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The Prospector Feb 16, 1907

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 n ;-JV7i.-,, a. ^; r'—
Voi. J.V.
W^iat the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the   Welfare
of the Uity.
A special meeting of the city
council wus hold on Thursday
evening, There were present
his worship the mayor and alderman Ryan, McCowan, Pink
and Hiekeiibiithaui.
It was moved by alderman
liickunhiiiliuin. seconded by alderman Fink, that the furnishing
and other necessary arrangements in connection with the
pest house be left in the bauds
of the medical health officer aud
the health and relief committee,
The matter of arranging for
ihe board of persons quarantined
to be left in the hands of the
mayor and the health and relief
The following resolution  was
adopted by  the  local  board  ot
health:    "The    medical    health
officer bo empowered  to  relievo
from quarantine,  according   to
tho provincial  health   act,   thei
following persons,   L. C.Stewart,  N,  Chapet,   C.   McDonald.'
Jas.  Kennedy,   C.   11.   Kuoeke, j
Win.  Neil and others   he may
find    therein      under      similar
The council adjourned at 12:
45 a. m.
There aro a groat- many people
who aro under the impression
that Elkmouth is a wilderness.
However had Ihey been present
on the evening of tho 4th inst..
at Malcolm Mclnnes' mill when
an "At hoine" was given by Mr.!
and Mrs. Mclnnes in celebration
of the anniversary of their 20th
wedding day, that .impression
would havo been entirely removed. The guests over fifty
in number began to arrive at
about f-SO, and tho number
would have been largely increased hud not thoso invited,
living within a few miles of tho
place, been kept at home owing to
the inclemency of the weather.
Dancing and singing were indulged in and every one enjoyed
themselves to the utmost. Mr.
and Mrs. Mclnnes were the life
and soui of the party and did
everything in their power to secure the comfort of their guests.
Supper was served at midnight,
after which dancing was indulged in with renewed vigor.
and kept up till 4 o'clock in Ihe
morning, when a general move
was mado for home, everyone
expressing themselves as being
delighted with the kind reception thej received and the good
lime they had and wishing Mr.
and Mrs. Mclnnes long life,
health and prosperity. Tho
host und hostess of the evening
wore tin- recipients of many
handsome and costly presents
in china, the ware called for on
occasions of this kind, ev
idoncing the high esteem in
which they are held by the
people of the district, Mr. Modules has been in llie country
for ill) years and has always
borne ihe character of being a
nmn of tlie strictest integrity
and honesty. Ho is a business
man of the very best ability and
in all his ventures has been ably
assisted by his worthy wile.
What "Bill" Templeman Said
In a recent speech, mado by
Mr. Templeman, we find the following extracts which are ol
interest to the people of this
province as they express the
opinions and acts of Mr. Templeman one of the seven members
from this province in tlie Dominion House;
Mr. Foster—"May 1 ask the
Minister what ho was rending
Mr. Templeman "From the
minority report of llio oominiss-
ion appointed by the legislature
lo inquire into lhe Kaien   Island
scandal.   That  minority  reporl
was presented In the House,
Mr. Foster **lla> ii boon
Mr. Tomplomaii    "I  think so;!
I have ii in u newspaper report."
These statements are just as
true us the following one niaile
by the Mini*lei', re the election
lately held iii this province:
"If there is one thing more
than another whieh is going ti
defeat tho McBride government
it is the h'aien Island scandal.
That will have more effect in
turning thai government out of
power on February 2nd., next
than anything else in ils record."
"Ilill" is not n prophet nor the
son of a prophet as the people
of llritish Columblu remarked
on February 2nd. The above is
a sample of ihe statements used
by tlio Ottawa machine to defeat
an honest provincial govern*
May Soon have  an  Opportunity
of Revising Membership
of House
There is a mighty wave of
public opinion in regard to the
aggressiveness of corporations
running in this Canada of ours
these days, It linds its expression on the streel. in tlie columns
of the non-corporation press, in
meetings, and, most of all, in
the minds and conversation of
the common people. Hut: this
great wave of public opinion
linds little expression in the par-
1 lament of Canada now in session.
The house of commons is oul of
touch with the people.
The people will soon have an
opportunity of revising the membership of a house thai is supposed to voice their views, but
whieh as a matter of fact, voices
the views of the corporal ions.
A wholesale dropping of tho
men now in the house will be
very much In order. Parliament
is full of poor men gone wrong.
The country will make no mistake In a wholesale house.cleaning at the earliest duto.
This is the time to begin public meetings to discuss the grout
public issues. Lei the mon at
home these days hold tho meetings, state their views, and let
thom give the younger men the
chance to stale their views and
offer themselves for service.
Who is chloroforming the ancient and honorable practice of
public mooting? Who are the
inon who do not wish to meet
the people, who do not wish to
declare themselves on tho vital
public issues of these days?
Parliament needs a lot of new
blood uud the people will  make
no mistake in searching for it.
Toronto World.
To investigate Lumber Combine.
(ittawu Tlie followingspecial
committee was appointed to invest'cute tlie charges made  in
tlie house n! il sislonoo of uu
alleged lumber combine in the
West, Introduced by [■lori'on of
Thos. Greonway (Lisgar) Liberal; Win. Sloiiii (Comos-Atlln)
Liberal! Dr. Mclnlyre (Strath-
conn Liberal. (I. II. Mclntyro
(Perth) Conservative; (loo. W.
Fowler (Kings and Whorl) Conservative-John Heron (Pincher
Crook) Conservative; ti. A.
ScluilTiier (Souris) Conservative;
W. E. Knowlesl Assiniboin West)
Death of Mrs. (Ilia Staples.
A telegram was n ivod  nt
Oranbrook Saturday hist stating
llllll Mrs. Otis Staples had died
iii a hospital ut St. Paul on Fri
day from the otl'oel of an opera
lion performed recently. The
funeral was held iu Stillwater.
I he hoine of Mr. and Mrs. Staples.
Mrs. Staples luul iiiiiiiv friends
ul Cranlirook who will deeply
regret her untimely death
Visitor   Here and There   People I
Who Dome to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
A. D. Aboil ol' Toronto was al
the Cranbrook Friday,
W, .1. Hales ol Morrissey wie
iu tlie city Thursday,
(i. Carricl* ol' Wycliffe was in
lown Tuesday
H. Scarfe of Bi'iintford was in
t ami Wednesday
13. .1. Clayton ul* Marysville
was iu the city Wednesday.
II. C. Woods of Vancouver wus
in lown Thursday.
The Provincial Legislature
will meet on March 8th.
,1. W. Cullii id  (I,   Fliggins
ol Marysville spent Tuesduy iu
H. Jones and II. Darling of
Wardnei'.were transacting business al Cranbrook Tuesday.
F. .1. McMahon anil .1. Mc
Tavish of Moyie were transacting
business ut Cranbrook Tuesday.
Ceo Laurie uf tlie Creston
Lumber Co. was at Cranbrook
Friday en company business.
Mis L. B. VanDecar, was "at
home" lo a large number of lady
friends Thursday.
Clias. IClingersinilh of Elko
was a Cranbrook visitor this
H. M. Burrow and ,1. Cham*
ings of Fort Steele were in the
city Friday on business.
Mrs. Sopherof Kimberley was
visiting   friends at  Cranbrook
this week.
Ll. Benedick and A. Smith of
Mayook were at Crunbrook this
week on business
Constable A. A. Ward of
Marysville was in the city Tuesday on legal business.
A, Lucas, of Kaslo, provincial
assessor, was ut Cranbrook this
week on official business.
Horn, at Kimberley, on Satur
day February sth, to the wife
of Mr. W. Clayton a daughter.
D, M. Grant and W. Jackson
of Feruie wore guests at the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
J. Margau of Sirdar, H. Tutor of
Brandon and G. W. MacKenzie
of Montreal were registered at
tlie Cranlirook Saturday last.
II. M. Fullertoii, and Fred,
Ritchie of Victoria, and Vi. J.
Holmes of Kaslo, were registered at the Cranbrook   Thursday,
The young ladies and gentlemen are taking advantage of tho
beautiful moonlight nights and
aud splendid sleighing.
Conservatives all over the Dominion ure sending congratulatory telegrams to Premier McBrldo.
Pal more Hros. have the ropu
itution lor doing the highest
'grade of tinning, sheet metal
I ami blower pipe work.
II. II. Ross, II. A. Blair and
D, II. Ilell'ord of Fernie were
registered at the Cranbrook
0. H. Pollen, president ni the
Kootonay Central railway company loft on Tuesday on a business trip to Golden.
The Evangelistic services iu
llie Methodist Church are attrae-
I ting good audiences each  even-
| ing this week.   Tho interest is
jinoroaslng from night to night.
These services will be continued
nexl   week.     Sunday  ovening
will   be  speeial   along this line:
The subject  of address is   "A
safe investment."    A chorus  of
2f>  voices und an orchestra will
provide tlie music.   The public
is invited.
P. M, Ogllvlvoof (ittawu. A.
0 McCot'koll ol' Nelson, and A.
Robson of Edmonton were regis
tercd nt Hie Cranbrook Tuesday
.1. I). GaulthierofSherbrooko,
W, Donald uf Nelson, and ll. ti.
S'-uii uf Winnipeg were regis-
toi'cd at the Crunbrook Wednes
ti. Miller of Revelstoko, C.
Cameron of Creston und G. I,.
Richardson ul Swift Current
were guests ui ihe Cosmopolitan  Wednesday.
I. II. Wilson ol* Wardner. A.
Burwell of Drydon, 11. Black-
stone of Fernie and C, Junes of
Nelson spent Snndii*, lasl iu
.1, .1 Liiwerence. II. .1. Mac-
donald, F. II. Smith. .1. W.
Bennett, and W. H. Grunt, all of
Nolson were transacting business
ul Crunbrook this week
The regular monthly convocation nf Rocky Mountain Chapter
II. A. M.. was held in Masonic
Temple ou Tuesday evening.
The ollicers for the Infilling year
woro installed.
The Wilmer Outcrop, publish*
'd by W. Evans, has suspended
publication. We wonder if in
giving its support to Candidate
Wells, was tho blow thai killed
lhe Outcrop,
First Came of the Wilson  Series
Played Tuesday Evening-
Fire Brigade Won
Tlie first basket hall game of
the Wilson series wus played in
the "Gym" on Tuesday evening
of this week. The opposing
teams wore from the Fire brigade
anil the C. P. R. The former
won out by a good lead, ll
might bo said that the latter had
heen organized on Ihe day previous and thus bud not the practice of thoir opponents, but still
a fast game was played. The
large crowd in attendance was
delighted. The score stood I-l
to 7 in favor of the Fire-brigade.
Last evoning the Banks played
the Town. Every Tuesday and
Friday al II p. in. the games are
Real Estate Transfers.
liealo iV* Elwell. real estate
brokers, report tho following
transfers during the past month,
Goo. ForbestoA. J, Chalmers,
—residence on Fenwick Avenue.
W. E. Noble to W. E. Worden,
residence on Armstrong
J. Sims to John Duncan,—
residence on Dewar Avenue.
0. H. Prest to J. G. Cumining,
residence on Fenwick Avenue
II, VanDecar to John Shaw,—
residence ou Martin Avenue,
R. S. Huron to G.   M.  Harris,
residence on Norbury Avenue.
Kootenay Central Railway.
The prospective building of
tile Kootenav Central railway
lhis year, is of great benefit to
the miners of tho Windermere
District. A large amount of
development work has been
arranged ror, and tho output of
oro will be materially increased.
It is reported thai before snow
flies the road will bo completed
to the mines of this districl, and
working mines that hnve heretofore been unable to got their
ores lo mitrltol withoul consider'
able cost iii transportation and
labor, will be enabled to increase
their output and market their
products with profit.
Standard Moves to Ornish.
Finillny. (».. Fob, I.'i. Motions
to quash the iudicnienis recently
found against the Standard < hi
Company Jolin D, Rockfnllow,
| the liuckoyi! Pipe Lino 11 is main
tallied that lhe indictments are
Indefinite iiiiiI are not made
with sulllcieiil certainly looniiblo
llioalliiriii'.vsio properly prepare
a defence, and thnt the Indict*
ments are in u single count, while
several iillcnccs are charged. The
mot Inns are al hearing.
A Coal Creek Miner  Caught
tween Moving Car and
Rocky Roof of
nphatic Rebuff Gii
Ottawa Machine.
in? their   lands.    It   would
well to preserve ihe   groat   fc
ests of British  Columbia.   Only |    An Emphatic Rebuff Given to
lhe largesi of the Iir  and  cedar
trees are    taken   ami   only  the 	
better  portion   of   those.    The     The swooping victory of  the
ilungled  brush  thai  covers  llie Conservative party and" the vin-
What might havo 1 n another |socallptl "loggcd-off" lands pro* dication of  Premier  McBrlde's
sents the besl possible opportn- government in British Columbia
nity Iiu- the spread of forest does not come as much of a sur-
dres. prise to those who have watched
Bul it   is imi   in   the  forests the increased prosperity of the
alone but nt the saw mills whore Coasl   Province of   late  years
inuch waste.    At mosl| Whilst  govern nt  cannot   lay
claim in being the direct  agents
fatality occurred in No. 2  mine.
('mil Ci It, at ti o'clock Monday
evening.   Thomas    Cronin,    a
driver, wns bringing out a trip
of curs when thoy left the truck.
Cronin. who wus riding un top
of tho trip, was caught between
Ihe car and the roof of the tun
noi and crushed in a terrible
manner, lie wns ul once removed to the Fernie hospital
where he received medical al
tention. The doctors entertain
strong hopes for his recovery.
Canada Wants 60,030 Laborers.
Winnipeg, Foi,. Hi. The
Hoard of Trade estimates that
upwards of sixty thousand men
will bo required for railway work
in Western Canada during the
coming summer. Where this
largo force of workmen is to lie
obtained is tho question which,
is giving concern to contractors
who are anxious to complete the
contracts already undertaken,
I'he information Hint so many
workmen will lie required and
thai 'they will be paid high wages
is welcome news to the agents
engaged in Iho work of inducing
immigration and to those who
are interested in tho growth and
progress of Western Canada. At
tho lowest estimate the Canadian
Northern Company  will require
mills n largo lire I
year's end lu year's end •oiisiun-
ing the waste, nf coursu us
liuiiii of this wast,- is sold lu llu'
people iu the vicinity of the
mills for firewood as they will
buy ut very reasonable   ligures.
British Columbia Strongly Against
Crab of Indian Lands for 6.T.P.
Vancouver, Fob. 11. No
matter what the Ottawa govern
menl suys about it, the (Irand
Trunk Pacific Railway is nm to j
be allowed to secure possession
of 13,300 acres of Indian hinds in
the   vicinity   "I   Prince   Rupert.
ul prosperity, yet in B. ('. il has
been shown that tho government
has uiade ii possible, uml ad van ■
lag is fur capital tube invested
wiih mul,' confidence than over
before in Hu* history uf the
The Conservative Government
has boon, uiul is. a business gov-
eminent, nmi the uniform opin
inn ul the business men ni the
province wc have come in contact wiih was lhat it was the
best business government British I iolumbin ever had. and consequently from a businessman's
| point of view, worthy of support.
Ami Ihni Ihey have heen fully
supported ami sustained lor thut
10,000 men and they have entered | lion was secured todny from an
into negotiations with all the authoritative source iluu the
labor bureaus in the United I provincial government is now
States for a supply and on tho considering whal   steps it   will
 in,   must   lie patent  to the
These lands were granted to the], „1;,.,„ lli;„.!lin,,  which  sough,
Domini""   by   the   prov tor,,,, ostll*bii'sh „ s ,,. ,,r *„„„„,„,.
•I"* «s ' Um Indians, subject-in Brlt*sl] ,- ,,,,.,.
to .worsionary rights should the j    T|l0 ,,„„,,,,. ,„.„. hll> n ,v,.1.
Indians at 'liny   lime   ceaso   Id
utilize tInon.    In the lace of ihis
condition,   which  is noi   donied
by ihe federal  government,  the!
lands have heen  made over by
,l"' fHd81'ttl intli'"' department io|ngVng\i,oir mvn alTau^, and'say
the railway company,    In forma l*„<,sowi( ,, ;U1V  interference
from .he politicians ai (Ittawu,
wliu, in their desire iu establish
another Federal Protectorate al
luul such uu emphatic rebuff
since its inception iu L89G, and
the warning is a promonitary
sign thai thes" provinces are
fully equal tu the iii^k  uf man -
lino  being  built   from   here    tu
Portage la Prairie another  lu,
000 will (ind work.
take to   prevent   the   successful
carrying out of this raid  mi the
lands of the province,
,    "That drastic measures will be
Maine Anniversary Celebrated,    uilcon lo prov hat   Railway
company entering into posses-
Havana, Feb. 13-To-day is|sion is certain. The provincial
government holds lhe 'big stick'
in more ways fliuii one over llio
railway company, But if ihe
laltor makes a determined   nl*
the anniversary of the blowing
up of the Maine in this harbor
during the night of February 13,
Isiis. The anniversary was observed here by hoisting tlio
American Hag on what  remains
of the wreck of tho Maine and hy j,. H.(,iU|v (,i(,i.,|,l|
a memorial meetiug of American
Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
'I'he total amount of ore ship
pod from the Sullivan mine to
the smelter nt Marysville for
treatment was 1100 tons for
the week ending February sth.
and 8,000 tons for 1907 up to tho
same date.
St. Valentines Day.
St. Valentines Day was observed in Crunbrook and throughout
the district us usual, but there
did not seem to be as much interest in the day as in former
years Valentines of all kinds
were sold in the shops during
tho  pnst   two    weeks    but    the
demand wus lighter than in years
gone by und tho mails were not
hy any mentis overburdened wilh
work on account of valentines.
tempt   to  tuke   the    lands,    Its
agents will iu nil probability, bo
Chinese New Year.
Wlien the new moon ruse on
Monday evoning. the Chinese
now Your, being the thirty-third
of Lite reign of Fniperor Kwilllg
Su.   begun    and    mi    Tuesday j
"Thegovernment will not stand
idly by und allow these lands to
be taken from It," doclarod W.
.1. Bowser, K, ('.., M- L. V. to
day. "When the ugenls ul the
railway enter upon Hie luml thoy
will in all likohood be ejected.
Should thev resist, force will lie
"Prevented from accomplishing Its desire, lhe com puny will
then either havo to throw up the
sponge or else take tlie inilative
in a tight in the courts. Action
might lie taken against the pro
vinclal government mi the securing of a lint, or a suit might be
commenced against tlie eject ion
of the agents of ihe company
"Ill any event  tho  company
Vielui'in have exposed that great
man. Mclnnes, in such nn overwhelming defeat.
The entire Liberal campaign
wus un attempt lu make the
voters of the province stampede
nn a cry nf "I -omiptioti " Nu
nr.'Miineiii other Illllli lhe wail of
corruption were presented tn the
people uf li. c.  as  tn  why  the
Liberals should   I looted   in
power. The discussion uf public iilfaiis has been avoided
throughout the Liberal cum
Well, lhe   inters   have   given
their answer There is nothing
ambiguous uur uie there any extenuating circninslunces whicli
can he ploudcd by tho Liberals.
'I'he pooplo weie satisfied witli
the McBride governmenl uml
sustained them handsomely,
It will lie interesting tu see
what Job Mclnnes will be appointed lu Ini' llie faithful but
ineffective obedience with whicli
he served thomnclilue, Calgary
Canada and theWest Indies.
Halifax, X. S, Fob, 13, The
movement on tool to bring Canada
in closer trade relations with
the West   Indies  has  taken de-
will never occupy these Ind lim I Unite shupo uud to-day u delega-
lunds on Kaien and Div iiy islands lion 'mn. the Boards ol Trade of
ami un the mainland at   Melluk-| Toronto, Montreal, St. .lolin and
Halifax soiled mi the Helena,  ul
tho    Canadian    Weat     Indian
Sti'l!lll-lii|i    Line    fOl'    llie      Wesl
ttlllill till the COIll'l ul lhe highest |
jurisdiction declares iis right,
"Persons who bellovo lie
privy council would uphold iln I Indies Thi", will visit Bermuda,
Dominion goverunianl ami the St. Kills, Anliguu, Si. Lucia.
G, T. I'. In this mutter aroscarco Dominica, Burbadoos, Trinidad
In British Columbia, nnd Demorarii and discuss trado
,  mutters  wiih  Iho loading mor
We ObservO   Tblll chants   nn   these   islands.      The
scheme is one nl'  ihe  most   iin
Chinamen  all over town   woro     Frank Angers, who since Iho portent ovor made for tl Men
celebrating.    Husiness  in    Chi-1election  as  liikntt   'to   ll,.-   lull |slon of Cnnadtis trail.•  with  the
nose qiuii'tors is  suspended   and
the  Celestials   will   "ive   lliom
selves up to Now Year's joys for
the entire week.
Timber Supply.
limliei'. has senl a wireless eniii-! ij,,;,:.,!,   \V,,,|   Iii,lies,    anil    has
nn11,ii'iiii,hi tu the  Herald,  em ji,,,,., 'dially tnkon  up by  ihe
Islng i 'liclo  re  Um   i' nl Canadian   I'uniiiiei'ciai   orguni**
elcciiuii thut  api 'ml   iii   tho alioiiH     It is expected  thai   the
Pros* tor nl lusi week     As wo delegation  will    return   nu   or
have no grapevine wire in ihe ;,|„„,| \in,vi, i>»5tli.
lull limber, nu reply is mado
Tho "Old Man" says tha:  Iho Kilters the Cabinet,
Herald issllll Independent "  Wo —
thought tlml tl was a  Consorvu.     Thos. Taylor, ul   Rovolsloke,
til now  the whip III   the
I     The   supply   of   limber   here
seems     inexhaustible.    Sn      it
Loomed tu the   ponplu  of   New
Knglniul nut  s., long ago,  but  Hv 'f-'au last week
thoy would give in uch today   Im*      Cil I oul I'uli tics ami gol   down | eminent Im s in Ihe logislatttl'l
j the great while pine nnd  spruce to business, suy-   the   Herald,  was lodnj sworn in asu member
logstliey rolled   iu   heaps  und Thai's right,  lml  '"' **'"''' V Ml ablnet, iitlting the port-
burned in the process of ulnar |pi'acllsp what you preach, j folio ol provincial socrolary, i'lll'. PR0SP1SCT0R, CKAN'BROOK B t ..  FKHKUARV  I'V 190"
am,        a, | rruiajBaiu"".-
A. B. 6race,
®he $tvo0^cctov.
SATURDAY. l*i:n. til, WOT.
IT wa- against u combination
of men and money and slander and falsehood that Mr. McBride led his party to victory,
relying upon the sound common
sense of tho electors as u whole
to do him justice for his capable
ami efficient administration, and
to continue him in office that the
policy that had proved so bono-
ticiul should lie continued for
another term at least.
Not only is the result iu llritish
Columbia a glowing tribute io
Mr. McBrldo personally, ami an
expression of approval of his
administration. It is an earnest
of the demand oi the province
for better terms. It isa inundate
from the massol the people lo the
premier to continue to press ip*
on the federal authorities *! e
claims of British i 'ol in bin for
fair treatment and a revision of
the onerous conditions existing
between tho province and tho
Dominion. It justtttes,
justification were needed, his in-
trepid course ul tho ('ttuwii con
fereuce when, rather than sact
fice the rights he wasdetermiuoa
to maintain, he withdrew From the
deliberations altogether, and refused to accept the unsatisfactory
compromise or be placed in the
humiliating position Sir Wilfrid
Laurier was pleased to offer him.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything will do it very quickly
Wc will i|tioti  you
Mens' Boys' snoes
make yoi  Hi nk we never did
intend to pay for them
| in        -■      |'s   Hn     '     If Shoe
:*'"-■■ I'll III-  will    -
51.75.      \   lllll I'll   ul
it   Sl.
a :
Wi 1 mil's
samples ul Ainet icau Shoos
. n,- *,*.. ^e! Pree ol D l\ and
off im' 1 'asl - e am      sii     lu
ista   - -'
■ i-
The public will now await with
interest    llie     -el I lenient       lu      he
made with ex-Govornor Mclnnes
and ex-Judge Henderson liy their
musters ul Ottawa. Personal sue
I'ifices those men mado, mil lur
duty's sake, hut because it was
demanded nf thom liy those in
whom they unworthily owe their
allegiance,     ll   bul   remains   fur
Sir Wilfred I rier tu pay thom
for their services.    The Mcln ;
proposition is  tlie  hardest,   I'n 1
less    he    lie    !'ca |i| mi II led    lu    lhe       ———————
, . , .   ,    . .,, NOTICE.
governorship, which issiiii vac ■
ant. there are a leu billets he I
cm   lill   iu   the   gift   of   lhe   Iln
20111 Gtmui
Brand doming
CIoth i 1 is 1 -   '       -'    '■
'lTiis   lim   w*i
'■* * :
-   .*.
!(.'"'.   - ; ■''-■ -     * I'll   ..'.'
■ Tilt IFWNKa-.O.tSvS
Wi have ;"" Suits ,,| ntlict
ni.iki".  th.11   wc  *.* ill soil .11 -,;■ 511,
S5.5O .Mill S7.5O. I \. * ■ -. 111. it I \ sulil ill
-li. jl '  11.   ,11 .Mill    I   ,.J '. '.
\\, h ive it lnnu h "I Boys Suits
in sell hi 1. ;* -,. Some nl iln tu
i.mIU worth  ,."" nnd 0.1 ki.
Li en the w liiili'Siile cost w ill In-
In 1 sight of,
In   Dress 1 ils, Linens, Table
I .incus, Shooting, etc, we w ill sell
al ci en less th.111 w liolcsale enst.
FURNITURE.    \Ve will
In- pleased to show you unci quote
\ 011 prices mi this particular line
also Carpels.
1 The (nci is simply lhis: Wo are under
heavy obligations lo tho Bunk und
Wholesale Houses and must din' up 11
certain amount of money in 11  limiied
j lotigth of tune Su coiiio curly nnd
listen in uur army of good naiurod
clerks loll yuu the story of iheir lives
and how we turn over the cash each
day to the hank.
N.B. Each day we are putting on a
Come and see what it is.
HILL   &   CO.
1 K iVNBUOOl.,     -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook *      British Columbia
9     I Cranbrook,  ll.C.
*    G. H. Thompson
—sv   li.Mll.'lsTKK & SOLICITOR
~77*t   NOTARY el'lll.le
I'm null,   II.I'.
I   P.L.S.  & CE.
Fort Steele X'.C.
PlujslGiiin und Surgeon
Ill'l-'U'I'*. AII.MS'l'li'ONi;   AVK.
I ton us:   a to 11 u.in. - in 4 p.m.
t In 8 p.m.
I'liiim- OBlco 105    Rostdonoo 109
F. O. E.
9 M.'.'l   evi'l'.v WeillHWllllV
9 hi 8.110 p.in. in V..I..V. Hull
9       \'i>i'iii"   Brotliorn  Cordially   Invltoil
'!' CllAS.   SMITH,  W. 1'ri'siltftlt
M. Ii. 1111.Linus. Socy,
Ur.   < '..llio.   A,-i'li'   I'livsii'iiin.   P.O.
Hus is.
;•;     [ ii,,,,.,,..,,,.,M<,.,,,««,,<.vnV,
if    \*t Rocky Mountain Chanter
*   Iii
NO.  135.   R. A. M,
Regular meetings:- 2nd Tuoa-
ilay in i-iu'li month ut- otght
fttf •<? -£7 V?' •£? -~27 -7Z- -a >£? '6? ;cz? V57 -Ut? v?7^
j i-itm,.- I   iiili-nil
The I llll'l 1  '"i-i
minion  thul  uiil   provide   lum
with  uiiythiiig  liku il 1110I11
lllellls hi' unii' lip       I 'ussilill  1 In1
(iruncl Trunk I'ncilic may  eluim
llis viilualil,' son ices.    As ror e.\
Judge  Henderson,   it   uiil  only
contplotc  Lhe  indecency  ol  bis ,,\H\m, |llt \
retiroiiienl   from  the  bench   lo mil m nnril
I'l'b  •" ' A A
I Ijiiids  uiul    •!
U*,ii'k»iil Vi.'liii'iii, ll.C, for  (11
Ihu fullinvliij! ili-.Ti I   I I-- sililiili'  (/[
in i>|ih'|< i-'i'.i.:. Siiiiili-nimi l< 'iiii) -ii-   m
ii-lel nl  lli-llisli I'ul liln:   i' inun- K[
Illli in  11   I'"--!   plm ldjlliM'111   In Uie   /if
.nulh-i-ilal  'Ui'i'  1 "I Islllli'   Ill-iKltK'   K\
,\,i\  Nu. inw uml  lii'inii   tlie ini-- /f
acaiu nliu'i'   him   upon   it.    Anil ''uhl'veir*    utiun,   ilmnee   em
il is iloiibt I'ul inilei'il if the lioiior ''l"li,wl1"'1 '""' s" '''';"";' "."'"'
iveai mi i'IiiiIiih: ihen irlli su i'liuins
01 tho JllillcllH'V will ue any UIOI'U ,    , |„,,Mllllin niului HO
besmirched by  ins ^oi'.i# bael, |;,,.,.,., ,,„,,.,. ,„■ 1,...
tliltll   it   was   by   llio    tool    nnd '    I nied Nn.. l-llli IIKMI.
i'.ircumsluticos of bis rosi^tnitioi
Winnipos Tolojfrniii.
A. 'I*. 1 nl,i«,'II, I Htm'
(I, M. .lu.lii.  Agent.
l-sl    [llllUlod   mii:
Tho grout  slogun   raised   like \''r'" "
it voiee iu tliewilderiioss, 'iliiuds
oil' ol* llr'uish Coliunbiu'  luul  its  i   j
etl'eri duritif! tho campaign just eiuuna
'I 'i
How to Build Up Yonr 1 k^ootenag gteel Range
System Al
Emulsion of
God Liver Oil
Will Do It
'.*}     Sojourning  Companions   ure
•B  cordially Invited*
j| WM. to. Tatk, Scribe E.
^       BOX 4       ORANBROOK, B. C.
Gotit't Cranbrook 8943
MKK'I'S   -iN'li   ami  I'l'll   'ITJBSDAYS
Visituui   1,1','ilieni   eoriliiilly   Invited
0. !!..   A. MoCOWAN.
Seereiiu'v. T. MABSHALL
And   Your   Cooking
Troubles will Cease
l''ti|; SALE BY
PATMORE BROS. "°m"e£:XT'"'*m
l,. nl,      ' lot     I UUI
eil mi ju* 0$    til'titi DRUGS
J   t%
,1 llllll",   HI
■ •'   ■ "     ■ •     " ' "I     Jt^si
W   'I
'I'he followitif; extract trom it
recent editorial in tho Pernio
Ledger is tvorthy of consiilerublo
notice "And after u iuggl nj;
trii k, by which the I .ihoral purl v
wus hopelessly swumpod." Why
don't llio Lodger give to •- .,
renders u full ticcoiint ol
juggling  trick   which    il ifi it I id
the   Liberal   pari}    in    I' i n't    '""
Was  il   tin     '
nomination thnt |ilaj ed the I >
ens with the l
i # f
- #   f
1 # C. E. REID & CO..    f
A Phone  7 4 tJt^Q   Dl'UgglStS. $
*Am^*     **m*'»      *maty9
! Gdioarij Game Go.
Fresh und Stilted Meats
Kish anil Poiniry in Season
PINK ST ATI ON l'l 11V    W
inSI'ENSINCl   OUH   SPECIALTY. #: \ "nll"'s ''y ",;,il wi" '''"'"'"' l"''""1" "ml rororul
r '
I, . - ii, n
Wo are inch I to bel evo thu
now,  the elect ions  be ng
that the C.  P.   H
■■utii "ii Mill owt
work "u  1 lie   ICoi ilena -   Centra
Municipality of City of Cranbrook
Ni,i,r<- in- li, , ,-i.y glvon ! Iiiii nn Muu
l|»y, Miipell IStll.11107, Hue Lhn UniU'l n
KcvIhIuii  Iiii   ilie  Monte n.iihy ol the
City nl Crnnlii it II   C     '-III   be   lixli
in tlm C" in,'   '   1*1   >■ j a on ' Iin   uli.- <
iluu. al I" 110 «  i il   lllni'    '"i   tin
pill imHe III J'-'.-iaiJir   ' le    i    OH  lu- III   I'lll!
ul the City "I Ormibrouli     l'l n
in,; e,,[ii|llllilll-'ll|!'""   Ulii-lffclafl      -    III
nr,- re mil to t'»'" ,|1''"   I'I'ouhi- in
i he lunula nl the City l llei \, ■- n il*y m
iii'ovloii" In lhe Itrnl altilng ol thnOi ri ,,,,
,,i Kev i-iiin i   "
lluleit kl Urwiliruuk Ilil"  uth  il«J   o
|''i.brukry HiOi
'I'linn. M. Itolmi'i-
7 IJ. M. C. I Nm
■|„-„  \t  .1 ilil
UI..M.I-.US   l\*
General Merchandise anti Groceries
Employment Agents
■.an got Pi fly to One II I rod Men   by  applying  It
ihis '■ puny     HOP YUEN Agenl
Post Ollice address Quong Vuuli Co. Hos K7I,
Phone '.ill Cranhrook, H,C
* .........
i *
| Tailor % Importer of *
■?       Fine Woolens.      I
Order by Phone 'IS
iiiTonsoriai. Parlor
i'ul iiiii' iimi u n it ihinv iiu vs  I   In loud •£
npply In Uu' (.'lilt'l (.'om li 11 irn lull li r "1 l.itti.l, jfc
„i Wurks inr ii Npui'lul Ik'nm-u Ki i'iii iiiiiI ; I
ri v :i.\ iiy ilinlii'iiii'in tliufiitlowlliBili'ni'illioil ( E
inl In SoiillioilHi Kiinii'iiiiy t
I'oi iliniim IlLlI |«Wl   |i|lllll«il  Oil  Lilt!   Wt'*\   E
i.l, nl Klk rlvnr iilioiii  1  mllu  vo Koitml   E
I'tilrlP. LhnlH'ti WL'Ht   in i'IiiiIiih,  ilir-n.-.* imiili J t
.irlilillin Lllflifu OHHl 10 i'linin-. mot ' Ir
tin' bunk nl i;ik rlvur, thviifi* followlii'-mi
i  Lu
■     . . ■
'.im I |    '    ■        ■    ■
i  In .ii". »V»rh    tl      i-tni       II    ■      In    |)i -
lull '     li Kii"l Khi.Li
 IIH'lii   IIKKl III"
We '  ii l nl Uil
i   ii  i . ■    ■ . ■      -
. ,-.,'■   ,,, ■ .....*",
Centrally Loeatod Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Unclci*  New   IMiinaiiicmciit
MINI'lttAI. A< "I*.
Vii'tnriu    ami   illthilon    Mineral
riors ("i  minim;   '■•
,,, -. ,'iiuii	
,     ■ „r. u
in ilir I     j  l iillln
.,   Ui„iin   I
HI \s ullMl, KN'KIIIUI
linrlil liM-.-i,	
Whim \mi w;tni   it   iniiiil ui
pliint   i"  slop  r ■ in ihel ,,„'
! lllll 1,1(1  I HlllTS.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
Wc Give You Your Money's Worth
.,- I     , in Suulli -ml,- nl St   Miii v-
ini- Hint I 'l'h,i- T Mr* uili- i'iii
nilli'iil,• Mil Uliaii iii'Viii Im liiiiii-mi
I M r Nn llllllll 1111,1 I'tiliviii'il \
i-,- l||iii,i'a Ci'i'lllli'iili' Nu it.ii'i'
Mi    lIlll'H   iii'iii   llm   a    Inn I |
Pol ii Cunt innl Cli'ioi Stuivn
Or il Pi-i-ti'i't Hair Cut
A Hul. or Chi Hull,
™ Walter B.Laingi.iVuuN.t
linker sir, ,•!, Criniliriink, H.t',
as Granbrook, B,C.  AruiBti'onij'Avo
sii'iun   lluili'i'. nml t'lirniii'i' Wiirk n
Cnst and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.  Granbrook, b.g.
Boot SI106 Maker
All Work (luuriinleod
New Work Made lo Measure
Armstrong Ave.   Rll^'ilS	
City Scavenger
Parlies having back yards,
and closets to clean, and refuse
mat tor to bo taken uwuy, should
leave orders with nmi
Mrs    Hklnn  TEACHER OF THK
Ib.   nibiop PIANOFORTE
S| ial  ill,'iiliuli lo loiieli,       I    I-.OIIVU oi'ilui's lit iln-rily Clerkmillt
leilini.    phrusin-   and        m'ilt'iip a [iQntid cn-il In Box lui"
Ltrailine. ol' sludies,
I'm' inilii,'iiiii i~. ii|i|il.i in <'. K. Ili'lil S
i'n„ 'I'li,' |ii'ii"''i-.i--.
flood Work
.,;     „ ,	
,„,„||„, ,,„,!..»
1    ll  I'l'llllll'llll'lll
Illllilnvn ue.
T T. Mi VITTII't A»i
TAKK N'u'l'K'l'',  Hun   thirty   cln>VH
nlii'i' ilnli' I inl,-ml U) apply Iii lli,'('lil',.f
i'iii iiwiiiiiur ul IjiuiiIh I Wiirlfi, lor
|iticniImhIoii in i-iii. nml oarry away
ilinlior inun tin- I'nllini'iiur (toHorlliod
IiiiiiIh hi Suulli Kaal Kooluuay;
.. , i.   ■, i '' "iicliiif at, a post, plantod at tho
Carpenter    ■     Rllilller    Nnrth.woHt cornor of Pat Kolly's pro.
i-inpi inn in  Knur Mile Crook, tlionoo
IIOI'I'll   I   Ulilll.  llll'l WI'Sl I inill'. I 111,III','
niiuili 1 mill', tlioi at I mllotoplaco
ul I 'liuiiii,Mli't'llielil.
lOffico and Workshop   Lewis StI   !""""'""" y;",!-11""7 .,
1 ' |    i A. If. rouwlok, THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   B C, FEBRUARY  16,  19
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦<♦♦♦ *****9*************tr**a  fi^u, |lv*c>0j.H'Ctor
1   Vt( \ R T QT Ih' P 1 P i —==—=
r U M. I       O 1 i-J l-J J-J i-l { SATURDAY, ITU. W  li«'i.
BREWING CO., LTD. !   " «-»»•■».
there is also evidence ot the
was seen oil' by a host of friend.'
Ambassador Brvue Hails
♦     Quebec,   Peb.   12    Owing  to London, peb. i;;    Mr.  James
MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS ol' EXTRA PINE    ♦ the supplies of graphite in Cey* Bryce the new ambassador Erom
_^              n/AnTl^D               ♦ don having nearly  become ex* this country to the United States
BriJbK     W     I  UK I. lilv               I httusted the discoveries ol large Sailed for New York to-day,    lie
J deposits in  this   province   are vvjn  present  i,is credentials to
SOU'   BY    THK   BARREL,  KEG OR   BOTTLED    ♦ looked upon as a matter of great President Roosevelt at   Wash-
...                              ♦ importance to the country,    As ington on the 21st.    Mr.   Bryc*
Bottled i>ccr lor family *
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
Port   Steele  Brewing Co.. Ltd.
U***************4t.**9*99********4******^*' p2nZ7\l tho lallerpl   principal     speakers     intimated
****.*.********<* ************'!T!::|^I":^!?:'.'::1'',;,, thol'ois|s'rong,i'lh' """"""'"'"
the province and calling on the notice.
government    to    increase    tbe I  T",e^<'«"">" '*-">*• '" »""
numbei'    Of     Schools    aild     give   S* al License • <• cut nnd can -       .        ■"•■'
, , .        i ,.     .... from Oie following dewrlbed  lunds   i   h;t-i
oottemluitati '' facilities,  ,, ,,i.„„i.iiiui-.-
*********-****** **********
Chief Commluioner of Lnnita unit ,\ j: tm A*
Irounlie follOKlns ■lenerlhed  l«i.,l-  In   KM        g      lj   11 A    1   K A   I, I I  U   1    lit L«      i
l>. O. BOX 812
luiiisiion ol tin-supply in Havana wl„,   wislj,,(|   ,lim   „God   sp„t,tl"
ii now looks us ii' the world will ftm, Buceess in |lis new mission.
have to depend   for its supply — .
^ from the uew graphite regions Objection to English Channel
♦ here.    Mining  lias commenced j Tunnel.
9 in Lain lli- ami u  large grinding 	
. and refining mill is ready tostart London, Fob. 13,    At a meet-
f Calntnut, which is in  the same ingofthemembersofthelinperial
♦ region, and at Bunklinghara still tnstitude lasl   night  the Secre-
wiili,  hus l 11 tury for War, who was one of the
Marysville, B.C.
c. Harris ]h\:z::
class of Real Estate and Farm properties
9, some lime mixed  with  the ore tho Clin I Tunnel Scheme, and
Jl:. but millions of dollars are to he would do all in his power to have
J^ expended in machinery la re- the proposed l>ill opposed at
« move it. every stage ill the House ol' Lords
*t'-.; and Commons.
A i Coaling Record. 	
v ■ j ' NOTICE
j*";     London, Feb. 12.—The battle*    ,„ , *    .
3t'z Take notice tlmt nl
S„ ship King  Edward,   tlnushtp of I piy io iim cutoi nam,
£ the Atlantic tleet bus ml.
*£,' tons of coal in
*  live    minutes.
ne  huiir  forty*
Employ merit   Office—Call at once     ^:: livo    minutes.      The   previous
and you will set a job. SI highest record was that  of the
„ .hours thirteen  minutes     Moth ll10"™*■"» imtns.tticn,
asl io nn if i'linin iiii'iu.
.     vessels coaled Irom   the   lloatlllg     n„i  imu iron,
Muker    t.    City Transfer Go's. Office   Craubrook,B C
9***********W' *********%*** I depot ul Southampton.
9 9 <■   * »♦<■♦<- > « *>'«*> eo    Edward VII  Opens Parliament.
Goliath,  or   the  Channel
1080 tons were shipped  In  five j iiujihl*norm iiii'tmius, ihi-m usi m oimtns,
III   I'llllillS
liiys 1 iiui'iiil innl,
ner "t  l.iimli 1Mi,i
1,1    ,'llt    llllll   ,',IITV
uwuy liuilii'i- (i-.iiu llio folloil'Illirduilul'llicu* Illllli
ill Sillllll, Usl K„„|L'll:iy;
Com Ill-tUK 111 11 |10Ht lililtlli'il llliiillt ,|ll.llti'|-
ui ii mUu lnnu wlioro tlio u-iujoti rouil ,'t',,-s,'.s
i:,i,ii ereek on llio wesl -i,lt' ,,i  Illli river.
Ulilll-,- MHItll tu eliuins, llii'lu-i-wesl sili-liuins.
llii'iii'i'in,rili lui'liiiiiis. tlieneo west in i'liuins.
A.*:*: «*♦.« .*• <*•♦-.*•
£ The Painters, Paperhaugers, Etc.
ft *   OF   9
Remember we carry tlie only slock of IH00
papers in Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds of Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
London,     Peb.
Id ward opened   I
dav with  I'nll  state
j   Tii It u not I i-u tlmt ufter ihlrty iiu,vs I Intend
\jT\ntr Uniuiply to tlie Chlof OonimbwlonorofUnilRmirt
'"" | Wmi;-. ni Vlotoriu, lur a special licence to cut
Edward opened   Parliament  to- nmi curry uwuy timber from the foiiowim,-tie-
A?  I tUt>       tt  1 1 II       I Ul I       .■*,! ,1 ll'   1   l'l  '11I1PI1IH I.     I '    ' I •        V J .'
v ' ' Ing.       ill      ii      pnsl      plant i'li       lii'iir       Mie
^   Ho was accompanied  by  Queen noriiinuacorm-rot loi imioontiic west bnnh
A    Alexander    Who     occupied     Llie   otlsmrWur. thence  west 40 chuins. fhoiico
<t   second throne in   the  House of 1,.^ 10 uie west bnnh of rciic river, theuce
\*l    Lords.     All the high   officers   orfo,lowlnW^I((ll,»»^»l'«trnHni to theph.ee  of
# the slate  were presenl   in  full    sm*. mh. nm
4$ dress   and   I he scene   wns    ti j
<, brilliant  oue. The king  reatl|
■J-& his speech       from
Commencing ax h post planted • ' ■
west uf White river, close tu No ".', in He posl
nt f p. it east bounder*! ol block l.** euci
.-iitrtii "Oi'intins: tbeneeeasi w ohiiins. ihenee
•nuiii SO ehaius, theuee west »i chain* to place
ol beginning.
Dntetl this ffltli, ilaj ol Dec   I «fl
1' Jensen   Locator.
Take Notiee thul l iuteutl i" apply to the
OhiefCemiulsslouerof Lauflj- und urorka fora
Special Ucense to eul and earry uway timber
from tbf followInK desorlbed lands in Host
Kuutenuy District llvltisli Columbia
MCENSti   C.
CointneueliiB* nt a past pluntod on the wesl
side of White rlvor. jolniu-* license A, on the
south: thonee south 160chains, tbenee east 10
chains; thouce north im chains., thence wen
in chains to place »-r beitliiniue.
Dated thtsillst, iluy of Deo. I»0C
1 i' Jensen. Locator.
Tuke Notice thai  J  Uiieml to upplj tn
Chior Comlsslouorot Lauds and WorhK h.. *.   -rt     .      ...      .,
Speeiui Llcenso to eut aud carry away timbci   COrnfOrtQUle   KOOIUS
Hum Mir following described lauds In KaM
Kootenay District, llritish C'oluiuhln:
Commcnelnu nt a posl plantnil ut the
east cornel  ol  lleenso  C:   ibence sn
* __
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
9 9
The Li'iiilins Hotel ol the St.
Mary s Vn  • j.   N'iee unv ins
newly   furiiished.       'I'iii.!,-    us
un.1,1 us un . in Kootenay.
Cosy and
Headquarters for
Mining Men
; ibe
-l I
: llict
Mt I-
Tttho Notiee thai sixty days after date 1 intend in ;ui|iiy iu tho chief Commissioner of
Liiml'-uml Works ui Victoria for permission
toiHirolinsotlto followliiB described lumls In
Soulh Ensl Kootonay:
immeneinu nt a posl plunteil at tlio south-
: eornor uf Loi ItMH, Uroup 1, Kootonuy Dis-
I ii'b-i, theme north twenty chains, thence oust
[ forty-live ehnlns more or less to the western
of Lot 20*111, Munce south fifty eluiius more
lor loss followinit tlio western line oi hot anil
fl I,     ', , n    .        ,      ,       , j lo the bunk ol tbe St. Marys river, llience
ty  be   introduced   in    both    houses  following saUl hunk inn westerly direction to
w  during   the    coming    session, Uhe place or uo«iuninu.
U    „,..,,,   . , ,       ,, Dined ilils.llHt.diiynf Doeemhor IWHI.
<$| While    driving    through    the], wminm stupb
throne which si'i forth that
his relations with I'oreignpowers
were of a most satisfactory
;>ff i nature. He called on the Lords
w nnd commons to give duo and
;^ careful consideration to ihu very
y | important measureswhich would
I., w.
chains, theuce nasi   liiehalns tn place ul  In-1
Dated this -Jiid. day nl Jan, Ifliff.
i e Jensen, Locntur.
TnlJo Notice iimi I Intend to apply to llie
Chlof Commissioner ol Umids anil Works forn
Special LlceuhO to ont and carry uwuy timber
from tin' rollnwlny deserlheil luutls in i:a-i
Kooteuuy District, llritish Columbia:
Coinmcuclnu. at h post planted mi (Vd»r
creok,JoinhiK lii-enee D. on the «i-si side;
tlieneo north IW) chains; tlience wesi lOehahm*
thenco south inn chains; thence east Kl elniins
to place ol begining-
Datotl this Snd. day of .Ian. l«ff.
I r. Jensen. Locator.   \
Take Notice Moil I Intend to apply lo thu
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works nu-»
Special License to eut and earry away thither
train  llie   following   deeribeil  Infills  in   Mast
Kooteuuy Dlstrlot, llritish Columbia:
Commencing et a post  plumed on Jensen
ereek, about 'i miles south of license I'.: tlionco
north inn ehnlns: thenee wesi-10 chains: (hence
south bill elm ins; Ihenee easl 10 chains to plnee
of beginning.
nmed this «nd. day or Jan. IM7,
I p. Jenseu. Lpcnior.    '
Tune Notlco lhat   I  Intend  to apply  In Hie J
Chlol Commissioner of Lauds nml Works fora
Special License to em nmi miry nwny tlmbor
frou. the following desorlbed   lunds  iu  Mast
Kootenay District, Drltlsb Columbia;
.notng »i n posi plnnleil nt the unutli
Royal Hotel
A, P. CHENETTE. Manager
Maryssville, B.C.
'I'I,,- HUOVC! Iml,,I Iki- liw
i'li Ihrougliuul. Tin- Iiiii
Liquors nml CiRtu's
■I'l-i'tiilv oi'pctod, nml noatly rurnish*
supplied  will,  tl,,-  besl brands ol
nm i'lmlna, llionc
Dn toil Hits SiiiI, Uiiyol, Inn,
1     1 CRANBROOK     I
I       * HOTEL re j
jfe'Guests l/Ointorl a Specialty   Goad Stabling in Connection:
Nuaresl to mil roud depot.    Has necomino-
editions   t'or   tin-   public   Lttiec[iiullcd   in
j|lIol and Cold Baths Proprietors i
t io chains lo plm
 "" •'*" l'*""- ' "'    ">"■' — ""'       lUfy /ni
st oornor of licence   to: ihenee  uorih \>:u   i^^Sg^^^j^^^^^:^^.<-   ^^^^^'^^^^^^^f-Jj
!■•«••.•»«••■■«•"•■••••"• .At9"*~*"*~9"*~*"*'-*' ■•••9-*-m..*..9.9:9"9"9—"*—"**9>>'9"*-9..*.*,
We Want You
79-9.9:*:.'9\9\9\9\9 .9*9 ♦. '.9.9::9\o:*>\9..9'J*y':'-9:M^i9:i*9;.
Take Notlco lhat sixty dnya ufter date I Intend to apply i" the Ohtef cominiMHlonei' ol
Lands uml Works at Victoria H G*. for permission to purchase the following deserlho'. lands
In Soutli East Kootonay:
CommcncliiK ;it a post on the southern boundary of Lot ;«tl u. duo north of the northcasl
oornor of Lot HfHii U; thoneo wesi si chafnii
moroor less inkiiii; hi ibe fraction: thence
sou ih lOuhaliisi thoneo east 80 elm Inn; thence
nonh ID chains to tin' point of coinmenconu tu,
exceplhiK therefrom so mueli us may be iu lhe
boundaries uf Lot llrtll aforonald.   in aliort the
lumls form 'rly covered under pi mptlon ree-
erdi'i'isl'ouliiliiiiu*,.'0inioi'i's more or lr*s.
Dalud ni T'ori Steele this tilth day of
.liinuiiry   1007.
Edmund .foseph Walsh,
.liwi'pii Walsh, \i-ih
ADIAN .-■■
Fare and One
Third for
Round Trip
I'Yniu Revolstolio, lAii'iilo
unil all itiloritiodialo nml
liranidi line points.
Feby. II to 16.   Feby. 18th
for (totalled Information
apply tu local again*.
Goo, miliar, At"'"' Oiuilirniik.
15, .1. Coyln', A.O,r.A.. Viu ivor
•I. s. OARTI'Ilt, D.P.A., SuIbiiii
Tiikt- uuli,:i- I iiiti-ml in npply to llio
Chief Commlsuloniit' ot l.uniis unit
Works lit \'i,-l,,rin I'm-n ripi'i'illl liivtisf
In imu nnd L'ii"i',v uway liaibci' I'l-om tin;
fotlowinir ili'si-rilK-il lunds situate in
Suulli Kusi Kooteuuy ui-iri.-i H.CJ, .
,   ,, ,  ,   , ,     be presented
A   (,'oiamoncliiK ut a post olantoilon       '
the N'ni'iliii'ii boiiiiilury ot t.ot 1182ut
il>,< aouth   Kusi   uoruor  »'  Lot unlit1
ili.'i ii--, lit) ,-liuiii.a, tlieneo north 8U
i'lniiii, ilii-iii-t- west 40 ,-liiiiiis, thoneo
Hiiulh 10 i'lialns, thenee w,-st mo i-hatns,
tlionco soutli  In ehains to plnee of l"*-
streets of rjondou, to and from
St. James Palace, their majesty*
were loudly cheered by the
populace, the streets being
thronged. His majesty's appearance to-day inaugurated a series
of notable ceremonies connected
with the London season. Tomorrow the king will hold his
first levee of the season In tho
throne room of St. .fames Palace.
A number of Americans are  to
Education iu British Columbia.
Dutcil 1-Vln'iinry 1st, 11107.
,\. it. I'Vmvh'k, Locator
B Commotiolng* at a post pliintctl at
tlio northwest cornel' of Ltoeiiso A nu
the  usi lioiiinliiry of Let 8010, thoneo
nui'tli 811 clialna, tli oast so chains,
thenco soutli 80 ehains, il o - wosl hu
chuins in plucuot Iwifltinliii;,
|lill"il l''olll'IUll',l   1st,  llllll
li ,\. I). Pnmvluk, Locator
- waf *..--.
Nelson. 13. C, Ul Tho third
annual convention of the British
Columbia Association of School
Trustees commenced hore to-day.
George Jay, of Victoria, the
president, received a number of
resolutions materially effecting
educational matters throughout
To Joseph I1. Si'liiniii'lc. iimi tininy
other party or parties to whom ho may
ihvo irniisl'i'tTi'il  liis intorosl  in   tlio
•Blank Horse" "BpsRlnim,M "Musnl.a"
■li'un" mul  "i'i It"  MiiH'rul Claims
sltu'uto on Ua Ha Crank Kasl of Baker
Mountain in iin- Porl Steele MJninjr
Division of I'ltist Kootenay Distrlet, in
tin- I'l-iivinri' nl I'.t'iiisli Coluinljlai
TAKK N'OTK'K that ynn are horoby
required within ninety iluys from the
lirst publication of this notloo to pay tn
iln- undersigned the sum of 1U100-0U tho
amount cxpcntlod iiy him on your Interest in said i'liiiins for lusseesmont
work up to October, MOO.
AND Kni'l'lll'li: 'I'AKK NOTICK.
iluu unless suid payment totjothor with
all costs of advertising, is paid within
the time abovo stated, your Interest in
said claims shall lupso lo the undesigned
on account of said expenditure,
'i'li is notice is given untlor Soution I
of tin-  Mineral  Ael   Vmcndmenl   Act,
Dated tliis i!7lli day of Dooembor, A.
D. 1900.
i2 Harry .Mi-limi
Till;f Noiloo thin I Intend tosipjily the Oldorl
Com m I ss loner of Liimls nnd Worltfl for it .
Speoiul License to rut iimi curry uwuy tlmbor {
rrom tin- followiiiR deaerlbeil limits in Kasl !
LICBNS15 11.
Commonclnw al n post planted ut die noutli-
ivonl cornor -»i lleenso <<■ tlionoo soutli I'i"
i-)in!tis: tlium-o east 10 chains; tlienuu norili
1QU ohnhiHt thonoo west l" uhalns to pluco of
Hided tills 3ml, duy of.Ian. IH07,
•l e. Junsen, fjocutor.
Tuke Notloo Uiul I Intend to apply i» lhn
Chlof Commissioner of Lunds uml Works tor n
Special Licenco to out anil curry uwuy Unihor
from ihe followltiB doRerllmd Itindft In Kusi
Kootonuy niMt-li-t. Hi-ltlsh Columblu:
('ommcurlniful n posl platitcil m tin- south-
eust corner of HoensoO; Mient'c nortli Wlohulnsi
llienoociiBt 80 ohnlns: thenre south wi chains,
tlionco west80 chnlm, to pluco nf hotd'CiiUK.
Dnted llilsilril, daj of .Inn. iwt.
1 to, Jensen. Lucutor.
I'luiiuu'm-iiiL  nt u post ]iliiiiii-,l ub nn ti mllos
Irom east hoiimlnry of C. P. R. mock *l!W. ou I S« .       .
Mm iiorthcusi slile ..'   White  rlvor:   thetiee   5=   UoalCI'S Ul
norlh80cbfttns: tl.oueoeusl m flialns: tlioncc  g       |_ive   StOCk
To come into our store nnd be i onvinced
that wc sell the besl ol meats
nf the Cranbrook people nre doing this
now, and are unanimous aboul the quality
nl our iiiriil^; but ur want \ l )1    to come
in and see us
Dominion Meat Co.
IM Cline
s s
a      hi ni,.,,i,i m loim i>ni'i„'tsi,,>|, m
I  I
Notlco Is hereby itlvon. In nceordnneo with
tin- stnintuh iluu I'rovlnehil Kovunuo'rux nml
iissusseit iiiNi'Miiui Income Tux ussesseil uml
lovloil under tho "AwesBnicni Aef'urodtiuniid
piiyiible mr the year UK)", All luxes collectible
in,- Kori
^z~ 3
Abattoir and Cold Storage s
__                                    al Calgary. Alberta. 2
liwli'lliilus: llicnri- wi-aiw i'lmlna u, (ilac,   S- Z3
TiHntm,ii»-ot,itisi.m,          \£ '•'"'■ I-cnt   I   i     Next Wednes- 3
£ day  February  13th  we have in 2
Szz stock .nni iii transit ;i line miihiK "I 73
a— I  1 -^*
£ Prosli Horrinjr                       Suited l-lc-rrlng 3
g "     Ihihlmi                               •■     Mackerel 2
•£ Sul mi ui                         Kippered Herring ^5
Hi ■•    Whileflsli                       Kin nan Huddle 3
£:     iMionc Y -oi c.                                                         I'HONK 1" ^
I l», .lenuoil, Lot-nit
CommonelnH ut n post plnnleil ui lhn so
eusl cornel nl  MconsO No   1:   llionee  hurt
cliuius; tlionco oust 81) chilns; tlience boiu
ehnlns: tlionoo wost 80 ehulns i» plneo <>i
IHiloil this 5th, ilnyoNnti, iiwr.
4 r. .ii-ii-,'ii. Unit
LlrKNSL NO, :t.
CommenotiiK tn n posl plunteil iilmiii ut
Houthousl corner ol license No. -.': ll:
north 80 ehulns: tlieneo cast 8ti uliulns: lb
■outh ni i'liuins: thonco wesi so elniiiif lo i
oi bcfdnnlnti
Dnted this ritii. nuy ol .inn. luor,
. ,le
| P. Burns & Co. |
i oniiiiriirini- ni a post pluntod nbout ! - mi
son tit ot northwest eorner or   lleenso Mo,
ilieni'i-south im) i'liuins: Ibence eust lOehtilui
thenee north inn cliuius: thonco went lOehuli
to plnoo ot beginuliur.
Dnteil thin Hth, of >l'io. 1007,
i I'. ,1 onion. Locnlor.
Main Office for Eust Kootonay,
Crunbrook. B.C
S£ Head Otli'-e.
5~ Culpary, Alberta ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
W.  Kill.I.INS
Tiil,r N,mn'iimi I Intend to upply to llie
niMiiet ure| Chlof CommlMloiii'i of Lnmls nml worlti nil
n for nspoolnt llconsu tooiti itiitl curry
ll linn,h.
toWrt flll.-s Wnrli
Ml'   tl
SSI now dtmunil pnyiiblouimyolllce nt tho t-<>\-   Victoria for a spool n I llconso to cm nml eurry
S er out ofllees.Cnmbrook, n. c. . nwny Hi >i  trout tlio   followltiH  ilohcrlhud
li   This notlco, in iitiii- oi low  In oiiulvuloui to ' luiulu iu South Kust Kootonuy:
)_\ I ii I'i mnnul ileiniiinl hy me Upon ull persons llu        No. I   CoininoilOlllK  nl ll posl  phint, ■! Ill iln
tworth Hole
!■*< ivi's    liutli     l.nilii's   iiiiiI
I !i-iitli-ini'ii us UiiMili'iitoi-iis Day
Stuili'iils. Iliis a tioitiplnto (linn-
inoi'cliil ni* UuslnoRsCoui'DO, Pro*
pill'OS slilllrllls 111 (i'Iiiii Tl'lli'lllll's'
Coi'llllctilos ul' nil jft'itdoN, In
MlliHiiiiinn with Toronto I'xi-
veuhity gives tin* roili' yours
cout'sfl lur Hu' It. A, ili'f,'i*i'i'. and
tin' lirst  yoni' ni   llin  Toronto
Sclmiil     nl'     Si-ii'llir.        litis   ll
S|l('l'illl       '*lll'IIS|ll'l'llll'.s    I'llllfSI'"
Inr iniiii'i's who wiirli ill It.I'.
Iiisii'iii'iiiuis    givon    in   Art,
| Tons
s l'l „■
nn,!.   ll.C. lllll Oil, ilns "I I cum nl Un
sorial Art «
,.„al talclliltllll III
n-oil lOi'linlin: il
I'. ll,„,l;i-'li,<,'l,a,'l„'lTm.ai','liiili|.
Itlicnal ,,jii„'i "I l.ii
I, WI ,'li
linker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C,
To Whom It May Conoern.
Notlco U lu by glvon tn llio invnoi1
ol mvni'i'siif iiif Iioi'soh mnl i'llllill do
hoi'IIiiiiI hi'i'oln, iluu iln- Block iimntlon-
i'il In llilx iiotluo Inivo sii-iivril upon llllll
now aro on tlio pi'omlsos of llio nniloi*-
ulgtlOll, mnl tin' nun,'i' ni'uwliiil'H in-,-
i->-i|iii'hti'il within Ion ilnyn fi'Oin tho
.'in,- ni ihis notlco, to I'oniovo tho until
hot'Moa   nml    oiitllo    fi'oni   iln-    Hiihl | wtllnoi
" *\&(Bi
Tulte S'otloo iimi   I
nililresHoil io the un
ii'iKiuiit',1.  nn.l   endorsed   "Tomlor inr |>o*
miii'. lVi , ll. C," will be received ul ilil
ilin',- until   M Iliy   I''.'hi'iiiir,v   |K,   ItlOr,   In
Itislvely, inr ti uistrucll t n pnst oilier
,i. r iit'hijM
,\ it i'i nwlrii   A ven
ml U \  I"
its uml WmlisH
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
I rrom ihi' rollowhiH descr
j South Kust Konlenuy
. M.
IMnnsnml Hpeelllcntlonaun
of tender obtained at this Ho
upplle.iiioNioi,' rl A, Kerr   Kwj
Works, I'Vniii- ll.C.
I'oison- ii-i.ilerllirure untlllcd 'hu
ishlenil   lllllURR   muill
nnd lnnu
it  nml <>'
I Iled. Ullll   RlKDOd   Willi   111'
jh n npnulod hy un
lU'l'llliHI's, llili'l- piiytlltf UlO Ulidi'I'slnnml I pi'loiiii iniin
iln- I'.vpriiMt'M lui'iiri'i'd liy  Llintn  111  ml- ,,01V,1    m!'
vai'tlflllig und In reading llie sulil nt'ncikt Uppuul chciiuci>nuoiinriored lmnii nmuepuj'
In Mini! whioh llu' uniloi'Hignod will ilnal! uhlo tn iho order nl the n umhlo tbe Mini*
with Iho nuiii hIm.'K  nnliii'.' In Inw:    I turol i le Work*, uipinl to Lull  por .-''ii
,       I, ,       i .,i*i,,       it, ' (Ml I, r i nl   tli<   iiiniiiini   ,i|   Un   1 Mi    v\hh-|
1 ■'"ll-'' tiny, 2 luml !■"! w     :.,„",.,/: ; , „,.„ ,,,,„ ,,,„,„„,
 il I'lll ' Ui
ao N*«   1. Ill,',,,,' llllll
Comfortable Bedrooms
I ir-l (llass Dining Boom
Sll l-tiullia: llli'tii-i-,-usl Hftl'linlllal tliulll'0 anl.
HlU-lllilllh   II ■>' "i-.l    Hll i'llllill-  III   |,l,i,','
Iluli'il .Inn  '.'Illi   I	
,i r. iin.i,','
A   II l'Vi,',l,'l,    Annul
Tllldl S',,11,,' Unit I  ii'i  m I'l'IHy  lo i
Ciller rni laaliillin ul 1.11,1,1* I VViii'Iih tin
'.imi'hil Ik'iinaii limiil   nii'l ''iiirv a,,,,, tlinli
imu, iiii'iniliiuiiic ili'wirllii'il iiiim- -iniiiti'
Suulli Klial   Ki.,,1,'inn
Nn I)   I'lili.liii'in iiii: Jll 'i I-u.I lillilili-il  jll   I
! N   li UOIIIOI   ill   T  ll,ii,l.,a'    liuilii'i    Ihi ii-
| tli'illi'ii I'lial Hll ,'lnilii'.   llii'iii'i  muill  Nil iimii
I nu- loi-liliii'li uml whllo, lii'iiml
|oil "O"on I'lii'li hi|i.
Music, I'li.vsii'iil Ciilliit'i' ninl ilin* j    i Biooi', color itiii'k hny, iilmut Un	
I youi-, olil, no brand.
' Hiiloil Hits Hlli iluy »l Ki'lirniiri, A.IL.
 liiu'l Will,,,  lllll ll|l')ll I" il'
,, ,',.iii]iliii' Ihr wink I'lmlriiuli'i
,j|i i In' nm j I'li'il llu- i'l'i"l'i
Hi|iliii'i'"l iliiiiiiu
I     llllll'll .Inn Jlllli   I'11
11111 i, ill.
iiliit'css !
Ii'iir    (liili'iiiliir     i'tr
'ColtinilillHI CoIIoko".
Turin ii|iiins Si'|ili'iiilni' 17th,
i  IHOtl,
,,| ll,,.  l„w,-l,,l iiiii
I  hlml   IKi-lf   I"
'Siciii'ili 'I'lu* llohlnmiii*McKon*/,loI
I 1,,'l'l'n..  Lllll. |ii.|,.,,l,,
i.'i'iitiliiiiok. ll.C.'
I'lillil.   IIKI.INAH
IN  IIAKl II ST., - .'.K I II U'I'ST
IIII.I    ,\   i ii.      I il;   |ii., n i
i ,,u ii    ..'■   - , Illi   In In ■
losiDolitan Hole
|^*^l!***^^**^****^*^^«*** *****4H***^*?,HS*-*3H****^^ Why Cough to The Coffin
* A 	
■*K v
•"Domestic Wisdom Buys Here";
rl£ are it,it in thr (.iroicn Business
9 VV
v for fun. altlimis»h wi iln i/et ;i l"i
,£   of enjoyment out nf it.     We  ate in this
X    business   liocause   we   are   makin" a sue
9 <***»***•
9 We find pleasure in Selling
* High Grade Groceries lhat give
9 our many customers the best
9 of satisfaction. «l       .J
jt Vie  know  you  have every confidence in .'\ >■«•    -^
*       ' - •       SOLD ONLY IN ONE LB, TINS
Dr. Scott's Prescription
No. .»«> or
Cold Cure Tables
"This Week It's Fish" #
The  l."iiti'n  season  is  mm  on nml we 9-
have ;i  goodly  supply ulcanned and salted w     Thoj do the work  and  arrest
tish:   as in all  other goods our tish is the 9'ti st stubborn cold.
2|      tin.-.-i procurable. 9
Vie have  three brands ol salmon, Vic jf      BEATTIE &   A.TCH1S0N
toria Cross is our leader, this is canuod from T
selecl centre cuts and  is linn, oily  and  ii 9       Where It Pays to Deal.
.      rich   red   color,      "Keystone   and    Anglor _£
'      Urands" linn pink tish ™
what  we teil ynn and whal wo recot nd
will n t with your immediate appro it
Essence of Anchovies, Anchovj  Paste, Shrimp Paste uud Russian Caviar
"Boneless Codfish" strips and I and 2 Ib   X
Bricks, Tz.
Jf. I'lll-! i K mmni: S'l'OHI'i i-'iiii
Salted Salmon Bellies.  Mack I, Labrn    * GllOlCe GOnleCtlOliefU
dor Herrings.
Oysters, Clams, Shrimp, Ken   Herring, ol,
l'lVall    Nlil-
I  ,n ,<
I   Jlllll,I'lll.I  (ll-np
IVraiun lint™
l'l •■ Hummus
1 ". nm ■ in .|i|il™    i ikiinnifiiii I'.ni'
S, iii.ii i-.i I'Mu-w
Our Goods are
$ Stewarts rinc Chocolates
I    Hugh Stewart
9 I'liniic, 75      ftrmstrono, ftve.
Salvation ftrmu Barracks
!• \ i'mouk n m.i.
^— —a—— —————————-——_____________      ,
9 Sunday Services:
* Un-i     -   ■    :;„*,'l,„'l;
# l-tvi'iiiu*. Sii'ulnrli
9        \li i 'jii ".   In-Ill   t-Vl'I'J    llliflll    in    III,-
9       ''I- ,'M''1'I   Ml mi llll  111 s |i.iii,
iff.   9994499999*99 ,9*994949.994
I "THE PflLM'1
Procurable   From
Fancy mnl Staple GROCERIES nnd CROCKERY
Cut Class,   Hoots,  Shoes, Rubbers, Milts, Cloves,  Hosiery
It will pay those who are
looking for work to call and
gjjij _  ,      Lady  Caramels
The Quality Store
■ATCUDAY. f't'.M. lit. 1IIU7. I        peanuf B lm
W>/, /M £       _aa v.ia.     > -a, a—  a a w.      I
See                                                              'Jf' —————————.—————.——^— WI vUUUUUUUUUUilUUUUUUUUUUMUU-;
Jim   McArthur    w Careful Attention (liven to Everv Order m     Frank Dezaii was in Alberti
[lj5     ' n)\ this week on business.
Hi' ran secure yon a job and   m Ml 	
He ran  secure ynn it
also tit you out in
Clothes, Shoo,
Hals, Etc.
■ ' 1
Clothes, Shoo. j^
Hals, Etc. W
Jim MGflrtliyr I —
  ,....  ,.  ,.,■ i   f^
I    ■. 'i    want to ire! or help vour friends
ol iimi I'li-.' Library buy your 11
Conl'oeti rv. Fruil and Tobacco
;Sk   -:-""TTT?nTTTTTTTTT?!TnTiTiTmfTTfnTTf?nTTT?-:- \ > Maple Cream
Ij   I   LOCAL NEWS,  f I Turkish Nouget
/hi   -uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumuu'? f Marshmallows
* Assorted Nuts
♦ Salted Peanuts
M       H,   I*'.   Ann.I,I  nf   Viutcoiivor *"
»"' ' was in town Friday.
Hanson Ave,  Ckaniiiiook,
,; ■!■ P. Fink  returned Tuesduy
frlli   from a business tripon the coast.
Portraiture by Photography   m n      ,  , ..
m        'One vote (or every 10 cent cash purchase.I
mn IV?,
Artistic Picture Framing
A l< V,  "l 11
p,T'      'mi*    noooy    is   high   class
(Jli   sheet metal iu.nl blower work,
$.{    Pal more Urns.
.1 u,l«i*i* Wilson wns liolden a
sitting of a County Court Fri-
Prest Fiioto Go. I
link,-!' Sl. Crunbrook, H.C.
Mr. nml Mrs li. II. Unhurt
weroCi'iinbrook visitors Wednesduy.
Wednesday bring Ash Wednes
•'ASH ION ABLE TAILORS    I   i&rJ™" '" """"r
h Always Up-to-Date — 2
£T ******
|  Granbrook,, -     - B.G. 3
Uranbrook being a swill lown,
there are several runaways
during the past week.
II.  Stewart  tho  confoctioner
has made a number of changes
in his store which makes   the
I place much more attractive.
Cull up the Cit_\  I i'iii*-!' i     |
when ' "ti want yi mr I'm m
i. i, ^
tui'c,    1 lnnu,    ni    I ■.it;-.:.i"i'
tl'tllislei 'fell.
C-r*\    a   -rs pt j    II.  0.   Marshal   and   (I,    E,
I      A    ~J V.   Gil ray of Toronto were trans-
1 TH      i i  j noting business   at   Cranbrook
iUJ  lL Vk-y  thU week.
j    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    Jj
Our watch Repairing
Is in llie hands nl Competent Workmen
who thoroughly understand the mechanism
of a Watch.
Wo use the best of materials and unreservedly guarantee our work to -jive satisfaction
n. F. Tate k Son
Graduate Opticians
C.I'.K. Wnii'li lii-.|ii-i'iiirs Crows' N,-si "titsi Division
Nutiuo is heroby given tlial I liitend
to apply to the Chief Coniiiitssionoi' of
LimiiM ami Works at Vtotorttt for a
.-l„','ii,l lii'i'iia,' to ,-nt uml earry uwuy
timber from  tlie following ilosei'llterlL
labor from tlie following ilonei'tlierl I -vl »-V".-vV-. v.a..    ...    ,•        ...      ■, ^      -.       .,      v,
...,„l> *,„ seiiiii East Kooienay:, i ft *-ft~+~fts*<*>- * ft *ft*ft, 9 % 9ftftft:ftft:*ftp«ftp>rft.
i 'oainioiielng ul n posl plained in the j jj)
noathensli-orner of A.  li.  Maedoimtd \ft
Tltnlier Claim on Tmittol Creek about
fonriallusHoiithof Morrissey ttieneewest
SOelialns, thenee soittli8(lehatnB,thonue
oust 80 I'liuliiB, thoneo north so ehuins
tn pla f eoiatueneeaieilt.
t.oi'iiieil tho 13th iluy uf Ki'liniiiry I'.iUT.
7        William Hules. Merrissev. B,C,
Dr. and Mrs. Leitch of Brandon were the guests af Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Keid this week. The
Doctor, Mrs. Leitch and Mr. and
Mrs. Keid visited the pioneer
town Port Steele Priday,
Krai, l,<
I ' Ii.in! I ".
W. E. Worden agent for
c.iluan liccr. Ale ,v Porter.
T, II Uli. ,v CO., Hay anil Grain.
Granbrook, B.C.
I NORTH   STAR       f
ri L
Toatiis and di irttisl
ed   I'm' any   |ioint in th'
A. DOYLE. Manage
Take  S'olli'e,  thul   tlxty iln
ilui,  I Intend i" ippl   '  ■   Chiel  in
ini- i ol I     '     fm in
mission In ,. ip'lmai   '     n
.I'l'ib.'il   llllills   ill     ■ioillllfllal     Kl.lll.'IIII
i  lien,'       li        '" ' |ilanleil   ii'i
norlhwi   I "t fin   '■' '
il„'im' nm   Ill < Iniin      -I link .
il,.. -iiiiil.i'i.-i mi' I I in ii.i'ii. ili.'iii
West  ('ir'.'. i'llllill  ,   'IU'I	
I'luiui-.*,.*, Inn      Ihel * ''»' (i'lillil
,., p|  ol  ,',,n,I,|. in i lie HI   Ui'i i',.liiiin
lllU In nil Itl-'J .ii'i".
Ilui,' eenibei  "	
v, 11.in i.   Woiids.
Kimberley,   B, C
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor,     ^-_ .
("■"I  _   _ Tf~V W J~ ^ I I I'ntll till'
JtO. R. LtflSK & CO ="=
I ('has. Voandlo, who has been
visiting at the coasl for several
weeks rnttiruod to Crunhrool!
C, II. Skinnor of Calgary, I;.
Chnrcb nl' Seattle, K. ('. Itlnek
of London ami M. Wicker of
Winnipeg were regislereil ill llie
C rn lib I k Priday,
Local curlers were busy Iliis
week. The Walkoi'vllln irophlos
wiin wmi by tho Pinkham rink.
The i liiull Ciipcoutesl has reach
oil Iho Itnalssitigo, whicli will bo
1 decided today,
A, Mutz. |irosidonl of the I'mM
Steele    Bt'OWillg   I'll,    nf    Poi'lllO
wiis nt Craubrooli nn business
Kriday. Mr. Mulz loft nn lhe
afternoon train for Spokano,
llniie. mnl Missoula, he will lie
ii uny iiliniil two weeks.
Fine    weather    this    week.
Sleighiiiggnnd as can be.    Every
team busy in the woods and on   .
the   mads.     Lumbermen   are 8?
rushing the legs Into the yards.  | '■$'
The big  planing  null  of then i'
King Lumber   Co.    has   beenft
shut down for the past week on $
account  of a shortage  in   their
water supply.
Competition is keen in all lines
nowadays. The lomptution Is
in promise much uud fall short
in tho actual performance. Wo
endeavor to make our deeds cover all uur promises, Vour
plumbing contract is not com-. .
pleled until we have your fullest \ 9
approval.   Patuioro Urns.
We are ready lo compete lor
ipiality ami style of our Job work
with any printing olllco In the
Kvei'y   Iraveller    whn  passes
through the mineral and ngriciil
lll'lll reginiisnl'Sniilheast Ki nle-
nay, whether export oi' novice
is    impressed    with    Iho     great
extent    nf  the   territory  over
which this wealth Is distributed.
It pays to recognize the place
to net your Hardware Supplies,
whore you can .net the most for
the least cash.
ft Crnnbrooli. B.C
t:«'t:* ♦ »♦'«♦<-♦•> *J,^9ft*ft;*ft.9ft.*ft4-ft;
,,   ,,    ,,, , J    Husiness is all rigid    tin liiek
li. II,   1.tin iiiiiiii  has sonirod i ,     ,      ,
n leas 'Iho Skating Kink, nml ''"'"'tig !l1 Cranlirook,
A \ 11
I 'Iiiiii .   Slid llu -ll i'UIS
1111(1    I*,   lllll,ll'
iiiiii now mi  the  rink  will  be j
t'.v nfteriinnii and  even
lil    the    season    closes,
I'lif  rink   is  well   lighted,    I
pillI'OIIH   Will   li'i'eive    llie    best
I'upi.  S.  Davey  will (-(induct
the si-i'viei's in   llm   S.   A,   hall
ft* Saturday, I'Vli. llllli in IVlli
inclusive. The dipt, will give
au illnsl i iiiiil lei'lnre nn Monday
nielii     Kvcryhndy wolcoinn,
News all riicls renders.     Thus
eii'i'iilalinii is won.     Advertising
piilriiiiage is the easy   and  sill'O X
reward of circulation.    This is X
the lotindnfion upon which Tut';1 *
I'tiOHi'i'K.'Toii is osfahllshnd,
I liilliltiiig for llie mines is done
by ihe merchants of Cranhrook,
Sis Skirts Skirts
An Important Price
Reduction on Skirts
$The very newest styles and
best material;  all beautifully
S trimmed throughout and per-
A. feot fitting.
FURNISHED ON APPLICATION    Eugonu liospiinl  ihis week   oi
I pin'iiinmini      The   remains   arc
AH      Irinilo       <a.*T      1_     • 1   * ■ a        •     .HOW   ill   Iln-   I ll'Ullbl'OOll   L'lldni'
iiii   lunds   of   building    material ri„g parlors uwitiiinK instruct
oonstantly on hand. imi rmm niisiern relatives,
Conlldnnco    is    the   basis   nl'
I husiness,
,1.   A.  li'nss,   liil'inerl.V   nl    New ~	
[Glasgow, X  s . .lied nt  the Si. i    "NmvHpai  ikIvoi'IIsIiik paid
I  I,',..      I '.,..1      I la Ib     ....... I.      ..I- I      ' °    I
lasl week: il pays this week; it
will pay next week. Its the liesl
plan tn adverlise every week in
Tilt: I'misi'liiTiut.
Regular i?*.'!l.llll   Sale Price   sin.(to TatTota Silk
i^iri.ttii     ■■ •• 7.;,n        ••      ,.
xls.iiii     •• " iiim
Rogtilar ss.nn sale l'i*i,-.,. (,5,f|.|
si*,.;,o n       .. -,1 uu
Sl.iin ii       .. iso j,,
sunn -,       ,, m(|0()
I REID 6c CO.!


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