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The Prospector Nov 16, 1907

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Array I.  -.-.ryu. **'Z >"
NOV 20 1907     *   \
V   oi. io.
CRANimouK, B.C., SxYTUKiJ^y. NOVBMJ3BR Wf 1907,
No. 4 (J.
tialtraith    in     A borta,    Con.
pletes New Plant und Will
Increase Output
A nil tow liuitihiw, president nf the
Odlbralth ("onl com puny, returned
yesterday from .i trip lo Uuulbrock
Alberta, whoro tlto Galtmitth mine
is locutod, toRotber with tin- Albertn
Cool ami Coko properties aud tho
lln'ckt'iinilur -v; UltHl niini', from
both of whirb tho Albertn Fuol mm
puny draws coul tonnage Ioi* ihr In
liiml Kitipiit' murkot.
"Within ii week or ten days," sni.!
Mr. l.a hi law. "'i'lu1 (in I hni il.li mine
will entor a new oru ot uctlvlty in
ciilcnt to tlir complotion o( its now
plant, which has coat approximately
$20,000. Tito equipment includes
tram way, tipple, bunkers ami hois
ing plant, the bunkers being located
3S foot from the main line of the
Crows Nest railroad. This equip
ment is capable ot bundling 450 tuns
daily, and the mine has been devel
oped to a stage where this tonnage
will he available ut low eust per tun
The company will immediately in
crease its daily output to 21111 tons
and steadily enlarge its production
until the full capacity of the equipment  is  reached.
"We have assurances of a good
ear supply, and 1 believe the Canadian Pacific is in much bottor shape
in respect to cars than either of the
trunk lines running through Spokane
tin Monthly the Alberta Fuel com
puny took over the Breckenrldge &
Lund mine under a leasing arrangement, Tliis property adjoins the
Galbraith, is equiped with a plant
costing -$7;".,mn) and will this week rejoin the shipping list with a considerable tonnage.
"The Alberta Coal and Coke com
puny is continuing its development
work ut what i.s known as the'rail
roud' workings. A spur track is be
ing put into tin1 Alberta tipple ami
regular coul shipments will bo com
ineiiced at once. The company has
shipped Intermittently for several
months, hut  will now ship regularly.
" The first, ear of lump coal from
the Itoyul collieries, limited, at ...etli
bridge, to he shipped to Spokane la
now in transit. The Barnes mine,
now consolidated in the Royal property, has shipped for about ll) years
and its product, u clean, bright,
block coul, has met with much favor
in the Cunadhtu market. We hope
to bring n considerable tonnage of
this cunl to Spokane during the
coining winter."
Jnmes Shannon, who has a con
tract with the Watt Lumber com
pany for taking out ties near Swansea, recently employed several men
to assist in the building of a cabin
intended for winter quarters, nour
where the ties were to be eut. On
Snturduy Shannon discharged these
men, giving them orders on tbe
lumber company for their wages.
On presenting the orders, payment
was refused hy the Lumber company
us no ties hud heen cut, ami no
money  due  Shannon.
Tliree of the men, J. Forsyth, A.
Morse, und James Truinor returned
to the camp Sunduy afternoon, and
soon engaged in a wordy conflict
with' Shannon about their wages,
The conflict of words ended hy Shan
nun ordering them to leave the
premises, emphasizing his remarks
hy flourishing un axe handle,the men
in retreuting, turned und fired several shots at Shannon, one striking
him on the shoulder making n hud
flesh wound, Shannon was brought
to tbo hospital late on Sunday evening,    where  the bullet  was removed.
Provincial Constable I'. (J. Mouth,
arrested two of the men at Moyie,
on Monday. On Tuesday Chief of
Police Corey How brought the men
to Cranbrook and lodged them in
jail, on Information charging them
with assault with a deadly weapon
with intent to kill.
Tbo prisoners will have a prelim
iuary hearing before Stipendiary
Magistrate, .1. F, Armstrong next
A meeting of the Crunbrook Dis
Iriet Conserval ive Assoiial ion wiih
held in Mighton's Hall on Tuesday
A considerable number of Connor
vntlves were present. The object of
tho meeting wus for the purpose of
electing delegates lo attend the
Provincial Convention which will he
hold at Vancouver on  November 'l'l.
Tho following genl lemon WOl'O elec
ted us delegates:
J. A. Harvoy, S. .). Mighton,
ll, ll. Short, .1. D. McBrldo, 1). II,
Oulniuge, and Thos. Cavin of Cran
brook. P. Lund of Wardner, H. W.
Drew of Kimberley, ,1. Maedonald
id Mnrysville, A. IB. Watts of Watts
burg, N. Hanaon of Wasa. Delegates from Moyie and Fort Steele
will also attend tho convention.
A resolution was passed, and the
delegates were requested to impress
upon the Provincial Convention the
necessity of having n larger ropre
dentation for British Columbia in
the Federal   House.
The secretary was Instructed to
communicate with the executive of
the Nelson Conservative Association
as to the advisability of calling a
convention, to he hold in Nelson for
the purpose of nomi nut ing a ciiudi
date lor Kootenay, in the coming
Dominion elections.
A lurge number of those present
wore strongly in favor of ask lim
W. A. Maedonald, of Nelson to accept the nomination, and become
the Htandnril bearer or the party lu
this riding.
It Ih of prime importance that
Conservatives should make choice of
a first-class candidate with a cause
tlmt should bring to the polls every
lover of honest,and good government
Is there uny good cause why the
Kootenuys,    and    British    Columbia
.should not enthusiastically enter the
fr-:Y ami wrest llie representation
Irom tbo grasp of the Big Seven,
and swing the province into lino aud
under the banner of the lion. Mr. I:
I.   Borden.
It is up to the Conservatives ol
tin- Kootenays "lo gol busy" sm
that when the proper time comes
thej    may    wlaoly    and    well    make
Choice   o|   a     candidate   wh i  eld
tion day will be numbered under the
banner of the Hon   K.  I.   llorden.
a dospatch from Vnncouvor says'
.loo Martin, is regarded as practl
(■ally certain   io lead   tbe Exclusion
League   forces   iu   tlie   next   D inlon
.lection,      and      will      probably     he   a
candidate for Vancouver, and will
in all likelihood be assisted by Hilly
Mclnnes. Besides mnktng a play
dn the labor and exclusionist vote.
tbe new party will seek aid from
disgruntled Liberals aud Conservii
lives alike, and endeavor Io elect
candidates between the two main
The Chinese question has many
phases, but the principal question
in the mind of the Ottawa machine
is the $500 head tax, hut the manner
in which it is being evaded by the
"Chinks" going to school, thus sav*
inu the head tax. aad putting this
expense on the province, must be
rectified by tho powers that be.
Will Vancouver and tho Japs come
tn an understanding without another
light, since the Laurier machine has
a commission paving the wuy to let
the "treaty making power" down
as   easy   as     possible   in   all    effort   to
save British Columbia for the Big
Seven nnd the Liberal party at the
next  election
Visitors Uore and There   People
Who Home to Cranbrook and
Those Who lio Away.
nlioi   winds l.h.w dull.
' li-oali tin* at Stewarts
Three   Coal    Miners   Killed   At
Hosmer, Nov I I. As llie re-
siill  of nn  accidental  explosion
III llie Ilns • i'niil mini's nl 4,-tfi
p.Ill today, nni' [tlljilill anil two
Slnvs were instantly killed, unci
one Sii,v was seriously   injured   \m„i\ oi Moyie were registered ut the
'I'lie llleil   were   blasting   "ll   11   Cosmopolitan Tuesduy.
sido hill lo gel material lo   lill   III    ,    „   a ...    ~ „     „   ...     ,,
,      ....        ,     , ,    i A,  V.  Kobliins,    A. (J.   Smith.   P.
tressel.    I hoy had  seven  holes W| stowartr   aml   A    j   I)ew,u.   of
drilled   and   were   drilling;   Ihe  Vancouver were at   the   Orunbrooli
eighth.    AH lhe   hulls   were  to
hnve been discharged al n  p.m .
imi     ii     pri'inniiire    explosion
He,,. Geary drove over from Port
Steele Friday on business.
S. K Lewis ol Edmonton was in
tlie  i'ily   Weilni'Siliiy.
Sullivan    stock  is   quoted   nl   six
rents  jii   S'lllkllnO.
M.   A,   lleale   was    nl   Hpok    tills
weok   on   husiness.
Hi 1)1)01'   llie  pluco  in  net  Home
.Mji.le t'unily, fresh daily  "The I'alm'
Several new families have taken up
their residenee in town this week.
ii. ll. Stone of Spokane, und H.
13. Huberts,ui of Vancouver were ut
tlie Oranbrook Priduy.
Miiekerel, Cod, Whitelish and
the usual Halibut and Salmon, ut
P. linins & Co.     Phono in.
BORN — At Cranbrook Sunduy.
to Mr and Mrs. Arthur McCowan, a
Mr. und Mrs. T, I.enehuii and
child of Moyie were nt the itoyul
this  week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Savage of Winnipeg were guests at tlie ltoyal Tuesday.
Mr. nnd .Mrs. W. I'. Rookes ol Edmonton were In the city Wednesday
on their way  to  Seattle.
A. li. Penwick nnd u. T. Richardson of Port Stee.e were in the city
Tuesduy  oil  business.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ii. McNcoly, und II.
it. Yates of Wycliffe were guests at.
the  Cranbrook  Tuesdny.
I'. McLean of Marysville, II. H.
Unhurt of  Wardner,  and H.  H.  Dim
Sweet Potatoes at Stewarts today.
it'i'Ul'red whieh is supposed to
hnve been lhe result nl' coming
iii conlucl with a misfired hole.
The dead: Harry Montollielti
foreman, ago :'."'. married.
.lue l.ii'huzi. age 2li, single
.1. Matnwieh. aged 2". single.
Monlelbelli leaves a wife and
two children here, nml is well
known in this locality, Lichaxl
and Malawieh hail only heen
here a few months.
This is  lhe lirst   fatality   in
Hosmer, which  promises  in bei   j   Di 1jU(.,ISi „f Moyie, j. n. Whine ol'the iv.osl  prominent  euii- SOn of Spokane,    n. H.   Smith   of
(Ieo. Beattie, who hits been visiting in tlie Windermere country for
the pust week, returned to Crunbrook  Priday.
1!. Jordon of Pincher Creek, .Ins.
Arthur, S. R. Scovill und P. V.
Mzro of Spokane were registered at
the Cranbrook  Wednesday.
P. H. Sherman, district president
of the U.M.W.A. wus In the Crows
Nest Puss  last week    in    connection
! with tiie settlement of labor troubles
i et the Hillcrest mine.
ires iii British t'lilnniliia
Coroner Bleusdell arrived from
Perniotonighl and summoned a
jury, hnl up I" a late hour nn
vordiel hail been reached.
Methodist Church
Sunday November ITth. IHO",
the Rev l>. W. Semi from Creston will conduct lhe services
throughout lhe dny. uml address
ilie Men's Own al :l 30, Sunday
School and Bible t'lass at three.
Tuesday prayer Service al N,
Wednesday. Kpwiirlb League al
s "Evenlngon Canada," Thurs
day, services al Watlsbni'gand
lOasi Kootonay Mills at 7,IKi.
The pastor is at homo mi Pri
day evenings I'm lhe purpose nf
consultation and ihe conduct nl
any church business. Visitors
In llie lown and newcomers are
reipiesled lu call. Will those
having Thanksgiving envelopes
kindly return ilium to lhn Pnslor
al iheir oarllosl possible run
Curlers Meet
A nieeiing uf ihe (iranbrook
Curling lilnk Association was
held ai ihe rink on Wednesday
evening for the purpose of electing ollicers I'm' llu- ensuing
year, W. II Wilson wns elecl
etl president, ami .1. M. Pinkhniu
Secretary, lhe old hoard of
directors were re olocled.
Later ill Ihe evening lhe Curl
ing Club ini'i ai ihe (Iranbrook
llnlel ami olocled lhe following
,1. (I. McCallum. presldeni, V
Knllius, Vice president, .1 Mc
Swe.vn Seereiury. .1. A. Arnold
treasurer, and Messrs Pinkham,
Wilson and llnggni'lh nsieoooin
mil li'.'
Kimberley. nnd l'l. .1. Cluytun of
Mnrysville were registered at tlie
ltoyal Tuesday.
.1. Sanderson and J. liluck of Edmonton, T. P. Porter, S. Smith, H.
J. llrown, Wm. Smith, A. Roberts,
nnd A. McConnell of Pense, Sas.,
1). U. and tl. Loekhnrdt of Sussex,
N*. 11., were at the Royal Priday.
Contractors, (Ieo. Leask & Co.,
ure pushing tlie construction ol the
new Hill building on Armstrong
Avenue. Tlie building wlien completed will bo one of tlie linest business houses in Cranbrook.
It would be in tlto interest of tbe
citizens to have the municipal voting
lists printed und posted in ninny
places throughout tlie city thut every
person tuny liuve the opportunity of
examining them without linvlng to
go to the city hull to see the single
copy there.
Deaths from typhoid fever in
Winnipeg have been reduced in
Ihreo years frmu l'I sr, per 1000
nf lhe population In prni'lieally
l'n. The general ilenlh rale has
fallen front 21 per Ihousund,
which ranks Winnipeg as among
lhe healthiest cities in lhe world.
This is a triumph Inr sanitation.
Superintendent IQi'lfUson ofC
P. II. spenl a couple of days in
The Pass lhis week looking over
lhe wnrk in progress nf putting
in new spurs for various new industries, Among the different
Hems of such work are ihe spurs
fnr lhe Leileh Collieries al
Hamilton, lhe Maple Leal emu
puny   below   Bollevne  and    ihe
Hooky   Mountains  iipuny al
A Mares Nest.
thai Hie irruption wns due In th,
machinations nf astute Japanesi
hoarding-house keepers who established an agency in Van
coiiver, nml contracted will.
similar agencies iu JupaU'foi
taps al sn  eh per head.
A (iei'inun company is imu
telephoning wilh a wireless sys-
l-tilil frmu Nam .-. in various
places in (Seruiauy. nd nrjl lie
miles distant,    I hie nl lhe inutile
iron   nf  ihe o puny  said lhat
conversations   have   I n   coin
dueled with exlremo clear less
nni precision.
I'lditor   Prospector:
Dear Sir:
Here is a little yarn which Ilns the
merit of being perfectly true.
'•lln    Wednesday    last,    when    the
'  Kiltie's ' were   disembarking from
their    ear,    which    happened    to    he
standing   right  opposite  Main  street,
1   overheard  the  following  conversation   between   a 'Kiltie' und   u bystander.
Kiltie: -Hie mate, Where's tlie city?
Bystander: - Right   here,   there is
Muiti street just across the truck.
Kiltie:-- Is    thnt Muill street?  why
wliuts   tlmt    ut    the    bottom,  n
blooming imitation Nonr's Hark?
" What did be mean?"
Robbins -  Peteyumu
At Christ Church, Crunbrook. on
Monday November 11, Rev. E, Plew-
elling, united in marriage Mr. Jolin
Henry Robbins of Coleman, Alberta,
to Miss Nellie Peteyumu of Kaslo,
H.C. The Uridc and bridegroom
will sojourn for u time in Montana,
und then make their homo in Cole
Mitchell - Crush.
iVt Christ Church Cranbrook, on
Thursdny November llth. liy Hie
Rev. K. Flewelling, were married
John Mitchell of Spokane, Wash.,
lute of Pergus, Oatario, to Miss
Ethel Maud Crush of Moyie, lute of
Clreufell, Saskatchewan. The bride
nnd bridegroom left on Thursday's
train  for  Moyie.
LeHustard - Lemotgne.
At the Chapel of the St. Eugene
Hospital, a beautiful ceremony took
pluee on Tuesday morning, wben
Jean Louis LeBnstard nnd Marie
Annie Lemoigne were united in tlie
bonds of matrimony, A number of
friends accompanied tlie happy couple to the altar, Mrs. Jos. Urmilt
and Mr Gean Louie LeHasturd acted
us witnesses. Rev. Father L. Choi-
nel officiated,
Rev. 0. O. Main went to Moyie on
Priduy to officiate at the marriage
of Churles A. McKay tt, .Miss Cruig.
The ceremony took pluee on Fridny
evening  ut  S  o'clock.
prest* ni
aohinor.v  beiuj: ^oml   enoujfi
In   Southeast   Kootenay  Trans- if honestly ami i-amesily nppha
porlation Kor Ore is Wanted.     h-v iin mt1oponda.il Court or Com
mis>iiih ruiiijii'M'il nl  ii,en  ah-m
The King is Sixty Six
Tin1  invi-sli»iil'nni   whicli   Mr.
MnoKnnxin Klnj-r Iiiih boon  1ml,I-
illfi in ViiiH'oiix it in riiiHu-ffiiiii
wilh thr Japanesi) In fl it X has hail
mi uiH'xpiN't.'.l result, and shows
liinil lho AaliUic Kxrliisionists
Tlio KintfR birthday was duly luul unearthed a Marcs nesl
honored in Crunbrook, Kla^s They havo blainnlly announend
wi'iv liy Ing l'n'in 111:1 mv nl' iln1 Hint' and a •rain, ihal ihnJapillinsn
pi'iiicipiil husiiM'ss hlorlis, also Immigration bad he'll entflnoorod
tin1 public schools, which spcal-s; by I anadian (-orpor.ilIons wim
highly nl' lhe foully of Ortillbl'ook do*ll'ed In employ cheap coloured
cili/etis. 'labour   Mr  King lias discovered
Attention wns culled very forcibly
im Tuesday tn tho fact that scliuul
children should nut he allowed to
run after,- and got nn teams un tin1
public streets.
A China buy, who is a pupil uf
the public school, attempted tu
climb a wagon that was in motion,
he fell and broke his log, ulsu receiving a long uml deep cut un his
thigh. Drivers and owners of teams
should nut allow children tu come
near thoir wagons while in motion.
The time fur the removal of dun-
tier is now und nut after u number
of serious accidents have taken place
Only a few days ago, a runaway
team dashed down Lewis street. A
number of smalt children wlio were
playing in the street had a very narrow escape, but succeeded in getting
away frum danger. Usually during
the warm afternoons there are many
children piny inn. or in charge of
nurse girls, the danger to them and
human life is too lightly passed on.
It. is the duty of drivers and
ownors of horses to see that they
nre securely fastened while left stand
Ing on the streets, thus protecting
the public agnlnsl injury from runaway horses.
H Is as yet   Bomo time beforo the
municipal    elections     will   be   held   iu
Cranbrook, but it is not too soon
to prepare fur them. Already tbe
election is tlie subject of ruii-ddcm
ble talk, anil some fully 01 fifty
new names hnvo boon placed on the
municipal voting list.
The ureal i|iiestiun before llie pen
plo of Cranbrook is that, of sewerage
To provide adequate means of
soworago, in addition to tlie con
strilCtion uf sewer pipes, lliere inusl
lie an nbundonl supply nf water for
Mushing, when needed, lhe sewer
pipes. Tu obtain the ueccsBary
motley to construct a sewer syslem,
if must be shown, that all other iu
nldentnls sucli as wator,etc., have
heen secured bv I lie city,
The tlrst slep tn lie taken by tllO
city is tu secure by purchase the
present water supply. This should
In- diiiic by the next city council.
There is no doubl but thnt the city
can raise   the   requisite   amniuil   of
money upun favorable Icrius 110X1
We talk nboul making Cranbrnolt
a roHldontlal city, but people who
come here expect an ample supply of
water,      perfect     HOWOl'llgO,     ami     hll
Iroquiflites   conducive of lhe   besl  or
j This is a business proposition
'which the new council should deal
! wiili promptly and in n business
! way us hoi in as possible after taking
bold uf tbe re inn ul city govuramonl
Since the golden days of 1864 there
has been more or less attention paid
to Kast Kootenay, and during the
early days more attention to placer
mining than to quartz. it is only
about nine years since any uttention
was paid tu quart/, mining, and yi-t
today we find the two largest silver
lead mines iu Canada operat ing in
lhis  districl.
The resources uf the Kuotcnay val
ley cannot be estimated, mining,
lumbering, ngriculturo and fruil
growing arc industries that must Ue
developod tu it producing Btago.
The sole factor in the tut ure svs
tcmatical development of ihis ills
trlet is the question uf transportii
tion. which can only be solved by
the   construction of    the    Kootonay
Tent ial   railway.
" The development uf Canada has
been entrusted tu us, and we cer
tnlnly should nut be true tu our
duty if we did nut seek tu develop
this country along the lines uf man
ilfncturing industries, if we consld
ered that, the resources uf this country justified us in doing soi We
know that we possess the material
for carrying on manufacturing industries to an extent possessed by
lew other countries iu tbe world,
nnd I say we would not be true tu
ourselves, if we do not seek tu
avail ourselves of those materials
which nre close to our bands, and
seek to build up in this wuy not
only an agricultural production, hut
manufacturing production as  well.
Our interests must sometimes give
way to Imperial interests; hut uny
system or policy which closes our
factories, onuses our machinery and
plant to lie idle, and send our op-
irators to tho United Stutes is not
i policy which is advantageous to
'aniuln or the Empire, merely he-
aiiso it gives an increase to some
manufacturing industry in Great
Britian. Our policy should be, in
the first place, to conserve our own
.nterests; and in tho next place, as
between our competitors, British and
foreign, our policy should be to
give to the manufacturers of the
nothcr country preference over those
if other countries.
Hun. It. L. Bordon, in his do-
lurution of tho Conservative policy.
Kussell House. Ottawa. Oct.
a.'iith. im'7.
Tbe right Honorable Sir.   Wilfrid Uuirier, G. i\ M. (J.. Prom
er, Ottawa.
Deal'Sir Wilfrid
I have lhe Honour of present
njr tor your consideration a
Resolution passed by tbe Con
set'Vative Association ol' Trail
brook, British Colnmbin
A copy was submitted to the
i ipposiiion. .Mr. R I.. Rorden.
who said "British Columbia has
he honour of talcing the init'ut
live in a work of iln- highest
National importance, it has ui.v
hearty approval."
Attached to the Resolution is
a challenge issued hy myself, the
Toronto Mail nnd Empire in an
editorial says; "The appeal lo
the Members of The Ottawa
Governmenl is appnrenlly a
sarcasm, these poiiiicinnsareiiot
going to tind money wilh which
to proseute iheir own itislru
Probably il  would   have   been
better had   I   copied    Artemus
Ward and labelled il "Tins is m
writ sarlcasLicIc
1 trust ihal lhe Members o
youi Cioverumcut will not tak<
the views of lhe Mail and Km
pire. Your public utterance
on the siibjoei of bribery am
corruption precludes lhe possi
bility of vour viewing it fron
Unit standpoinl
n pi
political intrigue, assisted h
vigilaui committees with fund
ai their disposal to use for re
wards ami prosecution.
May I havo the houour ol   re
ceivintr an early roply.
Y •> very smcerely.
A   !■:   Walls
I tttawa.     i lr|
.isi..i-   I,-
Russel   l-Ious
Hon W inigsh.j M
I'ublic Works, i Hiiiwn
Dear Sir;
I \u*n tu enclose copy nf .,
letter in Sir WilTrid Liurier,
accord.ii" in youi -.pcurli tfn lh,
subject or bri'x-n nndcnrrui iiu,
delivered ai t^uQens-Sunbury, wo
may conn! on your support
ni this matter, ami I imsi that
vou will promise a substantial
sum in lhe proposed luml for tho
prompl and vigorous prosecution
ol' offenders whether thoy be
Liberals or Conservatives, nr ,>:
any oilier p.U'ly.
Will you ; No oblige mo wild
a copy uf your charges ugainsl
lhe Conservative party ns pro
mised in Uie speech alluded tu
ami oblige
Yours very truly.
A   K  Watts
Pupils Make Their Exit in Les:
Than One Minute
Special   tn   Tlie   I'mspect ur.
Kernie, Nov. 15, I'ire was dlscov
ered in Ihe northern hasemont of the
public sehunl building here Wedues-
lay afternoon a little after two
i'eluek by Principal Palmar, wim
immediately sounded the lire alarm
in each room and the teachers had
every pupil in the building out in
the yard before they know that the
building was mi tire. This was done
in less than one minute and demon
stratod tho utility ol the "Piro
There were liiin children in attendance that day, and until parontB
knew that all had been taken out ol
the building so quickly an,! wlthoul
injury to any mie, there was quite a
ritlle of excitement in the air.
The fire brijiado, under Chief Mc-
Dougal, made a quick run in response
to the hurry up call from the-school
und extinguished the Haines before
much damage was done, Tiie Ure
-eeiiis tn have originated frum a
bundle of kindlings which had been
left un lu]i i»i tlie furnace in the
north basement liy the janitor for
drying purpns«H      Tin- tup uf a fur
naCO   in   a   sehunl  building   may   he   iill
xcclleiit  place in which to run a dry
iln,   Iml   in tliis Instance it   proved
ather expensive.
This  wus also    the  lirst    occasion
fur lhe use nf the new lluse wagOtl
which has just been received and in
stalled in the lire hall.
New York, Nov. Hi. Another Amer
lean heiress became the bride uf a
foreign noblomnn today, when Miss
Mary (layley, a daughter uf Mr. ami
Mrs. James (layley, was married to
I'until (1 Iniin Seiini, second sun of
the Count and Countess Vlnconito
Senni uf Rome. 'I'lie wedding was
solemnized at noon at the (layley
town house, 8 Kast Sixty ninth
streel. The ceremony was performed by MnnagerJ.J.O'Connoll, rector
of the Catholic University of Wash-
'' Ington, and was followed by a wed
ding breakfast.
| Tbe engagement uf Miss (Jay ley
und Count Senni wus announced hist
summer, 'I'he Gnyloys have spent
much    time in  Europe,     where    the
.,   pretty American girl met her fiance.
|      The    father of the bride is   one of
"Carnegie's men,"  and  is lirst  vice-
president of the  United  States  Steel
corporation.       In    addition    tu  his
ildlngs  in  the  steel   trust    and   tin-
What   The  Liberals   of   British
Columbia Think of it.
Iimi  W  s  Fielding ismaki-i"
i lioust in   N'ova  Scotia  thul   it
mis In' «'li ',!,.,I  Premier  Mc
llride's efforts lo obtain "tailor
iw'nis" Im British i 'ulnmbiu, ai
I."   conference   of    provincial
pi iers In'lil in Ottawa a  year
iim    This lu.a^iiiiL' was done iu
i s|h h delivered by lum -,,  few
lav- aj^.i in Halifax, Um' constil
iciic.v which Iimi   R. I.   Flnrdnn
•onlpsled  airain-l   him   in   luul'
imi iiu' principal poinl which ha
wanted in score wa- in create  a
fiH'I'mjr ihorn ajraiiisl Mr llorden
nr expressing llis willingness in
• niiniii  llritish Columbia's case
on commission nf iiHpiir.y   This,
•Ir   l-'ii'liliii;;   -liirniatizi'il   as   an
iiii'inpi mi Mi. Boi'don's pui'l  In
airh Mu.'- in British Columbia,
if course ii  never occurred   in
\li\ Kinldinj- Ihal   in  talking   in
iiii- strain in a   public audiencp
ii llulifax, he himself might also
-i"   credited  wilh   bidding    fnr
vuli'-     in    Halifax        Hul      lliu
rpiesiion thai interests  us  mosl
here i.- whal   British (lolumbia
Liberals think uboul it.    Hn they
rejoice w it h Mr  Pielfling in   being able in wmi; ii,,. conference
unl .Mr Laurier against allowing
British Columbia a square  deal,
anil iln tlii'v   unite  with   |iiMI   in
blaming  Mr  Borden inr agreeing thai British Columbiashould
gel a   lair   hearing  ami   lei   her
rase be lleall   witl, nil   ils    lits.
ni- will they Inr mii'i' pin  thoir
province before their party?    H
iVlll be Up In llielil In .say   which,
when tlie Dominion election
iimes nn in a few months mure.
ll   is  the  plain  duly  nf   liny (salary ho   rccolvoa   fr  liis offlcl
- ■-■' position, In- Im- Invented sevoral
Improvements ia methods nf steel
production that alone brought in h
I.ATK Tl'II.KHH.M'llll'   NEWS
Special h, Tin'  Prospector,
London, Nov. 16, Tlir now c|uni
ntplo screw turbine steamship Mm
rotnnlB, Bister ship to the busltanl
ailed  imliiy  Irom   Liverpool  on   In
Govovnmonl to lake ibe Inilla
tive in ibe destruction nf a sys
torn of bribery and corruption or
any other evil, ll cuiinol afford
in insult lhe people of Canada
bv assuming thai lhe majority of
doctors ure corruptible, of i be
vast sums spent during clnotorial
si niggles by whom is llie  lillhv
l",'lv,1 pIvQd.   Not by the elec , ,,.„ ,rj|i
tors but by pnbl I heelers who
iliiiki) a business of the game Washlnxton, D,  (J   Nov   IS   Pros
A-theh i-f-n,,!.;,,..,-,, !;lr,,:i-;:rri,1-:\;;-:L,:,::-t,:;,;v,
tnonl you hllVB till  powor lo slop   T0W .i,,,,,,,,,,,,.  oklnhninn  ii  siiii
lhe nefarious practice ami In put | n, tho Union
ilui fear ii   the  Lord  nr nf  the i
ivnitonllarlns into lhe heurls ni j ,„!;,!!'I",";;,,'llil;;,,,,^,:1'., ',;,. ^'"boln
the iniscriinls wholher Ihey   '"' rr.itdo lor tho   colobrnl f   nluii
Ooiisorviltivos ol' Liberals. I i     tomorrow,      when    prosldci
Hi, nm lei the Opposition luivo N"""?'"'1 "',',", l"'1"' ''," '"'"'u' ""
  ,■    . I , .     in lull I    lllj|;iliJ.mii   ti.   Illi'   I lil'ill
iill Ibe honour al nl leusl allempl
ing In   cleanse   I anaila   nf   lln       SVw  y„lk, NllV    ](        The  Mi	
sligt'.'a Ihal HOW resls  iiiiiii ber     tnnn snllod lnnu Llvcr| I lodnj  li
,                        ,                  , Now   York      HlnniltnnoniiKl)   tho  u
All   oppoi'tllllily   pre-eiils    n    mol||    |,mmm„.,  tU ,„    ,1,
sell for you In Will ami   wear    ll   ,„,,,   ,.,,   |,|Vor| I       Huiulny    i
fadeless halu nl' el,iry Ini; tbo    Mniirolniiln    w i
I inviting llm leudlnx  men ™1r£on,()lr,hc *i\Z„vl "'pZ
nf    Cnniulii   in    express    Iheir (J nalown
i,pinions nn Ibe subjecl for   pub
llcufIon, ami I have received ex
pressions nf apprnval friitu   men I1M,IW11  (-,u.,.„      \.\on    Win    Puns
of all shades of political opinion, |c,, lrl'iv'\,,,   Wl i, i„. i,,,,!   t,,,i chni
and 'ilsn from clergym if  nil lemteil  Mi   I:   I,   llordon   i" buttle
ileiinniinaliiiii- Kvcirj   liihlnnnllun    iiRnlnsI   lln- Con
,,,           ,        ,               ii,,' ',1'iv.iiiv.'    lender    Ims  been    mel   by
Please do mil pignniihole lies ,h  ( |.|[,(||    |1||(  r0uiniintluii ns lum
a pr is,, ol   ilrii-iliii   leglslullon |rn  ,„, ,i.,,,i.. ,,i his Inlogrlly.
in   in
\'I"I',MKS 'I'll \T  I'MI.I'II'
Ah on : the Crdft.
Selkirk Preceptory and
Priory held a regular monthly
issembly on Monday evening in
the Chapter rooms of the Masonic
Temple, The principal business
nf Ibe evening was Ibe installation nf ollicers.
Ktninenl Sir [< nights I Mis
staples ami A IV ClrilCG install
il tbe following officers: .1. I*'.
Armstrong I'. I'., .lames Pinlay
i'.. T  Siark M . II   Pellit S.  .\i.
The regular monthly communication nf Rocky Mountain
Chapter H A. M.. was held in
ihi' Chapter room nf the Masonic
Temple nn Tuesday. There
were a large allendaiiee, a number nf sojourning companions
from Moyie, ICImborley nml P'orJ
Sleele alt line
Something to Marvel Over.
The survival of "I'm le Tom's
'libit*" ai iheduwii of the-d Cen-
ui.v is sninetbing iiiuiarvel over,
nut it is au assured faet. The
'lalinrale rennvatinn of Ibe old
nluy by Manager Washburn nf
hn Stetson Compuny in a new
nictoriiil ilress with up.to dule
methods plentifully dispiuyi'd
iliriiughnut its half a dozen nets,
judging from the imx office receipts, wherever tliis company
plays, furnishes ample proof thai
"Uncle Tom's Cabin is st ill
potent, Special scenery I'm'
every scene depicted, enlarged
choruses nt genuine negroes
iriim ('iitiini beli. modern up tn
dale specialties, iwo male and
female rpuivtettos, a bund nf
Alabama pickaninnies, it
gorgeous Cakewalk  in  a  pretty
sellillL'   entitled   "The   Place   nf
nl Silver Mai.''  unproved   lit.'bi
effects ami mechanical  illusions
Will be -ei'll ill the   Slelsiill    pl'n
ducili i   tin.-   famous   play.
Tlie presenting company in
some instances i- a double one,
unl conluins lhe names of numerous footllghl favorites. The
stroei parade is said to be ihe
longest, richest ami in si over
nivon by a threatrlcal company
The Stetson Company Is book,
ed ai lhe Crunbrook • Iporn House
in IVed nosdny Nov. SOili
We in,i', cipocl within j, short
inn,, -um. nl jeiivilv in lho Inn,
liorlim  Industry
A   reporl    from  the  Siillivnn  nun,'
I     In   Ilir       II", I      lll.lt      i.lir,     i,,||S   nl
'li'iui nn' p. hi'ini.   Bblppod dully tu
Hi" : iiii  iii   Mnrysville.
Tlir  North  Utju   wm,  i,  shlppoi   to
iln. '.in.ni ,,f vi tons lmil  u.'.'ii
Tin' tiii.li'i' ncross Hull rlvor nl
Hniiit iii'i'k ui i- pleled innl ih iim
ll.'illli i"!    l.v    I Ims,'    wlio    Imvi'    B00II   II
.i; being nn,' ni iin-   moBt    buHbIiiu
iml i.iiili'i". in this district
\ coppor ilrnporty nonr Elko wns
oxnmlned, mnl minplod this wook in
tin' IntorcBl "f certain proinotecs
win, will devolop Hm   proporty II It
nil unlit
ll In evident now tlml next yenr
Will sen nil ive rnihvny construction
going un in the Koolenny valley THE PROSPECTOR   CUANUROOK. B.I     N'<>\    IH.II
9; 9 9 4 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 4 9   9 ■:■ 9 <  a <■ a 9 a 9 a 9 a    ^j)c IftxQzpytfoam   I';;,, T„i":l
9 ** * \ our illy  .1-  .1
'♦.    i'lli iN I-. Ill Arms
A veil
'11 i;n\ ;'.;'.    ♦
A. 13. e>i*eic«-,
PUBLISH**!!     \.\H    EDITOR
; We Arc Ready To Go To «
: 1
9 T—a
" a.* It]
lute wbu   vi ni
iim   besl     mii'
nr i'ily   lis ,1   whule       I'lviT.
ights    ns :i   mun  mnl llu  nut
llnonccd "i   lod like 11 sl p ■■.        w
.11   ||ke 11 Inu'i"   up '" tl"'    i"'11' '"  f
'"•'"■" ************ **************       ProfeBsloMal.
" \m At '    *   *' -
,\   m.nl
s    aid  in
1-uul'UKO   Jiml   linillil
}:3 * ...SAW   YOUR    WOOD...*' **™y<McCarter * Maodonald
,,,,,,,1  vii    I,   ,11 ▼ I-AIHUANKS-MORSdE: *
l1 ftACrtl     IMC        rMfMMC Jf
II,      lll'lllllilll
iT.ANIlllutii.. B.C,
AT ANV 'l'l MK am
measure it for new cover
ini!      [ 1 avi 11 g uiade
il, muy and oi :, spirll  "t  individual   9
xortlon. * " "' '*' l'"1'1"1'1 n""""-
'  lest ei|uipineul lor suwing wool
©lie liroeyetfov. |XS-^7«»^.irrvv«r *
I... I ,„       ,.,,1,1,.      AlC
ft _  untary    enterprise,     und    111
'! vvbntover    incilitlos,     und    ivbntcvei    ^
* SATURDAY. NlIV. I'.. HK'7. dlroctlon   nml Kiiidnnco muv   l»' no    *t
ft     -  ,.,....„,iv       11    pecuni iieniw will   fat
,       1*1* 1. » 1 a .. I"" "PP»"'I '" '" "Aul1
I-.'    11   I.i mil,. OllS ..1 rertuint
Solicitor. Etc.
ith n arm
1 short  ti
ft..Yd. P. CJURD
1 can gel      They
I'lll'. lllvST  IS TllK CHKAPKST 9'
l,i,„, Roofing, Unit, I GrailbrOOk*   • British Columbia
;lml Bl0W61' Work'   * , C. H. DUNBAR
*  "n   tt   pitr\nt1   0    PA  *
1 ,  ^       l/\ \       \ l\        a
a   U,   11,   UllwiV 1      v_v    \J \J,   ♦
thut   :n    .1 short  iniii'i "   i"1*-'"    ™uua     •    "''   -Tt"' wi'|j   .v ,,H '      UiKNTS ^r
ft    electer™>TV^ '"   ,'r"„   **************    ************
"""     ■   Those who take nny  iuteresl   lu pol    'v''"ls   "1"    ,1'11"1      '      "'"       '
♦ "»■ ■; •»•< «■* , %x ,nM:i::ffi',,,mri; r'euer
 „„■,:■. C'V"^^^*^'". .""IJr}^.h";       ''-''
tion    i"  Hi ■  peop , 'U v    unveil
ments    nuiai   mulol tnki     lu    ile    thi
hlni ,    whl It   in     1 ■
upon 11    !'■.   i1"'   helpli    ness   ol  1!"'
■   to    nerensi     ml   pel-pel
1,1,1   to
Sbnll     we  Imvi
.     '
l'n       .    ■   will   be   worli
        . --.
w     .   i   ' j:j'"j pluee,   in,'    murked 111
-    eel 01 - ul once                    f     aentei  or less degree by bribers und
: ■ .in; m lu    ' lie    disl 1 Ibution   ol
*               mil 'n.iii,.,   i" secure the sup
,—     9         t   ol ■ in.'ii   of   the
The l';iiiilc 1- ami Decorators
ft 9 ft 9 ft 9 ft 9 ft 9 ft 9 ft   4. '.aft: * ft: * ft: 9 ft: ftft: * ft
tb,.  ' purl       ti      ..        I'lu
a* j a,, 1 . 'hey   ni
thul purpose unl)
\      ....
.;•! 1..11
♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
vv huh     ,1
ease    It
x rUK! biLXLH' :
lJi\i_. VV ilNU    \j\J.i   Li 1 1        ♦ ,   ,„„ ,„,,,
II e '.
■     ■        ■ :
true   stm 11 ll ul    ilin'
>>n then
♦       BEER  g  PORTER
♦ SOLD 3Y THE BAR**,:':'.. LP ♦
X               Bottled beer for family ,
t                                    use a specialty *
*    Outside   Orders J
♦ SA riSi1 A^ t lUiN     '  ■      .'..'.' '..'.. J .1   when    ele,
T I I ted    will expected    to    pursu
i 4 P. O. BOX 812      b 9
ft 7\      TELE-PHONK   NO. 1      f ♦
|   Port   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.    J -     , ,,,
.     Th,     Pi
L.  IT.AIM' Vi-   Unl.I.INS | ;' '        ' ,'■
lioth polii
', \
n   wus iwainsFit, "and'thi
ppeul  i"
,.,'uiuiv  ni  ii.    .hmi    liituro  it
■,.,,:-• peintivi        H   imp
j ..... ■     ■
n 1 ..'..''"'  ■'
.,,,..  \ rhen '   *     ' ' it  hcsiti
.j      ,,.,,,     tion  ■ ..i   su   w ....       ui ,
... nee    ol   gettini!    .'v.'i'.  nn  uvernge
■    il IntelliBcnco In ills cubiuet
.... iy in uu   eurly uppenl  i"   the elee
•■■'■-■ ' .     ,
-.    ' ■      *' "'""';    *;"'    :*s'''* •"    ",0   ,u'xl
iinipiiijs-ii   may be.     it  is [airly ecr
:. y	
.   .
■ • thi     publi
, ' . ■   :        mil
be v.:  ui   li
tain    Hint
ay  ii
liaker Street,      Cranhrook, B.C.
IS A [.A RHP. ANIi AT'l'l.'Ai'TIVl', I li iTKI. i IP (JI' I l-'.T
rrslN'K nf sri'KI.'Ini:  KNTP.Id.ENCK.
Special Rails By the Month
ft*;ft 'ft~*.ft:ftft: a'.ft. a ft
ft    9    ft    9 ft   9   ft    9    ft   9    ft   9   ft   ft
ncmbers    will
i.iwj,   nt    the
rllament   The
^^^^^^^^^^  liy    I'uiu-i'ilieil   in  Ilir
nd i tmracter ol the new men
■ : s .li ol Mr, Borden's trumpet
.1 to I'jiiijniji is lluit everywhere
even the machine committees nre
convinced that they must offer cleun
unui. 'I'lie member uf parliament
who has fattened from ihe trough nf
illicit revenue, whn has used Ins vote
m parliament as ;i marketable com
raodlty, is im longer acceptnble to
Canadian constituencies. However
genial In' may Iir. however human
und amiable his weakness, tbe dny
ni ih,- "good fellow" member is past
Tin' conscience uml sense uf duty nnil
responsibility  ol    tlie    Dominion    is
awakened,   Tin w elector,   nml tlie
"M electors now roused i" a sense uf
patriotism, will demnnd integrity
io,i tlim I'""' Intelligence from thoso wim
'rti-r as candidates,
Ii would be Idle in deny Hint lln
. . . the standard "f Intellect nnd ability
Sn Frederick Borden refuses t... in ""' Canadian parliament has
■sign nt Hu- request of Sir Wilfrid"*11-" v''ry low '" ""' ln8t ,w''lvi
aurler Sir Frederick ^liniilii re ! >'f'i"'s- I' 's with something like a
t    il,,'.  "Eye   Openei ''  " '"' ' ""    *"''
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
M„„..la. In,.-,I  l„  II,,.
Remington Typewriter Company
s V oiV**5^^*^^_        Remtico   Paragon   Ribbons
e ---s^si?*^s""'v^t, ^^a       '" il" co'ors *-*n*t f°r
L, ■"*** * ■■ '--Ai\     all makes of typewriters.
"*^^tHM(J^^    -JJ0\   Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
*^»~ '    '     --''rtu7B»i'J       '"""' BillinK Carbons    of
itf—    ___.---.t0fi(?l^^ different   weights  suited
IR.    ,.,,'"::'-'-":"!'i-        tor all classes of work.
''-'"""""     Al.   All  Remtico Typewriter
R>'2zr^*y     Supplies are known as
the   Highest   Grade
Goods Manufactured.
6to. t Reid k Go
and NOTAUV   l'l III.IC.
('innl,muli,   II C
fi. tt. Thompson
*Ztr*f   Nii'I'.Vl.-V I'l'lu.li'
I'rnnlirnuk, ll.C,
'I'll 11 MAS    MoVlTTIB
P.I^.S.  -X* CE.
Fort Sleolu H.O.
S>^..»^.^.Sl.,.,,.,i.i^i...a>a».."»^a.a».» .    .    »
|    Physician and Surgeon
t    iiKI'll'l'', AIIMS'I'Kiim;   All.'..
illill'IIS;    11 lu II ll.lll.   II lul li 111.
: to 8 p.m.
I'linin' < lllii'.' 105    lii'sideiu',' Inn
mmmmnamrmmta .
F. O. E.
Mod I'vi'ry Friduy ul 8 p.in.
\ir-iiini;   llmtliuni  Cordlully   lnvin',1
    , CiiAiS. Smith, W. Presldeni
fe-^j^^S^^^-^-fe-^JSS^   |     A,.,i,. I'I.,.*,,'!,,.,. I'.o. Ilu-.'.'S.
Wi    j .,,......,.....,.,M.,.„M.<.„,.,....,i.,V,..>.<^.
^I( i-| Rocky Mountain Chapter 5
itionul ensisn.
..   the crowd
n-n it
the old stnnil
oiv city nl Allii'itii.
you Start For a Drive
i*..^- '  a I
. f^l
♦ I
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
<. 4 ft ■> a ■■■■ a 4 a > 4 9 4 9 a 4 a 9 a 4 a a a a ft 4
I LEflli Henderson!
Always  Up-to-Datc
The nlil lady of Thread nml Needlo
-;irci'i is now (leinnntlinK n tltscount
.»!' seven per cent.
- . * •
The   ofTecl   of the   finnncinl    situn
tion    is   seen in the   cautious    atti-'
tnile of merchants antl  mill  men.
Did Great Britain shove Canada
into tho Japanese treaty? Noi Who,
anil wim alone, could put. Canada
under thai treaty? It, was sir Wil
frid Laurier that brought Canada
under thai   treaty.
While at 111 lawn, not one of the
"Hit; Seven" of British Columbia,
ever spoke a single wnnl against
making that Japanoso treaty. But
the situation changes when they are
at homo in i his pro\ luce. "Hot
Air" is eminatlng from the "Big 7"
unl i hey are very busy denouncing
the arrival of the Orientals, but
not a single word against tho ma
kers of the treaty.
Crowned heads, viceroys, statesmen, and ecclesiastics are now showering the Wireless Wizard with con
gratulationfl on his success in send
ins Mnrconigrams nver tho broad
I    Tlie Quality Store    1
'i'wn tilings Hint i-iui'i hu in'ni
Huntley and Palmers Biscuits
:; No.  125.   R. A. M, |i
3 I'.t'niiliii-iiit'i'tiiii.'w: -Ihul 'l'ni*s- i
5 iluv   in   I'ut'li   iiiiiiilb   ul  eight -:
j r*. I
■S Sojourning  Companions   are s
:S i'linliiilly Invited. 5
| W.M. I'. Tatk. Scribe K I
;g Bo.\  4        CRANHROOK, B. 0. £
n I    Wake up citizens    and  take an In
,   ,       in     the    coming     municipal
♦ 1 -iprtmn.  which  will  be the most im-
ii i :■.'   in the history ol Cranbrook.
\n< Hid example of tbo utter in
tpai it) ol tbe solid seven as repro
i tut • ni llritish Columbia, is
ii ■ tion m Hie Federal House
n ii Wiirrid Lnurler's Japanese
eat] it has noi yot beon recur
nl that a dingle member rrom this
rovince     spoke        a    single    word
gain t    ' he  t renl y  01   tl tcluslon
1       .Itipanese The     interests    of
ritish   Columbia     'enn    to   go tor
■.    iitie when the Solid  Seven are
ill   .■■ 1      The Wursl    fenturo ol
ip  1 attei   1    then   llionco   nl   Ottn
■    ml theli   grand stand  play  when
r  with  theii   constitaonts,
.buck that nnn thinks of Mr. Ayl
worth as the successor of sir John
'1 bompson, and yet Mr. Aylesworth
comes nearer the old Canadian stan
dard than any of bin colleagues. A
cabinet that has or had room for
such as Hyman, Bmmerson, and
Sir Fred. Borden, is poor indeed.
We intend no referonce to their private conduct, bul only to tbe intellectual capacity nf tliree men who
have tilled important positions must
However, the duty of Improving
the personnel of parliament enn
fronts not only tbo Liberals. Con
servatlvec have a higher standard to
conform to. Theirs is tiie traditional party of learning and genius.
It is the solemn duty of the party
tn send to Ottawa men worthy of
their leader In ability and in integrity.
We do uot mean that every mem
ber should be an orator. II would
lip a calamity if the 211 members of
the House of Commons all aspired
to fame in that direction. But no
man should he chosen as a randj
date liy cither party wim has not an
intelligent grasp of public affairs,
derived not from a guess at popular
opinion or prejudice but from full j *
knowledge and from sober and mn ' •
lure deliberation.     Nel smi  Canadian
Appended will he found tlie oi'O
Shipments and smelter receipts in
detail for the weok and year In dute
iu tons, (rem mines in Sunt beast
Sullivan    COO    27,hiiii
St.   Iflugeno    lil'i.l   21.-I'iii
North    Star    71    2.7M
Gourt Granbrook 8943
1 VfA       "	
Va        1,1'nvi' viiui- m-ili'i' im- Preserving Fruits ul Campbell    w|
1    "'»"i,i„,t.,eyWill Lrotocl you. | I "« \™™v^&™^
^^^■^Zt^^^^^7^^^^^^^^^it^^ZzWt^^2^^^^^A S.-j-ivliu-v. Vi. IlKNUHliSO.N*
MKKTS   ^M)   AND   4TH   Tlll'WSliAYS
Visiting   I tnd In tii   mi-ilinlly   invited
ft~ft mjm^ft..»-»,,»-«■■».#-»■.«■ .ft~9»*-f •***■■*•:•*•+•  »«♦>■•■•• *.A~*"*:9"4:A"*"*"—*"*"A"*"*"*'«
\ Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
i ,
Phone 37. fiend Ollice Cnl-aary.    ■
\Vlln|.|''.SAI.K   AND   L'KTAII.   0l-*..\ l.l'.KS   IN
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .   .
nm' ini'iii
always  fresli,  ns all niif
. killeil in
I Tonsorial Parlor!
t      For n Cool nnil Clonn Shave      3
Or ti Pertect Hair Cut
A Hot or Cold Bath
|,1,,T" Walter B. Laing ni^'KUil
c     lltllii'i' Sli'i'.'t. Criiiilii'iii.k, B.C.     1
^ HOTEL ,,
£ Cranbrook. -      - B.C,   2
5jiiiniHiii!t!!ii!n!!ii!iininitni!iiiffiinnitnHiniH!!i!!iiiu!i!^ h   '
in.,II     nu;   llu'     .In|is
Illi'   Hllllll     Si'Vi'll
ji   Ini'l       'l'lli'   llllll'll
'.',,  mn   will    nut     lio
h(!    ,l,i|i.   Illil'i-   llllll'll
I The First New Oysters of I!
IllllClt)     iiiii
llllllll  'll'l-ll
Thn     Nmn
;.li Willi nl hv
f, tllol'O li, lillh'
'   will   hi'  ii   'i'li
I •! I
/ Tailor % Importer of l\iw,
* a-.... ..     ,,     . „ ,,.
MGuests Uomfni't a Specialty   Good Staliliny in Connection
Fine Woolens.       t
i i
Lrim.In V   ll.C,    Ai'iii-li'inii.'. Ai   f.
**z |.ni |i(.,i jn |u.n,i, ii,   i,    ' ill il iiii . iiii'i
**z        Spiiim l.miiii I'm- Sunday's Dinner
NIlTICI' Is lli'li'hy (,'ll'pn Unit sixty
ilnya nll.iii- dato wo lntoml to n|iply
in tin' Chlol I'niniiilBulolioi' nf I.iiihIh
nml W'nrlis iiniloi' lln- |nui'lsliitii- i,i
lhn "Hlvoi's mil  sii-i'jinis   Art" tor
IH-l'llllsiiliill     Iii     I'llinOVO   nlml llll'l lulu:
anil   iniiili1  iiii|ir<ivi'iiii nin nn Tlioinp
nun  Creok,   In    Wimt  Kootonay,  nont
Kili'lli'lll'l',   llllll    iu'i.'    llll'   :.uili'    in   I,,i
mil lln;    ,unl   ill ii nut     llii'li'iin     Im'::,
llllllii'i,    lllllllirr,    nillh,   ul   I'l'llflji,   llllll
I ulriii'i   iIiiiiih,    I in, ullil,.:
j,liil     i'Iinti'i:,   1111,1   iniitii'    mii'li i,Iiii'i
...,,'ll   I llll|H "I'l'lll'-I'lii   ll.     II1IIV    III'   in ii'i.. Ill V
llll,,,.,,   | fm ill   |llir|»..:i',l.
Iirhliin.!    'I'll" t""'1 i  Hi" mii'i Crook ""
Xi'iiri'si In railrnnil ili'|iiil.    IIiih lU't'oiuui'
ilaliiitis    inr    Ilir    |nil>ln     inii'i|ii:illi'il
l-'nimriil nlvoi'lor
rii.iMinniiK. n.r.
Sl,.nm   Holli'i'H   I Fiii'inii'i' Wni'k ii
i-i| laity.
Cosl nnil Shirk Ksliiuitli'h
l''iil'ni.slii'il 111 it in A-i'iliru-
P.O. Box 834.  GranbrooK, B.G.
ot nml Colli Baths
HOGGARTH 4R-t,.,NL|j|      D. j. JQHNS0N
•ropnetors m
iii, tm
Gto. R. Lmsk & Co
ml     ..    the    il    T    I'     In,    lii'i'ii
  IIVIIl:'     Jl    '11       I      'll     III.    |.i'.:.|hll'
C . . -ij   ■ in-  mi i  I....,   .hi om "" ■
£ iiij»    <i'"Kiui    ;ii'i'    111 *s\    ■    "i"' ""■  '■'"'■|i1 '"■*■'•■•' ,i'
C: NIL     M...l:M»l.     <ll V.     Ill =:    , .,,.,.,„„„.„,  cmilliliil iii
**" ""illiI,ul, inlwi .   ',1     iill     l.lliili:    "I
11.-. ! -.     iiii   il     Hi"V     lllll   lllll
'   111) lllnu,   Jlllll  "l'l
i.j   il„.   Iilon    lliii
'-ll        11"        llllll"'!     I  ,,
.Imri, "i   th" i.i.ililii   I T.I'    which    llio ni-ni .;,',', '"''/Vh..^"(Vi'.'...'."''l
The    , ' ;'"!,'-.ir.'lll    I i '   ..I j l."i/Sy;r,',,M,'T   Wi'iil   KonloniiS ,11,
• ,W|ni   nn ,i    Hi"  wont,  on    ,,■"','  '""'  l|"'""'11   ''?'  '' '"'  ''"""
'       '„' .,'...'.'   ,. i.i,,      I,,,, I I,  Wosl  Ki my    Districl,,  ruiiiilni
',,,.'",,,  ,,„  ,.    ,„.,  fan    ' in.l'lli    iv.'i'l.'ill   n.    n   point      i 11,™
"".' .   . i throo Iniiiilii'.l  iu'i  mniili "I  tlio ''n    2air
I-.",',,    i,i„„    nhz.'.i   ni   i'niil   nnillan   I'nrlllc    I'allwny    track,
ir    (;„„„„.v, a,.,",,,,  ■  z, :T\,:r\::!:;n;;:iir^ All   kinds   of    building    material
iiuiuiuuiiuuiiuiuuuaiuuiwuiuiiuuiuuiiuiuiUiuuuuK-;..,'.:■!:;.,"■:,;,:: »:<^ y,*."^ ^T^i/^:^. \*m. Vi|oonstantiy on hand.
I'lln.M    in
IP. BURNS & CO., Ltd.!
|   ga-5-a.        M '---'"b- y'   1
|\   nn INK III l'n. IUI.N K'l
A  •
I'Inns, Spin illiniums
mnl   lv-1 iiintli's
Carpenter W Huikicr
(looil Worli nl
Bottsoniiblo Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
m       ni iin>niii Miiiniiiiia iiitrlmrHlioii
J]       ran IIIIW In' I '! In till'
fi MANITllllA  IHiTKI,
Is   li'lml l'lli'" Work illllli I. Ill's
| Tonsorial Art
m*m9m'*m9M^9*'*m^*m*4***m9k THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, Ll C, NOV
w—  ■  am*******•**>*•*
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-DAY on 30 days
trial from your dealer and
learn all about real shaving
Tuiiins nml drivers fiirnisl
i'il I'm' nny pninl ill llin (lis
A. DOYI.E. Uauage
a,,, .ii.',..,.".".".".". .»..
Shoe Shop
Repairing a Specialty
Oranbrook, fl.ti.
Sriivdiioii flrinij Barracks
patmore: iiai.i.
Sunday Services:
Afl.'Mi,      -    -
Kvculnn     -     •
Districl ul Kootenay. J
'I'AKl'l   Mi'i'iri'i.   Uml   I    R-lwiml S
WjiiIs nl   Wattnhiu-K,    n.r.  I .limber   *
nuiii.    lntoml In   apply Im* a special
tiiiiiii-r   im'iii'i'    .ui'i-    Hi" Following:
• li'si-rilii'tl IiiikI:        i' noticing nl ii
ptml  plnntoil at  tbo   Southeast cor
A *
t'riinliriii.l,. ll.C.   Tlio Dm ist.s  '  "' ''"' :ll",i;    u"''"'*'   *«»*,'orty *
nf* ..li.iin.. I hi.,,i.>. ...nil, *'il        .'Iiiiii.-       "ft
I 11.1, LINK OK
Hon  Bons
I? A I L W A V
fin nou liGfiMi
Trip io the East
All I oininiinicnlions ml
dressed in your LOCAL
AliKN I'or thn Undorsisrned
Will In' .illi'iuli'il In promptly
Cull mi ni' write:
,' lllllllS,       llli'lli'i' Sillllll       211       I'llllill;
— I tlieneo wesl  sn   clialns, thonco smith
i'WimniiBM.ma.my   in   chains, thenco   enst    In   i'liuins,
—■««-"•*« ,,„.„,,, B I, .„, chlllll81, „.,. ,,,„,.
$'   i.'i 11    ' Iiii     ,'linins iii    wesl    liuiiii
ilmy   nl   'I'. I,   or I,.   Clupp, thenco
 hi •in i'liuins. to N.W. corner I'.H
v.   I i, thoneo onst  to a   point just
„'iiiii ol s. |2, corner ol Lot :ioi;i;,
north t<> ixiini ni commencement,
jiml    rontninlnu:   040 acres   moro or
Kihviu-,1  Wnlls.
I!        Dated October  lBth.1907
Districl nl Kootenay,
'I'AKK  NOTICE  Uml   Kiliviiril  Wall
mm!  im tin' Wattslinre Lumber Co
II Wattsburg,B.C.,  lntoml   to npply dull ■ n Bpeclal timber licence over the foi
lowing lleserilieil Inn,Is:
Commencing at a pnst plantotl
.-iiniilt 211 i'liuins east of tho snntli
easl corner ol Lot 3060, thonco 40
i'liuins east, thenco su i'liuins south
thence 10 chains west, thence 80
chains nortb to pninl of commencement containing H2U acres nini-i' or
Wattsburg  Lumber Oompany,
13 Dated October 3rd,  11IU7'.
TAKK notice thai 1 Intond to apply to tho Board of Licence Com
inissinni'i's nf the Cranbrook License
District nt its tll'Bt meeting held uf-
ter llu iluys from the first publication   of this   imi ire for a   transfer
ir     myself    to  Edward    Watt   nf
Wattsburg, B.C. of the hotel licence
for tho Wattsburg Hotel in Wattsburg, H.r., the owner of tho licensed
premises Is A. E. Watts nl Wattsburg,   ll.C.
James   Neil.
Dnted nl Cranbrook, B.C. this 29
ilny ni October,  A.D.  11107. 44
still afford tu  buy.     A  serious
loss iii lhe revenuH of lhe couu
iry will eusue, uiul presenl  eon
ilitiiuis will  in-  aggravated   in
stem! uf relieved.
'"''k 'I'Iiiii is Hn' win* ii slriltes Ihe
l,"'k iiriliiniiT busiuess inun, nmi he is
Sunday School hi 1.4ft |i.m. asking:   "Whal is the reason for
\ tings hold ovon  night  In  tlio so dmstic a step?"   Two replies
week axi-epl Monday aU p  suggest themselves.    One is tlml
_ ii is engineered by tlm Mnnlreiil
ivlii'iu capitalists who ure using
the bunks to make ti 'killing' out
of tlm fnrmors. This, if true,
would In- almost criminal under
present ciroumstunces, and is
probably not true,
The other is thai  iho  banks
Methodist Ohurob,
iliuiKii'i' Ht'OBS, I'aslor
Siiiuliiv Morning Surv
wu Kootsnau
Kor nil kinds nf
Xniliin.';  linn or nonrso, large
or suiilli iimi wo cannol luiiidli*.
Wc rtlso Do Dm DijeiiK]
Office ,1. Leask, Tailor
, Tako notice that the Mott-Boulton
I Lumber Company, Limited, of Elk-
mouth, B.C., occupation lumber
manufacturers, Intends to apply for
ii special timber licence to cut and
I carry away timber from the follow-
j lug described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tho   Ninth   West   corner   of Lot 359
Bast     Kootonay,    thence    north   tfli
chains, thence oust 80 chains, thence
south     HO    chains,    thence   vest   80
eliains   to   plaoe   of commencement.
Containing li-lfl acres more or less.
Mott-Boulton Lumber Co., Ltd.
per  A.   J.   Mott
Datod   this   Sth    dav   of   October
1907. 41
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice thnt I Edward Watts
of Wattsburg, occupation lumberman, intond to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described lands:-- Commencing at a
posf placed at tlie N. W. corner of
P, li. lOSti, thenoe running 20 chains
south, thence 20 chains west, thence
about lill chains north, thenoe 20
chains cast, thonoe in a southerly
direct ion about 30 chains to the N.
W. corner of Lot 3694, tbenoe 20
south, tlience 20 chains west., to
poinl uf commencement containing
l(iQ acres more or less.
Edward   Watts.
Dated  October 28,    1907. 4-1
Smitii Premier
District  of  Kootenav.
TAKK notice tlmt Frank H. Do
■Mil of Cranbrook, It. O., occupation
Hlai'ksmitb, intends to apply for n
special timber licenco over the following described lands:—■ Commonelng al a post planted at the
nurlbeast corner of timber licenco
No, 9033, thenco west 80 chains.
thonco north 80 chains, thenco east
SO ehains, tbenoe south 80 ehains to
place of commoncomont, containing
i'iiii acres more or less.
Prank   11.   Dezall.
Dated   November  2nd.      1907.      -Ifi
Ilisirict  of  Kootenay.
i   'I'AKK notice thai   John Delmor of
i * r.'i ii hn ml;,   IU'.  occupation  la borer,
! Intends to apply for a special timber
licenco ovor tho  following  described
lands      Commencing at  a  post  plan
has widened its market un-  ted ui the SnuthwoBi comer of tlm
       ,     ,      A. 4     ,      ...   ! ber licence No 9038, tbenee north llio
tilitincludesthewnolecivil- chains, thenee west -io chains, thonco
izedworld; has become the W1^ fcloC0|)j!lm|M ■ ,ll",u" '" ' "'
typewriter of over 300,00c
ul   cmimicucemenl.
Jobn   Deltner.
Dated   November,   2nd.     1906.
%    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    J
District of Kootonay.
TAKK notice tbat Lewis VV. I'at
more, of Oranbrook,B.C, occupation
law-student   intends to npply   for n
special    timber   lieence    uver   the   foi
lowing described   In nils:-—
Commenoing at a pnst planted
about six and a. half miles west
of Gateway on the Koote
nay river mid at the International
boundary line thence oast, so chains,
thonco norlh 80 chains, Ihenee west
hll chains, thouce south 80 chains to
place   of commencement.
Lewis   VV.   Patmore.
Dated  Oct.,  Sth,  1907. 41
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that James M. W.
Hall, of Huston, Mass., occupation,
agont, intends to apply for perinis
sion to purchase tbe following described  land.
Commencing at a post planted at
i he southeast corner of Lot 7222
Croup I, Kooteuuy District, thenee
north 40 chains to the northeast cor
ner of said Lot 7222, tbence southeasterly following the boundary of
tbe island on which said northeast
corner of Lot 7222 is situate to a
point due east of point of commmce
ment, thence west to point of commencement.
James M. W. Hall.
Dated October 10th,  1907. 43
District of Kootenay.
Take notiee that Frank H. Hale,
of Fernie, B.C., occupation Lumberman, intends to apply for permls
sion to purchase tbe following described land.
Commencing at a post planted on
tbe eastern boundary of an island in
the Kootenay River at tbe northeast
eorner of Lot 7222, tbence west to
the westerly boundary of said island
tbence northerly following tbe western boundary of said island to its
most northerly point, thenee southeasterly following the eastern
boundary of said island to point of
commencement, and boing all of
said island north of said Lot 7222.
Frank H. Hale
Dated  October   Uth,   1907. 43
iATUBDAY, NOV, in. 100",
Push Construction Work.
hi n ii.
Kellowshlp mwlliiB   -  - DMfi a.
Suudav Schoolund BUiIoCIiukS i ....
lum- thoir money  locked  up in j
A special invitation is givon tn jjew York,and onnnot jjbI it out,
tho  Moti's Own at  8.30 in llio owing to the crisis there    Ifthis
"Gym" for mon only, be true, aud il   i.s being wldelj
' asserted,  Lhe banks will   have
Minto explaining  i" do     Thoy
?£he IlroOapectov   ^ m-*** '"•■."■ •*«««»'«>
^ r _ New York call limns on he
ground liml ll was necessary lo
have a largo sum there whicli
would ba available ou cull Iim
the purpose of moving lhe crop
I Wliui'G is thai money, whieh hus
Pernio,   B.C!.,   Nov.  II.    Moro h I held back from lhe business
ihuiiM u  are   now   engaged | inleresls ,i| I aiindu fm lie'  vers
in const motion wnrk on the Ilex-' purpose to which ll  cannol now
ford branch, lielw i Pernie nml i'"' applied?
Michel, und ihe payroll of such j    There is probably an explnn
un army of workers added lo the ation, bul the leasl lhl1 banks can
big payrolls of ihe coul coin pa- do Is I tiko ll withoul dolii-
nies nnd  tho  sawmills   pin   In Calgary Herald.
circulation 'urgesums of money,
whiclimalies.il*  Pernio a busy'        An Electric Revolution
commercial center.
Thero Ih now piled  up in  lho     Lloyd's  Weekly   News;    The
yards here sleel rails enough for opening of i lie Marconi system of
mure ihan lo miles of ilie road,  transatlantic   telegraphy   direct |
uud over 25,000  Lies   liuve   been
delivered.    At tlie citibank,  six
miles up the river fiom here, lho
channel of  Klk  river has been
directed        from        Its       old
course   and   the  water   is   now
running      through      the      big
Cff>pl     |        The oven door
•JV^Vl of the Kootenay
T^*^Y*nfi£i! drops down and
JuClJIclC^rrrr provides a shelf
"""-"" upon which to
rest the pans
d rawn from the
-- < b^ The door is
ZL strongly braced
and will.
easily support the
weight of an
extra heavy
Free Booklet
on request.
Tuke Notice, that James Neil,
lumes Qulbi'nltli unci Thomas Worth
have retired from the business of the
Wattsburg Hotel Company; and that
siiiit hotel business will in future be
carried on hy Edward Wntts nnd
■Vndrew Konyon, who will collect all
accounts due the suid Hotel Compuny, und that the said .lames Neil,
James Galbraith and Thomas Worth
will not be responsible for any debts
incurred hy said Wattsburg Hotel
l'o.   after this date.
James Noil.
Jnines Galbraith.
Thomas  Worth.
Dated at Crnnbrook, H.C, October 21st, 1907. _H_     To the ordinary layman,whose
CRANBROOK LAND DISTRICT.   | ulcus of high tkanee are limited
District o! Kootenay
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous   COLUMBIAN  COLLEGE
record of sales, because il
has from the beginning besl
TAKK notice that Otto L. Dllllis.
of Spokane, Wash, occupation Lands
mid Tlmbor, Intends to upply for a
speeiui timber licence over the following descriheil lands:— Commencing nt n post plauted at the South
west cornel* of lot 017:1, thence west
K11 chains, thenco north 120 chuins,
Ibence east III chains," thence south
SO chains, tlience east 40 chains,
llience south til chains to place of
iitln I,. Bullis.
Dated   Sept.   80th,   IU0T. -IM
District of Koolenny.
TAKE notice thai otto L, llallis,
of Spokano, Wash, occupation Lands
and Timber, Intend to apply for 11
special timlier licence over tbe following ilescrihed lands:— Commence-
Ing at. ii post plantod 00 eliains west
anil so    chains soutli 0 f tho  South
wesl    cornor ol timher   II ico 8608,
Ihenee west about 100 clialns to tile
nasi boundary ol 0. P. R. 4591,
llience nortii .III chains, thence eust
alioui 100 clialns, tlience soutli nboul
in chains tn place of boglnnlng.
into I,,  llallis.
Ihiteil   Sept..  80tll,   100". 48
Hi ives     lmil       Ladies    nnd
District of Kooienay.
TAKIO notlco tlml Otto I., linllis,
met everv tvoewritcr ru'ei    Gentlemen ns RosidentornsDaylof Spokane, Wash, occupation Lands
*"" '     'r" L.,.,1,.,1 1, 1   ,    ,.     .      mil   Timher,    inteuils   In  apply   forn
•Sl" s'    Ilns n completo Com- 8poclnl   „„„,„,. ,lc0BC0 m,,,   u,„ ,„,..
lowing lleserilieil   lands:   ■     Colilllienc
Inu ut a post plantod 60 chains west
ths Smith Premier
Typewriter is rei-oe;-
nized r.'z. the greatest improvement in modern '■ ype-
writerconstruction .','..' i*.
providing it, 110.10 ot the
strong fundament ■*.! 1 ■•
turcs, for which the S . ith
Premier has alv/ay.t been
noted, have been sacrificed..
Complete literature ot) re
mei'cln.1 or Business Course,  l'n
pares students lo c'.tin Teachers'
Cerlilleales   of nil  trriules.     lu
ti 11111 intion wilh Toronto I'm
VKHSITY    '.lives   lho   1'iilir    visits
nnd SO chains solllll of the Soutli
west, corner of tlmbor licence 8603,
thence west about HIO chains to enst
boundnry of 1'. I'. II. 'IMI, thence
milt    10 chains,  thonco east   alionl
 'so for the 11. A.  dcercc   and   ll,bo,"t   HO -.liaiiiH. thoiioe   north   40
eluiius   to   plnee   of   hcKllinuil,'.
the  Iti'si  year ui    11■■ >   Toronto otto Ij.  Bullis.
School     of     Science Ilns   it     "' '   ■'''I*'-  '■"""-   ''""' "
special    "Prospectors   Course'
I for miners who work iu II.('
Instructions    oiven    in   ,\ri
THE   SMITH   PfeEMIEE : Ml'Hi(J. Physical C ■« m lo
SYRACUSE, N. V. Por   Onl Inr    elo,   ndiliwi
BR ANC H li 3     B «-"■ p- 1 W 11 i:«      "Col 11 nil un n Colloce",
Gordwood for Stilo.
I   propari'il D> supply, flood
dry stove wood, In nny lottftlhor
iiiiuiilil.v,      LoilA'C   orders    with
(i. T  Kotri'i's. the fjroenr, Bortlo
SPOKANE, WASH. Tci'iii opens Soptomlinr 17th. b■,Klwoll.
88 Soulh Lincoln Streel , Iimii. K, S. Baron
ditch made for it. Hud tho
engineers kept the line on the
righl Iniiili of the old river bed
at this point the truck would
have heen laid al the fool of a
steep cut-bank composed of
iiunibo, loose shuley rock and
gravel, which would have kepi
coming down upon the track in
an endless procession of mud
slides. Had the river not heen
diverted two expensive bridges
would have to lie built in order
lo avoid the mud' slides. Now,
as a resull of the changing of the
channel, throwing il away from
the foot of the high bank, the
old bed of the Rlk becomes the
bed of the new railroad. A
Iraeklnying machine is on llie
ground and will be put to work
laying the steel about -.'Dili of
this month. The surfacing will
be kept up with the track laying
and the new road will be ready
for use soon afler il reaches
Michel. Locating Engineer
Segin has the permanent location
of the new line up the Elk com.
pleled some ilo miles above lhe
mouth of Michel ereek, and is
moving toward the summit, between the bend waters of the Elk
and Kunanaskis rivers as rapidly
as conditions will pel mit. Chief
Engineer Thian i.s again at his
desk afier a Hying Irip lo headquarters at St, Paul, und is making things go nl 11 lively gait in his
department. Spokesman lie-
Where is the Money?
he ordinary layman,
if high tii.anee are I
lo an effort to pay his drafts und
from sin ire lo shore i.s noteworthy
even iii un age remarkable for
the triumphs of mind over mailer
Only twenty years liuve elapsed
since Hertz discovered lhat
electrical oscillations created
waves ill Ihe other of Ihe ntmos
PATMORE   BROS.,   Sole   Agents
i*>;«V.»>.ftft'ft.aft'ftft':*:*.ai*:ftift;7fti*7ft 4.9.aft:9ft:
leave enough  tor Thanksgivliij
dinner, there seems to  be  some
explanation due from the banks
for Iheir action in shutting down  p|etlon ,,s rapidly as possible.
on legitimate wheat loans.   This
Marconi  deiermitied  to
control those waves at will and
lo harness then, lo the service oI'
mankind a? tha agents of inter
communication. His patient
genius was crowned wilh success
:i day or Iwo ago, when messages
from America were propelled
Ihrough ihe air lo Chfden, on Hie
coast of Galwny, with certainty
und incredible swiftness, li is now
possible In telegraph lo America
at the rate of tivepence u word,
whereasthucable rule isoue shilling a word: Ihe inland rates on
lioth sides have lo he added. This
cheapening of communications is
one of the greatest Importance,
and the ndvaiiluges of ihe new
system will no doubl. be greatly
extended in the years to come.
The position of the cable coin
panics is assailed: bid it is
inevitable in the march of pro
gross Ihal si me should lie lell be
Mr. and Mrs. W. I). Hill left
on lhe "Plyor" Sunday on 11 visit
to Spokane.
,1. G, Clillispie and Don Mac
Iluy were al Swansea Monday on
(I. Campbell of Cnlgury nnd
T, W. Greenwood of Trail were
Cranbrook visiiors Monday.
IV. Walsh of Waldo, uud (IS
Barclay of Regina were renis
tered ut the Cosmopolitan Mini
The Cranbrook Wood Fuel  I
. .  Dealers Association  .
4    Tt) WHOM  l'l- MAY CONCERN    V
Wood is Cash
Owing  in  the high pi
1! Horse ft I ami Labor
iu tn be hauled
. i
and tin- dis-lanco whieh dry wood hi
in ibe town, the following prices have boon sol
Slovo Wood 12 to a) inch lengths:: Ricks     $400 ft
Stove Wood 22 In 21 inch lengths 2 Kicks .               $4 50 *,
Furnace Wood over 2 1 inches and under IS inches ' •
1 Hick                                                   $4 00 B
$4 25 ft
ft   Cord Wood per did.
ONI" u t'lv  is  I  |.*i:i.;i   1111:11  ami S |.*|.;i:r 1.1
a     Cranbrook, II ('.. 1 leloher 22nd, 11107. *"
a Members of Association:
.♦-     ti,   S. Huron .Ins. Wallace .1   ft   Deitckit
* IV. Hush I   E   fierce 1;   Largerl
.♦•    Harris ,V W I-      Vi. .1   Doran             P  Hay ward
* |"i, K. Prints IC  Corbell T  Mori
M   Prosl                Cl. Morehidti
*} M   Prosl Cl. Morehidti ft-
9 9
ft-ftftft:♦:»♦<>♦ o ♦»   0 ♦.<>.♦.9 49 ftftftft 9:9 ft;
Vi. 1). Hill's new store011 Ai'in
strong Avenue is well under way.
Contractors Geo, Leask & Co.,
will   push   the   building  to com
S. S. Taylor of Nelson. E. A,
Hill of Moyie. S. II. Jaques of
Spokane and II. G. Proctor of
Vancouver spent Sunday lasl at
the Crunbrook.
country is largely dependent on
its wheal crops for ilsliving.aiid
what is most needed in   Western
Canada just now   is lo   got   the
crop   to   market   and   gel   the
money  for it  back,    Pew   men
can buy wheat   for export,  und! I
pav cash for it.   The system  oil    ■ • <■ M»etlon of  \ ancouver,   I*..
hank advances   against   wheat, Mi's    ol    Greenwood,    Chas.
shipments is the very foundation Kodgers   of   Creston,    E.    .1.
of t -ouulrv's trade i Manchc ol .Seattle, .V .1    Pa let-
,.   , , ison  ol   Winnipeg.   IJ.    I,reckon
Just at lhis junclure  when re-1   ,,       f Wa,,a 1(* ,„„, .,   No|.l(,n
lief  Irom  the  presenl  llnancial ()f »,0l,0n(0  W|l|.(,        g|s ,(,   l)lp
stringency wus looming on  the Ul.ttnbl.(HJ|( Monday,
coiuinercial   horizon,  the  banl.s
appeal' to have -hut down on nil! — :
wheal loans, wiih iho result that      mvms AND BTHBAJia ACT
lhe market hus boon dm ulizeil
Should    such   II   policy   be  con       NnTlt'l-'. is horoby slvon that sixly
lililied   Ihe  effect   will   lie   very   ilnys ufier ilato I  lntoml to npply to
'-'■    BlerHior. »l .«* .hung'*   »« ^T^TlrnlloTl]
business,   shi| 'ills  will   slop,   lhc, ..n|Vora ftm]  stronma   Act"  for
and farmers  will   have  to  hold  pormlnslon to    1* ro   obstruct .-1
their grain, or accept such lower nnd mnko Improv ntn on tho i.u
prices as ninny he  offered  them : "'' Moyio   Itlvor In    Bnrt Kootonnj
J       ,      ,. .  vvlii'l'i'   il   itiis.si'H    Mirinicli   l.ol;.  8435,
by the lew companies Hull  can  gi)30| mt\ m:i». ki:i'.i, 8-110 mnl Mil,
  -   anil   liuiiii' tho    Hlimo   lil     lur   i;111 ini-
flGGldent poiioiesfi^ssi:!
1 Kimberley,   B. C. *
9 9
9    H. W. DREW. Proprietor. ,— _, 9
9 — 9
a**r\. r*)\   l*sT\   I*]**   '*%  r*f\  •'ft,   a**\   t*l\   a*J\   ftfX   t*W   ^  ^C  r*T\   r*K m   •**K m   **r\  •*4*\   ^T\   *9\   a*]K.**wK,
9 Marysville, B.C.
* The  I..
* Mnrv's \
* *
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* *
.wlv    rnrnished.      Tuhl
i.ul ns unv in Kootenav.
i Hotel ii! lhe St *
.   Nice airy rooms ft
sri.un I'or Vein- glvi'H ♦5.IKI i"'
mnl Ji-ill.tlU film iji I 1"... n. -111.
I.Tli. SII'KNUSS col.lev
fj |inr yrnr I'livuri. 110 ill* i".
|,l-|- vv,-,-t.
♦7.iki pur yuiu' ''"vera ynn  n'jiiu-
Hil'lllllMS llf llll)   lllllil.
I'm- piirlli'oliii'H iifuthor I'olluli'	
Fred. W. Swain
Cranlirook.il C . Arnislrong Av
„,, \    I.oIji  «l:i7    uml   8-IIM   uml  ul   11   |i I
nboul i,ui' tlilnl ' I .'it ot  li' i'n .t
ol  Lot  KII 1  jiml  jii   j.iii'Ii othor |ioitili.
! iik mny he   tlGcltloil  upon.     Alno t"
1 i'llllill I'lirt     llnlllOH    lliroili'li     Illi'   moil
lor ■*'  i.oIk sill iiiiiI siiii iiiiii oxtonillng n
Hbort   illstanco     Hi    thor     mnl
liniinis. hIIiIi'h mul cbiitos ul Muli
othor iioinlH ui; mny I"' retnilroil mnl
p. niiiln'   such nilii'i    Improvomoul i
nullum   ,1B m.,v   |„, necoBHiiry tm  sniil   pur
'I'lu.    porl i  tin- ''.'ml    nvi'i   "ii
n- -"I-   vvliii'li   tli.-   in'lil     In   m.'il;.'    sin.I    un
provomontB is hhiibIiI  piihhoh Hi li
tlir Lots i ii ii i ci to in tin- DlHtrlel
,.r   Hiuit   K nay,   in'    mnl    ruim
soutli oiiHtnrly
I!   II   McCoy
Iluli'il    Ilns    siii jIjiv ul   Nuvombor
A II    I'.llli. ti.     ,
X I l.v lit.I; sr. onk limn; wks'i* up
IIII.I.   .'.     I II.       'I'I Ill)    pt  in Inun
itm ..Jin initio lit' ""i'li tin. llvlnir.
Cosmopolitan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager niF. PROSPECTOR, CKANHK'ooK  ii ti. \o\*  in, um:
"Hiawatha   Tea"
Good Tea is an aid to digestion
Its fragrant aroma excites the
flow of the digestive fluids. It
softens food so that the gastio
juices act readily upon it. It's
warmth brings blood to the
stomach. It promotes the assimilation of nutrition by the
Try Wag'staft'e's New Seasons
home-made Preserves.
"Hiawatha   Tea
•PINK'S   Pure   I-noil GROCERY   Dept.
Our Goods are
Supplies food for the nerves
and body Its principal constit
uent is theine- -a tonic that rein
vigorates and freshens mind and
psyche. Good Tea is an actual
health benefit for women and
children and men. Hiawatha
Tea is good. It is a blend of the
tender delicate top leaves and
shoots of hill grown tea. Per
pound 40c. 50c. and 60c.
Try Wagstaffe*s Pure
Jams and Jellies.
®he |U*ctGyccLn\
ape Cod  Cranboi
t   Stewarts.  I •••••••.••^'••'••••••'••••.•f ' m. *- A-*■ *• * ft Ar ** 4r m, Ar *A m    m-Ar m- * alfr* m-m A-sti, m, m
'a 'a   flaaW ^\ ^V..^^ ^^ nt rpt ^V.™ W.a^ ^\ ^^/1-^A.r.t ^t nt nt.nt nt .mt .mt ^K nt ^K
Mr. Otis Staples  president of i» ria||ah«P«    lOllrHTOS 94, a****. a * a. r a at *
.ydiidncn "«»w»|*OvercoatWeather?
lhe Staples Milling Co., ol  Wy- S
i-lill'e vv:i^ in the city Monday.      ift
hi ik   k\ Hv'Yl'.i il^
lili'lo.  Novv
,\,, inulli'i' "lull   liinil ul ;i Hint' .veil I'l'-i'-
Plensura to Quote Yuu Pric
.'l-'li'l \l.   r. I'  H.   WATCH    INSI'KITi-ll
♦    „       ,M                      i   \9 IRISH ROLL
a     Mr. and Mrs, Sterling (staples « TU/n  rl ..,_-
% ol    Wycliffe    were   Cranbrook\1 '"u  rLAKtb
| visitors Monday.                         ji DARK   SHAG
Mackerel,  Coil    nml    Whit.-ti.-h    at      .,      ...      c,                  u     ,        'ft InUW   M«U ft
'   iiiinis ,v c.     Phone 10             |    H.    *'■    &harpe,   a Spokane « ni n rH4TP4ll I
mining   mun,   was   transacting 18 ULU WIAItAU h
llus. Theis uml   M.  Schilling business al Cranhrook  Monday, ft BYKE S
i-:ii lown   rrom   Perry  Creek
Monday on business. Mrs. D.   M.   Payne of  Moose
.iiivv wus visiting friends nt Cran-
Njiv.-I  Oranws at   Stewarts. brook this week.
Mr.  nml   Mrs.   K.   FVngan uf
rysvitle  wore guc
Cosniopolitttn Monday.
sis  III   lh
Mr. nml Mrs. .1. ti. Buckley of
Montreal were nl the Craiihrook
Paul Hundley came down from     p s. Stermun, ,1.   W   Mooi
Marysville Wednesday nn husi
Vs. II Andrews of 15hnodalo,
N. S. wns ut theCrnnbrook Wednesday.
A. E. Walls nl Wattsburg, returned Wednesday from ti business trip tn t Ittttwa.
mil ti. A. Miicnuramii of Pernie
wore guests at the Crunbrook
Oklahoma enters the Union ns
a "dry" state, but il is dollars to
cents thai .lohn Unj'loycorn will
hold sway iu the new slate today.
jj Cigar Store |
Crunbrook, H.C.
. NOV. 20111
Dr. linlilwin. und   Mrs.  Glod
 win "I   Waldo were CrunbrookIof   WyclilTe,    I).    Anderson' of
Winnipeg visitors Wednesday. Spokane, und ti.  A,  Gaskill of
Kimberley were  nt   the  Cosmo-
N. Hanson of Witsa, D,   Kimp-    UllClC    Tolll'S
ton of Windermere,   11.   Staples
lleadipi'.U'tei's fur:
M vi  vi. \ (il! U'l'.s
II. Epstein, II. I-l.   Moore nml
i   Un' place tn get il'.nu'  |-'|,.,| Jncks I' Calgary  were
ulv,  fresh dally 'The Palm'
 .    '
.\  i'  Howness  wus al   Moyh
Mrs  '    '        .'.'i  children   re-
■  i neil 'A ed  i sday I rom  tm  ex
di it Morris, Manitoba
registered    nl    the   Cranbrook
i Wednesday,
i'. A. Smith w;i> ni Spolcnne
ti, - week taking in tlio sights.
Mr Siuii li reports having n very
pleasant time.
unP.S I   '.::.*
IHNI-;  Vl'pl.l-'.s
. : tNiiKs is    id a ver*  en
IS   Al"l'l.i-'..S   DAN.v peril lioust .,,,,.,, ,  ,.
.1   Iiu ilt i \ ancouver, i
W   lie ' Spok,  M.   Moore
politun Thursday.
Miss Grucie Higgins wishes lu
acknowledge the receipt uf a line
basket uf California grapes front
Mr. II.  Stewart.    Miss Oracle, „,     ,. .,    ,
and a number of her play ,ns I wo Knnny Marks
ujoyed ilii'iu very much. t'wo Mischievous lopsius
Gorgeous Scenery with Bonn I
Mure Grand Novelties than ever
Two Brass Bands and Orchestra
-■•■ I'iiii- I
I . Hospital Hal
\,,. ember
Hugh Ste\ ;.. .
The   l;. :."..'ii,   llu
Piiono 75       ftrmstrona. ftve,     ,-. ,,   .'.,..
p ...    ■.   riis .:   prnno  nee
K. II. Byron ol Winnipeg, .1,        *»l Eleclrieal Effects
urnpos   nt! I'.   Davis    uf    WyclilTe,    Win, Grand   Vision and Trnusl'orinu
Morris of   V 'oiiver,   II.    A.        tion Scones
Whitehead  uf   Toronto,   .1.   Vi, Genuine Southern Cako Walkers
Burl ul* New Vork, A. II. Speery ||„,.|i IU11| Wing Dancers
I      .1.       S,
MueKuriTii'l-n uf Moyie   worn   ul
tho Oranbrook Tuesday.
i   B   Stroughers nf Calgary
■'. ere registered ut llie I Jranbronk
??    Spokane,     uiul     -■       *>.|M| ,„,, r.'omalo Quartolla
Chariots  drawn   by   Handsome
Slmi luml Ponies
cuuii.i .1..,  iim,,,-:,,'.. not Col.   Sawyer's  Pack    Siberian
Indian Agent   I.    I,   T,  Gal   coining lo  lho front,  but   il   is        " ' H""n<is
bi-aith, Win   Carlin uml  Albert etirly, and no doubt there will be
ii i-'nri Steole were trans, enough when   ination   dny Watch for the Big Street Parade
acting   liusine
:it   Crniilii k
. i  v.VBHUi IK   ..v.. I'RIl T
District    :  Km '•:.
TAKK  notici    thut Uberi      'I hi   ' ratibruok    Brass    Band
:,     .-,:   on  Thursday1     ti   ti,   Huwthornoof Nelson, II
■'-■■'"  ,. f.nins     Mi   .Iiiines Ausl n has  I.   Sawyer ol   Pincher   i
It sun: I'vi'i-.v mun tlmt euros to 9
Invest h v',-i'v largo sum ot luono.v 9-
for tin- mini ulni uii,'.- his over- W
I'oal  htii'il servk'u anil yet   wants ft'
Style, Fit nml I liipuliilit.v nt n .M,,,|. J
Bi-ulo eust,  vv liuve Itn'os of Ovnr- 9
I'OlltSIII 9
'. -* |
f£§      $10.00, $12.00. $15.00 9
$18.00 and $20.00 *
These Coals ure well
tailored from good fabrics,
lined wilii good material
unil carry all the style of tbe
moro expensive members of
our overcoat futnilv.
A Satisfactory Overcoat     *
At a Moderate Price       9
WE'I.K. /iT YiM'i; SERVICE  9
Crunbrook. H.C
9      ■   ,
.^-      liGlU  I ilOCK vji'iiiiin'uuH.   m.v w
'WW\fc'W'i\tV 'maf   \mf kmf   \mf   \mf   \3m*   \mf        \m*   \tW   \^A^    —Xt1 V^   \mf   \mf   \mf   XmT*   *m*ssf' \mf   'Uktftmf
* ^***"^''* \n& * * * * ^^'^ ; ^ * * tW" ^J'irsW * * fm ^'tI'W*'*
■ft"*ft:'*:4,'aft: a. *; a ft; 9 ft 91 * >* <. ft:* :9. a ft:,*ft,::*ft
our Line oi heating stoves
.fumes Austin ol Spok  If.  S.     Purmor .lohn (lllvor wits in th
arrives. Ex-Mayor lingers. Ex
Mayor Pinlay, Alderman .LP.
Pink nnd Alderman A. McCowan j    ™l< ^ *'•«". ''"'  *•"* ""<••    j ft
uro 1 Hiuned. Tickets on salo 111   Bcallio St - *
Atchison's Drug Store, \ft
- ton
met   . , [.hinted    ut   Hi
...... ...,..,■!
MOllll  'I
Dateil   Hn    Klt.li    I'
ul pi u-i   .   neel    L'n will In held   W
11,..    Iiiihi     .    ' llu      new    Hi
iver nl build   ,.       ll    .-  ox    L"
IliillN       M
-,,,,   o|   llutnillon    .'imi     \   vicinity of   lho   public    sel I
 r suck ville, N. 11   wereh'hiirsdtiy wi t was dismissed j    Why Cough to The Coffin
•. ;,i ii,,, I'oyal Tli'ii'sdnv.     ;'i n and wns much  interest
oil in iho  manner in  whioh the
large uiiinberuf |iti|iils llleil oul of
rieniis or the Ijuboring  nmn.   ihu school building. ..     ..      ,,,
,-,-ii     Was  it an  evlil  nl > l'l". Scoll
•ndliness   when    Sir   Wilfrid      -,.,    ,. , ,   .,.....,    »      ^(>_  ,(,(  ()|
I.s thinning out, but
still have a fai.r slock
ul' the nne here illli
strnleil: ll is 11 grand
healer, unil I'Ollson
able in price,
l.ol lis have your
order, uiul our linner
will put it and the
necessary pipes up
without profanity,
s Prescription ft 'cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE if
Itll'llO'l   1I11VVII    llll-    ilill
Tho Granbrook Turf  Asso
1      i'   '  '■■    "■''     '" , ""■'    - Id 1 ling In Mighton'.
essof labor us suggested by the  ||;l||   (|||   Mn||(|.|v   nvon|„w      ( old  Cil re   Tilhk'S
l;l1""- ventirilllU Will :■       „,,„. ,,„ ,„.;„,_,   o|„co|.R.
V   A   Rollins,   president,   S,  .1.      They do the work  nnd  at'l'esl
Hill i,;,||,hor. nmi  ihe   balance  Mighton, vice |iresidonf, innniig   |(l|, ,||(]s| slll|lll,„. M
nf tlie "Seven Big Un's"  expecl  htg     Director     .luiues     liyan,
ivbicli showsl .rim sort,    rl 1 the  lu be re-elected lo the  lions.'  of Seci'otliry llllll Tl'oastll'or  T    M.
•tir-v  holdei    * ■"■   i"1'        'linln   iho   vntnrlic (_' motiR 1  pull rrom the l/tb   Hobot'ls     Messrs A,   Doyle,   l\.
machine,  wl„ „■ »  S  Hull, ft,. II. Siiiall,  and  .1    P.
ft^ftft.* 9 4 a *;aft a ft%9 a'ft'.aftft'ft'a"9 ftfttft'ft
11    «    prow   nl   Km.I..-
ti • ■..-..■.ii.. 'f '» 'j':; ,..:,--i,,:.-,:1:,v'v"hv
siii'iini'o will 'I" well liigui :i rni)   , ,., ,      ui  ,„ v	
of uur painphh'l "Aelnnl Kesnlls
I,, Policy II0I1I
evory es ■<■ •■■ ,--- ■••■■-,  ' ■■,„■„„,,,   KC\   1, ,,   ..i„n..   oi th„ ,
have   1 11   I'-uii/.""       vpi'iv   I" roiniit,   ....     l.nrs anil oth bjocts . 1 i,.;. ,   .,.,,,.., ..i,,,,.,,,!  .,„  .,,,  ,.v....,, !
,      , ,.     , . I i    1 ..     ,,   11 , I ,l'l , V I lll'l'   IS  OIK'.', " 1 -I     111   -.   II  I ^   1 I   I"      '   III I    VV O I I     I 'II '1  I I 'I I     ,  S     ,1 11     IJ AIH •!
I roil   W. Swain,   districl   ngonl,   ,, imi,,,,.;i  ,,„ tho 1 1 to prosper! |»'niuii  ih iii^ngnii 111 miiiimuiik
jty, hcloro roturnlng to Crunbrook. machlllus     VIUU hope. | live I'liuiuiiiioc. |
Ariiistroii-i Av
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
School of Mining
The IsDswIri Chtm ire •litre*:
I—Four Veats* Course for Uejreeof B..Sc.
II—Tliree Vetrg' CourKfor Uiploiui.
Alllllilrd lo Qn«n s Unlverslly, c-Mintniogr »»il Omioj/.
V„ Otendar of ll,c School .ud fo.llia, {-^"^"'YLfX'/rin'^'
loformalioii. apply lo Ihf SecreUry, Scliool »-l-l«tr*c«l Bnflnmrini.
of MinliiK. Kln^alotl, Ontui 1,1
A-Bfology ind Public Hcallli.        T


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