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The Prospector Oct 3, 1908

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 I.i" :■ ry   f Leg. Ass>..-~-~-T —
01'   im : I
Voi. 24.
CRANBROOK,   B.C.,   SATURDAY,   OCTOBBR   8,   1908.
No. 4ti.
Borden,   Goodeve  and  a White  B.C
Curtis Tries to Escape the A S. GoodeVCatCrailbrOOk KO*SI'iaj8
Blame tor Delayed hlection Sir Charles luppei
Province is not required to furnish  them  for
Dominion Contest; hut even at that they
were ready for use if desired
Points with pride to Conservative Interest
for the welfare of Laboring Men
Balances    the   Record   of   the    Conservative
Party against that of their opponents
Open  Letter to Old Conservative Chieftain
llllli   i,
tt ilin
tho lattor coup, lor us n matter ot
fact, under date of August 11, or
nearly a month previously, tbe
king's printer bad forwarded the
copies of tho lists to offices where
printing was to bo dime with Instructions to rush the work upon
The statement of Mr. Otlttis in his
letter that the lists should have been
Victoria, October 1 Fare to face
With defeat ami ready to take any
measure whieh may assist their
chances, the liberal organisation in
the Kootenay constituency, contrary
to tbe promise of their candidate at
accepting nomination has decided to
postpone the election in that riding,
und aware of the .stigma which must
attach to such action, a desperate effort is being mude to cast It upon printed after the spring revision
the provincial government, basing absurd, In the tirst place the pro-
their contention upon tho false stute- vince fs not supposed to furnish the
ment to the effect that the voters'. voters' lists for use in Dominion el-
lists were not ready iu time. This ac- eetions and in the next place, even if
tion is taken despite tho fact that it were, it had been stated by Hon.
every registrar of voters in the Koot- , Wm. Templeman that he did not ex-
onny riding has been supplied with poet an election this fall, There was
voters' lists and the King's printer j therefore, nothing to show that an
nud the departments at Ottawa have'election would take place before hii-
received duplicate lists. Now tbat'other revision would bo due and if
the election is delayed until after tt e | it did     not the printing of tbe lists
would mean a la-
lay of money.
The  work  progressed  well throughout  August und  with  the announcement  of the dute of the election    they
Twelve  Years  of Graft   and  Corruption   exposed   in   the
Commons  hy  the  Conservative Opposition.
The auditorium  was crowded    last self   on   record,   In    regard    to  this
night   to   hear   A.  H. Goodeve,   the great question     this privilege     was
Liberal-Conservative  for  Kootenay. granted mo, and thus I appear before
He reviewed     tbe present political you tonight.   It  is my duty us eau
situation in fair und impartial man- didate to lay before you the Oriental
ner, contrasting the twelve years of question which I  will endeavor to do
Liberal  administration,   their  record to the hest of my ability.   The    ono
of graft     and corruption, with     the purty  stands for the total  exclusion
actions  of  the  Conservative  opposl- us fur ns   possible,  while the other
tion in  favor of an honest    govern- believes it is an advantage to bring
ment. these people into this country.     The
lt  was  tbe  largest  political  meet- Conservative penple believe ns 1 have
tng ever held in Cranbrook, if not in said in the total exclusion   of   these
House   of
To Hi'
Unit i
speech a
old     Il'lriul    h.\
Vull    B
of win
111          IS
m ally
was    t
iignt 1
have a
The  lurge  and  spuc-
wus    crowded to the
vy and useless out-
pulling day in the rest ot the country
tho liberal organisation will be compelled to assume the blame for this
grossly unfair action. The lists are
iii the hands of the registrars of voters and have been since September 25 | wore almost completed. Wires
iiu week after the dissolution of ;>->r
The correspondence mi the matter
between Smith Curtis, the candidate,
V. .1. Deane, the liberal campaign
nm nu ger, und Hon. Dr, Young, pin
vincial secretary reveals the plot in
all  its details und demonstrates   the
sent by the provincial secretary to
every printing otlice charged witli the
work to pursue all speed in completing tbe order. This was done, the
lists mailed to the returning oflleeis
und to Ottawa and the orders filled.
On  September 11,  less than a week
.     . after the receipt nf tbe letter printed
falsity     of   contention of Mr. Curtis abovo um, „ W(1(,k ,u,fnre lhe diaB0|u.
and bis friends. tion l)f ,mriiament,   Hon.  Dr,
Him. Dr. Young expressed great in-  wired Smith Curtis us lollows
dignatinn at the plot which wus only      "'Nelson     und
laid  bare Tuesday  upon receipt     of  ilt-veisloko   nnd     RoHaiftnu    on ,our
teenth.    The      balance    next    week
the Kootenay
iuus theatre
The stage setting wus beautiful,
being a wood scene, in the centre ot
which was a large transparency with servutivi
pictures of the king und queen on
each side, and the Conservative legend, "'Horden, Goodeve, and a white
British Columbia,"  in the centre.
On the stage were tbe Conservative
candidate,     Mr.  A. S. Goodeve, Mr
V. It. Maedonald, Mayor of Rossland   treaty
people.. In order to do this 1 will
conttne myself to official records sn
t hiit. no man will be able tn dispute
the facts I put beforo them. 1 will
show the attitude of the great Con-
party has been consistent
for fifteen years, and they have, on
every occasion, tried to roach the
goal. In 1894- Japan then scurcely
known among the great powers appointed        Great      Britain        and
the      United       States      tn      join      a
telegram from P. J. Donne of Nelson.Tho provincial secretary resolved,
ivirly in the duy and before the announcement nf tbe date of the federal
elect inn that all Bhould be in readiness und that no complaint upon this
score should be made with nny justice All wns in readiness and on the
proclamation from Ottawa the work
uf printing the lists had been completed throughout the riding. That
the plot was long in hatching nnd
that the candidate was paving the
way for the renunciation of bis nomination pledge thut no dolny in holding the election would be brought
about is evident from the following,
under date of September 4, signed by
Smith Curtis:
Geo. T. Hogers, J. A. Harvey, K
C, D. J. Johnson, president of the
Cranbrook Conservative association,
G. H. Thompson and W. B, McFarlane
Geo. T. Hogers was chairman, who
In neat and appropriate words Intro-
Young (jnced the speakers.
Mr. P, A. Maedonald wus the first
Columbia finished, speaker. In a few concise words, he
told tbe audience why he was here
supporting the Conservative candidate. He referred to the labor
trouble in Rossland in 1903, and said
thnt the statements made by J. A.
Maedonald, the Liberal leader for
left no address. The following was British Columbia, and Smith Curtis,
received In reply from the telegraph the Liberal candidate for thc Koot-
nianagcr ut Rossland: enays, were false, and made only to
"Yours llth, Curtis, signed Young,   bolster up a weak     political     cause,
undelivered; party nut uf town,   ud-  That he wns then, ns president of the  country    suggested   that they
dress unknown." miners'  union,  at the time of     the! willing tu   accept     the treaty o
On September 15 or thc duy before  trouble, and knew the true facts, that  conditions that, there should be
Ymir may be delayed a few days.'
But Mr. Curtis was evidently not
worrying about a reply to that letter, for he was out of town and hud
treaties were on similar lines witli  tlie
important differ once that thc  United
States inserted a clause retaining absolute    control    of ull immigration.
Great Britain     also informed  Japan
thnt before the commercial portion uf
the treaty could lie ratiliud that they   that the
would have to submit it in the   self   would  hi
governing dependencies,  among which
was the sell governing dependency   nf
Canada.   Following     nut the procedure the Conservative purty being    in
power at Ottawa it was submitted tn
them.   They   immediately,    although
there bail been little or any agitation  ••'•■ ils
in regard  tu  Japanese  Immigi ation,   Laurier Bin
insisted that a clause be inserted sim-   the opinion
ilar to that of United States,   In   IKiii". oral  party,
the    Japanese,    through   the  Mother  speeches   of
n tbe
I   side    by
side witli a British lleot. We would
not apply tlie law of oxcluslon to tho
Japanese, Ult we recumiise that there
is a sti nag prejudice in tlie piovincc
ni British Columblu among the white
population   against,  all   kinds   ol   nr
lental     popllluclon,      I    say      prejudice
anil   1  speaK  advisedly.   I  dn nut   want
to speuit onensivoij. I know mj
words will be reported iu Brit isli
Columbia, but I speak here the same
language that I would speak there
il it were my privilege to be there.
Perhaps my words will be unwelcome
though 1 told thom, 'You muy have
your, views upun tbe question and
you are host ile tn the Immigration
ot the Oriental races. 1 dn not. slum
your sentiments and 1 believe you
are making  u  mistake."   Sir  Wiltrid
Laurier, the leader nf the great lil*
oral party, lias thus placed himself
on record us stated, that he does not
agree with the opinions uf the west,
thut lie believes they are makiim il
mistake, that in his opinion thoy dn
understand tliis     question and
mmlgratlon uf these people
tn the advantage uf the
province. I say, sirs, that we in the
west feel that we are us broad mind
ed and can lake as an intelligent.
view nf questiqtis uf such vital interest, tu the penple of this provln
British Columbia, and to tlie in
mn us a     whole as oven Sir W
i tin
the dissolution of parliament, and
the announcement of the genernl election Dr. Young wrote Mr. Curtis
as follows:
"On   the llth   I  wired you us foi-  and thc provincial Liberal party.
lows,   (quoting the  above  telegram),
on the following day 1 received   no-  attention,  and was greeted with
Mr. Goodeve acted only as a man   of!immigration   nf their laborers
honor should act at sucb a time, and   tisuns without the consent of tin
the     appointing of special policemen  minion of Canada.   The treaty
was due to the efforts of Joe   Martin  ready     to    be   accepted     by
parties,   but  unfortunately   lor
Mr. Maedonald was listened to with   Dominion    of   Canada     there w
iclf, but nut. only  is tbi
of tbe   leader  nf  the   Lib
imt I will quote 11<>i
t wn ot her ministers o
the Liberal govornmont to show tha
they also are ol Lhe same opinion a
their leader, in L903, at the expens
uf the people ut the Dominion o
Canada, we smi .Mr. Fisher, minister
of agriculture,  tn   Japan  to  enquire
I les
Tho  toxt   is as
RIglll       Iluu.     :
(I. r   M   CJ , or
Hi    Wilfrid    in  >
t   Soicl    I   tind  tl
in   myself   "My
les Tupper, wbu, uf
has   withdrawn
struggle, ims como nut    [roi
treat  in prodict nm  defeat,
dune this regularly since '->"
I do imt know what yuu
my ninny defeats, as I wn
in my natlvo County of Cu
fourteen times, and twlcQ
Broton, being defeated i
thoro owing tn my having
practically all my ollorts tn
constituencies li you refer t
"defeats" uf my party, whlcl
nni tin- country In IKU7, 18
1NK2, 1HS7 and 1801, 1 ,i mid huiilnc.
yuu that the Liberal party i'..s only
been successful in the tlouttuua nt
1X71, ISiiii, 1900, and 1004. it is a
matter nf history that ihe Liberal
party onlj obtained power in imt;'
ny nivini; six nf their opponents
seals   in   the   Cabinet.,    and       thai    in
IS'.u; yuu defeated Hie Conservative
party by denouncing the Govornmont
for nut having disallowed tbe Mani
tuba Sehunl Act. which took away
thn lights uf the Catholics, and when
the Government broughl in n mens
ure declared necessary by tbe Judl
eial Committee uf the Privy Cun
cil tn restore those rights you joined with the Orangemen in defeating
'hat measure liy obstructing ;i lame
majority uf the House of Commons,
and then   securing    the     support  ol
tjiiebee   by   declaring   file   Act   did   not
r-  gn fur enough,   and that     if yon nb
■e or   talmd  power,  ynn      wuuid,    if neces
min    sary tn secure their "rinhts in iheir
Ifiid   entirety,"  brine  in u stronger mens
id   that
in 1893." Nor must
that, by boast Ing ol
iccompllshed fur Can
prevented      tbe   adop
renty up in thr pres
lily   treaty
at   credit   [ur
mr ef
KllllIlL'     lll.lt
MCRBrs     Alia
gow, which
knot service
ami  Halifax
-lav   uf   Muy,
YOlir   eb.lli
ted  harmonj
and  religloni
the "All
Bhould i
itorprise nl
ie British
"..mm a ye
i«- a contre
ut Montree
.'ould have
i Montreal
bat   you   li
foi len
with the
and Glus
Ivon a 'J"
ii Summer
HI   the    1st
ha. yuu
ween lie
iglons ii
.her   pa.
f,,1111,1   i;l, -jii, -I    hull:
,,( ,lil!,.
linal principle
i  nl   Cnnutlu     I  road
wiili  iniirli     pleasure
iii nt In,in ol ray public
ill'   cqiliil   rlghtB    for llll
II'I      IT I,   ll
I  base
■ opinion I oxpre
I   I  II fill      ui,
Hi,,  impending gc
political history
thai  nil  - gron
to tl»' policy <,i
ntlve  party, carl
1,1   Iir  tb,
I ell.
I i'iiiiii
t prosper
nw Liber
ii',l in tho
bitter juni
in.   Liberal
No Intelligent
ii  office by trampling undor
I  principles tn which your
I   been pledged, mnl    roslin
k .support ni youi' race and
i'     In   I'.uil   you  sttstuinod
I  yn
"'!    nil Ibi'
party had
upon  the
oitrsoll  bv
by i'"id
ti'Ui ,,l
Thc p
I.V    till'    )
,,11 till ,
I'llllill III
ii i'iiii In' found
Ion iiie met chat our
mi has been attained
mi. tin- adoption ,,f a
Hcv I iiu, construe
oposal t„ comploto
n ol  British  Nortii
acluslon nl Llritish i
niv     terms hy whic
attained, giving tbi
both  lnt" thin question,
tbe  is nn extract from
us u  floor ul    tin' In,us
,.,.,,.  "Tlie   Japanese     i
tlie  Immlg
,,,,,,.. ,,.,, - r  ttP-  B°ne>*"l election and for varli
Iimi. H. Iv Young, Provincial Sec-  tice from the telegraph company that  plause,  high in comparison to     tlie sons tho Llboral-Oonsorvatlvo govern-  f"
rotary, Victoria. the message    bad not been delivered  frost that    was eitcnded to Messrs.  ment wore defeated and tho Liborals fl'"'"  ll,i'1
"Dour   Sir:  Will you    kindly    have  us    you wero out of town nnd your  Curtis und Maedonald on Wednesilny   took the reins of otlice. Through   tho  permit, uml  fi
the King's printer instruct tbe sever- address not known.   I beg leave how- evening last. change     of office several alt?rations  refused to [sell
ul printers wbu, I understand, ure ever, to confirm the above and to chairman Rogers then Introduced wore made. During tlio twelve yours nncsc to como
now printing tlio voters' lists tor say further that the Vmlr lists v ill Mr. A. S. (loodevc, who on pro-, the Liberals wore in power tho influx who is " Inbo
Rossland,    Ymir. Nelson, Cranbrook, he out this week." eceding to the front of thc stage wus ; was so grout thut a commission con-   boring     clnssi
I'ernie,    Sloean,    Kaslo,    Rovelstoke     Next day came     the announcement  presented    with  a  beautiful bouquet |slating     of   ('litis Foley, Cluto nnd
Munn wont Into the question carefully and the result  wus that they  ro
ll lit!
ported  to thc  Dominion
at   Ottuwn     that the free
these people into Canada
entry  of
of thc white mun quicker und for that
renson thoy recommended that overy
anil   Columbin     ridings constituting thnt   the   election   would take plucc  of lillies by Miss     Grace McFarlane,
tlio federal     Kootonuy olcctoral dis- on October 211.   Tlio lists in Kooton- emblematical of u Whlto British Col-
trlct to sell to tne or my agont   up ay wero toady, with the exception of lltnbln.
to fifty copies of the new lists   for  Ymir, upon the duy of this unnotincc-     Mr. Goodeve snid:
each of those ridings. ment und  Ymir was completed   two     "And it Is well   tor the work     we
"1 nm desirous of having the fodor-  days     inter.    Aftor   explaining   the  hnve before us to receive from this|detrimental    than thnt of oven     the
ul election In Kootonuy district     on above Itov. Dr. Young remarked: beautiful child   this     elegant     tiou   Chinese as they picked up tho trndi
the sume duy us the general elections      "I  bud  toured that     some     effort  quct of   flowers,  the  most  beautiful    '"
arc bold.   T iiililo this to lie done would bo mude to dolny elections in  gift of    nature and childhood,     the
it is nooossury that copies of thoso British Columbia until ufter the gen- emblem of purity, nnd I think I I Possible precaution be taken to pro-
lists bo sent to the various pints of ernl polling nnd hud sot nbout pre- rightly judge thc people of Cranbrook vent the incoming of these people.
the ridings nnd nrrntigoinents made paring for tho election earlier in wlien I sny thnt it represents to me Again in 1908 they sent Sidney Fish-
ns to who is to act in onch locality j order that thole might bo no excuse nnd to our greut people the fact cr' Minister of Agriculture, to Japan
Poll  und there wus none. that wc ure tonight on the verge   of . t" report on conditions and also   in
"When what my surprise to receive one of tho greatest struggles in   the!"11' menntlmo 1 mny sny that all the
I the following from  I".  .1.  Donne, the history   of     our Dominion nnd     to trade unions in western Canada, both
liberal  campaign  manager  Tuesduy,  discuss the questions of vital Interest working men nnd business men    and
I two weeks nftor my loiter wns sent:     to the British Umpire.   1 am   pleased   men generally sent dolcgntes down to
"To Provincial Secretary,  Victoria  with        tho        splendid     reception Ottawa urging thut something must
II. ('., here        tonight      and      feel      my-' he *»ne immediately.
"The returning ollleer bus applied "'"    utterly    Incapable of the great |   Mr. Plsher on tho Hour
I to    several   collectors    of votes for responsibility tlmt it ousts upon me
olers'  lists mid  bus been  Informed     Mr. Maedonald, who Ims just spok
thnt  none wore available,   lie made on to you. bus referred to thc mat-
applications, as result of instructions  ter in  most     kindly  terms with  re
et tho ilutii .mil mako arrnngoments|contalned In your wire.   Failure    to gurds to myself    aad which
Ollt   II   p
ml the following
liis speech nn the
, iiiioii bis return,
ivornment Itself
11 ii ui ot anybody
\- without ii special
levernl yours they
permit to nny .lupin Japan to Canada
of the ordinary tn
No Jupnnoso can
f  tautening upon tbo country n
r tic iloht for the construction
Grand Trunk   Pacific Railway,
v loclarod  would Involve n
of $13,000,000 mi tlio     public
glen li
of lho
uou, ii
jii hn
ost.    will lio     Hourly Mini,
ince railw
rest of Canada.
i-i',l by tho I .tin
The resull ni t!
lurge reduction
maj.nity in lln-
tbo purty thus
oil In 1S7:i hy tl
supporters, who
in the Liberal i
In- con
i iluu
.1   pros
Oriental government
■init irom the Japancso gov-
Tho government thero in
with negotiations with our
nl     Issued orders,  I  think,
t In-
Liberal Govorni
solved  thc  Hon
i lurge majority.
trade policy     wh
itry   to ii     dcplo
about, two yours ago, that for tho
future no permit, sin,nlil be givon to
n Japanese, except the classes i have
mentioned, to go to Canada, jiiiiI
this has strongly boon mnintal I to
ns deputy returning officer and
clerk and computations tnnilo ns tn
tho number of voters In onch locality, I
Thorn is quite a numbor of now lo
entitles lo ho provided with polls uml
some old polling pluees mny liuve to
he discontinued for want of voters.
"Unions ull this (Intu Is collected
in advance of tlio dissolution of the
houso of commons und nil those
iiiiigi'inonts mude for officials belore
liunil I fear thoro will not ho limo io
present time, Wo had tho i
unco from tlio government there
sunnily nnd In writing thnt thl
sition would lie maintained, but
notwithstanding the assurance o
Mr. Fisher that ho luul tho nssnrnnci
of the Japanese governmenl in writ
Ing, but whi n tho debato enme up ol
secure lists
of olection
omphatlo p
deputies to
tlie earliest
!•'. .1. Donne
To this Hon.
"To F,  J.  Dcune.  Nel
'livery      returning
makes tho postponement
novlluble. Must enter an
otest. Pleuso instruct,
sec lists ure supplied ni
Possible duto.  (Signed,I
Young bus re
iifterwurils whereby u deferred elo
tion will result in spite of anything
1 cun do to prevent, it. I usk therefor your active co-operation to prevent, this result nud I think < um
onl il led to It, ns these voters' lists
nfter the lust revision iu Muy should
have been promptly printed and
"Considerable expense ims aV.'eady. "Every returning offi
been gone to liy trying to use tlie riding hns been suppliod witli voters'
old printed lists und typewritten cop- lists. Ottuwn has also been stlp-
ies of changes since made, but some plied. All lists have been printed,
collectors hnve askiod good round The Intcst wus 25th. You have ab-
sums for additions and corrections solutoly no grounds for postponing
nntl by tbe time all changes uro olection. (Sgd. II. 15. Young
made unii typewtitten copies written vincial secretary."
in alphabetical order, tbe total cost
will be very greut.  '	
I'ven with your complete printed
lists tbe udvunce informntion required from various localities will cost
quite n sum and I shall have to incur tliis oxpenso solely In my endeavor to have the election on genernl j mo, divided
election dny nml without nny hope of ward   Islunil
with     everyone,       I
mutter of this kind
n com
Kingston, Dot. I George Taylor,
M.P., Consorvntlvo whip, In n state-
ment to the Unity Stnnilurd, predicts a Conservative victory in tbo
coming Dominion election by 121 to
s follows: Prince Ed-
Conservatives :t,  liber
reimbursement, If it, is left for the „ls i; New Brunswick, Consorvn-
returning officer to do all tliis after tives II, Liberals ■); Novn Scotin
Instead of before Ids appointment, 1 | Conservatives ii, Liborals 12- Quoboc,
four it. will be impossible to avoid a Conservatives 1.1, LlbotnlB till; Ontur
deferred olection. lo, Gonsorvntivos    (it;,   Liberals 20;
"I have fully stilled this mutter us Manitoba, Conservatives «, Liberals
tlmt. the onus of the deferred election 2; Albeitn, Conservatives It, Libornls
mny not, rest upon mo. 4;    Saskatchewan,    Conservatives   4,
"Pleuso send mo u list of printers iLibornls, ti; British Columbin, Con-
to whom I nm to apply for these sorvatives li, Libornls I; Yukon, Con-
vnrioiis lists. sorvatives I,     Liberals none. Totnl,
121   Conscrvntives,   Kin   Libornls.
Mr. Taylor adds thut ibis    is    n
"(Sgd.i SMITH CURTIS." |rcnsonablo    estimate nnd tlmt ns a
arena, I may sny thnt Mr. Muedonald In every sense ol thc word represents tbe working men nnd hus for
tliree years been Mayor or Rossland, but [or thirteen yenrs he
hns lived in tbe city of Rossland representing the Federation of Miners,
but he never told you wbut lie passed
through. Ho like ninny other men
nnd eurned a home for himself. He
did not tell yon the (net that liis
home was sacrificed in thc tr
thut took plucc. His home und bis
Innds wero. seized because he had
stood liy his fellow workers und I nm
proud to hnve Mr. Maedonald with
tne, but 1 will not tuke up uny moro
of your time with these matters us
they ure by far too trivial to mention, und if I wus not tlie standard
bearer of ttie greut Conservative party, lint ns their standard benrer it, is
my duty to clear myself of nil chnrg
os however trivial, I would consider
it too much below my dignify fcolmMV
lion It. nt nil. When thc convention at.
Nelson was held I was asked to have
my name go In. I made 1 stipulation
on n question of n free hnnd, which I
considered ol vital importance, and
I would not accept it under any false
Impression, The consent wns readily
grunted     to     tne.   I     hud for some
if the house
at Ottawa stntod ho hud written assurances from the Japanese government thut. tht-y would not allow their
people to leave the country. Tho
Hon. It. L, Bordon stood up und reminded Mr. Plsher thut he wus sent
there us u representative of tlio p
the   lliuir  nf   till       house  111   Illli;
PJ08, nnd this written
demanded, Mr. Fisher luul t,
thnt ho hail stilted wbut wns
with reform-I- to n written int.
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mil tie
staten I     Hint.      you    luul
I   something  in    tho nogntin
i uf treaties   imt.     previously oh
led requires no notice from mo. us
ins boon already omphnticnlly eon      Tho
llctod by lho   declarations of tho oil ill
iniiili Secretary,     Lord Crewe, in od ti
of Lords, uiul by Sir Ed   froo t
ward Grey In tlie Houso ,,f Commons
win, wus tin-   under Secretary in the
Fi,reign Office when I  negotiated tho
treaty with  France In     1893, nnd  is
now Secretary of    Stute for Foreign
AUnlrs.    Ho snid.    in tin-     House of  fa..
Commons,  tlu.t  "The plcnipotrntinr   tion
ios for the conclusion of tho commercial convention between    Franco mul
Cunildii. of Sept.  19,     1907,  wore Sir
Frnncls Dertlo,  II     M.    Ambassador
at Paris;   tlm Hon. W.  s   Fielding,
ami Hu- Hon. I.. 1'.     Brodour    They
were not    appointed     by litters patent, but    wore tiiinishoil     with full
powers    lor the Royal    Sign Man
mil.  similar 'mutatis tntitandis'     to
those furnished  tn tho  into  Marquis
nl DulTerln mu!     Ava,   mnl     tn Sir Continued
mu with tin
ivns fiercely denoun
il part) -is Minions
. opposition wus u
of Un' Consorvntlvo
lection ,,f i.t-2. and
onkened wns defent
11,111,11   ,,[   six
ilius obtained
,t its
lout then form
io, mul ,,liiniu
They pursued u
ih brought the
ni'l idltion
position propounded a protec
live policy,  iiiiii carriod tho i ntry
in IN7S by nn overwhelming majority
Thut policy wus established in the
f tin- mosl determined opposi
Tin Increasing prosperity on
nlilod tlio Government to vigorously
prosecute tin1 construction nt tbo
railway t>> the Pacific Ocean, In
Vprll, 1880, Mr. Blake, the lender nf
tin- Liberal party, moved ji resolu
iimi in th,' Houso nf Commons t,,
compel! the Government t<> suspend
nil construction beyond tlio eastern
mi|o "f the Rocky Mountains, mul
Implored tin- It,,uso not tn ruin Can-
in page  2
A Rousing Conservative
been drugged into tbe politieul pie of Cnnadn nnd snid: '"I domnnd
thut the papers be luiil on the tablo
of the house Hint we mny havo them."
nml would you believe me, this man
mado u statement thnt wns untrue.
This Mr. Fisher had to admit to Mr.
Borilon and to the Consorvntlvo patty thnt, he could not. produce the
written ovldence which lie stntod bo
hud, und in other words ho hud actually mado u statement Hint, wns un
true. However the debato wont nn,
uhle and we tind Sir Wilfrid Laurlor took
part In it, und I will roud you ox
tructs giving the oxnet words
"if thoy nre to build
Vniieouvor it. i.s because
hnve u trade from tin
ule to hnve u trude
where Is thnt trade to go? Tn
Asiatic nations I havo menl
Jiipnn, India, China. I ,1,, noi
to prosecute this thing further,
matter must como up for discussion
again, but I would like i,, hour my
Honorable friend from Westminster,
Mr, Kennedy, mul all gentlemen from
Bill lsh Columbia to remember
Ilmt we uro undergoing a revolution,
that, conditions nro not totlny what
thoy wore yesterday mul Hint thoy will
not be tomorrow wbut. thoy nro to
dny, but that there is n large ton
doncy, un always Increasing tentlcncy
A Meeting where Crow's Nest
Coal and Fur Wraps
were needed
Cranbrook Banana's Frosted
il Ills feet  to
The   Cranh
Smith Curtis
Moylc    Yes,
coption,  mul
I sti-r from
says that
•i-ivi-il at
man's re
nni  liberal
i Pad
on  the
c; if
Whon Smith Curtis promised thnt
.Iniin Keen, of Kusi,,, Ins lot.iirning
officer, would havo Uu- polling duy
for tho Kootonuys on tho 2lith Octo
l"'t- ns iu Hu- rost of the ci try, y,,u
recollect tlmt ho conditioned Im its
being "possible" to do so, It lookn
now when the groul  betrayal is pub
lie property, (and much r. I it  may
iln i<> tho boartbrokcti grits) us II mi
Impossibility wen' deliberately croal
oil by Hie link nt mil   having   Keen's
""ih",,. mo,
evening -.-
It   wus  l.ll
closed S
mul  Ins pi
|,liml   in ll
M.-u-il 1
il, wns tli
cn j.  grand
thirty iniiiii
ro   lil
olo.l   b)
e  sllvcl
1.  Mayoi
and Ins
lh most   i
-it >
le  ■!■
Then Inlli,
lln- Liberal
pled thirty
■il     Ml
nl on
Hint   UlO
V    llllll     llll
'ill-ll t
officer in Hu
I    ,1,-
muli i
ickod <
l>VO,l   III
tit ai
'Yours very truly.
of the on
Bt   mul
months        beon        studying     this for more     Intimate
question      nl      Asiatic immigration between tho nut ions
very carefully,  nnd decided  that    It, west."
was very important tn this fnir Do |    I may say     that his londcsl hones
minion of ours, nnd for thnt reason hnve boon ioniisi„i   i,,,i «i,-u   sn,- u/n
'•'"* letter  led on  September  I .mutter ,,|  fuel   M,-   H.  I,  Rorden is  I suid I must bo at lull liberty     to "rid  Laurier     again referred to tills
exercise my judgment and place   my- .subject at     Ottawu, and I will glvo
position    l,v
the  Liberal  I
lirtiw,  gruuil
worli showing
souse nf imlili
ing,    Theli
einilil iu,i, i-i-i
un, published
wanted   tn  .In
tell       you      ii
uli 0
,vn  ns returning
linio   This dirty
,i   enough      for
I through,     Hill Hu- nml,I i„-
i u definite pin
ntonnblo   public
thai   In-ui-s     nil
11 murks.    It     wns      u
iii'iniien of mn  bnndl
ill n clinioo their lofty
honor nnd fair doni
"iileiit       thnt    thoy
thoir  u,,tieos,   nml    HO
ii limo is ii deliberate
Tiny   I Id   if       I boy
io,    And  now they will
1 mo that if I hero un-
ilins  in   tile   oust       the
ri l n,ii   which
lust   weok
lloiniiiii.ii olei
Mi      <; ii
Ilo pi
Ilmt lio, "Curtis'
roil   III   Ills   sl.llcll
tin- elections lioh
Hul.  Mu.i.   Mi
foot,  which  .Iniin
officer would Imv
voinhi'i    11!.   Sluill
with oxcitoment,
mii'ini|it   Mi    Go
iolleo,   wlio   wore
iitli Curtis,
il   li -ni
I., explain
tiling   loft
cruls ooiilil
i-. n. i i
nit nt   tin
Goodeve at Coal Creek
Fernie, Oct I Tho political meet
Ing whioh wus to have been hold hero
Inst night in tho Interests ol A. S.
Goodeve,  the  Conservative modulate
Inl     KnntollJII .    ilill   Unl    III. 11 Ul I.l 11st-   US
no suitable nccommotlntion could bo
secured. A meeting, however, wus
In-Ill ni i'nnl Creek, lo which     placo
Messrs.   A    s   ii love,  W    It.  Ross,
-M P P . nnd  P   l;    Maedonald,     ol
itns-.ljiml.     mu Ilntoly   drove after
their miiv.il oii ih,. c pji. express
from Moyio lt is to ho hoped tlmt
the popiilm candidate will be ablo tn
lho   j.jii Into
- liml gol mlil
i. the returning
unim niitil No-
ilitnelieeil      to
but   the  uud
pnthy     with
moot  lho elect
Intel   .Into,     llf
I Itlllollt    loll
I'll thnt   H
im.-i-i im,- here
was un pnsson
iho   citizens
lhe Ives      ,
In-iii im: tin- lui
issues of the o
,,l  Fi
oi  trail
WO| l-      1
iii the
i bore
to Coal Crook
ruble to avail
pportunlty of
let discuss the
Good for Silver
wns evidently to prepare the wuy for even more hopeful.
lum ,,r the date will ho nil to
our advantage. Thnt is true; but if
thoy honestly belloved it, will unv
Banc mun believe that, they ure sucli
Washington, Oct   1.   Dlroctpr Lcnch
if the United suites mint, announced
todny thut he would resume the pur
Mi   Ooodovo compelled him to     sit  iliuso    ..I    line   silver for Biibsldlnry
down,  while  Goodeve kept   tnttnting colnngo this week. He states he    ex-
liim   with   the rei I   of his purty. poets     to     purchase   about    126 000
their   graft     nnil    corruption,    their  nunccs  weekly  fnr an  indefinite  per-
stealing of clectious and the exposure  iud. TllK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, I! C. OCTOBER 3, 1008
*tl)c Ifcittpectro.
r\. B. tztracar,
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the 'peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in  baking   results.
'Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. 'Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captaiD
London Toronto,MontreatWInnlpes. Vancouver. St -lohn Hamilton, t'jiiary
********************** **********************
\ Patmore Bros.
Tinners. Plumbers
SATUUDAY, »>i IHHlkH 3, 1008
KNIGHTHOOD und honor tov Btr
Wilfrid Laurlor followed on tho an
nouncL'incul ol tho Uritish Preference
Many people have wondered how tho
Liboral purty uwallowed protoction
su easily More have pondered on
Hit' spectacle ol Sii Menard Carl
wrisht sitting In n Cabinet where
"Free Trade na It waa in Kiu;Luul"
was .1 curiosltj and where Mr Field
nh: weighed oul pounda of protec
mm m plnee ol the ounce that imed
to ehoko In-, tinancial windpipe It
waa a inn it bi deceit. an un
rivalled piece ol political aleiKht ol
hand that unvi i pari ial free trade
undei the loyal I Itle ol Imporl il
Pi eference ' 'no ■ an nhnoat nee i he
Lhi * apoatli'M "i
;■':.,    i'i i ,-   " ■ I    !,.  their eo!
in    ibi which would at
once dish the i tlve    md sat
isiy the I'rotecl lorjisl w Inn ol
tlie Cubini ■     i ■-.  I'i   teel
Tho people wondered why Sn Wil
frid Laurier when he proclaimed the
Imperlul   i i efei i m ed   tlmt
hf asked     ii thinij     'turn     Why
dhould hi      Hi    lai reward in the
Cabinet   \\ in ed     thai
Tbe Name of
Black Watch
On a Tag on a Plug of
Black Chewing Tobacco
Stands tor Quality.
t'.illlllltlril   It'll
llllll Im tlto hiiIii- ,,i 12,000 uliiti' poo
plo   in   British   Columbia     llr »»■
supported  OH tlml   n "I  I'V   tho  I'll
tin- Liberal party, IncliuUnn youi
jji-ii In Oetobor ui tii.it yoni tin
tiiivi'iniiii nt entered Into n contract
wnii tin' r.miii' ii, Iwii) -.iniin',iii-.
[oi tho complotion nl tl"' rnllwiv)
nnil it w.is opened   Im truffle    Irom
ui-,'iin   to      ,'ri'illl   in   I88li      'I'lml   I'""
tract ii.i - -tii-iHUMi-- , oppoeoii by tho
l.iiii-uil party, ultliuiiiili no man can
deny thai it hae resulted In untold
iii'iu'iii to i'iiiiiuIji Uu' compnns I
m.iw operating more than 13,000
. i.uU\.ii. jui,i ims in.,\Ided ii
fleet ol I.-.,iiii-i-. j,ii.niliiii', the mo il
rapid communlcatl lietween r.m.i
-in nnd Ureal Brltn n Who then I
,,-ji, will date to my thnt without
thene greal mon mn which you and
yuiir pni'ty hnve o liitterlj opposed,
r.iiiji-t.i i ould hnve itttntnod the ureal
i    nieiiibers ol  the  position n  now   n« iplos?
llul  that  i- not  ., i     It  will  novel
Bill    i- eftect .,- ..
The  n mien imi istrj   has been struck
.    ■
listtubed    be lorgotten that our i ttimi as ;m
iM- ivliuii Impoitiint ilui i-i nu- British Km
1'in- was Impel iled in imu p.u t v
When nil youi ellorl. tu obstruct tho
*■''■'•' iun,uml policy nnd thu construction
ul iln- i jui.uli.in l'jii-iin- K.nlwjiy end
ed in lalluro, you, .,-- Iciuler joined
with  Erustus  Uun.ui.  whose mowed
WHS       1"
' n    with p,,i
their hen And ,1,,,
thei - -
t hosi     ■ i-   -...    q    mii
ny    ' bed j reciprocity witl
' the althi ugh you t
■ the     adoption
induce   Cumuli!    to
-i-  to    lilr.it   llill'illl
ut ol the United
j-.itiin; unrestricted
the United Stntca,
iw that it Involved
y     Uanndn ol     the
Pure   Drugs
Pure Spices
for Pickling.
Currie Powder, Cloves, Cassia,
Peppers, Mustard Seeds,
Celerv   Seeds,   Etc.,   Etc.
We have these in hulk ami in Chemically
Pure Tlnfoileil Wrapper Packages,
Cranbrook    Drug:   and
Book    Company,    Ltd.
Heating Engineers
Steam,   Hot   Water and   Hoi   Air  Systems.
Scientifically   nroportionecl   and  correct.
rice in re
tun      r concessions
ers prices .-.n-i the
which is
reatest     factor 1 I 'an -
rosperit) ■ ■ 11     ■
nin ii   thi      -.i     '   -      And if it
were nei essary 1 ei loy
lit}- t     Great Britail iid have
eiven it willing ■
Wc  have the finest ~"
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.    For Lunches,
Picnics, (.'a in pi nn etc., it is delicious.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
HkiiiI   OlHco,
Calgary, Albertn
Minn Office tor East Kootenny,
Cranbrook, B. C.
tarill uguitwt Kiu'Uunt.
The Liberal.Corwei'VtttlvG parly sav
ed Canada and secured in ns the
priceless continuation of llritish institutions in that crisis which was
so grave that the Hon, Edward
Blake refused to go Into the battle
■au;- you, because Ue would not fight
undei false pretences and imper
'• British Institutions, You know as
"" nrell as 1 that Itepubllcans and Dom
ocrats alike agreed In tho desire to
■>''-'' possess Canada, as they were well
a aware nf its potentialities. Tho Hun
Win. A, Seward, ttie Secretary of
State under President Lincoln, penned the following prophetic words: •
"Having its Atlantic seaport at
Halifax and its Pacific depot near
n Vancouver Island, British America
would inevitably draw to it the cum
merce of Europe,Asia, and ttie United
prised to see Sir Wil- states. Thus from a mere colonial
attempt tt, dispose of dependency, it would assume a con-
Mr. Borden's arguments with a trolling rank in the world. To her
sneer, and the Liberal newspapers other nations would be tributary,
and campaign speakers, following ami jn va|„ would the United States
this lead, have sel up lhe cry of n ftttompt tu be her rival, for we nev-
Slandor   Campaign." This   cry has er dispute with her the possession of
they   pi
of the
■: politics can
man ilacturers 11
the trade policy
nto the hands ot
those  who are frankly  protectionists
and wholly   outspoken on   the
try's need for it.
W(-   a
(rid  Li
beon heard before. It was used with
great vigor by thc defenders of the
lloss Government in Ontario as their
unfailing answer to the arraignment
which swept them from office with an
overwhelming defeat.
Thu (aunt is as absurd as it is
dnngerotis to those who make it.
Slander and personal abuse have no
pari in thc dignified addresses of the
Conservative loader;' and the Conservative platform he lias announced
is singularly constructive, progressive,   and   business like.
It is true that the record of the
Liberal Government gives peculiar
significance to the Conservative plea
for tin purity of administration
which forms part of the Halifax
platform and to whieh the Conservative party is publicly committed.
But ihe Conservative party is not
responsible for the Liberal record.
It is tnu that with purity of administration scandals of administration cannot exist, and that when we
j achieve purity of administration we
shall hear the last of graft in timber deals, graft In land deals, craft
In townsite dials, or of the wicked
ridiculous waste <>t the peoples money to reward political partisans.
The Quality Store
\V" don'l claim to ba tho cliuaposl
Imi wc slaml up 'nr lho host
All  Our   Goods  Are lliiarant I
But  doe
i 'nmpaiftn
'Slim, I IT
4**r** ^^ A*ft\*9*' ^^.•*T*t,^*4**.t'9* ^K ^^  **\rX A*J\   Aft\  Afty   If J*p, /nj\ ^\j\ ts*J\  •**.*.  A*j\   A**,  AnJ\ \*j\ *9X  a9*\  **fX
We doubt 11 any Canadian publicist has done his whole duty to the
electors of Canada who has not called their attention to the shameful
: revelations which Invcstlgnt ions In
Parliament and proceedings In courts
of Justice have disclosed as the po
lltl i. methods of tho Laurier Government. We shall deal wilh snine
ol them in n later Issue It is the
inmi tnkablc sign ol a hopeless case
ralsi agalnsl them the childish
an •'.'■! ol ii tnunl
Wc i 'nnadjati people must have a
care that tho National conscience
be not deadened. A generation ago
tho hint of n public Bcandal would
have overwhelmed tho ablest Minis-
' the day. Like Caesar's wife
tho nation's trustees must have been
abovi , jpiclon Any une ol our
many disclosures of corrupl admin
Istration would drive n British enh-
Iinol from "dice nnd debar the mlnls-
pon iblo   from  public life for-
Wc Iluv livcrythin
(OK, li f!
HoltSKS. 8TOVKH, i
iw mnl   si'i'iiinl   I
nml    UKAI.'IXi;
-nl   PURNI-
In the m-i,ii,,ii, i-.-,iii|,i,ii',i ol the
Pre lilentinl election In lln- United
State   i.,,  .'."nl "1 tin- lllto in hi'iiril,
nnd    '■        I'l'-'i-n,      un   rirriiKilill,   In
'li-'-- ' ,!n|,;,ii ui, 1,,'twi'i'ii American
iij<! I limailiiin |iolltlcn In uur nilviui
ii"-. The American people miikc
:li',i' -.'-''iI nl ii ,1-iiiuliil uovornmenl
Thi po Ibillty ,,[ ji Mliiii.li'i i'iiiii
I'liii'u li    iilllclenl.
,    I! the     ..tiili'iiu'iii  ,,(   ilii'iii,     Ini'iii
;iiuil'i'       i ".'.Inml,-i     Ciiinpiiiiin" we
j. 'em  '■'■'■ nre pillty.   lint it. iH n very
9 ' 1       mment  to cnll nnnirn.
ft ...
^     ''in   ncv  papers   j.-i.v Hint, in twolvo
ft v'-.ji   the   l.lheral    Oovornmont haa
ft   not   i-ivi-n   i,ni'  mn-  ol  Imnl   In  ii lull
ur way company, Tho lnmln wim ro-
!5 served for RCltlcre; Httch BottlorH an
9 hrcvthoi In-law Burrows, mul the BIT-
iii| ti,n i-jiiii' ,,f luml iit-iililierH who ro-
\m am ,m sm \m \4r \m sm \m tm tu "Ma \m \m \m tm \m \m tm \m 1^ tm tm tmttrsm '-■ o\ei nun , tniiiiiui
9.99999999*1*•W99:9'W*Wft*wM9*9m*n*m'*r'\ilia I» or Clovernm-nt.
WE SELL wlml wc Imv
will stirpriso yon. A visit in
vlnco you llinl wn luivo lh-
lillv por ''i'iii "ii tiny goodn pi
• in shirk   ill   pi'lCOS   IiiiiI
iln> Dollar Morn will non
' ffOOtlS, llllll Ctl.ll sill r V'HI
We Buy ami Sell I or Cash
; from
the Asiatic commerce nur the power
which that commerce confers."
And the late Mr. Charlos Sumner, in
the Senate of the United States, in
18C7, in reference to the purchase of
Alaska, said:—"The present treaty
is a visible step in the occupation of
the whole North American continent.
As such it will be recognized by the
world wild accepted iiy the American
people. Hut that treaty involves
something more. By it we dismiss
une more monarch from this continent. One hy one they have retired;
lirst France, then Spain, then France
again, and now Itussla, all giving
way to that absorbing unity which
Is declared in tlie national motto,
"EJ pluribus uniim." In reference to
tlio Pacific railway of th© United
States, completed May 10th, ir-f»9,
the late Asa Whitney assured his
readers in 1845:—"You will see that
it will change tho whole world, allow us to traverse the globe in thirty days, civilize and christianize
mankind, and place us in the centre
of the world, compelling Europe on
the one side and Asia and Africa on
the other, to pass through us."
The United Statfs View.
When, at the request ol the lute
Hon. Mr. Bayard, Secretary of
State, I visited him at Washington
in 1887, he said: "Well, Sir Charles,
the confederation of British North
America and the construction of tbe
Canadian Pacific Railway have
brought us face to face with a nation
and we must now dial with international matters from that point of
No one can read these Opinions of
the public men of the United States
without SOOlng the vital importance
of those great measures from a national standpoint.
Beaten on every issue between the
two parties, you owed your success
in 1896 to a Janus faced policy when
the interests of ymir French co-rellg-
innists were at Btafco, and I think
you will agree with mo that under
the circumstances | had reason to
expect a fair share of support from
The bye-oloctiotin in Drockvlllo and
Huron proved that in Ontario most
disgraceful frauds were resorted to
by Liberals in 18!)t;. lu the election
of 1900 in Ontario l was opposed by
two Governments, with all their patronage and unlimited moans, while
there was hut a small subscription
made for the Conservative party by
a few friend* in Toronto, which only
admitted of a slight contribution to
aid in mooting Uie legal expenses.
Notwithstanding these disadvantages
however, although yuu had a major
ity of twelve when the dissolution
Look place al tlie n|0so of the elec
tion I hud a majority ol eighteen
and my defeat was secured by a
solid French vote mul the influence
of the ClovornmcntH in lhe smaller
provinces, all of which were imppor
ling you except Manitoba. Am I
uot warrantor! under these circum
staiieeH, when ygur opponents arc in
power in Ontario, Manitoba, British
''ol hia and New Brunswick, in expect ing that, the great party who
despite all the obstruction of thfl so-
called Liberals, made Canada
what It is, will receive from the
electorate the support to which thoy
they aro entitled?
Continued ou page :i.
Painter and
We place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Because it  hus the  purest  while  lend  for its base und when
mixed wiih  perfectly ground  colors In oil   produces u paint,
which, when •applied  by OUR  PAINTERS who know how to
apply ii, we are prepared to guarantee.
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W, dations   lor   llio   public   imoqualled   in
||IIot and Cold Baths Proprietors
Gto. R. L&flSK & Co
I'Inns, Specifications
tind Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Harvey, MoCarter & Maedonald
CRANBROOK.    -    B.C,
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook -   ■ British Columbia
Oranbrook, H.C
G. H. Thompson
■-~>ft   IIAIIIIISTKK .1 SIII.H'ITilll
^ZZtP*   NOTARY I'l'lll.li,'
Cranbrook) B.C.
P.L,.S. «S C.B.
Port Stoelo B.C.
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I Itlii'i'l AriiiHlfiinn   Av,-.
;i i„ ii it.in   ■: t„ i ii.m,   ; in B |i in,
Phono Olllco l(Mi.   Iloslilonco ICItl T
F. O. E.
Moot overy Frlilny m 8 p.m.
Vislilni;  Hi-others  CoriUnll}    Invltoil
('has. Smith, W. President
M. I). Ilii.i.ixus, Sei'v.
Aerie Physician, P, o. Box 28.
I Rocky Mountain Chanter f:
1 1
I NO.  126,  R. A. M. I
£ Regular moettngsi 'Iml Tues-   3-
5 day   in   eneli   month ut  i-i^hi   3;
3 o'clock. 3:
I B l   .    I        n 1
us     Sojourning Companions  aro  |:
1  cordially Invited. |
Wm. p, Tatk. Scribe B.
S       Box 4       CRANHROOK, B. 0.       |:
Court Cranbrook 8943
Visiting   brothorn   cordially   invited
P. MoKENNA, Ohiof Ranger
.1, SIMMS, Secretary
Fuiiitrill IllriTtttr
Sieuin Bailors and Purnaco Work it
Cost ami Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
?9 Cline
hi tlm olii MhiiiiiiIiii llsrlior simii
I'lltl llllW III] lull ml 111 tllll
First t'liiss Work In nil branohos
nf the
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policy Holders
Fred. W. Swain
(Form F.)
1.1'itiru'iit.e nt Improvements.
Nutii-e Hull Dui; Mineral Olalm,
situute ill the Kol't .Steele .Minim.
Division ul'  Must.  Kiinteuay District.
Where located: About throe miles
north of SI. Mnry's river uml two
miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKK NOTICE that 1 Thus. T.
MoVlttio, I'.M.O., Nn. Iti',112, Agont
tin- Chris 1'iiili', Free Minor'a Cortl-
lieute Nu liiiVfi, Intend, sixty days
from ilute horoot, to upply tu tlie
Mining Iteeuriler lur u Oei'titlcata ul
linpruveliifiits, lur the pill'lmsc uf
ohtninlng u Orown Grant of the
abovo claim,
And fintlier tuke notice that notion
iiiiili'i- sei-tiuii 117, must be commenc
ed hoforo the issiiiiiu'ii of such Oerti-
licit,' ul   liiipruvfinents.
Thus. 'I'. MoVlttio.
Iinti'd lhis  17th duy  uf Auguat, 1008
iFuriii F.i
Cortlllcnto ut  Inipruveiiii'uts.
NllTH'K, High IVuk Milli'l'iil
Olalm, sltuato in tlie Port Mucin
Mining Division "f Kust Kootenny
Where located: About three miles
nurlli ul the Sl. Mnry's liver, uud
live miles wost uf MattllOW ereek.
TAKE ■ It i'l'll 'is', thul I Thos, T.
MoVlttio, F.M.O., Nu, 1IH1I2, Agent
for Chris, Kolle, Free Miner's Oortlllcato Nu. I107D, Intend, sixty iluys
liiiin tho dnto horoot, to npply to
tho Mining Recorder tor a Oortlllcato
ot Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining n Crown Grunt ol tho
above claim,
And further tako notlco thnt action
miller st'ctiuti :{7,   must lie commenced beforo tho   Issuance ot   such Certificate ot Inipruvi'inetits.
33 Thos. T. McVlttto.
Dnted  this  17th  iluy  of  Annus!   1»08.
 0 ■
Notlco is horoby given that 30 duys
niter the publication ot this nutice
in the 11. ('. Gnzottc, 1 intond to
upply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands uiul Works, nnd to the ussis-
tunt Commissioner of Lunds und
Wurks for tlio district, of Kust Kootonay for ii licence to prospect for
i'niil uiul petroleum on the following
lleserilieil luuds, situated on Akamina
crook, about ono hull mile eust uf tbo
lurks of sniil meek uiul Ktshenohnn
crock, Hloek 4593, Kust Kootenny
district. Commonelng at a post
planted aeur the South Kootenuy
I'uss trail, holng marked "Content
Rltou's N. W. eorner poss", thence
soul ti Sll ehuins, thenco enst Hll
eluiius, thenee north mi eliuins,
tlienee wesl so eluiius to the pluee of
beginning containing ti-lu neres moro
or less.
Content Elton, locator.
ill John Cluyii, Agont.
1 uti',1 this 8th day of August 1908
Summer months are BOVRIL
month-. A cup of BOVRIL
With is biscuit gives all
necessary nutriment wIipii
meat is noi relished.
Try a little BOVRIL iu your
®he inspector.
District ol Kootonay,
—  o —■
TAKK NuTH'K tlmt  I, Cli-mint  II.
Potion, uf Ornnbrook, occupation
dent., Intond to apply to tho Ohiel
Oommtssiouoi' ol Landa ami Works at
Victoria, for permission tu purchase
tlio following described lands Bttuate
in Southeast Kootonay district;—
Commencing ut t\ post plantod nt the
8, W. cornor of Moans pro-omptlon,
thonco oast 30 chuins to tho boundary of Lnt No. 0038, thonco south
ill) ehuins to the boundary uf hot Nu.
204s, thence west :H) chnins, thonco
north ;iu chains to point of commencement, containing mo acres
moro or less.
Clement H. Pollen,
Datod Sept. Sth.  WOS. 87
Continued from page 2.
if lurther evidence is wanting to
show that your's is a loBt cause, It
is to b« found In a sossion wasted
hy the frantic efforts "f your Govornmont tu conceal the information
on public mutters to which tlie
House and public ure untitled, aud to
pitas tin Act to enable thc same.'
frauds to bu perpetrated in connoc
tion with the electoral lists In British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario
and Quebec, as were used iu your
support at thu hmt Dominion election iu Manitoba.
Hoping that 1 have satisfied you
that 1 have sufficient reason for thu
confidence. I feel in the triumph of
my able successor Mr. R. I.. Borden,
In tbe coming contest, I remain,
Yours Faithfully,
Winnipeg, Sept. st, ihok.
Electoral District   of Crunbrook.
NOTICE id hereby given that Sit-
tings of the ubove Court will beheld
nt the Government Building, Cranbrook, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesduy, at two o'clock p.
m.j at Moyie every Saturday at thc
sume hour; nnd at Marysville, Fort
.Steele and Wardner on such days
aud dates as may be appointed in
the proceedings.
All debts and demands not exceeding the sum of $1U0 eau be sued for
and recovered in tlie above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or after Judgement) or on Instalment Ordor which can be enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
handed in   to   the    undermentioned
Clerks of the Court., via:—
1<\  lt.  Morris,  Deputy Sheriff,   Cranbrook.
P. ti. Houth.   Provincial    Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph  Walsh,  Provincial Constable,
Port Steele.
Joseph Ityan
Hated 22ml day of June, 1908.
District of Kootenay.
 o —
Take Notice that Hugh Stowart of
Craubrook, Intends to apply tor permission to purchase tho land bounded as follows: - From n post on
Lho Kootenuy river approximately on
tho South boundary of Lot lit;, 2ii
west to tho boundary of Lot !M2,
thence HI chains south, following the
rust boundnry of Lol 842 to tho
Kootenuy river, thonco 40 ehulns
following Lho Kootonay river to tho
point of commoncoment, containing
;io neres more or less.
Hugh Stewart.
L\  11    Pollen, Agent.
Datod Kuptembor 12th  i'")H, 89
District of Kootenuy.
TAKE NOTICE that I Joseph
ityan, of Oranbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend tu apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lunds and
Works at Victoria, for permission to
purchase the following described
lands situnte in Southeast Kootenay
Commencing nt a post planted at the
W. corner of Lot No. 2(148, thence
south 20 chains, thence east 30 chains
thence north .{0 ehains, tlience west
lit) chains to the point of commencement containing IHO neres more or
Dated   Sept.
Joseph Ryan.
C.  II.  Pollen,  Agent.
6th.  L908. :t"
NOTICK is hereby given that 30
days after date, 1 intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for n licence to
prospect for Coal und Petroleum on
the following lunds situate In the
District of Sunt beast Kootenay,
llritish Columbia, in Block 4593:—
Commencing nt u   post planted ut
or near the southeast corner pust of
Lot 6808, Corbin Coal Lunds, and being the   southwest     corner    post of
Lillian  Harvey's  claim:   tbence north
SO chains,     thence    east      HO chains,
thence south     80 chains, thenee west
.HO chains to point of commencement
making 640 acres  mure  or less.
Geo. M.  Judd, Agent for
Lillian Harvey, Locator.
Located this 2.*itli     day of     August,
19US. 37
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after dute, I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lunds nud Works for u licence to
prospect for Coul and Petroleum on
the lollowing lands situute in the
District of Southeast Kootenay,
British   Columbia, in     Block 4593:—
Commencing at a post planted at
or near Southeast corner post of
Lot 6868, Corbin Coal Lunds, and
heing the north east corner post of
James A. Harvey's claim: thence
south 80 chains, thenco west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbenee
east 80 chains to point of commencement, making 840 acres more
ir less.
Geo.  M.   Judd, Agent for
James A. Harvey, Locator.
Located this     25th dav og     August
1908. 37
— o—
District of Kootenuy.
Tuke Notice that Francis 11, Pol-
Ion, Of London, Free Miner, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the land hounded us follows:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. K. corner post of Lot 342, 30
chains north following thc boundary
of Lot. 116 und 338, tbence 80 chains
west, thence 30 chuins south, thence
30 eluiius enst, to the point of eommencemeut, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Francis H. Pollen,
O. H. Pollen, Agent.
Dated   September   12th  1908. 39
District of Kootenay.
 o —
TAKK NOTICK thut I, Lansing V.
llrown, of Spokane, Wash., occupation Bail Road Agent, intends toapply for permission to purchuse the
following describod bind. Commencing at u post planted, commencing
ut. this post, thence 80 chains west.,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chuins east, I hence SO chains north
tu this post, excluding all land In
lllock ir.:il, containing 600 nctes
mote or less.
Lansing V.  llrown.
Dated Sept. 25,   1908. in
Poatod Sept. 26, 1908.
NOTICK is hereby
partnership horotofo
tween us, the unde
chants In tho City
has this day beeu
Uiul consent.
All debts owed to
nershlp are to be pr
eron ut Crnnbrook
claims uguinst the
ure to be presented
eron by whom i h
Duted  ut    CrunhiT
f Soptoinbot', A. l».
J lis
Witness J.  A.   II
given that the
re   subsisting be-
rsigned,   as mer-
of     Crunbrook,
dissolved by nni-
* the suid part-
tld to John Oam-
aforosaid and all
said partnership
to the said Cam-
same     will be
<k   this
6th day
District of Kootenuy.
TAKK NOTICK that I Marie H.
Brown of Spokane, Wash., occupation married woman, intend tu upply for permission to purchuse tbe
following decribed lands. Commencing nt u post pluntod ubout four
rods nurth of two little lakes ubout
one mile west of Fort Steele Junction, thenee nortb to Lansing V.
Brown's purchase, thence west to O.
P. R, right of way, tbence along
said right of way suuth east to this
Marie H. Brown,
Lansing V. Drown, Agent.
Dated   Sept.  25,   190S. 40
Posted  Sept. 26.  1908.
Cranbrook J
Tennis nnd  drivers  furnished  lor any poinl in   !»
Um district.
A. DOYLE, Mnnnf?er< ►
October ith.
Children's service und Kpwurth
League reports at U.
Sunday School and Bible (Muss at
The evening service will bo in
charge of the Epworth League de
purtment, short addresses by tbe
pastor, solos und bright singing. Visitors nre invited, und especially those
wbo go to no othei church.
Tnesday -Monthly devotional service at eight by the league.
Wednesday- -Prayer service at 8.
Choir practice at 8.45.
Lust Sunduy the Rev. E. B. Kyckman, M. A., 1). D., preached in tbe
Methodist Church to delighted congregations. The occasion wus the
Harvest Festival and church anniversary; the decorations were very tasteful, und the building was crowded to
the doors at the evening service. Tbe
preacher is a brother of S. W. Ryck.
man of this city, and is une uf tbe
best known men in the Methodist
church throughout the Dominion; hfl
is now on his way to thu Mission
Board meeting in Vancouver. The
Harvest sale took place on Tuesday,
which wus proceeded by a sumptuous
repast in tbe gymnasium; a lurge
number uf people availed themselves
of the good things provided, und
quite a nice sum wus added to the
exchequer of the Ladies Aid by the
event. Tbe Pastor wishes to thank
11 who have kindly assisted in make
ing this effort so successful.
Tbo necessary equipment for the
hoy's brigade is to be purchased in
Glasgow, Scotland, and will be hore
the course of five or six weeks.
All who favor this move on behalf of
the boys nre requested to give a donation to Itov. C. O, Main or Rov.
R, Hughes wbo have tbe mutter in
bund. Thirty-five hoys drilled lust
Monday, and it is expected to make
tho tirst Cranbrook company at least
fifty strong. The boys are working
With a will, and it is hoped a murch
out will take plaoe ns soon as the
accoutrements arrive.
Municipality of Cranbrook
Any mule or female being a Until subject of the full age of twenty-
one years, who carries on ..business
n the Municipality and is the hold-
ir of a trades licence, the annual
fee of which is not less than $5.00 or
who is u householder, shall be entitled to have bis or her name enter-
1 on the Voters' List of the Municipality, provided that he or she
shall during the month of October,
make and cause to be delivered to
tbe Clerk of the Municipality, tbe necessary statutory declnrntlon made
and subscribed before a Supreme
Court or County Judge, Stipendiary
>r Police Magistrate, Commissioner
for taking affidavits in the Supreme
Court, Justice of tbe Peace or Notary Public, as set forth in the
schedule of the Municipal Clauses
This declaration must be deposited
at the otlice of the Clerk of the Municipality on or before live o'clock
(six o'clock locnl time) of the 31st.
dny of October, 1908. Tbe declaration must be delivered within forty -
igbt hours nfter it is mnde. Porous qualified as licenco holders or
house holders who ure not property
holders, must attend to the registration of their names. Persons wbo
have become registered property
owners, since tbo 31st December,
1907, are requested to inform the un-
dersigned nt once.
T. M. Roberts,
Clerk of tho Municipality.
Dated  October  1st,   1908. 40
The Tate residence, situated on
Hanson avenue, containing eight
rooms, all modern conveniences.
Reason tor selling, the family leaving Criinhrook. Information supplied by Tate the Jeweler.
Beatty wants thc Earth
I will pay 20 cents per yard for
1,000 or more yards of gravel, or
clean soil, delivered one block from
tbe Post office.      W. R. Beatty.
i)o You ThinCi
For Yourself ?
Or, dq you opon your mouth like a young
-l gulp down whatever food ar m*it.
bo offered you J
9      9      9      9
Ai intelligent thinking wotrwu
lu need utSriVf from weakness, nervouMiotft,
psln iml smwUng, then h mctni much to
>uu that tln-rXf^-.Tif tflojj ami *in\>* hontiij,
■•""lii'inii pt* gjflj-m coHB&iafl&MUj t-y
<l_rutfp-isf.-r Un-i-i-n'nf w.ni,;ni\ QJgj       '
+    *    -j.    *    r
Tho maker* <>f Dr. Pturro'.s I'avorlto Proscription, for tlio euro o( weak, nervous, mn-   ;
down, over-worked, debilitated, nain-racked
women, knowing ililsmi tilcliio in he made up
of Ingredients, every ono of which lui- tlio   ;
■ Iron nes I posslhlo Indorse in of ihuloadlng   |
and  standard   nul hurltln-t »f -|„. soveral
Bobuolsof urnotlco, are perfectly willing, and   I
In fu.-i.ui' lytooglad io print, as thoy do,
tho formula, or lisl of Ingredients- uf which   '
It is composed, lu plain tinutbh, ou every
bottle-* wrapper.
*       +        +       -y       *h
The formula of Dr. Plereo's Favorlto l'm-
•erlptlonwlll hear tho mustcritlealoxainlmv   '
tlml of medical export*, for li contains no
alcohol, iinn-otlcs. harmful, or habit-forming
drugs, mid no agenl union Into ii that la uot   '
highly recommended by tbo mosl ndvn id   j
and leading medical teachors and auiliur-
ui.-s of iheir sovoral sel Is of practlco.   !
Uiom authorities recommend tuclngredlenti   '
x :
i fortbi
Is for will
SttrOOf ''*■■''"v '_"" '•'""• ■"'"■'■nu f,.
•*• + •«• 5t **a~ "
No other medicine tor woman's ills has any
8Uohprofessionalcndoruutuoni us Dr. l-luree's
Favorite Presort pi iun has reeelvud, In thu unqualified rucum udatlun uf oaeli  of lis
aovertllngredlctiuhy scores of loading medico) men of all  thu schools of practice.   I*   I
sueh an onUui-semuut uot worthy uf your   l
consideration 1
9      9       *9      9      9
A booklot of Ingredients, with numoroui
tuthoratlvo prufeslouul undone uts hy tlm
b-adlntr medical authorities uf this country,
will be mailed free to any onu sending name
aud address wltb request fur saint'. Addruss
Dr. B. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y.
afforded by a
'fr.-.     Guaranteed
Jo^a Waterproof
Qpfr   Sold
^mS^    Everywhere
Because they ar* tempered
unevenly by lire and
will not hold an adge.
are tempered aa hard
as flint by our exclusive
proceti of electricity.
]k ki Investment Co.
The  Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful nature.] resource:;, rich
fertile lands, mild nnd temperate climate,
located   in   southern   H.C.  west   of   the   Rockies,
Produces abundant crops of Fruit.
Grain. Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the   North-west.
Broad valleys  of  rich prairie  soil,   large  bodies
of excellent Timher, mountains of mineral ore
still untouched, abundantly watered by mountain
streams and springs,
A new section of the country that has never had
a land boom and where you can still have a cheap
home and the very best soil. One of the largest
valleys of level land in B.C, embracing the
Tobacco Plains. Country, The St. Maries, Prairie,
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort, and
the Baynes, Lake Fruit District.
.\ postal  staling what   kind  nf land vmi wnnl,  will liriny
lull description,  maps, ami   I'clinblc information re^nrdinj^
i'linin tt',  soil,  and pine-, ol land.
Ilie Frost Investment Co,
CraQbrook Drug & Book
Not How Cheap, but    ft4ftft**ftft4444*ft4ftft***444*ft*ftft*ft*ft*ft*ftftftftftftftftftft
How GOODS Now CHEAP; c.a .   , ,,       u.       ♦
X Silver-mounted Case Pipes ♦
11' von liuve never tried our     4
1 ,1 U>1 I    ..ill,i.l.I'         j. "'in    1 iiu   itui'm   tuiu   ...l-.-i,                     -
* sluipes, liiin^lil  Inr cusli uud sold nl 11 reusou              ♦
CRISP, MOLASSES-KISSES X ulilo niiii-jtin.    SER 'I'll KM      PRICK TII KM              ♦
Co., Cranbrook,   B.C. ialmond ROCK AND lady 9 Wc arc still leading with a fine assorted line of CIGARS ♦
CARAMELS X   at 3 for 25 cts. ♦
cull nnd you will  iw convinced  9 ft
Ihoy ure tlie llliesl yon ever nt 11 ,♦ ,•„,, „„,„k „,.,ivi vnvv f1llv      v1i Tl,,„ „s ♦
Edison Theatre
Fraser & Hutchison
Moving   Pictures
Illustrated 5ongs
The   Best  in
Cranbrook  at
The Little Picture Parlor
that runs continuously
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
Tlmne Nn. 1)0,
1*110 floods iii'i'iviii{~ every duy     All Tubm
und   ('leviiviics   sume   price  u>  oilier  sto
Saturday only 20 cts. i
l|" !! Cranbrook    Cigar    Store:
' ,ivvlv'" y ■"i"lll"('i,>'| JOHN CAMERON, Proprietor. ♦
'P jj j] p A.L]y[ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •
TELEPHONE,    N'o.    ill.
Rates from
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.
Stomach trouble ii but a irmptom of, and not
ln itself a true dlaeM*. We think of Drip'-i»iM,
Huartbura, and Indiieitlofi aa real diKaxm, yet
thoy are symptoms only of a certain ipeciUu
Nvrve sickniwm-thlnf elite.
It waa lhi* fact that Dm correctly led Pr. Shoop
In tlitf creation of that now very popular Stomach
Kumedy—Dr. Shoop'i Kpiloratlve. (loini diroct i
to the Htomach nnrrei, alone brought that hiicc'Hi
and favor to Dr. Shoop and his Restorative. Without that original and highly vital prloclpR nn
IllCh lasting accninplishnipnU wertt ever to be had.
Kor atomach distress, bloating, bfUoiUnMI, had
breath and sallow complexion, try Dr. HhtKtp'* ,
RMtoratlVa—Tablets or Liquid—and see for your.
■elf what it can and will do.  Wa fell ud cheerfully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
For Horses and Cattle
:inn n.'ivM
(Inod Fences      (I I Water
liood Pasture
A|,|,lj iiil'.r.'Olllll'TT, 1'iimil llimHi
11I1111M II!  mill- Iriini Cvitnl <>i*.  ir
ll 1,1 Sui'ili Slur mill.
Carpenter and
Builder.    ■:■    ■:■
MIH\I\ Ini   Sul..   or   K.'lil   111.
liwt-ii.n BeasonabI(i      pfi(,0B,
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Pliuuii    No.    98.
Soiling dales Sept, HUli lu -Illi
Pinal  roturn   limit   Sept.  H1.H.I1
********************** **********************
Fort Steele Brewing Go.. Ltd. 1
I'.O, ii.in k\*2 PERNIE, B.O', Telephone N'o I      ♦
Selling  dllles Sepl. -'1st   III  L'elll
h'inul   return   limit    Seni    ;'"ili
. . . OF KXTHA I'lNK . . ,
SOU) I'.V Till?  IIAI.'l.'Kl..   KKi; OR  III iTTI.KD
Hottlet) beer for family use a specialty
OITSIIIH (llllll IIS lilVKN S'I'ltllT
, . ANII I'llliMI'T ATTKNTIil.N . .
Apply tn local ticket agents fori*
berth reservations, etc.        ll    .-.      ^   «^^.      ■      .-. .        »-.        a  a. .
It    hort   Htcclc  llrcu'itiK Co., L.td.
J.E.PK0i:T0K, U P A..Calgary,Alia | ********************** **********************
Selline dales Sepl. 2(ll,|i li I. 2 J
li'liml return limn   i le.tober Vll   *
Correspondiii';  Kates  from other x
points. I 9 I'lIK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   ll.C, OCTOBER 8, 1008
tin- Japanese government    Ami
miiy sir, iiiii Wilfriil Laurier nml
Tho Traili- -M;iiU is lho mosl
pari of ii Kit Kotor-m Suit or uvoivout-
Jusl ;i- lho signature of ;i ehc-quo jflvos
ii vain.-: -H does lho tmilo murk 11.x tho
t|iiulit> of i'vor,\ srai'meni hearing it. The
Trwle Mark Is tho personal jruaninteo of
ipany,     Look   foi   litis
Mr. Fisher take tin' stand in favor ol
tho Influx uf tin- Japanoso, but we
iimi that Mr. Lemleux, postmaster
general, who had also visited Japan
.it the expense ol tho people ol Can
adn, argued mi the Hoor of the house
.is tallows: ''The policy expressed by
and There.—People'H"L loader of the opposition during
Who   Come to   Cranbrook ami       his campaign In western Canada last
[Kirtiuit i   People you may know
virtue. I
'  giftsi ! Visitors    Herfl
Murk  i- iln-
In-  PH   P.efonu Con
l'ni,i,   Mnrh   nml  In
Tliu.se   Who Co Awuy.
Uurrien, Uooileve, ami ji white
Hiitlsh Columbia.
Stewart    Ims
n,■   Vpplos to
some   very
New Fall Stock of
have arrived.
Call     and     see    our
Range in  both Lines.
$15    S18    S20    $22
$25 $28 $30 <&$35.
Green Tomatoes und    Gherkins foi
pickling nl   Stewarts
Herbert  S     Clark     paid a
laj afternoon to Port Steele.
full, was ii pollcj "t complete oxclu
Bton Ho argued beforo tho British
Columbians thai il ho wero In power
lu' would havo n white British Col
umbin, which l understand to menu,
the exclusion of oriental labor which
applies to tho case in hand, mentis
the exclusion ol thc Japanoso Here
we have •■* Liberal minister actually
taking tho Hon, Mi Bordcn'B stand
of the ureal Con crvatlve party to
visit, |tusk for arguing in favor of a whu.'
British ( olumbln Mr Burden took
occasion to intet i upt t he I Ion Mi
111 Lemlcux in his ai gumeul, as follows
"Mighl i ask tin Hon Mt Lemleus
whon ho stands tl he Is noi for it
■ hoi i reek » i ■ whtto British I dumbla?' Mi I ■■
mieux, "No, sii Thu ■ we have n
distincl declaratl i tn m thc I Ihoi il
W. It. Boss, M .,    tna, ,„.      no,    m  ,,,   ,
white British Co mbl i and thai    li
Is opposed to iii. posil Ion taken     i
the Hon   i:   I    P den and Consrn ,
tlve partj     In i li  ndvocac)  ol  the
tni exi i utals, hul  stl ■■-
l  w ill shot*     yo tm thei  i hal     noi
onlj   sn- Wilfrid iurtw and Mi    I e
mieux and also M     Ptshei ol whom I
have iti". i.v (on ed,  is uot  only
u    .1   Brei
16 ril\    M
i    C    It: ott 'i
'    ■
We    have    on    hat)d    at    tY)\s
writing 180 squares of PAROID
The   price   is  right,   we
war)t    your    business.
was ill tlie
!•:   ,\   Hill
t;    VI
■   mi   Fei i v  ■
'■  ■ ■
!•■     S Mi,"..
it)   Mi ■
Tlie Popular
Cranbrook BC
J ,Vl jj    ':     itOll
-   in town Moiitluj
V     ■
nul   \    il   Penwick   ol
tCl :':=J     luisi
Ti   sdaj
East    Kootenay The Lending Fruit Store
DYE  HOUSE choice Ontario urapbs I
■ :
'■■ .
pposed t" theli exrlusion, i'iii be
lie*d thai it is ■ he interest ol Can
ada, i hat these 11 lental races should
be allowed free access to our countrj
The follow Ine I iki n fi om I Ian inrd
will abundanl U prove w bat Mr
Plsher said ' Mani ol them 11 he
Japs) may come in. 1 um not so
much afraid as some ol them that
many ol them will come kn Thoro
was an allusion made this afternoon
to .t proposal to take ten thousand
acres i I I tnd in tbe Northwest     aud
We have been so successful with the J. D. McBRIDE
SPECIAL RAZOR that we have made arrangements
to bring out another specialty. Are not at liberty to
go into details this week, but may state our new one
is a line associated with Patent Medicines.
Full particulars next week.
:< .
For all  kinds of
ii      v-      ,   , t   , ■       iitvrr,        ,,,,,,,■■         '■-''               ■    '■'                                   -•■■     "'    Pet*
HONOL1 Ll     I'lNK.   APPLE*   .   .                        .      .„ «MU>„
                                Tl irsil   ■
OKANAGAN   APPLES          ^   „   M/   —- .   ,.,,,,    .,
AND     PEARS                  Marysrllle     ■■--■      'ranbi    k   visitors
Nothing line  or  coarse,   largo
ur small tlmt we cannot handle.
We also do
PK.'KLINt;   GHERKINS   AND     Mt   .,„.,     MrTs"Adams and   W.
GREEN    TOMATOES           Freeman ol  Uthbridte were Sn town
STEWART'S    FINE               T   H   Hartly and K   W. Taylor, ot
CHOCOLATES               VT   ~""'"  S":'!i'> 1"st ""'"
do not know that they mil take 10,
100 acres aud place it under the
Japanese method of cultivation. I
do not know that it would hurt and
1 have confidence that if n few thou
sand or I do not hesitate to say. a
few hundred thousand of Japanese
came into Canada, the present Canadian people will still rule this land.
For this reason 1 am not so very
much ufrald of Japanese Immigration
bt-heve me, carrying out tho opinion
of this minister ol the crown, the
Liberal government have actually set
aside in the province of Southern Alberta. Jh townships of the richest
hind, to be used by the Japanese for
n town [the purpose of beat sugar raising, to j There ure things, though, that
compete with the white settlers ot come out in the washing,
that fair province. While the Liberal still, there is a reason for the
government have thus argued in fa- (scandal,   aud a sound one if viewed
SMITH   CURTIS   at   CranbrOOk  '■-"'•'.•'■   Therefore vote tor Laurier.
Hy this tune the audience hail grown
tired, and weary and perished, and
disgusted, nnd sleepy and homo they
wenl. That is what Smith Curtis
ought to do, go home and keep himself quiet.
The worst ot the matter is that the
lamed banana bolt of Cninbrook is
withered by the gizzard of this business, lt is no laughing matter by
any means.   'Tis true.
Continued from pngo  I.
born fools as to give their opponents
any advantage In a life nnd death
grapple such as thoy are now engaged In? Would a man lighting a
wounded grizzly throw away bis
rifle? As Sarah Sldtlons once said ot
a like argument, "it won't wash."
J. Leask, Tailor Hugh Stewart
I'IK ink;
ii   I
M!»«M*'-''-'''----'-» 194*444**************44 I s""'1''
4 ft
* I , I.'I ► l I I M V, J   I   I HH.'OJI V. I , V I.'I V, !    I  Ml   I.' A V I V, ft
and  Mrs    .1.   Wulsli und child-
Fort  Steele,  wore Cranbrook
s Tuesday.
,, Wjitt. of Toronto, wus visit-
. father,   In    H    Watt of Fort
this week.
hykim; nmi ri.k,wim;
srcoiWKon to l, coiin
Better try n pond of our regular
■10 cent confectionery for 2U cents;
Saturday only, nt   "The Palm."
Dr. H. Watt was over from Kurt
| Steele attending the Liberal mect-
i lug  Wednesday   night.
! The average tirit may be as intel-
I ligent as tlie average Tory, but the
Oril  carries the cake for gullibility.
to      Stewart's    for
He ships   direct
from  the
en, Qoodeve, and i
[ti it ish Columbia
The first direct shipment of Ontn-
Irlo grapes arrived at Stewarts, The
"Red Hogers" 'variety. They are
very choice.
I   duy P. Pownnll, of Victoria, van in
I town Thursdny.   Mr.  Pownnll has   n
large ranch in tho    Kootenny Valley
at Pish Lakes.
J Hunhury, ot Brandon, wns in the
city Wednesday. Mr. Hunhury has
large lumbering interests in this dis-
I    have    Sold    my   Jewelery
Busincss   to   the
and would solicit the patronage of the public on
their   behalf.
Thanking all my patrons
for    the    very    liberal    way
they    have    dealt    with    me.
Respectfully   yours,
ll. C. Woods, of Toront
,;   1)      P,
Pishcr, ol Quebec; nml s.
.1. Amadon
ol Detroit, were uur.is n
thc Crun-
brook Thursdny.
li  w    Gordon,    ol    Ni
lsim; 1'.  13.
Willis ,,[ Vancouver; nnd
Ohns.   Mc-
N'.ili. of Wnldo,  were cues
v nl     lhe
C'rnnbr i Thursdny.
Mr   nnd Mr    T    ,'hcl.tn
,: 1 iinie,
Ml -    1'    1,1,'jis,,n   jiiij!    IIIsh
r.i.vi.v ,,[
S'npnnee,   wore    Crunbroi
k   visit,,is
M   llllll)
1 ailed, ol Wiiinipi'ii. N :•: Bro
- ■ nl Pei nj,\ .1 V Davidson, ol
Vnncouvci, w D White, ,,| Pi rnlo,
ii : \ Mi I., hi of Vancouver wero nt.
thi  (.'ranbrook  Sunday last
15   H   Call, ol Now Wi'stiniuii t, W.
I    Mnrdonald,  of  Nolson,   El.  ( nrpu-
Moyio,     uml W    laston of
T mn woro registered nl  iho (.'run-
brook  Monday
V li McDonald, ol Spoknno, P. J.
11. j.j..-. ol Nelson, .1 A itcDoiiald of
Hn land, nnd A A CllllcHlilo of
Pernie,  woro nl   the tlrnnlirnok  Wed-
STAR       J
Kimberley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW, Proprietor.
fl   tluaty nl Pernio, W
hi. Hliord
iffintronl,  .1. C. Labia,
il Viiui'iiu
u    t   Mnrtln, "l Mi
ntroal, ll
Drown,  ol      Hpnkuno,
mil  li   II
bu     ol   W,„,ilsl,,i'l:     w.'l
'     ni   lln
nbrooli   Mondny.
Intiirdny Innl   parties
broke ind
Illiiin   Ol    l'l     A      l.l'/i'l'l:
, which Is
ted on  Bl    Joseph   cl
.•i'li       Tin
Ir    .in-  known,  nnil  il
they i'iiiiii
nrd innl '.iiiii- tor dm
llll'I'H lllllil
.■ill   mvc    lliomsolvo
J        llllllii'i
li    A    l.izi'il
Ibirden, (londovo, and i
llnti'.b c,hiinl'i;,
9     „,   „,   u„t....   iiv|iiivi»i, mm r„ ^
Tiie pitiv'liirlal government lum an
nounced it:, intention to build a new
hridge on the Kootonay river at
Porl Htcole It will coHt Jin,mm.
Tin- bridge nl St, Eiigono MlHHlon,
croflnlnn tho St. Mnry's river, will
[also he rebuilt nt on oxpenne of
if the influx of these people and
while we have heen assured by three
ministers of the crown that there
was absolutely no danger of any
number of Asiatics coming into our
province. On the very bout on which
the Hon. Mr. Lcmleux returned from
Japan, we And from the government
returns that 1,000 Japanese immigrants landed in the port at Vancouver, and since the signing of that
treaty on January liith, I'.ttlT, there
have   been     received  in the country
L.326   Chinese,   7,858   Japs  and  2,040  the tight with hare knuckles and
Hindoos.   I find in the province     of  "    '   '     ' *
from the Grit standpoint. SMITH
OURTIS IS A FAILURE AS A CANDIDATE, and knowing it they have,
by tbe great betrayal, sought to give
him some ghost of a buow of winning against Arthur S. Goodeve.
Hats ofl to keen! Let every Tory
take ofl his hat to Keen and cheer
him with three times three nnd n
Royal Bengal Tiger of the finest kind
ns a finisher, for having done tlie one
thing needful to make every last Con
servatlve in the     Kootenays go into
llorden, Goodeve, and a white
British Columbia.
British Columbin, we have a population of ubout 2011,0011 whites, taking
tbe usual basis of reckoning there are
•10,000 white male adults. In other
words the Asiatic population in this
province, equals the white male adult
population and we find the Asiatic
population Increasing at 100 percent,
per annum, while the white population is Increasing at a little less than
12 per cent, per annum. I ask you in
view of these facts which no man can
gainsay, how long it will be before
western Canatln will be dominated by
the yellow races. Unless prompt and
effective measures nre taken to stop
tliis influx, 1 have shown you from
Quotations from the official request
of the House, the attitude of the two
great parties in regard to this question. On one hand, we have the Conservative lender, Hon. R. L. Borden,
working to keep Ibis a great Anglo-
Saxon country. On the oilier hnnd,
yon have the Liberal government, led
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, working nud
believing in the introduction of cheap
labor. I appeal to you as western
men, is it your desire that the great
heritage of our western country be
Inhabited by the Japanese, us favored by Mr. Fisher, minister of agriculture. Do we want the .lupanese with
his one acre grubbing day by day on
his hands and knees In order that he
mny raise the small portion of rice
necessary for bis substance or do
we want these great lands foi* which
wc have heen three hundred years
working mid building up, to he held
and dominated by the great. Anglo-
Saxon race? I safely lenve the de
cislon of this question In your hands.
Railway men and the Leinieiix act.
When the Lciinetix not was before
the federal bouse, the railway men,
whu form a large proportion of tills
constituency, ami, I may add, a very
large      proportion   of   the   respoiisil
fixed determination to win. As fains the Grits could, they gave us the
worst of the deal. They dealt the
cards from the bottom of the pack.
They dished us up dirt of the old
familiar Grit brand, and now let us
see to whnt extent it profits them.
On Wednesday evening Curtis eame
here for his meeting with J. A. Maedonald, K. C., of Rosslnud and P. J.
Deane of Nelson ns his bottle holders
and hearers of the bag with thc clor-
oform sponge in it. That meeting or
rather the atmosphere of it, would
keep Pat Burns & Co. tn Ico for a
century. It was a heartbroken, frozen fiasco. There was a haunting
senae of dissolution in the air and a
silence sueh as creeps on people gathered in a bouse where death is imminent. Tilings went well enough
while Dr. J. H. King wns speaking,
but when Deane opened the chill set
in. He spoke awhile in the bushed
silence of the hall and Bticcoedod In
saying nothing. He bad no mandate
to deliver. J. A. McDonald, K.C,
the leader of the opposition in Victoria, followed and the Indies reached
for thoir wraps, He said that Laurier was responsible for the 120 million bushels of wheat thnt they harvested in the west this season. That
the great fault of tbe Conservatives
was tbat they never defined their
charges against the government. Ile
admit led thai there was something
wrong in tin1 depart ment ot marine
and fisheries and that Goodeve will
make a splendid ease against the Lib
erals mil of the material lurnishcd
by tin famous civil service reporl.
But he coilld noi raise a cllOOf or a
hand clap. So II dliftod from chilly
weather to arellc regions, McDonald
is the Tulklughoin of the Liberal
Then   came    Smith Curtis heralded
by   tin  thunder  from   the  wings, the
u theatrical thunder produced
working men of our Dominion, men P'*/ Homo follow shaking a sheet of
who daily carry in their hands lives pnpot' in the wings of the stage. The
nnd property of tho people of Canada, I wild applause-, that's what they will
sent n delegation to Ottawa pointing .'''ill it, lasted for every second often
out that the act if passed in its   then  nnd then Curtis launched lnt
shape would be detrimental to their
interests and asking that their Hide
of the question he heard or that, they
should he exempt from its operations
from an amendment. Mr. Borden and
many of tho prominent conservatives
of tho house argued in favor of the
request of the railway men, stating
that it. was only reasonable lhat.
wben such an Important measure,
and effecting such a large number of
people, wns bofore the bonne, that
their opinion should have due weight.
Finally, Mr. Borden submitted on ho*
half of these men. the following rest
hi 1,1 on: "That Ibe hilt he referred t
a special cniniiilltefl of l\w house for
the purpose of hearing any pontons
affected by the provisions of said bill
who may desire lo present any rea
Boltahlo objection lo its election in
its present, form or wlio may desire
to sign uny amendments, and that
Ihey report to lhe bouse, the result
of such bearing." Now 1 shall leave
it, to any pers
ieiice  if tlmt   w
pliment of a most involved character
to the Indies present. Ho appeared
to get tangled up in his similes and
ended that part of his speech by saying something about making this
province a white man's, or a white
woman's count iy wilh blond hair. No
ono understood wlml. lie meant, and
n few smiled feebly as if they fell,
there was some kind of a joke concealed on the premises. Here the
cold reached zero, or near it. To
warm it up he referred to the gas
buoys thut were of so great use to
. the navigation of the St. Lawrence,
i j that they helped save two mud
scows from llie horrors of n watery
grave, Therefore, vole for gas
buoys. (We are deeply Interested in
gun buoys out here,) Then ho turned
to a portrait of Laurier at tlie hack
of the platform and asked the people
to gaze on that noble countenance,
and having gn/eil, In ask themselves
iu their souls, could a man with so
in this vnst mid |l<,ft.v » '"'nw and a countenance so
1 n fair and rea- [noble, he possibly guilty of the chn
soimble resolution All lhat was ask »''" M"11 w,,,'« 'wd to tbe door of
■il was lhat all persons affected bv |tho I""'v ,"' roprosontod? Of course
:aid bill should have a fair opport.un .not. it was absurd. Then give your
ty to present Iheir side of the case, |voteu to that, noble countennnco, The
and yet because this was sulmilttod |trade in IMG was so much, and the
by the opposition it wns voted down  ,m,1(! ■•■ Canada  in    1906     was
hy a straight party vote.
much more.   Who made that     trade? speudiiif; of the campaign cash.
Sir Wilfrid's  unfinished  work
Grafters,  tinilier thieves,    middlemen,
and politicians  want htm  to finish
Sir Wilfrid Laurier still begs the
privilege of finishing his worn.
His government has given to speculators only about 2500 miles of
western timher. There is a little
more.   Let him finish the job.
There ure more farm lands, and
more political syndicates like that
which got 250,000 acres in the Saskatchewan. Let the government finish tbe division.
The grazing lumls are not nil gobbled up hy irrevocable lessees. Let
that be finished.
Only five ascertained purehnsen of
land for government railways from
middlemen at 100 to 200*per cent,
rake-off have been reported. Let this
good work go on.
The cost of the transcontinental
hus only heen multiplied hy three.
Surely that is not the finish.
Mr, Merwin, of 187 per cent, ruke
off fame, has sold only $750,000 wortli
of goods to the marine department.
Let him finish.
Mr, T. L. WTillson's companies have
obtained only iJSOO.OOO or $900,000 on
the contracts which the royal commission so beautifully denounced. It
must not end there.
The ('anadian Fog Signal Company
has come in for only about $600,000,
with profits up to 1,000 per cent.
Why   stop at that?
Only two "Arctic" expeditions and
one "Montcalm" outfit have been
paid for. These things must not be
nipped in the laid.
At last accounts only 13 of those
astonishing Wallberg contracts were
iu prom-ess. This is an unlucky mini
ber and should  he increased.
Surely there are more Wagners and
Nixons, I'rcstons mul Leaebes to be
PI' oled and rewarded.
Only      78       tubers of  parliament
liavo I u appointed to olllee by Sir
Wilfrid.   Tlml  industry is capable   of
Only one Quoboo bridge and oue
Laurier tower have fallen. That Ih
not enough,
only one Sub Target deal, one Falconer deal, one Moss Rille contract,
one Alaska boundary surrender, one
French treaty unratified.
Taxation and expenditure have only
been trebled, This is merely prelim
inary. Lrl Sir Wilfrid finish thene
Borden, Goodeve, and a white
British Columbia.
Royal Collieries Limited
Tlie work on tlie grading and track
laying of the itoyul OolHorlOB track
is progressing rapidly. Five miles of
the grade are completed with one
mile ye( to make. Steel is laid for
one thousand feet, and tbe C. V. It.
have all the material except the rails
on hand for the truck laying. Home
of tbe rails ure here now. At the
mine the slope is down one hundred
reel. The company intends having n
hotel erected at once.
A. S. Goodeve and !'. R. Maedonald of RosBland were registered at
tbe Cranbrook  Friday.
A. H. Watts ami F. IL Kellsnl of
Wattsburg were in town Friday al *
tending the Goodeve meeting.
There was no frost at the Goodeve
meeting on Friday night, it was Bun
aim  weather.
Mr. G. W. Manning, of Sussex, was
visiting his son tm Manning this
From Grit sources it is said that
"Slippery" Bill Pugsley, will he defeated in St. John.
As an icebreaker. Candidate Goodeve is much better than the famous
Montcalm or  the Arctic.
Bert Whimster, representing the
Fernie Free Press was in town Fri
5,00 u CASH
$3,00 TmONTH
Good Discount For C'ush
mm. stronc
Also Second   llniid   Miicliini'i
For Sule Chimp and To Rnnl.
Al'IHSlroil*" Avenue
Phono Iii" Crniiliniok, K.C
Trading Co.
Ilobert    Dowar, of Fort, Steele wns
n the city Monday,
Grunt  Belongco,
in town Saturday,
J   Maryiu'ille   was
Goiner Jones, of Wardner, wus in
town Friday. Ho attonded tlio Con*
BOrvatlVO meeting in Ihe nudilorium
during Die evening.
A politieul booster from Cranbrook
was at Fernie with Smith Curtis und
locnl Liberals are kicking because
they did not    have the bundling and
Wo aro still handling
Agents for the famous
Mayers Stock Foods.
General E5lciokssiitit.il
antl Woodworker..
Rubber Tires Applied
To    BiiBgy    Whools
Phone 50   ■   •   •    I'.O. Box 218


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