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The Prospector Nov 30, 1907

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live As^
V'oA 28.
No. 48.
They PIhIiI   For Pair   Piny tm- lint
IhIi   Columbia  Twelve   Important
Kfsiilutinns       Clean iPoltt.cu uiitj
Industrial Wjirfuii'.
Special to Tho Prospector.
Thi' Prov 1 ue,ul I'diisi'iviiiivi' Ansa
elation hold it.s lirst convention In
o'llrh'iis Hull, Vanoonvor on Priduy
ami Saturtluy ol lusi weak. Evory
district in the Provineo wns ropro
Bontoti, When Premier McUritlo np
poarod, lio was tcreototl with nn ovu
tion which. wufi ii'il.'iinly n Biltilclonl
attestation of his popularity amonn
his followers,
Mr. O.M.Woadworth of Viincouver
in railing tho convontlon to ordor
welcomed tho delegates mi botmtf ol
tho Vancouver Conservative Assb
elation. ll.'.,wiiil: '"Wliilf the fun
sorviitlvo party luul control of the
Provincial Legislature, it was not
ftOt to bo Btiftlciont^!) and thoy wen'
confident that if the party wore or
Kiintfted throughout the province ut
the, next I'vimninn eloctlon, instead
iif seven Liberals being sent to Ot
tiiwn us at pruKent, they could re
turn seven Conservatives.
Premier McBride wus Invitqd to
enme forward ami preside nver the
convention, As tho Promlor walked
forward he* was greeted by -round
after round i«f ftpplttUso.
"that as Chairman of tbo Committee of arrangements be ropTHn*tod,
that, after mature consideration,
they felt that In addition to organization workup whieh was easily of the
tlrst importance, certain resolutions
speaking of the policy of tho party
in British Columbia should he adopted. The committee felt there was
no necessity ,fnr the adoption of a
platform at this time. Por nne
thing it knew what splendid am mil
nitton from a lighting point of view
u platform afforded to their oppo
nonta. The Liberals had met here
lately and adopted a platform, and
be would venture to suy there was
no Conservative in tbat room who
cannot rlso and make enpitul out of
it. At the sdmti tVrifa, there were
certain resolutions whiqh they should
adopt. 'These' resolutions had been
submitted to the committee and ho
hud no doubt would meet with the
approval  of  the convention.
A Conservative convent imi Bome
years ago hud laid down a platform,
and the present administration had
done everything possible to follow
along the lines laid down at that
time. Though it was impossible at
nil times tt} make drastic changes
and radical reforms, they had tried
to give to tho people of British Ctt
lumbiu sound aad economical admin
istration, aad" ■ niiy trtie who had
studied the province for the past
four and a l\alf years must admit
thut conditions bud been very much
The committee on credentials was
appointed  as  follows:
H. G, Barnard, Victoria, Convenor
.1. A. Harvey, Cranbroolt; Mr. Poster, ltevelstok'e; ('.. H, Watson, Van
couver; J. H. Beckwtth, Viotorta.
Committee on constitution; Wm.
Blak'emore, Victoria; Wm. McKay,
Vancouver; W, B, Ross^M.P.P., Fernie; X. E. Md'hillips, M.P.P., Victoria; Pred.  Davey, M.P.P. Victoria
Committee oii Resolutions: Hon.
W. J, Bowser; It. E, Gosnell, (Victoria; J. D. Taylor, New Westminster; It. P. Green, Kaslo; Mr. Shaw,
Kumloops;''W. A. Muedonald, Nelson
A. E. Wutts, Crunbrook; J, M. Robinson, Sumrftorland; 0. E. Tlsdall,
Viincouver; H. G. Parsons, Golden;
Thomas Taylor, Revelstoke,
When the convention assembled iu
the afternoon Mr. G. II. Barnard
wus elected permanent cJiuirman, aad
W. McKay as secretary of the convention,
Ia Introducing tho resolutions tho
speeches were limited to live minutes
Mr. McPhillipSi in proposing tho
expressed bis gratification at having
on the platform tho Premier, wbo
had beeu tlrst to bring party government to this province. As a re
suit instead of having six governments in live years, they bad ono
Consorvntlvo Government for four
years und a half, and lie usked whotb
er conditions bad not Improved, und
tho ludtcatjons were Unit the Con
servutive Government would contln
ue    for    another    twenty live    years.
Tbe    resolution    was    carried,    all
members of the convention rising to
their feet,  and   giving
The Premier In thanking them,
said this was easily the largest aad
most, represcnt.ilt ive Convention ever
gathered in HritIsli Columbia. Tho
most prominent Conservatives of
British Coluiiihia were gathered there
und everything spelled success, which
meant much for the party, because
British Columblu had conn? to he re
gurded as the political barometer of
the Great West. While thanking
them for the compliment paid him,
he recognized tbat it was not so
much a compliment tu him as to the
great Conservative Party, whieh In
reality had brought it ubout.
While much bad been aecoinplislie I
the grievance, still remained, ■ but
they had in the pledge of Mr. Borden every indication that in the near
future British Columbia would receive fair play. (Cheers.)
The Premier reviewed tho events
leading up to his commission to the
Old Lund. He hud not yet made
public his report,, put when made it
would be seca that they were at liberty to press this question, und there
was good . ground for the promise
made by Mr. Bordon that ho would
appoint a Commission to examine
Into British Columbia's claims and
award us thnt Commission might
decide. (Anplaiiso.)
Mr. Wooilworth, in moving a reso
lutioa on Asiatic exclusion, said:
.There were certain wire pullers who
wore trying to put the Conservative
party in a false light In regard to
Asiatic exclusion. Ho instanced the
Natal Act passed time after time by
the Provincial Government and dis
allowed ut Ottawa,     That there was
reason  for   Ibis,   was   il   because  Cox
and tho Grand Trunk Pacific wanted
cheap   labor?
At tliis point it was unanimously
voted, that n delegation from tho
Asiatic Exclusion League bo received
nt 10 o'clock on Saturday, and bo
given till  1» 30 lo stale their case.
THK FISHERIES resolution was
then moved by  J,   I).  Taylor of New
Mr ll, P. Green moved the rosolu
tion on Indian ItcaorvoB, oxplninlnp.
that while by agreement with tho
dominion Oovurnmenl the Indian
lands wen- to revorl to tho province
when not used h.v tho Indians, this
had noi been carried out, There
were half a million acres of land for
23.000 Indians. Worse than thai thu
Liberal Government had leased tracts
ol these lands to their heelers.
CONFIDENCE IN    Mil   I.   L    BOR
DEN, K. c,
Mr. Wm. Blnkomoro moved an ex
pression of confidence in .Mr. K. I.
Borden.K.C, as leader of the party
in the Dominion. Ile said: "No one
knows better than the Conservatives
that to win a victory it. was neces
sary to have a leader, Wc have won
a meat victory locally with a loader
of whom we are proud, If it is ne
CCSSary locally to have a leader, il
is necessary in the wider arena of
Federal affairs. Mr. Bordon may
not have tbe llowory eloquence of
the leader of tbe Dominion Govern
ment, but be lias qualities which
woar well, llis leadership is shown
in the fact lhat bis visit to tbe
province has revivified the party, and
this convention is a roBillt of it.
The motion was carried, all dele-
gatos rising to their feet and giving
cheers for Mr. llorden. The resolution  was  wired  to  Mr.  Rorden.
.1. A. Harvoy, of Cranbrook, then
moved the
He pointed to tbo Improved tinan
cial condition of the province ami
said the Convention itself was a tri
bate to the Premier and his able
colleagues. The resolution was car
ried bv a standing vote,three cheers
and   a   "Tigor."
Mr. ,1. II, Beckworth moved that
the Convention congratulate Sir
Charles  Tapper,   Hart.,    on  his    pro-
otioti   to    the position    of a    privy
unclllor, The motion was carried
with applause.
Mr.    A.   K.    Watts    of    Cranbrook,
moved  a  resolut ion    condemning the
raft  and    corruption  of the present
Liberal  Government at Ottawa.
ih The members of this convention
desire to pluee themselves on record
as emphatically endorsing the course
ot the Government of British Columbia In connection with the advocacy
of Better Terms for this province.
To this course they believe Is wholly
attributable tbe recognition, though
Inadequate, of the claims of British
Columbia for special treatment on
the part of the Dominion Government, already received, am! also-that
the action of Hon. R. McBride, Premier, in carrying an appeal to the
Imperial authorities wns effective in
preventing a    tinal    and    unalterable
ttlement of the financial relations
between the Province and the Domln-
11 of Canada, as proposed hy the
Government at Ottawa.
They desire, therefore, on this important question to congratulate the
Government upon tbe conspicuous
success of its efforts throughout, und
particularly the Hon. Richard McBride, Premier, on the fruits of his
mission to England.
They hereby pledge themselves to
Btrongly support the continuation of
the struggle for Better Terms until
brought to a successful issue, and
the rights of Ibe Province fully secured.
The members of the Convention believe that Canada should be
preserved as a white man's country
and approve of the course pursued hy
the Local Government with respect
to Asiatic immigration unit al the
time condemn tbe attitude of the Dominion Government and especially
tbat of our llritish Columbia members at   Ottawa in this connection.
CD    That     lhis  meeting    approves of
the action of the Local Government
iu assert iim its rights with respect
to the control «»f the fisheries oi the
Province, ami condemns the Dominion Government for its lack of policy and inactivity in dealing with
this most Important industry.
ill The Convention declares in favor of a quinquennial census hiking
ia H C, iu order to place this province apoli lhe same basis as the
Northwestern Provinces and thereby
reap the advantages and development
Common  to  the  whole  west.
ial This convent ion Btrongly eon
damns the practice which has been in
vogue since 1836, of delaying the Dominion elections in certain cotistit-
uencos until after the results in the
general elections are known, for tbe
purpose of unfairly Influencing the
electors in favor of tho party In
(ID WHEREAS under the terms of
the Convention between the Governments of British Columbia and Do
minion of Canada the former conveyed to the Dominion large tracts
of the best, lands of the Province for
the exclusive use and bonofll of the
Indians alone, with the express understanding tbat such lands should
correspond to the actual needs of the
Indians, und thut (lie aroas should
be   reduced   as   the   tribes  diminished;
AND WHEREAS in many eases
there has heen a material diminution
of the   Indians oa  such   reserves;
AND WHEREAS certain of these
reserves are within lhe coiillnos nf
lhe larger cities of tbi' pin. nice lo
the detriment of the community;
AND WHEREAS these reserves
nre being used by Ibe Liberal Gov
eminent at Ottawn in the interest, of
political ravorites ami not a origin
ally intended;
tbat if is highly desirable thai stups
be immediately   tuken   towards   the
readjust menl of the ureas of such
teSOl'VOS, so as lo make the unused
, lands   available   lol'   settlement.
*    •    «
1 >7i This eon vent ion expresses it
contldonco in u   |„ Borden, K. C, a
lis leader aud conveys lo him its
.appreciation of his efforts to organ
i'e and strengthen the Party it
Western Canada,   its approval of and
confidence in the platform of the par
jty so lucidly expounded by him at
llie recent public meetings through
on 1 Canada, and keenly appreciate
Ins promise. whon*roturnod as Pre
mloi of Canada, to grant to tin; provineo of llritish Columbia S lair
! hearing of ils demands for aa e.qul
table readjustment as to its subsidy
from the Dominion treasury,,, which
lias been refused and contested hy his
; political opponents,
(81 That this convention heartily
approves of the policy ol tho Honor
aide it McBrldo and his ijovornmont
which has resulted in the sound and
successful state of affairs which exist
in Lhe province today.
P.ii That this Convention desire to
congratulate Sir Charles Tapper,
Dart., as one of the Fathers of Con
federation upon the well merited
honor conferred on him by elevation
(o tbi' Privy Council of the Empire,
(10) That the members of this Convention, as supporters of a National
Policy for Canada, believe that tbe
benefits ot tbe protective"" tariff
should be further extended so us to
assist und foster oar lumber und silver-lead  industries.
illi That this Convention views
with satisfaction the course pursued
by tin- Provincial Government in tuk
ing steps for a comprehensive inquiry
into the subject id' irrigation in tliis
112) Thut this Convention condemns
the policy of "graft" now being permitted nnd encouraged by the Liberal Party with respect to the public
funds of the Dominion, tind also the
want of purity shown hy the Liberal
Party in conducting their elections.
The convention, upon the motion
of Wm. Illukemore, Victoria, appointed a committee to submit a slate of
officers. The committee reported,
and the following officers were elected.
lion,  president,  II,  L.  llorden.
Hon. vice-president, Hon. Richard
President, G. H. Barnard.
First vice-president, G. M. Wood-
Second vice-president, .1. A. Harvey.
Secretary,  .1, A. McKay.
Treasurer,  C,   10.  Tisdale.
Executive Hon R. P. Green, W.
W. Foster, .1. A. Lee, J. R. Shaw,
W. A. Maedonald, F. Dockerlll aad
,\.   K.   Pianta.
Visitors Here and There   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Thos? Who Go Away.
Andrew McCowan was transacting
Imsi ness  nt   Kimberley   Wednesday.
J.J.Hayes of Mnrysville. J. Mullen of Grand Forks were ut the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
A. Moody of Jaffray, J. A. White
of Athalmer were registered at tbe
Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gasklll, and
children of Kimberley were Crunbrook   visitors this week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R . Bly and
daughter were visiting at Cranbrook   Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. P. Lund, and Miss
Cousins of Wardner were Crunbrook
\ Isltoi'S   Monday.
Mrs. W. l,. Lucas, and Miss Duffy
of Movie were shopping at Crunbrook  Monday.
Dr. Hugh Watt, quarantine officer
at Klngsgate was in the city Tuesday.
IS, M. lluyck of Spokane was a
guost at the residence of Mr and Mrs
it. Bookhardt this week.
An application will he uiade at the
next .session uf the House of Commons for au Act to incorporate the
Dank   of  llritish  Columbia.
.1. Bwonlo of Spokane. L. M.Adams
of Kurt Steele, and J. McLaren of
Wnrdner were at the Royal Wednes
W. W. McAllister and R. Allen of
Olarcsholiii,   W.   DroWli of Moose   Jaw
and o. Maynard of Calgary were at
the Royal  Monday.
O. S. Wilson of Toconto, P. (1.
Little of Creston, J. Joyce of Baker
E. A. Hill of Moyie, and J. S. Cits
ty of Pernie were at the Cranhrook
C.  J.    Andrews   of Denver,    Colo.,
13.   S.  Wright of    Nelson,    10.   1 if
Spokane, ll. W. Gordon, nf Nelson,
Fred. Little of Creston, and .1. W
Bennett of Nelson were gliosis at the
t'ranbrook  Wednesday.
'i'he evidence of Pritchnrt. the Lon
don olection crook, self confessed per
jurer, ballot switcher, briber and
forger, Ih one of Hie iiimll. disgrace
(ul episodes In Canadian political
The Canadian Pacific Railway un
nounce n very low round trip rate to
alj  points   in   Ontario   and   Quebec
wej-d   of   Montreal Tickets    bear a
'in day limit, this affords un excellent opportunity to visit, the East nt
a very economical cost. Reduced
rates to the old Country are adver
I Used  elsewhere in  this issue.
amis   id  Christmas Cnnl
from ut Chas.  ]-:   Holds,
For     a    good     .
Mitrhton'a   Mixture.
The    Argonaut's     Club    dance    01
Thursday evening was well attended
Wm. Carlin and John P. Larsen of
Fort  Steele  were in  town  Wednesday
L   P.  Kckstcin    id    Fernii
the city Wednesday,
P. Koss Tjite..Xiv* J.ethhrlilte Jeweler spent' Inst Sunday with his
parents ia Cranlirook.
D. BrockonridKo nw B. Ifi,  Markeo
of   Wardner   were    transact iiu:     bus!
ness ut  Cranhrook   Wednesday
Navel H.irungea  ah 'Stewnils.- ■
F, 11. Crook, and F, Smith of Nel
son  wetf■•Quests ue*iho   1'ranbrook
Thursday, \
\ cabinet of our .pearl handled
knives und forks would make au acceptable Xmas gift. Tute' the Jeweler.
A Battle Ground Where Imllam-
Massacred the Whiles iu Kallv
Da vs.
The origin of  the  name ol   Ibe  pass
through whicli the Kootenay brunch
oi ibe Canadian Pucltlc railway sys
tern takes its   course   is   commonly
supposed   to     he   connected     with   the
laying and batching reeepta-ie ol a
well known bird of sable hue. How
ever sad the discovery may he to the
cartoonist it is only in tiie cause ol
truth to say   lhat the eastern Ideas
on l be poinl are far ast ray. As
with the majority of western names
the "('row's NoBt Pnss" i.s a trans
lutlon of the Indian name applied lo
the pass before the white mail's day
The derivation of (he name as given
hy the redskin medicine man is that
a largo party of Crow Indians took
rofugo in the pass when pursued by
their enemies the Dl.iekteei who
eume upon them in their "nest" and
Slaughtered tllem tO a mail. Hence
the   "Crow's   Nesl."        There    is  nia
teriul   enough in   tbe Indian logonds
if Alberta to fill a  volume,      dust   lo
the  northwest    of  the    grand    carve
mile   hy the   ('row's Nest   railway
'just before    It eaters the    mountain
Chas,   Dodgers   of Creston,   W. .1.  oub   country   stands   a   conspicuous
Itosehush of Edmonton, P. Uar ton of hill known as Massacre Butto, Many
Calgary were registered at lhe Cruu-iyeurs ago    the    low country between
brook Thursday. * the Rocky Mountains and lhe Porctl
Idne Hills formed a  favorite passaue
J.  D. Caldwell of Suit Lake, Prod. I for travellers and Immigrants north
Ritchie-of- Victoria,-John  Kern   of  ward    bound.     It is on    this   butte
llrantford, und W.  S.  Jones of Lou- mentioned, that    a party of German
don,    England    were    guests   at the  immigrants were    massacred by    the
('ranbrook Thursday.        '■ Indians.     .Men, women and children,
—■ tioiie    were spared  but   a    fair haired
The following   gentlemen ■ represen-nirl,  who    was taken    away to   the
tedOranbrook  riding ut tlie   Conser    south, but, an    (he story  runs there
vatlve Convention   held   ut Vuncou-.w-us   so   much   quart'clllng over ber
r last Priduy und  Saturday:  J. A. tthnt    the chief killed her to prevent
Harvey,  J.  D.    McBride,  .1. A. Mac- ifurther    trouble,    taklnu    her    scalp
donald,    S.  J.    Mighton,  D.    II.   Bul- [which is said    to be    among the t|o-
mage, U.  H.    Short,    and A.  ■ Shep-|phies of the lute   chief    "Uln Sun,"
hard, to this day.       Some time ami there
 a._  _ was   dug up   at    Pincher    Creek    a
Kx-Mayor G.T.Rogers was -unanl- skeleton which the doctor pronoun
moiisly tendered the nomination for cod to be that of a young female
mayor of Cranbrook at the busi-land which an old squaw said was
ness men's meeting on Wednesday "that of the last victim of tiie trngo-
eveaing. Mr. Rogers most emphuti-,dy of Massucre Butte. other names
cally declined, giving khuiI and sub-lid places lu Southern Alberta nre
stantial reasons for so doing. I redolent   of    the    cowboy,    such    as
_—, ^-  j "Whoop     Up",     "Stuad    Oil",    and
Plans For Big Cruise. \Vr*T -,0uV kTho   In'l!?,,l Jam?
o for Pincher Creek  means  High  Wood
  land it   hus been   suggested tlmt the
AU of the details In thu preparations old timers should take advantage of
for tlm Milliiijr of lho hattltslilp   Bout the spirit of tlie change whieh is now
lOthoPimlllu   will   lie   eomplut ipxt  ?»     Ul1'   l?nd   B.nd   CUl1     thelr     P™"*
, ,                        ■   '                    .|towu  Highwood.
k, and by Duuembdj' HI. the dute of!  ,	
thu prysldeutul ruvlmv,-all  thu ships, POLITICAL   POINTERS.
iist-i-luss -hup'-.   Nucessury 	
ivpairsuivluMngrushudat uilliiiMiaw     P;'fHioncnt is called  for November
1 ,        ,   ,     , ,.    . .    28th.,  a  week  later  than    last year,
yards and thu lust  ol  ihu war vessels V(1].y ]jUU, buBlneBS will bo (lonfl h(!
will Iiu turned mil as*u I as now thu fore Christmas,       The   House    will
Hrsl of next week.   Assuuihlage of the probably    adjourn    about    December
jot will begin thu lasl nl thowuokund |lsUl-
.,.       ,. ,,      , ,      ,.   ,      .       1   Tu:    Lacombc      Advertiser     says,
ivllluontinuo tu llio iim.' ol ilopatui-o thB ,.tllsllll   „, Ul, ,,„1]iy   „  |,m,^„
[mm Hampton Howls. U|,o   dovoramimt    Is nut    rauly    for
I   Campaign cstlmatus,     It is antler
istood   that   the   estimates   fur Use
Inext yc.itr will exceed   by many tnil-
I'oltiry taft Is uxperleil to iii'i'lyoilions those uf any previous session,
In Ht. Potci'slnii'-r on Tin-mlnv, unil will  Hut ull the must striking   nml con
Taft Homeward Bound.
nroliablv bo veeulvoil In I lioc-/.iiroii t.lio Itrovorslal   appropriations
1   , -,. usual bo huhl back till near the end
following ilu.v.   Aoi-or )t to pmsimt 0,   tn0    8e88lon;     W(,   „my   oxl„,c,.
;, lln- M-i-H-tiii-y of warwill pi-u.vi.-il !„„   election year   supply bill,    with
direct from tbe ltessinn capital to I lain- j wharves where there   is   no   water,
burg,   li 1 whlc 1   he will Bl,i| I breakwaters where there are n„ ships
, .      ,        , .    ,,     .,    .railway subsidies   when- no   um- in
Miliir.lii.vuii the steamship I resident temis   t„ bull„ „ romli ,in,|   „n u„,
(I mintfor Now York. Mrs. 'lull will usual extras ol the campaign ostium accompany bur husband from Hum-j mates.
bin-", bin will remain in Europe for a!     u is "i,e,ll>' stated, that It Is liu-
, .... . nrubuhle that tin- Government would
mouth or iwo. visiting various i'iin-,f„ko any stops towarda rogulatlng
linciiial clues. The proposed visits of Oriental Immigration until tin- re
Secretary   'I'afi   lu   Kaiser   William, 'port uf   Lemieux luul   beon recoivod.
Kim- l-jl'wuril uiul  I'i idonl   l-'nlluri.-s  In the meantime many ships, loaded
have lx-011 abandoned.   The secretary's wlt1'  Jil" immigrants will arrive,
haste in returning U supposed tu he
animated by his concern regarding I
President tn Virginia.
candidaev for the presidency and his1   Sunday  December  1st.     Children's
desire to'ropair whatever damage may servirc   at eleven.      Iluys   and girls
1 ui., especially invited,
have been dune lu hi-  pulitleal  reneu-j    Bibi0 cln8a „ml  aundny  Sehunl   at
In lln- recent election. .three.
Men's own meeting in the Gymnasium at throe-thirty.
Evening    service    at    seven-thirty,
subject: —
Washing!!,.,. Nov.'Jll.   I •resident audi"™13 RBALITY nl;'   CONVERSION'
. Ihe sacrament   uf the Lord s Sup
Mrs. I.niisevcll  and  llie   While  house  piM,   ,1|u,    r,,c,,|ltioI,  „|  now    mumbers
youngsters will leave early to-min'row Wnj follow the evening service.
morning    lur    Muntpellur,     Orange Monday: Service ul Sung practice at
iinlrv. Va., lln-uiil hiiiilcuH'i Idonl  "!*ht;
'    ,   ,. ,   ,,,,     ,     Tuesday;   Prayer service.
James   Madison,   In   spend    I hanks- WodnoBJav. Latlle8 Ald at 8,30,
giving day. Montpeller is only n  lew ,   Epworth League at H.     Address by
s   Irom   Charlullesvllle    lho Rov. W, (1. Taylor.
Southern railway, noi a great dUliinco    The   service   of song   entitled Thr
,        ,,       i, ,,.,   p,       ,-      "Musical Miller" will be given in the
f°"i **>'«•  I! ''1"1" 'i""  K""', cs* Church ,.., Tuesday    evening    Decern
tale, where ihe lir-i uimily ol the land her 10th nt eight.
usually spend Tlinnksglvlng    Tin-trip Robert  Hurlies. pastor,
Is to occupy nainjle day, Ihudep.irliii
being Irom lhe While house in Ihu
morning anil tie return before dark,
Tin-  vice  pre-! lent   and   Mr-,   l-air-
banks will spend rhanksgiviiig :ii their
■csiilcnee  iiii   K   -li I.    wiili    lliolr
laughter, Mrs. Tinininus.   Tie- latter
will spend llie   i- liter   ill   Wn lllllgllin
T!.e ('nininf- Man
The   World's   Tompornnco    Sunday
was duly ubserved  in    llu- Methodisl
Church  last  Sunday.     Al   tl ven
ing service every available sent was
taken, nnd the recitation hy Miss
Chapman, and Miss Hlckonbothnin
were   well     rendered   nnd    thoroughly
- iiii sea enjoyed, Mrs. Keid uud Miss Con
nolly rendered sulos appropriate lor
the   occasion, nn.l    Mr, W.    Morton,
' president ul the Missionary nnd Tern
pernaco department read Uu- losson
.The I'astur gave an address upon
tin-   great   strides    the   Tompornnco
movement wns milklllfl in the Stales
uud urged upon Ihe congregation lo
he true patriots nnd deli-nil Iheir
country ugninst the ravages ul tbo
I clcclloni,Drink curse.     He   pointed   oul thai
l   Mr.
ij.ll lo
Bv He- l  >i Morning  I
Harden is n-jo. ed as il	
ill ('llllilllil.    Tl"   Posl dues not
prophesy regin 'ing ll
but It niaiiiiiiii   thatovun If tun l.iturlur [thoso who thoughl   thai   he had
govornmonl shniild pull ihroiigh in He-'personal tooling   iignlnal  unv Bnloon
, m       ii     i ill   i    'lircpiT   were   imtUuu'   n   groat   tlilj-liike
''"'"lug  '•'        «}r.   Horde,,   will   be ;vns  v[,lm,,uU,   ,,,„,   ,„,   K|ls  ,,,„„.„
prime mlnlsler wllliln Ih -six years j,|illl: [,„. n„,| wn8 prepared lo ilofcnd
"Ills solid ini.  rlty of ohiiri(ri.oi',"Miiy-jllils posltl u-uin.-i  nil comers.
tile I'llsl.      'lllllil    eOlll leivilles   fm-
hisdeiieieney  ii dciiiagoglc.kill."    Il« KIMDEIlLBY    CAMP
|"lhol>'  ''"' " ','" ■   "'"'     K irloy   camp Ims   boon    mosl
litis passed ii- ul: j. jiml  I  '"' siiccossliil    iii    ibe    development    "I
relied upon  I"  I ne   lhe  political  pros| Is  into  mines.      Al   Hie   time
llto of Ciiiiii.Iii from lh-I vriiiinv ol  lhe of the   construction ol    tin-   Crow's
| Nest, i'uss railway thcl'o wus but ono
property     iu    tl lit ire    Southeasl
Knotetiny thnt     bad  I
lliiii-li 111. -.
ing on tin
I up.
.ii r
based iM  lull (.'olonllll Nllllolllul
clnl    poinl.
This    wu
e.l    the  eni
iiie   Nortli
Star mine situated mi Mark ereek
A   wagon  roud  luul  been built  ii, ,„
der  lo   transport   Hi -o    irom    Hi,.
iiiine to tin- Kootenay nver, yet Hn
wagon    loud    wus    liuh-   used,    the
principal travel   being over   tin- old
trail      Very little lib- appeared any
where in  thut  sectl I tin- district
at     Hi.,I     lime The    Nortii    Stat
s ittdo a chunge from a prospect
to   a   slopping mine,   then   to   the
largesi dividend paying mine in thi
province,     And since thnt tlmo Im
been numbered mining Hu- producinn
mines,     'l'h,. Sullivan mine bus h i
developed    ,i   the   lames'
silver lend   producing   mini's   ill   i'iiiii
dn. thougl t  a dividend payer ns
yot, enn be snfely classed among thi
dividend payers next year Tin
erection ol ., smoltoi u Marysville
ami nn increase ol it.- capacity t.
treat tlm oroB of thu Sullivan mine.
it  1'"' to over   20(1   hundred ton,
per day. Is what will put tin- Sulil
enn on u paying busis next year,
It  is not surprising   that tin- 1	
Ing sections of Southeast Kent.imv
are again attracting the nttontlon ot
conservative English capitalists. The
Held  Is a larg ie and  lhe    English
ipltallsl have been looking to i'n
nmIn ns a suie plaee lo Invest  thei!
money.      Tlml     this  in    lm    |s  ,.vj
leiieod by   tin.   Inquiries   iiuw holng
innl''. mid 11 sports brine senl mil
lu investigate, British investors
hnve reached a conclusion thut Brit
lsh Columbia is the pluee they hnve
been hulking for. mul that the ('ran
brook district has a most promising
showing nf mineral, and that vast
stores nf rich ore of every description me liid in the mountains, In
many rases loeatod, only wailing tor
capital to develop, and the neres
sary melius of transportation,
A meeting of business men was
held in .Miglitmi's Hull mi Wednesduy evening for the purpose uf selee
ting candidates for the next city
council. Goorgo Hoggnrth was se
lei-ted us chairman, and In accepting
Hie chair, explained why the meeting
hud I ii called,
Short nnd pointed speeches were
nm,le   hy tin-   following   gentlemen:
Chairman  G 'go  Hoggarth,    Alder
nmn .1. Hynn, Ex Muyor lingers, Ile
Vere liiml, Alderman .1. I'. Fink.
.1. M. Pinkham, II. E. Boattlo, .III
McCallum, and V.  K.  Simpson.
'I'lie following gentlemen were mini
Por Mayor,   .1. 1'.   Pink.
Por Aldermen, .1 Ryan, Joseph
Jackson, S. .1. Mighton, DeVere
Hunt. .1. Henderson, V. Hyde Ha
ker, and George Johnson.
11. T. Rogers was nominated as a
candldato for the odice of School
At The Opera House.
Malinger   Ileum    -ays.   "Tin-    Two
Orphans" in be  presented her,-  Nm
anil,  is a  very  remiirkiible piny   ami
Worthy your palrnunge,
H tlu'ru is mn   vii'lue iu newspaper
comineiidatluu, ami if tl lulnrsetnont
nf Hn- public at large, hii'llio pasl decade, i- lo be Ink,-ll us u ei-ilerinli. llleil
"'I'he   'I'll 'pllllllS."    Ul,il'l,    Will    be
presented here -non  is certainly   en-
tilled m take mull us lh,   «.irld'.  ue
ili'iiinaiie nuisterpl    The  Dominion
Stoek Company will presenl tbi- greill
play wilh a full eipiipmenl  ol  special
- lory,    ben,nihil     I'oslumes     and
elaborate lighting eirccts. Mumijjee
llj-atty bus reeelvcd siilllelcnl evldi nee
of the companies morii tn roi'iiinmcnd
lhe furei'oming purfuruuiin'e in amuse-
menl lovers here,
At The St. Eugene
Tin- link bell conveyors for lhe  „,-
sorting house at the St. Kugenearrive
Ihis week und   will   -nun   he   Instnllci
This building is just aboul npleted.
The old platform scales fur welgbln
am lit the mill have I it torn out nml
aOOTENAY centhal railway
Every   Prospect  That  the   Com
pany Will Commence Actual
Uonfitruotioii ln Spring
Surveyor..and   work u have been
engaged along thu linenl thn prop. I
Knnti'lia) Central railway Inr some
months. Thi- Iin.-. s. il,.- iimjurlij ,,(
iho-e who have followed railway di-
veliipmiiiii    in   British   Columbia   ure
aware, will  run   Irom    In,   1,,^ |-',,n
Steele, it lolal di-lnncc of a linl.-' uver
10*1 miles.    Tlm rilUll has bee ntuiii-
plated Inr i.- ai\ ,.r ..n.ui years llllll,
'I1 111 Hi- pre —1,1.   I,lie.'    bey I   llio
rough ei'llililig nl n lew  mil,- lul-    I ll
linn- towards pushing Hu- project in
"iiipleii.ui. Sow, however, lliere i-
ivurj   Indication   Hun   He    I'niiaillnn
,'aeilie I'ullwiiy is hi u;,i in.s|,
I,, order thai   lie-   altutllloll   may   he
dearly llllili-rsl I it mlghl I xpluln-
sl Uml rails wm,. luid  for ji dUhinee
iflwclv il,-. from Hidden -mn,- ii	
ng".    llf •-,. ll„- -railing  need	
pair im, tlmi will i„- i'liinparallvuly
un-l.    Prom llm point where 11,.- ael unl
li -ml- ilraelor-are busily engaged
in clearing  the  righl  nl   way.    The
camps hav I i veil to ih.  end of
llu-grade nud il [s itii,lr-i--l.,i„l thai llio
unrk   nl   gl'lldlng    will    I.,-   , i|,-| |
Immediately In order that u- iiuieii as
possible may he done before the snow
falls jiiiiI tin.- severity nf the weather
renders liirtber progress Iniprui'tleublu
until spring.
II. Merri;nn. el ii,-!,.ugh rin eliarg,-.
who lias a large force of men directly
under l,i,„. i- stationed al Windermere,
ll pnini ul i s.u mil,- sonii, ni (lolden.
Be has run a preliminary line on ihe
west -id.- ul Wind.-,■mere ttml t nlumhia
lakes inCjinal Plats. It is hi- Intention in meet ibi- survey wiih thai nf
some years ago, re|Hii'tiug us tn their
eulupill'liliie ens,.
While ll,Is Held   u,,rk  i- unk-iuay,
uiiil everything | Uiiu being  dune in
liable un rnrly start In actual slrne-
I inn tu cnlllllif Ilea ill the spring (,', **,H,
illi,dal- are busy in Hidden which will
■e iln- connecting poinl nf Hi" Kontcnuy
Central and the main line uf L'ltnadiun
■ railway. Major Burnett, uf Hie
compuny. spenl suvorul day- iu
low,, la-l we.-k. lh- ua. iieiunipained
by a numb m nt ussisiuuis and their
mission was lo investigate and to sub-
mil u ruporl :i- io il,,- laying um uf new
frolghl yards ami the Increasing nf
ilepui facilities. Iii order lo earry nm
iheae improvements it will be itenos*
sary either to purchase or expropriate
IU aerosol luml.    ll i- under- d  thai
the owner has I. iihinltted an offer
whluli he declines in a, pi. Thul being lhe case Hit, railway euiiipanv. il is
staled,   intends   resorting   in   exiii'ii-
I'he Kootenay Central wlien completed will mil null be all iill purl II ll I
factor ill ileielupineiil nf llm resnuives
uf Nurilieu-t Kootenuy Inn it will
inatcrlally contribute inward.- the pros-
peril) and ihe opening up iif iim ppo-
nee a-a whole.   It will ben connecting
link betw Iti" line- whicli  traverse
Istlnel sections of llriiish Colum.
hia. namely, the trunk rail of the ti. 1'.
H. aud thai known as the Crow's   Nest
Tin principal bc'noHts of this will
he tl,,- mm xpodltiouslmudlingoftbc
'inw V Nest eoai to interior provincial
points und in tlm trm-ni of Alberta and
he   northern   parts  ,,f   Iho   prairie
Bin it will serve an even nu,,-,. note-
worthy use. It will open (ur settlement mi immense itrcn id agricultural
country which  is comparatively liule
■ tt i ■   . i      i    . ■     : ii ,    .    11 .i - .            • • -, i:   • ■ mii. , ., ,, ,        a a
., .     , known in ;t iit-ule world   tha Loner
men are now at work pulling in a larger I,,_,... ,,     ...... ,,,.,
llllll  better set.
Another new building is planned.
I will be u warehouse and will be
erected between iln- mill ami llm railroad truck,   li  will be 24x*0 feel   In
I'he mine is running in full blast f,
there ure no indleatinns whatever ol
buidi.wn.   Moyie Lender.
Mr. Borden's Final Meeting
There was an enthusiastic  i pliu
I von in ll.   I..   Burden al  ihe  H"—
theatre tonight nml the torch llghl pro
•es, u,i whiel, preceded wu- a s s
the mooting may I nsldered n Una
h, tl sorvntlve leader- tour nf Cm
miii.   II,• rupei I hi- platform und tin
salient pnini he nrg ills ihal In
bad iittori d  ai  ever)   inucllng  nf  hi
luu,'.     all   nf    whieh    were     iviirml;
1,111,led Jlllll   heurli
'll III
luiiihia   Valley.     Hitherto   it   has
heel, -ilid Hull  litis dlstl'lcl  is llf   nn   Use
for farming.   Those whn hnve tuken
the pains in Investigate ludd ndifferent
opinion.     Pur  itislaue,- the  Canadian
" ! I'aeiiie railway, whi.-h owns a consider-
, able portlou of the valley, has eome to
" : lln- conclusion   that  llu- luml is   well
w« irlh uui-ule nil inn. Only the i a her iluy
II. II. Ill-,me.   who   is- in,lenl Hied   Willi
the company, returned after -pending
tlm -niniin-e in lhat locality, He tolls
uf an Irrigation .cheiue whereby the
r.-i Hliiy uf a large ares i. in be In-
ereitsed i,nihil,- ii practical lu .jrnw
thereon ;ill kinds ul crops in profusion,
It has I ii proven, however, lhat the
soil mid 11 1ilnillcare pt liarly atlapt-
• -,1   tu  il llltlvntl f fruits am,   il
i- Ihe inh-nliiiti id Mr. lln and those
Interested with liim in ud ver Use the
colintrj   on Ihal lia-is.    As , lu   i|,,.
Irrigation syste i- been complolod
Hnl    will    Illlienee   tlu-i,    eiiutinigli
und    limy     ure   eunlit|e||l    Hun,    wii|,
the pi-omlsi.,,! rallwiij fn.-iiiii.-_. ii,,.,.,.
will be nodiltieiilly    in   lllduelllg   Isr.'i
number-  of  settlers   me  in   uiul
j,.-.,-.i it, iim exploration nr Die natural
,,-nntves ol Uie ij|||ey.     Onlllllll Star.
iilti-:  BI-I1PMENTS
.1. I'. Whiiney nlso spoke ill lhe  „ i
ing.    lh- eulogized Mr. llorden und i
lerred lo the , ,l bye election .,-  .i„
iiidienthm ihul llm cuiiscrvittlvi'  purly
wiiuhl I,.'   in   power   in   I'jimnlJl    ner
iiiiiii inun) Imagined.
Ihm. .1. i,.   Bergel    una  tin'   linal
apeukor uml  he.  too, gol  a '.'nnd   iv
euptloll,    lie spoke ;.i -nine   lengtll   nil
,1,,. puirloilc -..nil display n   I Miponded    will be   found   the   oro
,'  |„  ,„,.,; .,,i„,. shipments uml smoltor rcturrts   fr,.tu
1 !"""1""1  ""-'   "'"'  '"'    I "'"', iniiiei „,   the Cranbrook district  lor
li tl he pracllsu In .Manllol f n„. |„,st    „,.,.k mid vein    tu date In
raising the I nlon .liuih on the seliools imis.
uuelt day     lie suid b's I • In lite wesl     Sullivan      SOO ... .28.200
hiu-lmiU'csscdb ore than ever with ^gm.             ■•••;«»••■•»*•
11:.  .ell |,
ability id the liuu.hohoi
11 'uiiuila,
Tutui     Liiir.
nil ,»■*-» THK PROSPBOTOR, CKANUUOOK. ll.C, NOV, BO, 1907
♦•<,;♦<.♦<.♦<.♦<•♦•>♦    9 4 * a * a *.ft.*.a 4 a *
a a
4    j'lliINK 111 Ariiisiriiny Avenue P.O. BOX 8S
We Arc Ready To Go To
l'l Ml-',    ill
for now cove
B iniiih'
Greai Reductions
in iim price "I our Wall
l':i|,,'r> il will In1 worth
while tn i'llll llllll "1 :iLisa 'li'i'liuns 111 imri'
A. B. Grace-,
\%\]a* |tro0pcrtM'.
ptrottH man.     Th**    year 1 ^*0"
its  tirst   Ouys  iu    wjtiliui;  and  wus u
flllrljF prosperous year.
• •   ♦
The pi'litit'-i boomerang is liable
to recoil and bit th,--,«* who threw it.
• • • •
It in evident that Sir Wilfrid I,mi
ner bus been loaded up. In (art
lie has been so heavily  loaded with a
corrupt ministry that the recoil will
i>e most destructive to him nnd his
party in tlie coming elections.    The
'tho of the recoil when lired buck
from Hutish Columbia will he heard
nineteen miles below Quebec,
j«*I*.*****.****** **X9*****99*99
|...SAW   YOUR   WOOD...S
9 WITH   A
9       li-.Ui u-i |ii'iifii running- engine you enn sol
m   l:lli"-t i'i|nt|illli'llt  lur SRWing WOOll,
The Painters and
9a9a9a9a9     9  ■
************** ********   ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
i j i
THK onward march ol progress In
a mining country is hardly percep '
table to the person who watches it
from day to day, The man dajfel
Oping .1 mun' Mom the stage of a,
prospect will grow impatient at
timet., when u large monthly payroll
has to be mot, and imi compara
lively few feet of development in the
shaft, tunnel ur drift to show (or
this expend it ure. Yet when the
work Ib hu turned up, the progress
made astonished <a\ en the person
most interested, The development
ol i prosper! Into a mine curries
with it inun) disappointments and
comp ii atlvelj few mccesses, Vat,
after all obstacles have been sur
mounted as the result i>( a great
•leal ol faith, Indefatlxuable peraever
ance,   common    horse   sense,   mid »
u :•■   unounl   ".  hard work, and the
make - Its trial shipment ol
to   the    imeltei       the   returns
being     satlsfactorj      all    bnrdatypa
■ il ten       wi disappointments
ire     i    thing     ol    the    past    there
■in'    thought     in    the    mind
i t he   operatoi.   'success at    last
GET A COt*\ Ol'1 THK
Plumbing, Rooting, Heat 9
ing ana Blower Work    ™
Grkat West Life ************** ****;********
Assurance Companys
FORTS!     ;ni;.niT_
n ~\ r W MV ( t  ( ,( ) J    I "ias ''"' '''''"i'"'1''''1 w'"i*">•■ '"ti"'",,!
UlVL-iV/liNVJ     \J\Jn    L-i L  U.      * -„„.„   j,„„-i,,.,i   Bnd   ,lurii,.d
:* mosl  carefully i",   iii*   examination
where he In t" show  Ins inetnl .     II
t Bottled beer for familj
♦ ii^c a specialt)
|    Outside   Orders
4 A P. O. BOX 812      &
I <7     TELEPHONE  NO. I      p
J    Fort   Steele  Brewitin Co.. Ltd.
Wentworth Hole
he la nound In mind, and ins mental
<9   res   .: ■■■■   I■..'. e been    properly devel'
lie ft'Ul pass th-- test ol exam
loatiou, become   :t  benefit t" ins (el*
low man   und h    dividend    payer to
'      ■■       when   he    takes   his    place
r ■     it hen in    tne   world
vitl    "•■    prospect    whioh   h
9 when    it    makes Its
♦ tirst shipment,  it  will stand the test
♦ take Its place anion*;
Tl mines ist as h successful student
X ns men,
^ The    surveyors  tor   the   Kootenai*
♦ Central the    tieki  in
♦ -        question about
♦ it Word has been received that a
J int il grading ba*
J been lone In the vicinity ol Golden
+ Surveyors ire .it work nn tbe west
9 side         Kootenay    lake    locating   a
♦ line   whic i   will    open    up   a    vast
j t ret,ch ■ e
is the final
building   ol
od (arming  land.     This
step  towards the active
of     the    road.        The
the   Kootenay    Central
Baker Streel,
Cranbrook, ll.C.
Special Rates By the Month
■4 9 * 9 *.9 * a: ft* ft: ft::*; a * a:*;.a:* 9 * a * a ♦::♦:
you start For a Drive
Ma*****^r* i'i.
r1 >■    1, _tff*mA.:   Ma—
^Hffi w
■'    '             -Jia
) KMl-'.Mlt
i'\   .mil  pu
( Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand       *
ft   4ft   0   ♦   O   ♦   0 .♦    '    ♦   »   ♦   *   ♦    '    ♦   9 ft   &♦'»♦<•"♦♦
♦ mmm!vmmmmmmmmm»nivni!m'mmmm ♦
***** -mm
r       -nn. ■•■■•;*, iM ' DI -..     DC       -s
\*z ; jIj   . .....   ■•->      zs
£ Always Up-to-Oate =5
•-- ^3
****■■- -mm
***** ^mw,
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. 3
will stimulate the mining and agricultural resources of this portion of
Kast Kootenay to a wonderful degree The commercial Importance
nf this railway cannot he nver esti-
mated, and the people ol the entire
district will look with pleasure towards the construction of this artery of commerce which will tend to
the material development "f the
entire district.
At a dinner party given at Mon
trail. In honor of Hon. J. C. H.
1 Uergeron.M, 1'., Mr. Bergeron said
thnt Sir Wilfrid Laurier could not
carry the country at the coming
elections if the Conservatives of the
Province  of Quebec dn thoir duty.
Por ;i clean election. Nomina-
tions for Colchester, N.S., hy-elections took place last week. Mr.
Slanlield, Conservative. and Mr.
Hull, Liberal were nominated. Both
candidates have signed an agreement
to have a clean election. The Liberal candidate will select 100 men
from the Conservative ranks, and
the Conservative a like number from
the Liberal ranks to see that no
crooked work is done.
* * * *
Now is the lime to cater for the
Christmas trade. It will pay every
husiness man in Cranbrook and the
district to advertise in the Prospector, and let the people of the district
and city know that you are alive
and doing business at the same old
I .lust think of it! H.tJ.MacPherson
a warden of the Westminster penitentiary. After representing British Columbia in the House of Com-
iimns. Hob. has secured a permanent job    of herding men,   from the
, Laurier   machine.
The mills of the gods grinds rapidly when a frenzied independent ed-
i itnr is employed to adjust the machinery nf the Liberal party.
It Is said that the Fish Commissioners of the I'nited StateH will
plant lobsters in the Pacific ocean.
We wonder whn was guilty of plan'
ting them in the Kootenays.
A meeting ol the Licence Commissioners ol the Cranbrook riding will
be held in Cranbrook  December Ifi.
Trade conditions show slight im
proTcment notwithstanding the mon
etary stringency,
The business situation continues
 I notwithstanding the   fact that
the heavy demand for lumber has
fallen oil almost completely and that
a number of local   mills   have   shut
\  crying    baby  Is said    always to
row Into   a good honest   and pros-
This Week
-ALT  IILI.'l.'INi.
S     TllK i.i.aihni; i-'Kirr stokk
3 Uoii(li|ii:vi'lci'H I'm--
~3 M ii.m, \ (IIIAI'KH
S < "IIMi lim   (HtAI'KS
23 I'lNK AI'I'I.Ks
*3 VH'.n    I'll WIII'.HIIIKs
Actual Results to Policy Holders
Frod. W. Swain
Ci inbrook, II C . Armsl-ron-i Av
/ Tailor VJ> Importer ot f
t      Tine Woolens.      *.
fi Cranbrook ll.C,   Ariiialinuf, \v   J
TAKK notice that the Crows Nest
i'a.SM Lumber Co., Ltd, of Wardner,
B.C., intends to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
nt Victoria, ll.C. for a special lice to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands in
Kast Kootenuy:
ill Commencing at a post planted
t mile post No. 25 on the east
boundary of Lot 4590 and running
jii chains south, thence 8U chains
east, thence 80 chains north, thence
SO chains west to the place of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co.Ltd
per  Jas.  McLaren,  Locator
Dated  November 7th  1907.
t'l) ('ommeneing at a post planted
,»t mile   post   No. 25    on   the   east
boundary of Lot 4590 and running 80
chains  north,  thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80    chains, thence west
80 chains to tbe place of commencement,    containing 640 acres more or
Crows Nest Pass LumberCo. Ltd.
per Jas. McLaren,locator.
Dated  November 7th  1907.
(3) Commencing ut a post planted
at mile post 26 on the east boundary of Lot No. 4590 and running
north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, tbence soutb 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to the place of Commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co. Ltd.
• per  Jas.  McLaren,  locator
Dated November 7th 1907.
(4) Commencing at a post planted
80 chains east of mile post No. 25
on the east boundary of Lot 4590,
and running east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, tbence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co. Ltd.
per Jas. McLaren, locator.
Dated November 9th, 1907.
(5) Commencing at a post planted
80 chains east of mile post No.
25 on the east boundary of Lot 4590
and running east 80 chains thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co.   Ltd
per Jas. McLaren, locator-
Dated November 9th, 1907.
(6) Commencing at a post planted
160 chains east of mile post No, 25
on the east boundary of Lot 4590
and running east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co., Ltd
per Jas. McLaren, locator.
Dated November 9th,  1907.
(7) Commencing at a post planted
120 chains enst of mile post No. 26
on the east boundary of Lot 4590
and running nortli 160 chnins, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160
chains, thence west 40 chains to the
place of commencement containing
640 acres more or less.
Crows Nest Puss Lumber Co..Ltd
per Jas. McLaren, locator-
Dated November 9th,  1907.      Al
IP  BURNS & Co., Ltd.!
Stewarts Pine Chocolates
Hugh Stewart
^lUilltUlUillllUUlllUlitllUUlSliilllllUllllUllllilUiillUiUillKI Phone 75      Arrastronu, Ave.
6S        Hond Office.
\\\IZ        Oalgary, Albert.
Mum Offioe tor Last Kooienay,        ^
Oranbrook, B. c --•
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works under the provisions of
the "Rivers and Streams Act" for
permission to remove obstructions
and make improvements on tbe I
tie Moyie River in East Kootenay
where it passes through Lots 8435
84116, 8437, 8488, 8489, 8440 and 8141
and make the same fit for rafting
and driving thereon logs, timber
lumber, rafts or crafts, and tu con
struct dams at certain points on the
said river where it passes through
Lots 8437 and H4.I9 and at a point
about one third (1-3) of a mile east
or Lot 84fl and at. mien other points
as may he decided upon. Also ti
construct flumes through the said
Lots 8441 and Hllll and extending a
short ■! latanee m >• t h thereof and
booms, slides and chutes at such
other points as may Im required and
tn matte such other improvements
as may br necessary for said pur
The portion of the said river on
which the right to make aald im
provements is sought passes through
the Lots referred to in the District
of Kast Kootenay, B.G, and runs
south easterly.
It. II.  McCoy.
Dated this 8th day of November
A.D.  1907. 46
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Mtnilfw Uiteil hy lh*
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico  Paragon Ribbons
in all  colors   and   for
all makes of typewriters.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons—of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Ghas. E. Rem & go
Usrvey, MoCirter k Maodonald
CKANBROOl.,    -    ll.C
Solicitor, Etc.
llritish Culiiiiiliiii
Ornnbrook, R e
G. H. Thompson
'2z2*n.  NOTAUV I'lllll.u:
Ccuubrook, B.C.
P.L.8. etc CE.
Port Steele H.C.
Phuslclan >">d Suroeon
Horns:   t) to II ii.iii. 2 iii-I (..in.
7 to H ii.iii.
Phono omen ion   Restdoni'o lim
The Quality Store
« We Have the Largest Stock in the City a
|     Over lOOO BOXES of Fancy Fruit     <3
F. O. E.
Meet evory I-'i-iilny nt s p.m.
Visiting  BrotnorH Cordially   Invltod
Chas. Smith, Vi. Hi-osltloii!
M. D. Billings, sooy.
Aoi'lo Phyalolan, P. o. Box 2*.
Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO.  126.  R. A. M.
Regular meeting*:—2iul Tues*
day in ouch month nt eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially invited.
WM. V. Tatk, Seribe E.
Box 4        CKANUUOOK, H. C.
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Phone *i7. Head Office Calgary.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feeds . .
Our meal  is always  fresh,  as all our heef is killed in
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Proprietors »
lot and Cold Haths
Geo. R. Leask & Co
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I'liiiis, Specifications
and listimalcs
All   kinds   of   building   material
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Court Granbrook 8943
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providing it, none of the
strong fundamental features, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, havebeen sacrificed.
Complete literature on request.
hh South Lincoln Street
District of Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICE), thut i Edward
w»t t» ot Wattsburg, H.C Lumber
mul], intcml to npi'ly for n Special
timber licence over tho following
tloecrlboil land: * Oommenolng at a
post planted ut the Southeast corner df Lot 30UG tbence w«nt forty
chains, thonee muitl. 20 chains,
thenco west hu chains, tbence south
40 chains, thenco east 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains,theuce east
forty (40) elmiuH tn west boundary of T. 1. or L. Clapp, tbenee
nortb UO chains, to N.W. corner P.R
W lli.H), tbence east to tt point Just
south of H. 12. corner of Lot 8066,
nortb to point of commencement,
and containing G40 acres inure or
Kdward Wutts.
■It-        Dated October  I5tb,1907
District of Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt Edward Watt
agent for the WattBburg Lumber Co
Wattsburg.B.O,, intend to apply for
a special timber licence over the following described  lands;   ■
Commencing at u post planted
about tt) chains east of the southeast corner of Lot 3066, tbence 40
chains east, tbence HO chains south,
thence 40 cbnins west, thenee 80
chains north to point of commencement   containing ;I20 neres   mure or
Wattsburg Lumber Oompany.
43 Dated October 3rd,  1007.
TAKK notiee that I intend to npply to tbe Hoard of Licence Commissioners of tbe Crunbrook License
District at its tirst meeting held after 30 days from the tlrst publication of this notice for a transfer
from myself to Kdward Watt of
Wattsburg, B.C. of the hotel licence
for the Wattsburg Hotel in Wattsburg, ll.C., the owner of tbe licensed
premises is A. K. Watts of Wattsburg,  B.C.
James   Neil.
Dated at Oranbrook, B.C. this 2!i
day of Oetober,  A.D.  1007. 44
Take notice thut the Mott-Boulton
Lumber Company, Limited, of Elkmouth, B.C., occupation lumber
manufacturers, intends to apply for
a special timber licence to cut and
carry away timber from the follow
ing described, lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the   Nortii   West   comer   of Lot 359
Kast    Kootenay,    thence    north   80
ehains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south     80    chains,    thence   west   80
chains   to   place   of commencement.
Containing 640 acres more or less.
Mott-Boulton Lumber Co., Ltd.
per A.  J. Mott
Dated   this   Hth    day   of    October
1907. 41
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that I Edward Watts
of Wattsburg, occupation lumberman, intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described lands:-- Commencing at n
prist placed at the N. W. corner of
P. R. 1086, thence running 20 chains
south, thence 20 chains west, thence
ubout GO cllalns north, thenee 20
chains east, thence in a southerly
direction about 30 chains to the N.
W. corner of Lot 3(194, thence 20
soutli, thence 20 chains west, to
point of commencement containing
HiO acres more or less.
Edward   Wntts.
Dated October 28,   1907. 44
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that Frank H. Dc-
zall of Cranbrook, U. C, occupation
Blacksmith, intends to npply for a
special timlier licence over the following described lauds:— Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of timber licence
No. 9033, thence west 80 chains,
tbence north 80 chuins, thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
place of commencement, containing
till) acres more or less.
Frank   I-l.  Dezall.
Dated  November 2nd.     1907.      4fi
Shoe Shop
Repairing a Specialty
Cranbrook, B.C.
!" THE PflLM I
i ft
| IP YOU WANT A I1IIX (>!<'«
I  Bon Bons  1
* i
Webbs and
District of Kootenuy.
TAKK notice that Robert H. McCoy uf Bonnera Furry, occupation
lumberman, Intonue tu apply fnr u
special timber licence nver the following lleserilieil lumls: ('niiiiiieiie-
inu ut u pnst plunteil ut the point of
intersection uf the southern boundary nf Lot 844(1 uml the western
boundnry of Lot 843.1, thence west
4(1 eliuins, tlience suuth 80 chuins,
thence enst 40 eliuins, thence smith
40 cbnins, thence enst CO chuins mure
ur less tn the west line of Lot 8436,
tlience north uml west following tlie
western unil southern boundaries of
Lots 8130, 8437, 8438, nml 8430 to
point of commencement.
Robert H.  Mct'uy.
Dated  Nov. 20th.  1907. 48
District of Kootonay.
TAKK notice that Halbcrt A.
Bright, of Uluck Hiver Fulls, Wis-
consin, occupation Hydraulic Mill-
inn, intends to apply for a special
timlier licence over the following described lumls: - Commencing ut u
post plnnted at the northwest curlier of timber licence Nu. 13824,tlience
west 40 chains, thence suuth 100
chains, thence east -III chuins, tlience
mirth 100 chuins to place of beginning.
Halbert A.  Bright.
Dated  October  23,   1907. 48
The time for the commencement of
the publication of tbe nbovc notice
is extended to the (ith day of December A.D.  1907.
J. F. Armstrong,
Assistant Commissioner.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that Frank H. Hnle,
of Fernie, B.C., occupation Lumberman, intends to upply for permis
sion to purchase the following described land.
Commencing nt a post planted on
the eastern boundnry of an island in
the Kootenay River nt the northeast
corner of Lot 7222, thence west to
the westerly boundary of said island
thence northerly following the western boundary of said island to its
most northerly point, thence southeasterly fulluwing the eastern
boulldury of suid island to point of
commencement, and being all of
suid island north of said Lot 7222.
Frank H. Hale
Dated Oetober 17th,  1907. 43
District of Kootenay.
'I'AKK notice that John Dolmor of
Oranbrook, B.C. occupation inboror,
intends to apply for a speeiui tinilier
licence over  tho   following  described
lanils:    Commencing at a post plunteil at the Southwest, corner of tinilier licence No 9033, tbence north 161)
eliuins, thenco west 40 chuins. thence
suuth    160 eliuins,     thence   eust    40
chuins to place of commencement,
John  Delmer.
Haled  Novombor, 2nd.    1906.     45
Receives liolli Lrulios nnd
Gentlemen as Resident or us Day
Students, lias a complete Commercial or Itiisint'ssCourse, Prepares students in gain Teachers'
OrtiHcates of all grades. In
affllliniion witli Toronto Dni-
vriihitv gives the four years
course for the B.A. degree, and
tho Hrsl year ol lho Toronto
SpIiiioI of Science, lias a
special "Prospectors Course"
IVif miners who worl< in 13 O,
Instructions given in Art.
Music, Physical Culture and oio-
For Calendar etc. iiddress
"Columbian College",
Term opens Septo*nt*or I'lll.
District of Kootenay.
Tuke notice that James M. W.
Hall, of Boston, Mass., occupution,
agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe southeast corner of Lot 7222
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
north 40 chains to the northeast enr
ner of said Lot 7222, thence southeasterly following the boundary of
the island on which said northenst
corner of Lot 7222 is situate to a
point due east of point of commence
ment, thenee west to point of commencement.
James M. W. Hall.
Dated October 10th,  1907. 43
Salvation  flnmj Barrads
Sunday Services:
Afluriioon . - 3 u't'lot-k
Kv.'iiiiig - - Bo'uloek
Sunday Suhool at 1.40 p.tn.
Meetings held every uigbi >u the
weok except Monday ut 8 p.m.
Methodist Churoh.
llllllKIIT IIHu.ES,  I'astui-
Sunduy Morning Service at 11 a.m.
Fellowship meeting - - I2-I.'i a.m.
Sunday Sohool and BlbloClussH p.m.
A special invitation is given to
the Men's Own al 8.H0 in tlm
"Gym" for men only.
^hc Uwi0.pector
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tenders for
public building at Lndysmith. U. 0,
will be received at tliis office until
Wednesduy, December It, 1907, Inclusively* for the construction of a
public building at Ladysmitb, B.O,
Plans uml specifications can he Heen
and forms of tender obtained at
this Department and on application
to the PoBtmastor at Ladysmith,
it. O.
Persons tendering arc notified that
tenders will not be considered unless made on the printed form supplied, and signed with their actual
Kacli tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bunk made payable to the order of
the Honourable the Minister of Tub
lie Works, equal to ten per cent. (10
p.e.) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so,
or if he fail to complete the work
contracted for. If the tender lie not
accepted the cheque will be returnod.
The Department does not bind Itself to accept the lowest, or any
Hv Ordor,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, Novombor IB, 1907.
Cordwood for Saie.
I nin prepaid lo supply. ff'xnl
dry slovo wood, in nny length or
quantity. l>itvo orders with
(i. T. Rogers, the kroner, Bctvlo
K. S. Baron
Iu less than two weeks now the
Canadian parliament will again he
in session and, as it will undoubted
ly, be the lust meetiug of the House
before a general election takes pluee.
its proceedings should be uf more
than usual interest. Several ol tbe
distinguished ornaments of past bos-
Dions will be absent, uml a few new
men will be introduced to the assembly. Aiming tbe most notable of tho
missing ones will be Henri Bourassa,
G. S. Hyman, Hon. Rudolph Lem leu i
the courtly minister of the Postal
Department, who is now on un ambassadorial trip to Japan, und perhaps Hon. A. B. Aylesworth, who is
recovering his health at an American sanitarium. Of the fresh faces
the ones which will attract most attention will undoubtedly be those of
Hon. Wm. Pugsloy nnd Hon. George
P. Graham. The members of the
Commons, too, will have the satisfaction of greeting those old
warhorses, whose names, since tbe
last adjournment, liuve been bandied
ubout somewhat unceremoniously by
the scundal-loving public, one of those
who sought but failed to get redress
from the courts for a damaged reputation, and the other of whom hus
expressed his determination to try
und succeed where his unfortunate
colleague failed - we have reference to
Hon. H.R. Bmmerson and Sir Frederick Borden.
But while the changes in the personnel of the assembly will not be
very great, we doubt if it will not
be more pronounced than any change
in the character of the proceedings.
We may expect the same old wrangles of a personal nature and the
same subordination, to them, of the
real business of the country. From
present appearances it seems as if
the only fresh matter which the
Government will have to place before
the House will be the commercial arrangement with Prance, and ns the
Finance Minister in his speeches since
his return has dwelt so strongly on
the advantage which Canada will derive from thnt arrangement, the public will know Its details which, so
far, have been sedulously concealed
from the country. (t is to be hoped thut the treaty will be such as
to bear out the vaunt of the Cabinet; that it will be more gratifying
to the people than any report
whieh Sir Wilfred Laurier could possibly make of his attitude at the
conference, in London, of Colonial
It muy be, of course, that Clifford
Olfton will have some announcement
to make in the matter of the All
Bed Line. Of late we have heard
little of this proposed service, and
it is beginning to drop out of the
public recollection. This, of course,
may be as the government wished.
so that when sprung again at the
forthcoming session of Parliament, or
at least before tbe campaign for the
generul elections lias commenced, us
ns an organized und practical project, it might have all the more effect upon the electorate, and might
help materially to return the Liberals to power. When Mr. Sifton is
found working, with that energy for
which he is remarkable, to made the
All Bed line an accomplished fact as
far as Government undertakings can
make it so, nnd he has been working
thus for some mouths now, we may
not unnaturally look for developments. With any of the other Liberal leaders in churge of this ambitious scheme we should not be disposed to place any faith in its materialization, especially in view of the
not too favorite attitude of the Government of Great Britain. But with
. Sifton conducting the negotiations, it is different. He is the
great practical organizing mind in
the Liberal parliamentary party. As
a politician und us a business man
he has immense capacity, and he
has, what makes his capacity so
valuable, measureless tenacity of purpose. He very seldom fails where
it is important for him, personally,
to succeed, and us it Is almost essential to his Immediate political future that he should succeed in this
matter, the likelihood is that he
Will. Mr. Sifton desires to return to
the cabinet, and be in the running
for the leadership when Sir Wilfrid
Laurier drops out, and if he makes
a success of the All-Bed line this
ambition Will he achieved. We do
not forget that on more than one occasion, of late, be has been urged
and urged very strongly to re enter
the ministry, and that ull be has to
do now is to signify his willingness
to comply witli those requests, and
almost any port folio will he placed
ut his disposal But that will uot
do for Mr. Sifton. He left the cub
Inot under u •loud, a cloud from
which a man of less force and ability could not liuve emerged we bog
how Mr. Bmmerson and Mr, Hyman
were swallowed up und how Sir
Frederick Borden probably will be
and he will not return until it Is
not   so much » matter   of desire, as
a matter of i .pulsion, for the Gov
eminent to mako room for him. His
return' to thr ministry on the crest
of the "All Bed route" would be u
spectacular one. We may expect Mr.
Sifton, therefore, to marshnll all his
powers for tho accomplishment of
this project he now bus in bund, and
if be does not make a goad report,
of his labor.;, we mny reguid the
project as a dead issue lor the next
decade at least.
But. if Mr Sifton should fall, it
is difficult In see what tbe Govern
ment will have to go to the conn
try on In thr nature of an election
cry, except  Its general record,     anil
it is to be doubted if that bos re
tuined the confidence of the people
uny more than u pail with ;e per
forated  bottom   holds  water The
term of Liberal rule bus, indeed, been
contemporaneous with prosperity in
Canada that has been the fortune ol
the Government. But public corrup
tion of a particularly baneful charac
tor has marked every year of Liber
ul rule, and that will hardly be forgotten by the people. .Nor will it
be overlooked, perhaps. that the
Government did not create the pros
perity while it did create the cor
In looking over the members o
Confederation we cannot discover ont
of the provinces, save Qn
which the Luurier administration can
go with assured confidence, and that
it should hold Quebec so solidly
might well be regarded by the others
as an argument against, their sup
The by-elections throughout On
tario indicate that in that province
the Government stands to lose a considerable portion of its following,
und in the western provinces the
chances ure all in favor of a com
plete revolt against Liberal rule.
Manitoba will hardly forgive the attempt to wrest from her by stealth
her free school system, and she will
likely repay with interest the injus
tlcfl with which she has so fur been
treated in the matter of an exten
tion of her boundaries; Saskutebe
Wan nnd Alberta will have the op
portunity of exprcssinc tbomsolves
in rogard to the autonomy bills,
which deprived them of their Crown
lunds und their liberty to legislate
[or themselves in odltoal lonal mat
ters, und British Columbia, when Outline comes, will remember how she
wns trented by Sir Wilfrid In the mat
ter of Better Terms, how an effort
was made to rob her of her title to
Indian lands, and how thu Ottawa
authorities hnve refused again uui!
again to protect us, or allow us to
protect ourselves, against the Asiatic peril.
With Ontario und tbe West, and
most likely the Maritime Provinces,
against the Government, it remains
to be seen if Sir Wilfrid can continue to rule by means of a solid representation from Quebec. Province,
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt sixty-
days alter dute we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works under the provisions oi
the "Rivers an.l Streams Act" for
permission to remove obstructions
und make Improvements on Thompson Creek, in West Kootenuy, near
Kitchener, and make the same lit for
rafting and driving thereon logs,
timlier, lumber, rafts, or crafts, and
to construct dams, booms, slides
and chutes, uud make such other
improvements us muy be necessury
for said  purposes.
The portion of the said Creek on
. '..icli ilie right to nia lie said im
provements is sought, passes through
Lot 780.1 Group 1, West Kootenay dis
trict, and through Lot 7795, Group
1, West Kootenuy District, running
nortli westerly to n point about
three hundred feet smith of the Canadian Pueiiic Railway track, at
which point the applicants are dc
sirous of constructing a dam.
Kitchener Lumber Mills,Limited
Dated   October  24th, A.D.    11)07,   4-1
District of Kootenav.
TAKE notice that Charles Albert
Cock, of Crunbrook, B.C., occupation Rancher, intends to apply for
a special timber licence over the
following described lands:— Commencing at a post planted at the
north cast eorner of Lot .10118, thence
north IW chains, thence west 40
chains, thenee north 40 chuins,
thence west Cl) chains, thence south
7:i chnins, tbenee east 100 chains to
the place of beginning, containing
U40 ueres more or less.
Chnrles Albert Cock.
Duted this nth. Dav of November
1907. 4ti
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice thut Frank H. Dez*
all, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation
Blacksmith, Intends to upply for a
special timlier licence over the following described lunds: Commencing
at a post planted at the south east
corner of timber licence 9033, thence
east 40 chains more or less to Lot
5241, thence north 160 chains, thence
west 40 chains more or less to
Frunk H. Deznlls timber licence application staked November 2nd, 1907,
thence south 160 chuins to place of
Frunk H. Detail.
Dnted November 2nd, 1907.        47
SEALED TENDERS superscribed
"Tender for School-house," will be
received by the Honourable the
Chief Commissioner up to noon of
Monday, the 2nd December, 1907. for
the erection and completion of a
large one-room frame school-house at
Wycliffe, Crunbrook Electoral District.
I'Inns, specifications, contract and
forms of tenders may be seen on
ami ufter tbe 18th duy of November,
1907, at the offices of the Govern
ment Agent, Crunbrook; of Sterling
Staples, Es(|., Secretary i'f the
School Board, Wycliffe; nml at the
Lunds and Works Department, Vic
toria,  B.C.
Each proposal must he nccompn
nied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner for a
sum equivalent to ton "per cent or tho
amount of the tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into con tract when
called upon to do so, or if he fail to
complete the  work contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of de
posit, of UnSllCCOHBfltl tenderers will
lie returned to tliem upon the oxectl
tion of the contrail..
Tenders witl not be considered un
less made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
tho tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes  furnished.
The lowest or any tondor not ur
i-essaiilv  accepted.
F   c. GAMBLE,
Public Works Kimineer
Lands  and   Works  Department,
Victoria,   B.   C.   lltth  November.
1907. 47.
If you purchase a Kootenay
without the reservoir and
decide  later that the
reservoir is a real
necessity, why, just
order it and attach it
yourself.   It's easily
done.   Merely
sremove the screws ^
and take off the plate marked
"REMOVE FOR RESERVOIR" (see top illustration),
which provides an opening
for the hot air to come
through and circulate
under the reservoir. Then attach,
by means of
screws, the
reservoir and
the flue box
shown in lower illustration.
A screwdriver
is the onl;
ol require*
London. Toronto, Montreal. Wlnnlpel. Vancouver.  St. John.  Hamilton
fret Kootenay booklet on request-
PATMORE   BROS.,  Sole   Agents*
ft ♦'♦ <> * a ft 9 ftftftftft 9 J ♦:♦;»ft.aft • .♦.•:♦.aft:
I          NOTICE |
♦; The Cranbrook Wood Fuel §
* . . Dealers Association . . v
ft ft
§ Wood is Cash f
ft,           Owiny   Iii  llio hiirli (irlco of Hni'su fteeA I I.u Inn- rt
—• unci llio disl iinc-n which ili'.y wood hus now In ho liuiilnil ri'
'■ lo lho lown, lhi'I'ollowiiiL'prices liuvo haon sol .*;
ft, 4'
r! Stove Wood I- ic in inch lonjrlhs :: Melts	
n Stove Wood :'- in -I inch IbiijiIIis 2 Ricks .
1 • Furnace Wood ovor i'i inches nnd under |H inches
* i Kid)	
ft Cord Wood por Cord.,	
H 00 ft
,,,, |
•WOO rt
$4 25 ft
.                 ONK  IlKJK   IS   I   l"l*|.|T  lllllil   AMI fl  VV.Vil'  l.ONi; jj,
ft- .ft.
d     Griinbmnk, H.C';. Ociolior 22nd, tDO". '*)
d                  Members of Association: g
'*.-    li. S. Huron            .his. Wiillacn           .1. !•'. Dcnclfin ft
£     W. I lush                 I. K. Pierce             ti,   Ur-rcrt **,
'*-■    l-liiri'is St Woods      Vi. .1. Dornn            I'  Hitywiml ft
rt     K  K. I'Yiiiis            ti, Corbotl                T. Mori fl
♦/                      M. Prosl               Ci. Moi'cliidn ft
■♦.  .                    s
ft ft ;♦;♦'♦;» *.a 9ft *.a ./ft 9.9.9'.azft-ft. 9ft ♦.» ♦.«;;♦:
I NORTH   STAR       §
Kimberley,   B.C.
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
Advi'iti'*' in tin: Prospector,
_ 9
9  "" "' ~"        •
IIII.I.    A    III.       Tl ll)    |llllC'D ill Inu'll
ilui 11 iimki' lil" wort li ih.' 11 v in-
Cosmooolitan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager :'IIK PROSPECTOR CRANBROOK B.C.. N'OV, ilo, l"" 7
i 'Exquisite HandsPainted Qhmti
An enviable reputation for
carrying' tlie handsomest line of
Hand - Painted China in the
Kootenays. This year we have
largely increased our stock and
no where will you tind such an
assortment of hand painted
china as here.
In this section are probably
accounted for by reason of the
faet that we ask only what
articles are worth not what
you would probably pay. We
would be pleased to have you
come in and see our new
Pink's CntcKiTy ti tni Glassware Dept.
.!i ■■■■■
We have just put on display
an  assortment  of hand-painted
Our Good:? are
ft ■■■■•
See our new Augratin Bakers,
Bean Pots, Pie Pans, Shirred
Egg Pans, etc. Made to stand
the fire.
GMte Itroepector,  CRANBROnK ™CE DISTRICT cranbrook opera house **************************
! NIC I ITS.     SAT. .MAT.        * *
rue   half-yearly     meetiug   ol   tl:
Board ol Licence Commissioners , ol
Cranbrook  Licence   District,    will be ,
held at the court House cranbrook Commencing Friday Nov. 29th
I'i >K   IA l.\<\ HOD'S
OUK STOCK OF RINOS i- cur) eniuph'li'.  *•»
Su nmiiiT wluii  kliui   liiiig ynn I ir-.'. i  yi
null nUll'l} sl'h'i'  [ii""  ' 1'O'if * I(-
It will bo ii Pleasure in ('""I" V.ih Prices
,.1'Kiri \i. v.. i' li   w nvn   iNsrr.i'Tiii:
vimrninnttmtmttttfrfnnnnmTnmtTT^;,,n Monday December I6tb. inn?., at
p .       a^aaa     m, .._... 3 J Tfifl      O'clock    ill    tilt'       flirOIH II HI .        V,'lll'llj
C    LOCAL   NEWS.   3 the following applications will come
t                                                         -a1 before tbe Board:  -
'.'iiuuuuuuuuutuiuuuuuuuuuuuu'i-j   etias.  v.. Finch, Fulls View  Hotel,
Ur. (Iivnicr ivnnl In Mm if b'rlilnrun Marysville, B. 0.
biKinv-u Paul HaniUcy, Central Hotel.Mary-
_ BVille, ll. ('.
Re nber   the place to get  Home H,'  ';: Sr?wycr' 1<"Vi'1 Hotel.Marys-1Tlie Favorite Classic   Thill   Will
Hade Candy, fresh daily 'The Palm '","'; ' ,,  '
Robort   V„  I'ri.'.- Presents
Tin' Knoi'innns Triumph
The  Two   Orphans
Iniin Ryan, transfer to John Mc-
Der'mld, Central Hotel, Wardncr.B.C.
James Brown, Onion Hotel, Ward
nor, li. ('.
H.  S.  Mather, Windsor Hotel.Forl
S.  J.    Mighton,    the   Tobacconist,   *'„"'','''  "' *''     ,        •,,,,,,■,
will  n   his   annuo    drawing \JJ}}°  r "T"' ""' Hotel.Forl
'■'"""sl  "*>  »'""" Ih/W    tew, Nor.,,    Star    Hotol,
Kimberley,  B. C.
W. ll. Bradford, Wycliffo Hotol,
Wycliffe, B.C.
Xills  Hanson, Wasn  Hotel.    Wosa,
C. Htingerford Pollen was hunting
iii;.r gome in the Elk river valley
i Ins weok,
Don McKillop of Lethhrlilgc was
shaking hands with Cranbrook |
friends this week. 9
I Now is the time to select n good
box of cigars, S. J. Mighton, the
ll. C.
i).  A.  Burge,   Perry Crook    Hotel,;
Live  Foi'GVOl'.
A Magnificently Staged
I'nul net inn
All Special Scenery
Beautiful Costumes
Lighting Kl'IVi'is
Priees-Niglil #1011 77 50
Mul-lnue -75 -fill
Saturday. Matinee.
Wood   In   Any   Quantity
E. A. Liezert
L,eave Orders at Cranbrook  Trading   C«.   or   mall   tfiem   Cranbrook ".
Perry Creek, B   ('
■•":;;: X;;.0,^ Pe°Ple'8 Mo,,e>''
l.ie dtj   I liuisilay.        M.  I   ;  ■      w  s,, ,, ..  ,      ,,  ,  ,    .-  i ,.    .,   ,,
„ i,j . „.,,. ,    a,, i,.... i    ■ i.ibbois,  inhk  Motel,  vahk,  if. (
ii  his way to Spokane on business. 1 ,,,   „    Ononis!
Saturday Night
W. V..  Lorraine, advui  ,liro„l  for!  '	
Hi.'"Two Orphans" -I"'"1 Sunday lasl
  Dominion Parliament.
!■'.. Mills of (ireenwood, C. I>. McXab —
of Waldo, anil 11. It. Vates oi Wyclill'i;     Ottawa. Ont., "-ov. 28.   Thn Ciiim-
uero nt. the Cranbrnnk Sunday last,        dial]   parliament    Inaugurated    today
what pi' isi's In I io of llio   Intitresl
!•'.   II.   MORRIS,
Chief l,iienec Inspector,
Cranbrook  Liconce Dislriel.
"R.\ Fl L ES"
lli'i't tt'hitnstcr. and Vi. S..Stanley of
Fernie wes:- Cranbrook visitors Kiiii'iluv
arly, but  noi   I inrly
i-    best   snaps   in  Christ
Chas.  K.  Reid   fi Co.,
1 il Klnie, nl Kdi'iitown, (i. Powell
■i| ■ r. ii e, C, tt' liiitlinii'l! of (Irnnd
'■k-. mil I'.. I'Vauan of Marysville
'" I'i'giatei'i'il al the Cosmopolitan
ndai laai
sessions in its ii Isi nry.   Like lh n
ing" session of the LTnlted Stales eon- f
irress, a considerable pnriuni ol   tlie /
session will bu devoted to altenipts in ;(•
uuiking pnlitieal i'ii|iital, as the oppti'
slllon exports an appeal tn lln'  peoph
before aiioi Iin- session begins.
America Represented.
•(iallahers Tobaccos
London, Nov. JR TlioL'HUiiillaiiprii-
vlnees, i's|n i-iiill.j N'ova Srotiii. are
represontud by niitgiiitlnoilt displays nl
various varieties oI Irtiils at the nniiutil
Kiiyiil Airrloiilturul how, which opeuuil
We   bee   to   ilil,on,   Ibe  "Owln"   ll.lll
' uiiiwii, j the men who have succoodod  In  this
ie and T K i'li- world    have    fallen    themselves   ex
apniii Siimlnj Iji-i  in
at £
e t -*:
>ij>ar Store i
Iluu'      II	
Why Cough to The Coffin
T i; y
ftftftftftftnxton\nTftnTftn\n^%toft'kft;nrftnr9tk Maine™    nml    Lokuy      crapes   ill
i CENTRAL    HOTEL I H      ;
ft                                                                                                          A} unm, jiiiiI  .1. .1. 'I liumpbon nl   inn-
*m er, .1. II  --.ii'.'.'iii ni   tt*i'stuiin»tur,
Z '■-■-< ed\ ol ilnel i. tt'. I!. Iluv.
* Marysville   hi'.          COLE&HAMDLE'   1'                   9 l-m...   Dun,, of Montreal,
.* #
* *
*                           'I'li" l..:ni,iiL' [Iii        F thn Hi                         9 ,"i',""i
Iti Miiry - V.,;,i",....    ns *
-Jt                                                                 ... ,                                     ft •'•■   ha ■   .ni i-li'iMiit    Iiii.- ,,i    1,'wel
nr                       nowl.v   ri.niislioil,        llll '■                       _ In brunsu,    French    Krcy ami
* j illSttll       :.   Ku.'I.IIIIV.                                               w I"**1  ■*'
* 9
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   * i       rTEf,SYSf*"L
ft ft      l'h .,'.  ii ,-,,,,11'  ,„  Mlithion's Hull  i     POHTAL  BOHVICK  IIKI'IHIT,
^^ftim^^^ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftf-ftftft    ;;,.,::n::i,:;;;;;i:,,M„.^::ii T, , ,,i „„. PoBi	
ni'ii.-i  nn   Craubrooli   Mosl Oonornl in, Ibe nmi.   months   onilci
\  ..,,„.,,,.    ineetinn    Cnled         Dan    '■' "                       '             the .ti,,-,   tin   brethren    in  Mir niimhei   Mnrch 31  11107., allows that thoro win
. ,,,,     'octet)   .'..n I"    held  In    '■! ianitiibii llntc ei    ill  Wed    ...   nftj     ".■■:.■   ,| iii    iibllKafcil,   the  ' :rcl f 280 In lho   numbor o
j. ,,     [lul . .   . "-      ltlth  iihhi I tli     to    election   '.I    ..Mu,i      wiih    proc loilM'""!  Olllcoa,     The cross revenue, fm
l,i .     ,,i    n p.m      lln . ■       nlcrl   ui  iiii) . il.      The .1 i-   Im   ib,.   pinltlon   Um slime pniiod amiiiiiilotl to Jli.fiiiri
,    ,',,,, .,■!,.  v.      Vbernathe)     Sei vfiawlth   tlie   Supreme!  nritiini-sDi'.wliu Iona.18,  nnd   the expenditures',   Incluil
Kilitm   I'*    i     Imyth, nl •  ■     ... nppointeil    Mi   Tin,mi.     Cole       The   lot!  the  Yukon    ami  Mlln   districts
I have    the    larKi  I     Im   nl   Mi i     La ulei   vn    In    I rnnbi -      tl        re [ollowlni! olllcei    were then elected       ninniintcd  to .Ki.ir.z vil :,n. Tlio    sm
..r]i;Mlrrl    ,,,! ■ ,-i    i,i . i: In    .'-i ilini:   i"   in     nlroiid)        •:.     inu iJ.W.Fred   Cartel       I'reHldenl            pIiih m tlieroforo, -|.l)82.:i0l.li9.   Hlnco
I,,,',,.i,        limn   linportn    bunk  nrroiinl n   ,\    McLonn,           Vlce-l'i-osldcnl    the first   rotuniH   niloi  eontodcriil                         MAIilllKIi.
,,,,,,   -    .1    Mtithton     nn-    Tiibncro \    ii    Workman        Invocatm            In '*"'**, whon there wa. a surplus of
„rl                                                              iii.   *H    '-'"I •■!■   Iniii'i   l-i i-   Mcdonald,             Hoeretnry           'Ill.liCO, lliere Imu I „ logulnr   doll   j    Al    lho    Metlioillsl    PiirsnnuKO   nu
'■' "i   \ "I-'    nn  ii"' i'   l'   li    ■.'.' jolin I..., i             Th'iij.nun             cits unlit   Itloa.Blncc   Hint time   the  Tuesdii)    ovcnlno  liml,  Mr.    William
II ti„.  i,. inn ii'  iiii'i'.   H iniii'i   'in.   tel im      ,,t    Cranbrook Mule   VloHltl.,             Wnrdon               inrplnscH hnve Increuseil roitlilnrly to   HiiKKard    ami  Miss    Helen    lb,wnnl
r,,,,,,,,,   ion ,,   ill    n   ii.i    nine  nn    Tl -n (len   p.   Mlllor,        Sentinel                the    prosonl      'I'lie dclielts   nf    11)111   worn unl tod in niiirrbine by the llov
Hu-  .'iiiiiii.iimi  l.v i Imi n '  tl   . f   ii    VnnDecnr,       Picket.                amoiintotl  to $'110.183.Ilil       Tbe sm     II     llimlies       They    will    roaldo in
,„,„     ,.,.,„.|„iiv   'in. n innn. '"i"- ol      -1    i'i-1 in.    I'i'.l    Have     Suuth    ni      ui ti„. „bovc   named   ..Mir  were   Plus "' ''"'1 wns   .'.'. lii'J II.     'I'lie ro    Crunbrook, nml have lhe IiobI wislies
bleb powor will I.i'  led i" ilin"'-    Windermere  wine ul   the    t'onmopoll dulj installed bv Ibe Supreme ormtn    Lll''"» nl ll""'    " tliH Ih   more Hum ben  frlemlH foi  Liinil   rutiirc Imp
,.,   ti,,. i,e,eiii tun Tlnn 'ii', ,„.,  uml instructed in    their duties      Iwonty  til i  Ihul   umoiinl u nn-
tremoly sorloualy
Nni years, bill IdlenOSS, means nlil
.me. Tlio lazy. ...nrthless young I
spendthrift is old and worthless. ]
Tlie  lieut   gray  hnircd  man,  earnestly    ..       ,,        .   ,      .. ..
i,l   work,   niiliii ■   how   b.imbly.di,     Dl*. SCOtt S   PrCSCl'l |*t 1(111
Ing his duty and    lining Ills    best,  is
mil  No.   ill)  or
"While   vol!     wmi.   you     are     yollllg. j
"When you atop work ) '0 dead. (;„|i|  Cu\C   Tallies
"Nn matter nboul the ace.
Thoy tin Um worli uml inmost
Hm mosl sin luir hi
Vie wnnl  in close out  ul' 9
f/        thera bfifore lho Season ends 9
27          Vie must noi curry Ihem over 9
\f)             hnnce   wo   adopt    rud inu I A
measures lo force thom out. -c
'I'lu' I'l'iruliir prices uro eul A
scveroly, ft
$10.00 Suits for $7.75 A
$12.00 Suits for $9.00)|
$14.00 Suits for $11.00 *
Nine Suits (Iriginal Prices 9
from $7.50 to $17.00'for $5.00*
This Is a straight forward nhaime ft
10 piek up a cheap suit 9
This IS At *
■A-;   Uoid iiiui'k Criiiiiii.ink-, n.c    9
mt mat mm\,\§t  mt* mmt ''am?'mat' mV ^"^^"iX^1 ^''^^"''W'AlW'iW'^'WV''W W ssmt*' ss*Af'*-ms\sf^k^''t\mf ftM
•^m IKTOtto *'"'^n ^ * * W'w-'i-'Wi t*v TOW*** W**w^ll'!i
,♦ 9:4:9 '9\o\4:9 ;^:*:^;^;^: «.| *■:"♦* ♦:'♦':'♦ ^'. *;•*!; «;^> ^
Tho HnlMon uml HI n Unit wo Hull «
n if IiIkIi griiile.   W i' noi iufIjnmecl of vj.
I In-ill.    Tht'  Itillil  WI! i'lllll  KIIUt'lttltiHl, *'
'IS   ill 'i's'
d,      Ven
ft   "'
lllllil  llllll,  tu all
•eills 111(11,   III  ll bill llllll
iiln-ii' alll'lll'a   ll'l iv   Hi.'  Dxelualvo I'i'ii
iliii'l. mii'ill tin' iiiiisler-wiirliliii'll uun.
,<v uolveil iln' iili'ii nl iiaietly aiftklng 11
jj-   Kiiuill   iiiiiiii-i  ilny    iinli   ui  shears.
7'    When   llii'l   iveri'   IllllallDll   111' aenl Ilia Ku'iytllllii.' iriilll lliiinlellle al'la,
»     H|l|il'i'lllliT  lui   II ilali'l'siit llie llllll. I'.'Ini'll alli'llla. I lur I'V.'IV nae llllll   ll     *.
 TI.V imlil. Ol" coin., „„„ ,.„„, h„„, ft,
W   nml .1. In- l.'.l 1
a    lill,iliun.  lu-   en,11.lli    Hioiaeil.
evv   I'l'iu'iiiin: tlie mie
ii 1
•'bee. Sirs!
.unit Mrlmora » 1 il
I ml nl imvn rll-liiinila |iIi-iimvii'iiii'Ii|.    n
,,',"     imi-   mini . ohlnr  ili'imi'iitii'iii   :♦;
■iviiits wlillu yuu Bleep".    A  poiuil   111
 V    "  #
ir,ATTii': & Atchison tcrn«»->roou. b.c.     hardware b
Whom It Pays to Doni.       ♦:«♦<>♦ -> ♦':<• * aftftftt4ftft:a-fta ft*ft,a-ftaj*
School oi Mining
The IftHowIni Carat, arc •Il*rea1:
l-l'iiur Ve.ra' CouracftirDegrfrufn.se
11—Three Year.' Course for Dlploru..
A C0I.IEBK OF APPLIED SCIENCE. ral!«lrt»«d1«Sfr.lon
Allilialrd to Queen's University, r-Mlnei.toa-y .nj Geology.
If ffliraCT/lM        t*\tal**r d   lliann.al Knyiiieriitig.
l\inU91Un«    UW1. r-CI»ll Kiigineerlnj.
1-., Calendar of the School and further       ^^r*?'',"'^"^1'
Information, apply to the Srerela.y, School        f-8 ectrlcal Rnjloeering.
ol Mining, KinValon,Ontario. '-Biology and Public Health.        ,


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