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The Prospector Apr 7, 1906

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Array ,[IU,I A.',, ^a
t '.-ri-f ii :.*{ An
Vol. 12.
No.  14.
Cranbrook Team Defeated By  A
Picked Team From The
Silver City.
< hi Tuesday evening a large
number ol Basket bull enthusiasts went down to Moyie to
to try conclusions with a team
Irom tlml place. About U o'clock
the game was called by Referee
.1. P. Westiniiu, who soon found
hu hud accepted a it i tiie nit occupation for one hour. The lineup ot the two tennis wns as follows:
I'ranbrook Moyie
.1. Davla r'linviml      l>. A. Avrea
A. Iluiiilltnn " .1. Ti'iiiner
ll. Hi-Heck    Center   W. Wormington
.1. Breehll, llefenee .1. Yuan,.
I'. Mitralnill " ('. Kiniiiii
The game started with a rush
and the spectators bad to watch
closely to see the bull. A lew
quick passes were made and •De-
Keck found the basket Another
score was made on a foul, and
then the work begins in earnest.
Quick passes follow and Davis
gives the ball a neat loss over
the left shoulder and scores.
Now Moyie wakes up and soon
scores twice, the score is now 4|
to a in favor of ('ranbrook and
interest increases. A few fouls
are called and Ihe referee is
threatened by some nf Movie
si al wards but to uo avail, and
if be erred in the game it might
lie snid In, was too lenient as a
[ew should have been put on* for
wluil is commonly called
"beefing". However he succeeded in holding the game down
and DeBeck secures the hall and
last year,   and a bronze u.eilnl nl
ihe Si.  1,,,nis   World's   Pair in
The Kootonay lead smellers
have reduced ihe ordinary
freight and treatment charges
on silver lead ores from £15 tn
♦ll' per Inn, It ,s expected Ibis
reduction will oucoiirnge the
working of a number nf proper
lies   mil   now   uperulh'o.   Tl,"
chief dilliellllv ill S e   plll'tS   nf
ihe Koolouny districts Is tho coal
ol getting  il res down  ihe
mountains from ihe mines in rail
or sleamer,
An Enthusiastic Audience in Favor
of Cranbrook Being Terminal
of K. C. R.
A special meeting nf ibe
Cranbrook Hoard of Trade was
held iu the ('ouncil chamber on
Tuesday livening, The object of
the meeting was tn consider
means whereby Cranbrook's in
turest in the building of Iho
Kooienay Central Railway
should be looked after.
There wasa large ill tendance,
President K. E, lieallie presided
and in a few well chosen remarks slaled why Ihe meeting
had been called. Mayor Rogers
was in favor of llie K.C.R. making Cranbrook iis terminal, he
knew from reports the immense
resources of llie Kooienay valley
its agricultural resources which
was a permanent indication of
stability, .lames Ryan was not
prepared In say which was the
best policy lo follow iu securing
Ihe railway, but   would  suggest
makes it 7 to  I,  ihen another, ,
,.    ,     ,     .. „   ,-.     ,   ,..    .    .    the appointment ot u committee
loul makes ii 8, One halt minute]._ .„...„.._.,     .. ,      .   ,,
remains in  the   tirst   half  and
Movie docs the trick hy  finding
the basket and thus it ends 8 to I
for Cranbrook,
During the second half the in-1
, I lo investigate and  get   the  nee
eessary informal ion.
.1.   D.  McBride was the nexl
speaker, Mr. McBride said  thai
'••every district had  ils supply
,   , ,. j point, and  thai   Cranbrook  was
teres! was ugh and the audience,'. . ,    ,     , ,
" „„    ,   ,, .. the  commercial,   banking   and
enthusiastic.      ho ball trequont-     .  . , ,,    ,,    ..      ,
 ' mining    center    ol    Southeast
ly changing hands and »e wi*, ^ „ mil||i| 1)(, m ,u.,
is excellent,  the audience lee Is lf,        cfl ^  ^
thev  are  paid   lor their trouble        ,,       . •     .. ,
• '     ,„, .north  not   lo  give them a much
of coining.      lie scores run up.        .   , ,. .,.    ,,
burning. C wanted conned ion   Willi   (ran
brook.    He wauled to see u com-
A Knille was up from Kilo.
Wednesday on business.
.1. S. Neil nf Granby, (Jue.,
wus in the city Wednesday,
Dr. Hell was ai Gateway this
week nu professional business.
V Hyde Baker went west nn
Mondays train,
.lames [''inlay lefl oil  Tuesday
nn a business trip to Spokane.
The place in buy your new
Spring Hat is al Reid it  Co's
A. Sutherland of Nelson was
in the city Monday,
II \V, Davis of WyclilTe wasiu
Cranbrook Monday ou business.
lied. Spring and Mattress al.
$10.00, CCS.
A mooting of the School Trus-
lees was held on Saturday lasl.
Harry Bradford of WyclilTe
was in the city Thursday.
The Firth-Enton combination
iu Wentworth Hall tonight.
.1. A. Harvey lefl on Sunday
for the const on legal business.
IRON BEDS-  *:'..:.".
Cranbrook Co operative  Stores,
T. 15. Roberts, nf Arhold St
Roberts, was al Marysville Wednesday on company business.
I'. McDiarmid nf Medicine Hal
was in the city S,onlay lasl.
P. Atkinson, of Vancouver was
in ibe city Monday.
M. Robson of Rogina, was in
llie city on business Monday.
M. McMillan nl Wilmer was a
guesl ai iln- Cosmopolitan on
W. i: McFarlane wusivl Nelson this week on coinpnuy  busi
.lames Carrol nf Kimberley
was In the city Tuesday ill I ending a meeting nl the Licence
The Palm, is Where you can
eel Ihe purest and best home
made candies in Cranhrook.
Constable Morris was al East-
port this wooli on official business.
Mrs. Bremner entertained her
Sunday School class of boys on
Wednesday evening,
.1. I). McBride, Mayor lingers
ami W. T. Curd left ou Pridnys
I rain for Calgary.
Harry Drew, and H. Porter
came   down    from    Kimberley
Monday on business.
,1. Eslerbrook of Kimberley
was ai ihe Cosmopolitan on
E, A. Hill came down from
Movie Tuesday lo attend a meeting of llie Licence Commission.
John Pink wenl to Bull River
Monday on a visit lo the Chiel;- I
annul Slmio mine. I    I1- T. Mnsser, anil W. K Miller
I' Spokane were registered al
and al ihe close stands 1:1 to  10]
n favor of Moyie the lust goal"".' .— ..■...-..■ -...
' . .   ..        ..    i notice appointed   lo  invest ign
being made a minute before  the
Whistle blew.
It was a  good name.       Our
I this matter, and if necessary  he
I was willing to pledge the city to
____       ,,      ,, moot auy obligation thai  might
home team showed up  well  audi " '     .       ..     ,, ..',,
. , ' ,    I accrue Irom getting the C.P.R
certa uly'Showed how to   play,,        ,     ., •    ,      ,,
, ,        '    'to  make  Ihe  terminal  ut Cran-
the   game.      It   was clean  und .      ,
in I, ..brook,
sportsmanlike.       If   we   would i     ...   .,  ,,     . ,,       ,..,,,,
....... . ,,!     W, P. (iinil thought Ihal there
criticize tin? Moyie men, it would , .. , ,
, .       .,        , ,  .     , were ample reasons lor  milking
be by saying they depend too ,,.,., ,    ,. .,
,'..,, .      Cranhrook   the  terminal  ol the
much on strength and are in   „   ,.,
cliued  to  be u  little too rough'    '   '  .'     .,    .
 ,,        ,.,,.,      u.  a,   VanDecar favored the
and at tunes liuill lindmg.    With  ,. ,    ,
,. ,    views    expressed    by   previous
practice   with   a    lew    outside . ' ,,',,,,
1 , ,,,        , speakers and   would  do  all   he
teams they will make a strong i      ,,,   .  ,   .,
...     ,       ,    ,    ,,could lo help Ihe cause,
aggregation.       Cranbrook   had       .    .,    ,,       ,,     ,.  ,..   ,     ,
, ,. , ,,  ,        , i   J.  M.   Carroll  ol  Kimberley
the best ol the game all Ihrough      • ,,,,., ,.
" said thai the proper roule  Irom
and should have won oul.
Edward Elwell and Col, Henderson visited St. Mary's Prai
I'ie on Wednesday oil business.
Archie Mackenzie of Rossland
was ill Cranbrook Tuesday shaking hands with his many friends
S. .1. Mighton returned Tuesday from a business trip to Leth-
To Rent A large front room,
with use of phone and bulb,
upply   lo John   Dezall,  Garden
Si reel.
A good timepiece is a faithful
friend, We have a choice seloc
Hon of ladies and gents watches
at prices to suit all pockets.
Win. P, Tate  St Son.   Jewelers
St Opticians. |    ,.        , .,     ,,  ,,        .,.,
1   |    Mr. and Mrs. (1. Drew ot Mon
I real   were guests at Ihe Cran
Cranbrook Tuesday.
('. II. Carveth of Movie was a
guesl   at   ihe Cosmopolitan   on
Mr. ami Mrs. .1. Whitehead of
Moyie were Oruiibrcok visitor on
Sunday last.
R. Grey of Spokane was a
guesl al ihe Cosmopolitan on
Sunday last
Pred Robinson of Winnipeg
was a guesl at the Cranhrook on
Sunday last.
Business Transacted   Will  Send
Delegation to Calgary.
The regular weekly meeting
of the city council was held in
the council chamber on Wednesday evening April I. There
were presenl His Worship Mayor
Rogers, and aldermen Tlsdale,
Pink, Ryan. Murphv and Jackson
Minnies nl la-,1  rogulur   IIKlBl
ill" were adopted as  r I,
I,'. E, Beattie, presldenl nf tl,,.
Board of Trade presented a com
implication   from   Ihe   Board of
Trade asking ih iiincil lo send
a committee to consull with Mr
Dennis, C P. R, land commissioner, al Calgary, in tho matter
of the Kootenay Central Railway
making Cranbrook iis southern
A comtn tm lealion from .1.
Grenior ro Bill Posting was read
and his request for a licence
was refused.
The council approved  of ih
action of the   Cranbrook   Board j
of Trade, ami it was moved that
the council pay llie expenses of
a delegation of three to confer ]
Bright, president; E. (I  BoynlonI CRANBROOK.
secretary: \  s Trow, treasurer 	
and general manager.   Ti.e by- The Railway  Centre  of   South
drnullc works of t pany east Kootenay
were finished lust season, but not I 	
in time to make any  extended
mu.   as  the  latter   purl   nf  the
season was (piitedry     Pr Ihe
quantity of gravel washed, how
ever, the return was about llceul
por eu id and ii.. new ground
was handled, li Is proposed in
push oporallous during the com
Ing season in ihe inn extent
allowed by ihe hydraulic equipment,
School Reporl
Pupils nl   Division   11    Aim   nl.
tained llio highest marks during!
ll inuili nl April.
HK.N'IOII  l'l. \ss
1 Joseph Bourgoliie,.    ---
2 Lilian Leask.    ..   .    Hllll
ii    Sybil While      -ill
I   Edward Neil.. -:'■-
.11  Nlllll   CLASS.
1 Cracc Welsh     s| i
2 Robert Pinlev     "2il
Eire at Fort Steele Junction.
The Royal Hotel at Port Steele
The shrewd mining man. the
hustling merchant, or the exjier
i.'ii.'ed railway bnildoi. coining
in size up ihe situation in South
ousl Kootenay would naturally
ask himself, where Is  ihe  polnl
■-. ntrally sit mitral thai from it
I can besl reach all. in the
greater portion nf Ihe great
mining regions in Iho surrounding mountains, the Immense
are;,.-, nl limber, ihe agricultui'ul
portions of Ihe Kootenay valley.
in fact il nlire business of this
Cooking   ar I  Im a spol so
ravored by nature, he would unhesitatingly say tn himself on
seeing Cranbrook, ;'bere is the
ideal spol for which I have been
lh- would probably, say also,
this is 1 be commercial ami business centre ol a vasl Empire, all
porlious ol tlii— Immense mining,
lumbering and agricultural region is directly tributary to the
Cily nf Cranbrook, He would
also sny Ihal ihis city is the
railway centre ol ihis vast territory, llllll all railways now under consl riii'i ion. or to be constructed iu the future, must of
nocessll v.  either have   its inilial
Albert Hanks came down from
Perry Creek Monday on business.
the Skookum Chuck was direct to
A   very   pleasant   time   was ...   ,    , , .
....     i .   , Miuberley   making  i neclions
spent   al   the   Manhattan   hotel        .    ,    '       .       '    , ,
1 , with Ihe North Mar branch.
after  the  game   was over when      .,   .,
.      , , I', h. Simpson spoke strongly
the Cranbrook hoys woi nlor-     ,.        . .,
,,'...     .       , nl appointing a commit lee,  and
lamed by Iln'Movie Irieuds.    A ,     .!' ,      ,	
,     ,, for Ihe pen ile nl   drunbl'OOK   In
pleasant tiuii'was spent  ami   all .        ,...,..        ,-, •,
1 ' keep trying until  il   was  an  ao
had a good lime .. ,    . ,,    .
„„   com pushed fact,
Ihe    rcliirn    inalcb   will   l„,      ,„',„ ,,.,,. ,.,
, .    ...      ,       ,   .      , W I. Held Inviired Ihcuppiiiut-
pluvcd ill ( riinhrnnk ill   Ihe near .        ,. ... ,
'.    ' ing ol a cominillee, waseniilideiii
thai it was in the interest of  the
Nlillil at Cranbrook. entire   districl     thai   Ihe   road
Several large caichesof trout
were made by local tisheriiien
during the past week. Lester
Clapp and Wm. Lamb brought
ill |so tine fish from Pish Lakes,
und a second party who tished
iu the same lake on Tuesday
caught  llio.
Thus. Slarbird, manager of
the Ptarmigan mines at Wilmer.
und Mrs. Slarbird, who have
been easl. passed through Cranbrook Tuesday on their way
Rev, .1. P. Westman will have
charge of the rogular preaching
services iu the Methodisl .Church
next Sun,lay. Evening subject,
"The lireaiest of Quest ions".
T.hc service will open wilh a
congregational song service, All
are Invited,
brook ou Monday.
.1. W. Robinson the well known
mill iimii. returned Thursday
from a business I rip to Red Deer
W. A. Allen, and C. D. Wrey-
ford of Vancouver were registered nt the Cranbrook on Sunday
H.   M lonald,   P.   Monteilh
and L. Miller of Wilmer, were
registered nl the Cosmopolitan
ou Monday,
with C. P. It. olHcials at Calgary |,lum,,inn wasburnl to the ground
In tho matte,  nf the  Koi lay k,  ,,„. ,,,,,v  hom,s „,   SulK,.lv
Central Railway. morning last,
11 was moved  lhat  tenders bo     The cause of tiie  Cue is uncalled for feeding prisoners con    known, the Inmates barely escap
lined in the city jail. ing with their lives.    A. McCool
,  ,    .. , ,., poini. or  iis  terminal  al  Cran-
Ibe reporl of the linanee cone part owner and liiaiiager did noi  ,      ,     .,.,       . .   ,
, , ,  | „ , . ... OI'ooK,     I here is no   wisdom   nr
mittee was then  read,  adopted, save any of his persona   nllects.      ... ...
,      ,      ,, .        ..,     ,    ,     ,   ,     ,     ninny  in  recrtm,nations or re,
and the accounts ordered   paid,  escaping With only llio clothes he .        ...
1 ,.'     ,,   ..,     ,,     grels,   Iho  situation with iis ad
The Health committee report- Tlmv    'vclll's'     «•*'■   Plinth    tbe| va|1||1„ps  , disadvantages is
ed thai the Townsite cninpany hotel clerk lost his personal be ' l„.rilj.,7 „/,,„, ,,,„!„,;,'„, is ,,1|0W
would take siio ,,er acre for I longings and *tla in cash which I M W(.|)(,sla(lv]im.p thelnterosts
Block   1(18,   bid   ibe.   eniuinillee/^'s 0'his panla pnckel. |ot Mm en'l'ire district
thought block IHO more suitable      Every Inmate was in bed when
The Works cominillee referred  the alarm was given  by a  man
tenders   for  sidewalks   to   the  *•"» I Connolly who was sleep-1 ^V",  ,,|"l'|1'.v^1|,'m'1','n
council, and on  motion  was  re   ing down stairs.
ferred buck to the committee with     Ml'-   Mctlool   only   saved   hii
Instructions to   use   thoir   besl  rlls|1  register   and   i ks.    Hii
jiidgeinenl in Ihe matter. j partners arcltoss Bros of Pernie
The contracts   for    sidewalk  t'ho building und  furniiure win
was  awarded   to Ceo. R. Leask   insured loi-sl.;   with   ftiOO  01
St Co, ut sl':i,'i. I the stock.
li was moved that the delegation to Calgary bo  requested  it
take up the matter of annexing!    T)l0   Licence   C nissioneri
blocks noi'lbeusi  of town  with UlM ., Sj,aol|l| „M„.lilllf  ,,„   Wed
Mr.   I) lis and   that  the city  nl,sl,.iy , nsIdol.  ,,„, m)\\ca ^^^^^^^
solicitor prepare the  n ssary tlonS| ,)f i,",,,,.!, lV  ,|ollos ,,„. „| theso Ihingsin their proper light
speciticntions. Hotel licence at St. Mary's Luke, assured thai  under   tircum-
By-law No.-I being the City land one from Pred Drew lor stances can tiny railway building
Debentures and Loan By-law, Royal Hotel at Kimberley. Both in ihis districl avoid making
was then Introduced and rend a applications were refused, this  City  either   ii-   initial ur
Licence Commissioners Meet.
Iii'iii'iii our own City of Cranbrook." And in pushing Ibis
projeel of devolopmonl to city
uud dislricl, we must look well
uiiu the future, tor our
interests  are   the   best    Inter-
oris ...I  tl mire district,   we
miisi stand shoulder lo shoulder,
showing our faith in Ihe natural
advantages of our beautiful city
by working tirelessly for its advancement, By showing this
faith nn all occasions, and by
helping ourselves we shall sooner nr later   tret   others   lo   see
|    II.   C   McMullen of Calgary
was in the cily Tuesday
i lerininal point.
Row wow at Kamloops.
tirsi time.
By-law No. "1 was Ihen read a
second timu.   The council then,
resolved into a committee of tho     c. Smith etiuie up tr  Ward i 	
whole H nsider   said   by-law n«r Tuesday on business A grand Pow-wow of  Indians
No- -I-   | will  be held   at   Kamloops  on
Alderman Pink gave notice that!    'lust arrived, a carload nl   hay  April If.,    A number of  matters
 ,.     ,,... and mils      A. (!. Bowness. j i„.,.,,,,_;,i., ,    ,   	
The postal uiilhorilios liml. moved Hull a coiniuillee of live
that His Majesty's mulls 'are;be appointed, E. Elwollseconded
being made the means of dislri-  the motion.
billing througl i  the country     The following c< littee  was
postal cards of a very  indecent  upointed,   J. D- McBride.   Win.
and suggestivo character. P- Gurd, V, Hyde Baker. G.  T.
The criminal code of Canada ! Rogers, and Dr. King, with P.
makes it a criminal offence fori B. Simpson and W, T. lieid as
any person to manufacture such .'alternates
cards or to expose them for sale. Pres, Beattie and Secretary
' Tbe Polka, have been lustruc- Roberts were appointed a corn-
ted to lake proceedings against . mittee lo place the matte,'belor
ull   persons  exposing for   sale
Compel Won is keen in all lines
nowadays. The temptation is
lo promise much, and fall short
iu ihcaciiial performance. We
endeavor in make our deeds
,cover all our promises. Vour
hi.llkl enne  lo I .ranbrook.     H<M 1 »|„„lbi„jr  contract   is   mil com-
such cards.
Items of Interest.
the city  council   on   Wednesday
The Electric Liglil Co.. placed
au arc light on  tl orner nf
pleled inilil we have your fill lost
approval    Patmore Bros.
The Electric Light Co- are
now located in I heir new
quarters on the corner of Lewis
Street and Armstrong Ave. ll
is a comfortable building ami a
credit to the company.    The ar
raugeineul is complete andJs an
at   the   nexl   meeting   of     ibe," "°      "' '    """""-■'■ hire to bu considered   and  a   me
council  he would  introduce an      Duncan Dewar of Pori   Steele[ morlul   is lo be presented nt the
amendment to by-law No. fi, was In thocity Thursdny, Jn"{   "'•   "ie   throne   to   King
Aldorman Jackson gave notice   Edward,   luken  there in person
...        I ,   . , ,1   . .i . Now is llie time In clean   up by a delegation of those  former
P.  P.   Merrn,,,. C.   Monks,,,,. | thai he would al the nexl   n t- yom. yilrfs Hnd ,.he buck allovs.   kc-aln hunters
ami II. N. Wieinun of Winnipeg iug of the council  Introduce an 	
were registered a. Ihe Cranbrook  a, „,,,„„„ „, by.|ftw Na ;, The annual bull of the Knights        win  Rapo ,.      ~, „,,„
M '"»■  I    The ci.y council  pa I ares- of Pythias will be held on April       Will Raoe Por^King 8 Cup.
Pal more Bros, have the  repu-  (ilulion agreeing to pay tho ox- -'''
Sir   Th us   Liplnii   has  an
t     ll—'
union   for  doing   the    highest
grade ol tinning.     SI t   Melal
ami Blower Pipe work.
., "'" null need that he will rice Sham
and les,
ponsesofadolegatlontoCalgury     |,lvsll   ,.v„l.v   ,|.IV
The council then udloiirned,      "Pnhn".     Homumude    ,.. ,..
•|',.v ii,,,,,, rock I ll for 'be  Kings cup in
 „, ,.,, New Building.   August     There   is   but   little
I here ,vlll be a meeting ol lhe;   Hnve. Hreek -idge.-a lown doubt l.m Hull Shamrock III can
l'ranbrook    Lacrnsse     Club   in        fnin, the  Sheen   Creek   I flllH i ,,   ■
WenUMirih   ll-ill    nn     Vlondav      The King Lumber  Co..   Inn-  ll"IIMI"   2,"™1'. --"'- belli   any   yuchl   in   Mm United
ueniwoiin   nan    oii      \ii>un.i\ i 'caiupson lhurs,la\- , .
cm.nine. eon,pleled   a    new    building  nu   atutes except the recuill   Amen
their mill site just south of town.      A. Cameron and A,  T.   Clark "a Cup tlefonder,   the  Rellanco
Work mi  ihe bie  planing mill of Moyie were Cranbrook  vlsil- over llio 10 mile course oil Now
will   sunn  commence.     W,   E, ors nn Thursdny. port, nnd there Is a  fooling al
Worden has completed the grad "~" ready  in  ynchling  circles thai
ing for the side trucks, ami il is I r<,| "niikook       '*' '-'I ' '",;" ^'i""1'1 haven cum.
Said    llllll Ihe  steel   will   be   laid        '   (.'o-OI'l'lKATIVU STOIH'IS |,.'l ilnr her ci|iia I.
iii ii very short tl  ,  There are the Columbia, Con-
Iv .1   Bradley the  painter  is stilulion   and     Relinnce    that
Perry   (Jreek   Hydraulic   Mining|selling mil, he will go lo Calgary niighi   be  rn I. but   there  is
(;0   Ly und engage in  ibe Ccnl's  fur hardly a chance of the lasl named
2  nlithlng business,
Barry Diminock of Klllgsgllln.
one nl His Majesty's custom
otlicers. was registered al the
Cranbrook Thursday
('has Pinch and Pied. ,I,,lies
of Marysville were in the city
Monday attending a   meeting of |
llie Licence I'nmlllissliiuers.
attraction lo thai corner.    Those     Are you  mtorcslnd In a I'ur- nisnuui una ". Ihelnu   out   overhoard      Man
in  the ollico  feel lhat now Ihey  nacer   If so we would be pleased I   ' '      -
have breathing space,  and   theilo talk It over with you,    We      Mr.   15,   G    Boynlon,   nl   La      M|8S Marion Glover „r Victor v;"'1,N " l"'1"'"' ""' ""'"''
general  public  will also liml il  have snmnlliing Interesting   to Crosse, Wlstonsln,  U.S.A., se,-.  |„ ,m.jvi!l|    ,,  town  Wediu'sdnj is    ""'     fasl enough  in    beal
much more convehienl. hell you.    Cat more Bros, rotary of the  Perry  Creek   By   and   ha-   taken   a   position   as Shamrock    111,     although    she
    driiuilo. Mining Co., Ltd., owning I Hleuogrupher In   W,  T Curd's was selected over the Constllu
The Fraternal Order of Eagles |    The voters_ lis! closed  March |ffl  hvl,|w,„,.  uoM   ,.,,.,,..,-, v   on "n  lion In defend the A ricaCup.
,, ibi, f  I iug T1"'  Coustilulloii   «. ,ethe
The Fraternal Order of EaglesI     ' ne ""''''f, ^, ^"™" JmM',;" la  hydraulic   gold   property   ,,„ ""	
^ff^i,^1^,'!1^r,^i^i^::;;1 ,^::,,i!;;,a^sn:;>aV,^|^.;Tc, k:,';,,r,s,ec,,,„„,„, Wlv;„v„,
.     t„;■.-      -   ,        ,     .        I1""""' ovuiiiiikh i" H,,'!,',',.,«.7tT;'i; I vision  which  will bo made onldlvlsion,    Kast   Kooienay,   hnsjnncl "lionl-lni*; your   home,   yoiilyachl   besl   suit,,I   under    the
At the annual g ml meeting I Baker   street   ami    Armstrong „„» dur ng the coming moths UHlon. wiiun ,        ^   „,„„,„, f of |*ni ■,. Brt.s clrcumstaiicns    to   uphold   this
of  the  Crow's   Nest Pass Coal avenue, and one on the corner of On,T';»™^   I Mlnlns K 'd as followsi   The The reason is. we make n S i   (.mint,y'a    s„,,r v    iui big
.   I  , .    ,                                          III                                                  U' I       I'll   11 l'l "I I (I   I lli'M I1   11111   ll    111"!  II" V       IIHL;    lt''< "I 'i   of*    M'ni'ni-',         i  i m                                                                                                                                         ,.                                               ,■                         "m.
Co.,   Ltd.,   it    was   mentioned  Baker street and H an vol ne ^,™|«,»^f ^~\m lobe     11, S. Krlxw.U. manager of the I,,,, ,,rs „,,„. ill he las, annual ally oflhesu iiioh     W, |,«„ le y|i(.lit|n,, „V,.||N    Al|,,^t   „,.,
lhat the company  was awarded on Wednesday. Our city "Dads  :,,,„„.,.„,., „,„, ohnss.   Tu.„ „ |f8 Oranbrook   Brewing Co.,  ^"l meeting or Ihe Perry Creek Hy JJS a.'e vet v much^ l.tonisled in »onl   is      Ilv«il'« mv""''
ibegold medal for coal and coke are determined lo    ghl up he ,        „     ftbo      ,,   w„,   ,,,. Sundav   las.   In   Perm.*.    M . ^ and at, v.,j i^^^      \         ^,.„ „, , , ,,„,. ((j
at the Lewis and Clark  Cente,.- city, and several small light   will; ladies night, and a good nigh! is F rta, ■       I In ovo his      ,                                                                    feputation is at slake.                   the fore.      Boston Globe,
uiul Exposition held ut Portland soon be placed In other localities assured on both evenings, Cranl ,K in tin. nea, eui ,«y THE PROSPECTOR   CHANBROOK   B.C., APRIL 7.  ll)n(i
W, Kill.I.INS
fill note
linker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   -
up Vmmcte. "J£.£L!srX2 LMPLOYMENT
wh""' ''• AGENCY
A. B. Grace,
I'l'lll.lSIIKU    AMI    EDITOR,
SATUKUAY,   Willi, 7. IIK111.
Somosdontists SnyUuilu$10 n wiil        lhoM who uro
bill    will    ticcumuluio    *8,(HHi     i.,,,^,,., ••„,. VVnrl< lo call unil
microltps  in  ;i   month;  woll wc     sue
uu',   hvin.jj Monte vour uni'
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst Class Dining Room
II E announcement that lh,
Canadian Pacific Railway
Company  have eoniiiioiiced llie
eniisirnctinn of ihe Kootonay
i Central   Railway, is u stalonienl
in which the whole nf East
I Kootenay   is  intorested   for   it
Many ii girl who hiLs money to
I burn doesu'l seem   lo care   for 11
There are thirty three .bar
lered banks in Canada. « ilb over
1,000 branches. All are largelj
under Covernuient control,   and
HEADQUARTERS   FOR TOURISTS AND OLD  TIMERS     monus tbe opening up of a part
v ..i'  ,1 1   '...I.     I...        I  !
E the i-i ni ul ry   whieh   has  heen
proved  to  possess  mines of e\
plinnal richness, and tt liidi  ill
have allogotlior assets nf  nion
liian srdii.iiiiii.onii
Jim   McArthur
lie  can  sucure  ynn a Job and
also lit you ..ni in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hills, lite.
Jilll MbnTllllir
Bauson \ve   in iNintooK, B.C,
FOUND   ii
ILL .\   en.    The only pl( In town
thai run make lilt- worth the living.
E. H. SMALL, Manager
******** »*»**:l      I    ************
I Hotel
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished.   Table i
a.-, any in Kootonay.
Pronrletor  #
:♦;   Marysville, B.C.   ♦ «l
'U The leading Hotel of the St.   Mary-  Valley     ftjj
When the Kootenai Centra
in operation Irom i .olden on the
the main line ol Ihe C 1' R to
'JQ Cranbrook. thence south tu
Spokane bj Iln Corbin road
Cranbrook s' ,, Ij lo ei i
At the presenl moment it might lie ven opportune to i   Ir tl
f.u ii ,  may give to I listricl     N " ['(MIM £ irtll             ft'  f\
I aevcral ne«   towns    Cran i, ' L,   UUtllN £ J\l             J   ^
I win,.    " : ' ny. fl J
1 me business of .his.,,. -,,„ Tailor     Importer ot I W]J   VWlU
■IL which is directlj   i •■  tarvtothc iyixi.ii  •   ami niierai  I itlC   WOOlCIIS. f "ft   ,
I city   The merchants that'do.  \ Wo have this week
fill                                                           ,,,      Hi        \ ■ ,,■-!,.  j\\„    X mill ITV  TUE   UCDV   atCCT
iv   The merchauis thai do the
most    hustling    will    reap    llu   '"             "   '        ' ' "i' l;'     tmuatnsngAve  i
i     I v  f
yrealesl beiietll
Iln of fires are caused by Kerosene. -I by
Gasoline. 1". by Electricity while only . of I
is caused by Acetylene. Though there are now
Two Million people using Acetylene Light in
America there have only been four tire- from il
in one year, against —''.-'• tires from Kerosene
and Gasoline. There have also been HUH Fires
from Electricity, !7"7 Hros from City Gas, and :,'J"
from Candle.-. Besides Ihese there have heen i'i'.
Fires from the Sun'- rays    lint,   only four Fires
PflTmit BROS. T""K,ia
■ i-P nf H
t'lillltiihlli i-  li ,i"-i   ,','ii
velitenl    ,       fi ie   Li-Ill
I'rnvliiei  ■     ', '"'ii.,. .in,
extendi ■  ' I'll  tin
t'eiiiliiini Ml'S.   Hislop   '''^"a^'outi.
'     '   ■ ,
Spei ial allciiiii.n In 11.iii-l,.
technicpie, phrasing and
srading nf studios.
>.     ,1 m 0,|      , -        iy ot I'Vli
„ '   ; "...
11   I'.r.VKilX.
...  .  im,  ,■    V|ip    .i
Wc have this week unloaded a car nf each kind
Si'Lciai. Pinal'. Poll Ton  Lots, Call and see us bel'nre
lying elsewhere,    We also carry a stock of
Harris Bros.
•a*iwi»*w»n ■■■■»■■»■■ a********** *»■«-»"•■■»—.
i..|.,f~>"M"l"*'4"l' ■♦• ••'
I'."' UiirsiiPI
■Iv n.c. !■:, Itelil ,V I
'    An- handling ih. Highest Grade Acetylene Generators in
America.   They are simple, Sure and Safe.    II,. Best Light ..„...,.
In the World. Cnmbrook   reliant is decided
ly optimistic a- in the district ti
stness cannot be said
■■■ n,   ■ usl   u°   .;  '"V .:   usl    new.
■ ■    ' ,■ ■ -   .. ,■ n,, complniut      l'l, i... Java ufn-i ilmo
,,' juui they   ,., ,i    agi,', , '''.    ' ""
that !!:•     irrenl  yea      ■ ils    .,        '
',,    o most   [irosper ,,. '
mi- in il." history ol Cranb ,„.iv    k..,.   ..,.    ; ,■
iiiui-u. ■ . ti ii i',.-i   |.li, I alioiil
HI   •   .,     - .,.-' an.I    '-'ll   ,'hnin-    in"ll,   ,,!
From   what   we  know    of llie ,ho mirth fast corner nf I .m ISIti. lliemv
Kootenay and  l!pper Columbia -,.,-,i u mins, thenee west40 eluilus
valleys, we are satisfied t!     this ihcuce nurtl 120 dmins. then, usl in
section of tie- province is on the l'h"ll,s'" I'1'"''''" he-udi„il„K.
j ,.   , ,. ,     ,        , l.e,-ut,,,l lllis21sl iluv ,,1   full.. III0I1.
Verge    nl   'inprccedi'l! iy!   devel ,,
' klAlllKKLLY   Mlt.LIMI ,v   M.VM'I'.vi'-
opulent.  Tli,' k  r   R  construe    ir,.|N,, ,-,,. i,t
lion will stimulutu husiness, and
Cranbrook   business   men    will
reap their -hare nf trade  accru-
.*•<• •^••^"•^••»^^»*<^k,(>*?*<?»»«*<^«»^.«»-*»-«»«»»»*»»«
I Royal  Hotel
Furnished (or any poinl in Ihe
.      Y
J. M, DERR       J
♦ «;♦:♦:♦:*:♦'♦.♦'♦ ♦ •> ♦   ♦«.♦«♦,<>♦<>♦<•♦<>♦
IB. H. SHORT & CO. f -
lh.' n..rib and ipiote   in   support
|of 'ibis contention,  that South-
-i Ivooleiiay is due fur a period
al activii v.
F. O. E.
LVKKY 'I'lirilsll \Y
\'i-hi,i'j   Urntliers   I'nrillullj'   Invlteil
r. Iloss T.i'i'K. IV. I'resldenl
A.  W. lll.ACK.  Svi'V.
Boot Shoe Maker:
All Work llliaranli'.'.l
New  VViil-h Mini.' ." M.'ii-inv
Armstrong Ave.   nSSSBifi u„,c)
Finest of Wines, Liquors ami Cigars
Those  who are weary  and  thirsty,  drop in, and
Alex will dn llie rest.
ALEX McCOOL     Prop.
-jjl « f III»«I a (I I Uf (If III III I i W« Itf'tlll IIlitIf II1-^-
,      Accrdine m reports the C. || Rocky Mountain Chapter |i| ALL     THE      TIME
NO.  li"..  IL A. M.
I       i'i;.\Nlll,'niiK. ll. c.
,11'ST   AllUIVKIi
Itest In Quality
Mosl Artistic in Design
Lowest In Price
Painters,   Pnpei'hangers  mul  Dccnrators
Sign Painting a Specialty
I'    R,   dues  nut   appear   tu   he \i
9 I toffothor fur ihe success ill   III,
purticultir  as tn the comforl und
convolliell if   residents   aloiif.
Ihe Kinilierle.v branch. Busi
ness men waul better freiirlil
iiceuininndalinns nnd Ibe travel-
ini;' public a daily service from
Cranbrook to points in the Si.
Mary's valley,
h Is a matter nf groat satisfaction tn the Conservatives nf
ihe province in see the way in
which the various sections of
the parly arc quietly and harmoniously gathering together
under the McBride banner.
There is no disceiision or discord
and nil are determined in worl<
■B lli-^iiliii-ini'.iiiin's:   ila.l Tn,,.-- s
:5 .lav   in   I'a.'li   month    al   .'inl.I 5
i nVloi'k, S
i i
:g Snjoill'llitly   l'..iii|iaiiinii-   a,-,' S:
'., tinrdttilly invii.-ii. «
:! !
:! Wm. V. T.x'l'K, Surlbo K, 3
■ ^. :V.  puny at the pull-.
:^; »;♦:■> .*. 9 *;..*■9 ♦ » V ♦ o ♦■o:«'o ♦:«:♦:♦:♦:» ♦ ->■   *   «
.Never jndgo a person hy his
outward appearance-, A shabby
coal  may en wrap n newspaper
publisher,  while a man wearing
_        Wholesale
Calgarv Beer, Ale \ Port(?r.
T. LEHtL A: CO., Mas ami (lain.
Cranbrook. B.C.
1. vnii nii'i'i, t;
I liereli) '.'iv III,III',' lliiil   Slxly   iliv.v-
,".' ilnii. 1 iiiieail .,, u|i|ilv I,, tliiiChlvr
I nu        .,' ,,l I 1111,1- ami   U iii'k- nl
\ ;-,,,:,,1    II   1       r,,l    i--i,in   In   |l„,'-
 I'llli'll   |ii,', f
-'    Iheflal  K ''Unv
111 _   Illllli)      ,'     tn,      llllll       |in-l      nil
"   ■ n '■" ,1 1, ,,i I.,.. Nn. :11s.
      -..  I'liiiili-,   ill a-l
 , ,,-.  Ihe,   1.1  -ll elnilan.
.!„■ ■ i-iiai  hulas, linn  -.,.111 li :'H
i-liallla, llli-lli'i' vv-'-l    -II   ,'lillilia.    Ill,'He,
.Illllli   llll'llllill-.  I|„'   VV,'-<   T ••llllllIM  I..
lilac, , -iiiniii- IiiIiiIi,u :nin iic'ch
inn,'., nr I,—.
II    I'll M  I l'l'.
iii,i-t, 'i'. Mi-vrri'iK, a^.'ii,
M.ii'.'l, illril, I'm.,. Li
c. c c.
'     The Illinois Central
G01111 Granbrook 8943
MI'IK'I'S   2.S-11   .WC   ITU   Tl'l'lSIIAVS
in patmohe's hall
Visilintr    lirclli.'i'i 'ilinllv    Invited
0. II.,   A. MaCOWAN.
Suerelnry, T. MAHHIIAI.I.
Prof essiotia I.
CUANHIIOOI.,     ■    ll.C
W. P. CiURI)
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook      hhi-IbIi coiiuubia
IIAIUIISTKIl, siil.irl'l'iii;
iiii.i NIlTAHY ri'lil.li-.
Oranbrook, B.C,
• •ll.'il   aervli.ii   Ir
I Gaioaru Gauie Go.
I        Krasli and Salted Meats
t Ordnrs l.v mail will
I I, weal  ',,1. 11-1 mill  III.   MllltlllH
■I"-.'  irnllllei'tlillli   .'.i.li   li'iiin-   ..I   nil
11.-I,-,',.iilin,-uiul Iin,-n,   |,l,sm!ni|e,'H  in*'
, -. thei,- ,i,,,i,',' ,,[ !■ -lel'liieaun.
fi. H. Thompson
7y*i noi'aiiv erm.ii'
1'1.1,,1,1',.,,1, n.c,
'I'll DM AS    Mc V ITT I 13
P.I^.S. cfi C.R.
Port Steele ll.C.
# i 1 ihriiiiifli Hi,-,' iinliii- in ihe riirmiHl
,        l'i.,-| live Iriivelel'H  ilcairlii^ iiilnr- ■ .g.^..,,,,..,..,,,,.....,.^,.,..,^..,..,
,     .11,11 11- n, Un- I,ik.-1 nil.'- nml   best
Pacific   Coast   Points
PaliuMi and Tourist
Sleepers, Butt'i.lt
Library Cars, Motlm-n
Day Ooaihi's.
Dining Cars.
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
I.'nr   (nil   ) 1:11-, i.-n 1:,,—.   rale-.    Mililcr-
'li'..  fUll   '   JIlllllV-H.
s. 1;. V|,',l;KI''.s,i;.vv.e..\..
Uoiitllu, tt'iwh,
c.   W.   MAIIUNKV, CI'.  St  'I'.A..
City Scavenger
Parties  having   buck yards,
and closets to clean, and refuse
mailer lo be takon uwuy, should
leave orders wilh uie.
ft HOTEL ^
p Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection fj
Nearest to railroad depot,    Has ncconimo-
daiioiis   for   ibe   public   unequalled   iu
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors i
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
'il   In
J       Will,  III"  l..||.lKilll'   l','|,l'l-l'll'llliv,,S.
.,, proinpl  and  cari'l'iil attention   J       H  ll-'I'm Miii'i.i„c..iiiiii.r.'inl Aj-'.'iii
'. l-ll! Tlilril si.. I'ln-ilnnil, Orsinin.
Physician and'Siiriieon
il'l'icl; AKMSTKONO  AVI>:
Older bv Phone -15
,        .1. c. LlNDHKV, T.K. It I'.A,
'. U'i Third St., I'liriliinil. Otoko
(1 In II ,1,111,   'J tn I |l.lll
I'llimi- (llllec III,.      He»illi.'ll,-i- Id'.
J I'. II.   I'lliiMl'siiN.   I'. It I'.A.,   Ilniil, r
.0     t. < '1 ilnii, 11 ll!il-.. Scuttle. Wn-li. «„»,►.„....«..►....►*.*.►.►,•„.-►•».»..„•■■.-.•
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
,.    . ,- 31       W'licn you want n  uoocl
I l(';uli|ii;it'lcis lor iiiiiiinc    I?      , ,
1     , ,    . f      llhll'l-    to   Stop   liilllf* In llie
men iiiiil nlil tuners. 11    ...   ,
'■■    Maiiilohn.
l). A, Mcdonald, Manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
t — Always Up-to-Date — 3
£ 3
****** —**
£ Oranbrook,        -     -        B.G. 3
Ti'iLENi Omtisttmwm
Purchase   Price   $3.00  a  Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
*$he $c00*n?ctor
Arnold & Roberts
W'll.l. SHUN   III-: 11 Kl! K
The kind wc iinikc
will be llu' most acceptable Raster I Hfl
Prest Photo Go.
linker St. Cranbrook, H.C.
J. Edgar Davis
rihiXK ur,
Eurniico, Boiler, Rnngc and
Kireplace VVorli i, Specialty. All
description ot stono-worl! under-
Orders left at J. D. MoBRlDtS
Will Uuoelvo I'l'llllipl   Allcnli.in.
Happy at Last
■er Hrnbnud mo loinrrr mtt*l iDtv&lraied -
Mtititrli TUleleti Urmnlj lured Him.
'Ihis Udy iiyi! "Kor tbe lint UM*
since I have otta nurtied 1 cun
tie happy *ml l intent—»y Iiu*-
band is cured ul Ins lud habit
of diinltiiy;.    Seveiil raoulbs
jfj you scnl m« A fie* Mnple
of vuur  t fined y  at nay re-
q«nt, ind without my Inu-
tuihd's knowled*{e I (live it
tu him in hit tea ana fuod.
I then fot si full treatment
and guve it regularly.    It it
wonderful, and I cannot suffic-
ientlT ttianlc yvu fur the ble«ed
_       i; haute it Uai  broutbt to wy
[^ta;    ho**-*.*
Fro** Parbflnp iwdpftinpMetBMtifffiU!
HUE rdtHHye ^rlUlur^le-rtimoni-il-
mul prin* m nl in plain Ben led envelope. Oji
respoiidciicc sncrctUy confidential,  Addro *
Chnrabcia, Joiduu St., YoriMto, Ci.rn.da.
Round  Trip
Cranbrook's 100 Club.
The following: i> a lisl of Cranbrook's Ono Hundred Club:
1    .1. A. Ilarve.v
_   P. E. Simpson
:i   W. T. Hold
I    Dr. W. S. Boll
:.     K.  E,   llealli"
it James (I raor
7 (l. T. Rogers
H A. Moll'ul
n .1. II. Caslaltn
in Dr. Miles
j    II T, M. Roberts
li' .1. I)  McBride
111 A. W. MoVlltie
II S. .1. Mighton
Iii VV. V. Curd
i    Ml   ,1. il. McCnlliiui
|   it  w. i) um
18 .1. Harris
in H\ c Malpas
l'h 0   15. lieid
!>l V. Il.vde Bailor
■22 Hoggttrlli k Rollins
2H 15, II. Small
l'I VV. II. Wilson
His IJ. .1. McSweyn
I'll A. II. Ponwlclt, PorlSleele
27 ('. A. Cocli
28 Win. I' 'Pate St Son
'.".i A. II. Clrnce
Hfl -I. P, Plnli
III 15 Patersnn
112 .1. K. LIiielicrol'l,Marysville
HII I). .1. .Tolinson
ill II. White
Iln   -I. M. I''. Pinltliiim
110 H. li. Curtis
1-17    \h: P. 15. Kinc
3S Porry .V- P'itageruld
HII 'I'. Wiirdniaii
in P. DeVere lliiul
II A. 1. Mc Domini
li' A. ,'. Bowness
IH ('. II. Dunbiir
11 George Leasli
Hfl    ll. II. 'I'll psnn
111 Drs, K"ii,ir oi flreen
17     Palinore Urns.
1-    11. II. Slini-i
II)     P. Matheson
r,n   Clapp & Rollins
.",1    Queens Hotel
r.'J    Royal Hotel
all   E.  South
a!    ('.   A.  (inskill
"in   D. .1. Elmer, Moyie
nil   15. Mnlhindnlo
r,7    li. P. Benedict
58   P. .1. Smith, Moyie
nu   Beale & Elwell
iin   T, T. McVittie
The object of the club is to
advertise CranbrooU, those wishing m Join should notify the
secretary, Mr- 'I'. M. Roberts.
The easiesl way tn manage a
woman is in lei her have horowu
wuy.   In fact, ii is llio only wuy.
An npliinisl is a iniiii who
thinks his mining stock is going
io pay some day.
Considering ihe provocation,
It is si range ihal more men do not
murder their alarm clocks.
PrescriDtions GoniDOunaed
Central Office al Corner of Ariiistrmia Ave, '.iml Louis Streel, Cranbrook, B.C,
\*    First look up number wanted belon   iniiili- Central and Kim   Ofi   when finished.
/\NI.Y   the   lie
st  drugs  inf
\J   used in the
nl  prescriptions
at our store.
Eflicienc)' being
so much de-
pendent on freshness.    Drugs
nl  uncertain   ;ig
■   urn   never
used.    Accuiaci
and protnpt-
ness  arc   points
wbich   have
gained for us tin
uf the public, cti
..   etc.
vili.'lla.    It
llll,-1-1        .
i ;.■-!,,"!„■'
ni.  .\
I'llnlil A   1
i im,-,
C. E. REID & CO.,
phone 74        The Druggists
Ill    linker. V, ll.v.le Itraklli	
WU Uanilirii-U. .Ina .... Rcsldcnco
I48C Burdgi'tt, W, ll ..        i:.-~iii.-iii-.-
!ii;   Hare,,. It. S ttoslricnco
II Beattie  &   Atchison.  The Pre
scription Druggists
Sll   ll.-nllie. IL K ILaiil.-n,'.
L'l,   Beale ft Elwell. Real Estate. Insurance and Mining Stocks
III llellle. M. A Iliwkloili'O
isii lleiiitj-. \v. I! . Undertukor
UB   Bowness. A. C Wholesale
Liquors and Feed
fill   llriiilley. I'. .L. A t'o        .I'niiu.'i'
ui   llremnor, ii Itiairtu	
llll Drawer}'
Tli   U.C. (Liver in     Illllco
Ill   Burns. P.. ft Co      Mont Market
III    Buck, Chan E The Palm
Cimdv Kitchen
ll.'tA Hiinnii, Win        Ileidil.'i	
On sale April  11  lo  10
(iiiod Returning I nlil
April 17th
Tickets nn Sale ai nil Canadian
Pacific Railway nlllcus, Porl
Arthur lu Vancnuvor, Including
Konlenuy Division polllls.
Enr   lull   purlieu Iii r«   upply
local Hgi-lll- nr U rile
(loo, llilli.t.   .\n,-ni, Cranliroiili
.1. s. r.MI'I'KK. K, .1. COYI.Ki
HI'.A.. NiKmi.   a.,.,I'.A.. Viinoniirer
'I'ltiriy days uftor dale we Intond in
iij'|il.v   iii Iln- i'liii-1   I'liiaini.-alnner   uf
Lniiilh  i Works for a s|ii'ul„l li se
tu eul anil carry avvt,(\ ttiuliur fruiu the
llllllivvlll...'lleserilieil lllllil-   ill Hiiullieiml
Knnteniiy, 11.('.
I. (,i,iiniii'ii,'iii'j nl n N.-l l.liiiil..I
i.luae n. ihe iu.null nl I'ui'ilniiii'i It,
lie, we,'II < il l-i I llll   Sli.ink    ('Illllli,
river, Hi.nu uth 1211 rlinlim, llionco
vvci 10 nliiilns, llioiieu mirlli Id,, .*li:iins
ll.ci .ci in eludim, Hi,-in',' aoiltli   lu
ehaina in |>l, I l„'L'ini'ii'L'    lain-
ill;.' Illli Hi','.'-.
I'. .Im-,-ii. I.iieillnr
llllleil this ailh 'llll nf I'Vlirunl'V. IIMII
..    I'iniiili.'lu-inii   ul   a   |iual   |ih,iileil
niilTheual ciirii.'r ul I',  .leu-rie. lliulier
I Illllli. Ihenee sin,III IHU  llllllllls,   Ihenee
weal  IU j'liiiui-. ilicni',' aiil-lh llll) llllllllls
llicn „sl   HI  llllllllls  I"   |.li il llu-
i: il 111 i, I |i' lllllltlllllitly I'll' lll'l'.'a.
I', I' 'anil.  I.e. ,1'
llnl.'il this ilMtl, ilny nt Kclu-iiurj. 1'ilHi
II, l eiiin,eaeinc ut „ |kij-i |ilillllo(l !1(1
eluilus south nf lliu iiiirlli ivusl eornui'
id I'. I'oiirsuiis lliiiliiit- liiuli. ihenee
-inilli su ,'liiini-, thuiieu vv.-ai 80 iiliiilns,
ll ,',■ Th wi chuins. ihem usl  su
uliulns lu pint I' Ix'U'iuiutiir iioiltiitiilng
llllll lierea.
II. I.llllllill, I Illli'
!    Hilled lids lMt.il .lay nf Keliruiiry, Illllli
I     I.   I 'iiiniu.'iu'llllt' ut ii |insl |,lnulcil ul
j lie- limlh   wc-l   curlier nf I',. Liuullll',.
Your   ulteiilieli   la   cdleil   tn    the' lilulier Iimii. Ilicni-.'  -niilli  HII eluilus,
"I'loneer Liuilleil" trains nf ll MII-   11  weal Ml, i-lllllim, 11  iniiili   su
waukoo* SI lJiilll llilllwii.v," "Tl ily I eluilus. II usl WI ulmlns in nlil.'.'
perfuei tridiiH iii tin- world.'" I "I linirliiiilng Unit
Vim will liml II, desiralile In riilr 1,11
these tt'lllllB when (Colng 1,(1 llll.V |iuilll ill
tin. I'lasterl.   Sillies nr I'liliHlla.   They       5.    CtlllllllolinlllH   ul   u   I'inI   |llllllloll
i Hill ai'i'.'h.
Mr-. IL l.iinili.i. I.i,i,„,i.r
lliilcl 1,1,1s'.'Sth .lay nt I'l'liriuiry, Illllli
.innlllNIi   ,iltOMl"l'LV I'lXKC,"I'Kli.
I louses and Cottages for Rent
or Sale on Easy Terms.
Telephone 82.
Ui Cidjiary Cuttle i ii. Stun
il Ciiiiadlun Bank nf Cotiiine,	
7 ('iliuliliun lluli-l
l'l C.I'.IL,        Sttitlu,
■JtlJC.IML |i.--|iuicii,-,-(iilli-,
.'ll, C.l'.l!  l-'rcilll.l .she.
Till C.I'.IL.     i inn ,-,-inl Teleirrupl
Iln Century Restauranl
IL'S Cily Uilll
,"d City IJukcrv
Sll Clupp. I''  l!,-hlcnci
  I m Cusinnpiilinin llnii-1
i s4 Cnlpuuiu. Win ll.--'nl,-,ici
ilienceeus, Mid chains, ihenee siiutl, 40'nir, Connolly. Dr. V.. W   lllllei
,'lllltlls.   tliu,  wesl I'lll eluli,is. Ihellei i Inn Cununiiy.  111'. I''.. \V.,..l'tuslde	
tuirtli 40 iiliiilns in th.- plu, i, i i   '-1 Oranbrook Co-operative Stores
Nut iii- is liuruliy jjtvon thul iliirty
iluy- after dale I Intend lu upply le tliu
Chief Commissioner of Lands nml
Works, nml to lliu Assislillll Commissi,incr of Lands anil Works for tlio ilis-
ti'tct nf Kust Kootonay lei- u Lleuiisu in
prospout for Coal nml I'utroloiuiioii tlio
following   lleserilieil     Illllli-:      stttiiitod
nliiuii ime half mile siniili uf  Akiuiiiiiii
I'i k, r.liielt t.V.ri. Sunt I si Kootonay
Groceries, Furiioturp
..   . I'linhruiik Hukory
PuniolNn.il   ('omul Ingati,  pusi    41,   CruiihrookElouti'lolilKliK '...(Illlcu
|,l,u>lod ul  Ihe  soiilh-wusl   eerncr  id  tin   C'unliriinkl'.le.'l,-iel .Iglil 1 .1. Work
I'areel   Nu.   2i    I lieuee i'U-1 IHI chains,'     ,      .      ,        ,   ,,       , ''
. ,    .     ,   . 11 rtiiilit'ddk llniiT
Ihenee south   lu chains,  Ihenee   wesl    ur>|tCmnlii-oolc Susli & llnorC'o.
inn chuins. ih,'i  iniiili  10 eludes toI (i;j   Crow's Nest SteBin Laundry
lliu plni'u of eonniiei nunt. I 1IK   Curtis. II. l>     Hostile,	
Parcel Nn.-I   C incu'lnu  ul a post O
planted ut  the   snulli-wosl  eurnur  ul   n.'i   Davis. -I. K Ilesldciiru
I'm I No. 8: ll isl   1110 chuins.    .*fl   Doznll Dros lllauksmllli
thonoo    -n.nh     Ill    uliulns.     Ihenee   "?   De'dlj Bros     ... Stable
.... ,,,,*"   ll.'/.ull. .Inn     ..!!,--,ili-nei-
wesl inn elm,11-. ll.,- ■ north 4n ehnlns . m   |)omlll|nn |.;Siiross ('o.
to the plu f ciilnnielu.elnellt. jll!.'    11,01,1,,,'. ('. II     Illtic
I'areel  No, a   Cominonolng  al   the, ^
IlillTll-wcsl   cill'ller  uf    I'll, 1    Nn.    4: ! |;j,(    |.;,.„|„.a Lin|,,c
thoneo south Illli ulmlns, thei wo* 40   ilil   l-iu-i Kootenay LiunburCu   (Htlen
ohains, thonoo north 11*1 ehulns, thenco .IMIU Kust Kootenii'y l.uuilierCu   Stores
en.-i   in  uliulns  iu i.lie'pl, '   i liT   l-'lwoll. K          Ileal,
•place of com j "!
Iti'i Finch. R N Oonfectlonery, etc,
I Fink Bros. . .Groceries
:l.', I'i,iii. .1. I'. ..  It. -
4* Kink. John 11 .IT-	
120 Pire Hull
111' K.il'liui.'. Itev. W.C.. W. It ■
12? I'raser. IL A. .    I!e-h
t; Geary A Doyle. Oranbrook Livery
L'l I (lleu-uii.   Mi-- Mun        lies	
ill, Cr,    A. I'.. Hesili.'lle
IHU 1,1 ii. Hi'. L. W.       ...   Ilesiileuce
S-J . liver, .lum,- liesiileliee
1^ i.iir.l. \\. K. lllllee
> Herd, VV. I? Id-side	
Cl DuiUlle.V.    I' SMi.'.e-
.'.7 Hun-is Bros
Its llui'iev. T,   \
inn llun-ov, .1. A
I- llei'ulil P„llllshlll|. i
llll Dill AC,
un Hill. W. I) 	
IM llomrnnh tlwi.
ill in,me. t:
Meat Market
i mice
..    .le- ,.
IT ahl ■
40 Imperial Dunk of I',„
71 Imperiul lintel
Lis I.O.O.K. Hull
IOI llu. II	
72 .lucks,,,,, Mi- M i
■1 liiiiL' nml Hi a.   I'll.
S King, Hr. K. I'„      ..'
ill Klnu Lumber I ...
illli Klnu Lumber Co
UT Linn. M. II- ..
1211 Kooloiiuv Club.
112 Kunnedy. (len,
I III l.uhlhiw. .la -  .     .
II l.eileh.   A        	
42 l.enuril. Mi- I.em,in
:,l Uulpas, l'\ C.
(12 Mllllltollll llnlel
121 Mnniihuil. (I. K.
till Mnu-lielil. ('	
7U Mlglllill), H. .1
Sll Mighton. 8. J
107 Mile-. Dr. K. I!
s| Morrow, S..I
nl Mnrunn. Mi- Mvrlle
Melll'iile.  .1.  II
McCallum & Co.
,   _.    Krieli.-nn. li                 . . .Itnslll
meiicoiuoiit. I 	
Parcel Nn, n Ciiuniieneine ,„ a post
pluntud un thu snuth-west side of White
Diver, unil about inn chains nnrth-wesl
nf ihe iiortll-ivesl cornel' ef I'areel No. !
*'"'" Ing nut post lilunted a il   I: thonoo oust 40 ohains. ihenee south Lttludaril Uniher Co.. Maker. Ill'
ono bull mile suuth of Akainlna crook   wn   ehains,   ihenee   wost   40  chuins.
south uf the Sou,.), Kant.may 1'assTrail  thenco north Hill chuins tn Ihe place uf
Doing suuth uf unil iidjnlnltig llio M. IL   nine men,.
Shou locution.   Doing Peter (iodrrey's|    Pared Nn. 7   Conmienoliig at a pnst
Nu. 2 Mi
II le
Oigar Stur,
FI limbing
UcBermot, A. L Wholesale
11   Mi-Kinnon .v .lulm-i-.n Shop
10(1    M,l I, Mi- M .  Store
12:;   McLean, D  Itesidenee
711      .Ml-Null,  C    |l ld-i,leliee
121    McVittie, A. W. and H. H	
Surveyors nnd Insurance Agents
10   McVittie. A. W. Hesl ce
111     Si   -un. A. ('
III    N..I,I.-.  W. K
'■"•\ \  Star L-i
'-'• l',r: , A  Kii/cei-nhl
llu 1'el-l-y, K.  I. K
70 Piatt. Mi- lienrgle
llu Pinkhuiu. .1. IT M
I I',    PriispcCiU' (Ulii-e
II-    i,i j'- lintel
Reid & Go . Dry Ooods, Millinery
Clothing, Boots and Shoes
2u   D.i.l. \V. I... . Rosldenoo
:,-     Ill-ill. I  . K .   . D.-iiicec
l    Reid, C E.. v% Co. Druggists
.'.:■    Dielinril-.  s l!,-idi-uei.-
im   Diililnso,, it McKenzie Lumber! o
211   Kegels. G. T. Groceries,
Bunts and Shoes
■V,    lingers. (I. T De-iileiic.j
III     llmnl llnlel
IT"   IT un. .1 un.-        Itesidenee
11!    Short, B. H..&00    Painters am,
Papi-r Hangers
77    Smith. A. C.    Fruit. Confectionery and Cigars
:;-   si. Kugeuc llospllal
7',   StHwnrt. Hugh   .... Fruit, Confectionery, Ice Cream
141111 si. Wnl. A. I.. Ilesldenec
su 'I'uie. W. V Dusldolioe
Sa Tale. W. F   * Sou Jewelers
and Opticians
I:;:; Turin,-. Simon. Itesidenee
ss 'I'li'miip-uii. i,. II  (.Idle,-
.-.., Tlsilnlo, i,. I'       Store
.1 Tuwil-ile lllliee
;:■; Wunlworth llnlel
122 West. Miss Helen ...Resilience.
Ill Wild, Hulel
i:;7 Wilson, Judge .Itesidouou
117 Wilson, W. H  Store
la:, Worde,,, UT I llosidonce
Long   Distance   Telephone   Lines
PUBLIC OFFICES AT:   Port Sleclu, Warilnor, MurysviUn, Kimborloy, Mnvic anil also al
Crolliers Lumber Co.
Adolph Lumber Co., fort Steele .I iinclion, lit'
Mayook Lumber Co., Mayook. ll.C
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co.. VVuriltior, ll.C
northwest corner post, Ihenee south SO Ipluulcd ai  the nortli-ivosl   eerncr  of I A. E. Walls Lumber Mill. Wtlttsblll'g, B.(
chuins. ihenee eiisl <u chuins. thenee j Parcel No. Ill thonco north 1,10 ehains,, |iortll ||jc0 r.innbiir Co., Moyie. ll.C.
,01'tll SO chains, Ihenee vve-l   s,i ehuins  ihence wesl 411 chains, thenee suuth IliOi
lu ihe  phi f beginning, cnntulnlng
,110 acres mure ur less.
I utod IVI.. full, lllllil.
Potor Godfrey, Locittnr
2. Notloe Is hereby glvon Hull thirty
duys uftor duto I lntoml to apply to tho
Chief Cuunuissinn,',- nf Lunds und
Works, uiul in ihe Assistant ('on,mis-
si,ui.-r uf Lands and Works fur (In- ilis-
Iriei of K.ii-1 Kootonay for a License in
prospect fur ('on I unil Petroleum on tho
following ilesorllx'd InliilS, siliialeil un
the South Kurk of Alcuinititi creek,
ubout Iwo miles south ot the Soulh
Kootonuy Pass Trull, lining smith of
und udjolnlng tlio Potor Oodfroy location in Block tntlll Southeast Kueienuy,
being William II. Odcll's nortli west,
corner post, thonee soulh so chuins,
Hiei usl so ehnlns. theuce north SO
Cllllllis,   Ihenee   vve-l   Sll   chlllllH   In llle
place nf buglnnliig. cnntulnlng Illli acres
mm r le-s.
Willlniii 11. Udell. Locator
Potor Godfrey, Agenl
Located Peb. Mth, I00».
Notice is horoby given Unit thirty
days ,trier (lute I Intend to upply In the
chief Commissioner uf Lands uiul
Works, ami In the Assistant Cotiuuls-
slnnor nl I .nml- nml Works for Die .lis-
ll'iot ol Kusl Knntenuy fur a License tn
prnspecl fur Coal anil Petreleun, on Ihe
fnl lowing described lunds si tattled itlinul
Hi.  miles -ealll nl the   Smith   Lnule-
nuy Pu- Trail,  lllnck   lAffil Snullieasl
Si. Eugeno Mission.
Staples LuniherCo . WyclilTe, 1! C.
Kimberley Millinj;* Mfe. ('■■ . Kimborliiy, ll.C
North Star Mine. Kimberley. ll.C
Sullivan Mine Kimberley, B.C,
Sullivan S her. Marysville III'.
1,'nyal llnlel, Marysville ll.C.
' will he -cm.
 crlbcr tu
chain-,  thou, usl 40 ehulns in
place uf culllllicacelnenl. ,, , ., ,     ,    i
1  . I nun rciiicst uud the iireiinyuienl nl charge
1 ""-'el Nu. S    imonolng al a  post j,,,,,,,, ,ll,u|1}, „, lhl. |.llnl|„ ,,„ K,,, ,|„., 'n,,i|m„,v.
planted un the norlli-easl side nf White i
Diver, nml uIhiiii 2ii chuins ensl   uf llie' Wrlticn  ssagus will  he , Ivuil uiul furvvnnlcil u- umlc-i lie thei' puny's (Ipnmturs ami Iho Coinpaii)
unrth-eus, corner ul Pnreel N„ in the »' ol bo liable for uny mistakes or delays In ti'unsiiilttlng the slime bo.v he, u, i hurgna puld tu the Company
,,,s, su chains, thonco .,,,,,1, su ehulns.. •*" I'1"1'"9 "' ' h" ,mAu ""ll" ■),lllm"-"!l'' ,""1 "in l'"""'1" '""""" :l""'"     PH0NE '10'
 wesl so chains. Ihenee north SO s"'""''' " """"  Illlmv  -"'In" 'H ' "'""' '"'"I'1 ' '"" l'"1"1' "'" ''"""'•,l ' """"'
I'luihiH tn Uie plutio nf unmnioiHaomont.   ;
Miii'ttul No. 0   ('oininoiiL'inyni  a |k>hI |
pllllllud   lit   Ihr   nnl'lli-wi'st    cni-iu r   nl ;
I'iiHM'l   Nu. M:   ilii-iifi' eust  su .-liaiii>. |
Central    Office    Alwriy^   Opc-n
llirlir,' IHIt'tll Stl rliuilis tllCIIL'O Wi'nt SU \
HmillH, tJlullfD siMitll SO cllililis 1(1 ih«
jilm'c ul ciiinitlt'lU'citii'llt.
I'tlivcl No. Ill I niiiint'iii'iii'j'iit u |«ist |
planti'il tii llu! mirth-wt'st nornor of'
I'ui'cel  Nn. Il:  tbiiiiflu uiwtSO iilmins, |
tll.'lli-i' Mill-Ill SllflltllllS, ihciii-i- wont Mil
chuins.   lin'iic mmiiIi  80 i-liiiins hi the i
Mut'lll SU clmillS. tlK'ttfi' c«Hl Sll nliliiiis,
llli'liri- suuth sn (•liuhiit in plm'f uf 1*01)1-
I'ut'fi'l No, -it   * *tuiiiii*Micitiy Hlupont
planted 110 ohains west nr tin* nortluMWt
(locrior ofl'ui'itol Nu. li): tliu wph( sn
uhninsi IhoiH'e north HO uliulns. iln-iii'i*
cast SDcliiihis. iliiMici- Miiiih so chains
111 llll* plUi I I'llllllllt.'lH'i'llH'lll.
I'ttrt't'l Nn. *.'l   Coinnu'iiuliijf ul h |"iil
pluoo of I'uiiiiiK-iM'i'iiirnt.
I'aii-i'l Nn. II   riiniiiii'ni'iiiy at a pout     .        ,   ,
,    ,   .      ,. ,,       ...     ,.,.,.    \ ii unlt'il lilwul finir in e« noi'l li->-u^ii*i
plant nd mi iln' noi'tn-oiifl Htrto of \\ lilto ' , ,  ..
frnni llu- nui'tli-i'usl  coi'l!■■"
Kivi'i, and almiil onu-hulf ill I lo  mirth-
t lion ne wi-Mi, KOrliaitiH, iln
fliains, tlionco uitfM  so tdtuliii
nortli so rii
uustorly from lite north-otiBt oornor of
I'm I   Nu.  7:   tlionoo ousl  so i*|iuins,
Uionoo north HOohtilns, thonoo wont  so
oIiuIiik, thonoo soul h 811 olmhiH tu tliu
pluoo nl I'niitiiH'lii'i-liii'lll.
I'urool No, I- Coinnionoliijf ut upont
pltuitod mi tin- north kIiIii nr White
Itlvor, and iiliniit  ton niiloB from its
mouth* thom iimi SO oIiuIdh, thonoo ,
north so chain-. , »,-, so chains. I'■|'»»l* ".' l]\B V'™ ".[nr
llionco sniiil, SO chuins in place nf com-
I'm I Nu. 18   .'■ ,-1,i■ i,i-_i al a |K)8l
ul   Nu
lllllh    su
I'areel No.'-'- ('niuiueneinc al a pu-i
pluutoil tu chains west iifthc soutliussl
corner of parcel Nu. ill:  the,  south
Hill chains,   D c  wesl   lu   chain*,
ll  north Kill chains. Ihu,), n-t In
mu in.
I'uri'cl Nn. llll Cnimiicnctiiif ul a
posl planted m chuins wosl nftlio norih
Clsl   curlier  nt   I'areel    \n. JI: Ihe ■
,,,„„,      ,„„        ,     I I   1" ehnillS CllSlufl he -u„l leVVe,,      ',l   "'" "'"'"">-   ' '.'.I   |U eh»i„.
to ,„e, Iw. I a        I ait™   ''I     ,,1        U,e, ,1, inn chains., ,	
'"'"fj **""?". "•?'"""'i"l:  sne, -., vnehulu-.  "haln-1,,,he plu foono - nl
"""' ""i"" l""'""" "'"  " ";"'"""-' .„, so ,,„  „„., so chains     •n»' ^ ''"'"'* '"" "W Ml.
,„•„,.,- | ,1, lloou .-,. ll    0   I    ns.    ,          .,„    | ,„,„  |,|
cut,I,-.   Ihenee   vve-1   si,   chull,.-   lutlie * I nnwiihe      fur     Ivienlv- ...;,.
. | , ,.„,   pluhleil   ul    ll 'I ewes,    , icl-   u     '""'I""       ""       "I. lUV mi.     ..l.is-IVf
plu I   hcclnninj, ntuinlnc   'do! VI.M...
1 . ll'lll'cel  Nn. I'.':   Die  vve-l  IK,  I'lllllllS,   ."""■■
:"'1"'"""' '   "' ,.   ,,       .      ,        lliu, uerthlue n,, ne,. oust HIO     |,;«u mtur iiiimi 1>l< iuhi pitiil >•
'.llllllll I nil ll'cv,  l.nenlni' ,  Iili,,,l   ,,| , „     ,,,.,,, ,,,..    „,
,,,,,„, ,.    ,   OlllllllS, ll ce auulll III ,'lilliu. Hi pi,,,'.-   '   '""I "    |.''.'i'"i.    »'
I'utordoillro.v, Airunll  ,   ' ,,,,,.  ,„   vic„ri,, to  ,Im  lurslifiioil,
l.lli-Ulcil fell. I.'ilh.  lllllil.
Tenders for Timber Limits.
,. ■ KAI,III) TKNDKIIS. iiiurk.il "'1' I-
|J   er-   lur   Tlinlier    llmlls,    W'hllo
Kiver." will he reccivcl hv  Ihe    loi'-
-iencil. up lu nun,, un Siiliinlii.v. I he
•jsili duy of April. IIK1II, from un> person ilcslrlne ini,l,i,dn spnclul tluilior
licence- in ci anil rarrj  awa.V  lliuliur
li'uin Die rollowlllp lleserilieil lands, llllll,,, en,, While Klvur, ill   Ihe Dlsll'lul ul
Kit-, Kuoiemiy:
Ciircel No. I,   < 'iiiiiiii hu "I " |i""l
pluiitcil almiil um- mile from While
Diver l.nlie. nml  ,,h 11,-lllllf mile
„„«„.|   will,    ull    TruiiHcoiitl.ionlul I ttliooi, 20 chuins smith of thu north oast  from Wl.llu UU'ur on Die s">"
Ti-uIiik   'II  'l'l'*'"    ■^''"|-   »l,|M '""'• "' Ml"-  l'«i"lli''"ll'iil'"',ll'"ll.  '  "'  -'"' "lllu" "' "
n,.,0.|M llle  SOIllh SO I'lllllllS,  I    WC-l    HO    ll
Por fili'tllor iuformuiinn, pamphlets,  (thilliw. thu "..nl' «" "I », '!'""
„„,„,.lc„„y'l",,'«e,, Aceniur ousl  SO clniliiH  li
K. |,. |.'uDH. II. s. IIOWK,        ,' Ullnliiull'ioucic"'
Puss. All.'llt, Cuucrul Aitunt, I     I"
3POKANB, I'Ol.'i'l.AN'D1    Dated tl,
nf lictiiiiiiine
'us, iili.ui,  III chains,  IIioihi
nortli liiehalns: ihe, wesl HlOuhuIn
Ih.'l  -nulll  10 llllllllls I"  ll"'   I'1    '
el  Nn.  I.'i
lUUCIleiue ut ;, |l|,sl
(nr Ihe nn I.  ♦'.MIIS.OO,  nf llu- Hint
plunlod uu Ihe -null, side of  Whin
vear's fee-  fur
i'lul  li.
Diver, unit ut Ihe  'tli-oils 'nor of '""ll1"'"' ""'""" » '"'"'" '
I'll I  Nu.   II:   Ihenee weal   Kill  ehui,,-.    I""1 »'" '"' .""   I'"'   *''*
thonoe north 10 c -.ihe usl IHO,  l'"'",,-"l["nl"i"!'  «i-li,|f uniliiilvor
of cum
l-uiil llmlls
li,,.„/,, Vnnimlmliniir ill l.iuuls ,1- MViiis
/,„ii(/» in,,/ ll'oils Ikiiurl '.
|'ii.'/ur/„, /;.''.. ,'IhI Miurh, Im"..
Ihen lull,  In chain- tn plu
llll'liee I.
I'areel Nu. IU I'mnmeucin.j al a posl
planted 'JO ehuills vvusl uf Ihe ttnr,)i-e„-l
eerner  u\   I'nreel   No,  I.",: thenee wesl
IHU chuins,  ihe  north   10  ehaius,
ihe usl um ,,|„t|„s, D, outh io
ehui,is hi place uf cuuuuoneeme.lll,
1' I Nn. 17    I'uuiinelieinc ill,,, post
planted 'Ju chain- wesl of Die mirth-ensl
euritei' nl parcel   Nn.   Ill: ihenee west
Kin ehaius,  Ihei    m,rii    lo  ehaius,
l hene, ensl leu chlllllH, Uu- soulh III
Ohllllls In pill I en IllOOt, HtOllUI    Dull
I'HI eel Nu. Is    C Iieint III ll peal   Sl' '"■'
plutilud '.'ii ehulns vvosl of the northiiusl
 '""'' "' l'"' ' N"' l7; "'" ,t",,      cm ami siuciv Km I mu i,>s
Hie eluilus,   Ihe,    Ill    IU   chains.  , ,       ,.
, „sl llll) chuins, Die, -,,,,,1, lu I'lU'lllBllOcl Upoll A|i|ilien
chains in pine 'mu iiii-iii. llllll,
I'.hv \u. iu i i,nmi i,,u 'Jo ohulns
nml I'lir.i.ii'e Wurl,
J NORTH   STAR        J
S ^- -     HOTEL J
A Khnbcrlcy,   B. C. *
9 9
9   H. W. OREW. Proprietor.     ^■^_,,) *
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
MHrywv.lle, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
'I'lie niiiivi' hotol Im- boon icccniiv creeled, nul nattily furnish-
ml iliriiiin'luiui. Tiie llur - -,|,|,heil wilh the hesl lirunds ,,l
l,ii|iiiir- und Clglll'H,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦«♦♦♦«♦»♦♦«♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦«
^   MANri''A("l'i:KKi:s nnd IBRRWERa of EXTRA KINK
,,  ,, ,       , ,, |   v,,   .,   ,., lenclnu   ill   Ihe   vve-l ..I   Ileciisl -ner of I'arcc|
,D,da!::r;;h;'m;:;:'Ll;s,'l,h.w,'.U.;;rn;rl,usluf P, a^uUo  IS: ihencwes, -I, eliil,,,  ;;   P.O. Box 834.     CnillbrOOk, B.G.
Mottled beer for family
use ;i specialty
Outside   Orders
d P, (1, BOX S12      b
<l     TBLBPHONE NO, 1     {.-
I   Fort   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.    1
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦«««♦««♦♦♦♦««♦♦«•♦«♦«« THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B ('., APRIL 7, U«fi
************* 999**9*9***** fgltc |HMcycctor.' c;!,w'"N^r.^\,:''v,,iin Head
J     In announcing the change *   SVITI:'"V' '■■""■:-"      ','",'„ '„ ^L,„f fJ
S   . ., -i ^.„x'„..« • ■i-mnfnti**nmT**immmmmimmi*m+ Steele was in ihe riiy  luesilivy 	
5111 the business heretofore *| LOcal news. J"'" " ""~*'""'r'        .-.'-!! .-.-.i ••
• conducted by the undersign- S •"t"****"T" ""*!.»""« ,i"":!~'V:L^1':. ■"'■■■'''»''■
Splitting       OF COMMERCE
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
I ed owing to the retirement *  s, „ u,,
% of Mr. John H. Fink on ac-1
NVw  Shii 1   Waists
U.lll' -lollllicll   ll*)
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
11. K. WAI.KKK, Ci-iiru.l Mkiiukc, AI.EX. LAIRD, A.m. Cien'l Manage,
,i.,|i unv, heiiiliiche.
One Dozen in ii Bin 28c.
aid's new Tweed Skirls.      (J. K. Mullish nnd K. W   Raw
nf Vauconver wee gnesls ut ,
.lnhn Pollock n! l-'i-rnii' wus ill   Ihe Cranhrook Oll  Woilliosilny   | j.mral Banking builnau Iraniuted.  Accounti ma, ba oiienid and conducM by
the city l-'ridnv   Thev enn'l hurl yon and   limy null wilh all branchai at thla Bank.
£ %. .  Ed. Chestnut and II   .'".Lowe,
i£ rt/->-.-ivi-l-    r\*P  ill    lioaltll WP t.fllcft *      N''« Shirl   Waists al  Reid* of Moyie were reg.siered al tin
9 COimt   OI    111   liedlLll. WC UIJVO 5,,.                                                  Cesiuopolitnn Wednesdnv.                   ,„„■,,, „ ,, ,)m   -,„ ,,,,,,             ,               ,                          „       .
j. 9 K '"' i"'"'" "'      uu" i""- Deposit* nl   *1  uud upwards received, und iiilcicsl ullowed ut
V                                                        •                /» -i -i    • A                             "                                .,,,                                                           ' i ,          ,,,   i'     A ,,, ,,,, .^.,           current rales.   The depositor is subject lu nn ilelav what.
I this opportunity of thanking J . ^j™*™*^ «- ;1I l^^'o^^SSS   : iEM'IE & At( H1SC
§ our many friends and custo- J   ,„„■, ,,,,-,' ., In'""' * ~*
£ " A! Went worth Hull tonight. K. Heliue. (.'.   1'    U.  express CTtUIUDT'C
I mers in Cranbrook and sur-1   ,„.,„,,,,, ,,„„,,, „,„ 2l!Z^Zt!;iS § oltWIllKI o
**?    mil outs    A   i     How lle.-aS
W.M.I.      I'AI'l-'i;       All    new rhi, i,,,,lhl,,. s,,„v
|i .1   Kin , :  ul  Mn\ ,   was   u     !"    ''''si  designs     In  fin l '   .
ever  in   the   withdrawal  of  the   whole   or  any
portion ul' the  deposit
J rounding  district   for   the *
very liberal patronage we *
I have enjoyed and we be- i
| speak for the new firm a |
* continuance of the same.
»' lie cn v Tuesdui ...i bus ness        Ihe on I.\  UHMI slock ill Cranbrook
I  I   ..    ... ..I	
Ni'Keli   wu^    n
mil ;, large nssorluicnl lo rhnos,
ge ivssorliuenl loelinose      .,    , ' vmm'i • ri  vV> n v
N,. shoo worn |,u|iers lo      H01U    I ON!' 1'A  I lONI'.Rl
. v ,.ii Mun,in v
The   I'nlni,   iiie    linesl
i.'KK.sil   \i rs
l i.-li Lettuce,
ive ii;,,i ihv uc would
need Hi,-in lo kindle Ihe lire «ith
i im |e ires Ihis v our are lower
than '" ei. yol eoiisisleul for No
1 eou.u mul work . '.ir painting
■ . ,     mt is - ;i|i|icd nml i ireeu (inioiiM
*         vvHun,T,?:i'7 'I1  """'."■'' *™}>   ruspecl,   lei                          JIK:   Spill.iell
3/f. i I. wi.i.t.ii U\ us furnish you with estuutites on                                    '
CO-OPKRAT1VH STORKS your sprtiig pahuiug,  etc.,  nnd Choice Oranges and Hamulus
  we will guarantee oai work   for
\\   |i"     do   Xelson was irnii we ate slaying will,  Ciaubrooli.
g business nt Cm I'll li    tl. SHORT * CO SI'IIWAIIT*  KINK rill H'Ol.ATKS
St... It Quotations
Tm nmi  ef Luke Ore. ......      ,■..,..
it   i
'.S.     I he antiiitii
of the new   linn will
is paper.
vo  business st.
* —
^,      E. T. Peltiei an old
J I his district, wasa g lesl
* at dm s
9     SW<™ m the i
* *
**•+**»**** ****************      Mr. W
•"'.'.'  .,'. I    iki n Ins positio        sin
.-   . nl the sash and  loor   ictorv.
ui iu,,     i  nn
:   I.,'ll,I
mil ami eolir
IN    C A S !•    OF
Beale & Elwell
Mr. and Mrs   W    1)    Hill   re
turned  Sunday   from  n   , isil tor
Eastern Washington
Dr   I!-;,,.11 uun   E  Sprouli
Marysi    e were   iu   Cranbrook
Tuesday on business.
Hi.u'l forgel   llie   Pirtli-Eaton
concerl in   ft'enlworth  Hall  lo
night.    It is  for the  bonetil ol ■
the Cranhrook fjBorosse ('lub.
A. Mutz, president of the Fori
Sleelo    llnnving   Company   ul
>' l''ernie was in  Cranbrook   Wednesday mi business.
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftniistroiro, ftve.
Carpenter '<; Builder
(iood Work ill
Reasoutihle I'rieo
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Belt Pins
Blouse Sets
WK  havu a tilwHolec
I'OUHonubli! priis's.
nlee Htileotioti in these Uuhs ai
ohhoinihil! prti
Our ciillui'tlon is \t.-ry attraiitive  ami  we
would ask  vim in Inspoot these Uiicm whetluM*
you iuli'iul lo puruHaao or not.
Wr two always ploasei* to show our stook
mul iimiii* pi'loos.
. F. Taws & Son
Jewelers and Opticians
oiiii'i:il   Waieli   liispeotoi'S for C.P.R. Crow's Neat
Pass Division.
I   ONI'' KU"   US Kill I)     ',•■    «        f*i—    v.Ma>ar^ f)
Tea. Coffee   P °LINE
' ii, in,-,,1,1 Miniii.il.ii ll,.,,.. irKliop      K
AND ■   Vt    ,„,, „„»,„■ ,„„„., • i
Canned Goods ij
Well Ski
A man is often
judged by his
,,,„, I
They denote diameter or the hick of it. II
you are wobbly on your feet vou will be wobbly
in your head, but if vou are well shod you walk
and stand with a confidence that the slip shod
man can never assume.
'.'.)    Mr   !•'   W.   Lang of Calgary, phono 13-
'o],resentinjf Birheck   I ..mi,  As   	
.delation    was    in    (Irtinbrooli i
/  l.'lrsl rln-- Wi.i'k in nil liriiii
• fi'
LllllClljGOllllter J        Tonsonai An li   With a pair of McPhersons'
Cranbrook, ll.C.
A   II. I'Viiuick. the well k
iirospeelor, nnd T. 'I'.  M
'.  I'. I.  S ul Fori Steele  were  ii
T Cr:n,liri.iik nn Saturday   last  mi
Baker, St. Cranbrook, B.G. •
Will vim   vmi the In si i,lie. in llu- besl C |..ni
-.H^.^H-i^..H4^.H-W-W-!^-l-H-H-I--H-l-H-H--!-W-M-l-H-»?]    'j'"'11 l',lv.i" il"*1 ,A'  J-  ,NI:"'li.M
■ eiilerliiined n uuinher id  frioud
_....... .. . •   —til the W'entworlli Hotel on Tuos
dit,! evening,   Among the guosl
;♦ 9 4'.*>''4'9'4'. 9 4 9 4.9 .4 ** 9 ♦; o ;'♦ o ;'♦. « ♦:».♦:»:♦   wns Mr, Hurry Drew of Kim ber-j
■9 PETE'S 9'-
on your feet you will command
v respect and carry yourself to
Z^Zl^TTTn^:!;: success.   Try it.
.Notice ia heroin   irlven  thut   Slxl
HUBlipnllOllllll! Ileal ali,i|iii,
Ci'tinlironk. nml u'liurtiiiteen
siUlsfilullnli i,, sliuvinc.
llnirl'inline   ,.,,,.
Nexl  door in A. C. Bowne,'
mi Cranbrook Street,
P. J. Leithauser
I 24 Gross ot ftssorted Flies !
I'', c i laiuhlu, Provincial En
■ju r arrived ul Cranbrook Fri
ilny from Fornio, and wonl over
in furl  si,.ell. tteeompaiiiod  byi
(Invornuieiit   AgenI   Ariuslrong
nnd  linn    Mueklty.      Thev   will
insponl  ihe Wild   Horso Creek
,ini| ,is :i
n stock mul t" arrive.      All the populai killet>
known S'iniroil said 'lie nthei da\
-They are Beauties"
Wi  can lis vou up with a complete  lishiiiK outlit    ^ i'
ul ., inodernt,  in i.. .    See '.nr \\ indow s
Filliiij*   "ut   el'   town
orders i* our lonu suit
Fresh Milk
and Cream
We beg to Inform Hie public
lhat wc nic in ihe Milk liiisiiiess
nnd are here to stay.     I   furnish
the Genuine Article and gunriiii-
ice ihe public! satisfaction,
Health oilier   Dr.   Connolly,
♦ -ii iwo weoks ago culled  Ihe
♦ attention <<', ihe council n. tho
o 'nd ihni n by-law should he
. , |i;i".'.l |ii'o|iiliitingClilneso laiin
dry men rroni sprinkling clothes
in shoollng Hi.- water fr their
mm,11,. ♦...a>.«»...-..*..^.fr<-..
♦ j    WW NT llll   li.v   .,,.-   rii.v   ..I   ir;,
. ■   in    „ |'i,   „,|   ICeeper,      I ,„   |.jiilie
r,      :■  "
II. Tie.i. I'llv fieri.
♦Cninbrooli, B.C. HARDWARE ' i- i„,,
\        B«-nlu;rcsi  *       Stripe   Duck
'♦*♦■>♦ 9 ♦ ^ ♦  > ♦ 9 * ■.■999999. 9 ♦•>♦,.-> ♦      To innti'li all  colors of buildings  made mi  Shorl   Notice nl
it ■ or ('algary prices,
Gto. R. LtflSK & Co.
A. GRENIER,   Cranbrook, li.c
CONTRACTORS    t      ' Iwl^nLL O    :
l'l,in-,  h|n . iln iiii.iii--
.mil   I'.'ln  -•
. tn
KIIKHII tlll'l'is
\l"[. I  I   IIIIIIIK    +
li,i; (,iiiiiiii iimi Soil, Diink.s
AluiiTiilmceij, Plpo«
mii, Olgara
All   kinds   of    building    material ]r   ,,,,,, Sl    Cranbrook
constantly on hand.
n Livery
Teams mul drivers furnish-
ed fur any |lollll in Ihe dis-
A. DOVLE, Manager
Wc have 1 u in the husliioss
l',,r several years, we have Ihe
hesl ntpiipiueul in ll.C. and we
guiirnnlee Hiillsfiicllon.
adout. that Piano
We ure the iiulliiirind  ngiinls
lur thu reiuoviil uf Mason & Riseli
I Pianos, we cull do Hie work will,
l risk.     Also Household Fur
|',.|,|irlotn|.»nl tin,
Cranbrook OartaKc mul TransforCo
lllllee iimii.alle
r.i'.i:. Depot, Phono(M,
Works fur |,e Issiun in |i„relii,su tho
(iilliivvinc ileacril.e.l Imiil III Smith Kiel
I'cllllliclieil.e III II pilSl   pllllltOll III Hie
vuiill j-i Humor ci  l.m nn Gump I.
thonoo „o,-l-li r..i-iv  in ohulns, ihonool Fancy uiul Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
ntisl fortv40oliiiins, thotieosouth elo/lity  u      ,      ... , .   ..... ._ '       .
st, ohains, tho w,,tf„r,v in oi,,,i„8, M«» ", Women s and Childreiis
thonoo  'Ill  lllellllillali.   |.lllee   nf    '■ BOlltlS,   SlUlCS   llllll    HOSC
Illltoil ul ('iiiiil Iv  ihi-  Is,  illl.v ..I
April, Willi.
K..I. MeVITTIK      ^C-«H««.NiHiHii|wr^«.^^
 — 1
Iv   .liivs idler1.!
Tilte    niltleu   llllll    lllil'i.v    uil.ia   liner    .^
iliiu. I. iln- unilorslifiioil, Intend lo apply |™
ie     iiie     I'hici     t'ominlssli r    ol
I.mul-     nml     W'urlis    ni      Vletnrhi,
ll.C. llll' II -pecilll    licence   ll ,    mill
eiirr.v iivvii.v Ihnlier (rem llie (elliivviiiy
ile-ei ihei    liinil*   in   Kiwi    Knutoiiuy,
I'llMUncni'ilie   nl   ll   peal   plnnleil „t IlloLj
n,,111, v.e-l  II, I ul' 1,1,1   :i:i.°i  unil   ill"
nliiK ml i-IiuIiih wuhI, 10 ohidilH ,1,,,'tli, SO I1
ohulnseiisl, In eliiiiic ntirili.   in nludiiH ^
eii-l. so el in in- -imlli anil 10 olu, ins west   ^
In pill I   e, Iiooilielll.    OOlUllUllUK    V
llllllll'I'l'S, IIII.I ' le-. M
I..He,I  Miirel,  I.I.  llllll,. 1
I iii v iii Itreclicnrlilee      T
T„|i„ iieiiee iimi thirty iluys itfior
ilme I. iheiuiilorsliiiii'il, inl I lo apply
lu tho Chief I'. nn inlsahi,icr. if l.uuils,,,,,]
U'nrli-iii Vicleriii, 11,1'„ for n  -pechd
licence In eut mill I'UI'I'V l,VV|,.V llutlll'l'
Illllli llie lillliiwlue llchOI'lllOll    laUlla   111
I-:.,., Knotnniiy.   (Inimnunulni, ul u posl
plllllleil ill  tile  'Ill  Weal  .'111',,,',' III   Llll
llll",  I i i„i>   Km chains suuth, -III
ohulns we.,, inn cliiiin- north, und -10
chains eust In plllou of ciinilneueenici,,,
I'liniuinino' HIU acres mere or les-.
IllUeil  MiM'i'li  I-l.  lllllil.
Ill DllVill r.rcellelil'iilee
(Kt'lIM l'l
eiiri'iriceiK er ou'U'iviJMiJM's.
"llulierlH",   "Maple".     "Km
"'I'i,I'llllii" Mil,en,I CIlllllM.
-,111111,1'III llie  I'l'l'l Sll'lilu Mlliliu:  lilvKlin
-I Kin., i< mu'niHiiii'i.
Wlrari'l ' mini ullll'of l-'.vv.'i Mnyll
•,',,,„.    lie llllll   I. .Iim.ic-   A, Hinvi'V   KM
C.N,, Il.tlWtll iiilllll'f"l lliva.'ll   nml  ll- IIRllUl
fui',1 /. I'lirna. P'.M.C I171IST1 1 I'liiiil, iliil,,-
,,,,„ |.',,.,, mi \ C'.nill.'iiii, Nn. I, ;:(„:,,. lu
i,'ii.,. -My ilny. ii    .'I'1'' I"'. '   i.
,i,i|ily I., llie MllllUM It.'.'.'l.l.'l '".' 'i I'.'llllli'il,.
>| I'mnil Cniiil "I Iiii, llll'iili.lr.'.'lnlliia.
Anil  linllii'l   lull.' nutli'i'llllll ll'-liiili.  llllflB
ii'i'il,,!,:,: uitlHI Iii iii.'in'i"! Iirf,
tllii'i „f .ui',I Ci'llllli'llli'"! Iliil'li'Veilii'NI
Light iiiloreil Tweed Skirts are the most
popular as well as the most serviialile Im'
Sprine uiul Summer wear. We have a
large assortment -with Red, Green, Navy,
and      Brown      Tints Prices      from
$.(.511 In ♦12.110. Also Black, ('.rev. Navy,
Green and Brown Dress Skirts from 13.50 to
<; 15.( hi.
Sec   These   Goods   Before   Buying   Vour
l!J Spring Skirt.
«««^IHB»lW»Mll^l'^MiWIK  'Mll*H*lli«iW*^i»il*»l^H!!K*l
I P. Burns & Co. I
*ZZ H0111I OfHoa,
S^ Oiditary, Allmrta.
Main Ottiut* for En«t Kooteuuy, ^*
Omnbruok. B.C ^3
£ 3
£ Wholewnlc and Retail 3
1 Meat Merchants 1
£ 3
I -^
£ |)r:ilcrs in Ahattoir ;unl Cold StorngeS
Hon. iiinier m~- n   -**_\
•'ii.. -E    Livestock at Calgary. Alberta.   -*s
""'• VviiEiiv  PjUaUiliUiiUUiUiUlUlUliUtUWlUUUUtUUUUitUUUUiUUIR


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