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The Prospector Dec 19, 1908

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Array Vol. 14.
CRANBROOK,   B.C.,   SATURBflY,    DECEMBER   Hi.   190S.
No. o,
Fleet Indian runs Dor-
undo, the Italian,oft
his tccl
Nuw York,, Ihr. l"i As on tin- mc
mumble occasion of his tirsi olympiad, Dorando Plotrl collapsed within
sight of tlio gout tonight, mnl Tom
Longboat, the Indian runner, whu
had been led by ;i yard oi moro nearly all the way won tho Marathon race
ut Madison Square ga-rden.
Tiie race was hard fought from the-
start   to   thu finish, und kept     the
thousands of spectators  In  wild  ex- .
eitement.   At 25 miles   Uorundo was
leading by two yards,   A moment be- •■
fore Longboat had     made a remarkable spurt and put himself on nn even
footing with the little Italian,   Dor-
nndo immediately regained first position n-nd the men were fighting it uut
In the 26th mile, with Dorando in the :
lead, but visibly weaker.
The chances of Longboat appeared
to improve     in the second and third
laps,   ln    the     third  lap,  while the
crowd wus crying Itself hoarse, both j
men slackened perceptibly. Then slid- j
denly     Doro-ndo staggered nnd drop- j
ped.   Longboat  finished  alone,     His ■
time for the distance of -•> miles 385 |
yards wus 2,45:05 2-5.
The time wus 35 2-5 seconds slower j
than the Marathon murk established ,
by Dorando when lie defeated Huyes j
on the sume track three weeks ago.   I
It was a greuelling race for nearly '
25i miles, with the Italian generally !
in the lead, but occasionally over- I
hauled by o wonderful sprint by the I
The   men   started awuy at a brisk
clip,   Dorando     a;t once establishing
himself in the lend,.  Longboat     had '
won the pole position and pushed the (
other so hard in the tirst few minutes j
of tlio race     that ut thc end of the i
five miles thc  Dorando-Hayes record
for the distance bad iietn beaten   by
nearly   a     minute.   Later     the men j
slowed up and fur many miles    they [
kept in the sume relative positions in i
slower time.   Then  Longboat spurted
and repeated these tactics until     he
had  plainly  evident effect  upon    thc
Dorando nevertheless held the    advantage until the last lap of the Mth
mile when     Longboat took thc lead
and   increased the pace a little.     He
finished the 14 miles one minute and
Its 2-5 seconds   ahead of the Dorando- '
Hayes    record.     Longboat's     efforts1
proved to be spasmodic nnd Dorando
easily passed him in the L6th mile.
Longboat     showed signs of fatigue
in the 17th mile, but kept on dogged- f
ly    within     striking distance of thei
Italian.   In the    20th mile Longboat
shot ahead nnd dropped into a natural lope whicli kept him in the     lend
for live     laps.   Then Dorando.   amid
Wild cheers, forged ahead. Agnin    in
the 23rd mile the Indian mude a sen- i
sationul     sprint and gained the lead. ;
In the     second lap of the 24th mile J
Dorando regained his advantage,  Doth !
men  then  moved   more slowly     und
showed weakness.
In the beginning ol the 2Cth mile
Longboat sprinted n-nd tho Italian
went to the rear. In the middle of
the mile and when a quarter of a lap !
behind Dorando toll to tho truck and ;
it was necessary to pick him up and >
carry him to his dressing room.
Christmas at Knox Church
Christmas In The  Mountains
"Thoughts of Home"
ER,     AND     THE   RAILWAY   MEN,MAY   THE   YEAR    100!)   DE   MOST   PROSPEROUS     IN      THE    IHST
What  Cities Sir WILFRID
Want Protested
Desire to Control Clubs'The   Bribe  offered    to
and Elect Mayors, ete. Civil Servant $200,000
for two years a Year to Pay for
One   Election
Tin- executive ,,! the Union ul Muni -   o    -
cipulities of British Columbin wns ,-\       A  petition     luu- hoen tii.-.I agalast
cocdlngly     busy j,i  Victoria on Mon Sii   Wilfrid l..u,i i.-i   in rospoct to In.
nuy,   Not only iliil thoy hold .sessions election in    Ottawa citj     In cavern
;,t the city, iml  they hud two eonler ""'"' circles then  nre dismissal com
dices with tho attorney general In re plnlnts „vcr    tin.-     proceeding      -—'■ r
gurd t0 Hi.- legislation wanted l.y thc Wilfrid's friends seem to think     thai
municipalities of tin' provlnci   Ai tin- 'I"' premier should l><- itllowcd t.. use
annual    meeting,   which  wns held   in the mosl 'Hrrct and effective methods
Nnaaimo lust February, j. nunii i <.'  corruption  to secure in.- persona]
matters were submitted to the execu election, and yet be exempt from the
tlve     'villi Instructions I.. I..ok ini,, lawful and propel  penalty ..i thc   j..-t
them nn.l then take them up ivitli Hi.-       I" 'In- case iln- facts arc undlsput
government.   They     u-ill   report back '''I-   When Sir Wilfrid  became j. .-i.u
jii     ih.-     next meeting ,.i in.- union, tlidutc in-   wrote ;. lettei  t.. bis   col
which II was decided, will be held   in league,  Mr.  McUIvern,  promising   t„
Vorn i flic Oth nn.l 6th ol Jnnunry use ins inllucnce t,. rnlse Hi.- snlnries
a. xt, ol tin- civil servants l.v j.t  leusl   12)
um-..I tin- most   importanl    tters percent., ...   suggested l.y tin-    civil
taken   up with  tin- attorney goneral BGi'vice commission, and have tli.' in
wns tin- question i.i controlling clubs, crease dated back to iiu- lirsl ..i Sop
Nu ono complains   nl tho respectable tomher.   Mr,   McGlvt-rn had  promised
clubs, but tin- privileges enjoyed   l.y tlii*. Imt In- hnd   tli.- sufficient uu
thom jut shared uml  abused  liy .lis thority t., mako tb.- pledge good for
reputable     organisations which exist votes.   Therefore  tin-  prime  minister
lu   practically every city of tli.- pro wrote ;. letter giving ins endorsement
vince,   Mr. Bowser informed .tu- dole to tin- pledge.   Tliis letter ol thc pre
gutos    thul     in-   bail decided several mlor,     win,    Uu-    striking  passages
months ugo to grapple with tin- club printed in I,Inc.. cupitnls, was s.-ni tt.
question, und that, tlie government in every civil servant   who luul a vote,
tend tu introduce legislation un   llie ,-itul tin- i.le.lu'i- ..f tin* prcmlci     was
subject at the next session nt tlie lei;- canvassed l.y nctlvc campaigners, in
Islutiire. eluding    civil  scrvanl   oflicluls,     j,ii
An,.ilier   Important   mutter   is tin- through llu- departmental buildings,
desired clinugc in tbe tenure ..i ..Mice AN EFFECTIVE BRIBE
by mayors or   reeves and aldermen.      No more nttrnctlve Inducement than
Tlie union wants this extended t... two tliis could be offered to tin- I.". Ice
years, as thoy believe that experience tors in public employ m Ottawa.  It
ims     dcmonstro-tcd   that tlie present menni   <>n tin- average ovei  (125     j,
system prevents anything like eontln year t.. each voter in tin- service.   It
uity ..I policy in importanl   matters, meant   a   back   payment   ..f  probably
The proposal is Hint  ibe mayor shall $3(1 or -5-1 i tin- average Im- service's
I li'.'ted fur two years, but. tlmt ul- rendered  l.i-i.ii-e ibe change In salury
ilernieu,  while sitting lnt tw0 years, should  lie made,   lt  called t..i  about
sluill   half uf them  retire from ollice (200,000 nuditlonnl  annual   puy nts
iinnnully.    'Pile  suggestion  ulsu  ear irom the public treasury, with    extra
rios tlie proviso that, before it be put back  payments <.f (50, I t., $75,000.
in    force    tlie   new   schomc  slu.ulil   be This is the hlil tleie.i t,, mie     con
submitted In a retorenil i thev.it atittiency, not  fr  tlie purse ,,l tho
ers ut iiie previous annual olc-ctlon. candidates or their friends, bul  from
Mr.   Bowser   was   m.t  pre tared tu ' tin-  pul,lie     treasury,   It   would  not
give tb.1 delegates nay answer on this have I n otlered ii iln- two Bcuts   in
pninl,     but   lu- promised tn lay llu- Ottawa had mil   boon in danger, jui,I
inntter before Hie oxocutlve by whom If tin  premier himself Innl tint beon a
it would lie .'jii-eiiilly considered. candidate und were not In peril of do
Among     the other desired Chang's feat nl his own capitnl.   The original
which affect tli.- municipalities uf the govornmonl  cundidntcs,  wbi.se defeal
province at largo arc: Tin1 increase   of wns  'tain, had boon -set aside,   uiul
lhe scho0l rato from    ii mills In lu ; - the promior   luul undertaken tn tuu In
authority to thc registrar tn register Ottawa   while    be was   .-.till   a   calldl
tax sale deeds; and the holding ni the ii.-iie'in Quebec.   Notwithstanding   the
courts ,.f revision in cities earlier in cnorn s government   inllucnce     ami
thc year. tin- prestige ..t the prime minister's
They ulsu uslvd fm- rulings on the position, this bribe was needed in or
meanings   nl  certain     cluusts of thc tier  to secure lit-, olection,  and ovon
Municipal    Clauso     nci     cc scorning then flu- mnjorlty wus uot  bull whal
whose    purpose    thoy   uie  in    somo I h  was I,.hi yeara ago.
doubt,   Although     n     good   .leal ui        JUSTICE OFFERED AS BRIBE
work was accomplished und Ibe oxec       nf course it   ij- said  tlmt   thc civil
utlve f.-els that ils visit Ims tint been sorvnntu   win-     entitled  to tins  in
in vain. crease anil thul tin- .-nil service com
inissiuiiers had recommended il   That
Till'   CAROL SINOERS ,1,,,-s n sense the proceeding      It
; "" , ,, only makes it worse.   The recommen
The fr„libru.,1.     ( at-,,1 Slnjors will ll|ltlon „„s „„„,,, ,„.,„,-    .,       r ,„,,„,.,,
I" " Mntulay nlcbl.   Notices nre .„ „. ,.,vi| K,,,.vl,.,. „(.t „.lls |„,ssl,(1
being   sun   alum;   Ibe   r 'opi-cil ,„.||iy   „loni|,B Illltol-D   Sii   Wilfrid    wus
to    be     taken     each, evening.up to I „ cnndidnto,   The salary Increase had
ciirisimus eve    Last  your quite n low ,,„,.„ -jomnn,|01|  r,,,     j.cnrs, „„„ WI1B
l""'"'B "'•'■'' l*"   •'' "»' enintiiKH ,.f ,„,|,| ,„, |nilillt ,,„. oivn aetvke   ,.„
illers, jui.I thoy Pui'P'iso tn .1.. .t,,j,-,...   n   „.„s ,.s -t nmodliitoly
" ' ufter Unit recommendation, luu   was
withhold until Sir Wilfrid n led thu
', *'"," v.iteii.   l-li.vinc   refused   the   Increase
tins season    Tlie selcci ions
tlml will be i.-tiilere.i arc us follows
Tlie      First      Nool,  When Cbl'isl   was
llnin,    Sn-   Vtiii.l   tbe  Winter's  Sm.w
I'iiiiiiuiiiuel, I Saw Three Ships.-
The services uu Sunday morning
and evening will celebrate the Christmas , season. Christmas is not so
much u special day or ii special sea-
sou as a special spirit nr it'iiimc uf
mind. Let nil wbn admire uml desire
this spirit seek   it   uf llllll  w llu is tile,      ._ . .__, _.     __-.....   __-...
giver „[    every  guud  aid   and  begin   THOSE    LITTLE    BROWN   MEN '"''"<•    T1"'>' '"'' l'",llli"« naturalised
the Christmas week wilh tin- -worship I „  Japnnose ol thoir opportunities. They 	
"f Ohrlst. iWANT   NATURALISATION To EN- '"'', ",""' 8J;okl"B ''?' *'""<<"*>. rannoou- '
A choir    of seveuteei,  voices     will       ,,„, ,,,,,  .,.,,  „,,..,.,,.- .,.,.,,■ vres In rub     us nl niir lisblnc nidus    LU U,    i    ,,,, , lui
,,..,, , ABLE       1'.M   III   Rc/IAIN   IHt'. fr au    Tl.ev   have  o-u-i-ic.l    ,n   ,,   .-.mi        Dear   si      !   desire  tn     l;i   k        be
Kior'n °n£&"'■'^'"stpli- \ MOHT ol"   FISHINti. \X rV^AnZZ Sii'nstT  -moss fl f    Oranbrook through
enl's   uuiel,     II  ilui-l, In niulu" —"— , Till" wo might   patiently  bear,     but   >"ii  ''"' the
Dp   Arnold    In Ha- evoning     ill em  !   Tlml  'l»I""'''sl! '" u,il'H" i:"l""'l'"' when uur right lu naturalisation     Is lol their va!
"Hark  Ibe  Herald  Angola Sing"   7.1 '«"* "I"'"    _"j«,?'!*!!S K 52K* '" ****•<  « «"■	
II. liurli    Vocal solo,   "A lireiiin   ol
I'arnilise" Hamilton Cray, sung     bv
Mrs.   il.   A.   ('alter.
All Uil'e weli'uiue
A Merry    Christmas Souboii to ull.
i'. ii   MAIN, I'lisiur. i !"'"l'.'l'K '" '"'^'''"l'''.'!1'.':.."',,.".!.''''.'.,..'v" !nl!    """     Japanese can:
ed   through
lust,    it e
llllillT OF   FISHINti.   _^^_^_^__
indness and  genoroslty
-il ' gift   Which   I   rereiv
    ,,,„..   tli" muil  nu    Saturiiay
siibjeetji ns inrri'ly a path ti. ashing  „i|om.e, lust.   It c,       in u pleasant surprise,
privileges    and use it tu thut    end     ..p01, wi,llt reason did .Indue Grant '"'I'm "s unexpected us it was undo
alone   knowing nothing ol the duties on   ,|l(,     ,iliv beforo yesterday refuse deserved.   Tho little courtesy nnd   at
ui British citizenship and caring less ,|H,    application ul twolve   Japanese tontlon thoy muy have liml nl     my
is   ii .luiin ..iien advanced by up-  lvno usked tm- naturalisation   dcolar bands from time to lime was but tbe
potionts ..( Uie residence ni orirntajs  im,     ,),,,,     jnpnnc«c cannot become rollox    uf   wbut   I dally  r ive.l al
in   Hn'    province,   Somo ligbl upun  British subjects on such applications') theirs,   Mine was but  tho simple tils
tliis phase ol tbe Japanese cbuirueter     "Japanoso    who    have lived tliree charge nl u duly I owed to ibe public
is    thrown    by tbe following urtlola  yeB,.B ,„. moro M, Canndn   win. under ""'I my omployora.   'l'n know tlml   it
-   "--- publisbeil  in Hie  Japanoso Cunndinn  st,iuil (lll. Engi|au language, and win. was appreciated was its lull rewind.
Olirlstmns  ll ios  Ihroughoiil    the  News, in Vancouvor last Wednesduy:  8wom, n,||oglnnco to Hu- king ut Eng "ml 'Imt consciousness will be a well
day (rum Hie    choir und ibe pulpit. ,   "When   rertuin  rights nre guiirnu-  t,,,,,^ ,„.,, entitled in naluriilisatlon as "( plonsuro from which tn draw wlien
Services    at 11    nnd   7,30.    Sunduy   i 1 by treaty tho | pie ol  the run-  British suhiocts   Tlii.,  i,  our   right tho gold shall havo boon all spent,
Sohool     and  Bible Classes ul  three, itiniting nations liuve tlie right sti't-ti   nailer the treaty    Tin- iiiiii can noi      '   s'm" ovo'' romomber  with  i-raii
Visitors in the town will be weie     imiisly tn insist that the treaties   be  wnntonly he Infringed,     Must serious tilde lhe kindness und cordiality     ..I
lung,     tlu- premier should hnve
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ wjiited  until after the election,     'i'n
n.   .     . "oi    i- ii       •.   , l;'"'l' " ,u"'k  ""tU Oetobor, th diet
Died at St. Eugene Hospital it   as an election bribe,   is   the
wnrsl   way  iii which the bribe could
Daniel   lll-eliinei   died   al   Si.  Eugene '"' offered.    It   is uii ..lie  lor a cell
hospital Sunday last, dldato  t,, buy  votes  witli  liis     own
Mr. lln nu- was in tlu- employ   nl money,   li   is greatest  nf all    when
the. Eh et ri.- Lighl n,nd Telephone Co., iustlci   is     refused except as .1 price
und Inst Muri'li. while repairing n toi- ''"' v""'s f'"' tho loader ul the govern
ephonc line botweon Crnnbrook    and ""'"' which civ.-s or withholds justice
Fori    Steele,    lell,    j,,n,|    sustained        j, "I   its   llleasille
compound fracture ,.! tin- leg. Seven,1 WORSE -IND WORSE
operations wire performed, but in Ills      ■*" was stated  lji>t  week, tin-   cus
weakened condition II. wus Impossible tome income for Novombor wns    une
lui- liim t.. tally,  nnd  the end entni million and a quartet   less than     in
mi Sunday afternoon. November, 1007
'i'lu- iiinei-ul   k  place uu Mondny      '''""   returns   show    tlu-   following
uftctnoon     from     tin-    Presbyterian snortagef in j.ll departments ..1    the
church    Tlie Knights of 1'yllilnH uml revenue:
flic Fire Brigade attended in 11 bod)        Doorcase in customs JI,281,057
The rem s were conveyed on .. hoso      ' rcaso in ex-is.- $49,327
wagon tu iiu- depot    'III.-  interment       Docrtnso m post  ..llie.- receipts  ":i,
will tai e place ..t  I..-tlM n.I.-.-. 'Vl
Mi    tleorgc liieiiiiii-i    lather ul tlu-      Decrease In works ..ml railways   Is
decoased wus one ,.i Crunbrooli's lirsl $160,737,
inerchnnts      win. now  resides -.t  I5d       Decrease m miscollanoons *i;;i,:ir.t.
monton. Total decrease h,:,.,..,...,-.
'I'lu deceased leaves .. large numhei      Totnl  revenue November,   1007, tv
..( i'lniiii    in Cranhrook. 104,047.
'I I,till  revenue Sovomber,   1008,  17,
-.-In  in. nlhs, I'"
strictly     observed,   And     when  the
lonsoquoncos will follow iis
nlntiull   'I"'  penple nl  Criinbl'ii
Jiml   tin- uu
At the evening     service  tbe  choir rights ..1 cither purty are Ignored nr MlJKt   fl|P0Ct|, nn(1 [iniiicdlatcly   does  mory nf my snjnurn here shall lu
will render     lhe anthems, "ll  ci njurcd by the othor it. is the    plain u,|s (mention lifted uur llslilng Indus-   an onsls in lhe desert  of life      Mrs
upon the Midnight Olonr," und "The duty of     lhe injured party to InsiHt trp.s    Nlllu. | a,, t  Ui-i LI ull subjects have  Nellsmi and dntightors   Join  m     my
Manger Throne." upon treaty     rights,   liy the treaty in0 ,.iK|lt ,,, ,1n)i    |/Hs(  hii    „..ls  acknowlodgmont ol thogoldin presrnl
on Christinas innrniiig at eleven,  a botw t .Inpitn and Groat Britain In |)CgUn   a   very   rigid   enforcement of nnd kind wlshos for our welfare     in
short, service will be hold, uml uu nl eluding Canada,  Japanese are grant h,^ |,nv   ,im|' u,,, quuBtl f iiutitr   our now homo,
ferlng     fur llie Children's homo     iu ed the same rights and privileges en allsatloii  thus  hecume  inure  Import       Muv lull monsur   VuI.-ihI.- bless
Vancouvor will be tnkon.   Tins Instl joyed by     whites,   ou the itiiuiigru ,,„, ,h,in    ,,,,,,.   h| British C ibiu   ings be yours   uiul may ibe goddess
tutinn is doing a grand work (nr Im t,,,n     question   alone   the Japnnose u,c fishing Industry is clilclly in tl I plenty continue to serve the busi
Inanity, und il is lift iiu: thui on such government  made  prodigious  ounces- hnntln uf    the Juptinese.   'i'ho pronts   ne
an oci'i..sioti ns CltristmuH flu-  n-.-.ly Biolis   liy   wny ..f special iigreenienl. of tlio liUslnoss, liolii for tlio province
children should be romemborcd. Tliis agreemonl  acts an n limitation ,,i Britluli Colu'mhln ami for Hie .lap-
Tlie Chi'lijtllinn Tree tm- the Sunduy ol llu- tront) mi tlmt one nubject and „„,,„. „,.0  7,        ,,.,',„,      pivery     yc-nr
Sriinul will he lield tn ibe ilym    . n honce   we   catinol    insist nn our lull igrpc numbers of Jannnese go to Rtc
Christmns evening.   Oood     prngrniu. I.ronty rights.   Ilui. in othor mattors, veslun ami ibe Skecnn t.. ti It     ThlB
mnrchos,    drills,     songs uiul Santa us fur Instnticc, tlie right nf nuturiill [H „ rna, Bmiiicliil u inin tm- n-i
Clans.   Admission 25c, to nil but tbe Btitlon and nf ownership in land, we ,|(,M|  j j, iiuh,., ..   Vmi  nexl yeni     will
Sunday Soiu.nl children,   ('nine early canno'l yield an inch. I„   the groat catch   cn equrnily   we
to got a gnnd seal, "It  n: nut  necessnry to repeat thut „,.,, (l|| ,|,p ||1(lM, (.n,„.,.|-,„,,|
There nre a few needy familloB tlmt u section of Hie 1 pie nl llrilish Col-      -<\v,. earnestly urge ..ui   people liorc
require  ii  lillie  ( In ist in:,,:  clieei,  and ilmiiln nre   ii..!   pleiiueil   w'itll   Hie   reid ,n   tj(|u.   n||   ,^   mutter   litlnlv      anil
gifts  Of gOO(lB   Ol    I >'   Will   be   lll'l ill lice     nl     .llipillieiio     in     tllOlt'   llllllnt, ||g|i|    ||    through to  II    tllll   ll    Ue   Mill-it
nnwlodgcd and thankfully received on And Ihey have urged the centrnl i.,.v nn(     ylolt]     u hair's breadth ol our     Wllllnm   A     Swope   .,1
their behiilf.   This worli nf rollol    is ornmonl  Into Hie iiiL.pli..n ul nn un trenty rights    on these qitenlloiin ..[  despatchcr's stall .11111  Mi
purely    undennminuiii.nnl,    ami the Jiml  and unreasonable policy as 1 in nnturallBiillon    unl hshlng, 1.1  they   McDonnld, wero united in
needs nl the ensen ure tiie only Incnn bodied   in   the agreement  which wus „|.(, (n10HLions wliicli coiirern tl 11   the tnnnsu nn Wednesduy
,.i Crnnhr
In cn	
Again  Huinkim,  y.,11,   I   am
Sincerely v.mi 1 ,
Till':     PROSPECTOR     IS     l'l' 'l'n
DATE IN I'l'S .nut WORK   (1IVE
five iu ilinkinr this appeal
xlnlte.l   from
llll' ll In
Jnpnn-so govern   tlu-  iy ,.1   Jupai
clock,  by It.
WEI,I.ANIi    CANAL    DYNAMITERS     Total 1 miii   months,   100!, >.'.,*..
MUST  REMAIN   IN  .1 ML 115,227
Decrease elghl   months }11,647,200,
Ottuwn,   Dec   21   ItcpiirlH thai     j. Increased   expenditure      • months,
iiuiiil.nl   .,1  Irishmen  in f'lilcugo line H1.33I.-1H1
started a movement   to a .1.  Su   Wil Chnngi   1..1   the worse !2U,8"1,"I8.
Ii-iiI Lnurier   1..   intercede wltb     the Oi nl (be uu.- ol 131,322,415 11 year.
jm.'.ciii-.i : nil 1.. pardon   thc tlitce Willi this state     ol again  we lool'i
Irish n  Karl  Dnlluiun   John  Nolan   1   ' spoiullng   liicrensr ..1 debt
und .l,,l:n Wulsli win. were given   life nnd uml lho lollowing
jjciitctu-c    in  Kingston  1..1  conspiracy Increase In November,  I'JOS, "3,203,
In  blow   up  Hu-  Hell.nul ruluil al   11 III
principal    lock  m  run.  ...-n- broughl      Incrense In pnsl  twelve  illis J35
t.. ih.- alien ( Hu- Cm.uli.in ..a 7211,300
il..,tm.-   I.uln)  ami im hupe win licl.l Sn     11..-    1,1,1    .     gmwinii  pretty
mil iiu.1 llu-nl'l"al would lie grnt I    rapidly  ..1  Ibe rate nt (3,1100,      n
.   il   mil,       ,,u   II ....uu,   Uuu    III   Hie     Ill
appeal lippurlunll)  '- Inken 1.. ji 1 i-u.       in twelve  nibs tlu- I I- pnynble
iluu tfu  tin.-.   '-ul    were "victim    in  England     lu..., 1 ,....1 by nver
..I 11.    ..i.-t   ervlce ol Ureal lint..in'   (31.1 .'  nnd tempornrj   loans     In
.ui.l 1.,   <il.ee    Ii.m   il.   ui ques    tlmt country ovoi     il.:.       Mi
Hon were "pigeons" ol  British deter Fielding will he  upend lim   lu.  Clirlsl
live hum   Ii,,Inlay . uttending   In these I,,1111s
III.lllll.ill.   wim c   leal   inline   I.   ' cpl    JimI   11...Luu- .-
a   ..-i-n-i  by il Ibeoi    ,,i  l In- , i ,,w a. EXPENDITURE   \NP    ELECTIONS,
w.i   leiidet ..I Hu- i'i.ui m, oale ni si       Tin- oltorl   --i   111 elect  mi public
I , Chicago and Kansas city which exnendl  I nhown by Hie state-
was i.iei.iiit.'.l witli tlm conspiracy at monts ..f Octnhoi and November Hus
tempt, ie- is well known, failed                            Contlt I ..a page 7 Pllgl
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦j ])i\ ine  Rights
♦ ■
X The   Kaiser   Rapped   With   a
♦ Left Hook
hold the divine rinht.fi concessiou, hut
here, among ns, just look bow many
there ure thai enjoy it Lot's seo,
i here's polictmion und hln *l pirla nnd
Btreel cm conductors and nun thorn
gentlemen who dun'l like what flume
editor wiiilo hIjou! thom in the [iu
i'i1'. mul   ii iniin,ii   lnwyorH     who ure
Well,    I    see   llh
getting    an,.flier
opigloLtis   Willi
the hotel clerk,
"When   ubouts
ilit* rights ims been
In uiul shore ni Ua
be   lell   I I,      I.,i.l
did  the luteal   out
 I l lie  .-.-  le
lul j i- i   a p.u.it lulls j.ll.l  >
du itrj   .ui.i  bond  waltoi
1.1    ..til
,.■ llh
I      "This   ii is   i'iii
X  hotol clers     "I'he aov
4   m.t  want  I,, keep In---
hcndquai ters     for
I   lull i mill      Ihr
'inp.'i i.i diii' ■
[uh und ins .1.'
un tu kwm
it eilhei tie -u- there in iln forbid
den city, in ing uu burd but leil i ■■:
-mil brenKiug tbo sbeliH himself, |ti il
to disci-ui ui •■ anj Ui m i el til Ivoa u Im
migbl be moved tu ilt|i u little hi)
(.t i-i nsli, i! : ; , , ■> uucli powdoi hi
to ni.- buJurvTuHl food With n-'ilinii',
i -'.ii lei bin bni ' ■ i - :■ vi.w
And -V ii ihip in.- un< e»i urn I le can
Lhrow   i lul nl soul intu the   incostoi
lOO     iH'Ctlll IH    lit'   ■
liubie ui) unj i.' in' .'in- Vmi iin iin'
lutsidc is i iii' popului ti nr tei uu; i lieu
<i ■ im Uii| , nd " 'i...'.i' like .i Dn\ e
hfi.i-i u ..I.ui. -ind threatening to
ll wubuut al uppinK      i n
^ ui   ivipe then   (eel. „i  anything,
^   uud  vv reck  iiie ivurh - ■   uohgtlj
"Nuw   in  I'liii'.hiiid thej   I
i u'lit-., imt they've kepi   il   in  a    dafo
m  tin' Hnl isli muHOiim     Anybody    In
Kin.l.'iliil   tlmt s  .-.nlii'i im-   from   ,\   lii't
-'iii i'   KloUcll   .■i.i'.hu.mI   i tn    kitu:   uinl  I ln>
Kuvci iiiui'iii fun i'.u in t lyde I'.uk     ,,\
.t riu tutu j ufte ..ii uiul rliiuii up   on
ii box which Iiuh contained Yurmouth
IJ,..urn. ni uther stnplfi articloa oi
diet, ami nill bin reverend savorotjjn
nuiii'. uui il lie's no exhausted thai
iir' . Imrdlj .ti.'iii'tli enough li'it to
: ui   ri   hoine foi  hln erniiipota     nntl
dif-li ol im     Hm   vmi i' U  iuti. tlir
iniiliilr     ul    mi)   Impoi Uiul  st root   in
t in .     i nw n  \\ here the copper lu con
duct im   itif ci .i' ui  11.itii.   in     the
kind,  i.u bum hit;.     pul lent   way coin
nun  I.. ■,.[>■   und y0n addroHH a lew
ml., ui
nl   tin
i pi
.is ■ - thai
1  ....  ■    Kinpi i's.-.
Vuu   aud ihe othei
tlu>     \ car.      See
and    Prices    hefon
bin    an\ \\ here   else,
\ ou
': :;:;"„"':
4   i"S
♦ ind iu
4 been satis
♦ horse,     ill
♦ man's bell
♦ his ches,
.? cl ready t
IJ ing Iir
as lie h.ul
mil   uu      .i
ett'iuli lice
We  have the finest
Cooked HAM
yon ever tried.     l;or Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc.. it i> delicious.
'lli».\K 111
t'il    up   ill
, and .i wash boiler over
n lus mustaches all coil
trike, aud his eyes flaslithe kaiser wns a grand piece
il work and his loyal subjects were
trong i,)f hi iu Thoy even h't lum
paint oil portraits ami write German
operas, which is a vory nerlous un
dertaking, uud sail war vessels, because business was gotag along about
as usual and liis imperial majesty
supplied a touch of color around the
premises thut was equal to a Totem
Pole Hut one morning tho kaiser
found the tirst lord of the bed chamber had laid out a frock coat instead
ol a uniform for him, and as soon as
be put it uii he decided to embark
in the statecraft Une. Su he ca-lled
up un English journalist whu put on
his spats und bis lii^li hat n-nd hurried over to Potsdam and the emperor proceeded to tell him in detail of
what his Intentions regarding destiny
and providence would be during tbe
coming winter und ensuing spring.
But 1 guesB the kaiser's breakfast did
nut agree with him that morning.
Anyway, lit1 passed out a line of con-
versatlon that began to coagulate as
soon as it struck the open air.
"Anil wlien the emperor got. buck a '
few dnys later from a hunting trip in,
the Tyrol, utter the wild dachshund,
the savage rollmops, the ferocious
Bwttzerknse n,nd other denizens of the
wild, he found the doctrine of divine
rights draped over the back fence and
a lot nl" husky rbups standing around
trailing the dust of ages out of it, |
the name as if they'd neen a carpet.
The kaiser naturally started to voice
bis royal indignation, but wben he'd
talked only a few minutes und wus
still some distance from the verb, tlie
crowd closed in on him and the chancellor took his Imperial majesty by
his imperial goozle und turned off the
"It was nn awful shock to the kaiser. You mignt Imagine m lot of
strunge things—a canary bird being
sassy to a cat, or Nut Goodwin with-
out another wife, or .lake Kits speaking sharply of the habits and cus- |
toras oi president. Roosevell. But you
couldn't Imagine anything like the
feelings that came over the kaiser. '
Nothing like it. hud ever happened in
the ka-isering business before. It rt-,s
altogether against precedent . He
couldn't .seem to understand it. so in
their gentle Gcrmun wuy they took a
m *. **      -«   *       ms tmr      **       «*a   m ' * -     m   nmul ,tni1 drove the information into
All      Kinds      OZ       DUllding      material that, while he might still be the
constantly on hand.
P. BURNS &; CO., Ltd.
Head Office,
Calgary, Alberta
Main Office Cor East Kootenuy,
Cranbrook. B.  C.
I'lll INK III IM i. in IX sn,',
l'liins, Specifications
and Estimates
♦ ♦
I Ham and Bacon!
11      - mils  ;i:v  nlwnys  1
-   I'm   Ihul nu   I iv   llll'ln   Olll'i
it.  I im?  the   Imsi    llll
-III. . I'llls   Villi   linvi'
■sll   slnrlf,      Wi-
VI.II    »ill    llffl'PI!
•V IT    . Illpll.
P.Woods «& Co.j
♦ PHONE 57 P.O. BOX 154 |
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Tinners,  Plumbers
Heating' Engineers
I Inl     ,
S( I.'llllll
regulnr official Gorman emperor v him
there was an army review or a par-
ado of the Ktilgnts of Pythias, or a
brewery unveiling or something of
that sort nn, yet when it came to
running tho real show, he was men-
ly an innocent bystander named William .1. I lohi'ir/ollern, with a seal iti
the royal box n-tlll the lid on the bos
and the hasp over iln- Btn-plo
and tlie bungholo competently bunged by one of the hest bungs ters in the
business, tlie same holng named   Vmi
"And now Von Unelow is running
things Just the sume ns il he'd boon
born   and   brought   up   in   tlie    kaiser
bUBlUOSS.      Any     li        Ihal    Wilheltli
feels thul   lie  OUglll   lo  litter  a   tew I'r
marks on any huge public question
he'll get in touch with Vou Bliolow,
and liml 0Ul where he stands, it at
ull.     It   he   don't       he's   liable   to   lose
his present job and bo discharged
without a   reletenee.    Some persons in
England once operated on Oha-rles I
for the removal of his divine rights
with nn ax, nnd the common people
in France also took nil quite a lot
nf divine rights along with the hen-ds
of the persons holding the privilege
at the time, nnd in both cn-sos the operation   was  a   comploto   success,    but
♦ i hose things happened some time ago,
♦ ,mil   I   guess [hey   must  have soft      of
T  slipped out of tlio kaiser's mind.   It
:was ii shame to remind him of 'cm in
sueh a sudden, nut to     say     violent
I "II certainly was .1 blow for divine
+ rlghti    tno    With   tin- oxcoptlon    o(
9 IIushIii   ami  0111   own   beloved   United
♦ Htutos I don'l know ol anv civilised
9 country weie ilivlno rights can feel at
I homo nny more now that Clerninny
J   litis handed    the ,-iatnl slam "
♦ "Did  you  sny  llie  United  States?"
♦ infil  the house detective pii'//.led
4      "Sine,"   Hiild   the   I I   clnrh    "We
4   hnve   mighty   neat    gol     ihe dlvino
9  nrlii:; umrkel  eornorod  in  this conn
1.ihei Hide niily otic
lillie has been cut II led  to
▼   r ".im ' " "
X "* "*■"'■■•
9   fumlly nt a
Mile   f,)   .-'I    tin    .Lilh11
"■■'ii tt> rttop hero <>ii tho
wnj buck with you, so as in Let you
whispei  through tlie icinpurury bund
ages .nul t.ll me what  hupps I     to
you    nud  how   Ions   you  think   you'll
lie  Ul   Hie   hospital
Dn thc othot .-ule you call your
servant girl bj hoi last name, such
.1,. Meadows ni Flowing or Urlggs,
and iu return she stoops and gives
yuu ,1 eurtsej i'ul! a North Anieri
can hue,l girl by her last name in u
peremptory tone ,,1 voice, und will
she stoop down? She will ihut Hut
she won't come up with n curtsey.
She'll como up with a ilatlron or a
rolling pin or something handy like
that, and before she gets through;
working on you there'll be so many
new symbols ol the theory of divine
rights Imprinted on vour dome of
thought thai your head would look
like a peck (,t winter turnips.
"Why,      Larry,     when you come to
lake 11 complete census, divine rights
appear     to be mighty new tiie Commonest thing we've got.   There's   one '
set of divine rights that entitles the
man at   the information bureau  in a ■
largo     railroad station not  to know1
anything but insulting remarks, and |
another that permits a criminal lawyer,   whose  only  office address  is  the
number on his hat, to buck a timid
citizen Into thc deadly clutches ol   a
witness chair and shake his finger   in
his face nnd tell him he's nine differ-
ont   kinds     of a liar while a learned
judge sits by just waiting Tor the vie- i
tim to talk hack so he can send him
to jail for contempt of court; aud an-
other   tlmt   gives large, wealthy corporation tbe power to do things that.
an Individual couldn't do without being   sent    to the electric chair for it ■
and another that allows a car conduc-
tor     to step on your feet and hand
you a Canadian dime ami a zinc to- '<
bacco     tag as change for tt* quarter,
and then.throw you off on your futile
head if you kick, and another that al- j
lows     a     feeble minded old lady to ;
leave her estate to a home for decayed poll  parrots when she has several
hundred hungry relatives that ure al- 1
ready     only   one jump ahead of the
overseer     of   the    poor, and another
"Aw chop off that stuff," said the
detective.   "This is a free country."
"The freest I ever saw." said the
hotel clerk, "and some of us nro getting freer with the rest of us every
"Do yoil sure enough     think there's1
anybody     that's entitled to claim a
divine right?" asked the house detective.
"Yes,"  said the hotel  clerk,   "Bat- '
Ming Nelson.   And in addition to     u
divine right  Hut's got a  magnificent
left "
Repeat It:—"Shiloh's dure will always cure my coughs und colds."
Minister of Mines
The  Victoria   Week   is in  receipt   of ,
information from a  reliable source in .
Ottawa to the effect that il bus been
linully derided for the portfolio of the
minister of mines to pass from    Mr.
Templemn-n,   It has not yet been   de- !
cldod   who   the successor  will   be,   hul
it      is     considered   possible  thut   the
plum will fall to Mr. Conmee who ro
presents the  lurge milling district    of
Nt-w Ontario.    In  unv   event   the pull
folio will  not   be offered  to  Mr, Sloan \
or  Knlpli Smith as the goVCl'limeill   isi
nut  prepared to lake ihe risk of op
oning a li r   constituency, Mr  Tom I
pieman      will   however,   bo  oilier wise j
provided   lor    The lime:,     will    now '
have     llu     reason   lol   colli Iniilug   its :
campaign in fnvui of Mr, Templeman 1
and will probably realise lhat   if Ins '
defeat moans the loss ol a portfolio !
lo the province there were other prill  <
ciples ut  stake   wbfch the electorate
considered of gron-tor Importance    11
is i|iu1i   natural that  a section of the
liberal prose     should have been pro 1
pared  to urge .Mr. Tcmpleman's claim j
but as 11 mutter of fact  there was no I
enthusiasm in his favor in the    eust 1
and  Ottawa  was unwilling  to accept
him for the vacancy which will     be
created by Sir Wilfrid Lnurier. While 1
Mr. Templeman hn-s done fairly woll
iu bis capacity of     minister of mines ]
there has been nothing conspicuous iu !
his service mul nothing to attract attention outside the province.     Much
hus been mude of the fact  that     the
Canadian    Mining    -Journal  espoused
his cause, but the recommendation   of
that   paper should he tuken with     a
grain of suit since il  hus fallen info
tlie bunds of those who have     more
than     once exploited  il   lor politieul
purposes und ii-t lhe last annual elec
1 imi ol olllceru for the Canadian Min
(ng     Institute it  openly anlngotilsed
Ihe Institute, ntld  endeavored   to force
a slate against the official rccnmmon
datum with the result Ihal it was
snowed under If Lho Canadian Min
Ing Journal was in a posit ion to
> peak' for lhe Industry no doubt its
recommqndatloti would be entitled to
considerable welgliL, hut under tbo
circumstances it can only he regarded
as the voice of one crying In thc wilderness.
Calgary   Cattle   Co.
Fresh   and   Suited  Ments,
Fish  and   Poultry  in  season.
1 hit, is ly ."Ati/ will receive prompt attention.
Order  hy   Phone,  45.
H.   W.   DK.EW.   Proprietor.
* 41*44**************444*********************99
\ Pound!
ilii Baker Street, one door west
.it Messrs. Ilill ,v Co., the only
place in t.mn that can make
life worth liviiifj.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,    Manager.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************
Dyeing   and  Cleaning.
Successor to
L.  Colin
brood's Up-
to-date Tailor,
John    LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.c
Rubber  Dollar   Store
0, W. VanWOUMBR, I'uoi'uiktoii ft
♦ We Buy livcrytjiing
X      HOUSES, STOVES, now nnd  sucoiul hand   PUBN1-
♦ Tl'l'k.   CROCKERY   nml   WEARTNO    APPAREL
X WE SELL wlml wo linvn In slock nt prices Uuu
4 will sni'pi'iso you     A visit in tho Dollar store will con-       m
X vini'i' y.ni lliiil  wo have tho goods, and can sn-vo you      j
♦ iiliv por coul on any >{oods purclmseil. ♦
| Wc Iluv and Sell For Cash X
9******************************************* THE   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,    li.   C,    DECEMBER    111.    UKV
G. T. Rogers
Each Year the Demand Increases
hnl' six years we have sold Jacoiis Irish Bscuits, and each
year the demand for these "Bestol all Buscuits'and Cakes increases
During the six years we have imported direct from Jacobs
Factory in Dublin Ninety-Four Casks of Biscuits and Cakes.
Each case contains trom two hundred and tiltv to four hundred
pounds of biscuits. Figure that out at an average of Three Hundred
Pounds of Biscuits to the Cask and the result will give you an
idea of the quantity we sell.
Apart from  thc usual  assortment of buscuits we will have
Chancellor Cakes,  Beatrice Cakes, Waverloy Cakes, Genoa Cakes
Maderia Cakes   in   lib,  3}>lb and 711' sizes.
Hinder Short Cakes, Tantallon Short Bread.
We   Import  Direct   Lipton's Jams,  Jellies,   and  Pickles.
The jams and jellies in lib jars ; the pickles in pint and !4pint bottles
Cairns and Hartleys fancy Jams and Jellies in one pound glass jars;
Marmalade, Jelly Marmalade, Fig and Lemon Jellies, etc., etc.
Lipton's Greengage, Red Currant, Black Currant, Strawberry,
Damson,  and Apricot Jam.
Ours is a store of plenty—not to much, not too little-
just enough for the business we do and the people we
do it with.       Quality   Rules.       We buy "Just the Best."
G. T. Rogers
We take certain things for granted
Other peoples business i.s om husiness and so we take certain
things for granted, h is five months since we ordered our Fnglisli
China knowing that when it came we would Innl read) purchasers.
We have the invoices and the goods will be here in good time foi
We mention ;i few ol the many things the packages -mII
contain: --White Worcester Tea-cups and Saucers, Breakfast-cups
and After-dinner Coffees, Plates, Tea-pots, Sugar and Creams,
White Minion Tea-cups and Saucers, Breakfast Cups and After
dinner Coffee-cups and Saucers, Toast Racks, Kettles, Cruets,
Honey |ars, Wliitu Wedgewood Tea-cups and Saucers, Breakfasl
cups .mrl Alter-iliiiiier coffee cups and Saucers, I'tales, |ugs, Hot-
water [ugs, Tea-pots, Sugar and creams,
We are showing now in useful gifts: English oak salad bowls
with spoon and fork, price $13,00, $14.00, and $19,00: English oak
plain and carved buscuit jars, price s6.oo, 87.50, and $10.00; English
oak butter coolers, price <;.o<>, $5.00, and s6.50: i>;ik ..pen butters
and spoon with blue willow saucer, si.50; rosebud china sugar and
sifter cruet. $6.00: royal crown derby "mikado blue" cups and
saucers, per doz. si:.on: royal crown derby "mikado blue" plates,
muffins, sugar and ere.mis, French hand painted china, handsome
cut-glass, cut-glass wine sets, etched ^lass tumblers and wine glasses,
water-jugs and  decanters,   dinner sets,   tea  sets,  and  toilei  sets.
We carry a large stock in this department and are always
ready to show the goods. We buy "Just the Best."
Cranbrook's        Greatest
The well dressed man wears 20th Century Clothing.
We are the Agents for this Celebrated Brand of Clothing.
Wc can supply you with a suit from $18.00 to $35.00.
We have the very latest styles in Overcoats from $18.00 to $35.00.
Wc arc offering exceptional bargains in the following seasonable goods.
Boys heavy underwear from 70c. per suit.
Boys Sweaters from 65 cents.
A few little Boys' Suits at prices ranging from $1.50 to $5.00
©to ^tospedot*
i Do yon ever stop uiul think of the
j future prospects of Oranbrook und
iwhut the development of the vast
'mineral resouces ,,f the district will
lead to. Thut every dollar's worth
of gold tuken out of u creek, or bur.
every dollar's w0rth of Rold taken
out of the mountains, is a benefit to
every business nmn not only in the
dlntrict hut in the whole province the
whole Canada. It helps every Industry; ft builds up every husiness, it
helps the farmer by giving liim a
market for bis produce; thus helping
to build up successful mining and agricultural industries
The mun who stays with Cranhrook
will he strictly in it,
Let us ull unite .iml boost for
Recently the chorus Ims changed
from "Hoch der Kj iser" to "Knock
dor Kniser."
There were nineteen new subscribers
who visited the P 'ospoctor office during the pnst week.
This would be a bettor world if
people would tuke their own advice
I Instead of giving it nil to others.
! Any mnn with an iron will muy
have 4i wife whn is blacksmith enough
to break it.
i The average woman can ellnngo her
mind in half tbe tunc it takes a mun
to chango his collai
THE     PROSPECT lit     IS     IT TO
| Follow the crowd ti Cranbrook to
investigate, and potwlbly invest in
mining, lumbering or in the agricultural resources of tli< district
Duncan Ross, ex M.l'., for Yulc-
CflTiboo, says "Thai he is not an up-
plicotit. for ;i position on the railway
;   The Indians in Cnnndn now number
1110,20:1. a decrease of lio compared
with 1906*07.   The     decrease is from
I the ravagOH of dlscnBe
"Free (rude as it Is in England," Ih
an old aphorism that has played Its
role In tbo Mother l,n-nd, and will
■ Hoon be off the slag'1 for ovor Tho
noxt oloctlon will bo won on tariff re
form, incre-i-ii'ii duties, mid the pro
sent liberal government, unless tlmy
adopt some of this new platform, will
never he heard of after the next gen
oral election
!     The      news      that   Mnltthern  Albertm
.went solid foi  the roOBorvatlvoH   has
reached the ear:; ol the politicians nt
OttnjWn, The board of trade bus been
asked to furnish Informntion regard-
ling this district to the superintend
cut nf Immigration.
Painter and
We place our paint
011 top.   WHY ?
Because it  Ims tho  piii'iisi   while  lead  ror ii- baso unci  whon
mixed  with   porfoctly ground   colors in nil   prod new ;i  paint,
which, when applied  by OUR   PAINTERS who  know  how  t.i
apply it.  wo aro  prepared  to •juiminloe.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************
Lunch Counter
Slaght «£ Brogan, Prop's
Meals   At   All   Hours,   Day   and   Night
We Serve The   Best The Market
Can Produce
I GIVE   US   A   TRIflL
* x
I in   Cranbrook |
I'lIK   PROSPKCTOR,   * 'IJAMil.'niiK.   II    i..    UI'X'EMHER    lh,   lim*
The  oven does
the baking, the
flre-box controls
the  oven heat,    4.z~
and the grates      ^j^L^Sll^
hold the coal or      ^^m^ ^aS1 S-ft
{£l)c |iroo;icctov.
A.   B.   Oleics,
ITIilMSItl-.l,'    AND    liUI'I'lIK
I Vl'l llli.W     HKC'RMIIKR   I ■
ood that pro- @aa^L__^^    "k
ices the heat,so ^^7^X7$
HE   GRATES ^>^^^i/>%^
are important. i   V'T      k ""—'
The ii.-iiu-     - okei
llllllll   tlljll     lulHi     111     IIM'   1   I .MMM ---''-
trict  j-jmj l)i'  ii i.ijtii-ii   i    , lieuplj
l.jllil-    Ml    111,-   V-llllHi-.Jl I'lu-    li.-l     ,.1        ^
i.lllll    Willi    till'        Mj     I  I'll     III  M
1,1-1     Jll     llll-ll.M.,1. ■    |.||.V. I'll, -|.|U, '   Vl|l        i Ull'     lll'Cl.lls     Hi 1       111 -V      llllll
ICB     Willi     llll-     llll'llt   j-ll ■-.   ,1     i-      -111- llll     -     II   i I l.ill-i        111.IMHI1       Illll'll    III'
"Biggest and Best"
Chewing  Tobacco
Hied in-otesl    .U...1N i  iii<- election   nl
! Iin-i'    .'nil' rl \ .il Hi-     in     UtlOl'tll       NoW
llll'\       1.iliil    I,,    i"   '     ' '        -mil    .  II"     ill
'.v i  ■ !   then     e ii -  .i .  well,   I    In
..,   ,i)       Lethlilidne
\ Double
\ Duplex
'Sask-alta*' Double Duplex Grates are made
tion  never i \, eeds c< lUsumpt 11
mint's   ol   till    illHti ii t   ■■ i '.    :
HI   |n .uliiii
'■-..■ x       ,     . in|
ire to i thai
it   ; -   [iliiiiti il       Iiii'i.- '■
.iies  in   " tiiii ',ii ".•*,.■
purtiitl uiw '    »aimilmn   .•itliu   libe.
harden phH.iu,.< ■■ ■   ■■    lei   ,  ,  ,:"'   rwl , ^ dlsKust
t    ,h, I i'"""   ,l"' [««'
me in,[ii;i >     : lowevei, the oppo llioi
,;,  i ; m    ii  .- ii i ii'.iu upon iniiiiii' ili«'
:;,.\ l'l llllli'lll      ' "       III ||      ..'.itiillll:      illtplil
in p.'ii.', : ail
.'■... I
Mi.ii'"    ' ml   to suit
it    ijfij
inlm I.
\ ,i, Hum  Ueiaht  has  il  .ill  in;
.M    how    Mi     Itnlpll   Smith       io
...     ■ ,  ,,'   ... ,, i„     ,,    a Pi.rUi.Uo.
, ;    ihen    iitW.ein  v„trj   \1.    Smith
j    ■ ■■   ■' fal i,;,h" ;,7M 7
in   four pieces,  each   crate   shaken   separately    '    > wauvi . .   m em '
- exim   in   ■" •lM",",' ,   .
Ashes  over one grate can be shaken without provincial ni
'i lnt  sm li m
A Square Deal
Is assured yon whor.) »i tm> i>r l"erco s
r,mn.\  medlclnos   Ini   ,.ll   in    Initred--
< m   . ii 'in: iiti" il  nre prim d i-ti
;!.,■ U, Lie wi ipp r -i-l lln ii Itirt iilii>
. i-i imli i .ail . Im "'■ nni.".'
.i...i. .ur..;. Y ti know Jusi «Imi yon are
|i,t) ii-.' for unci thai the higr ill ttts .»r?
lmiilti i from N.i 111ri - I.iiii.i i.ixry, being
-r<. i-ii.l inun thr tno-1 \ n ii.ii'li- unlive
iiii'dluhnil rutin loitinl gnavlii" in uur
Aiuerlcnn foresOnttKL^bllypoi nt to cure
nre ii.'ile.^Hi In: iiiNj^'VKti •*■ **H- most
il. Ileum woiiihui t*WiihTTeTr^ Nut a drop
iiUOqiid g.i'.i- bmute,|,|,''ii|ili'iiUnil-
\   luy.h   l.i,i'.      ■!■:■. ill     -ii"i[   Imtll lillj I'X-
tEuxoiv mLjiii^LmW boot™
I'i ii^ i[(|i", n-.'il iii lliri'i, ^ i/.    inir,'   .iiiii--
r.|llii.-il nlvlvrim'..   ThlV um-n, pomKs
Intrinsic ni'.In liTTI liii|i-nn--ni itsuwti.
l-'lll" J.  IllllSt VjiI.UiIiIm lllll     .'li'li'MII'l Jlllli-
i> i-uti'iit, iiiilritlvii iiii'i -""tliiim 'li'iiiu.-
lilvecr  pluv* jui Impnrttutl f.irt ill
Up, hern .-..;.iM. ii MiiHriii Discovery in
li"- e r  nul |n [isln iimi
'- - i iiii:i.-li, ,ni. it. ii h. sour iisin«s.
Iii'iir  i.'iil i .it,, ,-. mii-'I  tonguo,
I  ll|i|ii'llti.. Ull I . Ill ■ ! IIU HI -lllllil- ll,   llllll'll SS     ii .1     .        -   ii    ili-rtllllti,-
In- M-.il I he Milium li   I i    :   mil iMWilla,
I'ii .iii. - emiim iiii Hi,, iiii,.,- li-trusslng
Illiiin in- iti. '"(iul.li ii M.. ii Discover) "
I-il -!--■  [UP llll .,!-. i-., -.,,; Hi    ...IS
 iiil-r-in. -. US i-.iIjiiiIi. v. In lli.T ol   llm
ll.isll |i.l-:n...-iiriil Hi,- .in mi, li. bowola
lip |" ki.- annuls.     Im   ll i ulcerative
H  UM -   il  Will  lll'lll  III  ||||>   .jiV-i-lviL'll ll III-
i-,l\ i ii-ii.,-i,.-|.. rsuivi'iinl In. In Chronic
i .i.u 11, ■' un Yi-.ii i .....,,. ii la well
Willi., ml, iu;  lli"    Ilni •  .,   M.-.I..-II1 Uls-
i'.ivitj " I.-1- lhi' mil --.ii     istltiitionu
li-.-.i-ui<tii   In i'li .i11-.- il." lui-suura In-i'lv
i -- ■ nn-".- uui'-- ;i .la; wiili in-. Sago's
( iiarrli Hi i ly.   Thl* ih nil .-..ur-o
ot   iii-.iiiii. hi it pally i'iii-.'* tlm worst
t   Professional
Burt'lsturs and Solieltoi's,
VV.   I'. Gl Ki).
Ijiicrislpr,  Solicitor, ule,
liiANMltOOK,  U.C
C.   li.   IU NBAR,
Iliiiisi.T.   Sntlviloc, uml
Nniiirv  Public,
(..   li.   THOMPSON,
Uiit'risioi', Solictor, und
N'oiiii'v  I'iiiiii.-
I  Uli.'M       I MM.I     |i„,|Ulll|K|
wasting sjood fuel over other grate    Xo poking   "   •
B      - & ' - ;   . II. ,1111.1   -
necessary, thereby saving fuel.   Dampers at both
r l-jill-.i- Sl'\-       l.iK.-S    lip
ends   of lire-box secure   perfect   drafts,    When
grates are   inverted for wood a patent clam]
retains them in position    The easiest-working   ..   ;,,,'   , .,'
way  is  the  surest-serving  way     and   that's
'Sask-alta"  wav
.   .     Minn   nouilliil'iill.  li suiilli
i-i   K'l.ili'iijiv   is li. |ii,,.-J|"-i   jiiiiI    In-
. in    ittip. .il.tin   ju-   ;i   mini lit:.   tigl'i-
mil   liiiiiliiniii-   '-"iili-i-.    ttlla
ill  um unlj   I." iiccumiilialieil     by
ii-       MIIIIHMll.il,-      "utlslllH-11,,11      III     lilt'
l        j.Hlw.lV.
Ill I
ust'll I" limii-
..'llii' '....lik-n
J--.lt (
elm inu-
London,Toronto.Montreal. Winnipeg Vancouver, St John Hamilton Ca1
PATMORE BROS. Local Agents
i "     • l\, nni   tm   i*   iin.nu'iil   Lim'  sii'.lil   nl
" ■ ■ "    ' ■ ■ ■*   tlu- fart  tlmt  this districl  In thc nn
 .1    thincK   tmisl    rumi   to  tho
'      I ;.'    .Hid    tlllll     lull!    Hpl'Glllly, .1,11,1
*. , ■   i i.uiiu,.uk  in Hu' lending city ol
Iii   |T.'-.> ui   the lead I uu   ' *  *   ■
; in tlmt  particular Hue un   ;i,sk   ;    The  merchants     of     Cmnbrooh ro
,.   ind   for purticular contracts. |port     business    as excellent for this
■iltnsether      without      regard   time ol year, and nre lnok.nifi forward
the     politieul     in.is     ol     the   to a Mn business for the Im lance     ol
li "patri nam
in Uritish Columbia, us
..- always been hinted, the liberul
ipposition havu been unable to de
tect tin* fact su far, and they have
been on n hunt for just such matters
for the past live years. Nelson Daily
the year,
There seems to in* nu foundation
for the reports now unine; the founds
ol the opposition press, thai it is the
intent Ion of the provincinl govern
ment to go to the country ul the
close of ih.' coming session,
Edison Theatre ♦
9 9
I'll-..-!   .V   lluti'llts
: The Palm : S;
M()\ INC    I'll'I I K'MS     ♦ -\"i;i>   I i^'^
The luw ni In.- is development.  Im
provement unil ppoRPesa upc the pules
eovepning civiltseil ! pie   Those who
dn mil  seek     tu i! hoiul deRenjl'iitc
jiml lull hehillil.
ll.1.1 sii'\Ti'.l> SDNCS  ;    xmas Stockhu
From what we know ol the Kooten
y und Upper Columbin valleys, wo
re   satistied     thut  these sections „f
recedentcd  development.   The   Koot
nuy  Centrnl construction  will  stim
late  busi ins.-,   ami   Cranbrook   busi-
nn.'ii will rcuii     their share     of
nccrtiiiif!     from   this devel()p-
Tlie   Crunbrook merchant     is
♦ decidedly   optimistic     as to the dis       Very ,]Ul(. 1S     u,.in., SIlid in c;mn
J   trict to the nurtb and quote in     sup    ,,,.,„,,-' in ,-efurence to municipal poll
J   port  of this contention     that  south-   tic4|  llUl   ■,   is pr(,|mi,i,   there will  hi
♦        UU'I   illMilllW      ♦  eust Koottnay is due for a period   of   ,     ' ,,,.,-,,_  in the tlolil
J IM.t,llK,\IIU.>>       J   unusual activity. .   ,   ,   ,
me     "Grit"    newspapers ul   tin
i ihi timers are predicting an early
spring, was il because ol the Decern
her full moon, or thut the municipal
elections will soon  be in full swing.
§* FOR
und guaranteed
v -.,,.        nbsolutely
\ Srha. 7     WATERPROOF
'■■'It KB"
Evit\ .jcirmonl uuuranleed
Clean - Light   Durable
P.L.S, & CE,
Mining Bngnieor and
B.C. Luml Sui'veyoi'i
I'.O   ilns »i«l. I'lniiii' 223.
| Dr. H. \V.  Connolly
♦    i'
iiiiii-: Apmsti'on^ .\,-,.•.
-■ li.  I  |, in      I till, |'i
I lit' hesl iii Cninlim
;tl   tlm
Little   Picture   Pa
ilui  runs i niitiiiitiitish
Nl|>    ♦ Xllllls    StOCklll^S      ♦ Mi'.   Di-odrai's suspension of Riillty e(mst, loiiK'nn iissiitninint unci oxpec-
♦ ♦ ofllclnls is lit'lil, lint he should stiil'l ,.,,,,,„ llnd     allur, ,„, ,.,1|IV   .,,.,, 1)usy
I I'ailCV   1!,I\C"^          X  b-v s,lsl'c '- lil«"acir.   Hi- ,vns     n- ae„dlni! mil   spiisntloniil n'|i,.i-is tlmt
nil         ? •                             J sponsible   led'   tlie   dopiii'tment,     He lhl. ,,,„,.,„„„.„,   vviu cull uu election
♦ llllll     llllll-.     from     | Kr^S-ot T    did not ."u'ni'l'ns "^rjlio lo^iHlatlve nswmlily l» pro
rlnr     ♦ '2nCtS.   lo   $S(K)        ♦ ''i'1"1 l"   ''" tho duty thnt  Iny liofope [t [„'only u     few tli-II  n-w.ipnpiii-.-i
♦ ♦ IHm. He mis Inlsc to his louder, fnlse ,,„,, p,.0fcssionul  pulitieiuns thul   ure
ft I'lniiii' i'iii.'.- ion.   Hi'sldi'tuui mo X
F. O. E.
Mui i '-vi-i-y Pi-iduj ut 8 |i n.
Vlsltlnu   Bpotheis  Coidliillj    hiiiu-u
To wraknnJ oiling women, thero Imtlraisl ono C'HAS, SMITH, Vi. Mresldelil
way lo lit'lii,  But with Unit way, two treat nu M   |i. lln.i iNtis. Secy.
:ini-i i.'ruMl,iii-il   un- li locnl, olio ls eoiistltti. ,,,.,.1,, |ji,..tt,,i,.„   i> ,,  u,,. .,w
tloiml, but bun. nr- Important bolli imsuiiUal. '"'" ' "JMutaii. I.U. lio.\ Ai,
Ur. Slioo|,'i Nljlit Cum Is llm Local.
Ur Bti00|,'8 Rcstomtlvo, tlio rnn-tlttltlonnl.  —
Tit.-Im in. i— Iir. Mii».i sNIghtCuro—iflatopical
™raK"SbSuW««l7 ftitMMtWMMttMMmWMmMn,,, A
iii-iii.   Tli.. Ili-..|iioiliv.. r..-U'li'-s thr.iiiKli-'iit lh"     C  ,,      .        ., .,, 5
entln iynti-m, looking.the repair ol all uun.-.   4* |<0CK)'  .Mi'lllltllin Llliipter 5
Weak Women
♦  tn   llis purty, und fnlso to tin
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ try.   He Ims no more riirlit in the'de
wni-i-yiiijj  nboul   ;i  lu'ovineiul  electlull
in iln- ii'-iir ilium-
uliill I.l.>.i.l ji,Ini in.-.
■ IrapllM, Assess in
1,-s tor.-nml inilinn.
.it   W'-Jllll.
pnrtment of murine und fisheries Iiu.
Gregory ,,i Hnrdins, for he perinitted     'I'lie tiro briuude linvc ull
dj [X. f*\tf*\ ("t A QXX the contlnnnnce of the system where appliances for Mtlitim; tiros, und is
fVn Tl Vi VrinL* ©O.UU VAOIl ''V they profited. Mr. Brodeur luu considered one of tho best tin- de-
Ul clHUI UUJ\. r i, i found onl    He does not cut     a   purtnicnts in Brltisli Columbia.
Trading Co. $3.00aMONTH St
NO.  125.   II. A. M
discimrg'-s, ivi tlio itt-storatiro, oaiei nurpoiii   $      Roffular meetiDjfH:—2nd Tiieu-   &
oxclunnent. gives renewed vigor and ambit    3    , .   ,      }
  ■ ■     -    ■   liHV   lit   -■-  '     -
I'll     IMI.
very nttt'iiitive tiuiiie nnd tiie Colin
try W'oultl lie inlviintiiu-i'.l by his with
iiiii tlie     ministry.   Toronto
liln up wasted tissues, bringing about it'iie-lved1 -S   dav   in   em-ii   inontli   ut  eight    •;
HKIlglll, vigor, nnd cllom)'.    Take Ur j-Ii...|.i 3    n'oliu.b E
Heslnmttvi—Tablet, or Ui,uld-asn general lonlo -5
' e local help, nm us well 5
to thu system,  l-i.
We nre still liiimlliim
I.IKitllNII  'I'lll'i'KS
l-'l,"l'l! und  l-'KI-.n
\ l-'.llll'l.l-'.S.   IMI'l.l-IMKN'I'S
V.M-lli-   lul    tin'    I'lllllOUS
\i u I'.K's sti k'.k i'i ii in-
Frank Dezall
('il'.N'I'.K' \l. IlLACKSMITII
,i in.
Wi ii ll i\V( iKKI-'.K
- j   Tin ■   ,pp  ■
To  lliicirv  ttli.-l-
-JIMPLE   -.
li tin- people Bcckine     Ijuiiii.     i uly
knew    ,,i    tile t'esoiu'ces of tin I't-uti
brook   district,   tlicy wnitlti be Hock-
I Dlscoitnl  Fi.r C'nslt .... in- here fnstep ili.ni ever.
Head     tho nnnuttneements of   your .       .   .
STRONG mcrchunts In tins issue    Mirny  I       While   tlie eaith tuoves, we should
Im- Ims been snved by n careful per .en with it; but too iniiny men net the
nsnl of ii merchant's "ad." When n Idea thai they arc movine. the world.
business iiiiiii niivertises fm   ynill'pul   I ,',''',,       ,
ronat'o he nni    only   hus   .-.  line   of      Ey»ry decade  l.nnes sliortct   hours
,.. i,„i   there     mny   to those wlio merely  woi'H Imt
Dr. vShoop's I
Night Cure |
Sojournlug  Cotti)innii>us   un-   *\t
cordially Invitod. %
J       11   I.. HivniWKi.t.. s,-i-il„. K    i
Box 4       CRANBROOK, II, 0,       «
munis that "spt
lie sume article or articles listed tlmt
you desire nml tlml it may be to
your uilviintiiee to buy at this time.
No  pluee  els    llle  Olobe   Will  V.Ml
tind as bin hearted, KGiierous and
noble peoplt as reside In tliis old
town. Thoy nre nnt much on dress
parade. Thoy do nut wear silk st,,ek-
incs nnil silk lints, Iml thoy liuve
iicurts us ide ns ever pulsntcd iii Iiii
man bronsl-s.
We havi n    colli -luss ol i pie
tlmt i-,,iil.l ho spared with nu luss in
,h iiiniiinity.   Thoy are nil who do
j,  u i deul ..I  t.-illuiiu  In Btrnngors
  who come     In t'riinbp0o» nboul  the
chfut n        7 ^SPEEDY       city  lii'im'  'i i   in--"   now,   Wc liuve
tln.se wbu  w,,ul.l  .-ue i tllepo is   no
lum- limit.
t       mm. - -l
Iml   tin
npei il iiiii in howling,
competitive rullwiiy
nut.  nianv
i.l  lhl., kind nl   pcoplo   lull
WK.    >'-     i-'M;    I'ASADIAN  I'Yi'l.K    M..-,,,   sljinMi    IIIMi   MAITIINIOH '   .   ,'   ,*        .,     ,      ,,
. VI,   vti,Tnll   i-i ,'ul   silt vi • I ic j I     vnti      i-;ilin,,l   Ilink   nil t lie  lu n-.lil
MM'      I                                  -     I M'    1 I    i .1-. M                       I.'i M -     ^ \ I   I."      I '       •' \    '     \ \    I    "l'l i ■                                          .  ■
"Ai.l",   i hI'.Ai   ami   in        SM(l, |1|1(j say  Bomethlng em- 'aglnii
IlKXT don't   suv    nnythlng nl nil    if yuu
k'i'l.lIM                 -' ■ ,    - »'l»      ""'      imsi,.  ul   leusl   don't pull
r.r-f-,     r-.      r^r\\,lt-l    I A l    lil'i-l. f   Vnu   Willi  Sl   111     CIlSl  'in
u,,,2     GEO. P. POWELL, Agent I,;,, b,,,,,.,,', ti,,.,,. is niwjivs nty oi
'rnistriuic. Avenue l'n n  Hm  outside  for  tlie  kicker
it im,n- I- n in whicli tn kick.
i'i,-.I,.- I',:
C'riiniiriitik, II.
(   \l<\*\- VI KK    '.Mi
!'.l II.HI'K'
li.M.'l     M'liilS'l'i'ill
At. the murine enquiry tin' eviden;
produced su fur linis gone to show in ,| | llH Mll.   .,,.,,
wiiut.    extent     Ki'afl haa beon carried
"Vou enn In-li mi npen enoiuy witli u
Clllli.   Iml        Ulliiil   ule   Mi'   I'.Wille   In   lln
with ii ii.nl friend "
"Newspapct      iidveitlslng  paid  lasl
week.     II    is   lhe   liesl    pllll!   In   jl.lvel
tlso ovt ry   weok   in  iln-  Prn«| tor "
An illu Iiiii mn nl lln- wondolflll
growtn "i tin- I'l-.-iniiiiujii district is
alfotdcd bv the outpul ..t llie silver
lea,I produced, liy He- st Utigcno nml
North Sim- mines,
TIlO   111 line,   ni   line   I II ry   is lie
coming it   prominent   Industry   in  the
Vicinity nl   Crjiiilil-nul,.
All in.'i'ls uiul trails in every  in i«
eniup centra nt I'l'iiiilii-nnk All liiml.
rouda and Patiwayi cenlpo nl i'lnii
Vnnt ver rcpoi'ts Uml u carload "1
liiiiiliis nnd goats ure travelling tu
gothor,     which    seems   in he rnthor
:    Livery
Court Cranlirook 8943
♦ f^-tatss VI "KTrk/^lr     i      Mf-KTM   1ST    VNU   lllll'   'llll'UHUAYS
x ui an di oox ♦       ,N CURUN0 B1NK
\ i-.iti.in   bruthurii   cordially   Invited
I-'. MtsKENNA, ChlolKungef
i ft .1. simm.s, s 'otury
J       Ue ask .vmi in call nml Iry    X
♦        leu    I'nii ju- nt    ,i|  lu-W      ♦
♦ "'"'    " ""   '"■•■'   '"'   ♦  I.  W.  UUTLEDGE,
♦ "'""'     *•""""■>■    ■"*'■'    X M.M.V,   VS
T    recolved Tiipplr and   Unliable   T Umilunli'     uf     Ouliiplo    Vnti'i-imipv
ft     II.use.-,    ju    vnin     disposal,    ft I'tillogu, Tun , In 18118,
(llvo    Ihem    n    Uinl mul In-    ♦ i M-jiiln,in nml M.-iluli,i nl M,-Killi|,\'ei-
couvlnceil X '''''"'•"'* l'»llu'*". * I «»' HI., iu liWIl
X lluglsliii'ud      nm i      ut      llriiisli
********************** luliiiiiliiu   AsHiiuhillini,
-     STUAI'TP   -'-I.U I'l'l-.li
nn     in  that ilepni-ttiietit     Ami     iii
chances    nn-   tlml   ull other tlcpnrl
ments ure equally   ns   luul.   The gov-
llnii   T   M.ivm- Daly,  uiiu resigned  eminent, we iindcrstund, will Investl
Mi.   posit i  pollen inuglstrate   in  gn,te every  ilopntlmenl   uiul   attctnpl
Winnlpee   t" cuntesl   llpnndon  iu the  to scrape the barnacles "II the ship
mn .1   iin .- mteresl   ,.(!- st Clifford   or stute.
| |(   ll     SI\S MU'"'1    mi        Un-    I'-eeill    |l lllllil   ClCC ....
„   ,     ,   ,, '.mi     nni  win, ivi ,iilv successful      linpnitniit  ilevi-lupinciiis  will  occur
'":-    :    '■'"    '"   "          ,,,j   ,i„-   sent,  Im-.  -n     up in  the  St-     Mnry's     districl     nexl
intnil   l..   I nn.l   |i„j in    'I'lu spline,, ull  because thc Crunbrnnk I'll
Winnipeg    new. p.ipi-l      .ill-    llllllll ills eellie   l.iglll    I'...   will   i-iilllllieliee     111
llllli     ,'      '. Ill
n uppro
Jh     Dull
.,1 iiu- iippnintinenl     nl  i structl I thoir big power plnnl
mi tin-  SI       .Mnry's river an s i us
tin- iieee.-jjuiiy urrungetni tiiu uie cum
5UCCE550R   id
.1     I'e.-li     MncHwnln    Ml   Im   llu
snnili Inst     Tuesduy     innl'lllllg       lie
will   winter   mi   In:    t ni .Mil m Ij      ij i
near Han   lllogo, ''i.l    nntl nl     wny
I it      He bus hilly recovered inun
II lleeis   ul   Inn   ;illrlii>,i.-ei ill-    nil i
in-,-, in I'm im   iiieenwiiuii Lodge
ll I   iee   nil   llle   mil    I'lllll        mill
the   roaring     -.jui  iu full Bwlng.
Skips Im vi- ui'lci'lcil   I ben-  rinks,  uml
till'  <l I'll IMH   Will   S.inll   he   inuiie   lul    llie
dlileienl locnl i petltlotio.
Any mun who is nionn onuiigli tn
trjiilllee nnd ubusc the land Hint pro
ducod und feeds liim ims noi ns much
gratolulnoss us tlm boasts ,,f the
The times nre decidedly propitious
fnr attraction nl n large ,'nlun I
cupilnl tuwiirilK Crunbl'noli.
Men   Snlliel itnes    net       Wulrled   oVOP
tlie condition uf tl iiy owing I" the
fuel   llinl. lli'M      ijiim.,1   run tilings tn
suit  themselves,
'I'lm liinil,rl i,llllllll I.s In heeiillle
I    nnil    Ibe   sillllll   Imv    I J'        tlllll
shingles will  till.lmnl.ely dlstippeni nl
It   in  lllllil        Hint        ll I'l'iellliiill
benches in ibe Imnl house will imvi n
frosty uppi-innnre iii .Imniuiy next
lu polliles utuiiieloiiH chocli mul
imnli is iifl.cn nilriliikcn fur tiblllty
rioponl il "Shil-.il1- i'iiii- win ul
way.i   ciiri'   my   coughs   uiul   eolds."
Get a  copy ot
(Iri'iil   Wesl    I.iir   .-\sMiii.ini c
ACTUAL  UHSI'l.'I'S  'I'll   I'lll.il'Y
I'kliD  W,  SWAIN
ALL   i Ai l I,   llililll  i HAV ei'i'MlUI V Al it tUU II 10
l-'uncrnl Olmctor,
Crnnbrook, n
Armstrni,,: Ave.   ^#######4^*o*«o*0
W.  CLINE   :
ni tin- nlil Mtmitolm Ilii ilim
Shun run nuw Iiq inun,! in tlm
Sli-iim   llnil.-e-   nnd I'm.i   Wnrk II
,'nsl uiul Sii u-i; Ksliiiiuli's
I-'iii-IiinIiuiI  11)11111  Applied
♦ Tonsorial   Art
ivo Box 834.   Granbrook, b.G ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
l-'ii-Hl  Class   U'nl'lc   ill
nil   lie li f   tin-
ft llll.   I'ROSI'KCTUR,   CRANBROOK,    li    C.    DKCKMBKK
tiiTSLm^'iL-Etsi^^ zuAf-utt-tvsm
'What will I buy for Christmas"
This is thc thought of every person who recognize Xmas
as a time to instil good cheer in their many friends and
relations, lor those who are yet in donht as to what they
will buy, our (iiiinn Department offers suggestions equal
to that of any Metropolitan Store. Vou will have no
trouble iu selecting pieces that anyone would appreciate.
Come  in   and   sec our Offerings!
A*% -i f
Tliu Scintillating Beaut)
ul uur Bohemian i in Class
is an evidence that thr quality
is the finest the old world
produces.—Sit our Wine Sets
—Decanters,    Water    Bottles.
-     L    1
I °VV    IB
a~\.       -Wi.
'■h*.ti, '''"ir,®?*!?
■"■■■    ■ II
'■ .
\\ hal is pt'i'llii'i than a
I'ii'ti- ol Dainh limiil painted
('Inr,.i We In-lu-vi- and think
you will agree with us that
their is im heller assortment
tn he seen anywhere in the
wesi th,tu in our inimitable
In  Fancy Staple Groceries WE  EXCELL:
not only in   the Quality of   Goods, but in   the way we   look   alter   our
Stoek—that  Cleanliness   is   rigidly enforced, you   can see   at   a   "lance.
Our Goods are
n-|-l.---'.       '
New shipment "I ' Hfl
Mission Ripe Olives on
display   mi   mii    I'tiie
I'nilll   ( illli KTV  (   nlllllel
'!-'! -I- :;,-m.-:i ■■] '[-..,.
I   li i       Hill >'- lll'l \ .llllllll
making    puddings   Im
\lll.l-. l.lil ll.inv
\\l  Mis       I'.llll,Ills'    I  llll
I    If   ll   ll     MII'I      ' 'HI     H ill
i litii'inighl,  t'lijin   'i. mt
\ - I iinin i Page li.
L'.WT.I'ittik.    II.    I'
DM KM lll'l;    1!
To Have
your trade will he
our reward after a
trial of ANV! IHR
the longer yon use
il  the  mot ■   !■
\-Mir t:ade will be
To Hold
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦«•♦*♦»< 9*** covered from liis recent  Illness    anil
9 4 will In- [ili'iisml in give his usual cour
♦ ♦ i.-.ni ■ attention to liis ninny ..Iii cim
:      EAST   KOOTENAY      :
♦ ♦ WAltDNKH
**************** .<.^i    9 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
ri'.KMi:. ci i „ u,.,i,,,-.i,„
lu  he |.n-.,-iil   nt   .,      in.-.-tun-   ,,l      Hull,i.H.I   nl  iliii'i-lurs  .,>   Hn-  si kinii
i|.'i,ini   mn   special   i,.ii.-.|. n.i, in i     .-lui'i-   l.iiiulii'r   l'n.,   Tlllil'dtlii)   im-ln
\ii   ' t.i stun i i'lnii i    Iiuh is as r.-n
III   ijm,i,I  ,.ii   I In-  pi in le  I In-niMi    ill
nut' Special
I'liiiiin- Martin returned [rum Spo
kinii. ,,ii '1'iiiitmliiy, liifiti:-, taken In
tin- min  mil  in Hint ell)
Inspectot Hi-mi nl Nelson v Isi toil
tin- v..inlnni si luml mi Thursday Inst,
.Hi is iiitiMiiiii-uiitT visited iti i'lnii
in.iiii. nil I'rlduy ami Saturday lust.
Arthur Lund Ims  witli   i tun
The    pnst      week has  been   uud  nl ., few   localities crops were not  up to pel
n.'"     ul n startUiiK   nature, v.iu uniii    earl spectutintiH distr
Icipu   politics,   generull)   an ,„.i,m I'uunt)  t'ouil  .Indue Wilson ivnH hi Miss Ktln-I Shoppai'd, »ln. hns heen
topic, luis been dull and  iiu-ii i i„mi  Tuesilaj    ilti'iuliai   ..  chainliein spending n ten days ivltli Mrs   Sutii
compared to the       .    r.i     iessi i.,.mt ml,m,i   n,i     the 0.1'. II   mill returned
l'ii nu Hosmer Times
Nurse Hi-mi loll on Sunday lust lor
Cranbrook whore sin- will n In permanently.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller uf Oranbrook
wero tin- mmsts ,,1 Mrs. Wallace last
Mrs, It, VV Kodgora wns visitlus
Friends in Pernio mi Wednesday.
Itobert Qourlay returned this week
ii  n twu month's visit to his  old
I   In tin. luml  ol the thistle and
lim limit Iun
V\ It ami Him-, general manager uf
llu- Consolidated Mines nnd Smelters
Mill,    I
inn    inI
ill        'Willi1'
.-  lip  uinl   In-  Hill
Anchor Brand
m tide    i,   i    - ii tin-     in-,,   sii
J     tli m       layor Tuu     n-i.l ,,n,   ,,„i   n„
■Mi-vi   11,-i:   lln-  I,,,.'   lol    li- i-i,, I     n    .,1     ..,„. ■  in,il,,,i
ed  ii..-. inn:  nl   tin-  ntlioi   cundl ,,l Crnn       ■■
nates anil th,  delou it in      ut< ,-,i
ilni    ..ill,-:    COUUCll,    held   lust    ll.in.ii li'llti,ni       .,1,    I,.in ill,Muil
mi the  I .-mi-i    -tin.- i,,„.|   ,, ik I ii     Iiii         i jliinl   I.uuI   nil
il     ic    !■:, kstelu  M is   ii i'   in r-i tm   iit.nei   t"   i ■   ttir   :o\     nt i ,,■
null' i-l.t i ,1 ii|ipi'opiin i. I,,i  i'n- |n
vili-nncs   Mn  tin   i ,n ,ii |i„se ,.i   puttine   llie old  loud   lietwe
Su i.u   i    ni m      Moyio in ,i prop
: m   in     imi'.' in.   travel; alt   the     i-.u
mutton .ni.i  it   is ii. ii.li,   in ■ i   nn  in,   i,,ml  lului', ii  i-'i-iii
h will remain the t d  Klk       i i- i ure I'm
u-e. Thei - ■,   :eni i.Mii    ignt'd here .unl it
tm-  .-ml   ,.l   iln   ,, ui |- .!      nn   | i    .mi   Michel   »
n ti     imu,    iimii       tlmt     n tuke up iln' m,  juni niiiUe it   (nun
-    .                   ,  .    ity  to im..'  i tm iii ni
'   ■' '" ■*"    Miny's   |,„,i,i ||()„m,.r n Hying visit Wednesday
returning mi tin- westbound    express
A building in courso of construction
Front street collapsed under tlie
''">;   '"'"  hmui'diiy. I heavy -pressure  of  the  gale  oi   wind
Mi. un, Mrs. Ituthcrford ol Medical blowing yesterday mornlne, r„mln«
Luke, Wash . are visiting with .Mr. Uown with a crush. Two men were
11111 "' I' l-'i'"l working un llie building ut the time,
Mt. Adney n-t ut -lied ..ii luosday „nd ono of thom was caught fast in
from New Westminster, having taken the tangle o! timbers from which he
n Piitieni ii, tin- usyliim ttiore |l;l,| ,,, |„. i-eloasod liy liis companions,
i,eo tlnywuril met with nn accident hj0 bonce were broken unh no serious
jii tm- wmi, lust week, linviim his dmmage dun,..
fool  rathei  badly crushed, which laid 	
llluttio(mcEr'jouosySw ,ns i,,.« SILVER   CITY   NEWS
sick  tni   tin- lusi   few tlnys  is now  re   ' Prom   Muyie  Leader.
the town  plju-i-
ncmnpeti ut   hi
■:    there is tuu
,   i,  lively   ..1.1 t
mil    lit    tin-   llltl
■   ; allowed to di
In tliv building Hue thi
M ,!'
I     111
M"'i \    I'liuiinin s,   ll.l.,S,   lenvei
,ii three     iin.ntli-   While  uwaj   I
i<- ui   take tlm linn! extiiuinn u lot   l'
.-iti iniMii imnl ..in i,-,,.i ni ottawu
The   now    Pernie   hospital bus I
- 1- onipteted .-nil will sunn be reiulj
i''i" uecupution     li      is    n iniiili   Im
j   K building   with      nil   modern coil'
rii   nil
Is   Stl
I llll t    lil
I Pi ,
ll.R Ml
u Districl   Longer.
A Diet of Bovril
r  ii' i\ ML - • '"■ h ts    |iii  dy it      ' !s wasted
tli, jfi    - "   '    -   I       I   tl    -  -.    .   ml
fortifies tl      -  :'    [riiittst in my  tilnit tits
11     use  Bl i\'RI I. vie! Is nn ire ti   iris  i cut tlian
in \   it her I
Iii i\ k 11, i.s in •::■ . ■■ li t for mirsin . in itliers,
neplii's     ml >li in   pt edi>pi»iUon
tow arcls tuherciil ti    ::■   ti ms.
lln-   In
i Thursdny, looktiig uver
■iiiiiii.v,-.l   in  Hi,, eiillieres
jii i'niil Crook.
Whilst working nt his employment
ns ii rope rider un No. l'J Incline No
5 mini -it Cun] l 'ii',k, ;i mun named
.Murtin somehow eut crushed between
n  cur juni ii  post  on Tuesdny after
Iimiii.     Assist;! llei'    Wus    sniill    lit    Iinliil
liuiiii unii lie was i|iiii'l-l\ removed to
the hospital for medical treatment.
Iln has met witli Injuries tn liis Intel,
uml remains ns mi in putient.
(From tho Proo Press.)
Cranbrook Cig'ar Store
Barber  Shop,   Pool  and; Billiard Room
The place to spend your winter evenini-s
The best Stock of Cigars, and Tobaccos,
Pipes and  Smokers Sundries   in town
********************** **********************
*     _... _.
1 X
u-i   against     -Vrtustrunj; Dean,
esiiient ol the defunct Globe in  ■
c company, of Regtna, lias been
png     the   attention    of police j
ti.ttr   Whimstet'   since   Mi nxitxy.
i still on.   Only     two witnesses
had been examined up tn lust n ght,
tiiil there are several more to lu* put
upon iiif stand    before tin  case will !
be closed.   The case is attracting    a
great  deal of attention locn-lly,     lie
cause of     the lame amount of fnsur
ance that was held by Fern'i   people,
as well as the large number of share-
holders who     were Induced to     take
shares.   It  is     the opinion ol  many ,
people that the insurance laws rcgu- '
lating  tlie organ i sat ion  of  Insurance  business.
companies needs some radical changes     ..\n open air rink  lias been startei
' it is possible to orgauiso companies   on the Klk mill     pond. Comfoftabl
J'   waiting rooms have been provided fa
1-   the patrons,
lowed     to start under the Raskatch
ewan laws..  Some people are dispos
4   ''il to put as much blame upon     tin
+   Uritish   Columbin   government   for   li
♦  censing such a company as upon Hn ,
T   Kegina   government,   but   they   forget j    *-*  0lie ni
T   thai   this  company came  into     this I',l't,ss witl'
is      .Mi   lain,I paid a     visil  to Preston ■   ,t,,v   FlowolUug was up from Crau-
will   la'st   Haturduy   to  inspeci   some lum ,"',,,,k Tuesday.
unl    hei'iiii' operations thcie in which     he '"■ Cunningham, secretary to W. H.
iS interested, Aldridgfl, is over from Trail for a few
foi       Mr. and Mrs,  fieri  Brown and little lii|Vs-
• or   daughtei  leil  on Wednesday to spend K   H' Stewnrt, general manager  of
will   iiu  wlntei months at their old home lllt' Consolidated Company, is     here
mi-    iti New  iliunswiek. ^'oni  Flosslaud      inspecting the     St.
Mr     Stevenson,   representing     the Eugene property.
Western Canada  Wholesale Company, I    w- *■'<■ Foster, representing the Nel-
tml    Mr   Sinclair   ol     the Cod ville Sl,n Daily News, was in Moyie yeatcr-
Manufacturing Co., ol Winnipeg wero lla>' arranging for a write up of the
in town Wednesdav. camp for its specin-1 New Year's edi-
\mong those from Wardner attend ,ln|1'
ing the Oddfellow's ball In Cranbrook, llllsl Thursday was Ml(yie's biggest
were     Mr   and Mrs   P,  Lund   K.  \V. l,uy ''il.v- nnd the business done     in
Uurgess and Miss Uawlmhcime'r town waR InrR01' uccordingly than us-
Un Kriday evening lust tho   lev   Mr Ui^    The business men  report collec-
Hughes of Cranbrook gave a very in- ,,i,,,,s v,1,'-v satisfactory,
tcresting lecture in the Library Hall, -pm  ni?TW       ITi:\1U.
ilescrlbing a trip through Alaska, tne UOLIJLIN      11 LJM&
principle     points of interest being Illustrated by limelight views.
A car load of horses arrived I'm
ilie lumber company on Tuesday, and
among thom were two ol  the largest
under the present, laws in siuh
as this one is suid to have been
Nelson,   pr
Kernie  ihi
J, S: T. Alexander held a hous
warming last night. i\ most enjoy
able evening was spent by the val
: ions guests present.
and favored ihe    Fro
aw selections on Tues
i Prom Michel Re]
Pran -   Swiek  shol   four
(his   week.
The skating rink v
open to the public
Thc .Michel payru
N.-si   Coal Co.  for N
province with an "endorsement   in the  duy eVpnin^-   Thc ml,slc W,IS not
Mr, Goopcl,   government   auditor is
transacting business in tho city.
Dave Hules of Athalmer is transacting  business  in  town  today.
H     ii    Parson,      M.P.P.,  returned
Irom the coast  Sunday.
Work on the new school is pro-
gressing favorably, but will not be
ready for use till early in the spring.
A meeting for the purpose of organising a hockey club, was to have been
held in the Columbia hotel last Thurs
day, but was postponed indefinitely,
There are some huge peat fields in
| Uritish Columbia, and between Golden and Donald, on the Columbia river
j there is one of importance, says   the
Revelstoke observer,  These peas fields
A   C,   Nelson, assessor     for     Kast , mey  become the source of a uew in-
Kootenny was registered at tho Greal   dustry.   By     a German process it Ib
Northern on Wednesday. p0sslble to produce Itilt quarts oi al-
Lumber is on thc ground  now   for  Co'10' 11('m ll l,,n ol ('ry ljeat" besides
the Trites Wood store in New Michel.   M pounds of sulphate of ammonia.
Digbv  ■'.-  Waldtc at  Kernie have   the
contract   and     Mr.   Digby ls  here to CRESTON.
supervise the work. —0—
The vole for ollicers for district No. j Crest,,n did extremely well at the
18 I..M.W ol A. at Michel was: for Spolui-nc apple show, carrying off
vice president,  Joyce S44; Gnlvin 43 ; I with an exhibit     of 15 varieties,     3
tsnape of a charter from tho Hnskat- Iumi na " ",I"J""-"'                               " blvans 7.;; Smith 15; Stubbs 2.     Po:   first, 3 second and 2 fourth prizes,
chewan authorities.   If,  however,  the      A-  W,   Dleasdeil  has     today  taken secretary  Treasurer.  Carter SS6;   Mc-I    Uritish     Columbia,   with less than
♦   D. ('. government insurance laws are over thc Palace drug store and will Donald !)G.   Kor International    hoard  150 boxes of apples carried ofl prizes
T   the same, then  it  Is  up to tlrm  to  continue the  business  in  the  present member,  Sharp     GS5; Pnttterson Ui^ ;   aggregating $5,000.
tv  change them before any  such ca am-   quarters,   On     Hie completion ol tlie Bvans :i'>. Lancaster 39; Miller 9. Kor      This  is a  remarkable  record     and
ity occurs in this province.                  | Johnson-Falconer hloek, lie will occu districl     board     member Whitehotise |speaks volumes for the fruit industry
A    T.  ClaxtoU   of  Grentell.   Sas'at-lpy the Corner
ol the province
Hollow Ground
As Illustrated.
Double Concave (or     -> aa ,,]
Extra Heavy Beards
Set oi Two in
Leather Case
Carbo Magnetic
•^   Strop	
Strop Aide
Staple    and    Fancy    Groceries.
l'lli i\K .-.ii
i'IIiink riii
he place to buy your Xmas Gootls, New Raisens,
jrrants, and Peels.   Choice Table Fi.ifs and fresh
A swell line of Fancy Confectionery,
1 iranbrook
" hot;-], «
K Guests Uomfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection %
•iK ''-.I.    I'lillil  llcplll lllll   Iieeii mill..
V, miiiiis   im    iin-   iniiili'     |imiIIi-.i   iii
llol        i.nlil llallis Proprietors m
^■'       RAZOR
Will Last a Lifetime.
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS have revolutionized mot making they are TEMPERED BV ELECTRICITY, which Is
OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS the steel used in their manufacture is of the finest English and
Swedish make. This wonderful discovery is the result ol years of experiment and study, and at last there has been
produced a razor that will shave any beard, NO MATTER HOW TOUGH.
ELECTRIC TEMPERING adds CARBON to the steel; whereas tempering by fire, (the onlf other method known for
centuries) DESTROYS the CARBON which is the life of steel. All other makes of razors must be HONED AND GROUND
olten, as their blades will NOT hold an edge any length of time. CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS do not require HONING
or GRINDING during a lifetime in private usej they are all tempered alike, every part of their blades being subjected to
METHOD, the most expensive grinding known.
VOUR DEALER will deliver to you one of these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on 30 days' trial, without
obligation on your part to purchase—take advantage of this opportunity. Break away Irom the barber habit 1 You will save
.$50 (II) annually.
Call on our representatives in your town, and request a copy ol "Hints On Shaving" This booklet illustrates the
correct razor position lor shaving every part of the face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM LIFE) it also tells
you HOW TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY; should our dealer be out of them, drop us a card, and we will send you
one by return mail.
Firm of A. L SILBERSTFJN, Hakers, °U SV'
Electoral District   of Oranbtook,    !
NOTIQK3 Is hereby given that riit- j
tings nl the ubove Court will be belli
ut the   Government   Building, Cran* I
brook,     tor tbe   disposal   ot   eases!
every   Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
nt,;   at Moyie every   Saturday  at tlie
Steele aud     Wardner   on   Bucn days j
und dates, as   may     be appointed in j
ttie proceedings,
sumo  bour;    uud  at   Muiysville, Fort
All debts uud demands not exceeding tbe aum of $100 can be sued foi
und recovered iu tbe ubove meu
turned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or after Judgement) ut ou lnatul
ment order which cun be enforced by
commitment it necessary.
Instructions for proceedings cun be
buuded iu   to   the    undermentioned
Clerks of the Court., viz;—
F. H. Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Cranbrook.
P. U. Houth,   Provincial   Cunstuble
Moyie,     or to
Joseph Walsh, Provincial Constable!
Fort Steele.
Joseph Ityan
Dated 22nd day of June, 11108.
TAKE NOTICK that Ervin 11.
Streeter of Elkmouth, British Columbia, occupation Rancher, intends
to upply for permission to purchuse
the lollowing described lunds:
Commencing ut u post planted at
the northerly end ol an island in the
Kooteaay itiver apposite E. R.
Streeter's land, thence duwn stream
along the easterly side of suid island
ubuut twenty-five chains to the southerly end thereof, thence up stream
along the westerly side of suid islund
to place of beginning, being the whole
of said islund und containing 20
ueres more or less.
Duted Oct. Hth, 1908. 44
District of Eust Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Clement H.
Pollen of Oranbrook, occupation
agent, intends to upply for permis
sion to purchase the following described lands: Commenoing at a post
plunted ut the S. \V. corner J. Means
Pre-emption, eust 30 chains to the
boundary of lot 6033, thence 30
chains south to the bounda-ry of lot
2048, thence 30 chains west, tlience 30
chains north to the point of
commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1U08. 45
District of Eust Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis H.
Pollen of London, Eng., occupation a
free miner, intend to apply for permission to purchase thc following described lunds: Commencing nt n post
plunted at the N. Et. corner post of
lot 342, 40 chains north following the
boundary of lot 110 and 338, thence
40 chains west, thence 40 chains
south, tbence 40 chains en-st, to the
point of commencement, containing
100 acres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908. 45
District of Enst Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Jus. Ryan
of Crnnbrook, occupation journalist,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the S. W. corner of lot
2048, south 30 chains to lot 6033,
thence east 30 chnins, thence north
30 chains, thence west 30 chains,
to the point of commencement, containing 100 acres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908. 45
District of East Kootenny.
Take notice that Hugh Stewart of
Crnnbrook, occupation merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descriheil lands :
Commencing at a post planted on
the Kootenuy river approximately on
the south boundary of lot 110, 2d
chains west to the boundary of lot
342, thence 40 chuins south following
the oasl. boundary of lot 342 to the
Kootetmy River, thetiee 40 eliains lol
lowing the Kootenny river to the
point of commencement. contnining
50 acres more or less,
Dated, October 30th, 1908, 15
Take notice that I, LIkkIo Orn.cc ol
('ranbrook, occupation married wo
, man, Intend to apply to the Chlol
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the follow
Ing described lands in Kasl Kootct)
ay: Commencing at u post planted
at the smith east corner ol A. II
(trace'.i purchase, thenco west SO
chains to the C.P.It. tight of wuy,
then.'" following said right ot wuy in
nti easterly direction to the smith
boundary of lot 125, tlience norlh ',\*
chains moro or less to the place nl
beginning, contnining Mil) acres more
or less.
A. H. draco, Agent.
Dated Oct. 2fith,  PUIS.
The time for the commencement of
the publication in the B. C. Gazette
of the above notice has been extended
to the 4th dny of December. 1908.
Assistant Commlsslonor of Lands
and Works.
District of Kootenay.
1, John Thomas Scnnlon of Orntl
brook, occupation rancher, intend to
apply to the chief commlsslonor of
lands and works for permission to
purchaso the following described land
in East. Kootenay district:
Commencing    at   a   post    planted
a-boiii   2    chains south of tho south
west corner of lot 7218 on tho north
boundary lot 2312, thenco north 25.31 |
chains, thence west 23 chains,   thenco i
nouth 25.31  chains,  thence east, along
the northerly  boundary of Lot. 2312,
tu the place of boglnnlng, containing
58 acres mote or less.
Dated December 2nd! 190JJ.
NOTICE is hereby given pur
suutil to tno Creditors' Trust Deeds
.ict, l'J'U and Amending Acts that
■John I*'. Dauey of Lionbury, British
Columbiu, Lumberman liy Indenture
Creditors' trust deeds act, 1U0L
ol assignment dated the 13th duy ol
November, did assign ull bis persona,!
property, reul estate, credits and ei
lects which may be seized and sold
under oxecutlon to Percy Chapman ol
the City of Vancouver, in the Pro
vince ui British Columbia, Accouat-
aaut, tor the general benefit of his
A meeting of tho creditors will be
held at the offices uf the Messrs Harvey,     McCarter i McDonald,     liaker
street iii the city of Cranbrook, in
the suid province on Thursdny tbe
twenty-sixth day of November, 1908,
ut 2 o'clock iu tbe afternoon tor tht
giving uf directiou with reference to
the disposal ol the estate,
others having claims against the estate ure required to llle the same
with the assignee or bis solicitors,
Messrs. Harvey, McCarter & Macdonnld, on or before the thirty-first
duy ot December, A, I)., 190S, with
ull particulars of same, duly verified
by uttiduvit, und the nature of the
securities, ii anv, held by them.
rst duy of December, A.D., 1908, tne
assignee will proceed to distribute the
assets among the creditors of whose
claims he shall then have received no-
ice and he will not be responsible for
the assets or any pnrt thereof so distributed to any creditors of whose
debt or claim be shall uot huve then
received notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this Hth day
of November, A.D., 1908.
Vancouver, B. 0,
By his solicitors Messrs. Harvey,
McCarter & Maedonald, Oranbrook,
B. C. -47
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE tbat sixty days after date I, George Lloyd, civil engineer, Cranbrook, lmend making application to the Honorubte the Chief
Commissioner of Lunds und Works
for permission to purchase the fol-
lowing described lunds:
Commonelng ut a post pluced at
tbe N. W. corner of lot liiitl on the
East bunk ui the Kootenny River,
thence east 13 chains, more or less,
following the .Nor.nr.u boundary of
lot 15 to a corner post of lot 8103 ;
thence North no cha.ns, mure or less,
following tbe west boundary of lot
8103 to bunk of Kootenay itiver ;
thence following Kootenay River in a
Southwesterly direction to place of
beginning, containing 20 acres more
or less.
Dated November 9th, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that an application will he made to tne Legisia
tive Assembly of the province ol Un
tish Columbia at its noxl sosalon foi
an act to incorporate a company,
wiili power in build, construct,
maintain and oporate a line of rail
way ol standard guago to he operated hy steam, electricity ur any other
power, foi' tlii' carrying uf freight,
passengers and express: -Commencing
at a point on the Eastern British
Columbia Railway at or near the
tuwn ut Corbin; thence in a southern
direction fulluwing the east fork ot
the south lurk uf Michel Creek to tbe
summit between that Creek and a
tributary to the Flathead river;
thence iu a southerly direction down
said tributary to tbe Flathead river;
thence southerly along said Flathead
river, or hy the most convenient
route, to a point on the International boundary between the province of
British Columbia aud the United
States of America, a distance uf
forty miles, more or less, with power
to construct and operate telegraph
and telephone lines fur the purpose uf
its business and fur the public, wltb
power to own, use and operate water
powers convenient to the road for
railway and other purposes, and with
such other powers and privileges
which are usually given to Railway
Dated at  Cranhrook,  November 7th,
ALD,     Solicitors     for the Appli
Take nutiee thnt i, Andrew B.
Grace, of Cranbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission tu purchase the
following described lands in East
Kootenay: Commencing at a post
planted at the south east corner of
block 425, thence west 80 chains,
tbence south Su chains, thence cast
80 chains, thence nortii HO chnins to
place uf beginning, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26, 1908.
Tbe time for tbe commencement of
the publication iu the B. C. Guzette
of tho above notice bus been extended
to thc 4th day of December, 1908.
Assistant    Commissioner   uf  Lands
nd Wurks.
District of  10ust  Kuutenay.
TAKE NOTICK tbat Thomas J.
Agar, uf Slmcoo, Ontario, occupation
solicitor, intends tu apply for permission lu purchase the following
land, being four islands In the Koot-
iiiay river lying opposlto lot 116,
group I, describod uk follows: Commencing at a post planted on the
west, side of the northerly island in
the group aud on the south line of
lot 338, uroup 1, Kootenay district;
theuce down stream lollowing the
westerly side of tlie island to the
tOUtllOrly       etui     thereof;       UlOtlCO   Up
-it reum on tho easterly side of the
island lu the smith line id' lul 338 ;
thenee west to plnee of beginning ;
also the three stun Her Islands south
of the above island, nil containing
about. 80 acres.
Dated October HOth, puis.
The delay fur commonelng tbe publication of the above notice Ih extended to the 13th day of Novombor,
Asst,  Cumm'i.
I, Hen W. Worden, of Kurt Steele,
British Oolumbla, Hotol Keeper, hereby apply tu the Superintendent nf
Provincial Polico lor a renewal of
my licence to sell Intoxicating liquors
under the provisions nf the Statutes
in that, hehall, in the premises known
nd dosorlbod as the Imperial lintel
at.  Kurt   Steele.
My post olllco address is Fort
Steele,  li.  ('.
Tlu- names and addresses nf the
ownors id the premises proposed tn
he  licenced   n,i'c  "Nils  Hiiimnn,   Wasn,
B, 0.," and "Robert L. T. Ciilbtaith,
Kurt  Steele,  B,  0."
Dated   this   26th   dav nf November,
Municipal Buildings  By-law
BY-LAW" NO. 54
A By-law tn authorise the sale of
tbe city's interest in Block I), Plan
0G!», Oranbrook, B. a, and the joint
Government and Municipal Buildings
erected thereon, and tn devnte the
i proceeds thereof for the purpose of
purcbusing a site for and erecting
Municipal Buildings.
WHEREAS a petition has been presented to tbe Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the ('ity of Cran-
brook signed by the owners of at
least one-tenth (l-10th) of the value
of the real property in the said city,
as shown by the last Revised Assessment Roll, requesting tbe said Council to Introduce a by-law to sell and
grunt tbe city's interest in Block 1)
in the city nf Cranhrook according to
a map or plan of the said city riled
in the Land Registry otlice at Nelson,
B. ('., as number 669, and in tbe joint
government and Municipal Buildings
erected thereon tn the province nf
British Oolumbla for the price or
sum of seven thousand five hundred
dollars ($7,500.00); and to use n,nd
devote the proceeds thereof fur tbe
purposes of purcbusing a site for and
erecting and equipping Municipal
Buildings for the city nf Cranlirook.
AND WHEREAS in the opinion of
the Council separate premises are requisite, belonging to und under the
control of the city, nnd tbat therefore the city's interest in said Block
I) and said joint Government ami
Municipal Buildings is not required
for corporate purposes,
AND WHEREAS for such purposes
it is necessary to amend by-law No.
21 of the corporation of the city of
Cranbrook being tbe "City .of Oranbrook Debenture Loan By-Law No.
AND WHEREAS the consent uf the
Lieutennnt Governor in Council has
been obtained for sucb amendment of
By-lu-w No. 21 to be made, as appears by a report of a committee of
the Honorable the Executive Council,
approved by bis Honor the Lieutenant Governor on the 24th day of November, A. D.,  PJ08.
AND WHEREAS tbe approval of
the Lieutenant Governor in Council
fur the sale and disposal of tbe city's
interest in suid Block D in the City
nf Cranbrook, according to a map or
plan tiled in the Laud Registry OHlce
at Nelson, B. 0., as No. Ot!!) and the
joint Government und Municipal
Buildings erected thereon, has heen
hud and obtained, as appears by the
said Repurt.
AND WHEREAS for the purposes
aforesaid, it will be necessary to devote the said sum uf Seven thousand
live hundred dollars (17,500.011.)
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of ('ranbrook in Council nssem-
bled, enacts as follows':
1. It shall and may be lawful for
tbe Mayor of the Corporation of the
City of Cranhrook to sell, grant and
absolutely dispose uf tlie city's interest in Block D in tbe City of Ornnbrook according to n map or plan of
the suid city tiled in the Lund Registry ollice at Nelson, B. 0., us No.
060, to His Majesty King Edward
VII Iu the right of tlie province of
British Columbia and in tbe joint
Govornmont und Municipal Buildings
erected thereon for the juice or sum
uf seven thousand live hundred dollars ($7,500,00); und for such purposes tn sign, senl, execute and deliver
all deeds and other Instruments necessary and requisite in the premises,
2. The proceeds of the said sale
slui|ll he devoted to the purchasing nf
u site for nnd the erection of Municipal Buildings for the City of Crnn
3. By-law No, 21 of the City of
Cranbrnnk wheresoever it is inconsistent with the provisions of this
by-law,  is hereby repealed
4. This by-law may bo cited for all
purposes as the "Municipal Buildings
Head the Hrsl., sccnml and third
time nu tlie second duv of December,
P.i 08.
Iteceived tbe assent nf the electors
on the Mth day of January. L900.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted on lhn 	
TAKK NOTICK Hint the abovo is a
true copy uf tbe proposed By law up
nil which the vote nf the Municipality
will be taken ut the Municipal Build ,
lugs, Baker Bt., in the City uf Ortin
brook, B. ('., on Thursday, January
14t.li, 1000, between-the hours uf nine'
o'clock (ten o'clock local time) In the
morning and seven o'clock (eight
o'clock,  local lime)  in the evening.
Clerk to tbe Municipal Council.
Depart ment
In lust week's Issue some attention
wus given to the study o- the chemical composition of soils. It is hoped
that our renders are following these
notes with consecutive interest and
are storing away in their minds for
future use the points ol value regarding the character ol the soil, that
they may be able to apply tho know
ledge gained in turning the wealth ot
their own soils to practical account.
In the present Instance the diflerences
between soluble und Insoluble Ingred
lents will be explained.
If a quantity of soil bo soaked In
water and thoroughly mixed und stirred up tor some time a small amount
of soluble salts will be dissolved nut.
If this water is then filtered oft and
evaporated to dryness the saline mat
ter present will show itself as n
small quantity ol white crystalline
PpWdor. This powder Is the soluble
part of the soil and the remainder is
the insoluble. The soluble part forms
a very small portion of the wh0lc,
seldom reaching as much a,s a quarter of one per cent, of tho total, although this small quantity amounts
to n very great deul nn an acre ur in
u Held. An inch In depth of soil
equals over 10U tuns per acre; therefore it follows thut In every in h in
depth there muy be us much us live
hundredweight (,f this soluble material, or ubout two tuns per acre in
the tlrst eight inches of depth. A soil
muy be ever su rich In plant food,
yet should the ingredients be insoluble the ordinary plants cannot readily feed upun them. Tbe soluble material is the immediate mineral food
of tbe plants or crops growing on the
soil, und it is mainly because of its
limited a-mount thnt we require to
help the crops by applying manures.
There is another Important fact in
this connection that should not be
forgotten. As has been stated previously, the acid reaction of the living
roots enables them to dissolve oul
some more mutter fur their own direct use, su thut probably twice tbe
quantity of the food material in a
soluble form is at the service of the
crops. This acid reaction is calculated as equal to a one per cent, solution uf citric acid, and therefore if
the soil in the foregoing test after
being tren-tcd with water is also
treated with a one per edit, solution
of citric acid the resultant saline
mutter obtained will present roughly
whut is really available f,,r plant
food. The action of ull the weather
ing und other agents which help to
originally form the soil continues to
set free further portions of soluble
material as the years go on, but the
total soluble constituents remain fairly constant. In an ordinary chemical
analysis a strong acid .uch us hydrochloric -is used to dissolve the
materials, and in this wuy soluble
mutter may be obtained up to six,
eight or ten per cent,, the remainder
being insoluble sand or clay, forming
the bulk of the soil, but never supplying food for plants. Agricultural
chemists usually treat the soil with
a two per cent, solutb n of citric
acid, so ns to test whut is actually
available to the plant runts. The saline matter they secure is composed
for the most part of chlorides and
sulphates of lime and soda.
Repeat it, "Shiloh's Cure will always   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
The ruilway commission has un older out which stipulates that where
freight cars are used on main Iin-
trains they must be equipped with
ii'ir brakes, steel tires und metal
trucks designed for passenger service,
Where these requirements are not
complied with on account of exertional circumstance.-, trains must nut
be run at more than 35 miles nn
It is expected that by the 20th of
the present month the compressor on
the Aurora property will be working
und tbe machine drills will he in use.
The boiler inspect0r will be here next
week. The Aurora promises tn make
u record fnr itself this winter.-Moyie
Chus. Parrel! Is working seven men
on the Society Girl property and
everything is going along very satisfactory.     Moyie Len,der.
Sir Wilfrids  Pi itest
Continued from pugi I
year and in i Lh i .- ur : 1. -i
nu election uml tl
v..17:1,.,.:    lhis year tl . .   .
ection     an I the
-.\...-  f6,710,l S4,     M  .,   ..j,.
i ii   -li        th
exni nditure uii   \,,j -
jn.-. ul  I	
in    m :.- ■ j.
detl ;, niillii n and a hail
rent   expp mi tare      "1 the    .i ci io
month   mi'. li,- n .-.
Again while i ii   -.   it,]   ex]   miii
lul- puhllc ■.'.-.ii-:.-   anil    uilwn       n Oi
I   .
lasl vein l.v n. .r   u.. -   ■ mi ou thul
nf  Novombei   shows a much I. i
All  I,in  ., smnll  Inn 11(111 1,1 111.   ll- ::
of  revenue    'iij'l ir  iln-   head ol   [nihil.
wol'--;, -ii -iimi ii.- rallwaj earnini
of llle llll' ir.iliillli,!      In-Ml     111    i-.'.'ll
in,.mil-,  llu-   -ii ..mi- llus deena e:l
1465,000.   'I'll- nil ilium   i.'  iin   cnvorli
incut   inilwuy     nre   ii  li    I   	
hehiii'l.     while ih,- woi'l'iic  ■   .' n
have Increased. -Mr. Clrnli m i    .. <-.■-
li. declare ., detlcll oi ul  I-.-. I j. mil
lion dollars in Hi- Hrsl  Mill year    ..
his uilmiitu't !'.-!> i. ti
Wlml  is lln- matter with  Him ll.-n
ven lioiu minister ..i ngrlcull ?
years auto government orpins wen
'lull ni lionstiim over the Increased ex
ports to England ..( I'linndinn i uttci
uml cheese, i'n-.lil loi lhis develop
menl wus claimed for Mr Flsh-r nni
his department, nnd iln- people wen
asked lo believe tlml Hn- m'n tei
anil tin- government luul limn- Ili-
whole tliiiu:. There wns in, praise ioi
ttie farmers. No account was taker
of lln- Increased British dcmnnil I'
wns nil .Im- iii ih" Renins uinl cnorgj
of tin- l.ihernl minister.
Now where ure weV
Exports cheese, liseal ye i 1908,
Exports cheese, liseal year 1903, 229.
099,925 llis.
Decrease, 39,112,5(10 llis.
Butter exports,   1908,   l,858,27G  Ih
Butter exports, 1903, 3-1,128.94-1 lhi
Decrease, 29,270,068 llis
These ure lln- figures „i Domln cr
Dairy Commissionei' Ruddlck, pub
lished this week, 'lln- slnl. in. nt ,.
Montreal shipments for tin- pnst toi
veurs gives further purlieulars, cover
Ing more tliun nlne-tentlis ji!" Cnmi
diall dairy exports:
Exports,  sens, n   1897, 2,102,985 hox
Exports, season  1908,  1,785,096 l>,,x
Decrease, 3l7,2v.i boxes
sin,wim- reports lasl vear n good
deal less Hum tin.' year .Mr Flshoi
took office.
Tlu.- fart is Greal Brlta'n boueh'
from Cnnndn Insl year nboul tin
sume quunlity jis t.-n years ago. Shi
bought from New **eulnnd ti-..- ii.inns much us ii n v.-;ii-s ago.
Tlie Imllir trade shows n still
worse record for Mr Fieber ,,n 1 Iii
depni tuu-nt.:
Exports from Montreal, 1897, 200
noil packages.
Exports  fi-	
000 packages.
Exports fi.i'ii
Olio packages.
Compare   iim
it ir
with    IMS
ports of Im'.:
ml thoy were
Imnl mu rmli
London, Dee. 18—It is officially announce*! tlmt a innrr n-ji! uigugement
litis been arranged between tin- Earl
of Grttliiird and Miss Beatrice Mills,
the daughter of Ogdoti Mills ,,f New
Protests have beon entered In ul
most, lmil tlie ridings In the Dominion
in tho recent elections. In Alberts
every seat except Victoria is protest
ed. Iu Manitoba there are seven pro
tests, in Saskatchewan one ullil about
50 in Ontario und Quebec.
The only province in tlie Dominion
where protest foolishness is not in
diilged iii is llritish Columbia. Prom
tills .net alone, if Is evident. Hint lliiil. c electorate know wlml they
wnnl, lu tire pluy tlie olection game
to a finish nti the duy ol election
The      lollowing    lire    till'   ,,li-   slop
incuts fr,,m mint's in  tin- Ornnbrook
districl   for the  pnsl   week  mul  yoar
to date.
less   tin,n
years ago, nnd
t|ii;nitiiy uiin- years ago,
This is mil because llu- British pc ,
pie huve stopped buying Imt ter. They
bought more Imt year than ilu-i did
len years ago, iis .-In.\vn below:
llritish  Imports, 1898,  159,158 tons
British Imports,  I''.'. 201,131  tons
Increase, 41.970 Ions
According I.- British n luiin thc
purchase rrom Canada in tin- ten
years 1898 mnl 1908 decreased l "in
.',.902 to 1,81.2 tons.
Butter Imports Irom Australia ins.
from 7,837 to 22,390 Iuus.
Butter Imports from Ne.,- **uilund
rose from 3,933 tn 11,192 Inn.
Butter jmports fr   Di nmark  :<■•
from 09,051 to '.11,2-18 tons.
No doubl Mr. Fisher will .-si lain
tlmt all tins is Hi > inilii ... provl
denco or the Canadian shipper, oi Hi -
Canadian dairyman or iln- BritlBh
purchaser. But. Blnce he claimed ere
dit for Increases during Uu lirst
years of liis ministry, in- should lie
willing now tn tnko tin- blume tm- the
striking decrenBc.
lt wus pointed mil Insl session hy
conservative members thnl tin- nld
storage transportation orrnngementB
are so defective nt points us greatly
to destroy their value, Mi B i len'i
platform called fm a national system
,-,f transportation with spccinl i'i'.:..'
tion for petisliulilc goods.
Tlie opposition leader nnd in   ..   -
siu-inii-s havo persistently maintained
thnt cheap and     sale t ranspoi lu ' i
j lor export   freight   i.- nun h in re  in
. portant tn tin- Canadian people than
lust passenger and mail  linos
|    Mr. Ili-mli-i- mnl other c msoi rntivc
1 hnve   shown   I bill    'In-   ' 'jMln'i.   i.
ornment  Is .-\|" iniin--  more 11...:.   ti n
times iis much in I coping nn .<     t.i]
heavy   military   equip ut
paying for tin- m volopmi nl   -
I culture. Including cold    tortige    Kvi n
- Mi.     Flshei    Im    turned  n   di   fi
I managing     In    -.mu d i-   l.menl     ti
■ mako part)  patn n ige "in   ol militia
i promotions,  nnd  hu    di mini  to -I
II nut.  of dn''    Lord   In a Ion ii.l  	
,,f tlu-     country        ol  0.    in rg:
which mlghl  liettel  Im- " been .   p. ml
,-,|    III   nn-   .IUIIJ-    Ihr   '"MM I        I, I   ' ',   '     ,
Canaiiinn   Northwest   Oil   Cn
in i'im.i.j,I,
AS to  Portfolio for B.C.
-    .'.        ::. ,t   Hon      W
Tempi tendcri d  :.. ■ ns
tiou ; ■      ippoint nu :.'  * ill huve
'" ■ .        . 1 British i'".
■     ..■:■.   M.j.     iiif va
-   ':.- net
"Ij     :..:...'       :,   .       u eonscienl lolls
un    [lainstnkini   mil    '•      :. .  British
.   :i...I i.-jiM it t" in- proud   of
■  i.  .-   jj  clean  .iim  honorable   chiel
I mm im    mm   In ii.-:   i 'olumbla
a ji moment --i weakness decidi .i ilmt
.;   .- - i'lu '     end  rsi   thi   . i\ ernment
;■ . i   , ' j.i.jii.-t   mini «er,     and
state of thai  pro' ince .n-n.<
.1 -•    .1...I1   I ll''  in st
iill n    tin- vacant  portfolio   why
should     '--..'.      ■ Urn.-ii ''..Iiiui
im,   I,.-  preferred   I.,   lln...-  ...   ~;isi:ut
i. wan    .   Manitoba?   A - -i  pi   vin e
it i- surelj  nni  more importnnt than
tmed ;n populnlion, bus
.i; :  influence
\li knlim .-nnt li is .,n • xc-ll, nt
inun, imt u in - i - u -t "iu ii'-v were op
"ii".1 il." baleful induen e that put
Hon Wm. Templeman out ni business
so tj" as tin- presenl Hnl party Is
concerned, might lose another constit
im.",-  in British Columbia; an '.  tin n
\\' ii. mi . ..in."- t llat from -.ur view
point iiu- possibility nt another cab
inet minister from British Columbia
.,1 present I,,nils shaky George Mc
Craney,     M I' .   ,,i   Rosthcrn, Sask .
looks - I I,, us.  unl In- has tin-   ne
cessary majority.
Notlco is hereby given that nn the
12th dny nf December, 1908, ii wus
ordered by T. I-;. Wilson, Esq . .1 n,Iu•■
it tin- County Courl ol Easl  Kooti n
ay, thai  -I. s Ferguson Armstrong,
Official Aiiiiniii.uui,a for that por
nm ni i in- ('.iiiui y nl Kootenny included in Hi" electoral districts ol
'raiiiii'iink iiiui Fernie, In- Admiuls
traitor ni nil uud singular iim estate
nf William Stanley McEwun deceased
Every person udobted to tlu- suid
ieceased is required tn inul-i- payment
oi'thwlth in tin   ui'i.t    i'".l
Every person liuving elTccta belong
Ing in Hn- deceased is required forth
with in notify iiu- undersigned
Ever) creditor or other person Imv
ng any claim upon m- iuteresl in thc
distribution nf iin- estate ol thc snid
ileceased is required to send before
tho 21st ,ln,y ,,1 Ili-i-i'inl.er, 1909, next.
liy registered imnl addressed t,. the
undersigned, bis name and addrcas
tnd On- full i»;.itiriilii!s ..I his claim
»r interest, antl u statement "1 ins
,cc,uuu un.I tin   not uf- ni t lie Bocitrl
iy lil uny) lii'l.l by I	
After tin' sniil  las intloncd date
-In- Administrator will proceed with
•Im distribution ni Hi" estntc having
regard tn those claims only ni which
iu- slmll huve liml i ce.
Iluli'il   nl   I'mlliu.ml.   llus   llitli   duy
if December, I'm',.
.1    F    ARMSTRONG,
il Official Administratis
Bj virtue ..( a urn nl l-'u-i i Facias
i ii,-.l .ni ni tin- Supremo Court nt
Iitiii.-li Columblu in -ni action where
,,i tin- Crow's Nesl I'ass i'niil Com
inijiy    is    plninl ill nnd Hu- Sullivan
Group .Mm im C I'liny is ilofondnnt,
I I,uv seUcd und tnken in oxecutlon
nil Hu- right, mii- ,-ni'l inii'ii'si nl
Hu- smi) dcfcndnal. Sullivan Group
.Minim: Compnny in Timber License
Number 32,711, situated near Marys
uili-, n.c , uml ileserlbed „s commencing jit out ml pusi north cast cornor
..f A Banks' pre-emption; thence east
loo chain*; thenco south 120 chnins tn
| the bank ni Si    Mnry's river; thence
' wost fm- ji distance nl i.u chalna fid
lowing the river hank; thenco nortii
I'i rlinins: Ihenee west In chains;
tin u-i- nortli su chains in tin- place of
n. -1-1111111111.
AIbo nil lhe right, title uml Interest
ol tin- Sullivjin Group Miulng Com.
puny in Tinilier License 83,301, described as follows; Initial post north
east corner of Albert Bunks pre-omp
tion, being lot 2377; tbence west ono
iiull mil'-: thenco north nm- mile :
tlu'tii isi     ono     half mil''; thence
I smith   mill'
I And I .-luiil .-"II tlii' snid Timber
Licenses at public auction ut the
court hoUBe in the city nf Cranbrook,
' 11    C .   nil  Tuesilny.   Hu-  2'ltil  iluy       nl
December, I'm.'', ,u tbe hour nf eleven
o'clock in Hi'- forenoon. Terms ol
sale; Cash.
Dated nt Nelson, B t'„ llth duy ,,!
December, 1908.
S   1'   TUCK,
Bhorifl ..f South !< lotenny
St    Eiiiji-li
North st.
.1-18     2-1.248
liuul,, &  Elwell In
i- u-li in - i" a
nf      ii    in...'    ...
mull .1   ..ilni-  Irom
 Klii       llll
Total 023    28,:;.'.''
"Ud   lli.'li     |i"(      - •     '
nn-     dally     .lulu' ,i       i'   ■ . I
I nnwn Iml   Hm'    ll II     event
lll'ltuselii,   Dec    15    Presldeni   Roobc    snece -   llu- I'   dlliri
veil, lum applied in the Belgian gov    v..In.- nnd you caiinol  .1	
ornment ihrough the American legn   buy n low ul the i ■ II    E
tion for a hunting permit In Bolglan  arc oflorlng Hn     mull h li und    -
territory     iu Africa,   This    will   In-  In ut ihe victory.
granted,   It will cover uml bo for lug     See   them    .m i nee nnd give -. uu
und small game. friends u valuable (Jbrlstmae presenl
I     Nil     11 Ml     ,11 1)1       rt,,-;,     lllltl-ll
i tt.-.-. .'-!.'. hereby apply '" Hn- Sttpi t
Mi'. Ii-i": t    - '    Pro! -ii- ml   i'"ll""   inl        u
in.!] :.i   i II t.   Hen W.  Ver
ten of mj retail 1 ence to >"ll Intox
[eating mij n it iiii, i tin- provisions
nl Hu- Statute) in that I nhull in the
proml i- i ii" - ii -mi i desi i Ibi .1 u- thc
hi,' rial I Intel ..t  l-'.ni  Steele
'I In ..' .mi- h,mi .- I. valid iinlil Unil  i   .1 m.   ,,:   Don mm.' ■ .   IU08
Th" liiiin. uml .,'1'!.."-." ..I Hi"
owners "i lhe premi . proposed to
In- lu.-ini.l .in- Nil llm i-ii Wasn,
li  ('.,"  I "Robert I.  'I'  Galbraith,
'."'IH I-:
ire i h- n lu given that an ap
-ii ■ mi |„ made to tho purlin
nl ' ,i ni,, „| i, n,.vi osslon,
I ■    I- imi v    Central Hallway
nn     fill   nn   III I    I"   .Mi" in!       Ils
Iiii si'"i iii'iii. being  I  Edward
    vi, ni    tided i.v 3  Ed
vu.    i...i    11.: nml  i  Edward
o    '<i. I,, extending Hu- ti	
■i.i'ii.n ,.(      .ml     railway as
Dated Decombot .'-tli, 1908
Harvey, McOartet & Macjonnld,
.ui Solicitors int Applicants I 'age
THK    PROSPECTOR,    CRANHROOK,    B.    ti.    DECEMBER    Ifl,    190!
<?he $co*pccto i*   ■■>' °
'   I.   Boyce   .1 Calgary, C   McNeil
x I, '   N s . and A   Sutherland    ********************************************
;li\\    DECEMBER   1
you tried  Stewart's i
M    P
Couch,   Hi"   Mlii'itn   i
own nti Tuesday,
ll   Mill
ibleJoe  Walsh  -.1   Fo
l Siee
,\.M-     Ill
ll        1    .
towa T.i"-.i.',\
lliu j,ml  Al   Doyle .ii.
i."jii s
.-.-I,-   1 ii" da)  --ii l,'i -in
C    li
Burton ol   1' ii".  i
Hie city
- .1 .-.
\ I'a! in-V        pro* till I'M   I nn
' .       a i-. in dm n i in    week
..     I ones ol Wardm
Wednesd ,,
\   .     li,,mu. ... wns nt   Michel Mon
.I.  at thi  Crnubt'i di  Viondu)
C   ti      Brown .
I inindil ni  Spokut
[Mil)      i  spent   S milu)    v ""'"">'''■  ■'    s"'
last  in Cranbi
F.  I-:   Slinpsi In- H.-i..Id. whu   ♦
tin     been     at   tho '-mist   foi  several   *
weeki       mi.nu.-,I    Saturday     last  t..   ♦
li.Ml , ♦
elson.  weie registered     ut      tin
Crnnbrook   Saturday   lust.
V,in.     Henderson   ol  Nnutoii, Chas
iin-i nl Nels,ui. nml .1 McNeil .,i
' ..iiiii.in were gtlc i . .n i in' Oral)
in   ok      i . day lust
v      ."ini    ni  Hi" inlaid nl  llcenst
-iimiii -  i      »i       lield Wedooadn)
mi nil Hu- hotels in Hn   rill     i iu,,,
 -  Innl llu-ii   Iii-iii,.-- renewed
V I  Mi-   .1    Nollsoll .nul .lum li
N'' '   Speeiui  .nni   ,,., . h.„  ,,„  Sutiirduy's express     lul
Why    Buy    Xmas    Gifts ♦
mmmmmmmm_mmmmmmmmmmmmwmtm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmm *
From J.   D.   McBride ?   ♦
i;   p  'i'i
Ci.nil,I,ink   'l'l
nul      .1    li    I '.i11..-I   i,
I, Mini"    .unl   i      II    \a
'..l,.nt...    K     Mi-
'     I.     Win	
i ..> Moyio   .uu
I''    Stevcusotl  nt   Pernio   wi-li-      ul
Cranbrook hotel Wednesday
1        V      P.lll.'ll    ,.!    Mol   '
"mi Fri '   .
«    v   Powers i.i Spol
inbrook  Priduv
m v
' toy's -       -
.. ,   .
M . :
it       Ilil"        .      I      I     '
Tiisai-rv   l'ii""   ,11'ST   RIGHT
| ■
,   Mi'i-
..    ..
■ -•    -
ittv   I       i;.s    ii   nnr
lis- Ihal
Men's  Fur-lined Mocha Gloves.
at $2.75 and 3.50 a pair
Men's  Silk=lined  Hocha  Gloves
at $1.50 tn 2.75 a pair
Hen's Fancy  Mufflers
in   .iii   tin'   neu< -i   --'        tti sl  -; ■ Ii -.     I 'rices
$1.75,   $2, 2.50. and $4 each
Beautiful Selections of Mens Ties
\c\\ I )i,i.MMi il Stupes. Hrll^alilH'. 1'iiplins
Snell I'.litem- .iml I'iciiiIiIiiI Silks in ;ill the
Lii'-i tints,   I'li'es 50c. 75c $1  1.25 each.
Hens'  Bath   Rohes
New Vork importations HeauiiUil cli'signs
.md   .uiiu-.    4.75,  7.50,  and   10.50 each
Fancy Silk  Hankerchiefs
wilh I'oltuil'i'd I'ltinler. ina;;nilii ini rapne nl
palti'ins. I'fici - 65c. 75. $1 each
Reid   Block,   Cranbrook, I""v
 i Cm
Persons    sending Christmas pnrcols 4
1 ■ iu.- old i',,uutiy iy prepny tbo ♦
une ul   I'tii'i   iuti',  11  weighing less ♦
Hi.in imu ounces, und no customs do *
dur, 'i 1-  'essary t
V,   11    1'omliusou "i v. inuipeg     win * T
. : ,.,nmul,  Frldnj ti Hu- gate It  begins tn look ns it I
Hu-  municipal  council  lor   Plu'.l  would X
'I Foil   iteele mis m   be elected In jiitIuiiiiiIii.ii. We bollevo ft
IVi   111 -1 .j iln- mumim   ,,i  tin- doctors     would •
i.t In-:   see a contest ♦
It   would .       t,    see  VnnWoi 4
II    .1     Mauley  ni Mouse .Inw,   A,   IS. ♦
Leave     your   0
'  I'jimpl',
-dors   Imi   Christ!!
ill ,v   Manning -
er,  A    Reyuolds ol '
y,   P    A.  .Mi-.Mnsters mul  S,   N     T
nl   Toronto  were   "Hosts ut   tin-    X
nnt  Sunday lust, I
\,\t   M-.ii.Ijh  and Tuesi
he shortest duys ..( the
Kc|icj,l   it    "Shiloh's  Ci
iiiiii ui Nelson, F. Pulley ol   ft
um,   Henderson oi     Fort   ♦
Steele .111111-0,111.     M. It. Honuun unit ♦
'.I.  .1.  illumes ,,i llossliiud, a,ml F.  l'l. ♦
e   will     il    ilcLeoll    ni   Spokane   were   registered f     Cl'ailbrOOk,    B.    C.
id   colds "   '" ""' Cranbrook Mnndny. i
BECAUSE  our   iiiinn-   is   a
IHlill'.'llllec   nl'   l|llillit,V     Ullll     .Veil
can   I illiiin  of   ironing   the
imsi possible, horo VVlioii
your friends know goods went
-eeiinul liiiin .1. I>. MoBrlde
Ihey at once ure cor tain, liml
ynn lliuiiirlit llie best was nolle
it,., good  lor thi'in.
KA/.liliS.        KA/.llKS STOOPS.
Tobacco,   cigars,   cigarette
t the Cranbrook Cigar Sto
peat   it   "Shiloh's Cure will   al;   ♦+♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦»♦»»♦♦♦»
    coughs   and   cowls.
ways   ciu'
"Whn is your idea of a brave man,"
was tbo question put to a Prospector   ...    ,       , .    ,. , ■       i*
representative on  Monday  last.     "A   \\ c Deal Ul liverytlling rrom
inun   thn-t   dares to wear   hist sum-                                       ,
mer's straw hat  on Christmas,    and       fl  Needle to a Locomotive
whn will run as n,     candidate lor tin'	
11. Cook of PeachvlUe was     in (coming municipal elections,"  was the
Thursday. reply.
'!'    Martin uf Calgary,  C P \l. civil
ngineer,  was in town Wedoesday.
Thos.   Flader ef Morrissey  was
town Wednesday.
'['lu1   public      schools  closed   Friday       This is the time of the year wben a
until after the holidays. [groat  many subscriptions      fur     The
Prospector fall due.   The attention of
Mi   ami .Mrs. J. It. liuss ui Waldo Isubscribers 'ig'caUed to "it""ami "iiay- All kinds of Second Hand Goods-
"' '" ",lv" Thursday.                       , ments should be made at once, before        Kiiniitiuv  a  SPECIALTY
the opportunity expires of subscribers „ „ _
getting the Montreal Herald nml   llie
Prospector for $2.00. BUYER   OF   FURS
uur merchants report retail holiday
t lade  as  being good.
The store* have all donned their
holiday finery ami Christmas shopping is already brisk.
Patronise home Industry by smoking   tin*      Crow's   Nest   Special      and
lOxtra clgaVs,
13, II. Short, painter and decorator, sulil over "if-ll double rolls nf wass
paper to Fernie this week.
P. Johnson of Jaffray, was transacting business at Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mr. ami Mrs. 1'. l.und uf Wardner,
were Cranbrook visitors on Wednesday.
Select your Christmas goods at the
Cranbrook Drug and Book Store now
and have them laid away.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   C.   Vi.   Monk  uf   Spo-
kaiie  were   Crnnbrook   visitors  Monday.
Wm. Moflatt, of Claresbolm, 11. S.
Higgins and C. lt. Tuolong uf Wasa.
day on business.
Repent it "Shiloh's Cure will always   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
F. H.  Pearson of JalTray was transacting   business at Cranbrook  Mon-
1). Hill whu has been at the
st fur several months returned to
('unstable  A.  ('.  Adney  reiurned  nn
Mondny from a business trip to   the
ft     Mr. mnl  Mrs.  .1. G.  MeOivlliim   returned from ;i visit to tin- const   on
4   tin-
Shop  early.    Vou  are  asked  to   do —°—
your shopping early,  Next week will   Sap-''* Old   Stand,  Hanson Ave
he     a  very busy one for penple     in
stores.   When giving  pleasure to one j 	
person h.v sending a gift, give pleasure and comfort also to those who
serve your Christmas needs hy doing
your shopping early.
You have noted, have you not, the
improvements in Tbe Prospector during the past month?   It ha-s resulted
in an increase of twenty per cent, in
our   list   nf readers. These Improve- I
ments a,nd this addition tn our sub- i
seriptlon list are due, tn a large ex- j
tent, to, the co-operation nf uur read- j
Repeat  it   "Shiloh's Cure  will   always   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
Yoli  may know of some one     who
would  undoubtedly  subscribe  for the |
Prospector if they hud an opportunity  to examine a copy.    Just send   a „       _. I
few copies to your friends,  you may   ftOOD      MUSIC  leaves Winnipeg daily at 22.10 mak-
depeml     on it,  thnt those tn whom    \*XKJ\**J*mmJ      1UU01U| connections at Toronto for all
you send the Prospector will he more .   p()ints east and west thereof.
than grateful to you, as they     read
Low Round Trip Rates to
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31,
inclusive, good to return within three
' Tickets issued in connection. Atlan-
i tic Steamship business will he on
sale from Nov. 21, and limited from
five months from date of issue.
| Finest   Equipment.   Standard   First-
Class Sleeping and Tourist Cars
on ti-H Through Trains.
eh succeeding issue
I f vu  ft'uni  music for
your      Xmas      party
.■'■:.■  what  shall
Lei   lis assure    you
annul bei ti:   i ban In
•    i      ,.i  |)jgi-
ii ■   ,.  always
: -     Wi*
uii  i reryotie's
not i iii !..     call
.'..',-  pleased  to see
make it ii  plnn mre     to
' i iTlCK    PUKE   OF i'li WUiE
Rawortfi  Bros.
9 *  I'lllllll'ool*, I'. (',
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •♦♦♦»««« «♦♦♦«
We Btrongly advise penple to do
their Christ mas shopping early. There
are many reasons fur thi.-i, the strong
est being that I,utter selections can
he mndo, an,re time spent on making
n choice, iijiiil the merchant can give
his customers much bettor attention
than when rushed nil his leet during
tiie few days preceding rhristma,s.
„;—,,,, I'l'HMS  "lOUBHATIi.
Rov.    i'   0. iinin and .1.  1*. Smith _
went  to -latlrny yesterday n,m! entei
tjiilieil  the  | pie  there with  picture
jiml    descriptions   ol Scotland.     Mr. —o—
Smith tiilil about bis recent trip    in     Prince  Rupert   Empire   Tbe  Empire
tl Id country which was Illustrated II,ml.I     mosl    willingly  help     bring
y Btoreoptlcun     views by Mr. Main, girls ami women to Prince Ituporl  if
 alelljiiniiii'lll   was on  lieliiijl      ol    tl    was   work   lot'   Ihem   when   they
staled that a woman cook was want-
,-irnveil bore, Three weeks ago It Is
nl al tho general hospital.   A woman
,,. r, ,.,    . , , ,     ■    , , '   '"'   uppllod and was offorcrt *2.' a month.
I     i  ,„,,,      "     ,'"""""1' '"-'*<" ' ' Such gilts me not only very  rop-   A   ,|„,m„08(, ,, ,  i9 ,iolnR tin- work
f    ' '"•'> riato     bul       carries     wltb     Ihein   ut }S5 a month.   This paper will iml
X     Mi- and Mrs   II   It. Mitchel of Spo    f!' r lioHBlhllltloB thun uny    othor   |„-a medium t„     bribe     people     to
9   l,ji„e,   were   gtlOBts  al   tbe  Criintir t    l"Mont-   A  '"*    "'nlcB have maile   |ir|nco  Ru,ral.t ,„ wu,.|, (,„■ |{WS wages
• on Monday ninny     fortunes    quickly, ami   from   than kae paid Chinese and Jn|iiinc«o.
4                                                                knowing; this     fact everybody wauls  T|„, Umpire advocates making 1'rlnee
♦ Ml. innl  Mrs. K. 1'iilvel- and child of    *"""'•    See lleale ■• I'lwell, I ranbrook   |{ll|lorl    white,  but not  by  the melh
f  t'algary   were Cranhrook  visitors ,,n   " '' • bo,oro huymg. oha ,),.,, hlli| tln»sc who employ     or
Apply to nearest C. P. R. Agent for
full Information.
Cl.  Utucnborg,
an was in the city (luring tlto early [||H,  ,ij,|T,-;iV  iiuhl'l'c school
♦   pari   nl   I liis  week
f      Mi. .nni Mrs, i'   A.     Ucncblcy
I    M.i.vle
Por a I'lirisiinas gill you cannot i
'belter Iball a ii-rl llleate nl ml slmt'e
Sunday  last.
X A 'in- in the sand elevator n,l   the
4 C P.R,     yards     brought mil  the   lire
4 brigade nn Saturday morning lust
ft W, C,  McBvoy, Win.  Scott, ('   Mc
F. E. CORRISON The Most Up-to-date
i. uminoior uiul Manager Rjgs in Cranbrook
l runbrooli   t ity  u	
•.ii'ohestru. __ .	
G. BRLANGEE, Proprietor.
Tctims and drives furnished for every point
in  the   District
Saddle  6c Pack Horses
I'liiino HO.    ('nil us nl uny time
you need n   rig.
uf .Moyie wen- Ornnbrook
who   nri'   in   in vol   nl   employing    Ah-
InticH.    II    Prince     Rupert   iK to t>e '
white, the wages must hn white, not   ^—■»•  A *   •
„i ,,,1,1,1-""- I Stewart's
:. house last evening, under the auspie
Doiignl and A   Melimigal, all nl Per-1 ea of the eiiy bund, was an iinuuiili .
aie. were al. Clrnnbi'ook Priday.           ; ii(.<i succosB, from musical view. Miss l'l"'is- 1)nl-- '■'   lllin- **■ s- fielding
X     ,,   ,,    ,   ,                     Lillie     Pinniss rendered hor solo In tjio Canadian minister ol finance, ar-,                      »	
( .   Iv   .Inslin nail I,.   I.  McGregor       style and wnB In good form    „s rived here yesterday.   His    visit    to                 J AP  OBANfIICS
;   ""    wa,s also      Mrs.  Dovltt.    Pred   Reeves   ™,»ls  D  ''u I',ll">   *ilb the  Pl'an- 	
I has a  rich voice and was greatly ap- ''!' ' '"ladlnn   treaty   which   was   ncgo- I
♦ |,          ,,          /,""",    ,                        iireei-iled     hv     Ibe aiidienn     Undor u"1'''1  illHl suiuuiei.   The treaty  Was]
X   .,      Mb   wil, S   ',  hot°oyi   VlTi '  "• •*'<■*'■ Unmlmal.'   he Band      s ™tin«l   by the Canadian  parliament
9   toi  of lh   ,\ uth jSi.ii  hotel   wna   i,l .       i,,-,,,,,-,.^   nlnvlnu  with rhvthni '""' ""'     l"'1'1"'11 ehainher but. It. has
X     " '""k   """S'h'>  ""*"""'*' "nni steadiness','nd answer tin  mnvii    ''""" hold up by   Proncl, senate on
♦ Mr. and Mrs  X   Mel ,1 I'liriaa of ; ments ol the Clonductor'B baton with    '"' K*'""'"l ll"'t "" nvcntlon is too
♦ Kimberley     woro Cranbrook  visitors   proclslon,   (liven     su rt, tho bund   "ivornnio to t-nnreiln.  OAUFOftNIA   G UAPES
I w" ' ' ., '"' "  ■m""'1'1' "I enjoy KI.KCTIIlN (IP OPPICKUH.
j menl   In our ellizens  nexl   sllllllliel  0	
....      ■'.'    "     ^""I'-mii ..I   Nin   Vork,   li iiii Thursday,  Dee.  10, t'nurt.Cr,,n                            ,,,,, ,   ,	
♦♦♦♦   McPlierson of Vancouvei  ,  II      IV   }   OPPICPIIS I'i-  of the Ancient Order ol Forest- PEAKS, PIGS, IMTE-,
''J""'1  nf kernie were rnglatercd at |                              „ ,.,-s     hold a regular monthly mooting                            	
'  ' '■'"'     ' ■'   '■'•                              (Iranbrook     I. jo A   I*   & A   M. nnd olectod tho following oBlcoi'SI                       TABLE-h'AISlNS
Id  ji    regulnr monthly ( i nice C'..lt,   A, McCowan                                                         	
 n Thursdny ov gin ibe Ma; I'i' 11    P   Mi-Kenna                                     STEWART'S    I''INK
Hi       Tlie   Inllnwn Ulcers n.CJ.Il. -W._ I)   Tnaney                                               CHOCOLATBS
**    Klin
| The Leading Fruit Store
ll    "Sbilnli'
will     ill
1     enlili.  "
-lllllil llll-l-ll-llll.ll-l-
llll'llt     III     llll>    l'l. Ml
lli-l      l'n .   ill    IS.iiiIii
brook Ilns weak.
C'nlgary, in
et    I'll'is   I.l
Ue|ienl   il   "Hblloh's  Cure will   ul
hpiii.i   |iuii   miUnnn   .via    iiii.i   H'ttit
Inr the ensuing year
u \l    Hi,,   W   II   Wilson
H VV    Uro   W    P,   Attridge
.1   VV,   Mm   A, McCowan
'I'l-eini      III,,     II     IIIIIII.
See    Urn   li   VV. Connolly
T    llin.   II    S    Mi-Neil.
li VV    K   tMin.,iiiiiiii
.1 VV    il   A, Chapman
.1 li    A. Clarke
.1 H    i; liiiiiuihlsnn
Organist     K    Mni'.lesiiln
'I'lens    P  (I  Qronottr
Hoc,    Cl, VV. Ablnill
Hu^h Stewart
PHONE Page 8,
THE   PROSPECTOR,    CRANHROOK,    B.   C,    DECEMUER    I'1.    190S,
"  '      *v
■ -   ■       0  .
.tdlk-    «* '"il *z\\t*t*?
<1The llittepcctov.
.1 n Boyco ol Calgary, C. McNeil
ol Oxford, N S., and A. Sutherland
ol  Nelaon, were registered     al     the
__ _.—, ■   Craubrook   Saturday  lusi
SATURDAY,   liKi'KMHKI.   19.  1308 Um       ,,,,„,,.,.,„„   ,„   S.IUUM   ..^
ln.-i     ,,i     Nelson, and  J   McNeil ol
ll,,,,. ynn tried Stewart's candies     Coleman     wen      guests   ii the Cum
li I,   S i.l.n   I.i-l
\l    n   Conch   iln- Albortii oil  ;  n
wu . In town nn Tuesday P   H   Himpsi  thc Herald, who
bus    been     -ii   H asi  i..i  several
ConstabloJoo  Walsh  nl   Port Sieele   u,.,.|,.,     ,,-n, i   Saturday     lasl to
was   in   I .ni a Tin-   l.-M , i nil.i	
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
: X
X Why    Buy    Xmas    Gifts X
Nl    Cul'liu .nul  Al   Doyle dlo!
  Steele Tilcsdas on ihi.iii-
v    meeting m  ih,. hoard ol  lleenso
i ■ -mn ■ i,,ii,-i-   »„..    held Wedocsday I
..lul    ill   lln- llnlel-  in  III,   city  nl   I'lllll
 I  ii  llei me- renewed
C    ll    Ii.iii,ni ni  Toronto    ..
ih,- ,n,   riii-ii.i,
Mi     nul Mi-   .1    Ni-ilnii .nul diiugl
' «>«       v  '     ! " '     and   lei . lell  --ii  Si lay's os ss     in
Kur., iiein-    Thej  arc the bosl Vaurmivoi   where  ,   will reside   i
Ha- inun,-
\      i .M nr,       im i-\ mii i ,1 i liubei  in
spectnl   wim ni towu iln - week
r   .,    I,.a.-   .1 Wn
■ i   w - h
II    I'     I'm un   .nul       .1     II    I'm-hoi   nl
Winnipeg,   V   Chiviidloi and C   ll   Vn
dei  .n ...   Seattle wo Hosts nl   lln
i  i.   r l.n
u      llrown ni  Ti
K    Me
** ■ -;■       ■ xajgags
■-■ - - -        . ■■ jmsm\mm
- -:    ■■■vtmftg,
-w& ■ f0
g". .   aaa   ,
* H I X i,   -   si
11- Hoy's I       -       -   ,- »
U'l.ff In        j  -
Man ■ ■■ -   .     - j   - .
L'liristii   -  fi
If'.- ' - ■   -
:i   Hat,  ii  Cap . iny I      _-  tn  uur
Ti.nn--i-\   li. n i    ■   ■        '.'. -■ sis thai
um   ,11'ST   RIGHT
i  Man's
... .
Men's  Fur=lined  Mocha  Gloves.
at $2.75 and 3.50 a pair
Men's  Silk-lined  Hocha Gloves
at $1.50 to 2.75 a pair
Tlen's  Fancy  Mufflers
ill    .ll!    iln-    newesl    llllll   l.ii. St   St\ ll S.       l'l Hit-
$1.75,  $2, 2.50. and $4 each
Beautiful Selections of Mens Ties
\i u   I ii.liunil   Stripes,    1 ii iiMjiliiii'.   Poplins
Sllill   I'.illriiis ,iiiii   |'„.iuliiiil   Silks  ill  ilil   tllc
l.nisi imis.   |'i„i> 50c. 75c. $1 1.25 each.
Hens'  Bath  Robes
Wu    York    importations Bountiful   designs
.md   colors.    4.75,  7.50,  and  10.50 each
Fancy Silk  Hankerchiefs
will.  . o|i inieil   Buriler,  magnificent   range ol
patterns. Prices 65c 75. $1 each
Reid   Block,   Cranbrook,
V   C   i.,,„ii. is was   m   Mb I" -  VI ni
""  '■""■■"■-' »"'"'■" ,   Spokane,  .'   I.   VVIUI	
Joyci        Mm .Sunday P  :;"'    '   ^tcwiirl ol Moyio   nnd
Cranbrook '   >'    s"'v''""'" '"  I'''*""' "™™     at
the Cran k hotol Wcdnosdii)
I    Daltoi    ,|   Moiltre i    -, ,       in
t,,iUl  |.- Pel ion       -in,Inn; .'In istnuis parcels
to iin- old .',,uniiy, mny prepay Hurt    \    M „,- S|i,,kiin,   ivas       i • nine   il   Icttei   rnto,  u  weighing less
iliun tnin uuiicob, .ilni in. customs dirt   li   I'l-iii'ini-mi ,: \viuntpeo     „.i
- : ul  ih,- Criuil k  Prului Al Hn- i-.jiir it  begins to look as il
the munlelpnl council lor luu'-i would
i.iiiiini-  Fori Steele wus in   he elected in accliiniution   Wc believe
Wwlncsdns the mnjorily  m  the electors     would
rather -,-,- n content
i   ,\ -j. .:  pay   i   ■  i-    -ii-  \ nnW'oi
ll   .1   Mnnloy ,.i Miu.se Jaw, A, E.
Clreeii ol   \ ancouvor,   A.   Reynolds of
youi    orders   m  Christinas   Culgury, 1>   A. McMastera mid S. N
'"" nl Campbell .^   Manning-'* n,,-,,  ,,r Toronto were guests ut  the
James Rynn was ,,l  Fernie Tllesdu)    l'''"""""k  s*-«**l  [f<
I-'. II. Snnili ol Nolson, K. Dulloy ol
Hunhury, Wm. Henderson nf l-'m-t
Sieel,- Junction, Al. II. HonaBn and
-I. -I. Illumes of Rossland, nud I'V H.
lepcat it 'Shiloh's Cure will al IMcLeod of Spokune were registered
ys   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."   at the Cranbrook Monday.
From J.   D.   McBride ?
BECAUSE  our   nniuo   is   u
miimi'ihiImi-  nl' quality   uml    yon
ctin i urtalii nf  -retting  the
imsi poHslbln horn When
your friends know goods wero
secured from .1. I). MoBt'ide
lhoy ui inii'i- nri- cortivln, iluu
ynn Iliiiii^hl lhn best wns none
in.i good for them,
IIA/.iilJs.       RAZORS       STROPS,
KKJK 1ST      K NIV US,       S HAVI Nil
Vxi Mondaj .md Tuesday wil
be similes! days nt the year
cigars,   cigarettes,   pipes,
Repeal   il   "Shiloh's Cure will   al-
mo lis   anil   en
X   Cranbrook,   B.  C
embroidery scissors. nickel
tea pots, potts irons, bread
makers. skates, food
-'Hoppers, carpet sweepers.
T   Martin of Calgnry, C.P.R   civil        Who Is your Idea of a brave mnn,"
engineer   was in town Wedoesdny       ' Wils thl' I1103'1™ put to n Prospector
i representative on Mondny last.     "A
Thn.-.   Rader of Morrissey was     In   roan   thnt   dares to wear   Insl sum-
I i\vn Wednesday. I tiler's straw luu  on Christmas,    and
j win, will run as n,     candidate for the
G,  H. Cook of Peachvlllo wns     In  coming municipal elections,"  was the
town Thursday. reply.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
The   public      schools   Closed   Friday This is lhe time ol the year when a
until after the holidays. groat ninny subscriptions     for     The
,   ,,   , , Prospector fall due.   The attention of
Mr. aiid Mrs. J. R. Ross of Wn,ldo subscribers is called to it and pay-
wore in town Thursday. 'meats should be mude nt once, before
our merchants report retnl, ho.idny ^^'Sffi H^'Ste
'-" ' ,n;' " ! Prospector for $2.on.
The stores have all donned thoir
holiday finery and Christinas shopping i* already hrlsk.
Patronise   home industry hy smok-
ii'4  tin;     Crow's Nest  Special     and
Kxtra clgaVs,
B, H. Short, painter and decorator, suid over 550 double rolls of wuss
paper to Fernie this week.
I*. Johnson of Jaffray, wus transacting business ut Cranbrook Tuesduy.
Mr. and Mrs. p, Lund of Wardner,
were Cranbrook visitors on Wednesday.
Select, your Christinas goods at the
Crnnbrook Drug and Book Store now
and huve them laid away.
Mr. and Mrs. c. W. Monk of Spokune   were   Cranbrook   visitors   Moii-
Wm. Moffatt, of Clnresholm, B. S.
l-llggins and C. \i. Tuolong of Wusa
day "ii business.
Repeat it. "Shiloh's Cure will always   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
F. H. Pearson of Jaffray was transacting business at Cranhrook Monday.
W. I). Hill who has been at the
coast for several months returned to
Constable A. C. Adney returned on
Mondny from a  husiness trip to   the
Mr.   and   Mrs.   J.  G.   MeCnlln:
Shop early. Vou arc asked to do
your shopping early. Next week will
he a very busy one foi- people in
st-ues. When giving pleasure to ono
person by sending a yift, give pleasure and comfort also to those who
serve your Christmns needs hy doing
your shopping early.
You have noted, havo you not, the
improvements In The Prospector during the past month? It hn-s resulted
in au increase of twenty per cent, in
our list of readers. These improvements a,nd this addition to our subscription list are due. tn a large extent, to the co-operation of our read-
Repeat it "Shiloh's Cure will always   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
Vou   may   know   of  some  one      who
Would undoubtedly subscribe for the
Prospector if they had an opportun
Ity to examine a copy. Just send a
few copies to your friends, you may
depend on it, that those to whom
ymi send the Prospector will be more
than gratoful to you, as they read
each succeeding issue.
We strongly advise people to do
their Christmas shopping early. There
are many reasons for this, the strong
est being thut better selections can
be made, more time spent on making
a choice, a,nd the merchant, can give
his customers much better attention
than when rushed off his foot during
fhe few days preceding Christina^.
Rev, C 0. Main and J, V. Smith
went to Jaffray yesterday n,nd enter
tni nod the people there with pictures
ml    descriptions   of Scotland.     Mr.
All kinds (if Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old   Stand. Hanson Ave
Low Round Trip Rates to
Graduate Einbaliner,
Mortician and
Funeral Director.
OFFICE.    PHONE     NO.     236
turned from n visit to itn' consl   im 1 Binltli tolil nbout Iii* roconl trip    h
♦ J hv sli-M-optlcali      views liv Mr.   Muill.
♦ il. I.iiiii'iilii-ri;,   ,i     Crmtnti minlnir   The entGrtninnionl wiw on bclnvll     ol
♦ inun wns in Un. city ilnrliii; tho onrly   u„. j,ii!r„y public Hcl	
♦ lmil nl this ivcck. •
tllc old country which wus Illustrated
iiy Btorootitlcnn     views hy Mr. Main
Fur ii I'lirisliuas mil  vim i-jii I il
Mr. mul .Mrs. r   ,\.     liencliloy     ,.i hmttor Hum u ccrtlncnto ,.i ml almrei
"" ' Slll'll  -.'ills jiri-   unl, onl)   very  iippi-tip
li- Iml i-iirrii's wilh llii-ni
Ii-i- pii.-jsiliililii-s Hum nny otllOl
inl     \ few  oil slurcs Imv ndc
-   ■    -:.  .    Wlml  -ll.lll
':-.,      I..-i ii- unsure   you
ll      '- ll-!     Ill,ill    III
-■ ■ • ,l'tli le*    m| Inch
■   .-...:  nlwnys
llh   I.l     Mil- WC
ft '.   'NY AltTIl'I.IC
♦ \i iTIt'K   i-'i:ki-:  ' ii-' 'ii' itcii-
* Mi. jiml Mrs. II. ri   Mitchel i.l Spo   I
+ k ii uf.  were cuesls nl   llu- Cranbroolt
ft ,„, Mondiiv l"mny     ""' ""'kly' '""'   	
ft '                                          kiiiiwinc this    inei  everybody ivnnta
♦ Mr. uiul Mrs  i-i. Culver nnil child of | *""'"'    's,'(' ll1'"1'' * '''"''"■ I'mnbrook
♦    ♦ i'iiIkihv   wore t'rnnbniiili visitors „n   H-t'-, belore liuylns
w i Hundny lust.
♦ ♦
♦ I A  'ne in th.- snnil elevator nl   tin
T I C I'.II      ynrdfl    brouuhl ..nl Hu-   lln
T ft brlgndo mi Saturday mornlnfi laBt.
ft ft W   C   McBvoy, Win.  Scott, C   Mc
'l'h.-    concorl     uiven nt the opera
llOIIBe   lust   evellinc,   llllllei-   tile   illlspir
sl,,. ♦ ♦   DoiiKnl nml A   McDoiiEid, nil nl Pci'-Im ni the eiiy bund, wns iiii iinquall
t(| ♦ *   uie, wen- nt Crnnbrook Friduy. U\cl\ success, trom niuslcnl view. Miss
at *,.,,,    ,   \ I.illii-     l-'iiiuiss  rendered  her boIo in
♦ J     0   h.   .Inslin mul I,.   I'.   Mei.recir      | stylo nml wns In good (orm    ns
AT SHORT     X *n!s      V Crnnbrook visitors   on   Wlw n|B0     Mrs. Dovltt.   I'red Reeves
4 *    I hlll'Blliiy. I bus n  rich v.iii-e nn.l  wns Kl-enlly nii-
X     «-^ , ^-^ X X     Marry Drew ol Kimberley, |ir |0.   preelnted     by     the nudience-.   Under
X     DMUni'tli       Rft/^vt        X X   I"*   North Stnr hotel   wns  nl    their now Bundmuster the Band   hus
♦     h<ti\VOI    111       CSl   OJS.    X ♦'Crnnbr t Thursdny on business. mado progroiiH, iilnylng with rhythm
J ^ m 4 ■' ii"1' Btcuil ss mul answer the move*
4    i .1' !.'    iViili'l i I'lililii'iioh,   III'     ♦ ♦     Mr   jiml Mrs   \   Mel I Cumin nl   mollis nl tbo Conductor's baton with
ft      *       Mr   .nul   Mis
4        *    Killlheilev        U
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«   9*******  ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦     ♦   Thursdu!
null visitors t precision. Given support, the huml
' uiil n , doubl In- n source ol enjoy
I menl in our ellizens nexl summer,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   McPlioraon^rVancriuver'inid^it" ' W   '
llnjllnllil   ..I    l.'.-line   wen-   ,'.-,- leil   j,l   j
'"' '' ' ' 'I'liesdn) Crniibrniili     I ml',',-   \   I-'   «  ,\   M
hehl   ll      1 .M'MIhll'   llli.tll Illy   I Illllej
KI.HCTKiN nl' iil''l.'li'|.',n
Repent    ll     "Slllhlb'l    I'm.'   will     nl
Miys   cure   my   enimhs   und   ...lil- "
i   ThlltM.l.ijV  OVI hllll'   Hi   llle Mn .
in.    temple     'I'lu- inilnwitii. ollicers
,eii. elected inr II s I yenr:
John Drccl  Cidwry, pri
Idem   nl  llu- Crow's  Nusl   I'im".  hum W M.   llr... W   II   Wilson
Inu    r,,.  ,,i   Unniiier    w„ run S«    I'm   W   K.  Allii<liv
I || Hns ivi'.-i I -I   u     lln,   A. McCoWun
i Trens.   Iir...  Il   Uurns
llepeni  ii   "Shiloh'n < 'm.   will   nl  ! Sec    Hm   li   w   Connolly
, sppi.i   piiii   .,i|.iim.i    ,(ni   njlln   f'll.t.1 'I'   Urn. II   S   McNeil
ll  ymi  wunl   music loi'
vi hi i'      Xmas       party
i unilui'iiii' and Manager
l runbrooli   t iiy
i irchestfa,
Prince Rupert 1'inpire The Minpirc
ll.uiiil most willingly help bring
girls nnd women to Prince Rupert il
tbeie wus work lur thom when they
stnieil ilmt u womnn conk wus wiint-
iii'i'lvcd here. Three weeks ago It is
id iii the gonoi'nt hospital. A woman
npplicd mid wus nllered ti2'-i u lilulith.
A Jnpancse cook is doing the work
ut ti.,:, a month, This papor will nnt
hi- ii medium to bribe penple tu
Prince Rupert to wol'k inr less wanes
lliuii ksc i'niil Chinese mid .lupiinese.
The Kuipire ntlvocntes making Prince
lllipol'l while, bill, not by the nielli
ulis llinl  suit   llitiise whu euiplny     nl
wh e m luviii   nt  ploying   As-
Intlcs     ll    I'r      ilii|i< rl   is tn be
wliile,  llie wages  nilist be white,  nnt
l.'l|.',I,l)INll   IN  PARIS
Purls, Dee. 1-'. Hun. W. S. Fielding
the Cii,iiiidiun ministor of liiiuncc, arrived llei-!- yesterday. Ills visit tu
Paris is hi connection with the Franco Cnnndian treaty which was negotiated lust summer. The treaty was
ruiiiii'il by the Cnnndian parliament
uud ihe French chnmbcr hut It bus
been held up by tbe French sennl.e un
the ground ihut the convention is tun
favorable tu Cnnndn.
HI.Ki "l'l i in iif OFFICERS,
llu Thursdny, Dec. lu, Court .Ci-,,11
In- - ol iln- \mii-iit. Ordor nf Foresters h.-l.l ii regular mniithlv meeting
mul elected the [ollowing officers
C i:    A. McCowan
I' C I!      F    MiKelinn
II.C.R    'V   li   Tounoy
ll W     II    Fdniniiunii
.1 W    'I   A   Chupman
.1 n    A  Clarke
.1 li.   i;   liuiiuildsuii
OrgniilBt -IC. lUaglOHome.
|    Trens.    F. II. Crenelle
See.   C. W. Alibnll
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31,
inclusive, Rood to return within three
Tickets issued in connection. Atlantic Steamship business will be on
sale from Nov. 21, and limited trom
live months irom date of issue.
11 Finest   Equipment.   Standard   First
Cluss Sleeping and Tourist Cars
on ,jJI Through Trains.
Loaves Winnipeg dnily at 22.10 muk
I    ing connections ut Toronto for all
!   points east and west thereof.
Apply to nearest C. P. R. Agent for
full Information.
I The Most Up- to - date
Rigs in Cranbrook
<;. BELANGEE, Proprietor.
Teams and drives furnished for every point
in the  District
Saddle <5c Pack Horses
I'liiiuu !H>.    Call us at any tlmo
vmi need a  rip.
The Leading Fruit Store
Hugh Stewart
PHONE   7ft,


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