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The Prospector May 18, 1907

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Array t®§pt£im
..„„  ?3|80i jj
'Ctqria, B.
\/oV. 2'>'.
No. -JU.
tournament, which began yoster
  day, and continues today and to
„    .     ,„ „   D      .   n    .     ,   „„„.,.,,,,.       T ,',   ,I.;,.,.. Visitors Hero and  There   People Marysville on May -41 h
Ferine   Will   Be   at   Cranbrook monow.       tiioio    .ne   iniiij i
trophies uiul  money  prizes for
llie events, nml Ihe total value is
Tho following fr the Pernie *-•"""•   Nearly every gun club
Ledger, will bo read with intorestli,lMontn,ullmssonl ''°l'i'osonta-
Labor Day
bv lhe members and   friends of ,lv'"s'  iiml   lh" **'' orthwosl
the City Fire Brigade, is   fepresentod.     Son I tho
"The lire brigade racers have "'"I'1'"'* '**'*'tho Duponi Anacon- in with - monin.
been oul twice wilh Iheir little
race carl this week, making runs
Monday ami Tuesday evenings.
da Cup, now held by S. .1. I .ar-
roll of Seatllo; tlio Multinomahl    Rev. Plewolling was nl   E
litis week.
Regards   for   our    neighbor     A. Leitch was at Kernie Wed Cherries at Stewarts today. WILL BUILD K00TE-
 Is us in-"inl mn' iin.'st   to nosdny on business.   NAY CENTRAL
  Mr    uiul   Mrs.P.    C.   Malpas 	
Mrs, M    Ewiug of  Pernio is sponl the week outing ul Wasa. n»„„:j„,, ., ,     nm.- i .
Constable   A    A.    Ward   of-visiting Miss Connolly this week — President Makes Official Announce
Mnrysville was in the city Tues- Mr  and.   .Mr   R    .\    Louden nient of Early Construction.
I day on legal business.                     Tlio Cranbrook   Urn--:.   Band and   family  of   Calgnr.v    were 	
K  K Botitliowns al Calgary                                               were practising   in    ihu    rink guest nt the Royal this week. .,.,„, ,,,,, „■„ ,                    ,.
this weok on husiness.        '       -   ,;„,    ,    ..\viM„.    \| , » Thnirdny eve g. J he follow „g is a copy of a
                         I'',,:,.',,,'    v  ',,','   ,|,uil,.M*-i                        Mr. and Mrs.  G   T   Rogers | '***imm received by J. A. Bar
Miss fllndys Johnson is very  l>(tt-nioi-o Bros.                             '    Tho Cranbrook  Trading  Co. spent Sunday    lasl   ni    Wasn, vey from C  Hungerford Pollen,
'                        havo jusl  gol   in  n carload of returning Monday evening. president  of the Kootenay Cen-
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Co Away.
swell  bllggil
medal, held by Iv P. Confnrr, of
ll  looks  good  to see  ,|„,i„7vs'l-'vingslon: the Spokane Brown       j   A  Ooupil oE Movie  was  111
sprinting down street again, ivnd   tt0V**y< hold by A. C. Cow- in Town Tuesday
this  useful  sport    will    atlrnel
Mori. Billings was al   Pornlii |swl'" ""'-''-'"-'■'"■ irul Railway Co. who is at  pres
Wednesday attending 11  meeting   '    '"'l'1"'^   have    made    llmir ellt ut Victoria in the Interest of
of the local lodge of Odd Pul lows. I    Covor enl Agent .1. I*' Arm nnponinnco on the| prtiirie norlh
I'v.-isui Kingsgnto on official busi \"> l(,w"   So has lhe l.olfer,
many spectators and rekindle an
interest in the brigade .1. VV.
Niiiiii, VV. Warren, .1. Kenny, 0,
C. Wright, Mill Knstner, Bert
Black, .1. Doyle, Edgecombe, II.
A Wilkes, II. Callell and others
are Inking purl, and oul of such
sprinters we will have a team
whicli with last year's experience
and training, will be equal tothe
Prom reading the above we
are forced lo lite conclusion thai
the Ferule brigade will be at
Craubrook on Labor day, with
goods thul will be "all wool and
a yard wide" to wrap up the cup
well, the goods won't spoil if
they have to wait another year.
Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
The ore shipments and smelter
receipts for the district of Southeast Kootenay for last week were
as follows:
St   Eugeue....   188     5,141
Sullivan     linn   11,-100
Total     733   lii.nll
To Good to be True.
The story that Sir Hector
Maedonald is alive and well in
China, where he is organizing a
great army upon modern lines,
has been revived,
Married on .May 4th, at St.
Luke's Church, Tacoma, by the
pastor Rev. P. T. Webb, Mr.
Loomis A. Silverlon, B.S., M.A
to Miss Margaret, only daughter
of the late S. N. Hearle, of
The Prospector extends to Mr.
and Mrs Silverton its congratulations. Mrs. Silverton had at
one time been a matron of the
Port Sleele hospital.
ing of North Viikimii. Wash.;
the Globe trophy,  lield liy I'- -1-
Holohan. of Twin Palls, Idaho:
lite Dayton medal lield by K. ti.
Confarr, of Livingstone; and the
Walla Walla Browniee medal,
held by .lack Pornbee, of
Tlie liiiiul writing on ihe null
linos! Cranbrook
I,'.   I..   T.  Galbrailh of   Port|ness T 'Mliiv
Steele wus transacting busiiio'
ni Cranbrook Tuesday.
his eompnny,
"Victoria,   May   llth—J.   A.
li   is  roporl ed  thai   Mr   and  Harvey, Cranbrook:     Vou may
Mr. and Mis. Slovens of Tracy  Mrs    V    Hyde  Baker  were   al  announce   Ihal    work    on    the
Creek were Craubrooli  visitors | Montreal  lusi   Priday, .and  ure Kootenay .Central will now  pro-
lis iill   over   the   district,
bountiful weather.
Basket  Ball at the   "Gym,"-AJ    Mr. Miillandaine, C.P.R.  lain
Fast Game.
agent returned Thursday from n
trip to West Kootenay.
The Basket Ball season closed j    ,„,,     -, 77   .,,
_, ., . , lhe eiiy council will meel  on
on Priday evening last when one Wednesday next for Ihe trails-
of Ihe fastest games of the series i action of the city business,
was played.    The  "Gym" and
II.   M.    Burrow    and    Join
Charming drove over from  Kuril "*""***
Sleele Tuesday on business. Mr. and Mrs. C.   Robinson of
' . Kimberley were gnosis ui   lhe
rill . •      ,     •   , .-, Ua     1     Pnu-ouc  ,,r     InflVni,    „--,^   I 'osillopl ll il Ull 'I'llll I'Slltl V
Theres money 111 bricks.—SeoI    All. J. Kogers oi  .lullin,*,   was '
Beale St, Elwell. I visiting   friends, al    Cranbrook      	
  Sunday last, All Erickson, wus down  from
Read the Sunshine   Furnace 	
Add. •    G. M. Christie -of Calgary,   P.  whal wus going on ml ranbrook.
Mi'l'iuriuid of Winnipeg and  T. 	
S. Merrill of Pernie, were regis ;    \. VV Co illy  of  Kingston.
tered at the Craubrook Thursday Out.,  is spending the  summer
  I with llis brother Dr. Connolly of
Tenders are being called  for | tins city,
the painting of   the Crnnbrooli
public schools, for particliii's see
E. Ehvoll of Beale St Elwell.
'xpecled ni Cranbrook today.
Mill   Williams roi
I,    Hope in lie successful
'ivi'il  word  '"'-'"-  "'al  work  will be com-
lhis week staling thai Mr   I.   II.   mencod from both ends of route
Vim Decar had    purchased    the C. II. Pollen."
D,'iH''d B I ai Victoria. This new- is official and  by
Dr.  Con iTTvns ul  Jaffray 1 f'1'' tho n!0St m*wlm ,,lilt has
Wycliffe Sunday last, just to see Thursday in attendance ui  n  l)L'e" niade concerning the con-
While in town call at S. .1.
Mighton's for fresh tobacco nml
choice Havana cigars.
Pire Brigade teams lined up in
good form, and the large
audience awaited  anxiously the
result of the contest.   The game i   .   n„ i„.     it o   ,•    i
° .1. A. Broley and .1. S.   Gtirley
was last, bul the anxiety to win were llt  Cranbrook  Wednesday
was so great  with  both  teams, on business.
thai basket ball  was  forgotten
The Kootenay Central.
Iuformation this week is at
hand from C. H. Pollen, president of the K. C. B , to the effect
that the immediate construction
of the road is assured and probably within the time limit, of
two and a half years. The
favorable termination of the important negotiations between the
government and the promoters
of the K. 0. Ft., is due to a large
extent, to tho inlluoiice, hard and
persistent work of Mr. ,1. A.
Harvey, who, at hisownexpon.se
of limo and money, has made
many trips to ihe coast to use
hisiiillueiieo with the government
and his late visit, made two weeks
ago, was productive of the agreement between the sfovemmonl
und promoters, whicli provides
for the immediate construction of
this artery of commerce which is
sure to he of incalciiable benefit
of the prosperity of our own
City of Cranbrook.
Decline and Aooepted.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier bus invited
General Botha to visit Canada;
but the Boer premier says that
it, will he impossible for him to
do so. Sir Wilfrid, however,
has accepted an Invitation from
General Botha to visit the
Sportsmen's Tournament at Walla
Walla Walla, Wash., May 17—
Sportsmen from all over Iho
West have congregated here to
lake pari   in   llie  Sportsmen's
and all rules broken for the time
and bard worli wits tlie order of
the day. Al full time llie score
wasa tie, and then excitement
ran high, ten minutes more play
aud this time the Pire Brigade
wou out wilh a fair margin, llie
score being 10--18 in their favor.
Mr. Anderson the referee of the J!'1* w,8?,  ^tending a meeting of
,   , .. 'Odd Mellows,
series was accorded a vote ol |
appreciation for his work in
looking after the games of the
Geo. Jewell of the Jewell
Lumber Co., of Jaffray was in
Cranbrook Monday on business.
.1. .1. Grady and VV. P. Mont
ginnery of Creston were Crunbrook visitors Tuesdny.
P. E. Simpson, was nt   Pernio
Wm. P. Tate, ti. ti. Smith nnil
('. Haines won I lo Pernie Wednesday to iilieiul n meeting of
lliltl fellows ill thill file.
iiiiii]  win. was injured on Wed-  struction of the K.C.R.
nosdny. it is'ulsS learned from an  un
official source. Ihough considered
Senator King uiul  Mrs.   1,'ieh
unison lefl on Monday on a visil f1"""6   "',"   lho   """   "•""'
lo Alberla, from there ihey  will  "nsa 'o the soulh, will eon -i
return  to iheir  homo   in   New with tho Crow's Nesl  branch of
The latest fad in New York isi Brunswick. ihe CP.lt,  al  some point near
io wear a button bearing the in- -• ,  Port Steele Junction.
siTiptiou   **l   nm  uu unilosiinhle!    .1.   II    I lurk*.    Margaret    uiul      .,.,     ■ ,.
citizen." .Miss   Ellon Chirk   of   Granite      I ho immediate construction of
Idaho were at the Cosmopolitan lhe Kootenay Central will be of
Purest   (ires  ure   in   season. Thursdny.    The party  lefl  on 'notorial  I iii   to Cranbrook.
There was considerable d age Priday morning for the Skook   li   will  stimulate trade   in   tho
caused by a large fores! lire noi.r innchuck country, L,     „ wi|| n]so ,     |p
I fusion lusi week.   '
vi'inpini'tit ni u large number of
Thi' St. Mint's river is rapidly | ,     ...
rising.   Tho lusi   lew days  lias mi|nng properties in the Windei
is  the   property    of    the Pire
To Entertain Japanese Sailors.
Dove   Rreckenridge   of   the
Crows's Nest Lumber Co..   of
season.    The "Wilson Cup" now  Wardner was In the city Monday.
Gus Theis. who bus been
placer mining on Perry Creek,
wus in the city Wednesday on
i business.
Now York. May 17. A dinner! n Brander.lTparker uml 10.
and reception will be given to- Bates of Kimberley were nl
night at the Hotel Astor, lhe.Craubrook Wednesday on busi-
guests of honor heing  Viscount  "('sS
Acki, the Japanese Ambassador 	
at Washington; General Kuroki,  ,  Mr. and Mrs. J.  P.   Weslman
,t.     . i   •    i i- •      i.i      ,m       ■ left oii Mondavs train for Vernon
vice Admira I im and the officers ,,, „,,„„,„ a.*,,     . ,       ,
.  ,     ,            '    , .       ,„,             i to iillend a Methodist conference
of the Japanese ships.  The com-; |n t]lat (.jiy meeting,
mittee in charge of the arrange-j 	
ments consists of Cornelius N.
Bliss,    General    Benjamin   P.
Mr. and Mrs.  J.   I).   McBride
were al  Windermere this week.
Pred.   Haines of the   Herald
staff, was ouling in the Winder I    Mrs   ,,    ,,   Smith|  „., as
»T»,™i!X7Sl     HG been visiting al   Wns;,  for the madeTt, change of nboui ilnve I "'">*" as well as the Cranbrook
'   pasl    week,     returned     I o feet.    A largo number of logs district; lumbering will be push
■V   II   Penwick  wis ui  Cran I Tl""s,lt'y* are now  going down  tlie  rive- ed and the agricultural resources
brook Tuesdny attending ii eon-      Rev.   W.   Vance  was in lown "C'lnor will bo more fully developed and
vocnlion   of   Rocky   Mountain Monday on llis way to Vernon to   "  lai'ge number of settlors will
Chapter R  A.M. attend the Methodisl conference     u-  ,,  vVilcox  of Ihe Phoenix ''"""'  '"'" ""'  L'PPB'' Columbia
„ —        to be hold in that city this week. p|on : lllui Ec'mol, sim,)Son of| and Kooienay valleys.
I he Pernie Hose Keel Racing            .,„,,',.    ,,.-„     , lhe Cranbrook Herald wore hob-
team ure practising regularly tor       he C. P. R. Quadrille dance mibbin„ lhis u,,„k   , Crnnbrool! ' Installation of Officers.
the next chami ship struggle al Wentworth Hit    We'"ff Wilcox is from Missouri nnd I  	
ouLaborDay. day   evening   wns   „   ,■„ ete      , ,e Governor     s,,,,.,,,. .,,.  . , .  ,., ,   ,,,.-
 , success, |-   .    ,,   ,,     .. . .  ,     ,,   I    .soihiri. frocoptory ana er orv
.il     .soul I.     (   11 l'l lil 11.'I     Sllill     ll.      llll'1 '
lii'lil nn   omorgetll   assembly   on
I M lay lor ihe purpose of Installing lhe ollicers elect I'm* the
I'      j;',','!,.  '"','"'                                                                ensuing year.    Rev J.  Irvine of
,.i     r.  ,. ■', ri       .   M* ■*   li,,"il''*' i(l"'  :'  letter Vancouver,    reprosetiling    the
( bus ll,. Keul wns ul r.ilniinilini I ,. .      ... ,    , ,,    ,,,        ,,, -	
this   week   looking   over    the,/ |',s    ''censes   expire Uns     week    i ouncmg    tliei.r;  Provincial Prior, Installed
country, taking a vucation uf u I   '"■' :llsl*    Ivunowuls should  bo iniirriagc oi G. II. I'honipson  of| Iho lollowing olHcors:
week.'  In ken oul on thul  dm ■ June I tills cily  in .Miss Gerlrude  \. I    lJ-!'• Sir Knl?lit ll. T. Wllllanu
*' i , I.,,.,.] r \t...   ,-   \t  '        l'.   •'      "       .1. R Armstrong
K-   "      "       IV. Connolly
[f there is anything in the nsh       . , , ,.   ,       -       (lovernor of North Carolin
uiul  suit   theory,   ii  wt iay      A ''"'"" """l1"'1' '.''   Ainerican
son nterprising   citizen    lo «™W »« boing ho d up Thompson-Proctor.
locate thoC I'. R. ush d p       for lack ot postage nt the bound- F
Tho   provincial    goveri nt j    ,
has decided to proclaim  Satur I
I he Misses .Veils.,n,
iv May iM, ii  public holiduv. L1,''/'1  "''''i''"'1  '"  ",u"  Tu??tlaJ''
dlowing Empire Day. '   •   hoy "ill lakoupll 'rosideiico
' ■ .  ,,,    i    ...   I     ,.i ll   i.      (     .. .......
lhe Grilllu  house
t venue.
Proctor, diiuglitor nf Mis. (,*. M. I
j Proclor nl St.   I 'nu'.   Minn.,   nu
lie- Sill nl Muy. ul Ihu church oi
Hie liunil  Shophnrd,  Sl    I'nul..
by   lhe   Kev.   VV, ti. Pope.    'l'h,.
C-   "      "       Wm. P. Tme
I. lim. Sir Kniulii A. H. (,'r»(,,
M.      "      "      T. Stiirk
II. I*. I'urk
liuppy couple Imvo many friends      After   11 im   Installation   cere
iu Cranbrook, and iluu*  will  re-  monies. Iho Sir Knights set down
Tracy, Paul Morton, Se.l, Low.  haying made the trip in Mr. Mc D s. ns™   f Wirdm r" ,7^^
,        .ui      .  c-c   a   t-        Bride's autoinobe,  They report ,  „ ?f01! ol „U
August Belmont, E. S. A. Lima.  u..,.-...,r .. ..,„.., nifins„.„ ,,*,„„ • A. B. Poole ol Moyie wore regis
Dr.  William J.  Schielt'olin and i  ^ "g " 'u^^'M lll"e* tered nl lhe Cosmopolitan  Wed-
r.lnrlalii Rnaanll i      \V   1-1    Wllaon mao nl   \V,.,.l(ll'„ HOSllay.
D. Brock 'idgeand Wm. Car
Iiu drove over from Porl  Steele]    j    u   Shaw   Lothbrid"o   |)|iuCn rook, and they  will  re-  monies, mo sir Knights set down
Wednesday on business and   h'1'i(;(',n|,,|| nf Munii'eu'l  VV B*ci'rnnii e°ive " royal welcome when thoy  '":m  hiformul  bouquet,   in  lln
Thursday on the Pernio turn for[of   tj,,,,,,j|~c)M,   VV.   B. Bates of arrive in Crunbrook aboul  tho dining   room   n!   ihe    Mason
Toronto mul  lx.   ti..  Cooper  of 151 h of Juno, Temple
Victoria, were registered ut  llu
Crunbrook Tuesduy.
Ward iter.
S. C. Mathews of Montreal, II
W. H. Wilson was ut Wycliff
Tuesday ou business.   While ut
The Italian Fleet Will Sail For1 Wyclilfe Mr. Wilson visited th
Lindsay Russell
an Fleet
Hampton Roads
A chimney lire on  linker Ilill
Will Manufacture Brick.
Attention is ngnin directed  to
■ rapid expansion "I the brie
industry in ibis districl  bv  i li
Harvard Class Race.
Cambridge, Muss.. May  17.
brought out the lire   brigade  on  llio moid nxnnnsion of thn lirii-k-   ii j '       ,
Priday    evening    lusi.       The!    ,.   '    ,. '' , '    'vord seniors ore expected .,.
brigade was mu  promptly,  but I "'*'  a "'   "■'/"'' win  the interclass race   which
io wutor was turned on and  no announcement   thai    the   Cran- ia'ios    p]nce   lr)(|,|V    ,,„     ,|M,
I hi k  Pi'*''   Brioli   nnd   Term Charles River, as they have   n
Cottu     iv...     luul     perfected strong crew,    tn these races ills
I   Leask Tailor  Baker Streel    I   -C' P' 'V,'-"1"!;1" °f, ^w West- arrangomenls for I 'ection of the crew thai linishos after the
''•'"■ '■'"' niinslor, W.   Donuld ol   Nelson. a |,|g plant for the iniinufncturo freshmen thnt ia e, l .,i th ,
10 Sait of Toronto, J. W. Strong-, ,-.,.,   H1       „,„,   ,,,,,;„, "    ' " that is considered the
"I   bricks,  iil.s.   mul   building winner.     The    I!" "
House for all  kinds ol'   Dicing j()j- Montretir'we're registered "ut hlocks,       Tin'    Pire     Bricks
perieuced at the work. Office ol
Leask. Tailor, linker Street.
io to the East Kootenay  Dyoljf Winnipeg, mul Win. Shephardl
uiul    Cleaning.    We    -aix-    ox- the Cranbrook Wednesday
perieneeil ill lhe work,    inline ill
,1. Leask, Taylor, linker Street.
The Imperial conference was
winner.      i ne    min    crew    is
strengthened today bv  Richards
ampins of which are ol ready al   and Lilly, who have been dropped
hand, ure Car superior to I ho best   ,,.,,„, ,hl. Varsjtycrew .and there
Scotch brick.   Thev have I n
lonsequently is a shake-up in tlie
Go lo llie Easl  Kootenav  Dye
big mills of the Staples Co., and  House for all  kinds of  DyoinglJomugc don
  reports that an unusual amount ,lll(l.   Cleaning.    We    ure    ex-1
! of lumber is being shipped from
Rome,  May  17.    The  Italian  ihal point.
Fleet   was   to  sail    today    for 	
Hampton Roads, but a cablegram ' J* s Carb'r, district passenger
e        i.  ,      .1 -   , ,   .,      agenl of the ti. P, R. was iu   lhe
from Duke Abriizzt changed  tlie    S     ,„      i ,    -
, city    I uesdiiy on busiuess eon
departure to a later dale, so neoletl wi,h ,,,„ pttSaenger
that the exposition may be seen ' service between Cranlirook and
after it lias been fully completed. \ Spokane.
The home government has been -„.,-„„..-,   „-,.-, -,-„-,   .    ..,     ,
iskod  for un itinerary of   the L,0'   no-ma was up Irom   his and what do you see these spring u,|., sftn,iSDd wiih  lino dinnors. r       J   '   , ,    ," lhe seniors were sent  ovor the
'  m.....  . .iu-,.r.:,,'., ""J lesl-I mile and sovon-oighls course 111
""- ih.. basin, mul covered  ii   under
! „, .      - ,        ,.    .,     ,.  ■       ,. ■   ,   ..j..,.  ,,..,,,, i - it mill IV  I!     Iiiuisi iniieii   in   , i,,.  , i    •,t,i,,.,,,, i,   ,,,,,   ,,,,:,..
squadron ou this side   ol   the from all  ap| 'anee lliere will!   '    .  ' .    :    .        .  . ""   lecoia,  nilliougn  noi  quite
Atlantic,    It is announced that be  unusual   high    water   this     The  gnvornmoi I    civic     Picnics to Wasa are b ilndr   i  lBlu,on .the full length was rowed. The
Boston,  Philadelphia and New seuson. building, tl w oporn  housn vo,.y popular.   Tlioparliesdrive company  lo   ciiinmoni.'n B|Kht stopped aboul two lengths
York will be visited, and other)    ,,       ,,    , , tiro boing oroclnd in this city.   In out in the morning, returning lo0|)C!l'U'IOn,S,"8 R''°n "f   !U  '""'?   short by mistake.
Port   Sleele is mailing   oyos I other words   Wiilch  Crunbrook Orunbrook in tl veiling,  after "'""Jf ouichiiiory can b stalled.
Nl' Ung several  hours fishing,  A carloud nf machinery  Is   al To Unito for Worship,
hunting or walking through the Cranhrook ready for Insinuation,
Shorl  Si (',,..  painters   ivoro beautiful  urines  ihul   line  the I which will bo freighted to Perry
ngaged  in  painting tho   store|banks of lho Kooienay. Icruok wi I doluy.   Thoover
sociully asuccoss, and theprem- tesled forextreme heal and in-lol,,ip,, 0f ,i,p hnm     .■....   ,..f,„i.
Lookaboul you, Mr.  Cilisien, hers have had n  nice   unketing   ,,,„,,  , ,„„ ,  ,  M„     , ,.,     ''"  "'  " '*■    LlM  "eek
.1 What do .y„u see thesospi'iug ,,.*,,, uiin,ise,| will,   li ue' ,1 i nne, s. , -1'"1' 'J   I""-"'1   ""'     "''■    '	
ships of the  squadron   during ^«'''''''^'''vor ranch oil Aiotuitiy l.ln.ys! Signs of civic growth on i)lM ,i,oy hnve only sue. led  \**\™**-r> lu' )" "'"'."   ""'. '
llio     nrolon.roii     slue    of    ibe  Ml     hiri is says Ihu   llie  Koole-1 every bund, men I   lliere?   This\,nvss\ng u„on the government a Tl 'kol   for  bricks  ol
the    pK.longe.    stiij    o     he ,my )s rtalnB wpldly and that is Cranbrook's growing lime.       }0w minor projects quulity isi sl  un ted
.,, ,    , ,      , , ,    ii      e ui i    "ii'i- i'     s        i ii     l:     '
ports   will  proliab v  be   milled1,,,  ,, ,,„ ,,   .     .'"J,
' ! . ,    . ol ( I'iiubrook and  is living  in grow
when the ottieial itinerary comes hope of ihe immediate construct-1
from Rome. tion of  lhe   Kootenay   Central.
| Por  the   information   of    the
Ontario Jockey Club Stakes.    I pioneer city, we will suy thai
front of Chas.   Iv   Reid  .V  Co., j
Toronto, May is -The OntarioM'01
Jockey Club opened Unlay   with
their   hopes  aro  soon    lo    bo Lm] thoy corloinly havo Improved
lite II |)| 'II lieu Iii Hie llllll.ll
widening range of tins i
The C.   P.   K   udverlisn   on ,  ,   ,      ,„ ,
iieeounl   ul   \ iclorui   Day,    Ihey
' ituro lor ihu coinpany
n  hriitlil
As Rev. .1. P Weslman is
nlisi'in ul u nn" ling of n confer-
"ii,-". lho Methodisl and Prosby
ii'i'iun churchus will worship lo
gothor    unxl    Sunday.      Rev.
an     allruelive     prngrun ' -nltouSmttJ            Ml'mr»     l'""~'"*      lJl"""'«''   fur I lllil'd, to 11, -oinr.il, .,    ..-,,,,-„.,       \,  „
atilkoa   for   ils   s i.rim lllll'    """'"l"   ,m'' COIH billed   lo   prov,    ,;,.,,„ ,   ,;,,,),„     M, | ;,„,., ,     I,,,,,,!,,,,,    Growth      III      Cl'lllllll'iulk   Mllill Will pi Ollcll III   III.'   MotllO
slakes  foi   lis spi lug  meeting. . „,   wiisnl   n.   combine.     Al    all. .,,„,   M,.s    ,„_„,   |,(,ilril     Miss' ;„     ,   „„   ^ ,     ,'      ,.,, i'i „,,,, dist Church in the ruing, und
'iu,„ ,„,.„.^ ,..-i.„„i 1*,.,,,,,  ,,„i.,,.   i.,!..„  .i i,i i    :     ,l,s   ■' i.i".ii.    •■'  ;" | iiicluclltiK   Koolenii}     i.m     nml l)i.;lriol.
I'l.'slivii-riun I Iniiili in llieoven
The races extend from today  tolovonts llie combined  resells  is i'-'!-'^,,|'''.,T,.i ti.^Ti\e.,'\ViJJ\l,.ii-i'c-!i ""'||"I'"L'   ^""'""".V    l'"'1     '"■'
l , l, ml, uiul llie l un .Miss ..mil. ll s   u.n|,.|. lines lie kels iiii sill
June 1st, inclusive, Por many
years Toronto bus proved a magnet to horsemen,
Express Kates Reduced.
Some     time     next     month
the express  rules will bo taken
Unii tl oniblnoslers um still
combining, notwithstanding tho
in vest ii: n I ing com mil lee's roporl,
says lho Calgary Herald.
e   -.'I'llll. I
woro ouliug ill Wasn.Wednesday. 11,,   n.^j,     inclusive     flood    l.o     Thu lisl ol H oinpanios  in    ii
  ri'iiirn Muy :.7lb corpoi'lllod     111     llllll!     ill     lhis.
A  small  blnze,  caused   hy   n   province lo eiigugo in logging In
ui spark from  llie chimney   ol     Tl„, ,•„ (    -;|M   soys„„, (!|, „.„„ll   ,,,.,,.;,.,    y   ;|s
the City Bakery called  oul   llio  »ihu.l. tlio Nnlsnn Trihiinii is now
To   Hie   lady   of   lho   house, i ;    ,,:** ■■••."-•:     "',,.',  ""i""11 llll"ll,,il"11""   billows
I Hie Pire llrignil  iVndiiesdity. i,.,.itl,,islnL.  i|„. Sp lies of S'**
Are   ynn    milking    your    own
Broad?   If so, you should use
Football Season Opens,
Thu tirsi football gon f Ihe
Wilfrid   Laurier   in    England. I    Q***«!f ■ ier Co , Cranbrook season for the Boal tin Cup will
Hie   "Universal" Broad  Mixoi
Thul  llu
panics will be required to lil
their schedule of charges with
the commission and justify Ihem
Ibuiio is iiiixlouH  I'm* nsu'in.on '.    N  A   Land St Lumber be played on Tuesday next, May
As ih" Tribune basICo .   Per    s; .mm,     lowell 2UI, at tho i roation  -.'rounds.
vcritl y 's ago,   inlo Lumber  i'n,   JulTray   *fiii,(i()|). The    competing    lonins,     the
paper griiveyiird.   the N   A   »ri,„i„»i- &   Dovelopmonl Poreslnrs vs Town, are doing a
not loiielied by the bands ut all.  audi third     hnm will leave  Herald   inusl   have   received   it (l ..„,. ,    , , .    .        ., , .  ,,     	
ll bus lobe i,;,.,!  upprcei.-i'r ■ , nl ll ii,  in   reluming I wireless   message   fr     well,  '""'      *'■ '* '"siner lot of practising, and  the game
iiied. for sale by Patmore Bros   | leave Marysviil 7p in oilhor nhovo or dowi low. Lumber Co., Ilns r miih.iiho | is suro I al nu,
up bv the  Railway commission 'l'l Universal"does the Mixing     Tho Cuiindiiin Pncillc will  run uoioriofy,
for   readjustment.      Tl om- "'"<' Irneading of lho dough  in a special Inihi. U. Marysville ou passed, so'
•,,  . .    .        ,.,    Ihroo minutes,     The dough  Is  Muy -llh.   Thu fare will be one Iho  news* THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK It L,  MAY LK 1907.
Take notiea Ihul slxtj day* .ift»*i
'Ihi.' [, the .micistgneil intend lo attplj
to the Chiol Comraissionor of Lund*-
aud Works al Vletoi'tu, H ('. for permission lo purchase the following .inscribed Lauds In Kast Kuotenay,
Commend ng at n posl planted m tin
north east  corner of  Loi    No.   ifJOI,
*   APPLY TO   *
'2 9        It's the most porfoct running ongtuo you can got. TheSj
m lutosl oipiipmenl for sawing wood, aa
14/ITII   ib,. ndvoiii  iii   lhe * 9
W     Kootenav Control rail    9                   THIS BEST IS THE CHEAPEST *
chains and Torty six links tu the uorth
wesl corner of Lot N'o. U4.14, thtMiru
wesi forty-oue chains to tin- eusl
C Harris:;va'v,1";T1"1'"'i''""'1'"1"'," Z
bin ami   Kootenav  valleys,   tho, ^
* «:♦. 9 ft;9ft 99 <•♦<.*■♦    ♦ 9 * e ♦ 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 (realization of ihe  hopes n(  il
, Hooting, Heat a.
Itluwor Work    W.
wesl forty-one i'Iijiiii- to tl.,. eusl n t-n Tj riTTAn rp .-) r*. ft.
boundary of Timber licet™ No. S2l>.'l, ♦.. J M V. L, / | J V, 1
thence norlh twent.v-.even dmins uml 9 ) i) W \ (\ IA/
 y-six links to the ,.11 (eon, ,-- ft, -*-> ' -^II k;-Li^iU VA WW
^ mu.i.   .M,i';.\ is ^
<.   pioneers ol ibis districl   will  be *B 9R
+   tiecoinplished,    Thopaiioriiuiaol   * at m m nt *t At *•> *ff * Iw * * *   * * * * **** * irC,3|C.,l|C.
9   ll new iinlusl rial era ivill Ihen ho
Harvey, HoCarter k Maedonald
CRANBROOK,     -    B.C.
GEljC itrueiiectOV   ************ *99999aVk99'9***i     Professional
— r | ...SAW   YOUR   WOOD...*
A. B. Grrice, tff. _at
SO Tie Makers ^mA^k I     ~SSI     I
thence east 72 chain*;, inon-or  ■•—■  •*■ .itpi.-h.w   mav  t*  1111.7 *• *
the south east corner ol   Lot   Xo.   14
thonee south eight chains, more ur les*
to the north boundary of Lot N'o, 1(483,
theuce   .vest   thirty-one   chains   and   ...     y .      -„.
twentj    nk-tothe north   west  corner  UIY   iransier  UHICe
of Lot No. <U33. them-u south   nineteen IranbrOOK,   B.t
Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook -   ■ British Columbia
ment, containing one hundred and  ten V
a'T'--, more or less. ■
Arthur Hein, 7.-
Davld Breckenr due, Agent. *
12                Dated Kebi iarj 27lh, lfl»7 ♦;
notice!                  " o
- ay day* afterdate,   I.  the  uniier- ^
signed  intend  lo apply  to the   I'hlel
Commissionei ol Lands and  Works ui ..
Viotoi u II.       foi   pel 'in-- oi ▼
eha>e ihe following deri i- *■■ ■     iu ■ -    i 0
Easl Kuotenay, 4;
1 lommendnti h  a ■-•' \ ■*■■■■ - oi 11 •■ '
Kast . ne ol  Lot  3001,   twentj   chain-
north ul t ie so il Ii-pu-i   <*oi m v ol  -.1 d 7
Lot 3001, thpnee north  twenty  ch ilns *
thonee east eighty chains  thenee su •:. '♦'
twenty   chains,   thenre   we.-t   eighty $
chains   to   p3       commencement a
containing 100 acres, more or less. • f
Matt hew I Ireekenrldge,
Dai .'i Hreekeni dge, Ajft 1/ ♦
12                            February 27th. 1907 «
The Painter-. Paperhaugcis, Etc,
Ki'iiii-ml'i'i' we v nly situ
papers  u Ci-ai
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds       Paini P
*. *
.   spi'i'iul hrfoi-o us. ni\ ins   :in   up
0    piirlnnil v in iiii-iisiii-,' lh,'  results    1 ,
\ New  Meat Market \
9    ustllllUtP   Ilir   U'ltl'llts   llkl'lv    I"     '. ?
9    1 -inn' I'roin 1 .    iiipulsi.
iwinjj    ■   111    iiiu'li',
I'i llll:\ nils   wi, CONTHAI"! nils
»   ,-in ii It'll    I icplin-ui mis in Hi lisli    '
9 1 nil ,-   ,,     inkiv    "."    ilir  , English Cut Joints a Specialty
y'uiiiijr Wn
Pli'lisn   i'n.' iis 11 irinl   iu,.   ^iiariinl,','  sullsfllC
Inun      Your pul rini;iL'i' will Iii' Iligllli' I'sli'i'iui'il
Order In Phone 82
inisi  1
9        ' i  ilislrii-l       IVliiliM 1
*   '! i>s of Um 11 p iin j ,„„u   m   riiuiic  ,>.- .
ft.\i- iMiiilliori    Hi ilisli   I'll j " 4
-"''" 4 Orilors in  mini will rreoivp pr pi nml oaroful  nlU'iilioii   4
V> \             p. ISM'
♦ mis     to     miisl
9 I'slli           l't    Wl'Ull ll    COlllillllUll
♦ strain    «hich   ive  hlivu  soon
t- i'1'pi'osi.'nl     iluii'i'i'iii     ajios    nl
♦ ni'i't'u:.    inn,'s    is  about   t,,  be
*• •»•»,.«
P.I)   BOX :
♦ ;o'a»Oa>©a>Oa>Oa>0,>
tMSTRO-Mi  AVEXVK    PHONE 111     !     K| ovl,al '°S
♦       i.i    Whll'll    llllllll s   n    man     |.
Thirty ilaya alter ilatc, ivr lln-   nder-    9
aiuiiL'il,  intend  In apply tn the I 4
Commlsslonor ol Lai,:- and   Works
cut and' rarrv f**ftft4***ft***ft4*ft*9**4 ♦♦♦♦♦! ♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦     ami  erocl
1    lands    i
following   di-
chains wesi ai
northwest ror
si'-s'i iiiiii ruin
4i) chains. --I
♦ ja ♦  i . 0 ♦ 0 ♦ » ♦      nlil  railways,  open  up  mill
ui   t'livl     >,n,
diii'iion worki
al   u   i».-*   1- 11   ted   till   9
tn chains north ol  I       ♦
•i- ol timliei  , --ii
ijr wesl su chn
411  chains.   -1 iti
i'liuins. easl 411 chains, nortii 1:J" chains
to the place nf commencement.
March 27th. KIU7.
14   Crow's Nest I'ass l.iniilu-r (',,.. Ltd.
* *:
* Marvsvillo, B.O. COLE & HANDLEY, Prop          *
* 9
t I
* Tlio Lotitling Hotol ol* llie St. Jlf'
9 Mary's Vivlluy,  Nice airy rooms                   if
9 n0wly   nu'iiished.      Table   us                    9
^                                                                                                                              .                                                                           ft giSQtt as ;lll\* ill K*ooti'llll\-.                                       w
♦   MANUPACTUHERS and BREWERS of EXTRA FINE    XRooteuay Central ruilwiiy   will.    *K *
7                                                                                                      ♦  soon be under construction, also     J 9-
9              REK1?     ^°     POT?TET?               ♦ that with an abundant supply of I    * 9
01,11           ,l'ni,,,v                                                      1 GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   I
:;i:i fort Steele
.-        BREWING CO., LTD ! f ™ 5i
sllllll     SO   t
It is possible iimi   the  writs!'
9 mation  to   iiu.
Take nolico iluu  thirty  days aftc
date,  wc the undersigned,   intond  1
apply   to (he Chlol   Oommissionei   11
Lauds and Works al I'letorla, B.l .. f.u-1 ♦
a special llocnce to cnl and carry  a -mi.v   X
tlmbor Irom the   following deserllied  *       Outside     Orders J
'nil in iiurlli iimi snnili   Easl
♦ SOLD   BY   THE   BARREL,  KEG OR   BOTTLED    ?IKootenay. an ample supply of     *
* f coke and coal 111 the Crows Nesl
9                   Bottled  beer  for  faniilj ♦  Pass, il will be only a short-time
before   reduction    works    will
Bottled beer for faniilj
use a specialty
luml- in Kual Kooienay:
Commencing al  a posl   plunteil   l-.'u! X
eliains west ol the 'thwesl corner ol' f
Timber Licoi No. UU4" and   niniiinn , X
unrlh SO chains, thei wesl so chains,' ♦
thciica south so chains. Ihen u-i   «0  I
chains to lhe phi [ coniinon'iieineiit,,   ] ♦
nated April 1st, K107. j   Port   Steele  Brewing Co., L,td.    «
L"t,\*********************9 **********************
follow the construction of   tli
K. 1*.  I.
O. BOX SIL>      b
HONK   NO.  I       f
chains wesl "I the nnrtiiwes n,-r ,,1
Timber l.leoi No. UIMT  1 'iinning
-unlli sn i'linin-. lhe  wesl so i'lniiii-.
thence north sn chalna, thence ensl so
eliains 10 iln- pi I con 1 menl.
Dated April Isi, 11107.
Crow's Norn I'ass Number Co., 1.1,1.
I*,,niiiii'ii.-in-j   ul   :i   posl   pluiili'il   sn
I'llllill- tt'OSl .mil s>l i'linin- -mull   ill   llie
11.,111,-.-- ■ - 111, j   ol   Timber    Lien	
No. null  I   riiiiniiiL'   u,--l   in elinin-.
the south um chains, thoi n-i 10
i'linin-. ihonee norlh llll) chains lo Unpin 1 nicncoinent.
Dated April 'Jnil. IIHI7.
Crow's Nesl Pass l.uinbei' i'o„ l.lil.
(',milu,-ni-iii-j   ui   11   posl   pliinted su
chains wesl I sn elmlns s li  nl  lhe
inirtiiui'-i  corner nl  Timber   Lleei	
Nn, lllll" uml  1 iimr  oasl  111 .'Iniin-.
thoncu soulh 100 chains, llu-i wesi 10
eliiiina, 1,-n,, ,,,,,-u, mo clialna in tin.
place ol llience nl.
Dated April '-'ml.. I:»'7.
1",   Crow's Nasi I'ass Lumber Co., Ltd
Take iimi''" iluu   Ihlrlj   dsy- afler
iluir  I  iiiii-iiil  t i'li   111 iim Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works nl
Victoria I'm'11 special licence Im-ul uml
carry away timber frmu ih" followinij
described lands in Hnutheasl Kootunay:
I'ninireni'ini! -ii u posl planied at the
-Nllllm,-!   J'm r   ol    I       I'..    llui'Vi'V*-
'mil      i'i   *'         -ii   'i
ti.  CI,AIT
W.  Kill.I.INS
[worm Hole
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   -
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Uoom
I   ",K fashiona:-:..!•: tailor;;   |
E Always Up-to-Oaie 2
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.G. \\\
9'*'974~ft:*ft:9ft:9;ft;*:'*:9ft:*-ft;.*7ft:*.9.4:9 9ft'ft
PHONE   183 ♦
Iimi. Mr. Borden, lender nf
the Conservative party in the
Dominion House, will make o
li'iir of iln1 'western province
this summer,
It is hoyond i|iii'siiini ihni ilie ^A^
present and Homing year will bo MAK
years of greal progress in llie K*!^
Craubrooli district. There is\(M*\
imi n town in the districl us well ^i\k
located for husiness ns Cran- \'\(r
brook. _ m
A greal deal of titlenlion is1^
being directed to the Cranbrook\rin\
districl through the output of "}t
such mines us the Sullivan unil 1*.*$?
St. Kugi'iio, iiiulilii'di'vi'liipmi'iii \Ma
nf'he Midnight and Stemwinder\/mL
mini's. We may look for many KiO^
people of moans who intend com.  /^Jjs
111     •^■^•^•^•^•^•^■^•^'^•^•s^•s^•';::^•^
o|    ^^•^•^•^•^'^•^•7^'T^'^^^^^^^
IFishing Tackle!
G. rl. Thompson
I 'riinbrnok, 11.1'.
THOMAS    M o V I T T 1 IS
P.L..S. t^ CE.
Foil Steele H.C.
Phusiciiin mul Suraeon
Horns:   ti lo II a.m. 2 to 4 p.m.
7 to H p.m,
I'hone Dlliee 106    Rosldonoo 100
F. O. E.
Moot evory Friday nt 8 p.in.
Visiting   Brothers  Cordially   Invited
(has. smith, VV. President
M, D. Ifii.i.ixiis. Soey.
Aerie I'hyaieiiin. P.O. Mux LN.
is Rocky Mountain Chapter %
jj NO. l*Ji*. i;. a. m. I
:*• Hogulur uieetiiiew:—2nd Tues-
i duy in eueli month tit elylit
I   o'clock,
j| Sojourning Compaiiions ure
5  cordially invited.
;: Wm. I'. Tate, Scribe B,
^       Bos 4       CRANBROOK, II. C.
A Presh Slock
Poles «5ri
FLIES of every description suitable for local waters ^a.
LINES all finalities all prices W
LANDING NETS   LEADERS looped, single and double. \%,
2 antl 8 yards. ^
Everything needed for a fisherman.    Call and \W.
inspect stock. W
= f
C. E. REID & CO., f
phone 74     Tlie Drug-gists. #
Sum- el,,-,-- ui 11 ii.m, oxcenllnir Snturilui nlirhls anil evenings wff
hefure nubile liollduys. JK
torty rlui   •     • '       orl li tori
tli-'iii'i ■ -i L ilns. 1  enee nortii      ♦
,-  .    ' eat fi.l'l ,1 '
tu pluee III   'llllll   ■
Diitei   I-
,\ i arload ol Mi I .auyhlin ■ ' an ai
iu-    .,.'
I Intl     ; ',,  u-i-       mi
"loneroiPubiir and v '•*      A|sn a i:ll-|,i,„! ,,| Wagons ol all kinds.
Vletoriii 11. C.  Im- |n
■        lo Im'   ng.lea I.,,' - ♦
Sollthell.-l Knoti mi. ♦
Corameiu  nn ul a :■"-'   ph
i ii   ii       ■  I.i * - I2i   tl  ilii'iii ns Mum n* possibl
A lull assortment "I llarncssi    al moderate prices, .4
These are goinn fast, nml you liml holler call uml see
4U IU'I •■- li.,,|i   mi- loss.
rtnherl i I. Durii
Im I'Vli  Mi,, 1111)7.
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
• i. ■■.-■■■.       ni   ,.-   i,
I ami   I
'r.i.ji    Sotli i'  Ihul   u.ii-i,   .Im. jili.-i        '
iluh'   I   Intond in   ii,-    Cblel       ♦
I'nuiii,i-^i,.iu'i'ill I - iiiiiI   Worka  in       ♦   ■*•   ♦   <,   ♦   <■   ♦   9   9   I,   9   ■'   ♦«•♦'/♦   9   ft *',4'.*"ft',9 ft
Vlclorln    I'm'   iiMriniai.li.il   l,o   ml   uiul | ' NOTICE. NOTICE
eurry uwuy limber from  ihu  fnllim-lnu T  MmU'i- Uun U " " luuv dnya nfmr ilnii'I
ili-.-i-ril,.-il imnl- in I'lllal   !.,ii,',i,i,i IM.'llil
llitiiiiiii-inilijj.'   ul   -i   |iiiliil   ,iimiii    I „,, ( '
nul,     i,mi". nl lllll lull nn.l I I | ',',,   ,'„',
nr.\    I.nn     nnil   nblllll   "in'   ,iinl   ;i   I, ill  ' " I'" ' i-l'iiii'         '.- '. -',;.,' ti,i' li u.
lliil.-a ll'iuii II,.- iiM.tilli i.l    I.nil.-   \l  [:  "" '*   '*     '"     *   " '' I'lmlii-r l.ll'i-lli-i'Nu. Till
ll'"*'*.   Il"""'*   ■"■■>'''   ''l'ui"»   north,   I, \''!""'lU'Z'i."''',",'':"'",,., "•. ,'. -                   i,'.,.   "m„,'^',i,.',",.i,''-i„,m1'
then i.iii     i'IiiiIiih   iveal,    Hi,-   ,.„„ , „„.„,,.,,,.|,ini,-.iniM.-i, ,,i   ,i  mil    li          i iiiinn   iiiinn
i-iflill     elinin-     x.lll li,    lli.'li i;,|ih ' •- imu   I.,- ,-.., ,T i   l,i,.i...    Nn    i'linin    Iluu I'linin    I	
i'llllill- i-lla' Iii plu,i-nl Minimum,Minimi      ,"1" '■,'1" '"" '''"""   '"""  ' ' "I ',,,,,,,,,.„, ,.„,,.,,i
Dated April llth, limr, ""'V,Z  i ,„, '      " '"-'!, ,'"',„.i r,
I'. \.   Mm - j ■ 11 > .  I :iloi-      I     I, n,,inl  \|,ni  'i.   i -i, I   ■  ,   llni.'h Ai-i'i
iiiu here this year Willi n view of    'f^ ^uo*
Investment, ^#####0##^^^^^^-^
ll is very doubtful if unv district in British ('(iliiiiiliin is
attracting more attention limn
the Craubrooli districl,
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Man age merit
il   is estimated  Liml  our   good
agricultural settlor is worth a
thousand dollars n  year   clean
gain to uny country, represented }
by what lis produces liiniseiraud
ihe activity which his industry
gives rise to in tl unity.        Headquarters for mining   I
• • • iii,- 9   P nee  in sinp come In lln
men and old timers, n . '
Rvory business nmn  In Cran- Manitoba.
iiriiiik anil lho i-iniri' districl will
reap an advantage by il on. ^.     ,     .,   ,  ,,., , . ,.    ,,
struction of the  K nuy  Oun- I.J.  A.   MCDONALD,  MANAGER
ll'ill rni I way.
,j       When vmi want  a  good
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Gourti Granbrook 8943
MEETS   2ND   ANIi  ,'t'll   THURSDAYS
Visiting   bri'ilii'i'ii   eoriliiilly   invit.d
0. II..    IV. I'. MAl'lHiNAI.Ii
Seeri'iur.i. VV, HENDEHSOiN
Portraiture by Photography
Artistic Picture Framing
Prest Plow Go.
Maker St. Crnnbrooli, B.C.
si,'imi  Boilers nnil Fiirlinuo Work u
Cost and Slock Estimates
Puriiishud Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
PHONE  56.
I    The Quality Store    I
' irow'i'it's, I'Vuii. Ciuil'i-i iiiiiiciA',
Ciuiii's uml Tnliiii'i'iis
;  \I.K'lM[)es"'|^ciM
A I'llll Sloull ill -Wr.lli
llllll    \ HMII'll'H
Ivi Oil
m       Spmual  ul Ion linn ifivon lo li iinlni* no inattni' how    jSf
'■''    ■- II.    limiil it Is nml |iriini|il Hi- livi'i'.v "I lur Motto",     "
Fred. W. Swain   [$
AflliN'l' |"'
il'riinl.nml,.111'.. Arinsiii.il.. Av.'   r^^S5^.=^^S^P^!^;^^i^^S^Sg^.g^^.
Carpenter % Builder
Qood Wnrk at
Reasonable) Pclco
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Noli,-,- is li.ivb.v »iv. II llllll slxly
ihlj'sllfli'l dill,' I llili'lul III ll|l|llj. Inilii-
I'lih'f OiiniinlBslniinr iif I.iiiuIh uml
Worka for iioriiiluslnil In |iuI'i-Iiiis.- Ilii-
lollliwilllj lll'ai'l'lbl'd luml In South   Kual
l.'oinnioiiuliiii ul :i |iuat |iliiiitod 011 Hu-
'•usl bunk nl th.. Moyio River nml mi
the soiiili linnniiiiry   of  Pre-emption
II it'll No. 101",   Thei oust twenty
rlmliis i'lll.Illli.  llii'iiri'   soulh   si'vi'iily
i'liuins (7U.IIU >i   hiss to u point
ilui'oils! of M. I'l'ovi'iiziino's BlilllInvest
i'lirni'i' post. Thenee wusl lo tho Moyie
Hiver.   'I'liiMii'i; norlburly iipstri'iitu In
llu- plu f hi'|iiiiiiiii<j'.
I'!. Ili'iii'd.'lti
II II. II. MrVlttiii. A(fO|H,
Iluli'il lhis.'lisl duy ofOi'liiliin-, Illllli,
Niilli-i- la ln-ri'l.y jilvrn Unit (Hi iluys „fi,.r
di'lr I I ml lo ii|i|ily lu C.'iilntnlnnliiiii'r nl
1.1111,1., uml Winks fur liurinlaHlnii i„ fuInhusi'
UlO lollllivll il'rllll'll llimla hIUIIUo In  Ensl
Knnl iy I Hilt IrI...11 il,,, Mnylo .Ivor ul I
 ' "nil ...ii'-luill mill a iniiili Irani tlm lllluf
1111II111111I Itoiiniliny l.l.ir. hl llm uiiiiuli uf I.lull'
Mnylll lllvuri l'l h-iu'Iiik uln iiual |iliitit|.|> nn
Un' Wl'sl I ii'liuv Ilim nf llm CaniiUliii, Paulllii
llulliviiy iiniiiiii iviiy iiimiitmii<iiniiia nurth et
uiiiiuli ui 1,mii. Moylu lllvur, mul mnrkoil
"Niniii uimt I'linuT |iost," iiii'iu'i' ^11 t-i.Hii.s
'vs', llin  Ill i'lmlna suiilli, tlii'lli',' BO ,-liuliia
''"sl   ll"' in i'lmlna nurlli uliiiui Um l,„iui-
iliir)' llm- ul i'n Mm, Piullli. Hullw.iy 1!,;!,,  „!
wuy Ml llltl I lu'lllllltIK
.Miili'll llllli. IIIIII
1:1 A. .1. Kent.    LOOHtOr, THE PEOSPECTOB, CRANBROOK,  B C, MAY [*, 1907
C.P.R. Men
Invest In Lethbridge
Make Moneu
rlost' by tin- I'.l'.K. iriu-ks und the Agricultural
Fair Grounds.
$10 To $25 Down and **r> a month, or one third down and six,
twelve and eighteen months for balance.   Prices
■pHIi lo $1.25 por Lot.    Inspect maps and plans
with me.
Elegant New Residence
With ib acres of prime Fruit and Farming Land adjoining
Partly cleared and ploughed and planted with fruit trees.
Perfect irrigation plant.     Barn, stable, eti*.
Within One and a Quarter Miles of Cranbrook Post Office
Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B.C.
1'iiiii'ral Director
ftp Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection |
Nearest to railroad depot.    Has accommo-
dations   for   the   public   unequalled  in
Ballot and Cold Baths
Proprietors w
Nmii-e is heroby given that thirty days uftor
iliito 1 Intond to apply to tho Chlol Commit*-
slotior of Lunds ami Works ul Victoria for a
spivial liconoo to cnl nnd carry awuy timber
from the following doscribed lands in Kust
1. Commencing ut n post pluntod nt the
northwest cornor of Premier Luke ubout 40
1'ii'iltis nisi of Lot :t:ifi. lironp i. thenco oust w
i'liiiiiis. ihenee sou tli 160 chains, thonoe wost 40
i'liuins moro or less to the oast hunk of Premier
Lull', thenoe north along the m-iii imnk of
Premltr Luke to tbe pluee of commencement
being (HO acres more or less.
w, Commencing40chains wesl of the south
east comer or Lot JWfl, Group I. thenee south 80
chains, east 80 chains, north 80 chains, west wi
chains to pluco of commencement*
8. Commenoing 40 chain!* east of the southeast corner of Lot ;.:.ti. thetiee south Hti chains,
eust HO chains, north B0 chains, west SO chains
to the plucc of commenoement,
\. Commonolng at the northeast corner of
the Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company's Timber Liconoo No. 821W, thence south 80 ehuins.
eust 80 chains, north W> chains, west si) chains
to place of commeneement.
■i. Commencing at the northeast corner of
H. Darling's Timber Licence No. 829.1, thenee
south W chains. ORBt BO chains, north 80 ehnlns.
west HU chains to plaee of commencement.
ii. Commencing 40 chains east of the southeast corner of 11, uur ling's Timber Licence No.
BED"), ihenee nouth IflO chains, thenoe east40
chains, thenee north tOO chains, thence west 4"
chuius to place of commencement.
Dated April Ifith. 1907. |rt
Tttko notice thnt thirty iluys after
date, wi> tho und era ign ed, intend to
upply to tho Chlof Commissioner of
Lands uud Works ul Vlotorla, fi ('.for
a spoolal lioonso i.wui uml carry awuy
tlmbor from tho following1 dosorlbod
lumls in Kuril Kootonay;—
Commonolng ai a post plantod tL'O
chains wesl and SO eliuins south of lln1
norlh wait oornot1 ol Timber 11 con so
Nn. (1047 and running west. 4U chains,
thonco south 1(10 ohalns, thonoo oast lo
ohalns. thonoo north 100 ohalns to tho
plan' of ( diniiii'Mi'i'iiii'iil.
Datod April-lih„ I0i)7,
Crow's Nesl I'uss I,iiiulii'rCo., Ltd.
Commonolng at a poat planted 2tM
chains wost and 80 chalna north of tht'
north-west corner of Timher LlOQiina
No, 0047 und runnhiff north 80 eliains,
tlionoo oust 120 ohnlns, thence south 40
eliains, tlltiUOO west Hll chains, tlionoo
south 40 eliuins, thonoo wost 40 chains
to place of commencement.
Dated April 8th., 1007,
CrowB.Ncat I'ass Lumber Co,, Ltd.
Com mono! ng at a pnst planted '.'ou
chains west and 80 chains north of the
north-wont corner of Timher Lioonso
No. (10(7 and running' west so ehains,
thenco north KO chains, the asl rill
chains, thenco south 80ohalns to place
of commencement.
Dated April 8th., 1007,
Crow's Nest I'ass Lumber Co., Ltd
Commei.i'iiiK at a post planted at the
ho 1 ith east eorner of lot No. 11618, uml
running east 120 ohulns, theuce north
HO eliains, thenco west 1(1 ohalns, thoneo
HO 11 til 40 ehuins, thonoo west MO chains,
thoncu south 40 chains to the placo oi
Dn tod April 17th, 1007.
Hi Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., Ltd.
TulaO Notice thut thlrtj iluys ufter duto 1 intend to apply to the Ohiof Commissioner of
Lands and Works nt Victoria tor permission to
cm nml curry uwuy timber from tlio following
described lands lu Kust Kootonuy:—
1. Com me uai tig ut » posl pluntod ubout
one-butt mile nortii u( the International
Houndury Line und one uml three-quarters
miles eust of KlngtiKUto, theuce west eighty
chuins. thence north eighty eluiiiis. thence east
eighty ohulns. thence south eighty chains to
point ot commencement,
April Mih, 1907.
A. Murphy.
•i. Commencing ai u post planted ut the
Sout'aUiiHt corner of A. Murphy's application
No. 1, tbenee east eighty phttins, theuce uorth
eighty ehuins. thence west eighty ohnlns,tbenoe
suuth eighty chuins to point ot commencement.
April nth. 1907.
IS H. lLlMmoek.
District of Kooienay.
Tuke notloe that I Victor A.
Rollins, of Cranhrook, hotel-
keeper, intend to apply for permission to obtain a special timber
licence over the following deaorlbed
lands:--Commencing at a post planted
on the Little Moyie River about three
miles from Goatfell, und one mile cast
of Hllliards timber licence, thence
north SO chains, thence cast HO chains,
thenoe south 80 chains, thence west 80
<*hnins to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
Victor A. Rollins
Dated May 8th, 1!K)T. lil
Districl of Kootenay.
Take notice that I William S. Midi or
<'ranbrook, Veterinary surgeon, lntoml
to apply for permission to obtain a
spoolal timber licence uver the following dosorlbod lands: Commencing at a
post pluntod on the Little Moyio River
about three miles smith of Goatfell, and
ono mile east nf Billiards timber
licence, thonoe went 80 chains, thence
north Hi) cluiins, llience euHl 80 ehaina,
thenco south HU ehuins to point of commencement, containing 640 ueres more
or les-.
Williams. Deli
Dated May Oth, 1007. Iti
Notice \*t hereby given that slxtj
days after date I Intend to apply to tht
Chief Commlsslonor of Lands ami
Works for permission to purchase tin
following described lands in South Kasl
' -ommeneing at a post planted on the
Kast limit of ihe Right of Way of the
Ynhk Brunch of the C.P.R. and on tin
South boundary of pre-emption record
No. 11)47. Thenee east fourteen ehaius
(14.00) moro or less to the wesi bankol
the Movie river, thence southerly along
tho Moyie river down stream to' where
tho said river fntorsccts the said easterly limit of the Vahk branch of the
C. P, ll. Thonoo uortlierly along tho
said Right of Way seventy threo chains
(73,00) more or less to tho pla 1 beginning.
M. I'roveu/ano,
ll H. II. McVittie. Agont.
Dated this Hist day of Oetober.   WOU.
Take Notiee that thirty iluys aftor date withe uiulorsigiied, Inteud to apply to tbo Chief
Commissioner!.' bands and Works tit Victoria
li. c, forn Hpectul lleenee to eul und curry away
timber rrom tho following doBerlbed lands In
Kust Kootonay:—
Commencing at u post plan led at the northwest coruor of Tlmbor bleoueo No (tTUS, and
running nest so uhalns, thenco south so ohalns
theueo oast SO ehnlns, ihenee north su eliuins
along the line of Timber Licence No 11702 to the
pluee "l com men it incut.
Crow's Nest Puss Lumber Co. Limited.
Dated April 22nd, IIKHI
Commonolng at a post planted ut tho south-
wost corner ot Tlmbor Licenco No (1702 und running wost an chuins, thonco north 80 ohains,
tbence east 80 elmlns. ihenee soulh 80 chains,
along the wesl line of Timber Lleenee No 0702
lo the place of commencement.
Crow's Nest I'ass Lumber Co. Limited.
Dated April ti. mor.
Commencing at a post planted -10 chains cast
of tho northeast corner of Timber Lleenee No.
0790 aad running north 10 chains, ihonee wesl
100 chains thence south 10 chains, ihenee east
um elniins to the placo of commencement.
Crow's Nest I'ass Lumber Co Ltd,
Dated April Sif, nwii.
Commencing nt a pnst planted at the southwest eornor of Timber Licence Nootponnd
running cast to chains thonco south ISO ehnlns
thenee wesl 80 ohalns, thenee north 10 ehaius.
thenee ensl io chains, thenee north so ehains to
the plaee of eommeiiceii.ent.
Crow's Nest I'ass Lumber Co. Ltd.
IT Until] April S3. 1007.
Take notiee that sixty iluys alter date,
I the undersigned, intend to apply to
the Chief Commissionei1 of Lands and
Works ni Victoria. 11. C. for permission to purchase the following descriheil
Lands in Kusi Kootonay:
Commencing al a posl planted on the
eush-rn boundary of l.ol No. W*. SO
ohains uorth of the South-east comer
of the -.aid Lot and running north .so
chuins. tlience uasl 40 chains, theuce
south SO chuins. thenee west forty
chains to place of commencement.
Dated April 17th.. 11)07.
Hi Pred. \V. BurgQBs
Tuke notice that thirty days afler dale I In
tend to apply to the Commlsslonor of Lands
aud Works for n ipeetul license to eut aud
enrryaway timber from tho following described
lands in the Kust Kootenay district:
Commencing ui a post plunteil about 300
ehain-'uorth and 100 ehaius west of the north
wost corner of Lot 3001 ti. I. thenee north Wi
ehains, thenee wesi su elmlns, tlieneo south 80
chains, thenee east 80chains to poim nf commencement, containing tHU acres.
Dated April t8th, 1W7.
Tho Saratoga of the Kootenays
An Ideal Spot for Summer
pousei've his eiil'tiycl income buys
the shoe upon which is stumped
the Seal ol Certainty, and he
likes in see tlie ladies, too, buy
lho real Slater Shoe. They are
m.'iili' and marked i,\ ihe Slate
oe Company.
Mado In tho shndn J  j
away from tho city does noi ell'ecl j* of lho Old Apple Tree, {   T
ones comfort.    As the iiltitutlo is *   l|<inli.ii;/\.    1    jl?
ranch lower than in Cninbrook, §  iHdplt WOOtl   | I
Districl ol KiiiiN'iuiy.
Take notice tlmt I Milliard Unveil, nf
Moylu, protipootor, iut,'inl in iip|il,v for
punninsimi  In obtain n B| ial timber
lloonoo over lho r.illowiny  tloBOl'il)Q(l !
latlllsi   Cniunii'in'iii[!' at ll |'ob!   |ilalili'ii
on tliu I.i I ih' Moylu lllvor about l.liruo
mller. soutli west ol Ooatfoll, mill one I
milo eiliil. of  llilliariln lii'eliui, Iiii'iu'i!
nnill.ll SO olwhlB, llli'l IllSt HO  ullllIlM, I
tliotice north HOolmhiH, tliunee weal SO
ulialllH lo |,o!llt nl enilillli'lli'i'llletll. I'nn-
lullling 0-1(1 acres more oi- less.
Etlwtiril l'iii'ull
Dateil May mii, IHO". I"
Cordwood for Sale.
I am prepared to supply, good
dry slovo wood, iu any length or
quantity, Leave orders with
il. T Rogers, the grocer, Beale
St IClwell.
R, S. Huron
Tuke notloo that thirty iluys after ilnte I in
ti'iul io nyply tn the Commlsslonor or [.inula
ami Works for u spoolal lioonso to out iintl
oarry away timber Imoi the following dosorlbod
lands in tho Kust Kooteaay district:
Commencing ut n post plantod ubout 'tins
ehulns north and im' chains west of tlie north*
wesl eorner of Lot 21HU 0. I. theueo west Hll
ehulns. thence south 120 ohnlns, thenee enst III
chains, thenue north sll chains. Ihonee enst 111
elmlns. thenee north -111 ohnlns to point or
commencement, euntiiiiiiiie tun aoros.
Hilled April IStll. 1007.
It A.  MelilirilAI.I.
City Scavenger
Parties having buck yards,
and closeis to clean, and refuse
inaller to be taken awuy, should
leave orders with me.
I jou\ rdors al I lie I My1 'locks ollluo
oi- drop it |>ost.il eiifit in Ilex 105.
District nl* Kiinli'ii.iy.
Tako notloo that I Hurry Dhnmoclt,
of Moyio, customs nlllcur, Intund in
apply Inr permission tn obtalnu s| inl
I illllll'l'lii'i'llru iivi-r   llle   foltOWtll);   ill"
sijribed lands: -CoininonoUtg ui 11 posl
plunteil nu Hie l,ii.ile Moylu [liver,
aboul lliroo miles fcoin Goatfull, antl
one mile mist f   Ililliai'ils  limbec
llco , llieiu'i, wost81)chains, lliouiio
simili Mil eliains, tlii'iieii I'llsl Ml elmlns,
tlii'iii'ii nortli Hll uliulns tn poinl of u	
iiieiifciiif nl, ,'niiiiiiniiiu Uln acres nioru
or loss.
Ilni'i-y Diminoclt
Dutcil May llth, III1I7, III
Tl'lllisfol' nl llnlel Licence
Talie milieu Iintl I Inteuil In ll|i|il.\ In
tlm Hoard of Uconc.0 Commissioners
at llio noxl regular mcotlnu on tbe |.r,ih
ilny ol .lone 1007 lor a transfor from
myself to Oharlus ,1. Armstrong uml
llelljlllllill.l.llilu.valllli'lloti'l liei'lleelo
til..' Illtel'lllltioillll Hotel III   Moyie.  II.I1.
Hon,I. Itllny
llNloil .Muy Illli. 11*17, ' '.)|)
Mrs. Dr. Corsim and threi
I'liililreii. of Pernie, Mrs Colpmuti
anil two I'hililii'ii uf Cranbrook,
Mrs, .1. !•'. Suiilli aud Robertson
of Cranbrook arcotttingal Wasa.
It is nn ideal plnee in spend a
summer holiday. Tho hotel is
mosl commodious, and Mr. Hun
sun. Um proprietor does ull thul
lie con for lhe comforl ol his
guests The only thing to be
regretted is tlmt he Is n con
liriiii'il nlil bachelor, and has no
wife in holp him in doing the
honors ni his establishment.
The ladies nn' loud in thoir
praise nf Mr. Hanson's kindness
in taking them riding in his auto
(in Wednesday of lasl
week :i sail uccidoill :il
Parkers lumber mill, where'
by    a     man    gol     his       log
broken,    ll was a great relief to I th.- i;. i
the sufferer when  Mr.   Hanson tlm next- rotrtihu
cw.'t'7..pH'*r a U KNACE
There is no dust
nuisance in  onne ti n witl  *     Sunsh ne
Because the Sunshine i   fitted with ' >''---
-; .pt
";'< n you rock down thi ' Aft**&':ii
ashes (n j',/OTV;v .<
dinking with the Sun- '"«*:■
iliine) what dust ■  "*
thi firc-|  ittn
r2*t ," till'      '       kl'    * il r
arises w drawn 0**' 	
nm the ash- <> -. ..    ■ ., . .   . ..-
-   I '   ' ftf
\"" : ::)■       . '   / Only I
/■ ,n cm      lion witl  *      oper ition :-
_    *■ ;:r      "pen   bi tl    the dust ■    •   (|i  ■•
"^^-i   "-^ Sunshine is just  *;' -   •    ■•
plest  easiest mai       I. greatest I
x , ■-!' ins  !';"* ice that bu
o I    / U".\V^       l:'    ' ''" '        dealer dm    noi
14      !    s^
limed April i.'.ili. li'iir.
Transfer of Hotol Licence
fttko Ice thul I liiluntl in apply
("nliuiiis.inn,Ta ul
liim   nil   Hie   Inlli
placed his automobile at liis dis- day ol .lnnu,  lour, foru ti'ttnsrcr from
posal. and the journey was made jm.vsoU to Itorhcri  l.. Snwyer of Uie
in an hour, 22 miles, from  Wnsa J.',™"^ £  I!u'v"' ""'"'"' W'"'H
to the St.   Eugene  Hospital at ti D°'te,,' jju}. Btll( ll)0,
al   Cranbrook,     Constable   ,1. | A. lJ. Chonotte
Walsh brought   him    from   tlie. __
scene of the accident to Wtis.ii. notk *•:.
Vegetation  is   much    further Transfer of Hotel Liconce
advanced here than at Cranbrook j   Take notice thai I intend to apply to
The fruit trees are in bio .nisi,1""' l!(ra,'d "' U,'uni'e Coininisslonurs al
,,, , ,   ,, ,.  ,    llu' next  regular muetinu* on llio 1Gth
lilacs    anil   snowballs,     wiiei;,,.,,.    ,-  ,,,,      ,„„-   ,       .       ,    ,
j itu\  nf June.   lot),, for a transfer rrom
makes tne anxious  to  return   to  myself tu MuTavlsli * Cuniuroi, of tin
see the beauty of the place when | liconce to thu Kust Kuutenny   Hotel ut
JIovlu, H.I
the     Sut    .:.
in   * to ii- for
Free Booklet
London,   T„™io.   Monlre.l,   Wi	
St. John,   Hamilton,   Caio
PATMORE BROS. Sole Ajjctits
all the trees   will   be   in   full
blossom, and the llowers  pretty     D'UM' May "th' l!"'7
I lo
in their luxuriant growth
The long distance   telephone I ^***********4*****99**44*.
tdils much to lhe covenienc.R nfl* .,   . «
P. J, McMahon
I .
9 ^S£^
Kimberley,   B. C
H. W. DREW, Proprietor
adds much to the covenience of J ,, _.._      i-»rii  ii  it*   * ——*~*~~——~*~»—»."~—.-•■-.-."**■.-.— -. — ."....................►......<...».
guests, and us Mr. Hanson has a J jf-jp      Pfl I IVI      ♦!
::;::.:t:r',ri;::T:,y..:'i   '!l°y'''«   }! Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
needle to an  anchor,   bein.'  fnr *       \ln,l,. i,, ib,, <i,„,i,, *   i i>>  -.- n     , ,...      .. ,
Wasa Is considered  n  chorniinglii
resort  For the invalid.     I
cream and newly laid eggs are loj-J
,,„,,.„,   ,    ubundnnce,   and   In 5 Fresh Made Every Day %i\
\9 AT THK * ,  ♦
season    fruit   and    vegolables. * "TJJC   DJ3 I   11" *   *
Many Cranbrookites spend weeks »        I Jj j~"   |  /IKJVI ?! j
I'lniiii' :,r Head OllicoC...
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .   .
y uranbrookltess)
at Wasa enjoying i he hospitality
of Mr.  Hanson.   Those bttving|j»    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    .
uutotnobilcs can get  here easily *^                                            4
,  .",.   „,,       ,' nanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai
in tin hour and a hall.    I ho roads	
are good, the grades are   utii , *«*«****»»*4r-«:-i7**»>*««^>****«
difficult, and one gre.it  comfort jf
over driving is the  escape  from  I
the dust of :i carriage. |*
  . *
* ?
.# f
* ' a
# 4
Ihir   meal   is
nil uui' hoof is killed in
»..'.i.i.....*..^^—....^..............^..■.»..._.■■,......t , ti< til>i)
L.C0HN  !!
j | Tailor % Importer of
Fine Woolens.
(Jetting After Customers Who Can 11 * I
Be Caught by Bargains.       \% c™ 'ook'M'c' AnnHiranirAvo »
"Make me some cheap shoes,
good lookers, that I can sell for
bargains in February or March."
This is a usual order given in
the shoe manufacturer who can
make a shoe that looks like a
shoe—and that's the best one
can say about it. The denier
uses these shoes itsliitineil-of-
their name to sell al a pro HI lo
people who are not his regular
customers. Ever buy a pair?
I'hen you know them to be as
worthless as ti shoo that's been
through ti lire.
The inun  who  knows   Imu*   to
'I'nki'uiillci'Uml llilrly iliivs nil,-I ,till,' 1  In-'
Hunt to ii|i|)ly to tlio CoiumlsHlnnor ol  I -
1,11,1  IV,Hll-   fni   II   -inrlill   llOOIlai,    ill   Ullll
,'iillillii'liri- HI
liiili'il April llltl ll.i,*.
IT .\   Mi'Dl
Tali,' notiru iimi tiiii'tv itiiy. mu
tciiil Iii iil'l'li  I" llluCointulaaini
mil W.irl.s for ,i -1 Inl  I ti-1
ni,ryimu, '  rfinlil Uiufnlhra
Imi -mi Hi,' Kual Kniillliui) 'Iiii'i'
. Iintiia lliil'lll iiikI I 'luiiiis .vital ,
uml NOTAI1Y l'l III,Ir.
Cranbrook, B.C.
si'ok am:
liiti;ni(ii,i()iiiil Ru
TT'OTTTVTT^   "N |IA'<Kn st., one dook west
i. VU1\JJ        IIII.I, A   rn.     T uly pluco In li
iimi ,'jin mnl,,■ life worth ih,. n
an Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
•**" *"**±
.   Am- -mm
I    The Greatest MpflTQ ,n East I
£ Range ol JVlb/l I *u        Kootenay   3
fx        Tin- killing season .it mu* Crnnltrnok abattoir I)
£     gins this week,
tzt I'lu
I P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.I
£       Hood Offloo, Mum Offloo tor Euut Kootonay,       ZS
t;-       Oulgary, Albortn Oranbrook, B. 0 73
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Plans, Spci ilu.iiiiitis
antl Estimates
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand. THE PROSPECTOK. CRANBROOK   li C.   MAY 1-   it
^^-^JMJHIHK^^ Why CoU9h ,0 The CoW,n    ♦♦*♦'♦ ♦ '■♦ ♦■«!■■♦■♦:♦•♦ -*';<>'*-4^97*7*ft^ftj9<*.
T i; i
! Dr. sea s Prescription I   The Seasons Offering   I
• No "" or ♦  •   IN HARDWARE IS LARGE   9 ft
Sacrifice of Odd
Lengths of Ceirpets
This week we want to .lean out all the odd lengths in the Carpet Department.
Iif     It Mm want a new carpet at about regular wholesale prices come soon as thej   will
Coltl Cure  Tables
llu* Lawn Mower is conspicuous in our
store, as is alsn llio rake and hoe,
Im   the  farmer we have the   Plow,
11.ii row .nul Cultivator.
un fast.   "Note a few of the following prices
I'lu'    Town    lotitiuili
Thej .In iln* worli  uml  urresl   *■
9 lho mosl stubborn colli.                  *
* ♦
* \d
| Beattie & Atchison ■♦■
* Where It Pays to Deal. ♦    ,.              , ,              ,          ,,. , .
ff\ (,     i nine ni .nul let us supply your lushing needs
9 ll is I'hois ol Perry Oroeli wns ft                                          mmmmmm
9 -i welcome visitor Thursday,    lln   9.
9 culled to ii'ii,'\\ hi-* subscription    ♦
' i
^   pi in H-.IIII'    ai    iln,     recreulioii   *
T  grounds mii Tlnir-,In\ evening
Tapestry Carpet that was 55c. per yard, sale price 35c.
Brussels        $1.50 $1.00
Axminstei $2.25  • "  $1.45
V lliere is  0110,   uml  01
* 'Kootoiui*    I,' -, 11 ■ ■, ■ * *     ll
* Hest'   I'.iiiiiiii.' tiros
i'i \ nice genllo shower  of  ml 11
j, "'i   Wednesday    evening    made
w everything I.ml, ficsli uiul j-roeu,
*9 "J00 "  Wulsli,   thn   constable
* who keeps Kurt Steele quiet mul
•jf orilerlj those iltivs wns ut Cran
jf, brooli Tiiesduv
m: MilwuiiltoH     Dustless     Kloof
^ liruslies,       "Bissolls"      Carpel
T{- Sweepers, uud Carpel Heaters til
9   I'titi v Hros.
♦ Cranbrook, H.C,
lliu   ♦ 0 ♦ * ♦ 0 9 9 . « , „ 9Z9.9 ft; 9ft. 9 ft «♦.♦;-».>:♦;
||.fl####llS#»'KW^#»** tie to Stewtiris tor Ice Cretin.
_   _ Hnzolwood, Vanilla and  Straw-
 _..,..,„,,.,w   ,^.1       , » '',,,TV ,lre   lh"   l"'sl-     ">"' I''''
*    ICitf yrCIOpCCtOV "" n'-lof is ttlwa.ys uitriio-
\ TOBACCO S — T^T-T— """'
► * . !  The Xorlli Sim-  Luiuber mill
► J ■■•■■mm'.TmmnmmnmmmmrfmMMi-:- ,s ',linv ,.WG" "l"1''1' way. The
J jig 5 iruck will becompleled lhis week
»                  CHEW                    *  -    LOCAL   NEWS.   I!!ll,d , skipping com nienues   noxl
1   n Uiveru
Teams nnd drivers furnish
ml for any poinl in the dis
A. DOYLE. Manager
-   j
.... ,11 miles north ol I
- -,.   ■
-      j -
1.     pla,-,    ,1
! Queens Navu I
K**>«>**«,»«>««.*«.^»^»***»***»^     1
I |§ CLINE       :~
% \ ::;;::"'s'"""
•1 ill ll),',,1,1 Mi.ii.1  Iliirlii'rS '       t,      > 1-
I  I
j  '.-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiuuuuu':' ''
E. ti Jones of Kimberley  was      \V. E. Rray of N'timtinio, .1. 11.
lhe city Saturday last. I Wilson ol Spokane, Mrs. Taylor
of Kimberley, T. E. Card of
\Y R. Ross of Pernio was in Red Deer, W A. Meachem of
e cily Sunday last. Marysville, 0. Lindsay of Sirdar,
- . laud  Mrs.   ,1.   A    Maedonald   of
4      E  D. Johnson of Creston  was ^"'TsviUe were   registered   at
at Cranbrook T
uesuay on   iiusi-
1      Win. O'Hearne, who lias been
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.*   al  Ward ner for several   flays   l'l
turned to Cranbri
the Royal lhis we( k
Make No Difference
To the Blind
What we say about matters optical Hul
how about yourself? Are you concerned
about your eyes? It costs you nothing to
have youi eyes tested, and we toll you plainly ami honestly Ihe oxtiet, condition of your
Win. F. TATE
O.P.R. VVnleli Inapootnrs Crows' Nesl ''tiaa Division
There was nothing doing in
,1   Kirs! I'lll
Tonsorial Art f
f Tonsorial Parlor I
t      Foi 11 Oool mnl Cli'ini Slmv,'
I Or II Perfect Hull Dili
6 A lint nr Colli Until
Walter B. Laing laiiuusol
,.,. j-.ii 1, Cninlii'iinlt, ll.C.     I
I     Itak-rSI.	
Mill.'I'     Of       \,      Mil
Klity elmlns Uir
oi'ih rii'lil
Arrivinii Today
The    thoroughbred    stallion
Unlli   Knight    will    stand    for
,,',■,. ,|.,,-.   „, is'it;it   ;u    Handlcy's    Livery the polico court this week, Chief
„>l iisi'l.Viil'iv !SU1!||('S' ' raiilitiiok, 011 I'uesdays of police Dow has the hobo gang
 '   |;'!K| Sunii'clays  of  each   week, under control, whichspeaks well
•or further   information  apply  for the police.
E    I iirnor ui   Chicago,    HI.. In,  R. Palmer, Craubrooli  or"til
■■■■■I- n  guesl  al   the Cranbrook Handloy's   Stables   where    full
•v* [particulars can be obtained.
!'.  .1.  Smitlie.  editor of   thei
E.   J.   Clayton  of   Marysville
was at the Roval Thursday.
Town Football Team.
Tnki, N,,n,',' II ay iluys
ml IViirlistil Vlclorlnfnriii'in
i"'>"ii"">"'   I      HOT HOUSE LETTUCE       Moyie Loader spent Sunday last   GO TO TKF
in Cranbrook. \.  .,  , ,;,,,, ,,,   ,1,,,   rp..,,,,    '
i RIPE TOM VTOES meeting  ot   tne    town
\a%\ Kootenau
Is -on 1I1 oi ihr in.nit
1 ami ni tincti 111
.illli'   M
1 1 l:')itv • liililis. ll.I'll
1..- i>nnl fiuiin i'linin
1.1,-! Nil:     TO     PUAITII'I':
s rcxAMis \i'i'
..I iin 11 -I -I
.•for.- lhn in."
ol,t;tii;. 1 from M. 1!  I .in
Hoard ■-:  1 *   ■■
NH  II '■   [IJ    ■'     ■
,    -    ■'■        '    ■'
Ueparti    i
...       ,
'    .'
i<   d ton]
■   .   .'
U'.".i I tun I; of Mi-- Nortli  l-'orl, of tho  f-lttli
I'J'I    • llllills    I.
ulKhiy ' lialns,   ut.'ii-.'   wcni   efithtj    i-halns
tlniii'.- nortli ' IkIiI) ...■.-■:■■ .   '■-
ii. |iluci' nt eoninicnuoi i   l
A. M   ■ ; *
1    1 mm ■■
t« 'lily 1 lntit     ■ 1 tli ea>l
■ ■;    \      .1 n :■-. tl L-tli ■*    -"Uili
■'■'-■■ eiltht) IHO
■ ■■ ■    ■        ■■.■■ ■■■.■■.■.■.
April ':*.
jioum lu»|ii  in Smith's store on
iM',,'1-v'lli    ™„ P°nsan or TueS(1        ■ , t   „     folloW|ng
Mnrysville  were  quests  al   the     .
Cosmopolitan Sunday hist, players    were    chosen:—Goal-
iihiinll'elhiw;     bttoks-Mebougal,
mil Pulton, Half bucks-Edwards
l-IA/.ELWOOD ll'!-; ('1,'KAM
Stewarts Fine Chocolates
Hugh Stewart      j. r. waido^u. d. Tumor
PIlOllC 75         ftrillStl'OIHJ, Ave. ofWIimipog spent  Sunday  last
 iu Cranbrook.
A. I). Pill 'of Wyi-lill'e   was
in the city Saturday last on busi-
Tn Mni"jii",'i a, K.-iin.   i-:,i.  Kin-it, j    W. Iugals mid J, 13, Wilson of
wen .limes nnil Pfltz llclmtzki, unit tn   Pertltllld.    Oregon, were guests
it the Cranbrook Tuesdav.
uui oilier party in- purltes' lo whom I tie
nt,,i--. i-i   ii-i'-niw   muy    linve    transferred Iii- nr lier im,'I',-!  in  the  "Tip
Top'J mol "lielc r * Mineral  Clnims
-inun,' on the iliviile bettvoen   Wnsn
uml   Dii.rit" ,'1',','ii- in the I'.ir-t Steele
Miiiiny Uivisi 1 Kust Ivoolennj   Dts-
trli'l in Hi" I'rovln f Urltlsh Cnlutn-
'I'iik,' nulii-p tlmt .vmi iin1 li'i'-'b.v re-
,  ire    within ninety ilny-   from   the
I i -        hlienti I this niiti,-,' 1,1 |uiy tu
lli-il    the   -1     I'llifhl
liunilri       >      ■ heino the mnoiinl  ex-
lenilei   li       11 "ii your IntereHtH In il
Mr. ami Mrs. A. P, Muedonald
of Moyie were visiting friends al
Cranbrook Monday.
Caldwell, Porgussion, Hayward,
Houston, tindlbbilsiin. J,'("':'11 ltinds oi
The colors of the team are red j       DYEING and CLEANING
unit white.    The Town team will
moot the Foresters on  Tuesday
evening next, on the  recreation
Nothing line or coarse, large
or small Unit wo enniiol liauille.
I'llllill' Noli.',' is   lii'l-eliy   (flvun   tlml
the resull 1,1 ilir Poll ul ll I.'i'lii.'s  ul
Illi' sniil I'ily iiii I'.y-llivv No. .'ISo-i'miiinj;
,.-,,,., ,      I'l'i-iuin  priiili'oi's   in ihe   I'inuibrunli
Cinderolla     thu    parltctilar nieetrle l.tuht Co.,I.t.l.. Istts foi -
shoe lor particular woman.    l''or
We Also Do Dry Dijcinij
Ollice ,1. Lbakk, Tailor
sale by G. T. Roge
"Cinderella"     baby      shooi
pi-e'liest thing  in  iiiuii     Com
uiul see ll at tl. T, Rogors,
... hie
for the lly-hiw ....
Ajjilinsl tho lly-lnw ..    II
I. therefore, duulHi'u lhe sniil   lly-lnw
•I'lm-. ill, II ri-,
ItetilrlllllK oilii'.'i'.
lion I ih, ■
'   -   :  -
.-     -ni.    ,-u       '-r,-is In ill,--uiil      _\|   |; s-n-.,,,,,
'*» " uf Montroal "were   visitors   nti;,
1 Iranbrook during tlio early  pari
Miri'.t '■  '  ui* this week,
,el   Amenil nl   Ael
TIMIIKII   I.llili'l' NO. TWO.
N.iii.'.' is hereby if I vmi thul thirty
iluys nfter ilni,' I inii'iiil in upply in tlie
Iimi. llm rliii'il'iiniiiiis-iun.'i'nl l.nnil-
iiiiiI   tt'orku 111   Vletorln,  11.r..   fur  11
speeiui lie,' 1,    uml  eurry uwuy
liuilii'i' frmu Um  fnllnwltiji  ile'serlheil
luml- in Kii-i I, nuy:
t'lllllllll'lll'ille'   III   11   pnsl    |illllil.-it     sn
-niifu nil ''liiim-. sine.'  Hu-   yeui'l    A  Sutlierhiiul uml  .1    E.   Me I ...„.     ,,, „       ,,,',,      .  , I   """»"'"'•'"•;■ m " |m»l  pin    Hi)
nni. i,.,„ ,.,„ work. Naiighlon of Nets,,,, were trans ' Wa"1"' t,lauSCS  Consolidation Aot, luliiiiiiH wosl of thu .Nni'ili-i'us,   .,,er
Anil further take 11    Ihul   union noting   business    al    Cl'tlllhrook   liost nf Churlus ll,   II ler's Tinihi-r
11    ,,        l t.HMl will iill ,'nsis 111   Mi.inlay. j    In tlie niiitiur uf iip|illetitlon ituiler lj'"'"* N , unit niurkeil UliurluH (I.
thill    the   llllll-  ■   ISei'linii L'Tnlthe sllill  Al'l   lit         ,.;.,.,,    H'-i-ller's .Nnl't ll-.'Hsl unl'llor   pnst   'I'llll-
,,„,   T    ,,    K nuy Power mill   l.ltfh'l  Uo ,ny her Limit No. Twm ,„•,•  120 eluilus
""'    '*   ■M",,a"'l.,u,, li„l,i,','s,ifli,.,'i,r,iN„. 1,11  ror«'-i»li thenee I h aoiiili: Iheneu HO
tin 1111
■' I,'      '      '■- " !
■ ' Wa 11 I rii
ee.oelll   u„      ,
ol ,. j
Ilil] 1 Xpi'tll
lli.tlee ;- L'iveli  unite
lies,,r wiiti'i' 1,111 of   si.l""""" '""■ ""'""■ '" '' "• """"l
Mm',,- Klvor iri-iuilacl  the 8th, Uny ur tliuiuie40ulinhix oiwt: lliom-o HO i'linin
Mai I Ullll I fnr iinriuis-iiiii to uliunira thu \"u''"t* '" plueu of lii'ifiiinlnjr.
1    l,iii.|ileil Mureli IK. 1IIU7.
mii.,1      '■  iiay ui .Muy. A.n.. 1110"     T VV. Corsnn of Pernio, A. VV,
,x I'nisnn   iMiicKunzIo of Seattle and J,   A.
V'n nee of Toronto were registered
.,'";'';;:i. „ .     UKIf 1 imit No. TIIHKK,     [■" the Craubrooli M. y.
.... ,        VV       lenai-n ••"".   Ifivmi  1 Iml I hi rly j
-"      .. j. iho   ulti
'   n« *   *"  Ilim, ii" 1
 ) i" ii"
111   I Is
tlie C   ,-f
Works   it
Comm   alum     nul«
■'"I a. II. C ■  I'i
.■111 uml   ■ 111 l'J    II     I      llmla'l      linn   Um
:    - ■    ■ . 11     Kaal
(Jnlll  !• illlf II     ■  11 *' ll 'i' llio
northeast i-ornef iif VV, llnril nu *
|,| ,'M.1.      '  'ill"
Ihenee    1 '   llehuhi    '       mi II    III
■uu 1 i- eual   10  i'i	
goulli ill 'im 11 - llll nee ' .1 I -■' '   11
1I10,  north 51 .'limns, lho     Inlm
i-linln . Umlll'B an it li   10  nllllllie, I'lli 1	
weal niOnliiiln , " '■ nurlli 10 i'lm 11
Ihonee weal ■'' I'lllllllH In phlee ..I   li,'::in   i '
niuu. .'Illllli, In |i|lllll ill ,	
A, T, (' M.DWI I I.  I.iii'iilnr .1 inrj Uth, I '.
Lueuleil II      illi iiii   ill  Ipi'il  mu"     I''  I
TIMIIKII   ....  .
llllills ill  I'.n-I  I.
'I'ul,,-   untie.'   Ihul   llllli      ■ .j       alii
llllll!    I    ilit.iuI    III   IIJip
1 ..,1 -.,. rot [.inula.,. il   '       11
 inn  tn rut   un     run       .  ..
iimi...1-  Irom  Hi.'  follii' 1,
 11   thetisi K.iiii.'ii.,
I 'in      - iu ii.r ai -i pii-i plutitiil   liim
lutlf 1 In auillll ..I il	
Al.     .\liilz,     president      ami
III got'    of     Hie     furl     StOolC
 Ul'UWillg t '11. uf l''i'riiie wnsill llie
"'■ ;'"a|>  city M lay on company busi-
.IIIUII-,I     su
,,.i unrni'i' Irvme ol   \ ancouver,
'riinl.i-i- i'l,lll'"K"",'',,K     Hie      Provincial
nl 1'hurl'. - ''''''"' "'   lll'll'hl'   ' '"1'iiiil'ia.   was
'       . ul Crunbrook Monday, pnylngau
' l .'"|   |t" 1 Ill i isil   In   Selkirk   I'ri'i'i'p
U ,.|,„l„s, '"'7'
1.0,'iitnr, Churles It. Kuril,t.
Iiy A, .1, Kuiii. Aifont,
WI ss: II .y Stiwyur.
poinl nl iJiii'i'sinn mul llie eourao ul the
iiiiiii. s mul lluniua, in points neur the
lua.i nl iiu- Kni'k Ciinyon ttbuiil hull 11
mil.' up riv.i' from the Unnuillun
lieiii.' Ilililwuy llriil",■ nv.'i' lln, Sl.
Mary - lllvor ni'iir lho towu ul Wyellll'u,
'I'iilti'unl inn ihni llu-stiiii iippliciiijnn
hus been liiml uml nuiy hu hooii hi  my
"Mii'.' ill llll, lily nl I I'jilllirui.k IIII.I Unit
uhjeulIiiii liu'i'i'tu sliiill lie  liiml   i y
sniil ..ilie.' un nr boftu'ii lln' huh. iluy uf
.h next, uliii, 11 ihi) fur luiiirhiu will
l>r ael.
"   '* 1 " "   """     '"*;    L'1.1 oneluif nti s, ph, I,,,, Um
I W'l'il Iii  I....) eiin utlve weekly ,„„,,|, H|, r l.lttlo Jloyle river iibniil
li"""""'f' '-pi  publish,'  ilu'l .,, nor inllea fr   where
C'lty of I'mnhr (nml  Uun  11 eopy nr „.,, B ,„,   M„v|„ ,.],,.,, „,„!
'*       '"' ■*""  I'1 1'l»''» inui'lieil Chiiiii's II.   Hoe .'a   Nnilli-
Tl M lll'lll I.l M l'l' S'O,  UNI',.
Nm i>')' is horoby irlvon Hint thirty
iluys nil.•!' iluin I inii'iiil to upply in tlie
Ilim. Hi., rhi.'I'l'ii i-siuii.'mi' I. Is
nml   Worka  nl   Vhinrin.    ll.C.   fur   II
apeutul  lleenee  in eut unil eurry uwuy
1 iiiil..r  fr Im  full,,uiii'.'  iloaet'lboil
I - in Kual Kootonuy:
ih an,'Iniiili: iiii'iu'i'     VV   ll   Wilcox,  editor of  the win
in,'-i.iiii, ni 1 iiiuii-:  l'l Ix I'liii rwnsiiCrniibrook i'Iiii
nl Wilier 1 'iis   mul  1,wnei's  nl   luml
|.|.lll'lll...II    .',...    I    hi       . ,1    '    III .'	
, .tile ..I While Hiver,  Ihenee   Hi,.nri un - lu  ■.,,,,,    lo  1 ■ nl be-   visitor tills Amok,     \|r. Wilrux is      I mini 111 lYmihi |(, Hii- Klh, this  of
111 inun-. tlni ii-i iiii.iii    , 111 one oT I ho oldest newspaper men Mut ioot.
inrtli 1 linins. iii.'i weal 111     1..'.■!,"■' Mureli 111, itinr. ill llio Koolonuys, nnd   publishes .1. k. Annatron-i
'""'"'■ ''"'•' ', L'lllll'le-ll. Ilemler, mil'   lit   the   rle; ,1    (llltl     most       A-,-i-1,,,,1 (' niis'sin'ner nf l.i Hllllll
H.v A..I. Kent,   .nuiii, newsy weekly papers ill llm pro Worlia for 11,,. H1111I Iiiiiii  Hiiisim, ,,1
ll'"'*.) '•''«)' ' 15   I'illCO                                                              |.:,,., ij   .
•est I'lirnnr |iusl uf Tiinher   Liinil-  Nn
I,tIi.     h)   -mil ju,,,.;   11,,.„,.,,     „,.«|   Hll  ehuins:   III,',	
suiilli hii.-linins: Unii,,' euat hii ehuins:
iimi iiurlli hii,.Imiiis in plu,',' ol he-
I lllllil Muruli in. lllll",
I iiiiir. I'luirli"- c. Herder
ll.v A, -I. Kent, Atfi.t..
Willie-.: Hour) Stiwyur, 15
M-IW   WKSI'.MlNSTI'lli,   B.C.
Receives both Ladies and
Gentlemen us Resident or as Day
I Students. Ha.-, a complete Commercial or Business Course. Prepares studonts to gain Teachers'
Cei'Mlicates ol all grades. In
affiliation with Touonto Uni-
vkhspi'v gives tlie four years
course for the II. A. degree, and
llio first year ol the Toronto
School of Science. litis a
special "Prospectors Course"
ioi' miners who work in B.C.
Instructions given in Art,
Music, Physical Culture and oio-
h'tn- Calendar etc. address
"Columbian College".
Term opens September 17th,
Thirty iluys uftor tlntc, we the iiniler-
sirni-il. lntoml lo upplv to the Chief
i'limoiissiom'i'nf I.i nils unit   Works ut
Vlolurhl,   II.I'.,   lur 11 s| inl lie,'I In
eul  uml eurry  uwuy  limher fi Hie
liillnwiliK    lleserilieil     himla    in    Kual,
Cnlllllielleiue ul II post plllllleil llll)
i'liuins       eusl        nml 180        eliuins
suulli   nl   the  57   mile   imsi   on   ihe
oust line of Lot 45112 uud  rniiniiijj' west
Sll  ehuins.   smith    Sll  eliuins,   euat    Sll
I'liiiiiis. mirth hii I'liiiiiis 10 llie pluee nf
.Mureli 25th, 1HII7.
Crow's Neat I'uss Lumber Co., Lnt.
Comuieiielne; ul n post plunteil '-'III
eliuins east uml IHI) ehiilna south ul Hie
57 mllu posl uu tlie oust line nf Lnt, 45H2
uiul riiiinhiK west su eliuins, aouth Hll
eliuina, eual, NU ehuins, nurth 811 ehulns
tn pluco nf eninilieiieeiiieiit.
Mureli 25th, 1IHI7.
Crow's Nest, I'u.s I tier Co., 1,1(1.
(' mi"-;   ul-  n   post   plnnleil   2111
linins eusl und ISII eliuins suulli nf llm
57 mile pnsl mi Hie nusl. line nt Lot, 45112
iiiiiI ruillllllK aouth su ehuins. eusl hii
liilins, muill SU ehulns, wesl Hll eluilus,
In the plueu nl ei ileneeluenl.
Muri'li 25th, 11107.
I'rtiw'a Ne-i I'ii-s Lumber Co., I,til.
CuiiiniaiiuliiK nl it pnst. planteil ,'lliU
•hllins euat mul IHU eliuins nouth of the
)7 mile poat on tl si line of Lot 45112
Ullll   I'liuillnn   eusl   Hit  i'liuins, sum I    sn
•llllills, west Hll ehuins, llnrlll Hit i'liiiins
Iii llm phi,',' ,,f enmm,'iicouit'iil.
Muri'li With, 11107.
I   Cl'ow'l Neal I'uss Lumber Co.. LlU.


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