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The Prospector Sep 12, 1908

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Array Library 1 f Leg, Asa,
\        °     y •"' 1908    * \\
  \h^-  '/	
Vol. 14.
No. 87.
Cracked   Big
Yeggman   enter    Fink
Mercantile Store and
Blow open Safe
Are seared away before
the job is finished
'I'lm storo "( tlio Kink Mercantile
Company waa entorod on Friday
mul Um IiIk sole blown upon.
Mr. W. n. Laldlaw, who in In Uu1
employ ol the Kink Oompany, In nn
interview with a Prospector representative telle tlm lollowing story.
"1 sleep in the second .story ol the
Kink Block,. I wus awakened, about
2 o'clock on Ki-iduy morning by u
loud explosion, which shook the
building, and which seemed to come
Irom below in the store. I Immediately suspected thut the sule ill tlie
oltlce hud been blown open. 1 ut
once dressed mysell, und rushed
down stairs, und looked through tlie
windows Into the store. Mr. Lorne
Langln wus passing, und I unlocked,
und opened the door. A strong,
smell of powder und smoke lollowcd
the opening of the door. Mr. Langln, then found Oonstablo McLean,
und together wc entered the store,
und found thut the sale hud been
blown open, the richt hand door wus
partially blown from its blnnes, und
tlie lower front ol the door from the
base. The bundle wus blown fifteen
feet uwuy striking und indenting tlie
wull, tbe combination wus torn Irom
its socket, und the walls spotted
with soup which was used to nil the
crevice around the door. The burg.
Ims must hnve heard Mr. Laidlaw
wben he cuine down stuirs, und got
awuy by the buck door which wus
found open.
I'ntrnnce to the store wus secured
liy breaking the iron bnrs which
covered the basement windows, nfter
entering, the lock on tile buck door
wus broken nnd tlie door opened to
nfford instunt menus of escape if
There is absolutely no clew tor the
police to work upon. The police
were promptly on the Hcene, and no
one was allowed to leuve town unless they were known. The cars in
the 0. P. It., yard were searched. In
one three suspicious looking men were
found wlio were arrested, und before
five o'clock the police had eight
tough looking suspects in their drag
It is evident thnt the job was the
work ol expert yeggmen, who secured a sledge hammer und files by
breaking into the blacksmith shop
of Frank Uezall.
It is the opinion of the police thnt
the burglars nre expert yeggmen,
who finding Munitoba und Albertu
getting too warm for them have immigrated to the "Banana Belt" tor
new fields to worki in.
Later ou, ln the morning it was
discovered thut the Post Office had
heen entered, and ten dollars or
more taken from the till.
— 1)   -  - -
Three Candidates may
speak from same
Arrangements are now under wuy
fm- the holding nl a joint meeting ol
three candidates for Kootenny for
the    HoilSO    of      Commons,    Messrs,
Uoodevo, Curtis ami Davidson- ul
though the details hnve not yet been
Bottled nor the dftte fixed, lt will,
ItoWOVOr, take plnei' within tlie next
couple of weeks,
Yesterday J. II. Matheson, acting
tor William Davidson* Uu- socialist
candidate, approached the local cun
servatives ami submitted a proposition for a meeting of two hours ami
a half duration. According tu tbe
plan submitted the tirst speaker
would hnve ,20 minutes, the second
iiu uml the third 40- to present his
side, while for the reply the lirst
speaker would be allowed 30 minutes
the second 2(1 and the third 111, thus
giving each u total of r>0 minutes,
lt wus proposed that the candidates
draw lots for the order in which
they should speak and that each of
tlie tliree parties should pay one-
third of the expenses of the meeting.
The man who speaks lirst would be
allowed to choose the chairman.
I The proposition of the socialists is
now being taken up with the other
two candidates and a definite un*
nouncement may be expected within
the next day or so. Nelson Daily
Ontario's New Governor
Ottawa, Sept, U. -At a meeting of
the cabinet council today a formal
order-iii-council was put through appointing lieutenant colonel Gibson of
Hamilton the governor of Ontario.
I  .
WEEKLY STAR; and THK PROSPECTOR until December 30th. 190H
for 511 cents.
Trouble Between Germany
and France
Orleans, France, Sept. 9. - The police have arrested a Herman spy
while attempting to bribe a French
Soulier to abstract important purls
of a field gun.
An individual describing himself us
nn agent for a Germun brewery recently got into communication with
un artilleryman who, however, informed the commandant ot the German's proposition with the result
that a trap was set und the German
was caught red bunded.
The police, who attach much importance to the capture, are maintaining the greutest secrecy.
General Election
Ottawa, Sept. 10.—It is positively
asserted thut the government hus
definitely decided on Tuesday November 3 us the dute of the general
elections. A well informed politician
who makes this statement udds thnt
u formal announcement will be made
I before Sir Wilfrid Laurier leaves on
| his Ontario tour unless the premier
should decide to make it himself at
n meeting at Ningnrn on September
Made Pertinent Query
Leader Borden's Campaign in
Nova Scotia
Sliiibenacadic, Sept. 10.—An enthusiastic gathering made up of electors
of Hunts, Halifax and Colchester
welcomed Hon. it. L. llorden to the
village ol Mhiibenucndle tonight; nn
Interested audience whicli needed no
prompting to applaud .lohn Btunlleld
M. P., 1". W. Ilunlght, candidate in
Hunts, and Mayor Crosby ol Hull-
lux supported the Conservative lend
cr. The hull hung with banners Indicating the temper of local organ-
"It Is time for a change" "Turn
out grafters," "Canada for Canadians," "abolish the unclean from
our politics" were some of the mottoes used.
Mr. Borden's speech covered a wldo
range in replying to the criticism of
honorable W. H. Fielding; he said If
the Conservatives hud not appealed
to the people to sanction their platform, hu asked what mandate had
the Liberals for ttie wholesale
changes of their platform.
Crnnbrook Liberals held a meeting
in the Edison Theatre on Thursday
evening, the principle speakers were
III. King, M. L. A., and M. A. Maedonald.
Joins Borden
Toronto, Sept, 111.-Hon. W. "■
Hiinnii left lor Halifax today to join
Mr.  llorden In his federal campaign.
Princess thrown from horse
Dresden, Slept. 10. -Princess Matilda, sister of the King of Saxony,
was thrown from her horse here todny and badly injured.
Mrs. Ryckmun had nn at home
Thursday iiftcrnoon. A large number of ladles attended.
To The Editor.
Dear Sir:--
Will you kindly allow us to
draw attention through the medium
of your columns to the tact that we
are endeavoring to Inaugurate a
Hoy's Brigade for the lads of (■ranbrook, and invite all boys between
the iikch of ten and seventeen to
join. The object of the Brigade is
"The advancement of Christ's King
doni among hoys, and the promotion
of habits of Obedience, Reverence,
Discipline-, Self-respect, and all that
tends towards a true Christian Man-
Uness." We need hardly say that
this is purely an undenominational
aftair, and we ask all the pastors of
the city churches to assist us as
they may be able. The Brigade
Headquarters is in Glasgow, and
was started in lttHIt, and has since
spread to all parts of the world.
,Thc lists of distinguished patrons
includes H.ll.H.The Prince of Wales
and the Archbishop of Canterbury,
the Hon. President being tbe Karl of
Aberdeen. We purpose to work along
the lines laid down by the Brigade
Manual which includes drilling and
gymnasium work centrally, and feel
confident tbat the high aims of this
'movement will practically guarantee
the sympathy of all who have the
ihest interests of the lads at heart.
The drills will be held every Mon
day night at 7.30 prompt, and after
six weeks, those who are found suitable will be enrolled and fitted with
cap, regulation belts and haversacks. We invite the interest of
parents in this movement which will
mean n great deal to the boys if
taken up with the earnestness that
it deserves, Those who attend the
drills will be allowed to spend part,
of tbe time in Gymnasium work and
will be instructed free. On enroll
,mont, a fee of 25 cents will be made,
and the small sum of ton cents per
month afterwards for tho necessary
expenses of the Brigade. There will
he nothing to pay until the boys
are actually enrolled after six drills.
i We are,     Dear     Sir, Yours
Hubert Hughes.
• 0, 0. Main.
Craubrook, September 8th.
Labor Day at
A    Large    Attendance
Fine Sports with  Ideal
Everybody  had a good
On Monday the Laboring meu, their
wives aud families, and the citizens
>f Oranbrooki eolcbrated Labor Day.
and having made up thill minds to
enjoy themselves, the Day was celebrated  right loyally.
The tlrst event, was a bullgame between the Moyie and Cranbrook jun
iors. Cranbrook won, the purse,$30
was divided Cranbrook getting $20
and Moyie $10.
The next event was tbe Hose Reel
Race. The Moyie lire laddies made
the first run and tailed to make the
nozzle connection before the water
came. The Cranbrook boys made the
run, cetting water in 80 seconds,
winning the Cup, and purse of $100
donated by the Labor Day committee.
Log loading- Harrison and Dcwie,
were first winning $1U0; Onnfleld
and Brotberton 2nd,  winning $50.
Sawing- G. Muir and J. Seter,
1st. winning $35, D. Moore and C
Baron, 2nd, $15.
Tie making   .1.  Nelson,  lst.$2r>.
Chopping - J. Moore, 1st. $25; H.
Kyle, 2nd. $10.
Rock drilling—M. McNeil and—
Swan, of Moyie, were 1st, $75.00.
220 yards race, open -Dominick, an
Indian was tlrst, winning $20 with J.
Brechen 2nd $10.
Running Broad Jump—D, A. Ayres,
1st, $10.    G.  Mannahan, 2nd $-1.
High jump--J. Brechen, 1st, $10.
D. A. Ayres, 2nd, $4.
Hop, step and jump—J. Brechen,
1st, $10.   D. A. Ayres, 2nd, $4.
High pole vault J. Brechen, 1st,
$10.   Sammy, an Indian, 2nd, $1.
Putting 16 pound shot—R. Black,
1st, $10.    J. McKenzie, 2nd, $4.
Union mens race, over 115. W. J.
Flowers, 1st, $15.    J. Bathie, 2nd.$5.
Boys race under 16.—S, Elmer, 1st,
$5.    C. Nordman, 2nd, $2.
Boys race, under 10.—G. Dulmngc
lst,$3.    A. Dixon, 2nd, $1.
Girls race, under 16.— Miss 8. GU-
lls, 1st, $5.    Miss B. Taylor, 2nd,$2.
Girls race, under 10.—Miss M.
Keith, 1st, $3. Miss G. Hickenbotham, 2nd, $1.
Pony race, half mile, 14J hands
and under.—Peach, was 1st, $15.
Snowball, 2nd, $5.
The baseball game between Moyie
and Cranbrook interested a very
large crowd of tans, rooters and
spectators. The game during the
tirst four innings was one sided, the
Cranbrook boys putting up a tlrst
class game. The following is the result by innings:
Cranbrook, 9 1 0 3 O H 2 O IK
Moyie, 0 0 0 0 2 0 113        7
The Pernie Fats, outplayed the
Cranbrook fats in up-to-date manner
the score keeper keeping the result,
as private, so as to let the Cranhrook giants full easy.
All excellent game of football was
played in tbe evening between Moyie
and Cranbrook teams. Both side
played the game for all that there
was iu  it,  neither  side scoring.
The Labor Day committee are to he
congratulated upon the success which
resulted from their efforts. The day
was enjoyed by the large number ol
visitors and citizens who attended
the sports.
The Cranbrook Brass Band gave a
number of selections during the afternoon,  which was enjoyed by all.
Interesting   Titbits   ot
QUEBEC, Sept. 9. Tbe village of
Ste. Marie Beace lias been visited
by a $40,000 Ure destroying 27 buildings ami rendering 16 families
homeless.    Insurance $15,000.
OTTAWA. Sept. 0, Senator Bel-
court had a narrow escape from
drowning in Clue Ink-- yesterday by
the capsizing of his boat. He was
iu the water half an hour before be
inn rescued.
CALGARY, Septf 9. Dan McLeod
of the Calgary lacrosse club has been
chosen to represent tbe west in the
('anadian Olympic lacrosse team
sailing from CJuebcc on October 2nd.
WINNIPEG, Sept. !».-K. W. Morse,
vice-president of the Grand Trunk
Pacific announces today that the
Grand Trunk Pacific will be opened
for freight and passenger traffic to
Wainwrlght, liOti miles on tlie 14th
OTTAWA, Sept. '.>.-Conservatives
of Onrloton county will meet here
about September 21st and the prevailing idea is thai It. L. Borden,
leader, of the opposition, can have
the renoniination if he so desires.
He has already accepted nomination
for IUk old seat in Halifax.
TORONTO, Sept. 9. A million a
year for missions, that is to be the
objective of the Presbyterian church
In Canada, which held a meeting here
yesterday. The committee decided
that the church must attempt to
contribute $100,000 more for foreign
fields than last year.
KINGSTON, Sept. ». -Messrs Dup-
ius of St. Louis, and Henderson of
Chicago, have made tinancial arrangements for building a $250,000 hotel
and furnishing it an expense of
$75,000 provided Kingston gives a
site and announces a guarantee of
$100,000. This gunniutee will represent the mortgage on the property.
Ottawa, Sept. 10.—An order, In-
council has been passed prohibiting
tishing by means of steam trawlers
within hays and harbors or within
the three mile limit of Canada.
Ottawa, Sept, 10.—Captain Dunn
of the Canadian tishing cruiser Vigilant on the Great Lakes has been
retired. He is succeeded by captain
Robertson of the Bay of Fundy
cruiser Curlew.
Montreal, Sept. 10. -The trafllc
earnings of the G. T. R. for the tirst
week of September have decreased by
$159,682 compared with the same
week a year ago.
Saulte Ste. Marie, Sept. 10.-The
directors of the Lake Superior Con*
solidated, have decided to re-open
their steel plant on September Uth,
instead of October 1st ns was announced a few days ago.
Regina, Sept. 10. Suits for eight
thousand dollars commission are to
be commenced against the city council for failure to accept any one of
the plans submitted for the new municipal hospital. Each one of the
architects who entered competition
is asking one per cent commission.
Toronto, Sept. 10,-Mrs. Mitchel,
aged 45, was killed while standing
on a King street corner with some
friends waiting for a car. A big
tally-ho driven by William Reid tried
to cross the tracks and was struck
hy a car and thrown on the sidewalk
(killing Mrs. Mitchell. The driver
s only slightly injured.
The Accuser
 o* —■—
Smith   Curtis
takes money from the
Crow's  Nest  Coal  Co.
for Election Expenses
in 1903
 O —
Joe Martin proves it
The World ol Oetober 1st, luoa,
stales the following with this head
ing. SfcasSATlUNALj uu large type j
was ihe encounter between Joseph
Martin and 8 Hit til Curtis on Labor
two of tin terms applied to oacU
other by men who once were friends,
torrent of burning oratory Interrup
ted. There have been many political
meeiinuH in the City of Vancouver
during thu past ten days, Imu none
of Liiem have provided mole sensational incidents than the meeting
held in the City Hall last night un
der the auspices of the Labor party.
Of course tne throng winch crowded
tlie Hall from curtain to curb did
not come there to hear the Labor
candidate but to hear the much advertised charges of Smith Curtis
against Joseph Martin. From the
very rtrst It was clear that the crowd
was prejudiced against Mr. Martin
in favor of Smith Curtis. Even before the latter got up tn speak there
were frequent calls for him ami when
he hiially took the centre of the
stage, it was amid thunders of applause. Rut such Is the fickleness of
the public and the flimsiness of Mr.
Curtis' charges, that although he
arose amid cheers he sat down amid
hoots and jeers of scorn. Even alter i
Mr. Curtis' talk there was evidently
a large section of the audience which
was prejudiced against Mr. Martin
when he arose from many parts of
the hall he was interrupted and
there were catcalls, and rags of alleged humor, but these only seemed
to give Mr. Martin a better footing,
and make him more determined than
ever to get a hearing. It has been
said on probably a million occasions
that Joe Martin is a good man in
the opposition, what should be said
is, that when he has opposition
Joseph Martin shows his strength.
He certainly rose to unexpected
heights last night, the manner iu
(which he went before a hostile au*
dience, captured it, turned it against
the enemy, and routed him completely, was a surprise to many who did
not know the man. But after all
[the main fact was that Mr. Martin
had right on his side, Mr. Curtis'
statements and charges were so silly
land flimsy that most of them bore
j their own denial even when they
were being uttered.
What   the   City   Dail's
are doing for the
Welfare of (iranbrook
'i'he my council met on Wednesday
nlghl in the council chamber for the
transaction ol buslnoss,
There were present Alderman Ryan,
acting as mayor, ami aldermen Ba
kor,  Jackson and  Johnson.
Keloids nt the lust regular meet
nu'. 1*1 ila- council was road, ami mi
motion ol aldormon linker mid John
sua adopted as nad.
Tho I' luunco   Committee   reported,
and       presented      UCCOUntS    t«>       thfl
amount   of $8,624.83 ami    recummen
ded that  they he paid.
It was moved hy aldermen Jackson and Johnson- Lhat the accounts
of the Water Supply, and Electric
Llghl Compuny, be paid. Carried.
Aldermen Ryan nmi Maker not vot
it was moved hy aldermen Jackson and Johnson, that all accounts
presented hy tin Finance Committee,
with the exception of thoso already
dealt with, be paid.
It was moved hy aldermen Bakei
nntl Johnson, that leave be granted
to introduce by-law No. S3 being tiie
Debenture  Bylaw  No.   4.    Carried.
It was moved by aldermen Jack
son and Johnson that by-law No.
52, being the Cemetery by-law be
read a tlrst time,    carried.
on motion by-law No. :>2 was read
n  second time.
Council then resolved into n com
mittee of the whole, with acting
mayor Ityan in tlie chair, to consider by-law No. 52, being the Cemetery  hylaw clause hy clause.
The committee, on rising reported
It was moved hy aldermen Jackson and Johnson, that it was necessary to expedite the progress of bylaw No. 52, that leave he granted to
read the same a third time.    Carried
On motion of aldermen Jackson
and Johnson, by-law No. Wi was
read a third time.
On motion of alderman Baker and
Johnson Council adjourned.
Buys Victoria Wharfage
Grand   Trunk   Pacific    Pays
$150,000 for Water Front
Local News Items
Vancouver, Sept. 10. Mr. O. B.
Poster, district passenger agent of
the C. I'. 11., Toronto, has been appointed assistant general passenger
agent In succession to Mr. E. .1.
Coyle, resigned.
The Cranbrook baseball players
presented James Bates, the official
umpire with a handsome meerschaum
pipe on  Mondny.
The Public School opened this season with an enrolment of over 40
scholers more than were enroled at
the close of the summer session. A
problem which Is now before the
School Trustees, is how to accommodate all the children.
A man rushed into the Cranbrook
one day lust weel, and asked Mr. V.
Rollins if the proper authorities had
notified the Indians to be in attendance at Cranbrook in November,
with baskets. Baskets for what, in
quired Mr, Rollins. To catch the
he-heads that fall after the general
election, was the reply.
Don't forget the Harvest Festival
in the Salvation Army Hall on Sep.
tember 27th. Refreshments will be
served, and you will be sure to en
joy the service.
The yeggman     lias     reached Cran
brook, and     now the   police   will be
kept busy looking ufter thom.
The Chief of Police was honored by
a visit from the tjueen of Africa mi
Kriday afternoon.
Victoria,    Sept.  10.--Rear    admiral
' O.  E.  KingBmall,  recently appointed
'to command the fleet of the marine
'lisheries department of    Canada, arrived    here    tonight to     inspect tlie
I naval yard and tbe     defences of Es-
quimult to report to     the Dominion
1 government concerning them In view
(of au effort to tie made    to have the
imperial    government    give over the
naval yard at Esquiruatt to the Dominion of Canada     for use as head
quarters of the marine and fisheries
department fleet on the  Pacific coast
of Canada.
He will also look over the fishing
grounds of the B. 0. coast and Investigate what is necessary to more
adequately protect them and will ex
amine the steamers and equipment,
light. liotiBM and aids to navigation
and other works within the purview
jof the marine and fisheries depart
ment, making cruises on the Kestrel,
Quadra and other vessels.
The most telling blow that Mr.
Joseph Martin delivered was when
he accused Smith Curtis of having
returned from Ontario with a propo
sition to accept money from Robert
Jaffray for campaign fund expenses
and then when Mr. Martin went further and blankly accused Smith
Curtis of having accepted money
from J. B. McArthur as agent for
Jaffray Cox and Co., the silence of
death reigned over tlie great au
dience for a moment, the people
seemed to be searching themselves to see what this meant this
man who had come here to accuse
Martin being placed iu the position
of the accused, and unable to oiler
any denial except to simply say, It
is absolutely false. This statement
was so damaging that the friends of
Mr. Curtis asked him to send a wire
to Robert Jaffray. Mr. Curtis went
so far as to write out a telegram
stating that Mr. Martin in a public
meeting had accused him of accept
ing money Irom tho Crow's Nest
Coal Co., ami that he (Curtis) wanted a denial. Mr. Curtis wrote this
telegram in the Commercial Hotel
j and at the solicitation of his friends
I started for the telegraph otlice with
it, but his heart failed him at the
last  moment and he never sent it.
I September 13th.)
Morning service ut 11. Sunday
School and  Bible Classes at 3
Subject for the evening service
at 7.;iU;
I      "The Drink Trafllc and Crime."
j   The  rate-payers are     especially  in
vlted     to   this   service on     Sunday
evening wbo do not attend any other
place  of  worship.
| Tuesday. Literary mooting by the
League at s.
Wednesday.    Prayer Service at  H.
Kriday.    Choir practise at  H.
The Harvest Festival ami Church
Anniversary will lake place on Hep
tember 27th, when the Rev. Dr. KM
Ryckmun will preach morning and
evening. The Ladles Aid will ar
range for n supper the following
I The Teams Tournament is now in
full swim;, and will continue all the
week. Members are requested to ro
member tlmt the court is especially
reserved foi' contestants.
Victoria, Sept, '.I. Announcement
was made today that the Grand
Trunk Pacific has purchased one of
the best sections of Victoria's waterfront at a cost of $150,000. It is
situated in an Important position
and, extending 400 feet, is so located
as to lend itself to a lorn'.' area of
wharfage. It. is now supposed that
the Grand Trunk Pacific intends to
make Victoria a terminus, probably
reaching hero as soon as Prince
W. Templeman of the Canadian
government, who reached home last
night, when referring to the subsidy
given to Vancouver island, said this
would enable the road to make Victoria practically the terminus of the
Diplomates a Nuisance
Caracas, Sept. HI. President Castro has announced his willingness to
get rid of all diplomats within his
sphere of action, according to a report current in diplomatic circles iu
tliis capital.
He is quoted us having said: "Ministers here do no good, anyhow, and
1 should he glad to get them all out
of the way." He made this comment
in delivering a diplomatic slap to
Sir Richard Still Stays
Toronto. Sept. inf The ejection of
Sir Richard Cartwright from the
cabinet has not yet taken place and
probably will not now take place till
after the election.    Friends of Sifton
.who want Sir Richard deposed have
not      satistied    Sir    Wilfrid      that  it
I would be safe to throw Sir Richard
over at so critical a time. The old
knight though physically a cripple,
Is mentally a      power to he  reckoned
with, and an appeal from him to the
already n-stive old time liberals
would be a serious business on the
eve of all election. Sir Wilfrid will
therefore tour Ontario with Hon. <i.
P. Graham,
Mr. .1 \. Ilnrvoy, K Cl., Inlormi
li ri'lili'si'iiliitivt' i,r thi' rni.siUTlii
thut, lie luul beon tinUliml liy Attn
ni.y    Iil'lli'l ul   lliiwsi'l'.   thfl I   ii  Hlttit
iif tin' Ritpromc i'iiiiii wniilil hr ir
in i-. j.ni, k iii Ociolior     While i
ilnti- luiji   boon flxcit, it  is    i'\|>citi
t hilt     llll'    Killilll'        Will    1,1'    lll'lll    Illllli
llll'    IMll   III  lll'tnlil'l
Wrecked in North Sea
(IRIflAT GRIMSBY, Sept. 10. The
British steamer Paelllc, 18,99!) tons.
[from Sunderland to the River Plate,
was wrecked off this port yesterday.
A trawler rescued eighteen of her
crew from a heavy sea. Five of her
complement lost their lives.
Ore Shipments
trict for
St.    Ri
im: arc
ines I
the po
the ore shipments
n thr ('ranbrook dis
st    week and year to
  655 ...15,636
 292 ... 2,722
Total 947 .. 18,358
Laurier Will Come
Sir Wilfrid Uurloi opened tho
cnmpnlgn at Horol on Saturday lust
it is <iuite within the range or proh
ability that the   premier     will comi
west      after     the       close   of       the   Oil
tario t nnr, and nd dress one or two
meetings in Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
Alberta, and llritish Columbia, He
could make n short trip. and still
have n fortnight to devote to l,m>
bee and ttie uiiiratitiie provinces.
opens at
A. S.Goodeve Addresses
Large Audience of Conservatives at Edison
I'lu-   CoiisurvtUivo   I'uiiv   Tho
I'Yii'iul ul  LliG I.;iIiiji mu
The campaign, in Cranbrook was
opened on Friday evening last by
A. S. Qoodeve, Conservative candidate   for   Kootenay
The meeting'    was held In the Ed
son  Theatre There   were      a   lurgl
number of the rank and ule ol tho
Conservative party  present
Mr, V. A Rollins, president ol the
Young Men's Conservative Association was chairman.
Mr. Rollins, upon taking the chair
.stated the object of calling the meeting at this time, and in a short
speech introduced Mr A. S. Qoodeve
the Conservative candidal.- for tho
For over two hours     Mr, Goodeve
held   the   attention   nf     his     audience
His explanation of the labor troubles in Rosslnud in 1900 was listened
to with interest, and the record of
the Laurier administration, with its
history of graft and corruption was
read direct from the reporl of the
Royal Commission who investigated
these mutters.
Mr. Qoodeve, at once went Into a
personal mutter, whicli was reported
to have occurred when he was Mayor
of Rossland. It was to the effect
that he called out the militia to
Ideal with labor troubles while act
ing as Mayor of Rossland. He silted that Magistrate John Boultrce,
a Liberal, au appointee of Joseph
Martin, appointed special constables
to watch the mines It was this
magistrate backed up by Premier
Martin, who was attorney general at
the time, who caused these specials
to he sworn in. That when the Pro
vincial elections came on, and Smith
Curtis was a candidate, ami owing
to this feeling Martin ami Curtis
I tried to convey the impression that
| Rossland was in a state of riot,
[which was absolutely false as far as
the strike was concerned, ami this
occurred six weeks after he had
ceased  to he   Mayor of  Rossland
The strongest repudiation ot these
Insinuations aud charges, lay in tin-
fact that Mr. P R. Maedonald, the
j present Labor Mayor of Rossland.
land  at   the    time or      the strike   was
[identified with thi Miners' Union,
was now un ardent worker for him
against Smith Curtis in Rosslnud,
Continuing Mr. Qoodeve made a
telling arraignment against the pres
■■nt administration, asking his healers if there was one who could point
out a single act of the Liberal party
'in Ottawa, that was in the interest
Of labor or the working man. Take
the  Natal      Act,  said    Mr.   Qoodeve,
,tive times the Provincial government
had passed this act, and live times
the Liberal administration ai Ottawa had disallowed    it.    The Conser-
jvatives refused assent to the Japanese treaty,     and it    was shown how
ithe Liberals had allowed Japanese
and Chinese to Mood the province.
That Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in a speech
given in the     Commons, referring to
I the action of British Columbians on
the exclusion of Asiatic's, said. "1
tell them, you are wrong." How
Mr. Leinieiix declared that lie was
"not for a white British Columbia'"
and Sydney Fisher, another minister
of Sir Wilfrid's has declared that a
tew hundred thousand Japanese were
no menace to British Columbia or to
Mr. Goodeve closed with a strong
appeal for support in the coming
election, on the Japanese and Chinese records, of the present Ottawa
goverment whose cause is being
championed hy Smith Curtis, also
on their record of graft and corruption, on their oft repeated and present hostility to the interosta of the
Inboring man.
Mr. J. A. Harvey, K C, briefly
addressed the meeting, and said it
gave him, and he was sine the au
idience, great pleasure to welcome Mr.
j Goodeve the    standard bearer of the
great      Conservative      party,   and   to
hear his uhle and most unquestionable denial of the campaign lie that
hud heen circulated about him It
,wus rightly called a campaign lie.
He could describe it in more forcible
words, and they knew whal words he
meant. That the party would sup
port Mr. Goodeve with all their
powers, and now had the means of
.answering effectually the only point
tlmt had t n suggested against him.
i The chairman, Mr, Rollins then
called tor a hearty vote of thanks to
Mr Qoodeve, who hy his remarks
had demonstrated how wise was the
selection the delegates had made at
the Convention in Nelson He was a
mini that they could win with, and
would win with. He had the eloquence nf a grent loader, and he was
sure the people of the Cranbrook
riding would prove by their votes on
the day of election that they relied
on him as their leader, and that
they would return him to as ist Mr.
Borden in his good work at Ottawa. Till-'. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, I! C. sKITKMUKI! 12, 1008
I.STAUI.IMII.O    inw,
A. B. Grace,
1'1'Hl.isllKi;   ANO   EDITOR.
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I SATUUDAY, mTTKMI'.KI: 12, 1008
Smith Purlin suys tlir booiI tlm-*
in I'.in.i.lji well' entirely due t" the
lju'l lli.it Sir Wilfrid I.jiiihi'I WIW ill
power Mi Curtis mmlit jUBt jis
well liuve Htiltl iimi 'In' tiii.iiitiiil
■trlimenc) "I lhe I'-'-' oiKt>t montha
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,n, e     Bul   John mid  tfmith
■nin! Well     the     people
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i 'uimei \ nl h o    [ii o| i mninu     lui    : 11
[,  re»i »tod     li     bun l>i i n nud    will bo
I  ■■■.  iii  tu the luul   U)   I uiil      i ibhi
.m<l   holdcl n    «>l       i    n, .'■• li ill ■  .Hltl   ull
ih.tt  Rruuu ol    |)u  l ii ul     ueeulniui i
whom iu.' Uuvei m    ii   lm« boon out
. !        K, Bl i.    ■        ....   \u*\\   \ il!
orouBl)   iiif    "i'i"1 :' Ion    lui ■ nin led
, ttniptltj i      till Illi:      lilt'   p.i ll
vein     ii  i    i butl        thul  iiiu-i  .ui'i
■■ ill be iv on Ioi  ihi   i'i
Tho  i 'onaei \ nt Ivi      deiiiuud  foi   i l»«
opsin tion  nnd    munuKOUioul   ul  Urn
• • * * ri nm.'tn   rutlwu)« bj   .oi    ludopeudent
Smith  L'un .i    have  touched  lum-piittumn     bud)    lum iiIhu     beon
.   <■   r   K   und   not  left      The U    prenaetl   nnd tin reform
und thi   ■ ruw     N'esl  foul  bnrreb  l- becomiuK more   iml     moro   ippul
enouith lot l'llt
ampuiKii  purpose*
tf   s    T ■■. ■         iij thul Smnli
i 'mi i is hii    i     record tfu bun Jon
\i      ■                    Llh'    |>i   ■■■!<• "I HiiU-.li
. ,    .. icituuinl
the rei onl     ol  hotli    I the* i nl i
■• ,-n   nml   lon'i    * ml I'uri Mm
\ i ruiNAU   rilANSl»l)UTATlON
.  '  ■
orut lorn
enounced bi Ibei y b) coi
need Hit- r r It,,
:- nid   opened  tu
The Quality Store
We don'l claim to be the cliuuiiusl
Iml ive -Iiiiiii up I'm- the besl
All Our  iimiii-  Are fluaranl I
-   The Cunservnttve    uartj
ll   mi   mil "in "i  it    adhere, tu the
[.I,-! Jillillir        "1      tllO    'Ii'i 1'1,'l'IIU'lll    ul
, , , , Canadian waterways,  nattoiial uortu,
eold  Hturatse    transportation,  all  un
Sep'   *    ;'   •" "actlj   ., ,,u,.„\ national principles, and nut liy
Ml    U ■■     down his spasmodic   and   unconsidered   oxpen
it   i;      >i     uhen he dttnros made when sectional demands
• ii   the  influence ol  some transport!!
thai        nsl •  ■-.. . •.. •   „  interest   cannol   bo roslstcd.
Eetlned and pi
nservativ,    eader      public Control ol Public Utilities.
 tl     real lavoi Ln
mtrj beeu  resolutely     The demand lor u reorganization ol
  iltloi   part}  in the present  Railway    Commission us
ment     V  sl     :   the   principles ., public utilities board,     with juris-
■   Halifax ji yeai diction ovei   .ill   corporations oporu
prevl been   ,--;••:  b) tine public utilities ol holding Iran-
the puny in the     Houb,   and nearl) chlses ol n national     character, 1ms
thi    thers   .....   since been affirm heen made by Mr.    Bordon     and liis
ed by the Conservatives in theli  rep supporters  with  some    success.    Tho
resentatlve capacity Government alter     much  hesitation,
Moreover,   the  Government   has  al ims had the   powers nt tho Controls
read)  been compelled by the lorce ol sion extended    over     telegraph   and
public opinion to adopt in whole or telephones.    Though   this is not   nil
•  tbi   reforms advo that     the     Conservative   purty will
ipposltlon leader achieve, It is u step in their    diroc-
.■uti'il by the
Mr. Borden proposed an Investigation with the view of a national
The lirsl plank ol the Conservative system ol telegraphs nnd telephones
plntlorm demands honest appropria- under conditions which should be
tion uml expenditure of public money just to vested interests. That i.s
in the public interest Unfortunate- still the platform uf tho Conserve-
ly, the Government bus not adopt* tlve party,
eil  this principle, and  ministers have
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been petting steadily nntl rapidly
uwuy fn>in it. Hut durltiK the long
;iinl strenuous session the opposition
members, by resolutions in the
House, by searching and detailed
criticism, by earnest nnd persistent
investigation tn committee, have labored to check dishonest and Improper appropriation, ami to expose
jjiiul prevent corrupt and extravagant
| The second plunk calls for the ap-
pointmenl nt public officials upon
consideration of capacity and personal character, and the fourth demands
reformation of the civil service, so
Lhat future appointments shall be
by a commission after competitive
exnminntion. This part of the Con
servative policy was so well received
in the country and maintained so
bI rongly in Parliament, that the
Government wns constrained to in-
troducc ii Civil Service Bill, which
professes to adopt the principle. As
a matter of fact, it toes but a short
way. applying only to appointments
in the regular civil service at Ottawa. So far as it goes, tbe Act is
one point trained by the Conservative
party, which did all that was possible to Improve tlie measure and
make it effective. It remains for the
i "iiservatives themselves wben they
take office to make the reformation
genuine by applying it to outside
appointments and also to promotions,
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Head Office,
Oolgary- Alberta
(Iain  Ottii - lor East Kootunay,
Cranbrook.   B.   C
Corruption ond  Fran
School of Mining
Attiliated lo Qurcn's University.
por Catetidar ol thi Scho- : in I fnrtl ■ r
tafarmitton, upplv tn the Se r-rtary Sclu :
of Mining, Kingston, Ontario
Tilt InllflMlng Courvt arc oltrrrf:
r urVwirs Coun*l -i (jfurteofB
-Three \-.n- Course f n Diploma.
mt try nnd Mineralogy
pia|o«y sua I ieotogj
mini Kngineerlng
i. ,. tin ring
hanlcnl Rnainrerlng,
tri       Rngine ring,
logy and 1-nhlic Health
The third plank of Mr, Borden's
platform calls for stronger provision
against bribery and fraud in elec
tions, for the effective and speedy
trial ..I election petitions, and tho
prevention of large campaign contributions Tin Government has been
driven tu Introduce legislation proposing to meet some of these conditions though tins was no! done un
the opposition    had brought in a
'I'ln- demand for improved postal
facilities and free rural mail delivery
wherever that may be found practicable, has been supported in Parliament by strong resolutions and good
argument. The latter proposition
condemned and restated in Parliament by Postmaster General Lcm-
eux, but only last week that minister at a public meeting in Quebec
fell into line by promising free rural
delivery in the future.
It does not need to be said that the
Conservatives stand by their tariff
policy, and by their mutlal preferential  trade  platform.
The party has proclaimed in the
Kast as well as the West, the doe-
trine that the public lands of Alberta and Saskatchewan should be restored to those provinces on fair
The provincial rights plank, which
is the last in Mr. Borden's platform,
was- made a direct issue in more
than one sharp Parliamentary contest.
Tt can be said after a test of a
year, and of a severe fighting session, Mr, Borden's platform has vindicated itself and that it represents
today the desires and the hopes of
tbe Conservative    party, and a maj-
rity of the Canadian people.
When Mr. Borden presented this
plntlorm at Halifax, lie was dial
lenged to advocate it in other parts
tf the country. He has done so in
■very principle centre from Sydney
to Victoria, llis supporters have
proclaimed this doctrine and will
proclaim It in the coming campaign
in  every  Canadian constituency.
A  Complaint   From The Cabinet.
This  week    Messrs.      Pnterson   and
Plsher held  a      meeting  in  the Kast
Townships,    which has been de
■rihed as the opening    of the   cam
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noi go ~*i f;ii us the I'luiservativt
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clause usurping  Domin
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Improve i.ii.l .nuke KlronKf).'
rernmonl  bill.
......il imu lias ii..1.    IiiiiI  iniiili :
AtjXt J^ *W ^K ^^ ^^ ^rt .^ **f* ■**4*' ^n. m* ^n ^n   - ^ ^ ^n ^n a*j*\ ^R t*\*\ \tftt \\*J\ aj\ ^*j\ a*j*\
S We   1511 \' a IHI  >Cl I   ror l.asll i  llorden rea Hliii     imi i:i.i	
Vn ^^ i been       COI
*************:******#***lfil*,»■•■"« ■'»«''
was a complaint    against   what
they culled  the   slander campaign of
the   Opposition,     They   complain of
charges in the  Mouse,  they reproach
the hill a (Conservatives for their method of in-
•ontrol of vosttgatinj!   public nflalrs,    they tind
in two provinces and parts fault with pamphlets and newspaper
itliera     li     was n hum task writings of the Conservative party.
the     Government   and the
rrom    tins   position, but It. | AttH THKV TH1tK
<■      Vi hen   that   was      accom   j
It is an easy thing for a minister
ito uay that charges of corruption
graft, maladministration and ex Unv
agance arc slanders. Hut tbat does
not answer the charges, The question Is whether those statements are
true. If Mr. Pnterson and Mr. Fish
ii.s policy u |     ,,„,„„-,„,   their own   nn dies   uud
ih-     He o in,   bit    h;i ('inilii'   im     .. .-ii.        ii i n
( ' mil   ih  I .those  of  their  colleagues    when  they
!l''     ,!*'[,   wore in opposition, they will tlml tho
■    '""'--"V language used now   less ubiisivc, lens
'   " ','  'l,''"il   ''  l '' .   olTeiiHive  and   more  mini       Hut they
i'   Hi    ,nliuii ' in.-    oiiinu'i .oil ■■     am.     ...     ,        .,.,,,   ■■„,   ,, .
... ,ii ,       : will also Had  thai   the     clmrgOS now
.■ilpolition     of   the   bo  uh      system .    ,   ,      ... " .
..    ii        ,     iniiili' are presented  with mote exact
been hi pported     in the Mouse by    . ,   ., ',,-.    ,      .  ,     ,' ■
, ..    . ,. detail,       with   appeal   to   the   records,
'" '      """   and with the proof fu I'll Ih lied iu con
IlldOUbtCdfy     alleeteil
itratlon or this Depart
. honiises continue to he
l undesirable Immigrants
i come,  and   the  Conserva,
er went ollt of his way lo attack
Mr. Ames for the use of lantern
slides und pictures Hut tills moth
nd  in adopteil    for the     express pur
■ , ,        ni  on is uuuifluu    ior nie     express pur
live party ,„, nltnlnlnx     P" "'  will, ,    .,.„„„,,     ,    t,     „,,,'„„.
\v" ",.;""":' ""'  "i','1" ", ' K "::    ioenme-itu thonuclvca whloh    prove
t'i       lhe statesmanlike course ol Mr. L, ,   ,. '
the charges.
Continued  oil   Page Three.
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PHONE 57 P. 0. DOX 154
Prof esslona I.
Harvey, MoCarter k Maedonald
GRANBROOl.j.    -    !!.<'.
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook-      British Columblu
Crnnbrook, ll.C.
(i. H. Thompson
•~?m ii.mikis'i'kii ,i souei
I'iiiiii ll,  ll.C.
P.U.S. <Sc C.E.
l-'ort Steele H.C.
P.O. Ilex '.'.'Iii. I'li.mc 223.
Mining Engineer,
B.C. Land Surveyor,
«;Dr. ll. W. Connolly ;;
'*        I'llVSlCIAN   AN'II SlMIOKON J |
j[        Ollloet Armstrong Avu. ] J
<,  ..
i, FIOURS: <>
<> ii in ii ii.m.  •.' ui i ii.m   ; in s p.m. i»
' > Phono Ollloo 10.r>.   Ilonliloiiuo 100 *'
F. O. E.
Meet orory Friday lit 8 p.m.
Visiting   Brotliors I'lirilinllj    Invltoil
I'iias. Smith, W. Prosidonl
M. I). Hii.i.iNoa. Sooy.
Aorlo Phyaloinn, P. O. Mux 2S.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
\ NO. 126.  It. A. M.
■\     Rogular incotlnge:—2nd Toes-
*   day   In   eueli   montli   ut eight
Sojourning Companions  are
cordially Invited.
LW.M..1'. Tatk, Scribe E. I
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brothorn   cordially   invited
P. Mch'KXXA, Chief Ranger
.1. SIMMS, Secretary
I     ff' HOTEL » t
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection t)
* 1
Neurosl to niilroail depot,    llus iiccoiuuio-
dalions   I'or   llio   public   unequalled   iu
W Cninbrook,
j| Hot and Cold Hat lis
Proprietors i
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   hinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
t'liiuTlll llircclur
Siciim Rollers und Piirnaeo Work a
Cosl and Slock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.C.
|§ Cline
ol tho uiil MHintiiiui DHrbor Shop
nun new lie foiiiiil In the
Pil'st Claim Work In all branches
of the
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policu Holders
Fred. W. Swain
r.inbrook,B.O., Armstrong A v. TllK PROSPECTOR, CKANUUOOK, It.C, SEPTEMBER 1:\ LUOfl
(Form   F.>
c?«rtniciite of   Improvemento.
notick,     Kentlwortb     Practlou
Mine lul Claim, situtiti- in the Foil
St i'i-ii- Miiiiiu'. DlviBion uf Hunt
Kooteaay Dlstrtot.
Where located:- Near Wolf Oreek,
TAKK NOTICK tlml .lumen A.
Harvey, Free Minor's Oorttttcate No.
B-1803, acting as agont fur John 10.
Humphroys Free Miner's eertilicute
No. U M;tr> nml Jobn Bwenaon, Free
Miner's certificate No. B-1389, iuteml,
sixty tluyu from dute hereof, to apply
to the Minim; Recorder for a ('er
utiente of tmprovomeuts, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown (limit
of the above eluim.
Ami further tuke notiee thnt motion
under section 87, must he common
red before the Issuance ol such Oor
ti (lento of Improvements.
,1.   A.   llurvey.
Duted this llth duy of Mny,   1908,   88
Dlstrlot of Kooteuay.
TAKK NOTICK ihul I, Olomonl 11.
1'ollon, ol Criinhrook, occupation
(lent., Intend lo upply to the Ohio!
Commissionei' ol Luuds unit Works ut
Victoria, for permission to   purchnHO
the following ilesii ilii'd lumls situate
in Houtheust Konteuuy dlatrlct:
Commencing ut u post plunted ut tho
rt. W. corner of Menus pro-omptlon, I
thenee eust ill) eliuins to Ihe bout)
ilmy ol hot No. lii>:i:[, thence south
:ni chains to tlie houndury of Lot No.
8048, thenee west iti) chuius, theme
north 80 chalnH to poinl nf com
monccmonl. containing hid ueres
mole or less.
CHomoni  H. Pollon.
&he ^roepectov.
I'l.lltllllll-ll lllllil llllll'' a,
Tlirsr .in- Nni Conservatives
liniril Si'pi   Sth,  11)08.
(Form 1*.)
Ccrtliliiiie of Improvements,
- - ii
NOTICE. Mystery Mineral Olalm,
Hltuuto lu the Kurt Sti'elu Milling
Division ol East Kuntenay   District,
Where located, mi Alkl Creek,
ubuut tliree miles from head u( St.
Mary's Lake.
TAKE NOTIOB thut I Hubert
Dowur, Kree Miner's Certificate No.
UC104, Intend, siity days from the
duto hercol, to apply to the Mining
Recorder (or a Certificate of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the ubove claim.
And   further     take     notice     thai
action,     under section 117,     must be
commenced     before the     issuance of
such Certificate uf Improvements,
Hubert Dewar.
Dated this 4th day uf July, mint.
District of Kooteuay.
I'AKK NOTICB llinl I Joseph
Ityan, ul Crunbrook, occupation
Journalist, intond tu apply tu the
chii'i Commissioner uf Lands ami
Wurks at Victoria, fur permission tn
purchase   tho    tulliiwine,    describod
lumls jSltiluli'  In  Sulltlleiist  Kuntenay
Commencing nt a pust planted at tha
S. W. cornor ol Lot No. sum, thenci'
suuth 2(1 chains, thenci' cast llll i'lialns
thence north 30 chuins. tlience west
:io eliains to the point uf commencement containing 100 acres mure or
Joseph Ityan.
c. II. Pollen, Agent.
(Form K.)
Certificate of Improvements.
Nutlce Hull Dog Mineral Claim,
situate In the Kurt Steele Mining
Division of East Kootenay District.
Where loeatod: About three miles
nurth of St. Mary's river and two
miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE NOTICE that 1 Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.O., No. m;ii2, Agent
for Chris Kolle, Kree Miner's Certificate Nu (11175, intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to npply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol
Improvements, for the purpuse of
obtaining a Orown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 117, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Thus. T.  McVittie.
Dated this 17th day of August, 11108
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date, 1 Inteuil to apply to
the linn. Chief Commissioner uf
Lands and Wurks fur u licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum ou
the fulluwing lands .situate in tho
District of Bouthcust Kuntenay.
llritish Columbia, In Block 4iV.i;i: -
Commencing at n pust planted at
or near the southeast curlier pnst of
Lot 6808, Corbin Coal Lands, and be-
.ng the southwest curlier pust of
Lillian Harvey's claim: thence nnrth
Sll i'liuins, tlience east 811 cllalns,
thence suuth 80 chuius, tbence west
80 chnins to point of commencement
making (140 acres inure or less.
Geo. M. Judd, Agent fur
Lillian Harvey, Locator.
Located this 2Slli     duy of     August,
(Korm F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
 o —
NOTICE, High Peak Mineral
Olalm, situute in the Kurt Steele
Mining Division of East Kootenay
Where lueated: Abuut three miles
nnrth o( the St. Mary's river, and
live miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE HOTK.'E that I Thos. T.
McVittie, K.M.C., Nu. U0112, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Kree Miner's Certificate No. 6078, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply tu
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Orown Grant uf the
above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37. must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate uf Improvements,
33 Thos. T. McVittie.
Dnted this 17th dny uf August   1808.
Notice is hereby given that 30 day
after the publication of this notice
iu the li. C, Gazette, I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner uf
Lands and Wurks, and to the assistant Commissioner nf Lauds and
Wurks fur tlie district nf Eust Kootonay fur a licence to prospoct fur
coal and petroleum un the fulluwing
described lands, situated nn Aknmiuu
ereek, abuut une half mile east uf tlie
fucks uf said creek and Kishenebnu
creok, Hloek 4688, East Kuntenay
dislriel. Commencing at a pnst
planted near the Suuth Kootenay
Puss trull, being marked "Content
Elton's N. W. corner puss", thence
suuth 80 chains, thenee east 8(1
chains, thence nnrth HI) chuins,
thence west 80 chuins tu the place of
beginning containing 640 acres moro
ur less.
Content Blton, loentor,
34 Jnllll  C.lnyn,  Agent.
Located lhis 8th day nf August 11108
Dnted   Sept.  5tll.   1908,
NOTICE is hereby given that 311
days after date, 1 intend to apply to
the Hun. chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fur a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum un
the lollowing lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenny,
British   Columbia, in     Block 4693:—
Commonelng at a post planted at
or near Suuthcast corner post of
Lot 0868, Corbin Coal Lands, and
being the nnrth eust enrner post uf
James A. Harvey's claim: thence
suuth 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence nnrth 80 chains, tbence
enst 80 eliuins to point of commencement, making 04(1 acres mure
3r less.
Geo. M,  Judd, Agent for
James A. Harvey, Locator.
Located this     2Sth day ng
Try This For Catarrh.
Free tests are now heing supplied hy mail
to all Catarrh sufferers. There is no
expense—no obligation whatever.
Dr. Shoop is combining Oil of Eucalyptus,
Thymol, Menthol, Oil of Wlntergreen, etc.,
and is incorporating these Ingredients into
a pure, snow-white cream-like Imported
Petrolatum, This Creation-IJr. Shoop's
Catarrh Remedy—gives immediate and
lasting relief to catarrh of the nose and
throat, That all may first test it free, these
trial boxes are being mailed without
charge, simply to encourage these tests
and thus fully demonstrate, beyond doubt,
the value of lhis combination.
If Catarrh has cxftmlcd down to the
stomach or bowels, then Or. Shoop's
Restorative must also be nsed internally
if a complete cure is tn be expected.
Otherwise the llr, Slump's Catarrh
Remedy will alone be entirely sufficient.
Write Dr. Shoop. Racine. Wis. for sample
and book. Sold hy  Druggists everywhere.
Whkh book ihtll I "Ad jronT
No. 1 On D^spopsitt       I   No. -I For Women
No, -J on the Heart No. .■> Por Men
No. i Uu tho Kiiliu-y*   I   No. ti Uu UheuiuaUsa.
Thon  these  ministers  illicit   r-.iisul
• thotiQ tacts,
It wun nut u Tiny ■tenderer, but
thu Uborul Kree Press di Manitoba
whieh churgod thul n ''dating cold
blooded hold-up nnd swindle" wus
iii'ipetniti'd in the matter ol home
ti tends.
it. wait not ti Conservative but a
Uoyal Commission ot Liborals, appointed by the ministers themselves,
which deelured thnt in making ap
polntmonts purty  SOrVlCO  hud  been uf
mute Importance than public interest
und that ''those whu have tbe political pull use it for ull tt in worth."
It was this Commission which re
ported thut largo amounts bl monoy
were thrown uwuy iu political put
tt wus this Commission Which ro
feiTcd the Govornmonl t<> the pro
vention oi corruption net and bribery clauses in the Imperial law.
Commissioners Fyslto uml Basin
are strong LlboruU. it wus they
wbu deelured thut In the Murine
Department "»oal lor public service
mul regard for oconomy ure conspicuous by their absence"; tlmt lhe
only intelligent purpuse was to
""spend us much money ns pussible";
thnt there was in the department
"u luck ol cuusoience," and tbat tbe
Government's officers were "serving
two musters."
These Commissioners nnd no Tory
slanderer reported that the contractor whu hud Hold u million dollars'
worth of guuds  to the   Government
bud wheedled the department into
buying them whether they were wanted nr nut; that this company "bad
been made a brunch ul the Department uf Marine und Fisheries and a
favored une nt that," und thut the
bend of tlie company ordered the
officials ubuut. like employees ol his
It wus nut u Conservative, but tho
Auditor-General ol Canada, appointed by the present government, whu
declared that he did not believe the
certificates ol high officialB.
It wns not a Conservative writer
but u Deputy Minister wbu testified
thut In his own department ubuut
$200,000 hud been thrown uwuy on
Government patronage,
It wns not u Conservative campaigner, but the Ohiof Kngineer ol
the Murine Department, tlrst appointed by tbe Liberal purty, who on
oath expressed tbe opinion that u
Government contractor bud brought
ubout the appointment of the officer
who recommended the machinery he
hud to sell, this officer afterwards
securing to this contractor ubout
$1,000,000 worth of profitable orders.
It was a Government official who
swore that he paid bills which he
knew to be excessive, because the
minister hud ordered it.
It wns n Government officer and
not a Conservative who swore thnt
he had been asked to certify accounts
of which he knew nothing, and thut
he had been mude to sutler from bis
refusal to do so.
It was not a Conservative slnn-
ilerer but a Judge and a ltoyal Commissioner wbo expressed the opinion
that where the Government hud paid
$150,000 in profits to one contractor
be should only have been allowed to
receive $25,000.
lt wun not a Conservative but the
Hon. Joseph Martin, formerly a
Liberal M, P., later Liberal Premier
of llritish Columbin, who declares
that "never in the history of Canada has there heen so much corruption in public life us in tbe lust
twelve years," and who says that
the Government employs every means
to suppress investigation, and that
ministers have become enormously
rich without uny apparent means
except the power placed in their
It was not a Conservative but an
auditor paid by the Government whu
reported that one department paid
for goods that it never received.
It was a Liberal engineer who
charged tbat the Government was
paying contractors on the Transcontinental rock prices lor removing
Let Mr. Pnterson and Mr. Fisher
deal with these charges ir they object to the sume statements when
made by  the  Conservatives.
Electoral District   ol Crunbrook.
NOTICB is hereby given that Sittings ol the above Court will be held
ut the Government Building, Crunbrook, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
m.; at Moyie every Saturday at the
same hour; und at Marysville, Fort
Steele und Wardner on such days
und dates as may be appointed in
the proceedings.
All debts und demands not exceeding the sum of $100 cun be sued for
und recovered in the above men
tluned Court on Summons und
Judgement, Garnishee (cither before
or after Judgement) or on Instalment Order which can be enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
handed in   to   the     undermentioned
ClerkB of the Court., viz:—
F. It. Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Cranbrook.
I\ G. Houth,  Provincial   Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph Walsh,  Provincial  Constable,
Fort Steele.
Joseph Ityan
Dated 22nd duy of June,  P.MW.
afforded by a
Timber HoldiiiRS for Sale
—-o- —
Seven licences cauryillg about,
50 millions of first class saw loj;
tlnSbor, 80 per coul. of wliicli is
good yellow |>ine rlo.se lo Wllrat'
on Arrow Li&tfa (iood small
saw-mill proposition. Easy terms
A.W. McVittie. Cranbrook
A Bold Step
To overcome the welMtrgunded ud
rauiouablD objection* oi the more Intel-
Itgent to the uso of secret, medicinal com*
pound*, Dr. U. V. Plewe. of Buffalo^ N
Y., suum time ugn, docldud to aiuke a bold
departure frum the usual court*! pursued
by th-- makers oi put-up medicines for domestic use, ui4 so bus published broadcast and ni*T[Ty to the whole world, a full
and cuoipwu list of all the ingredients
entering lowbooonposlUon of his widely
cutebruted (udidnei. Thus he has taken
his nuuien-m-i u-IlUiiiis uud patients Jnto
his full/mily-tviire. Thus too he has re*
nioveiWi jvdicd Id nes from among secret
imstr/iurof doubtful merits, and made
tlu-mWo mt tliis of A'fiou'rt Coinpoattitiim
»y this bold stei. Dr. 1'iereo tux* ihQJflrn
ti. ,1   ... |....„.,l,. ... -,t .„.-i- --v,,-r|-|h.-
tMOfl 5 BuEptfiUMS Mibject tnum to
Smith   Curtis
at Nelson
Smith Curtis addressed a meeting
of Liberals In the Miners' Union
Hull, Nelson, on Mondny evening.
The ehuir wus occupied by F. J.
Deane. The speakers were Smith
Curtis, John Keen, of Kaslo, and H.
rt. Taylor.
Jobn Keen, said that Smith Curtis wns the strongest und cleanest
man in the Liberal party, and guve
him credit for having the lead
bounty passed.
S. S. Taylor, remarked that Smith
Curtis had a record, and asked his
hearers to reserve themselves until
they had beard Curtis tulk.
Smith Curtis got the customory
amount of applause on rising. He
referred to the statements made liy
Mr. Goodeve at Oranbrook, und is.
sued ii challenge to meet Mr, (iood
eve, and Mr. Davidson, the Socialist in joint debate ou September
17th. Ho said that tlie good times
in Canada were due to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and bis administration, and
pointed out. thut they bad tunny
evils to grapple with, gruft especial
ly. The great trouble wus tbe lull
ways. Government ownership was
bis ideal, and if Sir Wilfrid Laurier
had carried out his ideas which he
had suggested he could have saved a
j hundred million dollars, He wanted
a bigger free list for llritish Colum
1 bin. Tbe credit of Joe Martin's
i platform wus his, be suid, ami it
,did u lot of Rood. That the people
I of this riding should elect, liim be
,causc hi wus a government suppor
Kot t'
.   .     ly uwuj iln- fffipper iif every bottle
of Dr. EMorcq'8 Oolqen Alt-ilu-al Dlseuvery. the
fuili-m     ii.i tlii-iii,-   ft.I'  \t- .0,   -.tuiuti'-ti. lot-Did
liver or hlllonMiviw nnd mi catarrhal dhfeucs
Wherever located, have orbited upon It, In
i'lm ti Kngltsh, il fail mul cumulate Il«i uf ill
th- .iinndii-nu i-umposlng It, but a small
book has been cutnplluc from nntnuroui
MiitHi.ii i medical W'-ii-- it nil tin- jiiii'n-i.i.
Rcbouls ot practice- pontalnlnii very nuiner*
ims oxiracta from lho writings of leading
praciUlonora <>f nuKllutno endorsing tn tha
t.tr.,niit.it nusitUsl,' li im**, u-i .1  mid every Inure*
tlti-nt i-ttui:imj. <i ju Dr. I'lcreu'a medicine*,
ti if these little -I ..i.s -ni *n>. tiinilfd free
tu any onu suiulliig uudrewton postal caraor
by letter ta Ur. It. V. Plurcv. liminlu N. V.
and n "-tint: iln' ■■.nine,     lion- lids lliili-
ImpoL it win in learned ttmt Ur, I'leo'f « med-
lulnos ''lunula nu uleuh'ii narcotics mineral
tu'ei.r. ir other poisonous >r Injurious agents
und thut ihe) are made from uativ-< mudlcr
nul iimi-. i'i i.'h'ui value; alsu thut sumuuf
Uie mosl valuabhi Inmdloiits contained hi
Dr. I'lerco's Inivortlu Prescription for weuk,
tli'rviillH,  mi'i   win Led, "lull lit WII.'  Iieivin,.
uml dubUilatcd women, ftj ru employed, i-juu
years oko, bj ihulndlanaioi similar ailments
Uttuctliur their smiows,   In  Tint, one of the
III'IKl \:ilu:iUe Uiedn'ill'll |)llllll s I'lltel'llllf llllll
Hi.- composition »r I'r. i'lcreu'a li'uvorlte Pre-
sei'lpiiuii wns ttiniwii to Un- Indians as
"S-juuw-Wei'il." our knuwledkro of the uses
of not it few uf our most caluubla uutive, me-
d'elnul plants wus iriiincd from the Indians,
^s mude up by linpfiveii und exact tm>-
C0S80S, the"l'iivi-i-lle I'resi-iliilloil " Ih ii most
eUlclent naiieily fm- nvtilutliur all the worn*
sidy functions, cnrrertiiiir dlspUcements, as
prolapsus,   anieveraloii   uml   ntorventon,
OverenNiitur   liiiliiful   IH'rluils,   UiiiiiiK up the
Kerves und lirliurlnu :iUnn a imrfeit itntaof
ealih.  Sold by nil dealers la medicines,
BOVRIL renovates
the blood and builds up
muscle and nerve. It is
good (or children,
athletes and invalids-
good (or all.
Receives both Ladies and
Gentlemen us Resident or-ns Day
Students, llus a compinte Coin-
merclal or Buslnoss Cbui'se. Prepares studonls lo }.',hii Toachers'
Cei'tillcalos of all grades. In
allillialiun witli ToUONTO UNI-
VBH9ITV gives tho lour yours
courso lor llio 11. A. degl'oo, and
the tirsi year ol llie Toronto
School of Science. Has a
special "Prospectors Course"
for minors who worli In B.C.
Instructions given in Art.
Music, Physical Culture and olif-
qut ion.
Por Calendar etc. address
"Columbian College".
Term opens September ITth.
Edison Theatre
Fraser & Hutchison
•J.H.K    IMI'Jl'HIKJ'OK,'.
Moving   Pictures
Illustrated Songs
The  Best  in
Cranbrook at
The Little Picture Parlor
that run-* continuously
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'PI i No. 110.
Carpenter and
Builder.    •:•    •:•
' 11 <)I'SI;.S '"'  Sal" of R""'  "l
'     mgmm_^Ammmmm    RfillSOIKlblO PricOB.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Phono   No.   98.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 9**************
The Frost Investment Co,
The   Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful natural resource-!;, rich
fertile lands, mild and temperate climate,
located in southern H.C. west of the Rockier,.
Produces abundant crops of Fruit.
Grain, Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the   North-west.
Broad valleys of rich prairie soil, larife bodies
of excellent Timber, mountains of mineral o
still untouched, abundantly watered by mounta
streams and spring's.
A new section of the country that has never I.
a land boom and where you can still have a che
home and the very best soil. One of the large
valleys of level land in b.C. embracing t
Tobacco Plains Country, The St. Marie:. Prairi
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort, a
the Baynes Lake Fruit District.
A postal  siaiinn what   kind  "I land you want,  will hrin^
full description, maps, and  rclinble information regarding
climate, soil, and prices ol land.
Tiie Frost Investment Co,
i n
>- u
e ,
Choice Tokay and Miilngn
(, rapes
. -     0      .    ■
OKarihgan   Pearlies,   Hums
Pears,   Apples
Creston     Tomatoes     and
lla/.elwood     Ice    Cream
. — .() - - -
Stewart's   Fine   Chocolates
Phono "7     Armstrong Ave.
Silver mounted Case Pipes |
.ll'ST AKKIVKH:   ISO of the liitost  I besl ♦
sliiipes. bought for cash and snld ul a reason *
libit! margin.    SEE THEM.     PRIOE TH KM 4
We are still leading with a fine assorted line of CIGARS X
 at 3 for 25 cts.  X
U110 goods arriving every clay,    All Tobacco!
anil   I'lgiircUes   same   piice  as  oilier  slurus
a* east ie
Chicago $72.S0   St. Louis $07,5(1
New York ftl08.f)(]
Toronlo ¥114. lo  Monlroiil Sloa.on
(Mtawa #105.00
St  .lolin. N.ll. #120.00
Halifax tllll.'JO
Sydney, CM. #i:in.'.in
Ti(d(ets on sale .May I and IMI1
.Iiiui' 5. II, ll) and 2u. .liOy II, 7.
•>l and -J-J, IHOH.
First mans       Kound Trip
Iliir'TI'K  Tli-kHla am '..'"inl Yin  nnj
1 uifni/i-il i.tniis in imu ur Imili
ilil UllllH,       'I'll dlMlltlllMllllH BIWI
nr Chlcuirii nni kikkI vliillioilri'iii
Kur fiii'tlicr liiriiniiiiH mi,'.. >l,-.'|.
hit! mir rimii'VUl Iuiih upply lu
J. Moe. D. P. A. Nelson, n. O.
C.  K. Mrl'licisoil,  I.l r A.    Wliiulpci;
Cranbrook    Cigar   Store ♦
GEO. WEI.CU, Proprietor. ♦
r " %
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.
Fort Steele Brewino Go., Ltd.
P.O. H.ix HIS PERNIE, B.O. Telep N'o 1
m \ si I I'A ci' 1 j UKitH uml inii:\vi:i:s
. . . Hi   KNTliA  I'lNK . . .
SiH.I) HV TllK r.AI.'UKI.. KECI Oil Iii i'i "I'l.KU
{     Itottlud twti'r for family use a specialty
. ami riinMi'i' \'n'i:.\'r'ioN ,.
Fort   Steele Brewing Co., L,td.
~******************************************44 THK PROSPECTOR, CKANHKOOK   ll.C, SEPTEMBER IS, 1008
.♦ ft~*:ft.:ft;ft:*..ft..*ft :* *>.* » *:*.*:*.* « '*.*.* * ♦.«♦.»♦ oft «:♦.» ♦ »'.♦.
G. T. Rogers
♦:•:♦:♦'.♦:♦ '♦:♦:♦:• .♦.« ♦;♦.♦.*.♦'♦:♦'.♦♦.«♦:♦ ♦ .»♦».♦.» ♦.» .♦.♦ * **ift
For Wedding' Presents
Canadian  and  English   Cut-
Genuine Wedg-ewood
Royal Crown Derby
Royal Worcester
Royal Bayreuth
YOU     CAN     GET     A     LARGE
Q. T. Rogers, Cranbrook, B.C.
*%ht Inspector.
People you may know
Visiters    Here    uml   There.—People
Who   Come to   Crunbrook mul
Those   Who Go Awuy.
WI  II.    Wils.
.lity on buslnei
Peter Jensen, ol Wmi
iitj  Tuesilny.
ii Moyie l'ii
,   WM   III   lhl
Constable ll   0,     Vdney, ol Ward
ner, wae In the cltj  Monday,
e   Lund   "i  Wju.in.i,  »j,-, ii, town
Ml   nnil Mrs.  N.     limns, ol   rrnll
.p.-ni sun,!,,, liut in Crnnbrook
i    n    Harper, ol     Huston,  Unas
w.is .,1  i'ianbi■ ■ ■ • k  s inilixj   List
u    s   smiih   oi  M,,;iU i...    wns ni
i be i ii v  Sunda)  lasl
House ol     Hoberlln   'mis ,17.-40,
Form No. 1-900.
The  Wireless   Tip   Telegraph   Co.
    ORIGINATED   BY   US   	
,„>   in   stock. Hest   service   in   the   Kootenays.
|.    I).    McBRIDE    CKANHKOOK.    H.C.
Receiver*!  No.
Tun,■'!   Piled
COOL Weathei coming ;    this suggests    /
Heiitine Stoves.    Ask to see "The Fireside"  1
♦:♦.♦:♦.♦ <, *ft.ftft.*,» 90 9.o 9 * *ft*ft *ft ♦ » ♦ * ft.*'*:*-**.-**:* *
G. T. Rogers
♦ !♦<. :♦:.-».-*■ *■*.:*■.*>;•..*:♦:♦:*.*.♦.♦>» ♦ *■ *"*■** ♦ ft* *■*:*'■» *\*
Starling  Staples,
ihr iiiy Monday.
Bert   'Vhimster,  ol tin- Fe
'reus was in towu Mondn)
,1 Handley, ol Marysville
:ity Saturday lu>t
mmmwmwmwmwmmwmwmmwamwamwamwamwmmwmmwmmwmmwm     SeP«      10>      1908'
To the Stove Buyer:
Just received one car of Heating- Stoves
You can have a wide choice at present.
Stoves and pipes put up without muss or
J.   D.  McBRIDE.
m i Maedonald, returned Thins
dn) Irom nn extended visit to To
i..in., nnd othor enatem points
J   li   Stone, ol Moyh
in lown
H    11     Mm sluill
u«n Friday.
,.( Trail     wns in
House ol     Hoberlln Suits *17.r,ii. -
Geo  Wilson, nf    Wardner,   was in
town Wednesday.
t   o. Proctor,
lie city Thursdny.
•I Nelson,
I     It K 'A 11 UNCI mu l'l KSSINfl IYKIMI um ('..HAS Nil     I
* _—j^_.^_^_j^j_^_j^_^_—_
NlIl'dl'KKOII   l'n I.. I'OIIN
$5,00 w CASH
$,s.oo a'month
(Inod Discount For Cash
YOUR EYES.    :_
• Art you always trying to s« through
a blurring mist causing you headache
and discomfort? If you take warning
and   consult   us
We guarantee to give you comfortable vision
No charge   for   examination.
W. F. TATE, The Optician
SILENT orms£minm,.*mBN
Also Second Hand Machines
i'nr Sul • I 'heap unci To Rent.
Armstrong Avenue
I'linin' 1ST Onribrook, B.C.
Trading Co.
I'llnN'K l*:i
Wi. are still haudliug
1.1 iiiii IN(, TRUCKS
i'Liil'i: nml FEUD
Agents for lhe famous
Mayers Stock Foods.
| NORTH   STAR       |
1 -w--.    HOTEL J
Kimberley,   B. C.
General Blnr.k.siiiiiii
antl Woodworker. .
Rubber Tires Applied
To    liuf-r.v    WI u
f    H.  W.   DREW.  PrnpriPtnr ^   _L *
House <«f     Hoberlln Suits $17.50. -
c. o. s.
H C, Undaey, of Wardner, was in
the city Wednesday.
BORN, nt Cranbrook, to Mr. und
Mrs. Joseph .Jackson, a daughter.
House of Hoberlln Stilts $17.50. -
C. c. s.
Mrs. J. McCreary, and Miss Cromer, of Bonners Ferry, were registered
at the Cranbrook  Wednesday.
John (iillis, and Miss K. OtUts, of
Bralside, Ont., were Cranbrook visitors tins week.
We are agents for the House of
Hoberlln made to order clothing.
C.  ('.  S.
1 Mrs. Stewart, and Miss Rose of
Fernie, were shopping in the city
' I*. J. Broad wood, and F. L. Dun-
* lop, of Nelson, were in Cranbrook
this week.
i We are agents for the House of
Hoberlln mude to     order     clothing.
c, c. s.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cooper, and
Miss Cooper, of Spokane, were Crunbrook visitors Wednesday.
1 HORN, at ("ranbrook, Friduy
September 4, to Mr, and Mrs. W. I).
Haines, u daughter.
J. A. Broley, V. Douglas, and W.
J. Rlunsdell, of Fernie, were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
' We are agents for the House of
Hoberlin made to     order     clothing.
p. c. s.
I F. Woods, of Cherry Creek, was in
town Monday taking in the Labor
1 Hay sports.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. A. Macleod, ol
: Winnipeg, were ('ranbrook visitors
Sunday last.
We are agents for the House of
Hoberlin made to order clothing.
C, ('. 8,
The Montreal Family Herald and
Weekly Star, and the Prospector until December 30th,  1908, for 5ft cents.
, Jolin Wirth, of Fort Steele drove
jnver to Cranbrook on Labor Dny to
witness the sports.
! 20 cents buys one pound of our
fresh home mude candy on Saturday
only, The Palm,
Oeo, I*. Pedlar, editor of the Fernie Free l'ress, was transacting business in Oranbrook  Wednesday.
We ure agents for the House of
Hoberlin made to order clothing,
p. C.  S.
I A small tire at the residence of Mr.
Win. ivttit called out the lire department on Tuesday evening.
A Harvest Festival will be held in
the Salvation Army Hall on Sep
tember 27th.
(Icorgr (ioldie, was at Fort. Steele
Sunday lust the giient of Mr. and
Mrs. T. T.  McVittie.
I H. W. Ross, und Miss (Irace Ross,
of Waldo were Oranbrook visitors
Miss   Kthel   Mckay
Sunday from her two
at Lethbridge.
roturncd   last
weeks vacation
li'houQ 50
P.O. Box 218
I We are agents
Hoberlin made
0. C. S.
for the   House of
to  order clothing.
The Olty Dad's wen' In council ou
Wednesilny evening A Hpeclal meet
Ing is called for Friday night.
Government Agent, J. F. Arm |
hong, spent several days this week i
at   Feruie on government   business.
H      Small    lias      purchased   the j
residence ol Dr. F. BJ. King, on Armstrong  avenue.
BORN, in Cranlirook, September
S, to Mr. and Mrs. K. Burbot, a I
To get acquainted with the resources of the Crunbrook district you
should  subscribe for The. Prospector.
P   W   Gordon, of Nelson;   R.  Hum
llton, of    Vancouver;      and     H.  K. j
Birtch, ol  Calgary,     were guests ut
the Cranbrook Wednesday.
Tenders wanted to clear and plough
one acre of land situate south of
French avenue. Tenders close on
September 20th.     Thos. Wardman.
Mrs. J. H. Scott returned last
week, from a visit to Moose Jaw. accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Savin and sister Miss Evangeline.
S. P. Pond, of Nelson, 0. P. Kast
man, of Westminster, and B. B.
Crego, of Aurora, 111., were guests
at the Cranbrook Friday.
Judge Albert    Allen, of Spokane,
solicitor for     the    Corbin ('ompany,
was in town Wednesday on legal
H. Y. Parker, C. B-, spent several
days this week at Cherry Creek. Mr.
Parker, is agent for the Niagara
Hydraulic Kngine Company.
Indian Agent, R. L. T. Galbraith,
and Dr. H. Watt, of Fort Steele
were at Cranbrook Tuesday on business.
R. Burns, of Burns Bros, returned
Saturday last from a holiday trip to
Spokane, Seuttle, and other sound
Mrs.    A. D.     LeMay,     of     Owens
Sound, was a guest at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jackson
this week. Mrs. LeMay, is a sister-
in-law of Mrs. Jackson,
W. A. Pratt, of Hazelton, a mining man was in town this week. Mr.
Pratt, has just returned from a summers prospecting trip along the line
of the Grand Trunk Pacific.
R. Black, of Fernie; J. H. Wilson,
of Spokane; Dr. J. H. Coffin, of
Moyie, nnd J. R. Stone, of Spokane
were registered at the Cranbrook
M. A. Beale, G. H. Thompson, and
K. Klwell returned Monday from a
tishing trip to St. Mary's Lake,
They report having a very pleasant
time having caught over one hundred
tine trout.
F. HJ. Coomhc, of Kincardine, A.
W. Meyers, of Seattle, S. G. Bosson
if Winnipeg, 0. H. Deane, of Victoria, J. Noxou, of Toronto and G.
B. Hallord of Crows Nest were registered at the Oranbrook Wednesday.
lames Cooper, of Saginaw, Mich.,
A. Cross, of Moyie, A. W. Sweet,
and W. S. Foster, of Spokane. K.
L. Bush, of Seattle, and W. McKen-
na, of Montreal, were registered at
the Oranbrook Sunday last,
Mitchell & Garrett, taxidermists,
ure now established in the Baker
Block, They have a large number of
heads and hirds mounted, also several fine cases of butterflies, which
are on exhibition.
LUMBERMEN equip your grub
house with Reeds "Anti Rust" tinware. Extra heavy goods, and we
will replace free of charge any piece
that rusts. Goods that will stand
up against heavy usage. Patmore
Br oh.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
ipartnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, as merchants in the City of Oranbrook,
has this day been dissolved hy mu
tmil consent.
All debts owed to the said partnership are to be paid to John Cameron at ('ranbrook aforesaid und all
claims against the said partnership
are to be presented to the said Cam
eron by whom the same will be
Dated at Cranhrook this 6th day
of September, A. D. 1MB.
Geo. Welch.
Jns. Cameron.
WiUcaa J. A. Harvey. 37
Is what most boys'
"tvi Into when at school,
uml if thelc clothing Is
of lhn shoddy kind, it
means » new suit overy
week or two. Why noi
try lhe Lion Brand?
They are made from
special cloths suitable
for rough and tumblo
wear tho workmanship is ui the liesl and
the til abend of anything mi the market
Coats ure mado with
French facings knickers have double knees,
and will out wear two
pair of the ordinary
kind. Then look at the
prices, no highest than
what you pay for
trashy goods. Try the
Lion Brand Suits.
PRICES  $4.50  &  $5  A SUIT.
Popular Store,Cranbrook
Not how Cheap, but
If you have never tried our
call and you will  be convinced
they are the lines! you ever ale
Saturday only 20 cts.
per   pound,
Goods delivered to any plan- in tlm City
TELEPHONE,    No.    111.
For Horses mul Cattle
(;ioo niTi'M
flood Fences      (Iood Water
(Iood Pasture
Apply t-iK.COItBRT.Ti I'umil Itnnrli
alwiut. :i! miles rrom (!raiil>rnok, nonr
tin-nlil North Slur mill.
East Kootenay
Dye House
Por all  kinds of
Nothing line  or  coarse,   large
or small that we cannot handle.
We also do
J. Leask, Tailor
\ Cranbrook
Teams and drivers fur-
1   nished for any point in
the district.
A. DOYLE, Manager
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-DAY on 30 dayi i
trial Irom your dealer and
learn all about real -having I
A   Reliable   Local   Salesman
and adjoining   country   to represent
(H50 acres)
TrriiH grown on Limestone Boll
nre tbe rlgbt trims tor Uritisb Columbia planting; much hardier and
longer lived than Coast trees. Wo
have them tbe right size and age.
A permanent situation to right
party. Territory reserved; pay
weekly.     Outfit Free.
Write lor Particulars.
Fonthlll   NursorleB
(l.lrenmil by 11. 0. Government.)
Toiouto, Ontario.


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