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The Prospector Nov 10, 1906

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Array ,wie *ss
Vol. 12.
No. 4*3.
Monthly Report Large Attend
ance and Keneral Good Con
duct of Pupils.
Division I. ,1. (i Clothier,
A vertigo daily utlendanco, 111.811
Pupils enrollod 211
Perfect attendance Ethel ('ul
vor, Hollo Taylor. Ruth Harvey,
Daisy McCallum, Edith Hall,
Harvoy lliolisou, .1. Hourgoino.
Alec McCalliiin, C. McCowan,
Division II. Miss ll. Claii'P
Caldwell, teacher,
Average daily attendance Illi,-II
Pupils enrolled II
Perfect attendance    Raymond
Armstrong,     Rachel    Bargott,
Georglna   Cartwright,    Melvn
Cartwright. Edgar Davis, Robt,
Finley, Bryson Flnniss,  Arthur
Fowler, Harold Hall,   Katherine
McCiilliini,    Jessie    McCowan,
Lillian       McCowan.      Charles
Morrison,   Dave   Reid,   Vincent
Div. 111.—Miss I!. 0.  Purely.
Average ilT.lis.
Enrolled 48.
Perfect attendance—Nathan
Barnhart, Hong Bearlie, Eva
Brynes, Claude Davis. Violet
Deacon, Marcus Dorr. Robeil
Derr, Kathl'ine Dumont, Rose
Dumont, Gordon fowler, Curl
(lill, Edgar Hundley, Marguerite
Harvey, Bertha Hickenbotham,
Stanley Hill. Wilfrid Hunter,
Mary Lelthauser, Ruby Nesbit.
Jennie Patton, ConstanceStiven,
Ruth Keid, and (Hive White.
Division IV Miss C, (i. Hall
Average daily attendance 44-27
Pupils enrolled 52
Perfect attendance — Arthur
Bowness, Melvin Burton, Ella
ltryans, Percy Hurgelt, Wesley
Finley, Marguerite Drummond,
William Fitzpatrick, Innis Hill.
Grade Higgins, Jessie Hunter,
Gladys Hickenbotham. Lee Look I the youthful population. Effigies
Rolo Johnson. Lottie Leask, jof Fuwkes were burned aud tire-
Irving Leask, George Mead, works indiscriminately used.
Carrie Moore. Clifford McNab, Fawkes and his co-conspirators
Andy Patterson, May Pyatt. were caught red handed, in the
Laura Richards, Earle Stewart, I vaults    under    the    house    of
grade forthwith and ship nil
material lo Vancouver, even to
ihe mon as many of Ihoni wish
ml to go, anil this week has been
spent iu striking camp and get-
ling the out lit loaded for the
rip wesi. Tho men have been
promised free transportation to
ilie coast and n year's steady
ivork on thoir arrival, but many
of thom have decided to remain
in Iho valley anil have accepted
positions wilh ilie Columbia
River Lumber Co.. who nreolTer-
ing big wages lo moll who are
'filling to work.
There are ull kinds of  rumors
floating around now as to whal
is going to lie the next move,unci
Ihe one thai is given the mosl
credence is that which says the
i'. P. R. is about to take charge
of ihe work themselves and from
now on const ruction will bo
pushed wilh haste. At all events
it is understood thul a steam
shovel will shortly arrive nml
iho work of filling in across tlie
slough proceeded wilh al once.
This will necessitate the construction of a spur from tlie mill
line, which it isunderstood is to be
done, and the work carried on in
that way throughout tlie winter.
If the C. I'. R. has taken matters
in hand, we may expect io see
something doing.
Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
The week's  output   of  South-
is! Kootenay silver-loud mines
were as follows:—
Si. Eugene....    151   25,044
Sullivan     000   22,044
Total        751   4s,2sk
Gug Kawkes Day.
Monday the .'ith of November
was the three hundreth ami first
anniversary of the discovery of
the gunpowder plot and was
celebrated all over England  by
Commons, during the setting of a
session of Parliament iu the reign
of King James I, about to lay a
train to over  100 kegs of gun-
Nagel Thompson, Hazel Taylor
Bernard Schenuerhorn, Alici
Wood. Gordon Wallinger
Lauretta Armstrong.
Division V, Miss R. M.Spring-! P°wde*'
er teacher. I Onoe Again.
Average daily attendance 4(i-C0 	
Pupi s enrolled 5!) The  Vancouver.    "Hoi    Air"
Perfect attendance    Clarence correspondent   of   the   Nelson
Agnew. Mary Barnhardt, Ann
Byers, Wilfrid Brault, Vttfery
DeOraee, Fred.   DoGrace, Alex.
Daily News, once again reports
that it is tlie intention of Premier
McBride to appeal to the country
Dickson,  Douglas Finness,   Roy before another session   of   the
Hill, John Fitzpatrick, Norman j present Legislature.    He throws
Fowler. Vernon Killens,   Albert! in, us news, that no date has yet
Letirie,  Albertit   McLean, Wm, been fixed.
Moore,    Lottie   Moore,   Gordon
McKenna,     Ralnsfoi'd     Parks, I
Frank Patterson, Chrystelle | A (|llic,, 1)ul |(|.(,,|y |,ola0
Tucker, Oi-vll Thompson, Helon WOdding was solemnized on Mon
West, and Gladys Johnstone.    Lfty evoning at the homo of Mr,
„   . ,,    ,    , i, laud   Mrs.   Slivons   when    their
Kootenay Central Rumors.        ,     ,       ,.,     , ,
J daughter Edna Louise  became,
I.',',,,,, n,o Outer  wi •. the bride of Mr   Joseph  Fred.
Thee has be,,,, many rumors? '1"","a" '"' M"'v'"'   0nly "
afloat the past  week  con 'nlllgltow im"'"1 '''' « "oro present.
ih,, future construction of thei1 '"' "m'v bol"« "v"r  "'"
Kool iv Central, yet It Is not woddlng dinner was served and
clear  |ust what they amount to.   travellings t ins al chat
liy phone from liolden it, wil *' ,l1"1  f1*  Oh°'bone»n  will
learned thai the Vancouver con   >'osido in Moyie nnd carry  Willi
thom the  hesl   wishes ol   many
trading company that have been
carrying on construction in a
desultory way for over a year
had quit work and Saturday
shipped out all their horses and
Will Contest Dewdney.
Robert Jardino of New  West
implements, and broke up  their minster lias been   selected   by
camps, and this fact is confirmed Dewdney Liberals to contest that
by men who have since arrived , seat for the  Provincial   House
from Golden, with  Premier McBride at    the
Since then there is a persistent coining election.
rumor afloat  that   the C. P. R. „   ".,     .„     , ..
.     . ,            .,        ,     ..   , Sine Iter Closed Down,
has taken over tho road entirely 	
and will at once put on a big con-     ,,,,1(,  Mttrysv*||0 glne    wlls
struclion force and rush the work (.|(is(l(|  (1()W|1  |||is   w„„|(      ,,,,,„
to completion,   The   aufclioi-lty ln.-nclp|0 (.au80 of ,l)0 shll, ,**own
for tliis rumor is not made known
yet It is given credence, and it
is hoped will prove true.
Prom liolden stnr.
I.list week word was received
by those In charge of construe
lion   In   slop   all   work   on the
wtis the freezing of oue of the
lead slacks, and not having
sufficient coal on hand to thaw it
out, ami start up again, it wus
decided to remain closed down
until a sulHcionl supply of innl
oould ><o obtained,
Visitors Here and Tli are   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Thosi Who Go Away.
Collin J, Campbell if Yahk has
been appointed a Notary Public.
II. P. Baylor of Chicago, wus
a guesl nl the Crunbrook Monday
II. A. Whitehead of Peter
borough was in the oii.v Sunday
T. c. Johnson of Montreal
was in town Monday,
Wanted Early piillots, Apply
io A. ('. Pngott.
Win. While, uiiil F .1 Smith
of Elko were In town Monday.
A. Baylo ot WyclilTe was at
Oranbrook Monday on business
Vi. K. Cox, of Elko wns in
lown Tuesday
(I. .1. Brownall of Kenora was
in the city Monday on business,
To secure the best results use
;i Kootonay Range, for sale by
Patmore Hros.. Armstrong Ave
Mrs. L. It. Vandecar entertained n number of friends lust
Friday afternoon,
Don't miss seeing The Soldier
of Fortune at the Opera House
Mrs. F. E. Simpson was visiting friends at Kimberley Saturday last.
R. L. Corey of Leavings,
Albta., was transacting business
at Cranbrook Monday.
J. ti. Pollock, U, S. Custom
Agent at Fernie wns in the cily
I. H Wilson, and Fred. Burgos
of Wardner were in the city Sunday lust.
FOR Sai.k. Furniture for
four rooms complete. Apply lo
this otlice.
T. F. Dawson und D. Griffin of
Winnipeg were registered al lhe
Cranbrook Sunday Inst.
F. W nnd W L Smith ol*
Pembroke was in lhe city Sunday
Fred Mitchel of Kimberley
was in the city Monday on business.
Frank Davies lefl on Wednesduy on a visit to Windsor, (Int.
He will be uwuy about three
W. Crosby of White River who
has beon visiting friends at Cranbrook this weok. left Thursday
on a  visil   lo the did Country.
C. D Brown. II, E. Skinner.
A. .1. Burton ami J. (i. Poll, nil
of Vancouver were registered at
tlto Cranlirook Tuesduy.
.1. R. Maophttil, 0, M. Miller.
.1. W. Collins. W. Hill, and W. II.
Grifttii, all of Vancouver spent
Sunday lust in Cranlirook.
Mrs. Durick und  daughter of
Victoria and Mrs. Frod Binmore
of Fort Steele were guesl ut   tlto
Cranhrook Monday.
Contractor D. .1. Johnson wus
engagod this week in putting
down a cement sidewalk in front
of the Canadian Hunk of Commerce,
The Curling rink is being
pushed lo completion, When
completed it will be one of the
finest as well as one of lhe largest
in the Kootenays,
An element thai is not wanted
at Cranbrook has received their
walking tickets, and for tho pasl
weok have been counting ties
between litis plaoo uud Kootonay
Tho Staplos Lumber Co., hnve
olosotl down Iheir mill ul WyclilTe, The mill will ho over
hauled and new machinery In
stalled during the winter whioh
will double ils capacity
Men's and hoys' furnishings,
The busy departtnenl of ('run
brooks Groalesl Store, Hill A Co
is lllllng up wilh now full and
winter  g Is.     Every   depart-
muni  offers big inducements lo
purchasers In quality and price
Mr. und Mrs. Otis Staples ol
Wycliffe left Thursday mi u lri|
to iho coast,
A. T Clark of Moyio was in
lown for several days lhis week
ou business,
E. i'. Wilson, iho Murysvilh
druggist, was transacting busi-
ness in Cranbrook Thursday,
Mr, and Mrs. B. Murgatroyd
have gone to Lethbridge where
they will reside for ihe future.
!•'. Iv Bullook uml I'. Stripe ol
Revolstoke were registered nt
iho ('runbrooh Thursday.
T. I.mvtlie and II. Clifton of
Billings, Mont., wore gnosis m
llio Cosmopolitan Friduy.
.1. Bill of Wattsburg was it
guesl ul the Cosmopolitan  Sun
duy lusi.
M. Shilling of Perry Crook
sponl several days in town this
week* on business.
Dave Griffith and Fred Binmore
of Fori Sleele were Craubrooli
visitors Sunday last.'
.1. L, Muckiiy and W. McNeil
uf Sinclair were registered ut
the Cosmopolitan Sunday last.
E. A. Hill of Moyio wus trim
suciing husiness ut Cranbrook
Mrs. F. A. Jones of Kimberley
was visiting friends at Cranbrook
Mr. uiul Mis. ,1 Vi. Ross and
li. II. Ross of Elkmouth were
Cranbrook visitors Monday
iiiiliuii Agent ti. I,. T. Galbraith and Dr. Wait of Fort
Steele wore ut Crunbrook Thursday on business.
Mrs. Hyde Baker and children
will leave today for England
Mr. linker will join them aboul
the first of tbe coming year.
Kev. A. I). MiU'Donahl of
Hampton P. E. I., will conduct
the services in Knox church
next Sabbath.
W, Dunn, J. W. Colics and ('
II. Jell, ull of Vancouver were
registered nl the Cranbrook
We advise every family, and
each member of every family to
hold a consultation iu regard to
their respective wardrobes, and
if lliere is a deficiency, replenish
il, and do il now. while the big
sale is on   -Hill St Co.
A. (i. Suiilli of Vancouver, li.
S. P. Smith of Quebec and C. M.
.lames of Vancouver were registered at the Cranbrook Thursday.
Mr. R. S. P. Smith is a prominent lumberman nnd is looking
ovor the disl riot iu search of
The King Lumber Co., have
installed uu electric light plunt
in their big planing mill. As I ho
lights are well distributed iu tlie
yard around the mill, the prairie
is Illuminated for several miles
presenting a beautiful appear-
iiiu'i' ul night.
Uur sale of Wall Pictures ul
oosl is almost ended for lite
roasoil we have only a very few
loft, These we will sell at straight
oosl, lis wo need our wall space
lof out' new Christmas stock
which wo expect ill two weeks
uud which wo wish to assure our
customers will comprise nothing
but high class work from tunny
of Iho besl artists.    In Iho mean
time i'oni(> mnl secure Iho bur
gains ihal remain. Prest Photo
In lhe Methodisl Church next
Sunday Evoning the pastor Rev.
,1. P. Westman will Commence
a series of addresses which will
continue for six weeks Those
subjects will dotil wilh social and
public morals presenting the
ideal for living, Next Sunday
evening       will       (leal wilh
"Tbo Press." Song sorvlco III
7.i'o   All ure Invited,
Patmore Hros., have on oxhl-
billon a Fairbanks Morse gasoline nnglno for whioh Ihey hnve
received Ihe sole agency for this
district, tils,, drag and clrcu'itr
iiiws for culling wood.    Anyoni
Frank DeRosler of Jaffray w*i
tu the city Friday on   business.
.1. .Cosgrove of Toronto, A.
Knights of Spokane uml T. Jones
if Frank, Albt., wore registered
ni the Cranbrook Friduy.
Dr. L. ('. Bishop and G. I.
MeCrou of Mnrysville woro doing
business In Cranbrook  Wednes
.1. Sunilerson, \Y. Nelson and
11. .1. Norihey of WyclilTe ivi re
gnosis ut the Cosmopolitan Wed
Mrs. (ieo. Brptonoroiiloi'iultieri
u numbor of friends mi lusi i-'ri
duy afternoon in honor of Mis.
Vi. (i. W. Fori ii no.
Attorney L. A. Eckstein of
Ferule wus in Cranbrook Thurs
day attending u silting of the
county court,
F. M. Stewart of Vancouver.
.1. W. Turnbull of Trail. Vi. ti
Grant uud .1   11. Fox   ol*   Nelson
were gnosis at tin- Cranbrook
Mrs. Jnbey Harris wus nt
hottio to a large circle of friends
on Thursday afternoon und evening of Ibis week-.
Northern waters has  never
fore  I ti   recorded.    Tin- stull I —
I •anadian biological station dm- lWhat the Clt>' Dads are Doing to
ing iim lasl four or live years
have secured a large number ol
fishes, native to Southern waters
which coupled with tin- discovery of tarpon, is behoved by experts in strengthen  the theory
changes are taking place ii
iln' '* 'se oi the gulf stream and
Atlantic currents,
London   New   Lord   Mayor
Takes Office
lioiid.tu Nov. li Sir William
Purdie Ti't'loul wa* this morning
;it lhe Guildhall sworn In as Lord
Mayor of Loudon The Lord
Mayors Show,  n  relic   ol    the
'uadeival  ti s,  Is being   held
through tho streets. As Lord
Sir William will have to out n
prodigious number of dinners,
spend font' times his salary
(50,(100, iu entertaining, wear
gorgeous ruin's, ride in an un
comfortable uud wonderful ohi
conch, uml go through u lot of
fussy ceremonies jusl us they
woro carried out for tin*, paslj
seven hundred yours.    Sir   Wm,
Promote   the   Welfare
of the City.
Tin' city Council iiioi on Wed,
uesday evening in tho Council
chamber, nml transacted the
following business.
There were present His Weir
ship Miiyi.i Rogers, and Alder
mon Ryan, Fink, Jackson and
Minutes of, meetings held on
October 10th and tilth were read
mul adopted.
Communications from the
Water Supply Co, W F, Gurd
iml the cily solicitor, ra electric
lighls ami water supply were
road,    Permission  being given,
W. !•'   Gurd th ddrossed the
council,   nn  motion,  tho  c •
municalion    from    the    above
An d'   gentlemen,     and    the
J Water Supply Co., woro referred
to the committee ou Fire and
Authority was granted by the
city to contractors Kerr A Campbell toolTocl certain changes  in
the construction of iho base
Mr. R, A. Mncconnellreceived    ,   ',"'"„  land fn l-nion nr ,i„. ,,..,<■ ,.i,i,.
Thursday stating that who is 8 feet 2 inches in height      i.- ■„■«.*,.
u tolegrair
bis mother wus seriously ill.
Mr. Macconnoll lefl on the after-
noon train for Oklaha'nu, I. T.
the homo of his mother.
and a jovial after dinner speukei
is known ns a philanthropist his
|building, uiul thai iihe architect
in charge receive u written notion tn thai effect.
Mr. II. H. Short the official organizer and leader of tho Cranbrook band is to be congratulated
on the success he bus attained
during the summer months. As
ii result of his hard labor wo now
have a band whicli is a credit to
the city. They are anxious al
all times to presenl a respectable
appearance and that . means
funds. On Thursday evening
Nov. 2!Uh n public bull will be
held in Wentworth hull in aid of
the bund fund. Tickets will be
$2 and the public will no doubt
show their appreciation of good
music by helping financially.
pel hobby being   lhe   enre   of
crippled    children.      Her „w*s   , Accounts were I 'osented
knighted   by   the   late   Qnoen l,y  '' l";""'"'''"' Upo amount.
Victoria. -.- I!,:'  l">:'1''* * •• •" n  motion
Watch Cranbrook Grow.
Ith to Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Marshal, a son.
Horn, on Siilurdny November
3rd to Mr. und Mrs. A. Jollffe, a
Horn On Tuesday November
Oth., to Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Clifton, u boy.
Born—at Cranlirook Saturday
Nov. ii, u sou tn Mr. and Mrs. A.
King Edward Vll Celebrates Six
ty-Pifth Birthday.
London, Nov. illli.—The (15th
anniversary of the birth of His
Majesty, King Edward the Vll
wns observed nil over his majesty's dominions today. At
Suiidringhiini congratulatory telegrams poured in from all part
theiU'jfaceounls we
mii'li'.l paid
1 hi moth t Aldermen Ryan
 — i iim i-Ma ker iho ringing of the Fire
All Republican States Stand  Pat Beirut 7 a.m., 12 t,  i  p,  m.
Democrats Cling to the       i""1 al six p.  m.,  wer 'dered
Solid South. to be discontinued.
  The salary of-flie city medical
Now York According lo officer, Hi. Connolly wus in-
returns received this morning creasedto ¥25 per month io lake
Charles K- Hugos, iho ropub effect Mom Juno last,
Mean candidate for governor, of. On motion, By-law No. *j!i was
Now York, bus boon elected by 'ben reconsidered and finally
55,000 plurality, passed.
Montana is republican by large     ''' lion, By-laws No. 30 and
majorities, ('bus. X.   Pray,  and ;:l were reconsidered nnd finally
H.C.  Smith,   republicans, have passed.
Born,—on Sunday  November b°en elected to congress. Alderman  Baker   then   gave
Washington Slate bus given notlco that an application will be
tlio usual republican majorities, made al tho nexl regular meeting
which will run up lo ubout ||n,. of the council for aid in tho pur-
ono. chase of an iimbuhinco  for Iho
Wnshingl  H. ('.   Th xl  hospital.
congress will bo republican. Alderman Baker gave notice
Returns show 201 1'opnblieaus, that hu will at tho nexl meeiing
I fill Democrats, "' the council introduce n bylaw
The solid south is Democratic lo regulate llio speed of anions   usual.    Ex-senator    Dubois1 biles and  lor vehicles with-
still claims Idaho for tho Domo-: In tbo municipality,
criils. Council adjourned ui 10-45.
Massachusetts, lown nnd Kan      jj, S, Emigration To Canada.
sas are Republican by large ma- 	
jorities. i   The number of Immigrants into
The Democratic parly bus held ('1111:11111 'luring lhe pnsl your was
the solid south bul failed ill its 180,0(5-1 an lucreuse of 42,71)8
efforts to invndo to any extont over 1005. Tlio immigrants from
tho stales now hold by ronubli Ibe Uuited Stales numbered
cans. 57,IHU, or  11,207  more than in
Colorado hail a real landslide, 1005. Canada has for year-, pur-
the republican ticket being sued a policy of Inducing immi-
elected by fat majorities The gration by extensive advertising
defeat of Hearst in New York is and paying bonuses to i igra-
ol the world.   The usual military
reviews wore held in all Ihe Imi''ju siibjoel  of rejoicing'nil over lion companies,    ills said that
rucks in Ureal Britain and Ireland und ihe battleships decorated, Notwithstanding repurls to tho contrary his majesty
enjoys remarkable good   health,
Council  Meets
thu United Slates, each  British   Immigrant   ousts
Republicans win with ease In Canada *B1H and   agriculturists
Pennsylvania,    iheir   majority and servants from the continent
being over Im1.nni', "i Europe cost the government
California is also Republican 15 oach,   The homestead entries
by 10,00 njorlly. In  1005  amounted to 84,045 in
Mii soiii elects a  Domocrni  Manitoba and the north  west,
governor bul Lhe bii In nee of tho The so eul Iml fertile boll in mis
The lire and light eoiitmiiioo stule ticket Is Republican, section of tho dominion contains
held a meeting on Friduy after
noon lo consider the proposition
Illinois win    Ropubllcau  by !M,0f>0,0OU    ncros   suitable   for
1 larger majority than ovor,   In sottloraonl, of which (17,250,000
of the Electric Light Co., re the;iinmn.   Republican   by    I".  have boon granted  lo railroads,
removal of telegraph polos from Ohio by 70,000,   Wesl Virginia, homnsloiidors olc.,  leaving 22,-
the iniiili street lo thoalleys A
special meeting of tho council
was also hold on Friday evening
to hear the report of the com
mlttoo on lire and light.
Tarpon Caught  In   Nova  Bootia,
Ropublleiin, also  Dolowaro and  mO.OOD   acres   for   new   home-
Wisconsin,    New Jersey  has n steads,
Ropubllcau     majority,     Utah, Liborals aro A)arlncdi
Wyoming, Michigan and   North 	
Dakota gave republic uiijor      Liberals here are in groat dis-
ities.    Idaho is also claimed  lo tress ovor tho coup  made   by
be lu the Republican column        Premier McBrldo on llio question
ol hotter let'tiis     At   a   meeting
Caven Dickorson. ,,1 the  Victoria Liberal   assooi
-— alloii lasl evoning, R, I,.  Drury,
Ai Si   Andrew's  se.   Van   M   P  P., o| ly admitted  that
couver. on  Saturday   ovonlng,  McBrldo had mndo a lill  nnd  he
Nov. ilni, the Rev. i; ,1, Wilson urged that Mr Macd ild, loador
menl stales lluit the tarpon arol united In inurriago Mr   Thomas of ilia opposition, be sonl  [or to
fully dovolopod and are splendid Donald Cavin, 11  popular C,   I'   stay thu tide  whieh  is running
needing two horso power and upUpocimoiKi uf iheir kind.    Il  is|R conductor of Cranbrook, 13. C, so strung in McBrldo's favor,   li
will do well to call and invostl- wo)|   |(110WI]   tliitt   the  tarpons and Miss Elizabeth Dickorson ol is likely thai Mr, Maedonald will
";''?'    ','.' •'"',',. HtniI niir busi   ''aunts un  tho  Florida and Vancouver    Mr. and Mrs Cavin address several mootings In Vic,
miss and good will by soiling Mexican coasts  and so far as will go to Cranhrook  lo inside, toriu as soon as his forcoscan bo
famous Koot■■ nay Ranges. |known  hare Its  appoarunco in     Vai liver Provii  got togother    Moyie Lender.
A numbor of tarpon hnve recently boon taken on 1 he Novo
Seiilinn enlist.     Professor li'inee.
Canadian Commissioner of Fish
erics, iu it report to his   govern THE PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK B I .. NOVEMBER I". 11)00.
KSTAIII.1NHKH    taiai
A. B. Grace,
®ije |lro«pectov.   9
E note with n greet deal
pleasure the attitude
of the Police Commissioners in
regard to the moral welfare of
our city. .Mayor Rogers and
Alderman Ryan are certainly
doing a good work aud it is to be
hoped that the policemen will do
all in their power to carry out
instructions given. A clean
town is the order of the duy.
Slot machines with their faces to
the wall, look much bolter ihini
before. A certain element being
warned of their evil  ways also
moans   much.    Muy   the   g I
work go mi. One thing that
surprises us is the attitude of the
"Herald." It is not long since
the "Old Man" wished an open
town, but now thai the police
Commissioners are taking stops
tuclean bouse the Herald changes
altitude and wants to get credit
for starting the good work. Oh
no! honor to whom honor is due
We note with pleasure however
the conversion of the Herald
editor and hope he will continue
to live up to those articles and
doallheciiii'forgood citizenship, j
Once more tbe Herald speaks
of Conservative polities in this
riding. For the benefit of a few
who may ba influenced by the
articles contained in the columns
of that paper, we would wish to
state that "the old man'* is far
from knowing the affairs of the
Conservative parly. One good
thing, however, the people hav,'
learned is that lie does noi mean
all that lie says, and knows very
well that whal he says is a wild
speculation. If his paper was
independent in the least degree.
the editor would have an oppor
tunity of getting in touch with
both sides of politics, bul 1,0 one
believes for a moment that the
columns are independent, and
very little attention Is paid lo
these articles,
The Conservative party is not
divided but is stronger and moro
united ihini ever anil  is gaining
ground all the time    Tl Old
Man" seems to ho Iho only one
worrying. Keep011 "Old Mun".
If that is your method of organ
izing, you aro doing us a vast
amount of good.
All over tho Provlnco the
Liborals are expressing themselves as disappointed in thoir
Provincial leader. Mr, Mae
doiiald is a faithful man hut is
jusl now playing u losing game
Lot the "Old Mun" haveachance
al the leadership and watch
things liy. Are tho Liberals
ready for thai December nlac-
tion? What, election Is it? Tho
election of a new leader''
Watch (ranbrook grow! Wn
mean in Conservative politics
Mr. .1. A, Mel Id  and   Mr.
Duncan Ross have boon traveling
in pairs through theSimilkamoen
district again, ihis time address
Ing meetings on the political
issues of the day We are informed by the local organ of the
opposition that they were greeted
with thunderous applause al
iilmosi every poinl where they
deigned to nilili*>'» the electors
This is good news bul il - o\ or
shadowed and chilled by the
probable (ael thai not one ol the
enthusiastic electors knew what
these spellbinders were talking
about. According to the local
organ, Liberals do noi understand political speeches, and it Is
now up to sotno authority to lell
us who directed these Similka-
ineeii people when lo shout
Nelson I 'anadian
H     &     CO.
From End to End of the store Stocks are Fairly Bristling with Newness
IT would be unfair for us to point to any one deparl
nieni a.- the peer of the rest    What we attempted to
do  we  have accomplished    tixed it that no mutter what
line of goods you tire interested in, that section answers
"Ready" with confidence.
Will thul much in Dress Goods and
Mantles to interest them.
We've been particularly particular to assure ourselves
that every weave and pattern is whal will bo the
exactly   correct thing foi the Coining Season
There is .1 pleasing diversity  ol fashii
ableness among all that pertains to Ladies
wear.    All of these lines will he cut  to the
ven   bone,    Foi    , 7' _-   cents   wc will
vou : tweeds and serges the latest
patterns and designs regukti price "5 cents.
We havi one line ol twi 1 ds wi u 'II sell .it
25 ci its regul * -   1
Bi       ■ Dress gi Soil
lengl   s 1       . test at .* -
ir -   *j   ■* I -
We ,* ini   * - iu pr ies  m all Hues 1
cheerfully do so »hen i       '..   ul *: ■ Store.
Underwear Waists in Silk,
Wool and Cashmere all to
be sold at wholesale prices.
Mens Wear
We will sell you Heavy Underwear all
sizes al Si.io pet suit regularly sold for
s -.tu,.     fop shin- will In- sacrificed.
Wi have I lie Frank Slatet shoe, the
Kagle Shoe Co.'s high class shoe, The
\niiiii .in Walk-ovei shoe and ni.ins other
Iiiii",. Wo mil quote you one or two prices
«Im h 11 HI largeh govein all:
Wc will sell you a $5.00 shoe tor S2.90, a $6.00
shoe for S3.50. a $3.50 shoe lor $1.85.
We have 300 dozen Mens Sox in Cashmere and lti',i\\ wool. We must unload
ilit'tii ai cost.
All nut Ladies Furs must nn and the
assortment is most Complete at prices that
defy Competition. We fancy that a call
will satisfy.
See tin* prices we quote on 20th Century
Clothing. While Clothing made by the
average makers will be sold at Irom $3,903
suit up.
hill & ee.
CRANBROOL,    -    B.C.
Solicitor. Etc.
Granbrook *   * British Columbia
lOranbrook, B.C
G. ti. Thompson
Cranbrook, B.C,
P.U.S. «* C.B,
Kort Steele B.C.
Physician ami Surtjeon
Horns:   9 to 11 a.m. 2 to 4 p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
Phono Oflioe 105    Residence 109
Till:   COItl'OltATION      III*      TllK
NOTICK     Til     DltAYMKN      \M>
(ITII Kits,
Siiinorniis   rmiipliiliitH   Iiiiii'   licen
, hi tliiil  KHrlii'iru i""1 """''' rufiiHU I
Itt luting iloposlled i,m-iil,, tli,, llmlls
ul tl,,-  iinlsii ■ l'i iiii.   Slirna have
nun t n |il il iiii lint; Hi,' foiiil in.
mill llu- lllllil- ul Illi'  lllllSH    jJI'minhI
ll'llli.'l li Iir iiji|,i'tnii'li,'il iivt'i' Mr.   SL.
Idols' in- Mr,  llrennan's liriilifo, from
tlit'i i" Un- "lil Kiirl Stuolo trail llllll
Hi,- lulli.uiiiu ilii'i'.'iiiiii |iostsii|i tho
Thu inilii-'- hiii" Instructions lo prose-
, in,' iiii.i [lui'sott depositing  refuse out-
-ill,, ill" limit- nl Hi" nitlsui  ground.
Thus. M. Ilotierts.
12 l-'ltv Clork.
Call up the Cit_v Transfer
when you want your Furniture, Piano, or Baggage
W. E. Worden
Uili,','    I'll,,!,,,   1,1
Ki'-i.li'lliv "   II!
Sole nut-ills Hunk
lif.i.l llnril Cnnl.
>..,. a-a-a-a .a..a-.a..»..a"a.-a..*aawa..«..a..a..^.»..«.
Tne Dominion Meat 60.
Wlm will take over the business of Messi
Harris Bros, of this eiiy, on i lot. lath, 1001
will continue the Feed and Grain ns well ii1
th" Meat business, und both branches wll
be enlarged. Mr Jubez Harris is being re
tained as manager
A .M
*>* £££  Quotations On            9
*j* WHITE TO                                                                 Y
9 Hemblmg- & Eubank     %
9 DIDSBURY. ALTA.         Salisfaction Guaranteed
.♦:♦:♦.♦ ♦ <► ♦ <►:♦ <•♦<■♦   9,.9'*9'.o:V>:¥,♦'.♦>":^.>'^.
l-«««< ■•"«•■••.•••••••-•>—•  ••-••<   l
I P. Burns & Co. 1
5*: Hmtil Office,
g~ Calgary, A rta
Office for Eaat Knot uy,
Cruliliriiult,  ll.C
♦ :
B. H. SHORT & CO. 1
I'he Painters, Paperhaiigers, Etc.
9  OF   9
Roinombor wo carry t|io only slocli ol IIKHI
|iii|iet's in i Iranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds nl  Painting and Decorating
attended to |>iinii|iily.
5? Llvem
Teams and drivers furnished for any point in the district.
A. DOYLE, manager
a>i,.„.i,.in„.„.i,.i,.i . a . ... . a,.,, ,,, , . .,
\ music y
Mr«   Hi<ilnn teacher of the
mis. m&iup        pianoforte
Special attention to touch,
technique,   phrasing   and
grading of studies.
For particulars upply to C. E, Rold A
Co,, The DruggtBts,
F. O. E.
Mi'Pt t'Vi'i'i Wmliii'sday
nt 8 p.m. tn II.I..1'. Hull
Visiting-  Brothers Cordially   Invited
C. Ross Tate, W. President
•i. Brechin, Seoy.
Dr.  Cuillii, Aorle Physician,  P.O.
Mux 28.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
I NO.  125.   It. A, ,M.
S     Regular meetings:—2nd Tues-
j   day   in  each   month   at eight
f  o'clock.
g     Sojourning  Companions   are
3 cordially invited.
| Wm. !•'. Tatk, Scribe E.
ji       Ilux 4       ORANBROOK, II. C
v   P.O. 130X88     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE111   ,L
ft9ft;9ft:9 ft; 9 ft » ft •> ft ft;9 ft*ft;» ft:*ftycftTX.4:
**ss^o     **mS,     ^a^»
Wholesale iintl l^cttiil
1 j Caioaru Game Co.
Carpenter %£> Builder \£
i Meat Merchatits 3 ;
Krosli and Ha toil Moats
Pish and Poultry In Season
-*l      A
fa-nod   VVnii\  al
Roasonablo PHco
:C: Dealers in Abattoii and Cold Storagejj3   J
£    Live Stock at Calgary, Alberta.   3 {
Office and Workshop  Lewis St ^UliiAiUaUiUUliiiaiM&iUU^UlUiUUiUllUiUiiUUiUiUUUiUi^ •*
2! J Ordoi'fi by mail will rocHlvu pmini
Order hy Phone 45
Tiiku notlco iliai OOtluya uftor Unto I Intoud
tonpplj to tlie Ohiof Commlanlonor of i.inuls
.v \\'oT\t» lor permission to purohnso tlio follow-
ing in mi iltuntotl in Mouth Bust Kootenity.
rtotntnciicltiH »i tx post mitrkoil Wllllnui
Ilrenltonrlilgo'H North Bust Cornor, plnntoil on
thowost imnl. of iho Kootonay Itlvor whoro tin'
Suiilli lliii> oi' Lot IMWorORW'S tin' sniil Hlvi-ri
thenco Worn 10 i'liuins; theueo Son tli s» chftlns;
iiii'iu'i' Husi in i'liuins mora or losn to tha biuik
nf thr till III Itiver; thonco followlns the sniil
Iniiili northorly to tho phtco of coin met luuiuont
;iii>l I'oiiiiiliiuii! in iill fWiiorOH more or lews.
AuttUBt SJMlWli.
thorohynlvo notloo thut sixty iuiv* uftor
imv. i Intoud to upply to the CoininlHhlonor o(
l.iimls uml Works ror permission lo puroliiKO
iho followinit dOHorlheil ploco ol luml:   Motrin
lllll|- nt ii posl pliuiled  on Die KiihI. le uli Of (hi1
Kootonuy rlvor ut u poinl wlioro Iho went
iioiiinlury of lot No. !* IntOl'MOOtS   Ilia riv
tiuur ihe nortb wont cornor of lot 58 thonoo following ihe Kiimi bunk of Kootonuy river In i
westerly, smillierly uml enslerly illieetion  ll
i\Here tint ivesi iionnihiry or Im ftfl Intorioot
iiie Kootonuy rlvor nonr ihe noutliwoHl oorno
ol lot No. SHU. I.eolitiilliilii' IVOtierOH more o
Court Cranbrook 8943
\'l«itintr   bi'otlioi'ii   conllallj'   Invited
U. II.,   A. McCOWAN.
Seoratary, T. 1IARSHAI.I,
Unlodtllal Aili.-iial   nam
I   llllll   CHVOflll   lltli'lltillll
Tn nil liolcloi'H ol luml within tlio
Limit", nf Loi -I Crimp I. Kootonuy Uis-
iriia and Lo all holdoi's ofwutor l-touoi'da
mi .ToHoplm I'ruii-lii Ci-ook.
A|)|ilii!iitions fur tlm appoi-ttoninonl
of part nf tin- :iiiii Inches of water from
sniil ereek recorded in favour of .lolin
T. Galbriiltli nn tire -'Ilni. day of May
IK7'Jiuiil fi v pnt'i laBlon to ntiiiniji' the
pnitll    111    lill ,-1- >il II    llllll     till,     COlll'HO
iif Hi,- dlii-li for Iho ilivni-Hlon nf
purl of mtlil wiiit't-, uiil ln> heard liy nn1
at, my otllneon Monday the -t'.iili. Day
nl i Ictolier limn nl eleven o'clock in tin,
forenoon under iiuthnrity ofSccflonii III
lil nml 2; of tho mild Act,
Objections Bhonld lie lllcd with union
,„■ heforo tlie 22nd day of Oetobor, IIHHI.
Dated at, Cranbrook, Un- 17th, da,* nf
Scpll!llllllll' IIHII
Steam Bollora unit Furnace Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
PlU'lilsliotl Ui«)ii Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranbrook, B.C.
Lime For Sale
Fresh burned Crow's
Nest Lime iu any
Inquire at Kink Mercantile
Kerr & Campbell
BooLSnoe Maker
All Work Guaranteed
Now Work Mado to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   M ,,„,„.
City Scavenger
Parties  having   back  yards,
md closets to clo!..i,  and  refuse
mat tor In bo taken awuy, should
,1, K AKMSTiKi.Mi,   ] loavo orders with mo.
AHsislanl Cniiiiiiissinni'i' of I,inula anil
Works for the Southern Division of
Kimi Kootenay, ,'t8
Leave orders at the City Clerks offloo
or drop a postal curd In Box IOC. NOTICE.
1. Noiiiv is hi'ivhy given tlmt. M
* .lay** after ilutt*. I inteml Uiappl.V in ihe
Hon. The Chief (.'nmmisMnner-if Uunds
nml Work*, at Vieloriu. B.O., for U
l.ieensi' in pnopeet fur I 'oul ami PotVO-
leum on ihe folluwintf dosoi'tljed laml
situate in Itloek 4,51*3, Koiith-uiwl
Kootonay Dlstrtot, It.*'.:
Comipe tilting lit a post plumed about
out* mile in a soullierly ilireelioo from
Sajfe uml oil Creek, ami about eighteen
miles iu u northerly direction from the
tnturnalional Boundary Line, markeil
ami Iteiiii; the Initial or soulh-east i-or-
ner juwt of NU*k lloem's location,
Ihenee wesl MO ehains. ihenee uorth 80
ehains, thenee eusl 80 ehuins. thence
south SO chains to place of beginning
containing tMO acres more or less.
Located l letnlier Kith, HHHt,
Niek Hoem. Locator
John Phillips, Agent
"_' Ctiumienclng ut a (Mist planted
iilmut one mile hi a southerly tlireetion
from 8age ami Oil Creek, uml nbout
eiifhtet'ii mlleM in a northerly tlireetion
from the Intornatiunal Honmiury Line,
marked uiul be inn' the Initial or northeast corner post of Alfred Ctven's locution, thence wesl SO chains, thenee
soulh HO chains, thence easl SO ehains.
thenee north SO chains to place of Ihi-
glunlug containing U40 acres more or
les* and adjoining the locution of Nick
Located October ISI h. t!HH>.
Alfred Given, Locator
John I'hiUips. Agent
:t Commencing at a |Kist plunteil
altoul one mile in a southerly direction
from Sugc and (til Creek, and about
eighteen miles iu a northerly dirce'.ioii
from the International Houmlary Line,
marked and being the Initial or southwest corner poHt of Johanna Kroistead's
location, thenee east SO chains, thenee
uorth 80 chains, thenee west HO chains,
theuce south 80 chains to place of beginning containing 040 acres more or
less, ami udjolning the locution of Niek
[Seated October isth, UHir..
Johanna Froistead. Locator
John I'hiUips. Agent
4   ('ommeneing  at  a   |W*t   planted
atwutone mile in a southerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, and about
eighteen miles north of the international Boundary Line, marked and being the  initial or north  west cornet-
post of Adam Dunlop's location, thence
east 80chain**, thenee south 80 chains,
thenee west SO chains, llience north SO
chains to place nf beginning containing
040 acres more or less and adjoining
the location of Johanna Proisteud,
Located pptober 18th. 1900.
Adam Dunlop, Loeator
John Phillips. Agent
*»  Commencing at   a  post  planted
about three miles in a southerly direction from Sage and Oil   Creek,   and
about sixteen miles north of the international Houndury Line, marked and
Iwing the Initial or south east  corner
post of Mary Oneal's location, theuce
west 80 chains, thenco north SO chains,
east 80 chains, thence south  SO chains
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or less and adjoining the
locution of Alfred Given.
Located October ITth. 1000,
Mary Oneal, Locnlor
John Phillips. Agent
0 Commencing at a post planted
about three miles in a southerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, uml
about sixteen milea north of the International Houndury Line, marked und
being the initial or southwest
eorner post of W. C Thntiip-
n<m> hteation. thenee east SO chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenee west HO
chains, thence south 80 chains to place
of beginning containing (UO acres more
or lea* and adjoining the location of
Adam Dunlop.
Located October 17th, 1000.
W, G. Thompson. Locator
John Phillips. Agent
7 Commencing at a |H)st planted
altout three miles iu a southerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, and
ttUntt aixl.ttm miles north of the International Houndury Line, marked and
being the Initial or north west eorner
post of Julia Ramsey's location, thonco
east 80 chains, ihenee south SO eluiius,
theuce west HO chains, theuce north so
ehains to plaoo of beginning containing
040 acres nun r less uml adjoining
the loi'iitiouof W, G. Thompson.
LiH-aled Oetolier 17th. IQDfl.
Julia Kanisey. I ator
John Phillips. Agont
s   Commenoing  al   a   |»ost   plumed
about thi miles in a southerly tiit •
tion from Sage and Oil  Ci k.   and
altoul sixteen miles north of the International Houndury Line, marked and
being the Initial or north east cornor
postot.M. K. Hronson's locution, thenee
west 80 chains, thenee south Si) ehuins,
thence east 80 chains, thence north HO
chains to place of beginning containing
U40,acreH more or le** and adjoining tho
location of Mary Oneal.
Located f >etol>er 17th, 11)00,
M. K, Bronson, Locutor
John PhillipH, Agent
0 Commencing at a post planted
about one mile in a southerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, und alsiut
eighteen!miles in a northerly direction
from the Internutional Houmlary Line,
marked and being the Initial or south
east corner post of Kniinii A. Johnsons
loeatiou, thence weal,Hi) chains, ihenee
north 80 ehuins, thence eust 80 chains,
thenee south ho ehaltw to place of beginning containing WOaeron more or
less ami adjoining the location of
Joseph Craig.
Looated Oetobor loth, 100(1.
Kinma .\. Johnson. Locator
John Phillips. Agenl
111 Commencing at a post plunteil
ultout one mile in a southerly direction
from Sago and oil ('reek, uud aboul
eighteen miles in u northerly direction
from the hiii-rmitionul Boundary Line,
marked uml being lhe Initial or south
west eorner posl of Joseph Craig's locution, thence east 80 chains, thence
north HO ,.|iuins. thence west 80 chains,
theuee south SO chains to pluee of beginning containing i>40 acres   re or
less and adjoining tho location of Nick
Located October 15th. 1000.
Joseph Craig. Locator
John Phillips. Agent
II Commencing al a post plantod
about one mile in u southerly dtroction
from Sage and oil crock, ami about
eighteen miles iu a northerly til root Ion
from lhe International Houmlary Line,
marked uml being ihe Initial or north
wpst eornor post of Prank Link's location, thence eusl HO chains, theuce
south 80 chains, ihenee wesl 80 chains,
thence mirth 80 chains to place of boglnnlng containing 0,40 acres more or
less ami adjoining the location of
.Joseph Craig.
Loeatod October 15th, 1006.
Prank Link, Locator
John Phillips. Agent
l'J Commencing ut a post plauted
about one mile in a southerly direction
from Sage und Oil Creek, and about
eighteen miles in a uortlierly direction
from the International Houndury Line,
murked uud being the Initial or uorth
eust corner post of Mareu Polls location
thence west SO chains, thence south SO
chains, thence east 80 chains, theuce
north Hi) chains to place of beginning
containing 040 ueres more or less uml
adjoining the location of Prank Link.
Located October 15th, 1000.
Marea Rolls, Locator
John Phillips, Agent
HI Commencing ut a post plantod
about one mile lu a northerly direction
from Sage und Oil Creek, and.aboul
twenty miles in a northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
marked and being the Initial or uorth
ehst corner post of Edith I. Miller's location, thence west SO ehuins, thence
south SO chains, thenee east 80 chains,
thenee north so chains to place of beginning containing 040 acres more or
less and adjoining the location of Nick
Located October Kith, 1000.
Kdith I. .Miller. Locator
John I'hiUips, Agont
14 Commencing at a post planted
about one mile In a northerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, and about
twenty miles iu a northerly direction
from the International Houmlary Line,
marked uml being the Initial or mirth
west corner post of Mary l>. Payn's
locution, thence eust SO chains, thenee
south SO i-liuins. thence west HO chains,
thence nortli HO chains to plaee of beginning containing 040 acres more or
less uiul adjoining the locution of
.lohunnii Proistead.
Located October 10th, lootl.
Mary D. Payn, Locator
John Phillips. Agent
14 Commencing at a post plained
alsmt one mile in a northerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, ami about
twenty miles in a northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
marked and being the Initial or south
east eorner post of Charles \V. Currah's
locution, thence west HO ehains, thence
north SO chuins, thetiee east HO chains,
thetiee south SO chains to place of beginning containing 640 acres more or
less uml adjoining the location of I'M il h
I. Miller.
Located October 16th, 1906.
Charles \V. Cur rah, Locator
John Phillips, Agent
10 Commencing ai a post planted
ubout om- mile in a northerly tlireetion
from Suy,' uml Oil Creek, and about
twenty miles in a northerly direction
from the International Houndury Line,
marked and being tho Initial or south
west corner post of L. A. Lehman's locution,  then tast  HO chains, ihenee
north 80 chains, thence west so chains,
thence south 80 ohains to place of beginning containing 640 acres moro or
less uud adjoining the location of Mary
I). Payn.
Located October llltl), 1006.
L. A. Lehman, Locator
48 John Phillips. Agent
TiMiiKK snrrirR
Takii notlco iimi ihn-ty ilny- utter ilnte l In-
ll'llll   l,lll|>*...\      l<>     llll'     "'"lllllll-.'all.h-'l      ,ll       I..HI.U
mnl VVorki, [or ii Kprolii! licence to eul uml
nirry uwuy lltnlvi from ihu followlni1 ileicrlb
Ci'iiiiiii'tiHn*.' ni u imlnl murked A. Mo-
iiiuikiiUh Tlmbor Licence, s w. Corner,
plumed about•;•*» eliuins north um] su chutus
wist ot Iho Soutu wesi Cornor of Lot 8WU. ti.
i.. thenco iniiili so ehalua, oust u> chains, bouth
-III oIlldllK, OUSt I" i'liiiins. BOUtb 80 eliiiill". wost
10 i'liuins. north   I" i'liuins.  wesl   lit elmlns  to
-•uiili ot commencement.
A. MetllUHALI,
Sept. -1st. in*!. :w
Take notice that thirty days
afterdate I intend toapply to the t'hief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works
for permission to eut ami i'iut.v away
timber from the following described
lumls in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted sixty
chains south of the south eust corner of
Lot   0250,   Group   I,   then ist so
chains, thonee north to ihe south hank
of the HU Mary's Kivor, thenee following sulil bank westerly to Iho east limit
of Lot lll'.'ill, thence south to plaee of be.
Dated Oetober 12th. won.
11 Et'uust (J. Mel'hee. Locator
'I'lllto uollCti Uml iliim ilny-uili'.* ilnie. I in.
ii'ii.i to upply to tin- Commissioner ol bunds
mid Work> ror it ipeelul licenco to eut uml
carry uwuy timber from tbo foUiwtui* do-
sei'ihi'il lunds.
CominencliiK ut u point murhed a. Mc-
DohbuH's Timber LlcunocN. w. Cornor, nnd
pliinii'd'jmirbtiiii-, nortli nnd H»' elniins trait
of thu South West Corner ot Uot mt, Ihenco
snillll lUuhullIB, Wi'-l WCLHll.l.Soutll Wieliiiins
oust40ehaina,North lUehulni, Kind hi ehnlns
North so eluilus. West lu iiniiii> tn point of
A   MclUM'SAU,.
Sept. 3i«t. IWO. :tu
Nn.l . 'i'n k 0 aotloo thnt wo tho undutsliiuod
lntoml to upply to Uie Chlof Commlaalouor of
Units uml Works for n special Ucoueo to nil
uud curry uwuy tlmbor from tho follow inn describod lumls ilttiute lu Southeast Kootonuy
district, U.O.
Comnu ini'nt the nortli west corner of It.
Little's No i license, thenco north KM ehnlns,
thenee eusl 40 ohnlns, thonoo south 100 ehuins.
thonco west 40 ehuins to pitied of oouimoncu-
nietit. COIltllllllliy UlU neres.
A. ii. liriu'c Locutor.
Dated July SHrd, 1000,
No ■:. Commonolng BO elmlns south or A. It.
Urnees southwest eornoi' thenee smith i'lu
ehuins, thoneo west 4U eliuins, thetiee north um
I'liiiiiis. thence eusl 111 eliuins to plu I   i-inii
in mi ei! me til coiiltiftitnH 010 ucros,
A. Unlo Loeator.
Dittod -JulyflSnl. WOfl.
No. 8, CommenohUj at tho northoust corn*,
of A. It. OrueoH No. i locution, thonee east 8
chains, thonoe north 80 ehuins, thoncu west su
ehuins tlionco south 8u ehulns to plncu nf ci
meticoment. conttilnlna oio ucros.
A. It-  ilruee Lneiitn
Dtttod July SHrd, IIHHI.
No. it Commune I liy ul the sotltllWOSt I'Oi
of A, It. llniei's No. 1 locution, tlionco 811 ehains
north, thenee sn ehulns west, thoncu wi chnlni
south, thetiee Sll eluiius eusl m plnoo uf coin
nieiieeuieiii. eouuiliitniriUiiuoros.
A. ituie Locutor.
Dnted July SHrd, liwo.
No. I. Commotio! ni* ut Die northwest corjier
of A. II. Griieos No, ■' location tlionco wosl 80
ehuins. thenee south SU ehulns. tllOllou rust 80
eliuins. thonee north 80 ohnlns to pluee ot com
niencoinent cotitulnfnn 040 neres.
A    Hole 1 Hint'.
Dated July Silrd. lOOO,
No, 5. Commonolnit nt u post murked a.
Hides Nn. i lioense,situated iihom two miles
south of SkooltumeliiieU river, und uboul three
miles wont of lot OOHit. thence south IN) ehulns.
theuee oasl in i'liuins. thonco north lim ehnlns,
theuee wesi m chuins tn pluee nf Commencement conlnlulnu 010 uores.
A. Hales Locutor.
Dated July atm, wort.
No. u. Commenoing at the uorthensi eorner
of A. Mules No. I locution, thonoe smith IHO
ehulns. thenee oust in eliuiiis. tbenee north W\
ehuins. thonoo wost io chuins to plnee of com-
inonoomont, contnliilngOlOnorcs,
A. Rule Locutor.
Duteii July sard, looo.
No. 7. Commenoing ut tho northwest eornor
of A. Bales No, ii locution, thonco south 100
chums. Ihenee cast III eliuins. theuee north 100
eluiius, ihonee wosl -HI chains to pluco of com
moneomont, contutnlng (HO ucros.
A. Mule Loeiilnr.
Dntod July 23rd, ittOtl,
No. s. Commonelng at the northonst corner
of A. Utiles No. fi location, thenceonst so ohulns,
thoneo south 80 ehulns, tlionco watt 80 ehulns.
llionco north sn chains in plaee nf couimetico-
iiieiu. containing 010 ucros.
A. Hnlu Loeator.
Dnted July .Mid. mint. Z2
Receives liotli Ladles uud
Gentlemen as Resident oi'as Day
Students, Has a complete Commercial or Business Course. Prepares students to jiain Teachors'
Certitleates of all grades. In
allilliation with Toronto University gives tho four years
course for the It. A. degree, und
the tirsi year ol the Toronto
School of Science. Ilns a
special "Prospectors Course"
for miners who work in ll.C.
Instructions given In Art.
Music, Physical Culture and oio-
■it ion.
For Calendar etc. address
"Columbian College",
Term opens Seplomber ITth,
Tulli' noi [CO Llllll llilrty ilnysiifpT-liilr I in
lend tn apply lo llie Cliluf CmiiiiiHaloiior of
Liiiiila A Wmks lor ii Hpeolul llcoiini i mnl
nirry lliviiy tllnlior   Irom llio   lollowing   ,!■■-
arrllii'ii luml In S"ntli Hum Kinloiiiiy.r no
[nu nt n pout plunlcil in i-iuiiiis oiml ol Dm
Wnl'lll \V,-al I'lirlii-t' nl  I."I  lll'l   Uroup  I    llllll
iiiiitki'il liavi'l Urnnkolirlilgo'ii Soiitli IVoal
Cornor, lliniino North UO i'lmlna. Thunco linal
OS oliillimi llii'ii,',' nnrili liicliiiltia tlionrooiisl
BOulinliiH iiii'iu'i'iniiili mi i'liuins. ilu'ii nai n,
,'lilllns; 11 <-S ll mil eliuiiis    Hi,-,    IV,'sl
an, linins lo Un- plnci'nl,,until,'tii'i'iiu'iii.
j'liKll*L.Mtll IIHHI.
Illi llAVIJI lllllirKllNitiDUl':.
l-orpijrationol'the City ofUranbrook
Any male or female, being a
British siibjrri ui the full age of
21 years, who liu> paid al) the
rates and taxes for the current
year,and lias continuously resided within tin- Municipality since
the Hrsl day of January, I'MH,
and who is ;i householder or
license liolili'i- within the municipality,may register as a voter for
the year VMi7, if the necessary
declaration is doposited at this
office on or before ."> p. in. of the
:ilst day of October next, person
qualifying as license holders, who
are not property owners, must
attend to registration of their
names on llie list, Persons who
liuve become property owners
since December :'lsi (11)05) are
requested to Inform the under
signed nt mice.
Thos, M. Roberts. 0, M. C.
City Clerk's Office,   Cranhrook
It. 0, Oct, 20th.
.^rV *** .^R **f\ ^R f*t\ r\*\ *9K **i*\ *9\ m\*\ t*4*\ mft\ ^R * ^*\ t**f\  *9\ **f\ a**\ ^*\ \*4f\ *^ Jaf\ 'ja*4\  J*\ t*f\
I 1
Pacific  Coast   Points
Palace and Tourist
Sleepers, Buftett
Library Cars, Modern
Day Coaches.
Dining Cars.
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
2 1'AS'I'   TRAINS O
For full parti on lai'S, .rates,   folilorn
ot**., will on or address.
S.(i. VKKKKS.d.w.i'.A..
Seattle, Wash.
C.   W.   .MAHONKY,  C.to,  Si  T.A.,
Your attuntion Is willed to the
"Pioneer Limited" trains of the "Milwaukee & St Paul Railway." "The only
perfect trains In the workl
You will liml it desirable w ride on
those trains when going to anv point in
the Eastern States or Canada Thoy
oonneet with all Transcontinental
Trains ami all Tloket Afwnts sell
Kor further Information) pamphlets,
oto, ask uny Ticket Agent 01
li. L. FORD, II. S, RC'WE,
Pass. Agent, General Agent,
The Illinois Central
Maintains unoxcolled service from
tin- west t<> ihe cosl iimi smith. Making
close connections ivitli trains of all
transcontinental Hues, passongors are
glvon thoir choice of ronton in < !hlcago
Louisville, Momphls and New orlnuis.
and ihrough these points to the fal'oast
Pros| live travelers desiring Information as to tho lowest ratos uml hest
routes uru Invited to corrospondoncQ
wilh tho following ropreseiUallvoH.
H. I!. TlM'Miui.i.. Co vial Agent
142 Third St., Portland. Oregon.
.1. V, LlNDHKY, T. F. & I'.A.
112 Thin! St., Portland, Oregon
P. 13. Tuompson, F. & I'.A., Rn'ntn I
Column Bldg., Scuttle, Wash.
Tukn notice Lluit tt) iluyuiirior ilitto I I ml
in upply io Uu' chief Cm IhhIoiioi- ul l.iiml*
uml Wnrkn for iiui'iiiIhbIuu lo |>iiri*liu8u lliu fo]
IowIiik dosorlfiuil luml In Soulh Kiwi KofiiL'tuiy
Ciililini'iii'liiH ul „ pnsl pluiili'il ill. llll' llllllll-
wosl riirtii'i'or Lot nu, iliniip I. in Mifililhtili'l
Ilim hhI Ml flmliis. Hip  north HO nhnllif.
llli'lli'i' nrstMUHliiltih. llli'lli'i'   NOIIlll   !W  llllHlllH
inilii' iihici'nl Cuinirii'iii'i'iiii'iii mnl cril|Uilnll*i|*
lu till HlOiloroH,
,^111'llsl imii. IIHHI. ,
■f. I'l.'i'ili WOOUH
|   |
S '^s ""' '''' ''|,l'aln sf'!isl1» 111*-a iiliuiit closed, I am now     9
9     prepared to furnish the iiosi Candies, and ii«->i  Prults    9
K     the market affords, 9
_ar w
Aff nl'i; SPECIALTY is '^
I  "The Palm"      C. E. Buck g
9 9
Buttled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside  Orders
si P. O. BOX 812     ly.
*l     TELEPHONE NO. I     Js
Port  Steele Brewing Co., L,td.
THE PROSPECTOR NOTICE.                          i I imi   fi'inii  Sage Uiul  'Ml  Creek,   uml
l   Niiiii'i- |k herein iriveti tlmt thirty about twimty-aix miles in u northerly '
days after date, I Intend to upply to tho tlireetion    it     '!"'     Inlernutlonull,
Boundary Lino, marked uml being the
Initial nr northeast eurner posl <A I.. \.
Dyer's looatlon, thei wotd so chain-,
thoneo south SO ehains, thou asl KO
ehulns, ihenee north 80 elmlns to pluee
nf beginning rnntalnimr 1140 neres more
nr loss, ami adjoin iny  iln* locution nf
linn. Tho i hi.'i ('mn illusion or of Lands
uml Works ul Victoria. to.C, for a
lloenoe in prospect forCoiit uml Petroleum un tin* following described luml
situated in Block 1,508, Southeast
Kootenay l>i>tri.'t. B.C:
i'ommeneing nt u pnst plantod about
throe mllea in a northerly direction I Kai io Wooster,
from Sage and  nil Creek und uliout :    Locator October Hlth, UIIMI.
twenty two mllos In a northerly direction I                         I- A. Dyer Locutor
from the International Boundary Line, N. M. MacLeod, \genl
marked uml being the I nil inl nr north-1    id   Coimuonrlnu, ui  ti   posl   planted
wesl cornor posl nl Charles II.  Uoese's ftbout seven milo- in u northerly illree-
loeatlon. thonco cast 80 chains, thence thin  from  Sage nml nil Creek,   nn.l
boutb 80 ehaius, thenco weal so chains, nlHUH  twenty-six tulles in u northerlj
thoime uorth SO ebaliiK to place ol  be- dlreethm    fitwi    tow     International
(finning talulnjj 040 acres more or Boundarj Line, marked aud being  the
less nn.l adjoining iln- location ol L, A. initial or northwosi corner pusi of Will
Loham. MeDonough's looatlon, thenco easi  SO
Loomed * lotober Hlth, 1900, chains, thonee south so chains,  thenee
Charle?. II. Ueese, I ator Ur-i 80ehains, thence nortli 80 chains
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl      t(. pla f beginning  eoutuinlng IHO
2   Commune! ng ut   a   pnsl   planted acres more nr lean, and adjoining the
altoul three mil.'.- iu a northerly direr- lucutlon uf Jumot. K. Buehannan.
t imi  from  Sage uml   "Hi   Creok   uml Located October Kith, lUOtl,
aboul twenty-two mllea in u northerlj Will MeDonough, Lneutor
.iii tion from thu International Bound- V M. MneLeod, Vgoni
;ir\ Lino, marked mid betug the Initial n   t •ommeneing ai a [mwI   plumed
nr  northeast   corner   i«p-t   nf  v..   R. I about seven miles luu northerly diree-
Mitchell's   location,   theuee   wesl    mi tluu  from  Sage aud i>it   Creek,   uml
ehains, thenco south 80 chains,  thence ahuui   twentv*sl.\  in,;^ in a uortherli
east mi .'!miii-. thenee north  SO ehains direction     from    the     International
in place nf beginning remaining -.-10  Boundarj Line, marked and Mug  ihe
acres more nr in-:,, and adjoining tin- initial or   southeast   corner   \v**>\   nt
loeatiou nf ('Iiui'l.- W. i 'urruh. Louise    V     Ward'-   local inn.   ihenee
Located Oetober Mth, 1000. north 80 chains, thenee we-,1 80 chain*.
ii. K. Mitchell, Locator thenee south SQehalns ihenee easl  Mi
.\". M. Mu.-I <i. Agenl ehaius to place of beg-inuing eouuituiug
:t   Commencing  ut   a   posl   plum.-.! iMOaeres uore ■ ■'    -■--   and tuljolnhiy
about three mil.'*, in u northerlj direr- the Its al on of L   \   Pyei
linn from  Sni1'- ami oil   Creek,   ami Located October IHth, 1000.
ubout twenty-two mil.'- in a northerly Louise v. Ward, Locatoi
direction from the International Bound- N. M. .MacLeod, Agei ;
nry Lim*. marked ami being tin- Initial .    l'J   ■ uu im •:■ '.:   it a  po>i   plauted
or   southeasl    corner  post   nf   John about «even      ■■■*     i northerlj
\         Minuar's   location,    thence    west    mi  tiou  from   ^.i-1'*   aud   Oil  Creek, and
]     * ehains, thonee uorth 80 ehains, thenee  al t tw«»ntv-six miles in ;,  northei
> Commencing nt u poal  planted  about
..- iiui.'s in n louttmrly illiwtloti Irom Sage
i mi Creek, uml nbout sixteen nilleu In a
i'Ii.iU    .1 noi,    troill    Ul*'   International
lludtiry Line, marked and being thr  liuilut
>>otitueust corner post of A U. Woosler'n !<•
uilon tbenee '
jliultifi. tht'in .-
OllUlllK   li'   |il...'
im'- more or h
ill W   (I   Tin.in,
UoeitlUtl (irlo
N   M   MHOLuod,   \n>
hi ;i s,
■ i on i
.'<-k    :i
i.l about
I Uui
Ul A'l.i Moll'
iwettl oornor posl of Itoger S.flrcen
imitli «mi-tiitiiis. iiii'iu'i* tti'sisu rliuln*. Ibeneo
■.imili «!■ i'linin- io |iimv nt coin men coin i'ni ton
lulnlint ilia iu*re*j more or leas, nnd adjoining
tii.- location of Mary Oneal
Located OotobOl l.'lll IBrtl
Itoger S.tl roan Sun Locutor
N  M  Mni'l.i'ii.1, Agenl
i*: i'i limn.-mi ni; ui n |iosi |. inn i,'ii uimii i
tliree nOlr* Inn southerly direction from Suae
it ml on Creek, nnd uboul sixteen miles Inn
nnrtberly direction from Ut lutcruntlonnl
linn iiilurv I.in.', uiiu lii'.l it ml lielnn ''"' I'i innl
Misoiniii'usi cov ' i>.'st or a   it   Slay's lorn-
Lion. Hi.-mi- well 8H i'liuins. Um '  tli K0
beginning  mum
iml itilloltiluii  ibe
ensl sn chains, them
in plaoe ..f beginn
nth  Ml ehains  direction     from     tow      Internal i I ..
lontaining  um  Boundary I.in--, marked and -■• -..   the
acres more or less, and adjoining the   initial nt- southwest   corner   poal    of
location of (L K. Mitchell. Joseph K. Chick's location, thenc. east
Located October ltlth, 1H00. '-m   chains,   thenee   north mi  ehains,
.Inliii Minear, Locator        thence west mi chains, thenci   soutli  SU
N. M, MauLeod, Agent      chains in place ol begini li _ eontainini;
•I   L'ommenoing  al   a   post   planted W0 acres more or less, and adjoiuing
aboul throe mil.-., in a northerly dii ; Hu- location nf Will MeDonough.
linn  from  Sage und nil  Creek,   uml      Located October 10th, 1900.
about twenty-two miles In a northerlj Joseph E. Chick. Locator
direction     from    Un*    international i N*- *••'• MacLeoti, Agent
Bmmdary Lim*. marked uml being ill
Initial nr southwosl  corner posl ofO.
\V. Olnoy's location, then asl   80
l-t Commencing at a post planted
iihnni three mllea iu a northerly direction from Sago ami <M1  Creek,   uml
chains, llionco north Mi ehains, thoneeL||0ll| tWcnty-two miles in a northerlj
wesl 80 chains, thenc
mtli su ehains
iliri'i'tinn     from
t<. pluee nf Itogliining containing 040  Rouni|ary Llntt, marked aud being tin
more or loss, and adjoining thi
location of Charles If. Iteeac
Localed October Mth, IIHHI.
(i. VV. Olney, LoeatoV
N. M. MaeLeotl, Agont
fi   Commencing  ul   a   posl   planted
ubout live mili*s in a northerly dlroe-
lloii  from  Sage ami  < 111   ' i It,  uml
aboul twenty-four miles in a northerly
dlreellon from iln- International
liniiiulan Line marked uiul being the
Initial or  'IhwoHl enrner pnsl of C.
(lager's location, theuce easl 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, llience wesl hu
eliuins, thenco north mi eliuins to place
of beginning enniniuiui' mo acres more
or less, and adjoining iln- location nf
(!. VV. Olney.
Located October lOth.1000.
*'. (inner. Loeator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
II    C ,'iiriiiL'    ul    a    posl    plllllleil
aboul live miles in a uortlierly dlreellon from Sage and Oll Creek, and
about twenty-four miles in a northerly
dli tii in    from    iln-     International
Boundary Line, marked and being tbe
initial or uurthousl corner pnst nl Kiln*
K. Turner's location, thonee west 80
chains, llieucu south su ehains, thoneo
east 80 chains, thence 'tli 80 chains
tn plu f beginning containing 040
acres more or less, uml adjoining the
local ion of .Inliii Mim 'in1.
I tted Oetober Hlth, 1000.
Ktti.' I). Turner, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl    j
7   i 'ommencliiK   al   a   !'"si  planted {
aboul live miles in a northerly dli
Initial or north wesl corner posl of
.fames Cairns' location, thonco easl W)
ehuins, th,-nee soutb So chains, thenco
west KO chains, thence north so ehains
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining the
location nf 0. E. Mitchell.
Locoled Oetober intli, 11100.
.lames Cairns, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent.
II Commencing ai a posl planted
uboul Hu mill's in u northerly direction frmu Sage and Oll Crock, uml
about twenty-two miles in a northerly
d it-eel inn from the Internal lonal
Boundary Line, marked ami being the
Initial or uoribeasl corner |H)sl of .1. A,
Sbnil's loeatiou, thenco wesl sn chains,
tin-  south 80chains, then usi so
eliuins, thonco uorth so chains in pluee
nf in ginning containing 040 acres more
nr less, ami adjoining tin- location nf
.lames I 'aims.
Located Oetobor Mth, 1000.
.1, A, Shull, I ui.ii-
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
Ifi CoinmoHClug M| " l,l,sl plsnted nimut
tliii'i' mill's in u northerly tllreetlou from Snuc
Hint Oll Creek, unci about twenty-two mile- iu
u nortlierly dlreellon rrom the tn tenia tiomil
ltuiiTnt.it v Line, insrked ntiil befni* tbe Initial
or wutheatt comer put of W. II. Llewellyn's
locution, tbenee west B0 chains, Ibence nortb so
i'I nil in. thence east 80 eliuins. thence south BO
io plan-of iii'L'iuiiiiii' roniulntng mo neres more
or less, mnl adjoin Iiu. lhe locution ol J. ,\.
Noi'ated Drtobertflih, l«W.
w  u. Llewellyn. Locnlor
N  M  MueLeod, Aut-nt
rommeiicimi at it jhisi  planted  hIh.ui
, I three mil,-- m u northerly direction from Sngu
"<"> f',,»l" buge a HI  't k.  and am) m| CrMk anU about lwenty.two mllW) ,,,
about twenty-four miles In a northerly U northerly dlreellon from the International
dlree tiou    from    the     International j lloundnry Line, markeil and being the Mil tin I
Boundary Line, marked and being the or *ouih*mt corner nMio/neoi-j-e w Wnrd's
, ,   • .,[-.■     loeittlon tbenee ensl so ehnlns. thonco north WJ
Initial or southeaslcorner iswt of Katie llmlnii thenro we« ga ,'hatna thenee soulh so
Wotwter's   ligation,   ihenee   wiwl   W) chmn*. io place of licglnnlnji poutnlnlng wo
ehains, thonee nortli SO chains,   theuce   ncremnoreoi Im ond adjoining the loentlou nl
east 80 chains, thenee south  WI .'bain-  'TSfSffiober mth leon
to place uf Iwglnnlnp containing M'1 iienrgc W Ward. Lorntm
acres more or less, and adjoining the lo N M MmO I Aneni
.■:ii inn nf I-'ttir l>. Turner, ■;  , oinmencind at u poal plnnied iittoui Ova
Located October 10th. 1000, mllea In a northerly dlreellon from Sage mul
Katie Wooster, Locator        ";1 &•■*■■*  N"'1 il' ' IWi'my""" mU" '"tt
\. \l. MacLeod, Agent
i northerly direction  fn
Itoundary Lino, marked and
tlii-   Inn-
or MJUthwuM .'ni i
imu  thence eosi w chalitH  ihenee north so
iiiiuiis ii. piiui' oi beginning Honiulnlim ii-ai
iu'i*. •. more or lean, and aUjolnlui   lhe Iwailoti
„i ,\ .1  Wooatei
l.oi ated o,'ii.iifi isth, IttW,
\.in Holinofi, Ltu'tttoi
\  \i MacLeiKl   v. .'in
I'auuueitftng m   .i   poki   planted about ;
it imif in .l -.ini'i.-i*i> direction from Sage
ami "ii ii'*.' i.i uboul sixteen mllea In a
ii i.     iirei ii"ii   from Ihe inu rnnuonni
liuiinditrj   Line, murked and U«lng lhe lulttul I
or norihtteal iiiruei |i"-i "i i    \  HoIuim   Iiw .
tn ii   ilicui i   t'Hsi w I'haluH   in.'in.■   tonih sn ,
obn nn, iii.'ii.'i' weal Wi Imiiis, itaeiiee  ''•'|l-11  M'
chuins to plucc "i begiiiRlui   ■ oul i nlni   WU
i,Hi  mi
. ■* iiii
a   Hol
Iktl'tl 1
r   v  Hoi
S   M  M
n post ptniltctl Almui
id it miii'- hi ti -oiniii'ilv dlreellnn rroiu Sage
i ■ reek   uud   ibom Oxtccu mllea lu .i
northerlj direction from (U,- mternatioiml
Uuumlaij Line marki I uu * m lhe initial
tu aoiiiii-ii-i corner |W"i ol Catherine u
Miichell'u location thenci; wcm "' chains
tn i -.'ii!. so L'bnln*- Uu nee enai so el atna
thenco north so ehalu* to place of beginning
.    ■■     i ..■ .'i    f A tl   Woosler
I Rtborlne II Mitchell  Locatoi
N. M, Macl«eod   tgenl
tig .'.i ii oo-i I'UnU'.i uboul ' ii
..    -.   :    l - *■-: 'i :.v itiii'i'luni   irom   "**«.■   and
oil Creek, nml n.\f<t\ lourteen tulles "i a north-
i ion from tht International Bouudar>
-.t.t Mild Mug ih.   Initial or soutb
-  - ■■ poatol t'atberlne Hav Is   location,
-■ -  rba ns thence uorih HO chaln.s
* tt m chalna. theueo »outb SO chuins to
ti in; containing ii40 acrea more
■    ■*■■-   ..:...  ad*o nlng lh« loi-utlou ol C,  A.
M Ime*
>; \i MncLeotl, Agent
:i:i Commenoing ui  «   poai  planted uboul
three mllea in it mm I hurl} direction from Suue
ami >'i\ Creek   uml uboul alxteeti mllea Ian
in rthorlj   iHreelloii   from  thu  luiernaltminl
lloumlui') Line, mnrktftl nml i n the Inltlnl
nrnorthweHt eoraer )>ostol ilrnee ilrccn'a lo
...u.-ii thenee eaai ao chains iheiieoMuuhSO
Dhnlnv theuce went Si'ebalna ihenee iiovih m
eh.nns in plnee nl beg in-   euiiululug 0(0
uciei i or lew. nml ttdjolnliw lhe hvutlnn
ol \i  i' a i
I  IN  .  -.1 iVItllH'l   I.III. I'i«.
limn ni, .'ii   I.....	
\   \\   MucLfOd   \,:.'in
u   I., lum. 'ii. in.   ,,i  ii  |.,.si   planted   alioni
i in.. null's ni 1 -..•!,i iu'i i> dlrei Uoti 'uuu Sago
aini mi Creek   nml itlmui sixteen miles In it
iioitherlj   'im-. iion  troni   lhe   intcrnailimal
u uiiu. hub marked nnd being the Initial
..I uorihciuii corner |H>at u( Koi er S Ureen, Jr.
liHuUoii thonee west SO chalna, theuce suuth
su ita theuce eaat SO chains ihenee north
SWehalua to pluee ol lu'iOnnuig cuiiialiiing ftto
,n res iii.'i.' .'i leaa, and fnljoiulnij Ihe loi ulloil
"i \ II staj
Loi'nted iVtiOu'i irth UHM
Uogei s tireen, Junior. Locator
S  M MacLeod, Agent
wi 1 II      I
ueraa mora or less, ami ad]ol aliig the lonuinn
ot Kmma A. Johnitam
Located October l.v ttaa.
Mirliini VV. .MeLenil. LoOrttOt
\ m. MnoLiwl Agenl.
H CoiameilulllH Hi a post pluiili'il iiIiiiiit one
null' in ii northerly direction from Sugo und
mi ereek, ami about !» iuIIoh lu a northerly
ill reel Ion irom the Iniornatloaul Uouudnry
lim', marltod nnd holng tho inltlnl or Hotitheahl
corner poal or Jainea A McLenita loeatiou,
theuce won 80 ulmliiH. thonoo norUi HOolialna,
thence erst 80 chains, ihuiicu south HOehaliifl to
liiml' ol beginning contalalus aianitresnmreor
lesMHid   UtlJOlalllH   llielucalbmor Milium w
tiili-il ili'iiiher |A, ran'..
.in n A Met,ran, Locator,
\  m  MneUod Agent.
I'm inliii: ul u |i< si plunlcil u I ion l   one
mu mn iin'i i\ direction from Sage nml
reek nmi aboul no mllea In a northorlj
in liir
murked ami bull
g iiii'iniiiiiii.isoiiitnu
mi pusi ni ,| ennlu
1 ovinia locution,   thou
l so   i limns    utci,
i' uinili so i'liiiins then
.1 Mil i'liuins. 1 ln-i)i'
smith B0 chalna io plu
iCgttlllltlg t lllllil
m iiiii ner,-*, innie or les
j ml Jot ill nu Iho loo
oli It i Shim
iicaled Hciohur II.
\  M   MacLeod, Agenl
Tuke Notice thai thirty days uflerdate I In-
lend ioii|i|ii> in Uir Chiel ('otniuUsloner or
Lunds .mn Works nl Vlctorlu foi peruilaaioa to
.i.sniiM'ii hinds in Simili Kust Kooienayi
fi nouclng ui ii psat planted on the west
inn' oi i.i.i no;W, aboul S-Mi ehalua uorth of Lot
WIS, running west io clialna, theuce south SO
i'liuins. ibence wesl liiehalns, thonoe north I'M
di ilns, theuce eust hii ehulns, thonoo south iu
i'liuins lo pluee o( eouimenremeiil COIllfllnlllg
liU'iuTi's more or less.
Orow'i Nesl i'uss Lumber Co, l.nl
Dm id Breckenrldge, Agent.
DcioberSi, ilKW. ci
m ,i souiherlj dlreellon (rout Sage and
ek nml nboul lourteen mllea in a north
reetloti from tho International Houndury
narked ami being the Initial or nouth-
met' post of C  II. Iloimeisli't 's location,
wesi so chains, thence north sn chains,
east 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains to
'i beKlntiliiK containing ninncrea more or
ml miii.mini; the location of Honors.
■ th.
r ITth luob.
N   M
. Loeu
k   Comtnenetitv  ul  a   ihm   planted'.\or northeast comer post of Kena a  Cbfeh'ib
'        .     ,, cation, ibence weal 80 chains, thenco nouth
nlwut  live mil.- In a northerlj dlree-] ^.^ thEncB eMt Me!mInili ,hen,flnorUl
■*• of beginning con to In Inn <•
Commencing m a poai plumed ubu
In n northerlj direction [nun Sn
tion  from Sajje antl Oil  Creek,   and  CI|;U1|S
aliout twenty-four miles in n northerlj   acrea i
tlireetion    from    the     International r^^H-Vrt^cSftith \m.
ilniuiilur\ Line, marked and lieinj; tin' Kmm A.Chlek Larnun
Initial  or  nouthwi»l   eoruer   poal   nf j s. M.MncLoan. Agoui
.laitius to. Riichannun's loeatlon, thoun
etui 80 ebalna, thei north HO ehaiOM
theuee wimtWl ehaina, thenee south SO | on crwii   nmi auoui twenty
ehaina to pluoo nf |Mf|rinnlnn eontaininK   "Jjjjjj ^l^rVetiaml iX tboTl'ii
1(0 ueres more or lens, nnd ailinhiinjf the  ,jr tlDrt)lW0Bi (.lin,.-i \mi of Cordelia Lie wi
Ini-aii I ('- Oliver.
Louated Oetobor lOtli, 1000,
,lamo8 It- r.m'iiuiiunii. Loeator
N. M. MacLeod, Aironl
(j   tiou nointr al u  piml   planted
• uniii no chains ihenee we i ao rimlm., ilmmii
mirth mi i'liuins to pUeihif healmilngf'OiilHlnlng
'riuinTc-niori* oi*ie*^ uud ndjolnliiK tbo Inen
tlonollico. IV   l*tir«l
Located Ootohcr iiiii l«wi
Cordelia Lluwollyn, Lrwattu
N  M   Miiil.c'iil  Agenl
ii. Agenl
51   Conuiienclnt' ai n post planted about live
ir...-:. .1-iMi.'m. direction Irom Suae and
Dili'!■•■>■.....:..I nbout fourteen miles In a uorth-
t-nv direction frum tli*' tnternuiional lloundnry
i,im-. marked aud being the Initial or south'
eu-l eoraer posl oi Mubel MfiAlpilie'a location,
ibence m.'-i •*• cbulns, thence north "**>' chuins.
thenee east 80 chains, thenco south 80 chuius to
place ot beginning eontnlnlni; WO neres more or
le—. uml sdjoliilmt the locallon dI Calherlne H
M tchell.
Lot-Hted October 17th. r.asi
Mubel McAlphlnc, Loentor
s M, MaeLeotl, Agoui
■:'■ Commencing ut u post planted about live
miles in n southerly direction from Huge and
i nl rrt'i'k. ami ul .out fourteen miles in ii norlh-
eih direction rrom tha International Uomulury
Line, marked aud being the in it inl or north-
wesi corner post oft*. E. Kaps' loeatlon, thence
esst 80 ehnlns. thence south fi ehains, thenco
wen to chiiius. thence nortli su chslns to pluee
ot beglnulng containing WO neres more or less,
uiul adjoining the imu tion of Catherine Duvls.
Located Oetober liUi, IWJfl
i: ¥.. K;iiis. Locuter
N M. MneLeod, Agent
•■ti Commenoing urn ji'isi planted ubout llvo
miles lu a southerly dlreellon from Sage snd
i iii Creek uml nboul fourteen miles in n uorth*
crly direction from Do- liiternntlonnl lloundnry
Line, murked and being the Inltlnl ur north-
east eornor post of L. .1. Ohlsholm's location,
thenoe vtotti 80 chains, Ihenee smith w ehuhis.
thence oust 80 eluiius thence north SO chains in
the plucc or begin it Inn containing oio urn's
more or less, nml adjoining the locution of
Mabol .Mi'AI pirn*.
Loeuted October ITth. I1HHV
L, .1. Chlsholiu. Loeutor
N. M. MneLeod, Agoui
•17 C'ommenefng ul a post planted ubout the
miles In a southerly direction fiom Sago uml
oil (frock, uml nbout fourteen miles in a northerly direction from tho International llotindnry
Line, mnrked and bcltm ihe initial or northwest cornel' post of Andrew VV. MeAlphlne's
locution, thenco east mt ehuins. thence aouth so
chains, thonco west HO ehulns, thonoo uorth su
elmlns to place or beginning containing tHn
neres more or less, and adjoining llu* locution
of L..I. Chisholm.
Locator October ITlli, IIHHI.
Andrew W. McAlplno, Loentor
.V. M. MuoLeod, Agenl
SW Commencing nt u post plnntod ubout live
miles In a southerly direction from Sum' uml
on Creek, uml nbotit fourtoon miles In u northerly direction from the tntertintlonnl Boundary
Wno, marked and holng tin* initial nr south
u-esl eorner post of Henry M. I-'lekctts location, thenco easi an ehnlns, theuee north so
chains, thonco wesi 80 elmlns, thonco bouOi sn
chains to the placu or beginning ronmining om
acres more or less uml adjoining lhe location
of Mubel MoAlpino.
Located October ITth. IHOH,
Henry M. I'lci.oti. Lorn I or
N   M. MneLeod. AgCtlt
*.ti Commencing ut a post plnntod about nve
miles m ii southerly direction fiom Sago mnl
mi Croek nmi ubout fourteen miles Inn northerly dlreellon from the Intertinilonul boundary
Line msrltod uml being the Iniliiil or souliuiisl
corner post oi Margaret " I'lntt's location,
thenee west so chains thenco north BO ehalim,
thence uusi sn chains, tlience south HO chains to
ptnee ni beginning containing RIO acres mon' or
Iobh, and mii im' the locution of Henry M.
Locnloil October ITth, M»*.
Msrgarel H. I'lttlt, Loeator
N. M. MneLeod, Agent
30   Commonelng 111 n post plunteil ubout  live
n,ll.~ in ii southerly illreotlon from Sngo and
oil Creek, uml about four)ecu miles in ;i northerly direction rrom lhe liilornntlomtl Iloumlnry
Line, uuirketl and bulng tho Initial or north
mst eorner poat of Walltieu Ltiw'n locullon,
thonco wesi no chains, thoneo south su ehulns.
thonee HI--1 Hfii'liiiins, ihonee north BUcliaillH to
in plu if hitgluiilng eonluliiliigdlOrtcre* more
orlcsH und udjolnlng Iho locution nl Auilrmv
W   Mi* AI pi ni'
Loenlcd Oelobcr I7lh,1000
W.ilhiee LllW, Lor, i,
N M. M'l.'l.ri'ii, Agent
ii tr
i ni
In „ ifUlthorly illri-i'ilon Inm. Hugo
ei'b uml about sltii'i'ti miles in ii
III."'lion   rioiit   the    lllieniiit-lonul
,iio> morked uml heing ihe Inlilui
iv ii. Hofineister, Locutor
s. m. MacLeod. Agent
HO < 'ommenciUR nt u post planted nboul live
miles In nsotitborly direction from Suge uml
on Creek, nml aboul fourteen miles inn northerly direction from ihe Interiiutlonal Itoundary
Line murkcil ami being the initial or southwest eoruer post of ¥. 0. Skinner's location,
thence east SO chains, tlience north sn chains,
thenup west sn eluiius. thence iotith su elmlns to
place of beginning containing WO uores more or
less uml adjoiuing tho looatlon of Grace Orcen
l,oeuteii October ITth, i.hh;.
K. It. Skinner. Locnlor
n'. M. MacLeod, Agent
UT Commencing ui n post plnnted about llvo
mile* In u southerly tlireetion from SHgc uml
Oil Creek, mul nbout fourteen miles iu n northerly direction from ihe Interiiutlonal Houndury
Lino, mnrked ami being the I nit to I or northwest eorner post of .lonus Ahlb.'1'K's locution,
thonco east 80 ohalns, thenco south 80 ehnlns,
thence wost 80 elmlns. thence uorth su elmlns
to pluee oi beginning containing 040 acres mote
or less, uml ndjoluhig ihe location or E< It.
Ski liner.
L'ocntod Oetobor i:th, |00(t,
■loims Ahlberg, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agont
xs Commencing nt a post planted ubout live
miles In a southerly direction from Sage uud
oil Creek, uml nbout fourteen miles In u northerly direction from Iho International Iloundary
Line, murked and boing thu Initial or north*
cusi corner posl or I. P. lOnstorbrook's loentlou
thoiice west 80 chains, thonoe aouth so eliuins.
thotice eust su ehuins. thenco north sn nhufna to
plnee of beginning contnlnlngiuo acres more
less, unil adjoining the location ol Jonas Atil-
I nlcd October irth, tson.
1. I1'. I'lastL-rbrooli. Lorutor
N. M, MacLeod. Agenl
;w commencing at n pom planted about live
miles In a northerly direction rrom 4ugc uml
Oll Crock, nmi ubout twenty-lour miles in a
northerly direction from the International
lloundnry Line, mnrkod and lielng the initial
oi'siuiiliwt'si corner post of William Matthew's
locution, tbence oust su ehulns. (hence north sn
ehulns. ihenee west HOchiiirs. thence soulh 80
chuins lo pluee of beginning contain I oh iI4q
neres more or less, mnl udjolnlng the locution
of (iir.lcliu Llewellyn.
Located October Ifith, HKM,
William Mntthews. Locutor
S M. MacLeod, Agent
in Commencing ma post planted about live
miles lu ll northerly direction from Sage und
on Creek, nml uboul twenty-four miles In a
northerly direction from the International
linumiury Line, marked uml holng1 the Initial
oi' soiilhi-Hst corner post of (I. O. Smith's locution, ihenee west su chains, thence north sn
i tiiiius. theiiee eusl sn chuins. theuce south sn
ehulns to plaoo of beginning containing IMO
ucros more or less, ami ml minim: lhe location
(intuitu A. Chick,
Loeatod Oetobei
Tuke N'oilee lhat thirty daya uUor duto wo
Intend to upply to lhe chief Commissioner or
Lunds mid nnd Works at Victoria, 11.0. for
permission lo cill uml eurry away timber from
the following described luml In South Kust
Kooteuuy: Commencing ut n post plunteil on
the west Hue of Lot IKKW ul Dm nortli cast corner oi llaeltle's pre-emption, running north so
ehnlns. thonoo oast no ehuhis. thenee nortli ai
ohalns. ihenee west Ml chains, tbence north ir,
chuins. ihenee wes| I'd chains, thenee south I'd
i'liuins, thence eastUQ cliuius to plucc of commencement containing (140acres more or less.
Crow's Xesi Pass Lumber Co. Ltd.
Dnvld Hrcoltenrldgo, Aneni.
October 21, fiMW. 1:1
mth, PJOrt.
tl. O. Smith, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agoui
ii Comniuiielng itta post plunteil about sin
mllos in ii northerly direction rrom Sage ami
Oil Creek, mnl  (1 limit tweiity-llvc  miles  Ins
northerly dlroctlon from die International
Houmhuy Line, mnrlti'il mnl helm; ihe Inltlnl
or sou III weat corner post of K. M. Wilt's loeu
tiou. theme nasi 80 ohalnB, Ihoi  north hu
i'liuins. iiu'i wesi 80 ehaius, thonco south sn
chuius io pluee oi beginning mn Inl ulng HIO
nr iim more or less, mnl uiljiiinlng llie looiltlnil
of William Matthews.
Loomed October Ifith, WW,
K. M. Plik, Locutor
N. M. MneLeod. VKi'iit
l'l Comiiirticinc ut a post planted about one
mill* In u nortlierly illreotlon from Snuc ami
Oil Creek, uml uboi.t twenty miles In u north,
erly dlroctlon from the Intoraationsl Houmlary
Line, markeil uml being the Inillal or north-
Wosl eorner posl or Itobert Shaw's locution,
thoncu oust 80 ohnlns, thouoe south su ehulns,
ihenee west 80chains, thonco north so ehulns
to pin f beginning.cniiliilnlug HIDaoroN moro
ur less mid adjoining the locution of Joseph
Located Oetohnr i.'-th IWM,
Itoberl Shaw, Locator
N M. Mud il. Agent
i.i ('omuii'iii'lm: in a post plunteil nboul one
mill' in u northerly illreotlon from Sago uml
oll creok, nnd uboul i!0 miles in » northerly
■ilrcrtlon from the luicruuiioiiiii lluundury
Linn, mnrked mul lining Iho Initial or nortli
eust eornor posl of Ml Mum w. Mu Loan's location, tlm nee west sn chains, thoncu south 80
chains, thonoo enstHU chains, thei mirth ho
i'lniiii'. tu place of iir.'hniiiii; containing mo
Tulie Notice, lhat :hl iluys aftor .late 1 Intend
toapply the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for a special licence to eut and carry
uwuy limber from the following described
lumls In Southeasl Kooteuuy.
oi Commonolng at a post planted ou the
west bank of Klk River about US miles up
stronm from the northwest corner of Lot 1588
nun marked L. W. Patmore north east eornor
Licence N'o I: tlience soulh 40 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thonee north to the west bank
of Klk river, thence following said bank down
st renin to place of beginning,
L. w. Patmore.
October. 12. mon.
(•.>) Commencing uu post planted on u Creek
flowing Into tbe west side of Klk Hiver about
•i-2 miles up Nireatn from the northwest corner
of Lot So 1588 ami marked L W. Patmore
south wesl corner licence No 3: thouce north
tu ilialns. thenee east 40 chuins. thence north
40 ehulns. ihenee east 40 chains, theuce .south
120 ehulns. Ibence west 10 chains, theuce north
40 chains, thence west III chains to place of beginning.
L. W. Patmore,
Oetobor III, UHHI,
lit) Commencing at a post planted on the
West bunk or Klk Hiver near the northwest
corner of Lot Nc^f&e* aad marked L, W. Patmore north cant comer licence Noili thonco
west io chains, thence south 120 chains, tbenee
east to Ihe wusl bunk of Klk Itiver. llience
following said bank upstream to place of beginning.
L. W. Patmore.
October In, IWHi, *•>
Take Notice, that :tu days after date i intend
io apply io theqhlef Commissioner of Laud and
Works for m special licence to cut und carry
away timber frum (he following described luml
iu Southeast Kootenay.
0) Commonplng ut u post planted on the
west bank of Klk Itiver ubout I >. miles up
stream from the uorth west comer of Lot
J."t88ami marked ¥.t: Lswo north west corner
licence Not: thenci'south ISOoohIiih thence
eusl to the west bunk of Klk river, tbenee foi
lowing sahi hank of Klk rlvor upstream to
place of beginning.
K. 0. Uwe.
October 13, liMNi,
i2i Commonolng ai a post planted ou a crook
Mowing luln the west side ol Klk Itiver about
2 !.. miles up st renin rrom the northwest corner
of Lot INW and marked l<\ (j. Lnwo south easl
corner  licence   No :.':   thouce north 411 chains,
thence west 120 chuins. thenee south m ibaliis,
thenco oasl lo'ohnliin, thonco south m ehaius.
thenco oasl io chains, thouce north iu ohulns,
tlionco east in chuins to pluee of begin lug.
¥- c. Uwe.
October lit, HUM,
(:t)  Commonelng m a post plantod on thu
west bank of Klk  Itlvor about :i miles up
stream from the northwest corner nf Lot 1388
nmi   iimiki'il   |.\ c,   [Mm  north eusl corner
licence Noil: thenee south Bit chains, tin	
wesl BOchaltiK, thonco north BO ohalns, tlionoo
easl sii chains to pluee of bflgllllng
La we.
Oi'iober I.'i. I'.hn',.
The Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled service from
llie west to tho east uml south. Making
cloflo connections with trains of till
trauscoiitiiioutu) lint's, pasHen-jers are
gflven thoir chnicn uf routes toChleugO,
Lnulsvilli', Memphis and Now Orleans,
and through these (mints to tho fur oast
Pfospeotlvotravolors doBlring Infoi*-
matloi) iw to the lowest rates and heat
pontes um Invited to correspondence
with tie* following representatives,
It. H.TiuiMHULL.OoinmoroIal Agent
142 Third si.., Portlund, Oregon,
.1. <:. I.IN.KSKY. T.l'\ A I'.A.
142 Third St., Portland, Oregon.
P. It. Thompson, l>\ a p.a., Itoom
I, Col lllllil Rldg,, Heittlle, Wash.
Notice K hereby given tlml thirty  iluys afler
dine i, ihe undersigned, intend to apply to the
Hon, Chief CoiUUtlSRlonorol Lands ami Works
hI Vletoriu, for u sjM'eiul licuee to cut and
carry awuy limber rrom the fallowing dcscrlb
dl lumls in Kust Kootonay; Couiuoiielng ui u
posi planted ut tho northeast corner of Timber
Licence No. glflTi thenee norlh Ul.Tflchains
more or lens tn the norlh-west corner of J,
Means   1'    it.   So.   iWl: IlieuieiiHsl'.11 chains;
theuce north t;c*.*;.» elmliiH; theueo went io
ehaius; theuce soutli HIO chuins; thence eaat UO
chains to the polui of comunucetnent; oonlalu*
lug mu acres, more or lean,
imieii nt Cranhrook, II, C  this9Mhday of
number, linw,
tlKOKOg   Watson.
Tuke nut iee t hut t hirly da.vs alter dm u
e Intend to apply m the Chief Com-
lisslonorof Lands and Works fur per-
il.sshin to eut and eurry awav  tlm her
ii ih<- following deserllied lands Ih
Smith Kust Konlenuy:
Comnietiolug al u post planted Hi
I'liuiins north ami 45 chuius oust from
iho iinrili-west corner of John Hrcokou-
rhlgu'H llinher lease. Iwlng Lot iiuiulier
.MK*i. thenee Northeit-hly chains, thenco
Wesl nighty chains, theuee soulh
eighty ehains, thenee eusl oiglity ehains
In [mini nf cnnuiieiieeniclll.
Dated Hoptemhor 28th, 1900.
II Oils Staples.
Take notiee thai thirty duysaftordate
we Intend to apply to,tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria for permission lo cut and carry
away  timber  from the following do-
'(bed hinds in Soulh Kast Kootenay:
tommetieiug at a post  [Hunted   84
ohains uorth and 85 chains west uf the.
North west eorner of John llrccken-
ridge's timlier lease heing Lot number
5085, thenee north eighty chains, east
forty chuins. North forty ehuins,  West
fighty ehains, South 1-0 chuins.  Kast
forty chains in place of boinhing;
'Dated September 28th, 1900.
11 Oils Staples.
Notice Is horby given lhat.:«' days after date.
I Intend to apply to ihe Hon. chief Com mm
sioner of Lands nml Works for a special licence
to cut and eurry away timber Irom the folow-
Ing described lands:
l 'ommenctnn al a post marked 'A. M 'Doilgnl I's
'I'. L.. S. K. Cor,."' and planted cast of lake on
Hartly Creek Trail, about -SO chains north aud
80 chuins west of the south-west corner of Lot
3,0.11, Group 1; thenee north 80 chain*;, theuce
west SO rliulns: thence south HII chains, thenee
east m chains to point of commencement.
Dated Both Augtiat, IHOH.     a. M'Dougull.
;is .1. il. Cumuitnga, Loentor.
Notice Is hereby given thul. 30 days afterdate,
I Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works forn special licence
to cut nnd carry away timber from the following
described lands;
Commencing nt u post planted at the southwest corner of Lot 2901, Group I, ami marked
*A. M'DoUgalls T. L.. S. K. Cor."; tlience
nortli mi chuins; theuee cast #1 chains: Ibence
north iO chains, thenee west so chains,
thence south lim chains: theuce east
xo ehains to point of commencement: containing!)^ acres,
Dated SOth Augunl, lOOit.      A. M'Doiigall
:is .). a, cuuimint,'s. Locutor
Take notice that thirty days after
date ive intend toapply totheChiefCom-
missloner of Lands and Works for per-
mission to out und carry timber from
the following described lauds in South
Kasl Kooteuay:-
Commenoing at a i>ost * mile south
of the south-west eorner Lot 0104 thenee
west 2 miles, thenee south * mile theuee
eust 2 miles, theuee north i mile to place
of beginning,
Dated Oetober Hth, 1000.
Crothers Lumber Company, Limited.
Tuke notiee lhat thirty days after
dute I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauda and Works for
permission to out and carry uway
limber from the following described
lumls in Simili Kasi Kootonay,
Commenoing at a |>ost planted at the
soulh easi corner of Lot 0250, firoilp 1.
thenee south 120 ehains, llience west
.MI.'iO ehains. thenee north LJOohalllS,
thenee easi 53,60 chuins to place of
I luted Detnber I'.Mb. HHHi.
41 Krueat C, Mel'hee. Locutor
N'oticc u hereby glvon that, IH days after date
I Inteuil toapply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from tlio follow.
me described lands:
CoiuinouolngatapoHt marked'A. H'Dougalt'N
'iv L . N.W. Cor,." and planted on Hartley Creek
about -.110 ehnlns north and S» ehaius west of the
south-west corner of Lot 11,9(11, Group I: thenea
south IM chains: tlience ensl liiehalns: thence
norlh in ehuhis: thenee ensl IU ehulns:  tbenee
north m ebalna: thence west <I0 chains: la poinl
of cononeiicotnonti coiitainlnic (iiu acres,
Aug.flOth USUI. 4u
Take notiee that thirty days after
dute I intend to apply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to out and earry
awuy timber from the following described lands in South Kust Kooteuuy:
('ommenclng at a |H)sl planted sixty
ehaius south of the south cast eorner
of Lot. 0250, Croup I, thoneo south R0
ehains, then lOflt HO ehaius, theuce
north R0 ohalns, thonoe west hii ehuins
to pluee of beginnlug.
Dated Octolmr 12th, mho;.
Krncsi C, MePheo, Looatoi*
Would rather have your
Than anything else
Better have H taken early as
there is always a rush the last
lew weeks.
prest Photo Go.
Picture Framing a Specialtu
Baker St. Cranbrook, B.C.
01 tho old Maiiiuiliu H»rUorShop
i now ba touud in till1
iriral ('lass Work In all brunulu
of the
Tonsorlal Art
!  LCOHN j
Tailor % Importer of 1
Fine Woolens.      1
Cranbrook, B.C.  ArrastronffAvo *
Tonsorial Parlor]
For a Cool and Clean Shave      3
Or a Pertect Hair Cut 3
A Hot or Cold Bath 1
00*'° Walter B.LainguSt 1
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B.C.   a
J. Edgar Davis
A   Bricklayer   _*.
'"""Contractor  w
Furnace, Boiler, Range and
Fireplace Work a Specialty. All
description of stone-work undertaken.
Orders left at J. D. McBRIDES
Will Reoelve Prompt Attention.
"Maying '
We have been in the husiness
for several years, we have the
best equipment in B.C. and we
guarantee satisfaction.
About that Piano
We are the authorized agents
for the removal of Mason & Risch
Pianos, we can do the work without risk. Also Household Furniture.
Proprietors of the
Granbrook Cartage and Transfer Go
Office opposite
C.P.R. Depot.
Phone 68,
It will pay those who are
looking for work to call and
Jim  McArthur
He can secure you a job and
also tit you out In
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats. Etc.
Ji MGflrtnur
Hanson Ave.  ORANBROOK, B.C.
Atlantic Steamships
Empress of Britain Nov. 115th,
Lake Manitoba Nov. !Uth.
St. John — Liverpool direct,
Empress of Ireland Dec. 1st.
Lake Champlain Dec. Hth. Empress of Britain Dec. Ifith, and
weekly thereafter.
Saloon $50 and upwards. Second $40 and upwards. Steerage
$26.50 and upwards according to
Detailed Information, Saloon plan,
berth reservations, Balling Hutu ote. on
application to Local Agonta,
Geo. Hilller, Agont Cranbrook.
E, ,1. Coyle,   A.G.P.A.,   Vancouver
J. 9. OABTBRi   U I'.A.,   Nelson. H.C.
Notiee telierby glvon that thirty daya
from data I intend to upply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a speeial Itceuou to eut and eurry uwuy
timber from tho following describod
lumls iu Easl Kooteuuy:
Commonelng at a post plantod on t,h«
North side of White Itiver on the Kust
boundary ltnu of Lot 4590 near u post
marked 24no+ 45.1111. thenee running
east forty eliuins, thenco North 1110
ehains, thenee west forty ulmlns,
thenee South UUI eliuins to plaee of
Dated this 20th day or Suptombor,
42 Jamas llruokctt.
TAKK NOTICE that I intend lo
apply to the Chief Coinniisstonor of
Luuds ami Works for pel-mission to eut
und earry away timber from the following desorlbed lumls iu Soutli EusbKoote
('ommeneing at u post planted !l,10
ehains west and II2.7S ehains south of
the south-east eorner of Lot 0104, Group
1, Being Bridges'Pre-emption, thonee
eust eighty chains, thence soutli oighty
ohalnB, thonoe weat eighty ehain
thenee north eighty ehaius to plaee of
boglnnlng, save and oxoept thereout
those parts, if any. covered by existing licences.
Dated October 18th, IHOH.
4'.' Ernest C. MoPhee, Locator.
*%he Uttwpector
SATURDAY. NOV. 10, 1000.
Notloo Is hereby ifivou iliut, ;ti days after
dute. I intniiil to apply u> thu lion. Oltlol Commissioner of Lands uiul Winks Tor H special
lleouce to cut and eurry uwsy Uintier from the
foliowliia* deserllied lauds:
Comtntttiulng at a post marked "A.
M'Dougall'ST. !... N. W. Cnr.. and plHiueU
tin Hartly Creek, about800ehains north and Sl)
eliHlns west of the south-weal corner ol Lot
8.981, Group 1: tbence south ISO ehains; thence
eust to chains; theuee nortli to ehnlns; tlience
easi 4u chains; theuoo nortli til ohains:
llience Hesl 40 chains to point of commence-
nieiit: containing 040 aoros.
Dated 80th August, 11*06.     A. M'Dougnll.
:is .1. tt. Cuuuoingg, Loostor.
Notice la hereby given thut. 80 days afterdate
1 Intend to upply to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lunds and Works for u special licenco
to cut and carry uwuy timber from the iollow-
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a postmarked "A. M'Dotlgnll'H
T. 1... N. W. Cor.." and planted west of Lake
on Hartly Creek Trull, about j!*** chuins north
and 180 chains west nr south-west comer of Lot
3.WI, Group I; thenee south 80 chains; Ihenee
east SO chains: thetiee north 80 chains, thence
west so chains to pntnt of commencement;
containing 840 acres.
Dated With August, 1900.       A.   M'Uougull.
:w .1. o. Cummlnxs, Locator.
Tuke notiee thut thirty days ufter
late I intend to upply lo tlie Chief
Commissioner of Lands und Works for
permission to eut and curry away
timber from the following lands in
South Kust Kootenay:
Commenoing at a post planted 22
ehuins east of the north west eorner of
Lot IH110, P. K. King licence, and
murked "Crothers Lumber Compuny,
South west eorner", thenee nortli
eighty elniins, thenee cast eighty
chains, tlience soutli eighty ehains,
thenee west eighty eliuins to pluee of
Dnted September 17th, IIIOII.
;IS        Crothers Lumber Company
Take Notice that .'10 days nfter
date we Intend making application to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Lunds und Works for a Speeiui License to cut aud earry uwuy timber
from the following lleserilieil lunds,
commonolng ut u post placed at the
North-west eorner of Lot 54511. thenee
South 80chains, thenee West 70eluiius
I henee North St) ehuins, 0)01)00 Kast
70 eliuins to pluee of eointneneeiiient.
containing nut) ueres more or less.
Dated, I'richer 2IHh   IIIIIII.
Wattsburg Lumber I to,
II W. Dortn, Agent.
Tuke Notiee thut Thirty days ufter
dute we intend milking,' application to
tiie Houorubto tho Chief CotnmlsBlonor
of Lunds and Works for speeial license
to cut and carry away Timber from tho
following described land situated in
Kust Kootenay District: Oommonoing
at it post placed at the South-West
corner of Pre-emption 1174, running
thenoe 80 chains North; thenee 40
elniins Kust; thenee HII ehuins South:
thenco 40 ehains West to point of commencement.
Dated, September 24lh, lllllil.
Wattsburg Lumber Co.
44 A. K. Watts.
Take Notiee that sixty days after
lute we intend making application to
the Honorable the Chlof Commissioner
of Lands und Works for permission to
purchase the following described lunds.
commencing at a post placed ut tlto
North-Kast, corner of Lot, 5240, running
thence. 100 ohulns West, thence III
eliuins South, thenee llll) chains East,
thenee 41) ehuins North to tlm point of
commencement, containing 1140 aoros,
more or less.
Duted this Hill li day of Oetober   11)011.
Wattsburg Lumber Co,
11 A. K. Wutls. Jul'.. Agent.
Facts for the Liberal Press to
Digest   Comparison of Methods.
The manner in whicli Liberal
papers big mul little (port icularly
littlt'l arc neglecting the London
by-election disclosures, in thoir
Intense desire to exploit the I.
<i. F. Investigation it' which
the names of certain hard-hitting
Conservatives can, wilh a little
skillfully applied inuendo, be
dragged into publicity in ii 'lis
agreeable sort of way, will repay
a little careful examination, says
the Heilley Cassette, The cartoonist of lhe Toronto World
describes il as a mean little
trick on the part of Laurier
Fielding ami the Kev. Toronto
Globe, iu starting a dog light in
front of the Indian doctor's tepoi
while tlu> cabins of their puis of
the Canada Life. Sun Life, Matm
faclurers' Life anil others are
left iu quietude. This insuranoi
commission has, in Shepley and
Judge McTavish, a pair of pliant
servile tools who will do lhe
bidding of the Ottawa bosses as
obediently as any other commission appointed by the same
government during the past ten
A while ago they had the Canada Life under investigation but
when it, was seen how Pellatt
and other pals of the Globe and
Wilfred were juggling with the
company's funds through the
medium of mortgages and temporary loans lo provide funds for
private stock speculations, and
the amount of single loans to
Pellatt exceeding by far lhe
aggregate of I. O. P. money or
Union Trust money borrowed by
the Foster, Fowler, Pope syn
dicate for their O. P. R. land
deals, how quickly Sleuth Shepley dropped the scent. Now
they are wishing that the I. O.
F. scent had been dropped about
as quickly, for the further this
very fanciful investigation proceeds the better does the position
of Mr. Fowler and his associates
appear in comparison with the
others of the Canada Life.
Fowler was represented as
getting tips from the Canadian
Northern as to route to be taken
by the Mann St Mckenzie road,
but now Dan Mann, in the witness
box. laughs at the charge and
says that not only was Mr.
Fowler shown the route map but
every newspaper reporter who
called at the company's office
was shown the same.
An amusing feature of the
boomerang character of the I. O.
F. scandal is that in order to get
a crack at Foster, Fowler and
Pope, they have to implicate
Justice Boyd of the Union Trust
Co., who did such yeoman service for them on other stuffed
commissions,and also Peter Ryan
who fought their battles in the
Toronto wards. Antl now we
see the moss that pal Peter has
got himself and them into in the
disclosures coming out of his
laud deals wilh the late Ontario
Hut if Foster, Fowler, Pope
antl their associates have done
tint I O, F. out of a dollar, why
are they not proceeded against.-'
The answer to this is that there
has been no wrongdoing upon
which thoy can lay a charge for
prosecution, and the whole affair
is to distract public attention
from lhe Loudon by-election
scandals in which a minister of
the crown figures in a very un
enviable light.
When ths Foresters affair was
laid, before the electors of Nortli
Renfrew side by side with the
Saskatchewan laud deals participated by relatives of federal
ministers, the answer was low)
majority for the Conservative
candidate. fs it any wonder
that the Toronto News admits
that things look blue in Ontario
for the Ottawa administration?
• "TIC-.
Notiee   is   hereby   given   tllltt    sixty
iluys uftor date 1 Inteuil lo apply to the
I lolllllirilble the t 'bief t 'ollllllissioller of
Lunds and   Works for permission   to
purchase a certain pi f land situate
iu the District,of Mast Kootonuy, aud
holng au islam! lying in the Klk Hiver
adjoining the northerly houndury of
Lot0078 Group I, Kooienay District,
containing 1120 acres more or less.
Dated this 21st day of August, IIIOII.
.*'/" A. M. STEWART
What's to prevent a retail dealer who sells a not-priced shoe
from sizing you up as a well dressed prosperous person and charge
you $6.50, or $5.50, or $-1.50 for a $3.50 shoe? Never thought of
that, did you.
What do you know about lhe quality or value of a shoe?
Nothing I You can't tell whether a dealer should charge you $3.50
or $0.50. Even if you were an expert you couldn't tell, as all shoes
look alike when painted and polished. Painl and polish veneer cover
up a multitude of shoe sins.
There's but one way you can prevent the dealer from overcharging you. There's but one way for you to know that you're
paying the right price. That way is to buy a Slater in an authorized
and chartered Slater Shoe Store or Agency.
That store is bound by contract to sell genuine Slater Shoes and
to sell them at not one cent higher, nor one cent lower than, $.5.50
and $4.00, for women and $4.00 and $5.00 for men.
Besides, the price is labelled on the lining ol each and every
Slater Shoe.
Moreover, our advertisements proclaim from the house tops that
the price of Slater Shoes is $3.50 and $-100 lor women and $4.00
and $5.00 for Men.
You've absolute Price Protection in the Slater Shoe, Costs a
dollar less than the best American makes, and is precisely the same
shoe.   For men and women.
REID & CO., Exclusive Agents, Cranbrook
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  INcu   Management
Headquarters Im* mmm.;   i!       When you want ;i  good
men and iilil timers. X   l,lace  l" st'T """(' l" tl,e
'•   Manitoba.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
yOTTNT}    "'■   'I'.!::- ,,i
Ull-I.  X   ni.    Tl„- „„ly place In town
iluu mii nml;,- lil- «,,nl, n„. Hvimr,
do itan ie
E. H. SMALL, Manager
MClarys _
All Kootenay *A^T
Steel Range ^F~
wearing parts
are made extra heavy]
London-Toronto- Montreal
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, H.C
Lighted   By   Electricity
-   Heated By Hot Air   —
Comfortable Bedrooms
First (Mass Dining Room
English Importation    X oranbrook, b.c.
*tK English Vases        Can! Cases
i£ Fruit Dishes and Hon Hon Sets
►:l)^       Glad to show you these goods,     The  price
hit right as wc bought these from the makers.
£ — Always Up-to-Datc — =5
1 I
£ Granbrook, -     . B.C. 3.
— Wholesale
Calgarv Beer, Ale & Porter.
T. LEBFL & CO., Hay and Grain.
Kimberley,   B. C. 9
, C. E. REID & CO.,   i
^ Phone  7 A rj-fo   J^gg.^g ,
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
Cosy and
Comfortable Kooins
Headquarters For
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
A. P. CHENETTE, Manager
Mnrysville, B.C
The abovo hotol has 1 n recently orootoil, nml neatly furnished throughout, Tin. Bar is suppllod uiil, tin. best brands of
I Liquors and Cigars, THE PROSPECTOR   CRANHROOK   U C    NOVEMBER l". I'.iiti
*************************   *****rjr******^*******:{r***^***    H^fcjcl
* *
1 Arriving This Week
One Car Ontario Eggs
"     - "       Canned FruitsTABLE AND P,E
Vegetables ft^a
J    Splitting
W in-i.i ,,l lloiiiliiohotlml mtikoK
Kf j,'1"' '"j"1 11. ■-. > I •-. :inil youi-eyes
$ ; whirl   nml   innkos yuu -i,-k to
voiii'sliilniii'lt in
Dr. Scott's
it. ii
"   Okanogan Apples TEN f,nes^ARIETies
Several Cars Ashcroft Potatoes
9    Ueatlaclic   Powders
*JT     Thoy iimi liui'i vmi mnl  ihoy
S slop an.* hoiulacho
j     One Dozen In .i Box 25c
*   Beattie & Atchison
*      Where It Pays to Deal.
Our Goods
All Perfectly New Stock
Mens Imperial, buckling behind    Ladies Stocking Overs
Mens Czar, three buckles Ladies Arcadia, low overshoe
Misses Stocking Overs
I ',i>\ s and Childrons i Iverslioes and Rubbers
Maltese   Gross   Brand
Guaranteed   First   Quality
VRS,  HOI l'l
* Baptist Church
Special Sermon Series
lur November.
Iilll.l     Kvt -llllli;,    \u\      llll
Masnilioinii   Mliiorilios ui |,';u„.v ;,,ui staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
w   Siimlm   Kvoninji,  No\     Illli,       _.
g    "K'nimnis Pautu't's or Hism Cranbrook,
* r-v"
w Siiiiilu.v   Kvonmg,   N"\     lsih
w ■ Kingship i»i Mou."
.^ Kumlsty  r',\ iMiinu',   Nov.   -"'lh.
Jv ■'Ki;ii:'s|i'iji nf Christ. "
i     Special music   S;inlii'\ hymns,
ijk\ W 'ii'i' welcome.
*****W**^^***^******^*^*^*^**^«  ****^^*^******)********^ miJ^ oi- To!-onur\vo,'-oHffiJst!sS!jiI
A court ul Uovislott and  Ajipeul
tier the   "Public   Schools   Act,   IIN
uml um,•tiilini-iit \,-t 1IK1II, for the I'
Steele Assessment District  will   lie
b'or Coul Creek, Klk,, itml Miehi . KK
school tlistt'iiits- ni the llovefiiraenl )tfc
nlllces, t'erule. on Wetliiesiliiy the -'!-* IW
Xovemher, 1110(1. nl ton o'clock  in 11
Fort Steele, Kimberley,   M...„
Moyie ami Wardner se I  dlstriets      jff
ul the Covorntnenl nllleos.  I'rnnhi t,   lUt
on Thursdny, 2liml  Novomlier  IHOli nl    m2
toll o'clock 111 the fore  < ''
.lames !■'. Ann-in.iiu.
H l'i,iii-l ol Revision uml Appeli
t'1-iinliriiiili. II. i'..Ilinl toiler, III
WHERE    IT    PAYS    f(       EA1
x%ks |H*oapechn\
tY, Xi >\   ie. nmi,.
ihu Criinbi'oolt Monday,
l'l; I,. Waddoll ami J. S. Mather
ui Vancouver wore registered ul
thu Cranbrook Monday.
1 1 LOCAL NEWS, i [™**0«n* ^llsiliess !,t 0™-
■/,ij    e                                                    3  liriniK rhnrsdav.
wK   ..-uuuuiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuauau-:- 	
■  h. Kisk ol fcpolfiine wus in      )|   Byers of Nelson and C.  0.
mi /~\ i • r~i ty Tuesday. Doujjlus of Toronto wore guests
t Tlie    Qliallty     StOre m , I at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
^ W       R. ti. Bonedicls  was  u*i froi
'Alt    Mayooli Wednesday on business
Choice Cigars
and Tobaccos
0   .1    Elmer enroe   up    From
Kingseate Thursday on business
Harold Nolson lo nighl ul  tin
iperu Bouse.
BOOT     AM.    SHOKMAKKR   I    Phone 56 and we will deliver your order pmmntlv.    %
Corner l.ewlsand I'lirielt Ave.       J m
A largo consiginnonl of shoes  p^^^p^g^^^SS^^i^gP^p^P^pig'i
just received from   Victoria, all
hiinil innili'. which will bo sold at
"Oh ihe stum*,  the beautiful
billing iln1 sky and  lhe earth
liver the house-tops over  the
liverIbe bends of  the people
w< we meet."
P, W. Hnhl of Wilsn was in the Yes our lirst snow of uny account has come anil made a nice
blanket for mother earth. Al
ready a number of inches have
fallen and ihe runners will sunn
be in use. Business will now
lake on new life aud times will
accordingly be a little livelier.
Repairing neatly and prompl
ly dono
Take tintlee Unit I Inteuil tn apply In
the i 'Idol Commissioner of Lands ,v
Works for permission to eat anil enrr.\
awuy tlmhur Irnin the followlni! deserllied ItinilsIn Hoiilh Kasl Kootentij. •( 'one
niotieiiiK nl  ii  post planted 21) rl s
,.„.i  ,,f il„.  northwest   'ner "I   Lol
'.'UO:  thoneo  north  su ehains; Iln i	
west so elniiu- Hiei ih sn ehaiiisi
Hi,.i asl so ,'liiiin- h, the point "i
eoiinne inont.
Datod November 1st, IIIIIII.
I'rothers I liter Co.
46 por.l, I'', llrldites,
Take notice llllll I lntoml I" nppl} to
the Gltlef Cinnmlssloner of   l.nnils .V
Work- for permission i it nnd curry
awuy limber from the followinit ile-
acriii.'il luml- i" South Husi Kooienay:-
Coinmeuclni; at n post   plunteil  al   the
northwes 'iter of l.ol  il'IIOi  the ■
south sn i'lialns: thei wosl so elmlns:
the, north so chains: then tist --11
Dnted November l-i IHO".
i 'millers Lumber < o.
4.-, I'er.l   K. lll'idL" -
I* *):■)'
This is the
*W^ "-
A, li.'f
. ,1,,.   j. j-   ■—*t:. ,'r
;-;     - .,-,;-..-■ C-:-^l ._ -*     elieupesl
Hie I'.I'S'I' is  iilwavs  thi
hating Engineers,
I,,th,- n -   -
Tuk,- Xollee Mull  llilrlj   tlnys *
duto we lntoml In npplj   lo tin   ' tk
foilimi — inner of Luml- uml   Works •
ut Vl.-ti.i-hi   ll   ' ■ *
en:  iiiiii   cari v  uway   I at
(,,ll,,wiiiL' 'I rlbcd   lands g
Kii-i   Ktaitciiay.   • i nclnn   ul  tin        *
N'orth-Wcst -ner of Lot,IHI 1     ■' *
South    ollthl tins.    West    i *
chuins, Son       .  *,■  chuins
less to thi ■
Hallway Id
ul.iii'.-  the
chains mor ■ less to pla I i-i
in,.ti,-en,'tn, containlnp   sik
un,! forty tu't'es ii,i,ri' or loss.
Crow's Nesl I'n- Lumber t oj
Nov. 7lh 1'inii. I'I
Tuke Notice thul  thirty tlnys afle
date «.■ Ini
Commissioner ol I.i
Victoria, II C, lot
uml itarrj awuj tlinhei
,l,..,.,ii„„i luml-„,   -..ullli   Knsl   Mm        l£W**B
ouy.c line"".'  i"   lh"   I '    l'l'"         &¥■>' "•**5'"'i:''»i"W'-^'i"i<:
' lv ,i„,i„.siniiii„i ii,.-.a,.,,in W. ■    ttm^M'o^ipiAu. g£*-b
Loi  inns,  ri im.'   siniiiii    ■A*tr\v      '  ■  '- 'i"!t"H' :
********* ****'************
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* 9
;;;;;,";   %^*****?j6***************.*
Gto. R. Leask & Co
M     (ville, B.C.       COLES EANDLEY, Prop.
Tin   L ul    ■   !i";" nl the St.
,       N ci n rj moms
T    as
I   i iteiin ,
I city 1 liiirsilnv.
If you wanl a nobby suit, Jusl
follow the crowd to Ilill & Co
R. li Smith of Medicine Hal
was in lhe city Tuesday.
W. V, Wintertnouthe of Van
conver was in town Tuesday.
J. Joyce came up from Ralior
Tuesday on business.
R,   R,   Sohribor ami    II.    II
Pooler of Toronto were guests
al the Craubrooli Tuesday.
A. Campbell of Sparwood was
transacting business at t ran
brook Priday.
Mr, and Mrs. (', Collins of
1'inclier Cii'i'k wore Crnnbrooli
visitors Tuesday.
.1 B, Morris ol' Montreal was
transacting business at ('ran
brook Tuesday.
Lovers of Horses should see
a work of n-i'l I bill Wo are sellini;
ul cost      We  have only tho one
I'i i Photo Co.
L' L. Robertson of Toronto,
A. II.   Living  of  t itlawn  were
n'llesls    III        llle       UOSIIlOpolilllll
P, Ci. Punk. CI. II. Piinfre.v
uml Iv L, Shaw of San Prtincisco
were Crnnbrooli visitors   Tnos
JINSt z\%gd     j.
Lumls und   Work-  ul       H^ fitWfS   Jfe %V      K
»■.-■»»■""■"-"■■■'' iWmF^    J«
in i-iiisi Liml"    {Km, .IIV-.I    ■'., ,' h i... i'a
dIkIiU chalni. Wosl elithtj chuins
Nortt: "U'i'i> ehulns, Kiwi ol«liij
ohalns i" plane "' einninc imonl, con
it    "'';!MH,'
,,  i'i:.! lfe»,',.'ill
l'l,Ml,.   Spei illiniums
iiiiiI   I•!'.11111;111■ s
lluve vou boon -vomli'i-inir wluil lu eel  for tin
11'' si i. allow us lu show vmi uur stock of
Sterling Silver.   Plated Silver and
Call ('.kiss
I'el'luips we cull help yen ill .vour  -elc'tiun.     lie
■iniii'i- it i> no trouble lo slum- yuu uur tfoods.
. F. Tate k Son
The Jewelers
r.l'.!:. Wnt.-li InapoutontCrows' NpbI ptwaDivision
f'HANBROOK. to. C.
Aiii'Mii.in i- hereby drawn to liy-luw
No. 13 we. II. wliluli is us foi lows:
"l-.vi'i'y ocriipiiiit. uml in wise there
Is no occupant, the owner or every
house, shop, hutUUug. lot or parcel of
laml, and every person having" charge
or care of any churuh, chapel or other
public liuihlinjr, fronting or abutting
mi any stroel where the sltlowalks art1
plaukeil or paveil, ahall water and
clean und keep rreo frmu obstruetlon
hy ilii-i. dust, snow, lee or other encumbrances tho pavement or sidewalk
in I'n mi uf ami about his premises
before ten o'clock In the morning of
eucli ilny. from tho first day of April
iill {he lirst day of November, and before elevon o'clock every morning during ili«' rest of the year. iSundays ex*
Tints, M. Huberts,
riiy Clork.
9 *ft*ft:.9ft:*:9;*ft*'ft.«19ft:*:*:*:4s9ft:*ft:*ft.
K s
! Comfort In Five Minutes  J
ll will take just aboul
tlml     time    with    it
I Fireside
I Souvenir
|     We have a fine range to  J
select from.
TO " NIGHT  - Cranbrook. B.C. HARDWARE *
'• Been here since iSipS    Liable to stay longer 'ir
llaroKI      Clillii.tl Lane  *;'*:*'* «**«* *'"'ftt**ft^ft<>-ft*ft*>'d^i
Nelson Bruce
nml iin oxcollonl i'iiiii|iiiny in
"A Soldier
of Fortune"?
I I'li'cs $ i.oo and 75 cents'
Tickets mi sale nl   Pnsl  OlHoo
Drug Ktiti'i'.
Tho Loading 8l,oi'o
Choice Confectionery
l-'ll,Koll    NUTS
Hill  ,V  Co.,   mi' showing the
Ill's! runt VilllH's. 1 III' liesl still
vnllli's.   llio   lirst WlliSl llllll skirl
miIhi's. iii [net, iho busi values
in everything.
1 i 1 leaves of Moose .Inw and
II. I„ Wills,,11 nl' WyclilTe won.
L'Ht'sl ill lhe Cosmopolitan Tues
Al. Mu lit, |,i'i'siili'iii of llio Kiiri
Steele Browing Co., of P'oniie
wns in lhe eiiy Wodnosdity on
eoiii]iiiiij husiness,
Tuke   lee  tlml   lltlrly iluys uller
illlle iveiiilenil loupplj lutlieClilefl loin
niissioiicr ol Lumls nml Works lor per-
mission to cnl nml eiirrj   mint   lliolier
h  lie Inllimiii.i  lleserilieil   llllills   in
-. li l-'.iml Koolciiuy:-
< ■.,,, 1,,. ,,.■, 1,... 111 i,   nisi pi I I  mill'
 Hi wnl 1 iiiiie west rrom th h-ll'itnc)' Oranges and  BananaslV ljl
»"«i  ■'"■'■ "' iii'i'iito-i' prt'-eiiiin '     Choice Okanogan Fruit     i'J1 ''"' lnAsl l'|,|i'll,lr Mon's and Boys Outfitters B
I    l.nl  lllimliei'llllll.lil'lilipl. llli'lli'i'1 h|| 1.
8 Time is here and we invite your inspection of our i>
IB *'
I Complete Range of Fall
I and  Winter Overcoats
i'n" . lu. Sin le and Quality are Correct in
;S; Our Ready to wear Department I
1 IS 1L1
i,   himilreil  1   forlj
All    kinds    of    building    material
(trow -  Ne-
Nov, 7tli IWHI
I'uss I.iuiilicr Coy. I.lil. 1        xi i_ 1
ir,  ! constantly on hand.
'■"""•' ■""' ■ ■   Persian Dates Sweet Potatoes it
'Xu.'X'Zt^r^'' "'    KTKIVAII'I'H  KINK   r Ull.A'l'KS I
'SiiiSiiE^unti -    Hugh Stewart   \l —   —   — ^m  *,
11 j Phono 76      ftriiistronij, five I *iiHMi»iMi^Hp*4HiHi*B*n^»iHB^*^


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