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The Prospector Jan 30, 1909

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 Mlirnry nl r„-j. Alt.
Vol. 1,'i.
No. •>.
SessionBegins Musical Treat At The House RING OF        Nelson-Moyie   THE SOIL
Mr. Borden's Leadership
Endorsed. Opposition
Refuses to Consider
On Wednesday evening Mr. llorden
for the first time in his experience as
a pmty leader found his advice refused und hiH policy rejected by the
Conservative members in caucus, it
was the first meeting o| the eleventh
parliament., and Mr. Borden had called the members .together to lay before
them his resignation of the leadership
with the recommendation that a second meeting be called to deal with
It. He dill n,-t propose tu attend
that meeting.
Without a moment's hesitation the
caucus unanim„usly declared that it
would do nothing <(f the kind. There
was a spontaneous and universal an
nnunccment that the resignation
Would n0t bo considered. Change. ,,f
leadership was not to l.e thought of,
and the members absolutely rp.fu.--ed
to deal with the matter at all. Had
Mr. Boi'dtn returned to parliament at
the head of a triumphant majority,
the support of tlie party would not
have been mure enthusiastic and un
nnim0us. Commendations of Mr,
Borden, his policy and leadership in
parliament and the country, was especially significant on the part of
four new members from his own province, five from Manitoba and five
from British Columbia, who nil come
to Ottawa having captured scats
from the government, The chairman
of the meeting was Mr. Bui turd who
defeated the minister 0f inland reven
ue and mines, and among the speak
ers wh0 were .greeted with enthusiasm
was Mayor Crosby, Mr. Borden's colleague nnd associate in redeeming the
city and county of Halifax.
While the conservatives have been
defeated, they come to Ottawa with
a stronger delegation and with n
greater enthusiasm than in any time
since 189C. They hive a leader whe
has more inllucnce in the country
thm any other minister. They havt
a platform for which the government
h-ivo .^hjwn a much hh'her regard
than their own. They nre facing a
government which has come out ot
the election with nn insignificant majority of the popular vote, if indeed
it has n majority at nil. Outside ol
Quebec province a majority of the electors have condemned the administration. The administratFn has nls0
condemned the administration. This
administration ha.-- also been Convicted by Courts of its own appointment
and also the first d0cument laifl before parliament was a report by a
commission, confirming and strengthening a previous ending of another
Commission, both appointed by the
government, and both convicting one
of the great spending departments of
Incompetence, graft and lack nf conscience. It is thus the session begins.
The speech from the throne is long
nnd thin. In sume 1,500 words the
governor general ttatea thnt a tercentenary celebration was held, an international treaty agreed upon, thc
transcontinental pushed forward, the
Hudson Bay railway surveys begun,
a delegate appointed t,, the Opium
Convention at Shanghai, that Mr.
Fisher went to Italy, thot a grant
baa bem made to the earthquake sufferers. Then the government laments
that a financial depression has affected our trade and decreased 'he revenue, that immigration has inllm off
and that a Commission has been investigating the marine department.
The legislation premised is a bill
"aiming at the repression of the pay
ment of secret commissions and gratuities," nnd also "measures relative
to Insurance, the civil service, Immi
gratinu and naturalisation,"
This is little enough. The insurance
bill is the only difficult measure. Insurance legislation has been promised
and postponed In two previous ses
sions, and it is safe to say that It
will be postpone*! again, A mensure
may be Introduced but it will imt be
pushed through. Meanwhile the people have paid $05,842 fur the Hhepley
investigation, Including Mr-.nun to
Mr. Hhepley himself, all fur the pre
tended purpose of amending the In
surance law.
The speech from the throne admits
the t'nmnal deficit, and adds that
"exceptional caution" in public ox-
prndlturo hns become necessary. But
lhe speech also says that the sPua;
tii n is better than a short time ago.
It wns worse In October, and the lea
s0n for exceptional caution was then
greater. Electors will recall the election promises of public works and
public exprndlture as samples of exceptional caution on the part of the
ministers. Never w-*h such profuse
extravagance and reckless undertaki
in'.'H mado by any government. . and
its supporters. Ministers and their
supporters on every platform were
lavishly scattering promises of pub
lie prints. The subsidised press wnfl
loaded down with calls for tenders,
nnd the Impressb n produced was
that the government had more money
than It could use.
This week Mr. Fielding Is floating a
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Celebration  of   Burn's Speech    From   Throne
Anniversary Debate Continued
Thu city band gave it* second concert in the opera house last Monday
evening. The lnrbe audience which
was equal to the capacity of the
theatre, testified tQ the increasing
Popularity nf our band's organization. It wus a musical treat and
the crowd who assembled to listen
was an appreciative one, the general
uttentiveness from the opening until
the conclusion being a striking testimonial to the merits of the entertainment.
lhe opining number, a march by J.
Jubb, was rendered with fine spirit.
The "Old Plantation 80ngs" is ever
an 0ld favorite. The original music
of old Scotland—the bagpipes—was
certainly typical of Burns fatherland
rendered by Mr. A. McCowan, while
Mr. C, McCowan danced the "Highland Fling." The execution and pre-
cion with which the "Cock of the
North," "Bonnie Dundee," nnd "The
Silver Trumpets," were given are
only tokens 0f the very careful instruction received at the hands of
their conductor, Mr. F. E. Corrison,
R.M.8.M.. V0cal se>los were also
rendered by Mrs. W. J. DeBeck, Miss
Lou Leitch, Mr. Fred Reeves, Mr. J.
Burns. Mrs. N. A. Wallinger, who
gave several violio solos, was certainly well appreciated, evidenced by
the repeated calls f()r her return.
Song of the Sawmills and Saws
Dt,es a sawmill furnish energy for
sawing more lumber on the sawmill
night shift than on the day shift ?
The first impulse would be to answer
in thc negative. Scores of old mill
men, some of whom have worked in
Digby county for many years make
reply in nn emphatic yes. N0t tuly
do the mill operators declare that
water will accomplish a greater am
j oiint of work at night than in the
day time, but they cite records of actual performances, giving names of
mills and dates where tests have been
In sawing deals and other standard
lumber from Spruce of average size,
ihe exact varlatlon in performance
between night and day depend slightly upon weather conditions, more being sawed in dark and drizzly weather, than when it is fair, but cn an
average a modern band saw that will
turn out 18,000 feet in ten hours of
daylight can saw 20,000 feet 0r m0re
in ten hours of darkness. Not only
has this assertion been proved many
times in mills that were run by water
power, but it has been demonstrated
thr0ugh elimination from the fact
that mills using steam power never
present so large a variation. The
millmen will declare thut the saws
make a widely different s0und when
dashing through spruce knots at
night than they do by day, so that if
one visit a strange mill, he could distinguish whether it was night or dny
by the s0ngs of the saws. By daylight nothing but classical music
comes from the m0st rectoless of small
■laws. As soon us the restraint of
daylight has passed the reckless saws
forget their dignity and begin to
sftlg and hum ragtime and coon songs
chewing up lumber und manufacturing
deals at a great rate.
MilUiwners and f0remcn of experience who have listened to the debate
for years, agree with the hands, and
some of them add the explanation
•hat the water is heavier by night
than by day, though n0bndy seems
to have tnken pains to weigh the
water at tho two periods for the purpose of comparing results.--Weymont
Records of Deaths
The number ,,! deaths, births and
marriages recorded in South East
Kootenay during the last year     are:
Deaths  231
Births   257
marriages  257
The largo proportion uf deaths was
largely owing to the Fernie fire disaster and the prevalence of typhoid
Double Victory
Glasgow, .Ian. 2B The Canadian
curlers defeated Glasgow province today by a score of 210 to IS2.
Glasgow, .Iun. 28 The Canadian
curlers at ('rossmylofl today won the
tirst out of three intern-tlnnul test
matches against Scotland with a
score of 112 t0 70. The trophy In
this competition Ins bei n d tinted by
Lord Strathcona.
Victoria, Jan. 27—The debate on
the address in reply t,> the speech
from the throne was continued this
afternoon by A. E. I'hiUips, Islands,
nnf W. H. Ross, Fernie, for the gov-
iernment, H. C. Brewster, Alberni,
| and John Jardine, Ks-juimalt for the
opposition, and John Mel noes, Grand |
] Forks, for the socialists. Nothing of
importance transpired,
Mr. Phillips warmly defended the
■government's land policy In reference
, to Buchley and Nechaco valleys intimating that the time was not yet
ripe for the introduction of settlers,
who should wait until the country
; was opened up and markets were provided. In reference to the Alaska*
Yukon-Pacific exposition, Mr. McPhil-
. Ups contended that in view of the
heavy financial burdens of the province and the inadequate aid given
i by the federal government at Ottawa,
the provincial goverment was not
. called up,jii to contribute financial as-
jsistnnce, a,th0ugh he had the assurance of the premier that all pro
, vincial officials w()uld co-operate
. heartily with thc Dominion officials
- in securing first class exhibits 0f B.
C. products.
W. R. Ross confined bis remarks to
a review of the Conditions arising
out of thc Fernie fire. He eloquently
expressed the great appreciation 0f
the people of Fernie for the generous
, assistance that was afforded them
: fr0m all over the world at the time
iof thc disaster, ant especially allud
ed to the generous action of the citizens of Cranbrook in hnusins* refu-
, gees.
Mr.      Mclnnes  referred  to  premier
McBride's     statement    at    Rossland
that the     Conservative party differed
from the liberal   party in that     the
former   was    the     friend of working
men, and expressed the hope that at
the     present session the government
would introduce legislation giving ef-
i feet to     this claim.   He particularly
i asked     for    legislation     thnt would
1 make     provision for workingmen disabled in the Course of their employ-
; ment in   mines, cn railways, or    in
lumber camps,     demanding it as    a
matter of justice and not of charity.
Mr. Brewster and Mr. Jardine dealt
mainly with conditions In their    re-
1 speetive constituencies,  vote ng '   the^
chronic  complaint of  the opposition
: that the lands of the province   were
! being aliemted to speculators to th*
| disadvantage of bona fide settlers nnd
that the moneys expended 0n    public
works were improperly and  extrnva-
! gantly expended.
i    John Oliver, Delta, moved the   ad
! journment of the debate.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, provincial trea-
! surer, introduced a bill to amend the
' horticultural board act which was
; read a first time. The main provisions of the bill are as follows: There
: is hereby created a provincial board
■ of horticulture, to c,,nslst of three
; ex-officio members, namely, the minister of agriculture, the deputy min
| ister of agriculture (who shall act as
{secretary of the board, the chief inspector of 'ruit pests (who shall act
I for the pr„vince nt large,) und four
' members who chill be appointed by
the lieutenant governor in council,
one frum each ol the horticultaral
districts, which arc hereby created to
1 The first district shall comprise
the provincial etectnral districts and
portions of provincial electoral dis
tricts embraced In Vancouver Island
and the adjacent islands.
2 The second district shall comprise
the portion of the provincial electoral district of I'om-jX. situate on the
Chllliwack, Lilo„ct, Skeena and Cariboo and the city of Vancouver,
tricts of Richmond, Dewdney, Delta,
mainland, the provincial electoral dis-
Kamloops,   Yale,   Similkameen     und
3 The third district shall comprise
the provincial electoral districts of
Okanagan and the eity of Nels0n.
4 The fourth district shall comprise
the provincial electoral districts of
Revclstoke, Columbia, Kaslo, Hlnean,
Greenwood, Grand Forks, Ymir, Fernie, and Cranbrook and the city ()f
New Westminster.
Enthusiastic   Convention  ot   Provincial
Victoria, Jan. 2."- About 230 delegates were present at the Convention
of the Provincial <\ nwrvative association here. Ihe feature of the set
alon yesterday was an address by
Premier McBride.
Mr. McBride, who Was greeted with
acclamations, refernd to the strength
of the party in the province as re
vealed by thi recc it signal victories
in the Dominien elections. This convention had been postponed on account of that contest fr0m November
last. N0w the delegates Could make
up for lost time.
Mr. William McKay, Vancouver, secretary, read the report of the exec-
ecutive. The value of the association
had been demonstrated by its work
last autumn. N-.n-imoand C0tnox-
Atlin were the < nly c. nstltuencie.^
were weak and so those had fallen to
the enemy. The report recommended
the formation of associations in these
ridings in the near future.
At night a smoker was held. The
addresses were Interspersed with a
musical programf On the platf()im
were Premier McBride, Hon. W. J.
Bowser, the attorney general, and
0. D. Wood worth, president of the association.
Premier McBride, in opening, ac .-
nowledged their enthusiastic reception, He complimented them on the
excellent choice lhoy had made in
their new officers and paid a tribute
to president-elect Wood Worth. Cied.t
was due in a large measure to the
provincial conservative association
for winning five out of the seven seat
in the province in the Dominion elections. The party had no seat before.
Whether H0n. Mr. Templeman would
be opposed or not in ComoX-Atlin he
could not say, for it would be left te>
the c„nservatives of tl.e district to
decide. Hon. Mr. Bowser was ac
corded a rousing reception, He remarked that in tlu Dominion campaign he had gone cast with Mr. R.
L. Borden thir eonservati \ e tender
and had laid some of the grievances
of the west before.' the people of the
east. Though the general result was
disappointing, the public conscience
was arotiBtd. "If y,,u had traveled
with Mr. Bord n as I have," said
Hon. Mr. Bowser, "and heard th-
hone.it ring of hiH voice, y0u Would
cnnclude that he Wns not a politician
but a statesman." ln regatd to Com-
ox-Atlin he believed that if the conservatives could get the right man
for a Winter campaign, they would
win. Referring to some assertions of
the liberal party, Hon. Mr. B0WMr
said that judging fiom the recent results on election d -y and the returns
from Kootenay nnd Yale-Cariboo,
that party would be practically
swept out of existence in the next
provincial elections.
Mr. Woodw0rth wus proud of thl-t
gathering of stalwart c< nservutivea.
Their enthusiasm was indicative of
the enthusiasm ohtain-.d in every
hamlet, village and community iu
the province. Tne lead of British
Columbia and Manitoba was b,,und
to be followed Iiy the whole west,
which was destined to become conservative nnd progressive. By the next
general election this province would
have 14 or 15 members instead of 7,
and w„uld thus huve a representation
equal t0 NoVa Scotia and the other
older provinces.
Mr. Mclhillip.-, M.IMV, lor Man Is,
also delivered a st'rring address and
the gathering adj timed with the customary cheers.
Lie J Hems
Malaga Grapes, 20 cents per pMund
at the Palm.
The Kootenay Pres'iytery will meet
in Knox Church mi rlu-u»day evening,
Feb. 9th.
A sleighing party consisting ol
members of the Baptist Sunduy
School will visit Palmer's ranch on
Tuesday evening next.
A Close and   Exciting   Agricultural   Depart-
(iame Promised For ment
Monday  Night
The match between N'e'son and
Moyie hockey teams at the riii'; , n
Monday next is lively to prove nn
txceptiimlly cotd 0ne. It is under
stood thst the Knst Ko.-teninns a e
brining a strong team and Ihal
Nelson will have to fchow up then-
full strenbth in order to keep up
their pres nt high reputation. A mm
ber of rooters are Coming over with
the Moyie puck chasers whn will !; ive
cn their lineup: .Sherman. Cljthler,
Kiimm and D(.nohue wh,, are well
known in Nelson as expert hoc'tey
players.   Nelson News.
Lumbermens Meeting
The i nilUal m ietin,f ,f the Mo n
tain Lumber Manufacturer's uss, cl-.
tion will he held h re today i nd p
large number of members ale nlnal..
in the city. An advance guard co*i
sistlng of n commi ttie t n grading
and market cunditioi's arri ed Wed
nes-diy night and r-ndsted (,f K. 3
Sanders, Columbia Kiver Lumber Co
Golden; F. K. Sim, Bowman lumber
C0., Revclstoke; 11. G. H,,p, ins, Ar
row Lnl't3B Lumber Co., Arrowhead
F. O. Dubois, Klk Kiver Lumber Co .
Fernie; A. K. Leitch, Bast Kon'enni
Lumber Co.. Cranbrook und W
Poole, Yale-Columbia Lumber Cj.,fl
Nelson. The nbovc committee vv th
the secretary of the association, W
A. .An-itie, were in conference yester
'lay afternoon with R. S. 1 armour,
general freight agent of the C.P.R
and a dlscusali n took place regard
n: matters Affecting  lumber traffic
Anion; the other members wh
have nlready reached tl(wn ate: I'
Lund, president Wnrdmr, Otto L-n-h
mand, vice president, Arrow!) ad; A
K. Dudgeon, CrmapHx; V. F. I ind
mark and F. W, Hess, licve'stoke; .1
A. McGee, Chase; Ottls Staples, Wy
elide; George A. Leitch, Sim n Tuy
lor, J, A. Findlay, J. W. U0bim?on
nnd D, B. Dnlmnge, Crnnbrook: C, D
McNnb, ind H. H. R0SB, W Id ,; O
L. Bointon, Fernie; A. F. Krnpfell,
El'-o ; ('. (i. Rod- ers. Crest, n G
F. Robins- n, Summit; W. Winlav
and P. I). Roe, Vane .uver.
After tbe annual meeting teidny tbi
lumbermen will be entertain d to i
banquet by the members of the hoard
nf trade at th" Hume hotel. At iln
banquet wh'cb will commence at K
p. m. city time, thero will be ab ,ut
70 persi ns divided m-nrly equally be
tween the board id trade and it-
guestB. The preh!dent if the heard
nf trade will be in the chair. Irwin':
orchestra will he pfcBcnt .-nl Messir
Hmith, Lnptrti and H0lloWny wil'
Earl Grey's Suocessor
Sloan and Templeman arrive
Vancouver, Jan, 28- Hon. Wllllum
Templeman anl William Hlo n arrived In the city from Ottawa on the
delayed Pacific express yesicrdny uinl
are registered at the VnnCcUVer Intel. They will Immediately organise
for the election in Oomox-Atlln nt
which Mr. Templeman will be the
candidate. Mr. Hlo.m formerly represented this constituency in the Dominion nouse, hul. following Mr. Tern-
plotnj n's defeat it) Victoria resigned
nnd thn latter will be the liberal ran
dldate f-n the furthcoming by election.
I You don't need a Town Crier
London, Jan. 2K It is believed that'
the promotion of H0n, John Sinclair t(l emphasise the merits of your
secretary fir Seufliiiil, to Ihe peer- business or announce your special
age, is not unconnected with tl'O pro aales. A straight story told In a
jbabllity that be will be appointed ! straight way to the readers ol the
HiicccsHur to Karl Grey as g,,vi-rnor j prospector will quickly reach the rnrs
i^eneml of Canada Inf the thoughtful, intelligent, buying
public, tbo people who have- the money rt)     their porknts, and the piv.plo
THK     PKOHPKCTOH     IH     IIP-TO   who listen     to rnnson and n >t njlse.
iiatW IN ITS  ion WORK   GIVB      0l,r b*ttkl wU1 Hh"w yoU " ,H.Hl    /S5
DATH IN ITS JOB WORK, wivh      k|nd ^   ^^     JoU appeal to.   (all
DR A TRIAL. 'and sea them at this office.
At a regular monthly meeting, it
was resolved thnt in the future all
donations made to the Brigade shall
be placed in the ban'' us a trust fund
to be used In case of nCcldl nt to any
member. The |2!0 d u ited hy Br.
Green will be used for this purpose,
aud all funds obtained from ibe un
mini dance.
The Kpworth League, id the Motho
dlst church sleighed nvcr to No. 2
Kust Kootenay camp i n Tuesday cv
enitig, They were well received by
the boys who gave all a Iimi welcome. Refreshments were served and
recitutii.n-i and songs made the even
ing very short and enjoyable.
■ Mayor and Mrs. Fink were the gen
ial hosts Wednesday evening, Quite
ii few friends were prest nt (ind enjoyed a very pleasan'. time at 500, Tho
higher and the lower sc,,re made by
the ladies nud gentlemen were rewarded by nice and  valuable prizes
The annual meeting ot the ('tan
brook- Fernie Farmers' Institute will
be held at the Government office, at
(runbrooli, on Saturday, the 3(1.h
day of January, PiO'.l, at H p.m., to
receive the report ((f last year's work
ing, to elect officers for the ensuing
year, and to transact any other busi
ness which may be trun acted at an
annual meeting of Farmers' Institut
Powers of the west at Ottaw;
One of tho most important qttOB
tions that the new parliament of (*ai
adu will have to deal with before il:
term of office expires will he n rcdlB
tribution eif the parliament uy rcpre
scntati-.n of the growing impotaiiM
of western Canada by according It n
larger repres ntntlon in the cabin t
than at present.
In the- last ndistribution of federal
seats the unit of measurement wn
about 23,000. Quebec, ly the B.N.A.
act is entitled to 66 sents, inl th
'population of Quebec, divided by 65
gives the unit of measurement
throughout th' dominien. It is es
, Granted thnt the unit after the cen
sus eif 1911 will be about 2'.,(ino. The
western penple have high h -pes of i
very much 'n?reased represent a'ion
in the next parliament. 'I here fstl
mate is from DO to 75 suits, with at
least (10 scats west ,t th> gre.it
lakes. The power of the west w 1)
be felt more and more, and it wo'ild
not be u matter of surprise if th
next time Sir Wilfrid I uiuicr app al.s
to the country he wl'l hnve in Mr
cabinet a representative from each of
the provinces of M nltobn, Bos' ntc-i
cwan, Alberta and British Columbia.
This would, of course, moan tlu
taking nwny ol two p rtf^Ims from
the enst. Ontario men n »w hold ftvi
portfolios in the Lnurier cuhlnot with,
the proRpocts of nn ,thor (tho port foi
io of labor) In the near future. Quebec hus the premiership, three p rt
folios and the solicitor gcnornl hip
Vacancies will n d he create! to make
further repn-si u'atlon fur lho west,
but added representation will la^c
place in the eflusloti ol tlmo. Tli'if
will the opportunities tor i nlarl
ii ud Quebec members of the h ill so In
lessened, unless, as has been suggest
ed, a portfolio ho created for the do
partme'tt of m'n s and the 'natltlmo
represent nt n n in tin   cabinet reduced
tn  tWO,
Railway Commission
IHI   MILLS  FOB  milTISH  mi.
Ottawa,       Jan.   2V    'I lie   ie .Igalllsn
tion of tlu1 railway c itntnlpsli n in ;>n
noil need hy which the I intuitu n is
divided into districts,
Manltobn mid Baa'tntchownn nnd
that pini nf Ontario wrsl 0' Port
Arthur will he in charge of ('■ iniuH
sioner Unit with W. Mlyth ol Witmi
peg as Inspector.
Dr. Mills will I, n"' after British
iCollimbln hnd Alberta with M .1
iMcCuut uk msprt'tur.
It has been snid that the wastefulness of pioneers is in keeping with the
prodigality ,,f nature; and th tt the
pioneer farmer bus the right to use
up natural resources if he,thereby
Improves himsell nnd the prospects
uf liis family, Take an Illustration
from the consumption of ccal. During millions of years it was prepared
nul stored in the earth wo suppose
tor human use, And wr have he.a
using it. with lavish liberality, boast-
u , of tho millions of tons we mine
.•very year. Now we ham from go id
authorities that In 75 years the eni
measures of the United States will
probably bo < \h -listed except th se
at lower levels, more difficult of ac
.'ess ;nl  in ,re costly  t, obtain.
No doubt coal was the mean.*
whereby man gained huge nni last
ing ability tn smell and mould met
nls whereby lie acquired u Working
■ontr,,l of electricity. Wiih the diui-
suit materials now plastic under his
new skill, and more of natures forces
obedl1 nt to bis new Intelligi nee. he
lias htrnossfd the water powers and
generates heat, light and power transmissible from ihem. That he could
never h ive di ne, so far ns we can
iee, except for the use of coal with
,ui si im during nil these experimental years. There is some excuse,
if y,,u please, for the extmvagsnt use
of one great resource, when that has
led to the mastery for service over
inolher source still more valuable.
But when people exhaust the soil
what do they do ? 'Ihey make themselves more careless and less compe
xnt; they leave themselves less pow-
>r and niot'c Poverty. On the other
hand, when tho farmers preserve and
nerense the fertility of the soil they
lecoiuc Increasingly oflicknt nnd cap
ible. These tw0 go t gather. The
er til Ity ol our soil must be main
tuined, or restored, in order that
here thai) bo continuously Imprav
ng conditions for the rural p i, ul .-
ion. Already. in our brief term of
■enipaOun. the virgin snil has been
eo badly abused that the average
Top of whe.it, on this ci ntlnent gives
i little less than one half thr number
■f bushels per acre obtained on thn
farms of old England, and a good
leal less tlinu half the yield of old
ic.o£lnnd. That is wh.it occupation
d this great heritage nf burs by
■vastefnl methods has d, ne for mm h
,f our soil .1   W. Ilobertson.
Nobody can claim to he independent
if the actions of bacteria The farni-
ora require the agency nf bacteria in
irdei" to gl'oW his crops, and ho must
understand the methods of protecting
his einps from harmful bnc'.eriai if
he desires to bo successful in the
ttrtlgglo uguinst nature.
Tbe dairyman m ds bacteria for
iioduciuu' the right fermtntatioii In
Uie making of his butter and cheese.
Me must, not i nly protect his prod
icts from Inlurlous bu t rtn, but
must understand how to favor tbe development of hetieticiiel organisms,
lence It is necessary fur both thc
farmer and dairyman to know something about conditions necessary for
lactertal growth.
Thc farmer nnd the dairyman arc
mt tb- only parties Interrstcd, every
lousckceper comes conMnuslly Int-i
on'act with bacteria, to her d tr.
nent and the waste of ber money.
The four main conditions which wo
hall discuss subsequently nnd In d'1
nil, arc:
1,   Proper  temperature frr growth
2 Adequate and proper fund.
:t Moisture.
4. Oxygen requirements,
G| n ierning   temperature,    wc     all
.n ,w that low temperatures are   n t
j lultnblc for the dove) pment  of bac
terla.   At freezing point the bacteria
1 ire almost  inactive.   We -ce n gene
-il npplic.itioii if this f.ift  in tho use
if cold storage    Mattel  Ih shipped t .
i the old country from C'nn.dn nnd New
Xenlnnd, und nrrives in l-ondcn n t
inly   unspoilt,    hut in such n co all
inn    thai     it c impetoa ntccessfully
with Dan sh nnd  Dutch butter   With
,ui roid storago plants nu the steam
ships the transport itlon of this but
ter would he Impossible    Wc must bo
careful, howovei, no! t,, count    I >o
much on     ,.ui  Pule! storago facilities.
<,,me   people   think   that   fold   sl,,ia^e
(tops bacterial growth completely
This Is an error. In cold storage hue
torln grow slowly, hut they grow u v
ertholom,  l th.- di.n oi is cspi  InUy
greal because we rnnn t delocl Lln
changes which maj occur
We leiueiiihf t ■ ml, n ,„ ,■, w| [rl,,
llUppontfl        M| me   time   ago   ill   !    Uupe
Some dairymen froxo then unik In
summer, win n it was wry cheap and
begun  to  sell   this  milk   ru'aiii   in  win
Loi     when   th ■   milk   ui is very
high I'i'uple howevoi using ibis
milk became ill. nnd tins Illness ap
iienied to he paused hy frozen milk.
During the six un nths' Btbrogo th"
bactorlti Imd giuwn sutllctently to
muke tin  milk unsuitable lor hud
There Is comldorablfl dlflorcnco     in
Continued on page i, TllK   PROSPECTOR   (JUAKBROOK.    B.   C
Success in
♦ ■_   —  _ *\
9 9
9 ♦ .   — „ _
♦ ♦
J \   urea!      increase   III   the   .iUlollut    nl
♦ electrical machinery nsed in tho ruin
T   es oi the tfost Is a boon to be hoped
:for and. the writer believes,   to     he
A    realised
Th.-rc are several reasons will the
lining industry tuts n,d kept pace In
lectrlcul way with other enterprise. |
♦ The     fault   is part I j   with tho nunm
T  fact u revs   oi  e\ectrica| supplies     and
♦ partly .u .icr,,iiut  of [aelj of electric
i Photo    Making!
cient electrical pump. To be a success ii must he able to compete with
compressed air and steam pumps, he
light as possible and have lew wont
ing parts There is a ditliculiy en
countered   in   designing   such   a   pump    ♦
as the speed ,,i a pump working uu    J
dur great  pressure  must   be slow, and   *%
the force or pressure per square luch   J
exerted must be very high X
: •
A mate
Inn   whon   overy
results life its e\(
pd -jfi-upiiy is
orything    woi'lts
ted.    Ilui
nothing  Iml
righl    mid
•w  lUllUluUl'S
.,! supplies .in.l purtl)  , ii nccouiit   ,,t
exeupe  perplexities
The change of dis
to ;i tiiitiimimi  if
here-     We   Imndt
mid   dissiippouil iit-
.iippoililuiuul   i-  reduced
upplies   ure   purchused
And  know jusl  wlml  nro  lhe   besl lo use.
Are   you    ri iviug    Ihe    I' Uu lelin ':
II   in.i   let   ii-  know  nmi   wc will  lune om
inniled   lo  vim   eaeh   inonlh
4 luck  ui  electrical   knowledge on    tllc
♦ pari     ol  mini' ..|jiijtiiiij. ,ii  mipeiiti
♦ tendunts
♦ Thc mfninc Inttmil i\ i ,i,..!in ,1 to
ft i ne    ii     i be muHt prolitnbli
♦ ... i,mriv in the
ft     lu thi plucc,   j numbei ol   up
♦ pilau -■-    though  excelleul   ioi   ortliu
4 ju \       ve t'l'.Ji.iiii    ,i, i -i jii.   [unite
ft lee oi .'  nun.      I'..1..   ' lie i. lopli n, .,
♦ jiii exumpl. \ glance ii the adver
T ' 1..1U; .-. ol tins ... ol lu-i electi ii'
4 nl wtll  -li,,ii   thai  there are
♦ ji mu m     ii ... grades diui Mtyleuol
World Wide Baraca Union
A    VtM'V     ,'IltllllKljlSlll'    lllli'tilll.    ..t    lilt'
young men ,.i the Baptist church wan
hold ni the home ol Mrs. Brlduoa i,,r
iiu1 purposo n( luaiiKuratth)* n brhtict
..: tin- jiin.v. mn ,n in riniiiii',,,.1.
I'he meeting; proved ji lingo huccoss
The following ofltcers ivoro olecteil
Pres   Mi    Mclntyro
Vice I'ii'ji    lli    I',...'.
3ec  trena   Mi. i'   Pinnls
Librarian   Mi    \   BrldKes
Teacher   Rev   Alexander  \mloreon
nil.) Kliisr MEKT1N0
Th. ins. „„',,„„■, „, the Baraca 4
Union ivill bo held in tho Impost *
.■luiifh ,,n Siiiuiny, ,i;,ii .list ut :i p X
in a tieartj ivolcomo in oxtended t,, ♦
all youuu unii ..I Cranbrook ovor 16  4
who have no regular   *******************************
pi uj.isluii t,, a(, ii,
HOOK    CO.,   LTD.
^ "phone     but all ()t  them are adapt
♦ ed 1 above ground worh Posstblj
2 the munufacturei does eoi appreciate
9 the *■'.■• it a   'i a telephone ueetled lu a
T '.nine     it      should be lust, n'.isuuiitdt
4 In & :.-•■■ ti< tion     M\ mo\ Ing porta as
♦ spring >, ■'. should be strong uiul
^ -■        ■   put together    Excepting the
♦ brass   -   . *    every       ■; il p-in  • tn»uld
Calgary  Cattle  Co.
Fresh   and  Stilted  Metits,
Fish and  Poultry in season.
On/en fo Mail will receive prompt attention.
Order  by  Phone, 45.
Services ni 11, 3, and 7.30.
Sunday Bchoot jiihI bible class
he afternoon.
Young men are
 .              . .                  _         . .            .    __  ,   _    __   .       _   X be I                galvanised, iii.-liiiiiue the     ,                                                                 tl
4 The UP-TO-DATE   DRUGGIS IS \ . •  » •$-■ eV( R subject „,„ be; ,.As;:
4                                                                                                                     T erv electi cat contact must bv solder-      ,,                                         ,               <i
♦                                                                                                                     ♦ .    ,,       cold waters m a tliu-stv sold, so   is ,.
. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^_4 tti.it   .11 in 1
j^^^^™^^-^^^™"™^^-^^^^™^^^—^^^-                        T •- be                  j.iiil the indue-                                                                |< i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* uade water and damp proof     >« welcome visitox's nnd those who <(
liully invited to ' '
We have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.     Inr Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc., il is delicious.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Htmrt Ottice,
Uultfiiry, Albertn
Muiu Office for Ensl. Kootenity,
Cninbrook, B. C.
it ions in necessary, because ,n must mines the 'phones on
r bt> mini end will be drenched with
water .t,! the time, or at least  be in
pei on tnently damp place It must
ne made so as tn be easily and
quickly taken down and put up in an
,ri'.a .•'<■ i osltti n as the tunni 1 oi
.tx 1111 processes, uf course a tele
phom not made as above specified
will work <-nly tor a limited time.I
have seen an ■'expert" try and try
again to make a min.- 'phone work,
with 'inly tlte result that it would
work a week or less and then cease
ti. respond. True, the mine superin
tmdant can order a telepliuuu or any
other piece of apparatus tn order,
hut lie is n,it likely tu do so, beeniise
lie is usually not capable, und ii lie
were, like most others, waits until
his attention is called to a certain
Improvement by nn article or advertisement in some publication.
I s,ieak from experience as well as
observation. Must people require
urging before making improvements,
s,, before we tan expect tbe mines to
hi. supplied with improved appliances some one must construct such articles in an especial manner, so they
will appeal to the mining man as be-
lug exactly suited to his purpose.
Next, these articles must be brought
tn his notice, and third, he must be
taught h iw to use these improvements.
There is no doubt that the number
uf mines using electric lights could
he trebled in a short time by following lhe pl'oPer course. Tbe mine
manager can usually be cnnvinced.ef-
tlciency being Considered, thut incandescent lights underground nre more
FURNISHED   ON APPLICATION    economical     limn candles, especially
where abundant free water power   is
All   kinds   of   building    material "^Tlt „„ oxnort i^t™,,,,.
Constantly   On   hand. lu required in attcnO tn a mnall iKo-
Ij.tvil .lntuinl iilnlit nt i> inilii'must
I...    ahnnilonod.    Tho  mino   Btiporin
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   tomtom       i„ii'iiii,n must Iw oducivtei!
♦ X   i" " x""'  "' holng ablo to   iun'
X   ft W 1       ■ "k ♦   lur    Hi''    small plant.   Mint' 0\*tmm
: Ham and Bacon i   ;:cfrirr,r:;
X   eloctrical machlnory, whi'n thoy     nro
9   convlncod     a saving nm hi' ofloctod
Our smoltuil inoul.s niv nlwnys   -li  slm'lt      «"     ♦   ,,„.,,.,,>.   Tho Btcnn, onKinooi' ,,r mill
nee  sum   nun   II   you   irj   Ilium  oi    V»u   will   ii-fron X i man can bo assigned the task   nl
,    ,i  ,   ..   i     , i    ,      , I ii.'..iiiui;,    nlllng    mul caring fnr tho
""ll   "»   "':"   lhpv   :M"   "'"   bB'sl    !l:' '"   ;'""    '""-' 1 „i    ote, 11 tho  'lUUlliliUt's
wholnsnine  smolfod ,muats ynn  huvo over i-nton * lltll„    ,,,  occupied with othor duties.
mm . *>. X hi     in.til    mines t lie Hiiperlntendont
"Q *9     ,,,11   i,ne   |,,l    Hie   elecl I Hal   inurilllleiy
*   i,.-.i,eii    one oi the chief lilndonuiccs
the Installation nt smnll elocti'lcaj
^       AMft — T» **.*■**.*■    **m*r*m p.   j- *m*m^m. ^-   ■—    -   '     —     *      |,,,, Mf       \ilt>    | ||    | ||i<    SUppoSI'll   tllOOSHl-
♦ .uftU,   _- 0n    onv  IC4 !   D    ol untfiiglnn   mi qioIuhIvo oloetrl-
t PH0NE  57 P'0'  B0X  l54 *   'i... ™ i,   lum,' ptantlor
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦    .■ i     In'lil  „r pnwor « ■ 0
..ii ..lil.' .'li'.ilii.mn
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ :;;;:;, , •"; :";;;;, Z'J^ZZ
ft   __    _   „— _ ^^ »^. .mm ■»—> t-v yv/~< ♦  .»l"n"t"i"'..ii ■!>'     by oloctliclly; c,
lint Ilil'     lum;     'I'Iiiin,'     nlil   UHlllllty
usl     Iii 1 mi' (iporatml nl.
i, I  iml  thoy roiilil I..' op
..I l.v ..   tUroat i.iiiui'i'ti'il iiinliii'.
.llllllll   lull'.,'   IIHCll   Inl   ullnl |n mni.
I'llnM. Ill I'.,i   HON H
I'bus, Specifications
nml Estimates
1 P. Woods & Co j
! PATMORE   BROS        ji-
Heating   and   Plumbing t |  |
are new to our eity to our services
Tuesday   Devotional service by the
Epworth League at S. t»
Friday Prayer service at 8. Chnir ▼
Ijuslncss meeting and practice at 8.45.
Next Sunday, February 7th, children's service at 11, Dr. Chown, the
jeneral secretary of the temperance
ind moral reform oi the Meth -dist
church of Canada will he here for tho
sth prox. Further i nnounccments
will he made on Sunday. A public
meeting will be held in the interests
of tlie temperance Wgrlt on Monday,
February tbe Hth, at K.
The usual     services will he laid at
11 and 7.SO o'clock,   The anthem in'
the evening by a complete choir is
"Softly now tin- Day of Light," by
H. V. Dank0.
In the evening a statement of the
church finances fur the year will be
made at tbe close of the sermon.
H.   W.   DKEW,    Proprietor.
On Baker Street, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place   in   town    thnt   can   make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
llm sorvicos    on Sabbath will    bu
Conducted ut the unutU hours. Morn-
ng ut 11:     Snbbn'h School 3 p. ni. ;  » ***********************.*****ft*.*..*****ft...
ovoning 7.30 p.  in.   Subject "A question thut bus never hern answered."
Anthem by the choir.
nuet by Miss Finniss and Mr. An-, i.
dersoll. , ,
The newly formed Bnrncn Inns *. '
meets In the church nt B p.m. This j,,
is u clnss tor young mon. If you nt-!''
tend no othor class ut that h„ur. j J \
coiniiiiid the llaracas will innko you < >
welcome. A speeial Invitation is ex-1 \ \
tended to nil strangers tn o,,me nnd
get ncqunintod.
Ropairing  and
Prasn'ne.'       Dyeing and  denning.
Succenor to L. Cohn
Cranbrook.'s Up-to-date Tailor,
AVE.                   ORANBROOK,   B.O.
runt   Aim
,,!' ,.,,i„l...'l   ii
I.inj.   r.~n|l-
f'rm'diini rrom
I....Mini".      il
I' '-' ■"!"
nlil.'I.     Hi
Illltll     'I   I -..I,
.■I     ...nl ..'     llllllll',    Mill,
, iiii iii iiu i-i" ..r ii...
  nr,,   in-iiill.'.I
I Ill" III
..I      IL 'I'I     ll      I'.'.rni.ill.'Ill-     I'MI.'lll
.■lll.'irl I.  .11,'111, irlilll.ll' -I'.'VJ.I.I ..I lhe i «u mm,'
.iln..I re fnr tlm I'lii'i'i'mul lii'iiltlifiiln-mBii
in mi v nl Imp iiinlii'liil '''imu >'. I, '.'unil iim id Ik	
■lull',   pli'k.,,   el.' ,   inn  uln ,  I por
nti..1 l.y .ill ».If,'Ilir liloviii 'I li,,ii|,|i
uu, li Intli nml bloivi'ls in,' ,.,i Ilii.
llunli,'!. Ilir intlVor ni'i'lns to In' uli'nlil
lhe minor will find II onl
Tlio mihJoelH ,,i oloctrlc liunil nil
hniillliil liii'ltuii at,, liiilli'Hii. Sulllri"
unv tlml uo Iin lhe cost of uui'li Illli'
,'lini'H in. nil thlnvM in nslilereil, pro-
J ♦   lllllil Ive at pli'Ni'UI. TllOro Is u sllollg
4444****************************************   iliiinuiiil anil ii Inrgo Held lor an clll-
Short Stories of the Day
Here Is the st„ry of David nml Oo,-
iiithas t„lil with npprolirinto gestures to 8,000 people by lllll Sunday the
evangelist, nl his revival meeting In
"And so lluvid's pn comes up to
Ilim ill the Held where he Was Work,
ilii: nml says: "Dave, hotter g„ up to
the li,,use, your inn's uinloiis uhiiut
the other hoys lighting In the army,
hasn't hearn from Ihem by 'phone or
iinythllli; all' she'd like you should g„
look Ihem up. So Duve ImpH on u
trolley uml hikes lo the fr,,»t uml
stays then with his brothers over
night   "
"In the morning old Onlluth comOH
out in front of the I'liilistlnes and
dares the Isreallles to light him.
'Who's that big st.lt! making ull thoi
talk out thorn'? asks Duve. i,,
"Why. Units the hind choose,     the jo
big llolse,' says IllH brothers.
"Why don't someone smili him „ne"
asks Have.
"We've all got Cold leet." says till'
"Y,,n fellows make me Unil," Biiyn, 4,
Duve, uml he plkeu ,,ul tn llie   brook
mid     si'lu four pebbles in liis slieph-
fill's   uui'li. iilnpn on,' "I ilollnth und
minks him in     11 n between    tlie
lumps (lollnlli goes to the mat,
tuken the COIinl nml Duve pokes llllll
ill the slats, chops ol! his ld„ck and
Hie whole   rliillstlne gang skliloonl."
John    LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.c.
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c. VV, VanW'OHMKR, I'ltoi'niii'i'on
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HOIiSKS, S'l'dVKS w mnl simoiiil liunil  I-'t'RNl-
TI'KK,   UliiK'KKWV   nml   W.I3ARING    APPAREL
WE SELL what wo huvo in slock ut pricos thai
will 8111'pi'lsti you, A visit, to tlio Dollar storo will oou-
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lil'i.v per cent mi nny gooilH pnrohnsed.
Wu Huy and Sell For Cash
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Long Live The King
London, Jan. 23—The eighth nnni-
vetsary of the accession of thu king
wbb celebrated throughout the united
kingdom yesterday with salutes, Hug
flying and bell ringing. The king und
queen, with other members nf tho
royal family, this morning attended
the annual memorial service in honor
of the Into Queen Victnriu, which
was held in the frogm-jit? Mausoleum,
|♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
History of Canadian Journalism j
Everyone who is interested in the
history of Canada will welc0me a new '
book, "A History of Canadian Jour-1
nuliHin," which has just betn issued,!
The volume, which furnishes in per
manent form the first comprehensive
history of the press in Cnnnda, covers u great Val of ground n0t dealt
with in any other extant publication.
The reader as he peruses its pages, is
constantly surprised to nnd in it hitherto unpublished sidelights cn tbe
carenrs of our public men, ns well as
full and lirst hand informntion regarding our gnut journalists and our
great newspapers. Altogether it is
one of the most valuable historical
works which has appeared in Canada,
Not only Is the mutter fresh and
interesting und important, but the
style throughout is quite equal to the
best. This will he better appreciated
when it is stated that the contributors Include Ooldwin Smith, Dr. A.
H. A. Colquhoun, deputy minister <-f
education for Ontario; John Kendo,
F.R.8.O., Montreal Gavotte; Arthur
Wollis, Toronto Mull and Kmpire; .!.
K. D. McCready, Chaflottetowii
Guardian; J. V. Robertson, Winnipeg,
Ilobert rtrllai, Huntingdon Cleaner ;
J, K. Mclnnes, Regina Standard ; J.
W. Dengough, Toronto, und R. R,
Oosnell, Viincouver.
Ono port lot nf tho book presents an
exceedingly interesting history of tbo
Canadian Tress Association, in honor
of whose soth birthday tbo ho,,k was
flrat projected, with other sections
devoted to thfl press in each of the
Tho bonh includes 268 pages with
over 40 hatf-tono portraits of prom In
wit Journalists. Typographically tha
book is very pleasing with Its jargo
type, heavy papor with rough edges
snd gilt top, and its handsome cloth
binding. Orders may be «ent in care
o' 'lohn R. Rone, Secretary Canadian
1'resH Association, Dally Star, Toronto. Tbe price is 12.00 a copy, post
uf 16 cents extra.
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p.   II.  Ml S'HAR.
BurislPr-  Solicitor, unil
Notary PuMic.
ft.   II.  TIH >MPSON.
Uarrislcr, Solictor, mul
Notary Public
llllicr      ll.'i.i    II lHtliHL'>.
The Fanner's Wife
Is very careful iiliout hoi churn, She
M-uld> U thoroughly after using, ui '1 gives
ii a sun hath to sweoieh it, She knows
lhat if her churn h sour It will lalut the
butter that Is made in It. The stomach is
:i churn. In tlm stomach aud digestive
and nutritive tracts are performed processes which am almost exactly like tlm
churning of hitter, is It not apparent
then that If this stomach chum Is foul tt
makes foul .Ul which is put Into ii ?
Tho evil of :i foul stomach Is not atone
the bad taste in the month and lhe foul
breath caused by it. but the corruption ol
the puro current of blo-xl nnd the dissemination of dlsea^1 throuchout the body.
Iir.  I' i rce' Mim  Miillcal  Discovery
makes the sour and foul stomach sweot,
It does: - '-'■•■■' Rtmti u-h whal tho washing
and sun bath do f«>r tho churn ataolufiely
removes every t-n ting or corrupt ng elo-
ment. In this ft -\ It ci n - blot' '■■■>.
pimples, eni] tioi     - * ■■ swi    ngs,
- ri -.  or   open   i'ul    ■   nin rs   and  .ill
■   rs it | .eas -.a: ■■• blood.
1 ■ .. iu liavu l'ii ■■ r, " i-i ■, toi ' taste in
your •'     tl    " ■■     i h    breath,
Idespoi ■' ■ idai lu*,
constiputi        i       in .. sour
■r ■ tt**r r lit i 'i n   n nd poor
. .■• ■ s-. th -   ■ '   mhiOer-
:i   ■ n in    r i ■   i; ire
liver ivlth . lull
:*;■-* 11 IL J ll..
jyOjfl  -inili.':i! tfi.
hSTAHI.IStll'.ti    If.il.
f\. B. 6race,
IM lll.lKIII'll    AM,    I'JIIITOR
M, \ I 1 ll.l". -V PARKER
ft. i. s. & C.K
Mining ISnjrineer and
R.C.  Land  Surveyor,
ORANBRi»>!<■ B C
I'.n   l.lii.l '-'-''■ i'li  223
| Dr. E. \V. Connolly ♦
ffij^ijji.  Ti
will be read ly pr ■ ■ n t. youi sattslaci   n
il vou wil! hul     .   .. ■  .■       ■ j •-.
to Iir. R. '. •„. Bulla ... S*. V.. ■ r ,
fret ■-■■■■ ...  tract* ■■
lli.' -ii' ■■'   •     9, giving
the nan ■ • ■   g
- .     .■   ..
■ ■     ■    ■■!,
■yi the &g   ...     ir.
I'M VSI, IAN   ANII  Sill,
iiiii i;
i. in     !! ,
arc the men who hove
put them to the hardest tests in the roughest weather
Get the original
Towers Fish Brand
made since 1836
HUS: ♦
. i i..in. ; i» k |, ui    ♦
♦   I 'hoill! llllll'll HI*'.     UlwIlll'IIIT li'"  ♦
x Cranbrook x
F. O. El.
M,.,.| uvi'l'J  I'Viiliiy j,i S |i.lll
Visiiiiijj    I:,- i -   Cnl'lllllll,\     Invlluil
I*,   w,   Kovob,   w. President
Win.    AmI,'is,,n.     Si'iii'l.iiiy
Wlo 1'hvnleliin, I'. "• Hot 2S.
il K'iuli\ Mountain Chapter s
I NO, 128,  it. a. m. ■
Wc ask ymi to call and try J
• mi' now Consignment of new ♦
nnil     I'i, to 'lnt''    rigs     lot' J
Winter   innl   Bmntiioi*.    -lusi ♦
roceivod 'r,ippir anil  Keliublo
1-Iornea    nl    y ■    disposal.
aivo   thom   n    trial n,nil be ♦
convinced. X
I'lniiii, 17.    I'.'riiiiliriiiilt.  H.C ♦
|    Livery
\       lluirilllir n„','lii„.'r:    2lll1 I'll
% ,1m    in   eni'll   llllilllil    III   eld
j* oVIock,
I       Siljiilll'llllli!   '' llllmi."   ■■
% I'lii'illnllv Invltoil.
Stimincll Irnllblc is hut a symptom nf, and Tint
Iii luoll ii truo disease, tf- think nf Dyspepsia.
Heartburn, un-1 Indigestion us r,'it! diseases, ,v,'t
ilii-y are symptoms only ol a certain specific
Nerve sleknc—imthlnir else.
li was tills fact Ihal flrsteorreetlyledDr.Sboop
In tie creation «f that now vers popular Stomach
-     .,„,.,.,.,,,.  «     Remedy-Dr. Slinop's Resioratlve.   Going direct
3   ' *"> l"11"". 5     to the slomach n»rves. alone hrmnlht that success
*,,,,, ■,     ,.     ;.    andfavortoDr. Shoop ami his Ilcstorntlve. With-
J        11   I.. 1,01 IIWHI.I.. M'l'llu' l'.,   m   out that original and highly vital principle, no
*6 3:   sii'li lasting accomplishments wen, ever to li.'tia'l.
3       Ilns 4      ,'immii;,,,,k. ii. ,'.       J      Por stomach dlitress. blnntlng.bHlousnejs,bad
^ m    lir,.j,,li j.jj.i sallow compli'Xlon, try Iir. Shoops
,V,,,,,,„„„,,,,,",,','",,i,i,,,i,,„,,,"l'!<    Rostoratlvc-Tabl ;■ or Lhiiild-andsee fnr ymir-
^■■rr,.r.  self what It rni nndwllldo,   \\e sell and dicer-
I11IJ7 i.-iijiii!!! I
Dr. Shoop's
Mci'Ij. in >'.irm,ii - II.,11  ..'ml  jiiul   li
Thins,!.,y ,,: each month ul - p m
\    Mcf'ownn, t'lilel   Itnngei
i     \    ibbntt   Secrctnrj
VI iltlnu Brethren mrnlc »'c i. me
Get  a  copy ot
|    W    kl   I I.F.IH'.K.
M M V      V S
(innl ii '     ' nmir •■    '    ■ ■ ■   ■
-  ...... Toi'iiiuii,   j   I-"-
lirurliiuli.Hinl M iii-' "I flcKllll-i* -■'■
,.,'liuin ' ■ i     ,'iti!„   III    In ll»'d
i;,..,i. ,',.,■,. I      llcil .1        U tiai. UB8UI.TH Tn I iii.m:y
 i ii    .\-,„'i:iin,n HOI.DBRI
Company" s
ri:.\Ni'.i:iMi|\. it v..
I K'l-.l)  \\. SWAIN
(Irani k, li   (,'.,       ',,:, Mnn    \vc
ii.nil Hi,.,.,
"1 'I
■Ioimii   rifjll< i-  unci hiNinri' Wnrh
CdhI nnd Slocl< IChlimiilrh
Puniisliod Upon Applicn
r.O. Box 834.
us.  .si.   ...II,
• • a
*llw   Toronto News Iftiulu  Mi    Uoi
iii ii as the iiiirvlt'iiiim; f, •■ ot eloct0i
ul c,,i nipi mu Mr Honli'n is certain
l.v lhe ureatost talkei iu Canmln
against electoral corrupti ,n, but tie
m       ' hi»oi s from the ptn
:;   '   inCOU     l\ ll ll    A lli''li    vm-   air
::.',,!      \*\ ; f   tllll!      '■
;. in il^i     bjeel .   I > In
■  !   'um   in  the .invi i- ol .•,,!!■
I     | tl    ■     ■
'   ■
•    >    •
thi      •■   ■ inline
t>    !, pari   ei
■   .   ■   .
i:.u.. a        mint   ■ -.;        ■ llUhin.
Mn, in-   ntiiiT   things  ' r.is-i
■ m.K ti.-t .siuii i s dram ■■ ■■ in ion to
i hi' -'ivi moita   "mi i •■ by   tin
' '■ •■:■:■.. :.:    QH    tllC
mpp ii .1 * -t erninenl
in «uth targe numbers     l'b a   [1  may
■  ■•     ■>'*.'.. \t- th, coi       -  in which
■'■nl s Hon held stock to the
tfSGtODQ   out        -:   previous
te genera ien   he
friend tier that     he
ible 1 ■   ■ ■;. bust
that    he   was not interested in
■ ■ r    Seldon Sews
foronl        mor to the vi
■ ■ tt Mr \\ If sw r.V wil] -■. »i I Ij
il m ':.- ..i ■*.-■ naient We ft'ould
■   -  ; pi -. -■ , \s- re :' '" prove coi'
'■' ■ cis .1 Hen ■■■ has noi yel been
n. igi d t    cli an     n 1 he grafters   in
We have Fust discovered thai a
ban note, when very dirty, cut a ins
"•I.OlU very hungry bacteria. For till*-
reason we w0uld thank our petrons
in wash their mi ney before unloading
it .ii our office We have plenty of
troubled just now, without having
nail;,.ns ol bacteria watching for a
chance to push us over the divide to
win re tlio angels are over singing.—
t'.re awood Ledge.
If ihe man in tllc .street were to
say that Europe is on the verge of
war, not much attention would In
paid to him ; but it makes ns sit up
ainl lake nutiee when we read the following special dispatch from London:
••Addressing parliament of labor nil
behalf of the new territorial army,
War Secretary Maldane .said thc condition of international affairs was
such thai only a spark was needed t(,
make a great trouble possible. Nations nowadays resembled aimed
camps rather than peoples contemplating peace. ■•Great Britain's best
senility fui' pence was preparedness
for war. In addition to tho possibility uf Invasion there was the more
probable contingency that if Britain
did iiui attend to the matter of niiti, nai defence a gust of panic, would
sweep over  the  markets."   Colonial.
The llritish torpedo-boat destroyer
Tai tar, using liquid fuel, and steaming under war conditions has attain-
nl a speed exceeding '.IH kn0ts an
hour. Greal Britain still sets the
pace .a naval matters to the rest of
the world.   Colonist.
The conservative convention which
met Friday last in Victoria wns excellent in point of numbers and of
the spirit which provaflcd. It was n,,t
an occasion for much speech.making,
but rather ,,ne for the routine business of the organisation. Sessions
will i>e resumed this morning and
there may be s0me interesting matte]'-, to report.
I'liKI'AIMNi-   Kn[{ THK  RAID.
The signs all point  to aiiotlier raid
i n iin   public tn-asury by  the Grand
Trunk hiclflc at tho approaching ses-
i i iin- Dominion house of parliament M Is highly significant in see
Hi- Toronto Globo, thc chief „rgnn of
tbe Lnurier govornmont, devoting a
column or two of Its editorial space
to ii laudation ,,t the national trans-
continental railway, whicli it designate . as "tho greatest, railway In
the world;" and it. is equally significant io hint tbe editorial carefully
Lelegraphod Ln Lho l-Veo Press and all
otbei organ , aa if the guff that tho
Globo Lull m would not keep lor an
extra day till il cotild roach tho oth
.-I organ by mail, Tho whnlo busi
im       macks nt rake
li ha . been profcly woll i'tidarHtnod
toi    m,uiili., ili.it  all  waa noi  i lh
lading with tlie G.T.r., Unit the Iin
-Hiclnl   waler:;  weie  troubled,  iitnl that
ihe company     would tie knocking at
the     il,,ui      of parliament lhe coining
:;■■:.;>l,,li    foi      "Im LtOC   lerillS*'    Ullll    fill'*
iiiiii  risalHlunce u,,m the government,
Willi    Uie    pieMllilplioll    In    view     tho
aignlflcanco ol Lhe OIoIjo'h cirtlctfld,
laudin ■ the scheme an tlio "greatest
railway on earth" will bo easily Com
Chew'stii Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
1 he lug black plug.
*-—»    a AS* I**
Stewart s |
rfte Leading Fruit Store 1 The   Palm
9       Havf YOU tried their
Clioli'U OK
i|.|i|.'. N   Kl'SSlST ♦       " n0'      ^hy n0''
j'li'li, ii leil      Thai    Ih    lhe wnj  tlip ie
Ih n   .  ,,,,•  June     \  ..imi'jiii ii nu, <ij.
ii. ommeiieetl j,»j,v In nil
ine, ..i      rnnl    Tho lucnl llboi ,i
.  , ■     ih]   be • M" 'i,''i '" loUmi  an i
n i        ii    'I'lu     |.,vi'l,' li ive I,,     !„■
,,.,, iv    in.l the "l'l  reRii
ethuil nlhu llu ,ni li theli
,       i     ■ wall be .uiln'1,',1
i  . .   iij,,i. 11,,,'Iji,i well  ui     ih,,
lui-i   uln   -iiiiil,! ili,.,  n,ii prove su,
, n '   I.,.Uii.n,li,,.  Mew*.
I'Hteri pntxhii iei   nf     the
forks 1    mid to bo thc 0, P   R
jillli,mull  iMfsiiUnt   Wjirli'li iloltbta  il
Thai i...ml. ii     uuialc hall nufllence
tlun ihr.'ii eggs jii i'iiiiii' Nation
probnbiy wanted to help hor hatch
troi ilo
Prom iin' ii.ii they ave throwing
t'lijcs .it Carrie Njiiinti in Lonilon they
must. ciiLshler her nn ,,l,l hen.
l:\IJ.WIX       WA.INKI!  | P,,"""141
|{OM \N   1112 MJ'l'Y
i llm ul.A'I'I'.s
Hugh Stewart
Edison Theatre
I'ntser iV Hutchison
sui.l'. I'llOPKIKTOIIS.
The best in Cranbrook
The Most  Up-to-date |t   thp
Rigs in Cranbrook       Litrje   picture   Parlor
that runs continuously
1   $5.00 CASH
Borden     is    nKiiin   tin* ununlnioiia
choice of tho party.   There has     yet
to be heard u breath ,,i suspici, n in   (r.  BELANGEE
c0nnection   wil li his character,     His
Btrength  his developed rapidly     and, --   o—
in apitc 0i  the rumors spread by the d> O AA     TV/T/'MVTrpTT
.erals   concerning   Ins   replacement   Teams   UllCl   drives  fur-  CpO.UU9>JXLLliN -1X1
Qood Discount For Cash
tho Conservatives have mado their
p\vn selection of nn honorable and
strong,  clever man.
nished for every point
in the  District
Wm   Sloan, M.P., for Comox-Atlin,
has resigned, and a writ fnr a by-el- j —«—
ecti0n   ins been issued. Mr. sionn Hay and Oats for Sale
has given up his seat in the house in	
order to enable tho Hon.  Wm, Templeman to obtain a seat in the com-  Phone 00.    Call us at any time
niniis.   Mr,    Sloan Was twice elected | ,.0]|  -10e(j ;i   ,.;,,-
by ticclnmatii n, but  Mr. Templeman
Will have a liardur Rgllt in Comox-
Atlin than he had in Victoria where
In- was defeated in the recent election. Money, nor the resignation of
Mr. Sloan will not give the scat to
Mr. Templeman.
An associated press report of the
proceedings in the federal parliament
(n Monday, received here that night
stated incidentally that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier was a particularly attentive
listener to the speeches made by the
cnnservative members from 1 tri tish
Columbia. The solid five have commenced the Session well and have lots
nf educational Work) still ahead of
them. Before prorogation takes
place the real situation in the far
west nn many important matters will
have heen told the premier and the
rest of tho house very plainly. Later
nti, tho reason for the late political
turn over in Kootenny and Yale-Cariboo to say nothing nf the coast constituencies, will lie satisfactorily explained at Ottawa.
Next Governor General
It is stated oil good authority that
L0rd Nni'thcute will succeed Karl
Grey as governor general of Canada.
Lord Nortlicoto passed through
Canada recently on his way home to
Englnnd, alter completing a live yenr
term as governor general of Australia. Me was bol'il NnV. IS. 1S4C», being
Ihe si-eund s(ln of the < -itl 0I hides
leigh, at one time leader nf the house
nf common*;. After graduating from
Oxford lie entered the civil service in
1868 and has since held public posi
tions as follows: Private secretary t0
lord Salisbury at the Turkish embassy. 1870 7; private secretary to tho
chancellor of tho exchequer, 1877-5.0. i
limtiuial secretary to the war office,
1885 ll ; surveyor general of ordnance
1886-7; charity commissioner, 1891-2 ;
member of parliament in the conservative Interests for Uxoter, 1880-99 ;
governor of Bombay, 1889-1908; governor general of Australia, l!)0:i-H. He
was created a baronet with the title
of Sir Henry Stafford Noitheote in
1SK7 and was raised to the peerage in
191)0. Ills decorations arc 0. It., (i.
(', ]. K., Q. C. M. (J. lie married in
1873, Alice, daughter of lord Mount
At the House
05. ^. giamiesmt
liny   or   Muill Talis
;,i nrriPLi
i'lniiii.        Nn. -iin
SILENT Qnicis^noitttats.^^^
Armstrong Avenue.
Phono Iiiii. Cnmbrook. B.C.
We Deul in Everything From
;i Needle to ;i Locomotive
Joseph n. Mclean   Trading Co.
All Uimls nl' Second liunil Goods
l-'iii'tiilm-o n SPECIALTY
Sngo's Old   Sliinil, lliiiisnii Ave
Vlatnrlii,   .Tun. 27   Tlio ilnbii'n     on
ili<>     niliii'UHH In reply l.lt tlio upoccl)
ll'oltt    Mil'   tlll'OIIO   WIIH   lllllil illltl'll     l.lliH
uili,in,,mi liy  A. !■:   I'liillipjj.  Inlands,
nnil VI.  ||    lliuw, I'Vrnii', Inr iho |-,,v
"' '"■     "     r" »iwm.or, Alhcrnl. linnaai   laqulpmcrit.   Btnmliit-'l   KIihI.
„n! John  Jiirillno, 1Ch<|iiImiill  Pol'tin       cilftHH Ulocplnjc nnil Tolii'lnt Ciir«
i,|i|i,,:.iii,,ii  mnl .lului McIiiiik, Uu.i.il mi nil Tlii-oiiitli Ti'nlim.
Low Round Trip Rates to
Tickets  mi kiiIii lira. I to Dec. 31,
nulusivo, r I to return within three
ni.nl lis.
Tickets Issued in connoctloti. Atliin-
tlc Rtoiiiitslil|i business will he on
Mile fnmi N'ov. iii, uml llinltod Irom
flvo nu ml Iih In uu (lulu ol Issue.
TlllinlMill  nXITIKWR 'I'llAINS
l'*i,rli«, Ior the snelnllsls. *intnln-|   ol
liiiimii un i' I in tiip' i'-'l
Mr.  Mrl'llilllps uul'luly dull llili'il llm
Uovoinment's luml |iollcy in rol nco        'I'lIK "TOHONTO BXI'IIUHS1
l.n liiicliliiy uinl Ncclinco vnlloy8 llltl-j l.cnvcs Winnlimi: dully ut 22.111 nink-
  ,,      iiuit lho iimi' wns ii,,i   vit     inr. connections nl  Toronto Ior nil
rlpo for the Introduction ol settlors,     l"'1"1" """' l""1 wl"lt H"W'
wbu should     wult until Ibe rminl '}'   Apuiy to nearest O, I'. R, Agent (or
I'hone 183.
We nro still handling
Agents for the Famous
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To HiiERy Wheels
Repairing n Specially.
Phone DO     <   '   •      p, 0.  Uox 213.
Kor   Sule nr Kent, nt. KcftHonabte
OfliceAc Workshop—Lewis St.
Phone No. 'JS. THK   PROSPECTOR,   CHANBROOK,   II.   C,   JANUARY   Ho.    IJ10U.
Preparatory to Stocktaking.
gbut moususBon ULE
We are going to make a supreme effort to beat all former Sales Records. Wc have determined to do sn in order In make this
month's sales surpass any former sales and to reduce all lines to the lowest possible point by February ist, nt which lime we
take stock. Do not be alarmed nbout not having any snow or cold weather and let this Grand Opportunity of securing the
very     best     merchandise     at     Wholesale     Prices      pass      vou,       because      it       will       not       occur       again       soon.
Read     the     following     Prices     and     consider     the     great     chance     of     saving
Carss' Famous Mackinaw
Regular $7.5(1 Onus for  $6.00
,         (I.oo    ,  4.75
5.50      4.25
5.00       4 00
4.50 Pants     3.50
8.50     „       ,,      2.75
Carss' Hand Made Socks
and Mitts
Larss. Hand Made $1.50 Socks at.  .$1.20
,. ., 1.25     ,, ...  1.00
,, 50c Mitts at ...    .40
..    Heavy   Wool        IdcSooUs at...    .30
...    .20
Blankets, Quilts, Pillows
Grey Blank-its regular $3.50. for....,1
4.00,  ,,  ....
While      ,, ,,        8.50	
Hudson Hay Blankets,   7.00	
Cotton ,, 2.00	
Quills,  Regular $2,00,  for  i
11.50,  for 	
1,00,   for	
Pillows, Regulnr $2.25, for  i
NOW is  the  time to consider carefully your clothing  wants.      OIKS is the
kind of   clothing  that   is   guaranteed   in   every respect, good 365 days in llie
year, and worth  100   cents   on   the   dollar, but   to reduce the stock we make
the lollowinli Exceptionally Low Prices:
for .
. $ 7.50
.    10,75
.    18.50
.    10,50
.    IS. 75
.    22.50
lli. 00
for .
. $ 11.00
..    12,00
.      18.00
.    21.00
We are not overstocked in suitings, but we wish to keep our tailors going
during the quiet times, and to assist in doing this we will allow, from out-
regular prices, a Discount of $5.00 on overy order placed during this sale.
Our prices range from $33.00 to $40.00 a Suit.        We guarantee  satisfaction.
All   Smoking  Jackets,   Dressing   Gowns,   Fancy
Vests, Sweaters,  Lined Gloves, and Mits
at 20 per cent. Discount.
Trunks,  Grips, and Suit Cases
Regular   $10.00 TRUNKS   for  $ 7.50
11.00 ,,          ,,       8.25
11.75 ,,          ,.        8.75
113.50 „          „       12.25
18.00 ,,          „      13.50
20.00 ,,          ,.      15,00
Regular     S3.50 Case   for            $2'80
4.00 .,       ,,                 3.20
5.00 ,.       ,.                  3.00
11.50 ,,       ,,                  5.20
14.59 ,,      ,,              11.00
23.011 .,       ..                18.40
Decorated Toilet Sets
I 10-pieco Sel reg. price $9.50, for $7,50
1       ,,              9.00   .,     7.00
Tlifse are mil old stock,  but nil   New
and   Desirable Patterns.
2 only Rog, price $8.00, ..
2 ,. ' ,, 2.00. ,.
I ., ,.1 72. „
1 ., ., 1.50, ..
I ., ,. 1,85,' ,.
I ,, ,. 1.25, „
I ,, ,, 1.00, ,,
vvwvwvvvwiVAV»vvvy ^^^^^^^^^^«t*w^^**^^*^^^^v
0urGood5 are
Lumberman's Stub-proof Rubbers
Leather Tops. Rog. $8 75 for $u.0i
Rubber   Tops.    ..        l.iiii
Thrco-Buckle Overshoes, $3.
Ono Buckle
1 iin
Kelt Shoes, regulnr si',:
Viol, Flannel-lined, rog.
5, for si ",
$2.50 for ... sii nn
Sheepskin  Moccasins, $1.75 fnr        $| 25
Moose     Mocoiisiiis.        2.50  .. 1.75
Regular    $ 1.50 bag  for ,.- $ 8.(10
4.75         :;-n
8.00   ..
         I'., in
s 7*i
7 nn
.,                0.50   ..
15.00    ..
20.00   ..
     Ill on
Fur and Wool-Lined Caps
Regular $0.75 lines
for               50
1.00     ..
1.55     ..
1-50      ..
S J  1 1. 1
Dinner Ware
1  only,   Dinner Spl   ! 11   pi' pes :   regular
prlc'O   $10,011   Inr   Ms Illi
I  only,   Lolnsges  Dinner Sel   '.'7  pieces
regular prim $10.00 for SJ-..011
I 1.nly.   Dinner Sols '.'7  pieces:    rogulnr
price $12 00  fur s- 7.",
We thank our many friends and   customers   for the very liberal   patronage
they have accorded us in the past   and trust that our efforts will merit
the same hearty support in the future.
>+*l+mn/4AV4mS*mt***+++**tmm*St*tfW Page I*.
Till'.   I'KiiM'Ki'Ti'l,'.   CHANBROOK,    li.
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Train Load
or a Bag
the quality of ANCHOR BRAND FLOUR
dons imt vary.
Whether ymir purchase be l-'nt or little it
will l.rin^ that satUiled feeling of having
bought well, 9
i,,iu 'i'lu'  Timet
uli'.v litis Ins lui;
Villi,   ilill lnt;   Iiii
Lindsey Course in Agriculture
sti-jim pile
inline: Inl
, »    Illllli;
mi   Special Concop,
i,l.nl. i
,1 Crnn
Mantel,   by    Leitch  Brothers    Plour Mills. Oak Lake, M.m.     |
MOT'-      -'
Up . ,3*^ ■
Painter and
We place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Because ii hns  the  purest   white   lead  for  its base ami  when
mixed  wiili   perfectly  ground   colors  in  nil   produces a   paint,
which, when  applied   by OUU   PAINTERS who  know   how  to
npply  ii,   ur arc   prepared   to  guarantee.
nn:   iioMi:   paper
(liven yuu llie rrjiiliim inntter   in
which   vn   luivo tin' greatest  in
ti lest   ilir   Ii iows.   Its overy
issue will prove ;i welcome visitor
to every  her ol tho lumlly. ll
shiiiilil   hi'iiil      .ymir    list, nl nows-
lui|n'i     jiiiiI    pei'ioilicul   Biibserlp-
Staple   and   Fancy   Groceries.
IMH i\K 51
'HONK 5ii X
The place to buy your Xmas Goods. New Raiscns,
Currants, and Peels. Choice Table Figs and fresh
Nuts. A swell line of Fancy Confectionery,
rife Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection'
Ncnri'St lo I'iiili'onil di'pol.     I las ni'i-iiiii!
dulions    fur   Hm'    public    i pmlled
i Iranbrook.
Hot and Cohl Baths Proprietors |
Miss     Hiwel     Hiluit
brook datunl iy last
.Constable \dnoj was .1 Cranbrook
visit,,r uii Priday,
Mr iti-1 Mra It T tlrym pi ol
fr,,iiiii.,,,k spent  Sunday  lo Wnrdnei
the  :' ".''sts   1,1   \h     ;iii,j   Mi 9    !'    1.uml,
Mi H..11..uok ..I kl,,. haa been
ipending ;, 1. w .hi> ^ I:,'!,- \ letting
Uisa McKee
\     \  II     •■  I       ■   -      : Rl
nttond thc
\ ■ ■.      I1    '"'    i,    It'll    :.,.(     -   ,
r ■ . ,.,, ., ■ .   .,,       -j
ll. 11
1 d     ■     was    held in thi   I      . )
Tho school hoard held a meeting ,.n
Tuefldfty lisi uud took uctlvo siei>--
i.i im.,vi»i-- oducational facilities 1.0
Un' young They hnve secured torn
i>,,i;ii> quarters In the old Home
bunk building nnd nro having it made
habitable They tie looking up tho
decennary school marma by wire
■ ii, .in  DI itrici  Lcdgoi '
Two vaga, ( harloa Marquett and
On lob K Vanartidnle, ffOl'o ;irre:,teil
by constable Dttlgor (--st vvceki nml
were tonl up toi BU diiyn in Lhe Nel
uou mil b)   K   .1   r,.lr, .1. V,
.boon 11
Mil',   H|'
iii tu
i.u   'I
■ 1 ,\
"ll',I.!  ,
■ lllll       Hill
Win iti-i.ii.; ,ii Cranbrook wns
on Krlduj
' Hunt, tho popular i\ nduotor
local, wan in
boya ii.
liced 1.1 in
hu pnst h
. kcepilii-
nd gontly
1 their mn
1. iun im'
\ Tin- iji
VO   .'llllilllil
undosirablos have
'0 un iiiii ol town
weeks, uud Mr.
look out tor Hurh
Imt. thinly Insist
; n.
.'ii   Huns
■iit'iris 1,,in ueyed to
iptured Hi" dletricl
snail]  defeated   .i..hu
.,,11 ol Pennsylvania luBt Momluy
htt" '■' '  ''' ,lA '   "■ ]      "■    '■   '    ':'  iceman   putting, hla man down
(Table I .
\   .   ■   ■   1   a-ill   bi   uivei   nexi   Mon
m    11 the     iiiii' undei     thi
■ ■■■■■       Mi   John Sun!),
ever) .,.:..        ward t0 a
treat fi .:  1 xcelh nt  iv" el
Ml       U   ■■
>   Miss   Luej   L'armieb
ti   Bull  Rivi:  Ial a   on
<i - iptnd'mj  the daj there with
1 repori        1     1
■ s   ■      n:     u   - formerly-
., n*y- is returned
W ..   .-.' .    and 1 >.'■•   ■ -   '     it'iii.iin
■...   -1as< ::
repi      '.''..  ■;." Canadian
jC   , who have recently op-
in       iffice  at  I lalgary waa
■   ■   .'. ■    :■ '.\ ■ dnesday b isilj  booking
thi  ninth round
What nboul     our hocki v
I'., ion '   l ither towns along the line
, .  tu 1 'ii' r,.inir nnd win  not Pernio?
otue ■:..<•■■■ material still remains     II
.' organise   u once
We havi betn uali .1 to denj tho ro-
mt which has been widely circulated
tiat the    surplus ol the telle! money
as going to be used lor tho purpose
x mayor
ng lor the lovers
en's  hotel  liofkey
I Lho world, bpo-
lylng lhe lioy.ii luitol eiowil in par-
liulli ngo      hns     been
nccoptod nmi tho contoal
it al     iln- iii'*- opon    nlr
1 lew daya    Look uul foi
I he  Soil
eiTlr0m pi
: erect
1  monument to 1
un   The Lender.)
frozen wuter pipes
is proving very suc-
Thawing     tho
with electricity
cesslul in Muyie.
a, it Maodonnld, ,.f the law firm 0f
Harvey, McCarter -ft Macd0nnld, of
(1f Oranbrook, wus in town Wednesduy
bust- 1n prolessional business.
,1 0fi. It is sniil the Port,, Rico Lumber
n few Co., ut Moyie have six million feet
nf logs cut and on skids, ready to be
Mr. Lund ielt l0r Nelson on Thurs- brought down to the mill in the
■v to attend a meeting ,,r the spring and cut into lumber. Th« com-
Manufacturers As- psny is looking f0rward to n big sen-
S'ant :
S'anti :
ness '
.- Wa
Mountain   Lumbe
sociatlon at that point,
Mr, Lund left , n Tuesday l0r Lund*     Fred Vellenoweth, while working in
brek to attend the annual meeting of Uho     sorting     department of thc St.
thc c"al compafty there, returning on*] Eugene
Wednesday's local.
the Crow 1
concentrator    lust Tuesday,
tgot his arm caught in some o|     the
machinery and  was  injured quite se-
which has been  verely.   The accident happened at one
number of days re-: o'clock and the    mun was taken    to
on Monday mortilng | Ornnbr0ok tn the hospital on tbe afternoon train,
The     plaiMU     mill
Nest I'ass Lumtor Co
closed down lor •
ncwed operations
A number ol enterprising young
pe0ple of Wardner have clubbed tu-
getlier and flooded a Bpace on th.-
flat near the company's buildings lor
a skating rink, 'lhis is lighted at
night by gns0lins lamps, and will
prove a great attraction us long as
the skating season lasts,
A number of men and teams are-11 I buildings arc going up bally-
gaged on thp river here putting    up  f|]1. a bUBineBS trip tc victoria,
next summer's     supply of ice,     ftnd |    Bui]dinga a,.e goJng up in Orestcn.
Whut an investment it wnuld be toe
turo bncterln prefer    tor
lopmeut.   Disense-Haeteria
degreca fahronhoit (blood
.iilimuy  bacteria  ate  the
most active at  a tempo
degrees    Fahrenheit.   Th
son that  we need cold storage, especially     in     summer, for if we cannot
get refrigeration wo must be extremely  careful  to  keep  our  products     as
sh0rt a time as possible
thom ngnlnst infection fr
Adequate and proper food supply :
In growing bacteria wo must give
much attention t0 their fond, tor all
our precautions would be useless     if
the food     was not lit for them. Beef
broth will satisfy the greater number
of bacterial species, although in some
cases    the    addition of other ingredients is necessary.   It sometimes happens that  we cannot find the proper
toed     for     a bacterial species; it is
then often     successful to give     them
an extract     of the products in which
they lived in niture.   Any food however, which does not contain the elements hydrogen, oxygen und nitrogen
is unfit for bacterial growth.
Thc reaction of the food we give
them also deserves 0ur attention.
The same fnod made acid or alkaline,
will show a remarkable difference in
the bacterial species in preference to
others. This is quite evident in the
making  of  vinegar.   Put some
I Strive to know why, for this
teaches bow and when." This pre-
cept is particularly truo ot funning,
ami 111 this course the yoiini; tunii may
learn tho "why"' ol ninny of our farm
operations; be amy gnln a good
knowledge ,,( the scientific principles
whicli are the key to the most auc-
ceHBful fiiiin practice, The course
will include practically every branch
ol agrloulturo, but speeiui attention
will be given the branches of tunning
followed in Victoria county. Under
Animal Husbandry will be tuken up
the History of tbe various classes
iiiiil bleeds of live stork bleeding and
llie [coding and general management
ol farm animals. Also iu connection
with live stock is given a course of
veterinary sen-nee, taking up the
blemishes and diseases of stock, with
methods -,r treatment. Kiehl husbandly includes thc reasons for rotation
of crops, various methods of cultivation, the use ol manures and fertilis-
era, the drainage, nnd the improvement ot seed by selection. Under
Datrying the students are taught
how to build up u good dairy herd
aud how to keep a rc-cord Q' each
cow by using a tester and scales.
Bach one is expected to bring samp-
los of milk from hoine and to teat
lure of su them for himself, using the Hancock
Is the rea- tester ut the Collegiate Institute.
Agricultural botany is tne of the
most interesting subjects. Pressed
specimens of the worst fnrm weeds
are placed before the students, t0-
aiul protect gethcr with weed seeds commonly
in dust, etc. found in grain and grass seeds. The
students rapidly learn to recognise
both weeds and seeds, nnd their interest is readily secured in methods of
weed eradication. Some time Is de-
Voted to horticulture, the planting,
pruning, grafting and spraying of orchards, and the growing of small
fruits and vegetables. Bookkeeping
and farm management include the
study of all the common business
forms, the keeping of farm records,
the construction and care of fences
and buildings, nnd general improvement of farm property, together with
tbe management of labor and planning of farm operations.
Farm help will probably be more
plentiful this winter than has been
the ease for several years, and many
young men can by an earnest effort
arrange to take this course. High
school standing is not required, and
there are no fees and no entrance examination. The course is planned
fruit specially for farmers' sons who have
(From The   Review.)
Creston has now a board of trade.
Creston is     still booming and new
been nt h0me for some years on the
farm. This course will greatly increase both the pleasure nnd profits
of farming. It will supply much Valuable informntion and training, and
will   put   the   f0rees    in touch with
of  lifelong benefit.
of ice, and
there is no danger of an ice cream
famine in Waidn.r, from present indications.
The logs purchased from tbe Harrison ranch are being hauled t{, the
mill side of the river.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
(From 'lhe Reporter.)
Trades  Committee  meets
Feb. 2.
F, !•:. Hains, an old time typo, now
of Corbin was a visitor at this ollice
1,11 Thursday.
Tbe Methodist gymnasium opens on
Thursday night. -I. McDonald has re-
ceived the position of instructor.
Maud   Vou    mako a  great mistake
when you     imagine that the Scotchmen nre to celebrate P. Rums' birth
.lay on the 25th.    Did you never hear  A report will appear next issue. Del-
ol Bobbie Burns. pgatos to the     Associated Hoard     id
"The earnings of the Canadian Pa- Trado to be held at Trail, B. C,   „n
,111,   railway fur the second week     in, the 17th inst., were tbe president K.
.    „ „ ,Jn ,inft   „,    Mallandaine,     R.     Rovaii and 0. P.
January Increased over 140,000   me.   Rifl)    ReBO|Ut|0ns woro adopted te be
the same week last year."   dust
a man with ;i'utiey to erect dwellings
for rent.
Railway accidents have been numerous the past week ()r so. Owing to
the C.P.R. controlling the wires the
public gets very little Information
on tragedies of that kind.
A meeting of the Kast Kootenuy
Farmers' Institute will be held in the
schuolhouse on Saturday, Junuary
30th, at H p.m. to arrange for procuring stumpind powder at reduced
rules. All farmers who will require
Powder tliis spring for the purpose of
clearing land can secure it by attending the meeting and becoming a member of tbe Institute.
Lust night iho hoard of trade held
a meeting in the Mercantile Co.'s
store,     tbat was a very stormy one.
And tbe freight for New Michel was
responsible for most of it, and yot
we bear nothing of that promised siding und station.
Building contracts for the erection
ol several bouses, stores, Aie, nre be-
in; Conafdorod( and it is understood
that operations on the same will bo
begun in a woek or so. We aro n-)t
ul liberty to give names at present,
tint hum mie prominent, contractor
lbat Mlchol will be busy
n a short time.
■  loni
presontcd to the hoard.
(From The Star.)
Tlie Windermere townsite company
have bBen approached as to a site ior
a large summer hotel on Windermere
lake. This is a straw which shows
whieh way the wind blows.
Three     thieves     were arrested last
Friday  morning  for stealing article*
from     the   Columbiu hotel Thursday
night.     They     were     tried Saturday
l; Kit NIL. morning     before   magistrate Griffith,
the     two     wl'o BnVe their names as
'Kl    ',""  |,,|,,,!  I'uhs.i 'Mullally and Neloii were sentenced to
'lli.- iii.inea    will'bold thoir annual   *****     months    bard labMr, while Mar
l,.,11 ,,„ |,'(.|,   |.| shall was let off,
.1 I1' Armstrong, govornmont ngunt Thfl curiam are down to hard practice and expect to bold their own
been installed m the ngalBBt tho visiting rin'ts during tho
bonsplOl, At a meeting of the curlers
aitiut on Vii'ior n hold lust week, the Following commit
tho night hideous t^1 wore ch0son: Dr. Taylor and Davo
Howes Prize Committee; Ohtlfl, A.
Warren and .Lis. Henderson, Ice coin
\n abundant accumulation of Hnow m'ttoo; M. N. Russell and Sain King,
on lhe roof, followed by Sunday's Kntortalnmont committer. They will
rain, rein0ved a building which might not leave nnythlng undone In making
eV'intually hale been sold to lumir- this year's 'spiel the best, that waa
un.-e companies. <«ver held in Uolden.
juice in a jar and add yeast to produce alcohol, nnd immediately scores
of bacteria begin to grow, among
them the vincnar bacteria. These
produce their acid, and this acidity
makes tbe juice less and less fit   for
the growth of other bacteria,     with  sources of information which will
the result that the vinegar, when    it
is ready, Contains    only vinegar bacteria.
Our third condition was moisture,
and undoubtedly this is n very important one frum a practical standpoint. The farmer who has to store
his crops and hay knows moisture to
be his worst enemy. Without moisture the bacteria are unable to grow,
und this fact is the foundation of a
great many prnctieal processes. To
preserve grass it is made, into hay,
and as hay it keeps f0r an unlimited
time. The farmer who is unlucky enough to he obliged to store damp
huy sprinkles it with salt, for salt
takes up moisture, anil the bacteria
arc checked in their growth, drain
is dried carefully, otherwise It may
niould in a few days.
Anybody who wishes to try an experiment himself may take two pieces
of bread and soak one of them in
water. In a few days the wet piece
is covered with mould, while the dry
piece is unchanged, though the chance
of infection for both was the same.
Mf«t is dried for preserving purposes and the same principle holds true
for moat extracts, condensed milk,
evaporated fruits und vegetables,
milk Powder, dried tlsh, etc. Thus
many food products are preserved in
definitely by the simple menus of depriving them of their nioisturo.
We have already mentioned thc Influence of oxygen in our tlrst article.
There arc bacteria which need a
great amount ol oxygen for their sustenance', the aerobic ones whilst others thrive the better the
Laurier for Quebec
Ottawa. Jan. 28- It is learned that
the conservatives will drop proceedings in tbe protested election of Sie
Wilfrid Laurier for Ottawa. This will
meao a by-election in Ottawa, probably during the present session as
the premier will sit for Quebec east.
Francis Edward
Itiinilniiisirr Cran brook i'ily Hand
K mix 1 'ri'Hliy terlftll
r.iniiliiiiisii.r Ilin Matiisty'a Itoyrl
W. PllBlllOI'8
Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
I'liiui'iil. ngunt
in Um i-l l.y t.
A   '|lll
KIM'   Hull
Tli" ni'Tj,	
jivi'iiiii1  wh,,  nuiii
liv In:; lilnlnnl  hnwlllm uh,llllll Im iiu|i
thoy get, tlm H0-<-iiU<-rt anaerobic k|»-
i'Iph. BfiHidiiH thiiKu two main ki-iiiipk,
thorn are hoiih' Bpoclee which preler
nitrogen, ititn, ote;., hut an thoy are
nnt nf dally concorn wo wilt only
mention iho lact. All tho conditions
horo montlonod must bo proHont. bo-
loro liiiotoriul development enn remit.
Deprive tho mlci'oboa nl uny uf Ihom,
und nil growth ceasoB, uk wo have
pointed nut In Ihu examples given.
Thus, wo nro able to soloct thoso
mi'iiHiiren fnr cliocttlttg hactoi'lnt
growth wliloh dn nnt Impair nf diim-
ngo llio product wo wleh to prcnorvo,
.1. Vnnilol'lock.
l'I(>Nl*l*lt PAPER (IK  HAHT
nml     Standard     Instruments,
Orchestra   Furnished
Phone 1)J. CKANHKOOK, B.C.
Live llnoky     Mountain   Goata are
/anted for Zoological purposea. Per-
nitH to catch nnd   eiport these anl-
loss nxyiicn ,„als will I* iuaucd by the Provincial
nutlinrltloH.     addreuB:-
Washington, P.O.
W. Cline
oi ihr «lii Manitoba Harbor
sht.-inoi nmv in- found in ihu
l''ii'Hi I.Iiihh Work
nil   linini'lit's uf ibi
,]; Tonsorial
< i
< i
< i
< >
• •
. <
Electoral District   of Cranbiook.
NOTICE is hereby given thut Sit
uugs of the uln,vo Court will be held
at the  Government   UuibiinK, ci-un
bluok, (or tho disposal of cases
every Wednesduy, ut two o'clock p.
in.; ut Moyio every Saturday at the
Steele und Wardner on sucb days
and dates as muy be appointed in
the proceedings,
sutne  hour;   uml at  Marysville, Fort
All debts and demunds uot exceeding tbe sun, of Iluu cun be sued for
uud recovered iu tbe abuve mon
Honed Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee 'either before
or ufter Judgement) or on Instalment order which cun be enlorced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions lur proceedings run be
handed in   In   tbe     undermentioned
Clerks ot thc Court., via:—
K.  It. Morris, Deputy Sherifl,   Cran
P. ti. Routh,   Provincial    Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph Walsh, Provincial Constable,
Fort Steele.
Joseph Ryan
Duted 22nd day of June, IHOH.
Take notice thut I, Andrew B.
Grace, ol Cranbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works for permission to purchase tbe
following described lands in East
Kootenny: Commencing at a post
planted at the south cast corner of
block 425, thence west 8(1 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thence north 811 eliuins to
place of beginning, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26, 1908.
Tho time for the commencement of
he publlcntion in the B. C. (iuzette
ot tho above notice has been extended
to tho 4th day ot December, 1908.
Assistant   Commissioner   of Lunds
nd Works.
District ol East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Clement H.
Pollen of Cranbrook, occupation
agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at thc S. W. corner J. Means
Pre-emption, east 30 chains to tbe
boundary of lot 6033, thence 30
chains south to the boundnry of lot
2048, thence 30 chains west, thence 30
chains north to the point of
commencement, containing 100 acres
more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908. 45
District of East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE thut I, Francis H.
Pollen of London, Eng., occupation a
free miner, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the N. E. corner post of
lot 342, 40 chains north following the
boundary of lot 116 and 338, thence
40 chains west, thence 40 chains
■outh, thence 40 chains east, to the
point of commencement, containing
100 acres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908. 45
District of East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Jos. Ryan
of Cranbrook, occupntlon jourr, ilist,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
landa: Commencing at a post
planted at the S. W. corner ol let
2048, south 30 chains to lot 6033,
thence east 30 chains, thence north
30 chains, thence west 30 chains,
to the point of commencement, containing 100 acres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908. 45
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that Hugh Stewart of
Oranbrook, occupation merchant, in
tends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands :
Commencing at a post planted on
the Kootenny river approximately on
the south boundary of lot 116, 211
chains west to the boundary of lot
24], thence 40 chains south following
the east boundary of lot .142 to thc
Kootenay River, thence 40 ehnlns foi
lowing the Kootenay river to tho
point of commencement, containing
SO acres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908. 45
Nul ice is horoby given tbat nn the
J2tb day of December, 11,118, it was
ordered by T. B. Wilson, Esq., Judge
nf Ibe tutility Court tit East Koettn-
ny, thnt Juntos Ferguson Armstrong,
i.tmotai Administrator lor that portion of the County nf Kootenay in-
i-lmlod in the olortnral districts ol
Cranbrnnk and Forme, lie Adminis-
tnytnr oi all and singular the estate
ol William Stanley MctOwan deceased
Every person indebted to tbe said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith tn tlte undersigned.
Every person liuving ottecls belonging to the deceased Is required forth*
with to notify tbe undersigned.
F.very creditor or other person hav*
ing auy claim tipntt or interest in tbe
distribution nf the estate of tho said
deceased is required tn send before
the 21st dny ol Docomber, 1909, nelt,
by registered mail ndilressed to the
undersigned, his mime and address
anil the full particulars nf bis claim
or interest, und u statement of his
account und thc nnttire nf the security uf any, held by him.
After tbe said lust mentioned date
Use Administrator will proceed with
the distribution ol the estate having
regard tu those claims only ol which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Crunbrook this 16th day
uf December, 1908.
51 Official Admlniatratar.
District of East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas J.
Agar, ul Simcoe, Ontario, occupation
solicitor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
land, being four islunds in the Kootenay river lying opposite lot 116,
group 1, described us follows: Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of the northerly island in
tbe group and on tbe south line ol
lot 338, group 1, Kootenay district ;
thence down stream following the
westerly side of the island to the
southerly end thereof; thence up
stream on the easterly side of the
island to the south line of lot 338 ;
thence west to place of beginning ;
also the three smaller islands south
oi the above island, all containing
about 80 acres.
Dated October 30th, 1908.
The delay for commencing the pub*
li cat inn of the above notice is j extended to thei 13th day of November,
Asst. Comtn'r.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the parliament of Canada, at its next session,
by the Kootenay Central Railway
Company, Ior an act to amend its
act ol Incorporation, being 1 Edward
VII, Chap. 71, as amended by 3 Edward VII, Cbap. 142 and 4 Edward
VII, Chap. 91, by extending the time
for completion of said railway as
limited by said act of incorporation
and amendments, and for other purposes.
Dated December 5th, 1908.
Harvey, McCarter & Maedonald,
SO Solicitors for Applicants.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Edward
Watts of Wattsburg, occupation Lumberman, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following described lands in East Kootenay District. Commencing at a
post planted at the North-west corner ol Lot 5459, South 80 chains,
thence West 20 chains, thence North
81) chains, thence Enst 20 chains to
point of commencement, containing
16(1 acres m0re or less.
Dated December, 18th   1908. 2
Stock Quotations
As Furnished by
BEALE a  ELWELL, Cranbrook, B.C
January 27th. 1909.
Am,,tu Consolidated
B. 0. Amalgamated
B.  0.  Copper  	
Can.  GoidUelds
Con. North West Oil
Consolidated   Smelters
Crunbrook  Fire  Brick
Diamond l.'oul
Diamond Vale Coul
Dominion Copper
lnternat'1 Coal tit   Coke
Nicola Coul Mines Ltd
North Star
McGilllvray Creek Coul
, Rambler Curlbou
Royul Collieries
Society Girl
! Temuskinuing
Western Oil l„id)
j Western Oil (pre!.)
Veteran War   Scrip
For a reliable     local salesman representing      Canada's     Oldest   and
Greatest Nurseries in Crunbrook and
adjoining country.
The popularity ol our stuck which
is grown on limestone soil, making
our trees and bushes hardier and
longer -lived than coast grown stock,
is acknowledged by experienced fruit
growers. -
We muke a specialty of growing
stock for British Columbia and ship
in carload to that province.
A permanent situation to right
man, with territory reserved.
Pay weekly ; free outilt. Write tor
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed.by B. C. Government.)
For Sale
Cottage near school, five rooms,
in good repair, nice location, water
and cess-pool, corner lot, good
fence, furnished or not to suit the
convenience of purchaser. Apply to
J.   E.   DICKSON.
Interesting to Know
While it is much to be regretted, it
is ii fuct tbat must be uckuowtedged,
thut there ure "little Engluoders,"
und nlso "little Canadians." By little
Canadians is meant those who have
nu conttdence in the lutttre und very
meagre information as tu the great
nsources of. Canada.
No man can, be a "little t'uuadian"
unless he be grossly ign ,runt of tbe
country of which he cluims to be a
citi/.en. Ignurance is a sinister con*
dition, and failure an I may be dlsas
ter are the inevitable consequences of
its induence.
How many people realise the great-
ness of the country uf which they
form a Part? lt may not be amiss
to give a lew particulars uf this
great Dominion.
Canada    is larger thon the United
States, by about 178,inw smart miles
and has a Population of only     one-
twelfth the latter country.
Canada Is as large us thirty united
kingdoms of Greut Britain, and equal
In else to eighteen Germany's.
Canada, is almost the sue of Europe and twice the size of British India; eighteen times the size of France
twenty times the size of Spain ' and
twenty-three times the size of Italy.
Canada Ib one third the arra ot the
British empire, and h tlf of this area
is as yet not surveyed Into provinces.
Only one quarter of thin vast area
is occupied and less than one-eighth
is under cultivation.
Canada contains approximately 3,-
729,66S square miles more than one-
third ol this territory unexplored.
The unsurveyed districts of Mackenzie,, Ungava, and Franklin are larger
than China.
The distance Irom Hulifax to Vancouver is greater than from London,
England, to Halifax.
Canada extends over 48 degrees of
latitude -a distance equal to thut
fr0m Rome to the North Pole.
These are a few rudlmentury points
about Canada, well 1 n iwo to the average school boy, but nut known to
those who decry the country, and
faintly realised by the party in opposition to the government.
Take notice tbat I, Lizzie Grace of
Cranbrook, occupation married woman, intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Uinds and Works
for permission to purchuse the following described lunds in East Kootenay: Commencing at a post planted
at the south east corner of A. B.
Grace's purchase, thence west 80
chains to the C.P.R. right ot way,
thence following snid right ol way in
an easterly direction to the soutb
boundury of lot 425, thence aorth 40
chains more or less to the place of
beginning, containing 100 acres more
or less.
A. II. Grace, Agent.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1908.
The time for the commencement ol
tbe publication in the II. 0, Gazette
of the above notice has been extended
to the 4th day of December, 1908.
Assistant Commissioner ol Lands
and Works.
Notice is hereby given that on the
8th day of January, 1909, it was
ordered by P. E. Wilson, EBq.,
Judge of the County Court of East
Kootenay, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, Official Administrator
for that portion of the County of
Kootenay included in the Electoral
Districts of Cranbrook and Fernie,
be Administrator of all and singular
tbe estate of Frederick Douglas Anderson, deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to tbe said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith   to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
tn the distribution of the estate of
the said deceased is required to send
before the 17th day of February
next, by registered mail addressed to
the undersigned, his name and ad.
dress and the full particulars of his
claim or interest, and a statement
of his account and the nature of the
security (if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution ot the estate having regard to those claims only ot
which he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this Sth day
of .January, 1909.
J. F. Armstrong,
2 Official Administrator.
District of Kootenay.
I, John Thomas Scanlon ol Cran
brooli, occupation rancher, intend to
apply to the chief commissioner of
lands and works for permission to
purchaso the following described land
In East Kootenay district:
Commencing at u post plunted
About 2 chuins south of the south
west corner of lot 7218 on the uorth
boundury lot 2312, thence nortb 25.31
Chains, tbence west 23 chains, thence
•outh 25.31 chains, thence east along
the northerly boundary ol Lot 2312
to the place ol beginning, containing
II acres more or less.
fttUt Beoember Mi 1901.
District ol Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty duys af*
er date 1, George Lloyd, civil engln-
er, Cranbrook, Intend making application to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
or permission to purthnse the foi*
owing described lands:
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. W. eornor uf lot 1591 on the
East bunk nf the Kuutenay River,
tbence east 13 chains, mure or lees,
following the Northern Boundary of
lot IS to a corner post of lot 8103 ;
thence Nortb 20 chirm, mure ur loss,
lollowing the west Houmlary ul lot
8103 to bank of Kootenny River ;
thence following Kootenay River in a
louthWcsterly direction to place ol
beginning, containing 2u acres more
or less.
i»tsd November 9»h. l»0t.
Notice is hereby given tbat on the
16th day of January, 1909, it was
ordered by P. E. Wilson, Esq.,
; Judge of the County Court ol East
' Kootenay, that James Ferguson
; Armstrong, Official Administrator
for that portion ol tbe County ol
i Kootenay included In the Electoral
; Districts hf Cranbrook and Fernie,
; In Administrator ol all and singular
I the estate of Hugh Campbell,
deceased Intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceused is
required forthwith to notify the un
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
in the distribution nl the estate nf
the said deceased is required tn send
before the 17th day ol February
next, by registered mail addressed tn
the undersigned, his name and ad
dress and the [ull particulars ol bis
claim or interest, nnd u stutement.
ol his account and tlie nature ol tho
security (If any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned duto
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution ol tho estate Inning regard tu thuse clalniB only ol
which he shall have hud notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this Sth day
of January, 1909.
J. F. Armstrong,
I . OHtlal Administrator
Berlin, Jun. 27 -Aniwering the budget committee, foreign secretary On-
schen snid today concerning commercial relations with Canadu that everything possible f0r the defense of
German interests hud been dune. It
wut not impossible un opportunity
bef0re long may arise for the discussion of a Commercial tr. aty alter the
conclusion of the Fr, noo-Oanadian
Our Hand Spramoter
No. 1 or No. 2.
Mounted on a cart with strong,
hardwood frame, 52 inch wooden
wheels with iron hubs, steel axles.
For one horse. All brass 4 row
sprayer. Wheels an 1 nozzles adjustable from 26 inch to 36 inch. Vertical
adjustment from rack 16 inches. Automatic vertical nozzle adjustment,
brass spramotor. Ball valves, automatic Compensating plunger. Mechanical agitator. Can be used for orchard, vineyard, mustard and potatoes,
or painting and whitewa* hing. Hold
without cart as well. Prices from
$16.00 to $50.00. Guaranteed for 0ne
year. Treatise on crop diseases free.
W. O. H E A It D,
957 King Ht., London, Ont.
Take nutiee that I, George A. Jam
ies()n, of Cranbrook, D, (*., occupation, undertaker, intend to apply fnr
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted at the N, W. corner of
lot No. 6424, thence east 40 chiin-i ;
thence north 20 chains, thence west
40 chnins, thence south 20 chdns to
place of commencement, containing
80 acres.
George  Alexander  Jamleson.
Jan. 18, 1909. 6
NOTICE is hereby given in accord"
ance with the statutes, that provin
riiil revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and income tax assessed aal
levied under the "assessment Act,"
and amendments, and under the pub
lie whn(,lH art, are due aud payable
nn the 2nd day ol January fnr the
year 1909.
All taxes collectible for the Fort
Steele assessment district are due aad
payable at. my offlee situated at the
government offices, Crunt>rf,nk, II. 0.
This notice, in terms of l»w In ei|tii
vu lent tn a personal demand by me
upon  ull  persniiH Liable f()r taxes.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. ('., this
22nd day of January, 1909.
A.  C.   NELSON,
Deputy Assessor and Collector,
5      Fqrt Steele Avs-njimont DUtrlct
Session Begins
Continued irom pane i.
new loan of $80,000,000 iu I.nnd- o,
paying 32 per cent., aad selling th
bonds at a discount, besides paying
oae per cent, or moie in commissions,
v. '-Siding's tirst loan in knvl«nd
made a year or sQ after he came into
ofllce bore interest at 2!t per cent.
He is paying 4 to !i per cent, n ,w ,,ii
large overdrafts and temporary I. ans.
Money Itndera across the Atlantic
are giving the finance minister nn
impressive lesson in "exceptional eau
The debate on the address began on
Friday. After Mr Todd ami Mr
Turcotte had moved ami seconded the
reply, Mr. Borden spoke briefly. Ho
informed tbe premier that, according
.to Sir Wilfrid's own doctrine ,,( the
former days, that party represents
tU>n in the house should be pmpor
: tionute to the vote in Ihe country,
the government should only liaVo a
majority of three In the house, with
(the spiuker in the chair. Even this
majority was largely obtained hy
: the secret circulation among Honij.n
i Catholics of the "Duty ol the H,,ur'
i pamphlet, with tbo false Hnd mali
] clous statement that it was conserv
} ative literature. The opposite n lea
Ider predicted that the session would
j not be l0ng unless ministers persist
fed in their old habit 0f withholding
; their principle measures. Then Mr.
| llorden told the premier what hit
.duty was in the matter 0| iuves.1;a
: tion. Ihe Cassels* inquiry should
; have been extended into every spend
i ing department, and the c0mmis.-lon
! er should h,ive been allowed to invest
, igate contributions of contractors t0
i campaign funds as well as payment!
■ to civil servants.   Mr.      llorden  wel
| corned  the goveinimnt's sudden  con
; version to ect.njmy, but held thnt it
[should have begun before the election
] campaign and prevented the wholesale
bribery of constituencies, by promises
of prnfuse public expmdtture.
The  premier's     speech  wns largely
devoted to the unhappy defeat of his
.candidates in     Manitoba and Brinish
I Columbia.   He  complain d   that    the
t Pacific   problem hud  been stamped* d
! 0n the Oriental immigration question
, and Mr.  Borden for encouraging this
1 campaign.   Later in  the debate    Mr.
j Lemieux made a U ng lament over tht
i attitude of British Columbia.
But     it     was found that th? nw
members     from     that province wen
well able to defend  themselves,    ami
their constituents.     Mr. Cowan,    Mr.
Barnard and Mr.  Burrell replied     tt.
the prime minister, showing thut Hir
Wilfrid and his colleagues were whol
ly to lilame for the Orltntal Immigration situation.   It is    not „ften that
the house hears better speaking  than
I that of the three new members, who
showed     up the stupid deception and
inconsistent     dealings t)f the govern
ment  with  immigration  matters and
j pointed out that tha min'stry     wMs
, condemned in     British Columbia for
i general maludmin strntlon as well as
1 for its bad Policy.
Mr. F0ster reviewed some of Sii
Wilfrid's political c, ntracts, ending
! with one just c, n-luded whereby Mr.
; Sloan resigns bis seat for Comox to
make a place I0r the legated minister, Mr. Templemm. Similar trades
; were that. which gave a senatorship
(to Mr. Derbyshire, in exchange for a
seat for Mr. Graham, and the one
! whereby Hon. Mr. Sc0tt resigned his
| portfolio, his son receiving a $900*
1 office.
; Judge Cassels has reported from
I the marine department inquiry. Hi-
; report is made to the minister of
marine, and In the beginning clearly
; shows that the commissioner did not
! undertake to investigate thc conduct
j of the minister or his colleagues and
; political friends. The inquiry was
| limited by the sins of lesser marine
iofficials. The former deputy minister
; Coli Gourdeau, agents of tbe depart
meat at Quebec and St. John, the
] chief commissioner ()f lights, com
inlander Spain, Inspectors 0 Farrell
.and  Schmidt,  and  Bome thirty ,,ther
■ officials nnd employees are v., ndemn
' ed or   rensured,  for  various nTenses
or improper proceedings.
The commissioner always lindsthit
.the patronage system has led to ex
(•weave prices mid that fltm.dOfl n
year may he saved in the depart
ment hy its abolition.
That the government paid $4,600
each for 40 diapht nes, which would
have afforded the ccn'ractor 100 pei
cent, profit if sold f0r *H7r> each,
That the charter f,,r the King Ed
ward steamship at *\2i> per day was
improperly changed to $180 per day,
whereby tl-e contractor got lii.fiim to
which he had no right.
That some R0 mm. who were ti >t
, needed, were employed at the Halifax dockyards during the late elec-
| tion.
That the patronage system in Hall-
1 fax was intcaaiHrt    bjr ti.» ihamofu)
Interference ot tbe late members ior
the riding.
That the Merwin und Brooks con
tracts were absolutely without ex«
That the Ales ol the department
were mutilated after the enquiry De-
ihut papers were destroyed which
were  valuable evidence.
Thai agent  Gregory exacted ,*> per
cent, commission on government con
tracts under his jurisdiction.
That Inspector Schmidt took hrih
es. knowing they were bribes.
Thai the deputy minister h.,d nit
.erwuie entered dee ol mny for his
own use, on the representntlon that
it was Ior public service
That the deputy ministers must
have Known of the transactions at
Quebec, St. .lohn and elsewhere and
ihat the    chief engineer and ins at'
sistallt w,(iiltl have heen limie cnie-
,lll   ftS   to   the   prices   paid   lot   diaphoU
i's ii they bad been buying loi them
Tho Commissioner docs not cany
nis conclusions so far as to suppose
thai  Mr. Brodeur ought also tn have
nown anything ol tho excessive
.-.rices, and     graft and extravagun e
hat prevailed in his department, or
hat ministers would haw been m ,te
•Igllant   il they had been buying for
Where the sw0m evidence of Gour-
deaii. Fraser and Gregory slates that
,he transactions condemned wore
..n,,wn to the former minister, Mr.
Prefontalne, the commission sr rejects
the evidence because the minister is
not here to speak for himself.
The commissioner implicitly ac
-epts Mr. Brodeur's assurance that
patronage had been abolished in hi*
department. He strongly urges thai
;ho other ministers shall follow his
The commissioner was employed
.,nd instructed by Mr. Brodeur and
did not inquire into that man's Kur
opean picnic expenses, Nor the Falconer contract made by Mr. Brodour
uimself, nor Into any other matter iu
which the minister ofltnded,
Valentine Rata, a government sup
,)orter in the last parliament whj
never took any part in discussion or
egislatioii except to vote with his
i>arty, h ,d been called to the senate,
ipparently for the purpose of nsslst
.ng that body. It is stated that bis
appointment was an arrangement
mute before the election, by virtue of
which Mr. Ratz st0od out ol the way
of another candidate. He is numbei'
i4 in the list of ex-members placed
ui ollice by the Laurier government,
Number 85 is Iir. Potor Maedonald,
formerly member for Huron and deputy speaker, Though Dr. Macd, nald
lives nt Wingham, he Ins been made
Postmaster ,,f London city, 75 miles
iway, to the great lndlgnatl0n of the.
London  folk   who  say  no  necessity for
'he Import a tii n. Dr. Maedonald is
.'4 years old. In the last liseal year
iver tiO officials were superannuated,
ind all but six ,,f them were younger
than the new postmaster tf London
is at the time of his appointment. Of
these younger men, thirty-eight wero
retired on the ground of "old age."
Last session the government rushed
through a bill authorising the trans
fer of parliament groiin Is in th? front
of Major Hill Park t,, ihe Grand
Trunk Railway Company for a hotel.
The premier pleaded that the matter
,vas urgent, but on Thursday his at-
attention was called to the fact that
die company had done nothin; but
build an ugly fence around their Concession, spoiling the view and shutting people out of the grounds. Sir
Wilfrid nu longer thinks the matter
urgent, now that the company has
got what it wanted from the government, and says he does not I now
when anything more will be dune
The premier i.s n the habit of do
voiitly praying heaven that it may
not he too la'e to give concessions
to favorite corporations, but his hurry and devotion are apt to stop short
nt that, point.
You don't need a Town Crier
to emphasise the merits of your
business or announce your special
sales. A straight story told in a
straight      way    to the renders nf the
Prospector will quickly reach the ears
of the thoughtful, intelligent, buying
public, the penple who havi the mi u
hy rn their Pockets, uml Ihe people
who listen to reason and n ,t n*,ise.
dur bo,|i'a will show you a list of the
kind of people you appeal to. Gall
and see them at   this office
Rossland Winter Carnival
Knr the abovo ovtnl t,, he held
Feb. 2 to 6 the Canadian Pacific rail
way announce a rate ol fate anil one-
third tetiini. Tickets oil sale from
Pernie ami west Jan -il t0 Feb. 4.
Pinal  return  limit   Feb.  H
'I'lll*:    I'lMSI'KCTtii;,    CUANHROOK,    li   ti .    lAM'AK'V
Special Prices
for Overcoats and Suits
The following prices should be STOCK MOVERS. We
want to reduce these goods before stocktaking,
which   finishes   on   the   last   day   of   the   month,
iThc |ft*oopcctor
i-i. ii. Bum-lull   "i
This is Overcoat weather.        Is your old one heavy
enovgh to keep out the cold ?    If not,  come and
see   the   swell   values   we   can   give   you.
Overcoats, usual price $1.5,50. for $ 9,50
Fit-Reform    Suits
In   Tweed.     All   New   Seasons   Goods    Must   go
Fit-Reform Suits, usual price $15 (or $13,50
Fit-Reform Suits, usual price $1S for    lt>,
Fit-Reform Suits, usual price $20 for    IS,
Fit Reform Suits, usual price $25 for   22;50
Men's    Shoes
The whole stock of our 20 CENTARY & OERBV SHOES,
Will be sold at one price.    All sizes in stock.    The
usual  price   was   Five   Dollars   NOW, our price is
$3,75 a pair.
Burns   Bros.
Reid Block, Cranbrook.
,    fit*    Ificllsuii     records til tlu- Cran
brook hm.' und lluufc storo
SUM p Vlexuntlei ol Koi uie    wus    >\
i t'i'unbruok visitor tin* iyt»ok,
\li     .uui    ,\ii-.  w  ii  uii on west
\ [xtiing n ii'inU ;,i  OulRiiij  iiu- wook
i'n M,,i ook cm lora who titU'iuletl thi
ll     Oft I     ,1V     ll I'r    1,'ltltllPll.
K. pi'ui   .!   ■ BhUph'H * ure will   ul
W l)        CUro     ni>      t'wUK-1 ■■■     IlltU     t'nlils "'
Iiiiiii     i',iii.i\  Loft on TbuihUiij    . ii
u .■. .ii ■ *■   trip to Ni   ■ ■
Mi   rt     ii   Snnili ol I   i-bti   .\ i
Iranbrook \ iHitoi  Tumlnj
\       iim*)' of Kunl     i
■■'■■■'■■ a
'     \i    ''.,'." Ii:i        '   \   11 v   ,
,   nbij
Mi      I li,   ■     i *.t lb ) |ft       ■     m      li)
lllll t*M m i
!.      ,
■     ■ ■    :;..n    lasl
\\     il UllUUH   ol     Uol llll
''i..,i).i    Moi    ij
V   .'   i.:.,!i.t:i.  spQui   > iml iy I
■   n    ■     SVli n  n   ■
city *M
:.    ■ ites    ■   av    ■',   .   s [n ih,'
• *   n M .ndaj
H    ; runnel  ,.t Cahal Plat  w ia     In
•   - : la)   last
'     .    McD aal !    I   Ktmberlej   vat.
i   ua   ruesdaj
A   C   Bowneas was ut Creston    on
T      - . ■.    ml      nes
'■* ■■..   Carlin ol P rl  Steele wan     In
•   • ■   Pi bay
Smith     ,,f Hosmer was in town
Tl     -lay
Repeat   tt   "Shiloh's Cure will    al
ways   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
I\ •'.  Hans, n of Spoxane wn
he ■ ity  Finlav.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  Mujoi and Mrs, Pl„nt, of L. ml ,.i,
England,  were registered al  tin* Cos
Wu initio' ihi*. (lppiu'tmntit n specially, and
linn!.' mechanics witli lliu hl^husl of
I'ufei'uiicus cun uo)io sueeessrully wilh tho
simpli'sl In lho mosl inti'U.ale mechanism.
Should ymi have ii vvtitcli or olooli whieh
Ims imi k'ivoii siitislnctlon, try »s. we are
iiiiiliili'itl ol snecess, nml ^iiiiriuiluu ull work
C.P.R. Watch Inspectors, Cranbrook, B.C.
n.. ipolitan Thursday,
Stipendiary Magistrate J. F. Arm-
itrcng was at Wardner Thursday on
ifflcial  business.
X      Mr   nnd Mrs. <;, T, Rogers returned
#  on    Thursday     from   a visit to the
•9 !    Mrs. .1. 1). McBride and Miss Rthel
: j return cl Wednesday fr(1m n visit     to
. ■ friends in Calgary.
x     Government Ageut Armstrong wmt
T i Thursday     to   Pernie « n government
Mr. ami Mrs. P. Mnslyn «f Pincher
Creel* were Cranhrook visitors Sunday last.
W. 13. Doyle ul Claresliolm and C.
V Bennett of Lethbridge was in tin-
city Tuesday.
Mr. uud Mrs. E. Emory of Sheep
Creek wore Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
'{. Lktudiok ,,f Mnyook was transacting  l.iisin >ss  at   Cranbrook   Mon-
9 i G. i-. Henderson, president of tho
X ' Hull Kiver Power Co. was in town
I Monday.
4p j !    H. L. McBrldo „f Nelson, represent-
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   'ing  tha    Remington  Typewriter  Co.,
! was in town Monday.
i    J. S. Kearny of Moose Jaw and H.
ftftftftftft**ftftftft********** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ LVtuS". °' <'"":,"'y "'"'" '" ""'
♦ i ♦' Mr, and Mrs. A. H. Williams uf
J X Raymond, Alta.. were Cr,,n'>rno'i vis-
^                                                                                                                    X i itorts Sunday last.
+ ^ !    I*'i'i nt1;      Dunn was exiiiiuiiiig a line
• specimen     of   a     lynx and wolverine
♦ this  week.
♦ THE   PROSPECTOR   IS ♦     C   H   Dunbar ^ilTlOftVO early next
♦ «-.—— J  week ,,,r H,,smcr where lie will prur-
♦ llll III IMI K ll'ill ♦   '"'
.     I'A IMU
you the re
iding matter   In
v.iii   have
the greatest In
'. resl
tbe   ii,.ni'1
news    It- every
will prove i
welcome vlsltoi
to   BV
■ry nt* mber
il the family   it
Hbotlld    lie.nl       ft
n     1st ol news
|','i[i* I
and    per
•■i.i...     uhscrlp
It,,ni Al Crnnbrot}*.) Sunday, Jan*
uny 24th. tn Mr, mid Mrs. J, W
'iijjj, ,i daughter.
* Government  Ak-ini  J, ll. McMullen
4 ol Pernie    is at the const on official
♦ | buslnesH
I'M Howe nl the Mast Kootenny
Lumber Co.. loft ,,n Thursday i n a
business trip to Alberta.
X      M   li   Km..' returned Sunday irom a
▲business    trip    to tlte inurltlmo pro-
♦ t
Grenier & Steward w2^rw'?« .. £ Aff S
Cranhrook,  B.C.
y„ii get the marl.,
more Hi*,,-.
ulue    I'ul.
Htcwnrt thc cnnlectlonei Iiu'j Inslnl
Carriiilfn   I'lilnlnrs,   Arl'sin-      ''"' "" up-to-ilfttc Iml jsotln nppnratim
unci whi'ti shopplnq tlown tuwn mi n
AWIllllX   MlllfOI'S,   llinl ,,,|,|   ilny      ,,,,.,,   in i„   lin,   j,,Uiv|,v,
Dpftlnra In  'IVnlH **'">>■ '""l '"' ",,v''1 »'"1' ""' I'"1 l">'''
ten,   ehnrolntc    colTec   ,,i„l     tomntc
Cull  I'm- (|tlul.-llii)IH tn
lls        Wo     know   thc value nl a Bntlallod
ctiatomcT,   tin,   iu   ,nir   beat   recom
*r i 'Initial    Wc are Belling tbo up-ti,
Cliiiilini'il;  Sl.   noxl  In  linn !!.•■   ,b,c'     Baak-Altn     Ranno and having
.,      , many initialled   customers.    I'atmorc
S lillies, linm.
The nre brlgntlo will give their   an
nu,I     tlni     nt   the auditorium mi
dun-aday,  February  -I.
Hen   I'iiiiii.  an , lil  tl i,  was given
x in,.nil, . j,i   Nolaon, by  Judge Hy
Hi'iieal it "Hlillull'l I tiro will al
wuyn   cure   my   cutiglia   mid   ,',,I,Ih."
K .1 HobortB ol Hpnkiinu, ropro
jui ni" tllc Corbin syntllonto was in
town Tuesday.
n I'i,'l'l und H "field nt Winnipeg
wen- guontH nl the Ornnbrook 'IIntra*
.1. II. McCulloiigh nl Muiilri'iil was
in tt.wn Kriday.
"-ia:..'*'*- '"'■■ '»■
,y^y. .xm*: ii
I" ti-     ('■«       "     ' \Y
h\M.: '•»'.. 'T
,lWvM.'*aw'   l
Ml    j,nd      M
IPoknilO were  t'ratllil,„,k
; Wednesday,
tt, I.  ford and W, w   Dlckoni  ,,i
S|„,I.Jiiie were ill lhe cltv "ll Wednes
Win.  Ilendeiiiin ol  \ letniln nnd 0,
\ i',,„liiey ,,l \'.,ne,,n\ ei, wero la tin'
City   Taesiiji'
I .1 n0wlcn ill ttiimbolt, Bunk .
and I'   1)   Buwlen ol lllgli Unci,   VI
lieilil.,    wet'O   .ii   toWII   Tuesday
II ll ll,,,i,i,,n ,,l Modlclne Hat, D
B   WllllniiM   iiei     .1   ll   HusHidl     ol
Hi.ml   woto   ill    'Is    ii.,id, I,   s,ilin
llllj    III  I
N   Mi i ood I'uri nu, mnunii f tlio
N,,ltll   Sl,,i   i,nne.   ,* In,   h,,,,   In-e ,t
,. niponj  b   lui      iei .1  vi,,ii
Ij ii ns bituilmnal
ti    ll., ■   1 i. ,li, ,i       lu
ib   ■  :  i      vin tin . bnll '"
i,i,   nn
I   n    ,n,l   Ills   Iw,,
tut      ,  itcl llie nin,,n oiiUuKO,
\   n II 'a,  v\e . .,ti,l will    lake    up
''"ii.   I'.-l.    I  l     I'll,,ne ass
« iv Iimi mil li i' ilia.iii.iei ul
,i '   M   M,li,,nai,I ul Nelann,
V     [bill   ,iliel,l    ,,l   t'jili'jiiy    wer,
ll   I'd    ,1    llie   I'lnlll,i,,,,„    Wislne.
I)    i   VI   i, ii ,,i Winnipeg   v   Wind
,,i       N,M    V ,n\    sad   A    Doyle ,,|
-', , le    weie   j-iie I ; st   lhe t'l 1,11
Wedn uliiy
Repeal  il    "Shiloh's Cure will   .tl
i ,j ',    ,n>    I'nut-lis   and   ColtlS."
t' v Klinbei-smith ut Klko wus
truusael ti       Lul Ine a    ;it Pranbrook
I'lie jiiiiiu.il meeting nl the I'l'itn
brook Feiuie Farmer's Institute will
be held m iiu' government building
Thc Water Supply Co., have Installed ji holler and pump at the old 0.
I'.H. pumping station oll St. Joseph
II Granger     o(   Canal Plat, Wm.
Wjiteistiiti ui Vancouver, and C. VV.
Smith ,,!' Penile were registered at
ibe Cranbrook Friday.
j. c. Sykes of Calgnry, M. Dorun
of Moose Jaw, and F. B. Ham ol
Winnipeg were guests at tho Cran*
brook Friday.
Ladies and gentlemen dc8lr0ua    „l j   ______^_^^_________
becoming mombors oi the Choral So '
clety should Communicate with   Mr.
Corrison not later than Mnndny next,	
.Mi. VV, A. Kiiiik nnd his Spn Bert,
of Winnipeg,     have arrived at Cran
brook,  ntid  will  locate on land near   gsaAmmmmmmmmmmmumAAmmmmmmm
Fort Steele Junction.   Mr. K0uk    is **********************
Mrs. It. Aikcns father.
we stand behind in every sense of
thc word : ii is there on the bake,
has room)' oven and lire box, has a
handsome   appliance,   the    price   is
and it is worth tlie price. We want
you to come and see it.
Cranbrook,  B. C.
The l,,ss, by lire and water on the
stock and building of the 0. 0. store
has been adjusted. The l()ss on ths
building was $sun, on the st„ck $«.-
The hockey game between Coleman i *
and M,,yic i ii Wednesday night     resulted in a tie.   Thc score was 3—3.
The  Silver City  boys put up a still
'makes GOOD  bread1
P. J. llinns of Vancouvor, F. White
of Montreal,     ll. O0rvlllo of N'nnton,
and B. J. Cnnn of Calgary were reg-  -
isterod    nt     the Cranbrook Sunday
.1. Gibson, B. Lawrence and C, K.
Keenlsh of Crow's Nest were in town
Tuesdny etmiutc for Perry Crce'i
There thoy will uiRagc in placet min
Repeat it "Shiloh's Cure will «1*
ways   cure   my   coughs   and   colds.''
F. Clark of Montreal, W, H. Mutr.
of Lethbridge, J. II. Willoughby    of
Saskatoon,   and   VV.   llirhat'dSoll      of
Portage lu Prairie were guests at the ,
Oranbrook Tuesday.
The Trainmen ol Cranbrook gave a|
very successful dunce on Thursday
evoning nt tho aiidit„i'iiiin. Thero
was a large utteii lance, the hall prettily d -ated, and everybody enjoyed themselves.
It is a noteworthy diet that   undor
the new conductorshlp of Mr. F.    K.
Corrison,    the    Buptist church choir
iias wonderfully   Improved.  The spo*, ■
ciul anthem last  Sunday was heautl' ,
fully rendered.
K, P. Arsiiii'iiu ol Spokane, W. H. ,
Uel.mig ol Funic, Ed. Coville ol
Kingsgate, P. Anscll of Toronto, F*
Prentice ol Fernie and I. Freed ol
Nelson were registered at tho I'riin
brook Tuesday.
The Ornnbrook Herald says: "That'
it seems quite probable there will
he a provincial election sunn alter tbe
presenl session closes." The old Man
must have been gossiping with "My
Repeat it. "Shiloh's Cure will always  cure   my   coughs  and   colds."
A sulcnd'd specimen of a deer walked down Harold St. on Tuesday,
crossed Cranbrook and passed duwn
by   Mr.     Diirrls'   lit,me.   TllO animal
had evidently been driven t„ the
prairie by  hunger  and fold  weather
Farming uud fruit raising in Mast.
Knot ty  is going to be a  big lillall
clal proposition, growing ,nrger every
year. The mnn wh , furnis inlclll-
l.clltly cultivates fruits, will get good
Moving picture shows of a hlgli|
i"iidaid aro running nightly nt. the
Udlflon tbi'ittrc. Messi'H. FriiKor nni
llunli,nsiin in,' deserving ol go nl
htiliHcs, and the liltle theatre mi linker streel. is u credit t„ (.'ranbrook.
Patronise homo Induslry by taking |
In the Edls„u on Saturday night.
£. 3- Winning
The Value & Economy of Bovril
BOVRIIv is a very concentrated preparation, and contains
all the stimulating nnd flavoring qualities of beef plus tlie
Fibrin and Albumen.
These elements give to BOVRIL ils high nutritive value
and differentiate it from meat extracts.
A i lb. bottle of BOVRIL, will make 50 portions of gotsl
nourishing soup at a cost of j^Scts. a portion.
Added to soups, stews, etc. it increases their llavor aud
feeding value.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦«
;irr soltl only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441 Hastings Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Hiaai'h Store   413 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.
George  Welch,   Selling;  Agent, Cranbrook, B.C.
H.   H.   STANTON,
Manager   for   all   Eastern   B.C.   Business.
********************* ********


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