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The Prospector Nov 2, 1907

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Array Vol. 18.
No. 44.
A Large ForO' :\l Worn  Hushing
Powor Plant to Complotion.
Moro or l.-^s Intorosl ti holng
iniiiiifi'sti'il in mining circles in lli"
future oporutious ol tli" Dull lllvor
Mining und powor Company, on Hull
Oporntlons luiie been resumed, and
it   is staled  tlml   llie necessary cup
ilui bus   b i provided to   carry oll
the work In complotion.
Ilvilraulic mining iu tlni ilisttiei
lias solved tlsoll I" n stl'iel Imsi
ness proposttloii, Tho Mull ttivei
f'i'iu|i:tliy liuve partlnlly Imili ii 'linn
across   null  river ul t    iw [U-s
nlmve    Hie   nlil     I'neli     bl'lllgo,      nml
liiiin this   point ii rii'.lit  "I way bus
been   constructed for n 'lb  7   feel
high, uml III lei! vvitle, iiiiiI ,e "ii ii
mile uud u bull in length. The
i'i[iiiptiieiiis nf tbe compuny will con
sist nf hydraulic pIpoB, n nultors,
uml sluices, uml ii sawmill capable
nf cutting twenty tbiillsiinil feel nl
lumber dally which will lie used in
Hie construction nf Hn- [ramo uml
fininilntiiui uf the bie iliinie. 'I'lie
Grows Nest I'ass Lumber Coinpuny
uf Wurilner will furnish nver 500,00(1
nf planking fnr the Hume.
In the dovotopmont nf u hydraulic
placer mino, tbe company liuve three
things to consider, First, thoy
must have dlgglngB - working
Kround — good pny gravol. Second
Is un ample wuter supply; mul tbe
third is the equipment und dumping
The diggings ure supplied by un
old channel tilled witli auriferous
and decomposed strutu. This strata
tins been pi'iispi'i'tcd mul recent ex
piorntions prove gold iu paying
quantities tn exist mi bedrock. Tho
water supply is ample for all min
ing purposes, Hie river having n
strong nnd constant flow nf not less
than 10,000 luclii's at its inwi'st
Btagc. There is nlso natural dumping facilities.
In rogard tn mining, mie win, Is
accustomed tn placor < poratlons
who knowing the history and details
nl early mining mi Hull river would
expect to find n large tunonnt nf
gold lying in tbe crovuses mul nn
It is Hie Intention of the compnny
to install a inst cliiss power plant
as soon as the dam und flume aro
completed, .nul thero is an doubl
but that ii Inree amount ol powor
will be used in Hie towns und mines
nf tbe district.
Kootenay Central to be Commenced
According in the latest reports
the C. I'. K would appear to he
preparing to construct n purl of
the Konlenuy Central railway
from Golden to fori Steele li
is reported that (I[loon or twenty
surveyors liuve been sent in on
Ihis work
A construction train is being:
made up al Bevelstoke and it is
understood thul n large pari of
the railway will be undor construction this fall uiul will be
pushed through to complotion us
soon us possible.
The C. P. Ii. bus considerable
properly III Hie Columbia valley.
Mr. Bruce is lliere representing
the C, I', If   for lhe   purpose  of
Superintending thu installation
of an irrigation scheme similar
to that of ■ ulgary which will
render mucl re   productive
large areas of this greal valley.
The idea of lhe company is lo encourage sett lenient with liiisend
in view will push llie worlc and
make the land available at the
earliest possible dule.
Pew people roiili/.i'the vast ness
of the ugi'ioultural possibilities
of the Columbia valley lying to
the south ul Golden, of which
country this city is the distributing center The building of tbo
railway will not only bo the
means of uii met ing a largo number of settlers, imi will ben groat
coltveuieiiee In those already
there who hnve, lorn long lime,
beeu wailing for llieaelioti whioh
the company is now reported lo
Im inking in opuu up Hie timber.
mineral nml agricultural re
sources of Ihul dislriel. Iluldeii
Industrial War lit England.
London, Oct. -■-. With the
railroad workmen of the United
Kingdom threatening n ge 'til
strike, and the laborers iu other
trades and Industries clamorous
and dissiilislieil. England is
apparently racing lhe mosl
serious industrial crisis iu many
years. Wilh ihe members of tho
Amalgamated Society of Railway
Servants favoring, by ti considerable majority, a general
susponsi ni of work until lhe
union i.s recognized, it only remains for Hie railway companies
to decide wbothor or not they
will comply witli tlie demands
made. 'I'he Society of Engine
Drivers nml li'iremen and other
affiliated railway organizations
voted lo buck up the Ainnlguiuut
ed society, and sympathoth
strikes would probably In
numerous should the members of
the latter organization become
involved in a prolonged struggle.
So far. public sympathy is largely with the the trades unionists,
nml ibe "stiff-backed" iiUiliuloof
ihe railroud manugors in refusing
in consider uny method "1 enn
clliailou bus uirnod sonliiuoni
iigainsl Hieiii,    There is n general
mo ir  ihal :i prolonged   an i
lisiislriiiis Iiiinn war tan lie
liveried   il   Hie   rullrotid  l.oiud-
will    i ;    Hie   men   hall   way.
ti t Heal llrltivlii, public opinion
s .HI powm lul.  I il   is  liiirdl)
Ikel) iimi ibe railway in.iimgur.s
a ill 'dare defy il tn ih'o oxlenl nl
. fusing al! elTorls to arbitrate
In- presenl In hor dillleullies,
TIlltl'K   IIY!"     HI,Ki TU ins.
I Imi llejillie,    Culisorvntlvn
won in   I,i'iii'' majority.
ICasI Nortliimiborlatid Owons
Conscrvatlvo wmi by lln inujnrity.
Nortii Wi-lliimli.il Martin, tab
oral,  won by 215 inujnrity
Tho   Sitcciss   ot'   tho   Heuson
Large  Attendanoo   Hood
The Musonic Hall was far uiul
away the mosl enjoyable uiul
successful social event ever
brought lo a focus in Kast Kootenay, TIik may seem it somewhat invidious comparison con-
itlering llie many assemblies of
n like character of which Crnnbrooli has been ihe scene, but
some nne event must out-top ail
others liy the natural law nf
things, even us the famous
lirndley-Murtin ball is still Iho
standard Eor splendor and eclat
in .New York Society,
Many thitigsconlribttied to llie
success of last niglil'sgulhcring,
The line accommodation nf Hie
New I Iperii House, which needed nothing in the way of ile
coraliou beyond Hie placing of
llowers and palms here ami there
and ilie Installation of the
Masonic emblems in electric
globes, was an important factor.
Tlie numbers assembled, something like Inn ladies uml
gentlemen, were uway beyond
anything ever seen in our-cily ho-
fnii'. The costumes bore outward proof of being designed for
a very special occasion and were
elegant iu the highest degree
even to the uninitiated eye. The
music supplied by tlie Craubrook
Orchestra was highly eujoyable
even for uou dancers, The Hoor
wus perhaps a irille loo crowded
lor wide range dancing, but later
in lhe evening spuee expanded
ami conditions were so perfect
Hint tlie Hoor was occupied until
il A. M. The supper tallies were
arrange mi ihe stage in mostele-
gant nnd hospitable fashion. 'I'he
supper function occupied ull the
time necessary for the perfection
if no less Iliun seven supper
Iniiees which we are told are lhe
choicest morsels of every bull
since they lend themselves to
many things not possible wlien
the crush is greater,
If thut old simile oi Byron's
were not worn liy use, und mis-
use lo a Ui read bit re quotation
lhat has grown to be a weariness
to Hie llesb ii might hepermlltod
lo allude to "fair women and
brave meu" nnd the ivITnir thut
went merry as a marriage bell.
Hut all Iho essentials were there
lo wttrrn.nl the Ironing out once
aguin of the boll ry-headed old
chestnut, Summed up In it word
llie ovoilt was not alone tbe
success of the season lint of
every season thnt preceded it.
tf ono really knew Hie difference bolweon n common or
garden basque ami au underskirt of Ihreeply burlap be might
lie peruiitleil to describe Hie
lathes' costumes provided lie
could bundle the tochnit-ullilics
witli lhe skill nml deftness  of  u
Kipling. In ihe absence of
i hose qualifications tho Pros
poclor shuns Ihe danger ami tlie
weird responsibility of venturing
where angels, In mule all ire, nl
any rate— fear lo tread.
Tho formal resignation of Henri
Bourassa ns member of parliament for Lunelle is uiiilerstooil tn
lui vc reached tho speakor, bat nn
action lias been taken of tlie writ.
1'. 11. Major, of Hull, Is likely to be
Ibe Liberal candidate, anil unless
Mr. BouraBsa runs again, tho Conservatives may select H. Ohaiivtn ns
Ilieir oantliilato,
/tsitors Uoro and There   People
Who Dome to Cranlirook and
Those Who Go Away.
I. liuiiii ,it Wyclttlo was iii town
.1. .M. ISiistoi-brook of Cowloy was
ni Hie Cosmopolitan    Wotlnosility,
Wm. West wns ilnwn fl'OIll the 1'ny
llllll   Ullll"   Ilns   week.
Prank   DoRosloi' nl  .lullruy  wus  in
the eiiv  Weilni'siluy.
w. s. Stanley anil Holt Whlnwlor
ol Pernio s|„.|it Suntlny lust In
The Dominion I0xprcss Co. aro now
ilolivorlng express packages t" tli"
business bouses In tlie cily.
w. li. Ilill mul s. ,1. Mighton will
lenve Monthly ,,u n busiuess trip I"
.1. ti, t'.usty of Kernie, amtitnr of
tho I'. Burns company wus transiting business ut t'runbl'uiik this week
It. !•;. Watson of Staynor, Ont, nml
.1. Suthcrlantl nf Nant.nn were guosts
nt the Cosmopolitan     Tuesiluy.
1). .1. Johnson has secured the contract for tbe building nf ii new ill!
imi at  High Rlvor,   Alta.
II. T. Richardson nf Port Stoolo
wus   in tlie   city Thursday mi busi-
.1 olni     Ryan   nf   Wardner   wus n
uest at Hie     Cosmopolitan      Weilnesilay.
John Mne, District Passengor
Agent nf the O.P.R. was making a
tour nf tbe 1'rnw's Nest branch this
Tlie friends of Mr. Andrew Mc-
f'nwaa are seeking to persuade liim
tn accept the nomination fnr Mayor
ia the coming municipal election.
We have been waiting, since telephone connections were made between Pernio and Cranbrook, to hoar
Elko people say" Watoh Elko Grow.
The new Cranbrook Hotol is ubout
completed. It Is one of the largest
uml most modern hotels in Southeast   Kootenay.
.Jennie Howard, u resilient nf tlie
roBtricted district, was lined ten
dollars nnd incidentals for mns-
queradlng in mens costume on Wednesduy evening.
Mr. ami Mrs. Geo. Gourley of
Kreilericton, N.B., E. A. Cunningham
nf Lethbridge, uml J. Wright nf Mini
trenl were ut the Oranbrook Tuesduy.
Mr. and Mrs. L, B. VanDecar left
during tbe early part of this week
for their homo in Victoria. They
were very much pleased with their
visit to I'rnnbrook.
N. Darling of Vancouver, o. s.
Frizzcll nf Pernie. .1. K. Andrews of
New York, ami .1. W. Ilennelt ol
Nolson were ut the Oranbrook Monday,
M. A. Bonlo returned Monday from
an extended visit to liis former homo
in England. Mr. Beale says that
bis trip wus just what lie wanted,
I'liiilil'nt havo  been nicer,
Walter Laing's barber shop lias
been enlarged, papered nmi paiutod,
unit otherwise improved. He has
tliree chairs, your turn will come
quickly, and you don't hnve to wait
Bnvo Griffith of Wild Horse creek
wus in the city Monday. Mr. Griffith reports a good year in placer
mining. He expects thut tlie cleanup will commonce about tlie last ol
H. Church of Spokane, W, H.
Harris of Brantlord, A. McKonnn of
Siiiliir, V. II. Itussell unit .1. L,
Rankin ol Spokane, J, I). Thorpe
mul u. H. Simmons nf Vancouver
spent   Sunday  last   ut Cranbrook.
W. Howe of Toronto, .1. T. Doblo
of Vnncouvcr, Fred. Ititchle of Vle-
toi'la, P. Fletcher of Nelson, .1. It.
Edmonson nf Proctor, nnd F. H.
Huntley of Spokane were registered
at the Crunbrook Tuesday.
Judge Wilson, nml barrlstors J.A.
Hurvey unit S. S. Tuylor were nt
Moyie Monthly attendlm; an arbitration mooting discussing mutters nf Importance to tho St. Bu-
gono Mining Company und the Miners employed by them.
A comot Is said to be visible at
tliree o'clock In tlie morning by the
uiil of a pair of opern glasses.
Please noto that the opera glasses
must be perfect, just what you can
set at W. F. Tate's, tlie Jeweler,
(llher kinds are more likely to miikc
the observer see  stars.
Choice    Malag
ll. M, Burrow, nt Fort Stoolo wo
t Crunbrook Friday mi business.
Prank    Vunliecur  wu.-
his week mi business.
Mrs K.C. Smith
'luili" was Bhoppll
Mr.   uiul Mis.   A.  I',. Fonwlck, and
Alls.   Prod,     hillllii I   Knit    Steele
were jit Crunbrook Thursday attend
ine Hie Masonic ball.
p.    .1.   Harrington and  Cl.  It.  Boll
nf   Edmonton,     A.  tl     .Mw 1   nt
Grows Nesl. mul u M, Jarvis nl
Calgary were miosis nt tlie Itoyul
The subscription list nf tbe Pros
pector emit iiuii's In grow, but we
can still accommodate a few more
who wish fnr the news of the Cran
brook ilislrii'l..
Hurry Gibson, roprosontlng C. P.
Walkers attractions is in llie city
making arrangonionts lnt' tlie up
poarunco nf "We Are King," which
will appear 'hero for matinee mul
night  Saturday  November 9th,
Alderman T. Gill, wishes tn in
form thoso win, nro Interested in
forming a Farmers Institute in this
district, Hint lie is watting fm' Hie
Minister nf Agriculture tn reply
In his letters, as Boon as these
arrive, matters will be pushed, nnd
nil ranchers, farmora mul fruit
growers,will upon application lie admitted tn inomborshlp.
Tbe unsightly shucks must go.
A petition w'us boing circulated this
week by a number of citizens, which
will he presented at the next iiicct-
intr of the City Council, asklug for u
municipal iiy law to prevent ttie
building    of shucks next to   nttrnc-
tlvo buildings.     In     inectlon with
the above, wc would like to Inquire
if tbe necessary permit is secured
beforo these shucks enn lie built?
A municipal by-law provides Hint u
permit, must lie secured, nnd plans
filed with tlie city clerk beforo a
house enn lie built within tbe corporative limits of the city. Ilns
this been ilmie?
Fresh Figs at Stewarts.
Mr. uud Mrs. IV. P. White.Mr.
nml Mrs H. Stewart, ft. A. Ilil
and daughter, (Ieo. McGregor,
ft. A. Skelton, 11. Clmpin, 11.
Snii, 1'. Wilson and W. Boyd, all
of Moyie were ut Crunbropl-
Thursday evening in attendance
nl the Musonic bull,
Wm. Henderson und wife ol
Nitigara Fulls. 1). II. Vntes oi
Wyclilfe. (i. (i. Jewell of JalTray,
1).' Gordon of Phoenix, P E,
Williams oi 'Toronto, W. llumsey
of Milestone. Aim.. .1. Hall, R,
V. Mtiynard and M, Reid of Lelh-
bridge, were guests nl ihe Cranbrook 'Thursday.
The ubiquitous hoodlum win
much in evidence on Thtirsdnj
evening. 'The hoys were mil lot
a good iimi', hut if they think
tlml the turning over uud displacement of a hundred fool
of sidewalk is good fun
they ure much mistaken
and they should havo twenty-
four hours :n tlie cooler just le,
complete lhe good time they had
on Hallow e'en.
The curfew rings every night
ul 8 o'clock, ami lhe good lhat is
dono is to let people know lhe
lime. Hoys and girls remain on
the street, having whal they cull
ii gooil li     |l is now up to the
parents lo see ihal their children
obey the law anil keep rcasotp
able hours.
Lethbridge, net. 111. — William
Feasor, a brakeninn, wus killed in
the yards here Inst night, dying in
the hospital this morning, two hours
ufter the accident, He was on the
buck nf bis train on the main line
truck when an enst-bouad freight
backed in, crashing into liis caboose
cutting oil lintb his lens und pulling his right arm nil at the shniil-
iler. Deceased wus a Novo Scotiun
22 years old mul  unmarried,
After boing nut nearly three limit's,
Hie Cormier's jury have found Hint
William Priiser came tn his death
bv it freight train   backing int" mi
unprotected cnl se, stiinililli: mi tlie
main line.
The Laurier govornmonl bus grown
corrupt, innl tbe people iif Canada
know it. lull well, und nre nf the
opinion that tlie machine should be
broken. Tliis will be done ut tb"
next general oloctlon. Tins is u
fooling tlmt is not confined entirely
to Conservative circles.
It dues Unl   need  the result   nl  bye
elections,     llie reducing or     oxtinc
tion  nf  Liberal  majorities to prove
thnt a    wm I   popular    feoling is
arising   which   is  going  I"  sweep  Ibe
Liberals  from  ofltco,
A union Thanksgiving service
wus lield in the Baptist Church
ai il o'clock mi Thanksgiving
Hay. Rev. R. lingoes of the
Methodisl* Church preached and
gave a very able review of lhe
past year, llis address was a
practical discourse on llu-genera I
prosperity nnd   progress  of   the
 ntry   and   its   freedom    from
calamities such ns oarlhqual'os,
destructive storms and famines
such as visit oilier nations. For
all   of   whicli   lliere   was    every
reason   to be  thankful.     Miss
Connolly, sang in splendid 'voico 'and mid North Wolllngl  In con
..i     ,   ,n        ."A, ,i,     ,.,,,,    iiectiiui    wiili   Brockvllle  mul   Prlnci
Nesl we Forgot.      At tlm   con- Uibort,  may !»'  takon us nu  Indicn
elusion of   the   service   nil   SlingU|nn   0f tlie trend  nt public opinloi
the National Anthem. 'in *uvor nf Hie opposition.
'I'he nttompl nl sir Wilfrid Laurier
tn dazzle Hie country by a display
ot new powers in treaty making was
iinforluniite fm'  Vancouver,
If any one desires conviction us I"
presenl. grafting powers nf tho Lib
etui machine, lie bus only i>> rortd
Gi'il. papers wli" in''' matting excuses
fnr ilisliiuiesi   partylsm.
.hist   st haws
Tlie    resull   nl   Hie   throe by
t.inns  in   London,   East   North!
Indications Point to a Settlement
of Transportation Problems
in Crow's Nest Pass.
" Transportation problems nt the
Italic river ei.nl Holds of Must Koote
nny may bo solved before tlie com
uie year," sniil It. A. Laird, secretary nf the Galbraith Ooal company
who returned yesterdny from u visit
ii iiu- properties of tbe Imperial
'.'mil ami Coke company', This prop-
, ity embraces .-,,',,111111 acres nt coal
iiimis siiiuiti'ii iu Hie conter m Hie
I'lll, i-ivei coal Holds, uccuplcil mi the
smith side bv ihe Crows Nesl Ooal
company's menl areas, in which Jay
I'. 1:1.nes ol Spoknno is Intorostoil,
nul mi Hie iimiii liy Hi" Canadian
I'neilie. Oolfn* I'mll anil Coko "mn
pany   mul Kit  Rlvor   Coal mul nil
1 pany lands.   Tho  Imperial head
quartoi's ure loeatod mi Kiviue creek.
.<',   miles    limlli     nl   Hie   III.ill    line   ol
tbe Canadian Pneillc's Crows Nesl
line, mul iis coal mens extend north
mul snntli lur ab,,>;t :,u miles along
tbe "mil measures,
"Tlie Groat N,ntln-i-ii is now ex
tending  the   Crows   Nest    Southern
line   ensl     from   Fernie   ti,   Michel.   2.1
mllos.     Tlio evading is ttlmosl  i	
pleled mul must ol Hi" Iiu" ready for
the rails.
".\ locating party nt it" mon is
working nortli from Michel in the
131k valley and is locating tho Hue
fm- 60 miles," continued Mr. Laird,
"Their destination is tlie Kami
niaskis pass, which affords un easy
grade Into tbe fertile prairies nf the
province nf Aiborta mul direct entry
into Calgary, Hie commercial metropolis of this province, This in
vnsion of tlie heart "f the Canadian
Pacific's territory may be u reprisal
fur tbe Canadian Pacific's aggression
in Spoitiilie territory, but there is u
genera) impression thut the Hill line
will    ill   Hie    course  nf    a    few    yejil's
bundle ii vast slice of the great Canadian wheat crop tributary to Cat
Extend   Line   Up   Klk   Valley.
" Various indications point tn tho
''uiiu,linn Pacific meeting this move
by tbe Hill Interests promptly, A
Canadian Pacific extension up Klk
valley Is rogarded as a certainty
next  year.
"If tbo general [mpi'Qsston Is cor
feet Hint the Hill interests are safely in i Il'nl nf the Crows Nest Coul
company tlie Canadian system must,
in self protection open up the Klk
valley coal fields tn Insure nn ado
quato supply nf fuel for its system,
lu addition the Canadian road bus
oxceedingly valuable coal ureas in
the Klk district, und thus has a
personal interest in building u line
through tbe coal measures north of
the Crows Nest  line.
"I spent three days on tbe tmper
ial property, the ttmo boing devoted
in an Inspection of measures opened
up mi Hie north side nf thinner
mountain nnd tbe smith side of
Grouse mountain. Tho senilis mi
Luiie mul Boar mountains are uf
great extent. The property bus
more than 2u scams nf coul ranging
in thickness from ii tn 2fi feet, Hie
majority being about olght feet thick
in clean coai. The product is bituminous, carrying n high percentage nf tixed carbon and giving admirable results in coking tests.
More tlinii 150,000 bus been expended
in opening the various senilis mul
tin- construction nf a permanont
camp capable of housing a consider
ulili- crow.
At the Opera House.
The most successful of nil Ibe
Western melo-dramus, dealing
with cowboy lite, which ale so
much in Vogue ut thi' present
time, is "A Texas Rnnget'"wliich
will bi' sei'i. in this city for the
first time on Monday evening
next, at the Opern House.
Tlie story of lhe play deals
witli tlie life of a cow-puncher
mimed Jack Dallam, who has
about us iniiiiy thrilling adventure during the two and a bull
hours that the play runs ns many
people crowd into u life-time
Tlie comedy element lias noi
been overlooked, uml the
characters of "Duniiruy Dulvina
Dalrymple" uiul "Wildcat" are
screams all tlie lime thev are mi
the stage,
In Old Nrw Hampshire Home.
Sii' Wilfrid Laurier wns the
guest oi Winston Churchill, al
Hai'klarkdon, mi ibe banks nl
the Connecticut river, mi Priday
of tliis week, 'i'lie guest will
remain until Tuesday next,  and
will have an opportunity to i t
many well known residents ol
.New Hampshire, irliohuve linen
Invited as guests of Mr Church
ill. An automobile Irip through
a long stretch ol I lotini cticul
Valley bus been planned Ini Hie
enlei'liiinuieiil of Ihu visiiors,
A Profound Discourse.
When I'm inei' .Inl liver  nl
Delia,   wl s   newly   I'lei'uil
president of lhe provincial I nb
eritl association, assumes air of
loader Of Hie Liberal forces ol
tliis pioviiice. ami tn justify liis
selection tries rninctliiug pro
found and discourses mi  cousti
Intiomil law.   Icnl  situations
may always lie expected, The
airing ol his views un Ihu enn
stiliilioiiil poinl Involved in ihu
relative responsibilities of I'm
mier McBrldo
nor Dunsiuuir in connection with
dissullow.'incu uf Bowser's Natal
Hill, read about as funny as Wn
kins Micuwber's loftiest (lights.
Unfortunately I'm' Delta's John,
siiini' great  constitution il  autli
oritios luul declared  il selves
u| mi these same point ■. ami
their \ lews would'nl lit in ai all
In uphold llie point which .luln,
is iry inu lo make. Thn W.-.i-
i siur    Columbian    iiukindl-
-Hus ihu \ ii-iv. n!   such   nul hi .i i
lies as  Sir   .lului   rt,    M null,inilii
■ nul   ,1     1,.    I i-i,iinnl    ami    Hie.
make   -a.I   havoc   of   ihe   s;,n,.
iiiini'aii us     ,ni     ctmsliluli i;
priK'oil ! the mii'i from Delta.
I'lie Columbian arlicle -nvs
"Ac, ,,r.; ne loSir .luiin   Mac-
"donald   -ii   rests   villi   the
"I.ie-ilen.nil I lover • Iii  enn
"sulci'    V 1 1'Hli I-    lh<<    lll'l    i-lltl
"lllcts ulili Ins Instructions
•'ni' duty as an Imperial or Do-
"minimi otlicer, and if ii  does
"ciuillul      lie     is     hinillil      lo
"Kcscrve it whatever the nd-
"vice tendered in him may be."
"As the Lieut-Governor was
"instructed from Ottawa, by
"the state document from
"uliiili we quoted yesterday,
"that in sign this iiiii would
" 'iinHicl with liis duty as a
"Dominion officer, he did nn'
"Imply want nf confidence
"in his provincial nd visors by
"reserving ihe ud loi- the con-
"sidei'iilion of Ottawa; ami tlie
"(Hiver resolution is therefore
"simply pot."
Will Meet, in Nelson.
Moyie, Oct. -.".i After holding
several sessions here, the
nrbliraiion board in settle the
ililfereii' os belw' en the miners
r.t Hie St. Kimi'iio ami Consolidated .Milling ami Smelting company, adjourned in meet in
Nelson ou Wednesday, Nov. 11
When the wink is taken up al
Nelson it iiimilii'i'nf witnesses will
lie brought from Phoenix and
other camps in lhe Boundary In
give evidence as lo the conditions
winch uxisi in ihal district, so
thai a comparison can  lie  modi
with tin editions existing in
As stnieil before the Movie
muckers and millmen are basing
their elniins on tlm Boundary
scale ol wanes.
During Hie sessions here 1111
immense amount of evidence was
lakt ml  every  phase of the
question was discussed, The
merchant, ihe butcher and the
baker were brought lorward to
show the profits be was making
off Hie miner, as was also the
real estate man und the rent
The session ut Nelson will pro
bnlily be ll shorl one. and mny
mil lasl over iwo days at the
Sunday November 8rd. Clill
drens service mi Sunday morning ut
ll u.in.    All buys uml girls welcome
Bvonlng subject. "Tho Hun Powder Plot."
Prayer service on Tuesday nt 8 p.m.
Leaguo meets mi Wednosday,
Service ut Wattsburg and East
Kootonay mills mi Thursday at 7
30  p. in.
The following is the smelter receipts in detail fur the past week,
from mines in Southeast Kootenay,
for week and year to date in tons.
St.    Kugene      ■ilil   20,1124
Sullivan     000  25,8011
Nnrth     Star       231    2,044
The promised early session ,,f the
Provincial House does not seem tn
please the Liberal newspapers winch
only n short time ago were demanding nn ininic,liuli* assembly nf the
members fnr tbe purpose nf re emu'
line Hi" tt ii ti Oriental legislation
rosorvotl by His Bxcelloncy (or the
consideration "f Hie Ottawa Gov
"iiiiiii'iii Thei o other importanl measures rccolvtng tbe consul
orntlon ni Hu- Cabinet, and tin- ses
Sinn should prove mi Interesting ono.
C.   P.   It    lllSi'H MlllKS  2.nmi   MEN.
The   I'nsl    V"   111   cull villi;   mil   tb"
retrenchment ordor nf sn Thomas
Bhnughiiossy nl tbe i'iiiiii,linn l'n
cllir railway will be tb" discharge nf
;ii least it,unii workmen liy Novomboi
I. innl ibe imiiiiil closing down of
lhe A urns slmpi of llie 6,000 men
employed ut those simps, only hall
will I," retjii I.   uiul these mi hall
linn- N -iv   wmi,    will   be   linilcl
Will   li"   held   111   I'lll I
Sunday next as follows
Holy Communion 8 <> in
Matins mul Hull Com      li 	
Evonsong, 7 nu   p in
I Imv.-si       nn.l     Thnnksglvlng
Hymns ni  "II servlcos,
Sfnllii'l's   beautiful     nntheni "Ye
Sliiill    Dwell    in  Hie  Luml",    nt
Liberal   'llnli'l      offerings  lire nsked
iii ordor '" remove entire  Indebted
ness from  Hie parish.
Bring mi ottering,   and come in
ul   I.null -cover 110 ipho Courts ol tlio Lord's House.
10,000 Horse Power Running to
t WuoU'     A   Good Opportunity
Kor Investment
In such n district as Southeasl
ICootenay, with its enormous natural resources ,,f mineral and tlmbor
"lie is apt tn puns ever „ smaller
issol such .is ii win,-, power with
mt n casual glance, without teal
uur.- ilie extraordinary waste <>f ,.
power iluii iu tlie future must form
n  centre nf commercial  activity
Sniil n power is thut kn.iw'u ns
Kit   Rlvor    Pulls,     situated    .it   Hi.-
 ml'  nf Hie Crow's  Nesl   pass, mnl
nt present running tn waste some
'ens  ,,f  tli.,asm.ds   ,,[  burse    power,
UllllOllEll   Contiguous      te      tWO     lines
'( railways,
iu I,- w,- imvi- mi ideal sp,,t lor a
Inn'" Industrial centre thnt sin,aid
include commercial enterprises "i
every description, and lorm Hie nu
i lus nf ,i Inrge town upun u Arm and
tasting busts When mie takes into
consideration     Hu- advantages   Hint
lire   really   in   evidence   and   the  neces
sities nf the district, ii i.s ii matter
"i genulno surprise thut capital bus
imi seized upon it as mi asset nl in
.- ill uiiiile value.
As bolorc mentioned, served by two
rnllwayn, Illimitable coal areas
.vllImi un hour nr two haul, slttia
t",l in n mining country where large
deposits nt Bllver-lead and copper are
being worked, bii; bodies of hematite
within len or a dozen miles, timber
everywhere, a growing country und
■in Increasing western trade and still
mi idle water power, Why is this'.'
'I'll" mily answer tbat suits the case
is the want .,f piilicinus advertising
amongst Hie clnss Hint could handle
bucIi   ii  property      Tn a   compara
lively  p ■ man  it  is  valueless, but
tn n vigorous company it Is invul
uiiiile, ami it. wmild moan In the
country such a lorward movement
as no other operation could effect,
It cannot be much longer before
smile effort is made tu utilize this
enormous power which is lormed by
tbe whole nf Klk River, i in, Incon
siilernble lurk nf Hie Kootenay,) (ailing ISO feet or more in tlie space nf
nne mile, and in nlle place a sheer
drop of 50 to (id feet.
There is two prospective railways
to serve this locality, and when
liuilt. will form uu trreststable array
f advantages. Tlie locution Itself
t excellent, und the Immediate
country fur mills, townsltes, etc.,
s perfect; npen tint benches uf no
groat heir-lit with wide stretches uf
npen   country,
spnkune is the nearest approach
tn it in its waterpower and locality
but without Hie advantages of Elk
i net' Included iu the close proximity
nf the coal,
Sbnll we have a t'nniidian Spo
llu lie'.'
First Time in 24 Years.
Dr. Iliieh Witli, now ol' Fori
Steele, Inn better known formerly as member for Cariboo, is
again in the city after a woolcs
visit to Victoria, While in
attendance ut the recent Liberal
convention ho had the pleasure
of enjoying a I'ninily reunion with
his two sons, at tlie Hotel Vim
niuver, not having seen both
boys together fm' more than 21
yeitrs. The elder son. Dr. A. T.
Watt, is well known on Ihe coast
as su'ieriutendanl of quarantine
;it William Head. The younger,
Mr. II. L. Watt, after graduating
us a barrister in Toronto, became connected witli the investment department of tlie Canadian Life gradually rising in ihe
service of the company until he
attained Hie responsible position
of treasurer, tie was travelling
in llie west witli Senator I'ox
president of the company, Rolb
the doctor's sons graduated from
the public school at Barkervillo,
Cariboo, ami have pleasant re
iiiembi'ances of their boyhood in
that famous district.
Demand Liberty of Press.
I Mtir.va. I Int., I let. it). When
im Dominion parliament meets
here a mouth hence, one ol Ihu
inusl Important measures ll will
bo called upon to consider Is the
government supervision of tlie
telegraphic systems of Canada
fur months the Independent
press of Canada, especially in
Manitoba and British Columbia,
has been demanding such action,
ami there is now ground for lie
lief thai parliament will loolt
upon the proposal with favor.
Hoc nt attempts of Hie greal
railroad ami telegraph corporations to (fag ami liiml the newspapers of Westei'n Canada and
make them subservient to corporation interests llll'iitigh
i In eats or ihe withdrawal of tele-
graph fuel I i ties, has aroused
public sentiment in favor nf
I bringing the telegraph lines of
Hie illllli    II   llllller    Ibe    COIllrOl
ul' ihe railway commission    One
impel, lhe Nelson, H. I' Daily
News, was fnr ii lime aihilriii'ily
refused all telegraph privileges,
because it lmil dared criticise Ihe
conduct nf the railway and tele-
graph system. This uolioi! wus
Inter rescinded, but not before Hie llOWSpilpet'S ol tlie
country luul made it plain that
freedom nf Hie press dotnanded
a strict supervision of Hie telegraph facilities oi iiie dominion, TllK PROSPECTOR, CKANUUOOK. H.l .,  NOV. 2. 1907
ft tt .* a 4 4 ft 4 ft.ft-.iftia ft    ft 4 a 4 ft 9 ft 4 9 4 ft a 9
Avenue      .'l'<i iiu\ ;;;;
QllifiK WOrt :
INI. *.
Alls   ! I "I'Kl.V SA'l'IS ^
I' M'liH.'V   l;l'*.;sl*I.T.-s J
The   prices   will   please <-
vim   loo.    for we nnil;.' il a *>;
point in em ihe margin
llllllll  as cll.se US ens,llll
A. B. Grace,
1-rm.lSHKK    AMI    KIMTOR.
is tin- matter with giving tin- peo
i>if ni tins district tin- Kootenay
i 'entrnl  Railway,
(Raje tyvozpsctQ*;.
Wall Papers
'I',, choose I'ri,in iliai are artistic dosi&fii nni] r-olor
inu- ami nl very tiiie i-tmlHy.
1 B, H, SHORT & CO
r\ The Painters und Decorators
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use a speeialtj
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£        Spring Lamb For Sunday's Dinner       3,
KEEP the fences    In repair.      We
ivmim -.ni;i-r>t ii> die Kiecutive f!om
in Is ct
L'iutiun in the Kuutenuys tho ufcccn
suy nf keeping the pollticiil fencei.
*■* 'tic purty in ruoi, repair
The advice from the headquarters
ol tho Liberal party, generally UK
fused throughout the pro* Ince, le
for its ml.'i- und abettors to stand
11 in and bide their time that next
year tho Laurier machine will anum
oceitpj Hi- middle and thai iln- in
ii'iiiu * au be wtill spent In strenjtth
riiuii; fences aud keeping the faith
rithin  the enctonuro
Vll   the  workers    foi   the    Liberal
I ■■•ii        have        dtaappeared
from  the   *ui fa< e ol    poll I Leal  aflali
'•■ii    from    the  holes tu which   thej
Im. e  concealed   i hemeeh es   i he  odt
■ 11miml Ins  In strength
urtWient   ■ ■    pel ute  upon  thi   olfe
i-i v   senses  ol   i he   \ Uiient   sear, hei
tnd   spoils
ecei urea,   nl   elect i"ii
mi he count tug oul ol dul)
elected    candidates,    was   ■*.    aerlout
' blow   to    the   machine and  the  Lib
ut   -11     Wilfriil    be
it   I he pai I j  can rogaln lost
; ground    tn  I he  coming   i ampnlgn  ol
next    ■.-■.•'     hence  t he     Bin   Seven
again   appear
pun thi pex with their be
'      .Mill     [llllills
li   is in 1 that  the "Big
Seve.] Bi 11 lsh   1 ■ lumbia  accepts
f thi   \ incouver Conven
si aj   in       nnd    accept
.-    ns     is  candidates
     the cards will be
v thai ■ - ■ . election tt will
strengthen amis
efl rt  of  the  Liberal
>nl>   tn this province,
it al the Di miinion  will    be
expended    next   yeai      Tin*    arrange*
ments ntemplating       the over
throw    ■ all men   ( the Borden ■ Mc
itarap,    and a still further re*
turn   of  ti:-'    methods that    fur ten
years have  held  the destinies ol tli
country    within  tiie   control   <>f   an
irganized   gang  of  political  grafters
It must not be presumed that th
Grand Trunk Pacific has retired from
the coming conflict. It will be
hand with the same old machine and
will confront the people of Canada.
and particularly the people of this
province, with the same old chest
nut of Immediate wnrk of construe
tion,  next year.
There is no getting away from the
fact. the Asiatic exclusion question
is now, and will be next year one of
the great issues thai will be placed
before the pe; pie of this province.
It is not haul to realize the dif
Acuity which the people of British
Columbia have in making their
■runts, re the Immigration of Japs
Into this province, to the Domln
Ion exoctittvfl of the Liberal machine
When the caucuses are held and
the municipal candidates made
known, the various features of civ
ic government will ho considered in
detail, and then after said discussion has been digested by the electorate the will of the people will
he  made  manifest at  the  polls.
Tiie Laurier government are strain
ing every effort to get its business
in shape so as to cull parliament
together at an early day. The object of the meeting of the House so
early Is tn get the machine in order
for much needed work. As the elec
tions are to take place some time
next year, every effort, will he made
to have the machine running
smoothly, with plenty of oil furnished hy the O.T.P.
The Cranhrook end of the machine will soon he making desperate
efforts to convince the people that it
>s strictly independent.
Utter recklessness has characterized the financial administra
tion ol Canada for the past ten
years No example is set of economy oi* thrift. No wonder private
■1 nance is •'frenzied" with our Do
minion financial affairs in chaotic
defiance of every rule of business
and hand iii hand with a debauched
committee  nf  grafters.
Thi political conditions in tht
' Kootenay indicate some bitterness
.mil 1 he fag end of the old machine
: is  squeaking  dreadfully.
Is the I'olice Magistrate appointed
Ity    the  City  Council?   asks    a suh-
criher    to the Prospector.     No the
'. 'he   appointment   is   made    l.v    the
I Provincial government.
The new city council, wlien elected,
will he expected to puisne a pro
L'ressive policy.
There     is   no   place   ill   Hiilisli    Co
umbin    with    better   prospects    of
growth   and   development    (hall   I'lllll
Why  the .laps left I ie.   and what
will happen to the O.T.P and the
Liberal niacin lie Is keeping the eyes
Canada   directed   towards   British
in    the  vicinity    nl Cranbrook the
rundeur of the Bceuery is unrivalled
Mountains,   Bnowpeaks,  Forests, and
Lakes,      Waterfalls      Lakes,   lilacieis
Pishing,   and Hunting    are not   sm
passed in any country  In ihe world
There will be anxious tlnys und
sleepless nights for the Liberal lead
era us soon as the Dominion elec
tions are well under way
11 would not bo .*. bad Idea foi
machine leaders to gel n stun:', on
some oi  the rabid part)   press
Party   affiliations  aro  well  eonsld
ered   when   there   are   issues  ol   a   pai
tj charade 1 before the people bul
■ii thl* province where the Vslattc
question la h mattei ol nupremo im
poi tanee, the conl racl tntt pai I les tn
ni allium •■ \\ uh Japan hu\ Inn foi
its objeel the tin.'dim: oj the conn
trj    with     Jap Coolies",  tho often
ding pul ties will be remetuheied at
iln   next   Domiulou  elect tons
Kverythlnt;  comes in  hunches even
politics,    resignations,     nominal ions
elections,    and    the big  barrel d«"
the G T r     Who can tell how  mud
Winter has not as yet presented
itself ni the slightest degree, but
tbe   ■Woodman'     has   already   got    in
with Ins deadly combine Wood has
gone up; stove wood, two ticks
Costs   M In     increase   ol   about   12
pel   cenl
The ciunc.se government is ex
tremely dissatisfied       with    the
treatment ol Chinamen by the prov
ince of British Columbia, and so v.
I span, The only parties that seem
to he satisfied is the Laurier ma
chine and the G.T.P.
Don't give away to adversity
The mountains splits the storm and
not  the storm the mountains.
Even the average man expects t>
wake up some day and tind himself
famous, but there are not many
Aho get so far as the waking point
With the ex ray instrument man is
able to see objects through six Inches of wood and read closed books,
but the attempt to read a woman's
mind hy its aid has proved a total
Sn Thomas Lipton may get n
race with Ins yacht alter nil. Thl!
Hrooklyn Vnchl Club muy give him
the opportunity, The proposal was
made   iiv the board of governors of
the   clllb   hy     the   Com) lure,   W.   (
Kowon,    to  offer  n   valuable   trophy
im   an    international  contest   along
lines   winch   sir Thomas  suggested,
It is reported that accord iug t<i
'ue latest count, there are fix widows
n>  this riiv  Including  ail dcnomlnn
Placing   your lirst  advurtlsi nt is
ni" laying the first, stone in the
nundatlon "I a building It. is the
Dcginnlng ol what, muy terminate In
i  greal  enterprise.
The weather throughout tha Oral)
irooli District Is delightful. We
ne enjoying splendid worm days
ind eooi  nights
I'honu V 'Onli'
I'll'O.K iu
| P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.1
5£       Head Office,
JT: Calgary,  Alberta.
Main Office tor East Kootenay,        —3
Oranbrook, B. c "**
If   v Ill      llli'lli'   Hll'     B|!llll   ill   ll
Unlli iiiii   liiml lllll t ••   Ilii'iii'   IiIh   l'lli'   -
Iiiiii.    nlii'i     iiii'   I'li'i'llnli     ynn     will
Miill/I'   Wlllll    Wl'lik   l.tllllllB   "Iiii'   WlllilH
mem   I"   loll "I ilir   story nf unro
'iiiini'il  promlflOB,
Sn TIlnmilH KliiiiictiiH'KHy nnys Hint
llie r I' ll In |iii'|iiiii'il tu develop
Hoiithctifll I'linti'iiiiy nml other iIIh-
iiicts iii tliis provineo by givlm;
i Iii-iii iinii'iiii'it transportation.  What
CUANBROOU,     -    It.r.
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9 9
9 WITH    A S
9       U'» llio -t 'irrtci'i running eng you cim gol     Thojp
w laiosl oquipinont for smviiig wood, ^
_^ MOl.K   AiiKN'i's 5
a****. ^a*\ *mt, w, ^ ^*\ *m ^ ^*\, ^k ^*\ ^n ^t\ ^f\  a**\*\\ 1*1*4] i>*j\ **x i%*\ *t\ ^t\ ^t\ ^^ 11*0*4 m, ™
Take notice thnt thirty days after
date The Crow's Nest i'ass Lnmbe
Company Limited, of Wardner II. C.,
Lumber Manufaettirers, a Corporation.
Intends to npply to Um Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria ror a special licence to cut and
carry away tunbor from tho followlni
described lunds:
1. (lommeiaClng at u post planted
HIO chains East of Mile Post 2fi on the
East boundary of Lot4f)90in Eiwt Koot
nay and running 80 chains East, so
chains soutli. 80 chains West and HP
chains north io place of commencement.
Malcd August 211th, 1H07.
2. ('ommeneing at a post planted SO
chains East of Mile Host 25 on the East
boundary of Lot 45W in East Kootenay
and running 80chains east, so ohaini
south, so chains West and SO chains
nortli to place ot commeneement.
Dated August 28th, 1907.
:t. Commencing at a post planted So
ehains East of Mile Post 25 on the East
boundury of Lot 4">!Kl in East Kootenay
and running as follows, 80 chains soutli
80 ohains Weat, so elmlns north and 80
chains East to plnee of commeneement,
Dated August 28th 1007.
4. Commencing at a post planted 80
chains East of Mile Post 20 on the Eust
boundary of Lot 1500 and running so
ehains east. NO ehains south, 80 chalni
West and 80 chains north to place id
Dated August 27th, 1007.
5. Commonelng at a pu>i plunteil al
Mile Post 20 on tht' East iHtundury of
Lot t.V.H) und running 80 eliains east. SO
chains south, SO ehains West and so
clialns north to plae-- of commencement.
Dated Augusi 27th, 1000,
o, i 'ommenclng at a post planted at
Mile Post 20on iiu- East boundary ot
Lot (BOO and running 80 chains nortli,
80 chains east, 80 chains south and sit
ehaius W«si to placo of commencement.
Dated Augusi 28th, 1007.
7. Commonelng ul n |H>sl planted at
the North West corner of Timber
Lloenoe 1185*1 In East Kootonay and
running 40 eliuins west. 100 ehatni
south, 40 chains east, 00 chains south,
40 ehaiuH Easl, 80 chains uorth. lu
ehuins West and so chains nortli to
place of commencement.
Dated September 25th, 1807,
Crow's Nesl I'ass  Lumber Company
4o .lames McLaren, Locator,
r? Livery
Teams and drivers furnish
ed for any point in llio ills
A. DOYLE, MmiiiK'T
a...,..-, ■..a*...*. ....I. a m
Solicitor. Etc.
Granbrook *   * British Columbia
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
MfttMlftl Imnl  by   llin
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Remtico Paragon Ribbons
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Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons—of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
6iias. E. M» & CO
uml NOTARY  l'l III.ir.
Ortuibrool*, B.C.
G. tt. Thompson
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I rjililil'iii.l,.  ll.C.
P..L.8.    c*a*   CE.
Port Steelo H.C.
PllUslcian and Siii'oeon
OKI'MOl* .VIl.MS'l'liiiNi:  .WK,
llOUIISI   '.l In M ll.lll.   H In ' |i.lll.
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Char. Smith, \v. Pi'L'sitU'iit
M. 11. Bll.WNus, s.'.'.i.
Ai'l'i.' I'liysii'iilll. I'. O. liiix 28.
3 Rocky Mountain Chapter Ij
NO.  l-Jii.   R. A. M.
?   S:
£      Ftegulur incetlngBi- -ml lues-   3;
%  day   iti   eni'li   uiiint.li   iti  otghl   £
5     Sojourning Com|iutilons  are   g;
3  cordially tnvltett. 2:
| Wm. V, Tatk, Scribe R.   I
i| 3:
s       lin\ -1       0RANIUIOOK, II, 0.       &
Gourt, Cranbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   Invited
0. K..    Vi. I'. MAI'llllNAI.ll
Secretary, Vi. UKN'DGIISON
ITonsorial Parlor!
C      For n Cool and Clean Shavo     a
fe Or a Perlect Hair Cut 3
| A Hot or Cold Bath |
!"'''•''Walter B.Laing„,\Vi.T,mil
I    Baker Street, Cranlirook, ri.C.    |
if,Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection £
Noarosl tn railroad dopot,   llus necoiiiiuo
it ditliotiN   for   tlio   public   inioqiiallod   in
I'-UIIUI-lil llli'i'i'lur
h Hot and Cold Hat lis Proprietors i
Gto. R. Leask & Go
A Nil
Plans, Spticilicntioiis
and I3fltirnntc.fi
All   kinds   of    building   material
constantly on hand.
SI,'inn   lliiiliTa ami I'liiiiii.... Wi.i'li a
Cost and Stncli Bsllinalos
t'lii'iiisiii'ii Upon A|i|ilii-:i
P.O. Box 834.  Granbrook, B.C.
Carpenter % Builder
flood Work at
Reafionablo Prlco
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
fl Hill Ill Millllliilui llllllii'i Slii.|i       /
/    nil iilii'M I In lliu jj
ti l''lr«I.CIiiBH Work III all lii'iineheH ft
i "r,h" 1
| Tonsorial Art |
l»9««K9ij»l*W9tt9KW9-'9«9SSbS THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B O,  M>V   2, Uun
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-DAY on 30 days'^
trial from your dealer and
learn all about real shaving
UHflS. t. REID & UU.
Cranliroiik, IM I.   Tin. L)nm"ist*
District of Konlenuy.
Take in,tiie that James A. Harvey
ol I'liiniiuiuk. B.C., occupation solicitor, inienils tu apply lur a Bpeclal
Umber licence over the following ile
scribed  lumls.
Commencing ut a post planted
aboul SO i'liuins suuth nt mile pusi
Nn. lii nn the eust boundary nt l.nl
4592, Group 1, Kootenay District;
tbence nortb 160 chains thence eust
III eliuins tlienee smith lliu eliuins,
i lii'iiir west Hi rhiiins In place nl
comment omont.
Iluli'il Bopt. Uth, tt»07.
ill Jamos A.   llurvey
District nl Konlenuy.
•I'AKK NOTICB thut Edward Wntt
agent inr tlie Wattsburg Lumber Co
Wuttsburg.B.C, inteuil in npply lor
ii special Iinilu'r licenco nver the following described lumts:
Commencing ut n post planted
nboul 211 i'liuins enst ut the smith
ensl riu'iiii' of Lot 800(1, thenco III
ns eust. Iiii'iii-e KU chains smith,
thonco lu i'liuins west, thenco hu
-linins nortii tn point nf commence
i   L'ontuluing iiiiii acres   more ur
WattBburg Lumber Company
Iluli'il October 3rd, 1907,
'l'n     PLAN    THAT
Trip to the Easl
UK.-; i' UK ski;\*i,'k
,\ N 11
All I'iiiiiiiiiiiiiciilioiis ml-
dressed to your LOCAL
AG WN I'or tho Lliidi'i'sifftieil
will ln< ui lendoil to |iroinpll,v
Ciill .1 • write:
K. ■! I'liyln. A ll.r A„ \'jiii.',,,j,,r
.I01IN Mul'. ll.I'.A., Xelsnn
District nt Kootenay.
'I'uke llllllce ihul  li   Slrllilll. ni'.'lilli-
In. .i.l,- .' |lllll mil nu'Inr. Inienils Iii
apply fur a special limber Iteon ver
 I wing di'Hurll  luml-:
I'liiuinenelng ill a posl plunteil ul thu
N,   \\. .'iii'ii.'i' nl   I'.l.i.'l.  '.'ilin.   Ihenee
iinrlli till ehains, theneu west In ehulns,
theneu uni'ili mi ehulns, llinnue eusl  .VI
un   i'liuins   unit
liirlllll'll Sli'lv.'ll'l.
Hilled I ii'lnlii'i' 1st, IHO". Ill
Shoe Shop
Repairing u Specialty
Oranbrook, B.C,
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that Lewis W.   I'm
mure,  ul  Cranbrook.B.O.   occupation
Inw student   tnteuds in apply   for u
speeiui   timber liconce   over tho lol
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at a (inst planted
nbout six and a half miles west
of Gatoway on tho Kooto
nay river mul at the International
bouudnry line thence eust sn clialns,
thenco nortb 80 chuins, thenee west
Hll i'liuins, thonco snntli Sll ehuins to
pluee   uf commencement.
Lewis    W,    t'nillli ur.
Iluli'il   Oct.,   Kill.   19117. -II
Salvation   Aniii)  BairaGks
Sunday Services:
Afternoon - - ito'elock
Kveulng - • S o'clock
Sunday Hot I al 1.43 p.m,
Mi'i'iinsi- In-Ill evory night   in   lln
.-.■k except Monday ul S p.m.
1"THE PflLM"!
Methodisl Ohiircti.
! HnHKIlT Ill-ill s.  I'ji-l.ii'
I Sunday Morning Service ttl 11 a.tn.
| Irlliiivsliip nii'i'liii" - - 12-ISa.m.
|    Suudny Si'l I I Bible Class 8 p.m.
A special invitation is givon in
lliu Men's Own ul 8.H0 ill llm
"Gym" I'm' nii'ii iiiily.
ODhe Inspector
ruvisus  and
I     1
NOTICE is hereby given that
tlnys alter ilute sve inti'ml in apply
to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
innl Works uii.ii'1' iln- provisions ol
the "Rivers anj Streams Ad" (ot
permission in remove obstructions
ami make improvements nn Thompson Creek, In West Kootenay, neat
Kitchener, .-nul make the same lit fur
rafting .nul driving thereon logs,
timber, lumber, rafts, or trails, ami
tu construe! dams. la.nai.-;, slides
and chutes, ami make bucIi other
Improvements as may be necessary
fur said  purposes,
The portion    ul  the said  Creek  mi
es tin
Lnt "sua Group 1, Wist Kootenay dis
trict, and through Lot 7795, Group
I, West. Kootonay District, rnnuing
north wcstorlj tu a point about
three hundred foet south uf tbo i'a
nndiiin Pacific Railway track, at
which point tbo applicants are ilo
sinnis nl constructing a dam.
Kitchener  Lumber .Mills,Limited
Dated  Oetobor  24th, A.M.    L..U7.   14
TAKK in.1 ioo thai 1 intend In np
ply to the Bonrd of Licence rum
mi.ssiuneis of tlio Oranbrook Lioonso
District at. its tirsi mooting held al
tor 30 days from tlio Hrsl publication ul tliis notice lur a Iraiisfei'
rrom myself tu Bid ward Wait of
Wattsburg, O.O. of tho hotol licence
lui' the Wattaburu Hulol in Watts
burg, It.i'., tin- ownor uf tho Im used
premises is A. E. Watts ul Walls
burg,   ll.C
James   Neil.
Datod    at   Cranhrook,  It O.  this 2'J
day ui October,   A.D,   1907. II
Notice is heroby givon thai thirty
days utter date 1 intond in apply
I.u lho Honorable the Chlof Commls
sinner uf Lands and works tor ti
liconce to prospect for coul on tin
following    uOBcribcd    luuds,    Bltuatt
ubollt Hixteeti iiiib'it north uf tlie In
trrnal.imiiil llutinduty und about 2
miles easl uf Llie flathoad Hiver.
1. Commonelng at u post markotl
W. ('. iuiii r a sniitlioast corner;
thence north olghty chains, thonco
west eighty chains, tlience sunt I.
eighty chains, thonco oast, eighty
chuins tn placo uf commencement,
containing (MO uores mure ur loss.
W. t!. Miller,  Locator,
Located  August. 20th,  1!»)7.
2. Commencing   at a pnst marko
Matt   Hoes southwest corner, thenc
north       ('igl.Ly       chains,     tllOUeO      OUEm     mhmei    i      ui-iio   iih-ih-i-j-iuu   in     mm:
thence   south eighty  dule li tn the "(Inmo Protection Ac
eighty   chain	
ehulns-   theuce  west eighty  chains  1
plaee   nf   commencement, coul ui nine
(140 acres more or less
Matt. Hoes, Locator.
Loeatod August 20th, 1907.
;t. Commencing ut. u pnsl. marked
('buries Ly no It's northeast corner,
thence soutli oiglity chains, thetiee
west eighty chains, thence north
eighty ehaius, thonco oast oiglity
ehnlns tn placo uf commoncomont,
containing tHO aero,-: mon  or less.
Charles Lynch, Loo.
Loeatod August 20tb, l!'(i7.
4. Commoncltiji at a posl markod
Ilny IUII'h northwest cornor, thence
south olghty chains, thenco eusl
eighty chains, tbenoe north nighty
chains, tlionoo wesi eighty chains,
tu pluee nf commencement, contain
ing ti4(i acres more or I emu,
Ih.y Iliil, Locnlor
Located Augusi 20l.li, 1.907        in
Tuke notice that the Mutt Uoulton
Lumber Company, Limited, uf Klk
nn,n tli, B.C., occupation lumber
manufacturers, Intends to upply for
a special timlier licence tu eut und
carry awav timber frum the follow
ing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ut
the   Nnrth   West   eorner   of Lot 35!)
East     Kootonay,    tlience    nurth   80
chains,  thonco east Sii chains, thenco
smith     sn    eliains,     thence   west   80
chains   tn   place   of commencement.
Containing tun acres mure ur less.
Muit Uuiittnn Lumber Co., Ltd.
per   A.   .1.   Mutt
Dutod   this   Sth   day   of   October
r.uiy. 41
District ol Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICE, that I Edward
Watts of Wattsburg, H.C. Lumberman, intend tu upply fnr a special
timber licence over tho following
describod land: -     Commencing ut a
ist planted at the Southeast corner of Lot ;i0li(i thence west forty
oliaias. thenco south 20 chains,
tbenoe west Su chuins, tbence suuth
40 chains, thenee eust 40 chains,
ibence suuth 40 chuins,thenee eust.
forty MO i ehuins to west boundary of T. L or L. Clupp, tbence
north 2D chuins, to N.W. corner P.R
W 1090, thonco eust tn a point just
smith ul" rt. E. corner nf Lot 3056,
north io point uf commencement,
nnd    containing   040 acres    more or
Kdward  Watts.
Dated October I5th,1907
Lieutenant - Governor.
KDWARD   the    SEVENTH,   by   the
Brace of God, of the United King
dam of Great Britain and Ireland
and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas King,  Defender of tlie
Faith  Emperor of India.
To all to whom those presents shall
come      Greeting:
\v. J. Bowser,
WHEREAS by sectinn 6 of the
1 Game Protection Act, 1808, Amend
ment Act,i904," as re-enacted by see
tion lit of the "Game Protection Act
1898, Amendment Act, 1905," it is
enacted that it shall he lawful for
the Lloutonnnt - Governor in Council, by Proclamation to be publish
ed in two successive issues of the
British Columbia Gazette, to decline
a close season for the animals and
birds montlonod iu Schedule It tn the
" Game Protection Act," 1898, or
any nmoudmont thereof, and also
goeso In uny portion of the Province
tni   any  peiiud  uf time;  and
Whereas uur said Lieutenant- Governor,  by and  with  the advice of his
Executive Council, has been pleased
in direct, hy un Ordor iu Council in
thai     behalf,  a  close  season    fur nil
ibe animals and  birds  montlonod in
Schedule    It to   the "Game   Protection Ait,   iniin," ur any amendment
thereof, aud also geese, for u period
nl  in ilni) years, frum und ufter the
fourth day   uf Oetobor, A. D.   1907,
.   in   I he    followlnR  described    tract   of
.' Liml  iu the Lillooct  District, namely
Commencing   at   n point   on the
north lurk of Bridge River at Its run
lluonco with  Junction   Creek; theuce
iiniilt     westerly  following    Junction
Crook to Ms houdwuters; thenco wes
terly   to  the  headwaters  uf  Yalaknin
<'reek;    theuoo     following    the    said
Ynlukom Creek southwesterly to its
ju not ion    with    tbe   nortb    fork    of
Bridge River:  thenco south- westerly
along the uorth fork uf Bridge River
io the point or commencement,
Now   know ye therefore,    that in
d  pnrsunnco thorcor, We dn horoby pro-
"   claim a close season for ull the unl
mils nud   birds mentioned in   Schc-
1898,"  or    uny amendment    thereof,
and   nlso geese, fur u   perlnd of ten
years    from tbe fourth day nf October,    1907,  within the limits of    the
Llllooot   District, us  hereinbefore re
have    caused    these Our    Lottors
In be made Patent, nnd the Great
Seal   nf our said Province   to be
hereunto affixed:
WITNESS,   the   Honourable   JAMES
Dl'NSMl'lli  ,  Lieutenant Governor of Our   said Province nf Brit
lsh Columbia, in Our City of Vic
toria,    iu Our suid Province, this
lwenty tilth day uf September, In
ihe    your uf Our Lord one thousand   nine  hu ml rod  and  seven,  and
In  tbe seventh  year of (lur  Reign.
Mv Command,
Acting Provincial Secretary,
Bon Bons
t    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    *
District of Kootenay.
Tuke notice thut .lames M. W.
Hall, nf Boston, Mass., occupation,
ageat, intends tn apply for perinis
sion to purchase tbe following described land.
Commencing at a pnst planted at
the southeast corner uf Lot 7222
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
nortb 40 chains tu the northeast cor
ner of said Lnt 7222, thence southeasterly following tbe boundary of
the island nn whieh said northeast
corner uf Lot 7222 is situate tn a
point due east of point of commence
meat, tbence west to point of com
James M. W. Hall.
Dated  October  Uth,   1907. Ill
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that Erank H. Hale,
nf Fernie, B.C., occupntinn Lumberman, intends to apply fur perinis
sion to purchase tbe following described land.
Commencing ut a post plauted un
the eustern boundary uf an island in
the Kootenay River at tbe northeast
corner of Lot 7222, thence west to
the westerly boundary of said island
theuee northerly following tbe western boundary uf said island to its
most northerly puint, thence suuth-
easterly following the eastern
boundary nf said island to point uf
commencement, und heing all of
said island  nortb of said  Lot 7222.
Frank  H.  Hale
Dated  October  17th,   1907. *\'.i
• ATUKDAY. NOV. 2. 1U07.
Tuke Notice, that James Neil,
James Galbraith and Thomas Worth
have retired from the business of the
Wattsburg Hotel Company; and that
saiil hotel business will in future be
carried un by Kdward Watts and
Andrew Kenyon, wbo will collect all
accounts due tbo suid Hotel Company, und that the said James Neil,
James Galbraith und Thomas Worth
will nut be responsible fur nny debts
Incurred by said Wattsburg Hotel
Co.   after this date.
James Neil.
James  Galbraith.
Thomas  Worth.
Dated    ut  Cranbrook.    B.C., October 21st,   19U7. 43
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice that Otto L. Bullis,
of Spokane, Wash, occupation Lauds
and Timber, intends tu upply for a
special timber licence over the following described lands:- Commencing at a post planted nt the Suuth
west enraer uf lot 6178, thence west
Sll chains, thence nnrth 120 chains,
thence eust 40 chains, thonee smith
SO chains, thenre eust 40 chains,
thenee suuth 40 chains In place of
iMlu L.  Bullis.
Dated  Sept. 30th,  1907, 48
District ol Kootonay.
TAKE notice that Otto L. Bullis,
nf Spokane, Wash, occupation Lands
and Timber, inteuil to upply for u
special timher licoilCO over the foi
lowing iloscrihed lauds: Commence
ing at a post planted GO chains wost.
uud SO ehuins smith n f the Smith
west eorner of timber lleenee 8603,
tbenoe west ubout Mill chains to the
eust houndury of 0. P. R. 4691,
tbence nnrth 40 chains, thenco east
about lliu chains, thonco south nbout
in chains to plaoo of beginning,
otto ].■ Bullis.
Dated   Sept.  80th,   1907. 43
District of Kootenay,
TAKE notiee that otto L. Bullis,
of Spokane, Wash, occupation Lands
nul Tlmbor, intends in apply fnr a
speeial timber licenco uver the following described lands: Commotic
Ing ut a post pluntod Oil ehulns west
and Kn chuius south of the South
west enrner of timber licence 8608,
thenee west about 160 chains tn eust
boundary nf 0, P. It. 4591, thenco
south 40 ehulns, tbence eusl aboul
about 10(1 chains, theueo north 40
ehaius tn place uf boglnnlng,
iu.in  L,   Bullis.
Dated   Sept.   BOtll,   1907. 43
Cordwoori for Nnk
1 mii prnpnrni! t*> supply. *r"ml
dry slovn wood, in any Innfftlinv
ipliliitily.       Koavn   nt'ilei'K     wiili
il. T. Kd^crs, tho prroc.ot', Boaln
A- Blwoll.
R. S. Baron
What Are We Anyway.
Am wo children of hulopon-
doiil CUtaonR? Which Ir It? Tho
lasl few days has witnessed 1 Ih*
atrocious ael of ihe Old Country
send iug1 ;i fioerei Ambassador to
the Wesl Coasl to enquire if thu
Canadians who have Luili up
that pari of tho Confederation
would submit ton proposal made
hy llm did Country:
■ To have the whole ruse nl tho
Japanese influx settled by thu
(Ud Country on tho saint' basis as
a colony of South Africa for instance, namely to allow the
•TapancRC to come iu ou condition
that ihey be deported after a certain nuiubevof years. If this is
noi galling for Canada wo should
like lo know whal is? Treaty or
uo treaty Canada should be the
one lo dictate whether she wants
tho yellow raee in her country or
not To In1 treated like an
African Wesl Coast Colony
makes us think il about time
we woke up and rubbed our eyes
and bewail to ask whore we were
at     Camrose Mail.
old bachelors amy be responsible
for the large numbor of widows, and
a portion of the flirts in this city,
but no doubt the flirts anil widows
are responsible for many old bach
Experience is the keen edged knife
that extracts the cataract frum the
defective eye.
It would be au easy gintter to give
a lot of reasons why K. L. llorden
should, aad will he the noxt pro
mier   of     Canada,    but it   is   not
* * « *
Conservatives all over Canada are
chuckling with pardonable pride as
to the result of the Brockvillo
and Saskatchewan bye - elections
The result of these contests will add
immensely to the coming Dominion
election. The Conservatives point
to the bund writing on the wall
and the Liberal machine will ask for
a larger campaign fund su as to be
able to put up a butter tight than
The Canadian Pacific Railway Com
pany should cut its freight and pas
songor rates; judging frum the enormous dividends it is making out nl'
the public.
It is not what bus happened to
the daps, that is worrying the Liberal machine, but what will happen
to the C.T.I'. barrel, if the .laps are
not allowed to enter llritish Columbia. 	
The Egyptian or Pompeii, under
tho direction of Harold Nelson and
Clifford Lane Itruco, will appear at
the now opera House, Saturday Nov.
The (day opens with a fete duy ut
Pompeii. Nydiu, the blind girl, wanders through the streets selling How
ers.     Gluttons,  the noble    Athenian
con verses with her but does not
guess that she loves him, for tu
him she is but a child, and his
affect ions     are   centered   upon     lone,
the boa u I Uu I Neapolitan maiden
She nnd her brother, ApaeclffoB,
the Egyptian, and he, while trying
to keep the brother from becomlnn
a Christian, tries ut the suiuo time
tu win [one Tor bis bride. She,
however, loves (i'mucus. Tho Inter
est of the play circles round Arhuces
tbe Egyptian, who with bis huso
trenchory ami ounnhtR makes a
strung  personality.
The plot is good. Tho cofltumoa
are typical   nf thnt early   era,   tho
sandalled feet. Ihe flowing rubes,
and the bauds nr the Christians in
their black clonks and hoods.
Special scenery has boon provided
ami the Riirtaftl descends upon the
magnificent Hpoctacle of Vesuvius in
Occident Policies
Wi.(lil tier Y,■:iil '.'iv,■•<"",,llll |li'l' lurli
nml fill.iiii I'mii'iiil I'l'iii'iii.
tU |M'l',v,'lll','nl,'l'a:',lhli..,.j|.,'~ I..I- tfl
|HT week.
if".IIII  jirr  yillll vers   vn'l   :i'.':iin I
ali'kin<m (if iu'i) liiml.
I*ni' imi't'li'iililiii ii(iiil„'i' 1'ollHi't wi
Fred. W. Swain
Newspapers Entliusiaiic
'•We Are King" with David
I! Gaily iimi :i olevfii' enui|~an>'
ni   Ni'w    Vork    |)lnyers,    will
u|*i*our here  lur lliu  tlireetion
nl' Mr. C. I'.  Walker,  of  Winni
'I'lu' Following. From the
I'.iiiiiilun Sun is hilt tl >;un|i!i' nl
ouihnsiatie endorseinenl oF the
Cnniullitn press.
Mr. dally, in lhe dual role nl
newspaper man and king, is nl
all liiiu's splendid, Hi* comedy
Is dellghll'ul, refined uud Free
from nlTort, ln> luviMiiukin-r is
mil ii i'ul; ami us king In- showed
greal strength. His wrsntilily
is remarkable.
Miss Clifimi. us Pranliun
Theresa, was simply charming.
Ui'i" voice is of exceptional sweetness. She is possessed ot* groat
bnauly and has n hewllchiiij.'
iminiii'i' Her purl demanded
greal niiiliiy as an actress nml
slic sun ile,l admirably,
The siippiirl was perfeel, sn
strong in fiii'i Ihal several member's ol tin' ensl ill ilill'i'i'i'iil
scenes divided lhe honors wilh
the principals.
David II. fiiillv ami llis com
pany deserves the warm support
of western theivlre-goers, fnr Ihe
bill   ilny    provid"    is    seldom
illllilllcil otll   I llis Wil v
Steel Range ^
S ti. Vi
Sat. Nov. 2nd
Afternoon anil F.veiriii"-
Under lhe Direction of
Harold Nelson
Clifford tane Bruce
Satur day Alternoon
fl wester Gin
A Bright Dashing Comedy
Drama of Life on the Westorn
Prices 25c, 50c.
Saturday Evening
The Egyptian
of Pompeii
Prices   $1.00, 75c, 50c.
If you purchase a Kootenay
without the reservoir ana
decide later that the
reservoir is a real
necessity, why, just
order it and attach it
yourself. It's easily
done. Merely
^remove the screws
and take off the plate marked
"REMOVE FOR RESERVOIR" (see top illustration),
which provides an opening
for the hot air to come
through and circulate
under the reservoir. Then attach,
by means of
screws, the
reservoir and
the flue box
shown in lower illustration.
A screwdriver
London, Toronto, Montreal. Winnipeg. Vancouver.  St. John.  Hamilton
Free Kootenay booklet on request.
PATMORE   BROS.,   Sole   Agents
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Matiajseinent
When you want a  good
top   mine tn the
Il('*i(lc|u;uins Im  mining   c'.
i.i.- 1'   place  in
inun ami nlil iniH'i's. ;t    '
"'   Manitoba.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
New Opera House
Kimberley,   IB. C
The Beautiful Romatic Comedy I    i   u ,,,  nnc.,(  _
'I    J£   H. W. DREW, Proprietor.
Mr. David B. Golly I
And An Exceptional Company
Elaborate Costume
Scenic lA'iiipmeiit
Prices $1.00, 75c and 150c.
Si'iils on snip ni   I'nsl  otlice
Drug simi'.
iir^iM- ***** *•}•-fr # 9 *********
mm km* 4mT  mil .mil   ftrnT Mm* **T km* km* km* '-{9 km* km* km* imsr* Mm* \mf Mm* km* km*  4mT •*%* ^*mT km"
f^T ***r\ **J\ ^\ ^V iT\>^\ r*J\ t*f\ .*j\ ^\ ?f\ ^R .**j\ ^\ ^\ ^n. ^\ ^\ **7\. **>*\ **J\ ^*t ^V ^V
9 9
9 Mnrysville, B.C.       HULK & I1AN11LKY. Prop          9
9 9
9 9
* Tin' Lou-ling Hnlol nf Iho Sl, 9
9 Mnry's Viilluy,  Niooairy rooms 9
At ft
_\ iii'uly   furnished.       lablo   us tl
_. vtnnsl US llll}' in K'linli'llliy. w
* *
* *
* GOOD    sample:    ROOMS  9
9 9
(id TO THK
IM Koottsiiay
I'Vinill kinds nl
IIII.I.   A    ill.      'I'I li   |i!jMv in mwil
IiiiiI '.in innl..' Iif.' uni'ili Hi.' llvlnir.
an ie
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Nol'liliig Ilni'
I' h II llllll  WI
I'liiirso, largo
 ii li.'iiiilli'j
Wi; ttlsi) Hn Dill Dt|6lll(|
I illii'i. .1    fjKASK*, Tnllor
'Yiiiilii'nol', 15 <' . Armstrong Av  j       'ih.ili.i- In lln- Ptuapcelor,
School of Mining
Afflllitrd to Queen's University,
lhr UU-mlnf Cmtk* ire tftercd:
i   PourYeirt'CourteforDecrecol I.BA
ii- i'in re Years'Count for DIplotui.
ll—Mining MiijflnerttnK.
*- C tit utility •ml Mliieft!oin».
c—Mineralogy tud Oeotogjr,
KINGSTON.  ONT.     .Z^^T'*'
/  MrchmirBl Kttilneerlng,
/—Blectrlnl Hngitiefrinf.
h   hh-Iiuj-f -.ii'i Public Health.        r
Far Calendar "f the 8.-h<>»i ami fiirthi
it.ff--ttia.ti ni apply to thr Secretary, Bclio
uf yining, Kington, OutaHo rilK PROSPEOTOK, CKANHKOOK   B.C., N'OV. 2, mt
New China and Grockeryware
Is almost like a Kaleidoscope.
Every time you look at it thero
is something' new to see- -from
the plainest porcelains to the
daintiest Limoges. Royal Doul
ton and Wedgewoods in all the
newest creations dame fashion
has produced.
Pink's Crockery and Glassware Dept.
Our invoice has arrived for the
first shipment of our New Limo
g-es China. We will have a complete assortment, but each piece
will he sold separately so that
you can make up whatever combination pleases your taste.
li is .in uiiii|iit' design in a small, delicate, clearly reyis
tered imili rose    expect it to arrive ven soon.
Ask to See Our
Egyptian Novelties
Our Goods are
*9 ■■■■'
Ask to See Our
New Souvenir Goods
Have You
Detective Eoesionw
Hull   thu   '■."■    I
TlmiiHiiniln Kiiffi'i' fi i
|i 1 lu
ll  villi -.'11111  |H)l'(i!l!l  Vlhlllll. V""  'Iil'lli'l    'l;'"'    '*"
,"'„„„;„ ft™.   A -Iinin I'mI'lii'tlmi inu-   i"-"
,„.,.-,.,., viniiiui '"i"'.' *1'1"'
O.l' 11, Wui.'li l"~l i"
Ni'al    t-'llKM   Hi
ftft   9   9    9   9   9   4 ft ft ft   9 ft    4   1.4   9   4ft   4 ft    9   9   ftTiftXft.
V #
! The Cranbrook Wood Fuel *!
The Cranbrook Wood Fuel
I  . .  Dealers Association . .
©he ytcteiicctor.
.-.unaiA-i. N'
Eighty Feet of Shaft.
About  Hll   feet  of sluil'l   lias
__       __ been Imili ai the Cainrian work-
.•..-Tf-iT-i-i-T-T-T-T-TiTTTnnn-in-TmTTmn-T^!'"^^ '"^ lowered into the water.
?     .    ma.m.m.**    m.sr-tatra,      li'l'lio   bottom   of   1 his   slllll't   now
I   LOCAL  NEWS.   § rests in about 10 feet of clay and
'.'iiiiiuuuiiuiuuiuiiuiiuuiuuMuiuuv  ,.,.s| Wi'i'k two pumps will bo sot
iii work pumping oul the water.
A. B. Cooper, vice president of
the company, who is also innnu-
gor <ir tho Second Relief mine
near Erie, was hare tliis wool;
iupecting the work witli Chas. A.
MaoKa.y. the manager. Tho
work is now going along without a hitch.    Moyie Leader.
The Date is Set.
Premier McBride lias announced thai the provincial legislature
will be called [or the transaction
of business on January 10th
Born al Cninbrook Wednesday
Oct. 27th, to Mr. ami Mrs. .1
Brechen, a son.
A, ft. Krapple of Klko was in
the city Thursday.
.1 A Treaportan of Vancouver
was al lhe Cranbrook Thursday,
fl. L llailo.v of Toronto wns in
town Thursday,
Romomber tho place to Ret Homo
Mnito Candy, frosh dntly "Tho Palm'
Mr, and Mrs. P. Lund of
Wiirdnor woro in tho cily Thursday to attend the Masonic Bull.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Clark of
Barkorville woro visiting al Dr,
Connolly's this week.
(loo. tl ranger and • '•■ J, Smith
of London woro gnosis al the
Crnnbrooli Thursday,
Mr, ami Mrs. T. Lobell and
daughter of Pincher Crock woro
Crunbrook visitors ibis week.
Mr ami Mrs, T. Moore of
Pincher Crook were guests al tho
Cranbrook Thursday,
Wm McDiarinid and I). A.
franklin ol Kustpoi't, Mo., wore
t'ogisterud al lho Cranhrook
Al  iln ning session   both
parlies will make strong efforts to
plucc their respective policies
before Iho | pie,
* Wood is Cash
* i im rig  to  iln- high price ol Horse ft land Laboi
* und lhn distance ivh ch dr    - i has now to be liuulnil
:* in iiu' town, the following prices hnve boon sol
* Stove Wonil  12 to 20 inch lengths *: ll
:' Stove Wood 22 lo2l inrli lengths 2 Hicks
* PurnaOfl Wood over HI inches and umloi- I-   neln
* 1 Hick
* Cord Wood per Cord
I'  Lund, of Wardner, manager
of tho i'row's N'esl Pass Lumber
*   Co., was trunsucllng business al
»   i j mbrooli Tuesday
4 In uccordauco with tho lioyul
^.■"proclamation, Thursday was
A celebrated as n day o! general
Thanksgiving   throughout     all
the province's of the Dominion,
$4 00
$4 50
••'■I 00
14 25
♦ .1 li McLeod ami wife of ('al
4 jjary. I. McLaughlin of .Moyio,
ft i, A, Laurie of Creston, and Mr,
0 and Mrs .1 II Davis nnd son of
Kernie were miosis ul the Royal
ft Tuesdny.
, ,   i    i-i. o.   i      I   I 1.1, l    mull    V.N 11   "   l i.i.i    l ai' i
*     Crunbrook, ll.C   ' Icl i ml, I'.KIT
a, Mumhcrs <>l Association:
ft     The D" ion Purl cut ii is
9   announced will meet on   Nov	
*   imi "-Hi, ami   w re   lolil   Unil
^ good progresH ■*, ill Im iiiude wiih
Illi' 1 ii I sll |i'Ss of I III' scshIoii, so as
In linvo   an   I'lirlv   I'li'i'lion   noxl
Choico Honolulu Pino Apples
ami choice Ontario tlrnpes ui
Slowarts today.
A. Ili'in ami II. 15, Marklo of
Wardner woro guests at tho Cosmopolitan Thursday.
,1. A. llurvey loft on Wodnos
day   Oil   a   business   trip   to   Sl.
Evorybody, their sisters and
their cousins ami thoir mints
wore ai the Musonic Hull on
Thursday evoning.
L, Mi'Plierson nml ft. Kllon of
Superior, Wis., ami W. .1. .Tally
Of Minneapolis were registered
al the ('riinlirook Priduy.
Cl.KANiNd I ll T our lurge stock
of Wall Papor ni greatly ro
ilucod prices to make room for
now stock which is on tho wuy
I!. II  Short St Co.
Mr, ami Mrs.   I',   Wobslor of
Milton, om. ii. ft,. II lorson of
Bull river, R, Koolor of Moyio,
II. S. Wilson of llniiiillou. .lohn
anil Prod Kerr. .1, Morris ami
Vi. llrown of li'yun were gnosis
ill tho Royal Priduy.
llisliiri nl Kniiti'iuiy.
'I'AKI'I notlco lluil. I 1'ilwiil'il Willi:,
nl   Will I Hhlll'l',      lipnllOll       Hi,ilin
| Cigar Store
jf If you want a good
-*   Mild Smoker
La Fortuna
S       The Tobacconist
llonilqii.irtors for:
Ihni, unil ili'i'i'ii TOMATOES
Stewarts Fine Chocolates
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftriiistronu. ftve.
Why Cough to The Coffin
Dr. Scott's Prescription
No. (Ml or
Cold (aire Tables
Thoy do lho work nud urrost
lho most stubborn cold.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
Mineral float.
It is reported Hint the doi-mml
for holii onu] and coke in British
Columbia is increasing much
moro rapidly than llio supply.
Mining in Southeasl Koolenny
SOC 11 IS slow ii develop lo the
iin|iiirl:imii' so freely predii'teil
ill lho pnsl.
There aro ti   number of pros-
****** 4^9 99 ^sAa^msAa^a^^aAaAaA^'sA^'a^'sA
ntmt .mt,.m\,rn sm ,^k,nt.nt,rj\ nt nt,^n nti*. *r ^k n\ nt "^ nt."^4t ^4, ^4t ^r ^4t ^k
\ A GOOD son i
9:  *~T*Q desire  a  real  good,   tasty,   refined  Suit  of   9
*       Clothes is not a sij>n of weakness. 9
Rather  it  is  an   indication of personal pride and S
jw  character. ft
-ic        A  well  groomed man evokes favorable comment 'A
■fm  always, and human nature i.s just vain enough to like At
| 1L 9
9,       *-'*"' Fall   and Winter  Suits   inspire conn- ■*(-■
■A" dence because they are correct, 9
9        They  are cut correctly, tailored perfectly and lit m
9 accurately—with no room left for improvement. 9
9 9
9 The Fabrics are Choice ^
9, and Handsome 9
| $10.00,  $12.00,  $15.00,   18.00  £
|    $20.00   to   $35.00   Per   Suit    9
5  It will require but a few moments for us to settle the   eg
2  Fall Suit problem for yuu to your entire satisfaction   I,
9 CALL   ON 9
£    Keid l3Jocl< Cranbrook, B.C     If
W WWW'W \_k )_y ftkt   -af \kW mt       Usimt  mt mt  mt' mt mt mm   mt  mt W W   mt   mt
" "■W'TOHT'IW IP In In Tn itt"W R'flSlW jTOTTO TO'TOinS Inf. * ^TC*w*
ft     ti.   S. I inn'i
W  Bush
,1   f   Dniu'ltii
I.'     l.ll'L'el'l
I'   Iluy ward
ft, Coi'li.'ii T   Mori
\1   |.','i„l 1;   Moi'i-hiihi
■los, W.illni'
1*     W   I lush I. 15  l''inrni
♦■    llnrris A Woods       VV  ,1   Dorm
S     I
ft- 9 >.o ♦ a 9 9 9 4 * «.ft'ft 9 4 :♦: 0 ♦* <> ♦ 4 ft. 4.9. 4,,ft-[ m
inii'iiil    in npply lur n H|iocliil
"]\"»\  ",' "''  Uw '"ll"»p|"i! Ui' pools in lhis dislriel   Ihal   hear
9                                  ,                               ,   '.ri'llii'il   I11111I11          Hum iii'inr.  nl   ll '                     ,        „     .
"       ''      |inal    iiliii'i'il ni   lln, N. w.  un  nl    II ii'iuai'lis ol mines.
I'    It,   111.11;.  Ilii'ii,',' 111 inuiie 211 I'liiiiiu; ,    ,                        ,     ,
ft                                                            Hinilli, thonco -in I'IiiiIiih went, Iiii'iu'i' ll  is aunoiineeil   Unit   prepar-
a      |, .nn win'il isiii.-i.ii ■'"' '   ''"   ,'ll,"":;   north,  llii'iii'i' :m nliiius nre holng iiindo 10 opon
4       1 in,' iimsoii why 1 Blll(fl|y  chains   oiihI,    tlionco In 11 noiilliorly , ,,    11       1
ft\ to ho n shorl session,  is  lo  give direction n it  Itn ohnlns to lho N.   'ipluoi loll Fording river.
W. corner ol    hot 8004,    thonco   211 i     , ,| M,nvs eomes from the  Le
SOllth,      llli'lli'i'     211   I'lllllllH     WOSt,     III
inun' iif I'liiiiini'iii'i'iNi'iii.    riniiiiiiiiim  K'oi, if having more nnd hotter
"'" '"''"" '''"'''ii'ii'tt'imr W'lii' loroln slglil   than any   previous
liiili'il iirlulii'i  28,   1907, 11  ' lime in ils history.
i the iiioinlii'i's a chutioe to  repair
■ I iheir     polifl'inl     fencos,     this
■ '  may prove to ho lusi  wo should
;*i I hour of many   of   lhe   presenl
and at
Wo htivo
Of    a     •     •
which is li'iro proof. Waterproof, nml does
not I'l'ipiire any Inr nr sand, N'oexirn
charge for comonl or nails,
J. 1). McBRIDE
HARDWARE Cranbrook. B.C.


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