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The Prospector Sep 9, 1905

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Array [i mn*» y
Vol. 11.
No. 87.
| led ii tlm or two before In order
  that it mighl be raised a fool or
A Pen Sketch of Tho   Man Who;'"'" hi*-'h"''- as H was found thai
Has The Work in Hand.      Lthe,Mfth water w.w liable to interfere with Hrlng during HimhI
! tl 111. •.
Moylo, Bopt, 7.—Worli 0,1 the
Aurora la progressing in a manner characteristic of tho men who
have it in iniml. Easl Kootenay
may consider Itself favored by
having the development of the
property undertaken by men of
I his class real miners operating
with faith in themselves ami
backing their judgement with
thoirown moueyi money, too,thai
they have taken oul of the
grouud as the result of other
such undertakings.
Mr Wilson, who Is at the head
nl ilic enterprise has made an
immense fortune ai mining in
iho last fifteen years, and spent
many years previous to thai in
tho school of experience which
eminently  tits  him for the busi-
ito tin' mill
All tin' successful mining |   m.
thai has been Join'  In Southeast [
Mr, Boynton, tho manager, sel
men to work and by six o'clock
the fire was started under th.'
boiler and the big pump started
Two streams of water was kepi
going all day putting out the
tiro which was eating int.. tho
slab and   saw-dust  tilling  about
the mill By hard work the fine
large burner was saved from
destruction by keeping the fires
out from among the filling upon
which il was built.
The fine large mill, the pride
of the town, was reduced to
ashes ill less than two hours
The planing plant, one ol' the
finest in the whole province was
saved, as was the machine shops
which were the nearest buildings
Visitors From All Over Southeast Kootenay Visit the
Capital  City.
Kootenay bus been by men of
ilie same school ami class.
Twenty years ago Charles
Sweuey, of Hie Sullivan, .lames
Cronin of the St. Eugene, ami
Dick Wilson were rustling grub'
slakes  ami   means   to  develop
were several large
boilers, side by side, which sup-
plied fully lour hundred horse
power and il is hoped that thoso
have not been seriously damaged
There was over four million foot
of lumber piled iu the yard,
which was saved by  the timely
  ■ i Hull' shower  which dampened
prospects in the C ' il' Al s. , ,. _ lumbQl, and saw dHs| M lhare
andthocar 'of each Is such that WM bu| |||||c. ,,.,_„,,,. fm,n ,.,,,
gives a highly romantic llavor to ,Dg slml.ks
mines and   miners,   ami makes     Ml,   Qoyllton hftd ,,i.it.h.>_1 to
plain people millionaires. Lulinan  automatic  sprinkling
Dick Wilson discovered ami | ,,,.,„, wl|il.h W|ll|||| have comple.
located the Mammoth mine, which Lgd lhe beg| flre protection to be
n| thai lime was a very ordinary I fou„d anywhere.     The loss was
pros st. With the aid of friendsU^ ,M|i| ,M|| [m.imy ,im,ved
nt Bulto, Mont,, who furnished by    insurttl]oa    amounting   to
money todo meagredevelopmenI, W(1 ,
ami by the Bxerclse of mining
skill tin- prospeel was put in
producing shape, ami continued
io develop io an exiensivo mine.
Mr Wilson anil his friends took
several millions out of the mine,
and tln'ii lurned over to the Federal Mining Company a majority 	
of  ihe stock of hi, company fori    Malcom   Mclnnes of Calgary
,, ,,. „.,       ,,   ,      , ! was in tow n Kriilav.
other   miliums       I he    I'eiloral
MiningCom| ywus promoted     \ E. Lanier of Spokane was
by l'has. Sweuey who interested I iii town Tuesday.
tin   Rock fellers and Goulds in a —*■•
number ol   properties  in   the!   '■■ Wadsworth of Vanoouvei
r   Land of Wardner  was a
guest at the Cranbrook Friday.
K. Becker of Bayard  was in
the city Friday
Malcom  Mc]
1 was in town Friday.
(' ■ il' Alones which was cap!
talized lor #30,000,000 and which
has been paying seven per cent
on Ihe capitalization, which sent
tlii' slock booming, and made
Swcne.v and his friends millionaires. When Kast Kootenay gets
more of this class of miners in
lerestod in her mines things will
go booming here.
$100,000 FIRE AT FERNIE.
was in town Monday.
N. Hanson and N. Johnson ol
Wasa were iii town Monday.
A.   C.   Cooke.   Ryan,   was   in
town Monday.
il. A. McGowan, Creston, was
in town Momlay.
A   Mellor of  Marysville was
in town Momlay.
T.    Lobe]  and   wife,   I'incher
Klk   River Company's Mills Was!Oroqk, were guests al  tho Cran
Completely Destroyed by Fire
On Thursday Morning.
Fernie. Kept.
Kiver company's mill was total
ly destroyed by tire this morning
Involving a loss of tUOO, partially insured
The fire broke oul in the lath
mill, and when discovered by tho
night watchman had gainod such
headway that it was impossible
to save the mill. The watchman
had just started the tire under
ihe mill boilers, and upon discovering the tire attempted lo start
ihe pumps. All Ibis look time,
but   the  tire did not wail.    In a
few minutes tho  mill was one
great blaze, and before any one
was   on   the   scene   to help the
watchman the Homes had completely enveloped the lath mill,
anil was spreading rapidly
through Ihe big mill. As SOOtl
as men arrived work was begun
to keep the lire from spreading.
The tramway was cut away to
prevent the  lire following  il to
the lumber piles, and buokel
brigades wore formed to keep
the machine shops from Igniting
from Ihe heal of the mill. The
big pump soon eeaseil lo work as
tiie boilers wore separated from
it by   the breaking ol the steam
pipes which connected them Willi
tiie pump.
The    auxiliary   boiler   in the
machine shop bad been un.oup-
brook Monday.
.lames Finley. manager ol the
Sullivan mine,  was down from
The   Klk | the mine Friday on business.
Wn Bennett, Sullivan mine,
wasa guesl al the Cosmopolitan
!•'. W, Godfrey, Victoria, was
registered nl the Cosmopolitan
Mrs. ami .Miss Northey, of
Bayard, were guests at the Cosmopolitan Friday.
15. 0, Smith, ex M.l'.l'., of St.
Mary's prairie, was in town
Friday on business.
Government Agenl Armstrong
returned from an official visit to
Pernio Friday,
Ed, Sproulo of Marysville was
a. host in himself, as a committee
man on Monday.
Mrs. Ohos Kllngensmlth, Colo-
man, Albt., was at the Cosmopolitan Momlay.
Wanted- Hoy about If. years
of age to learn the printing business. Apply at Prospector
A. I'. Largo, C   A.   Clothier.
K. o. Kamm, (1. Trainer, D,  A
Avers, II. Lowe. A, Dandiiranil,
B, Clothier, 11 Stewart, T.
Hughes, W. Williams, c. A.
Foote and 1). ,1. El mor of Moyie
were registered al Ihe Cranbrook Monday.
Tho celebration of Labor Day, has come and gone, and where
is the man. woman or child, within Cranbrook's fold who failed to
celebrate the day devoted to the cause of labor. Tho city was
ablaze with excitement, all united as one man to do honor to the
day. Tho decorations were artistic, anil formed a pretty effect,
blend,'il in every imaginable shape, gave evidence of the true
fooling now existing between labor antl capital iu Southeast
The bright sunrise gave promise ol a perfect day, and raised
the spirits of the people on pleasure bent Karly-l*tho morning
the people from the outside commenced lo arrive Special trains
from the east and west were loaded to their fullest capacity, and
by noon not less than 8,000 people wore iu town, guests of the city
of Cranbrook,
The arranged programme was carried out without a hitch, ami
between events there was not Ihe disagreeable waits which usually
occur on such occasions. The events passed off rapidly and well,
ami the committee may well congratulate themselves upon the
manner in which tin lebration was conducted.
There were present people from {'aJgury, Nelson, Kyan. Creston, Moyie, North Star Mine. Kimberley. Marysville, Wasa, Fort
Steele, Wardner, Fernie, Elko, Morrissey, .lalTrajt ami from every
outlying camp in SoulheastT-Ootenay.
The streets were gaily decorated with pkllO fives and bunting.
It was an occasion long to lie remembered. Tbe following is u
partial list of business houses and hotels that were decorated: (I.
T. Rogers general merchandise, McSweyn the tailor, Cranbrook
hotel. Reid >v Co. dry goods and clothing, Cosmopolitan hotel. S
.1. Migbton, tobacconist, Tisdale fruit and confectionery, Kink
Hros. general merchandise, Chas Reid A- Co. druggists, Cranbrook
Herald, Wentworth hotel, Queens hotel, Hill & Co., H. Stewart
confectionery. Patmore Hros hardware. Imperial hotel, A. 1. Mc
Dermot wholesale liquors, F •'. Bradley <S Co. decorators, Short
A- Co. painters and decorators. The Candy Makers, ami a number
of others. The Royal hotel was beautifully decorated with hunting, Hags ami pine trees, and its spacious balcony and piazza wore
filled to overflowing with guests who witnessed the parade from
this muchly sought vantage.
The special train from the west brought in over four hundred
visitors, the regular train from the oast was loaded, and a special
from Fernie contained about live hundred Including the Fernie
riflemen and tho Pernio City Band of 20 pieces. Hundreds of
people came lu from the outlying camps on the St. Mary's, and
every town, milling camp, logging camp ami lumbering camp sent
in its quota of pleasure seekers to help swell the attendance al
Cranbrook's "big celebration" of Labor Day.
due of ilie most pleasing and attractive events of the day was
ihe big procession, which Included i wo brass bands, two companies
of riflemen, labor organizations, Fire Brigade, Hi floats represent
iug business houses and industrial works of all kinds, antl a large
number of Kootenay Indians, Twenty minutes were occupied by
the procession iu passing the corner of Baker street and Arm
strong avenue.
Tbo procession was formed on Armstrong avenue, near the
Government Offices, ami at eleven o'clock it was started. First
came the Cranbrook Citizens Hand consisting of Hi pieces. Then
Ihe Fire Brigade with hook ami ladder truck and hose wagon, the
hose reel being in reserve at the Fire Hall in ease of an emergency
The Kootenay Lodge of It. B.C. with (in men in line, then a solitary
piper from Fernie. The Fernie City Hand of 20 pieces, Fernie
Riflemen 80 men, undor command of Captain T. MeKvoy.
Float No. I, representing the business house of 11. T. Rogers,
it was a pyramid of shelf groceries. Ml'. Rogers standing   busido a
barrel of sweet candies which he dispensed with a liberal hand
to all.
Float   No.   -,   was  the  creation  of  Beattie  A  Atchison  the
druggists, ami was artistically arranged, and was occupied by a
number of visitors who wet nabled to view the business portion
of the city,
Float No. 8, one or the prettiest in llio parade, If was a sort
of canopy, trimmed in while ami blue. Ihe standards having
Watches  of  all  descriptions  safely  secured   to  them, under  the
canopy was a small table containing silverware, surrounded l.y n
number of small girls drossod in white. This float was designed
by W. K. Wilson the jeweler.
Float No. I, representing the business of Reid _c Co, dry
goods ami clothing, ami was one of Ih" largest in Ihe procession.
I'yrumids of dry goods, idothing and carpets tilled tho Interior' of
the van. anil suspended from the
supports were rich draperies of
every description.
An unfortunate mule, labelled
"second band" followed.
Float No .'a. represented an
Indian Trading Post, and  was a
tribute to the inventive genius
Iof Jim McArthur dealer in
| second hand goods    It was tilled
with furs, a number of gorgeously dressed Indians and Sipiaws.
and McAnliur himself, painted
ami dressed as a Kootenay brave
who handled a couple of pet
bears, holding them up by the
neck for the inspection of the
public, in a manner Ihal made
many Siawa.sl.es turn green with
envy. Tins was the most
original float.
Float No. ti, was another
creation of Jim McArthur, it
was a series of steps, on which
were seated a number of boys,
in costume, playing on musical
instruments of all kinds.
Float No. 7, representing the
business of Fink Bros., General
Merchants,   anil  was a  generalI
display of teas and coffees, which
wore arranged in a most attractive manner,  and   presented   a
business appearance that attract- ]
ed considerable attention
Float No. 8, was tne largest
mercantile tloat iu the parade,
and represented the Co Opera-1
live store, and was divided into
several sections. The first was
a representative grocery store,
the   second    section,    clothing, I
boots and .shoes, the third section, carpets elt'.. while the|
fourth section indicated a room j
nicely furnished, containing a
piano which was being played
by a lady This float won lirst
Float No. 'J. w.is in the hardware line, anil represented Iho
business of McCallum A Co . and
presented a liueof hardware and
stoves   and   kitchen    ware,   all
tastefully arranged.
Float No. 10, was the creation
of the Cranbrook Sash and Door
Factory, and represented a small
arbor structure, filled with
finished material used in house
building, it was prettily decorated with bright colored bunting
Float No. 11. was the Nortli
Star blacksmith simp, with
forgo and blacksmith in active
Float No. 11', was Kerrigan's
brewery, anil containing a null
for grinding mall, a boiler and
engine in operation, and other
appurtenances for brewing, also
a bottling plant.
Float No. Ill, was the Cranbrook Bakery team, nicely
decorated, with cards indicative
of its business.
Float No. 14, was from Staples
Mills, was drawn by eight large
horses, on the lloat was one large
timber 82x84 Inches square Hi
feel long, on top of this was a
limber 24x24 inches 11 fool in
length, on top of this one a 12x12
12 foot long, on this one '•y 10
feet iu length, on this one a 1x4
s feet long, on this one a 2x2 0
foul long. This lloat with its
eight big horses made a very
imposing appearance as il passed
in the parade, ami was the
winner of the lirst prize for the
I imber industry
Float No. 16, was from the
King Lumber Co. ami was a
single slick 10x10 Inches and
"ti foot in length. It was drawn
by four large powerful horses,
antl would be a prize winner in
any country where lumber Is the
most prominent Industry,
Float No. Iti, was a beautifully
decorated      buggy     Containing
.lames Greer, builder and contractor, and his daughter, who
carried a largo boquet of rare
flowers. On the side of the
horse wore banners describing
the business of Mr. Greer.
Float No. 17, was the exhibit
of the East Kootenay Lumber
Co. On this tloat was a gasoline
engine driving a band saw and
planer, and the operation of
planing and   sawing   was   wit
nessed by all. This float took
second prize for best lloat representing tho lumber Industry
In the rear of the procession
were a number of broncho
busters. Indians ami Squaws, nil
dressed in bright ami attractive
The events of the day, after
the big parade, ami the exhibition drill by the Fernie Riflemen
passed oil' rapidly ami wore as
Hose Reel races. Cranbrook
vs. Movie. Tho wot hose race
went to Cranbrook iu the remarkable fast time of IM I a
seconds. In the Hub and Hub
race Moyie was the winner, time
12 seconds. The Harvie Cup
will remain in Cranbrook, the
property of Ihe Cranbrook F'ire
Brigade, and Moyie firemen take
a smaller cup and $25 cash as]
second prize.
Half  mile  dash,   free  to   ill,
was won by Bay Hilly, owned by-
Moses.     Lillie ind owned by A.
Half mile pony race, Nellie
owned by ,1. Griener was 1st,
Weary Willie, owned by F. Mo-
Diartnld of Marysville 2nd,
Indian pony nice, a grey entered by Andrew was 1st, and a
bay entered by Simon 2nd,
As topee builders, Kootenay
klooclimon. proved that they
were adepts in llio business, two
squaws, McLttko and Sophy look
1st money, with the   McLean
sisters a close second.
lu the chopping contest U. H.
Robertson was first and F. A.
Nelson 2nd.
Sawing contest Messrs Young
and Moore won 1st money, with
Messrs Lindquiat and Swore
Tie making—T. K. Murphy
was 1st and T. Young 2nd.
Log loading—King's mill team
composed of E. M. Langham, F.
McKweii. and .1. Mclnnes teamster, captured 1st money; iii '.I
minutes and 1 T> seconds. Kast
Kootenay loam. .1. Poster, M.
Trophy, and teamster, 2nd, in
io minutes and 80 seoonds.
Drilling contest - there were
five entrees, first prize went to
Messrs Babishand and Emanuel
of the Sullivan mine, having
drilled 8Bj inches. Messrs
Lero.v ami Evans of the St.
Eugene mine a close second with
BOj inches.
In the 100 yards foot race T.
Gallon was 1st with (loo. Mannahan 2nd,
Half mile foot race. W. M.
Harris was 1st. A. Klwell .nil.
Broad Jump, 1). Ayers, Movie.
1st; with I). A. McLean of
Craubrooli 2nd,
High jump. F. McCoiinoll 1st.
D. A. McLean 2nd.
Hoys race, under in years, R
Patton 1st. s. Elmer -nil.
Girls race, under III years.
Miss  0,   McConnell was 1st ami
Gladys Gaskell 2nd,
Fat mens race. 200 lbs, and
over, T. Hughes was 1st, .1. .1.
Baxter Slid,
Union mens race, 100 yards,
'JO to 85 years, ti. Mannahan 1st,
D  McLean '.'nil.
Union mens race. 100 yards,
Ik", to 4a yours, T. Hughes 1st,
P. Dallas 2nd,
<.iris under 10 yours, Miss C,
Moore 1st,   Miss F. Woods 2nd,
Hoys under 10 years. W Corey
1st, 11. Iliekenhothuni '.'ml.
High polo vault, D. A.McLean
8fl -Jin, F. Lewis 2nd.
Putting the shot, (I. iMannahan
84ft Bin, d. B. .MeDiarmid SB ft
H in.
In the tug of war, Moyie was
first with Cranbrook second.
The Shooting Contest.
The shooting contest took
place at the grounds of the
Cranbrook Rod & Gun Club.
Fernie won the silver cup presented by the Labor Day committee, and J. P. Pinkham of
Cranbrook won the gold medal
presented by Beattie A Atchison
The following was the total
scores made:
Fhhnii: Ci.ru  07.
Mora  oi.
Cranbrook    64.
In the fifteen bird contest,
.1 h'. M. Pinkham won the gold
medal, Cameron 2nd   prize,   and
Wrigglesworth, Brd prize.
I'lti/.K   Winners.
Best merchants float—Cranbrook Co Operative stores.
Best Lumbermens float—East
Kootenay Lumber Co.
Union with best general appearance B, R. Carmen.
Union with largest representation—Carpenters Union.
standard Lumber Co.
Cranbrook Fire Brigade.
Moyie Fire Brigade.
There were no serious accidents
lo chronicle.
The silvery and seductive
voice of the Pool seller was
oonspicuous by its absence.
Moyie captured its share of
file prizes.
Fernie carried off  the cup in
Ihe shooting contest.
John Swenson Purohases Valuable
Property on Perry Creek.
Pony Creek. Sept. 7.—H. W.
Ross has sold his interest in the
Roaring King property up Perry
Creek to John Swenson. Since
Mr. Boss left here last fall he
has boon engaged in some successful mining undertakings in
Nevada, and since then interested in properties in Nevada, Old
Mexico and Arizona. He is a
field man ami assistant manager
for a large corporation that has
a large tract of land in Mexico
which they will irrigate and colonize, ami also have contracts
witli the Mexican government to
build a railroad.
Mr. Swenson's poor health prevented him from engaging in
any extensive development work
and Mr. Ross' interests else-
whore prevents him from giving
the properly iho attention necessary, and nothing more will be
done upon it. save what is necessary to got Ciown grants. Mr.
0. T. Johnson who was also interested with Mr. Boss up Perry
Crook, and who looked after Mr.
Ross' interests during his abscise will continue fo look after
the property tor Mr. Swenson,
Prof,   Hepburn  begs  to an-
noiin.-e thai now is the time to
join one of his dancing classes
in order to get the full value of
llio entire course of instructions.
This class will meet next Wed
iiesilay with an assembly to follow, nml on Saturday evenings
for all who desire a lesson. To
accommodate the men who are
on tiie road, they can get a lesson
at any time. Children every Saturday afternoon at i! o'clock
ami Wednesday at 4 o'clock, if
there should be a show in the
hall on these days, other evenings will be arranged for.
C, K. Hrenchly. (J. H. Rimer
and Mr. and Mrs. McTavish,
Moyie, were Cranbrook visitors
on Labor Day.
J. (1. Whiten ere, Nelson, representing the Mason, Risch
Piano Co., was in Cranbrook
Mr. and Mrs. N. McLeod
Curran and daughter were at
Cranbrook Monday attending
ihe big celebration,
Mr. Weeks, manager of the
Marysville smelter, and Mrs.
Weeks passed through Cranbrook on their way to Marysville Friday. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, H C. SEPTEMBER 9, ll
1905-   September  27   to October  7       1905
Under the auspices of the Royal Agricultural
ami Industrial Society.
New Westminster, B.C.
(fthfi Mrrttrnprfrtt*   holdlng Wmant ol ""' l"'"vi"  f^.t^sS^3_^^?i?^?5?^^^Sss^^is^s^
vi>*JV i'VUe-|.H.I.l«"i;.   cial revenue, until the demands W
bstaoushku ism of the Quebec heirarchy In re   J|B
A. B. Grace, "I"'1'1  •>'  separate  scl is  are  «j
complied with. >lw
PUBLISHER    AM"   KIHTl.U. .. ., ,„ , I/'
  Now.    Senator     lempleman Uli
~ slootl solemnly  pledged  to the
®tW McO0pectOV.     people of this province to oppose UU.
 ^_ .any parly  ami  any government
attempting  legislation    of   the
. character above set  forth; and.
*" HOTEL m
fflfl       S.n'l' I.   is |,Fr,<l,)   Biv.it   tlial Uilnv o,,.
SJtt aiii,T.i„t,. i intend lotppl) i„ th. r>u,., c^
'■■     nila.lr.ner ot Lund- und Worltt tot > lie,,,,, a
|,i„-|,-,-t tot a-,„ll Unit |„-tr.ila.„„  ,,„. JWm
""-' rl ' I"'"1' '" I-"-' Kia.l'-liuv lllaltln
''•''"'"'"'il'- »'  "   1  I"»"l  'l.-liaa,,,,
»-.« corner ol Allot 1'utUe . rati and pottolaiu,
!  'laaiui.,i, Klk m. i i .mtietnottl, „t i,,
Stupendous and comprehensive array of  Exhibits representing the resources of all Canada
ONE LIBBJtAl IV AXOT1IBH.   we wi""  '''' Im an explana
tion of why he ratted. In private   IW
IN    PR1ZI0S     .NH
A T T 11 A 0T I O N
TBE Colouisl publishes the or business life if a man wilfully   M
following interesting let* violates an express covenaul he Sfe
is held io he ;i liar and a coward
mw. 11roup «'»'■ LCoutanoy, iii.
■■'■■■ u ohKiu
i lit'in < HOebatUK north, iii.-i
i-;.-i iii. in-, M)cbutn» bouUi to thepluB ol i.
|Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection %\ '^ZZf^Z"™' rle"
Nearest to railroad depot.    Has a.t-ouinu
tlatioiis   for   the   public   unequalled   i
Sir:   With   the   return   of H any different rule prevails li
Senator Templeman to the elty Liberal political  life  il   shou.dllttjj
..to...'. Hows comes an opportunity to obtain be forthwith publicly enunolated |j^l,(
restoration of tho pom ! mind and explained, so thai It may b(    "
of  the  larg ajprity  of the generally   understood,   and   si
■ members of t
»t and CoKI Baths
Enlarged    grounds,   now,   handsom
spacious buildings.
WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS in   Bowing   and   -.aci
Racing, Bronoho "Busting," Military Parades nnd Exm-ises
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS nnd other Fiiiiious Watntla. ,,,,,,,
grand wateh oarnival Pan.dc o, Era*,,  river filing  Beet, |members of the Liberal party in ,,»"..:!»^; «;.'»','::::;\yr*°!T *♦•»♦♦**•***•»♦♦?•»♦**•*♦«*♦***
■ » ''' Wli™, Lomtoi
iiniiiii, iianiK an „i piuieil m u„. ,„„,.
P'"1 «ii"liuii..llioli.-,-»i,-l„„,1. „.,.„ ,       "
*'■]"" "",""""""'-'.«i .».'.1..-,,.,:
utlnlng&io „,t,.. tuoreo, Iqm
I ll Jul)  >   UNlY
Villi, WlKi.t,. I.,,,,,,,,,.
.lolaii !■- VVIUon, Alan,
''  Il'llla.- HI II l.a-l ,,!„ „   ,,„,   ,
...si ,-,„,„, oi vin. wi •, , , „„,;
Proprietors W] »'">i»"u>« u,.-,..-.-«..i,„ .,,„, ,
SEBSS^JSgS^gggSS^iM_s§§_§§s--_sS ~i,'-,',','"«,','",'.'."."" ""''' '" ,"1"""11"-' ""ii
patrnl boats. H M   warships, Indian war canoes, ate,
Indian Sports.
For all information write W. H. KEARY. Seoretary   and Manager.
New Westminster. B.C.
this oily who. including himself, supported tho Laurier admlnls- S""" ' " ,     ,   9
believe  thai   the   principles of | tmtlon may be given an oppor- j £      WllCll       Y()U       Til-Ilk      Of    9
-^^v? v?^^-S? ^ v-^ •£? '^ '<& -^ 'c? :<7±
Always suffers from exposure to extremes t
"•v." temperature as much as from a cutting
(flfo wind.    To all-who are thus afflicted
we commend
KParke Davis* Distilled
jk Witch Hazel
W You will find it Delightfully Soothing
"Jjf   in effect and  Exceedingly   Pleasant   to
0k     use.
A        PRICE   25C.   AND   50C.
Liberalism are the  same now as. tunity either to revise   their   po-JX
they were in  1811(1; who adhere lilicttl Bl'eed, or to make other1 -"
to thoso principles  ami   regard political attiliatious.
any departure therefrom by thej
the leaders of  the Liberal parly
Continued am I'!!'_■: II.
i alarrala    in   l Iii
=*. as a breach of the confidence .-i jr;,n,,,"::;;;,,,..;,!;;;: „.i',,,,1:.i*
^v   posed in that purty by the people diseases pui uigt'thor. and until tin-'ik
N*A"/1    '        ..   . . . Ijl.l    !,.„    I-..,,,-.     l.'BIU     .,,,,, >,,.,-.1     la,     la,,   ill. I   *T
of Ciinada.
T C. E. REID & CO..    I
1 Phone 74 rp^g   Dl'llggiStS. ^
#      CRANBROOK,   B.C. 4
£ — Always Up-to-Date 3
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. 3
lout few years wtw supposod to he!n-|!
iVK     rni'iiiiti'.   For   ;t   irroal   mtinj   years 1^
h*A       In ihe campaign of lHi)(J S.-iia-  dootors pronoun I ll  ii  local tluoui.e  it
f  tor Templeman strenuously op- ^1^^^^^^ I
U/   posed certain Oi those principles truatment,  pn uueuil   ii   Ineurablo, A
^ of Liberalism which wo then bo. ^^T^Lt^^X^ 9
W. I lievotl ami which we still believe  requires     uonslitutlonttl     trout nl. ij;.
(1/1 !,     ,      ..;,,i    ,, , ...   u_.il   ,-,,..    Hull's CaUu'ruh Cure, tniinufiit'tured In '^.
W  io be  vital: ami we believe tin -.,,_,. rh„ni.v & r„   To,edlli ,,hill. [fi iji
m5j Ither that  an   abandonmeni   of the onl)  ramslnational fin   the A
these principles will work a for- Z*\W^ ^Z^^VitZZ 9
Eetture of thai public confidence iiii ii\ nn the blood und mucous _ur- A
{]/)    ■liich placed Ihe Laurier admin- $£«. dSftaSilftTin^JS. tftStaT f
*'     istration ill power. euro.  Send   for   I'treiilar.  und   testl- A
f\    At»  public   ting held  in -"^  ,   ,..   cmX£y  (  {.„ A
[\!o   .Motehosin   on   .liine   s||L   |8!lll, Toledo, 0.
;'.    Senator Templeman said: "I take     Sold hy Druggists, 75c.
m   ,,. ,     ,,    ,        .,      , Tuke Hull's I'Wllv Pills foi nsli-
\jj/ I this opporlunity to reiterate my   .mt|nn
ra belief in a purely non-sectarian	
W  system of education, ami my do   v,.n.,-,„n„.,.„„<.,.,.ii,.„„„.,.,.-,,.,^
f  termination lo oppose the i •- | Roclcy Mountain Chapter |
fi/i'cioii of Manitoba into acceptini! i *
W , i      i        i   i   ,■ \ NO.  126.   K, A. M
jr.  ' separate schiuils.    I   believe   in|l
W  the   maintenance  of   provincial li cranhrook, b. c,            3
[)/i rights, und that the federal gov   ;| Kogularinootlniw: -niiTu-s- 3;
Z   eminent should not do violence -j  ,u'>   '" 'i"'1'  ' '"'   ;" "'-1"   5
yP I to the constitution  by  interfer   i| "00Qk'
ing in matters  which the people |i Sojournlny  Co
- ■ -iriliiillv Invited,
You Think Of
1... 1.-.. Jul. •:• i'",:.
tll»   M..:/.  I.„,ai„,
•lolm y WIU011 Agent
 ,"'"'"* '" " P<»t Pla-ted 1,1 11,,. ,„„„,.
•M   ""•">- "f   Villa,   WIN,,,, "a .■„»! au.l „.,„,.
' I""" ""■'"■" ■ -Imlni  , ,. m
'•In.nortt., 1 logUolmlni ,-„.,  ,„ .„ „
"",;;; '""""i"" "- It™».h
1"11 ire. mora or Ion
Untod July la. lilt,
*    U'lNl'IV    I „„„
John I", Wllaon ,\tm
''"" »«ln»« s, |.i„,,t,.,i„, u„. „„rUl.
,"iii.-i- „l .\    Malaaiy,,. , ,.,„,, 1I)(1
"'»""■ tlii'tl'-i- 80 i-liiil,,. „,.M   „ ,,. K
n»north,ihenooDonlinln. nui, u,,.,,,,. x
-ni 10 um i,i«.-.-i,ii,,.Ki„„i,1„ ,.„„„,;,.
Tf9 j mi' illOfti res m„ri. „,. |,.,.
I July 28, !•«
A. l-'ahllHal   I ;,,,,,.
,,, J"1'" '■' wi  Amni
V       ' '■'"""■".'OIK "I » POil l.laaiil,,! .1   ,|, „,.
" -"""'"""" mi™. I,,. .„„,
iu.ncu_aci.ai_i.etwi, ihnnre st, . t.-.Ens
torlli lhei.ro DO oIlIiu veil, llionco si ,-im„,
mtlll 10 Ihu plum Of In-Ultiiilii.  couuuult
lorea u,„r,' ,.r leu
DnloilJulySS HUB
MR   I.U
U U1
iH hUiUiiJ
*• Munuhun, I .!_,
Joint I'. Wll.„„  a_,.„i
'"' «noln«ninpo»i plan. , n„. „„,„,.
MUl    ..Mi.    „( ,\   l--«lNl,li|-a,-„,ili„„||H.| m
claim ihenee80chain. »,-.. ihenee an i-h.m,
""":i Ihcneeei ,| .„,   ,,„.,  .„ _Ut|M
~""lh o-lhepl.i t beidnulni conumln. Mi
PHONE   119
l'..i,,l.luu 28   I■•'-.
I.'llaa ll.as-   |.„,„|„,
...    ..laliu1' uiiu,   I..' »   ■"<'■•■    '-'" 'i s ii,a ,       ,». i     , JohnP'.Wll  AlO-ril
# '      ***     ' nclngninpo.tpUntt I the nortli.
lfc^ii,-.iiii'ii(i4ti.i«iilii,ii,ii,ii,ii,i   Witi'iAi.AAAa'.AA*   ™" l"""1 "'   v   M-nnhnn'. co«t and mite
Cranbrook, 15. C.
East Kootcna)
! A. Mel lor D<""°ri
General Merchandise
General Outfitter
Marysville,  B.C.
|: ATTISNTlOS   PKOSPECTORS   AND   MIXKliS     It  is nut
of the provinces nr iti tied  loll  c0",l*llJr ,nvllecl' |; ^ ssury  I"  !ivi_.ht  your -nppiu-s  twentj   miles, when you can
control.                                        j         "• M- Bfmiow, Scribe B.  t purchase the sain,- .mi., at ihe same pricp, al MKI.I. >i:s
Tho address to the electors is- \mmmmtmmmm»W!mmm^ I \ ,. , n yUSt.Mury. ii ,   ,.- - ,
sued by Senator Tnmplemau and
I Dr. Milne in Intlll noulti'inpd this
;     "Wo  bulluvu     ill     provincial
rights and will  oppose coercion
in any form towards the prov-
, luces of the Dominion m respect
j to mutters upon which they have
been entrusted  with  powers to
Al   it   public  meeting  held at
Parson's Bridge Juno 20th, 181111,
Senator Tenipleiiiiin said:
(JrlAN'ltltUOL, It.i
Solicitor, Etc.
Do Not
hot lei llio I'lv-oiii ivuri
»> w s-
the [noi Hue iln- wlnti.i' |n
i |.it»i Ih nn!
l„- lusl roll! ~|.. 11 «-'
W0 \\ il! r\,'\- , -.-S p,-fi,-,,.-.-.   1,11
pi-opni-e !'"■
h   Wirld »l »•■£
phcrt ivhloh "ill in hut ii fi
M nielli In It :
ln ■' M '•■ m
hi }iun-h;isin_ h H   tin'
il loint
It'll SUNSHINE 5 .
.,    ,      .        ■-
FURNACF. unil Imvo it llllal
ilh'il hj 1 riti'
<•"■>■■  ih ■   ■
(iroater Canada, to the  wesl 0rrtn|,rook
Hie   Ureal   Lake
British Columbia
must be
kepi free Iriiin sectarian schools"
Ami.   liually.   al   a meeting at
Siauichioii. Senator Templeman
gave io, the electors this pledge,
*i CHENETTE & NEAL. Proprietors .*
f ~S   Max
\ The  largest  and
*k   valley COMMO
~S    Marysville,   B-C
itAllltls'i'Ki;. siii.n I'i'iii;
mul N0TAI1Y  PI III.It .
hesl    eiplippeil   hotel   HI   1 III <  St      Mai'Vs'       (
HUM'S S WII'I.K  1,'iHiMS /
featured in  the  \ ctoria     imos _     , .    ,
Cranbrook, B.C.
.Illlli' foth.   ls'.lli:
Fat more Bros, s
^Plumbing, Roofing, Heating and Ventilating Engineers*;
Cosy and
Cotnlortable Rooms
Royal Hotel
-I will support no government  ,.    ..   __,
no party, thai will atto t to 6- H- Thompson
coerce  a   sister  province   Into
accepting separate schools,
Pottered New Provinces.
'I'lu- Acts bringing Alberta und
SasUiilehewun    into    Confeder
alii oiilaiu  provisions   fasten
ling a   separate   school   system     r^.L-a.s!1).   cv   C-.|-_.
Headquarters for]H|  each of those provinces;
con lulu    provisions    rendering '''"'' "teelo B.C,
payment of the cost of maintain
Ing t rating the separate *•••**•—--■•---»-*-»-—-►*
MininU Men
.^s-s iiAUHist'i-ai a Koi.tcrroti
T^f sor.uiv eriii.u
\ t 'rtiiilirniik. I I.i .
| NORTH   STAR       %
Kimberley,   B. C. ^
Marysville, B.C.
The above liolel lias I n recently en-.-leil. ami neatly furnish'
e>l throughout.    The  Bar Is supplied  with the besl brands ot
Liquors and Cigars,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
PiWhibiitii »"«■ Suroeon
Hocus:   II tn II ii.in.  . toll |
7 in s |,,in.
I'liniii- uilli'i- Hi.",    ftofcldonwi li
schools a charge upon  ihe  pro
I vilieinl revenue;   ami containing
provisions whereby the I Htuwn
L'overiiineui  retains  control  of
the provincial lands,  paying lo
the provinces Hxed annual sums
instead   ol   allowing  them   to
handle their own lands, so that,
If either province should Hud its I.  R.   KING
school    systems  unsatisfactory ^_.   of£|\|XIST
|' land attompi reform,  the Ottawa
i> government will have means of      omen Hontis:  _toi2u.ii
, ,|( rcioii really uf hand, by with-
iii-'i'li'i: mul ItKsniKNii
^   H. W. DREW, Proprietor.     _ ,— _
99**^*!r** *♦{. -}.-,}. rjr*j. 'r+t* 99 »###•»#
0\/l 0  ^ost ^^,cc
OVI IU       Store
Hut tied beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
si P. O. BOX RI2      U
5?     TELEPHONK NO. I     p
Port  Steele BrewltiK Co., L,tcl.    ..
! ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦    Armstrong Ave
Ihe largest Gonernl Store in MnryHville, wliere ininer*
can I"' supplied with anything thej   Maui  al all times al
- Cranbrook prices.
.............. i
Groceries,   Hardware,
Clothing,   Stationery
'i""11 tlifinco 80c-imiris won, theme su ehalnt
-..ni, to tho place ot iV«ltinliin conialulug WO
ni r< - more iii lom
D led iiu-'Mil ,itiir |pQ5
¥. Dobeiwr Locator
John !■' wiUitn. Agent
i-oHimenelnif at a poat planted ai  the north.
' i    eornarol Uclla Rpai ooal and petroleum
claim LhcitcoWohulna woji   n„,,,.- m ,1	
north   thonoi  BO ohalm m*\ LhimeoHOohilu
'•*    :' '""» Pi* f levltiiiinr con tnl nl oi VH
ncrv* i v or leW
Doted Jtilj W iuqh
a m »h ararl r«orntor
■i"iin \   Wftaon   -itpnl
'' nclnital n poat planted al tho north-
,,( ■'  ""'"" ol io r«r s cool nnd |n>ti Imim
■' ' tliHieoWchalna orni   thence bu rhalsj
noriti thenee WehafM weal   thenee fa ehaln*
south to Hi.- place ol bcvinnlng con witting Atn
nere* mori> or levi
IJatwl Juls m IB0S
.i H Mexander tioeainr
John r W'llnon   ^genl
i nn mcnelng ai h |mst planted on the north
■ a-i in lift nf a M *\u wail  i and i" trn
Ifi 'Inlm Ihoneetn chnlm want  thenee M
li i    ■ north ihoneeDO chnln* aait, thenee SE)
hu ■ ■  ■■ th tn Mi. pure..' hoalnnlng pontaln-
Ing ■ IQ :i' '.' I  tii"' ■   oi Ictu
Dated .lulv \9 IWS
S i' Wallace, Locator
John r Wllwm, Agenl
rommencltiKatapQii planted m tl"' mrtii-
in-' corner "t .1 •- a leu lur'ieoat and (wtro*
i-'i.in iiiiiiii  thonee M chalm eail   thoneeM
ohnliti north tbenee tw ch«lna woat   thenee "-1
e - -' ulh to tii" place ol beginning contain*
iiik i.in m n- more or loan
Dnted-!0th Jul)  }■'•:•
\ \\   n rulr-ll t-ooatoi
John i'. Wtlaon. Agoot
fi.i tiiii-iii'iin! nt » pout planted .«i Ihe nnrth-
out corner nrs v Wallaeo'i eoal »nd petroleum claim inonooSnehnliiH went, theura *<
obalna tmrih the ROehulna enil   Ihenee M
chalti*i aiinth t<> tho plane nl heiilnnlng contain
Inn  i":.. n- more or lean
l...l.'11-Mli  .lulv    I*"!'.
Dorn Wallace, Locator
.iiititi k. Wllaon, Ageni
I'uintti' ncltifi ni a i»ist plan tnd nl lite nortli
>ve*i comer nl A   W    llleaadell s poal anil
pel nui claim thenco Mi linlna na»t, thlW
BOohalnh north, Ihonee *ui ehalm weal, thenee
W-Hittlni Hontli tn i in- place ol < imencetn«n
i nnmlnlnu oiOnnree morn or leaa
I    Dated Wth Jul)  lOiift
M \i iiiii1.it. r.nontor
John i'' Wllaon Agent
i' iM'iiit! ni a p(Kt plnnleda< tho north-
weal enrnerof M. M llnrbnr'a coal ond iwln>
loum 11.um Ihenee M rimiiis enat.tlmneeV
obnlna north lltonec Wi elm Inn weal Ibotice Bl
eholtw s.miii to the plnee ->f It-tglnnlng eontalB'
Ing '.mi aerea mnre ni lea*
[hitoil Jul) .••'ih 190ft
Mberi Mu I a, Urntor
John v Wllaon  Agent
t'limtnetieliiH nl a poal plnntfl I »i Ll irlh"
'"•' - irol linn Walti nl  i I"'1""
1 lalm  thonee no chnlm woet, thonoo*
olmliH north, thonee *< ehnltiH ooal, thenco W
flinina -ntiii he pin r beglnnlfiBOonUin
m iroa more or Icru
I to Op.
7 io h p.m.
M.Q    Ulftlnit   TEACHER OF THE
mrs. nisiop        pianoforte
Special attention to touch,
li!!'linii|iir.   pin-using   unil
y;rii<linj- ol stiitlit's.
Irmstrond Ave.   Cranbrook E    f^v      W"^ i)      af ^ s
T„7,n ,„„,„ 11* Burns & Co. i
n I -.lull July I1"
I'I i r I uli"
Jolin r. vviis..,, Annul
.Maintains utiex-olloil  Bon*I_o  from
tho ni'ai in iln- oasi nmi siuiili. Malclng
9 i'Iiisi-   a-illinri-lllltls    Willi    ll-llllls    uf   till
|j    i''"i- imi-tii'iiiiii-- ii|i|ii. in c. I-:, lii-iii ,v inniai'tini.ltii'iititl lini's. |Higgonffara aro
i lo,, Tha I irituajist>. yiv.-n iln-ir L'linlco nl miiton to Chloago
.. j Louliivlllo, Mi-ni|ilils mul N'.'w ui-li-uiis.
Ullll tlll'Olttrh 1 lll'al- pill Ills 1,1 lilt' flll'l'llst    J^'
l't-i's|ii'i'li\i- tt'liva-li-i. ili-siritij;  illfi	
iiiiiiiiin us to the IowokI I'litoB mul  lii'hll^"
ronton ara Invited i rronponflonito
£ Head om,„,
fe Calgary, Alberta,
Mnin OHloe for Eimt, Kootonay, 2
Oranlirook, B.C 3
ii Booii'Siioe Maker
\ll Work (fuaranl I
Nfi Work Made tn Mo
wltli llio following i't)|iri'nt!ntatlvo_.
It. II. 'I'm um i.i., (im mint Aif.'iii ^
148 Third Sl„ I'orllanil, Orogoit, K ,,    .
-i.e. uniwkv,T.P.ft i'.a. E Dealers in
Mil Third Hi.. Portland, Oregon ie
1'. ll. Thompson, k. it I'.A.. Room 11 *r-
Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold Storageg
:" Calgary, Alberta.   3
Hold    » ..iii.au.il 1)1,1.'.. _»»uit. W»ih,
Wholesale tint! Retail
| Meat Merchants 1
Mining and Scientific Press
THt PROSPECTOR, ■VfciMja .•-,"'* . .,.- ■
^j j>e««s»jMs/-
'I'his (.otipoq       :
Kn'i-iti.ks th. Uoldor tn usi: < hantk f.
Ill'- Slil.lli SII.VI'.K SKT.   wllii-li will   In-  »ivan
tin- holder ol the larger numbw of coupon.
.Imiiiiii-.v, 1st, linn,.
A coupon will la- jflven with .verj ' Igar
"t-IHti-ktiiii- nl Olgaretto. |>urctia_-d Ih-iwi-ii
Heptember  l»t, 1008 and .Itinimrj   Ut. IIKM
jiaK^ISijM* **W**^»*^«i»* &*«•* *****
This Coupon
Entitles the bolder to unit ohakcb to J
a,, sin.in su.vki: set w-lii.-ii will be givento |
. a,"- holder of the large*! aumbor of couponb cm |
I January, lit, KKM. I
I        A coupon will la- given with avery Cigar I
I ,,i-  package  "I  Cigarette* purohaaad between I
I Hapten..)-.   l«t. 1006 and January   1st. HH».
Tobacconist I
iw*Kfifax*>s%.f>f.amziiJ! .-. .•;.• > :.iS***&•>**."
Set of Table
Consisting of 56 Pieces
Valued at $75.00
One Dozen Dessert Spoons
One "   "  Tea Spoons
One-half Dozen Table Spoons
One Sugar Spoon
i     One Dozen Table Forks .
One   "   " Dessert Forks
One Butter Knife
Guaranteed to be Solid Silver,
Im a Handsome Oak Cabinet.
wwm i"i t"M"»'»"»' t^■t'^^^M^»t»>M~M♦^^^^■l"^'^'t"^^■^'^■■^■^'l■'H-^■l-^^*^^■t^^l"^"^ v 11,1 <i v m j.|.'r^'i''M"M*wHH^»W"i4't"ri'i"i'i''M-M'
A Coupon will be given away with every Cigar or package of Cigarettes
purchased-The person holding the  largest  number  of coupons  on
January 1st, 1906, will receive this handsome Silver Set.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B, C.
We Give You Your Money's Worth
"TTm l*rt\"'"tt'l**   ' r-.;:.;»i..-     i.      I      fertri f.tur moirttm,»!.' wtwoTniiwrwimBfiimt.
-I-H-H-H* i
| Spokane
O.P.   A   T.A.,
Take Dotlcfl thai thirty days after
dute 1 Intend to apply to th* ChUf
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria f"'t- ;t Special License to out
nml carry away timber from the following described lands in Southeast Kootenay District,
Commencing at a post planted nn the
north bank of the Skookum Chuck
Kiver, about one hall mile north of
Cariboo Creek, thence north 20chains,
thenoe east 80 chains, thenee south no
chrtns, thence weal B0 ohiins, thenee
north 00 chains to tiie place of beginning containing 840 sores more or less.
P, Jensen, Locator
Dated August 21st, 1005
2,   Commencing al a post planted
one.hall mile west of p. Jensen's tim-
bei   t'laini.  thenee  smith  *o chains,
theuce east 40 chains, thence north 100
chains, thence wesi 40 chain*', thence
south 80 chuins to place of beginning
containing 040 aorus more or less,
Kulda Lundin, Locator
P. Jensen, Agent
Dated August 31, IWM
3, Commencing ai a post planted
one mile west uf Kulda Lundin'a timber
claim, thenoe south 80 chains, thenoe
east 80 chains, thence north s«* chains,
thenco west mi chains to place of beginning, containing <M0 acres more or
P. Wlnfeldt, Locator
iv Jensen, Agent
Dated August 21. 1906
4. Commencing nta post planted ai
tho northwest corner of P. Winfeldt's
hnher claim, thence north ho chains,
thence east 80 chains, thonee nouth 80
jhalns, thence west 80 chains to place
if beginning containing B40 acres more
ir less.
i\ Pearson, Locator
P. Jensen, Agent
Dated August 21, 1905,
6. Commencing at a post planted
one mile west of P. Winfeldt's timber
claim, thence south *u chains, thenee
east SO chains, thence north >0 chains,
thenee west Stl chains to place (if beginning containing 040 acres more or
B. Lundin. Locator
P, Jensen, Agent
Dated August 21, 1906
ii.   Commencing at  the   northwest
corner of B.  LnndinV timber  claim.
thence north 80 chains, thence east so
chains, thence south HI) chains,  thenee
west 80 chains to place of beginning
containing 040 acres mere or less.
1'. Wlnfeldt, Locator
P, Jensen, Agent
Dated August 21, 1905
7. Commencing nt a post planted
one half mile west of to. Lundin'a corner [Mist, thence south 160 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thenoe north 100
chains,'thence west 40 chains to place
of beginning containing 840 acres more
or less.
Wilheniina Miller. Locator
P. Jensen, Agent
Datefl August 21, 1905
8. Commencing at a post planted
one half mile west of \V. Miller's corner ]Kist, ihenee south L00 chains,
thence east 40 chains, tbence north 100
chains, thence west 40 chains to place
of beginning containing 840 acres more
or less.
A. .1. Miller, Locator
P, Jensen, Agent
Dated August 21, 1905
9. Commencing at a post one half
mile west of A. J. Miller's corner post,
thence south 160 chains, thence east 4H
chains, thenee north LOO chains, thenee
west 40 chains to place of beginning
containing 040 acres more[or less.
N. Hanson. Locator
P. Jensen. Agent
Dated August 21, 1906
LO, Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest comer of N. Hanson's
timber claim, thenee south 160 chains,
ihenee west 40 chains, thence north Hat
chains, thence east 40 chains to place
of beginning containing 640 acres more
or less.
Wilheniina Miller. Locator
l1. Jensen, Agent
Haled August 21, 1905
11. Commencing at a post planted
at the DOrthwOSl corner of W. Miller's
Umber claim, theuce west Oi chains.
thence north 40 uhat&B, thence east 100
chain-., theuce south 40 chains, ihenee
west 1-0 chains to place of beginning
containing 040 acres more or less,
A. J. Miller. I ator
l\ Jensen. Agent
Dated August 21, 1905 80
Notice Is hereby _.wen that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to tbe chief CommU-
itonerot bandsaiid Worlti nt Victoria tor u
License to prospect for Goal and Petroleum on
the following described lands In Southi'iim
Commencing al it post planted! about ds>
eighteen mlUm east o^MorrlNQy in Block No.
r.!i;t, uiiu nt tin1 nouthwett corner of Mary
I'liimy-claim, theuceloutti 80 chains, thonee
east 80 ohalns, tbeneo north ho cbalns, thence
weat *> rimins to place of beginning. This
elslnt was at one time located by p. s Bynnt
or Spokane, Wash., and known as one of tbe
EUokott group.
A. MATt'SKAY    -
,11'llKNK   MUKftl     i Lot'lltOrH
.los. iiai.u Agent,
niiu.li MorrlMoy Hlnei Avguittab, )W6   s_i
'■\2» m  ™~*--*"M/-y'*".-.* i- « — »       -
ity of tht
n of
etter thaa
and play.'
i town
rop in, and
. Mux tS_
6, Etc.
5 1905
Indian Spc
For p
New Westi
Cosy an.
The nl
«d  thvoug
I_ii|llul's  a
TIMBER NOTICE Dated this llth day of August, liHV
........ ,   . .. • .  I P. Blhmore
Notice  is hereby  given  that thirty
days after date we intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for special licences to cut and
carry away timber (nun the following
described land-in North-east Kootenay
Parcel No. I.
Commencing at a poft planted about
one mile from White River Lake and
about one-half mile from White River
on the south side and about26miles
from its mouth, thence east about 100
chains, tbenoe north 40 chain-., theuce
west 1QQ chains, thence 40 chains to
the plaoe of commencement.
Dated this 8th day of August. IH05.
.1. I\ White
Parcel No. 1.
Commencing at .1. l-\ White's south*
west corner (Hist parcel No. 1. thence
east 160 chains, theuce south 40 chains,
thenee west UU) chains, thence north 40
chains to the place of commencement.
Dated this9th day i
of August, 1005.
0, A. Chapman
Parcel No
Commencing at a pdst planted at ('.
A. Chapman's southwest corner Parcel
No. L thence cast 100 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 160 chuins
thence North 40 chains to the place of
Hated this 9th day of August, 1U05.
Win. Carlin
Parcel No. I.
('onimenetng at a post planted at
Wm. Carliu's BouthWest corner parcel
No l, thence east 100 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thenee west LAQchl
thence north 40 chains in the pine
Dated this Olli day of August. 1905
A. Doyle
Cured No. 1.
Commencing at A. Doyle's northwest
NO.     I'-
Commencing aj a jiost planted on the
south side of White River ami at F.
lUiiniore's northeast corner parcel No.
2. thenoe west too ehaius, thence north
40 chains, thenee east 160 chains,
thence south 40 ehaius to place of commencement.
Dated this llth day of August. 1905
(L Geary
No. a.
Commencing at a post planted -SO
chains1 west of G, Geary's northeast
corner parcel No. '-.. thence west 100
chain.!) thenee north 40 chains, thenee
east 100 chains, thenee south 40 chains
to place of oommenoeinetfct,
Dated this llth day of August. 11KI5
A. It. Morrice
No; 2.
Commencing al a post planted 20
chains west of A. II. Morriee's north-
cast corner parcel No. 2. thenee west
160 chains, thence north 40 chains,
theuce east 100 chains, thence south 40
chains to place of commencement,
lhited this llth (lay Of August. 1906
Ben Werden
No. 2.
Commencing at u post planted 20
chains west of Men Werden's northeast;
corner parcel No. 2, thenee west 160
chains, thence north 40 chain:*, thence l
east 160 chains, thence south 40 chains
to pit-lie of commencement.
Dated this llth day of August, 11*05
Irven Shedgivtek
No. 2.
takk NOTICE that i intend toapply lo ihe
Chiel Commissioner of Lands and work*, tot <*.
Special License to em nnd nirry away timber
from thf following described landi In Bait
Kootenay DlatrUit, British Columbia
Commencing at a post planted at J. wirth s
South Kust corner No-claim theme North Utf
chains, tbeaos Bait 4o ohslns, theaoa south IBO
chuins. thonoe wsst *> chains to plsce or beginning
puled thtl 18th. tUy of August, 1W5.
$, el Kershaw, Locator
.    TAKK NOTICK that I Intend to apply toths
j Chiel Commissioner ol Lands and Work* to. u
Sptoisl Licence to out and carry away tUahsr
! from the following described landi in South-
owl Kooienay Dlstrtot; Hrlti-h Oolumbis,
Coramcnoslng at a post planted at Noli John-
•ens northeast corner No. 9 license, thenee
tost 80 ohalns, thonoe south 80 ohalns, theaos
.vest BOohatni, thenoe north SQohalna to place
if beginning.
Dated this Uth day ot August, 1005.
B M. Small
:tt. Loostor.
TAKK NOTICK that I Intend >o apply to the
Uhlel Commissioner of Lands and works ror a
special License lo out and oarry away timber
from the following described hunt*   111   Kust
Kootenay District. British Columbia:
Comuienelug at aposlplaiiU'd hi A. T. Coll-
wella* southeast corner thence Nortb 180 ohalns
thOUCe Bast lo chains. thShOe South 100 chains,
thence Weat *> chain* to place of beginning:
'Dated this Uth. 'lay ol August, I'-'o-v
It. Kershaw. Jr.
;«. Locator.
TAKK NOTICK Unit 1 Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a
Special Lleonse lo cut and curry away Umber
from the following described lands In Kast
Kootenay District. British Columbia:
Commencing   at   a   post  ptantod  at   H.
Kershaw's South Bast I'ornrr No. I license
theuce North 100 ohalns, ihenee Kast 40 chains,
theuce South itto chains, thence Weat *n> chains
to plaoe of beginning,
Dated this Pith, ilny of August. IWfi.
.1. Wirth.
88 Locator.
inuneiieiiig at a jMist 20 chains WOSt
j.jof liven Shedgiviek's northeast, corner
post parcel Noi 2, thwice west Hti ehains
I thence north HO chains, thence east  NO
; ehains, thence south SO chains to place
of commencement..
Dated this llth day of August. 1005
..... ,, John Glen
corner post parcel .No. i. thence south.,       , ,,
Parcel No. 2.
Commencing al a post planted .III
chains wesl of John (.Ion's northeast
coimetP pan-el No. 2, thence west 80
chains, thenee north so ehaius. thence
east SO ehains. thenee south 80 chains
to the place of commencement.
Dated this llth day of August. 1906
100 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 100 chains, thence east 41)
chains to the place of commencement.
Dated this 9th day of August. 1905
Wnt. Walsh
Parcel No, I.
Commencing at a post planted on the
southwest side of White Kiver, ami
about 100 chains northwest of J, H.
White's northwest corner, parcel No. 1
thence east 40 chains, thence south 160
chains, thence west. 40 chains, thenee
north 100 chains to the place of commencement.
Dated this loth day of August. 1905
F. Binmore
Parcel No. 1.
Commencing at a post, planted at K.
Binmore'8 northwest corner parcel No.
I. thence north 100 chains, thence west
40 ciwiius. thence south 100 chains,
thence east 40 chains to the place of
Dated this loth day or August. 1905.
ti. Geary
Parcel No. I.
. lommencing at a post planted on the
northeast side of White River and
about 20 chains east of P. Uiumore's
northeast corner parcel No. 1. thenoe
east HO chains, thence south Ho chains,
thenee west H0 chains, thence north 80
chains to the place of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of August. 1905.
Den Werden
Parcel No. I.
Commencing at a post planted at
Ben Werden'-. northwest corner parcel
No. 1, thence east HO chains, thenee
north HO chains, thence weat HO chains
thence south HO ehains to the place of
Dated this 10th day of August. 1005
John Glen
Parcel No, L.
Commencing ut a post planted at
John (Hen's northwest corner parcel
No. 2. thenee east SO chains, thenee
nortli 80 chains, thence west ho chains
thenee south SO chains to the  plat f
Dated this 10th day of August. 1005
Irvin Shedgtviok
Pat-eel No. I,
Commencing at a post planted on the \
northeast  side of  White  River and)
about one-half mile north-east-jrly from ; i\,
George Geary
Willis M. Violette
el No
Commencing at a post planted about
four miles northeasterly of G.  Geary's
northeast  posl  parcel   No.   l.  thence
] west HO chains, theuce south HO chains,
thencti east HO chains, thence north 80
chains to the place of commencement.
Dated ttiis loth day of August. 1905
.1. l'\ White
Pared No. 2.
Commencing at   u  post  planted  40
chains wesl of.I. K. White's southeast,
corner parcel   No.  H. thence south 100
chains, thenee west  40 chains, thence
north 100 chains, thence east 40 chains
to the place of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of August. 1905
(!, A. Chapman
Parcel No. 2.
('onnnencing at   a
ehains  west  of .1.   I'
i east    corner    panel
! north 100 chains, thenee wesl 40 chains
I theuce south 100 chains, thence east 40
! chain* to the place of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of August, 1905
i    3(1 William ( arlin
TAKK NOTICB Unit l Intend to apply to ih
Clik-r Commissioner of Lands anil works [or a
.special License lo em and curry away Umber
from the following described lands In Kast
Kootenay District, British Columbiat
communclng at a post planted at J. McNeil's
North-West comer thenee South tflO chains,
thence Went 40 chains, tbence North lOOohalni
thence Baal 10 chains to place of beginning:
Dated this 12th day of August, IMS,
:» .). Marten, Locator
TAKK NOTICK thai 1 intend toapply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works for a
Special Lioonse to out and carry away timber
from the following described Kinds Ui East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commenoelngala posl plantedat A.A.Ewln's
North West corner thenee South  IM chains,
thenee West ID chains, thence N'or'li 180 ehains.
thence Bast in ehains to place of beginning.
Dated this l-'ih. day of August, ID05,
J. McNeil
Take notice that :W days after date I thf* un
derstgned intend to apply to the chief com
llilssii.uer of Lands and Works St Vielorla. II
C. for a special licence u< eul and  oarry away
timber from the following described lands, In
Bast Kootenay.
Commencing at a in-st planted one halt mils
soiuhof the mu tlnvest corner of A T I'ollwell
theme west mi chains, thence north SO chains;
theuossast §0 ohalns; thence south Bo chain to
place of beginning.
Doted this -tttb day ol August, 1MB
John Bwln,
:«*, Locator
TAKK NOTiCK thai I Intend to apply to
the Chiel Commissioner of Lands und Works
for & license to cut and curry uway Umber
from the following described hinds in south
Kast Kootenay: Commencing at a poat planted one mile north of J. McNeil's northwest
corner, thence east BO chains, tlience south HO
Ohalns; thoaof west 80 ohalns, thence north so
Obalna to place of beginning.
Dated thtlttfih day ol August, 1905,
:n\ Nels Johnson
Take notice that 1 Intend to apply t»      Take notioe thai I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and  the Ohlaf Commissionei*-ol Lands and
Works for a special license to out and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lauds in Southeast Kootenay
districl British Columbia:
Commencing; at the southeast corner
of Jos. Highwarden's No. I timber
license, theuce west L60 Ohalns, theuce
south 40 ehaius, thence east 100 chains,
thenee north 40 chains to place of commencement.
Dated August Uth, 1900
36 .las. II iyh warden
Take notice that I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissionei* of Lands and
Works tor a special license to Oil! nnd
carry away Umber from the following
depQpibed lauds in Southeast kootenay
district British Columbia.
Comineneino at the -.out Invent corner
of .Itts, Highwarden's No. - timber
lii'euse. thenee SO chains wesl, theuce
HO chains noitli, thenoe 80 chains east.
thenee HO chains south to phu I com-
Dated August I lih. [000
.1. Taenhauser
post   planted  40
. White's north-
No.   2,   thence
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria for a Special License to cut
and carry away timber from the following ddioribed lauds In Southeast Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a posl planted on
tho west line of the Crow's Nest, Lutn-
iU-v * 10. lease, thence west K0 chains,
thenee south B0 ehains. thenee eaat Hi)
chain... thenee north 80 chains to place
of beginnlug containing (MO acres more
or less.
li. Lundin. Locator
I', Jensen. Agent
Dated AugUBt 21, 1906
2. Commencing ttt a post planted at
northeast  corner of  II.   Lundin'.*.
theust corner parcel j timber claim, thence west 80 chains.
TAKK NOTICK that 1 Intend to apply in the
Chief Commissioner Of Lands nnd Works for n
Special License to out and carry away timber
from the following described lands in Bast
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing »< a post planted at Jacob Nei
son's North West corner, thenee South ISO
chains, thenee West w ehains. thonee North
160chains, ihenee East I"chains lo place i>f beginning.
Dated this SB.h, day of August, I90R.
A. A. Bwln,
:»i Locator.
| TAKK NOTICE that 1 Intend toapply to the
I Chief Commissioner Of Lauds and Works for ii
i Special License to cut and carry away timl*T
from the following  described lands in  Kant
j Kootenay District. British Columbia:
'   Commencing st a post planted ri mile west ol
[ the Skookumchuck river, on the first creek im
west side and close to trail going Up said creek,
I thenee South IM chains, thence West HO chains
J thenee North 180 chains, thence  Last in obetBS
to phu-e of beginning.
'■    Dated this IStll day of August, laoft.
Jacob Nelson
I    :{ii Locator,
' TAKE NOTICK that 1 intend toapply to the
Cblef Commissioner of I unds ant worksfo u
Special [license to eul sndTisrry away timber
from  tho  following dOSOrtbod  lands   In   Kast
Kootenay District, itritisli Columbia:
Commencing nta post plantedat H. Korshaw
, Jr'S Southeast corner No. "J license, thenoe cast
40ohalns, thence Noilh ui" chains, thence West
10chains thenco South 100 chains to place of
I      Dnied this 18th iiuy of August, 1WV
.1. Wirth.
:i>; Locator.
Take notice that I Intend touppljto the Chiel
Commissioners id  Lands and work*, ror a
Special License to cut and carry away tlmliei
from the following denribod lauds lu south
east Kootansjf District llrlttsh Columblsi
Commenotng'St a post planted on.-naif mile
south of J. Marten's northwest cornor. thonoe
Boutb liai ehains: ibeiicn west +> chains, tbence
nortli 100 chains, llience east l» chains to the
place of begtnnlug.
Hated this tilth day of August, t-Hi.V
Nels Johnson
BR Locator
Take notice that I intend tn apply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for it special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands In Southeast Kootenay
district British Columbia:
Commencing at Thos. Dow's south
Hue on < 'ai-iboo ('reek, thence east 40
chains, thonoe south **o chains, thenee
west 80 chains, thonoe north so chains,
thence east 40 chains to plai f com*
men cement.
Dated AugUsI 3rd, 1905.
3d Joe Taenhauser
Take notice that 1 intend to apply to
theCli el I niuiiiisaionei of Lands ami
Works for a special license to oul and
carry away timber from the following
desorlbed lands in Southeast Kootenay
district Hi-it i-h Columbia:
Commencing one and one half miles
wesl of the soutueutU corner of J,
Tuenhansi!r"s timber license No. 2,
thence south 80 chuins, thence west so
chains, thenee north 80 chains, thenco
east  80 chain- to place ol common	
Dated Aujjusl Uth, IWJfi
3fi J. McNVil
No.   I.  thence east  HO  chains, thenee I thenee north K0 ehains, thenee east 80
nortli ko chains, thence west 80 chains, j chain*, Ihenee south 80 chains to place
thence south ho chains to the  place of
Dated this 10th day of August, 190A
A. It. Mot-rice
Parcel No. B.
Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of White River and about 10
of beginning v.
lutatning 040 acres more
Ol' less.
It. Lundin. Locator
I1. Jensen* Agent
hated Augm
1 21, 1005
:i.    Conunen
Ing ut a post planted one
half mile wesl
if the line of the Crow's
TAKE NOTICK that I Intend toapply t<> lbs
Chief Commissioner of Conds and Works for a
Special License to cut ami carry away timber
from ihe following descrlhrd lands In Kast
Kooteney District, llritish ('ol/linlila:
Commencing at a poit planted at Nols Johnson s northwest corner No. 8 license thenee
wes: 111 chains thonee north ISO chains, thence
cum in chains, thei south IflOohSlnstO place
of beginning
Dated this I'.'th day ol AugSSl, 190ft.
A. T. CoOwell
Bfl Locator
miles  ft-oiu Us mouth,   them
chain.-, thence north 80 chain:
west HO chains, thenee south  I
to place of commencement.
Hated this llth day of August, 11105.
A. Doyle
Parcel No. 2,
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains east of A. Doyle's southwest
corner post parcel No. 2, thenee south
Ho chains, thenee east ho chains, thence
nortli HO chains, theuce west ho chains
io place of commencement.
ilated this llth day of August, 1906
Win. Walsh
Parcel No. 2.
Commencing at a post planted at A.
Doyle's northwest corner parcel No. 'J.
thence west IBO chains, thenco north
40 chains, tbeqye enei 160 chains.
thonoe south 40 chains to place of com*
east so U*.lf(t  dumber Co.  Lease, on the north
thence |jn,.nf r, Lundin's tlml>er claim, thence
chains eaai40tohains, ihenee north 100chains,
I thenco went 40 chains, thence south IUG
1 chains to place of beginning containing
; 040 acres more or loss
P. Jensen, Locator
Dtttefl AugusI 21, 1005
j 1. Commencing at a post-planted at
the southwest corner of P. Jenson's
'timber claim, ihenee west 40 chain s,
j thence north 160 ohalns, thenoe oast 40
chains; thenoe south 100 chains to place
' of beginning containing 640 acres more
TAKK NOTICK Ihal 1 Intend W apply to
Chief CoramISlloner Ol LsOdl and   Works fi
special License tn cut and cany away tlmbor
from the followlni- described lands 111 Kant
Kootenay Dlntrlrt, British Columbia:
CoinraenelnK «t a post planted at H. Kershaw
.Irs northeast corner No. '£ license, thence
west80 chains-, thenco north mi obOtfts, thonoe
eaatSOohatns, ihenee Boutb wi chains to the
place of beginning,
Dated this IStll day of August, 100ft,
K. II. Small
go Loeutor
Take notice thai I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and
Works for a special lid-use to oul ami
carry away timber from the following
deseri' ed lands in Southeast Kootenay
dlHti'lct llritish Columbia:
Com lonelnn al tic .vouthoast corner
of A. A. Kwill's timber lleonse, theuce
IIU) fhaillS south, thence 40 chains west
thenee    |«0   eliaills     tiollll,     tio-tice    40
chains eust to place of commencement,
Dated August Urd, 1006.
;iu John Ewln
carry awuy timber from the following
described lands in Southeast Kootenay
districl British Columbia:
Commencing al the northeast corner
of Thos. Roberts timber license, thence
east 80 chains, thenoe south so chains,
theme west KO chains;, thence north  80
ehains to place of commencement,
Oated August 3rd, LOOS
36 Jacob Nelson
Notice is berubj given that lixty
days alter date 1 Intend toapply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works tor permission to purchase the
following describe.i lands situate ip
Boutheasl Kootonaj.
Commcnoing at the southeast corner
ol     Lot    -017    Group    one,   thenee
north     80    chains,    then a*t    HO
chains, thenee south so chains, thenee
west 10 chains, thonco south 30 ohalns,
the wesl 20 chains, thenoe north 20
ehains, thence west 20 obalna to place
of   beginning,   containing  680 aores
mure Or less.
80       John A. McDonald. Locator
Dated this l-'.th day of AuguSb, 1905,
Take notice that I Intend toapplj to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut ami
carry away timber from the following
described lands in Southeast Kootenay
district British Columbia:
t !ommenolng at the southwest corner
of Joe Taenhauser's timber Udeosej
thenee went 40 chains, thence north 100
ehains, thence 40 chains east, thence
100 chains south lo place of commence*1
Dated Augustf3rd, 1»05
30 A. A. Ewln
Take     Notice     that     thirty     ila>s    ufier
date I  intend  Lo Apply to the chief Commit*
fioiifir of Lim.K and  Works ui Victoria for a
License  t.i proipOOt for Ooal and Pcinileiim on
the following described lands situate on Ford-
inv Rlvoi in Soutb But Kooteuajfi
Commenolag at a posl planted near ihe north
west corner ol John Brawn's llponos and on the
east -ide of Uloah No. 4M8, tbSUOfl aorih so
i-lialns, thenoe eust so obaUli thence HUth Hi
chains, tbenee wesl wi chain*, lo plSOS of be
Dated August IStb 1006
MiMid Evans, Locator
:t'« John Urown Agent
TakeNottoethat80dayiafterdate i Intend
toapplj to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works m Victoria for a License to pros-
poet for Coal and Petroleum on the following
doHrlbod lauds, situate on Wording River In
south Baal Kootenay
Gomtneuotng at -•   post   planted near tbe
northeast  oornoi   "t B   Harvey's i i  and
petraloatn licence thenoe south so chains
ih.-iir. easl so chains, tbence north 80 chains,
tbence wesl so chains to place of beginning,
ei .ii in i ii ini.' (HQ acres more oi loss,
Dated Auguat Uth, IMA
Violet Evans Locator
Bft John Brown, Ag<*nt
Take notice that I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to eul and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in Southeast Kontenay
district llritish Columbia:
i .ommenclng al ■'. Marten's south
line on Onriboo Creetc, ihenee east 40
chains, thence south SO chains,  thenco
west HO chains, thei north SO chains
thenee east 40 chains to place of commencement.
Dated August :t, 1006
30 Thos. how
Take notice that I intend to apply to
tho ('hiel ('onratissloner of I .amis and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands in Southeast Kootenay
district llritish Columbia:
Coramenoihg 20 chains south of the
southwest corner of .\. A. ICwttl's No, l!
limber license, thence wesl 100 chains,
thenee north 40 ehaius. thenee edst HlO
chains, thenee south 40 chains to place
of commencement.
Dated Augttsi llth, loo;.
80 Jas Hlghwardon
NOTK '-.
Take notice that I Intend toapply t"
the Chief Commissioner "i Lands sod
Works for a special license to oul and
carry away timber from tin- following
described lands In Southeast Kootci
districl British i olumbia:
Commencing al the southcuat  'ner
of Jos. Highwarden's No. I timber
License- thenee south mi chains, thence
i west 80 chains, thence north SU chains,
thence east so chain- to place of com-
J    Dated August llth, lOOfi
3(1 Thus. Dow
Take notice that I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to eul and
carry away timber from tin- following
described lands in Southeast Kootenay
district British Columbia:
Commenoldy at the nontheaat corner
of J. Kw ill's timber license, then -ast
40 chains,  theuce  south   100 chains,
thence west 40 ohalns, thence north  100
chains to place of eoininenciuiieul.
Daied August 3rd,.1005
30 Thos. Roberta
Notice Is hereby given that 1 Intend thirty
days after dale to apply to tho Chief Commla-
iloner »i Lands and SVorksol the Province o(
British Columbia mr a Licence to prospect (or
Coal and Petroleum on the follow! og desorlbed
lauds ittuste in Boutbeaai Kootenay
Commenotug al ;i i»i"i  plant«d Bve miles
north and aboul one and tbr fourths miles
west uf the uorth-eaat corner'd Lot No. IKS,
theuci toutb 90 chains thenco Bast 80 chain*,
thenoe north go ebalns ibenoe wesl N cbalne
in ]iMt,'.- ..I commence meal
Dated A Usual Uth IMS
John Brown, Locator
Take notice thai I intend lo apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Work.*, for a special license io out and
.carry away timber from the following
described lands in Southeast Kootenay
'district. British Columbia.
< 'ommenclng ai a post planted about
60  chains   south   of  Skookum chuck
! ( i k. on i 'artboo ('nek, on the south
i line id Pete Jensen's timber license.
iihem obi 10 chains, thenoe south so
i chains, ihenee wesl ho chains,  thono
north B0chains, thence east  lo chain
to place of beginning;
Dated August :tnl. ion:.
:in .1. Marten, Locator
troau r.)
aSMTtPtOATK >>r imi-ioivkmhn rs
e Mineral ('laim.
Thos. .Main. locator
P. .Jensen, Agent
Dated Augus! -M. 1005 80
Situate in tho Port Steele Mining Division
of Kust Kootenay District.
Where lncnied:   Ottthe west fork of IhoSt.
Mary'x River and lying mutb of tin-"Wliin.
.stnr" mineral clsinti
Take notice that I, John a. Cummlngs, P.M,
C. No  B.I-HW6, acting  as  agon I   for ,la«onli
II.        Wright PrflC        Miners CflTtlfl
cntc No.  1178853, Intend, sixty days from thu
date hereof, toapply lo tht- Mining Kncorder
TAKK NOTICE that [Intend toapply to tbe
ChiefCommlulonorofT.and and Works fora
Special Licence lo'-ut and carry away timber
from the following describod landi in Sou tli
east Kooienay District, Brltlab Columbia.
CommcncliiKUt.ipo.si plantedat K. Small's I for a CflVtlflostt of Improvpmont*. for the ptir-
■outheut corner, thenee north 80 chains, pose of obtaining a Crown dram of tho above
thence oast BO chains, thence south so ohalns. claim.
Ihenee west elt'htv ohfttni to place   ..r begin-      And further take notice that  union, under
Ilfll({ j seotlotl W. must be oommonced before tha Issn-
Daled Hits ISth day of August, lMft, ! unr-e of such (lertilleiite of improvement.,.
It p colt Dated lilt! 87th day of AUgyst, VI). Igtb,
w Locator. !    *> JOHN O. COMMIN08
MlNKltAL   Al'T
(I'MliM P.)
Victoria Mineral Claim
Situate in the Port Stoelo Mining Division of
Ktisi Kootouay District,
Where located: -On tbo wont fork of tbo st
Mary's Hlvor and lyiuic to the south of the
•While star' mineral claim.
Take notice thai l, John O. Cummlngi Preo
Miner- Certificate No. ■iii:.;.;!'. acting
as agon! for Joseph ii. Wright. P.M.C. No,
B788fl8anda P. Coon, F.M.c. No, BTRSM. Intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply in tin
Mining Recorder for n Carttflcato of rmprhve
mcnlK tor the purpose ol obtaining aCrown
i nam nf tho above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section •!'. must bo commonc'M before the lssti<
mice of such Certlfloato of fniprovemanu.
Dated this 87th day of August, A.D. 1906,
•nn JOHN O. CUMMmos
TAk \. XOTll i. one thlrtj ctaya after date I
mend ii. Hppiy to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for " Licence u. prospool for
l and Petroleum on tbe following land, in
South Blast Koottmayi
t'omnicin inir at the HOUtllBOSl curlier   post
planted on tbe nortb tine ol D. Moore's ooal
lloenoe, thence north so ohalns, thenoe wesl
ll.gnohalui moreorleas to theout line of 0.
H.Otll'scoal llcoace, thence nouth BO ohalns
to the northwest corner <if i> Moore's coal
licence, tbenoe easl n .'•■ ohsloi to plaey of be*
I luted August 18th, I'JOfi
James T. r^aldlaw, f^-wetor
SB John Itmwn. Agent
takk NOTICE that thirty days after date I
[ Intend to apply to thoCbtel Commissioner of
Landi and Works for a License to prospect
for Coal snd Petroleum on the following lands
in South Kaal Kootenay
Oommenclnsatapostpianted nt the northwest corner being the northeast corner posi of
i>. Moore's coal licence thonee oast n gflohalns
thence south BO chain*, thence wsst ILSSCbalus
thenee north so chains in place or beginning.
Dated AUgUSl Ifltb, IBOfi
Andrew Laldlaw, Locator
:ri John Brown, Agent
AitentloQ li directed to tbe Provisions of
Sec   IT of (he  llortieiillnial   Board   Act which
reads as follows:
"No person, iinn or oorporatlon ibnll ongage
'•or  Inuo iu tbe business of  idling, as
principal,  agent,  solicitor,   ol    otherwise,
within the Province fruit trees, plants or
"nursery stock or of Importing rot sale, fruit
"trues, plants oi nursery stock Into tho Pro*
vince without tirst ba*ting obtained u lloenoe
"to oarry onsuob bualnOM In the Provli  as
lu this Act provided".
All persons authorised m ioli nursery stock
In this Province are required by their principals, or hy themselves todepotll bonds, in tlm
Dopartmentof Agriculture Victoria, for the
faithful performance of ihatr obligations.  The
public   !>>  therefori-  wiiiued  not   lu   purchase
nursery stock uxcept from duly licenced nor-
Offloe of the Board of Horticulture.
Department of Agriculture.
Victoria .tiih July, iink,.
.1  it. ANDEUSON,
Deputy Minister of Agr Unro.
ill Secretary.
Notice l» horoby given that sixty days nftor
date l intend to apply to iho Hon. theChlof
Commlsalonor ot Landa nnd Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands,situated In Last Kootenay District:
Commencing at a poat planted at tho north
weat corner of Lol IMS, CI roup I, In the said
East Kootenay District; thenee eust 80 ehains,
tbanco nortli.80 chains, theuce .vest 00 chains
more or loss to the Kust Imnli ot the Elk Kiver.
thence Bouthoaslerly along the said easterly
hank of ihe Kik Rivorabout00ohalns to'tho
place of comiii tcinent, there being n*u acre*
moro or loss,
Klk Blvor, B.O., JunoWth, 100».
80 J. D. Anderson, Agent
FOI    ••        -__>► — —a—      _-_.•»".•■•*     »^V».,     I_.U. •
Wm+9++9999***>+**+*>+ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦    Armstrong Ave.
lini'i." iul Hold
1'.. II. THOMPSON, Y\ & I'.A,
Column U)dt'., sswattlu. W»lb.
Who Had Tea in Our Tent
ffiij« gfroepectoir.
Pronounced K.T.I,'. Tea to be the
very choicest cup oi fragrance they
over tasted. We always said it was
better than any other tea offered at the
same price, now others are being
Cranbrook, B. C.
One Dollar Per Day
and Up.
L. B. VanDeear, Prop.
* *
•• Newest deslfliis in   ••
Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From
Painting, Decorating
and Sign Work
P.O. Ito.X
One Liberal to Another
Continued from Page _.
The Deadly Parallel,
In the Victoria Times of the
1 Uth    August     last,    Senator
Ti'inpli'iiiun   gave     OUt   il   self-
laudator; Interview in whieh he
touched the educational pro'
visions in the autonomy bills,
gingerly and from afaroff, as
with a loiif; pole, without giving
Ian explanation of their nature
and effect.     He said:      '■!   really
have not one new statement i<>
make aboul the school question,
excepting 1 his ami it is nut new
—that the agitation started by
Toronto politicians and vigorously worked up by Conservative
politicians everywhere against
the educational clauses in the
constitution of tbe new provinces,
is now dead as a mummy, aud
just uhout us interesting as a
relic. An effort maybemadebe
incendiaries In the future just
before an election, to re animate
tl rpS6, but 1 do  not   believe
it will meet with any success
whatever. • • * Projects for the
growth a,ul expansion of Canada
and of Canadian trade, the build-
Ing Of railways,   the   sell lenient
and development of out vast uu-
developed country — these will
provide the questions on which
elections   will   be decided ill the
Immediate future, and noi the
false issues raised by zealots and
bigots during the long and
acrimonious debate on the autonomy bill.
The objection lo the  invasion
of provincial rights and violation
of the Canadian constitution  by
the federal establishment of sectarian schools were the same in
11896   as   they   are now.     If one
I who fought againsl their estab-
I menl in 1896 was an  incendiary
and raised a false issue. Senator
'Templeman   is it. If he is telling
the truth now, he was lying in
1896; if lie was telling the truth
iu 1896, he is lying now.
The question whether Senator
Templeman was lying in 1896,or
is lying in 1905, is one lo which
Senator Templeman alone can
give a direct conclusive answer:
and 1 think it will be clear to him,
upon a consideration of the aforegoing extracts from his public
utterances, that he owes a public
answer and explanation lo every
Liberal iu this province: to every
elector in this province; and
most of all. to himself.
Victoria. B.C., Sept. 1st. 1905.
Calgary Beer, Ale & Porter
T. KEBEL & CO., Hay and Grain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
************ **************
The best and safest way
lo keep Baby's skin
healthy is to use only
Pure,   Dainty,   Delicate.
Beware of Imitations.
*   Marysville, B.C.   *
Our complete Cold Storage Plant enables us to lur-
llish our goods in perfect condition at all seasons of
the year.
•tint TOILET SOU CO, iln. MOHTt.il
Takk Nona i: that thirty 'l",v> nil,a' aluw I
..1. Ilil,-11(1 la, H|1|)1.V In till- Clil'if CO-imlBBlOaiQr -I
ff, i Ullalu .. Works Ilil-11 ipoollll lia-a-iisi- In a-iil nml
IB carry .way tlmbor Iron, iln- following desorlb*
:^L ; >'<l l-tulh- III Soutll Kaat   Kili'M-tiay __.ori.od as
7MS 1 follow.:   Cotnnienolng   ai
»************'* ************
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under Mew  Man a use merit
A I Cha.rU". I'- t-tui-'s S.E. a-,
'—  ! tlott "I latil iai:t:iaml aboil
The  health of a
family depends greatly
upon the hygienic nature  of  the cooklrtg.
The oven in the Kootenay Range is ventilated.
and every dish baked in it is entirely free from
ihe effects of pent-up cooking gases.
A perfectly ventilated oven is one of the mosl
important features of a range, and yet il h given
very little attention by most makers, and none
whatever in most of the cheaply ^u.ten-np ranges
now offered to the public.
Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Bookl.i tree.   )
Toronto,       Montreal,       Winnipeg,
St. John, N. B
Vancouver    L
Patmore Bros Sole Agents
Oats! Oats!!
We are just
now unloading
a car of the
Harris Bros.
One Night Only
Mr. Edward R. Salter
respectfully announces the first appearance in this city of tht
Celebrated English Actress (for five years a valued
member of Henry Irving's suberb company)
ami 11 most effective cast in an elaborate production of
Beautiful Romatic Love Story
The Lady
of Lyons
•'It. isn't often that you leave the playhouse feeling better thai
when you entered it. But you will if you see this company antl play.'
Reserved Seats will lie placed on sale
one week before the date in this city
a. Beattie & fltciii.on. Drug store
Reserved Seats $1.00
The Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled service .from
ihe weal to the <'itsi ami south. Making
close connections with trains "f nil
transcontinental lines, passengers are
given their choice of routes to Chicago,
Louisville, Memphis and New Orleans.
and through these points to the forcag]
Prospective travelers desiring Information as to tho lmvrsi rates ami besi
routes iiff Invited to correspondence
wilh the following representatives.
B. H. Trumbull, Commercial Agent
143 Third St., Portland, Or igon.
.1. C. l.lNl>s.'.Y. T.r. .V I'.A.
142Third St.. Portland, Oregon.
i'. 1;. Thompson, i\ & P.A., Room
1, ("1111111111 lildg.. Seattle, Wash.
SILENT OftjccsEaiimmr^*""
Purchase   Prioe   $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
Arnold & Roberts
I J. Edgar Davis
Your attention Is called to the
"Pioneer Limited" trains of the ".Milwaukee & St Paul Railway." "The only
perfect trains in ili«> world."
You will liml it desirable to ride on
those trains when going to any point In
tho Kastorn States or Canada. They
connect with all Transcontinental
Trains and  all  Tlokol   Agent*   -•■■ll
For further Information, pamphlets,
etc, ask any Ticket Agent or
It. I,. FORD, 11. s. K()\VK.
Pass. Agent,        General Agent,
Headquarters tor mining
men and old timers.
When vou want n good
place  to atop conic to the *•
pom marked
nt tho tiHorao-*-
iniii- north of
hot TOfton tht- KM side ul iho .{ootenny River
in South Knsl Kootonay.nntl rnnninit too ohalns
N111 iii.thenoe B0 chains went more or losbtooaal
bank of stiiil Itoototiay Ulvor, thoneosouth
following said bnnli in n iralnl opnoslle tho
jinitii ut eotnmenoomont, thcnooonit SOchulus *i*
more or less to the point of common. m
Dated this With day or August, iron,
llniulqni.ttel'S for
NUTS nml (Hi net:
Fresh Fruit, Vegetables,
'.'•    Choice Confectionery
'Hazolwood Ice Cream"
Hugh Stewart
; Phone 75   ftnnstrong, Ave
A   Bricklayer  A
""""Contractor *
Kuriiiii'i'. Boiler, Range mul
Fireplace Work 11 Specialty. All
description nf stone.work undertaken,
Orders left, at J. D. McBRIDES
Will Receive Prompt Attention.
d. a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Ice Gream antl Soft Drinks
Al-oTobiim), Piiai'S
nnd Ciniirs
60  YEARS'
Pacific  Coast   Points
Fiil-ice and Tourist
Sleepers, Buttett
Library Cars, Modern
Day Coaches.
Dining Cars,
MKM-S   A.   LA   CARTE.
Tradc Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anfone mmHpb n iHotcb nnd dfiiorlptlon nrnj
niili'kl*/ HSffiriulii our u|iiiiinii frt'o nli.'llii-i- n>,
itiv-i>iitli>il It t'riilmlilj* tuiti'iitiitilu. Coiiimitini ■
in.ii^tni'tlyriHittilrtiitlnl. HANDBOOK on I'i.i.-i.i*
n.at.t iri'K. Uli1i>Ht nitriii'y tor mviliniK tmti'ii!.«.
I'nli'iiltt t:ikt'ti 1l1r01n.l1 Mtitin A Co. riri'iv
uncial »"tu--, « ii ti.nit <-hi..'uo, In tho
Scientific American.
•!•     n hnndiotnelf illnitnled waaktt,   Lnntcnt 'ir-
luthni u( iiny Ni'ii'titltli' Jonrtml,   Term*, ft 11
«0 by nil pewBajplort.
itr: tonr liiiiiitlin, 11. 9ol_._#
.....& C0J'B,Bn"1'M>,.«,,
TMui'ti Utl.ro. m K UU WHVl.lUtftun.
on  Wheels
n          PAST TU.MN's          r,
For full puriii'ulti
etc, .'nil on or nddro
.. nui'rt.   tolilpr
s. Q, YKKKKS. 1
'iitil'V VVhhIi,
C.P,   .-   T.A.
HILL  A   CO.     Tin: only plaee in town
.  Mint can make Ufa worth the living.
...lifa Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Nelson  Fair
9     3  DAYS   3     9
Commencing Sept. 20th
Larger unci better tliiin ever. Everything new and up-to-date
All kinds of opon air attractions. Each day somutliing interesting
You will meet old friends there.
Single Fare On All Lines Of Travel
j Royal  Hotel
Finest of Mines, Liquors and Cigars
Those who are weary and thirsty,  drop in, and
Alex will do the rest.
ALEX McCOOL,   Prop.
P.O. Box B2
Crow's Nest
Steam .Laundry
Flannels, Blankets, Curtains, Carpets, Etc.
We Make a Specialty of Washing C.P.R. Overalls
No Chinamen Employed
El. H. SLATER,  Proprietor
W^«     W'a     W'*
Calgary Game 60.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Orders by mail will receive prompl
j 9    Older By Phone 45    9
und careful attention THE PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK   B C    SEPTJBM
- fvu tntwuiiyi^f^^yuyuvvityvvir.
Imperial Hank of Canada
aPITAL ■!■. i ; ooc	
H^ad    Office    Toronto
AGES. 5   rx   ORE.
Sh. Uro-yector.  j||(j |\y||
Like, to Fish
.;. mum mnmmtmfiffnm ffwwww www..
C 3
11  LOCAL NEWS. |      *
Paid-up Capital S8.700.000 Reserve Fund. S3.500.0C0
Mr  an : VI
ed to Cran     ■     .
- Fishing- Tackle
; r -1'»v »■»
.LEX  LAIRD, A-- Gail M»rjjer
Sa    ._■- ii ■■  i [>•  - •-. - • —Int.    - posits      5
Cranbrook Branch.        j. f. M. PINKHAM, Manager.  1
A  Mott,  .1 Fernie. was in tbe "'"'"     .    .   '
_    . Itllerent sizes and the rates ■ ^o««
1. «i>
-t\ les, strong Lines   h
n Thursdays . ,- ■
eights *   of   Flies
W  E T
  .and   Hooks
Otis Si t|   s of .Bayard '...,. in -:„[,. .,.,, ,.„
-    er ,. 'ii»v« thi- week      "
\       ■ • -
Prest Photo Go.
************* *************
Next Week
T  I- earn ck ol Port Su wa«
. Tuesday
C  B. Sinclair,  Yahk,   w a-
.wii Monday
C. H   Praser oi Winnip-!: was
he    'y Monday.
Mf    tnd   Mrs  P .1    Bradley
•ft  on  Th irsda , ■. sil to
' >i • and i coast cities
T   s is l   - ' i       - i '•■  . ■      :■' est g
British Columl id I  •
rest    .•• .-;.'   rat.    so   ;.-- ie glad to get j
■ders as early as poss        so that;
he mafie when car arrives
* ^^^^^^^^
* meet :.- ol  the Cranbrook
iff.  Fire Brigade was beld on Wed-1
* Waited it Rojai Hotel.a dinine
* rooai girl, for further particulars
* inqnira at the hotel
Agnew, manager of the Klk
P.S.    Let us serve you by mail
I EATTIE &.'-.:.r.:
Where II Pays to Dea
Sto;* .Violations
- - . - : a. a -     ,
• €   ii'
Hi '  ■
a]   -     54*31
-    -   .-
...... ...    ,
laTUI   '
......        ,
B E WALKER, .'.-    .  ^.rugp
S3_ED A"   *"E  FOU.O'A'NG RATE3
$5 and ur.Jer.  ...        3 cent*
Over   "?5 ar.d not exceedmf ?10         6 cer.a
-    j.O        ■ " $30     .        10 cents
"     >30 - $50     ..       l! cents
The*.-* Ordren a« Payable at Par a' \-*. arfica in ■ .m.tJ.i of i Chartered
Hank.   \   ■   i  a :   tad at tha pnaci-pal hanfcif pc su in the I attcd
Mat-:-. ,t._     , [i ,-  , | , r.   ■,:»  ,-
They form an excellent oMthod *>f rciiiittin^ usall -um-* uf muocy
with Ttairty .iiij at »utail Mtt,
\V.. - I    5S    J       ,    .    -j   t       ^   r
e harethe"i (     A Y I
hesl •
About mat Piano j
V?e are thi igents j
:'       - pith- a
lout ri-k      Also Boas ■
* Pears. Plums. Prunes. Crabs*
* *
£        Green romatoes and Citron. Also a   y
* Full Assortment of Fall Apples. #
* *
* P *
* the frait out the same day it is i |      [   .\.   HarveTleft on Thurs       	
H JP|days train       Spokane    H-will      «— •
* C Pll it     IdPC                                        i * | he away for several d
* 11 Ull) Jdl ty     ~   ■     " *
StOCa.   aaUO'.AClOnS
a ■     *  ,
' .        ' E        ":'- " * 1 •>'*'■ ■	
tini   ire of  Port Steele
.-   a   Cranbrook     visitor   on       ' ,r        *
irsdav -    - •
'■-ntc: SI.
S' w
ALES     -"
Crubraok Car.aee and Transfer C(  »
• •••'.••••••^•••*»»*1»,>»*'»'*«>*J«   '.
left eye, and ?
3                     ■ ure; but there ire #
•  who  car    I   •       scl trlj  is i
'■ what a bit ssing   p i #
i. ■                        ar eyes.    II »
.  s                                  fit   them   properly    il »
sses   we   will ±
...                   . ,
wm. P. Tate & soil     j
Jewelers       Optieitins j
■ •%i«a«B«a«a*tva«i^«*^a*»a*»B*»*i*fc*i-«a<»*i<a>g<tvi«.a«.aa%.B<»B«
* Me
■■- i
Our Prices Will Be the Lowest for Good Fruit.
— t
:    mdMrs D McXeish and     Wanted, at Roval Hotel a dm::.; /
" ■ '               ' sitors room girl, for farther firticnlars t
'■■ r-'r": !l;,v                              inquire at the hotei '                /
Editor   Smitl      I Moyie[8
.   . if the IS
i'.      ••   Ledg, *
■mors on La         I f
R    L   T    Galbraith.   Indian
Ageol    ■' as   it   town  or  I.. i
B    '  Walters,   Medicine  Hat.
j- ■. _• lesi  >t •■ ■   Royal   T les
Mi Kenz e. F.  Nelson .1   A
*•»•• »«»••%>*••••«.••*' »•%*>»•%*
two Boats the i        •   ,•   •
Si        and  the   aEasl   Kootenay  J
Lu a '•••:
/ ******-:r******************
• a it
I A ng thi A
t A • A
Ton so rial Art t 9 9
|UI QlllJI Uu^
************* *************
'" 'I the
"                                                                                                     ;:,.a        -       ■eeistered  al  tbe             .'1     .u u t
■•■_•■■■ '„• ■ i ■ i     ■    •■■■, ■ ■. ■ ..„■......... •.•„.„•„•.y,                            ,,                                      .rated   «   .   banne > the            f             ~.^*
j-                                                        . . •  ol  tbe  - •-■    '■■■ .rtinent of  I             JT i
Short * Co.—T . bt I j             / H'
--*    FOR    *'-
Around Cranbrook See
Beale & Elwell
Y      ! .     . ;   Mrs   .1    Wh t.   ■
2 and J  A Goupi  .of Moyie were
~ _■    --- l    - .   ■ •   tan on *
T  Nl-
AS - system                ^
* brisk s >u can st Q
^i W .,.«.. ha A
A . _ s. and est U '■(•L'RNE A
A Stea              '  •'   ■■        W '               £
* it up several *
5     Let ti- talk the heating question ovei
A wit ll   J ou.
A   DOYLE.   Ma
.1   Ij   McBr        ■ i ;. •
-     _• e ■-'•                         ' *- J , •
ihepasl  montl    returned to ♦ Tailor'-   Importer Of • |n
ok Tl irsday      He  was I p/ne  u nolens.         "■ I
pai ed by Mr-  McBride ; . •
4 |    ,«>«»»■>• ■•■■♦' » a ««■•■■-.»-.
* - .   • »	
-   tjill    the    defanltiug ;,„„„.„„„.„„,„„;  "
- •   i     ml tesday 	
.. i.g i. Ity, was sen -
vearsintbep  FOR  ft FIRST*GLASS TURNOUT
.ntiary •  - O INTRACTOR
I J. D. McBride \
f    ^      CRANBROOK,  B.C. |
Baker. St.
We have tl
arr.""'. "   !
Splendid   Bargains
Ladies' and
i.T. i: .•   a held a re eptionin   H A N JJ     K '   S
Cranbrook, B.C. f    ■ ;.. /;.;,- .IVnKY
1      A t>,      ■.     Ererybodj  that   .,F - ; 5|  '; '     iny P°int iD ,he
•}• wants furniture repaired oi   ';p-1 district.
T  •    -■       _•   o       or  nfw  work,
X won to co ..- and  see
T     •      S      - in pies "n hand    My
v -'■ " moderate.      A., .
4-  f.KES onjt Ave ACjEtSCt
  It will pay those  »   o are
l".)kinL' for work to '*al! anil
Th.' drawing f. >r _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'       ,   i and r"turr, came  off      '""
us.j Miphton's. Jim   WIcArthur
_        - .        .             ,   --.         ,                                   ' Mr J-s      He can sec
Ladies and Mens '-.\v. ■■-■••■■■»
to Portland, Mr Taj eceivedl          Clothes, Shoes,
' '' "  ' ' ''             II-.t     I.
u '  ! U1LDER.
H' uses    tl i   ti ».   for Rent
or Sali     ■   !.  •.   I ■ ■
''',. . ..   -^
L •' JOHN   N
Carpenter       Builder
Reas     .
Office and Workshop   Lewis St
M Proprietor
♦    Marysville, B.C.    ♦
...     f the St    Mary's  Valley
Nice a ..        ly furnished    Table as
1.  i LAPP
Style For Fall
H    I)   Wi .-: •.   i" ''  Wright.
Mrs  K  1.  Wrigg es n   tl    I  K.   „
Murrav.   H    L   Manlv.   W,   .1.   Hanson,
.V  -   Pa   pe i    M   B
Tl  ib pson    M --  I.    Chapman,;
T    Rookes,   Mrs.    Davies   and.
Jim Mtflrtiiyr
I   ii ■  ■   iR(
da lehter and W   h    Keary,  all .      , ....
r>f Fernie. wr-r.. registered at the|.^«,
heretofore little
•itrai^l'tei The
Imiui    But! i
-till be the $
I      [»lumagi   p ttern  in
■  .  I ■
\V<ir,.i( im k    and     Patndge
i^e.     Botl        suitings
nrifl   ■   ■ ■ •    .      'ill  be
sid   ed ultra i orrei t.
•rook I^abor Day.
Muhinija    larm.r.    -pi.ri.mcn '
■ , -kin   »n.t   mu W
.•■ it«t*u   p* il Md nnl
'- ■   - T»- Soap
,  ..-- t,    n ggay Oq    Mr.
. r"Kn r
.    in    i utPBorufum
*rrT attj nr> '•
D   ~
I   .
j ' -      .     *r,.,wr.   *•   LaM
rl    I  TIMUl K
Dated .'        :•(.  t»b M
Vancouver,    \ ictoria
rih Note
Cranhrook, M.i..
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First <;ia«^ Dining Room
%■%■•»■..■%■»■*■•*■..■■*■♦■ * ■'■a.B^-M-a.'B^l » «^«^«'"av« *-■♦'■
Portlands-Return i
!.   A'T
30 Day Limit
'-  ■ •■   Star Mineral
i   aim*.
- . ite .r     •   pori Steeti Mlalai D
un        I    nn l '■'...-! K • •■■'..   District.
HILL ti 00. who   represent •    *■•■!  on the .-•■ -a- maorth
si   \: -   •  R ret  ii-..-  11 raile-i
the 20th Century Clothing Co. are showing this
line for fall.
6ranDrooKs Greatest Store
irk ot th
■ -.. ■ bridge
Tike notfee tbat 1 JohnO Canmlam P.M
So B.43K1 ■ '.. .- igeai (or Jr^^ph
M n riftbi !"-•■• Mini r ■ Cettlfl
,..-. So ur>.'.; ..mi'' p Coon PreeMlner'i
OentflFSte So BT3NM, Intend rijttjr 'lay from
the date bereol toapp lotbeMlofofTReeorder
[on Certltlcmte of Improvemehu for tbe pur-
 CnnrnOnintof iii»- chore
And (urtbei '...- noticeUut tction, under
s.-i ;i.,r. :t: ti.. ■.'. be i omn em ed »-c(..re tbe tsra*
itn'.-f ol -.ij.' ■ Improremenu
U*i;cl th - ' - v st   \ u itc&
via #
s5^l . PI 1NCE . )RIA J
:;-   n   '■' ■ - .   Standard !"■ ictfon #
Min«™ ' ■   - Vancouver    to    Seattle    ":-!"
- e Port Si t DltWoa <•'■ %,.   ,
RutKoowuj w«f • victoria
VFaere located    On the rest fork of th^ -• i
Matt* RHei rtod Ownt D»a«   T^hfOMi^h JSIcCOlIli^    j
Takeaotlo Una ralaK> Pre*
Miner •    OertW ■ :.-•     So       F»»fl        • ' ' I
as ajfent  for Jowpfa  H    Wriffhl    KM'     S«
nr-.*\' ,   : i    (' iv,,     KM'     \     tnMM   ^r.<l
J...    C    ((•■iik'-r    h  M '      v,    M ;:9--V..    Intend    _ .,      ... .. #
,,»Td.r.<n».h,  ,,  ... ••,a„pi.."..a- Sunday   We      sdav  Fkiday\i
Mlntn*Recorderf< ■   ■ - •          | fnprore                                                . ..                     j
mei .•■■■■-,.■-.                              .    .          •-,   ^
Orant of t.h« . - !,„.„)  ^a, .,-. ■          ■                                         ■
And forth) notice                                                                                                             $
(J. HILLIER. Agent, Cranbrook     •!
run e of *neb Certificate of li ISC \RTKM ' ' I E
Dated I .<.,_-..-.■.   i .,-. .'.*,'' "
j ihxq    " IDIDWi     D.P.A.. Nrf*m.   A.G.P.A.,\M
Reid & Co.
'■.     E  nipped for the Fall Business in
Fit Reform Clothing
The Celebrated
Grirsr, MdGKinaw Glotliino
A N I)
Arrowhead to Vancouver
Slater Boots and Shoes I
THE   BEST   IN   CANADA      j
REID <& CO.!
■**ivl %l> I »*l \ I vi % li
B*Sr» .•»t»a*«jsv»*«'sv»^«:^isvj:s>jr>


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