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The Prospector Jul 10, 1909

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UiirMf "I fcH' *■*
Vol. 1>j.
C/^4N/iKO(iK,   B.C.,   SATURDAY,     JULY   IO,   WOO.
No. 08
What an Old Country  Publication Says for it.
PerhnpB there la no country In tho
temperate /.one which run boast such
varied and beautiful natural scenery
,i,. British Columbia, Buys Canada, a
London, England publication. Mount
ui a. forest. i Ivor, stream, lake, sen
shore, homestead, orchard, form, all
sno represented between the Qreat l>i
vide ..I the Roclctofl uud the western
Bea coast ol Vancouvoi ism ml. Tho
Alps, although nni unworthy ol tholt
fame as the Britisher's ideal uf what
;i mountalnoUB country should he ure
rivalled by the towering snow clad
[leaks, the enormous glaclors, the
rushing torrents, clear snow (ed lakes
und wonderful Hora ol the sea of
mountains which heaves throughout
the Pacific province. The groat rlv
eis, Rowing past old world townB,
fomlliar to continental travollors,
possoSB historical associations which
render them doubly interesting, but
the rivers of British Columbia cleavo
their mighty way to the sen, amid
scenes of gloomy grandeur, by awesome gorges und ever rushing rapids,
of which none but those who have
seen run have nny conception. The
province's forests, of mighty cedar of
Douglas lir. each tree growing from a
base circumference of perhaps thirty
feet to a height of from ninety to a
hundred feet, ure among the wonders
uf the world. The const of the province, ironbound in puits, has us
majestic scenery us any to lie found
among the fiords of Norway. In other parts the snow swept down to
meet the sea from the primeval forests, ia stretches of shining sand. Inland, among the valleys of the great
rivers, around the shores of lakes,
und sheltering under the eternal hills,
cluster the homesteads,—clean wooden houses-with their neatly laid out
orchards, white with blossom, und
later red and golden with fruit, and
ranches with their herds nf grazing
cattle and horses. (Mi every hand an
object of wonder or a bountiful view
moots the eye, and even in those districts whore the hand of man hus for
0 time destroyed the beauties of nature in divesting tlie earth of its mineral riches, nature eventually assorts
herself and hides the scored nnd tho
seamed hillsides, ugly slag heaps and
other wreckage with flowering plants
ami luxuriant growth,
Mr. Robert Little, an Old Timer
in the District, died on July
2nd, at the Hospital at
Tlie deceased wus H7 years old and
ft native of the old country, having
come to Port Steele in 1897. He was
engaged in business at Hosmer, and
was a highly respected und useful citizen of the district. His many friends
will lie very sorry to heur of his untimely death, cut off in the very
prime of his life and much sympathy
will be extended to his father, two
brothers and throe sisters who survive him and reside near Carlisle ; also
to Miss .lessie Cunningham to whom
Mr. Little was engaged to be married.
All who had the pleasure of know
ing "Hob" Little will mourn tbc loss
nf ii friend always willing to help by
word and deed those who it wns in
his power to assist, and the memory
of his gcninl countenance, good humor and striking figure, will he hold in
loving respect. It wus his expressed
desire to be burled at Fort Steele.
Many frionds from Crnnbrook and
other points for want of notico, thnt
circumstances prevented being given,
rogfot having boon unable to attend
the last rite of respect to Mr. Little.
His remains wore taken to Fort
Steele and tbe funeral took place on
Sunday lust.
burial of Charles Diamond.
Moyie, .July r. The body of Charles
Diamond, who was drowned in Moyie
lake on Ihe afternoon of Juno 3, wm;
recovered yesterday by Hubert. Camp
bell, who wns out in his launch with
some other person*. The body was
fotind near the MncUoth place, almost
n mile below the pluce whore drown
ing occurred, It was lying foco down
within a short distance of the shore
and in live or six foot of water. The
body was in a fairly mood state ni
preservation considering the length
of time it was in the water. The bar
ial took place in Moyie today
The Newspaper Duy.
1 see a man pushing his way through
the linos
Of the copfi     where the work of the
"tire liond" shines',
"The Chief" I Inquire—but a firoman
replies :
"Oh no ! - Why     that's one of those
newspaper guys I"
l see a man walk through the door
of a show,
Where groat crowds are blocked by
the sign "H. R. 0,"
"Is this man the star, that no ticket he buys?"
"Star nothing, he's one of those
newspaper guys !"
T see a man start on the trail of   ri
And he scorns the police hut he brings
him to hook.
"Sherlock   Holmes?"      I   Inquire- but
somebody cries,
"Sherlock, H— I Nnw,    h«'n   one of
desu newspaper guys,"
And some day Ml puss hy the groftt
"nates of Gold,"
And nee a man pass through unquestioned und bold.
i   "A saint?" T'll ask, and old Peter'11
reply :
"No, he carries a push—Iio'h a newspaper guy."
—o— —o— was up Against a Nine
Largest Fleet Ever Gathered Crowds Assemble at Glace Bay
in American Waters.
RoCkpot't, Mass., July 7- Thirteen
battleships of the North Atlantic
squadron assembled oft" Capo Ann to-
lay uud ut siiusoL started to tbo
eust ward to engage in maneuvers oft
ihe Massachusetts coast. Later other
vessels will join them, and for the
next foui or Ave weeks intricate and
evolutions will  be carried
Colleries With Sticks and
Stones for Men at Work
Police Forced to Draw
Revolvers to Defend
On Saturday the (leet is expected
to put in un appearance from pro*
viucetown. which will he its base dur
lng tho opera tions in northern waters. The ships that will join the
deet as the movements progress Include four battleships, a dozen torpedo boats, destroyers and sabniar-1 the st
ines auxiliaries.
Ultimately Hoar Admiral Sea ton
Schroeder will have under his command the largest and most powerful
[leet of war vessels ever gathered ia
American waters, The concentration
of the tloot ol! Thatchers island today was impressive. Thousands of
spectators crowded every vantage
point on the rocks of {'ape Ann.
The ships in the licet were tbe Connecticut, flngship ; Vermont, Louis
iana, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire,
Wisconsin, Now Jersey, Minnesota,
Georgia, Rhode Island, Nebraska and
Idaho. Later the Missouri, Virginia,
Ohio and Mississippi will complete
tbe quota of 17 tirst class battleships.
Procuress Tries   to   use   Courts
to Secure Her Prey.
Chicago, July 5—Rlla Gingles, a
lace maker, charged with grand larceny of luce from her former employ,
or, .Miss- Agnes Garrett, took the wlt-
gess atand in her own defence in
Judge Bretano'a court yesterday.
Many women, prominent in church
and philanthropic work crowded the
room to hear the case.
The girl was taken stop by stop
from the time of her birth in the
north of Ireland 18 years ago, to the
day when she was charged with the
theft of the lace. She claimed that
the charge against her was manufactured uml when she left the stand her
attorneys promised that today she
would he allowed to go into all the
details of tho alleged -attack upon her
in the Wellington where she was
found unconscious in a bath and how
she Was almost forced into a life of
shame by women who pretended to be
friends.. Men for whom the women
were acting would be named also.
The young laeemaker said that she
wont  from   Ireland  to  Montreal two
Glace Kay, N'.s., July 7 -Riotous
scones at the collieries, an assault on
General Manager Duggan, tho conditio,
of tho riot act, the injury nf several
workmen, several arrests and the refusal ot Mayor Douglas of Glace Hay
to call out tbo troops at the request
of the company were the special features that marked the second day of
ko of the United Minoworkors
I America iu the employ of tbe Dominion Coal company. The strike assumed a violent form at No. 2 and
No. :i mines early in the duy,
A a enormous   crowd   composed    of
strikers, their friends and women uud
children ussembled     at tho collieries
waiting   for     tho men who were ex-1
pected     to     go to work.   Nearly all
carried sticks, stones uud eggs     and i
when the tirst man appeared they sur-
rounded him and a riot started. General  Manager Duggan and a posse of'
police charged the crowd to open   up
u way for the     Workmen to escape.
Mr. Duggan   was struck and slightly
wounded on the side of tho head and
several    women     and     children were
knocked down and a number were Injured.   The entrance to the collieries'
was finally     cleared and the rest of;
the  workmen     loyal to the company
were allowed     to no into tho mine!
without further interference.
At colliery No. 3 tonight the strikers are in charge of the situation.
There a mob, assisted by women and
children, attacned the men who want-j
ed to work ami prevented all but a
few from entering the mine. The police wete forced to draw revolvers to
defend themselves.
During the dny 2000 strikers surrounded the jail in which tbe prisoners, arrested this morning, are confined aud it was thought that an nt-
tempt would be made to storm tho
pluce and release the men. This however, did not. occur. The police are
practically powerless to control th?
disorderly element. Yesterday the
saloons were closed, but today they
were wide open again,
A coal train from Dominion No. 3
njine was hold up on its way from
the pit to-dny and derailed by tlie
General Manager Duggan has appealed to the towns of Glace Ray
and Dominion and the municipality
of Cape Breton for protection for his
men and property and each of these
       , , , .   i towns has sworn in special constables
years ago.   After woi'Ung^u.few weeks | Mftynr Douglns of Glace Hay has re-
""           'fused to sign a requisition calling out
n Montreal she came to Cgicngo and
rented a room in a boarding house.
Shu worked as a chambermaid during
the day and nt night made luce. She
said she was a struggling country
girl and as she told her story in a
low tone her blue eyes filled with
tears nt. times.
Among the organisations thnt have
taken the girl's side of the case are
ilie Women's Temperance union, the
daughters of the Confederacy and the
Catholic Women's league.
McBride Favers the K- 0. R.
Premier McBride, daring a recent
visit to Cranbrook said, "I quite
agree that the development of this
section of the province, particularly
the upper Columbia and Kootenay
valleys, will bo materially assisted
by the construction of the Kootenay
Central railway, and from reports at
hand, feel assured that we may expect to see construction under wuy in
tho very near future."
To The Editor.
The Prospector, Cranbrook, R. 0.,
Dear Sir - Would you kindly allow
me through your columns to draw
tho attention of members of the Farmers' Institute to the list of mem
hers posted  iu the post office.
I should be glad it all who have
paid their subscription for the car-
rent year would see that their nnme
is Included and would notify me at
once in case of any error or omis
Yours truly,
QH0, 11. A8HW0RTH,
Oranbrook, July r., L009.
I'dllor of the Prospector,
Through this paper Mrs. J. M. His-
souh und family wish to thank their
nuiiiy friends for their kind sympii
thy-in their hour of sorrow ut the
death nf a kind husband and loving
the troops.
Sufferers From Cobalt Fire Being
Well Cared for- Many Sightseers.
Cobalt, Ont., July fi—Thc town is
crowded with sightseers to view the
lire ruins. Tents are springing up nil1
over the ruins. The lots will be sur-:
veyed to get the proper alignment of
streets and the town will probably
impose building restrictions which
will prevent the further construction
of match boxes. Hundreds arc going
out of town and there is a land boom
at North Cobalt und all places within reasonable distance of cobalt. In
the meantime the homeless people arc
sleeping in tents, which have beon
laid out in military lines. The only
lack is experienced workers to raise
the tents as supplies frqm Toronto
and the militia department are ample.
The city Is now feeding and housing
about IS00 people in a tented city
nnd public buildings,
Lady-ttrey has Scarlet Fever.
Ottawa, July 6 Lady Grey and
Cnpt. Newton, A.R.C, arc suffering
from Scarlet fever. The former is at
Itideau hall and tbe latter has been
removed to tbe isolation hospital.
Lady Grey seems to have contract
ed the disease in Toronto while attending the meeting of the Interna
tlonal Council of Women, itoth patients are reported as making as
good progress as possible today, Karl
Grey, who Is at. present in England,
has heen acquainted will the illness
of Lady Grey. Anxious enquiries
poured into government house this
morning from all over tbo country,
One of the tirst to enquire was Sir
Wilfrid Laurier.
From Sandpoint and
Succeeded in Bumping out a Tie.
The local team played great ball
nnd ottly allowing the visitors to
make one run, which wus made in the
hist half of the fourth Innings. The
visitors treated Cranbronk to goose
■ eggs in every Inning until tbe last
half of the ninth when the Crnnbrook
bunch pulled themselves together,
making u ran, tlelng the came, which
. owing to darkness was brought to a
The game was exciting enough lor
the most enthusiastic (an, und was
anybody's game up to its finish.
The following score tells a story of
a  royal battle :
Sandpoint 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0—1
Cranbrook 0 Dill) 0 0 o 0 1--1
Barry for Sandpoint made u three
base hit, also securing the single run.
: Miller also, just to be in line with
1 the crack player from the Point, also
I made a three base hit and the run
: that tied the game.
Warner,    pitcher     for     Sandpoint
struck out     seven men and allowed
I one man     to walk to first, and the
I Cranbrook team while hitting freely,
did not succeed     in placing the hall
. where runs could he  mgde.
:    Wyndell, for Cranbrook, struck out
'five men, pitched great ball, the vis-
' itors popping up Hy after Hy     right
j into the hands of the Infield.
!    Errors—Two for Crnnbrook and two
for the visitors.
Oranbrook had seventeen men on
first, six reached second, one to third
aud one the home plate.
Sixteen Sandpointers reached first,
six reached second, one to third, and
one the home plate. '
The game was notable (or the
steady piny of each nine. It was
the clear goods and no spasms of errors and misfits.
ft was the best game of ball played
on the Cranbrook diamond this year
Jim Bates umpired the game, giv
ing perfect     satisfaction to players.
fans and to about 600 spectators.
Sandpoint vs. Cranbrook.
The second game between Sandpoint
and Cranbrook was played on Sun
day afternoon. While the game on
Saturday wns a battle between the
pitchers, the second game was notable for the heavy batting and run
getting. The features of the game
was a three base hit by Rambo of
Sandpoint, a home run by Wendel.
nnd a three base hit by Sullivan.
As us^al J. Dates umpired the
game in a most satisfactory maoncr.
The seme hy Innings was ns foi
tows :
Sandpoint 0 0 10 3 0 3 0 0—7
Cranbrook 2 2 2 0 4 0 0 2-12
N. Dakota vs. Cranbrook.
Tho game of ball between a nine
fmm the University of N. Dakota and
Cranbrook was played Wednesday evening. Conditions were not favorable
for u close and exciting game. The
score was as follows :
N.  Dnkotl 2 3 5 0 3 0 10 2—16
Crnnbrook 0 0 7 0 0 002 2—11
'Noted   Lecturers   Speak   to
Cauipars Take Warning.
Wit In,vu tint lime to onlnrge on otic
i>( the licwt. acta on our Provincial
stntnto book, "the protection ot our
lorosta Irom lire" but wo would can
tion pronnootorB, campers and loggers
ngalnut. any violation ol this plain,
strict and sensible law. One aitaln.
on Wednesday, Pornto was tbroatonoii
by a serious lorost Ure from the west
and wn must nxerclso every precaution iiKtilnKt tho BOttlng nt these iiith
nnil to tho protection of our (orests.
(lot-Thhir Donerts.
An Old Swindler.
Tbc Rov. Mr. Duy, n Macotlonin
minister, who gathered In as ostinv
iited something like twenty thousand
dullni'H, which lie pocketed, is now
represented us being a Turkish consul
in Persia.
Have Gained a Point
Tbe king lias directed Unit the pet
Itiim ol the suflragottcs bo presontotl
tho homo secretary,
ed   In
Central  Asia Shaken.
Mlehael Dougherty, .Initios (libsnn,
and p, Madlitan wore itlvon two yenni
In tho Now Westminster penitentiary
for robbing one, Frank Hoberto, ot
Mill Strlcklor, a eon man gut three
years for touching .1. A. Ilunlup lor
J7IUM) with a lake diamond.
This gang ol rustlors were taken to
Westminster on    Thursday In charge I day afternoon t
of Constables Adtuiis and Uteveuu.     | llcenso bylaw.
Simla, India, .Tilly 8—A sovoro oarth
shock occurred ot three o'clock this
morning and wns felt from Howolpln-
■II to Ohltrnl. Bovornl houses were
thrown down.
The Cranbrook Brick Company,
Limited, with a capital ol 150,001),
has been granted a certificate of incorporation.
Band Concert.
The band, under tbe direction of
Ilnndmustcr Corrison, will render the
following program on tho new hand
stand Monday evening next ;
Concert March. "The Japanese Brigade, "—Nirello.
Walti, "Sweet Remembrance,"—St.
l'lxcerps from Gournods "Faust."
Processional,  "tlormanla,"  Knsner.
French National Anthem "La Mar
Intermezzo, "Sweet Violets." -Powell.
Two Stop. "1 wish I had a girl."-
I.e Roy.
The Maple Loaf Forever.
Clod Sapo the King.
Dritain Must Hold Command  at
London, July 5—Speaking at South
port on Saturday night Mr. Asquith
said that llrltaln could not afford to
lose command of the sea. To secure n
continuance ot the union of the em
lure naval strength was as tbo os
sonoo of life. He considered that bo
curity was being menaced now, not
necessarily from deliberate In .utility,
but from the natural development ol
other nations, and said that the government looked forward with hope
and eontldonoo to the result ot the do
liberations of the defence conference.
$100 Prize for a Fire Esoape.
 u  0-
British Columbia's First Min- A. D. Wheeler Expects Metal
ister on Dominion Day. to Sell Well.
Th« annual spring meeting uf the
Cranbrook-Kernie Km huts' Institute
was buhl on Friday last when a good
audience wus present to hear addresses from Mr. Middlcton of Vernon and
Mr. Buy lis of Victoria. The lecturers,
who ariive;l in tbe city on the ptev
lous day, nuule u thorough exploru
tion of the district and also visited
several ranches, and were enthusiast-
le as to the quality of the soil und
its suitability for garden crops ami
fruit culture.
Mr. Middlcton, who has lived in the
Okanagan district lor seventeen years
stated that with one possible excep
tion, the district around Crnnbrook
contained a larger area of cultivated
land than any other in Kast Kooteii
ay, and whilst there had been a cer
tain amount of winter killing among
fruit trees, where varieties suited to
the district were planted, he found
them quite hardy. He also remarked
that if suitable varieties are planted
fruit grown here will he a credit to
llritish Columbia and thut it would
be impossible to get u better fruit
Mr. Baylis, in advocating poultry
raising, stated that at the present
time the province is importing poul
try nnd eggs annually to the value
of 11,500,000 from the eastern provinces, besides what is brought in from
the States, and called attention to
the fnct that the demand is steudil>
A hearty vote of thanks to tin
speakers concluded one of the most
interesting and instructive meetings
yet held by the institute.
At tbe National Industrial Exhihi
Hon to be held in Toronto, Canada,
from August 2X1 h to September I4tll,
tiro escapes are to be exhibited under
the auspices of the Commercial Trail
el's' Association of Canada. The as
si.nation will give a prize of $mu tn
the inventor of the best tire escape,
The selection will be made by the
Ontario government, and In all pro
.—r~M   . fl,   , ,   .-Inability tho successful lire escape will
(1. M. Jndd of Port Steele was   In bfl plm>(;(1 |n mfiny hoW| m yjj |mi
town Friday. vlnco of Ontario.   The conditions    of
,   .,       >f    ii    iinin.it      and  the contest may he obtained by     ud
datnt.?UofMWnrL wor^OmnhroSk -losing the OoUerelal Trader's As-
"rIP-f-i   i „ (location of Canada, Toronto, Can.
vl al tors Friday.
Tbe Municipal ( ouncll mot
insider the
'trades    Itel"'ut It—""Shiloh'j Cure will   al-
I ways  fiuis  my  coughs   and   c«Jdt."
Provincial Road
Fernie, July 6—The provincial government has long realised the neces
sity of a wagon road through tin
Crow's Nest Pass and have now is
sued instructions for the construction
at once. Parts of the road have nl
ready heen completed but thnt sec
tion between and Crow's Nest has
not heen surveyed nor has connection
been made between Hosmer and Mi
chel A. Cummlngs, P.L.8., will pro
ceed immediately with the survey oi
the uncompleted sections and work ol
construction will be commenced with
out delay.
Owing to the destruction of the hell
at the tire hall during the big fin
last August the ringing of the curfew
has heen suspended since that date
until last night when the old custom
was again inaugurated.
The contract for the construction
of tbe pipe line from Fairy ('reek for
the municipal water works has heen
let to a local firm of contractors and
work will he commenced immediately.
The many friends of Sandy Mcltau
gall, president of the Fernie laimhei
Compnny, will regret to bear that he
is confined to the hospital through
Additional LooaU.
Peck's Bad Hoy, at the Edison
theatre tonight.
Eighteen hundred feet of new Dim
at the Edison theatre tonight.
Cantaloupes and Watermelons ut
Stewart's today,
P. S. Idington was up from Muy-
ook Thursday.
A. J. Riley of Edmonton was at the
Cranbrook  Friday.
J. G. McCullum was at Fernie this
A. B. Macdonald and M. It. King
were at Spokane this weeh.
F. A. Russell was at Calgary this
week on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cowing of
Chatham were Cranbrook visitors on
D, J. McHweyn left on Thursday on
a holiday trip tu Seattle and other
coast cities.
13, L. Oarley and M, (1. Tuft, ol
Brownvlllo, were guests at the Royal
O, Pldgeon and R. B. Durum of
Perry Creek were in town Wednes
Mr. and Mrs. Ash Kenned) of Winnipeg, were at Cranbrook this week
visiting their son Mr. John Kennedy.
A. /.ella Atwood and Miss Winni
feed Keith of Itavelock, Nil., were In
the elty Tuesday.
J. T. Pate of New York and ll. ti
Tod nf Toronto were ut the Cran
brook Thursday.
I). Landen of Spokane and J. C.
Donahue ol Chicago, wen- guests at
the Cranbronk Friday.
A. It. Sbeiwin of Montreal and T,
F. Greon of l.os Angeles were in town
II, MrCowan of    the   Sash St Door
factory was at Fernie this week     on
company business.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sutherland1
returned Sunday last from a visit to
the const.
The  lloyal  Bank  ol Canada has is
sued its annual  report, copies of It
being sent to every business man in
I .list, evening tbe members of the
Baraca and Phllathoa classes and the
choir of the Baptist church met at
the home of tbe Rev. Mr. nnd Mrs.
King, when a very pleasant time was
The following from tbe pen of pre
mier McBride appeared in the Dominion day issue of the Winnipeg Tele
gram :
Victoria, June 86' Many Canadians
living today well remember the event
ful hriit of July that ushered the
Dominion of Canada Into existence,
"The West," tbe magic laud now,
with lightning changes bringing about
n marvellous transformation In the
development, of half u continent, was
then hardly given a passing thought,
the prairies vaguely known as lying
beyond the great lakes, ami British
Columbia rarely heard of.
Time has brought its changes tin
growth, the enterprise und the spirit
of tbe west ure the dominant note:
in Canada now. Thither press tin
waves of Immigration, its commerci
is the prize (or which the great rail
roads ure struggling in competition
the center ol population is moving
rapidly westward and Increasing re
presentation in parliament at Otta
wa is gradually striking a balanci
between east and west.
Aud with it all comes responsibili
ty,   Growing     In    stature, in wealth
und strength, Canada holds a Inrgei '
place in the eyes of the world,     aud
must take upon herself her due pro
portion    of    those duties which inn
loyalty imposes, not as a burden, but
but from a sense of self respect and i
realisation     of tbe inestimable prlvf ;
lege of being an ever increasing pow \
n in the empire.
The western provinces have especial
ly imposed on them the empire build
ers' work, ussimiluting the newcom
ers and ever keeping alive the trui
spirit of patriotism in its best sense
a   D   Wheeler ol Alnsworth,   came
in on tin- Spokane train lust night
after n visit to Brie where be bus
been Inspecting some mining proper*
Mr. Wheeler Speaking to a representative of the Dally News, with reference to tin' situation stated that
he expected to see a rapid rise in the
price with the near future. Ho would
not be surprised if the BO cents regarded by many mini- owners us a
price at which the majority of tbe
Slorun and Alnsworth silver lead
properties may be operated at a reasonable profit, were considerably ex
Apart from the tremendous and
■ver increasing amount of the metal
used for art purposes, for the manufacture of Jewelry, feminine nicknames
etc.', India, Belgium. Germany and
Mexico as well ns several other conn
tries were either again buying silver
u* bad given indications of shortly
loing so.
Another point was. Bald Mr Wheel
'i, the possible but improbable chance
that the one time much discussed bi
netallism might become a recognised
international system and the price of
illvcr become fixed as is gold under
he present monometallic system.
S'olson News.
Death of Mrs   R   S.  Aikens.
It is with the deepest regret that
we chronicle tbe death of Mrs. Loulsi
May Aikens, the saddest event thai
has taken place iu Cranbrook duriin
the past year.
It is about fourteen months sinci
Mr. Aikens brought his newly weddci
wife to Crnnbrook, and since thn
time Mrs. Aikens endeared herself t.
.i host of friends.
Mrs. Aikens recently guve birth ti
u baby girl, and to all appearance)
was getting along nicely, until Tiles
day afternoon, while engaged in Bonn
trifling household duty suddenly fel
over and died instantly nf heart fail
When the tirst report of Mrs. Aik
•*ns death wus announced it war
hardly credited, but when it wm
known to be a fnct, symputby for tin
bereaved husband and parents wen
expressed in the most heartfelt man
ner. The funeral was held on Thurs
lay afternoon onder the supervisloi
of Undertaker W. R, Beatty from tin
English church, Rev. Mr. Flewellim
The following named gentlemen act
ed as pull hearers : Warren DcBeck
Alex, Ingram, J. Davis, William llar
ris and A. G. Blaine.
The remains were interred iu tin
English Church cemetery and the fun
eral cortege wns composed of a largi
number of relatives and friends.
Frank Murphy, who has been taking a course in pharmacy at u col
lege in Toronto, returned home Mon
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Wilson, und
Nurse Harrison, who were at Calgarj
this week attending the big ngrtctil
turn) fair, returned home Friday.
The picnic of the Methodist Sunday
School was held lu the grove near
St. Joseph creek on Thursday afternoon nnd was "the best ever." The
children, both large and small, tool
much amusement out of the swings,
races and bull games, and fun run
high till twilight.
The Kpworth League held its usual
meeting at eight o'clock on Tuesday
evening with Mr. Broughton in the
chuir. A very Interesting paper on
"God's Providence," was given by
Rev. R. Hughes, followed by the roll
call. A very pleasunl eveufng was
spent and a hearty invitation is ex
tended to all.
Work is rapidly progressing on the
new school house, The foundation i-
iibout completed and workmen won
engaged in laying the bi« floor tlm
hers this week. The concrete is
about finished, and brick laying com
menced. When completed the new
school house will be one of tbe most
modern and lintodnto buildings lu the
Meet your friends at Stewart's Ice
Cream    parlors,    the popular resort
these     hot     days   "Hoxalw t"  Ice
('ream, and "Stewart's" Fruit Ice
Cream  Sodas touch  (be  right  spot.
Mrs. W. A Boyer and her nephew
Mr. C. J Fuller, tourists, from Min
nenpolls, were in i 'rnnbrook Friday,
and they leave today for the big fair
at Seattle.
II. I,.  Rnthweii, accountant at the
Crnnbrook branch of llie Bunk id
Commerce has been transferred to
the Nakusp branch as manager,    He
bit on Thursday's train.
threshed out by Parliament w,> argue  in    favor or the  protection     of
your bouse by good paint, honestly
applied by skilled workmen, costs a
little more than the CHEAP kind
slapped on by "tramp painters" who
size up the situation und Judge by
eii.dinr conditions if you ure waiting
for Cheap John Paint and Painting.
We expect to renin in in business und
cannot afford to use anything but
the best material or employ other
than skilled workmen and when we
do work we do it right—not. cheap.--
B. U. abort.
mpriBsion of Trip Through  the
Kootenay Valley.
After describing tbe trip to Revet
itoke, Golden and the valley of the
Columbia motoring on to Cranbrook
mil Fernie completing the tour, the
uremler added i
li cannot be long before the Col*
lmhian valley with its unsurpassed
scenery, its mines, timber, agrlcul-
lire and grazing Inntls, is alive with
lopulatlon, Fruit growing on the
benches has been most successful
a here tried, and to all this must be
uliled big game bunting, shooting
ind fishing. It is un ideal spot for
ihe tourist,.the lover of Bcenery, or
tin- sportsman to spend a holiday,
und the settlement 1 look to go
ip.ice, especially when the much de-
dred railway is built through the valley,
"Fernie bus shown u marvellous
buoyancy in     rising triumphant from
he disaster of a year ago.   Traces of
be fire thnt bud practically destroy*
<>il the town, are being rapidly oblit
irated, building is proceeding at a
tremendous rate, and I was informed
chat the business blocks under con
it ruction, or for which plans have
been drawn and contracts let. amount
o 1800,000, while adding residences
uul churches for which contracts are
>t. the amount totals $850,000, or
practically a million dollars.
To sum up 1 wish to emphasise the
net that the stay at home person
does not for a moment realise the
lilge changes taking place in tbc province, the amount of settlement going on, and the quantity of land being  brought  into cultivation.
Will Install Sawmill.
Two carloads of sawmill machinery
bus arrived at Cranbrook consigned
to C. II. Pollen, which will be installed on property own'.'d by Mr.
I'ollen north of the Skookum Chuck.
W. K. Worden has the contract for
the freighting ol the machinery to
the tnlllsite.
Canadian Oaptian Asked to Haul
Down Flag by Police of Stan
ford, Conn.
Stanford, Conn., July 4—Because
he flew a British (lag on the main
must of bis vessel here today Capt.
i'. B. Merrlam, of the British schooner King Josiah, aroused the ire of
some patriotic Americans and they
made complaint to the police. Chief
of the police Brennan went down to
the canal and had a talk with Capt.
Merrlam after     getting bull a dozen
c plaints by telephone, and the cap*
i.iin  hauled down tbe  British flag.
"It is ridiculous," nc said, "to And
fault with the display of my flag. I
ran it up as a mark of respect to the
United  Stat'-s.    I  have done the same
I ihum in Boston, New York and other
Vmerlcan ports and no complaint
wns made. In fact it would be disrespectful to the United States if I did
not run up my ling on this holiday.
If I happened lo he mi a foreign port,
say Spain or Italy and did not display my British flag on a holiday the
captain ol  tho port would order me
I to do so.   I     »as trying to do the
nice    i hinj.',
Merrlam Is r
was all." Captain
('ougar Killed hy Elk
Astorlo, Ore., July 7 Evidence of
a desperate battle between forest
giants in which a bull elk killed a
cougar has Just been found In tbe
gorge of Big Creek, near here The
animal that wus killed measured nine
feet from tip to tip, one of the larg
est ever seen in ClntSOp county, The
elk also must have received severe
wounds and  may     have  wandered off
in the mountains to die
Where the flifbt ..enured the ground
1 wns literally plowed up GO feet, showing thnt the Btrugglo hnd been a long
and bitter one The body of the cougar, which wn* found by fishermen,
wns a muss ol cuts and bruises.
RnWorth Bros donated u handsome
belt pin to every lady thnt succeeded
| in climbing Mount Uaker last week. -M* I.
viir iiuiRPSornn,   oiuniirook,   n.  c , batdrdat, july io, wa.
********************** , ,        - ,                      ,              the numlwi  now  .cm  b> yueuec, tin w.w<"?*.m.«.x..m..:«;»:-:-w;"?   ♦♦->♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦«•♦♦♦♦♦    4
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦     yYlvu   llt-rtfilJiiC+rtl-,    "uivutal"  province    This c iKe will • *     ■_,.,*♦ **
X PiwTilwt^V  ♦       '    anw+'mv*.      imtl A, („,,,„ lt „ „,„ a   Professional   •• ||)r. i;. w. Coimolh ♦ ♦
*                                                          * timiil win 11 1 In- west will bo 111 n poni    •.••.".••.•'.".••.".••.••.••.••.••■••.".".*•.••.••.".".••.•  J       I'HVSICIAN   imi Si in.1 n\       T  I
:    Livery
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦! ******************* *************************
* We ask vim to call und trj     t
* ..ui  new Consignment ol new    *
* uud     Up-to-date    rigs     loi     ♦
^     Wintei    and   Summei     .lusl    *
 elved Toppli und   Itellublf    J
Horses    ni    yoin    dispnsul     *
Give   them   n   uml ivtul u'     0
I - j: 11  -      111 ♦
* ♦
A. B. Givice-,
l'l'lU.ISIIKK     AMI    EDITOU.
tion  u. i-.tmiuiinl tin' uttentiou fr.'iu
the tederttl  government  whloli liithi1
,,. has licen retlised    Columbian.
I    It is suspected Unit 11 heathen thm
sticks to Ills Idols is mure to be imsi
average      June   matrimonial e,l than n Chinaman tlml i> convert
mislsts uf 11  leading lady und [oil with an eye to worldly tilings
llllfl'lslui'is uml Solicitors,
utility mull
I    It has become .1     question whether   \\'     1      1   I   I'll
tans  al   Cranbrook   tljln»- the nmrdcv ot the Slgel girl was   th,.   "'   ''   l,t   t\U.
tor   having   ;t   Iwll  .!,,„.,   h.. ,,,. r 1  Ik piikr 1,        ■ ,     ■
ItlUTislnr,   Snlii'il
I'buhl. Dili™ III:,    llralileiiiiu 11
■.  ,,i,l time ui nil.
government will nut ci
I st revolting Feature ,,1 tin1 ctu
The niilwiiy.    commission has ruled
..hut   it  Im.-   jurisdiction over  Anu'n
tations on the nortli   mn lll)W il(1Hu.   hmilmi ,„ Vnnaaa
ll    yutl    W.lllt   .-   1 rib lull?;
C!luH'i>laU'      in        lliost
Scwpults   ill    I Iii    I'.ilm.
\\ .     h.ivi     1 1-1     it*-:.'
.1    I.hl;.'      : it'<
Soli    \ grills  t"i
1 raiilirtiiik,
• • • •
very Indication ul tt large
the Kootenaj valley, und
1 uci - hnyins will be com
Slnety IB ■■ pei i eiit. ol the sawmilh
in  the  K uu) -  are now   in opera
tion, und the demand for lumbei from
the pmii Ie pru*i luces ia Inci ensln.
■  •■   ■■..'.   ip ■ ■• nl thai  lint
t-cn hed  I ranbl lui Inn  the   pasl
1  h   !:..-  been    ibserved   on   the   tei
A coi poral    n     tai      ii nlnet)  de
nut l     ■    t.rtstlt itlonal   In
terenl  n   would  Im ve  .11  Jail 1
i-'i-ln imi j
1    H hi HA J J1V1      When
.   in?)   ure opened     , :■   oil  will
_____———— ————     ..11-      im     pea
_^^ - -
x11'cllll-.   JL/GZcill      ii, ii
i,|< SKRAL I1LACKSMI 1 II  ;,"';' than ]
some    poi ti< ilto thi    ■ .   holdup.
LUKl Posslbly thai
llubber Tlrea Applied
To Buggj  Wheels
Parsons  v.
the  Pnfatr     Fan
[allun      '       .   ■   ■  ■
now on bi ieh
4UKNTS    FOK    CANADIAN i'Y<'l.l
INB  MOTnlt GO'S  BK Yi'l.KS
[f you owe I
i.- th.- time '.'■■-■:■■■.
the ■
i   hperinlty. hi ndred fears
V. 0,   Box  813.   im nhc to     m
I    W.   GLINE   |
X l-'lrsl i'la--  Work in
♦ ul!   Iirnni-hiw  ,.l  tho
\ . \ I I  Ml
, ♦
., ♦
l  W \ \ l ll.'l u'k ,   III      oiiiul    Al   McKlNSlltY B   livim   iiahn   *
ri; VNIIROOK,  in    X
|.   \V,   KT I l.l'.IUil',
M M V      V S
I'ltAN'UKUOK,   U.r   lira,1,i,tt.l1'|,,,"'",,■ 1t,"l""'1,j   |V„l''	
i.iM.linii.-iiii.i MihIuIIhI ol McKlllijiN
The Quebec bridge, which is part ol   (',.    II      ClIOMI'SON, ■•rlimry I'nil ,(  ago, I
the Truilscontlncntal system, tell   on lliii-l"i.sliM'   Stilii'lni    illlil
the : uu ul  August,  11107    It   is   now \   ,. ,      iLi.i
learned thai  tin   officers u| luted by N'"'" >   ' '"""
the governir.™i   to decide what to do Ulllw   lli-lil lliiili " ' •'»" ■ ""•'" » "» >'»i'
next are divided In opinion whether
■ he uih il ncl ire li sti onji enough loi
ilu ..,■.,   :,: h   .     i mil ilni   question
ol ■ ,■,;   ■ noi ' own whei h
iridge will be  lie nld  ilte
,,i ., new    one   'Phis    ■ nol much    to
KoffUllMVil       mi' i        ,,l        III
l',,lllllll.in     ,\wiit<lll	
I' \ U Is I   Iv
I'. I, H   A   i   I
ii;wr.ii'iu'K   in
j    I    I  UD1  \\\
Mining  Kiiuin,., i   uml
III'   I iiiml  Sin-voyiif,
I'll WIlKODK, II r
M-iim.i.n itarbei
nw  I... i,iiitut in (li
I   Burnand,  P
4   honored.
♦ Tonsorial   Art ♦   / summit
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ' romInKKcroaJ
_^————^—--—-—   ,l"'    'artlatk
l the Cranlirrn
A   woman      ns   senn t
years in the penitent iurj 11 treat
ing her daiiKhter     If it had    een
man up tor beating
T   probabl>  have eiscaped  n li h   ;
ijf,   .i\  tine or a nninth s imp!
4 Tbe kniffhtim?     of  Hi nry W
4> Punch's "Toby,  M.P   "  In the   I   trj
♦ bul ion of bii thday  honoi > is nol
▼ Rrat  royal     recognition m England
■  mt ho    ni
the metropolis
,      ,:,■[      we 11
:    ,   .. titwn thai
■   .  ■ •   ■■ ■     ■ ■
a , iow you -. ;. m  i'l"-
.■■■ .    I tit.- peo
. ni i      health
pi impeiotis and  hupp)
A ■
nil biisii:. you     a
■   ■ [Hl<       ;-':
■ v          I i m    i vei
rithi                      ' '.<■■ seel ion id   Ul ll
Mi ■"   iM ■■■■ \   !      lltU   ill  ^ !'.'!.
[thi    ession    M ■;.,.   ,.,,   CmnHalh    Invlled
itrikin     ex
n  wliich the koi K    W,    itr\fs,   tt    Preaidenl
Wm      Anderson,     Secretary
■ c.   Thi    iffii i       \,■!•[,• i '\w slclau. I' «'  ii«^ '>
Rossi inJ
een In
ector but
,■   Meets :u l'arn«»'a Hull Jid aid lib   ^,vl,v,1,wltv,VrtAii¥^'iWWWiiW,,iWiViiii^
v'K'ANIJRiVk   Al  RIE 967
P. O. E.
I'lU'll'l' I'KAXItlUHlK, S943
loll,.,     .„
1 I'iii'iniiv Work u
mil St,ii
li KsllllllllOfi
in n
nil A|i|ilii:i
K.   H
r> i
I'i I'll
1' \ 1  \\
ANBROOK,  11.0.
Calgary   Cattle   Co.
Fresh  nnd Stilted Ments,
Fish nnd Poultry in seuson,
LOTS     OF     FINE     YOUNG
Orders by Mail will ficeivi prompt attention.
Order by Phone, 45.
********************** **********************
H.   W.   DRKW.   Proprietor.
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
NO.  126.   II. A. M,
lli'jiiilui' nie,.iiiij!h: 'lm\ Tu,
day in i'ui'Ii imiiitli ut .'iu
m.lHt, [eam lie is I
•il     throtiKh rendu
BtralRhl    tl„.in:
I.   Nu,,In Herald.
IVi'k will
h.'   "look"
'tnl t
r,l   lui"
'■» |    Ki'iirtli nf .July is tin' national day
'"' tin' iieopl      the United Stuii^',
letcctlvei   Hunk  that the  re
li. Iiuldun was done by n lol
■s    Mit-lil  In.v.- been u lol ol
I incrcliunM tiynu' to ucl  oven ,m tin
8ioin»chtroubleI. buta irinnimii ot, »iul nol   ,     ,  , '"tl!i   '','"' l"'ovlnelal Koyern
ki iMIl a trin illMau.   W„ lliink ol llj»P"|.<la,     "" nl   llns   (illcl'ccl      u   rewul'll   ol  J25HI
Ilearibiirn, anil Inillgiutlonai real tllsnawis. ye*    .ut.l ib,- CI.I1.It. ., nlniilur  mil  f,,i
Re^VjuikiS-nothlnjeL? ' '*"*'" "'""''' ' ''' "|,Ura "' ""' Imntlita
It wai till, tact that nril tio'rrectty led Dr. Shoop ! * * • •
In tin- .i..iu,,.i, nl that now VI i- i„,|,u'in sininecn
Kemeilr—Pr. SIiooii'i Restorative   Oolim 'lir.'i't
,,. II,,' ..I.HllHrll ll.,rV''H. Hli„l» l,|'..llKllt Ihl.l R '..*   ,
and lavor to llr. Shoop aniUiUlloBlpratlvi;. Willi- |l bo pooplii ol Cluimila,  while they
i'lu'' t Iijiriii.ii I,, ii celebration nii
iiiai day by Anicrlcnn residents, thoj
li.ivi' ;. mom ilecltlcd objection objec
tion i" Ihe celclii-nlliig ,,i II  when   II
Imppcin to     cm n a Sundiiy.     It
would imi be allowed in the United
States to relcbrate on Hiinduy, nnd
wiiy .sh.ml,i Aitierlcnn visitors nnd re
-'•I'M'•■• he allowed to tin In t'unada
'■'■''ni is n,,i ullowed in tholr own
[.ut that nriirliiai aii.l liiuiily vital prlariple, no
•iirhla'liiif ui'i'iimpli'l 'I- w.t.. .'v.-r t„ I,,' Iiinl.
for.! htIi .llslr...,. I.I inir. I.illiini,ii|.n^. iiii.l
I.I..UII, ami iu,ll«w complexion, try Dr, SIlCOll'l
Keilomtlve—Tablet, nr l.i.iuid-anil .ee fur rollr-
enll wl,.I il rail and will do.   We Mil ami ibeer
lull, r.i'iiliiiii.ml
Dr. Shoop's
ellnlile      I'.i'iil   -.il.' i
i'i,n.,.hi Hide
d'nili lly , niiiilri
•lb' |.ii|nilnrlty nl mu  slock   which
i     1'ii.v.ii nn limi'.ii ti    s..il,  iiiaklne
. .ill       1 i.'-h    in.I      Imli.s   lli.' ,li,t   .mil
lunger lived  thnn const   urown utoek.
i.-   nr', n...i|.',li;i'il   by   I'.pcrl n ml   nun
Wo     in.,: ,■    n n|iec nlty "    n ,win
the wheal   liehls ..( Manltohii
comes Hi.. .limn.il crj   for  help,   Man
llnliit .iloiii- will ask h.r not less thai
Ull,mill men.   Mnskatelicwiin und Albei
in will want as inuny more    The em
| ploymeiil  burcniis will be kc|it work
inn.'  oveitiiiie   in   lirineiui:  the  lilbol-el
"" ™. I i" bis work    While tbe time is shod
,""    and  the I -a lonB, the work ,,f thi ,
* n'"1   Inrm I rer     iieeseiiis n,,,,,.. .,„     lead
Thursday ot each month at I p.m
"' LV<       -b.rli '»
'".... .i  ,  u £
*    McCow.1, CUiet   Manser   5
expel C\ A. Abbott, 8ecr«t»ry.        if
',.1  .     '!■ '■   J
:'   He     Tisitiuw llrethren made welcome.       £
TI.'-."-; . :j
: j
''•;.' **********************]^
..       .".'/. '.'';;.; X   mpie leaf mim lodge   ♦ |
th,   regular |   ♦  |
■''   ''''    A     Weets   .vetv second and lourll)     •   S S.
sign in-; J   Wcdn.Sda, ol new Fraternity   ♦ *mw#mmmmmmmmmmmxt
Mountain Chapter i ********************** **********************
Sojournlny C'oiii|innloi.H   ure   s
H'lllallv inviieii. i
ll   I.. i:htmwi:i,i., SuHlie !•:.   |
llox 4       CHANHHOOK, H. C,
n pfli     meni     Hi    PatU
hud   Ireen   superseded,   an
the action nl  the patron,
t im' .
! ♦      Hall.    Sojourlnt]   RebeKahs   cor
dially invited.
sd men who  ♦    Mrs-F. E. Simpson,  Noble Grand
.1   supuerted : ^    *da ^- Hlckenbotham, Secretary
Repeat It—"Shiloh's Cure will   always   cure   my   coughs   and   polile,"
id  sh,
utB many attrc
he very satisfactory
■fii ordianry physical
There Is     no     longer any room for
speculation  aa  to  the future ol     the
city of ' rani k    Surrounded by   a
ric'h mineral district, the best and the
most fertile of rich agricultural areas
inhabited by a thrifty and enterpris
it li class "i business men, tlie centre
if ti va.-i empire, the railway termin-
il nf transcontinental lines, with all
roads and trails that lead from every
mining and lumbering camp In Southeast Kootenay, Cranbrook Is not only thr largest city in the district but
it. Is the most important by long odd
from » commercial and railway point
nf view. It is the distributing centre
for this vast territory of mineral
ilehln which surround it. It is also
the centre of a large lumbering dis-
ttiri. Prospectors, miners and lumbermen from Pilot Bay to Rlk river,
from the International boundary to
the Windermere district are dependent
upon its merchants foi supplies, and
consequently they make their headquarters within the gates of Cranbrook. Then- is no argument then
potenl to the common judgment, why
Cranbrook it the present time, and
in the near future, will not he the
y   of   this   large and  grow
ine district. No railway to he const met eil ni the future can escape us,
and its promoters will not try, as
public enterprises stand  ready  today
Man      Island h   naval     astronomer   to build t ■ from the city.     There
ys he has proved that the moon is n" doubt but that Cranbrook is
is a free planet until roped Into I now, ami ever will be the commercial
ptivity  by  our own  globe    Motbei '  entre of 'Ins district. These facts are
Stone & Wellington
stock   tor  llritish  Columbia  nnd  ship   tinrth having     established this prece
ii carload to that  province, dent      in     land  grnbbtng,  who nhall
A    permanent      situation   to   right   wonder henceforth at the greed other
man, with territory reserved, children, especially flu- grafting bang
Pay  weekly;  ft'"*- ..uttit     Write  for   ers on ol tin' liberal party as Slfton,
particular!. Burrows,     and   othei    of     the land
nibbing fame and notoriety
The  Liberal    ippotiJl on   In  thu  prn
FONTHII.I.  NI'KSKKIKS   Uncial      te i latum   have  I n  f,,nl\:
<»n ;r~;;.::;■...i..:r..:T^SS>»« pwihphotor ,s „p-to
!ni""" ' Brnmunl     ia  administering   iflaii DATK Is-' ITS JOB WORK. HlVtf    !
--------------   hi ,. bintine     .I-. the countrj I
 -n_        ii pprnUH   ind  there   in   do l s  A   l,llAI'
any kind.   Thing* arc diflerenl    in '         —* ■■■■——■.—   ■■ — -*» |
'■ dominion     house    ■ ■ • 11
I i.  nsrd h)   H
potent to all The march of progress
i- ..ii and cannot be stopped. The
new era. agricultural and fruit raising is now dawning, and these Indus
tries alone will make Southeast Kootenuy the banner district of llritish
Columhln with Crnnbrook us its capital
1 Found!
! ,
Sunshine   grates   have
maximum   strength
Sunshine    Furnace    hai
lour  triangular  grate   bars,
each  having  three distinct sides.     In the
single-piece and two-piece grate no   such-like
provision is made for expansion or contraction,
aud a wa^ic of coal always follows a shaking.
On llie left- and right-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit the grates to slide out.   These four grate bars
are made of heavy cast iron, and are finished up with bulldog
-fc^lj^     teeth.     The teeth will grind up the toughest clinker; and      ■■
because the grates are made in sections, not only can nothing but dust and
ashes pass through, but after each shaking a different side can be presented
to the tire. Also, with the Sunshine grate there is no back-breaking
movements attached to the shaking. By gently rocking the lever, first on the
lett and (lien un the right, the ashes are released on both sidta.and fall through
into the pan.
On Baker Sttcct, one door west
oi Messrs. Hill & Co.. tlie only
place in town thai can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
********************** **********************
x *
x Rubber  Dollar   Store  :
Foil   SAt.fl   I'V    PATMORE BROS.
HANSON' AVENUE      •     -      CRANBH00K, Hi'
We Buy Everything
HOUSES, STOVES, now and second  linnd   l'Tli> I
WE SELL whal we hnvu in stock in prices llial
will siii'iirisp you. A visit lo Ihe Dollar slore will ecu
vlnco you lhal we have the goods, and can save j on
llfty jioi' cent on any goods purchased.
We Buv and Sell For Cash
Aids Nature
is indispensable in the
camp, and for all
impromptu meals.
Add a liltle BOVRIL
to your canned meats
and soups and note
the difference.
B 0 V R I L
sandwii lies are
null Minus and
S5.00 CASH
III   I'm  < iish
\\'e I (fill in ftviri \ llnii'4 fnm
:l   Nri'illi'   In .1   I .nl nllliilUi-
Iii.ii ... ..I com
Hi  ilu' twenty
nil    ..!   Illi'   .'i'ii
■   ii',h  lltlmti.,11
* ,ii'|i"i.iii i the Lord     |.  .■ \
liiince waited  upon  Hun    Hlchnril Mc ASI,
llrilll   .I'llilii'   :.. .   ■.    , .,;   ,,
1   '"''   l","::'",'-  ''        the entorci     A*. r\  /~\r\     Hir/~\TLTrr\TT
;■-» *"'""" $3.00aMONTH
' ■ iveil  the ilcputntlon rnnllnl     T
I) .in.i replied to the eltect thai    the
eovernmenl     ol     Hni.-i,     irolumbli.
would  nol   stand     loi   .,  contlm nl
.ahhiitli    11,      ...       ild thai   ■. r,
I" ii"- tu ilm . ,: delei atlom Irom
North Vnncotiver and Nnnalmo, the
Bovcrnment, thron I the ittorney
-'"iii'i.i.   had i'i'..'i, j,-!::..   Ion to pro
","'" the ,.,-,' ol     violation ol    the
law  in Hi" matter ,,f Sunday Kame
nnd li.'   i iBiircd     the deputation thai
UiiHuland     would     he placed on  tin
-"ii"'  tint    The mini itei    ol I'i .i,
li k will applj  t.. the attornc)  ;en
nine f,,,,11111-
'•'" 11 Htatcment from the ilm-i.
iHMiiii- provincca Indli ..ti' pre enl pop
iilntlon ,,l 1,107      \|.|iiiiiii' the un
" "i I'" .11 ,   parliamentary
'''l'"' nutation at uu.,.'..,   ,i  ,   1 ,1
I hut   thin  population  rail    loi   forty
V"'     ■ '     ;< ,   V   ••
'      "■     y.
\J+ '   ■ *■'
51LFN    "'.'   /■'' "', ,-f-DV
,1    I'l'U      lli'lnli'    llie
Ml Idnilsof Scr.onil Iiaud fliioils  v l'"'1'   mum     follow th
ilu'1'   provlneoN     will ho entitled tu  Al.F
iiliniii  iifiv     roprennntativefi    .mi] |,V
Hi.'i     tit.,,      Hrltlnh Columhln,  with
nearer  i,,ni   hiindrcd   Hum  Hirer  Imn
ilicil   lli.,ii,„in.l,   will   Iii'  ontltleil      1,1
 " GEO. P  POWELL, Agent
.1 nr liuiif   Avenue.
PbOfi*   ilil P/lltltHf    fr.r   Hl*rlf-fW,„    P„«-.n«««.,.. t ,.„^ tlhA««    1 AH nr«flhrook.    ti      0.      I(!tji(l011Ce
l-'iitniliin-   ;i   SI'Ki'l UiTY
Sl'M-\    I l|,|      SlilMll.     IlllllSHM     A
ovpn now ntlnwed West of Ontiiria
' there will be by thnt time popnlntlnn
calling for Blxty-flve reprcsontatlvea—   imiom lee
Tlie tjreut ituucesn oi Dr. Plerce'i (iolden Mfdical Pi*-
ciivcrv in ciirint* weak Ktomtohi, wasicil bodies, weuk
■uiiSi j mi uhvlillUtC inul lintjcriiiji coii)>tii,, is bust-J uu
llif leuugmtlnn «l tbe fiiiuluineitiul truth that "(toldeii
Mi'ilii-u! Dlscoverj'1 supplies Nuture .villi hody'build-
imi, tisMic-rcpuiriniii imiitflle*nmklii)j materUU, in con-
ilenseil limO cuncentruled turiu. Willi tlilti help Nature
biipplii'* 1 In* iieii'»ur) ntreniflli to the ktoiiiueh in Ji^c-t
(uud build ii)i the body and thereby throw »>ll linj|i-iii'!,
ubtfinute cmn(iii. The "Discovery" re*ciittthllitiei the
dif(e.stt\tj and nutritive urijum in kound henlth, puriliea
uml eitrlclioM rim blnud, mil uourii>be» the nerve*—In
thuri e-Htuhllhlicx sound vlgorouu hculth.
/* i»/,r dealer afters something "lust as goad,"
It is nrubahty better run HIM- it nays better.
Itu: • (...- are thinking ot the cure not the profit, aw
there'" nothing "lust as good** tor you.    Say so.
Dr. Fierce •. Clnmmon Sense Medical Adviier, In Plain Entfliih; or, Med«
ietne Sintpl-tied iMS pufie», over 7(HI itlustmtioioi, newly revised up-tu>date
I'.dition pi ..r- s umd sent for 31 one-cent «timps, lo cover cost of nuilin*!
only.   (.,...!,.,■ ,„   j, ;,i| st.inipi,   Address Dr. H. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V,
(iitiirrh Cured
I chii euro I'ntiiiili, no matter how
lonj- iil.iuidiim. Cntfirrli ^ un inltum
inittory n fleet Ion nf any mucoim inotn-
imiiijc in which there are concoct I on
uml awcllliiu, either In the head or
Htuimicb. Hlncn '•iiiniiir, to BottthcAHt
Kootenny I hnvc cured over 2im cum
e«, I pusjtivi'lv muimntee n run' or
money refunded. Bummer is the time
to net rid id your catarrh, cull und
nee me.
iM;<t.'a-'-    '.'-■'>>:>» ,jb!ii
I'lKiM'l III I'.O, HHX Ml.',
Plans, Spocificalions
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building    material
constant!" on hand.
Illi.  TAIYKK,
Griuibronk, B.O.
rti'Miili'iini   nnil'   N.   A. WiilllnRer'a
$ 7'' Vr
E * 11
SPRtiNC HrATtM u vt't.
' " i^S
Lncrt\ v-\ivr
Double iictino iMiiis piiiiip spring water using impure wain- as power to operate
tlii'in. Kims continuously and automatically. Pumping capacity up to 1,000,000
Gallons per day. Nn wearing parts except valves. Highest efficiency of any engine
on the market. From <>i> to w per cent, developed under repeated tests.
Unequalled for IRRIGATION AND DOMESTIC purposes. Over seven thousand
in   use.
If you are interested write  to or see  H.   Y.   Parker. THB PROSPECTOR,    ORANBROOK,    ll.    0.,    SATURDAY, JPI.Y 1". I''"'
It 8 st
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
XX i
♦♦   fi
XX «
li iJ
N-rT— _
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦w
Furniture in the true sense of the word. It is Furniture that
is well made, durable and lasting. It is not the kind that is thrown
together or put together with inexperienced hands. Our Furniture
is made by skilled mechanics, and is the best that money can buy.
Every piece of Furniture we sell is guaranteed.
I     '*-
'!>       I
f      f
'♦'     I
I     I
.•>      :,
f      f
f     *
'•■■    w
We have Just placed in stock a full
range of
Table Covers, White Bed Spreads
Table  Linen in Sets
Flannelette   Blannkets
... ■•
■«■ •'
* -
» !
* »
I f
» *
* «
* *
* t
Japanese Matting
Couch Covers
We are always pleased to show
you through our stock
.   •
:  :
:   :
•   •
: !*«a.  <
' I'll KDAV   iJUtA' IU, 1909
■ I   ■   ll———
$2.50 ^*
3.00 ^IJ^^^m^-^-^ ^
Hollow Ground
As Illustrated
Double Concave lor
Kxtra Heavy Beards
Set of Two in <j»N j^!
Leather Case  <>*>.«?'"
Carbo Magnetic »     ,
Strop IjWJ
Strop Aide      25C
■■"      RAZOR
ill Last a Lifetime.
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS have revolutionized t«or miking   they .ire TEMPERED BY ELECTRICITY, which Is
OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS   the iteel  used In  their manufacture  is  of   the finest  English and
Swedish make.    This wonderful discovery is the result of years ol experiment and study, and at last there has been
produced a ra:or that will shave any beard, NO MATTER HOW TOUGH.
ELECTRIC TEMPERING adds CARBON to the steel; whereas tempering by fire, (the only other method known for
centuries) DESTROYS the CARBON which is the life of steel.   All other makes of ra.-ors must be  HONED   AND   GROUND
often, as their blades will NOT hold an edge any length of time.   CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS do not require HONING
3   or GRINDING during *  lifetime in  private use;  thev a.-e   al!  tempered   alike, every   part of their blades being  subiected to
METHOD, the most expemive grinding known.
YOUR DEALER will deliver to you one of these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on 30 days' trial, without
obligation on your part to purchase—take advantage of this opportunity. Break away from the barber habit! You will save
$50- 00 annually.
Call on our representatives in your town, and request a copy of "Hints On Shaving"—This booklet illustrate! the
correct ra:or position for shaving every part of the face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM LIFE)—it also tells
you HOW TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY; should our dealer be out of them, drop us a card, and we will send you
one by return mail.
Firm of A. L. SILBERSTEIN, flakers.
450-461  Broadway. N. Y.
patti ii
Distiict ul Kootenay
lotice thai  I, Georgo .1. Hui
':n I    I reck,   Allii'll.i,   ,„', :
li.ilil.i'i.     llitulul    to  :i|i|>,\   I,
on to puruliaao the lull,mm
lioflt plnntcil .iliiiiil  three und a hnll
mil,.,   north     i     the    Intcrni i .,1
 in Lu i   line unci ul i  one unci    n
hall iniii.', in,nl, im.ii ..i Im  rsil uml
.nlj.u'i'iii on Ll imtoru hounclitry   Lo
ll.iiii Iv Hyde's mui Henry Itlvloro h
application, ln'ini: the inn invm', I ecu'
hit niljueenl lo Llie m.nili wesl ecu
ner    ul   Art' in   (.'. Keniiulu' epplieu
District .,! i'l.,si Kootenay
Take notice thai  1, Km Wuoil Cum
in   Newra i,  niiia air,iii   «,
"imi. Intend to upply tor poruiimi	
to   i'iii. lia ,     Llie i,,il,,uin;: described
liiml      l ,,iiiiiii,iu,i.   nl  a |>" l  plunl
wiiltli    vi
chuins, H
I'uiiii  i,i
lng Mu in
UCII'lll   Ml li IM,   In III,
I'l'lllllli'lli'l'llK'lll    mill   I'.inlalli
.cres moro or less.
George .1. Hunter, Locutur
Giorgc W. Kerr, Agenl
I Mni'cli iiiilli.  1909. li.
In ilrlcl ul Kootenuy.
. o	
Tain' n.it I.-,-   Hint I, l.i iclol    IS
St l:
lor   |„
doctor,   intend   to  apjilj
hi     in purchase the [o!
lon-iii.    il.'.iin und..   i'iiiiiiiii'ii.'iii".
ut. n  post   planteil  nii,,,il   Hui',-  mill-
in,nii ol Un  Inlernutlonul  boun I .<
lino mi'i uhout one mile north ol thr
northern boundars ol lol 78-1J and ud
jacont  tu the   nortliwesl     corner ol
Henry K   Hyde s appllcati    thence
suiitli S9 chuins, tbence wesl B0 chuln
theuce  ii.iiill   SO  , ,1,1111-.,   thenci si
80 chains to Lbe point ol commence
ment, contulnlng IHO ucres more "i
Launcelot  K. Bolster, Locator.
George W. Kerr,   Vgent.
Loi d March 29th, 1909. 10
iu. ir, ol lol 121, group I, Kootenuj
I'i nni, llienco north 10 chulns,
thenco wosl in , In,ins, thonco south
10 chains,    thenco eust In chulns     to
poinl    ,,i     i' ini'tii'i'iiii'ii! containing
inn ucres iu  or Icbs.
Plvn Wood Cane, Locator
Hurry Melton,  Igi'nl
Huleil April  li.Hi. 1909. 18
llistj'lcl   ul   Kast   Kuuli'iiay.
 9      —
i'uk Lice   llial.   1,       John   Am.as
li'ii'ii' ;ou ol Oruubrook, occupution
..  ii.ii,.      men bunt, intend  to upply
lui   pi'iini... iuii  to purchase the   tol
ol im Nu. 11 in, thenco west SO chain ■
thence nortli SO chains, Llieiuo eu ,i
.:' chuins, i hence south alt ch .ins   to
pluce ,,,   commence in,     contulnlng
H ii ui i,"  more or less.
.lului Angus Fergusson, Locator.
ll   Melton, Agenl.
tinted  Api ii 27tb,  i''"'.
■ rn
and about
ii i
north -
id adjacent
,   i he
Henry Re-
the  south
SO chains,
nee   south
i ha
rn,  Hi
t nn
chuins   to
.ni. ot commence
, and con-
, G40 m
: or
Ci   I'OITlt
t. Locator.
ge V
,'. Kc
it, Agent.
[.■(I Ma
al.lt   ll,
District ni Mast Kootenay.
Take uotice thut John Cannon of
t 'iMiiiu oak, It. C, occupation checker, -intends Lu apply tor permission
io purchase the following described
lands : Commencing at a post pluut-
i(l at N.E. corner uf lot 8535, thenco
east tu S li. corner oi lot 4142,
Lheuce south tu north boundary sit
lot 123, theuce west to S.E. corner ot
loi 8535, thence north in point of
John Cannon, Locator.
James William Moore, Agent
Dated April 15, 1909 19
pation horse dealer, intend to apply
Cor permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing
at a post planted about three miles
north of the International boundary
line und about one mile north of the
northern boundary of lot 7841 and adjacent to the north west corner of
Henry E. Hyde's location, being the
south east corner, thence west 8d
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, and then south 80
chains to the point of com
mencement, and containing 040 acres
more or less.
George Ii. Bolster, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
ci   \!!i:i'i>K land district
is i lei ul bttt it Kootenay,
■  notice thai  t, Mrs   McFarlane
■■•■ i : !>i'.|.)..!., oi i iij Ll ion man led
wouiuu, Intend to apply for permit)
slon to purchase the following des
, .'.ell lunds i 'ommenrlug nl u pout
planted .if the north ■■;. il cornor ol
Cooper's preemption, thonce wost io
nhaiui . i hem e noi ib 20 chalna, thenre
easi to Moyie rival. thenco following
dow n utri .mi. to place nl commence
Mi       Sadie   .)     M.'e'.iihinc.
ii   Mellon   Agent.
Dated   \pril 3rd, 1909 li
1>1 i". i ol Mil i  Kooteau)
notice tti.it  I,    WulUl      Bruce
Mrhuiinn.   «i  Oranbrook,  ocuupulioti
..it I'Chattl.   lUtOlUl lo apply lui   pei mis
iuii    lo      pun hunt- t lie following di s
crlbed landw Commencing at a posl
planted nl tbo southeast coiner •<
tol 8435, tlirn.r south 70 chains.
thonce oust :'o ohnius, thenco north 3d
1 «'ii t em*) :'• olm'ni, thorn •■
north Ui i Iuii us, thonco west 40 chains
to place nl commencement
Walter Bruce McFarlane
Dated  Vprll 3rd, 1009, 17
Dl trlct ol ICast Kootonay,
Take notice ttmt i. Marry Mcintosh
ol Halcyon, B c . occupation Hotel
kei i"-: Intend to apply lor permis
Bion to purchase ihe following des
cribed land i Commencing .it a posl
plan!nl al nboul one mile wost o!
the Flathead river and one mile nortli
ot tho International boundary line,
and wesi of lot 7336, being the north
east cornor, thence south NO chains
thonce west so chains, thence nortl
80 chains, tbence east SO chains tl
I no point of commencement and   con
Harry Mcintosh, Locatoi
George W, Kerr, Agimt
Located   Match  28th,  1903. 17
District ol Kast Kootenay.
Take notice that    1.     Thomas Ed
ard     Murphy,   occupation   station
jent, intend to apply for permission
i purchase the     following described
[amis : Commencing at a post plant
I on the north     hank of the Moyh
ver,   opposite  tlie    N.   0,   corner  oi
lot No. 8745, thence north 40 chains,
tbence east 20 chains mure or less to
the Moyie river, thence following thi
meandering    of   tbo   Moyie river ti
place   of   beginning,   containing    80
acres more or less.
Thomas Edward Murphy
H. Melton, Agent
Dated April 21st, 1909. 1*.
post planted at ot near i ralte east
ol tin pre ten I C P >'- snt vt > line ..i
27 mile post ami being the southwest
corner ol the Thomas Lee claim.
thence north SO chains, thonco eaal
80 chulns, thenre south sn chain;,
theuce west so chains to the point
oi commencement, making o-tu acres
more or less
Thomas   Lee.   Locator
John  LlVtugBtoui ,   \: en'
Located April 7th, 1909. 34 5,
i..   Notice :s hereby given that thli
ty days alter date 1 Intend to apply
to the Honourable Chiel Commission
• i   ol   Lauds  und   Works   tor  a   tu i n e
i« prospect for coal und petroleum on
ihe   following  described   land..,  situate
• ii Southeast Kootenuy, British Col
mnbut, block 4698, commencing ut a
posl plnnted at ol near l nuie eusl
ui the preaen! C, P, R, survey line al
37 mile post und being the nortliwesl
ui uei oi ii,ni> tiuiie.Miu s claim,
thuiico south su chaius, thenco east 8u
hains, thonce north 80 chain;
theuce west rtrt chaius to the point
.1 ftfiunieui cnii'Ui, mnking C40 aire
[title  ol   |088,
I Ial ly    CUUCOSOU,    LoCatOi
John Livingstone, AgOOl
Located April 7th, 1900, 2i 5.
i: \NBROi
:' Bast Kootenay.
■ l    l !  I  -•!   i- 'i-n.ii
'r-   trlct ol Kootenay.
Take  notici t, Hi   i .   Erne ■
Hyde o       uchei
oupat .■ ■!! banket,  .  tend  to ap]   .   I
permission to p the
desci tbe I imi \.  ng    at
post  planted a
the International  boundary  ..
about one mill  □ t be nortbei d
boundary ol lot 7! u and a
qua.tei I a '■■■\ le east of thi
bank of Haj e l reel , in tbe K i bead
valley, bein i be noi' hw esl coi uei
tbence easi 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, t hence west BO ch tins, e ad
tbence north 80 chains to the point
ut commencement, and coin aura::
040 ncrofl more or less.
Georgo W. Kerr, Agenl
Henry  Ernest Hyde,  Locatoi
Located  March 29th,  1909. Hi
j    Take not ice, I bal  i, Alexander    W
.....     oi   ..... land, li. C, in cupu
tii n 1 lotelkeepor, intend to npplj
permission to pan base the full   	
de crlbed d at   a
p       plunti il wesl
: he t' la I head j ue en  i a  i
[the .;...,
and wi  ■ .   .,..   the soul
east & ■.      north       chain
:. en ■
cbaii   i : beni e    i
I u     ... ■ t ■ i.tu.in
■ ,"
a da)
in un t ..f Kootenai
Take notice thul I, Da' Id Warnocl
wt Pinelioi Creel , Alberta, volcrtnai j
surgeon, Intend to apply foi permis
slon to piirchti io the folio vin dee
crlbed landi, commencing nl   >    posl
planted uh    I mile . north of     the
International boundary mid nboul 2
mtloN nml.ii of lol 7841, and ndjnrenl
(.. tlie northen i cnrnoi "I Oeorge H
Bolster's nppllnithm, Mng the , ul!
oont comer, tbence wesl 80 i li iin i
t ti.-rjr i- north 80 chalna, thi nee en i
.ii chuln , thonce south R0 chains to
t be poinl ol commencement nnd con
taining G40 ncroB more oi  lesfl
David Warnock, Locatoi
Oeorgo W   Kerr, Agent
Located March 29th, VM. »C
Tal ■■ a ■ tee that i. Arth ii '!   Kem
mis of Pincher I !i eek,  Alberta, oci
pal Ion Bai rl ter, intend ti i appl)   ' •
purchu ■■■    tin      foil   vin       di ■ I ihed
'....■ .,  po t ,.-. nl   .
about        mile   n n' h ol the Entei nn
i a nul   b tdai j   line  and  abi ■
:,.. c   north i d  i i41
.. ■, •      ..     the easi ei n boundui >  |
Hi .      It! lere  I Frederick  P    rltl'
ipji in .i; ,■ a , being t be   ion I hwi     C(>i
net.     thence   noi tb 80 chain i   them e
uni t. 80 chains, < b< rn e si iutb   0 chain
i bonce  wc i   B0 chain     to the poial
ni commcni omen)     ind contali       I I
ere;,   nion   or   If
\i thin i:   Kerojnl . Li i atoi
fieorge W   Ken.   Vgoni
Located March ailtli',  1909.
Take notice that  Henry Hector Lin-
I nell  of Cranbrook,   B.C.,  occupation
checker, intends to apply for permis-
■ ston to purchase     the following des-
Icrlbed lauds:  Commencing at a post
i lanted at the N.I3. corner     of     lot
1142,   thence east      10 chains,  theuct
south 30 chains, theuce west 40 chains
thence north 30 chains to point    of
' i' mimencement.
Henry Hector Linnell, Locator.
James William Moore, Agent
Dated April 15, 1909 19
tricl ol ESai I Kootenay,
thai I, Thomas Edward
I ■      Steele  Junction, oc
I tl. u agenl, intend to ap-
permission     to purchase the
described  lands :  Oommenc-
I     planted al  the south
■   ni • ol Wm. Tupper's pro-emp-
,   ,  .';. ihence north 40 chuins
thenci   '■■•■ I  20 chains more or less to
■:.   i hence following  the said
ive i di ■'. u 11 re  to tho place
■iii onl ulnlng  80 acres
I'. U nrd  Murphy,   Locator
II. Melton, Agent.
■■ I June Srd, 1909. 23
D   trlcl ol Kootenay.
■  ■ , .,
■ .   purr]
hi    ■
the 11
• •    ■    ne mlh
>tt I
I, Henry Riviere
icrl i, occupation
rn..;  L.i  pormlB
ll! following dec.
nelng at a post
mllei north ol
unitary lino and
i nf lot 7841 and
irner   of
In trh i  -.1  i Lonnj
Take notice that I, Proderli I Por
ritr ol Barrio, Ontario, occui itlon
gentleman, intend to apply [or i oi
misslan to purchase the following des
Henry    K   Hyde     application, being
ithwesl corner, thenco north so
i    ,   , . i   BO chains, thence
11 balne, thence west so chains
1 to the point  -i commi ncoment,   and
t ' .lit airum- i, pi .nii ,  moro oi   lens.
Henry   Riviere,  Locator.
(inorge  W    Ketr.  Agent.
i   -    - :  March 29th,  1909 Ifi
District of Kootenay.
thai  I, George li. Bol
ii  Oroek, Albertn, occu
District ol Kooteiay.
Take notice that I, Thomas William
Leask, occupation, mill owner, intend
to apply for permission to purchase
•ne hundred and sixty acres of land,
bounded as follows :
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of Lot 84S5, aud
thenee west 40 chains, thence south
10 chuins, thence east 40 chains,
tbence north 40 chains.
Tims. W. Lensk, Locator
if. Mellon, Agent-
Dat.'d April 2nd, HW
''Companies Act. 1897"
"Soippel Timber Company" has this
day been registered as uu extra-pro
vincial company under the "Companies Act l!W7" to carry out or to affect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislature of
British Columbia extends.
Tho head oflice of the compnny is
situate at Stillwater, Minnesota.
Thr. amount of the capital of tho
company is one hundred thousand
dollars, divided into one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
The head office of the company in
this province is situate at the city of
Cranbrook, and Alexander D. Macdonald, Barrister-at-law, whose address Is Cranbrook, B.C., is the attorney for the company. Not empowered  to issue und  transfer stock.
The time of tbe existence of the
company is thirty years from the
27th day of August,  1900.
The Company is limited.
(liven under my hand and seal of
offlco at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 31st dny of March,
one thousand nine hundred und nine.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The object for which thlu company
ban boon estubhsheil and registered
urn :
To do all kinds oi manufacturing
and trading business; to purchase,
own, hold und dispose of timber and
all the products of timber; to curry
on and conduct a general logging,
lumbering and innnufncltiring btieln
ess; to oroct, buy aud sell saw nulls,
fdiiiigle-mlllii, pinning mills, und ell
other milbi and factories; to cstnb
HhIi, operate, buy and sell lumber
yards; to purchaso, own, hold, menu
fncttiro, sell ami ileal in any and all
kinds of goods und wares, morchand
itie anil personal property of every
character   and   description; to own,
buy, sell, lease and improve lauds
wherever sititnte; to build, equip,
and man ago wntor flumes for the
transportation ol wood, lumber, timber nnd timber piodncts, and In do
h11 such business ns may be Incident*
nl thereto. 18-4
1. Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date I intend to appl>
to the Honourable Chief Commission
er of Lands and Works for a llcenst
to prospect for coal and petroleum oi.
the following described lands, situati
in Southeast Kootenay, British Col
umbia, block 4593, commencing at a
post planted at or near I mile easi
of the present 0. P. it. survey line at
id mile post and being the northeast
corner of the M. A. Macdonald claim,
tbence west 80 chains, thence south
-ii chains, thence east. 80 chains, and
thence north 80 chains to the point
of commencement, making 040 acres
more or less.
M.   A.  Macdonnld,  Locatoi
John Livingstone, Agent.
Located  April 23th,  1909. 24-f>
2. Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date l intend to upply
to the Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lauds, sittiute
in Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, block 45fl3, commonclng at a
post planted at or near 4 miles east
of tbe present 0. P. R. survey line at
29 mile post, nnd being the southeat
corner of the Lewis Hilton claim,
thence north 80 chnins, theuce west
81 chains, tbence south 80 chuins,
thonce east 80 chnins to the point
of commencement, making 040 acres
more or less.
Lewis Hilton,  Locator.
John Livingstone, Agent.
Located  April Oth,  1909. 24-fi
3. Notice is hereby given that thirty days after date I intend to apply
(o tho Honourable Chief Commission
or of Lauds and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
in Bouthensl Kootenay, British Col
umbia, block 4598, commencing at a
post planted at or near I mile east
Of the present O. p. R. survey line at
27 mile post und being the northeast
cornor ot Thomas Leask's claim,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
8(1 chains, thence east 80 chains, and
thence north 80 chnins to the point
of commoncoment, mnking 040 acres
more or less.
Thomas Leask, Locator.
John Livingstone, Agont.
Located April 7th, 1909. 84*5.
4. Notice is hereby given that thirty days aftor date 1 intend to apply
to the Honourable chief Commissioner of Lunds and Works for a license
to prospect for coal uud petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
lu Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia, block 4593, commencing at a
post, plunted al. or nenr I mile eust
of tbo present O, P. II, survey line nt
27 mile posl and being the southeast
corner of Hurry II. Hughes claim,
thonce north 80 chulns, thonce wost
80 chulns, thence south 80 chaius,
Ihence eust HU chulns to the point
of commoncoment, mnking 1140 acres
more or less.
Harry II.  Hughes, Locator
John Livingstone, Agent,
Located April 7th. 1909, 24 n
fi, Notice |s hereby given that thir
ty days after date 1 intend to apply
to Hie Honourable Chief Commission
er of Lands ami Works for a license
to prospect, for coal and petroleum on
the following described Inuds, sittiute
In Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia, block 459.'!, commencing at n
.. Notice is hereby given that thi:
ty days after date 1 intend to npph
ia the Honourable chief Commission
er of Lands and Works for n llcenst
o prospect for coul and petroleum on
ihe following described lands, situati
in Southeast Kootenuy, British Col
umhia, block 4593, commencing at .
posl planted al or near 2 miles easi
of the present 0, P. It. survey line at
'.1 mile post and being the northwea
'•ruer of tbe P. II. De/all claim
hence east. 80 chains, thenee souil
(0 chains, thence west 80 chains, am
hence north 80 chains to the poll)
if commencement, making 040 acre
more or less.
P.   II.   De/.nll.   Locnto
John Livingstone. Agent
Locnted  April 7th,  1909. 24 5
8. Notice is hereby given that thir
ty days after date 1 intend to appl.
CO the Honourable Chief Commission
t of Lands and Works for a liceusi
o prospect for coal and petroleum oi
the following described lunds, situat
in Southeast Kootenay, British Col
imbia, block 4593, commencing at i
jost planted at or near 2 miles ens
ot the present 0. P. R. survey line nt
17 mile pUBt and being the southeast
orner of J. I,. King's claim
-hence north 80 clinins, thenee ens
i0 chains, thence south 80 chains, am
hence west 80 chains to the point
of commencement, making 010 acre
more or less.
J.  L. King, Locato
John Livingstone, Agent
Located April 7th,  1909. 24-a
9. Notiee is hereby given that thirty days after date I intend to applj
to the Honourable Chief Commission
er of Lands and Works for a licenst
co prospect for coal and petroleum ot
the following described lands, situati
in Southeast Kootenay, British Col
umbia, block 4593, commencing at ;
post planted at of near 4 miles eas
of the present 0. P. R. survey line at
J9th mile post and being the north
east corner of Robert Bucknut's claiu
chence west 80 chains, thence soutl
10 chains, tbence east. 80 chains, am
thence north 80 chnins to the pine
of commencement, making 010 acre
more or less.
Robert  Buckout,  Locato
John Livingstone,  Agent
Located April 7th,  1909. 24-5
10 Notice is hereby given that thirty days after dute I intend to applj
to the Honourable Chief Commission
er of Lands and Works for a licensi
to prospect for coal and petroleum oi
the following described lands, situati
in Southeast Kootenay, British Col
umbia, block 4593, commencing at a
post planted at or near 3 miles east
of tbe present C. P. R. survey line at
28 mile post, and being the southwest
corner of the David Moore claim,
theuce east 80 chains, tbence nortl
8(1 chuins, tbence west HP chains
thence south SO chains to the point
of commencement, malting 040 ncre;
more or less.
David   Moure,   Locatoi
John Livingstone, Agent.
Located   April  7th,   1909. 24-5.
District of Kootenuy.
Take notice that. I, Georgo Welch
of Cranbrook, occupation railway
conductor, intend to upply for per
mission to purchase the following des
cribed lands : Commencing at a post
planted at the N, E. corner of lot
8527, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 05 chains, t hence west 41
chains, thenee north 05 chains to the
point of commencement., containing
I wo hundred ami sixty acres more oi
George Welch,  Locator.
June 4th, 1909. 24
District of East Kootenny.
TftVO notice that 1, Helen A. His
cox, married woman, of port Perry,
Ontario, intend to apply for permission to purchase tlie following des
cribed lands : Commonclng at a post
planted at tho south west cornor o
lot. 3552, thence south 50 chains
thenee oast 40 chains, thenee north 51,
chains, thence west 40 chains, to tin
point of commencement, containing
2nd acres more or less.
Helen A. Hlscox,
J, 0. Oummlngs, Locator,
Muy 19th, 1909, 21
East Kootenay, Southern Division
Take notice that I, Andrew B,
Grace ol Oranhrook; occupation Jour
ualist, intend to apply for permis
hIoii to purchase tho following des
cribed lands ! Commencing at a posl
planted at the N.W. corner of lot
0425, thenco west 80 chains, Ihence
south 80 chains, thence north 80 chain
to place of commencement, containing
040 acres more or less.
A.  U. Grace,  Locator.
Dated April 21st, 1909. 20
District   of  Bast Kootenuy;  Southern
Take mniie that I Oliver Harvey
Barber ot Vancouver, B.O., oempn-
hoi, real estate agent, Intend to apply im permission to purchase the
following described lauds: Commencing at a post planted at the north
■asi corner ot Higher license 3230 be
iu- on Ihe south bank of the St.
Mary's nvei. thence west SO chains;
tbence north 0(1 chains unore or loss ;
thonce down stream of said river to
place of commencement and contain
lg 32<l acres more or less.
Muy 1st,  1909. 22-9
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that Percy Charles Coe
Orauuruokt B.C., occupation shed
ueiiiun, intends to upply for permis
on to purchase the following des
lbed lauds; Commencing at a post
anted lu chains N of S.E. corner of
il 4112, tbence east 40 chaius, thence
• uili 30 chains, thence west 40 chains
leuce north 80 chains, to point of
Percy  Charles Coe,   Locator.
James William Moore, Agent
Dated April  15, 1909 19
Court House, Keruie.
.Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Ten-
ler lor Court House, Fernie, B. C,"
vill be received by the Hon. the Minster of Public Works up to noon of
Veilnesday, the Oth day of June 1909,
or the erection and completion of a
'oncrete and Brick Court House at
'Vrnie, B. C.
[Mans, specifications, contract and
Minis of tender may be seen on aud
ifter tbe 10th day of May, 1909, at
he offices ol the government agont at
•Vrnie; the government agent at Nel-
ion; and at. the Public Works depart
iieut, Victoria, B. C.
I'.acb proposal must be accompan.
ed by an accepted bank cheque or
ertlocate of deposit on a chartered
mnk of Canada, made payable to the
Ion. Ihe Minister of Public Works,
oi' a sum equivalent to ten per cent,
jf the amount of the tender, which
,]iall he forfeited if the party tender-
ng decline to enter into contract
vheu called upon to do so, or if he
ail to complete the work contracted
or. The cheques or certiticutes of
lepostt of unsuccessful tenderers will
ie returned to them upon the execu-
ion of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered un-
ess made out on tho forms supplied,
ilgned with the nctuul signature of
he tenderer, and enclosed ia the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces-
^arilv accepted.
Public Works Engineer,
'ublie Works Depurtment,
Victoria, B.C., May 4th. 1909.      22
Take notice that 1 intend to apply'
ro the superintendent of provincial
jolice after thirty (30) days from the
Irst appearance of this notice for tlie
ransfer from ourselves to William J.
Allen and A. 1. Crowley of the li-
■ ense to sell into.xic.iting liquors at
the Falls View Hotel in Marysville,
British Columbia.
Dated  April 30tn,  A.D.,  1909. 21
Notice is hereby given that I have'
lert    my    outstanding accounts with
M. A. Macdonald, of Harvey, McCar-
ter a, Macdonald, for collection.
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Harry W. Melton of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation
prospector, intend to apply to the
commissioner of lands and works for
{permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted 80 chains west of the N.
W corner of lot No. 6425, thence south
80 chains, thence east 80 chnins,
thence uorth 80 chains, tbence west 80
chains to place of beginning containing 010 acres more or less.
Hurry     William Melton.
Dated   June  10th, 1909. 24
Cows, TiiIvch. Pure Hred ltiuk*ililr«-
Pigs, Eg-fffl for Sotting, Pure IMyjucaith
Uoek    Apply,  Wiitm,  Wattsburg.
W A Iff TED.
Live Rocky Mountain Goats are
/anted for Zoological purposes. Per
nits to catch and export these ani-
nals will Im issued by the Provincial
u I booties.      address:—
Washington, B.C.
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Harvey Hough-
land, of Crnnbrook, B. ('., occupation
Rancher, intend to upply for permis-
don to purchase tbo followiog described hinds : Commencing ut a post
planted 20 chains wost of she southeast corner of lot 5247; thonce west
20 chains, thonce south 80 chains,
thence eust 20 chains, thonco north
so chains.
Hurvoy Hotigbland.
Dated June r.,'1909. 24-9
——— n ■
District of Kootonay.
Take notice that I, Robert. Burns
Benedict of Mnyook, occupution lum-
liermnn, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at a point mi chains west of
the N.W. corner of Lot No, 1142ft,
■hence SO chains south, thence east
HO chains, thence north 80...-ehjtiWii--
thonce west 80 chafhs io the point of
commencement, containing, 040 acres
more or less.
Robert Burns Benedict.
Dated May 8th, 1909. 24-9 THK  I'ltliWl'KtTint,    I'UANHIUH'K,     II.    ''.._SAT_CltllAY._ JULY  l",  lllllll..
Pmj  I.
-,^^«sv^.^^-  -a,--a, a, a.a.a.,- - ...........aaaaaaaAm** a • V a « »  ... a ............. > ( •" * »» •' .
*i ************** ****** • • •■ • « « «■• >>******4 ■• « > ■«■ ■> ♦♦♦>t»»»t»»»»#»»»<-*'«-t>»'« I ■•■• ••-••*■•• •
Cinderella   Boots
For Ladies—
Procurable only at
i^'M^'W'f'* $   ^^#^:»NH>'^$@<S>#<ss<^^'$<H>*^4>>#^***
. be
had on a BRIT
British Columbii
Southern;   Columbia and
AHHEAAP™YHOmI1   hast kootenay   I
Kootenay and Columbia
Companies' Land Grants.
suited for ilu- raising of
and   Western   Railway
Farm Lands eminently
may be purchased
cash, or on KASY
in iliese Grants at low figures for
TERMS, from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
Timber Lands of
these Grants, are
6ao acres upward.
the hi.L
apply tn
best character, situated in
for sale in blocks of from
Forms,   Regulations   and
Assl. to 2nd Vice President,
Calgary, Alberta.
Town Lots for Sale in Cranbrook
It is a Tonic you want! Physicing lowers:
the system and makes it more susceptible
to disease. The winter months have been
a great strain upon your vitality and unless you put the blood in good
condition all manner of evils will overtake you. PSYCHINE is the
Greatest of Tonics and should be taken by every one at this season
of the year. PSYCHINE assists the gastric Juices and ferments in
their digestion of the food, cleanses the mucous membrane of the
Stomach, and has an invigorating and beneficial effect on the muscles
and nerves. For ^atarrh of the Stomach, Ulceration or Weak Stom-
stcfi, Dyspepsia, the use of PSYCHINE is strongly advisable.
PSYCHINE acting on the Stomach restores ittoahealthycondition,
(lion nets through the stomach upon til Ihe vital organs, creates an appetite, bringing
renewed vitality und strength to the entire lyitem and enables it lo throw oil dlseaae
Now is the time when the pesky
ukeeter goes forth like a roaring lion
seeking whom he may chew up.
The new Creston Telephone directory ia now in the hands of the lie-
view job printing artists. It will he
published as an interchangeable loose
leaf book. Advertising space can he
secured from Mr. G. Lowenhurg.
A passenger on the train was gaz
ing out of the window last Monday.
"What do the ranchers want to grow
so many pumpkins around here for?"
he asked of Billy Burton the conductor. "They are not pumpkins," he replied, "they are Creaton strawberries t"
Robins have successfully hatched
brood ol young in a small tree near
the Munro hotel. Many school child
ren knew of the nest and daily awaited the result. To their credit and
good training be it said they have
never molested the nest, and now will
have the pleasure of watching the
young birds receive their flying les
Mr.  George Ellis,  who had his leg
j cut off by an engine at Michel i« progressing satisfactorily.
i    J.  P.   Armstrong,  official  receiver,
paid  Fernie his usual business  visit
on Wednesday.
Mrs. (Dr.) Corson returned from
the coast on Friday-
Mrs. Kirkputrick leaves this even
lng for Calgary on a visit to her son
Ernest. She is accompanied by her
son Roy.
Mr. and (Mrs?) Steve Podblelnncik
left this week for Burton City te
take over the management of tho
Kootenay hotel at that place.
J. E. McCallum of Cranbrook paid
Fnrnie a visit on Monday.
of every kind.   It is the "greatest health-
l»iver known to medical science.
HumitoDr.T. a, St.0CUM,Mmlted,Toronto.
r ti i'' <*o Miuii|ilti -iliiy. All tlnimrUH ami
iruauall l*dVUIIINBaiWaanil|l per bottle.
O C^'X" l * * TV! W
Some Amor lean lings that were Hying at Lcthbridge on Dominion day,
were jerked down by Englishmen
The citizens or New Michel arc extremely grateful to the C.lMt, for
the iilut.fnnn thoy have put in at Natal.
Girls, beware ! Baseball funs who
pose as candy kids develop later In
life Into lemon drops,
A, C. Llphardt went to Winnipeg
on Tuesday night.
S. F. Wallace commenced work on
the main building of the Fernie hotel
on Monday.
Miss Muriel Whimster returned on
Tuesday's delayed passenger from a
two month's visit In Walsh and Medicine H»t.
A delegation of soiled doves from
Cranbrook came in on Wednesday to
avoid strenuous police court times
down there.
The Imperial hank is now open for
business in this city. Their office is
located on the Imperial hunk lot just
south of the C.N.T. Co.'s building.
Goo. Bell, formerly of Banff, Is man
inter of the local branch.
A professor of the science of hypno
tism gave an exhibition of his powers in Pasta's Hall on Saturday eve.
Ob Saturday afternoon J. S. Volume
of tlie Free Press staff drove around
the city at random and Anally depos
ited a coin in a certain spot In Biz
zutto Bros. Livery barn. Then tho
professor, blind folded, took the liner;
nod holding John's little hand in hiH
drove over tbe former course to the
barn and located the coin in its hiding place ln the stable. He was guid-
-ed by thought transference alone.
We tried to get him to locate our
lost office whisk but he said be would
have to be connected telegraphically
with the thief before he could spot it,
Presbyterian Church.
Oh Sunday, July 11th the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of
John Calvin will be remembered in
Knox Presbyterian church morning
and evening hy the study of his life
and teaching. Calvin was both a civil and religious reformer and many
of our educational, religious and democratic institutions have grown out
of his influence. During the days
from July 3rd to July Kith, his anniversary is being observed by at1 elaborate international celebration at
Geneva, Switzerland, and a fitting
monument erected to his memory. Let
us pay our humble hut appreciative
jjl Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection jj)
NVurosl to ntili'oiul depot.    Has accommodations   fur   tin'   public   iinot|iiallorl   in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
Baptist Church.
Mourner wns lien
11. V. 1-ontr.t  ol
.cm Dominion dny —«i^
Wiirt Whhimtor ul Fornlc, took in
theitiolebrntton liorc on Dkmlnlon day.
Tin loni! drawn nut Htriko in set
tied nt. lmt uml Onnmoro, Royal,
Leitiih, Hillcrout, Bcllevtie, Ulle,
Ooleman anil Hosmer Minos ure at
work. it. is un opon slioii agreement,
nnd   nt    least lii.lt a million dollars
        have been lost tu the minors In the
On I'runlirook street,    nenr    Hyde . Puss.   Frank  Sherman's Illness entile
.treat, a two room cott.M,. partial.,-U■£%£*?VMttk W
furnished.   Apply on the premises.        trouble  tbe symiuithy thut ought to
  I go out to him nt tills time Is with-
When the welfare of a community  toNj ^-^^^^^^rSnUon:
at stake the personal Minn of     an  «« nifl       pur       B
individual  cannot  he  comddero-l   M} JJ? * *     *'„J ',
if the Individual were w|He he would   "^ P-"*™ m.Hons.
eo'wny back and make a noise like- a I
clam. i -     -, LRHAD THE 1'lloHl ECTOR
The Maple Leaf forever.
Moyie's cleaning up day worked to
Pernie should tirst make a reputation for herself before going up
against a baseball team like Moyie's
Paddy Head has gone to Seattle to
take in the (air.
J. A. B. Macdonald was down to
Cranbrook Tuesday to attend the
McBride meeting.
Walter I.aing, the barber, has mov
ed his building down on the Conrad
lot, back of Roberts & MosRlnger's
Fred S. Prlngle, a real estute deal
er of Medicine Hat was here last
week and bought two lots on North
Tavistock street.
Miss Martha Keency Is up from
Spokane on a short visit. Miss Keen
ey now holds a good position in the
Wonder store in Spokane.
Eanie Small. J. D. McBride. Geo.
Hoggnrth, A. C B<'wnenn, Dr. Coffin
and Tom Caven were amongst the
many from Cranbrook who took in
tho celebration on Dominion dny.
Laws for Barbers.
Winnipeg, July fi Tim provincial
board of health has drafted a schedule of laws for the guidance of barbers In the trade, and for the prot.ee
tion of the public against Infection
while in barbers' chairs. These ntiin
gent rules come Into effect at once.
In future barbers must wear white
uniforms ; must wash and disinfect
their bunds after every customer, and
must disinfect all tools, razors, tow
As, strops, nnd equipment, and must
lo away with cake soap In favor of
powder immediately.
ft roomed  Cottage,  close to    the
new school.   Electric light, water and
'phone.   Apply
North End Van Home Ave.
For a nice cold dish of Ice Cream
go to Wong Pong's, next door to
Patmore Bros., Armstrong ave.
The annual meeting of Cranbrook
Baptist church on the 30th closed a
very satisfactory and in some respect
the most successful year in the his
tory of the work. An evidenced in thi*
various annual reports, both numerically and financially, the church has
had a gratifying year. With the exception of one who has settled in another part of the country ull the of-
tlccrs of Inst year were re-elected by
acclamation. The new pastor, Rev.
Charles W. King, occupied the chair.
He expressed his pleasure over the
prominent outlook and the loyal
hearted, self sacrificing devotion manifested in the membership.
A desk telephone No. 284 has been
installed in the parsonage.
Sunday services ll a.m. and 7.30 p.
m. Morning subject, "Glorious Liberty, M Tbe members ol L.O.L. association of this district will attend tin
service. Evening subject, "Gideon,
Ready." A cordial christian welcome
to all."
Alcohol iu Candles
Ottawa, July 6—Walter Nixon,
Sparks street confectioner, was I'nei
MOO in the police court this momim
for selling brandy chocolates. Ch ico
lates were found to contain over ;
per cent, nf alcohol. The Inw pro
its the wale of any sweets rontuinin
over two and a halt per cent, id alco
Old  Favorites  still  Bright   ani
The Pollard opera company attrac
ted a very fair attendance at the op
era house last night in spite of tin
threatening weather, and those vvju
were their enjoyed the performunci
and testilied their appreciation by re
peated encores.
MithodiBt Church.
Morning service at 11 ; fellowship
service at 12. Sunday School und
hibli classes at 3. League prayer service at 7 in the outer vestry. Even
ing service at 7.3(1, subject, "The balances of God." The sacrament of the
Lord's Supper will be administered!
at the close of the evening service.
United open air service will beheld,
weather permitting at. !», on Baker
street. All who can assist are heart
ily invited to attend, An address]
will be given by the Rev.-Mr. KingJ
Baptist minister.
Tuesday -Epworth League at 8,
Literary evening, subject, "The His
tory and Art of Printing," by II. S.
Thursday   Prayer service at H.
Friday   Choir  practice at  8,80,
The officer., are making arrange
ments for the rump, and as soon an
Ihe weather is at nil settled, a date
will be unnoiinceii. It is proponed to
have the camp somewhere near the
town so that It can easily be reached
and the lads are looking forward to
a good  time.
Notices ale posted at the Gym re
gardlng the Canadian Amateur Atb
letic Union 22nd Annual Clmmpinn
ship meeting in Winnipeg, July 16*17,
Copies may he bad of the events from
Uev. It. HugllCS. The trustees of the
building here are meeting In n few
lays to talk over matters in regard
to the work. It Is Imped that the
town will soon posses* a fully equip
ped Y.M.C.A., but in the event, of no
thing being done by this larger move I
ment in time for the coming winter,
the Gym. will do the best it can for
the hoys who want to spend their
winter evenings profitably, and will
►pen again as usual in the fall,
ir^f/l^sb   '''K'  karjjest   Anatomical
'   'If' '
11 ■'■"■ Museum  in tlie West.
Dr. Kelly Diseases of Men. Twenty
years' experience iu the treatment of
weakness, nervous troubles or any
contracted ailments. A positive cure
iu every case undertaken Consultation free and strictly private Treat
ment. personally or by letter.
210 Howard St., Spokane, Wash.
The play, "The Widow O'Brien,
meaningless but the looseness "i
plot adonis upportuuity for until
ed comedy at which several menu
of the Company are clever   and pi
ing.   The  baby   Grace   that   won
nflectlon of the Nelson playgoers
the   pollard   Lilipatiuns  is gone,
its loss is atoned for the ilevclopn
of real talent in their adolescent
cessors, It. is rather remarkable   t
so many of the children should ii
developed so evenly.    Their is not
spiciioiis  weak      memhei   in 'the e<
patiy  and  several  are distinctly  g
ami promise tn lie permanently
CCHSflll -Nelson  News,  Tuesday
Take notice that an application has
been made to register     Gertrude R.
Armstrong us the owner in Fee  Simple, under a Tux Sale Deed from Al
I red   C,   Nelson,   assessor   of   tlie  dis
rict of Fort  Steele, to Gertrude    R.
Armstrong, bearing date the 31st duy
if   October,    A.D..   1904, of ull and
lingular thut certain parcel or tract
■ f   laud   premises  situate,   lying  and
.being  in  the  District of  Kootenuy iu
' the      province  of   British   Columbia,
more particularly known and describ
ed as Lot No. 2070, Group one, Dis
trlct of Kootenay.
i    You and each of you    are   requited
to contest the claim  of the  tux  pur
chaser within fourteen duys from the
date of the service of this notice upon you. uud in     default ol a caveat
or certificate of lis pendens being filed
; within  such  period,  you   will  be for*
ver estopped and debarred from set-
ting Up any claim to or in respect of
idle   said   land,    and   I   shall   register
I Gertrude   It    Armstrong   as     owner
i thereof
.   Dated at Land Registry office, Nel-
\ on,   Province   of British Columbia,
I this 26th day ol March, A. D., 190it.
H. P.  Jorund,
District   Registrar
To Wm   .1. R   Cowell.
Ktnnl Insertion'31st July, 1.hw.
Stock Quotations
As Furnished by
Ml')AI.K   Si   r.l.WEI.L,   ('mnbl\„
April   DM.i
Aurora   Consolidated smelters
Yalihli.i.k   Kire Brick
S MATT 1,1'!.
Tlckftfl on siil" ilully Mnv Zatti tn
Oct. Hlli. Kliml return limit III
iIiijk. Imt. nut Inter thnn Ocl   Jl
For complete Inlnrmntlon niiply to
KK"ntH. or write
J. R  HtoCTOIt,
II   1'   A    Unitary.
Nlrnlii Onl Mines I.M ,01
Nllilsslim 10.75
li   fl. Amnlsumnteil Conl ,021
ll   r. Popper ii.fill
C'nnmlliin ttoliMelils .OKI
fiiiwiiiHii Murconl 1.00
I'liimiliiui Nortliwesl nil     .111
Consollilnted Hincltors 77.00
Dlnmoml Oonl .67
lllnmonil Vnle Conl .«!'
I nl rlmil I..mil Conl 74
Mctlllllvrny Crook Conl 2.'.
Nortli Sim I'M
Sunset (..,1<1 Minos 60
Pincher Creek nil Co
iRnmbler Cnrll  ll
lloynl Collieries .27
Hocloty Olrl
Western OH Oirot] ll 31
Western Oil (ord.l 1.76
Veteran Wnr Srri|>        626.00
...Throw uwuy the hnmmor nnd boost,
k, B.O
,   I '.11)9.
96 no
I nu
.28 p»t-l
I'Ki'Tnlt.    ORANBROOK,    n.    0..   SATURDAY, JULY 10. 191,0.
********************** ****************
Watch This Space
There Will Be a Special
Which Will Interest  You
Mi-   Arthur Smith und Miss Young   ♦
of London were in the cltj  Tuesday   ♦
Il.i;'il« I buttermilk .it  Stewnrt',
Jnek Stunnnrl  ol Fori   Steele, wni
in town Thursday
Miss   Florence    Hiokenbothnm   lell
yesterdny lor Spokane ,,n a holiday
Mrs  T   S, dill loft ..ii Thursday ,.i
a visit  to llif [ar east.
Btrawbei rles,  poaches
ut   Stowart's today.
4;/"V K stork Ii.in been sorted ii|
1 we are in n  position
to suppl) your wants promptly; several lines t»> eluiose
C    Hownrss  wa.
on business
it    Mu-bel    tills
Moving pictures .ii the Kdfson thi
re tonighl     All new films
\    K   Stephen nr ••( Mb
town Wetlnoida*.
m     and  Mrs    \    J    Chiaholm     o
Kin ■ -;mie   wdi■   ni   l■ .v\ii   Wednesday
f ''■    IISl.lt>
t       ivn Wed
tiiii'   Vdncj   il wurdi ci  «:.■•• in
Inesdny on l...:,ti husiness
u    i'   Hodi ee ol  Hem    Idaho,
a  the Cosmopolitan  Wednesday
at   Ste»
Burns Bros.
trillii ♦
.* .. Cran    ♦
in  th,. .-ity   ♦
this 11
intblj   issemblj  . ' 5i I-   *
was held in the Mas-   ♦
n Monday evening ♦
It)   tOWB
Fred  Allan ol Milwaukee     was
♦ Cranh k t isitoi  Sunday last
♦ Mr   and Mrs   0. Taylor spent Sun
♦ in.   last in Cranbrook.
♦ table K. S   Reed,  ol the N W
♦ M I'    wns in i,.mu Suti.luv  List
♦ V
♦ M   ■
♦ . .
.1    Joyce   ,1     Mayook  h
. -  '     . .-.  last
visitor Moi
lips ol Elk
Received from satisfied patrons that will
convince the most skcpi.i- thai we are
If you are. troubled with your i'jn-s in any
way call anil let us &rivi' yon advice.
A Reliable Kt|i.in Shop in:
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
C P. R. Watdi Inspectors
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
For the next 30 days I will
ofter for sale my entire stock
of Wall Papers at 25 per cent
discount for cash, consisting of
English Velours and Tiles
Canadian and American Art
Designs in Stripes, Florals,
Plain and Embossed
Our stock of Papers is the
most artistic in design and
refined in colouring ever shown
in Cranbrook. Come early and
secure choicest patterns
\\r mention
\s liriii'.; thoroughly reliable.     Nozzles,  Reels, and I.mum
ISprinklers also.    |ust Telephone Nn. 5,
"' 'AM*/.!'
l»w IiCTiti
lll«%> SB
aboul   ♦
in n   1
catrh .1 train rol
fines in the Unite
ier in Canada as ll   ♦
Armstrong Avenue
Phone 111
And now tho bright  banana weath
er will show  how quickly it can dry 14
ii[i the surface moisture. 1 *
Colonel     nnd     Mrs   Henderson ...'2
Fori   Steele Crnnbrook        1       *********************************************
Dr   Taylor ol Golden, has been up
I ited Deputy Grand .Master lor the
Columbia Masonic tlistrii-t
Mrs Thomas Starbtrd, ol Wilnier,
who has been visiting In the States,
returned homo last week.
Miss Prosl lett 1111 Tuesday [or Win-
ni|M-u  wlu-n- she will  Bpend n couple
For a inn- cold dish of ire cream
L',, to Woni! Pong's, next door to
Pntmoro Uros., Armstrong Ave.
«;. II. Darling ot Toronto and D.
(J, Hlark ni Vancouver were registered nl the Crnnbrook Monday.
.1, 1). Young of Vancouver and H.
II. Coleman of Toronto were guests
nl the Crnnbrook Monday.
********************** **********************
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
arc sold iiniv i>\
The Montelius Piano House
439-'141   Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C.
Branch Store   413 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.
George   Welch,   Selling   A^piU.  Cranbrook,  ii (
H.    H.    STANTON,
Manager   for   all    Eastern    B.C
Benedick of the Mayook Lumber
of Mayook,     was in town Mon
* Jntnes Flnlay returned Irom a biisi-
4 in-Mi trip to  Pincher Creek  on Mon
♦ day.
11    F   J. McCrohnn and P. I'nwkliw of
♦ uttnwn, were guests at the Cranbrook
* last Saturday.
Tim I   was
it    hall game un
Were  you   oue of
bra tint
irlcnn ball team from SnuJ
1. busy Sunday evening col-
heir national day. July 4.
IV   T   Burton ol Michel, Wm. Home
Toronto, and M.  M.  Carpenter ot
rlzona, U S.A .     w«re at the Cran-
 k  Slinduy last.
♦!    It   H11111-, ot Hums  Bros,  who lias
T  i.i-i n    visiting    al the coast lor tho
Ti|..i.'  two     weeks,  returned  to Cran
J   In uik Monday,
X Mi   nnd Mrs   A   Davis ..I F.nstporl
♦ nnd Mr   .111,1 Mrs   11   M. Jnckson    ol
♦ Spokane were Cranbrook visitors   on
♦ Monday
mote lisbi-i ititm were out
, alter tbe ttaiuev trout.
heni     ol any Inrgo bags
Gold Standard  Teas
and Coffees
N .ui h iii  li liar 1 inn   ate 11 I; nl   I'.inrv and  Staple
f il, .1 r| lis   (Mlililrlr   Ml   1 \ 1 -I \    ri'SIICrl       I   lll.il
unlet'   w ill   I'nllv illi e   \ nil  ive   are   I lien    \ il h
Mil-   .oinils.
I'llONK     ifi
♦ n
♦ '
♦ 1.1..
♦ ...
♦ mo
♦ "
♦ nes
♦ i
: •-
: m
e  regular     weekly  Imiid  concert
a  b)   the  Cranbi k   City  Hand,
■ ,1 gely at tended, ami 1 lie music
h appreciated.
optiml 1   ll   the  man   who  lakes
ti ■. ei  wcnthei   is sent  and decides
it is lust whal  tbo lurmors have
wnltlng foi
 I        tiaav    of    llie   early    .lime
■■'i.-..in   have found out who bus
el   up  nnd       light   llie   lire   in   the
ft iptipei     advertising paid    lunl
II   |i   .    this week ,  it   will pay
week    it. tho bent plan to sd-
i" 1   erj   .v.ei. in Tho Prospector.
man   who Can   take a  palit.H
,11 ol fncl and evolve [  ||    „
i- .'nrdrobo ol scandal nothing Is
Ihle njeopl the truth
11 vel ,,( I lim week have beon
imed hy all The air feels fresh-
ui everything puts <„i a healthy
iirnnce ns 11 resiili ol the rain.
A   regubii   monthly
alloli    of
: CAMPBELL & MANNING | Arr^r^-^.
I "	
♦ ,
♦ Ico 1 roam Irom the Hpoknnc ilakery
♦ Co., the llnesl and best ever brou :lit
. . Into Crnnbrook, Sold by the pint or
'* ! i|iuirl 01 1I111I1 al Wong Pong's.
Frank Reeves, who has been out
with a surveying party tor the pust
two months returned to Cranbrook
Ho not for a moment lose sight of
the fact that this district In the nature of things must come to the front
nnd -that right speedily and thnt
Cranbrook Is the leading city of
progressive country.
.1.   .1.   Thompson ol Vancouver, J.
.1. Wrigglcsworth and R. N. Wait   of
Winnipeg, were at the Crnnbrook on     The inevltnble always happens nt a
Wednesday. ball game und on Monday evening the
..  ! tempcrnture of n number of the Crnn-
A.   B.   Fenwick  has been  appointed  brook players   went as   low   as pos-
Dojnity Grand Muster, A.F., di A.M
slble.   "They had cold feet.'
for the  Southeast  Kootenay  Masonic
The Alpine club, who climbed Mt.
linker on Dominion day have hardly
recovered [rom the effects of their nr-
iluoiis task. According to reports
they don't want to try it again.
Property owners in Cranbrook are
taking 11 great interest in the water
bylaw which will soon he plnccd before tbc electorate for their approval
or dissent.
The Kaiser fully believes that he
has John Bull on the run. His uncle
"Teddy" will some dny take Kaiser
Hill across his knees and there will
be no chnncc for him to run.
S. Neelnnds nl Nelson, H. n. Wyntt
ol Vancouver, J. A. Wright of Montreal, and H. H. Coleman of Toronto
were guests nt the Cranbrook Tuesday. 	
H. H. Meredith of Toronto, J. H. I
Wilson of Spokane.  J.  F.  C,  Smith j h      „     ,d   ,
of Vancouver,    W. I,ees of Portland,!        *	
nnd A. Curney ol Knslo, were registered nl. the Cranbrook Tuesduy.
Crop experts who have crossed Manitoba, .Saskatchewan and Alberta In
n rapidly moving C.P.It. express
train nre now telling the people of
Canada how many bushels the North-
west whent crop will contain.
At a meeting of the Farmers' Institute on Wednesday last it was decided to offer special prizes at the fall
fair for the best district exnibits of
vegetables and fruit preserved tor exhibition purposes, the prizes in each
class to be $25.Ml for the 1st and 110
for the second.
The officers and members of L.O.L
No, lk"l will assemble at the Il.n.C
A. Hull on Sunday morning, July 11,
at 10.110 a.m., in accordance with the
constitution nnd laws of the order to
attend divine service in the Baptist
church. Visiting brethren cordially
Invited. A. Horsniun, Muster ; Jos.
Wallace, Sr.. Secy.
Hepeut It—"Shiloh's Cure will   al-
A letter from the Canadian Fair-
hanks Compnny wns received by Mayor Fink this week, saying that the
lire alarm whistle tor this city wns
shipped on July 2nd.
(!. S. Appleby ol Montreal, R.
I'laresholin ol Winnipeg, H. C. Kwin
of HesMoines. Iowa-, Sum and Art
Anderson of Lacrosse, Wis., were registered nt the Cranbrook Saturday
liepent If.—"Shiloh's Cure will always curt iny coughs and colds."
Calls  Promptly  Attended
NltiHT PHONE No. S!8o
Funeral   Director   and   Km
balniet'i  in charge.
.« ........a a- 9'i i,.*..*..f..i>^>^i
The LeftdinK  Fruit Store.        '•
,,  •
I.KTTl'c ■!■:.    nVlJMIIKUS,     •
iKi.r.i.y. ItllUllAKU. •
___.•)_. *.
11 •■
1 Mucin, VI'MS f
•;lu|i]M'ii 111 SO mlhlltf")
■iin* wIlli Dr. HIio<>|>'a
Crmi't    iti'tiii'ily.    Una
tent will surely prove,
Su vi tin it in 1*. ii<* dli<
I   .i.-a.iiic   vni|) -lUc. ItfliMi'.l-..
Married    man     to   work   farm on
flhiiieit.   Sihi|> for f-ood man.
Fred A. ItiiKsel & Co.
Boi 144 Oranbrook, n. 0.
Francis Edward
Itiilxllliilsti'i- (Irulitirnnk I'ltv llaiul
Cliiilriiitisti.r Knox Cresliyleciiin
l.iilr ItiiiiiliiiiiMer Mis MuJo.Mv's liiirrl
W, I'lislllius      '
Violin, Kiinjn, Guitar, Miiiulnliu
iniii      KtiiiiilimI      Inslriiiiienis.
Orchestra    Furnished
I'hone l.vi. CRANBKOOK, B.C.
Cranbrook,  B. C.
********************** **********************
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers  .
OUR AIM I* it. g-ivc llie c-nintort.M.'eker Ihe fulli^l wwv
uf uomFort wiih the least senne of apparutiis tbc mo-itsttlls-
rylng results at tho least exuonse of fuol anil of luhni', with
fivi'iioin Irom re)iaiis. ami u tmrablHt.v eqmtl lo Ilu* life of thu
liiiildttiga    in    whlcli    the    boating  systems  tiro   installed
Our Systems of   Moating meet  those* requirements  oxnetly.
They are the effluleiit. silent, reliable servant of llie house owner
-an adjunct which doc-, more for the cheer and hcali lifnhiess of
lumie-lifcth an any other ninti-Hul feature or decoration of home
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦i
$•<*} * • ^<^^'»\^'^*'<'.*>vf|-*>s'.»s ♦'■*>'♦ •■*'■■*'• t-*$•<?• :*\* f-j» ♦ •*■• • f-^ ♦■ ♦ • -•' ♦
To Bet the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried  Blood   Fertilizer
Try Our    Blood and Bone Mixture
Plume 10
. V. O. Box 3.
■■•■.•■•■ r>\*>''
******* *****
II Ham and Bacon I
Our smoked muiits are always fresh sinolt. Wo
nre sure tliul if you li'.v lliem onen ,vn„ will iifji'eo
willi us Uml they are llie hesl llavorotl anil must
wholesome smoked meals you have ever oaten.
il P. Woods & Co.
;;    PHONE 57 P. 0. BOX 154   f
< '<********************* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
IK. 3- Sinnina
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
rtepeut It—"Shiloh's niim will   kI
ways   cure   hit   cou'ba   and   tulils."
for   Sale or lteut »t- RaaaoDaMa
Otficeift Workshop—Lewis St.
Vlione Nu   98,
"The Best in Town"
l''nr ii Cool, Clean Hlinve,
rn' ii Hair Cm, fin lo
Tonsorial   Artists
Oranhrook Slreoi
fllllt   HATH   ROOM   18 STRIOTLV


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