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The Prospector Jul 14, 1906

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Array •of r.
Vol. 12,
No. 28.
The  Fruit Growers   Asanoiatiiin
Sonil Delegates lo ('raulu-ook.
The Fruit Growers Assocl
ali.ni ol British tloluinbiii wns
represented lust Stilurday by
Mr Thomas A. Brydon, presi
dent, nnd Mr.,I.d. Meleulfe, secre
lury. Accoiupanying lliesc
gontloineii was Mr. Maxwell
Smith, dominion Inspector of
fruit,  'riu- praiseworthy mission
was lo give lhe henelil of their
knowledge und experience lo
uny one. in this vicinity; who is
engaged iu fruil growing or who
may purpose doing' so. The
fruil growing' industry ill Ur tish
Columbia is becoming every
year Increasingly important..
The quulily of Ihe fruit is of ihe
highest order und the demand
for il is yenrly growing. As
good murkeltible fruil Is mil pro
diici-d in a hap-hazard way the
method thai the skill und ex
perieiiee actpiired by the most
successful of fruit' growers may
lie taken advantage of without
cost. The government bus uu
dertaken the expense of sending
these exports Ihrough Ilia
country, nnd much tuny be
learned front Iheir suggestions.
In the afternoon the party went
to Mr. Hamilton's orchard, and
examined the methods pursued
there and gave some valuable
binls with respect of pruning. A
few of ihe rosidoi'ts of Cranhrook wen' present nnd were
much iuleresli.-d in tbe intelligent manner lhe subject was
(rented. In the evening, us was
arranged, these three gentlemen
gave addresses. Mr. Armstrong
governmenl agent, wns elected
chairman nml introduced Mr.
Brydon, whose subject wus "The
larger fruit nnd. lhe modi' of
planting thom", In a most entertaining way he described the
process by which the orchard
should be made n success. The
selection of the trees and the
preparation of the soil being
dwelt upon ns particularly Important* Mr. Metcalfe took the
small fruits aud iu an instructive mid exhaustive manner described the mode of making a
profitable garden. A few and
carefully • selected plains and
adapted lo the locality were
oue of prime consideration.
With a view lo u ilisiutii market
the hardier berry was recommended. And those residing in
the same community und shipping at lhe siiine poinl wore
urged lo grow (mils of a certain
kind ns a car-load could be more
easily supplied by ll similar limn
by u varloty, Mr, Maxwell
Smith treated of the soil und the
besl wuy lo secure a successful
growth. Deep ploughing and
a constant breaking up of the
surface were recommended. Mr.
Smith's address was a full pruc
tlcublo and Intelligent prosontu
tion of his subject, The three
gcul lemon spoke and showed
Ihey were well versed in the
subjects they were ex peeled to
expound. The variety of apples
Mr. Smith considered besl
adapted to this region were, Ihe
Duchess of Oldenburg, Wealthy,
Northern Spy, Jonathan. Strawberries should be carefully
mulshed to protect thom from
winter Frost*
Regret wus expressed at the
smnll attendance al the Paluiot-e
Hros Hull Iml people have uot
yet fully realized how Important is the fruit industry of the
Kootenays, and how much lhe
progress of lhe country may depend upon fruil raising, ll was
suggested to these gentlemen
Unit they should go nlong the
valley of Iho Kooienay but their
instructions were to proceed no
further than Craubrook. Mr.
Armstrong In proposing a vote
of thanks delivered a vigorous
speech oil the object which
brought Ihe ollicers of llle Asso
elation to Oranbrook and pointed out thu many points through
out   the    district   where   fruit
growing would prove successful.
The lliii'i' gentlemen replied nnd
thanked Un- meeting for ils attention and expressed the
pleasure ii gave them to be
presenl. They returned the
following dny, their program
requiring ihem nl Revclstoke
Tuesday the loth. It is Inipos
slblo briefly lo give Iml nil
Inadequate idea of ihe pracllc
able value of ihe addresses of
these three gentlemen. There
was nothing second hand hut
each described his success or
failure exactly as il look pluee.
The Socialist Leader.
.1 II lliiwlluirnlhwnile. M. P
I'., and leader of ihe Sneiallsl
party in Ihis province, arrived
in Cranbrook Wednesday,
ll is said Ihni Ihe object of
Mr. HttWthorutliwalte's visil lo
lhe Koolenu.vs is In put up the
political fences of his parly and
make llie necessary arrange
meuls for lhe planing III lhe held
of socialistic candidates in both
Ibe I'Vriiie und Orilllbrooli rid
'nigs iu anticipation of a cam
palgn this full.
According lo Mr. Hawthorn-
thwaile, Iheobjeel nf the Social-
isi party is lo improve Ibe conditions of men who labor, llllll lo
nlluviate tlm conditions of the
unemployed. Mr. Hawthorn-
thwaile liguri's over oue third ol
the entire people ou this cotlli-
neni us unemployed uud are
dependent upon public cliiirify.
tn speaking of the political
conditions Ion representative of
lhe Prospector, be said "thut
lhe Liberals ull over lhe province
were preparing for nu appeal to
the country this full ; Hint (he
leaders of Ibe Liberal parly were
double faced ill their attitude lo
labor. He also said Unit the
Kaien Island deal wns the one
land sale made by llie government Ihal was to the henelil of
the province.
Ou Thursday Mr. Hawthorn-
thwaile lefl for Kimberley,
where he addressed ibe laboring
miners upon socialism.
Locture on "John Bull"
Kev, It. (iooillh'iil. li A , gave
his lecture ou "John Hull" in
lhe Baptist church on Monday
evening of Ibis week. The
speaker showed the ground work
uud the forces operating to make
Jobn Hull wlllll be is and has
beeu. He then pic!IIred the
presenl standing in the world
and the prospect before the
nation. The lecture showed
much thought, nml unfortunately the warm weather iniido the
audience much smaller than il
otherwise would have been.
Koot Ball.
Internal is Increasing in  fool
bull   mallei's,      Now   ihni   lhe
llnals are reached there is much
speculation us in who will  win
out.      I .usl    Pl'lduy   evening   n
j very luleresllng gllino wns piny
led between the C  I'. II.   shops
inuil Ihe town tenuis.   Some very
I tine playing wus done  and   lhe
score, 41 in favor of Ihe shops,
very well represents the game,
liy the winning of litis game Ihe
shops are now ou  u   level   wilh
Ihe lire brigade,   uiul   lhe   nexl
game,    which   will   decide    the
series, is looked forward lo wilh
much interest.
The Coal and Coke Output.
The output of coul al lhe C.
I N. P. C. Co 's mines for lhe
1 week ending Priday, July II, was
as follows:
Coal Creek 55,010
Michel ;iii,::nii
Total 01,1)25
The coke  production   for   Iiii
month of June was us follows;
Pernie 11,0411
Michel 111,5-1(1
Total 21,580
Wtiekly Grind in the Police Court
The Usual Number of I) ll's
(ins Anderson got llf Icon days
hard labor for being drunk and
Richard Strong was nrresled
by Chief Huron for stealing n
gold walcb and ehain from Ibe
person of If. liobson of Mayook.
Judge Wilson sentenced him to
one year in the Nelson jull,
Hans Veiisen gol drunk uud
wilfully damaged the clothing ol
n resilient of ihe tenderloin dis
Iriel, lie gol oil' wilh a line of
one dollar, and put up $20 more
to repair the damaged clothing
Mark Kelly, who was loaded
wilh skookum chuck, gol frisky
and kicked in the door of .a house
in ihe tenderloin, was lined $5,
and il cosl him $5 more to re
place llie door,
Come on to Lethbritlge.
The lacrosse boys are busy
practising every evening this
week nml are gelling in good
shape lor Monday. A special
I ruin has been engaged uud il is
expected nboul "a or more will
accompany ihe boys lo Lethbridge. This is supporting a
leum. ami they appreciate it.
The hoys are worthy of support
us the aggregation is very si rung
and by their playing will advertise the town.
Curfew Bell Shall King.
We ure pleased to note the
action lhe city council has taken
in regard lo the curfew bell.
The law will come into force
Augusi Isi, and from Hint date
small hoys nnd girls must be
home ni n p. m. This is a slep
iu the right direction, us it is
nothing unusual to IInd boys and
iris in groups on the streets ns
In It* as in o'clock. The hope of
our country is in the youth, und
if Ihey get the streel habit while
young ihey are likely lo pick up
many oilier llllbils Ihni will stay
with them Ihrough life. The
inhabitants of the city will support llie council In this nel, all
except tbe smnll boy, and a few
years hence he will likely thank
the present city fathers because
they forced him logo home early
and gel his proper rest.
At high noon on Tuesduy a
very pretty wedding' wns solemnized hi Christ church of this
place when Rev. Plenties-Clinton
united iu marriage Miss Mar
garni Isabel Kca.v and Mr
Waller Ernes! Hodges of Van
coiiver. The church wns nicely
decorated und presented a very
attractive appearance, M. A.
lieu le nnd A. C. Wilmol acted ns
ushers. The service wns largely
choral and wus very pleasing to
the large number presenl The
bride wns charming ill uu imported gown of Tambour luce
made over cream Matin, uud wore
it filmy veil caught wilh orange
blossoms. She curried n bnquiil
of bridal roses ami while cariill
lions. Miss (Hive linker ncled
as Ptiritnii maid, nml wnsdrcssed
in cream silk, wilh a pink sash
ami curried a basket of pink
roses nml sweel pens. She hud
a pretty turquoise nnd pearl
brooch, Ihe gift of Ibe groom,
Master .Tackle Elwell ncled ns
page nml is to be cnngraliiliiled
on his line appearance nnd the
excellent performance of his
duties. The groom presented
Ilim wilh n stick pill in lhe shape
of a fox hi'itil sel wilh rubies. A.
M. Andrews of lhe Canadian
Hunk of Commerce ncled us besl
mini, ami Mr. Elwell as organ Isi
for lhe occasion,
After the ceremony all repaired lo the home of Mrs Pinkham
where a reception wus held uml
lhe   bride   and  gt tu  received
the   company,     The home wns
attractively   doeoraleil  uud   ull
arrangements   complete,      K
freshments were Berved and the
usual toasts given lite bride and
groom. The presents were bulb
numerous nml cosily. The
grooms presenl to lhe bride wns
ii beautiful pearl brooch and an
ainolhysl and gold bracelet. The
happy couple left on Ihe after
lioon Irani They will spend
some lime nl Banff: then go to
Victoria, and aboul Augusi 1st
will be ut home iu Vancouver,
The bride will he missed in
Craubrook, ns she luul endeared
herself to many by her pleasing
milliner and devoted interest in
her wink. The Prospector joins
iu wishing lhe bride ami groom
many happy years of life,
Sunday's Storm a Fieron One.
On Sunday last one of lhe
heaviest rain storms ever witnessed in these parts was ban,led
out lo the citizens, About 12
o'clock the dark clouds begun lo
appear and ul 12.45 the thunder
wns loud mid the lightning;
brilliant and down came lhe rain
in torrents in a few minutes
thorere were ponds ull over. Ibe
streets were full and all holes
overflowing. This lasted for
nearly half un hour. The air is
much clearer since and lhe ruin
wns n blessing lo the community
A few trees 111 the neighborhood
were struck hy lightning but uo
damage was done,
Orangemen Celebrate.
The glorious Twelfth hus
come and gone. Throughout
lhe Dominion lhe day has been
spell! in celebration and many
happy reunions look place as
Orangemen and their friends assembled together. The local
lodge, No, Is7i, met together
along with friends from Pernie
and other points along lhe line.
Al one o'clock a parade was
formed with Mr. Boyco riding
the gray nag. Tbe procession
inarched through the different
streets mul then to lhe beautiful
grove al the fool of Baker slreel
Here Grand Muster Boyler took
the chair nml culled upon Mayor
Rogers who gave an address of
welcome. This was followed by
addresses from Revs. Fortune
and Westman. Music was fur
nished by J. McAuley ou the
bag - pipes. The celebration
passed oil'iu good order ami all
spent a good day. There was
only one thing lacking and that
was the drum, but the hoys vow
there will be one next year. The
local lodge is lo congratulated
on the success of their eele
luul ion.
A Quick Reply.
Al the Council meeiing on
Wednesday evening Cily Clerk
Prest was instructed to wire lhe
lion. Hubert P. Green re the
making of certain alterations in
the plans of the City uud Gov
eminent building uboul lo bo
erected in Cranlirook. The foi
lowing reply was received on
Thursday evening:
"C. Pros!, Esq., city clerk,
Cranhrook, B C.—Have uo oh
jccllon lo plan being changed
subject lo the approval of Gov-
ei'iiiiieiii Agent Armstrong, on
distinct undBi'slandlng thai the
governmenl will not he called
upon to collilibule more lllllil
the sum specified, namely i'li,lino
Robert F. Green.
Kire at Arrowhead.
Passengers down lhe Coltim
bin river, who arrived on lhe
coasl I rii in lusi evening reported
thul the lite iii Arrowhead the
previous night completely de
slroyed .seven buildings altogether, iwo of llie principal
hotels being included, No damage wns done to tho sawmill
properly or lo any of the bun
iter on lhe piling ground nor wns
any one injured,     No estimate
cillllil   he   ablllilind   of   the  I,ilni
money loss nor of ihe insurance
carried,    Nelson News,
Speeiui lor lo iluys.     I" Jewel
Adjusted Elgin Movements in 20
year gold tilled guaranteed eases
'for $13.50 al VV, I''. Tale St Sou's,
C. P. R, watch inspectors.
What the City Dads are Doing
Passing of the Curfew By law
A regular meeiing of Iln-  city
council was held ou Wednesday
evening.     There   were   presenl
Mayor   Rogers,   and   alder n
Pink, Ryan, Tlsdale und .lad,
Minutes of last regular meet
ing were rend uud adopted
A communication  fr  W   It.
Harilgell. re the dumping of
refuse und providing some
method of preventing cuttle
gelling access to  tin-same was
On inotlou the city clerk was
instructed to wire Hon li. P.
Green to grant the necessary
permission to make certain
change:, iu plan of governiiieul
building, subject to the approval
of the government agenl, Mr
Armstrong, as it was absolutely
necessary to gel ihe plastering
done before frost.
Aldermau Pink reported thai
the contract for the Improve
menl of Ihe tire hall was given
lo Geo. Leask & Co
ll was ordered that vouchers
be issued, to be paid as per list
With the exception of McConnell
St Co,, Calgary Cattle Co. and
Morrow iii McPurlaud, these lo
found lo lie correct
j    -I  O, i'i niiigs.   p  I. si . ol
Pernie was al  Cranlirook   Ihis
week on business.
., ,, i ., ot  jMinniino,   was a   L'ne.si
paid as soon as the same are *|,0 Cosmopolitan Wednesday
Like  the  Appoint
Attorney lienerul
,, ,,.  ,     , ,    ,, I Would Like  the  Appointment of
_ IL I mi and R, iVIttcphcrson of
Toronto were registered ul the
Cranbrook Mon.lay, —
.b'hii Maedonald ol WyclilTe It is rumored thai \\ R Ross,
was in ihe eiiy Tuesduy on M. P, P., has nu objeel in visil
'""*""""' ing the coasl al   this  pnrllcular
I'Ved Suivihe. editor of llie lime, and that objeel is io secure,
Moyie Leader, was m the cily a ministerial appointment The
Monday I ,„;,,       ,      ,,
oniei-   .ii     attorney   general   is
Mrs. 'I'  T   McVittie ol  Port vacant, and would be acceptable
Steele waa a Cranhrook   visitor
Pred Robinson ol Winnipeg
wus a guest sit lhe Cl'ltllbl'ooll on
Sunday last
A, J Hales ol Vanillin er was
a guest at the Cranbrook Sundaj
ami Monday,
It It. illinium- ot Vancouvei
wus transacting business in lown
Al, Doyle lefl on Sunday lasl
on a triii lo Calgary and othel
prairie towns
Constable Joe Walsh of Porl
Steele was at Cranbrook Tues
lay on business,
11. A. Johnson of Vancouver
was transacting busiuess ul
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. und Mrs J. Wlilluhoiise
if Moyie were gliosis al lhe
Cosmopolitan Wednesduy.
A. M, Neil und M, Mclsinie nf
Rossland were registered ui lhe
Cosmopolitan Wednesduy
il. II. Iluwlhorulhwaile. M. I'.
I'., of Naniuino, was a  guesl nl
J,   R,   Collev   Of   Mucleod   llllll
I" "Hilly" und Ins friends in
Pernio The following is from
lhe Pernie Ledger:
"Much Specula!ion is being in
iiuh/eii iii regarding Mr Ross'
trip I" lhe coast and many
people think his visit has more
l" it" Willi mallei•, political than
with a vacation for rest The
Ledger sees nothing in this
summer day vacation to cause It
lo change iis opinion that there
will be tm election, either bye or
general, so long as such a movement can in an} way be avoided.
II, however, the government
opens iln-, Constituency by up
pointing Mr Ross lo the cabinet
there are itumistakuble evidences
thai there will bo a lively light
over ihe seal, as Mr, Hawthorn-
thwaile and Ins followers an
linunce Ihal Ihey will have u
candidate in ihe Held tn oppose
Mr. Ross uud Ihal Ihey me sure
lo eleel him."
Tin- Prospector is of the opin
ion. however, il Mr. Ross  is up
,„ .,, , .,,      .1.  iv.   lonev   oi   .Mail I   anil   "»'i iiuni-ver, n inr. tvoss  is ui.
lie committee on  works will n   t,i„,. -  »,  ,,, ,   i ,. ,,
  ■'<   I'l'iigiiu  nl   Murysvi le  were pointed    lo    ihe   cabinet,   Mi
i   n   ,iii,,>i iin,    iin    i I.... —.....  , i. . ,, ,       ,. ..     ,     ,
III      leil^.lii     ni     .11.11 I s\i   ii'     Mi-ti'
hold a   meeiing   ou    I'hiirsduy gnosis lit the Cranbrook M lay
Thul Ihe cily clerk notify the
Water Supply Co, lo repair the
holes in the streets caused hy
excavating while supplying
water to consumers.
By-law   No
P. W. Gordon of Nelson uml
I). P ICttno of Kaslo were registered ul lhe Griiuhroolt on
N.C. Mok'insiry of Marysville,
who has been visiting a! Edition
heiiiB    the '""'Alia., returned to Craubrook
~,   ,      Tuesday.
Pound   and   Dog  Tax    Bylaw,
amend ul   wns   reconsidered,      l-deutom.nl .Governor  Hel.ven
,        i ■•     n       i,i "I Albei'tll spent several dlivs in
passed, nnd tinully adopted. ,< i, i, ,   •   ,.,    , ■ ,    ,
' ■'       ' i rnntirooli tins week u guest ol
By-law    No.    28    being   Iho |)r j, ||   King
Curfew Byluw wus also recon-     Wm   ,,,  T.,,„   „.,,„ ||(|s 	
sulercil.     passed    and    finally inking   u   holiday   visiting   ihe
uunpU'il. ji'tuis!   rilics,   t'l-Mini.-il   tn  < nni       •„.„,* ...
It was  ordered   Ihal   I -ity '-rook Sunday lasl. '   * ■ \'" """" ''"'"* '"
■' i il,,- proi nice to prepare  lur  uu
clerk   have  a   synopsis   of   lhe]    .1. A. Harvey lefl on Siiliirdliy
Huwt burnt hwaile und his friends
wi'tii em much ice in preventing
the return of Mr. Hoss.
Will Open the Campaign.
We learn from whal we consider the best of authority that
-I A. Maedonald of Kossland,
ihe leader of ihe  Liberal  parly
in litis province,   will o|   ihe
campaign on or aboul July l.'.'th,
iu anticipation of au election this
fall. That lie has Issued In
it ructions lo ihe heads uf Liberal
lusi for Si Thomas, i let , mul
other eastern points. He will
lie absent aboul six weeks
Mr. and  Mrs. P. Dinginau   ar
rived home from Ih usl  Mon
duy and   have   taken   up   then
esidence on Hanson uveiiue.
Curfew Byluw published   in llu
weekly papers giving  lhe date
ill which said liy law will  he  ell
Council adjourned al 11 p.m.
J. Broley of Pernie was in the
cily Tuesday.
T. C. Edwards of Calgary was
in the city Priday.
Arch Leitch spent several days
this week at Calgary.
R. B, Wheeler or Wycliffe was
in the city Monday.
M.   A.   Beale   was   al   Moyie
Wednesday on business.
E.   Doberer   was   ai  Calgary
lhis week ou business.
A. T. Blaine  was al  Calgary
this week ou business
II. Cum in lugs of Jaffray was
in lhe cily Wednesday.
A. II   Doruiaii ol Spokane wus
iu llie city Wednesday
J. Swlniierloii  of   Kiugsgnie
was iu lhe cily Thursday.
E. J. Hupp of Spokane wus a
Craubrook visitor Monday. "Bobble" Alliens, ihe popular
II. W.   Rouse,  Spokane,   was grocery clerk   in (l  T  lingers'
ill the Cosmopolitan Priday. store, left ou Sunday   last   lor a
Geo,    Laurie   enme   up' from si Vv'"'|is'V""',["'," "'   '"" ''	
Creslou Pri.lnv on business. In Broeliville, Ont
Dr. King was al Moyie Thurs   ,   W1m   I'"" "', l'.'',"",i"',wl'"
lay  rolessiom.l business. I1,s ' ' *.■*■■■*•? Il1   l'° '  \"""'"
•'        ' lor several weeks, was in   I tan
early general election.
Kevenue and Expenditure.
The sialeinetii of revenue and
expenditures of ihe dominion for
the twelve moulds ending June
iln lusi. slum's ihe revonue lo l«
J. P. PlanaganofSpokiini!, G.Us7s,iioo,50it,  an  iucrense of *i
■HI,sic' iiver previous income,
whilst ihe expenditure was
$5',00n,5l*!l, au increase of $■),•
Tsl.T*.'.*' Hiei lusi year. The
capital expenditure lor lite same
lime shuws un increase from
♦10.984.3H2 io 112,727,807, or
nearly two millions.
The revenue for the month of
June Increased by over 4800,000
and expenditure by about $400,-
Examine Mining Property.
J. Ryan of Wardner was iu
lhe cily Tuesduy on business.
J. Iv Stephens of Morrissey
was nl the Cninbrook Sunday
li. Stewart of Movie was u
Crunbrook visitor Sunday last
Win. Tlll'l'linl enme down from
Luke Creek Monday Oll busiuess.
P. Cliirk of Montreal was a
guesl ni I he Crunbrook Tuesday,
P. W. Green of Toronto wus a
guesl in ihe Crunbrook on Wed
(! Scbiick of High RIvor.Alla.,
was u Crunbrook visitor on Wed
G. Room,' of Vancouver, und .1
J,  McManus  of Toronto   were
gliosis in ihe Cranbrook  Thurs
,1. S, Carter, district passenger
agenl, 0. P. ll , was in the city
Tuesduy ou  company    business.
Ile lell ou Wednesday's loon 1 for
J. P.. McNuughlon, the poptt
lur drummer tor Clreenshields .v
Co. of Vancouver, was iu town
several days lhe early purl of
the week.
Mrs. Geoi'ge Hoggarth and
children ami Mrs. E Small aud
children   lefl   mt   Tuesday   fori     , ,     r      ,    ,,   ,   ., _
Elko, where they   will spend a   ,'1"1'" t-":,sk' " A   McDonald,
month camping. ''   "• McDonald,  and John   Mi-
Mr..!. D. McBride. wife and Do,mld' °[ Oranbrook, were In
daughter, und T. Stark spent ll,ls weB,< looking over the
Sunday lasl in Nelson on their Mabel mineral c'nim ou Goat
way home   from   the  coast,   ur    mountain       Mr   Leask owns uu
riving home N lay. I internal in  I.,,,., and brought
lhe other gentlemen in examine
the properly prior lo entering
Into negotiations ■*,illi litem for
the sale III   it Messrs     McDull
nlil are well   pleased   with  ihe
Mabel as far as Ihey have seen
il and il is likely llllll Ihey will
lake il uver from lhe presenl
linnet's. Mr Leask is un i-u
I It iistitsl le believer in lhe I nil I innl
I'ttliiie Ihal is in slOl'O lor Ihe
Camborne camp, ami staled ihal
liunil,   Tuesday,    returning   In
Sleele liming lhe afternoon,
N. Hanson uml I' Jensen nl
Wasa were in lhe cily Monday
Mr. Hanson took  lhe  nflcruooil
I I'll I ii Tor (tiilgnrv, where he will * i   - "
purchase souin blooded ciillle for;11' tbisdenl iiiulorinlizeil he would
Ills-slock fnnn III Wnsn devote tlm proe Is in develop
Mr  A   Sullivan,   principal of big    ihe    Big    Showing,   also
lhe   Nelson   public  school,  was situate on  Goal   mountain,  mid
he would   be   11ui11•   jnslilieil    in
doing so as   he   lilt    I Iml   that
was on bis ivav easl   lu   ad   us , . .
uilgein an   el loilitrv   f( '"I"'rly*      Wl"'      "s     m,lsslV1-'
.   f ..     .....      .. . *.   . .-L....,;.,..   ..r   ,n 1.....1   ,-,.i	
..siting    Mr    and    Mis    ('     I',
Reid Ibis week       Mr    Slilllvu
|n judg.    .... ,
test ill Sutili Sic Murie. iiiii showing   nl* silver lead  galena.
Mrs.   A.   II     Eager   relumed Iwn8 «1"st1l»od t in-   nf   the
from Calgary on Salnrday  lust biggest t soflhecamp    Mr
H B    lfon,   „,,„,,   d und is innkiugmiungentenls  lo   Leask   has   been   Interested   ir,
from    'Wvelille   W sihiy   ou  IB0Vn ln"" '','"" ,,.SI" ,    '," '",    ,l,lnin* ''"' "l;'"V "aaVH '"'" *
business,  ''I1:',"""1 .,''v   " "*  £»m'«7    woll   Inforn n   lhe subject,
.iml  Miss May Jiuninson,    All      ,  . ,   .,.    ,.   ,   ,.
Geo. Powell nl the iIranbrook three tire guesls of Mrs  W. II.     "'  v"'w   "'   ll,ls   ll"'1'  ,,IB
Dye Works wus al  Jaffray  and  Wilson     They   will  remain   lor opinion is worthy of nvle.r-Cuui-
Wardner this week on business,  lumilber week 111 towu. |borne Miner. THE PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK   It t     .H'LV 14, 1900
linker Street.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
li note
Cranbrook, B.C
A. B. Crf%ctr,
n .pond ng improvement   iu the
manage ul aud   operation   of
Ibe illllli
The newspaper is u law book     babbisters and solicitors
PUBLISHER   AND   EDITOR         ,,„.   ,,„.   ,,,,I,,I,.„|.   a   sol mon for i          , K v mu;, „ ,|.,     -     B.C.
  "Hit,, thoughtless,  a  librur}    for ,	
®he Hvoevectov. ","1 ;""u I,m"'islu,v r,,r w, f. gurd
******/***   Of*"*-**"r lh|1   |liwi,>ss,      i,   nia.v stiinulate
-.\ i*ri;ii.\*i. mi\  ii. iikii,
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dinint, Room
^""JIHT   aewspapei-s   in   ihif
province are  talking on
lum this fall.     We  hav
uo hesitation in saying  i hal  n
such      i'Vi'IiI       Will      lake     pill
HEADQUARTERS   POR TOURISTS AND OLD  TIMERS     While in Cranbrook noi lougago
-^-    -.'■' .j—arr-- 1 ===== .1    l'l ' | I l"S.'U 1 U 1 i V 1'   ,. |    I I I , '     PfOSpOC
. tor asked Premier McBride if an
Ihe st indifferent, bul it cannot be published without cosl
and  sent    free    in   subscribers I
This is im joke Granbrook
Solicitor, I2U*.
Itrltifili CohunbUi
iN ll.XKI'.i: ST., ONE Imnl! WEST OP
IIII.I. .V  CO.    Tin l.v  plane In town
iluu eiiii make life worth lliu living.
do nan noie
The Hot Water Question
ll will pay those « ho are
looking for work lo i all and
Can tst; Settled Bit Lis
Quickly .imi Satlslactorllu
eiei lioll    WO ii'i   ' ike   plaee   Hits
veat-     Hi, answer was no: there
is no reason foi   brit-ginf.  on  a      _. M     .     ..
general election     We have been      J*m    McArthur
ju power inn   three  years,   and
' He    ,-jlll    seeill'i-    vn,   .1   lllll .111.
Hie country   are   well   satistici
u nn   lhe   conditions   ol    iiTn
„illl    SHU'    I-l '    ' l'l' S   I""
niter tin   ilonu -      "    11«     i       ''
lull     ll    ,.'     i   Ihi l-lllll
,'ll|.l|l'l.' olsupi    .   ' -   >..
fthllll' In"-' '.' lie. - UU i   Hen lu-'        'Vi
-an imi ii. imi thiili-u      . Ii is only ' li'il newspapers and
iii-ii-work I"-,-;-■   . i   tew   professional   polil ■
Plumbing and Heating thai i i worrying, and   see  nn
i in-"tei i,-n.'•"  -i ■  election iii the near future
also Hi vou oul   i
CluthC8, Slmv"
Hats. Etc.
II Mllllsl'l 11, SOI.Il'ITOl!
mul NOT Ui\   I'ltlll li
Oranbrook, U 0
0. //. Thompson
•   sy     ll IHltlSI'Klt  ,1   sill.||  | III]
' ; -A   Mil \i;i   ei nl li
ot I ll'l    LEASK   Ullll.DINO
i fiiiilii'iHik, Iii'
P.lw.S.  «S  C.R.
Port  Sleele  B.C,
If     Premier     Uuriei      and  Hanson Ave   CluxnitooK, ll.l
I'letnie,  \lrl'.! ile were  ruuniug
in this valley jusl now  foi   pi
l'l iiiii hi ii'i, Ilcatinu and Ventilating   Engineers tk-ai honors on iheh   ,-'-.
~ .-_.. .     -   . = -  ,   waj ' is. the kilter would
gt. yjf <, ■+■ ^ -^ 0 ^ 9 + » 9    ♦<.♦<•♦<*•♦ s. ♦ o ♦ o ♦       ike , greal « lining,  says  111
'a      " i ♦   W  nu" i Intcrop
*     T)        I  T       C     I    I  /   I    J X. |   ]      ,♦
9       The   pencil    p she
9 Nelson New- mi sl   ••
» loitnd.    (or he si iin tes  li
♦ se the Ka        Islam!    s
<> baa to puncl u.    >e cuod
♦ ,-\,''i  -,■ > . all
♦ t nil   he    ises  .,   Ivi    alb    efori
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
Remember we carry the only stock o] HUM
papers in iIranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds of Painting and  Decorating
attended to promptly.
and il '•" s '-li violent wi
4      Xo place else "I, the globe will
»   you iiiii as big-hearted, generous
P.O. BOX 38     ARMSTRONG AVENUR    PHONE 111    .0,
•&9--£-^*>:«:'*:.*.4.»:♦:♦-4;. yd;.9:'4\ *:*;. •>*;.*>'.v. *'$.'■ *> ft
C^«     **m**-o     ***s^a
I        Kresh aad Baited Heats
\ Orders by mail will receive prompt ami careful attention J
innl noble people as reside in
ihis old lown. Thev are ii"l
much mt dress parade They do
not near silk stockings anil silk
hats bui ihey have hearts as big
and warm as ever pulsated in
human breasts
A geutlemuii nl one of our
boarding houses, after having
banns shoved ul him each meal
for two straight weeks, asked
the wuiter to please rend the
eight verse ol the thirteenth
chapter ol* Hebrews, We imagine ibis will make some of our
readers gel the dust off their
A few days ago n rather bush
ful young woman went into u
store carrying three chickens.
She inquired the price of chickens ami ni the siinie time put
them on llie counter. The clork
didn't know the chickens' feet
Were tied, and asked if Ihey
would lay there, She bii her
■ particular. That ir* what makon
him iutfh aforeoln thaworld. it is
tb tt soma particularity that onabloa
ti-* to offer you the
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
in the World
fvtry I'ipe (iudrantetil.
SOID  IN  CANADA   fOR   ,15c.
Juki riwienibi'r
j DR, E W.l'ONNOI.l.Y
I    PhyslGlan i""' Siirtjeon
J    ol'-l'-lCl'l MIMSTIiO.Mll   1VK
j   linens:    !i tu 11 ll.lll.   - III I 1 ■ - ua.
{    I'luhi.   I Ulii'i' 1113      II, '-ii I, 'in'.' Kill
^.....^.....■■.■■.~.........^..-»...^"»'»,....". 1 ■
Order hy Phone *5
l'l ■ . a *>>• a . *> I
VW have this week unloaded n car of each kin
0 i handkerchief and   said:
,   sir: they are roosters.'*
\tul ii came to pass that after
he bad advertised his (roods,
there came unto him great multitudes From all the regions
round about and did buy of bint.
Ami when bis competitors saw
il iliei marveled anion"; lIt.-tti-
shIvs, saying: "How be ii thai
iiii- man is busy while ive lmil
idly iiliuut nni' doors?" And he
-pake unlli them       "In this fast
"Shield Brand
The Tobacconist
ITonsorial Parlor;
fe       Foi ,l Cool anil Clean Shave
I Or a Perfect Hair Cut
| A Hot or Cold Bath
I'"1 Tn Walter B.LaingtuV.I'i's.i
|    Baiter Sired, Cranbrook, ll.r.    ■
' uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
For Sale
i In Armstrong Ave.
for further information apply
BoovsiioB Maker
Armstrong Ave.   ilKfti i
Mrc    Uiclnn   TEACHER OF THE
rS.   tllSlup PIANOFORTE
Special allcnlioii in lunch.
technique,   phrasing   and
grading of studies.
Kor I'luii.".iim'-n|i|.l> ini'. K.. Iti-lil x
■ili„ '|'he lii'ii-ui-l-.
F. O. E.
Vllttllll!     Ill-.'lli'-l-    Clll'llillll.l      llll'ill'll
i'. linss Tatk, \v. Pivsldeni
A. \V.  lll.Ai'K.  s
.4ll|.l.lll.l,I.III.IH..,...I.I.Mi»llll.l.il,,,,^ ■
if Rocky Mountain Chapter jj
| Nn.  li**..   it, ,\, M.
il Ili'L-iihif meettngfi:—2nd Tues-
> ilny in i-iti'li tui'iitli iu i-iirtii
I   n'eloek.
ig Sojoui'iihig i'iiiii]iittiiniia are
|!  cordially Invited,
I Wm. K, Tatk, Scrllie B.
:j        llii\   I        CRANHROOK, 11, C.
MINI'.lt.ll, ACT
O'oliM 1.1
-JKII'I'll'I'lTi: HI' IMI'llliVl'MI.M
Speciai. Price foh Ton Lots, Call nnd  is befn
buying elsewhere    Vie also can i a stock ol
:arnefa's stock ;.::: poultry food
Harris Bros.
PRICES THE VERY LOWEST j|ageofpns idrustleil Ib easier   ^^J^T'Li '-^ZTin jffiK
[or .1 en I in enter il ye of a I''',".!"
needle than tor n man lo (Inui-isViIHimuivo!       '
Ait Iimii adverl isinu"
 ii a
iUimiiiiiiv ntstiii'i
IVIi.-li- l.u-iili-.l     On I'-i'iiwii'li MiKii.liiui nml
'till illlirllnll.il - A   llllll'",    IU,' Mill
.lulu.-.'I'  l.tllilll'liv   I*'  .illnri hCl'I'lltli'iilllNll
Illiiin ml,-inl alxlvillll-H Iiiiiii Hii- iIhIii liL'ri'Ol
' |.n ui Hi,' Mliilntl II nli'i loi  ji  i iTllll-
I,,., iwm4^^m4. a>aaa< a a- a ah^w«a»^—«<aa>w>
A      V'tlllie      inOtllCI      I'lllllll'l'll      ll
occupy a seat in front of ns nn it l'uiiViiiii/li,il'l:'riiivii''i'tllmit,'iii,''i''tii'
irain last week, when  an  uinus-    AiiT'iimin-t i»\tt noiiceiiiu
ili^' ine,ilelil occurred       She was   Htn-uViflaiiclil-L-rliVlenlanl l„i|.riiv<rim.„u.
j vainly endeavoring lo cpjiel her
youngster who was apparently
aboul Iwo years old,   The young
^^_^^~ — ~-„-. a—v, cherub   had   goi-maudlsiiiil   vasl
S^^t^-^S^S^^S^^Ssf^r!^^ ;riuiiiii,t,..~ ul   fruits,   mils,  etc.,
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stablim* in (uiiiiicctiuti p   ,,.   i hate io whip n child  >
h.' said she    "l.nuks
ffll I tu me like it ud In-; sv mallei
anil seemed lo be in greal
f)V aii'l positively refused lo bccoin- IJj™
m\ lui't".I Finally iiii old gentle I ,.„,
0)) man   who was sitting beside thej1"-1
M distressed ihor, and whom ivd [|™,
mi took i Iior father, remarknil::'	
*"'  ■ .letiii.    I .1   larrup   that   kid "!]],'.',',','
TIMIIKH Nu'l'li'l.
Tiiltii ni'ii"' uun tiiiin 'lie-, iifliiril I
iiiiiliii'Hlifiii'il mil |i|ill' ii> iiii-i'liii'i i
mlssliinri ni l.j.1,,1. nn.l Wmi-. in \ iiii.ri
Mi-.,I, -. C I,'   Mo
N'ciiii-sl to railroad depot,    Has ace inn
'Uhiilis    Iiif     the     public     iil|ei|li:llleil    in
I 'ranbrook.
in iurn n uver." was the fjuitinl
(Iood mails will lead In UlO gull' ™'
oral iinprovemeiil of the counlry- ci
■Ifln     The liintii'i' who drives In ' l',»rn«l,«, 11
I*;Mill II snTli'l;
ih,,  i  nil! n|i|ilj  in ih, il, li i
,.l Uilliila IViilli- till ,i Iii-i-i.ii-   Hi
lint nnd Cold Itatlis Proprietors a I1""1 "'"," l"«" 0VBI' ;| spacious |u,„„
?]H smooth well cared for roatl  will,""'"
s\.'N.sasv^\v»4*svCiM'''W '-VC?.vV''«s'r.'c; ^V'«llll ''in
^^^^^g|^B^^^^.^^^[^^^ia I uncousciously come to effocl cor     u
K Iii Simili lOtlsl Kuuli'liiu   \ 1/
ii tin- iniiilu ,i-l   i 'iiii-'i   nl   tl
•I  Hitill i   -.i ,1   sii i'linin
rhnllix, ll"'iiii- im-.i sinlmu
11 'I'll,.Til
I ,h|||l<    ll«"
Gourt Cranbrook 8943
MI'U'.'I'S   'INII   ANII   I'l'll   'I't'CSIIAVS
\'i>ituiL'    Ittvtlii't'ii   I'lifilinlly   iuviti'il
C. ll.,    A. Mi-l.'ilWAX.
Soeretni-y, T, MAIISHAI.I.
Pacific   Coast   Points
Piiliu'u nnd Tourlfit
Sliinjiers, Bult'utt
Lilirary Cars, Muilurn
Day Coaches,
Dininu' Oars,
Besl  Meals  on Wheels
I'm-   lull   IHII'lii-llllll'a,   I'llllill,    Inliliiis
i'li'., I'llll un ut- llllllI'CHH.
S.ll, \'I'lllKMS, ii.iv.I'.A..
s.'iiiil,', Wnsii,
i',   W,   \IA.IJOXI-'.Y, i.l'.  a   T.A.,
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
llcndqimi'tcrs for mil
uiiu und nlil tinict's.
•m \\ hen vmi want a good
1111 ti    w |
♦ place to stop come to the
»! Manitoba.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
SZ        "i'lll''
Always Up-to-Date —
£ Granbrook, -     - B.C. %
| Bowling Alleyj
One ul llu- best and one of the most 1.
popular   recreations    in   Cranbrook ljl
0 i«i
& |
l«i OPEN    FROM   9   A.M.   TO   12   P.M.           I
il I
* !
il Armstrong Ave.      Tuesduy and Friday nflei-nonns W
T (»|
I a
I P. Burns & Co. i
ST Head Office,
JE Cftltyary, Albnrttt
Main OtHce for East Kootonay,
Cranbrook, B.C
Wholesale and Retail zs
| Meat Merchants 1
C Dealers in
£    Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold Storage^*
at Calgary. Alberta    3
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
IVI in iim Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C. A. P. CHENETTE, Manager
The iilinvn llnlel lias Imnn i-ocontly erected, uiul noally I'ui-iii.-sh-
i-il tlirniiirliinii. Tlio Bar is supiiliml wilh tlm liesl brands of
Liquors uml Cigars.
■Geo. R. Lmsk & Co
ity Scavenger
I'lirlies  liuvlng   bueli yards,
nml iiiisi'is in clean, and rofuso
mallei' in lie taken nwuy, should
leave orders wil.li mo,
l.i'llli' "I'.lil". Ill tin' <'ill I'li'l'lla llllll'
nr drop a {ui.-iiil I'ui'il in Box 106,
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand. TF1F. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B 0., JULY II. IWH
SILENT ftjKisj!liHuii»,ar
Purchase   Prioe  $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made Kor Old Machine
Arnold k Roberts
If you have Meanly
If  yon   have   none
Prest Photo Go.
Picture ii'itininu a Speiiiiltu
I taker St, Cranlirook, H.C.
J. Edgar Davis
jj.    Bricklayer   -
I'IH INK 115
Furnace, Boiler, Range uml
Fli'e'iliicn Work a Specialty, All
ilescrlptlon of stone-work under-
Orders left at J. D. McBRIDES
Will I'u'i'i'in' l'i'iiiii|il Attoiitlon.
Winnipeg Exhibition
$20.85 Round Trip
On sale July 20 to 27. Good
to return till August L'isd.
St. Paul, Chicago, Ontario,
Quebec, Maritime Provinces
August 7. 8, 9, Kept. 8, IU. Good
to return lill Oct. 81,
Kor rates,  berth  rawrvatloiM  ami
i i|iii<ii' itilin-niiitiiiii apply  tu local
V„ .1.1'ii.vli'.   A.O,I'.A,,   Vancouver
J. S. CAIITKIi.   II.I'.A..   NelHon. ll.C.
Vimi- iilliinl.lim Ih i-iilli'il In ll"'
"I'limi'i'i- l.liniti'il" trains of llie "Mil-
wnukee * 81 Paul Hallway." "Tin ly
purdii'i trains In llio world."
Yon will liml it iliislriitili- to I'ldeon
those trains whon ({oIiik lo uny point In
the Eastern Suites or riiiiailii. 'I'hey
connect with ull Trailscontlnonlal
Trains unil ull Ticket Afeitls sell
For (iit'i luu' Information, pamphlets,
etc, link any 'l'lukol Agon! or
It. I.. FORD, II. 8, ROWE,
Pass, Agont, lliumi'iil Agont
The Illinois Central
Maintain, iiiiimeollcil sorvioo from
tin, wesl in lite nasi uml south. Making
clime eminent Inns with trains of ull
transnniitlnciital lines, piissongurs ure
given thelf ''lmil f I'oiilus to Clilcagn
l.nnlsvilli'. MninphlHand Now Orlctuis,
unit through those points In llie far east
Prospeclli-e iriii-eloi'H ilcslrlng Infor-
null Inn us to I Im lowest ruler, mul liesl.
I'lllllllH are  Invltoil  I"  espnnili'lii'i!
will, Llio following i'1-pi'i'si-iiiaili'i'H.
II. II. Tiii'.iiiit'i.i..'' ii'i'i-lul Agenl
II!! Third St., Porllnnd, Oregon,
J. c. i.is'tisi'.v. T. P. X I'.A.
112 Third St., Portlamli Oregon
p, ii. Thompson, F. X P.A., lloom l
Coltiiau Bliii!., Seullle, Wur.li.
*thx> grawpector.
SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1900.
Kiuauoc Minister Tatlow Makes a
Hood Showing.
Vancouver, July 7.- Very
nearly 1(100,000 will be the total
revenue derived by llie provincial govoriiineut Iroin the operation nf ils timlier department
during lhe lisi'til year which
ended on June ill'.
All records for collections on
account nt licenses and royalties
were broken during the Usual
ywii' jusl niided. and the lumber-
ing Industry appears to lie ou
the eve uf greater expansion
still, A conservative prophecy
made is lhat the liseal year of
lUOtl- 1IHI7 will slmw ti revenue
liiiin the timber department of
not less ilniii 1750,000.
The month of June was the
banner month for collections
since the days when the province
tlrst commenced selling timber
licenses, Approximately jiiui,-
(Hio was received in payment of
licenses alone during that month
That amount is over live limes
greater tlitui the total collections
made the tirsi year lite govern
menl commenced lo derive
revenue from the sale of its
The revenue from limber dur-
iug the fiscal year IH04 19115
amounted tu $4IS,000 in round
numbers, while collections for
the calendar year ending December Disl Inst total led nearly
The number nf licenses taken
oul for timber is steadily increasing,   •
The enormous, increase in the
lumber Industry has been mainly
responsible fur our bettered
tlllllliclal position. The esli
milled revenue from this source,
(t-l I Hi, I it it i will lie exceeded by
uboul #100,000, or 2n per cent.
This increase alone will more
lliuu cover the estimated deticit.
Mining receipts have also been
larger than expected. As an ill-
stance, of this, Vancouver office
had an excess of 80 percent.,
and many other agencies, including that at Victoria, have also
brought added revenue.
The principal deficit in revenue
that had to be met wus, of course
the Chinese head tax. In 1904 fj
the province obtained (1258,050
from this source, which is uow
entirely wiped out. Ilui there
is in prospect for next year a re
duction of tixed charges that will
go a long way to meet this. The
loans of 1877 llllll 18U7 will 'nature then These at present
take $140,000 each year from the
revenue, bill this drain will
cease in 1907. This will leave a
large sum available for public,
improvements that it is at pres
enl unable to undertake.
The people of the province
can look with confidence, therefore to the betterment of many
lines ol' governmenl efforl iv
opening up the country ill the
near fut it re. ll is probable also
tbat taxation may be reduced, us
the continued prosperous conditions, we have every right to
expect, warrant the assertion
that revenue will increase
Willi the opening up of new
disl rids lhe revenue from real
properly luxes may become
greater, bul lliere will mil likely
be much of nu increase in this
direction. As setlleinenl becomes  v general,  lliere will
be new municipalities springing
up and local bodies will take
charge of community Improvements, That being Ihe case,
there should be no difficulty in
going ahead on safe lines nml
bringing, as far us the power of
the province lies, all districts
available within direct communl
nation of some method nf transportation,
Nine Hour Day
■The Granby company, llio Dominion Copper Co., iu the boundary district, unit llie It C. Copper
Co, have inaugurated a nine
hour day for surface men around
their mines. The change Weill
Into effect with lhe Granby lasl
week and with llio Dominion
Copper company and the Ii. ('.
Copper Co, lhis week. The nine
hour day will iuclude blacksmith,
machinists, carpenters, teamsters
and all others working on the
We heard a youug man remark
lasl week that, "The world owes
me a living,'' li is hoped for
lhat young man's good lhat bell
gel the notion out of his head
It's a mistake, a grave mistake,
Uie never entertained a foolish
| idea nor one which will bring
I him asiaallor measure of respect,
'The world owes the young mail
liol ll lug; but instead lie owes the
world and society au active, noble
manhood, a steady, honest en
ergy whieh will enable him to
associate with decent men and
women in a true manliness uf
character that will make his
friendship valuable and his pres
once and companionship desired.
The truly intelligeut activity,
and this young man should
-onlribute lo society's happiness
and welfare the grace which
cniiies through study, toil and
honest thought.
duly wind is needed to spread
rumors but for reliable news you
must read your home paper.
Just arrived, a carload ot hay
und oals. A, C, Bowness
Ia» i.ii.i ...  |  P ■  .  ■ .  ■  ■ a> ■  ■ •  ■  >
Teams and drivers furnished for any point in the district.
A. DOYLE, Manager
',„, i..,.,,., nimnnimi
Sit-uiii Butlers and Furnace Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Applies
P.O. Box 834.   Crdlitirook. B.C.
For Sale
Owing to arrangements to
engage in another line
of work, we will
Son our Business
ul a most reasonable price
R   N. FINCH & CO.
Phone 182.        Cranhrook, B.C.
To whom It iimy concern.
The undersigned and wife havini* «lul>- ap
SvateA hetorm the Municipal Court <>l L'rau-
rook. II C. nnd buviii.' oy mutual cuIim-ih
signed separation papers, sal J pit purs i»*lii(*
duly recorded on minutes ot saiil Court, tiou
all persons take notloe that I will not lie responsible for any debi or uny actions ur in}
late wife. Marcla R. Price,       Signed,
llAHKV W. t'KM'K.
haled July :<rd. IBW1,
TAKK NOTKT. that I intend toapply lo ihe
Chief Coil)tillHN.flliei ul   LaniU und  Works for
perm Inn 11 in lo eul and carry uway limber from
the following   lleserilieil  laud*-, UOUr Meuihiw
Creek in South i.um KnotPiiity:
r-iiiiiiH'iii-luu; ut a puHi planted at the southwest coiner of \V. II. Harvey's timber licence
llieme went HUchitllis, theuce north Ml i'lialns,
ihenee enst mi challiN. thence tooth ho chains
tn place of coinuifiiceiiifiit.
Dated April mth. imw.
TAKK NO'I'ICK thut 1 Intend toapply lu lh
Chief < oliimlNsloiier of l.ntids and Work-.fi'
permlsitloii to uiil and curry uway timber Iron
the following deacrlbed land* near Meitdoi
Creel; III South Kust Konlenuy:
I'litiimeiii'iiit' ni the lunitit'iiii corner <>f v
11. Harvey's licence, thenee wesi liuichalii-
thence iUH'lli 10 chains, ihenee eu*t ti.o chain*,
thoncu suuth -in chains to point uf couituetirr
HI till t.
Dated April mth, imu..
In I'rolciD.
Noilie Is hereby Klven lhat on  the 'Mill du>
of June, mon li was ordered by I*. K. Wilson,
Km-nl ft*. Judge of lllll Mill! Court lluit .liitoi'i
1'iirHiinon Anin.iri.im nlfli Ial udmlulslrulur (up
Hint pui Mon nf Ihe C U ol Kouletmv im Iml
ed Wllhlll llio Klei'tuiul Hlslllcl of CrttllbrOOk,
he HtlmlnUlinlui ur ull ullll sIliKlllur tl stale
ur Kilwlu Niton of Cran k, la rnr, de
i earn.I hilt-state
Kvery prison indebted III lhe  shIiI  deceased
la if(jtiirtHl lu iiinkc pay mroiihwiih to Hie
Ulltte I signed,
KVITV   'H-imili    liHVlng   mi   pusseHstoii  efTei-U.
lielougTng to tint deceased In rcittilretl foriliwlili
<u notify th l lliulei'alglicd
Kvny en-dltor or oihei persun llll VI IIU (till
eluim Upun oi lnU-ii-1.1 In I'm .lUlillnilliill ul
Iheeslntt-or the said de..imed is reijulred ti
I fiend Mora tbe Till a*, ul Atignal nesl, Ih
i registered letuu MddreMedtothi'iindt'rslKneu
his name und uddreMs and llie lull -iititiriilii.*
, of his claim or Interest, uml a nlftloiflOItt ui hi-
.ii'iouiii and lhe iiHturenl the m-iiiiIH iIf uny i
. held hy him.
After the said Uh day of August, IWM, the
; Admlulntrulor will pioi-r, >i wilh Hie di- iril.u
: tion of ihe estate, having regard to thi in
i-luliu- oltly uf which he iliit.1 have luul IlllllCH
Dated at Craubrooli  Ihli auili day nl June
1    87 uttuUI .»il,i.iiil-..u.iiui
You can shake
/// llll \ \\\V." down a " Sunshine "
furnace without getting
covered with ashes and dust—has a
dust flue through which all the dust
and ashes escape when you shake
dowu the fire.
This heater is so easily regulated and operated,
and so clean, that it makes the entire household.
bright and genial.
Sold by all enterprising dealers.    Booklist free,
I. Tnki> iiniire iimi wi- intiniii io
ttplily to thu Chief Commissioner "l
i.uiiila suit Worka for permission to r,ii
| anil carry Awn} limber from lhe lul-
lowing described lauds lu North Kaat
I   (,'oramenelu( ai a |n.at  planted  ou
chains, thence east lli) chains, thence
south 4U chatnA to polut of Loinuieni.'e-
August 24th, 1906.
Kiiuiia H.ii iiiii.   Commenciug al a pint planted
- * '-li'iiiia «'•! ul the northwest coroer
of I., Harvey's timliei   licence, thenee
um lh llio chains, thence eaai Hi ,-hains
Cross River trail on the east batik of I thence south ltlO chains, theuce west 40
lhe Kooteuay Itiver abouttluhulnsuurth chain, i" |."ini ,.l commencement,
ol iln- find, thenee uorth 8U chains,     August 25th, 1906.
theuce east 80 chains, thence south w Cyrus W. Harvey
chains, thence wesl 80 ehaius to place      IB.   Commencing at u poat planted
"' ^«>»»'^- 24 chains wes. ol the northwest corner
August 10th, 1905. 0, ,,. Utnay,, ,!,„,„,, |i„„r„.l.   lhB„M
Uiilmiiill   Harvey        west 80 chains, theuce north 80 chain.,
*.'.   Commencing ui a posl  plained at l'ipI1(-'e east 80 chains, thence .ouit, «u
Un- nuuili iveai corner ol \V, II, Hai-vov's I^'111'11" to point of comuieticement.
licence, thence -.i.-ai im chains, thnuce      August 25th, 1905.
north 40 chains, thence easl Itm chains,   _J^  Annie B. Harve)
thouce south 40 chains i" pului uli
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
We have the hest collection of Flies and Artificial Bait in Cranbrook.
Aiilmi-i |flth, 1905.
Mwaril K. Hatv..-\
■I. t Miiitui'ii.-iiiu ai it |iu»i fovt)' i-luliu-
north of th*> aouth won fornerol \\\ to.
I Harvoy's tlinlk't'llooni'i', tliunoo north
40 t-luiiiiM. thoncu wosl li-ti i'lialns,
thenoe south Wohutns, Lheuev
1 OhftlUS tO potttt Of I'OHillit'tiffllii-lil.
j    Auguat luili. ittOA.
K.Uwir.l K. Hai'vo.\
4 Comnioiiotng ul » post 'M i.'liiilna
west of the uorthweai uornoi* ol \V. to,
Harvoy'a tlmlwr lleenuo, thenee north
so ehulns, the u*i so ehaius, l henee
south 80 i'linin*., thenee west HO ehaina
to iHjint ui commencement,
Auguat 18th, 10o'>.
Uh1m-I rTarvoj
.'». t'ominetieluy al ti |hmi |il«nii-d :u
chains west of the northwest eorner of
W. tl. Harvey's timber licence, I hence
west 100chains, thonee north -10 chains
theueo east IU0 chains, thonee smith -hi
chain* to point of commencement.
Dated August Iflth, IW5.
Knit I'i A. lltrv.'Y
tl, Commenetiig at a post planted 40
chains north uf tin- southwest corner ol
Isabel Harvey's timber liconce, theuce
west HX) ehulns, thenee norlh 40 chain*
thence eust IG0 chiiliiri, thence south 4n
chuins tu point nl couimei menl ■
August IStli, 1906.
Cyrus W, llarve.v
7. Cniuiuonctug ut u pnst planted ut
the southwest corner of \V. to, Harvey's
timber licence, theuee eust mii ehalnsi
thenoe south BOuhUlua, thence «•*-! mi
chains, theuce north mi chains tu place
uf commencement,
August '.'oth, 1905,
fsahel Itm'voy
8, Commencing at a post planted ut
the southwest corner of VV. II. Harvey'a
timber licence, thence weat no ehalua,
theuro south 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains, thonoe uorth mi chains to point
of commencement,
August 20th, 11X15,
Kmlly A, Harvey
\*i, CtMumonclug ui u posl planted 06
ehaius went uf the ninth west corner nr
I. Harvey's .Nn. I timber licence,
thenoe north 80 ehaius, thonee eust 80
ehaius, theuce suuth M) chains, ihenee
weat 80 chains in point nf commence*
ilie nt.
August'-'Ut. 1905,
Annie li. Hnrvev
10. Commencing al u poal planted 05
chalna west of tho itorthwesl eorner nf
I. Harvey'a Nu. I timber licence,
Ihenee west 100 chains, thence uorth III
ulialna, ihenee eust hit) ohalns, ihenee
auiiili 40 ohalns in potul of commeiiee*
Atiytisl '.'Ut, 1905.
Mary >   Ulueham
11. Commouulng at u punt planted
forty chains north of the southwest
corner of A. It. Harvoy'a tlmbor liconce
j No. I, thenee wi-.ii 100 chains, thonco
I north m chains, thenre oast U>u chalna,
thenee south 10 chains tu point ol  -
| menoemeut.
August '.'Ui, 1906.
Mary l'\ Unchain
12. Commenoing al u posl planted IT
ohalns 60 links weal nf the northwest
♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ , corner of A. to. Harvey'- No. 1  timber
'licence, thouce north ho ehains. thei	
I oasl 80 chains, thenco south mj chains,
theuoo west 80 chain- to point of com-
| tui-neeineiil.
Augusi 'J:tnl. 1905,
Donald M. I.luehaui,
TAKi: Noilce titnt iixtj rlays nft.-r Jute I
intriiit UiAppI) loilie t'lii.f Coiiimts4!oa«rot
UmiMtiiii WorlCHfoi |iermI*.«ion to imn Lmm
Uie following'iBHi-rlbnil lima* in youth him
Kontenay: t'omuenotnii ul j po*\ i-l;.nii-.i m\
tin- NorihweKi corner of Lot, moi tfrwufj i
iiit-ii,--- fasi iii,-t,:nii. thenre north so chiim
iluu,'!-wi-.! loi'iiauis thnoeesoutUfey chalni to
^t   iho  place ol beginning,
DEAN l(   VAl'KS
<i Mn> i.'tii i*', w
Bamboo Poles, \S pteeos   	
Split Bamboo Koda, 3 Joint
:i joint, '2 tips
Laucewood Hods, '.'. joint	
a joint, -' tips    . ..
(jieuuheud Huils, 3 joint       	
a joint, - tips..    .    .
,i joint, - tips ibestj .
> C. E. REID & CO.,
i Phone 74        The Druggists/
PURE DKUUS                       KlNhi STATIONERY
-sa»    HOTEL t
Kimberley,  B. C.
j   H. W. DREW, Proprietor..
Ttta-   notlCO   Mint   sixl.v   iluys   utter   -Uie I
Inii'uu loti'i'il** to the Chlol rommtistoner ur
bands und Wurk* for parmlaslon io purcbaia
tin-ti.ii.inii,,; described In ml iu South Kaat
ICootenny: CoinuieucttiM "t a po«t pUnted al
NoriliWfsicoriinrotUi wi (Jroupl Kooteoay
DisirlPtaminmrlt.'d s" i. „■■„„ (,t AnttleM.
l.auilf\ puroluiM-   Mi.-n,-,   Attsi   w   obalna,
run tail
souili !M
uurLh '.ti
iin; **" un
tibaltt* tlience east lu.-Htlu-,,
rhnlnn tn place of beginning
Annlo \i   Uurle
Isoa                               iv
unii,-,- ih
u >i\tj dayi afiei  date  1 Is-
apply t
ml Work
.-   iin<   t
• the rtiit-i Commiulonar oi
■« ni V'lrtovla for pRrmisulo*" to
'Uowlng  dehorlbed   lunds  iu
Itottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside  Orders
^ P. O. BOX «12     fc
■q      TKLKHHONK NU. I      t?
Port  Steele Brewing Co., L,td.
Wholesale ,
Galgarv Beer, Ale tit Porter.
T. I.lltli. tit CO., Hay anil Gain.
Granbrook, B.C.
Ill,   Coinmem.iniJ m u \»*-\ pianti'ii IH
Small Knsi icoouwii*,
rrminni'iii'higai n pout planted nl tho Houih-
1-iint i.itiii-ii.f i,i,i :tn:wniid helng marhed "Don.
II. Iiiiliiiai'.'-i. northwcHt norimr." tbnnce nontli
fU'liiy i-iuiiiis tlit'tieoeaht forty chains thence
ii'ifiii •■tritty • Iitiiiis ihencuwcat fort) chalna
lophiccoi couimciicotiient   conultilng in all
Datt'd Jiint'iind  lidw,
':' DON H   UUf.MAGE,
TAKK M'TiiK UiaiililrtydayiftfturdatBl
Iniund toapply lo tha (.'hlcf Coratnlssionei uj
r.iiii.ls uihi Works hi Victoria tut » ipeolul
llneiit'c in nu am) carry uway timber irom tbe
billowing deiicrl I landa in Sm,tb Kast Koote-
coiiiint-iii'iiig ut « poatplatiled at the louib-
w.-si corner »t Lot .•:*, thenm soutb eighty
iiinnis io the iioriliBftst I'orner oi Mtobael
Kins,-, ih,. eldtT's'iutid, UieiiLe *r.Hi Turty
chuins ihuiiou north torty chains, tbetica »tai
sixty I'buliia lo thu east Imttk ol the Kooteoay
rlvor, theme following Mild hank to the nouih
want corner of i-ntaw, tbence east tu place ot
Dated June 4tb |ww.
SKai.kii tkn'Ukh.s marked "Tandan for
Timber Muiit Kooteng) Dlitrlot," will
in- received bj (tin tinderaitfiieil, up to noun
nt Saturday tin- aoth day of June, iwa,
from any pei'Hiin desIrhiK iu obtain ■ ipeulal
limher licence to cut and earn away ll tuba r
inilii Lot I WI, linni-i i Kootenay Dlstrlot.
situated neai M.-N.-lin,-• Sidtni*, oil lhe line
nf tin- I'ruHs Seat |>n«a Itallwaj  ami contain-
llIK 4).'t UOrOH mnii' i,r ItjHh
The jMiraoii offering llii! hlKheal caab bonua
»"i '"' enlttl o u ipeclnl licence covering
IhuHitM lot rcnewitlilofoi  tn--nivi.ii.- mciei
llHcti tender tmisi
till.ii i-lit-,|iii-. miide
tull l.l.-lsiKIH'.l
tin- Ural year's fee
um) tin- ntnniint ot
om pa tiled by a car
ii at par in Victoria
1 amount, fl 15 uu   nf
inch special lloenoe
iiiinus tendered and
,tlao a certlllcit chei|ue foi I2fl3.*0 r.»r coat »<f lo •
i-iiiim- ndvortlalnK and surveylnK of said lot
iMfimtiiOminuuht I l.timhat Work*
huuhnnt, Worh IkpttHmcHt.
Virlnritt, /;,'•„ tthJum,  t»0ti.        2-i
l'uHM IV
I'KftriKU'ATK  OP   IMH(iiVK.\li?:.Vl>
Pedro Mineral Claim,
Sleele Mining Division of
Mat) a Pralm
Situate hi tin- fi
i.-i Kooienay Dli
W'llKIti: LOCATKD    0|
K.ui i.ur mltefrom Marysville
TAKK    NtiTHK.   thai   "-    A   K    SVatW
I ohalu. 6n link. « ■  U—- ^'tf'^l^J. r\V^
! I'lll ll' I A. 11. lilll'Vi-.V -Nil   1   I illi I a-r i ||;:i-|..a, nu,.|„| ,Imv ,i„v. ,r,,m ,|„. ,lMU. j,^rei,|
' lli'i-ni-i-. ilii-in-.- -vorn IMIi-liuiiia, ihi-ni-i-  lomiply in llio Mlnlnnlli iter lor » ivnm
1 inn-ill   in   i'linin.,    iln-.ii u.l    l«l  'li»l'ra»«nmii«Iw ih» purim. of e*.
,    .     '.,   .   ,    '".I.IHK a I H..VII lirjint uiil,,- al.uii- .lalni
ulmliii. Hi ill in.-liiiiii-i.i -mint     An, ,,„k, ,  „„,„,.,!„„  „„„„
ill i-iitiilii.-lii'i'llii-lil. I sai I  i: iiiii-t l„ ii ...........1 la-lur,- Hi,- l,.u-
I      A'lLMIal -.llllli.  1905
riniii- A, I'lii-i'-r
hi,.,i Hi
,1 Im
II, I'lllllllll-MI'IIIIJ III II |HHl |l|lltlli'll
llll'l,, i'llllilla llllllll III lllll lllllllllWI'.l
i-lil'll,-l'   nl    I).    M.    I.illi-lllllll'n    lillllli'l-
II  Ill  WIHl  Hill I'llllilla. llll'l	
mil-Ill III I'llllilla. Ilii-ll ial llll) i'llllill.,
llimi.'i-aliillll III i-llllllla III llllllll   ill  -
Annual Klrd, lUOfi.
i ju 11.- A   I'i.i i-i-
t"i I 'lilllMli-IH'llii; 111 ll pilal |ililllti-lt
flll'ty i-llllilla wi-al llf Iln- IKIt'lllWI'fll '"I
lll-llil II   M.   I,illi'llllin'a lillilii-l' Iii-,- ,|„|  |  ,;    |;   .
Ill,- Iilll'tll HII i'llllilla, llll'lii-i-  I'ltal   HH
illltill-l    HlL-lll-l- alllllll  Sll   l-llllllla,   llll'l	
Wi-al   Kll llllttlll.   Ill   llllllll III  lllli'-IH-i-
A hi! inl '.'llll. IUii'i
l.lllmi Ilui.ry
IH. l'lllllllii-lli-ill,l 1,1 II |llial |illlllli-il
fOrty I'li.llia Wi-al ill till- lli.lllllli'al I'l.l-
uet'Ofl), M, l.ilii-lllllu'a liinlii-l- lli't'lll'l'i
tl„-lli'i< iv, - -1 UKl i'llllllia. llli'lli'i- linllli HI
i'llllilla   llli'lli'i' ,Mal   Hill   rlmllla.    | li.-l,.'.-
auiiili 40 i'IiuIiiji lu imlnl ill  iiiiii	
August '.'Uli. IMili.
'    I.   WAT I*
IHiiMA.-- A   iltl.li.liTi.IN
S'olli'ii i- iiiti-Iii ,_'i\,'M tlml uu u|i|ili-
IIIi'Hi uiil In- iniiili- In  lli,-   I'allimni-ul
I I Hii,Hill ul Hi,- iH'imiiiH Si-anliin llii'i'i-.
l'l   I"   iM.'lll'lllll'llll'    III,-    |',||'||.
ul' I'lill'-.v  Itiilhviiy  t'iitii|iii,iy In i-iiii-
i  i "I'l'i'iiii- a Iim- ui railway
n iii'ini i»i iln- lliiiliili Columbia
ii Itallwuy iii-iii- ih uiiu,-ui.,,
iml Mi.-hi-l oi'i'iik, ili'-ni-ii
illnlll.'   Hi al   alili'  nf Kit Ulvai l„ a
imlnl iii.nli nl h*or*lliin Itiii-r; llimico
nni'llii'tiMliii'lj   I.,  tlm  PonllitB  IIIvim-
mlluyi lliu fiillowlii-j I-'iii-iIIiii' Uiii-i
I" llu- lliil'lll III lli-iiiii'ltiil'i k: Hi,.lire
imrilii-nali-rlv iilnni! Ki'iu ii'ltu 1'ri'i'k to
llii-'.MIn-rlii lliniiiiliin: lliolmo nuilt,.
I'llHliH'l) In Hi.' I'liniiii'.-iil Allint-ta lo
ii imlnl in hi- ii.-iir Okolnknj hIho
iiiiitii-li lino, un iirin-i-, Bwln. Snilili,
l.i-wla llllll  II, ill I, Mil I  I k» llll   In   llie
I'l'livilli'i' "I    lll'illah liiliiuililn;   wlili'li
Iim'   ill   railway   wiili   li-a  brauoliei
mill     llll      Un-      illill.a      llii'lvof      to
Im ili'i-luivil in I.,- for Hi,- KcniM-al
j iiilvaiilairi' "i Canada. Anil lut-tim,' thut
tin' auiil Ciiiii|iiiii,\ .lmil inn,' power to
i'iiiit Into un am nu'iii iiiii, iu- umal-
yiiumii-  viiiii  anv  Hallway Company
hliiiuili llnlii->
17.   fniiimuni'lii*! nl a i«'"i |ilnnii'il w'uj»« ll'iu" of railway, or b'raiiclieiari
■*•» "I" ' 111 «ttow-rt ,,„- ^otZiidrlttlXn?blaaor"A!b0ri™V"
uei- of to.   Harvey'a  timber   Hranoe. Smith -k Johaiton.
theuce weit IW) i lihin-.. thence north Mi Sl               SotIoltOI'8 for Applicant*, THE PROSPECTOR CRANBROOK   ll.C. .II'I.V  11. IH0I1
************************** * ®he |ii*o«pcctov.
SATUKDAY,   n n   II. ami.
the Sullivan uiitio yesterday ami
ti jtuosl iii iiu- Cosrao|iolitaii.
IF handled in the rijjlit wa\ is a vi-n
convenient wa) nl lining business hut
ii thev are handled rarelessl", then is
really no end of trouble. We liavt tin
reputation of shipping orders promptl)
handling the best goods packed in tin
best condition We ship goods to even
point "ii tht.- Crow from |atl'r i\ tn Sirdar.
II vou arc ni.t now a customer of ours
Mifrlitou's   I'ii'ii    Store    I'm      A CI  Stewart and 6. M. End-
'1'iiiiin -ri i I'lniiii,-. icoll of Vancouver were guests
;ii the ('ruiihi'ook yesterday.
Tl-eRei   I: P. Flewollins ,„• ,   a        .
rii|ii,'il   llu-    |,ul).ii    ul     I linsl
it iC'liuroli, Pernio, on Sunday
v »*mminww**n*i*iiT*i*i*m*in*i*i*i*n*n-i- ,.. i,,,,!, B(.|...iCPS
t |  LOCAL NEWS, f     "" '      — u Wi?,n„s r,,tlu' s'"r" Cm' ';
J ^.muuauuuiiiimiimiiuuiiiiul     J» *H Optical worli  we .„*,,; »  ■* ' >P<* HEAU OFFICE, TORONTO
JJ iiiilee absolute salislacl      W.     n. i:, WALKER, Geiwntl M gas ILEX, LAIRD, Aut, Gent Manage,
9<    Mijrhton's Cigar Store for   H,   I'1. Tate *  Sou,   opticians   and
IK  i: .Pipes. jewelers. 1—11^ J 1 tf 1 BRANCHES THROUGHOUT CANADA. AND IN
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
Read 1 lie  'SuushiuB*' luiru.ir
il   Por wile by I'liiint.iv Hros
Tin- Sunshine Furnace  is  tho
mosl satisfactory fiirnac-e to buy
K.-iiil llie Sunshine Furliucc ad
lui -:ili' hv Palinole Hros
LeasK iv ' ii   lire now   making i
the necessary  improv Is lo     ,;,.,„.,,,.  ^ensli  and  -I    Edgar
,l"' lin' '"di Davis visited Marysville Thurs
jday i" miilii' the  necessary   :n*
Immigration   returns  for  the  raugi'inents for llie huilding of
past liw-iil youi   «ill  nun    in use I house in Ihal lown
aboul 17.",,	
lie*    Kilputricli nl   Knox   < 'ol
I'nail Si:|i," uiemleiil   Mueka)    ege  Toronto,   will i-onducl   lhe
was repuiring a mail  jusl   souil        vices    in    iln    I'l-esliylerianj    Tliey i-iin'l hurl you and   III
When   inn   'j.'I  :i 'Jiuiil   nlil-
lji.In ii. ,1.1.1.-in-nun iimi,.,
youi' lii'iul iliii.l.: .iml iimi- oyoa
"whirl   mi .iln- yon .tele' lu
Dr. Scott's
lletulaehu   Powder's
A iji-iiei.l Hankiiiij  business transacted.   Accounts may tie opi-neil anil conducts*1 by
iiiiiii with all liriinclies ol tills llanK.
De|>tisltH <>i   $1  uml MpwttfJs fcceivcJ, and interest allowed ut
current rale*.    I'he Ucp usl till' U sttl.j-.el tu iim ileitis  What*
ever  iii   llie   ui.lK.ruwal  of  llie   whole  ur  any
portion   ol   lhe   deposit
9  mail ti* a trial order we think  we can 9
9. 9
•fc  convince   vou   that   we  can   save   yon $
*   money.
$ Our Goods arc
of town III - ,vei
A tjreai  n
■ in um     AH ;u'
. iteil lo al lend
»d   stop any heiulnehe
One Do/mi In ii Box 25c
Beattie & Atchison
of stood -     .       i      "i       M"  ' ''''     Vl  ""' fsideiu-e  "I
froii    In    ailverv" Sloeui Nli    '""'   N,,'s   '1"11"   Xl' v     '
\\ I'llnesilm    m   ■ lie   he-    \\   i, .... .   ., _    ,
\\  lAiriun,'   i,    , loin, Miller      Where It Pays to Deal
> ■' Ihe  S .    ,. .. ,,
. ,. .nul    Miss     I- In i m e     I lea i iee
-imi' i       ii,    »lui   i £     .   eat , ,     ,         ,,    . .
., ., Lliinf, j".:    o  i I'slo     I'' ».
Hrn|i in ami    '. ■ iiijjate      I'm
,„.,.  II
Hi, iH'st ,- ol;
^       | j  .        ,.., ,,.   111.11 i.ii     ..   * U*>w'J
,     !,,.    ti in.ssi      "■■'• lhe   mai i"'1
I,ihi.'   I/
l'in',1 .
/ M Cline   I
i   v,
Tht'    tii a
pain  ar
,h'*   kl."s:   mij are nmn
■   '    "    ''l- "*■ ■   ■ Maml Ihal lhe lu-ospeets are
....... '
\1 \M inl! \   llii'I'KI.
In-   Wiirk in ill lii'tini-lH'i   f
Eyeache and
|l|l|,,~ l-lllllivi' iillll  li-lll|iiillll'il\.
|l,.in,ivi.   iiii-   I'liuae  uml
I'ltl'l'l    II    lll'l'llllllll'lll     I'lil'u
Sntlsl'lietlon tiuiiriinli'i'il     Consilltalloil Free
al Art f
*•♦**•♦******♦♦*•«********* ijrelean-uii
■ a were  i . |ierutiou 	
—= liepnri nil items ol interest to CORPORATION OP THK CITY OP
1 AlVt    I^UlHiL ::v;:!::r|,'u-;:i:':;;!:;;,-;;:;;i
. F. Tate & son
Jewelers-* and Opticians
Ollli'lill  Wm.'li  lii'.|i.'.'ii'ii lor C.P.R. Crow'sNest
I'lis. Olvl»lo
-   lit -
Tin -
Elko pi    :   M -
■i,I iflair.    Do
the news, bin by your help we
.-iiu s?ot the lion's share and Ihal
is whal we ivisli to do. We wani
itii the news liml i-; news.
Notice is hereby given that ;;;;„
all    parties    using    hose    for •
By-law to Regulate the Hours
During Which Children May
be Abroad Unattended.
Tin- Municipal I'linni-ll nfllict 'nr|iiir-
il inn ..[ Illi' Cily uf t'l-illllil-niili in I'iiiiii-
A .i.
■'. ,     pari culars      In i-oiiueotion with llu- straw-
,l   l'  westman.    berry soeinl  nl   Marysville lost |<-il nssL-tnlileil uimets as fnllow
week, one of Ihe  principal   foil-     !■   Tlic foiincil shull prnvldu n lmil
n*shorse ".loliii- hires   wns ;i   game of  I'oollmll
ii     i i.r-    l-'rnliii   between Marysville and Kiutber-
street,   mul   the ley.    The irnme m*:^ elose and
nl slttill i'iiu-i' Uie sunn' iii I'm rutin
ni in-' lnnu' ut is p.m. .'vi'i'v nvuntiiir
iimii Un- lirst ilny ot May to the 'luili
the pound keeper interesting, neither team ul any ilny ol Soptorabui1 Inclusive.and ni Hi
garden, lawns or other purposes
was attached  to Johnnie,   who time huvinc lhe ndvantiige. The
| win. placed in the eitj pound
score stootl n n. Rev. I   IV West-
nan, wlm wns present,   I'efnrood
One of the plain glass windows llu; urn ■
must not use same on or after !n/slf,i^was\foken ^'"The
storm mi Sunday  Inst.     An  in
the 10th inst.. between the houM|ll','"™,',,,"": ^"v™™™
.1. 15. Annablo of Nelson,  sec
,-   returv   of   Ihe  ICootouity  l-'ruil
Of     8      a.m.      and      6     P.m..      lUltll lirowors* Association, has made
*■ iirrtinjtenienls lor n separate ili>
further notice.   By order of the
Board of Directors.
piny ol   Kooienay  fruil  ill   the
Winnipeg exhibition, which will
pen in ilull city on .Inly 23rd.
i    .1. A, McBenn of Jaffray  wns
in the cily Kriday on business.
H. Iv Taylor, Marysville, wns
nl Cranbrook Friday on business
tloo. M. Christie of Calgary
wo- ;i Oranbrook visitor Friday.
'I'. I'. Storey of Winnipeg wns
u guesl at the Cranbrook Friday
David Emory of Sheep Creek
was in ihe cily Friday on business.
Indian    Agent   llalbriilt.1i   of
Fori     Sleele     U'ns    ill    lhe    eiiy
Iiegiilnr public preaching services in Uie Methodisl church
nexl   Sunday,   lhe    pastpr    in
irllill'ge.     Mii|-uing"siibject. "The
I Life Siipi'ib."   livening subject,
"An   I'iijhsI    Mini."      A   good
musical program will bn i dor I    Chas  Finch of Marysville was
id.    All are invited. in the city  Friday   Iransncljiig
Over 20, Iinrvesl bands will      Ml.s  Co]  u   () Henderson of
be    rerpiired    lo    lull-vest   and  |.-,,r1   Steele  was   n   Orimbrooli
thrash   the   Western   Camiclian  visilor litis week,
crop tins season     From presunt ,    ,  ,
indicftlions    the   railroad   c  ]    Mr- llnd  Ml'-V  •'   •l"llns,»l  "'
panies will be unable to  move Toronlo wure registered  ul  Iho
[the whole crop before navign   Ornnbroolf h-iday,
Roud  Siiperinii'iiileiii   McKay
—~■   ' *** I'eiui'iieii   ii'iini ibe  Si    Marys
given in Hie It. C, I river yesterday,
lIlO    rinsing   ill*   thei     ,, ' .
,",       „. (iiivi'i'tiini'ii   Agent Artn.s rung
iug  recorders niliee ,   ,        *},     ,,,    ,,     p
rolurnud   Ii-ont   Ihe si    Mary s
♦ Tailor •-, Importer of i  : "■" '   '' ■ ' l!' ' ''"'""" ''"",,"';u
Fine Woolens,
ui lite •'I'iiiibt k Friduy
N. Iliinson returned from I!al-
Office anil Workshop   Liiwis St ♦*♦♦♦♦»♦•♦*«.♦«« ►•#♦»»«»«     Migliton's Oigur Smr
i"'\ "i i'igurs.
Water Supply Co.
E. W. LONG. Manager
Iintl I'liise
Carpenter %4 Builder   j
i,..ml Work al
tteasonn  Prici
..... *♦«-»-.*»       a, »* |. t J* « J* ♦+♦
J. J 1 \ -f il.ipuii  mil
J ;n Phillips,   Klk  river,   for  tin
i July 10th     The  resig i l;    T (1. Oarrel and I.  M   Webb
J M    J'hillips,   deputy   recorder, of Okntoks, Aim.,   were guesl
ii accepted
lnnu- nl i7 |i.tii. every iiviiiilug front the
Hrsl Uiil 'iliii-iiilii-i' in thot'ilrlioth ilny
nl  ,\|i!'il  illi'lllaiv.
2.    Il-nv.'i'ii   llu-   I rs  in   tin-   Inst
i" "« su'!l1"" »i't' t«i ami ti,.. rin   fnffpp
Inun- ul   live  |5)  ii.iii. until,'f-illimim..   Ua I .11.   tlllllVV
iii.ii'iiui" ii shall he iinlnivful for any
iililhl i.n.l,-i- ihe iijie "f sixteen llll
yours tn he in or ii|iiiii liny puhllestreet
lam',    iill.'v.    Iii-iii^,-.    pni-k,   a ire.
varum Im nr iiilu-i-iiiiiii-.'npii'il ift'oiiinl
or pnlilii- pliii-i- ivitliin the limits of t|„. |
Miuiii'i|iulily unless siii-h eliild ia in
i-liili-L'i-  ni   uiul   is   ai-riilll|nllii,-il   hy il,
piirottl ni' i.'iiiii'ilinn nr stune nihil! per-
sun I hereunto duly mil hiu-i/eil lit- such
pal-em ur toiiirditin,
ll.   'I'li" Poll 'oiislnblos iintl such
utlier persons ns the I'oiineil inny np-
pul.it shall liuii' the poivor to arrest
ami take iniu i-usiiidy nny child npjiar-
i'iiiI.v nml,-,- the ntre   of  sixleen   (111)
yelll's f'Ulilll Ulilllll'lllleil lis llereillliedire
pi'uiiili'il iiurlli)! llie ii  Iii'i'i'liy  pro-
hihiteil iii nr upon nni   public >ti t.
li    alley,    hriilife,    ptirk,   si|iiare,
vnciint lot nr iiilier ui npleil  liiml nr
oilier public place.
I.   Kvei-y stable nr iii Iii ir ollleer
uiiu ahull ai'i'esl ni- take Into eustoily
uny child under the nee of sixleen    III
yours as provided In Section thr .'{
luu f shall luriliivitli ink'- such child
In  Iii- or  her Inn l- pllli I  llliliile
ami sliull iiarii iln- pnruni nr pnrettts
or giitirdhiii of Htich child iimilnsl lite
hreiich of thia llv-l.aiv.
G T.R. Baking Powder (i.l.U. Tea
Makes the whitest and Is ull Tea, packed  tm*
lightest of cakes,    There ourselves and shipped ili-
iirc no better baking pow- roct Irom Ceylon,   A cup
ders at tin;   price.      25c. ol Dur Tea is 11 real   lov-
pcr tin. ing cup.    Per Ib. 50c,
(1T R Ixtracts
Is a Mocha and Java
Blend just as emu] as anv
onlv we don't charge as
iniiili. Price 1 ll,. tins
41 a*., j lh, tins 75c
Are pure flavors and
only the purest ingredients are used in their
manufacture, 3 ounce
bottle 25c.
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES nnd CROCKERY
Boots,      Shoes      and      Hosiery
Cranbrook,   -    -    B. C.
-»iji'*.{«l-»flj|-«.p »l««j«»l.«.J-»l«>»i»l»(«K{«.)'»l<Sl -»i«JM«J»l«!l»W^tJ^'»lM)'^al^!!WMi,MHi»HSJ
■ I
'■ Iiii ii| lhe liotlrbli! ul any   infer-   J
poiirlo Iho MiiKlsli-ale, .liiain I tin-  a
Pi'tice in iiilu'i nipeli'iil mil Iimi 1 v In-   f
gury Thursdny  I  lefl  ilurltif,
llie llfll'llliiiin for  Wiisn,
'   Harry   Uriel,1.   M   IV  p    r,,r
> o*» *♦♦♦»♦<.♦*<.♦*♦•> «- ♦ 0 ♦ <- 4.9 ♦:#.♦'.**.♦ ♦:"♦:.«.'* ♦ ♦•♦«♦».♦   Ymir, nussnil lh rough Crunhi-ook
"•*       ■ ■ I Thursday 011 bis wuy ensl.
Mr,  uiul  Mrs, s. \. Uurr.i of
glslered  al  llie
to Make women's work sl££rS
Llfliiter (ind Easier
j    Mr.   I Mrs.  T. (i. .lonos of
j Wiirdiier wnm roglslorntl ul   Ibe
*   Cosmopolitan Friday.
'I    Till.   MIS:
-In s l.'ynn wns visiline Mill-
*   riilni Mi-111 ni's ul   I'llkiuoulli   for
tiu-u ivhoiii aueh inliii-iiiaiiiin U hetiril
iimi the iiai'iiiiie uioiitloneil in Scetlim
luiii' I-U hoi 1 hits 1 11 ilul.v  L'iu'i   iu
Iln' uiillllii'l' lh,'I','in ili'M'l'llieil uml that
tl li-iu'i- Iiiui  I n  repciiti'il, such
Miniisirai.'.   Instlcu ni lie  I'ei I
nl Inn'I'liiupi-li'iit alllhin-ill uuiy luipiiae
a   llllll   lllll   ii linn   the  -mn ol live
iliilhit's (W.llll liii'i'iu-li offense tnitellier
ll'ill 1- upon such I'lillil or 111   the
jlltl'i'lll   el'   alUllI'llltlll   ol   llle slllil i'lillil,
iiiui iii ili'lauli nl I'liyuii-ni ul hiii'Ii   nn.'   ljl
nml routs, such chilli, pin 1 n   iruard. j m
i.n, .lmil  ne iiiiiii.- I,, Imprison. I
  t :...i  ,. 1: j 181
If vou are interested in Men's Shoes, Sir.
you're the man we would like to interview.
We   have   lutes  nl   sillies nl high gl'iltle lllllil i'
the simps ol the
i    Black   and  Tan  in Lace
jj Congress and Oxford.    See
our line.
!  REID St CO.
t (or a perlml mil 0x1 Hi
n.   rpiui any pursoi'iilion under th...
Il.i-I.nii. 11 vhl.-i f ani  ii'lineHsIl        _      _          _   „_ w
ihni in in.' hest ill Ida or her juili',, 111 'ljl If
mij person, wilh ruforc  n, wln.inl BHH^I*»B«ta^#WiiKlll«(iil«l>l«M« *V!iWI*KI»iJ**4riHiWBHiHaWl^^fa
,    ,-iii-hpi llllllll Is holliK lii'iiiitfht, Is 111 _         _ 	
.     .       ,,   ,  , "' ,"   , lh"    - II I'  UlO  UK IM" l\ ^^aataa.mwaa^tri I
♦   North Stir  mine  was  al   Iran L,,,,,., ,in,l shall easl I, roiulonl
9 Ihrook Siiliirdiiy lusi 01 hIiiohs.,,,,,„„„„„,,„ ,„„,„, BI,H| „  I
I1'   I1   lilffl'lllll,   I'',  Ciiiieh.   llllll I of urcater iiito,
II.   Illlehcocli   nf   Forme   were     f.   Tlm   I rs .rcforrcil   in  heroin
A     Ollestslll     Ibe    ClIMIIOplllilUII    nil    .llllll I llli'lllllli'il   III    Ulilll    la   |( |-
'a*. I f''rldny. Inlly Itimwii iih t*iifllli. HUit nl Time.     0(-J01C)'!  (.'(  NI'liCTIONF.RY
—~^./~/~H—-,—     _     .   _, _-. ,, "      i'lillil   .M'll Sill      I'.llll
BISSELL S uCyco 6 s"v"n" "l,vs ",is" "
*> ♦ I    Noll   Mel I  l'urn
Carpet Sweeper \
  I iirpelt .in.I iiii-a i
■  »       '  :'   -1   i  ■ in:"ii.ii- -renin -''        '   m.   This lly.|,nw inii.v >u, ,i „, u,,
mi     itci'iinniliali     Uu     ".I "i   i pin; in ♦  '     Miss llnzeMiiilbriiilb  ol   Fori   ..,„,.,„„ Iu.', „„. •■
"Oil mil   III" ♦     Steele is ll^uesl  111   Ihejlllllio   of'     , j,.,,,, „ ,;,,„, ,„ |    |   ,,,;,,,,   ||(	
The f.i ndlna Store
.,    I,.,..,'
loi    i   .i.i.  i...      i    :... il prin    i
II   .,     il ■      H'eepl
'■ li   II | i'n .ll'i.li'i'ii ,
Mr. uml   Mrs    .lobn   F    Suiilli
Ibis wei'li
I'lcsli I.cttucc,
(iieeii Onions
choice I'lieuhiirl)
.11 lli<< illllli ilny ill .liine, A.II., lllllil.
Ill-run..Iilel'eil llllll lllllllll   passeil   ullll ,
I'.l.il   !■ ,   al,, nil. I       ,> Al MlHll,   presulelll   llllll   Illllli    I  illli ilui ,,l .In!,,   \,|t„
Illn.l'll Sweep         .     Ilglll  nf lhe Fernie ItlewillL' In .   I'""'
wns   iii   I'l'iiiiliriuili 'Priday   iiii ll. T. Iioirurs, Miiyur Choice Ol'itnge.s and lianaiiii
* i pull! business, •'■■ "■ I'mm. <:l"Hi'        ,,     ,
♦ I hereby rorllfy llin wllliln is n irtiej HaZelWtlOll   ICC  CrCaill
t j. d. mcbride,   Granhrook BG : '^^^
M \J\ Ulll/I UUI\,   U,\J,     9   ,.0,ibi.    si,,, will  un  uwuy   ror ,i„. ,■ ,, ,•„,„., „, |.;,|M n„„i„lmv
9   «*♦*»   ♦   9 >. ft   ♦    9   9   ■>   9   9    9   ♦   0   ♦    9   9   9   ♦   0    ♦   9   ♦, O   ♦   O   «>   0   f. «   ♦   9   4'. O   9   9   9     lllll'"lll'f    U'l'I'llS
PRICE   $3.00
1   OKI-Ill ' ror,I, A. Illll'vpy,  lel'l  nf'tlie Ilv-hiiw "roirlmoi oii'iito'     MTICWAH'I'H  KINK   OIIOUOI.ATKH
Hugh Stewart
I'lioni! 75        ftl'lllbtl'oilll, Ave.
; IimMi-m nl ( iiiiiliruul..
We have been iii the business
for several years, we have Hie
besl eipilpineiil in 13.0, nml we
eiiiiiiinli'i' satisfaction.
About that riano
Wn itm Ilia aulhorlund upon Is
for Iho removal of Mason A Itlsnli
I'iillios, we can do the work wilh'
mil risk.    Also Household I'm
l'rii|ili,'liii'.,iil Hie
llriuiliriiiik Ctti'liiKi' mul Triiimfni' Ua
lllll ippunlte
(J.l'.ll. Ili'iiot. Phono till.


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