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The Prospector Feb 2, 1907

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 .*«>•<•* I. SA.f v  '
"ii.-.  \
Q- c.
Vo2. /-*>'.
No. 5.
♦ ♦o»>»'♦<>♦«♦:»♦♦«'♦.».♦ »♦♦♦#♦*♦
J. A. Harvey, Liberal-Conservative Canoiiiate.
VOTERS! Do you want a continuance of the Prosperity British Columbia is at present enjoying. If you do,
mark your ballots for J. A. Haivey, supporter of Premier McBride. If you want to go back to the old days of
Stagnation and Graft, Vote for Dr. King, Supporter of J. A. Maedonald.
The ''Wolfs" Howl from the Yukon- BlaoK Faoed Liberal
Papers--Harvey for
Nothing shows more conclusively the despair which tills lhe
minds of the opponents of the
McBride government at the
gloomy prospect of the result of
the election on February 2nd,
than the frenzied appeals
of the Opposition press. The
Victoria Times and the Vancouver World are actually black in
the face by the enormous scare
headlines, which appeals to
every form of human Ignorance,
prejudice uml misrepresentation.
The Nelson Dally News, over
conleuiplib'o ami unscrupulous,
and the Crunbrook Herald, in
the must frantic style echoes the
w:iil of llio Tinies, World and
News Next i'liiiins the "wolf's"
howl fI'oiii i iimhisiiii's shore.
Why lhe riiininissionei* of the
Yiilion should stoop down from
his dignity to lake part in a contest Ilia local election Is puzzling
if not Start Iillg. To exchange a
quiet, diguilieil position ul Daw
son, with 812,000 a year, for the
uncertainties of a provincial
election is a sucritice that few
would In • willing to make.
Duncan Ross abandons his posl
uud his duties at Ottawa and
roams through thu cold and ice
in the hopeless msk of defeating
Sum I in, McDonald, Wilson and
Champion. The independent
electoi of the Cranbrook district
may ask so"it>usly why should
Oilawa semi these doughty
champions nl .his inclement season io lake p -i'i In a provincial
election? Whal ulterior mot Ivi
actuated lh"m     Is lhe rank ami
,r 'li   I, in
to niil
■ ui rly ill   I'-I'll-
s   lire   if.ll.l-
■ astll'.V     ''I    I'O
nr f mn iho
, , R in-, from
the desperate
struggle to defeat   llu-   .Vlcllrido
Government. This feature in
the forth coming election is one
that should rouse every mau of
independent mind and intelligence to reseat such dictation
and Interference, uuce for all
time the attempt to make the
provincial subserve the federal
must be summarily and in the
most decisive   manner   ended.
The British North America
Act has settled that the functions
of each are separate and distinct
and to alter these conditions is
subversive to the very foundation
of our confederation.
Hy the most trust worthy news
from all over the province the
result is not iu doubt. A large
majority will be returned ti) support the McBride government,
nul Cranbrook district will elect
.1. A Harvey by a splendid ma*
jorlty next. Sat unlay, February
Cranbrook Polling Stations.
We am Informed by Mr. .1.
Hutchinson, returning ollleer
for this riding, that the city of
Cninbrook polling booths will
be loeatod in the Gymnasium
Afraid of Their Cause.
Under the above caption the
I Herald makes the statement that
at Harvey's meeting, iu Sleele,
a carpenter named Hutcheroft
was refused the privilege of
speaking. Th" editor of the
Herald knows lull well that the
statement is false In every par
ticular. He also knows lull well
that Hutchcroft wus allowed ill)
minutes to address the audience.
llu also knows that Hutchcroft
wanted an additional ID minutes
aftor Mr, Harvey hail addressed
the audience, in fact wanted to
i-liiso the meeiing, somothlng unheard of in politics, The "Old
Man'' Innl better conllne himself
io lhe truth, or there may be
others that would repeat Mr.
Thompson's statement ut Steele.
Visitors Here and There -People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
D. McFarland of Kimberley
was in town Thursday.
Wm. McNair of Pernie was in
the city Thursday.
1 Ryan was up from Waldo
Thursday on business.
B. W. Huckle of Marysville
was a Cranbrook visitor Thursday.
dames Finlay and Mr. Zwlcky
if Kaslo visited the Sullivan mine
.1. I<\ Johnson and 13. Golden
of Winnipeg were in the city
M. I'hillipps of Elko was iu
town Tuesday, He says thai
Klko will give Vi. R. Ross ii ma
Joriiy on February 2nd,
A, J, Bat'l'et of Nelson antl R.
S. I'. Smith of Quebec were registered ai ihe Oranbrook Tues*
W A, McDonald, J, s Mnrlln,
W. Donald and C, Hun ol Nelson
were guests at the Cranbrook
.1. II. Wilson of Wardner wus
in town Monday, Mr- Wilson
says that Wardner will give
Harvey a handsome majority on
G. Mathers, W. I' Woodman,
R. G. Summers of Vancouver
ami I). .1. Elmer of Kings
gate were guests lit the
Oranbrook Tuesduy.
Mr. .1. A. Gregory, a real os-
late agent of North Battloford
has been making a tour of IJ. (J.
Ho spout part of lasl week with
his old friend Rev. .1. W. Wesl
man of this city. Ho takes
au active part iu polities iu his
province and was much interest
ed in U. C affairs. Ho was much
pleased with tlio prosperity ol
the province and slated thai nev
or before wus the liii'ineial standing so good as ut present.
Horn—ul Cranbrook Monday
•Ian. 26, to Mr. and Mrs. T
South, a son.
R. L. T. Galbraith of Fort
■Steele was in lhe city Thursday
on business.
E. Foagan and A. Bruce of
Marysville were in town Tuesday. Mr. Feagan says that
Marysville will lie good to Harvey on Saturday.
J. Burchell, ,1. W. Bennett, J.
P. Martin, .). A. Taylor, A. Barrett and B. Simmons all of Nelson were registered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. Chas. Reid entertained a
largo number of friends at a
skating parly on Wondesdiiy
evoning. A good lime was on-
joyed by ull,
Tlio Liberal mouth piece.
Willie Mclnnes, says: "The Liberals does mil need tho labor
vole" The labor voter will bear
this in in iml mi Saturday,
.1. A. Mncilonalcl of Mnrysville
was in lown Monday, lie attended tho big Harvey meeting
in the evening,    He reports ilint
Mnrysville  will   In-  in   line  tor
Harvoy on February -ml
Will .1. While, th,. great im
personator of Toronto, will up
pear in tho "gym" on Thursday
evening of next week. This is
lib Hrsl iipp.'iiruiii'" 111 lhe wesl
and his trip so far bus boon a
greal success, The Toronlo
World iluis .speaksof him: "The
humor of Will While wus all
Ihni wns necessary to the com
pleteness of the evening and he
rounded nil Iho program with
great success, In his character
sketches nl 'Farmer Clllos' and
'•lie Mover Stopped Running '
ln> took iin* iiudlonco liy storm
unl he was encored a number of
liines His make up convulsed
the aiiilieiiee. Tlio part ol u
comedian lbs Will ,1, White like
a glove " Iii the "gym" Thurs
day night,
Regular public preaching set'*
vie. s will he held iii the Method
i-i church next Sunday as usual,
The pasi,ir will lake for his
evening subject "Buying Good
filings " Music by a choir of
about "ii voices. Song servicii
commences at";8d.
Burns' Anniversa-y.
It was on the 25t,h of January
1751), ubout two miles from llie
town of Ayr. in a clay-built cottage, reared by his father's own
hands, that Robert Burns was
The Caledonian Society, true
to its principles, celebrated last
Friday evening the anniversary
of the immortal poot, by giving
a concert and ball in tho Wont-
wort li hull, Mr. McCowan. piper
of the Society, begun by playing
"There was a lad was horn in
Kyle'' and other favorite selections. Mrs. Biiftington gave a
solo which was well received.
The Misses McCallum and McCowan. to the inusieoft.be pipes,
danced most gracefully a strathspey; Charles McCowan tho sword
dunce and Mr, McCowan. tho
Sailor's Hornpipe. These performances were greeted with
great enlhusiaiii. Mr. McCowan has earned tlie highest praise
for ilie manner ho has trained
ilie girls iii their graceful movements,   Messrs. McSweyn, Pat*
tei'sun, McQualn and Reid gave
a quartotto which was well received,    Mr, Worden sang    the
Anchor" In excellent stylo ami
luul to respond to nu encore,
Mrs. Wordon played his accompaniment.    Miss  Rlioilu  Li.it.oh
ave "Jessie the Maid of Hun-
don" and as a response to an on-
core sang that exquisitely tender
piece "Sing tae me the Auld
Scols Slings." Itolh were deservedly applauded, for Miss
Leitch sings wiili taste uml
grace. Her enunciation is dis
nmi anil her pronounotation portent. Mr. Main anted as chairman and gave a brief Introduction ou the genius iiiiiI inlluonce
of Burns. Mr. Harvey gave an
appreciative estimate of Burns'
Influence patriotism and independence. Both addresses were
necessarily brief but paid a high
tribute to Burns uud his character.
At the conclusion of tlie con
cert the Hoor was cleared for
the dance. A large number
remained and many arrived for
the purpose. An orchestra of
four pieces clllofly furnished tlie
music, but it was Mr. McCowan
with liis pipes that put "Life and
mettle ill the heels. The Chief.
Mayor Finlay and Mrs. J. F.
Smith followed liy Mrs. Finlay
and Honorary Chief Smith, led
the grand march, After perform ing a lew graceful gyrations
the parties reformed uud danced
a reel. The hall was well tilled
with a happy and joyous gather*
Thus terminated the first and
a mosl successful anniversary of
the birth of Burns in tlio Kootenays.
Conservative Victory Assured, ii
Victoria Feby. 1st—A state,
menl signed by R. T Elliott, -I S
Murray and B. J. Berry late of
the young Liberal club, who
wore     lhe     organization     and
strength of the Liberal party in
the last campaign wus Issued
this afternoon as follows; VlctO'
riu will tomorrow return lour
Conservative members with
average majorities of 850 each,
If. J. Biirle.
nesdiiy  afternoon   ut
, quiet  wedding wus
on  W
2 o'l-loi-k ^^^^
solemnized til the Methodisl
parsonage, the happy couple being Mr. Oharles Henry Read, a
popular young engineer of the C.
I'. I J.Ion eand Miss Helen ('rorai',
a young lady ol our city who
has imikIi- for herself u host of
friends during her stay iu this
pluee. hy her unliable disposition
uml kindly ways. The groom
was supported by Mr. John
Shaver. The bride presented
an attractive appearance In a
beautiful pearl grey silk gown.
She was attended by Miss Annie
Wise, wlio wore n rich dross of
pale lil no voile. The numerous
and costly presents show the
high esleem ill which lhe young
couple are held ill I 'riinliioiik.
They left on the afternoon train
for points iu Alberta and will
return iu about ton days and reside here.
Sooial Events.
Uu Thursday Mrs. Malpas entertained a number of guests
wiili an original and unique
guessing contest, "Who'll take
tlie cake?" Mrs. Leitch wus the
successful winuorof the delicious
fruit cake. Among those pros-
out were; Mrs. Leitch, Mrs.
Finlay, Mrs. Barron, Mrs. J. F.
Smith, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs.
Moo. Mrs. E. Small. Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Vandecar, Mrs. Morley,
Mrs. C E. Reid, Mrs. Wilson,
Mrs. C. Brest, Mrs. Simpson,
Mrs. Phelps. Mrs. George Gurd.
Mrs. H. McVittie. Miss Rhodu
Leitch and Miss Evlyn Gurd
assisted the hostess.
The ladies of tlio Women's
Christian Temperance Union
met at tlio residence of Dr. Connolly Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Connolly gave an interesting and instructive bible reading. The president Mrs. Rogers,
Mrs, F, E King and Mrs. Park
were appointed a committee to
distribute "Comfort Bugs"
among the different lumber
camps. Mrs, .1 F. Smith was
appointed superintendent of the
Junior Royal Temperance Legion, wiili Mrs. Wilson first
assistant and Miss Connolly soc-
iiiiiI assistant, The IJ. T. L.
meets al the gymnasium lirst
ami thii'il Thursday at half past
three in the afternoon.
A Leader Among Leaden.
In conversation with a strong
Liberal leader from another
province iust week, lie informed
us that Mr. McBride had given
this province an excellent standing financially, and had succeeded
as a legislator, llu wont on to
say, that his uhililty us a louder
would in all probability give
him the leadership of the Dominion some day, That is even
Stronger than the Conservatives
have gone.    He concluded   by
saying "every man in British
Columbia should vote for Me
Bride If lie knows what he is
doiug       Mosl ol Ihem will. TllK PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK I! (*.. FKIIUFARY
A. B. Grace,
##iH>***»##«Mi#**Mt^^ HARVEY & McCARTER
*'■' ■' ■ ~ *** ■■""     '*** *' ■"* I'llANHl.OOl.,     -     I I.l*.
©he gfcmpectov.
=     9
! hi i onservativc party stands *
for provincial rights.   The Lib- *
oral Opposition stands for    well *
any ..ia'Iiii,;.'  - except good gov- *
,tiiiii.-nl    and   better   terms  for *
this province. A
A terrible storm was raging in 9
tin- Northwest Friday the worst 9
in history of tlie i itry, bul it is 9
nothing like lhe Yukon  b izzard *
that   will hit the Liberal oiiimsi        *
tion to-morrow. V
H 06 oo
From End to End oi tlie store Stocks are Fairly Bristling wltk Newness | J
When   "Old    Man''   Simpson \
says thai King will haven major- '?
ity  in  this,  lie musl have I n ;J;
looking ai the "hand wriliug mi, t
the wall'* through lie- big ei 9
a small telescope. ";*
Nothiug lint  a Hie preserver
will    -ave   Harvey  from   bi    _ j_
swnmpeil next Saturday says * 3j,
Herald     Harvey caught the  ifi '.','.
the J
preserver and iln1 vol
electorate on Saturday.
1*. will need ii much larger ii"-
pital ihini ihe St Eugene to accommodate iln- sick Libera -
after tin- election.
It will lake more than a   h -
power microscope   to   locate   a
Liberal Sunday morning,
The   Cranbrook   Herald  says
"thnt  tin* laboring  n of 'in-
district have conlulonce in Dr,
King." li is a iwo io one hoi
tlmt the "i)!.! Man'' and his piano
was handled without gloves al
tin-   Litlini'   mooting  Thursday -
,j        ;:
IT would lie unfair for us to point to any mie depart
ment as the peer nl' lite rest. What we attempted in
do we have accomplished tixed it that no matter whal
line of goods you are interested in. that section answers
"Ready" with confidence.
Will   tittti   mucli   in   Dress Goods and
Mantles in interest them.
\\'.- ■.  i.e. ii ii.,i" it'ularly particulti - - selves
■    ,■       .   .    j   tve ami   i-i' tern   is   what   «ill   iw   lhe
exactly    correct I Con        Season
Hiei',' is ;i
' I       -ill's
■       -
Herns ; cents.
f 1
* -
B      tifu Dress j*      -■      S
test at s -  . ' -
re gul a    -      -
We ' - ties 1 l wi
so when you l St on
I /Wl'lPC ' nderwear Waists in Silk,
LulllU-y Wool and Cashmere all tu
      be sold at wholesale prices,
Socialism is on Iho wane in
o Herald. So
iln- Crunbrook
,|      W,  P. GURD
Solicitor, Etc.
GranbrOOK *      British Columbia
r.\l;i;isi'i-;t;. SOLICITOR
nml NOTARY   l'l I'.l.ir.
[Metis Wear
W     will   -ell   vou   llenvv I nth iu. ut .ill
,it  si. in  |h-i   sni     -   ui ,i u    .-lil   for
loii shin    ,- .1! In    in i Un .'ii.
\\.    have    I'lu    Knuil    *•! lb I    ihoe,   lhe
Shoe   I - I.- : ... .     I'lu
\     in an \\ alk u\t i    hoi ■".   ni In i*
\\ .    \, lli   ipitltl     , -   .,    llll      i|   (WO   pi ii . j.
. -\ j in ..I!
', •  II    II you a S5.00 shoe for S2.90, a SU.00
shoe lor S3.50, a S3.S0 shoe for S1.8S.
\\ i-  hail'  ,*iw> ,l,-ii-ii Mens Son in Cash-
rii Iteai *   wi'i'l.      \\ i'   imi'ii   unload
tli,-in at cost.
X Cranbroolt, B.C.
9 i                                 ~~—
A G. tl. Thompson
•*' --.ga   llAlllllS'i'i'.i; ... S01.1CIT01I
Ji. 77?l   S'OTAKY 1*1*1*1.1, •
PhysiGlan ami SurtiRon
Ol'l'll'l-. AUMSTltONt;   AVE.
Hours:   '■> lo ll u.in. :! tn -I p.m.
must   i'n  mul tin        "f.        *. Ties,,.,,,.
, , W       | t   I'linin- I Utii-e 111'.     Kesiileuei' lull
issoi'liuciit is most v oniplete at prices lhat
ielv Competition.    We fancy   that    i   rail
ranbrook, lu*.
P.».,.».  A- C.R.
Fort Steele B.C.
Sec the prices we quote on .'"tii Century
Clothing. \\ hile Clothing made In* the
average makers will he sold al Irom s-.,,u a
suit up.
* 1 UK ti
!   DR
I P. O. E.
.iti M,'i'-i i-v.-i-v Wcdncstlaj
.!>.' ni s.iii, ii.m. in i:.i.,f. Hull
jti       Visiting   r.i-i.ihi-i'i.  Cordially   liivin-il
9 .'" vs. Smith, \v. Pi-oslilont
.,. M, li. Hii.t.iNiis. Secy.
.,. Dr.   I'nlliii.   Ai-i-ii-   I'llvsii-iiin.   P. il,
'f        Hex it.
* i
i> .i'e,i„r„ili.,ii.i.ttiii«iiiii,.ii,iiiiiiii((i.r^-.
* i'| Rocky Mountain Chapter :
9       \i I
!        *■ NO.  li"'.  II. A. M, 5:
ii.'i'iiiiini. sa,\s tin-     111.     tio       j!itLAii.ifi,Ji\JiJi,Ji>3lki>SiAAAAAAAAAAAAAJiAAAAJi.jLAJLJL3>! Ji.Ji.AJtiJi.AAAJLJi.Jl.JI AA ift.AJiiAAA i'ii^ii'l t.'i, -'i*.*i ;*■- *.♦.*. i'i, A A
is Liberalism  in   lhn   I ia nl,ri ink       999W*ttT*V^^WWwW*iVW**>*VWW W- *».' -t* 'i* *>* *,-■ V *>&W •«*
Not a l.il.ei-al s|ieaki'i' nppeiii'
eil III     lhe     llarVI'V     ineelilie    oil
Monthly  mulii     IVoiiihir    why':
Musi have i n on ;i si ill  luml
for 111 loqntllll   l-'i'i-in-h   I 'ana
iliaii" representative ol Dr. h'ine
ami COllllI'llt liml him.
i Iiiui .'In .i.i.. -
iin,-i- ilim- I ml. lill in i.ITli n> lli.n.
'I'lu* < 'lili'l i ni i-i I'lil Liuiiii, nn.l
Murk-.il \ I.-I,uiil. It. l!„ Iiiiii   li.-.'li.-e
In |ii'ii-|iii-l Ini ul llllll   I'etl'illelllll   nil
il,,- tiillimlnii ilew'i'llieil  lumls, allutite
in liliii'li l-'il.-l. KiiiuIi-immI Kiinli'iiiij iii--
.1.   .A    lliirvcy,   win.   rocolvotl  u-M nf IWHkIi (.' ililu:   l' me	
,, ,. ,i       in<> ai  a   nnal   nltlllleil  Itllilteent  in tin-
the unanimous Humiliation nl lie-
Conservative to I'tiprescnt  Criti
brook riilinc in  llio  l.eeislatit
llSSOIllbly,  is   so   well   known   lolculilwell'i.   Ini'iillnn,   llnai ii
the people nl  this i'onstitueue.y leluilm ihe ■- li sn eliuins, il
thai il is neeilless   tu   make   anv
':_       l!i"j'iihii* iiiri'lih^s:- 2ml Tues-   S;
'S   o'elook. 5:
■5 **■
.'5      Siijimt'inii',:  Coinjia iii Otis   aro   **
;E   i-nniiiLlly luvltod. £
';: Wm. I'". Tatk. Scribe E,   s-
:«       Box 4      ORANriROOK, B. C.       2*
'; ft
' ^1 III III 11111111.11« . U11D111MI III ll»1 III l ■ || I ]^"
A   Cwood   Bfiikcr
'l'h.-   oven   in the
|ii'ii|iiii'titineil in tin- i-i
lin-l i'lll. in- liill-neil llll
-inilii.-.i-l .'iii'ii, r |iii»l ..I' Uuu,- lll'ljJgH
elllllli, Inl Ne. IMIS innl lii-iii-j llu- ini-
liul nr iniiili i,,-i i-iu-nei- |ii.-i nf  A. 'I*.
eomuiiMil on hisipiiiliflcatlonsfor
llie uiiu-,-.
It    is    neeilless   In  ilsslll'i.      tlie
people of this districl   tlmt   Mr,
1 lill'Vey  is II    I 'OllSei'VlltiVC.       I''"l'
aili-i-tuii- In- lui- tinitilil Ihelialiles
nf llis parly, ami hlisillways linen
mi the tiring line.
His personal popularity is noi
conliued to the folks in his own
party ami districl, bul in n .i.r.t
large measure spread over ihe
enure province In fuel w hei*e
over he i- kii'i.vii. Among lhe
members ol tlie bur in- stiintls
high mnl  ranks as one
„.■-' mi i'liuins: llii'iii'i' -th sn i'lniiii-'
in pluee ..I  lieirhuilns  - iiilntim HI";
I iiii.i N'ov. Iltli lllllil.
A. T. I ill.In.'II. I	
i.. M.-.l ,.l.i. .V«
,',,,■    ,,   ',.     -i,  -., ,„.|   i'lirni'i- nl   M.
I ..In)   , ii :>.i7 ini'l Imlliu  llie
j M.   .Iiiinl*.   Iiii'i.tii.ii:    tin-in',    euat    >n
,     . -  -  -n i-iiuin.:  ilii'iiei'
...     Im    .    ,- .null    -H   i-llliills .
 I      l„   ..     I   -      ||M M'   ',.    '.iiiu      ''I''
in ti . mi,i-i- nl
. Iimii.
ml jn
####%   iZootenay Cteel Oange    conn cranbrook 8943
■5sl\7) ^■■'""",  **• * m ^fk.---—. ™        Mi-n-.'i's  -;nh   anii   itm   TUESDAYS
How to Build Up Your %
System §
How&rtl's wh
Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil
Will Do It
i'iii' Kiiiiii'tnit Iluu-.:'' i- built  nu M'iriiiiiie pi'limiples
mtigliout. miii  -1 I.l  I..- i-ai'i'full,\   oxiiinlneil  liefnee
\]jl/ i       Sand lor Booklot
a,,.,.a.«a>^»® fj,,»»»«..»..^»»-a.«.»»».-.«.
^Maw'   O        'W'* •        *t»r   H
Visiting   iii-i-ilii-i-ii   i-ei-iliull.v   Invited
0. !;..   A. McCOWAN.
Se.'ivlai-y. T. MABSHAl.l,
>-*A-*-*'Al>*-*^*^<K-:.-:;.--ill--x^ -vi*.l--^-S,-s s>^i-i,*a
I    1 'i ujW
I Tailor** Importer ot I
Fine Woolens.
*■ t
t, Ct'iinbi'oolt, B.O.  Armstrong Ave  *
* *
*i-'i-'!it.it-l*«J-ii<l**-«-***aSjijj;jiv .;.*-> »*..-...
j    W. CRAIG
C. E. REID & CO..
Phonf 74        The Druggist;
; # dibpenbinc. om si.K,',A,;i'v.
alilesi   111   this    pro'  tu 1*.     Hii- '   , /|(^
election will add    ' ",''^i /i[l/J'       t
Hrii   h Coin
! Gaiijaru cattle Co. ^giQr i
Prosli antl Sn :i ml Meats
Pish and Potutry in Season
i j
I    »'*_*      /-N^   ~-a,~r, *.
4 Orders by mull will I'eceive prnnipl -unl cnreful iitlonlloii
sl.itiii   ISuiti'i'-  uiiil l-'in-iiuei- Werk u
Cost nnd Stock Estimates
Pnriiisliod Upon Applied*
ft-a »>%*• *a a
f.   ''
/   •
lonson ul An f
IH'iAl.l.lls   IN
„cncral Merchandise and Groceries
Tt 1	
■   *'    u "!i"   Mill  ow
/ M CLINE     /
I     ™.......i„ .' **'
Employment Agents
, ■.,    iiiii
■  ...
.-       rmn      ,,-- -     I.....,',..
1 j M. Inilii
ill  l'"illy li  Illlllill'i .1 Men   hy   applying   li
ihis compuny     IHU* VI'KX Agenl
Posl OIHceud dress CJuong Vitull Co, Hon *
Phone Hit
Contrally Loeatod
Oranlirook, H.C
Electric Lights
III HIM   I    I
Order hj Phone '15
•■»«**i»aa,a.a.O-|||a.a.a.ia-a a. a. -«.«, « a.a.» «,« «. % a. a. %A
!:,ITonsorial Parlor!
inn i, tiii  , in   E 3
I      I-',.1 1, Cnl mnl Olonn Blmve      3
ii    I Or a I'.-i'iii'i KnlrOut 31
'  "   I A H..I i.i'Cnlil Iimii I
i i
i',',T" Walter B.LalngMffltnnU|
I     llllli r SI l'l i I. I 'I'llllill It, n,o,     a
'iSt'fMS''    J 'P.O. Box tt34.   Griinlii'iiok. B.C.
\      J. M. DERR
Boot snoe Maker
■  -i,' i.
■|:,i.i' s*oi   . ■.. i      iin ,   I..., , i - ■ ■. ■ ■. in- I Jn
\< nil in uppl    tn     ...     ■ ■   . ■-., ,,..      i ■■■"'I to   i-i|i -■■-■'..   - n     ■■
l..,t*.|   untl ,-,*"i.      I     ■ in II i    mi   iM'vin:       I <   iiiiiI Wnrk    il     utoi       II. i      loi   i" i
tion Ui |*i.ri it li' '■-■  ■   m-
i„ smnll Kn l K'ti.li u.l I  l il        I        l<i
I ..iiil.i' r.i .it.   Hint I"" '   "'■    ■ ■ .     : I   II ill '   U II  "''*:  I'lKHtlll 11	
Uur; »| mu :■■ ii -i lh   ,|  tl i   im Ut .,      \\t     t'limiToi l,m
forum nl l<ni   ■■! '1   ''" m ■     ■' '    "    ■■ iln      '*"' ;' ■ I'MlMTliii        i-   ■   ■ .■   '  ■
 i   I,...  inklim   hi Un   Inn • Mon |in I     n i h          ihem -
i e .'    ■ . ■-      ■  ■     •    twentj
Manitoba Hotel
lintlcr  New  Manas*,ciiieii.
\\ llell   toll   Willll    .I     "iii
IVIrs   Hlslnn 'mohhii of tuk
NOTICE, """i   nnsiup I'Ianoi-outi-;
Vlclririii    ami   -Inl>il«'i■    Minnral       Kpncinl ntlenlion lo t li,
lecliiiii|iie,    phrnsing   and
griiiliiiui of sttidies
ipnirtci's Im   hiiiiiii:;    W
1    'I' Mi ' -	
II ' iiiii.  I imu.i
llllllll lillVIII-il
All Woi-lt liinirnnli-eil
New Worli Mnde to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   \Z'!"-1\ M..,..|
City Scavenger
Parties having back yards,
nml chisels l.o clean, and refuse
mallei- to he taken uwuy, should
leave orders wilh me.
I.miv 'iliii'H ul- Hie City C'lui'ltBol!lt*o
ni'th'n|iit jiiihIiiI imi'ii In Um m.y
,        I ,.'.'    iwcnll   ■ llllll      llll i.      ■ ■.. i.i ,      il,,,,,.
ri        II" "  HI''! "|l1  lln" '  '
.-,,, I ,, f |i      || Hu '    I ..      lull     i,f llll' I' ''.,.    rlVIT, lltl'lll'i
i„,„i,,i„i     nt 111,11 nliu-i ,'■ rill '"■' il   KiihI !'-':'     ' ' tin
IllUllH llll          mini,. I, i, li- il In Illi'   '"li |..ilillli'l    Illi I    I.'       Il'lll
.,,,1  ,, iiiuini' WI ItlTlii, mun ...   Ii'i i'llllill,  l'l     t..|.!t|i.  Ill lllllil uie lll'lll
Uui. .1 -ii   t-.e     IiiiiIi     i       Illli   iiii     ill  i.n..i.i   i ill ■ ml  leaa
.1.,,, -.   i-.ui, THOMAS inn.' I, I.-nil".I
Kill I .la" I'N *,*.  llllllll llrivki ir .IR.    I '■■'.!
,, J ||||  W.il-li    ,\,  ---  .   -Hi  I-"'- I'
ll.II e     In    Slllp         In  111'
d, a, Mcdonald, man/vger
Wc Give You Your Money's Worth
TAKI-; NOTICK  Uml   thirty   rlnya
l''nl' I'lii'Hi*    i' ii|i|ilj I., i'. Iv Hi'lil ,v i.ill er iluir I ii | i,ii,|i|,|, lo llio Chlof
Co., Tin. Hi  i'iii is',i i-ui'i U uml Work,  ror
l»'i'.iii-.-i.ni in  .'in   uiul   i-in-i-j   uwn-y
linil'i'i' Inun  Iln-  f.iliiraini;   ilonei'llwd
liiniln in Smnll Kusi Kimi,-iin.:
ii'iai'i'i'i'i, i'i! iia. vi'i'i'iiii' lil'.™-.!"! r..',-",',' i w.'ii'i" !   ,* i ,.-ii !   Commonoltiif nk ll pcml. plm I mii,,.
„,,„„:„ ,„.,:,,i :,|,„, ,;,,,,',   i-arpenter ■ ■ lUiihler iN,.,*,h-,v,*-.,.-,,,.„..,.,,rj-,,, KoUya |in,.
"ii i'linin iliniii ni    '  iimptloti on Four Mil.- I'l-.-i-ii, ti,,,,,.,,
flood  Wmi.  at north I mllu, Uiul weal. 1 inllo, llioneo
Iteiii'iiiialile I'lire """U 'I". -I I mlloloplitni
iif I 'iiliiliielii'eiiii.|il,
Anil liuilii'i  >..in' i ' m.ii  j.M,'.... mull.I
I'i'lllili 111 iiiii.i I iiiiiini'i... .1 li.!.,..' ih.-1- -ii
IU'I'111  IllVllllll'llll'llI  llll|i|liH-llll-|,|-
Sl,M i Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Hlhe $KQ9pectXiK
Comparison Retween Provincial
and Dominion Grants in British
A correot est'unite of con sis
ten, y nf the men who an- denouncing the local Government
for soiling io iln- Grand Trunk
Pacific n three qnartor Interest
iu I.ni thousand acres of land for
sin,nun on. ami al tlie same lime
are promoting a scheme hy whieh
i he I 'rovince is t,i he made lo
purl with its Interest in 18,000
acres of similar land for nothing
for   lhe   li.'h.'lil    nf     lhe     lll'alill
Trunk Paciflc.
\ ie particularly the reasons
urged hy the Ottawa Government
"ii ,i ill in' in tiie public Interests
of i lie Dominion as well as of the
Province thai Hie i Irnnd Trunk
Pacific Railway Company should
he allowed to acquire this laud
for ieiininal pnrposes thereby
affordiug a greal benefit to tlie
people uf ihe Dominion uiul
Province, as well as enhancing
Hie value of ihe lauds adjacent
thereto and in the vicinity thereof ami oi' the l-einaining portions nf Hie Reserve comprising
a urnnI "I aboul Iii.mil) acres, to
such in extent as to realize it
sum equal to or greater than the
presenl valuation of tlie reserve
as now siiiiuied therefore the
Province should he willing to
waive any interest it may elaim
in tin- laud applied for."
Tins aiT'iingemenJ did apply
in ihe Kai en 1-1,unl transaction
fur ill" reason thai the establishment of terminals there hits
added enormously to the value
of the lands iiiljii-ent thereto
i-eserveil by ihe Province Ilui
il does mn h.il.I good in  the pre
sent instance. Tlie Province
has no hind adjacent to the
Indian Reserve iii question: it
would have no part of the shore
line nnd iu the acreage contiguous in any townsite the Com
puny might establish on lhe
lands it wants to acquire.
Compare the transactions in
question noting tiie position
of the Province before and also
after each of Uicin.
Before the Govorninenl sold
to the Grand Trunk Pacific its
present holdings ou Kni en is
html, llie hinds thereabout were
valueless for any purpose stive
thai of a railway terminus, They
were until for agricultural purposes iimi were nut known to
contain mineral tvealth.
The Government thorefore
could look in one direction only
for a customer likely to purchase
and whose occupation of a part
of the lauds would add to the
value of ihe remainder.
The liovei'liuu lit hail lu ileal
wilh a Railway Company.
Hui Railway companies seeking Pacific Coasl termini were
not by any means shut up in this
or any oilier location un Grown
lands; and if the Grand Trunk
Pacific decided to ileal with
private parties whose holdings
were Crown grunted prior to
1 !)" the Province could claim no
interest in the townsite.
Under the circumstances the
Government would have been
justified in offering very strong
inducements to procure location
of a Railway terminus on these
lands It cannot be denied therefore that ihe terms of the Kai*
en Island deal were lhe most
favorable the Province could
hope 'o secure.
As a result of il however the
Province lias in addition to tho
$10,000.00 obtained for the Company 2500 acres of valuable city
und suburban property, in and
contiguous ton sea port terminus
of a great transcontinental railway; one quarter of the waterfront of the said city: and 30.000
acres of laud in the immediate
vicinity thereof.
If. on the other hand, the deal
proposed by the Ottawa Government should go through the value
of this Province's interest in the
townsite and water front and of
the hinds retained by it would at
once depreciate because the Company would bo at liberty to
establish its present terminals
at any point suitable to it on the
lauds it proposed to acquire.
Secondly the Province could not
enforce any conditions as lo its
rights on the waterfront or on
the lands adjacent to the townsite
thai would be thus established,
and the Compuny would have
the absolute monopoly of the
coist line in lhat. vicinity -suy
about SU miles—and of the lauds
adjacent thereto. In short the
Province would lose all il luul
gained, except the $10,0011.01) by
lhe Kiti-en island transaction and
lhe lands adjacent therein.
This contemplated raid on the
Province of course fully accounts
for t e extraordinary activity
displayed by the Ottawa Government in the present campaign,
The Company failing in its
attempt to cajole the Premier into giving awuy the people's interest in the coveted lands calls
in the aid of its good friend Sir
Wilfred Laurier, and lie and his
Government have the hardihood
to embody the demands of tlie
Company in a formal Minute of
Council. This action is probably
without parallel in lhe history
of Canada for even the Laurier
Governmenl, subservient as it
has always beon to corporations
and other greedy friends, probably never before lent itself to
uny other equally barefaced
attempts to despoil tlie public.
The reply of the Provincial
Government,   shows   that   ihe
Premier was fully alive tu the
interests of tlie Province and
was not lo be intimidated by the
implied threat. When a Dominion Government undertakes
to tell a Provincial Government
that 'he public interests of their
Province require the latter
Government to pursue a certain
course of action, and when that
action is avowedly for the purpose of furthering the interests
of the pet corporation of that
Dominion Government it does
not require much sagacity to
see Ihal Ihe refusal of the Provincial Government will bring
aginst it the full political influence in the Dominion government and the full
financial powerof the corporation
in question. The Premier fully
appreciated this fact and knew
that if he refused to satisfy the
demands of ihe Company he
would have to contend against
nil the powerof that corporation
and ull tin* power of tiie Government it controlled. To his
eternal credit belt said he chose
lo tight rather than to sacrifice
tlie interests of the people, of
this Province, preferring if need
be, to suffer defeat defending the
property of his constituents
rather than to buy Immunity
from the Ottawa hostility will)
the heritage of the people.
His estimate as to the result
of his refusal so far us the activity of the Ottawa Government
nnd the Railway Company con-
concerned is fully justified by
events. Sir Wilfred cannot
afford to refuse Messrs Cos and
Hayes anything they want and
as he could mil fully satisfy them
with concessions within the gift
of the Dominion Government and
failing lo induce the Premier
to fatten the pollatch witli Provincial properties, his emissaries
have been sent out to persuade
the people to defeat the Government which has been un obstacle
intheaccomplishmonl of the plan
devised for tlie benefit of ihe
Grand Trunk Pacific Railwa'*
Tlmt it is necessary to his
plans that he should he able lo
control the Legislature of British
Columbia is evidence by the fact
that ive have the spectacle of
judges, Governors, and other
Federal Officials, resigning lucrative positions to contest seats
in lhe Provincial Legislative.
For it is not sufficient io the purpose in view that the new Legis- j
lature should contain a majority '
of ordinary Liberals, but it must :
be dominated by those who have
been trained to feed from the
hand and to yield absolute uud
unquestionable obedience to tlie
commands of  the   boss.    Tin-
********* -ft at **************
* Marysville, B.C.
* *
* 9-
9   GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* 1
The Leading Hotel of tin- Si.
Mary's Valley. Ni ice airy rooms
newly furnished. Table as
good as any in Kootenay.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Only kind desired an- the
"machine" variety, ami all
Others, iu every illtel'esl when-
il has heen possible, have heen
turned down.
The question before .1 lec-l       Tho above hotel has been  inly erected, and neatly furnish*
tors therefore in ihis campaign;od throughoul,    -n,,, |iiU. is suin,lled  tt.it|, tlle bes, brandsof
Liquors and Cigars
Marysville, B.C,
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
.. i,
"•'.„■«*.' *-'
Jf   :r-
\ jjJ"tV«V-^'
i a   r/
r^ r1       V   \     I.v
it.-./A   Oen..fr-r. properTy httfortcti'iq   to
Gra-cJ T,„,;l,  f^.-.-f.,- hy
1 'Proposed to be a't>,'ten' to C. f^T? h,j
—** JT) o m , n,' c m    G ov «* r ri r^l e'.
•   ■■ ,',.VaOu.   ' I
is noi only one  as   between the
Government and the Opposition
cunt ruled by citizens  ot" British ! ^^^£?^SS^.w5s^§M 'l^S?5;5g£S-^^^^g^
Columbia, nnd one dominated by
greedy   Eastern   Corporations,
Ihrough "machine"   politicians,
who know no higher law than lhe
commands of  those   liy whose
favor they hope to obtain  what
would be   impossible   hy   their
own unaided exertions.
The Hunt For Candidates
'llie Federal government has
sent. "Billy" Mclnnes to capture
British Columbia for the machine, if at all possible, and has
taken from the bench a politicaii
named Henderson to help him.
How the officeholders ure moved
around lo suit political circumstances'? A Governor is senl
into active polities, and Ihe
bench is actually approached
for political purposes, with the
result that the officials enter Hie
campaign in lhe full assurance
that they will be well paid when
they meet, as they ought to do,
with the repulse Ihey deserve.
Mail and Empire.
1     A HOTEL »
^Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection j
Neiiresi to railroad depot,    Has accommo*
dations    for   the   public    unequalled   in 't\
j||Hot unci CoKI Maths Proprietors &
|iafl4..t.l«'.»latii*->».>t~*  l«,<|l<«-tii|-ta«l.|litl»|"|.>l*|<'|i>l'i|     •-•-.*-•.-•-.■--«"» -#-•-•-•"••*-
We Want You
To come into our store and be convinced
that we sell the best ol meats
of the Cranbrook people are doing this
now, and are unanimous about the quality
ul mn meats; but we want \ I >l to come
in llllll sue us
Dominion Meat Co.
»•■•«• "••••"••••-••H
Trtki! Notice una I intond to llpplj' tn Iln*
Chlof Commissioner nt I.nmls uml  works lit
Victoria for ii special lleei.se to i'iii  uud cur
uwuy  Umber from tlie   followlm*   doNerlb
hui'ls in Soutli Kust Koolimity:
No. I  Commencini*. ri it poal plumed ut 1
.s K oornor of T. Roolces'Ueotwo boing 80 ebnlna |
oust ot tlio southonst oornor ol hot 338; thonoe
ensl wi .•.milts; thenee houiIi R0 chains:  thonoe
wesl Nl eliuiiis: llieiu Ol'th Ml chains tn plan'
ut coininoncgmont.
Uuu'iI .Inn. .'lib   |oor.
,1. ¥. Ilrlilues,
A it Poinvfrk,  Agent.
Tuke Notice tlml 1 llltOllll to upply to lilt
Chief Commissioner nt Lumls uml Works for n
spent,l license to eul nml curry uwuy tllllhoi
rrom ihe following deaorlbud lunds altuuled in
south ISnst Kootonuy:
No. 8 Commencing ut u post pluntod m the
northwest corner oi license No l; I bunco nortli
HOi'hnins: thence i-n-i wielutiiis; theme sni.th    __	
so ehaius! thouce tt-ost so cimins to phioK of fc Uur  new   ni.ir.iiui-i \  is now in place.    We        3
beginning, J£ 3
timed,inn.sith. loor. Cr        have  plenty  "I   power and as a consequence        3
J. to, Urldgos,   'fir .i    «..'■■     .        .. .
a ij. Fonwiok, Agont,   £       No Shortage ■
Tuke Notice Hint I intond   to  npply   to llio   C^
Ohiof Commlsslonor of tandn nnd Works forn , S~     Phono Vimr Ordci'H. PHONIC 10    2
special license to out nnd curry iwny Umboi m**~
from tho following described Inndu iltuulelii --
Smnll Bust Kootonay!
No. :i   COtliUlOIIOttlg al ll pnsl plllllleil   ;iL  Hie
N. K. cornei  or V. Hookas'   timber  license; a-Z-
ihonoe cusi B0 ohnlns; thonoe nortli *** ohnlns: 5£
thonoo wost BO chains: thenco soutli M ohnlns -**>-— jjoad Otti<
to pluco of boglnnlng, *—
Dntod ,1un. 31th, I'm;.
1. A. It   I'eliwick. Ago
J~ Dealers in Aluiit.nr and Cold Storage^
£    Live Stock at Calgary. Alberta.   ||
I Finnan Haddie^ Kiooered Herrinoi
ii iln- best Sausage we ever had.
I P. Burns & Go. 3
Limited, 3
M.un Office lor East Kootenay, ^5
5^ Calgary, Albertft, Crunbrook, B.C ^t
*HZ°:  §iUUUUUiiUUIUiiUiiiUhihh'«niihuiiiuMdhiUbiUlUlUiU^
POM1 BTHKEiB ASNKSSMKNT   D13TUICT.    r      (-•   A|>|>
Notloo Uhoroby given, in accordance with
tboStitUHOh tlmt Provincial KevimuoTns nnd
UHStHHCtl Inxon ttlid Income Tnx iwioanei] uun
lOVlOd under Die "AUORRinont Ael   uieiliieiiml
piiyablo for llio,vonr loot, All inxoscollocttble
(or tho Port Hleolo ARROMmom Dlitrlot nre
now dUO nml pn.viiblc ut my nillcc   nl   lhe gov-
cnimeiii oRtaoj., < iriiubrooli. 11, C
This notice, in torini o( low lh oiiulviiloin to
it pononnl domnnd by mo upon nil pomoiiH Iln
ble loi luic)'.
Dnieii ni Crunbrook n r (bii voiii ilnj of
,luiinur> IM1
A.r. Nelson
-, Dopnly Aiuomoi' und Collnctor,
h Hole
nu^ t^it^
v t- .'4'^_;-:-^- -- m***%f). -*»N^>
rj&.tT.- i^'s
SKALi-.n TKNiii:i,s  nddruMM-d to tho un
dctslu I.  und    Iflraiil   "Tondor for l»om '
unii',., t'einie, ii. r.." miii be rocolvod ut tills'
onion unlli Monilnj'   Pnbr »   in   lUir*   in
uhihlvoly, i.ir ihe •■ truct t u pom omoi   ;
,v<., bulldlnu nt pornlo, it, c
I'liimi and Hpcclllcntl inn ba lounnnd fnrnn I
oi tondor obtained nl ilns DnpHrtmenl nnd on I
np|i|lcullon io itoi.i'ii a. Korr Hwi Clurh nl '
Works, I'-urnlu, H.C
I'lirioiwloruiorlnKmn notlllod Hint tondorh
will not he coiiHid d iiiiIomh mudi if
prlntud ronn mippllod, nnd nlgncd with i	
;ie i.i in I BlgnnluruH
ImicIi londnr mual hn iiooompanlod by nn m
ec| icin'i, nnebnrtor ik, n j !
iibbi in tl 'dor oi iim ii limbic im- Mini*.
tor of I'tiiiiii   u'oiki. di mil in ton   poi coin
llll p. ej  ol   Un- UIUOIIIII    Ot    llie  Lulllll I     wtlll ll
will he fnrfcllc.l il Ihu pnrlj I.'mii iim: tlei'lliiD
toonicv iiiin ii oniitrnct when calli a upon lo do
for,    II llie lender he iml uoCOplOll llin   rh0i|UU
win in ruturuudi
The Dopttrtmoni ilonn noi bind lluoll in m
copl ihe inwcM ot mij lonilm
in Ordor
PB15D.    liKI.INAS
5 Sent'ltity   '
Dopurtmonl of Public Worltu,
i Ottttwn January in   lUOT, I
Baker Street.      Cranhrook, B.C,
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First < Ilass Dining Room
,'.  11A KI If   -'    "NK liuiiii WIOH'I' OK
IIII.I.  .-.   CD.      : ,ly  |.|ii.-i- in n.ivn
-• il i'iii   .-in,'  hi" otii-iIi tl." linn:'
mdh Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager ■UK I'liOSl'Ki TOi:   CRANUKOOK    B.C.    l-'KliUIWIIN   _. I •• 7
M**9mm9mm**99**9999m ****************************  ^ Uou«h ,0 The Coflin
***K *R* |    |*,i
^%X99**99**99************ * r;ivm*v^^'»'v^-"^I'^''^^*^T«"'^'"T«i'—"^v     ""'       3" "       w    w . T"^
Our Stock nt Groeurie
mining waler "always fivsh".
.\ lnvgp ti-ailt'. quick si'lliiifi tliudsiiuil    '. /   " *-^
ices keep the stm-l; iiiuvitig cutitiminu.-ly      \     " ,
thing   Imt   the   freshest „# 4'j|
\u I'lllllll'l'   for   any
You will iimi uur assortment nl' baking
powders, Havering cxlriu'ts, spires, etc.
Experience Im- taught us just which
brands give the besl results mul THKSE
lor Tabic Pleasure".     Tl
week  we  rocoived  n   large.   -Ii'iimn-ni   o
-•VI     \l       "'"'"     '"      "'"'"* -'*     ~i"|"i" ■■  w
*ikj/tt,'\    lliintley ,t Pnluiors' world  ri-iu.wn.-ii  His
.-*n',■■',    cuits.    Thoy  are tho finest  we have yol 9
.    .;    ....          ..,-,,,■     ..., .,.
No. 'Ml or
Cohl Cute  Tables
iii"in- in
•it.    Son their Acor
Knthrnlling in iln-ii* subtile lluvors
they tempi beyond resistance those who
seek palate pleasing coulections.
Imve :i few nf Crosse iV lilacliwells' Kug
lish plum puddings lefl over frum "in*
X'nias trade in -lb lins, regular price - » ■
in clear lino  per tin.
*     Thej dn tin' work  nml  in rest
$   ,||,   ,„,,.! stubborn cold,
S   Beattie & Atchison
Whore It Pays to Deal.
See Our Egyptian Wedg'ewood Novelties
*   Toothtiick Holders. Match Boxes, Jewel Boxes, Flower Vases, etc *
■m      *uw«.     a. ^nn        pA(-;W *
40C.   EACH
9 ,
Our Goods
II   MUXll   STOKK   I'i'I,'
Gliolce I'.iiiili'.i.i-iiiiic.i'ii
, Jllidil'lliil i;i;l|.i-
^*f , 1,-ni I '-r.ii,ii I »at.•-
A , i iti,i,i,' iiiiuiiiiii-
A*i     ' ' Vp|l ' 'I- 11  "I I 'I'lll'-a
..."    , I'
Sl will i-. Fine llu irohitcs
To be used in your home
It is Mild and Mellow
Plume 76
(illS!       'III'
1,1'lll.M.I'l.llll,   ftVC.
win'  is  wovkiug
X   mi ;i i Iiiiil i|ii:ir!/. mini'   which   is
I mi   i.>.l un IVrrv I'tvt'k   was  in
~*   low n ilns wi'ok.
Jt       ti,   Ituwdiii, .1   11   Sim-y ami A
a, i    llntes   .-I   \'atn'.iu\it   were
'•" ' Oered    al     Ihe     Oranbrook
*f  lav.
our Wdtcii Repairino
,£4M******** ******** ******h^^
i, ,Kines, A 11--ni' ami li.
ifohurl uf Wurdiier were
-.is at iln- Cosmopolitan Mon
Ii will pay those who are
nuking fur worli to call nml
The Quality Store
"Hilly Mclnnes lo his Yukon
friends: •■.lust lell them that
you saw me ni Vancouver, ami i
wa- going snail', "behind
l> in ih,' hands nl' Competent Workmen
who thoroughly understand the mechanism
ut' n wali-h.
We use ihe besl uf materials and unreservedly giiiiriiiit nil* work to give satisfaction
I Gold Seal Tea best on the market §   i-.o„..,,be
IV?,     M   town Monday
Jim   McArthur
,-   vmi :,.inl, ami    fli    	
n p   "First-Class Goods and Prompt
Clothes, Shoes,
Hi-  ran
also lit yuu
Delivery.   Our Motto   ft
Hats, Ete.
Jim MGflnJiur ■
Hanson Ave.  Cuanhi'ook, H.C,   \\f
Don'l I'oi'irel lluit
I-- iii mul i'libai'i'ii
easy the leaders, v
uml  l-':l 111-v- I irili.'l'l'i
Ui i	
|  |  LOCAL NEWS. |,   a„ ,,1,1 |,,,~t,„-. who has
3/1    ••uuuu'iuuiiuuuu'iuuu'ji'iuuuuuu*:* heen in   the countl'}   lor   eight|
years, said:    "If Ur. King is re
turned I will saddle my  oayusi
and  leave iln- country."   it is
.   . ii needless to say  thai   Dr.   Kins
A. Coup,   and P. Summers w,n       be ,.,,;„.,„„,.
.■/ii   oi Movie were I riuibmoK yi***ii<
m I this week
. F. Tate k Son
of  Moyie wns
in business.
Harry   limn
Graduate Opticians
C.P.R. Wllli-h liin|i",-lin-s I I'liw-.'   Seal,  DttB8  lliviailill
Herald says, "that Moyiecows
ue 11)1 to date, they give watered
lown j milk."   They should have a vote
\\*i,iii.i i-mii.-i- iimi- j  ^iS^S^-ii^SSS^.JS^SS^-iJS^.xS
■nmn iiii'.iiini:' 11-.
Hotter have it taken early as
there is always n rush lhn lasl
*~ -~a>
Always Up-to-Date
in Saskatoon   tn  vote in   the and easl il for the Liberal party
mug election. Uml nlen they would give "Lac-
jfflj —■— ii-ni Frumonti."
J       Dr. King  will   not   receive  L'H 	
votes in Moyie    llis  n  case  of      A. slide came down the mount*
"Skiddoo. n,ins  near Hull river during  the
I thaw of last week,  but no dam
^^-•^-^-^-^--is^-isS) I     ''■  ''    Sl"-Vtl1-   ,Mlil1"'   "r   the |u-re was done.    A  big  thaw  is
lL;^^3^^£^.^^ii$'i I Moyie Leader  was . _.
n  ih,* city I slated to take place on February
for several days this week. -nd, and the slough of despond,
mul and corruption,   which   the
iberal press have  been  tilling
K. Iv Jones, of Kimberley was
iin tnun Monday. He reportf
I lots of >iin\\ in tlie mountains.     |
ft'*ft*ft::*74:.47d'J>:ft;-<> ft- *> t4'fti4Z4.74ft;*7ftp9ft:*ft,
in the brim, will open to receive
the Mclnnes crowd of slanderers.
,1. I). McBride  who  has  been!
I Disable .loe   Walsh   Ol    Poi'l i .       . ,   .     ,     .,      ,. , i -a-
u,    i ,,      i ., .    on n business trip to the  ar easl ut
.Steele was  in Cranbrook   this     ,        ,  , '.,,. ,      u  n*
returned   home  this week.    He I 9
says the political situation looks
I week oil legal business.
73 if yon want the Ottawa  graft
onil to Ilim from a Conservative
Picture FrniniiKj a Speclaltu
linker Sl. Cranbrook, H.C!
|   Cranbrook, -      - B.C. 3
Iers logon tn.lni Hriiisl,  Co*IsUmdpomt.
I lumliia vote for Dr. Kintr.
  Kingston, Jauiai-ia. wasvislted
j by a terrible earthquake.    That
Call up iln- Citj 'I runsli
when you wnnl )our l'tun
ture, Piano, oi Hft»^;ig
<.';tk;ir\  Beer, Ale .V: Porter.
T. l.l.lU.i. & CO., Hay ;uul Grain.
W. E. Woi'deil   Cranbrook, B.C.
    a   I NORTH   STAR       §
jGranbroofc    I I       — hotel I
No election was ever yet won
ill British Columbia by a cam
paigu of slander, and we doubt
that February -ml will furnish
any exception.
The old nuiii nf the mountains
should In- iiriesied for cruelty to
animals. In writing to the Nelson Daily News he referred to
Frank Ongere us "the cloqueul
young French Canadian speaker."   Would'nt that jar you?
The success of the Liberals in
this cam paigu will bo lo put the
province in a state nl liminciitl
quarantine, Tin1 name nl' Mclnnes u ill oporale as a yellow
Hag in llie money markets of llu-
is not a patch, however, to the
shaking up and shaking down
the Liberals of this riding will
receive ou Saturday.
Hossland Winter Carnival.
February Ifith to ltlth, the
Canadian Pacific Railway an-
uonnce an Excursion rate of
fare and one third for the round
trip for the above event, from
Kovelsloke, Fernie and all intermediate and branch line points,
'rickets on sale Feby. llth todtilh
miiiil in return till   February 1*.
Corporation of the City of Cran*
What good can voters of Cran     ,  „,
.1", WII l',itl',.\s Siilin-illiy llie Had, proximo will
brook ruling   iln   II isnlves   oy  i.umupullliivdny(or Ire i ,,i n raiiill-
endeiivoi'lllg lo defeat   III"   unv    iinn-io rannniuu tho Ulocioi-lnl Dlvlslnn ut
|ornmeilty    To   eleol   Mr    .1.   A,   cnuiirookIn lluI'mvlntliil Lpgl«l»Mii»
Harvey ittnans lo do all that onJ ^v^^"^*^'^;-
i-inistitiiency can to keep IhegiiVj , , „, nio Provlnolul Bmctlom Aoi
It pays to recognize the plaee
to get your Hardware Supplies,
where you can get the most for
the least cash.
> Cranbrook, B.C.
n uveru I I
KiniliL-rlev,   B. C,
GKAHV ■*  IiuVLF., I>H0I"S
ill drivi
led   lur  any   poinl  in tin- dis j
j      f   H. W. DREW. Proprietor,     __*- _
I        A i'i i'i. j»i .i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i A A A i'i A A
*v ijt w *,* *,' *,* *,* v *,* v *v v v v v v v v m* *m V v *p v
•iiiiit'iii nt iiif |ji'nviii<!ii slablo.
To I'li-i't Dr,   Kiui!'   no on« "'iiii
flll'l'Sl't' Wllill   il   llirilNS.
A.  DOYLE.  Ma
IIGeo. R. LtflSK & Co
Tule-   Siilli-r ly  iiu       Uli
ililli' I 1,11,-11,1 III il|,|il;   in.-   Chli'l   I'mi
iiii-.i -i nl Luml   in il   '      fm  |ii -       „
nii-i'.ii In |.'ii'   li til      lli      fg
ai'l'il nml     ill    I -'.,'■ .,.,
I iiiiiihi'Ii. it    '  |lllllll<
niiill.'.'.i'-l i-iil'ii.'i- nl  l.nl  Till,    I
111,'I,.'.'  IUlilll  .-!•„- 1.1    .  llllll,
iin- -nuiii. ■!!-'...iu'i..i i .in    .Tl'?*-fl?
Spci iln .ilnni
(1    I'.'.tllllllll'S
.'liniM-.V.lM'i.     Iln
I -■"Mlrr MM,
In- in-ill HI   '■'■ i'1
|l,|li,I   ll.'irmli.'l
ml. 11)07.
Liattlo VVmitls
All   kinds   of    building    material
c:on»fantly on hand.
.fur a -im-HiiI Ih'i'iici'lOHil
■ I', it iimii  UlO   hlllOWlllKliU'
if I'illl   IIVI'I
lllllil Ilill l'l
nllnwlnu hi
Niiv. Mil,
ii'in,*.'n tm* linins ni mIOtilRlil locnl lime of I
'iKitiv i in- 1st proximo nmi tlio hour ot« i». u. j
null tlma ol Suiui'iiiiy thi' iiiii proximo
Vmir nil out lot) 1* tlnnvii io Uiu ivordlni on
nlil KOdtlOll Wllli-li l-L'lltlKtlti followi!
Nn splrliuoutt ur tormented liquora or
Lriiiii! drlnkM hIihII ho Hold, Klvon or prnvidoi)
i nuy hot i'i. iiivi'iu. s]]ii|)ot oilier pltico wltH-
n tin* liliill'- oliintT Kli'i'liii-fnl Nislrii't  it|li'ltlh'
Iiu wholo of tliu ilny up lo tlm closing of Uie
mil upon wiiirh iiiiiitiij.' mki's placo ut any
iloi-iloii: iimi ovary who vlolato« Uio pro-
I    -illllli**    KL'OliOll   sllllll    lit!   llllllll',   upon
iiiiiniitiry cotivii'tioii, for > vory  ofTonce,  to a
,'iliiiK one tuiiiili'i'ihlolliirsiMiil
liiveii   uiiilitr  tin liiunl ut  Urnnlirnnt*   iliiw
IAMKS I-'IN'I-AY.   Mayor
 a—.       |
I'til-tii NmIIci* Uml sixty daytt attur dflto I in-
uml in apply in iif uiilol ( mlHitlimor or
,timii  i Work* in Vlolm In for pnrinlHHloii
• hits,   lhe  fltlloHllll-   lh M'lllp.'.l    llllills   In
il  I	
,. nipi'Ol '.,.iia'.i;i (iroupl, Kc nuy DIh    Iff
ni. i un'iu-iiiiorllilwuiityclialiiM   ilicni »st | ik
 ■  ■lialHNi '" -tolhc wmtorii   2
 ,l |,„| .'ii'i,, llii'iii'i- nOlllll liny rhnin- in     T-jfr
nl  I   - . n,II,mill-' llll' IVUHll'I'll   IlllO   ol    l.nl   2ll|ll
lo iiii< imtili oi i ii<- si   Mm v . rlvor, Umtico
rollowliiu -ni i I'linl. Um woKlprly dlroollnii lo
ih, -.i.u-. ni iickIiidIihi
iMli'il Mils ;lKi iluy of IH'i'i'iiitHT IIHHI,
i William staples
ftyctZxftxrXt* ft; 4 .♦: v. 4, %ft*1fc*M*ft; *ft.*ft 4 ^
The Last Gall on These
Everybody looks fnrwnril to our Animal
January Sulo. lis n great help lo eoonoi.iy
al ii time when everyone nneds to make each
dollar li'n ns far ns possible, Its unimportant Sale because it is not confined to
any one department, and no matter what
you want, theres a distinct Saving in buy
ini; iii January at Reid St Co.
Note a Few of the Following Prices
A Snap In Blouses     f
20/ ilisiiiiiiiil nil' all Fancy Silk Blouses, Flannel, 9
Luster, Klannott, everything in the line of Waists will 9
In* ,-niil at 25    Discount 9
Suits! Suits!!        Suits!!!     %
Any Suit, up to $10.00, for •        -        $4.95 Ifc
Oilier 111si ii "Pit I'l'lnmi". jji
Any Suit from tMO.OO lo 818.00. for $9.95 9
These Suits n.re all well,TRIMMED and made by  the 9
best imikors, snob ns W. R. Johnson it Co and John W, 9
1'i'fk St i'n. 9
REID 6c CO. i


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