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The Prospector Jan 25, 1908

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Array '•"•=     .  -M- ,.'.::
JAN 271908
\ --- »
v ol. 24.
No. 4.
Regular Monthly Meeting of The
Sullivan Uroup Mining Compuny
At Spokane.
A regular monthly meeting of the
directum of the Sullivan Croup
Mining Company was held at Spokane on Thtiraday January ltith, at
which Mr. .lumps Kinlny was elected
aa General Manager of the mines,
and Superintendnnt of the Company's smelter at Marysville.
It waa also decided that the head
office of the Company ahould be located at Marysville.
Another mutter of importance
which was announced at the meeting was that the Sullivan ores was
self-fluxing, and that iu the future
no ore would be shipped from out
side points for that purpose.
Mr. M Bride's Report.
The premier Iitiii upon the
table of the House yes,entity his
r p ri mi his "Hett. r Terms"
mission. It is a very Interesting
paper and we produce it in full
this morning, omitting the sev
eralappendices. We invite careful perusal of it. Mr. McBride
is very much lo be congratulated
upon having produced a state
paper of more than ordinary
. value. There is a definiteness
about it that permits of no misconstruction and he has unquestionably brought the issue be-
tween the province and the Dominion to a shape that must be
regarded as highlf satisfactory
even by British Columbians who
tind themselves unable to agree
with his general policy.
The point not to he lost sight
of is that Mr McBride's speeitic
object was to prevent the passing of a measure which should
declare the conclusion of the
Inter-Provincial Conference tiual
and unalterable. As he says, no
legislation cun bo final aud unalterable. As he says, no legislation can be tiual and unalterable, for no parliament eau bind
itself, uot to speak of its successors, to a certain line of
action; but to permit a measure
to be passed containing such au
expression would be construed
!*-S P. S".br"1isS'On   on   tbo   p.nt't. ot.
this province to it as adetermin
atiou of the 'Better Terms"
case for British Columbia. If the bill had been allowed
to pass with the objectionable
words in it. aud if at a subsequent
day it should be proposed to
again amend the British North
America Act or in some other
way to grant this province what
her people consider her just
rights, the expression "final and
unalterable" would have stood iu
the way, and we would have been
asked why we did not persevere
in our protests to the very end
Thus Mr. McBride's object was
simply to keep the door open for
future negotiations, and to pre
veut the province from being
estopped by un implied acquiescence in a "linaland unalterable"
settlement. How well he sue-
ce. ded is shown by Lord Flgin's
despatch of July IH, which says:
"Imperial Act cannot affect right
of future occasion for a recognition of our just rights, that we
have allowed Ihem to lapso. Mr
McBride could not hope to pre
vent the passage of a measure
asked for by the Parliament of
Canada and concurred in by all
the provinces except British Co
lumblu, but he could and did prevent the action of the provinces
uud of the Dominion and Imperial parliaments being construed at any time in the future
us conclusive against any claims
which the province may put for
In a mutter of this nature the
transaction must be taken us a
whole. As the various incidents
connected with this question
arose there were naturally some
differences of opinion upon them;
but now that we have the full
account presented, now that we
are enabled by Mr. McBride's
report to take a bird's oyo view
of the whole, the strength of the
government's position is clear
and eminently satisfactory
to all who appreciate the
nature of the case. We find Mr.
McBride caieful to reiterate his
protest against our special claims
being regarded as something lo
be adjusted between British Columbia and the other provinces
and asserting lhat they are mat
lees to be determined between
tliis province and tho Dominion.
We find him securing from tho
Colonial .Secretary au interpretation of the IJ. N. A. Act, the
justice of which can hardly
be disputed. It will be Found in
paragraph '27 the lelterof Mr. H.
Bertram Cox, whieh is as follows:
"Lord Elgin fully appreciates
thu force of I he opinion expressed
that the B. N. A. Act was the result of terms of union agreed upon by the contracting provinces
nnd Hint ils tonus call noi he nl
'tered merely at the wish of the
Dominion government*" We
, Und him obtaining ii recoanilioti
I Ihul it was not .1. - i otiiii ion uf
the Imperial parliament to embarrass lh" provin e in the further presenl:,,ion of ils eluiius,
end we find him se luring the exclusion from Hie bill of llie words
upon Which the I'leuier
of Cnuaiiu laid special
stress und to which the
legislature of ihis province
took absolute exception, (in
ihe whole it was a good showing
-a Very excellent showing. We
greatly congl'lllulate Mr. McBride upon his report, and we
greatly congratulate the province thai at this very critical
juncture in its relations with Ihe
Dominion, its affairs were in the
hands ol' a public man, who
never for a moment lost sight of
the object which he had in view
and with much ability aud adroitness secured the fullest possible acknowledgement of everything he had set out to obtain.
—Victoria Colonist.
Visitors    Here    and    There.—People
Who   Come to   Cranbrook and
Those   Who Go Away.
Bobby    Burn's    day,
A  Successful Oarntval,—List of
Prize Winners.
The fancy Dress Carnival
which took place at the Colum
bia Skating Rink was acomplete
success. There was a large attendance and many elaborate
costumes, and a genera', good
time wus hud by those who participated.
The ice being in fine condition
the Rink is being well patronized
and greatly enjoyed by a large
number of young people.
Pred Small was first, winning
the fine pipe donated by C. Maedonald.
J. A. McLean, for the best
gentlemen's costume secured a
razor donated by Clias E, Reid
& Co Druggists.
Geo. .Vlananan as the best
gentlemen skater captured a
sweater donated by the Fink
Mercantile Co.
Miss P. Patmore, us the
Goddess of Liberty won the
prize For best ladies costume.
Miss A. Prazer as the best
lady skater received a splendid
silver manicure set donated bv
W. P Tute.
Miss Buelii Stewart received
as second prize, a hook.
Messrs Burns and Miller acted
as judges for the men. nnd Miss
Wilson nnd Miss Biukley For the
The Cranbrook City Band enlivened the scene by playing a
number of selections which were
much appreciated.
Colebred Marchant.
At the Methodist, Parsonage
by the Rev. R Hughes on Tuesday afternoon Mr. George Edward Colebred of Mayook, to
Miss Nellie Marchant of Wen-
worth, Ontario, Mr. and Mrs.
Colebred will resident Mayook,
and have the besl wishes of
their many friends For their Future happiness.
Tafet Bosert.
Mr. John (leorge Tafel of
Marysville and Marie Bosert of
the same town, were united iu
marriage on Wednesday morning at the Methodist Parsonage.
They will take up their residence iu the smelter districl and
have many well wishes both here
and in Germany, in which country they were hoth born.
A Goal Baron.
The East Kootenay Press ha
been working off another of its
periodical eiilogiums on C. P.
Hill, the coal baron of Hillcresl.
Mr. Hill's interviews always
make interesting reading. The
speed of developing recently has
beeu phenomenal, the output
having jumped from 100 to 700
tons a day in less than three
months. Haifa million dollars
have already been expended ou
development, and half a million
more will be spent during the
nexl year or two. The latest
addition to the Coinpanys properly is a new steam heated electric lighted hotel and accomodation without which no mining
lown Is complete, and which will
till an Important niche in tho
economy of Hillcresl. -Victoria
C. J. Hates of Vancouver was in
the city Tuesduy.
J. A. McBean, and A. Mcllean of
Haynes Lake was ln town Tuesday.
Ex-Mayor Jumes Pinlay wiih in
the city Friday. »
Grant Mcelungo of Marysi-iltii was
in thu city Wednesday.
Prank VanDecar left on Monday
on a visit to the collHt, He took
his vote with him.
J.  J. Thompson,  J.  Doble and (1.
Mather of Viincouver    were register
ed at the Oranbrook Thursday.
A. Curney of Kaslo, Provincial
timber inspector was in the city
Thursday on official business.
Geo. Jewell of the Jewell Lumber
Company at Hanbury, was transacting business at Cranbrook Wednesday.
W. J. Miller of Winnipeg and J.
1). Campbell of Vancouver were
guests at the Cosmopolitan Suniliiy
Mr. and Mrs. H. It. Cameron of
Brandon, were visiting Mr. and Mrs.
S. J. Mighton during the early part
of this week.
L. A. Parks of Crunbrook, Thos.
Lahell of Pincher Creek, and A. McQueen of Victoriu were registered ut
the Cranbrook  Monday.
Anyone with half an   eye can see
the immense benefit to   the city of
some   place of recreation. We   refer to the Gymnasium.
As wns predicted three cnpable
men were elected as School Trustees. J. A. Harvey, J. G. McCallum nnd G. T.  Rogers.
We are    informed that   our linker
Street   contemporary   had   a aerve
racking experience last    week. We
wonder what caused it?
Indian Agent It. L. T. Galbraith,
and Constable Joseph Walsh of Port
Steele were at Cranhrook Monday
on legal business.
P. Lund, manager of the Crows
Nest PasB Lumber Co., and David
Bretkentiuge .,.' V'm'diiei were Uuils-
acting business at Oranbrook Monday.
E. D. Windsor of Nelson. J. Arthur of Spokane, E. Feagan of
Marysville, and J. A. Maedonald of
Moyie were guests at tlie Cosmopolitan  Mondny.
wood or lumber, for IRRIGATING
your land, or wherever POWER is
needed nnd lie convinced of its usefulness and economy.  Patmore  Bros.
The Chinese New Year will be celebrated hy Celestials in Cranbrook
next Saturday with the customary
observances which murk that festival.
give the best satisfaction. We will
be pleased to give information nnil
quote prices.   PATMORE  BROS.
DOG LOST. A puppy setter,
black with white star on breast.
Finder will be rewarded hy leaving
dog, or giving informntion of liis
whereabouts to J. Neilson, telegraph
operator at Chus. E. Reids drug
F. W. Plepcr of Sunnyslopc, Alta.
was in Crnnbrook this week. Mr.
Pleper formerly resided in Cranbrook, and is now engaged in the
hardware husiness nt Sunnyslopc.
Clint. Maedonald lias purchased
W. H. Laing's interests in the barber shop, cigar store and pool room.
This Is coiiHidered a good husiness
move on the part of Mr. Maedonald
by his many friends.
Wm. West runic down from the
l'ay Roll mine Thursday. He reports (hat ttie property is looking
exceedingly well anil that a considerable amount of gray copper has
been encountered.
W. 11. Harris ol Calgnry, T. P.
Newman of Pincher Creek, J- A.
Maedonald of Nelson, W. 0. Smith
and P. 0, Atlcw of Portland, ami 1)
Maedonald of Marysville were guests
at the Cranrook Thursday,
You can educate your children to
a large extent, besides pleasing them
liy taking them to the Edtson Theatre. The entertainment Is refined,
and interesting; and is lieiug largely
patronized  by  parents  nnd  children.
Mrs. Mollcrt. of Hansons Avenue,
entertained a number of ladles at. an
afternoon whist party Thursday,
After Heveral rubbers had bean plnyed, the hostess served dainty re
freshinentii on prettily decorated
it Is announced that J. A. Harvey, K. 0. of Cranhrook, (i. S. Mc
Carter of Rcvclstoke, and F. C. T
Lucas of Vancouver have formed n
partnership under tlie Arm name ol
Harvey, McCarter .li Luciis. Mr.
Lucas will have charge of the Villi
couvcr office,
.1. M. Pinkham, E. Patmnri', .1
McSweyn and A. L. McDermott left
Sunday hint for the BotiHpli'l lit
Calgary. The party represent huuh'
of Cranbrook'H rruck curlers, who
beforo the bousptel is nver will give
a good account nf tlieniselvos.
Mr. J. A. Griffith uf Bull river
was in the city Saturday lust.
P. E. Simpson wns at Spokane
this week.
M. B. King left un Wednesday on
.1  husiness trip to New Brunswick.
R. H. Bohart id Wardner wus iu
town  Wednesday.
Ml', nnd Mrs. Chus. E, Muckny ol
Moyie spent Sunday lust in Cran
There was just u slight hint of
winter weather during tlie past few
Don't forget the Firemen unit En
glnemen's annual ball on Muiulnj
February 3rd.
Miss I'Ulu Johnson was conflnod te
tier homo for several days this week
with a severe attack of grippe.
Mrs. W. P. Tate wus visiting her
son Ross Tute at Lethbridge this
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mcl.eod of
Pernie were Cranbrook visitors this
The lirst annual hall of the Firemen and l-biginenien will be held in
the new opera house en Monday,
February 3rd.
D. H. Smith of Michel, C. Hincs
of Kimberley and E. Robson of Nelson were registered at the Cosmopolitan Tuesday.   ,
W. J. Atchison who has been seriously ill for the pnst ten days, is
now fairly well oii the road to recovery.
There will be a meeting of the directors of the Crnnbrook Parmer's
Institute on Saturday ut the Council chambers.
Mrs. M. Mclnness, having spent a
week visiting friends in Crunbrook
returned to Elkmouth hy Friday's
east hound train.
Michel, a Kootenain Indian was up
before Judge Wilson Monday charged
witli an aggravatiiT assault on a
stable keeper named Baxter. He
was let ot! on suspended sentence.
A. 0. Duy of Nolson, H. W. Reed
of Swansea, H. W. Hilkcr of Vancouver, P. M. Rankin of Marysville
were guests at tlie Cranbrook
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has not as yet
made any official statement to tho
House of Commons respecting the
result of Mr. Leinieiix mission to
According tu Grit reports Mr.
Lcmieux lias beon successful, und according tn ii despatch from Tokio,
the Japanese government has received informntion from Ottnwa that
the Dominion government is sntis-
ticd with the arrangements entered
into by both governments.
Sir Wilfrid don't seem to bo in n
hurry, or to consider it necessary
to muke nn announcement to the
people of Canada, as to what-this
agreement may he, and probably
would be delighted to hold buck
this information until nfter the general elections.
Hut, be it as it may, tlie agreement is satisfactory to Japan and
the Ottawa government, will it be
satisfactory to those most interested,   the penple ol British Columbia.
Associated   Boards  of  Trade   Meet ut
Moyie and Transact Business.
Moyie, Jan. 22. -The Annual convention nf the Associated Boards of
Trade nf Southeastern British Columbia convened hero this afternoon
at 3 o'clock, and was called to order by president G. o. Buchanan.
The delegates in attendance wore
S, S. Powler, I. G. Nelson and Fred
Starkey uf Nelson; L, A. Campbell
and A. B. McKenzie of Rossliilul; .1.
D. Anderson, 0, P. Wier and F. *.*.'.
Giiernosey of Trail; J. A, Harvey,
and M. A. Bealo of Crnnbrook; J.
Russell ui Greenwood; (1. 0, llu
chiinun of Kaslo; Chus. Parrel anil
11, Campbell nf Moyio.
R. Campbell, president nf the Moyie Board nf Trade presented an address of welcome tu the visiting delegates.
The first business, after passing on
tile credentials of the delegates, was
the presentation nf tiie reports nf
tlie president   nnd    vice president ro
Tlio olection nf nftlciirs fiilhuied
the reading nf tho president's reports.
G. ti. Buchanan of Kaslo wns ro
elected us president; F. A, Starkey
uf Nolsuii vice-president; und A. H.
McKenzie nf Rossland secretary und
The citizens of Moyie entertained
tlio visitors with ii bnnqiiot ul tbo
Central  Hotol to-night.
Mayor and Aldermen Sworn In
And M.et for Ftrit Tune.
The newly elected city council
having taken Hie mil1! ol ullici.
■nel foi' llie lirst lime mi Miiinln.
'veiling in ihe Council , 'liumlier
Them were present Mayo
Pink, nmi Aldormon .luckson.
Komi. Bnker, llendorson, John
-on nud Hunt.
Ueeoidsol' last regular uieeling
were rend, uml ou million of
Mileitieii 1,'vuii nud   II, i del-son
The following commit tecs were
appointed liy Mayor Kink:
Board of Works Aldermen
Itynn, Baker, uml Johnson,
Pire and Police Aldermen
-luckson and Hunt.
Health and l.ellef- Aldermen
lohuson and Henderson.
Legislation Aldermen Itynn
uud liaker.
The Kdi.sou Theatre, application For a lieeuee for n Moving
Picture Show, was referred to
Firemen Committee,
Auditor 0. II- Ashworlh re
ported that llie city accounts
were correct.
A lender from Contractors
(ieo. Leask St tin., lor repairs ol
Pire Hall was referred to Pire
and Police Committee.
Moved liy Aldermau Ryau and
seconded by AI do I'lll iiii Hunt.
Ihal the court of revision ol the
municipality of lite City of Cranbrook he held on the second day
of March, 1008. ul 10.80 a.m.
(local tiinei at the council chamber and that notice thereof
be inserted in the "British Columbia tin/ette." ''The Cranbrook Herald" and "The Prospector."   Carried.
Moved by Alderman Baker;,,id
seconded by Alderman Henderson lhat the court of revision
consist of llie following members
of tlie council: The mayor and
Aldermen' Ryan, Johnson, Hunt
and Hendii'ivon. Alderman Hunt
gf»v« iintivf'i'iin; lie wouldi ut the
next meeting of llie council, propose a by-law lo amend the curfew by-law.
The council adjourned at n. lu
pin. The nexl regular meeting
ol council will i'e on Wednesduy.
February uth.
Jilted Royal Bride Elect.
Si. Petersburg, Jan. 2i. Willi
the tin,fringe of Prince Wilholni
of Tweden, second son  of   King
GllSlaV,     Ullll      (it'll ltd      Duchess
Marie Paii'ovun. daughter of I he
Grand Duke Paul, uuelu of tl e
'■/.ar. the royal houses of Russia
and Sweden will he united iu
marriage  for the tirst  time  in
under the ruling they can mail
papers ut second elnss rules only
in those whose subscriptions
hnve In' n pnid within u yeut
The e.\ei utive cominillee ol ihe
National Editor al associa,ion
.'.ill a.eei here Monday in con
-id. r tie- question, nml in miiki
iriaugemeiitsI"! ihecomingcon
v iiiiiui in Si. Paul
A s: try ul ihe statistics ol
I H im tli-, marriages nml deaths
'i (Hinted in tin- Registrars' olllci
il Southeast K'nolenni for tin
pasl year, is us follows     Birlh>
illi.      I llie-      12'ti,     uiul      in:
Meeting s Postponed.
Tiie meeting nl ihe Associnlet
Boatds ol Trade, whicli was In In
held III Movie on tlie L'L'nd. litis
lieell    postponed   for   one   week.
and will now convene hore on
ihe -Mii. The meeiing is post
poned on nccoiinl ol'lhe Bonspeil
heing held ul Nelson noxl  week
Christ Church Will Have  Heo
Monday evening, January IHth
a meeting of the Parishoners ol
Christ Church Parish was held
iu Christ Church lo consider the
advisability of providing a rec
lory For the Parish.
It was on motion resolved thai
the time had come when a rectory
should be provided.
A committee was appointed to
solicit contributions From Unpeople. The committee have
•iiiniiienced its work, and have
.Iready secured contributions lo
iheaiiioiint of S57HO.
The committee will report progress at the adjourned meeting
io he held oil Monday evening
nexl ul fl p.in. Those desiring
o contribute may leave their
ilTeriug with either Mr Hunt or
Mr; C. A. Cock,
Secretary  of State  Soott   Suys
Con ing of Japs Was Prophesied.
Ottawa, out,, Jan. l':'. In lhe
annate today Secretary of State
Sent! iinuli' ii statement on the
negotiations of Postmaster
General Leinieiix witli Japan fur
restriction of emigration to Can
iidii The government, he snid,
mis noi blameless for the Jnp
ane.su immigration nml tin
trouble whicli followed in Brit
isli Columbia. It hud been
warned ol ti possible heavy in
crease in Japanese arrivals on
history. Only once beforo, overlthe Pacilic coasl before the
a century ago, was such a treaty had heen accepted, In
matrimonial nni, n contemplated, j adhering lo the treaty the ta
and il resulted so disastrously niidian governmenl hud to rely
ilim  superstitious see in  it nn upon a slntutoof Japan which the
omen    Ihal  augurs   ill   lor  the Jit] se could change ut   nn.\
present match, I time  tin extraordinary sitiu,tiou.
11 was.in llie autumn  ol   17
Southeast Kooteaay   Leads   in   The
Output Of Coal Ami Lead in 19(17.
Tin- output "1 tlio ('roll's Nest
I'uss ('unl Company's collieries for
Hie month ut December averaged
ubout 3.600 tons ,ioi iluy. u total of
85.  for tin* month.
The uulliiit "I tin- St HiiLiono silver li-uil mines ut Moyie, is estimated nt 127.G46 tuns nl ore,(making
24 7.17 tuns nf concentrates) containing 675 959 ounces "f silver unil
29.391.389 pounds of tend, having it
total viiluo "I $1,718,933.
The estimated lead production uf
the Marysville Bmclter for tlio pnst
year e  1" 631 ".», pounds "f lead
Tin- lead production from mines in
tlio Kootenays e- estimated nt 16.-
S73.35" pounds .01 this amount tbe
St. Kimono uiul Siillivnn mines, situated in tin* Crnnbrooli district,
produced 40.022.425 pounds, ivitli the
production from the North Star
mine, tho mines nf tlio Cranbroolt
district have produced nenrly seven-
cigbts uf tho entiro load production
if Canada.
Tin- Crows Nost Pass i'niil Com-
pnny produced S77.442 tuns nf cool
in 1907, tlio largest amount in the
history ul llio ''nm,niny's mines
Tlio production nl into from these
collieries wus 210.000 tuns. In this
year's estimates onu!  bus been    val
lied at ?:i."i0 per  tun.  and  enko at  $6
por t.in.
thai iiie magnificent court "I H"
great ('alherine assembled will,
pomp and display al lhe Wititei
palace lo celebrate the official
betrothal of (lustnv IV., king of
Sweden and the Grand Duchess
Alexandra Pntilovnn, diitightnrof
Current News.
Ill IN. Minis. Leinieiix is  back
in (lltuwa  niter a   visit   to  our
lillies.  the  Japs       lie    found    111"
.laps very polite,  tion-conimitnl,
agreeable,    goo-goo-und shift!
thu Cl rami Duke Paul ol that day   ,.v,.. udopling a we-qulle-aprec
The great company of royally with- all- you- say- bul-inteud- lo
and nobles wailed for the coming huve-our-own-way altitude,
of Sweden's royal lover   waited ;Meanwhile the Grit   press  pro
in vtiin. Then thu ngnd Catherine nol|1]PQ ,|K, postmaster-general's
scut  esseiiger io ihe king   mission a sort of triumphal walk
Back came the reply;    "t   have 0V0I.  with  band-wagon   attach
changed my mind aboul   marry | menis,    Kootenain-Knslo.
ing''   The great empress of ull
the liussias fell   into  a   rune  ut
Ihis insult,   and   il   was  largely
wounded pride, so il is said, thai
caused her death a  few   weeks
WHAT  1,1'MIIIOH  MUN   AUK  lllllNll.
Tbo mill nl tbo Standard Lumber
Company, situated uu st, Joseph
creek near Oranbrook will commenco
operations in Hie nour future. A
Inrgo number nf teams, loaded with
lues nre pussine. through Crnnbrook
daily, fnr litis company,
Koblntiiin ,<■ Mekcnzjo liuve u liiri.r
tie contract. Tlio mill wim started
lust work wiili n full force.
iirorit Meeting.
Cranbrook, If C, -Ian. 20th.
11" is.
Tin- Editor of Prospeclor
Dear Sir:
Kindly   insert   following   in
your next publication:
To the ('it izensof Cranhrook ;-
I herewith beg to tender my
thanks lo the Electors who supported me in the recent Munich
pul Election. We lost plentifully
Iml I would reipiesl one and ail
,o remember that a good loser
does noi lake second plaee to u
good winner
We inusl all remember ('ran-
brooli hus elected a council con-
sis,ing of seven gentlemen,
seven of her hesl citizens and a
united .support now is their due.
Personally I am satisfied our
11)06 council will in ns wisdom
give our eiiy 'hat lair reasonable
share of social reform which according to tlie besl dictates of
their judgement Ihey deem nee-
To dwell on the more praeli
cal side of civic uflalrs I believe
our council will give the cily a
reasonably broad uml at ihe
same lime economical iidminis
trillion with n view loconservilig
nt least a goodly portion of tho
revenue to he devoted in ihe
forming of a ncucleus to a fund
having lor ils object the butler
control of tlie rule of assessmonl
or if there is nn objeel lo he ui-
tuined the premature retiring of
bonded indebtedness or belter
still lhis fund could he nursed
lor lhe purchasing of one m-
more public utilities which
would -plnee our city iu tlie role
of un owner of nn asset bearing
,i revenue und thus raise it from
the ranks of Hie towns whose
only right or privilege seems in
he taxation.
The foregoing would have
been my own aims and as it
matters lillie who accomplishes
lhe right inleresls of llle city 1
nm personally entirely pleased
with the peoples verdict.
Further I have been informed
nv more than one of the council
elect lhat they are no, approvers
nf lhe law Ihul makes a legal
voter of a person lor whom an
interested party has purchased a
Don ,,,- u Traders Licence nnd it
i- to he hoped iu the Interest of
ull Ihul this year will see this
,„    ,     , ,,    ~~~ . ,   j Inn changed.
loth"  Following appropriate| Faithfully yours,
.1  D. McBride
comment     clipped     rrom     ll
columns  of   Hie   Moyie   Lender
The Week pronounces „  hen rly
••The Cranbrook Prospector has
commenced its fourteenth year.
Keillor 11iiii'i was the trail blazer
nt journalism iu Easl Koolenny,
ul is desert ing ol n lot of credit
l'l,,. 1,'iieli Creek  Lumber Co
Lli1., v. ith n capital slock ot!
The shareholders who have a
hoiul on lhe Aurora property had
a well attended mooting last Sun
day evening. Manager I'Vllhaiii
submitted Ins roporl, which
covered the work done up lo the
first i.l' Hie year His reporl was
very satisfactory and showed
Hint   the   work   done   under   Ins  nun   misapplied    for   ii,coi|
supervision luul opened up some oi'un.    'l'l bjocl   of   Hie  con,
good ore bodies,    Moyie Leader . pany is in nctpilro certain limber
—  j lands in ilie vicinity oi   Rock
Newspapers  I'mttiftt Creek, held by SI n Taylor nl
  Crnnbrook, uiul   in curry  ou  :t
The King   lam r   Compauy star-1    Witshlngton, .Inn   21     Scores guttural lumbering business
tod  up lliolr plaiting  mill  lusi  week. Inf protests ure pouring into   Hi"
o,,'''?''lir''i!!,,ili''i'i'.,lK   ln',"-  T'1" ",' post ollice dept, rl menl,  demand      Theli. (' Curling Association,
flu     mill    ti ll j 1.11 u ,    uui     sunt    am .   - ,    i i i i i .     i    i i .i       i'      .
door machinery being installed    Z ln£ ll ''"Vision of the now rulings linv tided In hold the  Koole
Kiinii iis tbo necessary Improvements I'cgiilntlng Hie mailing of  news   nay Dolisplel at Nelson, on Mon-
Into   i-uiiipiotoii,   operations   will he papers and   pnriodicnls     Prom   day .human   271 b,  ami curling
pushed with q large force. jnon,   publishers   nil   over  thoi will be couth I during 111	
I    II  i" o'lmrtoU Hun  tt„. n,,,,,, s,;„.;co.iiHry   are   ittteiesieil    in    llie  me    woek    U     '0   remains
Mi" uiil   resume  operations   In the mailer, bill the country  papers si'»"l     II   is expected  the  rink
;nmn- future j,,,.,, most seriously iill'ecied, si,  from ' Iranbrook will participate,
At The "Gym.''
The Maple Leafs and Athletics
played a fast lull rough game of
basketball on Tuesday lust ul the
gymnasium,   which  resulted  as
lor 11 e pari he has taken in   the  follows
tleve'oi ni  of  il onntry Al tho end of the first .puii'ior
Victoria Week | the Maple Leafs were ahead   by
I I to o anil kept up lhe score   iu
lliolr favor nil through llie game
The second quarter showed 18 to
-- nud the third 17 to i:; still in
the Maple Leafs I.nor The
game ended 22 lo '20 in favor of
iho Maple leafs and making the
llrsl dcfual for ihe Athletics
A good and appreciative audience attended lhis game ami no
doubt there wil he biggurci'owds
from now ou as these two teams
are imu lie lor I he cup nnd more
iuteresl is heme inkoti in hn>koi
The game  Friday  night   he
I Ween  llie  Moll's I IWtl Ullll    lltllll'-
tic   resulted in lhe score of 17 lo
III in favor ol the Athletics, IM IF, PROSPECTOR, CUANBItOOK, B.( . JAN.
te  of   t'allaila,     OXCCnt     tin
a  a a  a  a a a    9 a  9 a  ft a ft a ft  a 9 a 9     Q^U^   llrO0lH*CtOV.   "'"'''' "" th• ImW     Onl   why pro-
<.      *~"*>iay   ( »v*t »v*vv.   ,, i further,    documentary    evldonco
I' 0. l!t>.\
i-.sr.\iti.isni:ii   isi..;.
A. B. Grace,
A   Sign   ul   What ♦
Vou   Want        *
Probably you
Wall Paper
lor  si
e iiiinn it, your
!! so you want to
he  pattern  vour-
i&ljC tyVQ&pSCtOV
* \ IH'KIIA^ .  I A.N
produced  in  the Houso kIiow roncl
sivrly thai   Sir Wilfinl awl his cnbl
nci     deceived tho i |»lc   of     Gana
da with liis   Jap treaty,   ami    thai
. Mr. UmieuxB'   roporl ami   Ma- atti
■  null'   ni the   Rovenuuent »»f    Japan,
confirm  tlio nia turnouts made  by  tho    ft
opposition thai  the   people ol ('ana
tin were deceived  by the Govormnenl
-1 in the process   ol theli    treaty mah
l ini; witli  the  .laps.
There In not a   Conservative, Hi it,
Socialist, er Laboring   mun lu Inu
lsh Columblu    but  know   thai    thoy
l'ocolved the "double cross" from the
Laurier ttovornmoat  whon thoy  made
There Is one spectre    thnt    haunts thut Infnnious    troutj      Thoro Is nu
lio    I'lli.'.oiiN    life thai    im   exorcism   neeessil)    iiflnukini;,    ul     trying     I"
I    ...,,.    ,..,,., seems able in biinish. mako iiolltlcal capital ."it ol the. I.i
*'*•'    '"'      UHI , 9      IT IS TUB POLITICAL PULL,       the   o sition,    foi    overs    mun In
new sl   innl most Cushion
|e,igti   that   vou can [tei.    Here you will liml u
.-■    ul new |iallerus lu i ho is    from,     Quie
- giis .nul ulhers rather .inu
thin}.' pronounced,
ul, i| v" .   '  sh sum
ft ,'.'
tl   haunts  won     munlelpnl   offlee,  this province knows   lull   well    tlml    ♦
und  it.-  Inlluence  pervades the   city    thoy  were    deceived,   und    that    iIn-
iu mi Hu
First Class Paper Hangers
nml are pn |iureil lo do v.
First Class Painters
ii lick
0   It  is tho strength   "I   tho   political -|iic s.
a ■     iho i""1 "i  'he    j -lie:, and the .... ^
enemy "i every efloii   to chain; i      An (ittawu  dospatch suys that   tho
a   illtlons foi  the hottei llritish    I'olumbli iinbers   will  be    *
ft.     I*  hampers the wnrk nl .-ion lum satisfied with  the   rot     which  Mi     9
•   est    oflictii It    discourages    the Lemleux will mnko   aa i" tbo roBUll     .1
,:>        rthj     .ui'i    .ii tious    in.in    -noi nl his mission      «,■ hope Hi perl     ■
'ft   pliieos .i   premium  upon  subservlonej will ho nl  such a    nature   thai  pen    ♦
lorvllltj       above   all, 11   Is the pie, who are   not    naturally in. luu, t
4      entest eneiii) m    tionoBt    kui i>j  party allegiance to torni n luvei
ft lent   thai    exist*    Unlay,    loi   It uhle conclusion,   will be eoiiall)   sal     ♦
irevenl tint    1    lice    thul - «•■ are   lullultol)   it it
* expi i.  I  thul    a mind    solution "i tho
i|>*i"l        eitizo, ttui,   ihall  be   rani hod  than thai    ♦
-■ .-eel    tho dosen wr ahoiild in- jiIU.-   t- make political    .
ft:*.ftft ft uertj   owner,   the   ludustiii ■   pltul    out   ol i,    whole    nt    partial
■    ■ - ween tin ♦
i   punishment ... ^
Every cil e oi   small In Hrtt        'an the Urltlsh Columblu  members
-tm—^ s -^ | I   Hav.  a   \ ''iiiiiilu.i    some    uun- during  its ol  tho Dominion    Ho atisficil    ♦
I a g*\***     *mjm * \   I £-*4 ' "',:i report  ol   Mi     Lcnitoiu,  II    -,
j1 111      k/»*'l 1 *Am     Thorough "Bred it docs not  show that mo jnp»
m-    V-r A        *^ 7 *.* ■   mr ,.   llM|     .
White Leghorn Cockerells
ft a.9.a  9  a  a a a  a  a  a a    a a  a  a  a
■i i|; S \i.t.
E. A. Liezert
■    ■   -       ■        ermitted    to  plnee ish fulutubli.
■ ■ii  tlif  v..tuu:   list,   intni: ....
nullify    the     Thu snakes ti    man sees    when he's
to   place in ol    wrestling   with    nu    .tUnefc    ul    deli
u   tremens  nre  not   wuter  snakes,
noI ....
dj   to     There has been  n    wail senl   mi bj     *■
■   ■■ ish,"  "i  l.ii   Va    Have I'ence
■ .   ■■ i m   ind Good Will    to all l.isi  Suffers"    ♦■
:  ■     ■   Cranbrook since the election     Yea    #
thut  he   lias no  clve us that   peace  that    will    assial
A    iiiinn TONIC lor ull time
am.    I'm-   thai    inalter   is   our
Beet iron
imu wine
iii*  i
li   j'jiniaiii-  Ingredients iliat on
rich   tlie  lilood and build up the
system      Thosu  who  lake it at
tiii-. se.isiiu keep wanner and ure
less liulile lo lake cold,
U intor
nl  i; titi.t-'.ti  IliON   \ N 1 > WINK
i> iiesiiiv   iiiiuie ami   intitoritils
used iii it nre the bosl obtlllliable
It's a iiuiie vou can dopund upon.
Iteejn id tul.e ii ul once;   It   will
keep   vou   -Hone    nud    healthy
lliniiieli llle li'viit-j-' ii'iitler season
1 nil Pint Bottle $1.00
Harvey, MoCarter & Maodonald
CRANBROOK,     -    IU'-
Solicitor. Etc.
British Columbia
4 j
o ! Cranlirook
.♦ '
*   Crnnbrook, B.C
o  G. H. Thompson
■ft   Ouulirook, ll.''.
V l 	
'--aj.   U-VlllllS'l'llll .(: SOI.II'I'IOK
****&,  NOTAHV iTiiue
♦ ! T II DMAS   M o V 1 T T 1 K
P.U.S. & CE.
C. E. REID &  CO.,
Phone  74 r^g   DrUggiStS.
MAIL   iH;iH''.i;s   A   SPECIALTY
Fort Steele H.C.
Physician nnd. Surocon
linens:   fl tu II ii.m.  2 to 4 p.m.
7 to 8 |i.iu.
Phono Ollice 105    Resldenao lot)
Leave Orders «t Cranbrook  Trading   Co.   or   tnaSl   them   Cranbrook
the i lection that
■■ th.
In preventing a similar
■ii   Thursday   .human
16th    Ci
■-I.  ii,j-  visited  hy a    storm,
n aders  will  jtsk    what    kind,    r
Domic       ul   wind,  barn or brain.
' -     thl :■--.-      I  cot
The Quality Store
.  .   . --   -   .   high):
;.  -     [the     Pull
>"<^     -..■:-       autoi iat icallj      ■■   •>    ;■:■
sl)]    ''■•-- in
j reached      •    the am     : tbe
public       prosecutoi        :-     touched,
il 1
Wo l-lave llm Liirgosl Sloe!* in lhe City
Over   lOOO BOXKS of Fancy Fruit
SKI.LIM:  .iT $2.25 I'LI:  HON
1 (^^11 & MANNING
i      BREWING CO., LTD. !
M PORTER       :
t -                               ;
X Bottled beer for family                     ♦
f ust; a speeialty                •
Outside   Orders
4 i'. n, BOX 812     fe
I'K.I.KI'HO'IK   N'O.  1       f
♦    Fort   Steele   Brewing Co.. L^td.
♦ n!mmi"MM?1M!UIIMHtt!tH1!|HttMt!!ttl»l!tHI?tftM" ♦
**** ~m\
**■■ r*
|   ,!" fa: 1
tz. Aiways Up-to-Date 3
***** f-r
**** -ma*
E Cranbrook, -      - B.C. 3
Amunn   'in-  ti s.ui'ls    ,.f convicts
throiiKhoul the Dominion of Canada
there is nut nne political Imss serv-
iiu.' Iimi' for un election crime,
though it i ■- uli,in ns the sun ut.
noonilny thnt every i-iimi' i.s planned
mul ordered by n political boss.
The sendinc "I a political boss to
i.ii! is not .-i it-i'lf tlii-^uitt Impor-
tuiii chin,. i.-ii it is -.n.- in which
the st-.iljiij ol elections can be dis-
coimtKcd, those uf us iiii.. care for
the i.i'-..11.if.ui of the purity of
the hnllui .unl -in honest election,
luul belter exert ourselves to devise
si'iiii' in.'.ui- by which the "I'ull"
ivill be shorn of some of its powers.
Perhaps ns rood a way to begin
-is nny would he tu examine ourselves jiml tn determine how far we
nre tu blame for the niiiliL-ii power
thnt exerts Hie political pull In niii-
nicipu! Provincial or Dominion
11 is certain that the honest citi-
zen outnumber tho dishonest many
times over, 'this being the case how
disgraceful it is that we permit the
evil minority to pluee over us officers ului will, in- wim is expected,
iviil .1" their bidding.
There are men who cannot be Influenced by ii pull, nu matter what a
political boss mny do. Let us hope
thai the municipal officers elected
have this quality to a high degree
"tni thai all municipal laws will be
strictly  enforced.
In the future, make it your husi
ness tu see that those arc elected
Ui'i Into politics yourself. Unite
with your neighbor. Don't let the
goblin of party fealty; there never
wis ii boss who was not strung for
J party fealty, turn you from the pur-
t !"'si' nl seeing the best men chosen,
J and in ,i    iiiiii-h   shortor   tlmo   than
: how seems possible the Spectre of tho
| Pull  will be banished,   and with all
♦ the     rottenness,    maladministration
♦ nd iJivi.riii.stu    which now disgraces
♦ the administration  of    public affairs
J        ovei  ti.- Dominion ol Canada
,   ;v   ild nl   Tins .im-   y,„i"      Undor
lhe rj'i'iion "i  "Lest  we forgot," tlio
ntel Igcacc   office   ul    Ottawa
.i  the following bit  of satire
itlvi   '  in their I'liili'iiviir tu
 I tlral   cnpttal oul    ol   the
in Vnncouvcr, forgot
ivi   it.;r assent    to the ndop-
ul the  -Inpanosc  treaty  whon it
    tu the 1-luiiBo Govern
■   ■
I'ltht        i    Wilfrid    Lnurlor m
III      i    lli tel -    iiuiki- ii    trui'
nation "I  the   Japanese trcnty?
ovei    produce   t ho   papors
■    '...'M eil to   Inni' in their
'  «b i     i.-nm-   iimi   Jnpnn would
'    ii:   ' minis ration to n  Iiiui
nlii'i       Hid    noi    the   opposl
■ nb ;   Mi    Bordon nnd lus asso
II  nl   t'.ii tliej    were dealing
h .: limbic men"  wlio woro in
vmimiiwmrimviwwimtHHtHiynHMHm'itHtmmmHiM    ■    ■.''«"»»"t"nrtaT*.aid
Sa"1 2S  illd  ile -    ,     not   mill     tlio  I'lilisi'l'l'ti
CALGARY, ALTA zx '   ■ mm inn nil m u iccto
E,dison Tiieatre
Knruei'ly W'elltivot'lli Hall
ClIXTl.N'l'OfS  i'KliTiiKMANl'i:
Moving Pictures
Illustrated Songs
DOORS   OPEN   7-110   P.M.
Admission Adults 15 Cents
Children 10 Cents
Entire Change ol' Programme
iver,v Moniluy und Thursday.
THK  I.F.AIIINi;   Flil'l'l' .KTOKK
Hend(|itai'ters lor:
— S T E W A I,' T S
Pino Chocolates and  Bon Rons
.lust Arrived—A beauliful selection of Boxes to elioosn Irom
lor Side only by
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       Armstrong, Ave.
i.l.T  \ riil'V oft THE
ONU "I'' Till''.
| Heinz Brand of Mince Meat |   Great West Life
^' varieties, at        1 Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policy Holders
I P. BURNS & CO., Ltd. I
t~-        ll'"i'l Offlco, Main Olllco li.r Kimt Kootonay,        3)
it        Calgnry, Alberto Oranbrook, B, 0 ^j
3| Fred. W. Swain
('riiiiliiooli.l! (' . Ariiislrotiy A v.
Cordwood for Sale.
I mn prepared to supply, good
dry slovo wood, in any length or
rptiiiitity. Leave orders will-
ii. T. Rogors, tlm grocer, Boale
\- Elut'll.
li. S. Huron
M-:\V  WI5STMINHTI5K,   ll.C
Rocotvos liiitli Ladies and
Gontlenien ns Resldonl or as Day
Slndi'iils. lias a coinplolo Com-
ini'i'i-ial or Business Course. Pro
pares slitdonts to gain Teachers'
I 'I'i'lilirati's of all grades. Ill
allilliiilioli witli ToilONTO DNI
vkiisI'I'V gives Iiif lour yoars
.oiirsi' lor lho I! A. degree, and
llio tirst yoar oi tlto Toronto
Sohool ol' Science. Has a
.piTiiil "Prospectors Ooiirso"
lor minors who worli in lit'.
Instructions given in Art.
Music, Physical Culture and oio-
Por Calendar ote. address
"Columbian Collogo".
Term opens September 17th..
Eleventh   Annual
The Rossland Carnival Association
.1. S. ('. Fiuswt.  President
February 4th to 8th, 1908
Splendid Sport
Handsome Trophies nml
A Grand Programme frum
Tuesday night until Saturday
(Jluunplotmhip nl ll.C
Ski Jumping and  Running
i 'iintiijiiiiii.-iiip ni i'niiniiii.
Snowshoe Races
Championship ol ll ti.
Clititnplotislilp nl" lln' Province,
Tobogganing, Curling Bons-
Rcduced  Transportation       piel, Horse races.and other
fates. events.
Masquerade and Dance,  (iood Music
Por Further informal ion apply to
Secretary and General Manager
F. O. E.
Moot I'n'i'v Friday nt 8 p.m.
Visiting   Urotltt'i's Cordially   Invited
Chas, smith. \V. Presldeni
M, I). Itii.i.iNiis, Secy.
Aorlo Physician, I'. 0. H0.1 2«.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
:! NO.   125.   ll. A. M.
'\ Regular meetings:—:2nd Tues-
% day in eaoh month at, eight
5  o'olook.
5 Sojourning Companions are
3  cordially invited. si
1 WM. I-'. Tate, Scribe E.   |
:j       Box 4       CHANBROOK, U. 0.       i
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   invited
Secretary, W. HENDERSON
l'n tl iti iiker.
1'iilii-rii! Dtroolor
a.tw '• ■■'■ am amrmm.mmmmra.ftrararaaara.
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
PHONE 57 [Toad Olllee, Calgary. Alia.
Hotclmen and Lumber Companies
We have the Finest Display
of Meats  in   the  Kootenays
CotllO in and soo it. when we will lie pleased to quote
you prices, which ive .ire sure will please yon. Out'
meals are always fresit and sweet to eat.
Steam  Boilers and fiii'iinco Work n
Cost and Stook Estimates
Puriiisliod Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Cranhrook, B.G.
Geo. R. L&fiSK & Co
inn>\i-; iii imi. mix mt'
I'Litis, Specifications
and Estimates
All   hinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
Tailor % Importer of
Fine Woolens.
('I'tinlii'iiiik. ll.C.   Arrostt'on-r, Av
Carpenter % Builder
(Iood Work at
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
| M Cline
ol tin-nld jMiiiiiiiiIiii lliii-lii-r SIiiii
inn mnl- iiii found iii tin'
I'lrsl Class Work In all brancho-
uf tlie
NOTICK is hereby given that sixty
daya alter date we Intend tu upply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works under the provisions of
the "Rivers and Streams Act" for
permission to remove obstructions
aud muke Improvements on Thomp
son Creek, iu West Kootenuy, near
Kitchener, and muke the same lit for
rafting and driving thereon lous,
timber, lumber, rafts, or erufts, unil
to construct ilums, booms, slides
und chutes, unit make such other
improvements us muy be necessary
for Haiti   purposes.
The portion of the snid Creek on
wiiiL'U    -he right  to mako   suid  im
IM'0 i'■ nl;; is snilirlit, passes through
Lot 7808 Oroup I, West Kootenuy dis
trict, ami through Lot 77115, Group
1, West Kootenuy District, rutin iiu;
north westerly to a point nboul
three hundred Cool south of tho On
uml iim Pacific Railway track, a I
whicli point tlie applicants are do
strous of constructing u «ium.
a,^*mm^~*.-*~A..*.A-9.9   ->■■■• A^A~*~*-*~*y*■     -»** f »T»*♦ » + + * 9*9******999 *» ** ft *'*
n Livery
Gi-'Ain' -x iM'Yt.i-:, I'lioe's
..,1 for
ami drivers furnish-
ny  [lolnl in tlie dis-
A. DOYLK, manager
ft.-*-.*- .ft..9"9~*-*-*-*-9 ■••■•*-*■-
* Home Made
* l''tii;   THE
'Childrens Xmas?
Salvation Army Barracks
Sunday Sorviees:
A flora     -   -   :i,,',-h,,-k
I'lvi'llilll; S oVIlll'lt
Sunday s.'l I ni j.i;, pjMi
Moutlngs In-Ill evopj   nlglu   In   thi
eel; except .Monday ut 8 p.m,
liisitiii nf Kootenay.
TAKE    notice    tlml    Bl »r   1..
Lnngtn ni Crnnbruok, It   r , occitpn
tion l.iiiiilii'i'itinii.    liiii-nits in   apply
Kitchener Lumber MlllB.LiraltedlJo'' a special *'"*'"•'', llconco ovor the
Dated Oetobor 24th, All.   1007. 44 roUowlwi iloacrlbeil lands.   Coinmonc
(lug nt  ii luml  planted   86 50   chains
  -  ai-si  nt the southwest  coruor ol  l.nl
78081   thonco oiibI su   chains,   thonco
HSHBfSW^S'KHHWST'    b   -"   i'i.,,lui,   iiii'iu'i'   west   mi
| chains   thonco   north mi   clialns   in
|H ijiliiri' nl commencement,
Ki'i'iiiY.i'i' I..  Lungtn,
Iluli'il  December 26th    1007.        I
Through Sleeping und
Dining O'lrs tmd High ' 'luss
Tourist Sleepers on all
Tl-IKdl'illl   TRAINS
Besl of Meals ami Attention
Banff  Sa ni (a riu in
'fills wintki;
Snip Inn-  Spi'lngs iiiiiI
liiiBxnelloil  A' ininiiiliitliiiis
Rules Sj.r.n per 'duy ami up
Correspondence invited and
elii'i'i'l'iiliy aii-.iveri-il
Write to
E. .1 ('ivi.'. A G.I'.A.. Vancouver
.mux MOE, n.r..i., Soison
Districl nf Kootenny.
TAKt: notlco iimi Uiiii.-im i'iiiiiii
boll nf Bt, I."uii, Mo., occupation
coinmorclal travollor, Intends to apply for n Bpecinl tlmbor llconco ovor
tin- following described lands:—-
ill Commonelng nt a post plantod
about sn cbnins   south ut   tlie smith
t.... _— i
t    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    1
► *
NiiTit'K is hereby given that sixty
•Iiiii after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Landa
uml Worka under tbe provisions ol
tho "Rtvora nnd Stroama Act" for
permission to remove obstructions
.mil iiiui.i' Improvementa on the Little Moyie River m Blast Kootenay
ivhore it pusses through Lots 8485,
8480, St:i7, 8438, 8489, 8440 unit 8441,
uml make tin* same lit fur ratting
mnt driving thereon loga, timlier,
lumbor, iiifts nr crafts, and to con-
Btruct diiins ut certain points on the
sniil river where it passes through
Luis 8487 nail 8480 unit nt n point
about ittui third (1-3) of n mile enst
of Lot 8441 and at sucli other points
in may bo   decided upon.     Also to
Methodist Churoh,
Unman- Hi.jKs. I'ji-iiu-
Sunday Morning Service ul 11 a.m.
Fellowship meeting - - 12-lfi u.in.
Sunday Sohoolanil Bible ClassU p.m.
A special invilaliiin is given lo
tho Moil's (lu'ti at :; 80 in the
"Gym" for men only.
I homes  of  nearly  every   family
I within shoppingdlstuni 11 'nm
I.Ural weather prophets ure
Inn ing considerable trouble ex
plilining llie reason for the mis
11 carryingof their prognostications
Such sudden changes of weather
as we have had recently  is cer
laiulv   enouirli   to    rattle    the
i      •• ♦
average "goose bono  sner.
ft4ft4a**4ftaftftftaft4ftafta9a9   4'9 4
"        .. . ft
Built on the Level
Means v.... Kol j, aip leu]     ft
Official Statistics.
llriiisli Coliiiiiliia iiiauiifne
tnres nearly doubled llie valui
of Iiieii' products in llio pnsl liv
ring    Vmi ran i i„.iiii      0-
..-■    SOl :   '■' -..       ...
'.VI S'l  -   \ l.'i.'I.M .1'. WORK
-■' iiuii.-rii'i  mnile     ft-
--   a ,.--■ i. II i..-  ,ii        '
price aro tin-      J
—11     iiupcrt Uir
ilhx* {frwiipctol*.
st corner of Lot 6420, thoncosouth  construct    lluincs   through   tho said
(10 TO,1 THE
wu Kootenau
For all kinds of
Nothing fine or Coarse, large
or smnll tlmt we cannot li.iiidle.
We Also Do Dry Dyeing
Oftice J. Leask, Tailor
hatnB,   thenco   west   80   chains,
thonee north   80   chains, thenco east
km chains to place of commoncoment.
Dated December 17th, J..07.
(2) Commencing nt a post plnnted
about KO chains south of the south
oust cornor ol Lot 6426, thence south
kg chains, thenco enst hii chains,
theuce north SO clialns, thenn1 west
80 chains to place of commencement.
Dnted December 17th, 11107.
(3) Commencing at a post plnnted
about so chains soutli of tlie south*
west corner of Lot 6426, thenee south
SO chains, thenee west 80 chains,
thenee north SU chains, tlienee east
hii ohains to place of commencement.
Dated December 17th, l!)07.
(■1) Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner of timber
lieence 10598, thenee west SO ehains,
thence south SO chains, tlienee enst
SO chains, thenco north 80 ehains to
plaee of commencement.
Dnted December isth, 1907.
(5) Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner of timber
licence 10598, thence east SO chuins,
thence south 80 ehains, thence west
K0 eliains. tlience mirth 80 chnins to
place of commencement.
Dnted December 18th, litOT
(lit Commencing at a post planted
nbout su chains south uf the south-'
east corner of timber licence 10598,
thenee west su eliuins, thence south
80 chains, theuee east SO ehains,
tbence north 80 chains to place of
Dated December 18th, 1907.
17) Commencing at a post plnnted
about 160 ehuins south of the southwest corner uf timber licence 10598,
near tbe S mile post on the east
line of Lot 4591, thence east 100
ehuins, thence south 40 chains,thence
west 1B0 chains, thence nortb 40
chains to place of commencement.
Dated December 18th, 1907.
(8) Commencing at a post plnnted
about SO chuins south of the southeast eorner of timber licence No 10-
598, thenee south SO cbnins, tbence
eust SO chuins, thenee north 80
chains, thenee west SO chains to
place of commencement.
William Campbell.
Dated  December isth,  1907.        2
District of Kootenny.
TAKE notice that Peter Jensen of
Wasa, B. ('. occupation miner, intends to apply for a special timber
licence over the following described
lands: Coinmencelng at a post plan
ted at the suuth enst corner of timber licence L1794, tbenee west 80
chains, thenco south luo cbnins,
tbence enst 40 chuins, tlienee nortb
10 chnins, theuee cast 40 chains,
thenee north 60 chains to plnee of
Peter Jensen.
[Unted December 7th.  1907. 1
: The time for the commencement of
tho publication or this notice iu tho
B. O. Gazette is hereby extended lln
lil  Jnnunry 10th,  PUIS.
J.   K,  Armstrong.
Lots Mil and 8440 uud extending u
short distance north thereof
booms, slides and chutes ut such
other points as may be required and
to make such other improvements
as may be necessary for said purpose.
The portion of the said river on
which the right to make said Improvements is sought pusses through
the Lots referred to in the District
of East Kootenny, B.C. nnd runs
south easterly.
K.   11.  McCoy.
Dated this Sth dny of November
A.D.   1907. -iti
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice that William Milton
Frost, of Crnnbrook, Ii. v. occupation Real Estate Dealer, intends to
apply for n special timber licence
over the following described lands:—
Commencing at n post planted near
the west line of Lot 6356, about one
half mile soutb of timber limit No
2354, thenee west 160 ehains, thenee
north 10 eliains, tlience rust 160
'■linins, thenee south 40 chuins to
saiil post, containing 640 neres more
William Milton Frost.
Dated   December  4th.   1907. 52
Smith Premier
has widened its market until it includes the whole civilized world; has become the
typewriter of over 300,000
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous
record of sales, because it
has from the beginning best
met every typewriter need.
THE tri-color feature of
the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recognized as the greatest improvement in modern typewriter construction- yet in
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental features, for which the Smith
Premier hat; always been
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature oa request.
bBANCHEB      L-. v .". K Y w I. b; K
Hi South Lincoln Street
an application will bo made to the
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia at its next session for an Act.
to incorporate the Eastern British
Columbia Railway Company with
power to build, construct, maintain,
and operate a line of Railway of
standard gunge to he operated by
steam, electricity, or any other power for the carrying of freight, passengers and express; commencing at
a point on the South Fork of Michel Creek at or near the point, known
■is "Tbe Loop" on the Crow's Nest
Branch of the Western Division of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, thenee
running in a southerly direction up
said creek to the mouth of the East
Fork of snid creek, thence up said
East Fork of said South Fork in an
easterly and southern direction to
the summit, between snid creek and a
tributary of the Flathead Itiver,
tbenee in a southerly direction down
said tributary to the Flathead Itiver, thence southerly along sniil Plat-
head river to a point on the International Boundary between the province of British Columbia and the
United States of America, a distance
nf about fifty miles more or less,
With power to construct and operate
telegraph nnd telephone lines for the
purposes of its business and for the
public; with power tit own, use and
operate water powers convenient to
tbe roud for railway and other purposes, and with such other powers
and privileges as are usually given
to Railway Companies.
Hated at Cranhrook this 30th dny
or November.   1907.
Harvey, McOartor & Maedonald.
■19      Solicitors for the   Applicants.
'il Imu- Oils
NOTICE is hereby given that the
reserve over certain lands in South'
IfiiiHt Kootenny, notice of which ap
peared in the British Columblu Ca
xette of the Mth August, 1890, and
bore dale of AuruhI t2th, 1890, is
hereby cancelled. Tho iihuvo 111011
tinned hinds uiil be open for loca
lion under the Land Ael on Milfoil
39,  1908.
Deputy Commissioner   ol Lands
mid   Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, ll. C„    Dicemli
The Cost of School Books
Tliis is iiii- 1 imu of the year
when tha Irate puivnl inilimiaiitl.v
demands whether ii is noi
possible to dosuineihing toalmto
the cosl of supplying school
There are scores of irate
parents in Cranhrook today and.
there is reason in Iheir nun
plaint, We in this province pay
a heavy and excessive toil lo the
school hook monopoly in lln1
Enst, ami the sooner there is in
troducod a now order of things
the better ii will be for the
people of thn province. There
are difficulties in ihu way of deal-
line with the issue of school
books independently of ihe pre
sent publishers, but because the
problem is dlfric-ull is no
reason why we should
noi apply ourselves to
liml 11 solution. We are satisfied
that Hie children nre called upon
lo provide themselves wilh loo
many books; that thu Looks they
do gel are not inir valuo for the
money paid tor 'I i, and lhat a
way could be found lokeep in the
province llie •frenlei' pari u! Ihe
money il is necessary lo pay for
the school book' service,
The solution of this problem
would rolled greal credit on any
itoveruuieni or minister accom
plisliiag il. U'e have never luul
in this province n bettor govern
menl than that of tho lion.
Richard McBride, or n belief
minister of education than the
Iimi. Dr, Voting: ami we would
like in see these gentlemen add
in Iheir laurels as administrators
liy causing reform in Iho mattor
oT the .school books.
Current News
The I!. C governmenl will
make a surrey of all I iin her in lhe
province. This is iln. reason
why the reserve wus put on and
the handloggers1 licenses
Jolin Houston had sin on hand
Hi' oilier day. This is more
than three times as much as he
had lasl .Inly and his friends are
pleased to learn that he is again
Pred Starkey has again been
elecled president of the Hoard of
Trade in Nelson, lie fits the
position, for he i.s ono of the mosl
public-spirited men in the fruitful wesl.     Ledge I Ireenwood.
The log products ol   llritish
Columbia increased lo lhe exlenl
of >ni.!iil".ii;',;.' in live years
In llriiisli Columblu lliere bus
been nil Increase of rupiml n-.
measured in the value ol lane,
buildings, plum nmi vurking
'I'upiinl in ihe amouni ol$|M,:i!i>,
The lollll niiioiinl of lead bounly i
paid by  lhe  Dominion  Govern
ment during the year I! JOS -1001!
on lead products was S-l•10,811.
No person shall allow any borse,
mule, bull, ox, cow, shoep, goat, pin
or other cattle or poultry to run at
llirse within tile city, otherwise tlie
same may be Impounded anil the
I owner thereof is liable for damages
j   Any person my Impound an animal
found running at large,   'the line to
the  poundkeeper  for  every  animal   b-
;is follows:
Stallions, $5.00.
others horses, mares, goldlngs, lil
lies or mules, $1.(10 each.
Bull, $5.00
Cow or other kind of cattle, $2.00.
Hoar pig, $t.0ll
Pig, sheep or goat, $1.00.
j    Fowl, 25 cents.
The   poundkeeper may also collect
I $1.00    for   impounding   nny    animal
j and   25   cents   for   Impounding any
j fowl,   and   for   feed may   cbargo as
Powt nnd iieese 25 cents per diem.
|    tf   the   animals   nre uot redeemed
| tlie poundkeeper will proceed to sell
There   shall   be a   tax on nil dons
of $1.75 and on all I itches $5.ill),
It   is   ttie   duty ol   tho   owners of
dogs to procure a tag from tin  City
Clerk,   otherwise   the   (Ioks   will   hi
Impounded and unless redeemed  will
] be sold or destroyed.   Tags must be
: placed   on   doc's   collar so as to be
■ plainly seen.
i In addition to the above charges,
uny person guilty of an infraction
I of ttie by-law is liable tn a penalty
|ol $100.00 and costs or two months
T.  JI.  Roberts.
City Clerk.
District ol Kootenay,
TAKE notice that .lohn P. Bridges
of Craubrooli, ll. ('., occupation lum
bernian. Intends to apply for a spec
ial timber licence over the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted at tlie southwest cor
ner of timber licence I'.uil I, tbence
west 40 elmlns, tlience nortii In
eliains, tbence west 50 chains, tlience
nortii 5ti chains, thenco east 50
chains, tbeace nortli 20 clialns,tbence
cast -111 chains, tlionco soutli Mi
chains to place of commencement,
and containing 670 acres more or
.lohn P. Bridges.
Datod  December 20,  1907. :i
4        Flour anil Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand       *
************   **************
S...SAW   VOIR   WOOD...*
* *
ft WITH    A %
J              GASOLINE   ENGINE               1
ft        li'sil usi ported running engine you enn gel,    Tin*9
ft latest etpiip nl hir sawing wood. ^.
, Hoofing. Heat W
Blower Work    *
* si,,.,, ,„,, 9
************** ************
NORTH   STAR       §
Kiintaerley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
999% ^^*i!ftSr**if*-!f^*^rif^^^iJr<{j^<Jr
Marvsvillo, R.I
COLE & HANIlliEY, Frop
TLe Leading Hotel of the Si.
Mary's Valley.   Niceniry r ns
newly   furnished.       Table   as
good as anv iu ICoolenitv.
SILENT OmmSmm.5nm
Also Second   lln
For Hal? Ohcap ani
I  Machine!
I'd l,Vnl
Armstrong Avenue
Phono lf)7 Oiinbrool-, I! C
Head tlie Prospector,
Advertise ia tbe Prospector.
Bectuise they ure tempered
unevenly liy lire and
will not hold mi edge*
iwc tempered as hard
as Hint hy our exclusive
process of electricity*
Cranbrook, B.C,   The Druggists
If lliere is nne enterprise on
"iirlli Unii n -puller should leave
severely iiiinn', ii is advertising.
Tn ma kn a success of advert ising
one inn.sl  I,,-  prepared  in stick
like n kirn i  I,'nn a I I.s bottom,
lh- should know before he begins
ihni lie inusl spend money lots
uf ii     He should also know llu I
| he eai i hope  lo  reap  results
ictii, eouiinensiirale with his expeudi
1 | lure early in Mm game. "Adver
lising doesn'l jerk, ii pulls." li
begins very geully al Hrsl Iml
-he pull is sieail.v. Ii increiises
-lav liy day ami year by year un
iiiii exei Is an nres-si ible power,
The     IYns| Inr     I.s      lhe      l)OSl
: Muni "orOrriibraok merchants
. erause   il    gOCS   (lil'OOl     In     Ihe
ril.lN'llltniiK   I.ANII   IIIKTKICT
Dial ricl  nl  Kootonuy.
TAKI5 not  tlml  Peter Jensen of
Whmji, n ,', occupation miner, in
Untie to npply for a special tlmbor
llconco over tbo followlnti described
lands:     fniniiicncier. al a poal. iilaii
tod -in elmlns Month ol II Hi eiml
corner ol tlmbor licence 1171)11, tlionco
soutli   nm   cbnins,    tl aal 10
ohnlns, tlionco nortli ion elmlns,
llience west -in chains to place "I
Potor Jensen.
Dnted lleeembor 7th, I'm". I
'I'he time for the commencement of
the publication of thia notice in Hie
n (!, Gnzotto ia hereby extended un
til Jnnunry loth. num.
.1. !•'. Annutronc,
Advertise in the Prospector.
A Woman's Back
tits, ninny aches and nuiie caused by
weaknesses and falling, or othor lisplace*
meat, uf the pelvic organs. Othersymjv
toms uf female woakuosa are [roquont
headache., tlizzuieas, Imaginary spooks nr
dark spots floating before tho eyes, gnawing sensation ia stomach, dragging or
bearing down In lowor abdominal orpalvlo
region, disagreeable drains from pelvic
irgiinejalnt -pell- with gonoml wooknoss.
1! any considerable number of thoabovo
symptoms aro present there Is no ratnedy
tiiaU \vTHsaive quicker relief urn moro per-
maaont ram than Dr. Plerco'a Favorite
l're\c>^Krttfc*SJt hus a record of over forty
years nf cuitaS, It Is ihe mosi anient
iavlguntlliig tunic a,id -IremTile-iiiiic u„r-
K   GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
9 9
1     1 CRANBROOK     ■
1     ** HOTEL «
v. 'IU
'P3Guests iJomlort a Specially   Good Stabling in Connection yi)
N'eiii'i'st lo railroad depot,    Has nccommo sfK
dations   for   the   public   unequalled   in mt
| Oranbrook |
'% i
j|Bj HOGGARTH A Rni i INS %\
fellnl mrl did Maths
-?^"^;:,?-*'^r':'"?5'-:-<:';:;^?:^?.i''':'  -S-'^-SS^'.-^SiSS^s^
Proprielors m
'I, m i vmi In liii-aie.-iNi-iein^ril is made
uf ilie glyceric ejoriuiTif'oTnituvo medicinal roots found ir i ur forests uml eon*
talus not atlropof ulcolml nr harmful, or
liable-forming drugs,   iislugrndfenls are
all printed he hotlle-» rapper mid at-
tesied under nalh'as correct
Kvery iiiL'ri'ilinii entering Into "I'V
vnrlie I'roserlpilun" Ims lhn »rlttnn,on-
dorsenuml nl Die most en ul. medical
writers nf all lhe Severn: schuuls of practice   more viiliiiilile than nny amount of
i -professional lestl nlals   though the
latter nre tint lacking, having boon con-
irlliuiii! voluntarily by grateful patient*
In numbers to exceed il udorsnninnts
given in i. iiv other medicine axtiinl for
il ure of woman's Ills.
Ynucnniioijjillurilt pi niiynmllcine
for ihis well proven reeled) m- knows
composition, even though the lealei maj
make ii little more prolii tliernbj I'oio
iaiereai iii regaining linallli I -inu 'ne
to liny sellM, liileresi   a ','■ uud   t .* an
Instill io your Intulllgi <■ fnrhlnitotry
to inilii) oil upon yon a substitute V „i
know what vou wnnl io,,I I \* I.:, ua,
ness io supply ihe arl-li ■   ' ■
Dr. I'lorco's  Plnosnul  I'i I •■'     ie- II
original "Utile l.lver I'1      'Ir-'    il
ay old I'r Plorco   mr    rl        ■ '■   -
much Imitated i u v    u.i
-..a.i" coated grauulea ua*> ia. mi. ■■■
' School of Mining
Ihr inllow inf tft.rttt arc .ttrrti;
I -l',.ur YfafB'CourMforDefrpr'of B.Sc.
It—Three Yens' CouTteforPiploiu*.
O—Mining Itiif-ii-eerlng.
A-Chcini-itry iinJ Minerilo|7.
,     Hiiii-:»:i,i;t tnd Geology.
KINGSTON, ONT.     t^iZ^T"''
Alllllitfd to Dana's University,
1'er Calrielai „f li.r Bchool niel liilller
Information, .ai'ir la da Becreliry, Bctiool
oi Mining, Klflaaton, Ontario
y - Mechanlcat SaalBCcrlag,
r— Itlfctrlcal fltijtne.rlni.
A. .Rfotogy anil Public lltaltli.
In lu-i  of Kootenny tin,lint ol Kootonay
TAKIS in•im- iiii'i  tlenrgc li   Pow      TAKl!  nollce  ih.it   Wlllimn   Milton
ell  oi  i niiiln -..  oceupnllon trnvol k'rosl   ',1 t'rnnhrook,   It     >'   occupn
lei. Intend     i" nppl)    loi  n    Bpecinl lion  Ileal  ISatntc   Dealer,  Inlonds I"
iiiiili.'r licence ovei   Hn- following do npply  n.r a    apcclnl   tlmbei    licence
scribod   binds        C 'enclnu   ut a ovoi   Hie following described lands:
posl  planted al t 20   chains north ■' monclng   at n   poBt   plantod at
iv.-.-t  i,I Hie northwi nirner of llie the   sontlionsl    corner of   Lot   72M.
.liuiiii pro-omptlon, neat llu- head of Ihenre norili sn   chains,   tl ce east
Upper .Movie    I..ile jiml     -.outh   ami 80 ehnlns,  thenco Bouth  to the nortli
west  iif lho Bouthwent eornor "f l.ol lino ..I T.L.6881, thonco west to N.W,
270U, then a t  sn   ebnlna,   thenco corner "f snld  Lot, thence soutli to
soutli *n I'liiiiiis. thence wosl 80 chains 'l'l-   070, thenco   wesi  to   snld post,
tlienee norlh sn   ehnlns lo   place ol containing 610 acres more or leas.
George It   Powoll. williain .Milton Frost.
i    Dated December 11,   1907. 61 Datod December Ith.   1007. 5J rilK. PROSPECTOR, CKANHKOOK   li. (',   IAN
I 20 Per Gent Discount Sale
We are giving *20
Per Cent Discount
on all China,
Crockery   and
Glas«\vare from
now t*r»til Saturday
February Firnt
This is a splendid
opportunity   io
replenish your requirements as the
goods we are offering Are All New
and   up  to   date
SUlliiim Fitted Glasses
luprove tlie "i-ii'i'iil   i,.illli
ft is of vital Importance that you should
have youi rflnsBcs lilted properly
il-'Kli'lAi, w \'i'i ll INSI'KITOII full i'. I'- It-
©he Inspector.
NeM  Sunday   night   nl   the            Owls Elect Officers. .Everybody who has  followed the
,,   .,     ,.  .    ,     * ,   .,      ,, ■   , trend oi   public opinion    during the
Methodist church llie third  sot'                         ■ la8t  twelvemonths   know full  welt
uniii iiii ihe Prodical Sun will bo      The   Craubrooli   Nesl,   of   the thnt a decided mornl wave has been
given.    Visitors are invited.    At Order of Owls held ils annual spreading   over the  united   states.
"'" M,"','r •■!t-r,™ ■ *,'"■1"'""'"election or"ffl,""'s liist Si""r,li,'v ™-,ssSiT-.T-i2?as-TSS;
noun with U&KUtt-a is being ar       'j-j,,,   following    officers    were cipalities to a greater   extent   than
t   I   /.asi    Mcu/c    a ranged for.    Phis meeting is held elected' it has rural districts, and solely be-
|   LUUAL INtWOi   I in the Gym,-and men are heartily     ..  ... _,     p cause of  the  greater   opportunities
.-uuuuuuuuuiiiUluUiiUUUiiUUUiiU'.' invited to attend.                                  ^ '^  r^orkuiail  \-jc
ft. VanDecar, Invoker
for reforms.
'I'.  It   Yntes ol WyclilTe
■ity  Monday.
A concert and display is to be     (;  McDonald, Secretary
given in the (lyinnausiuin  next | Little. Treasurer
sunihiv i.i'r'm ;'ranlbr!",,krl"'V   *'"'"' ',mm,h*    A gnnd |,rogain is being j    (;. KFoster'Thomas.   Ward-
  got together,    Date will lie an- nel.
Tims, t'ole, manager of tbe Royal uou need very soon.   The ladies:    c. Jamieson, Sentinel
Hotel was iii   Wardner   Monday on basket ball match will be played     j' p  Deacon  Picket
l'"s""'s'" iiu a few  days time;  this event;    '<;'. \y. p' Carter,   Past  Presi-
should draw a large crowd.
DltACI   SAWING    MACHINES,    fori
cither II,use    Power of Gasoline En-       „ .-,,..
aInes ai  Putmore Bros. !    The l! rent Norlhern doesn t in-
  j tend  to get cauglil    with   any
T, ti. Main of Pernie wasin lhe|<«al famine.    It is reported lhat
cily Kriday. jmore than a thousand cars of
  I eoal are standing on the sidings
In Katispell Comity, Mont., besides several thousand Inns stored
at Rexford.
Iv  C,  Smith  of   St.    Mary's]
Prairie was in town Thursday,
 ■  Headquarters for:
Organize "Rough Riders." choice
Prod Smith of Nelson  was in
the city Priday.
Mr. and Mrs.  T.  T.   McVittie
were   nver    I'l'niu    Port     Steele!
Malaga Grapes at Stewart's.
Los Angeles, Oil., Jan. 24.-—
In trder to defend the Pacific
coast against a possible invasion
of tho Japanese, an organization
of "rough riders" and sharp
shooters is now being effected in
southern California, and already
has many members. It U composed of expert horsemen and
rifle shots and will volunteer Eor
Otis   Staples,     president    of     the  sot'ViCQ ill case of Wttl'.
Staples  Lumber    Company    of    Wy- j  ___
i clifle,  returned Tuesdny from a basi
' ness trip to points in  Minnesota.
Sunday School Convention.
.     a     .     a.    a     a.  A. if a.        , -  ' ' '"'''■' ' '""!'"'"""   '''      L'S'     °f        J'•      A'     HBrV0*     ""'1M'      A'     DC"k
A&JiL&&$'Mr$$$$' #?;TrH^##V$$VVVV   I'ernie was in  town  for a  lew were at Moyie Thursday attending n
X A days this week.
Kev.   Stewart   Muirhead   will
convention of the Associated Bonrds  „jve a S(U,iGS 0r addresses on the
"'   T;"''   importance of higher education in
Government Agent .1. P. Arm-     tt l„ tho opinion ol real estate men Sunday   S|,|l»o1  wo.rk'   '",'  ,t,'°
trong was 111 Pernio   this   Week   that those having money in savings al'tet'lioon   and   evening  ol   Jan
ifhcial business. hanks, would   do   better   to   invest
,  | their coin tn real estate, rattier than
.,,,,. .   ! to bury tt   tn   safety    vaults or old
.Mrs. Ilodgnis ol Viincouver is I stockings,
Now That the
Scare  Is  Over
ft  i.i Cranbroolt visiting her sister
ft  Mrs. Pinkham,
lliMli, ill one of the city churches.
All interested  directly or in
Choice hot-house Lettuce
Stewarts Fink Chocolates
Hugh Stewart
on the market
Sold only by
I take Contracts for any kind
WORK, Etc.
I always have men on hand
to supply to work.
Call in at Quong Yuen .Store
for further inquiries.
Dick Lum
PtlOfie 75 ftrmstrono, ftve. Ciaubroook, •  British Columbia
Mi. und Mrs.  A.   VV.   llititiin;.
tnry    wim
isitors i liis week
Home ninde candy at thn Palm.
directly are requested to keep f~ snvKJ
this dale. Jim 80th, in mind.      I'E*:     ^O"""
UN^^   1
NU the limid i ink Hi u.i.ah Bii.i.  hi
k   ,iiek  •-    to    is hiding pine
ft And we have found there r
ft    i„. seared about anyhow.
ft Ami ilie holidays are nver.
uilly wasn't anything  n
And bnsinei
And uii'i'hiii
is running us usual.
are using tool*
Harris,  tlie   automobile conlldonco      The  Municipal   elections   are
man,    who    sueerrded  in    working a ■ „V1,,,    llm|   |jH.n,   is   nothing   ill
it  '       uaigury    were    i ruiini t number of    Cranbroolt    pcoplo,   bus,   ... .    .    .,      .,.,„...,„..
9   - isitors this week 'been heard from.   He .'might a num. ! s!".'"   "'. pt'Mltl    tin.    BVOlUge
ft bor ot Spoknno morohnnts nnd hotol citi-sen  Irom  settling  down    to
.£ j keepers   lor smnll   amounts,   and is ■ work once more,     ll   Wlls   warm
V     ,1   McMillan of Calgary, C,   I'   now seeking new fields to plunder,     while It lasted,  and both nomi-
ft   It. Sunerintendant of Telegraph- ^Prospector.       ' »°°« fl"' Mayor wemed to becon-
ft ers was in tho city Friday.  [ fident of success,  but of course
ft ——' CURRENT NBWS. j hut one could and did win.    Tlie
>-      -I   ll   Mercer ol Winnipeg was'   Icily will now move on us  usual,
ft  ■. -niiio his brother  Dr    Mot' • , J1"™.than eight hundred men have      , ,.,„„,„,„, to prosper.
J *- I lately been employed in construction ■       '
ft   Hits week | work on the extension    of the Croat 	
A i Northern    Railway    from    Kernie to . .
T       n t-  ,  i   ,       Michel,     Next summer, It Is roport-       In spile ol   lhe ollieinl  nssur-
ft      ii.iin   rveisnaw,    postmnsioi ,,,,, tlml   tm) rond   win ,„.   extended  nnees from   both  sides  there  is
a.   al hori Steele, was visiting  Mr.  north of Michel   up the   Klk Valloy, absolutely no possibility of a war
* Th'r';,;.   '" """'"'"  ',,l|"*Ki;t,'<S«:SSK;l tw««. America^ud Japan, the
Z        Calgary. rumors   ol   coming trouble  re-
I'lises In llie Olll.
And  il   might   be  n   g
r our line     We hnve ul
III     idea   In lll'lip  III  III
I vmi wnnl
riiltl'iiitATloN uk Till':
To Save Money |
!£ We    tind     we    are   overstocked   in   Ladies 3}
S**: decided to clean them out nt prices whicli  needless z3
i*z to say will do so quickly. z3
tzz VVe ask you to be in lime and secure the pick. -5
B- into two lots -Colors White, Pink, and Blue These   3
B are well made, full size, and trimtnod neatly with S3
B Torchon Lace 3
B Sale Prices 55c. and 65c.   Regular Prices (i5o. and 85c. 3
B NIGHT DRESSES, We enn give you a nice  Pink, zzW
SZ lilue or White Flannelette Night Dress 3
B Aotual Value $1.00.   Sale Prioe 80c Each. 3
B ANOTHER   LOT,   Of White,  Pink und  Blue  Plan- z**>
t~ nelolt-e  Drawers,  made of the   host  cloth   and z3
B neatly trimmed— z3
B Usual Prioe $1.35 and $1.45.   Sale Prioe $1.00 a pair. 3
Zz z3
Special Reductions of 25%. Off all 3
f Cranbrook, B.C,
ft      A   Salvation    Army    mooting     The coal nroiluctlon of Itritiali Co I
ft   ,,,\- (,(j |Jf.|(| in tlie Sejiiiol llniise. I buiibiii      lu    1907,     iirit.wltliKtiinilini:
T   . , \i  \t i,,.,   i....   Htrlkon uml   liilini'   troitblQu,   Ih tliu
9 'it Mnrysville, ni   Mot dav   .Ini    ,„ h| ,,„. M of |hi,
, Hi ni -   ii in.     I* verybnily   will; ,,ln..
" heartily woleomod, 	
  '    At the Crown Nent ColllorioH itov
....     i,       ,, .      ,     I,,      . ■  ,   '•I'lpnii'nt    wnrk  In   constantly bolnu,,    NOTICE Ih   horoby   itlven Hint  on B      i 'i,:i i.. ... .   i-i     ... .i ... .  i»„ .
lhe Kirn  Itrigllde   ball   whieh Mtoniloil, but tl Iltlculty of nocur    Monday   the Second   Dny ol   March fc      t.nildl'Cn.S   I lilllliclcttc   I)l*CSSCS.
wik place on Thursday ovutting uu; labor,   ami   nilctiitnto   moann ol  rum, tlmt the Court ol lioviniim (or
i the   New  Opern   House,   was transportation lum rotiirdod tho out   the Municipality    of    llm    city  of
,.;i   ullen'ded       There   wns   a  ''"' "' ""'   '""""' ' lonaldernblc   Cranlirook, n. C,   will   be   hold   in
,.   ,,        ,,.j..    oxtont. ihe I'.,muil fhnnibi'i'K mi the above
ft  "U'L"'   gulherlng    ol   I he    Pile ,  dato ut 10-30 a.m.   (local   time) for
T   Inddips       lnnu       liolghlioill'ltlg     A« him.ii   iih the Clronl   Northern la   tha purpoee ol   revlBlng the   nimoiiii
™  towns      Nolan's   Orchestra   ol'ittomled tn Ponllng river tho mines monl rnte ol the City ol Oranbrook, -^ -_;;
9 Snokane furnished Ihe music.       ol tho   mporlnl   Coal A   Coko Oom   Tboaa   maklni?   oomplalnte   tgalnet fe       'vuv .vunvH1. ah if. ii.i. i.Ain nii-n nti T*iiri*u     ^5
'       I'm |„|„v „.||| commence opcrntlons
white  tlie  Cuniiillnn  Paelllc   Railway i nave tnoir proteeis   in tno   naniti ol I ml nuv   najit srtrM-rttivtstet ai -h.
a  s tTlMKlKli 0U8T0MICR iii tho  Company la opening   now   mlnos at.  the city Clork ton ilnye prevloue to|S£ 3
in- i   Advortlsomcnt.     Thia ia  whore  Homnor. i.|,r tli-Ht   BlttlnK   ol   the   Court   ot|C;     _- ._. ,- „ ,,.,    , Z3
wc Score     Wc handle tho celebratod Revielon. \Zz      MllWIC     T*1»r»'f Vl01*0   K,!11' Block z3
"KOOTUNAY" range,    advertlsod in     178.000.1  loot nf lumber was sold     Dated al  Oranbrook Uili 2Ut day &    JOXJLXlAO    JDX U L/J-LCX O   Cranbrook  BC     ^
Ilns  pnpol Thnt  in    why  wo have j by  tlio  Mountain  Mills nl  the  Koote■   nf   -lunuai'V,     ItlllS. i SZZ ' ' '     Z*Z
SATISP1RD CUSTOMERS, , nay In    1.107.     Thin is «    heavy (nl-: Thai
PATMORE!    BROS, ling "h* from tho production ol 1906.1
f _3
tzz 73
z. llou.se   Dresses  at   a   Discount   of   3
B    20   Off Market Prices. 3
E —-a
0 Oom-IThoso   making   oomplalnte   .galnetlfe Tm< ABOVE AK10 ALL LAID OUT ON TABLES     -3
ih iiioan : ttio      iiiiHi'HHinpiit.s    are    roinilreil    to' 2ZZ. .a.„.      ^j
tnllway | have their protests   in the   lientli of g POE YOUB INSPECTION AT                        73
iluys previous te |CE ,                                                                                                 ~3
nk Hill 21st,<•*}§£    JpliniS    JDrOtiJlGrS   Crunbrook, DC.    3
u n:kT * \%immimmM[mmmmmmimmm.K


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