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The Prospector Oct 31, 1908

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>l LMfeSt^^
Vol. 14.
No. 44.
In the meantime another branch of tion. If the particular test in that
the plot against Cunn'dhtu labor was law is not regarded us siilhrieiit.
boing developed elsewhere, and Smith THKUK is NO HKA80N WHY A
Curtis, Liberal emulate, in asking for MORH BTIUNQBNT AND lOTRC-
the support of working meu. aa a re- T1VK ONB 01? A SIMll.Alt CIlAlt
proaentatlve ol a government that ACT Kit SHOULD NOT BK ADOPT-
.Miiu'tions tbe Immigration of Japan- RD, bo long ns the qualification is
i-se labor. not based     SPECIFICALLY on dis
The      people     of  HiUir.li  Columbia junction of race and color,
have always beeu opposed to the im-,   7   Any     attempt to restrict  Iiiimi-
portatlon of    Orientul coolie labor. Igratlon or to impose ilitMiuallllcatious
The people of British Columbia con*[ON   8U0H    distinctions bosldi
tr»l their own legislature, but they
are not by any means a controlling
(actor in tbe government of Canada.
Many, not all, but many employers
of ln,bor on tbe Pacific coast would
rather they became rich by handing
over their country to Orientals than
thut Canadians should live happily
upon its prodigious wealth. Such employers have been able to use the
great force ol the Uominioa government to inflict tbe curse of Oriental
coolie labor upon western Canada.
That is a very strong statement. It
needs proof. Well this is u heart to
heart talk. The necessity of proof is
us clear to one side as to the other.
Let us go into the proof.
British Columbia adopted various
expedients to prevent Orientals from
swamping their country, ln particular certain acts were passed which
prevented Chinese and Japanese from
working on government, works or
works assisted by the government.
These nets were disallowed at request
of the imperial government. But the
reason why that request was made
was that Chinese and Japs were designated by name. Here is tbe full
dispatch.     It     is    signed by Joseph
Chambeiin,in, uud is as great a tri- ^^,^,^,^_^^,^,^_^_
bate to bis sympathy with n white j Now, Sir Wilfrid Laurier stated in
Canada as it is Xo his masterly grasp j parliament that, that communication
i*i prnettcal affairs. | was his excuse for disallowing    acts
| in which its advice- had been curried
lout.   And the despatch itself hn,d   to
Downing Street, April,  lit, 1899   be     dragged      out of  him  before  he
To the Governor-General, etc, would surrender the false interpretn
I have the     honor to acknowledge I tion of imperial policy which he   woi
the receipt, of vour dispatch  No. 54,  M^B     to cloak  the designs he wi*
of March  it;, forwarding copy ot. anl«»rryin8 o»t himself.
being offensive to friendly powers is
contrary to the general principles of
equality whieh huve been the guiding
principle of British rule throughout
the eiupite ; and us your ministers
are aware His Majesty's government
were unable to allow the Immigration restriction laws passed hy some
of tbe Australian colonies in 18% to
come into operation for the same
reason as they ate now urging
against these laws in Hi it isli Columbia.
8 His Mnjesty's government earnestly trust that on consideration of
these explanations the government of
British Columbia will at once procure the repeal of the provisions complained of AND THK SUBSTITU-
9 If this is Impossible, His Majesty's government feel compelled, however reluctant they may be to cause
inconvenience to the province, to
press upon your ministers the importance in the general interests of
the empire of using tlie powers vested iu them hy the British North America Act, for cancelling these measures to which His Majesty's government object on grounds both of principle nnd policy.
approved minute of tbe Dominion
privy council of British Columbia,
expressing the concurrence of the goverment of thnt province in a report
drawn up by the minister of finance
und agriculture on the subject of the
acts passed by the provincial legislature in 1898, containing provisions
prohibiting the employment of Jap-
nnese on certain works.
2. The provincial government represents tbat theses provisions are required by tbe economic conditions of
British Columbia and they regret
their Inability to introduce legislation for their repeal.
•I. Her majesty s government fully
appreciates thc motive which has induced tbe government and legislature
of British Columbin to pass the legislation under consideration, and recognize the importance of guarding
uguinst the possibility of the white
labor of the province being swamped
hy the wholesale immigration of persons of Asiatic origin. They desire
also to acknowledge the friendly spir-
Tbe responsibility of the Dominion
government was clearly set out in un
imperial despatch as follows; "The
whole scheme of the British North
America Act implies the exclusive exercise by tbe Dominion of all national powers* * " and the right of entry
Into Canada of persons voluntarily
seeking such entry is obviously n
purely national mutter."
The government could huvo permitted British Columbia to legislate but
it forbade the province to legislate
and sheltered itself behind the Imperial government in doing so. And tor
what purpose? Simply that all the
labor of western Canada might la-
done by Oriental coolies to enrich the
government's favorites nnd dispossess Cunudians.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's government
was Invested with the light to either
admit or exclude the Japanese. It deliberately divested itself of that right
The Canadian government signed n
It in which the representations they j treaty with Japan iu which there was
have felt compelled to make, hnve . n clause which Japan did not de-
been received liy the government of [ nmnd, and which bud been cut out of
British Columbia and regret that kts treaties with other British colon
after carefully considering the minute ■ ies but which hi*! the effect of tying
of the executive council they feel un- Canada's hands in attempting to re-
able to withdraw the objections they , strict the immigration of Japanese
have urged to the legislation in qties-; coolies.
tion. I    The     purpose    of     the treaty was
1 THERE IS No DIFFERENCE known -to and connived at by the
BETWEEN HER MAJESTY'S GOV- , government. And that purpose the
ERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUM- un restricted immigration of Japanese
BIA AS REGARDS THE OBJECT coolies into western Canada. Japan
namely, to ensure that the Paelllc does not want them to come in, the
province of tbe Dominion shall bo oc-1 British empire does not want them
cupied by a large and thoroughly i to come in, the people of western
British population rather than one in; Canada do not want them to   come
which the number of aliens largely
predominates, and many of the distinctive features of a settled British
community are lacking.
The ground     of objection enter-
in, but the musters of the government
felt that they would be better oil in
a country Piled with Japanese than
they could hope to remain iu n country inhabited by frco-born Canadians,
tained  by  ber majesty's government 1 Their unpatriotic scheme was to mako
that  the     METHOD   employed by   it a point of honor with Japan that
the British Columbia legislature for
securing this object, while admittedly
only partial nnd ineffective, is such
ns to give offence to a power wilh
which her majesty is and earnestly
desires to renm-in on friendly terms.
Japanese should not be kept oat of
Canada, and then a reluctant, empire
und u disgusted country would be obliged to serve their sellisb Interests,
And the government was interested
in this treacherous project.   The gov
Great Musical
At  the  Auditorium  on
Wednesday,   Nov.  4th,
The San Francisco
Opera Company
The Sas Francisco opern Co
'Dolly Varden," the opera thai will
be presented at the auditorium on
Wednesday next. Nov. Ith, by the
Suti Francisco Opera Co., promises
to be one uf the best musical treats
that bus ever been offered in Craubrook. The company Is highly recommended, not only from newspaper
reports from Seattle, Portland, Van
couver, Calgnry, Edmonton, Winni
peg and other places where they have
.mu jo Xumu uio.i| ospi inq 'p.t/iuid
citizens who huve seen them recently.
They are tbe famous Tivoli opera
company wbu were so popular in
"Frisco" before the earthquake, ami
mnny of the principal artists, Teddy
Webb, Mabel Day, Amy Leicester,
Ruby Norton, Edmond Von Hindi -
ner and others, as well us the big
California Beauty Chorus, will here-
cognised here on Wednesduy night by
peoplt1 who have been at the Tivoli.
There are ;J8 people in this company
and they carry all the proper scmic
effects, wardrobe, lighting effects, etc,
for all the operas they present.
The management connected witli
this organization too cun be depind-
ed upon. Mr. Henley, the manager,
has made a great reputation where-
evor he bus presented bis company for
doing things right, nnd haviiu the
best people. Mr. Cort of Scuttle is
interested in the booking arrange
meats and he never connects his
name with uny show that is not.
strictly as represented. The business
manager, ahead of the Frisco company Mr. W. Cranston, one of the best
known and most reliable attraction
managers that ever comes to Cranbrook. lt is pretty certain that the
"goods" will be delivered properly ut
the auditorium on Wednesday night,
and us it is thc biggest operatic show
we huve ever hud here its up to us as
citizens to "boost" and show our
"Frisco" friends that Cranbrook is
"there with the big patronage" when
we get a good show.
If Smith Curtis reaches
Ottawa, White Working
Men will he pushed
to the wail
Smith Curtis, who hns shaken the
lust of Crnnbrook from bis leet since
the greut frost that blighted him and
bis the night of bis meeting here,
publicly promised early on in the
campaign that he would have the
Doll Ing day heiv in Kooienay on the
2(lth October if possible. Mark the
words, if possible. It has proved up
to the hilt tuat the pcrformu,n of his
promise was not alone possible, but
easy, It presented no difficulties
whatever, provided the Liberals
wanted io have it so. In a few duys
Curtis nnd his followers found that
l heir only chance of success lay in
postponing ihe election so thnt he
might hOjVC tbe possibility of the
Laurier government being sustained,
even though crippled in efficiency for
further evil, to buck up the failure of
his personal appeal to the people.
those who shout with him know it.
Know it too lute. But when ull this
dawned on him, hey presto, he backed out of his public promise und retreated to the 3rd November. Later
on, to gain another respite from the
fate that shall be his, he retreated.
beaten In advance, to the Uth November. Pity that he did not take it
tho ISth, not that it icully mat-
It Is NOT the practical exclusion   of   verninent sent the very man W. T. It
Japanese to     which the government   Preston, to Japan, who until he w
or Ihe Mikado objects, but their   ex    found out, hud  made such a, succe
elusion  NOMINATIM,  which   special-   of his underhand work in Kuiope, to
ly stamps the whole nation as undo    inaugurate   a   precisely   similar sys
h I table persons. Item of labor importation from   Jap
ti The exclusion of Japanese sub-'an. He is in Japan now and he will
jects either from the province or em- be there for Ihe next four years if the
ployment on public or quasi public ' workingmen of Cunudn luck sense en
works in the province by the opera-  ough to protect their own interests.
tion of un educational test, such   ns  __
embodied    in the Natal immigration
law is NOT a mensure to which   thei    VOTE FOR A. S. GOODEVE   AND
government, of Japan can take cxcep-|A WHITE BRITISH COLUMBIA,
Sifton 1$ Elected
Brandon, Oct. H8—Complete results
received this afternoon gives Sifton
71 majority,
How is This?
Tbe Herald says : "Twenty-four
Japanese have applied to become
British subjects at Prince Rupert."
This would not, have happened if
the Laurier government had not dis
allowed the Natal Act. All that ls
possible now is for thi' wage earner
to vote for a White British Columbia.
Meeting of Curling Association
A meeting of Cranbroolt ('ailing association wns held on Wednesday evening at the ('ranbrook hotel, when
the following ollicers were elected for
tbe ensuing ycur:
President   J. F. M. Pinkham.
Vice  Pros   R.   E.   Beattie.
Secretary   D.  J, McSweyn.
Treasurer   J. M. Arnold.
Judges P. Wilson, K. II. Patmoro,
and George Hoggarth were appointed
ice committee.
Another meeting will be held on
Wednesday evening next when the
skips will be selected,
The British Columbin Steam Latin
dry  is a  new enterprise stalled     it
Ornnbrook    by    .1. Leek of Ponokii, Ihoat7ns"tiio"aSnh"nnil
Alta,,   L.   Mills of Moose  Jn,w and E. Thnu ,.!«*. l-..v<> ,m  Im
II. Slater of     Cranbrook.   A     large
amount  of     new mnehinery has been ((l thft ,.()|im- ,|m|H(! f()|. U](1 {, ,, ,<
Installed, and the new plant is up to —n—
date in every particular. HOBERLIN SUITS $17,511. C, c. S
Patmore Bros, are busy installing
a heating plant, for the King Lumber
mills, utilizing the cxlmnsf sleum for
door shops.
They also have on hnnd tho contract
for steam heating  the brick  addition
Constable Adney visited Cranbrook
on Tuesday.
T. Lebel of Pincher Creek was in
town last week.
Alex. Sutherland left for Frank on
Mrs. Johnson visited Craubrook on
Tuesday accompanied by her little
niece and nephew.
A children's service will be held in
the school house next Sunday under
the lendership of Mr. Cowan.
Mr. Lund left on Friday for Clint-
ham nnd other enstern points. On his
return he will be accompanied by Mrs
Lund wbo has been paying an extend
ed visit at her home in Chatham.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. S.
C. Smith met with a painful accident
last Friday by falling on the stove
and burning his chest and hands very
severely. Mr. and Mrs. Smith took
the little sufferer to Crunbrook where
his injuries were attended to hy Dr.
King, and he is now getting on very
A successful concert and social wns
given in the Library Hall on Tues
lay evening Inst by tbe Indies of tbe
Presbyterian church. The music,
both vocal nnd instrumental was furnished by home talent nnd wns certainly a credit to oar thriving little
town. Refreshments wore served during intervals in the program.
Children's service in the morning at
leven. Boys und girls especially
welcome.   Short     service and bright
Bible classes nnd Sunday School nt
Evoning service     at   7.30.   Subject. :
'Esau's Bad Bargain."
Tuesdny   Epworth  League rally   at
ight. All members of the League
are   requested     to attend and bring
ne other with them. New programs
for the winter months will be given
out and the work for the new session
Friday- Prayor service ut eight und
choir practlco ut n.:ir>.
The Boy's Brigade will drill as ful-
lows until further notice: A. and R
squads on Monday nights ul. 7,80
shii,rp. C. uml D. squads on Monday
ultcrnooiis at 4,30, Boys ure rciuest-
ed to take, note and keep their proper
The Qyinnasium committee will
meet this week and the building will
be opened with nn entertainment und
special basket ball match between the
('ranbrook Fire Brigade and a scratch
tenm on October  IHth.    It  wns hoped
that arrangements could la- made to
have the opening before this, but owing to Jfcitnksgiving und the deferred
olectiotfy hns been thought advisable
to waifr-ffntll tbe tilth. This will give
the management more time to pro
pare. A few horizontal bars will he
installed, indoor tennis will be a feu
turn this Winter, a vaulting horse is
under construction, nnd altogether a
viry well equipped Institution will
open Its doors on the 19th, deserving
of the generous support of all those
wbo hnve the best interests of the
young men of the city at, heart. Au
afternoons at 4,30, Boys ure request
ed for ladles, and It. Is hoped that
this will encourage the girls to use
the gymnasium during tbo coming
winter. A small debt remains on fhe
building, but this will be removed
very   shortly.   Tickets   will   be  tsjiue.l
by the    management in a few days
for the certain note of a sure
Conservative victory stirs in the uir
rt*e breathe and thrills uur hearts.
What does the postponement matter?
It gives un extra seventeen days to
further organize our present splendid
lighting force. We wait with some
impatience to hear, once again, (or
shall we?) tbe mild, dulcet blcntings
of tbe more or less greut Curtis-
Curtis of thc Betrayal, before be is
ottered us a sacrifice to the outraged
souse of fair play n,nd decency ot the
people of Cranbrook.
"Win how yon can, by uny plan,
but win; for to the victors belong the
spoils, Hind the big public steals and
the bigger public scandals, and the
gas buoys, and the hoodie, the true
worship of thc great god, gro,ft."
That is the religion of the Orits,
their faith, their teaching, their dogma. And their faith, like every rotten faith, bus betrayed them and left
them the government they stand for
before the world on trial tor politieul
crimes thut have won them their deep
The snake is scotched, not killed.
Look out for them. They suy that a
snake never loses its power to strike
till the sun li:i,s fully set. Night has
not set in for them yet in Kootenay.
Beware of them. Certain of the Lih
ernl bosses are going around with a
proposition of this kind: "If Laurier
is sustained in the Eust, what is the
good of your voting for Goodeve?
You need someone in Ottawa, nn the
Government side, who will be listened
to. As a reasonable man you will
admit this. Now, here is what I will
do, I will pledge myself to vote for
Qoodeve, provided you agree, supposing Laurier hus a majority in the
East to vote for Curtis." It looks n
fai-r proposal-enough, always provld
;l your Grit, worshipping the great
god, Graft, could be relied on to perform his promise. Do you believe he
tletle, for your belief does not plumb
tbe depth ol the trick, since Sir Grit
will work, at the expense of his own
vote (again supposing he carries out
bis promise) a dozen or twenty promises from as many Conservutives,
md surely u dozen or twenty votes
is n good political investment for the
loss of one—again assuming that the
Grit will curry out his promise, which
be certainly will not. You see the
point? The trick is being worked for
ull it is worth, and more, by tbe Lib-
mi boosters iu the depths of their
depern-tc circumstances here in Cranhrook.
No doubt they bud the development
>f this tlugrantly dishonest device,
this lust refinement of the tinhorn,
theli game of politics, in their mind's
ye when Kootenay wus betrayed by
Curtis und Keen (Arcades Ambo) by
thc foul blow of tbe deferred election.
We hnve been hit below tha belt but
we are still in the ring. We nre uu
hurt for the blow has recoiled on
those who struck it und has done
them the very Injury thnt wns in
fended for the Conservative cause. It
uises in every mun who has God's
gift nl common sense, love of fail
play and love nf a fight, the deter
initiation In win. We have the wen
puns in our hands to win at thc polls
and teach Smith Curtis and the Lib
oral gniig that trickery and broken
pledges are poor excuse for the argil
ment of the ballot. Never fear, we
will cast a vote for Arthur S. Qoodeve anil n White British Columbln
that, will long be remembered nml
dreaded, by the spoliators of the pub
lie domain.
Bv the way, you must huve noticed
how thnt war cry of a "White Brit
ish Columbia" has caught the ears
and lhe hearts of tbe people' Why
the very Grits have tried to steal It
and mako it. their very own. You cun
see Iiie proof in the lust Issue of the
"Independent" Herald. And this,
mind you, In the face of live Natal
nels passed by fhe Conservative guv
iti,ni.nl uf British Columbia, tn ex
elude lhe Hindoos, and the Chinese,
and tin1 laps, and each time turned
down contemptuously by the Laurier
governincnl ul Ottn-wa, If Smith
Curtis ever roaches Ottawa us M. P.
fnr Kuutenay inside another foill
years fhe .hips, well beloved nf l.c
mieux, will push every white working
mini In the wall uml spike hllll tboro
lilr a weasel on the back uf n barn
HOBERLIN SUITS $i7.r.H. Cl, 0, H.
The Prospector stntf received from
Mr. II, Stewart a tine basket .»t i in
tario grapes, which a,fter sampling
were pronounced to he the best ovei
brought intu Cranbrook, und for
which they, "'tlie stall" sincerely
thank  Mr.   Stewart
The Cranbrook Herald says 'Tlmt
Cranbrook wants a good upproprla
tion for u federal building, but Cran
brook     should     vote tor the proper
man to get it. Mr. Curtis is that
Cranbrook is entitled to anl should
have a  ftderal   buililinu,   bin   the elec
tors of the crani.ro.ik riding cnimol
la* bought hy sueh a "scab bribe" -o
put forward by the Herald,
Yes Canada will let Lutlt'iei ilnisll
llis wyrk, says the Hen-Id. Yea! ll
the grafters, limber thieves, --.nri cor
inpiionists don't finish Lnutlci be
fore his term  is ended.
"A vote for Smith Curtis i*- a vote
for a lllan who will have the car ol
iiie government," says tin Ilerald.
Yes, that same government that pas
sed the Lemieux act, the railway act
that allows alien labor to come into
Cn-nado to down every interest ot
Canadian workmen.
The Cranbrook Herald asks the el
ectors of the Kootenuy to vote for
Smith Curtis, the mun who had tlir
election in this district deferred, a
inun who will support a govoinment
that is antagonistic to every interest,
of the workingmen nf the district, a
man who will support the government
thut allows Japanese coolies tn tutor
British Columbia to compete with
the white labor of the province.
What hus the Laurier government
done for the wage earner? What has
Smith Curtis done for lhe laboring
nmn?   NOTHING.
SMI III   UK US   ll    ELECTED,   Will.   SUPport a government which conspires
against   Canadian  labor
This conspiracy against Canadian alive organizations they have built
labor which found its exponent In W. up with such sacrifice .md pai us? Bat
i 1: Preston and exercised its activ I they must, il tin.- act i-. tn continue
.ue.-, ni inilii hlurope and Asia, could tn be recognised ns toe paramount
not hnve been entirely successful with* authority In Industrial disputes
..ut something being dune in Canada i The hrsl lime tht net wu« tested Its
as woll nai  meaning  was disclosed,   namely,
Labor unions In Cnnadti are strong  t» breai up and enfeeble the power ul
and steps to wiuken them were     in tiadc unions in Canada,
line with the     nrnrli <'i ihe Canadian     H .-"ine kind "I state Industrial nr
Labor  bureau  and  thc  treaty   which gunisntlon   was   to   take   theli place
opened thc gate tu oriental labor,       such as has beta   tried  in New  7m\
\  government  winch actually   sue   hind   it     might     be argued for .-ul
cceded   i akin::   Canadian   workln-ilagainst     Hm the     design    was  not
As a strike maker and a sliiltc
breaker the Lemieux act is a pro
uou need success.
The .Japanese trca-ty of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's is most successful in allowing Japanese to immigrate into British Columbia.
Railway men will see thut Goodeve
will have a big majority in ('ran
If the solid seven of British Colum
bin could not Influence the govern
ment in the pussing of the Lemieux
Act,  how cun Smith  Curtis.
In memorinm - Messrs. Tenipleui
Mclnnes and Jardino ure politically
dead. Old Uncle John Oliver is now
cumiug to Kootenay In assist in
burying   Smith  Curtis.
Kn-stern Conservatives must tuke
their hats oil to the Conservative
We promised R. L. Borden n Con
Bcrvative majority in the wesl and
delivered the goods.
If   yoil   want   Kootenay   to   be    over
run with Japanese, vole for Smith
Curtis. If you want Kuutenay to be
a white man's country vote for A. S.
"Not for Joe" Mr. Joseph Murtm
will not come to Kootenuy to nssis
his understudy. Smith Curtis
If the olection is fought oil tin
square, there is no doubt whatever of
the result.    Mt.  Goodeve   will have
substantial majority.
Five members from  British Colur
bin   would muke un emphatic   protc
against   thc manner in  which the I)
minion  govei nment  hus t rent i.l  this
Where He Resides
Mr. Smith Curtis is nut n resident
or Kootenny. but of Yule-Caribou.
Yet we tind un liis nomination papers
it is stated "Smith Curtis ol Boss
land." Is this another case nf false
misrepresentation ?
In Honor of W. F. Tate
Selkirk Preceptory and Priory ten
tiered a farewell banquet to Sir
Knight Wm. l<\ Tate ou Tuesduy ev
I'liing. About '?.'■ Sir Knights attend
ed. Eminent Sir Knight .1. F. Arm
strong presided. After the banquet
followed speeches, snugs, and a general gnuri time. Sir Knight Tate is
n charter member uf Selkirk Prccep
tory, und wns a must efficient worker, and his departure will be regret
ted  very much.
up to date only about 70 houso
bidders, license holders uud others
entitled to vote at the next iminici
pal elections, which take place in
January, have registered.
All wishing tn have their names nn
the list arc reminded lhat this must
he done not Inter than noon todny.
London, Oct, 28 Tbo WcHl.nilnBl.ur
Clny.Qt.tu suys todny on the Onnndinn
elections:     "There    were   Homo   mil
Kround for .-* illng llinl Hi.' Conser
vntiv,',: would win jin,I wi- suspocl
Ihul ii wun Ihr advantage i,i t,imi
ire's personality which Iiuh nlone pro
vented n Conservative victory,
The I'jill Mull tliizotto HnyB llie
(hit'j.ivi of corruption ugnlnst  lln- vnr
lOllfi   ili'luil tllli'lllii   of   (he   I'livi'l'lltni nl
had iml  I ii inei  ii) n very uutUfnc
lory  fnsl i     The   I'nll   .Mull  Oll'/otlc
I rusts Ihul Sir Wilfrid will devote ut
lonnt purl ol his enoritlOB durlnu ins
next lis in to ,si,ii iiiinr uluto mutters
which ih, imt rolled nlonunntly either
upon ('(Hindu or nu the empire,
IIHHKIII.IN  SUITS "I, Mi   (', (',   S,
ii nuy s mii j, li.jid (ni  Uie im
portution    ni     sciibx    (u tuke then
plnl'CH  Would   lint   he  llkelj   I,'       til.II,
iniiili  ,,l  Ilir  Ins..   of  [us slimline   till-Ill
llinl   they  would  he benelltcd  hi   tbe
siilujt Unl iiiii   ,,]   nn   net   nl   |i,it llnnicnt
inr their nru'nn:z.'itinns nnd nt     their
llsillu    lluit    uCt    nf   luilliiijIIU'lll    tn    |,lit
In iu mil  ill  liiisiness.
(if courso im siirh IciriHliilinn nnil,I
he put through openly. It luul tn
-ii't'in tn menu jometliine. else, Ilui
Uun is ihe kind ni deceit in which tin-
present Eoverntnent is u pn,st muster.
l.l'-.M 11--.I"N   M T
The Lemieux in
s entitled "An n
,'entiiin unil set tl
iiekniiis."   It certain
pnsscd which
Id iii the pre
■I strikes unit
is nn nel   fnr
uitninst unions, but  against  tbe men
who compose tl nlons, sn ns either
in reduce ihem t.. the same level nl
siippljnit ilii'iii by Mt Preston's little
brown men from Asm
Tlie government   which passed    the
Lem x act tn prevent strides,     uml
mi's tlmt, is the sume government
which iinnli- ,i .li'jul letter nf another
mt uf parliament which makes it an
ollcnce tn nu|i,>rt strike breakers un
dec eontruei It bus always connived
it uml encouraged tin- Importation "i
strike-breakers und tm£ permitted uu
niliee uI the government t<> be useii
nu that purpose.
It bus heen ull uf u piece, If unions
einilil l,e wenr-enod and made useless
in the country, uml nil kinds ul men
brought in from Europe who would
wnrk nt ji cheap rnte, the pulley uf
uur government would huve its per
leet consummation in n country   un
tit   tm   ji   white   mull  tu   live   111.   iml  lit
like lurge fortunes "tit uf.
bat      purpose.   Its   prov]
curefully cnlculutcd tu prevent strikes
liy hiking     n.wuy  the right   tn strike
jiml the power uf striking.
'I'lie  net   nn   its  face   is  simply      nm
iii provide honrds nf conclllntlon, m
doubt mosl excolli'nt things. Hut thc
Intention uf Hie net is tu make it
I'l't'tiiln thul the dialings ol the board
shull   he  the lllllil   Word   in  nil   inilust. ^^^^^^^
rial  disputes.   In  fnct   i(   substitutes Sm|t|l ,,„,.,,„   ,;ll„,;]l comUdato (or
i,,r  ime  bargaining between  employ K„,,„,„.,y is .,„ „,,|,, „|,nmpion ,,( tho
era anil employees tin. decision ..f     n Uup,er     ,,„„.,„„„,„, ,,„. 81lrac B0V
board nl governmenl functionaries. ,,,„„„,„, ,,„„ „u0WB ,„, |mport„tlon
uf STRIKE BREAKBHH under   con
ti,ut.   The    siinii. govern n     tlmt
uf course tbo right tn strike   could pnssed the Lemieux Act. the amend
ml  he tuken uway, hut it lins    I n ui'-nt  tn the Railway Ad, und dlsal
mule ji crime uguinst ihe tuition    to lowed the Nntn] Ait
itrike against n  finding,  n majority These nets nre    ull passed in favor
hiding ul that, of tho boards croated o! corporations nnd against  the Intel
by Hns nel ests nf iiie wage earner
Cun working men intrust their vital Vote fnr A.   s   Goodeve,  whu    is
tcrests lu the decision uf nny   such pledged tu support the Interests     uf
bodies  ill rxclliill'..'  lui   Hie represent the luln,ring  men ti. the utmost,
'lit f
'The    Little    Brown   Men"
During the pust week, here in Crnn uinbln.   Smith Curtis supports u cm-
brook,   we  huve  un  Illustration     nl eminent  thnt  permits the entry     ol
what  the Laurier .lapauesc treaty   is .Inpanoso t.. compete  with  white In
doing lur llritish Columbin. bor.     I.
A     promlnenl   contractor nt Cran it this continues tlie WHITE WARE
brook     wus naked to tender for the EARNER is .Inwn uml out,
construction of n smnll cottage tu he A    "npnnusc company huve already
erected  in lhe eity.   His prlco     wus established a pinning und Btiwinill in
Slim,   inside ol nn hour afler his ten ibis vicinity uiul have ;i lumber yard
der wus iu, two "Japs" with pencil, retailing lumber m Cranbrook
ule nml  luiie  line,  were seen nn    llu Vote   hu       Snntli   Curtis,   and   you
promises ligurlng the enst ol construe vote for Japanese contractors und In-
Hon, und in two hours two -Lips mnl borers.   Vote tor A   S. tloodevc nml
three Chinamen were nt work you vote for the totnl exclusion     nl
Tliis is n snmple uf whal the little Orliiitnl laborers; you nlso vote torn
iimiii men nre doing in llritish Col white British Columblu.
• (inlnriu tlrupcs, "Red" Hog
Slewjirfs lo dny.
eyes un tin' pooplo's hul
Keep  youi
.1  box.
Slippery Mill Pugsley slipped
be house mi ji cush lur.is.
Wm.  Morris ol  Viincouver wus
uwe. Tuosdny.
T. c. amy
town Tuesduy
■I  Viincouver wus
if Winnipeg
G.  Killnll
A.  10.  Wutts of Wattsburg,  wus
lhe eity Mondny.
Pert Pluck uf Fertile, wus iu town
Siitui-duy mi,I Sunday,
It. wus Hie name old story in     the
siiine   "1(1   wuy   ill   Toronto   Mnndny.
He will linisli hi., work, that is if
tlie grafters don't finish him.
T S. Kenny nt New Ynrk wns in
town Mondny
Wm Vlolel nl I'-uii Steele wus in
town Tuesduy. liuving returned frum
Hpoknno during the afternoon
Mi   mul Mi,   II   I'   Tcnro uiul    A.
MeNuir   ul   I'hieul'u,   I'.'ofO   guests       i,l
tin- Crullliron'  Tuesduy
Uniii At (-iiniliriHik. Sunday. October 25th, tu Mr .unl Mrs Cl Hunulil
sun i.  Iinhy girl.
stewuit the iruii dealer received ;i
direct shipment nl Untnrlo gropes
from Niagara district Thev are very
...0     A.  I'jiiiI ul  Montreal,  11.   A   Homo
if Saskatchewan, nnd .1- M,  Rich of
in  Spokune   were     guests ut the Crnn
liinil; Wednesday.
hl     .1.  s.   Matthews ol  Borkervlllo,  I'
it   Vjites nf   Wyelilie  nn.l  C.   W    Hill
tin uf Hamilton,     were registered nt
,wn  the Crnnbrook; Mondny.
It. A. Chnpmnn nf Toronto, M    '
in   MeKiiwun uf  Vancouver  nml   ll.      B
Binedick of     Mayook were registered
ut the Cranbrook Tuesday
It. Monk ..f Mlnnenpolls, H. P,
M.gwoiid ,,f Strafford, D. C. Black of
Viincouver, mnl .1 A Maedonald m
Nelson were ciests ut the Cranbrook
Hugh Stewart, the confectioner received this week une ul the lurgesl
j| [pments uf chocolntes Hint bus
come tu the eity "Stewart's" tine
chocolntes. nre celebrated for flavor
.,,,1 quality.
A A. Richardson, insurance adjust-
i .,1 Vancouver, spent sevcrn,l days
ii Wuttshiirg tins week adjusting tlie
loss euiised liy Hu mill til.- Inst week
in tluii town
uleuuy.        Hie
e nut turkeys
people's  ballot
They don'l re
Snsk Altu
tlie    v
All   ujit.li.
I n lefl nl
   uiil    li
III,,;,,   lhe   lewe
rl  i it..nm
nl    Stcwurt'i
I in      Snow
e s .UI'I
.uui lowclry  ihni   hme
I'1   Tnle',.   Jim,- I.u  le
ileliveie.l   hv     lljiwullll
I '
llllll    penis
.X Orange,
All uccountB owing to w F. Tnle,
lhe jeweller, must he paid t" Messrs.
Harvey .v Maedonald as his hunks
havo beon plneeil  with them fnr cnl
In Hull nf nee.mills
All accounts uimiik tu w   E. Tute,
llle jeweller,   must   he paid  to  Messls.
II. ury   s Muedonald    ns his books
have been'iilaccd with  them fm  eni
I.'.l I ueeuiililJ
n I' Bull, ni Viincouver, N .1.
I'livenioii'b of Nelson, Win. Cranston
ol Sun -Francisco, W llelme ol Onl
i-i.iy und H A Mclntire ol Vnncnu
mi wen- guests jii the <'riinbrnnH on
Fi dny
nil   llle   in    Villi   Wound's   se
ill     l,,n'   brnllghl    mil    Hie     li
,e ti Mondny
wus cntiscd hv
Mr. nnd  Mis   W   F   Tnto,  Erie und
■ In 'I.   ell mi Thursdny Im Vni uver
viu Arriiwhrui! Lukes, returning tu
LcHititiilcc hv uunn line about Nov,
12 for ii shull visil with their sun C
lluis Tute,   the      jewelel      Mrs,  Tute,
mug. 'I'he   Ei e mul child will he Joined in I.eHi
heated   bridge by     Mr.  Ilerl  Ross nl Sirdar.
j    extinguished  Tiny will
ul   lhe  lire hid     j,p nil     Xin
ni     t,. North Buy
witli llleil  fiitlui
IIOIIISRLIN SUITS 517 r,u. c. c. S      liiillEBLIN SUITS 117.60   c   c. THE   PROSPECTOR,   CRANRROOK,   B 0„   OCTOBER   81,   190R.
t>i'Atii.isttr:[>   n*rf>
A. B. Grace,
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the '■ peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in  baking   results.
'Sask-alta"   range
o thermometer   was
j  tested for six months
{-"j j  before one range was
/  sold.    "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
•\L *rr     the housewife what
(f nl 1
-.J*0     the compass is to the
ship captain
SATUUDAY, (M Tul'-Klt Sl, 19UH
last Monday waa election day in
Canada, with the exception, ot n few I
Slwashed constituencies in this pro
vince, Ontario and    Quebec have de
elded that Laurier shall have time tt
tiuish    his work,  mul  tlmt  grafters, I
corruptionlsU, who liuve followed   in ]
the wake of the Liberal machine shall
have ti  o t»> tiuish their work.   Un J
der these clrcumstauces we must bi «
10   the    inevitable     Conditions   weie ,
rotten     at   Ottawa  during  the  last
eight years, what will they be rturtug
the next live years?
The battle ut   the pollB was (ought
with rhe hnnd of the Liberal party
tilled with sneckets «»f gold and silver
Ministers  who   have   matte  mlllttUis in
shady transactions, have used [tu
mense sums in the wholesale bribery
ol the electorate. Ln other words the
grafters have received another lease
of life In which they will be allowed
in enrich themselves b) plundering
I he couni i j
Black Watch
Biitk rim
The Chewing Tobacco
of Qyality.
The   Kootenay   elecl Ion
pluee  i ii   Novembi r   i-'tli
Unftn Toronto, Montrtal.Wlnnlpeg. Vancouver, SI John. Hamilton, Canary
We have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.    For Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc., il is delicious.
3 C
I'li VonrOnlc
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Hoad Office,
Calgary, Alberta.
Main Ottleu tor East Kootmmy,
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Quality Store
Wo don't cliiiin to lio llio o1ioii]iorI
lllll, WO stllllil up fur UlO bosl
All llin-   (lmuis  Air  ilii.'iiiinii'i'il
Will      Hike
The l.uui
ier Koverntnent has been returned nnd
the electurs ol Kooteuuy know we
tiiu hope lor no concessions We can
not change the policj ol the kovbi n
in.-nt in regard to the LomLeux Act,
the exclusion o( Orientals, oi leglslti
tion in favor ol the laboring men
Mr a s Goodeve lo opposition
will support the Interests ol the wage
earner. He will resolutely light for
the exclusion ol Orientals. Suuth
Curtis, if elected, can onl) support
tlie fixed policy ol the government
which in thc past has legislated
against labor also disallowed the
Natal Act and will continue to per
■■ .- Japanesi to come into British
i 'olumbla
it Is for the voters oi Kootenay   to
. -   • heit  sincei ity at  the polls
Mm now that R L Borden and A
3 Goodeve will stand by the Koot
enay in its fight for the exclusion ol
Japanese also tor bettering the In
terests the   working   men    The
Laurier g vernment have been tried
and found wanting. Don't be tooled
with the election crj •'■ sending a
supportei of the government to Ottawa, for ;f you do, you will only get
1 just what the Laurier administration
have    given   you   in  the  past  twelve
'■ year..   WHICH   IS   NOTHING
Now thut the Laurier government
has been returned, the Japanese-Can-
adlnti treaty of the government will
be fulfilled to the letter
The opposition cannot change nr
make a new treaty with Japan, but
they can tight for exclusion, and put
the Laurier machine nn record as
friends nf the brown men
Whnt about the attitude of Smith
Curtis towards the Japanese? In January of last year Sir Wilfrid asked
the parliament of Cunadu to ratify
bis action in making the Dominion a
party to the treaty between Great
I tri tain and Japan. Parliament did
su, it hud to do so because Sir Wilfrid had a majority of sixty-live to
enforce his will. If elected Smith
Curtis will also have to assist in enforcing the party will. The only way
to prevent this is to send a strong
opposition to the houso of commons,
a united representation from llritish
Columbia will force Sir Wilfrid to
consider lhe white man's burden,
Thanksgiving Day: Monday, November 9th, This will give the Liberals
an opportunity to give thanks Tor the
return of tlve more yenrs of grafting.
"1'ajatna Hill" Mclnnes went down
to defeat on Monday Inst in Vancouver.
The result of the Vancouver election indicates thnt Joseph Martin is
still entitled to be called "Fighting
It is said that Messrs. Goodeve and
llurrell will tuke the high roud leading to a White British Columbia, and
thut Curtis and Boss will take the
low road that lends by the Chinese
and Japanese quarters, thnt Goodevo
and Burrell will reach the house of
commons before ye friends of Chinks
and Jnps.
We would rather have the Lemieux
Act repealed than liuve a new post
ould rather have the laboring
otccted  than have a  new post
John    LEASK
The most fashionable tind
Cranbrook b
Wi' w. iiiiii rnthor bcq a. -M. Qoodeve
'iri'ii-'l, ;i mini wim will represent
MM.i'iiuy, tli" wage t'lutu'i', nntl the
railway men, than have a now post of-
Tin' program nf silence was pursued
l.y th.- iirunil Trunk Paelllc, Imt tlm
contents nl thr election barrel were
allowed t,, overflow ilurlne tlie elec
linn mi Monday.
Will tl Icctornt* ot Kootonay ile-
liver th. booiIb in Ooodeve on No-
vcmhei  12th.
Sow ihut l.j.iini'i Ims been return
'il it ii, up ti,     Bmlth Curtis to tell
ihi- people i.i Cranbrook all al t tlie
new pnst office. As election promises
bridges, court houses, ami posl offices
!• iiiinli' tn .)., duty in brlblns    the
a/ m. jt)mb SmSfa 3m-3ftm tt 3ft $k ft m * ft ft ft ft M ft Ik H * H ■»> It
.^K m\ n\^A ^N.^rV"^V^v mt. ^k nt ^^, mt rn s- ^k n* nt W ^R ^ n. nt nt nt ftt ^K
C. VV. V\s
Wc Hii} Everything
'PURE.   CROCKERY   nntl
ml   second   liunil   li'URNI
WE SELL whal wn Imvti In Block til prlco* Llinl
will stirpi'lso you, ,\ visil l,o llio Dollnr sloro will con
vlnco you thai wo liavo lho goods, nntl enn snvn yoi
lil'iy por (-.onl mi nny goods purclinspil,
We Buy and Sell For Cash
llil   lather have
Art. than a ne
in exclusion
poal office.
,i'j      without   th.irns.   II.   I,.
nul it   K. Foster nro     still
ni the house of commons.
Il ICSI loll   nl   the   house   will
ei|iiue  any  sympathy   in
nblll,   Hive   il   all   to  tin
It'. hard boys, but tuke your medicine .mil remember thai il wns On-
tain, Lhnl panned il up,
A 1.11.uu..' silence. The silent handful ol .u-i, from the tlianil Trunk
for campaign purposes.
ule     chilly    mi   Momlay
oi  it  was Ontario wrn-
WANT ADS   Inlni: roflllltH an     hafl
been demonstrated hy dozenn of our
Btlhncrlbors, no hetter method of culling attention to what you hnve    for
ale ur  wish to huy ran be adopted.
Advises Fruit
Spokane Man Talks on
(.arc of Irrigated
Tells how in his opinion
best results  can
be sot
When one reuila tho wonderful utor
leu ot tin' grout trull cropa grown In
i Iir  N.'it Invest, it   must not   be mtttUUI
ed thai every grower t-; nu taiecentiful,
snyH tin' Fruit 0rowei There nre
[allured there jimt as there me tail
urea in other Irult »ei tlotw, and aftei
i01 much depends on the man w n
meeting ol the fruit growers ol the
Northwest Mr L1 I. Smith <>i Him
kane brought out thla fnct verj (ore
Ibly, and gave some HUggostlons re i
girding methods whieh will lend to
wiuie it is tnte thnt many orchard
ists are securing results thut ure sn
satisfactory and profitable, it is nlso I
trite thnt all are not equally success \
tul During the past year I have ;
found men grubbing out orchards ten, |
twelve and rtfteen years old, because i
they inilii tf tind nuy profit in fruit ]
growing. This, too, In some Install '
e*a where on au adjoining farm the >
orcha-rd gave net returns t>f $500 per i
Investigation  and  observation     ol !
the conditions and comparisons of re- |
suits Indicate tlmt among the factors
responsible for the wide variation in
results, care und cultivation nre Important ones,
While this paper is intended to doni
Linly with thene factors nnd conditions as they are found in the apple
orchards of the unlrrignted lands, 1
hop* no one will assume nny intention to ignore other factors that enter into the prohleiu. or other conditions that make n radical modification t'f methods, both in euro and cultivation.
Conservatism of moisture is i\ matter of vita-1 importance in any orchard dn unirrigated land, anywhere in
the inland empire. Broadly Npeuking
this may best be done hy having the
ground rough and loose from October
to April; firm and fine from April to
October. Very late fall plowing,
where pmcticable, is the first step towards .securing this. Where thc late
plowing is not practicable, going
over the ground in November with a
disc nr spring tooth harrow will
roughen or loosen the surface so the
soil will readily absorb thc rain und
snow of winter. I'low early in the
spring, before the weather becomes
warm enough to cause any material
loss of moisture. Plow deep. The
nerntion of the soil, hy increasing the
amount of available plant food, will
more than offset any damage to the
surface roots. Disc two or three
times to secure subsurface packing.
(Mod-crush, or roll to break up all
lumps und make the surface into a
fine dust. Finish wltn a tine-tooth
harrow. Never leave a rolled or
planked surface for nny length of
time without harrowing; continue tho
harrowing throughout the season often enough to maintain a fine dust
mulch on the surface all the time.
Harrow after every ruin us soon as
the ground is sufficiently dry that it
will not stick mfter the hnnow tooth.
If the soil runs together, bakes or for
any reason gets so hard that the
spike-tooth or acme harrow will not
line it, then put on the disc and clod
crusher. Continue this until the last
week in August. This method of cultivation solves the weed problem,
and saves the moisture, and is check
against apple scab.
Where the soil runs together when
wet, hakes hard when dry, and breaks
up in bard lumps when plowed it is
reasonable to nssume that it is deficient in humus or organic matter.
This is a condition quite commonly
found where it hns been cropped for
many years. Where barnyard manure
is available, it Is the best remedy for
this condition. If the manure Is not
available, then use a cover crop, preferably the winter velch (Vicla Villo-
sa>, broadcast; this the lust of August, or drill in with u disc drill when
a cover crop is used, the plowing can
he delayed until Mny, when the green
crop is plowed under, and then thoroughly disced, to firm the soil, drive
out. surplus uir, chop up and mix the
green slut! with thi" soil. Then keep
up the harrowing and maintain tbe
dust blanket. Work over tho entire
A common mistake is to leave an
uncultivated hloek four to six feet
across around each tree. In plowing
turn the furrows toward the tree one
year and from the tree next year.
From April to Oct. keep tbe ground
as nearly level as possible. Harrowing with ai spring tooth harrow crosswise with the plowing immediately
after plowing aids much in levelling
the ground.
ft is much bettor to train a tree
the shape it. is Wanted than to allow
it to grow wild, then chop and saw it
into the desired shape. My proper
pinching of buds ami bending of limbs
during the growing season a tree may
be grown into such shape us to require very little cutting during the
dormant season, if the sprouts starting from tho body of the tree along
the main branches are pinched when
they uri' three or four inches long
they will ordinarily form fruit spurs.
Aim to get more fruil buds near tho
body of the tree and nlong the larger
limbs Instead of at branches. As col
or in an Important facto!', care should
bo OX etc I Hen to keep lho top open, so
the rays of tho sun can reach to
overy part nt Home portion of the
day. To accomplish this it may be
well to do some pruning, when tha
tree is in full leaf; cutting ton or oven
fifteen per cent, of the top nway when
the tree Is in full leaf will cause no
If tbe     trees     arc carefully looked
Continued on p.'igc i.
This    Stock     Leads    in   Completeness,
Variety,   and   Quality.
rhere is nothing missing that one expects
to find and there are many things that
cannot bo found elsewhere.
Many new styles of writing paper and envelopes for social correspondence is shown;
iu size, shape, and shade they conform to
fashions latest fads.
Wc also carry a full line of School Supplies;
Prices on these will interest economical parent
Cranbrook Drug & Book
Company,   Limited.
Painter and
We place our pali-it
on top.   WHY ?
Because it hus the  purest white  lend for its base nud when
mixed with   perfectly ground  colors in oil   produces n paint,
which, when applied by OUR PAINTERS who know how to
apply it, we are prepared to guarantee.
|Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock, We
are sure that if you try them once you will agree
with us that they are tho best flavored and most
wholesomo smoked meats you have ever eaten.
IIP. Woods & Co.
P. 0. BOX 154
Geo. R. Leask & Co
l'llliNK 114
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
|   Profession all |
Hamsters and Solicitors,
Barrister, Solicitor, etc,
llarister,   Solicitor, and
Notary Public,
('..  H. THOMPSON,
Hamster, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Office -Uriel Biitkltnga,
P,LS. & CE.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.O. Bux sat). Hiouo 223,
Dr. E. W. Connolly |
Physician and Surqeon     J [
Office; Armstrong Ave
S) to 11 l.m.   3 to i u.ui.   7 10 8 p III
Phone Office 10S.   Rosldonco 1011 .
F. O. E.
Meet every Friday nt it p.m
Visiting  Brothers Oordlallj   Invited
Chas. Smith. W. President
M. D. Billings, Sony,
Aerie Physician, 1'. O. Hox 26,
Rocky Mountain Chapter 5
NO. 1_>5. u. a. m. I'
Itegular meetings:—2nd Tues- £
day ln each month nt ciglit |
Sojourning Companions   ure
cordially Invited.
II. L. ItOTHWKI,!,. Scribe I".
Box 4       CKANUROOK, 11. 0.
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   Invited
F. MoKENNA, Chief Ranger
J. SIMMS, Secretary
Funeral Director,
Steam Boilers and Furnace Wnrk a
Cost uud Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
W. Cline ::
OI llis old Hsnltobs Darter
Sbopotn now be lound in the
First Class Work In
all  branches of thc
>'' Tonsorial   Art < >
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Pollcu Holders
Frod. W. Swain
Cranbrook,B C , Armstrong Av. THE   PROSPECTOR,   CRANRROOK,   B.C.,   OCTOBER   81,   1908,
BUctoral District   oi Ci-ttubtouk.
NOTICE in hereby given that Slt-
tiugs ot ths above Court will be held
at tbe tioverumeut Building, Craubrook, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
m.; ut Moyie every Saturday at tbe
sume hour; aud at Marysville, Fort
Steele und Wurdner on such dnys
uud dutes ns muy bo appointed in
Ihu proceedings.
AH debts nud demands not exceeding the sum ot lint) can be sued lor
uud recovered in the above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or ufter Judgement) or on Instalment order which can be enforced by.
t-Diumltment If necessary.
limtructions tor proceedings can be
bunded in   to   the     undermentioned
Clerks of the Court., viz:—
K. 11. Morris, Deputy Sheriff.   Cranhrook.
I'. U. Houth,   Proviuciul   Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph  Walsh,   Provincial Constable,
Port  Steele.
Joseph Ityan
Duted 28ud duy of June, 1908.
District of Kootenay.
Tuke Notice tlmt Hugh Stewart of
Cranbrook, intends to apply for permission to purchase the land bounded us follows:— From a post on
tlie Kootenuy river approximately ou
the Soutb houndury of Lot 11G, 20
west to the boundary of Lot 342,
thence 40 chains south, following the
eust boundary of Lot 342 to the
Kooteuay river, thence 40 chains
following thc Kootenuy river to the
point of commencement, containing
M> ueres more or less.
Hugh Stewart,
C. H. Pollen, Agent.
Dated  September 12th  1908. 39
District of Kootenuy.
Take Notice that Francis H. Pollen, of Loudon, Free Miner, iuteuds
to apply for permission to purchase
the land hounded as follows:—
Commencing ut n post plunted ut
the N. K. corner post of Lot 342, 30
chains north following the boundary
of Lot 116 und 338, thence 30 chuins
west, thence 3(1 chuins south, thence
30 chains east, to the point of commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Francis II.  Pollen,
C. H. Pollen, Agent.
Dated  September 12th 1908. 39
District of Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Lansing V.
Brown, of Spokane, Wash., orcupn-
tlon Kail Rond Agent, intends to upply for permission to purchuse the
following described land, (.'ommeneing at a post plnnted, commencing
at this post, thence 80 chnins west,
thence HO ehuins south, thence B0
chains eust, thence 80 chnins north
to this post, excluding all land In
Block 4591, contnining 600 acres
more or less.
Lansing V. Brown.
Dated Sept. 25,   1908. 40
Posted Sept. 2(i, 1908.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Clement H.
Pollen, of Cranbrook, occupation
Cent., intend tu apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lunds and Works at
Victoria, for permission to purchase
the following described lands situate
iu Southeast Kootenay district;—
Commencing ut a post planted at the
S. W. corner of Means pre-emption,
thence eust 30 chuius to the boundary of Lot No. 6033, thence south
30 chains to the bouudury of Lot No'.
2048, thence west 30 chuius, thenue
north 30 chuins to point of commencement, contnining 100 acres
more or less.
Olement 11. Pollen.
Dated  Sept.  'Ah.   190K. 37
District of Kooienay.
TAKE NOTICE that I Joseph
Ryau, of Craubrook, occupation
Journalist, iutend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works ut Victoria, fur permission to
purchuse tht following described
lands situute in Southeast Kootenay
('ommenclng at a post plunted at the
S. W. corner of Lot No. 2048, thence
south 20 chains, thence enst 30 chuins
tlience north 30 chuius, tbence west
30 ehaius to the point of commence
ment contnining 100 acres more or
Joseph Ryan.
0,  II.  Pollen,  Agent.
Dnted  Sept.  5th.  1908. 37
District ol Kootenuy.
TAKE NOTICE thut I Marie H.
llrown of Spokane, Wash., occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchuse the
following decribed lands. Commencing at a post plunted about four
rods north of two little lukes about
one mile west of Fort Steele Junction, thence north to Lansing V.
Brown's purchase, thence west to C.
P. R. right of way, thence along
said right of way south eust to this
Murie H. Brown,
Lansing V. Brown, Agent.
Dated   Sept.  25,   1908, 40
Posted  Sept. 26.  PJ08.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Ohief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the lollowing described lands, situated in the district of South East
Kootenny, Province of British Columbia: Lot 7753, group 1, Kootenay district, situate near the Flathead River
and containing 633.6 acres.
H. E . Amery, Locutor.
M. Powell, Agent.
Dated 25th June, 1903
in the Home. It enables you to
prepare tasty meal ; tc re-serve
cold meat and vegetables in a palatable and wholesome form.
BOVRIL enables lhe housewife
to give tastv and nutritious food to
those undei her care.
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police nfter thirty days from the
publication of lhis notice, for a re
newul of my licence to sell Intoxicating UqUOTB by retail on the premises
known as the Windsor Hotel, Fort
Fort Steele, Oct. 2ti, 1908.
Take notice that I, Andrew D.
Qraeo, of Oranbrook, occupation
Journalist, Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands njid
Works for permission to purchase the
following descriheil hinds In Eust
Kootenuy: Commencing at a post
planted at the south cast corner of
block 425, thenee west 80 chains,
thenee South 80 eliains, thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 ehains to
place ot beginning, containing 640
acres more or less.
Duted Oct. 26,  1908.
Tuke notice that I, Lizzie Urn-re of
Cranhrook, occupation married woman, intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchuse the following describe*! lands in East Kootenay: Oommencing nt a post planted
fit the south eust coiner ol' A. B.
Grace's purchase, tlienee west 80
chains to the O.P.R. light of way,
thence following said right of way in
nn easterly direction to the south
houndury of lot 425, thence north III
chuins more or less to the pluco of
beginning, containing 100 acres more
or less.
A. B. Grace, Agent.
Dnted Oct. 26th, 1908.
TAKE NOTICK that Ervin R.
Streeter of Elkmouth. British Cc.l*
umbla, occupation Rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at u post planted at
the northorly end of an island in the
Kootenuy River opposite E. R.
Streeter's luml, thence down stream
nlong the easterly side of snid island
about twenty-live chains to the southerly end thereof, thence up stream
along the westerly side of said island
to plnee of beginning, being the whole
of aald Island nnd contnining 20
neres more or less.
Duted Oct.  Uth, 1908. 44
TAKK NOTICK iimi 1 Intend lu apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial Pol-
Ice nfter thirty days from the first publication ot tliis notlco im' n t'lmewul of
my licence to soil Intoxicating liquors by
retail on tha premises known hh
tlie "Island    Hotol, Waldo, H. U.
PAUL   ST.   .(KAN.
October i!i!, A, »., loos.
TAKK NOTICK that t Intend to npiih
to tlio Superintendent of Provincial Police uftt-r thirty tlnys from the tirst publication ni' tni*. notice for n renewal o(
my licence iu sell Intoxicating liquoi'H l»>
retail on iln- promises known ns
tbo Imperial Hotel, Fori  Steole.
October 22, A. (».,  Hiort,
Nl' l'..
TAKK NOTICK Ilmt I Intend to apply
to tin- Superintendent of Provincial Police after thirty duys from thfl first publication of i iiU notlco loi' u renewal of
my licence to sell Intoxicating liquors by
retail on tin- promises known us
iin- w.h.i Hotol, ttnmi, it. C,
October 22, A. I)., 1.008,
TAKK NOTICK tlmt i Intend lo apply
to tli,- Superintendent of Provincial Pol-
Ice aftor thirty days from the lirst publication of thin notice tor a renown) of
my licenco to noil iutoxlcnliog MqtiorH hy
retail on tho premlauH known ns
ile Pulls View   lloii'l. Mnrysville.
CHAS.   I-l.   PINCH.
October 22, A. P.. I Pus.
TAKK NOTICK ilmt I intend to upply
to iho Superintendent oi Provincial Pol-
leu uftor thirty days from lite lirst publication of this nulii'i' for n renewal ot
my licence to sell intoxicating liquors hy
ii-i uii on i in- pretniscH known us
Oik WydlfTo lintel, ni WyelllTo. It. C.
WM.   II.   ItltAltl'Oitli.
October ill!, A. lh.  100.1.
.'...I io timih
i inl  Pol-
TAKK NOTICK thai   !   In
lo iim Superintendent ot i	
ire after thirty days fr  tha Hrsl publication o( (his milieu for u renown I ul
my licence to sell Intoxication liquors h>
retail    on    iln-     prninlHos     known     uh
the tpii'i-iiH ii i   HosiuiT, it. r.
VCNKH mil Iti.AY
Oetober 22. \. I)., 1008,
TAKK NOTICK Unit I Intend io upi.lv
to tlm Suporlstandout of Provincial Police after 80 duys irom tho tirst publication of this notice for n trnnsfer from
myself to Aenos Oourlny of iny licence
to hi'II Intoxicating liquors by retail on
the premises known ns itm ijiu-mm Holi-I,
Hlisill-T,    It.   C.
Oetobor 22. A. I'., ihom.
Corporation of the City of
Public notice is hereby given thut
the provisions of this by-law are to
be strictly enforced.
Every male person residing (or not
less than 30 days within the city limits, and being between the age ol 21
and 60 years, unless:
(a) He is nssessed upon the Assessment Roll of the city;
(bj Is the holder or a Trade License.
Shall puy the sum of $2.on as nnd
for his Road Tax for the current
year, either to the Ohio! of Police or
to the undersigned.
Persons paying this tax before the
end of this month, shall he entitle*!,
upon making the necessary declaration, to have his name placed upon
the Munictpul Voters last for the
year 1909.
Thomus M. Roberts,
Olty Olerk.
City Cltrk's Office, October 8, 1908.
I hereby certify that the "Corbin
Ooal and Coke Company, Limited."
bus this day been registered ns iyi
Extra-Provincial Compuny under the
"Commissioners Act, 1897," to carry
OUt or affect all or uny of the objects of the Company to which the
legislative authority of the Log-sin-
tute of British Columbia extends, ex
copt the construction and working of
Tbe bead otlice of the Company is
situate ut Spokune, in the County ot
Spokane, State of Washington,
The amount of the capital ot the
Company is one million dollars, divided into ten thousand shares ol' one
hundred dollars each.  !!!
Tbe hood office of the Compuny in
this Province is situute at Crunbrook
and Jas. A. Harvey, Barrister at low
whose address Is Cranbrook afore-
sniil, is the attorney for the Compuny, not empowered to issue and
transfer stock.
The time ol thn existence of the
Company Is liftv  years from  August
lath, iuus.
The Company Is Limited.
(liven under my hand and smi     of
office, ut Victoria, Province of Brit
ish Columbia, this 12th day of Oetobor, one thousand nine hundred uud
(h, 3.) S, V. WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Joint Stock Companies
The objects for which this corpora
tion is formed arc:
(ni To curry on iu the Province of
British Columbia, und throughout the
Dominion of Oatmda, or in nuy other
part of tbe world, the business of
coal mining In all its branches ; to
purchase, lense or otherwise mcqulra
coal mines, coul lands, coal properties, mineral und mining rights, and
to develop, mine und operate such
mines and properties; to buy and sell
coal, manufacture und sell coke and
other by-products; to locate or otherwise acquire metalliferous mines,
and to work aud operate thu same ;
to own nnd operate concentrators,
smelters und other appliances for the
reduction und smelting of oies, .tail
to deal generally in minerals nnd
mineral products.
(b) To acquire by purchase or otherwise, and to sell and lease oil and
gns properties; to construct and
maintain pipe lines, and to drill oil
and gns wells, and develop, operate,
lense or sell the same; to furnish, sell
und supply both natural and urtilicial
gus; to sell oil und engage in the business of refining the same; and generally to furnish, sell, supply and dispose of the product of suid wells and
properties; to buy or otherwise acquire water rights, water powers or
water privileges, construct pipe lines
and mains and establish water-works
with all necessnry equipment, and to
use, furnish, sell and supply water ;
to construct and establish u plant or
plants, with all necessnry equipment,
for the production of electricity by
water-power or any other power, for
heat, light or power, and to use, furnish, sell nnd supply the same; to
own, construct and operate street
railways by electricity or other motive power, and to hold any una ull
rights, privileges nnd franchises incident or necessnry thereto.
(c) To carry on the business of
lumbering in all its branches; to buy,
sell, prepare for market, manipulate,
import, export nnd deal in timber,
lumber, railroad ties, piling, pulp-
wood, telegraph nnd telephone poles,
fence posts und wood of nil kinds; to
manufacture ivnd deal iu articles of
all kinds in the manufacture of which
wood is used or forms u component
part, nnd to purchase, sell und deal in
real estate, timber, timber lands and
timher berths.
Id) To curry on the business of
general contractors; to own und op-
ei'nte wholesale nnd retail stores, to
purchn-se und vend general merchandise of all kinds; to build, acquire,
possess and operate factories, grist
mills, Hour mills, elevators, machine
shops, blacksmith shops uud machinery of all kinds, and to purchase, sell
and deal in machinery, grain, flour
and breads tuff a,
to) To do nil kinds of mining,
manufacturing und trading business;
transporting goods and merchandise
by land or wuter in nny manner ; to
buy, sell, lease and improve lands, to
acquire, use, sell und grant licences
under pntent rights; to purchase or
otherwise acquire, hold, sell, assign
and transfer shares of cupltal stock
uml bonds or other evidences of In
debtedness of corporations, nnd to exercise all the privileges of ownership,
including voting upon the stocks ho
held; und generally to curry on nny
other business which mny seem to
this company capable of being con
veniently carried on in connection
with any of the above, or calculated
directly or Indirectly, to enhance tlto
value of this company's property or
rights for the time being.
(ft To construct, improve, main
tain, alter, work, operate, manage,
curry out or control uny roads, ways,
water powers, reservoirs, dams, aqueducts, canals, sluices, Humes, tram
ways, surface or aerial logging rail
ways, operated hy steam, electricity
or other mechanical power, telegraph
and telephone lines, electric supply
lines, bridges, wharves, booms, tlm
ber slides, booming grounds, maun
it factories, warehouses, hydraulic
works, electric works, bouses, shops,
stores, buildings anil other worl'S and
conveniences which may seem calculated, directly or indirectly, to advance this company's interests.
(g) To purchuse nnd receive from
the subscribers to the capital stock
of the corporation, or from the stock
holders thereof, mines, mining claims
coul lunds or other properties, real
and personal, useful or of value to
the Company; nnd to receive the
snme in payment of their subscriptions to the cnpltul stock of the cor
porntlon, or to the amount due on
their stock, to such amounts as the
board of directors muy think proper;
and to Issue to such subscribers or
stockholders therefor stock hilly or
partially paid up:
(h) To sell or dispose of the under
taking, lunds, property, estate, chat
tela und effects of this compuny, or
any part thereof, for sucb eomudera
tion n-s this Company may think tit.
und in particular for shares, debentures or securities of uny other com
punt operating wholly or partly in
the Province of British Columbln and
whether tbe objects of such compuny
a,re altogether or in part similar to
those of Ibis (-ompany:
(i) To purchuse, tuko or lease or
in exchange, or otherwise acquire any
real or personal property, Including
stock, in any other company or companies;   or any  rights or privileges
Which this Company may think ucces
sary or convenient for the purposes
ol its husiness:
tji To amalgamate with any other
Company now ur hereafter incorporated operating or to operate wholly
or partly in the province of British
Columbia, which tliis Company mny
deem useful to or calculated to increase its business, und to subscribe
for, accept and hold shares in nny
such Company; also to aid any other
company or corporation in uny enterprise or undertaking which may be ol
assistance or benefit to this Company
and to thut end mny loan money to
sucb compuny or corporation, nnd
may also pledge the property of this
Company, or execute and deliver
mortgages or trust deeds or any of
its property, as security for the payment of the debts, obligations, bonds
or debentures of such other company
or corporation,, in such amounts and
to such extent as the Board of Trustees of this Company may think proper:
(ki To borrow, or raise, or secure
payment, ol money in such manner
and (onu ns this company mny think
lit, aud in particular by tbe issue of
bonds, debentures or debenture stock
charged upon nil or a,ny of the Company's property present or future, or
both, Including uncalled capital:
(It To draw- make, accept, indorse
or discount, execute and issue promi
sory notes, bills of exchange, bills of
lading, warrants, debentures and other negotiable 01' transferable instru
(m) To apply for, purchase, or
otherwise acquire any patent or patent rights containing any exclusive
or nonexclusive or limited right tp
use, which may seem calculated to
directly or indirectly benefit this
Company, and to use, exercise, develop and turn to account the property
of rights so acquired:
(n) To obtain any net of parliament for enabling this Company to
carry any of its objects into effect, or
ror effecting any modification of this
Company's constitution, or for nuy
other purpose which may seem expedient, or to oppose any proceedings or
applications which may seem calculated, directly or Indirectly, to prejudice this Company's interests:
ioi To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with all or any part of the property and rights of this Compuny:
'pi To distribute any of the property of this Company among tbe
members in specie:
(■ll To procure this Company to he
registered, licensed or recognized iu
the Province of British Columbia, or
in uny province or territory in the
Dominion of Canada, or in any Pro
vince, country or place:
(r) To do all such other acts ns
or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects, or any
of them, n-nd to exercise, generally,
nil such powers ns muy from time to
time be conferred on this Company
by net of parliament, charter, licence
or other executive or legislative ability.
Continued from page 2.
over during the growing season, und
the ends of those shoots that are
glowing too long are pinched off, the
tree may be kept to tlto desired shape
but where the root bus been overlooked it is better- to cut it out when
found than to wait until winter. Negligence during the growing senson is
about the only logical reason for severe winter pruning.
Severe pruning while the tree Is in
u dormant state stimulates more rapid and abundant wood growth, about
lour -fifths of which will grow where
it Is not wanted, necessitating yet
more cutting the following season.
Pinching and summer pruning stimulates the pioductioji of fruit buds and
ti nils toward the better maturity of
both buds and fruit. Plan to grow
an abundance ol fruit spurs, well dis
tribiited over the whole tree.
Tlto soil and climatic conditions in
the inland empire are so favorable for
fruit production that there is a gen
oral tendency to set more fruit than
the tree cun curry to perfect maturity, with the result thut unless the
fruit is thinned radically the apples
will be uneven iu size and some will
bo too small for profitable market
ing. Uniformity in size, shape and
color is u valuable factor in a fruit
crop. This can only bo secured by intelligent and radical thinning. I huve
never found anyone who thinned too
much. Many never do uny thinning,
und some wait too long before doing
the work. Of those who attempt
thinning the majority do not take off
half enough. The thinning should be
done when the apples are about one-
half to three inches in diameter, leaving only one apple on a spur. Sometimes it is better to also pick all thc
apples Trom every other spur. Tbe
thinning should he done in such a
wuy as to leave the fruit evenly dis
tribittcil over tho tree.
Mr. Smith also strongly recommended thorough spraying; good fruit
cannot ho grown without it but the
spraying must be done right, lie
"The man who does the most thor
ough work is the one who reaps the
largest pi-rct-ntuges of profit. I huve
can-Lilly studied the question for 80V
oral years; visited tho orchards that
paid as high ns $1000 per acre; nlso
those that paid less than $2G per
aero. My observations have been
that tho man who expends from $15
to $25 per acre in the cure and eulti
vatlon of bis orchard would get are-
turn "f from $2uil to $10(i0 per acre,
while the man who spent less than
that usually reached the conclusion
that, fruit raising did not pay."
To    Subscribers     mul
The people of Cranbrook and Koot
enay district aro beginning to realise
the worth of the Prospector. As a
proof of this WO are ever receiving
requests from all over the district to
bocomo subscribers. Not only this
but. as post scripts glowing praises
ol tlie ever Increasing excellence of
tho taws, etc, is added.
We are now offering ns a Special
Inducement tbe Montreal Herald and
Prospector combined for the year
from November Ist, 1908, to Decern
bar 3lnt, 1909, for the usual price,
As the time is very near for this
subscription to begin we request our
present and would be subscribers to
forward in their subscriptions at
SALE   of   MINERAL   CLAIMS   in   the   Fort  Steele Assessment  District.
I   Iwreh)   une notlco tlml   nn   Moiuluj the antl ilnj   nl   Suvi-tn er    \    I)     10O8,   at    the   hour   nf   ten   o'clock   mtk  forn-
i i   iln'  provincial  guvi-muit-m   unlet*, I'runiin    i  sluill olTer fnr sule     til piittlis auction   tlie miii-rul clulum In   tlm
IU1   hereinafter s.-t   nut, of which    crown grunt*   lum*   Issued   fur   lax-*   rfiuuinin-fuupabl  anil il*lin-plttnt  h;   tiulil per-ams on
th* Mt it h itaj   ol  .lum-.   v    |i     IUUS   audi i*l - .iml  i>xp--n-.-'s ul   ■.,.!.'.  K  1 li<-  total iihuuiI  due in not  so..nt-r |iai<t
Sume »'f Claim
iju.-i, ol  Sli.-l.'i
IliH  Hi-mi   Hoy	
Ilnnoy   Oi	
Itlm-k   Ileal'	
Dated ul   L'ranbrauk,  11   U.,  thin Unl
limit,  KlingotiMiiith, s.s. Manahnn, S. K,
Wnlluco, uud  tt'nliei   Van Arnlulen
trlltur  Phillips
rnluiulni*   M,   I'nrki-r,  	
t'oluuilius   M.   l-iirki-r
(-olumluiti   \l.   l-urker
..I'ohimliiiN  M.  Parker...
t'lmrb's  Kstm.-r--,
,.Hun-leu   l-M iv...
5181 L'l I
6-1S i
i j fr
■: om
n 75
ill as
J   OO
11 'J/.
A h1:.
IJ   "Ml
3 un
11 III >
A.   C.    NELSON.
Deputy Assessor and Collector,   Fort Steele Assessment District
The Modesty of Women
Naturally makes them shrink from tht
indelicatti questions- tbe obnoxious ex-
umiii'iiiiins, uud iiapb-asiiat local treatments, which hoini! physicians consider
essential in the treatment of diseases uf
Women. Yet, if help can bo had. it Ih
belter to submit to this ordottl than let
the disease unm and spread. The troublt-
is that so often the woman undergoes all
the announce and shame for nothing.
ThonsandsNJ women who huve been
cured WVDr. ptoree'S Favorite Prescription wrlHLlnjWeelatlon of the cure
which dispSAt&VxHb tbe examinations
and local treatment^^Juail la Hfl PlhfiC
miilicine   __   -ijr..  -in-l^-ife  for il.-lir
♦ ♦
Rai,way j Cranbrook |
Excursion    11
mm_immimm______mi Livery :
Rates from   i — !
ft OliAllV  A  IIIIYI It, PI1(IF"S T
tlKAi.i  A DOYI E, PROP*S       4
women ns ''Favorite PregcrQiUou.1' lt
cures debilitating drains. Irregularity and
female weakness, lt always helps, it
almost always cures. It is strletly non-
uli-obolic, non - secret, ull Its Ingredients
being printed on it- bottle*wrapper} con-
talus no deloturlous or ha bit* form Ing
drugs, and every native medicinal root
entering Into Us eompnsltlou has the full
•lidursemQIituf thosu must umlliout in llm
Several schools ui ine.lical priutice,  Soma
of these numerous iiiiiI strungestof professional endorsements of its Ingredients,
will be found in a pamphlet wrapped
around thu bottle, also lu u booklet mailed
tm- on t'ei[Uest, by Dr. It. V. I'ieive, uf
HnlTiilo, N. V. Those professional endorsements should have far more weight
than uny amount of the ordinary lay, or
non-prufWlonul tes Union I ills.
Tin- most Intelligent women nnw-a-duys
iniisi on knowing what they tuku us medicine instead of opening their mouths like
u lot of young birds and gulping down
whatever IsufTurnd them, "Favorite Proscription " IS of KNOWS COMPOSITION.    It
makes weak women strong uud sick
women well.
Dr, Pierce's Medical Advisor Is mnt/m
on receipt of slumps to pay t-xiiensii of
mailing onlu. Send to Dr. It. \. I'ieive,
buffalo, K. v., :u one-cent stumps fur paper-covered, or .VI stamps fm'cIolh-lHiiitul.
If sick consult the Doctor, fi I churge
by letter. AH such communications ant
held sacredly coulideuthil.
llr. I'ierce's Pleasant Pellets Itiviuorutt
'■nd regulate stomach, liver and bowels.
Scllinji times Sopl. llllll In ..'Illi
li'liml   I'liUirn   hmii    Si-pi.  .".iMh
Solllll).' ilnles Sopl  -l-i iu -.''lli
l''in;il   I'olui'ii  liinil   Sopl.  "Will
Soiling ilutos Sept. 201 Ii in Del. 2
Final rot ii cn liinil   (Ictnbor "Hi
ft   Tuiuns mul ilrivors  lur    ft
nlslioil   Im   uny |iiniii  mi    ft
llio district. ♦
A   DOYLE, Mjiiijik.-i*
♦ ♦
Carpenter unci
HOUSES <j" S"1",,01' »"■' <**
__^^____   RuiiBonHblM        Prices.
is the mon who
has tried to get
.;;, 'i the same service
-^■J'l    out of some
'•j41'    other moke
Clean Light Durable
Guaranteed Waterproof
and Sotit Everywhere
Corresponilitip;  Rates from other
I Apply to local ticket agents for
berth reservations, etc.
J.E.PKOOTOK, DP. A. Calgary, Alta
Stomach trouble ii but a symptom of. ami not
In It-tell a true diacuti. Wc think of Dy-tiu'ii-iiu,
Heartburn, and Indigestion u-i real dUsaius, yet
tliey are symptom* only ol a certain Hpeclilr
Nerve iloknott—nothing else.
It wan this fart that first correctly led Dr. Shoop
In tlm creation of that now very popular stomach
Kemedy—Dr. .Shoop's Restorative, (ioing iUr--it
to the stomach nerves, alone brouirht that success
and favor to Ur. Shoop ami his Kestonitive. With,
out that original and highly vital principle, no
■uch lasting accomplishments wert' ever to he had.
For stomach distress, bloating, biliousness, bad
breath and sallow comphizloti, try Ur. Shoop's
Kestorative—Tablets or Liquid—and see for yourself what it can und will do. We sell and cheerfully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
Municipality of Granbrook
Mi'l'iti:   TO   i MflUTlHW
Any limit! or female heing u Brit
inh subject ol the full age ol twenty
one years, wim carries un business
in the Municipality und Is the bold
rr n( u trades licence, (In' annual
fen uf which is not less tlmu $6.00 or
who Ih tt householder, shall lu* cn
titled to have bis or hor name enter
ed on tht! Voters' List of thfl Muni
riptttity, provided thut. he or sin;
shull during the month of October,
make nnd cause to he. delivered to
the Clerk of thfl Municipality, tbo no
cessary statutory declaration mado
and subscribed before u Supreme
Court or County Judge, Stipendiary
ur Police Magistrate, Commissioner
lor taking allldavits in the Supreme
Court, .lustin; of the Poacfl or No
lury Public, us set forth in the
schedule nl the Municipal Clauses
This tlccinration must he deposited
ut tbe olllee of the Clerk of the Mu
nicipality on   or    beforo flvo o'clock
(six o'clock local tit  uf   the :mm1
• Iny uf Oetobor, 1908. The dec I urn
, Uuu must lie delivered within forty
eight hours nfter il is mude. IVi
suns qualified us liconce holders ur
houso ImMers whu me imt property
bidders, must attend to the rcglstrn
tion ol their names, Persons whu
have become registered property
owners, since the :iist Decembor,
1907, tit-v requested to Inform the un
dorslgnod at once.
T. M. Roberts,
Clerk or the Municipality.
Muted October 1st,  1908. lu
General Blacksmltli
and Woodworker..
WhIiIiit Tiros Applied
Tu     Kii^.v     WI Is
Iaciknts   kui;   Canadian
CVi'l.K   AND   MOTOli
firs I'.lfVfl.KS
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Phone   No.   98.
For Horses and Cattle
(:i00 ani'EB
(Inoil Fences     flood Walei*
iimiii Pasture
Applj i,,K.( iHIIIKTT. I'jim.i Hani'li
iilmut Itj mil,- frum Crunlii'ook. imai'
Hi,'nlil Nui'tli Sim' mill.
Saddle Horses .
Pack Animals
TIii.ih' Nn   IIU,
I'lniiii'Ti"   •   • l'n Itnx :'!;:
Trading   Co.
$3,0(1 a'mONTH
I'lll ink ts:i
I Still IlllluHillf!
l.tltliilNi; TRUCK'S
fthOVli iiiiiI I'KKD
(luml Dlscoiinl Fur t'ash
Agents for lhe famous
Mayers Stock foods.
-. 7* *
/',^|LC Not How Cheap, but
^^^    How GOOD &How CHEAP
If vim huvo novur tried our
giT-ruT*""^'■•■^^SP-IEjOY     almond rock and lady
51UNT 0WOTS/,\mmme.brea"
Also Second   Hand  MncliiiiesLan mul v,,„ wm  be convinced
I'V Sul.. Chi'iip iiiiiI To Until.       n,„v W9 lh„ |jll0S| you ovc|, .„,,
CE0;lSir   Saturday only 20 cts.
I'lu li" i'nuiiiiimii, in' I"'1'  Illllll'l.
(InoilHiliillvui'cil limn) plain. In llinCll>
Edison Theatre ,-,_-_   T5 a t iwr
Fraser &  Hutchison 1XIill      PALM
'"■ ''""' ' TKI.KI'IMNK.    Nu     III,
Moving   Pictures 	
In         .        a     t     £ft                 '    Vote     Im     A      H.     Oootlovo ami
lluslratctl Songs .«n!n»i  mc «..> ..i...^.n«...i<...
The   Best   in
Cranbrook   at
The Little Picture Parlor
■ ■ii November ii'
[   The    only    while innii'H country
1 llritish  ('i-hiMihlji,
that runs continuously    ,'OT!
i   The ilaic iw November 12.
Kailwity men should paste tin- above I'HE PROSPECTOR, CKANHKOOK   H.C, OCTOBER 81, 1908
Hardware, Cranbrook,BC.
General   Ensemble   of   the   San Francisco   Opera   Company   who   will   present
"DOLLY   VARDEN"   at    the    Auditorium,    on    Wednesday, Nov. 4th.
©hi1 |H*oo;icctov.
llll     Mill
lltivo von liuttrei! Iiuh
ami sapphires look on
wiili emarnlds, aim tin
All     JoWnlll'l-J      !ii-
ari. couth to hi-lp i-ou
Shoulil   wc.   nm   li
mil' lill'Ci' sllll'l! «,• i-
III   Ol'lll'l'   1"   Sllll    J '
Hominy   putti'
dark imniaii:
!-     pi
,,-   itnj   pai'tti'iilai'  style
 ike nr irei iui\  imu,'
C.P.R.   Inspectors.
Cranbrook,   B.C..
A High Class  Selection  of
Always    in   Stock.
People you   may Know 3"y%7™.ybusinoT
HOH1SRUN  SI It's Ut 50   ti   i*,   S
Mi   nad Mi^   M    v   lloule returucu
ir,,in ., visit  l,i const  cities on Mon
Mis   h   ll      KUnp'on,   ot Winder
mere, was .1 guest at the residence ot
Mj   nnd Mrs   K   II. Small this week.
K  Klwi'ii, ol Bente i Blwell, litsiir-
nce agents,  wus at Creston Wednes-
ms Hi HE   \m>   nu ur    l'l
t't.K « HO COSI        0       . ISHHOOK
1\H   t'HOSfc:   W HO   <■"    MIAN
tt \1 Frost, ,,1 Un' Frost Investment Company, is ill nt Kaltspell,
Constable II. C. Adney of Wardner,
was at  Cninbrook  Wednesdny on  lt>-
A   C, Nrlson wus ut Moy    **»> business,
s un Jirticiul business.
HOBBRUN Sl'ITS $17 50   C. 1
Judge I'. Wilson held a sitting
nty Court th.- week.
If there wus u better Furnace than
thr "Sunshine" you'd find it here.
Government  Agent  J    II.  McMullen     Mr   "'"1 Mis- H. Tlllcy, anil H. li.
i'f Fernie was in town Thursday. Recmer     of Chicago were Cranbrook
  visitors  Wednesday.
II   tt   Davidson .,f Toronto, was in 	
town Wednesday. Mr- nntl Mrs.  ^- -1- L*l*ies nf Mem-
•  phis,  Telin ,   were  Criinhrook  visitors
A  WHITE BRITISH COLUMBIA. Mr. uiul Mrs. A.  J. Northeote     ot
'Toronto were Cranhrook visitors Friday.
Dr. 11. A. Davidson of Spokane wn
in town Thiifsduv.
James Finluy was at Ptncher Crt
this week on business.
HOBERLIN SUITS ifl7.r,0. O. ('.
Hoberlin himself was at Cranbrook
this week and secured 11 inrge order
for clothing from thi" C. 0, S.
H.   W.   DKEW,   Propiioior.
A.   B.   PHnslle, oi Calgary,   was in
town Wednesday,
Hoherlin hinist'lf wus nt Crnnbrook
A. Shephord o( Wardner was in 1 h^ j this   week and secured a large order
town Tiiprfday. j for clothing from the 0. 0. H.
A. T, ('lurk, nf Moylc, was in town
Harry  Bradford  nf  Wycliffe  was in]
town Tuesday.
H011I3RLIN  Sl'ITS $17.'-H. ('. ('.  S.
Pred   Smyth   nf tin* Moyio Lender,
Hoberlin himself was at Cranbrook
this week and secured n large order
for clothing from the. C. (', S.
reputation as WC41
Wc work fin-
as u Living.
; Was in town Monday.
A. Mutz,     president   of the Fernie
! Fort  Steele  Brewing Co.,  of Fernie,
I wan in town     this week on company
.). A. Hrnley of Fernie was in town | business.
    ' ''   |    A vote for Smith Curtis is a vote
i i     Miss 1     Kerr of Brandon  was     -i  fo1' the man wll° HUMmrtH a Bovern-
U******************************************X   visitor u, cninbiook Friday.      ' hjj [^XtttiTotoJ^ "^
Mr. and Mrs.  Joseph Campbell re-     A11 WBtches unit jewelry that have
turned 1 liursdny from Spokane. ! „,,,,„ |cft lit s/j, p, T„,e's stori, for ro.
pairs  will   he  delivered  by Rnworth
C.  H.  Pollen returned from   Hnsa Bros., the jewelers.
Mr, Curtis met witli an accident at
W. W. Armstrong of    Toronto and  the mill on     Wednesday and he will
A. Wright of     Grand  Forks were u,t   probably be laid up fur some days ia
the Cranbrook Friday. consequence.
WE     [
•ein^   and   Gle
Successor i
brook's   Up
-data Tail
B c.
********************** ********************** 4
that  have heen  left at VV. F. TATE'S
Store  for  repairs  will   be  delivered  by
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Patmore Bros. \
Tinners, Plumbers
Heating Engineers
Stenm,   Hot   Water nnd   l-fnl   Air Systems,
Scientifically  proportioned   and  correct
iranbrook. Bl
Ladies and Men's Furnishers
Great   Reduction   in   Prices.
We  have   Reduced  the   Prices   on  almost  all  our  Stock.
Here   are   a  few  examples:
Ladies' Silk Hose, reg. $1.75 & $1.90 for $1.00
White Scrim
-     „   75c. & 90c.
-      „   $1.25 yd.
-      „     90c.   ,,
-      »     60c.   „
„     65c.   „
Also  several   Ladies'   Suits  for  $5.00
Regular  Price  was  $15.00  and   up.
San   Francisco
Opera Co.
supported by j8 clever
singing and dancing artists
Wednesday, Nov. 4th,
in the  I ulu (llaser
Comic Opera
'Dolly Warden'
Positively guaranteed the
best operatic attraction that
ever toured Western Canada.
Tickets, $1.50 ?1.00 7Scts.
Seats on Sale at
The Leading Fruit Store
Hugh Stewart
PHONE   7i> PHONE   75,
Full Line of Things
for   Men   to   Wear.
Now arrived. You must see them. All the newest
blocks.   We have the "Mihat" and the "Mallory"
Makes.   Both Union Made.
PRICES  $3.00, 4.00, AND 6.00 UCH.
A Specially Large Assortment of Gloves and Mits,
lined with silk, wool, and fur.    The very newest
shades and styles are represented  in our stock.
PRICES  $1.50,1.T5,2.25, 2.50,2.75, AND 3.50 A PR.
Sec our Rich line in Knitted Silk and Poplina, all
the freshest shades.   Those beautiful Burnt Browns
arc are having- a great run.
PRICES  75CTS. AND $1.00.
BURNS Bros, store, cranbrook


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