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The Prospector Jan 5, 1907

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Array ,.,.-••)
-.yA'.^ *«S80lJ7A/
V. VictorV^.
vro/. 7«.
No. 1.
Premier   MoBride   Strongly   En
dorsetl by Liberals   The
Mclnness Boomerang.
Victoria, It. C„ Dec. ill. The
shrewdest politicians al the cup
iial without regard to party bias
are predicting that the Mctnnlss
inHun will pvova ii boomerang of
the most destructive sorl to the
aspirations uf tlie Liberal parly
111 tills province al. the present
Juncture. Already the rift
within lhe I ill o has appeared
R. T. Elliott, a prominent bar
risler, one of lhe very pillars of
Liberalism ill Victoria, states in
a published interview: "As far
us 1 am able to judge, the muin
object is to obtain control of tho
province in order thai the same
may be manipulated by the Ottawa machine. They desire to get
a subservient government for
British Columbia uud make uu
arrangement on the matter of
better terms whicli will lie filiate
cii.liy profitable to the Eastern
provinces and accordingly disastrous to our people and British
■•in lliild British Columbia was
ou lhe vei'ge of bankruptcy.
Oipilnl to promote tlie interests
i I tlm people und to develop the
country was not available. Our
bonds were a drug on the market,
mil. generall" speaking, the
constant political.disruption was
euising unfavorable comment in
all parts of the world.
What are the conditions today,
ami In whom is due the credit of
existing prosperity. No sane
person would answer the Liberal
opposition in British Columbia,
nor can It be attributed to liberal
gifts from the Ottawa administration, as by their attitude on
the 'belter terms' question at the
inter-provincial conference. No;
it is the stable, Conservative
government of the McBride administration, which has had the
courage to tell the people, we
must insist upon raising the necessary revenue to carry on the
great public works of the new
"Asa result, confidence has
been restored in all branches of
business. New capital is pouring in, which means increased
revenue, and today the eyes of
the world are upon us in altogether different light. It is realized
what progressive and honorable
government has done to warrant
the investment of capital in developing our unlimited natural
resources, and 1 feel safe in saying lhat under the McBride re-
gjme lliu same feeling of confidence will be maintained. In
fact I am absolutely curtain that
a change of government would
mean a political crisis, an un
settling of business conditions,
and worst of all, the undoing of
the efforts ot the hist live years.
"For these reasons it seems
to me that a man must put
principle above and before party.
Therefore I fee] it my duly to
support tho McBride govern*
"Machine" Grits here are at
their wits'end lo know what lo
do to cope with the situation, as
it is fell that the seeds of dissension sewn in Victoria may spread
throughout the province. McBride is going into this campaign
with these words as his rallying
"Why destroy confidence?"
That he will be returned by a
huge majority is the opinion of
all whogive the people of British
Columbia credit for common
sense, for possessing an ability
to see that the present stable
conditions which prevail in the
province are not lo be sacrificed
lit the bidding of a gang of wild-
eyed office seekers led by Joe
Martin, Billy Mclnnis, John
Oliver arid Comrade Hawthornth
Cranbrook's Choioe.
No constituency in  tlie  Prov
lime will havo a worthier or
more capable representative
afti'i' thoioloctlon than Cranbrook
The Conservative Convention
litis wisely nominated Mr, .1. A.
Harvey, u gentleman  respected
by   every   uue   who knows lli 111:
n pioneer Kuoii'iiiiiii. a sound
lawyer, a man uf wide experience
of solier judgment, and of the
highest Integrity. Por many
years ho was ibe uncrowned
king of Port Sleele. but inure
recently has taken ii baud 111 the
development uf Cranbrook and
the tributary country. If Pre
mier McBride wishes io pay a
compliment to Kust Kootenay.
which is one of Iln* wealthiest
aud most, progressive sections of
the Province, and which has noi
yet enjoyed the,distinction of
Cabinet representation, he could
not do better than nominate Mr.
Harvey lo one of the vacant
portfolios He would discharge
the duties of either with ability
and credit to himself and the
Government, and there are many
loyal Conservatives who "think
that the time has come to recognize Kust Kooienay. whicli is one
uf the largest revenue producers
in British Columbia.—Victoria
Caledonian Meeting.
The Caladonlan Society of
Oranbrook held its regular weekly meeting on Kriday evening
last. Chief James Finlay was in
the chair. The officers have
been very busy enrolling new
members lately, and by all
appearances the society will be
exceptionally strong by the time
tlie season closes. Some time
was taken up at, this meeting
preparing the arrangements for
the concert and dance on January
The programme of the eveuiug
was as follows:
Selection on the Bagpipes by
Piper McCowan.
Dance, Reel by the members.
Musical   selections   by    Mr.
Nisbet.JSong, "Will You Love
me when I'm Old'' A. McGowan*.
Heading "Kirshy's New Year's
Pairty' Mrs. Shaw Song- 'I long to
be single again'Mr. Oillis. Beading— "Scots Clreys" J. P. Smith
Song - "Came ye by alole" Mrs.
Abernethy Encore—A fluid New
Year tae ane an' a" Dance—by
Campaign Opens.
Marysville, Dec. 29.
Tonight, the opening gun, in
the interest of Mr. J. A. Harvey,
in the coming provincial elections, was fired, when Mr. G. H.
Thompson and Mr. Hutchison
addressed the electors of Marysville in Chenetle's Hall. A large
and eager crowd were iu attendance, After a short introduction by Mr. Hutchison. Mr.
Thompson addressed the meet
ing. His able explanation of tlie
government's course on leading
questions, which the opposition
papers would have the electorate
in general, believe to be failures
was most favorably received by
everyone present. As Mr
Thompson staled his chief object in coming lo Mnrysville tonight was to strengthen the
organization of the conservative
association in the district. At
the conclusion of his address,
the matter was immediately
taken up and the following
officers elected.
Executive Committee,
E Feagan,   Chairman.
G. L. Mc.Crea, Sec. and  Tres.
A. P. Chenette.
G. Belanger.
E. Crowley.
J. Muedonald.
Dan   Howe
Ed, London.
Attention, Conservatives:
The committee rooms, corner of
Baker street and Cranbrook
Avenue, are open every night.
You are invited to these meet*
Visitors Hero and There   Peijle
Who Come to Cranbroo't and
Thos.) Who Go Away.
I''. II. Mai'iiinslers of Vniieoiiv
or was in town Wednesday.
Jolin Ryan ol Wardner was In
tow n Monday.
Clins Kiiich of Marysville was
in the city Kriday.
Ross Tutu was ill for several
days this week.
.1. S. Volume of Kernie was iu
Cranbrook Thursday.
Harry Bradford of Wycliffe was
in lown Kriday.
Dr. Coffin of Marysville was in
town Kriday.
K. W. Ferguson of Vancouver
was registered at the Cranbrook
A. P. Maedonald, a merchant
rrom Moyie, was transacting
business at Cranbrook  Monday
The thermometer, in the banana bell, dropped io six degrees
below zero on New Year's  Day.
The civic election kettle has
began to boil Labor men have
iiuminuted a full ticket.
Victor and Will Rollins ure
expected home from their holiday visit early next week.
C. B. King, of Patterson N. J.,
was at the Cranbrook Sunday
Constable. A. A. Ward of
Marysville was in the city Monday on legal business.
Vi. A. Johnston of Vancouver
spent New Year's Day in Cranbrook.
E. A. Hill of Moyie was trans
acting business at Cranbrook
Dave Breckenridge. representing the Crow's Nesl Pass Lumber Co.. was in town this week
on business
"Jim" Hickman came down
from Kimberley Monday and
spent New Year's Day in the
G. W. Orchard, Manager of
the Porto Rico Lumber Co , of
Moyie. wus in the city Monday
on company business.
Owing to a rush of business
The Prospector staff was compelled to work a night and day
shift this week.
A large number of the lumbermen came in from the camps on
Monday and spent, New Year's
Day in town.
T. T. McVittie. P. L. S., of
Fort Steele was in the city
Thursday on professional business.
Not miii'li doing in Municipal
politics this week, this event
seems to he over shadowed by
the provincial elections.
.1. P. Mcintosh, B, E. Tay'or
und Wm. Kydd of Kimberley
were registered at the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
The regular monthly assembly
of Selkirk Preceptory and Priory
was held in Masonic Temple on
Thursday evening.
The Methodist congregation
live true to their custom this
year by holding a wutchnight
service on the last evening of
the year. The service commenced after 11 p. m. continued
until after 12 o'clock. There
was u good attendance and a deal
of interest manifest.
A concert and dance, under
the auspices of the Caledonian
Society is to be (riven on the Ifith
of January in the Wentworth
Hull, to celebrate the anniversary of Robbie Burn's birth.
The ablest talent in the Koote
nays is secured and everything
tends to the event being one of
I he best of the season. The
Scots will be out in full force
"true near an'far" to do honor to
Robbie. A limited number of
tickets will be on sale and those
desirous of obtaining one will
have to be quick.
VV. 11. Hail's of Seattle was a
guest al the Cranbrook  Friday
C, .1. South of Vancouver wus
at Hie Cranbrook Thursday.
R. II. Anderson of Rossland
was a guest at the Cranbrook
A. Carney, Provincial timber
inspector, of Kaslo was In Cranbrook Thursday,
Mrs. K. Feagan of Marysville
wus a Oranbrook visitor Thursday.
Constable Joe Walsh of Fort
Steele was iu Ihe city Thursday
on legal business.
Prank Byron left ou Wednesday on ti business trip to points
in tin* Crows Nest Puss.
Dr. Connolly was at Moyie
Wednesday on professional bust
J. A. Harvey was at Moyie
during the early part of this
week on business.
Ed. FeaganandA. P. Ohenetti
of Marysville were Cranbro.il
visitors Wednesday.
H.li. McDonald, W. E. Brown,
L. Fletcher, O. Clough and R.
Buhner of Moyie were at Cran
brook Wednesday.
Wm. F Tate St Son have
donated four gold medals, for
local competition among the
The induction of Rev. C. 0.
Main, as pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church took place Friday
Harvey, McCarter and Mac
donald. are moving this week into their new quarters in the Fink
Al. Mutz,, president of the
Fort Steele Brewing Co., of
Fernie was in Cranbrook this
week on business.
Frank Angere returned to
Granbrook this week from a
trapping expedition up the St.
The Telegrapher's hull will
take place in Wentworth Hal1 on
January Hth. You don't want to
miss this event.
Barrister H. W. Herchmer of
Fernie was shaking hands with
his many friends al Cranbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Lund of Wardner
were in Cranbrook Friday. They
left on the afternoon train for
Dr. and Mrs. Rivers, who
have been the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Hill, left on Wednesday for their home in Raymond,
A report reached town Thurs
day evening that A. P. Jardine
was killed in an accident on a
line running from the Crow to
a coal mine.
Christmas Tree Exercises
The Knox church Sunday
School Christmas true exercises
were held Wednesday eveniig
in tlie school room.
Great praise is due those who
prepared the young people lo
give such nu excellent program.
Following is the program as rendered:
Cradle Song, by a group of
Recitation, Hazel Taylor.   •
Recitation, Jessie Hunter.
Song, Neil, McCallum.
Recitation, limes Hill.
Recitation, Laura Richards.
Recitation, Florence Bathie.
Song, Marion Leitch.
"'Curios", song by a group of
Recitation, Merl Taylor.
Recitation, Jessie Kennedy.
Song, Robbie Marshall.
Recitation, Rita Cameron.
Dialogue, by live, was exceed
ingly well rendered. Especially
the character sustained by Daisy
Motion song.
The tree was soon stripped of
its gifts and all were pleased
with the proceedings.
Should be Ousted
Labor   Party
From the
During a political cumpuign
such ns is now in progress the
pernicious fool has as good an
opportunity of airing what he
calls bis opinions as Hie sane
man who has formed his couclu*
simis along rational lines,   The
fool's opinion contains uboul lis
much of his own thoughts as his
liiil through whicli he bellows:
yet he is wiser iu his conceit iluiii
seven met! who can render a
reason. Your llannel month is
the curse of his party und tlie
despair of the more thoughtful
of those who are unlucky enough
to he associated with him.
Every party is a sufferer from
indiscretion of speech, but the
Labor organizations appear to
be cursed in this respect. The
world is proud to admit that the
ranks of luhor contain many men
of us high thought, cultuie, sani
ty and respectability as any other
however exalted, but. on the
other hand, its platform is unluckily open to evory dangerous
demagogue who has nothing to
lose and possibly something to
gain if social conditions are re
duced to a state of Dux and confusion. They nay come something in the general grab. Little
these shoulers care if mines,
smellers, collieries and so on arc
tied up in strikes so long as they
are paid for the gab that shuts
decent men and their families out
to weather the storm on the cold
comfort of support from a diminishing strike fund. The decent
men are told that their individual sufferings are all for the
cause, the holy cause, of Labor.
More strictly it is for the holy
cause of the man who labors with
his mouth. If the decent men
can live on this sort of talk and
wind, well and good; if they
cannot, well, so much the worse
for them. It is another illustration of with whut little wisdom
the rank and file of us-are governed and lead here and there.
As a case in point, n certain
Mr. McKay came down from
Marysville the other evening to
support the nomination of Mr.
Kelly as Labor candidate for the
Crunbrook division. Whether
Mr. McKay is a multi-millionaire
in disguise or un ex-dishwasher
is not so much lo the question as
the fact that he states that he
represents the labor interest. It
does not mutter the wag of a
dog's tail whether he belongs to
this or that brunch of the labor
organizations, He very likely
belongs lo that famous unorganised organization known as
the Industrial Mischief Workers
of Ihe World. He is doing his
best to live up to his creed.
After the convention had concluded its business, Mr. McKay
got into a political argument
with two or three men in u public
place. The names of the men
us well as the place can be furnished if Mr. McKay so requires,
During the discussion he stuted
that lliere was a strike some
time last year in Ihe smelter ut
Marysville. That appeared to
be news for some of hisuuditors.
He asked them if thoy knew how
those with whom he professes to
be associated dealt with tho
matter and righted the wrongs
Of the workmen. His hearers
wanted to know. Well, according to Mr. McKay, the manage
ment was brought to time by a
threat to dynamite tlie works.
This master-stroke of labor policy would appear to he Mr. McKay's justification for existence.
It was the proudest feather in
his hat It wus said as a thin;;
lo be gloried in. The spirit of
this statement makes one shud
der. What hope nan there he
for prosperity (on which evory
mun of us, laborer or employer,
is depending) il the labor organ
ization permits men of I he stripe
of this McKay to he its apostles
und to tuke purl in its   delibera
tions? Tin. more thoughtful
and experienced of those Interested in iln- just and proper pro
teotion of labor will recognize
the necessity thai exists for supporting principles of -unity and
safely thai may act asaoounter*
poise to blatant anarchy which
blasts and parallzes Industry up
nnd iluiin. mul nml branch,
Tin' prosperity uf Easl Koot*
enaj is n tender plant, bul jusl
iu tlie Iiiui. It will ln< ii cold day
for ii when ii is entrusted in Uiu
hands uf im.n or McKay's kidney,
men wlm un' tin' damnation of
ilie labor organization li is no
wonder thai sn muni ui tin.
working men of thought uml
substance belong lotheConservative organization, A little
mure of McKay's oratory will
set still others thinking thai tin*
substantial fuels of actual   pros
perilv are   it   little   nearer and
dearer lo us than lhe heaven on
earth that McKay and   his  likes
would bring us iiy tlie dynamite
Labor Party Name  T.   K>-lly
Moyie as Standard
Trade's Counoil will Nominate a
Municipal   Tioket.
To Editor of Tins PROSPECTOR:
The first regular meeting of
the Cranbrook Trades and Labor
Council was held in the Watt's
building ou Saturday evening.
December 29th, 11106
The following officers were
President, Thos. Drummond,
B.   of  L. Engineers.
Vice-president, J. Bathie,
Boilermaker's union.
Rec. secretary, W. I*. Mac
donald, \. 0. of machinists.
Financial sec.-treas., P. Mc-
Kennu,   B, of R  0. of  America.
Statistician, W. D. Jones. I. (1,
of M.
Warden, A Hood, B. of R, C.
of A.
A constitution and by-laws
were drafted and accepted.
After lhe regular business of
the council was disposed of llie
mooting was open to union men
to discuss the forthcoming municipal election aud the electric
light by-law of tlie cily.
After considerable discussion
it was resolved by acclamation
that a letter be drafted for publication in Ihe several papers
denouncing the franchise asked
bv the electric light company of
Cranbrook. The feeling of the
meeting being that (lie granting
of such a franchise was detrimental to the besl interests of
the people, there being no pro
vision made for concessions to
the city and the length of time
being altogether too long.
It was further resolved by the
meeting to nominate a mayor
and aldermen for the forthcoming election to run in the interests of Ihe  people.
W. P. Maedonald, Rec. See
T, Drummond,
C. H, Knocks,
W. Morton,
li. P. Moffatt,
W. Donald of Nelson wns in
town Thursday.
Hoard for boys and girls from
il to II years old' *1 I a   month;
over <i, H8.00 The Church
Home for Children. 807 Empire
Avenue, Lidgerwood, Spokane,
Services in the Mel hodistcliiirch
jas usual next Sunday, tlie pastor
Ii) charge. A reception service
will be held aftor the morning
service and Ihe sacrament of lhe
Lord's Supper will be minimis
lered. In 'lie evening Ihe ad
dress will belnkeeping wiih tho
season,   the   subject   being "Go
.1. A. Maedonald charges the
governmenl with making "bettor
terms" a political issiin. Sn
does Sir Wilfred Laurier. Both
decline lo state which is Ihe front
or back dour methods which ure
being used bv the opposition in
circulating slanderous attacks
upon the government,
A   l.nbiii' convention was held
in Patmore lmil mi il venlug
ni -Inn -inl. iiu- th,. purpose nf
selecting 8 straight labor candidate iu represeul ibis riding.
Sum Maedonald uf Cranbrook
was called tu the chair and B. Iv
Tui Im oi* Kimberley elected as
secretary, Mr. Thomas Kelly
lining iiu- unii- nominee was
unanimously selected in earry
iiu* standard nf labor in victory
in the coming provincial election.
Political Items nf Interest.
li i*. reported, from Pernie, thai
1'We Wulii,; Mclnuis" will be
asked in stand for that riding.
If Im ilui.-. in* will have another
opportunity uf railing un his
friend "Lauiier" fur another
A bet uf $50 tn $25 was offered
on Tuesday that the McBride
government would lie returned
iiith an Increased majority,
None uf nm- Liberal friends
seemed in have wanted this easy
money ns nu one culled the bet.
Willi the approval uf the Dominion government "We Wullic
Mclnnes is now lhe Leader of
llie Liberal party in British
Columb a
An agent frum Ottawa—Hon.
W. W. B Mclnnes, with astrlng
frum tlm inner circle uf the
Pederal push.
Conservatives in Cranbrook
riding feel sure of victory, while
tie,- forces in Pernie uiul North.
Kasl Kootenay are lining up and
circumstances give evidence of
faith in tin. McBride government.
Kimberley News.
Miss Hall of Cranbrook is visiting friends al   Kimberley   this
.' wi'i'k.
Tlie  new cook house ui  tlie
'mill, which is in tlm process of
erection will soon be completed,
the old ono having burul  down
ion the evening of Dec. 20th.
The Kimberley Christmas tree
held in tin' Methodisl church on
Christmas eve., was very enjoyable and llm building more than
tilled. Several sleigh-loads
came up from Marysville aud
every one had their sham of the
good things. Every child inand
around Kimberley received a
handsome presenl. The Rev.
Vi. Vance was the recipient of a
Russian leather pocket book containing the .sum nl $12.50. Mr.
Vance was also presented with
the handsome sum of ^80.00 by
the men of the Sullivan mine, as
a token nf their appreciation of
lhis service, Then* was a good
programme lasting for aboul an
j hour and u half, the children
contributing a number nf recitations as well as tlie older folks.
There were also a number of vocal and Instrumental selections,
First Annual Banquet
The first annual Supper in the
. "I lymn" was ludd on New Year's
; Ilny, Tlm young men were in
charge and showed their ability
in catering tu llu' wants of the
Inner mun. Al 7 p. m, about
l.'iii sal down tn partake of the
good things, This was followed
by addresses given liy Mayor
Rogors, Mr. P, E Simpson and
Mr .1. ,'i. Harvoy, All wnro
practical and to tlie point tlie
audience thoroughly enjoyed
the addresses, Mr Morton sang
n solo and a few choruses were
rendered, After ibis aboul ion
views were thrown ou the canvas by Dr. Connolly and Rev .1.
I'  Westman.    This purl  proved
very interesting Tlie views
taking the audience frum Victoria
tu Europe with side trips here
and there. Thi1 evening was
enjoyable ami lhe undertaking
was a success in every wav . THE PR08PECT0K   CRANBROOK ll (., JANUARY 5   1907.
f\.. B. Grace,
SATURDAY, JA.V 5, luu:.
INCIDENTALLY, the votaries
of tin* i ittawu government
and the Provincial Opposition
are looking after legislative matters iu this province, and basely
attempting to protect the selfish
interests of the < Ittawu machine,
Prom recent announcements
made by Grit organs, it would
seem thai the Dominion government were getting busy these
days, li will nut be long before
"we Wuliie Mclnnis" und a host
of spellbinders, trusted iu the
secrets of the Ottawa machine,
will lie sent Into ihis province t"
get even, and if possible defeat
the McBride government. It
can be readily seen that Laurier
and his government has been cut
to the ipiii'k by ilie way that the
"better terms"decision has been
received by the people of this
province. It can also be readily
seen that the policy Of the Op*
position is dictated by the Federal machine. We can also sue
how the interests uf this province, our interests, are being
jeopardized by the opposition
allied with those in power at the
Dominion capital.
A grave question lias to be
settled at the coming election.
Shull we say to tlie Federal gov
eminent, "hands off" tlu> eleC'
tion is to be settled by the people
of this province, and settled
without interference by the
machine at Ottawa, and not as a
result of Federal corruption.
There is no doubt, no getting'
awuy from the fact that this is
oue of .I lie greatest issues before j
thejpeople of Ibis province today i
The people of this province are|
capable of electing a provincial
legislature regardless of interference or the corrupt methods
of the Liberal machine al < Ittawa
H     &.     CO.
From End to End ot the store Stocks are Fairly Bristling with Newness
IT would lie unfair for us to point lo any one dopart
ment as the peer of tho rest. What wo attempted t(
do we have accomplished tixed il that no matter whal
line of goods you ure interested In, that section answers
"Ready" with coufidence.
Will  tiiui much  in  Dress Goods am
Mantles to interest them.
We've been particularly particular to assure ourselve
thai "very weave and pattern is whal will lie ii
exactly   correct thing foi the Coming Season
There is ,i pleasing diversit\ "I fashion
ableness among all that pertains tn Ladies
weir. All of these lines will be cut tn tin*
very bone. Fur 37 Vj cents we will give
you .i line ol tweeds and serges tin latest .
patterns anddesigns regulai priei 75 cents.
We have one line id tweeds we will sell" it
25 rents regular 50 cent goods.
Beautiful wide-wale Dress goods in Suit
lengths the ven latest at si.00 and $1.25
regular price $1.75 and »-•   «
We cannot epiote yo ; prices on all lines here, bul ivil
cheerfully do su when vou Call a; the Store
I 3f1lPC   Underwear   Waists   in   Silk.
LOUlDg       W<><'1   and   Cashmere all tl
™~""~~"-~     be sold at wholesale prices
Mens Wear
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suit up.
1 ine ot uur subscribers took us
lu task this week for failing,  as
he remarked, to publish all that   ^__^^_^^_^___
happened.   It was fortunate for timiikis   .mitiii-'
this particular individual   that     ,,.,,,,.  -,.„ ,.„„ *tllil.t%- ,|,lv> ;lf,„
discretion occasionally demands
tho omission uf unpleasant items.
Should we publish ull lluit is luld
to un we would lie with Ihe mi-
gels iu about twenty minutes
tiller our papers were mailed.
We try lu print all items thai iinliil wh
are news, or thai will encourage,
help or cheer any of uur citizens
along life's rugged rend.     We nil
doubtless would enjoy reading
"all the news" wlien it's about
the other fellow, but uur policy
is to turn over lo gossips the
spreading uf scandals that only
leave sorrows in thoir trail,
CRANBROOL,    -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Grillllll'OOk *   * British Columbia
(Iranbrook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
J~Ht   ll.MllllsTIll It SOLICITOR
^772}   NOTARY I'l'lll.li'
Cranbrook, ll.C
hill & eo.
P.U.S. <£ C.B.
Port Stcelo H.C.
PhyslGian aud Surgeon
Uouns;   !* to 11 u.iu.  2 to 4 p.m.
7 ton p.m.
Phone Offloo 105    Residence 109
llltU) W(! lllUlllll   In   tlp|)lj    tn   till'   Ulli'f
<'iiiiiini-MiHH'r iif I-mills uiiil Works ill
Vifiot-hi lur perniiKKi.w to cut and tnwvy
uwuy tlinhor rrom tlio following tie*
i-i'i'ilictl liimls hi Soulh I'jIihI Kootonuy.
I. Commotiotny ut u pout pluntod Kit)
chains nortli nml MM) uhutim went of tlie
iln* west Immidury <>f Lot
iKHUt tntoi'HL'i'U tlio north houndui*y of
proumption Nn. 1)841 thonco wosl 80
i-liuins: thonoo -nuili su uhulnuj thence
ount HO oliulim; tlionoo north 80 chalna
in pluco nf t'ommonooinont.
N'ov. *Jlsi. L«0H.
2. Comnioncino; ut u post plunteil 100
clmitis nortli iuuLIOO ohatna weat of tin*
point where tho weat Imnudary or Loi
llOflit Intoraeots tho north houndury of
proemptton No. '•»«(: thenco north SOI
Santa Claus
Wo are I" tlio trout
ijrnin ibis your with n
larger   assortment   than
*:*ft^*^ft:*::ft-*7ftjti7ft^y>cft ftfrtTft^^:4- 9ft:.*-ftrftft
*     _          . 4
IB. H, SHORT & CO, 1
Hie Painters, Paperhangers, Etc,
chains; then uai 80 ohuinut thence
Farms ill our country continue smith R0 chains: thoi west mi ohntns
to soil at very Rood prices.  Real  ' '''""' "<"'""•"'■
, J    Nlil. -.'Ui. mnl*..
estate   men   reporl    plenty    oil
, i    .    .1       i-   .      ,-     ,■ :'-    (''iliniii-In-ilni ill  a iiii.i liiiint..-il n'.
buyers,  but  the  list ol    farms „ ...  ,    ,
J Ilir th-wusl corner nf tiinl'i-i' licence
oil the market  for sale  grows x„.<-_..-,„.,, lllrt s0chains: thence
.smaller and   mure  difltcitll   now smith 80 chalni*, thoi went sn elniins:
Ibaii   formerly  to  find   suitable then™ north sn chains ui place ol coin-
farm property that can be bought  '"'"
cheap.    I lur  laud   lias  not    yet
,     ,   ,, . ,      ., I.    I'liinln.-iirinL*at a post lilanli-il  Sll
reached the top   price     Is   lh.* ,.,,.,,,, ,.,„,,, ,,,.„.;.. ,.„,.,.
opinion ot Well posted men of timber llrcnre No. «2."i0: then ant
   sn ,-li.iin-:   then uth   sn   chains:
NOTICE. Ill""',• »"-' sn.-imiii-: 'h.'  north SO
'rut.- tutu,-.-thut i lntoml to upply lotliociilcl chains to place of coi t menl,
Ciiiiiiiila.loiii-r ill I.hiiiK ami IVurlis at liiinna       ^.^    .inst,   |oQ(|
(nr a ipoclHl lloBllae I'i i'lll mul i-urry .uuu
inniiiT from the (..iimi nm  ilencrlbotl Iniiili S,   I'ommeneini; at a jiosi planted -10
annul,- in South Hum Kooienay Dlmrlui mn- chains ,1,-1 nml ao chains -uiiili..( iiii- -'mill IHO chalnm then asl 10 chains:
'■|"""""'"" point wbaru the wost boitralarj ol  l.m thom rth  IHU chains to place ol
Mceuiae A.- ,11 ■i.i.'.iu. i..,.i ,,i»,ii,"i .1 iihh;i inturnni-u thi' north  luiuodiu-i   of com neoment.
Hi..-iiullii'iist .'..nii'i'iil I.111 .mm   tln'ni'.-  i-usi ... .-        . . 1     ,,.,„■
  ,i,,ii..,.m,„.,i, ,,„■„■ "i,i„„,  „„. ■  I million >"'■ "-»• »'"'"*" nortli sn      Nov. 28th, 	
worn  .'iiaiiia. ii .mi tuny .-inun-1.. i'lniiii-. iln-i m-ai Iii chain.: thence n,   Communclnic at a poal planted Hi
place ol tioKtnoini*. coniutnlmi wom-rc.            north 40 chalna, thei weat 20 chalna: nhaina weal of the aoiilh-woal cornor of
Uanai uili .my nl in.i'rnii-i ■ i-a..              (| , sout|i fjii ,-iii,in-: 1 ii„t,i-.' ,.i,.i 1111 i:„||„.|. ii,.,.,,,-,.  Sii.  a-j.-ni; thenco  weal
l.ii'i'Il-l' 11     I'llllllll.'llrllli; ill I'-ial   llllll lull      . .. ,     .      .
tl„.„„rlliurnli...iii.l.,y„. I „„. A „„,1 ,-n.-l.i> '"l"""" '" l'1'"'" "' ',""1"1"' I""1"- I"   chllina I    anHth    HW   OlllllllB.
ehalnaaui ol i.m mu ibm mi oi«aty Sov. 22nil, IIKHI                                 ,|„. ,„, lo chains! thence north UI0
.■iiuiiia.llmlii'i' iv.'si .-luiiiyi'iiiiin-.iii.-ii..'annul     ,,    ,■ nonclnifai a poal plunteil on chains to the place of coiiniioncnment,
-iiKim ,i,,,i,,a. tii,-,,,.,- ,-,,1-t .-iKi.iv ,.,    Sm-.2Hth,  I.
plnoo of nei*lnnlliK, cottlillnlDK am scroa,
iii,i,.'i lam iji-,',ni,i.i.r low                   ,-I,uiil-11,1,1 • less north of the north- in.   Commencing al 11 pusi  planted
Licensee.  Com lu-iiiu ut 111....1 planlml m ern lainniliiry nl preemption  No. 1184:  m the aouth-weiil  'nor "f Umbel   11-
tin- -oiilliwi'i-t i'„rii,-r,.l M.K.-liy. |,r,..,-i,i|ill,„i   1 in-ni-i- ilea!  Hill ,'I,ilill- nn.l r !'•--   In   eeiit'e So. 7SI4: thei  ivosl Hi" i-iinins:
'   Hi 1-1 lioiindnryof timber licence No,   u,,.,, -i   lO'chalns: then asl HIO
Il "844: tin-  north   in -Imi,,..  thence ,,||iiln's: nee north   lOchidnsI '■
Also a largo range of \
"Cranbrook Souvenirs" and Christmas Post Cards <
Hrine tlio Children to see tlie Mechanical Figures '
. C. E. REID & CO.,
. Phone 7 4 -J^q   DrUggiStS.
9  OF  9
Remember we carry the only stock of 19011
papers in Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds of Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
Mr«   Hklnn teacher of the
mis.  nisiup pianoforte
Special attention to touch,
technique, phrasing and
grading of studies.
|    Km* particular** apply to C. E, Reid X
I Co.. The Druggists.
F. O. E.
Moot every Wednesday
nt 8p.m, in II.I..K. Hull
Visitins*  Brothers Cordially   Invited
('. Ross Tatk, W. President
.1. Brechin, Seoy.
Dr. Collin. Aerie Physician, P. O.
Box 2K.
§ Rocky Mountain Chapter
SO. 125.  R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday in each month at eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially tnviteti.
Wm. P. Tate, Soribe E.
Box 4       ORANBROOK, I). C.
Court Granbrook 8943
S'lslting   lirctlicrn   cordially   invited
C. P..,   A. MeCOVVAN.
Soorotary, T. MARSHALL
ft*:ft*.:.'*;.* ft*ft*ft*ft. ft*ft4ft.4ft:4ft7*^a\*ft.
[^ootenay Steel Range
Stoiiin Boilers nod Parnace Work a
Cosl and Stock Estimates
Purnished Upon Application.
"nxi;i"   ^|P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook,B.G.
A   Good  Baker
Tin' ovon iu tin- Kootonay Range ia soloutlHcall,*,
proportioned to the ai/.i- of tho flro-hox, no that noinoro
tni'l t-itii in-liin-ni'tl liiiin is iilianiiiinly nocossary In houl
ihe ovon.
riiuiii-. uii't i-i
.llllills i'lmlna. llu
Tho ovon la lined with heavy sln-i-t stool, ivhich ia n
greal radiator of heat and lasures u uniform heal
throughout tho ovon. no (lander nf a loaf of broad holng
inilf iimii' nu ono side and burned on tho other.
Tho Kootonay Kango ia iiiiiii on scientific prliieinlos
tlirouglioilt. and alinulil In* t'lircfully iiMilnincil lii-fin-i-
linving any nllli'r.
Send for Booklet
rliBliia.ll raaoulli
lorty iiliuiiia. ihoi  norili forty attains, llmm
weal    (..rl..-    iliniii.      tli.-ni-i-   u.irlti   i-lulil
al   IMI i
III- llm
. Hi.
-' i.l .-mi,iii.-ii.'I'liii-ni
linundarj t.l.l.ni HWl'l: thence following Nov. 2Kth, IIKHI.
-uiil western linundari, in iln- |ilaee ..1
listed laiii i i,i-i   nam
l.lc.'ii.,' i'      i-.iii.iiii-iii'it.i.' in     a
plalltflil     Hi     Hi.'      .niiih,ii-i ,',,1'tn'r
M     Kelly's   nn--,-inun     i ■
Brook, Lliniiri: llllllll i-ltilit.y .-lllllil- Hi,	
l.ai,.liiiin". thonee aiiulli forty .'lniiii>.   Hi
nmli'li/liiy I'tiiiliu*. thonco -i.inli (mii .-in
tlii-iir ial tnrty i'lmlna i„ plnoe ,.f hoiflni
|)nt'-.l |liii-i-liil,i*l isth. Uar;.
:,| Aitliur II. I'.'iiwli'li. Iiiii'tilor.
I  Isi, mon!
7.    (' it
U in ;i pusi plunliiil ii
n i-ornernn the west lioundarj nl I.,,
illlKlllt thonee west IHO chalna morn ni
I,'- in iln- mii'ili-i'n-i corner ol tb i
I t No. "rH-l: thonco south lOchalns
thoncu cast KM! chains morn or less
in.- w.-ai boundary "f Lot mjlIM: tlinn.
iiurlli -In chains In place nf conunonco-
!   Hit. isi, mini.
s, Commencing at ii posl planted til
I iln- antith-wi'st i'lirni'i' nf timber liconce
Nn. 82601 tlii'inv west 40 chains; thence
II.   Cniiiiimnclng al n |i"-i planlcd
the north-wesl nnrniii' "l  tbnlinr II-
i Nn H-jriii: iln- a»l HU i'liuins:
i- • unrlh mi .'liiiin-: iln-iii'i'  wesl HII
1. i'liiiiii«: ilim .nnili HU chains Inplacn
nl  miinccmeiil.
' |    Nm. 2llth, IHOH.
';    Tl,.-1 'rows' Nesl   I'ass binnbcr (,'n.
1   l.i.L. I niin-
linvi.l Hi kolirldgo, A ■imu.       in
' I j
llMiir.n   NOTICK,
Tuki- notlco iimi thirty days aftor
llll.'   iir  inl.'inl   In  n|i|ilj  n. iln* Chlof
permission 1 1 und i-urry away liiu-
bnr from the following dosorlbed luml
In Soiith-ettsl Kontnmiy, ('nnunoiiidng
ni ii posl pluntod i'i) I'liiiiiia uni'ili nl
iln' witness |hi-i nl l.m 1101)11 on iln- ii-csl
l>uul< nf ilir Id mi. 'imi rlvor opposltu
Hii* M.iiili-ui-i corner nf l.nl 115751
thence wesl Sll chains: thence south uu
chuins moro I.*- in iln- north lim- nl
Umber liconce UOIII; thence easl in the
mii'ih-i'li-i   corner   nf    -uiil    I
iln' -inilii-.'ii .'liiiin. nun !■
tin. nurlli line nl   liuilii'i'   lii'i'in
piled fur by u-i thonru  cast   iiu
IUOI'0 III'  lOSS   In   llll!    SVCSl   llOlllldliry   ill j   •|a»-%a>aj.afca.afcakafcakafca».afcafca*a>aka>akafc0^^akafc«>*-«.ai,ak^*^***.^»»*,^**4i
: PATMORE BROS. "tSO H,"',g'"
ng, Heating
boundary nf l.m ilo:i:i
nrili  sn ,'lniiu
-nf .'.. II	
Nov. '.'uili, iiiiiii.
Tin. Crow's N.-i I'uss I ber Ci
Mil,    I uiiu'-.
Iinviil Urei'ltnnrldge, Agent,
**m*'*    **m**-*>     'kmst'9
Tqnsohial PAH LOR
I-'iu a Cnnt unil cli'tin Sliiivn
Or ii I'.'ii.it Hair Cut,
A Hut iu Colli Until
"T" Waller B. Lalng. ,l0vffi Ml,
. GaiQaru Game Go.
Iliild'iSii i. Cranln I<. ll.C.
C niiainiu'inf Lands and Works 'i'ii**iuuuUUUllUUUIl,lillUUUUUUHUUU*
Freeh and Sa ted Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
LA For Sale
Fresh burned Crow's
Nest Lime in any
Inquire al, Kink Mercantile
Kerr 6e Campbell
BoiMnoe Maker
All Work Guaranteed
New Work Made to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   M He*e.
jlCity Scavenger
4  | 	
♦       Parties   having   back   yards,
. ,,  ,       ,           ,      ,i        ■ ,                                { Hind closets to clean,  and  refuse
4 orders iiy mail will receive prompt ami careful attention *,.,,,
' '   mnller to be taken away, should
j Order by Phone 45 '
leave orders with me.
biiavc nrilcrs nt the I llty Clerks odloo
or drop n pastal csrd in Bex 106. THE PROSPECTOR, CKANBKOOK", B C, JANUARY 5, 1907
•9*9*\***wWW•\**lW??▼▼ WW \f*9***Jr*w*w*a****f*9 WWWWWWWVWWWi
flthe Uttjepector
Mottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside  Orders
.4 P. O. BOX 812     b.
<l     TELEPHONE NO. I     p
Port   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
Winter Excursions
to Montreal, Toronto
nnd all points west thereof in
Quebec, St. John, Halifax
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale daily Nnv.
24th to December 31st.
Round Trip      First Class
Old Country Rates
$78.45 Return
Halifax or St. John
Saloon     Second   Steerage
$95.00     $76.00      $54.00
aud up according to steamer
For detailed In fur mutt on galllnga
ocean steamers first class or tourist sleeper reservations apply to
local agents or write
Geo. Hitlter, Agent Cranbrook.
13, .1. Coylo, A.G.P.A., Vancouver
.1. S. OARTRR, D.P.A., Nelson
Notice is hereby given that HI) days
after date I intend to apply to Hon.
Tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria. B. C. for a licence
to proBpeot for coal and petroleum on
the following described lauds, situate
in bloek 4593, South-east Kootenay district of British Columbia! Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the
south-east corner post of Isaac Briggs'
elaim. lot No. 6868 and being the Initial or north-west eorner post of A. T.
Caldwell's location, thence east 80
chains: thence south 80 ehains. thence
west 80 chains: thenee north 80 ehains
to place of beginning containing 640
acres more or leas.
Located Nov. 14th 1906.
A. T. Caldwell, Locator.
G. M. Judd, Agent.
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the south-east corner of M.
Langley's claim lot 6007 and being the
initial or south-west eorner post of (ico.
M, Judd'a location; theuce east 80
chains, thonco north 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thenee south 80 duties
to place (if beginning, containing 640
acres more of Icbh.
Looated Nov. 15th 1006.
Ceo. M. .ludd.   Locator.
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the north cast cornor post of J.
D. Goodon's claim, lot 61)05 and being
tlie initial or north-west corner post of
W. M. Violet's locution: thence east
80 chains: theuce south 80 chains;
tbence west 80 chains: thenee north 80
chains to place of beginning containing
610 acres more or less.
Located Nov. 15th 1006.
\V. M. Violet. Locator.
Geo. M. .ludd, Agont.
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to the north-east corner post of G,
Douglass' elaim, lot 6993 and being the
initial or north-west eorner pnst of Joe.
Tannhauser's location; thenee east 80
enains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains: thence north 80 chains
to place of beginning containing 640
acres more or less.
Located Nov. liith 1006.
.Ieo, Tannhauser, Locator.
40 Geo. M. Judd. Agent.
Take notloo that sixty days nfter dato I Intend to apply to tho Chlof Commissioner oi
bands and Works nt Victoria, B. c, for permission to purchtwo tho following doHurlbod
lumls In Kusi Kootonay:—
Uointnoniilnfi ntn pusi. planted at the Southwest cornor <■( timber liconce number TIBS und
on Um ICnsl linn nf hot (Wait, and united Simon
Kimulo'n Worth-west corner post, tlionooSnutli
forty ohnlns, Ihonoo Kust twenty chalnH, tlionco
Snniii sixty chains, tbonooKnst twenty chains,
to tlmbor liconoo numbor 7483, thenco North
Hlontt timber licence No. 7482 IBO chains to timber Mi-mice Nn. 74811, Llience West forty chains
along tlmbor licence No. 7483 to pluco of commencement, ooutalnlng 880 acres more or loss.
David Urookenrldgo, Agont.
#<rt.4tk mi. •»•
Not ce Is hen by given iimi thirty days ufter
Unii'I iiii< ml toapply to the Chiel foinmlsi*
loner of bands ami Works, Vloto la. for a
special licence loeui and carry uwuy timber
from the followltiK described bind situute on
the Palliser river und Us tributaries l" North*
east K- otetiuy district;
l. Commonolng at n post plantod aboul
twenty chains oast of Cedar ereek, about IihU
a mile from the mouth, thenee 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thonoo 80 ehains aoutb,
thence Hi) ohalns enst tu point of i oinin-iicc-
i. Commonolng at h post planted on the ■ asi
ii.tnk of Cedar creek about one mid a hulf
mlies from the mouth, thonee BO chains north.
thence so eliuins west, thenci' Bn chains south,
tbenee 80 chains cast to point of commencement
Dated Nov. -J7,1000.
1. Commenoing at u post on the south bunk
of the Pallisier river about seven miles from'
the mouth, theuce B0 ehulns eust following the
ilver th«nee 80 chains outh, thenoe so chuins
weat, tbenoe 80 ehalua north to point of commencement.
•i. Con.menclng at the north-east corner of
application No. 1, thenco sit ehuins chni following tbe Palllsei river, thenoe 80 chuius soutb.
thence 80 chuins west, thoncu 80 ehnlns north
to point of commencements'. Commencing at tbe north-owl corner of
application No. i. thenoe 80 chains eust following the Palliser river, thenoe 80 chains soutli,
thenee 80 chains west, thenee so ohalns north
to point of commeneement.
4. Commencing at the north-east eorner of
uppliciition No. It, ihenee BO ehalua east following the Pulllser river, thenee 80 chuins south,
thonee 80 elniins west, thence Sl) ehains north
to point of commenoement.
ii, Commencing at tho north eust corner of
application No. I. thence HO chains eust following the Palliser river, tlience HI) chains south.
thonee 80 ohalns west, thenoe su chuins north
to point ol com inn ccm nt,
Duted 8ih. Dec. UM.
l. Commencing at u post pluntod on the
cast bunk of Smith ereek. n tributary of the
Palliser river und about -six miles from the
mouth, thence north 80 chuins, thence oust sol
chains, tbence south 80 chains, theuce west 80 i
ehuins to point of commencement.
•*. Commonelng at the south-west corner of j
application No. 1. thenee nortli HO chuins,
tlience west Hi chains, thenci' south HO chuins.
thenoe east 8u chains to point o( commencement.
:i. Commencement at a post on the east bunk
of Smith creek ami ubout seven miles from the
mouth, thence B0 ehuins east, thenee '0 chuins
norih, thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
south to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at the south-west eorner of
application No. 8, thence Hi) chains west, thence
hu clniius north, thenee Sii ehuins east, tlience
Hu chains south to point of commencement
i>. Commencing at a post planted on the east
bank of Smith creek, about s miles from the
mouth, iiieni'f MH'inii s eust thtuce 80 chains
north, theneo 80 ehulns west, theuee Hi) chuins
south to point of commencement.
fi. t ommenclng at the south-west corner of
application No. 4. thenee 80 ehains west, thonoe
8u chains north, thence 80 chains emu. thoneo
80 chains south to point of commeneement.
Duted 8th. Dee. Wirt.
1. Commencing at a post planted on the cast
bunk ol Martin ereek, a tributary of Palliser
river about Smiles from the mouth, theuce 80
chains north, thenee B0 chains oHst, thence 80
chains south. Ihenee 80 ■.■linins w< st to point of
2. Commencing at the south-west corner of
application No. 1. ihcticeSOohulns west, tlience
80 ehulns norlh. theuce 80 ehains east, theuee
Hu chains so ith to point of commencement.
■!. Commonelng utupoBt on the east side of
Martin creek ubout tb rec mil s irom the mouth,
theuce 80 eha'iis nortli, thence 80 chains east,
thenco 80 chains smith, ihenee Hu ehuins west
to poini of commencement.
4 Commencing at tho south-west corner of
application No. 3. tiii'iii! ■ so chuins north,
theueo 80 ehuins west, th nee Hi chuius south,
theuce 80chains oait to point of commencement.
Hated Nov. 88, 1MB.
i. Commencing ui s post on tbo easi side of
tlio north fork of tho Palliser rivor and about
ft miles irom Hie mouth, thenee B0 chains north,
thence SO chains west, thenoe 80 chains south,
thenee HO chains eusl to point of commence
'! Commencing at u posl on the enst side of
tho north fork of the Palllsor river rivor und
Shout six miles from the mouth, llience HO
chains norili. iheliccHO eliuiiis west, thenee Hi
ehulns south, theuce Hll ehnlns easl to point of
Dated Nov. 87, IU00.
(Sgd.) D. S. Pedley
I, Per W. II- Smith, Agent.
Items of Interest.
There is uot a man in qui* city,
however indifferent to the claims
of Christianity, who would want
to rear his family here if there
were no churches or church in
Hue nee, for he at once recognizes them as the guardians of
the morals of the community.
What would he the condition of
this community at the end of the
next ten years if from this time
until then the churches were
closed? To what extent would
life and property be safe? And
yet, with ail the organized agencies of lhe churches, the devil too
frequently holds high carnival.
What might we not expect if
wholly divested of these influences?
At this time of tho year people
are naturally discussing in thoir
minds the question, where shall
we buy our goods? As our
answer lo this important problem we refer them to the advertising columns iu this issue.
While doing some shopping
in one of our grocery stores last
evening we chanced to hear a
little boy ask his father who
that man was buying the beans.
'•That is our editor," said the
father. "What do editors live
on," .said the inquisitive little
urchin. "Why do you ask
that question," said the indulgent
father. "Because I heard you
suy you had taken our home
paper for three years and had
never paid a cent for it." To
save the father embarrassment
we lefl the store, but it is safe
lo predict that the child got
spanked when the father got
him home.
A well studied, prayerful sincere sermon will always help
somebody. Of that there is not
a doubt. Some regard it as
sound and thunder, and others
may feel in a general sense that
an angel spake, but some silent
thinker is sure to go away
saying to 'himself, surely that
voice was for my sake alone.
The word is not void and like
water spilled upon the ground.
B S   W ^       Hi]
Patronize Home industries ii    1 cranbrook
li Y
To Joseph P. Sohmuck, uml to any
other party or parties to whom ho may
have transferred bin Interest In the
"Bluett Hor.-e" "Besslmet-" "Masabtt"
"Iron" antl ''Creek" Mineral Claims
situate <ni Ha 9a Creek East of Baker
Mountain In the Fort Steele Mining
Division of East Kootenay District, in
the Province nf llritish Columbia:
TAKK NOTN IE that you aro hereby
required within ninety days from the
first publication of this notice to pay to
tho undersigned the sum of ttion.oo the
amount expended by him on your Interest in saiil claims for assessment
work up to October, KKMi.
that unless said payment togother with
all costs of advertising, is paid within
the time above statcdj your interest in
said claims shall lapso to tho undesigned
ou account of said expenditure,
Tills notice is given under Section 4
of the Mineral Act Amendment Act,
Dated this 27th day of December, A.
D. 1906.
IS Harry Mnltou,
Take Notice tbat sixty days after date I Intend to apply to the Chief CommliBloner of
[,mnls und Works at Victoria for permission
to purchase the following described lands ln
Smith Bast Kootenay:
Conimeuclng ut a post planted at the southeast corner of Lot HMH. Group I, Kootenay District, thenre north twenty chains, thence east
forty-live chains more or less to the western
Hue of Lot liiNii. thence south tli ty chains more
or less following the western line of Lot 2040
lo the bunk of the St. Mary s river, thence
following eul:! bunk In a westerly direction to
the place uf boglnnlng.
Dated this Hist, duy of December i.hw.
1. William Staple*-.
Carpenter W Builder
(Jood Work at
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  tewis St
1  L.C0HN !
Tailor % Importer ot
Fine Woolens,
9 Cranbrook, B.C.  Armstrong Ave i
(fohm r.)
Victoria   and   Jubilee   Mineral
Situate in tlio Port Mining Division of Kast
Kootonay District.
n Wlioro looated; On South Hide of 81- Mary's
Tuke nntlOO tlmt [ Thos. T. McVlttlo, Free
Miners* Certificate S'o, MOM, ngont for Duncan
MoParlano. P.M.O. No, HWIW iind Kdwurd A.
Wood, Pree Miner's Certificate No. H741.tt
Intend,   sixty   days   from   tlio   date   horOOf
toapply to the Mining Recorder for u Ctmin-
eatO of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown (Irant of eacli of the above
And further take notloo thnt notion, under
section ;i7, must be commenced before tho issu-
nncool such Certificate of Improvements.
Duted this Ifttli day of Nov.. |9M.
1C T T MeVITTIB. Agent
Buying Tour Candles
9 Fresh From the   9
The ingredients used in all our candies
are the purest, nutritious, wholesome and
*" HOTEL m
|Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection f
Nearest to railroad depot.    Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
Made   In  Cranbrook    llcentraiiy Located
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors i
Electric Lights
r———————~^i Manitoba Hotel
We Want You
To come into our store and be convinced
that we sell the best of meats
of the Cranbrook people are doing this
now, and are unanimous about the quality
of our meats; but we want YOU to come
in and see us
Dominion Meat Co.
Under  Meu   Management
Headquarters for mining   '<>■       When you want  a «ood
men and old timers. •',   P'ace '" st0P come to the
'•   Manitoba.
d. a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Dealers in
Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold Storage 3
at Calgary, Alberta.   3
Ham and Breakfast Bacon I
Carefully Cured iu our own clean, large plant at Calgary
P. Burns & Co. i
Head Office,
Calgary, Alberta.
Limited. 2
Main Office for Eut Kootenay, ZS
Oranbrook, B.O Z3
HI I.l.  ,v   CO.    Tho only plane lu town
a   ihal can lniikii Hfo worth the living.
do itan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Take notlne that thirty duyn after
date, we the 'indorstgnea Intend to
apply to the Chiel CommissioniM* of
Landx and Worka at Victoria. ll.C, for
a special licence to eut and carry awuy
timber from the following desorlbed
lands in Kast Kootenay:
(1.) Commenoing at a post planted
20 ohains north of tho 'st mile post on
the east line of Lot 4592, thence SO
ehains east, 80 ehains south, 80 chains
west, 80 ehains north to place of commeneement.
Nov. 10th, 190(1.
(2.) Commenoing at a post planted
80 chains east and 40 ehains north of
the 57 mile poBt on the east line of Lot
4592, and running 80 chains east, 80
chains south, 80 chains west, 80 chains
north to plaeo of commeneement,
Nov. 10th, 1900.
(3.) Commencing at a post planted
160 chains east and 40 chains north of
the 57 mile post on the oast line of Lot
4592, and running 80 chalna east, 80
chains south, 80 ehains wost, 80 chains
north to place of commencement.
Nov. 10th, 1900.
(4.) Commencing at a post planted
240 chains east and HO chains north of
the 57 mile post on the east line of Lot
4592, thenee 40 chains east, 100 chains
south, 40 chains west, 100 ehains north
to plaee of commencement.
Nov. 10th, 19011.
(5.1 Commencing at a post planted
280 ehains east and 100 chains south of
the 57 mile post ou the oust line of Lot
4592. and running 80 chains south, 80
chains west, 80 ehains north, 80 chains
east to the pluee of commencement.
Nov. 10th, 1908.
(0.) Commonelng at a post planted
480 ehains east of the 57 mile post, on
the east line of Lot 4592, and running
80 ehuins south, 80 ehains east, 80
ehuins north, HO ehuins west lo pluee of
Nov. 10th, 19011.
(7.) Commencing at a post planted
480 chains eust of the 57 mile post on
the east line of Lot 4502 and running
40 chains north, 80 chains west, 120
chains south, 40 ehains east, 80 chains
north, 40 chains eust to pluee of commencement.
Nov. 10th, lllOfl.
(8.1 Commencing at a post planted
480 ehuins east and 40 ehuins south of
the 57 mile post on the east line of Lot
4502, und running 41) chuins west, 40
ehuins south, 40 chains west, 40 chains
south, 120 chuins enst, 40 ehains north,
40 chains west. Ill chuins north to place
of commencement.
Nov. 10th, limn.
III.) ('ommeneing at a post planted
40 ehuins west of the northwest eorner
of timber licence No 8250, and running
80 eliuins north. 80 chains wust. 80
ehuins south, so chains eust to pluee of
Nov. 20th, 1900.
(10.)   (.'ommeneing at a |*ost planted
40 chains west of the northwest corner
of timber licence No. 82.70. and running
80 chains south. 80 ehains wost, Hll
chains north, HO chains eusl lo place of
Nov. 29th, 19011.
(H.) Commonelng at a post planted
at tho northwest corner of timher licence No, (MRS, and running 80 chains
west, 80 chains south, 80 chains east,
80 ehains north to plaee of commencement,
Nov. 29th, 1006.
(12.) Commencing al a post planted
80 chains west of tho northwest corner
of timber licence No 6695 and running
HO chains west, 80 ehains south 80 chains
east, 80 chains north to plaee of commencement.
Nov. 29th. 1900.
(13.) Commencing at a poat planted
at the northwest eorner of timlier licence No. 6947, and running 100 chalna
west, 40 chains south. 160 chains east,
40 chalna north to place of commencement,
Nov. 29th, 1906.
(14.) Commenoingatapost planted!
40 chains south of the northweat corner i
of the timber licence No. 0947, and I
running 100 chalna west, 40 chains
south, 160 chains eaBt, 40 chains north
to place of commencement.
Nov. 29th. 1006.
(15.) Commencing at a post planted
west 20 chalna moro or less of the north |
west corner of Lot 338 on the oast line i
of Lot HO'13, thenco north 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains more nr leas to '
the west hank of the Kootenay rivor.
thenoe south 80 chains more or less I
along the river bunk to the north line j
of Lot :J38. thence west 100 ehains more
or loss to place of commencement.
Dec. 13th. 190*1.
(.'row's Neat I'uss   Lumber   Company Ltd.
ol.        David llri'ekenrhlge. Agent.
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C..
A       Lighted   By   Electricity       **.
 -»«»li*       -  Heated By Hot Air   -     llllll 	
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Boom
£ — Always Up-to-Date   - 3
I |
£ Cranbrook, -     - B.G. fj
Broke into iho pasture of M. I
B. Heath. 4 miles east of Cran-
brook, one brown guiding about
6 years old, branded figure it!
with a quarter circle above ont
left   thitfh.    Owner    can    have
same by pay iug oxpenses.
M. B. Heath.
Vulifl Notloo that Mxiy dtiyH uftor tinio I intond to Hpply to the Cblol Commlnidonor ol
innrtH (imi WiirkK hi Vlinorlu. 11. C.( for pnr-
mlNhlon to purotlftHO thu tnllnwIriK iltuwrlbcd
IhihIh Iti Kust Kuril'iimy:
Commencini* ill upoHt plantod ol tin* North
Woat corner of Lot WM3 on tin* South lino ol
Lot iwifl mnt on! h»i Thotnoi tlrookonrldKo'H In
ctulfin post, thence South llfteonohulnH, thonco
I.HKt   twenty  cliiilnn    tbODflO   Koutli   twenty
ohftlntr-, thonoo w*'Ht forty olmlnit* htoro or Iqhi
io the Hunt brink of tho Kootonuy rlvor, thonoo
North forty ohalim along thu Khki imnk or the
rlveftotho Mth parallol, thonoo Kim twentj
chalni more or leu tn place of commencement,
containing lao acren moro or Ion.
]t»vi-i Braokonrtd'co, Agent.
Nov Mb IPOU (ti
Galgarv Beer. Ale Ac Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay and Grain.
Granbrook, B.C.
I NORTH   STAR       *
J te.    HOTEL J
9 9
j Kimberley,   B. C. f
J   H. W. DREW, Proprietor.  _^_^, 9
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters lor
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
The above lintel luis been recontly eroded, and neatly furnish*
ed throughout, The Bar Is supplied with the best brands ol
Liquors und Cigars THK PROSPECTOR CRANBROOK   1C, JANUARY 5, l«i"
■^**»#*.***#***M*** MpU|    VP/IPQ
E pride, niirselvi
Our Ideal Tea and liolden West Coffee i
iiiiMii'i-'easeit in quality, tlavor and actual a
value.   There are uiiiu.v Brands ami many Blends bul there are tow in tlm mi dussas - 9 year  the Largest
il'he formula for our blends mis prepared for us by one of the Besl Kxperls in Camilla.   The J
We    have     thl
ear the Largos
assortment  ever
most important tlvjj'g is to havo the Ton and ColTeo work harn iously with the water,  ii   is A l>i*oi.i>;lit    into    the
impossible to get good results otherwise.    We had au analysis mad  tho water and  our 9 District.
expert blender selected only >'U'li teas and coffees ;i> would work well with the water of this J
district    ' lur efforts were crowned with success ;is we gel only praise from every order  wo Al
mwiuI out. 9
Special Bargains
G. T.ROGhRS.  .
Ml      ***f
Our Grocery Department Is Very Complete
Not only in staple lines I mi nil kinds of fancy, toothso lelicaclcs, such as \Va* sialic \s
Pure Fruit, Jams ami .tellies.
Sweet Im hi  Bacon special sugar cured,
Olives. Pickles. Relishes, Fruits. Sweet Itisi lits, eti
A   Few   Items   to   Clear
C, & ll. 1'luiii Pudding, regulni piici  "51    ipiiia
1 [einz s Apple Buttci
Small Packages Swi et Cakes   "
The children can simp at this store with safety and pleasure os thej   wi     receive  lhe  same
prompt attention the same prices and the same "Kink liuaranteed    Is ihal their parents wen I, I receive.
Toys, Paucy 1 loods, Por
turnery, Tollul Articles,
Pipes,      Killlrv    l.i'llllli'l'
t loods, China, ami a very
line Im,' ol   l.nu lli'V 'S  t'lliillilllli'
111 mi.all paukagos. .fancy and Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
1,,.,   in ||„. lim;;.    Uuj    ivh.'iv   ynn   Clll   lil.lss.    Hunts,   Sinus.   I'lll iliel S.   Mitts,   Gloves,   Hosiery.
• ■in  HI  \    llie .IIIKAI'KHT. —
* Beattie & Atchison Opera   House   Cranbrook
*      Where It Pays to Deal. THURSDAY.   JAN.   10TH
i_ U,' have 11 groat uainu for sell
i ne* ilie tiesl "STEWARTS'
•f Chocolu
Tim Rosfiian Opera company
nil    Hon     Hulls   are
made    for    those    who  desire
uiittlitj    pure and dollolous    II       •"    •"*-'     I lllictlll    11 ll lliotous    CoilllC    Opera
Stewart, Arm-ai 1 nmi. Ave
'I'lll*:   I.K.MHN'll   HTOItti   FOI!
Choice Confectionery
iV.ll   XlllH
PRTPF^  I ill)--'/'i   Seats now Selling at
1  •'**■'■" ■   '    '       I ° Heal tie A Atehinsoiis
Note   kin.il   Appearance ol  the Roscians in Cranbrook
Im 2 years.
1 allfornln (lrii|nw
' IVrslnll Unl,-
9 j MiiIukii lirupuH       1 huiui* li.niniHi
9  ' il. iim- in Apple*    uttuiKitfiiii I'.'ii
9  ••">*•*>
Stew,irts Fine Chocolates
l##Sg$####ll##W*## HUGH Sl'EWART
Phone 75       Armstrong., flvc
li will pay those who are
limkiuir for wmk in call and
W) =
We    Guarantee   Satisfaction   (f>\       sati.t.i      j.\n ,-.. tuor.
The Quality Store
m =
Jim  McArthur   |    GOLD     SEAL      TEA
u.-SVT.unui'In y J"";'""  1 Blended Especiallj For Is
Clothes, Shoes, [j|       Everything  new  and   [fresh.    Th(   hest    that   ||
Hats. Etc.
Everything  new   and   [fresh.    The   hest
"/   monev can lui v.
Chas   Macdouttld nf Wusn wain lown Monday.
• I   A  McLean of Pernie spent
<    Sunday lasl in Cranhrook.
Jim McflrtPur I £;—« ::;■::.,?■
Hanson Ave.  CbanbhOOK, B.C.   fm
* rmrmi k manning I
M       1   S. Carter, C  i'. I! . districl
raj   aneni was iii town Monday
Would I'lillicr Imv i' .* *
'ri.iiii any)hlum ulw
Heller have il taken early lis
lliere is always a rush Iho lasl
few weeks.
nt nt nt nt **t nt nx nx **\ At **x nt nt **X -■ At *9\ At nt, *t\ nt At nt nt nt, nt nt
* 9
9                   JUST   OPENED I
S C. HARRIS l,ilsfofr*v I
Prest pnoto Go.*   ^^^^t**^   *
Picture Fr.ni.iiiu a Speoialtu   |      Bmpioyment office   Call ... once   *
linker Si. Cranbvoolt, 13.C. \M        •»»*»*»**•«.¥ —*******   *»"»»*«* %
 jjt     a ml mhi will ({el a |ob,, 3*
9 9
9     Baker Sl.    Cily Transfer Co's. Office   Cranhrook,H.C.     9
* *
mat   \m*t   \m*f   mtsst   \m*(   mtst   \fa   nkt   \kt   \nt   nkt   ^^    mX* ■■>'  mnt   ma*"   Wsst   \sssst   ^tssssst   mn*   \nnt   nm*   mnt   mX*   mnt   mT*   *nt
*W( "W* **m *W •tx* ^F **W^4*>*^f* *^r* *\W *^ •*\rfl    **l*7t **W W ^n *^ ^o **m **W **\9 •*)**% **\**s ***a*i ***w*i
A. MeDouffal, iif the Pernie
Lumber Co . and P, Motl'nl oi
Pernie were in the city Tuesday
N Darling of Vancouver was
visiting liis brothel' Harold Dur
ling this week.
Mis. Muiighi of Marysville
was visit ing friends all 'ranbrook
on New dear's Duy.
P. I.nnd. manager of the
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
of Wardner, wa.*. al Crnnbrooli
Monday on business.
.). <i.  Cummings,   P. L. S.. ol
w   Pernie. was ai   the governmenl
^   office   Monday   on    professional
The Conservative Association
have opened a committee room
on Cranbrook Avenue near the
corner of liaker  street
Coining up. Harvey. Ross and
and Parsons. Southeast Kootonay's New Year's gift lo t he Me
Bride administration.
Call up the Citv 'I ransh 1
when vmi want your Furniture! Piano, or Baggage
jj*C At aa.sAw*rAr*^mr3m-a*fm,*i.*T M A A A Malfc^feaM )M. M 8fr*M
At ^^ ^W ^*t ^R ^W. ^R ^^^R ^R *W ^*\ ^R >a\ ^a. ^*. ^R ,*W ^*. ^*t,^*t ^R ^R ^R\.^Rj
* *
9 Marysville, B.C.        COLE & HANDLEY. Prop. 9
W. E. Worden    *
The Pernie Ledger lias been
purchased by the Miner'sI'nions
in ilie Ci'ow'sNost Pass. D.V.M.,
can now write up u history ol
the time he has innl running a
TllK   PUOSPEUTIMI  OXtOllds   lo
all Us readers   lh,,  compliments
tffi     of the   season   and   besl   wishes
TAKK  N'OTIOIC   Uml    tlilrtj   days
iiiiri' Im, I Inioiul i(iii|iplj milii'iiiii'i
' ni Issliinei* nl [.mills uiul Wi.i'li, i,,i
liei'ltltsaloli ii, rut ami I'lii-ri uua\
linilier from tlio lollnwliijr iImci'IIh il
lamb in Solllll Klial Kiii.l.'iiiiy:
l.' IIII'IU'illj' .11   ||  |>lt*l   |lilllll,'l!  ul    ilir
N'urih-wosl .'.ii'ii.'i' uf I'm   K.'llyV  pro-
■ -in 1 ni>  V • Mill- Creek, thoi ':
imi'lli I mill*, ll ■ ivonl I mill*. Iln-iii'i'!
-miili I mill', ili.'ii,*,' ui i I milutopluee
ul i imim.'ii.'.'iiirnl.
Dated .hiiiiiiny 2ml. 100T.
1 .'. II. I'Vmvii'k.
Municipal Proclamation
IMiiilli- ii.nii-c isjitfrbv k'i-.fii to the olectovs
orihD MiiiUolpalliy of UieClLr of Cninbrook tlmt'
I rcuniiv lhe jiri'senve of the snlij eleutors tit
tbo Council Chnuiberii.l'litIter Street.C'ranbroolc.
ll. Con tbeltth tiny oi Janiiftry. llMir. m r»
o'clock noon il n'uloclt locnl time) for the jjtir-
pojieofeleotlnixporsots to robrcBi'iit tlium in
iii«' Muulclpttl Council u*. Muyor mul Alduroen
iiiiil for tho l'lirpnsu "f olectlng persons to re-
prosont tlit'iii on tlio Hoard of Trustees for the
Cninbrook city Sobodl District
Tlio imxii'of nomlniitlon of chimIi.lutes shall
lions rollowi:
The candidate*' shall be nominated       in       writing.      'ii
Why Not Give a Pipe for Christinas?
It would be a perpetual reminder of tlie giver and a source of
continual satisfaction if you get an
This brand on a pipe is equal to the sterling mark on silver.
The bowl is fully guaranteed against cracking or burning, atia
everything about it is fully fifsf-class.
WM. F. TATE & SON. The Jewelers.
C. P. R. Watch Inspectors Crow's Nest Puss Division
writing I £j
-.luili lie .sllliarrlliocl liy two valor!* ot tho .Muiii- | ft;
,'i|,»litv us nroposor anil socondor an.l shall ho I H
mii, ,■  I'linin      Si li    j   '"- liiml
1',-i.K-il    i )5     I" .j.I II".I I
Tli.' Leading II I of the St,
Mary's Valluj. N'lce airy rooms
newly furnished Table as
ifimil iis nnv in Kootenay,
tm* ii  happy,  bright and  pri
porous Now Yi'ur.
*   GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
9 9
Teams and drivers furnished for any poinl in tlie district,
A. DOYLE, Manager j
anti a . .a .«■<» ..a. a i. i. a. <^"»-aa.»
Geo. R. Leiisk & Co
Take  Nni ii*.* that   aixly ilayii afti
ilati' wc Intond maklnu nppllnatl	
ih,' II -nlili* thu Chlol l.'m IkBlmii
ul l.iiiiil-niiil Worki im- pc'nniiwhin i
piirohiwi! Hi'' followinitdoHiirllK'il limit
niimmoniiliiK al   -i  ph il al  ll
Mnrth-I-Jinl uornorol l.m SHI), ninnln
lli,.|„','   Hill   elniins    Wu»t,   lhuril'0
I'llllilla Sillllll. llli'lli'i'    IHO   I'lllllllH   Kill
ill,.  iu i'IiiiIiih Nurlli in llm Him  "i   ■: t*y.yb
I'Olninonlioiuont,   rontalninv  IHO acroi
morn in- lum.
Iluli'il Hii- L".itli ilny nf n.'iiiii'i'   IIKli
Wjill-I.ni':.'  I hoi' Co,
II A. K. WulK. .Iiu.. AbiiiI.
in iln' Postmaster (leneral, will
be received at Otiiiwu until noon
mi  I'Yiiln.v.  tho Mih day ol'.Pob
i* v.   11107 for  thr t'onveyiinno
nf His Majesty's Malls, on n
proposed I'onti'iicl Im- fouryiuirs,
nlii'i' pel' week each way, bet-ween
Crnnbrooli uml (lolden, from the
1st day nf A|u'ii ni'.vt.
Printed notice contiiiililng fur
Hum' Information us in conditions
n|   proposed   Oniilrncl   may  bn
s nml lilunli Im' nl* Tender
may   In-   obi I   nl   the   I'usl
iillii'i's   nl   ('ranlirnolc   (lolden,
|iiinl iiili'i'iiii'iliuli' iilllcos,   nml   ul
,.    „   FURNISHED ON APPLICATION   | "< '   Hi"   l'""'   "»"*"
A.  W. Cnirins,
Posl (Hliii' Inspi'i-liir.
i 1;iiih, SpiN ificnlitms
■ind  I-. itii'mitns
iwccn llieilnlo nf tin- notice nml 2 p, in, (i
it., iitiii time) <»( tlio Uny ol nomhiiitlon, nml in
tin- cvoni nf ii lmil Mnt* nerecHsnryj such jioll
«ill boopeneil on the ITth ilny of .Iniiuary, 11*07,
hutwonu llle hours ot'.'. o'clock In tlie forenoon
CIOo-oloftb liieiil time) nml ro'cloekintlionfter-
noon i* o'clock locnl lime) in llio council
Clnunuors. linker Sti'cet. Ormtbrook II, r., ol
which every person Is hereby rciinlrcrt to tni;e
notice nml Rovorn himself lu-enrdlHRl)*,
The iinntillcntlon hy Inw required to he
liuNHCBsed by tho cnmlltbites tor the otlice of
Mnyor are ns follows:
'■The person '|iinlili>'<l  to lie   liomlliutctl  for
nmi electeil ns Mayor shall bo such persona as
nromalc uiiiish aubjeeis of the full ago of
tweuty-oue yearn, ami are noi iliaq mill Iled
under any law, nml have been (orthosis months
nexipr I inn tbe dft)  nr nomlmillon tho
rciilfltored owner In ibe Lund Iteglstry Oflloe.
nt imnl or real properly In tho city or thu
nws-cii vnlno.on the last Munlelpnl asscatt-
montroll. ot one thomuuid dollars or more,
nverand above any rodlalored Judgement or
clmi'ffe, nml whouru otliorwlBC duly qiinlllled,
ns Munlelpnl votera." mott. c ik, s. n.
The quallllcullon by.lnw in hu possessed by
llie candidates rm the olllcc of  Ahlenuen  are
.is roiiou
"The persons iiuiilflled to hu mnnlnuted for
nnd elected as Aldorinnn ol iho
Cily Hluill ho such porsonsag are mule llritish
subjects nf ihe full ni1.' of tn cut i-one years uml
uro nm dlsiiuuliiied umloruiiy Inw, and to have
heen Inr the six i its, nexl prereedlnu tho
di) "i "nil Iiu roiilstured owner In the
"." toKlstrytillt ir ImkI or real pruporly I ,$3ttj£>  9.9  9  *  ♦  ■>  9
I" Mi« CUj ol   iii"   inwiwsed   vah i  tho
in.i Municipal   imsoKhinuiil    roll,   of    live- |c
himilred dnlluraoi
Make Your Boys and
Girls    Happy   This
Winter   By   Giving
Them      a     Pair     of
Hocky Skates
♦ Cranbrook. B.C.
:,*:9 9*ft'9 '* 4 ♦ 9 _♦_:9ft;
T iinlllli'ii
'I I 'l'l'll»ll
"' »i<"t iy I r^»^«H.«l»[iW«N«K«M«W«rt«'*N »!«W«W»W»M"Wil«l»W»WRMIl»ll
!rrrtzfl't 1 underwear Riantip Priced
H I IH'a   l"l   llll ,      I'  '• —*•*■——
m\ ii|
I Cliiiirr knit undergarments chosen Inun the products I
I of the best mills in America,    liven gtirmenl  \i\itvc- I
hi tnis Am, io \ 'ni mi.- iimi,j siiiiooi £ antced as the besl value possible to be  obtained  for I
c'^.a.'.'.mi,"!i",'in'i,,'.",'.'iit.1,l,1!.','.>I1„'.',.|'!,",',.),',',r lo n t'ie Pncc'    Every size and numerous styles here for I
i| *l rii-l,-,- In  mii-Ii  Miiiili'lpnl
lil-nli'i.'' 1U050. II. S. Iliw. I'.'iin. r. llll, s. j.';..
Nn ihtmiii 1101(111111 I ll Ui'i- or li'iii'li,'!- ullli.
in ih,' school iiiatrii-i nmi no cloriiymiin uf
mil .u-i liiiiiliin almll !«• Hliii    i..>'  ,1,,.
■ illlri' i.l Hrl I Tl'UB]
men, women and children.      No exaggerated values
■ -simply tin- best for your money    aud  a   refund  if
goods are found unsatisfactory, or not as represented.     *
Tu^::^\\ZiTrn)^i!:\ ,.. I   Assortment is always complete with us. |
ilny ..I .h.N.mil. UK
•I'll"*.  11. 11 'Ib,
KiituniliiH 'iilli-i'
Here Are a Few of Our Special Lines
'I'nl,,'  Xnlluo,  iluu. alxlj   ilu.v.a iiIi.tI |i|
llll.' I  illl.'llll lllll|l|ll\   llll'   Clnrl   (<oin.II
I. I' his' lli'iuv IMiliril I'liili.nvi.iii*
Hush   III 1(11,1)1(1
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
Port i ii'i'i.'i* iNHi'iirrnjiH *if*'(-*n*(<:.
Calgary, Alta , Doa 28, ItllKI.
Illla-iiill,'!' nl  l.llllilMllliI  VVll|.|m  till- ||,.|-.
iiilwliui ii, iiiii'i'liimu iiiii rnlliiwIiiH 'I.-
ai'l'ltii'il IuiiiIh in  .Snullii'iihl   Kiiiiti.inity,
•' lli'llIB ul •! imnl I'lillil.'.I nl llio
llili'l llWIiHl  i'i.I'll.'I' III   l.nl  "III,    ({|'||||||    |,
iiii'iu'i' iiorlli night .-Iiiiiii-. Wi links, in
Hi.--unlli.-nai i,iii.|ii-i-iiM,iii limn, itiuiiuu
wiml fiil'IJ .'linins.  llio  -unlli  ,.ij.,|,i
i'liuins •*.■*. links, llu 'ii lisl l,„'i, ,.|||||||B  ljl
I" l>li it I'liinitu'ui'i'ini'lil uml i;lj
Inn in nil :n-2 noi'iw.
Hi I I nlii'i'lHiiil. 11)1)7,
52 Iiiiiii,. *Vnads,
8   Lljjflll   Wl'ifl'lll   I'lllll'I'U'.-lll
ljl Iti'sl Wuls.v All U',,,,1 |1| I'u'i'iiil'n
«l..jiicni'li rortl.SS 'f
%\.2fs ciic.li for 81.00 IS
■sj.in each for $2.00 £i
| Mod, Wi<i.;lil Wm.I IMilii.il I'ml,.,'
iJi wouc       sl.iiii each tor     hii
^ Mi'ii s I''Iim:i!i'iI l.ini'il Dinwi'i's only li."ii'lo$l.iin        loi'     50 'I
4      Special Sale of lloys' Odd PIocoh nl; (lrea,tly Reduced Prices j
j REID 6J CO. |
*S*llMihlMWIl*>(&»liWi»lB*fiI»IB »iS»'Bu*i»iB.,.ia'»iHS»(sMit*iKa


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