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The Prospector Dec 9, 1905

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ri    H
vjigtil ...
■IjIVs   DEC 1:1 »'■
V oi. */•
No. flO.
Election of OffloerB-Meeting Called
for Central Aasooiation.
itir I
eotiog <>f the Cranbrook
ml Conservative Associa-
li.'lil in Patmore'a hall last
. 1.iv evening, was a large
.•iitlmsiastic gathering, and
ii hii'tfu 1u110u.it of business was
Tin' president, O. T. Rogers,
ueoupied tho chair, and G. H.
Tliompson tilled his usual position us secretary.
Tim president in opening the
meeting, made a short and pithy
address, and was followed by
ulher speakers, who gave out a
numb"r of hints as to successful
organization. Other speakers
also made inspiring addressee,
ami a large committee. was
formed to do necessary work for
ihe party.
A great deal of iroportaut
business wits discussed. Then
the regular election of officers
took place, which resulted aa
President—J. D. McBride.
Vice Presidents—Thos. Cavin,
I P. Kink, James Ryan, Walt
I,awards, R. 8. McNeil.
See. Tress.— G. H. Thompson.
The election of members of the
executive central) resulted as follows:
.1. A. Harvey, Win. O'Hearne,
V ,1. Martin, Vic Rollins, Fred.
I'pon motion, a working committee of 25 members were appointed.
A vote of thanks was given to
retiring officers, who responded
in brief, but appropriate
It was announced that a meeting of the Central Conservative
Association for Cranbrook riding would be called in the near
fiilure for the purpose ot electing officers.
A motion lo the effect "That a
("legram be sent to the Premier,
lion. Richard McBride, and the
Minister of Lands and Works,
Hon. R. E. Green, asking them,
on their return from Ottawa, to
stop off at Cranbrook and address a meeting of Conserva-
lives," was unanimously carried.
A Young Men's Conservative
Club was also organised. The
association, hiring and paying
for a hall and generously giving
the use of the same to the young
The regular meeting of the
club will be held on the 2nd and
Ith Mondays of each month.
The next regular meeting of the
association will be held on Mon
day, December 25th. All Conservatives aro cordially invited
to attend and join the associa-
lion. i
A Building for Sports,
A mooting will be catted Monday evening of next we* tor tlM
purpose of consldering«the aree-
tion of a suitable building for so
cial and athletic purposes lu the
city during "the whiter months.
His Worship Mayor Rogers will
preside and call the meeting to
order, promptly at 8:80. All Interested are invited .to attend.
Plans will be submitted end reports presented.
The Pint Sraeker.
sport, if ihoy wished the support of tho city. A varied aud
interesting programme followed,
consisting of vocal and instrumental music. A very noticeable feature was the playing of
the banjo and bones. We wish
the boys success in their games
this winter.
The Coal Output
Thu output of coal ut tike mines
for the week ending Friday, De
cember 1st, was as follows:
Coal Creek 0,18a
Michel 6,521
Carbonado 2,45(1
Total 18,100
Address Winnipeg Conservatives
Hon. Richard McBride, premier of British Columbia and
Hon. R. G. Tallow, provincial
treasurer, who ure now in eastern Canada, will slop off in
Winnipeg ou their way homo,
and arrangements have been
made for thorn lo address an
open meeting in the rooms of
the Conservative club.
The City Dads Working Overtime
on City By-Lawa.
A. C. Bowness was at Morrissey, Thursday, on business.
Dave Williams has gone east
as far as Winnipeg on a visit.
C. W. Bowlter, Pitcher Creek,
was lu the city, Wednesday.
The Presbyterian church will
be dedicated January 7th.
E. J. Robert*, Spokane, was
in the city, Wednesday.
H. Pattet aud D. McBuroey
have gone eut oh a visit. They
left Cranbrook, Tuesday.
John Smith, clerk in the gov
ernment offlee, left on Mondajr
on a visit to the coast.
A. McMullen and H. Epstein,
of Winnipeg, were at the Cranbrook, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. & Boyd. Winnipeg, were guests at the Cranbrook, Monday.
Dr. Harvey, of Moyie, paid
our city a flying visit on Mon
R. Hirta, a prominent merchant of Elko, was in the city
for-scveral days this week.
J. Agnew, of Elko, manager
of the Elk River Lumber Co.,
was in the city, Wednesday.
A regular meeting of the city
council was held at the city hall
ou Wednesday evening, December ttth. There were present
His Worship Mayor Rogers, and
Aldermen Fink, Greer, Jackson
Tisdale and Hickenbotham.
On rr.olion the minutes ot the
last regular meeting and special
meeting were rtttd and approved.
It was moved by Alderman
Tisdale, seconded by Alderman
Jackson, that the city funds be
deposited with tbo Imperial
Bank of Canada nt Cranbrook,
upon the terms as specified in a
letter of the hank manager,
dated November 20th, 1005. Mc
tion was carried.
By-law No. tl, being the Ure
limits and building by-law, wae
then read for the first time. The
pound and dog tax by-law wan
read a first time.
By-law No. 4, being a law to
regulate the procedure of the
city council, was read a third
Then Bylaw No. 5, being the
trades' license by-law, was read
tho second time. The council
thon went into a committee of
tho whole with Al.le'rwan Jack
son in the chair. The by law
was then read. Cbiuse No. 6 of
said by-law was amended to
read "a license fee of 1250, "in
stead of *•">'». This clause re
ferred to licensing peddlers.
It was then moved that By law
No. 5 be read a third time.
The city clerk was Instructed
to procure all information possible as to the plans of buildings,
etc., used ih other cities for a
city hell building.
Messrs. Pink and Greer were
appointed a committee to confer
with Mr. J. P. Armstrong regarding the reeerve lot selected
for city hall building.
It was moved tbat By-law No.
5 be recorded and finally passed
■ttd adopted at the next meeting
5f the city council.   ™
Council then adjourned.
The Drat smoker of the season
was held iu Wentworth hall on
Monday evening of this week.
ll was given under the auspices
of tho Intermediate Hockey Club.
There was a good attendance,
and all report having a. good
time, nnd the young men should
feel encouraged at the interest
shown I hem. R. 8. Baron, chief
of police, and president of the
club, acted as chairman In a very
efficient manner. He first called
upon Rev. J. P. Westman, who
hat! dropped in to show sympathy, to speak a few words, which
he did, urging upon the club the
necessity   of  unity and clean
A special meeting of the city
council waa held on December
1st. There were present His
Worship, the Mayor, and Alder
dermen Jackson, Pink and Greer.
It was moved by Alderman
Jackson, seconded by Aldermsn
Pink, that Bylaw No. 8, being
the liquor license law, be recon
sidered and finally passed and
adopWd. Carried. The council
then adjourned.
City Clerk Prest has been engaged, this week In assessing
real property within tho corporation limits. The work will bo
completed next week.
R. M. Reid, of Fort Steele,
was registered at the Cranbrook
H. G. Gilmore and N. Darling,
of Vancouver, were registered
at the Cranbrook, Wednesday.
G. W. Stinson, of Swift Cur
rent, was at the Cosmopolitan,
E. C. Smith, G. P. Powuall
and G. P. Richardson were at
Nelson this week attending
Somebody was afraid that we
would have no "banana" weather
iu December. Well, how do you
like what you have got?
Don t forget to call on Chas.
E. Reid k Co. during the holt
days, and at all times ot tbe
The choicest line of wall pictures ovor brought to Cranbrook
is being unpacked today. Prest
Just started at the Wentworth
hotel the finest tonaorial room in
Cranbrook by Pete the Barber,
who solicits your patronage.
E. A. Baker, ot Vancouver,
Wash.: J. Heath, Crestou; and
E. P. Wells, Nelson, were registered at the Cranbrook, Friday.
E. Elwell, of the firm of Beale
St Elwell, was at Bull river Monday with a prospective buyer of
ranch lands.
Albert Banks was down from
Perry creek, Tuesday. Mr,
Banks is engaged In placer mining.
W. B. McParlane, of the C. C.
Stores, Is on a business trip to
tho east. Ho will be away for
several weeks.
H. L. Bowness left on Monday
afternoon on an extended eastern
visit. He will visit St. Paul,
New York and Boston before he
returns to Cranbrook.
Are you looking for a Xmas
present for your wife? Why
not get something useful as well
as*beautifuir We would suggest
an outfit of fine London enamel
ware for the Kitchen. Useful
every hour ot the day and every
day in the year.   Patmore Bros.
the music dimming, and the
various games added much to
the pleasure of the evening.
Mr.  and   Mrs. Sanders were
registered at the Royal, Friday.
A. J. Sutherland, of Wardner,
was in the city. Thursday.
H. C. Lindsey
Wardner, Friday
was up from
D. Proudfoot, of Nelson, was
a Cranbrook visitor, Friday.
Mike Durick was down from
Marysville, Tuesday.
At Wentworth   hall tonight
The Telephone Girl.
M.   Molnnea  name  up  from
Elkmouth, Friday, on business.
A. Sheriff, of Jaffray, was at
the Cosmopolitan, Friday.
Robert Little, of
in the city, Friday.
Ferule, was
.  Barrister J, A. Harvey was at
Moyie, Thursday, on legal busi.
Otis Staples, of Bayard, who
has beon it Calgary for several
days, returned Thursday.
Tate A Son have just o|iened
up an artistic line' of coin jew
Mr. and Mrs. C. W- Sheffield,
of Fernie. were guests at the
Royal, Friday.
Frank J. McMahon, of Moyie,
was registered at ihe Cranbrook
El Cnpitan wae nt the ojiera
house last evening, but look out
for the Telephone Girl touight.
The Rosc.an Opera Co., consisting of J8 people, were registered at the Boyal, Friday.
The new Electric Light & Power Co. building is rapidly approaching completion.
On Wednesday next the first
provincial election in Saskatche
wan will take place.
Powell has the sineerest sympathy ot her many frien.'s in this
sad liereaveuuiut.    .
W. Hanaban was in t. wn, Friday, on business. .'-
V. O. Hopper, of New York,
was a guest at the Cosmopolitan,
H. W. Davis and A. Nuslund,
of Bayard, were in the city, Friday.     ,
Gust Thels
Perry Creek,
wa« down
Friday, on
J. F. Thomas-, of
was in Cranbrook,
Friday, on
W. J. Nelson, of Nelsou. was
a guest at tho Cranbrook, Friday.
A small fire occurred in the
Cosmopolitan on Sunday even
iug, which was extinguished
without assistance. *
James Cronin. manager of the
St. Eugene mine, passed through
Cranbrook, Sunday, on his return from an eastern trip.
Regular preaching services in
the Methodist church next Hun
day as usual, the pastor having
charge on each session. Even'
ing subject: "Something Abso
lute ln Religion." The choir
and male quartette will assist in
service of song. Service at 7:80
p.- m.   All are invited.
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Rogers
gave a beautiful reception at
their residence on Monday evening. The entertainment was in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. P. C.
Mfelpas, who left on Tuesday on
a visit to the old country. The
entertainment was superb and
The   Associated    Boards of
Trade in Southern British Col
Road Superintendent Mackay
was at Marysville, Friday, on
government business.
P. E. Cooke and J. p. Thompson, of Victoria, were in the city
John P. Larsen, ot Port Steele,
was at the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday of this week.
Ross Tate was at Moyie and
Spokaue Junction, Friday ot
this week, on business.,
J. Cooper, Spokane, Wash.,
and E. H. filter, ot Enderby,
were registered at the Cosmopolitan, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Jones came
up from Elkmouth, Wednesday.
They left Friday for Marysville,
where they will reside.
Wm. V. Burns, better known
as "Hcotty," was in the city this
week. He made a call at Thk
Pbospkctob offlee.
Dr. King, who has been visiting his old home in New Brunswick, is expected home next
week. *  a
J. Bund, Benj. Bye and P.
Peterson, all of Fargo, N, D,,
were registered at the Cosmopolitan, Friday.
The many friends of W. A.
Rollins will be sorry to learn
that he was seriously ill ou Fri
Carpenters and paperhangers
were at work in the city jail, Friday, making much needed improvements.
Mrs. Fred Wesson and children, who have been visiting at
tho coast for several months, returned to Cranbrook, Thursday.
For Christmas gifts we have
just opened a beautiful assortment of high-class goods. Chas.'
E. Reid k Co.
Engine 494, the first to have
an electric light installed, made
its initial appearance on Friday
Wm. Crariston and W. Hosn.er,
ot the Cranston Comic  Opera
The new company has one Standard boring rig in the field.
"Building for the accommodation of men and for housing machinery are completed. A sawmill will be in operation in a few
days sawing lumber for the dor
ricks, and for the building operations' in the now town of. Akamina. This new town' was
brought into existence by the
influx of people coming Into the
field looking tor business locations.
Practical oil men, chiefly from
Indiana and Kansas are acquiring holdings, with the intention
of developing them,
The first'drill to commence
operations in this field, the
opening of which was made a
political matter and was the
cause of throwing out of power
the government ot British Columbia, will be that of the Southeast British Columbia Land k
Oil Company, which will commence dropping inside of two
weeks. It will require about
sixty days to bore to the third
oil sand, which is from 000 to
U<m feet deep."—Spokesman-
A Preoeptory of Knights Templar
Instituted ia Cranbrook.
Pursuant to a dispensation
granted by the Sovereign Grand
Priory ot Canada, a number of
local Knights Templar, • assisted
by a number of Sir Knights from
Calgary, assembled at the Masonic hall, in this city, and instituted a preceptory and priory,
and conferred the order upon a
i lass of initiates on Monday of
this week.
The following   officers were'
elected and duly installed:
Em. Sir Knight A. B. Grace.
Sir Knight J. W. Fenton, C.
Sir Knight D. T. Williams, M,
Sir Kinght D. McKay. C.
Sir Knight A. Moffat, R.
8'r Knight J. F. Armetrong'T.
Sir Knight J. McBride, S. M
Sir Knight F. E. Clapp, G.
umbia will meet in Cranbrook j Co., were registered at tho Cran
about the middle of January.      I brook, Friday.
John Hutchison, "Bjitch," is
beginning to find customers for
land and ranches which he advertises, and will have plenty to
do when spring opens.
.1. McNab has been appointed
trainmaster of the Crow's Nest
branch.  .Be will have his head
quarters at McLeod.
Did you get one*   Geo. P. Tis-
Two new tables were placed' dale was engaged Thursday in
in the  billiard,   parlor of  the' giving out a very neat calendar.
Royal hotel on Tuesday, one of During the evening there was a
which was a full sited English | large and constant demand for
The trustees have received
word from the Educational de-.
partment at Victoria that publio
school entrance examinations
will be held in this city during
the latter part of this month.
To the lady who ia looking for
a suitable present for her husband    we   would   suggest   a
J. Harris left on Friday's train
tor New York, where he wM
take passage on a steamship for
England Be will visit his old
home, and be away from business cares about six weeks;
Mail a Phobpectok to your
friends, it is as good as a letter,
and will let your friends know
beautiful snowy-white Standard . ..   .      B._ffc—-, u-^,„».'„
Enameled Bath Tub or Lavatory. »" aboul Bo"****** Kootenay
Patmore Bros.
If you intend to make a Christ-
mas present of a piece of cut
glass, sterling or plated silverware, manicure or toilet sets, up-
to-date jewelry, clocks, etc., call
in and look ovor our, stock.
Tnte St Son.
It is reported lhat construction work will commence next
week on tbe Falls View hotel at
Marysville, which was destroyed
by tiro several weeks ago.
Mrs. .loo. Powell was called
to Toronto very suddenly on
Thursday of last week, having
received a telegram that her
mother waa very sick. Word
baa since been received that her
mother died on Friday.   Mrs.
8tarted in Flathead Valley to Accommodate Max af
J. Gloyn, of Spokane, manager of the Southeast British
Columbia Land kOil Co., tt The
Dalles, Ore., operating in the
British Columbia oil fields, is in
the city.   He said:
"The different companies op
erating in this new oil field are
doing well, Operations com,
menoed October 15. Since then
17 miles of wagon roads have
been completed, over which the
boring machinery ia being taken.
The regular monthly meeting
of North Star Lodge, A. P. A A.
M., was held in Masonic hall on
Tuesday evening. The annual
election of officers took place,
and the following officers were
Arthur B. Fenwick, W. M.
G. P. Pownal, S. W.
Thomas Peri wick, |. W-
R. L T. Galbralth, T.
Dr. H. Watt, S.
Harry Drew, T.
A number of Cranbrook brethren were present.
Activity in Lumber.
Indications in all sections of
Southeast Kootenay are for an
active winter season in the logging camps Preparations are
being made for a large cut. A
number of sawmills have closed
down, and others w.H continue
active operations this winter.
There is-a general improvement
in tone, the foreign market having considerably increased in activity.    _J	
St. Andrew'i Dinar ia Mexico.
Mexico City, Dec. 9.—The annual dinner of the St. Andrew's
Society of Mexico, will take
place this evening and a large
number of the members will take
part In the event. The banquet
was to be held on St. Andrew's
Day, November HO, but as that
day had been selected for the
great charity ball, the banquet
of the St. Andrew's Society was
The railway situation in this
district is attracting considerable attention among mining
Well-printed stationery advertises your business.    Get it at
TUB Pll08**SCTOH offloe-
Of Interest to Thoae iBgafod ia
the Development af toe Mia
iag Industry ef Bwtheest
Work being done on the Mystery claim, which is situated on
Whltefish creek, is showing it
up In fine shape. Considerable
native copper Is being found.
Work on the Tiger-Poorman
property is going ahead, and it
Is the intention of the owners to
crowd development a* much aa
The great advance that has
taken place within recent weeks
in tbe price of practically all
kinds of metals, has carried their
prices, in some instances, to the
highest level in a long time.
Bar silver was quoted this week
in London at 30 51Hd an ounce,,
the highest price in nine years,
and a corresponding advance
was made in the commercial
price of bar silver on the New
York market. Almost daily ad-*
venves have - occurred in the
price of. copper, and lead is now
at the highest point in years.
Throughout Southeaat Kootenay the big silver-lead mines
have had an active month. The
coal mines in the Crow's Nest
Pass are working steadily, with
improved conditions.
Lead has advanced and reached
a price that the Dominion government saves the bounty.
The St. Eugene concentrator
started up the first ot this week
with a full foroo of operators. A
full crew at the mine is being
put on as fast as possible, j
St. Eugene stock i» quoted at
50 cents and Sullivan at 8
Drift mining, which is no'
being carried on at Perry Creek,
in the vicinity of Old Town, was
begun in the early sixties*
Recent reports from mine operators in this district announce
that the outlook is growing
better every day,
May Visit Craabwok.
In reply to an invitation ex.
tended to Hon. Richard McBride
by-the Liberal Conservative Association of Cranbrook, the following reply has been received:
"G. B. Thompson, Cranbrook:
"I will do my best to stop at
Cranbrook, if engagements permit.       Richard Mo Bride."
At the Sullivan Mine.
R. H. Anderson has accepted
the position of mine manager at
the Sullivan mine. Mr. Anderson was at the Cranbrook, Tiles-.
day. and drove to Marysville in
the afternoon, accompanied by
W. G. Smith, where he spent
several days. Mr. Anderson
went to the mine, Friday, accompanied by James Finlay. '
James Finlay was down from
the Sullivan Thursday. He
reports a large amount of development work going on, and the
output of the mines ie about 100
tons daily. Mr. Finlay will leave
about January 1st on a visit to
his old home at Paisley. Scot-,
land. He will be absent about
three months.
Advaaoo la Lead.
The London price ot lead haa
advanced 14 point* in the last
three days, and is now at £17 a
ton. Copper grew firmer yesterday, the margin of variation
declining from two points to one
Silver is very active, lining or
falling several points a day."
Day Bet ftrMn JUger'aitteutien
Rutland, Vt. December 8.—
Unless the United States
Supreme Court grants 9 habeas
corpus at the last moment, Mrs.
Mary Rogers, convicted of the
murder of her husband, wilt be
hanged today under tbo tttieo-
tion of Sheriff H. H. Pink, of
White River Junction.
Wentworth Hole
Baker Street,     Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted  By Electricity
- Heated By Hot Air  -
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
$  Marysville, B.C.  $
The leading Hotel of the St. Mary's Valley.
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished. Table as good
as any in Kootenay.
fl Suggestion to Husbands
What could ba
ii more
"Suitable Present to give the Lady of the
house than a Beautiful
There is positively nothing she would prize as much
Come in and have a look, around. We are confident we can
please you.
Patmore Bros.
Plumbing, Roofing. Heating and Ventilating
Newest designs in
Walt Papers
Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From
Painting, Decorating
and Sign Work
Calgarv Beer, Ale k Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay and Grain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
TfflrT .-••?■   ^faR* V2W*
.&     «WAtUJSH8P ■**»■
"'■■ *\. BGrats,
8tp ffroepertor.
aATUftbAY, DEC », 1IW6.
AT the; next Provincial elec
. tion there will be a grand
opportunity for the Liberal-Con'
servative party. It is sure of Itself, of its.'principles, and of the
ability off its leading men. But
it requires loyal service, hard
work, and the suppression of
personal ambition among its adherents to make sure of victory.
• • • ■
It is a matter of great satisfaction to see the Conservatives
of Cranbrook quietly and harmoniously gathering together
under one common banner.
There is no dissension or discord,
and.all are determined to work
together for the success of the
party at the polls.-   •
The Grits are doing a great
deal of talking just now and
proudly assert that they will
sweep the riding at the next pro
vincial election. It's a wise man
who saves his ammunition till
the fight is on,
'■"   -,:'   :' '' *  *  *"' '   i   '?
The political mix-up in Great
Britain appears to be the most
complete of which there is any
record of In the history of the
a a a
There is reason to believe that
the migration of Americans from
Idaho, Washington and Oregon
into British Columbia will be
large next season.       •   '
• '• •
1 The local lumber .mills report
busy times. The manager of the
East Kootenay mills informs us
that active operations will eon
tinue during the winter." They
have a constantly increasing
trade with the Northwest, and
both mills have a large local demand.
a a:a
All thingconsidered, therefore,
the Government has no reason to
fearan appeal to the people. Mr.
McBride was entrusted with a
sacred duty, and that he and his
colleagues have performed that
duty in a worthy manner is 1
proposition that cannot be sue
cessfully contested.' That his
Government will be sustained
there can be no reasonable doubt
Whether he resolves to go to the
country next year or one year
later the verdict must be in favor
of good government and settled
political conditions. — Nelson
• • •
British Columbia has at last
the desideratum most desired—
a business government. We have
a few assets left, a few public
lands,.a few timber limits, and a
few coal and oil lands. Prom
the present make-up of the ad-
c. c. c.
Gaioaru cattle 60.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
,'UST RECEIVED   tirst of the season CICJJ
Finland  Haddles    11011
Orders by mail will receive prompt and careful attention
9    Order By Phone 45    #
|»»M«»t»»«*Wt«»aM| f>1-I-» T» 1 ■>-»-!-»-»-»-»-«1-»-»-»»»J
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
Headquarters for mining
men and old timers.
When you want a good
place to stop come to the
d. a, Mcdonald, manager
Wa Olve You You* Monay'a Worth
Choice Confeetionery
Froth Nuts   Fresh Fruits
.lap Oranges       Choice Bananas
Smyrna Figs
Calif. Navel Oranges
Fancy   Winter  Pears
Malaga  Cirapes
Hugh Stewart
Phone 76       ftrmstroiKj, Ave.
ministration no .more Heinie sup
per* will go. This element that
approaches with a view to part
ing tbe government from the
few assets left, will pretty nearly
have to show up something for
value received to get what they
want. It makes a decent citi-
sen's blood boil to think over
what suckers tbe former provin
cial legislators were, Magnifi
cent assets were thrown away
to satisfy the greed of certain
grafters. Now this is all changed.
With a business-like administration we hope to see ourselves
eventually out of the hole. All
honor to them, and here's hoping they stick to office until tbe
province is on its feet.—Sandon
Deafness Cannot Be Cured.
by local application,., an they cannot
I'rach the dueased port Ion ot the ear.
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
and that In by constitutional remedies,
Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is
In Hani,-il you have a rumbling Bound or
imperfect hearing, ami when it Is entirely closed, Deafness Is the result,
and' unless 'the' inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its
normal condition, hearing, will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten
are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of tin-
maoous surfaces. ■
' We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of DeafneBS (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall s
Catarrh Cure." Send for clrclilsrs, free
P. J. VHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold hy Druggists 75o.
Take Hall's Family   Pills for con
Rocky Mountain Chapter
.NO. .2».>B. A. M
(tegular meetings:—2nd Tues
day  In  each
month   at eight
Sojourning Companions   are
cordially Invited.
'   H. M. Borrow, Scribe E,
■ ■„•.&::■..■    ', ,
CRANBRdQh.    -    B-C-
Barrister.    '
Spile Iter, Etc.,
CrantM*00k •   - British Columbia
Cranbrook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
Cranbrook. B.C.
«* C.B.
Port Steele B.C.
inil ■ t I'.siisiim nail iii in inw
S**™1 QmnMm*tVim
Purchase  Price 18.00 a Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
-   SEE   -
Arnold & Roberts
Ptiuslcian nnd Surgeon
Iloflis:   II to II a.m.  :' loll p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
Phone Offloe 105    Residence 109
It will pay tboae who are
looking tor work to call and
Jim MoArthur
He can secure you a job and
also fit you oat in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.
Jim MGMhiir
Hanson Ave. Cranbrook, B.C.
L, 60HN
I  Tailor 1ft Importer ot
9      Flat Woolens.
Cranbrook, B.C. AnaitM.ag.Ave
I music r
Mrs. Hltiop •,*"m%Ptt
Special attention to touch,
technique, phrasing and
grading of studies.
For particulars apply to C. K. Reid Jt
Co., The Druggists.
Furnished for any point in the
Booi'Siioe Maker
AU Wotk Guaranteed.,,	
New Work Made to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   S&'fi „„,,,
•r usino
Pacific Coast Points
l!l l.ll lmil liliil I I l I I.in IXI'I
P. B.
Office Hours:
0 to 12 a.iu
1 to ll p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
office and Rksiuenck
Armstrong Ave., Cranbrook
Palace sad Tourist
■lMpsra, Buflbtt
Library Oara, Mod.ra
Dsjr Oeeehss.
Dialog Oara,
Bait Metis on Wheels
For full iisrtloulara, rates,  folilen
eta,, call on or address,
M.(i. YKRKE8,O.W.P.A„
Seattle, Wash,
O. VV.   MAHONEV, O.P. k T./fi,
JJXJIJ.W.U HIU A CO. Ths only place I
•***'^^ that oaassskt Ills worth tht II»tn„
i in town
I liTitlK.
no itaii lie
E. H. SMALL. Manager
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Feec
We have this week unloaded a oar of each kind
Special Pbick for Ton Lots, Call and see us before
buying elsewhere.   We also carry a stook of
Harris Bros.
amatmamya iiii.iiiiiiiii
Royal  Hotel #
Finest of Wines, Liquors nnd Cigars
Thoae who aa. weary aad thlraty, drop in, uaia
Ale, wall do the real.
ALEX McCOOL    Prop.
When   You   Think  Of !
You Think Of
-   PHONE 118   -
Cranbrook, B.C. East Kootenay. {
innsui am i iii i
The Illinois Central
Maintain, unexcelled lervloe fi-om
the west.to the eaat add south. Making
clone connection! with trslnn of all
tranncontlncntal Unci, paaaengern are
given their choice of routed to Chicago
Loulivllle, Memphla snd Now Orlesnn,
and through thene points to the far unit
Prospective traveler! desiring Information an to the lowest rate! and belt
mutes are Invited tu correipondence
with the following representatives.
11. H. Tki:miii.-m„ i.ominerclal Agent
142 Third St., Portland, Oregon,
.1. 0. I.1NU8EV, T. P. A P.A,
UI Third St., Portland, Orsgoa
H. Thompson, f, A P.A., Roost t
Bldg., Seattle, Wsih.
Veaiai ,   _
Hnnteinenin la every war.      „
rays*A&f- .*♦!_
*mm-yrmT  9™ifa      "lilt      j4mWm\mW«u«W- Sane
'fcfff ^^mW*JBS*m%**
Cert^MKntllc" Slit.
.   uc OaulnonSwopi, 11.00
fm bnnhlet "Hlnmoikweii,"
ntnBRIDI    0B4NBS00*, S. O
;,...■ yf.?-•"** * W*i*1* »■"*»■ Of 100 LBS   IM THJ
OITr KlDtl.   Tks e-lsch Motor ninstrsud shove will dnvcHi
" y-^."! but ,lttU •**•»   »•*" «»•" O" or llsotriollj
ud sdspM for ntenln. frietta,  Ttvmsss. Dynsmos,   O.a.r.,1
Msxihlnory, Itc.   tee ths Motor Ia Op.rst.on st ths office of "Tbo
A.maJ^aZ? !T ^ ** V*MAt*T* s.d pries..   Or writ. u.
m^n^ZaZTrZnT  *   *~   -«   -   «   -
100 Main St, ton Frmolico, Cal.
J mi ***9*%rmno% oiahmooe.
.1.1 Wo,U- "l^nenleeSsetfeniei	
, h]ll piece or pnreni ni »■■•      Oamaiam.
'i, .l„«..«. peril.. « *"* ™^TL.
,   Mitattd **aatjmJ*A^****J**m
, . ,„nrlie4 eouthl
,"i„ii,nton,i  elnlm   *"XLJ"n>nniSfseBnsa.
uor.nlOehnlaa, *^J^"T3T
,,. .out. »<*•<»* **^!X^.a«e*
,,,1.1.1   IM   ******** ***** ^^
1'"'""","' r'irti* am nl Ortekw. H*
l-01,,,«i •hut*!^>«j|ll|aaSltipnt»l
Th<>4M.Myri*r. Amat,
. » .kaniantlW. new* nf thnta-
,„„,  Boundnri Un«, eelSSS|«_iw»n
.nnal Bona*—. —"       .   r^.-_a -
 l .outkwMi.eenw.nnl "*"JJ "
„.   cinln   tnene.   *-»•**"■••
lil.taj *n» netee mom er Inns, naSanMnalng
aununnreioneaiw.ay. :  .
IknsnwMuto, Asset,
m Sltnntntnnwi enw'anW arS nt Sasn
nalOUereek.nnn-ebnu. B miles norm at Ike
International Hnnnanrr linn, oominenelatntn
font Marked aoulneeat eoraer poet ef Haa A.
Cklnk'n clnla. Hence aeni N canine, .Knee
anrtk Si ekalna, lhe.ee ennt 9 chains, Inane.
Math en eaninn to plan of betdnalns. neetala-
lainencren nun or lens, nnd edlolnlnf the
nertkaaet ewaer post of 'oaeak a. Onion's
itnla. ,^^^^B
toMllil Ul. tu al., ol Ciewbnr, IM.
mile, nortb ol Son an. ^ (
 i Kw.tenM. B-c'-."l"rri^ii aiilred
„., ,„„rk.d nenknant ewew **** £*£
.„„ili» ebnlw.tlwnw mm    ^^^ m.
„ lh a, .-.al.. to ibn pin* * "*J"JJ,elai
.„..,„, mo norm «»*• wllw. •■• ■»*»■*■»
Tkuaaa ¥••»*», **•*#.
„„,... nnrtk f ^J^sssswenshwMeee*
...»i Knntennr. B. C, nan'"•"""TV A4lM
,rkcd the nortbwent oeeew r***^" ^^
iin,i„iaa claim, thenee eaal -
•aiuiii so chains, thene. went W ekalaa, _..
la-iiiiimchniantoplnnn of hetlnWns. contain-
iiik mo scree morn or lees. nnS ad|olnlnt tan
a iiiira ot Alfred Olven.
I.,., »t>-J this ttk dni ol Oetober, INS.
Annm Danlnp, Laoouor,
Thomaa Murskr, Asenl
i s.iuniednboutlimllnenortbnltknlaur
n..iii.ii»l lloundnrj ll.n,nnd nnont thrnn miles
north ol sue nnd OU .nek, la Seathnnat
Kooienny, D. li. and inasmisilM at a pent
marked loutkwnnt eorner paat of Joknnnn
Fralstcad's elaim, tkwea anrtk M enema,
iiaa-iii-i'cnsi n ehntai, Ikencl nonlk anebalna,
tliDnoe "—l»«i«.
iik the elnlm ot „      »^ ,
Located tkli Mk «nj at OHakar, IMS.
.„, no ebnl... ****~*™mA*A
ainsMnsiw ■•*• w kwa,.e*e*l«e«
Tknaua Hnrpkr. A«aai
v ailiu.wdnbnnt ■ mum nortt Mine Inter-
-,..ii.innl iioundnrt Uai, aadnnom tkree taUen
north ol lief. nn« OU .rank, la Snalanant
K.v.ienn., B. C, nnd eennaMaelnf nt a peat
marked ihe aontkeant eorner put ol Ntek
I laann'i elnlm. ihenee nervh SI akalu, Ihenee
«e«i so chnlm, tkanen eontkWeknlnn. tkeae*
a ..at so chalni to plnee M heeinnlni. ooelninln!
MO sercn mora or Inn, end najansbii Ike elaim
01 Alfred Olna.
I.. aim ed thll Ilk dnj nf OnVnkn, IM.
aVantwi MtffSr. AS**1
,   Sl.n.^.bo..B-U-««J<f*«,X
national ^^TanT-at^Om^laZ
„„rih ol Snie nnd Oil ^^."^^..rtal
in ires more or ii*ti ****** *y**r**m~**
Melt Hoem. * '    ,_,-
Taoau klurpkr. AfM-
, «^«**^£3:
nntlo.nl Bo«no»«»n»*J^. *rS!a—KM.
,,-lhcnsl co»r J^ otja. ^k>
, ,alm, .bene. «•'» W^' SZa«mM »
,-hni.n. thenn *^*?5SL^iaialalai •*>
'""'°, ,0 n^.t?^*T».*»«*
acres more « len, am amimm.^
al 0. Smith. ^_ .
,.   Sllo.«d.^""''-r^^ltn
„,ii„nnl Boundnri Uan,
aad .bont Svn mllm
.atlonnl Boundnn nan, aaa *™-"m.^,
„.„ „, „, Ban ..d saSSiBHSSS
.,„.,. B. ft, and «^»J»J,1;,SV. MlM'n
,i,,.f,,,,ih..niteorner port ".■J^2»rlk»
elnlm, ihenee wnt SI ekeUu, *2*"5JJ
,„a„„, .hence nl. •*--. ^Lat**
'"""" ,0 ^ Js^sStTK--"**
acrea more or Inn, nun n«i*»"».»
l-laarlea W. Onrrak.     '^   _.
national Honndnrr WM. **A^SS1 SS
,,,,,,,, „,S.,e nnd Oil .«.M»W*7;J!J2
the sonthweat oorair po« « -f)
alnliu. thenee aorlk » eaal". ""*]"__. n
' '^"'nt^ihlsWbdnrot^injwkw.
Q. O. Smith. UKntnr,
Thomaa Murphj. Asnal.
,„.   SltonteA.ko..«-l^«^'»'^,i;;'er,
n.arili..(ssiie nndOllnw«.inao»""       ^
en.,,... ft, nnd taaoaWilM "«gj,^
„„„„„., eorn.1; PfM »«"*T^k ^.bnl..,
,,„.,„.„ „a,t SO ebalne, thiM* "J"m"".\,., M
„,„,„,. .est so *»'»-*»""^.*,Le»irn
the ,.l.co ol bealnnw, ••■*»'»* ^,*^r,
„„„•,' or less, nnd adXH.llMJ AltW* »>m*
'"ili'lcsted thla »tk dn, at Oitekar, HSV.
Kmma Snknr. I*M™v>
,,. si.n..«d.bo«fi!.ii»»**a'r*,,1;^
tnr.n.len.1 Bn«ir*.'» ttTi.miMmZnmt-
„o,i I, ol HU. nnd Oll nrnk.'« *^^_JJ5
,„„>-. li.C.end*****MfB*m*J^\\mZ
„„,„» „.„ so ebnlna, **^^li*l,w.»
, !„„„.„ aaa so chain., .Mr*^*£{"Z
niaarn or less, nnd nd|olnlBI nwn» »•
Tbomu kWrpST, **•»'•
,.. sitouwdabout- -n« *v«*^.*M,rn
„„,„„i„,,al Boundnr, UM, »nd J*J" J™JJ
miles ,,.*h o. S.,e nnd Oil ernk. I« SW****
K ni..i.ir. B.C and «*^"*«'Valton
■narked me eoutheuteeram pw*^J* *""T;
„ >,«,chains, thene. **M**2^mmTa\7'
i.ini.,nin.i acrei more or inn.nn«.>M-
Itio calm i.i J. W. BnMr.
,., ,,,u.l thinih dn, ol OewMr, IM.
Wallace W». J0**""'
Thomu ■»*»*'• *•*"'•
is. slinaunt .bout on. »u"0^,r.h'0|Srt.
nuiioiurnok nndnbout « ■'«»"*»'«»;
L.tornnilonal Uonndnr, 'l":«»B"w'n,lM0
post ninrked snuthweiieornnr pert olI wm
B,,,,„,,«l,»olnim,.»nae. .»*•»»■"'»'*^,
eiistwohnlna, thenee noutti ■^BeTS
,v,«t oelLlnstotheplue of 1^'»IM*,™°
„,i„l„„ mo «'"m0™?'J".'Lr«^»l««,»
llio nonlinwt ooraer poat« '"*"»» "
'■'aialfti ^„ ,aan
iaocnted thli »th an, of ontobm,i *m2\mMI_
Win ueDonotujb, Loeator.
Thomu Mnrpk,, As»*
ll. situates .bent «• ""• "^.trt.
n.,,1 nil creek,nndnbout » ^"^1. ,7,
liilBiinitlonsl Boundnn "M, •*"""',&£.,
laaaat marked northwnl eoranr Jf°" ,    ,„_,,
ll,.l,l«in's elnlm, d»SM •*-» " ^'SS.,	
enat SO chains, th«u twrtk W«M'.r*l*S.IISMM--M*
w».sochelan.**. ***** MP»,n»n»».'tt.
IS  Slueled eoeot 11 mlln nnrtk ot the In-
teraualounl Bonndar, Iln. nnd oa. mil. nonlk
•* Sltwud OU emk, aad coameael.|Mn
pnatmarked anntknat eorner pent ef A.8.
•Mai. etalm, tknan aut M .nkalan, JAenoe
anttkle chain., tkenceeut SI ckeJu, tknan
noetk n rknlna tn plan ol he.Innlnt. coatnia-
IM •*> acres more or leaa. end ndjolnlwUeln
V. Ward'a elaim.
Lontnd tkln nth dn, ot October. IM.
A. H Sur. Locator,
Tbomu M.rph,. Afut.
IT   Slluted aboul u mlln aonk at ta. la-
UranUeenl Bonndnn line, nnd onenUlaaaatk
at ante end oil emk, and nommna.las.ta
poat marked notilkweat comer poat nt C. S.
Skinner .elaim. then™ nutaicMtai. tknii
aertk W oknlns. thence neat N cUlne. tknan
■outk n) chalni to place o( wilnnlK.eo.lal..
llnlMurNmeaeorlen, and ad|ol.ln|AH.
Sin, • claim.
Unted this ilk da, ol October. IM.
K. S. Skinner. Umtnr.
Thomu Murphy, Afoat.
II. Situated about ll alien nortk el tk.Ua
terutlaul Bnundan Uu, ud MM mile eoMk
of Sniennd Oil creek, and coenmenclnn at a
pant maiked northweat corner pott of Jonea
Akluerf'a elnlm, thenoe eut n ennlu. tknan
nenth so ehains, tbence westWeUlni. tktaei
north so chains to plnee nf keni..l.|. oeatnla.
Inf MOacrei more or len, nnd ndiolulnf the
elnlm of E. B. Skinner.
Leeated tils lib dn> it October, IM.
Jona.Akw.ri. I/mnm,
Thomu Mnrpk,. Aare...
II. situated about II mllea aorlk nf inn ta-
ternatloul   Bonndnn Uu, and about nee
mlln mtk ot Sate, nnd OU emk, und eon-
Sn. nt M. B. Brouoa'n elnlm. tkean wnl S>
akalu. tkenn nouth M nkalu. tkaannaaVM
ehnlu. tkenn north K chalni te alanntbe-
liulai, cooialalns MO acre, more or leaa, and
adpninlaf On. W. Ward'a elnlm.
tainted tklaMua,olOitooar,lM>    ,
■ M. K. Broaaon, LoenVr,
Thomu Murph,, Aient.
f*. Sltunledontheaontkrorliof Sate end
Oil ernk, nnd about u mlln nortk of tho la-
nrnatlonnl Bonndnn Uu. nnd eomanultuj
U • put marked northeaat corur put et
Christian Holmelner's elnlm, tkanee aouth »
nknlu, aenae ant M ekalan, tknnce nartk n
akalau, tknan east te ckalnn t* tk. plan nt «-
flnnlai, eontnlnlni MO atm mere or Uu, and
ndlolnlni Jonu Alhbem'a elnlm.
Looated thla Mb do, of Oolober. lit*.
Christlin Bolmnlawr. Uentnr,
Thomu Murpk,, Airent
JI.   Situated on the Seotafork nt Sninnad
Oil emk, nnd about a) mlln nortk ol the In-
twantlnul Boundnn Uu. and oommeaein| at
a punt marked mtknut eoranr poat'ot L. K.
Dnr'i claim, tknan ant ap akalu, tbeue
north M ehnlna, thence eut K chalas, tknan
south a> chuins to place nl beflnnlni; eooula-
Ini MO urn morn or lew. aad ndjolainf B. B.
Sklnner'i elnlm.
Unted this Mb dn, of October, lint.
I,. A. Drer, Laxator,
k Thotnu Murphy. Aieat,
K. Situated ou the South Fork)oi Snte and
Oil ernk, nnd about II mlln neath of the la-
terutlonal Boundnn Uu, and cnmmendnf nt
a put marked southwest eoraer put of 1. A.
Stall'! elnlm, tbence eut n ehnlns, tknnce
north WcUlna. thenee. west 80 ehnlns. tkdau
south M ehnlns lo plaee ot be|inn|n«. enalala-
laf at. um men nr ten, and udjoluiuf C A.
Drer'■ claim
Loonlad ibis Slh dn, ol October, Wo.
J. A. Shull, Locator, ,
Thomu Milrpk,. AktUt,
O.  Sl.utnd on tke South Fork of Sn|.naS
euj.B.C.aaa commenelnf nt n nut unarkM
.ortkautnrurpnnol ManOMullrtrtm.
tkUMUttMeknlnn, InuaoualkSlnkatoa
taaueautM eaalan, ttaswaunktsetalan.
or MS, ueneptolat ttanUlm rftmteorlM T.
Unantt tkle (tk dn, at Oatwker. IM.
ManO>Na>l, LoMWr
Tbenu Mnrpk,
mim Math et SanmeiiOUernek.
tasuaanat marked nrrkmi. maw Slot
O. a. tetnkwl'n ektua. tkean autsiekalaa,
-  —  ...— ..     - — -■■ ■--
U. Situatedahentem mlU unlk at See*'
aad oil emk. In SmtkaaM Kutaaa,, ■. C,
and about u mlln norU of tk. UUrutsnul
SinadniT MM, nmaniilnt nt » put mnrnnd
nnatkanat uiair nl OerdeUn Uewntline nlnlta,
tkean watt M nknlu, ikauiaonkWnkatan,
tknan eut * ennlu, iMM.itwitkSPek.lai
t. plan et bealanuni, uaulalai eW aim
 W. H. UeweUrn'e
Luund tkln Mtk da, at Oetanu. BM-
OaiSalla tMaatlf., L uwr.
ttauuaertkMoaalu to nine at .
onuuila. net acne awn n len, and ndjntn-
tag tk. ntnlm af OHherlM s. kUkawU.
Uennd tkln lltk d», of Onlikav, IM.
Q, K. Hjlkanill. f-unlof.
Themis Mnrpk,, A|ul.
•V  aituawd naontU mlln north of Use U-
mruilnal Uiaadnn Uu, aad nkaat tana
mun unttntsnan.nd Oil emk, eommearlM
unpn»mtrkUn»tkeu.eernnpntot C. A.
■ilrnn' claim. Ikun ant at akalu. tknan
aertk W cknlas, tuaeeautwekaiu, tktau
uatkSI akalu ta place of heeiaala., enatnln-
ln«Mumaaanorlnu,«ndadlalnlat Kiltie
Imeatnd tkln lltk dn, of October, It*.
C. A Rotmn, l.ulir,
Tkomu M.rpk,, Auat.
*"   Sltaatndakout II atllnanrtkef UMIa-
aad about am
C. K. Andrews waa up from
Bonnera Ferry, Moadtty-
B. B. MeBriiie, Spokane, was
ia tbe city, Monday, on tninin*;
bosii    ^^*Wmm**w***m**^k^******
l Sli.and.bui am ■n.u.tk of Sete
aOUCruk. la SMtkMillfMtMiT. B-C
-Ln Iln iimm—"f M.put muMd
n..h^t\nranr put nl U-Ju V.Wu*.
ckalM tenka pun af knUaalM, namjSMa
nataernavann Man, Mat aaJoaUnaOanrri
I^aand tkln Wtk dap ot t>rnknr, IM
Lulu V, Ward, Lanier.
TUmn Marpk,, At*.t.
a SttaalManont ■ mlln nortk nf ttala-
tirnlttnMiaoaaUn Mm, aad akout oanmiia
aMnUSonnadQIlereea. aenmeaela. nt a
put mnrku nertkwest noeur put. ef Jaeun
Onlra'a eUlm, tknan aunt N nkalan, Ikeue
noetk ta laalae, Ikun anal atenalu, tknan
north aocanlu to plaee e< bnaiaalag, nnatnin-
MSMumanenar lnn,anad nnjolnlnttU
leaned Mttn Mtk dap ef Otdekar, IM.
• 'anmOalian.t>uunr,
Jamn Mnrpk,, Annul.
n. WtnatMakeutatmlln aonk at laala
|niaatinani..n.ii, , —,	
mlln aertk nt Sate and Oil emk, rnmmnrlni
lunpantawrkad nnatkaeeturur paat at Ann
fl.lann' claua, tknan net II .*tilin tkeaae
|u.tktaeknlan, Uann w*rt tn ehelu, inenee
aartkPlnkalu to p>nkMolbaflaaJa«,»oeiala>
lat nw ncmaamnlm,andadlolalneC. A.
inln .
tkln UU dn, (tOtUker,-kM.
AdnUikam Liutn,
^nm Taean Mnrpk,, Aeut,
ta, SHutMaatunntapUnurttat tanla.
tMBntlnant ■aondarr UM, nai nknat lam
mlln uatk et Sal nnSOtlnruk. iimmin.lli
nnrtk et Staa IM OU emk.- umniaiilag at a
I ant marked unknot earner peat of T. M.
Marrod'i elaim, lUaei uatk SI ennlu, tune,
aniatekalu, tkaue anrtknnkalu, thenoe
nut w ennlu Mntuaotktftaalai, nalalalaf
Mum mote er Mu, ud aSJelalnt tkn elnlm
tt-'nmii Palme.
U>rat*dlhlalOtnU,ef Oaleknf, IM.
mV^^^B V. M. Mama. Lentn.
Mnrpk,, Aim.
n. Sltanted nkutktmun nartk ef the la
terutleanl ■saaatrp llae. aad auoel tun mile
nortk of Safe au OU emk, coamenelni al a
pent marked uatanant eetTttf pent et Mar*
lereue 8. Plait s elnlm, tkean wut N ennlu,
lhi.nl .ink It ikalM. Ikun tut to ennlu,
tuan aowk M nknlu to Ihe place ol kefUV
alas, anatalatag Mama awn ar lam, aad ad.
letaati tk. ntalaaf t. M. atariad.
MaifaratMB.PIau, Loutor.
Tknmu Marak,, Aeeat.
Oil emk, nad aboul ll miles north of the later-
national Boundary una, nnd eommeaclsjhnt a
put marked nortkwest corner put el Qatar
Jnhnon'. claim, thence eaat ao chains. lUnee
nouth W chnlni, tbence went n chnlnl,
thenn north so chains to place of beflnnlni,
conufnlni MO acres more or less, nnd ndfol.'
inn Ckrlstlnn Hofmeleler's claim.
Located this lib dn, ol October, IM,
Oscar Joknaoa, Locntnr,
Thomu Murphy, Aient.
M. Situated about ll mllu north of the la
terutlonal Bouodar) line, and about one mil.
north of tho South Pork of Sap. nnd OU emk,
ia Soutbust Kootenay. B. C, nnd cnmaenclni
nt n pool marked tbe southeut corur put of
William   Mathews' I'laln*  thenee north  M
chnlni, thenn west HO ehnlne, thence aoutb W
eknlns, tknnce nsl a) ehnlns to plnee of betln
nlnn. eontnlnlni ew news more or leu, nad nd
tolnliui the elnlm of 4 A. Shull.
Lnw.ed this lib dn, of Oetotar, int.
* Wllllnm Mnthews, locator,
Tbomu Murph,, Aient,
nt Hiln.ted nboul IS miles north ol the In-
ternntlonal Boundnn line, and about one mile
nortb ol the South Fork ol Sunn ud oil emk,
In Southcnat Kooteu,. II, 0., nnd commencini
at a posl marked southwest corner put ol Stern Kali' elnlm, thenee north so ehalu, thence
nut no ebnlna, thenee soutb so ehnlns, thenu
ant W ehnlns to place ot bcilnnlni. eontnlnlni Ul acres more or lew, and udjotrtni Urn
elnlm nl William Ms.hewa.
Lontnd thla sih dn, of Oetober, IM,
Marcs Ui.la, Loutor.
Thomu Murph,, Aient,
Slfunled ubout l» tulloe north of Ike In-
wranUnnal Boundnn line; nnd nboul one mil.
north nl the Soulh KMrk ol Sue end Oil emk,
In Southeast Koolenoy. B. ft, nnd eommenclni
at a put markn.1 tk. northnut comer nf
rrnnk Llnk'i olalm, llienn weat 10 chalni,
awtnni nonlk toehnlni, ttaun mlKeknlan,
Ikun north no ebnlna to ptocn ol neilnnlni,
enauinlni w» ur.a mon or lent, nnd ndlolalMj
the elnlm ol Oanr Johnaon.
Lanted tbln Ith dn, nl October, IM.
rrnnk Link, LunWr.
Thomne Murpk,, An.nl,
er situated about IS mllei north ol tkn In-
tarnatlonnl tteaadar, Uu, aad en IheSontk
JartTsu. and Oil emk. I. SeutMut Knot-
Lav s. tt, nad nomwewlBi at a port
Miked u.tknnt utur put ol Mat, D.
JunYnlalm, tknan wut » nknlu, <k«u
i^tkil okalu, taun un suknlu, itanu
natknlokiln.le plane ef Milnnlni, enet.to-
JJ|m um morn e. Im. nnd ndlolnlni IM
elaim of frank I.I.I.-   •       ^_
"^ Man D. Pn,n. Lontor.
Tkomu Murph,, Aient.
SS. Sltuntalnnoutllmllw north of tula-
..l.nonal Boundnn tine, nad on the uteutk
Cof SU. «i OHlime. J» Sou.keut Kut-
.uv B (Tn»d eommenelai nt a pui marked
'J. nwe-tiornerput .1 fMMrtrw* OnreT.
elnlm tUnoe north 10 ehntm. thine, eul »
£S , thunuuth * ehain., »***£**
5i.lM to plnee ol beilnnlni, eonwlalas a*
^JILlm, .»» M|olnln|tM.I.I««.
"JL"»nblilthdn,olOetnb.r.lllS.       '
OatkerlneT. Care,, «-<-»•"■'.
Tbomai Murph,, Aient.
m   Sltunind nboul II mil" nortk of tM la-
.,   .V BMndorv line, nnd oa tbl Seats
lS&5fiJM*. •« ******** K"2;
.u^^ B riioommenolaia. n P«t*wM
n. Silantodabout 11 mlln»rth el iMIn-
i taruiloeal Boundary Uu, aad nboul ou mlln
south of Safe aad OU cruk, oommeulninln
put marked sonthweat corner put of Georre
W. Oiuys elaim, tknan east K chains, ikuce
nortkItckslai, thenco weelKenalai, tkuce
sunk SI nkalu w plan ot beflanlu, eoattln.
lavlManmawN at len, nad aatolalas tk.
elaim at Mam Cnlrun.
Looated thla Mtk duy ol Oetoner, MK
Qeors* W. OlM,, Lontor^
Tknaua Mnrpk,, Aiut
Hi Slmaiednknt ll mUu aertk ot the In-
ternnUMnl Boundary Uu, and nboul ou mile
leoatket Safe nnd oil ernk, commends! st a
pont marked nnutkwnt eoranr put ef Alfred
0. Waenwe'e elaim,. tk.au wut M okalu,
neauanririo chalna, tkean nutST,ekalna,
tkean walk M ckaluMplaee ef baHanlH
ia.wl.uny Mum men er less, aad adjoin-
' ti Oennje W. Olae,'a elnlm.
ineatUUIt IKkdayol October, lift,
Alfred O. Wonwr. Locator,
Tkomu Marak,, Aient.
*. Siiuated about II mllu Mttk of Ika International Boundnn Um, nad about on. mlln
nalk of Sats aad Oil emk, commenutui at a
ant murked aorlknut eoraer put of Kittle
Wonter*! claim,  tbenoe south  M ehalu,
ttanee wentMakatu. thenoe nnrtk te okalu,
tbenee net nt naalas Ie plan ef barlantni,
eeatnlnlai M) um mon er leu, and ndj.1.-
la| AUrdS O. Wooateve elaim.     .
Locnted tkln IMk dap et Oowber. IkM.
, Kittle Wootter, Loutor,
Tkomu Murphy, Aneat.
m.  Hliueud about II mlln north ol the in-
wnnilonnl Boundnn Uu, nnd akout one mile
aouth of Sni. nad Oil .rank, commencini n. n I
poat marked aortkwut oorur pott of L. A.
' Ukaua'a eUlm, IM.ci uatk Mnhnlu, tkaan f
out S) ebnlna, tkean nortb W ehalu, tbeace
wnt N okalu te pun of baiinnlni. contain-
IniMenem men er leu, nnd ndndnlnitbe
claim nl W. II. Llewellyn.
Lo. ated tbln 10th da, et Oetober, IM.
I.. A. Lehmen, Lontor.
Tkomu Mnrpk,, Aim..
W. Situated nboul II mlln aorlk of IM la-
terutlonal nVaadnr, line, ud about one mile
.walk of Sain ud OU emk, eommnelu at a
pent marked aertkaut eoraer peat ef freak
Harnett a olalm, tuan uatk *t ohalu, tkean
nasi M chain, tbenee north SI chnlm, tkean
ant 10 okalu w place of beflnnlni  coatnia-
laiMum men or lew, nndndminlni Kit.
tl. Wonter'. elaim.
Locewd thl. lltk da, et Oetohtr, IM
freak Burutt, Lemter.
Tkomu Mnrpk,, Auat.
il. Slluted about II milu north of Ihe la-
ternatlonnl BouaUr, Um, and about un mlln
aouth of Sain nad OU emk, commencini at a
ant marked norlkuai oorur put of MS. D.
Turur's claim, tkaan wnl n okalu, tkean
nalk St okalu, tkean eut at ohalu, tkaan
aertk N onelM to plaoe ol beflnnlni, contain-
IniMOummnn er leu, nad ndyHnlnf Ihe
elaim of W. L. Tuner.
bound nil Ittk dn, at October, int.
Caw D. Turner. Loeator,
Tkomu Murph,, Auat.
mun nouanamm -.-.-—,- ,_
at a put marked liil>iiW eoraer past at
Refer 8. Onus1, thla, tuan uatk a.
eaataa, tkean weal M ehalu. thenu aarth St
ekalna, tkean eut Wehniulo plan ef Ufln.
alaf. enatalalafMlaem mm erlen. aad ad-
(omlaf *ulUtumn,'.eUahn.
Baarir S. Ureeu, Loutor,
Tnomu Mnrpk,, Aieav
Ma. Sltaawdebout II aim aonk ot tkn la.
taruUoanl Beaadnn Um, aad akoat tkm
tnlWeeaih bt Safe nad OUemk.oenmoae-
lai tt a peat aerked nortkwea. eoranr poat at
inlmBatneey-. claim, thenn out a* eaataa.
tkaan uatk n ehalu, thence aantMekatu,
thenoe nenk W chain, lo pbue et hnninnlai,
cuUlninaaUacrnmor. n len. nai adkaa
IH IM elnlm ef Adn Holmes.
Unted thla lltk day nf October, IM.
Julia auvauy, Lecator,
Tkomu Mnrpk,, Apaat.
Ml Sltaatnd .beet te mllu nortk ot ike lu
arutioul Boundary Uu, nnd about oan mlM
neruedSefeudOllernb, oomawaalaf ua
pott marked aattkwnt eorn.r nut of W. O.
Thompson's claim, tkean untk a* nknlu,
thence net at ekalaa, thence north at okalu,
Ikun west W chain u plan ot beflnnlni.
eontelalnf MO eeree neere ar Inn, aad adkaa-
Inf em elnlm ol T. M. Barred.
Located tkln HU dap nf Oclnber, IM.
W. O. Them pna; Locator
Tk.mii Meiak,, Apaat,
II. Sl'.utndnnouf mUn aorth af IM U-
ternatlonnl nanadan Um. and about one mile
nanh nl Sn*e Ml CHI emk, nwiariag at a
put markad southwest corner ant et I. f. Be-
urnronk'e elnlm, tkaan norUMcknlaa. tkaan
nut e» ennlu. tknan sontk M chain., tkaan
wntatekaluto plaee et benlnnfni, contain
mm ecru mere or leu. ud adjetnlaf W. o.
Useful Xmas presents are tbe
..kge. We have them. Come In
snd see PstmoreBros.
. For a clean, easy and SYjift
shave, call on Pete tht/Barber,
at the-Weatworth hotel.
B. Small. A. C. Nelson and 0.
McKay visited For', Steele,
Tuesday evening, to attend a
Meeting of North Star Lodge,
A. F. * A. M.
m  VU| W BIMllll,
Take one large spoonful of
usefulness, one cup of love for
.mother, another oup of love tor
I your little brothers and sisters, a
pound of wishes to make others
happy, a ealtspoonfnl of wishing
tobehappy yourself, mis well to
gather and see If It doesn't make
tbe nloeat kind of an afternoon
tor anybody.
I-   FOR
[Souvenir «»
•^m China!
See Our Window
W« Mkmwm a full aftfso*rtm*»iit
yrmvjf sultabls to ««nd to
firloado for Ohvlotmaa Olfta.
Te ImImm Mei.
C. E. REID & CO.,
>hon« 7 a       ij^Q Druggists. |
Loutta tkln lltk dn, nt October, IM.
I. f. Esterbrook. lauetor,
Thomu Murpk,. Aient.
Year attention la called to the
'Pioneer Limited" tralni of the "Milwaukee « St PsulRailway." ■Tha only
perfect trains in the world."
You will find it destrsble to rids os
thou trains when gol»l to any point Is
thoKaetern States or Canada. The.
oounact with all Traneoontlnental
Tralni sad sll Ticket Agsst. soil!
tickeU. '
For further Information, pamphlet.,
etc, sek say Tloket Af Mt or
a U FORD.        H. 8, ROWS,
Ms. Ages.,        General Afeat,
Mr. Editor:-I would like to
lay aoiMthing of ray wlehee this
time, I wleh to give a lecture
to the business men of Cranbrook. I wleh to speak flsst ot
hotel proprietors. In the country whore I came from they have
often a bad name, aad I don't
think they are to blame. I think
that tha men who granted them
licenses are the men at fault, by
choosing men who are neither
bodily or mentally fit, aa I am
aare that it takes the beet stock
of the bualhees family to be a fit
aad proper hotel proprietor.
They should be strong bodily
and mentally.
I would like to speak to the
business men in general. Thoae
who will and will not make good
business men. The kind' of a
man a school-master should bet,
then lawyers and doctors,
preachers asd printers, and who
Should and should not marry.
I am willing to decide for lov-
|era," whether they are adapted
lor one another or not. I have
been consulted on the subject a
[great many times, and always
with tbe beat ot sitcoeee.
Nest week I will apeak of the
many evils (hat tempt aad ruin
our young people, and why there
are ao many failures in marriages.
The above mentioned lecture
I will give hbooh aa I have recovered from my recent illness.
Yours respectfully,
if FORT-STEELE      .
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty"
|::   Outside Ordmm
A r. o. box sit   fe
m   TiiaiMtoaa ho. i   p
»   Port Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
  '      ■■■■»—■—■■^tM^a-'jesang/ajann^ irisr I   19mmTS=^mBA*=
iCoty and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mlnlnft Men
Royal Hotel
Maryravllle, .B.C. FRANK ANOERE, Manager
The above hotel has been recently erected, and neatly furnished throughout. The) Bar is supplied with the ikjst brands of
Liquors and Cigars.
aaaaa»»aj»aaajj!MMBljaana»»aae»a»nawaMa,      in.  is,  a—«—aaa—ga—saaa.
Post Office
j ...
The largest General Store in Marysville, where miners
can be supplied with anything they want at all times at
| Cranbrook prices. ^^^^^^^^m^m^m^m^m*^k*m\\\m
tt. SlInnM steel tt saline aertk el tkn In-
tnraauaaal Snaaaarr llae, u« anwil ikree
alaaait atarkaS aeatketaleeraet anat nl Orae.
Otesa'n nWta, tkaaa. eaat nt eknlns, Ikaaw
anrtk nenalai, tkaae. we.1 ■ oknlnn, tkanee
matt N eaataa te atm at netlanl.|, enatala.
las lis neree avsnat leaa, us ndjolalas tkn
elnln el Ontkerlaa a. Mllekell
beenlM tkli lltk ear nt Oelener, IM.
,('■ amen Greene, UnriMr,
Tkentu Mnrpk), An.nl
tl. Sltunu. nnan. II mile, north nl Ike In
t.rnntlnn.1 Saenaarr llae, aa. annnt tkree
ilka nnetk nt Sate aim Oil nrenk, ooaiainMlnt
atsposliuarliiHlseulneasl uornar neatMJnkn
Mlnnar'itlnlm.tteaneewest so ekalna, tkMM.
ner.k n ekalan, tknan eaat SI ekalaa, taenia
teetk •»' eknlns tn ante, ef nesinnlnt. eon-
talalns M neren anr. oe leaa, and nalnlnlni
The Illinois Central
Maintains Hssxoalled lerrlee from
the wast to the eut and south. Making
alnst connection, with trains ot sll
transcontinental Uses, pssssnfsrs srs
given their choice of routes to Cblossjo,
Louisville, Memphis sad Now Orleans,
snd through these points tii ths far east
Prospective travelers dealrlng Information ss to the lowest rates sad but
routes are invited to ooireepoadesos
with the following representatives.
B. H. Tsumhull, Commercial Ageat
lag Third St., Portland, Oregon.
S. C. laiNoscv, T.F. * P.A.
1st Third St., Pottlsed, Oregon.
P. B. THOMNON, P. fcP.A.,
1, Colmaa Bldg., Basttls, Wsah.
Mil 11 IIU llj
. >  Headquarter, tor
I lea Crun wd SOU Orlnto :
Alto Totaoott Vims i »
Baker St.   Cranbrook !
Orooerlee,  Hardware,
Olothlnf,  Stationery
LaenMikli lltk SnrntOntnner, IMS.
Joke Mlnear, Laeaur,
Tknatan Marakr, Aseni.
tt Sltnnlad nkent IS nillw «.nk el tk. In-
wrantieanl Bwnanrf linn, an* annnt tkree
atlkm mtk el San. nad Oil ereek, eeauHkelus
at aaaitawkea aonkesni Miner tan at Oatk-
erlaa a atlktkaU'i .MM, thenee aw. ktekelaa,
ikaaw Mtk m ekalaa, tknass west M ekalaa,
" " "■" •SMSeat —*-'—
notice is aaaaav oivm that aa aa. |
Stl.MlMalUk.aKta. t. Ik. Ustalntlee Aa-
aamkle et BrltUk Oeleakia al Un seat eeeHea
Iw aa Kat t» laeetfersts Ike St Marjs VnlUj
neUweiOeBiaar wltt saaar te kalkt, cea-
>rw, ■elatala aaS eatrats a Uas al tall-
war at amaAat* eaaaa '* m ****■
ate*k»iteew.ilintrleltr, wear etaw aavw
twIMnaetytasetfrnnrkVI I" aaS «•
arm.; Oswasadas at a aetat aa tkn Nartk
•tar Smack el tat BrMek OttataSU Sea.kera
■taUwa;, at w asar tk. leaa it Mnrrtvllln.
tatawWwtertrMlnwlH the Merthertr Has
WKlnnn.Wv.rieStltotr.Uk., tkeaw
nklrllasttwl«^rtaerlrd«.Wth.wM take te
luaaetarir «S. tkaan. miwllas wwtward
.teaseltkeeIkeMftkerlrefaantkefl. .leant
aall St. Marr'a Blvw la a anal oa
atontinai Uk. at w aaa> OmnterS Bar
wltk aatkwlty wlietlrait kraaak Haw as
ttattkea Otwk, HnU'i *StarlB| Creak, Alkl
Oreek, Wklte link Orwk, P»mn.M orwk,
Baker Otwk, aaS etaw kraaak liana net en-
eaeStas tweatr atltw eaeh af leawS, ads) with
newer te eneaeat wltk aa« eatw late raaalnf
nrrnnteansau with Ik. Oan.Sla. Fnellc Rail.
way et aaf etaw raUwar nltaakt asw sale ate.
ananeieaUwarwaa?earlthweef, aaS to ceo
a.ruet teratlaal aUlas. »l ear naak waaea.
deaai t. t.nlvi Iwan say ueTimmset asrwa
er tot) ewsersM, srnnu et anaS, ateaarw
alkernanMl.aM el ene.tra.tlta at .ask aa
aadnnaklaf, with sewer te eeantraw an.
eaernte tatantsh aaS tslesksae liana Iw tkn
aavasw et'tts knalaiw and tee tk. aaallai
i wl|h asww te ewa, iwl wuie lar rifhtal-wnr
aa4 ether seraesw aaSte ewa, aw aM (folate
', watat nawere enaeenlent M the teat fw fsilwsr
aaS attar antstasi .al with sees etaw nawara
aa* arlvllssw w aw naaall/ atsea w> Hallway
Kimberley. B. C.   .
H. W. MEW, Prt^riittr..
CHENEHE A NEAL, Proprietert ■
The largest and beat equipped hotel ia the St. Marys'
OnkM .1 Qraakeeak, Nntnakw Mtk. use.
auavav * nsoaama,
• —"—'	
~ Mwayt Up-U-tate - [^
*■ .,
FOR       •
Are Portraits in Sepin Platinum) with a very artistic mount
ing 'which is entirely new.
©he |tw»«aj»j?ctiWe Htjad
Battel*. St.
Photo GO.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Wailiavebeen in the business
for'vflijVei'ai years, we have the
best equipment in B.C. and we
guarantee satisfaction.
About mat Piano
We ire-trie authorized agents
for the removal of Mason & Risch
Pianos, we can do the work without risk. Also Household Fur-
'PiroiirieUiras of the
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
C.PiR.T&iiot. Plmno 68,
,r     Of the aalal M.k..ll„l.U tlHrlai'l Slaia|)
■eesn irte/'I.e toinul In tho
[    'WATTS' building
jlrsi Cjlap Wni-k in all branohos
<      UA       of the
: Tonsorial Art
n Livery
af»a <k   •■■»■».■♦)"*)">■■■■■••   ■   ■'■»•♦"•'
i        ah
Teams and drivers furnish-
ed for -any point, inlliurli*
A. DOYLE, Manager
+W Wlf If If ff Wflllff ITfflf If W WW WWIf flff flf?«l»
J. M. Joluison, of McLeod,
was in the city on Wednesday.
Peed wheat, hay and oats, in
any quantity, at. A. C. Bowness.
J, L. Potts and J. E Stephens,
of VTahcouver; were registered
at the Cranbrook, Monday.
The C. P. R. Quadrille Club
will give a masquerade ball on
January 24th.
Born—At Cranbrook, Monduy,
December 4th, to tyr. and Mrs
St. Elois, a son.
Born—At Cranbrook on Mon
day, December, 4th, to Mr. and
Mrs. R. Aiken, a son.
Born—AtCranbrook, Tuesday,
December 5th, to Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Fitzgerald, a daughter.
Peter Woods was down Wednesday from h's Cherry creek
ranch on business
Christmas liquors of all kinds,
including the finest of sherry and
port wines, at A. C. Bowness.
R. A. Little, of Toronto, whs
a Craiibrouk visitor on Wednesday.
A. Carney, government timber
inspector, was in the city, Wednesday.
G. F. Jaquith. representing
Brown Bros., of Toronto, was
doing business in (lie city, Wednesday.
A plain drunk was up before
the "beak" on Tuesday for disturbing the peace of the city.
He got 30 days work on llie
The ninny friends of Dr. Bishop, who lias been ill ut St. Ku-
gone hospital, will bo pleased to
leurn lhat he is sufficiently recovered to attend to business.
The home merchants have to
pay a trade lronsu tax. Why
not tha mail order houses of Tim
Eaton and Rob Simpson, who (lo
business in tin- city'
'Sock il lo her" will soon be
heard around the skating rink.
The Intermediate Hockey Club
are trying to arrange a series
of mutches.
When yon trot u trood old-
iHshi.nir.i Headache lhat .mikf**
yom* betid throb: ami your eyes
whirl uml maktjs you sick lo
your storaiu'h try
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
They can't hurt you and they
stop any headache.
One Dozen In a Box 26c.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
Rev. D. M Perley, B.A., of
Moyie. was iu the city for a couple of days this week a guest at
the Methodist parsonage.
On Saturday evening there
will be on exhibition at Prest's
Studio the finest line of wall
pictures ever seen in Cranbrook.
Judge P. E. Wilson held chambers on Wodnesday at 11 a. m.,
at which a number of motions
were heard and recorded,
. D. J. Elmer was in the city,
Tuesday, and attended a meeting of ihe Conservative Association.
I fames Ryan, who has been sojourning al San Francisco for
iseveral weeks, returned to Cran-
! brook, Tuesday
for a private supper you
i should go lo the Royal hotel,
I where you will find a strictly
; private dining room that will
[ certainly please you.
Buy u present for your wife.
j A Pandora  or  Kooienay  range
will drive all her cooking
I troubles away, and  keep her in
good humor all  the year,    Pat-
niore Hros.
CONTRACTOR |   t c Schemerhaum, represent'-
and BUILDER, ling the Rust Kootonay Lumber
Co., who lias been in the territories for some time, returned to
Cranbrook, Wednesday Ho re^-
|)i.irls the lumber trade'in' the
new n'rovini.-os as being good.
■ stimatks i'uiinisiik!) un all, work
Jobbing promptly kxkcutkh.
Houses and Cottages for Kent
or Sale on Easy Terms.
Telephone 82,
Carpenter % Builder
(iood Work at
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
sii-nn   Uniloffl n'ufl PVnQOB Work .1
<!om and Stock Estimates
ftrnfehed Upon Applies-
P.O. Box 834,   Cranhrook, B.G.
J. Edgar Davis
£.. Bricklayer   A
^"Contractor  "
,h Furnace, Boiler, Range nnd
tfireplai-f Work a Specialty, All
description nf stone-work under
Ordfirfi Ifift at J. 0. McBRIDES
Will KtVoIvo Prompt Attention.
L. 'Miller, Spokane; J, Oruw-
' fori], Spokanl; \V. Bowcii, L<?th-
I bridge,  nnd   J.   MoOallum,   of
Minneapolis, were registered at
the Cosmopolitan, Wednesday.
| NOTICK IS HKIIKHY HlVi.V tlnil nn up
I I'liuutuii   will   be  in:nif  io   the  Legkliillvfl
A-mt'iiililv  uf   ItritKli  I'oliiiiitiin   nl    li*.    next
| tywlon for an A'i i" incorporate Die St.
Mnry'H ana Ctaorrj Creek llHllwiy CutnpADJ
with pot/rot to build,  *.irntt, siiiilitiain it mi
•'periii1.' ii mii way of iurnlord t,nnj*f to be
oi-wratnl l.v Niiam -l, ■ 111< ity or uny other
power fur tin- ' nn viiiK ni fu-i,*)i! iiiiNM'iigt'rs
mul KpKu:  Oommonclrig nt » point on tho
North .sun Hrrtli'ii ul 'lie ilritinli Coluuililit
SnuUh'iu   Hfltlwny, lUionl   oiip   tnllr   went  oi
llayard; t!tt*i northerly ub.nij   mun nlfle
Luke Credit io Lot Ml, Uirin ii north «;i-mrl,v tn
-i f'tul ou Ctniry ' "nt'k iiunr l.nl flic with »
bu.iH'ti 11 nu from n point uli   l.<n  .HI  iiurthrrly
ton pu|nt on ntierrj nreott *\ph\ of Lot .iw. uml
oMut iTittieb lint's not exi'i-oilln*1 len (hll'ii
i'iu'Ii in langln, Toeuiuteei with ulttli utfrluki
running   Brnnigpuionu   with the UanMlin
1'ttOlflo Rslluiiy i oiiipitny or uny other nilhvuy
•innin tieiii urn(jo,iif'l jtiihviij ,., nu*} tptxrt
LinTiuf, find to ronitruot lUllnga ui nn| suoh
oonnooUoni; to roeelve from uny pernon. Gov
ernmnnt oi Body oorporaU grnntu of- lnnd<
inoni'V or other as->',(» in nlil p( Lite coDttruo.
tion of oniii undorthltlng, *liii power to ron-
filrmt hiiiI opt in it* tfk'Kmi'h mul 1,-lflphone
Mnos for Uieporpuhf of lu biiHlniMM nmi for ihe
pnhiit*  with sneu oilier power., nnd privilege*.
Ht. nrc usually glvi'ii lo rallwn*; eninpiinii"'.
Ituti."! ut i.'rnuhrook. H C-, Ow<JUibcr III), A,
Stock Quotations.
Furnished   by   Beale   &   i-'.iw
('riniiiniuk, u.u.
Miycaiii vVfreleu (Canadian)
Rooky Mountain Oil   	
S'. .'.UKoiu- %,...
Cumnliiiti Cold Fit Ids	
Wesu-rflOil and Goal	
IiiteniHtioiiHl Coal A Coke..,
North Star	
Hanittli.r Parlboo	
| »8  JUST   WHERE  %*»
Carss' Mackinaws, Mitts and Socks
Kings Stub Proof Rubbers, Hudson
Bay Knitting Co. Mitts and Caps
Ellis' Spring Needle Underwear and
Stanfields Elastic Underwear Show
to Best Advantage
Dressed in these goods you need have no fear of
cold weather. Every article guaranteed to give
satisfaction, or your cash back.
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000        Reserve Fund, $3,500 (ico
B. E. WALKER, General Manager        M.EX. LAIRD, Assi Qen'l Mnnn(n
$3 and under    ' centa
Orel $J end noi ascending »10    • cents
«   $10       " " $30 ■  10 cents
•   IX)      " • $90  IS cents
Thane Orders an Paajmble at Par al any offlee In Canada of a Chnn. n ,i
Bank, (Yukon excepted) and at tbe pruicipal banking point, in the fulled
UltMi anaoTUata ar a man nan at
Thar fnvrrM aa •scsllcnt method ol runltting small ■■ma ol moucs
t9m99*m999* *«♦**«♦#*-«#♦»»
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad <le|iot.   Has aooonnno-
dutions   for   the   public    nnoiiuitllcU   in
. Cranbroolc.
>ll.    HlalklTS   |
j^Iiot nnd Cold Baths Proprietor
n*m1mjmlr-*-*-*   * '■*-*'-*-*-*-**nnf.»l-"fnaiTni.T..*J -'-T-t-f-lt-t-*.
*"i"l"l*™i"|"lpl*"|"I™l™l™l",l"l"l"l"l"**l"P T™l**T"i™Jil*"s'
Beale & Elwell
WfNtlTIt   fHI   :
St. RUBOIlO l!H«i
i Cob), :■*
Home Made Bread
Cakes and Cooked Meats
Leave iTouv Orders l-'or
Xmas PuddinK
—  Cake  —
Baiuplaa iiiii.v lie seal) nn Satiinlny nml
Monday, Dee. Hand 11.
One Dnor South of City Bakery
Baker, St.
Cranbrook, B.C.
*  WILL   BUY   *
Western Oil
and Coal
#   STOCK "$
I find Pau a Good Price For it j j
A Silver Christmas
Select Silver Goods this year for your |
Xmas Gifts.
If it is RELIABLE Silver Plate or
Storling Silver, it will make a worthy
present for any member of the family, and
certainly will be treasured as a life long
We Fully Guarantee the goods we sell, and i
will be pleased to show you our large and well select- )
ed stock. i
wm. F. Tate & Son -  !
a Cranbrook's Leading Opticians |
Offlolai Watch Inspector* Crow'a Neat pan» Divittion <'.i'.K i
Winter Is Here
HoHcltbw for AppllntiitM.
Cranbrook Licence District.
N'ollrc's hereby glvetl tlmt ihinv duya ntn-r
'Intel ltiteiirt if apply to the Clilol Cora rats*
slonaroi i-1• i««i•- and VVofkn, nmi to tbe AmIsi-
Hut qprntttulonei of tAOdi itid W'orki for ttic
Dlstrlot .if Han Kooienay r<ir a lloonie to 'iron*
pecUor (oul mul Potroloum over tbe following
(leaorib-'OiHiids nil unted on Akumlnn rrn'ftlt
Blo**4W3j Booibeast Kooteoay Dlili-lot
CiWinicifrlin, i.i it post piuiut'd nt'iir Altninlnii
Oret*i«iiouU.iii- liutulre.l yurds nortli of the
Sougl Kooli-mi'- I'H". Trii'l, Im'Iiik Sr>llthl>BI( of
undjSjoiiiiiiK.ioiiii uloyii'spoiii nmi poLrolqum
Uliilfcimti nboul niio und one half mllo*J aotith*
•ttamiawbore Akamluii crook loins ICiphe
neh^ crook, being M. D. Sbon'i Northwoit
uorMr^poit, (bonce south 80 chalni, thence oast
wiomuij, iiicnri   north 80 obalni. Ihenee went
oocfcisliih to tbo pis -•' or beginning, cnntalnlng
IHO ***** (port or less
t*M»tod Novombor 3Sn<l, iihns.
'•   , M. D SHEA. I.ocnlor
fmii JOHN OLOYN, Agent
! 'I'hi' hail yearly MovUm- of tin- Board ot
: LU-ciii'i' I'nnnnlMloiiore Cranbrook Llconw
1 District, nil) he held in Iho Conn House
OnnhrooU on Friday, Deaember iftth. lOflft, jh
iln- Ii.hii■ of trii o'cloca in the forenoon, whim
the following iippiiriiiioiiK will I'ouir before the
flour I
JumcH Hrowii, Union Hotel, Wiirdnor
I   R. H. Holmn, Wardner Hotel.   "
,   .lohn Ryan. Ceninil Hotol
A, P. Obetietw transfor to A. MoCoqI, Royal
Hotel, n. Stooto Junction.
H. s. Matba'r, Wlndior Rdlfcl, Fofl BU61e.
N. Hamon, Imporial Hotol,
|   h   a   Frasor. traiufer w Qaurley a Mo-
, UoiiHhi. Siraihcoiiu Holi'l, l''ori Htcolo.
j    Oliver Hiirgu.   t'efry  tToett    ftotel,   P*rry
|   W. h. llmdford, hi Mnry'i Hotel, Hsyaid,
Robert Johnson, Contral Hotel, MaryHVlllr
• i. ii. Wales, transfer to A. 1*. Chuimtio,
Royal Hotol, Maf*HvlUe,
I   c ¥,. Fiiali, Fall view Hotel, M»rysvtllt).
S, Nell. Falls 'View Hotel.
1    H. W. Drew. North Star Hotel, Ktmherluy-
W. S. ForcyUu- Royal Hotol, Kimberley.
J. M.URrroll.OniivrloHotuI,
,    Jobu Mr in, Spring Hotel, Skooktim Chuek.
|   w cnlei LlecDve iMpector.
Toronto, Montreal
And Principal Poiuts In
Ontiuioiiiid Quebec,
oorrespondlng ratrs
to all Points in
New York,
New England
On siilo daily December
4 to TII.
For detailed information first-
class or tourist steeper reservations apply to 1o(mi1| agents or
.1. S. CAKTEK D. P. A.,
Nelson, Bi C.
Wmk Four Year Coarsit
iu Milling, CHeiutMl, Civil,
Meciiiui.iv.nl nnd Fln,tiiial
Mlnenilufxy nnd OCploRy,
Bk>lugy nnd Public llvallh.
Write for i.iiUiiilnr to
flit Secretory,
School of Minitix,
Oiir $60,000 Slaughter
Sale will be continued next
week, and every following
week until everything is
Hill & Co.
I P. Burns & Co. I
iUii OSes, Mi.ln Offlcn for Bast Xootenajr, 3
Oalfary, Albarta, Omnbrook, B.C
Wholesale nnd Retail
Mibat Merchants 1
Abattoir nnd Cold Storage-
at Calgary, Alberta.   =
Dealers in
Live Stock
I Here fire winter 6oo(i^
Weather Strips. Door|
Spring. Skates. Hockey |
Sticks.   Pucks, Etc. «
J. D. McBride
WilTIHB m w
To come and hava n look around our store
to see the many things
That Are Suitable For Christmas Gifts
*# ***
Our China Display Is Worth Looking At Con
sisting as it docs of
Royal Worcester   Royal Crown Derby   Minton
Limoges      Wedgewood       Coalport
Aller Vale Ware    English Cut Glass   Canadian
Cut Glass
Cranbrook, B. c.
Millinery Salej
To close out the balance of our
Trimmed and Ready to Wear Hats
we will offer them at 50% discount.
I   *U.50 Hats for...... *5.75       NVBOHatsfor  $8.25  I
10.00 Hats for    5.00 6.00 Hats for    8.00  I
8.50 Hats for    4.25 5,50 Hats for     8.75   §
7.50 Hats for    875 4.50 Hats for    2,75
•8.25 Hats'for  $1.85
Twenty-five only last seasons shapes
and ready to wear Hats regular price
from $1.50 to $4.50 to clear at 50c.


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