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The Prospector Mar 9, 1907

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Array Vol. Hi.
No. IU.
Meet, and Pass the following Reso
The C'ranhi'ooli Board of Trade
met on Momlay night, lo discuss
ihe necessities of lhe districl,
and lo instruct tho delegates, lo
the meeting of the Associated
Boards of Trade, as to mailers
of importance to be brought
before thai board. Presldeni
M. A. Beale occupied the chair,
und I'. II Dunbar acted as secretary. The following resolutions
wore discussed:
RESOLUTION    Nn.     I.    "ri'uw's
Whereas a wagon Road ex
tending from the Westerly limit
of tlie Province of Alberta
through llu* Crows Nesl Pass,
following lhe line of lhe Crows
Nesl Pass Railway, to Kootenay
Landing, is necessary to facilitate the development of the resource of the public domain ami
to facilitate communication between the various towns ami
camps along the said railway anil
between the province of British
Columbia and Alberta:
And Whereas certain portions
of su:h road have already been
constructed i
Therefore, he il Resolved by
this Convention of tin* Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern
British Columbia that thi- Pro
vincial Government be asked in
appropriate a sufficient sum of
money lo construct such portions
of said road as are required to
complete the same from the
Westerly limit oi lhe Province
of Alberta to Kootenay Lauding.
and that construction on the
same be commenced as speedily
as possible.
Whereas a number of ranchers
are established on the Easterly
side of lhe Kooteuay River,
across tlie suid river from the
Town of Wardner, Ihe nearest
poiut on Ihe Crows Nesl Pass
Railway for the shipment of
And Whereas tlie only means
of crossing the said rivei is by
the railroad bridge, by boats or
via the Port Steele Bridge:
And Whereas it is expedient
that for the further and speedy
development of that district a
public bridge be built across said
river at Wiirdner lo provide
access to markets for ihe produce
of lhe said ranches:
Therefore, be il Resolved by
this convention of the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia that the Provincial
Government be asked to appro
priato n sulftcienl sum of money
to construct such bridge, uud
that such construction lie commenced as speedily as possible.
Itl-'HOI.I TION   Ml.   II,   ST.    MA.UYB
UIVKU  Ull.lll.
Whereas ii wagon road extend
ing from the Town of Marysville
up Ihe St. Marys River lo lite
Divide is necessary lo facilitate
the development of the vast
mineral and timber resources of
that district:
And Whereas such development would greatly ensure lo
tlie advantage of Ihe Province
by reason of Ihe large Increase
in revenue whicli result from
the opening up of the said district.
Therefore, be il Resolved by
this Convention of ihe
Associated Boards of
Trade of Eastern British Columbia that lhe Provincial Government be asked to appropriate a
sufficient sum of money to eon
struct such road, and that construction   lie   commenced    us
speedily as possible.
RIVER tmiliilE.
Whereas it is expedient tlmt
more direct communication be
established by wagon road   be-
tween the City of 1'ranbrook anil
lhe Towu of Marysville and be
tweeu tl amps along tin* said
route than is now provided:
Ami Whereas it is necessary
for such more direct communication that a bridge be constructed across the St. Marys river
near Wycliffe,
Therefore, In* it Resolved hy
this Convention of tlie Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern
British Columbia that the Pro
vincial Govorninetil be asked lo
appropriate n sulHclcnt sum of
money lo construct such bridge,
and that such const ruction be
commenced as speedily as pos-
RESOl.t TION   NO. 7. Kl.t;   BltllHIE
Whereas a number nf ranches
are established on lhe southerly
side of lhe Elk river on Tobacco
And Whereas a number of saw
mills and logging camps are es
t.iblisheil on the Northerly side
of the said river, providing ti
market for Ihe produce of the
said ranchers:
•\mi Whereas ii is expedient
for lhe more convenient and
economical marketing of ihe pro
luce of ihe said ranches lluit
more convenient access be had
to the said mills and camps than
is now provided by lite existing
bridge over the said river, which
bridge is some distance up river
in the mountains:
Therefore, be ll Resolved by
lhis Convention of the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia that the Provincial
Government be asked lo appropriate a sufficient sum of money
to construct a bridge across the
Elk river at the mouth nf the
said river, and that such construction be commenced as
speedily as possible.
Effort to Secure Reserve on Elk
and Bull Rivers
As mentioned in ihe Prospector of last week. W. T. Horna*
day. a director of Ihe New York
Zoological Park, is heading a
movement for the creation of a
provincial game preserve between Elk and Bull rivers in this
district, and is enlisting the aid
of many Influential people in ils
The reservation as proposed
by Dr. llornaday would be aboul
llll miles in length by 15 miles iu
width, and would therefore contain a tolal area- of about 450
square miles. The region thus
defined contains no coal uo other
valuable minerals, no agricultural
lauds, and no limber of commercial value, so that commercially
or industrially, tlie people of
British Columbia would make
no sacrifice in carrying oul Ihe
idea proposed. The reserve is
situated between two main lines
of tlie Canadian Pacific railway,
and would be accessible Irom
tliree points Michel and Port
Steele on the south and Banff on
tin   'lh.
Owing inilii* natural conditions
of Un' country, it would In- en
til'.ly possible lor Iwo game
wardens effectually In protect
the reservation. Dr. Ilorimdiiy
proposes that the enabling net
shall designate the mountains
between the Klk and the Bull
rivers as the "Great Mountains,"
and the reservation us the "(I rent.
Mountain Park."
The territory is well stocked
with mountain sheep, grizzly
hear, black* bear and other
animals. The mule deer, whicli
once were numerous, have
been shot out until that species
is now rare, and of elk only t
few solitary individuals remain
Martens, mini: ami wolverines
are still fairly plentiful, The
works of Nature there are extremely Interesting ami the
country as a whole, if preserved
in its present natural wilderness,
would make a grand I'csorl Inr
rn iu | ling parties of Nut ii re-lo vers
I and pbologt'lipllOl'S.
Visitor! Hero and There   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
Vi (I. Ross nf Pei-iiii- was ill
town Priday.
I*'. .1. Moore of Vancouver was
in Uie fity Friday.
II. flyers ami Win. Clear,! nl*
Nelson   were   transacting   busi
ness ai Craubrook Friday.
Hurry Bradford name down
from Wycliffe Priday on mailers
of business.
W. 11. Meridilh nf Toronto, fl,
P. Downet of Vancouver wen'
in Ihe city Thursday.
E. Peagau of Marysville was
transuding business in Cranbroolt Wednesday.
"Jack" Thompson and .1
Kelley of Perry Creek were at
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Burn at Cranbrook Wednes
day March llth, to the wife of
Mr. Win. Wost, a daughter.
Conductor "Jo" Jaekson re
turned Wednesday tram ll visil
to Chicago.
P. Lund of the Crows Nesl
Lumber Co. lefl on Thursday's
train for Ottawa.
Constable Corey Dow of Elko,
and Constable Druinmond, of
Kernie were in the city Priday
on business.
C. Montgomery of Windermere
J. Lewiston of Calgary, and
Prank- Clark of Montreal were
guests ni the Cranbroolt Friday.
(I. P. Wells, secretary of the
Mountain Lumber Co.. passed
Ihrough Craubrook Wednesday
on his way to Ottawa.
P. Lund, of Wardner, L, G.
Proctor, Toronto and II. M.
Bennett of Nelson, were guests
at the Cranbrook Wednesduy.
J. H. Doyle of Movie, J. Simpson of Kimberley, and .1. Smith
of Pernie were registered at the
Cosmopolitan Wednesduy.
Don. MaeKay. who lias been
rusticating ill ihe wilds in the
vicinity of Fori Steele returned
to Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Roblinson
of Revelstoke were Cranbrook
visitors during the early part of
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I''. Piper left
Cranbrook Tuesday on a visit to
Edmonton and other points in
A. Chalmers of Moose Jaw. A.
Bradley nf Mayook, Jay Usher
of Port Steele, and Mrs. Donahue of Wasa were registered at
Ihe Cosmopolitan Sunday lasl.
The regular monthly assembly
nf Selkirk Pt eptory and Priory
was held in Masonic Temple nn
Monday evening. A number of
visiting sir Knights from Pernio
were in iillendiiuee.
Rev. R. J. Reid of Walla
Walla, Wash., who is ul present
visiting his brothers is it welcome visitor to our city. While
here six years ago he made many
friends who are now giving him
a glad welcome, lie has consented lo give an address on
Sunday evening in tlio Met ho
dist Cnurch iu connection wilh
the regular service. Mr, Reid
has made n great success in his
presenl charge and all who will
lie able lo listen lo him ou Sunday evening are assured of uu
excellent treat while listening to
his words ol life spoken front a
heart full of love lor his follow-
Lovers of good music will be
pleased lo learn that the Sacred
Ontario "Emanuel" by A Bierly
will be reuiii'l'i-d ill this city   on
Oooil Priday evening. The
Methodisl choir assisted by loading singers from other cIllll'cllOS
under the I lorshlp ol Mrs. W.
'I'. Rent are working hard, and a
treat is in store. To say thul
Mrs. W.T. Belli is leading is sulil-
eient to guarantee sticcoss us her
reputation us a letidur is well
known In Cranbrook. 'I'he
general public is I'iKpiosluil to
keep tlie above ilui'' open and
willed lor llllllii'i*iiiiiiiiiineeini'iils.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Maedonald an
visiting this week at Spokane.
There was a meeting of tin'
Onu Hundred Club on Priday
('has. Sniilh. R. E. Bentlie. P.
Haynes und P. E. Simpson
visited Moyie Tuesday.
Harry Bart' of Wusu was in
Cranlirook Tuesday transacting
Hugh Sli'wui'l PmlI Dealer,
put in commission it new dulivory
wagon this week.
S. J. Mighton has purchased
llie Wall building. "Sain" suys
that it is cheaper tn own the
building than to pay rent.
Au omorgenl coniniuuiciillou
ot Cranbrook Lodge A.I.'. A A.M.
was held iu the Masonic Temple
Thursday evening.
Dr. King lefl ou Priday for
Victoria to attend a meeting of
tlie Provincial Legislature He
was accompanied by Mrs. King.
James Pinlay returned lo
Kiinlierley Priday morning, He
will be nu hand at Ibe nexl meeting of tlie council.
M. II. King, who has been ill
nt Ihe St.. Eugene hospital, is
out shaking hands witlt and receiving the congratulations of
his many friends.
W. ('. Marshall who has been
laid up with a fractured leg for
several months was out on the
streets for the first time Wednes*
day, receiving congratulations
from his many friends.
P. ,T. Mclntire, 11. Eagleson,
.1. R. Miller, J. E. Stephens, P.
B. Holstead and W. A. Robertson, all of Vancouver were registered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
The Herald sin's ''tliattl bushel
■r fun is sometimes followed by a
peek of trouble." We wonder if
lhe Herald refers to the fun In
the council chamber Wednesday
Mr. John Neilson of Montreal
is now in charge of the commercial telegraph in Cranbrook. Mr.
Neilson enme highly recommended, and lite business men
of the city will be pleased to
learn that all business passing
through his hands will he dis-
patched wilh promptness.
Little Miss Higgins entertained a number of her school-mates
on Wednesday afternoon. A
pleasant time, much enjoyed by
all was the verdict of the Utile
ones. Mrs. J. P. Smith assisted
Mrs. 11 raee. grandmother of
Grueie, in attending tothewants
of the children.
(1. T. Rogers was al the coast
this week on business. Orits
:ay that it was political buslnoss,
if so. we ran assure them that il
will receive the efforts of Mr.
Rogers towards making it a
success. Wlien it comes to pushing for Cranbrook and the district. Mr. Rogers is always found
wilh llis shoulder to the wheel.
Manitoba Elections.
Sii.Tliil in 'I'm: eii..si-,:ri'i,n.
The result of the elections iu
Manitoba which look place on
Thursday, was the return of the
Rnhliu government by a handsome majority. Tlio Roblin ad*
miiislralion bus came through
tlie tierce short campaign victorious al lhe polls through Iheir
former majority has been mater*
in I l.v lessened, All ihemoinbors,
except dipt Agnew dad their
majorities greatly reduced. The
Liberals gained Dauphin,
Dehirii'iie. Emerson. Liindsdnwn,
Merden, Mountain nnd Spring
Held, a lolitl of seven: bill lost
Afcslnaboino, Klldotinn, St,
Andrews, Si Boiilfacn,Lnsundrlo
with Portage la Prairie iu doubt.
The returns up to Priday iihii'ii-
iug are as follows, Conservatives
< Ipposilion II. In doubt one.
wiili two constituencies In hold
elections Inter on.
That Comet-
II'   Hint    r l'l    Which    is   Slip-
posed lo In' bonded toward the
I'lii'lli, would only swish its tail
into llu- political atmosphere nf
llu- ottiiwii undo. T. P.. machine
II would settle the political iptcs*
linn nf tin' Liberal parly nml
end iis long history of scandal
nnd corruption
Mayor Finlay Has Declared War
on Gambling Blue Papers
Served on Parasites and Tinhorn Gamblers.
Jusl ai the close of the Council
meeting on Wednesday, Mr. A.
McCowan asked tin- council in
an informal way. what was in be
done about gambling in llu* eiiy.
lb' was Informed that ihe council
had    nothing   to   do   with     th"
mailer as it was iu the hands  of
ihe police commissioners,   After
some discussion, the Mayor said
lie would issue instructions lo III
Chief of Police Inclose gn mid in:
thai   lie   would  show llu- peopl
who  was.  and   who  was  mil in
favor of gambling.
The    following     instructions
was   handed   to   tin-  Chief  of
Police ou Thursday afternoon,
Craubrooli*, March 7.
'i'n Chief of Polico and
You are hereby Instructed to
close nil gambling mi liconsed
premises, and in lhe evenl nf a
non-compliance, to enter prosecutions against all offenders,
James Pinlay, Mayor.
Ou Thursday evening Chief of
Police Baron and Constable Mae
Lean were busy serving blue
papers on a considerable number
of parasites and tinhorn
gamblers, They were notified
to be more conspicuous by Iheir
absence from the city in the
un extra etlorl and succeeded
winning mil with n good margin, !
On Tuesday evening the C, P 'What the City Dads are Doing to
R.. shops and lhe "I l.vm" teams Promote   the   Welfare
met in the affray uml tin- game
proved in hi- n swifl mn- Both
teams fell confident nl' victory
uml iln' lirst hull wascloso, The
"Oyinn' team dually wmi mil
by a score that clearly decided
which wus victorious, flames
every Tuesday ami Priduv even
Boring for Oil   Silver Lead  Min
ing  Ore Shipments, and
Other Items of Interest.
In Ihe Flathead valley, iu the
vicinity of Sage Creek boring
operations will be carried on to
a considerable extent in the vicinity of tlie seepages, tlmt are of
large extent. The depth reached
lasl year is not. suttieienl to be
conclusive one way or another.
The mineral production of
Canada in twenty years increased
by ifiaH, 1)58,000. Tlie production
or 188(1 was valued at $10,2.1,000;
that of 11105 at $118,574,000, one
third of which was produced in
this province.
TheSullivan Group of Minesai
Kiinlierley is one of the largesi
silver lead producing mines iu
Canada So far litis year it
holds Ihe record as tlie largest
producing lead mine iu British
I'he Stemwinder mine located
on Mark Creek, near Kimberley,
will commence operations next
week. This properly is located
between Ihe famous North Slur
antl Sullivan Group of mines and
in Hie near future bids fair to
rank with thu best as a producing mine.
Placer operations will soon
commence nu Wild Horse Creek.
A ton of steel piping, 1-1 inch,
lias been ordered by 11. Griffith
to extend the pipe line ou the
Invicta ground. Larsen St
Burrows have also ordered a
supply ol pipe for their properly
near Brewery Creek. II is ex*
peeteil Ihal placer mining oper
ations will commence by Hie Hrsl
of April.
The St, Eugene and Sullivan
mines of Southeasl Kootonay
were tin* lai'gOSl shippers of
argentiferous galena ill Canada
during IIIOO.
of the City.
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held nn Wednesday
evening, There were present
His Worship Mayor   Pinlay  and
Alderu  Ryan,  Pink, Jaekson,
McCowan.     ilill   and    Hieken,
'I'li.' minutes ,.:   last   regular
 ting was rend and adopted.
Tin' following letter from
Eckstein .\ i irny, barristers nf
Pernie, was read:
Tl"' Mayor and Aldermen
Cranbrook, It t'.
Dear Sirs,
Vie.  have  I n   consulted   l.y
Messrs Kerr ,v Campbell with
respect lo iiu- action taken by
ynn in terminate tin- contract
which  Ihey  have  with the City
ni' Cranbrook.    We do not    il
Nmi'.    Nn men  will  1,..  sentIto deal with  the matter specili-
tinless applied for in   th.. above cully,   but  give  you notice thai
manner. our clients will hold vmi respon-
ROBBED OF HIS MONEY        sihlo in di ges for  what  they
ua   „ ■• m TT,.     7, ■   n ,,      , ™nsider your wrongful iiclion in
Scotty   McArthur hot  Full  and||ne premises,
was Parted From His Cash.
How to Secure Help
Partners, Contractors, Mam,
icturers and all employers "!
lalini' d,'siring married nr single
men will dn well In apply al
imri' to Major C W Creighton,
Salvation Army Immigration
Department, Hill Harris si Vmi
couver, 11. C. or Ruporl si
Winnipeg, Man.
Blank application forms \- ill
be supplied und each application
will receive carotid uttoiitioii,
"Scotty" McArthur whoskipp
id from Cranhrook between Iwi
Vours faithfully,
Eckstein & Gray
1 in motion nf Aldermau Jack-
n and (nil tin* communication
suns   in avoid  punishment   for from  Eckstein ,v Cray be tiled,
ways thnt wore dark and contrary Carriod.
lo tho laws of llritish  Columbia     ''   Wtts moved   by   Aldermen
bus  he,-,, hoard ,.l  at Spokane, Gi" ""'J Ja^sun "'"J lenders bo
,.-., ,   ,.u   ,,  .. . calli-ii  for il miii tion und
ash    'Scotty   was  up .gainst  „|,|„l: * the basement work
the real Hung when lie ran afoul on lhe joint government and mu
of the Spokane   crooks.    Tho nicipal building, und  thai  tend
following  is clipped   from   lhe ers '"' received  not   Inter than
Spokesman-Review: Carried' ^ lmh lnsl "'   '  '""
James McArthur, who drifted T'lSlV Pinkham Ihen addressed
into town Thursday I'm- a good llie council in respect to the de-
lime, bad an experience lhat poshing of the debentures wild
evening  wilh  Spokane   ci ks ll,° Imperial Bank.
thai   he   will   long   remember.     Tl"' '"" "'   K ,.Sl""'1"''* ''">'
,.    ,       , '    scavenger, i Hinting  in si-:; ■',,
During the evening 1 ircnlated wlls ,-pferred  to the   Board   ol
uml ini't a i ber nl   ''convivial i Health and cily solicitor.
si mis.' nne'nl   whom    pleaded      ''"'    resignation    of   James
destitution nnd sn worked on iln- 'XIM ''-v- ''il-v lemnstor, was  re.
feelings of James IiiiiI Iho lallcr M, '"'S", uT'}\ '"' },'or]'s
... , , , . and I' irn uml Light I iiinuiillei..
through I it would be lliu pail ol     '|*|„. resignation of J{. _. Baron
a good sainaritan to rein a  room Chief of  Police,  and  the appli-
ami  take tho foundling  lo bod cations of Lawrence  Doolun,  T
with him. w-  C'Leury,   fleo.   Down,   I .1.
un       i , , Baxter  ami   \\ in.   i I'Henru   for
When James awoke yes erdny ,    -,,-,      .,
-. ' positions mi lhe police rorce was
 'tiing in room six, Now Witreferred  to  llie  polico connnis
hotel, ho found  that   his  friend sioncrs,
hnd awakened lirst and taken his      ' b" mutter of   Czoruii,   who
departure,   James then  looked IH1'hI." '";",',"" :hl' joint govern
iilinni and  found   Ihal   his  tn
iiu'iii ami Municipal building was
li'li in ihi' hands nf the Board of
ers, shirt and overcoat hud 1 n  Works  I  cily  solicitor, with
nlso  taken,     lu   Ihe    Irousors' power lo pay if found correct,
poekel was si',,', als issitig, ''   was moved  that   the  city
lender a cheiiue for oh., half the
After Mr,  McArthur  hud ar- Stewart, without prejudice,
ranged with people ul Ihe hotel     The Electric Light and Water
lo make an appearance on llio Supply Co.   wus ordered   paid.
streel   he diked  Eor tho  police A1r^rman Ryan not voting,
, ,. i. ii ii ,i I lie accounts as pri-si'iitcd  in*
station and told his troubles to gnance committee were ordered
the kind hearted policeman. Al paid, with the exception of those
last accounts the sleuths were already dealt with.  The account
looking for the i \v and wear-1"! "■ ••■ McSweyu amounting lo
ing apparel of, limine',   bul   dad *•'was ordered paid.
', ..'     , ., On  motion  lhe    Mayor    was
not   ininil it. ,ii,..„.,,„i i,, ,,, ,, i   i i
'uirecteo In execute and deliver
Lumbermen go East- to the Imperial Bank of Canada
  debentures under by law No. 2'-',-
ti,. A. Watts, prosidenl of the 2-1 nnd 25 as security for money
Wattsburg Lumber Co., passed advanced by the bank, carried,
through Cranbrook Tuesday on , "n motion of aldermen Hieken.
..,,„, .      ', lintliiiin  and   I,ill   by-law No  Hn
Ills way to Ottawa, having been wag ,,,„, ., lilM ,j|ni,    Q   )(w
s »ned io give evid  bo   \,,.  :;;,  was  n 'ead a second
tore the parliamentary committee time. It was then mined thai
us to whether there is a  lumber ""' ''"" for the sec I reading
combine In the Northwest.   The !"' ''"'•'""•i'1"' ; "' Hon was
,. ., lost,     i hi   motion  nl   uiil,.i nmii
lollowing gentleman   hav,. also ,|m.k(i im, Ryun the matter of
boon summo I    R  II   Andor bylaw  No   115 wns laid on the
son, secretary ol the Coast  As table until iho next full meeting
siii'iaiiiin, P,  II   II.mi   aim   Wm "! (be council, carried
Emorson of Vancouver, T,  L,„l    , Moved by uldorm .'Ink and
,. ..-,.,,,                   . Jackson thai aliii'i'inan  liyau   he
-'•|l""' V"'""'|;|   '    l'"'"1  I"''"1   appointed   i it  as  Mayor, In
ilmil  nl   tin. Crow's   Nesl   Pass lhe ahsencn of the  Mayor,   unlli
Lumber Co., Wardner, nnd tl I1 the nexl rogtilur meeting of ihu
Wells siTi'i'iai'i ni thr Mnamain council, carried
Lumber Association nt Nelson
Two more games of Bitskul
Hall hllVC! been played during Ihe
past week. On Priday evening
thu   Pire    Bl'lglldo   unil    Banks
Council adjourned at 11! 15,
A Big Output of Ore.
Basket Ball at the "Gym" '""" B """" "' 	
— ' o„   Thuiiha     evoning     in      ' '"' ,'""1"", "r   ""'   s"m^'"
... ,,  ,,  ,, .. ,, M this week is n  i- -,| ,,,,,-
Wenlwortd Hull Jn y  Rainsey On Monday'Jntl Ions of ore  wns
undertook in iiii'i iw Win  Addison nlniipcd lo the smeller and dur
"ruled as I'lilih ran Pollen dig llle lllll 10 of llle week   1511
Oazi'lti' rules, Im' ii purse of Ions was shipped ovory day. The
crossed' llm swords for battle. ifc'MI. A small audience were '"^ ^''s ,.?,l,ll"") wl" m*vh
Tlio game started with u rush presenl Ai(dlsou gol lhe Hrsl ,,',,,,,, -ls sll',;ll|l]v inrronslnir Bland some flue exhibitions of hall fall in 'Iiii'i' minutes and ton output lis well iis doing a coll
were shown The lirst tliree- seconds. Ramsey, in the second siderable amount ofdevolopmeul
ipuii'lers were very close and lhe hotil did lhe Irlck in 17 seconds, wo,'lf. ;""' burring nccl lonls, the
loams were III iloubl iis In which \ nnd after wrcslllng for ii, minutes f,""'^",. *''' ^ jj* |J'0,C0^(I
would win, however, in lite lust i for the hem-til of the audience, ni-odiicing silver-lead mliia In
I'uui'ler the Pin'  Brigade  gave lhn mulch wus declared a draw, Ciiiuidii, TUE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK B, i .. MARCH '-'. 1!'"
A. B. Grace,
©tje {froo-pa-tar.    #
We will quote you
Mens' Boys'Shoes
At  sued  prices   that   will
make ynn think we never did
intend to pay tor them.
Imagine a man's Box Calf Shm'
wi 'i i'n - ;. ;.- tt iii,h wc tt ill   sell  ni
51.75.      ^  ',uni ;'   ■'!
■   a.ii   worth
•■   ■ to s
We bo pairs
-   1 ; les  ol    \ ' ■ ■    1111   Shoes      This
■ .- n.  -.,.- :-' '    ,  jiihI  at   i'n
oll foi 1 *.i-:      Just come at
20th Gentii
Brand dot
SA*l*l*i;ii.\V.  M Midi 11. tlK)7.
WHILE the Lord's Day
Act is wide in its scope,
any province, whieh desires to
be exempt from its provisions
wholly or partly, has only to
pass legislation to thai effect.
The Conservatives of Cranbrook should keep their fences in
repair, The advices from the
Ottawa machine, generally
diffused throughout the province
is for its aiders and abettors to
stand tirm and bide their time
that next spring the machine
will again occupy the -addle and
that the interim lime can be well
spent in building fences and
keeping the faithful within the
All the machine workers,
aiders and abettorsof thei I.T P.
schemes, have disappeared from
the surface of political affairs in
this province, but from the holes
in which they have concealed
themselves the odor of bossism
and graft is emanating in
strength sufficient to operate
upon the olfactory sen-., of the
vigilant searcher for power and
It is iii tlii- spirit that the
machine accepts the result of
the return of the McBride government. It stays in. but, the
plans of the Ottawa machine
will be perfected to strengthen
its power,
The supreme efforl of the
machine, noi only iu this province, but in other provinces,
will be expended this year, the
arrangements contemplating the!
overthrow of all men of the Mc
Bride-Roblin stamp, and 11 re-:
turn to the methods that long
held the destinies of  the llomin |
ion within  the control   of   the
Liberal parly.
li   is  mit  to lie presumod thai
the   Ottawa   machine   and    its     ~""■——•—*——******~™"**********
master the G.T.P.,  has or  will river,   The Intel  will  be aboul
retire  from  the conlliut,    Thoy  thirty miles long and Hfloon miles
will nt 1 >*nint  to  inukij new alii*  wido ill llll an area of aboul   150
1 I
unci's  here uml   lliere,   luu   the square miles.
same old machine  will  oonfroiil
hill & ee.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything- will do it very quickly
And now t Clol
the fann
Clothing that listinguis
and Appea   u
I  lis   lit 1       - 11  foi
nett tw 1 weeks 01 * .    *
esali     cost -  .-.
s 14.00, s -
■     -:.'.'i". S24. ■;' and -:-   1
Wc have 500 Suits ol other
makes thai wc will sell :tt $3.50.
55.50:nul 57.50.   Kegularly sold at
so. 51' 'i. ,11 .nul  1 5.1 in.
\\ 1 have .1 bum li "I tlnys Suits
in  sell  .11   1.75.     Some nl them
I,'.llll   tt'OI til   -,in ,lllll  Ii.i'ii.
I- ven the tt lu ill--.ile i usi h ill be
l"'-i sight ul.
In Dress Clouds, Linens, Table
Linens, Sheeting, etc. we will sell
.11 even loss than wholesale cost.
be pleased to show you and quote
\. m prices on this particular line
also Carpets.
Tlie fuel is simply this: We are under
heavy obligations to tlio Hank and
Wholesale Houses and must dig up a
certain amount of money in a limited
length of lime. So come early and
listen to our army of good nam red
clerks tell you the story of their lives
and how we turn over the rash each
day to the bank.
NB. Each day we are putting on a
Gome and see what it is.
Harvey, Mct'arter & Maedonald
CRANBROOU,     -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
llritish Columbia
HILL   &   CO.
Cranbrook,  B.C.
G. H. Thompson
Crunbrook, 11.i'.
T II 0 M A 8    M 0 V 1 T T I 1
P.L.S.   A-  Cl
FOI'I   Streli    II (
Phusiclan uud Sutqi'oii
Hocus:   ll lu II 11.111.  2to4p.ui
7 to 8 p,in.
Phone Ollkii- llli'i    Real-leant. UM
F. O. E.
Moot every Wednesday
ut 8,30 p.m, iu B.L.F. Hall
Visiting   Brothers  Cordially   Invited
Chas. smith, W. President
M. D. Billings, Seoy.
Dr.  Cottin, Aerie Physician, P, O.
Box 28.
ftf*a?*cZ7't7*rZ7\rZ?'^ ^^^^^^^§^
tlio people next spring,
• • •
During    tbe    presenl     mild
weather     building     operation
should begin lo pick  up 11 bit.
What   is   llie   inaller   wilh    llu-
construction of the new govern
ment building?    Why is noi eon
slruction proceeding?
The general elections which
took pluee iu Manitoba were
warm affairs, both sides boing
determined lo leave nothing undone lo socuro a victory,
There Is :iu increasingdiunaud
for timlier in Soul lieu sl Kootonay
and prices uro soaring.
The Boui'd of Works commi	
of the city council will soon be
wrestling with matters of improvement for Crunbrook.
The rapidity with whieh
British Columbia bus come into
favor wiih fruit growers uml
farmers im- beeu amazing. I'n
lil a few years tigo fruil in lhe
Kootenays was uuhi unl
This districl is now recognized
lis tin- fruit bell of the pro
A movement isou fool no ...
in the establishment ol 11 urge
game preserve in Southeasl
Kootenay 111 the vicinity of  Klk
Municipality of City of Cranbrook.
Notice In- In i'''".v Ifivi'tl "but 1111 Miui-
illiy. March I8tli.lli07, Uuu tlm Uu irl ul
ll.-vi-iiiii Im lhe Municipality ul II,.'
Cii.v nf Cmntiruok II II, v hi Im ln-1.1
in Hu* Council ' lianilinni mi the 11I111 n
,Inl.. nt In .10 h 11,. (I.niil Mini' fur llm
pill'jH.a.' uf I'.'ViailH! lhl' ni-lil   roll
ul Um (lily i.l Cranliroiik     I lum: m.ili
i ll(* i'i nil pill I HI-llllli ll'-l 1llllll lia-c — in.-hill,-. I rcqillrotl III lllivr   lllllil'    |H'llh",l-   ill
iiii! 1,1111.1- .,1 Did ''i.i Clerk lun ilnyi
provloiis i" Hi'- in*-' ittini* nl tlml 'mii'i
ul Kovlsliiii.
Dated nl Umiilii'imk Hu- llth iluy  nl
l-Vliruary  UlO"
  VI   1,'iihi'l'l-
7 i\ll'.
Willi thu long looked for break
in ibe weather, tho streel cleaning luni'hinei'v ol lliocilygovernment muy I xpei'leil lo be busy
for some time. A largo amount
of rubbish and garbage in tlie
buck alleys should bo removed
us soon us possible.
The Conservative Association
ol Cranlirook should meet at
h-nsi once every month during j
lliu". The Dominion elections
will lake place early nextspriiig.
In time of peace they should
prepare for war.
How to Build Up Your
Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil
Will Do It
•mnr-mnT ^ *\n\* -nm* feflfeJMl ■•*%*'-m\\* -mnt *9mT     -tmf -JnT-JnT \jt **-" ink *\nT *\nY \nT \jt mkWV Mf ^
.4*t\,^f\,'4*Wm^a\,'^K-ilrWi.^^-^t\.,*9\^ t***\..4**\_4W%,      r^\.?M^\/|!\;iW*.^^K,!.^,.W.^^i.^^..^^.ifl>..^^..^i
9- w
* Kootei-iay Range g
9 And  Your  Cooking 9
9- Troubles will Cease W
* *
'**m M-~ \\Wi\m\¥*\m\V -Xnif *Xnt'-\m\V amn\* km? \m~ \n\- *mt     --nnT ''-tint *m\^''mk _£\_C _Lr\_Lt- _L #■ ^"^-^c'
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
% NO. 126.  R. A. M.
s Ile-ruliir meetloKn:—2nd Tue8-
5 day in each month at eiffht
*   o'eloek.
Sojourning  Companlona   are
cordially invited.
Wm. F. Tate, Si-ribe E.
Box 4        CRANBROOK, B. C.
lor I- nm.-i..ii
- il  Imiila   n
C. E. REID & CO.,
JPhone 74        The Druggists.
■''■ •■ ■     ■-■.."'.."• ^    PURE DRUGS l'l NE STATU IN ER V
ni loi30* ■      •     ■ - 0h DISPENSING   OUR   SPECIALTY.
il,. ol Loi   .- II      afes
KmS*     **m+,*>      ***mty*
i Gaigaru Game Go.
Fresh and Sa led Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   invited
C. !!.,   A. McCOlVAN.
Secretary, T. MARSHALL
:    K.'HH  rolloWltlll  ':  "    '-■ '.'       "     i.*  '     :■  t'        ^fev
■"..,'>  m: -,.:■■ .ti -    ■   ,   ■. . - ■  ■. ■    in
tht- plm i*
-■   . ■
i. nullum swpli
W t
4 Ordoi's by mail will recolvo prompl unci careful attention   {
i 4
I Tailor % Importer of
1      Fine Woolens.
S Crunbrook, B.C.   Armstron-J Ave
a,..*...*...:..*.****** 9***
Steam  Boilers and Furnace Work a
Cost, and Stock Estimates
l-'uruishod Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranbrook, B.C.
Order by Phone 45
iii-:.\i,i-:i,'s in
i Ill--- I       In uk-    I!
--- r, Uiiim   ■'    *'-. ■       lln
General Merchandise and Groceries
tuu" fm* i     nn 'tin      um*! ■■* ii
,-   .,-  -   ■   fo ...- ..
Employment Agents
*-      -I'll linn tu Ki.. illi- Hiiili-ii ill . .. .   i    ,.     ,     , ,       ,i       i      i  , i i i   ■
M.ll owners enn gol I'iily lo Ono Hittulroil Men  bv  iinnlv na   "
I i  n-r.-nt, ' ,,,,,.,, ii,'-
.    . , , , n „. lhis company     HOP YI l.N Agon I
i-i'tiiUi    ■ posl Office adilross Quotig Yuon Co, Box h")
Si) Sui tluntu I---. ni-Hi    ■  it   ,,,    ,    ,,,,	
I lnnu' IW I I'liulii'iiii i,   ! I .
i i' inbriiiiK        . Iwu -i'i  ■ alia
■..-'.-. Knur stall Ki    ni  II"   	
'"-' Centrally Localed Electric Liahts
\,-u    lis  sn      ..-.   m   ll—      ■ J
ilni.i-i- ii" I-.- lun \ is',   Stnutii'	
Tuk.' noil.'., lli.il ilfl.-i llilrly iliiya   I   [lltonil
i"ui,|iiy io ilie i'Iiii'i Ceminlnlonor ol Lamli
nn.l Wnl'ka till' II  api'l'lul  lli-i-li.,'  to OUl llllll
 ii imu)'llmlii'i'(iiiiii iho lollowing iii-ai-i'iiii-ii
ll SOUlllOllll Kooloniij'i
I'oiniiiiinoiiiK mapoit plniitoil on tlio woat
Iniiili i.i mii rivor nbout I mil.' Iibono tloiinil
i'lniiii'. iiii'iiui' weat in i.hiiina, iiii'tii-e north
lim i'llllllia. llll'l lisl III i'llllllia  moro or  leaa
iii Uir iiiiiiIi of Kill rlvor. Ilionoo Inllowlim anlil
l.tilik .I..WII HlrOlUn In ItllU'i'of riilllliii'tn-i'ini-lil.
N..i. llth, IIHKl.
3 I.. W. I'lUiiiiii'
I'Iiiim iii. -   - ■       iiiinn     ilau   mi
I       '"".'    '"       "'"   '''       "     ""        '■''
AhhIhIiuiI Illiu-l l-i, - nei ' IVlnnijii.'-r,
I in i-i..1. I'ji:- lueer, i nl .in unil I l.-i-
'l.'i.i Iinnil r, <Titiil,i-<i..k
Tutiilurn iiii.i Im Inr all or unj nl tlm
, ..' iHillillnijH.
'I'lu: i;oiii|iniij i'.'-.-i-ii- ihu rliflu in
r. i"'-i any ur nil Tenilem.
Am I'lirlli.'1'  illliil'lniilii jiii   la    llll
llul-inll  Kllllil f, I'lllL'lll'.l,
I oil   llllli, 111117. II
Manitoba Motel
Under New Mjiiinv,ciiic ni
IKi.HM K.)
IJIt'l'll'I'.iA'I'i: nl' IIHI'lli'VHWKN'I'S.
Victoria   uiiil   iluliili'i'    Mini'i'iil
Siliu.l.'lli tl„. I.'orl MIlilllK llll'laloli  "I   Kii-.i
I,""I.'...ll lll-li-li-l
Hll'lll    Oil Siinl.li Ulilll  ol SI   Mnry -
'I'll III'
1 ll'.*ullltl. llll'l
mon nml "Kl liiners
[,,■  mininn   1       Whonyou want  n  K"«kI «;>j
f      plflCC    I"   Slop   r "  Iii III
«!    M
j, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
.-,• Uiul   I Tlioa. T. M.'Vlllli' li'nii
Litlonlo No. Itlttoil, imi'iii iiii- iii	
i<' nr. No. mum nmi k.iiviii'.i a.
.•   Ml  s  ('.-rlllli'illi'   N'..    Illllli:,
 n.i.   alxlj   iliiyn  li'""' Hi" 'Inl"  liormil
ini|i|ilyln iln* Miniiiit ll.Tonli'i tot ii riTilii.
in* "i ii.ii.i-i.yi-i la, for Uu. tniriiiiau ..i oh-
iiiinn,- a imail lirniit. nl i'iu'Ii ill tin- lllinvo
Anil liuilii'i lulu- notliii-1 Inn  lii-lloti. llti.li-r
.'.'lliu. Ill   .linal li iintl.'I,rr.l l.rfuli'llll'ls.ll-
i I audi i -,-itiiii'iiii' of linprovomoutH.
Ii I thla Iflth ilny of Nov,, llinn.
'' T 'I'  M.'VI'I'TIK  As	
Tonsorial Parlor!
Foi a Cool and Clean Shave
Or n Perfeot Hair Out
A Hot or Cold Bath
"' •*■ Walter B. Lain*j nffiffifj
:    Bakoi'Sti t. I'riinlii k, ll.lt.    j
: s
Boot-snoe Maker
All Work Guaranteed
Now Work Mado to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   ?n;S»', ,,„,„
Mrs   Hislnn teachbr op the
una.   niaiup pianoforte
Spncinl attention to touch,
lochnlqiie, phrasing and
grudlng nl studios.
I''nr |iiii'lli!iiliir,i npply In C. R, llnlil &
I'n., 'I'lio IIi'iiuuIkIii,
Carpenter V, Builder
iioiiil Work ut
Ri'iisiniulile I'rii'i
City Scavenger
Partios having back yards,
und closets to clean, and refuse
unitler to be taken away, should
liiiivn orders with me.
Leave ordorsat the City Clerks office
 Imp a imihIjiI mini in Box lllfi.
TAKB NOTICE that, thirty days
after date I Intond toapply to the Chlof
I'liiiiinlimiiiii if Lands and Workn for
pot'lllitlHloil to out anil carry away
liniliiir from tlm followlllK dosorlbod
Intirin in South Kiihi. Kootonay!
i lommonolng nt- a post planted ui, tho
North-wost cornor of Pat Kelly's preemption mi Pour Mile Crook, thenco
i Hi I milu, tlioncowoBtIrallo, thenco
ninth I milo, thenoe oust I mile tn place
of I 'iimmuncement.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St   !"""""'" 'M&i*. THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, Id U., MARCH
***********9499**-'>99** **********************
BEER f PORTER       t
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
<j P. 0. BOX St!      U
<?     TELEPHONE NO. I     p
Port   Steele  Brewing Co., L-td.
****************** 9*** **********************
I C. HARRIS ,l:ll™ *
* |   -, 1,1 R .1 |;. i ti   in i I''.i nt properties ^
•the irrirapector.
*     *
B ti t.HORI & LL
TIk Painters, l'ap rhangers, I tc.
'      r-'llat    '       1
'   , ,li    - -   ,11 ('. 'f-
♦ <>♦>♦♦
Remember we carry tlio only stock of 190"
papers in Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds of Paintinjj and Decorating
attended to promptly,
Q,   P.O. BOX 33     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE 111   A
ft.. ■ ■ ftr
ftb)iftp47j4ptrft*:ftr-:*2ft::*.ft ft}*d4p9'ftp*cft7j9cft7<>dft*zft
Toko Notice tlintsJxty days niter duto I Intend m apply to thr Chief Commissioner of
Lumls nnd Works at Victoria liC. for permission to purchase tho following dcsoribo«i lands
In South Kast Kuutenav:
CommoncinB nt a post on llm southern boundary of Lot :i;w o. duo mirth nf the northeast
corner of Lot HOUl o: thenco w- st *it) chuins,
more nr less taking in the fraction; tln-tico
south■lOeliftlns! ihenci-castrt) ehuins: thenue
mirth 4"chains to tho point of communeoniotit,
exception therefrom so muuli us may Uo in the
boundaries of Lot 30G1 aforesaid. In short the
lumls formorly covorod under pre-omptloti record tsi-i*i ('"iiiiiiiiiiiK 800 Ueres mon' or less.
Dated in Fort Steole this g-ltli day of
January 1007.
Edmund Joseph Walsh,
fi Joseph Walsh. Annul.
Pacific Uoast |
Leave NELSO.'l 7-30 A.M.
ii, Ive Viincouvor n*50 Noon
ftrrlve Victoria 5-45 u.in.
Vancouver-Victoria Route
S.M, Princess Victoria
Victoria - Seattle Route
S.S. Prlnooss May
Nelson Sloi'.un City  -
(lur uun Im occupied til
Nolsini Union ili'|i,ot ul II
p.m. *
Fur   1'D.tOS   flllili'ls   llllll    lii'lli-I'M
iipnly tu local iiijoiit, or to
i'lilin. Illllil'l', A|!l'llt, I'l-lllllil-iliill.
E. .1. Coylo, A.ll.I'.A., i'i hit
J. S. I'AIITKK. H.r.A.?'Ni'lii'ii
Take notlco I Intend to apply to the
Chief Coinmissionai' uf Lunds iintl
Works ut Victoria for u speeial license
to cm anii ca"t*y away timber from the
following ili.'si'i'iliL'il lumls situate in
Smith I'.nsi Kootenay dlatrlct B.C.
A Commencing at a pnst plaotcd on
the Northern boundary of Lot 332 at
the until East cornet* of Lot WHO
theueo eas--120 chains, thence north HU
i'liuins. thence wesl 4(1 chains, tlience
suulli -in chains, thence west hu chains,
tllt'iH'i- south 411 i'liiiins tu place of be-
Dated February 1st. 11)07.
A. 11. I'Vnwi'i'k, Locator
H Cum ncnottig ul a posl plunteil at
iho northwest corner nf License ,\ on
Hu*  usi I nilii'v uf Li.l .'loin,  iiii'iu'i'
ii '       HU .'    iin.-   Ill--' ii I Hit  i'liuins,
i .'ii,-.' simili 80chains, llu  wosl ho
i'linin.- tu pi uf beginning,
Dill  'I K.'liriiiirv 1st, ll'll"
11 A, 11. Fonwlck, Locator
Fast Time Over the Crow and
Spokane International   First
Train June Third
Preparations ure being carried
on ut the present time by tlie
Minneapolis St. Paul St Batilt
sin. Marie Railway, commonly
known ns tliu Soo line, for the
Introduction nf a new service
between the cities of Spokane,
Oranbrook, and Sl Paul and
I Minneapolis, whioh promise to
have a most Important bearing
on travel betweeu these points.
Final connection between the |
'city of Spokane and the Twin
Citins lur llu- Sun Hue wus
afforded by the Spokivnii International railway, connecting the
Crow's Must division of tin' C.
P. R , wilh tin'city nf Spokane.
Tin- Spokane International
leaves the Crow's Must al the
town of VnhI* nnd runs in u
southwesterly direction to
Spokane, a distance of 161 milos.
The exact mileiige between the
Twin cities uml Spokane over
the Sim -Spokane line is 1,450
mil- s. thu shortest finite in ex
isteiice. Tin- litni.i curd ol tl e
r 'ml hiisln-o il Unit l.vu- ranged,
nml iln i un-.in. I lino over tho
i i'i.-a linn, .villi Iml llirui* slops
uu this division, will bo close to
I.' inilrs uu hour. It is hinted
thai n will clip twelve hours off
the present time titbit*.
Fur tin* new service on this
line lliere are now about cum-
pleled in lhe Anyus simps in
Montreal six of the finest trains
whicli have ever been turned out
by the employeesof these works.
Trains will be new in every detail, every point of construction
and equipment has beeu the subject of most minute care, and
trains will embody every modern
idea of ear building, The trains
will be ready for service for the
opening of the road for passenger
transportation in June. It is
also stated that American competing roads are not prepared to
equal the expected service, that
the Soo line will be in a position
to command the entire commercial business between the cities
As already announced by the
general passenger agent of the
Soo line, the rate from St. Paul
to the west will this year be the
same, whether passengers elect
to go via Portal or via Winnipeg.
In previous years the rale via
Portal was 1*111 less, the result
being that large numbers who
would otherwise have been glad
to visit Winnipeg went through
Portal. Equalization of the rate
will bring large numbers of
tourists to Cranbrook this year
from the east and west.
The first Passenger train on
the new service will leave St.
Paul for Spokane on Monday
June II, and first train will leave
Spokane for the east ou Thursday evening June 6.
rumour is gaining strength here
that King Oscar intends to abdicate the throne shortly in favor
of the Crown Prince, who is now
acting as regent. If not earlier
it may take place on June U of
this year, which is the gulden
wedding anniversary of the K'ini;
and Queen. The Crown Princess
of Sweeden. who is visiting her
parents, the Grand Duke and
Duchess of Baden, at Carlsruhe,
is seriously ill at that plaee.
Take notloe that thirty days lifter
date we intend tu apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for permission to cut
ami carry away timber from the following desorlbed land- in South Kiwi
Commenoing at a pnst planti-<t at the
Xui'tii Blast I'oi'iinr nl Lot 042(1, running
South luu chains, Kast forty chains,
North hm rliiiins ami wi-si forty i'liuins
tu place nf I'liiiimeiii'iiiiiiint eootalntng
mu acres moro or less.
Crow's N'esi Pass Lumber Company,
\V, ,l. Montgomery, Agont.
Dated February 9th, 1(107. 9
Mortgage Sale.
I. 111!!! Ml   I
I hereby SIVe nol-lce thai I Intend  In
n]i| iv iu ilie t'lii.'f ilominlssiotier of
i, Is ,v W,.rii.ui Vi.'tiiritt roruspeclal
licence lo cut uml carry away llinhoi1
ir llm following described  land In
in Suuth Ku-1  Kootonay   cominonctng
III II pnsl  plllllli'll   llllllllt    tlll'i'i'-lllllll'ti'l'S
nf ii mil istcrly frmu the South-east
i-nriii'i'nf .1. T, Tipper's pre-emption
uml about one uml Olio quarter miles
.usi uf iim SpiikaiiHInternational Hail
wm-. iiii'iu'i' suulli HO i'liuins, thonco
eusl hii ohains, thonee nurlli hu chains,
iiii'iu'i' west Ho i'liuins tu place of com-
James A. Harvoy
November I In-nth, IIIOII. H
Abdication of King Oscar,
Stockholm,      March
nt tin' nlil Mtinitolm HnrhnrShop
ii uutv in1 fun ml In tin'
jT  I'Ml'sl Clans Work in all brunches
i Tonsorial Art |
Udder uml liy, virtue of thu powers of
•-uli1 tiontuiued in ti certain indenture of
Mortgage there will be offered fur Bale
by Public Auction at the atoro lately
occupied by James McArthur in Cranbrook, B. C. on Thursday the 14th day
of Mai oh, A. D., 1007, at the hour of
S o'clock In tlm afternoon tho following
parcels of property which will be sold
separate^ viz:-
11st) Lot numbered 14 In blook
numbered 00 Iu the Townsite of Cranbrook according to registered plan No.
IW!I on which Lot is situate the Old
Second Hand Store of Leroy Sage rle-
ceased together with the out buildings
(2nd) Lot numbered 18 in Hlock
numbered 90 in said Townsite of Cranbrook on which iw situate .lames .McArthur s Second Hand Store and outbuildings Including a large Barn.
Kor terms and condition of sale apply
to Harvey, McCarter and Maedonald of
Cranbrook, B, ('.'., Solicitors for the
Dated February 21st, 1007. 8
Take notice that thirty days after
the date hereof I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works ai Victoria. B.C., for a special
license to take and earry away timber
from the following desorlbed lands situate in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post on tbe smith
side of Tunnel Creek marked James W
.Murphy's north east corner, thenco
west 40 chains to Mary Murphy's north
east corner, thence south 120 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence north 120
chains to place of commencement, containing 040 acres or thereabouts.
Hated this 18th day of February, 1007
8 James \V, Murphy.
Notiee is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works at Victoria for a
special license to out and carry away
timber from the following described
lands in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of A. D. Maedonald
Timber Claim on Tunnel Creek about
four miles south of Morrissey thencewest
80chains, thenee south80chainB,thence
east 80 chains, thenee north 80 chains
to place of commencement.
Located the I3th day of February 1007.
7       William Bates, Morrissey, B.C.
License No. 2,
I hereby givo notice thai I Intond
to apply lo lhe Chief Commissioner of
Lands A Works at Victoria Com special
licence to mil and carry away timber
from the following dcscribeil laud iu
Smith Kust Kooienay, commencing al a
post pliinied 20 chains easl ofthoNorth
west eorner id James A. Harvey license
No, I. thoi north   SO  elmlns,   thenee
east80chains, ihence soulh 80 chains
thence wesl 80 chains lo llu.- place or
.lames A.  Harvoy.
November filh, IIKHI, '      M
Tonsorial Art
To Whom It May Concern.
Notice is hereby given to the owner
oi owners of the horses and cuttle de
Scribed herein, that the stock mentioned in this notice have straveil upon and
now are on the premises of tho under-
signed, and the owner or owners are
reipiesteil within len days from the
i?njte of this notice, to. remove the said
horses and cattle from the said
premises, after paying the nndorslgnod
the expenses incurred by them In advertising and in feeding tne sa'd sleek:
failing which the undersigned will deal
with the said stork according to law:
I colt, color bay, 2 liiml feel while.
1 cow, color black and white, lu-.iml
ed "<.)" on each hip.
I steer, color dark bay, about three
years old. no brand.
haled this 8th day of February, A.M..
iSigued) The Itobinson-McKen/.ie
Lumber Co., Ltd.
ii i Iranbrook, H.C.
To Joseph 1'. Schmuek) and to any
other party or parties to whom he may
have transferred his interest in the
"Black Horse" "Besslraer" ".Masaba"
"Iron" and "('reek'' Mineral Claims
situate on Ma Ha Creek Kast of Baker
Mountain In the Fort Steele Mining
Division of Kast Kootenay District, in
the Province of British Columbia;
TAKK NOTICK thut you are hereby
required within ninety days from Ihe
lirst publication of lhis notice to pay lo
the undersigned the sum of $800.00 the
amount expended by him on your Interest in said claims for ussossmont
work up lo October, 1000.
that unless said payment together with
all costs of advertising, is paid within
the time above stated, your interest in
said claims shall lapse to the undesigned
on account <>r said expenditure,
This notice is given under Section 4
of the Mineral Act Amendment Act)
Haled this 27th day of December, A.
D. 1000.
62 Marry Melton
; Take Notice thai i Inland io appij to thi
; CWerCommlwlouar -if band* mnl Works foru
Special Lloenie to ant and carry uwat Umbei
from the following described lands h gosi
I Kootenay District. Brltlih Columblu
■ CoiomenelnK at A post planted nbout ■ inllr
west uf Whin* river, oloae to No. 33 mite pom
ol v. i». k.. oust boundary "f blank iv-;. thonc.
n-urtli no i'liuins: tbence east SQ ubuliM, thenee
>uuiii 80chains, thence west80chains to place
of beglnulng.
Dated ihis SOth, duy of Dec. loon
P. Jenseu, Locatoi
Take Notice thai 1 Intend to apply tu the
Cbtel Commissioner of Lands and works for ,1
Special License to cut and carry awn) tlmbei
from tin- following dosorlbod Isutts In Kast
Kooteuuy Dlstrlot Brltlsli Columbia
Cotntubticlng at a posl planted on the wosl
aide of White rlvor. Jolntug llnoniu a. un tliu
south; theuce soutb 180 chains, tbeace eust 10
chains: thence north 160 ohalns, thenoe »•■-;
ik ohalns tu place uf boglnnlng.
Dnted this 31st, day uf im-. loot)
1 P.Jemon  Locator.
Tako Notice that I Intend tu apply to the
Chlof Coi-Ussloner of Lands und Work" loi u
Spools) License to cut uml eurry hwsj tlmbei
from the following described lands In Kasl
Kootenay District. British Columbia
<'um iiii'iu'i in.' ni 11 posi planted at the southeast corner of license C: thenoe soutb 100
eliHlns; thonoo west lOoniilui: ihem-o north 101
ohalns, llionco oast 10 ohsuts lo place 01 be«
Datod this Und, day ot .inn im;
■ to Janioti  Locator
Take Notlco Hint l Intend tu upply to the
Cblef Commissioner of Land* and Works for a
Speolal Lioense to out and carry away tlmbor
frum ihu rollowlng described lumls In Mast :
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at s post planted un Cuilar
ureek,Joining lloenoe li. on tlie west sldo:
Hie nurth 100 chains; thonco wost lOelinius*
Ibence south 160 ohalns: tlionco vast -10 elmlns
tu place uf beginlng,
Dated this Uud. day of Jan. Iflor,
•> to. Jensen, Looulor.
Take Notlco that l intend to apply lo iho
Chlol Commissioner of Lands and World ror a j
Special License iu cut ami oarry uway timber |
frum the following docrlbed lands In Kast
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commonolng at n post planted on Jensen
oreek, about 8 mllos south of lioonsc K; tlionoo
nurlli 100chains: thenco wost40ohalns; thence .
soutli 100 ohains: thonoe east 10 chains to plnee !
uf bi*gllining.
Dated this 8nd. day of Jan, 1007.
4 P, Jensen, Locator,   j
Take Notice that I Intond to upply to the
Chlof Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
Special License to cut and curry away tlmbor
frum tho following described lumls in Kast
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at a pusi. planted til the south- j
cast corner of licence ¥; thenee north mo I
chains; thenoo oust 40 chains, tbenee soutli 1
160 chains, thenco west 40 chains to placo of
Unted this Snd, day of,Inn. OHO.
■I P, Jensen, Locator.
Take Notiee thnt l intoud to upply the Chlof
commissioner or Lands uml Works for a
Special License to oul uud curry uwuy tlmbor
from the following described lands hi Kust
Commencing at a jiom plantod nt Ui« southwest corner of license O: ihonee soutli 1110
elmlns: tbence cast 111 chains; thence north
100 chains: thonco west 40 chains to plaee or
Datod this Snd, day of Jan. UHir.
4 to, .lensen. Loeator.
Take Notice that I intond lo npply in iln
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works forn
Speeial Lieence to cut und carry uway timber
from the following dosoribod lands in Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at u pott planted ui lhe southeast corner of licensed] thenco north BOohufns;
tbence east 80 ohalns; thenco south ho chains,
thenoe west 80 ohalns to place uf beginning,
Elated tills Ord, llll} or Jan. OHO.
4 to, Jensen. Locator,
Commenoing uia post planted about a miles
frum east boundary of C. P. It. Blook 4fitifl, un
the northeast side ot White river:  thonoe
north H0 ehains: thenee easl Sll ehains:   ihonee
Bouth 80 chains; thenee west 8ft chains to place
of beginning.
Dated ibis Rth, duy nf Jan. 1907.
4 p. Jensen, Locator.
Commencing ut a post planted u( ihe south*
eastcurnerof license No I; ibence nurth 80
chains; thenco east 80 chains; tbenee south E0
chains; ihenee west hu eliuins to plaoo oi boglnnlng.
Dated this Sth, day or Jan. 1007.
4 P.Jenmn, Locutor.
Commencing at a post planted about at the
BOUtbeilSl   comer   uf   license   No.  '£;  thOHCO
north hu elmlns; thenco east 80 chains: thenco
south hi) chains: thoneo west hii chains to placo
of beginning.
Dated this fith, day of Jan. 0*07.
4 1*. Jensen, Locator.
Commencing ut a post plumed about'. mile
south of northwest corner of tloonso Nu. 8:
thenco south 100 ohnlns; ihonee onst 40chains;
thenco north 160 ohains; tbence west 40 ohulns
to place uf beginning.
Duted this Utb, of .Inn. 1007.
•I P, Jensen, Locator.
Take Notice that I intend in apply
Chief Commlsslonor of Lands and w-
VIOtOrlS for a special license to cut am
awuy limber from the following tloi
lands in South Kust Kouli-nay':
No. t Commonolng at n post plnntei
* I
* Marysville, B.C.       COLE & ilANDLEY. Prop 9
1 9
9 Tli   Li ,     ■; !!" ,   ol the St. jg
* Mm '. • Valli   .   V... airy rooms 8
.,                     newly   • ,1-nisiuid       Table   as 5
9. ■ w
AX U 1-    li- -    .',   I- -.i w
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* 9
i     '1 CRANBROOK
** HOTEL »
|Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection jjf
Noin'osl in railroad depot,    lhis uccomrao*
diilions   for   tlio   public   unequalled   in
l 'i iinbroolc.
., HOGGARTH & ROLl.lNS    3
jllot mnl Cold Baths Proprietors a|
•#• +~*~*~A~A"**.*, x)~«..«-.« ,9j;9mAt,»,^mA„t„An*
|»*tM«H *-#-»* - • ~ •) ».«. ^
We Want You
Tn come into om store and be i nnvinccd
that wc sell tlie hest of meats
nl the Cranbrook people are doing this
now, .unl are unanimous about the quality
nl uur meats; but we want VI >l' to come
in and see us
Dominion Meat Co.
• -•«.-•- .«.-•.. fan,-•-«..«-.»..»..«..«.*~m~mmx
a a a  VI   *
li lie
Baker Street.      Cranbrook, B.C
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   —
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
| NORTH   STAR       |
Kimberley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW, Proprietor.^
s ¥> cornor of T. Hook'
*■ Hoo
nasi of thoBomtioast 0
f I
B.1H   II
enst BOobnlni: thonoo
Mill III
Ml (
lis;   lli
woitSOoinitnsi thonoo
10 (
lis tO |
if commonooinont.
Imitit Jan. ','llli, r«i
.1. [•'. Itrlili:.!
A. II. Koniv
Toko Notioo that I Intond in npply to Mm
Ohiof CommlaBl r of Una's mid Works lorn
from thr fullowInK doHOrlbod Iniidx Hltunlod in
Soiiili Kusi. Kootonay:
No, i! CommonoinK at a post pluntod nt tho
northwoflt tiornor uf IIooiino No i . ilifiiro north
80 clialna; thonoo oimt BOuliains: thonco nouth
Hll cliains; tllOnOO W'OHl    HO  (JhtllllN   lo  plnei!  of
Datod Jan. Mtli, 100*.
.1. l-\ Hrl(l|*oB,
A, IJ. l-'onwlnk, Airoiit.
Take Notloo that I Intond to npply to tlm
Ohiof Cainmltmlonor uf hnndBiuid Works rum
SpOOiiil IICOIIBO (0 01)1   iiti-l  -'iitrv niuiy  llnihoi
from tho followltiK donorlbod litndH nltniitu In
Notlou iahorohy kIvoii, In nooordnnno wiili j Sunili Mnm, Kootonayi
ihu simiiti s Mum I'rovlnclnl Rovonuo Tux and j    Nu. II  Commotio!nk 111 » pusi planted m tin*
ahst'Hscil tayi'saiid Ihiuiim' Tnx liftBOKHOd and   N- t>\ nirnitr of T. Kookc*1    Ul r   llouno:
lOVlod iindcr llic'Ass.ssiiiciit Act "nri'ihii. uiul    tllQUUOOllBl 8n ullJlltltti UlOllUO im.'Ul  Ml it -;
puytililo for llio your liior.   All tiwoa tiollootililo  tliot worn 80 ohnlns: thenco huh th ni cIiuIiih
for tho toon Stoolo AHscHitnoni Dlmriot nr« to pla f bogliinlnn.
IIII.I. & CO, Tlie -inly pluee in lown
Ihul ''im innke life ivortli tlie Hvlnir.
itaii Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Geo. R. Leask & (]o
now due ami payable ai my ollloo  at   Um kov-
orninont oflleoH, Craiihi»ok. II. <'.
This notloo, In terms or luu  is n-ulvalent to
a P'TnoiihI doom ml hy ipnn nit porHotis lln
Idc (in  1(1X08,
Dnteiiiii Cmlihrook. II. a Ihlfl 8HII1 dny of
■Innnary ID0T,
a, c. Nolson.
,ri Deputy AssoiBor and Colloctor.
Iinliil .Inn .'Illi. Illlff.
,1. to, Ul'IdKOS,
A. II. I'VnwIik, AkciiI.
A X11
I ".in-., Specifications
mnl Estimates
All   kinds   of   building    material
1 constantly on hand. 'HE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK   lit'.. MARCH fl   inn"
iK****************^ Why Cough to The Coffin
T i: v
♦ "Introduction Unnecessary" |..s ...icsuiptin
♦ Cadbury's Chocolates
9 Have ii world wlilo reputation.   Cadbury's
9 iiuiiii* i^ mi every package.   Cadbury's stands
9 for everything llial is good in Confectionery.
9 Cadbury's Chocolates liavo tlml  soft,  sweol,
9        .lust  think   nl   thom   tiny   time   makes
9 vi.nr mouth  water   Cadbury's   so different
9 'I'niii iln1 ordinary kind.
9 In Packages only 25c to $11.50 .„„..,
*   . Wm
9  sue their Tea Gosu Bin $6.50. lis ,i Beauty
Glassware and Crockery *
No. imi or
Cokl (ure Tahlcs
smell   inn lads   Iiiui*   Iii-i
Ladles we want you to come in and see our iiiaijiiiiii.ciu stock 1
Our Goods are
llllllll lllll ?h     '''"'■' ''" ''"' wor'< l""' lm'us'
W iho mosl stubborn cold
e.xlonsivo display ul Glasswaro and Crockery 9
ihal  we havo boon forced to order between 9
seasons to koup up llie assortuienl      Wu are 9
receiving cralo uftor crnte uf  uniqui! China-
ware, brie a brae ami an ware am! Imw oilier
^T'ZZ!!™,, y,„ ,,,,„ lls 1 a STEWART'S n
wu   havi '0   1.1.H11   I.u-  dis|ila,\   limn ever 9        1111. 11 U)INU STOItK poll
j^   Choice Flowers anil   Ferns
9 lor Easter
1- .1 X .1.1.-II,-, 'nu im- ,,„ Mil, 111,1
u. lllllil H K Utl,\
♦J+      Choice  I,.. -,',  llivdishw ami
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Ocal.
9   l.buliarl
*   Phone 75
Stow 11 ts I' ini- I lim ul,iirs
Hugh Stewart
ftrmstroiiQ, five,
* *
9  »       Lady   Caramels
*  {      Peanut Brittle
Who wiinldnt have ii for the getting and
how   seldom  you  get  ii in New  Shoes
McPhersons Boots and Shoes
Give Solid Comfort
If .vim uro properly titled, We Have 'hu i» 01s uud wo 1..Initio imu' iu iii your luul We have this week added NKVr.N
IH'NUKKIi PAIRS to our alroady large stock Call in and soo
some of the now onos, il Is no trouble for us lo show thoiu. Dur
assortment Includes,
Baby Mocassins
Soft Sole Slippers
Laced and Button Boots
Fancy aud Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Cut (.lass,  Roots,  Shoes, Rubbers, Mitts, Gloves, Hosiery
JHlHMS************************** ***********************  j
Salvation finny b.iit.hAs
Sunday Services:
Afternoon    -   -    11 ii'i: ih*1
Krenlnu     •
Muutlnga lifhl evi'i'j   niulil ■    f.W
n.'.'k BXi-eiil M0111I11, ni - i'.hi. lU
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
*     Salted Peanuts
The Quality Store
• 1 ruiiOAV, *.i m:i*ii 9. um;
imTmnnnnnnnimnmiiittiinnmiii.;   +
% X    TELEPHONE NO, I4I.    X
|j |  LOCAL NEWS. | Iw******************^*!
Dont Ask Im* Poor Goods We Are Out   |j     .1-s. Volume of Pernio paid i
Portraiture by Photography    fl1/       tm   Hying visit to Cranbrook Mondiiv
Artistic Picture Framing      m
Prest Fiioto 60.1
Pancy  and Staple ('Iroeeries   the hesl   -
none too sri 1 "l h r Motto
Special  attention  given  to uur 1    nfe
tionery, Prosli Pruit. Cigars and Tobaccos,
A   [<r
linker St. Cranbrook, H.C
Call up the Cit)  I rniish 1
when you wnnl \ 1 uir I' uun
Illli'.     I'lilin..     nl     ll. Iggi IU1'
W. E. Worden
Illli,,-    I'tuiiK    Ml.      Sillc IIRflllS 111
U,-,i.l,-ii.,- ■■   Iji     Imiul liiml '
CfiMre^U M3M1M
Competent  Stenographer and
ppel ..I Elko was in the Typewriter.     Salary is.'hi.iio per
iy Monday. ' , '
mouth and expenses when away
from head cpiui'ters.
II. V. Parker.
Resident Engineer.
.ii j    It. I.    Brown or  Nolson  wns
Hi i in iln- city Monday,
nlj i li"iii On February ■.'2nd, al
M Wilmer, to the wife ul* Thonms
'mI " Starbard, 11 son.
'Ai      a. ti. Woods and  A.   Model-
''-*-1-1 I land of Winnipeg spool Sunday
lusi in Cranbrook,
Nell MrLond Curran manager
ul the North Sim mine spent
Sunday lusi in town.
.1. i). Clothier was up from
Elkmouth Tuesday on husiness.
H. .1. Abbott of Winnipeg was
at the Crunbrook Tuesday.
Vi. Staples was down frum
Wycliffe Tuesday attending to
business matters.
Time Means Money
Tlmt Is why vftt insist thai out' repairing department Ih a guild thing for you. We can handle your
repairs, ami do thom right, too. Vou not only save
tlino, which U money in you. tmt you save money at
iiif mime time, Can you beat a proposition of this
kind?   I,ei us prove it to you.
. F. Tate k Son
Jewelers       Opticians
CIMt. Watch Inspectors Crows' Nesl ":iws Division
^ft*^ft7M^W*ft-*7ft * t*7^9Cft^*^:*ft7ftftD97ft
  Lust  Friday evening   Mayor  V
Mr.  ami  Mrs.  c.   Label!   nf and Mrs. Pinlay gave a farewellLQ,
Nelson  won- registered  al  the dinner at their pretty countrymf
73       Cranbrook Monday. home, before leaving for Kimber*   ;*i
""" oy, the Mayor having accepted ft
FASIi|Iv2!J4?kEn9JAIL0RS       1      !    T' T' WVlttloo- the pi,,,, • th" ,-,„„,  ul s,ip,','i„„',ii„.„,
Always  Up-tO-Date ;-      [lown of Rorl Steele paid 11 short Pf the Sullivan Group of Mines.
Z3        visit to Cranbroolt this weok,       I'overs were  laid  fur ten;   the
'  nests     were      Ex       Mayor
t  Granbrook, -      - B.G. zs
l*z: Denlei's in Abattoir and Cold Storages
£    Live Stock at Calgary. Alberta.    3
Jr.* 73
n Liven i
Teams uud drivers furnish
oil   For any   poinl in lhe dis
»-;       Choice Dominion Creamery in 56, 28 and 14
boxes ami 1 lb. bricks.
We have some good dairy butter 111 tubs 3
ul aboul   :j lbs. each at the right price. zz\
in   '" ' Ilni**!*-. I'HONK lu    3
! P. Burns k Co. I
£r -m
fndian Agenl ll. I.. T. Gal* ??d -V rs' ,, Ro^t\ Kev.
braith of Port Steele was al Mr;Man'' ¥"*' . ,M|""* *Ml''
Uranbrook Monday on business. ;ukI **«• ^ P- Smith, Miss For-
 * tune and Miss Kerr.   The floral
u  m  r ■   1 in ..  ,.      decorations were greatly admired .v
P. M. Lindsey. and I   C. liuss ,,m, the dining (able looked ex   ft
0   VMOOuver wore Cranbrook Uedingly pretty, glittering with   »
It pays to recognize the place
to get your Hardware Supplies,
where you can get the most for
the least cash.
visitors Monday. ,u„, „.,.lss ,im| si|vo,, whlo,rttdded
" a charm to the ladies costumes
,1. E. MfNiiiighlun  of  Nolson and  the evening dross of   the
and,]. K. Mcintosh of Kimberley gentlemen,
were registered al the Cranbrook
A. DOYLE. Manager      g: h-,,,1 Office,
•^ Calgary, Alh^rta
Notice to Contractors
R, B. Raymond, R. S. Simonds
and J. A, Treportan of Vancouver ^r^'Slr^^.^bitaTSffi..^
woro   guests  al   the   Crailbreoli   , ie roiHilvail liy iho uiuluralicniH. np 10 four
n'cliii'li 11.111. iIitiiI liini'i on'I'liosduy. llm li'tli
iu*. ... Miircli, umi, for io.* iiniiHiii.il nn.l
nu.1-1.11.... ni 1 ho linmiiiitiiit u.n'li of Uu- Joint
representingluovon iitmiMniiii'iiiiii uiiiiiiiiii;a. siuiatu
I llrown   Bros,   of   Toronlo    was  n,,.n   0  1 0 city or c™ wit,   All
transacting   business   in   Cran* l0 wmuoiioiivun.timihudriopartira city
brook Monday ul"!'k L'n """ e.r
I'lllUM, H|)L-tllllL*lltloilM, rolltriii-laioi.t [oriiia  of
h.| ollli-o of lliii Clovern.
lliu' of ilir uiiy
Sunday Inst.
G.   ti.   .laiiuilh.
Tilki' 1101 -■-'.'■ '   - '
I tntentl 111 ii|ip     oth- T    1 '*-0sy and
.1 ,i,iii  ,      -      j,      '    a- .   Comtortable Kooms
'.:-',- a 11. C "i
u.i-.j ■
- ■'   ■ 11-'  .-■ ml'   ■'
Ciimmi'ii'     ,'iu 1    u-i
t .- ..111 '
..»-! 'jn chain.-,     mii'i' ■mm
thenre wusl -" i-liuins. i- ni
,-hjiiiia iiiplai'i'i    ....
\n ni-riw 111..I-.- nl' !"--.
RiiIiimI 11. n
llalnil I'i'li. ITlli. mn".
Mala Office for East Kootenay, 3      T.  Slarbird,   manager  Of   Iho  ""'H Annul   ""'l 1" ""' '
Oranbrook, B.C ^  I'tiii'inigan mino looated at   Wil-  f-'l«'*-Crtimn»k,lie.
^iUlUtUtUtUiUiUUIUllUiUUtlUUlUiUiUiUUlUUUiUUU^^ ' ily M ,iiy '"
Headquarters for    I). It, VataH nmi
♦ Cranbrook. B.C. HARDWARE .4
fi d
*;47ft:4:* ^^ttft^ft^ft^ft^ft^ft^^^^yftpttift
ll |,|o|I..Mll tllllal III- ll,'l-OIII|.l,lli.'il   l.y mall.
Ull III ptl'll   llllllll   I'll,'.,Ill'   III-  i'.'l'llli.'llll'   01
,...-11 ..I Iini'li'i'i'.l Imili.  of 1 -11 iitiilii.. nillilo
I'llllill   to   llll'   lUHlt'ralUIM'il    HI    HU'   MUU    "t
,          I r..«i.uii. ulili'-li «ili ».- fnrtollml 11 iiu- imrly
,,     .        ,, ,    ,, ,,        ,,        '   ,.T      ''.   nlnl':   uinilerliiK ilotillniw la 01 ■ lnnu 0111111,1 »■ ,
Mining Men       els Milling Co. ol   WyclilTe,  and Liioi 1 no   -i-n,- .*.■»■...'H,,,,,,,.,uiil    \V.   Davis   of   Wyclirt'o   woi ipHnonuiorilia|Hmli»rniwufcanimi t Umir.|T
ti'iinsaeting liusinoss   ;ii   Cran   wm ">-■ romn hom mion tlio um 1 w
brook Mouday. ISaCri^rS!^?.^
■ siM'iili's iii tlio sum of || .000,0(1 (Mali, for tlm due
On   Monday    evening    Mrs. n,uini ' "'. worh ,''II|II'11"«'1' fortnttu
9 Spring Ready-to-Wear
HATS ^-^ t
Royal Hotel
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager !!';*'urs,-av" ;i m?sl B"i°v	
3      ..im party to a number ol   ladies
Marysville, B.C.
The anove hotel has been i-ooontl. erected; and noall.y furnisli-
'i   throughi Tin'  Uar i    siipjilied  Willi  the  besl brands ol
nl i-
'I'uki' niitii'n tlml -1
I inl.'ii'i 1       '" ll
-i'.ti.'i nl        "
-.inn In |i   ■      II
uil Inntl in   smiih   Kn
lo-it.oiii, IhIiuiiI     '  •
anil]  l-liin.l ill llli   Nn
,,f Uu' Indian H''»' '   '
Kiinloiiilj. II.
.,, -    ...,.',-.
I-U,    Weal    .  ...
„( 11 mi-i-H Khil "ii  'I -' -i'i" "i
lhl-   Km.!'*iiii>   lllvi'l     ,|"-' "    1 	
,i|Wt.ri*niii ul." ne iiiiil   mill-  In llio
 lh "I Six  Mill'   ' r.-'-li-   -Hliii   lulllllil
1-iinlniiiin:' in nil ill   I '   "	
ur limn.
Ilj.l.-.l  I iiiiIbt Kll'll,   IIIIIII
I.    I..   I'.ol..-
      Wholesale ,
Calgary Beer, Mc & Porter,
T. t.iA'.l.i. St CO., ll.iv and Grain.
Cranbrook, B.C
m-i-iltl.ill of tin I10111I il..- rami
. ...tli'llti-llf .loposll iilioii' ini'iilio I   ilill   In-
Mrs. hii'icknson carried oil' Hrsl nnuriinitotiiocotunuioi-
prize,    llll  III"   following    even      'reiiilomwllllmroimlri 1  I.n.tj
iug Mrs. Rogers was again th*. ™i|'«'™,°f,^™rlt''"' """'
hostess  of it  guessing contest.   ^!i,™r»"wiii noi hi -,1.1.-1-.! inn™ ;.- -^t
hler eharining r s are iidinir   um on um forma suiipii 11..1-.1: iwiiii in* A
ably lilted foi' entertiiining and lll'u"11 hIbubiu rthouimiumr. £
iln-   twenty live   ladies presenl , An'lt'm',"[^!"""\,'r|,™S,'"l'''!'1" "°l™
lh roughly enjoyed the hospitality ""■"!'„." iIiiviiki. "," imy iotii!iir"niii 1 ,
of    their  liiml    hostess.     Mrs    .-i	
w,inl Wi,s "'" wl ''" "'"lil"1 T H'" r,nv,',,, |f to say that the showing exceeds any previous season
A mnj-niliiient fashion display of tin*
latest and must up-to-date ideas in
Ready to - Wear Hats ever shown in
Cranhrook-. We extend to all a most
cordial invitation to inspect our unusually
strong showing of new spring creations in
Our New Muslin Blouses have arrived and needless
price, Mrs. Iv Smnll the second,
uiul Mrs  I'lillil ih" 1 solution.
Dumb e.liariides caused groat
inoi'i'iinoiii, after which dalnly
ivfrosliiiionls wore served
Oi'iilllil'iinll   II.1'. Muri'li in>
Till,,   milieu Uml |l H|ll'l'ill|   Unjr ill
llio    l.ii'i'ni'o   riiiiiiniaaiimi'i's   Inr   Itii-
  llViinlironli   l.h'oi    I)l»l-rli*l   will   Iiu
tSilin.   MiicLeaii  has -.old   liis in-Ill 011 lliu llllli .im in Munili A.H.,
I'lini'h 111 C. Iln-nis of Crnnbrooli i.,,,,, „, n„. i-,,,,,.,  ii,,,ls.-1 1 rook,
forisri.i'iiii     The ranch   is   local    n.c.,  diihI ' Um  apiillriiUini   "I  A
"il 1111 Hi" Kootenay river 11  few ,i„,miH fi„\\ f,„-„„ i,,.t,-i 1  i'"*ii'"jX
mhos 'Uiul   Wnnl nor  anil   is  Wnlla v llnlul at WiU!nlniru;, ll.l.'.     9
usiili'i-i'il lu Iw mn' of Iho lini'sl | y. \\. MnrrlH,
11 Ihis dlslrii'l
i.'lili'l Lluuiiui) limjiuutu
t REID & CO.


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