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The Prospector Jun 9, 1906

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Array :*y ot I
%\yt W»$ptUt
VO/.    il^.
No. 28.
What the City "Dads" are Doing
lor the Welfare of Cranbrook,
A regular meeting of the eiiy
eoimcll wns held on Wednesday
evening, there were present His
Worship Mayor Rogers and
al.lerineii Pink, linker. Tisdale
iimi Ryan.
Tiie minutes of last regular
meeting were adopted 'is read.
The offer of the Cranbrook
Electric l.igbi Co., for install
nl ion of street lights was no
r.'|iti'il. unil they will iustal
lights in places named in cent
uiiiuiculiou of June 5th.
A i-i mi. in tin i.-ulion re water
supply wus referred to lire and
police committee, aud that the
committee confer with the city
solicitor re the same.
Aldermau Ryau reported thai
he wetil lo Kernie and arranged
for a team, and was instructed
to purchase, and did so for the
sum of $465.00 including harness
um) Hint said team is l.eiug taken
care of liy Messrs Geary A Doyle
Alderman Ryan's reporl was
It was ordered that a teamster
be engaged at a salary of Hill
per month.
It wus moved that the sum of
jiii". In- granted to the Craubrook
City Bund, and that all instruments uud music purchased be
the property of the city and that
Mr. Short be responsible for all
instruments aud music belonging to the city
Thai the chairman of board of
works have charge of teamster,
and that lie receive instructions
from him, the chairman. James
Kennedy wus appointed teamster
It wus moved that ihe account
of McCallum j. Uo. be referred
to tire and police committee
That the report of the finance
committee be adopted, with a
recommendation that the same
be paid, with the exception of
those referred to committees.
That the clerk be instructed
to have debenture by laws No l'l
22, 23 printed
The report ol Medical Health
officer was left ou table until
next meeting The salary of
Medical Health officer, on motion
wus reduced Irom $115 lo$15, aud
that salary of $35 be paid up to
June 1st.
II was moved that Alderman
Ryan be instructed to purchase
a wagon,
Thul Alderman Fink be
authorized to tnuke necessary repairs lo the tire wagon.
It Wus moved that the matter
of sidewalks and fire hall be
placed in the bauds of committee on works, with instructions to proceed with Ihe same
as speedily us possible.
Thei mil ttdj.milled at 12 5.
Institution aud lmiuotion.
The I .oul llisbopof New Westminster and Konlenuy will visit
Cranbrook .luring the ensuing
week. 'I'he billowing special
services will be held al Christ
Churoh on Sunday evening at 8
Service of Institution—At this
service the Rev. L,   P.   Flewelling will be  publicully   instituted
to  the  cure  of  souls   in  this
. garish,
Service of induction,—At this
service the Rector will be
publicully inducted into the
temporalities of the Parish
The venerable Archdeacon Beer
will assist the Bishop at this
Service of Confirmation,—The
above services ended, the Lord
Bishop will administer the sacra-
menial rile of laying on of hands
to several candidates,
The Nelson Canadian
The Nelson Dally Cauadiau,
made its initial appearance at tills
ottice oii Monday. It will be
Conservative in politics, and will
be read with interest by Oouser-
Lumbermen Have Meeting
The monthly meeting of Ihe
Mountain Lumbermen's association, was held in Nelson ou
Tuesday eveuiug A large
number of lumbermen from all
parts of the Kootenay were
present, among those in utteu
dance were M. B. King and K.
A. Watts of Cranbrook, aud P.
Lund of Wardner.
vativos throughout lhe Koole
Bays,       The    Canadian    will
is; managed by I). M.
Cai'ley, and edited by W, W,
Baer. ll is au evening paper,
and starts out wit It a list ol over
ion subscribers in Cranbrook.
whieh bespeaks u generous
support from every town and
city iu the Kootenays.
"Hello! Yahk."
The Cranbrook Electric Light
Co. is extending its telephone
Hue from Moyie lo Vahk, tt
distance of uboul 20 miles. Dur
iug the past week MauriceQuaiii
the electrician, was laying out
the line, and work has already
been commenced from Ihe Vahk
end. It is said that the Hue will
eventually be extended to
Bonnets Ferry along the Corbin
road.—Movie Leader.
Had Been Pausing Bogus Cheques
in Medioine Hat.
Medicine Hat, June 6.—The
police Were on the lookout yes-
terday for a bogus cheque mau,
who had been getting iu his
work ou some of the merchants
during the day, and at about 10
o'clock at liight constable Mc-
Corkindale made ihe arrest, but
his unaii got away from him
while being taken to the cells,
A couple of revolver shots only
accelerated his flight.
Sergeant Quiuo, of the R N.
W MP., heard the shots over at
the barracks and on bearing Me
Corkindale shouting that the
bogus cheque man had got away
from him turned out with four
mounted men and joined in the
The city was scoured all night
and at 4 o'clock this morning
sergeant Quinu ran the man
The arrest is even more important than at tirsi supposed as
the prisoner is none other than
Cuthberton, who so cleverly escaped from the Calgary jail by
locking up his guard iu the cell
and quietly walking away.
On word being sent to Calgary
of the arrest a telegram was received to hold Cuthberton at all
Premier McBride in Cranbrook.
Hon. Richard McBride, prein
ier of British Columbia, wus a
guesl of I lie Cranbrook Conservative Association ou Tuesday.
Mr. McBride's visit lo this city
has uo political significance. He
is simply here ou business con
uected with his department, Mr.
McBride was accompanied by
his secretary Mr. L. Macrae, and
Harry White, M.P.P., who will
visit a u u in ber of towns in the
Crow's Nest Pass.
It,was late- when the Premier
arrived, hence his arrival was
uot generally kuown. During
the evening a number of the
Cranbrook executive committee
invited the "premier" and Mr
Wright to visit the rooms oi llie
association, where a number of
Conservatives had collected.
The visitors were given u hearty
reception, and a good "old
fashioned" talk wus indulged iu.
Iu speaking of the plans for the
new government building Mr.
McBride said that they might be
expected to arrive some lime
during the coming week. The
premier and Mr. Wright left ou
Wednesday morning train for
Fernie, aud will return to the
capital by tbe eud of this week.
C. II. Livingstone, Evorelt,
Wash , was ul Crunbrook Friday
Robert  Dewar of Marysville
was in town Friday.
John Moll of ElkowusuCrun-
brook visitor litis week.
Fresh   Slruwlierries  ul Slew
arts today,
Don't forget the lacrosse game
nu June Mill.
D. It. Vules of WyclilTe was in
the cily Monday
Tiie Knights nf "Pythias will
picnic a' Klko next Thursday.
John Ewin of Wasa was at the
Cosmopolitan on Monday.
W, B. McFarland returned
Monday from a business trip to
the coast.
"Ed" Paterson of the Fink'
Mercantile Co., and D. McSweyn
visited Wasa on Sunday lasl.
Tiie farmers in Southeast
Kootenay are not complaining
over Ihe rainfall so far.
R. C. Carr ot Cranbrook was
registered at the Hume Hotel
Nelson Monday.
C. Kmpson of Marysville was
a guest at tiie Cosmopolitan
Just arrived McCoukeys
Chocolate all flavors. C, E.
Reid A Co
.1. A. Palmer, aud Benjamin
Palmer of Providence Bay .were
registered at the Cranbrook
H. M, McFarland, S. S. McFarland, und T, 10 Smith of
Manitoba were guests at the
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Clocks, that are ornaments as
well as beitig aceurate lime pieces
are the kind we sell. —Wm. F.
Tale 4 Son.
Hou. Richard McBride, Premier of British Columbia. Hurry
White, MP P.. aud L- Mucrue
of Victoria were guests, ut the
Cranbrook Monday.
iff, A Magee, St. Johns, NB.
G. R. Green, Victoria, J. B.
Mills, Hamilton and F. Johnson
of Goldeti, were regislered at the
Cranbrook Wednesday
James Carroll, Kimberley. T.
Bloss, Vancouver, F. A. Joues,
Kimberley and C. H. Quaitte of
Vancouver, were registered at
the Royal Wednesday.
R Church of S.eattle was iu
the city Tuesday. Mr. Church
is a mining man looking over
the country. He visited Marysville Thursday.
We handle the "Sunshine"
furnace, because, every sale we
make is adding to our prestige.
"There is a Reason". Patmore
T. Wai'.linan aud family, and
W. Neil and family left on Wed
nesduys train on a visit to llie
old country, They will be away
for several months.
We have u greut name for sell
iug the besl, "STEWARTS"
Chocolates and Bon Bolts are
made for those who desire
quality—pure uud delicious. II
Stewart, Armstrong, Ave.
Rev. B. Goodlield will preach
next Sunday morning in lhe
Baptist Church upon the subject
"Spiritual Vision". Al night
lhe second of lhe series "Great
Men of tiie Bible" will be
preached.    All heartily invited.
The regular public preaching
services will be held in Ihe
Methodist Church next Sunday
the pastor being in charge. The
evening subject will lie "The
Mucli Needed Power", a solution
of the boy problem, All parents
and young people are invited to
attend. The choir will render
suitable music.
Mrs. Crosby of Burlington,
Ontario, arrived ill town last
week to have an extended visit
with her daughter, Mrs. Setli
Rychiiian, Mrs Crosby is well
advanced in years bul stood the
trip well and is bright and
hearty. Her lirst Impression of
Cranbrook are very favorable.
Hurry Drew of Kimberley was
al Ctaubrook Friday on business
M.   I'liillipps of Klko was al
Cranhrook Friday
li. P.   Downey of  Vancouver
wus in the city Friday.
W.   I)    Hill   was at   Spokane
litis week on business,
(let your ice cream lor Sunday
al lhe Palm.
Just arrived, a carload of hay
und ouls      A. ('. Bowness.
Mrs   G,  T.. Rogers and Miss
J elf ares were visiting at Creston
this week.
Wm. Tarrant came down from
Luke creek Wednesdav on busi
Mr. and Mrs A. B Fenwick
and Mrs Fred Binmore were
Cranbrook visitors Sunday last
Mrs. J. A. Maedonald of
Wycliffe was a Craubrook visitor
ou Wednesday
Indian Agent Galbrailh of
Fori Steele was al Windermere
last week on official business.
W. Ryau of Spokane was a
guest at the Cosmopolitan Friday.
W. Walsh of Piucher creek
was in the city Friday on busi
R. T Richardson of Fort
Steele was transacting business
at Cranbrook Thursday.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. P. Leslie, of
Cheshire, Bug., were guests at
the Craubrook Friday.
Mr aud Mrs. E. Mallendiue of
Creston were visiting friends at
Craubrook Thursday.
G. A. Laurie of Crestou was
in towii for several days this
Mrs. A..P. Chenette aud Miss
Book water of Marysville were
Oranbrook visitors this week.
A. J. Martin, and DeVere Hunt
are'attending a general meetiug
of railway organizations at Win
nipeg this week.
Go to Stewarts for choice
Vegetables, Rheubarb, Asparagus, Lettuce, Onions, Cucumbers
Arriving fresh Daily. *
James McNeil relumed Thursday from Tacoma. He says that
the boy's name is John Victor
James McNeil.
Mrs. Richardson and family
left Cranbrook Wednesday for
Spokane where they will reside
in the future.
P. M.'Coutiell aud family
moved to Elkmouth Thursday
where Mr. McConnell will engage in the hotel business.
J. Manning, or the C. C. S.,
will leave for the coast tomorrow
to attend a meetiug of the Grand
Lodge of Oddfellows
R, B Duraut, It. G. Horton
and Wm. Thompson ot Perry
creek were registered at the
Cosmopolitan on Friday,
The officers of the Salvation
Army gave an entertainment
Thursday aud Friday evenings
at the Presbyterian Church giv
iug un exhibition of moving pic-
lures with the dioscope. It was
well worth the small charge of
A.M. Black lias sold his resi
dence on Armstrong Avenue to
Jiil.oz Harris. Mr. Black will
remain In Cranbrook and engage
in business,
F. E Simpson, Deputy Graud
Master ol the LOOP, order of
British Columbia, leaves tomorrow for Victoria lo attend a
meeting of lhe Grand Lodge
which meets on llie liith Mr.
Simpson will be accompanied hy
Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. W. fi.
The Crunbrook Lodge,  K.  of
P.. have organized a picnic to
Elko on Thursday June Uth.
As tliul day is ti civic holiday, a
large number of our citizens will
no iloiil.l take advantage of the
occasion to have an outing on
the batiks of Ihe famous Elk
River, one of the most beautiful
places iu Southeast Kooteuay.
Mr. aud Mrs. .1. F. Priugle of
Marysville visited the city Friday
Chas. McNab was in the cily
W. Clark of the CCS. under
taking department was al Moyie
Friday ou company business
Its coming, The Greater Norrls
aud Rowe Circus. Il will be at
Cranbrook In two weeks
The Juvenile Bostouiaus were
registered at the Cosmopolitan
A. W Day of Feruie, W. E.
Miller of Spokaue, J, II. Glass
of Loudon, Ont., were guests at
the Cranbrook Friday.
H. A. Smith, advance agent
for the Greater Norris aud Rowe
Circus, was in the city Friday
arranging a date for his company
O. S. Frizzell, manager of the
Cranbrook Brewing Co., return
ed Friday from a business trip
to Sidar
For the Levassuer Cup—Craubrook vs Lethbridge. It will be
the hottest lacrosse game of the
season, June 16th.
J. Miller. C.P.R agent at
Fernie, D. Wilson of Elkmouth,
and the Roscian Opera Co., were
registered at the Royal Thursday.
The Kuighjs of Pythias, of
Cranbrook, will attend the
Methodist church iu a body on
lhe evening of the 24th ot June,
this being their animal services.
Wm F Tate, Thomas Stark
aud M. A. Beale will leave for
the coast tomdrrow to attend a
convention of the Graud Lodge
of AF A AM.,
Rev W. G. W. Fortune was at
Fernie this week attending a
meetiug of the Kootenay Presbytery, and will assist at the induction of Rev. If R. Grant as
pastor of the Presbyterian
Church in that city.
Pinoher Greek.
From the fcel.u.
The heavy steel is being laid
on the Crow's Nest Pass line, a
large force of men being engaged
in the work. The new rails
weight 900 lbs. a piece.
A good many'Indians from the
Piegan reserve, have camped
about town during the past week
waiting for the Cowley sports.
Owing to the late heavy- raias
the Frank mountain is stuffing
down considerable rock from tbe
site of the big 'slide aud as a
resort for nervous people that
town is at present a decided
Wilt Try for Diamond Souili.
Philadelphia, Pa, June 8.—
William B. Wesl, of the Undine
Barge Club of this city, sailed
for England today, to take part
in the competition for the Diamond Sculls at' the English
Henley Regatta He is accompanied by Caraou, his trainer,
who will assist him with his
Mr. West is a well to do merchant and consequently within
amateur rules. Me has taken
with him a new shell, whieh he
had built for this special occasion
Until last year he represented
the Wesl Philadelphia Boat Club
Wesl won his junior sculls iu
1H02 in the Schuylkill, Navy
Regatta and in the following
year was graduated from the
intermediary class He has been
haudicapped iu ids efforts lo will
a senior event through stomach
trouble, from which he now bus
completely recovered. West has
been doing gymnasium work all
winter aud is uow ill lhe piuk of
Injoyabli Entertainment.
The Gavin Speu.e aud Nannie
Slraclian Entertainment company gave a 1110111 enjoyable con
cert iu Victoria Hall, on Tues
day evening lust. Roth these
unlets are above'the average.
Mr. Speitce upheld his high rep
utution, antl Miss Struchaii, who
visited Morden lor the tirsi lime,
wa* by odds th* best soprano
thut has been heard ill town lor
some   lime.      Taking   the enter
taiuuieiii altogether ii was one
of the Lest ot the season, 'l'h.'
audience wus large aud very up
preclatlve.-  Morden Est pi re.
An entertainment will be glvon
by ihe above named artists in
Wentworth Hull, June Sl, under
the auspices of ihe Caledonian
Society, ll will be llle treat ot
ttie season, aud you cannot atttud
to miss il.
Miner Blown to Pieces
Chas Anderson was literally
blowu to pieces with dynamite
while working in a slope in the
IHXi foot level of the St. Eugene
tuiue Thursday shortly after
going to work, after dinner
Anderson was alone, and the
exact cause of the explosion will
never be known. It is presumed,
however, that he was loading a
rouud of holes and thai his powder in some way ignited before
he had finished. He probably
had ''.is pounds of powder with
iiim and had only a part of his
holes loaded when the accident
occurred. As much of the body
as could be found wus gathered
iu a box and brought down to
towu and was buried iu the cemetery here last night. Anderson
was about id years of age and
came here recently from Phoenix
He had been working at the Sl
Eugene only two days. He
leaves a wife in Sweden, uud a
brother in this country, win. has
been working iu a sawmill ai Elko
William of Germany Calls Upon
frauds Joseph of Austria.
Vienna, Juue 11. —Cold, rainv
weather marred the Hist day ot
the visit of emperor William of
Germany lo emperor Francis
Joseph. The projected drive
was abandoned, owing to the im
passable condition of tiie roads.
Extraordinary. precautious had
been taken to insure the safety
of the Germau emperor, the
public being rigidly excluded
from the grounds.
The purk. the gardens aud all
the approaches to the palace
were guarded with a strong force
ol infantry aud cavalry, in addition to mauy police and detectives
Emperor William and emperor
Francis Joseph .luring the day
exchanged cordial telegrams
with king Victor Emanuel of
Italy, expressing unalterable
mutual friendship
Among Tht Craft.
An emergency convocation of
Reck; Mountain Chapter R. A.M.
was held in Masonic Temple ou
Tuesday eveuing. A number of
sojourning companions from
Rossland, Moyie and Wycliffe
were in attendance.
The regular monthly assembly
of Selkirk Preceptory was held
on Thursday evening in Masonic
North Star Lodge No 80, held
on emergent meeting al Fort
Steele ou Tuesday eveuiug A
uumber of the craft left Cran
brook to attend. It is reported
that the visiting brethren received a most hearty welcome from
lhe local members.
Edwards Psverell
It was a very pretty and In
teresting event, last Monday
evening, wheu Mr Waller Ed
wards and Miss Ethel Peverell
were united in marriage by lhe
Rev   Father Choinell.
The groom was attended by
Mr Flunk Itulley, uud Miss
Francis Clliin wus bridesmaid
Mr. Will mm Rollins gave lhe
bride uwuy The ceremony wus
shorl. nml ut its conclusion tho
happy couple look possession nl
their new home ou Baker Hill
During lhe eveuiug a large iiiiiii
bur of friends were entertained
l.y Mr. and Mrs. Edwards to a
sumptuous wedding dinner. 'I'he
uewly married couple were very
popular, and had a host of
friends iu Craubrook. They
were the recipients of many
valuable presents.
The Standing of the Home Teams
Much Interest Centered
on the Result.
Two gtimos iif football hav*
been played during Ibe pasl
week in connection with the
series ul tho Craubrook League
On Friday evening Ihe Fire
brigade and town teams faced off
and u Imili.' waged. Ihe game
was keenly contested all through
aud many brilliant plays were
made Th.' firemen had rather
the best of the game us the score
shows two to one in their favor.
Fred Long u.-ied a. referee and
did liis part well
Ou Monday evening the town
and gym teams lined up with T.
Stark iu charge. A gale was
blowing so strong that il was al- '
most impossible to keep the ball
iu play but the boys decided to
go 011 aud do the best they could
The evening was very unpleasant from u spectators point of
view bul tiie playing was good
ut times. During the first half
the "gym" scored one goal and
thus it stood until near the close
of the second half wheu ou a
corner kick R Baldwin succeeded in scoring. A few minutes
Inter u shot was made from right
and R Baldwins head was in
the way and Ihe bull, -.triking it,
passed between Ihe slakes and
iiguiti scored, thus the score
ended two to one in lavor of the
town. Half the gumes of the
series are now played aud the
standing is as follows:
Sl.up .... |ilaytiti 'i games polnia u
Town.   ..      "      1     " i
FireBi'jtftulii '      *t     •■ 3
.Uyu...      .    "      'i     "     . 0
A great deal of interest is being manifest iu these gumes aud
large crowds attend each evening
School Examinations
inspector Wilson is iu town
ibis week conducting examinations in connection with the en
trance to the high school. Seveu
pupils from towu are writing
aud four from outside points.
it seems rather strange to tiie
on looker that there sliould be
Iwo separate times for writing
on these examinations, for instance, win.re Ihore is no high
school the examinations are held
this week uiul where there is a
high school ihe examinations
will tuke place next week or
later, if the same paper is used
then there is lime for a irausfer
and if the same is not used then
we are not sine that they are ou
exactly the same status. Could
the mailer uot be looked into by
the educational department and
if possible have all examinations
conducted at the same time and
have the papers iilnntical iu all
For Dominion Day.
It i-, almost u certainty tbat
Moyie will celebrate Dominion
Day This was practically decided ai a meeting held in McGregor hull lasl night. It wasa
fairly representative meeting
and Ibe general opinion was lhat
Moyie should observe Ihe day.
Wilh litis iu view a temporary
organization was effected, A. P.
Maedonald was elected president
anil E. A. Hill secretary, aud V.
Desnulnier, Ken Riley and
Andrew Johnson were elected as
n committee to canvas tin. town
nml solicit Iiiiiii', This commit'
ie will in."'I in McGregor hull
next  Momlay  evoning  at  8:80
o'clock unil report lo tbe public
in.'.'ling which will lh.ui be held.
As July isi lulls ou Sunday,
Moyie will colebrate either on
Saturday or Monday. One of
tho features for ihe dsy will b*
some public spunking, and it is
said Hull the minors will make
au effort lo have .1 H, lluw-
tornlliwnite, Ihe S.iciulist member in Iho provinciul house, here
I lor the occasion. —Moyie Leader THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK ll. („ JUNE
Baker Street.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Cranbrook, IU'
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
*%l)e tyroe-pecta;. &""«"
A. B. 6raco,
go unsaid.     At hesl, life is short
rot   oui   oi ii   a   lull
measure of sorrow, Lei us in
our city live u* one big, K'""l
iiutiiiv.l family.
—-1—■ :—= j—;     Il is only duty anil  justice lo
®hg |l'X*0011CCtOV.   encourage your It o paper, ex
-—i.—" 1_.  U'lid  to ii   iiu. nourishment   lo
which ii is entitled     Pay your
subscription promptly, and soutl
SATUHDAY, Jll.N'K ll, uun.
:t tow extra copies to your
relatives anil friends ;u n dis
nuiiv.   They will appreciate tho
We arc pleased to soo so tunny
of  mn-  citizuits   taking  pride in
their hollies.    The word "home"
nest to iluu of "mother", is the I favor and so will wo
greatest ever uttered by human »   >   "
tongue.      What   it   refuge   the     The story is told that a cGrtalu
liuiiie   is   when    the    darkness|woman was  reading  thu muni
The Hot Water Question
It will pay those who ure
look ill'' for worli lo call anil
Jim   McArthur
lie can secure vou u Job and
Iho iii von oul in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hals. lite.
Jim MGflrtiiur
\l .'     I'n VM'.li'lillK,  111
Gall Br, Settled Bii U-s
Qilldklij iimi .SiiiiMiiiitui'ili]
Wli.-llli-!   ll   it .1  lt.lilt'1   iti Uir   i.11,-1	
..ill,   stllllrl.'lll   .ii| in,' .   tu -  p|l . hoi
IVIltl   I      lur    ,i,lllll-l il"     ,1,11 |,|>M-.     Ullll    III,'
luili,    1 1   nl    ,1    lmil,'I'    iu    111 III..
,-iiliiil.il- uf -ii|i|il\ iiii: i.i.t.i- in In-ill   Iiiiii Iml.- I -.-iiiiiki- nu ,lilt,-ivi     W.'
"IIII    put   Ill lallli kin,!- .um !,,,!>' ..ill i.lu
lh. ii- work |i,-i-(,-,ili
Plumbing and Heating
.lolla •■ llll-i-l,.I  ll.   ,- .11,     ..ll. ,,!    UUI
-ii.-iva-lully ill .v.ii-.i ,-.,.,-
gathers,     How glad one is to j momul column of n  paper and
get a glimpse of home when tithe remarked    to    her     husband   Hans
and space have separated him "Hare's a strange coincidence
from H ii even ioi-:i 1.nel |.ei:i,„i   „  vVIUinm Strange married lo tt -i   fiilNll'  k
There   neeins   to
ii    good Mtti'ihu Strnugo     "Strange In
nntured rivalry here iu nn olTorl dood",  romarltetl her   hiiKband,
to niitke   "our im " luul. ;i liiile l.m | expect llie nexl llows will
neater and thus lie the tiJQi'u  in be a little straugei
vitlng io ihe occupants thau nil •  •  •
others   huch.rlvialry is certainly There   i^  no  hottui   way   ol
pardonable                ■'■    .- building up Dur citj than giving
'to our liotiii' busi ness  meu our
If every buslnees man  tu our entire and exclusive,  putroniigo
city   .-unlli   do   business pit    n The more we help each  oilier
strict ly .cash sysluut it would i>e n the more we help Ihe cily
blessiug to usall    If we all had NOtiCI
to pay cash  we  would   learn   to ' I'AKI'   NUTIi i-'   Uun   Sixtj   iluys
live within our inetiiis.    It would :'"'' J«1' riutenil iimpi'l) ii.thei'liiei
save business men  the eipense Uo,HU,i" '"'"''',"uis' w,"'k" ""
.',,.-* IH.'1'lllisaiotl   III   |iiii-i-Iijim-   III,.   rulllHVl.li;
ol ; bookkeepers ami   the.   loSs   pi   ,,,.;.,.,,,..., kM1.K ,M snutl,  Kiwi   1	
bad ileiiis all ol which some one mo
j bus to pay for.     If out city could Tommi'in'liii; til lhe Soiitli.'iul iwiier
plumbing, Heating and Ventilating   Engineersjgraduaiiy work into .1 strictly
Mrs. Hlslop p»m8M»l
Spei lill allellllun Iii liiiu'li,
i''i'liiii<iue,   phriising   iiiiiI
gl'lllllll" ul slllilii'-,
I nf i-.ii tli'tiltirM i.i'i'l. i" t'. li llol.l ,\
I'n   I'li,. DriiKiiiiiii
''a>ir'svst'etn   n   would   l'l'
for us iill.
'^r.'j9^4i9..4^:4 9.4 9 9 <*•,♦   ♦ «.♦. o ♦ ■> 9 ° * » ♦ 9 9
t:B, H. SHORT & co,'4
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
Clt 111 i'lll.. I'llllll
Kiiiiieinl.ei- we eiiirv tin' only slocli of IIIUII
papers iu 1 iriinbioolf.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds nl Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
A l.'MSTKl INI 1 A V ENU E    PHON Bill
$.*+:»:♦*.♦ ;*>;. 9:?;. ♦ :4;. 9:4;. :4;. •» :'*;.«:'♦:«:♦:«:<►:*e$«$
Gal gar v Beer, Ale & Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay and Gain.
Cranbrook. B.G.
tine of our citizens who OCCttS I    |iat,-,l thlc'.'nil tin} ul Mil,.*, \.l'.. llllll
lunally. w-ipe»  lhe dishes for his     in  i Hurry T. Arnolil.
wife, became tired of the o.'-uud
refits.si. suy tug thai "it is uot  tij*
man'.- work
bible out to
She brought the:* ,
tnvtnce uun
error uiul read   a<   follows   (roiii!* *
11 KingS"2i:J3:  "And will wipe I Tailor «J Importer of I
Jerusalem as »   man wtpeth  a|§ Fine Woolens.        *
dish, .wiping it and turning it upside .down." li Is needless to
suy tha! he is still doing his occasional stunt.
The boy who saucs his money
becomes the banker, the merchant
professional inun. The boy ivho
never saves a cent makes'the, man
who. "earns his bread by the
svvw-.it yi' Ills brow . wlio never
owns a home or enjoys-the luxuries of life.  ■      '"-'
Tbe'iiiiiu who went out to mifk
and sat down on u boulder in llie
middle of Iho pasture and waited
for the cow to Mick up, was tt
brother to the man who kept u
store and wouldn't advertise because lie reasoned thai the pur
chasing public would back up lo
bis place of business, when il
wanted something.
*   *   *
Most fortunate is the hoy or
girl, the young man or the young
ladv who is given the opportunity
to attend school in our city. Its
educational advantages surpass
any city of like size in the pro
* *
« Cranbrook, B.C.  Arnistronf Avo  »
P.. O. E.
flitting   Brothel's  I'ui'iliull.v   Invilcd
i'. Iloss Tatk, \V. Proslilcnl
A. \V. Black, Sony.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
■§■  *   '   NO. l'Jo.  B. a. M.
3     'Regular meetings!—2nd Tues-
*   day   in   ea.'li   tiionlli   at  eight
* ti'i'loV'k.
Ti* Sojourning Companion*!   aro
cordially Invited.
I WM. V. Tatk, Scribe 15.   I
i   .Box 4       CRANHROOK, H. 0. .     Si
Pacific   Coast   Points
Palace and Tourist
Sleepers, Butt'ott
Library Cars, Modern   -
Day Coaches.
Dining Cars,
Best Meals  on Wheels
Por full purl Ion lies, rate
ote, i'iil I nn or address.
Seattle, Wash.
.'.   Vi*.    MAIIUNI'V,   CM'.   Its  T.A.
. .h a. at «...«...«.£ fa. a.«..a.a^««,
c. c. c.
In these days of political strife
between two groat political
parties *a;p must remember that
after all we are just brothers
here on earth, travelling from
the cradle to the grave. We live
si.l.' by side, our children attand
m Ithe siime school nml lifter the
4 I stnolte of the battle has cleared
away, we still be friends unil
neighbors.   Loi the bitter things
• GdiQuTu Game Go.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Pish and Poultry in Season
:<> npi'ii in iin-
I    i.i.11,1-    nml
• Gourt Granbrook 8943
Visiting   lii'i'tlit'i'ti   t'ordiitlly   Invited
0. It.,   A, MoCOWAN.
.-. , ■   Si'i'tylai'.v, T-, M.MtSIIAI.I.
CltANBIlOOI.,      -     ll.C,
City Scavenger
Parlies  having   back  yards
und closets to clean,  and  refuse
matter to be taken awuy, should
leave orders with me.
1.,'iii-i'iii'ili'i'Mit t.ho City Clocks olllqi.
or drop a ponta! card in Ilex 105,
IN IIAKKI! S'l'^ONK Illllli! WKST ill'
IIII.I.  &   I'll.     Tin ly  place in town
Unil eiiii iiiiil..' life iv.nili the living.
E. H. SMALL, Manager
aj, Oats, Ibt, Feet
We have Ihis week unloaded a cur of each liiml
Si'iifi.M. PuifJE poll 'PON LOTS, Call nnd sen us before
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a slock of
carnefa's stock and poultry food
Harris Bros.
\% Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection %
Nearest to railroad depot,    EIlul accommodations, .for   the   public   tuioqualled   in
| Hot ind Cold Jiaths
Proprietors (
Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
in |,i
4 Orders by mail will receive prompl and careful nttonllon J
} Order by Phone *S ♦
Ul-,-   Ill,-
lllll    l-'.llat
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  INcw   ManaKcment
[Ieadi|Uiirtcrs foi  mining   \f.
men and old timers', H
When you want  :i  (iood
im, ,,|.jii...i inn ^^^^^^
Kmii.'iiii.i' ili-lrii-l
.' ni.-iii'iliL' ill ji |Wi-l   ill   llu-   -.mill-
■.'1117. III.'I  in.I'lll Sll
I'hnllla,   il.,-,in- ,-nai   .il rii ulna. Hi,-i	
-"illli  I  iiiiiii-, Iln-  wi',.1 L'll lllll'llllH
llli'l  liuilli '.'Iliillllills. Illl'lll'i'   lli'.-i   20
I'llllill- In [illli-i- nl lii't.'itlllillLr ''lllilliillill
itftO lll'I'I'K   ll|,,|...  HP   I,--. .        ,„
Iim iii- i-.'ili tl»j iif April, linni.
I.*. (.', B, I. IN' I • 11. \ c * I ** M".
place  in slop
iiiir In the
D, A, McDONALD. Manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
The Illinois Central
Maintain* (inoxiiHlitil Hdrvliid   frimi
!"' «"-' i Iim mill .unlli. Malilni;
'Iw '■'" ii..ii- ivllli  traimi ..f  nil
l'llllai'iititi|ii.|||,ip|i|„.„,    j,|ia'Mit||J,','l'a   an*
iii-ii in.-ii- .-ilni,-,. nl rmitimIn'Olricau'fi,
,ihiIhvII1i,, Muiii|iIiI» unil Now Ol'lciliia,
nil tl.t'i.iii'li tli.'Hu iminta tn the fi>riiiiHl
ri'iH|ii-i'ii..- ttiivii|!r,|,- ili'-irliii/'itifni--
| iiiiitinti ti- In tl... Imvt-Ht putuH anil  lieat!
iiiiit'--  nn-   imtli'il   tn   I'liiTi'Hjmnili'iii'i'
ivnli llu- I.ill,ni mu i-,,|ii-iwiilitlivi'»:    " j
11. II. 'I III'Mlll'l,l„l!iili.ni('l'i'llll Attl'llltj
Hi' 'I'liinl St., Portland, Oruifdn.
.1. I'. I.INIIBKV, 'IM'. It I'.A.
142 Tliii'il HI,. 1'iii'll.inil. Ol'V'tftlll. j
j I'. It. TllilMI'SON, I''. A I'.A.. lim.lllj
| I, Culu.aii lllil,:,. Health.', Waal.. '
■■    C. H. DUNBAR
- ■ UAIllllH'I'I'il!. Hl)|..|l*l'l'tll:
■ uiul NOTAHY  I'l'lll.li'.
Oranbrook, ll.C.
fir. H. Thompson
^Z*A  IIAUIIIS'I'KII i soi.u'iTiii:
^Z**}   NO'P.MIV I'l'lll.li'
I'I'lltlliriii.k.  ll.C.
P.L.S. * CE.
Port Sliutle n.c.
Ol*.Af,l-:i> TENDEKS HtiperscrllU'il "Toinloi
O    for Si-lnml-lioiisr." will bo rwolvml liy till.
uii'lcrail-nuil up tn noon of Sutiinliiy. Mm- Ltltli
Muy, HWrt. Tor tlit< I'l'i'ciion mul comiiMaioii of ii
Inrttt' pno-rootn rriime KclMWl*hmtsi' in Coul
Cruok, Penile KluetonH Disulul.
iMutw. Biieollluiitioiif.. I'ontrncl  I forms or
tetulcr in ii v lie noun on mul uriir tliu lotli -Muy.
IIHIll, m Illi' ollluu ot llu- CloroNiiiliiiil At-'i-iii.
Criuir. uiul nt ilir Ijioilfl uiul IVol-lt* Di'imrt-
Mii'tit. Vli'lorln. ll.C.
Knell propositi must boiivi*oin|tnnlcNl by oiisb
ill nil IH'i'f|iU'il llllllll 0lltfi|UO. oi iHH'llflCtltO nf
,lv|>iistt .un. I'lint'tni'il liink  ol Cmiiinl.i   mmlu
I'liyilhlc tu llie lllllllTslt-lH'il. ill   Ilir Mill,  nl   K.n
wh irh Him 11 In' fni'Mli'il if Mii' imi iv toiiilorlllK
ilci'lluc ti< alitor ini" coniruoi  ivbeu unllcit
upon to da bo.  Tin- iHiBli, i'lu ik or eonUlPiHfl
ot <ii'|n»sitof hum ssfnl Ipiiilen'rg will be ro
iiniii'ii io tiioni upon tbe I'vi'i'iiiioo or tbo coii-
tnii't. Tbo sinivssiiii tbiitliirn'r .vlH Im ro
Hii)red io imiiMi it bond. Iiiii-sell nml two
HitrotloK In Llio sum of woo etiob, for tfio tine
(iilllhoi-ol ol tlio work lo Die h.ilhriii-ibui of llio
lioiioriibla lliol lilofl'oi IhsIoiict,   Upon iln
oxoeullon <>f Hu- boml tliu eimb, oliciitie or <rr
Mllcatool dopoRll nbovo inontlonotl will In- n<
I'litniiiHl lo Mi iiiriii'ior.
•I'oiidorn will not bo ooiublorDtl unions muila
out im iln* fm -in*, sopplii'il mul siL'tn',1 if 11 n ii,,.
i.etuiil Hlgniitnronf (lie tontleri r.
Tbo Iowoni  nr ilny   tomlor  llol   i f.stnlf,V.
Nct-nploil. . I
Dftpiity CommidKloner of IjukIh nml Works
l,noils innl \Vin!'.\ Uopnrunout,
Vli-tnrlii. M, C.rili M:iy, lOOn. -JO
£ — Always Up-to-Date — 3
£■■■■■■ 3
Zz z3
£ Cranbrook,       '."-     - B.G. 3
Geo. R. Leask & Co.
I'hins, Spcciliuations
llllll li.siinuitos
All   kinds,   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Physician **** Suraeon
llni'Ks:   Oto II a.m.  2 tu 4 p.m.
7 to 8 |i.m.
I'linn'.- pffioo 105    Hosldencc 100
Okai.kii TKN'hKUS. siilWrlbuil "Tomior*
O  for Sehnftl'-liotiHO," ivill bo reoelvoil by tbo
iitiiloi'sli'iii'il lip to 110011 or Siiiniiiiiy,. tht' }J1t_tll
Muy. IIKHI. ror tlio onwllon anil eoniplolloii of a
largo otio.room frame SiJlrtiol-bound ni I'llleo,
l-Vniio Kli-itorinl Dlfltriet.
iMuiis, HpocileiitloiiH, oontrael ami forms of
tender may be mth rth mul rtHor tile lOlh'May,
.um), nt tlio onioi's or tin' Uovornmoul Agenl nt
Komlo: nl .losopli AuhMiC Mm ********* ••••'*'•*•
UlO liiilitls unil Wni-Us ■llopiirtmi'llt, Vtvlorlll,
It. C.
Knoh proposal iiiurI be acoompanlod 1 >v eonU
or un iij'copted lmnk o|iC(|uo'or corltlli'rite At
ih'iiosit it ebtirtoioil bni|l< ni Ciibada, aiailo pay-
Alile to llio iintlerHlgnod, In'tbo'-.uiit or^o.
wlilob vlnill bo rortoltutt ir tlio patty loiulorluw
iirt'iiiif io outer loioioiitiiii't Minn citiliii upon
IO III. KII. 'I'll!' fltsll.Vlll.|UOS III- coriilb'aii's of
doporflt nf i.niiii ssful tonileroi-H wHI lit* ro-
ln 1 ncil to tbiim n|ioii Ilir t'M'i-ni ion nf (lui I'oii-
iiui'i. TliONtireowful loiuforer will Im roi|iilr-
>'il to ronilsh 11 lii.tiil. liliiisHrnii'i iwo Him-llcH
ip llio slim o( film ciicli, (or tjio ilno riillUmi'tit
nr tbo worli oniitmi'loil fnf to tlio mttiriiollnti
or iho noniiniiiii' llio ciiicr CollimIhSIoiio.'.
Upon tbe oM'niiii.u of iiu- bond llio oiihIi,
elieqiio or eoriltleato of di-pusli itliovu im'tiiion
|iO<t wlll.bi' ri'lnriioil to tlio con true l«r. j
Ti'inlors will not in* roiiBltlcrod iihIohh miulu
out on tbo fornui Hiippliod, mntMb-iuil wilh llio | "»t mi iho roritin Hiippllcil, mul slf-netl with tin*
iioliial«l«iiiiuireoftbQloiidoror.      * I tlb\ttuJ N|K»miMo nr thu tuu'li
QKALKDTKNIJKKS, sopi'i'MTlhoil • Tomlor
O fur Hubobl ttmini." will bo rorolved by the
nmiorxlirnoil ti|) to noon of snlunhiy tlio '.'wli
May. nuirt, for llieorootlon ami eoin plot Ion nr a
liiriro oru'-rooiu frame Heliool-botwo at Maryn-
viilf. cmiibrook Klootoral District.
I'hin.s. Kpoeltteallonv, ooiitrnot nml forms of
tomlor may hi* soon on ami uftor tlio lOtli May,
IIHHI. at tbe oitb'os of tbo (ioviTiitiictii Agonl, '
cranhnml-; of u. ll. Tlbblis. Kwp, Marysville,
nml at tho Luuds mid Works Department,
V'lotorla, It. 0.
Kaoli proposal must bo flt'oompanlod by cash
or an acceptor! intuit oboiiiio or iwtllloatc of
deposit <m a obarlerotl bank of Camilla, (made
payable in tbo nmlerslttiled In iho Mini of frit),
which Niuil 1 iif forfellod if tbo party teiidorlng
iloolltto lo I'liti'r into I'oiitrat't tvlien [called
upon to do so. Th mil, olieqiies oroortlllento
of deposit of miNurcOHsfiil  lolidorors  will  Im
returned to ilioin upon tbo oxoeiitluu or lliu
ooniraoi. TliestieeesHful'toiidorerwIII be re-
((iilroil to ftirulsli a ,boml. himself nnd two
stirolloHlii the s of t'MMi mcli, for iho due
fulllluiohl of the work eoiitriiolod Inr to Die
Hiitlsfnnlouof tiie Hoiiombto the Oblof Coin*
pilsslouer. Upon tlm exooiitlon or the bond tho
rush,   i'liOi|iie  or I'orilllonlo of deposit above
lontlniied will ho relumed Intliucoiitractor,
Touilers will noi he rolisldeied unless lillldli
lout on the for
Tlio   Inwi'Ml   Or  any, lender  notliere-,sarlly
NK11. ¥. MaCKAV.
DeputyComml|islonor of i.iuiiIha Worlm,
! Lands mul Works Dopitrtmotit,
! Vlotorb). li. C.TIh May, I90t). ■.'0
The lowest or any   lender not
Hepnty CniMiiilsHlouor of l.mnls unit Works
Lands und Workl DopurtmooL,
Vleturlii. U. 6., 7th M*y, IfW. SO THE PROSPECTOR, CKANBKOOK, B C, JUNK 0. 1906
SIIINT Omi^l\mmmsnml
Purchase   Price  $3.00 a Month
Allowance Hade For Old Machine
skk - •
Arnold & Roberts
Photo Mounts
Picture FrmnliiQ a Specialty
Prest unto Go.
linker St; Cranbrook, B.C;
J. Edgar Davis
A   Bricklayer   ~
•""Contractor *
Furnace, Boiler. Range uiul
Fireplace Work a Specialty. All
description of stone-work undertaken.
Orders left at J. D. McBRIDES
Will Ueeeive Prompt AltemMon.
<!the gfrwpcctor.
Take nm ice that thirty days after
(lull* 1 Intend in apply iu ton: Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to out ami oarry away
timber from the following'] described
lands In Southoasl Kootenay:
Commencing -al a post pt tinted -40
chains wost* -of tire 'thnbmi i licence
marked.!. A. Uroloy of Pernio; tlionco
west 120 chains, thence smith 40 chains
thonco east 100 ehnlnsj therico north 40
chains, thenee west 40 chains to place
of commencement containing two acres
more or lens.
P. JENSEN, Locator.
Pitted March 28rd. lUOti. 15
90 Day Round Trip
Excursion East
Winnipeg,.      Porl  ■   Arthur,
Dululli, St. Paul.
Toronto, Montri'iil, Maritime
Provinces, Now York, Now
England, on application.
.I hup 4, II, ~, L'i), 2's
July 2, Hi Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept, 8 ami |Q -
Tillll.'tH Mtllljl'i'l tl. IIHIllll vi.rit.UoMi. at
I'Olll.' Ullll  illl'llltll' HI I'lll" tltll I   I.Hl'lllH   Oil
t'tllllliliilll   I'lU'illi'  Sti'iiitt.it'i. '.It   Ci-i't.l
Lukes,   full imi'tli'ttltifa front
Goo.Hllller, Agi'itt, Oranbrook
J. S, CAHTI'lll,   ll.l'.A.,   Niilson, B.C.
BETWEEN        __
Your attention la .mlle.1 to tin.
"Plonoer Umitou" tralim of tliu "Milwaukee & St Paul Ititllwtiy." '"l'l... only
|nirf(j.!.l,.t,t'aiim It) J.li.- world."
You will thul It iltmlt'alilu to tide on
those traliiH wlion Ki.lng ><. uny point, In
Lhe Kiwlem Bllltofl ut' l-unaila. Th.ty
conneot, with all Ti'tiiuti'tinttiuintal
Train* uiul ull Ticket Agouti, null
For furllior Information, piun|ihloU|
etc, ask any Tlckot' Agoffl. or       '    '
It   1.. l''Ollli, II. S, I'.OWK,
I'ass. Agoul, General Agent,
(lathering News.
If you know of un item or n
piece of news, tell us about it.
That's: wliiti wo want, lint tt
newspaper man sntnetitnes ex-
[ii'i'ien.'.'s more illlllculty In
gathering news ilntn ono would
imagine This wus the case
wheu a reporter in u neighboring
town, who, u few iluys iigo was
sent io write up it Are in a residence. Going to the door ho
Inquired for the lady of the house
Tho iiutiil said slit' was out "Are
uny of tin. I'ntii ■ l.v home?" inquired
the scribe, "No, they are till
out," was tlio reply. "Well,
Wasn't there a lire here last evening?" "Yes", said the hired
girl, "but that's out too."
Canada's Destiny.
"We   must  become   a    real
integral,    governing   part    of
the   llritish    empire;     if    not
that   we   shull   become   some
thing infinitely  less," declared
Dr. S. B. Leacoek, of Mctlill un
versify, Montreal,  in a lecture
last night   in   Mtissey   Hall on
"Imperial     Unity."    delivered
under   ths    auspices    of    the
Daughters of the Empire, and in
the presence of his excellency
lord Grey and party.
Items of Interest.
After reading this issue, .send
it to your friend in the distance;
or better yet, call at llie office
and send il to your friend or
relative for six months or a year
for you can expect just such a
paper as this for fifty-two weeks
during next year. Throw in
your mite toward placing our
c|ty and county where they belong oil lhe map. This paper
will do its part; you do yours.
There are but few editors in
our district who have not made a
vigorous and continuous fight
against lhe city mall order house
This has been done in the interest of the home merchant, and
withoiit money and without
price. If lhe editors of the land
had received regular advertising
rates for all they have said
against these enemies of the
country merchant they could
now be wearing diamonds. Now
the department store man appreciates advertising space and is
willing to take all the average
country editor bus for sale, and
at a good price. What other
class of* business or professional
men would refuse business to
help their friends, especially as
many said friends never seem in
the least disposed to return the
compliment or even appreciate it
A local newspaper is absolutely necessary to any community.
Il is the home paper that keeps
the people of the community in
touch with euch other by giving
them all the news of their own
neighborhood and county. Por
that alone they are of value and
worth far more Hutu Iho small
subscript ion price. They keep
the local pride and progressive
spirit aroused uud in various
ways arc worth far more to a
community than a community
ever spends on them. The daily
paper, with its large news service aud quicker facilities, may,
in some III stances overshadow
the weekly, but lhe weekly home
paper lllls a place in the hearts
of the people that a daily cannot
fill.    It comes  to your  home us
'I'lili'ty tlttys afit.t'tlat.t wo Intond to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
I .un.Is unil Works lor a special llt'onito
to eut unil earry away liniluT from tho
following ilesi't'llHtil lands iu South ICast,
Ktiiiteiiuv, ll.C.
t -onmiencing ut Ml .1. I 'la.xton's south
west oornor, thenee west. Hill elniins,
thenee south 41) ehains, thenee east It'll
ehains, thent'e north to el.Hins to the
plaee of eoinuieneetuellt
Dated April 12th, 100(1,
Nels. Johnson's No. I.
Cotinnoiictng al Sols, .Inhnson's No. 1
s.Hltheust eol'll.'l* No. I. Ihenee west lllll
elniins, thett.-e suuth lu elittlns, thenee
eust lull i'lialns, theuee north -HI ohulns
It. plaee of ettltnuelieetltenl,
Uutoil April 1 litI., USUI.
Nels. .Inlttistin's No. 2
("uiiitnetieliiu ut Nols. .Inhnson's No.
'2, south.-list I'lil'tier, Ihenee  Hid uliulns
west, then til eluiius south, thenee
IHU ehulns eust, thenee -III ohalns north
to pluee uf I'liiilinelieeluent,
Dated Ap.'il llllli, USUI.
17 Nels. Johnson's No. li.
tin   old  und  tried   friend, while
the daily enters ns a stranger.
There should be no "factions"
in this little city of ours. Every
iiiiprt.veint.nl inude onhiiiirns the
value ol all properly in und surrounding our (own. We should
Uveas one big family, and wo be'
lieve few towns can show up a
more progressive und Intellectual
family. We have as few "bltick
sheep" In our plaoe as any Hock In
the Province, When then' isdis-
cord in the family there Is little
progress. When there istt united
pull there is little wo cannot
accomplish, Envy, jealousy uiul
hatred pull us all down. Envy
Is it canker that grows at Ihe
heart and makes one sour, dis
grunt led atld unhappy,   Jealousy
makes one unfair in passing
Judgment! hatred does not p.ty
even from tl sordid point of view
Let us ull be friends unil pull together and show our neighbors
ivliitt a large and harmonious
family can accomplish in build
iug up a town.
TAKK Nullim Hint sixty tltiya itltm- itiilu I
lutontl its apply to tint Chief Coiiiittlsstnnttr ol
Luiuls nml Works in. uorinlssion tn puri'tim
111,: following ilfaurlln'it  limits III  Suiilli  KUSt
Kiii'U.'tlil.v:      fiilllllli'liriln. u. i. pnsl ptunlO.1 III
tin- Norlltwost I'uriini- ur t,ot ftom, ttrotipl
ttintii'i'L-llstHii'linlliN, tliuiii'ii north HII phalli,
tllt'tl.ii! WOfll tlli'llilttla. tlli,|ii-i, sillllll BO chains to
pluitoof beginning,
l.iili'il Muy tfltt, UHJ(t, '.'ii
takk Notlco iiiiii thirty dnys sftordstot
inivi.il in apply tu tt..- Chlol Comuttsstottot' ul
Limits uiul Worka ut Victoria for ii ii,,-un'
iii cut iiiiii iiurry uway lltllbor from tin' following ilt'siTtlicil taints hi Simili K'-st Kuiilt-
liuy: Commoltoins ut n pnsl pliiiittul one milt
north iif tin- si.utii.vuai comer or l.o. 'Ml, ht'inc,
the Nii.itii-itsi corner of Lot TSstt. group l.ihoiic
north80i'linin.. thonco ..cat in nttnlus, thene
aouth sn uliulns. thence oust .0 ehuttts tu piuc
of boglnnii.tr.
Dnted this I'-lli tiny nl Muy. A.L... lout.     SO
(I'llUM   I'M
IDinptrc I'Vui'tinuul Minora! Olalm.
sitiinic lu Die Cor! steole Mining Division of
Knsi Kootonuy District.
Where loomed!   Near LnkoCreok,
'I'nke notice thut I. Juntos A. Harvey, Proc
Miners Cortlllcttto Nu. "itrasni" iiillng
us sgont fur Junius 'I', l.i.lilln..-. I'Md.O. No.
H-fflSO, W. M. Tin-mill, RM,C Nu. H78813, unil
•Inrnos Angus, t'VM.C. No. n.iHStil. hilolid
sixty days rrnin tlm iimi- Itoreof, to upply lo the
Mlnlni. Rocordor for ii Cortifleuta ot improvement, tur tin' purpose nl utitnluitic u Crown
tiiiint of the above claim.
Anil furllii'i  itiki- notlcu iluu notion, under
I'Uun St, must lie commenced before iho Issli-
ut.ee of s.it'h Curttflcnto uf fiiiprovemoiits,
Dated tills Til. duy uf Murelt, A. D„ 1900.
fake notice tlmt thirty days after
date I, tiie undursiyuud, Intend to apply
to tow Chlof Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victor..!.,
B.C)., for it speeiui licence to cut nnd
carry uway timber from tow following
described lauds in Must Kootenay.
Corilineneing at a post planted at the
north west corner of P. Pearson \o. 5
timber license, theuee south so chains,
thence west 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains, thenco east 80 chain** to place of
beginning, containing mo acres more
or loss.
Dated this Oth day of April, 1000.
1*. ..onsen, Locator
10 Marked I'. Jensen No. 1
Commenoing at u post planted 40
chains west of the north-west eorner of
Jensen's Nu. 1 timlier license;
thence east 40 ehains, theuee south 100
ehains, theuee west 40 chains, tlience
north 100 chains to place of beginning,
containing (M0 acres moro or less.
Datod this 10th day of April, i.hhi.
1*. Jensen, Locator
Marked I'. Jensen No. '2
< 'omiiteuclng at it post planted at the
north-West eorner of P. Jensen's No. 2
timlier license: thence sou tli so ehaius,
thenee west M0 chains, thence north K0
haitis, tlience east MO ehains to place
f beginning, containing 040 neres
more or less.
Dated this JOthday of April, 1900.
P. Jensen, Locator
10 Marked to. .lensen No, A
Steunt Bullot's und Furnace Work u
Cost, iiiiil Stock Estimates
Furnished U| Application,
P.O. Box 834.  Granbrook, B.C.
Tlm "Sunshine" furnace and
" sunny " ways are synonymous.
Tlm cold, dreary winter days can ^^^
Im made cheery uud warm with a pure,
healthful heat if you have a " Sunshine " furnace.
Is easier lo operate, cleaner, uses less fuel antl
" shines" in many other ways over common furnaces.
Two shakers are used to shake the heavy, triangular-
shaped grates. This just cuts the work ofshaklng.
down in half, l.esides hciu*' easier on the furnace than
tin. old one-shaker style.
Sold  hy enterprising dealers everywhere,
llooklet free.
ViNOOUVXA,   Ht.  JuHN,   Uamhtuv.
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
nLL followers of Isaac Walton should
have a look at out* Fishing Tackle
before making their selection. We
Handle a complete stock of Flies,
Poles, Lines, Reels, Leaders and
everything that a fisherman   requires.
Our   Prices   are   Consistent Jii
With the Quality of the Goods
; C. E. REID & CO.,
sPhone 74 rp^g   DrUggiStS.
^r-    HOTEL
Kimberley,   B. C.
J    H. W. DREW,  PrnprlBtnr -        ,
TIKI-:   NOTICE  that   thirty   Jay.
lifter date I Intend to apply to tha Chiel
We have been 111 the business Comralialonerotlandand Work, foi-u
tor several  years, wo have the '""•""i,u'"'"'"" "■»*'•> *"'•> '''"'-'•
, . M-i'lli III.' tolli.nilij   Uf-rflh.-i]    Ittlidd    Hi
bestequipaient In  Hi .  una  we EastKootena*
guarantoo sutlsfnotion, j ji,i.M.i... ^
nHinonoing tti u noni marked Davtd
fkenriilgo soutliwoat  corner  putt
-' 'license "A" placed about ono and one-
We ai'Q tho authorlzeO   agents  lmlfini]e«weHtufSkuukumubuek river
for the romoval of Mason tfeRisch iU:{i ;tl,MI" ",l" "li!'' VV,M "f "■ s-
I Pianos, we oan do the work with* fc'ri"M"'« "u.ti,,iw Mrner. Thenee
1     ,   . .        ,.      ,.        .   ,, ,,       ttiniuH"  ^u chaniti   north,  thenee *w
out risk.    .Ms., Household I'm*- vMm ,.„„   „„.,,„„ s„ ,. , (0Uthi
tlituve, tin SO ehaina weat to pla. < com-
1 »n\i-i lir.'.-ktiifiiiyi-. uoeator
I'n.l.t'i.'lur-nl tlio
lout thai Piano
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE, Manager
Tho above hotel lias been recently erected, und neatly furnished throughout, The Bar is supplied with tho besl brands ol
Liquors and Cigars,
3 Cline
Ol til.'lllll MltUllllllU llHtlll'l Hlmti
till now tm tniiltil Iii tlio
PIl'Ht < 'lllHH Wlll'll III llll   l.l'lllli'll,
Ol the
Tonsorial Art
Holt led beer for family
use a specialty
Outside  Orders
812      b
>. 1      £
Port  Steele Brewing Co., L<td,
; Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer (Jo
onii ppositc
c.i'.i;. bojiot.
Till;.- notice Liml thirty dnyn oftcr
ilui.- I. tlinuw1ttr*liriH!(), 111 to nd ioa|i|il>
tu Um- Chief ritiiiiiiUhldiii-i-nf l.uiiilHiintl
Workuttl Vloturln, u.i ., for a *\w\i\\x\
lii'i'i  tn nut  mul unri'j itHii.v lluilii'i
tl'ulli lli<> NtllnwillL'  tlOHUI'llmi]   llili'l-   in
Kii«i Kootonay, ('uinitiuiii'IiiK nt a ihwi
pluitlt'il it bold nin'-lmll mil'' Wi'dl ol
Cnpiwi1 Crouh nn aoutli nlilu ol trull
yuinii    »|J  Skookum   I'lnirl;    Ulvor,
thoiiuo oiitit HOohaltid, thui  noutli   Su
ulmlns, tlionco wosl HOuliauiH, Umoeo
north K0 olmliiHj to tho pla ( Iju^lnn-
In^t POiitulnlntffHDaofOH moro or Iom.
Dlttud this mlt ,la> ol April. IIKHI,
V. Jonson, Loimtor
Com mono iiifjat ti poal plautoil al«mi
um* uiul ono half milo oast nf t'oppor
orookj thi'iifi' wtiitli 80 uhaltm, thonoo
win! 80uiiAtiiB, lhoiH!o north80 ohaliiM,
tlu'iii aat80 ehulns tn thu plaoo of
lii'iiiniiinii. ofiutalnliiji 'i-l" auroa more
or loss,
Datod this llth day ol April. IHOlt.
IT I'.Jonson, Looiilor
April 12th, 1U06,
KniiM ¥
Pedro Mineral Claim,
Slumii' in Hit! Kor 1 Steele MIiiIiik Hivlsion nf
iinn 1 Kootenay District.
WIlKltl'. I.OCATK1): On Sl. Mflry'H PnilriO
ubout one 111 Uo from Mnryflvlllc.
TAKK NOI'IOE, Ihni ffii, A. K WtttO*
SpfiOtlll F.M.C. Nu. 5004. Tlnuiiiis A. CrolKllton
F.M.C. Nn. UTiBM'J. .lolili Li-usk, F.M.c, No
HTHflim, Intend alxty tlayn (nun llio tluto hercol
toapply to the Mlnlni* Uemnler ror ii Uorllll*
L'nleof Ini'irovi'iuriiis for thu purpose ot oi>-
lalnlng « (Mown Grant ot tiie above elatm.
Ami further take nollee Hint nellon, iiiult-t
Section Iff, niuHtliocommouceil in-run' HioIhbii-
iiiin'df Hiii'ii Ct'itlili'iiii'of rmtuovonieiitfi,
Datod iiils tilth ilny or May. IWW.
A, ¥.. WATTS.
JOHN IJ'.ASK. ',11
Noiii'i- is horoby glvon that an application will lie mado to tho I'lirlianionl
of Camilla ut tho prosoid Hossloti theco-
pf for an Aot to iHooritomto tho Pot-ding Valley Railway Company to oon-
sti'iu't mul oporato a Iim1 nf rnllway
from a point on' tho llritish Columbia
Southern Railway near tho eonllnonee
«.r Klk Ulvor and Mluhol urook, thenoe
iilnnu' tin* fust siili- nf Kilt Rlvor ton
point north of l-'nnliuy Rlvor; thoneo
northeasterly to tho Kurilinj1 Rlvor
valley: thonco fnlluwinir Knnlinjj Rlvor
tn the north nf Henrietta Crook; thoneo
uorth easterly along Uenriottn Crook to
tin1 Allicrtu liuiiiuiury: thonoe north-
oostorly in the Province of Alborta to
11 point ut ut- near Okotoks: also
branch lim-s up Grace, Kwln, Smith,
Low Ih and Henrietta Ci knul) In tlio
Pi-ovinoeof Rrltlah Columbia: which
Mm* nf rail wuy with ils hrtincliOfl
uud all the ' works thorool in
In* declared to hu fm- lhe general
advantage of Canada. Ami further thai
the mild Company shall have power to
outer into nu ugreomonl with or amalgamate with nuy Hallway Company
who***' lines of railways or branches itt'o
uiilhnri/.fil to hi' oporated in the I'rov-
Incosof HHtlsh Columbia or Alberta.
Smith tk .lohoston,
21 Snlli'itors for Applicants.
Notice in horoby given that Sixty
days after date I lntoml toapply to the
Chlof t !ommlBsloucr of l.umls and
Works for permission to purulmse tho
following doseribed land In South Kast
Commencing at u post planted ut tho
southeast corner of Loi 'Ai\ Group I.
thonco north forty 40 chains, thence
easl forty 40 chains, thenco south eighty
80 ohains, thoneo wosl forty -tn chains,
thenco north-10 chains to place ol he-
Datod al Cranbi k this  1st day ol
April. 1900.
U K. .1. Mi»V.TTIK
»• PETE'S •*'-
lll.Hi.|ii'll,'il I lit' l.l'Hl all.,1, i.l
Oi'anlit'iHik, anil H-iiai'itnlees
-.111 i-r.i.-i i..n in Sliiivln^,
llnli't'iiitln/{, i'i.-.
Noxl, door  In  A. I!, li..win's-,
nn <'niiilin>..l' Struct,,
v"Spffi™"""      P- ■!• Leithauser
r? Livery
Toams ami drivors furnish
<>il   for any   point in llu* <1is<
A. DOYLE, Manager
Commonelng at u po»t iiittrked I).
Breekonridgo'* southeail corner
license If uiul adjoining the southweit
corner of lleeiiio *A'; thonoe north 100
chains, thonee wont  10 clintus, thenoe
•uitiih IHU chains, thom u-i-10 i-lmina
to place uf ooiiduoneement,
David Brocket)ridge, Loettoi
April |2lh, I90U,
Liceiwa "CM,
('otuiiiunolng  .11  it  pn.it  marked   I»
lh ken ridge'u southeast corner [nut
lleonsu "i" placed ui the northeast corner ol David it konridge'BUQeuie'A'
theuce running BO chains north, thenoe
80 chains wost, ihonee 80 ohalns south,
Hi-Mil-** 80 ohalns cast to place of com-
David Breckotirldgo, Locatoi*
Ajiftl 12th, luii'i.
License "D",
Cotninoiiolng ut 11 pn-it murked D.
l3rockeurldgo's southeast corner post
license 'O* placed one half milt.' north
of the southwest eoruerofC, W. VVI1-
sou's license und about one uud oic-half
miles south of the southeast corner uf
D. ttreckeuridge's license 'If: thence
north ^0 chuins. thence west 80 ohalns,
tin- j south 80 ohalns, then tasl su
chains to place of commencement.
Davtd Hrcekeurtdge, Locator
April I2th, 1900. 16
Cranbrook Licence District.
The half yearly meeting of the Board
of Liconoo Commissioners, Cranbrook
Liconce District, will bo held at the
Courl House, Cranhrook, on Kriday
.linn' 15th, It'H'i. ui In o'clock iu the
forenoon. When tin- following applications will come bo fore the Board:
Hubert Johnson, transfer to Paul
I luudley, Central Hotol, MaryBvlllo,
.lames Rrown, fntoruatlonal Hotel.
II. S Mather, Windsor Hotel. Port
Alox. McCool, Royal Hotel, Port
S le Junction.
Nils Hanson, Wusu Hotel. Wasa.
.Tamos Carroll, < hitarlo House, Kim-
I:. II. Bohart, Wardner Hotel,
John Hyuii. Contral Hotel. Wardner.
MoDdnald A Oourloy, Strathcona
Hotel, Kort Steele.
Chas K. Pinch, Pnllsvlow Hotel.
A. P. Chonotta, Royal Hotel, Murys-
Oliver A. Burge, Perry Crook Hotel.
Perry Crook,
K. to, MORRIS,
Chlol Licence Inspector
-'I Cranhrook Dlstrlot
Limit No, 1.
That I intend thirty days from date
to upply to tho Chief Commissioner o(
Lands uud Works for special licence to
1 und earry away timber from following described laud in Southeast Kootenay.    Coinmeuoing at u post at the
outh west eorner of Lot 2804, thence HiJ
ihains south, thence so ohalns west,
thonco  st ohains  north,   thence   80
chains east to place of commencement.
Located .Muy [oth. 1900.
I l.v I). I. Miller
William West, Agent
Limit No, •_'.
Thut I intend thirty days after date
to apply lo tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for s| inl licence to
eut und earry awuy tlmbor from following described land in Southeast Kooteuuy. < 'ommenclng al post plained at
north ensl corner uud joining D. I.
Mlllor's southeast eorner of limit No.
I, thonco "o chains south, thence 80
chains wosl, thei  80 chains north, ■
thenco 80 chains cast to place of beginning;,
Located Muv 10th  I HIM,
lt> I). I. Miller
Wm. Wost Agent
Thai I Intend thirty day* after date
lo apply to the Chlof Commissioner of
Lands nut) Works for special licence to
mi und earn uwuy tlmbor from the following described lands in Southeast
Kootonay, < 'oinincnclug ut I), 1.
MNIur's northoas 'nor of limit  No.
'.,   thoncu    10  i'linin-  cost,   thenee   100
•haliis south, thonco 10 chains went,
hence 100 chains north in place of be-
Located Ma) 10th, I (KM,
•JI H.\   William Went
Take notice ilmt sixty <i*iy* ntitt date I
mii -mi to iici'iv iii the Oli tot noiniululoiier i>r
Luii'i'uii'l Works for permlwlon m |iiM*iiiii*.f
thu fotltiwtiid ileiorllmil I i  in South Knit
KiH-U'iitiy    r.iiiitiii'iniiiK »t ii iKMtplstitodat
NoilllWUSl n.riiiiref l.nt l84l,Urai|p1 KoOtQIlHy
nlslrlrl I mini .-it S  K .HiiK-r uf AiiulcM.
Liuitic's ptirfitiuio; tlionoo west io olistus,
Uiuncfl BOUtll '-11 vlmins. tlieiiii'diHl-CJchuliis.
dinncc ntirtli SO chains to plnoo ot beginnlug
ooiitalnlns B0 acres mora or leas,
Annie M, Laurie.
Maker Street.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Cranbrook, B.C,
®l)e Utroepectoi;. Z
KK'I'..I.U1SIIK|)    IKW,
A. B. Gracf,
I'rM.ISIH'K    ANI>    KD1TOK.
nsiii.l.    Al ln'st, life
il   wa   get   mil   "I  il
tni'iiMH'.' of sorrow,     L.i'1 "* i"
our  c-ity * li vt> n> mii*  liitr, ■food
nntiiiv.l family.
ll is only duly  nml  justice  ti
®l|e itftO0iPeCt0V.   °»o°Mra6« your h 9 pftpor, '^
 '—y *.    1 tend  to ii   tlio  noiirisliiuonl   li
h will piij ihosQ who ure
loiikiii'..'  lor worli to rail nn.l
Jim   McArthur
SATUHUAY,  il N'K II, Iihio
Comfortable lied rooms
lirst Class Dining Room
whioh ii is ..nni inl     Pay your
•b-w-—=b * 1—-.  Mili.M'i'i|iiiou promptly, nml soiul      Ho win suoiiro you n Jul) ami
We are pleased to seo so tunny ii   tow   extra   cop
The Hot Water Question
Can Br, Settled Bu Us
QiiitAiu .uui Satisfactorily
IVh.'ihei' ii Uu 1 i   n M.e klU'l.eu
.ill,   .nlli,-i,-nt   ,;.|..,   IJ    10 a ipplj llUl
i-ati'r for ,i,,ui,--ii,- i"n i„— - mul 'lie
mtli  i , i.i' ..  iRiilei'  In  in,- .'"Hal'
-ufHil.li "I aiipplj inn Aati i' '-■ Ileal  'li,
rbulu bo.iM'.nul.,- no ,iiil,'i-'-n.-,-    We
-nn  pin in lam, klnila ...... Ik.iI. -till Jo
heir work |„-i-r,-,il.i.
Plumbing and Heating
Jo).* ,'.itr-iat'-,i i" ua art   ■ ai i ted
ji —fulIv in t-vei-j , .i-
io   voin  also lii you "i.i in
of ..ur riti/.uns taking pride in| relatlvos and friends  al ;i .lis
their homos,   The word "homo" taneb.   They will npproclato tlio (.lollies, Shoes
next to that of "mother", is tho favor and so will wo Hats, lie.
greatest ever uttered by  human »   *
tongue,      Whal   ;.   refuge   tho     The story is told that a certain
home   Is  when    tho   darkness w an w;i* reading il"' matrl
gathers,     How glnd one Is lo uiouial .'..11111111
Jim Mfiflnimr
ml column "> n  paper nml
get a glimpse ot home when tithe routarked    to    her     husband   Hanson \\
mul space have sepr.ri.lod  him "Horf's a strangu coiiu'ldoncK
from it If oven for a brief per.iod ,,  William Strange married to ti              }   MUSIC  k
There  seems  to   be   a    --'""'I Martha Strange     "Strango In
natured rivalry l"'lv '" '"' """" deed",   remarked  luu   husband,     |Mrs,  HIslOB  '' A,iMani'.i'oi.'i'k
in make  'our home' look ;. Huh' uui 1 expebl Ihu nexl n.'..-- will
neater and thus be the iuqi.'o  in be a Utile stranger,'
viiiiiL' iii the occupants ihtin all •   •   •
others, buch.rivjalry is certainly There   Is   no   holler   waj   ol
pardonable                          ■ buildin'gf upnur cilj  limn giving
*  *  * ti r  home business inun our
If every businees man  in ouv e.j.tire nnd exclusive  palronugu
city   ,-..old   iln   business   on    11 The more we help each oilier
, *
strictly (ciisn system it would ben the more we help the ellj
blessing to us all     ll we all hud notice.
to pay cash  we  would  learn  lo "l'AKI   NOTti'K   iluu  Si.xi.i  .lnj»
iiftei Jul.  rii.tun.l I.i applj lo the I'lili'l
I'.iiiiii.i-i,,!.,: of l.ninl- ,uui \\ oi-ka for
live*within our means,    li Would
save business meii  Uie exponse
I'll .NI1UOOK,  111
Special attenlion lo loucli,
Ici'huiipie, phrasing mul
grading of similes,
I',,I- I'.u-l',-nliir- lipplj In 0. I'i   Itl'l.l ,V
1 |l     flu. I'l'U'"i-i-
ll V   USINU
lot bookkeeper's aud' the lo&> of ,]",;,,,.,„
bad debts all ol which some one Lli,-
has ',.. 1 >ii \ for.    ll our city could
Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating   Engineer.s gradually work into* u^strictly
cash;"systeni  ii  would  I* lienor
~:'~'    ' I for us nil
i'h.1-,'   the   loll
Sn... 1.   ids! I
li, Si.ii'th.'asi 1
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
.;♦ 9 4 9 >.  ♦ «.♦ » '♦»♦»♦»♦ o ♦
1 in.1 of our citizens who occus-
v. tonall£_w.jpes the dishes tor,his
Q   wife, became tired ol the johaud
nl 1.1,1 mil. •..-..;.|. 1. Hun, 11-1 in,-ni.
- iftlna,   tl .-ui ■    'i I.   twentj   ,'tinitia,
theuee ..,--■' twentj ,-iniiii-, 11.,-...-.■ -..mil.
twenty ,'iuiiti- lo |il;i 1   1,,'iiiiinini:,
,-oniainiiiL; forty aero*.
Dllteil lliia'.'nil ilaj "1 Hii... A I'.. loo.
1.,  .- 'llari'j 'I', \rnol.l.
^   refused, saying that **it is noi  ;i J
U man's work?"   She brought tin' J.
....»»**««**, .-»«♦♦**-»*,»»«*
Kuinomber wo curry tlio only stock of I IHNI
papers iu Crunbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds "I Painting and Decorating
attended l.. promptly.
•■a): ».:*:»:$:.♦ :'*;. 9:4:9 :♦; * r^ '4;. ,<c#;« :*♦: o ■:*: 9.:'?]:* :^: ♦ :'*},
am,    Wholesale ^
Calgary Beer, Ale .V Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay and Gain.
Granbrook, B.C.
bible out to convince him of lii^j*
error audread as  follows  Efpm §
11 Kings'21 18:   "And wiii wipe | Tailor *ft Importer of
Jerusalem  as ,1   man wipeth   a;j Fltte Woolens.
dish,.wiping ii and turning it up-
si.l.' ilowii,*' Ii i- needless to
suy thn! ho is still doing hi> oc*
casional stuuf,
-TliH boy who aaves his money
becomes the bunker, the merchant
prof.'ssmiiiil man. The boy who
never saves a cent makes the. mail
who. "earns l.i> bread by the
s.v..:it yi" Ills brow , who never
owns a home or enjoys- the luxuries of life.
- *    *    *■•'•'-
TluOnliu who wont out to milk
and sat'down oil a boulder in tiie
middle of the pasture an.I waited
for the cow to back up, wns a
brother to ihe man who kept a
store an.l wouldn't advertise because he'reasoned that the pur
chasing public would back up to
his place of business, when il
wanted something.
a    *     *
Mosl fortunate is the boy or
girl, Ihe yuurig man or the young
hid v who is given I lie opportunity
to attend school in our city. Ils
educational advantages surpass
any city of like size in the pro
U-o  *
*  Cranbrook, H.Q.   Arnutiii
c. c. c.
I Gaioaru Game Go.
4        Fresh and Salted Heats
<        Fish and Poultry in Season
4 Orders by mail will receive promp
In these days of political strife
between tw» greal politi.'ul
parties \\;e must remember thai
alter nil we ure just brothers
here on earth, travelling from
the cradle to the grave. We live
side by side, our children attend
%millie snine school and after the
smoke of the battle bus cleared
uwuy. we -till be friends and
neighbors   l.ei the hitler things
Nnli.v   i-   l.erellj    jii.-n   liml   SlxtJ
ui.• after ilnte I irn,-ini to iipplj tn lhe
'hiei ' *.....11»i—i.....-,- ,,t    Lands   anil
0 \\',,|k-  1(11   I .< -1- r r. I — i a... 1,,    |UU'<!llttflC    llle
4  i I -.'iiiu .1 rll.e.1  lali.lt Soitl.li   liiiSt
1 I K,„il,>iiiiy illati'lel
P.. O. E.
Vtisltlnj!   Ili'otlii'is Cordially   luviteil
e, llnss Tatk. \V. Presldonl
A. VV. Ul.ACK, Secy.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
I' •   <   no. im. R. a. m. I
S     Regular meotingii:—2nd Tnon-  a-
S   day   in  oacli   month   at olglit   g
I * iVeloV'k. " •:
I ..:*. . *i
43 .. Sojourning roinpanioiis   arc   •:
1  cordially invited. S
| Wm. P. TATK, Scribe I'.,   i
I   ..Box 4       CRANBKOOK, II. (!. .     S
Gourt-Cranbrook 8943
MBK.TS   -'S*I.   AND   I'l'll   TUHSIIAYS
\'isiting   l.i'eihi'i'i]   I'oi'diidlv   invited
0. It.,   A. McCOWAN.
.  . -   Sccr.'liii'.v, T. MAl'SIIAI.I.
Pacific   Coast   Points
Pali.ee and Tourist
Sleepers, Bufl'ett
Library Cars, Modern
Day Coaches.
Dining Cars,
Best  Meals on  Wheels
For full particulars,  rat
.■te., call .ni or ntldross.
S.fl. YICRKES, Q.W.P.A.,
Seattle, Wash.
.*.   \v.   MAIIU.NKY,  C.l'.  & T.A.
City Scavenger
Parties having back yards.
und closets to clean, and refuse
matter to be taken away, should
leave orders with me.
I.,'ave orders at tho City Clerks oltlqi)
or drop u postal card in llox III,',.
ciii'i'iul attention
Order by Phone 45
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  !Ne\»   Management
, , ".        When \..u  w .inl   ,*i   yi« ii I
Headciunrtcrs loi  minini;   v
'    , *    place  lo stoii i iiinc to the
men and old timers. ■:»   '
'•    Manitoba,
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Olve You Your Money's Worth
'   "Ml in-ill..' Ill ll |lO-t   ill    III,-    HOIltll-
•ii.i corner ill t,ol '.'..17. Ihonee nortli so
■Luili-.   Ihel llsl   111 cliiiiiis. II	
.ii,iiii lull chalni,, Hi.- iv.'si ^o chains
hence north *ai cbnins, the  wiiat -I)
■iiiiiii-'.. pli ,,f 1,,-ciiinin,/ containing
luin.-r.--„„„-.-,,r |,-S,        .     :    ,ft
Dated iiii» lath .in. of April, man.,
is i. k. i.ix'rifAfiiM*.
The Illinois Central
Maintain. iniBxeellc'd won leu   Iroin
 «'-i i.,ii„','i..i and Miiith. liiiiklng
..'Irwc com lum- uiili   ti'itlt.H  nl  all
iniMscuiiu,■innl' lini-a,   |,nsni,unci's n.c
u'i"-ii ili.-ii- cholci! nl ruiilcstiiTlricai;!*!.
l.'.nis.ill.-. Memphis and Now Orhiaim,
land Hir.iii,.'!, Hi ikiIiiIs to the far cast
'    Pl'0«| ii,,-lnivcll,|- ilcairinif'lnlor-
I iiiaiiun it- to tin- lowest rates und   host
' - ""''" ,M" ■'■"-i''""i'*'".r i t nu  i.; w CONNOLLY
win, tin- loliowiii,, rcprcsentiili.es,        ij   ua' H'   »» . V/WllllUJJU I
Pliuslclan »"*t Siirueon
iil-'I'lrK AKMSTU0N0 AVK.
Minus:   II to II a.m.  2 to I p.m
H, II. I immiiii.i.. Coiiim.-rcinl AgtliH
142 Third St., I'ortland. Oraipln. j
,1. ' . I.INIlSKV, *l'.l'*. ,V I'.A.
II-' 'I'llinl Sl,. I'lirlland. Orv'KOIl
I', ii. Thompson, v. s P.A., Uoon
, Column l.lil,'., Seattle, Wash.
NO'l'li'l-: 'I'i. CONTItACTOK'
Okai.ki. TKNDEIIS, sii|ii,.n'i-lli.,,i "'t'uiitlor
kj     fur Si'liiH.I-liniisi-." will he |-,,,-,-lvi,,| liy tlio
ilnilOTlgni'il u|> ti. mum nl Sniiiiiliij. ih,. -j..tI
May, Int'li. fm- ltii> i-i-ci-l inn | i-umiiltillon nf I
Itll-gO tillc I'lintll   flillni,   sill,,,.] limiM-    ul    Cm
n-i'i'li. tVi'iilc Hlt'ftoriil lllstrlt-t.
I'lillia. spc'lllrall , I'oiili'liii I I,,rms o
telulor .liny 1.0 sc.-n mi nml urtri- llu, lull. May
UHlll, III   I lie  OHI,-,,  „f
l-'i'iiiic, nml ill iln- Luutls nml  U'oi-lt. Ili,|„,rt.
 i. Vlnlorlii, ll.C.
Kuril pi-np0H.ll iniisi I ni|iiiiilcit liy ,-ji-Ii
m- nn ui'i'i'pl.'il llllllll olnniuD. ,„ , Iral'o „l
ili'liusll mini'tiiu-U'i,,,! I,ink ,,r ,'i In   im„|(.
payable tn llio luulorslHaoil, in tlio sum o| |m
whirl, slmll im rorlollcil II iim party  lorlnc
ilocliiio ti, ,'iiii-r lino ciiiilriiri  ..-lion oiilloil
upon ti.iln in, Tin' ruii, cliwnioa or .'.'rllllraio
ul ili'lnisttnf lllisi ssllll IpmlOVl'I'H .llll |||<   ,,-
inr.iiii in iiii'in upon in,- tix'ooittlna or tl. n.
Il-n.-l.     'I'll.' siln-cssliil   l,-ii,l,-r,-r  a ill   I,,.   ,,.
'I'll"''!   I" Inilllsli ul.    s,ll  „i„|   ,„„
siln-lii-s 111 the aiiin uf   fill. h    f,,r  ihe ilui-
lllllil 111 ul till- noi'li to III,' Kl.ll.ln.il f tiie
II -Illile lliel'lilell- |g.| ,-     l'|,i,n ,|M-
nxiJl'llllllll uf llle Iiiiii,I llie nisi, ell,.,,,,,   or I'M
IUlei.0'1.1 ili'liusll ntm.eineiill | „,||  |„.  ,.,.
I'lilll.lR'il In II lllriiel,,,
Te ■Is1illlii„ll,ermisl,lere,l  |||||0ax  mini,
nut un llle Im ills sll|i|iUe,l innl slio  „in,  u„
IU.llll'0 Of UlO lull.lei, |
TI.0 Inwi'sl or iln.   lemler   no ssiui].,
■'-.'I I
Mill. 1'. MAI'KAV
lli'limy r.niiiiiissliniei'iil l.niuls nmi Works
Inimls I Works l.riuin nt,
VIoUll'lll, ll.C, rili Muy. mn:, .,,
.«nnw««i»n«uuw«%tu«««wtt««u«w«u'nvnn«w.unu>nu '
..\ UAKl'Hl ST., ONE l»»>U WKST III'
IIII.I. A I'll. The only place in lown
that can make life worlli lhe llvlne.
E. H. SMALL, Manager
ay, Oats, Wheat, Fee[
We lillVO this weeli unloii.led it eur of eui'h liiml
Si'KriAi. Prick poii Ton Lots, full mitl see us baforu
buying elsewhere.    We also carry ll stoelt of
carnefa's stock and poultry food
Harris Bros.
. 9" • • ■ • -*• -9- •*• •••••• •••■ ••■••••■■•-••■«•••■*■♦   ■»..»■■♦■■«——■•*
ii Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection!
Nearest to railroad depot,   tins itccoimno-
tlnlioiis   for   the   public   unoquallod   in
' Oranbroolt.
' Hot and Cold .Baths Proprietors m
£ ■■-   ,       .*      '*"" |
£ — Always Up-to-Date —
B.C. 1
Geo. R. Ltfl&K & Co
Plans, Specifications
ami Msiiniatcs
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand;
NmTH'K Tii riiN'l'UACTlHi '
CHAM-MI TKNliKUS. HiiliHo'rl l "Vuiiitaw  QWAI^DTHWDHHS, miiMirwrllieiJ 'Tondoi
O   for Si'linnl ImiiNi'."' "Ill In- n'l'elvi'i. by tin-   -***1   ^ Si'li»i»l Imimij," will hu m-i-lvi'il by tin
Sii'l'liT. Td I'OSTIl.UTllKS.
P.L.S.  & CB.
Port Siioelo It.C.
lo 8 p.in.
I'linin' Oilloo l()'i   ftosldenoe iw
iindoi'sltfiieil up to M« if Sniiiiiliiy,. Un* jhttti
.May. 1!"M», for tin'iTiYlin'iiuii'l t'Olil'|)lotioil bfll
lurgo oiin.foom fraiiic St'liiml liotisti nl I'lllm,
I'Vinif Kh-iloilal DisLili-t. .   (
Plans, spcutlonllonB. cotitrm'i and foriim of
tonrtar may be sent dh nml uTtof tilt' 10th May.
num. ai tin1 niiit'its nr ilir uovornwont ''Btiiit »i
li'ornio: or ,1'osoiiti AiiKllii' I5h*|., Mllt'o: ami ul
llm Luiiils mitt Works ■lti'|»irtiiii,iii. Vimoriti,
I, C. ... •     .
I'.ni'li in*ii|>i>sul must lir'i'ii-i'otilpiUiini by OUHll
or nn HfiTpliHl lillllk i>li(H|Ui> or ci'lUliniti' of
ili'jinsll a I'luirlmvil I nmi I, of Ciititiila.iiiiulo l>ay-
iil-le io iln. iimlDi'Hfmird, In'lliu 'ifmii nf WO,
Hlili-lt shall hi' foifflto.l It lhe [iurty Ifmkilm,'
ihrllni! lo pllUir lliln iniitnu-t wln-n rallrd ll|ii)ll
ilopofflt of  i.tihii nsfiil   li'tiili'i'i'i-H will l»* ro-
llilliod lo Ihmii ii|n>i.i tliiM'MTill.lDit of llll '
traid.  Tin1 sun-i'1'sfiii ti'iiduror will be recjulr-
Pil tO riirtllMll II hnml.liimsMrailu two HltlvllDN
Ij! Mn- Mint nl Willi cai'h. for the (UlO htlillini-i'1
,,l   Mm'.   Moiionihli'  llie i'hii-1   I'oi issliuii'i,
I'j.oti   iIn* <>\i'i'iilhiii of   lliu  I A  tlirrash.
.tii'(|itoori'i!rilll«atoof ilcpnitll abovo i nl""'-
nd win hi' rotiirnud Uith ihtnu'Wi'.
'ivnili'is will nut bf rohHiiliTi'ii iitlltfwi madu
out on tin- roriuRHiimdlod, iinrtsl«nod wllli Urn
llOttial sii:iiiit.iiri'of Un: li'iuli-riT,
Tho  lowi'sl   or any, uuhIit  not.ni ismlly
NKii, p. mackay. ■
IH'pulyrommlssluimiof Uuiln & Works,
l.iimlsntKi Works DopurttneiiL,
Vk'lorlu. il.C.TlhMuy, \m. M
miilOi'slKiiod up to timiii of Saiunlay UlO Lifltll
May. Iflufl, f(iP tn.' orootlon and umiiplotlnn of a
liirHflotlo-rooni frame sohnol-lxuisd at Marys-
villn, Cranhronh Klodtoral Distrlot.
''''"is. s| Iririilloim. conimi'l and forms of
tomlor may Iw seen on and nfter tlm lOUi May,
IfHHI, at llie olll.'L's of the aovurnmonl A«oni, '
Crunbrook: of (l. II. Vllildts, Rsti„ Maryavlllo,
and ui the I.uihJh ami Works nopai'imoiit,
Vii'tnrlii. m. I*.
Mueh proposal must bo HCeompimfcd by eaah
or an aoooptod nank ohmiiio or eorlllloalo or
deposit on ii i im ni'itii hank or Canada, (niado
ptiyubli' io itmlurHluned in Un, huiu oi W,
whieh simii |)U forfeited if lhe party lundorliiR
decline lo eiiier into eoutraot whcii|ealled
nnoii io do so, Tiii'i'imli.rhi-iiiiif.s nreurllllealH
oi dopitslt of imson-ess/iil toiidororn will be
ri'ltiriii'il io llietl) UJIOli Iho i.'xeriMloii ot Ihe
eoiiimi'l. 'Pin- stii'i'ehNfiil-ti'hdi'rei will Iiu rn-
'I'HrHiio hirii.Hli a .bond. lifniNtilf and iwo
mirniioN in iiu- s of fitiHi eiieli, for the tiiio
fullllmeot of lhe  ivorli I'oiitrarlril  lor lo  lint
•*H'ls,'i«'t I Ihi- llonoiMhl.. ih,. r-ijlol  Com
llllssil •'    IJ|MI|| (tie i-XI'HIlloii of I lli' linllil nlt.
easli. I'lii'iiue or cerilllcali' of doponll above
IllOlltloiniil will In. retunii'd lo Um i-otitrai'ior.
Ti'Hilir.s will nul he I'onsldi'inl unless made
Ollt on lhe forms stlppliiil, Ullll slf-linl will' Ilir
net tm I simiutuNot tin- toudnror,
'i'lu- lowi'st or any tender not tieeeNSBrlly
Deputy r*oiuinisHlotiur of Landa and Works.
Lands and Worhl Deparlinerit.
Vietoilu, ti. 6., 7tb May. IWti. so THR PKOSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B C, JUNE U. 1906
SILENT Ommthmmaia:Sraat
Piirohase   Price   $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made Por Old Machine
ske --
Arnold k Roberts
Photo Mounts
Picture Framing, a Specialty
Prest Photo Go.
Il'tkor St; Cranbrook, H.C
J. Edgar Davis
_*.   Bricklayer   M
w ""Contractor  *
P'uiiiaeo, Boiler, Range mid
Piropliice Work it Specialty. All
description of stone-work undertaken.
Orders left at J. D. McBRID&S
Will fte'ooTvo' Prompt'Attention.
Take notlco lluit thirty days nfter
date i intend to apply tn the Chief
Commissionei* of Lands and Works for
permission to out and oarry away
timber from the following desorlbed
lauds iu Southoas. Kootenay:
Commonelng .111 a pout planted 40
chains west' -of llie .'timhott ; Ifcoeuce
marked .1, A. Ilrolcy of Pernio; thenee
west l-'0 ohains, thence south 40 chains
thenco oast 100 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence west 4i) chains to place
of commencement con tain tug 040 acres
more or loss.
P, JKN3EN, Locator.
Dated March 23rd, IWO. 15
!>0 Day Round Trip
Excursion East
Winnipeg, Port •. Arthur,
Dultilli, Sl. Paul.
Toronto, Montreal! Maritime
Provinces, New York, New
England, on application,
.Tune 4, 11, 7, 28, 25
.Inly 2, ll; Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. K and 10
Ti.'k.'l.. Hiil.ji-i'i to usual vai'lattoim nt
route mul In.'lu.l.* nioalH mul boi'ltiB on
I'Hllllllillll   I'lU'ill.'   Slt'lllll.'l'S   'III    (ll'I'Hl
l.llk.'S.    I'iiII piii'li.'iiliii'B ll'OIII
lleo. Hilller,  Agi.nt, Cranbrook
,1. S. OARTEU,   ll.l'.A.,   Nelson, ll.C.
Your iittuntl.tn Is rall.'.l to the
"Plonoer Llinttotl" trains of the "Mil-
wnukoe & Sl Paul Railway," "Tin. only
|..!rfju.it..trains IjjJ'ig world."
You will liml It (l.'.slrulili, to rl.).. on
thos.: trains wlion going to uny |>..lnt In
tho Kast.,ri. Stairs or Canada, Thoy
oonnenl, with ull TcaiiHcontlnitntal
Trains anil nil Tloknl Agonts si,II
Kor fiirthoi' Information, pamphlet**,
utu, ask any'i'lcki.t* Arfcnl, or
It   Ci. PORD, II. S, lio'Wl'l,
I'ass. Agoilt, lirn.-ral Agont,
*ths $Jcoepector
(lathering News.
If you know of an item or a
piece of news, h.ll us about it.
That's what we want. Hut a
newspaper man sometimes ex-
perloiicoB more ilifliculty in
gathering news tlum one would
imagine This wus the ease
wheu a reporter in a neighboring
town, who, a few iluys ago was
sent to write up u tire iu a residence, doing lo llie door lie
Inquired for the lady of the house
The maid said she was out. "Are
any of the family home?" Inquired
the BOl'ibe, "No, they are all
out," was the reply. "Well,
Wasn't tli.ii'.iatlre here last even
ingl"' "Yes", said the hired
girl, "but that's out too."
Canada's Destiny.
"We must become a real,
integral, governing part of
the llritish empire; if not
that we shall become some
thing infinitely les9," declared
Dr. S. B. Leucook, of MoGlll um
versity, Montreal, in u lecture
last night in Massey Hall on
"Imperial Unity." delivered
under the auspices of the
Daughters of the Empire, and iu
the presence of his excellency,
lord Grey and party.
nn  old and tried friend, while
the daily enters us a stranger.
There should be no "factions"
in this little cily of ours. Every
improvement made enhances the
value ol all properly in and surrounding our town. We should
Uveas one big family, and wo be'
lleve few towns can show up a
more progressive and Intellectual
family. We have as few "bliick
sheep" in our place as any Hock In
the Province. When there Is discord in the family there is Utile
progress, When thereisa united
pull there is little we caniiol
accomplish, Envy, Jealousy and
haired pull us all down. Envy
is a canker thai grows ut the
heart and makes one sour, dis
grunt led and unhappy. Jealousy
makes one unfair iu passing
Judgment! hat red does not pay
even from a sordid point of view
Let us all be friends ami pull together and show our neighbors
what a large and harmonious
family can accomplish in build
ing up a town.
Furnace! _ _
Items of Interest.
After reading this issue, send
it to your friend in the distance;
or better yet, call at the office
and send it to your friend or
relative for six months or a year
for you can expect just such a
paper as this for fifty-two weeks
during next year. Throw in
your mtto "toward placing our
city and county where they belong on tbe map. This paper
will do its part; you do yours.
There are but few editors in
our district who have not made a
vigorous and continuous tight
against the city mail order house
This has been done in the interest' of the home merchant, and
without money and without
price. If the editors of the land
had received regular advertising
rates for all they have said
against these enemies of the
country merchant they could
now be wearing diamonds. Now
the department .store man appreciates advertising space and is
willing to take all the average
country editor has for sale, and
at a good price. What other
class of' business or professional
men would refuse business to
help their friends, especially as
many said friends never seem in
the least disposed to return the
compliment or even appreciate it
A local newspaper is absolutely necessary to any community.
It is the home paper that keeps
the people of the community in
touch with each other by giving
them all the news of their own
neighborhood aud county. For
that alone they are of value and
worth far more thau the small
subscription price. They keep
the local pride and progressive
spirit moused and in various
ways are worth tar more to a
community than a community
ever spends on them. The daily
paper, with ils large news service and quicker facilities, may,
in some instances overshadow
the weekly, hut the weekly home
paper tills a place in the hearts
of the people that a daily cannot
fill.    It comes  to your  home as
Thirty days after date we Intond in
upply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence
to cut uud carry awuy timber from tow
following' desorlbed lands in South Rust
Kootenay, B.C.
< 'ommeneing ut M. .1. < !laxtoil's soulh
west corner, theuce went.- 1(10 chains,
thenee south 40 ulmlns, Mieuoe eust nni
ohalns, thenoe north in chains to tin*
plan* of commencement
Dated April 12th, IflOfl.
N'i'Is. Johnson's No, I.
Commencing ul Sols, Johnson's No. I
southeast oornor No. I. .hence west 100
ohalns, thence south 40 ohulns, thenoe
eust HIO ohalns, theuoo north in ohulns
io plage of commencement.
Dated April l$hj IflOfl.
Nols, Johnson's No. '2
Commencing at Nols. Johnson's No.
2, southeast corner, thoneo inn chuins
wost, then in ehnlns south; theuoo
loo ohalns eust, Ihono'c 40 ohulns uorth
to plaoe of ooinmoneemeut,
Dated April 12th, 1900.
17 Nets, Johnson'- No. '{,
TAKK Notion tlml sixty days Biter iltuol
Intend to apply ta llie Chlof Commissioner of
I.iiiuls mul \Vurks Jul |MM'mission in ptirctlllNli
llio following dosorilsul luuds in South Kust
Kootunny: ComineuultiK ut u post plunlcil ut
Uu- Northwest corner nf i.ut mi.ii, group I.
thonco eust 40 ehulns, (hence north mi chultm
thenoe west -toolmlns, ihonoe south 80 elmlns to
plaoo of bun i lining,
Dn toil May 1-a.tii. 1901.. so
takk Nutlet- iimi thirty daya uftor date I
Intond tit apply lo tho chlof Comnilsstoaei' oi
Luu.is un<) Works ut Victoria for u licence
in cut iimi carry away Umber from tin- following described lands In South K«st Kootenay: Commonelng ut a pout planted one mil**
north of the southwest corner ot hoi.ui, being
the Northeast oornor of Lot7883. group t, ihenee
north BO ehaius, thonee wait io uhnhiH, thoncB
south 90 ohalns, thenoe oast 40 ehains to place
or hogltilling.
Dated this ISth ilny nf May, A.D., uwrt.     tto
(POHW  P.)
Kmpire Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in iho Port Steele Mining Division of
Kust Kootonay Dlstrlot.
Where located:   NoHr Luke Creek.
Take notice that 1. -Fames A. Harvey, Free
Miner's Cortltleato No. ■•HWflTti" acting
as agent ror .Tuuiob 'I'. Lnldliiw. F.M.C. No.
ItraSfiO, W. M, Tarrant. P.M.O. No. B7IB42, ami
James Angus, F.M.C, No. h.thhw. Intond
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply lo iho
Mining Recorder for a Cortlfleuto oi improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further ink-.* notice tlmt notion, oiub-r
section 87, ttiiist he commenced befort- thu hunt*
Bttoe of sii.-h Cotlllleato nf ImprovementB,
Dated this Till duy of March, A. D„ 1000.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I, the undersigned, intend toapply
to the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works at. Victoria,
B.C'., for a special licence to ont nnd
carry uway timber from the following
described lands in IJiist Kooteuuy.
Commencing al a post, planted at the
north west eorner of P. Pearson No. 5
timber license, thoneo south so ehaina,
thenee west 80 chains, thenee north 80
elniins, tlience east HO ehains to plaoo of
beginning, containing 040 neres more
or lojw.
Dated this Dili day of April, 1000.
to, .1 onsen, Loeator
Hi Marked 1*. Jensen No. 1
Commencing at u post planted 40
chains west of the north-west eorner of
P, Jensen's No. I timber lioense;
theuce east in ehains, thenee south too
chains, thenee west 40 ehains. thenee
north UlO ehains to pluee of beginning,
containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of April, 1000.
P, Jensen, Locator
Murked P. Jensen No. L'
Commencing at a post planted nt the
north-west eorner of P. Jensen's No. 2
limber license; lliuueo south 80ohulns,
thenee west HO ehui ns, thenee north su
chains, thence eust80 ehains to plnee
of beginning, containing 040 ueres
more or leas.
Dated this 10th day of April, 1000,
P. Jenseu, Locator
it) Marked P. Jensen No. :i
Stoam Bpllora aM1i furnace Wol'k u
Cost, and Stock Estimates
Furnished upnii Application.
P.O. Box 834.  Granbrook, B.C.
The "SuiiHliiiie" furnace and
" sunny " ways are synonymous
•' /7//l
The cold) dreary winter days oan '
li» nn.dn cheery and warm with a pure,
healthful heat if you hare a " Sunshine " furnace.
Is easier to operate, cleaner, uses less fuel and
" shines" in many other ways over common furnaces.
Two shakers are used to shake the heavy, triangular-
shaped grates. This just cuts the work of-shaking-
dowii in half, liesides heiug easier un the furnace than
the old one-shaker style.
Sold  hy enterprising dealers everywhere.
I look let free.
TAKK   NOTICE thut   thirty days
alter date I Intend to apply to the Chief
We have bceq In 11.»-  business ' omratastoner ol land and Works lora
llcenso to cut and carry away timber
ig described  lauds iu
for several years, wo have tl..-
best equipment In B.C. and we' [""I','1"''"""'
-   - .... i ■•■*>> h.ootena\
guarantee satisfaction.
v*.seuiivE». hi. John, Uamuvtox,
loot that Fiiiiio
1 Pianos- we oan do the work without risk.    Also Household Fur-
V nolng in ;i rMWl marked David
Breckenrldge  southwest   '-orner  post
- : license "A" placed about one and one-
We are tho authorized   agents half mile* we*l uf Skookumehuck river
for the removal of Mason &R(sch and ;,l"",t '  mile wesi of <». s.
' Kriz/eir- northeaal eorner. Tbenoe
runuing so c-halin- north, thenee «o
elmlns on-st, tbeuec 80 ehaius **outh.
thenee SO nhalna wesl to plaee of com-
PERRY 4 FITZGERALD      "''"">'
l'i'i.|ii'lotora ol Uie
< Granbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
"Hi' h|l,,Ml.
ji'.i'.i;. Ii,'|i.,i.
David Breekenridge, Locator
April 12th, W08.
Llcatue "B".
i niimi,-iii-iii^ al a |it»t   iimrked   D.
Phono UU. I Breokonrldgo'H     southeast      eorner
llueuae 'll' and adjoining the southweat
eorner ot llceiue A: thence nortli  lou
lllil'tV    dil.'a   Hilt' I' j I'llllilla.  Ullll,'''  Ufa!     I'I    I'hhitla.    tllt.IlL'y
aiituli Hiochains, thei naiio uhaln.
lo |iltu-i- ul oominonooment,
David Broekeutidge, Loeator
April ISO., IBOtl.
License "C".
Till;,-  notlco II ^^^^^
ilni'' I, thoiin.l,'rain.i,'.I. im I loappl)
in Hi,- ClilofCoinmlssI rol Landsnnd
Works at Vlelui'la, H.l'., ror a »|icclal
llcoi  in out nml iiari'j i.ivn.v tliulii'i'
li iln- lollowlliB described  litnils in
Kaal Kootenity,   Cotntnunclnif at a pnsl
planted aboul one-hall   milo  ..'■>! ol! Hrockoni'lda
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
«LL followers of Isaac Walton should l^fe
have a look at our Fishing Tackle a-A-a
before  making  their selection.      We W
Handle  a   complete   stock   of   Flies, \J/|/
Poles,    Lines.    Keels,    Leaders   and WW
everything that a fisherman   requires. \Ma
Our   Prices   are   Gonsistent ^
With the Quality of the Goods
Coppur I 'ri'i'k on south -i'i'- nl   trail
junlny    up  skiii.kiiiii   i'i k    lllvur,
thunueoasl HO chains, llicucu bouiIi   80
uhallis, ili.'i  wosl sn .'limn-, thonee
north 80 chains, to lhe pla I huKluii-
' ln*f, I'oiiiiiinitiy'1*40acres more or loaa.
]    ilni.-,l this Dili day ol April. IIIOII,
I'. .li'iiM-ii. Locator
CninnieiielnK at a poal planted alioui
on.* anil on.' half mill- cast of Copper
ereek; thence south so chains, thenco
wosl 80uliulns, III i rihsii ehnlns,
ilii'iu astSO chains i" thu pla. i
l>i'^iniiinii iitiiinin^ 1140 acres more
or loss,
Dated this Illli day ol April, IIIOII,
17 I'.Jonsen, I alor
C. E. REID & CO.,   X
Phone 74        -jx^q Druggists.^
NORTH   STAR       J
9    H. W. DREW, Prnprialnr       ^—  _ „ J
Kimberley,   B. C.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Hecdquarters For
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C. A. P. CHENEHE, Manager
The abovo hotel has been recently creeled, und neatly furnished throughout, The Bar is supplied with the liesl brands ol
Liquors und Cigars.
"I Cline   I
I'lll 1,1 MltlllLi.lii. lllll In'. HIiiiji
onu now Iiu i.iiinii in tliu
firm. Class Work In all bi'iinoll'a
of tho
Tonsorlal Art
m**i~k**W*9**WWW*W WW*9*r*T*v**7*T WWWWWWWV
Mottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
P. O. BOX 81
j? l
Port  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
I'N HIM   I'*
Pedro Mineral Claim.
sitiiuii'in tint l''oii Sii'i'li* Mlniiiti Division oi
I'.hmi KooLuuny DtntHpt.
WUKKK i.ni'ATKU: Dn si. Mary's I'mlno
iiiniiii hup tnllo fiom Murysvillo.
TAKK NOTICK. liml WO, A. K Willi,
Spfldltl RM.C. Nn. .Mini. Tlininas A. Crolnlitoti
l-\M.'.'.  No.   \l7'M't-:.    .1.iim   L.'iisk.  F.M.C. Nn.
HTffifciK, intend Blxty iln,vn from lliu ilntu hereof
to apply to tlio MliilliK Ucronlur rut- n Corllll-
i-Hiit of Improvements for tho purpose o[ obtaining h Grown Ciiuiiof the above elnlm.
Ami further take notice that tietlou, umloi
StteiIon.'IT, must beeoiniiieiiei-ii before tliolssii-
utiei- of siit-b (lertillenleol Unprnveiiients.
Dated this lllttl day of Mu.V- IWW.
A. ¥.. H'ATTS.
SOUS l.l'.ASK", 20
Nut in- is hereby given thai un tippll*
I'ittion will Ik; miltIG tn   I lie   I'ltrliuini'lit
nl'Cfttmilu ill tha pt'OBoiil Session there-
uf fot'tui Aet tu.tNUornortito the Pnrtl-
iiio Valley Itiiilway Conipauy tn eon-
Btruet ami o[iorato u line nf callway
from a pnint on thi; iiritish ('oiiiniliia
Southern Railway near iho eonllnoi	
nf Klk Wivoranil Mluhel arauk, llmnee
along tlu> eatfl side ef Klk itiver to a
poini nortli nf Fording Rlvor; thonee
noi'tlieonterly to tho Konliug lllvur
valley; thenee following fording River
to tho north of HetirletUiCrook: thoneo
north easterly along tfonrlettaf 'reek to
tho Alberta HottniTaryj thenee north-
eastorly In tho Provineo of Alberta to
a poiin ut nr in-ill' Okotoks: also
iH'itiirh lines up Uraeoi Kwln, Smith,
Lewis and Honrletta Crooks ull in tho
Province of llritish Columbia; which
lino of I'ftilway with its branehes
and all tho works thereof to
In* declared to ho fm- tin* general
advantage of Canada. Ami further tlmt
the said Company shall have power to
outer Into tin agreement with or amalgamate with auy Hallway <'oiupimy
whose lines of railways nr liranehesdre
authorized lo ho operated in the Provinces nl' ItHtish Columbia or Alberta,
Smith A' .1 oh ns ton,
21 Solicitors for Applicants.
Notion is heroby given ihut Sixty
days after date I intend lo apply to tbe
Chief t lommlssloiier nf I .amis uiul
Works for permission to purchase tho
following doscribed hind iu South Must
Commonelng at u posl planted at tha
southeast eoruor of l.m 'Ail Group I.
thei  north forty 40 chains, thenee
east forty -10 chains, thoneo south eighty
hu chains, tha wost forty 10 ehains,
thonco uorth-10 ehains to place ol beginning.
Dated ut Cranhrook this Isi duy ol
April, 1000.
ilaHojii-ut'd iln- besl shop in
Cranhrook. nml guarantees
satis fuel ion in Shaving!
Ilalr Culling, etc.
Next door to A. ('. Bownofis
on Cninbrook Struct,
P. J. Leithauser
('ommeneing .it a post murked   to.
southeast corner port
Vim r ptiironiiKa
ToatliS and drivers i'unii.sli
ed I'nr any point in Hie district.
A. DOYLE, Malinger
■onso •(" placed ut the northeast oor-
■i nt David [ireekenrldge's license 'A'
utiee runnluy nu ehains north, thenoe
ohalns wosl, thencu 80 chains south,
eneo 80 chains east to place of com"
David Breokenrldge, Locatof
April 12th, liiiin,
License "to".
('ommenuiug at a post marked L).
Ureekeuridge's southeast eorner liost
license '])' placed one half mile north
of the southwest eorner of C. W. Wilson's license und ti bout one and one-half
miles south of the southeasl corner uf
I). Rrockenrldge's license -ii': thenoe
north 80 chains, thenee west 80 eluiius,
thonco south 80 chains, thence east ml
chuins to pluco nf commencement,
David Hreekenridge, Locator
April 12th, liHMi. 10
Cranbrook Licence District.
The half yoarlj meetliiR nf the Board
of Lieenco Commissioners, Cranbrook
Licence District, will In- held at the
i niirt [louse, (-ranbrook, on Kriday
.lum- loth, 10011, ni lo o'clock in the
tore noon. When tin- following appll-
eatlons will enme boforo the Board;
Robert -Intiiisnn. transfer tu I'aul
Hundley, Central Hotel, Marysville.
-fames Brown, International Hotel.
FI. s Mather, Windsor Hotel, Fort
Alox. Met'nni. Royal Hotel, Kurt.
Steole .1 unction.
Nils Hanson, Wustt Hotol, Wasa,
James Carroll. Ontario House, Kim-
R. If. Jtohitrt. Wardner Hotel,
.Inhn liy an, Central Hotel, Wiirdimr.
MeDnnuh! A- (Jourloy, Strathcoua
Hotel. Port Steele,
Chas K. Pinch, Pullsvlew Hotel,
A. [*. Chenotto, Royal Hotel, Marysville,
Oliver A. Burge, Perry ('reek Hotel.
Perry Creek.
!•'. II. MORRIS,
t'hi.-f Licence Inspector
21 Cranbrook District
Limit No. 1.
Thai I Intend thirty days from date
in apply to tho Chief (' missfouerof
Lunds nnd Works for special licence to
eut and carry uway timber frnm following described land in Southeast Kootenay. Commcuclng ut n post at the
southwest enrner nf Lot 2804, theuee HO
chains south, thene.' sit chains west,
thenco 80 ehulns north, theuee 80
chuins east to plnee of commencement,
Loeatod May 10th. l!H)i>,
toy l), I. Miller
William West, Agent
Limit No. 2.
Thui I Intend thirty days after date
tu upply lo tho Chlol Commissioner of
Lands uiul Works for s|n-cial licence to
eut uud carry awuy Timber from follow-
\u\i described land In Southeast Kootenay. Commonelng at post planted ut
nortbonsl corner und joining I). I.
Mlllor's rtonthensl enrner of limit Xo.
I. thence 80 chains suuth, thenco 80
chains wosl, thence 80 ohains norili,
thenco 80 ehalas ensl lo place of boglnnlng,
Located M.i.v Iflth, lum,.
IL I). I. Miller
Wm. West Agent
Thut I Intend thirh duy.*- after dale
to apply to ihe Chief Commissioner of
Lauds umi Works fm- special licence to
eul uud curry away Llml)ur from the following described hinds in Southeast
Kootonay. < 'ommenclng at D. I,
Miller's norlhcasl corner of Iimii No.
■_'. tlience 10 ehain- east, thenco 100
uliulns -.mull, ihenee lu chains wost,
thoncu 100 ohulns uorth lo pluee nf beginning,
Locnled Mai 10th, lUOfl,
■2\ toy William West
'j'nltfl iiMiirr iimi Klxly days nfter date J
Hih'ii.i io a'iply lo tho Olilol Cointnlisloitsr ot
Liiml- iiti'l Wmi in- lor   [KrinlMlOO   L'l  |nm ha»r
tliu followlni tlosorl i Inntl  in South Kail
KiKilciiHV       Coiiiiiii'lli'lliK nt  a JKWL plStltod Sl
North weiti corner or Lot IWl.Uroup] Kootonsy
lilnirlrteiidi hod N i: ronior ofAnuleM.
niuitle's pitrolinie: thonco west to chains,
iiu'iiur nouth SO ulislns, ItieiiDo otisi 40 ohilns,
itionrr nonli 30 t'titttOM ti> plnoo of bi'triiiiiiiig
coiiiniiinit' no acres more or ickh.
A nn it; M.  l.iiink-.
Uali'.l Muy 6tb, 1900. 19 THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK   B. C, JUNE 0, l»i>0
*yt99***^'la***^<r**K99999999a*K9 # 4toS^., XTiJnS Sh* Inspector.   Head
.      »■»..      Zlbeeu speiuliu^ u lew iliiys. '"""" "
Mr.    (Jewelling
SATUUDAY. .il'M-: '.'. I'llli.
Splitting;       OF COMMERCE
N.'Imiii   this   \vue\t   uttUll'VlUK   ;i t
111,'.! illi; nil li,' AllL'lirun S.vn.'il      |     LOCAL   NEWS.
Mis Nr-il MeLeotl Otirrtm of]
Kimberley, wus .'isUiiij! fi'teiuls
ai Crttltbrook this week.
Kobl, lifftv ni Wartlner wus
llio city M'ihiiIki
When .vmi irel h phkI old-
lualiiuii'ii lU'iiihiiihothiil mnkcu
your hi'tiil tlirtihi ami yimt' eyiw
whirl iimi ''ink'" ynn atult in
,,,iii' -, iifli irj
Most csscn- 9
tial    parts     of*! "Pali
u:> j!L„- #|titi
'Huzolwood"   Iii'   Cream   ut
his dress.
Fresh   every   'lav,    al    th.
II,.' made  candles. Slmvai'ls today,
(1 surge il,  Jewell ol' Jaffi-av
wa>   ul Criwhrnoli   Monday  nil "top liny hoiullMJll'
Dr. Scott's
Headache  Powders
1'lioy can't Innl you and  thoy
ii.iv nave mi a mii! limn tin- Imest
; establishment "ii t-artli hut h will not
show up i" nood effect without ,i nice, neat,
up t,. date tie. The tn- is ven small but n
practical!) governs the attractiveness "I the
balani e i 'I mans' dress.
Before   buying that   wedding
sm present,   see   our   stoclc.    *'W
♦ are litre with tbe -roods,"  Wm.
_.  I*'. Tate x Son ,.
♦'   !K
*     Mrs, .1. Taeuhauser  of Port the enuibrooli Mouday.
9 Steele i> spending ;i  few  >I:i\ —
♦ wnli her daiijfhtpr  Mrs   R    A !    s  I'  Pumpelly of Luke I'reeli
|.',,.,.,,,i was a Criuibrooli visitor on Mon
One Dozen in ii Box '25i,.
(t,r&a^i»?u'Siii.S!  Beattie & Atchison] -^
Where It Pays to Deal.
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E, WALKER, Oinanl \UnaKei ALEX LAIRD, Ami, G.n'l Miiugar
S3 anil under     3 ctntt
Over  55 mul not ;xceetliii|[ 5>l J     6 cents
"    SiO       " *' $30    ....   10 ccnti
"   -S3D       " " S5U      15 emu
I'ticae Order* are I'mvuI'Ic at l*ur ul unv ofluv In I mmUu -.A'a Chattered Bank
(Yukon <*x.i|>i.-.l) .1 ai tin- |ii'tiH'l|>al bankhtu point}, in the L'niUtJ States,
MltlOTIAHll Al  A H\*n KAlt AT
form an *-.•.,. client melhotl of remitting small sum* of money with safety
nmi at »iiim1i coat,
if      U.' von looking for "Quality
We  have  all  the newest, up-to-date * JJ; hw. it,      • " >■ ■■■ ■      m...^.".
9 ties and if you haven't   one  we  will   be  r ,',','
j£  very .uliul tn show you through our man-  ta, |:
please Everybody   The)  was   transacting    bnslue
Imili :'or  service.     Patmore Craubrooli M la)
nilieeiit ranue,
sirawiiei-rie- fresh ever}  day
W     Just arrived   a carload ol   lui) it Stewart's
ml uats   A i . Howness 	
~7"~ i loverntueiil    Anient,    J     !•'
(,isk*   llohilax Armstrong    rem 1    Mimdav
sm From ll business li i]i In I't'l'lllu
TV      To  wlioni   ii   aia)   ooueeri ol 	
*  tin   Coi'iKiralioli  ol   Uui I'ity ol Win  I'arlill ot l-'oi-t .Steele was
Cranlirook,   I    herob)    declare lining business al I'ruiihrooli cm
Thursdii) ii,.' lllb da) "! Jui . ,i Salurdii) lasl
Civic Uolidai nl which 1 reuiiire ,    ,                         ., .,    ,
.lusi       arm I'd       Mil onkeys
all persous to lake d'ue nuliee Chocolate   all   lluvors      C    K
\Nh lliul  all  |ilaces ol   busi |;,,„| ,*} t'o
Ubss are required I" be elosed uu
Tin. Loading 8lore
Choice Confectionery I
11, ii Lettuce,
Green Onions
iii'i" Kheuhnrh
i Inn,r iImages and Bananas
Hazelwooil Ice Cream
Hugh Stewart
I'lniiii; 75        ftrillSll'OIIO, ftVK.
Don't Mi-s.s a (iood 1 lilnii In
the siiiil date.
Diiieil 7il, da> ol Ji
i,   T  l.Oi;b.laS, Mayoi
aaW?J!!?Tf!1T!!TT1T!!THt?Tn?n!TTT*TTf?nt?fT?Tt?T?TftTTT?ft!T??TfT?fTmnTf!?mf?1tt?ftTf1M!????tt?Wt!?f??g ;
Watsou   of   I'lUi   Stee..
pent several days this week at Tea    and   Coffee
W I Oreightou, and H H
Mathers of Winnipeg were guests
ii ihe Cranbrook Moiiduv.
mi ta tion, the) sa\   is tin 3'
zs     t. McKenzie, .1. Ross, and N
incerest llave3|H    Richardson   of    Vancouver
lered al the Cranbrook
you   noticed how  our stvle a"8; rofjisterei
.   31 Sunday Inst.
,.| advertising Iras liccii inn   ~3
I,' I.. T. Gnlbraith, ol* Porl
Steele, In,linn ugenl, wns al
Cranlirook Salui'day laai on
.ven   to tin   ven
\\ ell its not ii ird to imi
tatt our advertising, luu u. __
zs     Mr. George Reece nl  llie (I
imitate our Clothing is a very zs r.   Shops  was  transferred   to
dilTcrenl proposition.      We 2 Fernie for a few*days tn relieve
,-i    i     ZS. one of the staff there who is sick
- hi iw im Hires ..I inn* C luili   Z3\
I ^a, I ■	
in» and lhe\ are actual pic   3     Miss E. Ballaii  lefl nn Tues
i. ... ,.,   .,.,„,! 3S day's train  for Ihe nasi where
tu rs   ili.r.Mi   liuin   actual -3   ,* .   .,, i ,       ,.
^3 she   will   spend   a    couple    ol
■   2|nionlhs visiting friends in and
hr niiisi i>. not al
. -3 around riamiltnn.
501'. Tea at 35c,
50c. Coflee at 35c.
Ural ijimlity in tin- ully tor ilie money
K   N. FINCH & CO.
I'lione 182,        Cranhrook, tiV
Bowiiiiq Alley
In the Bradley Building
on Armstrong Avenue
Everybody invited' -The liesl
and mosl plnitsanl recreation iu
to deviate one iota from the 3     Patmore Hros. are installing
original  garment.      That's 3 » Bloww System for lhe Easl
-31 Konlenuy laiiiiiner Co.- at Iheir
vei\ dillerent Irom going to **3 )ttl.ge   ,'„.„.   ,,|uning   mills  ai
,111    engraver    and   saying z3 .TalTrny. |uiui>,
"(,iv,   ns a swell Clothing 3    Tl „„,,_ r^Twuter pli«K on
Eyeache and
Urutffj I'ultuva only teiu|H)i'arily.
Iti-niDvt-   the   1'aii.tc   ami
fll'i-fl  a iitTinaiit'itt   iturfi
Satisfaction guaranteed,    Consultation FVee
. F. Tate k Son
Jewelers and Optlclntia
iitlli>lal  Wa1.1L  Iu8|)eotoi', (or i.'.H.K. Crow'i Neil
''aa,, Division.
in ili.-jje iluys nl keenest competition wlieu tlm
aiat-ki'U ure fluuil.'il with ttll grade, antl in-lue* nl
stiut-i. naiiied anil uiiiituneil. It a alius .'oins. lulu
impiilai' tavur Ity iKap, ami bound*, uutauipplnif all
record, ever made by any other ,pedal ,boe, there
omit aurely be a reason lor it.
I til
Very dillerent.
3 Craubrooli Sl reel has lienii com
.     ..   2,plclfii   to   Kind's   Mill,    li   is
•  arranged with "3 .-iII,iiih:i feel in length. 1*1 pe laying
rtist lo produce for your ^3|will coinincnee nexl ivnek.
\ a —
^     i)  Wilson of Victoria,  J,   II.
TIM 111:l! N'OTICK
'I'ulci* tiulil'l! that  I   will *i*|.ly lo the Chief
f*millitlSHl(»lii-i-»( I.u 111 la Wul-Ui ftir a llL-elica to
eul nml riiciy timlier from 11m follu»hi|- de
sm-lljetl laiiiln in Sniitii |-:hsi Koolensy viz:
i'ii'iitii*jiii'liiu sl tlio iiorilin'Mi L-oriit-r uf tUo ■
I Pari|ulisr limber  llcfuoe on   Horry   Creek,
I Llitnu-e mnlli SO cliulll.4, IlioUue eaal iu ctmiu*).
rili no i'lialns, ilium.''- west SO cbslns
1 lilt' [ihni- of I'lillilHi.'lii'i'Ulrlit
(<i-subr«ob. <\\\ June. IWii,
AVE sucii a sboe
■.anil the only reason
itisp ctlon.    Mr.     \'.
K Jlins tli'fsscd in one of the ^5
\*,',   jutli Century   up-to- ^3
date suits.    Watch for Vic. 3
Tskr it,mii- Mint slxl) iluys sfler J*ic i in
ml in api'iv io 1 im Ulilel ('ouituifliloiiei or
1 1,amis mat Works si Vluloils tor permission to
I (iiirt'liasf   ilie   (ul low lug ileberlbsd   lamia lu
j Soutli Km 1 Kootonuy:
Huslt'ilo    nf    Toronto    and      K. \   Oouiunfiiflnf si aiihi planteii at tiie soutb*
Clothier of RosslftnO wern re^is If""^L*?rne,r?r/l0\^r'***"^ ,J':,■,*.u?*,!le**,?"P0"'
W'lvil tit the Crauhrool. 011  Mon
Pew articles are more tulmiml
TmW hy lovers of tin* beautiful than
3 out glass,    We have received a
n linlmatfe'i uorUiwesl wiriier," tuenos loutlt {
etgliiy i'lialns. llienceessl forty cliuius. itn>uce |
nortli cit'luy .'liitiiis, itititu't- west forij i-lialui
ii, oiuii' ■..( i'<iumieiifi'iiit-iii  cunt sin 111* iu sll
j-.'n Keren, more or leas.
Dated Juue Soil, 1«W,
11 Balston Health^
Slinrt   MalfPTQ   for its popularity Is its
IOI1UO   jLTxaiVCl »   tttuesb (or the foot, the
quality of its material, anil its construction
neeiletl if vou wear a li.U.STi »N SHOE
They have from the first "THAT COMFY
KEEL" that makes vou cling to old shoes
*fy »*»
WE HAVE SAMPLES that you can
choose from and we guarantee you a perfect tit
Fanny and Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Boots,     Shoos     and     Hosiery
-    B. C.
z3 largo assortment, and Invite your     ..    .,,.,.,      ,   ,     ,
XZtr—a \ _ _«    ' g~-* ^. ^^.4.^^,4-   d 4. *••.«•*-*. ah"sl't"!tioii-Wm.F. Tate k Son.    ,**■;■ A,Mi'3rlde, whohasbec
-Cranbrook s Cjreatest stores   ve,i,.1.i,e,s,nj u M,i,,,,ie
r=^^ ■   *-****•'*   v'v"*   s=y    ***—***    •*3a*<'*~9.a.~ta-a^*a-    »—r a- ^^- «   mat ,..,„., . „  .,    ,.       for lie pnsl   ten iliivs.   returned
£   , 1 .,...., .■„„,„.„.„„„„,., i,3l  .J'.D.MeHrido, and tt. Machine t0 Calgary AVednesdaj'
_ .1). MoBriilo, nml K. Machine
melolnrii Stool Co., of Binning'
_ ____.  "    '    —1111— ham,  Eng., were at  Marysville
4 9 9 9 ♦«♦*"♦' <- ♦ * ♦ 9 * «♦>'♦.»:♦,.♦:.♦:♦:♦:*:'♦. :Thursday on business,
No'l'ICK la
ilnic 1 mt' 11
iy xli-oii Uiiii mi il.y.  ulli
|,|,1V I.,   Ill,'    11,,I,      tt„     '  II '
I.i ■ mul Work, lor i -	
When yon place your plumb-
Ing contract with us your are|
assured ol high grade work and
lli„  r,,II,nni
.,1 „ |,,,-i  ,'
V'L'al    ,., '   IVI
Tn Til '* "■ III''"
,.,     I,ci   u   .    ' I "
miiit   11 i"i
»i i-'.jiii vim
Tliu   SI SSM.N   I.l MIIK1I   '
\\li to  ITS  -1 ' ' I' s* 'US
Ihi    Iti
♦ Clean Your Woodwork
♦ and   Furniture  with
9     .... , . ,f,
„.ll Oi,,,j I- innl I'liHtli
thi'liiivi ii'i "-'*'■'■ "
llth.   lima unil unti'i'pil  ,'i'"  '  *
thomsnlvi'.a      unil       '■"'- ' "■      ""    «
Monilaj     H"-      l'*.l"v.'i,il, *
.linn'.     '       thiillwui
itll mii, l.lqillll Vi
-un Unit   ,,ii,- Mint you tlilnl: i- ,,.'rf.-.-,I\
-t.ih,',        Tlll'll Innk III till' 'lull,.      *> '"i'i
... i„i„.|iiiii,.i  .i.,i-i   Hums  fnim  Hi"  lineal
11 ,,li"ii|,".l klli'lii'il I'liulr.     Thi'i'i.' i- nn, hi iiu in
Large Bottle, enough to renovate the ordinary
home 50 cents.    Sample Bottle 10  cents,
♦ ~ I pi'iiiniii sorvico, Pal more Hros.
>J     Mr, and Mrs, V\  Parks and!' 	
J son Kainsford returued on Mon-     R,  ||   Uohart, proprietor of
* day irom a two weeks' trip nl the Wardnnr Hotel at Wardner,
fc the coast. While away thoy was iu Cranlirooli Tnusday on
9 ' visited Vancouver. Vlclorla und business,
4   Seal Hi;, and express  Ihetusolvos	
as having luul a good lime,  but     A *,;, Walt and ll ll. Clothier
t'l'iiuk says worli is awuy ahead 0f Orniilir»ol< were registered al
* "' baling, j lhe Hume liolel Nelson Thuisilay
♦ 11. M. Hill'l'ell, a civil engineer
d  ir.-in Vancouver, sponi several
days ibis wooli in  Cranbrook. _
Mr.   Iliiri'ell  is an old timer in I fl    vSstffl,
Southeast   Kootenay,  and   was
the surveyor iu ohui'gu of the
original surveys of Die city of
droll nml "1-1
..„i,„l- ii i
ituini,     Tl"
9    mJ   .. i
-■ Cranbrook,  B.C.
■.: week.    Wntili 'In- ipaci nnd otii' windows for
|','il in uiiu
A iiuiuliei' of ladies left lown
on Wednesday of ibi.a weok lo
have a visit with friends in thu
ensl, Tbe party consisted of
» l Mrs. .las Ryan who goes lo New
HARDWARE '♦' Brunswick. Mrs. .1. A. Harvey,
wlio will visit her friends in  SI.
TW us.  Mrs.  W.  T Iteld will
visil her parents near St, Paul
and Mrs. V. K. King will visil
with her parents ill New lll'Ulis
s|;iv lnli'jel*
  I llnliii
(nKorii'il iimll
Two Trillin
Onr l.iith II il
ij. ,1, JOHNSON
Mill Ilni, IS"   Ilni)
 Ill   niili'llllli ,
 .-  KiiiN'i' uiiii    (!;i r pun I L'l
in th" im" ni
(nllnwinii ivni'il"!
lll„,i„*, II.I'.    IN"  ■   I"'   M
i:il,I,- Hoili'i mi  -• *
Ono II ■ • I'-'*   'I"' ;"* Knaiiii' ,'iH' -  9
.„„,*,■" .Ill.'l. -I"""'   nut "Simili    I'M""-:      ♦   9   9   9   ♦   9   9<-   9   9   9   9  *9   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦>.»   9   9   ♦,«   >,'«,*,j      Gl'lltll)l'Onl{   is    putting    llll    t hi
iippoiiranoe of a city more and
I more I'liili wiiel,*.     Tile  appear
.ance of all "Auto" on the sii Is
ovory evening makes us fool wol
a,   ■■ I are up lo dale.    Mr.  ,1,   D,   Ml:
l.llllllUI    ,QAAt    (hnQ   11 J L DP  Hiide is to be congriiliilnleil  on
-.iw-.-i,,!'".'.' I""- D(       I  lO   01)  MflM)     lh"  lH'»nlifnl   machine   he   has
T i    tiHinr  -aw mill miilli (,  WmV (i| UXJXJt)  WIIUU  IHUHUI   ,,|||N||||      „  |g ft |,nlMt,.|fll| ,«,.„„
iiii'iiiii'ii in im i"N  "' """• , about," anil carries live passim•
nf Mlll.ti'i'iiiii   N   II Iti'iisonabl.. Price All Unrk i.,.„.',.i.l..""l f,„,,s       ,,„   WJM   „„„.   ,„, „,,,,. ,„
Ontml Mm  IMI,   I  "■-» W»i'l< >bel" '" »'<*»""i'        ,al{u |„ „|| U„, s|g|,|S „|' ,|„.  „„,.. ,
iiuiiii i.N'' im i ;i:iM' ' ';   ii i' rountllng country and  mil   lose
,v ll'iui,lmrl'«'urifiin, Oflice and Workshop  Lewis St, Armstrong Ave.   SiPiSS hom Imuoin time from Wlness,
i- |idllii'illui'.    TIllU N whal NltlliPt*
i.iii mii».i it ft inn- In Old worid,   ll U
Hit t Pitliu put liillLilit) liml |i||,|tilu<
i,- tiinHur jmi Hit;
Shil ing Six-Penny Pipe
in the World
r.aiv l'l,,. I.u.ir.nl.ad,
S(M:.n IN I ANAPA  TOR   fw.
"Shield Brand"
The Tobacconist
Cranbrook,   -
Wash Suits
Wash Skirts I
il;,     A Shipment of the Latest     it,
)K Styles per Kx press j|(
Suits $2.75, $3.75 and $5.00
Skirts $1.75, 2.50 and 3.50
Tliev are Choice Goods and will be picked up
quickly. -Uo not deluy in picking your choice ^
REID St CO. ;|
H<WNH*f^iMHa^*4B*il«ill*   ^!^^»iSHINilWlr^iMlr*aMS
i P. Burns & Co.
H»iu 081c* lor Eut KuoUn.y,;
Ui.ubrouk, B.C
^ Hoiul Oltlio,
fc C'al^uiy, AI bait.
% Wholesale mid Retell
Meat Merchants
_ Dealers in Abattoir and Cold Storage
E    Live Stock at Calgary. Alberta.


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