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The Prospector Jul 3, 1909

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Array ?a.5» floo««i» 1011 r<r*fj
Vol. 15.
xVo. 27
What   Southeast   Kootenay   has
Ibne in the M'ne-al Line iu 1908.
According to the offlolal report ol
the Minister ol Mines, t'-• t tnl production of mineral for 11*06, fur
entire province, amounted to $2.1,8f.l-
277. The entire production, since the
mining eommeneeil lins amounted to
The quantity and value of the min
eral product is as follows :
Gold,  plncer
.Silver,   otlnees
Lend,  Ihs.
Copper, lbs
Goal, tons
Coke, tons
Other materials
Total $23,851,277
The following is a statement of the
quantity and value of the different
mineral products of Southeast Kootenay produced in 1908:
Gold, 170 ounces valued at $3,400
Silver, fill,855 ounces value, 322,340
Lend, 30,204,788 pounds, vol. 1,141,741
Total valuation $1,483,123
Three mines in the Oranbrook ills-
srict srlpped 165,313 tons of ore, and
and employed 353 men under ground
and 118 above grounn, a t8tal of 471
Tlie mines in the Cranbrook district
produced 24 per cent, of the silver
output of the province, nnd 69.9 per
cent of the lead produced. In round
figures this amounted to 30,204,788
pounds of lead.
In tlie Cranbrook district 2114 mineral claims are held under crown grant
or certificate of improvement.
Certificates of work have been is
sued for 150 mineral claims, and 100
Mining development has steadily
new locations recorded.
progressed hi the vicinity progressed
in the vicinity of Moyie on the Aurora, Cambrian and Society Girl
groups, nnd several new locations
Very little progress wus made with
placer mining, owing to scarcity of
water iu the creeks.
The only shipping collieries ur«
those of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Company, ut Coal Creek  and Michel.
Development work has been carried
on at the Carbinado collieries, una
shipments from these mines will pro
bnbly be resumed in 1909,
The Hosmer Mines, Limited, a col
licry subsidiary to the Canadian Pacific railway, has continued develop
ment work on a large scale. Machinery installed, coke ovens have been
built, and shipping on a large scale
will soon be commenced.
The Corbln Colliery on the South
fork of Michel Creek in block 45113,
consists of 17 claims held under lease
nnd eight under license. A railway,
connecting with the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, has been built and shipping
from these mines on a small seal*
has already commenced.
There were 316 miners certificates
issued, from which a revenue of 11,
000.ft0 was derived. The total mining
receipts amounted to J4.fi37.30-.
At nine a.m. on Thursday morning
a train of fifteen curs loaded witli
buffaloes arrived at Oranbrook from
Montana enroute for the National
park at Battle ('reek. The herd was
In charge of Mr, Howard Douglass,
park commissioner, and H. C. Me*
Mullen, general live stock agent of
the CP.lt. The buffaloes were water
ed and fed here, and were viewed with
great interest by several hundred peo
The herd consisting of 119 buffalo
will be unloaded at Wainright and
with former shipments of 411 will
make 630 that, have been received b\
the Canadian government this year.
The task of rounding up the anlm
als was a hard one, several men be
ing Injured and a large number ol hoi
ses kilted In the attempt. The round
ing up ol the remaining herd will hi
commenced in September and will be
a more serioim task, as they consist
mostly of ferocious old hulls.
When this shipment arrives at the
park the government will have a herd
of 050 bison, costing about Ilfi2,b00,
or about $2fio per head.
Hy an uct of cool bravery which
has probably never seen a parallel in
British Columbia Jack, the ten year
old son of his honor Judge Wilson nnd
Mrs. Wilson, on Tuesduy afternoon,
saved Kuphemia Stewart, the six
year old daughter of Mr, and Mrs, A.
II. Stewart from certain death by
The children were playing on a float
of a hoathouse near .fudge Wilson's
residence across the luke when a gust
of wind suddenly blew open tbe doc
of the hoathouse, which pushed the
little girl Into the water. At this
place It wus from 10 to 12 feet ln
depth und the child could not swim.
Without a moment's hesitulon, and
with all his clothes on Jurk Wilson
plucklly dived into the water and
catching hold ol his playmate held
her face above water and pushing
her In front of him, so thnt If she
struggled he would not be taken under, surely landed her nt the shore,
Such quickness of thought, a mn
meat's delay might have prooved fatal, and such unhesitating bravery on
the part of a boy of Master Wilson's
age, should not. go unrewarded,
.1, D, McBride wi nt to Wnsa on
Monday. He was accompanied by
Mrs. McBride, K. A. Watts and Kd
ward Watts. The patty returned on
Tuesday evening,
Hosmer Mines, June 30- The officers
of the Western Coat operators' association and of the United Mine Work
ers of America met here at noon today and signed an agreement which
w:ll send buck to work the miners at
Cunmore, Lcthbridge, Royal, Leitch,
! interest, Uellevue, Lille, Coleman
and  Hosmer .Mines immediately.
The agreement completed today is
the agreement which wus negotiated
it Macleod in March last and carries
with it the open shop, both parties
ugreeing that there shall be no discrimination either by the companies
or the men against union or non un
ion men.
After three months of idleness anil
the ioss to the workmen of at least
half u million dollars in wages, with
its attendant loss to the operators
and the public, the miners resume
work on the same terms which were
offered by the operators and accepted
by the men in March last but reject
ed by Frank Sherman, who forced the
strike nt a time when nil interested
expected pence. The atmosphere has,
however, been cleared and it is expected that industrial peace will pie-
vail in the coal mining centres of
eastern British Columbia and West
em Alberta for tbe next swo years.
Additional Locals.
T. T. McVittie, P.L.S., was    down
from Moyie Tuesday.
Short's Wall Paper sale. See ml on
page fi,
Thursday,     July 1st, was the 42nd J
birthday of the Dominion of Canada.
0. W. Smith of Fernie was in town!
L.  Walton uml  J.  Garfield  of Chi '
cago were in town Tuesday.
The  Cranbrook    city  bund   was at
Moyie on Dominion day.
The   public  schools  closed   on   Wed
nesday for the midsummer holidays. I
Its ull over   town-beautiful  Cran-
brook weather.
The     Minto    Cup still remains in J
New Westminster.
Patmore Bros.—Uptodate  Plumbers'
and Heating Engineers.
i Mir  customers   satisfaction   Is  our |
best stock in trade.—Patmore Bros.    ,
F. Putnam of Creston spent Domiu-
inn day at Cranbrook.
Mrs. M. Oiisack of Toronto was in ■
Cranbrook Wednesday.
W. Winter and B. F. Wilson pf Warsaw,  Wis., were in town Wednesday.!
F. E. Drummond of Hosmer was in'
the city Wednesday.
Miss W.  Johnson of Michel was   a
Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
nt  Lethhridge
H. E.   Benttie was
this week. ^B
Mrs. H. R. Connolly and Master
Norman spent a couple of days this
week in Sirdar.
It will pay you to read and act
upon Short's suggestions, See ad on
page 6.
Mrs. F. Parks has left, for the Marl
time provinces on a three months'
holiday.       ,
\. E. Bailey and W. J. Ferris, of
Indian territory, II. S. A., were t'runbrook visitors Tuesday,
Mr. und Mrs. tj. Dnskerville of Mc
Caujey, Man., were registered at the
Oranbrook Tuesday.
F. Kelsull of Wattsburg wus In the
city Tuesduy to meet Mr. McPrlde,
premier of British Columbia.
Mrs. J. TnnhauHer and Miss Lilian
Tauhuuser were visiting at Nelson
this week.
J. D. McBride and the Rev. Itobt.
Hughes were at Marysvllle Wednes
A number of people from outside
towns were In Cranbrook Tuesday lo
attend the McBride reception.
Cranbrook people were much in
evidence at Fort Steele and Moyie on
Dominion dny.
Mrs. W. H. Pqualr of Gladstone,
Man., is visiting her brother B. H.
A large number of families were
camped on St. Joseph Creek, near
the old brewery on Dominion day.
While slaughtering the pesty Hy
do not forget to swat the mosquito
whenever it is convenient.
Mis. Wm. Rollins, mother of Vic
und William Holllns arrived at Crnnbrook Sunday last. Mrs. Rollins
will spend several     months with her
J. A. Broley of Fernie, It. B. Bur
ant of Lundhreck, E Richardson of
Nelson, and W, H. Walsh of London,
were guests al the Cranbrook Tuesday.
I!. H. Smith of Spokane, F. Hawkins of Ottawa, R, K. Scott of London, C. H, Murray of Spokane and
W. L. Stewart of Michel were regis
tered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
The lower baseball grounds, nenr
the depot, has been ploughed and
rolled, and Is now In the best of con
dltfon Sand Point nnd Cranbrook
teams will try conclusions next week,
Our friends the train robbers are
getting very husy in British Columbia, Time was when the train band
it did not dream of plying his trade
on the Canadian side of the boundary line. Of late word seems to have
gone out that after all Canadian law
i ' -.-■■ •-I one robbery succeeds another. Tin- Inference Is very strong
that if Bill Miner had not found hi.
road out of New Westminster pene
tentiaiy so remarkably smooth, the
popularity of the train robbing habit
would not be so great. The whole
episode id his escape wears a most
suspicious aspect, and this new holdup serves to emphasize it. Tbe circumstances in connection with the
British Columbia end of the escape
were most extraordinary, the looseness of the prison discipline, the indulgence extended to so desperate a
criminal, the irregular interviews he
was allowed to hold, the way in
which his escape was prepared by allowing him to grow bis hair and his
mustache, the strange delay tu notifying Ottawa, all have a most unfortunate, not to say sinister aspect.
What is equally strange is the determined effort made by the government
at Ottawa to cover up tbe mntter
When Mr. J. I). Taylor, M.P.. began
to question the ministers they made
every effort to ke:»p things dark and
showed the greatest anger at him for
sticking to his subject and dragging
the facts into the light. Mr. Ayles-
worth attacked Mr. Taylor personalty
in a most savage manner; his language would have heen severe if Mr.
Taylor had helped the criminal to
escape, instead of being merely concerned to find out how he had broken
prison. At the present moment tho
order of events seems to be ns follows :
(1) Miner robbed the train and
was sent to the penitentiary.
(2i Miner escape from the penitentiary as the result of the negligence,
to put It kindly, of the prison offlc
131 The ministers at Ottawa were
savagely angry at the facts as to
Miner's escape being made known in
Eastern Canada.
Mi Train robbing is going ahead
Address to Women,
On Thursday evening June 24, in
the Presbyterian schoolroom ao interesting talk on Health was given
to girls and mothers by Dr. Connolly, hy request of the Social Purity
department of the W.O.T.U. Solos
were rendered by Miss Finnis, Miss
Prest nnd a selection by tbe Sunbeam choir. Miss Crundall gave a!
recitation which was well received.
Mrs. Manning presided at the organ.
After a hearty vote of thanks to Dr.
Connolly and others who hud so kindly helped to make the evening n success, refreshments were served which
brought to a close a very helpful evening. Know ye not that ye are the
temple of God and thnt the spirit of
God dwelleth in you. "If any man
defile tbe temple of God , him will
God destroy, for the temple of God
is holy, which temple ye nre."
About Four llumired Citizens (iaihered at the Atiditiiiituu
lias    reached
npint in its h
l^rj   ro tho Shareholders of ihe North
Baptist Church.
I Of late the Baptist church building
tins heen undergoing a complete renovation. New pews have been Install
til and the whole place has been vtiy
tastefully decorated, presenting n
most attractive and homelike appearance.
This Sunday's services at II a.m.,
and 7.30 p.m., will be of a special
character In keeping with the reopening of the place. Special music
will be provided by the choir. The
pastor, Charles W. King will take
for his morning subject "God's power house," and for tbe evening "GUI
eon gotting reudy." The Lord's Supper und right bund of fellowship at
close of the morning service. Bible
(Mass at 8 p.m. Strangers ulvvuy.;
Mr. J. M. Slssons, who was injured
by a fall in a mill at Bevelstoke and
who died In the hospital in that city
on June 29th, whose remains were
brought to Crnnbrook, will be buried
from the church of England today
He leaves a wife, one girl and three
hoys to mourn his loss.
The following is taken from the
Spokesmnn-Review of June 2.1th- ■
Licensed to wed—Prod Anderson of
Jnflrny, B. C, and Miss Mabel Taylor of Vancouver,
A rumor current about town during
the week was to the effect that Mr.
Fred R, Anderson, late principal of
tho public school, and Miss Mabel
Taylor, a teacher, were married In
Spokane Monday. Mr. Anderson is
now at Elko, and Mrs. Anderson has
gone to her home In Vancouver.
threshed out bv Parliament, We argue In favor of the protection of
your bouse by good paint, honestly
applied by skilled workmen, costs a
little more than the CHEAP kind
slapped on by "tramp painters" who
size up the situation and judge by
existing conditions If you are waiting
for Cheap John Paint and Painting.
We expect, to remain In business and
cunnot afford to use anything but
the best material or employ other
than skilled workmen nnd when we
do work we do it right -nut cheap. -
II. H. Short.
Repeat It -"Shiloh's Cure will al-
i wayN   uure   my   coughs   and   colds."
The Premier. Hon Richard McBride, visited Cranbrook on Tuesday
nnd was tendered u reception and
smoker in the auditorium in the evening.
The visit of the premier constituted
the notable event of the week. Mr.
McBride and the Hon. Tims. Taylor,
minister of lands and works, has
been making an inspection of the various ridings for the purpose ot acquiring a more intimate knowledge of
the actual needs of the various districts. Unfortunately Mr. Taylor
was unable to accompany Mr. Me
Bride to Cranbrook.
Tbo party reached Cranbrook after
having visited Golden, coming down
through the upper Columbia and tho
Kootenay valleys in Mr. V. Hyde
Baker's White Steamer, and thoroughly enjoyed the trip through the
most picturesque ..and fertile portion
of British Columbia.
A number of citizens were in waiting and enthusiastically greeted Mr.
McBride upon his nrrival.
At 8.30 over 400 citizens .gathered
at the auditorium to meet the pre
mier, nnd no expense was spared by
the citizens of Cranbrook to make,
the premier's reception an enthusiast
ic one. The Cranbrook orchestra was
in attendance, and the gathering was
n credit to Cranbrook, as not alone
were the best people of the city present, hut Liberals were almost ns
strongly in evidence as tlie Conserva
tives, each party sinking party con
federations to show honor and re
spect to the premier statesman of the
great province, of British Columbia.
Sporty ^*J%£2 %£     Stlf """"K *»1W. L''»'^
in predicting  that   in  ten years   from   alder whether it is for the best   Inter
now that the farming and Unit lands  eats ol the city ti. purchase the pre       Gentlemen   Ihe     directors   beg    t..
iu the vicinity     of Cranbrook  umlei   sent, plant  ol  the Water Supi.lv  Co..     "hunt a Btatemenl «.f the c pnny's
cultivation     would   be  increased  by Ur not. msiness for the financial yeai ending
over a hundred fold what it was to The Prospector is of the opinio) v,u> ' ' ,",,' togethoi with there
day. That nothing gave su much Hint the best thing that the city con '"" "( >'""' manager
stability to a country ns a healthy do is to acquire all ngbt> and pro I wining operations were carried on
agricultural industry. That iu the perty ol the Water Supplj Company ,nMl ""' ,'ml "' December, when the
near future the Kootenay Central A careful nnd competent engineei xtremc cold made it Impossible to
railway would be constructed giving j employed by tbo city, I,as examined ''"',' u, * ,n t|M' ""' :lt il l"'"1'''
a much needed means of transports in detail the property, estimated it* ""' l'"M weather, and want of water
tion to the residents and farmers of value and the neccssnry Improve ] l'*° Interfered seriously with the
the Kootenay valley, and that his ( ments. and reported in the municipal 'respecting work and the mine was
government were determined to give council, and the council met nn Wed I 'ractically closed do
to this section as well as every other. nesday night to consider thai report
section of the province tho best roads'As soon as possible a meoting ol tin
possible, but that it must be remem- directors of the company, and th
bereil that the minister of lands and   council  will be arranged   to considc
works had over h.OOn miles of roads   In detail the val I the plant    am
and liOOO miles of trails, besides brid-1 what it can be purchased for
ges, etc., under his control, and thnt The council should no! delay for i
these must bu kept in the best pos- single moment in this mutter, whlcl
sible condition, besides the building should be placed before the propert)
of new roads. That he was pleased j holders of the city for theli nppri-n
to see the progress ami development nl or dissent nt once Ever) dny'
now going on in Cranbrook and vicin 'delay means additional cost, to   su,
ity, and     predicted    still greater re    nothing of the fact thai i e im
suits m the near future." : pie supply of watoi   is needed at one
The premier's remarks were greeted for residential purposes as well n
with continuous applause. the hotter protection from fire
A program of vocal music ami The acquisition of the plant of Hi
speaking, given by the best of Cran j Water Company by the city, as i
brook's local talent, followed. i municipal  utility   is   Important,    nni
F. W. Kelsull of Wattsburg, then i as the plant, at the present time, I
sang the "Veteran's Sung, which was paying handsome dividends tn it
very much appreciated and received owners, as a public utility, will at
much applause. , si-st materially in giving to the clt;
E. Mallandaino of Creston spoke of a revenue paying asset, thai will de
the progress and development of tb crease tnxatton, ant! in a few year
agricultural industry of the province I pay foi' Increasing expenditures,
during the past six years, and gave If the city can for a reasoliabf.
to the McBride government the crcd amount purchase the wntor suppl
it of accomplishing these results. system, by all means let them do il
. Mr. James Hates then recited "The j and the sooner the matter is adjust
Cure of Calumet"   with  pleasing   ef-| 'd,  and  the  plant      acquired  hy  th
Joseph Ryan then sang "Blow Thou
Winter's Winds," and response to at
encore sang "The Low Back (.'ar."
Mr. Arch Leitch was culled lipoi
and gave a very interesting story on
titled "An Irishman's Troubles."
Then followed a song by Mr. Mc
Arthur entitled "Queen of the earth,'
which was rendered in a highly effect
Ive manner.
city the better It  will be lor nil In
f.erested in the welfare of (Vnnbrool
Mount    Baker   Excursion.   Jul\
1st 1909.
j    un   June      10th about     7o'clock   h
: the evening it large number of pcopl
Mayor John P. Fink was chairman
and on the platform were the follow
ing gentlemen : Major Boyce Thompson of Toronto ; Otis Staples of Wv
Cllffe, A. E. Watts of Wattsburg, ii.
Mallundaine und Titos. Cook of Creston ; D. J. Johnson, T. Cuvln, J. D.
McBride, James Ryan, G. H. Thomson, Arch. Leitch, V. Rollins and
others of Crnnbrook.
Mayor Fink in a very appropriate
speech Introduced the premier.
Premier McBride in his opening ro
marks expressed his appreciation oi
the hospitality shown hy the people
of Ctumbrook, nnd his regrets that
the Hon. Mr. Taylor was not present
to meet the citizens of the central
city of Southeast Kootenuy, that he
was pleased to find so many Liberals
present, and that he regretted the ah
sence of Dr. J. H. King, MP.P. who
was one of his staunches! friends,
even though in opposition. The pre
mier said "That his tour through the
province, despite the late and back
Ward conditions, showed splendid tie
velopment in nil directions and that,
the whole province seemed to be on
the verge of tremendous growth und
prosperity. He said that as a whole
the mining aud lumbering industries
were making marked progress and
thnt the outlook never looked bright
er. That In coming down the uppCI
Cobithbla. and Kootenny valleys ami
seeing the large areas of fertile lands
wllh hut u small portion under cul
tlvution, thut     he hud no hesitation
li   to   collect    with   their   bagg
>I   all      shapes and   sizes ami  short!
Mr. Thus. Cavin was then culled , urter the baggage ivna loaded the con
Upon nnd made a few remarks regard veyancos for carrying the crowd ti
lng the prosperity of the Grnnbiool ; tho foot of the mountain, put in ai
district, oriental exclusion and the appearance. |„ ,, very few minute
McBride government, tlie best that tho rigs were all well loaded nnd -l1
'iritish Columbia has ever bad. ,,t  n   party  made their  start   for   th
Mr. Juck Gardner then gave a mountain which was reached safol
liiice, and In response to an encore ft|)0ut 8.30. By U.3D everything wa
i  iig, which     was appreciated by ull   |„ g0u(| running shape ami when tb
esent. party sat. down to the evening men
Mr, It. T,  Brymncr then sang with   the  ubiquitous   mosquito  als ad
most telling effect "1 eat what 1 hiinsoll very manifest tu all. It wouli
wnnl when I want if." and in re almost seem that some of them hai
spouse to an encore sung "Its no use K,,t word of tbe coming party am
of Complaining." had invited all his friends und' rein
Mr. otis Staples     ..f Wycllffc then j tives ,,,,  ,n|[6a ,iruitnd to com*    »'»
addressed tho meeting on tbe lumber I enjoy t.be   good   times.    Tt
industry, also on agriculture, saying   fires and "smudges" wen- hoi
that you can't    expect so raise any- Und the mountain party hud u falrl)
thing without  planting and to   stop  peaceful night, guards changing wat
raising  H and  raise vegetables.        rhes every hour keeping  the Ores am.
Mr.   Staples remarks   were  punctur■  kitm.dgee burning,
ed with a lot of seasonable advice t< '    At three a.m. the party were n-us
working men on     the oriental ques    ,,,i to action and the camp was soon
tion. full   nf   life as   the  in bets  Were  get
U. i,. McSwoyn then sang "It/.ll on ting ready to begin their ascent ,,i
Thou Deep mid Hark Blue Sea," foi j the mountain. Breakfast over tin
lowed by "Asleep in the Deep, aud in j t,,n was called as to those who in
reward for his efforts received long tended to make the ascent and thir
and continuous applause. tv nine rospondod.   At  5.ID the cani|
Then followed the premier with a ; was left and all went well one ,,i
few remarks on the oriental question, 1 the party before going very far de
In which he sub' that  there was two  ,-i.ieil  that    wisdom      was the bettci
tilings  he  wanted   in   British  Colum    p,ut  n( valor and so     rati I     t.
bin, tirst oriental exclusion and a onmp. The rest continued and b) -
white B. ('.. ami better terms (or careful climbing and tuklng things j
this province. easy all safely reached tbc top, wind
Then followed rountlB of cheering according to reading taken tain foitni
for The Premier. Tlnunns Cavin, May to be 6,850 feet above sea level Aftei
or Fink and others. resting about  two hours tin- descent
A meeting of the executive of the was begun and tbe party snfelj
Cranbrook Conservative Association reached the camp about flvo in th'
was held Immediately ufter the close evening, all pretty well tired mil hut
of the smoker. still  not sorry  they      hnd  made  thi
A deputation    fr  the Cranbrook  llimhi Ton of the  Indies u  *uc
Agricultural   Association   interviewed   cessfulln reaching the top    Mi   Raw
the Premier in regard to the holding ?[">■ "f R«*ofth     Bros., who niadi
of ii fair in Cranbrook this fall,   and   tho ascent  n  few  weeks ago left      n
nskotl for ..    grnnt from the govorn   Pawl on top for the tirst lady    who
ment In aid of     this their tirst fair    ranched  the top,   I poll opening   tin
The premier promised to consult with  Pawd it contnfnod n beautiful hi :li
his colleagues, ami If possible would "j"1 tl"' fortunate lady whk Mis
materially assist  the association, !,'!
The  pr. i.  nccompni I   by   his      '"• P«rty left foi  the cltj    al I
secretary Mi McRne, lett on tho l<- fl" m"1 ronclieil homo tired on I hut
en I ttediicsdnv morning for Ferine »"" P»n««l with themselves fur lm\
lng done ns they had
School Closed,
The public schools closed on Wed
nesday. There were a large number
of pupils present, the most of whom
took Important parts in the closing
exercises. Many parents of the child
rou were in attendance, und the pro
gram was long, but the children that
took part showed careful study, and
were it credit to their teachers. The
teachers are to be congratulated for
the success of the school during the
past year, for In a number of olrctim
stances, especially after the lire, the
situation was severe and trying on
both teacher and pupils,
The billowing program was broil gill
to a successful conclusion:
Flag Drill, (Rule Britannia.i
Remarks by the chairman,
Bending of    honor   roll uud promo
tion lists.
Vacation song by school
Recitation  by Olive Dow.
Motion  song.   (Once   I Stepped   Into
u boat.)
Boll show, by seven girls.
Recitation by Irene Elmer.
Motion     song.     (Hurk the summer
Rain, etc. i
Club swinging by 'Mnry Brown,
Recitation by Orvll Thompson.
Song by High School  girls.
Recltutinn by Lottie Leask.
Recitation hy Nigel Thompson.
Motion song, (Pussy Willows,)
May Pole,
(•nd Save the King.
Following is the list iii promotions
n older of merit.
Division v, Miss Hall, Teacher.        „     ,, .,   ,,        „., , ,   ,
,, , , son,      I a    ice    i'        Un  ui<.iv. l.i,    if
From first primer to second primer .    *       ... fIr,mH     Ul,. u-    '■
VI    I,     il        II,.II    U       11......> I, ii     I'....I        I.I.,I It' linn,      M.l/.'l lilllllTII,      .lllle nnOII
mor, Nell     MdCnllum, Vliwon!  Pink,
(I,,il Cook     Dorothy  Mackoy,  Killth
McDonald, OIIvb Dow, Cllndyi John
Hi,,'In,      Whllinorc,    l.,illl
Mi'lvill,.   lllllhiH.   Il,,i,,lhy   ll,.|,l.   Ili'l
imi whit nu
Qnrilon Tnylor, Dminlil
Minn Unmon, Dorn fir
Nool Wnii
Konnolly, Arinnnil     Knnll«li, Herbert   'J.1;'!'"!?,"'; ,'''v" Tl.""l'. I'M^m "i"""
liiinily/   Howard    Arattmi. Oyrll  g « „  '"^J '   ^ .' "' W'
closed down for nboul
I lis Prospecting was re
iiuifil us soon as Hi,, weather condl:
Ions would allow, uml towards the
in. ol M.i, mining and shipping were
The  exploration   w<>ik   has  not   re"
ulted  in iimliiiL' nny in tnt .if ole.
.in ii,,ii, lutcsl reports from tin- mine
..million- huve Improved
Al I  :i. i tons ,,I ore liav.- been
hipped iliniiii' tlip year, with a net
irodl .,( S'l.in, Iv 'i'lns result Is due
,. ilu- grade of ,u,' being low and the
,,»■ prices ..[ lead and silver, which
he bounty supplements in part only
In conclusion  the     directors     ask
 ■ attention to tin1  r,.j„,ii  of Mr.
iiii.ui.  the company's  manager, foi
li,.    past     year, uml to the financial
,tatemcnts .,f    the company annexed
Respectfully   Submitted,
\   A   Thibaudonu, V Prcs
Charles K   I',,it,.,,us. Bee.
li  ii. Mann, Proa.
Cranbrook,  May 31, *'">•<
I'o the  Directors ol   Hi,-  North  Sun
Mining < ompany.  Limited
(lentlciucn   I beg to submll Un- tol
i.wing    report     '•( operations ,,f the
line for the past year
liiirnii: iii,. past year tbe work has
!■■ ii mosl  confined to mining ol ,,r,■
ii  .nni  adjoining  il Id   works.  Hy
...,n- ol Hi,' glory Hole, uml by the
.,1,-fuI sorting and snmpllng, we have
ecn successful In rccovorlog some
i riy good -hipping ore
In ml,nn,,n t,, tho mining uml Bort-
ng „l ore wc ^u,,,' driven DM leet ol
!',is.-i ruts, iii lit* and up ini.-u's, nnd
vc hnvc don'c CO [set ol shafting.
nni Compuny has boon able in mine
ii.I ship .ii n prolll a,2U2. tons ,,( ore
luring the past year notwithstanding
ti,- continued very low price of mel
Prospecting work wus started In the
in North Adll in July, III order to
nithci prospect diamond drill hole
io, :!, mentioned iu previous report,
nni from which there wire lavorablc
ndicatlons ; 300 feet in from the en
ranee "1 the North Adit n drill wa.-
<teii,led      th     in,   80 leet  In mi'
'.huh gradually disappeared
\ shall was sunk lol .',2 leet and
i,,ss <-iittiiic stinted to prospect tho
nouml Irom tins depth, wltl vsrj
promising Indications, almost the en*
tiro ground iu whloh the work has
ici'ii done being highly minorallred
Unfortunately wo were obliged t,.
1..S,' down tins work in March, ow
ng io luck oi watoi for tbc coinprc*
..,i with your approval It will i,r
Kin in 1- Prospecting   Thus is now the
n,,s portanl work tn be done, and
,n the roBiilts obtained everything
rests l hnve a low pines adjacent
to thr old works. siiiuph-N from which
have assayed well in silver and load,
I at m.iv turn .ml some ore. aftei
mine work is .1	
\s soon as work ran be started In
llie II" North a.lit I intend contlnu
,:. ihe cross cutting al .the 50 foot
level bottom ol shall. II this cross
■in  work is buccobbTuI in locating the
up f I in the south drift wc would
il'in have so,a,.thing permanent.
'I'lic buildings, steam plant and the
i.iuiwav an' in good condition.
hi •- -tusioii  1  beg to  say  that the
visible ore supply is gradually lesson
oi.- I hope that tin- prospecting
■ ..ii win result in locating Irosh ore
-" tii.n th,. coming year will show
in.nu-ial results worthy nl congrntn
I beg to rciun'ih,
Ymirs respectfully,
N    MCI.   1'1'ilKAN.
I sots 11,380,041 :,7
Liabilities 1.889,945:,;
I'OSI    ol   1111111111-   and   ship
ping,  01c M7.277..IS
Proceeds ,.i   sale
and  bounty 4f..L'77.as
'iiilnini'. May I. 1903 119,1140.17
I;,  iialiiu,',' at credit  ol
prolll and loss 89,940,117
-  v     -    ■■
Dominion Day at Oranbrook
StOWIirt,    Nulla    llayll'l.    L|
arils,   liladys
ralililooli   people
ai oi going oni
I n tn tb,
I loin
Constance  lluluuigc,  Hnmuel  vVtnlla!,
or, Ni'llle Mt-Ki'tiuii. Thomas Cnnnon,
"'p'r!;: is* p";!!" ,■ .,.,"!;-;, .iv"; rT"?Tw"; ;<"■,-' ,-> T -^» • "-
Unrtnn, Hugh ft ■ R« Mnwrnt,,,,       '^111','    K    on   Add e  ,l,m
Bndlo Wood, Clarence H ckonpothani, „„,',   ,,",„„ 11',,,,        ,
P,„l Swain,  IliadlmU Curiam.  Merle'    Jn'Arabic CI,"hom'
Taylor,   Wilfred  radwulluudi-r.
Illvhtimi  IV.  Minn  IIiihh, Teacher —'	
Pi'1,111 Junior I I,, Senior 1  'Blanche I NRIOHIlon   MCDONALD
Itiaiill.  Iiuhiv  Piii'iiiiil, I'nmline [to,
Dorothy Whl'linnr,'. Ili'i'llm Hill, linn j '    "
i.i,i    Taylor,    Ololol Dumotit, Bvnn     A very pretty Wedding look piece
llnss. Crystlo Tucker, Charlie Merlin.: in the Proshytorlnn mnnso nn Wcilnos
Helen   Wost,     Ull I th Merlin, Orvllle' day. when the Itev. c   n   Main, pus-     About '£ am.    Thursday morning
Thompson, Prnm'iH I'adwnllnnder.       tor, united in    mnrringo Miss Kiin-l  nn. wan discovered in   tho    bullillng
I'liiin Senior I t nJunior 11—Bion M Neighbor, ,,1 Manor It,,11,1. L011 occupied by the H C Laundry Co
Hunt lilniiley. Douglas Plnnls, Helen don, K.ngluiul, to Mr Dnnlol il Mc llcloio tho Ore wns dlscovorod nnd nn
Mi'Kliiniry. Sndlo Nosbltt, Merrlti Donald, lormorly ,,1 Bcltchci Crook,, alarm soul in tbo lire hnd gained con
Leask, Harry Doris, Cecil Alexander, Cape Breton, The I11I1I0 was gowned atdernhle headway Tbo origin nl the
Sydney Miiri'nlinyd, Herbert Bttiart.ln white satin. the iiislinnai y veil, lire is supposed In have been 11 spark
Mnld Cllll, Nellie flraiit. Dllver Brown and carried a shower boui|iiol The from tho furnnco, as the Karnes were
and Ooorgo Pnttnnf .happy couple loll nn tbe 8.80 express  iir«t dlscovorod In tho vicinity ol the
Senior II in Junior III   Delia D,,w.  tor points In the far east    Mr   and  holler and engine
1,'redu    Pnlinoie,     Rnlnsloril    Parks,   Mrs,   McDonald,  after spending  their     The building    and adjoining stable
Sammy.Hrniiet 1, draco Dnrdgclt.        honeymoon in the east win return to  wore complotoly destroyed, Tbe   loss
Division 111, Miss Taylor, Teacher    Crnnbrnnk, where in the lutiiic   they   will amount to something over 86(100
Senior II  to Junior HI—Irene El j will reside. I'Hid coveted by un insurance ol|J,000.
I,look at. 8,30 for Moylo, and Cn
l,look IviiH well represented In the
IIvol ill, A large unmhel ROCIirstl
lies oi ail    kinds uml went  to Fori
Hteolo      l   lev.   disciples   ol   liuiae Vi',,1
    nth pole and line,  went ushlng
TI Ity     it tj a, 1,on ai  Crnnbrook
nn, ihe arriving ol a train load   nl
Mm •• I
TUB PR08PBCT0R,    ctiANUlnaiK,
O.,     BATURDAY, JULY'3, 1909.
NEWPORT   tfljc yvwpector.
li \,ni w.1111 .1 delicious
Chocolate tn those
New-ports ;it The Palm.
We have just received
j   large   stock   and   are
Sole Ag< iiis [or
Frank Dezall
A. B. Grace.
I't'lll.lSHKIl    AND    KIHIOII.
„f the nmthcrianii   Tin- intercolonial ********************** **********************
railway   was planned  will,  that idea
in   view      When  Sir   John   A.   Mltcloll.
aid came to ihe relief ol tbo C.P.R.   < -.-   ~ VIZ       *—m     ^^~m
it   was na the ground  that   It    would   *****♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦***♦*•>•>**   *       PHYSICIAN   IM' SCIKIKON        *   T        II     tl_\
•>   Professional J ♦ Dr. E. VV. Con null v t\
1 "*    T *
Wutcti Cranbrook     gi
ir conservative politics
ow.    We nieaii
Rubber Tires  Applied
To   IliiKKy   Wheel-
Repairing .1  Specialty.
rs»u«  ',«      •   •   •      p.o.  liox  813
\    W.   (JLINE
UANI'I'ilUA  IHi'l'KI.
♦ Tonsorial    Art ♦
The weather In the Cranbronk   dis
tricl  just   now seems to have lieeu ol
.Ivieil na crop purposes.
Muylc basebnll taain didn't do n
thing to the Ferine hull team. The
score iviuj :'" to 0,
li marriage were not a gambling
game, pure and simple, we would not
..-peak  oi   .,11.nine  a  luisliand  ot  wit,
Kaiiueis   in the    vicinity  ol Cran
I,i,...k are rejoicing on account ,,i th.
recent   rains, and ure iu groat  hope-
,,t harvesting a bumper crop.
Hint lor housekeepers   the best way
'to mark t..t,le hum Leave the bab)
an! u jam alolle at the table lol
live minutes.
v.e were asked the other day "Whal
is a promoter/'   A promoter is a man
! who will  supply the ,H?eall it some "t„
else will lurnisfa the ships.
The machine dupes >•( the machine
leaders <>i (lie opposition are woadei
lng where they are politically, and
when the provincial election Is to be
pulled oil
*   *  ■   •
The   Vancouver  Sunset  says
i intarfa Is becoming .1  hard  c
Lo  live in on  Sundays    It     a
goes  i" church his  visum  Is -i
nv  the clouds ol  big hats, .iu.
U he
noes fishing he i- fined
i„. an alternate route to the far east
and a great military highway lor Imperial troops ln Canada. Inn. the
great imperial idea ..[ the all red
route has been originated and almost
exclusively  promoted by Canadians.
Sir   Hugh  llrahaiii      struck   a  false
ante and  made a  cheap appeal  when
he  misrepresented  Canada's  position
iu tlie imperial     Press Conference.
Saturday Sunset.  Vancouver.
The Liberal  Record.
A   recent   issue ol  the Toronto News
contains a .seven- arraignment >>t the ( ,.
Liberal government at Ottawa on its
record <»i thirteen years. The trouble
Willi the article from a public stand
point. is that it is only too true. In
common     with   mnny good Liberals,
the  Sews is closet   today to the ideals
..! tin- Liberal party as expressed   In
iv„. than  ire Sn Wilfrid Laurier and
ins cabluel     Its article says
im May i,  189(1, the announcement
in.tde that     Hon   Olivet  Mow.it. j
Knvrislerb uml Solicitors,
W.  I-'
rister,  Sohi'iior,
ll   nioMPsow
Iturrislcr, Soli,'ll,l,   nni
Ni.iiiiA   Public
, ,lti,',    Itflll llllillllllg.
Allll-lroilL'     »>.■ ♦
I'lion, i nii.,' in,    I;,.-,,I, ii,-, mil ♦
|.  \Y.  KM   I LEDGE,
M M V      V S
I lead,nil,'      „l      iini.niu     Vol	
i oil..jr. Torunio, in Iv.in.
l.i'lilnali'aiiil Mi'illllisl nl  McKllllpN , I   '
.'thnn',  loll , i In,',i",,.  Ill .  in  I'	
l.'.-'i-l,  t',.,1 <l„'ll,l,l'l ol lil'lll-ll
I'nluiulibi    \mix>IiiiI„u
x Cranbrook ♦
We ask von to call and tn
new Consignment ot new *
* .Ull      Up-to-date     rigs     I„l ♦
X Winter    and    Sin,,,ner.     -Inst *
* itcelved Toppir and   llellnble ♦
X Horses    at    yotlr    disposal X
* Hive    them
z cauvinced.
♦    '
tiial and la     ♦
 unk, ll.tl. ♦
Ituiukch trouble i* hut ft iTinptfem ot, Kiut not
fcilwall « trim (liHftit). W,- think ol Byipepilft,
HMrtburu, ft lid Imiif mtion fti ri<»l tllseiiei. wi
rfirr ar« lytiipUiTiit only of ft reilttin Ipenitio
tittt* sickri-m -iiollutig n\u.
Il w»> (hit fact that ftril.correctly led Dr. Shoop
in iiif crofttlon of thfti now vi r iioiniiftr Btoinncn
lUmtdj-Br. siiooi>* kMtnrnflve, Uoine direct
io Hi* iiniiifti'ii n«r»,-», linn' luniiifiii Him nireeii
■mi UTorto f>r. »hoop»mHiliKeitnr»tiv6, With-
uul Hut orlfiiift) ftiiil lilfliljr vlliil in'kiii'i[il>-. im
■mil Uilliif ftt'cuiiipliiliiiii'iilt wiTi*pvit(■>Im li»il
rur itoiiifti'li dlltrwi, bloallllK. lillloiiBlittii, i-ttil
LiMtlt ftiiil mIIow coinplailillli in- Dr. Slionp'i
IteiloNaii?»- TftUli'h or l.iiinlil -uml fii>» fur your-
SU wliftt it Cftll uml will do.    We toll ftthl chfttr-
llr recotnnttnd
Dr. Shoop's
I-'.., i reliable Ineal lalesluiill te
|.i'e,.eiii inn       Ciiundn'.     Illdesl    and
Ureal   i   S'urserle,   In <"i..r,:.i   and
nl ohnit" L'utintry,
'Hi- i n|,ularlty ,d our k   which
i. lil'own ,.n limesioiii' soil, malting
..ill       In—   nil.I       hit-hrs   llaidiel   and
ion.'.-i lived  than cousl   grown    tock,
i.   -i'1 inn. ledired   hy   , (|>erli need   (rail
„<-     make    a Bpecinll v ,,' growing
,1,..!'   I„r   lllltlsll   f,,Inn,inn    nni   ship
II . , Mon, I   I,,  that   1,1,,, inee
i permanent sitiialIon' lo iinht
nun. * Mb terrtloi v resen ed.
I'.,v weekly ; tree nutlll Write lor
perl ietilars.
SUne & Wdli'i'itnn
■ l.i, -ii-r,I  1,,  It   ''   Covern in  '
A cup of BOVRIL is a Bite
tonic in .my »ea»on, but it i<
valuable: in mtinv oilier wayi.
A little added tn Haihei
.uul Slew, gr,Hlly improves
ilirir food value. 1 ryitwnen
wuimiim Canned Meati.
Some blue hours Kifty yeuru .h^^
ill.- iiiiiniciti.il council ••( the «';t> ol
Boston i-ii'sr.i i. law prohibiting all
sin ikiiiL* i.n the streets Sow Spo
kane has passed .■. treak la« prohib-
iiniL* tin- smoking "i coftln nails
From reports it would seem thai
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was In tin- busin
ostf i.f handing out "titles." It i^
<;tnl that lit- recently offered ;t senat
irshlp, then a Knighthood t.. John
It DouRall ownei •»! the Montreal
witness,  i»>tii of which were declined
Some politicians, especially the
British Columbia opposition, ar*- said
tu i ver anxious about tin* preser
nation «.f h C, Forests, because thej
wanl n safe place when they have to
"take to the tall timbers," after thi
coming elections,
■. Im
he assertion has be
!<■ college professor that ;i men
i- could be sent t.. Mars for tin.
The private opinion of The
ispector ^ thnt nil such messages
i,|.l in- sent (* ii. n.
What is going on behind the seen
it Ottawa, (mii only be surmised,"
the Winnipeg Free I'ress. That
i news. With the Murine depart
scandal tho HT I'. Jobbery go
in in front, its easy to guest
is going on behind the scenes
This is tin- im ui tli n greal mnny
•ubHci'lptiotis tot- tl»' prospector ex
jiirt's. Better set- if yours Is among
i hi' ii tun bur, a ml if so have it renew
■il. Tin- elections will soon be on
mil vnii will want to koop posted on
what is being done,
Hallway building is said to be ac
Ive in Western Canada. The press
ing need of British Columbia Is add I
' it nnil railway and transportation
iicllllJeK, uml in no part ot tin1 pro
out' is this pressing need felt mor<
linn in the Upper Coltimbln and tin1
Oiotutwiy Valleys.
•     ■     •     ■
A reward ul (3,500 lias been posted
iv the provincial government for the
linudltH who recently held up a ('. P.
:   train near Ducks,   It  i* the opln
 i tin- provincinl police that   the
uh was done hy fnrmers who resldi
it-iii Ducks, who are now pursuing
theli peaceful avocation «-i ranching.
• ■ *
Sir Ulchard Cartwiight's words en-
lorsed by Sir Charles Tttpper, "That
in nearly every one of tho 313 con
UlttiencleH of Canada the bnlance ol
power \> held by corrupt element"
ni- true, and this fart is known by
th crest novice in political life.
■ •  ■  ■
Charles Morrison of London, Kng
land, nif un npple and n penny bun
•neh day for lunch and died worth
ditty millions, Would somebody
pleiino stitrt a stand to sell applet
mil penny buna in Crnnbrook '.' We
need sixty millions in our hiisinesti
ind think nt in. other wny in get
e     ■     a     •
It there is a great tiuustlon pressing
ni solution, the Influence ol which U
■•. eltfici the in.in.- li/e, the women ■•(
Mir nty ure avur ..n thr alert to ■«••
lut it |s correctly solved   Thus work
.   I ■ have lot I :. iiudeu.. round
1 huh have heen erected Institution*
'nni -.(nail ,i- ii living monument In
•"•ii defence ol the home All hall,
hen, '., rti.. i|iic-rilv. white nouled
votnon "j the city ,.( Cranbrook
■ ■   •  •
premlei -'i Ontario, would join forceai
with \h Laurier iu 'hi' federal cam !
paign which had Jusl begun, and
which ended Ln triumphant success
.a the Liberal part) The lettei ol
acceptance sent by Ml Mnwat to the
federal leadot wius printed In The
Globe, and \\.i- n eitroutj nnd vigor
■us political document setting forth
in brief form what he considered to
be the Ideals ol government Here Is
ni extract (rom that letter "It tbe
reform platform were less icceptable
than it is tn Intelligent und ladepend
ent niluded non-reformers, the scand
als which have come to llghl nllord
more than sufficient ground for all
men to condemn and to join you In
llsplaclng all men who were parties
to thi scandals, whatevei they arose
■   :■ I  desire  greatl)   to see
g< ivei nment In powei under yom
leadership, being confident that it
voutd be a u*i(.,i government, hoaest
-a,1 aconotuical,
The saint nt the -'i.t Liberal partj
breathed  in  that  letter    The nppo-i
ion  protested  against  the waste   ol
public money on middlemen and nth
let cl        It i rotested  .^uinst   the
■rnctici rlbing    coiistitueticies
i It pub i> wi : ts It endemned ex-
travatrance The Liberal party had
teen in power for thirteen years. For
ear alter year the public accounts
committee has uncovered evidences ni
wild extravagances, i>ne auditor geu-
•ral who protested was forced to re-
.iirn office His successor has already
ip*-i-me obnoxious, The expenditure
uis mounted hither and tux:her. A
'ommission appointed ti> investigate
the civil seme* took a look at the
marine department with terriiylnii re-
-alts to the party loyalists.
The patronage system, with all the
-ottenncss it begets, has been kept in
orce. The sneaker of the house ol
■iiiiiniHiis has won his place through
'be systematic bribery <>i Bonaven-
ture with public money, The postmas
ei genernt held out a town clock as
. bribe tu Waterloo, and the minister
if justice, tbe successor of Sir Olivei
Vlowut, has hetMin the edifying task
of building a canal at Newmarket
which cannot be tilled with water and
which, if it could, would be of no
ommerclnl valley to Newmarket or
the country.
Mr. Hrodeur, whose tiresome mis-
■imnngetnent of the marine depart-
nent brought it to disaster, and for
vhom it was necessary to apologise
from every Liberal platform during
i he late campaign, is still in office
■njoyinu tbe favor of his chief to
4iich a marvellous extent that there
are whispers of nn imperial decoration, Mr. Pugsley, the minister ot
public works, has been condemned by
a commission, rather lenient than
were, of culpable negligence in the
iiindliug of bilge sums of public mon-
>y in New Brunswick. He defended
himself ia parliament by a speech
which fairly bristled with mis state
ments and perversions of the facts.
Vet, although his record is so tiDsat-
sfactory, bis eminent leader, to who
Sir Oliver Mowat's letter was addressed, says that he is prouder of
Ir.   Pugsley than ever.
There has been no revision or the
decalogue since 1S96. There has been
n<> suspension of the ordinary principles of ethics, commercial and political Vet the state of the federal
government is *«. fur from its pre-el-
ectlon pledges and professions that
ordinary Liberals outside the official
rankn must be greatly distressed.
Then- is m, iloiibt that the Liberalism
ol Su uliver Mnwat was worthy of
the support of an honest man. There
In  th- gravest     doubt  If any honest
ti an  approve  ot  thr  jobbery  and
cynical extravagance oi this arrogant
hand "I heaven born statesmen, who
futsel) call themselves Liberals.
McVIl I II   &  PA UK I' K
IM.S   A   i    I
I i; WIIKim'K    it.
I     I   MM   \\\
Mining   Knjjuici'i   uml
I-!1    I.ami   Sin m'viii.
t I;ANItKuOK, \\v
oi i irt   ai   McKINSTRY'S   LIVERS   iiakn
rllcillll   lloil,.
ml I
si uml si,„i, Ksiliiiiiii'n
nn.I.nl l|i,.n   \|,|.I„.i
I hill
F. O. E.
M.-.'l ,.,,'i->   I I Mil} .1! S |..ll,
\ ititlns   Rrotnei-r  tlowllnllj    lnvlii',1
f.    W.     Htven.    W.  l-li'sulrul
Wm.    Aiderson,    Secretar>
\,'ii.> Phj-slolan, I', O. lias >
w   \i. \\\<: \ i i'y
I'lini'i'iil  Hiri','1,,1
cli wui.'tKiK. ii.r,
********************** **********************
Calgary  Cattle   Co.
Fresh   ttncl Salted Ments,
Fish and  Poultry  in  seuson.
Orders by Mail will receive prompt attention.
Order hy   Phone, 45.
U     W.    DREW,   Proprietor.
Meets in Carmen's Hull I'nii and Illi
Thursday of earti month at 8 n.m.
ihurp. E
A   McOowaa, I'hief   Rnnger, if
,'. A. Ahbott, Secretary. f
— i
Visiting Brethren made welcome. .8
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J \
:s tfockv Mountain Clianler 5i
no. i-j
it. A. M.
********************** **********************
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday at new Fraternity
hall. Sojourlng Rebekahs cor-
dlally Invited.
Mrs. F. E. Simpson, Noble Grand
Ada M. Mickenhotham, Secretary
lli'irnliir iiu'.'iiii'jH 2ml
lIhv in I'ni'li iiuinl.li ai
Sojourning  t 'oin|iiiiiliin*
,'onliiillv itivileil.
\ II,   I..   HllTllttT.I.I,. S,.lil,i' K.    J
\       llos 4        rHANIlUOHK. II. 0.        1
Repeat It—"Shlloh'B Cure will   al
ways   cure   my   coughs   und   colds."
On Bal<er Stieet, one door west
,.il Messrs. Hill & Co., the onl)
plare in town that ran make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
consumes 1
cracks wastes tlie neat.
Il is not economy lo have such a furnace in
your own home, or in your tenant's home.
If vou are thinking of building you should be inter-
csied in Sunshine Furnace. Il adds 100 per cent, to
home comforts.
As soon as you let the contract for your house decide
on your furnace. The "Sunshine" man will he
pleased to tell you just how the rooms ought to be
laid out with ail eye lo securing greutesl heat from
the smallest consumption of coal.
If you want to experiment with the question don't
■pecify "Sunshine."
11 you warn to settle the question specify  "Sunshine."
McCIaryfc  .
**********************   **********************
Rubber  Dollar   Store  I
I'. \V. VanWORMEK, 1'hoi'Iiictoh
HANSON AVENUE      •     •      CRANBROOK, B.C
-''    HiikIi     (iniliimi  i iii',1  l„i   „   O. jw   /N/-\      /~1  A   QTJ
'■MlffiS $o.(JU OAbn
I $3.00aMONTH
We Deal in Kverj lliinjj l''i-nii
'4 Nefillc li, ii  I .in iiiiiniii,
All  liilllls III' Si'i'iili.l   II;,in    I, I
Piirnllui'ii u SI'KCIAI TY
BUYKK ol-   I'l'K'S
Soke's Old   SIiiihI,  lliiii'.iin Avt
iinfnrtiinate [,,i i lanndn thai si
In iii i represented .., the Impel
1'renti ''..in,'i,■(„■,' t,i     ,,  tun  buntl
ii'M    |i..|.i'l Iiiiiii    « Ilu   ruli    Wl    till
in,i. the (nri*. mill !,.il',.i  Hi,- .User
■.' id lo> country a. to accuse i 'nun .
In "I "spnnelns "" the Mothei Ooun
',v foi protection "
Sir HiijIi ili.iiiiuii ns n„. T„r„nt,.|
'r,'l,':i,;im points ..nt. i .iiiiioi show I
where in the history ,,l f'nimdn the
llritish tnnpnyci has humed an ounce
.1 powder in  boireht ,■, enrtridge   lol
''i In    i',ni,i.In     Im:-  iiiuii hci  own
loll i  ami   indirectly   .,   pery  ■tilistnn i
•ml   I....lit   ..ii   .ill       a,Milan    ,|   n.iinl I
■spoiulltiirc, In llrltaln on hei bphnll
Spenklnu nn this point .-'ii Ohnrles
Tlippcr,    ll'llos,'   I'iiiiimIiiiiiii.iii   „i„l   un
uorlnl  loyiiliv  In.-,  novel   heen i|iloet
ioui.,1 l,v Inn in,,ii inn,, nntni lata,
iin-. -111,1 thnt  Un' Interests ,,l rami '
,1a mi,I Hi,' i  Interest. ,,| n n
pirn were npposeil i., dlrerl conlrllni
I N    I,,     Un-  iiiiperl,,]   navy      anil
li"  iiinlnti I   llial   ,'ii,ii.,1,i   hnd  ills
rluil'Ui'il Inl duty iii i, milliner most
I'liiiiliielvc I,, imperial Interests, In
Iii:. Oiinndn ilnilerliniii Hie prc.tcct.lrin
'•I liei OWII llaliene,. nnil Inter nil re
lleveil   llrent   llrltaln   ol   n   lilllil I I
CIM, ii vent in tnklnn over tl ,
pnnso ,,1 miiiniiiliiinii Halifax nnd 16s
I'lllinill      III       eolll'-ie   I here   ale   lliune
utters ami m-r.IT
Vhen You Think
IQll   II.i..uul   Ki)l'   < «ih
Of   the |)ihl  «hiiii u.uny  wmneii   cviicriciifc Willi   every
uiuutli ii uiAo il-e f.riiilriirKS >tiid kliitliiVKH utivnys rthMici*
tied   will)   MttuUMltitod   KeeHl   Iii   lie    iilmtisl   u   iniruilt-.
Wliile iu jratr*l mi minimi   relteU Ujfiiillkl  »liut   >lie   ic
»nrJt *h * imiutnl u*cteiil> ihere In iim mmiuil wliu wuiiltl
■ul iUdly be (fee from ilii<» revurrin^ peri mi of puin,
Ur, Pierce's iavorlt* Pi-enerlption makes
weak women strong and sick women
well, aud gives i.*t<tm freedom from pain.
It estahlishen regularity, subdues inttatih
mjtiou, heals ulceration and cures female wealuaaa.
v.'L miiueu ere tuviieJ 1» iihimiIi Dr. fierce liy leiter,
//".    All   viirrtapiiuJeitve  .inrilv   |iri\uie  and   ktiuredly
iv     i«. 11-ul inl.     Wlile niiliiiiit trji und without fee Iu World'* l»t1|i,-n-.>ry M«il>
i.-   \-   i.l.ti iu, U, V. Pieree, M. I)., I'icmJciiI, ItiiH'ulo, N. ^ .
li   ■,■■! wtiiil h boulv llul (ells nil aliniil tvuiiiiiii'k dinenhex, mid htm tn eure
I'ir.ii 4i litime, ■.•lid M uiie-eeiit btuni|i<> In Dr. I'iervc In |u> uuit nf nmiliuij
»■'(   stnJ  he   i»ill tend  ynn i free eupy nf   hit. Rreiil  tlmuMiiul-pu^t- illunlriiled
('nmiuoti Seiue Medical Adviser—revised, uii-iu-duie cditinu, in ptiper euvei..
I > i iml^'K ■« i-li'lti-tmidiiij, SO slmnpK.
May  Bur iriui
| Waflhlitfftoii, June 28—Permission
Iiuk heen k fan led hy the I'liilnl Hint
en to the .".th regiment ol ihe t'uinul
Inn jirlllifiy, itrmeil uml t-<|iii|»p#*tl, tn
enter the Unltflil BtfltOH .Inly I for
the purpofte nt iitti'iHliiii; the Benttle
ti position.
Ruildiug Tram at Auiorn
i I in 1st! Lheso unit
<<t   tlioli   iinpnltunc*
Uul Hi..hi- mi' more rlotnlls. Ontin
ilti's policy hoforo mid since confetler
it Hon hns licnn to hullil with nn   eye
lo  the  pOOSlltle militniy   nijiiiMMiliMltri   fsvM Ml
<    A   t.riiiiiwiiy   is  hi'ini:   Itnllt   nt     the
Aurora tn rniry     the ore from     the
j tunnel down tn ihe lake thut   it   run
he hrmiKht across to the rnllwuy uml
j shipped.   It will he    u rtir tnim uud
: will  lie Operated      with     a  windings
(jprr—v The ore rhute In the mine hns widen
ed considerably within the IhhI    few
Al.flf) RWOOND   HANU MACHINW8 j duys.   Moyie Under.
Repeal  It:—"Shiloh's dur» will al
ways eure my roughs anil colils.'-'
We Buy EyeryUiing
HOUSES, STOVES, new and second hand   h'UKM
WE SELL whal we Iiuvh In slock tit prices Unit
will surprise yon. A visit lo llie Dollar store will convince you thut we have Ihe goods, and can stive ynu
lifty per cenl on any goialK piucliased.
Wc Buy anil Sell I'm- Cash
I'tHiNK lit I'.O, llii.v. mi;,
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   hinds   of   building   material
constant!" on band.
I All -'".:%;■ ,,A.i»nt!,r
curm vAivr
iruMtroDf avtaat
Urimoi'.al, a. *.
Double ;i(iiii" rnins pump spriiiR water usin« impure water .is power to operate
them Runs continuously and automatically, Pumping capacity up to 1,000,000
Cilloiis per dny, No wmiriiifi parts except valves. Highest efficiency ol any engine
1.11 ihe market. From 60 to 00 per cent, developed under repeated tests.
Unequalled for IRRIGATION  AND DOMESTIC   purposes.     Over  seven thousand
in   use. U     1/     n    l.
lerested write to or see  H.   X.  rariter.
If you are  inl-
■ , , ,_      tot rurvRPKCTon.  Oranbrook, i.  r... Saturday, "
Pags   »
******************************************************************, *******************************************************************************
aijafc^ .-."
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•
Furniture in the true sense of the word. It is Furniture that
is well made, durable and lasting. It is not the kind that is thrown
together or put together with inexperienced hands. Our Furniture
is made by skilled mechanics, and is the best that money can buy.
Every piece of Furniture we sell is guaranteed.
We have just placed in stock a full
range of
• 4}
■♦. •'
♦ '*?
r    "J
Table Covers, White Bed Spreads
Table Linen  in Sets
Flannelette   Blannkets
Japanese Matting
Couch Covers
We are always pleased to show
you through our stock
*  ..
, »»»♦»»•»«»»i • • •-• • •■•... run prospector
Hollow  Ground
As Illustrated...
Double Concave ior
Extra Heavy Beards
Set oi Two in
Leather Case
Carbo Magnetic
•*/   Strop
Strop Aide      25C
TRADE MAHK^-   «l5i
i:V ER V   Y EA R
Will Last a Lifetime.
CARGO MAGNETIC RAZORS have revolutionized razor miking    thev .ire TEMPERED BV ELECTRICITY, which is
OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS   the steel   used in   their manufacture   is  oi   the fineit   English and
Swedish make.    This wonderful discovery is the result ot vcars ot experiment and study, and at last there has been
produced a razor that will shave any beard, NO MATTER HOW TOUGH.
ELECTRIC TEMPERING addi CARBON to the steel: whereas tempering by fire, ithe only other method known for
centuries) DESTROYS the CARBON which is the life of steel.   All other makes of racors must be HONED   AND   GROUND
olten, as their blades will NOT hold an edge any length ot time.   CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS do not require HONING
or GRINDING during a   lifetime in  private use;  they are  all  tempered   alike, every   part ol their blades being  subjected to
METHOD, the most expensive grinding known.
YOUR DEALER will deliver to you one of these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on 30 days' trial, without
obligation on your part to purchase—take advantage of this opportunity. Break away from the barber habit! You will save
$■30.00 annually.
Call on our representatives in your town, and request a copy of "Hints On Shaving"—This booklet illustrates the
correct razor position for shaving every part of the face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM LIFE)—It alio tells
you HOW TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY; should our dealer be jut of them, drop us a card, and we will send you
one by return mail.
Firm of A. L. SILBERSTEIN, Tlakers,
150-461  liroadwav. N. Y.
Plstrlcl ,,( Hi,.it Kootenay.
Take notice thai I, Mrs McFarluno
nl t'lmiiii',,..!.. occupation married
w,nni,ii, Intentl tn upply tor perntls
-,i,,n io purchuse il,,' following ill's
,.;,..,! Inntls Commencing ut t, post
plunted .,t ii„- north easi coruer ol
Cooper's pre-emption, thence urst  10
illains.   tllrlln    north  2t> cllniUS, llli'lll'l'
oasl  I., Moyie river, thence following
down -ir,-a pluce ,,f copiinenct
Urn   Sadie  ,1   McPurlano,
II    Melton    igonl
Dated   v.!•■ > 1  n.l .nni 17
il win:
,.l   I'!:, .1   K.„,l>.|i.i,
Ihnl  I     Walter
Tnk in.' ill.ii  I,   Wnltri     Hun','
Ml Kill .li,     i>|    li.nl |t,    ,,.. n|..ill,,ll
merchant   lutenil tn >i'i'i> tin pel""-'
loll   tu     pi ,, li i .■ Ihe I,,II,,nni'.'. ids
-ill,,',I   hind        I'l ICUClng   .il   .i   pOBl
lilunteil   ul     im,' , Iieusl i','in,'i' »i
lol    84115      thence     loutli 10 i liulns,
tin-, " chain    Hi.'in,'  li ;ni
, hale     i hem d easi   '0 chnins, thence
ii,,,ili I,, , luilni. iheui,' weal in, ii.iin-
i,' place i ■ cull in 1'iin'iii
Wnltei   Uni,,' MoPntluill
Hated   vpiil 3rd, lllllll 17
'll Willi,
II    •   ,. •
..I  Kusl  Kootenny
Tuke notlo Uni
ul  II.,i> inn   H   <
keeper,  intend     i,
lion i"     purcluuu
, cribed lund     I'un
Harry McIutoBh
iccuiintluii II,del
pply l,,i' pet-tills
ir following ilt's
iK   I.AMI lllr-Tlil
i ul Ensl Kuntenay
flu, Woud i'i>
I Inil   I
. i mi .ii I. ■   in.n
apply  I,,i   pi
Mil' I,,
post pi	
nip I. K
, iiu'iii'i'
il chnins
crlbed liuiil.-.
planted .ii,,.,i
Internal lunnl
til   Illi'   II.HI 111
ii '»   uppll
nli',1  Mnr.'l
Iiivu « I Cane,  l.ui'iiii.i
Harry Mcltun, Anon
il li.Hi. I'.in'.i. Il
nl   Ensl   Ki in:,v.
lummenclng .,i  a   post pation horse dealer, intend to   upply
lour miles north ..! tbe for permission   to   purchase the fol-
lutindury line and about lowing   described   lunds,   commencing
i im   .Ml   and adjacent nt ,i post plunted njioilt three   miles
si cornel ol Heury Re north of    the International boundary
 "•   being   the  south lino nnd about one mile nortli of llie
nonce nortn 80 chains, northern boundary ot lot 7841 and iid-
i ,'iimn.-..  tbence   south jacent to the north west, corner     ol
tut' west   80 chains   to Henry E.  Hyde's location, being.the
iiiiiii.'iiiTiin'ut. and run smith elist. corner, thence    wost     80
u,,it- or  ess. chains,   thence north 80 chains, thence
i Porrltt, Locator, oust 8U chnins, und     then south     80
;o W. Kerr, Agent, chains   to    the     point       ol    cum
ith, muy. 10 mencement, and containing f,40 ncres
fleorge II. Bolster, Locator.
tleni-ge W. Kerr, Agent.
 uieil March 2!il.b. Ilinil. IB
ui Easi Kootenay.
,i ul  l<	
Ihnl   1,   I
. in      I'..
planted at
John Angus
, uccupulion
ml i ipty
est   2
:o Mint .lulin Cannon oi
iiluuiA, IJ. C, occupation check
Intends tu apply for permission
purchase the following doscrlbed
lis Commencing at a post plant.-
N.E. corner of lot 8535, tbence
,'.isi i,i S. 1-1. corner ot lot 4142,
thence south i-> north boundary of
loi 123, thonco west to S.E.
lui   8585.  thonco  uiii'tb  tu j
District ol Kootenuy,
.lulin i
James Willie
April 15, 1'Jii'.
Take notice that I, Thomas Willium
till|i|   f| Lensk, occupation, mill uwucr, intend
?.       j to apply lor permission tu purchnBe
' l      "   one-hundred and sixty neres ol land,
,       .   ,    liunnili'il ns follows :
Commencing ul a pust planted
tin. southeast corner ut Lut 8485;
I lor, l.m itul
,;,.,! ;,   V,    Kol'l     \gonl
uieil   Mm-,
I'RANH ' ll"   '
,., ■   i
tlie  in'"'
nl i ,,, - I the n
I ii.In:.
i,.-.      I   U ■  ■■' ;  " ''
valley,    bell
thenre "., '  • '       '  '
M cl..,;     thenci        '   ■
thenre  north  '"' '' "    '
eni' I enl
i, in in re   inure oi  le
.     .   i   ,■    Ken     I
Hems   Urni  '   H   le   L"'   '
Lnr.nlo'1  M   Until,   I'111'1
IMIANMIH v-.li HI I'l Illi
in iiiii-l ul  I. nay.
' II Will.in IK  LASH  HI- I HUT
.1. in, I I,i Kootenay
. uko nutice, i in,,   I, Atexaudei    '«
Siniib,    ni   Ilu sland, I). ''., uci ipu
intend to app ..
■ in.' I ring
 il u
,,.."-  ,'.-  i    u
■  I' ..ii hi .ni  i and i,ne null' north
International  bouodan   line,
' lot  the
thenci   ■   rtb 8 	
■ 0DI 6        Itll *
.   I    IU
  .     ntuti
:   tb, I
    ■     ,.' I      . - il
.   .     .
. it i, in
Dlstrlcl of Bus! Kootenay.
Take uotlcu thai  Henry
noil  ul  Cranbrook,   B.C.,
checker, intends i
siuu tu purchase
crlbed lands . Coi
plunted .,i  the N i-l   corner     of    lo
theme west 411 cliniiis, thence south
Hi chains, thence enst 40 chains,
thenco nortli 40 chains.
Thus.  W.  Leask,  Luentur
II.  Melt.  Agent,
Hiil.il  April 2nd.  14011
Hector Lin
li.i'.,  occupation
the following des-|    ,|,,0N   uF   AN  uxTKA PlliiVlN
nencing at a post
•     tl   10 chains, thence
thence  th 30 chnlni
ll.-iiiv   11,'t'lui   L.
James Wllllni
Dated  April 15, run
Dlstrlcl ..I Kn.ii Kootonay
"Companies Act, ISO
intum n
ll  I' '.',,.,'.
e thiil   I, Al linn  '     K'-n
cher I'l   Alberta, uccu
pu i I'.m rlstei   intend to apply   '
liuins, thencs
.ns! to cbnins
iu point     ol —n—
I HEREBY CERTIFY    that     tho
it'll.  Locator, "Selppcl Timber Company" bus this
Moore, Agent  day  boon registered ns un extra pro-
1909 19 vinolal company under llie "Compan
ies Act. 1897" to carry out or to ul
I.ami   DISTRICT      'flc' al1 "' anv t,f *'"' "hjo'ts ol   tin'
Company to which the legislature   ol
British Columbia extends.
'rbe bead nttlce ol t.ht* company    Is
sltiinto ut Stillwater, Minnesota.
Tin   amount uf the capital uf the
dollars, divided into    one    thousand
shares ol one luiiuireit dollars each.
T  notice thai I. Thomas Edward
.   ni   Port   Steele Junction, ,„■
Utlon iK-iii, Intend to ap    irmiiy     '"     I"""1""1 " -•■"I
pii  in,  perml   ion     tu purchaso tin
■  i    lietl   i      '' io"'        ,         ...
The head olllce ,,f the company   In
tins province Is sittlnte ul  tin- City ul
Crnnbrook,    and Alexander n. Mac
donnld, Barrlater-St-lnw, whose    ml
ou (dross Is t'l'iinhrrtnlt, B.C., Is tin'    at
t.urney     fur   the conipnny.   Nut empowered tn issue und transfer stook.
The   lime    uf the existence ,,f lite
thirty yoii's Irnin the
(''.in' i27l,ll dny of August,  1900.
'   o-|     T'iu' Compnny is limited.
(liven under my Iiaud und suul     ut
planteil al almiil "in1 mile west ol
the i- Inthead rivoi nnd one mile nortli
.1 in,' International boundary line.
ut.i uni ■; lol Mu.. being llie north
oust 1,,1'inM. Hi,'iiff smith so chnins
thenco west 80 chnins, thenco nortl
n(i chains; thence ,'.,si 80 chnins ti
li,' point ui commenceinenl .uul cou
mining i.iu ncres more nr less,
Harry Mcintosh, Locatoi
lienrge W, Kerr, Agenl
Locnted Mitrch 28th. 1:019. I
ni Mast Kuutenay.
p|   ,!,I<-,1     1,1     III,'    SI llltll
-    ■ ' .-1,,-, ui Wm  Tupper's pre emp-
ui.i   ii,,-,,',- m,nl. in chains
thence eu il 2u chnim more or less tt
Lbenci    follow nil1   Ilu
ii   i mini I.. Hie place
.    .    . ni   , ontulning 80 iii'ies
•    ■!"Mu. i."'""" ::',.",""!"?..'.
II. Mull
Dated  June 111 I. I iiki
[nlluwing     desi i ii"' I
,i  ., post planted
,-iitii .,; Mm Internu
in i M, i ul Kuolonay.
        Lhai   1,11
i pation
oilh-ii uf Victoria, I'rnvlni'e ol BrltlBli
Ciilumhln, this 81 sl day uf March,
nno thousand nun- hundred ami nine,
il.H.i S. Y. WOOTTON,
lleitisli-ar ol Joint Stock Companies,
Thn ohjeel Im wbii'b this compnny
bus been t'liliililliilu-il   nnd   registered
Tul - n
t,l   I'm, l„-
    I, David «
nni    Albertn,
..I  i 'i'l,
■ urn. Porrltt'i .mu    i'
HUlltllWt'll    fl '  I     ','
chains, thence planteil
uitb mi chains the Inti
I,,  il,,- point nboul „
containing 840 adjncnnl
„l nln
„l|, ,,|   |,,l   7841,   "lui     ''
n,,|, '-Hi".    Ol    '>"'    ''    H
n|, .ili'.li.   Ini'i:'   t.h-l
I,,., I!,, lim ' ,   .1     -■"    ' I'   llll
thiiiic'ii   north   "''     li"'	
m chnins, thence south michuDi
Hit. i„.i
nl and
i,in   i in   more di Iohs
11,,-.,.i Waruoek, Locatoi
I-,,,,,,,.,, w   Kerr,  n:""1
,ed March aoth, iM. I1'
trthiti i
■.I  Mi	
In in. I  nl  Kunli'llii)
thai  I, Predorlok  I'm-
Ontario, occupution
apply for per
In iill kinds nl     iiiiiinil.il im in-.'
[.unimni ' al  n   pofltland   trading     biistuoss; Lo purchase,
,t  thrci   mi '■■ ""'Mi    "'  own, hi,1,1 uml dlspuBO nf timber uud
llnnnl  1.. .iiii'l-i i v   lino   ami'nil   llie  pi'niluclH ol timber,   lu •■inly
tile iiui'th ul lui   ,'N'II ami   nn nnd cumliui u     gonornl     logging.
ii,<. nurtliwesl cornor   ol   luinhorltig   uml innniifiictiirlng Iuimii
,   i.     upplicutlon, being  ess; to erect, boy und sell hiiw uillln.
,,,..,,. i ini,mi, thonco nuil.li su  slilnglo-inllls,   pinning nillls. und   nil
m,in    thenci  ".i i  .,i> liiiiiiti, ibi'iio' nilii'i  mills ami factories; tn    oetnli
onth i" < i -. thonco won 80 chains  llsh,    opornte,    buy nnd sell luinhoi
,, inn i :  nj rommoncomont,   nod  yards; lo piircliaso, own, hold, niano
,,,t.ui,I,, nn, ncres inure or Iobb, fncturo, sell uml tienl in nny and nil
Henry flivlore, Locator, kinds uf goods nnd wares, morchantl
lloorgo W,  Kerr, Agont.  lee and     poi'snnn!   property ul every
Lnculeil  M.unh ;"ui.   i:  10  character   and   description!  '" own,
buy, sell, louse uml ImproVo luiuls
wliorovor sltunlo; tn hiilld, oqiilp,
nnd mnnhga water Unities lor the
transportation uf wood, lumber, lim
i'IIA .li  .mi'; I,ami DISTRICT
In im i ni Kootenay,
Mini  I, Ceorge B. Bui
lo purchase tho lullowlng doo jutoi ol 1'luchei  Creek, Alberto, occu-
ber and tlmlier products, and lu ilu
ull such business us may he Incident
al thereto. 1»'4
Tuke notice Hint I. Thnmns Ed
.uml Murphy, occupation station
agent, intend to upply for permission
to purchuse the following described
lands : Commencing al a post plant
■>1 ,,n ilie north bank ol the Moyie
river, opposite the N. K. corner ol
Im No. S74u, thence north 40 cnains.
theuce east. 20 chains more or less to
Die Moyie river, thence following the
meandering ot the Moyie river to
pluce dI beginning, containing so
acres more or less.
Thomas Edward Murphy.
H. Melton, Agent.
Duteil  April  21st,  1909. IT
1. Nutice is hereby given that thirty duys ufter dute 1 Intend to upply
to the Honourable Chief Commission
er uf Lands und Works fur n liceusi
tu prospect fur coal und petroleum on
tin- following desct'lhod lunds, situate
in Southeast Kootenay, Uiitish Col
umbia, block 4593, commencing ut a
pust planted ul <>i nenr 1 mile eust
nf the present C. 1'. It- survey line nl
33 mile pust. and being the northeast
corner uf the M. A. Macdonnld clnim,
thence west so chnins, thence south
80 chains, theuce eust 80 chnins, uml
thence north so chains tn the point
of commencement, making 1140 ncres
nitii'i' ur less.
M. A. Macdonald, Locutor
.lulin Livingstone, Agent.
Located  April 23th;  1000. 24-.1
2. Nutice is hereby given that thirty duys after dale I Intend tu apply
tii the Honourable Chief Commission
er uf Lunds unit Wnrks for ti license
tn prospect fur coal und potroloum on
the following described luiuls. situate
iu Southeast Kootenny, llritish Columbia, block 4503; commencing at u
post, planted ut ur nonr 4 miles east
ui Ihe present C. I'. Ft. survey line ul
20 mile pust. uml being the southeut
cornor of the Lewis Hlltnn claim,
thence north so chains, thonco wesl
st chulns, thenco south su cIiiiIiib,
thence eust 80 chnins tu the point
of commencement, tnuking 040 ncres
 '0 ur less.
Lewis Hilton, Locator.
.lulin Livingstone, Agent,
Locnted April Gth,  19011. 24 ■•
3. Notice Is hereby nlvon thai thir
ty duys ufter dote I Intend lu upply
tu the lluiiuut'iible chiel Commission
0 nl Luiuls uml Works for n liceusi'
tn prospect for coal anil potroloum mi
the Following doscrlhod luiuls, situate
in Soiithoasl Kootenay, Hrltloh Col
uinblu, block 1598, commencing at n
post plnntod nl   ut   iii'tir  I  mil,- Oasl
01 the pri'sotl (' I' It. survey lino ill
27 mile posl and hour llie nortlionsl
cornor ,,' Tboinas Leask's clnim,
thonco west su chains, thenco south
80 chains, thonco easi 80 chains, uml
thonco nortli so chnins tn Hie point
of commencement, milking 040 acres
more or less.
Thomas Lonsk, Locator
.lulin Livingstone, Agent.
Locnted April 7th, 1909. 24 r,
I. Nutice Is lioroby given thul thir
ly duys after dnte I Intend lu apply
lu the llunulll'uhli' Cliiel I' liiisHiuli
or ul Lunds nnd Wnrks lor ti license
In prnni I fur I uml pctl'nloi i
tin. following described lunds, situate
In Huiillu'iuit Kootonay, British Col
niiiblii, block 4593, commencing ut. »
|iunl   planted  nl.  em   I  milt' eust
of Ihe present C. P. II. survey line nl
27 iiule post uml bolng Die nnuthonsl
cornor uf Hurry II. HnglloB cliilin,
ibi'iio' north so clinlnn, thonco wesl
su   chnins,     thonco south su chains,
thonco oust sn chnins in Iho   i it
uf oiiiiiiieiii'oiii'iil, milking 1140 ncres
more nr less.
Hurry  II   Hughes,  Locutor
John Livingstone, Agent
Lnculeil   April  7tll,   |009, 21 5.
I'liAl,   ASH   I'HTHlll.KI'M  NOTICE.
5, Notico lu horoby given thill thir
ly iluvs otter >liile I intend lo upply
lo Hie Honourable chief Commission
er >>l Luiuls uml Wnrks fur n license
in proflpoct fur coal uml potr'nlcum un
the following described lunds, situate
in Hiiiil.lli'UHt Kuutenay, Hi'lti.ili Cut
un,I,in, Murk 4593, commencing at u
post planted at ,,r near i mile east
nl the pinsent c I1 i: survey hue .,,
2, niili- pust nu,! being the southwest
corner   ol   tho     Thomas I  claim,
thence tn.oh sn chains, thonce oasl
80 chains, thence south 8,1 chains,
thence wesl 80 chulns tu the point
ut commoticenieut,    making 840 acres
n.ul,' ,,l   less.
Thomas Loo,  Locatoi
John Livingstone, Agenl
I.,,oiled   April   7th,   lllllll. 21 :.
i.    Notice  s hereby given Unit thii
ly  duys alter dale  I  Intend  tu apply
lu Hie Hun -able chief Commission
o   uf Land', nnd Works lor n license
,ft prospect for ctal .uni petrol n
Hie following ilfseiiiifii lands, situate
iu  Southeuui   Kootenay,  British Col
i u.  block   1593, e, onclng at  u
post pi ,1  ui   ni   iiou   I  mile euul
..l lb,', pi'i'.ntil i' I' ll survey line ul
'. mile post ami ItefiiH ihe nurthwost
• mo ui I Loi, (iraceaim's claim,
ihence south 80 chuins, theuce eust se
in,no,     thonce    tb     mi     chains,
iiniii'i' wesl se chains tu tin- nolni
<t I'uiuiiii-iii'i'iiinni.   making ii-to acre,
.llVIe  nl'  less
iinoi   Clraceeon,  Locatoi
.lulin Llvlngstitii,., Agont
Located   tprll Tib.  1909, 24 8
No! io' is hereby given thai lim
y dnye nttei  date i Intend to upply
'• Hir Hun nl,In Chiel i> isslon
i ni Lands und Works lor u liceusi
n prospect tor coul uml potruloum on
Hie following deBcrlhod binds, sit unit
n Southeast Kootenay, llritish Col
uul.nt. block 1593, commencing nt u
last plunted ut ot  near 2 miles east
.,! Hie present O. P. H. survey line al
17   mile ptisi aud being tho northwest
jarnor ul the P. II. Deanll claim
heuite east su outline, thenco Boutl.
io chnliiB, thenco wesl su clininsf.au,
lii-iio'    -tb su  clinins tn Hie point
ti commencement, making nni ncre
null' ur less.
P.  II.  Iin/nlI   Locutoi
John Livingstone, Agont.
Locnted April 7th,  1909. 21 :.
s. Notice is hereby given Hint thir
ty days utter dote I Intend tu upply
u the Honourable Cliiel Commission
ir uf Lunds ami Wnrks lor u iicensi
ti prospect i,,r oial ami petroleum oi
Die following described Inntls, sltutit,
in Southeast Kuutenay, British Col
iiiubiti. block 4593, commencing nt. u,
post plunted nt or near 2 miles easi
uf tlie present C.  P.   It. survey line nl
27 mile post und being the southeast
.'inner ul J. I.. King's clnim
thenco north su chains, thence eusi
8ii chnins, thence south Su chuins, mu.
thence west SO ,'liuins lu the point
,,t commencement, mnking 640 ncre.
mure or less.
J.  L. King. I.ncntul
Jiiliu Livingstone, Agent
Located April  rtb.  1909. 24 5.
II. Notice is hereby given that thir
ty duys ufter dnte 1 Intend to upply
to the Honourable Chief Commission
er uf Lunds nnd Wnrks fur u lions,
iu prospect fur conl uml petroleum mi
the following described binds, sitnute
in Southeast Kuutenay, British Col
umbia, block 4593, commencing ut u
post plunted nt or nenr 4 miles easi
uf Hie present C. P. It. survey line ul
29th mile pust und being the north
east comer of Robert Huekout's clnim
thenco west 80 chuins, thence south
,n chains, thence eust so chains, nun
thence north 80 chuins tu the plot-,
uf commencement, mnking ii4n acre.-
more or less.
Robert Bttckout, Locatoi
John Livingstone, Agent,
L.oited   April   7th,   1909. 24-5.
coal  and  petroleum notice,
HI Nutice is hereby uiveu Hint thirty days after date I intend tn upply
tu the Hnnnuruhle Chief Commission-
er of Lunds and Works fur a license
tn prospect fur coal uud petroleum mi
the following described binds, situate
is Southeast Kootenuy, ilriiish Col
umblu, blnck 4598, commencing nt u
Pust plnnted nt or nenr 3 miles east
uf the present C. P.  ll. survey line nt
28 milt' post, nnd heinj; the southwest
curnor uf the Duvlil Mooro claim,
Ihence eust. sn chnins. tlionca north
8ii chulns, tbence west so chnins,
thence south su chains tu the point
uf commencement, limiting into neres
innre ,,r less.
David   Mooro,  Locatoi
John Livingstone, Agenl
Located  April  7th,  1909, 24 5.
liistrict. of Kootenay,
Tulie notice thnl I, lloorgo Welch
uf fruuhrunk, ui-oipnliuii railway
conductor, intend to apply for per
mission lu piirchnso Hie following don
crlbed lunds : Commencing nl n posl
plnntod at   Hie N,  P. ror    ul   lui
8527,    thenee   east    4ll   ebtillis, thenci'
south   ii.'i     chulns,   H o     west  li
chulns, them-e north 05 chulns to the
point ol commencement, containing
twn hundred und sixty noes inure oi
ilniti' Web'li, Locutor
June lib,   1(109, 21
Dlstrlcl of Kust Kontonny.
Tuve nutice Hint I, Helen A. His
cm, uinri'ied wuiiiuii, uf Port Perry
Ontario, intend tn upply tut permis
siuu in purchase the full,,wine, des
crlbed lunds : Commencing uf it pnsi
plnnted at the south west cornor o!
hit 3M«', thenee south 60 chains,
thonce eust 40 chulns, thonco north 50
chnins, theuce west 111 chulns, tn tin
point nl oiiunietii'i'iiii'iit, containing
2no ncros mure nr lens.
Helen A.  Illscox,
,1. 0. Ciimiiilngs, Locutor
Muy Piih, Pino, 24
Eust Kootonay, Southern Division
Tnl,.'   notico   tlinl     I,     Andrew ll
flnico nl Cranbronk, in pntlnn Jour
unllst, Intend to upply fur permis
slon in piirchnso Ihe following des
I'l'llied Iambi : Ooniinoiiclng ul, n post
plunted      nl      Ihe N.W. cornor nf lot
i',42i',, thonco wesl sn chnins, thonco
south sn chains, thonco north SOchnln
In pluce ul commencement, oontnlnlng
lilo noes mure or lens,
A. Il   Ornco,  Locator,
Dated April atBl, I9ii'.i_. ,       an
District ol East  Kootenay; Southern
Take notice    thai I, silver Harvey
Burlier nf Vauoiiivo , II.C, nccupii
tiun reiil estate agent, intend tn apply iiir permission lu purchase the
full,,wine ileseiibeii loads : Commencing  al   u   p.tsl       planteil  „!   Ihe north
oasl corner ol timber license 3230 be
on: un the south lunik uf the St.
Mary's river, thonce wesl 811 chains ;
thonco north Ilu chains mure ur less ;
thenco down stream ul said river tn
place ul commencement und contain
nn  I2ii aires more ur less.
Muy 1st, Hum jail
District  ul  Kust K.intentiy.
Take in.lire that Percy Charles Cue
,f Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation shed
uii'innu. Intends to' apply [ur permis
l"li t" I base      Die   following ties
libi'd lands    fi icnclng al n post
■I,.iiii'il iii chains N ol S.E. corner ol
,,i 1112, thenco eust 40 chains, thence
iu nib .'Hi clinlus, thonco west 40 chains
Imnce  Hi no chains, lu point    ul
Percy Charles Cue.  Locatur.
James William Moore, Agent
Duted April 15, 1909 19
0 1 lit.use, Pernie.
S.'.iled Tenders, superscribed "Ten
ler foi Court House, Pernie, B. C,"
vill be received by Die Dun. the Minster ui Public Works up to noon ol
Wednesday, the Oth day uf June 1909,
,,r the erection and completion of u
'unciele uud Brick Cuiirt Huilse ut
•■i'l nin, H. U,
Plans, speeiiiiniiuns. contract uud
onus ,,l tender niny be seen ull uud
illm the llllh dny ul May, 1909, al
In- mures ul the govornmont agent ut
I'ernlo; the government agent at Nel
   'ml ut Die Public Works depart-
nent, Victoria, B. c.
Em li proposal must be accompun-
ed by un uccopted bunk cheque or
I'tiiiioite of doposlt mi u chartered
nnil; ul Calindii, mnde payable tu the
Imi. Hie Minister uf Public Works,
or a sum equivnloat tu ten per cent.
,1 Hie amount ol the tender, which
ihnll he forfeited if the purty tendcr-
iik decline tu enter into contract
Alien culled upon tu do su, or If he
ail iu complete Hie work contracted
ur. The cheques ur certificates ul
loposlt ul unsuccessful tenderers will
a returned to them upon the exeeti
imi uf the contract.
Tenders will not be considered un
ess nuule tint mi the forms supplieil.
itgued with the actual signature nf
be tenderer, uml enclosed lu the envelopes furnished.
Tin1 lowest or nny tender not ncces
larlly nccepted.
P. C. liAMBI.E,
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., Muy 4th. 1999.       22
Take notice thut I intend to apply
u the superintendent nl provincial
niliee alter thirty (80) days hum tbe
irsi appearance nf this nutice for the
muster irom ourselves tn Willium J.
tllen uml A. [. Crowley uf the 11
en. e tn .wll Intoxicating liquors ut
hi' Pulls View lintel iu Marysvllle,
British Columbia.
Duted April 30tn, A.D.. lllllll.        21
.Nutice is hereby given thut I have
eft    my   outstanding nccounts with
M. A. Mncdonald, nf Harvey. McOar
ei ii Macdonnld, for collection.
liistrict of Eust. Kootenny.
Tuke nutice thai. I, Harry W. Mel
inn nl Cranbrook, B. C, occupation
prospector, intend to upply to the
commissioner nf lands and works tut
permission to purchase the following
described bonis ; Commencing nt a
posl lilunteil so chains west uf the N
W corner ol lol No. 6425, thenco soutli
so     chulns,     them nsi   su chains
11 ""till so chulns, thence west 811
chulns it, pinie ,,i beginning oontnlnlng Itlll neres mure nr less,
Harry      William   Mrltttu.
Hiitetl   June   llllh,   |9||t|, j^
I'nil BALE
•■".   Pure    llii'il    Berkshire
"    *"llhi|[,   I'l     I'lyiiinnll,
Wells,  WiiiKin,,',..
Live Rooky Mountain Hunts ar,
/tinted for Zoological purposes, Per
"its to catch nnd export Ihes, am
Hills will lie IsHlled hy Ihe Pruvinelal
iithnlllleM,      address:-
Washington, B.C.
Dlstrlcl ni East Kootenny.
Take notice that I, Harvey Hoilgli-
liiiul, nf Crnnbrook, li. 0,, occupation
Haiiclier, Intend to apply for permis
nun I,, piirchnso the (ollowlog des
oiliol lands: Commencing ut u post
plnntod 2o chnins west of she south
easi cornor ul Im 5247; thenco west
:o clinins,     thonce south 80 chains,
Hieni'i' cunt   20 chnins,  then lorttl
80 chains.
Harvey llooglilnnd.
Ilntetl   June fi,   111119, 24 9
District ot Kuutenay.
Take notice thai I. Robert Burns
Benedict ol Mayook, occupation lum
liermnn, intend In upply for permis
sum lo purchase the Billowing do,
I'libeil inniii: : Commencing nt a post
plnntod nt. i, point so chains west nl
the   N.W.   enriiel'  uf   Lot    Nn.      11425,
tho  so clinins     south, thenre east
80  clinins,      tbence   north   80 rhalas.
11 m went 80 chains tn the point of
commencement, containing U4ii acres
mure or less.
Robert Burns Benedict.
Dated May 8th, 1909. 24-8 THB PROS PEiToll. ORANBROOK.
Page   I.
raBretlBlfilSJ  ''". .    ""   . ,    iiSkaaHI^ISHtyri'aSJ^jTlM
Cinderella   Boots
For Ladies—
Procurable only at
' CRANBROOK, B. C. =———_=_
\ Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection i.
Ni'iu-i'si in i-;ii!i'ii:ul depot.    Hits iiccoiiiinu
illllinn.s    fur    lliu    |.illilir    ii iifi i ■ ti i! .-■ I    hi
Hot and Cold lint lis Proprietors
?ffi5isEraiari2raiBEi^ir» HBiaraiai iraui irHBMai^isispipjsis |
. |Je had ,.n a BKI 1'ISII COLUMBIA FARM
tlie British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Hiii'iiiiy   and  Columbia   and   Western   Railway
Land Grants.    Farm Lunds eminently
suited for the raising ol
be purchased in these Grants i
. hi mi EASY TERMS, from
ow figures for
Canadian   Pacific   Railway)
Timber Lands ol
these (irants, are
6.|o aores upward
the bin
For  Map.«
I .ill'l.lllllV
ipplv   t"
liest character, situated in
Im sule in blocks of from
Forms,   Regulations  and
Desk 13
Asst. in and Vice President, J
Calunry, Alberta.
Town Lots for Sale in Cranbrook
"Hutch" lost heart in the newspaper biiBineHB and has become a grand
opera man. His many friends were
Kind to see him.
The Fernie football team hereby
challenge any team In the city league
to a game ot baseball. Call or address P. Hughes, King l'Mwunl hotel
Tbe enterprise ot the Bank of Commerce Is worthy of mention. They
have laid a line granolithic walk on
both sides of their corner lot which
much lmiovc.1 the neighborhood.
Mr. Miinsnii, manager of the Home
bank, left on Thursday morning for
Oranbrook, from which city he will
take an automobile trip to Oolden.
He eipects to return to this city on
MesBrs. O. L. Bury, general manager ol the C.P.R., A. Price, general
superintendent, District superintend
ent Drownlee and Chudleigli nnd nth
er official* ot the C. P. It. passed
through the city on a tour ol inspec
tion Tuesday evening in Mr. Bury'a
private ear.
Mayor Kink ot Crnnbrook wim In
town on Tuesday.
J. P. r'arrell was In Cranbrook the
first ol the week.
II. J. Kilmer and wile were up from
Crnnbrook Sunday.
A. B. Miiciliuinlil was up (rom
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Jack McTnvlsli, P. V. Johnston, .1.
W. I'-ltcli ami 11. II. Illmock were lu
Oranbrook Monday on business in
connection with the Aurora mine.
A meeting ot tile shareholders ol
the Cumbrian Mining Company Is
called to lie held ul Moyie on Tuesday, July 13th. At this meeting It
will he decided what the future plans
ol the company shall he.
Hus Kallman has llnlshctl doing us
sossment work on three clnims nenr
KlngBgule, which are owned by him
an enormous Iron rapping and the
prospects are good tor n mine.
Joliu H. T. Alexander has been appointed government agent at. Kernle,
and stipendiary magistrate tor the
county ol Kootenay.
Masiiniti Piotiic.
The ineiiiliers ol Selkirk Masonic
Ixidge No. r,r>. ol Moyie, will hold a
picnic, at Hwnnsea on Thursday, July
HI!,. The boats will leave town at '.I
o'clock in th,. morning, There will be
a program of sports and plenty of
refreshments. The picnic will be only
tor Miinimn anil their wives anil chil
dreii.   Moyie Leader.
Over 30,000 harvest hands will tm
required to harvest und thninh tho
westorn Canadian crop this ueuxon.
From present indications the railway   f1rrn|(.<h(>(i
companies will he taxed to their ut-|	
most when they attempt to niovetbtfll    Repeat It— "Hhlloh's Cure will   al
crop. '•»ys  curt  my  eoutjlis  and  '.'old**'
on Oranbrook street,    near    Hyde
street, a two room cottage partially
Apply on the premises.
The Duke of Sparwood was let on*
by Judge Wilson for selling trout.
The M. F. & M. railway will run
special trains from the O.P.R, depot
to the "Y" on Dominion Day. Any
one carrying a Canadian Club tag
will he carried free.
E. W. Marsh, arrested for stealing
from Mrs, McLaren's boarding house,
Michel, was let off on suspended sentence for one year, and has to report
to the police office once a month.
Fishing in now at its best, although
the trout is wary of the gaudy colored fly. Borne people are eating so
many grayling that they have much
difficulty in getting their shirts oil,
us the bones are sticking through.
Methodist Church.
Children's service In the morning at
Ll. Boys and girls are especially invited to attend. The parents are
also asked to make an effort to he
present on this occasion.
Sunday School and bible classes ut
three.   Visitors invited.
League prnyer meeting at 7 p. in.
Evening service at 7.30. Subject :
"The Dominion of Canada and her
relation to the Empire."
The sacrament of the Lord's Hup
per will be administered after the
evening serviee.
Tuesday—Epworth League. Address
by the pastor at eight.
Monthly Sunday School teachers'
meeting at 9.
Wednesday -Ladies Aid will meet ut
the home of Mrs. It. Stewart at ».30,
A large attendance is requested.
Thursday Sunday School picnic,
Rigs leave the church at one for the
prairie where games will he held and
tea served during the afternoon. Tho
children who arc members of the
school will be carried free, also mem
hers of the bible classes. Vlslturs In
vited, fare :if> cents return. All bring
baskets.- Tea and hot water provided by school.
Friday—Choir practice at eight.      ,
The stewards of the Methodist
church met on Tuesday last and dis
cussed the estimates for the new con
ferenre year. They will recommend
to the quarterly hoard the same es
timates as last year. The treasurer
reported ull accounts met to date,
and the outlook us very hopeful,
At the North Star.
Home lorly men are now employed
at the North Htur mine. A large am
omit ot prospecting and development
work are going on. Five ears of ore
will be shipped nest week. This
grnnil old mine may soon be again
placed among the dividend paying
mines of the province.
New York Laoroesi tinmen.
New York, June 88—The Crescent
Athletic club defeated the Toronto
athletic association In their annual
game ol Incrosne played nt Hay llidge
todny (i-0.
A Million Surplus
Aii eastern newspaper, One Toronto News, bus expressed itself strongly in the subject of treutment given
by the postoffice to the west.
During the last six years the News
says tbe pbstoflice has exulted in am
pluses. The result of the ilscul year
which ended on March 31st lust hus
not been announced, but during the
tive years which preceded it surpluses
were rolling up which aggregate nearly $4,000,000.
1903*4 :t04,7H4
11104-5 490,845
1905-6 1,011,765
1906-7 1,062,171
1907-8 1,102,157
A million dollar surplus for 1908-9
will mean that in six years the revenues of Canada have benefitted by;
the operations of the post ottice to
tbe extent of live million dollars.
Five millions of money which Unpeople have contributed lor the pout
al service bus gone into the expend!
ttire of the marine department, of the
public wnrks department, of the mil
itiu for the payment of debt for the)
hundred other purposes of the Horn
inion government,'
During the period of these heavy
profits the postal service iu the west
lias been treated with the utmost
parsimony, and the east also has its,
grievances. Against this parsimony
the News protests with vigor. The
men upon the prairies, It says, ure.
the tuition builders of the duy. Can
ada, especially Eastern Canada owes,
it to them to make their lot us comfortable as possible, and to give,
them every facility tn their struggle
with nature, One thing above others which our government can do for
the Western settler is to follow up,
with the utmost energy and enter
prise, with nn adequate malt service.
Especially is this necessary when tlit*
settlers are American immigrants who
come from a country which has led
the way In free rural mail delivery,
Vet the post,     office has lagged behind the march of settlement, and has
treated the men upon the prairies in
the most niggardly spirit.   It Is not ,
so very long since mail bags were be
jig driven by horses parallel with   a
railway line ;     the railway has been
built after contracts bud been let and'
It took tbe department some time   to
make up its mind to cancel tbe   eon
tract In order to use the mute expfl '
(litmus method,
Tlie post olllce, it suys in coucllisloil
has no business with surpluses under
such circumstances,
Aslii'i'ttlt. (June 2K A boat contain
lng ilnee men, minpooteil ot being the
train robbers, was seen coming down
the Thompson river pnHHlnu I'Miuy'i'l
station Hils murmur.. The bout
reached Aahorolt containing but two
men. They were ordered by epeelnl
constable Ike Decker to pull Into
sliore anil alti'i n landing was made
one ol Hie men stopped out ol lit,
ii'uii. Docker, who was ashore, cull-1
ed on blni to surrender, levelling u
Winchester rlllo. At tho twine instant
tllO iniiii pulled a revolver, the shots
being tired simultaneously uml the
robltiT li'll dead. Tile second niali,
who was still In the boat, then open
ed lire, killing Decker Instuiitly. The
murderer then escaped, heading eastward along the railway. A posse has ;
starli'il in pursuit
if Mi
What Our
Means to You
IT means that the Hour enn-
taineU in bags uml barrel i
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, a great deal stronger
and mote nutritious than
other Hours.
It means that the flour has been
properly aged to mature ii \>
lull strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too,
it means elimination of un-
certainty—''your money bin k"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than the other kind,
hut worth tlie difference.
Western Canada Flour Mills Co.,
Mil.!-. At Si', ItU.MM, l , llOIIKHICII. Hit t.,1'. N,
Dili.'!'. «',,„„,„„. si,,,,;,..I..,
Stock Quotations
A-  Furnished !>>
IIS u.i: .v  ki.wki.i.. Cranbrook, it i'
April roti   run
Bid   A«ked
\iltt.i.,    r,,UH,,li,l„t,',l suiellt'l'. '£'•
,i, Foe Brick i lu
II   r    An,
aled  I t.nl
ll. r. Coppet il "'"
Canadian tlnldBelitit 03|
Canadian Marconi 1 00
Canadian Northwest ml 10
Consolidated Smelters TT 0(1
Inn ul Coal 57
U>.un,mil   Vulf Coul Oil
International Conl Tl
Mt'tlillivr.iv Creek Coal i-
S'orth Sim 0S1
Nugget lit,Id Mines 00
I'lncher Creek Oil Co
Itiiinlili'i   Cariboo >>
Hi,vol Collieries -T
Society Clrl
|   Ull
ill  (|,rol)
nl  i
Take notice thai an application In,
been made to register Gertrude H
Armstrong as the owner in Fee Kim
pie, under it Tax Sale Deed from Al
fred C. Nelson, assessor of tho ills
trlct ot Fort Steele, to Oorti'iulc ll
Armstrong, bearing date the lllst tilt,
ot October, A.D., r.uil. ol all am
singular that certain parcel or tract
ot land premises situate, lying uni
being in the District of Kootenay In
the province ol British t'uliuuliia
more particularly known and ilesnili
ed as Lot No. 2070, Qroup one. In.-,
trlct of Kootenay.
You and each ol you hit requited
to contest tlie claim of the tax pur
chaser within fourteen days from tb,-
date of the service ol this notice ii|i
on you, and in default of u caveat
or certificate of lis pendens being nit,I
within sueti period, you will be for
ver estopped anil debarred from set
ting up any claim to or iu respect ol
the said land, and I shall register
Ciertriide ll. Armstrong as ownci
Dated at l.niul Registry olllce, Nel
on,   Province   of British Columhlu,
this Mth ilav ol March, A. D., rid'.'
H. P, Jornnd,
Dlstrlcl  Roglstrni
To Wm, .1. It. dwell,
Final Insertion Slst July, rum
A reward nf 12,600 has been posted
(lie Good Kisult
I ,l,,n. June 28  'I'll,. Hi.,|,lor -1>
the imperial press conference ua. ueli
leveil something Hiitintnntlnl Ity pel
Blinding the Pacific cable bonrd to re
dure its rail's.   II tins example is lol
lowed hy other cable t ipnnles   in,
I'liitli'ii'iii'e will tin v.- Hilly Instilled it
ull loo cphermiil existence
A   Turiiiliiwn   fur   Bsrcsford   by
London,  Juno 2x   Althotigl	
lie 1 it I     unnitiiiH'i'tiii'ii!     bus yet  been
inaiie, it is understood thnl il	
lnltl.ee of Ihe riililllt'l      which  Inn. 11
Kilted Lord Admiral t'Inn Its Heron
lord's ehnrges ol nuvnl mlsinnnngi'
ment and unpropnrediioss has decided
to completely vindicate Ailinlrnl Hit
John Flsliei
li is expected l.linl  Lord llnroslurd,
111   reply.   Will   lllllke   public   III',  lllllll'
es ,,ml evidence n fow days honee
Mhit ml
ai in,' Methodist pnrsonngo Tars
day last, (leorge Kilwnrd llontlorson
ol Dull llivet Falls ami Clinks I'll
Bates of the saint, plnce were milted
III holy innlriiiioiiv by lla- llev, ll
Hllghos, The lathers ,,| tho brltlo nnd
bridegroom were both present, nlso
Mr. W. A, Clilslinliii nl litis rlty. Miami Mrs. Henderson will reside at
Bull Itlver Kails.
Tickets .ni sale dally Mny nitli to
nt inn Final return limit IS
lays, but  in,i Inter than Del   :il
I*',,i complete Information apply io
igcnts, or write
li  p  A , Oalgary.
Mr. Thomas Vt'ylie (Pox 38*1), Gait,
suys: -"It was tin luckiest day uf my lifts
when I struck PSYCHINE, lor I truly be'
lleve I shouldn't be alive now but fur thut
"A nt-1;|«*i ted t olil win II.,1 Ufglillllttjj
of m/ trouble, ai ii wtiat Be med to he a
sinipl: ailment, sooii developed Ei tu u seri
ous uud dangerous condition! I got so low
thnt it w us scarcely ] osslbte for me tu v ulk
around, and ! lost so much flesh (tut I
looked like a skeleton. I was just about
ready to 'hand in my checks ' ul though
only 20 years of age.•The medicine the
doctor gave me ni.de me worse and I Rut
disgusted,   Then I struck PSYCHINE "
,pPSYCHINEdld miracles fur me 'llie
first buttle gave me new life and cuur ge.
and in less than no time I began to put on
fleshrapidly.andlleltlwasuutli highroad
to recovery My appetite retu.i ed, and I
'.tie like a hunter,' as the say it g goes
My friends were surprised, and hardly
knew me. In three niuntlis I was us strong
and well as ever, and returned to worK in
tlie mill. I have not had a day's illness
since Nobody could wish for be tor health
than 1 enjoy, and it is all owing tu PSYCHINK. it should be in everybody's
Fnr Coughi. Coldi. Leu of Appetite,
Throat,   Lung  nnd   Stomach,  Tr.ubU,
take Piythinc,    Druggets and Stores
sell at 50c and Si.no.   .Send tu DR   1
A- SLOCUM, Limited, Spadina Avenue,
foronto. for a TRIALPRfiE.  *
f •
Support Federal Government
Prenilot Mclirlde, In a speech nt
Nelson oh Wednesday evening wild tho
wesl would support tho federal gov
I'lnmi'iii iii nny policy tomltng for the
-tti'1'iii.'thi'Niui' n| tin- buntlH ol the cm
plre, roforrlnii pnrtlculnrly to the
iltiestlop oi unvnl tlofenco In taking
this pnsllmu Lhc premier ih untitles'
liniijihlv In nccnnl with public sent!"
nit-Mi in lim, portion of Canndn Hir
Wiiim,i i.mmk'i nnd Ihh followers will
in- wise if the) tnkn notice which wny
the wind la blowing    Tho Province,
Shrubb had to Stop
Toronto, Juno 28 Iu n ii" mile rnco
mi Hutuiiiiiv between Bhrubb und
I,.iiii:Ih,;iI, Shrubb dropped mil ut 1(1)
rnlloM. Iiontcbonl llnlshing nlono in 2
hoitrs uml 2 minutes. Hhrubb's full
ure to nontlnue wus due to hi* right
log k\\ lng •■ut Bhrtibli #ns leading
hy three quarters ol n lap when he
hnd t., stop.
Repeat it   "Shiloh's Oure will   Hi
1 way* cure my coughs und colds." p»t« I
PKCTOIl,    ORANBROOK,    B.    I'..   SATURDAY, .II'I.Y B, la
f ♦
\   i:   Willi,..! nl JniTi
v Tuesday.
No. 1 LINE
Dark    Tweet!
Suils in  .1 lifjlii
iief   weight
Iv   made.      \\ •
'.  •
-   I  |,ir j
Inn have reduced
", eel, s I '
No. 2 LINE
e  anil
■      * |0|
4       V    C    Bnwness
♦   ,.ii ImsiucsH Tiiesd„>
• ♦
• ♦
• ♦
• ♦
• ♦
: X
, bus in ti,,. ♦
,i   Marysvllle   ♦
********************** ***********************
♦ ti,',,!.<■ Geary of Kurt  Steele was n
♦ uiwn  T'lf.-.l.i,
♦ K   J.  sinvtli. editor ,,i  tlie  Moyii
♦ , ler, was in the city Monday
li:.  lluiiKlus i 'orsiin "l  Pernie,  ft'as   *
towu Monday. ♦
1'oiwtii 'I- .lot Walsh ol Poll  Steele   *
as in town Moniltiv ♦
i-klimiuDk.   *
on 11, ■ week
11.  J.  Ueuuiri ol  Mnrden, Mn
e city S;    mliiy lusi
v    i 'unnin li in    ul   Mil n tuiktw
iittu   Monday.
■  ■ ..
II. it -
i li ■ wee«    4
\ fine lot   ♦
For the next 30 days 1 will
ofler for sale my entire stock
of Wall Papers at 25 per cent
discount for cash, consisting of
,  lone i'.'ii.„l   ol
urot Ince   is  *
Bench Tools
I C^all  and   Sec   Is  About
These Suits
i'kic i:
| Burns Bros
111' u   >illl
I     ": -ASHION
NBROOK     S   C
♦ English  Velours and Tiles j
: Canadian and American Art!
I, * *
X Designs in Stripes, Florals, :
X Plain and Embossed ♦
,   Mi    ♦ X
, ,,-ti to the   J ♦
,,:■     Pl   l
upply ul IV, tt.   V.'ti.  * on   ,
il  im ml, were regtsi
n   lit
Moud .>   "it rompau)  I
L,x,k over your work-bench "sets il
your tools are nil iu good it,minimi.   I ),„s
your saw i-ut as fast iiinl ;,n easily us \  u ctuilil
wish?    Is your ha ler into ami well-balunceil
und is llie handle secure?
In replacing or buying new tools insure yourself
against such tool misfortunes by getting
Tools antl Cutlery
They have edges ihat last; luljiistments permanenti
li.nu; mid balance exact t lust a lifetime with ordinal y care.
All Keen Kuiter Tools and Cutlery fully guaruiiteed.
We sell them.
Our  stock  of Papers   is   the
most   artistic  in   design   and
refined in colouring ever shown
_ ( :     in Cranbrook. Come early and.
-n  - pus f —cprnrp rhoirest- natterns
tVdnej   ol  VS'ardnet   «
b win    +
X     most   artistic  in   design   and
>  ♦     refined in colouring ever shown
the building.
Cranbrook,  B. C.
edeeming t.i
Or   llt't|iiirini|   ,i   Relliilile
lli'li.iir Slllip, 11'\
II. C. II. VV.it. fi Inspectors
wi un ixi'iitrs in ni'iics
"nn a    11,
■    ♦
istered   *
.11,1 W.   ♦
ut   thelj
ir     to *
■ secure choicest patterns
j: ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.
Heating   and   Plumbing 1
.1    McKenzle ol  Nelson,  B.  Dobson
nt Strntford. T   \   Brady ol Mi.rl I    .
mil 1.   A.  Allen of  Eancouver     n-erc   ♦
The t'runbrook
thru- usual weekly four,
evening  which  wns  much upure
by Hi,' lurge crowd in nttenclan'
*     Armstrong Avenue
Phone 111
OUK    AIM    I-  10  five   ll iiiiiliil'|.t.,'i'kt'r llie   fllllcsl seuse ♦
,,f I'oinfori  wiili tin- Ifiisi  sarnie of apimratus—the ninstsittls J
Iviiia i'cBiilt8 111 the li'ii.-l exiioiise ol In,.I  I ol luboe, with T
li ilitiii from rt'iniir.-. and u iliirabtllly equal in Ihe life ol ihe X
Inilldlnire    In    which    Ihe    halting'  systems  ure   Inslulled -
nur Systems of   Hunting meet those   requirements  extteth
Tliey ur.' Ibi'i'llifi.'i.i. silent, fellnblc sot'TOiit of the house own,''
1111 adjunct which does more lor tho eheer ami heultlifnlness,,
liome-liiolh un utiv oilit'i' inuieriiil Fonttire or deeorutiot) of iioin.
, «"'•■■ z*+*******************«********************** ********************** **********************
-it ,,11 Monday i—^	
yton llrser
st,. -it the ('inn
w. 10. Worden bud the, contract lot      Mr.  ti.  Pownall ol  Victoria,     was :
[gradins ami leveling ot the diamond' In town this weok shaking hands witlv
Murphy ,,i     Spokane, 1.. Qcnest  nt  ,|,f recreation grounds.  He made his many Irlends.   Mr. Pownuli is    n
' n nice job ol it and Crnnbrook     has large property holder in the Kooten |
in » one o   the best bull grounds   in ay valley, und left on Wednesday for
the Km,tenuy. his ranch at     Fish  Lakes.   He said
 . thut next year he will move his film
ll. McLaren, of Mellennid a McLur- lly from victoria to Kootenay.
en. ,,f Marysville, on Thursday drove 	
in i, flock of 7U sheep. This was the A Prospector reporter who inter-
first consignment ol 668 that have viewed thirty successful business men
beon purchased by P. Hums & Co. found  that nil of     them when boys
  : hnd been governed strictly und thrash
Tlie old     uml     homely admonition ed   frequently.   He     also  Intervlewd
agulnst buying n pig in a poke seems thirty loafers und learned that twen
to have been taken to heart by     a ty-seven of them hud been  "mama's
few of the aldermen composing   the darling."  and  the other three     had
city  council   in considering   the pur- i been reared by their grandmothers,
chase of the Water Supply system.
There   is   un   aesthetic   side   to   thr
.'.♦' •'"•V,   ..   .
Spokane     wei
brook  Monday
lee Cream from the Spokane Oakery
Co., the llnesl uml host ever brought
in to Crnnbrook. Sold by the pint
,,i qiinrl or dish nl Wong Pong's.
Labor day will be celebrated all
over the     province.   What  is     ('run
I ill  going t,, do '.'   It Is time     t,,
consider ibis matter.
lie particular about your heating
system, We heat tho homos of particular i pie,  (lurs is particular w,,rk
 I cues satisfaction.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  **********************
♦ *
The Montelius Piano House
4.W - Ml  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C,
Will I'K   FOR   DE8I RIP1 IVI     CA rALOGUE,
liiaiu li Slore    |i j Josi             i eet, Nelson, It (
George   Welch,   Sellini    ..   ml   I    rook   H '
**********************  4
Steam and Hot Water Heating Sys
.-in.- selenttflcully proportioned und
nstiillcd N't-ur satisfaction is ours
,i io,   rutin,ire Bros.
Iru Manning, of Campbell & Man
ling, was at Pioctor and Creston
his week on company business.
Tii.it was a blooming bunch of
iloomers from Huston that played
I'ith ilie   Crnnbrook  nine Wednesday
H     II     M:'   I I ON,
Manag'er   for   all    Easti
. ll     illf!
Hi,I you bear the lire hell on Thursday morning ? The city dads should
see iliitt .-, proper tire alarm is In-
tailed nl   ■,■
Thin is the growing time. During
11., pnsl in,,nib tbe circulation of the
Prospector increased by thirty-three
new ,ubKcrlbers
.'   I-'   Armstrong,  who lias I n ut
thi roust aileii'liiif ii convention ol
"i" ' i  Lodge  \ V   &  A.M   ol Drl
..liinil,ia.     returned  t" ('inn
nndny lust
II   c   Manninii  ol Toronto, W, A.
■•    '  Vlctorln   .1    I:   Klllott ol
Ml,!, K Malts ,,| l.elll
and H !•' Madden ol Ht
. . i. tet'i-t,'ifi nt the ('run
I   :., t
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************
Ml I.        <  ill I'aII,       lllllll,U.'i'i   nl  Hie
'        ' .i mine   ii    Kintlii'i'ley    wus
■     .   Mmiiiiii     llo  dniightci   Mis.--
,>*+***************   ■ ,,,„- it,  from  ll nst
a   ■ i    tie, a ntteiiillnu school.
Gold Standard Teas
and Coffees    .
^ .ui h ill find "in   i"11, nl  I  ni' '. iiikI Si.i|-li
I tin, ,i l....  i tillipll li    in  t mi ,    |'i    j.. i I
.,iiii-l    M ill   i "in im '■   '. "ii    li      ii.     lilt ir   \\. illi
the •.: Is,
IMIONI'     -.',
i \ Don 'i,. i ,.! Ucnmbe, Altn, I.
■'■ I'lcv nl Tnruntu, I' K Curniiiii
■I \,ui.'t,ii,.'i urn I ,) K Crocker "f
MonniM I''"m*. vero kiiamIh nl tin1
1           Thin  rliij
•a    Hull ill  Toronto,  ,\!    IC   Middle
'■■ mon   k   i.   Knhn of Toron
mil   William   HiijpIjh  -tl   Vlctorln,
w  ■'■■■ inrpil .ii  tii'1 fYfinhrook   nn
i'   i    i>i. in. .imI  io form  ii  fiirmor'H
in '•!nii  :■ i  \o\ iiii-.r.t  Koiitoiiny find
hohl     '        i ' .u.twiHiiv [mint   Mr
' Ui mil        ''I'll    i.-iii'l   fHinmiH
iiOPI   Ii i     olTlTMil  tu   h   pil/r  ii      bull
■•' .     (ii'diKi-M Hi  yard* In lonicth
Mr .1 rjiinit, ,. ftrwei export, will
noon  ictid in in   repnrl to tin- Cran
1 '    '   H .    '■,"[,- ||   M'liilU'C   to   M   HflW-
■'ii ■' '. li iii fni tliih i'ity first ho
Hire i ii, nut] efflclont mipply ol
w'litii, fin withonl an ampin supply
n    iiwpiiil'i     v ii-im  wuiilt'.  ha iiso-less,
The teachers of tlm Oranbrook pah
lie school will spend their vacation
at the Following places : Miss Caldwell at Medicine Hat ; Miss Hall at
Vancouver ; MIhb Robs at New West
minster und Miss Klliott in the Ok-
iiiitimiii country.
walk along a country road deep with
good roads movement  that is of no
little Importance.   What     \s drearer,
and what more depressing than     to
drive along country roads   deep with
mud und furrowed with ruts, the water standing in     pools in the roadfl
nnd  where  ditches ought to  be,   The
No little eity in British Columbia McBride government is building   the
odors such     educational advantages, kind ot r<m,lH     through this district
Otir citizens have spared  no expense , that are passable nt  all times of the
in  tho erection  of a  school   building   yei1'-
that is inviting and comfortable, and 	
now  offer  a  school  home  that      any      Repeal   it   "Stlltoh'8 (Jure  will    alone ran be proud of. ways cure my coughs nnd colds."
—»-•.— f
To ^et  the  host  results   from |
your fruit trees you must put |;
nourishment  into the ground. Z
— in  ,-*;
Dried  blood   Fertilizer |
Trv Oni    Blond and Bolte Mixture 4
Tankage. |
P. BURNS & rO. I
i   *******   *   *■ ♦> i'^ i>.«"lv< s#" j>     •',,♦>•♦   ♦"',♦'♦- » V ♦. *;.*'> *■ *"*■■*: %■ «■ I
Mr. V, Hyde tinker of Cranbrook
is expected In Golden this afternoon
ia his White Steamer car with a party Including Justice Morrison of the
supreme court and Judge Wilson.
Then1 are rumors that the run from
Windermere to Oolden will be made
in record time. - Oolden Star.
Baseball seems to be the game ol
Crnnbrook and large crowds turn out
Lo witness these games, hut the
blooming bloomers triune of Wedues
liny nIt;hi lust was a graft pure ami
simple, but it is only fair to say the
manager nf the Cranbrook   team was
Id, aS well as the fans. Girls don't
know how in piny baseball ami never
■un learn. Moral -beware »| the
Repeal It;-"ShlWaVi Our? will always eiire my coughs and colds."
Culls  l'niiii|i||\   Allciiili'il
DAY I'lliiNK   Nn. II
NICIIT I'lliiNK   N,,. i':li,
Kuiii'i'iil    Hii inr   uml   Km
biilniPi',   in nliarjrn
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
* t
Ham and Bacon i
Our siimlii'il in,'ins  nr,' iilwnys  I'riisli   sloitk,     Wo
lll'U  sun'   I hill   if J'lill   ll'.V   III,'tn   niiri'   vim.   will   Mii'i'i'i'
Willi    IIS    I lllll     Hll'V    HIT    Illi'    lll'sl      IlllVtll'PlI     1111(1      lllllsl
wliiili'siiini'   siiinlii'il   liicllls  Villi   IlliVI'   I'vrr inli'ii
 * • ^"
P.Woods & Go.
P.O. BOX 154
The Lending Fruit Store.
I.KT'i'l'i'i:.   rrciiMltr.ns,
Cl'll.I'lltV,  llltl'l'lAIIII
II l'/!!l,\V(inll It'KI'llKAM,
HTKW Ml'C'H I'lNi:
ciiticni, i'I'mh
B f.Wfilt'UPU'M -1 T;,f"*r;T''',*^*T'
i   «   •   fM'»   i   f   (•   •   t   •>,'*   •   •' •   i.i •   *   •
'makes GOOD  bread*
KRAI) THB  I'liiiSl BOTOtt
Hh>|i|md 111 3D inliiiilM
hiire with lo. SIkmiu'h
rniup    Iteiiii'dy,   Out
lout will miri'ly prove,
Nu   iMiiiiiimr di
\ mffl Hint plesilUKuyrup - 'Me. lirn^^i ,i»
a. Dri
Married    man     tct   work   farm on'
shares.   Bnnp for Rood man.
Protl A. Riisflol & Co.
Box 114 Ornnbrnnk, 13. 0
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
21 3- 53innina
Francis Edward
ItllllllllillMi'l' Ol'lllllll'llllll  ('III   I lllllll
i'liiiiriiiii'.ti'r Knox I'ri'Hiivlpi'liin
l.iii,' llniiiliiiiiHinr IIIh \ln|i«ir'a flnvi'l
IV,   PlIHllll'l*
Violin, liiiiijfi, tiiiiiiu', Miiiiiiiiiin
uml      Siniiiliiril       liiili'iinii'iiis.
rchestrn    Purniahecl
********************** **********************
I'limie J53,
Hepeut It   "Hlillnli'n Cure will   al
*uV'i   cure   in.   i.-uuguii   ttnil   colds."
<:.\KTI''.\TKK   AND
I     Km'    Hule iil'Hlilll.  hI.   I1,'i,:i,,uiiI,Iii
OfliccA Workshop- Lewis St.
Vliunc Nu. u«.
"The Best in Town"
Kill' 11 ('mil.  I'li'iin Slinvi',
nr 11  Hull' ('ill,  1111 In
Tonsorial   Artists
t'l'iinlii'iiiili   Sir,',,I


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