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The Prospector Apr 20, 1907

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Array ',ratj ll t.,| tM
<      X"! y
 1- : , Ci-,i'
v oi. IS.
CRANBROOK, 7>.C, SAr^Kair, AP2*IL ^0,ii>07.
K'CTO^^JVfc. 20,
(.•onpouATioNy)p . hk ____	
BY    LAW  No. us.
A By-Law to grant certain prlvllegtw
lu tho Craubrook Rlertrlo'Ught Com-
p;uiy, Limited.
WflKKKAS iln* Miinlutpul Council
Inw powur to |ui8« a by-Law for licencing and regulating electric light and
telupl c compaiilett and [or authorizing the lino* at tho public highway by
riiihi companion.
\NI» \VHKKK\s By-Law No. 83
cortalii regulations ui;e aot forth unuer
which the privilege lo creel poles, pillars, potttB, ui' other applhineeH and to
string wires thereon, fur the conveyance of electricity, for the two of telephones and Illuminating purposes,
through and along public highways uf
the City of Craubrook, have boon set
forth and enumerated,
AND WIIKItKAS. Lhe Cranlirook
Kin-trie Light Company, Limited, has
mude application for leave tu continue
Us present electric light aud telephone
system aud to extend the same.
ANDWMKIIKAS a petition signed
by more than one^lifteenlh of the electors entitled to vote uu this By-Law,
waa, on tin- 2Qth duy of March, 11)07,
presented tu the Municipal Council re-
i|nesting thai tin same be submitted to
ilie ratepayers
ANIt WIIKItKAS ii has been deemed expedient to grant to the said com-
pauj certain privileges in connection
with their said system.
THBRKPORK, the Municipal Council nf the Corporation of tho City of
Cranbrook in Council assembled, enacts
im follows:
l' Subjocl t<> the fultlllmonl of the
terms, conditions and privileges In said
Uy.l.uu Xo. 38, and in this By-Law
her tin after contained, which terms,
conditions and privileges mul the. due
ful.tllmenl thereof are lo bo takon und
considered as conditions precedent to
the enjoy inon t oL tho rights, powers
ami privileges granted the said the
i ranbrook Klectric Light Company.
Limited, ami it- successors and assigns
hereinafter called "the Company'' arc
hereby granted for a period ut twenty-
live years, Irom the date of contract
hereinafter mentioned, the right and
privilege, 'not however an exclusive
right and privilege! of erecting ami
maintaining poles, posts aiid pillar**,
and of stringing, stretching, laying,
repairing and pporattug wires for ihe
conveyance of electricity, for the use of
telephones and Illuminating and power
purposes, in. over, upun. along and
across any and all public highway.*- of
the City nf i Iranbrook: ami of constructing, equipping, operating and
maintaining a telephone und electric
light and power system and service in
ihe t'ity of Cranbrook.
>l The Company shall erect and
maintain such pules, posts and pillars,
and string, stretch, lay, maintain, repair and operate such wires iu such a
manner us not to interfere,with the full
nml unobstructed usool the public highways of the said City: and shall pluco
such pole- nt such points and shall
stretch such wires at such heights and
do all uots ami things, as shall be iu
conformity wit li sniil provisions uud
regulations eoi'taineil in By-Law No,
:..) Whenever any person, linn or
corporation shall have obtained lawful
authority frum the Council to remove
au\ building, structure or edllloc
through or ncross any public highway
of the said City of Cranbrook, and  the
wiles ul   the   (' |Ht11>    sllllll   Obstl'llCl
tirevuiil nr itiieiferc, wilh such removal,
ihe Coiupan-i -Iml' within twenty-four
liuiU'H after notice in writing Irom the
< louncll <>r ile1 Chalrumn of tho Works
and  Proper^  Coi Itluu,  remove or
raise such wire- so us lo allow an
unobstructed pannage for such building
for the protection uf the pot-sous aud
property of the public,
:,' The Company shall I"' liable for
and shall Indemnify the city of Cran-
i-i'.Mik tor all damages arlhinn outofthc
construction and operation oi it- -said
s,    The C pan\ shall  so operate
Ils system thai there shall always he
available to consumers un^l ouslomers
within the munici|nilit\ it uniform
supply <>f elcctrlclij   tor Illuminating
purposes by night, und h\ iln>   SO   SOOII
av ihe i 'ompauy shall have in operation
u wator power system, of al leusl llu
voltage, ami steady and regular usuage
of telephones da*, uiul ulghl service;
uml Ifal any time the scrvlceof electric
lights or telephones shall not. in thu
opinion uf the Council, fulllll said ro-
(|Uireiuenls: and upon failure nt the
Compuny, without just cause bclujj
shown, to rectify tho samo forthwith
after 4-S hours' notice in writing given
theiii h\ the City, the Council may h\
resolution, forfeit such rights and
privileges herein granted, ami annul
ami declare void tin itracl hereinafter mentioned.
ill.) The rales to be charged to consumers and eust outers within the Municipality, by tho Company, shull be no
more than us follows:
Visitor5 Here and There   I'eiple
Who dome to Oranbrook and
Those Who Oo Away.
Proo I.inirli nt iM'.s. today.
K   flirty., of Elko WHS nl I ran
(i .lulii'ii uf Now Yuri; ivas n
guesl ni UicCrunbronk Tuesday.
Uuv. Cl. II- Finliiy of Moyie
wiisii Craubrooli visitorTuosduy.
Huntley A* Palmers' Biscuits
ni Campbell St Manning.
,1 nek Stnmiiirl uf Porl Steele
sponl several tlnys this week in
Wmi I oil -\ sfirl I'm' general
housework*. Apply lo I.. Vi.
Pred. linbitison ii Pernie Mill
anil Ijtiiiiberman wns in the cily
Wednesday on business,
Alaska Wafers, Plantation
Acorns, 11. iS P. I lumls m Cump-
hi'll nml Manning.
W. !■:. CarUvrighl nl' Calgary,
IJ. II. Leu I'd nf N'niiaiiiin were
guests ut ihe Cosmopolitan
Spring weddings nml the
K'util may Range go hand in
hiiiiil, a constant guarantee of
satisfaction.    Pat morn Bros,
Murk Boss, T A. Martin, and
('has. S. Thompson of Vancouver
were registered nl the Cranbrook
II Bicker of Calgary, ropro
sen ting the Staples Milling Hu.
ol* WyclilTe. was in tin. city Wednesday.
Por Sale, a Smith Premier
typewriter, in perfect condition,
for particulars and price, apply
ai tlie Prospector ollice.
I'lu' Pnltn is prepared tosupply
Crunbrook wiih as pun' and as
palatable Ice cream ns can he
nindi'. Belter try somu anil see
how yuu like ii.
WANTED all kinds of lailicsand
gents cleaning, pressing ami i'e
pairing ul lhe Cranbrook Dye
works Armstrong Avenue, oppo
siie imperial Hotel.
Coal is King: bul King
Apples 7  iiuiiinls '_'.".
CC s.
■ills ul
STRIKE MAY BE SETTLED     operate, tl mil  strike in  ih.
 — Cl'llWS   Not     PllSS    mil    ellfi'lil'!
Operators  and Miners Will   Hold; mining or concentrating   oper
Conference at Fernie Tuesday.   Mods.    Ii is understood tin- Si
    '      Eugene has enough coal on Imili
l'*,il. Pcugaii uf Marysville was      \ niooting hits been arranged l0 ''"" forlindays
in the city Priday on business.     hoUvt,ell  L|,e districl  ml
Where was Cranbr *  when  ""'  Unile(1    Mine   Wort
the lights went iiiii '!
is  Affecting  Every   Industry   in
British Columbia
Mrs 11. Erickson, iiccou pained
hy Mrs. A. II. Engor returned
from Calgary last Sat unlay.
Malcolm    Mel ss   uf   Elk
iiiiiiiiIi was iii tho city for several
days lhis week.
Mi', ami Mis. 1.. II. Vnndecur
were visiting Calgary and oilier
pi.inls iu Alberta this week.
IT;   lbs  I'm   11. A* I'. Cookies I I
differoul kinds at **.'. i Camp
bell A- Mnnniii'g.
ti,. T. MeOregor of 'Moyie and
A. Nnsliind uf Wyclilfe were
gnosis al lhe Cosinopolilllll Pl'i
lieu. Leask; lhe well known
builder ami contractor spent sev-
oral .lays lhis w I; a!   Spokane.
(ieo. il. Jewell, manager uf
iln- Jewel I Lumber tin ofJalfray
was trnnsiirtingbusiness at Cran*
brook Pridav.
The   coal    industry    in    tlie
Crow's  Nesl   Pass  i-  now  al n
A 'ica and the operators asso-1,„, island  -iill.     Every  mine  from
cintion,   which  will  be  held  in What   he Clty Dads are DoiDS *" Lcllibrldgcr west to Morrissey is
Pernie mi Tuesday  April »ilri
The operators had a conforonc
ul Uliiiriiitire Pridav,
Promote   the   Welfare
of the City.
. P'l'i.i
led iluu ihe c.i'.i;.      A regular meeting ol ihe eiiy
is making n mosl vigorous effort
iu settle ihe dillieiilty between
the tiiiito operators ami men
Ucalizing thai a close down of
lhe mines is having a  mosl  dis
llSlei'OUS effect nil liulll lhe
Crow's Nesl branch nnd lhe muill
lino.    They will mil loloralo anv
council wiis held un Wednesdaj
evening in ihe council chambers.
There w    presenl   Alderman
Ryan, noiing ns mayor, and Aid
er  Pink*. McCownn, iiiii uml
Minute, uf l;t,i   rogulnr  111001-
'Me- ami imili   a sett] en!   call
he reached no coal will be mined,
The question i- a public mie,
im- every important Industry
win -.titui have iu stop operations.
When th,. smelters have tu close
down every mine in ihe [Cool
'■nays will cease operating
Business in every lown in ihe
l';i" is practically suspended.
I'he situation is viewed with ihe
ntorforciico us far as Iheir mines iV1"1 ;"ul on motion adopted.
A    communication   from   1
are concerned,
Al Pernio miners an' awaiting
the arrival of Vico-Pt'Osidelll
Lewis, when il is confidently ex-
peeled thai arrangements will
lie mini,- in bring matters lo 11
ilelinile close.
ng. also a special meeting, were greatosl alarm, ami ii is believed
before the mailer is settled every
mine ami smelter in British Col
umbia will he closed.
I'l'oiiiient railroad ofticinls sav
iluu in n very shorl  time noi  a
proprietor nl'  ihe  Wilga   hotol,
re rubbish uml  lhe unsanitary
COtldili f llie luili' ill   llie   |.■uiul' Hie hotel, was referred  lo ihe ul ' will he moving
lion llh committee.
i'n  motion  nl' Aldermen iiii!
uml McCowan, Hie regular order
New Publication. of business was el god so thai
' *" [ Bylaw   Nu.   11-   might   in- con-
l'l,,. Prospector hus   reooivetlL,(lol.n(1 ■,,,„„„,„•„„.„
llie Hl'Sl I llicr ul'   lhe   Blllklcv
Riverside Ranch Sold.
Mi' I*'- A. Hal,- Im, disposed
f hi- Riverside Ranch, era-
racing about 2M5acres,of bottom
Plie council ihen resolved into land, mi the Kooienay  river,   ii
Max Bulk of Dtilulh, Minn, 0   Pioneer, a weekly paper publish-  ;,,       , ,,    „,   ,   , ,,    ',.  ,   ,,   ,        ,':. '
Boynlon of Pernio, nnd A. W L  in  ,,,„ ,.,„,.,.    '.,  ,„,,,„,,„ ''.' '""'"' "10 whole to con*  Mr. C. L. Bochtel of'Naton.Alla,
ihn.son of Montreal were regis-    ,..","' .  ""  '      "'  "°llhel" sidor   Bylaw   Kn, lis, cluuso by The properly is considered one
tered ul ihe Cranbrook Priday.
I',l'ilisl1   Columbia.      The   now L,nilso u.m, Alllnl,nm,   P-mk
paper is well  printed,  and  the |i10,,1,1,1..
Cranbrook Lodge A.P. it A.M.. editor is  Mi's. Morrison  Grout.
held ils regular monthly column-
nicniioti on Thursdny evening in
Masonic Temple.
Proe  Liuifh  ut  lhe C C.S, mi
Suliii'ilny April L'H.
whii is lhe tli'sl ludy In publish a
newspaper in ihis province.
.1. A. Macbeiin nf Julfray  was
in lhe cily Tuesday.
A inun remarked, on the street
Ihe other duy. "I haven't n
friend in lhe world, I hnve nu
one in protect tne uiul ull my
wealth inn the Cranbrook
P. Richards nml L. S. Burl
ingli.u nf Yeovil, Eng., wmi
guests nt tlie Cosmopolitan Sun
day last.
  W    11.  Crawford  nf   I'resiui
,1. S. llowelsou of Windermere,  was nl  Cranhrook  Ttiesduv 01
and .1. W. um, R    II.   McNeil  of business.
Sinclair,   were   guesis   til    the 	
llll     rellsseinliil
uf Hu- inusl desirable in the
district, ahum -n neres is cleared
reaily for the plow. 'I'he bench
luml is suitable I'm- fruil raising.
ami ihere is abundant pnst uro
I'ora lurgo number nl entile.
The Appeal To Caesar
Cosmopolitan Sunday lusi.
Antl Iin- :'.!! I'liiulle |imver liulit-.
.loiilil,' ih.. nliiivu nn.'-. nml I'm- s
1'iiii.lk' jiuiit't' light**, nni* hulltlit-tiliiivi'
rates, ami utlier raiullt' power liyhis in
llie sunn' proportion,
'I'liilwolllng luinsfs, Iti I'ltitilk* ptnii'i',
T'lr. pel' llllilllil. ptT llglll.
Tn llwitlllllg hiHist'a. -1 I'ltliilli' puwi'i',
alii', pel' llllilllil por liulll.
Willi 11.lisfi111.it of tun   per  .'.'nt:    .lolin Maedonald, of Iho Muni
III p. ,•■   1 isiiiiiiTs piivinu ..11 ..I'llubu   Hotel,   who   bus   been    ul
iifitint Hie miii Uny ui iin' iiiiiniii. Spokane     fur    some     weeks.
Molur rental. Use, por month, returned to Crunbrook  Monday.
Molt ir niies li if situ'..-, elli.'.'s. Iml.Is Mr. Mnedt.mild lull nn Wednes
uiul priviiii! Iinnsfs. L'lif. pi r Kiln Wmi 1 dn.v's truiu fur another visit in
lnnu', wiih a ilUi'iniiii in the t-iisf ui lhe Palls city.
stores, nllit'i's uml IniL-ls ul 16 pel ul, i 	
ami ni iiKi'iiuiu houses uf ■-'.*. per i.'i.nl The (I. T. R. and lhe Ottawa
to fiiiisiuni'i's |»i.vhi|! imnl' bufoi'o tiie machine ure powerful, cunning,
luili ilu.v ui the inimili, *l'u liKlgca. unscrupulous, tyrnnienl uiul
fiiiifi'hfs. ihi'iitfi's. pni.iif hulls  iiiiii hnsllutos at. nothing to clear iis
siuunle 1 s usiiif li.jiu- mu ni..,'.- pud, I,, undisturbed  plundering
i h»n 1:1 liyhis iii iim month, uno-liiilf ol 0f the land and wen llh of Canada,
Ihu business Hut- rult'i fur ovor lil lights  ;llll| hus hoeniiie u iiiminee In   lhe
tu-'*.' nlglils in llie itinnth. lln -loiirihs   Bomillioil.
ullli,, husiness lint   rules!   i..r liver '.'-' 	
llii'iii'i hi ihu uth, Um ("ii hus ss,   j., j, Finlny enmo down fr	
I'M,,',' ,11 I'lllllei'! 11 spiuiHe 1 hei'e-1 ""^rules. ^ | ,|10 Sn 111 van   group   uf   mines
I i„ I,.- hurl if hull h.v such per
The chief obstacle In a smile-
menl nf the labor troubles in ihe
Crow's  Xesi   Pass is  iimi    ilu'i    j   ||  Smith, .I. S. Martin  and
miners have no confident' Iho Ur. j   Mel'mlnui nl* Nelson  were
Dominion department  of  labor, KUOslsal the I h-uii brook Tuesday.
Ilns uny mie'.' 	
 1    ~    -  -   ,.    1 W. .1  Aiiliui ul'  Winnipeg,   II.
**\\ 1   v   Laurier is in Kg mil; ,,    ., .           ,.   ...  ,           '     ,   ...
,    ...',        a.                  ,.   ,, t.   Brings 0    \ ictorin.   aid   Vi.
am     Luiliir    Sun isiui     ul    lhe ,,,,          "      . ,,,.
,,,,.         ,, •     1            1 T 10 in pso 1 of W in peg were a
itii 1, is un   ne  s uiipv  slope. ,,    ,,'    1      1 ,„     ',
1,   ,    ,,,      1      11                , he l rmiliri'iik    uesdnv.
in  hen     he   liaml   how   greal
men li'nv
Road    Sitperintendanl     Don
Mackay has n  force nl' n 11 .were   shopping   at   Cranbrook
work  ihis  week   repairing   the Tuesduy.
roads between ihe  Mission und —'—
Crunbrook. M. Schilling, of Perry Creek,
W. S. Pmsyih uf Kimberley.  I'.
mittoo reported thai Bylaw Nu.
il*- had been considered clause
hy clause mul pusseii in committee.
The    lillllllre    eunililil lee    lliell
reported thai ihey  luul  secured 1
Bedspring und maflross si ,.7n|the services of  Mr. K. W, I g     I'lvmier McBr has gone  1,,
CCS, ns audiior for Iho city ill n salary London,    lie hits lost no timo in
III' S|r,ll ||p|. yell I'. setting mil  llll  I I I is,ilill  whicli
The   wmi;.,   ,■ nilino    thou ho undorlook, when it was found
reported progress thai     llritish     Columblu     luul
The council then resolved into nothing to hope fm* from the Doll committee nf the whole in con-' minion < iovernmont, that is noth*
skier Bylaw Xn. I", with Alder , ing adequate tu her jusl claims,
man Pink in tho chair There  has  hi   nu nourish  nf
On reass tiling ihe commit* trumpets, no pnrty  thunder,   no
Ieo reported that Iho sniil bylaw attempt to  make political oupi
had I ui sii I.'re. 1 uiul passed. Iial. jusi a lirm determination  in
and  reeuini uled  ihe same  Io carry mil   a  carefully  proparod
receive a third reading, programme.     The   positioti    is
(in motion the  re\ 1   uf   llu
health committee, ro ihe How of
water from the Herald office win
referred back in llm coinmittoi
wilh power lo act.
(hi mol ion of Aldermen   Pink
Constable A. A. Ward uf
Marysville wus iu Iho e ly Wed
nesdav uu legal business,
Mesiluines      W        II        Lili'lls
llnlleslci*. nnd Stephensiif Moyi
l-'ree Luiuii ui  CCS today.
II. McFarlane, uml L. E.
Bergl'ell ni lhe Nurlli Slur mine
wni-n transacting business ut
Cranbrook Monday,
utiitpio. Never before in ihe
history uf ihe Empire bus n provincial proniior, or his official
oipiivtilenl uudortakeii a journey
ul seven Ihousaiid miles tn invoke
Imperial aid againsl ihe  logislii'
mid   llii'keiibuihuiii.    iiie    cily tlve proposals nf his country's
solicitor was instructed   i"  col- Prime  Minister     Th,,   Liberal
lent all moneys paid by the city ! Press ami ihe Liberal (Ipposilion
fur   board   nf   persons   at   llio in   the   local    Assembly    hnve
lensen uiiil .V    nusiin  nl   Wasa  ,v ,,„.   ,,  .   , , . ,,    ,-      I  „■   ,   ,   , .   ,,
,  ,,      ,, ,,, Welltwiil'lli llnlel illiril'g lie 11 ne In lee ei       li     fell      Prelnier     \ ...
were gnosis ill the Cosmopolitan     , *
Tuesday. w'"'"   "•'"'"   Persons    were    111 Bride's   niissinn   lightly!   Ihey
i|iiui',t!!t'itie.   and   report   lo the have 1 11  generous enough  tu
Win. Carlin,   11. S.   Chirk.   W,
VnnAi'stluloii  uml  Chas.   ('hup
mall of Fori   Steele were   regis
Wilfy Laurier  bus sailed   for tered al tho Cosmopolitan Tues-
England in attend  11  conference [day.
of eolouial pt emiei's     Sohasllie ——
Iluu. Ricliard Melhide. |)r  | Mrs. Green,  uml  Mr.
  and Mrs.  .1.   11.   Pinkhiim  rude
Drug    Sawing   Macliinos   fur over In Wvcliffe   Priday  iu  lhe
Cllltillg wood, either horse power
in' (111 solitm Engines, nl lowesl
possible prices, also ihe cole
briitod Paii'banks Mot'sn gnsolino
engines.     Pal re Bros,
linn nr .-in-pi iml inn uml uuu hull li.v lhe
I'uiiipntiv.    I'iii. iilfil I hill Ihel'iilupiili.l
shall net In' ri'i|ulrutl in i'i'...,,vein riiisi-
any wires entiliilueil in uables,
PI,I   .All wires f iluuil  in   fiilili's
sllllll llll SI I'llll)! ul a llfilllll   nf   III    h'llsl
:'.*, ri.nl from tliu in ml.
fi.     Whenever ii shall lim ossiiry,
in iri'iiilhiK, reiiiiivliDi,iiltoi'lngor iitlioi'-
wise wurliinu upon any publif highway
ulilif sniil City, in I'fiiinve iiny poles,
posis nr pillars iiowstiinillng bolonglns
to thu IJ pany ami  whluli  it  is tlion
aiipiii'fiu woultl lie pi'i'iiiiuifut obslrue-
ilen.s, iln; Company shall, upon re-
uolvlllg twonly-four lioura notleo Inun
llm Ciiiuifil. in' the works anil I'nivei'ly
I'liiiiiiiitiff. niniivf siifh pules, pnsisor
plllurs! ami if tho Company shall
uuffloel or refiiBO so tn Un, sueh   polo
fnrill'f lii'hl
ll is rumored  llutl all  I't'olglil
trains mi Iho  1 'row's  Nesl line.
Willi    lhe    exception     nl     IIiiis.■
Harrying perishable goods,   will
be     iliseiillliniled     nwilig     lu     u
shortage of coal.
The ure shipments and smeller
Inliflil. +.1 per Tuesday, und lefl nn Wednesday
 "'• I for Spoltnno to attond 11 meoting
Km' ar.- 1'jjlil, nil nijjhi. tm per 0j ||„. ()||.ul,toiis ,,|' the above
inoiiili. nn il  mining company  whieh
I'rmiilfil. hnivfiff. Uun  1 ini- WH| Im hold on Thursday ill thai
niiiln rati'In he  I'lllirgi'll   li.\   llie  01)111.  „!,.,
pany shall Iif niif iliillnr *l I per iiioruli,        ' 	
kiiilmliiiljinolorrental. C M. Edwards, ChasClu mill    LillloRov   Lensk I a very
,  ' ll7"1' n"""tm ' ","' "f'11 "lul" I Wm. Porsvlh und P. MeNnh lefl narrow oscnpe, Wednesdav. Ir	
"oroiluoeiltoiipe m ill      it • 0|)    Thl||,^ny     tt,',ol,nou„    n.r ilea 111  by  poison.    Roy in sor.i,
s'"",'r*"  Iib|'«»I'«« "'".I'1""1"' Hiiriierville. 'They  will  spend miinnor oh I  a  ims ofipti ,
ii„.f„„„,„„.v Is Insta oil „„,i hi , '-,,h(, M.,1SI)M ,„ ,,|H, Bulkloy vi y nlnocapsuls, ami  swallowed  nl I        Nn Inerease in lloynlty
""""• """""""""" '-'""-"""'* pi'ospnctlng, mining and 1 dug  sllhoenlir is of tho —      '
over lhn timher resources of llie box.    Dr   Connolly   was called     'l'l,,.     government     It
Doctor's automobile.    While ut
Wyclilfe Ihey  Ki.n. lhe gne^N nl'
Mr. i nis Staples,
Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
council. declare    thai    thoy    dn     nut
Alderman .1, P. Pink  was up- begrudge the expenditure of llio
pointed   chief   lire engineer for public  funds to give   him   au
Iho city without salary, European  lour,  uud   even   ihe
A   special    meeting   of    llio Colonist  bus declared  thut  ihe
council will  he held mi  Satur- Colonial Conference whieh  Ims
day. April in, lo consider Byluw called these high  Canadian ofli-
Nu. ::•-. eiuls iu London will  remind  the
Council adjourned al  ll:i'.~>. English    people   uf    Barnum's
CirCUS.     The Liberal   Press   lias
Items of Interest. llskBd,   i-What can 1
The Victoria   Week   sal's   lill!   ci
'A diagonal  railway  is wanted cannot take the initiati,
I ipis lur tlio districl of Soulh   across llritish Columbia."   Yes! poaling to the Imperial
■usi Kiinleliuy forlasl weok wnr
is follows;
Sl     Eugene. . . .     -.'liT        11,21111
Sullivan         Iluu     s sun
illiovi. infilliniii-il,
|.'or ilwelliiif houses. |.'_' per month
render Mc-
inswor is very
ie true ihni he
e  ill   up.
ibe Kn nay Central railway        u for Belter Terms fm-  Brit.
Motlo fur iln* Cranbrook ctlj ish Columbia, inn jus' assoon us
council, "Talk is cheap, Inn It Sir Wilfrid Laurier applies tor
n Is courage lo vuie. Imperial legislation to give elfncl
Wanted Coal operators mul '" i'"' rocominondiilions of the
minors In lhe Crow's Nesl   Puss j Ollawn  Conforonoi!,  nml that Is
In work in  bar ny  win,  mich imri of his mission, Premier Mc
nili..I.  I lo avoid  unuocossar.*   Bride's oiiporl iy  will come,
strikes. He  .-an   thoi ryono ami ..i.
pnsls in- plllurs may ho I'omovei] liy 11
(jltyai i.l spouse ul the Company, I    Sul.Jeei, however, In lueUnnliy Hi
Biie'h oxnonso tn he  r vei'iihlf  with  fuiiipiiiiy Iniin Hum  i» ti   wilh  Hi
counlry, and by pr pi. niiMon sure led !„,,„„, .,.,1 a ilncisi o leave  lhe
  in -.living' liiiu
For nil  piiif's otiier Hiiiinlwullliigi    a daring   holdup took  pi : 	
liousos, *:i„*IO pur Hi. |on in sl reel  Thursday uboul      Al.   Mm/,   lirosidonl    ul    tho
uhji'fi mu ilisfiiunt ui ii i eon I  niiou. A striiiigoi', who wnsoxhl- M'1"1'1  Sleele    Browing   C I
'   biting to an astonished crowd it j Pernio, anil  A   C    Bowness ol
gold pin mouttlnd with  a  snoch  thiscilyw u I Mnrysville Weil
  ut Crow's   Nesl  coal, was nosditj  iiinllers or business
held  up for ihe same by some ,     ,
' ,,,, '      , ,,,, ,. ft,.,, ,i       let '      g    nver    sn ue    ne run      ull
 iii man,      he s ranger does  hum   "I l.e   s    is lhe i
to eonsutnurs mul users paying In ai
Villi, I' l.l'fiil'f the llllll   thl)  ul   III
mun III
law affecting royalties mi timlier
alone Im' ihis ses-,iiin, ii   having
heen bl'Ollglll   In   lhe Ill 11,11 nl
Iiii! giivei'uiiieiii iimi ihe Increase
in royalty would   inloiToro  wiih i hovoi
coutrac.ls imido  hy   millmen ,,.-, |
JIH'I I" lhe I'nlillealiiin nl Iimi
agreement mi ihe Inadnipiatn
leriiis accorded in Ins I'rm ince;
and. under Hie provisions ol   ihe
nl,,„ [,' n ipun.v iu like milliner approval of th unnll; ami it  i- niiuli'
us munlelpnl inxos,    This paragrapn. 11" "i   U   enjny ul   nl  Hie
howovur, shell unl apply lu poles, pusis \ rights, powers nml  prlvlluxes hereliy
ami   pillars   heroliinfter   planed   unil griintoil, ihal, tl pany shall noi
,.,-fit. it piirsiiiint tu Hie provisions „r Iilli'f.'tly or Inilii tly Ineroasn tho sniil
llv-luiv No. .'I.'I ami ul this lly-l.inv.        I I'Hl.OB  lo  uny   ooiisiiinni'ur eonsiiinurs
',;     '|'|„.(, muy sllllll   in  H x-lwllhlnllie iiiiiiiifipulil.v. provlileil Hull,
.■i-eis.-nt llie rictus itii.l |,,'ivil..g,.„ I,,.,-,.-  il  ll ipauy, ur the eonsiiiuer so
|,v gi'iinloil opurntu Its said system  I  desires, a  lor shall !«• installed h.v
maintain the sit in Uui hesl manner
anil will, iln- I i uppH s nvallulile,
the eompauy, subject  lu nn appeal  ie
Couth il nu I'm1" II,
hoi core for thn loss or lhe pili, I dian I.     This    is    Hie   hinh Minsts of the existing law,    11 has
but. thn selling ol' coal Is loo vol   si    fm-   April     We   have   ml    decided   not lo  bring llin
liable lo lose, nieo  I'm   solili   three and ni,w   royalty   into    olTecl   until
  live    siuiie   rings,     Talu,   llm Kl..Innim-ry.
The   Cranbrook     Herald    has Jeweler,
inkeu lu running funny plcluros.
The mie  iu  its  lasl   issue.    us Cut glass is very popular  I
Prank Opper of tlm Situ  Prim wedding   prnsonls      Would   be „,,,.,,.,
cisco Eyaini ner. would explain,  ploitsod to rIiou you I It rough our ' ■"'*	
looks like a garden thai a cluck' stock      Out   prices aru oxcop*     Moyio    Apnl     in   'l'h,.    Sl. I.i  m  until ii fiit'llmr nnd  siilllcl- would vary the provisions or Un
ing hen had jusl opened up, lionitlly low.    Tale, lhe,lowelor, | Eugene    mine     cnnliiines     Inlonl supply of coal is olilained,     | II. V A   Ael,
Everything Lovoly at Moyie,
Wire   it    In   Laurier,
I lllawa  'I  '-I'l'll I,'.i
i-   descried."     Noi  a   ,ln|>.
I'I lllll II     al    work,   all    (lisgll
 I ,,iiii iho inl,     Notify the big "  N   '•   Ar'' lll"n-'1" '"i'i I
!«lll     elle.'l'iullv      bl0C.ll     fill-Ill,.)*
, progress until un omended olTor,
Partially Olosod Down wiiich in can honourably nccepi
1 Is llllllll!      There is mi ilnulil  Hull
Owing  in  ihe sirike  ..i    ihe Sir  Wilfrid   Lniirler will either
coal mlnoi'H In Hi" I'l.m -  Nesi have   i ako   a   very    much
Collieries, whieh  has caused a bigger olfor,  corlninly  not less
shortage in Iho supply of coal, ll-ian $2fi0,H'Ki a your iu  perpotu
llio I'l'iiubriiiik   Eleclrlc   Llghl Hy, or ho will tail to secure ihe
(' | ui ni bus boon ooinpnllod   in saiiclion of lhe Imperial   Purlin
eul  nil  all  lights ill  Iiie eiiy   ul     1    Inelll    lu    new    legislation   whieh THE PROSPECTOR, CUANBROOK B. l .. APRIL 20, 1907.
SATURDAY, AI'RII, *-'". 1007
The political conditions in the
Dominion House indicate n great
dual of bitterness, and the lag end
uf the nlil machine is sqenking
The "old Man" uf the Herald
expects to be appointed to the
senate, when tbe whole country
is determined on smashing
machine rule.    Vain hope.
Who will be the Liberal
candidate for the Kootenays in
the next Dominion election? is a
question that is troubling the
minds of the leaders of the
Opposition in this province,
The dangerous season for
forest tires has arrived and the
greatest precaution is needed on
all sides to prevent  the  wanton      9
waste nf valuable timbei
(i. yes; Premier McBride will
be at London, at th" conference
of colonial premiers, in spile of
the power nf tin- provincial
opposition. But H is up tu Mc
Bride and his government to
apologize tn Laurier and the
Ottawa machine for being able
to presenl the question uf
■■better terms" for British Co*
lumbia In the imperial eon
The public ownership of
public utilities ns un abstract
proposition hus been nnd is.
increasingly, a fruitful subject
for discussion, and il has its
champions, both with voice and
pen. during the lust decade.
a      .      a
We wonder if the question of
giving certain power to the
Cranbrook Electric Ligbl Co,
to extend and lucronsu '.heir plan I!
will be solved beforo it is inn
Into in make the noecssnry im
pt'Ovemoili tills year.
The flrils nf this province
have predicted n Dominion
eloctlon early noxl spring.
Already several candidates have
boon spoken  In,   and   the  "big
push" nl   I Hl.nwn   is  being   i	
suited ill lhe mallei'.
hill & eo.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything' will do it very quickly
SDlje |troepectot\   t^****-*************.****^^
A '""
ESTABLISHED   isus '*'
7k. B. Grace, *
We wil! quote you
Mens' *, boos" Shoes
make you think we net er dill
intend lo pay for them
Imagiin 11 S
worth s;. 511 « liich we
ai.;;.     A  I huh ii   ol
eleai   at   51.25   worth
from - *.. 01
Vi ighi -i'"1 pairs of 1
samples of  Amei ican  S
line We gol   I*'* ll   1 '   ' .     lllll    111    '
off for Cash     ,1   -
us talk shoes
20m Genii.
Brand gioi
And unv  about 1
the fa   ed i'.'l    Ceul
. * ■
Cloth ng ihal             -'        -
from  othei   tm                   S
and Appearani • ■
This   Im,                      .   [I
lext two weeks
wholesale    cosl                   -  :.
s 14.00. s 16.01
We have ,.m Suits ..I otliei
iu,ikes   thai   wt:   w ill sell al s.V5°,
55.50:1111! S7.50. I\<-'.'.111.11 I\ Slllll 111
51). ,11 ll, ^(1 ,llltl  I vl 'I I.
\\ r have a lnnu li "I Hoys Suits
In sell ,il 1.75. Sunn' nl llli'lli
le.ilL wm ih ,-iu. unci 6.1 in.
h \en ihe wholesale cost will lie
lusi sight ul.
I ii 1 be-.-, (1,mils. I .iiimis, Table
I .iiimis. Sheeting, etc. ue will sell
,n even less than wholesale cost,
FURNITURE.    We will
In pleased lu show' you uml i|uote
x mi pi ires 011 this particular line
also Carpets.
'I'he fori is simply this: We are under
heavy obligations lo the Hunk uud
Wholesale Houses and must dig up 11
corlain amount of money in 11 limited
length uf lime. Su emne oil rly nnd
listen lu uur army nf gnnd nnlured
clerks lell yuu lhe story uf Iheir lives
and how we turn over the cash each
day in lhe hank.
N.B. Each day we are putting on a
Come and see what it is.
HILL   &   CO.
Harvey, McCarter & Maedonald
CRANHROOl.,     -    B.C,
9    iW. F. GURD
9     Gl'i
Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
* G. H. Thompson
•'• ~Z3*f   NOTARY 1'1'lll.le
t'riuilii'iHili, ll.C.
Physician »na surgeon
Hours:  11 to 11 u.in. 2 10 1 p.m.
710 8 p.m.
I'linin'. iiiiii'e iu'i    lirsiili-n.-i- inn
9   :     - -  	
* F. O. E.
A|i Modi I'l.'i'j I'riiliiy ul s p.m.
Visiting   lliuilii'ia  Cordially   Invltoil
i'ii.is. Smith. W. President
M.  I).  Hll.l.lNllS. Si',',1.
'■     Al'I'lc I'liv-iviiin. I'. O. Hex 2S.
£ i   ^,,,U,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,.,,,U.,,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,^
»jte :| Rocky Mountain Chapter :|
9 I            NO.  126.   ft. A. M.            I
9 I      Regular incotlngs!—2nd Thus-   |!
9 -I   .In-V   in   i'Ui'Ii   llllilllil   ut   ,light    2*
; wm-Ji'iii*.   111
.^^^.•^•s^-^ •^•s^*^*^*^*^^
fjt^-W-^'W-^'W*^ •^-^•^-^•^•^•^■^
mm* knw* mnw knw* mn* m*F kmw^ kmrn*  \m\    mk~ •anT *mnT       W*-  s-i,   ^'4>^ msir TtrnT km** *m* k9 *%T •nnT *m* mmt mni
^fx  ~4*t\   *W\  ^K  a*i\.t**a*\ ^*f\,W\  a*\*\^r\  ^*K  t**f\       .s**f\t 4*f\   ^*a\^**\  WWi ^R  ^*K  ^K .W,W,fl\„^,^ *W
.... ^      .        ,        . %|...SAW YOUR   WOOD...*
§ Spring Lazmess f || W1TH A |
It's Ihe inns! perfect running engine you van gel.    TheW
9 ;!     Sojourning  Companions   tiro   §i
9 jf|   i'linliiilly Invltoil.                          i:
9 I             Wm. I*. Tatk, SeWbu K.   $
A ' I                                                       •:
nW S       Bos 4       CRANHROOK, II. e.       «:
X \tm'mm»*"'*wm>wmt.*mf*.vmtt
9   |	
'a Goiii't, Granbrook 8943
i'i !     MEETS   -'SU   ASH  ITU   TUESI1AVS
9 | Visiting    InvlliiTll    ,'iiriliiill.v    inviliil
C. II.,   A. McCOWAN.
Sum-clary, 'I'. MAHSll.U.I,
strum   Boilers ami I1 iiriiiu'i'\\ nrk u
Cost and Slock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook. B.G.
p.IjSi Is bul  n condition caused by impure, impoverished
M\ blood  and  sluggish  vital organs,    it's a condition re-
"v^ suiting largely from  mode o[ living during lhe cold
/'/|vj niunili-.   li is easily remedied, however, if you Inlto our
,,,s;,r;l;;,1"';;:r:;i"THE PftLM"!*
only child,  and  like mosl  only fj       CANDY KITCHEN
children, gonerally spoiled.    He jt
never reaches mulurilv. Success i J
i *
Lady  Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
The Board of Health inusl gel  J      Turkish NouBet
 i. ..i-i. i   *
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
in others hurt him  like n  light: J
shoo, ij
»   ,   « »
to work right away uiul see Ihal
our streets, alleys and walks tiro is,
put in decent shape. i»
Sarsaparilla Compound
-with Iodides
ll mily lakes a lew dnses In change Hull dull feeling
in mie nf liiiui aiiey. The remedy stimulates uud
nml strengthens ull the important organs of tbo body,
cleanses tho blood, tones the nervous system, nids
digestion and olears the complexion. Vie guariinlee it
!u give sutisflictioil in every ease.
Price $1.00 per bottle
! * C. E. REID & CO.,
Ux% phone 7A     The Druggists.
♦  tii%        s*'"' '■'"-''-■ hi '•' l'-"L o-wupllna Siiluiiliij nlirlila iiii.i i'voiiIiiri
t 'Ms '"" I",bli" 1""k",*vs'
A Intosl eipiipnieiil lui'sawing wood.
StrJHrttrJifr SfiriK kHz k^ *%■ ^- *%■ m-*- %■ tt   *-** a-*- Mj; -tt Sfrijfe a% Mt -^'jfc>iii-''W
'^K.^r\.r*K\2**\*\.•*\\,^**W,''**n ****** >*W,^r\\s*n,'**s™,^r*2,**\n.  ^**s*X.,^r\ ,^^>.•**% i^^\.^,■**% ****< 1^\\.^\.^\^\\
SmS •      *mmt-»      **mt'9
The police are collecting trade  ♦
li, se    taxes   ihis   week   and ♦    TELEPHONE NO   lil
incidentally  receiving also  fre   J******.«********»*»**»**»»
ipienl ami  strenuoi
i Guioaru Giiuic Go.
mi ihe inii|uity nl*  ihis  mode uf      SIMPLE,
collecting city revenues
Electric Lights   J
Pish anil Poultry in Snason
This spring sl Id   see  ('ran / a***^"   ***,>Ss\I
brook busy in the building line      fiil/f x*
nnd if all repurls be true, a
number nf new buildings will
be erected, The ne« joint pru-
vincial and municipal building is
well under way and wnrk is being
pushed us rapidly as possible
There is some talk uf a now
opera house being built, lots are
boing Imi I. uud a general reeling "f prosperity prevails in the
It iv understood thai llm ''I'm,        ,   . , . W)
ti,. Is establishing its own private  |\ 1 MClM I |CS " \{ll III X
detective agency to cover every \ \ra\\ v,„.k- .,* :  . \\l/j
part uf lhe Dominion ami Af,  . uy
Fred. W. Swain
Lord   linsehi'iy s   i).>iii<J.-rl><>li A,,i-.:. i
againsl   llomu   liulo,   was   con   (Iranbrook,H.C, Armsl
sidered Hy many as an   oxcnllonl
proliiniiiiii'y in going over in iln
other side
Centrally Located
Manitoba Hotel |j "'" " "' ' ""'*" !"" I
4 Order h.v Phone 4S '
Carpenter % Builder
(loud Work at
Reasonable Price
Office antl Workshop  Lewis St
Nolle.* ia iH'rvii.v li'lvrn Hint sixty
iluys ufii'i Um.' I Intond* to upply to the
I'Idol Cnnniiiaaii.tii'i' ,,1 l.nmls nml
Worka fnr pi't'iulssion tn puruluiuo tho
fiilliiwini' ili'MTiliiul Imnl in Smilli KllBt
I'liiinni'iii'iiii:' ut u pnst pluiili'il nn tliu
nasi bunk nf thu Moyio Rlvor mnl nn
Hll'   SOtllll    linllllilui'.v     111    I't'i'-nlliptlllll
llui'iu'tl Nn. llll".   Tlii'ii usi  twenty
4 lulmlna (ai.ui), iliotni.   a h  sovunty
,     I'llllillS   (70.111)1   tllnl-i'  nr   loss to H point
il    ilui'nisi uf M. I'rnvi'ii/.unn's southwont
'/        w.    I'lirni-r pnsl.   Thi'iiuo wost Ul tho Moylu
Under  New  M ana Kerne nt
-,       Wlien Mm want a  (joocl
1 |.'ii;i]ii,n'.eis lur  iniiiiii'.;    I,1-      .
ti    nlurc   tn   ship   i'iiiiii" In the
■ii .mil unl timers. »    ',,    .   .
'■   Manitoba.
ItlVur,    'I'lii'lii'i- iinl'llii'i'lv up sll't'lini In
till' |)lllt'U 111 lli'uillllilin.
l'l, II I.'tli
II 11. II. M, Villi.,. AiU'lil
lliilril I Ills .'Usl ilu.v of Oololiur, lllllil.
KsUiti! Hank Eller
♦ ♦:♦.*:♦:♦:♦: o ♦<>♦:<>'♦ «;» 4 «♦<.♦<>> <.«> 9ft
A. McDONALD, Manager 9^ * ^-^       -    ♦
Wc Give You Your Money's Worth ♦ CJQPClGtl      1   OOlS -
SILENT oli,l,,bmiiim SPEED¥
I'lKiNI''.   56.
The Quality Store
1 ii
1   ....   I en mi llm inarkel
ll vmi leipiiri' aiiylliine in ihis line we
invite vim tu nive us ;i call, Our stock
11 insists nl:
Mil.ill T.-lnlrr Inr  M „l   I'liilnm
will lio rural) viIh'iiiiiIi'ibIk i ,	
.111 Tu.'ailiiy tIn- Hill   Alirll,   inOT.   Inr  Ilir   pin.
I'llllsi'ill till'   IlllulUal   llf  llll'  UatlltO  llf   lll'lir.V
Klli-i lloransllil llilualllto 111 Uli' Aliill. |.'ni|.|hiii-
^ j ill elnlm Iii-iii iiiiiIit Orown ui'iniius Liu mii!.
I   i''"i' tonus. in imis, form uf loiulsr nml
I iilln'f Itifiiiiiinil ninli-i' 111 my i,tu,.,..
i'iiiiii.nuiii unii Mnnili, IflOT.
.1  e. ArmstrotiK,
■ !< iillli'lal Ailiiiliilsii-iiliir.
CordWOOll  fur Sill"
•    •     • I   UUI   |iri.|.lll'eil   111  ^ll|i|iil ,   L'lil'll
I! will iiiii he Imi).'   beforo   Hie ilry slovt' wood, ill nm  ImiL'Hi ni'
Cranbrook Tolophono Company ((iinnlily,     l.oitve  orders    wiili
will hnve Limit' lines exlended In I.   'I'   Kopje
eVl'I'V town ill Siilllhi'Ust    ICnnle
lit A    It. W    I'O'I'TKII   PLANTS   lell niter Kiwlor llllll ivll    ..I.l
'M I	
rotiKAvol I f>)
>% |)ni,*i [ni-Ki't Hint Dn liunilli. inr  BEST  OONl'ECTIONEllY
'W, ■  ,„,..■,,■ «.i,..-1  1..!- iirrli In- ».'.li     'I'liuj  nn'    '(>'!
sji [I'll li -i- 11.
1'nll   in   uh.ui   mu
show ihem In you
-1MIIJ.','   WI'   Will   III'  |l|l',,.S."(|   tl
Notlcu Is hi'iiiliy jtlvnn tlml lill Any-* ufter
ilui'-I   III toil ll   to  njiply   to  Coniliilssluni-i'  of
i.iiihIs unil Works rue iii'iiiilhHinn tu jitinjliufu'
Llie followlllK ili'si-i'llii'tl lumls Nihiiili"  iii  I-Juhl
Kootonay HImiI.-i, . 11 ihe Moyio rlvor ubout
' oilntm-liiill mill's nurth from Hip Iiii.it-
imlIiiiiii 1 llmitiiliuy I,ini'. at llie IllOtltllof Mttlu
Moyio Itivori 1 niioiiainKHtii pom plimtco 011
""' wwit 1 Mimy lum of tho ChiiiuHim, I'ih'IiIu
Knilwiiy rli.'hi nl wuy ithniit BOctutftlH Iiorlli Of
< 'tl»  »f Mill"   M"vlfi Hlvar, mn iriicd
' Norili i-iinl i'lirni'i   |iohi,,"   Ihonoo Hi I'lltiliiH
it,  llli'lli'i'   Ml I'lllllllH HOIItll,     Llll'lU'.l' llll I'llllltlr,
V     OIlHt,   llH'lii'c III I'lllllllH  'Mi   uli.11;-   tlMI   1)0110-
T,   tliirylln 'aniiilliiti I'luslilu 1'iHlwiiy rlKbt of
0     wiiyio)iliH'i'of lii'i-l u
,   ' I    Miircli im.li   mo;
*,▼ 1:1
A. .1. K'en I.   I,a.
Salvation fli'inu Barracks
I'ATMOItl!!  11A I.l.
Sunday Soi'VlCGS!
1 (!.T. Kosnrs,  llin-roenr, He    KG    ^Jllllll   DULLV*     j W i i 11 n 111 i v>    m     • i-l'l III lirooi,,  I J.-. , HARDWARE* Kv ..„    -    ■    Ho'uinuii
it h iini'.ii!   , l;^^igs^5^i^?gg^:^^^^5^.^:^i^   ♦.♦■♦ 9 9 9 ♦.♦,♦.♦:♦.♦,♦,♦ , ♦ ♦ t , ;\j!r!lZi\tiZua^ '"' "'"
BY-LAW  S'O, Us.
> 'oiuiiitted friiiii I'm;.- 1.
nmi,'ipul .'uini.-il   In  .-;,p,-  ibe  in-
•jtalltttioti of ik meter is uiireiuMiimbli
or Inequitable tn sither |wrly.
li).    A i-ontnii'l umlu.ilviii-   tliu   pro
vision-   llOI'tdOf    Hlltl   UOVOllUtltli   ■>■!   iln
purl of llu- .'iinipunv io rouform mul ti
Inilii! nil  iln- iiiaiii'r* ami  provtxioiis
hereby required of It,  shall   liawn
ami shall bu hxoimHwI b.\ the t'it.v ul .
Crunbrook. ami tht* I'mnpiiHy within
nm* month after the il»te mi wbleb (1.1k
"•.'.""e,'"".',"';""'r;"',;   , Ci*y Transfer Office.
II.    I'i Is Bylaw shall lake effect nml r„„.,i,„„„i,    dp
i r [.„■ „ „„i .no,, the twentieth i       Cranbrook, B.C.
,la.v ill May, lim?. I
IS.   'I'his Bylaw may   be   ulleil   i- MtfUl sysleraolnnt lesstlinii live Ihiii.Iiv,i
••'I'li,'I'runbi'iink Kli'i'i ri.-  Unlit rum-   WMI) electric horse power.
puny, Uniiteil, llyluw." j    Anil It Is uiiilerslooil anil iiu'i I lij
.  |miill,etiveen Cily anil llie 1'inii i.i        I ne mosl llliporllllll llllllll),'   111
thai 11 iiiiainii.'i'-   within   the   Muni-   this   ilisliiet      I'nr    eiillsiilerulinll
I'ipality. shull have a first claim un till  e.oiieorns llie   voting  lisl   whieh
50 Tie Makers
C Harris
The Voting List.
THIS tVGUKKMKNT entered Into thin
i!tsl ilny of Mureh, A.M. IU07.
The Corporation of tho Cil)
of Crunbrook, hereinafter
I'tillud tht* "liiv."
of  il,,. Hrsl purl.
'I'lic t ranbrook Kleetriu
Li If til Company, Limited,
h-aruiiiaflei' ealleil the
•• Company.'1
Of th<> seeotid pail.
\VllKHKA8, by llylaw No. :tS of ido
i"My of Cranbrook, curtain prlviletfeH
have if'»*n ^ranled in tliu Company
Mibjci'i to tho conditions and regulations set forth In Hylaw* Number** '.l'l
ami JiSof the nub! City,
Ann Wiikhkas. by Ihe said Bylaw
it is provided tlmt a eonlruel em-
hodyinjf the provisions nt the suid Ity-
law No. 8H and covenunts on the pari
of tin* i nropAiiy lo ronlirin Hi mnl fullil
all tiit* mailers and provisions in said
Hylaw required of It, shall bo drawn
and shall ho executed by tho City of
Cranbrook  mnl  tin-   Company  within
om- nth after the date on  which the
said Hylaw took effect.
AND WllKKKAS, in Ihu said Hylaw ll
was further provided und enaeted that
the same should take effect and be of
foreo on and after the twentieth day of
May. If 107.
Ami WiiKitKAS. Ihe Hjihl Hylaw duly
received the assent of the electors of
tho nnitiii'ipalily on the day of
May, l*iT. and was duly registered nnd
became an existing Hylaw of the City
on the day of May. IIK)7.
Now This Ai.kkk.MKNT Wjtnks*
sK'i'ii thai |iursuanl to Ihe said Hylaw
No. 98 and to the premises, tin- parties
hereto agree iu manner following, ihal
is to suy:
I. Subject to lhe fullllltueul ol the
tonus, conditions nnd privileges in said
Hylaws Numhors K.'l ami :ih, antl in ihis
agreement contained, which terms,
conditions and privileges and the due
fiiltUlmenl thereof an- to he doomed
and considered as conditions precedent
to tho enjoyment of th,- rights, powers
.-ind prlvlh'}^" heroby granl-n'l, the
Company is horoby granted hy the
City for a period of twenty-llvo years
from ihe dale hereof tin- righl and
privilege .not, however, to he const rued »•• Inclusive)   of  ei ting  and
maintaining   poles, posts and pillar
and  of  sl ringing, stretching,  laylnj
repairing and operating wires for tl
conveyance of electricity,  for the iti*
of   telephones  aud   Illuminating  and
power purposes,   in,   over,   upon and
along   and   across any and  all public
highways   of  the   City   "f  Cranhrook;
and of constructing, equipping,  operating and maintaining it telephone and
electric light and   power   system   and
service in ihe City of Cranbrook.
-. As a condition precedent to iho
granting of such privileges, iho Com*
pany further agrees to and with the
i 'ity thai it will furnish to the City for
street lighting purposes, standard
lights of al Icusi IlIO voltage, wheresoever the City nmy require the same
within the corporate limits of thn Cily
as the same now exist or as they may
hereafter be uxtended, and in such
mimbeiy and of such jioweras the City
may r#quln'to the extent of the Company's uvailuble power ami so long us
the Company muy he operating in
Cranhrook. al the following rales, thai
is lo say:
Arc lights, till, and Iti candle  power
lights,   M.1D   per    nth.     lor   streel
lighting purposes, ami light for other
purposes according lo thu Company's
tariff, Ami the Compuny agrees lo
ami with the Cily that llmj w ill supply   ami   maintain   in good repair, all
lamps, carbon ami other Ihlngs i hm-
nary for the tuiiliiluinuice of thu said
lights free of charge,
available power, subject to  rensouublu
notiee givon to ihe ( ompany.
(5.) And iln-1 'ompany agrees lo aud
with thoi Ity thai thej   will  imi ii
ately   UpOII    Mils   agreement     lieeotnill'.'
operative, deposit in the Imperial Hank
lofCunada at Craubrook, li. C, lora
period thirty HO! days, Twimli Seven
Thousand Hollars *J7.iHin.iio worth ol
! the capital Mock or -hare- of i he Com-
■ puny to he hold ui par to the City or to
i Imi i a lido residents of the Clty:aml thai
thoy will not during the suid period of
thirty 'Mt days in any way otherwise
ileal with or dispose of the said slock or
ii. It i- expressly understood and
agreed by and between Uu- parties
hereto thai the powers and privileges
herein and in suid liy-I,aw Nn, :'••*
granted hy Ho- ('ity to th" Company,
shall he constructed to mean ami include only mieb privileges u,s the Clt,\
can lawfully grant, und the city shall
ho in no ways liable to the Company
for the iion-enjoynient by tin- Company
of any of the rights und privileges herein granted which the City Ini- mn the
lawful power to grant.
T.i And it i-. further understood and
agreed by and between Ihe purtleshereto that this agreement shall hehindiii!
on and enure lo the honolit of th
panics hereto their ami Pitch of thei
successors ami assigns.
IN   WlTNKHH   WllKHKOK lhe  "l ii\
has hereunto caused it> corpoi
au* seal io he atlixcil ami lh
hand" of it-.Mayor ami Cily Clerk I
beset! and the "Compuny" has here
unto caused it- corporate seal to b
atlixed ami the hands ot  it, I'reslden
anil Secretary lo lie sr! on the da.\    ;iln
your lirst above written,
Signed, Sealed and  Delivered -
iu iim presence of i
Notice  is hereby  given  that tliirtv
days after date I intend toapply to ,the
Hon. the i 'hief Commissioner of Lands
anti Works at Victoria, H.C.. for a
special lie,'ii.■'■ in cut and carry awuj
timher from the follow in- described
lands in Kast Kooteuay:
Commencing at a poat planted on ihe
north side of I.inir Moyie  rivet- ul I
one and one quarter miles from where
ii empties into the Moyie river, uml
marked Charles tl, Iteeder's Northeast corner post of Timber Limit No.
One: thence west si) ehuiu.-: thence
south Mil chuins: thence east su chain.-:
thence nortli sn chains to place of beginning.
Located March Hi. 11107,
Locaior. Churles ti. Itueder
Hy A. .1. Kent, Agent.
Witness: Henry Sawyer. d
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty
days after date I Intend to upplj to the
Hon. ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, H.I .. for a
special licence to eul and carry a win
timber from the following described
lauds In Hast Kooteuuy:
Commencing ai a post pluntod su
chains wesi of the North-oust corner
posl of Charles (i. Ucedor's Timber
Limit No. ono, and marked Charles (I.
I! lei's North-cast corner posl Timber Limit No. Two: thenee ilill chains
west: ihenee 10 chuins south: thoncu mi
chuius cast: thenee 111 chains soulh:
ihonee 40 chains easl: thence 80 ehuhis
north io plu if beginning,
I utod March IK, 1007.
Locator. Churles Ci. lleedor,
H,\ A. .1. Kent, Agent,
Wiiuess: Henry Suwyer, IR
itmliT its nresonl condition is tn
u largo oxtonl n niisnontor, lor
it,ore is noiltiy ti Uiousuntl numos
mi iho li-.t uf people who liuvo
loll the district. All voters
should in' registered under the
personal registration Ai t 'Tn
vote :ii iho iii'M Dominion elecl ,
imi requirics tin' same qualiH
cations as tn vole ;it ji prov I m ial
election, und this moans thai the
uHizens inusl be registered.
Moantiino mnny persons arc i
(.hiingiiiK their residences. Thoy i
lose their right lo vol oil) the d is-
t riot from whieh they remove,
uiul do noi gain lhe righl lo vote
in lhe new district because they
are not rogisleretl and do not
take udvaiittige of the fact that
il is necessary to havetheir names
ti'iuisfoi't'iMi from the old lo the
new district in which thoy reside, j
They cannot register unless!
ihis is done,because it iscontvary
to Ihe statues to have their names
on two voting lists, And tfjgtih)
ii creates much confusion to
carry on tliu lisl a large number
of names of persons who tire not
entitled to vote and who ure not
iu thf districl This mutter
should be considered by government and the list cleared of the
names of ull absentees.
A Boost Kor Simpson.
A boost I'm' tl"' "nlil Mini."
liy iln* Lcthbridge Bern-Id,
"We wtuil to soo "Old Mun"
Simpson, uf tin' Crunbrook
Herald gol iln- nexl Senatorial
vacancy iii British Columbia.
Nn better man could be chosen
nml In' would soon iiiiikii the dry
bones down there come In life
ll is men ol tho vigorous type
like Simpson wo want down
II' reports are true, the "Old
Mini" of Crunbrook has luul Ins
wi'iilhi'i'i',vr scri'wi'il in the big
nul of the telescope looking
towards Ottuwii for llio pusi
yeui" Be was organ izer for the
opposition in lhis province clui'-
ing the lusi election, and while
his party mol their Waterloo,
yet the "(ihi Man" is entitled to
u larger reward than "WoWullie"
Mclnnes the Yukon hero, who
was snowed under al Vancouver
yi'l is paid for his wiiidjaiu'mg
trip through tlio province by Lis
musters, llio 0. T. I', mul the
Ottawa niiu'hino,
N'niii'i'  i- hoi'iili*   [flvini  iimi llili'l
liliJ'H HlllU* llllll' I   llll,'|||| |ui||i|.li   lu Ill
II..11. il... t'l.L-I C i-i..ii,-i nl Liuiila
Anil tin' rumpiiM*  furl hut ruimnlH I llm|   Work* ill   Vi.u.iii,.  lu:.,   Cur  n
Mill lllll s Willi III.' I'liy llllll lllt',1 lllll ! KIIOl'lllI lie..iim- l.. .-ul   iiiiiI   i-iin-v   iliun
ail anon iih lliolr |il'ii|iuwil nmv  plain  i-1,1,,,,,,.,- f,.,,,,, n„.  rollnwlnn iliwnrlliii'il
[iiatiilli.il nml ■viiilnl.li* loi' unti, nml,-- a ; |um|H j,, |.;lln| Kiiuti-iiiiip
1 ""' ''iiy"' mij' l'»i ';   cummunulnj ul   i.'i'ioh inlu.1 sn
I" Hi"«i-'vti ''»"" for   hi. lira. L, Hmw| of |1m, Nm,,,,.„;,„, ,,,„.	
llilrlj-livi. Hi ..iiiiiii.'|imvi.|- lll'lll. UHOll        ,   (|f ci,,,,.,,,. (i    |.,.,„|„,.'. 'I'iml,,.,.
Iiv,l,,'.'i,.l.„„,l   ill   two.ll-J-lh-0   (•■»   I   Un,|,Nl)| Tm    „,;,,  „„„.,„.,,  ,.,„„.,,.,
on tliBHlii.voi'nluH fm* iill oilier llirlitx ,;. K,.,.,|,.,.*K snmi,.,,,.,  ,„.,- ,	
uhbiI l.y tbu Olty. Thulior l.lmll Nu. Tluinii tl
Allll fnr llll all.'ll |llll*|iMh.*a llll' (llllll
|.IIU(V -lll.il I'l'.'i'l llllll lllllilltllill llll pillllll
iiiri's iiiiiI   iltlliu'   .'li'i'lrii'al   ii|.|iiiriiln
.'I'a Sillllll
! 80 i-litiliia: ili.-n,',. w.'ai In i'IiiiIiih!
ilir i..rili III i'lmlna: lli.'iu'i- urai In
I'lllllllH! II  Hllll! ll SU.'llllills:   III.-i	
I'llsl   III I'llllllls! I III.IU'I' suulli   HI   i'liuins!
llllllll St     til    ..llllills      III      |||,|, I      I...-
Liii'iiirii Mnivii iii, inn;
Lum ■, Cliiii'li- (I, Itni'ilnr.
* ' III A. .1. Ki'iil.  Aifulll,
ill.)   Ami llin   City  i'iivimiiiiiIh   nml I \v|,iifi».: 1 l.-tirv Suwi.-i
llirri-i-.a In pRJ' inl- lln* Hlliil M-lllls ni sniil |
mil's, niniiilily. |H'ovlil«il. hinvever llmlj
lliu City nmy al aiij lliiiti ii|iiui iflvlii^
llir».n inuiilliV unlli'.'   In   ivrllliij,'   In
llin Cinii|inli.v Ii'l'iiiliuil.'  IIiIh I'l.ntrni't,
anf»r»s lln* s.'.'tiinis olToctlnii  -tiwi |
HlflitlriK mil tlie fui'lliui'Hii|i|il,v uf olii
t,|.|l) IlithlH In tin- city in n.'«i
illnnif Hllllll llf tlltl  siiiil   sll Is   nf   till!
City ns tuny bo ll uwiiry In uarrj'.oul
tilt. lll.M'1'i'llll'llt 111. In   liiillllliy    lll'l'i'lll-|
hofl.l'O rnlllaini'il llllll   In   iln    lln*   Hllllll'
|irnui|iili ami In   11  wiii'ktnanllkn  ami
skillful Dilantin!'.
Sntli-i! i-In-,.-l.v Kivrll Ilim llilrly iluys iilt.-r
lull, I Ititiniil in ji].|.I,v In lln- llili'l ri.iinui. -
(loiii'i i.l I,hi..I- .nul Unil,-, ..I Vlulni'ln lorn
.|..vml llrmii'ii iimiii uml curry invn.v tliiiltur
In.in ilii< Inilotrllni .l.'s.hl.r.l l.m.Is In Knal
I,     I* lll'llIU    lit     11     lll.-t     |.!..llt.>.!    ,11    til..
IIIUII.,,.-I ...i-iii-i   i.l   l'lii|lli,l    l,:,l...   iilmut    in
.-iniin. i-n-i i.l I.i.i :ui;. .iiiiiii. i. llionrli .-:.>i  IU
.■Imiiis llirni'iiaiHllll miii'liiili.s. lh,'in',- iv,si in
ul,.-   Hi,
III Illi-llsl
Iir!    I.in
I "'''
'lllllil-   I'llsl Sll rllllll
.,.. Tin* t'oni|iauy itiivonaiitH
nr.*.*.- wiili lln' City Hint limy
Illllli twit yours fr Hi.' ilalo u
jllll'ki'l. ilislal uliilliiaililiiiliil'i "'I
It looks all rig'ht, and it is all right. It contains a good assortment of Boots. Shoes and
Slippers, made to fit and fit to wear. We have
no old stock. It is all new, all good and all
leather. We delight in showing- callers the
styles and quality of the shoes we sell. We buy
them for sale, not to keep, we want you to see
them and to buy them.
Wc luul luipi'il In have ;i lull nssnrtmcnl nl these mi luml l.n ihis week, Inn   thr  Kntes, thr
Millers, :iinl thr ('. I'. I'., have decreeil otherwise.   We will hnve them soon, unci il uui wan
The best titling. Best wearing,   Best looking Shoe for a Lady.
The Macpherson,
The Packard
The Ralston Health Shoe
Mr. V. Kollins of the Cranlirook I Intel has ihis in say nl the Ralston 1 Icnltli Slim':
"I IhhihIiI ii I'nii' "I Ralston I lealth Shoes ;u <..
have worn no other Shoes -.nice: .nn wearing them yi
Besl WPariiiL', hest futinu Slim' I ever hail."
I .   Rogers Shoe Simp  in  November;
l anil lin*\ look wiiid Im* three m..nth-.
When you are in need of Boots for
wearing, for pleasing, for profit
B TllK PROSPECTOR, CRANBliOOK   1! ('., Al'l.ll. 20, IDO'
9************* »♦♦♦«•♦•> *****9*9999***********
!     BREWING CO., LTD. j
Farmers' Institute.
flrttP *!rrt«ltPCtl*ir      \,   '        , S'otU-o Is horobyglventlmt Valentine I Wj3S^gS^^!^K^K^J^K^^^
<!iHe ^VHH'ruvi.       bettered,    bul    under   the   ob   „ M,,. „n, :;,, ,,llv, a,,,,. ,fal,. |K
viini-i'  Hi-!   il   Will   I"'    mueh ttpplj  ,0 tho Chief Commissioner of |ff)|j ^J.    I * V)   A   MDDfYW
$ HOTEL *e
„ j worse mnl will place ihis portion Lands aud Works Inr a speulal licence I llH
of British I'liliiiiiln.i in n very lo out Umber on the following parrel ™*
disiiclviiiitajtLMJiis iH-silion in  the °l •***}} No1''  Kimberlej*. In s |
X PERM IE, B.C.                                    |      \i a meeting of persons inter- nmttur nl rrpijtht friiuUho east. Xo ,   cniiuuoiictnK at» post planted |||
♦ MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of EXTRA FINE    | sited in fruil culture held at '''*' MAN S STRENGTH OF PURPOSE K.iT,,^^
♦ . rr^-r*    v      i"»/r^l">T,T,'D              I Cit)  ('"l"u,il Chamber on   the                    ,'tm *   jflK
♦ BEER    <W    "OKlriK             f afternoon of the ir.Hi   }< was He Shows it While He is Buying ii,.-,,- w.,, „. ,.i,.,i,„:  n,„.-i, «-jg
X '"                                                        m determined     to     organize     ;i                    p„„ ii,,„„.,ii' elialns: West lOelialus: North 10 chains: I frfl
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection fj
for lliuist'lf
Kasl in chains:   Xm-tli Ul .'lialns:   Kasl
Nuarosl lo railroiul depot.    Has accoinmo*
dations   for   iln'   public   unequalled   iu
X SOLD BY THE BARREL, KEG OR BOTTLED ||*^^-^to Crav     w                          , ,s ,: „»,
♦ ...        a     , T              a-              -I f                          I'.ll'ltlU.U   IM-allll                                            W 11. ■ II   11   lllll 11   -.»'-   I U11 •   H     StOl'tj)       . ■,„„,..„.,.„                                                                          | llll
X Bottled beer for family *    tt was explained ... the meet- L   wiuils, o     |llslwhttlhonsk, »"■■""■"'-•                          Ifjy
♦ use a specialty \  lug  that  under the   Provincial Vm.rd.iiK ." In-   success ■11N"","." L ,""'"!|,> ti,"""'"'"","""
♦ ♦    ,       ,     m r    i ,,.,,.ni.in-..' Ilvili'IIiik.'I'  will. -In iluy- In,in ila'.e.
X nutBide   Orders X Aclthe        '"'   ,   s    .*      ^" ■••' .<■*•«*• ■***  ''"','"-", '" »>'•'"  *' r "nnintai .• oi
9 UUtSiae    Waers                  VTTKNTIUN' ♦ c< I authorise such an institute                         ,.    la,l,mu,ss,     „   ..'„,„■, !lnd Wllrlt, f„, „       ,„ , „„.
♦ "IM'.N STRICI  AND 1 KOMI I   Al    l.N I  l - J  „„,,„.„„,„,„,,„,, sism,. bj   |s  ,'„„  ,„„,.  M        „„,   ,„„,,, .„„ ,„,, ,„„„„;,„ „,„ ,  |„„, .„„, (;(p|l| 1!a„ls
: satisfaction guaran i l_d | «;<- j^ar;* ^ ,£' iit--:;;:;,wfj'^;h;—: ,,(.|^tr;,:v,,;.',ul'0,'k,y''"s fa^s^^^^i^^^^^^
4 P. O. BOX 812     b
-7     TELEPHONE NO. I     P
♦    Fort   Steele Brewing Co.. Ltd.    I i
S.u-li   an    institute   would   be
entitled   to   i   "' i -;     ! '      'iM
i, ueitil    llovertiinent,     who
Aci'ordiny  in tin
Proprietors |[j
iv.-,I. there  iven
\u  ::     l'.tn.in.'ii. mil! in ll peal plantoil
ulnilll I 11, In,...' Not-Ill nml thro.'chains
....ii |,\   |l, i,    ii   IIHHI  who  Kusi "i Hi.  Norili I i
iiilloweillhi'niselvi'sliiliedecL'iveil   ' "<*■
a..iit.iain.i.i.»i.i..ii.atmii.imn.iiia)ii.i^.i ■
in..I'   ..I    I.i
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
•>O.a»0*>t>a>O    •>.<*>    +    ».>        ♦»♦<-♦»♦    9    ♦<-♦»♦
o     n,
o lite Painters, Paperhangers, It*.
would   ills,,    furnish    to    each ulh,„ ,„„,„ ,,„„„, ,,.„,,„ ",,,,i      '' ';   *<**•" 'hnlii*:   Ki,-.   III;
i ber acopv of all publications 1 s. ' ,.,. ■ .'halii.   Norili w.'l.uiii*.: hiisi-IOohnins:
..       „        , sl'"'      "  *"*■    -       """'' South l-.'O rim ns uui Weal Sll rutin* in
ssued   i.v   tlie    Deparlmen     t ,  ,|1n    Thl, ,.utl| Slater shoo has ,,,„   ,, ,
\}fric'ulture. ,(   . ,,     ,:-    .;;U1i|„-,i  on      Notln* is liuivliy kIvuii I hat VHlttiitlue
Tin    lunds   ol   tlie   l"s,il,1,p ^e sole, and il van be luul onl.\ ll"" ''«""''  .'ililnj-dayahiirailaie.
" be used  for  the  following ,„..,,.„ , , ,, vii r,i... applj  lu the I'hlul Uaniiuliwi r  nl
.nl v
9   OF   9
Remember we carry the only stock ot tun"
papers in Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds nl Painting and Deconuin»
attended to promptly.
H.iI'Iiiijv meetings for the
'^' discussion of and hearing lectures
m mi subjects in cimnectiou with
^ the theory and practise ol im
.,     j i>\ ml husbandry  or  othi
n stores i. here ihe   'Sign ..i'i
Slate' limits in proud proiuineuc
I uiul- mul Wui'ka
spi'i'iul Iir
nt llmlior  Ii.-   ..l!..witiu:  i.iuv.'l
K'Kin .V Co..  Crunbrook, ll.C   „l land Xorlli ol Kiini..,il.-\, in aouth   '
I-n-i Kuotuna.v, u :
riMUKIi  Mi'l'ICI '""i n.'iin; "Iu'i*.'.i |'ii-i   Ims hot'l
linn...I iilioiu leu .'hiiin- North  nl  iiu
iluys jili.'
lersiitn.*.!,    ' t. nl   I
Suulli U'emi'iii'liurol  Viiilirosr Slilltlo's
' ■ tlmlmr   lii'i'il.'u!     ihonee   llu   i'liuins
North: ilmuoo su ,-li ilns  Kusi:   thenre
''   lu i'liuins  Norlh:   then™  nu   ohalim
'   U'i'si: ili.'ii,'.' UD i'liiiins Soulh: thonee
:.'.'.-Intiiis llus!  in plnee ol lii'iniiiiiini.
,    beiny a fraetlonal ohiliu.
staked 1.1 Charlua M. Kdwarils
'   \2 ISth, Marcli, IWH
^   ilustnal purposes; ,    ,■   ,
:. .    Promoting thecirciilatioii Lmuis ami Work
L"  of    agricultural,   horticultuval. •               .■-   ■>     and.
v   nboricultuval    and     mechanical   '   '""' ""     ■■""'"-
♦ ,-   konteliiij
o   bullei n and repi   '- , liml
»       ,■ I    Importing and other*1 - .                 noitliww.
.". iring and distiibutiug seeds - ,.        .-,, Nu. iW" ai
j    . m is in Ian     . - ol   ::• n    ind      *    *•      ii"* '"'' »'-'s" ''h'li"s' notice.
♦ .    il su ,'nuiii-, ilii'iiei' east   so     sixty days alter date,   I. the um!	
9    '•'''     ' ,,,-,' ,.i ,'..i,iiiii'iii'.'iiu'iit.    .signed Intend  tu applv  to the  Chiel
♦ . '' Offering | esfoi ssays ,_. V; ,_,,,„,- Qo.iuute'ioner of Lands and Works al
Q iimi ' lesti i.s tl scientil frow's Xest I'uss l.uinlier tin., l.nl. Vlotorlu 11. r. for poriuissloii In pur-
^■- .uiii'ifs relating to agriculture. rotntneneint! at a post planted lull ehase the following deserlheil lumls lit
a   aboriculture.   manufactures  and liaius »m ol llu* northwest eoruer of | Eusl Kootonuy.
TiuiW. ■  I.
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
I'lunu' r.r ll,Mil Dllico Calgary.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .  .
Our mon!   is always  frosh,  ;is all our beef is killed in
. .a a a aaaMa>». -a--a>.a-«-.a-«<.<
—**a**a*>a a ■>■■> s*m*an **ta*»im m t
VV.  Kill.I,INS
ft. tlie useful arts:
(,        ..       Disseminating    Informs
ft tiou regarding apiculture:
No 11114" and  rtiniilugl    C.'omuieiietng at a post plunteil on the
south SU ehulns. Ihenee wesl SO ehuins,  Kasl line nl  Lot 3001,  twenty ehains
the norlh SO chains, thenee .'usi  sn  lwrth of the south-east  eorner uf -ui.l
Iiiii.'.. ui .-oi eneonieiit.     Lot .'1(101, theuee north twenty i'liuins.
II i    Co-operation for carrying      [luted April 1st, 1I107. I theuee east eighty elmlns, tlieneo smith
* I'D  BOX83     ARMSTRONG AVENUE     PHONE 111    JA0n anv industry, or for anv pur        Crow's Xest Puss Lumber Co., Ltd. twenty uhalns,   ihenee   west   eight*
* pose related to agriculture with-      Coinnieneine  at   a  post   planted   801elmlns   in   plane  of   eonuiieneenient
ti Hole
Maker Street.      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
ehains wosl and SO ehains south ..I l In
mttiriidtionai Ry1
*:4ft:4ft:4ft97ft'.»:♦:<►:♦. :♦:•!>:♦:«:'♦:»♦>:♦*.»:♦;»'♦: pose related toagncuitu
in the district us provided for in '	
w= 1  ' nortliwesi eornor nl   1 nnli.'f   Lloetiee
rxriiinDTT section In ol  Ihe Act,  Chapter Nll „,„■-.„„, ,.unl,int! W06l ,0 uhalns.
■ a tWnlf a ■ h"Revisetl s,im""' ""■'"■" "' "tti,,s't "m 4"!'
*tB  *-> i la. iii iin i   vy   fee      Persons present   signed    Ihe elmlns. thenee iiorth 100 ohains to tliu -
Till? i.k.mhm: I'Mirrr STOKE      I'lii'ituil  petition,   winch  will   be >'im feomuionec ni.
nntaiiilng luu acres, more or less.
Matthew Hreekenridge.
David llreekonridge, Agent, i
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
,1*. Ill Af litAMlltiinl. I,. II SI
111 "... Af KINltSUA'I'K I.i 11...
|j|ln ',.. \i IHIMNKKS PI'IHIIY l.\ I ..'.
til " "" A.- SAM.   PII1NN I., UUU
' ILIKl l,v SI'Oll \Mj Af '.'."«
Arriving Today
Stcwniis Pine ('liuiiiluli's
li-u nt Beale .v Elwells  in order
Ilui..I April 2nd, I0U7
Take notiee thai  sixty   days   utter
r • iw's N.'st I'ass I io bur i'n   I nl !''*"'* '■ ""* inidersijuiuil ititeml tu apply !
tlml other instructed parties may    conuui-iieiii.'  at ii inst nlaut'od sii l0 ""' ''''''' l'""""i"'<""'1* "r hands
•   „ ■   - i„n   ',   i ,i     ,- ,i     nnd Works at Vielorlu, II C. ror por-
siu'U, ehains west and 80''hauls south ol  llm     .   , ....
,   ,     .,                  .           -n ,     i    iii       .,        .                   ,  'ri    i        i ■ mission In pui'i'lia-u tin* fnlluwiu"   il
A further ineetinp will be held  nnrthwosl eor ■ nl   limher   L neei
nn Saturday  the 1T1I1    nisi   ut  N"* m" »1"1 mmh'*> 01lsl *u'-h-*'"-
... . , ,      ttii'ln'u-ulilll llin i'liuins. lliulli'e u.-st -It
three   o clock    when    lhe    sub     ,   .     ,, ,, ,,.„  , ,    ,,
' I'llllill-..  lli.'li.'.'  lllll 1 Ii   lull .'lllllil-    III    till, ,
senbers will  eleel  oftlcers   pro pl| „, ,,„„i,1,.„,,,.,,„.,,. | thoneo easi ..'ehains, niore or less, to
Intli, lliil.'il April *_'liil.. IIHI
'I'iti.'.l lumls in Lusi Kooienay.
llommeueingal a post plantedat llu
north east eorner of  Lot    No.   (1201,
Uie soulh uiisi eoruer nf l.ol   Xo.   14.
Thomas Mnycocli Secretary,
Canada's Pacific Province.
...                              ,     ,    , I llli'lli'i' soulh eisilii i'liuins. unii'.' ii i' I. -ss!
I'I'UU - Nesl I'uss LuiiiI.it i'.... Lui.   ,   ,,              , ,   ...      .,.„, |
i lo thu nui-lli I mlttl'V nl   l.nl  No. 1,1:1!!.
I NORTH   STAR        #
I -ss-    HOTEL j
* 9
9 Kimberley,   B.C. 9
~ I Ihenee   n.'st   tlilrty-one   ehains   and I
iiiuiity links iu tin- north  west eornor
I'hlrly ilni-nlii'i- ilni,-. in' the under-1 ol l.nl Nu. 1H8H, llioneu snnili  niiioleen |
J   Km-    furlher    information
ites. folders, etc., apply to
I. Mi iK. I.i.'iil usp'iit, orwrltu.
V.. -I. I'oylo. A fi I'.A.. Vui vor
.1. S, I'AKTKI!. III'.A., N.l-ini
Take iiolten tlmt  thirty ilu.v- after
  , TIMIIKl!  -NuTll'l'
Hugh Stewart   .   """"	
PIlOIII' 75 ftrniStrona    ftve '    The C. P. R. Co.   have  issued slM>""l; '"*<-" I''' "' the Chief ehains and forty six* links to the north
rilllllt,  to ni IIIOII uuu.  nvc. f, mi„iMll,,,, ,,r |,Bn,u IU1|1  Works nl  wew  eorner of Lot  No   H4II-1, thoneo
-a booklet Of 611 pages descriptive \VMMi     ,,,-.,  fo,.,ls |,ti ileouee to  «*est   forly-oue   ehulns   .,.   the   eust |
^♦♦******#***r*f****##***r**| ol the  beauties and glories   of  ,„, ,..,,,., l|WllJ. ,mh..,. ,-, ,,,,., i dary or Timber lleenee Xo. SM
* tKar**.       D       I—"^       S   British Columbia.    This booklet• fnllnwln-t   deserlheil    hinds   iii    KiiKl|tl norlh twonty-sovun ohulns nm
♦ I       *i%9    I     ■     * Iconlains much informaUon about| Kooieimj
_   milling, lumbering,   agriculture,!    Couniioi,eli,«  ui  ,i   pus un.,I   llll
Sllishing and other industries of|ehuii
J ♦! tlie province that are now being I smith  ol  the .".7  mi
5   Straight Cut Cigarettes   J|prosecuted.     It   also  oontaiiisl™"1,11"1''''''"1.^"
Union Wade
Wholesale anil Retail
!'.ii'ii-si\ link- iu ihu plaee ul eonimeneo
inout, eontaiuiny: one hundred uml ton
iii'ivs. uuu' ■ less.
usi      uml       IW      elniins Arthur Hein.
Ie   »"sl    ""    ,h"! David Hreekelll'idue, A-ulll.
'"' running «*«"i   ia p„lod Fel.t'imry -'7th. 11107.
«n eliuiiis. smith   sn ,-linins.   east   SO 	
elmlns. nurth HO ehuins In lliu plnee of timiiki;   NtriTCi:,
.'ulilll!,'ll.-i'lll.'III. 1    N"li.'.' '- lii'i'i'l'V given   tlml   m Uny- ulU'r
Mureh SSlli, 11107.
f much that is of value to the in
j tending settler. _M     	
♦ Maw.ii "5th   111(17 |.im.'M.'iiin-inl u. iil.|.|v in lln' .Older Cm,
♦ . ,       -nun n -uu. i.e.. uilssloiii.foll.iuuls illlil Works loi' Spei'lal 1,1-
♦ Supei'intetldaill    Jamiesotl    ol        Ouw s Nesl 1'u-- Lumber Co., Ltd. ;,.,.,„...,„ ,.,„ mul oiirt-.v ii wa) iimi"-.' fri.ii, ti.o
*'■■     ■■   "  ■■ *'    •"    °      '----'    " ' '   ■■'  ■' "'"'Mtliiii iim .ii.si'fii.i'.i   lmuis siiiiuii'ii in Kusi
Isi,i,t.'lliu     UlKtrll'l,     ri'llllll.'lil'.'.i.-   Ill   li   l'U-1
I'l'i Inl Illi' -illllli- wi-si  riiflii'f nf 'I', i,. aw,
111.'iu.' niniiliii: IM' iliiiins  iiurlli.   ilu-iu-i'   in
♦ the I' P.R. says that the Sunday I   Con m'injj m u pusi piuniod -in
I observance   Inw   will    make   a ''Indna euat ami l«l i'lmlna soulh of 	
*! ,.,„ „ t.„.     ,   ...  57 mile posl oil llio oast 11 ILot-l5Pa
mileage of the railway every ;,. ,«, oust Wehnlns. mirth so ehulns
♦ ♦  iniuilli and thai it  uu-iins  a  loss to phieu ol nmui i t
♦ THE    TOBACCONIST       I of three days In hauling goods    Mim-ii-Kill, imn.
i a across   tho    eoutinunl.        The       Crow's Xest I'u,s I ihor Co., Lid.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* | roinnienuin'i m n posi piuniuii -jiui
mi iiirni'i
,'llllills,'!|-l   I   1SII I'llllillS sillllll  III    ll„
NOTICE. ,*,7 mile pus ll i-i line ul Lui  1511!
1'aku notiee thai  .Hi.'.)  days after *f  * n,, sunil, so ehniii-   un-, s,
Pursuant to the I luulthlly-t-aw   N*...,,,,,,,.   ,   ;,„,.„„   ,„  „ y   l0 thl, chk.,| i'lialns, nortli SO ehains, west SO ,'hi	
l'l*I-.I.I<   ni.tii i: rxiiKH lli:Al.l'll
in -LAW.
nl il..- rii...   ni  Crunbrook.  nmi
i"  Coinmissionur nf Lumls uml  Works ut
i iu llm plu
horeby ylvon that nil owners,  tenunts   victoria. B. C, for a speeial lleenee lo
i.lk|" ','.'•'", '■' uT'nnlTu, thl" i"l,'i"'i Ii""' "I"""-"' l"1"1-' '"' -"** '"'  I"1*-i Jul u'n'ii"ear'ry".i'»ui" limber from llm        Crow's N'esl I'n- I lion
f,        '  ,,-,.,    ,' ,'»*> vlililn the City, .hall elean the ,„|| ,,  ,i,„,.n„.',i   ,K1„|,   |„    k„s, '   Cuinmonuliig ul  a pusi  	
'            "'  '-""I"'""'   ""'I--     "'     ..,„, ,„,.„,,.,.. mul            .    ,             1-llllhUll    k. .... ...... - .'llllills .'list uml  ISIl .'llllills soul
'      Ul UI'I*.        ,11.11)   .,.  ...,      IM.lll.ll. _ ^ ..  ^ m| (|
id noxious, olT.'iislvn ut- iinwholesouie j
Coinmoiielnu in a pnst pluntod ut llu
March '-'5tli. IIU
Crow's N'esl I'uss I borl'o,, l.nl
n .1   ll'.'O
..I ll
III! pnsl llll ll II-I  line i.l   l.nl   lli
i'llllill-ili'-l.tlli'lli'i'  10(1 .Im
II) i'liuins .-usl In ,iniiil nl nil,
.Mn i.l un..
u lUNln.n: I.in
i:l K.lwn
Tuke iioiii'u Hint sixty diiysaflorihilu
I iiitmiil tu apply in lliu rni.-I Commie
liter nl' Len.I- nml Works lur pen
iN  I'iAKKII ST'., ONE llllllll WKST OF
IIII.I.    A    I'll.       The   mill    pluee ill inun
iiiiii i'iiii uiiike lit.- ivurih the livina.
an Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
■rfyssrsuu | gwmnrnimmfmmnmmnimmsmmmmmminfmmni
________    _______^___.      3
shin to puruhuso Iho followlnu doserllflfc We  ;|1'C   HOW   KeCUivillU  SllipiUCIltS  Of        3
.•il luml in Snnili  Kusi   Uooloitiiy. und fc Z3
'SSZrH:,! Fresh cauoht Salmon k Halibut!
ol the llllilllil llusui'i i llle -unlli .'lid
of Iluu rs I'llll   I u-i  siilu ul
I1""."'!' ": ."'" '.'!llmvi"u   ,l"-"',i I mailer li  their , mi-,- and   ll," ' uii^aaVliJrm'r m'^r^uTiiloii'JIi'.'w's I '""I  i'i'""l"«  ""-'  s" ''Imiiis--.nil. Bn|H'« Konlenuj'  lllvor,  Ihonee r Ue-
nn i niiiin     helore ihe an i  .„., .„ inl,   t),,.,,,.,. „,i,||i 71 chains   "luilns. ivosl Sl)chuius, mirth sn chains upslroaiu iilunil e-luill mllu lo ihu
'""'"l '""Mill  uf A|.r       IHO I    .       '       , HO,.|,.,i„- ',!„., instil   "l'l   "1 the ||llll  ''nlil III.  ...fc.l-a.iu   .' ,.     .-..!.,   I.l ,
i.   w,.,i   ,,l       *' ,    ,■      ,      I east SO eluiius, the  iiuilli.n.    M.,,...., ^.M),. |!ll>7.
'*"> l""*°"  ■"'- '"'""- ""- '" ehulns, thonoo east   lu uhalns,  theueo  p|   Crow's Xosl I'us- Lumber I'n., l.nl
hey thl* i Minn  lie lined  1 0  , , jo ohalns, thei list SB elmlns, |	
ndeostsortw mil.-  itnprl*..niuuni   ,,„.,„.,. ,„„.,,, r.l chains, llie wosl II
,::' "'"'" ;''1"'1 chuins, iiieiiei. snnili 'Ju eliuiiis, thonei
Nu (iirtli.■.' nuliti.'iilinn uili I.."..
Xn   nutili.ulinn   i-   ii ml In
j "list Kuutnuay
i umnieni ' .  in  u
hundreil and forty   "u u- wesl  ,.l
lhe i.urilu'ii-*  eornei' nl  ll .   Ilrucken-
riUjj.- ,\   I,uml   I ' ibel  r
'.-      ■ hence   nortl il        r    -1
.'Imiiis,  llionco   wosl    nt - --i -    T>.
.■Imiiis. ili.'i soiiili nlonu it,-"u-i i	
ul lli" II   llllll- liuilii'i' I ii-,.   n unii",
I7s'i. .:i;.iit.v-f ■ .'Iiiiiii-    -I     Ihenci!
.-..-! .11..■ i_■ il." iiui'it. line ..I -ui.! Brack-
em ,'l." .s Luml tlmbei' license nuniboi
v.-.'.  .event.i -six  7n chains to point ..f
 ll.ll'll".",!'     Ml
li.ii.-.l !iin. March, 11107,
II Otis Staples
Tl.irly .In;, - mi", lllll.:, w.i lln* under   dale   I
nlirnoil,  in'"...!  '.■ apply  tu Iho ' hlof I "mm
l'..mlli!"li.ll,',' nl Luml- iiiiiI    \\ inil     al , Vl.'llll'
-iiiiiliiii.- -i i'lu nllon. „•„„
I lhis   liuh,nil uf April. IIIU7. A. T, CAI.IIWKI.L. Loeu
,   ,      .    Nnllco Is Imruliy  Klvcii  Unit  !ln iluys Itilc
wesl l'.n ehulns, thoneo north In uliiuus., ,,,,,„ „,. ,,„,.,„|, s ,. ,,.,„„
thence ivosl 7. chains to phi I  betrln- i„k-i '.,i Lumls uml Wuric. lursj Itii i.i
I  mul .nil.  illlnj   liml...'  II   II..
 Ii nf Six Milu Crook, sulil Island
.'iiiituiiiine in nil aboul 111 ueres, moro
nr loss
Iluli'il I nibor illli'd', bun:.
I.. I.. I'orlor.
Take notloo that sixty daysaflurdale
I iiilend to upply to llin Chiel Coinluls-
sinnur ol I'ulilic Luuds uml   Works ut
or Loe.il Hoard nl Heall hand   , „t,),|'u,lB'|*ui'1ji'iy* IiVa'pHlTiii'iV.""lu pS «lEmVw^ S   '""■<"*'*" "; C' ''»' I'orinlsiiloi^ to pin-
I.  IV. Connnllj
Medical II.-aiili "iiu
TIMI'.KI!   Mi'l'U t
 —     Tuk" miii"" Unit thirty 'ini- u'li'i  '"'ll
NOTICE. 'I"l"   I   illli'liil   lu   anpl.l   I"   Ill"   ''IU"'
,„„  ,,,,,   |h|,.ij   ,i„i    after  Ci ulanioner ol Lands und Works  lor       ,
im.., ,i   pi    mill!     '.   the   '  In"!    pcrillinalon    lu   "Ul    'im'    "iiri'.l     llWIl.S
shinorolLitnd, and   W,,rl<-  nl   Umbm Ir llio tlie _folliiwhii.Mli  i I
ucil Muri'li is is";
Wi.iKi'.ni' l.iiiulii'r riiiiii'iiiii
Kiliiiinl Walls     I,-
IlKII   \. rni ■!■;
Vlelnrla, H.C.. for n npi.elul  lleoncu lo I oarry away timber li i  the lollnwlnit      * irneiny  hi  a  posl    plunlcil   su     \ is )i..i-i.
,■ ,'   nul curry awu.i   llinber from lhe described lumls in Hnulhnuai Kontenuy:  .!....!.■   wost of the 'Ihcnst eornor ol  ' * wo lim-inl i
 Ill«       .ll-.Till.l.l         llllills        HI        KlISl   I        I 'Ulilll "II,'illjl   Jll   11   |,..-'   m|.,,:!, ,1     „||||,, 111     "k,   lll'lll;'"  .',     I ,.l ll.f -   I i 111 I." I'     lll'UIISC 'l",'"*1,"1"'' ""'".
Knuiniiiii                                                  null,in-.1  corner ul  I     1     Harvey's iiuiiibci*riliS7i, llmiici. unrlh III uliulns In JJlm'iiinii' i|"..'i
I'iiiiii  ,i|-   III   .1   poal   plunteil   I Jll I t illiluu* I i""l  N 'Ml.   ||,,., nmi,    ||,,. anulhcllnl  - - ..I L.   I     Hal'., is Knnli'liii)    In.I
"liiiin- .'."-I uiul III i'liuins uni'ili  nl   lh" ! fully i'linin-. Ilium'" «'■■' luili   "llin-.   llinliui   I lino   iinliil."!'   IIIIIII,   lln-i    l'l" I'"	
rinl'lbwcnl  ui'l'.il linili.r I ii.-.- \.i    thenee nouth elirllty ell  tltni ,,-l    ivcsl IIUI I'lialns, the  -unlli  III.'Iiiiiii-. """iu'',?'!!"!'"!,!
■* nir west Sll eliuiiis. sooth   lorty chains, thonoo north forly chains.   Iheui a-t 1110 cliahis iilony tlio nortli .oiiili.'iiivtii'i' tu
lu  "liniii.-.. .ii-,   in  i'linin-.   -unlli   sn  iluu a«l forty chitlns, thenco north linn nl said HreiiKenrldiru It. Lun.i  lim-  -,,1,11111 iln
.a 1 . 10 chains, nurth 120 i'IiiiIiih  elifhly rliiilnH, II  ivohI forty ehulns bor llennse  S'o. fillSII lo point of eouf  i""'"1' ,l" '
lu lli" pla.-.. .1! . .iimiii li.'.'llli'l.l.                      lo placo 1)1 ''Utllln.'lU'l'lm'III m.'li.'ullli'lll
Um. 1, Ml,   I'm;                                 '    Hilled April 2nd, 1111)7, Hated 'lutli Miircli, 1001 'w„
14   Crow'ji Nesl 1'iis. Lumber Co.. Ltd. I    Ij                                UtU StaploB 11                             fills Staple, n
l.m   ,111 iluys ,
I,,. II..11 ri.l.-l 1
huso llio lulliiwint: il.'suri I Lumls in
Smiih,'u-i Kuututioy,
Cutiiiiium'iiiir nl a post plnnleil nour
tin- snnili wesl cornor nf LotlllWll, ihuneo
eusl *Jii i'linin-. Ihonee south JU chiilns,
111..ui" WOSl 'JO .'llllills, Uiul    -lli  'Jo
eliuins in plu f bi'^iunliie. uun 1 aitriui'
I 'us  IV ur less.
Hub..n ll. Durum,
ni 1 Lull, imi, mm, x
'I'lMIIKK     s'l'Tli'l
„-l,l ,'IU'I. llllll ill.1:11  nil.'.' ll.
mail.i.|.|illi'iul i"' ii"".""1
'bono Vour Orders
I'llnXK Ul
I P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.|
g-        Head Otlice, Muin Otlice tor East Kootenay,       ~3
m**-*        Calvary, Alborta. Crunbrook, B. C ~3
Gto. R. Leask & Co
I I'm    rim'in
i'lniin<   ei'i'i'li in Snnili I'liiHi  KnotHiiiiy    Coiiimwu'liid
chHtits    nt  Mi »i".i i'miii.'i   ul   l"i   iiMt     Lllltlli'fl
I lilt I  '..nil I. Kll . I'.HI.s     lit* »"M, Kill' IIH; tllflMHI
' UiKiii-linlti'* il ""t mi I'IiiiIiih i" Um
I 1 1 .it i'iiii ncviiioni
In l''i;inl. S    llyi'iill
\HHii  I    ii' in..' Ini "i Muruli   >••*>* ■-*
I'lints, Specifications
mnl Estiirititcs
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand. 'i
We  are  long  on  Crockery ware, and are going to Reduce Our Im
mense Stock by a half ii prices count for anything
COMMENCING Thursday. APRIL 18th we will oiler our entire stock of Fancy Chinn, Glass anil Crockeryware
at quick selling prices. Our stock is new. tip to date, seasonable, and well assorted, and you will dn well to avail yourself
of this splendid opportunity to replenish vour stock. So vast is the variety of really desirable Dinner and toilet sets that
the person with the slimmest pocketbook as well as the most generously supplied one, can find just the set suited to their
style and need. Our International display of chinaware will interest anyone but with thr deep notches our axe has made in
prices it will be irristably interesting. The following (whicli is only a lew of thr many items we offer) you will appreciate as
extraordinary economic pricings, when you see the goods they represent.
King Edward, the new red, 117 pieces, regular
price $40.00.    Quick selling sale price    $32.25
Madras, a dark  rich  blue 116 pieces, regular
price $25,00.   Quick selling sale price      S19.50
Marquis, a delecately gilded green 09 pieces regular price $25,00.    Quick selling sale price     $16.25
•Ophir" Blue. Green and Brown 9.6 pieces regular price $10 and $11.00, Quick selling
sale price	
Don't   think   they   are *
cheap    because   the   price
is;   every set is   the   work
of a   reliable potter. 9
"Prince of Wales"an Elysian blue 1 j pieces, rej
ular price $J2.25,   Quick selling sale price
"King Edward" a rich Howcred design 10 pieci
regular price $9.00.    Quirk   selling   price
"Duke nt York" 10 pieces, regular price $6.50.
Quick sellfng sale price  	
"Princess" pink flowered 7 pieces, regular price
$3.50.    Quick selling sale  pine
An Exquisite Assortment:
Regular price $2.50. quick selling sale price..
Regular price $2.25. quick selling sale price..
Regular price $1 50 quick selling sale price..
Regular price $1,00. quick selling sale price..
Regular price 85 cents, quick selling sale price
Old Colony Assortment:
IIeavy glass gallon pitchers, regular price  $1.
quick selling side price	
Heavy glass fooled Comports,   regular price $|,
quick* selling sale price	
Heavy glass fruit nappies,   regular price $1.00.
quick selling sale price	
Heavy glass 4 piece set, regular price $1.50 per
set, quick selling sale price per set	
Heavy glass celery dishes, regular price (ill cents
quick selling sale price	
We have a complete Assortment of Berry Sets, Water Sets,
Tea Sets, Toilet Bottles, Vases, Cheese Dishes, Egyptian and
Wedgewood Notions which we will sell at startlingly low prices.
Do not miss this "once in a Hie time" opportunity; as every
purchase will add to your savings.
Sale commences April 18 and will continue until May 1st.
Our Goods are
&<&<-ftj*§>^^ 'Ilk PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK   B C, Al'lfll. -". UM.7
,4     Why Cough to The Coffin
T  ll   \
♦ «♦«♦.♦♦«♦ ♦'♦♦*♦> 9 ft.aftft:*' 9.9 *:* 9ft.:ft:
9 ft
9 PHONE   183
Dr. Scott's Prescription   ft *
* No. !i.i or
•jt      (.old (.ure   rabies
'1'in'i ,l.i il..- -York  mi.I  tirri'sl     9
Hi.. -i -.niiiln.in .-..lil ♦
Beattie & Atchison ♦
1       Where It Pays to Dual.
Dealers in
Flour, Hav, Oats, Bran, Shorts
ami   (hops,   Rolled Oats.  Etc.
■tm nm     ■ . inn ,l1 '
Our Goods are
9**9999****** ***9999****************9*******9******** lX^x~Cm
in. u'. \,'>i I'uss I
*-*»»*   T  v s "V-".1", i.4Vi ^ ,      n..i'tli-u,-i 'ner ul   I iinber  Lirensi
A Carload  of  McLauijIilin's Carriages. Wagons, and  <•
Logging Trucks to Arrive in a Few Days *
Till,,'   ...Ml,',.  llllll   -IM)  .lllja nil.-I-,,.,!,..  ,        » " 9
I th. '    liil.'iul   |i|ilj   t..      0 ______________ 4
* .  nor ..I   l.miils  iiiiiI *
* ' i * ALWAYS OPEN   FOR   DRAYING        ♦
9        " I"     I'.'lin ■•* 'I Iiittllll! .1—r.l.. .1 w
ife   I .nml       li Koolonu.v: ♦   4
in ni»I'nai plum i ii..-    < 9:ft;4'ft74'ft; *ft:*^^k*::4 o *♦:«.♦' «:♦ 9499 <■ 9 ♦'
1 1.1,1 \,,  :i:t«  sn
**. Ill tilt'    Sl.lltll   .'.. Ml,'I
9 '"  .'li.lii-.   ili.i... A.m,**-***sm*/**mm-Ss*m.m' Ar Ar *A At Ar Ar Ar m- A A A
.. u-i ^K n\ ™ ^ ™ ^K ^K *^ ^ ^ ^ ^tt ^ ^a ^a ™ At ^ ^a a^ W A\ ^K l^. W
X ""'•'    Vl.l .1   I.Hi  -   l"l'."-
*- Kivil. W,    ',,, *      ^.-n    «   .»*».- «« w   »   -^ .,     #
w   * *
* * Marysville, B.C.       COLE & HANDLEY, Prop. 9
ft ,.       ',.':..'    Ili.1!    Ullll.,    |||IJ'»   jiti... S *
ij. ' ■     .,.-   tlm   Ulllliirnlillii'il.   inli'ii.l   l.. J ^
*?  iippl)   i.. Hi.'  i l.i.'i  I'uiunitmli "  ui * 9
■*••   i Miiui Wiii'Icmii Vii'ini'lii, ll. f. lui' 9 Thul ling'Hotel of the Sl. >
* ""*  ' ;: i" .'in uml .'iii'i'.v iiwiij* * Mary's Vulluy.  Nice airy riiniiis *
111.'   ri.llimiliij   .I.-..-I- ,1        Jk ... y,
,,  KiiiiiiMiaj■! Z. newly   furiiishotl.      Tivblo   ns _^
 i.'i'i'lns .1' ii i">-i I'limi.'.i i*-'h     *                    good ns imv In Kni.li'iiiiv.                              i
"-  H.-l   J.llll  ML'I,Uiil-   Sllllll!   ,,|    111,- *t *f
il, ive«l  ,',,'i'n,'i' „i 'I'luiber   lieonso      9 9
•iiiiiiiiil!  «"-i   I» i'liiiins.       ft, 9
1     1   GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* 9
* 2
1 ■
-.'lllll  I.in .'linins, ill,'
lll.'l  uni'ili lllll I'llllillS   1.	
._£   \hst  \mf   \_af  \m*   \msf   \mf   *fkt ' —^   -jt  *—*f   \mf ftmf  \m*   \mf   \mf   W   WW   W   WW   __   \mf   msssf
(■)7 a|t *TO W * * flff"wHI TO ^* TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO* TO TO TO TO TO
Ciinv'n \.'>i L-hsm Lumber Co., Ltd,
n  |>n>i  planiril JOU
£ — Always Up-to-Date 5
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. 3
ZI .. . .........>.>..-..->^.-.".".--- NOTICE,
-       '• '      »        .
WK1     fltfllll'     C
" Nn. I.H47 mnl I'unntiiji  imrlli SO tOittttts,
" *! r"^[,■■^■   Villi   "n.  nni: thunufLMwl I'-'fi.-Iiiiins. ili.'tii'i' -.unii Hi
i'liuins, ili.'i wesl  Sl) itliuhw,   llli'lli'i
■.■nfTTTTTnnnTfffTfmffTirmTfTTiTTTTnmmv sout|. io i'liuins, thi'iicu wesl 'in fhtiiu-
I  LOCAL NEWS. 1"""!' '" '""•|"-1""1"'
n Liveru
Tunms iiiiii drivers rtirnisli
nl I'm' any |inhll ill lln* tlis
A. DOYI.E, Mnnngo
i. i. a..---.".-•* ... .-a*.-.".-.".".".-.
ii,i,.f     Ueilspring tind mattress "ill 1.
it c.U.S.
Wurka  111
I   -if.*    r*\-r  Ttm (is%
3       lllltllll April Mil.. I'.m;
..UUUUUUUUIiilUUUUUUUUUUUUUv C'l'OW - -Wat I'll- I.llllll...rl',... I.I.I.
Applps 7 lbs. 2".. cents ul CCS.     C.'iitimioni.-lii|i 111 « pnst iiluniuil 200
  i'llllill- u.-l mi, I 111, -Iniin si llll'l h nf   !!,.
\ 011 can buy the best iceoreuin  tuiftli-wesi roriier ol Thnlior l.i.viis.-
.,-,;, 1 ai iiii   :,! "ih" Palm" al imv time. ,\... Hli-17 unil running  iviwl  *% i'lialns,
-■ "i.   tliuni'u nni'lli .10 uluilns, tliemiL' mist  su
The provincial legislature will k'liuins, thenuu south soi'lmlns n. iiluuo
,   ,,   .;.;.".,.   pi'orngiie about tho -Oth instant, of 1'inuuu.1 inunt.
  iluli'il April sn,.. mor,
ll. Baytner of Toronto,  was a       Crow's N,'M !*««« J.iinil.i-u Co., Ltd
guusi in the Craobroolt Monday.'   l'"'i''»'''i''i"- «■<■« i»wi iilauioil m the
N0TICE*   .s,.iirn,.|is rn,-i-  ,,r hit No. mils, nml
rilliliiliji'.'Hsl  ll-'ll i'liuins.  tlletll'C   nurlli
80 i'liuins. ilii'iii'.. »-...1 lii.'iiiiiii.. tli.-ui',.
Sillllll   10 .'llllills.  llli'lli'i.  W.'sl  S||   ,.||„i,„.
:   '" ■ ':;::'": '": ;,'-''':;;;":,'","n!„r!  ■)--\.c,..,,.in,.i*M,,vi..wns. dth° —-■'i.-n-.-ii=.i»»s-...,tl.. ,.	
.":'      ;|,,,   .    '      '        ' ,  ,.'   "..'",   "'.    '"- lliri-ilv Mim.lav. ' ""iiiiii"""'' nl.
ilusi'i-ili.Ml llimla 111 I'.ust kooluna.v: ■ J . Haled April 17th, toil".
tin nun. 'iirlii'_. in  11 |.i.!iii  about   i .v..
,i  \.ii„rvi.)      niilis norili of tlm International Minimi-      •'   '•■ Sims of  Spokane  spetll
,, „ l:l„„„.,t .„ „„, an  i.in,- i ahum nn,. , i imu* Sunday lasl in Cranbrook.
,.l.l    A     ■■••>■•» "I'l'll-   uiil.'s iniin thr iiii.iith ul   l.iltl.-   Moyiel 	
7i,,«!*.'»i.;'!i^'"»i'r   ';"'"'*   ",'"; I,r.lll-V ',,"lin,i   ,""',ll*l  ,CI,"S' I'lllinerofPeriliewasinl    WIIKHKAS lhe Cranbrook   Kh'i'iri
"  ."  ■'    ,!1",' f^  "lmi,"a   "'-''   ".""' t'w cily Monday. U^hl  l'«.   Ltd..  have oii-i„K to the
  s 'lagonf eoal been eumpelledlo shut
Mrs, Par roll and Miss   Parrel I  doivn Iholr lights afler 1 o'eloek u. in.
of Moyie worn shopping al l.'rnn Lu.li niornlnif, tho ultlzeus, es] lallj
brook Monday. lintels and lloanllnu'  House   keeper's
  are requested to exerelse speeial  eare
('. A. Chapman of Purl Sleele with regard to the use of ...nl oil lumps: Cosy and
was in llio city during Ihe  early and enndlea unlli sneh tlmu as the reg- „_ ..
part of lhis week. ' luiiirsorvieeoftho V, trie Lightro.,  Cmfortable Rooms
  sllllll hu res il.
Wm. Thorpe, it Wai'diier mill *'• ''• l*'INI<'
man. wns transacting business al. Chief fire I-
Ladies Hand 8ao§
III   Crow's Xest Pass LuniberCn,. Ltd.
S     Por iln' latest  dosigns in until and natty
* IIAMi BAGS and I'l'liSKS would ask you
in inspucl nni' stock jusl received,
ll will I"' u pleasure to show yuu Ihe goods
uiul quote prices.
TllK .IKWKI.P.i;
I'.I'.K. Wlltl'll llisp.'.'l'.rs Cl'OWs'  Nes!   ":i-  llivision
llllills i'llsl  I.i pill I i Ml
Haled   Vprll llth. I
1" \. Murphv, Loealoi'
Incline r;.,::_:,,:	
| >==>« s  Jj ---
*t \l A M'l'i i|! \   I li 'Tl',1. 11 s,'„ll' ',''|.'"l'',"',',,,'|l,':
'I   ri,., i'l„»» IVork i riinebes /''X,Z'ul'^''l''<''■■'. in" l-h,,'!",,"' liwil™     (•.inutielielng at i -t plant n the |Ol'Ullbl'OOl' Monday
j ,,[ii„. ft\- it.-.'!.•'. ■'.'■-' ■  -j ~ Husi limit or the lllght iif Way ul' lhe
i I ,«'""'" '"' I,,,,,. v.-,-     Vahk iti'iiiieh of the c.l'.H. iii'iil iiii the |    Mrs. Win. P.  Tn In was  visit
i Tonsorial Art \ *"> in;:'"-v■" '■'■-■ ' I''!U»1'1
fl 'a NOTICE. No.ini,     I'hei ist fimrlooii eliuln
•-  - iS9S9SSS969S969«9i»^     , N ,„„.,, „i,,,;lf„.   ;;,„. , .,„    |i„-     ,„   „r less tu the west bank n
:i i,,j,|,|,!..,,ii,. . i.j.ir jj.-- ..-I,-., u.,,11 ■!.  lh. Mih e river, tliuneesiiiithei'lyiiliuii
C.  H.  DUNBAR th.   U  vie river down stream In' when
II    -1     ■  ."r inlel'seels lhe -ni.l  ..ii>l
|.nal  i.hii
\    Mm/ i.l
,\nii.'i- i- hereby given  Hint   sixty
days after date I liiteml In apply in Ihe
i'iii.'I    Commissioner   of   Lunds  uml
Works lur permission lo purehnso lhe
l'..lh.iiiiijj il rib.'.l Inn.I- in Snnili Kusi
Headquarters lor
Mininis Men
uml NdTAIIY   l'l Ul.lt'
Cranbrook, B i
*-»»#..>*«***'*  '   HH##*"HH*''*>***l'#*
1  I COHN  ; '    •
Hiai thirty -U) i id "■   I In      ' ' ""
luml tu ti|i|ilyto ihi* Cbli K'omiiilf i     ■ ILi mih   tlii   \1
uml Wm ii- -i' '     *'■ i   ■ '                   ■ '..    •■    11(1    - ,,,    H|
i-nrry u mj   I mbui   frum thu I
• ri l IuihIm In Kiisl Kimfi I i)
i   comini'ii   ■ lit of the   i iilik briitu'l) ul tl
viifi, .din mi oi .. ■■ ■  Mm) .   ' .i'i:.    ThiMifu uoiahfi'ly alntiy  il
•■■'■■ ii  Whv sfvcntv iln- I
... ■ ■ ■. ■        ■    ■   ■    ■■. .
■    . . .      i
.-       r        •    - .   ■■     '     ■
M. I'lnv.'ii/.iuiM
II. II. McVlttlf, Ajjcnl
I'i i-(l
,  . Ull        '■:'■   lit'    .--  t(l ll."  [lllUV    llf    In-
'    '
t Tailor     Importer of
Fine li oolens.
jj                                          *
t                 ,.',,,
«  i mnl  ■
City Scavenger
Purlins   having    burl, yanls,
nnd itlosnts i" ('.i'iiii.  and refusu     *i
mat tor lo bo taken away, should
Innvo .ii.I.'i - "- 'ill in.'.
Leave ol .'.    nil .•>•   '
,„.,l|.,,|. ., |,i. In     ii lln    10.1 ,'      .
nnnnn~nii-mitinnmi.i„"immm . ,,M, ,
ITONSOHIA!, PARL0P a ii'pi>:"'<>'  ■ '
t 3   [.uml'   ami   u	
I       I'.„ ii Coul uud Cl.'ini Shnvo       3
l-l .lu\ ..I i letober, Mini!
it ilili i.i  days jiti.'i
lll.'l       to   ... i.i.   to the I'liieI
unil. ami   U ...I,- ni
ii    ■'      ". j. • i>. .-.ni  li.'.' ■  t>.
awn    lb '   from ilie
•!■-.-rib. lids   -iluu!.'     in
-. ■ Km !.'.'j...
at a pn-l planted nu-nii
i He- n..i'li.,'...-i    -uer ii!
iin.' her son Ross Tate ni
bridge lhis week.
Royal Hotel
Loth-    "N"]icmm 8,u,n ,l111"- ,Ilnt!Wi,,,(ml
provloilslv obtAillitllf H IICIMI.it from ihtl *>•—. _.- •■■ ■-»    a*r-a _     n    nurump     ■■
|ci,iC( Ki,'.- Knui r, makeanj i iim Marysville, B.C A. P. CHENETTE, Manager
i- oilier larye lire in an..  Held, yaril or
Governmenl Agent.!, I*' Ann !,    IiCii       n, ,,,, ., ..,,.-,,,',,
strong was al Hosmor this week     \„".,',.,„',,,  „m' be'ulveu i". Iiurn
mt i.llii'inl business. rubbish or miikui.ii  ..,..-,,   m-,-  alllilu ''''"' nU(IV0 l"1'1'1 ll;'s ' " I' itl.V oroclud, and neally rtirnisli
  U it., uro limits. ud  Ihroiighoiii.    Thu  llur is siippliod  wilh  Ihu besl brands ol
Waller Lning wnnl wesl Mon      The iiennlty of InfraeUiinuflheiiliuve  Liquors nml Cigars
dny t business Irip, he will bop'1"" '"" "' I*""'; "' ' lw"j
away for ul I Ion days. ' th* liuprl.sniiiueiit.
       ' ,1. I'. KINK,
' ''"i,v'"' '  ■*********^*^*^*X****lJ»^^^^^<}f
Several now ritniilesaroexpeel
I in arrive shortly.   Cranhronli
is looking up. THOMAS   MeVITTllS    'fy
II    C,   Miles of   llrnonwooii, lJ.l-,.S.   Ai*  CR.    ^jj.
A  .1   Krapj r Klini. mnl .1.   A, I A
lliiilfy nl' Cernla wore registered
ni tlie Cranbrook Monday,
Furl Sii'iile ll.C
B, H. .Torduii of \'iitu*ouver, II.
l''i'i'L'iissinn nl* .Vliitilri'til, II. ,limes
Iof   Ivliniiiiliiii,   I,.    Iflnrlghl   nf
ehains, | Winnipeg, ami .1. < >. Clothier of
lulu-   i'lmlna.  ihe j Elk uth sponl Sunday   lust  in
.••I i        I,, elm '     Iiii tie.  ...uili Highly
Dull il    i lb, IIIII7,
-   ■ !'..--  I iln,.  I'i
II K.I. I'.jil'jiii. Al'.'IU
Tako nni ieo ihal there will  In
sniil   by   I'ulilir  Auction nn llu
Portraiture hy Photography   P'™'i«,)H "f n>«  lursigned nn
' J      i    /      Slilniiliiv Hie L'i I
Artistic Pint urn Framing
Mil.   I ll   II
2 M'l.i I Al.TIKS
;..: .'    '
a '■■...   .'i'lniiii Hell - n
Or,.  Pi-rli'itfluirCiit j   .... ,     ,„,  ,,,„,,.   .,,     , „    .,      „■
A 11..i ..i C.l.l Unlli
|",,T" Walter B.LalngnPiffls,,
Ireet  i nu i li   I', r
lli wesl    ■      ■      I'll -i    .1	
i I"    'I"
ill iluy nf   April.
lllll", III ni 'iimii in lln'  nlii'i'
iiiinn      sti'i'i'   aged   nlin ii   il
years colored red no brand.
Tho said Hleer strayed on  lhe
premises nl the iiiiiloi'signi'd nml
wns duly adverlised :u riling In
law. The owner Ihorenf Is n-
tpilred in luln' nut ire thul he is en
tilled in the prnceeds hI'sui'Ii sale
Prest Photo Goferc, 7"
liuii'd ilns "nil, dny nl   April,
•Studio. il!l,;7'
L'niiiiisiiii    McKenzie  Lumber
in    .11. him.
i   \ iiarrei      Haker Sl i Iraiiliroiik, ll.C
i'n . l.nl
Cranbt'ook, ll C
Mui'li lhe Inrgi'sl   usur of
Cream Soparators In tho
world today is tho Huatrioo
Creamery Company of I.in
coin, Nebraska, owning I nil
DoLaval iiuti'liini's. uiul
Inning over 15,01)11 farm
machines among patrons,
in whicli number ll  is udd
iug ut   iho rale of fill ir
moro a year.
Tin' second largesi user
is tlioCoiiHuelilill i h'enmer.y
C pany of Topekll,   Luu
sns,  which  wus using Uun
Iin lury DeLavill   I 'linn's.
uiul bus within a couple nf
yours put mil Will farm
machines, lo whieh is 11u>•
wise adding ul the rale of
.".nun nr iiii ire n year.
These machines are re
iiiL'iiizi'il lis the simulant all
nver lhe world,
I'niiniii'i' Hros have been
appointed solo ngonts for
litis il Isi Hot.
i        9
The Finest Garments
Made in Canada  ... 9
Ami Unii   menus  the  finest   in  every dotnil ol  style, T
-f In   nul finish. 9
9 9
9 *
9 9
^k 1 llllll^  III.III.   UT .III' ill   Mint   srlMi r Willi 11  lull   llllll A
9 coinploli! niii.to' nl Men's Boots ami Shoes,  Hals ^
X and Caps,  Underwear, Swell Shirts, 'I'ics.jjf
'\in \ thin;; to hi tile Minn;; in,in. j.
•• -fc ■** ****• *•*• '*•• ***• ••*' ***• *•* ■** •** * •*• •*■ ■*- *■***• •***■ ***** ■*■**■ *■***■ *•**■■ ■•■  —  —   ■


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