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The Prospector May 22, 1909

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Array Mt.rr.rT nf l.tg, AH.
Vol. 15.
CRANBROOK,   B.C.,   SATURDAY,     MAY   22,   1909.
No. 21
Vancouver, B. C, May 18--A clash
was narrowly averted tonight between atreet HpoakcrH and a squad of
police. Several hundred people until-
'iirroll streets, following the an
nouncement at a mass meeting
night that a tree speech meeting
would be held in detlunce of the police.
The police ordered the crowd to disperse tonight and jeers and hoots ie-
suited. L. T. English, who was at
the time speaking, continued, and
paid little attention to the officers.
The police took no summary action,
but the speakers will be summoned to
police court  tomorrow
The following selection of bon mots
were sent out by the Liberal publication committee at Ottawa this week
to the Liberal papers of the west: , ,. -    ■■
•Hon. Wm. Pugsley make* mince •"<■ »} th« co™«1' ot Hastings
meat of a report by some New Brun- OwoU streets, following t
Kwtck political commissioners, and
BDoffs its contents to be reckless, unreliable, untrue and contradictory.
Mis honor and reputation completely
"Hon. Mr. t'ugsley annihilates his
traducers in a brilliant effort lasting
four and a half hours. When he concluded there was nothing left of the
report but the cover.
"The Tories tlnally hacked down.
The Grand Trunk Paclflc loan has finally passed the house, close upon a
masterly address by Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ier the house voted on the measure
and the conservatives came into line
and voted solidly for It."
The incident which provoked the
above questions is first a speech by
the Hon. Mr. Pugsley, who himself
says that the Royal commission that
Investigated the Brunswick Central
Railway scandal, were not careful,
but had made statements not in accordance with the testimony. Also
that the evidence was false and not
according to facts. The house proceedings, after a long speech by Mr.
Pugsley, and by a straight party
vote sustained Mr. Pugsley. It was
the same old story of "ask my brother if I am a thief."
After Sir Wilfrid had made a masterly speech the Grand Trunk loan
passed. In other words Sir Wilfrid
plainly intimated to his followers
that it was his desire to pass the
bill, and it was passed.
Mr. Pugsley annihilated his traducers. In other wordB Mr. Pugsley is
an honest man by his own testimony
and the Landry commission and witnesses that appeared qefore the commission are detractors, traducers and
untruthful, while "Slippery Bill" is
fit to wear a white garment and
sprout a pair of shining wings.
Thinking men, as the facts were
presented by the commission, prefer
to be.ieve Judge Landry and his associates, than take the word of the
accused Mr. Pugsley.
Not Expected.
Inhabitants of the Prairie are
Startled bp First Shook in
Their History Felt most in
the Cities and Towns and in
best Buildings.
g n. Tram     wants monly house
Kid up.
(TIio Week.)
Twelve   Passengers   Injured by
Engine Running into oars.
Grout Northern Passenger train No.
it whs   held     up li.v two masked men
Those who (ear the Amorlcanlsation
of Canada una little encouragement
Winnipeg, May 17 -That it was sale j„ the Bigns ol the times. Never luis
(rum earthquakes has boen the nxed , the imperial sentiment been so much
Idea of Hie Canadian prairie west un- in evidence, and never have the pen.
laetl'll Saturday ovonlng last when «cis-: ,,lc responded su spontaneously lu
mlc disturbances were recorded ol [suggestions looking to the widening
practically over looo miles square ot i „| the horizon, mid the raising "I
territory, from the foot of luke Win- the standard. Canada lias heretofore
nlpcs In the east to southern Alberta rcsted under the ban of commercial- ,„,.„„ . ,,, . ,.
lying under the shadow of the Rock- lsm, The necessity for a steady ," i.",,^,,!;, I'"1,,,,',l"
ies, and running from the heart ol i grind has left little time tor the con-
the state of Montana as far north as slderatlon of any but the most mat.
telegraphic wires have been carried, | orjui interests. The millions who
Shocks appear to have been most sc- \ have flocked to Canada have come
vere along the main line of the C.P. solely in search ot wealth, and most
H. between Brandon and Medicine \ 0[ them have found it In Home de-
Hat     hut without recording instru-1 £ree; this has demanded concentration
"   in-
botwoen     Mead     und Cohort, on tlic i t.'reek to  Keruie  was granted  tc
Several days ago magistrate Wit .
Hams fined T. M. Beamish 1100 lor ! moats available, comparative sever-
street speaking and the meeting to-! Ity is ut best but guess work, and
night Is the consequence. Discrlmin-1 the noteworthy feature Is that the
atlon in favor ot the Salvation Army I larger centers report the worst dis-
is alleged. Speakers alt vilified the i turbancos, apparently because they
police    and sharply criticised Magis
trate Williams
For a time it was feared a serious
clash would result, as the crowd was
worked up to a high pitch against
the police.
Moral and Sooial Reform Council.
The sitting of the supreme court
which was to be held on May 25th at
Fernic, has been postponed.
Holiday Closing.
Monday, Empire day all business
houses will be closed. Tuesday May
25 business houses will be closed from
1 p. m. to 6 p. m.
C P. R. Earnings Inorease.
Montreal, May 18—Grand Trunk
earnings for the week ending May 14
Increased $23,693 as comparod w:th
the same week last year.
Not Inoendiaries.
In Judge Armstrong's codrt, the
Cameron brothers, who were charged
with setting fire to the lumber of the
Mayook Lumber Co., the court dismissed the case.
Immigration Figures.
For the fiscal year ending June 30,
1908, statistics show that 66,860 people left the United BtateB for Canada, while M.826 left Canada for the
United States, a difference of 1,906 In
fnvor of the United States.
New Telephone Line.
F. R. Anderson is now engaged in
surveying a telephone line for the
fllootcnay Telephono Company. The
line is the eastern end from Cran-
brook to the Alberta line, and will
follow the government road, now under construction In Southern Kooten-
ay. Survey on the western end will
soon tie commenced.
Aurora Affeots Wires.
A meeting which represents a new
force in the communal life ot Cran-
brook was held in the court house on
Monday evening at 8.30. This was a
meeting to perfect the organisation
of the Moral and Social Reform Council of British Columbia recently organised in Vancouver and which together with councils of all other provinces of Canada is affiliated with the
Moral and Social Reform Council of
Canada. Representatives were present from the several protestant churches, fraternal societies and labor unions. Rev. C. O. Main was chosen
President; Rev. E. P. Flewelling 1st
vice president and G. W. Patmoro
2nd vice president and H. White secretary treasurer. A commltteee was
appointed to draw up a constitution
and draft the policy of the council.
. The aim of the council is to centralise in one organisation all efforts of
reform in the community. Its work
will be to deal with temperance, gambling, Immoral literature and obscene
pictures, social vice, law enforcement,
educating and sensitising public opinion, oversight of voters' lists and
In other ways to advance the moral
and social welfare of the community.
The attention of the council at pre
sent will be concentrated on the sup.
pression of the social evil, as the
most glaring of Cranbrook's evils
and a committee was appointed to
draft a petition to the police commissioners urging the enforcement of
the law for the suppression of the
curse. Thi6 petition is to be circulated among the voters. Letters are
to be sent to the various organisa
tions not already represented, asking
that representatives be appointed to
the council at once. The meeting adjourned to meet on Friday, May 28,
to hear the report of the committees.
Additional Looals
Mr. Mulr left Monday for the coast.
Otis Staples, president of the Step
les Lumber Co., at Wycltfle, was In
town Thursday.
Get your bunting and flags ready
and decorate your buildings on Empire day.
Come to Cranbrook on May 24,
Empire day; you will be sure to have
a good time.
Mrs. J. W. WoU, who had the misfortune to fall down stairs recently,
is able to he out again.
The Cranbrook district as a fruit
growing district is slowly hut surely
making its way to the front.
Cranbrook is the centre of the mining Industry of Southeast Kootcnny
and profit hy the revival in mining
in every camp in the district.
A technicality is something that
helps wrong defeat the right. That
liberal majority sustained Mr. Pugsley.
were most severely felt in high build
In Brandon temporary damage was
done to the lighting plant and the
same occurred at Wolseley where the
well of the lighting plant caved in
just before the shock, plunging the
town into darkness. At Gronfell the
shock was so severe that horses travelling on the road had difficulty in
keeping their feet. In Winnipeg, at
Saskatoon, Rogina, Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat and other places people
rushed wildly out of their houses expecting worse to follow and it in reported in at least one city that they
expected the end of the world had
come. Curious too, it is reported
from lleRina that the buildings most
shaken there were the best constructed buildings of concrete, while other
buildings, with perhaps more give
and take, withstood the shock well.
Farmers in the neighborhood of Medicine Hut thought the quake due to
the fearful explosion of gun cotton
Btored there, while in several caso3
rumbling as of thunder was reported
to have immediately preceded the
shocks, which generally lasted 20 seconds, from two to four in number at
22.17 central time, though one locality reports a final shock about midnight.
It it not too much to say that tho
event has astounded the west. Nothing else is talked about. Prof. Allen
of Manitoba university encourages
the belief that it has never happened
before and may never happen again.
Farther reports as to the earthquake which occurred In the west on
Saturday night confirm the impression that the disturbance was confined to the southern part ot the prairie country. Nothing was felt at Vancouver or anywhere on the Pacific
coast, Calgary being the most westerly point at which there was a tremor and there it was just barely perceptible. At the eastern end the disturbance did not spread beyond Winnipeg. Southerly it extended into
Minnesota and northerly to Prince
Albert, but at both of these extremes
the shock was slight.
Moose Jaw and Reglna were the
centres of the disturbance. No damage was done anywhere. A second
shock has evidently occurred through
some parts of the country early this
morning. The shock was felt in Montana and was recorded on the seismograph at Toronto, but doeB not
seem to have effected the region which
was visited Saturday night.
English Runner Makes Fast time
in Twenty Miles
main line east of Spokane shortly \><
forfl midnight on Saturday night, the
mull cur and the engine detached and
three ml.es east
f Hillyunl Where the mails were
rifled nnd the engine then reversed
und sent down the trackttu crash into the Btandlng train. When the collision occurred twelve passengers were
Injured. A hurry cull was sent to
Htllyard for doctors who were rush
ed to the scene in a special train car
rylng the officers. •
According to the report at Hltlyard
the bandits obtained booty amount
lng to more than $20,000 from the
mail car.
The train was running ut a fast
I rate of speed at Davis' brickyard, 14
milcH east of Spokane, when two
masked bandits crawled down from
the tender and with drawn revolvers
ordered the engineer, William Miller,
to stop the train. When Miller obeyed, he and the fireman, John H. Hall
were ordered from the cab and were
commanded to uncouple the mail cat
from the train.
When this was done the two ruffians
boarded the engine and went (Vying
down the track at a rapid rate, The
treaties Itmln W1IH in clllirKe ol  U' F'  K"uert-
" 'Ron, conductor.   He hurried from the
car when the train stopped, but was
kept back by the shots from the revolvers of the bandits, who stood
guard while the enginemen were uncoupling the mail car. He then sent
word to the nearest telegraph station
uf the holdup.
There was in addition to the two
men in the cab of the engine two
more on the top of the rear of the
tender who were acting as guards.
One of the men in the engine was six
foot tall, slender, dark hair and was
smooth shaven, wore white slouch
hat with small brim, dark coat and
trousers, about 35 or 40 years old,
had white handkerchief over his noso
but it slipped down and showed his
face to be wrinkled. The other man
in the cab was about five feet eight
inches tall, weighed about 1C0 or 170
pounds, dark complexion, dark slouch
hat turned down and slit in the back
and wore dark coat, light checkered
trousers, heavy tan shoes, had red
handkerchief over the nose as a mask
and blue handkerchief around neck.
This man understood the running of
an engine.   The ofcher did not.
The president of the railroad     has
authorised     a reward of $10,000 for
the bandits     w\o were concerned in
the holdup.
Montreal, May 20—Shrubb won the
20 mile race here today by a lap and
u quarter    in    the fast time of one
hour, 54 minutes and 25 seconds. St.
Ives finished out the race in 1.56.24.
It was a big surprise St. Ives being
practically a 2 to t favorite, reports
that     Shrubb's     right leg had gone
back on him since the Longboat race!
leading most of the experts to believe!
that he would fade away after     the j -     .
fifteenth mile.   Shrubb went out into   K6glua
the lead after the first twenty yards,
and setting a fast pace, opened a big I
lead in the early stages of the race. I
Preferring a grass course to the   one ]    j^cw
third of a mile cinder path the run-'
ners ran on a track laid just outside
tho cinder path measuring 31-5 laps
to the mile.   Just before the seventh
of effort, and in the majority of
stances the absolute exclusion of sec
ondary Interests. Canada's growing
time hns arrived. The period of prosperity which has heen under way with
little fluctuation for two decades has
vastly altered the social and economic conditions of the Dominion; there
has heen a levelling up, a spread of
luxury and luxurious modes both of
life and of thought, The result has
been to provide more leisure, and
with it a natural turning to the pro-1
blems of the age. Canada 1ms begun
to look beyond her own borders, and
realise that she can only develop in
sympathy with the sentiment of the
empire. International attairs loom!
larger on her horizon. The policy of
foreign nations has begun to attract
her attention. Commercial
with the United States, with France
and with Germany have drawn her
into the sphere of diplomacy. Her
fishing and boundary interests have
necessitated a closer acquaintance
with International law and although
most ol these matters have been
dealt with through the medium of
the home government Canada has
been represented in the negotiations
by her own statesmen and jurists.
The improvement of the cable and
press services has brought the Dominion into closer touch with the Mother
Country. The vastly increased travel
from both sides of the Atlantic and
the interchange of platform by leaders of thought from both countries
have given Canada a wider purview.
Its national aspirations were well
outlined by Mr. Sanford Evans, who
adopted the line of argument so im
pressively suggested by Lord Milner,
and perhaps after all first picturesquely stated by Mr. Kipling in his
famous phrase "The White Man's
Burden." Mr. Evans' contention that
Canada is already proving too small
for Canadians and that, inheriting
the instincts and the traditions of tht
British race, they will cherish the
same    ideas and ambitions appealed.
to everyone who heard htm. To share #! f ™^?n^°?r!c.^n.°.!.iac.h.
the "White Man's Burden" is the
price which Canada, In common with
every branch of the Anglo-Saxon family, will have to pay for nationhood.
That burden is not a mere percentage
of dollars and cents, but a share In
forming the policy and giving effect
to the program which imperial interests may demand, and involves a
study of International questions and
of world's history. These convictions
are being driven home, und are being
responded to In u manner which Just-
Ifies the most optimistic anticipations concerning the future. England
has one well known motto—"What
we have we'll hold."-Mr. BvanB suggests another for Canada—"What we
defend we can hold," and the maxim
contains a great truth to which the
country is JUBt becoming alive. In
the extent ot her natural resources
and her potential wealth Canada can
justly compare with any portion of
the empire, but this is the narrowest
sense in which she is capable of ach
ieving Nationhood. It is the bigger
thought, the broader sympathy and
the loftier Ideal which must crowh
her ambition, and she is working towards this, and will nttnin it.
Laorosse    Team
Easily Defeated.
Winnipeg, May 19-One of the most     Don't forget the dance at the opera
spectacular Auroras ever seen in this Joum on Tuesday evening    A   K°°  j mile was" finished" hy Shrubb, he had I bunted here championship for
city flamed and fllckored across    the time lB assured.   Aumtsston »i, tauies |       efl fl ^   ^ on U|(, ,,,„„,,,,„„,„,  «• (*M|   Wcstn)
whole     northern horizon from earlyliree. ,„,.,.. ,    ,   .... ,.... , ... „ ,.,„  ... ...   ...     .,     ,.
evening until midnight, working    the
Archie McLeod of Blairmore was in
town several days this week. He is
an old timer in this district, having
usual huvoc with the east and weBt
wires, though the wires toltowlM the ^ ^
mngnetic poles, north and soutn were .      „      st„i. ,„ ,097
not affected, as was the case during loca«d '"> Fort Mttelc '" l8"
the earth    currents visitation a few
days ago.
Protests   in
Ontario and
Moyie, as usual, will celebrate Dominion day, and as usual a large
number ot Oranbrookltes will visit
the silver city.
Baby Carriages, Go-Carts, EngliBh
Coach Carts, Perambulator and lidding Carts, at Patmore Bros. "Good
Goods Only."
It. B. Hunter of Edmonton, A.
Lawrle ot St. Louis, Mo., and
Cline ot Vancouver were guests
tho Cranbrook WedneBdnv.
Ottawa, May 19—It ifl asserted on
reliable authority that all federal election protests In Quebec and Manitoba will be dropped as will also all
protests in Ontario with two exceptions. These are North Lanark tor
which Mr. Thorburn Is sitting member and West Pcterhoro, which is represented     by Hon. J. H. Stratton,
These     would have, been Included **» 1 sidence~o( Mr. Brymner.   No damage
the arrangement,    hut for some local | d Th   „     b ,    ,   respond-
difficulties.   It seems to he generally: e„ prompUy
Westminster, May 20-Ncw
Westminster defeated Reglna this afternoon In the lirat game of the Minto
cup series by a score of six to four.
Neither team displayed what is ac-
tip form but
t  Westminsters
This lend he had increased to a lap I displayed more life than the challcng-
and a half by the end of the twelfth j erB tue iatter playing in an up and
mile and added forty yards more in|,jown manner. At times they pressed
the next couple of miles. In the flf-1 tlielI. adversaries hard hut again they
teenth St. Ives began to quicken up | piayed in such n manner as to lead
and from then on to tho finish made  tjle spectators to ask whether the af
small gains but he could not reach
Shrubb who had only lost a quarter
of a lap, and a half gained at tho
twelfth mile. He was holding back
for the tinish but came home with 0
strong spring. St. Ives ran his usual
race with short, snappy strides   but
A Hindu was cremated Inst Saturday near the Standard mill. A few
spectators witnessed the affair, and
among whom were a number of boys
and girls. Wbat is a religious right
in India, should only he allowed in a
strictly private way in Canada.
Earthquake at Cranbrook.
The Herald is authority for our
saying that Cranbrook was visited
with a slight earthquake shock on
Saturday evening last. It must have
been a shock, or tho shaking up of
the incinerated hones of the Hindu
who passed through the tire on Saturday last.
Death of Mrs. A. MoBride.
Keruie, Muy 18 -Tenders wore open*
ed at the lust meeting of tin* city
council for the Installation ol tin* cl
ectric light plant, the successful bjd)
dcrs being the Depew, Macdonald und
McLean Co., Limited, a new local1
concern. The contract for m,ovJng
the electrical machinery purchase d
from the Crow's Nest Pass RJlectrh
Light and Tower company, from Coal
W.   BfOWn of  Kernie     W
commenced at once on both the%w
contracts and it is expected that res
Idente will be supplied with electric
light in about ten weeks
The new chemical angina for the Arc
department and other equipment linn
arrived and the brigade are now in a
position to cope with any ordinary
conflagration Unit m likely to break
out in the, municipality. The remov
nl of the wooden buildings In the lire
limits is going on rapidly nnd the
risk of a disastrous tire will Boon be
reduced to u minimum, but the civic
authorities are taking no chances and
are determined that, they will do all
in their power to guard against a i"
petition of last year's disastrous con
There is a great opportunity await
lng any loan company that will e-
tablish an agency in this town
and that is prepared to Invest a con
Biderable sum of money nere. The bo1
curlty that can be offered is dlt edg
od in most cases and there is an am
ount ot business to bo secured at the
best of terms. What the town is suf
fering from at the present time is the
lack of money to carry on tho lm
provements that have been planned
and right here there is one ol the
best plans for investment in the pro
vincc if only capitalists could be Induced to investigate the prospects.
At the Track.
— —f)—
to Thursday
st tin
and N.  Me
The arrivals u):
lug were :
N. Adams nf Maclcod witl
of four.
Eiumett ol  Spokane hi
N. McKay of    Vancott
string of four.
Doolcy of Macleod ono
Avcc of (inlilcn has a speedy trotte.
that has a name as lung us tho track.
The track is in tho best condition,
the Itorses have records that placee
them among the t"i> notchors,
and visitors can now bo assured "f
seeing siunc of the host nnd fastest
races that will be run In tho North
west this year.
Was Entertained.
A large number uf tho friends of
Dr. J. H. King, M.P.P., entertained
him at u smoker at the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday evening.
Dr. King left on Wednesdays train
for tho cast en route for London,
Eng., and Germany, where lie will
take a special course in surgery. Mrs
King will accompany tho doctor mi
his foreign trip.
Ball Gaines.
The Cranbrook Baseball Association
have completed arrangements or
games on Monday and Tuesday nt the
fair grounds.
Moyie will send a team, and pne
will possibly come from Bonner's For-
The Cranbrook men Will be selected
from the following players : Wendell.
Stinson, tiagnon, Matthews, NellBon,
Miller, McDonald, Clarke, Blanery,
Sullivan, Murphy.
Weather permitting close and exciting games may tie expected.
Murder near Creston.
Word was received In ('ranhrook on
Wednesday announcing tnc death of
Mrs. A. McBride, mother of Mr. J.
D. McBride of this city, who died in
London, Ont., Tuesday night. Tho
telegram was immediately forwarded
to Mr. McBride who was in Winnipeg.
Mr. and Mrs. A. McBride were    well  	
known in Cranbrook, where they had miles south of the boundary lino
many     friends,   who will sympathise low Creston. shot and killed a
with the husband und son of the de-1 whose
Creston,   May
lng about two
New Bank for Cranbrook.
fair was a pink tea. Lacrosse expert
say that the Ueginas showed good
general combination play, hut larked
in pressing toward their goal. Their
chief aim seemed to be to draw West.
minster'B home nut but the rod shirts |
•cfuBed to bite at the bait.   Wcstniln
20   Yesterday  morn
I'olock a saloonkoop
named Cartquist at Copcland,
name    was    unknown     The
Swede accused him of taking 50 cents
too much and Carlqnlst     remarking
"take your change out ol this" pull
i ed his pistol und shot htm dead   Lat
 „  lor when all was still CorlqUlnt drag
Inspector Crosby of the Royal bank' uf the body to a elough "•'' being
of Canada has been in Cranbrook for observed by another man hi df
the pant week making the necessary
preparations for establishing a branch
bank in this city. We learn that
these arrangements have been com
pletcd, nnd that the new bank bus
secured temporary quarters on Cranbrook street a few doors north of
Deale & Blwell's, and that the bank
Will open about  June 1st.
Ottawa, May 19 The house ol com
htom - pepi ogued on Wednesday.
The coremonien In connection with
Hi.- formal closlnti ol the session ol
the eleventh Cunadlan Parliament
pasB&l ■-]! quietly this afternoon. The
weathei was bright and warm and
there wu a large turnout ol people
to nee the military ahow in the
bouse fully L60 members gathered to
nwall the summons ol the Black Rod
t., the Donate chambere when* His Ex
celleney «as in attendance and gave
assent to Ml bill* Thirty nine had
been previously assented to. making
a total-ol 156 for q four month's session Among the bills which were
not put through tin' final stages and
which will go oVO) till next session
are tin- act to amend the insurance
act, Hon Mi Oliver's Immigration
inll anil senatol Campbell's bill re
lating to water carriage of goods.
\ proal many members leave tor
their h<.m«'s tonight and by Thursday
the corridors ol parliament will once
more bo practically deserted.
Mi-  Rxcellency's speech was as tol
ntlemin ol the senate; gent-
IwiH'ii ol tin- house ol commons .
"In relieving you from further at-
tendnuce on this session, I thank you
for the assiduity and diligence which
you have given to the discharge of
the duties entrusted to your care and
it must be a source <»[ satisfaction to
yourselves that you have been able
to perform your labors in a com par
iitively brief space ol time.
"1 am pleased to notice that your
attention has been engaged in some
measures ol great importance. In the
first rank of your measures is to be
otcd the amendment of the railway
it under which, by the Joint action
if the national government, provincial und municipal authorities, to*
u-ether with the railway companies,
railway crossings are to be gradually
removed and a constant menace to
life and property thereby effectually
done away with.
"The loan ol ten million dollars to
the O.T.P. railway company will no
bt ensure the completion during
the coming season of the prairie section of the national transcontinental
railway, and will secure to the last
developing western provinces lor this
year's clop, rtHf»ew- ami .competitive
route towards the-seu.
"The act to place the department
of. labor, which has been in existence
fol some years, under the direct responsibility of a minister of the
crown, exclusively trusted With its
management, is in accordance with
the expressed wishes of labor organisations and is a further step in a field
of legislation wherein Canada ban already taken n not  unimportant step.
•The act charging the secretary of
state with special responsibility in
regard t«i the external it flairs of Canada will facilitate the transaction of
business In connection with that most
Important branch ol public service.
■•Tin- resolution adopted by the
bouse ol commons tor tho organisa
tioti ol a Canadian naval service, in
operation with and In close relation
to the imperial navy, is a proper
acknowledgment of the duties now
appertaining to Canada us a nation
and us a member of the British empire,
"The financial conditions through-
out the whole world seem to be more
hopeful than they were four months
ago when I opened this session, and
while In Canada we have undoubtedly Buffered less than other countries
during this period of universal de-
pression, it will still be the part of
prudence to exercise care and economy in all branches of the service.
"Gentlemen of the house of commons. I thank'you for the provisions
which you have made for the public
"Hon. gentlemen of the senate, I
sincerely hope and pray that the Almighty God will continue to pour
[lis blessings upon our country and
let us offer Him the fervent expressions of our gratitude for the signal
favors which we have received from
Him "
gun on him, slightly  w
Oarlqulsl      then    lied,
$11)01) with hull,  t" Tor
to Canada, but doublet
ounding him
taking, about
Hill nnd i«
buck on hi"
today     tin-
tracks and  was caught
side of Honner's r'erry
The Children Perish in Kiro.
An alarm was rung in on ThurBdny
morning for a chimney Are at the re
had not the speed to go after     the j 8tcr |,inyC,i |ts usual all round game
Englishman     lor     any decided  gain I pr09B|ng their adversaries     hard     at.
when the latter began to show signs , timl!B w|lcn t|10y ,n,i not get Kon|«.
I of tiring.   Five thousand people wit-  T|)n Kcn(.ra| impression here Is   that
nosscd the rare which aroused in- Monday's game will he a duplicate
j tense Interest on account of the mix-! 0f today's and will end with leaving
[ed nationalities.   The crowd swarmed ; tnn Minto clip on the banks of     the
over to the bleachers toward the fin-1 pra8cr,
Ish and the runners had difficulty in
making their way to the club houeo.
Winnipeg, May 21). Word *ns received In this city this evening that
Karl Groy will nccopl the patronship
of the Aero Club of Canada, a Winnipeg organization
understood on both Bides here
all petitions will ho dropped.
0, Hawlcy of Windermere wa»
the Cosmopolitan Friday.
Dcloys     Comedians tonight at the
Auditorium—Twenty people.
Repeat it:—"Shlloh'a Dure will always cure my coughs and colds."
The Liberals of New Brunswick will
banquet Hon. Wm. Pugsley at the
close of parliament. Maybe the liberals are living up to the golden rule,
returning good for evil.
It doesn't much matter whether the
earthquake hit Cranbrook or not,
Empire day at the track will shake
up many ot the dry old hones, and
pnt new life into bnslnem.
Mauretania Breaks Record.
New York. May 2" New
records were established by the Canard line steamer Miiuietnnia which
arrived in quarantine front Liverpool
and Quccnstown at II o'clock tonight.
According to Captain I'ritchard the
Mauretania cut 18 minutes from Iter
previous best record.
Tho game was played before a large
crowd. The wenthcr was fair though
slight showers occurred this morning
nnd their air was chilly. Before play
was called Westminster presented n
westbound I protest which had been wired previously claiming that the Roglnn's
were not residents of the home city
of the team.
A 110,000   lll.A/.K
Cnitwriglit, Man . Mny 20.— Fire
this morning doatroyod the Crey
block occupied l>y 15. <>. Vens, grocer.
.■i,i.l N. Graham, druggist, uIbo a
warehouse owned hy .1. A. MaeKen-
•iie.     The total loss is 110.000,
Toronto.   May 20    The  rosiden
Earnest   Oldflcld,   on Vnuglii
was destroyed by lire tonight
children perished In the flame
mother was upstairs putting thomi
bed   when   a   lamp
stairs.    The    lliiu.i
and only     the oldi
nine,    managed   t.
Ikg from a wlndov
xploilril      (low
snrond     rapidly
child a hoy ol
snipe hy   lump
Suliivan to Start up.
Johnston, Pa., May v -.loin
Coiilton ol Chicago, world s champion bantam weight dghtor, retained
Ills title tonight  with    -I"
of   Johnstown.     Blx
fought but under
law nt
ck   rlietieiT
rounds     wore
the    Pennsylvania
decision was rcndcfod.
Myrtle Doloy the female Baritone
Atttitorilim  tonight.
Little Miss Olive linker
Iroiii England Thursday arc
by her governess.
ret urn
The biggest singing show ot     the
season tonight, at the Auditorium.
A   report     received   from   Spokane
late on Friday evening was to the ef-
_ I lect that as soon ns all arrangements
i urc completed tho Sullivan mines will
•I. T. Burns, of Hums Bros.,   left.  he    stn,-tcd    up.   It is expected that     Repeat It—"Bhilons
ion Friday on a visit, to P. B. Island, i this will hi done by June ltt. |<fftyk  cure   mT  e»m»»  »M  CBraB'
Arrested on Suspicion.
Spokane, May 18—A telephone mes-
Bage to tlic evening Chronicle from
Deci Park this afternoon states that
lour men have been arrested there on
suspicion of being the men who held
it), the Oreat Northern train just out
,,f Spokane Saturday night. The
men refuse to glvo tlielr names and
give no satisfactory account of their
nctfonB. The Qreat Northern officials
at Spokane have been notified and
will send the engineer and fireman to
Deer  Park to try and identify them.
Ketcheil Outclassed Mcliann.
Pittsburg, May is Six times Hugh
Mil bum wns down for the count of
nine tonight In his six round bout
, with Stanloy Kotchall, champion mid-
dlowolghl ol tho world. Five times
in the until round lie was saved from
in knockout by a second. Thrice ho
was knocked through the ropes, once
clear across the press table into the,
Ispectators' kchik Ketcheil apparent
Sly toyed with his opponent. Only the
cheering voices of Ins companions in
I ill,, audience inspired Mrt.unn several
ii  to got   on his feet  after being
'all bill knocked out    For the first 3
rounds Mi-Cann fought  bard  and   ho
landed several times on the ehnmpion
I but  lie apparently  exhausted   himself
lln the first few rounds and could not
face the powerful blown of his opponent     No decision was permissablc under    tho     law.   Six thousand people
crowded   Duquesno C.ardcns, amongst
thom being men prominent In financial
nnd business circles.
Cure will   al
T Page   I
.■iATl'ltli.W.    .MAY   11,  1909
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
Are better in value than any
other J£ 5.00 boot and equal in
value to any $6.00 boot.
SI feli'WiifSIf-: ■
t'HffilcraslHHSiafB IffllSIEraiE'aifiEIEBSJErSil^ ''
Tnat Surplus.
On the Trail of the fly.
The dc
ago  Mr.  Klebfini:  re
nf      {1,500,000.    He
Bsary to burrow $50,
expenditures and ex-j
The Athletic Association have dc
elded to hold n monster sporting pro
jjrain here on July 1st Further par
tlcularn will he forthcoming shortly
Mr. .1. K. Plnkham, manager ol the
Imperial bank at Cranbrook, arrived
io the city on Friday and is register
rd at the Pernio,
The Imperial bank of Canada are
now looking foi a suitable location to
open up nt once until their new prom-
Iwea ure built, which are to be Btarted
at once.
We are pleased to see Mr. Fred Dick
around again although he walks, with
tt nine.
The law in respect tn discharging
firearms In the city limits slmuld cer
tnlnly he enforced. One of our young
men had a narrow escape last Turn
day evening owing tn sonic man prac
tlslng with 11 revolver, the bullet just.
({raising the young man's head.
Messrs. H. K. Beattie, president <>f
the t'runbrook Electric Light Co., .1.
A. McKenzle and H. -J. Young are re
uistered at the Fornie.
Un account of the continued absence
of Mr. G. L. Pedlar, the hcIioi I bounl
lias declared his seal vacant, and the
aominutinns for the said vacancy will
he accepted hy the city clerk mi thi
first day of June; election seven days
The chinamen who worked in Mi
1,. 1*. Kekstein's gardens was bounc
ed the moment Mr Eckstein found
him there. Mr Eckstein does not
deem it necessary to give particulars
The Ledger will issue un Aug. I a
mammoth souvenir hooklel of ovei
100 pages, in which will be shuwr
ncfnes of Fernic before the great fire
during the fire and what a year of un
tiring effort has accomplished foi 'i.i-
open  i
Tin' lend supply is
and ■
.1 II'
lng to H   ('.  ft
Tin- lumhorm
will have an n
to  assist   tin- i
I1.It. in lightim
The force "t men     w>
property nf the Societj
inpuny arc mnkfcng
ess in driving the Ion
a very promising pn
month ur two it is i
II be some startling
le world,
ill   in till
arc look
nf   Must   K e
the field  i his ;
anient  ami   I hr
on   the
The discovery that dies ure responsible for a great amount of disease,
especially typhoid fever and intestinal troubles, is not merely a curious
addition to human knowledge. It is a
hint to the doctors and the health
boards, and it should be just as
strong a hint to everybody.
Doctor    Daniel     Johnston   of New
York, who has heen engaged in sanitary investigations,   makes the most
emphatic     of    the    recent     charges
against the fly.   He says that, regarded in the light of recent knowledge,
the fly is    more dangerous than the
tiger or tho cobra.   More than that,
except   in  malarial  and   yellow  fever
regions, it is     ore to be feared than
the mosquito and   "mny    easily     be
classed the    world over as the   most
Swain,    philanthropist.: dangerous animal on earth."
psychologist and  pere- j    Selfishness-    leads    people to break
inn was increased
iQO.000. Canada's
credit is good, but a few years of Mr.
Fielding's brilliant, financial manage
ment will put it to a considerable
atruin. It Is time to call a halt even
if Cranbrook never gets that long
promised post office, the plans of
which wire completod last year ac-
eording to Hon. Wm. Templeiimn.
Morning Bervico at U; Sunday
School and Bible Classes at 3 p. in.,
and evening service at 7.SO. The pastor will tuve cIiafBC at both morning
and evening services.
Tuesday- -League services us usual
at 8 p. in.
All ure cordially invited to attend
all of these services.
Peck in tho Metropolis.
Girl  Mining
iplendid   pro-
tunnel. Tin ■
perty and i:i
xpeeted there
news   to   give
Morning service at 11 a.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Evening service at 7.30.
.     . The ordinance of Believers Baptism
was admitted ] quarantine and  to spread contagion  will bu administeted in the evening.
Everybody welcome.
.1.   I'nck   M«
grinating   [to
through the portals of the coal met-j among their neighbors, and only the
ropolls by an indulgent chief of police J greatest vigilance on the part of the
last Friday. It is about three years j authorities is effective in this matter,
jkice Peck visited this section and But it would seem that if the people
during that period has probably had ; could be taught the peril of flies this
a more versatile career than any otli-' very selfishness that helps to spread
er individual in     B.C..   He has been I contagion might be enlisted   ngainst
vlll send
of  the  people
St  be r
a veil
ill   tl;
proprietor id the
, has been acquit
rges ol attempted
preferred again it
ami. Tlie case was
.Martin al  the n
Geo. 8. Colemai
Waldorf hotel. Vir.
ted of both cl
murder and theft,
him hy one Henry
heard before justl-
cent,  assises.
(un- editor has undeigone a     ■■■ i j
successful  operation al   the  hand
Dr, <;   It   Henderson. II" had pei forci
to hug the bed  foi
veel.     bul    he
::,: ■■ ''...'   nc  '■■
I'M.'. Ini i'tl i',.i, ■ , |    v.,   on b;i    i
mined     from     Nelson, whei
icei  ■      ifflclnl bm Ine      t thi
assii b . the ei minal list of
now concl i led    Tin   pi
i,ii!< ri in every instance l
everywhere except in church and held
almost every position except that of
brass buttoned autocrat. Hi' has
passed through many things including
the Fernic lire, during which he had
the misfortune to fracture his hip by
dropping -1". feet from a window of
•he Napanee hotel. Peck is a clever
: and whole-souled advocate of the art
preservative and never was known to
turn down a friend or refuse a drink.
infectious diseases.
Everyone should understand that
the presence af decaying matter in
the neighborhood is a constant source
en hi
i Westa
s way to Seattle
cross trails with
Merriit Herald.
b year
All the lumbermen along the
are anticipating high water thi
owing to the late season.
A bunch of local citizens have located a number of coal claims over la
the Kootenay Pass on the Alberta
side of the line. The new concern Is
known as the  Fernie coal syndicate
The regular sitting of the supreme
court will he held in Fernie commenc
ing July 25th. There is quite a hen
vy docket of civil and criminal cases
The local fire brigade were called
to thi north end of the town on Mon
day tn extinguish a small blaze In a
whack just in the real of the Palace
Meat Market Very little damage
wa« done
The Chicago Ladlea Baseball  tenm
are matched for a  game of  ball   with
the fat. men of Fernie on dime 28th,
The big fellows are hard ut  work get
ting  into shape     They  expect   to  ha'.
a practice game with Cranbrook      it
that town on the SMtb of May
I ;..    ;■■■■    i ■
bi    ..   be ip
OwiDR ti    the   !.i. il   '..:.■:
■■ bi      are     burning
should  put  a  g lard    a
•1st- [tilt  out  the  '.: G
Miss Qowland of ( rai
slating Mrs, Carnage -■
post office, Miss <; Am
returned to Fernie
John Conner-,, foreman
crnment gang is doing g
the people have m
The Crows Nest
company has heen
tra provincial com
rice here
"Do you Htop at Now Mil liel
ed a traveller o( a brakernan i  i
c l' l!   local iu sengci  train
Michel!" be replied   ' Then     no    u
place     on     ib.- map    Noxl    | til in
"Natal "    Vnd     fi    the trafn    tm i I
up tho tra vol Io I rci ngni oil
el and     hurrlodlj   grabbed  hi
ami dropped of,    The fli - thine, i    i
of these people know the rail ■-,.   i
misslonei i will hm r tin m up on   : I
B. 0. Synod
(lev. C O. Main returned from the
coa ■    :. Saturday having been     at
teudine  the British  Columbia  Synod
which     met   in  Victoria  May  ">  to 7.
on      n blc i line was given to hear-
of t he e\ angelistic    cam
pnigi       Cm   Kooteoay ami in considering thi     place of .i Bane, educated
ti in t he Presbyterian < hurch
pi luted out tn the Synod
thai  advat cod   legl lal ion  In the Un
Itcd   StnteH againsi   rnco  track  gam
In ilm Ine   ' he   cum of     the
porl un   world o\ ei  Into Canada and
.■:'.' teh   ram was sent
i remiei  ! .aurlei and U   L. Borden
On Sunday morning   and     evening
services will be held as usual.
Sunday     School     and   Bible Class
of danger   to themselves, if it is left meets at 3.
exposed to the flies.   If the nuisanco ;    The regular Guild meeting will be
is not on their own premises the poo- [held on Tuesday evening at S.
pie who observe  tt should report it HANDKERCHIEF  SALE.
to the     health     office.   At tho same
The members of the Knox Girls
club are to hold a Handkerchief sale
on Saturday afternoon and evening,
May 22nd. Mr. 0. H. Allison of the
Cranbrook Drug and Book Company
has kindly loaned part of his counter
for the sale and the girls will be glad
to have their friends look over their
stock of handkerchiefs there. The girls
do not intend this sale to lie the us
ual church holdup in the way of prices, but real bargains may be expected since all handkerchiefs have heen
time no effort should be spared to
keep flies out of the house and particularly away from the kitchen.
The campaign against flies has rapidly spread this year. The city of
Washington has taken it up In order
to prevent the usual summer epedem-
ie of typhoid, which has been traced
directly to tho flies.
The Merchants' association of New
York spent large sums of money in
experiments and has published a set
of rules which it is scattering broadcast. The Chicago board of health
has issued a bulletin on tho subject
and reports of similar activities are
(■Mining in from all parts of tho country.
Are Ready for Regina.
presenting the
:.il Ion
the < i [mil .ii ci
gotiating  ol  b<
At the close i
... ., -
■'■■■       .::      •
■,   th   :..-   ■
■ i,
Ml     Hie    Sit
niliiieiit. ol
hll tlie nr
•nco track,
I n confer
us held in
lues Denny
onion and
e minuter
kin in hi' i
<>l .lyinpa
The New Westminster lacrosse tea-n
played the first practice game of the
season Saturday preparatory to
meeting the Itoglna's in defence of tla
Minto eup on Thursday. The veterar
Salmon Dollies showed their old time
form mid the largo crowd of Vancouver und New Westminster citizens Who
witnessed the game are inure confident than ever of the result of Thins
'h.y'i match.
Vancouver  papers  are commenting j AN])   ,mEN   ,,„   T0 ST. MAKY'S
Will  Ytillll HONEST MAN.
Boys Brigade.
Tlie Hoy's Brigade met on Monday
lor the first time since March. Plans
are heing tiiinle for a march out
Monday afternoon May 24t.li. The
company will assemble at, the gymnasium at 1,80 p.m. and march to
some suitable place where fishing,
baseball or other sports will tie enjoyed. Each buy is asked to bring
lunch enough for himself. Tea and
milk will be provided. Further details will he announced through the
Sundny Schools.
Read This, Diogenes.
the illll
all      in
I pointedly upon the makeup
mi's   team and contend that, I
irtiil.ioii id star players from!
Vol'     I'lunula and   putting  one
jerseys on them for u series of
Is not cnrrylng out, the spirit
f Hie Mint., ii
nil upon the e
I il ion ut II
liumpionship. They
trustees to amend
order to prevent    a
Earl] |uaki  in Montana
Must get Permit.
should  in
fur resin
oi the >■■
to this ,,
A, B, Mncdonald of the law firm 0
Harvey, McCarter and Macdonald o
Cranbrook ban been appointed a No
tary Public.
t  In
Supreme Court.
A HlHing nf the ti
he held in Forntfl or
for     the      trial of
to III,
rYl Il
\   last  a
.a not nt
tit f'ho-
or points
as done,
spill   nr
. nnd to
rlmlnnl     Ret"
' Shiloh's Cure will    al-
ivy   rntighs   and   colds.''
rder Inc. been passed hy tho
provincial government requiring that
nny pi'iiion in tho clearing of    land
who Wishes to build n lire to destroy
piles rd linen or stumps, must first
obtain a permit to do so from the
dint riot (ire warden.;. The object of
such nil order un mny well be understood, is to prevent a repetition of
the disastrous fires which swept
tho district last year and have Inflicted such heavy damage in several iable
other tllfltrlctB this year. Loltt
Gait, May 20—-An interesting bit ol
tiro insurance history has Just come
to light in the official records of the
(lore district, company of this tav.it.
A. H, I'ofTt, & Company, dry poods
merchants of Bi, Mary's, had a loss
by lire, for which tho adjusters allowed (6250. Al their next storlt
tailing, tho firm became convinced
they hail not lost more than $8750.
Having confirmed this by n second
stock tailing, they immediately returned the fire Insurance com pur, tea
$25011, overpaid by them, the share of
the Gore being $280.43. The explanatory letter wns ordered Inscribed in
the company's mlnutOB in full and a
resolution moved by It. R. Strong,
seconded by W. K. McNanght, MX.A.
was passed, expressing the appreciation of the high minded and honor-
course pursued by the Messrs.
j Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabli;.] in Connection j
Nearest to railroad depot.   Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled  in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
1'roinW (if Ciinnitt
T«te ont of Foley'! G»him Wafers
then tatte ont from any other
factory. We *re vUUuk to accept
your judgment u to which It belt.
That It the tUndard we have tet
for ourtelvei In making Folur'f
Graham Wafers they mutt Mi the
best, or we won't ship them. Good
will not satisfy ut. They mutt be
In eating Foley's Graham Wafers
you will note the dellcioutly rich
Shipped the day made, In alMight
boxes and tins never taken from
made-up stock. Just at delightfully
navored when placed on your table
as when they leave the factory.
No fancy biscuits could be more
pleasing either to the taste or In
appearance than Fnley'i "Fig Newton" and "Sultana Fruit" biscuits.
These biscuits have established a
demand for themselves In thousands
of Westorn Canadian homes nnd
there are thousands of other hutnes
whe.'c they will be equally popular
just as soon as they are once tried.
Next time you buy fancy biscuits.
tell your denlor to send you cither
"Fig Newtons" or "Sultana Fruits."
You will find them richly flavored
and unisualiy pleasing and satisiying
to the taste.
Do you know the exceptionally pleasing fenturcs of these wafers
 their highly nutritious value as a food?  Nothing hcalthh"- for the
family to eat. than Foley's Oatmeal Wafers
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
It is a Tonic you want! Physicing lowers
the system and makes it more susceptible
to disease. The winter months have been
a great strain upon your vitality and unless you put the blood in good
condition all manner of evils will overtake you. PSYCHINE is the
Greatest of Tonics and should be taken by every one at this season
of the year. PSYCHINE assists the gastric juices and ferments in
their digestion of the food, cleanses the mucous membrane of the
Stomach, and has an Invigorating and beneficial effect on the muscles
and nerves. For ^atarrh of the Stomach, Ulceration or Weak Stomach, Dyspepsia, the use of PSYCHINE is strongly advisable.
PSYCHINE acting on the Stomach restores it to a healthy condition,
then acts through the itomich upon all the vital organs, creates an appetite, bringing
renewed vitality and strength to the entire lystem and enables it to throw off disease
ol every kind. It is the greatest health-
giver known to medical science.
Send toDr.T. A. HI.UCUM, Limited,Toronto,
for a Kiee tjample '.-.ii»j. All druagUW and
•torwmlll'SYL'lIISKatathsaDdtl per bottle.
District of Bast Kootenay.
Take notice that Percy Charles Coe
of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation shed
foreman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands : Commencing at a post
planted 10 chains N ot S.fi. corner of
lot 4142, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 30 chains, thence west 40 chnlnu
thenco north 30 chuins, to point of
Percy Charles Coe,  Locator.
James William Moore, Agent
Datetl April 16, 1909 19
2 HAY MAltlCS, 2 and 4 years old.
1 OKAY MARK, 5 years old.
These horses are    all     thoroughly
Wagon and harness. One Bog and
Bush Plow, and a large number of
other farming utensils.
Will sell the whole in one lot for
$600.00.   Apply to
Cranbrook, B.C
Notice is hereby given that I have
left    my   outstanding accounts with
M. A. Macdonald, ol Harvey, McCarter & Mncdonald, for collection.
"Tenders will be received up to
Thursday, May 27th, tor work of installing a sewer from engine house
to the Old Man river at Macleod.
Plans and specifications may be seen
and other information obtalnod at
the office of tho Resident Engineer,
Cranbrook, I). C. The company reserves the right to reject any nnd nil
Acting Superintendent.
Cranbrook, Mny 13, 1909." 21-3
Live Rocky Mountain Goats are
/anted for Zoological purposes. Per-
uits to catch and export these affinals will be issued by the Provincial
annuities,     address:—
WMhiattoB, DC
Stock Quotations
As Furnished by
IlKAl.K & ELWELL, Cranbrtic
k, B.C
April 19th
Aurora  Consolidated smelters
B. ('. Amalgamated Cmil .04)
B. C. Copper                      5.75
Canadian Marconi              1.50
Canadian Qoldnelds            .04
Canadian Northwest   OH     ,30
Consolidated  Smelters    77.00
Cranbrook Piro Brick
Diamond Coal                     .55
Diamond  Vale Coal          .121
Dominion Oopnor                   .117
International  Coal             .115
Nicola ('"si  Mines Ltd      .01
Nlnissinj:                               10.75
Nugget (Sold Minos              .70
North Htiir                         .0H|
McQIllivray Creek Coal 	
Rambler Cariboo               .14
Royal  Collieries                   .33
Society (iiil
Westorn Oil lord.)             1.40
Western on dn-uf)              a.as
Veternn War Scrip       450.00
East Kootenay, Southern Division
Take notice that I, Andrew B.
Grace ot Cranbrook, occupation journalist, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands : Commencing nt a post
planted at the N.W. corner of lot
6425, thence weBt 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence north 80 chain
to place of commencement, containing
640 acres more or leBs.
A. B. Grace, Locator.
Dated April 21st, 1909. 20
Take notice Hint I Intend to apply
to the superintendent, of provincial
police after thirty (30) days from the
first appearance of this notice for the
transfer from ourselves to William .T.
Allen and A. I. Crowloy of the license to sell intoxicating liquors at
the Falls View Hotel In Mnrysvlllo,
British Columbia.
Dated April ,10tn, A.D.. 1909.       21
(lows, Cnlves, Pure llred llerknlilra
PIltH. Ekc" for Rotting, furo Plymouth
Hock    Apply,  Watte,  Wottelrarg. frage  4,
THK IMtnKf'KCTUl.,    CKANBKOCiK.    It     C
IATURDAY    MAY   TI,   iwj.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
(3D) days utter the first publication
uf this notice I intend to apply to
lite Line I Commissioner ol Liuiiis una
Works for the district of Kast koot-
ttuiny [or u license to prospect foi
coal und petroleum on the following
described lands : Situated eust of und
unjoining u. VV. bluiuley s location,
uoiua buu uuiti.u. ,ii. tottiur oi O. A.
Walther's location, tiieucu eust so
chalna, thence south Hi) chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to the place of heglnnlng containing C4U acres more or less.
G. A. Wulthers, Locator
John Gloyn, Agent.
Dated April 1st, 1909. IB
Notice is hereby given thut thirty
6v) uuys utter the first publication
ot tuts notice i intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands ana
Works for the district of Bast Koot-
lenay for a license to prospect for
bum aitu petroteum on the following
aescrined lands : Situated south oi
und adjoining Ed. Hurtz's location,
commencing at a post planted nt the
uurnueast corner, being Caroline J.
uunniug's northeast corner post,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
HO cnains, thence north 80 chains,
ittencG eust 80 chains to the place of
uuginuing containing t>40 acres more
or loss.
Oaroltne  J. Cunning, Locator
John Gloyn, Agent.
Dated April 1st, 1909. 18
District of Kootenay
Take notice that 1, George J. Hun-
jv oi rincner Creek, Alberta, occupation banker, intend to apply lor
permission to purchase the following
described lands, commencing at a
pusi planted about three and a halt
miles north of the International
boundary line and about one and a
half miles north east of lot 7841 and
adjacent on the eastern boundary to
wenry B, Hyde's and Henry Riviere's
application, being the northwest corner adjacent to the south, west corner of Arthur O. Kemmis' application, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, to the
point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
George J. Hunter, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 30th. 1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Launcclot B.
Bolster of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario,
occupation doctor, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing
at a post planted about three miles
north of the International nounJurv
line and about one mile north of the
northern boundary of lot 7841 and adjacent to the northwest corner of
Henry E. Hyde's application, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
thence north 80 chains, thence eust
80 chulns to the point of commencement, containing M0 acres more or
Launceh.it E. Bolster, Locator.
George \V. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
'     ^.ottuuuUU LAND DISTRICT
District of East Kootenay
Take notice that I, Eva Wood Cane
......ike., Ontario, married wo
man, Intend to apply for permission
to   purchase     the following described
lands : Commencing at a post plant-
id  80 chains south of the southeast
uiner of lot 424, group 1, Kootenay
1st. let,   thence     north   40    chains,
tieucc west.     40 chains, theme south
10 ciiutns,    thence east 40 chains    to
p tint   of     commencement containing
;o acres more or less.
Eva Wood Cane, Looatoi
Harry Melton, Agent
Dated April 16th, 1909. 18
Notice is hereby given that thirty
<30) days after the first publication
of this notice I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for the district of Eust Koot-
tenay for a license to prospect for
oal and petroleum on the following
described lands, situated on Akaminu
Brook, west of and adjoining the
southeast B. C. Land and Oil Oo.'s
lands, block 4593 Southeast Kootenay, Commencing at u post plunted
near the trail near the forks of Aka-
mina brook and Puss creek, being the
southeast corner of Ed. Kurtz locution, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chulns, thence east 80 chains,
thence south - 80 chains to the place
of beginning, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Ed. Kurtz, Locator.
John Gloyn, Agent.
Dated April 1st, 1909. 18
Take notice that we intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police ufter thirty days from the first
appearance of this notice, for a renewal of our licence to sell intoxicating liquors ut the Fulls View Hotel,
Murysville, B. 0.
Dated May 1st, A.D., 1909. 19-4
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice thut I, John Angus
jj'ergusson of Cranbrook, occupution
clothing merchant, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands : Commencing
at a post plunted at the S.W. cornei
of lot No. 1113, thence west 20 chains
thence north 80 chains, thence east
20 chains, thence south 80 chains to
place of commencement, containing
1.60 acres more or less.
John Angus Fergusson, Locator.
H. Melton, Agent.
Dated April 27th, 1909.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice, that I, Alexander w.
Smith, of Rossland, B. C, occupation Hotelkeeper, intend to apply foi
permission to purchase the following
described lands, commencing at a
post planted about one mile west oi
he Flathead river and one mile north
of the International boundary line,
and west of lot 7339, being the south
iast corner, thence north 80 chains ;
.hence west 80 chains, thence south 8o
hains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
Alexander W. Smith, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located   this    28th day  of March,
1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Henry Ernest
Hyde of Pluclier Creek, Alberta, occupation banker, intend to apply foi
permission to purchase the following
described lands, commencing at
post planted about 3 miles north of
the International boundary line and
about one mile north of the northern
boundary of lot 7841 and about n
quarter of a mile oust of the east
bank of Sage Creek, in the Flathead
valley, being the northwest corner
thence cast 80 chains, thence south
SO chains, thence west 80 chains, and
then e north 80 chains to the point
ot commencement, and containing
640 acr«B more or less.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Henry Ernest Hyde, Locator.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, David Wnrnoch
of Plncher Creek, Alberta, veterinary
surgeon, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following den
crlbed lands, commencing at a post
planted about, 4 miles north of the
International boundary and about I
miles north of lot 7841, and adjacent
to the northeast comer of George B.
Holster's application, being the Bouth
Hist corner, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
•lie point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or loss.
David Warwick, Locator
Goorge W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th, .009. 16
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty dlvys
after date I, George Loyd, civil engineer, Cranbrook, intend making application to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands ad Works,
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. corner of Lot 1591 on the
dost Hank of the Kootenay River,
..hence east 13 chains more or It
following the Northern Houndury ot
Lot 15 to a corner post of Lot 8103,
chence north 20 chains, more or less,
following the west Houndury of Lot
1103 to bank   of    Kootenay     River;
hence following Kootenay River in
a Houth-Westeriy direction to place
of beginning, containing 20 acres
.nore or less.
itatcd February 19th, 1909. 12
District of Kast Kootenay.
Take notice that John Cannon of
Cranbrook, U. C, occupation checker, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lands : Commencing at a post planted at N.E. corner of lot 8886, thence
cast to S. E. corner of lot 4142,
thence south to north boundary of
lot 123, thence west to S.E. corner of
lot 8535, thence north to point of
John Cannon,  Locator.
James William Moore, Agent
Dated  April 15,  1909 19
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Hector Lin-
nell of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation
checker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following des
crihed lands : Commencing at u post
planted at the N.E. corner of . lot
1142, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 30 chains, thence west 40 chains
thence north 3U chains to point of
Henry  Hector Liunell,  Locator.
James William Moore, Agent
Dated April  15,  1909 19
Notice Is hereby given thut thirty
(30) days alter the first publicatiot.
of this notice I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for the district of East Koot-
teuny for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum on the following
described lands; Situated on Akaminu
brook, east of and adjoining the
Southeast U. C. Lund and Oil Co.'s
lands, block 4593 Southeast Kooten
ay : Commencing at u post planted
near the Wagon, and about one hull
mile eust of said brook, being the
northeast corner of J. W. Blakeney's
location, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
the plnce of beginning, containing 640
ncres more or less.
J. W. Blakeuey, Locator
John Gloyn, Agent.
Dated April 1st, 1909. 18
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Thomas Edward
Murphy of Fort Steele Junction, occupation station agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands ; Commencing at a post planted at the sout.
east corner of Wm. Tupper's pre-emption, No. 1074, thence north 40 chains
thence east 20 chains more or less to
the river, thence following the said
Moyie river down stream to the place
of commencement containing 80 acres
more or less.
Thomas Edward Murphy, Locator
H. Melton, Agent.
Dated April 22nd, 1909. 18
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Henry Riviere
of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation
rancher, intend to apply for permis
sion to purchase the following des
crlbed lands, commencing at a i>ob«,
planted about three miles north oi
the International boundary line anu
about one mile north of lot 7841 anu
adjacent to the northwest corner ol
Henry E. Hyde's application, beint
the southwest corner, thence north 8u
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenct
south 80 chuins, thence west 80 chains
to the point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Henry Riviere, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
District id Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Arthur C. Kernels of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation Barrister, intend to apply to
purchase the following described
amis, commencing at a post plunted
ibout 3} miles north of the International boundary line and about It
miles north east of lot 7841 and adjacent on the eastern boundary to
rienry Riviere and Frederick Porritt's
applications, being the southwest corner, thence north 80 chains, thence
iust 80 chains, thence south 80 chains
chence west 80 chains, to the point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
Arthur O. Kemmis, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent
Located March 29th. 1909. J6
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, George B. Bolster of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation horse dealer, intend to applj
for permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing
at a post plunted about three m.let.
north of the International boundary
line and about one mile north ot the
northern boundary of lot 7841 and adjacent to the north west corner oi
Henry E. Hyde's location, being the
south eust corner, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, and then south 80
chains to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres
more or less.
George B. Bolster, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th. 1909. 16
tion   OF   AN  EXTRA PKO-VU -
"Companies Act, 1897"
'Seippel Timber Company" has this
day been registered as an extra-pro
vincial company under the -'Computi
Act 1897" to carry out or to uf
feet all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislature of
British Columbia extends.
The head office of the company is
situate ut Stillwater, Minnesota.
The amount of the capital of the
company is one hundred thousand
dollars, divided into one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
The head office of the company in
this province is situate at the city of
Cranbrook, and Alexander D. Mac
donuld, Barrlster-at-luw, whoso address is Cranbrook, B.C., is the attorney for the company. Not em
powered to issue and transfer stock.
The time of the existence of the
company Is thirty years from the
27th day of AugUBt, 1906.
The Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of
offlco at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 31st day of March,
one thousand nine hundred and nine.
(L.S.)    S. Y.  WooTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The object for which this company
has been established and registered
are :—
To do ull kinds ot manufacturing
and trading business; to purchase,
own, hold and dispose of timber and
all the products of timber/; to carry
on und conduct a general logging,
lumbering and manufacturing business; to erect, buy and sell saw-mills,
shingle-mills, planing mills, and al!
other mills and factories; to estab
lish, operate, buy and sell lumbe:
yards; to purchase, own, hold, manii
facture, sell and deal In any and ull
kinds of goods and wares, merchandise and personal property of every
character and description; to own,
buy, sell, lease and improve lands
wherever situate; to build, equip,
and manage water flumes for the
transportation of wood, lumber, tim
ber and timber products, and to do
all such business as may be incidental thereto. 18-4
hd'Oby given that 31
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lie
enco to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following described lands.
Starting at a post planted at the
southeast corner of the M. A. Macdonald claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
HO chains, thence east 80 chains to
the place of commencement, contain
ing 640 acres more or less.
Elizabeth  McKnchine, Locator.
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Mrs. McFarlano
of Cranbrook, occupation married
woman, intend to apply for permis
iion to purchase the following des
-.'.bed lands : Commencing at a post
planted at the north east corner of
Cooper's pre-emption, thence west 10
chains, thence north 20 chains, thence
east to Moyie river, thence following
down stream to place of commencement.
Mrs. Sadie J. McFurlane.
H. Melton, Agent.
Dated April 3rd, 1909. 17
Take notiie that I, George A. Jam
.es0n, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupa-
tion, undertaker, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted at the N. W. corner of
lot No. 6424, thence east 40 ch tins ;
thence north 20 chains, thence west
0 chains, thence south 20 ch .ins to
place of commencement, containing
<0 acres.
George Alexander Jainieson
March 16, hmw. 12
1 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted 200 feet
north of the southeast corner of lot
L663, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chain?
thence west 80 chains, to the place of
commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
S. J. Cotton, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness
Dated April 5th, 1904. 17
.ulna' i> hereby given thut ii>
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Coiumis
ilonor ol Lands and Works, for a lie
ulu i" prospect loi coal und petrol
urn on the following described hinds
Starting at a post planted at or neui
the northeast corner of the Hutise
Lamereux claim, thence east 80
hains, thence south So chains, thence
west SU chains, thence north so chains
to the place of eotuinencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
0. E. Kunseh, Locator
Johu Anderson, Agent
Sum McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
6 Notice is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for u lie
i-nce to prospect for coal and petrol
sum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted ut ot
near the northeast corner of the Neil
MoQUarrte claim, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, tttonci
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to the pluce ot commencement, con
tululug ()4o acres, more or less.
Susan Bows, Locatoi
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness
Dated April 9th,  1909. 17
Notice    i
8 Notice is hereby given that 30
lays after date I intend to upply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commis
sloner of Lands and Works, for a lie
enco to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted one mile
east of Irvin Anderson's northeast
corner post, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence eust 80 chuins to
the pluce of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
M. A. Macdonald, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
9 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petrol
sum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted at the
southeast corner of the M. A. Mac
donald claim, thence eust 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
30 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place of commencement, containing 640 ncres, more or less.
Johanna Anderson   Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
10 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to upply to
the Honourable, the thief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands.
Starting at a post planted at or near
one mile east of the northeast corner
post on the Irvin Anderson claim,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
Mary Ann Good, Locator
John Anderson* Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th. 1909. 17
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Thomas William
Leusk, occupution, mill owner, intend
to upply for permission to purchase
one hundred and sixty acres of land,
bounded us follows :
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of Lot 8435, and
thern-e west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains.
Thbs. W. Lensk, Locator
H. Melton, Agent.
Dated April 2nd, 1409
Notice Is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to upply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted one mile
weBt of John Anderson's northwest
corner post, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
C. A. Barton, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 7th, 1909. 17
I true
District ot fc.u*t K
Take notice that   1,    Walter
McFarlane ol  Cranbrook,  oci ipi
merchant, intend to applj foi
sion   to     purchase the following dts
en bed lands: Commencing at a posi
planted   at     the southeast corner ol
lot   8435,     thence     south 70 chains
thence eust 20 chuins. thence norl
chains, thence eust 20 chains, thence
north 40 chuins, thence west 40 chains
to pluce of commencement.
Walter Bruce McFai I
Dated April 3rd, 1909. I,
District of Eust Kootenay.
Take no tier. tUui 1, Ham Mclnti -
of Halcyon, B. (.'., occupation Hotel
keeper, intend to apply for permit
sion to piiieim.se the following des
crlbed lands: Commencing al a post
planted ut about one mile west ol
the Flathead river and one mile nortl
of the International boundary line,
and west of lot 7336, being the north
cast corner, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
-40 chains, thence eust 80 chains
the point of commencement and con
Leiinint? 640 ncres more or less
Harry Mcintosh, Locatoi
George W. Kerr, Ag-'nt
Located  March 28tb,  1909. I
District of East  Kootenay,
Take notice thut 1, Thomas Ed
ward Murphy, occupation station
agent, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lauds : Commencing at a post plain
ed on the north bank of the Moyli
river, opposite the N. K. corner of
lot No. 8745, thence north 40 cnains,
thence cast 20 chains more or less ti
the Moyie river, thence following tin
meandering of the Moyie river ti
place of beginning, containing 80
acres more or leRs.
Thomas Edward Murphj
H. Melton,  Agent
Dated April 2lst, 1909. 17
Notice is hereby given that 3'
lays from date hereof I intend to up
ply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Worl
for the District of East Kootenay [or
a licence to prospect for coal and pel
roleum on the following described
lands on Kish-e-neh-na Creek in thi
Fluthcad Valley: Commencing at n
post planted at the northeast eorne
being the initial post, adjacent to tin
northwest corner of Giuliani Cruicl
diunk's locution, thence south 80
mains, thence west 80 chains, thenci
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
to the point of commencement, con
tulning 640 acres more or less.
James Buchanan, Locator
James Fisher, Agent,
Located March 27th, 1909. 11
District of Bust Kootenay.
No. I Notice is hereby given that 30
days from date hereof I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands   und Works und the Assistant
to tbe .-> i. ,j .. .
police, after , . * . »
• *
appeal '•)■              . 1
i ■ e •■
IleU:;!   Ol
* '•
Inn ..-,.
the  -i.,
preraisi b
Hotel, Fi
Dati l   ■
* .
Tuke nui
to   •  i!   .-'  .
. il
■■ . rat
i ■
.   ,'
L0|    .
i    hi
the   itat ii      ;■:'.-,.
ii  the
preu             £$»"$?*
h ,teii
Mlll-J           ■      (1 U   •-.
....   ...
..   n	
Dati 1  \.pi II
—   -
• •
tend i^ apply
•   ,.  ProvlncUi'
':;.i!u    tllO'•
. i i upjipin iiic, for a
euewn!   ol     ■ o eell. Into*]
sptli g llcjuoi U ycltfte 11 ital,
.V\ i iill.-.  11   ''
Date: Ap         i ■ , 1909.      17 4
WILLI 1 .1 11   BRAjFORD.
,,, II
Police altor thirt;
Icatiotr "f i lila
by    ii'
i I Intend i" upply
uli nl "i Provincial
i,,ni tiic pnh-
,i - i ■! ;t renewal
to ell Intoxicating lint) mi tlie premises
WlmlBor Hotel,     Fori
II.  3   MATHER,
eelo, May 1st, 1909.   IS
Take mil;
ii   the   .'n,'
if my
iiienti t" apply
nl  Provincial
i from the pub-
;oi   a renewal
Inl ixlcating 11-
.'   premises
tel   Wasa, B.
'II til
■    ...i
-   in
i In'
n til
it In-I
ler,   i
first i
■il A]
i.   tlie
Take in
duotor, jt
sion tn
crlbed li i
planted u
lot 7!i2.i,
CommiHHioner   of   Lands   and Works; north  Io
for the District of East Kootenay for
a licence to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at u post planted
about one half mile north of the
western boundary of Henry E, Dodge
location, being the initial post north
west corner, thence south HO chains.
thence east 80 chains to the western
boundary of James Buchanan's location, thence north 80 chains, thence
went 80 chains to the point of com
meneetnent, and containing 040 acres
more or less.
James Sutherland Ohlsholm Prasor
Located, April 1st, 1909, 17
George W.  Kerr,   Agent.
in chains ti
lliileil Api
nil ■ ion,
.   llth
'il:   lit,
B. '
I. initot
District ol Ea I  Kootenay.
tc In
11 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
starting at a post planted at or
near the northeast corner of the Eliza Good claim, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chuins, thence west 80 chains
to the place ol commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Snm McAlister, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Charles Philllpps, Witness.
Dated March 24th, 1009. 17
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Frederick Por-
ritt of Barrio, Ontario, occupation
gentleman, intend to apply for por-
missiun to purchnse the following described hinds, commencing at a post
planted about four miles north of the
International boundary line and about
2 miles north of lot 7841 and adjacent
to the northwest corner ol Henry Re-
vlero's application, being the south
west corner, thonce north 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
the point of commencement, nnd containing 040 acres more or less.
Frederick Porritt, Locator,
George W. Kerr, Agent
Located March 29th. 1909. 16
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, ufter thirty days from the
llrst appearance of this notice, for a
renewal of my license to sell lntoxi
eating liquors, under the provisions
of tho statutes in that behalf, In the
premises described iih the Wutlsburg
hotel, at Wattshurg, B.C.
Dated April 28th, 1909, 18
3 Notice la hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, tho Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following deacribed lands:
Starting at a post planted at or near
the southeast corner of Mrs. Livingstone's claim, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
SO chains, thonce north 80 chains to
the place of commencement, contain
ing 640 acres, more or loss.
William Anderson, Locator.
John Anderson, Agent
Snm McAlistor, Witness.
Dated, April 8th, 1909. 17
District ol Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Wattn
of Wattshurg, B.C., occupation lum-
bermun, intends to apply lor permis
si0n to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at u post planted at
the North East corner ol Lot 5244
thence South 80 cluiins. thence EnBt
20 chains, thence North 80 chnlms,
thence west 20 chains to point ol
commencement, containing 160 ucreB
more or less.
Dated March 17th, 1909. 12
days Iron:
ply to the Cine,
j Lands anil Worl
Commissioner ol
for the District
' a licence to pros;
roleum on the
No. 2 Commencing at a post plant- lands on Ktsh e i
I at the north enst corner, being the Flathead   Valley
liven thai.
i I intend to
ml -the Assistant
nielli and Works
i .t Kootenay for
'I''coal und pet-
wing described
h-na Creek in the
Commencing   nt a
Initial post adjacent to the north post planted at the sosth eust cor-
west corner of J. S. 0. Fruser's loca- nor, being the Initial post, udjacent
tion, thence south 80 chains, thence to the northwest corner of Graham
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains Crulckshank's location, Hhsnco north
thence cast 80 chains to the point of 80 chains, thence . wojt 80 chains,
commencement, and containing 6401thonce south be chains, thence cast
acres, more or less. : 80 chains, to point of commencement,
Norman S.  Fraser,  Locator. | anil containing 640 acres more or leso.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located April 1st, 1909.
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Located March 27th,  1909. 17
Henry Edmund Dodge. Locator
12 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chiel Commis-
loner of Lands and Works, for u licence to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following described landB
Starting at a post planted at or near
the northeast corner of the Eliza
Good claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, theuce north 8U
chains, thence west 80 chains to the
place ol commencement, containing
040 acres mure or less.
John Eccles, Locator.
John Anderson, Agent
Charles I'lnlllps, Witness
Dated March 24th, 1909. 17
District of East Kootenny.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days from date hereof I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
lor the District of Kast Kootenay tor
a licence to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on the following described
lands on Kish-e-neh-na Creek in the
Flathead Valley : Commencing at a
post at the northeast corner, being
the initial post adjacent to the south
east corner of Percy Dunkerley's clnln
thence south 80 chuins, thence wes
10 chains to the eastern boundary ol
Graham Crulckshank's location, and
thence north 80 chains, thence ens
80 chains to the point ol commence
nicnt. containing 640 acres, more oi
Arthur N. Skill, Locatoi
James Fisher, Agent.
Located April 2nd, 1909. 17
District of Kast Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days from date hereof I intend to apply to the chic Commissioner of
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner ol inde and Works
for the District , I .-. . i Kootenay lor
licence to prosp   i      : coal and pet-
4 Notice is hereby given that 80
days niter date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chiel Commie
sloner of Lands and WorkB, for a lie
enco to prriBpeet for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
Starting nt n poBt planted near tho
northeast corner of the Bittlso Lamereux claim, thence north 80 chains,
thence enBt 80 chains, thenco south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less,
William Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
District of EitHt Kiiotenay.
Notice    IB    hereby    given  that    30
days from date liereol  I  Intend to lip
ply to the Chiel     Co Isnlonor    ol
Lands und Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the District ol I'lnst Kootenay for
a licence to prosi t for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands on Klslt-e noli na Creek In the
Flathenil Valley : Commencing at li
post planted nt the south mint corner
about, one-fourth ol n mile cast ol the
(unction ol KIbIi-c neli-na Crcok with
Akamlna Creek on tho westorn boundary of Edward Kurtz's locution, be
Ing the initial post, thence north 80
ehalnB, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence enBt 80 chains
to point ol commencement, nnd containing 640 acres, more or less.
Percy Dimkerley, Locator
James Fisher, Agent.
Located April 2nd, 1909. 17
District ol East Kootenny.
Notice    Is   hereby    given thai    80
days from dale hereof I intend to ap
ply to the Chief    c miss      ol
Lands and Works and the Assist nut
Commissioner of Lauds and Worki
for the District of East Kootenay tor
a licence to prospect lor coal und pet
roleum on the following described
lands on Klsh-e-neh nn Creek in I!"
Flathead Valley : Commencing at a
post planted on the east hunk ol
TurnbliU creek, a small creek llowlnr
northerly Into Klsh e-neh-nn creek
about two miles west, of Edward
Kurtz's location, being the Initial
poBt northwest corner, thence south
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, nnd
thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to point ot commencement,
nnd containing 640 acres more or less.
Graham Crulckshunk, Locator,
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Located March 27th, 1909. 17
roleum   on   t! e
innls     sili.   i    :
i rook Flat-
lend   Valley
■   Kooti nay,
1. ('.. t	
• planted
ii nbi   •    ■
- rust of
he polni   w
. enters in-
o Akamfns ■
west   corner
1 '1C   : Ollth
•ast    eorm
■ clnljn.
Initial ; ■■ i
i chalna,
■ linnee >■
south 80
hains, (1
inn to the
point of   ■
i .ntnin-
.Hi.' fiiD ni h
Locati ■
d ■ .
GOAL   AMI   i
In itrl ■
Notice     Is
days from dati
ply Io the Chli
Lands   nnd Wi
lor the DlBtrlti
a licence Io ',,.
roleum   on   t
lands on Kl
Flathenil   V I
post plant. '
ncr   lieinr   'I;,
to the norl I
frnickshnnk s.-
■ l>
SO ell;
■ ii chnlm
iii-nt and
ir less.
bO  .'
in - ce-
Hoi        . . wurt.-Ljjjatorv
.lui'i'    1'Vi^f,. Agent.
Located Murcu Hiili,'J9|I'J.>;.V • 17   Stf II..'.Ml
rilt: I'ltoSl'lSCTOll,    OKANUUoOK,    I:
SATI'llDAY,    MAY    Si,    I'.lllll
I   i
s §
^N N April 1st We decided to take over Hill & Co's stock of
^^ Furniture, Carpets and Rugs- After invoicing the stock we
found it much larger than we anticipated. To reduce the stock
to a satisfactory point we decided to reduce prices, and judging by
the amount of business we have done in this department, we
believe  that OUR prices have been found very satisfactory.
5   5
5      0
0    6
5    5
5       re
{      l
*    :
0 V
<>     0
8 ■'
5    5
;•   -
■ ,
i   '
?    5
\ \
i t
I !
>>   a
*       :'.
Mr. Geo. Chapman has charge of this new department, which is located on the second floor formerly occupied by the tailoring department
and stock rooms. He will be glad to meet all his old friends. By courteous attention and thoroughly dependable goods at lowest • prices, we
hope to make this department as popular in East Kootenay as are the
other departments in our big  store.
If You Require Anything For Your Home, Such as:
Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Iron  or Brass Beds,  Sideboards,   Buffets,
Lounges,  Davenports, China or  Music Cabinets, Morris
Chairs,   Rockers,   Easy Chairs, Dining Chairs,
Dining Tables, Writing   Desks, Rattan Goods,
Dressers,   Stands,  Wardrobes,   Carpets
Rugs  and  Mats.
If you want a delicious
Chocolate try those
Newports at The Palm.
We have just received
a   large   stock   and   arc
Sole Agents for
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tiros Appllcil
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 60     •   •   •     P. 0. Box 213.
' BOVR1L renovates
the blood and builds up
muscle and nerve. It is
good for children,
athletes and invalids-
good (or all.
A. B. Grace,
I'llll.lSIIKK    ANU    KMTtlli.
^c\V -*r—*. .-/*i v -*j k.
Current Comments.
rm whirli eats Into
.•ora lienrta which o
Ah "ClilnkB" are 1
Hindus will bo emplo
11 lng factories nf th8 >
coming Bcarce,
ad  in ilif fiin-
1   W.  CLINE
01 tbc old Manltobn Harbor
Shop can imw be found in tbc
First Class Work in
all  branches of the
; j Tonsorial  Art \ \
We ask you to call and try
our new Consignment of new
and Up-to-date tigs for
Winter and Summer. Just
received Toppir and Reliable
Horses at your disposal.
Oive them a trial unit be
Phono 47 Crunlirook, B.C.
k Heel! • true dfnue." We'lhfnk ot £>re»pii»
Heutburn, u4 Inllfeetloau reel dlHeeei. —
Mantes trouble le but e ■rmMae <l. »<1 nil
-■—•■-—--■ ~ think olir
 *• reel dlaueei, jl.
_J» are irmplomi onhr at * eemli epecilo
Mem llclowee-noehlM tile.
II WM tbli tea thetTr* eomctlr led Dr. (hoop
.. ..   ..   iMj
In the creetlon el the! now nrj eoeuler Stoi
Eemedr-Dr. Bboop'l iMoiMtre. Ooini direct
to the Konauh name, alone brautfii tut eurceu
ana laror to Dr. Skoo* ana Me (MonutTO. With.
oat that original jjl hlihli Thai urtacipls, no
ouch luting Moomellehnnte wen erer to In bed.
Forttomach dlttroM. bloating, biliouneu, baa
breath and eellow oeapleilon. try Dr.Jfcoop'i
BeelontlTt-T»bl«H.or Uqala-ana He "JFjour-
—1 what II ou aad wM do. lit lell aa« cater.
Dr. Shoop's
It ia n proverb of Cherry Blossom
land Unit u healthy Blomach is tho
basis of nil strength. Good nature is
alio recognised as of great importance,
The Japanese as a people are remarkable for their health) endurance, patience ami skill.
The oherrv tree is tlie most highly
prized of nil in Japan. It not only
gives forth a beautiful blossoip but the
wild cherry tree furnishes a bark which
Is most highly prized In medicine.
Wild Cherry   I 85S«?,dS
(Prunus Virginittna). ; prxbatohy,
 . which   is   an
authority on medicines, says of tho
properties of this Black Cherry bark:
"Uniting    with   a   tonic   power   tho
Sroperty of calming irritation and
imitt)sning nervous excitability.
Adnpted to the treatment of diseases
in which there is debility of the Btoni-
ach or of the system." Another authority, Kino's Amewoan Dispensatory says, "it given tone and strength
to the system, useful in fever, cough,
and found excellent in consumption,"
This ingredient is only one of several
very important native, medicinal roots
in l>r. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. This is a remedy which has enjoyed the public approval for marly
forty years, nothing new or untried
about it, has cured thousands of people
of those chronic, weakening diseases
which are accompanied by a cough,
■uch as bronchitis and incipient con-
BUinption. More than thai, bv reason
of the other Ingredients, Bloodroot,
Mandrake, Golden Seal, and Queen's
root, all of the medicinal virtues of
which are scientifically extracted and
combined in Or. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, remarkable cures of
dyspepsia and stomach disorders have
been accomplished.
Nearly forty years ago, Dr. Pierce
discovered that chemically pure glycerine of proper strength is a better
solvent and preservative of the active
medicinal principles residing in most of
our indigenous or native medicinal
plants than is alcohol. As its use ig
entirely unobjectionable, while alcohol
is well known when used even iu
small portions, for n protracted period,
to do lasting injury to the human system, especially in the case of delicate
women and children, he decided to
use chemically pure glycerine instead
of the usually employed alcohol in
the preparation of his medicines.
He found that the glycerine, besides
being entirely harmless, possesses intrinsic medicinal properties of great
value. Its nutritive properties, Dr.
Pierce believes, far surpass those of
cod liver oil, entitling it to favorable
consideration in all eases of incipient
consumption and other wasting diseases.
It is an invigorating, tonic alterative
its virtues to Nature's vego-
■ry     funny how quickly
put     on caps tlmt tit
and owes
table garden
For a reliable local salesman representing Canada's Oldest and
Greatest Nurseries in Cranbrook and
adjoining country.
The popularity ol our stock which
la grown on limestone soil, making
our trees and bushes hardier and
longer-lived than coast grown stock,
is acknowledged by experienced truit
We make a specialty ot growing
stock for British Columbia and ship
in carload to that province.
A permanent situation to right
man, with territory reserved.
Pay weekly j Irce outfit. Write for
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by B. C. Government.)
:   I? ,\nq :m, Proprietor
l*o those wanting a swell
turnout give us a call
we  can please you.
Hay,   Grain,   and   Wood
for Sale.
Oranbrook, b.c    Phone 90
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
A.II kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
age's Old Stand, Hanson Ave
FbOM flftl
Dr. Pierce is only the
i ., , —I       jscientitio gar-
Nature's Garden, doner who
I . ! knows how to
combine the plants given 119 by Nature
to cure our diseases. This preparation is of pleasant taste, agrees perfectly with rebellious and sensitive
stomachs, and is extremely effective in
restoring tone and vigor to the entire
system. It cures inflammatory troubles
of the stomach as well as indigestion
and dyspepsia arising from weak
stomach. One reason why it restores
the health of run-down, pale and emaciated people is because it first throws
out tlie poisons from the blood through
the liver and kidneys. It then begins
its reconstructive work in building up
flesh by first making goud, rich, red
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is
made in a large laboratory, thoroughly
equipped with every scientific appliance,
at Buffalo, N. Y." Qualified chemists
are in charge of the laboratory, with
nearly a score of skilled physicians and
surgeons employed (<> scrutinize, determine and prescribe these remedies und
other means of cure as seem best suited
to many thousands of oases of chronic
diseases which come before them fur
treatment each year. Itcostayou nothing to write to Dr. H. V. Pierce—the
head ot this Institution, at Buffalo, N.
Y. and get an accuralo medical opinion
iu your special case ami wholly without
$5.00 CASH
Good Discount For Cash
in the hands of a woman truly expert u Init pin may be as formidable
tts n hairpin is useful.
Are you ready for the big race meet
uf tin- Cranbrook Park Association ,
only three days to complete yourpre-
paral Ions.
• • • •
Disregarding what the public wants
is poor judgment. Even the man who
feels that way in regard to his neighbors wants, is unwise to indulge in
his desires that way.
Isn't it quite refreshing to see Mr.
Pugsley demanding an accounting
from Mr. Pugsley? says the Nelson
• • • •
According    to the traveling public,
the new  Soo-Spokane-Fortland train
is proving one of the most popular
trains in the transcontinental service.
*   •   *
Two men in Scuttle, armed with
revolvers, held a bar room containing twenty men. As usual the police
were just four minutes late.
It is time the property owners uf
Cranbrook were considering the necessity of securing the Water Supply
plant as a municipal utility.
An eastern paper rises to remark
that Joe Martin might now run for
the sent of the late Mr. Abdul Ham-
Old timers in this district are anticipating high water this year owing
to tlie late season. In many places
in the mountains the snow is from
three to ten feet deep.
Provincial road gangs, under the
supervision of Road Inspector Heed,
are making the necessary Improvements on the roads in the Cranbrook
There appears much material fur
new thought in Canada, where the
house of commons, by a strict party
vote, the Laurier government has
whitewashed the reputation of the
Hon. Wm. Pugsley.
Perhaps King Edward had his trousers crcused down the side instead of
the front of the leg because lie found
it Impossible to keep the crease intact by piling Burke's Peerage and
the dictionary on the outstretched
garment over night.
Don't forget that May 24 is Empire
day and should he observed by every,
body in Southeast Kootenay. You
cannot do better than come to Cranbrook and have a jolly good time.
You can sec the races, the ball names
and do a little shopping.
Canada's surplus is a half million
larger than Mr. Fielding estimated,
yet the people are surprised to find
tnat Mr. Fielding wants to borrow
$50,00H,0l)(l to pay for expenditures
that have been passed, among which
is a $10,000,(100 to the Grand'Trttnk.
Anchor Brand Flour
is the power behind Hie cook; brings smiles and
gives each one the opportunity to 'make good.'
Manfd, by 1., ,„■„ Bros. Flour Mills, Oak Lake, Man.
•!•   Professional   •:
\. I
Barristers and Solicitors,
CRANBROOK,   !'..('.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ . ♦
1...... .      ♦;
Dr. E. W. Connolly
Physician and Suruw
i Ullcu; Armstrong Ave
Calgary  Cattle  Co.
Fresh   and  Salted  Meats,
Fish  and  Poultry  in  season.
LOTS     OF     FINE     YOUNG
Orders ■':   !/,<. '    . ' f» nnpt attention.
Order   by   Phone,   4.t.
. **$♦♦♦♦©♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Barrister,  Solicitor, olc,
Barrister, Solictor, unci
Notary Public
Ollleo   Uulil Uuildlngs,
it m 11 11.111   li u, t 11.111   r to s |> m,
Pliono Ollleo 105.   Rosldonco lull
MM.V..    V.S..
Graduate     of    Qnuirlo    Volorlnery
Collogo, Toronto, in lSiis.
"Icii'licluiiloniul Meilllllsl nr MoKlllipVol-
ei'lmiry Collogo, Chlmigo, III., in 1000
lloglstoi'od      im'intiiT     of      llrili>.li
Oiilninlihi   Association,
H.   W.    BREW,   Proprietor.
CRANBROOK, B.C. j office at mckinstrvs livery barn | ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
! ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦«♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
P.L.S. iS ('.!•:.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
Bos aUB. Pliono 2211.
SllENT 0ramEmams.mm
Armstrong Avenue.
FhOM 1M Cranbrook, 11. O.
The Young Turks are koiiik to use
the $8.0011,001), which they found in
the late sultan's two secret rooms in
the Tildiz. Something must have
heen wrong in the upper stupe of the
Sultan. Financier Fielding or 0. M.
Hnys of the Q.T.R. would never have
overlooked such a sum as this.
As a tinaiicicr Mr. Fielding is exceedingly modest. He has reported
that the public debt has increased to
the extent of $40,0(1(1,000, yet he reports n surplus of $1,500,000. He
should have waited until he had secured that 150,000,000, which he is
asking for, then he would have had a
surplus ol $61,500,000.
Tlie general Improvement in business conditions throughout Southeast
Kootenay, nl which there has been
evidence of tlie must reliable clinracf
tor during the past niulitb have been
reflected in business operations that
have displayed more strength than at
any other time lor the past three
With tho approach ol the big nice
meet at Cranbrook and the large influx ol visitors a number of men who
gain their livelihood by preying upon
their feliowmon, such as the tinhorn
gambler, pickpocket and stick up op
oratives, the public are cautioned to
keep their eyes un their valuables,
and see that your homes are carefully lucked when yon arc away vlowlng
tho spurts.
.   •  ■  •
After t lit- experience ol the pasl lew
years it should nut be necessary to
warn the electorate of tho consoqtion
ces of a failure to secure a revision
of the voters list of the Cranbrook
district. Lists have been revised In
evory electoral district iu the pro
vlnce, except, Cranbrook where the
lists arc a political grave-yard roster. Taught by experience the cunsei
vatlvcs ul this district should not
neglect, the revision ol tho list of B
single pull in tho district.
. . .  .
It Is seldom thai thoro Is such n
unanimity ol opinion1 among tho biifll
ness, banking nnd Industrial corpora
turns ns to the business outlook us
exlsls at tho prosenl time In the
Cranbrook district, Thoro dues nol
sceui to be any dlsBOnl I" the si aliment that    the district  Is nl I  to
enter n porlotl ol prosperity such as
It ban never before witnessed. Optlm
Ism ami conQdenco prevails In every
soctlon of tho district nnd with thorn
a spirit ol conservatism thai nrgupa
well tor the [ularc
Groat dovoloptfienl and progress Is
being made in I lie Wiailei mere district
and also In the farming districts ol
Southeast Kootonay, notwlthstnnd
ing the lack ol railway facllltlos north
and suiiili through Hie upper Oolum
hla and Kuotenny valleys. It would
neem that the Canadian Pacific Is
holding this portion ol the country
as a sort ol "preserve" for the tot
ure.   We suggest that it would be    a
F. O, E.
Meet every Friday at S p.in
visiting:  Brothers Cordlallj   Invited
F.   W.   Hcves.   W. President!
Wm.    Anderson,    Secretary, j
Aorio Physician, I'. O. Unx 28,
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month at 8 p.m.
A. McOoWan, Chief   Ranger.
0. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren made welcome.
Steam  Boilers mid Furnaoo Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
\Y.   K.  BEATTY
funeral Director.
On l
.»l Mi
tker Sin ct,  one
ssrs.  Hill iV Co
in    Inun     llnil
dniir West
the only
can   maki
life worth livino
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,    Manager.
% Rocky Mountain Chapter ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
NO. 125.  R. A. M.
Regular meetine;*:—2nd Tuesday in enoli month at oiirlit
Rubber  Dollar   Store
Meet& every second and fourtt)
Wednesday at new Fraternity
Hall. Sojourlng Rebel<ahs cordially Invited.
Mrs. F. E. Simpson, Noble Grand
Ada M. Hickenbothain, Secretary
•S      Sojourning Companions   aro   5
*S   cordially invited. S;
;! 1
;£       H. L. HOTUWEM,, Scribe 15,   |
%        BOX 4        (,'KANHltOOK, B. C. I
Repent It—"Shiloh's Curs will   al-
ways   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
■     ■      CRANBROOK, R.C.
>Ye Buv Everything
HOUSES, STOVES, new nnd second  hand   FURNITURE,   CROCKERY   and   WEARING    APPAREL
WE SELL whal wo havu in stock in prices that
will surprise you. A visit to tho Dollar store will convince you iliui wo have the goods, and can save you
fifty per com on any goods purchased.
We lluy and Sell For Cash
1'iiuM-: in r.ii box -ni.'i
ui'l out with an eye lo set
iIn- smallcsl consumption nt coal.
If  vim  tvanl   to cx[ rrinirni   with the question don't
specify " Sunshine."
il yoii v.inii to settle the question specify "Sunshine,"
McCkry's  .
Knit   SAI.K   IV PATMORK lilins.
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand.
are cut on larqe
to qive the weorei-
the utmost comfort
Town Canadian C« -
10H.Ot.TO CA'I
Ml a rtATCB^EVtL, .
I     <i
CHl '.  jm:l
wlnr policy un till' part nl  those imw
IioIiIIiik tin.' K.c.li. charter to com
inrnre Immediate construction, un
this mud would hi! un cssentlul [future ol the Orow's Neiit ayBtem.
Double acting rams pump spun;; water using impure water as power to operate
them. Runs continuously and automatically. Pumping capacity up to i.ooo.ooo
Gallons per day. No wearing parts except valves, Highest cllicienc) "I any engine
mi the market. Prom 60 to 90 per cent, developed under repeated tests.
Unequalled (or IRRIGATION AND DOMESTIC purposes. Over seven thousand
in   use,
Ifyoi are  interested  write to or see H.  Y.  Parker. 1'iiBfc   6.
THB Pn08PECT0H,    CRANBROOK,    B.    C   SATURDAY,   MAY   22,
J. Itinini
•iiv Friday
Hosmw wo
Splendid Showing of Hats.
All three important   attributes   are   to   lie   found
auorjgest  our showing of  Mens  Hats,    In   Hard  Felt,
Soft  Pelt,  straws or   Fancy   Summer   Huts   we   eun
show you a range   thai   is uueqnalled out of any city.
Come and see our ratigd
X'i   C, II. Allan nf Winnipeg vcus at
21 Cranbrook Friday.
«> I   w. u. Hi'ul ul Moyie was at Ol
♦ brook Friday on bualneaa.
♦ F. .1   Dean
♦ Frtday.
of  Nelson  wits  in  I,urn
Hunt lorget  tin
Cranbrook Drug a
It....u Sale
,1 Book St.
*N*eVV*\*VWs**VVW»/WS ♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
E. Mtlburn and J. QrtfBn "l Ti
,i were in town Frtday.
.1   in
ins nf Nelson wu
No ! tlif     Lanrier government  lias
nothing tn In- proud of this session.
The cbeertul live lonn in years and
also in thr estimation of the people.
Repent   it
ruvs cure 111
mil ci
New Greens, New Browus ami
several other new shades.
Tho shapes are the very latest
ami  must  becoming.
Price $2.RO,
3.00, and 4.00
1   Mens Straw and Crush   Hats
In Boaters. Hombur
Straws. These Hats at
factory, su our prices a
Prices   2Sc<
;s, Panamas, and other Fancy
I imported direct from the
•e   right.
to   $8.00   each.
podthis     (Mi;    ENGLISH   H.UIU
Felt Rat.
Has met with eon
siderably move success
than we hoped for.
It is a good Hat and
we have proved it.
PRICE $3 00 In
several  shapes.
The c.r H. commercial telegraph
is now located In new quarters near
[the track on Baker street
Look out lor the lnsii water this
Bummer, but between a drouth and n
tlni.il give us netthor.
Fish bite like hungry wolves at oui
artificial bait Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Store.
Cranbrook Lodge A F .<• A M held
a regular communication in the Mas
mi,  temple on Thursday evening
Mrs K .1 Bergleen ol Kaltspel,
Mont., was visiting friends at dan
brook Wednesday
One ol ilir cleanest arts ,,[ the last
session ol the Dominion house was
tin1 whitewashing ol Mr Pugsley Uv
Sir Wilfrid and liis liberal majority
Don't lorget the danco at the opera
liouse on Tuesday evening V good
time :s assured    Admission SI, ladies
Mrs   Fred  Wason  loft   i
train mi an eastern \ isll
| LOCAL    NEWS   | j
Our fishermen will ho
lorce tomorrow attei  ill
oltl     111 lllll
finny tribe.
ol Cl
111' CI
i nrnog!o la
inula to the
. the annexation
HI,si   Sl.ilrs    lull
: Burns Bros
CRAN9R0OK     3   C.
:.\ regular monthly  convocation   ol
Rocky  Mountain Chapter  was held  m
♦ tlie     chapter     room of the Masonic
♦ temple on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. i\ K. oil phalli ->i sScarborn
Junction, Qui , is \ .siting w it li ii»-i
Bister   Mrs.   I|    StOWtlt't
Tho climate ol the Cranbrook ills
trie) is special.) adapted to Frull
A    roinl    gang i- dow   ''   work  re
pairing  Hip road  between Craubn
ami  Robinson &  McKenitio's mill
A large force ol men will commence
Tuesdaj repaii tug the i oad between
Wattsburg and Cranbrook «
Mi and Mrs r I. J dm ■■
«'aigai \ were o mibi ook visitors
a Carney, pi .-\ Lnclal t imbev In
apector ol Kast.' was in Cranbrook,
this weok mi ofticiul business
V number »>t running borses arrived
at Cranbrook WetlneBduj [or the race
meet  which commences next   Monday
.i    i.   Teaher ol   Medicine Hat,
horseman, with r -tring ol hoist1;
ihf races arrived  In Cranbrook
"GEM"    I
I:: the I  unity Conn ol Kast Kooten
iy   Holden  at   Cranbrook   In  the
Matter    ol    the  Estftte  ol   Lee
How, Deceased
H specialty oi
Try one ol hie
ce Cream  Sun
Notice is berebj given that appllca-
■ i- been made to this Honour
able Court by i.o See, Administratrix of the estate of Lee How, deceased, late of Cranbrook, U. C, for an
order that the said La See to sell
and transfer to Wong Gam ol Cran-
+  brook, H   r . merchant,  that certain
Our stock is now complete with
nil the latest spring designs-
Kindly call nnd see our show
ciistis before finally deciding
whiil your present shall be—
Tin1 priri's are right. (,»u;ility
l.ho hi'si  lliiii  money can  bay,
C. I\ R. Watch   Inspectors,
Cranbrook,   B. C.
Stewart    is   making
lee cream tins sea ton
li, I (ream Soda's pr
Farmers are looking Berious this
week Nightly frosts liave delayed
seeding, watch throws spring planting
Mrs A Chalmers loft on Friday
foi Montreal. Boston and oilier enst-
tin points on a visit She will be
away about three mouths.
Don't forget the dance at thr opera
house on Tuesday evenlug. A muni
time is assured. Admission $1; ladies
li II Dick or Vancouver, P. W
Polk of Spokane und \Y. 1.. Bran-
thorne nl Lisbon, N 11.. were guest,
nt tlie Cranbrook Thursday.
parcel or tract of lands and premises
situate, lying and beini: in the city
of Cranbrook aforesaid, and being the
south half ,.f Lot twenty-two i22i in
block thirty-six lilbi in the city of
Cranbrook, plan 669.
Ami  notice  is  also  given  that  per       The happiest   man in  Canada  is the
sons   objecting   to   the   said   intended   Hon.  Win.  Pugsloy,  now that the  1st
sale,  are  hereby     required  to  state session of the eleventh parliament is
their objections     in writing and tile closed,
the same with the Registrar of    this
court, within one week from the date A tiuestinn to bo decided by the
when this notice appears in the ('ran citj council is "Shall the lire brigade
brook Prospector. respond to alarms sent in from out-
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., May 21st.  side the corporation limits of Crun-
1909. 21-11 brook.
(1.  H   THOMPSON, 	
Are you in need ut n good Lawn
Mower this season. We can, the
American line nf the Blue anil Red
and Red Star Mowers; also Garden
I hose both in plain and wire wound.
r'Clood Hoods Only,"   l'ntmore Bros.
oltcitor for the Administratrix.
IF!        '.■!'"  '
Nature Glorified
y Art.
is 'iio iilmi'ui thai makes
mi' Wall Papers so much
•ou.!lil urtei by those
■Alio love ilin truly beau-
ifnl, and' « ho dulighl iu
linking there homes at-
tractive, We make ii ;i
point lo have tho uewosl
11 m Ipiiltenis
Calls Promptly Attended
DAY PHONE   No. fl
Funeral    Director   and   Em-
batmer,  in charge.
A large number nf the pupils ot the
public school ure under tiu- Impression thut Monday nnil Tuesday of
next week are school holidays. This
is not so. Monday, Empire day, in n
school holiday and will be observed
an such, but school will open Tuesday
morning as usual.
Present indications tend to a royal
baseball battle next Monday between
Bonner's Ferry, ami Cranbrook.
Real estat
judge     bj
Bince tbc til
■ activity
i    number
•t of May.
Increasing to
of sides made
-me rooting at the
hall gamo Sunday
• The Leading Fruit Store.       <?
$  r,  f
P 0 Box 33
Phone 111
The Painter and
Armstrong Avenue
-*;   -.
l Htn|)|»>tt In 9l miiniliu
sura with I)r, Slioon'd
Croup   lti'iiii*iij.  Out*
ti'.l  will surHy pnife.
No TiiinilitiK,  mi di-
■-. A >nf« hikI iili'iis'iliKs-yraii-.'itk!, iJniK«i.sls.
Francis Edward
Bandmaster Cranbrook City Hand
Choirmaster Knox Presbyterian
Late lluiulnmsiiir His Majesty's Royrl
\V. Fusiliers
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
and     Standard     Instruments.
Orchestra    Furnished
Phone u.i. CRANBROOK, B.C.
'm AUrc    iifinn     DnrAr\l
Ropeat It -"Bblloh'a Cure will   always  cure  my   coughs  nnd   folds."
IT   l'AYW   TI
)  1)0 YOU   AliVI'lltTIHI.Ml   IN' THE  PROSPECTOR,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦; ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦f
X Gold Standard Teas x
♦ and Coffees   ... ♦
♦ Vott will linrl our stock ul ['"nnn and Staple: ♦
♦ Groceries r.ompl"tc in everj   rcspecl : ;i trial ♦
order  will  i nin un e  you we  are  there  with X
the   f,'0od.S, X
PMONIi    56 ♦
arc sold only hy
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441 Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Branch Store   413 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.
George  Welch,   Selling  Agent, Cranbrook, B.C.
H.   H.   STANTON,
Manager   for   all    Eastern    B.C.   Business.
♦♦♦+»♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «*♦■« % »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
There     was     s
last at Moyie.
Mr, and Mrs. C, A. Orosbio ot Xan-
couvet' were Orunbrook visitors Tuesday.
it. R. Wright and P. .1. Hoskins of
Toronto,  worn     gu?»ts tit tltfl  Ci'uli
All Free Minrr's certificates expire
on Mny 31st, and should be renewed
print- to that date.
Clean up your premises and spare
no effort to keep the llics out of the
hotlse and particularly away from
the kitchen.
Special efforts are being put forth
by the committee in charge for the
nccommodatiou uf visitors at the
race grounds on the 24th of May.
Monarch Stumping machines, De
Laval Orenm Separators, Maxwell
Churns, are all closely connected with
good farming.   See Patmore Bros.
1<\ It. Anderson, principal of the
public school has resigned. He will
engage in surveying and become a P.
L.S. in the near future.
Thos. Armstrong, the tinsmith, left
on Monday for Fernie. He has neon-
tract for putting in a blower system
for the Kilt River Lumber Co.
A. tt. Rawlins and W. T. Murray of
Winnipeg, Knights of the Grip, were
transacting business at Cranbrook on
An alarming population of taglesa
canines can be found in Cranbrook,
and they bring disapproval on the
good tlogs, as well as being outlaws.
It is time for the dog catchers to
get to work, if the pound and dog
tax bylaw is to he enforced. They
have plenty of material to work on.
Robins seem to be more numerous
this yenr than for some years past,
An unusual number of pretty birds
are also in evidence.
11. C. Maker of Winnipeg, L. K. Cochran of Seattle, and W. K. Corbit of
Toronto were guests at the Cran
brook Tuesday,
The Oranbrook Junior Baseball
team will meet those of Moyie on the
local grounds un the 24th of May.
Turn out and support the boys.
Native strawberries appeared on the
market this week. They sold for 2ii
cents it box. It is thought that the
crop will he large. Regular picking
will commence this week,
A. 11. Fflnwlck ami It. T. Richard
son of Port. Steele were in town on
Tuesday. They attended a convocation of Rocky Mountain Chapter during the evening.
A. MrLeod t.f niaiiuiore, II. Rockwell of Spokane. C, W. Smith of Pernio, ami W. I, llaiiis ul Winnipeg
were registered al the Cranbrook on
A large number uf prospective net-
tiers have been in Cranbrook during
the past week spying out the land.
This is a business mailer and is being treated as such by flu* residents
of the district.
Re.v. Pr. Spencer of Vancouver will
address a mass meeting of voters on
Thursday, May 27, at S o'clock. in
the Presbyterian church. Any politicians wishing to discuss the i|nestion
are at liberty to do so,
A Victoria Or nnd jury wishes tho
law to be changed so that, certain
petty offenders can be Hugged at, the
discretion of the communing judge.
We think the Bchflmo would work well
In Cranbrook,
mighty more women have been taken from the hairm of tin- deponed mil
tun. Tim old rascal neither toiled or j
spun, but iu many respects lie tried
hard to keep wllh Solomon hi all his
Lellibiidge Is going tn have a hall
team that will be capable of "putting
it all over" their opponontn from cities large and small. That iioiindn
nice, but don't, forget to send that
hall team to Cranbrook, the hoys In
cranbrook will do the refit,
Clean up your premises, It In not
too tmicll to ask each and every pro
party owner to see that their promts-
m have been cleaned up before the.
hot wcallier Comes along, The health
of our cltlznttH is our first consideration and must take prccedonca to everything else. One more, "clean tip
your premises."
HPHB BEST In practical use, because convenient,
compact in size, use smallest amount of ioo
and salt, run easily, freeze Quickly, produce
smoothly frozen cream or deserts with little
bother nnd  less  work.
The Pails have electric welded wire hoops,
guaranteed not to break or fall off; the pans
of heavy tin plate with drawn steel bottoms that
are guaranteed not to fall out or break and do
not leak, the strongest and most durable Freezer
Cau made; the Automatic Twin Scrapers by
their positive action iususe perfect scraping of
frozen particles from side of can as rapidly as
formed without injury to Cau or Scrapers. All
inside parts are heavily coated with pure block
tin, and outside parts all thoroughly galvanized,
A Receipt Book with complete directions for
making over 100 Ice Creams, Water Ices, Sherbets
and other deserts packed iu each Freezer
J. D. McBride
PATMORE   BROS        '
Heating   and   Plumbing *
Engineers       ■     .     .
OUR ATM—Is to give the comfort-sucker the fit Hunt Bense
nf comfort with the least souse of apparatus -the most satisfying results ut the least expense of fuel ami of labor, with
freedom from repairs, and a durability equal to the life of tlie
buildings    in    which    the    heating systems  are   installed
Our Systems of Heating meet these requirements exactly.
They are the efficient, silent, reliable servant of the house owner
—an adjunct which does more for tho cheer and healthfulness of
home-lifeth an any other material feature or decoration of home
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried  Blood   Fertilizer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
P. BURNS & rO.
Phone 10
P. O. Box 3.
f ♦
j; Ham and Bacon I
wholesome smoked meals you have ever eaten.
Our smoked meats are always fresh  slouli.     VV.
are sure that if you  try them once y(„.  will  ngree     *
with us that they are the best  flavored   and . mosi     < >
PHONE 67 P.O. BOX 154
& 3- Sinning
• >
«»♦•>♦♦•>♦•>•>•>♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
D.J.JOHNSON       The Best in Town
For   Sale nr Itent «t ReMon»l)le
()ffice& Workshop—Lewis St.
Pknt No. II.
For a Oool, ('lean Shave,
or a Hair Cut, \ia to
Tonsorial  Artists
Cranbrook Slroet


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