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The Prospector Apr 28, 1906

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Array V'-**'at lag Al
\'o7. 12.
No.  V,
Alderman   (ireer    Resigns   Will
Hold Election to Fill Vacancy
Un May 7th.
A regular meeting nf the City
Council was held on Wednesday
.•ve„i„g April Still. There were
present His Worship Mayor
lingers, ami aldermen Grew,
Tisdale. Ryan and Jackson.
Minnies of las, meeting were
rend and adopted.
The finance committee submitted n report of accounts paid.
Allien,,!,,, Ryilll reported in
Uie   matter  of  sprinkling  the
si reels.
Alderman Pi nil and Fire Chief
Bradley wen, appointed us a
committee to supply information
us to the number of hydrants
needed and lo confer with the
water Co. ro the same.
Bylaw Nn. 25 lieing ,l,e
Traders Lioense l,,y Inw amendment, by law Nn. 3 was reconsidered, passed und adopted.
By-law No. 24 being lhe Health
Amendment l.v law No. I was
reconsidered, passed 'nnd'adopted
Leave was granted lo Introduce a by-law to be known ns
the "Pound und Hog Tax" bylaw amondmont by-law No, I,
Which wus rend n lirst time, being deemed advisable lo ex-
palliate said bylaw, it was resolved   to  read   it   it second and
Klk.inr some other convenient
point on the Crow's Nesl Hail
wuy liel .veeu Elk.> and Wardner.
thenee mi either Iho east or
west side of Wigwam Kiver, or
by the most convenient route to
the international boundary line.
(b) Prom Port Steele lo Win
derinere, by either tho easl or
west of Ihe Kootcnuv Kiver.
Vou know. Unci or, thai the
surveys have bee,, run on the
wes, side of ihe Kooteiuty from
Ihe Junction nnd near VVai'ilner,
And the original stockholders
know lull well lliu, the utnlterof
route is in the hand of the I'. P.
It., uud will be run to suit the
best  interests of that company,
A Hot Contest Which Ended With
an Appeal  From Decision of
The lirst game of Iho football
league was played011 llie recreation grounds on Priday evening
lust. The opposing looms were
the Town und Pire Brigade. A
large number were in attendance
and much enthusiasm was manifested, The lirsi half was very
close neither team scoring, In
lhe second half lhe iuterusl increased and the Pire Brigade
made ils first goal on a penalty
kick. Shorl ly afterwards
another  goal   wits   made, then
thl iii   time    The council then I two more and it looked onesided
resolved into .1 committee of U.eJTheu lhe Town  leum  succeeded
whole lo consider sulci by-law,
Notice was given lhat, al lhe
next meeting ol' ihe council, Ihal
a uuiii.ui would lie made to reconsider, puss, and finally adopt
said by-law No. 211.
Alderman James  I Ireer  lend
ered his resignation as a  men,-,
ber of the council for the Cily of
Moved by alderman Ryan uud
seconded by aider,,,nn Tlsdale
thul lhe resignation of Alderman Greer be accepted, and that
the City Clerk lake the necessary steps to advertise and hold
nomination uud election lo till
Council Adjourned at HiliJ.
We learn thut nominations
will take pluee ou May 3rd and
the election on May "III lu till
vacancy in city council,
Wink's to Impress the Fact that
K.C.R. Will Run on East Side
of Kootenay River.
Editor of Tn.: Piiohpkctoii i
Hear Sir: In your editorial of
lusi Saturday treating ot ihe
subsidy vole.l to lhe Kooienay
Central Railway, I notice usoino'
What serious ,,mission iu your
quotation from ihe Subsidy Act.
However the mistake has occur,''
ed, 1 think il is only lair to you
I., cull your attention lo it, and
to the Parliament whieh voted
tl,.. subsidy, to supply the missing
words. Permit me to quolil the
subsection us it stands In the
Act: "To the Koolenu.v Central
Railway Company for a line
,,f Railway from Hidden to the
International     Boundary,     I','.,
Windrrilti'ir nml Furl SI nit, unit
rrnHMttty lite Or .,''* S'ml Itititti'tly tit.
ur near Elko, mil exceeding IHU
miles." The words underlined
are those oinited, Vou will tlml
this subsection quoted us above
in oue of your issues while you
were publishing iu Port Steele
Yours Very Truly.
Hugh Wutl.
In reply we will say that it
wus notour inieiiiii.il lo comment
on ih„ route of the K. C. It,, but
lo show iliiil under lliu Subsidy
Act, and statements iiiude by lhe
preside,,! of the con,puny, lhat
Hie subsidy granted would be
nearer lo $11 Inn per mile, than
ijill.-'llll, h.uice it was to the com.
panys inlorosl lo complete Iho
road within u reas.,nu>,le lime.
Bui Doctor! Vou might hav...
quoleil from suction ", in i of the
in making a score and as dark
ness onme on the game was
closed. Tiie Town leum lodged
a protest ngiiinsl the ruling of lhe referee. This wus
deall wilh al a very enthusiastic
meet iug on Wednesday evening
ami after much discussion Ihe
game was deelaroil null. The
leu,ns decided to play tho game
on Thursdny evening which resulted in a lie, no goals being
scored by either loam,
A. P. Chenette come down from
Marysville Thursday on business
Made every day, fresh candles
al lhe Palm.'
Curtain stretcher <li!.fi(i CCS
Win, Carlin of Port Steele was
a Cranbrook visitor on Thursdny,
K. McLean of Ivingsgate wus
in lhe city Priday.
Seed Potatoes at, CCS,
W. I! Shine wits at Cranbrook
Priday on husi,less,
J usl arrived, a carload of liny
and nuts,  A. ('. Bowness.
There is every reason lo believe thai Cranhrook will have a
go,..l and prosperous summer,
Selkirk Preceptory and Priory
will hold ils regular monthly
assembly on Thursday May lird,
M. Carney, government limber
inspector ol Kaslo was iu lhe
cily Wednesdav .,,, olllcilll   busi
P. R, Beach ol'Fortbteele was
iu ihe eii.v Priday.
J. S. Swinuerlon of Kingsgn'.e
wns oi Hie city Monday.
See Roid's new Tweed Skirls.
Br. Sawyer of Crowley was in
the eiiy Monday,
Curtain stretcher $2.nil CCS.
J. Paleouer of Pernie was in
lhe Cily ou Sunday last,
A. Chapman of Pernie was ll,
lhe cily on Monday
li. Lundin of Wasa was Iii ihe
city Monday,
The   Palm,   lhe   linesl    candy
iii Cranbrook.
George llillier lefl on'Tuesduy
for Rochester, Minn.
Ash Kennedy of Winnipeg
was in Ihe oily Tuesduy.
Business is iill right- no kick
coining ai Cranhrook.
(iitl lill ing for lhe mines is done
bv ihe merchants of Crunbrook.
13. Doberer wns ul Pernio on
Su,i,lay lasl.
13, ,1. Davis wns ul Wardner
las, week building a chimney lor
P. McConnell.
M. B. King returned Thursday
from u business irip lo I,ninth.
We have ii groat name for sell
iim' the best. "STP.WARTS"
Chocolates and Hon lions are
made for those who desire
quality pure and delicious. II.
Stewart. Armstrong, Ave.
P. Chapman bus purchaser
the Crow's Nesl Laundry Mr.
Chapman is an expert iu lhe
laundry business, ami there is no
doubt lull Ihal he will be successful.
J. I). McBride, who bus been
v,sii ing in the jungles of lhe
Prairie city, Chicago,  returned
Saturday, 'During bis  visit  Mr. I weeks returned to Crunbrook on
McBride captured u live moulcoy I Saturday lusi
li. II. Carley of Nelson wus in
lie eiiy ou Wednesday,
K. .1. 11,.cell, of Spokane was
ui Cranbrook on busi,,ess on
I. II. Meliilliory of Nelson wus
transacting business ui Cran
brook- ,.n Wednesday.
M. 1*. SI,opurd id Spokane, wns
a Cranbrook vis,lor on Sunday
II. N, Chirk ol (llasgovv, was u
guesl ut iln- Cosmopolitan mi
Sal unlay lasl.
Curtain stretcher sl'.;,,, CCS.
W. A. Hill and Archie Smith
were ui Marysville Wednesduy
oil business.
Have Griffith returned Tuesday from a business Irip lo
Rev. W. 'R. lioss, of (li'iind
Porks wus u guest nl the ('run
brook Priday.
J, Hrecliler of Vancouver wus
Irniisiicling business nl Crunbrook on Priday.
Seed Potatoes al i'i' S.
Mrs. L. II. VanDecar vv bo has
been ill for Severn I weeks is now
on llie road In recovery.
J. Harris of Harris Bros., returned this week Iron, :i business
trip lo A Iberia,
IS,nil Hanks enme down from
Perry Creek Wednes lay ou busi
,1. ,1. Worth of Calgary was a
guest ul ibe Cosmopolitan on
Mrs. N. c. McKinstry of Marysville wns visiting friends in
Criuibrook on Wednesday.
.1. Pli'shmnii and M. Ploshniiin
of Vancouver were guests ill lhe
Crunbrook on Monday.
.1. W. Robinson, who has been
ul Red   Deer.   Albt., for  several
Prank   Loavloli   and   W.   II
Bruce relumed on Monday from | Ur... Poriuiu
the Mystery mine.
wi,ieh he brought homo with him
as a trophy Iron, Ibe "Windy
Cily", Mr. Monk is now o„ oxhi-
bii'uin in the big store window of
Mr. MeUrides hardware store.
Thai Cninbrook is becoming
attractive wns verified lust
week when Mr. P. Proeliind from
Ureku, Montana, came north in
search of land. He said that
Crunbrook looked good lo him
ami be did not want lo go any
further. After looking around
for u few days he finally decided
ou it piece of laud lo lhe west
of Ihe lown, formerly own
ed by M. A. Leitch, Mr. Pree-
him will move lo lown ',., uboul
two weeks lime,
Seed Poliiloes a, C CS,
This week, April 2lith. the I.
OU. I'' celebrate their Will Anniversary. This order has hud
a wonderful growth Ulilll now
Ihe I,umber of members amounts
to  one  uiul   one   hull'   millions.
paying mil in relief pitch year
VI, llllll, 7-11. Oil or more, 'lhe loci, I
lodge celebrated lliu anniversary
last Sun.lay when nboul forty
members and friends uiiirclied to
Knox Presbyli'i'iiin church where
au appropriate and Impressive
serin,,,,  was preached  by  Rev.
Thos. Pyio of Sun Prnuclsco,
C;,l., was a guest ut llie Royal
on Tuesday.
Presh every duy, ill lhe
"Palm", Homemade candies.
Try them,
J J. Hinns und ('. A Campbell, II   A. Me I n I,vie, nil of Villi
The P.pvvorlh League Society
..I ibe Methodisl Church will
hold Ils anniversary services
next Sunday when s| 'nil attention will be given lo I heir work.
The pastor will give addresses
I,niching ou lhe work' of lhe
society and dealing will, proh
loins for young people Music
will be furnished by n chorus of
over llu voices smiled on a large
platform,     The  church   will be
Mr. Monk, a trapese artist is
giving daily exhibitions in Ihe
big store window of J. D. Me-
Brides ha id wine si,ire.
Key. 13. II. Shanks of Nelson
preached in ihe Baptist church
lust Sunday morning and even
Rev. W, li. W, Fortune. B. A
look a Irip to Moyie mi Monday
lo try bis luck nl tlshlug. Ile
reports poor luck.
Rev. ,1. P. Weslinaii went to
Moyie ou Tuesday lo hold official
meetings in regard to thecliurch
work of thul place.
Several looms loaded will,
pleasure seekers lefl Crunbrook
Saturday for Steele. They returned timing I he afternoon much
pleased wilh their outing.
Not one valuable book iu a
luiiidred costs as much in lime,
labor und wish us the nowspaput
Which   is   sold   ul   three   01'   live
cents a cop.
K.   li     Windsor   came   in ou
Fridays train from Nelson.
It. J. Warke »l' Hamilton, Om
was u guesl ai iln* Crunbrook
1. Stephens and K. c. Thoinp
son of Vuueouvcr were register
oil nt the Crunbrook Friday.
Messrs Thomas ami MeNauirb
Ion of Seattle vislled the Perry
Creek placer mines.iii Thursday
P. W. Kelsull.if Wallsburg was
in town for several days lhis
John Maedonald of Wycliffe
was iu ihe cily Thursday ou
Chas, Cowoll and J. While
bead of Moyie were registered
at lhe Cosmopolitan Oll Priday,
Car Furniture jus! horn CCS,
K. Put more of Pi.linore Bros.,
wus ul Sptii'wood this week
pulling ill some exhaust piping
for the Sparvv.iod Lumber Co.
W. R. Angus. W. H. Griffin,
and T. T. (iilroy, all of Vancouver
were guests ul the Cranbrook on
.1. S. Carter, District Passenger
Agent for the C.P.R wus iu llie
city Thursday on company busi
A. .1 Boynlon of Vancouver,
13. Desney of Coleman, and li. L.
Robertson of Toronto were
registered nl the Crunbrook
W. 13. Worden, loamster and
transfer agenl, has removed his
..Dice, to the old Rlectl'ic Light
office, nexl door to McSweyn III.'
Rev. I). M. Policy. I!.A., of
Movie was in town Monday
writing on his University ox
itminutiiuis for the degree of
C. W. Smith of Burks Palls,
Dill., and C W. Patton and J. P.
Patton of Smith's Pulls were
registered al the Royal on Tues
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Dulmongti,
of Ruginii, Albt., and Mrs. .1. K.
Prest, of Diilulh, Minn , were
regis,ered nt the Crunbrook on
Sunday Inst.
"Newspaper advertising paid
last week: il puys this week: il
will pay next Week. Its the best
plan lo advertise every week in
THR Pin.si'K.'TOU.
To u iiiiiti who cue lake u pants
billion of fact and evolve from il
a  whole   wardrobe  of  scandal
nothing is impossible except   the
A. H Cairns nl Culgurj wus a i
i'iiiiil.took \ isltor ou  Friday
suits wha hae"
Sad Drowning  Accident       ,The Caledonian Society Celebrate
Thr Battle of Culloden With
Song and Speeches.
(in Thursday  morning  about
I I o'clock il — Llll ileeiilelll . ..'.'il ,','e.l
jus! unrlh nasi nl lown w ben lhe
little iwo year old hoy of Mr
anil Mrs. .1. Derr was drowned.
Tbe boy hud been ploying around
the liouse running to :,,,.! in.
Iron, Mr. Loudesborough, when
Mrs Lnudesbornugli hearing
Mrs   Derr cull ibe boy soul   bin,
home,      ll, a few HII ill III OK   be ills
appeared again uud whet, found
wus drowned in lhe Creek which
Hows ui il,e roar of llio lot. the
mother plunged in brought llio
little fellow oul, Ur. Collin «us
called bul io in. niiiil. lib- wns
extinct. The parents have ibe
sympathy of ihe enlire eoinmu
uily. The fun.,ml tool, place
ai lour ..'clock yesterday from
the Catholic church.
British Ambassador Sails.   u
New   York.    April   £K.       Sir
Henry    Mortimer   Durtintl,   lhe
Hrilish   Ambassador ami   Lady
Din,mil sailed today lor n   brief
visil lo   Kngluiiil.    They   intond
io return to this country early in
.luiie.    Lady Diiriind  will go  nt ,
wounded,ami   prisoners   was  au
once lo   Lenox.   Mass.,   lor  lhe I,...,..„,,.,    ,,	
summer and Sir Henry will  join
her ul'ler havingspenl a lew days
Tbe regular meeting of the
society was held in Patmore Hal;
lust Wednesday evening and be
iiifj tin- unniversnry of the Battle
ot Culloden :i s| inl programme
oi .hii'obii,, snugs was presented.
Mrs Burt ley sang the "I lameron
Men'' und "Will Ye No Came
Back Again". Mrs. Abernethy,
"Can Ye By Allude", nnd
IVhaTI be King Hut Charlie",
Mis. McRoody Waos "Me for
Prince Charlie". Mr' "Marshall
"Htmnin Mary of Arglle". Mr
Thom, "Bonnie Dundee". Mr.
Drew recited the    "Saucy   Mary
Anno".        ll    is    needless    lo    s;,y
iintl all ilie pieces were well
rendered und enthusiastically
received. Tb- Chief nml Mi,
'A. Si- McKenzie gave a .I,'scrip
lion of the history ..I iho times
thai, culminated on tho bloody
Held ol Culloden Moor. April till,
17li'>. The ferocious conducl of
the "Butcher", Cumberland,
youngest sou ol King Georgo in
slaughtering or   sturviug    the
The Si,Han nf Salu if passing
down our from slroet, would he
sure to notice the monkey using
a strunsky pudding pan in
iiicbrides window
iii Washington.
Knights of Pythias Ball.
The annual bull given by i lie
members of lhe Knights of
Pythian I,.ike on Tuesday even
Ing of Ibis week wus n decided
success. Kxcellent lulls!.' was
furnish.al by the orchestra, and
the refreshment were very duinl
lly served, bringing oio.Iii ou
those who were responsible lor
thul part of the programme. So
enjoyable wus ihe occasion thai
fow realized how the nighl hud | l
flown until it was announced H p.
in The local lodge donntod lhe
receipts to San Francisco
Japan's Donation,
The Ml kudo has dona I edited, i
lor the relief.,f the Sun Francisco
lire sufferers, The lending busi
ness men of Tokio und Osnku
have ronl i'ibiili'1 ;i like mi,,,. Ii
is expeeled Ihal the hospital ship
Kiisuho, formerly the Russian
ship Orel, will sail for Sun Fran
Cisco Within u few days.
'•Our BoyB"
j inilellilile disgrace on  Ihal   cm
CloilOI'lll .liin'ii's Wolfe who fell
mt ihe plains of Abraham and
.uu- ol ihe volumes! generals
who ei or commanded a British
force, being Colonel under the
Duke of Cumberland was asked
by ibis Immune Duke to shoot a
pi'oslrale Highlander. Promptly
refused uud said "My commission is -,ii your Higbuess's dispo
Siti.lll    but    I    lell.se   lo   be  your
executioner". Those same men
of llie L'nil tenderly carried the
noble Wolfe Iron, lhe Held at
I'lie Sluiirl cause van
islie.l Iml lime will never efface
ihe gloomy memories ot tho
liiirburilv perpetrated on the
loyal unil devoted lew who ad
horeil i" ihe losi cause The
olio,'ol I hilly thousand pounds,
uu immense sum al thai tune,
could noI seduce the adherents
of Prince ('bailie lo reveal his
hiding place After live months
of unheard of privation "Charlie"
hoard.'d a Fronch slop and land
e,l safely III France, Sir Walter
Scott said iimi such disinterested conduct will rolled honor ou
iho    Highlands    of    Scotland
while Ulilll'  nlaitia exist.  Ml'
McCowan gave aline selection
on   lhe   pipes    "Johnny    Cope",
ol.-        Al    the   end   ol   the  pro
gramme of song Iho  remainder
the   evening    was   spent   in
The Fernie amateurs arrived in
town Friday and prnsonlnil the
piny "Our Hoys" lo n large and
appreciative audience   lu     iho
WoiitWOI'lh   Hull.     The   pelollll   I1
ers,  anted  their  parts well and I'1111"'111"
greal   credit   is  due   lhe I miner
of   lhis   trnup      Thev   showed
iiu.inus loin    i.   ,.,   ...v.-1 |)m|,)(()|] ability lllld were I, credit       ('lum       (Jhiiiiiimn      nnd    too
ll ol Seattle wore regis-        ,                                                  ' "''v        nnpmiin     unu   jui
Ihe Crunbrook on Tues   '" l'1'1'""'     "   ""' ' roniiii > jltlmiu.   who  have   1. It   place
The Fire Brigade received two
uew hose ciii'iiiiges ou Thursday
The new reels were immediately
placet! in commission,
Mr. II. D. Pink and family
left  Cranbrook   Wednesduy   for
Mining Notes
ZghtoS ™.."™hJ    Chas,     Chap,,,, I   Jack
iced Ul Ibe Crunbrook on Tues-   b> Fni'llie.     A   nu r roinili    |,,„llu,   w|,uluiv0   1. „    placer
duy.     Mr.   McNliughton   was a over  lor  a   few  days  and were ln|mn„ U|i Hull river during  the
resident ul Sluole in IHU8, royally    enlerlalned   bv    tlioli-j ))Ust wiiiliic, rolni-imtl   to Steele
  friends     The proc Is were de   |ust Wook,    They took  oul   con-
|.'. Sieinbiiri, Millwuiikee, Wis, | void   io  the free rending room ,l,|,.,;,i,i,,   ,,,,1,1 '   making   good
und Al. Mm/,, presided   of the , .„,„>. wages wiillu mining,
Fori Slcolo  Brewing   Co.,   were
ai   Crunbrook  ou    Wednesday Mrs  Kershaw talipes Unhurt
Tlte.v visited N. Hanson ul Wn-.it. j 	
returning ou Thursday. Mr,    ||     Kershaw, posl music
1011   urailiirooH   vveiiiiesony   lori     .,       ,,      . _7.~ ,       ,        ,    , "'    '"''   Sh'''1'''   ''"',   received ll
Spokane where thnv will  reside     Nl1',  M'»'"»  Hoiiloy lias Jiwl ,„,.„„,.„. h. \K ,,„,,     \|,.s
,..',....  ,,  icinpleleil a feuu'iil sidewalk tor   ,,    ,. |itiui    ,,    I., ,,... u..„
couvc were guests ui the Crnii-1dneoralod forll 'cnslon  will
brook on Tuesday
John Leask wns al "Ha Ha"
creek for several iluys lhis week
Inspecting    the   Iron   uiiu.". ou
Raker Mountain.
the League Colors.    All  lire   III
Vlll'll lo come liml   e 1,,'gO   lhe
young people.
The Annual   Districl   Molding
of ihe P.asi Kooienay illslrlcl  of
lhe   Methodisl   Church  "ill he
\ good lliiiepii'ce is a Inilhliil | held    here   uevl     Tuesday   uiul
friend.    We have it choice sel,
tiou of Indies uud go,lis  winches
! al   prices   1.1   Milit   all   pockets
Win, F, Tate A Son.   Jewelers
X I IplicillllN.
Wednesday, Representallv,
will be presenl from all purls of
lhe dislriel Reports will be
received   und    cointnillees    up
pointed in iiiiciul   the  Annual
  'Cnufereuce which  Is in   Vic
The Palm, is where you   nun toi'hi eni'lv III Mny      h'ev   John
gel  lhe  puresl   and  besl   luiiiie|Robson, ilA.nl   Penile,  chair
charier.    From   Fori   Steele   lo inude cau'diws in Craubrooli j man of the distri. I will preside
in Ihu future.
Mr. Chas Klwell, of Beale &
llllvvull was a, Marysville lhis
week mi business, He reports
Hun ;i large number ol horses ure
dying from some unknown eons,,
,„, Si   Mary's prairie
Mils lliiiison lefl ou Friday
for Spokane on business,   whil,
si,aw. win
The   Hull   Kivc   Mining  and
Puvvur   Company    uie   making
preparations lor immediate work
KlWlOn,    I'.'pl'i'seulillives   of    the
ro a,,, ure ui  Bull   i Ivor,   and
periiiloiis vv ill commend
I'"'"'" » ''' "■ ^""■"•"" "" ii   |
Mr.    R.    P.    Mollatl.    Property J
owners III Cranbrook desiring to ,'nll"'lMCn l"'''  *»yhw  iimi shu |( , j..(> Ul
improve their properly In   null escaped    uninjured,    Iml    suved
Ing' down  u  iuibstt.nil.,!   wall,.  „.„, i„„„r„.„,s L        ..." ' "" '     	
should s re ibe so, vices of Mr ,,  ,        ,                             Mnrysville lo ihe lake is nearly
Henley, Will hxtend 1 elrplioue Line       comploici    Ciiiisiruclion on the
I  '. ..I.i  Ibe I,llie lo AlUl creek
C. F P.iwnull of Victoria was
in ih,, city Thursday, und loll
during  lhe  for,moon   for   Little
\\\,  leiiiii   iimi  II
■ mi,ion,'cd early it,  May
I""' "I   ,l""   'linbt'ioli Telephone    ulU| (|   ,,„,,, ,,f   ,,, ,,,,;,,  „„,„
pan.    I.
Vl.'ll.l    III,
tor isniiiiiini' iiii   iiusoiess.    iv,on.|,,   .,  ,, ,, , ,
in Unil   city    Mr.     s„„   will I !.V.!!]..li^^^"!'..!!!..y^8.!!.L,,V.^'iVa.!!"'!! »t'»'1 h n"i" |,'",•| «'«'fl" I" Wumi, |      (!mnt;
piii'i'base   in aulotiioblle  which
|„> w ,11 run   between   i Irani,roolt
,11.1    W.tsi,
'I'he I i-i Is of W. .1.  Aleloson
ioi,!,,-    |i,«pa,;ili
r   spring
iimi i>
Ward ner ensl   lo  KM,,
rook liml & Uun Club
i iu ilie near Inline
Mosl  I'I'' Hke Ifrntieh bread [    K (. )(   Wiu|ti Tjm,, Kxtetnlrtl
hill  if III'' Cull,loss del llslelh	
A   inee,inn ol   the (.'ranbrook
Rl,,] A   loin I'bib   will    be   culled
oiolv in tin- coining  month foe
Will   la,   pieuseii  io learn   lliiill were A una Could again, and were     y reporl from VV 11  islolhe ihe purpose of making m Bsary
Alch" wasiil I...-, Anoelo, uii,l!io inek;;11'^l",,l|li,'ll' l!"^,.!^,.''l,1T.,.,.V,<'il'- ' liml Wm Callllier  M   I'., iirriingi'ineiils foi ihe suusnli ol
ni inlaw,, bus wrilti'ii )>:.11 n - ni   llinll   Membership in ihe club is
VV 11 i- thai  ihe K.C.R    | plu open ii. uny   who wishes to
l.'rinik Clupp reini' I  Si,lur-1    Sevornl lumber men from Mon |are seeking to have the  ti f[Jotri.    Tlm uniiuul fen Is!&2.*i0, In
tod ui Sun Priini
llig   e:illlu|llllll
.iuriiiK thei probably   wouldn i   elioost,  iiiiil
I kind.
In.j.   iron,   :,   lisil   lo   lhe consl.   lnnu and l.lt.ho wore in town ll
Willie ll I"' purchased it house I week    looking    up    ll    i,itlls|le
il, \',,'l i I will none hi. boil    Thev   visited   Wusll   and     I'llllill
Hy llii'i'i'iibotll May I    Mr, Clanp Flal, and were much   Impressed
ui|| in,' p.iiivJolih I'Mnk lo llie   will,  tbe  Kooteuuy   River  as  a
frozen uorth ibis summer means of transportation of logs
lhe colnplcliollof Hull roud evlell tlllvulicil II Vou desire to lie
■ li-.l lor live years, also Ibe Ihnu ro,no :i ineilllier send your I,nine
limit   under   which   lhe   subsidy  to J   II   Pillklitllli, ol bund   tl   to
was granted, and llllll he was In any i ber nl   llio club and  it
favor of granting ihe same. ' will receive prompt atteuttou, nil,; PROSPECTOR   CKANBROOK   B.C.,  APRIL 2*.  LUUO.
W   Rl ,1.1.1 NS
2-ff,,        n, . thing   bul   a   PiiIbi .in   v-esli
x%\)e ytaapectov. ,,:, ,, ^us
tworth Hole
,'.S'1.\HI.1S1I1'.I,    ,896
A. B. 6ratf,
IM'UI.ISIIKIi    AM.    KOI'I'iili
Maker Street.      Cranbrook, B.G.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   -
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst C.las> Dining Room
The   ipiestiou,    Why   do   boys
luavo thoir studies so early  iu |, w-,]> ,i:iv ihoso who arc
life suggosts Ihni other.piestion,      looking tm work lo call and
~~~ ^^=^ V\rhy do buys win, areailing from
SM}£  tyVQ&PVCkQX.    Monday   to    Priday    inclusive
sinl.lenlv regain robusl health on
SATURDAY,   VI'KII. 2S, lliu,;.
Tilt: City of Cranbrook sii
unted us ii is in the cente
of the greal mineral districl o
Southeast Kootenity, oilers il.
greatest inducements for capital
isls. in search of mines, lumber
ing,   and of lown property.    In
Yes, Admiral Sigbue
Jim   McArthur
He  can  secure  you a job and
el   is
also lit vou onl iii
un lo Leghorn, nnd lliu proper i
1 lady can call ii Linibhorn if she
i Central
Promietor  ffl
:♦:   Marysville, B.C.    ♦ ■*
'/ The leadiug Hotel of the St.   Mary's   Valiey
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished,    Tnble ;,s gooi
us any in Kootenay.
The Presiding Genius
'*\%J(f v'
.1 ■fs*aT\** *    '■  -'^Ai
i ,1 the kitchen  n     ■  '
ton many pots mid puns     |
is often a titne « hen evel )
n certain   size   is   in   isu und , el
there is need for one morn
Uo  -I'll   gOOtl
Kitchen Utensils
So cheaply thai it doesn't  pay
io run on shorl numbers,
home seekers iin,i w:iiio earners,
ull should nn estigate the claims
oi Cranbrook, Surrounded by
rich anil producing mines, a
lumbering disl i id employing
hundreds of mon, an ugricullui'
ul districl ."f immense pt'opor
limis, I',-:,,ib,oul, is destined to
be the largesi city in Southeast
IIII.I. 4  CO.    Thi l.v pluee til town
tlnii can make life worth tk" living.
Noti,-,' is herein,' oivon thai Sixtj
iiii.i- .oi,-I .im.- I inteuil lo ii|.|ilj lo llu'
l   llii'l    1 'Olllltlissiotl,'!'    Ill       I.IIII.I-      illlll
Works [nr 0,'i'ini-siojj in |.ii,'cl,asc Iln
(ullowlnu ,l,-,'i'il„',l   hoi.I-   South    I usl
Kiiiiteaa,, lUati-icl,
' ,oiiiM,-ii,'in; ill ji pnsl ill lh, anal ll
eas, I'lit-ac, nl tail M-l llu nee north so
c|i„ in.    Iticacc  ,■;,-,    III ,■'!.ens. 111,',,.'.'
  hi,uis. tlicaw », -I .'I' I'lll	
th.- iu --I..'Indus, ih, ii.v ii,,,, :„ *      Fine Woolens,
cltatua te I'i ie. "  '"    an      ■ nai ilainu  a X
.1  i'i -.ni i,i.,,. I,, in .   Vrnislriiuji Vie  $
Clothes, Sliucs,
Hats, IK-.
Jim MGflruiur
tlilUSOll   \vc    »'li VNHUOOK,   H.C
***** ********    I Mt** ********* I I
E. H. SMALL, Manager
J Tailor -  Importer of \
II 1
ay. Oats, Wheat, Feet
Dad-il lhis ,Jtli ila\ ,,!   Vl.l'll. IIHHi ♦
i     K. I.IN I'll Vi I'M
*«*j***«»j»*«< *♦«■* I ,*."*■*«*»<
The building ol lhe  C'ruvv ford
Buy Railway a-ill  open u  Iiu go
district rich in copper and othe, Mrs   Hislnn teaoher of the
,   ',' Oj.   Chiel,  munis- '.'   "i mrb.   nisinp          piANOFORTE
minci'iils, also n large lumbering  , „,„, „,„,., ,,...,,„, n.„.,„.,,
area, and Cranbrook isilssupplv    o      .      '     , .  ' l^llZ Special al.e.ilio.i to 1 h,
point,                                                  ile..    s :„,„ lechtiiipie,   phrasing   and
,,,„.',, ,,  ii ,• grading ol studies.
Dave   tlriftith,  is the nuthori       r.a.mie.i ni„M   I  ,'la.\,iiii's.untli l>'oi- parlk'nlar. apply tn 0. 15. Held A
tv for remarking that, the Koot.     ' ~    "M"'1   ;l"'"'''   "'"■'  ln» »I,kI„s. Co., The l)i>„|}ul.t».
i       -ii   .       i    ...   ■ -"inl' I" chains. Ihi'llc ,';isi IHU !
nay (enlral  will  be  lunli   ml ■
Cranbrook    espet iully    for   the
transportation    ol     "Old    Man     ;>.,■.,i vprll 12th. inn.
-. eps,   s        ■, ,  _■..■.        nauas I Nils, .loiiii-on's No. i
We have this week unloaded u car of each kind
Si'iai.vi. I'iu.'K poll TON LOTS, Call and see us before
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a slock of
j   carnefa's stock and poultry food
Harris Bros.
-a «•»«•••♦.••■ ••..•.•#.•«—»■•>»
\ isl .i' iiii if th, wonder-
. stron ■ -, So itlieasi Ki ote
nay as ,, :i. ■._ disl el is afforded by the output •>'. silver-lend
prddiiced by the St. Kugene.
Sullivan and North Star  mines.
Thu cook's  work  is none loo easy     Lighten it by providing      |. is   reported   ihal   Jim  Hill
tin a iii | ile supply ol tie-so excellent 11 linos oi Steel.   Iron,   ("inniHe kas „,,. ,,„,, ■ >,,. proposed Craw-
and Tii.
'V 9 '♦' » '♦' O '♦'. 9   ♦   «.♦<•♦     ♦   9 .4   9  '♦'   <.'♦«♦<•♦   9   4
IB. H, SHORT & CO. j
The Painters, PaperhniiKers, Etc.
*   OF   *
i; ember wo carry lhe only slock of llil.HI
papers in I 'nilibrook
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds "I  I'.uiiiniL'. and I h>i uniting
iitii'iuli'il to pfomptl)■
ford Hay Uaihvay Whal for?
To form a connecting link in his
Canadian  transcontinental  line.
li is wiih uu uncertain sound
iimi the people of Easl Kootenay
are ilnmaiiiling the immediate
construction of lhe Kooienay
Control l.'aiiwnv.
a a a
Follow iln- crowd and you will
come direct to Ci'tinbi'ook to investigate, nml possibly invest in
mining, lumbering or the. agricultural resources of litis districl
Every prospector coming into
Soiiiheusi Kootenay comes to
Cranbrook ns il is the nulling
centre, Ihe outfitting und distributing poilll for lhe entire
The breeding of line poultry
is becoming n prominent as well
us ii profitable industry In Iho
vicinity of' Crunbrook.
ll is gratifying to observe
iimi all reports from the minos
in Southeasl  Kootonay indicate
,■..-! mi ,'hiiois, thouce nortli iu chains
Dated April kith, imili.
Nels. .luhnsnn's No. 2
(.'uuituen.-lni! ni   Nels. Johnson's  No.
2. -on, -, ner, tlienci-  Illli chains
wesl. thence in chains suuth, llionco
till) chains easl, ih.•,..■,■ liiehalns tioi-tl,
:n pla I,-,,!iuneii ont.
Dnted Vprll 12th. lnnu.
17 Nels. .Inlllisuli's Nn, tl,  '
.*,    I'.u, mix :'.:.     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE ill    U, progress lowards the establish-
'*}   * ment of tho mining industry on n
:♦:•>:♦;•> ♦<.♦:<>♦.<.♦» ♦/. ■♦:«♦. »:♦■.» ♦:«:♦:«■:♦.♦ ♦ snund baslSi
• • •
All rands und   Irnils  lo  every
mining cam | ntront Oranbrook
"""*■"***T \\\   triiiiU   muds mul  railways
centre ill Cranbrook.
1 T I I
Wholesale     —
Galuan Buer, Ale \ Porter.
I. I l.lil.i. k CO., Mas ami Gain.
F. O. E.
i'.vkiiv Tiiriisn.vv
Visiting   Hriithers  t'nrdlnll.i    Invilc.l
i'. boss T.vri-i. vv. I'lvsiiieni
A, VV. in,mk. Secy.
if Rocky Mountain Chapter si
[s NO.  125,   It. A, M. %
'•\      Ito'jiilar tnoi-tiiiys:   2nd 'l'aus-   gi
:g   day  in  each   iiiont),   at  i-inht   3.
\    o'clock. I
S      Sii|i,iir,,iiijj   ( oinjiiinniu-   aro   ;:
S  .',1,-iliallv Invltoil, 5:
5 i
JS W.M,   I''.  'I'.VTK. Si'l'il.,' 15,    £
•5 ' S-
s       llo\ 4       CltANIIKOOK, I,. C.       |,
Gourt Granbrook 8943
MKKTS   ilSII    .VNI1   4TII    '1'UI-ISIIAVS
Visiting   hroilioi-n   oorillally   Invltoil
0. I!..    A. MCt .WAN.
s,,,-i-,-iai-,i. T. MAHSIIAI.I,
Cranbrook. B.C.
c. c. c.
The largesi and mosl bountiful ■
lovvnsllo in Soiiiheusi Kooienay |
is Cranbrook,
a    a    *
If you ivlsli I" Invesl iii niiiiing
or  liiiubei'lii'j   ,   sll'uighl   lo
A uev. spnper is || liii'dseye
'. low of :i!! ihe magnanimity and
meanness, Ihe joys and sorrow,
Im Hi- nml 'i,Mil, lhe pride und
poverl V "I  Iiie world
Solicitor, Etc.
Gl'illllll'OOk Urilisli Coluiitliiu
  Tliele are -I,till' people ill (Vim
•»a»aa»»»«*-»«»»-»»»»»«»»# •»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»*■»*•     '""""     ' III Vl'l'   lll'llllgl'  ill  IIII.V
' The Illinois Central
J VI I   Ml '   ''-     "J, Il.'ll    -,'l'li,','     ll'iilll
,    lli, i.-i .ml -imili. MitlihiK
{    el , t i.io - u Illi   trains  nl   llll
f      Mill.-,,„il Hill) IlllOS,    |,il-a.'lloi-l'a   HIO
»    nr.,ni tool' ell r.f r si,,,'lii,'ii;.,..
J l.m'l-.-ii,.,, VI.on|,I,I- nml Noil , li-leiitm.
          I     rneifli 11 |,nlul» In the fiil'eiiHl
Presh and Salted MoatB d_\        V|.    '    I'm.    • ■ > • - --i.-.--       iniin- ._....„,.„..,„,..„
Kish unil I'nullry in Smmnti ^llWJlK^       >     ■ ,<■  ,,,,,,,.,,  ,T,.-| i	
J wltli ti,., ioiio,, ii,- rc|„'i,H,iat,ttlvua,
,1-ders by mail will I'neelvu prompl  I  earnful ntlonllon   { H, ll.'l m uuri.i,, Cnnunuroliil Aroni
J HJ Third Hi,,, I'orili,,,,!, OroKun.
# ,h ft, Ijniisi.v, 'I'd''. ,v I'.A.
{ I4i Third St . I'.irtland, Uragun,
4 I'   II. 'I'llOMI'SON,   I''. ,V  I'.A.,   11	
% I. i ohi,.in llnlj'.  s.'.ittl.-, Waal,.
IIAIIIIIHTKK, sul.lrlTiili
innl N.i'l'AllV  I'l'lll.ir,
Crunbrook, ll.C.
G. H. Thompson
,'J*   II.VIIIIISTBII ,. sol.U'lToil
SPl   Sii'i'.nv I'l'lii.ti'
l''uriiislieil for uny point in tin
list rid.
Boot, siioe Maker
All Weill Ituiii'iiaiood
Noii Work Made lu Measure
Armstrong Ave.   BliSS ,,„„,i
Paeilie   Coast   Points
Paine, and Tourist
Sleepers, Bullott
Library Cars, Modoni
Day ConolicB.
Dining Cars,
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
for fall imrllouliirn,  ralos,   r„l.loi-
I'tc., call on or uddroHH,
S. fl. VIIIIKKS, ,1.iv.,',..,.
Soilllle,  Wlll.ll.
ll.   W.   MAIIONKV,  IV.  ,v   'I'.A.,
City Scavenger
I'nrlies   bavin.."    lin.-l.- yui'tls,
nnd chisels lo clean,  antl refuse
inuller to be lalton awuy. si Id
lenvo orilers with mu
I, on vi' nrdot'H ul I tic I'll,, I'lorlianlllcii
or ilrtiji a |ioal„l cin-il in lto\ 111.'.
Royal  Hotel
Finest of Wiues, Liquors ami t'.
i (ia is
Those who are weary and  thirsty,  dro
i iu. and
Alex will do llie rest.
ALEX McCOOL     Prop.
1     ft HOTEL *
lpGue3ts Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection jj)
Nearest to railroad depot.   Has accommodations    for    the   public    iuiei|iialh'd   in
Hot and Cold Ha ths
Proprietors m
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Manaieetnent
..     ,        ,       ,• a        VV'hi.ii you want  a   o.idiI
Ill'lllllllllll'tl'l'S   loi   llllllllie     a ■ 6
,   , i .- t   pace  to stui, cine to the
in,mi mul ohi timers. i,   '     .   ,        ■
"•   Muiululiit.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Gaiflaru Game Co.
Oitlcr liv I'hi,ik'  %n
i in,il„ li. 11.(1,
P.I^.S.  X* CE.
Kurl Steole 11,0,
Physician »wl Siiroeon
0,,',,'lllH .VIIMSTIIONO  AVI'l
Uncus:   a In It 11,111.  - n> I I'.in.   ,
7 to H ii.ni.
I 'Inmu "llle lu''    HobIiIoiiiiu um ;
AN X3''
USERS        j^/EST J;""" "«»
PRAISE ^9jr    p.," iii.
it.   jar ■ •
l:> kl.i•.■net,,- l'l,,,!,,
tuition Strvfa, 91,00.
luioriloi "iimi:, lo8twverii"
I'HH SAI.K \\\
,i l" MoiHUniQ      L'HANHIlnnK ll.o
— Always Up-to-Oate -H
Cranbrook. -      - B.C. 3
Geo. R. Leask & Go.
Plans, Specifications
nml ('..stimulus
All   kinds   of   building   material
flthe gfcoftpectot.
SATURDAY. .M'lHI. 2*. 1908,
SUNT p,'„„.s/iim»fflr.SPEEW
Purchase   Price   $3.00  a  Month
Allowance Hade For Old Machine
Arnold k RoDerts
Wild, sn, IN BE HKKK
The kind We uiuke
will he the most an-
oeptablo ISustor Gift
Prest Piioto Go.
Knker St. Cranbrook, li.C.
J. Edgar Davis
«   Bricklayer   ~
""■Contractor  w
Furnace,, Boiler, Runs..' and
Fireplace Work it Specialty. All
description of stonework undertaken.
Orders left at J. D. MoBRlDtS
Will Ftoceiva Prompt Attention.
Take imtfee thai thirty days nfter
ilate I intend to apply to tin* l.'hlof
CoiiimUa[o(H!i' of Uuuta ami Works I'm
puPinisaion in ('lit nml i.tiri'y uway
timber from tho following (IusuHIhhI
irtiiil-i in Suuthoasi Kootonay:
t'uiIlMli'lli'illti   111    A    p03l      plllllh'il
uhftius wont nf tin* timber Heonue
marked J. A. Broloy of l^ornie; tlionoo
wesl lBOohaiiiH, thonoe south -10 ohalns
thonoe oust 1(10 ohalns, thonoe north 40
chains, thonoo wont 40 ohulns tn place
of commencement containing" 1140 acres
more or less.
to. JRNSI2N, Locator.
Dated Mnruli 28rdt 1000. 15
Best Time Best Service
tiacf   Via Porl   Arthur  to
Via Soo Line To
St. Paul,     Minneapolis
Only Line Connecting With
St. Paul to Chicago
Daily Tourist Sleepers
Through bookings via nil linen
New    IS. S.    Empress   lli-iti<i 11,
14000 tons. ",7n ft. long.      Leave
Quebec Mu.y II),
l'',„- riu.-a. Un,.- lul.l.'H. nt.,,, upply  tn
1,,,'Hl agents of well...
li.,.,, Hllller,  Aguiit', Oi'iinhrook
,1. S.OABTl'ilt, l'l. ,1, C'OYI.I''.,
D.I'.A.. Nails.*,,.   A.<!.!'.A.. \'„„,'<„iver
Your lUlctiiinn in untied to Mm
"Ploni-i,,' Limited" trains ol ,,li„ "Mil-
wiuik.'.t- It St I'mil Railway," "Tlm only
purine, trains in ilie wi.i'lil."
Yon will Ihni ll doslrnhlo i.i riileoi,
lliOHii trains ivi,.',, union- lu i.n.v point In
the I'liwlern Stales or ('muni,,. They
connect with nil ThitiHn.nl i„c„i,il
Trains nml nil Ticket Alfontu Hull
Kor fnrl.h.ir i..l.ji,,,i..i.i.ir., pniuphlcis,
etc, uai. uny Th'liet Agon), or
It I,. I'llllll, II, S, ItoWK,
fuss. AffOUt, I lenerut Agent,
Cranbrook's 100 Club,
The following is u list ot Cranbrook's One Hundred Club:
1 .1. A. Harvey
2 l<\ E. Simpson
:i   W. T. Reid
I Dr, W. S. Hell
T.   R. E. Beattie
II .lum.is Ureal'
7 G. T. Rogers
8 A. Moffat
'.i .1. II. I'lislitke
10 Dr, Miles
11 T. M. Roberts
12 .1. I). Mellriile
111 A. W. MeVitlie
II S. .1. Miirhton
IS W. P. Curd
lli .1. II. MeClllllii
17 W. I). Hill
Im .1. Harris
iw F. C, Mai pas
20 C K. Reid
21 V. Hyde Iluker
22 Hoggarth A Rollins
28 E. H. Small
24 VV. H. Wilson
25 D. .1. McSweyn
211 A. B, Fenwick, FortSteele
27 (.'. A. Cock
28 Win. F Tate & Son
2li A. B, Grace
tin .1. P. Pink
ill E. Paterson
82 .1. P. Huc.hcrol't,Marysville
llll 1). .1. Johnson
84 H. While
lie .1. M. P. Pinkham
36 H. I). Curtis
117 Dr. P. E. King
88 Perry A Fitagerald
80 T. Wardman
4U P. DeVore Hunt
11 A. L Me Dei'inot
42 A. ('. Bowness
48 C. II. Uunlmr
44 George Leask
85 (1. H. Thompson
■lli Drs. K"m>; .t Green
47     Pat more Hros.
4s ti. II. Short
4li P. Matheson
50 Clupp .t Rollins
51 Queens Hotel
52 Royal Hoi el
58 E.  South
54 C. A. tiuskill
55 I). .1. Elinor, Moyie
56 E. Mul an.lnle
57 R. P. Benedict
5s P. .1. Smith,  Moyie
511 Beale St Elwell
liii T. T. McVittie
ill E. Doberer.
02 A. Jollitl'e.
(18 John Lousk.
lit Rev. W. ,1. W, Portune.
What Do You Think of it?
Shortly after the G.T.P. contract wus piisse.l by Parliament
a number of members who voted
for il wore appointed to limra-
tive offices in the gift of tho
One minister, Mr. Blair, who
bad resigned ou the question,
and hail made oue speech against
the hill, liml then become silent
and remained so during the remaining months of lhe session.
He was made chairman of the
Railway Commission at a salary
of #10,000 per annum.—Lethbridge News.
Tarte Says Tin Scandal.
Tnrte, writing in La Patrle,
intiuiiiles lhat the North Atlantic
,101,1,IN,I   PUOMPTI.V l'.XI'l.'l",T.I>.
Houses and Cottages for Kent
or Sale on Easy Terms.
Telephone H'2.
MIXI'lllAI.   AIT.
„•'<...». I1'..
ri'H'.iri.'.TK ".' »m>llov.:MaJ.'Ta.
Umpire Kniotiouul Mineral Clitlin,
Slumtii In tlm I''..,, Sioolo Ml,ll..|| l.t. Isl.m i.f
I'laal KootUtlUy Dlxll'li'l,
VVItsri' I.H-i..•-',:  'N.'Sr I,Hie I'l'i'l'l.
','itki* nnlleu ,tmt I. ,1 w A. Ilnrvi'i It'ruo
Miliar.'» I'i.l llll.'ill.. X... "I.1IHW" >i,tlllll
aa Hlll.1,1 tor .lunula 'I'. Lulillsw. |,'.M,H, Mo,
UTllHlal. W. M 'I'minnl, I'.M.' N... llTUsr,, null
,ln,„.<a Annus. I'' sir. X... 11,71111111, Int.'tiil
aim, ,iny» fiinii Co .In"' lloriM.f, lo u,.,ilv lo tlm
Mltilfitf KoooHlor for „ CirllltcHUi >.t hui>rovfl
Uli'lila lur tin' |illl'|i<tsu i.l i.l.tiihtlu,, a I'n.wn
llllllll  'll IlK.lltJOl" Dll.l.,1.
Vtnl tiii-tlii'i llta-0 HOtloe tlml Sl'tlon, iilnti-i'
lUOItOI, ill. (ItUSt '"' i'iilliilli-liri-»l ...'li..'., tliu Issll
1.1,0,10, an.-,. C.0,1111,'1,,0 of linlnuvi-miuila.
11,11a,I IlllH Till ilil, „t Mltruli. A. 1)., I!<0»1.
Trading Company's scandal i.-.1
serious. He wants to know of
whom it is composed, nml win.
pocketed the quarter mill ion
which ihe treasury paid out. 11"
says the majority of ihe committee who supported Smart in
his refusal lo reply committed a
grave error.   Calgary Herald.
King Comes To Canada.
London, April 20.—Speculating on the possibility of the King|
going toCaimda, a correspondent
says, his acceptance of Canada's
Invitation would also involve u
vis'n to Washington. He argues
that Roosevelt would he sure to
extend nn invitation. To refuse
ii would he ton ungracious lu be
He declares thai this phase
will have lo he kept in ininil by
the authorities in reaching a
Prepare yourseii To Due
-'iS,- g'     ,"',
| Cline
Ol tbo old Msultoliii llm-bor shop
.■nu uun bo i"„ii,i in tin:
s'lrs, Class Work in all hriinches
nf Ha-
Tonsorlal Art'i
Teams and drivers furnished Tor any point iu the district.
A. DOYLE, Manager
I liei'oby give uotkse that SIxby iiay«
afterdate i intend to apply to the Chief
Comiufsslniioi* of Lunds ami Works ut
Victoria. It.*'., for periui.sMoii to pur*
iihaso the folloA'ingUosoi'ibtiil pluno nf
lautt iti Soiitliotisl Kooteuay:-
UugittnJng ai ihi' mile posl on
the Northern houmlary of Loi No, 1118,
thenco north si) •■liahiH,   them isi
10.15 chains, thonoo smith -0 ehaliiB,
thenoe oast -tn ohalns, thonoo south -U
ohalns, thonoo west so ohalns, tlionoo
south 401'liaiits. thonoo west 7 ohains tn
plaoo of lieyiiiiiiiiy oontalnlng -'inn aoros
inori* or leu*.
H. I'lt.VCHT.
porT.T. MeVn'TIK, A-.-m
Marelt 2llrd, 190(t. IH
Thirty days after dato we intend to
apply to iho (Jhlef Ciuumlsslonor of
Lands and Works foruHpuolal lioonse
to eut and oarry awuy timber from the
following desorlbed lands in Southeasl
Kootenay, !i.t'.
1. Commencing ai a post plunlod
oloso to the mouth of Cariboo Crook,
between Cariboo and Skookum Chunk
river, thonoo soulh VIA ehaius, thonoo
west 40 ehains. thonoe north LU0 ehulus
theueo easl 10 ehaius, thenee soulh -pi
ehains to place of beginning, containing o4o aoros.
I1. Jensen, Locator
Dated this 28th t\uy or February. 100(1
'2. Coin me noi tig al u post planted
northwest corner of I'. Jensens timlier
limit, thonee south Hill ohalns, thenee
west 40 ehaius, theueo north loo chains
theuce oust 40 ehaius to plaoe of boglnnlng containing 04n acres.
I*. I'curson, Locator
Dated this 28th day of .''ohmury, HHHI
;l. Commencing ttl a posi planted 20
chains soulh of the nortli wosl corner
of I'. I'oai'HOIIH limber liniil. Iheiioo
south SO chains. Ibeiicc wesl M0 chains,
thonco north 80 eluilus, thonco easl 80
nimbi* io pluee of beginning containing
0(0 acres.
II, Lmiiliii, Locate 1'
Dated tbis'.'Kth da> of February, IIKHI
4. ('oiiinteiicliig ut u post planted ui
lhe north   west  corner of II. Luudln's
timber Ibuil. thei  south su eluilus,
ihenee wesl HO chains, thouce north HO
ohalns, thonoo oust HO eluilus to plaou
oi boglnnlng containing oio acres,
Mrs. tot Lundin, Locator
Datod this 2sih day of February, IIIOII
5, Commencing a! a post plunlcil
about 20 chains south of the tini-tli wesl
corner of Mrs.   Lundin's timber limit.
thonee. south so chuins, thei  wesl  So
chains, thonee north SO chains, ihenee
en hi so ohalns to ph  of beginning
containing oio acres.
I*» {', Pearson, Loealor
Dated Mils 28th day of Febrmuy. IlKllI
And Procure ;t Package ni
Paas Easter
Egg Dyes
All the Colors of Iln- I Illinium'
One Pftc-kaifH Doei. It All
Only   5   Cents
For Suit- liv
ig C. E. REID & CO.,   ,
^ phone 7 4        Tlie DrUggists.i
h \
rliiiiita -.,, il.^  i in,-.- i,l ,',.ni-
-aj-K.^ "*****'i| *f awmaatiaT' Patt-et No. 22   Commencing at a post
W  Tenders for Timber Limits, i " 'hai"s west of the iaux>>9**'
^iy.i ,',,,'it,',',, >,it  \->. 21:  thenoe goutli
MV/ IW ,'iKiii.-.   <:.".j'--   u,-i   vi   ,.-imiii»,
Kt\'fl   >J,-..vl.l-:i. I i..\|.|:i:s. ......k.-.l --T...,    ■, ...„■,-,...,■:,. i |,a|ns, thenueeiu, w
.a.   i       '''"   ''"'   Tlmbpr    limits.    'Wi-    I'hahi* to ,lu- plu-v o! wiinmencemeut,
WW   Hlvor," will be roeolveil by tlio   mil.'.--      I'mvel    N'o   .:;   Commenclnij   nt   u
.a.    signal,  up ,,, , ti ,„,  Mi.,u,-.luy. th -t planted 111 i-lmiiis west,if thij noi',1,
WW|2S>liu\vor April. IIIOII. ft-i.m nnj   per- ,,,. riser ol   I'm I  No. 21: thonee
f*Ajj Is"" 'h'slfhty  luubtuln speeial  timbei   iiui'tli Kill ehiuns. lhe, west 40 chains
\tyff   lleoneesioe I en,','}   uway  thnbei' the, , li 100chains, Ihenee easl tn
a*Av   ri'im, th.- followlni! .lesiii'lhe.1 lands, sii- elmlns lo tl.,- ph, f commencement,
W i "in  »'hit" Itiver. in  ti"- Hi- ii," "'     T ,e p, ,■-,,„ ufforinif the highes, .-ua,,
^(1/) I Kust Kootenay: bonus    ivill    I.,-   entitled   to  spe.-ial
Parcel Nai. Commencing,,, a post I lieem-es covering tin- said limiis. re-
,1,-ivat.l,' foi' in,-n,v..in: Successlvd
Kael, lender must he accompanied l.v
j, ,'"i i lite,] i'lie.| ie. made payable a;
par in V'ieferia tu tin- undersigned,
for Hi,- a,mmm, 12.114,1.00, of the lirst
year's ,'   lot- sue), speeial  licences,
Jin.i ii..- uiuouui et the li..ini> tendered,
aii.l also a eerlllied cheque for H,!H5
f,,,',-,,-, „f cruising, locating and oilver-
'j-ir :. "1 -ui,i limits
Mill. I'. M vi KAN .
Ihliulji i „,.- , „, /. /- ,,  H'orfca
/  / I    II',,l.-   /.',,",! I
I'li-lnri'il. A'.'., -'/a' itairh, fm...
| NORTH   STAR       I
Kimberley,   B. C. £
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
Tlm iiiiiiv,' hotel lius h.'on recently erected, mul neatly furnish-
ml Ihi'.iiiii'h.iiii. 'l'h,' Hur is supplied with the hesl lil'tmils of
Liquors mul Cigars.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»
Mottled beer lor family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
4 P. O. BOX 812     b
5?     TELEPHONE NO. I     $
Port   Steele Brewing Co., L.td.
•I'lil... until-,- thul thirty iluys iittor    .,,.,,.„ nil|i|.t. „,.„ M      (,|lVH „„„,.
,!„„. I. il„iu.,,l,.,'sls,ii'<l.l„t.>„.ll.„.|.pl.v ;,,„„. ,. H,,,,,,,,!,,,.^,,,,!, i„io„(1 iniimilv
1,1     lh"     rlli"1     UoinnilBMloiio,.    nM,0t|,„(;i,i0rc'ni„ml»Blo„n,'.,fl,„,„lSi„„l
LhiuIh    mul     Works    ul     Victoria,  W(„'ksi„ Vlot.,,'1,,, ll.C.. foi' ,. »| Inl
»•<-!., for ,i» inl licence io cut an.l ■ Ml.,.„,.,. „, ,,,, ,„„, ,,„.,v „„„,■ ii,„l„.,-
carry uwuy tlnihcr f,  iln- l,.ll.niiii«• ,,.,„ followlnir Unwirlhoil lands hi
ilusorllii.il  luti.ls  hi   East   Kootonay.   Rm| K(mt„lmy,   CoinmcnclnK ul a |hwi
,'i„„„,,',„'i„,- ui i,  |,osl pluulcd at the    „,, .,!„„„ ,„„..!,„„.  mi|,.  w„s| „f
north wont -no, ol I'. I'earson  No. -'i,,„,,,„,,, ,., k „„ sl,„tll ,,,,,.„,  trai|
, |.„-i
> I|ilui,toil iilmiii mi,- mi!,,   irom   White
I lllvui- Lake, innl ul ne-hiill  mile
Iron, White Hiver on llu,  south -1,1,-.
, i„i„l almui  2.1 mil,- f.-a.in   il.   in,,,,,I,,
lhe, us,  ul,,,ni   In  elmhis,   thei	
i   ninth In,-liui,,-.: il.,- m-i |nu ,-luiin-
thnnce a..,uli ID ehulns „, llu-  pi, f
1   eoinnieueeuio,,,,
I'lireel N„. 2- ,'omnienehia ul tn,
1 Miiitli-vrcal corner !«,-i ,,r I'areel X... I:
. [tlll'lli'e HUSI IHU i'lialns, Ihenee   >,,,.],, In
,'hiiius. Ihuncu m-M inn chains, tlu-nci
, 11,0,'lh   in ,,liulii.  l,,  ,li,-   |,| :   ,
'    I'areel No. ■';    iiionulnn at •   |,osl
planlcl ul  iln-  - Ii-n, -i   .-.ii-n.-.'  ,,i
I', I  N... 2:  Ihen as, |,KI ehuhis.
{tl uth   In elmhis,   ll    iv, si
! inn ehulns,  thonee  tl,   III ehalu.- In
tin- pluee of eoinnitiueeinen,.
I'ureel X,'. I   ' 'oiutui'tieiuy  a, t, ■„,-!
j iln i I ui  Hi,-   soiith-wes,  .'..rner  ,,:
I'ureel X,,. :i: them us,   mu chuins.
Ihonee    soulh     H>    ehnlns.     llie,	
wesl hill ehulns, llienee uni-t.li 111 ehulns
tn tin- iiluei' ,.l conuuoneenio,,,.
I'ureel  Xn. .'i   fm tu-iiiu   ut   tli,-
norlli-ivos,  eorner ..1   I'areel   X,,.   I:
llu- south IHO chains, Un- wesl In
chains, thence north I'm chains, lhe	
ensl   lit I'lniiii-  i,, tli,- ;,l ,   ,,,,ni
I'm I Xn. .1   I'l.niniriii-iiiu  ui u post
planlcl nu the soul I,-west sldoof Whit.'
Itiver. unil ulioiil Iim eliiiin- nortli-wesl
uf the noi'th-ivcsl •„.•,- ,,l I'areel No.
I: thoneo oust 111 elniins. ihenee south
inn   chains,   thenco   wesl   III   chains.
tlience north Inn ehulns ,n the  pi .,1
I'ut'i'i'l Xn. ~, l.'oiuinoncino, ni u pnsl
plttutt'il u, lhe nortl,-wes, cnriier ol
I'lireel Nn. il: thunco north inn ehnlns,
llionci wesl In eluilus. theuce south Inn
chains, then, usl In ehuhis to Unpin if eoiiuucncoinent.
I'm I No. fl   i'i,nun,■!!,-iim' nt ii  |im-i
plllllleil nu iiie iiorlh-ciisl si,i,- nt While
Itiver. anil uhnnl 20 ehulns oust  ,,1 the
norlh-oas, enrner nt I'm I No ill t Inn,-,'
ensl SO ehulns, lllelle. Hi Sll  elm in-.
Hi, west Sll ehulns. lh once north Sll
elniins In the plu if ,-iiln In,-,,.',-In, nit.
Parcel Xn. I,   I 'niunn-in-iinj ul   „ posl
plunlcil m  iln-   'lli-wesl   corner  ul
I'nreol  X... s:   iiu-n us,   sn ehnlns,
thenco north so elniins. thonco wesl sn
chuins, tlionco south sn chuins lu the
liliii'u nf commencement.
I'm I Xn. in   I'nni imili-.' ui u post
|,l„nte.l nl   lhe ni.rlh-wcsl   corner   "f
I'areel  X... I):   tliom iml SO chains.
il,.-, nortli S,l ohulns, lhe ■  wesl Sll
ehulns,  lhe  soitlli SI) ehulns In iln-
plu I ennmiell.-enielll.
I'nrcel .Xn. 11   i' iicnohui m „ posl
plunteil on tin- north-oasl side ol While
Kile,', ullll UU'mi     llllll   mil,'    nnl'lli-
,-list,-i-li' ir Um nnrlh-oiisl  eorner ol
I'u l' Xn.  7:   tli,- :i-i  Sll chains,
llle   -Ill Sll IllllllllS,  III,',   U'-s'     Sll
ulmlns, Ihenee soitlli sn chains It, the
plu. I , ne, iiii-iii.
llllll..'.- license. ,henee snlllll Sll   ,-hides,
thenee wesl SO eliuhiH, I henci' north  SO
nil    up   Kkuoliitit,   .'liuek    Itiver.
Ihum us, Sll elniins. Ihenee  south   SI,
alialiw, tliaii as, HO chains lo place or „,,„(,„, ,1,,,,,,,, „.,.,, H(l uluiins, thone,
h"«'"' - llll"ll,K   IM"  ""''""   """'" I north Sll elmhis, In lhe plaee nf  heel,,,,.
Iinieil this liih day nf .Vprll, IIIOII.
I'.   Ii'llsell, I llllllll                 Mnrkud P. .lensoi, Xn. I
Unilinionolng at    n  post  plunteil   10
chlllllH VVOll nf lhe 1,nl'tI,-wesl  corner of
1'.   .I,'Usee's   Xn.    1   tlmhor   license:
Iliuliee nilHl liiehuiiis, the, south Hill
I'liiiins. thoneo ivosl  lo uliulns,  il	
II,,rlh HIO i'lialns in pliii f lu-uinnin^,
entlluillil," 1,10 neres luuce nr less.
Milli'll ihis lllth ilny ul April, IIKHI,
I', .tense,I, t.nen,nr
Marked I'. ,lei,»o,i No, 2
I' iii-n.-itie ul ii pnsl   phi,iled ut the
nnrtli-iiesi cni-ner of I', Jensen's Nu.  2
thiiher license! tin- south s„ ehnlns,
Iheliee nesl Sll elniins. lhe,    .,.., 11, Sll
i'llllills, ll,,',,.'.' ensl Sll   ehuhis   tu   plliee
ul  hugliniliiK,  cotiliilnliiB   mu  nures
IllOt'l! Ill   less.
I In led litis liiili dn) ill April, 11,011.
I', -lelisetl, l.oe„,nr
Iii Marked I'. ,1 onsen Xn. :i
Sleuin   llolle
4, hilly,
,1 I'llrnui'i- Wurli u
Iii All Stylus iiiiiI Colors
Stripe   Duck
Ti, mutch iill cnlot'H "I  Imllil-
IngN mini., oii Shorl  Notlco ut
S|ll llil, III' HI' Clllnuiv  |)|'I,',!S,
Save Duly ami l-'.->-l•_> I.,        H	
hy ordering ft	
A. GRENIER,   Oi'tiniu k, B.U P.O. Box 834.   Crunbrook, B.G.
I'nsl iiiiiI Sliu'li Ksliuinlt's,
I'liiiiisiii'il Upon A|.,|,ll(itt-
inn. eoniiihiiiiu' Itll)acres mure or less.
Dnteil ihis lilh duy uf April. 1110(1,
I', .leuseii. Locator
('nnuueitelni; „l it post planted alioui
utie mul nun half mile east nf Copper
ere,,ill  Iiii soulh   Sll  ehains. Ihenee
weal SO iilinlns, lliiii 11,1-11, sn chains,
ihe, isi so nhnliis u, ihe plu, i
iH'ninninu'. emilnh,l„r Hill aercH   re
nr less.
I,;il,.1 Mils llth dnj uf April. Il.il>:.
IT I'. .lens,,,,,  Locator
Notice is linrohy irlvon Hull Sixty
days nl,,',' dule I inleuil loupply In Iho
Chief    Cnnunissinllel-     nl      l,:,„lls    unil
Wih-Iik ,..,' periulsshu, to  purchuse  Hie
follnivilie lleserilieil lllllil  in South lliinl
Ciiiuinetii'liiL' nl i, post ph,,iled ut the
Hoinli.'i.Ki corner nl Lul  llll Uroup I,
tll.,1   north I'nrt.l   IO eluilus,   Hie,	
ensl Ini'ly lu.'luiliis, thonoe soulh eluln.v
so elmhis, Ihni wosl lui'i.i  In chains,
ll cc hi,I'M, llli'huins lu   plu. I   ho-
il innl, m.
Datod ui Ci nul,Mini,- ihu, l-i Om ui
April', Iimii'
ll ll. .I. MnVITTIK
TAKK   NOTICK  ,ii„i   thirty   days
aflerilate I Intend toupplj tutheChlul
Conunlsslone,'of land uun V\',„-ks for a
license 10 ou, ,„„| ,-;,,,,-, „,vtty lilnli,:,'
fll.n, the lollnwlnij ,l,-s,,-ih,-,l 'luuds il,
l.ii-i KoiUeimy.
i. ii.,-"A".
Ceniiucnclna ul a ■„>.! marked David
u.i.-i corner |a»si
iIm.ui 'HU' mul one-
hi-i-ii-e mm i„ii i'„,iiti
hull mil,- «,-i ol Skook.imehuck river
uiul   ,il» ii,•   mil,'   wesl   ,,1   il.   ,-i.
I'l'lzzell's  'thensl  corner.     'l'l,,,,,,-,.-
i u1i,b  sn ehulns   i it,,   thence  BO
chains ,-u-t. thonee si, .-huins south.
-li su ehulns ives, to place <>f com-
Itiii Id llrcokonridgo, Locator
April 12th. mon,
I.i,',.n.,' "ll".
, 'n,n,l,,-,l,-i„l|   ill    I,   [il.s,     Illurkclt    11.
Hruckoiiri.luo's sniitheaBt cur,..;,-
license 'IJ' uiiu mljiiiniuu ihe southwest
 -ii.-i-..f li.-.-n-,- '.V: thonee north   ltlO
cliuhis. thence wesl 10 ehuhis. thetiea
south 100 chains, thonee call in ehains
in place uf coinnicneemont.
Iim in llrcckcnrldge, Loofttor
April I2lh, lllllil.
Ltceiisc "i".
i' uieucini,  ui ii posl   un.rkisl   II.
Ilreekenrldeic's soutlioasl  enrner post
llconsii 'I " |,|n I ui lie- niirlheu.-t eui-
ncru, David Rreckenrldite'sllceuaa 'A'
thei  l-iuniilie Sll elmius north, Ihenee
sn .li.liii-ii,-si. thenee SO chains suuth.
Iluu re sn chains easl tu phico ol eoin-
David llre,'lie,„'i.k'c, Locator
Ajil-I! 1211,, IIIOII.
I.i,-ens,' "D",
I nninii-neill^   u,   u   pnsl    nuirked    D.
Ilrei'kein i.le.'s s.iullioiMl  corno,' poll
lii'i'u-,' -If pi i hall mile north
,,l thr soulhwesl corner of C. VV. Wil-
aou's license mul uhoui nn.- und on.--lu.il
miles .mull nf il le-iisi  corner ol
li. Hreckcnrl.lifc'a li -,- 'II':   Ihenee
nortli SO chains, thence »,-*t SO chains,
thei -mull sn ehnlns, Ihen. u-i  su
chains ta plu f eounnoncc'liionl.
Ituiiii Hi kcurldife, 1 ah.,'
April 12th, limn. In
TAKK   N't,TICK   iluu   thirty   days
nfter dule I im, -inl lu apply lo tho Chief
I'areel X... 12   C nonolnjj. m u ,,„-, j1' "ilw rot Lauds and Works fur
plained .„,   iii.Mli -i.l ' Whii..i1"'""-"1"'"" ui nrrj  iiiiii.i  timber
lllver, uiul ul i  lo I„s rrnni it-;"" ""' ' "'"-  '' >' ''   I'"")"  '"
llllllllh: llllllll u-i   sn   elniiu-.   thei	
north siiehuiiia. Ilienco wes, so chuins,
tlience south SO chains tu place .,1 coin-
I'm I Xn. Ill   iiiiuiiii'iii'iiijj'nl u posl
planted 10 chains ensl nl iliosoulh-ives,
corner ol I'areol No, 12:   ihel mil
SO ehui,,,s, Hi,-in usl sn ehui lis. Ihullcc
north St) ehulns, thenee wesl so chains
tn ph, ,f eunitueni-el ,.
I'm I Nu. II    Cn
planted al   Hi,- north-west
I'ureel Nu. 12: Diet west 100 chuins,
iln- -Hi III chains. Hu- usl Inn
chains. Ihenee soulh In chuins to plnee
ut run mem.
I'areel No, Id   Con nein-ui u |,ns,
planted nn  tlm - li  -in,- ol   Whit
Itiver. ami nt Hie north-oust
Kn-I K mil. ^^^^^
X". I.
Cm , noinj. ui u ,„,-i marked David
ItrcckctirtdKe iiorthwosl eormir post
ii'i.. S'o. I slluiilod alioui iw.. miles
south "f il,,- Skookuinchiick  rlvur antl
ui tlm hvvesl corner ol Hie Claxton
liniliei- licenses mul uhou,  Hu  uiul
nlle  lulll'lli   miles    u,-i   <>f   Lot   .KIXI:
thei -mull sn chains, >be .-> su
I uliulns, thence north Kit chnlni, thenee
■i,,c ut a post i „-,.., su ,-iiiiins in pi., ,f  nmonoe-
David lii'i-.-keiu'iili'e. Locator
April Hltll, Itluii.
No. 2.
c,uiiii,-in-inn ul ii pnsl murked Dii.-I.l
Ircckenrtdvje tiorlhwasl   enrner   |ks.i
" i lioense X,, 2 siluuieil iii Hie southwest
... 'I'llf   Dm i.i    lll','i-l„-lll'ii|,je',    Nu. I
I'ureel X,,. II: thence wosl inn chains,  ||IV„M,. ihonee runnhiK south SO ohalus
Ihonee north-10 chains, the, u-i Hill, I tlium-e eiesi 80 chains, thenee north So
Ihonee Hi 40 chains t,, place ol „■ |,.|iu!ns. thei weal su chains to plaoo
'   ti imenee nt.
I'lll'C'll Nu. Hi   Cummenei,,^, „, u pnsl
plillllml 20 eluilus nesl uf tlm north-east
eorner nf   I'm I   N'o,  I.",: Ihenee wesl
Iimi ehnlns, thonoo  -Hi   10  elniiu-.
Ihel u-i HIO eluilus, theu il, in
ohalns in place nf eouiiuouccineni.
I'lll-I'el Sn.  17    I'tunUlunt'lUU ill It pnsl
planted 20 ehains wesl ,,rthu th-oa*,
oornor <.l pal t  Nu   In: ihenou wosl
lliu i'lniiii-.  Ihonee   north   in   chains,
th,-, usl till,chains, thence sunlit In
chains in plu f en,uu,,',,,,,'in,-nt,
I'm I Nn, is   c.imiiieui'iii;., nl u pnsl
planted 2(1 chains wes, ufitic nortlionsi
,'UI'liel-   nl    I'm I    Nn.   17:   ll ,',' KIWI
IHO iiliiillis,  Hie ' uui'ili    In   eliiiiiis.
Hi,-n, usl inn chains, thei soulh III
eluiiii', iu plnoo nl i menl
I'llieel   Nn    l'l  I '..,,,,,.,-1,,-i i,...   i.'ll ,'|,iii||-
ue.i „| lhe north en-.i rorner ol I'areel
Nu |K; lh,-tie,' u,".I  sn chains,   Iho	
m,I'll   SO elil.hi-,. Hi,'I Isl Sll   elniins.
Iln- null, Sll cllllllis In place llf , I
I'm I Xn. 'Ju   I'm neiie- in n p...!
plillilcil 110 chuins ivosl ul Hie tiorlhetisl
corner uf I'm.-el No, III; tlio wesl sn
chains, thei -lit SO chains,  tin-	
ensl su chuins, Ihenee south so chains
TAKK mi'I'ii'i: n i in,' urn ii uu
llio |.| i,',,r,iiiiiiis'.iiiii,'isi,n ,iu,  i	
Hlsliliil ,„-,,, inliii tiny.nut,, lie iii- ■ i'" ""' I'1' '"■
n r ...I-......,.-.-  I  un,'inl  In u|.|ili   ... -.1...,       I'm | Xn. HI    Ciiuiieiii'iin' ui ii |,,.-t
 uoeoiii.nlMlonorsfor u Irnmlor     planted iihuul I > mil,' Ih-e,i»terlj
"'  from  lhe  noi'th-enil  corner of  Nn. ,:
lire,  ,,,
roll In I'lu.l  lliinilli-y
,'I'llllill llu,i'i. Mllllsil
Dated this mi. Jny nr April, A I... iiiki I In wost SO elniins, tl„- south SO
io iti.'iii'ii.r jieiN.sii.N   |chains, them u-i SO chains,  thonco
David tl, keiiiiiii;,'. Locator
inr;; luili. I'.iiiil,
Xn. il,
i •nnini'iii't'j'.' iii ii ,in-, iieur the north
„!.., curnur ,,f David  II, kwirldce'i
Xn. 2 Iteoiiso mil marked David Hi k-
eiirhlKc - "im,-! iiei- license No,
:i: in,' u-' inn chains, thenco south
In ,'lniin-. Ihenee nes. Hit, ehains,
Hi", in,nil lu ohulns in plu. f coin-
David llri-okoiii'ldee. I atui
April  luili. Iimi',
S'o, I.
( um pel no- at a posl ul   Hu- south-
iie-i ,-,„ u, r uf David  ltracko„rld|ro's
Nu :: 1 it ,' mul marked David Brook-
,-1,,'i.lr, liorthwes, eiiriier license Nn. I
ih.u u-i Inn elmlns, Hint  south to
,-liililis. tlir    »,-I  Hill eluilus.   Ilintiee
 'Hi  In,-nun," li, place   uf  eutttlu.>.„'.<-
H.i, nl III Iletiriilee. I aim
Apr ll,  IIIOII.
Nn,  .',
i ni n,-ni" ni ,i pii,i iitiii'lii-.l Dm-lil
lli-,'i'l,eiiri,l,'e iiuriluv,-l eorner post
[Icons., No, , phu-ed nl Hn- southwest
 'i,er ut  Hu, ul  Hi 1,,-,,,'idco  Nn.  I
license!  Hi.'i ll-l  HIO ehuhis,   lli,,„ee
 Hi 111 elniins. Ihen,,,, ue.l Itii, ehulns
thonee north in chains lo plu .1 con,-
nn- iii,-nl.
Dm i,l Hreekonrldge, I ale,
April luili. 1111,1,. Hi rill-'. PROSPECTOR. CKANUKOOE, B. •'.. APRIL im, t'" II
*««»**»«««**ww«^^ ffcitc ihoo^cctuv. Head THE CANADIAN BANK
...    j,,,:,,,. j,,:„.s„ ~    Splitting        OF COMMERCE
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
• DO
* tim Ji-1
9 ■%   v$ y.l1-''
That we oarni a vera larofi stock ol f
Hen's Trousers  i
W ■:nmmtmmmntiimnminnnnnnmii,
•i        ,i...l.U..l..ll...,...,i,„,l.l..iUUI.lll.lU
VV lien   you   |{e, n i.- I  ulil-
lushit >l lleu.lii,'lull,nt makes
you,' heil.l llllllll! nml your eye,
Sjt        Ttllll I'llO, Of l''»ll    St,','!,•   Mils "lllH   :""'    kes you »!,.!, ,.,
sg.   iii Illi, i-ily Tliill's.lnj'
ch in
ul  I'm;,I,,,', nl I'l'S
Dr. Scott's
It. I-:. VV \I.K1-.K. C.tmral \l..,i .14.-, ALEX. I.AIIin. Ass,. Gcn'l Manage!
i       K—it,   11!   Ill,'  Pill
These g-oocls. like every thing' *
1    ,.   ,, .     1       ,, I, 11 ,,,,l-,.l,,,     l),.u,,la,«j * nMti-al Banking tuiilntii l.amaclid.   Accounli mt) be opened and conducts,! til
t.V    I'riti e|,-,,: Miii'.vslllli'Wlis        llClUlllv.il>.      I ONHICI S mail * illi ill br.nchei ol Ihii Bask
j;::;,;;::,!:;: ; y     savings hank department
• Ucpi.slls uf   M  unil i.|.»i.,.ls ivMlrcil, ami ll.U-l'csl allowed ul
One Dozen In a Box 25c.
else we handle, are fnlly guaran- i c-rSffiX u l£,,™
' ' '   Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
ci.-.vol rules,    lhe .Icposltiii' is .st.hjcct lit .... .Ich.v  uhut*
.'in'  In  the   .. iilul.-i.wnl ii, the  ..hole  »>.- anv
portion uf  the  deposit
, . £> i'i i    ,1 usl i,i'i-h oil  n ci ni I   Imv.
teed to give satisfaction or your | o»   \ . it	
*      Sum   Morrow whs ilo\> ti  i min
money back.     We can tit tall. J '■'•"'5'M u:' -
9     N     siiiii vv'iusis .ii i:,'i,i ,y
short,  fat or   lean  men.   with *
MISKIl.VI,   VI",'
,|,,|IM   ,    ,
K"'.. i-is",   "Vtu|,i,.".   "Krup'r"
"Turuliln" Vlinernl i lulllls,
i PANTS that wear well and look well J
*       .1.  While ,,! Stool.. «.is iii uun
9 r osiim
'   9
C ii-i.tin slron lit'i ^- ■'"' tM'.S, '"' ■,
\   Lumlott', .nul T Kii'klmui «»l .i,,'^
,i::,u \   w.'i'r   iv-Mnv,|   nl    Ihi' <" Ini
■ ■ uli un WVdnosiluv.
*      K  i;,'i^\ of D.MiM'i. t'olo., wns
■ i."v * -:;,'i  nn   WVtlnes
>-l -i.l,  -'I l.im.'i Millie
.un.-  \ Hurvt'j ivm
III V -•-11    llllll    Us   i.|!Ulll
:;«m uiul I'ltuiu (lulu,
litiie S'o   n iiuwi, in
III.'     .Illli)    ll.Tl'.ll.    t"
I  111
utiiiHUH fortlie |)ur|i»Mi ol nbialnlm
lllllil  oloUfllOl ihO HllOVO I'lftllllS.
m.'i   mlif innl,',' iliiii unii,ti. iimli-
uiu-l III' i.uiniii'in i'-l befall! thr Ikrii
i li iVnili.'iili- nl hii|HiMi'iiii-iils
lh I'.'Mi till) ..! M.iii'li   V |>.   IHOfi,
>i a u.\i!\ i:v
BUY International Coal i
Nicola Coal Mines, Ltd f
j.     \Ve hav ■    t ■
seven,    .'■ . -
 ul       ll.C
'ith';,'"  -Hi,   Sfi,   ■
II  r  llnko,   'I'lu-iniiii.  ,;    N.
i      '   SI  .'.   I'illlMI'.V. llllll l\   Ni'lsilll j
ii   \V uiiippy   win'.' ii'e'isti'ri'il   m
ll,.'I    ,!ii,i',„ik in, Stiiuhi.v last.     |    I'ltl.llc um Ice is herehj eiien in lhe
 , Klivini'. nl Hie rii.i ul I'rnnh, It, thul
Tl.,,-..    Sini-I.iitl    ,,|'    Wil •, M i'ci|.ilrelhe|ireseneeufthesuhlelce-
H ajror.il the Pliii'inifiaii mines ""I"" ""•■ *'*>«»*•" I'liunilwrs, in the
vvuMit Cnmbrook on Miiniluv on1'*1 null.UiiB, I't'iinhruulc, ll.C	
,   s |1H<J. I llie Illli illli III May. IllUli. lit lli   ,,'eluell.
I iiuiiii. une u'eloek I il  lline,,  tui' lli,-
i-i e iiiMiiii- ii'i'i nn smuiuv'""''"T; I,':',i"-" i"'!:*""lo iv[""';
sent      III,'111      ill    111,'     I  ill     Mllllil'lnill
Belt Pins
Blouse Sets
WK luue ii nice select!.,,, in Uiese Hues it,
rcasunuhle prices,
Oul'   i-ulleeliull   is   lefl   illtl-uetive   llllll   we
iiuutil ask  vmi tu ius|i,,,-i these lines whether
you inletiil in |iiii-elinsc iu nut.
VV,- un- always pleased In show our atneli
. P. Tate k Son
Jewelers unci Opticians
Olticial   Wlltoll   liispis-li„-« lui-.M'.l!. Ciuiv's Nesl
''uss lllvlsluu.
J. ni
,,        .. ,, i im pliiou in  imv  your  now
',     '~' .       Ti       Spriliu   Hilt   is ill   Ur'iil  *    Cos
llie work with-
ii.1 l-'u
and Sullivan
-   STOCKS   -
Beale & Elwell
Baker, St. Cranbrook, B.C. | | STEWART'S I ?,r^v.iu,r
For Lowest Prices.
! fll)OllHliat FlflllO if''™'::-;:"':;;r;;::r'' '
Ull     llf     .Illli
Vin. Walsh, |iniprii'ii,r uf tho
I Steel,, llli'lll mai'kol ut
■-•:,' wus ju i |,i, eiiy Tiinsiluv
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co     Ki-ml. Hnzon mime down from
ih" Alki creek mines on Muiuliiv
,,, (...   while  in   liivvn    l-'ri'd   litul    his
w'h'tsket's tiitipiitnleil,
MM I, I',
nuiilc    In   lhe   res
i;, r,
Tin-      le     ill     iiuinliiatl.uis     ul
cnnilhlules shall he us follow..: The
cin.liilale shull hu mnnlntitetl in wi-it-
iuc. llie iiiitini: -lmil lie suhserllieil h>
two voters of the inuniclpalhy us pru-
puscr uiul seeoniler. unil shull he lie-
liiereil in the Iteiiirniiie i lltlcer he-
tweenllio.lulonftliuniitlcciinilip.n,. 11
p.m.local ii il'tli.-iliiy ul in mii, lull,.,,
lull i'1-ti! ul u poll   ln-inc lU'cossary
Mi,-,, pull will heopcnei  Hi,' Til. ilu.i
..I May. Illim, iu tiie l-'i.-.■ Hull. I'l'tin-
lil'liuk.  11.1'.. helll'i  lhe lllllil'ni II11.III.
An Afternoon
Consisting of
Sis Cups nml Saucers
Six B. mul B,  Plates
One Tea Pot
'l'h.' Lnailin;; Sinn
1.. i-
Choice Confectionery
s.  E.  C.   Williiiin. -  'I"' I"""' "' '■' !'•'»■. «|i.i„. loci
were r.'iri.-li'i'e.l  ul   lime), inllieevcninirl nl ivhlcli  every |      ()ne Sugar Basil!
Ihe   Cosmopolitan    mi    Sunday   I1'-'1'""" is hcrehy require.] In take notice
|;|>, Ullll cnvel'l, themselves Iteein-.lin^ ly.
l.luulilienlii I ul.lei'liieli:   'I'll.- person • i tm I ili.-.l In In-   iii.iiiiiint.'.l   I'm-  n I i.l
,-leeieil    Us   illli,'i'lll,',      i,l    lhe    Till     |||
Sued Potatoes at CCS.
I'tlK.SH    NUTf
l-i'-I. Lettuce,
« Green Onion
\V. A. Ilh'.'isili'll of Periiiu was
in il,.' elly Sni unlay   lasl, Mr.
Hleasiloll    lefl   ou   S'.iniln.y for
()ne Cream ]ug
ALL   FOR   $1.50
Lemonade and
Water Sets
We have a dozen or more
sets at prices fronvtwo to four
dollars. We will sell any or
all ol llii'in
rrnuhrook, shull In-such persons us arc
innl, llritish suhjocts nl the lull agu <>(
L'l  years,  uol  illsi|italllleil  iimler  uny
law. iimi have I u lor the six  months
preeeillue lhe ilny of  Nonilnutlon the:
™ leiiisiereil owner, in tile l.uiul llecislryi
Wo tll'O ready   to  liOllipeto   lot- ,m Ilinul unil reel property in the  Meil'8,   Women's Ullll  C'.ll i UlrClls'
o,-,.,, ..,      'iiialny and stylo ol our job work M ,.iu. „„ ,,„, )|W| ,„„„i,-ip,,i usscss-
-ipill.KII       will, any  printin.tr  office   in   lhe „„,„, ,.„n. „f ,,„. ,,sse.-.se,l vol. f live
Fancy und Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Choice ' Irnnges .nul Banana:
Illlll.ll-i.ll   iliillurs.   ur    i vol'   unil
iiliiu-e uny   recislert'il   j.ulpuneul   or
Hun Miickiiy ,'iilun dnwi,   from  ch.hu, or who ure olherwlsc qiinlllleil
♦ '' i~Ti-:\\ a t;i'- iim. riiii.'ui.ATlis   the Si, Mnry's river count r.v on „s i„unlci|iiil voters,
Moiiilny, und on Tuesday  went    itlvuu uiulcriuy luiiul ihe'-'iitl, .luynt
HlIGH   STEWART        to Wild Horsei crook lo inspect I April, num.
'*"""   """""" Uie  now  iimii  now  under eon
*     PtlOlie 75 ftl'IIISll'OlllJ,  ftVC. struetioti lliero,
Hoots, Shoes uiul Hose
Cranbrook,   -   -   B. C.
,:, II. I'ltl-'.sT.       £.
Ilelurirnielillleer    [J
> mis stands For i ]ll»h (irade Brand of ^fttn?f!?!!tni7f!t!ft!!!!?n?!!??!?!!?!t?fT!nf!nt!?t!?t!?n!n!t!fn!n?n?f!!!!tn!fn!!!n!!!!nM!!t!1t!f{^
^ GAKlJJi^l      lllli>r^ "If                                                                           ~         I      Imitation, they say, is thi'3
♦' Km-wiiii- ii iv,- nn '-ei' ■ .ni,uu-. >,i,'t--i.i»i";,-   iii -i,»-I., w,- Hunt ♦  ft                     ^ttWSk\                            is^ftk                           sinreresl    Hatter)'.       Have 3
'* ... ..ii , i... i,"..,.  i       I,,,,,,        .,,-  ,i.I.-   , .' 1 9    arr ..£^w3aaa QrWt .    ,     -3
'«■     vi,,,,, irnile. innl all the in " '■ l'r«|.       ur n»k  le il __
:'♦.'     lilt'    Su    '''.    Tills ..HI t-'lUinilltee,. I Sl-:liVU-K      HI.' -,•».■        ♦    g
9      Iim,. Huse Beoln,  Nuzzles. Oniipliiic-s uiul Hun,Is.  ll ... will       *    C-
.♦    ,n , , k.-t:  ii »'J '"-'   ♦   r
„ *-■ .   „ .,       . ♦
Ci*iiii,'>i"<><>',>- B.C
♦   ,.♦->♦•:•♦   •-   ♦   '■'   ♦   " ' ';   ♦■>♦•■•♦■>♦"■♦■••♦.■>♦    |
Don t Mi,        ' -    ■     I'liin      ~
D.J. J1 HN   iN
Carpenter       HuiUler
i,nml  Worl    il
lleiisiiiiiii.i,' I'i ir-i-
Office and Workshop   Lewis St
.].   ilcmlipiiiriersln,
ri:i-.-siI I in I'l'S
SI I, nml i I  I.
■    i'mm-'i:."i'in- ii:1.
it.i: (.I'liiim (ind Soft Drinks ;
Also Tobacco, Plp«"
mul Oi,;uiH
Baker St.    Craubrooli   .
"wBrown Bread |
R   N. 1-INCH & CO.
. .iM'l.i TII ' - I.l. ■
I'liinie Illi i 'raiilirool    H
-♦ PETES *■-     i
vmi noticed hiivv mu style 3
of iiilvi'tiisine tins been in 3
tateil,     l-.vrii  in the very ^3
Will I Is. 3
Will iis iml hard in imi 3
late mu  iiilvi'ilisin,'-;. Iml   In 3
imitate niirl 'Inthinv; is a very 2
ililliiriil |iiii|iosili.in.      \\V 3
i-hiivi |)ii'.tnres nt our Cloth 3
im; uiul thrv are itetiial pic  3ji5i
 1 ^Si 1.
I Ladies Wash Skirts Z
In Pic|iic, Linen and Duck in 7
White    anil    Linen    Shades l*J
Prices Ranging From $1.25 to $4.50
Tweed Skirts
'!J     In Tweed Skirls we have   nil   the   latest   styles
f      nul shades, iiai'ii.iiliiiIv the pretty shades ol Grey
' ll
tl»   •»l«i*«KIS*lirM*«Hii>»>l'lHsl«'l«l»«i
Prices From $4.50 to $12.00
ie 3 ||WlHi*«WaWIHI*l*lMIWI
lures   drawn   from   actual 3
The artist is not allowed 3'1!
to deviate one iota from ll
in    t-nuriivcr    and   sn villi! zi
■■( iive   ns a swell Cl.itlnii>> zS
Cut",    Vei'V dilTei'enl, 3
We   have  arranged with 3
I P. Burns & Co. I
our artist to produce I,,r your ^ fc
inspection, Mi. V. A. ||
K'ollins dressed in one ol the 3 E
New -'"lit * 'I'liiinv up in 3'Jr
dale sails.    Walt It foi Vic, 3 £
fgt  Hm.il Ollie.i,
C Oalffury, Allnulu.
Main Olllet, lor Khbi Kool.ji.ay, 3
Clnilbinuk, BO 2Z)
WHoleMtile nml l^ctnil
I  I'llllill  IIUIll',,,,,1 -
-in i-liii'l inn     in     --I,j,, mi
II Meat Merchants 1
3E zs
t, . .    ,        ^~,m A A    *~*t a **a\£ Denlers in Abattoir and Cold Storage 3
tCratibrooks Greatest Storeii
Live Stock
at Calgary. Alberta    ■-*
Nexl  iimii-  tn   A   I'   Hnwi
I'l'inilii'iiiil; Sli'i'il ^   —   -    —         " — — ' — "aSICM
P.J. fi'mia.iSerlah.,illiliillli»lU»UniUiuiil,UtU!iliaiilUlliiiliiiliaiiiiiiilllil


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