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The Prospector Feb 24, 1906

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Array ...   , f:."   ,v.
Vol. 12.
No. 8.
Will Amend Public Sohool  Ant
Had His Eye on MeBrides Chair
The House then Weill into
committee on lengthy series ol
measures, namely, the Southern
Gkaungan .Railway Hill, the
Ramloops and Yellowlioad Puss
Railway Bill, the'BrltlshjColura-
hia Central Railway Bill, the Act
to incorporate the Oanadian plate
c.luss insurance Co., tho Act
relating to the Union steamship
Co. of British Columbia, the B,
l.'. Northern uud Mackenzie
Valley Railway Bill,'the'Ael to
revise, ratify mul [confirm the
Cowichun, Alberni und Rupert
Railway Co. Act, the Act to in
corporate the Southeast Kootenay Railway Co.
There wns considerable debate
ou several of those measures before they gut through, notably
un the Southeast Kooteuay Hill,
where there wns u tight over
clause 28 t.l' the proposed
measure, which grants llie company power In ncquire coal uiul
nil luiitl in llie district, and lo
sell or otherwise dispose ul the
stv.no. Mr. Patterson (Islands)
opposed ihis. but Ross (Fornio)
|i 4>lnled out lhat the company
hud already acquired these rights
when incorporated us it coal and
oil company, uud thul llie clause
merely confirmed these powers
to the Railway company.
Mr. Carter-Cotton differed,
but Mr. Price Gibson said that
ihe point hud been very carefully considered by the railway
committee-, and the conclusion
hud been arrived ut thut, in
order to enable the company to
llo.it lin-ir project and build the
railway, it wus necessary to
give them this clause, otherwise
the railway might noi be built
for years, with the result that
the province would, for an
indefinite period, be deprived of
its benefit-and of a large revenue.
Reports were adopted regarding the Bella Coola uud Fraser
Valley Railway Co. Act, the
Knmloops uud Yellow-head Pass
Railway Act, the B.C. Central
Railway Act, the Canadian plate
(lliiss Insurance Co. AcllheCow-
ichan, Alberni nnd Port Rupert
Railway Co. Ael, and the South-
eusi Kootenay Railway Co. Act.
The following hills were reported complete wilh amendments:—
The Southern Okunagan Rail
wuy Co. Ael, the Act relating to
the Union Steamship Co. of
llritish Columbia, Ltd., the B.C.
Northern and Mackenzie Valjey
Railway Co. Act?, the Asherofl.
Bnrkorvlllo and Port George
Railway Co. Act, tho St, Mary's
Valley Railway Co. Act, and the
St. Mary's and Cherry Creek
Railway Co. Ael.
ill committee oil till' Asherofl,
Ralcorvlllo and Port George
Railway Co, Act above men-
tinned, Mr. Slewarl Henderson
(Yale) aohlovod a small victory-
Ihe first by Ihe way. lluit has
gladdened the unhappy gent Ionian's heart since the passage of
his famous (or infamous) Wig
Hill last session. Quito suddenly this afternoon, Mr. Henderson evinced a violenl dislike lo
the thriving city of Kuinloops.
Now. in section 8 of this Ash
croft. Bakerville ami Port
George Railway Co. Ael. Kuinloops is mentioned us an alternative terminus lo Asherofl.
This the soul of Henderson
could not endure. Kuinloops
preferred to Ills own Asherofl?
Neverr! Anil he raised a roar
and culled mi the Opposition for
Mr. .1. A. Miictloiialil (Ross-
hind) leader of the Opposition,
promptly rose on hearing tho
plaintive wail of Ills follower,
ami denounced the hill in uu
measured terms for having what
Im called 'a roving terminus".
There was, said lie of Rossland,
no precedent iu the railway his
lory of Canada fur such a thing
ami he warmly supported Iho
iiieinhcr for Yule in moving thul
iln- words "oi- Kuinloops" he
struck out nl set-lion :i.
Then he was sorry he hud
spoken. Por up rose the lengthy
form of the Hon. I-'. .1. Pulton,
whose ivsitlcnlial city was being
so unkindly discriminated
'-Hoes Hie honorable member
for Rossland say ihal there is no
precedent for a railway company
being given whal he calls a rov
ing terminus!'" quoted IhoProvIn-
cinl Secrelary. ■■Well. I can tell
him lh»l there is. uiul on.- made
by his own parly, loo."
•■Where, limn?" asked the
member foi' Rossland, with some
Ileal.      "Tiie    Grand    Tronic
Pacific Railway Co." replied the
imperturbable Pulton, resuming
his seal with gravity,
A wild hurst of merriment
from belli sides of tho House
greeted this clever and palpable
ilil Dignified and elderly members rolled in their seats and
nudged each other and yelled
with laughter.
Bui the member for Rossland
sal Iii his place, sileni and appalled. What a break, oh, what
a break! It would have been
bad enough coining from any
other member on his side of llio
House. Hut from him. the leader of Ihe Opposition, the chief
Liberal in the House, and. worse j
than all. Ihe prime mover in the
investigation into Kai-En Island
—that "roving terminus" of the
railway company which ruled
his masters ut Ottawa. He
glared a I the unconscious Henderson, who had unwillingly led
lum into this trap; and he
glared at the Hon. Mi'. Pulton,
who eyed him with a 'stony
British stare".
The Kai-En Island special com
niitlee has now begun to lake on
definitely the character which
those who knew llie motives of
the persons requesting il had
already anticipated. Failing to
expose the nefarious crimes of
which the governmenl was sup
posed to have been guilty, Mr.
J. A. Maedonald, leader of the
Opposition nnd mover for the
committee, has stooped to an
attack of the very lowest character on some half-dozen .unfortunate private persons. As fur as
the visionary misdoings of the
Government are concerned, the
enquiry is already a dismal fiasco;
bul the member from Rossland
is taking a iiinnl.v revenge by
striving through coarse innuendo
anil low-minded insinuations, to
harass those whose position does
not enable them to retaliate.
'I'lie funny point aboul Ihe affair
is Uiul, tho Government having
coiiie oil with the Hying colours
its innocence merited, here are
lh.) taxpayers of the province
mulcted heavily in an expensive
enquiry ou ihe part of Mr.
Maedonald into the actions of
private Individuals
'I'he committee held another
session Thursday evening uiul
some more information though
by no means of the sort the
leader of the Opposition desired.
Tin' examination of the Hon.
R. P. Ul'OOIl was concluded.
Earnest enquiry has failed to
make him oul a criminal, und
the disappointment of ihe Op.
position is very keen.
They   turned    with   renewed
I hopes to.I. Pred Ritchie, P. I..S.
antl asked him, under oath, what
he had been doing for, lo. those
| many years.    Mr,    Ritchie told
: iIn-ill wiili engaging frankness.
He told all   he  knew,   and his
conversation    would    be most
Interesting to a geographer or a
compiler  of udmlralily churls.
He appeared to be u very capable surveyor, bul the most careful cross-examination ou the purl
of Mr. Mlicdotulld failed to prove
that he was anything else, oven
an accomplice in the suspected
deed uf villany.    Thus, having
turned Mi' Ritchie inside out,
and obi allied nothing bin u largo
quantity of valuable scientific
ami professional information,
the Sherlock Holmes of Rossland was forced to loi him go,
The Klli Kn Island   CO lilleo
sal on Friday evening nnd this
lime they gol their loug-tlosired
witness, Mr. .lames Anderson.
Por three weeks Mr. Maedonald,
the rest of. the Opposition, anil
the Liberal press, have beon
,-iliiising Ihe Government for noi
allowing Mr. Anderson to bo
examined before. Now they see
thai the riovernine.il only kept
Mr. Anderson hack mil nf kindly mercy to the Opposition especially Mr. Maedonald. And
Mr, Maedonald wished that the
Government hud chloroformed
Mi-. Anderson before it allowed
him in lie a witness.
Mr. Anderson is not a gentle
man who pushes himself forward
very much in public life. Also
he is not ;i Lil.eral. Those two
fuels combined may account for
Mi-. Mttctlonald's luck of acquaintance wiili Mr. Anderson's style
uiul manners—a luck which led
to his discomfiture lust night.
Por Mi'. Anderson has not gol
Ihe gentle demeanor of the
milu antl dove-like Bodwell. Nor
tloes he affect llie suave politeness of the lion. R. P. Green.
Not that he is rude or unkind -
oli, im. But somehow Mr. Maedonald found him different. Also
Mr. Anderson, who has been
long in the province, knows
quile as much aboul Mr. Maedonald us it is gootl for one iiuiii
to know aboul another — with
comfort to llie oilier man, that
is. anil perhaps a Utile more.
I 'iitllilllli.il nil I'm:.' II.
Will Be Swept Out of Canada on
1st of March
Ottawa, Feb. 21. A clean
sweep of American silver from
Canada will begin on March 1.
The finance department has
completed arrangements with all
the Canadian bunks for the collection of all Ihe foreign silver in
irculation. The bunks will
begin gathering ii in. and forwarding it. to Ottawa ut the begin
ning of next mouth. Prom here
it will be sent to Washington and
exchanged for gold, thebanksto
be paid throe eighths of one per
cent, for lliesilver turned in. It
is stated that the government
will make $400,000 oul of the silver swei-p. It is calculated there
are ssiiii.niin of United Slates sit
ver circulating iu Canada. When
this is replaced by Canadian coins
the profit to the Canadian government will he something over
§400,000, depending upon ihe
condition of Ihe silver bullion
murk el.
Concert and Sooial.
The members of the Mission
Baud of the Methodist Church,
under the presidency of Mrs.
Setli Rycl.niiiii. held u concert
nml social in the church on Wed
liestluy of this week.    There was
a largo attendance and an enjoyable lime spent. Cranbrook
Mission Baud has the honor to
hold the banner ol the province
ami llie little workers ure deter
mined lo hold ii loi' another
year. Wednesday evening's concert proved thai tltey weie
worthy of the honor.
Had Breakfast With "Van".
At'ler the lire on Sunday morning Mr.   I,.   It. Viinl nr of tho
Royal Hotel guv :h needed
breakfast; and other refreshments lo the llrumen. "Van"
has a lucky faculty of always being round and doing Ihe proper
thing al jusl Lho righl ti""'.
A concert In aid of lh" I''1'1."'
Heading Room will I"' I"'!1' hi
Wentworth Hall ou Iho evening
of March "lh, The hesl of
Cranbrook talent will take part.
Don't forget the date,
Cranbrook Fire Fighters Remembered by Business Men.
Tho loll..wing letters, received
by   ihe   I 'hieI' anil Treasurer  of
the Piro Brigade indicate that
tho efforts of the Brigade are
fully appreciated hy ihe business
mon of Cranbrook.
Peb. il, llllHl.
V, A, Rollins, Esq., Treasurer
Piii' Brigade, Cranbrook.
Dear Sir: I lake great pleasure lu handing you herewith on
belnilf of myself and the residents in this block sim1 as a
slight mark of our appreciation
of the work done ul the lire on
the IMh lust.
We feel thai bul for the excellent work done by the boys
thul Ihe whole block would have
been destroyed, We certainly
feel thai wo have a most efficient
PI re Brigade second lo none in
the country.
yours very truly,
.1. A. Hakvkv.
For the Granbrook Pir.e Company its a slight mark of appreciation of their work at the lire
on the Mii inst..
.1. A. Iliti-ve.v     tl".""
ci. k. i;.-i,i '    io.oo
.1. ti. Mi't'ulliiui  10,011
K, I'. (lower  10.(10
I-', (iniltloris     10.00
.l.ilm Lousk  ".00
fink Hros  I"-'"1
W. I-'. Gur.1       10.00
Hindu *,- l-.hv.-ll  "..IHI
\V, II. Wilson  5.00
Wm. I-'. Tiii.-.v Sun  5.00
I'IVJ.1  I'll.Ilil I'll        Ii.011
Mt-Diiiinlil ,<: t'lii|i|i 10.00
Till-Ill    +102.00
Chief of Pii-e Brigade.
Dear Sir: Please accept the
enclosed us u slight appreciation
of  Iho  splendid   work  done by
yourself and y ' gallant  stuff.
Only your prompt  actions and
efficient  work, In my  opinion. I     Petition the Provincial Govern-
Perry, the Princeton, the Paul
Jones uiul the Marblehead sailed
this morning for Magdalonn Bay
for their annual target practice.
While the squadron wus in ihis
harbor the officers and men were
received with the greatest enthusiasm ami scores of social
[unctions were arranged in their
Life at the "Gym"
Life ami interest is Increasing
ill llle gymnasium. Some new
apparatus tuts boon placed in the
building ibis week anil the
young men are making good use
of their time.    S.iiin iplain
that their appetites ure increasing. Ou Monday evoning a well
contested gume of basket ball
was played between "Pire Brigade ami "All Comers". The
latter won out by a small margin
Watch for tho announcement of
oilier matches, Come and enjoy
tho free reading room open all
day unil evening,
The   following  appointments
have heen gazetted,    Commissioners for taking affidavits in
the supreme court, for Ihe  purpose of acting miller the Provincial Election Act.
Wm. (I. (Hiver. Mayook
.1. !•'. Hiitchcrtift, Marysville
Hugh Mi-lnnis. Baker
A. Mel, Plelcher. Marysville
Lewis Cheniei'i Wardner
Thomas Boyter, Cranbrook
A, C. Cook. Ryan
B. A. Carter, Klngsvillu
Joseph   Austin   of   F.lko   has
been appointed a Justice of the
Pence in and for the province of
British Columbia.
Fernie City Pass Resolutions And
saved the town from u terrible
conflagration. Please use Ibis
money as you think besl.
Yours very truly,
V. Ilviii-: Bakkk.
On Monday  Mayor   Blensdell
of Pernie culled the city council
together Io consider a coniiuutii-
, ,,    ,       .cation  from Victoria Intimating
Henry Kershaw, Sr., Dead.     L( |mm||p| „,.,.,„ on (h(1 plu,,
'of the council  might  result in
securing a sum in the estimates.
Tiie inhabitants of Port Steele
were this week  stricken   with a
  , soon to he brought down, lor the
leeliug ol deep regret upon boar-l .        ,    . .  ., ,      ,
„ ..      .'    ,     ...     ,, erection of a jointly owned pub-
mg ol  the  death ol Mr.  Henry        ....      .    ,,   '.       ,„.   '    ,
,,    , , lie building in Pernio.    Ihe lol-
Kershaw, Sr. ,    . ,
.,     „      ,      .,,.,ii      ,   rowing resolution  was passed:
Mr.  Kershaw s health had ttol !       ,,,,,.,. .,
,    ,   ,. i    "Resolved   lhat   this  council
heen the best   lor a few years, i . .      ,,        .
,       .    ,             .ii-    i recognize the necessity ol provm
and   the doctors  ordered   lum |_, , ° ,,.,, _ ,., ,_ ___, , ,
soulh hoping Ihal a change
mlglil improve him, but it proved otherwise, for on Sunday.
February Is. he  yielded  lo Iho
pung-t of sickness, while staying
wilh his brother-in-law Mr. P. W.
Pioheisen of San Prnnciseo.
Mr. Kershaw was horn in
Rochdale l.ane. England, on May
111, 185.1, Came to Canada inl
18HT and settled al Port Steele. |
He always took au Interest in j
public affairs, was an honored
local preacher of the  Methodist
cial buildings in Pernie and feel
ing on account of the largo revenue the government derive from
Ihe city and district, we are entitled  to a  liberal   measure  of
recognition in this respect,    Be
it  resolved  that  this council in
special   session   assembled   ask
that the provincial government
of British Columbia do plnee in
the estimates for InmI u liberal
amount   for the purpose set   out
above.    Be  it  further  resolved \
that the Board of Trade and the I
citizens generally be asked loco
Church,  and   bore   nn   upright . ,   ,
,      ,,    operate with tho council in attain-
character hevoiul reproach.    He..'      , ,. ,,
iug  the   above  object,    Forme
was an active member of North
1.1'i I iter.
Star Lodge No :'." A. P. \ A. M
ll.. was appointed u Justice of At The City Hall.
tho Peace for British Columbia, 	
mul was always faithful in per- 'j'h,, ,.|.,y council held its regit
forming any duties he under- |IU, Woekly mooting on Wednes-
took, day evening, There were present
The deceased loaves to  mourn | Mayor   Rogers  and    allien	
his    loss,   a   widow,   and   two Oroor, Tisdale and Ryan,
daughters, Mrs  I.. W.   Patmore!    Minutes of last regular meet-
of  Cranbrook and  Mr*.  11, W.' \njl; Wore read and adopted.
Rogoi's of  Morrlsoy Mines, and     The applications of T, Taylor
on., son Henry  Kershaw,   Posl L,ud C. .I. Randolph for thu posl
master at .Port Steele. tl * c|t,y  scavenger wore re
Tin' deaih nl  one so popular "erred to health committee.
c s as a  grout  blow  to the      \   nniunicatioti  from N. A.
community   in   which   he lived,  MeCrlmTnon   regarding    school
 I Hie sympathy nf all goesoul Lhlldron was roforrod  In school
to tho bereaved  family In  this]|)uard.
their trying hour By-law No It! boiiif,  Ihe torn
! piiriiry   loan  by law  wns r I a
Fleet Leaves Coronado. |||rst time,
  The   council   resolved   Into a
Onl'onndo, Oil.. February 211, committee to consider by-law
The Soulh Pacific squadron No 12. (hi I'e-iissombllng the
under the command of Rear commit lee reported that the said
Admiral (ioodrlcli, and consisting by-law had ben passed with
of ihe flagship Chicago, tha amendment.
cruiser Boston, llie torpedo boin j     U wus   moved   by     uldcrnnn
Ryan seconded by alderman
Tisdale ihal l.v law No 12 be
read a third lime. The motion
was carried.
The council un motion of alderman i Ireer resolved into a
committee lo consider hy law No
(1 being ihe health by law. i In
re-assembling the said by-law
was read a third time.
Alderman ffreer gave notice
thai ut the next mooting of tie-
council In, would  move thai by
law Nod be received and finally
passed and adopted
Alderinnn Tisdale gave notice
thai he would ai next meeting of
council introduce a by law to
regulate truffle, cleaning streets,
The council  then adjourned
Lilge Not Ituilty
Kilinonloii, Peb. 22 Thu jury
returned a verdict of not guilty
against Ludwig Lilge in his
second trial for the murder of
his friend named Leslie, at Bin
derhcini, n year ago, and the
accused was at once set free.
Nominate Candidate.
Victoria, Peb. 22, The Conservatives have nominated .1. L,
Beckwortli, commission merchant, as their candidate to oppose Win. Templeman.
R, II. Boharl of Wardner was
in town Friday.
W. II. I Irani of Nelson was in
the city Friday.
J. A. Harvey spent Thursday
in Movie.
Miss Proctor is visiting Mrs.
Dr. Green.
T. T. McVittie, I'.l.s.. of
Port Steele, was al Cranbrook
Friday on business,
Mr. mid Mrs, .1. P. Bradley
left Oll Friday's train on   a   visit
I.. Macleod.
Miss McEiicliern returned
home Thursday from an extended visit io fjothbridge.
Marsh Wyu. representing a
Toronto paper house was in tbe
city Friday.
'I'. Drake of the Imperial Bank
lefl on Friday mi a visit to Victoria anil other coast cities.
A. II. Trites of Pernio was a
Cranbrook visitor on Saturday
R P. Williams of Rossland
was a guest at the Cranbrook
It. P. Petch of Greenwood was
a   guest   at   the   CosmopolitanImight bo mentioned too that the
Thursday. Cranbrook wntor supply  js „,.
...     .a.     .. „. ,     ,   , .    . celletii,   Although three streams
Miss Alien Moftttt  entertained
a number of friends on  Wotlnos were playing for a considerable
day afternoon. time, yet   there  wus  not   the
  slightest   decrease  in   pressure.
It has been found necessary to This ,„  .,   snfG    ,.,..,. t()  „
postpone the concert   m aid ol ,                                 ,
ihe |.',-,,. Reading Room   from P'e»ty of water, a good system
February 28th to March 7th. ilml ;i" A- '  fire-brigade.
  The loss will be   heavy.     Mr.
.1. Oppenhciiner. S. Miller and Hundley had *l,000 insurance on
A,   Richardson   of Vancouver ,,„. building   which    w||l   very
were   registered  nt the   I ran , .   , „„    . •     •
hi k Thursday. wo" rm"' lll> ln>-'    'll" Mlsst)s
  Mel I who liml 14,000 will feel
i • S, Fri/.zol, aeon-ding to re- their loss as this will  not  cover
pmts. will have the management hho totnl amount of damage done
ol the I'l'iinlirook   Hrowerv.     Ho  m, ,, ,    ,,
will take charge about  the iirs,llh"   *W"iJ   ol   the    entire
,,i \|:i|.|.|i, communitj    goes   out    to  the
  young  ladies  in  the  loss   they
It,  1-Iirtz,  of Rlko was In the have thus sustained.
<■ ii\ Monday Mr. Hiriz is an old
timer in ihe district ami was in
business nl Klko previous t..
Pire Confined to Building  by the
Strenuous Efforts of the
The Hundley building was
badly damaged by fire ou Sun
day morning, ami the entire
block ou the north side of Bukei
streel was saved from destruction by the strenuous efforts ol
the Fire Brigade,
To be aroused oul of a sound
sleep in 12:45 a.m. and find
people rushing to and fro ami
see the smoke belching forth
from the roof Is not a common
occurrence in Cranhrook but it
happened this week, On Sun
day morning early the slumbers
of many were disturbed by the
ringing of the lire bell. li was
very fortunate thut u few had
not retired so that there was
some one to give the alarm, The
policeman and Mr. ileo. Lead-
beater wore tho ones to see the
Itamus first and immediately
mad,- for the lire hall and reported ih,- building owned by
Mr. Hundley and occupied by
Misses McLeod to be aflame.
And now the firemen show the
fruits of their diligent practice.
Word was passeil around that
the block was doomed aud a gen
oral stir look place, goods removed, furniture taken away
aud things looked ' blue as
the Humes slioi into the air. But
wait! Where arc tiie firemen?
They are mi hand, but he il said
io their creel 11 thut in less than
two minutes from the time the
lirst gone sounded, il'u-y had it
stream of water on the lire.
There were a few volunteers,
while some were in llie way.
shortly a fitTw.-ir.ls three streams
wore playing havoc with the
Humes antl a sigh of relief went
up as ouch said. "All is safe".
To note the work of the firemen
was lo In- proud of them, Chief
Bradley is lo be congratulated
and the men did well, At one
time iu the worst period of the
event, when some were driven
liacli. W. Huywurd and Geo.
Leiidbeater said. "Shall \t„ lto. "
anil with that they gol on all
fours and in they wont, It was
dangerous, n gasoline tank only
ten feet away, bul they went in.
The lire was soon well under
control und was never allowed to
leave the building, All thanks
to the noble band of tiro fighters
A visitor in town who witnessed
the scene was hoard to remark.
Cranbrook has a fire brigade".
So we have and every citiuen
is proud  of the  members.     It
Royalty Visiting Their Neighbors.
Madrid, February '.'I. The
King aud tho Queen of Portugal
arrived hore today lo pay a visit
of slate in Kiuu Allonso, who is
io be married In April. The
royal visitors antl their numerous
suite were received upon their
arrival 111 stale and escoMod lliu
hrillliinl procession lo the royal
castle,    whore thoy  will  reside
Mr, Kniest Parish of, Alberta,
was in lown Saturday and Sun
day ou II business irip. II. reports (front hopes for Ihe prairie
this sin or
Buck Riinoy, who has l u  in
Iho hospital for several  months
with n broken loa, is rapidly re-
covering,   Mr,   Runny mi- oul
ou Thursday for the Hrsl   time.
He will go in Fort Stoeln Siitnr   during their sojourn In this city.
day, Numerous eonrl   functions have
I n arranged   iu   honor of  Ihe
royal visitors. The program for
today Includes n court reception
The success ol Ihe .' , nt   Illli
jsnle al Hill ,t Co 's has been so
groat thai it will be continued
I for lliree days longer. Now Is
I your chance for a big bargain,
in tho afternoon  followed  by
state dinner. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK   B.C.,  FEBRUARY 24, 100(1
li le
-jto-i        •».. . tm Sunday nmi'tiinif'     \\<mWi  it
©Ije |iroo;iectav. ,„„..,. ,.,:Ml af,. ..,,„■ mtot
l.s-l Alil.l-.lil I.    I-'/, .Un'il HI the Belli'.
.MH%Hmwm%H%m%uHMmm%um%%%%%%«u%«mM%u%%ummmw ..
A. B. Grote-,
t'lni.isiii.i;   \ni.   KiiiTt.ii.
Baker Street.      Cranbrook, B.C.
a       Lighted   By   Electricity       |
M Heated Bv Hoi Air ii
®lje IfrOeptiCtoV.  i mi'   ,
Thei I
might woll show how ih t hey
I g live the lllllll	
,   ,                    ,    ,„,      -,- i wi    pav Ihoso who ure
stock has gonoupl   Theoiti/.ens|       "     |or\v.,ru to call nml
ib,,    brave   follows
What is the matter wiili the Iln
SATURDAY, I t:i'.- '-'i. IU0II.
They nro all rigid     WI
.';    "Kveryono".
lie  .an
Jim   McArthur
you  a iiib and
HERE   is   no   doubt   that
prosperity   will   bo  gen
oral in Southeast Kootenay  ibis     The  next   regulai    lingi
year, and that tbe people of  ihe the Cranbrook Conservative  \s
district have more  faith   in   HieiSocitilion   will  be  held   in   Pal ClotllCS, SIlOCS,
Ifuture than ever before.     Tlio mon'  bull  on  Momla.i   evening 11.its   I'le
^^^S^i^^^SS^^SSc^^^c^^       »"« n of capital is slowly, but Feb 2t'.lh.     Every Conservative
W        surelj   being directed lo the   re in Cranbrook is earnestly invited
v" ' l,   ib,. to at I
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst Class Dining Room
I11LI.  ,v   CO.     The ..nl}   pluoe lu town
.   iimi .-uu inuk.- lit,- ..lull, th.- living.
an note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
au        surely   being iliroeteu to t
M       sources of this district wi
§        result thai ituportaul   industries eJllll     IlllM
j      jot large proportional' w con       li one  half ol   the  projected   llllnR11||  in,   CuANiiitonu, H.C
luiuplaled whicli will bring  sue    railways iu Southeast   Kooleim.i
mil |irolil from investments,  ure ever built wt> shall have more   »»** : , .j....>*    * »»«;.»»,. ««•«
•■.■ails i hail wo Kin... will   lo  ,1
♦:   Marysville, B.C.   ♦
The leading Hotel of the St.   Mary's  Vnliey     %{       good for tin   disl . milsIen > parliamenl   -  from llu    I
Kven new   mliistn   foi ..nil is « lh     I'he latest mil i " ul  tppli    I
N'icoairyn is, newly furnished    Table as good    M
-, anv in kootonay. '/M
ROOMS I       "0,"'°1,n   ' .
™« Tin   furmiitiu»i ou whirl    ■- sis  '■■ I ■■ '       • ■ ■ •  '•< »**»!   J
iiii      tX*> an \   in   im 'in ' Mii. ■
Time Tells story
,s ens.,:.',', j Tailor    Importer of
terininu.s, ul or neai Fort  S le 1 Fine  WooletlS.
,     il lil-iinli   It .        U'lllall'lilli, A.,'   %    I
*    I
ayP flats, Wheat, Feet
We have Ibis week unloaded il ear of eaeh kind
Si'KtiAi. I'uii'i-; Kim Ton Lots, Call and see us before
buying elsewhere.    We also curry a stock of
*   *
W 1114*1 Mil-'-    „ isll   A-    .li.lli'',
ill. sll.ll   -J I   ft,.l-i..    I- J   .    -     '
'    - |i iisperll y ol   i ran    \ Ibertu
level.,pliieul ..!  Um \ asl mill
1. Im'   i'1'ii     md agi cultural  CRANBROOK   (VER1I   96 '
resources tributary to this i *-•     n     r->
X'   .      U.       La.
I-...        nportunt .pies    -     ,:  FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES     Mrs. Hislop  '^SISK^oW-e
Harris Bros.
■ *-9"*l'.9-9-9--9' •* ■ ■•••»••»■ ••■■•"■•■••.. 9 "• »• • •* ■ •• "•-.»-• t" • " •"•■••» B < ■ »»t* ■•■ >l
. tin        si il time in ilu>   1 .< n s ti
^p=^      GOT   THE  HABIT     ,   ....    .
--£-~^     "i-l ..'   ill.ill-i   .'li!'.    j.,, n Opposili.l        Mill
";,:"».'" .    .'.. i i ■
1 i-tiAni;. .        ■ Di
■   \,- ■    . t-ai      ...
■...•-.■■'   •     . . .-..-. A.
,iich ii i         -            This ■ wo
■ peo] '■             own  :|
advii e insiea ■
othe - •
■     ''Hi   USD \\
\\     I'". ■,,.,. 'IH
Spot i an..ml.ui lo ti.iit'h.
Ieehuit|ue, phrasing and
ading of studies
•*•• *^*f^^*i**«l«**«**MW**»»tf«»S^^
urn. ing oi stiiines. k
v    U    111   ,. i,    s, .... J
I'."' |.!ii'iii'iili!rsii|i|il.v lo C. !■:. Itiiltl A   S
Royal   Hotel
:: Roek\ Mountain Chapter :
xo  126. ii. a.m. {: FOR ft FIRST-GLftSS TURNOUT \
'UANltilOOK, II. .
•        ;.'-iii.ir inuetiiiirs:   -n.l Tin's-
! B. H. SHORT &
o spriug ■'■ es n           ■   suj j  .>' ;
a>  • rs ai rs J
» set         ind prove
♦ prop.   ".   us soon   as   possible, -s           i. m. Buruow, Surlbe 1
: iS   i'..iii|,iin h   um   :ij Ll V EjFV I  !»
your IS .'..rdiuily invito... |; I       TKAMS and DRIVERS        '*
\ A
Finest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those who are weary and  thirsty,  drop in, and
Alex will do the rest
ALEX McCOOL    Prop.
look! look
9   tor (level.i|
' ore on the dump thut  ^iniimnHiiuiiimiiniiiniHitMiiiiuii^      Pui'uishoil ['or any point in ihe ■*
y ANCIENT ORDER JI FORESTERS I - r ^^^^5^^^!^^^^^*^^
Court Cranbrook 8943
^|    Whiskey     is   many   a   man'sI    mbkts -jxh an-u rru torshavs
'j worst enemy and they  all   seem in patmore'S hall
a'- int'li nod  ',,,  y  the scriptural vwilnu   liretlmni   i-oiillully   Invltoil
A   eoiiiniaiiii "I.ove your oneniios".
Host In Ouality
Mosl Artistic In Desinn
Lowest In Price
I'liiiileis.    ra|i,-tli;niL;eis  nml   DiTornlnrs
Sign Painting a Specialty
C. It.,    A. MciCOWAX.
Sum-t'liti-v.   .1. SIMS.
lu    politics   audacious   clieelt
and push are often inislukon   for
There are a loi of kids running
' ions,,  an.1111.1  this  oily thai are
. j like sonic moil's promissory note
U. They want settliiiK.
'■*>:■ ,.  n
:♦;»;♦;« d\9'4;. :'*;. :♦:«''♦]".«:'♦.'." '♦:♦ :¥;.♦:♦.:♦ ♦'
. Wholesale    ^_r
Gulgarv Beer, Ale & Porter.
T. I.I'IJKL .Hi CO., Hay and (i ain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Tho largest room in Southeast
Kooienay is the room for im
t.'HANUItOOt.,      -      ll.C.
Boot. Shoe MaKer
All Work fiutininteotl
New Work Ma.lo lu M.-n.-n
Armstrong Ave.   ffiiSffi „,„,,
Solicitor, Etc.
The   smallest    hair   throws   a
hailow   across a man's appetite CrailbrOOk '       British Columbia
when he linils il in the butter.      ,	
• •  • C. H. DUNBAR
A worn out politician is liken
worn mil watch.     He is no good llAltlllSTKR, SOLICITOR
when   he   gels   so   Hint  lon'tj        <""' K°TAKY PIJULIU.
run well.
c. c. c
I Calgary Gauie Go.
Cranbrook, H.C!.
fresh and Salted Meats
Fish ind Poultry in Season
The  recent  Ure has  disclosed
Ihe [nd lhat a   rl 1   up   in   Ihe
bai'k yards ol our business
blocks would greatly assist the
firemen in gelling lo the scone
of action and lessen the liability j
of lire.
We note with pleasure thai a
decree has goi 111 that henceforth all gasoline tallies mitsl bo
buried in the ground.
Many did noi hear llio lire bell
G. H. Thompson
'~^pf   XOT.MIV ft"III.1.'
1'riiiilir.iiilt, Uf.
Fort Steele !!.('.
Pacific   Coast   Points
Pnlace und Tourist
Bloopers, BuJTolt
Libmry Curs, Modern
Duy OoachoB.
Dining Curs,
ft HOTEL i.
55Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Neiirest to railroad tlepot.    Has accom.no-
ilitlioiis   lor   the   public   unequalled   in
% Hot nnd Cold Baths Proprietors al
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
  , J. Edgar Davis
<«'« O r, FAST  T1IAINS n
'.   (.   KJk   n-r -rivT-rn \ Uri.k It. 1 .-r ^  hast and wiwti.aii.v .<.
t Ordors by mail will receive |U'om|)l antl fiireful ultonli
j M Cline      • Kffis *
I 2 „        ,1.11|», ,-sl„„, f.   I'II"M'; I'"
t t f>     l-'iirii;iee. Bollor,   llango  nu
, t MAMTOIU lltiTKI. 8  Fireplace Work II S| iiilly.   A
\ t I' tleserinlion of slone-uiuii initio
Order In Phone K-S
- Wi.i-I; in .ill  h
nl Hi..
Centrally Located
f: doact'li
'• Iu'» f)  lllkell.
5   Orders left, at J. D.McBRIDES
-a } Tonsorlal Art I win h i^<- r.-....,,.. ah.-.hi...,.
Electric Lights The Illinois (lentral
l''..r lull piirllo.ili.ra,  1'iitun,   fnliler
.'., cull nil in- ilililri-—.
Ill '        S.U. VI'lllKI'IS, C1.W....A..
|| I Soittilo, VViihIi.
,.. I    i'.   W.   MAIIOXKV, l.'.P, It  'I'.A.
! S|iiii,'iini'.
Manitoba Hotel  GranbrooK
UMtlcr  Mew   MH.taneineiit | 'f*\   UlVol Ij
\\ ll.'ll  Mill   W.I 1)1    II    I '    } OBAHr 4 DOVLE, PnOP'S
Ilo;i(li|li;il'lef.   foi    lnllllir;      l!
'     , •    plnee   to   stop    if I" He-
men iiiul nlil inner . .»    '
"■     Mu 11 it "I i.i.
ii. a. Mcdonald, manager
We Oive You Your Money's Worth
Tennis ..ml ilrlvorn furnish
I I'll     Inl'    ilil.     |inilll    ill   1,110 (lis
A.  DOYLK, Miiiiiii;.-.'
Mllilltllillj,   1 M-.'lli-il   BUl'Vll't!      I-"ll
III.' n.'al lull Il-I llllll -lllllll.   Mj.I.Uil'
.Illli,.    .', ,M ,|.',-1 I, .11 -    Uilli     tl-lllllH     III     till
iliwn Hi- ir ,-lini I |.||lltl)Htllll|lll'll«ll.
I iHt'llll',   Mi -llllllll- llllll  Nt'H  I N'l.'IIU".
llllll  I I.,', ,,,;■ I,  I Ji.--..-    mllll-. In Hill ill I'.'Il-I
j    l'iii-i lIvnli'iivi'li'i'H il.'-ii'iii" liifnr-
j 111,,11,,1 a. 1.1 iln- l.m-.Ml i'iiIj". iiiiil  i..',.
I iimi.'. ii.-.- Invllutl 1 m.K|ii»iilui	
.villi lliu 1.ill..win., ivprumiiiliillvim,
I',. II. Titi'Min'i,i..t',iiiiiiii-r.-iiil Ani'iil
I \L 't'liil-il SI., I'lii'lliinil. D- -uiiu.
,1, V., I.INIisKV. 'IM'. ill I'.A.
IWTIlll'tl 8t„ I'ui-ll I, Ol'OKOll,   ar i-iill sai.i: ie,
P, it, Thompson, V, k I'.A., Ituuui 1 .1.1. m.-huihi-:    un wiiiiqoi
I I, <'uluiiu. III1I1;,, S.'iutl,-, WiihIi.
USERS        j^tfSF';;"'"' »2»
duW« Ooticivi 12N
01 iii-nvv linnrili *■ •■
'■■' kl„,:,„/„- r./nMn
Mition Struts, $1.00,
buoklot "llliit8to8liaven."
Sli.11111  Hollers uiul |.'iii-iiii,-,- Work 11
Cost und Sioeli Ksllntnles
h'tirnislietl Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.  Granbrook, B.G.
We have been ill  Ibe   business
for sovoral years, we liavo ihe
liesl ei|iiipmelil ill IM'. uud wo
eili.l'lllllee siilisfiieliou.
About mat Piano
Wo are the uulhorlitad aRonts
for Iho removal ol'Musou\- Kiseh
Pianos, we eiiii do the work with-
out risk. Also lloiisehiilil fur
11nl.11 ro.
I'l'lipi-il.llllN.lt tllO
('ranbrook Cartage and Transfer Go
1 utii milium-
t'.r.u. Iii'imi. 1'iimi.'ii:i
I louses und Cottages for Rent
or Sale on Hnsv Terms.
Telepliouo 8i!.
«''9 PETES #■«
IlllKopulll'll 111.- III'-.! s|iii|i jn
Uratiln It. nml niiiti'iiiii<..-s
Htllisfluillltll     it.     Sliming,
llllil-l'llllin;;. .'li-.
Next   .lour  lo   A. (', llowni'ss
on Cranbrook St reel.
UoffiB"""     P. J. Leithauser
TAKK NliTlt'l': Iln  Mllllllliy tlio
I'JIli 'In. .if Mtti'i'li. Illllli. nl Iln- I  nl
nlevnti ii'i'lock in tin* ftii't-iintiti, ilii-i'i-
Kill     III-    Ull.'l.'.l    III     |.111.Ill'    Mill'    III   1 lie
'I'm.iij.ii.- inn.-., in Iho rii. ol ('run-
lii-iink 1 In- following vttliuitili. |n-i.|iri'i.v.
linlllU Im.-11 Ii.'i'i'il  in.   1;  I  IK in
Iitiii.li   IJ,   Ciiinlii k.   in- 'illllli    in
|;,"_.i-i.'i'.'il |ilitii uiiu.
till -JI Ml ]il'ii|nili   ia II   11 1   llivi'lliliu
linns iiiniiiui<i all ninili't-ii Improve-
III.'Ills llllll I'Olllplollll.V fio'iilnlu\il
l-'nr ti'i'iiiHiiiiil romlitiiiiianl Hiili' apply
sniii'iuii',!, Cninbrook,
Diilml K.il.iniin I Til., 191.11. 8
Carpenter W Builder
(Iood Work nl
KoiiNoualile Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Nniii'i, In horohy alv.-ii iluu ii,i,.IK
iluys iiftur 1I11111 I im,-ii,11.1, i,|,|,|v ,„ ii,',,
lltiiiiiritlil,- |.hu (Jhlof ('iiiiiiiiis„lnii,.|. nf
I.lllltlu llllll  Wllllia fill- ltS|l|..-||(|    |j,.,.|	
in mil nml mirry iitviiy thnlior riinn Iho
(olliiwlii|. ,l,.„Til.i-il liiiiilsin Siiiiii, |,;„N|
Kniiti'iiiij. 1101 ',1.'in:, ,11 ., |„,S| |lhl|||
'■'I "ii the Southivum furli „( |,.|a) ,„
(Jreuk aboul ihruu i.nii-il„. „,ii, wusl „,■
111! ll.C. Si,nllii.111 rullHin, ii,,,,,,.,. „,.,,
Ollflltj     .-lillilia.     Hi,, I,,.,,     mu,,!,     uljfJHj
'' »»•   ll"'1" »»l    ulifliiy   nimins.
11  ""Hill I'llllll.Vl-llllill- 1,.   ,,1,1, 1
■iiiiiiin .ii|.|iini.||i,
Dated Fclinmi-y jj2ml, limii.
flthe Uroepector
SATUUDAY, KKIi. 'l-i. 1000.
House Proceedings.
Governor praying that be would
cause copies  ol all  Orders  in
'(Council   passed   sinoo   tho Hrsl
t day of July, 1908, to bo presented to the House ill onee.
Ciiiiiiitu.-il tram 1'nie' I.
Al any rate, Inst night's examination ilifi'eroil from other occasions.     Tho   witness   did   not
appear to be frightened". He told
/I "V '    hjj.'aiii,  '        |      a plain straight story—the only
J      2S^ .kV>a'.j/A.^t_     I        story   there   is   to   tell  ill   this
S   AfjlAijllftlv^Af        ninlter   uml the more Mr.   .Vine-
do.iulil got out of him,   Hie loss
I like scandal did it look.
The lender of ihe Opposition joiiver in n very decided ninnnei
Purohaae   Price   $3.00  a  Month,lli(l '"s best; ho surpassed his Government,  ' he     remarked
Allowanee Made Kor Old Machine! I"vvi"us l','('l"'tls !ls
amine.'.    But it   was
Arnold & Roberts
Ei      /-^    f-r-*,   "l—1   T-v    tubles   upon   iiie    uiemner
A     >v U    r\   Rossland   by aceusing  him
£~\_   iO     1     J_J  IA trying '» put words in his nil
no  good.
When lie gol angry, llio witness
got angry too, and snapped his
Tho kind we make
will be the mosl lie-
head ..IT.    When he got ealm, soj0f course tnel,6
ditl the witness,  who turned the
tubles   ii]...ii   Hie    member    for
whieh he never  uttered  or   wus I
going to utler,
When Mr. Maedonald attempt'
I Hiver   liml  his opposition
was frivolous and groundless.
The Speaker ruled  Mr.   Henderson's point of order to be not
well taken, ,-iuii apparently the
Mr, Oliver spoke to his motion Opposition shared his views,for.
with much bent und at  inordi- when   ii   oame to reporting the
nate length.   He alleged thai a bill, no one voted against tt.
number of these Orders in Coun-     The bill  to amend   the Coal
eil liml been contrary to the stat- Minos  Regulation  Act  passed
iite  law of  the  province,   and the committee stage.
made a variety of other iiccusa-     Hon   P. J, Pulton, Minister of Imaneanient.
tions.    He said there had been Education, then moved the sec-j   Nated 14th Pel
secret orders In council which he ond reading of the amendment
und his  friends were not privil- to the Public Schools Act.    Mr.
Fulton spoke at great length,
reviewing tho operations of the
Act during the past year, and
showing that both the criticisms
and gloomy anticipations of the
Opposition bait been proved by
experience to be baseless, There
were certain changes which had
been found lo be advisable, ami
■al.y yi.i-n thai t
I Intend to apply i
oner ,if I.inula. \'i>-
III.-    fell.,
N.,1    i.  li
ilaya .-*f:.-.- .isi
Chief I iiiihiii.
for a a|i«,-i,-.l I
MViiy limber
ai'i'ili»*n !ntnl near Low
Kuai Kootenay tltstt'Ii-t:
I.   Commencing 18.05 ehain
of th* aouth twit 'narofl.ul 1:11.1.. I
thenee su olialnt. north, theace so
,-lmina eaai. thenee SO I'haiim aouth.
thenee 80 calns weal  in place ,,r com-
••k ill Se
. uiiiii.
i edged to see.
Mr.   McBride
replied   to Mr.
would be simply impossible if
every man who wished to make
trouble could gol n speeiui per
mil lo ransack the doportmont.
was business  in
the present  measure
I hem.
Mr. John Oliver literally
leapt to his foet when the Minister of Education sat down, and
for nearly an  hour his shrieks
A|t|mri DUATri "tie., mi-, mauuuiiuiun.iiuii.pl-1 iiie premier wont on lo road llie, resounded throughout the out-
IN lUil T MU 1 U H his "SL1111 ,i"'t'"'s "'' entlui,'ine ino.nbe.' for Delta 11 much needed side galleries, uud fetched poo-
linto private matters having no lesson on points of governmenl. j pie in to see what was the matter
connection with theouse, be was and speelfle.nl ly den led his iiccii- It is to be regretted thai space
j met by a blunt refusal to reply. |sation. | forbids a reproduction of the re-
every government which wiisiiuil
should be kept private, just us in
ordinary business linns. As
long as ti governmenl held office,
Only the executive had the right
to see those orders in council.
The premier went on to rend llie
.•..(liable Blaster C.it'l
■ rest Photo Go. I.
u.skod   in     his
Bakor St.
Cnmbrook, 13,C
Astonished,   he
| deepest tones:
Do you mean
actually rofuse tn
"I moan exactly that
witness solemnly, in tones
Mr. Brown disagreed with the marks in thin  correspondence,
Premier's statement us to  the but   tho  summing up sentonce
lo say that you privacy of orders in council and wilt do for a sample, us it con-
I'oply? thought   him  very unkind to al- tains all ho had previously said
saidthe lude   to   tho  abortive   scandal in close on an hour ofitnpas*
halt' hunting: of the member Cor Delta sionod declaration   Hero it is:—
loo   distant   past,
Cured her Father's
Drunkenness by a
Simple Remedy.
Sum ber lather Irom i trufcart'i in™. free
nuirle at Samaria Tasteless Pre*crl*tUw cfccdrJ
hii OlDkiug Auat Uai* ta a cem**lele ewe.
seemed  hopelesa
to keep father Irom
'nuking, and we
illicit llieiiisftt..-
e.   Wlicn thinit*
| were nt their wurst
>in 1 j.I vine J me
fto i.y Samaria. I
saw that yon offered
i tiee s.iiujjIc treat-
' ment  and  that  the
remedy Waistastele**
and could he given secretly. I determined
. tn try it, and, have
heen glad every day
lace. The full treatment,
which I guve htm in his tea,
cured him, and I am pleased to siy he never
touches whiskey u..w. How glad 1 am that I
wrote you aud how happy we all are together
rawer says tlmt he could never have stopped
drinking of hu own accord,"
•rice raiiuiyc paiiu-uiais,tcsiimonhi-.
mul piiie s.-nt iii plain sealed envelope. Cm
tespondeuee sncreitly conflttetitint. Address
Till*: SAMAUi.V Kl'.MKDV Co., yJ Jordau
Chuinhers, Joi.lau St., Toronto, Canada,
an octave  lower than  those of hu   the   noi
the louder of the Opposition.       | (Laughter. I
Ross,   of   Pernie,   burst   out     Mr. Hawthornihwaito said that
laughing. It dawned upon Mr. jin view of the faci thin the nominal leader of the Opposition wus
not in iiis seat, he hardly thoughl
that body of men were in earnest
Daily   Tourist   Sleeper
Effective January 1st.
- TO
Seattle and Vancouver
- TO —
Sun., Turn, Weil, unil fri.
Mondays ami Tuesdays.
S a l 11 i' .1 a y s .
St. Paul
Standard Sleeper
Sl.iriiti Ruiili'.
Por detailed liil'ormiilion lirst-
class or toi.rlsl slooper resorva-
Maedonald -the resl of the committee hud discovered il long before iimi the witness, so far
from being frightened of him.
was malting fun of him.
ll is always disquieting when
the hunter tin.Is himself boeo.no
tho hunted.
Mr, Maedonald spent n
unhappy evening.   So far
disoovoring   anything   to
HoviTiiini'iU's discredit, llio evidence  all   weni the other way.
In fuel, as one member of the
Opposition put it, if Mr, Anderson had been called al the commencement of   Ihe committee's
labour,    that    intelligent    body
would have ceased to exist long
"The position is this; the bill of
last year was bad, the proposed
amendment is worse, and the
only right thing to do is to repeal tho Act of last year."
Ho sat down, Mr. .1.  A.   Maedonald moved  the adjournment
aboul this   remarkable request, lof the debate, and tho (louse ad-
The  member f. r  Helta having Mourned till Momlay.
.mc,.. years ag„. located a mil |     Want a Tariff on Lumber.
lions apply
.1. S. (
local agents or
ARTER, I). I'.
Vour  al.tonl.loti   In called   to    tin,
"Plonoor l-iliniliiil" trains ot tho "Mll-
miultoo tt SI Paul Ui.il.my." "Thu only i tion."
purfi-i-.i ..rutin, in ih.. wni-lii." {    rj0U(]
The Kiii-Eu affair, from being
a fiasco, has become a farce, not,
worse luck, al popular prices.
Proceedings opened stormily
yesterday afternoon. Prayers
had been barely concluded when
Mr. Maedonald. leader of the
Opposition, whose thoughts during the prayer had evidently
been characterized by anything
but christian meekness, arose
and asked the Premier whether,
in view of the adverse vote of
yesterday, lie intended io act in
a constitutional manner and
A ripple of derisive laughter
run round the House at this impudent piece of gallery-play,and
even Mr. McBride had some
trouble in controlling his amusement, sufficiently to answer the
member from Rossland seriously
The Premier said thai he had
uo Intentions of taking any no-
lice of the incident, It was it
mistake as the adverse vote alluded lo by his honourable
friend was due loll miscount, and
nobody knew il belter llian the
member for Russian.!.
Mr. .Maedonald said lhat lliere
was no mistake, ns ihu vote was
taken Iwiee. il.iiugliier and ill
voice from theGovornmonl seals,
" If il was. thai makes Ibe mis j
lake bigger". I
Mr.   Hawthornihwaito asked;
the member for Rossland if ho
J would like a vole of ciuitidence.
Mr. Oliver butted in. "All in
good time", he observed with an
j air of jaunty confidonoo.
Mr.   Hawthornihwaito   eyed
the professional interrupter from
i tho Delta with frigid disapproval s,,n <Vl,lt'1 w
"I am glad", ho said, in icy
j tones, "lo have the official reply
I from the leader  of  Ihe  Opposi-
laugh tot'   greeted   this
scandal, bad gol into Ibe habit
of hunting for more, and now
very spool all his time In fishing ox-
front peditions. (loud laughter) Ho
the!hoped theGovornmonl would not
listen for a moment to such au
outrageous request, The member for Delia might have ruined
the Prior government! he need
not Hatter himself lie was going
to ruin this, (shouts of laughter)
The member for Delta was the
Sherlock Holmes nf llie House,
concluded the representative of
The House cheered and laughed uproariously, and John Oliver
blushed self-consciously.
The Attorney-General then
took a hand, and jumped heavily
on the mover of the motion,
which he described as absurd.
Mr. Oliver expressed his opinion of the Premier, his disappointment at the refusal lie had
met wilh, and his forebodings of
nameless evil, in a long and bitter tirade.
Then the Speaker put the motion to ihe House, and il was defeated by '2'1 voles to 18,
Mr. Ross (Fernie) arose and
politely asked the leader of the
Opposition if the Premier's chair
looked as large and inviting to
him as it did on the previous
There are some impertinences
to which few men are gifted with
llie ability to make an adequate
retort. This was one of them.
Mr. Maedonald glared in helpless
rage at the member for Kernie,
while llie House grinned aloud.
ftul no words could llie loader
of llie Opposition find. Stuitrl
Henderson tried to prompt him
on his left with the witty spirit
of Asherofl, while John Oliver,
ou his right, poured into his oar
the kind of repartee which is iu
vogue oil the Delia hay fields.
Bul il would mil lil Ihe case.
Helpless and silent, Hie unfortunate mombor for Rossland was
forced to lot the insull lie had
received pass unanswered.
Tiie adjourned debate on llie1
report on the University Bill
was thou resumed, and Hondor-
. au authority
nu finance since his speech on
llie budget last. year, raised as a
point of order thai, as llie bill
affected the rovonuos of I ho province, it should have been brought
Maedonald '•(lown ''>' message.
Vmi will iimi ii ii.-slnii.li to rldoou home-thrust, and M
Uiom! trains wlion toiinif to uny point, in ; was observed lo frown and say.    This was supported by .1
tin- Kust,
TmitiH  i
I'll   Stilt.-.,
.villi     nil
o.l  all 'I'I
or ('lunula.   Thuy
|.|(..|    AimlltH   mill
|.'oi- (ill'llmr hifonuilHoli, p:iui|ilil.-la,
i-.ti!, usk uny Tlok.it Aguntoi-
K, l„ K0H1>, 'I' ». HOWE,
PttSB, Agent,        Donoml Agent,
something sharploy in an undertone to his too zealous follower.
Then tho House gol down to
business, and tin.' Hrsl thing
dealt with was a modest request
from John Oliver thai a humble
Oliver, who read a dec.lsioi
English speaker which ho
though no i ue else could i
.nil why uphold Ihi.-- viflM
Mr. Meltri.le Infoi'lllol
mouther for   Ashot'ofl thul
El.ri'ou of THE I'K.isi'KiTOU :
When il comes to patriotism
for Canada, or lieuetits for Oranbrook we yield lo no inan lirst
Ever since my residence hero
our study to write and talk along
those lilies have been constant
Without a single desire for bene-
tits exeepl other than public.
One of the truest words Mr.
Galliher uttered in the Wentworth Hall was that because of
the United Stales policy of high
protection Canada's freetraders
could not carry out their principles and were compelled to tight
opponents with liorown weapons,
and get a dulyofSL1 per thousand
feel upon lumber. At Dr. King's
honest remarks, "let us make this
question u public, instead of a
political one" our heart went up
in sympathy as we remembered
that our utterances had been not
in vain.
Cannot we gel up a monster
petition for our (7) members to
tho Dominion Parliament for not
only >>- per thousand feet upon
lumber, but to equal the Slates
along. Ihe line, even if another i'i
per cent is added according to
promise of congress. Jack
should be as good as his master.
This plan would boost Cranbrook
with manufacturing industries
and you would see her grow.
The balance of trade against
Cranbrook for the month of December. IHiCi wus iSli,h.')t'i,iHl due
the States. That Is whiits the
matter with ns.
All good business men try lo
avoid their ledger being balanced
against thorn In this way, Canada
donl, thoroforo Americans are
considered tho sharpest of the
two nations. This question of
balance iu trade proves where
tho lever is which draws our
much needed capital away from
us al present tho life's blood
of trade (gold),
Japan went to war and bus a
large balance against her.
Canada has not been lo war, has
iiiexhaustttble stores of natural
wealth,   equal   In   any   country
in   llie   world,    I   why   should
she have the balance of I rude
against her? Kor uo other
reason Iheil Ihal her own people
wills il. And llien we yell for
capital, besides having to pay a
premium for yelling. Why not
keep ii within om- power when
we have it.    .1. M.
Three & Four Year Coursn
in Minimi;, Cheitlicitl, Civil,
Mcrltniilcnl iimi Klectrletl
l!n Kin erring,
..   Commencing' 10 dining north of
tiit* north *JUil   i'01'iier nf   I'iv-imijitii.it
\'fl, \*4" and Iwinjj l.lifi ohains ensi of
am] -".ii rhanin north of the north ensl
.(iinei* nf Lot t>."i7:i t\. I. thenee nouth SO
diaim*. thenoe ***>\ 80 chains, thenoe
north 80 chains, thenoe wesl SO chains
in i>niin of ooiuuienoeuieut.
Dated Oth February, 1000.
:t. < 'oinineiK'iiiu nt the iiorttioitsl
corner of A. Uookes' timber liconce,
theuoo hii chains south, thenco 10
ohaiiu west, iiu-noi* -to chains nouth.
thenee HO i-huhi* east, thence llio
chains uorth. .hence 40 chains uv.i io
plact* nf be^iunlny,
Dated Sftth .January, IWO,
s cm. rcnwAitiis
lOOO New Books*
| They Must Be
,        Sold Immediately
Call   and   Sec   Them
Sotioe is hereh,\ given thul the
Crawford Bay uud St. Mary's Railway
(■nni'iany will ajipl.v in the Parliament
of Canada ul the next Session (hereof,
for an Aut. authorizing thoCompun.v in
construct andoporttte in extension of
iis undertaking already authorized, a
continuation <>i' it> railway from the
present Kastcrn terminus ul or near
Port Steele, lu the Province nf British
Cnl mu luu. easterly hy the mosl convenient and leuMl.lt' route to l,oth-
liridyv. in thu IVovtnou of Alherla. and
extending the times wiiliiu which tiie
< 'ompany may construcl and coinplelo
tht* railways ami works, ivliluh it Uu*
heen already authorized to construct.
Dated at Ottawa, this Sth duy of IVh-
ruary, l!»o*i.
.1. It. T. CA1U1X.
S Hollellor Tim- Applicant.
Notice i» hereby given that tin
mial sitting nf tho ' 'ourt "I Ue\
for thu ptir|Kise of liuarlng all
plaints against the AsseBsmenl oi
City of Cranbrook, H.C., will ii.in the Counoii ChnmbfU' in the
t 'ity of Oranbrook mm tin
C. E. REID & CO.,
Phon.   7 4 The   Druggigts^
' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»««a>^^«^a><y4#
Ilutr-il nl l.'i
(Illy (if .I.1IHIUI'
\  slid
.III. Ill
A.II. Iimii. nl Hi.. Ixiiii- nl lOillii
Bottled beer lor family
use :i specialty
Outside   Orders
nS P. O. BOX 812      h
'<!     TELEPHONE  NO, 1      $S
Port   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
City ('Ir
is tifliibj' Iflvi'tl liml Sll ilny* fro
io apply mi tlio Clituf C itsHlo
in.I VVortW. V'lt'loriii. for n t
hunt uiiilrrtiry uwuy timber fro
v, ileseriboii landssituutu imriln
t'V in Stuitlti'llsl KOOICIIH.V Distil
uiielnif Kt etmtiiH nortli iimi tu
..on Ins
ttit-   StiifititM   timber   llcoiiso,   thuiioe
Iiu ins wo»l, thuncu 80 ulmlni. nortb. thenee
•li.iiiiM-.ist, tiiwiiii* tOctiuliiK Boutb. theuoo
■Im iu> went, i lie nf 1* 10 chill us siiutii to nolnl
UtttL'd lllb .luimnr.Y. Iimii.
3 r. m, i:iiw,\i,ii>
Nutleo tslwrub*/ iftven tlml iiodityn uftertlutu
l inn-nil toiippiy id tht' Cttlot Commissiotior of
l.ouAs Mint Work», Victoria, lor u kpucIuI
lliiciioe to i-nt unil farry awuy timberon tho
rollowilitfiltsi'iilii-il IhuiIs siiun0'  liortllCIttl  ol
Kimberley in Soiithe««i Koolouuy Dlstrtel.
ComraonittiiK ut h pout !W iiIikIiih nortli mul
Ion ohulni westofOHs -Stujile* norlhwusi por
ner. ibouco nortb hu i-biiiu.ii, theiie* easl hu
chalnH, tboncewnth HDchulHN, IhHiic* went wi
chuins iu plu<-e or iK'tfitiiiini*
Ditfldfttli jHiiiiury. limn.
Cosy and
Comforfable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C. A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
The nbnve bolol litis bai
ed tlit'oiiji-lnnii. Tli.. lliu-
Lif|iiors ami ('imu-s.
icoiitlj' oreoled, ami n.-aily furnish-
supplied  with  tho besl brands of
Post Office
in  Mfirysville.
'   they  want
lere miners
ill times ni
Hotlee U hureby given tlmt thirty Any* aftor'
ilutu i intoud io apply o* the chief Com mi Is-'
•loner of LandN iii.I Works foi pfirmltwloii loi
uutand uarry timber from tin- followinit dt>-
auritit-il land* 111 Kast K.iniiiiiav:
CoujiiieiicliiK ttt a post planted on the nortb
boundary of Lkiih'.- limber llt'Oiiue ami ubout j
twenty oliulni c»"t of tbe north wesl corner.
Thence north eighty obalna, tbenee eii.ii eighty j
chalna, theuce .sooth   olghty eluilus.   thei
treat wio-ii iy ehaiitu to place nl beifinniiig.
II. ii. MfViri'ii
January Dth. IWW.
Groceries,   Hardware,
Clothing,   Stationery
Notice i» hereby glvon that thirty lays ait
ue i Intend to apply to tboCbtef C'ohiihi
lioiioriif l.un.lri aud WorliK  for  pOrmlHKlfill
it ami uarry away limber from die foiiowit
tlOI'llieil lands In Kant Kootenity:
I'limmeueliiK at a  |)08l   |il)iiiie<l    nlu-ie  u
weat bounilnry or hoi mv rrmaei the nor
Uonndiiry of Lot IWl.Oro»|i I Sltiutuun cliaii
from the north west corner ul Lot .hii. ttiun
north eighty chalni* in rhottin the son
Hunt of Kit river thenee weateil.1 and soot
erly down Klk Itiver tn tl hi. weal corn
Of   .Men   Mnrfatt'n   tliltl.ei    iliriu'-'     I,.it     ,,;,
thonee eaal along tiie nortli homidiiry of 1,
rtMTimil l,..i >.1 nit> 1 - .,,...i,- more or 1"
to pia f boglnnlng
.1 M, AdNKW
Jauimry Hth IWK <j
A. '*■    "    '*' '»"   "**"•  i»."   -aw  tw  wr  -**/"•  *W  !?•   *****  **/*■ '*■■* *Wa'*a/r
* NORTH   STAR        J
t ^^ HOTEL J
X Kimberley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.        ,— _L
CHENETTE k NEAL. Proprietors
:3   Marysville,   B-C   SEff
Illl'jLflJKt    a lid    husi   i'i
,Mi|i|iril hotel III tin- st
uiUlross should bo prowntod to hill did noi airocl tlio provincial
His    Honour   tin?   UuuteiiauL*  rovonuo,   nnd   Mr.   Pullon i"l'f
Notice la here
dale I intend l<
ilouer or Lhh-k
out mid utrrj 'i
deacrllR'd litmU
• thai tlilrti ilayn niti
Ml,I   VV,.
f/vHi corn
Ilil '
Ml.l    •
1 ihe
tlitity live
ol  i.nt fiAjfii,
t- nml I'uhllc lltiUli,
te for calendar to
Vlie S**iTclary,
Bcbool ot Uliilog,
Jtiufatuu. out.
I'lieoe.' m Nl Olgllt)   '"I
••me. ol i.ot nana, thonoo north nine ehains to j
lie aouth umt corner of Lot OAtO, thonoe west
oriy-iiieeiiaiimami eighty eight link* more
o leia 10 ]i|t*ue ot i-aviiii.iin-.
January SU I WW, t    I
£ 3
£ Always Up-to-Datc is
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. 3
^uiiuunuiuiUiUiUiiauuiiuuauiUiuaiiMiUiiul THE PROSPECTOR CRANHROOK, B.C., FEBRUARY -l. IW*
* ************ t*^**#**«* ©he gfrmpectre.   Head
* *	
#  -i-nmrfmnnnrninnnniinnnnnnnnn-:-
\\ ll.-ll   >....   kiiI ii j.....I   i.l.l-
i.-l.i, .1 lliiulai-ln-ihal  k.'»
-i-   '.'UUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-:-        >•'".' "':l1  lln-i...: mul your >'..'.-»
'••        , ,. whirl   ..ml   iimii.- .nu -i.-l. :..
*        Its ll    over   Soul lous    kiiuli'
*r , ...  , \niir -I.>inn.-I. in
^ , liuv    lii-iiiilitiil Weill hoi.
■/// We earn the largest
'y ..,.'■    stock   of Gloves   in
^/    Eastern B.C.
Dr. Scott's
i-'i:i-SII FKl'lTS
MT-a  llllll   i   III .!.  1       J
. i.MHTInNl |!\
™ ice Cream and Soit Drinks
Also Tobacco, Pipes
..ml Olgnra
lleadaehe   Powders    !j!
I    We make a  specialty   oft
* heavy gloves for lumber and I
Ui, St,    (..ranbrook
6flNflDlflN BANK 01 GOMMtRGE
1 railroad men.
*    We  have the
f famous H.B.K.
|J;      i 'has Cock   was at Xi-lsun
9 si-vonil iliivs tins weds.
9 '    —
*      I.'    I! lick   Clime    up   Ir	
ii   Muyook Thursday ou business,        Tl.ej cui'l hurl you ami  lliuy
U. Swell ..777.1 ,TI':' m.,!Cl I'-'"11" ""'I'"1"'."' North-linst Corner Baker iV Cranhrook Streets
il... i runbrool. i iiust'i'viilivc \s
One l)o/i:n III ,i r>o\ 25c       „,„.,r ,,„ tt-in iu- lioid in  I'm
in,,,,, imil on  M.ni.lio  i.\ im I'- < • MAI-PAS, Manager.
Has Been Removed to the
.Im .-in- Thursdin
i co'
9 draths brands,
* there  is   noth-
9 ing better.
J        We will be glad it you will Examine Our Stock
9 I'  ' liimblyn ol Miilwuj nils ul
9 ' 'i iinbrook Tlmrsilu) on business
)g\ Dr. i Ireo.i was nl Mo.\ • ■ Tui-s-
iij     i   ■.   i ■        his ness
* Wm. Mursl.iill iv.i. ut  Mui'vs     , \\	
* i. Mi.mliu uu      .   L.,s
.- i-iirlj [inn
H i;  Villi's il'W\      1110.w11s.i1
l\     I    ll'S.lll'
.       \l   .   '.'.  H1S0N '";: '","   .Kl"11 '••"'-"■^'"^;
in i I'uiibi-iM.I, isenrnoslly nn it.'il
Where It Pays to Deal.      "'"" '
ll   lll'l.'l    r.'.iililn-   ||\\ nil,,  your   T
\  |.  liuwlund   \\ uni    '-. iviiia eyes sting und  In.rn,   iiuiiiodlute T
..btll u.'il In  ■ |i.-rl'.-.-l  JM
I) uilj ist.'il ({lassos     Neglocl   or IS
full     i- wns ii  ll'is  ""I'11' ('"'"'   ilisi-iisu , t
.   - '. ■    \        .'Mlln I'n.l.vl VOU.  ii.-ullli In romoUllJl   J
lh.1    slrt.iu      Wi-     ri-i-iiniiii.-iiil [||.
y    whim   bonctlciul,   t
. ■ « ■ a. ■ a. a > . . . an> a. a »gf»MvH ^BHlMIMiMiKIHl^flHSI^BMi
lli>' ii|>|Mi-tiiiiii.\ uf your lit.1 may In- luitt
Hj    N'ui    Hiivhin   ;i   ltellablu   VVuieli
i> it
tow.. u'; •,;: ,:",;. ;*;;;, ZiXZ- «  Wi,ulcl v"ulike'"luvr one y°u can dePend uP°n? f
Dp ,,,iin.s. |] Call .mil mc thi' Ly
.P.R.   Employees,   w
Accurate   Watches
i. F. Tate & Son
**** -|.**-I--M*lk    * sat it itw lif i'i i»i «* i'i i'i**«& '
9**99**99** ***•'>•**'*■'>■**■*■■'■***■ x s
For a Good Investment
| International
f Coal and Coke
I    North Star   Nicola Coal
\\V look for tli.' above shares to
.Iiiiil,I.- in value tini inn ,'"' lu:xt
six  mouths
Beale & Elwell
j- I'.i,.i,ci . I'or the Cninpam
f Baker, St. Cranbrook, B.C.
Mis    Wm    T l.   ivi.?. \ silim Tin- luvonile Hoslolilnus worn T
* ■'   :                                                            *ni l\ u In,    l-'i   Iu,\ ri'Kisi,'i-i..l ul   Un- C'os.nopolilau M
m    ''         ",i;,v i .'il iliivs this ......I- ',                                                                                                          8
1        •  .. . J. ,N   9    iSu-i '  TWl'   sdl   '"   C.P.R.   Employees,   who  must   have |
f .',i - "'      !"      !' ■'    s   l:"""-  "f  NHsou, (lis   1
V li'icll.ussi'nv.'ruoi',,, for ll,,, C. 6
* .1   I        S  iliirwusiii  l' It-, wus in tlio city Wpdnusiluy I
* s ■ win i   nihil a A\m ■
* if l»lll>   I •    IUUU U   UUII Ii
•      »                                            i-                    ,   ,,    .                   .,          , .1, Hums, ,.| lliiri-is Hros, Iium£| v
**■                     siu.'ssti                                 .1    M   . kIiiisoi        \ u.-looi   wus       ,,    ,    ,,!,,,,     ,     , ,,        ,     I1!1                                  a              , -^     , .     . ,i,
[.ok visitor on Moiuluv.    ,- ,,,    „     ,,,;,,         ,   ,,7,,:M                          ucwcicrs .inn    upiit u.iifi (
* Rl
Ig Ollliidiil Wi.liili ln-i I...- I'.V'.H, Cirow's \,-i 1'ii- Division (
'"'"'"'""''"''ll How iiiauvujtl) vnlontiin-silid °'    ,V ;ll"'""v''1'-   ,.(?il'srt|).,"sn '''
T       ,. s|ioi'tors, un v \ >mim tho t    1
' ' i i,..,„
'.   .-    . 	
III..   I'm
smoss   ni   Uiiu '
M .  ,   ot Murvsvillewas ,n
.rook customsotttue ibis wook.
■out  tishiu" s.'iiMin  will
S. l<\TolmU\ V.S.,nl'Viclorln,
l ■  .- I   iski      .   -                    ]      [lpii on Muroli 2li.                            ,                     , ,
Diiiiiiiiinii   ve orinui'v nspector
:\                             -                   -                                                       i-     i. -.   i  , • i     i • ' •    ,i
,,                   ,■   ,   ., i   • i       lor Itruiial. I uliiiiiliiii, wus in llio
uoss                                                       ',      iurrowoi'   o      .0   il.ri.ii;..' i    ,    >.     ,,
,. OIlV   .\ l.ll.lUV.
wus in llio oil.}' Mniiilay. ' '	
w   i'   i -— L,„     , ...    .      , ,,.
-   — ,oih-     i:   li. Beattieroturnoil Monilny '^ rs' J1' b'"'vis and Mi.* Avu-
■   hold  who  were on the sick li>i
lasl week are uiiii' to be, around
i.. :.i-,.
For .uu family trade we endeavor
ii. procure the \.-r\ lu-.vi
The sale ol ladies' soils al Hill.
Horn    At  Cranbrook-,  Thurs       1;  Shields ol Winnipeg  was u
dav..l-'.-io-iarv i'\';ul. lo  Mr and  ajuosl ut the Cranhrook .Monday.
'JlMrs. W. T  I.eid. u srii —
  Haii   McDonald   iv
C  M. Edwards was al   Michel  Kugene hospilal this woeli,  and |Thos'n"suits arebeing sold at ":i:ii house Vtfe get it.
or  several  days  ihis  w.-ok on    " |por rout   off   from   uosl   price.
If we hear of anything new that
i.v Co.'s will ii.- ooiitiniiod iimii is    recommended    by    a    reliable
"s   }"   S1-ISaiuiiluv ai'ionioiiii at a o'clock. L
\ W McVittie was al Nelson
lasl week mi lnij.iin.jaja. and returned io I 'ranbrook Tuesday.
,  ,       ,,     i       ., ,    ISui-li u oliunoo won't i-oiiio again
.l.iliii    Hreckenridge,   nl    llio ,.,„.,, Snon
Crow's Nesl Lumber Co., Ward- 	
nor, went wesl on Wednesday, Theio is bul   little ico in St.
We worn advised that this Imcon was choice
and so ordered a small lot as a trial order
.1.   K.  Su'vi-ns of.  Vancouver
si   ai I In-   Cranbrook I
Tl Eagles" held their regu w°s  ;l ■-"
lur weekly moeling in   Patmore I uesduy.
Hall on Thursday evoning. 	
  Pred .1.   Smith  editor of the
,,,,.    n n a      I,   -       ,-,     -,,. Mnvio   Leader was  in  tho city
•  ii   no r .1). ■.. wi    irivo    l hiinlv .. •  ,
. Tt ,1        ,. . .,-,,       i, „i, Monday ou business,
Hull un   I'obrunry  2, tli.     Dun t
rgel the dale,
.losoph's creek and winler seems
broken,     Horses and  cattle on
tho prairie are in exoollenl
Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!
in Yorkshire
Irish Curings
Woo iii tlio uninsured when  it
comes.   They will  watch their
A. Hamilton of Moyio wus  r
gistercd   ul   the    Cosinopolitiiu I properly   ascending   grucofully
,i audio-,   trosh  every   d.iv   ui   \i, ,,,,|.,.- , ......
ll Sio'ar   Howl"   Why   not _ laud boauiil.illy in smolto  never
H-ytlioiny H0m   Al Urunbrook   Sunday |lo oomo back any mure, when it
  February I*,  lo  Mr   and  Mrs-, small premium paid to Beale ,V
W   It.   Sherman  of C'nlpu-y Wm .Marshall, ason. Elwell who represent the groat-
wus a Cnmbrook visitor Wed- |jiv  ,nsul,ince  lnsWt.utloils FANCY and STAPLE GROCERIES  and  CROCKERY.
nosduy, Wm. (Intnl. um .. \\.   IohhoII  ,,   . , .,  .     ...     ,
  i   ,. .. i . ,      i   , ,1   iilnii have ever ex sled, w 1 nake
ol Nelson wore regtslored al the I—=^_=	
i;    II.   Hill  of  Victoria,  was Cranbrook Monday. [such ,i   misfortune   iniposstbh
transacting   business  nl   Cran-  1
brook Wednesday. |),.,   Connolly   was  called   lo
  Moyie Monday in   consultation
Mrs. Little underwent u  very wil}, n,.  u_nl.Voy.
successful  operation   last   wook	
land  is.no,v   doing   well,     Dr.      -,         loirmerofVaiicouvor
' Iv   I""''"'"    ni"  "I"1'- was    iransacliug    business    ul
The success of llio ." ill  lull
sale al Hill * Co.'s has been
greal that   it   will  in- continued
[or throe days   longer.    Now
vour chance for a bin bargain
Mr. and Mrs, .1. 15. Davis tm
lertn.ned a number of friends on
Monday evening Curds and
dancing  was indulged in. uud a
very pleasant  evening enjoyed IToronlo were registered  ui   tl
bv all Crunbrook Thursday.
ubber     I'm Itino.      Leathei
.eltiny; I .ubi'icalors. In
iet-lnrs,      Steam      Whistles,
sufet) X'alves, (ilohe. and other
„, N'alves, • icease and ()il Cups, a,
Iron Pipes.  Pipe l-'ittillgs lo fi
* * inch,   Icon   ('.ate,   ' Hobo and * *
Angle   Valves   up   to   I int'li.
Sheet, Spiral and Wi, I, Pack
uio.     I loi   I S;      I'eel      I.
Heating     ()ils,     Cup (o
Bolts to   ifi  in, h.      I' i' '
Washers.      Threaded   Nuts.
Rabbit   VI, I lis.      Pipe  'J ►*
Good things too numerous to
GtO.K. LEflSK&(:o.eS™T'Sa
ami avoid many sleepless nights. ^>li^>lM»S*MI»l»M»M^^
insure for what vou oan afford  t '*!
,„ pay.   ir only „ iiuio.ii is f   EVERYBODY   SAYS &
bettor than none.                        ||D _               *'
Cranbrook Monday,
Mr. A. Vroom of Oreston
1 spoilt u few «lnvs iu town this
Vou .-an gol ll box of llio host
cigars in lown ul S. .1. Mighton's
Tobacco Store,
Stock QuotKtioi.s.
I'liniMioil   l.j-   l.uiilo   \   l-Uii-oll
I'r.tiil.riinl,. n.c.
|fOur Clothing is Excellent!
II. Kitchio, \. A.  Hill.   A. M.
Iliillistan    and   H.    Hill,   all   nl
rite   First   Consignment   ('I
i im  Stock  ()f
rvicoswilTbohold  ,n iho; buck ym-ds und alloys  in  lown   ^.AiviMcn nnr'nQ
M„,l„ lohuiol, nexl  S lay,  mighl be now .villi  ii.lvr.il    CANNED GOODb
l„.,-,al   missionary   unnivui-     bo.no clen - up urouiii
o\ ii-.-~ will bo hold   in the
list i-Iiiii ol.   noVI    Similii v.
lava- In all.
i'h mu
old .■•i'l.l-                 il
nml Coitl         i:>
ti Coal .v Coku       :i;i
,-i  . .                          :::i
.Mm v<
nl \V
i-ulutw (Oiiimilfniij      i   l.w
. r.uK
-no '.'■
11.    StllMVilli frlHI.
A Large Sliipntonl of
I Has Just bi passed into stock,     Thoro is uoth l*s
i Ing boiler   .ivory gar nl, Is u model of good taste H
'J' and Skii.i-'i i. ia.il.hing.    Somohovv you fool thai           'i,
Ijl Iho man ,wlm  |iluunod uar suit.-, knows how to          *
FitRetonii Giotiiiiio tor Sprino 1
V dross well himsolf,    Ho is over on the watch for a '!J
In iiu- morning the [iiislor will
1.1 • ■:11■.. ami in il,o moiling u
jlllll DI 111 aiooliil" «ill ho hold.
I , li igors will prosido und
iiridrossus will bo  given   by   D
lliu-ii iiri-h-wl.    Wi-  lint
KlllOlllUll 11 l.ll'ju;.- Mtl-i.-t. IOI
"Wtizohvood"  Ico Cronin  was
iinnis in ii..- iiachnioi's "At     Only the Best
Homo" lusi hViday evening from
. und Mr. J, A    H;,|.o,.viSiowaii-.('..i!iooii,.uo..v.    11 wns| Vim will
and iho pastor     Special  music ' delicl
 i-    All are invited,  ,,
Km. .1. I'.  Westman is .loi..,
splendid work  for the buys in
touching th.un how   lo   become
j,lri.no Ihrough limit-gymnasium
iii now  kink, and  llio I'rush ideas gol  inl r suits HI
iti f
I   Fit-Kcform Suits Olhcr Suits As    i,
| $)n, $18, $20, $2r>. Low as $5.01
,.-„i,iii.i.-:SWBWl|,,J|1%i>.r,»,^!l,iwii»,'»>[*Kiii»   »i»>M»|i;-»|i»L»>B»il»[IKi»IP>il
Lunch Served iim or Cold
iiuliim So
a! Any I Ira',1',  i ^mmmwfnninifntnmmmfnm^mtiffnmmmmmntK
I lie, and up S?
R   N. FINCH & CO.
Tin- side of ladies' suits al Hill
,v Co.'s «ill  bo continued  until
,. Satiiriluv iil'lnrnoon al  fio'clock,
Phone 1112,   Opposite Posl Ollloo
I P. Burns & Go. i
gj  Hi'Uil OfllCfl,
S^  Cnli'iii'V.  Allinilii.
Main Offlue lor Enst Kootenay, ^2J
Oranbrook, B.c ^5
m^&*fjk      CONTRACTORS
WliulCHiilc nnd Uelt.il
-    ^'mVMi-ii,
All   kinds    of    building    material
constantly on hand. Phone 75
...  .,     .,, .,, ,, jS,ii ni'dav u   on nai   ..i.oi.i-i
....     01     !■.(  I.UNl'.Rl   These suits are being soldnfil!!
,„.,-    i-finl    oil'   I'rol.l    i-usl    |)l'ico. I    Tliirl.v .liijaiifli-i-iliih-  iv   inli-nil   hi I *f~
Snob ii ohanoo wnu'i i e agnin lii|i|ilj  In Hi.' f'l.l"! ''tiiiuiili.nl r "' E
I io  I, Sm    ,||,,|  I );il.--. very soon. UiiiImuiu Wm-kh Itir i. *|)o.il,il liconce fc
   I i-iii-i-.v nwny H -Mi  lliu £
i  In,ico S'nvol Ol'lillges Uoburl   Shields,   of Toronto,  l.,i|.iwii,g• ,l,-«i,i'lliu<l I.uhIhInSnii.l, KumiIfc
nullior or "My Travels, Visils lo Knntiuiiiv, M.i'. £ -~
I kllianiis lllld Lunds  k'ar und  Near" was   in     i'„i,unoii.'lu« •"-'!'" .1 id ig      \/lrPk«.lt     |Vlei",C! M fm M t*i     3
I   Ksl lllWll   for    V.       Ml',   .Shields  Ull,, „- .-:,-, ami   -'n  .-luiii.s  iioi-ll,  of  ~        l*Jm*a*€M.*      ITIVI    V1IUII*.»      ^
Iguvnuvory intoresting address il, .nin-.i-i -nor of l.o,, 1811.. tliuncu C 2
in   iho   indilic   school   mc.1ioI.ii-h mud, rjti uhitl.M. tliunt-,, wont 40 .ilinhm ,E                                                                                                    "™
-■ - which was much enjoyed  by nil n„. mrii. I3i,-I.i.I.m, tli.-n una40 £ i)(,.(|(,rH jn
liresonl,    Mr, BIiIoUIm  wrilos a ,-IihImb in pirn ticglnntng. fc      '      '_.    ,
HlKiH   STEWART        eharming stylo  wiili   siil'tioioni     i „„.,i ii,i»-'i>i Uu.. i.i i-'.-i,.. iniiu.    S^-     Livestock
flimiroiiu. ftvc.,o>iingi"th;n'i.Sd,M-.v''''y' i,.,!;;r:':;:^
\l ilioa   fJI'il|H'!
Abattoir antl Cnl,I Storage:-
ii Calgary. Alberta.    3


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