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The Prospector Aug 22, 1908

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 Llbrnry ol Les.
Vol. 14.
No. ,'J4.
Scull Government Sus-
tamed —Cabinet
Ministers Ue tea ted
Tho returns of tho Saskatchewan
eliction imve uuiiio in wry slowly,
and all kiuus ul reports havo been
received over tlie wiros, on account
ol the distance Irom tho railway ol
many "i mc polls ibe lirst reports
received could givo only the loading
candidates in ml except tne cities.
TIiib was misleading uml was ol little use in determining tlie result.
However, the latest reports now
give bcott iji» seals and Haultain 14,
although several protests arc to be..
entered and tne Uniii result mny be
iluterent. for instance Weyburn,
which went Liberal, on account ot
the negloct to swear tne deputy returning officer. In Loydmlnster tne
'successiul government candidate is
a tew Inches withing Alberto. There
ure also many cases ut corruption
and irregularities.
iNcxt lo tue parly result is tlie defeat ot the two cabinet niinisieis—
I aider and Motherwell. Turgeon
was also defeated in Prince AlDert,
but lous Ouck Lnse. Tnis is u severe blow tu Scott and is the greatest satisfaction tu the Provincial
Highters. Evory kind of scheme was
adopted by the Scott followers to
win and the short tune allowed gave
the Opposition little time tu ualK
them. However tne Opposition lias
reason tu fed that they totight a
guud light, since with a Govern-
ment redistribution that brought in
If, new scuts, tbe Haultain party secured 8 mure constituencies.
The Government seals:-- Ann Kiver, North Battlelord, Cnnnington,
Smith Battlelord, Onnora, i'sicvun,
liuck Lake, Francis, Hiinley, Humboldt, 'loose Jaw County, Mooso-
iiiiii. Kegina City, Kosthern, Swift
i urrent, Hastuitoon city, SnsKa-
toon uotinty, felly, Rodborry, Salt
couis, weyuurn, Touchwood, Vondn,
Wauena,   Yorkton, Loydmlnster.
The opposition seats:-- I.nst Mountain, Milestone, Mouse Jaw olty,
Maple Creek, Pleasant Hill, Pipestone, Prince Albert City, , Prince
Albert County, North Qu'Appelle,
Houth Qu'Appelle, Kegina County,
County Senilis, Regina County,
Mouse Mountain,   Kinistlno.
"Nothing but scandal," mourns
the Albertan in reference to the
Ames' charges. Then it suys Clifl-
ord Sifton was probably crooked in
his administration of the interior
department. T. A. Burrows had the
"get rich quick" game lashed to the
post. No—there Is "nothing but
scnndal." Cnlgnry Hernld.
Elections this fall
Ottuwn, August 20.—The certainty
that the Federal elections will be
held this full is increasing and no
deninls to the prevailing confidence
of tlie Government.
Indeed all that the Ministers, even
will venture on saying is that nothing decisive has yet been arranged.
it is the universal conviction here
thut the campaign will be Iwgun
nfter the garnering of the harvest
und the elections brought on tu
wnrds the Inst of September or
early in October.
Names the day
Ottawa, Aug. 21.- The most persis
tent rumor In Conservative circles is
that tbe date of the Dominion elections is llxcd for Friday, October
23rd. No confirmation can be obtained but llie (Into is suid to have
been given out. by high authority.
Montreal, Aug. 20,— It is million
lively stilted    here todny that   tlie
Dominion elections      will tie held on
October 22nd.
Premier McBride at Fernie
Fernie, Aug. 18—Premier McBrldo
arrived in tbo eity today over the
Great Northern und spent the utter-
noon witli the relief committee discussing the relief situation and
means for further aid. The Premier
lenves on the Soo-Spokanc flyer tonight on his return trip to Victoria.
William Templeman reached here today and remains until tomorrow,
looking into tho situation.
Seventy  miners entombed at
Wigan. England
Wigan, Aug. 19. An explosion oc-
cured yestoruny In the tanypole coul
mino, belonging tn Messrs. Pearson
uiul Knowlos. Tho head nour ami
ventilating apparatus of the mine
whs destroyed mul about 70 of tlie
miners aro entombed, only the
smallest hopo is entertained of saving tli<> entombed miners.
Temporary repairs tn the machinery enabled tlm ruscuers tn descend
Into the adjacont workings, only to
tind their wuy blocked liy wreckuge
mid pusses. Three dead miners were
found and one terribly mutilated hat
still alive and several iload ponies.
Four of the miners escaped aiive. A
number of tlie rescuers were uvcr-
come by tlie. fumes and brought tu
the surface in mi unconscious cundi-
tlon. A frenzied crowd uf relatives
antl friends nf the entombed minors
surrounded the   pit mouth     tonight
nxlously awaiting news.
The search parties this afternoon
were driven hack by lire. A number
>f the rescuers were overcome by the
fumes frum the burning eual but
were safely brought to the surface,
lt will be impossible to nmke a thorough examination of tlie workings
until tlie tiro has been subdued mid
the nir purirted.
Wigan, Aug. l'J.-—Later-It is not
believed a single man uf the 70 miners whn were entombed by an explo-
ilon which occured yesterday in the
Maypole coal mine here, survived
the disaster. The four men reported rescued yesterday were engaged
in an udjolnlng building. The ven
tilating tan which was put out of
order by tbe explosion was repaired
this morning and the mine having
been cleared of trasses, the rescue
party  again descended.
The sight was horrifying. Not far
from the bottom of the shaft 18
bodies were found all frightfully mutilated, leys and arms being blown
off nnd bends battered almost beyond recognition,
The manager nf the mine declares
that between sixty and seventy men
were underground at the time of the
explosion and that there is no hope
that any one will be brought nut
alive. The women and children,
however, who remained at the pithead all night refused tn leave until
the bodies of their dead are brought
to the surface. Nothing else witl
convince them of the hopelessness of
New High Explosive.    KRUPP
Armour torn to pieces
Munich, Aug. 21. —A new high explosive of a power beyond anything
yet used In tbe Germnn army, was
tested here yesterday in the presence
of the artillery proving commission
from Berlin, representatives of the
war ministry, the imperial navy and
the fortress and ordinance department, with what are described as
sensational results, Three shells,by
electricity, tore Krupp armor plates
to pieces. The explosive is tlie invention of Friez (iehre.
Hold-up at Phoenix
Phoenix, Aug. 20.—CrowelPa hotel
at Midway was held up at 11:50 last
night by two highwaymen, Who secured about $100 in cash. The two
men drove through the town in tlie
evening with a team of horses. As
they were Hearing tlie hotel un their
return two dogs gave alarm, where-
iipnn they were immediately shot by
the robbers. After looting the cash
register and the pockotB of the pin
priotor, S. H. Crowell, the desperadoes drove off In the direction of
(Irecnwnnd. This is the third holdup
that Ims occured in the Boundary
during the past month,
Ladies Organize
A Ladies Auxiliary at the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and
Knginemen was organized on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Mc.Cnnbley, nf
Calgary, having charge of the work
a large membership. The ollicers
elected for the ensuing year are:—
President-Mrs.  A. 0, Killins.
Vice-President—Mrs. O.  Burge,
Past President—Mrs.   Biukley.
Secretary-Mrs.   .1.   rtarvls.
Treasurer-Mrs.  Chas.  Head.
Collector -Mm. Chas, Harris,
Chaplin-Mrs.  Holly.
Warden   Mrs. Clemmer.
Inner (luard—Miss Annie Wise.
Outer (luard-Miss Martha Wise.
The Ladles of the new auxiliary
entertained a large number of invited guests ln the lodge room on
Thursday evening. Tee Cream and
cakeH was served, the evening being
enjoyed by all present,
Injunction against Coal Co.
Vancouver, Auk. 19.—On the appll
cation of rt. rt. Taylor, K. C, Mr.
Justice MorriHun this morning grunted the application of Andrew Laidlaw for an interim injunction
against the Imperial Coal and Coko
c.umpany, J. W. Pyke and W. H.
Evans, from dealing in any way
with certain coal leases In the Fording river district now in the name
of  Pyke.
Aurora   Mine
Now being rapidly developed—Will install a
live drill compression
Developments are showing in tne
Aurora mine at ivtoyle, tliai are sat-
isittetory ami work is progressing at
't goott rate.
'iiie Aurora Mine is situated un the
west sate ol iVInyte Lake, and is sup
posed io ue an extension ol tne la-
mulls Mt. Kugene and Lake tshnre
mines which are situated un the
east side of tlie lake. Tlie connecting huh between these mines, is being sought lur hy a company known
ns the Cambrian Mining Company,
who have constructed a cassion irom
the surface to the bottom uf Lake
Moylu, who are now sinking n shatt
through the rock bed of the lake tu
the ore bodies whicn have been discovered by means of a diamond
drill. From the extensive and
thorough manner in which the prospecting has been done by the various
mining companies interested, it is
mly fair to presume that the nre
bodies on the east side of the lake
in the rtt. Kugene mid Lake Shore
extends under the lake and into the
Aurora property, on the west side of
Moyie Lake.
The Aurora property, consists of
live claims, and were located in
18117, by 0. 0, Johnson, Carl Neit-
,ell, and Captain Ira B. Sanborn.
The locators found float, then
mull stringers of ore. These stringers were followed, by means uf a
tunnel, for a distance of BOO feet,
with ore, varying in widih frum
six to eighteen inches. Cioss-aits
were driven to determine the wid tli
uf the vein. A shaft was sunk tn a
depth nf 170 feet, and connected
with No. 1 tunnel, Another slant
was sunk, some distance to the
south and west, and is down li>0
feet, drifts have been run Irom the
bottom uf this shaft for a distance
uf 50 feet in search of the hanging
wall. The oro body has been found
oy cross-cuts tu be about 14 feet in
width, with a pay shoot of six to
eighteen inches uf clean ore.
A second tunnel has been started,
which will have a vertical depth of
170 feet below No. 1 tunnel, und
will be connected by an up-raise
with the upper tunnel, also by drifts
with the shafts alreody duwn. This
will give excellent ventilation to the
The ore body, as estimated, has a
width uf 14 feet, with a pay shoot
uf clean ore of from six inches to
two feet. The entire vein consists uf
cuncentrating ore. There seems tu
he a fault betweeu No. 1 and No. 2
tunnel, with ore abuve the fault and
below, its extent will be demonstrated by drifts Irom the up-raise as
developments progressess.
The clean ure carries values in
lead and silver. The cuncentrating
portion of the ledge matter runs luw
in lead and silver. Assays from the
clean ore gives 55 to (15 per cent in
lead,   and 12 to 14 ounces in silver.
The Aurora mine is being operated
by a Moyie syndicate, composed of
local business men and miners, who
have a linn faith in the future prosperity of the mine. The new company have purchased a live drill compressor plant which will be installed
hy tbe tirst of the coming month.
Then the lower tunnel will be driven
with a,I possible despatch to where
the connections nre to be made with
the tipper tunnel and shafts.
In IKilfi, Captain Sanborn built a
small steamer, to be used on Lake
Moyie, fur tuwing ore laden scows
from the mine to the railway nn the
east side uf the lake. The former
owners were ever confident of striking a large body of ore, as is the
present company, Let us all hope
that their confidence is nut mis
placed, and that the Aurora will be
a mine second to none iu the Kootenays.
United Church Entertainment
Cn Tuesday evening, August 25th,
at 5.30 o'clock in the Presbyterian
school room an entertaining evening,
will be given in aid nf the Lord's
Day Alliance nf tbe Dominion nf
Canada. The evening's entertain
ment will consist nr HungH, recitations, readings, and new lantern
slides projected by electric light. The
expectation is that, representatives
from all the congregations will take
part. No charge will be made but a
liberal offering Is asked for to help a
very Important cause. The school
room can be well aired and the concert begins nfter the heat of the day
has passed. Further nut ices will
appear  later.
Dutch prepare for war
The Hague, Aug. 21. The Netherlands government is inclined fur tho
present to adopt a waiting attitude
against Venezuela, but is ready tn
take energetic steps whenever the developments demands.
It has been agreed to push all necessary preparations in order to be
ready to support an ultimatum
should it be decided tn forward one
to  Castro.
Work will be rushed night and day
at tbe naval dockyards to complete
the preparations needed by the war
ships, so that they will be in read!
ness tn reinforce the vessels now In
the Caribbean by the end of next
H.C.      COAL     LANDS
Corbin   Coal   and Coke  Co.
to operate in East Kootenay
at once
Spnknne,   Aug. 21. Seventeen    sec
tions, or 10,800 acres of coal lands
in eastern British Columbia, within
too miles of ripukmie, will be developed by the Curbin Coal ,si Coke
company, just Incorporated in Spo
kmie with a capital of $1,01)0,000.
The incorporators who art also
trustees ol the company, me 1). C.
Corbin, president of the Spokane
International railway company, and
builder of the Spokane Falls &
Northern; Austin Corbin, A. H.
rtperry, Albert Allen, 10. .1. Roberts
and ti. H. Martin of Bpoknno; Alfred Pane, Wardner, Ida.; mul .1. K.
Sherwood of New York.
The lands to be developed are hi the
Flathead valley, in this province,
and have been opened sufficiently to
how it is a big proposition.
The articles of incorporation state
the objects to be not only tn engage
in cuul mining but tu transact all
kinds of business, such as building
and operating ruilrnuds, dealing in
timber, developing water power, and
in fact any enterprise which it might
be desired to engage in at any time
in the future. The British Columbia
railway company, in which D. 0,
Corbin and his associates nre the
principal stockholders, will build a
line from McC-illvrny on the C. P.R.
the property in the Flathead val
ley 14 miles.
Tlie object is also stated to be to
btain nn act of parliament to enable the company tu carry any of its
ibjects into effect and to oppose any
proceedings which may seem calculated, directly nr indirectly, to prejudice the company's interests.
at   Cranhrook
Meets  Hoard of  Trade
And is Hanquetted
A Letter of Thanks
Victoria Aug.  15,  1908.
.1. P. Fink, Esq.,
Cranbrook, It. 0.
Dear Mr. Fink; li
In view uf the prompt and geu-
erous way in which you as Mayor
and the Citizens of Crnnbrook generally came to the assistance of tbe
sufferers by the five at Fernie and
vicinity I would like to convey to
you and to the ueoplc uf your city
the grateful thanks of my Colleagues
and myself on behalf of the Prov-
nee uf British Columbia.
On all sides there have bem words
of enmmendutinn fur the attitude of
Cranbrook in a most trying situation
and I therefore cannot allow the
occasion to pass without this expression of thanks.
Believe me,
Yours sincerely,
Richard  McBride.
Methodist Church
August   23rd,, 1008.)
Services at 11 and 7.HO.      Sunday
School and Bible Classes at 3.
Subject for evening discnurse:—
Tuesday. The League Social will
give place tu the united church entertainment to be held in the Presbyterian rtchoulroom at eight.
Wednesday. Prayer Service at 8.
A hearty invitation is given to visitors to this, and all other meetings
in the church.
Members of the Methodist Church
coming to the city are requested to
call at the parsonage next to tbe
The Epworth League Tennis Tournament will commence on September
1st at the court on Armstrong Ave
nne. Kntries for the following
events may be made to President 11.
P. Moffatt at any time before tbe
end of this month. A small entrance fee for those wishing to play
will be mude fnr each separate event.
Ladles singles, Cents singles,
Ladies doubles, Cents doubles, Mixed
doubles,   and  linal doubles.
Nn entries will be received after
September 1st,   and the management
will lie obliged if all intending to
take part will give in their names at
once. This course applies to the
members of the club only.
If the visit of Senator Teniph'tnan
had any political significance it is a
'matter ot congratulation that it was
I apparently sunk in the public inter
est. ( ertaia matters had, iu the
'interest of the city, to be brought
[beforo the Senator who is head oi
'the department of mines at Ottawa
'and ih this both parties laid down
'political differences and wont straight
'for their objective letting politics
[slide iu order to further the more
vital and local issue.
At a meeting nf the Board of
Trade held in the Cuuncil Chamber
Senator Templeman after hearing
Joseph Ryan give some uf his ex
'pertences in the St. Mary's valley
[country and listening with every
I show uf interest tu facts concerning
[the iron deposits on Bull river and
'linker mountain and the galona mid
'gold cupper uf the tipper part of the
; rttf Mary's promised, if men and
'money could be found, to send in
[the Geological rturvey party here In
the early future. He gave the must
unqualified promise to see that this
was dune. He nlsn promised tu
bring the matter of having Cranbrook elevated from a customs sub
port to the dignity ot a port of entry, and also the matter uf the Fed
ernl building before the minister responsible fur those things. Mr.
Urock, tho bead of the Geological
Survey department, said that the
party would soon be with us, and
that the district offered solutions uf
geological problems that it was essential tn have settled between them
and tho corresponding department nf
the United States working in tlie
Cutler d' Alenes country to the south
nf us.
The net result uf the visit may bo
summed up in saying we are certain
to have the district carefully exam
ined by the members of the Geologl
cal rturvey department. This may
uut convey a great deal nf meaning
to some people, bat those who
kitiow anything about minerals know
how vital it is to have reliable data
from independent sources as to geo
logical conditions before mining can
be undertaken with any certainty o'
profitable working. 'I'he timber will
not lust always, and tbe time Is
now when we must seek by all means
to have matters in train tu take up
the exploitation of uur mineral
wealth that lies at uur doors.
The rtenutor was entertained to a
most successful banquet at the
Cranbrook Hotel at which some
llfty sat down. It was strictly nnn-
pnlitical, and frum first to last
there was tint a semblance of a discordant note. Once again ('ran
brook proved itself a city where all
parties und every man stands with
his fellows, solidly, shoulder tu
shuulder, where the thing to be done
or carried is fur the benefit of the
city or the locnlity, C. T. Hogers
made a must excellent chairman,
brilliant, tactful and witty. rtenutor Templeman delivered a capital
speech ami touched delicately on the
legislation passed during the last
session at Ottawa. .1. A. Harvey,
K. C, was at his best in his address tu the toast of British Columbia. Joseph Ityan tried bis wings
in oratory on the mining question
He waH followed by J. F. Huchcroft.
in a strong plea for a visit from the
Geological Survey department. Dr.
King, M.L.A., gave a brilliant review of the salient points of Canadian history. All wus over nt about
2 a.m., and the true success of the
banquet was appreciated to lie more
in the cordial spirit born nf it than
of anything in the eating, drinking
or oratoriiil line that dignified it.
Tlie usual monthly social of the
Rpworth League will give way to
the united entertainment in tbe Pres
hyterian schoolroom on Tuesday
next, when songs mid readings and
a lantern exhibit will be given. The
aim is to have every church take
some part in the program, the proceeds will be in aid' of the Lord's
Day  Alliance funds.
An event of great interest tu their
many friends and acquaintances was
the marriage, on Thursday evening,
nf Arthur James Bradley and Miss
Annie Leah Tisdale, at the Inane ot
Mr. and Mrs. It. A. McBurney. The
ceremony by Rev. c. o. Main was
quiet and simple, only the immediate friends being present. Later
in the evoning a lew ot the close
frlpnds of the young couple arrived
and showered their congratulations
upun them. A very enjoyable even
ini; was spent in various games, al*
ter which, a beautiful wedding cake
was cut by the bride and was served
along with coffee and d&ticlous ice
.cream, Early in the morning the
'quests reluctantly withdrew wishing
.the happy couple every blessing on
I their married life.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley are both well
known iu Cranlirook, and are among
I our most, popular young people, und
while  Cranbrook   regrets  losing thei
Dr. II. Watt, nf Fort Steele was in
( ranbrook Tuesday on business,
A. area, drove over from Fort
Steele Tuesday on husiness.
Q,   (',.      Jewell,       president        of   the
Jewell Lumber Company, nf Jaffray,
was transacting business at Cran
brook   Kriday.
Have    you   read   "Tlie    Black   Bag",
me of the new books ami a mosl
•xciting one. Cranbrook Drug tt
Book  Store
"Sowiim Seeds iu Danny", just in
from tbe publisher. A t'aliiullati
Story,   by   n    Canadian   Author.    Km
le at    Cranbrook     Drug   a   Book
Mr. and Mrs.W. It. Itnss and (ami
ly wbo have been outing at Wasa for
tho past two weeks passed through
Cranbrook Sunday ou their return
to their home at  Kernie.
The public schools will re open on
Monday August 31st. K. It. Anderson, the principal, and Miss Caldwell
Miss Hall, Miss Boss, Miss Taylor,
and Miss Krascr will ho lien- next
,1.  J. Warren, of    Toronto,   P. C.
Clark,, of Spokane,   L. S.  Strmiahan
n Minneapolis,   mul F,  E. Bush, nf
Bonners  Ferry,   were     tmesis  ut  the
Cranbrook Tuesday.
13. J. Wat sou, of San Francisco,
F. It. Laurie, nf Fernie, A. W. Bar
kor, of Winnipeg, mid F. '1'.  Snyder,
f Chicago, were registered at tlie
Cranbrnnk  Sunduy  last.
It. 1*. Pettlplece, of Vancouver, D.
D. McDonald, of Winnipeg, J. A.
Dewar, of Nelson, A. w Dickinson,
I Spokane, and A. C. Allison, of
Belfast, Ireland, were guests at tbe
Cranbrook  Monday.
Do not forget that the Cranhrook
Drug & Book Co., receive ail tbe
new books as they are issued from
the publishers. We invite you in to
took over uur extensive stuck. New
ines copilng every  week.
A. Mutz, of Kernie, wns in the
ity Monday. Mr. Mutz said,"'that
us company, the Feruie Kurt Steele
Brewing Company, had already
uom mo need the construction of a new
brewery to replace tlie one destroyed
In the  late  Kernie fire.
The local machinists, bollermakers,
,iiid carmen who are uut on strike
arc conducting themselves in such a
way as to retain the respect of the
public. There lias been no local dis
turbance whatever, the men know
ng Woll that strikes are won by
peaceful  methods.
Smith Curtis, the Liberal candi-
late fnr Kuntenay arrived in Cranbrnnk Wednesday. Mr. Curtis conferred   with   local    Liberals,    and   in
lently attondod the banquet tendered to Mr. Templeman, Dominion
Minister of Mines, hy the Crunbrook
Board of Trade.
William Henderson, ol Victoria,
was in Cranbrook Wednesday. Mr.
Henderson,    who    is     Agent for the
ubllc Works department of the Dominion government in British Columbia, is reported as being here to
look over the site nf the government
buildings which are to be construct
ed at Cranbrook. The plans Inr the
new building have already been pre
Tbe Buy's Brigade will be started
arly in September the Pastors of
the Presbyterian and Methodist
churches taking the work, in hand.
The boys will be drilled and exercised in the Gymnasium. Application for membership from boys between the ages nf ten to eighteen
an now be made to Rev. C, O. Main
u Kev. R, Hughes. After a test nf
six weeks drill the successful candi
dates will be placed upon the roll
and cup, belt, and haversacks will
be worn as a uniform. The consent
of parents will be necessary before
BORN, at Marysville, Tuesday
August  is, io Mr   and Mrs   A   Mel
Inr,    a   son.
BORN, at Cninbrook Sunday Aug
ust lli, to Mr and Mis K Wnrk, a
BORN, at Cranbrook, Sunday Aug
ust Iti, to Mr   and    Mrs   T   Rowan.
Russian Empress
St. Petersburg, Aug. 21. Tho
health of the empress is again arotts
iin,' anxiety ut the Russian court,
rthc appeared to be greatly benefited
by the cruise in the Finnish archi
pclago, but since her return there
has been a re occurrence of hysteria,
general weakness preventing the em
press from walkinu and even from
standing. It is suid also that she
is   mentally   depressed.
ft is with the hope tbat they
he happy and prosperous where
they arc.
Presbyterian Church
(August   2:i,d, 1908.) 1   f,,, bride aad gr
 °— tokens of th... Inch   esteem in   which
Morning service as    usual at  11.30,  they me held     The (;ifts,   consisting
Subject. " The Friendship nf    David!of cutlery, silver ware, band pointed
and Jonathan." china,   cat class,   linen, etc.,   Among
Sunday school at :t p.m. |'he gifts wns n    beautiful   eut   class
Short evening service at 7.30. fruit bowl  presented  to the brlflo by
At  both services an adoring will be the members   "f     the    Presbylortun
received to uid Kev. H. R, (.runt and [Guild nf Knox   Church,   accompanied
the  Kernie  Presbyterian  Church.      A   by un address of congratulation and
manse and    church  are  needed   right  ■*■ : ,; '■     ■■  ■
away.     Our  town   was  providentially
saved.     Let     us all    use    this    as a
thunkoffering     that our    town    was
spared.    Place offering in an envelope
Indicating    that ft fs fnr the Fernie
O.  Main,  Pastor,   .friends
appreciation   "'  'he   personal worth
and faithful work in the church.
Mr. and Mrs Bradley lefl fur Vancouvor nn the "Flyer" nn Friduy
morning lea vim: beb ind them pleas
mit  memories,    nnd   carrying   with
them   the   heartiest       wishes   of   their
Now comes a
dark cloud
C.KK.     .Mechanics*
The strike of tin- mechanics and
other workmen uf the Canadian i'a
.■itic Railway   comes   at  an unfortu
naif   Hliii'  Inr  thlfl   count ry      It ucom ■
10    have    affected     shop--      extending
,rom coast to coast. While in. verj
iccurate statement oi the number -.1
iien who went out in obtainable, a
conservative estimate places it a'
over ti,nun.
The history oi tb.- trouble between
hi' company .nul tin- un-n forms
rather an involved story It pnnci
,mlly concerns the western divisions
One union claim is tbat there Bhould
•f im third class among the boiler
linkers receiving 4a cents per hour.
The men also object to the Increns-
lig of the apprentices in every shop
rom 2o for every workmen to ■>'.
Alien an employee has been wrong
ally discharged according to th-
■erdict of au Investigation, tin men
inun lie should be reinstated and
uud foi lost time. There is also
he question of mechanics in wrecV
ng crews, Yesterday at West Toron
to the strikers claimed thev hal
;rlevnnces about pay and otic.'
Ull Inn   a   few   .lays       wheat     Will  be
mittng   on     western   plains   to be
UShcd   to   tlie   sea PromlSCB       of   a
ilenteous yield have made Canadian-
iptimiutlc, hut now come- a dark
loud on th.- horizon in the shape of
1 strike. Can Canada afford ;i
trii.e at such a critical Juncture?
iocs it not remain with authorities
11trh up In the councils of the couu
ry to see that some settlement is
<rrived at, and that soon? The
iien on strike are those who care for
he rolling stuck of the company
'oiisequently the safety of passen
ers depends tu a large extent upon
heir dally offorts.
Ball Game at Moyie
The  Cranbrook   baseball   team went
0 Moyie on   Sunday    last    to    play
1 Moyie nfni A bilge number 0/
'ranbrook rooters and fans went
ilong just tn make things lively
The   score     was      Cranbrook   20,
Vluyle I.
Ottawa, Aug. 20 Di Hart and
■mint von Clngern an- in Ottawa to
plan if   possible,      to bring out tho
hoiisands of Austrian farmers to the
'anadian   northwest      next   sprint,'.
They  claim  the intended  Immigrants
ue   well   educated   and   ale   good   peo
(>lc and are able to speak. English,
Longboat a has-been
Tom Longboat was bent en by
.'crcy Sellen of Toronto in a live
nlle open race at the police games
.it Toronto Thursday Sellen finish
ed 22U yards ahead of the Indian,
winning in 2ti minutes 20 seconds,
iiist time for a soft track. Klamn
gun wus dlsgUBtcd and the manager
and his protege arc said to I.a e
parted company,
Lord Htrathcona, High Commls
sionci oi rami.la in Creat Britain,
has accepted all invitation to attend
the provincial fair al New Wcstmlti
stcr in Soptembor
Mosl of tin' contractors on the
(iruud Trunk l'ucilic railway along
the   Sterna     have   established     .amps
and  the clearing ol  ibe right ol wuy
ulniig that  rlvei   is well advanced
"I .|o uot think that there is 11
country quite the equal of this great
province of llritish Columbin ia the
who].- wide world foi the hunting nf
big game," suys I'hlllpp (ibcrlmuler,
a tinted sportsman nf Austria, who
is now in D   C
WANTED. A girl to do general
house work, apply tn Mrs. Hatty
(petti't's residence 011  Kenwick   Avenue
To prevent Mining Disasters
Three thousand two hundred nun
irs lust their lives last year by accidents under ground, hundreds were
injured, and heartache* and hardships were brought to tlmse affected.
The eual mines of Alberta are already employing many men. With
the advent nf railway facilities new
mines will be developed and thousands more will go down to mine the
fuel which has been so conveniently
distributed throughout the province.
uaws regulating the working of
mines must be framed and executed
ntelllgently In order that our re
cord of disaster from accidents may
not be attributed to Ignorance or
net: leet.
A convention uf experts on the
prevention nf mining disasters is to
he held in Pittsburg next, month.
Britain has gone into the question
/cry thoroughly, but today's reports
of the Wigan disaster show that fatalities are bound to occur. Sometimes these disasters are due to cure
lessness on the part of the men them
selves, but very often Ignorance elth-
ir .ai the part of tlie miner or the
officials, is responsible for death or
property   loss.
An experimental Btatlon, win-re
testH of gases, explosives, lire damp
and other destructive agencies can he
carried nu.    will  he in use at   the con
vention,   ami     practical  domonstrn
tions can be given mid Ihen effects
ascertained This      plant   1-  to  bo
kept  in   operation constantly     aftei
the close of tlir convention, nml re
ports will be issued by the govern
meni monthly, giving tin- rcsuli of
the observation and tests
The Alberts government must keep
up to the times in all matters per
tain Ing to tho safety of the cm!
miners. Wc have bad comparatively
be exercised that this hazardous ofl
few fatalities sn fur. but cure must
CUpatlon be not rendered even more
so hy nn error of omission un the
part of thosi who have the matter
under their control Calgary Her
Heading off a Risk
     Gas is liable to puff out
,t— -a"    .!_-     r m     A ti	
of the front door of
furnace   unprovided   lor
gOS escape.
— "Sunshine" Furnace has
* Automatic Gas Hamper
i-tly connected with
snioke.pipe. Gas pressure
sways dampcf suutclenlly
for it toescaiwupchimney
(see illustration), bui beat
doesn't escape.
"puffing  gasjfurnace can
belefl wit hi loubt a-, to
whereabouts >i gas.
Whal d.v- "Sunshine" Gas Pamper mean to ' 5 nisi ■•<■   coal ** ni
It means, instead ul owner with "ordinary lurmuv ftMr having to keep
. h.-.kdiHli indefinitely closed to "lei .-tt gas when there i tw.Mhird'*
p.ii is ot heal-energy io un.* pari nt gas passing up chimney draft
ail safely be opened, .nul coal sa
if tor anothei d i) - !'-'v-
A. B. Grace,
I'l'lU.ISllKK    AMI    I.IHTOK.
satuudav, ai'gi st
AT this writing, says the Calgary
Herald,    it  is   by no means   certain
Which sale has won ia yesterday's
Btrenuous contest, but enough is
known to siiusly the public that the
Scott government has Bittlered a
great moral, u not an actual defeat booking over the battleaelil
and seeing two, ll not three >>i his
cabinet    ministers   a mom;  the   slam
and        Ml     Haultain   standing   alter   a
valiant light al the head
ol about Imli Hi.- membi rs Lu .1 house
oi fort> une, I'i emiei Scott musl
timl 11 hard to iliscovei any cause
foi   jubilation
The brutH.it] nl tht Liberals to
Ml Haultain .it the formation ol the
'Aestei u   pro\ llll '■     ■• fi ■ •        I mil
aa    if thi    '■   ■      pnlti ical  1 riuu«
ol   our  blstoi j hi eeti   yeat
he bad given I lie Tt ml 1 ■ lean
und   atateamtn '  ■*< ion   \i
greUt        I"':  -  II ■"" I 'li       1 lie
Miiallcsi     ... ltd .   |)l
f2 ■ i.     Um nl i'.;  hi ■ genius
h it h  ubi 1 fttltj    to 1 he public
se ■   ce ul .1 count! y  lu
Remarkable   for
flavor. The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
An   Observatorj
It   is  waft   to  say   that
if as    ran no   uuu ii    uvacttcnl kn
During the whole nl bis
eUge be    obi mned  al hoes u     ij
unt-ei \ iug  t ii.'iu  ivoi it 11    Lu  ti  noi nml
wu ,   1 n ough   1 hi ■ ■      Ides ol  au
t,orj   lnt *      •   11   •*■ 1' I   iee I lie
aces eomlni   In     wit     1 holt   loud ■ 1 il
uectoi    anu     pollen   tad    ilepvwltiiiR
them     hi t he   celts,   1 be   u u 11   bee
. leciiiug t he     lai \ .ic ami     ih»' comb
enough for | bunder
 ^^^^^^^ rve the
stivvardship then was lhlU  ,,,  laying    two
breath    ul     susplclan
PATMORE BROS., Loctil Agents
I ^^    HOTEL
1 Kimberley,   B. C.
.hi empire
not     rvi'iil
against   the    Intej 1 it j   nl   his goveru
' ■ ■■:   11   ;■. : t»l)    uou
■ •■■ nmei .   and  tn     his selec
■   in <■ lleugues    and deputies hi?
leaned mon   to I ,ibi rain   tl nti   to Con
-•■; \ .. ■  . es,    as   h Itness   iis    aasocis
tion  with  Messrs   James  (now   Sena
Rosa      \    1,    Sifton   ' now   cblel
j ist ce     ti   ll   \    Bulyeo 1 now lieu
• Inistert* ol
i) irks,   nnd   J    \     fulder h
making 1 om
f   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
\ uu inns  li"'
 illd      cvt'li   line
eggs pei   minute
One ol  the  t»».-t   ed icators nf begin
net's \n the obee 1 \ ut:   hi> *-     \ i'i > Ixiw
use the observing hue us .1 means o tj
acquiring     .. i.m    know ledge ol  the
habits 01  the  bee     Ltouk-a are good,
but   \\ hat   j i'n  1 ''.ni    1 easii)   toi &o\
ten,   and  nothing   will  impress tacts
upon you:  iimiii as rt ad 11)  as witues
sing them,    Not onl)     does tho bee
keeper pain much Irom ins observing
jbive,  but  lie also interests his neigh
his  deputy     minister    ot    education   lv[> and   ,i!t     wht]  WM1    him>     |ur
bat   vet')   lew   sciences are as  old  and as
'"' nt     "J1"  littu known as bee culture.
A thousand    little    things arc ab
'lately   needed   to   he   known     1!   one
vll can be made
the   use ui an     observing
IS    •
■       than that he shot Id be oRer
, [the new
:   ',"   desires to succeed,
was coining to him "     But   K-\y.tXi    bj
English Photographic
have stoiiil the test of critics,
and are ti>-il;iy Superior to
other makes. •:• Wc have
everything in the photographic
line, Cameras from $1.50 up
to $33.00 iu stock. •;• Plates,
Films, Papers ami Photographic Chemicals.   +   Take
Pictures and make your own
Post Cards. •;•        •:•        •:■
Cranhrook  Book and
Drug Store Co., Ltd.
liive. Ti
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
W I'l'll   A
Wild ■;■■ 'ii  the  ad          _    _
lid     the  small  ctt>  01  country
' ■  ' tbe honor to    . ", ndtess    am
.i  party   puppet     Tht   pu  lie    il   Sas    conceive the lat
■   • e done m bat  the  pub   subject    ol    be
■   Alberta would  have done in .1   mosses  till  ont
tenfold iti manner      |,jve
shown their disgust over tbe turning
down 1 il Pre ■ Haultain. Due ol
I he rt a ly   :real  men ■ i( 1 'anada
The result in Saskatchewan 1- a
powerful sign ol the times It Is a
sicn of the quiet but unmistakable
revulsion of feeling thnt is working
in rhe minds ol all decent
: against political Indecency. 'H
I day's vote of tbe mi
this   Iir
ISCIllt'llt .
( oi kno
1 tin
on the
m  the
]n\V  TO  MAKE   IT.
If   VI
It's lilt'
insl  iip
imsi porfncl n
iimii for snwinj
tinm^ ongmn you can
u 1 imi I and Irrigation.
Plumbing, Rooting, lloat
in;; una Blowr Work.
(•OI.K    M.KNT!
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
using in   your   yni'il n
ic    hive  the    mutter is
enough.    Muke    the i«" end
^^^^      the bottom and    cover,     the
 n   Sil„lc length uml height ns your hives
ster   ;n your yard,   but unly  wluc enough
men ,-i Saskatche    for three frames    of comb.    Five in-
ixercise ;i strong In   clies    inside    measurement is    about
uiinj:  dominion elec   right.    The siilrs should be made out
iljuiltj.in and his[of good,   clear    window    glass;   this
constitutes     tho    body of    the hive.
powerful nnd  sinister    Influences IThe bees enter   a   tube    und   crawl
r he ujis backed up through   the tube Into tbe hive. The
il the tube Is made   two    nnd one-half   in
in jches  wide  and  one-half an  inch  high
 tic measurement and about 2(1 in
^^^^ than encouraging cues long,     or lunger    if   necessary,
those who wain   to sec good gov- The hive cover has a hole in the cen-
cniniciit -m Canada and  are  tired to  ire two and   a half Inches in diame
dentil  of the Ity! t'isy nnd  grafting | ter,
which ol  late years  has     character
Inod so called Liberal rule.
The   Herald     congratulates
llaulliiin   "ll   yesterday's   results  and
lias   nn  sympathy   to  express  for Mr.
So.tl      nnd     the  federal     politicians
Painter and
Harvey, McCarter k Maedonald
CRANBItOOL,    -    B.C.
Solicitor. Etc.
Granbrook •   ■ British Columbia
and NOTAUV   I'lilll.lc.
Orunbrook, B.O
ti. H. Thompson
t'ruiilii'iMik,  B.C.
THOMAS   M «• V 1 T T I K
P.U.S. «V C.B.
Port Steele H.C.
I'.O, Box 3.111. Plume 2211.
Mining; Engineer,
B.C. Land Surveyor,
Dr. li. W. Connolly
I'ltvsirlAN  ANII Sll Hll KON
Ollleoi Ai'tnsti-iiiig Ave
ti u> ll u.in.   il 1.1 l p.in.  t it. s p.m.    *
I'holio I Hli.'c 10n,    licsiticncc lllll ♦
i Ifluonce .ni tl
ft i ti,,ns.    That
9   friends,    without   money   and against
y  tin
♦behind Scotl
♦ '
♦ >
c election mncblnory
government,     succeeded
nh  a   Showing     US   they  did |j
is more
m; A, A A, A, A A A A A. m- m m m ' m m A A A A A A A m m- m-
^k n\ ^^ w m. mt mt ^k w nt *w w nt nt, ™ ™ ^n nt nt ^^ n\ ^ *w ^k .^k nt
c. \v. \' wwi h:\iki;. I'miiMUKToH
We Buy Everything
whose tool lie Ims always been. The
only pity is that the people of Saskatchewan .litl not sweep tlie Scott
party antl Its record clean ofl the
ivered on the under side with
[wire netting. This hole is for two
purposes. If the bees need Feeding a
Pred. lpint fruit jar enn bo ailed with syrup, then covered with one thickness nf cheese cloth and inverted
right on the wire and the bees will
do the rest. The other purpose is to
ventilate the hive in very warm
weather. This hole should lie covered with a small block.
It is a stiaging Indictment that a
purty entering parliament liy the al-
-J^nuist unanimous verdict of a prov
\fe ince should su disappoint the people
Jtliat in mere self-defence they feel It
3^ incumbent to gerrymander the boun-
jfc darlen of the constituencies and in
;e tin-   representation     to   sav
ra   crease tne   representation     lo   suvc it-eus. uum  nuiui iiumm  ,>m v,
\W   themselves from being pitched out of in u day or two.    Take three fi
l)f course it would lie useless to put
a swarm of bees into a glass hive,
for a dark hive suits them better.
About six days after you have had a
swarm go to the parent hive and
you will tind u number of ripe queen
cells, from whieh queens will emerge
IIOKKKS. STOVES, now und  stwond   hand   bTUNI
WE SELL whal wa httva in stock ai prices thai
will surprise* you. A visil to lho Dollar storo will con-
vilice j*ou that wu havo Iho ffootls, and can savo yon
fifty |»'t' cenl on any goods purchased
We Buv and Sell For Cash
mt \kt   ^aW   m\t   mt   m\t \mt   mt   m\t   mt   mt   mt   mt*   "  mt   mt   mf   mt   mt*   mt   mt   mt!  t\^   mt   m\t   mt 2m\t
^r9*^r\* ^9 H *^>t*\ **\*ft ^W"^n ^a*, ^*\*t ^R ^tw d*r' . ^R ^K ^X* ^K **a*; **fg ^R ^K ^K *\\* ^p IP ^*r
■tk   jiml crop nt     the next
nl election.       But  the fnrni-
the freight so why consider
1   Advertiser   Lneombe.
We Iun c the Hnest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.     For Lunches.
Picnics, Gamping etc., il is delicious.
The Conservatives were able to
ovem Ti.uiiu.min Canadians at a cost
er capita of $s ll. The Liberals
re unable to govern 6,000,000 for
•ss thaw |18 per head. At thr next
leeting of the stock-holders it will he
ecessary to vote a change of manners. The bonks show that the
mre expensive management wus the
tore inferior as instead of reducing
be  tinn's debts,   they have been in
Peck Mncswaln, has joined tho
'noble army of martyrs. He no longer lingers around the placo where the
flowing bowl is placed on the conn*
ter .tt ,i "abort bit." Ho is a "holo-
• aust" nlso n protectionist. Ho is
light Ing   tiros,     "foreHl      fires", not
t ze lires,   preserving     the stately
and grand   forests of the Kootenays
for future genwattons.    "Peck"   last
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Hand Office,
Calgary, Alin
Main Office for East Kootenay,
Oranbrook, B. C.
School of Mining
A (01 M.i.l Ot AlT1.ll.li S<IRNCR,
Affilialrd lo Qurrn's University.
Tlir Mlowini X*^r**t*t ttt •Itrrrt:
, >,-■«-., Course lnt l>ej(r«ofB.8c
ihi.r Veirn'Course Toi Uljiloiaa.
,i   Miiiliis KngincerlllJt.
b   i li-niivi. y -tti'l MntT-ilnry.
For Cilend
ol Mlnbik- Ki
/    M-   I...
,.    !■".■  11
h    11,..Im
il I'.n [inesHng,
l'.iK'nr ring.
ihi i'ublic lira mi
week was up against the real thing.
While working on tin- Hro line, be
ctirnuntered a bear. A real genuine
live bear "Peck" wns armed with
ii is pound axe, but he had lost no
i-'mi hence he ran to the nearest
pine tree, .unl climbed and climbed
mill ho     was thirty    feet  from   tho
■ i,nl '.onl the bear. The bear
followed "Peck" tn tho stately pine.
Mi Beai seemed to have fallen in
love wnl,    "Peck", or tin-   pine,   for
Ut bugged ii. then bugged it again,
li ;' .' vii ton smnll foi her tn
nin h and "Peck" was saved tho
nnirei Ity nf becoming more intimate
ly nniimintcd with Mrs llruin I'ucfc,
held 'lown   In-, nest In   tbo   pllie fnr
even Inng hniirs, antl now knows
■.  the   world looks tn a  mini up j
$1000   REWARD
The ..uiil ol $1,01)0 will 1"; held b"'
Infoi-maLlcm leading to the conviction
nf the party ni parties wbo Bet tbo
flro thnt consumed a skiddinc of logH
Ituntcd ii Lill mile west, of Little's
preemption aad two mlloB nortliwost
of Wattsburg. The lire was started
nl aboul 5 SO p.m., today.
:    Dated Gth August,  IMH.
I'he Wattsburg   Lumber Cn , Mil.,
per  ,\.   K   Wattfl-
of hatching brood, with one or more
queen cells covered with adhering
bees, and place them into hive. Put
oa tbe cover nnd earry to the porch
of your dwelling or other suitable
place, and adjust yoar hive in
position. Some of the old bees will
leave, but those that are hatching
will make it their borne,
Kor bc«t results it is necessary to
have on the porch a vine of some
sort for a screen. Honeysuckle train
ed on chicken wire makes a splendid
network of follago that, cun hardly
be Improved upon. This wall of
foliage is necessary for two purposes
it shades tlie hive, making it comfortable for tlie bees. The direct
rays of the sun, shining through tbo
glass would kill the larvae and drive
tbe bees from the hive. The bees en
ter the mouth of the tube ami crawl
to the hive. Very rarely indeed i.s
thero a bee to be seen on tiie porch.
Vou may hnve your family on the
porch at. any time without fear of
being stung, liy observing tbe hive
every day you will learn u great
many tilings about bees that have
previously been h mystery to you. -
P. O. Herman, in American Cultivator.
A    Reliable    Local    Salesman
antl  adjoining    country   to represent
(H50 ucros)
Trees grown on Limestone Soil
arc tbe right, trees tor British Columbia planting; much hardier nad
longer lived than Const trees. We.
have them tbe right size nnd age.
A permanent situation to right
party. Territory reserved; pay
weekly.     Outfit Free
Write for Particulars.
Fon thill    Nurseries
(Licensed by H   O. Government.)
Toronto, Ontario
We place our paii-it
on top.   WHY ?
Because  il  lius the  purest  while   load  for its base and  when
mixed  with   perfectly ground   colors in oil   produces a paint,
which, when applied  by OUR  PAINTERS who know how to
apply it, wo arc prepared to guarantee.
We  have just  unloaded a car   Inad   of
and    OATS      i,m'   WP  can  now supply
anv  quantity  ol   same.       Also  have   some
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
PHONE 57 Head oiiice. Calgary, Alia.
1     fl HOTEL m
1 Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection fj
Nearest lo railroad depot.    Has accoiuino-
dalions    I'm'    lhe    public    unequalled   in /
Crunbmok. mt
| Hot and Cold Haths Proprietors i
Geo. R. Leask & Co
F. O. E.
Muet overy Friday ut.8 p.m.
Visiting   Brothers Cordiall*    Invltoil
Chas. s.mi™, W. President
M. I). BILLINGS, Seey.
Aerie Pliystotan, P. O. Box 2S.
| Rocky Mountain Chapter 3-
NO. iir>. it. a. M. f
\\ Regular meetings: -.2nd Tues- %
S duy in eueli month nt eight *
'«   o'eloek. £
*g      Sojourning  Coinpnnlons   ure   s
L-E  cordially Invited. %
Wm. V. Tate, Sorlbe E. s
Box 4 CRANHROOK, B. C. *
Court Cranbrook 8943
MKI.TS   1ST   AND   lllll)  THURSDAYS
Visiting   brethern   eordlully   invited
V. McKKNNA, Chief Kunger
.1. SIMMS, Seeretury
Fllliorlll Diroi'tor
steuni  Bollors uml I'lii'iiucc Work it
Cost and Slock Ksliinalcs
Kiirnislicd Upon Applinn-
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.C.
or tin- old Mmmotm l.nrtwr simp
i'iiii now be found In tlm
I'liiiNt: in
I'M. BOX 80i
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
l*irsl Class Work in nil hrunehes
of the
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
ftunal Results to Pollcu Holders
Fred. W. Swain
(iranbrook, B.C., Armstrong Av. THE PROSPECTOR, CHANBROOK, B.C., AUlll'ST
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice that Hugh M. Shaw,
ou Nnnton Alberta, occupation farmer, intcnils to upply for permission
to purchuse the following descriheil
limits:— Oommenolng ut u post plunteil onu mile north of the south enst
corner of lllock No. 424, thence north
HO chains, thence enst HU chuins,
tlience south HO chuins, tlience west
hii chuins to point, of commencement
uml containing fiia acres more »»r less
Hugh M. Shaw.
Dated .lune, .inl. 1908, 25.
Kootenuy (Ytitnil  Ituilwuy Company
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Kooteuuy Central
liullvviiy Company will he held at the
head otlice,, Ornnbrook, it. 0. at 10
u.in., Monday, 7th September, for
the election of directors and for the
trananctlon of other general husiness.
W. A. Maedonald,
Unfed ut Oranbrook,   III'., 1st. Aliens!,   r.iiw. 31
(Form   b\)
Gertlflcate of   Improvements.
NOTIOB, Kenilworlh Fraction
Mineral Cluilil, situute in the Fort
Steele Mining llivisiim of Kust
Kootenuy District.
Where located:— Near   Wolf Creek.
TAKK NOTICE that Juincs A.
Harvey, Free Miner's Certificate No.
11-1303, acting ns agent for John B.
Humphreys Free Miner's certificate
No. B-1435 nnd John Swenson, Free
Miner's certificate No. U-132'.l, inteuil,
sixty days from dute hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown ('.rant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must lie commenced before the issuance of such Cer-
tlncnto of Improvements.
J. A. Hnrvey.
Dated this 14th day of May,  11108.   28
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice that Churles K. Harris ot Oranbrook, and John W.
Sprague of Nanton, Alta., occupation ranchers, intend to apply for
permission to purchuse the following
described land:— Commenciug ut u
post plnnted at the South west corner of Block No. 424, thence west 80
eliains, thence south 80 chains.thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chuins
to point of commencement containing 640 neres more or less,
excluding all land in Block 4591.
Charles K. Harris.
John W. Sprague.
Dated  June  10th,  1008. 25
 o —
TAKE NOTICE that I intend to
apply at tho first meeting of the
Cranbrook Board ot Licence Commissioners held after thirty days from
the first publication of this notice
lor a transfer from William A. Rollins to myself of the retail liquor
licence for the Wentworth Hotel in
Cranbrook, B.C.
Bella Corbett.
June 16th, 1908. 25
Take notice that an application hns
beeu mude to register Nils Hanson
as tbe owner in Fee Simple under a
Ti»x Sale Deed from Alfred Clement
Nelson, Assessor of the District of
Fort Steele to Jumcs A. Harvey,
and which lot has been transferred
by the said James A. Harvey to
Nils Hanson the said Tux Sale bearing date the 14th March A. D. 1908,
of all and singular thut certain parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the town
of Cranhrook, in the Province of
British Columbin and more particularly known and described as:—
Lot seven (7) block ninety-one (91)
in the town of Cranbrook (Map 669)
You uie required to contest the sule
of the tax purchaser within fourteen
iluys from the date ot the service ol
tills notice upon you, and in default
of a caveat or certificate of lis pen
dens being filed, and in default of
redemption, within such period, you
will be forever estopped and debarred
from setting up any claim to or in
respect of tlie said land, nnd I
shall register Nils Hanson ns owner
Duted nt   Lund Registry    Office Nelson Province of    British Columbin
tliis Illst duy of March A. D. 1908.
To Daniel L. Mclntomincy.
H. T. Macleod.
District Registrar.
Electoral District   of Crnnbrook.
NOTICE is hereby given that Sittings of the above Court will be held
ut the Government Building, Crunbrook, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesduy, at two o'clock p.
ut Moyie every Saturday at the
same hour; and at Murysville, Fort
Steele uud Wardner on such duys
und dutes us may be appointed iu
the proceedings.
All debts aud demands uot exceed
ing the siiiii of iluu eau he sued (or
and recovered in the above men
tinned Court mi Summons und
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or utter Judgement) or on Instalment order which can be enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
limuled iu   to   the    undermentioned
Clerks of tlie Court., viz:—
F. R. Morris, Deputy  Sherifl,   Cruu
I'. G. Rollth,    Provincial    Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph Walsh,  Provincial i'.instable,
Fort Steele.
Joseph Ryun
Dated 22nd duy ot June,  19118.
Notice is horoby given tlmt 30 days
lifter the publication ol this notice
in the II. I'. Gazette, I intend to
ipply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, and to the nssis
tnnt Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for the district, nf Kast Kootenay for a licence to prospect for
coul and petroleum on the following
doscribed lands, situated on Akamina
creek, about one half mile east of the
forks of snid creek unit Kishenehna
creek, Block 4593. Kast Kootenuy
district. Commencing at a post
planted near the South Kooteaay
Pass trail, heing marked "Content
Elton's N. W. corner poss", thence
south 80 chuins, tlience east 80
chains, tlience nortli HO chains,
thence west 80 chains tn the place of
beginning containing 040 acres more
ir less.
Content Klton. locutor.
34 Jobn Qloyn, Agent.
Loeatod  this  Hth  day  nf  August 1908
(Form F.i
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTIOB, High Peak Mineral
Claim, situate in the Fort Steele
Mining Division nf Kust Kootenny
Where located: About three miles
nortli of the St. Mary's river, nnd
live miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE HOTICB that 1 Thus. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. B6112, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Free Miner's Certificate No. 6075, intend, sixty dnys
from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for n Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate nf Improvements.
33 Thos. T. McVittie.
Dated  this  17th  day  of  August 1608,
(Form F.)
 o —
Certificate ot Improvements.
 o —
NOTICK. Mystery Mineral Claim,
situate in the Fort Steele Mining
Division of Bast Kootenay District.
Where located, on Alki Creek,
about three miles from head of St.
Mnry's Lake.
TAKE    NOTIOB    that   I     Robert
Dewar,    Free Miner's Certificate No.
D6104, intend, sixty   days   from the
dute hereof, to upply to the   Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,   for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And   further     tako     notice     that
action,     under section 37,     must be
commenced    before the    Issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Robert Dewar.
Dated this Ith day of July, 1908.
9Chc ifawpector
SATURDAY, AUGUST -'-'. loos.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that Uertrude M.
Harris of Cranbrook, occupation
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchnso the following
described land:— Commencing at a
post planted near line of Block No.
425 and close to C.P.R. railway
track, thence north to Harris and
Spragucs purchase, thence west to
railway track, thenco along railwny
track to the point of commencement
containing 100 acres more or less.
Gertrude M. Harris.
Dated June loth 1908.  25.
District of Kootenuy.
TAKK notice that John T. Cooper
ol Nanton, Alberta, occupation filmier, intends to apply for permission
to purchase tho following described
binds:— Oommencing nt. a post planted at the south east corner of
Block No 424, thence north 80 chains,
llience eust 80 chuins, thenco south
HI) clialns, thence west. 80 chuins to
point of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
John T. Oooper,
Dated Jane 3rd, 1908. 25
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements,
-o --
Notice Bull Dog Mineral Claim,
situate in the Fort Steele Mining
livisinn of Kast Kootenay District.
Where located: About three miles
north nf St. Mnry's river und two
miles west, of Matthew creek.
I'AKK NOTIOB that I Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. 116112, Agent
tor Chris Kolle, Free Miner's Ccrti-
llcate No 61175, intend, Bixty duys
from duto hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol
Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grunt of the
ubove eluim.
And further tuke notice that action
miller section 37, must he. commenced before the issuance of such Certificate nf Improvements,
Thos. T. McVittie.
Dated this 17th day of August, 190H
Ore Display      DrilliiiR
Tho liberal awards mndo in this
tlopnrtment in 1907 brought nut u
very creditable exhibition, und the
awards will be mude again Ibis
your, in hopes nl bringing nut au
i'Vcii  belter display.
Freight will lie paid nn all ore
samples sent in winch ure billed tn
the Spokane Interstate Fair, and
which are allowed to remain in the
Permanent Display at the Pair
Grounds, but un express charges
will be paid.
The Rock Drilling contest put on
11 1907 was such a success thut it
will be held again for more liberal
purses, uml u largo entry lisl is ex
The Spokane Interstate Fair will
give a handsome Silver Trophy Cup.
valued at $100.(10, fnr the best general display of .Mineral exhibited by
any one Camp or District, variety,
quality and arrangement tn be enn
The Spokane Interstate Fair will
also give a Silver Trophy Cup, valued at $25.00, to each seperate
Camp nr District represented, whicli
Cup will be awarded to the mine in
each Camp nr District making the
best Individual showing, variety,
quality und arrangement to be con
sldered. No cup will lie awarded to
any mine unless it has competition
from the District which it represents
The Spokane Interstate Fair will
also award Diplomas to any meritorious exhibit ant receiving any nf the
ubove prizes.
For the handsomest and most unique
Cabinet Display made by any one
individual, a   cash   price of...$25.Oil
For the best topographical map ol
nny  Mineral  District    or   Camp,  a
ensb  prize nf   $10,110
ln bnth ubove bits, Cabinets
and Maps having won prizes ut
this Fair in 1907, will be excluded
from competition, but muy be entered for exhibition only.
Class 3   Rock Drilling Contest.
The   Spokane   Interstate    Fair    will
give a   Parte nf   $1,250,110 for   three
Rock Drilling Oontests.   This money    will be   divided as     follows:-
$1000 for a double hand contest of
which $750 is for   lirst     prize and
250 for second;    $200     for a single
liaail contest,   of which $150 is for
first  und   $50 fnr   secnnd;6    for a
Boy's Drilling    Contest,   for    boys
15 yeurs old or     under, of     which
$40 for lirst nnd $10 for second.
The   following   rules     will govern
these contests:    Competition open to
all;   entries   close     on October 5 ut
noon.     An entrance fee of     $15 per
man will he charged in each contest,
and $10 of   this    will be returned tn
each man    who drills.     Any one entering and  not     drilling will forfeit
entire entrance fee.    Nn entrance lee
for Hoys' contest.     Time allowed in
two hand contests will be 15 minutes
in single   hand contests 10   minutes;
for Boys'   contest 5     minutes.     All
tools   must be furnished   hy contestants;    drills for two   hand   contest
tn caliper *-ineh ut bit und ut point
3 inches bncki nf hit; drills   for   sin
gle hand contest to caliper S inch at
bit and   nt   point 3 inches    buck of
bit.       Boys   tn   drill     with    J-lnch
steel.     Drills     may   be   swedged fnr
tliree   inches back nf hit, but    must
caliper full   measurement ut bit and
nt pnint 3 inches back nf bit.     Any
weight nf   hammer    allowed.     Two
assistants    will be   allowed to each
tenm in two handed contests, one tn
coach nnd one   tn look after   water;
only nlle ussistunt allowed in single
hand contests;   under nn circumstan-
•es nre assistants   allowed to assist
n changing drills.     The Spnkune Interstate Fair   will furnish     the hest
granite obtainable    for this contest;
I  possible,    snmc    will  be    procured
from      Oiinnlsnn     quarries.       Con
tests   will   ennunence   nn     Monday,
October 5, ami   continue throughout
the week,   and  will be put on either
at night or in the day time, nt option of Fnir management.
If Interested write to Robt. H.
Cnsgruve, 218 Button Block, Spo-
kiine, Wash., fnr comploto copy nl
rules, etc.
Try Preventics, At My Risk
With Book on Colds.
Just to prove merit—to show you how
quickly Preventics can and will check colds
or the Grippe—I will mail you free on
reiiuest these samples and my bunk. Simply
address — Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis.
Preventics are thoroughly harmless little
Camly Cold Cure tabids. No Quinine, no
laxative, nothing sickening whatever.
To check early Colds or Grippe with "Preventics" means sure defciit for Pneumonia.
To slop a culd with I'revenlics is surely
safer than to let it run and lie obliged to
cure It afterword. Preventics will however
reach a deeply seated cold, But taken
early—nt the sneeze stage—they break or
head off these early colds. That is surely
belter—that is why tliey ore named "Preventics." Promplness however is all-im-
porlont. Promplness in llie use of Preventics may save half your usual sickness.
I'Vverishmss, night or day, Willi child or
oilnli, suggests the need of Preventics.
Wrile Dr. Shoop, Racine Wis., loday fur
samples and booklet. I'rtventlca are sold by
Cures Woman's M'ea messes.
Wfl ref** to that bouu u> weak, nervous,
guttering women known a*. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite I'ruai-riptioii.
Dr. Jobn fc'yffl one of tlie Kiiitorial Stuff
of Tuk Eclectic Mkhh ai. T.kvikw suys
of Unicorn root \ lift" ni, is IH'/xw) which
is one of the chief lugredlonU of the "Favorite Prescription":
"A remedy whi'-h Umrtably petsasauter-
iiit-luvlKoriitor • ' * niakw fur iiuruml ac-
tnity ut Ui« entire npnMUoUve BYStem."
1I-'ttiUtinues"iii 11. !*■:.. ■-- *•■* have a iiiolic*.-
m.'iit wiiicti mora fuUji auswen tha above
liu.poM.-HMiUfiUHJJ "('«' *trnu until- ultidt I am
uoitfiinltii.   In llie lit iiliniil of dUuaSUS pe-
culiur to woman it '=» seldom that » casa is
seen wim-h does, not pn-st-ni muiii* iudl-'ittHrii
for Ullil remedial MpuiL" Llr. fc'j'fti further
saya; "Tin- following an- auuni-; the leading
ludloatloiU for li-'l-nila-s (I iilcorn iuot>. 1'am
or -aching In thu '-a. k. \\0U jleucorrhaet ;
atuiite ■*<-.iU-''iiUUiei\or the reproductive
organs of \mii-mi. mental depression and ir-
rltnullity. A-o*.'lilted will). hrulifc diM-naesof
fgana of women: constant
ii thi- n-elon of the kld-
floodlm:), due lo a weak-
lie reproductive lystenti
skm-iI or absent monthly
im or at'ciiiHpaii,vim: an
ion of thu Uiife-ilive oi-fans
and ii/.cuilc (thin   blood ) habit; drawing
bensufoiis to the extreme lower part of the
If more or less of the a novo symptoms
r-etler~tl.au IttKo Dr.  Piefcgg Fitvorite
ggsBroCTnTol nw k-aain/in/redi-
QfitsoTwIfluI in Uulcorn root, or Baloiilag,
antl the medical proportion of which it
most faithfully rnprusi nts,
of Golden Seal root, u not her prominent
Ingredient "f *' L-'avoi-lto Prescription.-1
Prof. Finley Klllngwutxl. M. D..of Bennett Muilli-ul CoIluEP- (.'lileugo, suys:
"li is un Important rei iedy In dlsi rdera of
the womb,   In all catarrhal conditions • *
and general enfeablumept, ii iniinafuL"
i'rol. .loim Ai. Set* lur, M U., Uln of
Cincinnati, says 01 Ctoulen Hutu root.
"In relation to lis general effect* on the
HYilem, tltrrr if ii" mrtlUtw in xmr nlnmt tvtiktx
then it. MtcJi fttiteml unautmftmt) uptnfan. It
is utiU'i-i-ttHu regarded iw the tonic useful la
ail debilitated slate*."
Pn»l. 11. lliirlliolow, M. 1>.. uf Jefferson
Medical College, says of Uoldoii Seal j
"Valuable- in uterfiic hemorrhage, mennr-
rhuiriu Uhxxllngl and congestive dysineiior*
rlio'it (painful mensi million)."
Dr. Pi'-riv's Favorite Prescription faithfully represents all ihe uhovo named iu-
gradients ami cures ties dlsuui-os for which
they are recommunded.
Prepare to bIiiiIvii molnncliollft, nml
net your lAtiRhtnit apparatus in work-
In'; ordor, for thoso funny, tunny
Irlli.wk, tlm MIiikUtIk, iiiii coming
to town, unit UiIh time It ik the
largest one on tlm rniul. Illrlinnlii
Ut Prlngle'si   gucmi ynn   know them,
for thoy Imvc l> i   comlnn hero for
yearn. Don't wnlt now till the Inst
minute to k'et your tickets, nnil
then meet with illMippiilllLliHinl, l,r
ciiiihi' ynn rememnor perhaps wlml n
bumper house ihey drew the lust,
time they were hero, uiul the erowils
they turned uwuy. Muybo you were
one "t the dlsiippolnted mien. Thon
II so, profit hy your eiporlcnco unil
buy your Beats enrly; They will ho
plnced on sule today nt liruUir &
Atchison's, Thoy have n bite troupe
this yenr,   forty people,
Them will bo ii hir. pnriulo nt noon,
uml iiiiIckb yon wntch yourself Unbuild will iiinkc ynn fiuitet your
dinner, bccmise It's tho IichI. ovor,
Wednesduy, AiikiikI 2l'.th Ik lhe ditto
of fluu nppcnrlnti ut tho Auditorium
tonic in any season, but it is
valuable in many oilier ways.
A little added to Hashes
and Stews greatly improves
their food value. Try it when
warming Canned Meals.
ttucuivoK Imili Ladios and
Gentlemen as Residual of ns Day
Students, llus a complete Commercial ur Business Course, Pro-
paves sin-louts in ■.'.iiu Teachers'
Cui'lilkalos ul nil grades. In
afflllialion wiili Toiionto I'm-
VKltsi'l'Y gives llio I'liiir yoars
course I'm- the II. A. degree, and
llm lirsl year ol Uie Toronto
School of Science. Has a
special "I'rospcctoi's Course"
for minors whu worli in B.C.
Inslnii'liniis n'iV,.|| in Arl,
Music, Physical Culture ami oio-
Km- Calendar etc. uddress
"Columbian College".
Term opens Soplomhoi- ITth.
Because they ire tempered
unevenly by lire end
will not hold an edge.
are tempered a> hard
ai Hint by our exclusive
procen of electricity.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
Crnnbrook,   D. C.
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'Phono No, flO.
The  Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful natural reiourecs, rich
fertile lands, mild and tempente climate,
located in southern H.C. west of the Rockies.
Produces abundant crops of Fruit.
Grain, Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the   North-west.
Broad valleys; of rich prairie soil, large tod
of excellent Timber, mountains of mineral
still untouched, abundantly watered by mount
streams and springs.
A new section of the country that has never
a land boom and where you can still have a ch
home and the very best soil. One of the larg
valleys of level land  in H.C. embracing
Tobacco Plains Country, The St. Maries Prair
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort,
the Baynes Lake Fruit District.
A postal  statin*; wlml   l<inil  of land you want,   will l-rillj-
full description, maps, ami  reliable information regarding
climate, soil, and prices ul land.
The Frost Investment Co.
Baker Street. Crankook.BX.
t es,
a i n
e s t
t h e
run i.EAiuNn 1'itriT 8'i'oui"
STi'w.uiTS Kink C'iioi'oi.atks
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftrinstrono. flva.
Silver.mounted Case Pipes X
JUST ARRIVED!   I'll) of llio Intosl um! hesl ♦
shapes, 1kiiil;IiI   I'iii- i-iisIi uml snld at  n  iva-mi ♦
ulili' iiiiirj-in.    SEP, THEM.    PRICE THEM *
We are still leading with a tine assorted line of CIGARS ♦
 at 3 tor 25 cts.  ♦
l.'iin goods iiri'ivlng ovevy day    All Toliuccos z
uml  Cifrurfitlos  sunn'   price  as oilier stares. ♦
Cranbrook   Cigar   Store♦
(ii:o WHICH, Proprietor. ♦
r—== >*
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Carpenter and
Builder,     i-    ■;■
IK II SI'S tor ShIii or Rant ut
" '"    RiiiiBoimblu       Primn.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Pliunii   Nu.   UH.
Cranbrook b.
^ east te*
From CRANBROOK To       ********************** **********************
WINNIPEG       Dl'LI'TII      o *
PORT WILLIAM i Lnnt      Ctnr.ln     Dnnuiinn    C i\      I   tri    ♦
ChloaRO $"".50   St. Louis sii7,.',n \',
New York s|iiM.r.n              <»
TorontoW.I0Moni.'o.tl*Hir,nn|;;     I »«I2 PERNIE, B.O.
II Fort Steele Brewino Go.. Ud.
Olluwa H05.00
SI  .lolin, Nl!. #12(1.11(1
i-iiiiiriix #iai.20
Svdiii'Vi CH. #lfl(l.»0
'I'ii'ltels on sule May 1 and IHtli i 4
June 5, li, 1(1 and 20.    July li, 7,
JI and 22, HUM,
First Ola-iB       Round Trip
• 1
IIOI'TI'IH   Tli'lml" ui'1 1 1  *'lll   an-   ''
1 niil/iiil iiiiiliw in - IjhIIi   ''
illv Iimi.,    'l'n ■ImlliintliiiiH nlil   ',',
uf riiii-.ij-'i' nn' '.''""I viu iln-1 iiviii I • >
I'm' fiii'tliiii' liiliiriiiiKlnii, nu.'-., nli'1-p. ''
Ini; mi' iThi-niiiiiiii- npi'ly in
I'l'lepl  \.
. . . nl-' l.\ I'll A l'l M. .. .
Sill,II HY TllK IIM.'I.'I-'.I,,  KKi; OK  l!( iTTI.I'.H
Hot!led beer for family use a specially
.1. M.,e, i). i'. a.       Nolson, 11. a. <;   Port  Steele BrewlMK Co., I^rtd.
(!.  H.  M, I'lifiH.ni   II I'A.    WiiiiiIii.i;    ','.
M,inlli.In. Till*. PROSPECTOR, CRANflROOK   B.C., AUGUST B, 1008
* .;*;.;* ts- *. o 9 ts- *' t>  9  t> 9 <*  9 t> 9 o * <> * o 9 o ♦ o ♦ o ft
9   <■   *>'!♦
Oxford Ties
Girls, Ladies and Men
"We have several hundreds of
pairs to sell at §1.20 to S3.00
regular prices were $2.00 to $4.25.
®hc ItaMpcctor.
i 1  LOCAL NEWS. 1
..uuu .uuuuiiuuuuuuuuuuauuuv
People you may know
Visitors   Here    anrt   There.—People
Wliu    Come to    C'riinbiook  anil
Those   Who Uo Away.
\       Ill-Jim-,   of    Viuiii'iiv
I ton n Monday.
A. I'jirniy, ol    Knsln
■iiv Tuesday.
was in Hu
ll .s   Snnili, ,,[ Marysville wns in
town  Monday
Hari-j   Brndforil, ol Wycllflc was in
town Thursday.
A    Carney  "f  Kaslo,   was  In  town
Berl    'Yhlmster,  ..(     Keruto    spent
.. i ei .il .-..,,    in  i 'i .in'.- ....I,  this iiri-K
Mi    ,ii,l   Mr-,   ii    lli-nndi'i  "I    Wj
rliifi'.  were In  town  Km.I.u
Shoe Shop, Granbrook
•9'99999999999  ♦ o»o».o»o»o»->»o + <t»o»o»o»o»|»
Paul Handle)     ol   M 1
uwn   Monduj
lil.'   \\ ,1^   111
T   Tyhnurst,  -■(   rhitttuim,     Ont .
:was \ Pranbruok vis 1 ■■'-   Kiiilnj
Smith (.'urtis,  ol  lU-Bshuul   waa in
1 town  n wlnesilaj
V   D   Mi ttab   11 Waldo lumberman,
waa ni the CHt)   Krida>
Mi   nnil Mr-     l      ii   VanDecar ro
turned t.* the eoast   ruesday.
I*    t'    Morford,  of  Spokane,was  ;it
the (.'ranbrook  Kridaj
s    Hanson,  and    John     Ewing  ol
w isa  spent   several     *>;\\-* this week
Mi; and Mrs G Hamilton, ol Spo
kaue were registered at the Cran
brook  Friday
I      V    McDonald,   antl   Miss   McDon
aid, of Valleyfleld, Que., were iiiifsts
at   the  Cranbrook   Friduy.
I,. A. Walters, ami E. A. Steen, of
Chicago, were registered at the
Cranbrook  Friday.
F   A    Hi
;las,     ami V.  Lyons, of
ere  at    the   Craubrook
A FfteT
"We liave'nt time to
write an Advertisement
this  week    Very   busy"
Hardware.    Cranbrook, B.C.
Mr jin.l Mrs P, Wnnl. uf St.
'.-ml. Minn., were Cronbrouk vlult-
rs Wednesday.
« I
*     iii.m>iiimk(! ..mi I'linssiNf; liVKIXfl uml 01.KANIXtl     ,
III-'.l'.MKINi; nml I'UKSSINfl
HIHlllKSSOII 'I'" I" f'Oll.N
cijANniiniiK. n.c
$5.00 JJASH
3.00 a'mONTH
(iimii Discounl Kor Cash
49999494994v9999Vmmm*r   v*9m99*i'*99***>**9******
•       Are  you always trying   to ste  through
&   blurring   mist causing   you   headache
tind   discomfort? It   you   t.ike   warning:
and   consult   us
We guarantee to give you comfortable vision
No charge   tor   examination.
W. F. TATE, The Optician
Also Second  Hand  Muchinoi
l-'nr Hul-' Cheap and To Knit.
Armstrong Avenue
Phone I'i" Ci'iuibrooU, 11 C
Trad iim Co.
I'Ml i.N'K is.i
Wc aro Mill handling
I'la'H'i: mnl   l-'KKI)
G Kennedy, nnd A 13. Colomnn,
i PittsburR, l'n. spent several day*
:,  CJranbroo'f   tliis  weok,
H. H. Hosa, ol Waldo, and Droil,
i Ritchie, of Victoria; were at the
l Cranbrook  Wednesday.
A. K. Lewis, H. Forbes, and P.
Gurley of Cnl miry were guests »t
the Cranbrook Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. ,J. h\ Kelly, of Spokane wen1 Cranbrook visitors Tuesdny.
P, J. Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader, was transacting business at
Crnnbrook   Wednesday.
Mrs. I). K. Murphy and daughter
returned home Monday from n visit,
to friends at Calgary,
Mrs, K. H. Smnll nnd children returned Wednesduy from tbe Windermere country.
The children of the Catholic Sunday school held their annual picnic
Mrs. Dr. Taylor, ..I (lolden is visit ini? her parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. J,P.
Armstrong this week.
NV\v plate glass windows are being
uut at the Co-operative Storm W.
H, Ileatty has the contract.
J, P, M. Pinkham. mummer of the
fmper.il Hank will upend his vacation nt the coast.
The children of thn Presbyterian
church held their annual picnic on
Prod. Ritchie, of Victoria, and 11.
H. Robs, of Waldo, wore guests ai
tho Cranhrook Tuesday.
tl. Kennedy and A. 11. Coleman, of
Pittsburg, Pa., were regis to rod nt
the  Criinhrook  Tuesduy.
Mr. and Mrs. P, Ward, id St
Paul, Minn., were Cranhrook vlHit
urn this weok.
liert Whim ator, of the Pernio Proo
Press was transacting business at
Cranbrook  Wodnosdny,
P, Af Douglas, and V. Lyons, "f
Toronto, wero giioHts at. tho Cran-
brook Tuesday.
Mr, and Mrs. !,. P. Eckstoln, of
Pernio, spent Sunday lust in Cranhrook.
an up-to-date
or an
Si-l-vi'il    ill  u|i-ln-il:lli' Btylo  ill
i>  im   iip-in-ilnii-   1'iirloi'   xn t"
l'llli   I'A Ml.
Soo   our   Sniiii-ilii.v   Special
In I'liiifi'i'iiimiT.v in   locals
?    TELEPHONE NO. 141.
lill 'I'll 'I'lIK
East Kootenay
Dye House
Km- nil  liimls nl'
Niilliiiift fine or  courso,   Inrgo
III' sillllll llllll WO CtlllllOl   llllilllil'.
Wo nlso llll
■K'lli 'LBS,    IMI'I.KMKNTN       Foil SAI.R  ■   |.',„„-   ,„■ live   milk
cows,      Gowa ui-i'   Bprlnfflng,      Tho
  Dominion Ment Co., Ltd., Oranbrooh
Audits for lhe famous
Maj ers stuck Poods.
Sftid ns II.IMI ;■;•„;;:, K.^VS.
;■ This Fine i.i*n ;;„;";;•,>':,;,"!;';'
mol ki i Iodic »' ihiky.B'tonjf rigid Mt-H
. iiii'i extra lolld lo wiiti-tinn-i Hie nw nl
NITKO  I»0WI)I1R.     l.tii'-i   Itiiprorri,   lop
stl Up llll'l   rrliliiltl'llli)-  li.illlfllri ,
rjnallly lirel work* rxlrn
..    ../U    rilllllfl    lll'll   pifll'',    I'lll
putol grip, lhnn>iiitlil\  ItHttd
tm [iniir-M   pcnetmilnn  nntl
■ttrrituili. Orclri to dnj "i write
'   S|H'cial fiiin (»t;ilof|iir
iv I i   ll    fOI) In Inn   ■Itit/lr    tiat"l
Hii--iiriin-iMi i.i.7,1 up iiti'l cfcrj
llfitiK   III    Mlli'-t,    ifvolvris,
 hi nti'l Bporhiidt'ii Hoot-foitl ini'iiify pricei
W. HOVli * son. 27 NOT HE DAME BT. VVE3T, MONTKEAL. i**
iii:lii;iiil Iiiiil,h.slllilh
-iml Woodworker. .
i: .Mn-,- Tin-s A|i|ilii'il
'I'.,    Hi.mm     U'lii'ds
ini;    OAN AIM AN
llHlh l.lilai. m... villi lln.ll hlii.ll r Nitlhl. mll.d
.'.. liim I l.o" tl.ok.ll lama- lo ii/. Iiom lh. .011,
..I .A, ti.i., loi in, nilto poal.' Cd.ic. ol II tu
Hi r.Jir.    JUiii... b.n.l
CYl 1.1.  AND  MOTOI!
I'linin. ;,n   - l'n linx L'l
Mr. nnil Mih. J, (lonlon, of New
Vork, with ('i-itii)iriiiik vialtoffl Mun
A,    W. Otis I   ll.   W.   (Hi«, nl
l.iiwfiui, Okiln., wen-   ('i-i.nl.i-....U vln
iini'H Momlay.
v. lii'wiiiliiii'i, nl Moyio; Cl. Ilo
...iniliili'i- nml K. lliiRimlnloi' nf M.nit
i-ciil, wol'fl lli'iiiil'iinili vImIIoi-h 'I'iii'h
in   Kim- lol  'I'liui'Kilny fur i'ul
i-iii-y, wIhii-i- In- will n I  Mm. KIliK,
who lum liocn viiiilini: n-li<iiils nt Kil
in otiton.
r Liiml, nl lln- rrow's Nesl Punk
litiinhor I'limiuiiiv ni WiirilniT, wun
tiiiiimicliiir   Iniiiliii-Hij   ill.   tlrniibrooli
; Mnllllliy
j   TO Unit.   li'uniiHlii'il Itiiuiii wilh in-
iWltllOllt   linillil,     llli|llil'i>  III   III.'   I'l'iili
pector    olllco,   in-   iiilili-i'iw   llnx   M
',1'l'lllllll'linll. I'llHt   onico,
J. Leask, Tailor
;i Cranbrook \\
i:    Livery    ii
i >
• >
• »
■ >   Tiinins nml drivers fin
\',   nislioil   I'm' nny poinl in   ,',
*>   Uio district. J |
A. DOYLE,  Miiiiiiivni' '
The Fun Starts
v       ,
Tlie Pun starts at the
opening of school, anil then
Innl- out for the lively hoy.
He wants to kink decent nil
the tlmo Iml he hns got to
hnve his fun nnd the cure of
his clothes is u secondary
mutter; try tho Lion Brand
nf Hoys Suits and Knickers
uml you will get the best ou
lho market-. Coats nre inndo
with French fnciugs which
gives them u solid anil lusting
appearance Knickers have
have iiiiiiltli■ seals mul double
limes double sewn seams
ii'id linings boxed in nothing
nn the market In equal Ihem,
anil lhe price is un higher
thnii whal ynn pay I'm- inferior
goods. (luce n customer
always a ciisIiiiiiit.
$4.50     AND     $5.00
Popular Store,Cranbrook
I'm- Horses anil Cattle
(HDD lli-rni-l
llnnil Felices       (liinil Wnli'i-
(liinil I'usl nre
Apply to l'.C!Oltlll*TT, I'HiTi.t lliiii'-li
iiliniit '.It inilis from i'riitilii'iiok, ni'iir
lln-nlil Nortli Stnr mill
PHONE  so.
The Quality Store
Wu dnil'l claim to be tho cheapest
Iiiii we stand up for the liesl
All (lur  (jooiIk Are Cluaranl 1


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