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The Prospector Mar 2, 1907

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 UW.r; if t..| in
Vol. 18.
Oltioers   Rosign   Now   Manage
ment El"(jtort   The Sweeney
Combination  No   Longer
in Control.
A mooting nl' tho directors and
stockholders ul' the Sullivan
Cl roup Mining Company wus
held iu Spnku.no on Thursihiy
February 21st, 'rim | rlnol
I ui I "oul tiro ul the meeting was
the resignations of It Clonden
ulng us inaiiagei', F.J, Flniiloutiu
Ireustii'i'i' and   K.   II.   Anilt'i'soii
superintendent of the mine.
Mr. Dedolph, was reeleclod ns
mttnagai' of tho smaller til
Marysville, uud .lames P'iuluy
as mniiugei' In charge al the
The election of the above
named officers is a source of
satisfaction toall the stockholders
save perhaps the combination
controlled by Clias. Sweeney.
and there is no doubt but, lluit.
from now ou the affairs of the
company will go forward with
more energy and prosperity than
heretofore, Mr. Finlay was for
a number of years in charge of
the Sullivan mine, and has con
siderable experience with this
property. In fact the entire sue
cess of the mine lias been due to
the ability and experience of Mr,
It is possible that the return
to the mine, as manager, of Mr.
Finlay, was due to an investigation of the affairs of the mine
several weeks ago, wheu it was
found that the development work
was not keeping pace with the
output, and Unit the ore was not
being sorted carefully enough to
obtain the best smelter result.
Ore in Sight.
While there has been but little
prospecting done during the past
year, and mi new ore body discovered, there are now in sight.
in the Iin foot north drift. -10,000
tons of ore, and by pushing pros
peeling and development work
this amount will be augmented
toeloseiin to 100,0110 tons. There
are also in sight, blocked out
25,000 tons of ore carrying IS to
20 per cenl zinc and 1- ! percent
lead, which by carefully sorting
aud mixing, will be smelted
at a profit.
The financial condition of
the company is excellent, and
under lhe new management, the
stockholders are united in the
opinion that the Sullivan will be
the largest silver-lead producing
mine in the province in 1907.
Japanese Colony For Canada.
Montreal, Mar. i. -A scheme
is on fool for creating a large
Japanese colony in the heart of
Alberta. Well-to-do Japanese
farmers are to be brought oul.
according In the project, and
they will turn their attention to
the raising of wheat and the
cultivation nf sugar beet and
anything else which will thrive
iu the climate. The necessary
negotiations are being carried
om by 11. II. Niiiitiigny, who
represents a group of capitalists,
and his proposal is to purchase
a tract of 80,000 acres from the
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
for the purpose.
Failure of the Irish Potato Crop.
Dublin, Mar. 1.—The potato
crop in the south and west is a
complete failure. Acting on reso
lutions from public bodies all
over the country the Local
Government Hoard today announced thai large quantities of
seed potatoes would be imported
and distributed throughout the
country. The distress in Galway
and Mayo Is acute us the potato
in these countries is the staple
No Sold to be Imported.
Washington, Mar. '-' There
is good reasons for the assertions that this country does  not
need     gold,     but     thai     ii   ll
did      I il      il      It      I'uiilil      be
gut Iiiiiii Loudon For some
lime past Uie gold importing
bunks ami nl her instil ii l inns havo
rofrulnod from making engage
inonls iu open mnrltol in London
ill deference to the wishes of the
governors nf the hank nf Kng-
hind. Large oxports of wheal,
Investment buying of our Mucks
by foreigners ntul sales of  miles
abroad by largo railroad corpor-
nliiins nl' the 1'niteil Slulcs llltvo
iipei'iileil in favor nl  tin'   illipnrt
nf iiiiiii in ihis country. It undoubtedly is in recognition ol'
lhe financial strength, and the
position nf the United Stales
thai the manilgOI'S nl'   the   llllllll
nf England hnve maintained ihe
discount rale of the latter ill 7
per cent.
British Columbia  Won't Enforce
Sunday Law.
The Lord's Day Act, is an act
10 secure the bettor observance
nf Sunday.
The provincial press is ti unit
in protesting against the act
which will come into force on
March 1st.
Members of the Lord's Day
alliance were iu Victoria during
the past week bringing forward
strong inducements in favor ol
lite enforcement of the act,while
opponents of the measure are
urging the Attorney-General to
observe the act more in the
breach than in its observance.
A clause in the act gives the
Attorney-General a power of
veto, in fact putting it up to him
to say whether the act shall be
enforced or not.
We believe that, if the act is
enfoiced it will be a costly experiment and will be met by a
strung resistance from lhe people
of this province.
Western people hnve outgrown
the puritanical ideas in regard to
the manner in which Sunday
should be kept. It is doubtful if
the people who have learned to
regard Sunday as a day of liberty,
rest and pleasure will observe
the day. lu sn far as athletic
sports, fishing and shooting and
the generally indulged in sports,
we think the act will be utterly
Representatives of the Lord's
Day alliance waited upon
Attorney-General Pulton during
the pasl week and asked him lo
ipprove prosecutions for violations. Pulton gave no definite
reply, preferring to consult witlt
the other ministers of the gov*
eminent before doing so. It is
regarded us almost certain that
the law will nul receive local
Equipping Battleship Virginia.
Brooklyn, N. V. Feb. id.- -
The new battleship Virginia,
flagship of Rear Admiral Charles
M. Thomas, Commander of lhe
Second Division ul the Atlantic
Fleet, bus arrived in the navy
yard heru for the lirst time since
she won! Into commission. She
will be iiistn I led with twenty one
inch submerged torpedo tubes
and will lie the first American
battleship to be lilted with lubes
of the type. Later on the new
battleships of the Atlantic Heel
will be similarly equipped.
Items of Interest.
A recent report slates that
Bill Galliher will open a law
oflice in Ottawa. We wonder
if "Bill" litis had unough uf the
Kootenays—or if the Kootenays
has had enough of   'Big Bill."
With "Bill" Galliher onto!'the
way, "Old Man" Simpson of the
11 itii III, will be able In make guild
fur the Liberal nomination in
Session of the Civil und Criminal Assizeswill be held ill Fernie.
Where was Cranbrnnk when the
lights went out nn February -lid
Visiton Here and There   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
W. I). Ilill was at Murysvlllo
Thursday nu business.
Vi Hlpplor nf Moyio was in
the cily Friday.
1'. Burns ,V Co, expool a cur ni
linins und Bacnii this week.
il. II. Thompson was ul Ross
luml Tuesduy on loglll business.
Constables ,T. Walsh, and A. A.
Ward, und .1. Ryan look iwo
insane men tn Ihe llsyllllll III New
Westminster this week.
P. R. Corsan uiiil W. c. Mercer of Tumuli! were guests ut tin*
Cninbrook Friday.
W. Burton of Pomeroy, Wash,
was a guest al lhe Cosmopolitan
M. B. King, is now mt the
niad tu recovery. This news
will be received with pleasure by
his many friends.
Our tnagnlllcont showing of
Ready-to-\Vear Huts excel! all
previous seasons.    Reid A Co.
Peter Woods of Cherry Creek
wns in the cily Wednesday on
Mesdaiues Donahue and Wilson
of Wardner were visit Ing friends
at Granbrook Wednesday.
A. Pnlniet'of Cardslono, Alta.,
and .1. Cummings of Brandon
were in the city Thursday,
Dave Griffith and D. Newell of
Fort Steele was in the city
Thursday nn business.
Born—at Cranbrook on Thursday February 28th to Mr. and
Mrs. Win. Abernethy a daughter.
It. Richards came down frum
Kimberley Thursdny nn business.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. G. Norquay of
Calgary were Crunbrook visitors
this week.
W. Murphy, representing
Barber St Ellis of Toronto was
transacting business ai Cranbrook Thursday.
Chas. Finch of Jaffray spent
Tuesday in Craubrook. leaving
Wednesday morning for Marysville on matters of business.
Vic. Rollins, of the Cranbrook
lintel, has purchased Ihe furniture and stock of the Falls View
House at Marysville.
VV. McLeod and W.  Chtsholm
of Wattsburg were transacting
business at Cranbrook Wednesday.
C. Christie of Medicine Hat,
C. Norton of Brandon. D. Sutherland and VV. S. Wallers of Fernie
were guests at the Cosmopolitan
Mrs. Wm. Forsyth of Kimberley wns at the Sl. Eugene
hospital Wednesday iu attendance upon her husband, who is
seriously ill with pneumonia,
I). A. Maedonald of the
Manitoba hotel who has
been seriously ill for Ihe
the pasl two weeks is now getting along nicely. He was up
fur the tirsi time on Thursday
receiving the congratulations of
his many friends.
Mrs. E, BrynosofNow York,
has taken over lhe "Wilga".
Mrs. Brynes has been very successful in managing hotels iu
England and tho United States.
As a private hotel the "Wilga"
is one of the best in the Kooteuuy, and under lhe management
of Mrs. Brynes ils popularity
will be largely increased.
Mrs. Hugh Stewart Tuesday
afternoon entertained a number
of friends iu honor of bur sister
Mrs.   B.  Thompson  Foster    ol
tngloside, (int., who is sp ling
a few months iu Cranbrook.
Over thirty ladies responded lo
the invitation. A most enjoyable lime was spent in needle
work and conversation, A
feature of ihe entortainmonl. was
u guessing contest "A penny Inr
your thoughts." Mrs. Chas 10.
Reid won the first prisse,
Mrs. I). Brainier nf Kimberley
wns in the city Wednesduy.
Rev. C, O. Muin was ut Nelson
this week attending ti meeting
■ if Hie I'resliylery.
A. Leiich wus transacting
business lhis week ul Calgary
and other points in Alboi'ta.
Mrs. ti,. IV Tisdale and her
daughter Miss Annloarrlved last
Tuesduy frum Willnria. I Inl..
Nul. Darling, n Vancouver
cigar inun spent several iluys in
Cranbrook ihis ,* k,
Mr.  I Mrs. .1. I Iillis nl' High
River. Aim. were visiting friends
nt Cranbrnnk this week.
M uh'i ihu Mc I li ness uf Klk uu mill
was in tl ity   Thursday   nn
The service iu the Methodisl
Church next Sunday evening
will be largely devilled lo music,
A number of choice iintlieins,
Mlltio i|iini'letles and mixed
I'liarlcltcs and solos will be sung,
iu addition to the general chorus
work. All ure invited tn attend
uml take purl.
Manitoba Elections.
Premier Robllu hus announced
the dale of the provincial  elect
ions as March  "th,  with  nomi
nation duy as Friday Feb.  ■.'Hth.
ll   will  be u  short  and   sharp
Report for February   Large Attendance and Good Conduct of
'I'he February roporl of the
Cranbrook Public Schools for
February is of more than ordinary interest to parents as well
as Ihe pupils, It shows thai
during the most stormy and
severe weather of winter there
was a large attendance, that the
pupils are progressing in their
studies, also keeping up a very
creditable daily attendance.
Div. 1
il''. It. AlliltM'.-um, Ti-iii'li!'!'.i
Pupils attending      ill
Average attendance 25.12
F.dith Hall.     Kathleen Bridges.
Sybil White.   Lillian Leask,
John Wood.    Ruth Harvey.
Spry Morris. Bella Taylor,
.lessie Kennedy.
Div. II.
(Miss Caldwell,  Tcimhcr.]
Pupils attending 44
Average  Attendance .'13.30
Rose Dumont.  G. Cartwright.
Louise Haeg.    B. Hickenbotham
Olive White.    Chas. Morrison.
Clifford Sisson.Kachel Bardgett.
Lillian McCowan.
Div.  III.
iMiss Purity, Teiiiiliui'.l
Pupils attending      411
Average attendance   114.27
Wilfrid Dallas. Harold Bridges.
Eva Conely.     Andy Patterson.
Gordon Fowler. Kate Dumont.
Lauretta Armstrong.
Francis Drummond.
Div.   IV.
;Mhs lliill. Teacher.
Pupils attending      50
Average attendance 33.30
Grade Biggins. Irving Leask.
Arthur Bowness. Hazel Taylor.
Alice Woods.    Russet St.Elol,
Alexander Dickson.
Gordon Wallinger.
Div   V.
.Miss I'l'iizier. Toucher,)
Pupils attending      IN
Avorago attendance 111.08
Merle Tayler Nortnon Foster.
Ruth Haeg.    Beryl Cameron,
Rainsl'ord Parks.
At the "Gym."
A html fought buttle Innl;
place iii the "Gym" nn Friday
evening lusi week when Ihe I'.
P. R,, and the Bank teams faced
up Inr bushel bull. From lhe
start lo finish ihe game wiisclose
uud lhe seme I.'i In 13 in favor
nl lhe C, I', ti, . :su just roporl
i if the closeness of the game, On
Tuesday evening, the "Gym"
and Town tennis lined up this
Limn. Tin' "I lym" wmi with a
score of L'H in Is. The games
are nil met ing large audiences
each night. Kvery Tuesday and
Friday evenings.
Annual Election of Officers, Dele
gates Elected to Associated
Board of Traits.
I In Friduy evening nf Insl
week the Cranbrook Board nf
Trade held a meeiing for lh"
purpose nf electing ntlieers for
ensuing year. The meeting was
culled tn order by Presldeni
Ben I tie, and after Severn I mat let's
nf Importance had been presenl
ed tn the I It hi I'd fur discussion,
the following officers were clocl
President,   M, A. Beale.   Vice
Presideiii.   .1.   (i.    McCallum
Secretary Treasurer, C, A   Dull*
Executive Commllloe- -l, A
Maedonald, (!. T. Rogers. W. 'I'
Real, Vi. S. Bell and .1 D. Me
Delegates lo the Associated
lion I'd of Trades meeting nt
I! recti wood, li. 15. Beattie and
.1. D. McBride. wilh .1. (i. Mc
Cttllum and It. II. Shorl as
Iron Ore Disoovery In Canada
Ottawa, Mar. I. A very re
markuble discovery of iron ore
has beon made about twenty
miles east nf Porl Arthur. The
iron bearing area, according lo
geologists, averages about three
miles in width and six in length.
It is in sheet formation lies near
the surface, so that it can lie
quarried, und tm underground
work will be necessary. Much
of it lies without covering of
any kind. A large number of
test pits have been sunk at
different points in lhe district,
and they have shown a thickness of stratified vein running
from eight to twenty-five feet.
According to Thomas E, Wells,
au experienced miner, who visit
ed the place, the district can
yield two hundred million Ions
nf high grade ore.
Testing Locomotives Indoors
Altoona, Pa.. March 2.- The
Pennsylvania Railroad has
finished its plant here lor lest iug
locomotives running al lull
speed indoors without travelling
un inch, with apparatus for
keeping an exact record of Iheir
pulling power, f'tiol consumption
and every other element of efficiency and economy. The
amount of coal burned for the
whole locomotive, the amount
per square foot of gralo. the
evaporation of steam for any
given length of time, lhe weighl
in cinders and sparks that go up
tlie smokestack, the boiler
pressure, the quantity of water
required, and the friction of the
mechanism are a few of the
things ascertained at the testing
plant. The test has the advantage of a road trial, and none of
the interruptions, inconsistencies
and irregularities. The new
monster engine built by the company, said to be the largest in
the world, is being tested today,
Train Service Resumed.
Superintendent Erickson nf
the Ctow's.Nest Division of tlie
C. P. R., has made thofollowing
"That on March 3rd. train
service which has been discontin
iied will be resumed as follows."
Train Nn. 1  will go (hough  in
with assault and   unseemly con |CHALLENGE OTTAWA MACHINE
hiei in ihe church,   will   be  ill
vostigtited,    It appears thai ml McBride   Government    Publishes
the Sunday service the pastor|    Significant Notice in British.
Columbia Gazetto
remonstrated with Mitchell and
accused him of hiding lliu plate
after collecting llu* olTertorj
This led tn a set in whieh luul, •
up iiie service in confusion, I'
is alleged iluu the pastor wns
puld more than his stipend Insi
year, hul his uiidorsttindliig was
that his Rtipond had been in
(•reused.   This yoar tin- Increase
wus nut forth i im.*.  uml  il...
trustees iiei'iise him nf deducting
tho amount I onsldors coming
In him limn ihe collection plulP,
henee llie proc.iiulion of nn ul
ing It,
Fire Brick to be made  at Cran
In u shorl  ti    Illi'l'l'   will    be
anolhor manufacturing pltinl
added In lhe growing lisl nf iu
dlisll'lus in Cranbrnnk-. !•'. I.
Byron is promoting ihe onlor
prise Mr. Brynn is lhe inventor
nf n process nf inuiiuftictlll'illg  u
high grade nf lire bricks liml.
front tests mndo, will stand un
intense heat of frmu three in
full!' thousand degrees. It stands
heat, cold and moisture, equal,
if not better than the best Imported bricks. In Mr. Byriins
labratory are on exhibition bricks
made by Mr. Byron I hut hnve
been heated, then thrown into
ice water ul a will to heal, coolod
oil, Ihen healed ami cooled oil
again and again without dott'i
menl lo Hie bricks. A meeiing
of a numbor of business men uf
Cranbrook will be held on Saturday evening to wilnoss tin' test
ing nf bricks made by Mr. Brynn.
These bricks are uiade simply In
demonstrate the fact that they
are made on scientific principles,
will siaud a far stronger degree
of heal and cold limn Is required
for coke nveiis, blast furnaces
ami slacks for sinolliiigpurpo.se.
Rewarding the Faithful.
It Is reported thai Ralph Smith
will inu vory short timo appointed Commissioner of the Yukon;
it is also slated lhat --Weary"
Willie Melniiess will be nominal-
ed fur the by elect inn fur .Nuiinimn
constituency, made vacant by the
appointment of Mr. Smith. The
same report states Ihal "Big"
Bill Galliher will npen a law
nllice in Ottawa having as
clients Hie (I. 'I'. P. railway
New Cup Challenger.
Glasgow, Scotland, March 1
Peter  Donaldson,   the   wealthy
Clyde ironmaster, nnd one of tho
most enthusiastic yachtsmen in
the   British    Isles,   is  about    In
challenge fur ihe America Cup.
Last night at the annual dinner
of lhe Clyde Yacht Club, nf
which he is cominiulore, he
staled that the designs fur bis
yacht were almost complete nnd
would be in the hands nl the
Fifes, nf Dunbiirlnn, in a lew
days. He also stated that bis
challenger     would     unl     be    n
"freak" yacht, us the more recant racers have been, but would
conic up tn requirements and at
the same time be an ordinary
sailing yacht.
Died at liolden.
Frank N. Anderson, ono nf lhe
best mining englnenrs  nf   the
Calgary. Train Nn. 2 will go Nnrthwest, and fur y s con-
through, commonelng March Hit tioctod wiih the Guggenhoim
between Calgary and Strathcona, Brothers of New  Mexico, died
'I'lu' governmenl of British Columbia lias formally  laid eluim
In lhe  l:;,i'H'i ,',e,;,.v nt l;i u,J. t Ll  the
Tsimpsonn reserve purported tu
have b i sold   by   lhe   Indians,
iln'" igh the Dominion, author-
Hies, in the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway. Thisstuiomenl of claim,
us it nmi be -ei mod, iscuiuaincil
-ii apparently nn insignificant
notice in yesterday's Gazette,
reading as follows;
Notice, is hereby givon liml
iu nil cases iu whicli hnve, in the
past,, Imliuiis have surrendered
lliolr rights in the lumls which
have,  from li  In lime, I ii set
aside by ihe Lioutonuul Govor*
nor in Council fur their  us" nml
bl'll.i'lil,  either ill ul'ih'l'    thul    lhe
said lumls muy be leased, nr thai
Ihey lien lie leased, nr Hint thoy
may be granted nr otherwise
uliemiiei! tn other  persons,   ihe
Itttld.S V. Ilii'h    have    been    SO   Sill'*
rendered, or which shall hereafter
In- si, surrendered, ure hejjeby
ri'serv.'iI fur the purposes nf lhe
province   of   British   Columbia
from pr plion, sal,, nr other
alienation, until otherwise ordered by tin- Lieutenant-Governor
in Council.
I,'  G, Tatlow,
Chief Commissioner   of    Lands
and Works.
Lands uml Works Department,
Victoria, ll. ('.. Fob. IU, IHO",
The New Cabinet.
A despatch from Victoria an*
nounces liml   the new   cabinol
will be us follows;
Hon, Richard McBride, Minister nl l.niiils uud Works, W. R
Ross, Minister of Mines. T.
Taylor, Provincial Secretary.
F. .1. Fulton, Attorney-General.
R. o. Tallow,   Minister of  Fin
Salvation Army Emmigrants  for
Liverpool, England. The
steamship Soulliwark, of Hie
Dominion Line, sailed from here
loduy having ou board l.TiOD eui •
migrants for Quebec.   They aro
boing sent nut  by   the   SlllViltinil
Army and on arrival   iu Quebec
Will be senl   III New I Intai'iO    llllll
the north wesl of Canada. The
|officials of the Salvation Army
have boolced further passages
for ",000 emmigranls to leave
here on March 10.
The Tsiinpsean Reserve.
In sn far us llritish Columbia
is concerned, however, we have
no fear. The gigantic octopus
will hnve in pay for all thut it
swallows, and among these things
will be the hinds on the Tsiin*
pseun peninsula. That it can
come into British Columbia and
take whal il wants without sn
much   us  a    "bv ynti-leave"    is
beyond comprehension and tho
action nl the government is resisting its .I,iim to tlieTsimpsean
lauds is ample evidence. Daily
Hrituins Oldest Inhabitant.
Edinburgh, Scotland, Feb. 28.
.hihii Grieve, u nativeof Boro*
chilly, Glonquoicli, in Glengarry,
is celebrating his |o"ih birthday
today, lh- Is ti shepherd, halo
ami hearty, uml greatly onjoys
his "Wee drap"  punch and  his
Trains No, 101 and lu. between
MacLeod and Calgary, aud I rains
No. IIII and 111 between Mae
Lend and Lethbridge will  again
Thursday    February     .Isi     al pi] r tobacco,    I Iu  lives  very
Goidon.    llis remains were sent simply, mostly  mi  otttmoal  and
to New Mexico fm- burial, milk, and seldom cuts meat     lie
Still WOlll'S the hilt   whieh he pill
be iii operation ii i March'ith. |Southoast Kootenay Ore Shipinonts ehm-wl n yours ago and could
  I never be persuaded  lo don  Ihu
Unseemly Churoh Row.        ; Tho week's output of Soutli
oast Kootenay silver-loud mines
Toronto, Mar. 2, -At Cayuga I ,,.,, ,|s ro,|ows,
today   Hie case  at   the   suit   of WPI-'K    YI'MI
Rev.   .1.   Dyke.   Paslnr   of    tho K,   |,;„,,,,,„, | (— -,^l:
Methodist     Church,      against, SuHivitn      1100     1,800
Alexander Mitchell, one  of  the,
church trustees, whom ho charges | Tolal 717     u,ll80
orthodox trousers,    lie married
in 188)1 uml llu* r his fourteen
children survive, Sir Andrew
Thompson, iho famous physician,
whii is ii personul friend of tho
nlil uimt, sliiles that he is physically perfect and muy. with care,
attain the age of ILTi years. I'lll'. PRUSPKCTOH, CRANBROOK B.C., MARCH 2, 100
I.sl llll.lsni.e     i.,,;,
A. B. Grace,
SATUHDAV, M.MiCll J. livr.
SOME day there will be an
awakening to the undeniable fuel that Sunt beast
Kootenay has vast ureas of tho
most promising undeveloped
mineral resources the world hus
ever known.
li appears to us thai since the
elections are over the   Nelson
and Cranbrook sc Inl factor
les tune jfone down  with   Ihe
The Kootonuy valley is uu
agricultural districl with large
uieas of arable land ol greal
fertility, capable of produc i •_
much mure than is required by
its present population. Tlie
mining and lumbering Industt
has sn completely occupied the
attention ol its inhabitants, ll m
but little attention has been paid
tn farming, Thisdistricl thro gh
rich in minerals, has sufficient
extensive II'JTieultunil lands to
produce enough to feed its own
Inhabitants nnd supply the nei els
of lhe various mining
mnl lumbering camps of the dis
Some cleaning up around   l
back-yards and alleys In the city
might  be dono now with advnn
tage to all,
* a      *
Although it is a little earl..
the beautiful weather depart
menl of the weather bureau, is
attending strictly to business
The showings of Iho Canadian
Pacific railway for tho past year
in gross earnings bus surprised
evetl the lil'tieillls Of the I'lillil.
Americans who ure settling in
British Columbia aro leaving
adversity for prosperity. Pros
perity is It grout fui'lnr iu reconciling oxpuli'iiilod Amercitiiifi
in n new loyalty,
As a farming districl there
are lew parts nf British I 'olumbln
llllll    OITOI'     belter     I'ellll'lls      for
labor uml cash than dues the
funning industry of the Kooienay
There iiuglil lo be n "mule
club" organized in ihis districl
composed enliroly of those who
are continually nicking.
In speaking ni nld fushioueil
men and things, what hus become
nf the old  fashioned  child  thai
wus wnnl to mind his own   busi
• • .
This is the season when
Premier McBride smiles, ami
the (i. T P, uml Laurier machine
is doing the worrying.
■■Hilly" Mi'lnni'ss says thai
he is tint st lick mi public life.
Perhaps not, But there is no
doubt but thut he will worry
Messrs Laurier und Morse until thev give him a new job.
.  .  .
Every new industry formed is
good fm' the district  und  lends
to attract others In cons	
secure pro]	
The fertile ' alley of the Kootenay offers  - iper    u    mm {es
in the home seeker.
The nui'tli pole is like a
women's pocket.    We all  know
Municipality of City of Oranbrook.
hill & eo.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything' will do it very quickly
We will i|iii'ti' you
Mens" ■■■-Boys" snoes
Al   such   priies   thul   will
make you think we never did
inteuil in pay for them
Imagine -i man's I li ix Cull
worth s *. i    .'■ Itii It we w ill  sell at
s ! . ;* -. \    1111 tl. 11     III     mill    lilies   I,
- lem    it   s i..-,   worth
-*..,'■■ *
We bought     11 pairs
is ol    Vmerii        S    it's      This
" -' I' !'"'  !•'	
- - i. and bsi,-I  to
20tn centii
Brand Clot
Clot -     .
uun A ppi
I -      for t
-   ■■.'.--
> t:
s 14.00, $ 16,      mil s   *       i.'
-.   .  -     - .* j. siJ •   : s.-s.  ■
rrrmrn mm.
\\,   have   ,"n  Suits   nl   other
111,lisl",    lll.lt     We    will  Sllll -It   \'v.s".
55.511 .unl s", -ii.   l\'i",iil.iiK -"hi ut
-1.     ",,   JO Ullll   I  ..un.
We havi' .1 Inun li "I  Boys Suits
til    '.ell    a|     I. ; ,. SolUC   "I    lllelll
trull \ worth ,"" .nul im'".
l-.u'ii lhe wholesale cosl will lie
Im 1   1 ■. 1,1 nf,
In Dress 1 iiiods, Linens, I'nble
I .iin'iis. Sheeting, iti*. we will sell
ai even les-. limn tt liolesale cost.
FURNITURE.    We will
be pleased to show \ 011 and quote
\ .ui pi u es 1 ni this particular line
also Carpets.
The luei is simply this: We are under
lii'iiv) obligations lo llin Hunk and
Wholesale Houses und must dig up 11
''i'linin nn.until ol money in u limited
lenglh nl' IiUlO. So I'oiiie 011 rly and
listen in our army of good ntitureil
clerks toll you llio story of thoir lives
nnd how we linn over llio cash ouch
day to the hank.
N.B. Each day we are putting on a
Come anil see what it is.
HILL   &   CO.
Harvey, MoCarter & Maedonald
rl'.AN I UK nil., B.C.
Solicitor. Etc.
Granbrook *   * Brlttsli Columbia
mnl  NOTARY   I'IIIII,l('.
U'riilibriink,  B.C.
G. H. Thompson
•-sj.   lljMUtlSTRII * SOI.I01TOI1
~7Zt*} soTAiiv emu.ia
I'l'll IHlll,    H.C'
P.U.S. <fi C.B.
Port Steele H.C.
Pliusiiiiaii:llul Surgeon
I tin lis:   II to tl 11.111.   2 Inl p.m.
7 In 8 p.lll,
I'lniiii' otlli-i' liV,    Roaldoniie 109
F. O. E.
Moot i-viTv Wi'iliiiisiliiy
9 m s.:ia |i.m. in n.t..r. Unii
Vlslllllf!    Ilnillli'l's   Col'lllllllj'    llll'ili'll
1*11 is. Smith. \v. President
M. II. Illl.l.ixiis, Secy,
III-.    I'llllill.    Aerie   I'lll.aii'illll.    P. O.
;§ Rocky Mountain Cliapter
? NO. 126.  ll. A. M.
ig Iteyiiliu- mooting*):- -2ml Tiii-H-
ri iluv in t'Hi'li inotitli at eight
I   oVliiek.
Where il Ollglll  to   lie,    but    Hone
of US I'llll  llllll il
'I'he  IIIUII   H'itll 'hl'slVelll'll lle.'ld
does lllll SlltlOl' llllll'  lis    llllll'll    US
thoso who ni'e compelled,  lo ;h
Slil'inte Willi llllll.
Men  sometimes eel    worried
over    the     conditions      "I        the
country owing lo llie  tnel   that
Ihey eiinnol   run   things   so   us
io benelil Ihomselvus.
There ure u loi of kid* running •
loose around  this city  that  ure
like some men's promlsory notes, j'
Thoy wnnl settling. j(
Tlio trouble will n blowing •
iheir own  horn    is   thul    Iheyw
never nil the right nine
li must lie u great rebel to poll U
lieiiuis.   now   the  elections    ure
over,   for they can  get  into a
crowd where nobody can  make I
a political speech nor touch them  ,
for i campaign fund,
Gff •£? Y57 •^•^•^•^'•^ <\?7 •!? ?_?.2? >7c7 v*>->^-
•mn" •*%* km* *mnr -nm*   mW     mil    mil"   mL   9mT km* km*       mnT km* mm* 'kmf   m9 knW* m\Xr  km    IM.   —mr mnT mmT 1*0*9* 9)9
4*r\^\ ■*****. *Wi *Wi ?*\*\ ^**\K'T*f\,^r\ W ■*>t\ 4*\*\   '^r\ ^r\ **W,-**% *W\ •****. **\% ■**,*\ w **n ^*-,^\ ^^ ^K
* 9
...   I ETTY A 1
How to Build Up  Vour # | *
.s     Sojourning Companions  are
tg  i-nt'iliiilly invited.
!■ Wm. P. Tatk, Scribe E,
ig       Bus 1       CRANBROOK, II. C
Emulsion of
God Liver Oil
Will Do It
1 Kootetiay Range i
9 And  Your  Cooking 9
9 Troubles will Cease W
I PflTMflRF    RRfiQ   P'^ing,Roofing,Heat-1
9 9-
**m\\\mr nm* \nT \m~ lUl  \mT Mil   \m    mnT  \Ml   >Mj   mt)        mil   n%   mil   tmf   mjl  k-T 9w* kg* kin* ftfe Mm* imsf   m\\'
•*Wr*\*\,^\ t^r\,^**\*\t**n **\*\ ,49*A\2**\%,^r\,r*t*\ ^**t*\l^t\\   r^^\'*^^r**4K\9Kt*^\rr*,!^ ****** rW\\^r\fiFi t*W*i ?P
*»mS •      *\m*n      *k*m'9
1 C. E. REID & CO.,   <
1 Phone 74        The Druggists.?I!
i Gaioaru Game Go.
Fresh and Saitod Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting:   bi'othoi-ii   I'oi'ilially   Invited
0. It.,   A. McCOWAN.
s.vi'i'iai-}'. T. MAHSHAI.l,
* s
*    '   '■• *     *
L.C0HN i
j Tailor % Importer of
Fine Woolens.
It is reported thai Muy -ill  is   /1(^
the date sol for the inauguration    Nfe. I,,
of regular tru it service over the     ^'^.^^^^^^^ ^^^/rZ.^/TZ.mii^      \
Spoltano In lernational from  Sl ^^^^^'^^•^^%•'^'"1<-■^^"•^=-.• •«««
I '.i ;  *.. Spokane.
4 Orders l.y muil will roeoivo prompl uml cttroful attontloti   i
; i
Order by Phone 4,5 }
i,m.-. , kn  i'   -
. '       Hllill       ■' - Itllill*
c»i General Merchandise and Groceries
j'l" ,'l   I'tiu .:.'.-      mid
.     j- .- Irlek buil.l.
3U Stii     i   .*"'■.■
i   n-rent.
S , -,-..    Ail   * ■ I..
il    .'
Six Stn    Villi ' nn tli I.i..  in  Iln ---   ll
' Iranh nuk    mil iilt-a I -... i-nil -val -
'-. .- I     i ■itiill Kin jj. Hii --.■. I'iilu-
Employment Agents
Mill  ownors can gel fifty to One II nnd rod Mon  liy  applying ti
lhis company.    HOP YI'KN Agenl
Posl OIHco nddross Qnoug Yuen Co, llo.-i -71.
Plu IBI. I'rnnlii'iiiik. III'.
N'oti..' in- hereby •fivi.-n iluilnn Mun-
il»y, Mur.-i. IKtb.ltiO", iluu il"- On ui ul
Hevlalon Im the MuiilL*l|ialIly ol th.
Ciiy ol Cranlirook ll. C. wid bv ln-li
In tbo Council I hainln-i-H on llie til.e..'
.Ini,. al 10.30 a. in (I.ii'iil  liiiin   Im' lliu
pill'|iil».'(ll I'-viain,; tbe Ji-.m-lll.-nl   mil
ol ilui Uity ol Cranbrnnk    Tluiau nink
liiKOompliilnWagaln it llu li at -   im nl
an- i ulred to bavn Iboh   in'oieal    In
iln-. Iniii'i-u'ile' Cltj  Clerk ton daya
|,i-,.v a iii Hi.- lil-l Bitl.lll(l nl lli.-l'niii-l
ul llevlnlnn
Datod ai Oranbrook ibi- Illli dnj "I
1'i'bi'iiar)  I'"'*.'
'I'lillil. M. Itnli'irl-
7 '     i|   C,
',."'   - ..   Knirini' 11 ..*..-■ -
ll....'-   Hu -i- I'i" X Ifi',   Strati ua
Ne ■'. Hi'ifli Stn Strut hi'tiiii,.
l'l.in- ami  ■-..-:.-nt;,,i,-   ..;-.. |irn
I...-..- ll.JI..    II III  III.! ' 'I!..---   '..'   llll!
A-i-iinii  i :..- :  i.v. nu, r.   IS nni|n :■
llivi-iiin Klltrll I*. ' nl'.'-"'.'.   "ii"   Ileal-
ileiii Knirli i*. Ci-aiilii-inik
Tonilura nuij b'' Inr all or u
lllll.V  IlllilllllljJ-
riit* l' |.im\ r.'-i'ti.'-  tin-  ri-lii   In
l-i' i nni nr nil T.-nil.-r-
Anv lui-ili'-r Infni-inatl nn  be ub-
mined   frum    tliu   iibnvo     nil il
Iiivi-iini Kiijjiiii'i-i', di limn,
I eli. tilth, too; 'j
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
I'l'ly lu llio I'liii-f (.'otiiinlaHtimur .
Worka for a -i inl li.-.-ii.-.' in
ny l
"ink ui ink rlvor nl i l mil.- iihovi
'llllli,'. Ilii'iii!!! IV.--1   in rliiiliiR.  timni
... rlinltia. ilioni-o ''u-i in i-liuins iiiiiii-
" th.- i.ni.lj ..I Klk river tlionci' folloi,
mull ilnivn -livinn in |ili  i-iniitiii-i,
Mul-. lllll, IKK,.
(1*01111 ,'.!
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Man age merit
If Wlll'll   \ I'll    Wlllll     II     '.nmi
lillire    Iii   Stop   liinir  In llii
I Iitm li I ii:i it ers  fm   iiiiiiiii;;    I'
men uml old linuTs. j'(
If.     M;iiii|..I,;i.
d. a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Vlctorlu   und   JubUco   Minoml
Mm:.iriM tin- h'tiii Minim: Divhlon ol  IIuhI
v\ h.M' iiir.iii'il    nn simili siiii' nfSt   Mury'i
'I'liltM nuiii'.' Iliill I Tin.' T M-'Viiii". I.'icr
Mlhci (■I'ltlliri.i.- N'n.lll.XI'. Jii'i-ni Mr Dnili'tui
Mi l';iil;iiii' I'M ('. Nn. llilh'l mi,l Kihrill'tl A.
VViuhI    torvo   MliK-i'. r.'di'lllli'iiki   No,   IITItlW
I ml,    n!xl-,v    'liU'N   In.n t»li*   linrcul
t'Ht|i|iiy tn tliu MltitiiH HVt'-.i'ih'i ror n (JnriMI*
i'ul" nf imiirovumeiiti*, riir tin' iiiirjuiHc nl oh-
iiiiniiij' ii Crown tlniiii <ii iiieii i>C ihi' ii I in vi>
Ami   li.nlii'i
Itonsoriai, Parlor!
E      Fm n Cool nml Cliinu Sbnvi!      j
I Or ii Perfect Hair Out
I A Hot or Cnltl Butli
|t,n™ Walter B.LaingnffiUt!
I    Bailor Sl root, C'litntn lo ll.C.
Mrs   Hiilnn teaohbh or thr
mis.   niMU|l PIANOFORTE
Special til.tonl.ion to touch.
Inclitilqito,   pliriising   uud
grndiiiK ol' studios.
Km* imriii'iiliii's ii|i|ily In (!, K. Hold "c
Co., Tliu IIi'iiii-kIhIh,
Carpenter % Huikler
(looil  Worli ul
lielisounlile I'l-iee
notloo Uiiu iii'iii'ii.  lor
I'i'llnii iff, iniim li mn il l.i'lnii- un- Imu..
'..'•-..f HURll Ci'itilli'llU'iil Iltll'liil'rilli'lils.
Iluli'il llll-I.'.lll iluv nl N'ov.. I11IH1. I nil* j  111      ■     ■ ■ ,     «a.
■I"r-Mi'VirriK, Agom   Office and Workshop  Lewis St
i Crunbrook, ll.C.  Armstrong Ave
Sleiiiu   Itnili'is iiiiiI I'lirnni't' Wiii-U a
S| laity.
Cosl uiul Sloi'l, li'.sliuuitos
Puriiislieil Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranhrook, B.C.
Boot-snoe Maker
All Worli Cituiriintooil
Now Worli Made to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   ffllft0! .>
City Scavenger
Parties luivins buck yards,
nnd closets to clean, and refuse
mat tar lo bo taken away, should
leave orders with me.
I .eiiii* iii'ilni'K at tin- ('Ity ('li'i'ka ottlno
in- iliiip a postal mini in Box 105.
TAKE NOTICE that thirty daya
uftor ilnlu I Intond lo apply to tin-Chlof
CiinuniHsiiiiiiT uf Lanils ami Worka for
I'lTiiiiminii tn rot and oarry away
llmlior from il,,- followlni; douci'lbcd
Iniiili, in Soutli Kaat KcHilonay;
• '"nn leinu al a poat planted al tho
Norl-b-ivest i-io-ni'i- nf I'at Kelly's pro-
otnptloiion l.'inir Milo Crook, tlionoo
lliil'lll I lllllo, llloni'O west linllo, Ihonoe
smith 1 mill., tlionoo oi at i niiloUiplaoe
if ('llllllllOIIOOIIlOIll,
liiiiml 'lanuary Und. 11107.
1 A. 11. Ponwick.
>♦♦♦♦«♦♦# ♦♦♦♦♦«•♦♦♦
j>l,„ Hit...^^«»rt^4-^«.      new  Industries, afford spleti
«T'he Itroopectur. i markets „, the fam6l. _.,;,„,,
directly with the consumer
retailer for en-.li   the   tradin
Agriuultitte in British Columbia,
■   ;   TMw Noiln U»1 I ImnuI lo apply .... n„
I'lll.-1 l'"Uiiiiissioiii.i nl I.urns „ij.    ;',.
dii tly  wiili the consumer or spi-ntm i.i..-,,-e,...muu,,.i,-ur.-, .,,,.,. ,, ,-
I1..111 til* lollOWtlll)    .li-.«l.l..-,l.    1,-jj.-,    „    , ;,
Id i.uv l,i-lrii-l. tlrili-l, i'"luu.l.m
lllll-1 l.iet-.sri:   A
*       BEER i PORTER
Holt led lie-.'!* for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
A !'. O. IIOX K!2      b
"7     TRI.KPH.ONK NO. I     (*?
system in vogue in olili
ries being practically unUnown. I  *"","",.:"''i""1","""?' ''""llJ""'
* west or wjiitr rlvor. clow to \» v.! mil. jm-
During the pnst year the ajrri*! Fruits und early vegetables noi Ure. h. h..,-.im bounduyoi biocicimk:thotun
cultural conditions   In   British disposed of locally liml an no- ^J^'^;^^*^
Columhmliave improved wrondur* limited market easl ol the Kooky oi k'siinmig.
i I fully iu nil urauehes of thai in- Mountains aud in lhe coasl cities    n«'e,|dii«»ii..iaroiDoc^8oa ^^
r dustry.   Hue ol* the important Pf *e province.   Eggs, butter,    *■■»»,, jjoiiw m „„.„„ „, ,,,',,,,'j. „, ,j„.
* I events o[ IBfiil wns thedemonstr '- milk nnd cream are always al a ^{^•™lJJ[j^0lJJ"laf ,'"?£."' "'"'	
niiini oi  iim   pi'actlcabillty   of
supplying ihe   British    market
premium,  tlie local   production
falling fur short of  supplying
llie demand
There is practically no risk to
t with llritish Columbia fruil  In
«> good eon liiion,
X Gold ii us ihe lode si,me whieh I'he farmer iii settling in  llritish
♦ fn'si atlractedaltotition to British Columbia.   His market is al his
♦ Columbia; nexl fame of its forests door and will bo for many years,
X and tishei'ies spread, und lum- and ho can confidently assure
X boring nml s:il i fishing  as- himself of such prices Cor Ids
w * s I tho Importation of groat produce as will give him u com-
X    Port   Steele   Brewing Co., Iwtd.    I imlusli'liis.     Tho    agricultural foi'table living,   If he Is possess
* ......*ft   iiiis-ailiil'iiinai uui verlool.-eil   nr ed of  suHieienl   capital   lo  slai'l
9****************9999* ♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦     I
<norod liy  tlio  mini
lumber* fl" " comfortable scale he should
9999**9*******  ************ A"»»  ;""' 'i-1'"1 ■    !""'   '"'•!'""': Independent and well.to
KI many years the world nt  largo ll" "' ;l  row years,   Even will
i Buyers
Im* every
_J class nl K'imI Estate and Fnrm prnportios
S Employment  Office -Call at once
j* mnl vmi will get ;i job.
9 Baker .-st.   City Transfer Co's. Office   Cniiibriiok.B C.
9ftftftft 9 ♦ <* ♦ * * # ♦   ♦ .«*♦.«.♦ «♦ •*■;♦:<*>:♦.<• ♦
V The Painter*^. Paperhangers, Etc.
i nor
Roinembor we eurry lhe only slock
jinpers iu Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds nf Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
P.O. BOX :
not the least valuable of its
iissii.its and that ihey aro not confined to a .sniiill proportion of
the loinl acreage. Tho industry
and Intelligent efforts of the
pioneer farmers demonstrated
the capabilities of tho soil of
British Columbia for producing
in perfection every cereal, fruil
nnd vegetable lhat can he grown
lu the temperate/.one As prosperous Holdings are well (lis-
tributed throughout the south
erii portions of the province,
those who came after the first
settlers have bill to follow the
example set to attain success.
The ideal conditions of sol I and
climate, in the midst of beautiful
und Inspiring scenery, und the
ready sale at good prices for
everything produced are fully
appreciated by men who have
been "grubbing along" in the
worn-out fields of the older
countries uud their glowing reports are inducing thousands of
farmers in Eastern Canada, the
United States and the British
Isles to sell out and secure land
in British Columbia
It is an axiom In trade that
"there is no market like the
home market," and in tins respect British Columbia is siitgit-
lai'lv  blessed,   for  lliere  is    in
not be surmounted by Industry
und perseverance.
Mortgage Sale.
$(. ■ was Ignorant of their oxls ce. j limited menus there are no ditli
Sj Tl penineol  lhe country  by cnltios in  Ihe way  which  may
9 tlie trunk line and branches ol '
9. the Canadian Pacific Hallway,
9 '• however, disclosed tho fact that
IK tho agricultural uml pastoral
Ik lands ol' British Columbia  are
ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE 111   -g country in the world which offers
'•9'9 ♦ •> 9 *>> ♦ "♦'*♦ o ♦    ♦ o 4o ♦ *> ♦ 9 9 ■> ♦ o ♦
Tula' Solum Unit sixty dtiyi» niter ilntc I it
tt'iui 10 upply to tin' Chiel CoiiiiiiisnionDr >
Lumls unit Works nt Victoria H.C. for perml
skin tn i-uri'liiisi- the rolliiwhiL' ili'M-ribi'-l llllli
In Suulli l-'tiRt ICaotonuy:
CommoiioltiK ut>*a post on tlm Nontliurn bow
iluryor hot:t:w U.iluc north ol tlio nortlii'iii
uornorol Lot 30rtl 0; Lheiiuo wesl SO i*lniln
mure or lens inking in the (ruction: them
south lOchuIns: thenco eiutt HU chiiinsi thom
north lUcluiiiiH to the poinl o( roioniencemi'U
excuiaing tliorofioni so inncli uh muy bu In tli
liouii(ltirie«of LotattHnforewild. In short il
lumls rormorlj eovoroil unaor pre omption nn
on! WSconlulnhiB '■!*' ucros more or less.
niiini in  Fori iSteele  this intli   any   i
J til) Villi V    I-11''-
Kiltnuiid .losopli Wulsh.
;, Joseph Wulsh, Anoiii.
Pacific Coast
Leave NELSON 7-30 A.M.
Arrive Vancouver n-50 Noon
Arrive Victoria 5-45 p.m.
Vancouver-Victoria Route
SIS. Prineess Victoria
Victoria - Seattle Route
K.S. Princess May
Ni.'lsiin-iSloiiiin Cily
REKTHS ¥1.111.1
Car' i*:iii Im occupied nl
Nolson Union depot al 11
t'ui-   I'lLl,',-;    ['llili'l'-   Ullll    lil'ld'ta
upply tii lni'ul lltfOIlt or lu
Hi-n. llllli.'i'. .Vnlll. i'riiiil'i'""li-
I-',. .1. Cii.vle. A.CI.I'.A., Vui vel'
,1. S. C.Mt'l'KII, ll.l'.A.. N,ilium
Tuiie iieii.-e i i ml tu upply to tbo Iciimps.  with  whieh  the   whole
Chiuf Ciimiiii-ieiiiii' ei Landi! and country in dotted, employing:
Work.- ni N'iitiii'iii inr ii apodal llronsu j thousands of men; the numerous
to mil unit wry aivay timber from the working   mines   and    smelters,
I'nllewilie   ll.'-i'l'ill.'.l    lumls    situate    il
fuller llllll liy virtue of the pn'Vcrs nl'
sale eiinluiiieil ill a certain indenture ol
.Mlll'leaee tllOI'O will lie ullereil Till- sale
liy I'llllill- A nel inn 111 lllll stnie lately
nei'lipieil hy .llllnes MeAl'tliur in   Cl'lltl-
In-null. li. 0. oii Tlini-silay lhe Htli day
of Jlaieh, A. II., 11)07, ul the hour of
Hn'elili'k ill tlie uftiTlliinll Ihe following
pureels nf properly vvtilnh will lie sold
sepiiruiely. vi/:
list'    Lilt     lllllllliel'l'll    14    ill     hlnek
nntiiliei'ed 110 In the Townsite of Oran-
hi'iink uei'iiriliiif'' In registered plan No.
nil1.  whloh  Let  is situate the Old
Seeonil llllllll Stnre nl' l.el'ny   Sa»e   de-
•'I'useil   together wilh lhe nul buildings
I'lillil l.ol lilllllliel-ecl IS ill llloek
nllluliel't il till in suiil Tmvilsite ol Ct'llll-
lii'iinlc iiii whieh is situate James Me-
Arllllll' s Seeiuul liunil Stnre uml out-
liiiililinga tiieliullne u largo llurn.
I''nr terms uiul ennililinii nl' ,-ale upply
lu Harvey, Mel arter uml Muodollttldof
Cranbrook, II. *'.. Holleltors for lhe
Dated I'Vliruary 21sl, lmiT. S
Take notiee thul thirty days nfler
lhe ilule hereof I Intend toapply In the
Chiel Commissioner nl Lands ami
Works ut Victoria, B.C., Inr u speeiui
license to take and eurry away timber
Iiiiiii the following dosei-lbod lauds situate in Lusi Kootonay:
Coimiienotng at- a post no iln- south
side of Tunnel Creek markod Juntos W
.Murphy's north eust enrner, thenee
west 40 ehuins to Miiry .Murphy's north
eusl enrner, Ihonee -south 120 ehuins.
.thenee east 40 I'llllillS, thenee Iiurlli 120
such exceptional advantages in ohalns to plaoe of eommenueineiil n-
thp way of markets for farm pro- tulnlngi'40 ueres or theroubonts.
duels,    Tho niinine' ami   logging I    Datod lhis 18th day of February, 11)0"
.liimes IV. Murphy.
Sum I, Kusi l<
■imv distrlul B.C.
A Coiumeneliig at a pnst plnnleil on
the Nui'ilierii boiindar; nl l.nl Mai
lhe smith   Lii-i   oortior nf  Lot   liulii
them usi. 120 ohulns, thoneo north SO
ehuins, thenee wesl 40 ehains. thenee
suuth 40 elniins. thenee wesi 80 ehulns,
thonoo suulli In ,-linins In plaee nl iic.
Iluleil I'Vlii'iiiir.v Isi, IU07,
A. II. Fonwlok, Loentor
I! I'eninietieilig ill n pusi pluiili'il al
l.he nnl-lhwi'sl eei-iier of License A ull
ihe,-usi boundary nl Let 80-10, ihonee
norlh SI) chains, llience east Sll e-liiiius,
Ihei suulli Sll chuins. Ihen," wesl  Sll
chuius in place nf beginning.
Hiil"il H'.lii'iinl'.v  I-l. IIIII7
II A. tl. Fenwick. Locator
I.i. nice No, I
1 i,civic. L'ivc notloe Hint I intend  tn
I upnli   i„ the Chlol L'omiiilsslouui'  nl
| Lumls ft U'orksul I'lctorlu roriispoolsl
lleolleu In eul   uiul   carry  awuy lilutiur
hi, i, iln- following dosci'llioil  luml in
in Smiih Fast  Kooteuay, coinmoneliig
ut II pnsl plnnleil nbout   llll-rc-nuill-tel's
of a mile easterly from tin- South-east
curlier ul  ,1.   T.   'I'ippcr's   prr-eniplinn
uml about one uml ono quiii'lor miles
"usi el llio Spokane International Kail
uuv, Ihenee suulli SO chains. Ihenee
eusl SO ehuins. thenco lliil'lll Sll eliuins.
Ihel wetit Sll eliuins le pllll'o 111  citm-
November the 5th, Willi.
with their stall's uf employees;
the railways, operating and under
construction, und the lake and
river steamers, are all liberal
patrons of the farmer at prices
unaffected by competition, fur
imported articles do not disturb
local trade, in every case home
products are preferred io those
frum abroad. The established
cities and towns and the new
lines which are constantly springing it)), wiili the opening of new
mines mid tho establishment of
Nut ice is horoby given thul I Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lumts ami Works at Victoria Inr a
special liceii.se In cut and carry away
timber Inun the lollowing lleserilieil
laiiils In Suuth Fust Kootenay:
Commencing at a pusi plantedat the
sniilheiisl enrner ul A. II. Maedunulil
Titnlier Cliiim un Tunnel Creek ubout
lour in ilea si in tlml Morrissey thenoowost
SOehains. Ihenee southSOehuills.Ihenee
east 80 chains, thence north 811 chuius
to place ul' commencement.
Located the 13th iluy nf February 11107.
7      William Hales, Morrissey. B.C.
Marysville, B.C.       COLE 4 HANDLEY, Prop,
'I'lie Loading Hotel ol llie Si.
Mary's Valley.   Sice -.m-y 11 is
iieul-    furnished.       Table   n-
gnod ns unv in ICiKiiennv.
*   GOOD     SiiMFkK     ROOMS   *
Cosy and
!,,; Comlortable Rooms
from llm following clonerlbt-O ii.n.i- |,,  i,;
Koutftmy iiMrin iirlttati Colinnlilu:
l.K'KNSi; r.
riiiuiiK-iiriiit; mu ponl pluiili'il on tl." m
siueorWliUoHver. join iim lluunao a, on t
south! llii'iii'i-small mu i'liuins, tiii'iit,- ,;is,i
I'lmiiiM Uiotioeiiorlli nm i'liuins, iln-iHi* tii
in i'liuins to pIhpo oflJOBlmihiBi
imti-ii ilii«:'i„t, <inv of Due, moil,
■t I'.Jttiuen. Uomtor
TllltU Nutiri' lluit   I   llHOIIll   lu  nj.|,l\   iu  |
C'lllOf UoinuwIOIH).1 Ol l.lllliN llllll   \v
Special Liri'iisi' tiMin uml nirry nv
inxn  lliu followlllK •l.'M'iiln'il 'luu,
Koi'iriiu.v District, ltrltl-li ('iiiiiii,hin;
l.ll'KXSK   M
•'■■iiitrii'lii'liii' rii n |i.im j.liitit.-.1 ui Uir  -,1111th-
east pornei ol  liceiiHU '':  ilteneu mh.Ui m\
I'IiiiIiih: Uii'iiiT wi'si m uuu ini>  i lum'-- i,,,i Mi uiil xaV
I'llllillS     IllUIU'P ,.;,*. I     III   [,| „     tlJ    ,,
1(1 Illli (I)-'.
Dllteil tlils'.*iii|.ilti> oi .Inn   I'm;.
I KJonH.n, i.ii.i.iu,'
Tuke Notice ilml I ink-mi i,, itpplj lo t
Chlol rimitiiiHsiuiirr di Liiuii!- nmi Words n,i
S|ioclrtl l.iiM-usi' in um und iiirr\ nwil) liml
[rum mr rollowliiH iloserlheil lumls In Kit
Ku.jieimy liisirii'l, IIrltl(lh(.'oluiulilii
CoinuietieliiK nt a nam \Ha I uu i.*,i8t ' Wj^^S^^^^^^c^^v^So  ^
I'li-cii. joiiiitm llconec n. on tin- wesi  hUIo    $}
' ======-=i|     1CRANBR
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
' 'Mt.rytsvl.li_-, B.C. A P. CHENETTE. Manager
'Pile UUOVQ holl)]  lins hi', i
•'•1 thi'oiijrhoui,    'l'h,'  i.;n
Liijuors nml Cijtars
1 ''"'ly erociotl, uml neatly furnish-
•''l'l'1"'*1  witli  ih.' Hrsl brands ol
iu [tluoo uf beg I n Iin*
iiHtcii till* Uml, iluy of Jim. UB".
■ I*.   .ll'USI'll,    l.o, III,,
T»l{0 Nulll'f llllll I I til I'll 11 lo ll|i|]|y Id
(.'Ili.'fCommlssli.iii'i ot l.iinilsiltlil IVmUli
S|i.i.'iitl Ui'fiisiJlii Put Hn-I ihi rv UWtty    liuilii'i' j Mil
rrom tin;   fallowing  iloci'lUeil lumls in Kusi
Koiilutmy IHslrici. Hiiiinti Culuinlilu
lilUKN'SK   to,
C'nmniPiiotuKal ti jjosI plauleil on .Iouhcii
crci'ii. nlimn •.' inlloa soutb ol lleonsc ¥.: llionoe
north l''ii rlmiiis; theuce wefiL-IDcliultiR! Ihoucu
noutli IGOoliiilnii! Ilionoo east lOolmliisto plnee
or beginning-.
iinii'ii this 2ml, tiny of Jan. 1007.
■I P.Jonwu, Ucntor.
Tulte Nolle* I Imi I lutein! to apgily to tlio
ClilorCommlaulonerof L-nuls nml U'oi'lts far a
Sjieulul License to out unit curry uwuy (IniUei
Iron, tlie followltiK iloserlbuil lumls in Ksst
Kooten»,r Ulslrlot, Itrlii.sii Uolumblm
inimonclBff atn |}0Ht |)liinli)d at tin
\MGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Sialilimj in Connection |
Noarosl in niilriiad depol, II;,-, accomino-
'l"ii"ii'-    lur   li.e    imblii unequalled   in                ?))j
Granbrooli*. W
r, 1
k I
jgHot and Cold Bath* Proprielors ij
.^...►»<„,.M^.,.. <-.^....H....a,-.^-.......^..^.........„„..„....._^.^<.,..,.^..,
We Want You
nm i'liuins. thenoe weal m
Dnted this 8ml, iluy of Jan. iim;.
i l», Jonseu, i.o.'iuur,
Tul;<; Noiii-c Hint I tttttmil to apply tha (Jhlot
CommlsBlonor nf l.iimls uml Woriis ror u
Spoolnl Llconsu tu tut uml earry uwuy ilmbut'
from the followlllK iloiorlbod liimls in Kn.i
l-Il'MNSK   II.
CoinmeiioltiKiU u lion! [iluntoci ut Mie south-
west cornor of llooune O: theueo south Uili
uliulns; llionco ousl iu cliaius; llianci- not'ih
IMicliiiiiiH, IliotlOO uesi In i'liuins lo |ilacc ul
Datoil this Uml, day of .Ihu. IfHi*,
l l'. .lonsen, Locator.
Take Nolloe that 1 Inland to n|i]-l.v to tlm
Chlof Couimtislonar of Lands uml Worlts far a
S|)ooiul Mooneo io eut und curry uway tlinlior
from the t'n]loH'iii(j desorlbeil hinds in Kusi
Kootonay District, llritish Columbia:
I'omiiieii.'iliUiUn j-ohI pluiiti'if ul   III.' suulli
oust eornor of IIcuuroQ; thunco north KUehahis:
thonoe oust 80 uhuliiB! tlicncu south 81) chains,
lh«ncu whsi su i-iuiiiis in |ilnce of haul imiiis.
Datod this lim. iluy of,luu. IlHlT,
•I 1'. Jeuseu, Locator.
I o come min our store mid be i mn inced
Unit ue sell tlie besl ol meats
nl tin- Cranlirooli people; are doing tin's
now, and are unanimous nboul the ijuality
"I "in* meats; lint we want \i iti ti, come
in lllll! see us
Dominion Meat Co.
■-•■••-.•■♦.•.^-.«..»..« .«.....».<..
m~m~m..m~m...-.-..t..t..f.-t   ti^i^j^^ HfMfW
 .,,«i„„,:i.ro!t,r„i',i = K^mmmmnimmmmfnmmmnismmfifnimffinmimnfK
Tii.lnae|ili I'. Si'liiniii'k. iiiiii tn uny
t^»i^<^s^»«*^«»««^' ;;u'"1' |',",,'v.'"' I"l,,''.i,:s ':* wllt"n ':1,"'.?-'
fj        ot iho old Mniiltolui UiirbcrSI
'w.     onu now bu fouitd in tlie
m  i-'ii-^t cius> Work- in ull bruiiulu
| Tonsorial Art
HlVC   tl'llll-sfi'l I'l'll   Ills   illU'tVst    ill    tin'
I -Illiii'lc Hni'.-r" ■'Ih'ssiiiii'i'"   •■Mitsiilift"
! ••Inm" ami  "Creok" Mltioml Cluhna
l.situiiliMiti Hu Hu Crook Kast of Buker
Mountain in tin* Kurt Stoolo Mlnlup
Division nl blast tCootonay DUtriot, in
iln- Province of British Columbia;
TAKK NOTICK Uiul ynu aro horoby
rot|iilrod within ninoty days from the
I lii-.st |)iibliofltioii nf litis notloo to pay to
' Un.* mulorsiKitod tin- Hum of $800.00 thr
illinium I'xpi'iiili'il by Iiiiii on your In*
JltoreHl in .-aid olalms lor ttssossmeutl Duiud Jmii.aitlt, itw?
I work up to Oetober, IU0(1
tr-    Live Stock
from eust lioiiutlury ot c. P. It. niuck ma, on I _*-■ .->     ,
the  niM'lhcual uhlo o(   White  rlvor:   thence I g^   I ><'.'1H IS Hi
nurth SOctanlini! thonco eusl 9ti elmlns:  ihen
smnll .■>(' clmluH; thouce wost 81) chulnt- io plu
Dutc<t this rah, duy ni juti. mor.
i to. .lulls,-ti, Locutor
ComJueni'lncnt u :iu.-.i iilnntcd ut tho siuil
cum ci.rnor ul license No I: thence north
chums; thoneo cunt HO ohalns: theueo soutli
elmlns; tlieneo wost 80 ehuins to plucc nf i
I uth,') i this'ah, dny or Jim. I'm;.
■l l'. Jensen, Locutor
Commonelng nt a post iilnnted ubout ut t
MOiitlienst   corner   uf  license   No,  *,':  then
north 80 ehalas; th«ueo oust 80 chains; iliein-c | £r
■outh 80 elmlns: tlience west SO elmlns to plucc
of beginning.
Datod thin rah, ihiyof Jun, 100*1
'l i*. Jensen, Loeiilor.
Commencing Ht % pnst pluntod ubout l; mih
soath ot nortliwesi eorner ol license. .No. :i;
tlionco south ItWoUnlns; thenco eust 10 chains:
thenee north IBO chuius: Ihonee went in eliuiiis
io place or beginning.
Uiiteil this Oth, o( ,1ft 11. loor,
I I', .lensen. Loentor
Abattoir mid Cold Storage3
at Calgary. Alberta. 3
£           A Car of SMOKED MEATS arrived the first of the Week 3
&   Canadian   Packed   and   Cured 3
**•* —a%
•£                    I1 ull finely flavored  hams.    Choice zS
*~~-               breakfast  Ijaeon   long clear dry salt. 3
mZ              Mess pork. "3
SZ                   "Shamrock brand" absolutely Pure 3
zz              Lard. ~3
***• 5
ST      I'linin- Vinii'llnl,'!'..                                                                   I'lliiN'l-: III ^
I P. Burns & Co. 1
«.- Hend Oltice,
•^ Culfj-arv. AllH'rtu
Mjihi Office for Enst Kootenay,
Craubrook, B.C
'I'uLe Notleo Hint I Intonil to upply to the
Chiel I'l.iiiiiiisMiiiici' of Lumls uml workl ai
Vlctorlu lor tl speeiui llcotlsu to cut Ullll euny
away tlinboi irom the following ilCKorihud
lumls in smith Kusi Kootonay:
No, i Commoticlng at a post plnnlotlnttlio
s k eorner o[T. Itookes'llcumu being HOcl-nlim
enst nl lhe southcust eiii'iii'iof l.ol SIS; Ihonee
eusl BOohftlns! theuee simili 80 ohnlns; thence
west SU cliuius; thene.- nortli Sllctlltltia lo plucc
oi coiiiiiienccim-nl.
To Whom It May Concern.
J. K Hrhlgos.
A. II. Konwluu,   Agunt,
Tuhe Notice ihui i intend lo npply to lhe
Chief CoinmlHsl r or humlsumi Works forn
Rpuelnl HoeiiHO to eut and enr
Dial unions wild paymonl tojfGthci' with
Notloo Ib lioruby glvon to tho ownorlullonata nf AdvortUhifr, Ih paid within  frnin"tiio}olh7wiug7^
01 ownors of tho horses ami oattlo do   tho Umutiliovostatod, .vnnrintorual  In South East Kootenuy:
Mi'HIu-il horoln, thai tho Btock montlon- Slli(| nhilniH shitll lapaolo tho umloaltfliod '   N"': C-'oinuiouoIng hi ii po»i pluntod m t
-■il in this notloe havo stravi'il upon ami |on aoootttil nf mild oxponditnro,
tworth note
linker Street,      Cranbrook, !>.<;.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   —
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Clas-a Dining Room
nw an! iiii Um |)n'ini-i'- uf llm under-
s  Bigltiuil, mul  tin- mviii'i- ur iiw'iml'i, urn
liiu.at-inl within I'-ii ilu.v--   from  tli
I Imi'olij ulvn nulii'i' Hun I inii'inl
to in|>|.1 v 1" Un' llliiiil I'lmiinlimliiiiiii' nl
Luml- ,v Wiirliji nl VlnLiirin fui'iupeaiitl
lii'i'iii'i-in nil uml ciii'iA   uway liuilii'i'
i-liiiliii': Hie isi an,-liitiiis: ilu-n
1'lilsiKil.li'ul-i-fK'i' dot* Si'i'llini 4 Uoiuliimilii'iionwiiMi ni i'linin, to
Illllli'   .Milli'l'lll    Aul   Allli'llllllli'llt    Ai'l. | l,i'uim,lii|;.
IIKHI, |   lliilml Jim. llllll
.'uli' (il lliis nulii'i', iii ri'iniivr Hi.' sniil , Iluli'il ihi- 'J7l.li iluy lit II iniii'i', A
lllll'MJB    Ullll     CllltlO     l'l'      Ill''      Hlliil , II. Illllli.
lll-llllliKl'-J, llll.-I' IIUVillK  till' lllllliM-KllMII.il j r'-                                      I'llll'J'   Ml-llllll
lln- expeiiHuH ini'iiri'i'il !i,v tli.-iii  in ild-
vui'lls'lni' mul in li-iiilin;; llm -uiil ain.'k: WHIT STURM*
ralllnir wlileli ll mii'i'--liMU'il wllliluiil Noiliiu
wiili tin--.uiil -in,'i' i iii'illnu iii law:
IT. .
-I. I-'. Ill llll'l'-.
a ll, foiiwiok   Akuiii
Tnko Xiilin- Iiiiii I   inn,-I   |i|ily   n. n,
, llllll'll IllKhl 1  nl  l.llllllH llllll WllI'llH llll
liii.'lnl Illinium In iiiii iiii.i .'inr.v miny lliiilm
Slnl nn-
I 111.-   fnlliiwl
'ilii'.l    Illllli    ill |      I i-nll, I'lilin- Im
! liiml i.'.'i white
nlli Kusi k.inli'iiiiv. I'Uili
l^iilil j     I .-nw, i'lilin-lilm-k   uml wliili-, lii'iinil    |m
luvlliil iimii'
■ fill
tl  llll- IlllllllVlllg   lIl-HCPllUlll   lllll.I-
'ii. I .Imu..- n-llli   Sillllll Runt   Kuiiliiiniy:
llli-lill Ituvi'lllli' Tux mul'    No. II   Ciiliiliiuiuilnii III II ihihi i.limi
  'I'll.   llHNIIHKIIll   llll'l     N. I'I. I'..I'll.ll    III   T. KUUklll'      III	
-alil.'llt. j\i'l "int..III.'IIII.I    tllOIICU I'llHI Hllrllnllls; 11  narl.ll   '
li;.    All Ill-ma I'nll.'.'lll.Ill    llll'l).'.' Wi'si. hll .'llllills; Iln-iii'i- Klllllll
linal |iliinii'il 20iihulnni..|iKt i.f llm Nurlli Iml "i i" mi em-li hi|
IVOSl    'IU'I' III' .llllll.'- A. I III I'V.'V lil'l'IIKl'
N'u. I. limn.-, nurlli su ohuliiK, thin	
oast, HO ehiiiiiii, l-lumoo mnith 80 eliiittiB
Ihonee «.--i -in i'linin- In Um plneo nl'
I 'oiiilimlmi'iimiil.
.Iitiims A.   Ilurvoy.
NuvuinljorBI.il. liiiin. s
li.i   III.'   Rlirl Sl.'i-I.'  Assi-a Ill   llhuli'l  nu,
i-i '■ iord«*i«.. in. ::::;;::si::r' ■	
yi'iii'Milil, nil bi'tinil. ,   Ti,|.. „„i  |„ u-rini, or Inn  l»i>i|iilviiloiiitii
Iluli'il this Htli ilu.v ul' I'Vlu'iiiirv, A.II.. ui |iit»oiiii] it ml in ilium nil iinmiliH lln
111117. l.ii'in. tuxtm
fSiu DTIiellobliiHiin-Mi'Kuii'-.lo   ^"^i'"""1*1""   "''' """ - ' -t
t.iiiiiiitir I'u.. l.nl. '   ' a, c, x.'isuii,
• i I'I'lillllt'liok, ll.C. I & ll..|iuly AsM'-ianr uui] I'..]I... 1....
i l'l I liuitllinhiK,
lll.t.'.l  .lllll. llllll,   I'll
.1. I''. Ill ulu
A. II. I'Vmvli'k. Am-i
:. li'i'il; WKST nl'
' Ij   plnee in lown
'.uli llm llvlnir,
]osmoDoIitan Hole
********iH?**-M***^^^ Why Cough to The Coffin   IgOLID     COMFORT
S* W W       tvl  iC-Oull   CijiW       ^^rlllCir*OH J Dr. Scott's Prescription Who wouldnt have it for the getting and
9 "0l '      ol" how  seldom  you  net  it in New  Shoes
1 To (ionic to Our Store For
JU Messages.
flli'i'i- thoy li'iini to gel tin' besl
mnl purest floods nil tlm time.
^ It will make them discriminating! buyers
2 when they prow up, for buying the besl is n
5 valuabto experience.
j», [f vmi send the "little one" on ;i message
.w i" this store you ran depend on lhe same at*
_r tention to your wants ns though  you eauu'
* yourself.    Send the children for some of lhe
m, following:
* Wild Rose Honcu   H & P Dessen Biscuits
9 "Golden Flower" Oranoes
A McLaren". Roquefort Oheese Pol E Pur,- M.ii'li Svrn-..
"Golden west Gonee
"    5      Cold Cure Tahlcs
if yuu drink  Coffee drink good Cofl
'  *   **^\*"'j   Coldeu West is generously good   It excels in »
irength and aroma. j.
It is always fresh,   "liolden Wusl" is our jk
|iei'inl brand     We recommend ll    Wo could X
91   Thej dn the worli and arrest
9' thr must stubborn cold.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
not afford to do lln- il it was not good.
Our tea, spices,  cxlracts,  soap,  cheese, 9
coreals ami   fruit.-   all   possess    its   und 9
values that are worth while, value.- ihal  are 9       I'HK ii viiinci stouio i-'on
unsurpassed. * GIlOlGe lillllllll.I'illliei'll
,■ and i X 11'1''-1' N■"•■ i iiiifui'iiiu iit'iip
:l|. I'.ll  I'.-l-iilll lllll.■-
•iT tn please * hi.
Our Goods ARe
V liil'l ■
J(fi UiiIiikii lll*il|iUH        i liolim I'llllllllll-
*t " -in i|'i''.-.   ukiimiifiui r.-iii'-
9 "» :""";"
9      Stewarts luiie Chocolates
9    Hugh Stkwart
9 Phone 75      ftrinstrona, ftve.
9 I Cut i.
te ♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»•♦♦♦♦♦♦■•>♦♦♦•«'
9 *
* I	
McPhersons Boots and Shoes
Give Solid Comfort
11 you are properly littod. We have the boots and we take
tlio time to 111 your foot. Wo have this week added SEVEN
IIUNDUED I'.MIvS to mu-already large stock. Call in and see
some uf llie new unes, it is no trouble for us to show them. Our
assortment includes.
Baby Mocassins
Soft Sole Slippers
Laced and Button Boots
I'ntii v mid Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
1 loots,  Sinn's, Rubbers, Mitts, Gloves, Hosiery
';.' ► Lady  Caramels
9 *
*. I Peanut Brittle
♦ f Maple Cream
* ********* iiv i    winii^i  ii_u. v »     Turkish Nouriet
*-»^-«f^**:^:r*:r-r^* ^-tfr-j-f * *^t4:4. * >R 4**-ijr * * 4*rf'r ^ « *&**> *   r*r^ * * Sr-^r * ****** * *-rS-->'r * * * *r}r J(t* J# ^ ^r ij~   I       Marshma,|ows
Salvation  ftrinij  Barracks
Sunday Services:
Afternoon    -   -    3 u    tu-
l-'.voninn     -     •     Ho    ni-ii
M.-.-tiiuj- Imlil evi'i-j  niirhi   ii     :-.   fJM
week Bxuepl Momliij in 8 |i.in. iiy,
Portraiture by Photography    IB
Artistic Picture Framing
.mu: mi:
_,. ►      Assorted Nuts
*IlU% JH'oepectCtV.    |     Salted Peanuts
iay, m mrii 2. um;.
ON    vnnnnmmnnnminnnntinmTnnmi-:-: **n4444*44444**4444*444444
..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiuu •:■
The Quality Store
 H -  -   T
Duiil Ask For Poor Goods We  \re Out   M Pinch came up from
      tm  . .latl'mv Mondiiv nil business
Puney  and Staple 11 nice   - -   I   -■ besl   -
nm. inn boimIi '*' lur Molto",
.1. -I. iIray ol Creston  wns n
nesl nt the Craubrooli Monday.
Special  attention  given  to our Con fee
ionerv, Fresh Fruit, t 'imii's and Tobaccos.
Competent Stenographer and
'I'ypewriter, Salary $50.00 per
month uud expenses when away
from head quarters.
II. V. Parker.
Indian Agenl   li.   1..  T   Hal Resident Engineer.
nuiii was in the city 1 nesdtiy.
Prest Piioto go. 1 1
Raker St.
Call up ilie Cily I r-iii-.li i
when vmi want your Kurni
lure,    Piano,   or   Hajypino
W. E. Worden
nn,,-,-   I'linni'   i...     *-.!--.iji.-i.i. I*.ml.
|;,-.„l,.„, ,- ••   ih,     I..-...I ll.ii.I l.ol.
*~ iii „_ ^
mr*. ^3
n uiveru
Teams nnd drivers furnish
ed fur any poinl in the dis
A. DOYLE. Manager
. . . am. mAmmmmmmmm
Always Up-to-Date
£ Granbrook, -      - B.G. 2
Galgrtrv Beer, Ale & Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay a ml Grain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
I). li.   Yates uf Wycliffe was
hi ihe city Monday,
We invite you to call and in
spool our new arrivals of Ready-
I tu-Wear Hats.    Ileid & Co.
M, I'hiUips uf Kllid wus iii th
cily Monday nu business.
Mr.  Geo.   Gilpin   was   here
during the week from Davenport,
Wash. "Geo." is au old timer In
I. \V. Ileiinett uf Nelson, l'epi'e   Cranbroolt and his many friends
Take mil  v tlml "     '
I   ■ lei . In ... j      "       '     ■
alonorul Huh        i '     "*   '
Vi.'ini'in H 0
■i.u-: tin
S. I'll I..-II-'   i tl'
C..111 ' nl ii
Hi,, siiutlnvpul 'in ■     l.»t
,.»-■ -jn chain-.,    mi'''* *
ihen,*,* -"'-i -ll i'i iiin J'
.-jj.-illl- InjlllU'i  ■'''■-
4u ji.'i -'.- iii.'i''' '"' ''"-■
K -ii II. I' inn i-
pnied I'-l.. nth. H«>".
a'; i'i Jt. i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i jji i*i ik i'i __ i'i A n_
V V V V V V V W V V V *t* V V V V W W #WV1ll|l
I NORTH   STAR       I
-  HOTEL 2
Kimberley,   B. C. *
9    H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
;,!,<■ miii'-'- 'i ''      '   i'a,    '' i'    ii
til lanil In
lu-iiiK .in i-i.nni in nn- Kniiti'i h; ill -
run ini'lnu  at  •'  i"-' I'liuili'il   '
.ni,I I,Imnl nl lln  Si I'll    '	
nlthii liiilian II"-"' ■"    ' "
nl I'.-iniiii.i- Mi   ''"   ■'' '   -*1'   '
ii,.- Kniiii'iiiii iii"*'   ""' """■ I .r'S'i'jni
ui.-.i-.-iiin ..imi i"1 -  "' '"•! 'imzn
 -nl. iii Six Mih- «'i''"'k-  -"'i'1  <-l»"r-    ,t   |r_,
,-,,nllliiiiii-.' "i all id""11 lfl ;l"''''*-   """'      "   ~"
ur 11'J.
A i'i i'i i'i -','i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i it i'i i'i i'i A. i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i
*4* V V V •>* V V V V V V*i* V ■,' V Vt,t iptf %tijrijrijr%T
Geo. R. LEflSK & Co
I   ..'III    ,    —> ] ,<l  III. llllllll'.
and  I1/ iim..I-
id li inlii-f'.'.'Inl, IH"".
I,.  I„ I'in i. -
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
seuting a correspondence school
was iti the city.
Constable Joe. Walsh of Kurt
Steele was at Cranbrook Satur
day Inst ou legal business.
K. Arnold of Spokane, uud
Geo. Colby of Kriinl* spent Sun
day lasl iu Craubrooli.
A. C. Clark of Moyie was in
town during the early pari of
this week.
Henrge Laurie was up frum
Creston this week looking after
some business matters.
The ground hog is III danger
of losing his reputation as u
E, E, Jones manager of the
Sleniwinder mine, wus in the
city Tuesduy on business,
.1. A. lliirvey lefl oil Mondiiv
for Rossland on legal business.
He will visil Victoria nnd other
const cities before returning.
Wo show a great many new
uiul taking features in Heady to-
Wear  Hats   Such as yi iiii'i
gel anywhere olso.    Hold St Co,
Dr. J. W, Cntliii, Thus. Cole
ami II. Howe ul Marysville were
at Craubrooli Tuesday on busi
P, I iiiiiii. manager of tlm Crows
Nesl Lumber Co,, of VVardnor
wus Iransneliiig business ill ('run
brook Tuesday,
K.  A. Ilelllli.lt. li.    I,.   Uiiliisi'V
and It, Sinclair of Vancouver
were quests ui ihe Cranbrook
('. II. Keller (,r si. Paul, J. E,
Knights of Vancouver, .1. VV.
N'ii-ol uf Lethbridge and hi.
Demurs uf Eureka, Mont, were
registered ui Iho Crunbrook
Sunday lust.
were pleased to see him,
Vi. S, Alexander of Moose Jaw,
ll. E. t'aterson of Winnipeg aud
C. L. Nichols of Toronto were
registered at the Cranbrook
T. Gallon wlio has been cashier at the Imperial Hank for
some time, lias been transferred
to a branch of the Imperial Bauk
at Revelstoke. "Tommy" will
be missed hero by his many
Time Means mom
Thut i* why we insist that our repairing depart-
mum ..-> 11 good thing for you. Wc can handle your
repairs, ami do them right, too. You not only gave
time, whieh is money to you, bin you save money at
the same time. Can you huat a proposition of thli
kitnl?   Let us prove it to you.
. F. Tate k Son
Jewelers       Opticians
l'.I1.It. Watch Insponlni-s Crows' Nesl, "uss Division
ft*ft*ft^4;*ft;.*-ftP9ft, * ^*7ft;*-ftD*z*r*^*:ft\7*i4\
d ..       -W--W—   *
ft X
'I'lilin NiiIIiiu llllll -.i'-l) iluys ulilll' ilutu I   ii,
i.ii.I   i" ll|i|ilj   '" II"' i'lu.'I t.'lllnnilai -i- ,.|
i.i   iiii.i IVm-lm -ii viiiliiilii tin iiiii'iiiIh i
I" | ll"'' Ul'' I.ill,.,,! ll'SI'I'tlll'll   llllllll   Ml
i ,.!..
■ Hi la.-illy .-Illllli-.   Illl'llrl
Joint   Provincial   and  Municipal
The new Provincial and Municipal building will now be completed with all possihle dispatch
consistent with good work. The
bondsmen of the contractors
having notified the architect in
charge, and the Crnnbrooli Board
of Works that they will complete
the contract of Messrs Kerr A
Campbell, ll is understood that
Mr. Campbell will have charge
of lhe work.
Loan to llruzill Refused.
London. Mar. 2. The Roth-
childs and several oilier bunking
linns hero hnve refused llie re-
i|UCRl of tlio Brazilian government I o issue a lou n of AlTi.t It HU It III
in I'liable the Harrying out of ihe
coffee valorization scheme,
Hankers here lire convinced llllll
the Brazilian plan foi' keep-
ins:' coffee up lo a dctltlotis price
Is doomed to failure, It is understood that the Brazilian
public lake a similar view, and
Is rather grutilled with the re*
I'usal lo liiml the loan.
It pays to recognize tlie place
to get vour Hardware Supplies,
where you can get the most for
the least cash.
♦ Cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE^
* V
ft 4:ft:*ft4ft; « ft 4 ft 9 ft$ft4ft*ft K'ftZ97^ft[X-£7X ft
9 A
9 I
| Spring Ready-to-Wear |
$ ***w^^ HATS —-^ t
'Pake notiee lhat thirty iIh.vn ufter
ilaLc we Intend lo apply to the Chltf
(.oiuiiiiaaioiier of Lainln uml Wot'kti nt
\'ii-toi'ia. H.C. for pcniiiNHiori to cut
unil I'Hi'i'y it way titnlH-r from Mo- follow*
inn itoHi'i'ibuil lamls in Soulh Nan!,
Knolt'iiii y:
t 'oiiimonriiiK ill a jiohI planti'il ul ih->
North Kimi I'oniiM'nl l,oi 1(420, rnntilii|f
Suulli  Itm i-huiiiM.   Kaul,   lorty   isiialtln,
S'orlli Mill i-huiiis nml wohI forty i'liuins
(j  io plane of t'litiiinHiici'iiH'iil  1'oiituiiiiiiK
I-   'illi uri't's mu Hi 01' l«8M.
Oi'ow'h Neat I'awH Luiiibur (Jompaiiyi
t,t iif.iiiii.LM luofi \V. .1. Monttfniniti'y, A|f«iii,
William SiuplBE,   |    liaieil Kabi'Uttfy Utb, 10U7. y
A magnificent fashion display of the
latest and most up-to-date ideas in
Heady to - Wear Hats ever shown in
Cranhrook. We extend to all a most
cordial invitation to inspect our unusually
strong showing of new spring creations in
Ready* to-Wear,
A limn, Ifi children Coats will he Siuirltioed regardless
of cost      Prices range from ijej.riH to #8,00.     Your
nioiee  $1.50.
I REID & CO. s


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