, having intended to spend
several days on the coast, during
whicli he expected to interview
the provincial executive
A decision oil llie part of Mi-.
Smithers, tlie vice-president of
Ihe Grand Trunk, antl a member
of the party, lo sail for England
a weok earlier than he had contemplated, resulted, in a sudden
change in llie plans of Messrs,
Hays anil Morse, who went east
with liim without visiting Victoria.
Al all events Mr. McBride
wailed for their coining in vain
The above explanation offered
him has, il is said, failed lo
satisfy him of their sincerity.
Mr. McBride fell tlml he luul
been placed in a very ridiculous
and undignified position. He did
not disguise his feelings. 'I'he
upshot was an intimation follow
ing tlio arrival in Victoria of Mr.
Darcy 'fait assistant solicitor of
the Grand Trunk Pacific, witli,I.
II. Macon, harbor engineer, that
the Indian resorvequestion would
only be discussed witli executive
officials of tlie company fully empowered in negotiate a settlement.
British Capital in Canada.
British capital playnd a very Important purl in Hie development
of lhe United Slates. Millions
wenl intti railroads,    Later Brit-
i When you want a good
place tn stn|i come tn the
' lev.
Mtllilv II. i mi"
I I An", '.'illli. 11)07,
IN Till''.  MA'I'TKIt lit'  AN  uppll-
Itiou  fur lhe   issue   uf   it   duplicate
(Inrlilleali. nl "I'itI.■ I'm' l.nl It   Illneli   It,
nml l.uls liunil S, lllii.'k ,'i,   l.iilti'  Sinire
\ddltlnii Moylu, City (MuptlSI],
it Is my Intention In Issue adupllcutoiil
tlio Cortl Ileal out Till'-  (ui- ihe iilimel
liuiiii luiiinl lots ul. 11 xpii'uiiiin uf one     *1'011 I"'1' >
iiiniilli fi ihu Hrsl piililleiiliiiii l.ereiil'Inn'toieaanf un,
li Hie llllllll'uf .lului Hill Whllill 1'i-l'lili
'llle III Till,'  |s   ,1 ll    III.'   llll   lllll    ui
Ociolior IH'.i'.i mul Iii'i'il '-'HU Is.
"II. V. Mjh'I.i'.iiI,"
Dlstrltil lleglsloreil.
'    hiiiul Iteglslry Ollli'i', Nelson,   H, C,
September 20th, IU07, ill)
flGGident Policies
'".oil Per Vein' glvos tfi.tni pet
uiul W0.0I1 Kiinni'til Henelil.
I,'I'll.  SII'KN'IISS  I'lll.IC'V
*'' piiryuui "'i- llOdlscusi'H
pel' week.
Kor pul'li in- nf iithi'l' Policies     ■
Fred. W. Swain
HIS'l'llli'l'   AUKNT
('ranhroiili.il f . Armslrong Av
Register Now.
A large number nf llccnci
liolilei s. and property owners
have alroady commenced in in
quire for particulars nf how to
register in order tlml they may
vole iu tlie tnunicipal cloclloil
nexl January,
The    city    clerk    bus    iss I
notice thai registration for voting
inusl lie made before llie close of
the presenl mouth. See Ihal
you are on the lisl before I let.
d. a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
| NORTH   STAE        £
I -^     HOTEL S
t 9
f Kimberley,   B. C *
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
THE PflLM II *************************
iDontForaet! I CENTRAL   HOTEL |
S — * I   9
1 Our Home II 1
„    ._   9
tft.ftftftft.ftftftftftftftft.ftftft.ft.ftA*   9   GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
<*w. *W
*A*m mmt mm- mt m\t m\st mm' \*mi mt   m(   mt   mt Ski  mt  mt   mt   mt   mt   mt   mt  mt   mt   mt   mt   mt
.   „ WE"BwtWW "* ^tc^"** * * Tm * * j*2 * 4**fi *t* Tip * 9x* Ix* **W**W
Cordwood for Sale.
9 '^^
9 *
A. \ ^C
t! :*
| Fresh Daily | *
* !i *
t    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    J1    *
iliirvsvillc, ll.C.
'I'lu* Lending llnlel nf Ibe Sl.
Mnry's Valley, Nice airy rooms
newly rurnishud. Table as
good ns unv in Kiiiiieiiiiv.
I am prepared to supply, good
dry stove wood, in any length or
quantity, Leave orders with
ii. 'I'. Rogers, Hie grocer, Beale
A Elwell,
B, S. Baron
t'oiim i*.
i-i-.i.-'i-ii-u-a-i-i-: ne iMi'ituvi'UiriN'rs
IIII.I.     NVI:      I.K     I'AIlK,     ANII    NAH1N
Sillllll  till, fliri   SI.-i'li'   .MlllllllJ   lllllsliill
ill Kiel Kimli'll.i) lll-.lt-l.-l
Wlimi' I ili'il    in Hi.' l"i Tiiiii !■ iri i.
'I'AliK NU'I'II'K Ilim .linins A   Illllll'l    l-'ri'l
MIiii'i-h ,-,-,iin.  Nn   ii ii"', ms iniii'i ror
An I,ur ll   I',,iiii lell I'i.t Mlnnl Itllirlllllllltl'Nil
II IIMII I'liurli,. .1   lt.-i imiiis i'r.-.- MIlllir'H Ci'l'tl
li  Ni, IIIMIS nml It,,',,,it 'I'   lit, In.els,,,i 1 	
.MiMii'si-i-itllli-nl.,   N"    II   in'     llllllllls    sun
iljil-In'lil ililli'lii'irul    |',,l,   I', Ilir   Mlnllti!
II,, .Ii-i I..I' ii-i t 111. j.l. s. ,,f   In.iiiui,, in .    r,i|
I'N lUKU: ST., ONE liinil! WKST OP
IIII.I.  a   ru.     The .ink   plnee in lawn
osmoDolitan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
School of Mining
A (01 Illli: OF APPLIED SCrtNCP,
Allillilrd In Qaeu'l linlvrrslly.
Vat Cileailar oi tht: School nud further
Iqformitlon, ipply to iiir Rerreliry, s.ii""i
ol IfJinlaf, KJngitou.OtJtirio
Ihr lollowlnf Coirtrt arr atttrti:
i   PourYcira'CourMforDegreeofB He.
il- iiiifp WaiH'Coiif-iff'-t Dlplomt.
«-mihImk Qnglueetltif.
t)*-Chemistry lOd MinrriloKy.
,   Mlnertlofry ind Ctuio-iy.
-/-riirtnicnl t'.n-jitifftliiK.
t civil ittiglueerinf.
f - Meehiulcal Sailfleertug.
i >ifiectrlct] i ni-iii-"(iii--,
h    [llologt •"■! I'i'l>llc HrBllli. r rilK PR08PE0T0R, CRANBROOK   It C, OCT   IU   IflO',
"Notes ^M Pure Food Grocery"
goffle—Real Goifee
Coffee that sends a rich nostril
tickling- aroma through the
house of a morning' so that the
stupidest sleeper wakes and
sniffs happily. Coffee that is
ALL Coffee, crisp, pungent, that
is the kind of coffee "Golden
West" is.
"COFFEE isn't All we Keep"
Fresh and inviting—another of
the many good things we sell is
"Hiawatha Tea" which is undoubtedly the best value on the
market. We know—and our
knowledge of Teas, their growth
their picking, their cleanliness,
is your protection- See us about
your Teas and Coffees.
PINK'S  Pure  Pood GROCERY   Dept-.
See our Royal Doultou and
Wedgewood Wear
Its Dainty and Unique
Our Goods are
^" A
A visit to Our China Dept. will
Satisfy Your Longings if
you want some particular piece
©he Itroeyector.     Opera House
^■■-■■■•v-i-i.,,.    3 NIGHTS 3
Have You
Detective Eyesioiit?
Hull   lh.'   ryo    ll'uulil me    Inilii    iiL'irlei't.
"I'lu iiisiihI- aiiller (i'iiiii ni. at ruin ivilliiiiil knowing till!
ei viiniiiii'il eiii'ii.    A slight ,'iiiii'iiiiiii lllll)
i In ll ml nl iinir lid'.
C.l'.ll. Wni.'li Iiihi Inr i'i™.' Nunl  "ua- Uivlali
District nl Kootenay.
Mr, Borden.
Tako notice Hmt  Jamoa A. Hnrvojrl    C'liiiiidn is Fortunate in   limine
' Criinbr i,  B.C., occupation sell I un opposition lender such ns Mr
I'lleii    Speaking  upiii'i   From
politics ii would lie fortunate  to
cttor, Intends to apply for a special!"
timber licence ovor tbo following tie
scribed  lumls.
Commencing at n post planted
about im chains south of mile post
No. in mi the oust boundary of Lol
1592, Group I. Kootonay District;
tbence nortb Ui'i i'liuins thonco fust
■In tliuins liii'iiri' suulli imi chains,
thonee west 10 t linins to place ol
Dated   Sept.   Kith,   1907
40 .Ij.mi's A,  Harvoy
ossess liim us ti premier, tie
ii mun nf unimpeachable
iiiriii'ti'i'. broad culture, eeniul
rosence and yd tidetiuute dig-
ity. ili~ political courage is
uquostionnd  ' li  a hi •  courtesy
i clone much lo introduce into the
CRANBROOK  LAND D1STRIC1     ' House of Commons n higher con
Districl ..i K....i'li,', troversial lone     His attitude lo
TAKK  notice  thnt   Lewis   tt     I'ul A:'nl   ""'   1'            '   " *' ""-   l'-'-
more,   ul   I'luntn ;,B.C    upiitiiin liuun Hint of it stutesiuuil      He is
law-student    iiiteniln  '" nppty   t"i   h ...
special   tlmbei    inei vei   the Inl ;i   ''IU   num.    its   is   rill'    VVHlriil
^^^^^^^^^^^^^_M   wniiln
opponents, '.'.",,'.   thai   more  ol
iheir followers '.ven- liku Ibein.
Calgary Herald,
■'Ill i.\l   l*IIK   I.KIIIIKK,
lowing desi ii I  land | tjiiuriei'        Tilt
Conimeni n i planted
aboul six anil j hull mllea west
nf Gateway on thi Koute
nay    river and at   I  i       I      itlonnll
:  j v  line  them e east S
tbence north 80   chain     thei
an chains, thenci        I     ■
place   ol commonci menl
Lewis   "V.    Patmore
liui.'il   u.'l ,   Mil,   1907. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
W. K'.'iiv. tlie siili cnl lector  of
[ciistoins. hits i'lul.'I'eii his n-.sig
nation    :..   lake ,,ii,,,"   ,)h   i|,,.
Mr.  Vol nmn  upon  his appoint
us cleric, treasurer, and	
Im- thecilv ol Kernie
e a
.\ l; Penwick of Port Steele
was in the city Thursdny.
S   llunilell   of   I'Vi'iiie   Wlls   ill
at Cranbrook Thursday.
VH, A. Galliher, M. P., und
Mrs. Galliher of Nelson, wore
..'ranlirotik visitors Wednesday.
.1. Ryan and Al Doyle lefl on
Thursday on u business trip to
1). .). Johnson made n Hying
business trip to Calgary this
ft. A, .limes of llie North Star
tiiine wus in the eiiy Sat unlay,
lie drove over to Steele Sunday,
returning in the evening.
Mr. innl Mrs. Goorge Staples
lefl mi Priday for the coasl
where they will reside in tlie
future. Mr. Staples has had
charge ol the C, P. B. freight
department at Cranbrook for
several years, and will occupy a
similar position nl one of the
coasl cities,
Advertise in the Prospector.
Head   llu   I'iu Inr.
Hern is n tangle An old mini
ni iii'. uiiil :i young inun twenty
night, Imili widowers The
young mini lias a  stepdaughter
thirty eiglil y '« old,  thai   he
raarrii    i" Hie older genlltunnii
uml iii ret urn iiiht's ihe nld man's
A regular monthly communication of Cranbrook Lodge A.P.
,v A M . win. lii'lil iii Masonic
Temple on Thursdny evening.
li H fi. iM., s, Bon nel I of
Pernie paid his annual visit to
tho lodge. There wus n number
of visiting brethren from Moyie,
Marysville nnd Sleele in attend-
IVater Laing, Cranbrook's
tonsorial ai i isi, has moved into
the Leask building, and hits
lilted up mie nl Hie mosl modern
linrbi'i'shops in thn district. Por
:i nice warm bath try Linings',
vmi will got prompt ill Ion tion
in,1 exeellenl service.
flKllltGK  11    HOWARD  COMPANY,
ninccdoil    Hu'   flnosl
. ,-ci   ttppeiirlng  in  western
nu' Hi",   li   Hownrd Coin
'•"   are    I icnl    al    tlie
is e Im   iliii'i'    night n
'iluu nlay   tin   iMili ,    'I'lm,
imckcd  tlio limine al  every
„,■ fm   three weeks nl   (Inl
Thin duy,    nel.,   ISlli,    they    will
presenl        f'hrl itripliei     .li "    whleli
Judge  Wilson,   ol   Craubrooli    miule   uch u hit  In New Yurlt    with
«"•« w 'n"-""y °n|j* ,;„„:;",u'l""^,,^:';:;",,;::'
judicial busintiss, und returned
nu Priday lo Cranbrook. Tin
judge will li  Pernie again ou
Bent       i'li.Hiei'      Amu"  u    comedy
lull  nl  I'iii  Inun   itarl   in finish, uml
iitiirdiij  i in   in   Hu- cngnge nl  bv
pre i-i,nm-    N.,1    (I     (I Iwln's    Ini'
iliiiighier Im-n wife.    Now whal j Monday, and will sit on the con     ""       tbe ''Nominee"   The   Cum
I'i,,      i  'IM    Ilii'ii   nil'll   sjil'riiil     Hl'l'll
rehtlii re I hose four people lo dilation I 'd at llosineron that  ers and n rnro   troal Is giiai'iintcod,
one tltiotlioi ' duy, |    ,„,,.„.  „,,, ,„, -,„ ,„„, n ,,,.,„,
and Company
Thursday Oct. 24
"Christopher Jr."
Friday Oct. 25
"Charley's Aunt"
Saturday Oct. 36
"The Nominee"
The    Best   Company
Ever In Canada.
On Salo ut Health* A Atchison
llrug Store.
It. B. Durant wus down from Perry creok Tuosdtiy on business.
Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Hynilinan of
Montreal were t'oglstorcd nt tbo t't>*
mopolltan Tuesduy.
Dnvi'. Breckenrldge, and 11. C,
Lindsey of Wardner were guests ut
the Cranhrook Tuesday.
C. Unss Tute tins been appointed
nllii'iiil watch Inspector lor tbo C.P.
It. at  l,ethbrld|!c.
II.W.Ki'i'd nl Swiinson, A.D, Mr
Nuir nf LetlihrltlgO, 0. Mead ol
M.iuiji'ul, und Mrs. Ulcns nf Moyio,
were guests nl   tho Royal Tuesday.
VV, A. I'uiii'i. nnd It. A. Simmons
nf Vancouver, uml K. A. Olnlro of
Mnnii-eij woro uuests at the ('run
brook    Tuesday.
V,. ('. Iiinlili'.v nf Winnipeg, W, It.
Angus nf Vunriiiii'i'i', .1.Daley nf
Montreal, and .1, Newbury of Van
couver were registered at tbo ('run
li li Tuesday.
ll. V. Srliutj's. advance agont for
the Kilt.ii' liumi nf Kilmarnock,
Aryshlro, Scotland, wus at. Hie
Royal Tuesday. The Kiltie Il.nnl'
mil lie ul Cranbrook in November.
li. Aiken lets purchased A.
Bradley's intoresl in "Tlie Palm"
candy store, nml will continue lo
furnish Hm people of Cran brook
with hotue mado candies mado
fresh every duy.
P. S. SIX SIZES in stock,
running from tlie small one
suitable for the lonely batch,
up lo the large one meant for
Hotel use.
See Our Window Display
N.B.     Next wcek-
J. I). McBride
Dyspepsia Cure
Cranbrook. H.C.        FIauiiwahk
Tobaccos  1
A I'll.!. LINK UF fa
|    TOBACCOS    |
8 i
I Gioar Store
•* m**ma*\
kmf kmT ktm* k*m* km* *mT *mf -tm* km* kMf *m* -amT km* *<m* "'   *mT km* km* kmf km* *\msT kmf *m* km* kmT km* km*
>W **4*\ '*TX, ^.-^ ^\ <^ ^\ flV^V ■9\.^y. ^\ ,^r\ $ ^V ^K. ^ss*K W\ ^W ^\ ^F\ ^K ,^K ^\ ^T\ W
* *
^       A Few Words Relative to        *
*        We have about 70 Hoys Suits to clear  5
^ out at prices that will astonish you
9 ft
I   Here Are a Few of Them   ♦
9 S2.50 SUIT   FOR   $1.65 |
I $3.00 SUIT   FOR $2.00 §
1 $4.50 SUIT   FOR $3.00 J
1 $6.00 SUIT   FOR $4.00
These Suits are in Medium and Heavy   ft
fweeds—Two and Three Piece Garments.    9
Sizes 22 to 35
H     Reid Hloek Cranlirook. H.C      *
Why Cough to The Coffin
Notlco  in horohy glvon tlmt thirty
iluys  uftor  ditto   1   Intend   In apply
in ihr Honoriiblo llie t'liii'f OoinmlB
sinner    ei    Lamia   uml    "VOt'ltH   tm' n
.... ...   liconco   tn   iiruspcct   fur coul mi tin
Dr. Scott's Prescription i„ilmvi
M. Melnues ol'l'ulgiiry was in
town during the early pari of.miVi-'uVi.iI Ii.ViVi'm
nu ili'sci'ilii'ii lumts, niiiuilr
iiliiuit uixtoon mllos nortli of tlio in
ii'iiintiiiiml Itiiiiniliiry uml about 2
mllos nisi nl tin, Fliiilii'inl iiinT.
I. Gouimenolng nt n post markotl
w. f. Minor's BOiitlioast cornori
liii'iiri'   nurlli   oiglity   eliuins, tlionco
,,,,       ,   ,,,    ...  .,, i   ,,,.,.,,^1   west   I'lttlity   chains,   thenco   muitli
'I hey do llie unlli   liml   Itltesl   (,j(,1||y   ^'^   Umm,   hih|     olg,|tJ
(0 most stubborn ould tslmlnH   to   place   ni commoncomonl,
ctiNiiiiniiiK ti-iu lines moro or less,
w. c. Millor, Locator.
-p. ,)     i ,,   ^*,     Located August 20th. JHU7.
Beattie & Atchison -. commonoi.iB m,. P„6t ,»i,ri.,.,i
Mult Reos MouLliwcst corner, tlience
noitli eighty rlmms, thonee cast
eighty chains, tlieneo south oiglity
chains, tlience west eighty chains to
plnee nf commencement, containing
i)40 acres more or loss
Matt Reenp Loentor.
Located  AiiKiist 20tll,  l!)l)7.
:;.   Oommencing at  a post markod
  : i linrlos    Lynch's   northeast   corner,
CRANBttOOK LAND DISTRICT.   !    Tf|K ij.;.\|)|M;  Kl.riT SToitK       thonco   Month   eighty   chains, thonco
District of Kootenay. west    eighty   chains,   thonco   nortii
Tako notice that Manly II. Craig  J ,,li«1.'Ly   ;,,1"i,l,H-    tho"co   ,,,IHt'   **«*■**
n   ii   « Vi    .   iH.iinii M'lm.mi' fiiiiid . r I iluitiiM   to   plan-   of  commoiicomeIIt,
, ;i il'iT'  nte    ' u     .1  roius|iu!",d , »«« *•*■»" ln|,i containing tun noros mor, or luss,
tiiiiiier liiii'iii'e ""'I'   thu fullmvlng tie-1 OXTAKIO CIIIAPHS Chni'tos Lynch, tin,-.
No. «»<» or
Cold Cine Tables
Where It Pays to Deal.
tlliswonk.     ll   is   reported   Ihul      C nuuu lin'g ut ,t post nhiututl iihuut, 0IK1ICB TOKA V (IHAPKS        '    Locntorl Augunt ^thTjnoV.'	
Mr. Melnues will tale over  lhe I"" uhiilns west uml-ll ulmlns soulh of                   ' INK AI'PI.RS ■   Oomnioncliig   nl n post markotl
IliK sawmill al Waldo, tlio|inrlloH ! ■»"'"'«■*'-• ' ■>•"■>" Nn. lllTI. I'KAIIH   Al'I'I.KS   IIANANAK ^ *   ' "»»>>... l.-vost cornor, thonco
Who linrelinseil il,,.,,,- -..v .Im, '» *!_«■]*,*>» *'-'  l''^ ^,w'"*'\        " ':' " T"M AT"KS | oiglity   effi,   ,t"™   norTolghty
ill re lllseil   he n '01., ■   .     ,,,
,, I '   '    .',...       iiii'iu'i' ii I.i ,'  .ui Nn sin:. then
,tie Uie  pnsl   siiminor   havniffJ
failed to complete the piireliu
Hiij-imiim, iiiei wusi hu ctiiiins.J    Stewarts lrinc Cluinilalus
hui mii'ili sn i'liiiiiis, iluu ust so|
,    ,,  .... , I i'IiiiIiih to pulnl of iH-rliiiiltiv iintl noil-
I,, h. Sldiiiieriif London,   und   ,„i„i„,. i',.|ii,„',','s mure or luss.
C, Itndlteh of Mnnfroitl   Here  ul Munlv II. t'mi,.
'"'' ''ll"'"""1( H 08dtty'       "" *""- ""l" ■■ »| Hioiib 75      Armstrong, ftve.;    mu •„ „„, Ptotm
Hugh Stkwart
iiii in.-;, tlionco wesl eighty chains,
in placo or conimoncomont, coiiiniii
Ing IMU aeros more or Ichh.
Roy Mill, Locaior.
Locnted August  20th,  11*07        HI


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