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The Prospector Nov 3, 1906

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>l t, •
VO/a     72.
No. 44.
The Many Friends and Parishion
ers of Rev. Mr. and Mrs. For
tune Say Goodbye   A
Handsome Gift
A farewell reeepliun was held
iu Knox churoh oii Tuesday
evening by the parishioners and
friends uf Mr. and Mrs. W. (I.
W. Fortune, who leave Cranbrook today tu reside at lied
Deer, Alberta. The meeting
was called lo order hy Mr. Win.
F. Tale, chairman and the following programme rendered:
.vnthem by the choir.
Prayer by the B, A, McConnell,
Solo by Mrs. W. T. Reid,
Address by chairman.
Speech by A. McCowan representing the building committee.
Solo by Miss Connolly,
Song by mule quartette, composed of Messrs .1. Reid, E. Patterson, 1). .). MeSweyn and
Maurice Qiiuin.
Address by .1. P. Smith, representing the-session.
At the close of the programme
Rev. and Mrs. Fortune were
presented with a handsome oak
cabinet of sterling silver and the
following address:
To Rev. Mr. and Mrs. W. II.
Vi. Fortune:—
It is with feelings of deep
thankfulness that we look back
tonight over the period of your
ministry with us.
When you came to Cranbrook
we were small in numbers and
facing a situation beset with
many difficulties, both from a
financial standpoint and from
local conditions.
But during the six and u half
years you have labored with us,
we have not only built a manse,
which would do credit to a much
larger place, and paid off the
debt on the old church and
manse property; but have also
built this new church, modern
in design and equipment, towards
the cost of whieh we have already raised about three
thousand dollars,
And in addition to this we
have now a strong congregation
which is not only meeting all
its own liabilities but stands
among the most liberal in British Columbia in contributing to
the missionary enterprises of
our church at home and abroad.
While it gives us pleasure to
review the history of these years,
it would ill become us so to do,
without accoiding to both of you
the honor and credit due you for
the important part you have
taken in bringing matters to
such a desirable issue.
We believe, sir, it is owing to
your splendid initiative und sterling business ability, seconded by
the sympathetic efforts and devoted work of Mrs. Fortune that
the outlook of Knox church,
Craubrook, is so bright and
hopeful us it is ut this day.
We regret very much that the
time hits come when we are
called upon lo pun, but cun assure you we will try und sustain
the record you have enabled us
to make.
We follow both yourself and
Mrs. Fortune with our best
wishes und prayers for health
and a blessing upon your labors
in your new home and work in
Red Deer.
In saying "llood-bye" we trust
that you will accept this token
of esteem from the congregation
and that il will always recall all
that has been pleasant and helpful in the years devoted to the
Master's service in Cranbrook,
B. C.
Signed on behalf of the congregation,
Wm. F. Tate,
Chairman Board of Managers.
L, W. Patmore,
Sec'y Hoard of Managers.
Tuesday, Oct. 80th, 1900,
After the programme in the
church was completed the meet
ing then adjourned in lhe Sunday School i'linin, where refresh
nients were served and enjoyed
a very pleasant evening.
Munioipal Voter's List Closed.
On Wednesday evening, Oct.,
Hist lhe municipal voters' lis
closed for lhis year. The reg
isiration wus light, many license holders not registering.
The total vote Ihal will he polled
al the coming .lanuary olection
will be about ihe same us lasl
year. House holders who have
not registered can have their
names placed uu the lisl by
swearing in and qualifying before Judge Wilson ni any lime
before the day of election.
Fear Goal Famine  Socialists
Cause Split- Alberta Legislature To Meet.
Owing lo the serious danger
fit a coul famine in the Canadian
Northwest, through Ihe closing
down of coal mines at Fernie
and Lethbridge, the government
has heen appealed to from several quarters to use ils influence
towards healing the labor disputes.; that have aroused the
present differences.
At 11 o'clock on Wednesday
morning there was a split, in the
Labor Party convention held at
Vancouver and chairman Wilson,
secretary Perry and some 20
others bolted and formed an independent organization, which
later formed a Provincial Labor
Edmonton, Oct. 80.—Premier
Rutherford wired from Ottawa
today fixing the dale of the next
meeting of the Alberta legislature for January 17th. A busy-
session is expected by all members of the legislature as there
is a large amount of important
egislation before the house.
Jarvis—Graham Concert.
For the first time Harold Jarvis appeared before a Cranbrook
audience in the opera house on
Wednesday eveningof this week.
There was a large audience and
the general verdict was that
never before had so great a singer visited the place. He took
his audience by storm and proved
himself a 'naster in his art.
Words are not at our disposal to
describe the feelings of the audience. At times almost lifted
to their feet, then held spellbound by the pathos and grandeur and in the softer mellower
parts almost forgetting lo respond because of being carried
away beyond the region of such
material actions. From earth
to heavenly places would describe some feelings. Truly
Jurvis is a king on the platform
and if ever he visits Cranbrook
again, und the public hopes il
will he soon, he will receive a
great welcome. Every number
was encored and double encores
were the order of the
eveuiug. While on the program
for only live, he gave thirteen
numbers. He sings uud loves lo
sing and thus is a success.
Mrs. S. Rychinan who accompanied Mr. Jurvis ou the piano
did her work in such a manner
as showed that she wus one
well worthy of the position.
Accompaning him is Wallace
Graham, also a stranger in town
but who is no longer such. He
made many friends who will
long remember him and his readings. His subjects were well
chosen and also well rendered
and the audience showed its appreciation by encoring each
number. He loo will be warmly
welcomed to (Iranbrook. His
uppearuuce is commanding and
manner attractive and he clearly
shows his ability to entertain.
The team is strong. Cranbrook was delighted with their
visit.    Come again,
VisitorJ Here and There   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
A. W. Hear of London was in
the cily Thursday,
R. Church of Seal lie was a
Crunbrook visitor Monday.
Walk over ami see lhe "Walkover sl sule today nt Hill it Co.
I). II. Telford uf Saskatoon
was in lown Monday.
I'lias, Farrell ,,f Moyie was in
the city Sunday lusi.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Suit nf Movie
were visiting friends ni Cranbrook Thursday,
J. Fliilirerand W. Fluhrer ot
Trail were registered al the
Cranbrook .Thursday.
(ieo. Pickering and H. San
derson of Stoughton were guests
ut the Cosmopolitan  Thursday.
H. C. Metenlf and H. Metcall
of Calgary were registered at
the Cosmopolitan Thursday.
Are vou needing a new suit?
If so see the L'Olh Century clothing at Hill St Co.
,1. A. Arnold, of Arnold St
Roberts, was al Marysville Fri
day on company business.
W. Hepworth of Green Lake,
and F. Schankler of Lethbridge
were in the city Friday.
J. G. Potts of Windermere was
doing business at Cranbrook
Rev. Vi. G. Vi. Fortune and
Mrs. Fortune leave today for
Fernie, where Mr. Fortune will
preach on Sunday.
Wm. Myers of Fort Steele
was in Cranbrook on business
C. A. Watson of Montreal and
W. Fleming of Hartney were
registered at the Cosmopolitan
R. D. Smith of Medicine Hat
and W Morris of Vancouver
were guests at Ihe Cranbrook
F. R. Perry, S. S. Arnold, F.
I Dickson and P. E. McMahon
of Toronto spenl Sunday last in
F. R. Smith, of Victoria, W.
Marriot and W. Darling, of Vancouver, were guests at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
A. Krappe. of Elko, R. R.
fones und C. C. Snowden, of
Calgary, were transacting business at Cranbrook Tuesday.
Harold Jarvis, of Detroit, and
Vi. Graham, of Brandon, were
registered at the Cranbrook
Mr. und Mrs. A. B. Fenwick
of Fort Steele and Mrs. F. De-
Rosier of Jaffray were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Hciijumiin Goodfield, pastor of
of the Baptist church, will begin next Sunday evening a series
of sermons of more than usual
interest. The choir of the
church under new management
is making great progress and a
good musical program is assured.
Another feature ot note will be a'
return to the old Sankcy hymns
known and loved of all- A
hearty invitation is extended to
friends, visitors and   strangers.
On lust Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. .1. Fingal Smith gave a
charming tea ut her pretty home
on linker Hill, in honor of her
guest Mrs. Malcolm Mclnnes of
Calgary; but formerly of Cran
brook. There were about eighty
visitors present, many being old
friends und acquaintances of Mrs,
Mclnnes, who were pleased lo
meet her after an absence of
over two years. Mrs. Mclnnes
has been an active church and
hospital worker and lakes great
interest in everything pertaining
to the welfare nf the city Mrs.
Smith was assisted in entertain-
ing her guests liy Mrs. Erickson,
Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Finlay
and Mrs Nelson. The reception
rooms were prettily decorated
with potted plants  aud  (lowers.
Tlie Fire Brigade were -till
practicing Thursday evening.
Ilill X Co., have a "Walkover"
in Iheir show window this week.
Read Tale* Son llie jewelers
"ad" lhis week.
.1. Ryan lefl Thursday on n
husiness li ip to Cowley,    Alblll,
.1. I". Fink, of ihe Fink Mercantile Co . was nl Marysvilleon
company business  Friday.
Sweei I'etallies, Dates, Figs.
Hears, 11 in pes, and Snow Apples
ai Stewarfs.
Judge Wilson was holding a
session of the County Courl
lhis week.
Foil Sai.k.- Furniture for
four rooms complete. Apply to
this office.
Archdeacon lieers of Kaslo
was a gnesi at the Crunbrook
Chas. Finch and F. A. Jones
of Marysville were Cranbrook
visitors this week.
Dr. Keith of Fernie was the
guesl of Dr. J. H. King this
Fred. Simpson of the Herald
was at Nelson this week on
political business.
The "slot machiues" in town,
hud their luces turned to lhe
wall lhis week.
Rev. H. R. Grant of Fernie.
will occupy the pulpit of Knox
church Sunday.
W. H. Moore of St. Paul and E.
H. Small of Cranhrook who have
been looking over the Winder
mere country, returned to Cranbrook Thursday.
Regular preaching service in
the Methodist Church next Sunday. Rev. .1. P. Westman in
charge a song service of interest
to all will commence at 7.80.
Evening subject "Spiritual
Dynamics."   All are invited.
Patmore Hros., the up-to-date
blower pipe experts have jusl
added some new and heavy machinery for working up heavy
sheet metal in the extensive
planing mill work in which they
have such a large trade. They
now have the best equipment
outside of the large cities at the
coast or Winnipeg for this particular class of work.
Tate iS-Son, the jewelers, have
just opened up a tine line of
clocks, comprising rich effects
in black and gilt mantel and
ornamental clocks: eight day
Mission clocks, etc Iu appear
ance they closely resemble clocks
which a short time ago sold foi
twice the price they are now
asking for them.
"Gym Opening."
The "Gym" is opened for the
winter season and opened it was
iu grand style. The bagpipes
were there and under the control
of Mr. A. McCowan charmed
the large audience which packed
the building, The band wus
there and p'ayed a few selections
which added greatly to the programme for the evening. The
crowd was there which showed
the enthusiasm manifested in
the Institution, und many performers were there, exhibitions
were given of the many exercises
which will be taken up lhis year,
namely, dumb-bell exercise,
liars, clubs, punchlngbilg, basket ball trapese, etc.
All had a good time. The
place has been much improved
this year, new apparatus added,
a dressing room furnished, read
ing room improved and a parlor
set in order. Here is u home
cozy corner, chairs, writing material, well heated and lighted
and i. quiet spot in which to
spend an hour chatting with a
friend. Then a library of 175
volumes bus been added. This
is a donation from some friends
iu London, Ontario,
Class work will commence on
Monday evening next and any
parents who wish their boys to
take advantage might communicate with the president, Rev. ,1.
P. Westman or the secretary,
Dr. Connolly
Spend your spare hours in the
Copy of Address Presented by
Victoria Citizens to Premier
McBride at Public Reception.
To tlie Honorable Richard Mc
Bride, K. ('.. Premier ol
llritish Columbia:
Sir We iipproneh yuu thlf
evening on your return Irom at
lending ihe Inter-pt'ovlnclalcon
ference nl Ottawa, lobld yononed
mil le fail t be a hundred thousand
welcomes iiiiiI to express in some
Slight degree the pride anil grnli
ticatiou we  feel   in   having  had
you us our representative at that
h istoric gather! ng, for,so st rongly
were you possessed of the coinage of your convictions, so
(irmly convinced of the justice of
yourcu'uso,thai the most specious
arguments and alluring promises
failed to lead you from your path
of duty. As Conservatives, we
welcome you as our leader and
chieftain: as citizens of British
Columbia, we welcome you as a
fellow-citizen lo whom we are
proud to do honor; and as Canadians, we welcome you as u native son, deservedly honored by
the confidence and esteem of the
people of the province of your
birth. We regard your with
drawn1 from the conference at
Ottawa as the successful opening
of a campaign which must even
tually result in the triumph of
justice and right, and we congratulate you, sir most heartily
ou your masterly grasp of lhe
situation and your bold course of
The federal government has
seen tit to ignore Ihe pleadings
of British Columbia lor justice
and fair treatment as one of lhe
partners in Ihe scheme of federation. Instead of giving our
case Unit consideration which
its importance should command,
the administration at Ottawa
referred it lo a committee composed of men naturally antagonistic to endorsing any proposal
which might, in the slightest
degree, effect the standing of
their respective provinces. This
reference of our case placed you
in the position of a leader of a
forlorn hope, so far as securing
any substantial or permanent
relief for the province, but you
faced the situation bravely aud
unflinchingly, and single-handed
under the most adverse and disheartening circumstances, upheld our rights and took u position which must convince all fair-
minded men that British Colum
bin is no longer prepared to suffer
in silence under the disabilities
imposed upon her by Ottawa.
In assuring you that we regard
your action in retiring from the
conference as the only alternative
left you in the face of the attitude
assumed hy a majority of its
members- the only step compatible with your responsibility
as tho representative of British
Columbia, holding the dignity
and honor, the vital interest and
future independence of your pro
vince paramount to ull other considerations we feel that we are
expressing the sentimentof every
loyal British Columbian regard
less of parly, and we feel con
vinced, when the opportunity is
afforded them, the electors of the
province will endorse the manly
course which you pursued,
Cross misrepresentation of
your conduct and your motives,
by a subsidized party press, fails
to obscure the fuel that you were
offered a most inadequate, sum
for the absolute surrender of the
rights of your native province,
which you refused with
righteous indignation, and to
your own lasting honor and
Assuring you. sir. of our confidence in you as promior of British Columbia, a confidence
strengthened and renewed by
your patriotic and honorable
|course iu this grave crisis iu the
'history nf the province, we have
the honor tn subscribe ourselves
un behalf of tho Conservatives ol
Victoria, your devoted friends
and supporters.
News Items from Marysville.
Mr. uml Mrs. I). McKlnsirj
visited Cranbrook Sunday lusi
Born, Oct. IHth, a I Marysville,
n sun iu Mr. ami Mrs, Wilson
Mr. Hodgson is il vy of all
the nimruils uf Marysville; he
succeeded In bagging three bucks
this week averaging im pounds
Mr. and Miss Huchcrofl have
moved from Marysville lo Cran
brook where Ihey intend lunuike
Iheir home in the future, where
ihey will ba cordially welcomed
by Iheir large circle uf friends
in thai cily.
Passenger Service to Start Next
Month   FrerfRound Trip
Promised by Mr.   ,
A train of sonie*l'n passengers
couches, mail and baggage cars,
passed through Craubrooli Mun
clay from St. Paul for use ou the
Spokane International railway.
The new cars present a mosl
effective and business like appearance
Mayor Rogers and ihe Cranbrook Board of Trade were perfecting arrangements for nn intended trip to Spokane on the
first freight which was to arrive
here some time next week.
Mr. Erickson, division
superintendent,       was co
operating wilh Mayor Rogers
and Ihe Hoard uf Trade.
Mayor Rogers on Monday received the following telegram
from I). C. Corbin:
"Spokane, (let Si. Mayor
Rogers unci Superintendent
Erickson, Crunbrook: Newspapers report yon intend coming
Spokane with the first freight
train. I propose to nut on a
passenger service in the course
of a month and intend io invite
yourselves and other represent
ativci- from towns on ('row's
Nest line to accept use of free
excursion to Spokane and return. You will find it much
more comfortable nnd pleasant
if you arrange to wait uniil
(Signed)   D. C. Corbin."
On receipt of the telegram
Mayor Rogers wired Mr Corbin
as follows: "On behalf of Cranbrook thank you heartily for
kind invitation lo journey over
the new road when passenger
service is inaugurated." Am
confident the excursion will he
largely availed of, (Sgn.) 0.
T. Rogers."
That the excursion will be
argely attended by members
of the Cranbrook Hoard of Trade
and by prominent citizens from
other towns on the Crow line is
Reid   McCready.
A quiet wedding ceremony
was performed on Monday morning of lhis week by llie Rev. W.
li. Vi. Fortune when Mr. Ju S
Reid uf Medicine Ilui and Miss
Maggie McCready were united
iu Hie holy bonds of matrimony.
The ceremony look plnee ul the
liunil' ot lhe bride's brother un
Crunbrook Ave. The happy
couple left on the afternoon
train nmldsl ihe explosion uf
nickels und lhe blowing uf
whistles and were accompanied
by the hesl wishes of many
Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
The week's output of Soulh
east Kooienay silver lead mines
were as follows:
St. Kiigene.... illli 20,108
Sullivan     (100   2I,I)"0
Total        mii   IS.-IIH
Description of the District A
Mining and Agricultural Section
That Needs Railway Trans
Kust k'ootonuj forms tho southeastern portion of British Colum-
bin and Is iu I for thelmmense
coal measures through whieh the
Crow's Nest Railway runs for
many miles both in Alberta und
British Columbia. These mines
un- estimated to be capable of
yielding |n,000,000 ions of coal
u year for 7,10(1 veins. Several
in in iug compnniesare developing
properties, and those thai have
reached the producing stage are
turning oul close to 1,000,000 tons
annually. There are ulsu extensive deposits of petroleum In this
section of the districl, but these
have noi as yet reached the com-
in,'i-i-iu 1 stage, Entering the
province by the Crow's Nest pass
Railway, which crosses lhe
Reeky Mountains through the
Crow's Nesl I'uss. one descends
iuiu the mngnificent Kootenay
Valley, watered by theKootenae
und Klk Rivers and several
smaller streams. The scenery
nlnng lhis luiiie nnd in the valley
is indescribably picturesque.
Sheltered lo the north and easl
by the Rocky Mountains and
open lo the south and west, the
climate is exceptionally mild and
healthful. The bottom lands will
produce all kinds of crops in perfection, lint the uplands require
irrigation, whii h may be ob-
tained frum the Kli; River and
other streams. Fruil trees
planted late in the fall stand the
winter and thrive iu severe test
for nursery stock) and wherever
brchnrds have been established
'hey ure doing well. Conditions
vary somewhat with locality
everywhere, mora especially in a
u mountainous country, but
speaking generally of this district
lliere is no fairer valley in llritish
Columbia and none better tilted
for general farming, fruit-growing, dairying and c-allle raising.
Prom Kootenay Landing, on tlit*
wesi. to the Alberta boundary
on the east, the country is more
or less all suited to agriculture:
portions of ii ure exceedingly
fertile, while the restcan lie made
equally rich by irrigation, Much
of the land is open and rolling,
a beautiful park-like region,
ideal for stock raising, a profitable industry, us there is a good
home market for horses, cattle,
sheep and hogs.
lining northward Eroir. the
Crow's Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Columbia Valley is entered at Canal
Flats. The scenic beauties and
fertility of tins magnificent
valley bailie description, Dominium! on the east by lhe Rocky
and on the west by the Selkirk
Mountains, the diversity and
grandeur ol scene frum every
poinl ul view is fairly bewildering. The only presenl
means of transportation is by
stage frum Cranbrook and Fori
Steele lu Wilmer and Windermere
uud by steamer from Windermere
uud Golden, mi ihe Canadian
Pacific Railway main line, or vice
versa, bul n railway will shortly
traverse tho valley from north to
soulh.    Tl dvi'tii   uf  Mich   a
roud would bo followed by au
inrush of settlors and the do-
volopinonl ul the minerals and
limber, for the country is well
developed lu both respects,
Quito a lew settlors hnve taken
up land ui ihe valley, uud de
spile the lack ni quick commie
nlcutlon wiili the outside world,
ihey aro doing woll. Grains,
vogotnblos   ami   funis   Nourish
iuiid cattle mul sl p  thrive  on
ih,'      nutritious     buhoh-gruss
i which covers tho benches and
j hillsides.      The   showfall  is   so
llghl thai the live stock   winter
uui mul the winter feeding Is tho
I i I,iiiiuu,',i en rii.'i' :i. THK PROSPECTOR   CRANHROOK li i     NOVEMBER ■■■ 1U0B.
A. B. Grace. • • .. 9
©ije gfcOatftwctin*. 9
- ■  9
SATURDAY, XDV, H, 18011. T
H     &     CO.
From End to End of the store Stocks are Fairly Bristling- with Newness
IT would lie unfair for us to point to any one doparl
 in as ihe peer of iiie rest.   Whal wo attompteel lo
iiu ive have accomplished   tixed it that i latter whal
Hue of goods you are interested in, thai section answers
"Rkahy" wilh confidence,
Will   liml   inucli   in   Dress (iooils and
Mantles to interest them.
We've been purtii ilarly particular in assure
thai  every  weave and  pattern   is   whal   *•
exactly   correct iSiiiil: foi tlie Coming Season
There is .i  pleasing ih\ersil
alileni'ss Miiiinj; all lluit perl i
wear.      \ll ol these lines « iii  lie nn  ti ■
ven   bone.     I'm'   jj- '.   ceiils  \vi
you   ,i   lint    of twei lesi
\\'e have om   Iim  ol twi, ds wc «ill  sell
■ - ■   .      i  .    cent     "ul.-.
11       ' ' a.j;j    Dress    ., ■ , -       S
lengths the test at s ul si.:
reyul ir prici   s   * ■  ind s:
We '■ mnoi i[iiol ■        pi   es  ma
cheerfully do so « hei   . ■   Ca Sii
I 3f1iDC    I itdcrwear    Wai
LOUlUc)       Wool   and   Ca<
Waists   in    Silk,
?hmere all to
be sold at wholesale prices.
HILL & eo.
More Light on Ottawa Conference.
The Toronto Mad aud Empire
sums   up   the   attitude   of   the
Ottawa    Government     toward
provincial rights in an editorial
which unmasks the plol of the
Federal   Ministers   completely,
Fur   len   vein's   the    provinces
have been demanding a readjust-
 ni of iheir financial  relations
with the Capital.   During this
entile period  the  Premier  hits
resisted the proposals thnt have
been   laid  before him,    Pureed
finally   to  action,   Sir   Wilfrid
Laurier summoned  the confer
once  jusl   concluded, and  then
soughl to destroy the usefulness
of thai gathei ing by resorting to
maneuvers that wen- altogether
Inexcusable,     First,   an  etfort
was made to force the Premiers
iu make   their   representations
unanimous;   to   east   upun   the
ninny  provinces  the    task   of
drafting a  policy which covered
everything.    Had   this   scheme
been carried  oul ii would have
authorized the Liberal Premiers
of Quebec,  .Vuva   Scotiu,   N'ew
Brunswick,   Prince   Edward  Is
land    and    Saskatchewan and
Alberta,  lo determine by iheir
majority  vote,  whal  the claims
of this province and Ontario and
Manitoba should be.    Naturally
the  minority   of   Conservative
Premiers resisted su obvious an
attempt to destroy the independence of the three provinces, that
were attacked, and the Federal
Ministers were compelled tore-
treat, The provinces then drafted such of ihe demands in respect of which Ihey wen: unanimous, unci presented them, These
propositions were not accepted
in a liberal spirit, The old subsidy idea was substituted for the
eluim for a gram toward tho
administration of justice on tho
ground that it. was the cheaper
of the two. After tho Premiers
had exhibited the unanimity ro
quired un one branch nf lhe
question, the Federal authorities
actually refused to considor their
Speaking of the attitude of the
Premier of'Britlsh Columbia,tho
Mail and Kmpire hears mn Hie
impression already conveyod in
telegraphic dispatchos thai the
Premier uf British Columbia
skillfully avoided ihe snares laid
for him by the Fedoral Prouder:
"Premier McHridn promptly
declined the offer, and lol'l tho
conference, ll is very well understood thai the illSlllliciutll
Laurlor proposition wus made
for a political purpose, liml
Premier McBride accoptocl it,
Sir Wilfrid would hnve organ
i/.etl ihe British Columbia end of
his party on u larger subsidy
basis, and would have striven to
defeat Mr. McBride oll the claim
lhat he had consented to receive
too little for the province he rep
resents. The position taken by
Sir Wilfrid was u trap to catch
Mr. McBride, and thai gentleman skillfully avoided it
Finally, Sir Wilfred and  his
colleagues  find  shelter   behind
the British North American Ael
They urns! awail   the action  of
Imperial Portia nl  In  making
au amend nl though subsidies
have previously  I n arranged   *
withoul uny such legislation.
The financial question hus not
heen settled  by  the conference
tor the very good reason thai ^H!HlH!H!!"!!!H!!!!t!!!!!!!!H!f!!!!!W!!n!!!!H!!!!(!!f!!!tM!!!!^
Ottawa is not in favor ol   such n  cz *"*
solution,   though    this   subject I £
was raised iu  the   name  of  iln
Liberal leaders and the  Fedora
Premiers promised   the   confer   £E:
encc a full uml  satisfactory   sel    fc Head Office,
tlemont.   Tho moro one rellects fc 0ttlBapy' A"'"r'
on the results of I ho conference, ; £~
the mul'" apparent il is lhat this fc
province is nui the only  one  lo *zz
which Injustice wns meted   our,  gj Who.CHtllc  find  l^cfilil
Though   Premier   McBride   wus'c:
the only member of the ci   "      ~
onco thai had the couragi
convictions   and stood by  ihom £E
III. any ensl.
Mens Wear
CRANBROOK,     -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
\\ i « ill sell - "il I lei- \ I niln wen all
-.i !•■- ;il s i. ii' pel suit n':;iil:n 1\ sold for
„'..'. ■-     Pop --Iin ti will lie s.ii iiln cil.
\\ '■ have 1 In Frank Slalei shoo, the
I- i,;l, Sii,,,' Co.'s ln-li class shoe, The
\iiierii-;iii Walk-over shoe and nun- other
lines, We will i|iiiite you one or two pines
» In, li \\ ill liiuuK ■■ovei ll nil
We will sell you a $5.00 shoe for $2.90. a $6.00
Shoe lur 53.50, a $3.50 shoe for $1.85.
We  have  300 dozen Mens Sox in Cash
nieii- .nul In-.n\   wool.     We  must   unload
tliein ;it cost.
\ll   mn    I.nilics l-'ins   inusl   »n  anil the
assortment is mosl Complete at pi ices .that
defy Competition. We fancy  tlmt  ,1  call
tt ill s.ilish .
See the prices we i|uotc on 20th Century
Clothing. While Clothing made by the
average makers will I"- sold at from S3.00 a
suit up.
llritish Columbia
iiAitmsTnii, soucrron
mill NOTAUY  I'llll.lr.
Oranbrook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
OFFICE  nisin ituii.oiNii
I'rutilii-ook. II.r.
P.U.S. At CE.
Fort Steele ll.C.
M»-»^"»^—^"»u>»«.a 1,1 ■■«■■>-■■■•> ■».,>->,l'».t.'>,l«
Physiiiiiiii und Surgeon
ol'l'll'l,: AIIMSTIIONO ,vvk.
I Ini-us:   11 in 11 a.m. 2 to 4 p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
I'lu Oltloo 105    liesiilciice lllU
.> .ii.ii., .i,.i,.a»i.ii.ii..i...ii.„.u»,» ..,..,
•III*.   COIII'OIIATION     111''
NOTICK      I'n      IHIAYMI-.N      AND
Ntiinui'otiH   i iitii]iliiini>   have   1 n
iiiiiili! iimi l'.iiI'.iij.' uml eili,'i' refuse
i- heing deposited olltsltlu III,' IIiiiIIh
ul lli,'  mil™  jji'iniiiil.   Signs Imi-u
n,™ i ii |,ii n liiej th,, r I  when you want your lutnii-
Call up the City Transfer
l'l till' limits el the   lllllsiiiie
whieh can he uppruiioliud ever Mr.  Si.
I'linin' or  Mr.   Ilreiiniin'ti hrhlife, fi-oi
llli'lli'i' le 111,' I.I.I   Porl  Sleele trail   till
lie,  (ellimine .III llllll posts 11)1  III
ture,    Piano,   or   Baggage
Por   Quotations  On
The police have ilistl'iieliunslopi
nn- liny purson depositing refuse
llll! llie    llllll-  III llie llllisllt    gl'lll
T  M. Huberts.
IL' rlty Clerk.
,*»—"»-.".,■.„.".,,."»,». . ,.,i,
W. E. Worden
| HAY and GRAIN $
9 Hembling & Eubank |
9 DIDSBURY. ALTA.          Satisfaction Guaranteed §
9 9
7* Liveru
Tennis and drivers furnished I'm- any point in the district.
A. DOYLE. Manager
Mrs   Hislnn teacher of the
nil a.  niaiup        pianoforte
Special attention to touch,
technique, phrasing and
grading of studies.
Por pnrtlmtliirs apply te C. R, field ,v
Co.. The Druggists.
F. O. E.
Menl   every Wednesday
ill 8 p.m. ill II.I..I-'. llllll
Visiting   Brothers Cordially   Invlleil
C. IIiiss'I'ati:. W. Preslilenl
■ I.   IllU'.rlllX. Seey.
llf.   C'olttll,   Aerie   I'livsieiiin.   I'. 11.
i| Rocky Mountain Chapter 3j
,| NO.  128.  R. a. m. I
:5 ::
J      Regular meetings:—2ml Tues-  3-
.s   day   in  eaeh   month   at  eighl   s
;|   o'clock, |i
jg     Sojourning Companions   are  *
cordially invltoil.
W.M. P. Tate, Scribe I
Bex 4       URANBUOOK, II. C.
Self ngelila llllll.
Ill-nil iimii i'iiiiI.
,-.. •.■■.^.■■.■■.■■.■•.■: -a■..■■..■.■■.~.*v.....:-*.^*.*
Tlie Dominion Meat 60.
Who will lake over the business of Messi
Harris Bros, of tins city, on I let, lath. 1(101
will continue tie' Peed and Grain us well ic
the Meal  business,  iind both branches ivi]
i iihii'L'.'il.     Mi*. Jabez Harris is being ro
lained :is manager,
,♦*■*♦:♦.«.♦ <•;♦<.♦♦♦<>♦   ♦ <*•♦.<•'♦.<•.♦.<■>'>♦,'*'*;. 9'**;,
IB, H, SHORT & CO. *
■.■♦-f-m > ■«,)
The Painters, Paperhangeis, Etc.
li'.'iii bor «e carry tho only Blocli of IHOH
|iu|iei-s iu Cranbroolt.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds ul Painting and IIccnraling
attended to promptly.
IMI. lil l\
♦■ "•" "" ;""":'"";; "'  ft
♦:«:♦:<> ft « ft «:♦:<>:♦:<> :♦ ft; 9 ft;. 9 ft; t ;ft;.9ft;:*ft;* ft.
I P. Burns & Co. If
Minn OHIi-e lor East Kootonay, Z3
Cnitiliioek. B.C
ZS    4
=3    4
V^-»     ^^»     **ms^9
I Guioarn Game Go.
;, e Meat Merchants II
Ki'iish mul Sa ted Mcnt'S
,'ish ami l*ou 1 try in Season
t= Dealers in
£    Live Stock
Almttoii and Cold Sloraj,'c3  J
;u Calgary. Alberta.    3  {
3  L
zS   4 Ordnrs by muil will receive |iroui]il nml uaroTuI nttonlton {
^aaiaiiainininiiUuiu.uiuAu,iiaiiii,ii,.iinhiitiuaiUUiu •
Onlcr by I'lionc Ur,
Tuke notice iiiiii ,',n iluys uftor ilntu I lntoml
11, upply in tin1 clik'f Commissioner of Liuiils
A Werlis IOC lii't'llllsskill l„ pill'OllllHO till" follow
luu Inntl slllmtuil in soiuli mum [Cootomiy.
Oommclielng m 11 imai inurkoil IVIUItim
llrookoiirliiKi! a North Must Cornor, plunteil no
llie ui'sl luml; nl tl,,, Kiioluiiiy lllvor where llie
Simili line 1,1 'l..,i MMoromi-a llie sulil lllvor:
llionco Wesl III eliuiiis: tlienee Soiitti IHI elniins:
iiii'iu'i final 1,1 elniins. more or less to tho lunik
nl ilie sn 1,1 lllvor: Un e follnivlnii llio sulil
im.ik northerly lo tho pluco of eoiinnonciiiiioul
nn.l eoiitnlnitiK in nil si res innrnor less.
Annual ■::. IIHHI.
I hel'el.y lllve  notiee  Unit Slxly   Iluys Itflol'
illlle. I Inletlil In upply In the (.'llllltlllNSlllllol' of
iiiiiiils uml Work, mr permission io purelinic
ll„- mllouliiK lleserilieil piece nf lllllil: llculll
lllllil llf II pnsl plllllleil Oil the I'lllSl le lilt nl the
Kiinleliuy river III n pnitll where llle wesl
linlllliliny nt lot   No, I* Inlet'secls   tile  ili-i
notir Die northwest cornur nf lot IW llionco foi-
lowing tho Kust Lllllil ol Kiinleliuy river III u
)VDHtoH)', sniillielly llllll i-llslei'lv illreillnli  In
wlioro lliu wosl houiiiliiry ol lot ;,s Inturscoii
I ho Kniiieiiiiv rlvor nour lliu souiIiwuhi cor	
nihil No. Mil, I, ronlnliilnu 18 ros  u in
I'll'.'lsi A.ieusi  i-u
WA'I'Kl: I I.ArstlS rilNSlll.lll.l.
I'rill.li* NOTICK.
'I'o llll hnldura nl land ivltliln lliu
l.imii, <>l l.m I (Irnup I, Kootonuy Ills-
iriet uml Imili lioltlers of wator lleeoi'ils
en .liiHeplis I'l'nii'ie I 'reek.
Applications ror the iipportlouniotil
of purl of the 1100 InnlioHOf wator fi	
sulil ereek ri'i'oi'ileil in favour cif .luliu
T, fliillirnltli mi tho iillnl, ilu.v ul Mu.v
is?.'in ,1 !', e |„ en issiiin io oliiinyo the
|ieilil "I il I \ el'- iiiii iintl llle enlll'se
nf Hie iln.-: In.- Hie iliv,'I'liitn uf
|illl'l 'ifmilll I* liter. »ill he liuill'll ll)'   llie
ill my iillli Monday the 211th,    Unv
Of Olltohlll' ll'llllnl eleven ,,'eloell ill llle
fcironnon iiiiilor'aiitliorlty nfHoiillonu in
21 nml 21 of tlio said Ael.
i ilijerlIons should he tiled with n n
or hufoi'u tlio Uud duy'id iielul  IIHHI.
Dated ul fViiiihrnnl't, Hie ITih. duy nf
Kepleuiliee  IIHHI.
,1, I''. AllMSTIiONH,
Assisliiiii ConiitilHKlonor of I,,mils uml
Works  fur Hie Soul hern   Division id
KiihI Kootonuy. lis
Court Gniiibrook 8943
MEETS   2ND   AND   ITII   Tl'llsn.ws
Vlsitine   lii'ethei-n   eorillully   invit, d
0. It.,   A. McCOWAN.
Soorolary, T. MARSHALL
si,,mn Hotlors and l''iiriiiioe Work a
Cosl and Slock Ksiimaies
Kiirnished Upon A|,|ilica-
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
Lime For Sale
Fresh burned Crow's
Nesl Lime in any
Inqulra ni li'ink rvforoiintllo
Kerr 6e Campbell
Boot snoe Maker
All Worlc Guaranteed
New Work Made to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   ffifc ,
City Scavenger
Parties having burl, yards,
and closets to clean, and refuse
mailer to be laken away, should
leave orders with me.
I.nnvi] orders ul, the I 'Ity Clerks olllnu
or drop il piiBlul eucd in Bon in.*.. NOTICE.
I. Notice U heroby jlveo ilmt. :ui
days after dule, 1 inti'ml toapply to the
Hon. Tht* ChteJ < 'pnuniwlimep of Lands
ami Works at Victoria, B.C., for a
Lioense to prottpeet fort'on! uml Petroleum on the following described land
situate in IthM'k 4,64*8, South-east
Kootenay District, to.to.:
Commencing ut u |hw( planted alwut
oue mile In a southerly direction front
Sage uml < HI < 'reek, and about eighteen
miles iu u northerly direction from the
International Boundary Line, marked
ami Ik'ing tin* Initial nr sOUth-easi COV"
iter |n»>i of Sick Hoein's location,
thenue west *0 ohalns, thence north 80
chains, theuce easl s" chains, thuncu
south nu ehains in place of tteglnntng
eoutaining H40 acres more or less.
I.ih-.U.'I. (letol)er Hlth, llKHt,
Niek Hoem, Locator
John Phillips, Agent
2 i 'ouunonolug ut u post planted
uImuii one mile in u southorly direction
frum Sage ami oil Crock, and aboul
eighteen njlles in a uortlierly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
murked uml being the Initial or north*
east, corner port of Alfred Olvon's location-) thence west hu chains, thence
soutb pOuhatns, thenco east 80 eliuins,
thence north HO chuins to place of Iw
giunlng containing 040 ueres more or
less and adjoining tho location of Nick
Located October 18th, UKHt.
Alfred (liven, Locator
John I'hiUips. Agont
:i Commencing at u |wst plunteil
about one mile in u southerly direction
from Sage und Oil (-'reek, and about
eighteen miles in u northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
marked and Iteing the Initial or southwest corner post of Johanna fc'rolstead's
location, thenee eust 80 chains, thenee
north HO ehuins. thenee west 80 eliuins.
thence south 80 chains to plaoe of beginning containing 040 ueres more or
less, and adjoining the locution of Nick
Locatet) October 18th, 1000.
Johanna FroUtead, Locator
John Phillips, Agenl
4 Commencing at a jto-t planted
about ono mile in a southerly direction
from Sage und Oil Creek, und about
eighteen miles north of the International Boundary Line, marked and being the Initial or north wesi corner
post of Adam Hnnlop's locution, theuee
llili'l 1
>. lh
e s
su ,
,ll lie-
's  llll
re or
2     til
•   1
u    id
1 Oct
A, .
111 l'l
is,   ,\.
east 80 chains, thenue south so chains,
thenee west HO chains, tlience north -SO
chains to pluee of beginning containing
040 ueres more or less and adjoining
tlie location of Johanna Prolstead.
Located October IHth, 1900.
Adam D'unlop, Locutor
.'        John Phillips, Agent
5' Commencing at   a   post   planted
about three miles In a southerly direction from Sage and OU  Creek,  and
aliottt sixteen miles north of the International Boundary  Line,  marked and
being the Initial or south east corner
posto(Mary.Oneal's location, thence
west80 chains, thence north HO chain
east 80 chains, theuce south HO ehuins
to place of beginning containing 'HO
acres moro or less and adjoining the
location of Alfred Given.
Located Oetober 17th. IWHI.
Mary Oneal, Locator ,
John Phillips, Agent
« Commencing at a post planted
about three miles iu a southerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, und
about sixteen miles nortli of the International Boundary Line, marked und
being the Initial or southwest
corner post of W. ti. Thompson's location, thenee eust HU chuins.
thenee north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thenee south HU chains to place
of beginning containing U40 ueres more
or less and adjoining the location of
Adam Dunlop. ,
Looated October 17th, 1000.
W. (1. Thompson, Locutor
John Phillips, Agent
7 Commencing at a |MWt plunteil
alsiut three miles in a southerly direction from Sage and oil Creek, and
ulsnit sixteen miles north of the International Boundary Line, murked and
being tbe Initial or north west corner
l>ost of Julia Ituinsey's location, theuce
eust HU ehains, thenee south HO chuins.
theuce west Hi) chains, thence north 80
chains to plnoo of beginning containing
040 ueres mm r less uud adjoining
the location of W. ti. Thompson.
Located OcIoIhm* 17th, HHNi.
Julia Ituinsey, Locator
John Phillips, Agont
H Commenciug at a ym\ planted
about three miles In a southerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, and
ultout sixteen miles north of the International Houndury Line, marked and
being the Initial or north eust corner
post of M. K. Broiisou's location, llience
west 80 chains, thenee south 80 ehuins,
thence east 80 ehains. thence north 80
chains to plaee of beginning containing
040 acres more or less and adjoining the
locution of Mary Oneal.
Located Ootolier 17th. mm.
M. K. Branson, Locator
John Phillips, Agent
ll Commencing at a post planted
about one mile In a southerly direction
from Sage ami Oil Creek, and alsiut
eighteen, pillos in a northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line
marked and being the Initial or south
easi corner post of Km uui A. Johnson's
loeatiou, thence wusl 80 chains, thence
in ('ommeneing ai a post planted
atom one mile in u southerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, mol aliout
eighteen miles in a northerly direction
from tin* International Boundary Line,
marked and Being.the Initial or south
west corner pusi of Joseph Craig's location, thenco eust Hll chuins. tlience
north HO chains, llience west 80 chains.
thenco south 80 enains to place of l«:
ginning containing 040 acres more or
less and adjoining the locution nf Mick
Located October 15th. 1000.
Joseph * Iralgi Locator
John Phillips. Agenl
11 Commencing at a (Mist plautod
uImmii om* mile in u southerly direction
from Sage und Oil Creek, and uhoul
eighteen miles iu it northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
marked ami being tin- Initial nr north
west corner posl uf Trunk Link's location, thonco east hu chuins. thenco
south 80ohalns, theuce west 80 chains,
thenee north so chains to plat f beginning containing 040 acres more or
less und adjoining the location of
Joseph Craig.
Located October 15th, 1000,
Frank Link, Locutor
Jolin Phillips. Agent
12 Commencing ut » post planted
about om1 mile in a southerly direction
from Sage ami Oil Creek, and alsmt
eighteen miles in a northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
marked and being the Initial nr north
east corner pnst of Marcu Pulls location
tlience west 80 chains, tlience south 80
chains, thenee trust HO eliuins, tlience
north 80 chains to pluee of boglnnlng
containing U40 acres more or less and
adjoining tbo location of Frank Link.
Located October 15th, 1000.
Marea Bolls. Locator
John Phillips. Agont
IU Commencing at a post planted
about one mile in a northerly direction
from Sage und Oil Creek, and ulsnit
twenty miles in a northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line.
marked and being the Initial or north
east corner post of Edith I. Miller's locution, thenue west hu chains, thenco
south HO chains, thenee east 80 chains,
thence north SO chains to place of beginning containing 040 acres moro or
less and adjoining the location of Nick
Located October loth. 1000.
Kdith 1. Miller. Locator
John Phillips. Agenl
14 Commencing at a post planted
about one mile in a northerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, und about
twenty miles in a northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line.
marked and being the Initial or north
west corner post of Mary I>. Payn's
location, thence easi HO chains, thence
south HO chuins, thence west Hi) chains,
thenee north 80 chains to place of he-
ginning containing 040 acres more or
less ami adjoining the local inn of
Johanna Proistcud.
Located Oetober 10th. 1000.
.Mary I). Payn. Locator
John Phillips. Agont
14 Commencing at u post planted
about one tulle in a northerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, and about
twenty miles in u northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
marked and being the Initial or south
east corner post of < 'luirlos \V. Currah's
location, thence west HU chains, thenee
nortli HO chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 8n chains to place of beginning containing 040 acres more or
less uml adjoining the location nf lOdith
I. Miller.
Located Ociolior 10th. 1000.
Charles W. Curruh, Locator
John Phillips, Agont
tu Commencing ut u pnst planted
about one mile in u northerly di roc tion
from Sage und oil ('reek, and ahout
twenty miles iu u northerly direction
from ihe International Boundary Line.
marked and being the Inlttul or south
west corner post of L. A. Lehman's locution, them usi ho chains, thonoo
north .HO chuins, thenee west *0 ehuins,
theuce south 80 chains V> place of beginning containing U40 ueres more oi
less aud ot\joining the location of Mary
to. Payn.
Located Octolwr 10th. IWHI.
L, A. Lehman, Locator
4:t John Phillips. Agent
Tttke notice thm thirty days attor date 1 Intend to apply to th*' ComuiiSKloner of LtxnAa
and Works tor » Kpcelal licence to cut und
earry uway itiulier frmu tbe following describ
.•il luuds.
Coiuuieiieias ui u pot nl marked a Mo-
Dougatl'B Timber Liconce. S IV, Corner,
planted aboul >tfo chutiM, north nmi n< cbatus
west or tbo Soutu west Corner ol Loi ftW, Q.
1.. thenoe north so ehains, cast m chuins, wmtli
■io i'liiiiiis. out) 10 chains, south 80 chains, west
itn-hiiliis. nnriii in i'liuins west in eliuiiis to
poiut of commencement
A, Mi-|ii>i'«;ai,i,
Sopt. -'l*t. IWM. :l!i
Tiikv 1 mi in' UmL thirty days sftor duto, I in-
loud to apply i» tliu Com niissionor ol Lands
ami Works for 11 special licence to nu and
oarry awuy tlmbor from the follow!nn deacrlbed lands,
t 01 indue ai ti n.iint nmrkod    a.    M<-
Dougiill'tt Tlmbor Lloenoe. N. W. Comer, und
planted880chaliwnorili and w chains west
ot tho Smiili Weat Corner ol Lot goal, thenco
smith mi-liuins. West lOcDains,SouthWuhitlns
east 40 chains. North li) chains, .dial m cbulns
N'ortliSO ulmlns, West in ulmlux io point of
Corporation ofthe City of Cranbrook **************:************
Nni. 'hike notloo that we tlio untletsiiined
lntoml to apply to tho Chlof Commissi- r "i
Liiinis ami Works forn spot'lnl llcuneu to cat
and curry away Umber rrom tlie followtutt do*
M-riiii'ii imiiis siiiiiiic in Southcnst Koolciiay
dlstili't. H.C.
CommonclnB at tho north wost corner ot U.
Little's No. 1 license, thonoo north IflO rlinltiR,
thoneo oast 40 ohnlns, tlionoo south HHi eluiius,
thonoo west 40 ehnlns to plnoo *>r com nco
ment, cnntntnlnir B-W uores.
A. It. 1 innl- Locnlor.
Dtltecl .Inly Mnl, l«W,
No.-J. commencing 3D ohnlns south or A. II.
CirnocK southwest eornor thenee soutk H»
ohnlns, thonco west -I" chaluB, thenco nortk imi
i-liains. thoncu onst in cliuius to plnoo ol ft
menootnunl containing (VIO acres,
A. link- I,.imu 1
Dated July Slnl, UKMi.
No, ;i. Commonolng nt tho northeast corner
of A. It. Unices No. 1 location, tlience eu«t 80
ohnlns, thoncu north sn chains, thonco west su
i'lialns thonco south m uImins tu plnee of i-mn-
mencumout, coiitahiiug flio ueres.
A. 11. Clruoa Locator,
Duiod.Iul.vSUrd, mod.
No. :t. Commonelng ul llie southwest cornor
of a. ii.tiriici's No, -I locution, thoneo 80 ehains
north, thenco80 chains west, thenee su ehnlns
Bouth, thonco 80 chains nasi to place nf eom-
moucemonti couintnlng tuu neros,
a. Unto Locutor,
Dated July SSrd, IWW.
No. 1. commoiiclnu tit Iho northwest corner
of A. II. Orncos No. 3 location thoncu west 80
ehulns, thenco south 80ehnlns, thenee ensl tw
chains, thonee nortli hii chains to place of com*
iuencemenl containing IHU nores.
A. Huh- I iilnr.
Duted July 2itrd, Iimii,
No. 5, Commenoing at 11 postmarked A.
Hales No, I'llccnsc. shunted nboul Iwo miles
.south or Skookumcliuek river, ami nboul tliree
miles west of lot WW, thoneo south HIO ehnlns,
thonco ensl in chains, thonoo north HIO elinins,
thoncu west in i'liuins in place or Pommonro
mont containing "10 acres,
A. Hnlcs Locator,
Dated JulyiBlrtl, IHOH.
No. rt. commonelng at tho northutist comer
of a. Hales No, a location, thence smith l»io
ulmlns, thonco oasl 10 chuins, thoncu nortli 100
ehnlns, thenco wust 10 ohntyis to place ot coin-
raoiicomonl, containing mu uores.
A. Hale Lucator.
Dated July sWrd, IWW,
.No. 7. con 1111 i'lu1 hu-' ut the northwest corner
of A. Bales No, :> location, thoncu south MM)
chuins, thonoo oust-to ohulns. thonco nortli IW>
chains, tlionco west in chuins to pluco of rum
monecmont, containing ftto acrus,
A. Hali- Locator.
Datod July Silrd, inw.
No. s. Commonolng nl the northoast cornor
of a. Hnlcs No. a location, thoncnonstno ehuhis,
Ihenee smith SOulmlils, thonoe ivoit 80  cliallis,
theuoo nortli 80 chuins to plaeo of t iinenco-
ment, coiitiilnlng flio aoros.
A. Ilalc Loeator.
Dn tetl July Silrtl, OHM. ZZ
Take notice that- thirty day
afterdate I Intond toapply to iho Chlof
Commissioner of Lunds and Works
for permission to cut and carry uwuy
timber from the following doRcrllicd
lands in South Must Kooteuay:
Commencing at n post planted sixly
chains south of the south eust cornet' of
Lot iii!."iti. Group I, Ihenee east
cliuius, tilicnco north to lhe south hank
of the St. -Mary's Hiver. thence follow
ing sithl hunk westerly to the east Iimi
of LolOLVHI, thenee south to place of la
Dated Oclohor I2t-h, HHNi.
II Ernest 0. Mcl'Iiou, Luuator
Any male or female, being ;i
British subjeel of the full age <»f
L'l years, who has paid all the
rates und taxes for the current
.vour.ami has continuously resided within the Municipality since
the Krsi day of January, liioti,
and who is a householder ov
license holder within the municipality, may register as a voter for
the year l.">7, if the necessai'y
declaration is deposited at this
ottice on or before ."> p, m. of tht*
;ilsi day of October nexl. person
qualifying as license holders, who
are not property owners, must
atlond lo registration of their
names on the list. Persons who
have become property owners
since December -list (1005) are
requested to inform lhe under
signed at once.
Thos. M. Roborls. tl. M. C.
City Clerk's Offico,   Cranbrook
13, 0. Oct, 20th,
Receives lintli Ladies iincl
Gentlemen as Resident nr us Day
Students. Hus a complete Commercial or Business Course. Prepares students to gain Teachers'
Certificates of all grades. In
affllliation with Tohonto I'm-
vrusity gives the four years
course for the B.A. degree, anil
the first year ol tha Toronto
School of Science, lias a
special "Prospectors Course"
for miners who work In B.C,
Instructions given In Art,
Music, Physical Culturo and oio-
P'or Calendar etc, address
"Columbian College".
Term opens Soptomhor 17th,
Tlllio ll'ill'''' Uml llilrty ilnyK nfu-r .luia-1 in
Luml I" n|i|ily I" ll Iili'l Coililiilaalnni'i' 1,1
I,inula ,v Work!, Inr n h| Inl llcniii'u In , ill nml
(lurry uwuy tlmliur  Ir  lliu  IiiIIowIhii ilc-
aorllillil luml In s li liml Km.ii'iin v. ninillin
ls\n at u |iiial liliuitril III i-liuins IIIIMI nl III,'
Wnrlh Wesl'■(Tli,,, of l,',t :ll':. Iil,,ii|, I iiinl
unirki-il  llnvlil   llri'liltulirlllKu'a   Smith   Wesl
C'oniur, tlimit'o North ai alinlns: Tint,  KiihI
Ml i'llllilla: III' oimrtll III i-liallla    tliunco olIHt
Ji'lrlnillia IllOlltlU ItOrlll IH) i'llllllia: ill,,, i-ii.I l'l
i-lialllaj tliiniri' SOHtll I'ill i'llllilla tlmllt'll Weal
HU i'liuins In till- |,Ini'i' nI i-i iniiili', ini'iit
AUinwLllllll IKK.
Pacific  Coast   Points
Palace and Tourist
Sleepers, Butt'ett
Library Cars, Modern
Bay Coaches.
Dining Cars,
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
Por full piti*timilavs, rulus,   folileri
etc., call on or address.
S. (J. YKKKKS, G.W.P.A.,
Seattle, Wash.
('.   W.   MAIIUNKY, i'.to.  A  T.A.
I taasCilr CHICAGO
9_t A.s tho Ice Crenm season has ubout closed, I am now    9-
9     prepared to furnish the besl Candles, and  best   Fruits    9
9     the market alTords. 9
8  "The Palm"      C. E. Buck J
#' 9
aatmna *** *at UOlUhi^ \nt nkr \_wa_W*_\t Un* •* nit ^tW \at UW -X* -mt _*_• _*_, _*_t _*_, _-, _*g
*-w\**\9 -ift,'**W *W •i\9 -^W **m *W. W *\aj**W \WV9^m^x% fl»*1w fm W *W *W W W 9K -*W
Your nl it'ti i it ni Is called to the
"Pioneer Limited" trains of the "Milwaukee .t St Paul Railway." "The only
perfect trains in the world
You will liml It desirable •*• ride on
those train*; whon going to unv point in
the Eastern Stales or ('unnda They
connect with all Transenntlnontal
Trains and nil Ticket Aponts sell
Fur further information, pnmpltlutSi
etc, ask any Tlckot Agent oi
It. L. POHD, II. .S, llf'WK,
Pass. Agent.        General Agent,
The Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled florvlee from
the wesl to the easl and sunlit. Making
elnse connections with trains of all
transcontinental linos, passongors are
given thoir uholeo of routes tn Chicago
Louisville, Memphis and New Orleans,
ami through these points to tlio far east
Prospective travelers desiring Information as to tho lowosi rules uml besl
routes are invltoil to eorros pond once
with the following roprcsonlutlvos,
It. II. Tui'Miii'i.i.. Coiiuni'ivliil AgonL
142 Third St.. Portland, Oregon,
■l.r. Lindhkv. T. P. & I'.A.
143Third si.. Portland, Oregon
P. li, Thompson, P. a I'.A., Itoom i
Colinan I'llilg., Si-uitle, Wash.
Titko iinilro Lbntflu days ttftur ilitta i Iniond
li)ii|i|)ly tu tlio t.'hlut I'iiiiiinissiiiiit i' ••! i |>
nml Works fm |)ortiit«Hinii lo iniirhiiHi! tln< ml
Inwinv (tmmrllHJ-l luml in Houtli Kust Knnteiiiij
"''"li Iirliw nt il Jtusl iiliinl.'-I ut  Hi.-  tun II,-
W0II nn hit ur l.nl 7I», I i mu]. I. Iii HrilihllHtrlCl
lIll-lll'C   I'Hht    Mil  I'llllillS,    llll-      llllllll       -.'ll      I'll'llll*.,
UioutiLMvustftiipluihiH, tlieuci' Hiutili •:u nlmhiN
t<> Mi" Dim froiiiin >' hi mul i ulnhiK
III   till   lllll lll'll'S
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
si P. O. BOX 812     fc
5?     TELEPHONE NO. I     J5
jj   Port  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
in, ni
1 Notice it* hereby given that thlrtj
days after date, I intend to apply to tbe
Hon, 'i'li*- ( hi.'i i 'ommtsstonet* of Lands
and Works ai Victoria, it.*'., tor a
licence to prospect Tor (.'oul and Petroleum on the following described land
situated in Block 1,5113, Southeast
Kootenay District, B.<'.:
Commencing; at a poat planted about
tliree miles in a northerly direction
from Sage and (til Creek and about
twenty two miles lu a northerly direction
from tli*- International Boundary Line,
murked and being tho Initial or northwest eorner post of Charles II. R6eseN
loeatiou. thenee east so chains, thence
south HO ehains, thenee west su chains,
thence 'th so chains t<> place of beginning containing (MO acres more or
less and adjoining the location of J«, A.
Located October Itlth, 1WM.
Charles ll. Reuse. I ator
N. M, MacLeod, Agent
2 ( umiin-iii'ini; ;it u posl planted
about three miles in a northerly direction from Sage ami ■ til Creek and
alioui twenty-two miles in a northerly
direct ion from tin1 International Boundary I.inr. marked ami boing the Initial
nr northeast corner [tost of ti. R,
Mitchell's location, thence wesi 80
chains, thence south SO chains, thence
east SO chains, thence north SO chains
to plaee of Itegtnning containing »H0
acres more or less, and adjoining tho
locution of Charles VV. Currub.
Located Ootolwr inth, 1900.
0. K. Mitchell, Loeator
X. M. MacL i. Agenl
■l Commencing al a post planted
about three miles in u northerly direction from Sage nnd Oil Creek, ami
about twenty-two miles in a northerly
direction from the International Boundary Lim*. marked ami being the Initial
or Bouthuust corner post of John
Mlnear's location, thence west SO
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenee
east 80 ohalns, thence south SO chains
to place of beginning containing (MO
ueres more or leas, and adjoining the
location of G. K. Mitchell.
Located October Kith, 190K.
John Minear, Loeator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
I ('oinuii'iieing at a pus! planted
alioui three miles in a northerly direction from Sage ami Oil ('reek, ami
about twenty-two miles in a northerly
direction from iiie International
Boundary Line, marked and being the
initial or southwest corner post of G.
\V. olney'** loeatiou. tbenoe east su
chains, thenee nortli SO chains, thonee
west, 80 chains, thonee south 80 chains
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining lhe
loeation of Charles H. Reese,
Located October mth, 1000.
<;. W. Olney, Locator
N. M, MacLeod, Agent
5 Commencing ni a post planted
about live miles in it uortlierly direction rrom Sage and Oil ('reel;, uml
aboul iwutlly-foiir miles in a northerly
direct ion from I In- I nternal lonal
Boundary Line, marked uml being thr
Initial or north wusl cornor posl, of C.
(lager's location, thenco easl so cliuius,
theuee south HO chains, llience wesl MO
chains, thence north 80chains to place
of beginning containing uio acres more
or less, and adjoining tlie local ion of
tl, W. Olney.
Located October IHth, 1 DOS,
('. Gager, Locator
N, M. MacLeod, Agent
II ('ommeneing at a post plunlcil
aboul live miles in a northerly direction from Sage and Oll Creek, und
about twenty-four miles in a northerly
direction from ibe Internal lonal
Boundary Line, marked und being the
Initial or northeast eorner post of Ktlie
13, Turner's location, '.hence wesl Sll
chains, ibence south Sl) ehaius, thenee
east 80 chains, thonco north sn eliuins
to place of beginning containing 1140
acres more or less, and adjoining the
location of John M Incur.
Located October ltlth, 100ft.
Kibe It. Turner. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
7 Commencing al u post planted
about tlve mllcH in a northerly direction from Sage uud <>il Creek, und
altoul twenty-four miles in a northerly
direction from tho International
Boundary Line, murked ami being the
Initial or aouthensl corner post of Katie
VVooMer's   location,   thonee   wesl   HO
chains, thei north 80 chains,  thouce
cast 80 chains, thenco south so chains
in plaee of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining the location of RHie D Turner.
Located < letolter tilth. lUOfl.
Katie Wooster, Locator
V M. MacLeod, Agent
s i ommenclng at a post planted
nlwut five miles In it northerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, and
aboul twenty-four miles in a northerlj
direction irom the International
lioiindun Line, marked and being the
Initial or aouth weal corner post ol
James B. Buchannan's locution, ihenee
east so chains, thoncu north •*■* chains,
the west Ki» chains, thouce nouth SO
chains to place ol beginning containing
Macros moro or less, and adjoining the
location of C. Gager.
I,,,,'iit.cd October Hlth, IU00.
James B. Buchaniian, Locator
\  m, MacLeod, V-"'"'
n Commencing al n post planted
nbout seven miles in u northerly dlrce
lion from Sage ami oil Creek, Mid
about twenty-six miles in n northerly
direction from tin- International
Boundary Line, murked iimi being tbe
Initial or norihen.-t corner posl of L.A,
Dyer's location, the) west SO chains,
thence south SO chains, tin-nee easi so
chains, thenee north 80 ehain* to place
of beginning containing (140 acres more
or less, ami adjoining ihe locution of
Katie Wooster.
Loeator October lltth, HUM.
L. A, l>vei- Locator
N. M, MacLeod. Agont
10 Commencing at a posl planted
[about seven miles iu a northerly direction   from  Sage  and   *>il  Creek,    and
'about  twenty-si.\  miles in a northerlj
; direction    from    tho     International
: Boundary Line, marked ami being   the
i Initial or northwest corner post of Will
McDonough's loeatiou, ihenee east  80
chains, thence south SO chains, ihenee
west SO ohalns, theme north so chalba
to place of bogtnuing eoutatulng 040
acres more or less, and adjoining the
location ol .lame. li. Buehanuan.
Located October lltth, lUOti.
Will MeDonough, Locator
N. M. MacLeod,  \-em
11 Commencing at a post planted
■ about seven utiles lu a northerly direction from s;ii;t' and Oil Creek, and
about twenty-six miles in a northerly
direction From the lulernai lonal
Boundary Line, marked aud being  the
-Initial  or   southeast   eorner   ptwi   ol
Louise    V    Ward's   location,   ibence j
uorth 80 chains, theuce west SO chains '.
tlience south 80 chains, thence eust  SO
chains to place of beginning eontaiuing
| H40 acres more or less, and  adjoining
the location of L. A. Dyer.
I oeated October IHth. 1900.
Louise V. Warn. Locator
N. M   MacLeod, Agi
!_   i 'ommeneing ai a poM   planted
|about seven mi ■- tti .i northerly direction  from   Sage  aud   ' til  l 'reek, antl
about twenty-six miles  In a  •
direction    from    the     International
Boundary Line, marked ami being   thi
Initial   or  southwest   corner   posl    of
Joseph K. i 'hick's location, thence east
so   chain-.,    thence   north  SO   ehains,
i hence west sn chains, thence, south  so
chains to place of beginning containing
i,4d acre-  more ur less, ami adjoining
the locution of Will MeDonough.
Located October ltlth, 1000,
Joseph K. Chick, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
'    i:i   Commencing ai a post   planted
j about three mile* in a northerly diree-
' Hon  from Sago and Oil   Cyeek,   und
about twenty-two miles In a northerly
i direction     from     'Ik1      International
Boundary Lino, marked and being Hie
Initial or   northwest   enrner   posl   of
James Calrils'location, thenee east  SO
chains. Ihenee soulh Sit rhatps,  thence
west 80 ohnlns, thence nortb 80 chains
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining tbe
local ion of G. K. Mitchell.
Locoled October lltth, 1000.
.lames Cairns, Locator
N. M. .MneLeod, Agenl.
It Commencing at u posl planted
about three miles in u northerly direction from Sage ami oil Crook, ami
about twenty-two miles In a northerly
di red ion from ilie International
Boundary Lim-, marked and being the
Initial or northeast corner |Mtsl of J, A.
Sluill's location, thence wesi SO chains,
ilienci soulh H0 chains, them usl   80
chuins. thenee north 80 chains to plaee
of hi iiiiiiiiii^ containing 040 acres more
or less, and udjolnlng the location of
James Cairns,
Located October Mth, 1000,
J, A. Shull, Locator
N, M. MacLeod, Agent
i.'i Commencing »i u pout planted about
iliii'i' anil's Iii u uortlierly direction from Sngo
mul oil Creek, unit ubout twenty»iwa miles iu
a northerly direction from the International
Boundary. Mae. marked sail being ihe initial
or southeast corner post of W. II Llewellyn's
loeatiou, thence weal su chains, ihenee north mi
tlml ns. tlience eaal 80 chains, llionee iouUi so
in pluco or bPidntitug cnntulnlng WO acres mon'
or leas, slid adjoining the locall < J, A.
I ,o. a ii'.i October tflth, IWW,
W, m. Llewellyn. Loeator
S M  MacLeod, Agent
id Commencing at a posl planted about
three miles In ;t northerly direction from Sage
and Oil Creek, and about Wenty-two miles in
a northerly dlreellon from the huenwtlonal
itaniti'litrv l.lur. ii urifd and being the tut tin I
tn umittrwesi corner post ol Oeorge W Ward's
location thenco eusl B0 chain-, theueo north <*,o
chalna thence weaf Bo chains ihonoe  tit M
chain* io place of beginning containing ''*"
,,-'. - more ni lea ami adjoining the locatl i
J a me* Calm*
Lm-aiet] i" I  l«lh  I MM
Ueorge W  Ward  Lo<nU)i
n  m MacLeod Agenl
; i iimmenrtng nt n past planted alioui live
miles In a northert) direction from Sage mul
nil i reeh and about Lwcniy*fmu mllea In a
norther I) direction fron ihe Intemsitontft
Boundar: Line mai «ed and Iwlng ihe InltlaJ
ot northeast cornei post •■! Kcna \ Chlck'i lo*
oailon thonee went SO chalna Ihenee south *i
chain*, thence eaat HO chain* thenee north 80
chains to place of beginning eonuilnlng IHO
sore* more <•< leaa and adjoining lhe location
.,i IV it   Llewellyn
Located Oetnbei Ml,  I'JOG
tin,:, A.ChlrH   |,ocato|
N  M MacLesli   Vgeltl
i- Commencing al a pemt.'dantrtd alHiui live
mtlea In a northerlj direction lnnu Sago and
mi Creel! and aboul twciity-loui miles Itm
northern direction Hon, the Inlernallon
Boundary Line marked and being tha liilllal
tit   ll   pOSi    pi tin lei
ithorly dt root Ion in
anil '
hi   fri
I,les i
Hii'    III
Boundary Line, marked aad being the Initial
or southeast cornor poatof A ll VVonsler'" lo
cnilou, thence west BO ehalua. tlience north ao
chalna, thoneo eaat so ctmltia, ihetieo soutb 80
chains to pluee ot beginning ouuialnlng 010
acres mom or lens, uml adjoining the location
uf \V 11. Thompson
Loculml lleloliui' l~lh, WOO.
.\ u, Wnosier, Loeutnr
N   M. MacLeod, Agent
'ju Coiionourltig at n post plauted about
three miles In a xoutliorly direction inon Sugo
uiul mi Creek, aud uboiu sixteen iiillealitu
nouborly direction   from   the International
I loi
itdary LU
iiiihwoat i
thence <
il.i'.l :i
I l<r
ie  Iu
r poat of Ada iMn
nt A  ti   Wo
ud Oclt
\.ln in iim,- Locator
S M. MacLeod, Agon I
*.'   Commencing ai   ti   post   plauted  i
tliree mile t» u sollttorl) direction from  Sage
ami ml Creel i aboul ilxwcii miles inn
ioui lioi 1) ilrei'tlon from ihe Intel uai loual
Honndarj Li uu. marked Had being the lultlal
[or northwest ourucr poatuf C A Hotmvi Iocs
j Hon. iheuce cast w cbulm tbence tuutli W
ehalua, theiieu weal SO chalna, thcuc« north •*»
cbu :i* to ni.tn "i beginning i*oitl**tulni wo
. Hoii'n mor,' ui* ir's- nml aUJoining lhe Iw niiuii
1 el   \an Mitlniia.
Villi.I l'.*t,
I   IMli
i    \  BolmiM  Loouuu
\ M  Mm i.,',.,!   » eni
.'•   t.'umuieueing   al   «   poal   planted   about
three mllea in it loutherlj it tree tion rrom Sage
  Creek   unit about alxteen nilloa luu
bo therlj   dtre don   from   the   luiernaiioitat
IkHinilar) Line, market and i>elng the ioiiihI
■,0111b so chalna thenco weat ao cbntn     Hi
north *m plialna to place of i-egi-ming • ontat
moinTe-. more or lOM, and ailjolnlllB   the
Hon of (too; W. Ward
i,.H'iiiiiiiH-iiiit<T miii iwtfl
Cordollu Llewollyn, Loeato
s  \i MacLeod Agi
M L-hal - location, thence «r>t so ehalua.
Uieticeaoutti ttoohulna; tbeuce mwi so otatna,
theuce uorth no chalni u> place of beginning
oouiaioLugtMOurntftiuoruoi loaa ami adjoin-
iug the locution o\ A n Woosuir
mi. ■ ictubei isth, i^«:
L'atberlue it. Miwiieii. Locatoi
\  m  MacLeod, Ageal
N tVuimenotng m u pti^i plauK*d iiIh»ul live
uiilrs in ii s.-iittu'ity UinTimn from Sage nml
■ v i ■• ■!«. »nd nix-in fourteen uUbs Iu u northerly dtrectlou trout ibe tiueni-uumni Houndury
rki . , icing iM,' iiuurii ui aouth
«t'»i cornet poet ol Uaihertnc Davis loeatiou,
;:.■■■ asi w ebalna, thenee north ao ohalns,
;:; ■' c weat M) ehaina, thence »outh SO chains to
io .t., ol beg ■ -.. as containing iHO acrea more
oi leaa and .,.'.- ■ it) *, :■ - omttiou ot C. A.
ii. lutes
Located October ITth, IMM,
Catherine Davi* Locatoi
S   M  MacLeod, Agent
■„'i Corameooliig at a, ]*>*■* planted about Hve
miles In a southerly direction irom Sage ami
Oil i reek and about fourteen miles in u north*
erlj direction from tiif International Boundary
Line, mariit'd und being the Initial or south*
■■usi corner posl of Mabel MuAlplne'a location,
thence west BO chains, thenue aorih do chains,
them i •■.!>: BO ehaina, thenee south So chalna to
place oi beginning containing WO acrea more or
less, and adjoining ihe location oi Catherine It
Located Oetober irth. itn»..
Mubet MeAlphine. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
::• Commonelng ni a pusi planted about Uva
mil,-- in a soutberlj dfreotion from Sage and
nil Creek, and about fourteen mllei in h norih-
I'ti.v din*! tion from ihe International Boundary
Lino, markod and being the Initial or north*
weat corner port of C. B< Kups' location, thenee
east 80 chains, thence south w eliuins. thence
west tO elmlns. thenco nortli 80 chalni to plnee
of bugiuulug containing W0 acrea more or less.
uiul adjoining Uo* loon lion of Catherine Davis.
Located Oetobor llth, IOOD.
C. K. Kalis, Loealcr
.^. M, MacLeod, Agent
:.ii Commenoing at a post pluiit'-'ti uboul live
miles In a southerly direction from Sage uud
nil Creek, ami aUout fourteen miles in -. uorlh-
eily direction from iiu- International Moiiiidary
Line, markeil mul being the Initial or north-
cast  -ner post of L. J. Olllsho|m*a Iwutlon.
Ihenee west su chains, thence siiuili 80 chains,
theuce east so eliuins thenee north an chains to
the place of beginning containing Hill acres
more or less, and adjoining the locution of
Mabel MoAlpino.
Located October 17th. \'.m.
L. ,1. ('hi sin ilui, Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agenl
•ii rniiutii'iicing at n post planted about live
miles In a southerly direction from Sage and
Oil itreek. and about fourteen mites in h uortlierly direction rrom the International lluuudury
Line, marked and being the initial or north-
wcat corner post of Andrew w. MoAlphlne'-a
location, ihenee east 80 chains, thence south 80
eliuins. thenee west an chains, thence north K(l
ehnlns lo place or beginning containing oio
acres more or less, and adjoining the location
of L. .I.Chlsholin.
Loco tor October 17th, IMH,
Andrew W. MeAlpilii!. Locator
N, M. MacLeod. Agent
•is Commenoing at u post plained ubout live
miles in a southerly dlreellon from Sage ami
nil Creek, nmi about fourteen miles in a northerly direction rrom the International Boundary
Line, murked and being the Initial or south
west corner post of Henry M. Plukett's loon-
Uun. thenco cast 8n chains, ihenee north so
Chains, thenee west 80cuttlna, thence south HO
ehuins iu the placu of beginning containing am
aeies more or less ami adjoining  tin-  location
ol Mabel Mo Alpine.
Located October IT tli. iw*-
Henry M. Plokott, Locator
\ m. MuoLeod, Agont
39 Common! log al n post planted about live
Inllea lu a aoutliorly dtreotlon from Huge nod
Oil Creek, and about fourteen miles la a north'
erlv dlreellon 'ron, the International Boundary
Line marked and holng ihe Intiinl or loutltoagt
corner post ol Miilgarel II. Hull's liieiilion.
iJi'inc Mi-i so rlmliis llience north so eliuiiis.
thence uuat so chains. Llience south an ehnlns to
place ot beginning containing 'do ucrea more or
laiH  tin) adjoining the looatlon or I lent> M.
f^oputeilOotoboi i;iii. IWHI,
Margaret It. I'Utt. Locator
N. M, MaeLeo.1, Agent
:io Commencing at a post planted about live
miles ion southerly direction from Hugo ami
on Creek, am) about fourteen miles In a nortli
i-rij itin'i tion rrom the international Boundary
Line marked and being llio Initial or  th
puhI i t posl oi  Wiillace Law's locution,
thenee west HhIhiiiin, tliniice south no chains,
thenci* east ad chains. Ihenee north HOoliaillH to
in plncaof begtuiitiig containing MO acres more
oi less, nnd Udjolnlng lhe locution oi Andrew
W MoAlpino
l.i„,,ti'ii October ITlli; (WW.
Wallace Liiw, Locutor.
N  M, MhiLi'i.,1, Agent
'it Commencing at n |msl plunteil utmut
tiit'e mile', in n southerly direction iron, Bugo
HHl|  uu  C h    nnd  iibotil sixteen   miles Itia
iii at Inn h direction from the IllUirilHtlOMUl
Bfiuudar} Line mnrkod and being ihe luiiini
ur bOUtllWCSl  corner  posl  ,i(  Koger S. lireen
Sen location Ihfuiro easi sn chains, ihenee
unrlh no chalna, tlience west ho chatny. theuce
Miutii hi chain" io place oi cnminonoemeni en
taming >>•" acres more or   less,   nnd  adjoining
ih,- location or Mary Oneal,
Liti'iiicd Ootobec ITth, uhn;.
Kogor s. Green Sou. Locator
N. M. Mac l.m ii I. Agent
:ti  Coinmcnelug  ut a   post   planted  about
uud oil Creel,, it ml about  sixieeu   miles in h
northerly illreotlon from lhe lutornntlonul
Bnuudurv Lino, mnrketl ami lielng the inl tint
orsoniheasi corner poal of a ii SIuj *. location, ihenee weal 8u chains  ihenee north an
ehains. tht 0 easl mi chains, thenee smith 80
chains o> pluco ol hogliinlng coiitatulng 010
notes Him' ' leaa, and adjoining tin- location
of lingers ll ti Sen
Located Octotior ITth. 1000.
a ii stnv Locator
n. M, MacLeod Agent
:li Commencing at   a   post  planted ubout
line imi.'-, in ;\ southerly dlreellon fr  Ham
till.I   i>il  Creek    ami   HbOUl   -.iMcen   miles III a
neitii.'ih dlivciton rrom the Interuntioiml
Itouudur) Line, murked and being the Initial
or iiurthweKi corner postal Orace ilrecu's lo
cm,-ii   thenco east to chalni. tbence south*
chain-   tlience vscsl so chains   ili<'iiii<  Iiorlli  SO
di.unv i" place "i beghuiing containing fllU
acres more or leu and niUidulmi the location
,n \i i   iiii'ii-.tn
I,,,.,i,,i-ntniii'i irtii, inon
11 race lireen, Locatoi*
\   \t   MupLeod   Went
:!l   Coalmen, no.     it    ,i   |K18l    pUllUHl    SUotll
iim, mllus tu a southerly dlraeitou 'roiuMagu
nni oil Creek, and about sixteen mllea In a
  her!)  direction from  lhe   international
ii,nn.uo Line marked aud being tlie initial
,n i ,'ni...isi ooi uei |i,ki o| itoger S Ureeu, Jr
liK'SUou. thence WMt 80 chains,   llience solllll
iorhaiua tbeuceeaatHO ehitiua, theuce north
soI'liitn- tnplaceol kidumim coutalulng HO
acr s more or less uud ad an mug the locution
ol \  II Sluj
i tx'ated October ITth, ItWe.
Uogei S tl recti, Junior, Locator
s  M  MacLeod, Agent
sn cmumuuelug ul a post plauted about live
nun'- nt ,i southerly dlrocllontroiuSage and
Oil Creek ami about fourteon miles in n uorth*
nh direction from theluternatlouat Boundary
Line, marked ami being the Initial or south-
ew-,1. eoruer post ol C. n Hofmelstec's locution,
thence west 80 chuins. theuce north SO ehaius,
thence cast SOchnlUS, thence south su chains m
plnee nl beginning containing BIO acres more or
less, and udjoltllug Die location of Itoger S.
i;recti   Iiiiiii"
Located October ITth. IU06.
c. ll. Hofmelster, Locator
S  M. MacLeod. Agenl
'M- Commencing at a post plnnteil nbout live
miles In n southerly direction from Sage and
Oil creek, ami about fourteen miles in u nortil-
eri\ direction from the International Boundary
Line murked uud being the Initial or south-
west corner post of R B. Skinner's location,
llience east so chains, ihenee north  80 ehulns,
thenco wesi so ohalns, theuee south H" chains to
place of beginning containing r>io acrea more or
less ami adjoining tho location of li race (irceu
Located October ITth' ItfOtl,
K. B. Skinner, Locaior
N. M, MacLeod, Agent
!I7 Commenciug Ul a post planted about live
mllei in it southerly direction from Sage uud
ON Creek, aud about fourteen mllea lu a northerly direction from Ihe luieruutlouai Boundary
Luu . marked ami being the Initial or rortb-
West cornel post of Julius   Ahlberg's   location,
thonee oust 80 ehuins, thence south hi chains,
thenee west HO eliuins. theuee north ao chains
to plnee or beginning containing aw ueres nunc
or less, am! adjoining the locution of K. B.
Located October ITth. IWM.
Jtitina Alilberg, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
:w Commencing at a post planted about live
miles In a southerly direction from Sage and
Oil Creek, und about fourteen miles In a northerly dlreellon from lhe International Bnunilury
Line, marked and  being Die Initial or north-
cast corner post of I. F. Kastcrbrook's locution
thenre west HU chains, theuee south HO chains,
l hence east Hi) chains, thence uorth mi ehaina to
place of beginning containing am acres more
lew. and adjoining the location of .innaa Alilberg.
Located (timber ITth. iwk.
I. K, Kusterbrook. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
:t'j Commonelng ut a post plunteil aboul live
miles in a northerly direction from ^age und
(ill Creek, and about twenty-four miles In a
northerly direction from the luteruailoual
Boundary Line, marked und being the initial
or southwest corner post of William Matthew's
locution, ihenee east sii ehnlns, thenc" north Nl
chains, tlience west HO chairs, tbenee south Hu
ehulns to place of beginning containing i<lo
acres more or less, and adjoiuing the location
nf ('unletlu Llewellyn.
Loi'titcil Oetober I'th.llHHi.
William Matthews. Locutor
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
in Coiniui'iieiug ut u poat planted about fire
miles iu ll northerly direction from Huge aud
Oll Creok, and about twenty-four miles In a
northerly direction from the International
Boundary Line, murked nnd being the Initial
or southeast corner post of G. O. smith's locution, I hence west su chains, thence north so
chains, thonee east 80 chains, thence soulh M
chains to place of beginning containing MO
acres more or Iosh. and adjoining lhe locution
of Keiiu A. Chick.
Lwuin.d October tltUl, IIHW.
0. o. Smith. Loeator
N. M. MneLeod. Agent
ii Commonelng ut a post plumed ubout six
inllos lu a northerly direction from Saga ami
oil Creek, ami uboul twenty-live miles in a
northerly illreotlon from the Inlornutiouiil
lluuiiilioy Line, inarlieil and being the Initial
or siiuihwrsi corner posl of K< M. CUIt'B lia-n-
tlon. the me oast so eluilus. thence mirth HU
ehulns, ihci west HU ehulns. theueo soulh Ml
ehuins lo place o( beginning containing (HO
Here*) more or less, and nd joining  the local loll
or William Matthews,
Located Oetobor 1Mb. 1000,
II. M. risk. Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
ei Commencing at n post plunteil aboul one
mile In u northerly dlreellon from sage and
Oil Creelc. ami aboi.t twenty miles hi u nortli.
cily direct ion from llio International Boundary
Lille, murked and being the initial or north-
wesi corner post of Itobort Shaw's locution,
ihmiee eust an chains, theuce suuth HO ehalua,
tllUliee west 80 chains, thenee north  so eluilus
to plu f beginning containing IHO narcs more
or less and adjoining the locution of Josupli
Loomed Outlier 1Mb, MM.
Hubert simw, Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
I!   Coiniiiemlm; al a post plioiU'd about one
mile in u northerly iltreutlou from Huge and
oil crock, and aboul 'JO miles In u northerly
il I rent Ion rrom the Iniariuttlolial Boundary
Line, marked and being lhe Initial or north
cast corner post of Miriam W. McLean's   loeu-
llOtl,   thei    west   su  chains, thenee nouth. SO
Chains, ll i n-t WluhalllS    Ihenee nnrtk   HO
Clllllllh Iii plucu   of   bUglllllttlg   OOlttllllJlllg   IHU
acres more or less, und mljtllnllur llie   location
of Kmiiia A. Jobusou.
Located Outotwi 16,1900i
Miriam W. McLean. Lucatur
N.   M. MaeLeotl.  Agent.
4-1   Cuiniueiit'lug al h post planted   uhnui one
mill'   iu   a   northerly directtOti from Sage uml
oii ereek, and ubout W mlles.ln a northerly
illriTlioii Irom me liiteroatlonal Boundary
line, markod ami being ihe initial or aoutqeaat
cornor post of juaies a. Mutteoua   location,
llienec wenlHU ehuillh. theuee mn'li HO c linins.
lliciu-e eesl HU eliuiiis. tlience solllll HU clialUI tu
pluee of beginning containing oiouorca mure or
Icssiiml   adjoining   lhe loeiillou of Miriam VV:
Luentud October Ift. twio,
.lames A   McLean. Locnlor.
N   M. MiuLeoil. Agent.
r> coiiiiuciiiitig at a pi si plumed altoul one
mile iu a uoitherly dlreiilou from Sutte ami
Oil crei'k, and Hbool K0 miles in a uorlheily
direction Irom ihe luleriiitlioual Boutlfktry
lim uun ked ami hulOg ilielililial ii* lOtllllWUHl
eui'iiei posl ol .leimleliovaus local Ion. Ibence
easi su   chains    tllOllce north NOi-hiiins   llience
wosl an chains, thonee smith HOuiuOiis i<> pluee
ol I'l'i'innitii' ci >U tn III I lit; nlil  ne res luoic or les*
imd ndjolulug the looatlon ul liobcrt Shaw.
Located October 111  100(1
Jean to Uovaiti Liwiitor
N  m  MacLeod, Agouu
'I'ukc \oilic Hon Unity days uflei dale I in-
i.ini tnappi) io ihe chief Commissioner or
Land- nod Works ul Victoria lot pel mission lo
cut and can\ awav tl III Our tiom llie (ollnwiug
lbs, nbed l.iii.l-, in Soulh Bast Kooletiuy:
Commencing at n post plnuteil on the wcgt
line oi   Lot mi:M, about-.'JO chains iiorlli nf Lui
'jots, running west -tu chains, theuce &0uIII M
chains Ihenee wesl liiehalns, tlieiiot* noriti l*JO
rb nas. iliciicc eusl HU eluiius,   ihenee south   to
* ii.lias to pluee oi commencement containing
I'lonctes more or less
Crow b Nest i'n>s Lumber Co. Ltd.
David Breekeiiridgo, Agent.
October .'l, lOOtV ^;^
j Take Nntice thut thirty days after dale we
inteuil to apply to tlu- chief Commissioner of
[Lands and and Works hI Victoria. B.C. for
i pei allusion tu cut uail enrry uwuy limber from
i the   following   described   luml   lu South Kasl
Kooteuuy!   Cotnnfimo(ng,tU u poat plumed on
I the west lino nf Lot MM at the north oust corner ul Hackle's p re-e nip Hon, running north HO
iv.'litis, thenci! east HO ohutnftu thence north -M
chains, thence weat SO chains, tltenee north lis
ohalns, thenee west HO chains, theuee aoutb cto
chains, tlience east 30 chains to place dfcotu-
| itictieeuietii containing >>v> acres more or less,
Crows Nesl I'uss Lumber Co. Ltd.
David Breokenrldge, Agent,
October 31, lBtW. t:i
Take Notiee. tliut :W days ufter dttte 1 Intend
to apply the Chiel Commissioner of Luuds und
Works for u special lloenoe lu cut and curry
uwuy limber from the following described
hi lids in Southeast Kooteuay.
il) Commencing ut u post phoned nu the
west bank uf Klk Kiver about 1 •'. inllea up
stream from tbe northwest corner of Lot 4">K8
anu marked L. W. Put more nortli eaat corner
Licence Noi; thenee south 40 chuins. theuce
west hu chains, thenee nortb to the west bunk
of Klk river, thence following -said bank down
Stream to pluee of beginning
L. vv. Patmore.
October. 12, IHOH.
(BJ Commencing utu post planted on a Creek
flowing into the west side of Rlk Itiver about
•:•: miles up stream from the northweat eorner
of Lot No i:,sa mid murked L W. I'atmore
south west corner licence No'.*: thence north
iu chains, thouce eaat*) chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east 40 obalna, tbence soulh
I'JO ehulns. thence west 10 chains, theuce north
40chains, llience wesi m ehuins tu place of beginning.
L. W. I'utmore.
October 13, UHHI.
iii) Commenoing ut a post planted on the
west bank of Klk .Kiver near the northwest
corner of Lot NotlUftand marked L. W.- Put-
more north eaat. comer licence No 3: theuce
west in ehains. thence south I'-iOcbuIns, thenee
east lo the west bunk of Klk Itiver, thence
following said hunk up stream to pluco of beginning,
L. w. Patmore,
October Ift, 1900, in
Take Nni lee. thut DO days afterdate I intend
lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land nnd
Works for a special licence to cut und carry
uwuy limber from the lollowing iln.sorlbed luml
lu Southeast Kooteuay.
0) Commencing ut a post planted ou the
west bank of Klk Itiver about I a miles up
stream from the north west comer of Lot
-t-VW uml marked ¥. 0. I.a we north west comer
licence Not! theuce south lOOohalhs thence
east to llie west bunk of Klk river, thonee following said bank of Klk river up stream to
plnee of beginning.
1-'. C, La we,
October lit, una..
r.'i Commencing ai u post planted on a creek
flowing Into the west aide of Klk Kiver about
'.' fj miles up stream [mm the north wesl corner
of Lot IMP) and markeil K, C, Luwe houMi eust
corner licence No I): tbenee north 40 chains,
thence west 130 chains, theuee suuth 40 elmlns,
theuee eust IIIiibuiiis. Iluniee suuth 10  ehalua,
thence cast40  eliuins, tl i north Otehuln*.
theuce east 10 chains to pluee uf begllllllg,
K. c. Lowe,
Oetobor ill, llton,
lit) Commencing ut a pntu planted on the
weat bunk of Kill Itiver about :l miles up
streatn from the northwest enrner of  Lot  i;,hs
ami markod V, C. Lawe north eaai eorner
licence Noll:   theuoo  aouth  Hi)ohalns, thenee
west so ehaius, thence north so cliuius.   tbence
eust no eliuiiis tu pluee or licgiullig
r. 0. Lowe,
October |ft, liNNi. |;t
The Illinois Central
Muint.iitis uuexcollod eervtco from
the wosl to tlio oust und south. Milking
uloflfl conneotionB with trainu of all
trunauoutinonutl linos, pusaono;i>r>j. are
glvon their choiuo of rputOB to Chicago,
I.tmlsvilli'. MemphiB and New Orleans,
and through those (KtintM to the fur east
Pt'os|»ei'i,iciMriivelei'H (leniring infor*
unit inn us tn the lowest rates and beat
routes ure invited to eori-uHpondouee
with tlie following I'cpi'esoiittitiveBi
II. H.TlttiMitULL.Conimereiiil Agent
142 'I'.lilnl St„, I'oialuui], Oregon.
.1. <!. LiNitHKV, T.K. & I'.A.
142 Third St., Portland, Oregon.
V. \l, TllOMI'SONj K A l',A., Uooin
I, Column Hhlg., Seattle, WunIi.
N'utiee Is hereby given thul thirty days after
'b'le I. ihe unilertilKiieil. intetiil to apply tithe
Hon. t'hief Commissioner ol l.umb-.uuil Works
nt Victorln. lor a speeiui licence to cut ami
curry uwuy timber horn the fullowitu/ Uencrlb
el lint.Nlii Kiisi Kooteiuty: Com incur ini; .it a
post ji Inn i ii I at the mn theiiKi comer of Timlier
Licence No. am;: thonee north IH.7&ohalns
more or loss in the nurlh-west enrner uf J.
Mean's I'. |{. \,i. iwi: llu'iico ohsI-.ll eliuiiis;
I lie nee nortb IJtA.01 cbslns: theuce wmI 10
i Iitiii)*: tbenee south biiichalui: theneii ea»t*M
ctisins to iiie point of cnmuicncetiiiMit, iuiiIuIii
on; UlO neres. mure ur less. .
Dated nt crunbrook. it c tblsSflthday o(
October, iwo.
riMUKit NO'rrcK.
'I'like tint lefl thnt thirty iluys ufierdate
we inteuil to upply to tho Chief Com*
inlh«loi|iJi'Of Lanils ttml VVorkfl for piM'-
ll.lHSiotl to Oltt and eurry awav tiiulier
from the fnllowing dosurtlied lands is
Sunt It r'.itst Konti'iiay:
t'oiimieneitig ill a piwl planted K4
eliuins imi'ili und 4r> eliaitiK eusl from
the nnrth-wesl eorner of.lohn Itreek en-
rlllgo'fl tlmbor lease, holng t*dt mimlier
.'ilis.'i. thenee Nortli eighty ehuliw, thenee
Wesl eiglity ehaiiiM, thenee smith
eighty ehttliiK theneenist elirhty ehaiiiK
to (mint of eotninetieenient.
Dated Soptomboi* 28lh', ltMHt.
II litis Staples.
TI.MHKK NOTIOK.        '
Take nut ice that thirty duysufterdate
Wo intend to Upply to thu Chief CAfti-
missiimer of Lands and Works at Vie*
Itiriii for peraiissiim to eut 'and earry
away limher from the following de-
northed lands in South Kunt Kootenay:
i'ommeneing at it post planted 84-'
ehaihS nortli and X, ehaina west of the
North west eorner of John Hreeken*
ridge's timber lease being Lot number
&p85l thenee north eighty ehalua, east
forty chains. North forty ehuins, Went
eighty ehains. South 120 drains, Kust
forty ehains to plaee of heinniug:
Dated September 26thi 11KK1.
41 Otis Staples,
Notice is herby given that. 3t) days after ilute.
I intt-iul to upply in the Hon. Chief Cnniiiiis
sinner of Lund- und Works for u special licence
to cut and carry away timber tt*oiii the folow-
hiK ilosciiiii'd lunds:
'I1. L., 8. Iv Cor.." and planted eust of lake on ■
Hartly Creek Trail, about .ISO chains nortb uud
SO cliuius west of the south-west corner of Lot
S.Hiil.drmip 1; theuce north Hd chnlnn. ihonee
wesi so chains: thence south so chains, thetiee
oust HO ehnlns lu point of cominoncemeuti.
Listed Sloth August, 190(1.      A. M'Uougall.
lit* .1.0. Cumminga, Locator.
Notice Is hereby yi ven thut. :to days after dule,
1 intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works font apeclil licence
to cut und carry away timber from t he following
dCMcrlbeil lands:
('ommeneing at a post plumed at the south- *
west corner of Lot AMU. Uroup I, uud marked
"A. M'DoUKallu T. L.. S. K. Cor.": thence
north IU ehulns: thence east 40 chains: theuce
north 40 chains, theuce west 80 chains,
thence south I'M chains: theuee easl
40 (chalna to polo1 of cotnnieucenic.ut: cou-
ininiiii'tUu acres.
Dated 30th Augusi. 1900.       A. M'thmgall
:w ,(. Q. cuuiiuings. Locutor
Take notiee that thirty days after
date we intend toapply totheC'hiefCnm-
tnissioner of Lands and Works for permission to eut and earry timlier from
the following dedOribed lauds iu South
Kast Kooteuny:-
t'ommeneing at u (tost * mile south'
of the south-west eorner Lot ttlh4 thetiee
west 2 miles, thenee south * mile thenee
east2mllea, thenee north 4 mile to plaee
of beginning.
Milted October ifth. IflOth
Crothers Lumber Company, Limited.
Take notiee (hat thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to eut and carry away
timber from the following described
lands in South Kust Kootenay.
t 'ommeneing at a post plunteil at the
soittli east eorner of Lot 1(250, Group I.
thotfue. soutb 120 ehaitiH, thenee west
~>:..ui) ehains, tbenee north I "JO ehaitiH,
thenoe east 58,50 ehaltts to pluee of
begin ulng.
Hated Oetober I'-'Mi. ItHXt.
41 Krnest C. MePhee, Lm-ator
Notiee Ik hereby niven thnt. Jin ilnvsHfter dule
I Inteuil toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Luii'ls and Works for a special license
lo tint and carry away timber from the follow
Ingilo.serlbeU lauits:
Commending at a noil merited-a. M'Doukhii'h
T. L.N.W.i.'ur.," and planted OU Hartley Creek
Ubout 'Km chuins north uud so ehulns west of the
south-west enrner nf Lot '.VMI. Uroup I: thenc*
"until |l|0 chains: tbence oust 40 chalni: tlience
nniiii toehuliis: theueo eust 40 chuins; tbence
nortli ioi-IihIuk: theuce west 10 chains; lo puiut
ur ciimmeneement: contulnlng oio acres.
Ailu.IHUbKHXI. 40 I.
Take notiee that thirty daya after
date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commiasionor of Landa and
Works for periniasiou to eut and earry
away tlm Iter from the following de-
serlhi'd hinds in Soutb Must Kootonay;
Commeneiiig at a |mst planted Htxty
chains south of the south east corner
of Lot 1(2511, Croup I, thenee south NO
ehaliiH, thenee east 80 ehaina,' thetiee
uorth Mi) chuins. thenee west HO ehnlns
to place of beginning.
I )ui oi I Oetbbor 12th, IttOtl.
Kriu'st C. Mei'lii'i', Locator THE PKOSPBCTOR, CKANUl.OOK, li C, N'OVKMUKU
DON'T it please yon tohuve §'
Photographs    nl    yuui'll
relatives innl  friends,   possibly
SOIllP   Vim    llllVO    l»'l     soon    I'm'
Now what tilioul yours?
IV,, know you have not thought
iniiili uboul it unit thai Is why
we rail your attention to u duty
you are neglecting, Come up
and see our styles and act in
good time tor Christmas,
iM,., *lrtt*.ti*itm"l->'ii'       y dollars In Ihi'ir npglert of i-oulonled will, llicstaMitpiHl i r ,■•■ tyr^S=^s;-*s^*=^='=y. =s^  ^=^;=^^-=——— —-
cite j?tt>*vccu>i.  „.lull  vvoul   ,!,..„, UV|U , „, .,,„ ,,;. s^,„. ff^Sa^^^^^s^j^^^^g-^^
Prest rirato Co.
PitiuiT. Framlim ii Specialty
Bulcor St. Cranbrook, B.C.
g Cline   I
I I Mmmiiiiii iij,i,,', SI        I)
,1, um, iiurounil ii, ii,,- /
MA N lllll! \   HOTI'H.
sl I'Ihw, W'ni'k in nil liranilii-
,,1 III,
Tonsorlal Art I
Fm ii Coul mnl Glean Shuvr
Or ii Pertect Hair Cut
A Hot, or Cold Butii
ilATURDAY, S'llV. ", I!	
East Kootenay.
pay   iii.in   won. lam!   nvii   |
They seem i|uito content io a I luu . shoe.
a Calgary di r, who gets his     The Stater Shot, system   prv   WI
supplies from tho United States,  ,.   n,,,   s\    w ,.,.    ,,.,„„ f|
lo bring in all the turkeys, geese Uncling exorbitant   profiiis;   ii Wi
i onttiiiiud fi iHiiro I. ami   ducks  cousin I    In    the further    enables    the     maker
Tho lands in the Kootonay I wholo district during tho Christ-1[0
I m Walter B. Laing ..KL.,
: II and Columbia Valleys from llul- mas   hollidays,   The   CI so
•    Bakorsti t, i*i-anlirook, B.C,   | den, south to Tobacco Plains, on population ot this town   Cran
'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiuuuuuuuuu    ii,,, border of the United States,  brook   alonearoe.x slve buy
are mostly in the hands  of  thei ers of chickens and ducks    An
HOi h i
j   L.C0HN  \
* I
« Tailor % Importer of *
|       Fine Woolens.      *
* *
9 a
* Crunbrook, H.C,  Armalronir Avu  £
* *
J. Edgar Davis
j.   Bricklayer   «
""'^Contractor  w
I'lll INK lid
Furnace, Boilor, Range anil
PirophiQe Work a Specialty, All
description of stono-worlt under-
Orders left at J. D. McBRIDES
Will Kcoolvo Pt'Oiupl Attention.
We have been iu the business
for several years, we have the
best equipment in B.C. and wo
guarantee satisfaction.
About thai; Piano
We are the authorized agents
for the removal of Mason St Risch
Pianos, wo can do the work without risk. Also Household Furniture.
Proprletera of tlio
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
Offlue opposite
C.P.R. Depot. Phono 03,
Nul in- iali,-rli\ ijivi'ii liml iliiri.i ila.vK
frum ilui,■ I imi,ml ioiippl) iniliil'liii-l'
l" iiiivsiuniTuI' Liimls ami Works fm
it speeiui lii-i't In eul uml I'lirrj m'.u.v
titular Iiiiiii llio fllllmvinn lleserilieil
liimls in I'.usi Kooienay:
rniiinii,lieIne ul a posl plllllleil nn ilie
Xoi'lh slilo of Willie Itlvui llie Kusl I ,,■,,,■
  , onplon wnc i is in lor iter cut
liiinniliii'V lim-nl l.nl t-ilHi ni'in' ii posl        '
overninoul and the  Canadian experienced man with incubators
imrkeil 1Mihi+ 4-r,.:io. tlionee, riintibiir
■usi  fni'iy eliuiiis.   il    Nortli   WO
Pacillc Railway Company.    Mr, land brooders would make lols ol
,1. I1'.   Armstrong,   Government money hero."
Agont at Cranbroolc, reports tol	
,,      , ,     ,-   i     i      ..i NO RXORBITANT  PROFITS
llie  department   nl   lands   ami
works:    "There is now no  landj
in this district   open   [nr   pro- Slalor Shoes undo and Marketed |(
in Prolecl iiif luivi
tnro,   Tin' want nf water tor Ir
rigatlon provents  most   uf tin
'•imiiis.  iin'    wsi   ini'i.v   eluilus, vacant lands bulng available lor
iiii'iu'i' Souili ion i'liuins to plu Haerlcultut'i
i lomnioiieonieiit.
Pnteil ihis .'uili ilu.v   nl Hopteinl
il' .IniniM llnii'kuli
TIMItl-'.li N'llTIOK
TAKK   NOTICK tlml   I   Inteuil   in
apply in nn' Chlof C Ililssl r  nl'
Llllills iiiiiI Winks inr permission in mu
uml I'ui'i'.v ttwit.v limber from lliofolluw-
biirilese|illieil liimls In South Kasl Knnie*
' EL *
rank Irsl     .'lass ffij
a f«i,'^«iall0BothlpWc^luti||Gue8tS Uomfort a Specialty  Good s,ablin9 in Connection |
trade mark are stamped  un  tbe W. 88!
real Slater shoe, und  the  buyer lit! v .,,.   ,,      .,      . . ,, {)1\
, ,. , , 'IK Nearest to railroad depot.    Has accommo- ft
wliu is wire id   o sne   these   can    iff, ,r,,i,„,      r   .    .i Li. KT
,    c, ,      ,„        \m tuitions,   foi    il,,    public   unoqua ed    n >ft
um im tlocoivod.   Slater Shoes ltta
. ,   ..      , ("S3 ' rattbroolt.
Ill Sf-l, s,, anil Sii Inr men,   ami   al I iff
s.",.",ii. si ami ijtfi  inr women  are flu
till (ioodycarwollcd und warrant- iff „.„„,., .
I.^Rold*Co.e.Nch,sivoa!rentslll  HOGGARTH & ROLLINS     L
Proprietors M
Rold & Co. exclnsivo agents \m ,,   ,       ,,,   ,,.,
brook, 1 '"' kl ,{;,th>
t'imiiiit'tiriiiii ill  a  posl   pttllllell  I'.lo
ehulns west ami 118. "K elmlns south  nf
Illi' snutli-i-llst  'llllli ul l.nl lil 111, ('roup
I, Heine; llriiliri's' Preemption,tbenee
eust eighty ehulns. tin south eighty  luml, says Mr. lirittitli,  is   prac
i'liuins. thmii'i'   wesl   t'lghtj   i'liuins.  ticnlly  useless except  I'm* pasl
thenee uorth eighty ehulns in pluee nf
beginning, siivu uml exeepi  thereout
those pacts, tf any. eoveroil by o.vlst-
  The municipal voters list   wn
"Wo want si s upon which closed mi   Tliursduy,   Ociobei Centrally Located
wo can  plnoo our own  profit," illst.    Wits y *i placed on
I have sent   many Isald a shoo dealor, who was dis- the li>i
IIntending settlers tu see ihese,
! hul thev   Iiiui'  proved   linsillls
factory nml I would nni   rocoiu-
inond thom in anybody."
Willi regard in North Hast
Kootenay, Mr. ,1. 15. Griffith,
Government agent al Golden, iv
purls: "There is nn agricultural land loll." excepting ithqul
Kino acros on Nu. ilCreok, northwest nf Wilmer. Tho laud is
lightly timbered nnd requires Irrigation     All lhe oilier   vacant
^5^^§^§^5§S'- §§|§ I $?£i$55£35S£35£
ing lii'i'tiei's.
Dated October ISth, IIIOII,
l*-' Ki-nnst I'. Mel'hee, I.,
It will pay those who are
looking for work to call and
Jim   McArthur
He can secure you a jot) and
also tit you out in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.
Jim MGflrtliur
Hanson Ave. Cuanuuook, B.C.
Atlantic Steamships
From Montreal nnd Quebec
tn I .iverpool
Empress of Britain Ool  I Oth.
Lake Ohamplaln Oct. 27th.
Empress of Ireland Nov. 2nd,
Lake Erie Nov. llllli,
Kirs) eubili '1<li.*i anil   npwiu'ils ui'i'iil'il-
ing iii sti'tinii'i'i   iiiiii eliiss stoamors
(intel-llleiliuli') lilL'.nO: Si-emul eubili
Mfi unit upwards: Third eliiss Mtl.:"iii
uml *'_'«.75,   Apply ut nnee for uur lllu-
Ntuiri'is lu'i'i'iiy alvon tlmt. mi iluys urii'i-
ilute, I iiiii'iid inii|i|ily in tin, lion. C'lilnf Cum.
lllissiotii'i' or Units mill Winks fill' ll spec-Ill!
lii'i'lll'l, I.i mil nml rally IUVII.V tlllilirr ffiilll llll'
following ili'si-riliL-u Innils:
ruiiuni'iii-iiii.'   in   ii   i„,st    miirkeil    "A.
M'tiniiiiiiUsT.:... N. W. por.,   nmi tiliniii'ii
nn Um liy I'l-i'i'li. :i lnnu \iiai eliuins inirtli mnl sll
i'llllllia west uf tlii' sniilli-ivi'sl I'linn'i ol l.nl
•3MI, Uroup 1: ilii'niT soulh IHO eluilus: tlieiu-e
l-nsl llli'lmtlls: llli'lli'i' llllllll IU i'llllllia: llietll'fl
oust 10 i'liuins: lllL'lll'i' lliil'lll III I'lialns:
llli'lli'i' Wl'sl III .'llllills   til   llllllll   Of   I'lllllllll'll	
intuit; I'lititnitiiiiK uui iiuroR:
IJnlfil llnili August. Iimii.      A. M'UollBllll.
:l« .1. n. t'lniininins, l.oi'iitoi-.
Notlii' is llfll'tiy ulvon llllll. HU iluys llfti'r ilill,
[ Itltoilll 10 utility to tin- lion. L'hii'l Commls
slollOf nt I.UIHlsiuiil Works tor ll spi'llllll liii'nr,
to i'iit uml I'lilry uwuy timlier rrom tlio follow
ili'si-rttii'il liimls:
roiiiini'iii'iniiiitu post mui'lii'il "A. M'OoilBull'i
T. I,., N. W. Cor.,'1 mul pliiutoil west of l.nk<
uu llurtly CreokTrsll. ubout U80 i'liuins nortl
uml 12U i'liuins wesl or soutll-wi'st OOl'IIOl' of Lot I
li.lal!, Group I: thoneo snutli 80 eliuins; tlionco |
oust80 eliuins: thoneo nortli 80 i'liuins. thonei
west SO eliuins lo jioitit of   I'Oiiiuii'iii'i'ini'iit
conmlnillg IM0 uoros.
liuii'il imili Anmist. tliul.      A.   M'nouiuill.
Its J. li. Quuilllings, l.oi'itlor.
Take notiee thut thirty ilu.vs after
ilule I Intend tn upply In tlm Chlot
('iiiiiiiiissinnt'i' of Lumls unil Works fur
permission to eut uml eurry uwuy
timber from tlm following hinds in
South Kust Kootonay:
Commonelng nt it pnsl plunteil I'-
ehulns eusl of tlm nouth west eornor nf
Lot IIJIIII. K. K. King lleenee, ami
inui'keil "i 'nitlint's Limilu'i' Compuny,
Stuiih wost eornor", thenee north
eighty ehulns, thoneo nasi oiglity
i-liuins. thenee soulh nighty i'liiiins,
thenee west eighty ehulns tn pla
Dated Soptombor 17th, lllOii.
its        Crothers Lumber Compuny
Tuke Notloo thul HO iluys uftor
ditto wo lntoml niukiug upplleation in
the llmini'iililf iho Chief Commissioner
nf Lumls uml Works Inr 11 Spoeiul Li-
1'i'tisn tn mil antl eurry.uwuy ttiuber
rrom llie fnlhirt'iitg ilt'sm-ilii'tl lutuls.
I'liitiiiimii'ing at u pnsl   phiotld al   lim
North-west uornur of Loi "itStl, Ihoi	
Soulh 811 ohalns, tlionoo West Tiii-luiins
tlmiii'i' North Sll ehuins.  thoneo  Kusl
"11 t-luiiiis tn plu if t'liinnii'iiiTtiii'iii.
eonlnlnlng IIOO ueros more nr less
lliil.'il. Ilelober aith IHOH.
Wniisliitrg  I.utnlii'i' in.
II w. liiiiln. Agont.
'I'lMI'.Ki:   NOTICK,
Take Notion lhat Tliiriy days uftor
date we Intond making upplleation in
I he Ihmnl'lilili' I Im < llllof Cnllllilissiiilii'i'
of Lumls uml Works for »| lui lioense
tn mu iiiiiI earry uwuy Ttmlwr from tlm
ure. ns water cannot be aot tn it.
"District No. 8 is tlie country
known as Kast Kootenay, ami is
separated from No 7 by ihe Dogtooth range of mountains. |l is
traversed by the Upper Kooienay River from Thunder Hill
soulh'vard lo lhe Phillips ranch,
on ilie International boundary,
and from Thunder hill Northward hy the Upper Columbia
river, tn the big bend. In llio
southern portion of this district
there are immense stretches of
thinly wooded lands suitable fur
fruit-growing purposes, and llu.'
valley of the upper Columbia
River has many choice locations
for the enterprising fruit-grower. The lack uf transportation
facilities is a great hindrance to
the development of the fruit
lands of the Upper Columbia.
Another poultryman, writing
from Cranbrook, Konlenuy says:
"Eggs in this locality have been
selling all winter at from iiu tu
tin cents, and in several cases at
75 cents por dozen, In March
they were worth 40 cents per
dozen. I do a little in llie egg
and poultry line myself. Vin
have -lllll hens, and they have
laid fairly well, but the eggs an'
sold fresh laid, people coming
to tlie house for litem. During
the season 1 have sold in the
milling town of Moyie many
dozens of birds at 22 cents per
"f| pound. My birds are dressed.
I. have a steady market for lun|
pounds of poultry llesh per
1 week at the price named. Il is
I uot easy to buy birds til for
market about here. The farm
ei's all along the foot-hills of the
Rockies and through the line up
In Sl rat henna give no attention
to poultry, and  miss   a   good
The oven in
Hie Kootenay Steel Range
is ventilated
,   Ran$e
\ London-Toronto■*> MonIreaI
\Wfnn ipe.g -Vancouver-Sr.JohrxhLB,/
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under Ne«   Management
Ikvuli'iini'ters Im
uun .uiil nlil timers.
;i       W lien you want  ;t   good
place   tn  stop ciiini- in iii,,
'*   Manitoba.
f    t    1>
I We Give You Your Money's Worth
T?OTTTVT"n     "N l,AKI':" ST., (IKE imili; wkst i,|*
■*aV-/Ul\iJ IIII.I.   A   III.      T „|y  |,| :„,„„•„
■'   I i'lll  nillki, lil,' uni'lli il„. Hvl
do itan note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
English Importation
L. I'LAl'l'
,11'HT   ARRIVED    A    RKAI'TIKI'L   LINK   OI<'
English Vases (lard Cases
I'niil Dishes nul Hon Hon Sets
(iimi iii sinnv you these  ^uods.     The  prices
are iiiiii its we bought these from lhe makers.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   —
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
C. E. REID & CO.,
Phone  74 The   DmggiStS
*mr- -ma*
£ Always Up-to-Oatc — 3
At*— •*ta**t
£ Cranbrook, -     . B.C. 2
A I'tniii nl'Kt'viainli iitiii  Appi-ul  1111-
llnrtl I'llllill!   Si'lii.nls   Ai'l.   Illllli"
mul tiiiit'iiiliut'iii Afl lllllil, for lln> t'tit'L
Sli'i'l,' .\aa,'sa| |   Dl«ll'tul    will    llll   tli-
I'lll' ('mil   I'rt'fli.    I'.lltu nml   Mii'ln'l
al'lllllll   lliatl'jl'la    ill    Iln-    liiivi'l'lltlli-lll
nHltum, I'oniie, un Woilnumliiy tin- -lai
N'ovuml  timil. nl ti'ti ii'i'liii-lt  in iln-
I'orl s I.', Kiinhi'i'li'.v.   Miirj'BVlllo,
Moyio mul IViirtinur huIioo] ilUlrlulK
.,,.,.,,.,       lit till) CI UVOI' .'Ill llllllTa.    tl'lllllil'lillil,
fll   OWIIIH'  I I'SITltll'll     lllllil    Slllllltt'll    llll.,.,,.,,     .. , .,„,.      .
,,     ,. " ,,,./. ,     I"" I Inirmliij', 22ml  Novumlwr Iiubi in
Kllat  l\lillti'llllV   IHiitl'tt't:    ( lltllllli'lll'lllj
ut 11 |,i)at iilili'tiil at tin' Stntlli-Wi'rti
t-iilliiM' nf l'i'r-i'iii|illon H74. i'iiiiiiiiii|'
thoncu HII i'llllilla North: thonito lu
i'liuins I'liiKt: tilninne Hu t-hiiins Snnlli:
tlitiiifi- 111 i'liuins Wusl, tt, point of fiiiii-
Stl-tlttill     llllllkli't      (ll'SI'l-ipllv,,     tlf    tlllf    llli'lli'i, |] aa - tl f
siipi-i-itii' Tlilnl <'luss tti't'tiiiiitiiuliition.
From Montreal to London
Lake Michigan (let. ITth.
Third class only #2(1.50
Montrose on. 24th.
Carrying Unil class only 1(40,00
Special   Limited   Train
Ninety-Six hour Vancouver to
Quebec.   Oct. Ilith and Nov.  I*.'
Kor ili'iuili'il Information iiuiil Iiorlli
ivsi'i'viiiinns for Iriiin in* liouls imply tu
lui'ii! ugontnor write
R, .1. Covl'-i   A.(I.I'.A..   Viiui'inin'i'
J. B, CAUTJClt,   O.I'.A.,   S'uIhiiii, ll.C.
I Intnl. Si'plt'lnlil'l'llllll. IIHHI.
\\'a(lsliiii'|i; Ijiuiilitir I'n.
41    "' A. V,. Walls.
Tilko Nulli'f Unit  sixty iluys uftor
11 ate wo inteuil making iipplleatton in
I.I10 llnniiriilile tlto (llllcf Cm IhkIoiioi'
nf l.miils mnl Wiii-ks lot- pi'i-niissinu In
piiri'lnis,, tlie following ilnsi-rilii'tl lumls.
i-iilnttit'lit-ing lit 11 pusi plili'iill III Hie
N'oi'lh-Eiist. eorni-r uf Lot 52-10, running
llience Ilil) ehains   Wesl.   tlienee   lu
eliuiiis Soittli, Hiei   Hill eliuins Eusl,
llience 111 chains Nort.lt to lhe poi I
cnuuneiii-i'tni'iil.   containing iiiii ueres,
lltui'i' nr less.
Datod thin Ulllli ilny of October   num.
Wiitlslnirg Lumber To.
II A. P.. Willi-. .Inr . Agent.
ten u't-lut'l; ii, tho forenoon,
•Iiiiiii,a I-'. Artnslriini.,,
44      I'uiirt ol lioviflioii unil Appeal.
C.'raiilii'ook, II. U„ 80th Ontolior, mini.
*   GOOD
Marysville, B.C.       COLE & HANDLEY, Prop.
Tho I ling Hotol uf lliu Si.
Mary's Volley. Nice airy rooms
newly furnished, 'Pablo us
good as uny in Koolenitv.
Calgarv Beer, Ale & Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO.. Hay ami Grain.
9   Cranbrook, B.C.
(KuiiM *■'.)
ct':it'ril''r''A'l,t-; or IMI'HUVHMHNTR,
' AJux, romposl,'*nml "HiiowiliKl" mliioml
rliiliHs. sIlimliMii thi'.l'Wl Steele Mlhitlf* Hi
(isiniiof Kaat Ko'ili-imy llistrlel.
Wlieiv liii'iiti'il: On hVnwIi'li Mniittliiln nmi
Hull Ith ei.
Thk'i liotltiu tlml Jaiiiex A. Ilarvny. ¥tve Min
ith1 Certilleiilc No. ||'.i|ll iiM'tln-,' 11-. ni;eiit lor
.IlllllOHT. I.lll'lltiw, I'ii<- Mltii'i'sCerlflli-iitrNo,
111 Hill, Itih'iHl, sixiv iluys Inun Mm iliilo liumol
to Il|i|i1y Hi lite Mining Ke.onli'i hir a Curtlll-
eute».( Imiirovi'inciilh, fur llu- |lllr}KlKU or oli-
tIII itlni; " ''i "AMI U nui I, of I'tu'li or Mil- it Imvc
Anil (iniiili   Luke tiollee Hint i.ellon. iimler
HoulJon :it. must b Mnmoncud bitforu thti Ihhij-
tinee of sm-li i 'I'rtllliute ul liii|Hiiveiiii'iils.
huleil llils.'lltlnliiv ot.lt  1IMM.
" ,1   A   M.\l(\ KS
GtO. R. LtflSK & Co
'l.uis. Specifications
nml Estimates
| NORTH   STAR       i
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.     ^  9
Kimberley,   13. C.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Royal Hotel
A. P. CHENETTE, Manager
MiiryMvillc, B.C.
'I'lu' iiniivr hotol hus liui'ii r
■ ''I HiriiiiL'luiiil. 'I'lif Ilui' is
I liquors uiul Cigars,
iconlly orootod, .iml noally furnish-
suppliod wiili ii,,' 1,,'si brands of THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   B.C.,  NOVEMBER 8, 11106
MR. CARSS perfected the Mackinaw Cloth am
personally inspects ever\ garment shipped out ol his ware
house to insure that Absolute Perfeetness, Me guarantee
that you \\i\\ receive one hundred cents worth ol satisfai
lion for every dollar you invest in his goods
fllallilllll'll lll-ttlhll'llt'lllllt  null., -
your In :i,i throb: jiiiiI your uyo»
"whirl   ami   innl,'- } U* tn
) '-ii.i.i.i.'li in
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
9 _ 	
S        /   rT^l^iT'T^   H     I tion for every dollar you invest in his goods A     They can't hurt yon and they
9        I    M^J.;\   i^^4   1     | 1 stop any hoadaoh
\\      One Owen In it Box 25c.
We have a complete line ot Ins make 5   Beattie & Atchison
of Mackinaw coats, pants.    Tweed pants I    Where H Pays ,0 Deal-
and German socks every  article   fully * | STEWART S ti
guaranteed and are  sold  at   tlie   same*       n. t. .ui .1 s„„„
© ^ IOI
1 'hoice Confectionery
sf. i'i;i:.sii   Mrs
9  1  ii-, \   i )|-;inges .nul   11,iiiiiii.is
9      Choice t >k,nu'!.'.in Fruit
*.   Persian Dates Sweet Potatoes
**i l:\VAII Is   iim    fllurnl  \lls
CHINA and GLASS tn this department we keep n full line of
ordinary ware suitable for hotels, boarding houses and kitchen
For the CABINET and dlnthg room rucks we keep a good
assortment every piece o useful piece nnd suitable for Christmas sritts such ns
ROYAL DOULTON Sll(fiir, Cl-Olllll Will Tuiiuot SotB «R,00, I'uliilli'slii'lcs *I.T*i.
.i,im~   *l..',u,      WEDOEWOOD I'hiiii White .lugs   lOe,  Sue,   Till',    I'litiu
White   Mm Waler .lliu *l'.ihi.   ToiipoUi  H2.00.   Cujis uiul Sui n *u.uu
peril*.   Ton I'lul.'- -m.ihi por .1/.      ROYAL CROWN DERBY   Vases
♦*.'..*in in *l.iin,'ii,'li.   Itoso.turnW.IRIouoh,   Mugs 111.80 tl.iB eiieh,   Cups
iintl Su i-s. Sugar Howls, I't't'iiui .lugs uml Teapots,      CUT GLASS
Kiiytisli lni|Hit-ii-il l-'linifi' Vases hi Many Shapes nml Sizes.   IVIitpOreuni
Dishes, Wine Jugs, Spirit,lugs, Ktu., Etc
:eries u
,'KS, Mini
Cranbrook,   -    -    B. C.
l-'iinoy iiiiii Staple GROCERIES und CROCKERY
J prices the other
* makers ask for
* cheaper  grades
Our Goods are
ftriiistroiio, ftve
a nuu
*f Phone 76
j Baptist Church
i*. Special Sermon Series
9 for November.
©he gteo£p«cte.
I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that on Monday, the ,">th day ol N'overabei A D. llH)t> at the hoi
twelve o'elock noun, at the Government Office. Cranbrook. B.C., I shall offer for sale bj   public
Sunday    Evening,   Nov    lib.
"Magnificent    Minorities of
iiu' World."
Sunday   Evening, Nov    Illli.
"Famous Failures of llisin
twelve oelock noon, at the Government Office, iranbroou. w.i>., l snau oner ior saie oy  puouc Sunday   Evening,   Nov.   isth,
auction the Mineral claims in the list hereinafter set out, of which Crown iTi-auts  liavi   -       -- ed.  e                                              a ivingslup ot Mon.
for all unpaid taxes accrued and due and payable on the ilOth day of .1                            the expenses |   LOCAL  NEWS.   1 Sunday Evening,   Nov.  2nlh.
of advertising this notice,                                                                                                                   --'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaiuuuuuuv "Kingship uf Christ."
If the taxes and expenses of advertising,  as set out in said list are not paid to ue             i            ,;   McGregor uml S. Potter of Special music,  Sankoy hymns,
the day of sale, the claims muy be sulil to the highest bidder, and it conveyance executed to the pur-  Moyie were in thecity Thursday. Warm wolonie.
chaser of all  righl  and interest in said clnim legally alienated by the Crown by the Crown Grai *- 	
,,        ,                                                                                                                                                   Don't miss the children's shoo ,,.             ,,           ..,    ,,
thereof.                                                                                                                                               sale todav at Hill A Co weather,   with    Frosy
In the event of there being uo purchaser, or if the price offered shall not be sufficient to pay o,.i ' I nights, this week,
taxes and expenses of advertising, the land shall absolutely revert to the Province aud  the Crown |    Malcolm Mclmiis wus up from
Grants thereof shall be doomed void.
lEIkmouth Monday ou  business.
villi: in* I'BHSON.
•Tins* 111' i I.A1M.
Kxpenses ,,i
Advert islnu
KiiiiieiiiiV'I'ei'i'vlii'i'i'li (lolil Mines I,lil I'eiirl, I.. :m.'i,">. (I. I. Ktv, Usl
- "   '          Kllilitini. I., milll   "       "'      "      	
  llulniliier, I,, lllllil	
  Ill Iiu, Wnll. I.   Iii.'.l. II, I, Ktv. list,
tnviutii Cull! Mini* l.lil-
I'tiyriill Mtnhii! '". l.nl
Ai'iliur Phillips....
A. II. lll-ili'.'	
riiliiiniiii- M. Parker
lillliV fl'lll'linn. I., in*."..    ■*
lalul Ullll    I.. HI',-. 	
Stn'orelifll. I., lilnii.	
ri-iili'il. I., iiiui 	
Illtrliliiliil tlml. I.. U|ii.*i	
Holdout Yn-i-nFriie. L. IIIOII, (I, i. Kl\ H.
,le l-lillle Slllllli'l. I.. 551'' '....
Kviuih. i.. mi''.	
I'orsin-ni-ii  I,. r,RI''	
. Selit uedor, l„ 5:11-'	
I'liyiniislei-, I., itnill,        ti. I. Ktv. IIM.
1'iivri.ll. I„ Will*!, 	
. Su'perin'.i■iiili'iu. I,. :I5ii:i	
. Surprise, I., Iluilll, 	
iinliil,n ruin. I,, mis       	
Klnu Snliimnn, I,. *.l.*il     	
. t,i ii nl SliiUm. I.. 5152	
Illi; neiiil lim, I,. filiiil     	
.11 i i'iiuiIi. I„ Biol         |
-l'J 75
1*.' L'5
l'J nn
:: uu
I ii*.
li T.'i
111 .-,11
7 50
:i 7.',
lil m
ll i'i
ti uu
lil till
I.'I uo
lu ,'iu
12 Ml
2 nn
2 uu
2 uu
2 un
2 00
•_' uu
2 nu
2 nu
2 un
2 nu
2 no
2 Oll
2 Ull
2 nil
JH 7
II 2
II ii
!l  L'l
11 7.*.
12 50
ii 75
7 .'ill
ti 5il
."i 75
ii 25
15 00
lil 25
11 un
15 llll
21 00
15 IHI
1*.' .",li
H 50
27 50
.1. Bennett of Nelson wus in
the city Monday,
■ I. Sanderson of Wycliffe sponl
1 Sunday lusi in town,
Prepare for winter by gelling
un over-coal in Hill A* Co.
At Stewart's Hot Bovril
Bouillon, Cocou unil Coffee. Try
tl ?
Cranlirook, B.C., October llh, 1110(1.
A. C NELSON, Cni.i.KtTiiu.
Fort Steele Assessment District.
li.i'ti.'i- 1,0-vin iiiiii I iiii-i.'Is An .
A largo consignment of shoes lj«
just roceived from Victoria, all \m
haiiil made, which will Imsi,hi ul! (j»
cost, I ($
Repairing neatly and promptly iloni'
Notiee i. herein;  given tlml   -   I
ilny- iilli-r ihlli- I Intel! I tnuppl) in lhe j
ftonouHlblu lli,, i  hi.'f i "IIIIJiia.it,in■!• ul | I1
l,aml*i itii'l   W,„'k-  fur permtmiioi]   lo I )'
|,ur.'li!i.i' ii ,','fl;nti pt f 'unil -ii lllll
The Quality Store
Choice Cigars
and Tobaccos
is::::::-:': ' I CAMPBELL k MINING
n.l]„tnlii« the northerly Imi         *   ($     Vi     -*■*"*- 	
iitljohiiiitj  tlie inn'hei'lt\   Imi tiiihii
1,01 'Hi*** iliiui|.   I.   K,,,,l,.|i:iv   Dlntrlet
i-nntatnlnu ::■-' l-i - i • -- \10     i
Dnted Un- illst ,iiiv ol All« ,-•   WOII,      m
:i5 A. M. STKAV \l:*i       '*&■
Take notiee thai   thirty iluys iiltin
date we Intend ttiuppli lotheC'hlefl 'nni,
iii-Mini.T ol I..IH.I- iiiiiI Worka fin- pel-
mi.—inn Iii ,'in iiiiii  I'jtiTi   iiwiij   tin i
Imu, the i.ill.iniiv denerlltfd  liinda  li
.smith   Kiwi   Kiliit.'lllt.v:-
r,,t tu-lnx ui ii l'"»t I
.hinted - mil'
MMlhan "-' "•',»"  ' .""
|»lnii Loi i IwrllliH.lli pt,thenee
weal , mile, the norll   '"He,
the, u-i  mile, thenei I '
mil,: to plnee "I huglnnlnit.
Haled Oelohurinli   \. I), iwm.
, ,,,,1,,-,- I Imri nmpany. I.hnlled.
Carpenter V4 Builder
Good Work ut
Roaaonahlo Prico
This is the
I he  I '.IS I   is  iilwnys  llu
||Cil|ll!   I.
PflTMir^RP   RRHQ   Plumbing, Rooting, Heating and
Otlice and Workshop   Lowls St | M I IVlV/IVL    DIvUO.       Ventilating Enginoora
I). .1. (!rii.rof Mniii'iiil was ill
town Tuesday.
Vi. Duulap of  Hamilton  was
in town Wednesday,
Up-to-date Walk-ovor shoeson
sulo today ui Hill St Co.
M. Phillipps of  Klko was  in
the city Monday.
Wantkh Early pullets. Apply
in A. ('. Pagntt.
.1. A. Morrison of
registered nl   the ('<
Siiniliiv last.
nt,f hiis i>- ti. Wliitohoiul ami H. Tier-
ipoliiiin iu'.v of Toronto were doing
business at Cranbrook Thursday,
.1. N. Marloy and Win. Edge-
•onu' of Vancouver were gnosis
it tlie Cranbrook Sunday lust.
W. Donald of Nelson and li.
Olson of Moyio were doing business nt Cranhrook  Wednesduy.
I). M. Grant of Pernio wns n c. H. Allison and 11. ti. Cra-
Cranbrook visitor during the uier of Calgary were in the city
early purl of this week, | Wednesday
Mrs. Win. Porsylh of FCimbor-
l.v wus ii Cranbrook visitor
.1. Humphries and W. Moore
of Winnipeg wort' transacting
business at Cninbrook Wednesday,
[I. Stockton of Calgary and
Vi. Halsall of fjiimsden, Susk.,
wore registered al the Cranbrook
Sunday last,
T. C Suiilli of Macleod and A,
13, Young of Lou in ing ton wore
gnosis ui Iho Cosmopolitan Mon
.1. II Bnstedo of Vancouver
wus a Cranbrook visitor Wednes
Geo. iTowoll and  Prod  Pear
son ol'.ltilTrny were at Crunbrook
Monday on business.
Tlie sidewalks on Cranbrook
Avenue have been completed nnd
are u credit lo the city,
Thomas Colo, of the Cnntrnl
Hotol, Marysville was in the
eiiy Thursday on business.
Iluu, mu I ii ivuiiilertnii wlnii  lo i.'i'i  Inr tin
11' SI I, ullini nam -.Iimi ynn nut' slui'l; nf
Stiilinu Silver,  Plated Silver and
Cut Glass
I't'flinps ive t-iiii help yuu in your seleetton,    li,'
member il is no tritutile In hIuiiv yuu our itimds.
. F. Taie k Son
The Jewelers
C.P.R. Wllli'll Inspei'ltll'aCl'liivs' NCSI "llaallil'iainn
■■A}T9l4;*ft:-*ft:*:4;*ft:*ft,9 |>-**v:*>:*'<>:^> .■*:*:>
5 ft
v Comfort In Five Minutes  t
It will lake just aboul
that    time    with    a
We have a fine range to j
J select from. $
&2%r .   *
Cranbrook, B.C.
Been here since 1S08—Liable to stay longer
d      ~ ' •-""        9
* *.:**•■*■ :*:■*>' * ♦ » ♦ «ft%#yc$jpd#yii.ftyi ♦.»-.♦;».♦
Now's Your Opportunity to Look Them Over
Mr. und   Mrs.   (I,  T.   lingers
oiitorlained a  large number of
,   ,, ,.,,,      , , , ,,.   ,   Invltoil guests at their residence
A.Mc'hillogorCalgiiry, tt'. J. ,,„ Momlnyevening.
Smith ol Jaflray, II, s. Harwoml	
f New Weslininslei'i woregiiosls      . .,.  . .. ,.,   l'l ""'     '"1"   '■' ■■ — •■'    f
•i N I'liiiuy. lulii'ooloi'ol thol|   fiii'lher c i t rogariling tho snporlorquality and lit,,   l
Siilllvati  Mining Co.,   wus   ail*   W(, h aoneral lino of well mado biiIIr, mado nf lino   I
Kiiulii'i'li'V   I'litltiv    nu    niiiiiiigilll   . ,       7   .  ,        t      •,, i .■.,.,.'-¥
,♦.   iiiipiii'led  iiuili'i'ial iimi  wilh  now   touches ol  style Ihal    f,
' ' Ial
j Vou  oan  bo well dressed  al   trilling expense if you    'f
tf   mint'  lo the  right   place,     Wo make a specially of High    IJI
§   (Initio    Stilts,     THE    FIT-REFORM    whieh   needs    no   1*1
ii iho Cranbrook l-'ruluv.
CI, Slaplelou of K'niiloiiiiv
Uindlng, .1. A. i louplll of Moyio.
uiul 13, ,'. I.iiugiii ol Edmonton
wore registered nl the Cosmo
polllnn li'rlday,
Mrs. inisSiiiplos, ol Wycliffe
wus ii guest Thursday al  the
ti'siiloii if her daughter   Mrs
A parlor I ting of lhe W. C.   '" 	
'!' U "'!'!.'"' l!'1'.1'1 ;" V."', ,''"*si ! A. llngeruiiin, was at Hull
il'tuvoi Mrs tt. I, I,oul on ,.|val. |aS| Weeli running levels
I liiifsiliiy Nov. Kl.h al Iiii) |'or ||10 big Iliniii' whioh the Hull
oelock. Members and their nh,al, |.„w„r rjo, have under
friends arc cordially Invited,       leonsiruetion,
Mr, mul Mrs. V. Ilydo Baker,
.1. T, l.niillnw uud ('. M. Ed-
wiirils lefl Cl'llllbrnnk Wednesday
A (|iiiol wedding was solein-
nizi'il ni tho Methodisl parson'
age on Thursday ovoning of lhis
week, Kev, ,1. P. Weslman  per Iiu  Mr,    Baker's    Kamblor   for
forming the ceremony, ll n | Wludoinero,
iriii'iing    parlies    boing     Mr,
0    make Ihem immodialelv popular i
;j,: Mo suio iiiui lot iiiii cliitliinn niiin show JL
you   tlmt   Fnll   Suit   which   is   t'eglllfll'
SlO.OOto Slvim, s|io('i:il SO.Q5'
•l^l%iMiHlMINWl^MIMi »l)^»Ii*)l*ll»liHiMi)»tlHiMg
i igu  Henry of Creston and
Miss Agnes Elliott of Cranbrook.
Hoiii wnm foi'iiioi'ly of Charlotte
,1 I,. Iliigley, of Newport, I
tt'iish.. It Cloniioiiiiing. nf Spokane, managor of the Sullivan |
Fifty Tie  Makers, apply  to
low,., p.j, ri„. ni-wiy- ,„o,-,-i,.,i■ ^,-„„(l<,i* tnin.'s„„.i w. i.'uii„rtu„!oainp 0f ^q  Columbia  River
■ouple will uiiiko tlioii* Inn I of Spoloilin woro gnosis at Ihni
i Vt sion. Cranbrook Thursday.
r  il  s ifisoi Montreal, II.     Dr. ,1, 11, King, Cloo Hoggarth,
1,'iiliniilsoii   of   Vain ver.   .1. |)r, Keith, A, M,   And rows and
Wilson of Creston, C, tt'. Voini
ul Nolson,  P,  W. Chandler ol
Vancouver and D.  Brock 'Idge
nl VVardner  wnm reglslbrod nl
ih, i 'i-iiiihi'ouli li'rldny,
.1. V Strode lefl VVoilnosiluy on
n hunting trip to Canal I'lul.
Thoy will bo away for several
days und will visil Wlnilorinoi'o
nml Wiliner before returning.
Lumber Co. at Athalmer, B.C.
GolomNa River LumDer 60.
Athalmer, B.C.


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