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The Prospector Apr 10, 1909

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Array ittimj&M
Vol. 15.
CRANBROOK,    B.C.,    SATURDAY,    Al'KIL,    U).   1909.
No. 15.
What Mr. Watts is Doing in the Welfare of the District   A
Willing Worker is Proteoting the Interests of Residents
of the Kootenay.
Win Race
The Canadian Pacific Hallway Co.,
March 1'Jth, 190*1.
A. K. WattH, Kwq..
WatUbunr, B. 0.,
Dear Hir -If in ate ad of the haran
Kue cuutalned Id yutir letter of Nlurrh
9th you would Rive me Home of the
specific causes of complaint there
would be better opportunity to determine the truth and justice uf some of
your charges against our officials.
Probably you do not consider this
necessary, however, as your complaints are to be threshed out before
the railway commission.
Youra truly.
Wattsburg, British Columbia
April 7th, 1909.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy,
President C P. Ry. Co.,
Montreal, Que.,
My very dear Hir Thomas -You
have been and still are very dear to
the people of this Dominion and it
permitted would become still more
expensive. I fondly imagined that
with a few word pictures of some oi
the sufferings of the people I would
touch the better part of your nature.
1 regret you would have me believe
that you do not deserve the tribute 1
paid you, viz : That you possess a
great brain and also a large and sympathetic heart, but the majority of
your subordinates apparently possess
It is so soothing to nurse the
thought that men who have attained
high positions still retain at least a
shadow or a remembrance of their
better or higher nature which is so
superior tctht |6ve ot filthy lucre
and power.
Have you ceased to [eel that thc
appreciation of your fellow men is of
far greater value than either or both.
True you are one whom your sovereign delighted to honor, but kings
honor those who may be or have been
of use to them; our king is an exception, if he knew it he would not bestow honors on modern Shylocks who
demand not only their pound of fleah
but ihe life blood of the victims as
well. His majesty would not honor
men who permit oppression or wink
at its perpetration and shield the
petty oppressors.
The people honor those who will
protect the helpless and listen to the
cries of the distressed, und not those
who dare to dub those cries as 'harangues."
Now Sir, you say you want "specific causes of complaints." You shall
have them as our American cousins
say in "great plenty."
If you will read the lfiO folios of
the official report of the complaints I
laib before the Board of Railway
Commissioners at Nelson and that
does not appease your appetite, I
will supply enough to provide an epicurean surfeit, and stii mnrft to follow.
On the evening after the sitting at
Nelson I was surrounded by a crowd
who were offering congratulations ; a
person quietly asked could I spare
him a few minutes; he described the
hardships: and inconveniences the res
idesnts of East Robson suffered
through lack of accommodation for
passengers and the delivery and receiving of goods, that that district
was rapidly being tilled up with settlers who were clearing their land and
some were cutting up the timber for
firewood to obtain a temporary livelihood which they could sell if means
of shipping were provided; the hardships cannot be understood without
knowing the peculiar situation by tho
description given. The railway pusses through the land and then crosses
the river. And on tbe opposite side
from them Is the only means of shipping. Therefore if a man wishes lo
ship a car of wood < r any produce
he has to haul It to the bank nf the
river, put it on a boat, row it over,
and haul it from the shore to the
railway. Notwithstanding the fact
that your railway runs through or
pear to the land of the complainants
who have appealed to your officials
to allow them a siding or some means
of recelvtug and delivering goods and
some kind of accommodation for puss
engers also.
The next case the man who came,
asked If 1 could assist him and his
neighbours, a poor struggling farmer
who has been for the past five or six
years clearing land in the Moyie valley near Klngsgatu south nf Yahk, li,
C, this man swore an affidavit before me to the following effect: "That
I, Kdward Covcll, rancher, have resided near Klngsgate for six years,
and prior to the construction of the
Spokane International railway. That
there was a public wagon road from
Copeland, Idaho, to Yahk, 11. C,
that I and' . many others used the
road driving teams and wagons over
It. That most of the said wagon
road has been destroyed by the railway company and no other road pto-
vided, communication is not possible
for horses, wagons or stock without
travelling on tbe railway track, the
said track being laid on the old wagon road.
In reply to this I asked "If I come
and examine I presume you or your
neighbors could1 provide a horse?"
No sir, Said he, we only had one
horse in the community and the train
called the-'1 Spokane Flyer killed that.
Now sir, your company destroyed
the public road over which these people formerly got In their supp'lcs and
the only wagon road between the United States aod Bast Kootenay ex
cept the one from Montana, via Koo
1 fiMv.-'MtjJey tfi^Fort. Steele, about
J? ".I FHrW-tfO-l*   -j.„   lh nuni
den times mini-
JJnlted fltat-
land other
tor the
cattle or other stunk
Next case, ah affidavit sworn before
me by Al A. Ward, Swansea valley,
who declares ho is tlio owner pf I860
acres of good agricultural land in
that valley, that there are man.
thousands of acres of nnilile land
around liis place with no means of
transportation, that lie lias made application to the C.r.H. Co. to supply means of transportation without
In consequence of the old wagon
road being destroyed by your company and the nearest station named
Swansea (which consists of a signboard only) being in an entire!} inaccessible place it being quite" [tripos-
sible to take a wagon or other vehicle t oit from any point of the coin-
Further, the same complainant
points out that he asked the terms
for cars to he placet! for loading near
his farm on your railway, but the
terms or price demanded were .so very
exhorbitant, being I understand $15
for two hours for the car standing
on the main line, which in any case
ought not to he permitted when express trains like thc Spokane Flyer,
with a pace of nearly a mile a min-
ut* arc passing, thereby endangering
the lives of your employees, the public and cattle, (1 am led to infer
that that is the way such tl'lfles are
classified by Railway Companies.)
I oinmitted to say that Mr. Ward,
in his declaration points out that,
your company between his and other
ranches and the spot called a station
In your schedules, lias lilieil in and
covered up with rock tlie old wagon
road to a depth of about 30 feet at a
point where the roan passed under u
high trestle, thus making it. impos
sible for him or other producers to
transport their produce either by
road or rail to market.
This case is further aggravated by
the fact that thc assistant .commissioner of Lands and Works Informed
your officials that they might only
on certain conditions Ull in under the
snid trusties, one nf thn conditions
being that the public road twist he
left open for a certain width under
the trestles.
Further, this work and the alteration and tlie tri'sUc work.wciv done
without the consent of the Minister
of Railways or tiu' i Uunrnls-
sioners, a breach of the railway act
and also of your agreement with the
Dominion government.
You say instead of harnnguo give
me speciOc causes of complaint (harangue is popular oration) I um writing, not speaking.
Read and digest ; several years !
since one of your minions hy chicanery obtained double the amount of
the usual .right of way through one
section of land from me for nothing.
Later on another minion asked for
right, of way through another lot ;
Wattsburg had grown. 1 said, you
have been using two stations for
many years past, one east and one
west, only two miles from Wattsburg
at one station only a signboard, nt
the other not even'that much, not a j
resident, not n settler, not an indus-:
try at either place. I have instituted {
several industries. I am working on
business lines to show ihe capabili-.
ties of this country in agriculture, in
horticulture and education, and several other cultures including mineral ■
Wattsburg is earning for your country - over $40,000 per annum; some
lumber wc have shipped we net $7-60
per thousand feet, you collect.$8.60
per thousand feet for freight, on the
same for less than a 400 mile haul
age. Wattsburg bus earned the right
to a station. 1 will give you ul! the
right of way you want if you give
me a station. Agreed, says your opinion. He sends his engineers and
surveyors, makes the plans and tlie
conveyance of the land. I Koop the
latter for months awaiting the pro
miscd agreement regarding the station, it never comes, I am pressed to
sign conveyance on his word of hon-
>r« The agreement will come; It did
not conic; I signed the agreement hut
Inserted that, besides the $1.00 consideration, "That provided a station
be granted for Wattsburg." Your
company registered the document.
Within a lew days after registration
your minions Issued orders no mora
express mutter he delivered, no more
trains stop at Wuttsburn, passengers!
on either side can continue to trudge,
through mud or struggle through 8
feet of snow for two miles, they can
stand for four hours as 1 myself have
done many times at the place (tailed
u station where not a plunk, not, u
shed, not even a signboard to indi
cute where the station is that looms j
up so lightly us a station un your]
schedules as a station.
In the winter who knows when   the
train    will    come?   It   may bo four ■
hours, it may he     foully hours lute,
the wind howls folirty below zero the;
-wow drifts, thc woman with her sick
child for tlie hospital, sinks into   the
deep snow in despair, she docs    not,
know where the train will slop if   it
«ver comes, not a signboard even   to
enlighten    her where to stand or lay
at hit it    comes, she waited too far
west, the train stopped too Tar east,!
It has gone, iu the dark she struggles
through    the   deep-snow Tailing over >
rocks   and     logs,  baffling the cruel
wind and drifting snow, two miles of
this, and why?   The pure ciissudneua
of   your     minion things cnllcrl men,
lately elevated from tho lowest kind
of menial labor to positions of snlnld
authority.   Wc don't bliimo you     for,
this,    Sir Thomas, you are the head
of a magnificent organisation mighty
through its many    ramiticatlons,   we
pity you (some of you menials should
be pitted as   we    pit    potatoes) we
know .that it is Impossible for ynu to
attend to minor    details of the vasl
business under your supervision.
But you must not lightly deal with
these    matters    and brush ns off the
$100,000 Changes  Hands on lie
Bult of Classic Nothern
Seattle, April 6 (By cable from
Nome) Nome's classic dog race, the
Derby of the north, in which £100,000
changod hands,. Is over, IVrger's
teams  No.   I and  No. '>, driven     by
fScotty Allen and Percy bUitehford.
have pulled down the $11,000 in gold,
and will hold for a year the Butter
trophy hung up for tho all-Alaska
sweepstakes.    Winner's  time,   82 hours
i 1 minutes; distance 112 miles, Nome
to Candle < nek ami return.
Although there was some hope that
Fink's team would pull into second
place, the final course became a grueling contest and ended with Btatspb-
tord 17 minutes beh.nd Allen. Mopes
that had be«-n pinned to the strength"
and lleetness of the Siberian team,
upon which $100,000 was posted last
Hatiirday. were dashed when the
team became snow blind.
No sporting event in the history of
the north has held so much interest
as that of the Nome-Candle ( iee\
dog race, promoted by the Nome Kennel club, and few events In any sporting line have seen tlie changing of as
much money on a single event as tlie
all-Alaska sweeps! a kes.
A monster specimen of Golden Zone
ore taken     at a depth of 45 feet out j
of     the   shaft    now being .sunk was j
brought down on  Wednesday  last.  It;
came on" the hanging wall and would
weigh in the neighborhood of 2-10 lbs.'.
Those   who   are     most familiar with j
Golden /'.one ore and have had assays
made of the various kinds of ore met
with in that ledge claim that it will
assay somewhere in the neighborhood
of $100 a ton.   The specimen will   go
to Seattle and will afterwards go to
Ottawa,, where it will have a place in
thc geological museum.     B\ H. Bus-
sell of     Cranbrook, is agent for the
Golden     Zone   Company,    and from
whom   you   can   purchase  stock.  This
is a gold property, and a sure win-;
Nome, Alaska, April 5 Running
with a beautiful stride, Oogruk, a j
Kougarkk Eskimo, won the Kagle
Marathon race March 27 in three
hours and eleven minutes and twenty
seconds. He inn in beautiful torm
and he clearly outclassed his white j
The weather prospects for the Alaska sweepstakes, which will be run today, are excellent, and the owners of
dog teams entered in the Alaska classic are jubilant. Betting continues
heavy and thousands of dollars will
change bauds on the result. The winning team will receive $8000. Fourteen teams  will start.
Dr. Toy will speak in tlio Presby    .
irriiin ctam-ch ovory afternoon nt 3.30, ' WHAT    THE    CITY     FATHERS
:r^;;X,iirlr,r,,'l^H lt are mm for the wel
haiituSo'hl'rgo'rtho'mS" PARB  0PTHE  tlTV
Ings ami you   will he repaid, "~~n—
The largo choir not only look well, j    .\ meeting of the city council   was
Lewis Say$ Contract Will ,, _.
but thoy sing well. Thoj have all
taken to the stage, inn it is on tho
King's Business.
Di. Shearer was in town on Tuoa
day and spoke in the opera house at
night. He has now gone west to as
sist in the campaign iu other towns,
Pernio  is  publishing  a  daily sheet
in connection with the revival, Thoy
call   it.     the Kind's Business,   M.    \
Mott  Is the enterprising and abb od
Rev. D. W. Iteid ol     Montreal,     is I1.\ k. Simpson, .vi. A. Macdunnld a
holding meetings at   Moyie,   Ho   lias j f. i|.   UUboii, wcro permitted to i
hold in the council chamber on Wed
in-Btlaj evening for tho transaction of
city business. There were prebonl Ills
worship Mayor Kink, and Aldermen
Hendi i.on. Ryan, Jackson and Hunt.
Records ol last regular meeting, al
so a special meeting wore read and on
motion     ot Aldormon Henderson and
Ryan, count 1 and adopted.
on motion nt Aldormon Hum and
Jackson, a committee iiom the Crnnbrook board of     trudc, consisting ol
i and
be Signed
Frank, Alt.. , April .". It i- potn
monlj roportcd thai Prpjddenl tfhei-» ,
"i.iii nl .ti'.tnc, is ,,l thc United
mlnuworkors ol America will be prosecuted for organising n strike contrary to tho Lemioux act,   The
Joseph Myers, a gentleman from
North Dakota, was here last week
hflying out the land. Mi Myers is a
German no he is not He [g ,, t !&»■
German Canadian from
uue ul Lhusa Ontario settlements of
sons uf the fatherland thnl have done
much i<> build up ihe agricultural
several     assistants and   the  miningldress lhe council
■amp     Is ringing with Un  id,) songs |    Mr. Macdunnld stated  that, at     a
meeting o( tho executive committee
of tho hoard oi trade, it was deemed
ndvlsnbli that a request should be
made, asking tho city council to make
a small grant, i u as to nssis thc
hoard in advertising the rosotircis ol
the city and district.
A communication from the Fire Brigade requesting tLo council to make
the necessary arrangements so as tense the bell on th iir. hall for tire
purposes only, and not  tn have ii us
After considerable discussion by the
council, Alderman Jackson and Hunt
moved that the use of the bell as a
curlew hell he discontinued, and the
tire brigade notified that until othei
arrangements are made the hell will
ised only as .1 tire alarm
oi Bulvntioii.
Dr. Toy is a forceful speaker am
his face reminds one of the lute pros
idetit McKlnloy. His home is in Win
una Lake, Indiana, and lie lias al
ready fallen in love with British Col
umbla. He is staying at the Iran
brook, as is Mr, J. W. Reynolds.
J. VV, Reynolds sa,vs ihm Crnn
brook is a great place for a .jracinji
and appetising atmosphere.
Dr. Toy will address men only or
Sunday afternoon at 1. Boys undci
16 years not admitted, The duitor
knows of what he speaks—-List all the
men bet in ne\t Sunday afternoon.
Have the choir sing, "He lifted
me" nnd "Looking this way" they
are good tonics, and help a lot.
The opera house was crowded     ti
times came along In ' unnAu, and Mr.
Myers, with many thousands of other
Canadians, emigrated to the I'nited
States,     Mr    Myers   going '" North,
ItllR   the  Streets ..I  Frank.  awaiting   "ak,"';l     '"   "'"'   "'"'"i    T     "8?
settlement, which il Is thought will   «»<!•_». competency and cajnc tu Bri
u elTocti ii in throe nr four daj
.un' i ,,.,,. cumpan)  signed nn .1 rrrc
lllclll     Satin.I..,'      nil-Ill     to inn.
work     1 he me  11 ii.--.-t -;.,'   ..i,
l.ill.. ..n.l  Maple I onl milieu 1   •   |.,i
nil Columbia i-.r tho purpose of lind-
inc a suitable cllmntc in which to
Lothhrldgo, All... April S The-1 sortie and mnko 11 homo. Sneaking
Handing out toduy hy the coal oper "' ""» country ho said to u repr*
ators ..I tho telegraphic correspond soatAtitTi ol tbe Herald "fy frlenot
.nee that passed March .11 and April ' s-" » liMI'- 'f.-.-k todo .-with lish
L botweon themselves ami Interne " "■ running through a; piece rfl
n..m.i President T. J. Lewis ol tl.i lnndwni I sai.i 1.. myself, that creel
I'hltcd Mine Workers ol Indltmupollc, ls w""1' tw" dollars 11 day.to look
lias imi another phase on the Coal ut n"d .'"oilier two dollars u ilny to'
strike 111 Albertn nnd eastern British- knft* tiii.t 1 eouln get irnW. pure"
Columbia. Tho Upokesman-llcvlew wnter, ..111 ol it. If yon could'onll
correspondent learned ..11 tho Hrsl daj ''"""' 'he, misery ol hauling Alter, an
..I tin, strike n message lui'l been bciii   kali water, six     miles in a tank    tot
from  Indianapolis to ftfuie address j :'iv >e's animals a drink you eoiild.
...I to District  President Sherman und   ipprecjuto my feeling when  I looked
sieiir.l     by     IritcinutioiiBl   t'resldeftt   hi  that little babbling    brook.   Vou/
Tne opera iiihisl was crowiled     to      . -.     .   - """
tho doors on Sunday night to lie.nl. communication ln.ni Qoverumenl
Dr. Toy, the Chapman-Alexander mis fifn „t «! t K,i ?• ,° ,a""-'n,""!l
sioner, who has had a wide expel- ' '",'" f- •'"wl'1' l I™1' ,I,J' """"""
1,,,,,,.      In   Mm   llnile.1   St„l,.<  i„    l,i.. ' •'"'.' "Hellers was 1 end and on 1.1..I ion
lence     in the United  States in this
particular work.
Me was listened to with close alien
tlon     hy     the lnree audience, as ht,.-    ...
pointed     out with groat earnostness J?* U,;"  l.1,",' Mc°«hts ff Prcsontoil by
1 ™ Mill        I'llllllHII   l,,,k i.l.l.Ollll,,, *..... D
that men and women must, get   inti
ight relationship with  Jesus Chris
ind ranchers wns rend and on inotl
The finance committee     made the!
regular    month.) report, recommend
amount In  to
wheel us one would a fly with a dish j
cloth, or pass us with disdain with
the beautiful and well applied word
"harangue" when these important
matters are brought to your notice,
after all "other methods have been
tried in vain. Do not forget that the j
people are like a mighty simple giant
who knows not his strength.
But they may be taught.
Again I dlsgress there are many!
more "specific ;causes of complaint"
which would take volumes to explain.
I dislike sandwiehing personal matters in this, but l (tulle forgot to
mention to the Board of Railway
Commissioners that a portion of the.
right ol way I gave yon took in the1
lumber yard which your representative kindly leased hark to tne tor a
nominal sunt; some months alter the
execution of this lease the documents
were sent by your officials to the no
tnry public who witnessed my signature, asking him to Initial some material altera tions or amendments
without cotiBitltinu mo ov asking my
permission. the notai') phoned me
asking whether ho might do as ro
quested, I snid "So!" I pinned my
lawyers to go at onco and examine
the documents and take a copy as I
could not up to that date obtain a
nip.v although I signed in Triplicate
1 presume your officials were not aware 1 Iinl Mteji conduct (nullified or
rescinded thn contract, or agreements
in tin whole mnl tor.
"B|MOlltC causes id complaint" are
coming In continually.
I am Informed thai your represent
atlVOS called on tnanv people up nmi
down the Kootenay valley asking lor
and obtaining options on land for
right of way which wnro given on the
distinct understanding Hint, the Koo
tonay Central railway wns to he eon
structcd at once. There are many
complainants who rlnhn that tbosO
options were obtainod under false pro
tenet's, hut my Informants slide Ihul
as usual in dealing with lhe C I'.K
officials  they  did   nol   eel   any  copies
or the options thoy gave.
Another     ''Specific    cniise,"   your
right of  wny   is  not   cleared  of  W Is,
thistles, brush, logs mid id her in
ihimahlc material iu compliance, of
roc, 200 and :>:m r.nll«iiy Act. I huve
many times notified your officials. I
also montloncd thin. innlLor io. lhe
Hallway Commissioner^ tho chief
Commissioner ajlvlsed ipo to pros",
cute myself. I now give notice aga'n
that I sliall have to onfnrce the law
ill  lhi : mid   other respect
In lhe matter ol the n iteration of
Rha niih-'c: run da your company huve
destroyed      mid      Which  yoitl* olllclals
promised the Hn"rd M Unllwny Com
missioners photild ho restored nrooi'l
valent roads provided. I must Insist
that the promise ho fulfilled ,at once
or l shall again call the attention of
the commission I" tho matter nnd1
aHk for an  rmpcral lve order.
The complaint of lack of fences and
cattle guards    immediately east and i
west of    Crnnbrook in which matter
to be trul.v happy and successful
in life.
J. W. Reynolds, Hie song director,
delighted the people with liis singing,
and the large choir gave some splendid assistance under his leadership.
This mine which is largely owned
hy Spokane and Cranbrook men is
now down 230 fi:vt*ra vidn 0 feet
wide and the compnn.v is now sinking on another vein over 10 feet wide
of the finest kind of strain coal. Thc
surveys for the spur tu the mine from
thc C. P. R. have been completed and
work on the construction will soon
begin. The directors of the company
are James Finiaj, Cranbrook, A. K.
Watts, Wattsburg, O, G. Lubnree, ft.
1). Miller, G. Turner and I,. R. Slatro
of Spokane. ^ „.„,_,„, —.
the commissioners reserved their judg
ment, I would advise you to comply
to on'vlate the necessity of pressing
fnr the order which the hoard will
surely grant.
The same also applies to the ease
of Mr. Delmcr, rancher near ('ran
brook, who made an affidavit to the
effect that your officials cut off the
water supply to his ranch, that he
has made repeated applications during two years past for relief hut can
obtain no redress,
1 also have many more complaint:-
of various kinds which must he laid
before tho Hoard of Railway Com
missioners if you insist upon ignoring my reouests,
You say in your reply "Your complaints are to he threshed out before
the Railway Commission" It. appears you did not understand tho latter portion of m> letter of March ll,
in which I pointed out that there
would 1)0 no necessity to appear again
before the commission if you would
comply with the reasonable demands
of complaints, and also obey the law
and the orders of the Railway Com
mission. 1 suggested that ynu ap
point dill) accredited officials with
power to settle these matters, am
that   I   would  In  that      case  do nil     I
could to assist, in arriving at an amicable arrangement thnl would please
all parlies, but I will nol waBte mil
time in holding interviews and dis
Missions with irresponsible official.--
who Impe no power but to tempoTlxn
due more Important matter T must
mention, tho broacuofl of tho contract
between your company and tin pro
vineial and dominion governments.  II
oil will look nl clan801 I., 7, 9, 11.
18, Ul, IC and 17 111 tllO agreement
dated Sept. 6th, IK*J7, betWCOb your
company and the latter government,
you will rccogniso thnl tho terms
therein contained have nol been com
pi I od with. Clause 13 Is ospoelally
worth) of your attention us it pro
vidcH that the Crow's Nest I'ass rail
way with all Its branches, extension*
ami connections shall he subject to
the provisions nf tho railway Act,
and such other general acts as art
from time to time passeil h> purlin
ment; therefore you cannot tako nd
vantage of sec 253, Railway Act l«!)C
I be Intention of which is not clearly
defined and other which section Rail
way Companies are disputing the nil
ing of the Chief Commissioner in Ihe
ease known as King Station eaae 871
The  breach      of  the agreement   With
the provincial govormncnt undoi
which your com pan v obtained font
million acres or laud I will deal with
on some future occasion,
Your very  slnci rely,
\.  10,  WVJ-TH
Ki.Kl'TloN  OK Ml-'KirKl'S
A regular assembly oi Selkirk l'ie
coptory was held In tbe '•hinter room
of     tlie    Masonic Teinn'e on Monday
evening.   The principal   IcsfnesH was
the annual election of officers,   which
resulted us follows:
P. r. Sir Knight   Jnmos Flnlny.
0 Sir Knight   A. McCowan
M. Mir Knight   ii, Burns
C   Sir Knlglll    W.   R.  l-'ree/e
R Sir Knlelll   K   W. Cnnnnllv
T Sir Knight.   H. L. Rothwell
8. M. Sir Kulght-J. McBweyn.
the comraltte
be paid.
It was moved that the accounts of
the Electric Lh ht, Telephone, and
Water Supply Co,, as presented by
the finance committee, be paid. Car
ried- Aldermen Rynn not voting.
That Ihe accounts of the Kink Mer
cantllc Co., as presented by the fin
mice committee bu paid Carried the
mayor not vol ing.
lt was moved hy Aldermen Henderson and Ryan that the accounts   as
presented     by the finance committee,
not     otherwise  dealt  with,   be  paid
A committee consisting of Dr. .).
King, Barrister \V\ K. Gurd and It.
E. Reattie, representing the I ran
brook Electric Light and Telephone
Co., received permission to addrosB
the meeting. Mr. Reattie staled that
it was desired by the Electric Light
and Telephone Co., that a separate
charter be .Liven to the Telephone
company, thnt It was proposed by
the telephone company to expend
over 5100,0(10 in extending their lines
from Cranbrook to the Alberta boundary, making conn ctions with Cnl-
garj and Winnipeg in tho east, and
to Creston, making connections with
Nelson and otlu r points in West Kootenay, also with Spokane and other
points in the i nltod States, and pre
Bented a petition from tho citizens of
Cranbrook praying that tho request
of the telephone company be granted.
The matter ol granting a scparati
charter of tho Kootenay Telephone
company, will be discussed ly thi
council at u special mooting lo he
held on Wednesday ovoninc of n xl
On motion of aldermen I.yan and
Henderson council ndjourinul nt 11.30
'I lie church will he bonutlOed with
Easter lilllcs specially ordorcd Ironi
Cnllfornln hy Mr. und Mrs, W. T.
Hold, who semi them ns their Bnstei
..ITiririR to the church. The sermon
.imi music will nil )..- in keeping with
the Bplrit of Eastertide.   Tho fullow
nr; Is ll rtli-r uf   service   for    tho
morning;   there   will   be   no evening
lorvicc nwiiu: I., the rovlval cnmpnlgn
in lh.- opora h.iiiHi.   .. wliii-h .-.ll   the
im'inl.iTH     and friends nf Hu- church
are   earnestly Invite 1.   This    ser.i i
will commence nt 11 prompl.
Voluntary   l-loni- Mj  Prayer    Handel
lavocal Ion
Hymn  rra  Come  Vc Hnlnts.  Houonl
Scripture lesson
Choir   Ln. .i; ye Bnlnts, Hn- sight   I.
Lewis instructing, tin- union
ol tho district. Tho oporutui
telegram to President' l.ewl
2fl, in.!ilii-.l liini thai tne nu
arrived ut b.\ tho scnie committee,
upon which Mr, Lewis wns represent
ed by Naiionnl Board Member Mor
gan ami which miners mi referendum
vol.' hail decided li. adopt, had beer,
overridden by Shorman nnd thoy n-
lied upon Lewis to protect the repu
intiiui of his organisation nnd to pre
vent thf- repudiation of an agreement
l.y its locnl ofllcers.    . a»«.~-   ■     ■
President Lewis' reply wns : "Wage
contracts agree upon will hi* slgnnl
hy our roprcsontnllvcs. Wc expect nt
nil times reports ..f .ljilli'U.',.Miii-
workers to comply with any agree
incut tlmt is made and tlmt Is especially trni, when inliii.'.l by rofcrrnd
um vote nf local members, oniclals
of District 18 will be cotliied imined
This correspondence Wns 'nf.t 1n.ni!
od out hy operntpi'B until psrnrlsslon
hud been i-ivn t...ili...:.si> byjfe£Wlj3.
Stiermnn's reply, rn-frns is a**niif|l
with interest. Local miners wired ti
him last night to come ut once nnd
he is expected here jfrjm fnqilft* '"
Ncls  II. O., Aprl, 6   To iluy'.- do-
volopmonts m the coal strike siiiiu
tlon in district N'o. 18 in.' sensation
ul from tin- laboi stnhdpoihr. nnd nn
likely to end the strike in h few
days. Secretary Lewis "f the Dniteil
Mine Workers wns wired hy the oper
ators ussocinllon, complaining thai
lifter an agreement being signed lr.
the district ofllcers uml ratified by locals, President Rhormnn of tlio ills
trict hnd culled tho mon out. Advices
here from Hosmor stntc the men nr,
pleased with I lie luicst development
und the end of Ilie strike Is oxpected
in u lew duys. What, applies to ll-.s
mer it is believed will apply to Alberta coal cumps. A Bpcclnl iirgnn-
sits ..I the United Mine Workers i-
..ti Ins wn
will In- a
grcnl    in
mJddlo w
mu- . ;i country that
home country, one in which
i be happy and free.from «
ny ..f the miseries of tlie
st. I feel thnt I can come,
n.l Jiv.. iii your country not merely;-
exisl    Then u fellow can catch a lish.'-
shout  n   il.er nllll   ill  fn.-t   live ^i       life-
All..Ilier    thing,
is Ilu- fact     that-
I Ilie
Kan voliinlnrj  (mm
i  i'ic {...nl Is risen i
nu    uml
Hymn  171.  l'l
Sol mon
Anthem  hy  Ilie I'liolr   Jesus is Hindi
P. A. HchiiBCkor.
Hymn    170,   nur Lord is risen   from
Mil    .leu.I
R0( Kionnl    III uiul   song Wucuer
Tuesday   Annual     meeting,   ol   Ilie
mil.       Anl   nl   Mi.   I I i I   Ml        II
I'.   .Mull,,11   ul    :i Hli       Ml   Ilie    lll'l-.-
uul  friends ur.. r.  sled  to nltond
,IS   tills   I',  "lie  ..I   Ilie   111'..!    : HI p. 'It n ill
meollngs ..i the your
There will be n cb ,li   practice   for
ihe    l-'.ni.i.r    de ill  the  Methodlsl
pat-souugn on I'rliln '. Xin-i 1 '.iih nl
The    l.n.lies      Aid    "1  tlie  M'-tlloilisI
1I111I .is worth liv
liut uppcals to I
...ii can  grow  fruit   here    Tliuik    of,
apples, plums, pours und strinwerries.
.f your own ruiBing, .on the tnble.j
•Afler wlhit r-lii-.i'.. ii,ne through for
ilie Insl few yenrs, it seems almost
too good to he true, nnil mini! you'.
North Dakota is a good country at
that. If fcwlecld* to settlirTlerc, a
number of others will follow me and
you will hnd us good citizens nmi
good fellows." Mr, Myers spoke the
The    hUovii     whs   tak*n    Irtmv tllp •
•rnllliri...l<.ller.,l.l   ..'  Imit   week.        1
Mr.     Joseph    Myers   "tflis    .1 I ..piciil
type of u Yankee furnu-i. uml to the
representative of the Heriihl. a most
nlTuhle person lo meet. His praise Of
the eliinnte. the quality of the lutiij
iinst'iiteil. lint ulus, there is some*
.IlilpK «»iri. to lell'Af fln»tIiTliigs'of
Uii., enterprising Vniiliec (Jerinun  fur
me..          .....
Mr. Joseph Myers was, according
:,. Iiis statements from (Iraud Forks,
','iuili Dukj.t.i, where lie v$t&caj land-
id proprietor, whore be luiil ucciimu-
Inieil u competency, nnd was seeking
n.-w lields to ncquirc     more-cusli to
..l.i to this i ipetency. -       *
.Mr M.crs whs sunn in lotitih wsth
dealers, in ranch property.-visited mi
iiillllher of lliem anil limilly selected*
ihe property of Mr. JriSteelc nsjust*.
w'iiiil siiiieil Iiiiii, and agreed to take-
.1 ul ...vulnnlioii ol |5,U00.
Lpon urriying at Crunhruiik Mr, •
Vlycrs deposited ill tin: safesnf Hi..'-
iot.pl al which lie was stopping timet*-
ugh! drafts, one amounting to Jles*
on the (leiiiiun-Nortli American Bank
..f ilrnnil Porks, another frw-M'Hm)
ni, the Merchants hunk of llrumlon, a ^
third for JS.400 on the BrnKdon took,"
which was given him by n friend to li
purchoBe luud. •   .  •    "
The grand liuule came on Tuesday -
i to take the matterU^m when the arlnhle tentlcmnn.raT- '
! mer arraijged to complete the ileal
President Sherman stated liis ac U |um(' purchased A real estate-.*
Hon in willing the men onl of Dis I dgaiei- wns told to nuike suit the n^-'t
trict  18  wns due to terms made   be- ce86„p  ,|.,.,|s conveying the'land •tti-'-
iwi  the t'ro, s Nisi Pass Coal Co. Uj^    Thl, pact,y wont t,»-tlie liohel   '
nud the miners.   This company broke  t()   :.ln|1.,.     the iieposiie.1 ilrufts, .Mit-
iwav ironi the operators ussocintion.; ,!u. i,,,,,,, s.l(l, i,,.,,,,, [ockcil for    the ••
lis terms  with  tllo men  were    mud.   ulBi,t. 'the proprieti.r uwny. th- dlalts '■
after Shorman signed  the ngrocracnt coui,l     ,„,|  i„, „l,tuined.   The gentle-
with the ussocintion on behalf of the -mml (llinl pni,otn ,H,i.,ieil u little cash :•'.
miners.    The    terms    rande   by tin-   tll tj,i(, |,jni DVor MMtil the morning.
(■row's  Nest   PnsB company  were bet    Would  Mr.  Steele endorse a .Unit  for
tor for the men than those mud.' and ; -,,„, s0 ti,.,|' Mr   u„,,„ iJoitld get his
^igneil in behalf ol the men with the much    i led    supply of cush.     Mr.
operators association, including Hon 1 Steele endorsed the ilrnlt. "the slick
mer,  B.C.,  l.-thlirid--, Altu., nnd   «  „„■■ fr  Dakota got  it cashed, and-    •
number of othoi camps that remained   i)0forc  t|„.  sun  rose  in  thc morning i
with tl perators association.  Shei    m travelling for new scenes to con-  ..
■nnil i hen changed his mind and   or ; ,|W1|.   |caVing ns reiiiemhrunccs of his   .
lered Hie men to cense work. y'rlnH ;. draft   foi  J8800, nni.tbei',.   for.
18,400    Mr   Myers,     the Yuukcc-Ger-    .
ellf   »M/.1L'WT   U'lllPI'IM)   PINT   ll:;'" luiin-r.   Ims not  I ll seen since,  -.
IUL ANUfcNi wuirriNU rusi ll)0UiCh ,,,,..,, „,„„,,, ,,„. bJ Mr..«,„).,
1,11,1   Ilie   police,   and   the drill!   for »8U(I   .».
Salutary Method of Punish-    ^rlX,"■ ^'^JnXIL::'
,n(,„t is Revived in ''&'%»$& tllHt, ,„..„ „„■,„„„. ..
Hl-itisll  Columbia I I others who lolh.w Mr. Myers    »
  lo Cranbrook to live, shoot, u   deer..
nnd lo mh. will bring cash, and not    , "•
A     II     W.itl.-,   I P., ol Wattshiirg ,,,,,, n,,,,, |10U),H win, drafts, to catch      ..
,i„.i,i  the whole day tnklns evldenci „,.k,,.                                    ......
in    Cumern   charging n ureal  strap ....
,„,„• i,,nag mnl. will, attempting    to
iuiiiee „ vers young   glil    of   tondei
,'enl's niul   nil, li.nld   le... -llll!-   Of  wlllll
ho   could     do,  Iho culprit  confel
when  confronted    will,  the  evldo-
Mr wans ,'nve i iiiiciu.i-.   ii.. of Olausd in'Law".
lash   or   prison, nnd Im  the sVse ol
,'"'''' "" ""   ' l.-llil re.   April   I   The  searetnr.y ,
1,1 -    ■■' lhe locnl union Inst night rc-cive'd, ,..„
I'legrnin It..m  the deputy mlntst^r..  .
iihor culling iillenlioii tu lhe eilljl""   *'.
\i,    mn in the Leinieiix lirdustrliil ',llHl|iir   ,..lt
.     ,,,,,'u "",,',.1.1..'It he In H   "« Ml  'Win* " '";"> "".'.'J!.,!'.!' .,;''
,„,,..,11,,,,. forth yells ' i employ-i    m in- .....t inim's strjlifht;. .:,
" .... .:'-   ..
',„''   Lethbridge Union Man is Informed .'•'
Ai   WllllshlllT   Is ll   <:l ■ J   »
Tl nlprlt   was  mil   tied,  bn
im,iiiled In t  "II conI  nnd '■
place   lm.   Iinnds ml thi post
cell sll
ol  Hu
.i   tel
ol    III
Wilson'    old stoI  Iioul    Jreel   next
Si I.-.v nil- ii and evening.  Al
kind   ol     good II is fin  Hie ICnslor
holiduys without the li uihlo ..I get
Hug il. ready; joints, poultry, tongue,
pies, enkos, jellies, .ve. Timm who
come curly will get n fill' eholco, ns
Iho Indies ineiiii to snih.iii their high
reputation In (his ilopnrtmcnt. No.t
Saturday    aftornoon.   \|irii !0t,h, nt
UUII, and will ci.nl iiiii- iiiii il all Is
sold out.
(ioveriiiiiiiiif Aeehl .1 P. Armstrong
wns nt Penile Wedtlcsdny on ofllclal
'Thl    motliod  ..I  , vine   limit
HW.U,     ' "I   l'v"1"" """,!„..   n
Ibis illatrlcl
SUNDAY, M-llli, H.
Morning service al. It.
Suldiiith School nt 11 p.m.
|lurarn und   I'liiliil.hen e.lasse.
nt  three
Chapman Moxnndor mootliiR in
itoriiini at 8 p.in.
without.i he (Deputes tirsl hnvidg hi.e};
"liiulttsd   lo a   brmril  nf i rllllttioll.'", ,   '
ie    mines   have always nlitintain'eu ,    ' :
et    took  nwuy their 'right.     '', '
to   wield     tholr   only    weapon "(he".,   ,,
sl.ike   and as they cnuio nill  ip ileii        ,.
borate   contravention    lu'OnVpVbvl 4   '' j
sinus of the net it Is i xtrcn civ     im" ,      .,
likely    thut    the iviecniiii will li'aVi   .,.. '.
any ofloet.   Preshie.tt  Rhol-mati .look
legal opinions some moi(i.h& ug'.'l'i ii       t   '
lhe art Is iinconstltiitioiiiirinl if"tir
codlings are Instituted they will light''        ''
thorn to the privy Council.
of Waldo wns In   the
0. D.  MeNiib
citv Tliursday.
A cold storage building Is being or 	
cctcd by thc P. Burns Co., on Arm- i  t   h, acovllle ol Spokane wiib   In'
strong Avenue. J1"" c,tV Frill«y- \±K*
tkii   i'i;ii>i'Kt"ini;.  l'UanuiumjK,   it   i
i noii.
^^^A^e^^AA^^^^e^^***^^^^^^^**^*^**** ********* w*v******aa^>^^«
Are better in value than any
other $ 5.00 boot and equal in
value to any $(3.00 boot.
G.   T.   ROGERS
>wwwvvswwvywvvvyvvvvwAV> wvv*vvwv*s*>v>aa*va>w»
* *
\      EAST   KOOTENAY      f
disthu;t ledger.
; The   f I'll    niii   call their Btatlon
1 what   they   pleiiBc,   hut it would hi'
|inor policy to buck their prospective
i'list.oiiiciH   merely    to     gratify    tin;
  Slouch  oi  some tli.s^nin'leil   ituliviilii
'°   ~ lllK,
at Oranbrook, was in tlie city on of
lit: Jul   InisiiifMi   Wedtiewdny. ^^B
D. I), t*. M. Klwell    uf Crnnbrook, —"—
will     hikIhI    the oflteerH of tlie locnl The C. N. bridge No. HO is nearly
.\liisonir     Ludtfti     this evening it) the H|MUM|il  mid  in a  fow days thc  pics
new hall in the Henderson block. mid fitlHO wurk will be started.
*j*h« Ural n-iiits of the extended pol The Sptirwooil I.umber Co. at Wnrd
ic« jurisdiction move netted the city rope      Bidlny   have  started  shipping
|:t.'irt, tbe denizens 01  the underworld hum her and IniilUim; material
befog     mulcted     to that extent this Over lid     men are employed iu the
week. mines at Corbln and several lim- bus-
1 gtliet weddinu ton'   p!n ■■ on Sat- Iness und (Welling houses have been
urday evening lust al the i\si eitee of eotnpleted lately.
Air.      Titos,      Hiu'us,   when  li s eldest I.itst    Thursday      was payday  with
daughter     Kilith    uml Mr. Lawrence the er«w working on tbe new govern
Urook's were     nulled in tlie 1 < n I ol mint bridge ami tin* evening was du
Holy  mutrilnony  by  the    >.-.   T.    W, ly celebrated in royal style.
Williamson.     The  Free  Tress extends .faint's   Rankin,     adjuster     fur the
congratulations. Board of Insurance Underwriters with
Two constables of (lie Knyal North headquarters at  Vancouver,  was     iu
West Mounted Police came in     Irotn town last week adjusting the   recent
Alberta  last  evening and formed     a lire loss uf A.  It. Campbell nnd   the
bodyguard to escort "Doctor" Sawy Royal  hotel,
er, a local veterinary surgeon <>ut  to ...          _       ...
the  windy  province.   The  authorities nj(|, pniKNOH
wish     him to answer to „ charge ol ..Yes   Hjr .. ,)(mst(1(1  Ull,  hllM  pro
obUtuiiig mono und*r false prtV \ma pri»>t«ir. " "that dog's the best   rat
The trio left ><u the local this mom cntclifn dog in the state "
'nS' Kvcn as he spoke two big rats actir
ried acrus- the office floor   The   dog
mcrel:   wrinkled his nose
B "lt.it    dog1"    si-nffed   the  travel m-
■—-o— man.   "Look at. that, will you?
Mr. Mutz expects to have steam up "Huh. " snorted the landlord   "Ilia his new brewery on Monday knows them,   But just let a utranjje
Hill ' Tuttle   is   once moio In our rat come in   here owe I*'
midst and looks none the worse   for
bis short stav in Spokane TAKBN AT HSR WORD
Carbonado    mine     was Idl 1 the t»   «  draper-  shop  In  Uedi    thej
Ut,  the men Imvlng refused  tu sign employed .1 small boy to run errands
the new agreement. The other day while he waa wall nu
The    mines commoi 1  work  Tucs ,n t»« *h°P s l'llI>' Mme in and ask
day    after    being idle in connection «d the shop nnsHtnnt for .1 yard    dI
with tbe miner's mc-tlngs since   last ►ilk.   When It was placed in front of
Thursduv her she exclaimed
K.  D.   Kinlays-.n of     Hum-     Hank "Oh,    really,    I    must    be  mud     I
fame reports 'hat he was held up  by w*nt muslin "
two" murderous looking thugs un Mae "n bearing tins the buy rushed out
ph*r*ojv  avenue    last Monday night, nf the shop, and. seeing a policeman
We   cannot     vouch for the brand or across the way. ran up to hfm shout
truth of the report. Ing
The Trades and Labor meeting wan "Come over quick ; there'- a i.irl In
postponed for want of fa quorum   on our shop gone mad.   She wants 11 tiz
Monday night,   in future the delegate *Hng "
•a should try anil get atuiind on tune ~	
•nd the meeting should be eali.d   for f ILWIHtnoK LAM) Of STRICT
  -- — Ilistricl of Kooti'fi,,v
MICHEL Take notice tl^tni7Thomns WilUam
-   .. — l.i-iiMii, iK-i'iiinitii.ii. null owner, Inteni!
Tti» Kootenay Telephone Co., pro. to imply for permission to purcliiiH
ta. umtnliim: phone* here at. once nno hnnilri'il mnl sMv acres ... Innii
A nmveiiieiit. i   under wny to   huve bounded ns follows
1 local innii between Pernio mnl Innr, PommonWng nl n poet plnntod    nl
carried over the Orenl Northern. ""■   niiLhenH corner ..i l.ol 8488  nn.l
The wnterworke business tlmi  will tlion-n w mi   Hi cliiilns,  thonco s..uiii
rome before tho TriulM Committee (in 40 rhnlns,   thonco    cnsl    10   ehnins,
Tnejdnv   nli-iit. 11. Ht.ill twinging Ure, thonco north in chains
there    being more than one propo»l Wllllnm Wont,
Hon to ennah'ei    It n. hoped 11 will Agent for Thou   |,cnnh
...on he rr'llr.l end pill   Into prnctl H11I...I April Slid, 1409.
,.,.1 ,i,..„».
M     I"     1 if.     llml. the  C,   I'.   H. lull   HAI.IB
.  .,   .,.,)   , „» ,1  ||„||r  nfflcluls here 1  „	
'• " '     ''•».■•■  -ny old tlilni.'thnl;   ,.„„,,    ,.„!„„     ,„,.,    i,,,,,.,,,,,.
.tl'r-'f's     I're''.    " r   might   «tut«  lOr .
He inr..,....ii n ,.i ihe 0. P. It.   and "«•• Emu mr Ho „. i-,,,,. 1 1,
any p"'t « "'-1 ''I Inclined to bwt Hm-i     v j   Wnlle   «,.iki..i.,.
Ill,'  I'M      Hie    inn.e of HiIh town Ih - -
Mew Michel, recognised hy the Domln iikaitv hak'I'H   tiim i:\iiiii
Inn roteinnii'iii iih 11 podl office    hy — ..
thnt name, nnd the desire ol Ilie bind- wm my   I'AHll ine   i-lomi   i.iinu. ..1
■•si  m b.re le nil lor New Michel •">  Mod, delivered —W.ll.fliotty.
.-law   It is 0 Tonic you wain!   Phy-.icing lowers
^Pwi'iwiUii   lhe system and makes it more susceptible
^^^^ ""^ to di-ease. The winter months have been
a great strain upon your vitality and unless you put the blood in good
condition all manner of evils will overtake you. PSYCHINE is the
Greatest of To.lies and slioukl he taken by every one at this season
of the year. PSYCHINE assists the gastric juices and fer.nents in
their digestion of the food, cleanses the mucous membrane of the
Stn.nach, and h-.:- an invigorating and beneficial effect on the muscles
and nerves. For ..jtaiTh of the Sto iiach, Ulceration or Weak Stomach, Dyspepsia, theuseol PSYCHINE is strongly advisi-ble.
PSYCHINE acting on the Stomach restores it to a health y condition,
then aeis through the stomach upo mil the viiul organs, creates an appetite, bringing
renewed vl alliy and strensth 10 the entire system and enables it to throw oil disease
uf every kind, li is [lie greatest heal li-
giver known to medical science.
SomllnPr.T.  '.. M n'I'M. l.iniili-il.Tnrt.iil...    ^ ^___
.'nr 11 I'" ... -..,.i|.t •     ..Ln.   All .li.,.-.-;. ,1  •!   1   THF I.RFATF^TnFTRMirsIHOKfAITH AHnFNFRT.Y 1
itoresaolll'.-Vi-II.Nrlul   . in.il 51 |..-r I.011I,..   I, lllLunmitJl m mumiuniimeniBniiLiiviiyi^,
:, 41'"' 11
(fl Thc land or mine on which the
water is to be used is described :yi
follows:— Commencing at the South
Ku.it comer of the t'arib o Placer
Lease (Crown Granted) on thc North
West bunk of Wild Horse Creek;
thence up stream l.'.ou feet, tbinco in
it North Westerly direction purallel
to the Eastern line of said Curiboo
Claim 2323 leet; thence in „ South
Westerly direction 1500 feet; thence in
a South Knsterly direction to the
Point of commencement.
(1) The only reparian proprietors
or lincencee-s or record holders whose
lands might be affected by the proposed works tire the Invicta Gold
Mines Limited and the British Columbia Southern Railway Cn.
ti) Thc aren ol Crown Lund in
tended to be occupied by the pro
Posed w(>rk is nil.
Ik 1 This notice wns posted i.n the
mth d„y of March, mon, and application will be made to the Commissioner on the 19th day of April, 1909.
(Signature)      JOHN   P. LARS AN
(P. 0. Address)     F„rt Steele.
vinevaod horse-power spramotor
tree spraying
This shows the II. P. Spramotor at
work spraying trees. Hnrso doos all
tin- work Imi holding the pole. 4 nozzles .1 ur. His pressure practically
sin..1... the tree with spray. All automatic Py hi.isi. or hand, oporated
nmi controlled, Numbor nf nozzles
can bo arranged to suit size of trees.
Tho Inrgosl troo nmy bo sprnyed, lor
one ..1 two burses snmo prlco. Also
.ii'ian.'i'.l lm vitu-yiirils, row crops,
strawberries, gralncrops. Nuzzles will
in.t      clog,    This  ml   will   nut   iippi'iir
■ .:n   Lhoroforo do it now.
W   n   IIKAItll
11.. Kino st , London, Onl
Iptil 7th, 1	
'•"■ '    " "'•''     I')   'I'liq    snid .Inini p,     Larson's
1 .       I'   II     l'l''!'     Miner's     Cortltlcntfl     is    No
.   11  .    ui  I,   mi,   (in 1 r, 11.  IIIO'Jll.
■' -■    '     "')   Tl'" ou 1 th,.    stream ,,r
11        11   ' sniin-i. in wild Hi,imi crook.
           "''   The  point of  diversion or In
.   1    ,,1  ii...  tomlotl     .hull i,,..,,i |H .,l|„,ll,     thm,
ni'.' 1   Uui 11 • 11 ■ 'liiiifters  ol 11   mil,,    north ' of tho
1 f" "'     Hniilili-i  Crook nn int
1 in    mi 1  nl tho bond „i in,, Ifishor tlltch
HI   Tlie pnlni  whero II  is to he ro-
1    1    '  I' """"'I I" Wild Morse Crock In ,11 the
»•"' •   'i '-"'      li'iolcnny I'lncei i.,„„.    i,,,|,i |,y ,|„,
iippllctllll     lilinlll     ,11-t <-r-     1 1 ,1
utile n .nli ,,1 llrewoi-y etwli
iii    Tho   tllHrroiiai In   „llii.in|,. |„,.
twooll Ilie point „f diversion nnil Iho
V..TI- K 1   „..|.,,y given tl,,,! ,,,.! ";"'",   "'"",''" :,1'" '" "" l,!l"™"1   '»
tippllcatlnn   .■     in,,di.   I„   record Inho"' "'"' ™lwlWI 1,11.1 llfly (cot,
! tho right In i.ii,.. divert, rotivoj nnd
use wniii  in Kin;! Kooiiii ty District
for urn ng purposes.
I   'n)   The tt 1..... nt the   applicant In
John ivi. 1     |,„rson,    Port     Steele.
I Uuli'li I',.inini,I,,  minor,
Take notice thnt 1, George A. Jani-
leHun, of Cranbrook, B. C., occupation, undertaker, intend to apply lor
(permission to purchase the following
! described hinds: Commencing ut a
post planted at thc N, W. corner of
lot No. 11421, thence cast 40 chains ;
thence north 20 chains, thence west
40 chains, thence south 20 chains to
place of commencement, contulning
so acres.
George Alexander Jumleson.
Mureli  III, I'lii'l. 12
District, ol Bust Kootenay.
I'nko in.tie.. Hint 1. I'Viuices i-:. Allison
of   t'l-.nil.r.ii.l T.i|inll..ii  iiiiii'i-ii'it w...
innn. intend I.- apply fur perniiSHlutt   to
luu'clmso iin- '..il.iniiiu  described  lauds 1
1-1 iiclug nt .1 pnsl  phiniod .it    Hie
 -tllwi'St .-..I- - 1.1 I.it .Iflfl; tlluui-e linrtli
1:10 oliuins, iiit'iii'i' t-ust 10 ehnins, tlionco
in iilm I liogliiuhig, ei.uiiiiiiinii in nil
south lim eliiiins. thonco west   to ehnins,
,*,'Jo ni'i-i's. nini-o or i.-sh.
0,  II.   Vl.l.lsov, AIIHNT,
I'..1.1 \  loth, I'.iii'.i. R
Distriet of Kust  Kootenny.
l.il..   im II...1   I.  10.   II.   Mel'lion,   ..I
l'l'..Illll'....I.,     uoeiipillillll    l,i.,,l,k.l.|...r,     In-
1.'ml t.. .ii'i.l.v for in'i'inlMSlon tn piit'chiiHn
ii... n.11....mi.' .I.'.r.iii.'.l  itiiuisi  Cum in-.
11.11  nl  11 |ii>i>t   i.liuili'il nl   III rlinlns m.iuli
1.1    lln-     \ tl.     ...nn...     1.1   I..I.   \...11117
tli.-ii.-..  to i-ii..nin 11-....1. ih.   in chain*
 11..    ih..),....    to    chiihiH oust, i|i..iii'i.
s>...ih  11. cIhiIiih,    1.. pi r hoglnnliig,
...iiiiiinnii: 1110 iirt-i's nn.1.. in- less,
l'l.   II.   Mol'HIOrc,   l.i.r.it.il'.
.1. mm, AtiM.vT.
FVIu-iiio-j    III,   lllllll H
District ol Kust. Kootenny.
Keep   Your Rye on this Space for Bargains
in Real Estate
491    ACRES
with River Frontage nmi one mile from
Knilruitil Station : 70 actus untler cultivation;
liki uoros good level land and easily cleared ;
balance good pasture. Five roomed Cottage.
limn, -i x u-' witli basomunt and lout] to.
Hltioksmilh Shop and linplemont Shod. Tlm
i.wiii'i- will also sell his
on one of the linest streets in Cranbrook.
House lias H rooms and cellar, with ull
modern Improvements Small barn, buggy
shcil und woodshed.
H)5,000 Cash.   Balance to suit at 8 per oent.
IW This farm alone is worth   the   price
asked   lor both.
Frod. A. Russell  iET
********************** *******
L,tirich Cotinter
Slaght A Brogan, Prop's
Meals   At  All   Hours,   Day   and   Night
We Serve The Best The AftarKet
Can Produce
Itoponl  il    "Hhiloh's Cnro will nl
ways euro my rou/jhn and coldH."
lol Tho liie.-i.lr; liy which it In In-
ii'tiili'd to store mil divert, Hie water
Ih hy a dum, dltclios mih llitinc,
(ill The number of Inelios nppllftl
for in llfleen cubic foot per second boil-: roi|tilrod for liydi-niilic pttrpoHes.
Iff) Tho water is required for hv-
iliunlle pl„i:ci- inlnini,
...Tiiko tVittlco tlmt I. ()■ II.  Alllmm,
fli'iiiil.iiMik,   1 iriiintl I    (hiiKuifit,   Into
tn iipl'ly f"1' |inruilnMlim lu ptti'clin»n I
fiilltndliil (lo«i'illii'il 'nnil-.. (.'u.fiiiirjiicl
nt 11 inini iiliinti'il nt, llii) S'Hitljwimt (■(
hit   nf Inl     4UA. Ilumt'u wiwl 40 chtili
thOIICU tuiillli |(l rlniiii'i. l.llOllCl) ciiHt •
rliiilriM, llii'tiri' mnl I- -In Hinlns tn pin
n(   iK'ftlmiiiiK  Cf.iiliiliiiiii;   Ifll)  ticn-n  111(1
111'    ll'HH,
('. ll   Al.l.isn
in   Cranbrook
I     * HOTEL m
M Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest tu railroad depot.    Has accouiinu
dutious   for   the   public   unequalled   iu
Hot and Cold Baths
Distriet of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTIOK thut Krank WBtts
of Wnttsbui'K, B.C., occupation lumberman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following do-
Hcrlbed lands:
I'limnieoi'ltiK at a Post planted at
the North Kast corner ol Lot 5244;
thence South 80 chains, thence Kust
20 chains, thence North 80 chains,
thence west 20 chains to point ot
commencement, i-otititmiiu; mo acres
more t,r less.
Hilled March 17th, 1909. 12
Stock Quotations
As Furnished by
HKAl.K A Kl.WKLL, Cranbrook, B.0
Mureli till, 1UOI*.
Bid   Asked
District ol Kootenay.
Aurora Consolidated
It.   I'.   AinitltnilutttiHl
Ii. c. Oup|Hir
l-iiiiiidinn llnroonl
riin«ill,.ii tioldlhiids
r.ilin.liiui   Nt)rlliiv..nt  utl
l'<iiisi.ll.liil...l   Hmulti.l-H
t.'i'iiiiln-nok lim lli-liik
llinm.uul Html
itUn ml Viiln  Ilnui
j llnlnlllinii   l,'np|Hil'
I llllnnintlnniil I',,.,I
! M.-niii   II.ml   Minus   I.I.I.
        i siiBij..i tiniii mm
TAKIS NOTIOK that     slity   dtty» Nnrlli Sim-
lifter date I,   doorer-   Loyd, civil en- McOllllvruy Creoli Coal
Klncer, Crnnbrook, Intend ninhinK up. Bnnibler Corll	
plication to the Honorable the Chief I >tn,vnl Oulllwlm
Oomntlsslonor of Lauds   a d  Works, I Society lllrl
for permission to   purchase    the foi-
IiiwIiik described liimls:
1,'ommenclnR   ut u Post   planted ut
the N. W. coiner ol 'nt 1691 on the
Kast Hunk of the   Kootenay     Itlver,
thenco oust 111   chains more   or loss,
following the Northern    Hottndnry ot
Lot 1.1 to a corner post of lot 8103,
thence north 20 ehnins, more or less.
following tlie west   iioiind'vy of Lot
810,1 to hank   ot   Kootenay     River;
Mnlllli ^^^^
Western Oil (onl.)
Wostorii ml (prot)
Votornn w*r Horlp
thenco following Kootenny River In
ii Hoiith-Westerly direction to place
of beginning, contulning 20 acres
more or less.
Hated February loth, 1909,
Electoral District   ol Cranbiu
District of Kast Kootenay.
In l.i-
tin. tlmt t, I„ M. Alkons nl
f'riiiiini.nii, nootipntlnii niarriod woiniiu,
jiiiniiil tn iimily fur |...iini..M...ii to pur-
i-liiiHi. tin. following duscrlhod laiuls. Oiun.
tiiiitu'lnit nt n I...-.! planted 4n ehnins
m.nt of   tliu west houiuliiry Hue uf hliiok
lu.'., n  west ho i-iiiiiiiH. tlionco niu'th
in i-tuiiii'i, iiii.iii..i mint, so ohelos,   tlionco
 tli nn ehnins, tn plneu ..I loglnning.
ciiiitohilitu iuu items more ur loss.
L. M. AIKHN. l....-,.l,.i.
II, H,   A Hums,   Agent
Live Itociiy Mountain Coats are
/anted lor Zoological purposes. Per-
nlte to catch and export theae ani-
nals will be Issued by the Provincial
iithorltles.     addreee:—
Waihinfton, D.C.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Sittings of the above Court will be held
nt the Government Building, Cran
brook, for the i.lsposal ol casea
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
nt.; ut Moyie every Saturday at the
Steele und Wardner on such day*
uud dates as may bo appointed In
tliu proceedings.
same bout; und at Murysvllle, Fort
All ilohts und di-niiinds not eiceed-
ing tho mini of Jinn can be aued lor
und recovered In the above men-
llo.-teil Court on Summon! and
I .lu.lgoment, Unrnlsbee (either before
i or after Judgement) or on Inetsl-
I ment order which can M enforced by
[I'liiiimltmtuit. If necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
blinded In   to   the    undermentioned
Claris of lhe Court., Tli:—
F. It  Morris, Deputy Sheriff. 0n»
I'. 0, Rotitb,   Provincial   Conatebla,
Moyie,     or to ^^
Joseph Walab, Provinei'
Fort Steele. .*>■
•      BY ORDal*-^
"^ -x'
r THR   I'Kosi'Kiriii,'.
rU.\Mll,'tii"K.   I:.   ('..    APRIL 1'
If you want a delicious
Chocolate try those
Newports ;ii The Palm,
We have just received
•   a   large   stock   mid   are
Sole Agents for
Frank Dezall
Hubber  Tires  Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 50      •   •   •      p, o.  Bol  213.
BOVRIL Helps You lo Eat      (ftl)*? HvOApectOt*
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4 •;
Because it contains nil the
stimulating properties of
beef in ii concentrated form,
This excites the appetite^aud
makes you hungry,
BOVRIL Feeds You
Because it contains nil the
Albumen aud Fibrin nf the
beef. Tbcse are iho vital
nourishing properties which
make BOVRIL differ su essentially Innn all other preparations ol meat,
Oi, nol acr.pt mlulitut.i. ins
A. B. 6ratt,
'L'ui.isiirh and editor:
Oxford captured tlio lilstoiic   lioat
Irnco mt tin- Tin >s In- tlti-no niul
hn If limit, longths.
N. I1iiiisi.ii, ol \Vana, was in town
this week un litistncss. Ho wns ac-
uompnuleil by John Kwin.
Everything points to better times.
The coosl lumbormon have t-alsotl tli
prices again.   'Hint's u suro sign.
W. Cline
- o
oi lhe aid Msimolm Burner
Shop out) now tie found In the
First ClasB Work  in
nil branches ol the
; | Tonsorial   Art < \
is Cranbrook
< i
We ask yon to call and try
our new Consignment of new
and Up-to-dnte. rigs for
Winter and Summer. Just
received Topplr and Reliable
Horses at your disposal.
Give them a trial n,nd be
Photic  17 ('i-milirook, H.C.
Stomach trouble li but a symptom of, and not
ta Itself a true disease. We think of Dyspepsia,
Heartburn, and Indigestion as real diseases, yet
■hey are symptoms only of a certain specific
Nerve sickness—nothing else.
It was this fact that first correctly led Dr. Shoop
to the creation of that now wry popular stomach
Remedy-Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Going direct
to the stomach nerves, alone brought that success
and favor to Dr. Shoos and his Restorative. With.
out that original and highly vital principle, no
auch lasting accomplishments wen* ever to be had.
For stomach distress, bloating, biliousness, bad
breath and sallow complexion, try Dr. ShoopU
Restorative—Tablets or Liquid—and see for your-
■elf what it can and will do. We sell and cheer-
fully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
For a reliable loral salesman representing Cnntida's Oldest und
Greatest Nurseries in Crnnbrook uml
adjoining country.
The popularity of out stock which
ls growa on limestone soil, muking
our trees und bushes hardier und
longer 1 Ivi tl than const grown stock,
1b acknowledged by experienced fruit
We make u speciulty of growing
stock lor British Columbia uiul ship
in carload to thut province.
A permanent sltuut.it.n to right
man, with territory reserved.
Pay weekly ; free outfit, Write for
Stone & Wellington
FtlNTllll.l. NtmSKtUBB
(Licensed by II. 0. Government.)
ii, Uni.ANtiHi.:, Piioi'MBToit
To those wanting a swell
turnout give us n  call
we  can please  you.
Hay,   Grain,   and    Wood
for  Sale.
C'KANIIIttiOK.   II I'.        I'llONK    IIH
We Deal in l''.veiylliiiin Krnni
a Neetllr tn ;i Ltieniinitive
DKAI.KIt ISAM Uiitils uf SeeiintlHiiiiil I Inoils
Furniture » Ni'Kt'lAi.TY
SaK«'* Oltl  Stand, Hanson Avo>
,   . Phono itr.i
old iiiiiii of tlio Horald" must
have a tropical imagination in calling Cranbrook .listiicL "Tho Banana
bolt."   Mostly "hot air" wo tbitik.
Dreadnoughts an.I then mure Droad-
t ghts, and wlioro will tlie end lie -
ri...   ,..,„...., „,i,„i  i... .  ,     l""1 wl"" wi" ""'>' "" l'° worth when
 """-"-' '■' "'•'"'"' w"™, '.'"'ir   the llrst    real airship
ui.Uy    Ottawa Journn
is tun giviil  i. ii.i. r i.i   iiiniililiid.    \V.
cult luiili In .Niiiuni fur till • |s.   in ,   ,         ,       ....
tlm r  ltiissii-Jiipuncwi win-tho 8itr- ""nco   1 tuii.-i-l    baa it daily papor,
li • ..I tin. .Iii|.imi'm. itiivy nn.l nriny tin. ovonlng Bulletin.   Thin is nnothot-1'!'
di-.-.-M i-.-d tli ii » i-ln. aid in'iii in. .i.i insiiiiit-ii of the press intuiting its way  'e
ritjili j uui with i...ii..|-..ii,.,.,..s if Ifttto to tho frozen north in tho Intercut  ot  ?
.Yiiiuv.   I buy witslicd thn wniiiids w 11 clvllisatioii                                             V
Miit.-r ulii.-l, Imil boon bnl  tints olv"IBatl0"-                                            Y
•tprlllted—tlum btiiidngi-il  tin. woiinils .   „.  ...   ,,   ,, ,
Willi clenn linen- no imwi't-fni drum! or '"• '"• "- Mcinnea, i.t Vanootivor, is
iiiiii-.|iii..- wet-., u.d in ili.ii- ilrsi ii i.t to to be made h Judge.   Tltero aro sovor-
tjii. Iiijiii-i.iI,   Siirli mi'lbuls i-esiilleil In ul other victims ol tho political slump
tie loss ol imi; :;;..ut i.t  .•-.' innii tri'tilcd on the const Inst full who have to b»
Inn iminl linsplliil for their wounds.   It iu,,!.,.,[
is only ti-i.in Iinl. t.f olisorvlng Nittiirn's ■      '   '
lllIVS   ih.lt   tltllSi  lif US Mlli.'l- nt   on.. 111.10
liter yet.   Who'll lie tho nest?
■r Innii Indigestion, Ininui'Q I 1''!e customs of tho Dominion for
blooii ninl n pi'iiei'tilly run-down syslcm. March totalled $4,747,291, an increase
Our remeily 11m In N'ntiu-i.'s In born lory— of }S91,189 as compared with the
deep   i tin. fragrant »ii..,ls-ivhi.|-i. tiro I mm„ month last year.   For tho     12
main-   Ainorlciiti
which wInn ].
ply ll heullb-gl
Many years
plums, th..  r.i
lly trotted «i:
it physician who had
nn extensive prai'lleoat g tlioullilctea
innii.. a strikingtli'imrttire it-..in tli.. usual
Illi'III.ill...I 111- Il'iviv ill TIK.I i.-i ii. — lio
went straight In Kiiliu-d lui- tin. cure uf
those slotnai-li til t filers whleh resulted
su often in an iiiii.-niii- c itlliiou. or im-
pure blond, !.>■- uf iijipi.-titi.. palu or
ptniply sl.in,  tiil'ii-j  uf  las.itiali. athl
wenlttiess.    II.. I id that liio liurli of
tin- ltlaek Clierrv-trce. the mot i.t iho
Han.lral,..,   Sliine   runt,   th it's  runt,
Blnoilrniit nnd Uul l.-ii Seal font, uiiitle
Inin a sclenlillt', niiii-nlenliulleexlriiet hy
tin. ns.. nf glrairliii'. inn-In !'«' best alii'i-a-
tivn and Innii-.   Tim refresldllK Illlll o
of this i-xtt-a.-t isi't.uii.-u apparent In the.
rui-i.lul-iil strellgUl   or   Ihu pjltiunt—tlio
vital lires of tile linily burn bi-lglilnr and
their iu.-f.-a-.. .1 tt.'llvlty .'.iii.ai.irs tin!
tissue rubbish which olherivlsu may
pui un tlin svstem. This alturatlvo anil
ionic I'Mt-a.-t lias benii round I" stand
tituiut as a sail'. Invigorating tonic, as it
d.ms nut, ili.|ii'iul iiii llli-.iliu) fur a falso
sliiiiiiliiiiun. Inn i< .Vuli'.-i'..'..i.-ii intiliiiil
id streiigtlienlng ami cleansing 111.- syn-
tum. It tones uii tli..1 stomach and ilm
blood In Nature's own nay. It is well
ku.niii all over the world as Iir. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery.   Tl ami)
was given tu this yegetalilo compound
been use unn'of tlm important Itigredicnts
was Coliletl Seal foot. * * Simli an
■minority us Ur. i;..buns Itartholow, ol
.l.'il'.'i-si.ti Medical i' illi-gu, suys "very useful as it stotiiiiehic totilc.   Cures citltirrh
of tlie stomach and lieiiihu'lies a. tn-
Jinltyillg llm Slime." Dr. tlrover Cue, In
hi. book Oi-gaulc Medicines, spenkliig of
(;..l.Imi Seal runt, says that "as a liver
lnvlgnriitni- It bus J'.-ic n/n i«." I'tirthor
lm -ins, -iu elu-niili- ii.Hani latlon ..I tho
bladder wn .l.vui ii o I' th st reliable airenH ui ..nn. A> a tunic in tlm
convalescing stages nl fevers, piiiuinionla,
dysentefl nmi inline neliti .ii-uiisis lly-
clni-iis ttioldeii Seal rout) is peculiarly
Ur. r -uiiiiiums:   "We would Imro
ml.I lli.il mil iixperlnni-e Ims dolnoll-
slrnted ilm llvilrni.Ui m-tuililen Seal mot
to hu a viihnilile remedi in bronuliltls,
laryngitis, ami nllief nlroctlolts of Ilie,
respiratory organs"
'•tu service In elironlc catarrh of tlin
stiimai-li and lin.vrl. follini'liig alius.. n(
alcohol, n i..ni.- nl-...' nu iarltti fever,
lias ii distinct, iiiill-muhirlul Inlluenco,
Good lu all calarrliill I'.indltluits. as
ntrrlno i-atnn-li. ' iii'i'UTliii. i, eic.    I. a
cnt'tttlvo tiguitt   in  .In- .'  ilvspeiida."
— Ilul.al-t A. Ilnn'. M. i'.. Clllvcrslty
of I'eiuisvlviiiila.
Prof.,Inlin M. Sciidder In Speellic Med-
li-alinn says:    ' li i-ltmil! I ■- Iho tllgns-
tivepr sen, I In res    i tlm n sltnila-
tlon uf I.....I. Ilv li' • li.ean.i l.'ic lilt, tl
U i-ii.-.V.'ii'.l. and i'is I I I feeds thn
niusi-nlal- sistnia.    !   mn, "i ,ii  llm niiis-
I'lllnl'  sv.tmil  I an u  I  Imimve It  lint
feels llm lii.'i-uii . I  i in  .■ ii -lu.l l.v
tlie slliiiiilaliini ..I' i u-i-i "..il iiiitritlon,
Tlm coltseiinejlt llutu-t-ivemniit ..it ilm
nervous ami glaifd'ilsr systouts tiro
naliu-al iv-illl-i.
In ivlaiiun tn lis general effects on
tlm system, llu-re I- nn imillrlnc in »-i:
tlht'iil trlilelt /.-i..'.','.' mtfh ./. imi'iil itntiit.
iiniiii uf nithtitiit. 1-, i- iiiiirmitf/i/ ni.
gliriled as tin: ionl.i us. .-..! In all tin.
bililnl.-.l sillies.-'
After many yecrs nf sin Iv and Ittbn.
rittory wurlt Dr. It. v. I-,, tve prmi d
thn  inosl   littppv ciiiiibliini .[   this
Gulden Si-iil in..;, Willi u lief ufilciicluiia
rout—piiliaifellig-nial Inei-nasltig In euru.
ilvu pnuer the u t   ■;,.■ i:,. ns from .mr
A rlciinfnresl11., il, 'in! Iltloiiufeliciii-
li-allv pure irlvi-.-i in-, "i pruper strength,
Which Is fur luilli'l' iin tilenlinl, lu.tlt
fur extracting ami 11. ■■. t-vhig tlm meili.
clnal principles residing In plains, till.-
el-lne llsuir Is llneftll ia iii.ili.iuu tu sal..
dim lllllillllllllllinll ami h) cl an Ing tlm
nieinbrtiiiu ul tlm Hlniitii.'li ui ttliiuifinal
seet-utlulls aids la llm t'lll'u ..' .ivniiepslft,
and stiitiiiicli ami Inuwtlnnl Irunlilns.
The   I'cuplu'S (-"illlll  Sense   Mnilli-lll
Ad! isur. Iikis ptjges, la sunt, frv.iui receipt
of stumps, tn pay u\tu nsuuf ettsinms and
malifiiguttJj/, Send ■'! mi.'-, mu stamp;, inr
Ilie hunk ill impel't'nvurs.i.i-Msluntiw for
llm.d.uli I mil    Address In-, li.
V. riince, i»i.i Main oiruut, lliiltolo, I<. V.
$5.00 CASH
(.und Discount Knr Cash
months oi t!i« fiscal your to Mui'cl
:-ll the customs revenue wns $47,XoV
imi), a decrease 0f ?10,488,(^2.
A lieutenant ol the Hritish navy
1ms planted tlie British flag within
111 miles of the south pole. The two
sreat English speaking nations now
hold the championship for pole-vaulting--The United States for the north
pole and Croat Britain for the South
There is no use hullding Dreadnoughts when Count Zeppelin can so
easily destroy them from his airship.
On the other hand there is no use
having an airship now that a gun has
been invented that can bring airships
fluttering earthward like prairie chickens in the shooting season.
*   *   •
According to coast press reports, a
numher of Hussian laborers arrived
at Vancouver on the steamship Mont-
eagle, who are being sent to Prince
Hupert to work on the (1. T. P.. also
that the foreigners are working under
an arrangement somewhat similar to
the Italian padrone system.
Immigration to the west has started this season a little earlier than
usual. It is also noteworthy that
farmers from ihe United Seates are
among tlie first arrivals, and that
they are appearing in largo numbers.
The* 1909 season should prove the
greatest in the history of southeast
Prince Rupert is to have six news
papers, once lots in the township are
sold. One is to be financed by the
G. T. P., and edited by the McBride
wing of the conservative party; another is to be financed by the Liberal
party nnd edited hy a conservative
now in the employ of the Victoria
Times; a third is to be financed by a
real estate syndicate and managed
and edited by a club president resident in Prince Rupert; a fourth is to
he financed bj a syndicate of Liberals
who were to finance Skeena distriet
for conservative candidate Mike Man-
son and is to bo edited and managed
by an ex collector of tbe port of
Prince Rupert; a fifth is io he owned
by Toronto capitalists and managed
iu the interests of the Canadian bank
nf Commerce ami other employers of
Asiatic labor. The Umpire is to pass
into the hands of Pat Daly and Bill
Blauchlield, who will use it as a club
to beat brains into the heads of ihe
workingaien.   Kmpire.
Thc. Dominion estimates for this
year show that, twenty odd baits that
had been dangled in the eyes of the
more gullible voter have been drop
ped, having become too stale for the
average sucker. The seven thousand
live hundred dollar public buildings
foi" Cranbrook vanlscd like a castle
ln the Arabian Knights. Thc terrific
applause with which lhe announce
ment made by Mi'. Gnlllhor was re
reived that he had placed on thc estimates the said amount for a public
building for Cranbrook is well remembered. This bait had been held
out in three successive estimates and
the failure to swallow by a cautious
public gave a mucins to thc humiliating transaction. Duncan Rosa'
government building at Quosnol passed out of existence, as did Duncan
himself forever. Tills type of debauching constituencies of Canada by
purchasing und Influencing the voter
from lhe public purse was lur too
common and is hoped that In future
public conscience will be stirred enough to resent such attempts at de
grading ami disgracing Oanaflnn p<d
Itical life.
$3.00aMONTH»™.„» :rr'^unZ;:7
' I"., In tlie InuiHo of ('lUiiniotiH
We have, nown from n rollnbla boui-co
iiuii. nmi of tlie objects ol tho ('una
11 iiiii I'lii'ilie Itullwit! in stopping ilie
WOrlt uu tlm Ktnttenuy fi'tlil'iil in to
rush tlie construction nf the Arrowhead uiul Kiuitenuy railway, connecting     llel'elHtiive    Willi    Illi'      t'n.w'H
Ni-Ht fund, uuii making UevolBtoko
Ilie must, iiiipiil-litiit. i-nilwiiy jutiei.ii.ti
iii tlie provinco "I llrltlslt Oolumhlu.
It Ih Hinted tlie Canadian Pacific railway nnw recognise tiiin road must lie
Imlll Without delay If I lie I'uuil ia to
lie In u position in handle tlie big
grnin bustnoss whleh Ih now being developed between tlie western priiirien
niul lite Pacific const.
Then* In something i-etv HiniHl.'t in
iiiin nt'tlclo with t-olorntice in ilm ron-
son Why lite I'ltnudlnn I'ui-llli- inilwiiy
.Mil m.i I-inlil tlie Kootenay Cnntrnl,
Let   Ilie say  Mini   JllKl   a  few  wi-ellH ago
we bud before lite railway commlttoo
n hill applying lor an oxtcnslnn .if
lhe iinu' fin- the completion ol ilm
Kootenny Central railway nnd I <'1>
lecteil In the extern.Inn being grnnl.etl
without     n  provision  being  Insertutl
ALSO   HKIUINI)    I1ANII  MACIIINHH i Uml   llm   I'    sllollld   l.e  eiiinnmlmi'.l
within n certain Hum. Would you lm
Move II sir. llml nl Mini Hum llm
t'ltmiillan Pacific Itiiiluii. nntually put
Professional   ?
IAHVEY,   \lrC.\KTl-K,
Hni'i'lslers anil Solicitors,
Dr. i:. W. Connolly |
I'llYStriAN   AM
Ulli.-.-:   A I'll.  II'
■; t.. t ii.in.
litifi-isli'i'.  Solicitor, etc.,
liiirrislt'i-, Solictor, and
Notary Public
(Hli.'.    K.-iii llul'hiiii.'i.,
• i
• i
"   o
• *   "
Calgary  Cattle   Co.
Fresh   and  Suited  Meats,
Fish  and  Poultry in  season.
(';,/. n h Mail ■■fill receive prompt attention.
Order by  Phone, 45.
J. VV.
M.MV..    V.S.
Ontario     Vtiuriiu't-y
n-  in  I8IIK,
j (ll'llilniltn uud Mutlulisl of .Mi'h'illipVul-
I iii'iiiiir.i I'nll.'nu. Clileugo, 111., ill lOOtj
; lil'ni.li'l'l'll llUllllil'l' III Itl'itisll
t'ul bin   Association.
CRANHKOOK, H.C.  office at h-ckinstrys livery b»rn
P.I. S. & CK.
J.   1".  LA1DLAW,
Mining Kiifriiioer ami
B.C. Liiud Sttrvoyot',
I'.u   lii.x L'ilfi. Phone 2211.
F. O. E.
Meet ovory I'Yiihiy ut H p.tn
Visiting   ItruMiurs Corditlll,!    Invited
V.   W.   Iteves,  VV. President
Wm.   Anderson,    Secretary,
Aerie Physician, I'. <>. Unit 2S.
^,,,,,,,,,,VM1.,,.mm..r,,o.,,,Vi,..V,iiV... .
| Rucky Mountain Chapter
no. I2r>. p.. A. M.
uiiliii- tuu..lings:
in   uuidi   imiiiili
Sojourning   L'olti|iati
ot'dlully itiviiuii.
ind Tiu-s-
ttt. i-lglil
|s        II. I.. IIotiiwhi.i., Scrlliu K.
JC        IS.I.V 4        rilANIIIlllIlK, it. <'.
Meets in Carmen's Hull 2nd nnd  Ith
Thursday uf eneli month ut fi p.in.
A. Mi'.l'nivan, Oltiel   Rnnger.
('. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren tni.ile welcome.
Maple Leaf Kebekah Lodge.
:...-.ni.I  nail   fourth  «.-ln.'
ulni'iiily   Hull.   SoioUI-lllll
5II1S.   V.
sIMI'StlX.       Sul.le
Steam Hoilors uml t'tirnuce VVorl
Cost und Stoolt Eslimatos
Fiiniislicil Upon Applicft-
P.O. Box 834.
\V.   R.   BEATTY
l-'ntii'i-iil Itir.-i'lni-.
are cut on larqe
the utmost comfort
uCflT-Duuiu am
tEAMi rvi jum tv nu n
Tuvbr CambuhC*.*
1cwonto can
H.    W.    DKEW,    Proprietor.
On Baker Street, um- door west
ul Messrs. Hill Si Co.. the only
place in town that can make
life wortli living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Rubber  Dollar   Store
r. W. VANM'OIIMKIt, I'ltiii'itiK-riiit
Wc Buy Everything
ing the diltlculty lima tu provide
that u snuill percentage of tlie total
mileage shall lie constructed within u
certain time. Surely there run lie no
hardship in tlie amendment I offer
when it ulloivs this company two
years to construct 1.". per cent, of the
rood which they themselves declare
they will have running nnd completed
nnd running in live yenis.   My amend
i'\v und sficoml  httnd   EI'IJN'I-
WE SELL whnl we Imvu in slock at prices that
will suj'pi'ise you. A visit in tlio Hollar store will convince you thai we have the goods, tuid can save you
liny per- cent nn any goods purchased.
We Huv anil Sell For Cash
ment should npponl to the sense   ol   /""I T~l f~\ "P\ T    T~1    A    (">T7' Q r^f\
fairness und justness uf ever.i man in ' (        Ul  [    I Us Li     /\    x.     / Xy j     [   1
this committee,   It is nut very  much   171/ \ \ M i   J    \ (V \il/
of ii   penalty Indood It Ib no penalty   V^ J_l W . A. \., J_JJ__il 1U11 V>w \J\J ,
SILENT Qfficisgfmmm
roll HM.IO   OHBAP AND 'I'd
ArniHtronir Avtmue.
I'hoiit im Oranbrook, U. il.
men to wcirk nmi finnouncotl In tho
prfiHfl of tin1 (lift!riot thut they were
about to rush tin' Kootenny Contral
luml to completion, hut jllBt iih hooii
uh thr hill passed tin' house without
nny proVJulon of the kind I wanted,
there Wfta (I telettrum sent nut there
anil the men WHO were working on the
road were withdrawn. In this v«ry
name preBB which announced thnt the
Kootenay (Vntrni railroad would be
constructed we find the statement
m>w made that the reason lor the
withdrawn! of these men was that
the Canadian Pacific Hallway Com*
pany were about to (loastruct the Ar-
rowllCftd ami Kootenay Itnilway. Wo
me peculiarly situated in this part of
Hritish Columbia. In that the rail
roods have to follow the easiest lines
to (ret throng" the great mountain
ranges ami make connection with the
outside world, and although these
plocofl of road are short In themselves
it is necessary that they should he
constructed In order to develop that
putt uf the province. The amendment
whicli I otter is a fair and reasonable
one, Inasmuch us It simply asVs that
thoy shall const met only ili per cent
of the total mileage, covered by the
charter, und no doubt some of the
members, of the committee ivjll he sur
prised to know that IB per cent amounts to only six or seven miles.
Thnt docs not seem much of an enterprise for a meat corporation like
tlie Oaimdian Pacific Hallway tn un
rtertnlto In view of the fact that in
their notices In the dally papers and
in this very hill itself ttu-y suy they
will commence the construction of
this railroad within two years. When
the hill wns before the railway com
uiltlee the minister of. railways very
juslly told ns thnt he hnd received
ri'MiihitiotiH from hoards of trade urging him to make provision thnt the
company should constrict this line
Immediately. There has been discussion in the railway committee over
the formation of some definite scheme
to    compel    companies npplying for 1 .
charters to demonstrate thett-J)tt»",*ff"   '"'■''
fides by constructing wiy-'- *^ '
uhle time the rallwa;
charters    they   ,
mind there is nol
penalty indeed it is no pei
at all to ask this company to show
their bona tides by constructing with
in 2 years 15 per cent, of thc mileage
included In the charter. If I hud a
map i could show the committee that
this line runs from hardo to Arrowhead. The Arrowhead brunch has nl
ready been constructed under another
charter and runs from the main line
of thc Canadian Pacific railway at
Hevclstoke to a point on the Arrow
hikes, a portion of the Columbia river, Hy completing this small link of
IH miles they will ImVO a Hue giving
access to that rich tract of country,
opening up mines and agricultural
lands. The settlers who have gone In
there and the capitalists who have in
vested money there will he enabled to
reap some reward for their lubor and
investment. 1 appeal to the commit
tee for support of this amendment as
a business proposition-
I'llnNi: in IMI. Iltl\ •*!,.•,
I'lntis, Spccificntioiifi
and l-istimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
rAu.   ;<5&v
Double! acting rains pump   spiinn water,   using   impure water   as p<>\ur lu opernte
them,     Kims   n'litinuouslv   and   iiuloniatually.     PUmpifif!   rapacity   up   tu   i.Ooo.ooo
Gallons per day,    No' weai'iiifi pints except valves.    Highest efficiency ol any engine'
t.     I'Voiti   'in   to   <io    per    Cent,    developed    under    repeated    tests.
per   cent.
LKIGAT10N  AND  DOMESTIC   purposes.
Xa 1'arker.
1"KI(./\ I
Over   seven  thousand i
int.   IMiOSl'KCroU,   nUANHKOOK ;n  i      \ri:u.   i
Pairu  I.
sjtfWWVWM^ Ste Wilrt*s PrantL Edward
I   NECKWARE,   SHIRTS,   1 "w Lcad/n«Fru,t s""v        0».- [son
M.\l.t;.\  (iltAPKS
S w,-   foul    |.i,,inl    ul'   mir   stoeli    nf     N.-.-liw.'ai-.
'_-» Shirts iitttl   Hosiury.      We   luivn    exclusive    cIosIkus
3J in ,.;i,.|i uf  il,,.-.. linos   which eniiioi  fall   lo attract
3g ii„,   neat,   fiatt.v   .ln—.-i-       And   njniiii   we   would
;5 ,.iii|ilin>iz.' tl..-   fuel tl at thoy ar oder.iloly   priced
/                                           r. I'ti'iiiii-i
h"Jj 1 , -      Km.    I'r..sl..vt,.ri,i,i        v!	
Local News
1--   H   t'l.i... ni nl Vk'tui 1.1 ....   '1 :
ti I. ■! ..I  tin- Criinhrook  Monday
tin        1 .1 n •   ■-.      in  t..iiti
1 hoick   iion  1.11.1    i'im:
AITI.KS I        It        1 1. 1  1.     11 1 ■    .     lin.M
IV. I'll     ■
li    1    M 1 Iilm   ..1    Owe
tin . 11    Vli.iidui
nl  M,.
MM n:-5        ;    MENS SILK TIES
Fin isnihiii5 :
I' AMY     1   U.II-'uUM \
i;i;.\i'K   li'ui IT
C HOICK    HO'I    .., si
I.I.    ll'i'K
I l- ACIIl R   - 'I
•   ...   ,       ,,     .       , .,      1  ,. I'lnv   II   il.l     il    Ti., 1     1 tl'd
\ iniiii, Haiijii, nr, MiMiiliiIni   r
Illlll       S imil       I11-I111 nl-.
~*—4-^i»\ .     .     in..    1       ■. ..ii....       1 1        " ■   ■'.
Orchestra   I :uriilshed
11     K     U h. n.l.    lllllll    I.-..II.-,
\   II      tl -    Ill   tl |.   l'l  III !.   Till'  .1 I)
jC Klin: Mill .\M       t'UMIIKK'S phone .,.
S'l'l-'.'. AIM'S    KINK
I lit 1. tU.ATKS
In   nil   Iho   liltost   I'OllllHIia
linns    nf     colni'illKS     iiiiii g,
silks. ' 'I'll'- now r.il.l shafie ""
1- tho correct  style ■
prices- $5oc.  75c. 2: Hul»Ii Stewart
1,00 ai I 1.25    :" » g "
•   I'll i\ : ih'
CH wlik'Unk. it ■    '
i.tt nl  1 otidiin,  ....    in Ihi
*.  ********************************************
*   ♦
v....nn,.  i..  4111   Mini   im  heller  lillitti!  iinil'  Wi'tiriiij; 2    ♦ tt       *• j     n, 1  • *
\;,,;.',;',,.,,„.'.  rs 2; Heating   and   Plumbing ;
■PR1CES-$1.75 and 1.50 eaeli g { Enoi„„p„c ♦
.   .
t!   tt   li n i.i it inini i  >. i     in
....    ...  ,i ,ilni\
, . .[.     i   ■  .    b    int'
, i	
..  ilm
1 /iP§r\i
s ♦
\. v. i 'ns.lt mere Sticks,     «. J
now   I. sle Sucks. u<"     "
t'nltiiii      Socks,       i".
|itill. tl iiin in lii.
;   ■  -      Mn ires
is       ll
■   ♦
• ♦
i- ii ■
, in i-i.|..iii
.1 ll .
i- in  ii|-d,.|'oi-,ilii.n
* \ii        '  Vli     i    ii   i;,,,,i ,,[ M„n
* tlt'ii    li'ti' i'i' tubl'nok  1 - il..1-. |.'i nliiv. i
Mi     Wit ki   II ni..Milr wns   in
I    I
i    Mil -In:    >    K    Sitildiiliy, i'   11
II .i  .i    '.    i tn in   nl  Pernio,
.■.ri'.. in town Sunday Inst
I l ,,']. I     ',. IlllS I  ! V       ll       •'    ♦
I . -- «:  *
y 2' ♦■
PRICES-250.    35C
50C, 75C. $1.00
«■ ♦
THE    STORE    OI-     E   ♦
FASHION *    ♦
RANBROOK.  B C       3     I
5 X
■   ml ol  IViirdnei, manager     of
he    i'i-ow'h n...i  Push l.iiiiti-i'i i'i.,
********************** **********************   ,.;<        i.>un Monday.
*********************   **********************      j   volume ol iMT.i,,.. writer lor the
* *  Pontic Preo Press, wns in town Mon-
* dns
* it:,     nnd     Mrs    .1, Walsh ,,i Fort
♦ rttcele tveie Crntihrook visitors Titos-
♦ .I...VI
* —
♦ litis Stnplcs, ,'i tin- Staples Lumber
X   Co.. .'i tt'yrliffe, w.-is in the city   on
1 J. li. Murray of Moose Jnw in-rived
* i wn Friday  -nine; to tnlie   tin-
+ position ol yardmoster in tho O.P.R.
♦ ynrds.
'. i Watch Repaing
I    g—-^ ^-^ m—^     \ Clock   Repairing
•     W* V^J tT^.        Gramophone Repairing
Jewelry Repairs
Optical Work
♦ ■
♦ li. I. Alih, c. Stevenson nnd Geo.
T Brvmner nf Toronto, were quests nt
I   iin'- Cranbrook Tuesday.
r. I-   ll. nnd    Town    baseball
opencil tlie season Friday aft
whII clocorations conto from ttsinj
Alabastine.     Moreover,  insQct) pests niul tfermfl
carrying   contortions   tliscnsos   onnnol   exist    upon
Atabastine conted walls. Your walls will iictnolly lircnthe
niul remain sweet mul clean when coated with
N.il duly nro the mellow tones of Alabastine mora duinty
than oilier ^»ll decorations, Imi u room con In* rnlccnrated
v.hIi niic linlf the war It necessary fnr paper nr Kalsomine,
mul nt much legs cost, inasmuch ns tho lust cool dues not
have lo bo removed before re new in fl. Lol us
lell you more nboul Alabastine. Coma in mul
.\     we will show you lint curds nnd booklet,
(hn   Slock is mosl  lompieto
.uul   .i   lii« variety lo flioost;
♦ Judge    Wilson    returned   Tuesday
♦ front n trip to Golden where he   was
♦ lioldlng court,
♦ ii. J. Brassard of York, Wl A. Sni
J der of Vancouver and .1. Edwards of
X High   Itlver     ivere registered nt  the
♦ Cranliroolt on Tuesday.
♦ The Park   Usorlatlon aro now     nt
♦ work    getting the track In condition
♦ for Its spt-luc meet, wliich will   take
♦ place'May 21th ond 25th.
Fresh and Cured Meats
Riittpr,   Eggs,   Poultry,   Hay and Grain.
Try Our Boiled Ham
• -rifli'KS sTIMiTI.Y  .,|ii|i|.;i,'.\'l'l-
r    C. P. R. Wairit Inspectors
J A    meeting     of the Bchool trustees
X was Iteld mi Tuesdny evening.     The
a monthly    accounts   were   considered
* imi! lei-..iiiinru.It'll tn lie paid.
* Master David Watson obtained the
* Bilver medal In tin- elocutionory con-
* tcsl     whicli took place Inst week in
* lln- Methodisl church.
r. ii. BOX 3.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Hend Office, Mniii Office for East Kootenay,
Calgary, Alberta. Craubrook. B. C.
,-n.   X
* W. 1). lii-iil ol Montreal, 1,. P. Stro
X Italian ..I Calgary, ii   J. Hausoh    of j
X l.etlibridge and Ci. Cole ..i Vancouver
* wore    guests nt tho Crnnbrook Mon-
* day.
♦ — I <
♦ Mr. mul .Mm   I., in..nl  l.iinillii   and  ♦
♦ two children   of Mnrysvillo, having  ♦
spent mx mouths away in their   old ! x
ture Glorified
\\j Art.
home in Sweden, returned Wednesday i]
hy the westbound express.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦      ,l is ^ported thut     incetitiK .Oil- ,
Mzi'iis will lie held nn   Pbursday even  [
. iim     next     in the club v n of tho j
|f'ranhi'ool( hotel for the purpose     of
in '. ui  \i:i'ii nliiii'iil sorii ty.
11 3- Winning
in -- f
If a ni and Bacon!
P U Box 3i
Phone 111
-,, i 'III     n   VI      l,v    llttlSC
who ln'.i. Iho ti-iilv ii.'.-iu-
. ,i  .,  it ■ ii .I.-li.nhi  in
i    i ii   In- -.•  htimcs ai
i, ■ ■ ■■     U'i' ninl,.-  ii   ;i
. hi in linvo iin- ui'wi->t
ii i I itttisl niivl pnltorus
i   nl nn.l Seo.
The Painter and
Armstrong Avenue
: ,„...
♦ Mill:     :i
V.        Wirttn,,-,. and VV. Kerr have  ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
l-cl n■i'.l   Ilie   livcl-.v   hutiticss  nl   tl.
l.ni-. .    -a ■   II I .inn-.- will go north
t  !• lim- nl ili- Cl.T.f. Bcekitig in vv
|. 1.1:1   | Illll
I- --a '..• I nio.ils il hi iilvvil.vss I'l-i'sh siu.-k Wo
ir-- I It'll i' \. i. 11 y 1 l.i in in ri. y. ii will tin in.
n    -li,i   ii'.v  nn.  iho  husl   I! iv.nv.l   niul    mosl
- n '..".I    i N   Vim   ll I*'-   I'VI'I'  I'tllPIl,
P.-Woods & Go.
♦ .     Mr. nn.l Mrs   .la!"'.-. I In 11 is ..I ('nil
rose. iVIberla, were nl Crnnbrook tills I *
week.   Mr      Hiirrls    wns  I the I f
plont'er nierrhiints of this city,  linv-   ♦
Ing i te Inn- in construction days,    f
i   A      I'nrkliiirsl,     Viincoiivcr, A. a.  x
i Wnltorn, of I li n. Ettg., .1   Becker IX
of VVintillieg. F. M. lllttck ..f N'olson,   4
;♦   .1.   S.   .Martin  ol  Hpoklllic nn.l   S.   H.\*
-   "- Cranbrook Hiindny Inst,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*<♦♦<♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ************<**   <*<*<<.
\    R   Willis nl Walls!.urn, wns   ill i
il ii-.  M I...     Hi- purchased from
| PH'NE 57 P.O. BOX 154 jIf-JlSZ'd^ ll-iilte"!^^
********************************************* WntlsbtirB ami Cn -ook during the
♦ ■
Gold Standard Teas
and Coffees    .
* Villi   -A |||    Illlll    r .111    -I'.l li    nl    Kill! )    .lll'l    Slflplt
2 f llm Ma-    I i.lllpl.  tl'    Ml    rll-l V     I' --|" I  I   ■    ■!    HLI
X nI'lliT    Will     1 III' '■    V HI   «''     li'-    ilnn-    Will
X iii- i i.
John    LEASK
The most fashionable and
Some     person unknown lui.lie intu
t ha I.iirl; cm in mi. of tbe Viilenn Iron-
'^y       w'orks und i itlentnlly or Intcntlon-
\ ally -i-i (Ire I., tlio hitlldlng, nniising
: nu exploRlon i.t gtiBoline uml doing
conBldcrubic dtiniuBc,
Thomiis, ilu-    innn win. burgtii'lsed
llm store i.i r. Woods & Cn., gut lif-
 a months al  I.mil labor in Nelson
mn.!    lie tried h. break .mi, ul   tbe
Crunbrnok beknp, uml was given two
Cranbrook u<;
V. J
1 r TED
BELL i ii f\C^
flic Mild only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441 Hastings Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Branch Store   413 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.
George Welch,   Selling Agent, Cranbrook, B.C.
H.   H.   STANTON,
Manager   for   all   Eastern    B.C.   Business.
♦   I.IIMHUII    I'ltll K   III' IN CANADA.
Iir.  .-limine! wired li.-v   f   ti   Main   *
Uiul     .1      Thonips    nviingellHl., of   ♦
l'iiivini'1,1'1, Il.l., iilm is hiking imil : ♦
ll i,      'auipnlgn, will be! ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
ben  Hntiiidiiy.   lie will give   the
Saltii'iliiy evet 1
Winnipeg Mail :. Hill sli (iolimt
1,1,1 Inn,1,. 1  a ilm iiiii-ii. totllty     nd
.iii.i'il pt 11. llll 1111p.ll wiiil. rn I'aiiii
.1,1   in.i-   |l 1.. ..1 11 thousand    'I boy
Iniiii there lm   bcon 11 liflnvj diiniiinl
A   Ini'go  nuiiili.'i   ..I   K
I'll')XI •    I.
♦ l.i   iinu..v    und bridge tit  and1   'l'l '"-'"I   which wiih to have heon
X la   liiini.i'i  1.1   iiuildin: railway enni.  Rlvoit by tho Anclci .1 ,,1 |.-,,r	
T                                                                          , I'l'N 1111 tbe 32t1tl    IllHl .  will  mil  tllke
X plni'i', having I n     postponed until
In I'ofci'i'lint hi tl ill-few In II
,    '''"">'   >'"'    ilu mnl     ni 1 1  Wiuniiil
nlHcnnw In lln:. ivetdt r,,,„, ,',,.,ii„„.  ,„ ,      „,     	
'" "I"'1"1    l0"»t(" :l1  ■-'   hlilgeue , „| ,„,,„ , „„„,   (      ,. ,„,,,,,
M.-I..IIII  l.a provided  Willi 11   bell,  and
Instructed 1.. flnr the suine m oIkIiI
p.m.,  1 .1 n\ ..at "Curfew, 8 o'clock
I. Ills   I   I01I."
n,|il«il lit noiiiiiuitoi lator, owing to lhe lui: revival cam
Mill!   Hill"   I1'.    I'll'.'I" I     „,,t,r»
i 1 ,,,|i   iiiin..!..  inn.  Paign.
.1 will .imlj |.i..i... 1
So vomit lug. ii" <l
;; D.J.JOHNSONI   "The Best in Town"
BUILDER For n Coo), Clean Shave,
or 11. Hair Cut, po in
TonsoHal   f ■<
Craiiln n'   s
inini' nn.l .a' ni,. Drnnbrnoit nmi iim Olfice& Workshop—Lewis St , nfly. ,inni, ... r,„„,„ ,. „.    ,
-if got slllek  in n 11   ilul,' up     t„ I   neXl a00r l° "eal° * ^'Well*
C.     in   i-   I Inns.ui   ni   Wllfln   wnn     iu
town   'I lay iiiiii 'I'liesilay.    Ile cntno
..ver i.- bis ■ "I., en- which be Hold 1.1
Mr. A. IS. Wuiis, wIhi Imili il mil I..
Wnttslnirg,  nt npniilml  by   Mr.    .1.
Kwen ami Mt   Hbcppnril who Is    un
xptrt rime'".-'!-.   -I'll" i-iuiil In in bad
l.'ot    Snlo ur Hint nt Reasonable
ip     t
tin' linlis uml lind t,„ |„, limited nut
Phone No  99.


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