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The Prospector Oct 24, 1908

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 '■''->, ctu.
Vol. 14.
No. 4.3,
at Wardner
Liberals encounter another Frost at the
Mill City
A mooting was held at. tin- Library
Hall un Wednesday ovoning in the in
torests ni the Liberal party, the
8peaKora being Messrs. A. It. Macdon
aid mid A. Ban field, both uf Oran
brook. The chair wus occupied by tl,
w. Donahoe, There was a fair at
tendance, hut very little enthusiasm
shown, the remarks of tho speakers
being recoived In stolid silence
Mr. Ban Ho Id pointed out that tho
Liberal government had never sold
or transferred nny timber tracts es
cept to the highest bidder; that thc
Liberals had always worked towards
the lowering of the tariffs, contrary
to the policy of the Conservatives,
who increased the cost of living by
maintaining high tariffs.
Mu thon took up in turn the Fair
Wage Clause nnd Workmen's Accident
Clause, Showing the protection which
the workingman now enjoyed and
which wns entirely due to the pater
nai care of the Liberal government.
The immigration question wai
dwelt upon at some length, Mr. Bn-n-
field endeavoring to show that it was
policy to encourage Japanese immigration to some extent for the pre
sent at least, in order to secure thu
benefit of thc trade which Japan was
building up since the war.
The Lemieux act. was then dealt
with, showing the beneficial offect in
the settlement of labor disputes, the
credit of which, of course, was due
to the Liberal government.
Mr. linntield closed his remarks
with a few time honored platitudes
about empire building, added lustre,
etc., etc., calling upon all to vote foi
the return of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
his adherents. Thc silence which foi
lowed could almost  be felt.
Mr. Maedonald was then introduced
hy the chairman and gave a somewhat pleasing address, dealing prin
cipully, however, in ancient history
in the vicinity of 1896 through almost,
the whole of his remarks, Thc post
otfice department was first dealt witli
showing that under the Liberal administration there was now n surplus
of almost 11,000,000 yearly in plaee
of a deficit of three quarters of a
million yearly under the Conservn-
tlve regime. A glowing picture ol
the reduced postage rates and the increased number of post offices was
then followed by a somewhat desultory fire at the timber industry, im-
mignt,tion, trade policies, with a
somewhat intricate resume on timber
grants in which acres seem to have
got tangled up with square miles ;
great stress being laid, however, on
the fnct that no timber tracts or privileges were ever sold hy the Liberal
government unless to the highest bidder.
The Crow's Nest I'ass Railway
scandal was then taken up and by
some ingenious arithmetic process it
appeared that the Dominion govern
ment after giving nothing in the
shape of a laud grant to the promoters, came ont with a considerable asset in tbe shape nf B. C, lands, the
amount of which however, was not
clearly defined.
The Liberals had been chargod with
graft and improper expenditure of the
country's funds. There was not. time
now to go into figures but It could
be shown conclusively that the am
ount of money "Improperly" spent
would not exceed the proportion oi
$1.25 to $900, a very good showing
indeed for the amount handled. As
to the increased expenditure, about
which the opposition raised sueh an
uproar it was Indicative of the pro
gress being made by the country; it
was not the policy of good govern
munt to hoard money in its colters
nnd allow the industries and public
institutions of the country to remain
at a standstill merely lor the purpose
of showing a surplus.
It was lo be remembered that scan
dais had to be unearthed and charg
ed at the opening of a campaign that
while the Liberals wore not all angels
they were, on tho whole, a pretty
good sort, and anyone wishing to se
euro the best interests of lhe country
etc., would vote for Sir Wilfrid I nur
ier and those pledged to support bis
Tho moat enthusiastic portion ol
the meeting appeared to be the sing
Ing nf the National Anthem, which
thoroughly aroused all present.
How   did   the   Liberal
Members from B.G.Vote
in  Dominion House
Alight against
to the Constituencies
An Honest Government
Public sentiment has clearly ranged
itself on the side of the Consorvntlvo
party. The party itself is undivided.
It is led by a man of commanding
ability, whose personal ability and
seasc of public honor have never in
vited suspicion. Kor the purposes ol
tbe present election, in whieh the su
preme issue turns on the question ol
honest govermmnL of thu country's
affairs, no man could establish a
moro striking contrast between tlie
disgraceful episodes of the past and
the possibilities or the future than
Robert 1,. Borden. The people of
Canada know that a government led
hy Mr, Borden will be an honest gov
eminent. That is the real inspiration of the tremendous popular en
tlmsinsm which is manifesting itself
from one end of ilie country to tlie
other on behalf of the Conservative
A Trip to Ottawa
The general elections will bo held
on October Uii. November 12 will see
nn election In Kootenay ami Vale
Cflirihoo. Then Martin Burrell and
A. S. Goodeve will make a nice little
trip to the Dominion capital.
Was there a single amendment or
motion made or voted for by the Big
Seven of this province that was in
the interest of British Columbia?
On Mr. Lemieux1 s Concilliution bill
Mr. Borden moved that the measure
be referred to a select committee, so
that train men, and other working
men might have a hearing and suggest amendments. Motion was rejected by a straight Liberal vote.
Mr. J. B. Armstrong, Conservative,
moved that the Concilliution bill be
amended so that railway employers
md employees in respect of whom
other provision had been made would
he exempt from its provisions. Motion
rejected by straight party vote.
January llth, UI07, Mr. Borden
moved for the appointment of a select committee to inquire into the
matter of legislation to prevent
strikes and lock outs and other labor
troubles. Motion killed by an iyiiend-
tnent, adopted on n party votej recorded in Hansard, page 3690.
.January 2Kth, motion by Mr. Borden, Conservative, that Canada
should not enter into any treaty depriving herself of the control of her
own immigration. Rejected by a
straight purty vote; recorded in Hansard, page 2152.
Liberal members from this province
voted against every measure that
was of vital interest to the working
men of this province, If elected Mr.
Smith Curtis would have to support
the Laurier machine in their efforts
in favor of corporations and against
ihe working men.
Mr. Lund returned from Marysville
on  Saturday.
Mrs. Ceo. Hajward has been quite
ill this last week.
Mrs. Johnson of Rossland, is visiting her sister Mrs.  Helgeson.
Miss Lucy Ship, ..re is spending a
tew da,ys with Cranbraoa friends.
Born On October llth, to Mr. nnd
Mrs. L. LaChance, a sou.
Miss Bawtlnholmer and Miss Violet
McLeod were (.'ranbrook visitors on
Mr. and Mrs. Blatchford have moved into the cottage recently vacated
by Mrs. Miller.
The ladies of thc Presbyterian
church are preparing for a social to
bu lield on thu 27th inst.
Mr. Dormer has been obliged to return to the Crnnbrook hospital having suffered a relapse.
A dance was held in the Library
hail on Friday night and was thoroughly enjoyed  hy n(ll present.
Mr. Wilson, superintendent of Presbyterian missions, was iu Wardner
on, Wednesday.
The usual Friday afternoon pro-
mam was rendered by the school
children last week and the young people acquitted themselves very creditably. The afternoon wound up with
an old fashioned spelling match, in
which MiiBter Alden Curtis distin
iniished himself by "spelling down"
tho. rest of the school.
Cost of Grand Trunk
In 1903, Laurier and his supporters
on the floor of the bouse gavo the estimated  cost    of  the G.T.P,  ut *13,-
One week later Chas. Hays, vice-
president of the G.T, P. publicly stated at a Portland Hoard of Trade
meeting, that the road would cost
$160,000,000, and that the Canadian
govornmont would supply the money
for the construction of the road.
It Is for tlie people of Canada to
decide which of these statements was
Government Defeats Itself.
Elections are proverbially uncertain
hut never in the history of Canada
have the chances of an opposition appeared as bright, aud encouraging as
they ure today. At no period in her
career has Canada hud a weaker government, a government with so little
to commend it und so much to explain and defend, There is a political proverb to the effect thut an opposition never defeats a government
hut that n government invariably defeats itself. Present conditions favor
the fulfillment of thi* prophecy wholly apart from the merits of the opposition, whose vigor and splendid
lighting qualities are all that could
be desired to take advantage of the
pitiable weakness of the government.
The Elections
There remains hut one working day
if one of the most hotly contested
political campaigns ever waged in
Canada. Both sides hn-ve fought with
exceptional vigor. But there has
been this essential difference, that
while the campaign on behalf of the
government has heen fought chielly
with machine methods and machine
agencies, the rank and file of the party taking an indifferent interest, the
Conservative light has been a spontaneous outburst nf popular energy
and enthusiasm.
Ut Richurd Cartwright inuda an ex
u'liimt remark in Ins Toronto speed
when he declared thai thu long session*
nt parliament are nut goud (or the coun-
iry. lie might, have added Unit the conduct  which makes the session*! long     i*
i-veii   worse.    Whut   was   Ihe  muse  of   tin
eight mini tlm Houston this year'/ Tho answer is one ivunt—gi'iilt. Much Uun
wits   lost    liei-iiu.se   the   min ist ers.   feiiniifc
exposure, refused to bring down publit
documents, und opposed Investigation, it
wus a tremendous battle that the opposition had to wage for the right of tha ru-
presenl utiles of the people lo know how
1 lie alia it's of the Count rv ure inn linked.
And when lhe h-jht was over the lid hud
been lifted hut u little.
Vet, what was learned was hud enough.
It wns discovered lhat I lansuiiioiis lit
Ottawa are subjected to the ruke-otT an.
thut the esiute ,if tho country is distributed among politicians for practically nothing. The people found thut dishonest-,
is practised, and that the treasury is rob
ted. When the truth was coining out tm
,'ovi-rnineul wus in n stute of terror, li
A'tts alarmed lest the country should rlsi
igainst  it uml sweep it  from ollice,   I ...
fear  Unit   was experienced   oi'od.t i      11i
Ayleswurlli hill. Here was a second contributing    cause to the prolongation  oi
tlie  session.    The  Avlcsworih   hill   wns  ull
attempt   by  tne governmenl io seize  the
rliftit   to   ma id] m late   the   franchise  df   i
people,   and  to  coerce   the   voters  hy  wuy
d a marked Imliol. It was me ministerial cry to lhe complaints  witli respect to
no (crafting. Tlie government said: ' lu
are disposed to vote against us heoausi
you do not trust us. WO will heat vo
through the voters' lists which we will
prepare, and wo will cripple public opinion with our murked ballot.A Ultimately the governmenl found it hud to drop
Its monstrous proposition or appe.il to
the electors forthwith, und ns il was
afraid oi the people it eupitulaleil and
the hill was abandoned. If ihe country
has today a rough or elementary idea of
ihe dishonesty that flourishes at Ottawa
it owes thut fuel to the loyalty with
which the Conservatives in parliament
fotlghl against secrecy. If the country is
able lo express its opinions upon public
mat tors  without   (he  handicaps which   the
Laurier government proposed to npply,
this situation is applied to the vigorous
uud successful manner in which Ml*, llorden and his colleagues battled for the
groat principle of public liberty.
Tho light took time; but It was worth
all it cosi. That struggle Is now transferred from the floor of parliament to
lhe constituencies. Wo have before us today the politicians who deny parliament
the right to know how the money is
spent and how the public property is distributed, We have before us ministers
who refused to produce the public documents, and olTer obstruction to the enquiries whloh the people are entitled Id
muke. We have before us tno men wh.
l*Itiltn the nyiu to manipulate our franchise and so deprive us of the secret ballot. These politicians have not repented
rhoy do not lell us that the wrongs ol
which they have been guilty will not he
repeated. They ure prepured to assist in
their improper conduct and in their hospitality   to free  rule.    Fr Hire      these
gentlemen must be driven. When they
nave gone the grafting will go with
them, and our parliament will be able to
conduct its business with that degree of
celerity for which  Sir Richard calls,
fo    SubscriLers     and
The people of Crnnbrooli! nnil Kootenny
ilisirict are beginning to roallze the worth
of tlie Prospector. As a proof of this we
are ever receiving requests from all over
the district to become subscribers. Not
only this but as post scripts glowing
praises of the ever increasing excellence
of tiie news, etc., is added.
We are now om-rlng as a Special Inducement the .Montreal Herald and Prospector combined for the year from November 1st, I908i to iWember illst,
LUOO, for the usual price. 8U.00.
As tho time is very near for this hu -
script ion to hfigln we request our present
and would-be subscribers to forward in
their subscription  at   once.
Fillt  VOIIH MflNMY,
Grand Jury
New School House and
Jail     wanted    at
To thc Honorable Mr, .Justice Morrison, presiding justice at the sitting
of the court of Assize, Dyer und Terminer, and general goal delivery,
holdcn at CranhrooK, 11. C, on Tuesday, October 20th, A. i>., num.
We, the grand jurors of our Sovcr
eign Lord the King humbly present
as follows:
We have visited the provincial lockup, the St. Kugene hospital conduct-
ed by the Sisters of Oha-rlty, and the
City Public School, and beg to make
the  following  recommendations:
The provincial lock-up is a small
frame building oi Inadequate capacity for the present needs of this dis
trict, ami is by reason of its con
struction a veritable death trap, in
this connection we understand that
steps have already heen taken toward
having a district goal established
here; wc would feel obliged therefore
if your lordship would urge on the
proper authorities the necessity of
having this undei taken with as little
delay as possible n(nd we would recommend strongly that a fire proo:
building of proper dimension-; be er
ected forthwith.
The hospital is being well conducted, having proper sanitary require
ments, and every appearance of clean
liness. We find an unusual number of
typhoid patients therein, from outside
points, and wc would earnestly re
commend that the attention of the
provincial board of-health be called
to the necessity of having a local officer, prefernbly a physician, appointed with ample power to cope with
this or a,ny other epidemic in its in
cipiency, employing such means as he
may deem expedient even to the ex
tent of closing habitations, if neces
sary, as it is only along these lines
that the present condition of affairs
can be remedied.
The Public School we Und is altogether too small for the number of
children in attendance: for example
the number on the roll is 285, the average attendance is 260, while there
is accommodation for only 240; ad
ditions have been made, and the old
government ofiices are being used nnd
It is of the utmost importance that
a new building with modern appointments and with ■-■ capacity commen
surate with the growing needs of this
district be erected, we would therefore respectfully requests your lordship to call the attention of the proper authorities tn this much pressing
Permit us to congratulate your
lordship on the absence of crime in
this district as evidenced by no in
dictment being presented to us, and
to suggest that sittings of this court
be held here four times a year as ut
Rossland and Nelson, as a great deal
of litigation originates here, that
heretofore had to be tried at Kernie
or Nelson and we understand there is
already a great deal of pending litigation that would come before this
In conclusion we thank your lord-
hip for the kind words you were
good enough to say regarding our
listrict and humbly submit this our
JAMES RYAN. Foreman.
Fire at Wattsburg
A fire occurred at the yards of tbe
Wiilisburg Lumber Co., ai Wultshllrg on
I'hursdny evening. The loss is estimated,
at about 8211,11011, p-iriiull.v covered hy
Twenty Seats in Quebec
A note of confidence ls reflected in
the despatches from Quebec, affirming
ns it does, the unity and aggressiveness of the Quebec Conservatives and
this will carry no small amount oi
uneasiness Into the Quebec Liberal
camp. At least 20 seats are assured
to the Conservative party in Quebec.
Even this minimum of seats in the
Conservative column would not begin
to offset the most cautious forecasts
of tho Conservative majority in On
tario, which it is confidently believed
will not he lesB than 4fi and possibly
as high as 50,
Wiped of the Political Map
The outlook is altogether favorable
for ai splendid victory for the Conservative party. From every province
in the Dominion come reports that
the government is fighting with its
back against the wall. Every day
adds to thc Conservative strtn;th.
Ontario, it is conceded, will do as
much for R. L. Borden as it did for
Sir James Whitney a few months ago
when the Liberal party was practically wiped ofl the face of the political map. The desperate stand made
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his leading lieutenants in Ontario does not
appear to have given the government
the smallest ray of hope. It has in
ftf^t, accentuated the scandal issue,
that issue which more than anv other
issue the Laurier government fears.
This much is certain that THK BEST
Toronto, Oct. 19—In thi! inovlnro t,I
Ontario today, W. F. McLean, Con
scrvutlvo, South York, waa tho only
election by acclamation, nil othor
constituencies ho Inr an hoard from
nominating either straight I.ilicrul
nnd Conservative or independent and
Where is their
Report ?
Ignore     Specifications,
An Excessive Allowance made
Two   Fires    at    Cranbrook
last  Monday  night
On Monday night t\ fire was discovered in the basement of the C.P.R.
depot, which for some time threatened the destruction of the building.
The fire brigade" responded quickly
and soon had three streams of water
playing on the tire, which was con
ftned to the basement.
The cause of the fire is attributed
to defects in the heating apparatus.
The damage will not amount to over
While fighting the depot lire, a second alarm wus rung for a fire in the
restricted distiict. The building was
completely destroyed, the efforts o!
tlie fire brigade being confined to the
saving of the adjoining buildings.
Crnnbrook is to be congratulated
on the efficiency of the fire department, for it is second to none in the
Nominations are made
Returning officer John Keen wus in
attendance at the court house at Nel
son on Monday from noon until 2
o'clock for the purpose of rocelvlng
nominations of candidates for tho fed
oral elections In the constituency ol
Tnere were but few people present
and, as expected, but three names
Promptly at two o'clock Mr. Keen
declared that those nominated were
Arthur Samuel Goodeve of Rossland,
druggist; Win. Davidson ol Sandon,
miner; and Smith Curtis, of Ross
land, mine operator. Eft-ch candidate
made Ibe necessnry deposit of $200.
Mr.    Kien   iinnonncoil   thnt   n   pull
WOUld      take     place on November I'!.
There  were uo speeches.
The agents appointed   liy  the niti'll
dates were Edward Oarlyon Wrnggo
of Nelson for Mr. Coodeve | .lolin
Henry Mnthoson of Nolson bu- Mr.
Davidson; and Walter Philip Ilocher
ill of Rossland for Smith Cm lis.
P. F. I. Elections
Charlottetown, Oct 20 The legislature was dissolved today. Nominations November II, elections, Novcm
ber in.
.Mr. tMmrlcH MurplH. IC. i , llle lieu
Secretory of State, Ih .only cliH]>iiHiiiH n
the elutrge* nf nvei-elusBlfleulluii on tin
t;.  T.   I'
hut   the   InvosUgulioi tied    n  n  pre
uiiBu (Inu tin- charges would '•■■ leferrci
t» arbitrators, am! the latter hnve uelu
ally heei t on the work
Where  is  their  report?
Ileru niv some ul tin- chargea on Sec
I ion     It.    tjliohec,   taken   fr.nu   Mn-  ollirin
nientiirj   committee,
"In  nearly    every  cuse  where   ihe nil
tings wer ,i entirely all led^e, the es
tinuitu given for wild rock is doitlile. or
more thiol double, wlml   it   should   he.   In
foci    tin-   specifications   h.ill   I II   entlivh
oral, nml .in excessive ulloWftlii-i'
I'Mrnrl from K.\. UH. letter doted Oct,
ITth. I0O7, from II. A. Woods, assistant
chief otigltieor, U.T.P., to ll. IJ, Lumsdcn
chief engineer Tt'onMuotitlnontul railway.
'Sin I ion    oHll>    tn    SHUO,    clussilletl    Ul
per   r-ont,   solid   rock,   >'■   per   cent,   loose
rock.   slupus   laken     onl   IJ   to   1.    Solid
rock  ovei-ehissed  al   least   100 per cent."
(Kxtl'nct   from   Same.,
"Station UOHO to HO Hi, estimated |n
per cent, solid rock, lo per cent, loose
rock.   This is a  largo sand cat   west    of
U'llrietis   ramp        Of   lite   Wi,<     yards
moved   to   October.   Hist   in   tliis  cm,   ni
least hii.oiio yards was pore sand."
(tixirm-l   in
"Station (140H lo (1504, estimated UO
pur cent, solid rock. 10 per cent, loose
rock. No evidence of Judge and very few
large boulders; nearly nil  pure sand."
Here are some of Ihe charges Oil Her-
tion  I-', Ontario:
"I find that al many points on these
divisions tlie i-hissificiiLnm is loo liberal,
while nt some points it is excessive. In
some ruses, however, as iiotweeil Call-
von Lake and ihe WablgOotl River where
lhe solid rock in place in some of the
ruts hod not been touched at lhi' time l
s.ov     it,   un   amount      of  solid   rock   iio-i
t ti allowed tlmt tpllte uvldenth   was not
based   on   the     mtuisurei t   of   hnublurx
found Hint   would class as solid under lhe
allowed in qUoilUlloS Hint could nm possibly lie given if the specifical ions were
followed   as   the   only   guide."
lOxtrnci from K.\. 1.".. letter from \S.
v.. Mann. Disl. Ktlg., 0I.T.I'., to II. 1».
l.umsdeii. chief eng. Transcontinental
railway, dated September fi,  1907. :
'•Station 1475 to 1-101, mile 1>H to II1.1
The return of .Inly gives .VJh;. cubic feet
of loose rock in material that can be
called nothing bin sand. Ai the beginalng of th.' cut there is >\ small amount
of material thai Collld he classified, but
i   hundred  yards would  be sufficient    for
the Wlllilu cut. UlllCSH there i.s some ims
Lake ia the liniires lids is one of tlie
most striking examples of over cl.issilira
tlotl  on   the  work."
(K.vlnirt   from   Same.)
'•Station   18B8   to   1H0U,   mile  27.   Tills
,s   very      similar    to   the   lost.    A   large
amount  of  loose rock appears for  .Inly,
lot    UiatiVfcd    ti.et    is   sail.!,   witli..ui     Oll)
bouiiloni nt sight."
(Extract  from  Sume.)
■\\iv   Instructions  ns  to  what   may    he
considered   allowable   are   very   liberal.    I
dud   it   impossible,     however,   to  accept
Midi  rlnssilirntioo  as  specified   ubove."
Eakins   Campbell
A vary happy event look placu at
Christ's church Wednesday morning when
Miss Mood Kaklns was united in marriage ti. Joseph Campbell Mr ramp-
hell is one of Cranbrook's mosl progl'es-
rivo business men. The ceremony wus
performed   l.v   the   Kev.     Plewellllig.      ol
Christ.   Church,   in   Hie   pres t   a   lllfg-
number  of  guests.
Tha luiil.- wus dressed in a white lib
erty satin gown trimmed with Irish
poinl lace, wiih aa embroidered veil tout
urotlge blossoms. Alter the happy cuii-
nlc hod received the coinjrutoloLioos ol
Ih.-ir       frien.ls.   a   we.ldinu   btvakl.-sl    was
served    ut    the 1    He-  bride,      for
which   the   table   was   preililv   decorated.
Mr. ami Mrs. Campbell lefl on tbo afternoon train bu- lhe prairio provinces,
and were given a heart setld-oll by their
illiiuy   friends.
"JAP" Election Items
And dont forget when you are think
iim ilnnus nver thai it was l.aurter who
look  down  the bars and  let   iu   the  .taps.
Over in that dear ohi Japan Ihey suy
thev   put   Sir  Wilfrid   Unifier's nillne      ill
the   head  of   Ua'  toiisl   list   HOW   ItlSteu	
the   Mikado.
Thev sav it was really Smiih funis
who   wrote;—
The melancholy  .lays   have c	
The  saddest  of  lhe  yenr.
The lit t tf children cried.
"Why Laurier loves Hie .laps you know,"
'Why   'lo   the   Japs   like  Canada
Tlie  teacher  dear   replied.
It   would be  unkind  to ask  Smiih   Curtis  if  ho  sees  nnythllii!   sm-'eslive  iii   the
lore   und   yellow   leaves   now   fulling      so
Badly  mid  fluttering     down  ih nmn
The Story of a
Tow  Boat
— —o	
A floating palace toi
grafters kept in operation by Liberal Machine
Sharp Titbits
The Independent Herald says: \ ote for
Smith   Curtis   and   o   Uhile   Itt'Itlsll   Col-
vole'for Smith Curtis, it will he a vote
cast for Laurier, it"' Leinieiix net, Cur-
Uh and Scabs."
\ vole for Soulh Curtis is a vole for
Hooding this province with nrlouliils.
The Laurier government bus taken hold
of the Hindu oueslioii with a masterly
hand   suvs   the   Cranhrook   Humid.    V« *
ll   is the same moslurly hoiul H Hows
.Lips,    Chinese     I    Oriental-   o.   entei
llrilish  Col bin.
■1'lin   Lnut-ler   governmenl    sent    Mi     Lo-
mieux to Jni'o irijusl   lliu dllTurencos
oeLween   ll.nl    eovemmenl    and   Canada   as
io  Jui se  bi.inigr.   says      Her-
.ilil. Yes And when Mr. Lemieux return-
ed   t..    Cai.odi.      he wus  accompanied  by
 lopiltieSO   lllhel   I    ,■■-
Rvm-j    .ner  of   iho   Laurlor   govern-
menl   and every   Libera!  roiullriulo fo. lho
hoie f  i nam-,  in   llrilish   Columbia is
milled to He' ( a yellow   It.  C,
Mis    Washburn  lllll!  children   of   Winder
mere,   were   i lis   nl   Hie   I'osiiiopollluil
this   week
Constable li C. Wllieji ol War.lne, --„s
In   town  l-Viriny.
A Broken Promise
LnhoritiK mon who havo been um
ployed on tbe construction of tbo
Grand Trunk l'ucilic hfl-VQ bud u very
hard time during tbe punt BUmmor,
in mnny instances getting but a mere
pittance und In tome cnnoH only
their board. It wus promised by tbe
Laurier government, nnd tho Or Ami
Trunk l'ucilic tlmt waged paid lo laborers on tbe l'ucilic section would
he "tbe going rato." Half time dm-
tbe rainy senium, wna about oll
the men got.
Wonderful end Ingenious as are tbe
nautical inventions of the presenl
day, it iu doubtful if in ull the world
there ever was such a boo-t as the
government's own 'Speedy.'
It combines iu Itself nil the quali
ties of a private yacht suitable for a
minister of public works, a despatch
bout, an Ice breaker, a lighthouse
tender, u Hsheries protector, uml a
tow   bout.    Thus   much   for   a   few     of
its  many  capabilities  -n   times    oi
In time of wur it could no doubt be
of invaluable service as a gunboat, a
blockade runner, or a coal tender.
This acconiim dating craft was pur
chased second hand by the Lauriei
government from the American a in
1904, for the ostensible purpose o.
towing barges aud dredges in inlam
waters. The modest price war. $35,
Cn occasions when not actively en
gaged In dredging excursions it would
be possible to tako Mr. Brodeur um
his friends on a yachting cruise, tin
craft being happily furnished with a
few of the bare necessuriiw usuullj
found in tow bouts and occasional!)
in private yachts, to wit: a piano, a
mahogany table, (cost $100,) eleven
dining room chairs, (cost $132,) an
arm chair costing |lfi.
But we diverge On the way U(
from New Vork the Speedy's boilers
were found insufficient und she wat
forthwith put into the bunds of tin
Poison Company for repairs. Thesi
repairs cost $22,473. Included in thlt
account were a new electric light out
lit, costing $3,000, a new wheel houst
and chart rooms, a suite of apart
ments in mahogany and teak with
lirst cln,ss upholstery, at a cost ol
$3300, an additional bathroom, a new
refrigerator, a new pantry, and new
chandeliers in the dining saloons. Oi
course we always find these plum ne
cessities in a tow boat.
Then it was thought advisable In
order to complete ber as an uptodati
tow boat, that the crew, cook, stew
ardoss, waiters and waitresses should!
have livery in keeping With their stir
foundings. Tbe auditor's report consequently HJvehTs the following out
8 officers suits, eueli      $22.Oh
7 men's suits, each       I7.fii
Uniform for stewardess      25.01
S cOjps, each       3.01
7 cups, each          L.5<
17 reefers, onch     15~.0
The public accounts nlso show thai
these hardy mariners did not sulTet
for want of the    common necessities
I life, such as ornnjres, pears, plums
French peas, spring chickens, Radnoi
water,  etc.,etc.
In his testimony belore the publit
accounts committee the captain wn
asked to explain why he had paid 1
ents a pound for his spring cbicken.-
and other similar commodities equal
ly high prices.   His testimony was:
"1 will explain how the price wa.
increased. If you are dressed in tin
Speedy's outfit with brass button
and go into n store to buy chicken ,
(hey invariably charge you just about
double wliat  the chickens are worth.'
The result of this harrofrftig tale i
Lhat down to this year the Speedy
has cost the country over $100,000,
and in the winds of a man who
knows whereof be speaks, "she has
done about ,ns much towing :i,r could
have been performed by a private
craft for a twentieth of the money."
How long are the people of Canud
going to stand for this extrnvngan^
and graft?
Jobbery    and
of Marine  Department
Mr Gladstone me*,. in ,, public address
it l-:dliiburuli n|ioke hh folluwji "No
Imncellor .>f the Kxcbeuuur in worth hla
ait who makes in- uun poptdanty ins
im cuiisuieratiun of uh in (uhul-ilH-
oring tie- putitic     purse    In   no   opinion
lio    chancellor      ,,f  it scliequer  ,*. the
ruslee  and   cnnildential   Htpward   ol    tho
^iiii regard  to all Unit he eonaentu     t.i
>|ieiid '
Tl.e    fit      I
"I   M| Mure   of
Methodist Church
The pastor will conduct tbe services throughout the duy.
Bible classes and Sunday School al
Evening .service at seven thirty.
Those wlio do not attend church art
invited to make an experiment. It
pays to attend to the highest side ol
our nature, to seek to cultivate the
spiritual. Tbe safety of all govern
ment, the purity of home life depend
upon the religious development, o
more correctly upon the moral busi;-
of the community. Come next Sun
day and we will welcome you.
The League will hold a busi nest
meeting lor the purpose of hearing
the reports of the last six months,
end electing new officers, next Tins
day evening ut eight o'clock.
The local option meeting was mmb
enjoyed liy those present last Pridpt
evening. Kev. ('. O. Main and th
Rov. W. I,. Hall, D.A., gave addresa
es The children of the Hand of Hope
were present aud gave the battle ci'J
In favor of tho abolition of thi- wins
key trade Th'te was a very hopcftl
feeling regarding some legislation n
this direction at the next, legislature
Rev, W fl. Taylor was a'so present
and tooli pnit m the meeting. Mi
Hughes ffOllld like to say tbat tin
friend who removed the banner from
the front of the pareonage can ha-e
nnothcr tl be will call Im it. any
assistance glvon tn the good work ol
temper; i nre by tbe way of advert in
in:-, in lhi: manner is much apprec
The Hcv, ll lluuhoH has been tn
sistlm: Rov, W. I,. Hull at Ponl Creek
Kernie mid Mlohol in (lie local option
cnmpn-lgn for the last  few days.
let Him Finish His Work
If Laurier is n'lnweil "to finish his
work" lie will build a railway throigl
every timber limit owned by Htother
in law Hurrows.
mime  iiuhiiiw  m Ibe  pul.i.    .
llie  Liberal   gover eni   nt   Ottawa   da
•ot   mii.m-   i„   \ir   (jindHtonc'B wunuk
one in*  iwo  concrete exumplfls will acrva
>■  show   mat       |i,   spending   the   (wople s
n..he>    Ihej    ...,,«,„!,-,    |)|„|    they   arc   irus-
",'"*  <<*■•   '■"'  the   I pie m   tnrKo  but   ful
iiie i;m pum-da-H tlmt fatten on tbo In-
,qultouH system nl part) graft which i*
liitlnj tin- greotesi menace tn the public
■I'clfure, ami wi.nii constitutes tin- real
.ssue beforu tin- elocti.ru today.
A Liberal named Charles Btruhba waa
npparentla   on good  terms mth the min*
ister of  murine,   'the   marliio  depart in
.in- well slocked wild certain supplioa.
tt-peehillj   with  ni HI-illi*,  ,.[  which   indeed
il     (lllll    elir-nuli    ti. Inst    fnr    t v. etitv -the
years I tut' whu! .>i ili.it' Slrubbe was
' a I Liberal uiul a Irlend *>t the minister      \    lirm    ii,    I ranee   luul   ah I plied     ail
order .,i uii.s i„ fanadlan cusumiers who
Inclined Hi tuke ihem. Perhaps the Ub-s
.■.ere   no   good.    Hut    what   of   liml       wle-n
\lr. sirui.I..- was tl goad Liberal and u
friend "i Lhe lions'' Hii* the Liberal gov*
■iiniieiii. merely because of ils dut\ io
the country to forget Its friends'? Perish Ui" in..iii-i-i If nobody else -vaut.H
Hie  in..-,   why   tli-   murine department will
■Ulelv   lake   them       So   StrilM.e   bUVS tllCIII
nr $2815.00 nmi sells ihem to the de-
imrtmeiil    for   847Rfl.nO,   ami   clears   over
u-u lard away to rest for twenty-flvo
rears,   of    course  ii     iIo>-n noi   appear
ubni  refund Mr    stni  had to malic to
In- Liberal partj   ll""1
The uuduflouM extravagance ol Lhe
nnrine department also shown in the
purchuse of llour in Quebec at *.,>>;, n    1,1,1
for  rtulii brand    The civil service com-
ulHHiouers, Messrs. t'ourlney, Pyshe ami
iliwin— .ill      Li nruld— reporl     .is follows
Vonr eoniiuisstotiers tnok tli.- troilblo to
■nqiilre of the makers of the particular
iraud  of  Hour  in   question  at   what -mc
---li i
I In
line of the purchase referred to, and
iere   Informed   that   tlie  price  was  $4.50
er barrel, nt whicli price they would
mlv havo been too glad lo sell to the
lepart lit."   The       fact,   however,   was
tint   there  was   hut   otic  friend  of tlio gOV-
rmiient on the patronage list in (juoboc,
md lie apparently tint  a ralwufl ol more
imu 60 per cant on every barrel of tb.ur
ipihfld in Quebec So wonder the civil
lurvlce •-..niiniNsiot.ers report tlmt the administration oi ih.- marine department
mn ten, redeeming features, ami Ihni
'orL'ioii/ntioii. rl file I [di tie, /eul fnr the
.ul.Mi- service, and regard for economy
hv all conspicuous hi their absence. '
ihd   thai    ■■oi   r.idtcil   Improvement   nooil
^er     \|ie|-l»d     Illllli    the-polltll'lll      pull
s completely njlmlnated irom nil branch's  of   tl.e   service "
Editorial Comments
Hurul free mail delivery has been
established in seventeen counties of
Ontario. Of this seventeen, thirUen
are doubtful seats, which .shows how
cleverly it is being worked as an election dodge
Aren't Smith Curtis and Duncan
Itoss u nice pair. They are, however,
die men who have been Instrumental
,n siwashing the electorate of Koot-
■.■nuy uud Vale Cn-riboo.
Vote for Smith Curtis und you will
ue siwashed again in the next nonunion election four years hence.
On the question of an experimental
frdit tarm for Southern British Columbia, something which would be
of great benefit to all fruit growers,
Mr. GoodeVe bus declared himself.
His efforts at Ottawa will he din-cted
toward securing it.
Would it not have been better that
<ome of the money whicli the government has handed out with such a
ree hand to its favorites should have
iieen invested in an experimental
farm in Southern British Columbia?
The people of Kootenuy should remember that a vote for Goodeve is
i vote for a White British Columbia,
letter terms and honest und progres-
dve government.
On Monday next the election worry
.vill be over except in a few siwashed
constituencies like Kootenuy.
It is IH days until November 12,
the date on which the siwushed electors of Kootenay will say Skidoo to
vlr.  Smith Curtis.
Editorially speuk.ng, both thc London, Eng., Times and tbe Mornm<
fost are dubious of the success of tlie
Liberals  in Canada.
Only one day more and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and his grafting supporters
-vill be slated for u trip up Salt
Today there is no Liberal p< Ifcy
■xcept an appeal to be allowed "to
inish our work." The cry reminds
me of h burglar in a jewelry store
.vim, being Interrupted by a constable
pleads for an opportunity to complete
bis job.
Premier Jugglers
In November, 1'J'M, tbe Laurier gov
rnmtnt deceived tbe electorate by
laying Ihe expenditure nf the govern
iieni. towards building the (J   T.   P.
Would   md.  exceed   $13,000,000,
Ml     C    M.   Huvs  ut   the  same  time
told tlie people id Portland that the
governmenl expenditure would be
over $150,000,000
Hon. Mr ninlr, at tlm, time, the
greatest railway authority In Cnna
'lu, said thai the government: expend
itttre would not be less than $Lr>0,
Tbe people nl Portland have thrown
the searchlight of    true information,
and make it  as open as the dny  till who care to see it.
"Let him finish bis job," to build
up the city of Portland with Can
adian money
It. is mul to see a judge-nni ro
good n Jiidne of figures, us MeHsrs.
Laurier and Fielding-juggling with
figures to deceive the electorate. THE PKOSFECTOR, CRANBROOK, B C. OCTOBER 84, 1908
The oven doea
the baking, the
fire-box controls
the oven heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
\ Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Orates are made
in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.
Ashes over one grate can be shaken without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both
ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. Whet:
grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way — and that's
'Sask-alta" way.
London,Toronto.Montreal. Winnipeg Vancouver, St. John.Hamilton. Ca'
PATMORE BROS. Local Agents
tSlAHLISKLl-    i-»
A. B. Grace.
Ml //I.IMi    I til'    Ml
the Luurtcr
Ce   I-.   Mr     Ki
ll      H,11    lllllil       IV-
ucatvd he ttefendeil it. Tiikru i..\ lUulUl
w-ml.t murk a decided depart ure from lib
ernl principles. Uui said iti connection
with the i-ufiisul to allow ineiiihers of the
house nt commons i*> see original papers
it   i* startUiiK indeed.
Hue ol the wont precious id lilwritl
idents has i  the »rt*M*rvaUuu nl individual   riitlilB     In    dealiuk    with popului
iMt II Ull
ivo rei
•il   th
divllile imu    but  ai
 K.   e.nh    Ol    fthm
.....   Their   dentin--
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Crat-ibrook b.c.
We have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.    I'm* Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc., it is delicious.
Phone Vtmr Orders
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Head Office, Main Office for East Kootenay,
Calgary, Alberta. Cranbrook, B. C.
The Quality Store
Wo don't claim to bo tho cheapest
but wo stand up for the best
All Our  Goods Are Guaranteed
tn iiKKr-.-Buto .'i i-i
It Ull    tn    lie   tMIIMlUlM
uli    iiiiii. n-ii>    1'IrIuh
111      llie       |ia-l        Ims    nei'1-.-..il ll\      I Itl'll     ' ■' :
nyiuimtliL*i li'
riiuM rlRlilw imt Lhrovlold Pull lufnr
lualiuit, d iw liiKcuHtiluii, .uui an inti'lli
nonl   i ui.-   nit'   undi-r   uitidut n   conditlniiM
■ ■■■■:.' -,i  i hi an;   ■ ■■ nn n il *  ■■ hich clulmn
lo   novum   itiMfll     Popular   rcj-rmentatUf
mint  is  nni   j...s,idir   ii   mij   i.'|e.--
itentut ive ill in      am
alti rvgaril     '■'  lho  i |>U' *  butii
A iniin'i H \ in i hu ih'u-.c ni common*
iuuhi bow ui thi- majorlt) whon, allw
lull InCiu'itial ioi hua boon Riven, it.ltU trvn
LltKCutwioii   permit L4U.1i itfi'til     vuiw
has   item.nisi t.i i,-,l   -ihi.il    11U1'   haa     Musi
nd I
Bu l   ■ ■ din-j    dictum   rw-u   ■      iuti
uiissloii   i■■  ■ ■ ■      j   iritj   whon  (till  Infur
nial inu   in  dt'iiioU    und dim mitioii   In 1 horti
11   ■■■■ .:■■ ■-.*   larvicu      SolhiiiH   can  uxcum-
i'i:.'M   whu  I'tfall   l mu ioi 'h  muaket    on
ile- Imnkh ol the Saskatchewan will know
thul   hi-   |in-,,-tit      urlia-lplni   wontU   lm\o
um  ire
■ ■ -
OritiH it,  nml   Ins
.e.i',-,i  tn  havo  iho  in.1..mi
nin   11 \\ k 1 nr: rnitK
ihoj   hnve  tho eon*.
-   :..!■   |.rottj   iiroiniwa
.,   slu-ft'
Look m 11
■     tiRi
lust a
ami    I trustj   ■'-.._-
■ .
■ l.v
. .-■..,.-■
r.ritti      ■   1     ■   ■
v.    .  ■   -   -
1 a little  tm
..   .   ■
Sow thi » almost
-ll VI I.   Mil \   H \\ K   rHK t'OKR?
i.i-rr this hi."
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. m.
Extracts from Speech
11.    COWAN,    K.C.
il ilui Our thin f apurulonl.)
\li    chairman, In dies and  ■lonilcuien
1   thank     you,   tuition  and   nonUonioii
in.ui  ihe bottom      nl   tnj   heari   for youi
mosl    kind and   ituiivr      i-H-option  to
i.:.;hl I        iisk     \i>lt,     « llll    |UU      ' "     \ll ''
\    altiiutloa,  »oi tli||ltl   nttoiitloii,  U
a 1 i mn taki any ureal latolloi luul skill
on   luu   |i,n t   sin,..  *iiiKlit   iitteni ion    to
ut]   11 il Mi       \b hm—    1 como   aunlii.
i...in-, mid KvnllPinon, boforc j ou B« l dirt
.1 weok .1^.. lust Sftturdaj hIrIiI I como
wiih ihe eviui     verbatim worUn Uroppftt
from  tl louuoni      lips ■ ■( nu   eloquoill
■   it   uud   will  i.m.i  vou  whal   hi    •■>» ■
I'llsl    he   -tUJH
S|ioakiti8   ei   ilie    Wtutlc   nuostlon   Mi
llorden known ll  would  ho uiakhiu **■ tuo\
nt    llllll   ill   ill.'   1'ves   ,.|    lhe   llOOtUo   ll   lie hllll
in tako .1 sit'onu stand foi ihbt ivaaoii
tn    lia«   allowed   fotn    ■ 'ssioi ■■   -•!   imrltn
nietii to ro I'i wuh.ur n \ UlK l" ***<•>'{•
1 lu- Vuluttt s mil ol llltl . iMintiv . Mi
It.mien nevet llllroiluii'll II Mil. lliotloil
ni lUIJ'lhlllH else i.i tli.it kmit in llllilllil
(or tlie t-uriioiw ei I'xrlmlliiH V-Uatlca
troin   ilns couutrj     1  . 'I.. loiiKti   Mi    L'ow
in;    te    » t uii;    UO   .1    Milluli'    tlioltoll    .'t    Hull
km.I    li..   wnl   liml      ho   will   noun'!)   lho
urvhlvos     nt  tHtawn   nnd   not   and  n
LadlOH .in.I K«utlm    I   agul"      accoiU
hi- i-halloitue    s
nm iiRroo w uli i
n.e- his cmilleiiKO .is ,i uu
si.riounh ihe rosiioiiHlbilil;
lion, ii you ajirou with u
uc< eplod   and   aiiaworiHl   his
helleve    wilh.ml        Ull)     tall!
i h.iii.'-' h.-  tu;s uttorod ago
i-ui.lu   idtttlonu * tinii I   .i
pared   lo   meet    UlPso \|'|
11.   s.,\s  \i     li, nton ■ t'Vi
1 tm
lai ..
win loiii
.ii   1
llll    lhe
nf   llus   res,,lull.
exclude   .In
t nkes
I  Itavo
RO, 1
n   lhe
This branch of the   business   is   one   of
thc best and most complete in
the Kootenays.
— Ol) —
Fancy   Writing   Paper   and
Envelopes in  best quality
and latest designs.
Our   new   Publications  from
the best Authors are
coming in each week
Come  and  see   the   new  books.
Cranbrook   Drug   and
Book  Company.
uu.m is ' tlml l.v order in
i*..uneil oi 3rd Auuii-i, L0O0, the lutils-
'-- thon in office culled attention to the
iuimiuratiun mul declared that I'umidn's
adhesion to lho treat] ol tfiU-l should be
accompanied in mi--)-' u utiiiulutlou us
should enuhie I'ltinidii in coutrol tho iiu-
niiffration of InborinK tiusse.s, and iluu
m    iii--    opinion    ..t   thin  houau   t'.tmidu
The  rriirl tful
null   —• • ■   tho ! .
larm-s   ■■■■-  rompai \      and   tl i
tthv " is   it   ih.,-    *      havo   •
L*lui ionji n it ■ ro-jard ''
the \\ inntpeR term inu la
I'lu-   Kovoniuioiit   i.iiul   Sl!
iiinlii   of th-
this  i-oun
tul  friui
Pr ifli   hi
lludirlllH   elmru'-il    ■>
II      \     Woods.   C.R
w he
who   lo.
■and  Trui
il   Mr    Wo
re   the    ei
tlie   .
..r  sohd   rock   is  ib.nh!.
ilil- what   it  should  he.
riasBiucutlnim are not inudi
ol  indunieut.   nor upon  thi
r dlvli
nitiMV ruses li
Mr. Woods" letter ilhistrntes the system.
Ile su\s ihni »t slutions 008(1 to (104(1
'.';>,onu Minis of cuIUiik huvo been puid
for thus'— 'AH.iimii as rook, 0,500 as looSf
rock,   nud   17.500   ns  Hand,   when   mi,	
yarilH were    pure simd" nml only 15.turn
wimi the [jfnvernmeni I"1"1 U1,s "'is:—
IIR,    vards   rock   nl   Sl.50 857,000
11,500 vards loose rook, nt 50c... 4,750
■IT..Vill yards   sand   at   Mt   cents....   lM)?fi
lent   shouiil  liuve paid
Wbut   ih
for is   litis:—
hii.ihhi vurils sand nt Ul i ts ....sin.siHi
15,000 yards rock nt 81.50   311,500
Total       8811,800
W'e puid $82,425 loo much, or nearl>
iloUblo the price, nccorditm to Mr. Woods,
und. with ihis iroiim on, how ran ive
wonder at   the cost of the ti.T.I'. '.'
Shun   «e  pormll   I .an
ork •■—Mail St  Kmpire.
lo   finish     hi
Startling graft  charge
made by a eon-
si,   .lohn.   N.   It.,  Oct.   12—Four  thousand   | pie   hen id   premiers   Hi won     and
Whitney ut ihe tjueen's rink this oveullltf.
Moth made effective speeches, but the sensational feature was the reading by Mr.
Ha/en oi u staiiiturv declaration by 0.
s. Mayes, of this city, who has inst completed  a dredRliiH contrnel   in   Sl.     .lohn
tie, LU05, In
hfiy cents i.
■imiiact. On n
.lev, tlion at-
ti to see (|00
Liberal   usso-
. that ellect. ami
eil thut McAvittj
ire   i.i   th-  expense.
lion. Churles Hy.
ilnlster, mul  lifter-
.L.-lher.   mul   u   for-
Muves slates that
he,        n-eil.is thai
^rT^^r\".^^J^,(^^r\^R,^^pi. t*T\»*\\ ^rv^V^V^.*^ ^^^rv^r\^K ^ni^K^R ^r»^S ,a*\%..^n.
i/'.t   the
Ul    USked
Unit    he
Wc Buy Everything
i'\v nnd  RGConcl  hand  I'TUNl
WE SELL What wo hava In stock at prices thai
will surprise you. A visil to the Dollar storo will convince you that we tittvo tho goods, and can save you
fifty per cent on any goods purchased.
Wc Buy and Sell For (lash
Subrcrlbers     and
Hid    K	
h/e   Hie h
•of   of    llll
$2 no.
oar for 1
nl I'ros
-om No-
tr   .'MhI.
Hi unv    II'     \Mi
mn yum MnxfiV,
mn \is    VALU13
ion  nf the assurmu-o of    the    .lapuni
overntnent dosiros  novurtheloss to  reco
t> strong ptoiest amiitist u policy under
■•hich om   way-joiiriieyiiiK population can-
-,t   .,..  protected."
riioao    are   tin*   Uord-i  ot   a   statesman
i From  the atidlencoi,   How en   Ulntnl.
I mil tell vou a'.out Howeti Island. If
ji} inttn dares to make anv ntlidnvji
aryhiR  in   tha slightest   ilogroe rrom   tho
• uioalH   1   have  mude,   one   that    ivill
nuke imn liable under iiu- criminal rod*
had.    it
Utiles uud miilletnon, I return to
those issues whioh 1 klimv to be of interest  to j mi  iu tliis   campaign,   l  ret urn
il-jalll In the (illOHtloil of tlie Japanese
ireaty. I have Ial,..red through Mr. .Melt s'   speech      nnd      omleavored   to   ibid
Hornet hin-- i liu< would liear in some
alight degree on iho ipiostions ut issue,
Imt   fail   to  tind  it.
Mr. rowan then dealt wiih the Interruption l lint took place in .Mr. Mclnnes'
meeting tivo nights before, where mi iu-
ilepeiul.-nt    thinker   asked    regarding   Jofl.
Chamberlain and the com mimical iona
from liim regarding tho treaty, when Mr.
MclunuH sniil thai Mr. Cowan had mis-
nluted tin- facts in thul roguril, Ile also
went into Ihe explanation of the mat tor,
that Mr. Littleton reminded Sir. Wilfrid
Laurier  that the  (Jumwrvattvco  10 years
hefofe hail refused to enter into this treaty with Japan unless Canada retained lo
herself the right to keep out laborer--
from .liipnii, etc. This was on the Mth
of ,lul\. tUOo. <bi ih.. 5th of Soiitemlior
Mr. I-iltleton had u cable from the governor general of Canada stating Sir Wilfrid wus pressing ilmt ('umidu should be
allowed to make the treaty. Mi. Littleton, the colonial minister on the Uth of
September asked for a ronly to ids cable
of Uth Julv. On ihe atltli Soptomber.
wilh the petitions frqui II. (J. lying before him, Sir Wilfrid cabled the Imperial
government "N'o, we don't want to kwp
out these hoards from Canada, wo want
to make it unreservedly, without reserving to Cunadu the power to legislate.
Mr. Bordon k<>i Did only tiling possible to get—the ussuraneo of the responsible ministers of the orown thai thoro
was an agreement that those people
would not !»■ allowed to como in hore
and therefore the treaty was ratified in
.January, 1007. You know what happened next,
My friend Mr. Mclnnes bus boon saying
I am not sound on this Asiatic question
because I am an employer of Asiatics,
A uu in I will say I invito any man to
make an nilldavii to ihut effect. I iuviu-
nny man to do ii. and I toll you if I
nut found wromr In tlie slightest pnrtini-
lur in uny statement of furl ilmt I make
before my friends and citizens in this city
I believe I will deserve ihe direst punishment you can inllid upon a nuiii, because j recognise tho Rcrlnusiioss of
standing on u public pint form ami misstating ti fact.
They    sny     I     came  buck   from   Ottawa
without   nny plodgo.   Mr.   Mctnnos mado
that charge', nnd repealed it, ami thut
most est i tn.i I ile iournnl, tbo "Vancouver
World"  makes  thut   churge   this evoning...
Mr.   Hoi-den   has  promised   (stales      tho
World)  exnctlv  Ihe sa  as   Sir      Wilfrid
Sir Wilfrid promises as follows:-"!
would thnt we would not apply thc law
of exclusion   to   the   -Inpunesn."
Mr. llorden puts his position in these
words: "I will abrogate the treaty witli
J upun if and wlien there is n bronch of
Unit alleged understanding with the Libornls known us the   Modus Vivendi.'"
I   hnve a  word   to  suy  ubout       that...
After   the   government    had    induced   pur-
I In moid to ratify the treaty iu 1007 by
lolling parliament ihut tin- govornmont
luul assurances, vnrbnl and in writing,
Ihut tho Jnpunese would not come to
I'nmidu .Afler 8,1135 Japanese came in
here   before   the    Isi        (,f     October,    1007,
Mr. llorden suid 'What uboui your assurances?' Wc have a right to huvo a return of those iismirunccs now. Tho treaty  is completed  unil  ue uro etilith'd      to
ihni   eorresi dence.'    Thon   tln-v   had   to
confess  thut   there  wus uo  such  an  ngree-
i il. verbal or in writ ino*. uud thut they
deceived tlie purlin nt   and lhe people of
Canada, und It wus then Ihni Mr. Hot-
den introduced into the house tlu> resolution which 1 rend at ihe beginning, but
which wns turned down.
After   Ihis   ci    the   inllu\   of   .Inputiese
into Ihe country, After iln- riots here In
1007  Mr.  Lomioux  wont   in Japan repre-
Min tin*- you nnd me. represent hm H it-
i/oiis  of  Cnnndii.  uml   it   wus  pointed   out
thut   IJ uln   bud  no control   over the mi
migration  fc lupaii to Cnnudn.  which
il   slu,uiil   hnve   rotullii'd   the   right   to  ox-
..i   will   tell   nm   h thine   whioh    1
d , it,ink I   ve  stated on  the
public plnlfnriii. Thul "Modus Vivendi"
uun  n   letter  from   Ihr  government   I'opro
Hunting the Intentloii in study local non-
ililions  and   in     new  of   thai   to   ri'slrlrt
Immigration ii 'umidii.   Whui  was tlu>
result'     The     l-OHIlll ,.,     ,),„,      (|11|t      |rt |„,
eonstlt t   lho   ligrceiuottt   bet-W liipnii
.md   Cimiidi..   ii      om-   mdod   ngi incut    In
Ibis   r I'd,   thnt   .Inimii   nl    her   will   cull
declare   .he   "Modus   Vivendi"  al   u	
nnd CuniMln Cllllliol, nil!' him noceplpd il.
It   Is not  u   purl  nf Mie  lien I v ..
There Is uu Immigration act which
stales   thnt    un    Knebsl tit   COIIlllIU   b'oin
Miiglitiid to Canada will not ,br perinlllod
to   bind   if   ilenf.   .1 b   or   n   pnuper-Anv
Jup. deaf, dumb, i,nit. maimed or hi mil
rim   nn tor   It    ('    nnd   not h ini*   to   prevent
it   This is miller the governmenl    that,
iwi'lvo yenrs ago you will ii-mi-nibcr.
were   uppealiiiu    to   Ihe   laboring    Interest*)
f Canada und promised thev would give
Painter and
We place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Because it hus  the  purest  white   lead  for  its base and  wheu
mixed with  perfectly ground  colors in oil  produces a paint.
which, when applied by OUR PAINTERS who know how to
apply it, we are prepared to guarantee.
Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock. We
are sure that if you try them once you will agree
with us that they are the best flavored and most
wholesome smoked meats you have ever eaten.
P.Woods & Co.
P.O. BOX 154
ProlesBlono I.
Harvey, MoCarter k Haodonald
0RANBR0OU,    -    H.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
Cranbrook, B.C
6. tt. Thompson
('ranbrook, ll.C.
P.U.S. <V  Cl
fori Steele 111
H.O. Box 230. Hhono 228.
Mining Engineer,
B.C Land Surveyor,
'<> Dr. E. W. Connolly '.'
Physician and Surgeon     < >
Offlee; Armstrong Avu.       o
HOURS: ',',
9 to 11 i.m.   'i si, I p.m.   7 to H p.m,    l i
Phone Offlee 105.   Residence lim <'
F. O. E.
Meet every Friduy at H p.m
Visiting  Brothers Cordially   Invited
Chas. Smith, W. President
M. D. Billings, Seev.
Aerie Physician, 1'. O. Box 28.
Rocky Mountain Chapter |
NO. 128.  R. A. M,
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday in each month at eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially Invited.
Wm. F. Tate, Scribe E.
BOX 4        ORANBROOK, II. C.
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   invited
F. McKENNA, Chief Ranger
J. SIMMS, Secretary
'/.Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection H
fi y
Nearest to railroad depot.    Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
Hot and Cold Baths
Gto. R. LtfM & Co
1'IKINK 114 P.O. ItOX W,
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Funeral Director
Steam Boilers and Furnace Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnishod Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
W. Cline
Of tbe old Mtnltoba Ilftt-ber
Shop can now ba found in the
First Class Work in
all  branches  of  the
] • Tonsorial   Art < >
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policu Holders
Fred. W. Swain
Cranbrook,B.C., Armstrong Av. THB PRO8PE0TOK  CUANBUOOK. Bl „ Of/TOEER Hi, \»*t,
(Form F.j
l el titk-utt-  ot   Improvements.
Notice uull i'-,y. Mnu-iiil Olalm,
.sicuuti' it) the Port Steele Mining
Division iif Bast Kootenay Dlstrtot.
Where located: About three miles
north ol St. Mary's .-Ivor and two
miles w.'st oi Matthew creek.
TAKE NOTIOH that I Thos. T.
MoVlttio, F.M.O., No. 116112, Ajscnt
r,,r t'lins Kolle, Free Minor's t'urtl
llcato No 6i>7.r,, Intend, siity dayB
i rou. date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor a Certificate oi
Improvements, for tlie purpose of
obtaining a .'town Grant of the
abovo claim,
Ami further t'ike notiee that action
under section .17, must be commenced before tlie issuance of sueh Certi-
flcato of Improvements.
TllOS. T.  McVittie.
Dated tliis  I7tli day of AiiKiist, 1908
(Form I'.)
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTIOB, 11'1,'h Peak Mineral
Claim, situate In thu Fort Steele
Mining Division of Kast Kootenay
Whoro located; About throe miles
nortli ot tlto St. Mary's river, und
live miles west of Matthew ereek.
TAKE HOTICH thnt I Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.C., No. 11C112, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Free Miner's Ccr-
tiftcate No. 6075, Intend, sixty days
Doni llie dute hereof, to apply to
tho Mining Recorder tor a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of thc
above eluim.
And further tnko notice that action
under section 37,   must be commenced before tlie   issuance of   such Cer-
tificate of Improvements.
:13 Thos. T. McVittie.
Dated this 17th day of August 1208.
Electoral District   of Cranbrook.
NOTIOB is hereby given that Sittings of thc above Court will be held
ut tho Government Building, Cranbrook, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
in.; at Moyie every Saturday at the
same hour; and at Marysville, Fort
Stoolo aud Wurilner on such days
and dates as may be appointed in
tlie proceedings.
All debts and demands not exceeding the sum of $100 cun he sued for
and recovered in the above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (cither before
or after Judgement) or on Instalment Order which can be enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
bunded in   to   the     undermentioned
Clerks of the Court., viz:—
F. It. Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Cranlirook.
P. G. Houth,   Provincial   Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph Wulsh, Provincial Constable,
Fort Steele.
Joseph Uyan
Dated 22nd day of June, 1908.
District of Kootenay.
Take Notice that Hugh Stewart of
Cranbrook, intends to apply for permission to purchase tlie land bounded as follows:— From tt post on
tbe Kootenuy river approximately on
the South boundary of Lot 116, 20
west to the boundnry of Lot 342,
thence 40 chains south, following the
east boundary of Lot 342 to the
Kootenny river, thence 40 chains
following the Kootenuy river to the
point of commencement, containing
30 acres more or less.
Hugh Stewart,
C. H. Pollen, Agent.
Dated  September 12th 1008. 39
Dlstrlot ot Kootonay.
Tako Notice that Francis H. Pollen, of London, Free Miner, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the land bounded ns follows:—
Commencing at n post plantod at
the N. B. eorner post of Lot 342, 30
chains north following tlie boundnry
of Lot 116 and 338, thence 30 chains
west, tlience 30 chains soutli, thence
30 chains east, to tho point of commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Francis H. Pollen,
0. H. Pollen, Agent.
Dated  Soptombor 12th 1908. 39
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Lansing V.
llrown, of Spokane, Wash., occupation Hail lliiud Agent, intends to upply for permission to purchaso the
following describod land. Commencing at. u post planted, commencing
at this post, tbenee 80 chains west,
thonco 80 chains south, thence 80
chains east, llience 80 chnins north
to this post, excluding all land in
Hloek 4S91, containing 600 ueres
more or less.
Lansing V. Brown.
Dnted  Sept. 25,   19118. 40
Postal Sept. 26, 1908.
Corporation of the City of
I'ublic notice is hereby given that
the provisions of this by-law arc to
bo strictly enforced.
Every male person residing for not
less than 30 days within the city limits, and being between the age of 21
and 60 years, unless:
(a) He is assessed upon the Assess
ment Roll of the city;
(b) Ib the holder of a Trade Li
Sluill pay the sum of $2.00 as and
for his Road Tax for tlie current
year, either to the Chief of Police into tlie undersigned.
Persons paying this tux before the
end ol this month, ahall be entitle*!,
upon making the necessnry declaration, to have his name placed upon
tho Municipal Voters List for tho
year 1909.
Thomus M. Roberts,
City Clerk.
City Clerk's Office, October 8, 1908.
People generally—
tell  each  other  about  the
good things.
That is how lhe merits o{
have become so universally
known. "Bov.il" is a
good thing. It is all the
nourishment  of  prime beet.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Clement H.
Pollen, of Crunbrook, occupation
Gent., intend to upply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worka at
Victoria, for permission to purchase
the following described lands situate
in Soiitheust Kootenuy district:—
Oommencing at a post planted at the
S. W. enrner of Means pre-emption,
thenre enst 30 chuins to thc boundary of Lot No. 6033, tlience soutb
30 chuins to the boundary of Lot No.
2048, thence west 30 chains, tbence
north 30 chains to point of commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Clement H. Pollen.
Duted Sept. Sth.  1908. 37
Districl of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I Joseph
Ryan, of Cranbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works nt Victoria, for permission to
purchase the following described
lands situate in Southeast Kootenay
Commencing at a post planted at the
S. W. corner of Lot No. 2048, thenco
south 20 chains, thence onBt 30 chains
thence nortb 30 chains, thence west
30 chains to tlie point of commencement containing 100 acres more or
Joseph Ryan.
0. H. Pollen, Agent,
nated Sept. 5th. 1908. 37
District ot Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I Marie H.
Brown of Spokane, Wash., occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following decribed lunds. Commencing at a post planted about four
rods north of two little hikes about
one mile west of Fort Steele Junction, thenre north to Lansing V.
Brown's purchase, tlience west to C.
P. R. right of way, thence along
said fight of way south eust to this
Muric H. Hrowtt,
Lansing V. Hrnwn, Agent.
Duted   Sept.   25,   1908. 40
Posted Sept. 26. 1908.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
ufter date t Intend to apply to tho
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lunds und Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situated in the district of South East
Kootenay, Province of British Columbia: Lnt 7753, group 1, Kootenay district, situute near the Flathead River
and contuining 633.6 acres.
B. E . Amery, Locator.
M. Powell, Agent.
Dated 25th June, 1908.
Municipality of Cranbrook
Any male or female being a British subject of the full age of twenty-
one years, who carries on business
in tbe Municipality and Is the hold-
of a trades licence, the annual
tec of which is not less than "6.00 or
wbo ia a householder, shall be entitled to have hiB or her name entered ou the Voters' List of the Municipality, provided that he or she
ihall during the month of October,
make und cuuse to be delivered to
the Clerk of thc Municipality, thc necessnry statutory declaration mude
and subscribed before a Supremo
Court or County Judge, Stipendiary
ir Police Magistrate, Commissioner
for tnking affidavits in the Supremo
Court, Justice of the Pence or Notary Public, as set forth In the
schedule of the Municipal Clauses
This declaration must be deposited
t the ollice of the Clerk of thc Mll-
nicipulity on or before five o'clock
(six o'clock local time) of the 31st.
day of October, 19118. The declaration must be delivered within forty-
eight hours after it is made. Persons qualified us licence holders or
house holders who ure not property
holders, must nttend to the registration of their nutnes. Persons who
liuve become registered property
owners, since the 31st December,
1907, ure requested to inform the undersigned at once.
T. M. Roberts,
Clerk of the Municipality.
Dated October 1st, 1908. 40
Weak Women
To weak ind ailing wnrai-n, then Is at least ont
way to help; Hut with tlmt wuy, two twatimtnta,
must uu combined, Ono Ib local, ono ls constlttfr
tloiial, but both aro Important, tn-th e&Duiiual.
Dr. Rhoop's Nlnlit Cum lit tho Local.
Ur. Shoop's ItoHtomtivn, tlio Constitutional.
mucous monilihinu uuppoHltnry romoajr- whim iw.
Blioop'sKosUirutlvtits wholly an Internal treat.
Burnt. Tlio Htmtoratlvo reaches throughput *"«
entire system, tuMilcititr tho repnlr ol all uorve,
all tissue, ami all blixxl ailments,    „
Tho ■"Nlglit Cure", an Its name lmpllBi,does IU
work while ymmlonp. ItsonttiimHoroiHKllnllain-
*l mucous surfaces, heals luml wcaknosscs and
dlwhftnrt's, whllti tin* K.-Hlomtlvo, oases rmrvuui
exciumit'iit, gives ronoweit vluor and ambition,
builds up wasted tissues, bringing about renewed
Btningth. vigor, and energy. THO Dr, Hlioopi
to thu system.  Fur pnsl tl vu local help, uuo as well
Dr. Shoop's
Night Cure
QDhe $rroepector
Ilia   Great   Generosity
Towards llis Newly
Married Niece
V realistic Romance of
Cranbrook in which a
number of prominent
business men take a
very conspicuous
I'm.yii-rhtwi hy W, S. tiuthrie.
"Mien   Hum word-Polly—I -1-or—dui-o l
—" Hut the tt|)Vllkur took u header ..ver
hushluliii'ss,   .ink    to   hour   a   HWOOt
■ Ye*. I'hurloy."
"t'uii I aspire to—er— lo—thul—In"
At-ain u in11hi- into silence, followed hy
im encouraging
"Yon, i naHey,"
"Oil,   if   1   might   only   hupu  to it—to—
Anutlifi-    failure     of   lungungu,    It   wus
Keomlugly n hupeloBfl case,      und     might
have been, only for ix domuru
rhurley, l have nuld   yen' twice, uud
if you i ui it, i moan it, too, nmi— '
And to this day thut yoUiiy null! wilt
insist  thul  lie  -ioj'|iml  the quostloit.
All tins huppettud uwa> down cast."
mnt il wasn't long before lliere wus u
wedding, Not mum i<- -. iwiuni there
wus ti letter from I'olly'tt Undo Josh,
ill.in. .I.i-iliiiii Turner, an old pioneer ot
Cranhrook,)     rich,   gouuruuH    nn.l  lovoi
headed,  who  wrote en    ui  ins   de*
itglii  at  her ambition of what he cuii.-i
grit" uud ho proposed that if the younu.
Iie.iple   would   locate   at    Cranlirook,       he
would Blurt them up in life, aft a wed-
lltliiC gift, liuving fully explained thut
this   is   the  hest   spot   iu   the   world      foi
young murried people lo got a 'gooh
atui'l. (if course they accepted and were
soon   bidding  their  friends  adieu.
A few weeks sul-sequetlt lo tne nliove
lonversaiion a travel-stained jiurty arrived in Cranhrook. Out- friend, iJtu-li-
.loHh, was iu charge and he led lhe ----.r-
i\ straightway to ilie Cranhrook hotel,
'Well go to the Crunbrook," said he.
"'entitle Hull's the popular place and is
strictly lirst class. I have known llog-
gurth A; itoiiins, the proprietors, for
yours and they ure mine hosts after litlny
own heart; helllg endowed with that delightful intuition thut makes a gue-it fed
nt home, comfortable- contented, und in
mighty good luck. The house is one of
convenience; the uparliueiils arc woll furnished and the cuisine—well, thut hotel is
noted fur its excellent table, so I huvo
engaged rooms here until your oWli house
is in readiness.
•After breakfast, is over," continued
lite old man, "1 muni take you lor u lil-
tie drive und then we'll proceed to buy
vour out lit. To uxnediatu mutters I'll just
call up phone No. IM) and have W. A.
Whilmore, our enterprising livery inun',
Send us around a rig." Wlien llie handsome carriage, with elaborate trappings
ami prancing horses drew <ip iu front ol
the hotel Polly declared It to ho u turnout lit for a uUOeil. "Yea Sir-ee," replied liuclii -lush, "that in U purty neat
rig—tlio three S's, 'Speed, Safety uud
Style' i.s W. A. Whilinore's coat of arms,
nnil best of all lhe rates are mighty reasonable. His wedding, party and funeral equipments are unsurpassed, li iviih iu
a stylish turnout indeed thai the rounds
of tlm city  wen- made.
■Nn grass shall grow under our feet,"
remarked Ulldc .Josh. "Ho what's lirsl
on the program?" "Oh, goodness knows,
tnere's lots lo buy." remarked i'olty.
"Then .suppose we buy 'lots' tirst." quoin
Chtii'lej without turning a hair. "Well I
see  you've  g"t   a      great   bead   for   ousin-
ess.-'1 laughed Uncle -faith, "well just
slop ul Iteale & IOI well's real estate offlee. I eau always depend upon ihem for
bargains iu real estate, as thev never
hold   ollt   false   lights   to   induce   people   to
huy, bin what they lell you about property lliuy he set down us solid facts.
Hen I e A Klwoll control n large list of desirable residences as well us farm properties, and there judgment on lhe good
Ui lugs'  is par excellence,
■And in the mailer of insurance," the
old gentleman continued, "that is also
ot importUIICU. Vou will want a risk on
vour new house, uud goods; but vol)
will'I be too careful about getting it in
a reliable agency. Ileale & ElWOll not
only have lines of the BOlUlOHt and best
.-..ii'ipanics, but ihey ure expert and
; rust wort bv underwriters." Accordingly Mr. Khvell. a member of the firm, accompanied the irio on their drive, nnd
before returning had sold lo I nele Josh,
for iiis  wards a cosy cotlutro,
••Having alreadv provided a rage for
tlie bird." said I nele Josh, "now the
lirst thing we'll look after will he the
furnishings for It." Hereupon 1'olly energetically declared thnt she had heard
so much "about the Cranbrouk Co-Operative Stores, Ltd., that she had derided
to go there. The result Was that they
were Ushered into such a bewildering dis-
plav lluit lhe girl was ut first at u loss
llOW to select. Uut she suuu yielded to
the seductiveness of a magnificent parlor
suite, a bedroom set iu oak. golden finish, lhat would do credit lo old Mr.
Kin It dyke himself. To this she added an
easy rocker for Untie Josh, and didn't
forget a most convenient uud ornamental
writing desk for "Hubby Charles, having come lo the conclusion Hint lhe Cranbrook Oo-Operulive Stores, Ltd., prices
were  below   the  very   whisper  of compel!-
"A orettv good start." snid lhe old
man." and'now we'll go to J. O. McBrlde's big hardware and stove store,
where I'ollv's housewifely insl imt s will
hnve full play in miirvels of kitchen apparatus. There is not an establish men!
in the country thai curries u more comprehensive slock of cookiii" inachinerv,
replied Curie Josh. "Kvery possible
piece of kitchen furniture from a tin dipper to a cooking range is here In all the
r-Mcs and variety." If Polly falls to accomplish wonders in the culinary art, it
will not be for want of superior conking
utensils, for she purchased a Souvenir
range wilh all oilier equipments needed
in a  well regulalcd kitchen-all  of which
I nele Josh paid for with delight 'cause
he  knew   J.   P.   Mc llr Ull!  hud   tre.iteil   him
inst  as he treats everybody.
•Oh.  sav.     I neb*."      exclaimed     Polly.
'Where     'can     I   go for dry  goods'?   This
dress is hardly suitable l must  admit.
"Well tuv girl,' if you  want  to sehvt from
oue of the  st popular estahllsl ills in
thecity. I will direct you lu Itunm Pros,
who carrv a stock of drv goods that for
variety and real value is seldom sen out'
side the largest metropolitan cities. 'Ihey
lutve lhe latest weaves iu fashionable
drths goods and vou are sure to be guided right iu vour selections. Vou will tlml
Hums Pros, pleasant to deal with anil
their employees polite and experl, while
the prices cannot be duplicated." It did
not lake Polly long to tell a bargain
when she saw one. She got a handsome
dress, with all necossury trimmings, and
several other articles of fantastic disarray so dear to the heart of every woman.
"So fur so good." ueuienliuusly remarked Undo Josh ns they left ihe tull-
or shop, "and one thing simgesis another. To muke this personal decoration
busiuess   complete   Charley,   you'll       also
need  a   new  hat  and  a  few  other      n s
furnishings. Now Hum's Pros, ure the
people  for  men's  furnishings.    I   know    of
lio one who keeps  so   large or r plete a
Hue   of   good   goods-in   styles   that      are
correct.   Then-   is   no   question   al t     11
my boy, Purn's Pros., are in a position
ni supply ihe good drcHsers in more snt-
isflielorv Stylos and prices Ihan anybody
in lown. and lhoy are s nisli-d with a
moderate    nrollt,    too."    Charles invested
in   a   i plete   ..ullil     from   a   lata   style
hal down lo a PH Peform nvercml. unl
be declared lhat "if a man couldn't eel
sitlhdicd al lhat store il'd ho his own
hull I."
Allen Ibis visit I'ni'Ui Josh suggested a
resort to Home place of refreshment. Al
the refreshment table the old mini wuxed
philosophical. "Never neglect your larder,' he said. "Thnt Important adjuncl
to housekeeping coul roll masculine temper. To thai end you must patronize a
grocer upon whom you call depend for
honest goods, Through a long term of
Veins I have found O. T. HogerH perfectly reliable, You will find Mr. Itoger* a
careful man, always fully storked with
every possible thing In tha line nf Mtttplo
und'fancy irrocerle», frenh and first-class
ami no shclf-wurn guods there, while the
ptir-m are uuwu to brass tacks.
Well, scat my'" exclaimed Curie Josh
With a Pat id -Llui'iua accent, as the,
reached lhe street. I iuusi run ovei li
the Canadian Pan* oi Commerce and ue
another check book.   Come uluug     uui
me and -;vt ACqUUiUtud uiili M . tlr. m
ner und stall, for of course >ou will tl
business with them ami it is alwav
UlOru pleasant to Ite persona
ed will! the people jml .lo b
Thla bank is ui solid as the base of the
universe, is managed on sale t'onsen u-
U.cness, uud has n Strong working capital.     Vou   Will   liml   then,   ever      lead.V      lo
extend   any   accommodations compatible
witli   business  principles,
'Cuess   I'll   open   an   aiioiinl   Willi    Ibe
Canadian (tank ,.i Commerce right away'
repli-<d Charles, ami he did.
"Halt!" commanded inch. Josh, aa the
imrtj came iii front of the Craubrook
Prug  A   Hook  Co.,   Limited,       Walk   righl
in." "Why Undo, we're not sick, and—"
"Guess I know that, laughed the old
man, but | guess it won't be ion-; before
this young man begins to lake an interest lu mailers of paregoric and—
"I -n-c-l-e!" 'We'll go iti anjway uml
gel acquainted, besides pollv tuav find
some toilel articles she WUIUH-" Sure
enough, before lenving be was loaded
down with combs, brushes, face powders
and several bullies of tine perfumes.
"Don't forget, udded Inelc Josh, "lo
come lioro wilh your prescriptions, as
Mr. Kllison uud his clerks are competent
pharmacists whu use none bui  pure mid
llu   dn
While UllClO Josh was pondering where
lo go next, Polly suddenly asked. "Curie
where can 1 find the leading milliner*, os*
tablishmont'/" "Just n few doors further
on," reinurk.il Undo Josh, and we will
visit Miss McLeod, who, bv tbe wav has
on hand one of the Couiplotcsl slocks of
millinery to be found In the ciiv. You
cun get what you want there, tii,. luteal
slyles   and   lowest    plies   being   her    I-
to. Miss Md i's good last,- and experience guaruniees that when you have
purchased of her you have the thing ac«
curding   to    fashion    and a sntlsfacllun
Ihut your work has 1 n done bv a competent    UrllSt."     Ill    ll       few      iittes    I here
never was a happier girl than Polly, for
she  gol   a     perfect   dream"   of  a   hal  ami
ih.- bill iiiitn't scure l nele Josh either.
"Now," said the old gentleman, "we
will   strike    right     out     for   C.   l-'nrranl's
tailoring establishment; 'Fhat'a an up-to-
dnto place, where thev understand the
changing sl.vles and are noted for good
fits, und I bei you'll look more like n
nowlj married man when you get logged
out  in a Pari-uni suit."
Charley found a large stuck of woolens
lu choose from and the prlcos so reasonable that he left bis mensure. and when
his new suit Was finished, he looked so
stylish in it his wife declared she'd fallen In love with him much sooner Im,! In-
only been gelling his clothes mude hv
('.  Farrant.   the  popular  tailor.
"Lei's sue-l promised you a gold
Watch, llUln't l'J" queried lhe old man,
of  Polly,  "and  W.   II.  Willson  is the mail
to give us ihe worth of our in. y." Kn-
lei'illg Hie popular jewelry store the old
man gallantly acqullted himself of Hie
aomlse and then directed Polly's attun-
ion to lhe superior slock of silverware
urrleil bv ihe house. "Thoro is another
uch u houso in Lown,' said Hie old
nun,   "and  I   wil!  guarantee ihe quality
0 be the very nest. Pick out vour faulty clork while here, he added, Willson
ii I'r les   a   magnificent   Iun-.    Poti t   forget
another fact, ' he continued, ■ u ever you
unfortunately need optical eoods, this is
ini place  to come  In  gel  your eves sca-n-
1 lieu 11) tested unit uuoil free, ami say.
:iy hoy, remember that Itilisoii ulsu is
n expert  doctor on  sick   watches,"
"Hi lhe way. e.vciaimed 1 nele Josh,
i'llll a paternal air, ' uie nexl thing to
i.ok after is the lumber for those tin-
roveinetits which nre absolutely neces-
ury, Come with me uml 1 d introduce
.nu to the Craubrook Sash & Poor Co.
who are tbe principal dealers In inui
line hero, uml they luive a Well equipped
pinning mill and curry the must complete
line ol building material in the c.uut.v -
everything, from Hie sills for the foundation to the shingles for lhe roof, including doors and windows, mouldings, etc.,
and don'l waul ull lite money a fellers
got either, ll is pleasant lo deal Wltn
lhe Cranbrook Sash & Hoor Co, for
their greatest aim is to give sal isl.irl lull
io every customer. Aud it tiidii 1 lake
long foi- Uncle Josh to pluee "a rigid
smai'i sized" order for building material.
■'Strange now, isn't it. how one Hi inu
suggests another,' observed Polly, uftor
they hud arranged for the lumber. Whal
is ou your mind, now, Poll?" asked I nele
Josh.   "Well,  I  was Just thinking if you
happen lo know U good decorator. louV"
she asked. "Well now, 1 reckon 1 do,'
acknowledged f'nHc Josh, and when 1
think of a decorator | think of II. II.
Short. He lias reduced home ornament
to a beautiful science—why bless yuu.
Short could make Hie worst kind of a
place look respectable and noi half try.
Prices mighty reasonable, loo." Polly
was soon revelling in a perfect elysium
of heuuiiiu! wall paper. Mr, Short was
'iihscqii.-uily contracted with to do the
teem al ing   and   I hat   arlisl   soon   turned
let-  h   into   "a   thing  of  beauty  aud  a
joy   forever."
■And another place 1 want to lake you
lo. children, is lo the Cranbrook Trailing Co.." remarked the old man. "Your
iniroditclion to Cranhrook would not be
hub' complete without, Tnlk uUiotit vehic-
icles. why bless you Ihey carry surreys.
carriages' buggy's and wngous of all the
l.-adinu makes, besides it full line of harness. Then as io fowl Ibis company is
•udquarters for Uiul. Thoy handle
■en thing   from   golden   oats   doiv
promptness and  dispatch.    1 v
ing with  C.   K.   Morlitt.  llm manager,  for
a long  litue, and  I   tell  you Hie Cranbrook
Trading Co. is a good linn to tie to uud
I   always did   believe   in   patronising.home
•Yum. yum," laughingly escaped Polly's rosebud lips, as she glanced Into
Hugh Stewart's attractive confectionery
store. "UlieJO Josh, you know I've got
a sweel tooth, und those home made
candies look so nice I just ran't resist
ihe temptation to go iu." Charley hero
objected, 'cause he knew if Polly got Into
u Confectionery store once, there's where
she'd likely want to Htuy, He relented,
however, when Pllclu Josh said, fruil
und ice cream, my boy," so in ihey wen!
and after regaling themselves in delic-
'      girl   loaded
and   hoi
o  make   evoi'V   tootll   ill   the  C
unity ach.'.
•oily    was    a    splendid   judge
of    sweet-
Heats,   and     she        indulged    [|
a   profuse
'otnpiiiueiit    to   what    she   foil 11
1   at   Hue
Stew nri's
•Well,   great   s ke,   i htirlc
.    where   111
he  name  of  creation   did   you
get       thai
■ope?   That's nbout   the worst
snioe th
•ver   came   in   contact    wilh   m
rorvo," laughingly remarked
nele   Josh.
Slep  in   here  lo   -I,   P.  Cntni
run's cigar
store   and   gel   ll   cigar,   then
Vllll'll     IlllVe
n   gentleman's       smoke.    J.     1
.   Cameron
lakes      pride      lo       keep   all
he    leading
iirands.  both   Imported and  di
mesiic   and
Ultir   every    dav."    Charlov    w
S     SO       Well
pleased   with   the  clgnr  that
'nele   Josh
treated   liitu   III   that    lie   1 i*
it   II   whole
mix  and  ml Vised  bis      wife  i
the   brand   when   she   got    his
nexl   birth-
dav present, noi  fonrottnii' t<
note   of J.   ll.   Cil ion's   line
Hlsplav   oi
oilier cigars,  tol'iaceos,  pipes, etc.
■Now  how   about   the  plumber, Uncle?"
Inquired Polly.      You  t diet   vou said
vou would see somebody for Uml." "Jos
so, jes sn; aud we shan't have unv hotelier do the work either. I'll lalk lo
Patmore Hros. about thai. We've gol lo
have waler pipes put in. a hot waler
heater and a porcelain lath lull, besides
some sanitary Hxlll's and Palniore Hros
ure the very'men lo do (he work. Thej
observe closely nil the bygenic laws
guarding against dangers (Tom sewer
■ruses. You ran always feel safe ill mil I
the   house   when   practical   men,   us   I klloW
Pill iv       Pros.     in   be,   have   done   the
work."   The   aforesaid   pi r   gol     the
conlrnet. did iusl wlml Uncle Josh said
they   would     do,   and   won   Polly's   praise
for'the excellent  workmanship.
■Law Hakes!" suddenly exclaimed
Uncle Josh, "all this trading 'round
towi -    cause.    Io   fi —
I the
ce, Newly
u love am!
Vbodv      else
ed      folk:
ill   know
 I   Mr.   Se <
 ,  oies  and rule
ro ded   bv  ull   I
i     iteineitiber   Clint
Itoist I
nul   wi
kel    where
uf   ■
tkel    in   lhe
•vbody  who
besl.    Tbe   I
V   P.    Woods
,. Retort Inn <
SALE   of  MINERAL  CLAIMS  in  the  Fort Steele Assessment  District.
I herebj  give notice that uti M lav the Snd dav of Novum er, A   b    LAOS, nt   the  hour  ,-f  ten  o'clock   in the tore-
nuoii,   ut   the  provincial   government   offices, Cranlirook,  I  ihsj]  oiler foi   sale     ul public auetioB, the mineral claims a,   ihfl
list hereinafter eel out, "f winch   crown grants  have  issued  for  taxes  remaiiiii.tfunpni-t and delinquent by said persons on
the BOth da> of June, a   i>.. tyiiM. aud for coste. and expenses of gale, if the total awouaf duo .- noi gnonei paid
Nam-  Of   Claim
kiug Solomon
UUOOII   Ol   Shel.a   ....
Pig   Pond   lloy
lluiiey  Comb	
Pluck   Pear	
ttegiatered Owner or Grantee
Chas    KllOgOntUlittl.   8 8    Manaban,   S
Wallace,  und  Waller   Van  AieiUku
..Arthur Phillips	
. ..Coiuuibu- M   Parker  	
Columbus   M    Parker..
Columbus   M    Parker	
 Columbus   M.   Parker.
Charles tistmere ,
Charles tCatiboru
i!o" 00
J oo
ia oo
9 00
15 oi i
■J -JO
19 00
ll 60
Lil 75
2 00
it :.*.
19 90
-J no
H I!.'-
ia 00
■J ou
11 'jo
ok.   II    L.,   llus  Hid   dn
ober   i'i
The Knock-out Blow.
The blow whicli knocked out Corbett
Was a revelation to tho prize tighter*
From the ourliest days of the ring tho
knock-out blow was aimed for tho jaw,
tho temple or the Jugnlur vein. Stomach
punches were thrown In to worry and
weary the tlichtor, but if n scientific man
hud told one of tlio old lighters that tha
most vulnerable spot wus the region of
the stomach, he'd have laughed at him
for an Ignoramus. Dr. Pierce is bringing
hoa£ to the public a parallel fact; thai
tht(snoraackte lhe most vulnerable organ
out of\he p?ru ring tax well as In It. Wa
protectW-huMii throats, feet and lungs,
but theUenno^«ve are utterly Indifferent to, until dlsofc-Atinds the solar plexus
•nd knock? usoutT Make your stomach
sound and strong bv the use ol Doctor
Pierced CJolcTen. SSEJuSl
\ ■ m iTrijU'c t ,.~*J 3 Ci^l -ai r mrg tufiZ
aine spot. JUolden Medical Discovery4
cures *wesK stomach," indigestion, or
dyspepsia, torpid liver, bad, thin and Impure blood and othor diseases of the organ-; of digestion and nutrition.
Tho "liolden Medical Discovery" has »
Bpoclflc curative ellect upon ull mucous
surfaces und honce cures caturrh, no
matter whoro located or what stage tt
may have reached. In Nasal Caturrh It
ls well to cloaiiBO the passages with Dr.
Sago's Catarrh Remedy fluid while using
tho "Discovery "as a constitutional remedy. Why the "Golden Medical Discovery" cures catarrhal diseases, us of tha
Btouiueh, bowels, bludder und other pelvic
organs will be plain to you if you will
read a booklet of extracts from the writings of eminent medical authorities, endorsing Its Ingredients und explaining
their curative properties. It is mailed
Jrte on request. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y, This booklet gives ull thu
Ingredients entering into Dr. Pierce's
medicines from which It will be seen that
they contain not a drop of alcohol, pure,
trlple-retinod glycerine being used Instead,
Dr. Pierce's great thousand-page illustrated Common Sense Medical Advlsoi
will be sent free, paper-bound, for 31 one-
cent stamps, or cloth-hound for M slumps.
' '-''ss Dr. Plerco as above.
afforded by a
Every wher.
To h,1 concerned
Ah T have disposed of my jewellry
business to the I'tnworth Bros. I
would nsk those indebted to me to
settle their accounts us Boon us possible.
I expect to leave Cranbrook on or
about October 26th, 1908, therefore X
have arranged to phyc all outstanding accounts for collection with my
solicitor after that date.
Respectfully yours,
in u good humor. Tolly' trado at I'.
Woods A Co. ninrkf-t every limo." liooii
Itulurnlng tu linker st r----t Charley Intimated to Uncle .losli iimi lie would
like u dish of oysters. "All right, my
hoy. I wns thinking llliotli llinl invsi-li,
nml I'm nlii'i you mentioned It, 'cause I
must shv Uiul if there is unv one lliiiij,'
on tliis earth in the cnti'gorv of food
ronsiiiupl ion ihut I'm purl [cuiurly fond
of it's oysters. Tho only place iti town
to got m>oi\ oysters, served up In style,
is tin- Criinhrook rule, so wo il drop iu
and   gel  some,  mul   if you  don't  suy  that
l look vou to the proper iihicu thon your
Uncle Josh is no prophet. ' Cutlin-' at
LUnko'H the trio regaled LliouiHelves m delicious hlvalves, which Charley declared
would Mirpass oven tho dream of uu epicure mid he said tlml lie gueosoU he'd
drop into Blake's pretty often.
Kn route io their home the party culled nt Uie Prospector olllco. "You'll want
the news every week," renmrked I uric
Josh, "and as ilns is the favorite local
paper here I'll siiimerlhe."
I pon      Mitiuiiin..-     Up    the   I'M-tils   of   tlie
duy  Polly bognn to volubly oxprosa   hor
thanks.'Non have  i \t]\\   un every 111 ing"
she exclaimed.
"Only  one  thine,     replied  Uncle  Josh,
reflectively,   "hul    I    can     rot ly  ilmt.
'lie   franlirook   Co-Onerullve   Co.,   l.nl..
A.   C.   NELSON.
Deputy Assessor and Collector,   Port Steele Assessment District.
Proposals  for   New   Station!   Not how Cheap, but
and   FreigMJhed   at      HOW GOOD & HOW CHEAP
Tundura will be received up to
18k, Monday, tictubur min. fm- build-
ine ;i N,.,\ atiiltuii iitul ll Now freight
Sho.i m Komi.-, B.C.
I'iiiiis i-nvoi'lng tlii-> work muv ho
soon, nml other information obtained
ui ilo- otHue of Un- Superintendent, or
Kr.-iiloni Kngineer, C. P. Itly, at
' Iruti brook, B.U,
I'roposttlfl must bo submitted on
blanks rurntshed by tho Company ami
tho t 'oinptti > rt-servo- the right tu
rejeet any aiid all bids,
J.   Brownlee,   Superintendent.
Cranlirook. Oct. 3rd, 1908,
Trading Co.
PHONE ix:i
Wo iin> slill hiiinlliiifr
Agents tor the famous
Mayers Stock Foods.
\[ Cranbrook
< > Teiuns und drivers fur-
nisliod for any point in
tht district.
A. DOYLE, Manager^
General Blacksmith
and Woodworker..
Rubber Tires Applied
To    Buggy     Wheels
Phone 50   -   •   •    P.O. Box 213
Rates from
on  colli  flli'i-nir'   To  k"i'|i  V'lir   'Iraliliy'
»,', "Undo, what ciiii ii
11. II'h n haliy rai-riiiu'-.
Polly luul fainted.
and   Niui-
■ luili
nl Hi
cl   BII' lli'BlllllllUJ to r.'.lll/
•  - "oi'     ,V"  on
* iim worth
il,„ ,
of  II
iHtl'll'l    ll,    lllll    HIllMCrllHirH,         Nut
ihis    hm     ,ih  i„ihi   Hci'lpli,  kIowIiik
11     of    ll MT    llllTtUlHtllK    L'Xfl'MllllCI'
• iii-W'i. etc . ii „,hl,',l.
iii »  niTcrlnu uh ii  Up iii   |„.
mill   tl,"  N Irani   lli'l-nlil  „ml  I'ruH-
- r hiiu'il   Inr Uie vim- from  No
•r    Inl.   100H.     I"   Ih.'Ci'lnliur   .'Mm.
for ih,< iiminl prim, f-J.liii,
llu- tniii' is    very near fnr I liis snl.-
tnn I,, lu'cii, wc rt',|iii'sl  it.tr |ir,'S,'iil
vnnlil-l illiHi't'llinrn tn  forward     In
Hl.liHrri.itl i    is.
tUV    III1    ANIi   01ITAIN    VAIilM*
Selling dales Sepl. tilth to 24th
Finiil  return  limit—Sept.  80th
Selling (lull's Si'pl  -JIM lu L'fitli
Final  return  liinil   Sopt   l'niIi
Selling tilth's Sepl. L'tilli tn Oct,. 2
Pinal return liinil- October 7th
Corresponding  Kates  from other
Apply to local ticket agents for
berth reservations, etc.
J.B PROCTOR, O.P.A.Calgary.Alta
If yuu have never tried uur
call and yuu will  be convinced
lliey are the finest you ever ate
Saturday only 20 cts.
per   pound.
Goods delivered to any place in the City
TELEPHONE,    Nu.    Ul.
$5,00 an CASH
$3,00 /TmONTH
(fund Discount Por t'asli
Also Second  Hand  Machine*
For Sale Cheap and To Kent.
Armstrong Avenue
Phone ir>7 Criinhrook, B.C.
Carpenter and
Builder.    *    *
iiorsi-s for Sale °r Rent at
imu>ii,.-i Heanonoble       Pricei.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Phone   No.   98.
For Horses and Cattle
:W0 Bores)
Clood Fences      Good Water
Good Pasture
Apply to K.i ORBETT, Parrot Haiii-h
iiiiout 'M milra from ''ranbrook, near
lhe nlil North Stnr mill.
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'Phone No. 1)0,
Edison Theatre
Fraser & Hutchison
"IK     niul'tllM-iU'.
Moving   Pictures
Illustrated Songs
The  Beit  in
Cranbrook at
The Little Picture Parlor
that runs continuously THE PROSPECTOR, ORANBROOK   U.C, OCTOHKU L'l, 1908
Breakfast Bacon, sliced,      per lb. 23cts.
Sugar-Cured Breakfast Bacon
sliced „ Ar*  ,,
Sugar-Cured Hani, sliced, ,, At) ,,
Mclver's Cooked Ham, sliced, „ *%n ,,
Smoked Bloaters      — ,, IS ,,
Smoked Kippers ,, Iti ,,
Smoked Halibut „ 20 „
Smoked Salmon „ 20 ,,
®hc Kterapertov.
Waiiti',1   iimiii men, women nnil ehil
ilren to purchase our rogulur 40c con- town t--iiiiu>,
feetluiii'iy   (or 20c per lb    Saturday u,.   .Ih,| m
SATURDAY, OCTOURR -.'I. WOK   ' ■■>.ly. tit Tin- Palm, Krluiy trow
P. P, lOilily nf Ilt>iiiuii v, Rl, S. Fri-
shoe ul Toronto, A, 0, Whlttekns   uf
X   LOCAL  NEWS. V Protlortcton, N.B,, wore registered at
'•.' ........ • • -«• iw • '..'..'........'..'A *!*'' Cranhrook TttOBrlay.
People   VOU   may  know     ('lms   M   Tlinmiimni ol  Vancouver,
'__„ i A.   Sutherland   nt     Wardnor, T. W.
Phillips uf I'Vi-nie, mul lt. II. lli-iui, of
Toronto, were registered nt tin- Oranbrook Wodnestlny.
i isi Tons itEitis ash  1111:1:1    i-i ii
i-l I    llll'l  l lllll:   In  IIIAMIIEIH'K
IM'  l Husi; imu i.u   ill ii
Sweet applo elder nl Stewarts.
Vtctorin was in towi
Pred Kitrln
! ilie new linn
& Hunk Co,
.il tin- Crnnbrook
1,. McPhofson, nf Miu-li'uil;    W     P.
Young uf Sun Pranclsco; it o. Brown
Uf Nelson, mul IV. 1.  Bush uf Strath
cona,    wore roglBteret! al   the rum
uk Monday.
ssorted stationery shirk
uk   1)1 UK   &   Hunk   l'n
tt    I   Ro i
brook Wednesday
sir Wilfriil Laurlor Im* refused to
iisii'ii in British Columbia'! cry lor
jiistii-i' in ilie matter ol bottor toi'inB,
An' tlie people ol Kootonay going to
ondorso that refusal '
li Is ii -.iin' sign ul weakness when
i iiijin skulks mul retusoB tu como
mi into tho upon to tjulit.
UiiiliMiiii;  tlml   It   In Impossible   tni*
linn iu uiitor mu'tlmncnt i»v tho front
Midi's   Rollins and HogKnrth have  lloo, M,   Amlth OurLlR Ik uow irylng
kune whh in the | contracted with the C r it  Telegraph  the buck outrunce    Hu will, however,
Co   in put in n Bpecinl wire and   tho   t\m| ii clusod also
election returns will bo received     nl
tho Cranbrook hotol Monday evenlnii
k   w   Black ol S'eteun wus in town
r.. das
.!    \.  Broley nnd J   H   Qusty     ol      v   W   Maedonald, K   C, ol Nelson,
Pernie. were In town Wednesday « '■ lu town Monday attoudliiB -i sit
nm; ul th.'   Supreme Court    Ho lefl
Choice Tokay Grapes, Finn find Dates  nn Tueaday (or Brnmlon whore ho will
.it   Stewarts
.1   Krtfks.'ti ul Fori Steele   was   In
town Wednesdaj
K   P    Black   "i  Vancouver wus m
th.- clt> Wednesday
Choice eating npples. The kind you
ised to eel :ii home, at  Tbe Palm
speak m ihi'   tntoreul
nl       T      MllVlli'
Vote ot Kootenay
The total vote ol Kootonuy accord
nm to tin- Dominion UM is LS,841,
granbrook with 8,601 and Pernio
with 8,008,  hftH ii smnll ma-rgln OVOr
nm' Uniii  ni  tin- tntnl veto of Koot
\ n \ nn.'  wishing  an j   nptrltual  help > NUTICIC
nnd would like to communicate with iakh notii'K Uml I Inii'i
thi Salvation Vrmy oftlcUilu, can do !i\ VVJ .?lW!irVvtt*Vrtv"t|r«*ui tl!
-o b> calling nl their homo on Han    ucui'ii.ii   ot   ihU aulleo for it
son   \venue, three doors wost of   Hi-   mj    ■ in m-ll ininxlenilnu
City Bukerj "."
i.i    II--I--
Fn sii     Cupe     Cod  Cranberries nl      Mr   Smith,    tbe Conservative can ivi
Stewarts   20c   a''quart                          didate tn opposition to Tiirrlfl In Sas
katchewan, hns withdrawn from     the     ,
T   K   Whit)  and .'   D   Courtnej ol   nu-v.   leaving     tho contest to Turrlfl m
Si   Paul were registered al the Cran . :UX,\     ■*     (|   Richardson    This mny ""
brook Snndaj  last mean     n     Turrifflc   defeat    Hoamci |J™
fin *■ - i,-ti
W.il.i.i,   ll    l'
i'AI I.   ST.   -MOAN
■J.   \   I' .   1VIW.
\ki: sn I irr
: shipment ol books, 20 cent
I for 50c .ii Crn-nbrui Di i
k Cn
ll.    S.-II
al il..i.-i. Port
inii'iiil   to  ii|)plv
Provincial I'oi-
ii tha Ural |iah-
or a renown! of
illllli  Illinois    liy
known      as
Raworth Bros
C.P.R   Watch   Inspectors.
Watches, Clocks
Gem   Rings,
Silver   Plate,
Cut Glass,China
Leather   Goods,
If you arc thingiiig of
buying - call on us.
We  shall  be   pleased
to   show   any   goods
and answer any
Every  Article   Marked   in   Plain   Figures.
|ust      recelvi
1-  ..- ,v B, ok Cu
Mr  and Mrs   -   *■'
■  -   B.i     ■...-•    'rani
linlKTiiil Ituti'l,  Kurt  Steuli
li   returning officers In Gaspc and|()|,.u.      .   ,,   ,,„,ss"-s  "ANMIS
Chteouttnil-Saugenay could movo lor- ~~'.77—'J—1_1~ ,
ward   the   date   uf nomination why v
.'!. ! ' could not the returning officer in Koo nTM'V'kn!m-i!ii'''iil'i!i\'i' !| 'lirTliiclV'W-
'.t'tuiy ,li> likewise. Mr. Smith t'urtis lc'0 nttor tlilrly days (nun tliu first null
will please answer. lu'iitlnii   of    llii» liutk'o fur a rpnownl ol
ol Proc S?o!l°"u.i "il"'" \"™fiil"R^tt'i'"   as
dtors on      -if it  is true that government ot-1 tl.u U'umt llutel, warn, u. u.
fleers h.ivt' corruptly left names     nil N"-s "AV
•.I-,.- voters' list, as is alleged, why do
:1   ii,.t  tho   aggrieved parties take the
-2-2.   A. II„   ll'iiS.
■ I  Mrs   C   J   Lewis
"•      ■-'■'■  * visitors Wednes-   matter intothe courts and punish the
wrong-doers?   Victoria Colonist.
XO'l'll K
'I'AI'K MUH'I-. i...",   I  lntoml 1" iil-ulv
Iji   til,'   Sll|„-,'illt.'l!ti,<llt    llf    l',',,\il|,'i,ll    I'.,I
Ieo aftor thirty duys from tlio lirst  puli-
lii-ittiitn   uf   this notlco for u i'i wnl „i
my llconco to s.-ll Intoxietttlliu, llqunl's   hy
H.    W.    DKEW.    Propriotor.
5UCCr.550R    TO
I      or
How   is the    Dominion  government :
-•■ini tn pav for all the public works     Thl' Supreme court was opened   on
[t la promising these days Tuesday morning by Judge Morrison,
and the jurors sworn, but as     there j iiii." Full's"viuw  UoiulT'SinrysviHe.
Ml    and  Mrs   J.  H   Snell  ol  Leth-lwas no criminal     business, his lord- CHAS. 12. FINCH
bridge were Cranbrook  visitors Wed-  ship dismissed     them.   Several eases
nesdaj will   be   brought   before his lordship
  for trial.
Born   At Cranbrook, Sunday, Octo* 	
ber 19th, to Mr   and Mrs   T. Boyter,     Hon, \vm   Templeman, British Col-
■l ""n umbia's representative in the Laurier
.cabinet,   Bays  that  better  terms are
\    J    Devlin of     Spokane, passed   "ag dead as Julius Caesar," On Mon-
rough Crnnbrook     Tuesday on   his   -jay niirht Mr. Templeman may be us
"dead as Julius Caesar,"  politically
speaking, of course.
to the Corbin coal fields.
With the exception of Monday evenings the Salvation  Armv  hold  meet-      , .
Inns every night in the week    Anyone     "eports frum all over the riding are
and everyone is invited to attend.       V^A   ayorable    to the Conservative
  ■ candidate,  and  from  present  appear-
Otls Staples, president of the Btap- :"-res it will only he a matter of
les Lumber Co., of Wycliffe, was tran- counting the majority for Mr. Good-
sartitm business at. Cranhrook Mon-1 eve on November 12. This is irrespec-
i]ay tlve of the result of the election   on
Monday next.
Are you aware people thnt the Salvation Army still holds meetings   in      Why should Canada prepare men for
their hall uver Patmore  Bros, store,   the  Japanese navy,  to the exclusion
on Armstrong avenue. -of white men from the Pishing Indus
try on the Pacific coast?   That, how-
Mr, A. S. Smith who has been vis-] ever, is what is being done as a   retting     in the prairie provinces     for j suit of the     Dominion government's
some     time    retained  to Crunbrook I policy on the question of Asiatic ex-
this week. I elusion.
!'J,   A, I)..   UJOS.
NOTICK thul I Intend to ujitiLy
i<> tin- Sapor ia tendeiit of Provincial Polico ufter thirty iluys from tin1 ilrst  puh-
niy licence to nell Intoxicating liquors by
retail on tliu promises known ns
lln* Wyclltfb  Hotol, ut  Wycllffo, H. C,
Qetoh-r :.'■.■,   A.  I)..   t90fi,
TAKK NOTICK tlml I Intond to apply
io ihf Siipoi-liilendoiil of Provincial Pol-
Ice ni'ti'i- thirty tlnys from tin' lirst publication of litis notlco for a. renewal of
in.v licenco lo soil Intoxicating liquors by
ret njl un t In- promises known ns
the Oiu-imih Hotol,  Mosmor,   n. C.
Oiloli.T 2'J,   A. IL.   1008.
TAKK MiTK'K Hint I Intond to amity
lu ihf Siipnrlntendpnt of Provincial Police nfter 'Ao tlnys from lho lirst publication of lhis notice for n transfer from
mvscif to Agnus (ioiiriiiv of my licence
to s,-il intoxicating liquors by retail on
thf premises known ns tho Quoons Hotol,
Hosmor,   11.  ('.
HUOH   1IKI.1,.
nclnber 22,   A. I).,   Iliiw.
Dyoini?  and   Cleaning.
B'lri-iiBsor tc
L   Cohn
brook's  Up-
to-date Tailor,
East    KOOtenay The LeadlnK Fruit Store
Por all  kinds of
Nntliiiifc iim-  nr  coarse,   largo
ur suiilli that we catlilOt lutmllc.
W(.' lllsu  il.i
J. Leask, Tailor
Hugh Stewart
HILL & Co.
Cranbrook's  Greatest  Store
Wiinter Specal
Just Arrived -- The Finest
Consignment of Blankets,
all   weights   and    colors.
We shall be pleased to show them.
HILL & Co.
Cranbrook's  Greatest  Store
A "GILLETTE" Safety Razor will shave
well  at   any  angle.
Our little booklet will tell you a good many things you ought to
know about shaving and the care of your face. It's free, ask for it.
GILLETTE Safety Razor Set consists of triple silver plated holder
that will last a life time, with 12 double edged blades (24 keen edges)
in velvet lined leather case.    Price $5.00.
To the first 12 people who will present this advertisement at our store tonight an enamel back
Cranbrook, B.C.
Full Line of Things
for   Men   to   Wear.
Now arrived. You must see them. All the newest
blocks. We have the "Mihat" and the "Mallory"
Makes.   Both Union Made.
PRICES   $3,00, 4.00, AND 5.00 EACH.
A Specially Large Assortment of Gloves and Mits,
lined with silk, wool, and fur. The very newest
shades and styles are represented   in our  stock.
PRICES- $1.50,1.T5,2.25, 2.50, 2.75, ANO 3.50 A PR.
See our Rich line in Knitted Silk and Poplina, all
the freshest shades. Those beautiful Burnt Browns
are are having a great run.
PRICES   75CTS. AND $1.00.
BURNS Bros, store, cranbrook
Patmore Bros.
Tinners, Plumbers
Heating Engineers
Steam,   11<>t  Water and  Hut Air Systems.
Scientifically  proportioned  and correct.
that has  been  left at  W. F. TATE'S
Store for repairs will be delivered by
Silver-mounted Case Pipes
.1UST ARRIVED! IBO ol' lhe latest and hest
shapes, bought I'm- wish and sold at it reasonable iinir-'iii.    SEE THEM,    PRICE THEM,
We are still leading with a fine assorted line of CIGARS
 at 3 for 25 cts.	
Uno goods arriving every day.    All Tobaccos
nntl   Cigarettes  same   price  as othor stores,
Cranbrook    Cigar   Store
JOHN CAMERON, Proprietor.


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