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The Prospector Jul 21, 1906

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Vol. 12.
No. 29.
Change in Plans of City and Gov
ernment Building, Subject   to
Approval   of  Commissioner   of
Lands and Works.
'I'he regular weekly meeting
of the cily council was held on
Wednesday evening. There were
present Ins worship Mayor
Rogers, and Aldermen linker
Tisdale, Ryan and Fink.
Minutes of last regular meet
ing were read, approved, and
ll was moved by Aldermen
Fink and Ryan lhat the changes
in lhe phut of the proposed Government and municipal building
be presented to Mr. Armstrong
to be forwarded to the Chief
Commissionei- of Lands nnd
Works for his approval.
Moved by Aldermen linker
and Ryan that accounts as submitted by the finance committee
and recommended to he passed,
be paid, und Ihe cily clerk instructed to issue vouchers for
the same.
The report of the chief of
of police was accepted and filed.
II was moved thai the provin
ciul government he asked to appoint a police commissioner.
ll was the opinion of the city
council Lhat a shouting gallery
established within tiie tire limits
wil1 be a nuisance, and subject
to section 7 of the tire limits and
building bylaw.
Council then adjourned.
Appreciate Firelighters.
The Electric Light company
have shown their appreciation of
the services rendered by the city
tire brigade and some of the
company employes iu fighting
the fire and saving their power
house at Monday evening's fire
in a very generous and substantial manner, donating in the
neighborhood of 1*600 to the
different parlies, accompanied by
letters of thanks as per the
Cranbrook July 17, 'Ot',
My Dear Sir,
1 am authorized by the directors of thu Electric Light Company to oiler our sincere thanks
for lhe splendid services rendered us in your heroic efforts to
help save our power house und
machinery on the night of the
Kith inst.. when the mill und
property of the East Kootenay
Lumber Company was entirely
destroyed liy fire.
On that night your brave conduct was conspicuous und we
hope you will ever conduct yourself us you did then and thus
merit llie praise and appreciation which the citizen of this
place are willing you shall enjoy.
Kindly accept   the   enclosed
cheque us a very small token  in
a material way, ol our thanks.
Yours truly,
T. W. [.unii, Mgr.
of the society and church. Vi
have always found you wlllinj
and anxious to assist, and your
bright and cheerful disposition
has always been a source of inspiration to us. We shall miss
your council and advice, but you
shall he remembered by what
you have done, and what you
In parting kindly accept of our
heartiest wishes for lhe success
and happiness of your future
career, and may you und Mr.
Eager ever find the joy of service, and realize success and
prosperity in all your labors.
We pray for heaven's richest
blessing to accompany you
through life.
Signed on behalf of the Ladies
MllS.  E. H. PATMOUK.,
Acting president.
Mhs. .1. Mi'Nahb,
Labor Day Meeting.
There will he a public meeting
held il) Wentworth hull this
evening lor Ihu purpose of making arrangements for Labor Duy
celebration, The mooting has
been called by Mayor Rogers,
and it is expected that labor
organizations, business men, and
those interested ill making tho
day u success will bo present.
Letter of Regret.
To Mrs. A. II. Eager!
Dear Mrs. Eager, It is with
feelings of sorrow and regret
tlml   we,  us  members of   tho
Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist church, learn Unit you are
Iii leave us so soon. Wn hud
hoped tlutl you would have been
wilh us for some time. As you
leave we wish In convey lo you
our high appreciation of your
labia's amongst ns. Vour energy
and ability have always boon
manifest, und you have not
spared yourself  iu  the  interest
Austen Chamberlain's Wedding.
London, July 21. The marriage of J. Austen Chamberlain,
former chancellor of the exchequer, and Ivy Murial, daughter
of H. L Dundas of Datchet,
Buckinghamshire, was solemnized today in St. Margaret's,
Westminster, in the presence of
a large and brilliant assemblage
of guests.
Pope Prays at Tomb of Leo XIII.
Rome. July 20.- Today being
tiie anniversary of lhe death of
Pope Leo XIII a solemn memorial muss was celebrated at St.
Peter's this inoiniiig, at which
the Pope and a number of cardinals officiated. Nearly 5,000
persons, including diplomatic
representatives, high dignitaries
of the church and state, and a
large number of tourists, were
present. The Pope blessed the
catafalque and said a short
prayer for Leo XIII.
What the Lethbridge herald Said
At the close of the lacrosse
game between Cranbrook and
Lethbridge on Monday night,
Cranbrook felt like the slangy
"thirty cents," probably their
feelings were better expressed
in the words of the message
that came over the wire from the
Herald staff in the Saw Dust
metropolis. "To Fred Simpson,
the proprietor. 'Take signs off
car and come home.
Cranbrook came dowu bv
special train. A hundred strong
they invaded the hotels in the
morning, leaving behind them
tlio cars decorated with Crunbrook colors. They came, they
suw, but thut is us fur us they
went with Caesar The conquest seemed easy us the mutch
was figured out on the train
coming down, HUT.
BU T, expresses it all. The
victory that laid been predicted
to perch on the Cranbrook builders didu't parch, Crunbrook
had a reason uud u good one, to
conclude they would win. On
their slumping ground they had
won hy III lo 1, and not only
that but thoy hadn't lost a game
this season. Lethbridge hadn't
any confidence. II wus calculated by the local team that Cranbrook would win but by a narrow
The cry since has been, "If we
had only known." "If we had,
etc." this city would he a few
thousand pieces of money ahead.
Hut we didn't find out until the
match was well advanced und
then Cranbrook's purses wore
closed and not a dollar could he
sighted with a telescope.
Lethbridge won easily by a score
of 5 to 1 and Cranbrook is still
calculating mound the corridors
of the Cosmopolitan nnd Oranbrook hotels how Hall happened
Yet they admit the better leum
won, hut, they can't clear the
bruin of lil to I so.oroalCrunhrook
and explain the reversal ut Loth
bridge. We expect tho "old
mail" to solve the problem in
this week's Craubrook Herald.
With   the   St
Retains Stock.
Thirteen years ago lasl month
James Cronin in company with
Father Coccolo and an Indian
named Peter, staked the Sl.
Eugene property. Then Ihe
work of converting the prospect
into a mine was begun. There
was uo railroad, no Moyie nnd
no Cranbrook ihen, and every
pound of grub and supplies hud
to he packed from Fort Sleele,
iln mile away. Cronin and Pete
Oleson comprised the first working force. They each took turns
at holding and hammering the
drill, as well us doing the cooking, sharpening the steel, etc.
Then payday would come, and
Cronin would pull a roll
of bills from his pocket and pay
Oleson for his months work.
There were no labor troubles or
grub strikes at the St. Eugene
in those days. Then the force
was increased, and Peter Lynch.
W. P. White, Wm. and James
Mills, the Hamilton boys and
John Bukke were hired. White
is now superintendent and Bukke
is a foreman.
Now after thirteen years of
continuous management Mr.
Cronin lias tendered his resignation, which tiie company lias
reluctantly accepted Mr. Cronin
took the St. Eugene when there
wus nothing but the cropping
of u ledge. He leaves it the
second largesi silver-lead mine
on the American continent, and
he has made for himself a reputation as u mining man that anyone might envy. Not only that,
but he has accumulated a comfortable fortune.
Thursday he was arranging his
fishing outfit, had two of his
dogs tied and was ready to go on
a trip with J. C, Drewry to the
Old Man river in Alberta when
a representative of this paper
called on him. "Yes, it is true
I have resigned. I did so some
time ago, but it is only now that
I am able to get away. I was
never better pleased with the St.
Eugene, and I am holding all of
my stock in it. Being still a
director I shall come to Moyie
quite often, probably once u
month, and look over the property. The mine is in good hands
and will run very nicely without
me. R. H. Stewart, consulting
engineer for the company, will
have charge of the affairs here,
but of course Mr. Aldridge is
general manager."
Mr. Cronin's family is living
in Spokane, and Mr. Cronin will
spend most of his time there. It is
said that he and his family intond
taking a trip to Ireland this
summer.   Moyie Leader.
Brooms 2'ic. at CCS.
II. McClellan of Spokane was
in the city Friduy on business.
F, Williams returned Thursday
from Grand Forks.
Fresh today at Stewarts Has-
berries and fruit of ull kinds.
Millinery ut J price at Reid St
Co. 's.
A. J Murphy of Stillwater
was in town Friday.
F. C Wrinkler of Nelson was
in town Wednesday.
Mighton's Cigar Store for 1
It. D. Pipes.
Olive Burge wus down from
Perry Crook Thursdny on business.
Mr. and Mrs. 0, Finch left ou
Friduy   for  Vancouver  whore
they will reside ill the future,
Roud thu McCluiy Mfg. Co.'s
ad. re lite "Sunshine" Furnace,
Patmore Hros., sole agents.
Dun McDonald or the Manitoba
luilel is expected home next
H. R. Dawson anil C. F. Mc
Hardy of Nelson were registered
ut the Cranhrook Friduy.
J. S. Curler. I'.I'.R. district
passenger agent, was in town
Friduy on company business.
Rev. (I. H. Findlay of  Moyie
was a Cranbrook visitor Monday
Jumbo Bananas al Stewarts,
Sam Morrow was down from
Marysville Tuesday on business.
J. W. Ross came up from Elk
mouth Friduy on business.
R McNeily of Bayard was in
llio cily on Tuesday,
Brooms 2 bits at CCS.
See Reid St Cos new  "ad"
will certainly interest you.
J. A. Uroley of Fernie was
town Tuesday.
Ross Jennings of Fori Steele
was in the city Wednesday.
Al Doyle returned Tuesday
from a trip to Calgary.
E E. Ferris of Chicago, III.,
was in the city Thursday.
Mighton's Cigar Store for a
box of Cigars.
T. H. Moffatt of Cardslon was
in the city Thursday.
H. By ers of Nelson was in the
cily Thursday on business.
(I. H. Craig of Struthcona was
a Crunbrook visitor Thursday.
11. Epstein of Culgnry was in
llie city Friday.
Brooms 25c. ut CCS.
W. J. Atchison went lo Moyie
Friday ou business.
Judge Wilson was at Nelson
for several days this week, and
is expected home today.
Geo. Wilson and R. H. Bohart
of Wardner were guests at the
Cosmopolitan Friday.
Fresh every day, at the
"Palm". Homemade candies.
Try them.
Mrs. W. (1 Krauss of Duluth,
Minn., was a guesl al the Cranbrook Friday.
H Rushton of New Westmin
sler was transacting business at
Crunbrook Friduy.
J. E. Cuthcarl and family left
today lor Saskatoon where they
will reside in tho future.
Remember Reid St Co.'s Midsummer Sale starts Saturday the
The Cranbrook Curfew ordinance will go into effect on
August 1st.
Mrs. E. Morfitt left on Tuesday on a visit to Alberttt, she
will be awuy for several weeks.
Mi. and Mrs. E. Peagatt ol
Marysville were guests at the
Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
J. A. Holden of Pincher Creek
was in the cily Thursday on
R. H. Graham and W. C. Kyle
of Winnipeg were gnosis at the
Cranbrook Thursday.
\. B. Fenwick drove over
from Fort Sleele Thursday on
Fred Smith of Toronto, representing Guge St Co., wus iu the
city Thursday.
D. P. Socket! of Now York
was registered at the Crunbrook
Lust Tuesduy wus payday at
the St. Eugene mine, und iftill.fiOO
wus the amount disbursed.
G. W. Curran and C. Carlson
of Wardner were at Crunbrook
Tuesday on business.
F, H. Jones und F. D. Saul ot
Edmonton wore registered ut
tiie Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
W. Gibbons and H. H. Ilrud-
burn of Winnipeg wore guests ut
tho Crunbrook Tuesday.
Mr. und Mrs. 0. A. Footo of
Moyie wore guests ut the Crun
brook Tuesday.
1). ti. Yates of Wycliffe was in
the city on Wednesduy on business,
.1. H. McEiirchorn of Moyie
was transacting business at
Cranlirook during tho early part
of this week.
A. I). Palmer nf Spokane, A.
J. Coti/.ens and D. Sutherland of
Marysville were guests ut the
Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
James Ryan and C. D. McNab
will leave tomorrow on an  oust
Ol'll  visit,  there is some talk of
J.   I'.   Fink and Dr. J. II. King
accompanying thorn.
Miss Cunningham of Nelson,
who has been n guest ut the
resilience of Mr. und Mrs. (i T.
Rogers for the pnst week, hits
gone to Calgary on a visit to
friends In that city.
We have a great name for sell
Ing tho best, "STEWARTS'
Chocolates and Hon lions are
ininie for those who desire
quality pun-and delicious. II
Stewart, Armstrong, Ave.
The Lethbridge Team Win With
a Score of 5 to 1—A Surprise
to the Home Team.
The second game of the season
between Lethbridge and Crunbrook was played at Lethbridge
Monday last.
About eighty sympathizers in-
companied our boys on their
way to the prairie city ami ull
were in high spirits as- they
thought of the battle ahead.
The train arrived al 7.110 ul
Lethbridge, und the boys spent
the forenoon in looking around
and resting. Al 4 p.m., a large
crowd had gathered and when
the teams were lined up there
was intense anxiety and enthusi
asm. Every person on the field
felt satisfied that Cranlirook
would win, even the captain of
lhe Lethbridge aggregation said
that it wus ti mutter of holding
the visitors down so that a score
of til to I could not be repeated.
Upon facing off a rush look
place, some quick passing, and
in five minutes Lethbridge
scored from the stick handled by
Hollis. There was a shout,
what was the matter*' Is it a
joke? so questioned Lethbridge.
Ou play being resumed, a hard
battle wus fought for fifteen
minutes when Lethbridge again
scored, and thus the hist quarter
ended 2 to 0 in favor of the home
The second quarter was an exhibition of good bull, very swift,
but the home team was too
strong and in two minutes and
again in three minutes Lethbridge succeeded in finding the
nets. During this quarter Robson of the homo team was laid
off in consequence us was Juinie-
sou of the visiting team.
In the iird quarter Cranbrook
made a rush and scored in one
aud a half minutes, and again
the home team in one minute,
and this was the last as the score
stood now five to ono and remained so to the close.
The home team outplayed the
visitors and won the day; the
bunch grass was too much for
the mountaineers for they
slipped and thus were not able
for quick passes and lost to their
opponents. The boys had an off
day, all admit this, and also
recognize that the Lethbridge
team were strong and sure on
their own ground. Their passing was good and they gave her
speed. All recognize that a
game on neutral ground would
be very interesting and many
look forward to such a game.
Our Cranbrook boys are a
strong combination and on a day
when they are in good trim feel
confident and so do their friends.
The game was good at time9,
hard fought, and well won. The
lineup wus us follows:
engine by a rope attached lo the
nuin driving shaft and when
the elevator was several feel
from the ground the rope broke,
one end winding around the leg
of the unfortunate lad. drawing
him to the now rapidly revolving
shaft, which was only two and
a half feet from the ground,
instantly killing him by striking
his bend against the ground as
he wus whirled round ami round,
Between Stringham and the
shaft st.ood another mail, who
caught hold of the unfortunate
lad as ho was passing him nnd
tried to pull him loose, hut was
unable to do so. The decoased
lad bad only been in Moyie about
three weeks, coming there frmu
Rockford, Wash., to work during
his school holidays. Thereinnins
were sealed in a metallic case and
taken to his home in Rockford,
accompanied by his brother aiul
sister-in law. Mr. and Mrs Geo.
1. Irving
ll. Sootl
n. MuLean
II. .lunili'alin
Mut lit'iun
l„ Illt.-llli'
.1. Staplm
llr. Sti'wurl
A. Rlploy
<'mil re
S. Wllllillliann
A. Si-nit
11. .lUlllll-HIIII
W, It. Unas
IV, Milli'i
A. llllllia
S, ( 'iiwiii
It. Itliliailll
l-'rcil I'iiIIiii
(iriiil llinv
Will III.-Wa
Lethbridge won, will the town
now give tlio home leum ample
"Hoot Mon" Fred (low hus ull
the girls now iu low.
As you were saying, il wus a
surprise,    to Lethbridge •
"fi I" lias a pleasant sound,
bul not quite us nice us "IHI".
Fatal Aooident
Aboul      three    o'clock      ou
Saturday lasl a  fatal accident
occurred ul Lhe Sl. Eugene mill,
nt Moyie, In which Walter
Stringham, a young lad of eighteen yours, lusi bis life. A
force of men were engaged iu
| hoisting uii elevator with   th«
J. H. Fox of Nelson was in
the city Priday.
Thos. Doherty of Wardner was
in the city Friday.
Geo. Maclean of Vancouver
was a guest at the Cranbrook
D. A. Beniis and P. K. Corsan
of Toronto were Cranbrook
visitors Wednesday.
Senator Howell Bostock
passed through Cranbrook Monday on his way to Nelson.
Money refunded to every
fifteenth cash purchaser at Reid's
15-day sule.
Miss Jessie and Miss May
Nicholson of Fori Steele were
Craubrook visitors Wednesday.
A. Sutherland. Nelson, and C.
J. Sutherland of Wardner were
registered at the Cranbrook
Mrs. (Rev.I Connolly and Miss
Ethel Connolly left on Wednes
day's train to spend six weeks at
t he coast.
A. C Debold und Win. Mc-
Granger of Spokane were regis
tered ut the Cosmopolitan
R. L. McBride of Nelson was
a guest ut Ihe residence of Mr
and Mrs. J. I) McBride for
several days this week.
C T. L. Reid and Wm. Nelly
of Vancouver were transacting
business at Crunbrook Wednes-
Al. Pratt, who has been looking over the districl for the pnst
month, returned to Greenwood
A. G. Johnson, Crows Nest,
S. A. Sneers of Creston, and
Geo. A. Laurie of Creston were
guests at the Royul this week.
Miss Edith Allen, Miss R.
Spence, and Mr. P. Fisher, all
of Berlin, Out., were guests of
Mr. und Mrs. H. Stewart this
Rev. H. R. Grunt of Fernie,
Rev. W. T. Humilton of Michel,
und R. A. Mucconnell of Wardner were Crunbrook visitors litis
J, T. Laldlaw returned Saturday last from a business trip toj
Alaska.    Mr. Laldlaw savs thai
Harold Nation is wiili Provincial
Mineralogist    Robinson   some
where near Ha/.eliou.
Escaped from Quarantine.
Word wiis wired from Frank
to Chief of Police Huron, that a
man by name of J, Thorpe had
skipped out of quarantine, and
lo place him and his chum, a
man named Young, under arrest
The two were taken from tha
train at the C.P, R. station ami
are now ill quarantine here
awaiting the arrival nl lhe
mounted police.
Want to Play Lacrosse.
East Kootenay Sawmill Complete
ly Destroyed Narrow Escape
of the Electric Light Power
i in Monday night about 11 15
the citizens were alarmed by
hearing the lire alarm, and wben
people looked out great flames
could be seen leaping towards
the heavens and all realized that
the K:isi Kootenay mill was
doomed to destruction.
The firemen lust no time in
getting io the spol assisted by
many volunteers. The Humes
lui'l gained considerable headway uml n hard task faced the
tin- Rghtors, bul they worked
and as usual were largely successful.
A visit to iln- spol will give
one nn idea of whal was accom
plisl'i'd. Tn see the mill nmi
pletely razed to the ground and
the engines unil boilers both
saved, although right along side
of the mill, show thai there was
courage and pluck in connection
wilh the work.
The loss of the mill will be
about $10,000, which is completely covered by insurance.
The mill including the planer
together with aboul 75,000 feet
of lumber was lost. Very lucky
for the city und the Electric
Light Company the firemen are
good and true, ns they have u
plant costing ever sll.ono on tlio
premises and yet while In close
quarters, with tho firemen working lu save the building, the
lights were never turned off. It
was a close call for the company
and they may feel thankful to
the City Falhers for supporting
a tire brigade that dues such
good work. All honor lo the
noble tiremen ami llie band of
volunteers who joined in lhe
li. II. Craig of Struthcona
resenting   llie lacrosse  club
thut place was iu  ll Ity
Wednesday lor lhe purpose o
arranging for an oxhlblllon game
of lacrosse between   Stl'Uthcoilll
and Cranbrook loams at Strath
conn, also tu piny for ibe Rollins
St Hoggarth cup. As yet nothing bus been decided upon, bul
il is expected the mutter will be
arranged in the near future.
Foot Ball.
Tbe dual game under the
Cranbrook Fool Hall Association
wns played on Tuesday evening
on llio recreation grounds, be-
Iween Ibe C,P R. Shops and the
Fire Brigade, The games of
the seiisiiti have been well fought
ami when the above two teams
tied for the medals ii was clearly
understood there would bo a
hard tight for lirst place, and
there was. When the teams
faced off there was much speculation and the best of all a good
feeling between the opposing
forces. The game was the besl
exhibition seen on the grounds
Ihis year. The grounds were In
excellent condition, the weather
all thai could lie desired and the
teams keen, yet a word might be
said in regard to the tire brigade
most of them had spent the night
previous In lighting the lire and
were thus rather fatigued, but
they  foughl   the  lire   from   the
Imp iu good style and all spectators  thoroughly   enjoyed   the
fin nn- Including Mr, s. McDonald
the old veteran font ball player,
bis spirits are still young. The
playing wus good, clean, and
brings credit to tho two teams.
Tliu score slood 11 to I in favor
of tbe shop, and thus the gold
medals presented by S, Mighton
shall be worn by lhe C.P, li,
shopmen. Tbe silver modals
presented by ('. K. Buck shall
be worn by the lire brigade,
The association bus bud a successful year, tho games have
been well [ought and tho finances
are in good shape ami thus Ibe
ollicers feel enciiuraged.
Track Laying on Urow Line.
Satisfactory progross is being
made In truck laying on the
Crow line. The gangs are now
working iu lhe i Iclnlty of Cranbrook and are replacing the old
."if! pOllllll sleel wiib new .-ui
pound mils ul Ibe rale of one
mile per day. .ADixit loo miles
Will be reliiid belweeii I'mclicr
creek and Sidar Ibis season. THK, PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   ll C, JULY 21, li""'
L. ULAP1-'
W   col.I.INS
III Hole
t&l}* llroeiicctov. S Z
Ksr.ini.isui i.   i-iii,
A. B. Grace,
liicl,.-I grades, are allowed to
lie nights during lhe
week in vurious ainiisoiuouls
which dlstruel iheir minds
ri-oin school work, and  the  loss      barristers and solicitors
MHl.tSHKK    AND    EDITOR. „,   „,,.„,,   '„,,..,,,.,, i;„„.   tl,,.,,,    |,„-| ,-|;A m,,;, „ ,|„      .     |,,,',
=■■■====•: - good work during scbuol   hours  .	
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
©he yroftaUcrtov. • • • w, p. <iin*i>
There are jusl a few who hiivo
SATUKDAY.JI i \  21, IIKHI I"'1'1"'"1"'1 thoir subscriplious  lo
- . lag behind.    Don'l  do  il     Nun
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Diiiiim Boom
GRIT newspapers are  milk   wi" '' '""' ll,"sl'  "'"' llllJ's
ing ii  delermined  effort lllul  N"'"'    fnrail>   "'"   w;""  :l Grai
Solicitor, Etc,
ro0|( llritish Coluinhl
tu  ii ihe   electors   of   this ''uluiuii obituary published free.
proviuco believe Ihal   n  general :ll|[| tl'°" yom' ll'"1-11"'1  is  -"""
election  is close at   band,   mid  j"   '"'   "'un'iod   and   vou    will
HEADQUARTERS   FOR TOURISTS AND OLD   PIMERS     grit candidates are brus g up Iuxl""''   Vour   home    papui     to
_  =        _    .  -  their  armor  to enter  the fray    8,vl'   '"'''   ;l"     Alu'"   l'""^''1'
rm TT    a.      TTT     a. r\      ««J.; ^«   Of course thei-e will be disap-wri1''"l1, a,uUU f,v0    ll ahvil>'s Ci-.inbiook, H-(
The Hot Water Question , ,,, „,,,,,    i
ii UiltlSTl u, -,ni,ii ri'iil:
jinn mh*\i;\  ri ill ii
IIII.I,   ,v    I'll.       l'l ll    I'lil'V in town
ili-.ii .-ii uie- life iniiili Hu- Iii inr
Cosmopolitan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Can be Settled By Us
Qiiii.kiu iimi Satisfactorily,
teeth, iituong ibe Faithful,   when  l" '
pi um
'  G. ll. Thompson
Ihey  learn that ihey   lia\ u bei
i deceived by llu       iui-1    urgans
'\  I       '   Xf     \  ': ■ HluniM-otj ami  H.m'-iv
.iiiii aiitlii-ii-ui   inn    it'     ■■   *   ''      The  i iiiiuii   nn,'! - sis   if I In
j.,'' :     [HI       * '        *"-  -     '     ;   " '
lull    I Ill   in     i    '         II   III'       '    ■'
•ll|ill     -up _  ...'
.....     ■,..    .....-■,
.;,:.    ..   ■     ■    ',,"     .   ml-   .
! '
people is :i wise and jusl adtuiu
sl I til mt ol * lie vi.in s oi the
pro- ,ii e Who is ilie . thai
caii say thai the presenl go\ em
ii,en! lias noi sn en iu the | pic
.i     isi   and wise udiuiiiisti'iii . li will pay those who ure
, fti      ' '■       ■'■',:        ilil •     ""    *   " V« *■
the   Mi   I leriiiuetil     .,-
had stern duties to perfo   ... , ^^     _
.    Jim   McArthur
indertu tel  ai I |)i . ,-itli
Printers' ink 'narks  ihe  pall
■ riches and fame     IV) office  i.eask  iiuh.oinii
,   liruiili    II i
PllOM \ S   M .■ V I TT1 K
l».l..*S.  A-  C.B.
Port   Sli-ele   B C
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
. .       •,,       When you want  a  imod
lli,iil,|ii,iiirrs Im mining   a * .
1 ♦ place  tn  stun come tn the
men .nul nlil timers. it ' .     . ,
'•'• iMiinitolia.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Plumbing,  Heating and Ventilating   Engineers , ... ,*,.,,.,.,„,,..,■
'.♦*♦;♦..<>♦<'"♦*.♦  ♦  ♦  «  ♦     ♦•*■♦•♦  9  ♦
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
government      —
♦ ■.•♦■
»      ulits
o       Is ii  um
He can   si
Clothes, Shot
Hats, Etc,
.   loll illli
1 i    £
R, !■'. \Y. CONNOLLY    ]    £
Physician «nd stiroeon
ITii'l' MIMs'l'llONO   ll l'l '
,,i j:,     II lu 11 ,| in.   '_' In I |l.lll.   j
llu 8 p.m.
j   I'linin' nni,',' in."'    Ilr-iili'iii'i' lllll '
Jim MGf.ri*iiiir
Urn ii,,.,- we.carry the only slock of lliiHl
papers In Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds nf fainting and  lb enratm-1
iiii'iiileil in promptly.
♦ ''                                                                  Ave,   Ckasiuiuok. B.C
»   thi        uinir  into pov 	
♦ Mel iridi       _ beei
p .,, • ■;   ■ J
ui.,i otln   « si    l liai lias hi
pros| y to the pn
9      Then   ure  uu  °ri ■ il   reasons,
♦ excepl i -        artisans ami
9   disgr .:.* led pol ticnuis,    i hj   an
♦ el,'i-iii'',  sho im  take  place lhis
9   year      There    s  u good deal ol
'.*. I concern electors  rejriu-d
injr  this  matter,  and  ii   is  the
universal opinion thai  the  g I
ni ibe entire province would not
appeal to the popple Ihis full.
.                                                                                                                              I lie prospects Im* il   period   ol
$   P.O. BOX 311     AllMSTKONG AVKNITE    PllOXh III    v   „ ,  J,,,,.,!,,,,,,.,,,   ,„  !|n>   ,„,,
■♦;•:♦;♦'♦: 9 ♦. o ♦ 9'.4 9*   .4.9 9'9 4 9 ♦.■> ♦ '.»'.'♦.♦ ♦   vinre is extremely bright.
c. c. c.
j camaru Game Go.
Krosh mul Salted Moats
particular,   Tlint in what uuikca
be    lielielilleil    ill   Ihe loilSl   bj" ail] li:mai*i afir, is In llmworlil.   IIU
iimi ajiini, tiarllmiliirlty Hint unabloa
im looll'tiryou tlio
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe.
in the World
Every I'iiii- l,ll,ir,lllt,'i'll.
SOtD IN  CANADA  TOR   :15c.
The fulure of lhe province is
assured, its advancement bus
been [piic.Uenod by I be jusl and
wise administration of tho McBride government, nnd those
parlies whose I'uiib in  Ihe Con
"Shield Brand
>» •
Mi-o     Uiclnn   TEACHER OF THE
Speeiui attention lo i 'h,
technique,   phrasing   and
grading ol studies.
Por particulars upply InO. K tti'lil *
li,... The llriisrillsls.
F. O. E.
KVKIIY TlirilsllAY
VIslMnu   UrulliiM's   Cnnllnll)    Invlloil
I'. Iloss Tatk, W. I'i'.'Mil.'iii
I 'HAS. smith, Sony,
m*~* ^1
£ Always Up-tn-Dale zs
£ 3
***~ ~^tm
£ Cranbrook, -     - B.C. 3
ii t,
4 servulive piirt.v. bus made them       Q   p   T|SDA|_E
0 stay uilli llie province, will reap
{ their reward.    Tbe duy  is not The   Tobacconist
4 fur distant when British  Coluiii- 	
1    i bin, will iw n linusehoid word  *i'''iTO***"*mnn*mmTm'm""*mmm*
* "■
5 Rocky Mountain Chapter :i
r: nu. liv u. a, m. 3
uv  in  ''iu-li   mouth   in  I'iiilii
sujuuciine   CompauloiiK   are
iiriliiilly invik'il.
Wm. I-*. Tatk, Sci'IIh> 15.
.5       Iim   I       CRAN1IHOOK, H. 0.       ij:
[Bowling  Alleyi
One ul llie best and one ol the most
popular   recreatinns    in   Cranbrook
OPEN    FROM    9    A.M.   TO    12   P.M.
I It. LASTIK1, Prop.       open tor ladies        -*"1
Vl'llistroilii Ave.      Tuesduy and Priday iitlovnoons W
and   knuivu  its  llie  ricbesl  und
J        Fish and Poultrv in Suasoti
* ■ inwr-      #
, '   inust   pi'nfjrnssive   pruvince   in
♦ Orders by  mail  will   I eivo proiiipl   and  careful atlenlioii   {  ;,,	
A . ' '1,111,111,1
;;:';";:'ITonsorial Parlor %
Order l>\  Phone 'IS
4 '    There ure two ways of icetliiu
Fui ii Cool nnd Cliiun Slinvi-      *t
Or u Perfect Huir Cut 3
A Hot or Cold Buth 1
' Walter B.Lainglir\MTx,J
, I'uiiu ;i  newsptiper    "purnhasiny
•   ;in  inlcresl  uiul  purchnsiiif! an
interview."    There is still  nn- i |
■other   way-  pulling   the    wool |    ll''l;',|S" l"(!" t,IW.    |
'    iver iln- editor's eyes and in'"i:ii     uuuuuuuuuiiiiuuuumiunuuiiuu
in  for  nnlhing.    This is :i vnry I
! popular f'ni'iu nf put i\v.
ir '<: nai ■   ■. n't
If \tn. iir« supi-rstilions aboul
the immhor Hi yon luul beltor^ivo
us vonr A mcricmi i|uarter dollars!
for mi nach ono are 1J1  slars,   III!
Uolllllli."    Ili'iiinliii'.    ' ll.'ii -        Kini
AjllS T('lii)ii'Ht.' mill "Kllnwillir." lilllll'I'ill
llllills sillllll,■ ii, |h<- l-'url Sir. |c Miinii" l>.
is,.hi i.l  Kust K.n.l.-n.iy llisllil'l
I'Viiwlrli M,nmi!,In mul
QUALITY THE VERY BEST PRICES THE VERY LOWEST J   ":"  - "; the scroll of I agio's L,,,,,,^.?"
j   beak,   \-'-  leaves   on   lhe   olive    'i'hUi*tmtici>tlmtjimucka
H'KI.'IAL  PKICK  IfOH  'lui     faO-l       fall  II l'l- US bl        e   fk,.,,,,^ ,,, „,,.„„.   hen,,R   |l|u,   ,,,   ,r,C,'r,t,li',u,'X„ UlUiliia
♦   lellers  ,„  lhe  words    "iiuurlor !«,-lKmJ
> Mill
;arnefas si   :. i \   i " .. :
Harris Bros.
iii lur       Now   It's        sui"  in
keep i bem so jusl bring I hem in
anil L''1' - i'"iii mi vuiir subscription Im lhe lull uun.um
If vi ni  i uui iu ruin   your  hoy
jusl   iiiiii-   his   side   mi    every
IriUC'Stillll     lllld     dispute     III'       bus
8fiailii^aSSSS*sii=sIg'• ^SS!5^^7*fs3§£l3  Willi his tenehiir or your  neigl
^Guests Cniufuit a Siiecialty   Good Slalilini) in Connection',',
N'uaresl iu railroad depot       I.i    ii-i-on
ibilliin.     lui     Ibe     public     iiliei|llllllei
""lioilill   ni'i'l li--iiuiiilii'ii'i'.l li.'Ini,   lu.   Is.II-
 Kui-iii viinil i Iiiiihi,I,.1111.111-.
ii I till, 'ttini .I,., ..,  Hint
J .i ii.iin i:\
I'i'i' ' 'in
Goiirt, Granbrook 8943
VlsltlllJ!    Iii-.'lli.'1'ii    ''iii'iliullv    invltoil
C. It.,    A. MoCOWAN,
SoL-i-einry, T. MAllsllAl.l.
liors   el    iln
Usl      lei       Ilil,
^,,,,„,,,,,, . me wiili Iiiiii. right
or  iiuniL'.   in  :iil  ins  disputes,
%. I'll II give Iiiui ;i good -ini-l
in iln- downward pal I.
W      \\ lui" lhe  modern  syslum   ol
,,l   worli   may  be   defieiniil
,,,,,' respecls.  nnd   no doulil
II' li-llilelU'V is III  ink lore
Pacific   ('.oust   Points
Pnliu'ii uiiil Tourist
Sleepers, Builett
Library Curs, Modern
Dny Coiu-lii'b.
Dining Oars,
[lost  Meals on  Wheels
2l'.\s'r   TRAINS o
MAST ANIi Wl'is-r HAILS    rfi
I'm   lull   |!UI't.lotlllll'it,   i-iilr-.   I,il,l,'i',
iiu,, unil mi in- lulilrusH.
s. II, VP.HKRS, li.u.i'.A..
s.-iiiil.-. Wiish,
' .   W.   MAIHiNKl , I1.P, ,\   T.,\„
I P. Burns & Go. I
***** ~**»
JE Head Office,
j£ CulRiiry, Alberta
Main Office for East Kootnnny, ^*
Cranbrook, B.C •****»
g Wholesale arid Retail g
£ Meat Merchants I
!~ Drillers in Abattoir and Cold Storage3
£    Live Stock al Calgary. Alberta    3
Cosy and
ComFortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C. A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
Tho nliove hold lilts Iieeii recently creeled, uud noiltlj' I'urnisli-
ed IlirouRliout. 'I'lu- Bin' is supplied with llie liesl brands of
Liquors nnd Cigars.
G&o. R. Leask & Co
nr,. iitk iiii
m «	
uu n\ iirniii'iii
 |     R. STEWART
"*""*   City Scavenger
.iiiii.i; Nirru't:
id -.lmil  fur tliu  pupil In   llllisler
iliiiriue/lilv    in     llie     ti      llie ..„„'!,'„',.",','„!!', ,
:i\ i-i ill."- Imv or '.:ii I is nlloived lor '"' ""' ,'1"1 '
scilionlinir,   u-i   lliere   is   il   I'illllt     ,'„„„ ,,„.
HOGGARTH & ROLLINS    jjfj nn "'"  l",rl  "'  '*i""llK  wlli,'h n!Z!:Z nX,
,,,   .       ...   ,,,.., n ml  is iiersisii'iitly left oul oliieeoiinl u,,.,,,,. ,„„.u, *
jlllll and (.,.Id Baths Proprietors |  in',,„. „, „„„   „, , riti,-.  n- »«
^5^^g^52p^g^^|^8^^^.^^^S^ap[i| Tiie  pupils,   espoeinll.v   In   tl, ■    Ij,' '"' '"""'iuimv uaVI
llii'iii'i' Wi" ' i
I'lll'lies liuviiie lineli yiirds,
uml I'lonels to t'leun. uml reluse
innl Ini In lie liilten mini, sl Id
um' e Ol'llol'S Willi llie.
I.i'ilt .Irr- nl lhe < in I I'Tle. ulliiv
nr ilrii|> il |ii.'il:il I'linl in ll".'. 105,
I'lllllS,   Spei iiii lllmii:,
iiiui lislimales
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, ti tt,  H'l.V L'l, 100B
is interested in  tli*" Horu of his
*the Ucoepector   J
We wuiii itii-, fall only those subjects that will thrive on rocks
nnd in dry situations, as wo shall
not have water until next season
SATUItDAY,  H'l.V SI. n«»'
,    .III  Smith of Victoria wus in
I Hie city Monday
K'oy Clothier of Rossland  wns
in Hie oily Monday.
Purchase   Prion   $3.00  a  Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
Arnold k Roberts
If vmi have Beauty
WK   Wll.l.  TAKK   IT
If  vou   have   110110
WK  Wll.l.  M UCR  IT
Prest Photo Co.
Picture ti'.iniiiiti i\ Siieclalm
Our funds ure limited and we
cannot oiler to pay for plants,
but will gladly pay freight
charges, li is u labour of love
on  uui'  purl,   nnd   ive  slinll   lie
W. ,1. I'npp nl  Port William glnd to hear from anyo hie
was In lown Monday. and willing 10 help us in the
nod wnrk.
Mr. innl Mrs, V. Hyde  Baker,
und Mr, IS, Klwell  visited   Porl
linker Si. Craubrooli, H.C. Steele on Sunday last.
Vi. S. .limes of Vancouver wus
in lhe Craubrooli Monday.
W. V. Moore of Calgary wus
In lhe city Monday,
M. I'liillipps of Bllto wus in
Hie eiiy Monthly on business
It. Benedick of Mayook wns in
Hie city Monday,
,1. E, St -plu-iis of Vanrouvi r
wus n "nesl ul the Cranbrook
Perry Pago and A. \V. Nicholson of Wnsa, were guests at the
Cosmopolitan Tuesday,
P, McNab of Saul! Sle Marie
wus registered at the Cosmopolitan Tuesday,
A. ,1. Mulvev of Stillwater,
Minn., was a guesl tit the I'l-un-
liunil, Monday.
J. Edgar Davis
j.    Kriek layer   m
'"""Contractor  v
I'llnNK 1IB
Pili'iinco, lliiiler, Range nnd
Piropliice Wnrk ii Specialty. All
description of slone work under-
Orders leit at J. D. McBRIDfcS
Will It ive l'i-niii|ii Altc.iiiion.
Winnipeg Exhibition
$20.85 Round Trip
On s;ile July 20 lo l'7.     Good
to return till August Snd.
Si. Paul, Chicago, Ontario,
Quebec, Maritime Provinces
Augusi 7. 8, n, Sepl. s, pi. Good
to return till Oct. 31.
Kill-   I'tltCS,    Ill't'lll     I'l-.-li'l'l'ill illli.    llllll
i'iiiii|ili'ii- itdiiriuiiiiiiii  apply   lu   lui'id
li, .1, I'liyli',    Vil.l'.A..   Vnni'iiiivi'r
.1. s. CAIITKII.   li.l'.A..   Nulson, ll.C.
V<|H.'   munition    i»   I'lllli'il    I"    Hu1
"Piiuii-.r l.iuiiti'il** trains of lliu "Mil-
li-ililkuu .V St I'mil Hallway." "'I'lu' mil}'
purfi'i'i trains In llin world,"
Vim will Itiul it ili-slnilili' tn liili'iin
lliiiHii trains ivlii'ii ({uliiK lo any polul III
tin-Kiisli-rii Sillies nr 1'iiiuiilii. 'I'liuj
I'uiini'i'l with nil Tt-iiunriuiliin'iiltd
Trains und nil 'I'lukul Agonlj, aell
Pur fiirl.lii'r liifiii'liilillon, piiiiiplilulA,
ulu, ask any Tlukut Agent or
It, I,. FOIID, II. S, I tow IS,
I'uss. Agu.it, lluiiornl Agenl
The Illinois Central
Mr. .1. Kennedy, latoof Nelson
bus joined the superintendents
stuff nt the depot.
Miss M. Parroll uud II. Jolin
son of Moyie were registered ul
llie Cranbrook Monday,
,1, K. I lev I in of Toronto wus
transacting business al Cran
brook Monday.
II. \V Davis, Chicago, III.
nnd C, .1. Till ley of Memphis,
Tenn., were registered 111 the
Craubrooli Mondiiv.
P. McConnell of Elkmoulh,
uud ('. II. Rid wards of Klko were
registered at the Cosmopolitan
on Saturday Inst.
P, It, Wallace, W. B. Phillips
und Harold Wright of Vancouver
were guests ul the Cranbrook
Sunday Inst.
Local fishermen were oul in
full force Sunday Ins! und
several good catches were reported.
Mrs. Ilruull and children, and
Mrs. A. Grenier and children
were outing al Marysville for
several days this week.
M. Durick and I!. P. Cooke,
who have been Inking ill the
Pair al Calgary, returned lo
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mrs. Vi. T, llaynes left for
Montreal und Lewiston, Me., on
Monday, and will be absent
aboul six weeks.
Andrew Laldlaw u prominent
mining man from Spokane, and
A. L. Anderson an old lime
prospector In this district were
registered ut lhe Cranbrook
'I'he Piuierniil Order of Eagles
held un election tins week to till
certain ollices, Thos Cole was
elected W.V.I', Clias Smith,
Secretary, uml Ben I,iml, Con
Mr, nnd Mrs, .1. II McBride
nnd daughter, Miss.Tainiosoii und
Mr. Prank Parks visited Wild
Horse ereek mi Sunday last.
Thoy iiiudu the Irip in Mr- Me
Bride's Humbler.
All Appeal lo Naturalists
Tho Natural History Society
has uiiderlnken the work of es
Inldisliinga Wild Plower Harden
in this city. We have secured 11
most eligible silo 111 Beacon Hill
Park, and the cily authorities
have promised to make us two
small rocky ponds.
Our aim Is lo secure u representative collection of the many
beautiful wild flowers and shrubs
native lo lhis Province.
Edward Alex  Wallace,
Victoria, B C, President
Short Meter Sermons
Love never lends astray.
You cannot kill time wllhnnl
hurting character.
He has 110 force with men who
hits no faith in men
He is soon forgotten who
never forgets himself.
The dead beat parson will
have a dead heart church.
Idleness is Hie incubator of a
lot of Industrious Inquiry.
The soul of Ihu preacher is
more eloquenl than his sermon,
People who borrow trouble always are anxious to circulate it.
A kind heart never has to wait
long for ,1 chance to gel busy.
A loose tongue can tie some
terribly hard kinks In life's
Ile never climbs to heaven
who is unwilling to come down
to I'll I'lll.
'I'he greatness of lhe soul
shows Itself in the service of the
You cannot heal the world's
sorrows by treating its sins
'I'he best way to bow before
the Almighty is to bend to Ihe
Blessed is lhe minister who
lives his sermon ull the week,
and preaches liy all his inaulinod
on Sunday,
7^/^n V^^LaW- '-
It is not tho price you pay fm- :i furnace that makes it oheau
or expensive, but Um fuel it afterwards consumes.
A common furnace may cost you %,s or $10 loss thau :i
" Sunshine," l.iit. if it nuts tliia up Uui first winter iu extra fuoh
what do you gaiuV Nothing, hut all tbo annoyance und extra
work that go with a poor furnace.
The "Sunshine" is in iho (mm Halifax to Vancouver,
uiul 1113 have hundreds "f testimonials from pleased users,
Hold by euterprisiug dealers everywhere.    Booklet free.
Por Sale
tin Armstrong Ave.
Por further Information apply
Boot-Shoe Maker
Armstrong Ave.   ffiiSlu m*\
r? Liveru
Teams antl drivers Furnished ror any point in tho district.
A. DOYLE, Miiiniffttr
TAKK NOTION Mini I llltittnt tonp))ly in lliu
I'lii.-i ('uiiiiiiivsi.Hii'i'i.f l.mills nml Works fur
poriiilsH.oii to nit ami I'liirv uwuy llmliui- from
Mn- ml)..wliii* itmtrrllKKl IrihIm uwir Mwiilntt
Crunk in Si.nth Hum Ifontrimy:
(.'oiiiiiioiii.lnu ui h Hnst iti-mii'it m. Hi.' mouth-
tvi'st curtmrof W. II. Murvuy'K UinUnr lli-um-u
tlifiiiro wont HOulifttus, thpiiuu tiorlli mi i-hnhis.
llllll Usl HllclllllllM. llli'lli'i'   MOIlt.il   WI  I'lllllllH
I.i iiliirc of colliII)I'lirt'liii'lil.
imu-'i April IHI in, ItMrt,
TAKK NOTICK (hull liiti'inl tiiii|>|.l> inlhi
rhl.'f (iiiiiiiiissinih'i' iif I,hii,K mul Wm k-, i,,i
|lUrilllMtilo|| In .'ill mill PIUT.\ IIWHJ   llllllii'i   Iti.Ill
Die following -Jmwrllwd IihiiIh near Mentluu
Cli'i-h III Soulh Kllsl Kootuimj
('uiiiiimiii'jut'iii Hit! iiorllivum roc  <>i  w
tl. llitvuy'R licence, tluuice went Ituicliulii*.,
theuce nortli tu cluthiH, Iliouue eust Iiiii u hut iim
tht o smith-to i'liuins l» polnl ol  iiiio'ii.c
Uiii.'.i April iHih. IWHI,
lo l*i I"'
Noilru |h tmruli) ijIvuii thul on i -'■•) u;
nf .liiiin. num. li whs unlitrml i>v I' K U'llmm
Maintains  illii'Xrulli'il   sol-vie,'   Iflllll
llin iviml Iii il usl mul "until. MiikliiK
,'Iiih n.'.'ii.iii'.  niili   li'iiins uf nil
Inlllsl'lllllil llll HllOH,   |lllss('ll|{cl's   III'"
gll'011 lllllil lllllil  I'OlUOS 111 tilllllllgll
Louisville, Memphis ami Nun Orleans,
ilM,i iiii .ii iln-.!' I'liinii, inlliii fur ensl
I'nisi iii'' lii-iu'iilui'H ili-i,li-in|i Infoi',
mm imi : In- liiw.-il rail's iiiiiI  bust
,.„ni,... iii'ii Invlinil 1" i-.iit.'-i I>-	
ivltli Iln- fuHn'i'lug I'npros Wives,
II, II. I'ki \iin i.l..'.' nii-i'i'iiil Agent
I 111 Tlilnl Ml., I '"l'l Imnl, Ol'ogun,
,1. (J. lilNliBI'lV, 'I'. !•'■ St I'.A.
iia'i'iiii'ii St., runiiinii, 'ii in
P   II. TllllMI'SIIN. I'', ft  P.A., Illlillll I
clan Bid*., Seattle, Wirt. P.O. BOX 834.    Cl'dllbrOOk, B.G.
. ,       lit .Iiiiiii. IIKHI, II wnl iinlniwl  l'l  I' K  Wllmm
\\r now :t |>| it'll I In uiiynlii' who  i;-.,|iiii,.,,i,i,i,;,.,,i n,,..;,,,,  ■ i   iluu ,1 ,-
1 '_ I'linin \ »iii,ii1M,iil,liilii,|iiiiiil'.liiiliii;liii
lIlHl llllll I II,,' I' I <ll  KlllllUltH.1   lllilllil
■-■I iiitliiii die I'lli-itoiiii iii^niri ,'t riiiniiiiiiil,
hi' inliiiliii.mm,i ui nil mul sinuiilnr il -.i.iii-
nl Kiliiln Nix I I'm  I.i r   111'
11'Ml'll Ilil,,11,1,.
I'li-'ty i.i'isi.n liiilL'lili'il In iln- -."iii iIi-i'-ii-.i-'I
In I In ,1 I, ,,. nni in luilliiillli In llu'
ll llili'l alKii.'il.
I'lli'il   lllll'     IiiivIiik   in   |IIIShl'«nlll,l  i-n.'il'.
iM-liuiKll'r Iii llll-il ua  |i'.|Uiii'il lmil.Willi
'llllllii'i  II la-l'HlK I
Kli'1'Vi'i'i'.lll..i „i ,,tl„-i   |n'i    Iiiillni'  mi,
■llflilii   lliiilnra anil l''in-iiiii-i.' U'ni-k a  Uiiiualnliiii,"ilii'"»ul™li'i'i-n«'il In ri'iiulii'il in
. ,,„ a.nui linioie iin' nil iiiij ,,i Aiimi m   li)
*-i|'i-i-nill.l. . l'i'blal"liil l.-il.'i   nililii'.-'1 I" Hu' '''I    I'""'
Iiln iiititiumtil iiilili[iiflmul iin' 'nil iiiniii'iiliui
....       .     ,,   .. i Ul Ilia i'llllill in lull' nni   in„l a -laliini'iil  ■
Cost llllll Stock Estimates         ml nml ilia tiHturnor iln-Munrli* Mlnuyi
Purnlshetl Upon Appllca- Aitwitiuiaiariii ilny m Aimimi, inun. tin
I .Mtiululaliui.il nlil j...,.-<.-., aim Hi'- lllall-llnl
Iiiui. Uun ul il ninm, iiii'inu "mii'i i" il	
ir [Ullll     , ot „|,|. I, I Iiilll Im"" lmil  I"'
l'ul,-il ia i iiiuui,,,,k   iln    I'.itli iliil  ol Jinn-
J   p .UlM-'IIIONil.
uttlijliil /"iliiiliimiulor.
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
We have the best collection of Flies and Artili
uiul Bnit in Cranbrook,
liunil  Pnli'a. I! |'i >         Mi!., fiUn,
Splli liunil,nn Hulls, ll jnint   fc'.nu
       :i jii'nii. UlipH        a.'-r,
I.l, iiiuui Iinila. II ji'inl  li.lin
'*     11 Joint, '-' lips           *'.Vn
(lli'i'lillfhil liiiila. ■! joint        I.nil
•■    3 Joint, 2 tips  l.ii
"    :t Jutiit,'-' lips (liesl) .       1.75
,.   ■
I",-.  ij.ii, .■ ewa llio chains, thence
«li" lu pntui ul wmunence-
npl'l.i  i" * ■   ' I , ■ ' in in..,- u
1.1 - mill Wi'ik- Inr pel .       ■
1*1')   loin     lill l-ull
■ "I n   IWI5
Kiiuiiil llmii-i
llllldn ll    N ii        l  . •
Is.   I'uni
iii-nt-iii'lui  ui ii  |,usi planted
': n P|- ' ■ -: ol ih,- northwest  ner
' i- llni'i'i'- i iml. -,- ii, -,,:,■,..  theocu
' '""' ' '   •'    ">-l    I'lul'''-'    u '     l""''l.;iin-. Iheili-e easl I'' .-Iiiiiii.,
*  l!h •* i  *'" it I       '"su ' is, thenee weat 40
■ .    - '., point ,.i eiiiniuuiii-eineiit.
"i   ''"    lmil.   Hi.'in,'   imnl,
;l ''■ iii-i HU i'liuins, thenee -mitii so
''Imiiis.  llie   nesl -ii ,'i,,ii,,   ■,. [,],„,.
"I I"-. iniiiiiji.
Am usi unii, I'm*,.
WUliuiu II   Flm
'-'■   '' nioneluii ,ii ji |',,-'
ilii'-iiiiiliuis! I'uriiei-iil \\   ii. i .,    . .
li''1' , 'Iim  nest inn i'liuins, ll,,.„,.,.
IIOI'll   10 llllllllls, tl ■ ,j,-l  |iiiiL,
lln-ni'i il, I" i-liulna t inl nl ,■,„,,-
Aii'Mi-t iml,. I'm*..
liilivm-il t„ II.,
■''-   e I'ln-liiu iii ii i-n-i furl
 'lh "I ll"  ih.i.-i i'lirni'i'ill 0.    II
HlirV,',V's Illllli"!   lii'.'lll'r.    llll'l I'll,
111   i-linilis.   Ihi'tiei'   ll'csl     I'll    . I,itii:..
III.'IU'" -'.Nil.   Ill,'I I-. Ill" ,-:    |i.ll
I'llllill- III llllllll I ■
Aii'.'ii-i  llllll, I'm*.
I'Muili'.i ti. Iiiui.■!
I       i.'lii'ilii'   :il   j -l   :i   ■
ll'IISl    nl   ll,,' llui-llilluSl  I'lll'l IT I      tl
ll:,l'l*".l'*stii„l„-,-li,-, „,.,', il,,,,,.,.   ,,,,,'H
«n i'liiiins, ilii'iu usi so I'lniii -. ihenei
-unlli SO i'liuins, ll„.|i",. u,-i  -n   ■: j, I,.
Aiijjii-I ISIh, inn.,.
l-iili.'l lliii'iiy
•"..    ('iiiiiiih'Iii'Iiii! ill ii pnsl pluiili'il   III
i'llllill-    U.'-l   "I III" ll,nihil,-I  ",,,11,','nl
U*. II   lljini'v*- Llmlii'i' I   „,.,
tl-iwl 1110 i'liuins. llu- u,Hili In "h iln.
III. ii",' "ii-l lllll elniins, lli.'ii,',' smnll ll
i'llllill- In llllllll nl " Ili-i-uii'lll,
I'lillil     lllj^ll-l     IStll,    |!IH.*I.
Kinili A. Iln-vi'v
'■■ ..    ' 25th, IliOB.
1 ini- \\*. Harvey
I"-   ' on ill-tin al  a pnst  pliiiit.-u
-    i'si ul the nui'thtresl  curlier
"' I   llurvi-.v'i   iliulief lli'ei   thenee
west sn "iiiiii,., llii'iii'i, inn-ill su i'lialns,
-' SU u mills, theuee  south  80
A"l'"-i L'.n.. Im,.*,
Auiii" ll Harvei
i pnsl plum., 1  „i
i W, II. Iiiui",'-
. C. E. REID & CO.,    ^
^ Phone  7 4 rp^g   DrUgglStS.^j
Ms I^W I,iiunl..
W DISPENSINO   OUR   SPECIALTY, »      i,,,,,,-, ",.,, |.„,,-,
(/^ tsW A ' 11. llu,-i-,-i
^^^•0^?iS^'aS^^f0f^S0^^^^'a :       "'      ,'"",""""i"L'i"   Sl plllllll'll
w ,-i,uh,«,rir!!fiimM,mh^i'!m,r'''
to :I> I lliii'i*.'.v'stln !■ lleiinee,  in-
.a.   I Hi-si Hill ehulns. then,-,'nut-tl, 10 i-liniu
X]](/ | theuee t'tls| li,ll,-lmil,., thu  sn,	
"Imiiis Iii pi,im , ni,.,:,.. Mi..Ill
AllKllsl ISili, Um.*..
r.w'iis w. Ilui'i-ej
:.   ' i i-i
ihl'SUUlllll-l'Sl l'l
llllllmi'lleiuien. llii'iii'i' "iisi   s„ (.|mil,S|
llli'lli'i'suuth Ml,'liui,,., ||,    W1,S| sn
nl Ml.
lii'.iusi -..'mii. Inn.*,,
Isabel lliii-vi'j
s.     riilllliii'lii'iliM 111 ll |in-t  |ii;llil"il   ul
Hi" siuilliui'j.l miii i- of W. II. Ilui'i'e.v's
liiiil..-i- li.-ni  ll ei- «,-i  sii eliuiiis,
Hum -iimii su i.IiiiIiih, iim ■ mini  sn
"liiiin-. Iiiiiii" lliil'lll Sll "Imili. In   pull,I
ni "iniiili" Illent,
Alll'ilsl l.'lll h,  illllB,
Kniil.l A. Ilai'vi'j
'■'■    ''"" i"*i'"' ill I' pn«l I'lillil"!  'I*'
I'llllillS lli'sl ul ll,,. ii,,iliin,-t ,',11'UmI' nl
I. Ilut'luj's Nn. I liml.",' li,•,.,„•,..
llll'l  lliil'lll su |. Iiiii,,-, il,, .,„.,.   ,.„,t   su
"liiiin-. Ihi'iiiii. suiilli su ri,,  tl,,.,,,.,.,
n.'-l    sn   i'linin-   I,,  imlnl nl "nimiM'i -
TAKK  Noi       ■•. i   . i,,.   „|,„,  ,,,,,„ ,
'"' ' I ill", l-m,'t I ..imu,:,., r„,
ti    pun lias,-
ii  south i;»»i
II       ' II    •  l»'-l  liJIIllislUl
""    N'TlllHi    I 1|     , ,p i
 ' »sl '   "lull"'    llll'l :i:    - am,
lil'Mlr.  ,,,'sl  Ifli- -   :!,,,„ .- ... ,,,,.,, |,ai„, ,„
, ,        ..
Ii li I Mil! r.'ili  l •" go
■ tl   Mn- uun ,iato i
'" I !i ' I Imi'1  I '"iiitui-siiiiii-r ur
•I " 1"   ii   "„,ii   In iiiiii'linai-
■ ■     ' ' :   III   S,,uUi Knsl
K '"       ■ nu «1 11 |,,-l |,|alil,.||nl
'•" i   I.    ■■" Um, i „„
;',:" ■'■,', ,„,i„„i,.«.
''"'" 1st     III     ,■Imiiis
u-'ii -,-' ini lialns.
Taki' u,.nr,. Um, ,,,,, ,,„,.  „,|,,|  ,|,(tl.  !   ln
'l'l'"   '"   " '   ' "li iMi.-iiuiur „t
  '"  ■■ '    I'liils   in
--"illli l„.t   :■ ■  .
,ii> chains, tbence
mini lorty ,-lialns
containing In all
HON ll   lil'I.M.U.K
TAKK NlrTKlK Hull 11,1,1, ,1.,,, mi,.,. ,1 |
.1111,1- mul  Unil.. „i   Vlclorlu nu 11 -I'.'.iul
I's'iteelo iiii.i im iv ;,n,,v tlinlii'i-fiom the
■ iim,,,„.',1,■-,■,!,., ,1 IsmtnIiiS01.II1 KantKoote-
' Hi-Inn ul a I'M-i 1 Uml ni Uu- .Miiiii-
,'i'M enrner .•(  hot i'.:„.    11,,,,,,. s„ml, ,.ialiiy
''"■Iim '" 'I"'   Ui-'ii-t   corner   ul Mlctinel
lloi-acr iln- mmm r-i   lund,   llionco  \,,'si  lorly
sixty i'lialns to Uu '-u-i  Uuiilt ol llio Kooiena)
'"• 1 U I'Ut' ■''.' -."I lianh I" llu; ai.ulli
"'■si ' "i :."i .i" iluu ml lo place ol
lliil"il .ini,,. nl,  twin.
• ^^^^ ^'^.' '^, "^- "^ "*i,- ^ ^* ^ "*=>
I NORTH   STAR       |
\ -<i„ -    HOTEL I
'* 9
* Kimberley,   B. C.
* H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
'i'llllill'. ll'l-al   nl   ll," linl'llllVl'sl    ■-■■filial-    I.l     '"
I.    Illll-vej-'fl    Nn.    I      lilllli"!'     li.'i'lii'.'.i   ''
iii.'ii,'" »-,! 1 inn uliulns, 11 11..M1I1 iu'',',,
elniins, lllenee ensl  lllll  .-liiiin-.   ll,,- ■
Sillllll   III "Imili- Iii 111.11;     ill   ,1111,11,...	
Amiii-I 21st, inn."'.
Mary I'. Miieliiini
11.  r.'iu iii'iiM.' in u i-n-i I'liini.si
fort)  '-Iiiiiii- iniiili nl  iim  -niiiliivi'-i
 'il.'l'iif  \. II   ll:in",i*-liiiil,"i'li",'ii,',.
Nil.    I.   lli.'li.'.'   n.'-l  Hill i'llllill-. llii'iii'i
lliil'lll   III i'||||i||s.  Hi,Ml USI   IMI "llllills.
lli.'li"" -unlli IU,'llilillii tu pi'ilnl nl  iiiii,-
1 'li.ll.tin Ti:siiKl,'s  mnrkeil   I'enilen lor
' -'      'llllllii'i   I.Ml,11      ll Il„,|    111 |,      »|||
I,,.   I'-,,."..■,I   In    Iln-   i|ii,|,','-i,',,,',|.   up lo  liuuti
",   Sittunliiy,   ii,"   limn   ilny  ut ,lune.   IliiHI.
'""   I-"   ■ '•'!    ■ 1   K i'liuy   liUuli-l.
1.1,ue   mi  lli.,-
IIV.I,      ,111,1   MMIitlllU
insii bonus
im rororlni
' payntili ni em in \ ii-iuiiu
A„n„sl 21st. I'm*!.
Muf) I-'. I.im	
I'.'.   ('., letielli" in ii pnsl plunteil li
'i'llllill-UU Iml,- »,'-!    ,,|    llin     'llmi'Sl
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J  'Ufi'ofA. IJ. Ilni'i-e
li.vn.v. Hi.' ii.-T'i h ni i'linin-. towiwti
.■ii-l ^11 i'liiiiiis, Mi.ii -imili  mi .-imiii-.
-1 sii i-liniu- in iinitit   nf  mm*
Ani;ii-t LMl'd. IDO.'
FERNIE,  B.C. ♦      HI.    iien.'inuMU
VlANUh'AlTDHKl'S mul UKKWKKK ol KXTKA l-'INK \ L'i.V'L "i '\'"r ihi-vi
11,.uui.! M. I.in
mil  Hi" "" ":   "I   '. .1,1.   I Icu'il. 1111,1
'lllllil'    llll., l'l',ll,'.   -Mil, lllll',,1  sjllll lot.
Mill. I*. MACKAY,
Ikliuta t'lsntntimi ■ m I. Is it ll„,l..
/.mu/. 1 11",/. - Ih-isttrli I.
I"".'". /;.'■„ ,rt Jinn, j.'.ii.,.     ^4
Koltied beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
4 I'. O. mix 812     [.
>7     TRI.EPHONE NO. I     Js*
F'ort  Htcele Brewing Co., I^td.
Ill       III     I'llllillS,        llll'l..-,'     "II- I'.'
• I "IllllllS,  llli'lli'i' Sillllll   IU llllllllls  111    pull
'I I-l IIIIIII. , Nil-Ill.
AlllTllsl llllll.   I'.HI.-,
I'lii-i'le A. l-i.i't.'i'
1 flll'l)    I'llllillS   lliil'lll   Ml     ' UlllU'i
Mui'iii'M  ..I   Ii.   M.   Mnehuin's   1 ml
lll'i'l  II ■ Ileal    Ilill     III,-I
 'Ill  III i'llllill  . Ill" .1  1   III	
! iiii'iu'i- - li in i'linin  1,1 iiimiii >>: en
I'i,u\i l-
Pedro .Mini'i'iil Claim,
Situate In llio Port Steele Mining liiiisiim of
,-  Koot, uny llfsirict.
\viil:l.'l: Lull ri.ii    On SI  \lny - prairie
lum  mil,' from Muiysi    ■
TAKE     Nii'l'li'M     Mini    »,..   A    II    IVjiII-
.  '. P M c, ■■" '"•! Tl in- a   Urelk-titon
•1 '     N.     HI- t:     .I,.lui  l."iisk.  p Mr Nu
lilcnil sixty ilny. from Uu- dun- hereof
th' Mliilnu n,■,,„',Im for 11 L'ortlll-
iti ..; iiu|.,.,,.,,.. 1,1. !,,i it,,- imrpose ,-l ol,-
rum im ol Hi, „l"Mt- eluim.
All'l furtliei- Inliii 11..in-.. Ihal ii.-'tl llji-r
i.l I.. 11.1,hum I k'lore llie luu-
nti . 1 l'..|.j"'."iii'.iii.
'Mul. luu*
\    I'm
„^ Wholesale ,
Calgary Beer, Ale tii Pi.iter.
I. II IU i. tii CO., Hav ami Gain,
Cranbrook, B.C
lmil ,1,',11    tie I ,,l    he nn,
nel ,,l |i   -I   1.11.,'Ii.in,'   inn
llin - 1,mill sn ,-I,:>iii . llu 1
,'llilili.,. Ill" Hi ■-!'   "In
,l.-.|    SU   ,'|,ui,,..   In   I  ,,l
1 iii'ii.is .1 1 unii,irt'iiN'
.1 "IIS  I.l   l-K 'Il
Nnii", i- In is Ly L-iii-ii iiiiii 1111 nppll-
"  ■ ill In- mini" in iln- Parliament
uf Ciiutiila at 11m 1 im'-mi 1 Sn-siiin there-
"'   I'M   .1':     \"!   III   il,,',M'|,,,Mul,-     ||,,'     |'*,„,|.
luu Vulluj   llailivftj  I'lmipanj   in uou-
all'liel   nmi   nput-nle  ji   Iim-  ul   niiliviij
1 I'liim mi Hi"  iiriii-li Columbia
vi 1  Ilallii-nj unii' Hu- imminence
.-I III  1,'r "i- uml Mini,el .', It, il,",,""
nlnl u-i   -ill.-  ul Kill lliiiii'tnii
1 1 inn-Hi ni  r..iiiin:'  Iiii.-r; thence
IIUI'llll'll   1,-l-lj      I"     III"     I'lll'llill"     Kile,'
llllli ,     nee li'llni'.iii;. I'lii'iliiii' 111,,.,.
■'"ii I'"I II mii'i k: thence
Ullli, I Mi. !ii,iill.".i 1,-ill ill.-im llmiiii'lliH'i li I,,
III"    Mlii'llll     II HUM     Ml"!     lliil'lll.
i, .1 i.'iii 111 iii" l-i,,,11 ( Alberta lo
11   iniiili   ii<   ni'    mu 1    1 Hi.11,.li.:    nisi,
   in  u|' I'i'ii.'". I'livln, Smith,
I  .  ".    II.'IUI' llll C|1.|.|CM llll    ill    III"
i'i." 11 iiiii 1 "I ui: whloh
 '1    liiil.iiil     nilli     II-   lii-iiiu-lie,
iiiii    iiii    iim     mulls    thereof    In
I'"     Illl'l-ll    "'    I'"    I'"'    Hi"    l!"l.,-l-lll
 1.1 1 1 .uiiiilii. A ml fui'lliei- iiiiii
III"     Ilill   I   '   11.,'.!"'.       I'l.ll     llll."    I'.IUIT 1,,
"111"!  "I'" ■" '""I'MllI   ll ilil    III- 111111,1-
iriiinule   'I i'li   unv  lluilnui  1 'umpaii,,
I  ,s|    llllllll,'ll     "I   I'    "'  Mliillll.V- "I' lil'llll.'Ill's Ul'*,'
,      '    ,          ,,    ,,,       .....J   ,     „   uMilinii/'il pcratwl illllinlVnv.
'"Ity i'lniiii" nl "'I,,',,..I,.., ||(i|   n| llritish Coliiuihla or A ,■•„.
net- nl   I..   Il.iii.-i     limber   lleeuee, Smith A .lohnstou,
Ihenee west Hill chains, thenee nut Hi In 21             Hollcllora for Applicants.
I.  II.,.,,
I ins I   plu,I,,I
I llu
In.    In	
ll.lll  "li.1111
1,1 ,,i IIMI   ii, I,inn', llmlii'i' li, ,
ll,,.  ivesl lull ell ni"   Ihel   1
"linii,-, lh, 11,,  ".1 1 1 1, iiu .   llu
- li IU "Imiim   1,. pi.inl   "I   ".iiiiii,.
A  I "Uli   I'm,.
A V 	
Hi s *.' hits ut I'.P.S
Tliu   K.U.U.    Iiuvu  over   ton
niilss of right awuy cleared uiul
ure bow grading   between   the
_. .—=  ion mile post uiul lown,   Golden
j^ I *TftTfTftffffnTtffTTITTlifTftff*tffnT?ffTlff1,n-:-    I I nil's.
M I LUl/ML IMtZWO. | ,,.„.,!„,, |u,.u> ,.Mlrv graen
)r -i-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu: apples, pineapples, cautaloupos,
1^1    See Ro Id's ml. this week. tomatoes, cucumbors and Jumbo
tee Cream Sodas al the 'Palm'     Brooms 2 bits ul CCS,
load "I  buy
If you dont believe
this just
,,.        ...       ,     ,, i    Just arrived, a carload ol
Mis: itons! star Store tor  11. ,     ,   ,.  ,,
ll. B Pipes. and oats. A.,. Itowness
Iv   Doberer ol  the Pink Mer-
Ice Cream   In bulk or brick    Icantilo Co., who was til  Calgary
SBIat tlio "I'alui." ion company   business,   returned
Let    everybody    attend   llu-
_*. Labor   Day  meeting   in   Weill
W worth Hall this evening.
.1. A Marshall ol S'anlon, W
siuhlis of Nelson, A K si.iu
ti.'lil ol   Seattle,   Wash ,   were
and we will
9   Prove it to You   1
.^1     V I'lll ['I.',,-,,     ,,111     ,,,-   -.,-S'"l'l    I"    .MM,'-
S "i 'In' Kootenays.
**. llu: weeks output  "I  South
9      \ miner  named  .1    Chestuiil ',;M Kootenay silver-lend mlnei
9  was injured on Tuesday  by   fall   were as follows
% Our Goods are
ns:  dowu ii   shaft   In   i
Blugene mine ni Moyie
St  Kugene
North  Star
IVKHIi lllll
".tin 17,707
,'u'ii i:i,n:!ii
7X 2, 1 11
Don'l   forget   the  3 cent bar
gain sale al .1   I), Mcl-iride's lo
day      'I'li.'  big show window is
yft lull nl s:i'...ls, jusl what you nee,
A V,   0   li.is:.-ii ol I'liliMii   ni'
_t reseuting lhe  Uemiuglon  Typo
w writer Co., was in the eltj   I* ri       Washington,  I)  C, July -I.
S ia> "'a'^u-ting business.             .,.,„,   ,,ny   ,,,,,,.„.„,„.,„  is ,,,,.
ji ,,                               ,                 paring fur the installation ol six
I- Have you seen the show  win-
a} dow ol Hi : a Co  this wi .-ii *    li
yf. s   ■              uitig   down low u io
♦##*o******************* k, ,i,t,\—HJ tx „ :;:::„;in^::!!L;;;;t:
saged  in  mining al   Moyie tor |.',,n;,(,uu,   Point,   in   Northern
Win it you got » pood old*
rushloneti Headauhe that makes
uun' head throb; and yonreyes
whirl unil makes you stok to
youi rttomaeli try
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
They can'l hurl you uml  thoy
ship lllll    lll'lllllll'lll'.
One Dozen In .1 Bon '25c.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
if in Ilir ,,l,l liunil 1 Unil,, 1 Sin
/      '"'"' Uie
\ 11 WI lull I  llul'l'll.
I  i-iisi riuss Work In till liriini'lioi
1 ul tho
r,.ini     i.iiw  hi."7i
Wireless for thi' Philippines
ven wireless lelegruph stn
llie   i'hilippiues      'I'lu
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
11. !•:. WALKER, General Managm ALEX. LAIRD, Assi. Gon'l Mnnngti
A i;t'nridl HanKiiiii liusincss transacted.   Accounts may be opened and conducted by
mail Willi all branches ol this Bank.
Deposit-, nl'   M   autl upwards received, und interest ulluwcd ul
current rates,    lhe depositor is subject to un dehiy whut-
ever   in  the   w Itlldl'UWul of  the   t\ hole  or  any
portion  ol'   the   deposit
Tonsorlal Art
NOT  SATISFIED a .,.,..•„, ,. s , ,„,,„.,, imvv       one   there   now,   al
IKlKiWiHIMiWiHIWiW!»sV* *■**»■»«••
some  months  returned to Crun-
1»»»»».»•»«».«•»  brook Wednesday
i   .
The  service
gradually expanded.
 rjre * leary  who  hus been
11 '  .■ Si   I', iiiene hospital foi
. ;:    .   ten   11' ■ 'is.    s  ,.' ■   mice
uo •   I",    '.    g   ■..,   congratii .
To wliom 11 limy con com
I'lu' 1 iiil.'islu liiml  wile  having duly  up-
■leuml tit-fore tin- MimlcilMl Courl ot CriHi*
i<ioi.k iif. innl hnvfnu l.y multml conm-m
-mnoi M'l.nniiii.ii iiaiwrnt. sniii papers butui*
tUtlj 1 'cortletl on mlmilta of said Court, uow
.ill jM-r onstultt1 notice ihni 1 will not lit* re
sponsible im unv debt or uny uetioilRof my
lui,- wife Mnveln K Prlt'ij   Sinned
HARRY W. I'ltU'l'l
We have beet in llie busines.1
for several  years, we have tin
mthtv t'omiim   besl equipment in  B.C.  antl wm
1'".   I .--.i.«:*.*. A   guarantee satisfaction.
was    11' ■ i
111 V
L linns uf I   s       ,
a -,'
i '  ,       "" "'
■ 'ill',it '   .           l'l
♦ K    and   A M .
. ilusonic 'I'euipl
«: 11"
4 Chas     Armstrong    relumed     We are thi  aulhoiineJ ugents
" . Monday frnni a visil   to  Edmon   for the i em ivi.l nf Mason St Risch
B ton.     While there lie purclmse.l   piall0Si we ran do the work with-
■L a M'l'iiuii oi Imnl for speculativ
f purposes.
flDout iiiiil Piano
ilsu Elousoliold Pur-
I Bowling  Alley I
One of the best and one of the most
popular   recreations    in   Cranbrook
f      Armstrong Ave.      Tuesday and Priday afternoons  (.■
(|.(a»iKil'»il*IB'»BI«fliWSKH«-lS]-»  M«.!»W«lV«l-»W-»!«l-»(«W«i-»i.«l-»H]«..'S«-
afe-w -.$■■# •!4'-9:$' 9:4'.'9-'t*l:9 ;^; <-1*> '*'■ ♦ '♦■ * '♦■" '^'-" &* ''t,
•A   penny  savctl is  a   penny   earned:       ♦
II*.   lllll   lllll    it's   1
The I lardware Mun
Cranbrook. B.C.
tik Pushing' Business
ft  Thais what we are doing und cash is what we are alter
'ri* In the largo window you will  note n display
A of Crockery, uprising articles thai are worlli
'*' from  15 lo 50 cents each; this is a line we are
jl discontinuing, and you gel the benefit.     Today
can have with a CASH purchas
N'niii's for business
choice of any article for 5 cents
■*:      Everybody's money looks alike to us,
h  so uet here early.
out risk
C, Ross Tate, of Wm. I'.  Tatel       PERRY & FITZGERALD
& Son, C.P.R. watch inspectors,! Proprietors uf tho
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
i Ulii-i- oppositi
left on Tuesday for Calgary unci
other points on the Crow line to
complete the annual inspection
of watches,
The children of the Presbyterian Sunday school held a
picnic ut the grove northeast of
town on Wednesday. A good
time wns enjoyed by all the
little folks.
.1. E. Amiable of Nelson pass
ed through Cranbrook on Thursday's train with part of the
Kootenay fruit exhibit for the
Winnipeg fair, consisting of the
canned and bottled stuffs. The
fresh fruit exhibit will go by
today's train.
Rev. J. P. Westman and wife
left on Wednesduy for Elko to
spend a week at the Summer
School outing, Mr. Westman,
chairman of the district, Is in
charge und is looking nfter the
interest of thoso who attend. He
will return Saturday night to take
his work on Sunday and leave
for Elko Monday morning again.
Rossland hud u 480,000 blaze
on Saturday last. The tire started at 12 o'clock in llie Harrison
block, uiul after fighting the
llames for over an hour ihey
were extinguished, the Harrison
block and Morrow building being  redu 1  in  ruins  and   the
Windsor hotel completely gutted
Thu damage done to- buildings
uiul   merchandise   amounts    tn
C.I'.K. Ili'imt.
iimi  thl
. j   -* liter
lll'lllll-l.lll   1"
liiiili.-r   (i-.Hii   llu
laniis in Kasl Kn
T.ik<-  iinliii'  ii"11   i
date  I   Intend  n> applj   *" :'"   ' "'*; ,,.lt,'.   ,   ',
Commissioner ol I .inula mul Works  tor  „
permission to   eul   und   furry  iiwiij
timber trom the following deserl I
liiiiila iii East Kootonay
Commencing al n posl planloil nl thu
south easl enrner ol LotiWiB, lhat	
south 10 ohalns, thei wesl 1110 elmlns,
thenco north 10 .'Imiiis. thoi iwl 1110
i'liuins tn plaee ol lieglnnlngeontalnlng
IHO acres i 'o or loss.
Dated July Hth, IIIOII.
2ii        a T. CALDWKI.I,, I mor
... Lands
st      I
1 lll„l
iif    1.01
Carpenter % lliiilder
Good Worh at
Reasonable Prici
• ■Usl   HI .Illi
lll.'lli'.'  '.I'"
chains tn|
I Iwglnnl
;|n ii.'i'.'s -,- nr !.-.-.
Datod I i.l.-. llth, lllllil.
211 A. T. I'Al.llWKI.I.. I .iii-iii
Rev. lh. Killpali'ick, professor
in Knox College, Toronto, spent
n i'n days in town the lirst of
the week, uiul conducted a llieo-
logical conference in tho Presbyterian Church, .\ number of
i" chief | the members of tho Kootenay
Presbytery were presenl and
took pari in the discussions, llu
Sunday Iii Killpatrlck preached
iwn strong sermons In the Presbyterian Church and also spoke
on Tuesday evening. His visil
wns ii profit to nil who heard
him nml Im will Im welcome
ig should he again appear iu mir
Works li
ni.   .,...,,
The   l-'ire   Hrigado  held their
weekly   practice   on   Thursday
evoning,     The new hose wagon
«♦««■»»♦«»»»♦     »*•»*»♦■»***♦«  |H    'm   tin,,   condition   and   the
-s . . « r        * horses just what are needed  for
Ml     i        j ipiick  work  in getting to a fire.
The Leading Store
Choice Confectionery
Fresh Lettuce,
Green Onions
choice Rheubarh
Choice Oranges and Bananas
Hazelwood Ice Cream
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       Armstrong., Ave.
Call up tin- City Transfer
when vmi want vour Furniture, Piano, or Baggage
W. E. Worden
i r	
J_Ji   WWl-llN j The run from the engine  liousi
j to tho hydrant   on  Cranbrook
Tailor \, Importer of | ?.1,1'0,01 W;|^ mado in |,e?0,'d lh""*
,-.,        .,,      ,   . *i Willi   tliii'ii   hose   reels,   u   hose
Fine Woolens.       I wivg011 ,lM(l  nook . an(i'. ladder
| I  Irui-li   lh,.  brigade   is up-to dale
JI Cranbrook, B.O.   Armstrong Ave |j„   HVury   partTculttl-, and   Is the   „„.,„,,
Otlice and Workshop   Lewis Sl |«**«M«MWw»«««»---*»»«»«f prldo of our city.
Sole neeiiu lliuik
lli'.iil lllllil I'mil.
Pealed tkndicks iHkir«Bspii to tlio un-
O   .li-rsiu I iintl i'iiiliii'si',1   "IVinti'i'for IMKt
OIHob, Kurnlo. n,[j„t' will bo ro-iolvocJ ut Uiiu
oltloc initii siiiiii'.i.iy, aukiiki i. mon, inohiBlvoly
for tl nst nut ion nl u Pout Ollleo, Ue,, building nl I'l'Mlir  || C.
I'liiitN nn.l Hpci'lllimtioilH run he noun and
(firms i.f li'inicr nlilnineil ul tbln |10)mrtmoill
iiii.i on ;i|>|di.--.lion in Uoborl A. Korr, Kw|.,
I'lftlt .il Works  l-Vriib*. lie1.
I'I'ihoiis li'liilrrlliK llin llOtlllOll Llni li'inli'is
ivill mil hi-i'imsiib-M <l utiloNh iniiili'on tbi- prlnl
eil finiii nii|'|)I|iiI, ami N||*ni!(l Willi llii'ir iiiuiiil
Hnrli   tumlur   iniiHl   bo   nruoiiiimiik'il  by
an ai'ii'|i|.i-(| |!bllf|ll(l on u cliiiiti'i'
<'il liiinU. iiiinlr iiiivitt.lr lo LtlO onlcr n' the Hon-
oiiiHlib- tho Mlni'.li-i' ut I'uldli  WorllB, ml to
l.ii 'icr i'l'll t ()l) |i ef or Uli' IIIIIOUllI lit LllU Icntl-
i-r. wlibib will bo rorlultwl T ib« piirly u<mlur
IliK tll'lllllIU Lo I'uli-r IlltO li f nut wIlUI lluit
upun to iiii sii, nr if bo (iill lo I'OtnplDtO Un*
worli foiitriu'tfii ror.   If tbo tuiulor tin noi no
oopuiil tl boipio will lio mttirtioil.
Tin- Pt'|.urliiifiit'loi'N not lllllil ItHfllf lo no.
ii'l.i tlio Inwoii ciriuiy tomlor.
ity onlor,
nl ut Publii- VVorlis.
iiuuHu. July i", i'■■'' ■-"*
A By-law to Regulate the Hours
During Which Children May
be Abroad Unattended.
'Hip Municipal ('ouncil of tho C'orpm**
nl inn of llit' City uf Cniniironk in Council assembled cnaetsas follows:
I. The Council shull provide a hell
and sii till cause the same to be run1?
at ile hour of (81 p.m. evory evening
Irom the Hrst day of May to the 80th
day of September Inclusive and at the
hour of (7) p.m. every evening from the
Hrsl duy of October to the thirtieth day
ol April inclusive.
*_\ Between the hours in the last
preceding section appointed and the
hour of five (5i a.m. on the following
morning il shall !»■ unlawful for any
child under the age of sixteen ilui
years to lie in or upon any public street
lane, alley, bridge, park, square,
vacant lot or other unoccupied ground
or public place within the limits of the
Municipality unless such child is in
charge of and is accompanied by its
parent or guardian or some adult person thereunto duly authorized by such
parent or guardian.
it. The Police Constables uud such
oi her persons as the Council may ftp-
point shall have the power to arrest
and lake Into custody any child apparently under the age of sixteen (HI)
years found unattended us hereinbefore
provided during the time hereby prohibited tn or upon uny public street,
lane, alley, bridge, park, square,
vacant lot or other unoccupied laud or
other public place.
4. livery Constable or other otliccr
who shall arrest or take Into custody
any child under the age of sixteen (ll!)
years as provided In Section three (.1)
hereof shall forthwith take such child
to his or her home or place of abode
ami shall warn the parent or parents
or guardian of such child against the
breach of this By-Law.
5. If upon the hearing of any Information under this By-Law it shall appear to the 1Magistrate. Justlt f the
Peace or other competent authority before whom such information is heard
that the warning mentioned iu Section
four (4) hereof has heen duly given in
the manner therein described and lhat
tho olTenee lias been repeated, such
Magistrate, Justice of Llio Peace or
other competent authority may impose
a line noi exceeding the sum of live
dollars (*5.00) for each oITuiiho together
wilh costs upon such child or upon the
parent or guardian of the said child)
and in default of payment of such line
and costs, such child, parent or guard-
inn sll llll become liable to imprisonment for a period not ex ding six lit)
ii. I'pon any persecution under this
By-Law, the evidence of uny witness
thai lo the best of his or her judgement
any person, with reference hi whom
such prosecution is being brought, is a
person under the age of sixteen (HI)
years and shall east upon Ihedefendont
the onus of proving lhat such child Is
of greater age.
7. Tho hours referred to herein
shall be calculated liy what is generally known as Pacific Standard Time.
K. This By-Law may tie cited as the
"< in-few By-Law."
I lend a first, second and third time
on the 20th duy of .tune, A.II., Mum.
kcfonsidfi-cd uud finally passed and
adopted on the lllh day of July, A.I).,
<;. T. Itogers, Mayor
(*. II. Prest, Clerk
I horoby certify tho within is a true
copy, willioui erasure or interlineation
of the lty-l.aw registered on tiie
day of July, A. !>., HKHt, In the otlice of
the County Court of Kasl Kootenay,
holih.-n al Cranlirook. 28
Rings for
N,. mallei' ivliui kind ot a ring you prefer, you uan
sm-oty aelei-t ono to «"ii you from our olioloe stouk.
I'l-ii-i-s range h-nni 15 iioilts for u soliil golil lialty r'nnt
lo trjfiO.OO fm- a iliiiuuintl solitaire.
■•'in- uvula in- Iiiiii- ii largo variety In luimlsrauo
aliiKlu slum- nml signet rings al popular prlees,
. F. Tate k Son
Jewelers and Opticians
Olllelal Wali'ti Inspectors fort'.l'.K. Crow's Nest
•'iias Division.
Boot * Shoe Deoartoit
Hoys Tan Bluchers  $3.00
Boys Tan Oxford  -'.50
Ladies Tan Oxford  2.50
Childs Tan Slippers  85
Childs Red Slippers,  (soft  sole),   sizes
1 to 4 50
Childs Chocolate Button, sizes 1 to 5.. 85
These    Goods    Are    All New
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES anil CROCKERY
Boots,      Shoes      and      Hosiery
Cranbrook,   -   -    B. C.
15 DAY
Starting on Saturday [tily 21st and
running for *J5 DAYS we wl"
offer exceptional Bargains in all De
part men Is and
In addition we will refund
to every fifteenth Cash pur-1
chaser the full amount off
their purchase. I
Jj Cloth and Tweed Skirts
[] Silk mouses
[1 (ilovus and lloscry
find exceptional Bargains on our I
15c. Tables
D»!'»»»H»iHt»ffl»I!«lfl»IS»i8'» »IIMjiHrWiM|MII^«B%ir»i|%|


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