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The Prospector Jul 7, 1906

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Array %\)t f tto§yt£tit.
Vol. 12.
No. 27.
Large   Number From Craubrook
Take in Spoils.
As usual a Imgo nniiiliei' ot
holiday seekers from Cranbrook
found Iheir way to Miry In lo
spend July 2nd, The ei'uwil was
rallier disappointed when they
round I here wus no special train
in the morning However, No.
n was ou time, and thus matters
were Improved, As soon as the
crowd arrived they suw thai the
children's sports were iu progress. Mueli enthusiasm was
manifest iu these events as us
uai, und the crowd wan quiet
Ai one o'clock E. A, Hill announced thai the I'aledouian
games would commence. Much
interest was shown iu lhe tlrst.
event, Moyie looking lo their
champion, I). A. Aires, while
Cranhrook wus ready with all
odds on T Gallon, ll was a
good race, und swift, T. Gallon
Winning hy one yard iu 10 2-5
seconds, II. A. Ayres was sec
Olid. The oilier events were as
Suck race, I). A. Ayres ; fal
mini's race, C. Yeandle ; potato
race, I). A. Ayres ; broad jump,
I). A. Ayres 1st. Ed. Laleune
Ullll : pulling the stone. M. Me
IVrinid Isi, VV. Rogers 2nd; tug-
ol uar. nnrlli end of lown i log
rolling, Alex Smith ; walking
greased pole, Alex. Sinilh: ImiiiI
ruei', Henderson 1st, Hanihardl
2nd: rock drilling contest, John
Sullivan and Jerry Driseoll 1st,
2ii Inches; Pete llesoni and .las.
Pez/.etti 2nd. 2ti 14 inches.
The hose reel race was a great
disappointment to the crowd.
All were anxious to witness this
leal, and to say that the hearts
drooped when it was announced
tlmt tiie nice was off is to speak
mildly. Many were disgusted.
The trouble arose over a wrench.
It is lo he hoped that ill the
future a better understanding
will be arrived at.
There were a great many en
tries for the shooting contests,
a good number of gun enthusiasts
being iu attendance. In the contest for the Campbell cup the
Crii nlil link team, consisting of
Messrs. Moffatt, Green, Pink-
bam, Foster, and Atchison, defeated Messrs. Cameron, Taylor,
Campbell, Guiiidon. aud Williamson of Moyie liy a score of 7"
birds lo 70.
The 10 bird single handed
event was won by Pinkham.
breaking t> out of 111.
Fifteen bird single handed
event was wou liy Cameron,
breaking 12 out ol 13.
The Crunbrook hand were iu
attendance ami discoursed sweet
music during the duy.
A large number took advunl
age ol the opportunity to'go for
a sail on Ihe hike.
High Soliool Kutranoe.
Following is the result of the
high school entrance examinations held in Cranhrook early
last month, live pupils passing
out of 11 who wrote:
Cranhrook ti, passed 2. I.ouis
W. Stewart. 5HN; Gladys M.
Ci-skill, ."if*.
Fort Steele I, passed 1, Walter Tannhauser uihi.
Moyie 8, passed 1. Arthur F.
Crowe, (ill,.
Wardner I, passed 1. Muriel
I. Nheppard, Toll.
Caledonian Picnic Monday.
A large number ol the mem
hers of the Caledonian Society
celebrated Dominion Duy liy
holding a picnic at Wild Horse
Everyone young und old—enjoyed the Irip to this beautiful
resort. The day was line and au
early Star!, wus made. A rest
was given lhe horses al Fort
Steele, and the grounds were
reached al noon The thanks of
the society are due Mr. Rininore
for permission to us* the grounds
of lhe Invicta. ll is lo he regretted thai parties from 'Cranbrook who hud visited the place
this season behaved like vandals
and did some damage lo the properly. It is lo be hoped that in
future such privileges may not
lie abused, After partaking of
a hearty repast the parlies visited spots of interest such us the
hydraulic mines. Others went
a fishing. A rest was made on
return ut Fort Steele, aud games
indulged in, The chief Interest
centered iu tbe lug of war, when
the married ladies heal the single
and lhe married gentlemen beat
the single. McKenzie was champion of the hammer, Miss Gilles
won the ladies' race and Mr.
McKenzie Ihe men's race. There
was intense Interest throughout
the contests. The party, after
speudiug U delightful time, returned lo Cranbrook before mid
night, pleased with the outiug
and the success attending it
Canada Loses the Race
Henley, Hug., July I —In the
seuiitinuls for the grand challenge cup today, Trinity Hall,
Cambridge, heal the Argonauts
of Canada by half a length, time
iu 7 minutes and 9 seconds.
The Club Nautiqiie de Grand
of Belgium lieal the Third
Trinity of Cambridge' hy Iwo
lengths in 7 minutes and 5
seconds. The Belgians und
Trinity Hall will IhuR contest in
the tinal for the grand challenge
cup tomorrow.
The Argonauts Trinity Hall
race was a magnilieenl oue. For
the lirst quarter of a mile lhe
boats' noses were level. Trinity
Hall then slowly forced lo lhe
front. Half the distance was
reached in ii minutes and 25
seconds. The Canadians were
then hardly a quarter of a length
in the rear, and were making
desperate efforts to overhaul
their opponents, but the repeated spurts of the visitors proved
unavailing. The Trinity Hall
crew always responded with a
slight quickening of their stroke
and held the lead to the end
after one of the hest races ever
witnessed at Henley.
Henley, July 3.—The crew
representing the Club Nautiqiie
de Grand (Belgium) today defeated Trinity Hall, Cambridge,
by three length in the liual lor
the grand challenge cup. Time,
7 minutes, fl seconds.
The cup thus leaves England
for the lirst lime in its history,
uud for Ihe next twelve mouths
ut least will adorn the headquarters of the Belgian rowing
The ease wilh which the Belgians beat the crack British
crew was a rather rough shock
11» the complacency of the home
oarsmen and their belief iu the
hitherto unshakable invincibility
of iheir methods of rowing.
Apart from a momentary advantage at the start, Trinity Hall
was never ill lhe race.
Montreal, July 8.- C. P. R.
earnings lor May showed a uui
increase of (1799,727. The slule-
menl of earnings and expenses
tor the mouth of May. uml for
the eleven months of Ihe company's tlscal year, July 1 to
May 31, shows thai the net
profits for the mouth of Muy
amounted to 12, IH7,tlti2, as
against (1,887,98-1 lor May of
lust year, an increased!' 1709,727.
The nel profits for eleven months
ending May ill amounted to
1121,085,202, as against liU 8,972,155
for the corresponding period of
lasl year, an increase ofjt.7,008, ■
11)7. The figures in detail are:
July lui in
May, IWHI May 111. imsi
lli'imaeai'ii. 15,670,008.16 tWl,lfl2,40tt,6.1
Work III*- ex pll,8»l ,1140.52    116,157,1 tUM
N,'i |,i',ilila*L',IS7,iH:*.',li:i »2|,0,'I5,2«2.R7
Metis Dress Shirts 05c, CCS.
Three Days Sporti at the Coal City
-Miners and Eagles Entertain.
The Miners' Union annual
sports were held in Fernie on
Ihe recreation ground on Doniin
ins Duy, mul us usual proved a
great success. The long pro
gramme was followed closely.
and almost every event advertised was pulled off in u manner
that wus pleasing lo ull. The
speakers of the occasion were
W. R Ross, M. P. P., L. P.
Eckstein, and .1. H. 11 a.v thorn
Ihwaile, M. P. P., and others.
Mr. Ross spoke of the import
anee ol* labor and made a few
remarks of a semi political uu
lure. Mr Hawthornthwaite
spoke of socialistic topics of Ibe
lay, aud was very strenuous iu
his remarks, aud was listened lo
wilh pleasure by socialists and
others who were present. Tbe
programme included 2ti events
which were pulled off in a very
satisfactory manner. Several
hundred dollars was distributed
in prizes.
Tuesday was the tirsi day of
the Eagles' celebration, The
programme was started by a
large procession, which formed
iu front of ihe Eagles' lmil und
then marched to the recreation
ground. Here the carnival was
formally opened hy addresses
from Mayor Rleasdell, Vi. K.
Ross, M. P. P.. G. G. S. Liud-
sey, and Aldermen Triles, Beck,
and Tuttle. Miss O'Brien of
Coal Creek was crowued by
Mayor Rleasdell as Queen of the
Carnival. During the afternoon a large crowd witnessed a
ball game. Lethbridge v. Fernie,
Bill Tntlle acting as referee.
The score al the close stood
Lethbridge fl, Feruie h.
After the hull game a hundred
yard foot race was run, with
Renwick of Nelson, McConnell
of Crunbrook, Callell and Munn
of Fernie aud McDonnell of
Michel ascoulesluuts. Renwick
was handicapped six yards.
Callell won, Renwick 2nd, McConnell 3rd.
The football game came next,
Coal Creek defeating the Fernie
team. Then followed a series
of Caledonian games which were
ull ably contested.
Tllllll)  11AV, JULY 4th.
The second day under the auspices of the Eagles began with a
log loading contest, which was
won hy a team from the Elk
River Lumber Co., who loaded
89 logs, scaling 4,108 feel, iu
25 I - minutes,
Then followed a log rolling
contest In the mill pond of the
Elk River Co., which furnished
considerable amusement for the
large crowd iu attendance. After
Witnessing a horse race and
several foot races on Ihe main
street, the crowd followed the
band to lhe recreation ground li
see a lacrosse game beiweeu
Cranlirook and Frank teams
tii li flAME,
11   was   nearly   three
Choice Blood  Oranges 60c a
dozen at Stewarts.
when the leums lined up for tin
Canadian national game, and
upon facing off, and the referee
whistle blowing, il took Cran
brook jusl oue minute to Uud the
net. In Iwo minutes ami fifty-
six seconds Matheson, for Cran
brook, again found lhe net.
From then until one-fourth lime
was culled uo scores were inude
Second quarter- lu Ihreo minutes twelve seconds, by a puss
from Hayes lo Jameson, ('rail
brook secured another goal. In
three minutes later Flunk scored, Al half lime the score was
Cranbrook 8, Frank I.
Third quarter —One minute
after the face off llebeek gels
the ball, passes lo Miller. Miller
to Mathews, who plunged the
hull into the nel lu one half
minute Oranbrook secures iniolll
seconds Cranhrook again found
the net, being the last goal lhis
Lust quarter- Cranbrook finds
the nel in ten sci-iiuds by t, swill
bill   sure   puss    I'ruui    Miller lo
Jameson. Twenty seconds Inter
Fred Patton soured for Cranbrook, and again iu three uiiu
ll les Debeck found llu- nel.
The game closed will, ibe Inl
lowing score : Cranhrook In,
Frank 11.
The wel hose race was tn
have heen a conies! between the
Craubrook tire brigade team and
one Irom Moyie. bul owing lo au
accident lo the Craubrook team,
went to Moyie
Preparations for the hose race
were carefully made, and upon
tossing up Cranbrook was elect
ed to run lirst Tbe (.'ranbrook
boys went to the scratch iu tine
condition, and upon the sound of
the pistol secured a (food start,
and came living down the street |
at a 25 second puce, but, nnfor |
tunately the coupling man, who
hud hold of the hose, slipped on
a small pebble, ost Ihe grip uu
lhe hose, which went living from
side to side of lhe hose reel, and
he was unable to secure ll, and
us the reel passed u crossing one
of lhe Hue meu fell narrowly es
capiug being run over liy lhe
Hying curl No connections be
iug made wilh ihe hydrant
Cranbrook wus mil of lhe nice.
I'lie Moyie leum came to the
scratch, gol a good send off, ami
mode good time. Id the hydrant, I
which was secured, and gol
water in 811 seconds, winning
llie race.
Not to disappoint the large
crowd of spectators who desired
lo see what lhe boys could do,
the  captain   of    tbe   OrioibiooU
team announced to the committee that they would give an exhibition run, und immediately
lined up to the scratch, with two
members of the team slightly injured, bleeding from bruises iu
the former run. Al the crack
of Ihe pistol they were awuy,
down the course Ihey went
Hying, got lhe hydrant, and secured waler in 27 seconds Hal,
thus heating Ibe lime ol* Hie
winners by lour and a fraction
Cranbrook is to be congratulated upon having llreineu who
are second to none iu lhis district. They are gentlemanly
fellows who love clean spoil,
antl who, hud the accident
happened lo thu other contestant
would have gladly given them
the opportunity of contesting tor
supremacy, by another run.
As Seen by Kernie Ledger.
Although the Cranbrook boys
fell keenly their unfortunate
mishap, Ihey proved themselves
heroic spoilsmen, for ihey ut
once announced thul all hough
they bud fairly losl lo Iheir
Worthy opponents, Ihey would
give thu speiialiii's an exhibition
run, ami right royally was lhis
announcement cheered by the
huge crowd. What may he
called a record run was made
as Ihe hoys covered the long
distance in 27 seconds Hal. This
ended Ihe grandest event of the
whole program and Fernie lakes
off ils hat to these noble sports
men from the wesl and will iml
forget Ihe guild exumpleol clean
courage inspiring sporl of u kind
which lends In pul life into con
lesls which improve a dangerous
bill mosl necessary service To
the captains and men of those
two teams the Ledger extends
ils hearty thanks for courleslns
extended lis loprescniallvos and
for the great sen ice they have
rendered the public by these Hue
exhibitions of skill and strength,
Engineer Miller Knocked Sense
less   Collision Averted
Engineer Miller was coming
wesl oil a light engine Friday
llight, having received orders lo
pass au easlhiiund freight al
Spill-wood. His engine was jusl
oul of lhe shops nl Winnipeg
and was running liol ll is sup
posed Ihal Miller, while passing
over Ihe bridge ul Michel, was
looking 01)1 of the cub towards
the tender to see, if possible, the
condition of lhe boxes ou lhe
tender, when he was struck and
knocked senseless by some por
lion ol the bridge. His coudllion
wus not noticed by the fireman
until observing the headlight of
the east hound freight he spoke
io Miller, saying the freight was
on the in ii in track Receiving
no reply he sprang lo the engineer's side of Ihe cab and saw
that Miller was unconscious and
hanging partially oul of the
window. The fireman climbed
over ihe prostrate form of the
engineer, sel the air and reversed Hie engine, thus stoppiug her
iu time to avoid a head ou collision Willi Ihe eust hound
freight, It wus a narrow escape,
tor the engine wilh its unconscious engineer had passed
Spin wood aud would have run
into the freight nl Olson's but
for the promptness and presence
of mind of lhe fireman.
As soon as Ihe engine was
slopped Miller whs taken from
lhe cub und placed in I he caboose
where he was attended lo by a
medical mail who wus I ravelling
iu the eiisiboiind freight. Everything possible wus done to lessen
the sufferings   of   the   injured
,n,  wlio IU&Q lal/.in to  the   laOB.
pit ul al Michel, und subsequently to the St. Eugene hospital ut
Cranbrook, The condition of
Miller is serious. He was nil
conscious from the time of the
accident lllllil Thursday, wheu
he became rational.
The directors of the Hudson
Hay Co. have granted a bonus of
ten per cent, oil  yearly  salaries
to all employes who have heen
Fancy hot house Tomatoes 25c >r goal.  In three and one fourth] with  the  Company   a  year  or
per lb. at Stewarts. minutes Frank scores,     lu  30, more.
0, S. Frlzzell was at Fernie
Sunday lust.
D, li. Vales of Wycliffe was iu
the cily Monday.
W. A. Hill ol Montreal was iu
the city Thursday,
.1. McConnell of Wntlsbiirg
was in the city Friday.
ti. Benedick ol Mayook spent
Monday iu Cranhrook.
Dr. F. B. Mills left ou Saturday lasl lor Kulispell.
Dispatcher tlutton uud family
were at Sirdar this week.
F. H. Hall ol F.nderby was a
Crunbrook visitor Monday.
C. Vroom of Creslou spent a
few days in lown this week.
T. T. Mc.VcVitlie of Fort
Sleele wus ill Ihe cily Friday.
II. Vlneberg ol Montreal wus
a Craubrook visitor this week.
V. II. ('milium of Guelph was
al lhe Craubrook Weduesday
Berl VanDecar returned home
Irom Calgary on Sunday last.
Dr. Sawyer was in town lhis
Week rounding up cattle and
Dr. H. Walt of Fort Sleele
spent several days this week ul
Mrs 1. B. VanDecar returned
lasl Friday from a visil In lhe
E V. Dnngertlelds of Calgary
was a guesl al the Craubrook on
V. Hyde Baker was al Nelson
tor several days this week on
A. Kmpsou und I) Manning of
Tochly were Iii ihe city  Friday
on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ill, Cathcarl
returned irom uu euslern visil
Sunday last.
H. II, McVlltie weui lo the
Yahk country with a surveying
outfit Wednesduy.
Mr. and Mrs Win. O'Hern
were inking ill I he celebration at
Feruie this week.
M. A. Beale ol Cranbrook was
registered al the Strathconu ho
lei, Nelsou, ou Wednesday.
Mis Harris ol Toronto was a
j Craubrook visitor Friday.
F DeRosieu of Jaffray was in
the cily Friday on business
P. tt  Greeu of Orillia, <>m .
was a guest at the Cosmopolitan
L Sullivan, Halifax, X. S,
was registered :u the Cosmopol
iiiin Monday.
Edllor F. E. Simpson made a
Hying trip to Nelson Tuesduy.
returning Wednesday.
(I T Wood and C. R Me
Loci,Inn ol Winnipeg were at lhe
Craubrook Wednesday.
Mrs   Dupoul and Miss   Kimp
ion of Windermere were Cran
brook visitors on Friday.
F Hankies and P. Lake ol
Athalma were registered at Ihe
Cosmopolitan ou Friday
Oils Staples of the Staples
Milling Co., Wycliffe, was in lhe
city Monday ou business
Geo. Jewell and F. H. Pearson
ol Jaffray were at Craubrook
Saturday last on business
E W. Ogle aud Jus Falkuer
of Vancouver were registered at
the Craubrook Wednesday.
J G. Robson ol Nelson and D,
J Poller of Vancouver were
Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Hurry Melton, who has been
mining ou HaHa creek lor some
mouths, was iu town Friday.
Miss Cunningham arrived Irom
Nelsou Wednesday uml will stay
al Mayor Rogers' a lew days.
A. E. Hale, W. J. Nixou, and
M. Cain of Fernie were regis!
ered at llie Cranbrook Monday.
K. L Mathers of Spokane and
C, 11. Durtiiul of Vancouver were
guests al lhe Craubrook Monday
A. A. Macneil lefl on Saturday on u visit to Winnipeg. He
will he uway for several weeks.
James Ryau and Vic Rollins
returned Thursday from a visil
lo Seattle and other coast cities.
Mr. and Mrs. Tisdale and Miss
A unii. visited Wasa' Monday.
They reporl having a pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. A. II Grace and
little Miss Grade Higgius were
ut Feruie lor several days this
A. E. Biiigren, P. Seward
and A. Wright of Winnipeg wore
registered ill  the   Cranbrook ou
W. Harrison, who lias beeu
with Chas. Reid A Co. for several months, left on Thursdny
for Alberta.
M. B. King of the  Kiug  Mill
iug Co..   was  registered  sl   lhe
Slralhcoua   hotel.   Nelson,    ou
Sunday last.
J. A. Harvey leaves Unlay on
a visit io Toronto and other east
oin cities, he will be uwuy about
four weeks.
Mrs. J. P. Smith went over lo
Fori Sleele Monday and will
remain u week or two the guest
of Mrs. Galbrailh.
Don't forget the lecture by
Rev. li Goodfield ou "Jobn
Bull", in the Baptist Church ou
Monday evening.
T. Martin of Calgary, 0. F
Andrews of Wardner, and J. G.
Shields of Regina Were at the
Cranbrook Sunday last.:.
Ed Davis, J. F Hutchcrofl,
and J, H Dogle of Marysville
Were registered al Ihe Cosmo
politan Tuesday.
Miss M Hulchcroft and Miss
k Connolly went lo Marysville
ou Friday lo lake pari in the
concert given by the Ladies' Aid
Mrs C, A Foote and daughter
of Movie were lu lown Sunday
lasl They visited Mr Foole
who is ill ai ihe Si Eugene
Miss VI P Sinclair, sister of
Mrs ,1 P. Wesl man, arrived In
totvn on Tuesday and will spend
a lew weeks visiting ul the
H S Wright Of Nelson, VI. tt.
Ross, Vancouver, II 1. Mlichel,
Toronto, ami II P Jameson ol
Calgary were guests ill the
I 'ranbrook Friday.
Gen. Cnrtwrlghl was up from
Creston Tuesday and returned
ou Wednesday, inking his family
who will remain there lor the
summer monihs.
W. C McOualg, Berlin; II. A
Stockton, Calgary; Alex Lucas,
Kaslo; 0 II Jell, Calgary, and
John Suiilli, Portland, were
guests ul the Cranbrook on
Meus Dress Shirts 05c. CCS.
Financial Statement Shows Fro
Stable Operation
Tin- annual meeting of shareholders  ami directors   of   the
North   Star   Mining   Company
nils held in   Montreal   ou  Julie
127th.       The    directors'   report
shows ihai  the operations tot
the year have reunited in a net
profit oi 185,00(1 Tins was due
lo lhe mining aud shipping of
about 2,000 Ions of ore, uud the
high in-lces of lead and silver
prevailing throughout the year,
together with better freight aud
treatment rates The mining of
Ihe ore was dune under contract
The report of Mr Currau, the
mine manager, shows develop
meul work done during lhe year
to the amount of 1,024 feet, al
most entirely Ih the vicinity uf
the Kellog shall Aboul 100
(eel up the hill from ihe Kellog
shall a drill has been run 215
feet, and al a distance of 70 feet
from the surface a winze started
ou a small seam of ore This
ore has W idened out and llliprov
ed in values al depth The winze
is now down about 82 feet, and
when a deptli of 50 feet has beeu
reached the vein will lie explored
by crosscuts. Mr. Curran says:
"From conditions opened up by
lhe work iu lhe winze, together
wiili Ihe work of the crosscuts
and drifts, it is reasonable to
conclude Ihal ore exists in lhis
ground, aud I have great faith
that further work in the winze
will show up on- in paylak.
Tin- financial statement shows
the total receipts for the year lo
be 1132,478.07! lotul working expenses I(I20,61P.70, The balance
of $25,855,27 was transferred lo
the profil and loss account, leaving a balance in lhe treasury of
Before tbe Beak.
N. Hanson of Wasa was charged before Judge Whimster ut
Feruie on Mouday with selling
an Klk and Iwo sheep heads lo
A. Mutz of Fernie, contrary to
the game law. The case was
adjourned lo secure further evidence These heads were iu
Hanson's possession loug before
there wu.s such a luw on the
statute books of the province.
Cranbrook vs Frank
Cranbrook lacrosse team was
al Flunk ou Monday lasl aud
played a league game with the
Frank team The score at Ibe
finish was y to 1 iu favor of
The game was called al 4 p.m.
At ihe face off Frank secured
the ball and made a run tor the
Cranbrook goal, but was check
ed by McLean and lhe situit,ioo
was reversed, Hie ball going
outh to Frank goal, wheu Por-
I eo Us passed to Miller, who shot
it into lhe net One goal for
Cranbrook Again ihey faced
It and alter nine minutes ol
Strenuous playing Hodden shot
and scored for Frank Play
living resumed Miller scored in
iwo minutes, the first quarter
then ending iu a mix up. aud the
referee sending Iwo men lo rest.
Second quarter Debeck scores
iu live minutes; Mathews does
ihe same in six minutes, Two
more players were senl to rest.
Thus ended ehaplei two, the
score staudlllg I to 1 ia favor uf
After hull time loose playing
.coined lo be lhe order. Frank
trying to score, and Kukoff slop
ping their  Shots I   letting u
ball pass llllll lhe uui       I'uarlur
audod with two more scored for
The last quarter was a repetition ot lhe oilier three, Clan
brook scoring repeatedly, the
game ending with the following
score: Oranbrook '.', Frank 1.
Fancy Jumbo Bunanas 50c per
dozen at Stewarts. THE PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK   B. ('■.. Jl'LY 7. 1006
thai  lhe patronugo "ill i"
*%l)t .|?CO»V^^t«r.   Uur  pap, '"'is'beil.|
i''.s'rj\ni.isut:i'   urns
A. B. Grace,
rtin.isni'in   ami  mn run
complimented mi iis appearance
and the amount ami kind of mat 1
icr ii contains. 1 lur citizens can
iiiuke the paper still more elToc-
livu hy  liberal patronage, both I
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Cranbrook, B.C.
®lte ffiVO&VStfXtV.   in subscriptions and advertising. w>  p> GURD
*     ***> * The paper will always endeavor
■ menl the patronage
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Diiiinu Room
The Hot Water Question
A lown is greatly judged by
iis schools uml churches.
Our churches  are a credit ti
city of this size     1 lur ehurcl
buildiugs are not large bin neul Wl. kuow then, Thev could noi
and Inviting nnd our pastors arc (.ll|ov lhe hlM ,„w wooks ,,, .,
I"1'!'"    orators,    the  ctpial   of „arm wtll,Br ,„,  ,,,;u. lhl, ,,,„,
Why mu   make   the   besl   of
things   as    Ihey    inun-    lo    lis
'Flier,' an- certain   ones in iiii
■' lown who have been complaining
if     hard     times     over     sinci
Solicitor, Etc.
' Granbrook
llritish I '..liiiiil't,1
which one seldom   Muds outside
letropolitiin   cities
warm  winter
buds   would   start   ami   then  In
11 MtlllSTKIt, sul.H'i'i'iii:
nml NOT Mil   IM1H1.U*.
Oranbrook, B.C
llll.L .v  en.    The only place In town
Hull i-llll nilllii- life imi-ili the livill-T-
Can Be Settled Bn Us
Qiili.My .iiiii Satlolactorllu
\VIi,-i|i.-i ii i-.i holler in llio l,ii.'li.'ii
wiili Miili.'i.'in i-i<|iu-lt> i" nipplj Iml
water for ilonu-stli' i"ni"'-.- mul the
Iintl.   i'".'lli   ill'   .1   I'"'" 1    In   'ii Ililr
capable ..1 Biipplyinn -utter to heat the
whole liim-i' makes m> ilni. r.ii.'.'. We
.-hii   put ill lailll kind* unil Iwtli "illllli
killed    Thei   know ihal  crops t-    ..    rfintnnenn
•I  will   he   a    failure   lhis   yen,'   G'  "'   """"')s""
RM .1 sol.I, I loll
respects      1 lur buildings are all  ,„ ,■,,,■
,,, , I here is a ways something dis .. .-*, n ,11111s 11,1 s
that could be desired; our leach , ■ " no-i'ai^ I'uiii.n
, astrous going lo huppen    li  is
ers ure the best thul  uioucv  ami . ,,.,.,.,.  , ,.,^„    mun
,   nisi us cheap an 1 um are  worth OFFICE   i.l-AsK   uiui.niNi.
a careful and wise scbooi   iioanl  ' ,
inure   to   vour   l.iinilv    ami    lhe I'nitilii-ouk, I.i
can employ and il our schools do .,, ,    ,'       .
lown il von will   nni, on ibe sun  .
lllll    come    up   lo    lhe   pel'teclloll ,        , ,.,.
,. ,        ,      , ' , 111* side nl   Illi
line   lhe   luiill   can   he (raced lo
the pupils themselves, who fails     Therear8niftm s,,.*k-m
'" al ,'1"'  "'" advantages .1  plos ot lhc, value of good
generous public has given th	
The uame of our  town stands
Ir viols- pei-tcetl}-.
Plumbing and Heating
I'.-ssfnlly in ever)    1-'
for a pictltl'e in the minds of all
who have lingered even for a lew
Meeting davs  within  lhe charm
Plumbing, Beating and Ventilating   fcngineersjof *u wooiUg beautj    [t slands    Just ai-rived, a carload
■ - - -  noi alone as a  pleasunl   picture, and oats   A  C  Rowness
.♦".'.♦..♦:.♦'♦'.*'♦" * .♦.:♦-♦'» ♦■   ♦ *"♦ «*'♦"» ♦<•♦<•♦*♦   but as the future ideal lo itsowu
*   loyal   citizens       li    is  un
Wherever roads have been permanently Improved il is found
ihni there has beon 11 vory groat
increase in value of the adjacent
rilOM A S   Mc V I TT I I''.
P.L..S. A- CK.
Fori Sleele ll.C.
Pllll.siliidll und SlII'lJROII
ol'l'li 1: .UtMST'ltONO  AVl'1.
llollls:    11 to II ll.lll.   - I" I p.m.
; toHp.ui.
i'lniiii- iniii'i' 10a   ii.'siiii'iu'.' um
among :t sistets 111 ihis  country
as aii ideal city of   homes,   even
as the country is unique for  its
wealth, fertility and manifo il til
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
Remember we carry the only stock ol litWJ
papers in Cranbrook
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds nf Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly,
:♦: ♦.;♦:♦:♦: ♦ ■:♦: ♦ :'*.:*>.4'. *> '4' '4,' ♦ '!♦'• »-'*; * '.t:-♦ '■**■ *■'■*.'■* Charge cities at home.'
It will pay those who are
-oking for work lo call ami
Jim   McArthur
He   ran   secure  you a job and
A lady who understands advertising      says;        "Xo     lady
wishes  10  be  looked  upon as a
Shopping   tielul:    she   .iocs    not
care to go into a store and  have also til you oul in
11 merchant show all his stock in
order  to  iimi  oul   whether   he Clothes, Shoes.
keeps wliai  she  wishes lo pur- Hats, Etc.
chase and whether the article is
n sold ui a price she can afford.
.*• It is much easier and pleasutiter
to look through the advertisements of a  paper than it is to Hanson Ave.  Cranbhook, B.C
bore  the clerks ami  waste her:
own  lime.     Next  to the   local
news items,  iin- advertisements
in  11   paper  stating  arlieles for
sale wiili prices, will keep much
f ihe  money  that  goes In the
Jim MGflniiur
„>»,.,»«„,v0 •>,.»»«.»..a.•»»♦»»»»».»*..»•»#
c. c. c.
• GulQu, u Gaitie Go.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
4  Orders bv lllllil  will
• •ivi, prompt  and  careful attention  {
11 j I pocket
Men   have    various   ways   of
carrying     money:        Grocers,
butchers and millers carry ii in
a wad.     Hunkers in clean bills
laid full length iu a pocket book.
0   Brokers only  fold the bill once,
'   doubling the money as ii  were.!
4   The young business man carries
A    ■ ''
0 il ill his vest pocket. Farmers
ami   drovers    in    Iheir   inside
*   pockets, whether il is>vii or  la
Printers usually carry
Iheir  money   in  other   people's
Older hy Phone *n
Read  the announcements   of
♦    vour  merchants  in   this   issue.
ii* particular, That is what makes
tit in mi,*;, u forco In tbe world. It Is
tlml sniuii particularity thai enables
n- lo offer you tbe
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
in the World
Every Pipe Guaranteed,
Jusl pi'iui'iiihcr
mimimOHAi.mi.t''*"****-*****-**'**--*-**'*-'*** H'i|u»4, *•"«■>■ ■♦"•'■•—■ ■ ■■••■■■■■*»«■••■*>■•>«—'■♦■'«■■*»■■ I
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Feet
\V.. have this *.vei'k unloaded a ear of each kind
M'Ki in. Pun k poll Ton Lots, Call and - is before
buying elsewhere     We also carry n -imu of
carnefa's stock ;■.::: poultry :  ,.
Harris Bros.
"Shield Brand"
Mr-c    kliclnn   TEACHER OF THE
Special attention to touch,
technique,   phrasing   and
grading of studies.
For piii'iii'iiliii's upply i" 0. I'.. Ileiil X
I'n.. The Druggist*.
F. O. E.
Visiting   Brothers  t'.inliiilly   Invltoil
i*. Iloss TATE, W. I 'resilient
A. \v. Black. See-x,
i| Rocky Mountain Chapter |
| NO.  125.  It. A. M. li
i^      Roguliti- meotings:   2ml Tuos-   S;
3  ilay  in  i-iii'h   mouth   nl clghl   ■:
*■!   o'clock. ?
1 . 1
•      Sojourning  Coinimnions   tivo  a>'
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Centrally Localed Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New MatiajgemeHt
,,     , , a       When you want a good
Headquarters lor mining   V ,       .      . ,   ,,
i « place  to  stop tonic to the
men ,uul old timers. a '.    .   .
a Manitoba.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
£ — Always Up-to-Date — 3
£ 3
£ Granbrook,
^uuuiuuiiuuiuiiuiuuiiuuiiuuiutuiuiiuiuiuuuui1:   -
B.O. |
\ Bowling Alley |
I'linliiilly Invited.
WM. K. Tate, Scrlbo !■'..
3       liux 4       CBANBHOOK. II.   .       .    -
1 *   Cat
\*mm}**},*m}*}*}*****}*n}**n*}n*nf}}'})f E
One ot tiie liest and one ol the most
popular   recreations   in   Cranhrook
OPEN    FROM    9   A.M.   TO   12   P.M.
ii R. LAST1RI, Prop.        OPEN POR LADIES |
■      ArinstrotlH Ave.      Tuesday and Friday afternoons- 8
T i)
I P. Burns & Co. I
Many n dollar lia> heen saved by
n eiiret'ul perusal of it merchants
ml. When ii business man advertises for vour patronage he
not oiilv has a line of goods that
"speaks" bul there may he some The Tobacconist
article or articles listed thul you
desire and thai it may be advantageous i" buy ni ihis time,
The nuisi disgraceful sight one
ever sees iii this town Is u number oi \ <■ 1111ir boys, noi yet In
their toons, with cigarettes in
their iiioiii hs A boy behind a
cigarette i- ii lit snbjncl for the
reform school.
MIS li 11.11, ACT
11', .IIM V. 1
Uollnili," "lloniiiUm.' "iiiTi'iiii'.," -
I'lr .iimi
Gourt Granbrook 8943
Viaitlll't   lii'L'tlierii   i'linliiilly   itivileil
0. !!..   A. McCOWAN.
Si'i'i'iliir.v. T. .MAUSIIAI.I.
Main Otllce for East Kootenay,
Cranbrook, B.C
Sr Hi'iui otiii.i'.
^ Calvary, Alberta.
£ '   	
jc Wholesale nnd Retail
£ Meat Merchants 3
£ 3
C Dealers in
£    Live Stock
Abattoir anil C'oltl Storage J3
a 1 Calgary, Alberta.   3
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters For
Mining Men
Allix.'   "Tl
Pacific  Coast  Points
Tall nr tlml .Iiiiiii-. A, Hiiivi',1   I'li,' Mill   j    .   ,    . r./Miunji        t-i   .   ^.rr-,
feWS K ttWiKii jk j A LL POI NTS E A ST
vi.j.mi ill EllM Kinil.-lliiy iii-iii,.I
Win I'.- Iin ll     on Koinlili Milium mil j
llllll lllvi'l
Royal Hotel
Iiiiiii Illi' 'lull' lii'K'iif, !
:l,'l (nr u IVi'llll- |
III,- nl,..
Mun,'. ni our exchniiges ure
ibllshiii).' etiquotln rules for
hone  use      We  would like lo
 ^ ,.        mill one    If you happen lohenr
somnthinii over lhe  'phone tlmt
^^K^^S^^^^^'j^S^^^^S^S^g^ is  not   mn   for you,  ii Is noi
hesl  III l'i'|ii'ltl   il
f})l *      *
a ^Sfl    \J 1 \ i "VIN J_J 1 \ \JWIV j^     When xe Bee so iniiny yomi
X     '        t II     )    I      I"    I *_-   ' Ml   Hi"   IliHlille   uiul     hllll'.'illi:    iloivil!
3)] OVOI* thoir Inrehemls sons to oh | tlium
very  truce  of  Intollocl
iiiimi. inii'ii,
|IMI|I|,I\   111 till- MltllllM  l.'.'l'lll
• llll'iif lllljlhlt'l' Ilia   Inr  III
I.IM,III.'   II  I'lulVIl   llllllll   nl   ill
Ami  liuilii'i   ink.- notlco llllll iii'llnii. iimii'
ai'illiili lit. IIIII-.I I iiiini'iii'i'il lii'f.n,' tin- Iknii
iiiiii-nlMii-li i'iirtllli'tttuill lm|.riivi' us
imii'iiiiii- aiii ilny of .iimi'. nun.
:: .1. a. iluu i:v
Marysville, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
ZGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stahlini| in Connection m i so muny yoiin« woman with ....-..• •
% M their luili-nil li'izzlv Iroivsl.v uml
Tnki'imtli'i' iiiiii I lilily iluys uftor il Llll
lltllll'INllllll'il lllll-llll lllll|l|ll.V III llll' I'llll'l I'1,1.
niUsliiiii-iiil I Is uml Winks ut Vli'tiii'lii fi
ii s| lui lii'i-in ■■ In i nl mul 1'iiri'y iiiiny  Ll till.,
Ill,III     llll'    [I'll., lllllil    lll-SI'I'illl'll    llllills     ill      I'lll-
Iv mini'
I'liiiiiiiriii-liil'ul n |n.at |ilmiu-il nl   Un- nun
Villi    Iheir   llllll'    llUt'tod   ill   «'■- "'iii  ll H'iiIs.iii's lliii ' ii|i|illi'i
-'..-mi' iiiiiIIi .'I rfn'llllllll  Ulilll'nr  lis.  I
iii mail iiiiii,,.hi ,l m.j.ii s imi, Mn '■■
''...i iniliis iliti 'iniiili l:i;i-.':.i'i	
inst 111 i'liuins. llli'lli'i' Hotltll llin illiiin
una, .'iii'liuins li. ilir pollll nl litni'	
in lllllil Hill mil's imili'm li'ss
I hi   1'niiil li.   Ill'.  Ilils   llllll  ilui .
il. II  WA'I'SllN
Neiiri'si io iiiilroml dnpol.    tins iiccoini
dutlons   for   the   public   u -milled
m] ilopiiiuj.' iiroiind over thoir fiiecs
III   llfly   illllerelll   llil'l'l'liolls.    We
loe in.i Kiii-pi'lsed Hint the follow
ers of Din-win nn- now positively
sure iimi iiiiinliinil doscoiid from
the monkey
'Hot mil Colli Itaths
Tl Mill-in s'i i'I'ii'i:
ii  limiil' ii.in i »ni  i i"H"
lllaulillli'l nl Llllills Wlit'llH I'll'n lli'i-i
ml I'liiiv llllllii'i   lllllil  Un- lnlliiwli
e in..ihu
l''iiri|iilinr Hi
I'lnal K v il/
iiillii'iel  n>r ' ul Hi
III'!     I'i'ii V    I'l'is I,
Ilicni usl an i'linin,
,,  llli'lli'i' Ill's, WI i'linin
This nuner is ondoiivorlng io ,h_„ „.,,..
riupncuis »   give „;,,,,,,„„ ,|„, bos,  service  i^...'■—Ir™-..-
jjjSgUggjjg   thut is  possible  to  glVG UUd Ull     ';;"""""""""'""" "m.uiuv ,„iv,
Palnuo und Tourist
Bloopers, Bittlijtt
Libriiry CnrB, Moilurn
Day Conches.
Dining Care,
Best   Meals  on  Wheels
HAST  ANII WKST ll.lll.V    ji
li'ijr full  imrili'iilui's.  rail's,   folilui-ii
•li1., cull iiii ur uililri'ss.
S. II. 1* Kill',* KS. li.w.I'.A.,
Sl'llllll'.   U'llsll.
i'.  Vi,   MAIIONI'IV, r.r. ,v  'l'.,\„
City Scavenger
Purlins liuviiifi bucli ynrds,
nml chisels lo eleitn. und refuse
niiillei' in he takon awuy, should
leave orilei's with me.
The abovo holel hits been recently erected, and neatly furnished  throughout.     The  Bat'  is supplied   wilh   the  best brands of
Liquors uud Cigars,
Geo. R. UflSK & Co
I'Inns,  Spocilii-dlinns
unil Kstiinntes
l.i'iiv 'ilursill llii'i'll.vrii'i'lei
r ilru|i ii jiii.stiil eiiril iu I lux 105,
10 I
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand. THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, ll 0.. JULY 7. 1U0B
*£he Uroepectot
SATURDAY, .ll'I.Y 7. 1906,
Excursiou to Lethbridge.
The Crunbrook lacrosse team
play a   return   mutch   with   the
Lethbridge tenm ill  Lei It bridge I
on  July   Hiih.     Arrangements
have been  completed  to  run  a
special    excursion    I ruin   from |
('ranbrook   to   Lethbridge   and
return,    leaving   here   Sunday
evening; July I5lh, and  return
ing Tuesday   morning   ill  time
for  business.     The   train   will
Put'chaso   Price   $3.00 a Month j "'."?* f"' lw'.' "m,'is,1 sl"u|,el's;
with purlers in attendiince,  and
Allowance Male I''or Ohi Machine: tli>> trip will he made iu the cool
hours of lhe lllglll, mul all those
wishing  lo  make  lhe  trip  and
witness ihe game can do so with
out Ihe loss of it   night's  sleep.
The very low rate of $1*0 for Ihel
SILENT Qfijaittmtattt.
Arnold k Roberts
Photo Mounts
Picture Fi'tiiiiinti a Spedo-ltu
Prest Photo Co.
Baiter St. Cranlirook, B.C,
J. Edgar Davis
A   Bricklayer   *
* Contractor  •
li'iii'iiaco, Boiler, Range and
FirepliieC Wiirl; a Specialty. All
description of stone-work initial'-
t iiken.
Orders left ,it J. I). McBRIDtS
Will Ui'ivivi- Prompl Attention.
IK) Day Round Trip
Excursion East
Winnipeg,      Porl      Arthur,
Dnlulh, Sl. Paul,
what I want him to felch home.
Are you bothered that way ? "
The other replied: 1 used to be
but am not any more. A friend
of mine connected with the ser
vice told me how to put on ti
choker, and I will lell you. You
may have noticed those two
metal knobs al the top of the
Instrument. Well, ihey an
there whether you have noticed
them or not. Now, when somebody has used the line about
twice as hint; as they ought to, I
jusl lay a key or a short piece of
wire across those two knob
Then, in a minute or two, 1 lake
off my short circuit and can got
central all right, I used to feel
us if I wauled lo suy bud words,
bul now 1 lei the gossips feel
thai way. The hint was thankfully received by the one to
whom il was given and perhaps
others will be thankful too.
round trip, including berth both; Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
ways,   bus been secured,
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime
Provinces, New York, New
England, on application
June -I, li. 7, if,, in
July 2, 3; Aug. 7. 8, 9,
Sept. 8 uml 10
Tickets siiliji'i'1 tu usual vnriiitiiiiis uf
ruiili'uml iiii'liule uu'iils uml lii'i-tlis uu
Cilllllllillll I'lli'ilii- Sleiilui'l's 'in llri'iit
Lukes.   Pull imi'lii'iilitrs fi'iini
Geo. Hillier,  Agenl, Craubrooli
.1. 3.CA11TI0I1,   D.I'.A..   Nolson, ll.C.
persons Intending lo "lake lhis
trip in" should hand iu their
names us soon us possible lo Dr.
Hell iu order to have berths reserved. Come and enjoy a good
day's outing and "root" for the
Boosting for Oranbrook.
Among the guests at lhe Mel-
ropole is Mr. William V. Tale of
Cranbrook, Mr. Tale is the
senior member of the linn of \V.
F. Tnte & Son, jewelers, Crunbrook. Ho is the official watch
inspector for that section of lhe
C, P. B. Mr. Tate is also a
member of the Cranbrook 100
Club. Mr. Tale says thut it may
not sound as ambitious as 100,000
club, but it is doing good work.
Every member paid in *)'s to be
used iu advertising Hie cily, and
everyone is doing all he can on
the side. Mr. Tate says that
Oranbrook is Ihe prettiest place
iu lhe Kootenays. Some people
are complaining a little at business conditions, but Ihey really
have nothing lo complain of.
Cranbrook is a divisional point :
it is the business center of a rich
mining uiul lumbering country,
aud nothing can keep it down.
Mr. Tate will be here for a few
days. Ife came to the coast for
lhe purpose of ut tending the
Masonic grand lodge.—Vancouver World.
Of Interest to Kiuit Urowers.
The week's oul put of South
eust Kooteuay silver lead mines
were us follows:
Sl   Eugene....    .'ill!    10,-IH-l
Sullivan     500   12,851!
North Slur...    1114     2,244 ■
Thos. A. Mrydeii, president of
Ihe 11. C. BYltil Urowers' Association, accompanied by iwo
members, Messrs. Metcalfe and
Smith, will attend here un Saturday, July "Hi, for the purpose
of giving practical demonstrations in the art of planting fruit
trees, and also of pruning same.
They will arrive by the Sf.iifl p.m.
train and will then proceed to
William Hamilton's fruit farm,
where Ihey hope Ihey will have
a crowd to meet them, who will
benefit by their exposition of llie
jtS^I',' ■'•% I'l'sl methods of tree planting
jt/i.ti'lw&im iand pruning. In the evening of
the same dale they   will  deliver
%,a lecture hi I'almore hall on
scientific fruit farming uud also
tin all oogenic subjects. The
chilli' will be taken ul 8 p. in.,
antl Ihe trouble will start im
nieilinlely nihil'.
How Tliny Do It
Your attention  i» i-ulleil to   tlio     Two ladies  worn talking the
lK.insd-.City- CHICAGO
"Pioneer l.lniili'il" trains nt It"' "Mil
waukiie * st Paul Railway." "Tliu only
inn-unit. trahiH in iiu- workl."
You will liml It. ile.alrulile to I'liloon
thoso ti-iihiD wlieii going to any point In
llie, Eiwtiii'M Stilton or t'lunula. Thoy
iioiiiii-i-t, ullli all 'I'l'iinai'iiiiiluiiiiiiil
Trains mill all Ticket A|fnntn null
Por lin'tlior Information, iiaioplilols,
eto, imk any Tlokol, A Keillor
other day ami in some  wuy  the
telephone  subject  eauie  under
| discussion.      They    bolh   hud
"party Hue"   telephones,     One
of the ladies was telling about
how    mean   somebody   in   her
neighborhood   is.     To use her
own   language,    the   somebody
will "lalli to some other fool for
half an hour, unil never say any-
r. I.. FORD,       it. s, ROOT,      I thing ellher, and here 1  will be
Pa9S.A-ro.it,        Ooiiomi Ago.il   "early Wild   wanting   to  order
SPOKANE, PORTLAND things for dinner  or   lell   Tom
The Illinois Central
Maintains  siinlhul siu-vlce frmu
tin- wesi in il .e.i nml leiiili- 'Making
I'liMi' mun Hulls   wiili   trains of all
IraiiBi-iintiiieiiliil llnea,  passCiilgoi'B an'
given their i'lu.i f niiiii-i In Chicago |
Liiulsvllli'. Mi.inplils nnd New Orleans,
ami tlu-oiigli Hi.""' points In llu' fill-nasi
i'riis| live li'iivoloi-s ihish'lng iiifur-
inalli'ii as in Uu' loivesl rail's mill  liusl
routes an' Invlti'il in mil *l I''"''1'
wilh the fiillmving i-upi'iisiinlal.lvi'is,
II. If, TllUMIint.l., Ci-iiinmi-nlal Agenl.
Ull Tlilnl St., I'nrtliiiiil, Oregon.
,1. ('. I.imiisi'.v. T. I1'. il' I'.A. •!
U'i Tliiril Sl.. I'lirtliinil, Oregon
p. ii. Thompson, v. x I'.A., Uo 11
Oilman Blilg., Suuttlc, Waul,.
1.20V   81,580
After the Celebration.
I.llst night I ili'i'illlli'il ef ll Imnl su fall',
Where rivers were Pilseuor lifer:
Where fulltltatlis uf I'ielie.vs slint   up  ill
llie air.
Anil i-vei-yiliiiig else was qi r.
Wlile   liriinks of jlill   Itaes   nil   every
Ureal lakes of colli Ithtno wltii-,
And pinups spDiitlug eouklnlln in liuai
tin- liunil,
Eel' llie thirsl,v utit-s stiuiiltng in line.
0,-o„io lie inentliti sivatiips uf beautiful
Islanils nf line cruckeil luoi
Sui-h a sight was iiu'ei- bofoi'ii soon,
Ah! hut thul di-etun was nice,
Mint .lillnps lu 1'iiililli's lllh'il lhe sl reels
'I'he gaiters were lloivlng with hoo'/o,
In wliieli tired lint s soak ud their feel
While eiijiiying a heavenly snou/.e.
C'liainpugne Unwed from tire plugs
lu hulililhig Mti't-iiius with a hiss,
Anil street eleaners ilrank  frnni Uuep
stone jugs
Ah! siu-'h a ilreani of bliss.
Seagram high halls galore rolloil itlimii
on 111,' gi'iiunil,
ami were chased by a thirsty ernwil:
While the pui-alizeil gi'afu-rs hanging
iireii ml
In drunken glee shouted aloud.
Oh, this bibulous dream was a happy
'I'he resull of aii all nlghl's bat;
Where   tile   wet   tilings   Unwed   ill   a
heaiiiifiil stream,
When they oarrted uie home uu u
Sieiiiu  Butlers und Furnace Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Gi'itiilii'ook. B.G.
For Sale
Owing to iirniiitfi'iiit'iit* to
ungajfu in anothoi' I hm
uf workt wn will
Sell Our Business
ul ii most roftRotmble pcico
R   N. FINCH & CO.
Phono VA'},        Omnbroolc, R.0.
'I'o whom It muy iitiii'iTii.
The utiilerfllftufld anil wife httvhiif daly up-
l«'U ri'il tji'fot,; Mir Millili:i|uil I'ullll i'f I'ruii-
lirook, II I'., nml Inivliit; liy luuiuul ruiisi-lil
»l|*m'U M'lmrullini nuper.s, mi lil iiiiimis lii'llii*
illllv ii-riuilrit nil inlliuti's nl Mild  Court,   IMW
nil ii'iirintiH iiilat- mitiee iiiiii I will nut lie re-
sponsible inr tinv ildjl Or «n\ UL'tlOllH ol Iti.V
lltm wlfu, Mltrclui l'l. I'lli-c.        Sigtli'il.
(Ullitv WM'uirfc
Trams iiiiiI drivel's furnish-
nd I'nr any point in llie (lis
A. DOYLE, Mimiifftu
In I'toli-tr.
Nutlrp In hfirahy itlv«u ibaL on llio Sttli ilny
nfji , iww. It whh ordoroil by IM-J. Wllmiii,
I Km|HIii-. ,IUtigOOf lllU Mild 1'onrl    lluit  J.l s
(•Vri.-i.fini. AniiNliimi'. oiilrlnl iiillilllilHli-lllnr fur
i HihI imri r lli.-l'mmlv "I K.u-liiiMV Imliiil
, nl within tin; tileetuuil liMHi'i iiini.innk
III* ililllllll  Ml'rtll.1   Of llll lllld sllii'Mlill* llu'   i -.lillt'
nl Kilnln  Nlxnli   nl   Inilii.no-It.   Iiiliollirr.  Ae
| M'llKI'll llll'slilli-
1   Kv.'iy (lorHOM imli'iiii'il to lliu nn Id tlocoiiBi'il
Ih n-i|iil|i-i| tOIIIHKO (Wyilll'lll im 111 Willi  lo  tin
: iimiIi>isU;ii>'<I
I    Bvnry  iiurKon  ImVlnS In ihim-mmou uffurlH
! lii-luliKUi,- tollii-,1,'i'fllrti'il Is i,i|lllrnlloii„Will)
, loiiollly hi'iiihIi'I'mIk '
Kvi-rv iTHlltor nr otlior imrrtoii Iiiwiiih hiiv
i'lniiii u|i ii or Inini-sl In ti"* .it .iiii.iiil.iii <>l
tin- ustiilr of llie salii ilni-iin.'.l   is   ri'.*iiii.ii   lo
si-mi lioioru llio Tih iitiv "i   Minimi noxl   by
rt'KNti'ii'il li-ltiu iiililri'i-i-il loilit- ini>ti'i-.li'ii. il
his iiiiiin- mul HildroM uiul tbi' mn imi iN-uliLrM
of his iliiliii or Inii'ivhl. nnd » si»ii«ini;iu of his
iii-ioiint nmi tl.,- iiKiuri'ol ili.-si-i-nrltv (Ir uny)
Im-I.I hv Imu
i Aftor tlio mild Uli 'i«y or Augiijit, iwm, the
Ailmliilsiiuior will |.ii«T.'.l wlih Mh- iti'trlhu-
fluu >,( tho *Ntiiu* liavhiH n-iMi'i io Hiohu
i liiiini only «i which lie sioiii imv.' luul notice
huii-.i ui ri.ti.iii'.,..i.   Mn- Will duv it .luu-,
J  ¥  AliMSTItl.Nil.
Utticitil ^diiiliiHliulor.
Y/sOZiiiyt* of cai'^ '
The "Sunshine" furnace and       /^%7W'*iV'llc;;\W'
" sunny " ways ure synonymous. ' /W l\\\| H\\v
The cold, dreary winter days bun ■  / I     \'\
be iiindii cheery and warm with a pure,
healthful heat if you have a "Sunshine" furnace,
Is easier to operate, cleaner, uses loss fuel and
'• shines" in many other ways over uomiuou furnaces,
Two shakers are used tn shako the heavy, triangular-
shaped grates, This just cuts the work of-shuklug-
i1iiv.ii in half, besides being easier mi the furnace than
the old one-shuker style,
Sold hy enterprising deal
ers every where.
Booklet free.
London, Tohonto, Muntiikai.. ivivviiuii,
ViM'ui vim, Ki. .lulls-,  Hamilton,
I i'liuins. thence east luj chains. theuc«
south'HI chains to point of commence*
rake notice that ive inii-ml  to menl.
August L'lth. 11X16,
Emma Harvey
18.   Commencing at a post planted
-1 i'lialns west nf the northwest eorner     _
uf I.. Harvey's timber licence, theuce
iiurlli inn ehaina. then a-i liiehalns,
thence south inn ehains. thenee west 40
n|i|ilj in Un- t'hief Commissionei ..f
[.anils nml Works fm- permission tn eut
uml carry away timber from the ful-
Im'-iiiK Uoscrlbed lunds In North Kasl
Commencing in a i«ist  planted  ou
1'ross   Kiver   lmil  on  Ilie east hank uf
ilie Iimii.'uny nivui'iilmuttichains north I chains in palm of i-oiiiinepcemeut.
nl iln   luul.  thenco nortli SO ehains.'    August 25th, 1908.
Ilioiice east80 ehaius, theuce south sn; Cyrus \V. Harvey
elialns, thouue  west 80 ehaius to place     |u
nt beginnlug.
Augitsl luili. 1905.
William H. Han.'
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
*-'. Cnmmeucliig al a posl planted at
llio southwest corner of \V. II. Harvey's
licence, ihenee nesl mil eliuiiis. thence
iiurlli -III chains, ihen n-i ltlO chains,
lliou mil. 40 chains to | i „i com-
llll'l Ilielil.
Augusi miii. mu.*,,
Kdwuid K. llariej
8.   i' inclining at a jaiat fortj chains
lliil'lll nl 111,' SOUthlVl'Sl e.il'lieliil   \V.   II.
Harvey's timber licence, ihei  north
hi chains, iheuei- iv,-ai Iiiii chains,
Ihenee smith -in chuins. thonoe easl IHO
chains in point ul cniiunuucemeiil
Augusi liiih, Iimi.
Kiliviiril K   llarv.'l
l    i 'i.iiiiii.'iK-iiiL' ai a |in-i ill chains
»'•»!   ill llie  -UllVllSl em ner ul 11.  II
Harvey's limber licence, Ihonee  'lh
Ml elilllns. thei usl HO ehaius. theuee
simili sii chains, ihenee wi'si sn chains
I-l point III eiillliueueenieill.
Augusi lsih, mn.-,.
Isuliel llni'vvi
1.1. followers iif Isn.ir Wnl ton should
have :i look nl our Fishing Tackle
before making thoir selection. We
Handle n complete stock nf Flies,
Poles, Lines, Reels, Leaders nnd
everything that a lisherman   requires,
Our   Prices   are   Consistent
With the Quality of the Goods
t C. E. REID & CO.,    |
X Phone 74 Tlie   DlTlggiStS.^
^Y" uiarnixiDinu     uuiv    oi wuinui  i. »•
... t iiintnoiinlng at a |sist planted ',',\
chahis we.si of tlm northwest cornor ol
W, II. Harvey's limber licence, ihonee
nest 1(10 chains, lliel unlli III elniins
lllollil ist lllll eluiius, ihenee soulh 411
eliuiiis to point nf i unci neiii.
Doled Augusi 1st I,. ||H)5,
Kmlly ,\. llu-vey
WW      II.   Ciimiui-ui'lngiii a pnsl  planted 40
\W,    i'lialns niii'ih uf lhe siiuihnesl corner ul
WW   Isabel llarvoj-'s tl r llconee, |hdnco
.a^   wesl lull ehains, llieiiee iioi'lh loehain.-
^](/   tl east inn ehains, il.ei  suuth lu
aTATa   ehulns lo point ori'iiiiuiiouiieuient.
Nlr  j    Augusi lllll. Il'lle.
W\ °'v,'"sW' -1"*1
• ly.    !      i,    I 'lilllllli'liellie 1|| a jHISt. plllllleil   lil
WW  'lllesiilllhwesl elll-neriif SV.ll. Illll-vey's
I*   lluta'll .Ihem asl 80 chains,
\JJ/    Ihenee -unlli S1I ehaius. lhe    wesl Sll
a?fVs I chains, Ihenee lliil'lll Sll eliuiiis In  place
NWK     uf ciilnntelleeiuelil.
tSJ/)/5    Augusi mnii, mu.*..
W ; Isabel Harvey
\W \   s-   Ctoiiuiienelng nl a pnsl plained at
jM-a j Hie sillllll liesl eiiruer ofW. II. Hai'vey's
sm/  liuilii'i- lluenuo, thence wesl sn elniins,
k?™  Ihni south 80 chains, tliiuii usl 80
W  : elniins, tlieuee iiurlli Sii chains In  potnl
*\(\/1  of I'flmmcncement,
\W.  I    August •-'Illli. 11105.
WW j Kmlly A. Harvey
t\H/l ! !l- t-'nminonolng ut a post planted 05
chains wesi of the northwest ooriiei- of
1. Harvey's Sn. I Umber licence,
liuilii'i! unrlh 80 ehaius, thence east So
elniins, thenco south sn chains, thence
wesi sn chuins in point of commence*
W i men
| NORTH   STAR       J
% Mii.--    HOTEL 8
Kimberley,   B. C. *
9   H. W. DREW, Proprietor.,._^—^, 9
Mottled beer lor family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
4 I', O. BOX 812      b.
1     TELEI'HONK NO. 1     f-
Fort   Steele BrewittK Co., L,td.
_ Wholesale    _
Caluarv Beer, Ale k Porter,
I. II HI i. & CO., Hay and Cain.
Cranbroolt, B.C.
August Slat, 1905.
Aunlu I'.. Uaivi-.s
Id. t'liiniin'iii'in^ id u |jo»l (iluuii-il Ab
rliiiln.s wi-st of tow nui'iliw.'it uiiruer of
I. Harvey's Nn. I Umber linunuo,
iliriin- wual IllOt'liuitm, lliumiu noi'Lti 10
cliuiii-,. iIh'ih ti*»i Iho ulmlns,  thonoo
south -io ulmlns tn polnl nt (juiiiiiiq	
August 21at, 1905,
Miiry I'. I.iiii'hitni
II. Cuiiiiiiannlng m u pnni jiIhiiUmI
hnty i.'huhiH. norlli ut tliu snntliwnsl
i-itfiifi' of A. li. Hiu-i'i'.v's liiulti.'i liftuifrt
No.  I. iiii'iu'i* vvusi KJ0fliuiiis. theiiuu
norlh 40t!lmlim, lhe uusl KtOuhailns,
iluu snutli 40 (iliuliis to point nt uom*
August 2lf)t, 1905,
Miiry K. Ltlioliftlll
I'.'. < onnnt'Ui'inir ut u piml |>)untec] IT
nlmllis 60 links wesl nt tin' lun'thwost
I'urii.'iui A. It. Mui'voyfs No. I   liuihi'f
! lii-i'i , Hi.-nt'.' iiiii'ili SOuliaius, thenoe
| oast Ml eliuiiis. Ihu south so ohulns,
I llli'lli'i' wost Sll i'liuins In jitiint   ut   i-uiii-
! un'iii'i'iiu'iit.
j    A uj; est L'ltcd, IIH»5.
Dotiuhl M. I.iii.'liaui.
iiiii-ii.'iiiy nl a ptrtt planiei]
-4 chains west nf the northwest eonier
of L Harvey's timber lioenoo, thenee
west SOehuins, theuce north •**> i*hains,
thenee east 80 chains, thenee south 80
I'hain-, tu p.iini uf commencement.
Augusi Mth, lynii.
'-*'1         Aunle tt. Harvey
TAKK Nun,.- nmi aixt) daya Hilar dule i
iiutiiii io tipplv iodic Chiel I'uiiiiniss.uiiiT ol
handu and Works for t>ermtu|itii to pur.-huw
tin- followltiK ititMrrtlwd lands in South Kast
Kooiensj Commfiirlnii at » p-i.-i planted .t
iln- Kortbwost corner of Lot w.iit ^roup i
iii.-ni-v .-usl iuri.i-.il,> tbunce in.ttli B0 obiloi
Uienoeweiil 10chains (heace soutb 80 cbaipsu
i'li" I beglnninif,
Iluled Muy l.'Ui  |9wi ai
Tnk-. noil,,- iha| mi.Ij ,Uys alier <1»t-j I
uut-mi inu|i(iiy. io tiie Ohlef Couiralaslontr or
l.iiii'i':iti-i Wink- fpr periuttMlon lo in.n t.a-ic
thu fi.lluwiiiK dflvrlbwl i-ui.i II SoulbKast
Kooienay; L'oinmuiiL'lni' at n |»oii pi an tod m
Norlliwest corner of Loi mo upinpl Kooiauajr
OlhlrlntatidmarkwlN K.i-ornei of Annie M.
Uiulit'a imii'liiiM- iiif.i,--- w^hi io chnlDg,
iiit'i.L-1' iouUi iW clialRH, Uit-iici* faaMU cbalnr
Ihcnfu nonti -In ehiihtH to lilflpo ol beginning
containing ku i*<i«- more oi leu.
Annie M. f.aurle
Dated May r.tn iwn, ]*
Taltu notice tliai sixty dnyn «ti<-t date I In-
Lend io apply to ihu Chief Coramtuloaer ot
Lunds uiul Works nl Vlelorlaforpormlsstonto
purclinst! the following desrrlbed landa iu
suuth Kaat Kootonay
I'uiiiiiifiii-in-i ai u. pM't |iiiiiiii-ii ui ii,,.- ^r.utn
I'lLsi eorner of Loi :«> >* und being marked   Hon.
0. Diilinaue'B noVlluveai -tier " tlmnce -oiiib
.'iirlity ehui ik. thi-iiri-east for lyrhuins thence
iiiiitii eighty •>hiiiiis. thi-iicc wesi fony callus
loptiid'of ooinmoiieoinent rantalnlng in all
acres, more or lent
Ih lei! .Itli.r Ji,.t. UHHi,
TATCK WOTU.'I-: Him Llilrtj dayi aftep dale l
Intend toapply lo Hie L'lilel Coiomliariooer ut
Lunds aim Works hi Victoria ror u speeial
llectii'fi toctit uml carry unni timber from ibe
fullowlng ilcacrllieil lamia in Sotdb La-.t Kooie-
ComincncliiKtil a post planled «t tbo aouib-
wesl cor ■ nt   Loi :vt>;    thenee iouUi i-lgbiy
i'lialns o> iin< northetiM corner ol Michael
iti'i'MT tiir rider's land, thence west forty
I'lmlni, tlience north forty i'liuins. tbence went
sixty elialns lo the eaat imnk ot tbe Kooteuuy
rlvnr, ibentfi following Huld bank in tbe south
nesl I'orinT of .\nt :i> ilii-iicciiHl lo place of
Dm nl June -Jih iwo.
CHAM:!) THNDKR3  luark.-d    "IViid-*r> for
0 'IIiiiIiit i.linli. Kooti'iiu) District.'1 will
in- received hv the undersigned, up tu noon
oi Saturday itn- :wiii day of June, iwo,
11om uny persou dealrliig io obtain ■ ipaolfej
timber lleeueu to uu und earty away timber
from Lui ..'.".'i Oroup I, Kootenay Dlstrlot,
shunted near MuNelllle's Siding, on ihe Hue
01 Ihi' Urutt s Si-si Pftiu ICnilHiiv nul .wiitilu
iRg ll.l ucii's inore or le-,-,.
Tha (Hiraou nfferlng llie bigin*si cash bonus
Hill he untitled io u special licence Lovuriu*/
ttif said im renewable for twenty-one luccea
Kadi leader inusl be accompanied by a t«r
titirii cbuiiuo made payabln at par lu victoria
to Uie undersigned for thu amount, ni&uo. ot
tin- liist yi-in s feca tor sueliapeolallicence,
and Die amount ol tin- bonus tendered and
also a cerlllled ehe«iue for r.tw ;n fur coat uf lo
eiitiiii' nd vert la lug nml surveying ol said lot
.Villi. !■'. MACKAY,
Ikimtu CommiHHionir of Lttml* d* Work*
bioth tuol Wnrk* IkiHirtment.
Vktoritu B.C., llh June, MG.      2t
¥t'Hu ¥.
L't'ilro Minora! Olalm,
Situate in tin-)'',-ii Sleele Mining imi-iou ot
i:u-t Kooluuay UUtrlei,
whkkk LOCATKU On Sl Mary's Pralne
about om- mi];- (miii Mnrynvllle.
TAKK     MiTiri:.    Uiul    ».-    A    K    WBIW
.   . , iSp.'1'ini P.M.O. N'o.fiom.Tliomai A  Crolgbton
•ham, 50 links wimI ul the iiortlnvest | ,,,_M a Nl,  n.;M,    Jo|(|i ^^   ,, Ml_. K(J
HTII'.ij.'i.. liui'iiil .uiv ilays In.iii Ilia ilali- U,T..,it
lit,    I'iillllili'tli'illi-III ll punt pluiili'il 17
H'lli'l'iil A. II. Iliini'.r- Nu.   1   liml
IIUIII  llli'lli'i' WOil   UlO I'llllilla. tlU'lli'i'
lliil'lll      1"     rllilill.a.       llli'lli'i'     DUIII      UUI
I'llllllia.   llli'lli'i'  alllltll   III I'llllllia   It,    [(Ullll
ul ,'iiiiiin' i nanl.
AiiiiiikI IKInl, IIKIfi
Uiii'l'li' A. I'ni'ii'i-
11.    ('nlllllli'lli'ini.'   il'   11   pnal |ll,illli'il
I,II'I I    i'llllllia    lliil'lll   III    lllll    .lllll lllVi'al
 'Ill l|'    ul    ll.     M.     I,ill''llllll,'.    Ill,ill.','
lii'illi'i'. llll'  »-|i«l   Hill i'llllill-.. llli'lli'i'
nut-Ill III i'liiiins. Ilu'ii nai IHOuIiiiIiih,
llli'lli'i' -H'll h   III i'llllill-. In |ll)llll    ul iiiiii-
Aiijjii.-i mini, I'.m.'i.
i'iiiii.' A. l-iiiii'i-
l'l.     I iilllllli'lli'ill'.!   Ill    11    |lliat    |llllllli'll
flll'IJ  i'llllllia IVIWl III ll 'lllll,'al    '■
Mill-III   IV   M     t.illl'llllln'a lillllll'l' lll'l'lll'l'.
llli'lli'i'   ll  Sll I'llllilla. til'.I, Il-I    Sll
I'lllllllH, IIh-ii ulilll Sll  I<|||,
ivrnl sn ,'lmlnH i„ iinliil nl "•|vall,.Vi ,i,
luu|i|ily to llio .iiiiiiim I'uuoriler for u ivtim-
tiaio of iiu|ir,ivi'iimiiia for iim purpoio ul oli-
iHlnlllK a I'llllill tillilll Iif llll' alaivi- i-lilllu.
Anil llli'lli'i Ink,-  ll,,Ilia- Mint ill-Hull,  lllij.f
Si'riiiiii :i; mu.11 iniiii-tiri'ii tnforo iho L,u>
llllll- uf alli-ll li'll UK III''ill [lll|,|iili'llli'llt.
Iiali-il Ilil. n.lli iln> nl Miiv Itm
,1. I.   IVATI'S
'I'llliM.IS A   rllKIUHTnN
JOHN l.llASIl >i
Nlllil'l'  ia   ||,'I'l'll!   (flVOIl   llllll   llll   ll|l|lll-
i'iiI inn ii ill Iiu iniiili: Iii llu' I'liiliiuii.'iit
of I'llllililn ill tin- lil'i'ai'iit Si'aaiiitt Ihi'i'i'.
ul fur iiii Act in iNi'ur|Kit'iiti' tin- Poi'd-
inu Viilli',\ Iiiiilivii.v Ciiiii|iiin.v tu i'iiii-
Hti-iiiii mul iipi-i'titi' n liiiu uf i-ntlwa)
fl'uill II |Hiitlt Ull    till!    Ill'illall   I Ulllllilil.i
siitiiiu'iii liniliviiv ni'iii' tin* I'oiifliienuD
ul lllll llili'l'liml'jMIi'Iii'I riv-k. fl ,'i.
iiluiiu thu nanl ulilll iif Klk Itiver in a
linn.,.! |iuini iiurlli nt  I'-iii'itiiiu  Itlvori lIii-iii'"
lllil'llll'llali'l'lv     lu    UK'    KuTllllllf   llili'l'
lullowlii-rViii'illiiif Hlvor
ll I' , | In lliu iniiili ul Ii.in iriiul'i k: llionoa
Annual .'Mii. Iiiiiii, : iliunaii'i'iv nl.'tii' ll.iiil.'tinri k tu
I.iliiin Ilni ii-i        ! tin' Allii'i'tn ' Itiiiiiiiliti,!;   iiii'iu'i- iiurili-
ll'llall'l'll   ill   till'   I'l-lll'llil-l' III    Allll'llll     III
III,   Cuiniiniii'llli;   111   ll  liiml  |lllllllI'll   „   iinlm   „,   ,„.     „.   ii|i„i„|i„:    U|HU
fui'lv i'lniiii' in-al ul ihu niiiiliiiiai  iiu-i Iniini'li  Iluu- uu ili'iu'i'. Kwln, Sinlili,
noi'of 11. M- I.liioliniil'* tlmlii'i' 11 ,.,   I;""I-nml Hiini-ullli Ci Ii-iill In Um
,,     ,    .       ,, „,|   „,     'ilium 1    llilti-li  i  iniiili.   Will.'*,
I'lllllllH, lllU  I'iiat  lllll  I'llllilla,   llli'lli'i'   ,,,„|      1(||       til.-       Ililllta      tll.'I'C-llf      to
Hotitlt 10 i'linin- lo iinliil nl I'liin   Iiu ili'i'liit'i'il   in  In'  fin-  iiu*  p/miot-al
| :ulviiiiti,ui' nl I'liniiilii. Anil fui'flii'r tlmt
i Ilir -nlil ('iiiii|iiiii,v -lull! linvi- I'luvi-i' to
i I'litui' itilu nn uiri'i'i'iui'iil with ur niiml
AuifiiHl '-'Illi. I WW
milium Itm vn.v       I'liiiniii'  with  uny llullivii.v Comptiny
•illi;   lit   ll   |)OHl   jlllll I   wliuai'lillu-ofl'llilwiiyaiil'lil'illli'lli'.iui'i;
lut'ly I'llllilla iniiili ul tin'aiiiithwi'al uui-
ner ol  I..   Httrvoy's  limber   licence
thence west 160 nlmius, thence north 10    il
:iiiiln,i-i/,-ii in in- npi't'iiti'ii Iii thu province, ot itrit ish Columbia or Alberta.
Smith .V .luhnatuh.
Solicitor, for AppltoantB. THE PROSPECTOR CRANUHOOK   It. C, JULV 7. tm li
SATCUUAY,  Ml 1   .. nmn.
has been rim, anil iliis Ilni' will that the Bogota goverraent has   '■PYJTJ f* A \T A T"\T A XT  TJ A XTH^
im in operation  in.siile ut   two in contemplation n  project  for1    J. fit \-<-f\.JN A^lxTL-lN   O.A-IN l\
ti im i'i oceanic sea level canal
Sii|ii'i-iiiii-nili'ui illiiin ha- a ihrough Dnrien, a nioilificatioii
nail lini'i' ai   work  putting in ul   iln-   original   plan   ol*   the
:.„f--iifflm».,-i™.-t.iiim,ii.nm,; telephones  in Criuihrook,     We  Mi-atoTi-iuiiidn route. According |
II- handled in ilir right »;ii is a \.i>
convenient w.u nl doing business but
it thev an handled i-arel, sslj there i.-
really no i nd ol trouble. We have the
reputation  of shipping orders promptly.
handling  '.tn-  best  g Is  packed in tin
best condition    We ship goods  to  even
point on the Crow from |allra\ tn Sirdar.
9 t _     .
£ |   LOCAL NEWS.   § leum that the company has pul  lo  the   private advices   which
*ft; vuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? In a large numbor of phones und  bring this  infoi million.  Coloiu
9     Mens Dress Shirts li-.c   i  I'.S. run over Inl) miles nf  wire  this
Paid-up Capital. $10.000.000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
•th      Cltoii'i* Cin-iiml'iTs ai Stewarts
* -lav. __
♦ All   traders'   ticensus   expire      ., ,, ....... 1...1.1 i„
«   ,  ,    ... ,     ,\i  .1  imi.hr  meeting  tii'tii in
■ lulv l.'lll. anil 111 1-1  lie renewed ,,
Ml before that date Marysville lasl week the Marys
~   ville Itoiu-d of I rude was organ
Advices from  all  sections ol   wilh Ihe following officers
Marysville Board of Trade,
bin    |„is   been   lissnr '   llie    "'**' « M KKI!*°« »' "■'"""- AI.EX. LAIRD, A«t. G.n'1 Mam-gei
cooperation  nl   various   sister
republics of l.aiin America.
Tliu  plans
the  canal  do
Tin- laborers will
be soldiers nl the Colombian army
j* 1   Mr.Maiuui.   si vice (ires   and    contingents    ol     soldiers
*      .,       I.,,,     '    ,,-             1. A   I' Chenetlo, 2nd from   lhe other   republics   in
Af-      Mrs. .1. S. Ill    11 anlii noli '
$ has n elected to the e.xecui . >• ' "'shop, sec  I reus terested  ill   lliu    pri 't.    eaoli
£ of the H.C   Teachers' Institiiti Kxa itive   J. V   Priugle,   A   country to pay its own n  us
If vmi are not n»>\v a eust oilier ol ours m M,    1 ..»,-,-,- 12 1   ivtismi   R   H thoi »'■"' '« "''tuul service
**_      Iii,11 •   forget   1'      lecture   on
mail us a trial order we think  we can 9 Monday evening u ihe itupiut
£ 9 ' liiircli     Subjeci    -inliii Hull'
j*. convince   s<m   that   we  can   save   you A
I   money.
.   lhe Dominion report  11  sctircily      ,   ,.■   HuclicrofI, president
™ »f'""sldlled In ■ M   ,,   NlcMahon  [sl v*,ce pi
,1   Clayton and V    Mian
M Rowan   Cartwright
,, ,., (r; ,.;,,,, A ijan.ial Haiiauiij bimiiess transacted.   Account, may be open., an, conducted by
noi   piesenl all) ill w < nglliei ling n,al| with all bmnclie. .1 Ihi. Bank.
problem    More than half of the 	
mini ,-osi, which, it is estimated, SAVINGS  BANK  DEPARTMENT
will   be uboul sn minium, would iic|„„iu ..I  -VI  uml ii|Hvitrils received, und Interest allotted ut
be lor lubi
.HIITeiil rati."..    I tic ilcpiiilttiil' ii >tilijccl lo no delui wltttt.
ever in lhe  ivitiidi'awul ol* the  whole or any
portion  ol*   llie   deposit
m       \t tin     ■    brtition   ill   Nels 	
~    lie Si Ison Fiiolbii 1'       1 the prettie
*y ' 11 ihi   le mi  from 1 nlen 111   In   .1  ... „,.
This 1 nn I'l'iaiinn is lo lie   paid ,
for bj   shares nl  I hu  slocli  of
iiie I'liual ami b)   I'lirlain   friiii
il   is -.ihi  llllll,   as   llie   canal
would    tic   1111    inlet' American
* Our Goods
, ur   soli '    < raulti'ooli
Met ■   ' sl   inderluliiiig, iiiiiI us ii 1- wish
9 score n
9 —
# II  IK
st |,us     -,.'    appi  iiicl   a   ,1 mi   possible iulerferei    ils
^ game  mi-di il Villi        McKowan   m-alily   or    lhe    lerriloi'lnl |
mrcb 'uesil   1    iitlert n
...     11 mu iicliicu   ,1   in
in lake   pi-ecnulions
i,. . .
nd M -- 10' tl    \l 11   Cai iw I u'lii
nd .;■ iii iif Colombia, lhe pro
11 jjeel  will   bn   silbiililteil   In   Um
*   Iriniiiin   b)   Ud    .1   I'   Wesl    (.,,,, American Congress ill   llio
tie .liineli'ii under lhe soclioil  ol
['am   referring   lo  iin
in ,'. il    ju     iln
Notice is hereby given that
-,.                         .                         . 1 .£»__.  ness,    .■soiiie atik people sug-1
all    parties    using hose tor,, i, i,„!«, ,:
* N'elsoti    in   avoid the   initio no
# NOTIt'l' I llll'l.- -   '   '   SI'S
a* -.xpii'i
A renew
iL '■'   *i. ice       ■   i   . I..-    1
tat       „„                                                         1st'        •        ccin iled     li)      the     ,.,„ ,,„„,,„s   ,,,     , rilfli.-     facil
I \ lh'  cbnicli. and   uil>s     .,.,„. , ,, „ ,H  1„.I;„V1„|,
* „    ,. esi'iileilii very        raclive   ap   ..,,,,M    |„,    |inis|„.f|      hy      IHI:',
**r .,                                                   pearatii'i'    li is si        1 lint   such       ,  .,     .,    , ,, ,      ,
i >,    . ■  ■ ---j uui President Keyes has hopes
l|'v"lll"""~   *'"'  'h>   thai the necessary   nuptial   will
R.      '■'■  P   '  ' ■'*    <"-     "    '   '   p:"-!    a'1'  s,z"  "'iim available in Rurope,
'       s< *       1'i'obabl)   Craubrooli ,,,|l(,   (|     ,,   ().    Al[,;||il    ,|m|
laki     11a _• In   services nl      Promptly nl one  o'clock,   the,,, ,     ■ i,„„,i	
;.          ,   . 1-   , 'iiaiio -vu's along the parts
huchurcl       .   -  -      1   l-eri      1         appointed,   the  brine ar-    ,   ,         ,, ,          .'?'.,.
,,,, Simdiii ,,  that would he used is   Iron,  .,.1
rived ai  .he  church,   where all          ,„   ,.,,,,      T|)e|,e   won,d   ,„,
Alex. Lucas of Kaslo   provin   wns   '"   l'eadlness       ",,u*   wn8 twenty-one miles of excavation
cial assessor, was  11 Cra ill  leaning on the arm of her father,  and  &  ,|mm,L   |WQ  a|)(]   (|l|w,
[or several  days  this  week on  who led her to the altar.     Mrs-j    ,.,,.,„,.    mjl|,s    ,„nir       Dip„0
business connected  Willi In- ih- . Selh   Kvckiuan   olavnd   Lnbcn    ,,     , ,. ,     , -        .,.  • .
  i.i'niii.ui   |n,i Mi'itdozn.   1 iiloniliiiin    Minister
partuient ,jnn^ bl.i(la] ln;|l,.h ,ls ,hl, UniU.
|.;,l ui   Simpsouol lhe Herald  entered, and  Ihis  wus  followed
was a 1 S'elson this week on Imsi'  by a very  appropriate duel   liy
id people sitg-1 Misses Connolly  and   Patmore,
Tho bride looked charming in a
[weather 7vhich''hus" preniiled |bea,,ti£ul   dress  "'   wl,i"'   silli
^.^^.A^.^     lnm«n   /^.^   n+\~.av,  nnmnnao  during the pnst week. mull   trimmed   wilh   lace, worn
garden, lawns or otner purposes   „ Vlil „„, ,„,.,,,, „ ,„„,„„,,„
The '.veil known faithful work*- bridal roses and while carnations
ernnd  elorpieul   preacher   Rev,   Her going away gown was hand'
must not use same on or alter » •;■ Ki--..n.:-fiuu...,. i-..,-.,,,- .,1 :i mm, rnwi ,ilis ,.,„„,
sii  -liiiin'.-.  vancouver,   will  ar- , ,     ■ , ,.
me 111 criiiiiirook mi satin-day. "'"' "'"'" ' wUh •■'*•"""     s""
Mr.Clinton will take the services wore 11 hat lo match.
the  lOtll inSt., between the hOUrS In Chrlsl church .„„„„■,„«. Mln Lena Cartwright.  sister
- lof lhe bride.iu-ted ils bridesmaid.
Nel-iiiiile- iire already  begin- L,      ,1111
,1       , ,.     ,,   ■    ;  n   t •     She also liiiiki'd  charming  111  11
„     ,. i       .-• a.'*i   nni*-' I" boost Inr iheir tall  fair.
Of     8      a.m.     antl      O     P.m..      Ulltll  How aboul  Cranbrook  nml  the I'etiulifnl   costume  ol   llowerod
I Lubnr Day celebration,     (.loller silk, and  curried   a   boquol   of
start now and pull together and white carnations.    Georgia nnd
all the time, and have 11 "r I'd" , Melv(1 Cartwright, sisters of the
bride,    nclod   as   ribbon   girls.
,.     .     ., , 1    while Miriam Uwe acted as ring
r rank     ivluhtirii s     minstrels:
I played 11 return engiigeinettt at biiaror.
lite opera house here Wednesday     Mr. Claude Vroom   acled   us
■evening to a fair house.    Thoir groomsman, and   did   bis  purl
specialties uro very g 1, cspoc   weli       Thl,   „s,1,,,.s   wol,e   Ml,
inl V lie hoiip  rolling  and   pig- T, ,,-■, ,   \,       ,  ,
,. • ' lletirv   \\ tlsnii   and   Mr.   .Inhez
  i Hui ii>.
The ratepayers of the city of     The groom's present   to   lhe
Stralhcomi liuve passed 11 byluw bride wns n cosily pearl brooch,
Eyeache and
Dl'lll;.- 1-,'lii'VH null Ullll|H,ntl'lly.
ItlMllUVI!     llll*     cilllfie    ami
I'tVt'l'l    11    I'lTlllHIU'llt     tMM'B
luiist'rtp.tIon ^mirtinleoil.    Consultation Free
. F. Tate k son
Jewelers nul Opticians
utlii-'ml  Wiiii-ii lus|ieotoi'« loi'CP.K. Crow'l Nest
'-aa- Dli'lultin.
further notice.   By order of the ^mZ:
Board of Directors.
Water Supply (Jo.
E. W. LONG. Manager
inting the 1'. I'   U.   11  si'.T.oui
and to the bridesmaid a  winged
♦ ♦
* disl
lilocli of laitil on  ihe  condition.-! ... .
Hun the city he 1 Ion division' '''•«*<■■'"      HI" presents to the
-,l point on tin- iiurlli  uml  .-inilii ribbon girls was n pearl ring lo
-i-i  lhat company. each, and also to the ring boiu-or,
  The I'l-reinonv being over the
Regulur public preucliiiig ser wod(11ng ,„.,,,,,,',  wlls p|llyo(|  llK      Por I'lirthor hirorninliou npply
in the United States, who is ul
present slaying ill lhis cily,
was usltod nboul Ibis report, Inn staled he hud no
official knowledge of It. Nevertheless the rumor is finding
many believers in political und
tinanoiill circles of this city.
Wlirti yuu got 11 irooil old*
m-liinin'il Ht'iitl-iflit* thut mukuri
your liouil tlirob: unil your oyus
whh'l uml imikfs you s'wk to
yi'iit- sii.iiuii'li try
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
They can't hurt you aniLihey
stop any lioadache. i*-' f
One Oozt'.ii In a Box 25c
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
reserving Berries
For Sale
1 hi Armstrong Ave.
.    .,,,- will lie held   ill   lhe   Mi'llm * 1
* the   bride   mul   groom    lell    Iln
JJ, J, -jUriiSoU.N      ,      ,       ,    , , . ,      , ,, j   -,„„„.,, .,
t (     H   \ I usual. Kev. .1   P. Westman,   ihejchui-ch, fi wed by   the   many
Cai'peiltei'   W   Builder    J *—'1   wWlilN J  pastor, iu charge.   Bvening sub   guests,   wl II   iveiidod   Ihuirl
J »  ject, ••Christian conduct in every  „.„,,   ,,,   ,|„.   IVs|,|,,,„.,,  ,,,    ,|
a Tailor '",. Importer of . i
1      Fine Woolens.
I I'.'riu ' k I. <
Office and Workshop   Lewis St '.	
Good Work at
Reasonable I'm
uie-   pan'iii-  011   Armslrong
"BOGtsnoe Maker
avenue, where the reception wns    Al'llistrono Ave.
111:111  made a  in'
Unfavorable  weather is playing havoc with
the strawberry crop at Creston.
Mr. Wigen lias the largest crop in that locality
,, ,, and he will not have enough to suppy the de- * »
inanil. I am advertising W'igens' berries at
$,-,.25 per crate. 1 will undertake to lill any
orders received on m* before Saturday 30th inst.
at that price.
If you want the  Wigen   Berries at
S^f   $3.25 Per Crate order  today.    Pro-   *-**
curable only at
Fancy and,Staple GROCERIES nnd CROCKERY
Boots,     Shoes     and     Hosiery
Cranbrook,   -    -   B. C.
I 1
f ni
J   'iii,to \i;.i'i-ii!le;,nn"kimi„'.,ly   In'lil    Tile home WHS hell II11 hi liy
« ihis week in connection wilh his d< ruled,   showing grout  .-kill
***»«   'U-rical   duties      On Thursday on Ihe 11111-t of
 u« n|: -I
S n mi.in.  mn  llll'l  evening nt
lil Stove
/We have ih
•      Choice of Two Kinds
11   ihe  Ni nlil  iji'ifi.-iiiiH'iii- ivuro sorvod und
1  evening 11
-   aihlt'i'--   'it
Mens Dress Shirts lliic   CCS   east, wnei-n iney win  speed   -i.\  *
social   li
l-lvill   ol   lhe   train,    ill
owing groin   - i-i 11 r.«.«.«*«.«»«.«»«.«a>*»«»«<
,.,'„•      .-,'.      'Mi'l**-5' jf
/ III I.IMlllllllll.JI   Ulll'1,,1  Sl,„|, /
I*.   » of I.l iiiii,mil,. rii
ami Mrs, McKowuii left  for the I    '' "'"' "'""""'
nil   I
I  li'h'Hl rin-- Wnrk in
nf tin
easl. where Ihey will   speed   -i.\
weeks visiting I>a-Iii.ii, Toronto.
looking Inl   ♦       Mrs  Sidney Child   leaves  lo   New   York.    I  other easleri
9   day for ihe const.    Mi   ami Mrs   .,0||,|Si   The |iresenls were Hum
♦ ' l'ii,i     '"'  ll"'';.   '" ;'   ",il1' orous  nnd  costly,  showing  tin
ine   intei ll 1    mailing    Hus  , ,  , .     ',,,,,.,
* pluee  iheir  home,   bin  Ibid lhe high esteem in which the brnl,
♦ climuli'   loo   trying    after    ihe nnd gnu 'e held in this place. W9SSSS69S!
0 111,1-1   They however luive mnde     An interesting leniuie of thei  *	
. tniiny friends and wish lhe town n0(.ftsloi- wns ihe nriiumeiil   on notice.
• ' lhe wedding unite.   This was lb«    takk notiuk mail «i>t.iyi»th«
Tonsorlal Art
** -a- __ , --  —. ,~ «   aaaafaa. r-a r-   J.   rs  ^-v a ,   a,   r-a.      .— ""     '" ^'"'"- >.,.-...,-,, i,      ,-1,1,., ,■,,„„„).,j„,|,., „|   t,,,,,,!,  i,,„|   Win|,s  fyr
*.♦,    PRICES      ARE      REASONABLE     ♦ """,;, property of the bride's grand-L> i ,...-.,.„„, u„i,„,- „„u,
in.iiln'1 mul has I n used by nlil""'' lv,"K ',""''''1 *" ' " »
$1.75 and $2.75
I hu I.iiii-i -iin   is ail Kmiiiii-l. and ten  ileal
ephono Extonsioii.
 n  -'   "" i'1-i'i'li In simili Kiii-i tini'ii'iiiiyi
♦ brides iii lhe  I' ily  since  thai    ,. „„,„.!„„,„„,„,„ ,„ ;„ „„. „„	
9      'lln-i runbrooli ICIeclrb Light dule,                                               *w»i nimiirof tv. ii.tnuii'Va i -, iwm,,r
l      ,    'I',,,    ,|     ,,     |   ,,      |,..,-,.    ., hLI'in,         It            ,i     •                     ll                ,1            ll'i'i'i" a.'MKIIi'lnlllls, ll Ill Ull iliiiliia
♦ n   I nlepliolie   i"    ii'He   a uugi j     | pon Iheir arrival  home   Ihey    „„,
9   force iii   work   extondin*! Limit' will liikn ii|i lliolr  riiHltliinitu on ' ' '■
♦ line   from   f'raiibrooll    In    thul Arinslroug nvenue,     Tho Pius     .'.,"
«   Vahk     Seven miles of this line |».rrioi- Joins the noininuiilly  in
♦ is in operation winding the bride and groom  n
9       \nolher   force   are   nl   work |oiW Uiid prosporons life.
.   i' linjj a i   from Warilner in
i',ikiin..i'i,     I'Voih Klk ih ii Rumors nf Now Oanal,
will be exlnntliid I" Hakur;  limn 	
I'A 111'', Nl I'l'll II'I Hull I li'li'i' Mill In Hi,.
ili'l  'ui la-Inner of   l.miilM mil Willka fill'
lllil-aiiilt tiii'lll llllll I'lllry lllvai- lliiilii'i   |,„|„
i- I'lllnivliii: ilcai'i'llii'il   lamia ,ii,|,r  Mt'i,i|i„v
I'llll in Simili Illli, Kiinli'llliy
I'liliilili'lirillk' 111 111,'   lil'l'llii'iiat   iiiiiiiii   nr   \\
a                                                                                             •>   io I'.avii'- Lulu I Klko    sun Considerable sensation has been n n«i»i-y» iic-m-u, Uioi,™ *•« nvii'ii.in.,
^Cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE ^   , ,„.,   ,,.,,„; are   engaged   In caused by ii report from C - uJl^'^ZnlllirirM^riroV™!,,!",!',!,":
^' Been here since 1898    Liable to staj longct ^| stringing   wires h-om  Wnsn 10 i,iu, publishod In "Ui Sin 11", '»"ni
Ix miles ..I wire „ Spanish weekly, which slate,    <™M A|,f" '"l"''»  ,UMA 11A1!Vltv
■*/;,-*-*>;.» '.* .9 4 * .♦;..«.> ,» J 9 ♦; <• f.9 \f: 9 ♦ •> 9 » ..♦,. «. ♦. | Port Steulu.
f  J
I Per
3  Ceilt   On all Boys
Cotton Suits
f 85c. Buys a Suit worth 11.25
Sec Our Clothing Window
ta)*i.>.'l«l».«|».«j» ■i«'«!a.:«ia>.«i»!«w,m« «H*li«tt|%||«ii%t|MgHi^|Hfrr^
The Leading Store
h'UKiSII    NI I'l'S
I't'i'sh Lettuce,
(ireen Onions
rhoir, HhetilKirh
Choice Oftingi's unci llniiniiiis
Hazelwood Ice Cream
STKWAIITH  I'lNi:   ('lliil'lll.ATMS
Hugh Stkwakt
Plione 75       rtiiiiiMioiiu, Ave.
We have been in the business
lor several years, we have lhe
besl equipment in lt.lt. and we
guarantee satisfaction,
About mat Piauo
We are the authorized uveitis
lor tho removal of Mason it |{isch
Pianos, we can do the work without risk.    Also Household Fur
I'rniii'lutni'/iiif tlm
(iranbrook Cartage ami Transfer Uo
'Mil |i|i,.iiti-
O.P.H. be|iut.
1'llOIIB VS.


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