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The Prospector Nov 25, 1905

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Array Ll «>*•' •' ■-•« •»*•
%\yt Pia^^tiif.
NOV 13191':
'CTORl/--- °
Vo7. II.
No. 48.
Work Will Go Ahead All Winter
and Pons Will Bs Inonusd
Walter McKay and Richard
Wilson, Portland. Oregon, were
here this week to examinu the
Aurora property on the wett aide
of Moyie lake. Yesterday they
were shown around by Michael
Sullivan, the manager, and they
are leaving for home today.
Messrs. Mackay and Wllaon have
au IH month's boud on the
"We are very well pleased with
tho showing already made,"said
Mr. Wilson this morning. "We
shall continue work ihrough the
winter about as we have been
doing, and early in the spring if
the indications justify it we ahall
branch out and work on a much
more extensive scale.''
Work is now going ahead In tbe
raise from the No. 1 to connect
with the winze from the 50 foot
shaft level. Between the two ia a
distance if 230 foet. The raise ia
in about 280 feet from the tunnel,
and the wince is in the end of the
70 foot drift from tbe abaft level
The men are working on e, good
strong lead of ore.—Moyie
I. Thimuw M. Robert*, Returning Ollleer lor tbe wld election, do hereby
declare that the number ol note, cut
(or tht, several candidate* were IS follow.:
Moffat, Alexander, Accountant 81
Roger.,  Oeo>go Thoinaon,   Merchant      Ti*
Fink, Jacob Piua, Merchant 142
Greer, James, Contractor 112
Harris, Jabei, Merchant 84
Hickenbotham, Harold, Carpenter. 110
Hunt,   Phineu Devere,  Railway
conductor...'.  82
Jackson, Joseph, Hallway Conductor 811
Murphy, Daniel Edwin, Engineer..131
Itj an, James, Gentleman  SI
Tlsdale, George Predion  M
said George Thomson Roger, duly
elected Mayor, atid the Mid Jacob Plu.
Kink, Jame. QHar, Harold Hlck.u-
Iwtham, Joseph Jackwn, Daniel Edwin
Murphy, George Preston Tladale, duly
elected Aldermen (or the aald Municipality.
Given under mil hand thla 12nd day
o( November, 1906.
Returning Officer.
News Prom Moyie.
It is reported .bat 50 additional miners were put to work at
the St. Eugene mine last week.
The St. Eugene concentrator
will be running With a full force
by December 1st.' >
For several days it baa been
rumored around town, that Jas.
Cronin will resign the manage
menl of the St. Eugene mine,
nml that Mr. King, the present
superintendent, or J. C. Drewry
will be appointed aa manager.
The Lumber Industry.
The new mill of the King Lum-
bet Co., seven miles west of
Moyie is about completed. It
will be one of the largest mills
in Southeast Kootenay.
Winter logging oamps are be-
in^ established all over the dlatrlct, and from present tndica
tions the cut this season will be
larger than ever before in the
history of Southeast Kootenay.
Canada Will Also IatSstigats.
Ottawa, Oul, November 28.
-Although no. deBnlte
announcement has been made to
that affect, it ia understood in
well informed circles that the
Canadian government is at
present seriously considering tbe
advisability of following the
example of the American
governments aud institute an
investigation of the metbode of
the Cauadii.il insurance companies. It is privately conceded
thai the coming session of the
Dominion parliament will witness aa investigation into tbe
whole subject. This inquiry will
probably be undertaken by a
special parliamentary committee
having power lo summon wit
sees. In his last report to
parliament the superintendent of
insurance for Cauada pointed out
Ihe necessity for the amendment
of the insurance laws, which !s
not now suited to the requirements of the business. Before
the law is amended the inquiry
will be held, whieh will lay bare
any irregularities and restore
public confidence in the stability
of the Canadian institutions
whieh have suffered as a result
of the revelations in New York.
A City Connoil te be Proud of—
Wm Sworn ia on Thursday.
The election of a mayor and
six aldermen for the municipal
council of the City of Cranbrook
waa held on Wednesday and
resulted aa follows:
Fob Mayor.
Alex. Moffat,        57
Geo. T. Rogers ......   IU
For Aldermen.
J. P. Pink    142
James Greer     112
Jabei Harris .       IM
H. Hickenbotham  ....    110
P. DeVere Hunt      82
Jos. Jackson        89
D. E. Murphy     181
Jamea Ryan       81
George Tiadaie      94
The total number on the list
was 200 names. Of these 170
cast their votes,, the remaining
80 voters being non residents or
absent from the city.
The election was keenly eon-
tested, a number of aldermanio
candidates being early at the
polls, remaining there until the
poll were closed. A number of
carriages were engaged in conveying lady voters to anl from
the polls. The lesult of the
election disclosed several surprises. Tbe personal of Cranbrook's first City Council, Is all
that It should be. Every man
elected has received the unqualified approbation of a large majority of the voters and citizens
who were not qualified to vote.
Cranbrook has called her strongest, honest, and most loyal-
beaded citizens to her first municipal council, men have been
elected that are above petty
Jealousies, men that will give
to the city a good government,
a council fair to one and all who
will devote their time and energy to serving the best interests,
progress and upbuilding of our
City of Cranbrook.
The mayor, Oeo. T Rogers,
and Messrs J. P. Fink, James
Greer, H. Hickenbotham, Jos.
Jackson, D. E. Murphy and
Geo. P. Tlsdale, aldermen, were
sworn in, on Thursday at 3 p.m.
Judge Wilson administering the
The first meeting of the council will be held at noon today in
the Fire Hall. His Honor,
Mayor Rogers will occupy the
Conservative Assooiation Masting
—Important Notios.
There will be a meeting of the
Conservative Association held ut
Odd Fellow's Hall, Cranbrook,
B.C., on Wednesday, the 29th
day of November, 1W5, at 8
o'clock p, m.. sharp. A full attendance ol all Couservates is
desired as some important matters will come up for discussion,
A, Sundat-roui. Kimberley,
stopped over in town, Friday.
Mr. Sundetroin was on his way
to Waaa on business,.
Beautiful weather—
The law-makers of Cranbrook
will be in aesalon today.
Confidence Is the basis of all
J. W. Wilson, Creston, waa in
town, Friday.
Alex Grant of Steele was at the
Cosmopolitan Friday.
A. F. Johnson Wardner, waa in
the City Friday
B. H. Bohart, of Wardner. was
in the city. Friday.
G. W. F. drter was at Ward
ner Thursday on business.
Cranbrook city elections were
held on Wednesday.
H. G. Gilinore, of Vancouver,
was in town Thursday.
M. Phillips, of Elko, was in
town, Tuesday.
W. S Ward, of Spokane, wus
in the city, Wednesday.
Archdeacon Beers, of' Kaslo,
waa a Cranbrook visitor, Friday.
A. E. Watt returned Monday
from a business trip to Alberta.
J. H. McMullen. chief constable of Fernie, was in the city on
legal business, Thursday.
J. H. Hunter, of Pincher Creek,
was in Cranbrook Friday on business.
J. Kvans, and T. Bone, Leth
bridge, were registered at tbe
Cranbrook Friday.
Leslie Louk, of St. Thomas,
Ont., was a guest at the Cosmo-
poliian on Monday.
J. S. Pringle, -of Spokane
Junction, waa in the city, Monday,
Judge and Mrs. Wilson were
registered at the Cranbrook,
I have sold several houses and
building lots the past two weeks.
Why can't I sell yours?   Hutch.
A. C Nelson, assessor, who
has been at Fernie for several
days, is expected home today.
W. 8. Wilson, of West An-
ttiouy, Idaho, was in the city
A large number of men left
Cranbrook, Tuesday, for the logging camp on Skookum Chuck.
That sliced boiled ham at G.
T. Roger's is delicious. Why
not try some.
P. W. Gordan, Nelson; B. L,
Richardson, Toronto; E. P.
Downing, Vancouver, were guests
at the Cranbrook, Friday.
Messrs. Finch tt Jones have
decided on rebuilding the Falls
View hotel, which was recently
destroyed by fire at Marysville.
F. L. Jackson, Nauton, Alta ,
and J. Murdock, of Toronto,
were registered at the Cosmopolitan, Monday.
A band of Indians are camping at Old Morrissey, says the
Fernie Ledger. Editor Mott will
have to keep an eye on his
The Crow's Nest Lumber Co.
have established three logging
camps on the St. Mary's river
for the winter. In addition to
these, camps will be established
at Wolf Creek and on tbe Skookum Chuck.
Eggs are trumps. To open a
pot of a dosen costs 50 cents and
a raise as high as 00 is expected,
The old hens are not laying
much and the pullets have notes
vet started in business. It Is
hoped they will hurry up the
Judging by the quantity ol
baked beans and brown bread
which disappeared at the W 0.
T. U. social In their hall last
Saturday evening there must be
a great number nf Bostoniiin*
and their friends In town. The
social wus u success. A pleasant time waa spent in song, ehat
and games. The proceeds wan
for the furnishing ot 0*9 ball
W. Hanahah. of Marysville,
was in Cranbrook on business
D. Blatchford and J. Dewar,
of Portage la Prairie, were guests
at the Cranbrook Monday
Mr. and Mrs P G. Sutherland, of Vancouver, were regis
tered at the Cranbrook Monday,
A. Y. Smith and F. J. Moore,
of Vancouver, were guests at
the Cranbrook Monday.
K L. T. Galhraith, Indian
agent, of Fort Steele, waa in the
city Monday on business.
T. Donnelly and W. A. M
Fay, of Calgary, were In the
city Monday.
Don't forget me union K. of P
and I O. O. F. dunce on New
fear's eve. Kujoy a good time
■y alten linj this dance.
M. A. Beale and James Laid-
law left on Friday on a hunting
trip to the South Fork of the
Klk river.
fi. F. Pownall, bf Fish Lain t.
*ho has been at the const for
several weeks on business, was
at Cranbrook, Friday.
Dr Hugh Watt, of Fort Steele,
will leave today ion a holiilti..
visit to his son, Di. Watt, at Victoria.
S. J. Mighton announces that
his annual Christmas compeli
tion  drawings   will  commence
December 1st.
J. A. McBeatr, Jaffray; J.
.Means, Bayard, and R. Gray, of
Wardner, were registered at the
Cosmopolitan, Friday.
J. J. McAvoy, Fernie; J. D.
Wales, Victoria, and C Bartrch,
of Calgary, were registered at
the Cranbrook Friday.
For Christmas and holiday
candies get the fresh and home
made at the Candy Makers on
Armstrong avenue.
A business man looking for a
location always examines the
newspapers to see how his particular line is represented.
James Ryan, of Wardner, proprietor of the Central hotel at
that place, was in town Tuesday
on business.
C. H. Pollen, of Cranbrook,
and A. B. Fenwick, of Fort
Steele, were cruising for timber
in the Skookum chuck country
this week.
A newspaper is a bird's-eye
view of all the magnanimity and
meanness, the joys and sorrows,
births and deaths, the pride and
poverty of the world.
The Ladies' Aid Society of
Knox church will bold a sale of
fancy and uaeful articles in the
church Thursday. November 30.
at 8 p.m. Refreshments will be
served and all are cordially in
vited to be present.
The new hank building for the
Canadian Bank of Commerce is
rapidly approachintr completion.
Carpenters and plastprers an»
busy finishing up the inside
The new Presbyterian Oh ure*
is about completed, It is expected that the pews, owing to n
delay in shipment, will not he
hem until about the second week
in January.
To Rent—A four-room cnttaire
Has a good dry cellar. Will t»
vacant about February 17th
Also a good stable andlntweli
fenced. Rent 110 per month.
Write or apply to ,1. Mayeoek.
Among the visitors to town
this week were Mrs. Lewis, Mrs.
Dr. Bishop, and Mrs. Conovar,
of Marysville, and Rev. W.
Vance, of Kimberley. They were
here to take in the concert given
by "The Spinsters" of Cran
Benjamin Goodtield, B. A.,
will preach next Sunday In tha
Baptist churoh, the subject being as follows: Morning, "Chris
tian Missiona;" evening, "Is
There a Future Life?" •Rila latter topic is the moat significant
problem Influencing human
thought.   All who an Intonated
Companiss Now Bagsgsd ia Ber
ing Far Pstro.su>,, May Bring
a Largs Amount of Capital lata tho District.
In the extreme southeastern
portion of Southeast Kootenay
ia the Flathead valley. It ia
bounded on the east by the main
range of the Rocky mountains,
on the aoutb by the International boundary, iiu the west bv the
MacDiinald range of mountains,
•ind on the north by a spur of the
Rockies which extend in a weat
erly direction to the Kootenay
In this valley there are numerous and certainly very remarkable seepages of petroleum.
It is also a coal bearing district,
and several hundrtd licenses to
prospect for ooal and petroleum
have been granted by the Provincial government.
Two companies, The Flathead
Valley Oil Lands Development
Co., and the Dalles Oil Company
if Portland, Oregon, are ai
present operating, and boring
for oil in the vicinity of Sage
aud Kishneena Creeks.
It Is expected tbat the devel
opulent now going In this neighborly d will'meet with encouraging results, and that rome day
in the near future an oil reservoir
will be struck, and an "oil boom"
of considerable magnitude created, which will briug a large
amount of capital into the district
when the value, extent and production of these resources may
be expected to be both great and
Should be Attended to.
The attention of the school
trustees might very well be
drawn to Ihe number of boys
who are to be found on the street
almost any day during school
hours. Some effort should be
made to force these boys to get
an education and take advantage
of (he privileges now before
them. A troup comes to town
and in ten minutes nearly a dosen
boys, who should be at school,
are offering their services. Who
ia to blame?
Another matter in connection
with the same subject, "the
boys," is the amount of cigarette
smoking among them. Is there
not a law? Are they not minors?
Let us preserve the health ot
the rising generation.
bitch. The interest waa well
maintained from beginning to
end sod all thought tbe two
hours were very short. The ex
periencea of the spinsters in
Dawson aa they were looking
for husbands were related and
the number of local hits added
spice to the whole performance
Thia ia the second time tbe
Spinsters' club haa appeared before a Cranbrook audience and it
ia to be hoped that they will not
disband, even though some of
them have obtained husbands.
The letter of regret allegi d to
have been written by Mr. R. S.
Barou and which was sung by
tbe spinsters secured a great
The hall was packed to the
doors and all expressed themselves iu tbe hope tbat spqn another performance would be presented to the public.
Bvarything Will Bo Banning Full
Blast By Deomber 1st.
The St Eugene is being put in
shape to resume operations as
rapidly as possible. There^are'l
now 175 men on the payroll, and
this number will be steadily
increased to 300 or over. Eighty-
five < f these men are up on the
hill There will be more machines
working then ever, 31 in alt. .and
the mine will be run on a much
more extensive scale than before
the fire. The mill is being overhauled and the belts put on and
everything will lie running in
full blast by December 1st.
Tbe new shaft house and
gallows frames are much larger
then tbe old on-a The shaft
house is 210 ft. in length and over
40 feet in width and the gallows
frame house is 100 feet in height.
Work has been commenced on
the framing shed which will
run parallel with the shaft house,
This will be 35 feet in width and
100 feet in length.
There is no belter evidence of
the faith that the company haa
in their mine than by. these new
buildings and the other improvements made. Everything
is of the most substantial nature
and has the appearance of
permanence. C.A. King, superintendent of tbe mill and of the
building department, ia the
busiest man around the works,
and it is in a large measure due
to his strenuous efforts that the
mine will be In position to resume active operations at such
an early date. —Moyie Leader.
Ths Eostaasy Central B.B.
It is reported on good authority that active construction of
the Kootenay Central Railway
will commence early in Ihe
coming year, if the weather will
permit, if not, construction will
not be delnyed later than Spring
The C. P R. will have full control of consti uction. letting the
work out by contract. The K C.
It., when built will paas through
he town of Wilmer. -
It is said that one of the con-
Jitions of the recent sate of
20,000 acres of land in the Canal
Flat district, waa that the K. C.
It., would be under construction
early in the Spring, and paaa
through the land p jrchased.
In thla Important question are t*»*°*'«*
Qussa Alsx ndra's Fund.
London, Nov. 28. — United
States Ambaasador Whltelaw
Held haa contributed 1300 to
Queen Alexandra's fuuil for the
unemployed, which now amount*
to »400,000.
A Bap 8BM0SS.
The Spinsters' scored a grand
success last evening when tbey
appeared betas the pubUs us
their aeoond pwfDraanoa, ea>
titled "The Spinsters' BetM-a."
The play was wall rendered, all
talent tola*
Medals for Sohool Children.
We notice with a great deal of
pleasute and commendation the
offer of Mr. W. H. Wilson, the
jeweler, in connection with the
presentation of medals to tl.e
school children for general proficiency. This is indeed a stimulus to the pupils in their labor*.
Mr. McNeil informs us that
others will do the same. In cm
sulfation with Rev. J P. Wester
man, who is very fond of mathematics, he states that he has
been accustomed to giving a
prise to the the boy or girl who
siows the greatest rapidity and
accurateness in tbo four simple
rules which lay the foundation
It is his intention to offer a prise
in Cranbrook, as he haa doue in
other places.
New Lake it Canada.
Ottawa, Out., Nov. 28.— A new
lake not so far shown ou any
Canadian maps, has been discovered north and west ot Abit-
ibi. This lake wet discovered
by tbe sorveyorl of the trans
continental railway. It la twelve
miles wide nortb and south ol
Lake AbHIbl and for 150 miles
west the soil Is good, being clay
Of Interest to Those Bsgsgsd ia
ths DsTslspasat of ths Mining Industry ef 8sathssst
In oonsequenoei'f tboincroeud
price of p g load in London, the
bounty on Kootenay pig load hss
been reduced.
There lea'scarcity of mining
news from Kimberley, bat development work is progressing
most satisfactorily on ths Sullivan and North Star mines.
The advance in the prion of
Sullivan stock is due principally
to the reports tbat a large
amount of ore is in the mine, and
new developments indicate a
better quality of shipping ore.
Perry Creek gold fields are receiving considerable attention.
Mine owners are much elated
with the .shewing that haa been
made in quarts as well aa placer
mines. .    , • .
Since the completion of the St
Mury's waggon road to the lake
a large- amount of assessment
work has been done on Matbew
creek:-. Several floe prospects
have ore in sight, and tbe outlook for next year is very promising.
Encouraging reports continue
to come from the Tiger Poorman
Rumors of a mining deal tn
Fort Steele that wowld mean an
influx of capital., baa been rite
this week;
Mail a Peospector to your
friends, it is aa good as a letter,
and will let your friends know
all about Southeyt tr-~»>«!>»».
The railway aituation in this
district 'la attracting consider*
able attention among mining
At Moyie City, it will be noted
with pleasure that business' is
picking up again Shipments
of silver-lead ore from the St.
Eugene will soon be regular, and
recent developments on the weet
s'de of Moyie Lake, in tne
Aurora, show a considerable
amount of ore.
The Sullivan Group of Mines,
from which about 150 tons of on
has been taken out daily, and
at which development workia
constantly pushed by diamond
drill, and in the drifts, look well
the quantity of ore blocked out la
larger in excess of that in eight,
at this time last year.
Mining conditions in Sooth-
east Kootenay are very hopefnl,
notwithstanding paat depression.
The building of the Kootenay
Central Railway will stimulate
mining in the northern part of
the district, the effect of which
is moat promising, while tbe outlook in the placer camps ta
exceptionally good.
Selkirk Preoaptory aad Priory.
Selkirk Preceptory and Prit ry
U. D„ of Cranbrook, under tbe
sovereign Great Priory of Can-
da, will be instituted on or about
December 8rd. Past Presiding
Preceptors, A. W. Markley and
S. Bartholomew, of Calgary will
be in attendance and inatltute
the new Priory.
Attention Sir Knlghta.— A
regular assembly of Selkirk
Preceptory and Priory Will be
held in the Templars Chapter
Room In the Masonic building,
Cranbrook, on Sunday December irJ. Praters, residing In
southeast Kootenay era earnestly requested to be present at
the inaugural eseerably.
A circular Issued 4 Robert
Kerr, passenger traffic manager
of the C. P. R. announces tbe
appointment ol O. Mul* Brown,
superintendent of sleepisg aad
dining care, aa general
 ' • ■-■■--■■■■-^u THE PROBPEOTOK. CRANBROOK, B C, NOVEMBER 85, 1905;
Baker Street,     Cranbrook, B.C.
A. B. Grace,
®lje gtoepertor.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   -
Comfortable Bedrooms
First (.lass Diniiit; Boom
■SATUKIIAV. NOV   3fi, 1W»,
INDICATIONS are' that the
* City <if Cranbrook is looking up these (lays. The newly
elected city council is composed
of gentlemen In whom the electors, unil citizens, have every
confidence, Cninbrook is the
most prosperous city in the
Kootenays. It has u splendid
citizenship, loyal to the best interests of Hie city. With ti good
municipal council, let us assist
as far as possible, by making
ourselves familiar with existing
conditions, and to learn of any
opportunities nf liuprovment in
municipal affairs, and be prepared tn urge and support their
adoption, Wenre sure thai those
men who now hnvn control of
city nfluli'S, "our oil} dud's" will
ilo their duly faithfully anil
honi'S'ly. mill «'P mn-l lie   remit,'
to commence, mid show our approval; but if, during the time
of their probation, the six weald*,
prior to tho second election,  wi
find   ilii'iu   negligent,   or   Im v.
taken advantage of their post
lion and exceeded their privilege
and authority,   thoutrh  ii   may
have    been   for    public    im
provements,  let   us lie reudy to
retire them, if on the contrary
they have done their duty to the
satisfaction of the cilizuns nnd
electors of Cranbrook,   let  us
retain them   as  our   municipal
council for the coming year.
Let the galled Czar's wince—
The newly elected , ity council
of Cranhrook remain unpledged
to party or clique.
Property inside the city limits
has bourne the burden and Ileal
of many a day of taxation, Tin
growth of the City of Cranbrook
will create a demand for property   tluil    luis    been  awaiting
purchase rs,
The lumber business in South
east Kootenay is as strong us
ever, and has today even a bet
lor outlook than at any time
since mills were first built in the
There can be no manner of
doubt that the present govern
Y(, meat of British Columbia is the
t*; | most satisfactory and stable ei
35'    ..     .,     ,,     ..     ,.     ,v.    ...      ..     ..     ,       .. ,,     W joyed   here   for   many     year:
;t>>>>^:t;.«:*>'.<G^'* ^^^X^^^^ |Vhetl Pl.mhr McBride formed
his  governmenl   two or three
years ago,  and   finally  was en
dorsed  by a slim margin, dire
disaster was predicted for  him.
Ily   by   his   friends  the
And   those    so-called
lost no opportunity  to
make il as hard for the  premier
as possible, to carry on the business   of   the   province.    Prom
alpha to omega ihey went tin
entire category of obstacles, but
I Proprietor
$   Marysville, B.C.   ♦;
Tho leading Hotel of the St. Mary's Valley.
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished. Table as good
as any in Kootenay.
McClary's Famous
Kootenay   Range
Patmore Bros.
Plumbing. Roofing, Heating ami Ventilating
.V. K%fairi*frd$ 9 ;♦; <• .♦; k$. $.>c$: *c$pa$.Jt :♦: * fyprtt
were    unsuccessful
Thu bu-iii'ss i.f the province
was placed ou a stable basis as
last as it could be done, and
there was retrenchment where-
ever it oould he made without
impairing the usefulness of the
service. The old order of things
was done away with, where all
kinds of reckless expenditures
wore made without giving
thought of tho morrow. Mr.
MoBrlde might well have been
tn Missouri at some time, for he
had to be "shown." And litis
lack of ability to show him the
lienetit to be obtained from oar-
tain grants desired by some
parties has saved the province
many thousands, not lo say millions of dollars The government is conducted on strictly
business lines, for the first time,
and the expenditures are kept
within the income, also for the
first time in its history.
Today .Mr. McBride Ins the
confidence of the majority of the
people, and many Li im.iI- iu\3
fair enough to admit '.-. tuu
s they would like to pnve the
coulrury.    The prciiier a i I h s
lOlll'llgU'-S llie lO   a ■    a-i|   J(f It lilt}.
ed by ull, and the belter eondi-
llon ot the province ,• ur.ill.t is
line of llie lirsI re   I   - ,,| the re
ults of lite poli y  i .it f. u - led.
-Phoenix Pioneer.
Fire Insurance
Arnold & Roberts
Phone 99 Cranbrook, B.C
Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From
Painting, Decorating
and Sign Work
Calgarv Beer, Ale k Porter.
T. LEBUL k CO., Hay and Grain
Cranbrook, B.C.
c. c.
jcaioarB Game 60.
Fresh and .Suited Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
JUST RECEIVED   lirst of the season
Finland  Haddles
Orders by mail will receive prompt and onreful attention
$    Order By Phone 43    $
How's This?
\Vc (ilToi- Otio  lluiitlivil l.iti
ward (or uny cose of' *h*.ih*i h tlmt  o&n-
not Ih. utirutl Im   llill'h Cliifch Cuiq,
I-'. .1. CHUNKY &<0, '.Toledo, O.
Wo the utulifi'hlgiiud huvu ki.own F.
J. Glionej fur tbo hwi 16 years, and
bolievQ liim porfuutlj buiiut'ttUli
business trunsuctloiw timl linunn.i.iv.
able to oarry out any bbllgatluii^ irflrae
by bi** firm.
WbnK'sul; Druggist*, Toledo, <>.
Hail's •{ iitiii'ili Cure la takon Internally, aclinj- dtrcotly upon tho 1>1<hh1
and mucous surface or the system.
TeHtiraouials sent free. Price 76 cents
per bottle.   Sold by all DruuglaU.
Take  Hall's family   I'ilia  Tor constipation.
Choice Confectionery
Fresh Nuts   Fresh Fruits
Malaga Grapes
Fancy C;ilif. Navel Oratlges
Choice Bananas
Hugh Stewart
Ptione 75      ftrmstrono, five.
Rocky Mountain Chapt
NO. 126. R. A   M.
.tegular meetings:—2nd Tuesday in each month at eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially invited.
to. M. BORROW, Scribe E,
Prof esrslona I.
Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
It will pay those who arc
looking for work to call nnd
Jim  McArthur
He can secure you a job and
also lit you out in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.
Jim MGflniir;
Hanson Ave.   CRANBROOK, B.C.
» J
Tailor % Importer of 1
Fine Woolens.      f
Cranbrook, B.O. Armstrong Ave
»*♦**»»»»»«»♦♦•» *-**♦***«*♦
Uielnn teacher of the
Special attention to touch,
technique, phrasing and
grading of studies.
Kor partloularfl upply to C. K. [told &
Co., The Druggists,
We have this week unloaded a car of each kind
Special Price for Ton Lots, Call and see us before
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a slock ;if
Harris Bros.
a, i *
,). M. DEER
Boot'Siioe Maker
All Work Guaraoteed
New Work Made to Measure
Armstrong Ave.
hnperliil Hotfll
Purchase   Frioe   $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
i IflroeM & Rofterts
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
Headquarters fur
men and old timers.
When you want ;i  ^ood
place  to  stop  come to the
Manitolia.    ^^^^^^^^
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We dive You Tour Money's Worth
t*oadquartci'ti for
J Ice Cream and Solt Drinks *{;
Also Tobacco, Pipe,
and Cigar.
Baker St.    Cranbrook
Cranbrook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
raiibmok, B.C.
P.U.S. * C.E.
Port Steele B.C.
FtiU&iGlan ami Surgeon
llovim:  li to 11 ii.m. 2 mil p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
Phone OHIoo 106   Residence Imi
Office Boots:  ii io 12a.ra
1 to 11 p.m.
7 to H p.m.
Office ami RfsswENCB
Armstrong Ave.  Cranbrook
Together With  Contents Of House
This property comprises that well known
residence erected on Lots 16, I 7 and (8, Block 42,
Plan 669. Being the South liast corner of Louis
Street and Garden Avdntlfe. Land has 09 feet
frontage and 122 feet depth, completely fenced,
with a good lawn and kitchen garden.
The residence has Ten Rooms, including Billiard Room
and Bath Room, and is fitted with all modern improvements
The contents comprise the Complete Furnishing of all
rooms, including Piano and Billiard table, a full description
of which can be had at the office of the undersigned,
Full particulars and terms may be had of the undersigned.     Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Pacific  Coast  Points
Palace and Tourist
Sleeper., Buffett
Library Oar., Modern
Day Coaches.
Dining Can,
Best Meals on Wheels
fast trains o
kast and wkst daily £.
Tenders close at 12 noon on
Mth ilnj ot aNoveinlier
Solicitor for Assignee.
Beale k ttm\\
Aficnts of Assignee.
Royal  Hotel #
For full particulars, rates,  fouler,
etc., nail OB in' address.
Seattle, Wash.
C. W.   MAHONKV, CI'. * T.A,
Finest of Wines, Liquors and (Cigars
Those who are Weitry nml  ih
Alex will tin the rest.
irsty,  drop inl mid
]„,.! Iliatl
a taiii'llttall'
 a,. .iventMl »tl«r the I'iplri.
^uLC^ X nut,,!, toapply to th,
,,,,n n, Chief OomwlHlonerol Land-
;" iB nri-pert tot rotl nml Petroleum ov..
,    mtuated uboul one inllo north of Sag.-
;';;,   ,un,i b...Dairy um. <mgS2«u
'"'        ked wuthweHt oornor pout of J»mfli B
.latin,   ihenw   «»'*■ *» *,h*»inii
north WohilM- theuce we-t BO <**».
lhene«bOuih»)chaluitoH« ptaM* WJ'
,0uah,inK «o acre* more or l«» -nd *
jXlng tho northwMl corner  of   Mattle A
'Vo^Uusi.thdHV of Oc.oi.er. 199.
j-mwi K. flrlchioii. Locator*
Thomaa Murphy. Agent
.,   situated about U mllea u-rth Ol Uljlj*
Ltioul   U«»vi"dary line, and about three
U\^tL"sa.e and Oil cre,k.tn South-
"Kootenay   i.. C. and commencln, at a
It marked noriheaat coroer poat ol Allied
',   "claim   thenee weat w ch»tna. itaan
;,;chat.m..hemTeaHlWcb.ma. thonee
L HO chains to the plaee of beKlnn.njr. eon-
:,;,„„,„ mii acre- more or lea., and adJolnluK
tUooUtm of Marshall B. IK*.
I neater! thli Mb day of October. iw*.
1 Alfred (liven Locator.
Thon.a« Murphy. Agent.
,   situated about W»HM n*-"1' ol •*• ln'
, rnatlonal Houmlary Hue- «■*- -*"0"* ,h""
i a north of Bale ■«« Chl'*(it*,1» •«*;
.'.',., Kooteniy. U. 0 . and emmencimrat a po>t
murked the twribwwt oornpr t™> of Adam
uU,op'aoWin.lMIIoee.til M •**•■■■» ihenee
! lin, in-halnH.iliH.ee weal ft. chalna. th.-nn
11(iriUf»cb»lnaloplaceol It-irHmlng.CWIlain
r, dot vtin.
u( Qctptx r. IW'
 IaiUhi Uuulup. Locator.
Th'-maa Murphy. Agent.
Situated about Wn.lleaiiorihtif tho Inter.
nil lliuiiduty line, and aMiut three OHM
|J ur uauo '»■*• u** l"M*i'k' '" ~0,,,■','•lS,
und coin me i ul ii|  n»l*»
ol Alirtd
uiuil thU Ulh day (
t nay. H   ' ■
kL.,l    BOlllhW.H
itttuad'a  cUlm
iceeisl M)
eorner poat of .toliuiimi
ttfeoce   uoilh   ft> eh-ilm.
imliiH. thenee until!) »J umtltu
iht'iiuu weal * obalna io ihu plucoor iii-ginning
L-uiitaltiloBlMOaoreM route or less, and adjoin-
in. the claim cf Admi. Uuuiop.
Loeatod Ibtl Vth day ui October, IW3
Juhanoa Krul-tea'l. Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Af«fiti
;. Situ .led a' on' 'i' miles nortb of the inter -
' ii anal Houndary lino, und about tbrtu mil- s
.Hi ol Migc and Oil creek, lu Southeam
Knoienuy, H c. and oommenolng nt a pom
a.a.ukid the suuthvnni corner pom of Nick
lioem'iclaim.thence north ao chain*, theuce
went 81 ebalna, thenre nouth ftt chama. ihe&ci
. im 80 chalni to plane of beKlnulng, containing
> I" acrea more ur lean, and .idjuliiliig tbe claim
oi Alfred Given-
l.oca'ed thU ath day ol October. 190"*.
Nick Hoem. Locator.
Thomas Murpby, Agent.
•' Situated about 24 mllea north of the Inter-
national Boundary line, and about five pities
mirth of Sage and Oil creek m8outbeu"t Koot-
I'tmy D. C, and commencing at a poat marked
ni. northweat corner post oi Kwtna A-John-
Hon i elaim. thenoe i-UttOrhnlni, tbenee south
m ' hiitni. tbenoe wen 80 chalna; thenee north
- chalna to plaee of beginning, containing MO
i us mure or leia. and adjoining the claim of
Mck Hoem.
Located I bin 9th day of October, IWF>.
Knniiu, A, Johnson. Lotalor,
TbomaN Murphy. Agent
situated aboutM miles north of th«' Inter-
nuttooal Boundary line, and about tlve mlie-
nrihol Sage and 'hi rreelt. InSuuUicust Koot
- nay ll. C. and commencing at a poat marked
i uilieftst corner post of Charlea W. Currali's
uiiu, tbence weat ft) ebalna, thonoe south w
imlna. ttn'oeu oaatgo chalna   tbenee north ft':
'>.iinn to place of beginning, containing MO
m i-s more or less, and adjoining the claim of
'i-0 Smith.
Loeatod tills Vtb day of Oetober, 190ft.
Charles W.Ourruh, Lisstoi,
Thomaa Murphy, Agent.
it situated Hbout 24 mi'ei north of the Inter-
imtlonal Houndury line, and about live mllea
' rtli of Sage and Oil creek. inSouthenat Koot-
"'my. II. C, and commencing at u post marked
■he (outheaetoornor poat of Kditit i Miller's
i iHlm. theuce weat ft) rlmitin. thenco north ft)
' balna, thenee eaat fti chains, thence aouth ft)
I'lmini io phiei- ot beginning, containing 640
i< res more or leaa, and udjolnlng the claim of
i Maries W. Uurrali.
Loeatod this W\ day of October, IW.V    ■
Kdltb 1. Miller, locator,
Thomaa Murphy, Agent.
'■' Situated about 'H miles north of tho Inter.
■■■-■ imni Houndury line, mul sbont threg mllea
north of Suge and OH crcuk, in Southeast Koot
enay, H. c, nmi commenciug at a poat marked
tiie southwest corner poat nf (1.0. Smith's
elnlm. thi nee north ft) ehaina. tbence eaat ft)
ehaina, thenee smith ft) chains, thenee weat ft)
chains to plao or beginning, containing MO
acrci more or leak', and udjolnlng Ktnina Itaker'a
Located ihu wih day of Octola-r.
0.0. Smith. Locator,
TbomaN Murphy, Agent.
10, situated uboul «mlleanortb of the Inter-
national Boundary line, and about three mllea
north of Snije and Oil creek. In Southeai-t Koot-
enay, H. C, and commpneing at a poat marked
northweet eorner i>ost of Bmma lUker'a claim,
thenceeait M chalna. thence south w chains,
thenco west ft) chalni, thenee north Mcbilnl to
the place of tn-uinning. containing «40 acreB
more or less, and adjoining Atfrcd Oivena
Lwated this nth day of Oetobor. 1W&.
Kmma Baker Loeator,
Thomaa Murphy, Agent.
11. Siiuated almuttM mllea north of the International Boundary line, and three mllea
not lb of Sage and Oil creek. In Southeast Koot-
unay B. (.'.. and commencing at a poat marked
norlhoaal comer post of John W. Baker's claim,
thoncowoit ft) chains, tbence aouth W chain*,
i bunco east ft) chuins. thence north ft) ebalna to
ibe plaee of beBluning, containing MO acrea
more or leas, and adjolulng Rena A. Chick a
Located thla Otb day of October. 1W»-
John W. Baker. Locator,
Thomaa Murphy. Agent.
12. Situated about 88 mllea north of tbe lo-
teruatlonjil Boundary line, and about three
miles north of Sage and OH creek. In Southeaat
Kootenay. B. C, and commencing at a pojt
marked ti'usouibeaat corner :wat of Wallace
Lawn elaim. thence north ft) chalna, thenc
weal 8ii chains, thence aoutb «l chains, thenee
east ho chains to the place of beginning, con-
talnliigaw acrea more or less, and udjolnlng
the claim of J. W Baker.
Located this Oth day of October. IW5.
Wallace Law. Locator.
Tnomoi Murphy. Agent.
13, Situated about one mile north of Sag
and Oil creek and about SO mllea north of the
International Boundary line, commencing at a
poat marked southwest comer poat of WIB «c-
Domnigh'M claim, thenco north*) chalna. tbence
eust ft) chains, thence south so chalna, tbence
w.-st .(inhalna to the place of beginning, eon
mining am senm moro or leaa, and adj.dnUiK
tho northeaat corner poat ol Joseph K. Chick a
Loeatod this tub day of Oetober, 1ft*.
Will McBonough, locator
Thomaa Murphy. Agent,
ll    Situated about one mllo north erf Sage
and Oil ere. k ami about DO miles north of the
lnle.-nailo.il>! Iliumlsry llne.eoinm ncInK at s
post mark-dnorihwoHtoor..or pQ*« l'\„*
Bahiwln'a claim, thenoe south ft) chains, thenco
east 80 obalna. thenco north 10 chalna. tbence
woKtftH-baluaiullw place ot beginning, «o»
talnina MO acrea more or less, and adjoining
LDUtaf V. Ward's claim.
LoeatM Hits 9: h day of October. W06.
h'raniis Baldwin. I.ociior
Thomaa Murphy. Agent,
lli Siiuated about ono mile north of s»ii>
and Oil cr,ek. und aboul 20 mil*-* north of the
International Boundary line. eovOnebctng at u
post markeil auUtheut corner Uttt of Ueoa A.
Chick's elnlm itiiice wesl so chains, theuce
north an I'lmim., thence east ft) chains, thenee
south ao cbalni to pi ice of beginning, contain
lot* «40 acrea mora or less, and adjoining the
noi-Lhc-.M earlier post of Joseph K. Cb|ek>
Located thla Oth day or October. IMtt.
I'cn.t A. ('hick, Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Aiiuut.
ia Situated about la miles north of the International Boundary line, and one mile aouth
of Sage aud Oil creek, and eommoneiiiK at a
postmarked southeast comer pout of A. II.
Slay's claim, thence west ft) chains, thenee
north ft) chain*, thenoe eaat ft) chulna, thence
south HO ehains to phiee of beginning, containing tiio aeies mure or lis*, und udjoinlnir Louise
V. Ward's claim,
Located this 8th day of October, 1906.
A. H Stay, Locator,
Thomaa Murphy. Agent.
17 Situated about 18 miles north of the In-
terualtuntil Houndury iimi. and one mile nouth
of Sago and Oi) creek, and commencing al a
pom marked soutbw,st corner posl ut K B.
Skinner sclslm, thence eaat ft) chains, tbence
north ft) chalna. ihenee west no chalna, thenco
nouth '» chalna to place uf beginning, contain-
ing fito acres more or less, and adjoining A. II.
Stay's claim.
Located Ibis 8th day of October. >W*t.
E. H Skinner, Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
18. Sliusiid about 18 mtb's u iihoi tbe In-
lernutlouiii Boundary line, und one mile auuih
of Siit-eiu.il ui creek, and commencing ut u
post ma iked northwest   corner post of  Jonas
Ali'bug sehiiui. ihenee eaw SO ehaina. tbence
south ft) eiialns. thence west ft) chains, ihenee
north ao chains io plane of beginning, contain
ing M:i acrch mult or lens and udjolnlng the
claim or R, it. skinner,
Locatetl thi - tih dai of Ootobi r. IftA.
Jouaa Ablberg, Locator.
Thontus Murphy. Agent.
IV.   Situated ab >ut  18 tulles north of the Internationa)    Houndury   line,  and  ..bout  one
mile nouth of Sage aud Oil creek, and commencing at a poit marked the nonbeant cornet
posl of M. ¥.. Bionson's claim, tin tic ■ wcb! wi
chalna. thenoe south ft) chalna, thence east ft)
chains. Hence north ho chains to place Of begin nlnv, containing WOkore*. more or less, nnd
adjolulnicOoo. W. Ward's claim.
Loeattd this 8th duy ol October, 1903
M. ES, Bion»on, Lncutor.
Thomas Murpby, Agent.
20    Sltuau-d on the South fork ol Sago snd
Oil creek, and  about 18 miles north of  the In
ternatloiial Boundary   Hue. und  commencing
at a post  marked   northeast  comer  post  of
Christian Hofmelmer i claim, thence south ft)
chains, thence west Ho chain-, tbi-ncu north 80
chains, thence east ft) ehaitm (o the place of be*
(•In-iini* containing tiio iicrei more or less, and
adjolnini* Jonas Albberit's eluim.
Located this 8th day of October, 1 'Am
Ibrlstiuii Bofmelster. LOQfttOI*,
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
31.   Situated on the South Fork of Sage-and
Oil creek, and uboul 18 miles north of the international Boundary Hoe. and commencing at
a post marked fuutheust comer poat of  L. A.
Dyer's  claim,  tbenee  west ft) cV.aini, tbence
nortb ft) chains,  tbence eaal ft) chain*, theuce
aouth ft) chains lo place of  beglnnln-f. rontain-
lag 610 acres more or less, and adjoining B. B.
Skinner's claim.
Located ihls8ib day of October. lft».
L. A. Dyer. Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
2!.   Situated on the South Fork(of Sage and
Oil creek, and about 18 miles north of  the International Boundary line, snd commeneinit at
a poat marked southwest coiner post of J. A,
Shull's claim   tbenee  east ft'  cbslns. thence
north ft)chains, thence  msi an chains, thence
aouth ft) ohains to plscu ot heicUming. contain
ing 010 acrea more or leaa, and adjolnintv* L, A,
Dyer's claim.
Located th<n 8th d >y of October, itaiv
j. a. sbuii. Loeator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
28.   Situated on tbe South Pork of Sngo and
Oil creek, and about 'is miles north of the Inter-
national Boundary line, and commencfm* at a
poat marked northwest comer post of Oscar
Johnson's claim,   thence east ft) ebalna, tbence
aouth   80    chalna. theme   weat ft) chains.
thence north 80 chains to placa of beginning,
containing IHO acrea more or less, and adjoin.
!ng Christian Bofmelster R claim.
Located thia 8th day of October. 1008,
Oscar Johnson. Loeator,
Thomas Murpby. Agent.
ti.   Situated about 18 miles north of the In
tcrnatlonal Boundary Hue. mid about i.no mile
north of the South Fork ot Sage am: Oil creek,
In Southeaat Kootenay. B C. and commencluf-
nt a poat marked tho southeaat corner poat of
William   Mathews' claim,   thence   north   80
chains, thence west ft) chains, thenee south ft)
chains, thenee eaat 80 chains to place of begin
nltiK. containing ivk> acres more or loss, and adjoining the claim of J A. Shull.
Located thia 8th day of October. IWXt.
William Mathews. Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
!».   Situated about  18 mllea north of the In
ternational Boundary line, and about one mile
nortb of the South Fork of Sage and Oil creek,
in Southeast Kootenay. B. C. and commencing
at a post marked s -uihweat corner post of Mares Bnli el ilui, thence north 81) chains, thence
eaat80 ehains, thenee soutb ft) chalna, thence
weat ft) ohalns to place of beginning, containing 040 acrea more or leas, und udjoli Ing the
claim of William Mathews.
Located this 8th day of Oetober, ltwn.
Mareu Kola. Locator.,
Thomaa Murphy, Agent.
....  situati d about 18 miles north ol the International Boundary line, and about one mile
north ot the south Kork of Sage and Oil creek.
in Southeast Kootonay. B. C, and commencing
at a pot marked the   northeaat  eorner of
Prank Link's elaim, thenco Wept 80 obalna,
thenee aouth 80 chains, thence east ft) chains,
thence north ft) chains to ptuce of beginninK.
containing 040 acr *s more or leas, and adjoining
tbe claim of Oscar Johnson.
Located thla 8th day ol October, 1905.
Frank Link, Locator.
Thomua Murpby, Agent.
to pluce of beginning eoautnluK 040 rw*n
more or leaa. and adjoining the claim of M.t
u. pajn,
Located this Hth day of October. lft>.Y
jusipb Craig, Loeatorj
Tboinaa ifur.-ny.   a«n'.
30. Situated about 10 mllea north ot the international Boundary lino, and on ihuHoui.
Fork of Sago and oil creek, in Southeaat (too,
etiay. B. C., and commencing at a poal market,
northwest cormr post of Mary O'Neal's claim,
tbence eaai ft) chains, thenee Miutb ft) chains.
thenoe wesl ft) chains, thence nortb ft) chains
... place or beginulng. containing 040 acrea mor,
or leaa. and adjoinluu the claim of Catherine T
Located this 8th day of October, I90&.
Mary O'Neal, Locator,
Thomaa Murpby, Agent.
31. Situated about one mile south of Sage
and OH creek, in Southeast Kootenay, H. C.
and about 18 mllea north of the lnturnatlonul
Boundary line, commeucluK at a poat mork-m
southeast corner ulCordulla Llewullyn's claim,
thenee weai HO chains, then e nortb 80 chains,
thenco east ft) chains, ihenee aouth 80 ehaius
to plaee of begiuuitig, ooniaiolug 040 acres
more or leaa, adjoining W. H. i.lewtl jn'a
Located thia luth day of October, iwft.
Cordol a Llewellyn, L cator,
Thomas Murp <>, Agent.
*tt. Situated about one mile south of Sage
audOilCioek, In Southeast Kootenay, B- C,
and abuut 18 miles north ol the luieruutlonal
Boundary Hue, cumweuclug at a po«i marked
southwest corner poat of Louise V. Ward'a
claim, tbence eaat 80 chalna, tbenee north Mt
chains, thence west ft) chalna, thence aouth ft)
chains to the place of bogluutug. cuuiaintnt-
ii|u aeies more or less, aud adjoining ueotge
W. Ward's claim.
LOUted this Huh duy of October. lft)i.
Louise V. Ward, i.ocaior,
Thomas Uurphy. Agent.
S3. Situated about to milt's north oi tbo inter nut ioti.il Boundary line, aud about one mile
Uurtti of sago and ut) creek. commLUciug at a
post maratd uoiUiwesl corner poal of jna.es
Cairn's Claim,   tbenee oast ft) chains. Iheiicu
south »o obalna, thenee great ft) obalni, thonoe
Uorib ftluhatus io place of beglnuing loiiiatn-
ing tHOuere.s mo.e or   Ilss.  aud  adjoining the
Claim oi Joseph tv Chick.
Local, a tnis iOlii day of October, IDA
James Call Ua, Locator,
Jiimea Murpuy, Agunt,
.'.4.   Siiuated aboul gO miles nortb of the lu-
IsSrnatluual uouodury line, and ubout one mile
north of Saau and Oil creek, couimeuciug at a
pjst marked northeast oornor post of t. r
aiuriod a claim, thence s .um aO chains   the;,
wi>t au ehaius. tneneo norm guuhalna, theu
ciMiHii j, .in-, kiploouol beginning. couiaiiili.g
i>Hi acres more or leaa, und adjoining the claim
of James Calms.
Located mis iUiu day uf October, \9tb.
T. M   huirod. l.oeator.
'l liuniM Murpby. Agent.
li. Situated Ab^u.^J uil) a u rift oi th. In*
turuatloual buuuuar) |U», and aooul oliu u.He
nortu ui sugc and ud oteok, ouuiln', uemg ul a
posl uuik, a souiluuhi corner poal oi Mar-
garuiie It 1'Uii's claim, thenco wesiM'J cuuuis,
theuce north ft) chains, thonoe east 80 ohains.
ihenee suuth ft) chains to the place of begin*
111111*. containing &40 acrea more oi less, and udjolnlng the claim of T. M. Hurrod
Located this mth day of October, IW5.
Marguretie B. 1'lail, Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
ft). Situated about 18 miles nortb of tbe International Boundary line, alio about one mil
soulh of Sage and Oil en ek. commenciug at n
post marked southwest corner poat of George
W. Oloey'a claim, tbence east go chains, thence
uottb 80chains, theme west ft)chains, ihenee
south 80 ehains to plaee of beginning, contain
lug 040 acres more or less, and adjoining the
claim of James Cairns.
Located this lutti day of October, lftft.
George W. Olney, Locator,!
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
87.   Situated about 18 miles north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile
south of Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a
poat marked southwest corner post of Alfred
Woostor's  claim,   thence west 80 chains,
tbenoe nor'b ft) chains, tbenoe east ft) chalna;
thenee soutb ft) chains to place of beginning,
containing 040 acres more or leaa, and adjoining George W. Olney'a claim.
Located thla 10ih day of October. iw:>.   .
Alfred O. Wooster. Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent
38. Situated about 18 mllea north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile
south of S^e and Oil creek, comnit nceing at a
post marked northeast corner post of Kittle
Wooater'a claim, thence south ft) chains,
tbenoe weat 80 chains, thenoe north ft) ehains, J
thenee eaat ft) chalna to place oi beginning,
containing 640 acrea more or leas, and adjoining AlfredO- Wooater'a claim.
Located this 10th day of October, 1Kb.
Kittle Wooster, Locator,
Thomaa Murpby, Agent.
39. Situated about 18 mllea north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile
aoutb ot Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a
post marked northwest eorner post of L. A.
Lehman's claim, thenee south 80ohalna. tbence
eaatOOchalnB. theuce north 80 ehains, thence
west ft) chalna to place of beginning, contain*
inff 040 acres more or less, and adjoining tbe
claim ol W. H.. Llewellyn,
Lo ated this 10th day of October, 1805.
L. A. Lehman, Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
... Situated about 18 mllea north of tbe International Boundary line, and about one mile
aouth of Sage and Oil creek, oommenolng at a
poat marked northwest corner post of Frank
Burnett's claim, tbence south ft) chains, th, nee
eaat ft) chains, tbenoe north 80 chains, thence
wost ft) chalna to place of beginning, contain
Ingtvtil acres more or leas, and adjoining Kit
tie Wooater'a claim
Located this nth day of October, 1900.
Frank Burnett, Locator.
Thomaa Murphy, Agent.
41 Situated about 18 miles nortb of the International Boundary line, and about o e mile
nouth of Sago and Oil creek, commencing at u
post marked nnrtbea«toorne po.,t of KAoP.
Turner'* claim, th'-nce west o chilli", them*
south ft) chains, thence eust so chains tbeUQ.
north 80 chains to place of begin*! g contain
■ntaiolngiitOacrts mora or lesa, and adjoin  .
ug Rogers, ti re. ne*s claim
Located this Utb day of Oe nb r IMS
(a hvrliii It  .dli.-'>ell. Lo alor.
TbuuiMs Murpuy, Agent.
I'i.   Situated about  IA miles north of the In
ilernatloaal Boundary   line, and   .Until Ibr. e
mllea south of  Sage and Oil cp-i it. commencing at a post marked northeaat corner pis t o|
G. K. Mitchell's claim, theuce west 80 ehaina.
thenoe aouth 80 obalna. tbence eaat 80 chains,
thenc* north ft) chains to plaoe ot beginning,
contain!ug 040 acrea more or leas, and adjoining tae claim of Gather ue B. Mitchell. "i
Located thi- Utb day uf O. tober, 1Mb. I
G. K. Mitchell. Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
46. Situated about 10 mllea nortb of tbe International Boundary line, and about three
mllea aoutb of Sage and OH creek, commencing
at a poat marked southeaat curlier post of G. A
Holmes' claim, tbenee weat 80 chains, thenee
nortb 80 chains, thenee eaat 80 chains, tbence
south 80 chalna to place of beginning, containing 040 acrea more or leas, aud adjoining Kittle
Wooater'a claim-
Located ibis llth day of October. IWb.
C. A. Holmes. Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
47. Situated about IK mllea north of the International Boundary line, and about throe
mllea nortb of Sage and OH creek, commencing
at a post marked southwest corner post of Ada
Holmes' claim, theuce east 80 chalna. thenee
aoutb 80 obalna, theuce wast ft) chains, thence
nortb 80 obalna to plaoe of beginning, containing 040 acrea more or leas, and adjoining C. A.
Holmes' claim
Looated this llth day ol October. 1000.
Ada Holmes Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
48. Situated about 10 mllea north uf the International Boundary line, and about three
mllea south of Sage and OH creek, commencing
at a post mark d northeast corner poai of
Roger S. Greene's eluim, thenco south ft)
chains, thence weat M)chains, ihenee north 80
chains, tbence oaat ft) chains lo place of i>. ginning, containing 040 acres more or leas, and ad'
joining Julia Kumsey's claim.
Located thia 1 itb day of Oclob r, Ifttfi.
Hoger S- Greene, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
40.   Situated about 10 miles north of the International  Boui.da y  Hoc. and about three
mllea aouth of Sag-J and Oil creek, eommetic
Ing ata post murk'M inmhwest corner post of
Julia Hamsey's claim,   thence east 80 chains.
thence south 801 bains, thence west ft) chains
thenoe north ft) chains to plaee of beginning,
containing 04D aurea ni'tre or leas, and adjoining tht- claim of Ada Holmes.
Locate.i this 1Mb dnj- of  kuotwr. HUA.
Jt li i Lams- y. Locator,
Th  "ui* Mm I' i.   t\g i.t,
5     Situated u0-u.   .li   miles north-f ibe Iu
tt rnu'in ..il lJomnl.it y line, und nb ui one mile
nor.ii of .Sage alio Oil cock, c.-inmei etng ut a
p nt m   ked mm ih iv si  corner posi  uf  W. G-
Thompson's >i«iui.  thenos south ni chuins,
t en ■ oust ft) Chain . thence north wi chuins
theuce hv.-l WJcjiiliis tu  pUce of tn muring.
containing 640 a'orea more or lean, and adjoining the uulm .a 'I'. M Harrod.
Located ...]«. il.b d»y »f Odiobar. IWY
W. G. Thompson, Locator
'lhomas Murphy . g nt.
51.  Blluattd ubout 20 miles north ot the international Bouudar> I n-, and »bOut one mile
nort-iof Sago ami Oil o.e k, commencing at a
post marked auUtuwesi < orner -,Ost of I. F ta-
terbrook's claim, ibenc uo th8)cbalus, tbence
eaat80 cbulnB. tbenee >ou hft) chalna, theuce
west 8) chains to pl.ee ot b< ginning, containing 040 acrea more or leas, and adjoining W. U.
Located this llth day of tMo er. lftitV.
I. F. Eater -rook. Locator
47 Thomas Murpby, Agent.
tt Situated about 10 miles north or the International Boundary line, and on the South
Fork of Sage and Oil creek, in Southeast Koot-
enay B, 0>, and comuenelng nt a post
marked southeast oorncr poat "f Mary D.
Pun s claim, thence wesl 80 chains, thence
no.-h ao ebttltiB, tbence east 80 chains, thenoe
-jouih Wicbains to plaoe of beginning, containing 040 acres more or leaa, iind adj-ilutug the
claim of Frank Link.
Lottated this 8i,i day uf October, nil -.
Mary O. I*ayn, Locator.
Tnoinss Murphy, Agent.
28 situated about 18 miles nortli of the International Boundary line, and on the .outh
Fork of Sago and Oil oreek. in Southeaat Koot-
enav B C. and twwmenclng at a postmarked
iouihweit comer post of Catherine T. Carets
claim, thenoe north 80 chains, thence east 80
ehaina, thence soutb EO chains, thepce wesl 80
chalna to place of beginning, containing 040
Heres more or less, and adjoining the claim of
Mary D. I'*.vn-
ixweted this Hth day of October, woo.
Catherine T. Carey, Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
H Rttuaiod »ho«t 10 miles nortb or the In-
telilhnal Houndury 11-4. and on the South
Fork BagSid Oil .-rock, I.. -Southeaat Ko.^
ena, B.C. and commencing at a post marked
noriheaat corner post of Thomas Craig s claim.
TaZ west 80 chains, thence SO Utb 80 chalna,
heSoi' «at N chains, thence nbrth 80 chains.
Ing 040 nores more  or
claim of W. L '' urn-r.
Located this llth d iv o'
less   and iidj-ti  ing t'i
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Cou-
-isaloner of Lands and Works for « Licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum on tne following described land situate tn Block 46B3,
Kast Kootenay District. B.C.
Commencing at a post planted two mllea cut
of Sage Creek and about live miles north of
tbe Intei national Boundary, being t e initial
postuf E D. Simmons' claim and mark-d Rl).
Simmons* aouthweat corn r post, thonee north
80 ehaius. thence east 80 chalna, thence aoutb
80 chalna, tbenoe west ft) chains to place of beginning, 'containing Mo acres.
Located Sept. *>tb, 19Qf>.
E. D. Simmons, Locator
Q. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICE In hereby given that thirty days
after date (Intend to apply to the Cblef Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a license to
prospect for eoal and petroleum on the following deacrlbed land situate In Block 4593. Eaat
Kootenay District. British Columbia:
Commencing at a poat planted two miles eaat
of Sage Creek and about bve mllea north of the
International Boundary, being the Initial post
of R. E. Sullivan's claim and marked H- E.
Sullivan's northwest coiner poat, thenee south
ft) chains, thence eust ft) chains, thenc j north
ft) chalna. tbence west 80 chains to tbe place of
beginning, containing 040 acrea.
Located Sept. SO. 1900.
R. E. Sullivan, Locator
G. N- McGregor, Agent
Notloe Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief commissioner of Landa and Works for a Licence to
proapect for Coal and Petroleum on tbe follow
Ing deaorlbed land situate in Block 4A98, Eaat
Kootenay Dlatrlct, British Columbia-
Commencing at a post planted twj? utiles east
of Sage Creek and about five mllorraorih ot the
International Boundary, being tbe Initial post
of W. A. Wilkinsonsolalm and marked W. A.
Wilkinson's nortbeaH corner poat, tbence
south so chains, theuce weit ft) obalna, tbence
north 80 chains, tbence east 80 chi> iua to plaee
of beginning, contain!ng 040 acres.
Located Se.it. ft) iwft.
W. A. Wilkinson, Locator
Q. N. McGregor, Agent
Notice la hereby given that thirty days after
■Irate I Intend toapply to tbetbletCominlaslo
or of   Lands  and Works  for a   License  to
prospect for ('o.tl and pctr leum on tbe Ml- w-
ing described lutid situ-te In Block 4593, ICii-i
Kooten iv ii strict. B 0.
Commencing "in [>ov planted two i lies ,-iist
uf Sage ' roe - and anout rtv miles north of ih<-
Interiinil .nd Bound ■■> oei., thu Initial poat
of k. \i .lis' olalm mid marked it, MiHU' *>o th
eaet'ui'M-r p'lta ihonoe north **0 balna themu
weatft) h.,ina, tn ueu-loutift) ohalna, ihenee
ess: 8j> balna.to pUceof b-ginning, con alnlnn
og) acres.
thence east ft) chat ua. thence north ftlchatni l
t<1  ri t.r I. ginning coutalni g010acres
Looated -«pt *•■ hw-v
A IMky. Locator
* U. N. McGregor. Agen.
N iT CK la hereby givt-n that thirty da)
xftcr date I inteu-l to apply iv Ihe (bltl ton
mlssloner of Lauds and Wi-rks for a Uotua*' l
inofpeet (or co.il nni petroleum on the (o,iuw
lngdweribeil land altuate In Bl-ck 45sM. hits
Kooteaay Dlatrlct. British Columbia:
Commencing at a poat planted one and one
half miles west of Sage Crv k and ab ut algb
mll-s nortb <>l tbe Intern atonal Bon dary, he
Ing the Initial poet of G. W Arm-.tru*ig's claloi
and murked G. W. Armstrong's soutbw»s
corner post, thenee uorth 80 chains, thi nee eas
ft) chains, thenee aoutb 80 chains, thence wo
ft) chains to place of beginning, containing A40
Looated Sept. 30. 1905.
Q, W. Arme'rong, Locator
G. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICE la hereby given tbat thirty days
after data 1 Intend toapply to the Chief Com
mlasloner of Lauds aud Works fur a Llcenae to
prospect for eoal and petroleum on the follow
ing described land situate In Hi ck 4W3, Eaat
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a poat planted one and one-
half mllea weat of S g.-* Crock and about eight
mliea nortli of the International Boundary, be
Ing the initial post of M. E. Armstrong's claim
and marked M E. Armstrong's aontheast corner poat, thenco north 80 chalna, thence weat
guehnltis, thencesouth 80 chalna, thenoe east
80 chalna to plaoe of bi ginning, containing 04o
located Sept- ft), two.
M. E. Armstrong. Locator
Q. N. McGregor, Agent
NOTICE Is hereby given thai thirty days
after date 1 Intend io upply to tbo chid Commissioner ot Lands and Works tor a Llcenae to
prospect for coal and petroleum on the follow,
ing described land situute in Block 4W3
Eaat Kootenay District; Britlh Columbia.
Commencing nt n post planted one mile north
of the International Boundary and about one
and oce-half mllea fiom whare tht1 Mab-t-nah-
tiu creek crosses the International Boundary,
boing the inlttul post of L. A, Sullivan's cUim
ud marked L A. Sullivan's northwest corner
post, thence e.at 80 chains, thenee south 80
chains, thence went ft) chains, thenee north 80
ehain* to place of beginning, containing 040
Located Sepl. 30, 1006.
L. A. Sullivan, Locator
G. N. McGregor, Agent
NOTICE la hereby given that thirty days
after dste 1 Intend to apply to tho Cblef Com-
iiih.iiinerol Lands and Winks for i. License to
prospi ct for ooal and p trnleom on the foil iw-
[||g described laodj situate In Block 43V.1, East
Kouf-imy District, Bri isb Columbia:
Commencing at a post planter) on«-h ill mil-
rest of Sage Cre< k and ubout three miles nortl
uf the international Boundary being the Inltml
post of A. Still van's elnlm snd marked A. Sullivan's southwest eorner p it, thenoe north 8U
chains, thenee e.st ft) chains, then e soutb ft)
ch.miH. thence weat ft) chains to plaoe of beginning, containing 040 acres.
Located Sept. 28. llMft.
A. Sullivan, Locator
O. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICE la hereby given tbat thirty days
afi.nr d.ite i intend -.o sputy to the Chief Commissi .ner of Lands ..nd Works for a License to
prosp ot for c ml and peiroh-um un the following d scribed lands aim ite In Block 4.Vj:t East
Kooienay district. British Columbia:
Commencing at u post planted otic-half mile
east uf Ssge i r> ck and ..bout tbn e miles nonl,
if th.- International Boundary, being tie
Inlttul p mt, f W. A. M ore's claim and marked
W- A, MoO es no tliwe-t corner post,' theme
east ft) chums, theuce south 80 chains, tbenee:
west 80 cnaiiis. thence north B0 ehains to place
of beginning. • ontalulng tBOgores.
Located Sept. 30. tuo.v
W. A. Mwre, Locator
O. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICK Is hereby given that thirty duyr
after date I Intend toapply to the Cblef Commissioner of Landa and Works for a License to
prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe following described landa in Block 4*93, East
Kootenay Dlatrlct, British t olumbla:
Commencing at a post planted one mile weat
of tbe Flathead Hiver and one mile north ot the
International Boundary b->lng tho initial post
of c. B. Simmons' claim and marked C. B.
Simmons' northeast corner post, tbence aoutb
80 ebalna. tbence west 80 ebalna. tbence nortb
80 chains, thence eaat ft) chains to place of beginning, containing 040 acres.
Located Sept. 30,1906.
C H Simmons. Locator
G. N. McGregor, Agent
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.ilapOHi uiurkud MuU'l.euM •' -i...% p .». J J ft
Mlnear'aclaim, tbuticv weat HU t-naliii.. il) Ui.
nurib SU chalna, tbuitvs taai HO utktins, ibume
south HO ebalna to plava of b« kIiiiiIiik. i-on-
tain.r.j' t'.to aort*a more or leaa, and adjulnlng
tbe claim of Uraco Qruetie.
Loomed tbla Uth day of Outob«r. l»t*.
Jobn MUi..-ur. Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Attvnl.
41.   Situated h1k>u'. i'i mile-, north of t o \a-,
tnrnattoniil   MounU«f,v  line, and about tlireu ;
.   S0pt»    ttt.     IW'
H   •Mlita,  ' OPiifOr
^^^1 O. N. UitUr inir   »g m
I :.o: id It b i bj g vea i bat thirty daya r
dav i Inttiud in <-.< }>].■ tn the ('lit f C muih
j iloti■'■■■■' iMtiA.i a A Wo It- for a Llcen e to
pn*pt" for t "''l ti'.tl J'firnl mii -n "'•' (<>1 nw-
.'initd hflftbs ItW'l a'tu t ln Bloek W3, Eaat
Urovuiiy I latili'i., B.C.
t onTno' Imlag m » P<»at pl;int.)' o e an' one-
li. li ...ll h wu«.l Ot illRi; Ctmk .ud nb .ut U |fllt
ii, I s iiuriiii'f 'he ntt! ii.i i ri 1 ,t tuu itiry t>--
i. tLf'.ui'i. ;i".tn: ,i i. ''in Su'.'jrs'' Iriim
i»* 0 iu rk il i t «'•* l 1 > or.' i trth vn*t oor-
. .■■■ p ,.i. thence eaat jw ■ m\w, th-*nce -outh *Ht
hattif, uom w -,'. wi chdins. tiie-<*i iioi-ui 0
•0 of iie/lit Hn«. u maiiinj* apt
>b lu-
-.1 Sept
M). lit ft,
J ll Van Vail r. Locator
O. ■. Mi*tttep"r- Ktf-w
KfHiOf la her bv Rlv.-n th .t »id-.yi -I enlae
I intend to apply to the Chief 0--innii*lMSr
of Lands and Worki« for a Llcanae to prof-
pert lur Cool nnd Potrolsum nn tb« followlni
described land, •otuute In Hloeh WW. Eiat
Kfloiona* i»Wir'*«», tlr'tls'i r. him hi,,
twm       Comini'iiL'tii* it a p >*i rl.tn >.■ 1 on ■ ;.nl one-
m a.i i. MHamMMlni hAlf mllea wsat of Sage Creok an 1 About rlgbt
mllos sou.h ol *..« snal Oal «*«J;"^I»J","« j Jj ', '„„,,, „, tM Infrnutlowl Bound.r,. t*
.i.r«im.rk.1|.or.i.w«i™rn.rpo.tolC.ili   mil. n cl.Im«H
.rl»eI).Mtobelr.ctolm.tl.eM....tWch»ns,  ^«lM>°i       ^      Mrll..Ut \wnar post.
iliouc. nonlHWou.tiM topUoe ol bejlmilm, | «■«»» ■"
The Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled service   fiom
tit-- west to the east and suuth. Maklnp.
.1 nae cunnee ions with  train, of al)
oraiiseoniina-nutl lines, passengers art
ajlviw their choice of routes to Chicago.
Louisville, Memphis and New Orleans.
ind thi ouch those points o the far eas
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II. II. TuUMUULL, Coinnieivlal Agon-
142 Third St.. Portland, O'igon.
J. C. I.INOBBY, T.F. & P.A.
Hi Third 8t., Portland, Oregon.
P, 11. Thompson, F. & I'.A., Koom
I. rolman Uldg., Seattle, Wash,
Kimberley.  B.C.
tine troirYnr Comet
tu Mlnlni, Cheralal. Civil.
Mineralogy and Geology,
Biology .nd Public Health.
Writ, for deadar to
Th. PsKt.t.rjr,
■chool of Ml.lng,
Klaiatoa, O.t
9   H. W, DREW, P"ip-'»«""        ,—  . , •
CHENETTE ft NEAL, Proprietors
3«   Marysville,  B.C.  5€F-
The larjrest nnd hest, equipped hotel in the St. Marys'
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forgei the date,
Mrs. Blackburn and her sister,
; Miss Turner, of Moyie, were in
town, Friday, taking in the bur
gains in the city. Cranbrook Is
always a center of attraction for
those living around the.neigh'
THF- mvt $to*pectov.
IS and under    t cent.
Over $3 and not .icttdlng IIS    I emu
«   $10 MS  IS wis
«   $J0 "        IM  II carta
■nam Order, .r. Payable at Par at anv office In Canada of a Charter*
Bank, (Yukon «*xepl«l) «nd at th. nrinciral banking point. In the LnltJ.
StatCI. .BOOTI..L. ST * V1.W .AT. AT
Ths* lora aa eicellent method ol remitting sasall suau ot aos»
|        * with safety and at amaU asat ****
w vested in these goods.    If you are not satisfied come*
X nnd «vi. your money bac
Vou will gt't a dollars worth for every dollar in- W
Are Portraits in Sepia Platinum, with a very artistic mounting whieh is entirely new.
Prest Photo Go.
Baker St. Cranbrook, B.C.
We have been in the business
for several years, we have the
best equipment in B.C. and we
guarantee satisfaction.
About that Piano
Those interested in the pleasant
pnstime of skating are be-
ginning   to    turn   their    eyes! j
*********** *«*H***t*H***+***»
SATURDAY, NOV. 26, 11105
"toward the large rink erected by
; .Messrs Much  and  Can'.   Those
gentlemen are to becongrafulal-
J i'il on their entorpise. They say
| they     have    now      a      good
'foundation   and   all    that    Is
Miss  Post,  who   has beon in necessary now is a few  night's
Kernie for the past few months, j f|.()S(     d they will have a perfect
has returned to town ,
sheet ol ire
H. M. Burrow and .1. Chan-
ning. of Poi'l Steele, were in
town. Friday, on business.
King Edward to Visit Madrid.
Official circles In Madrid ex-
,, .  ..     ,„     , i peel King Edward will visit Ma-
Mr.  and  Mrs, Tanhhauser, or , .,.   .,       ,. ,, ,a
Fori Steele, were Cranbrook vis- drid '" Ml»'- tallowing Emperor
itors on Tuesday. (William's   visit   to   the city in
  j April.
S. H.  Hoskins left Thursday i
on a visit to the coast.    He  wi"
be away for aboul two weeks.
IJ Heath, of Calgary, has ac- :
copied the position of bookkeeper
with I. 1). McBride.
For candle
day, go to t
Armstrong in
.•* ;    -   "ver.
****« !iiaslioiiniMT„T,i..
Stock Quotations.
r'ail-IU-jlia'al    lay    llt'ail,'    ft   Blwull.   Itinlai'i
riililaraaiik. ll.C.
Itfaruout Wlrolois (C icllan)     .1 4.00
laiai'ky jMaaiaiataiiii Oil        ..... I.SA
St. Kute-iar  BO
iiinaiilliiii Oold Pinion 81 ■■'
Watorn Oil and Cool  »i
lllllTllaalllatllll Calall ft I'llltl-   .. 28
r.'iiresent. money nim-a- money
ilmn you |Mt,v for them alter ,vou
have worn thorn a while, lor the I
nd, iini'i' in |irli'Hs is marked, .ml
there is |i"*iitively no d.ngor ul
Diamonds deprwlatlnir in i-.lue, I
Ol court* it I. alaa.va i ,mTy |
to choose wi.**b nn'l l'"> tho ri/ht
price, when yini make your nlcg.
tion, thorolora it la snontlsl that I
you should chnow tbo yenni >t .,
l'CS|Kltlsihlo   llllllsc.      Ollf  H-a'aiial
its ilea era in diamonds l.obsthlt'
we think as enviable, and our |
hotel*,       ti     wm. F. Tate & son
!Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection m ■ Cratihrook'n  I.eadltiK Opticians
' «q ! ■ OHlolal Wnia'h Inspector. Crow'. Neat "as» Division C.P.R
'..[of jiiane
Well-printi .  Tationerj ailver
ses your business     Get it al
We are iho authorized  agents'Til*. ritOKi'ECTOH office.
f,n Iln-leiuovnl of Mason A liisch
Pianos, «e can do the work with-!., •I"!"1   Cottre11'   \'r?\,  F'^K
,,      „        ,   ,, n      I Mont., wasa guest lit   the Cos-
out risk.    Also Household Fur-1 m„,m|ilim Wednesday
DCQDV t  CIT7rCRAI n W.    K     Worden,     who    wjts
rtltHT « ril^UCHALU        visiting in   Alherla lust    week
Proprietors of the ; returned to Cranbrook Thursday.
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
Phone 113.
■.S.S.SSS.SiS   SmS i. i.   SnS   Hill
r? uvem
Tenuis and drivers furnished for any point in the district,
A. DOYLE. Manager
II. I.MS    S   .-."».   »l,ll,ll,ll,l,    I   ,   ,   I    I   ,   i
Houses and Cottages for Rent
or Sale on Easy Terms.
Telephone 82,
Carpenter % Builder
Good Work at
Reasonable I'rice
Office and Workshop Lewis St
l.tv.nf !
si. Kllitc
rest to railroad ilo|- it.     Has aeeniiiino-
ions   for   the   |miImh-    unequalled   in
.old liatlis Proprietors
Beale «& Elwell |
| Baker, St. Cranbrook, B.C. '.
T |
siillli'iin r,i,a. ; a t
Totiders are Invited ror building and T
el t iriLT ll llllllll- thl'i'i'-flllll'tlis 111 II mile a.
mere or less, In longth, 'in Ittohea wide
unil is Inchon ilerp  inside meamti'e- JU
nieiila.' n,■in- Chinatown,  in  the Wild T
I   B, T. Hernot.of Souris, Alia ,     , ,,,,,,.,„.
was a Cranbrook visitor on ,VIon- j trostlos.
nilinar   slrin^trs,   tie,
r   und   tnuii'i-iuls  re-1 ] \
Mr,  and   ,\Iis.   Neil   McLeod
 ml tender nun
Invited, mil
Curran, of the North Star mine,
wore in the city Tuesday.
Ineltidinif lumber.
II.   Hi I berg,   nf    New   West-
minster, was in Cranbrook Mon-1J
Sealed ti'inliTs marked  ''Tender for
'hum." in In- «ent. ou or before tin-
th   duy  "f   Di inlier next, in II. M.
Burrow, l-'m-i Steele, 11. C, from whom
further luirtii'ithu-a eun he obtained.
I'lie i-iii'liL is reserved nf refiisinaa imv
' or all of the tehuorn.
Al Mutz, manager ot  the Fort     iv,,,., steole, ll. ('., Nov. 24th, 1006.
Steole Brewing  Co.  at Kernie.   	
was in town. Monday. f0R fl F|RST.CLftSS TURN0UT
no Tn
Mosdamos Binmore, Cann anil
Lucas,  of Port bteele, wore iu  UAlMrif   pV'Q
Cranbrook  Tuesday,   and inci-  nrtlNJJLrjl   O
dentally attended tbe bi<_' closing-
out sale at Weid St Co.'s.
9   WILL   BUY   9
\        j
Western Oil
and Coal
#   STOCK   #
1 Aim Pau a Good Price For li ii
W^-WW»jl"M-M"M"I''t 1 M"M 1 H H*W±jj M*j»h|
a i- DoYouWaiita -„_       *
l"he Souvenir Heaters aa-     J
moving out faster than we anticipated
If So Get a Move On
X J. D. McBridb j
|   When   You   Think  Of #
Will be an assured success if vou use Ihe
Our Nrw Fruits ftre Just In
Pok Sai.k - - A quantity of
Petunias, some In flower, others Purnished lor anv point in the
about to bloom, in boxes of from district
one to four plants. Price iiO
cents each, A Posl Card addressed to Mrs. Arnold will
bring thorn to your door.
Stenin  lloilers mid furnace Work i
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranbrook, B.G.
Winter Schedule
Double Service Main Line
Connects With
Sleeper Service  West
Sttllldltl-l) mid Tourist Sleepers leave
Revelstoke Daily for Seattle and
t You Think Of
I    "HUTCH"
Fancy Sultana Raisins.    Choicest Yalencii Raisins Best
quality seeded   Muscatels  Dripped   Lemon,   Orange   and
Citron Pools.
G, T. R,   perfectly  dean   Blue   Pearl  Currants.    Fresh
Shelled Walnuts and Almonds,
Cranbrook, B. C.
PHONE  119
Cranbrook, B.C.
Ksist Kootuiun
J. Edgar Davis
!    I.euvu Keeieiiiiy  Landing llllil.v for
Media'llie Mill i-linneetillia Willi elirw   for
St. I'liiil. Toronto, Montreal,
i    Leave  Medloine   Hal   Wednoiniaj',
Sniiiriliiv for Toronto, Monday, Friday
{for  Montreal.     Friday   for   lloston
Dally lot- si. I ■mil.
I P. Burns & Co. 1
a*- ~
£ Hond Office,
C Calgary, Alberta.
Main Office for Emt Kootenay, 3
Cranbrook, B.C ~"*
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants 1
,., , ,. -.       ,, ,     Throtiirli tickot. to and front EViirland
Furnace,  Boiler,   Range   and Und Thr,T Continent. iutk for ChrlDtnuw
Fireplace Work a Specialty.  All  Snlllnga.   All Line.roprofidnted.
description of stone-work under-    |.\„. r„:i pBrtlaulara, Br.) nln»» or fc
taken. lourlel .loopor KMrratlnne, ajijily to ^
 nl ivgonhi or write fc Dealers in
Orders led, at J. D. McBRIDES     6. HILLIER, Agent, Cranbrook   E    Livestock
Will Ucceive Prompt Attention. | tv.A^!Z.   kJyH, Vuncomer! SitilillillUUilUtiJi|li||tJ|illi{151tliiliiJlt»iUiiliiUUUJliliiJlUif
Abattoir and Cold Storage!
at Calgary, Alberta "  %
^•*%*mi*®l*®!.®algfatea®Pa®l*& «>ffr^MINIMIHIM^Ii**fl**<<)*!'
We Will Continue Our;
Bargains in every Department!
ALL Millinery at Half Price
on and after Monday Nov. 27


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