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The Prospector May 11, 1912

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Array fry Leg, Arsrm,   Bert. S.-]*
For Perfect
You Should See
\yt Pfngjwjfltorf.
■'» ..'--v
•,    in the       7,i ]i
'% '(Kwutenavs
X-/OftiA', B.
$2.00 Per Year
Imposing Building lor W.C.
Sitting of Water Hoard
I'laliH for mi enlarged and more -lie;
nllletl Canadian tinyerunient head
iiumteiH mun- Ohnring CroaH m de-
tail wlili Lord Stratheona who ia
now regaining Hlrenglh. PendingI retumoil Irom
the arrival ul Messrs. Ilorden, Hnioil, I the okanagan
SeBBion lo he lield In ('rnnhruok
Q,F.Armstrong  and  CI.Ray   Donald,
who   constitute   the     water     rights
board of llrltisli Oolumbla, have jusi
i  fortnight   spent in
strict In the course
RogOI'B and ntheV minister!, II la un- j of which sittings were held at Kulow-
derstood options are bolus qttlotly ne nu, Siiiunierlaiid, I'eachland, Okanii
goelated on possible sites without (AD ('outer, Vernon and Lumhy, At
the Identity ul the government, so as I those slUllik's upward of 30011 appllca-
to avoid the boosting of prices. tlons In connection with water record
Tho provinces with iilllcns bore | umi necessities wero hoard In detail,
namely, Quebec, Nina Scotia, Ontnr-1 in addition to which a delogatioa in-
lo and nrltlsh Columbia show no do-1 troducod by Hon. Mr. Wllison pre-
•Ire to Join In the federal sohotne. eentod extensive arguments In support
Hon, Richard MoBrlde, who is now of « protest against tho deepening of
here declines to assent to any sug- tho Okanogan river, a work now Ingestion to merge the provincial with Ing carried forward hy tlio-Dominion
the federal headquarters. He says government, It Is maintained In ob-
no proposals ol tho kind have reach Joctluu that tho river ls uot natural-
ed him from Mr. Ilurden or Lord ly navigable nor would it Ue an cBpe-
Stratliciuiii. llrltlsh Columbia, ho rial advantage to make It so,
says, must have a building ol her while on tho other band the currying
own In tlio commercial as contrasted to completion of the improvement
with the diplomatic iiuarter ol l.on- works undertaken would have a most
don. The site has nut yet been detrimental olleet In limiting the Iri'l-
chosen hut It will he where huslness gation facilities of the district. Dels moBt congregntod, not in Wostmin- elslons will be declared by the hoard
ster. His government's Idea Is to on the Okanagan applications so soon
erect an Imposing building, probably ns the members ol tho tribunal have
called the llrltlsh   Oolumbla   House,j had time to consider the evidence and
whore tho agent-general for the province will have his headquarters.
Election   of  Officers
argument submitted, which wilt not
lie before tho sittings arranged for
the Nelson and Slocan districts, to
which they go on Monday. Sittings
are tn he hold at Nelson, Slocaa (lit
New Denver, Sandon, Kaslo an
Political  Notes
S.  Donnoll of Kernie.  bus siguillod
The regular monthly assembly otj
Selkirk Preceptory, No. 45, took|
place In tiie Masonic Touiple on Mon- I
day night.     There was a fairly good1
attendance. The principle business > „,„ wil,ingmi811 t0 ,lcceut tl,e „„,„,„„.
transacted was tho annual election ofjtion as a candidate to succeed A. S.
officers lor the ensuing year. The Goodeve in the Dominion Parliament,
lollowlng offloors were elected:- At n meeting ol the Local Associa-
,,     ,,,       .,        . .,   ,,    .,,,      tion held  in Kernie last week,  seven
Presiding Preceptor  F. II. Miles' '
i delegates   were   elected   to   attend a
Constable   D.   Johnson conv8ntlon llt Nelflml |n t|w ittttn,t
Marshall  W.  11.  Wilson j of Dr. Bonnell.
Sub-Marshall 1. li. Henderson I    Bight delegates Irom the outlying
Chaplain   W. 3. Bnnto! points in the riding were also elected.
Treasurer   W. 3. Belli    Delegates   are   pledged to support
Itegistrnr     V.   J. Dunn Dr. Bonnell.
Opening  British  Columbia
By Good Roads
Cranbrook and East Kootenay Vitally Affected
No: 19
Is nerhaps correct to any tbat very broad    and comprehensive plan'000, resulting in an additional 1.000
' ' _...,__> -__      -Ll.l.      ...LII..*      .,.,,.,1,1      I   n.ll.,,, ..I I tu... u U'kit.,.        t_ .1-      till,
It         -.-.
no country in the world ought to be is required, one which whilst pruvld-
inoii- Interested in the "good roads" lag a general system of trunk roads
movement than llrltlsh Columbia,lor throughout the province, will nt tbe
hero tbe typographical features are a
Field Crop Rotation
Department  of   Agriculture   gives
out   Intelligent
The now basin tor co-operation a-
dopted by the Minister of Agriculture Tor Canada, to support tho Province* in the work of conducting
Held crop competitions, 1ms mad
available to the Department of Agrt
culture   for   British   Columbia   BUb
Mangels   i
Field-carrots   t
Fodder-corn   1
Kale   r
Red clover   2
Alfalfa   1
The fields or plotB entered for com
ventlons to the extent of two-thirds' petition must be clearly defined and
of the moneys actually awarded in
cub prizes in accordance with ap
proved regulations, in competitions
In fields of grain, potatoes, and othor
crops, to he judged from the standpoint of utility for seed or fodder
purposes. The nritish Columbia
Dairymen's Association has provided
a further sum of $f>0rt to be applied
as special prizes for such fodder-crops
as thousand-headed kale, corn, field
roots, red clover, and alfalfa. The
funds thus mude available are to he
administered under the direction of
the British Columbia Department, of
Agriculture, which, hi accordance
with the basis of co operation agreed
to, is rei|Ulred to provide upprox,-
mately tine-half nf the total expenditure for prizes and expert iudges
and their necessary expenses.
OIUROT OK Kllll-U-Cnop
The object nf these competitions is
to stimulate Interest In the productions and use of good seed, the grow
ing of fodder-crops -ml table to each
farming section, the eradication of
weeds, and Ihe npplicntlon of good
cultural methods In farming. The!
product of the farmer's skill lu the
form of a fi acre Held uf grain or
other crop cuiim.t he exhibited in 'he
show ring, as can tbat of the stock*
breeder. To obtain slmllnr benefits
In field agriculture It Is therefore
necessary, and experience hns shown1
thnt it Is desirable, to adopt a system whereby competent judges may a-
ward prize-* in competitions in which
the exhibits are distributed over a
district. Kor that purpose the score
card Is Indispensable to assist the
Judge In deriding which exhibit is
most meritorious.
RUU-.H    ANI)    HRiim.ATIONfl
1. All Knrmer's Institutes desiring
to organize these competitions must
notify the Superintendent of KnrmerR
Institutes, Department of Agriculture
Victoria, B.C., on or before May Ifi,
stating the kind or kinds of crops
for which competition.*, are to be pro
2. Competitions may be organized
and conducted with any one or any
two (but not more than twoi kinds
nf the following crops nnd areas tor
each exhibit —
Oats     2 acres
Barley     a    .,
Wheat     %    ,,
I'eas     1  acre.
marked with stakes or otherwise by
the competitor in advance of the
visit of the Judge, which shall be
made at the discretion of the superintendent of Farmers' Institutes.
3. There must he not less than ten
bona-nde entries fnr each kind of crop
entered, and no competitor may com
pete for prizes offered hy more than
one Karmers' Institute.
4. There shall be at least $75 ottered ln cash prizes for each kind of
crops, as follows: First, $20; second,
$15; third, $12; fourth, $10; fifth, $8;
with prizes for every additional five
entries over ten, as follows: Sixth
$6; seventh, $4. Of this amount,
the Karmers' Institute conducting the
competition will he entitled to
grnnt of $00 when the competition is
arranged for one crop only, or to
, grant of $120 when competitions with
two kinds nf crops are organized,
which giants will he paid to the In
stitute by the Provincial Department
of Agriculture.
5. An entrv Tee of not less than 50
cents and uot more than $1, the
exact amount to be at the discretion
of the institute, shall he paid each
competitor for each kind of crop into
the funds nf the Institute, which
money shall he applied to the $1G to
le contributed by the institute to the
prize-money for each crop in coinpeti
Mun. A competitor may not enter
more than one exhibit of any one
kind of crop, hut he may enter one
exhibit of ench kind when two crops
aro provided. All of the fields en
terod for competition must he within
the aren defined hy the institute hold
Ing the competition.
fi. All individual entries for the
competition must he forwarded hy
the Sncretary ol the institute to tbo
Superintendent of Farmers' Instltut
Victoria,   B.C.,   not  Ister  thun   June
7. The British Columbia Depart
ment of Agriculture • 111 furnish expert judges tree of charge to the
Farmers' Institute and pay their ex
pensen throughout. When required hy
the judge, however, Farmers' Institutes must fnrnlsh a non-interested
guide who has knowledge of the Incn-
tlon uf the   dllToretit   exhibits   to   be
W.    K.    SCOTT
great obstacle to development; and:
the population being so scattered over a wide urea the necessity for good
means of communication Imposed a
task upon Uie BOYt.MU.uut whlcb is
huge Indeed. But If that is true, it
is equally ion eet tn siy that ln no
country in the world Is a better effort being exerted to grapple with
that problem, as the people of this
province arc prepared tn testify.
In view nf the fact that the Legislature at the lust session made appro
prlutions for good road work for the
ensuing year largely in excess of any
previous year, it is pertinent at this
tim* to devote some little attention
to a theme which is of such great Interest to the entire population of
this province, road building.
Space permits but a very cursory
examination of the framework upon
which the Road Building Branch of
the Public Works Department Is constructed, and first consideration is
necessarily given the potentiality and
other characteristics of the immense
area dealt with to the fact that
Hrltlsh Columbia, a province of over
400 000 square miles, has a population of less than one person per mile;
that its resources although a matter
of fimazement, not aloue to ourselves
i>ut throughout the empire—and placing the province already on a most
enviable financial position are, practically speaking, undeveloped, as instanced hy the agricultural Industry
whose production lost year was over
$21,000,000. And in this connection
it Is Interesting to note that this is
the first time in the history of the
province that ber production has exceeded her imports.
S:multsneously with the demand
for good roads tn eoable this ever increasing production to he economio-
ally marketed. Is an even greater demand for new highways to give ae-
ress to the hundreds of thousands of
tertite ncres which He ready for the
[<tnueh in the hinterlands. Note
cIho the vast forest ares which al
chough al re uly producing a revenue
to the people of neirly two millions
ner vear, nnd providing material fof
"70 mills He practically unknown and
mcrulsed except In the Immediate
"iclnlty of transportation.
The mining possibilities In a country of which less than one third the
surface hns been prospected must be
aken Into account, concurrently with
the fact thnt already In coal production British Columbia is second only
to Nova Scotia; thnt it supplied all
the lead, 03 per cent nf the copper,
with Ontario shares the silver output
of the Dominion, and the value ot
gold recovered last year won five and
a half million dollars or greater
than the production of tbe Yukon for
the cornsponding period.
Consideration, too. should be given
the Fisheries. And finally our scenic
unset. In the capitalization of wblcb
good roads arc the supreme factor,
but which unlike our other enter-
prises, requires no drain upon tbe
initial gift nf nature. Coupled with
these assets we find that wbut Is a
nations greatest endowment, a people
(if character nnd enterprise, wltb
the result that every section of
the province is optimistic and in*
creasing In Its demand for more
rOftds nnd better roads; roads to fa*
rflltuts travel for business and pleasure; to devclnpe am) enhance tbe
value nf holdings: to reduce the cost
f marketing, and In tarn the cost 0*
Hvim*: also to complement tbe rapid
rnllroad extension and construction of
recent date
To     ln nny way   successfully meet
same    time     meet   local   conditions
with tbelr varying requirements,
A plan which whilst Insisting upon
certain given standards of road lied
Is elastic enough to accomodate its-
self to each of the thirty-five divisions already exhi-tting in the province, no two of which are alike in
physical or climatic characteristic, a
plan which can define the trail of the
mountain section, the highway of the
plain, or the puve road outside of
the city in its relation, not only to
the actual territory tt covers, but to
a general comprehensive scheme embracing the entire province.
Krtremely interesting ts road construction in British Columbia, and
probably where more diverse and difficult in character. In certain districts, gravel, If required for road
construction, must be hauled hundreds of miles; In others the drought
must he contended with, whilst the
disposition of surplus water Is usualy
one of the worst problems with all
water bound roads, and to meet the
transportation problem whilst a
round the const we see the traction
engine or steam truck up north the
dog team Is often the most economic
It must be remembered, too, that
tbe changed conditions of recent date
have rendered tbe road building me
thods of even a few years ogo obsolete, not alone bave we an entirely
new means of transport to provide
for, but tbe economic value ot good
roads is batter understood. Then,
too, there la another condition incidental to a new country the general
plan must, contend, with, nnd thnt ls
tbe fact that in tbe earlier days.from
then unavoidable causes, principally
lack of money, old trails, many of
them Indian or game trails or locations that followed the line of least
resistance, were adopted, and often
improved from year to year, with
more regard to immediate necessity
and what wn« considered economy,
tban future utility, with the result
tbat a most careful reconnaissance is
required of existing, ns well as projected roads, not only that they may
conform to tbe general plan as regards direction, but as regards tbe
cost of transportation.
No longer can the greatest promln
eace be given to initial cost, the gen
eral character of tbe road, and the
amount per annum required to maintain It.
The vital figure is the cost of trans
portaUon upon the road when completed, as affected by its length, rate
>)( grades and amount ot rise and fall
Cost of transportation has been carefully estimated by various engineers,
and tbe conclusion reached Is that
although on many of our western
roads it will bave averaged 25 to 30
cents to haul one ton one mile, the
same load can be bandied on stati
dard road bed the same distance for
fl to 10 cents; the enormous waste of
tne post was perhaps unavoidable,but
wltb the awakening on all sides to
tbe ecomomlc feature of the good
roads movement, future loss can he
tery largely guarded against.
Of no less Importance than construction Is proper maintenance, for
it must be bourne in mind that the
average road of this country Is very
miles of ruudwuy. Whilst for the
present year an appropriation uf
${.,000,000 hns beeu provided fur British Columbia's highways and bridges
with the possibility that this will be
supplemented by a contribution from
the Dominion Government towards
the main highway.
In tbe distribution of this sum, ami
entirely apart frum the District
grants, provision lias been made tor
several feature undertakings. ttilt.
term being used as it would appear
moat appropriate to designate any
particular road nr roads as scenic
province of, such marvellous
beauty, kvhen every road upon the
mountain Bide, stream, through the
magnificent forest, nr across the luxuriant lowlands, Is full ot interest,
i-vun the commercial centres at the
coast possess scenic beauty that render them unequalled the world over.
Of probably greatest interest is the
development of the Ibter-Provlnclal
Highway plan—which, whilst In many
Mictions of the greatest commercial
utility, Is linked up to form u feature
road of unsurpassed length and beau
ty; tho organization required to plan
this road and unsure its successful
completion Is now *f common knowledge; nn the mainland this year will
nee further work on that portion connection Vancouver nnd New Westminster to Hope, whilst a special sum of
175,000 will be spent upon the section
surveyed last vear between Hope nnd
Princeton, In tbe '.'.rand Forks and
Ymir Ridings substantial sums have
been provided fnr local sections al
ready located, the new steel bridge nt
Trail, nn essential to the new road
will be completed, and ns fnr as the
systematic and careful survey, first
required will permit, the old Dewdney
trail improved through to the boundary*; thus mnklng certain that British Columbia, the most westerly
Province, and the one where the expense of construction is immeasurably the greatest, will he the first to
have Its portion of the Dominion
•Ireat. White way completed,
Another road which will inevitably
excite the greatest attention is the
Ms off-Wlndermer- Highway, I.uut
summer prior to th*- survey pnrty be
ing s'-nt out, I had the good fortune
to make a trip over the proposed
route, and after many years spent in
the midst of our mountains, can as
;\ire yott th.it the mute is unique us
giving access to the greatest variety
of mountain scenery that could be
possibly reached", except by parties
extensively equipped and with unlimited time.
Although there are many'pusses
through the main chains of the Rockies giving access to the valleys of the
Kootenay nnd Columbia from Alber-
t.i, only one that of the Vermillion,
runs parallel for any length to tbe
mn In ritnges, the others running
straight through, the Vermillion Pass
however, used chiefly by game hunters who have wished to traverse the
length of the Vermillion aud the con
nectltig valleys, runs between the two
main ranges of the Rockies, and when
a suggestion was made to connect
tho road from Calgary which now
ends ;it Banff, to the existing fl olden
Cranhrook Highway, thus providing
h bye path or alternative from the
propnsed inter-provlncinl road, n
round trip from Calgary, or a tour
1st mad between the Columbia Val
ley and  Banff,  the   Vermillion   Pass
Mining in Kast Koutenay is picking up aud a large amount ofwork is
being done.
At the Sullivan group of mines, at
Klmherley I.M) tons are shipped from
there daily.
During Hit* past week a small force
of men have been hard at work ou
the St.  Kugene Mines.
It Is expected that the Aurora
Mine, on Moyle Luke, will resume
operations next week.
Tbe Society air) Mine at Moyle, is
expected to commence shipping iu the
near future.
On Perry Creek, a number of pro*
pertieH are being worked, aud a number of capitalists trom New York are
expected dally. A government mad
gang Is to work Improving the wagon
road, which will enable operators to
get in some heavy machinery that
lias been ordered, aud Is expected tn
arrive shortly.
The Nip and Tuck Placer Mine on
Wild Horse Creek hns resumed operations, hut there is n scarcity of
water, but it is hoped that with the
warm days now wltb as the supply
will Increase accordingly.
A number of Quartz properties on
the divide between Boulder and Wild
Horse Creek are being worked.
On Tracy Creek the Kstelln Mine
has n smnll force employed.
Indian   Outlaws
A determined effort is being made
by tbe Provincial authorities to capture the Indian Outlaws wbu murdered Constable Kindness near CHutoo,
on  Saturday  last.
Chief Fornle and 11 tmined trackers have been sent from Kamloops tu
Ashcruft, and some uf these trained
trackers are men who tuuk part in
the famous roundup of Bill Miner
and his friends some years ago after
the train hold-up near Ducks.
Twelve additional men, good riders
and expert title shuts, have beeu
sworn in and are also on the trail
of the desperadoes. It is feared that
before ttie outlaws are finally round
ed up more lives will be sacrificed us
the Indians are nut only expert wood
men, but excellent shots. The Indian
I'mil is reported to Ire the heat shot
In the Cariboo district.
Conservatives Meet
A well attended meeting of the Cran
brook Conservative Association was
held in P. Mntheson's new store on
Friday night for the purpose of electing delegates to a nominating convention to' be held at Nelson on Mny
ICtli, to nominate n candidate to contest tbe Kootenay Biding for the vacancy caused by the resignation of A.
-I. Goodeve, who has been appointed
:i member* of tbe Dominion Railway
"am mission.
Twice-A-Week  Mail
N. Hanson has received n contract
rom the Domin.on Government for a
Twice-a-Week mail between Wiisa and
Cranbrook. This will be o! consider
thle benefit to the merchants nf Cran
hrook, who are doing business with
the people tn the. upper country district.
The first stage under the new service arrived in  Cranbrook Thursday.
Coming to  Kootenay
Some 32 students nf the MoOUl
university have Wt Montreal, accompanied by Dr. .1. B, Porter, prob-seor
nf Mining, en route tn visit mines in
(be West.
They will also inspect mills and
water-powers and thus supplement
their studies in science. During
their tour they will take iu the coal
mines ol the Crow's Nest Pass and
the metalliferous mines of the Craabrook district.
F. VV. Peters Succeeds Jas.
Announcement was made at Canadian Pacific headquarters here today
that F. W. Peters, executive agent,
with headquarters at Winnipeg, is appointed general superintendent of tbe
British Columbia division, with headquarters at Vancouver, succeeding the
late Mr. Oborne. A. H. Stevens, formerly chief train dispatcher at Vancouver and at present superintendent
at Moose Jaw, is appointed assistant
general superintendent nf Rrltieh Columbia lines.
I      Warship to Mexico
' Orders have been received by Com-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mander flrookcr of the British sloop
Now that we are assured of a clock' of war Algerne, to proceed south to
'teing installed in tbe tower nf the1 Mexico immediately. Last evening at
■iew post oitlce It would be a good 7 o'clock the little warship slipped
thing if the clock could ring forth Ub Into Esquimau harbor and nt ones
shinies in true Cambridge Style. It commenced to load supplies for the
would of itself bring Cranbrook into cruise. She will probably get away
popularity. j for Mexico tomorrow morning.
The Game is The Thing
Play the Game—Keep your Eye on the Ball
by G. B. S.
Thn rltnuite and agricultural pro*- price paid  ta white lnboux and Uie
continued influx of colored labour—
black aa well ns yellow. Advertla-
inc a country Imx Its limits even (rom
nn industrial point of view and pho-
sunfeptlble to wear, and It Is use-! Bllll naturally the one selected,
lew from the economic point ol view, | The Dominion Government, whose
IncreoelOK the mileage of stnndnrd ^„n,„in the National Turk eitends
roads without mnklnc provision lor i almost tn the summit ol tiie l'n««
proper maintenance, nnd at no dis-, vtrhleb is the border of AlWrta. Inv
tint   date   a maintenance force ***ill  m.-.U'-t.-ly   consented    to    make   the
have to be organized, whose duties
will be entirely separate from those
ol the construction staff.
During the past years the total «>
obligations Imposed by these po-1 penditure on roads has been practl-
Untitles and tbelr   possibilities' a cally 111,600.000,  ond bridges 13,500-
pects of British Columbia make It a
and for settlement for all classes
'rom the Old Country In the future
•ipart from nny mineral discoveries
tbat may or may not come about.
Interest in the Old Country is nt present deeply aroused to the potentialities of the  Province and Vancouver
to^raphs form n very valuable adjunct to print, these attractive agencies have their time as well as open
purse limits, but it must be remembered the worm will turn and as the
late Mnrk Twain once snld the mos-
truil between llnnfl nnd Castle Moun
tain int.) n highway, to build .'
brlilyf over the How River, and con
tlnih- tiie highway to the Summit.
From the summit t<» the junction
(Continued on l*nge 5,)
'sland enjoys her fair share ol that'jnulto Inside the curtain Ib worth ten
interest.   Among the emigrants filter- thousand outside.    We hear and talk
ing through to this "Ultima Thule" ,*hm*'    th'   nam\"' °'    I"""'1" V*0
come from the Old Country and what
, goodly proportion wont an oppor- tlwy ,„ dlspoMd w pny for ,,,„ o|
tunity of looking round to see how British Columbia rock, soil and
the land lies, but their purse extends slough; they tnke the rough with tbe
little further than the legal minimum smooth and buy their experiences
. .., ,     ,      .    t      with as ffnndly a smile as the alien,
'or a settlers assets and when he has  ,        .... ,.    . v-,._ u a
bill thev don't rare about being bled
heen a couple ol months in the Island) wtl„rt ,h„   „„fn,   wtH   the nIun)t „,
,r not even beyond the terminal city .„„,,„, (,„„,,« (,, Is bloodless.   The
he llnds he has little or nothing left. I hnme-returned   would-be   settler   can
Unfortunately foreign labour agen-
ies—'lermnn. Hwedish, Danish. Nor-
tfedsn, Planish and Polish—seem to
he more efficiently worked and get
labour lor their   respective   countr
do as much harm nnd cause as much
irrigation to the welfare of British
Columhla as the single mosoulto Just
referred to. It i> well worth while
tor the powers thnt be to put their
iicn than true British, nnd il it is to'heids together nnd solve the problem
Turnips ..
The Women's Institute held a very!
successful meeting lnat Tuesday after j
noon st the home of Mrs. Murgatroyd. Mrs. J. H. McClure, who ll
un expert enndy maker, gave a dem-
mstration on three different kinds,
which was very educative and dellc-
imih. Four new members were ad-
mittnd nnd the Hostess served dainty. j'O.OOO
refreshment*, j
Ottawa. May 'J A supply of the
new »S ami tlO gold pieces of Canada
has been sent to Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ht. John, Halifax and
Charlottctown. They are the first
of the sort made at the Ottawa mint.
Liberals Organ./''
The   Liberal   party has raised
sum of 11,400 towards defraying the
expenses   of a   provincial   oreunlzer.
Tbe total amount required Is about
The  CI'.II.   roundhouse,  and   much-
! Inu shops at  Knoll were completely
destroyed hy  lire last Friday.     Th
• he  ori rill   ol  the  fire bus  not  been  dls
Peter Wlnstunley, a rancher living
nei.r Slocan Junction was (ound Sun-
uay morning dead in the cellar of his
cabin.      It  is supposed   that  he wn
VJr't* fnr (inntantiu Ruo   """'''"' "" lfrtlll>° ">Kl"' '"'','"'
Vf Mi  101  IVUUlOllaj OyC"| being  the  motive,  as   the  cabin   wn
Election issued
"Little Horn.'" a had Indian, wit
rftwnrd nf $1<hi »n httt head waa cap
Deputy Minister of Agriculture] ttired on the Pithing t.ake on Sunday
and Huperlntendent of Pftrmere (>-*ett, by the mounted police.     The
nepnrtment-of Agriculture,
Victoria, B.C., April, 1J12.
Indian put up a hnrd tlfrht and wai
rilmt through the hack before he eur
OTTAWA, Mny 9—The writ for the Fruit trees are Helnn
Kootennf by election made necessary tin governmental farm
by th« resignation ot a. H. Ooodeve I'a.yne'a land nt linynes
to nrrflpt tho ponltlon ot railway com
mlssloner, was Insuod yesterday.  The
date of tb« election will be net by the
returning officer. Tbe speaker's WW
rant for the couBtltnencltH of Mlodon
aid nnd Houth Hlmeoe alno have heen
M-dniit     jmnlHter     ol
MUldleton    ih   busy
mi Colonel
l.nke.     Am
you   HALK-fllKAI'-ONK   MOWN
|Mued but the writ has not been to- 0HI.DIN0, weight about 1060
aued by the cabinet.
feetly  Hoiuid,  apply  Dr.   Hall'
ih. per
-e a white man's country surely the
welfare of our own kith and kin re-
|Ulre preference to foreign aliens.
Then, ton, the astute American finds
i way nf gaining employ—Ih it not
possible fnr thr, powers that he to enquire into and remedy the eaUSS thnt
is bringing about the effect. Recent
[Revolution in the shape of the cnnl
itrlve at home has started nn inquiry
from Which many valuahle letisons
wilt be taken to heart and minuet
uents peacefully evolved without
loilht; surely an advanced form of
lovernment nueh <*<* we hnve out here
need not lull Itself to sleep sim-
)ly lyei'iuise there ih practically no
opposition to keep It awake. The
•niitlili'iio which the late tlnveru*
nent verj Justly earned for itself hae
reeultod In its re-election by n very
nne sided majority, the voters being
•]Uite content to leave well alone.
This hns, however, unfortunately
killed thnt virtue of party govern
ment to provide against unemployment.
A proper Inquiry into the labour
.jnewtl<.n will be the natural death of
the I. W. W. movement, the real ei-
Istence of which lit due to the blgh
if meeting the home settler halt way
before he finds thnt the game Is not
worth the condl* snd turns hie eye*
towards other climes. If a little
hb-edlnc hns to be endured let the
result nf the hnrdshlps be "only a
scratch," nnd snnn healed. No oae
will object to that, in fact it Is only
the wholesnrne result nf a hard diiy'e
tnil nr sport snd it dneu not do to
make things ton smooth for the new
nrrlv'il; but rive him thnt hunting
■•Innce. Only the absolute waeter
will then be left nnd he will nooti
'ind he must shift for himself and, it
he does no harm after all as no one
listens to him. IiIh statements are ae*
cepted at their proper valuation.
There is n silver lining to every
elmtd nnd though the atmosphere
has recently bi*n darkened hy a grim
ship*wreck, our home papers bring ue
nows nf the cordial reception of the
rtnitu'H on French soil tending to cement more closely than ever that entente, cordials which times Its birth
with the dawn of the present century
und may It hnve rt lasting interest to
fir tlsh and French Canadians and ex*
tend to this province as much as to
!! The Goods
I! Hose
Department of Agriculture
Thuusuiul-Ileaded Kale
liy   11    II1VK,
Provincial Dairy InBpocto
Screen Doors
ii Freezers
Refrigerators J
The Monarch  Range
"The Best Made"
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, li. C. - Phone 5
•*-H"t-t"l--»-l-t-l-h-B-*+ l-H-l-l-H- l-i-l-H H-l-l-H ***
A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.
Central   Meat
Rosedale Dairy Butter
Carload of Cood Fat Steei s      I
from the Prairie ±
***** l*+*+**4-*-H**++*<**'H********+*******-
********************** t I-n-i-n-H-H-H-l-H-a-I'M-M
[O.   DOWNING,  Manager. 4
Under [New Management 2
Ull |..|. | h .H' l-IM ^tf H"IH ■ ■ ■H"H"M"f i III t- -l"M- IWH
'riinuHtuiil lii'iuli'il Kali- tins heen
grown extensively for uuuiy yfinrfl tn
Qreat Riitlnti, in common with nu*
irtBFoun vaiii'tii'M ol rupfl ninl oabbatfu
Introduced ;i in nit thirty-live yoara
rtj-n into Qroffou. whore It y.oltla, uu
dor fitvitiuiiii' conditions, ovor .ir> ton
of greoii food por acre, lis populnr
Ity In that Btato nn u forage rrop is
grout, ii appeara woll i un tho hut
ol siR-li plants ,.vi. indented with at
tho Ontario * (cultural College, at
tattling height    <>f 86 inclius,  mid
fur -.111111" 85,8 tons por aero on nu
average for ah years
ThouBand hoadod kale Ib tmrdiur
than mosl > u loi lo* of tho cabbatio
i imli)    ind Iobb subje-1 to lojui \ nnd
■ ! ousQ tntl Insoi'tn than tho Scotch
>mk1 curled vai lottos li is found
tlml until n toiupei al u ■■ botov ll
degroes Fahr le reached, no harm tn
expi icod tn tiuri plant In tho field
\s a [oddei H ts exceeding!) nutrl
ttoUB, nultablo for (nil nud em h win
ter feeding it prolongs tho season
ol green Foods, Ih .1 good soHing crop
umi, where corn cannot be profitably
grown, replaces ill ure it is an excel
lent food for dairy rows, helping nd
tnlrably In. the economic production
ol milk, and is well suited [01 hogs,
-lu'i'p. and poultry also.
Chomlcal Annlywls Bhon it ive •■ ■
nf ihout - 5 per cont protein in ma
ture plants, and oi 20 pei cent In
the dry substance The percentage ol
digefftlhle protoin Is reckoned .is ovei
I 1 per cent   of the  Irj  mattei   n ttich
■   ■• <■ 1    f the 3 lei        I
erf.   the   hlgl      ihu Lie   is a U r
ige crop
Consider ibli rarial m exists, how
ever, In the types ot Individual
plants. Some nre wore susceptible
I frost than others, and big differences In the yield per acre and the
pnuem content .ro also found, Tht
experience of growers in the William
-*.■•• Valley > that plants with nar
row leaves, growing low down on thi
stalk, are more or Less liable to
injury from frepzins than those with
stalks bars f 1   1 greater space above
■ he '- ■ 'Und, and advise the selection
of the former type fnr seed production
Kale, tike rape, is biennial in character, producing seed only when it has
attained its second year's prnwth
It is wise, in the sprint* hefore seed
int" to remove the plants selected t(
Home isolate'! place to prevent cross
fertilization by closely related knlc
plants either wild or cultivated, nnd
consequent deterioration in yield and
feeding value.
Kale will grow in any soil of nor
ninl fertility, but it does best 01
deep, warm well drained soils such
as snndy loams. Thorough tillage
esnentlal, and a gentroua application
of manure to most soils profitably
increases tho yield. This plant is a
rank feeder, and removes considerable
potash and phosphoric acid from the
land, making it imperative that a
sufficiency of these he present in a
vailable form. The effects of nitrogo-
oua fertilizers are very beneficial.
The Innd should be heavily manured and ploughed in the fall previous
re-ploughing in the Bpring, wh
may he adviseable in some soils and
in some places where a fair summer
rainfall occurs should he shallow and
performen early. In general, thorough and repeated cultivation and
harrowing at this season will be
sufficient to being the land into suitable physical condition,conserve the
moisture, and  destroy   weeds.
I-^-^^^^++11 ^| I-f-H ^ l^^-H-HI I I I- M
PHONE 10(1
I'. it.   UnX   190
The month ol April, with tho fore]
pnrt ol Mny, appears a suitable time
for sowing kale 111 British Columbia.
The uood should ho sown In drills 01
111 flat hods on well prepared, well
drained soil, One pound of seed will;
furnish more thnn OUOUgh plaiitii folio acre     Keep   Ihe  patch  clean,  and
sin* the s.ui nround to proven! ovnp
iratlon and to prom-oto growth
Tbo i.uliei the plants are ready
for transplanting tho hotter, lot ■*
tins operation occurs muoh inter
than Juno tho crop may he held hack
foi drought during tho luocoitlug
months. UeiUOve the plants Irom the
original drills carefully, leaving those
noi required at this time luftlolonl
room tor growth Make provls,ou
for replacing pi ints lhat do not mr j
mv trnnaplantlng A plan followed]
with good success when trnneplnnttng
cabbage is to prepare pails half full
..; 1 dopp) mixture oi manure and
muck, iu which tho rou^ of the
young plants au* plnced when taken
Irom tin' add riir planta nt this
time should ho about h 01 10 [nehes
Where m\\ a small acreage is to bo
i-onsidered, tho transplanting ran bo
done bj marking tho rowa and using
.1 spade. I'hrust the spade deeply
into the ground, push to one side,
Insert the kalo root, and allow tho
mellow surface soli to close tn while
ivitbdrawlng tho Bpado. Pivm puck
iround the plgnl with the foot.
If the land is dry, the addition is
beneficial. Transplanting of larger
luautitiea of plants may bo done by
ploughing then placing the youug
plants 3 feet apart 111 furrows tho
same distance away from each other.
Ri lling, after transplanting In this
manner, is recommended to make tbu
soil arm and compact.
\fter transplanting, cultivate fro*
HUently, while the size of the plants
Feeding may commence in OctODftY,
though kale will continue to grow till
the winter comes on. If the growth
baa been forced, it may be fed earlier
than October, and the practice Is a-
dopted by some of stripping tho lower leaves in the early part of the
feeding season. This prevents loss
by feeding the whole plant before it
has nttained its full growth. It
stands In the field until required,
when the stalk is cut off at the
••round. Enough may be hauled iu
at a time to last four or live days,
but it should not he thrown into
heaps and allowed to bent. Do not
feed wet or frozen knlo.
Thirty or 3ii lb. of kale may be fed
n cow milking. This, in combination
with hay of good quality, clover, alfalfa, or vetch and oats will assist
materially in keeping down the
amount of grain necessary to tbe
The famous Jersey cow "Adelaide
nf Beechlnnds" gave during two separate months, while on test, the following amounts:
1,228.40 tb.  milk, 7U.37 lb.  fat
1,4.40.61)  ,,       .,      64.84   ,,
The daily rations fed were, respectively:—
Kale, 401b.; alfalfa, ltilb.; clover,
hay, 71b.; oats, -.lb.; bran, 31b.; oil-
meal, Jib. Dry matter, 30tt>.; 'prutem
3.R8lb.; curb, and fat, 14.51b.; N.K'
Kale, 4016.; alfalfa. IBtb'.; clover
hay, 71b.; oats, 3tl>.; ollmeal, lib
Dry matter, 30.421b.; protein. 3-.87lb;-
carb. ami fat, 151b.; N.R.. 1:3.9.
Self-Denial Week
The Cranbrook   Exchange a J
IV   !■■.  DOHAN    Pi-oprli
We   Buy, Sell or Exchange
Goods nl all Inscription
The   ;;
Trade Mar
That means
Baking g£
The dependable
fiour i»^!;;»
> WB readily respond to the request
ol the Salvation Arm's local representative tn draw the attention of
our    rentiers    to    tho    week  of  Hell-
[ Denial which commencea Sunday.May
i 12th, 1912.
' The effort is .'tn annual ono, and
baa long ere thla become familiar to
all  classes,  receiving   support   from!
I every grade ol the religloUB and pbll-i
antbroplc community,
In Uk appeal fnr the exorcise of the
self-denying spirit, the Army points
out some   remarkable   developments
nl the work, hoth In this and other
; in our own town it would he (lllll-1
cult to over-estlmnto its influence tori
g I, particularly nmong the deserving poor, where, in addition to the'
music and song of the open-air gath*|
Brings, the Officers upend many hours
I   daily in visiting the sick and assist-1
I ing deserving cuHea
Nr.r does the missionary zeal of the
! Vrmy BhoW abatement.     A  lorge ox-
I tension of ith operations tor the
moral and spiritual elevation of the
native races or H011t.l1 Africa has, wc
understand, boon decided upon; while
Iin India, Ita system of Penny I limit rt,
I Famine  Relief  Day  Schools,  etc.,  in
IJ proving ol untold benefit.
Wo append n fow :>i the most re*
contly publlshod b tntl sties which may
he ol Intorest
WHY    vor    SHOULD   OIVK   TO
Sold By
The Fink Mercantile Co., Limited
I tin! S11lv11in.il Army, i.y tho application nl Hn* principal ol BoU-nupport, I
I makes n little, monoy ko " V1"')' lu"K
I way.
it helps sinful  and  -niwrable poople
to liiiciuiie uood and happy.
iionrly 20,000 Salvation Army Oltlccru
2,40(1 of them who. arc at work oa
tho missionary Held proclaiming Hal
vatinn In .VJ oountrlQS and OolonlOB
In 31 illfloront lanBUOSOB, at U.OOf
Corps anil outposts, and arc noldla^
30,000 Indoor nimtliiKH weekly.
the Snlvatlon Army has r>(> liomea
for rhlldren, 140 reacuo and maternity
lioini's, 24K food depots und shelters
for men or women, I'll) slum, postit,
20 industrial land Colonies, and 2:14
labor hureuus und factories.
(iml hus bo blessed and prospered you
that you ure able to give.
the Salvation Army has tried by
overy pimsililii test, aad proved a Rap
able, ooonomlcal, effective und trustworthy ngoncy lor the ndinlnlatrution
of benevolence.
KIiiks, Queens, I'riaces nnd Presidents. Governments, Public Authorities, leaders of llelliiious und Philanthropic Movements, anil prominent
people in nil walks of life hnve not
only cloudy Investigated the work of
the Army nml found It good and vul-
uuhlc, Imt actively support it. They
Imve also ontruatod to the Army on
terprlsos for the bCIIOflts or the people thut tbey hiiv COUld lint he eurrled
on witliont  lt« niii.
WKICK   oir   SIOI.ie-UBNlAl.
May  12th  lu i'Jth.
Until May 11th, the public will be offered
the opportunity of buying Lots in nil.I. VIEW
Cranbrook's Best
ui tlu' under-mentioned prices.   After that date
tlio prices will be raised.
REMEMBER this property is only six
blocks south from Baker Street—10 minutes'
walk from  I'ost Office,
Prices   Until  May   11th
Corner Lots
Inside Lots
TERMS:   One-third cash, balance 6 or 12 mos;
or $10.00 down  and $5.00 per month.
Size of Lots, 33 ft x 130 ft.
For further information call on or write to
D. D. McLaws
& Company
Cranbrook Hotel Block
Cranbrook, B. C.
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Home
Plant in St Louis
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Covers an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,   upon  which  are   located 110  individual  buildings.
Brewing Capacity .
.   .   2,500,000
Malting Capacity   .
.   .   2,000,000
Qottlina Works     .*
,   .   1,000,000
Grain Storage Elctfatora 1,750,000
Stockhousea (for Icigcrino)    600,000
Steam Power Plant
.   .         12,000
Eicctrlc Power Plant   .           4,000
:"?(*frigerutor Plant
.   .          4,000
Ice Planta ....
.   .          1,200
UojI Uued ....
Inbound and Outbound
barrels per year
bushels per year
bottles daily
horse power
horse power
tons per day
tons per day
tons pur day
50,000 cars per year
Refrigerator freight cars .
Horses at home plant . ■
Wagons at home plant . .
Auto Trucks at home plant
Horses at Branches .   .   .
Wagons at Branches.   .   .
Auto Trucks at Branches .
At St. Louis Plant
At 36 Branches    .
6,000 people
1,500 people
Total Sales, 1911—1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottles
A. C. Bowness ' TITK PHOSPF.CTOH, CTlATvTinOOK, Tl. C. \
. i
An Assignment That Produced Unexpected Results.
Won I wort li pnuspri hi tlio doonvny
•mil Kliiuccd curoluBSly ovor tlm oar.
".'lien ho mined to lho purler wilh un
lurulunlurlljr Slgll uf relief.
"Elllior uf IIiiibo two viu-nnt soul"
.will do," he sold.
TllO poi'lot' .'onsiilloil his lioolc.
"No. lii Is oiipuud, Mil, but you onn
linvo 18,"
"All rlulil," mild Wonlwoi'lli, tnlilUB
Aftor his bclouslnga Imd bton tin-
KOI'Oll   fnr  (lie   COIIVUUtlOnUl   IdlBlll  of
III','-:) und Ilio dusky i.llleinl Imd ro-
trewlod WulllWQI'lll louUort nt liln
*'l-'lve minutes to starting timo," lit
nitii'inim-d, "nnd no slj-n of hor yet, for
wlileli fact tlio Imly Iiiih my lirurlfrlt
"My, won't Collins lm In a drnoe
<>er tneljeil. Til la young liidy Isn't
chiii'L'eil with any eriuie, Is slioV"
Tho L'ouductoi' ehuoL lib licud doubtfully.
"Of courso not. Woll, yon know qnlta
aa woll im I do Hint you can't nerve »
subpoena out of tho stnlo. It's up to
hrr to say whothoi' she'll go buck aud
be ii witness In Unit beastly trial or not.
That wire didn't cnnio from poller)
headi'iiui'lci's any inoi-o than you did,
Let mo soo It."
Impressed by tho decision of bis mnn.
ner, tho conductor nlmost mechanical.
1/ compiled wllh his dciiiiitid,
".lust ns 1 thought," pursued Miss
Biuiii's self consiiinied protector—"a
pure fIIlie. Haven't even got hor nam*
right,   Spelled II Willi nu '",'"
"How should It bo spelled?" asked
tbe porter,
"Why, wllb nn 'n,' naturally," said
Wonlwoi'lli, ivllli withering scorn.
"Ho you know this acutlmiinnV" ask*
ed tho conductor, turning to the girl.
"l-thnl Is,"—she begun helplessly.
"Know ine? Why, I'm one uf her
host friends," Interposed Woulworln
hastily, inautlglng lo glvo ber elbow a
surreptitious proasuro, "I cuuie uu tills
train purposely lo look after her, si-
tliouidi sho didn't know of my Intention."
There wns n liiomciil's silence, during which the girl kepi her face averted, the purler shuttled  uneasily ami
of u funk, though!   lie seems to ho un-, Wenlworlli looked delluntly at Ilio cou-
.■ilium.inly keen over llm nlTiilr. I'll
■ee whnt ho snys again," And, fumbling lu his puckcl, he produced ll crmn-
1'led slip of paper.
tHiioDiblug II out, he rend half mull-
lily: "I^iuk out for Annette- lllnln on
Iloslon express, Mho bus wind of Ihe
mule's Intculion to cull ber us a witness ln the llrenl murder trial and Is
going lo cross Hie border. Is uliout
twenty-two und slender, wllh brown
bull' und gray or blue eyes, timid manner, dresses well, but plainly, (let na
Interview wllh her and Und oul nil sho
knows uliout. Iho euse. Don't let this
Klip. Should be u beat. Other papers
not on."
"Nlco thing to foist on a man Just
■tuning on u vacation," grumbled
.Wentworlh. "Anyway l'vo beeu
tlirnui-h all tho curs—they're nil Jum-
nied—end there's no such person lu
night.   That lets mo out, und—Jovel"
The porter bud come buck, followed
by a heavily veiled young woman In I
long dark blue traveling cont. As she
sank wearily into Ihe scut opposite No.
13 ii wnruing shriek camo from the
great engine, and Ihe tralu puffed slowly out of llle slntlon.
Went worth eyed lier furtively, while
the poller punctiliously arranged her
luggage lu tlio ruck.
".My victim undoubtedly," he soliloquized, "l'oor child! I wonder lf she
thinks that covering ber fuce wllh a
thick veil when the thermometer Is 80
is a good way to escape iiolice. Bow
bad I best open up the attack? Moral
certainty all's very well, but I'm afraid
mine would become shaky If she should
deny ber identity.   There's something > yourself to me?"
(In. Inr. who Blll'llggod his shoulders.
"Well," remarked thnl offlclul at
length, "I'm no lawyer or rielectlvo
either, and 1 don't know whether Hint
wire's straight ur not, but I don't llko
to make tilings unpleasant for a Indy.
I can't Interfere wllh the proper au-
thorllles If lliey come on (it New Haven, but I don't know us It's iny business to give 'out uny help. Terhups
you can tlv some plan between you."
And. motioning to Ihe porter lo precede blm, ho passed uu through the
The girl turned quickly to Wont-
"What did you menu." slio asked,
"by talking about my testifying In a
euse?   Who do you think 1 um?" i
"1 don't think iinyihliig about It,"
suld Went worth. "1 know yoti'ro Annette lllulii, nud you're leaving New
York so you won't be obliged to appear
at the lJrent trial." And he glanced i
algnllleniitly nt ber liigguge, ou which
the letters "A. it." appeared conspicuously lu several places.
"Oh, no, I'm not. I'm Antoinette
Blair, and I never honrd of the Brent
case. I'm simply running away from
home to escape marrying a mini 1 detest, and uiy guardian hns found It
out nnd scut that horrid wire. They'll
keep uie at New Haven until be gets
there.   I know they will."
Wentworth gave a low whlslle.
"How old are you?" he asked abruptly. , " |
Wentworth considered for a moment
See here," ho suld.   "Will you trust
Northern Territory Inorenti Iti Potato Yield by Careful Cultivation.
Frum Alaska comes u lesson ln point*, raising. Ttio chief vegetable crop
of the territory In tho potato, but lit or*
dor to grow It successfully suitable location as to soil, slope ot loud and
southern cxposuro bus to bo seloctod,
ami ovon then to secure n thoroughly
malum crop much depends on tbe variety Hint In grown nnd tbo method of
culture. Tho growing season lu Alaska
Is exceedingly Kliort, ranging during
the years 11)0(1 (o 11)10, inclusive, from
SI days to 107 days, tlio former occurring In 1IHO nnd tho lnltor in 11)07. Under riiich conditions, therefore, any
process Hint will facilitate tho development of tbo potato nfter 11 has been
put Into the ground Is of ndvnntugo lu
helping to .seeuro a mature crop.
This wiih tho problem confronting
Ihu experiment, stations In Alaska, according to lho n null ll 1 report fur 1010,
nnd a test was made of tho effect on
lho maturity nnd yield of Hproullug the
seed before plniilliig ll. Tho seed potatoes were placed in lints In (he green-
house and Hllghlly rovored with enrHi
Sovcral weeks before planting time
nud when planted had sprouts varying
lu length from half an inch tu three
Inches. These were compared iu Iheli
yields   witli   potatoes   thut   wero   not
Similar loals woro made nt Ibe Sllka
itut Ion. near the coast, nud nt the
Itampart Htnlioii, Inland. At the former tho rows of tbo sprouted potatoes
were distinguishable above the surface
fully two weeks earlier limn lho rows
of the lllisprotltod potatoes, while at
Ham pnrt tho difference in time between the appearance above ground ol
tho sprouted nnd uusprouled potatoes
ranged from eight to Iwenly days, according lo Ihe variety, nud Ibe difference in blooming period from twelve to
twenty dnys.
The Silku station tested twenty-two
varieties, with Hie result that sprouted
potatoes gave uniformly the best yield,
averaged larger nnd wero better matured than the potatoes raised from tho
unsproutcd seed. At the Ilumpnrt Million the gain lu yield ranged from 21.3
to 78.8 per cent.—Country lientlemnu.
For the Children
The Strange Result of
■n Error In Spelling.
And Cure Yourself of the Hen Chasing
Habit by Using This Gate.
Biirrels of perspiration uiuy be pnveil
by tiie poultry goto sliown herewith,
which I.i reproduced, with Hie nrtlolo,]
from the New England Homestead. I
Whoever lias unintentionally acquired
lho hen eliiising, lien cussing bulilt
mny euro himself with this little device, lu tbo fellt-e. prefei-ubly nt a
point nenr where the fowls nre fed, u
light little .loor about 10 by ]'J lud.es
is bung on tbo inside of tbe yut'd mo ns
elwnys to swing shut without springs.
It Is stopped from swinging outward
(bout Uio poise of her bead thut Indicates she'd have Ibe nerve to do It, too,
end I've really nothing to go by. Con
found that veil!"
it this point a smnll leather band
Miss lllulr smiled a little tremulous.
"It seems about the only thing for
me to do," she snld.
_______________ "Then llslen.   There's a flag station
bag obligingly slid off tbe newcomer's | tills sldo of New Haven. I'll tlx the
lap. nnd Wentworlh promptly present-1 porter to stop the train there, and
ed It lo ber with his best bow. ! we-|i «i|p off ond take tbe neit train
"Tli; jit you.'' she nitirmured politely.; bnclt to some station where we can
but ln a tone that distinctly dlseourag-; hire a trap to drive over und connect
ed any attempt nt conversation on bis W|tu the Central. I bave nn aunt Hv-
part. He felt Instinctively that It |„g |n Albany who'll be: delighted tu
would not be advisable even to make j kern you for n few days until you call
any suggestions concerning the win- arrange your plans."
dow or Ibe chair. He resumed his scat j ..now eood yoll „„,,.. murmured lh«
and sulkily regarded the flying land- B,r| fmcutiy, ..How euu 1 ever repay
scape for several minutes. i y0uV"
When he turned again, his vls-nvls , Wraiworlli flashed nn eloquent
lad thrown buck ber veil. As he look- I g]llll(,e ot hcr_ W|lm,nt sn„ blushed
ed at ber Wentworth found It dlAJeult deep|y alld buSled bwaM wUn ner „,„.
to suppress ail exclamation of amaze* ' ^nge.
Little eluvcn-year-olil Almoe D.
lini. grown In a way that nsto.ilslies me.
i.hi-Iv a lintiy, from toiilinot to toes.
Now a Lilm malum, uilukled to heuoat
I met Ini- last ovenlns. Willi one on encfe
Anil ruiilil not concetti my surprise, UioueIb
1 tried,
IQxOlalmlng, when alia and Iter bclius ha4
culm pasti
"Those olilldroo nre certainly growing ur.
>>, B.
In what 1 have written aliove I delect
An error In spelling 1 wish to correct.
'Tlu easy to ma Iio one, us every one unowe.
'ilie word 1 rtifer to 1 should luivu suuiieo
-St. Nicholas.
For a Washington Party.
Deniiiiie tlio huiiso and table wllh
red. whllo nntl blue nnd place prints
of licorge und Mai-Ilia Washington
where nil can see them. To cueb
guest glvo n Utile board nnd n bull ot
putty soft enough lo bo worked, wllh
luslmetluns Unit Iho busts of (leorge
uud Man hu Washington tiro to bi
modeled from lho putty In a given
time. Whon the time Is up tho putty
portraits ure to be numbered uud
placed on eshlblllun, nnd tho gilesti
voto on tho best one, thu number receiving tbo largest number of votes tc
determine tho prlzo wln.ier. The boys
nre then given sUcks of woud null
Jiickknhes wllh which to whittle
out hatchets. Tho girls nro given
black paper nnd scissors wllb wblcb
to cut silhouettes of Martha Washington, l.nii'i- the silhouettes ot Martha
Washington nre auctioned oh* to tin
boys, aud each boy takes to supper the
girl who mndn tlio Martha Washing
ton which he bid In. lie presents hit
wooden hatchet to his supper partner.
The supper tnblo Is decorated will
patriotic colors, und tbo menus should
bo hatchet shaped. After suppci
Ueorge and Mnrlha may appear lo
costume and bold nn old lashioncd
Whllo lluuse reception.
The city editor of the Evening Star
lecelvcd iwo telegrams from Wentworth before he returned lruin his vacation.
The first was dated "I'ortchestcr"
and read:
No trace of woman on express.
Tho second came front Albany s
week later, and Collins groaued us he
Was married Iflilay In this city.   Going
Niagara.   Back mm.     WENTWORTH.
Another good man spoiled," sighed
ment. She wus so likn and yet so un-
llko Collins' terse description of the
fugitive witness. Slender she certainly wus, twcuty-lwo she might he, although sixteen would seem nearer the
truth, and her manner was undoubtedly timid. Tut surely tbe phrase "brown
ball"' conveyed no adequate conception
of those rippling, gold flecked chestnut
waves Hint swept away from her
broad while brow nnd were gathered
In a loose coll at Ihe nupo of her neck.
Surely Ihe man who hud told Collins
•bout ber "gray or blue eyes" uever rjollitni.
had picked violets diamonded with the
dew of nn early May morning.   Surely I
no one but n brttlo could endure the | 	
thought of tho delicate pink of those I.....   ..    ,    JTT   7   . , „
•oftly rounded checks deepening lo   Llttl* M,r*hD* OI,eh*'»" *'m* *' H"
■cnrlet und those exquisitely curted ; Heeponeibilitlee.
lips quivering under the pitiless Ure ot ! M!rt"*- b'n!a, m>m'' °!,e *""-*'1k of„ller
cross questioning from half a dozen n>o*her*s de'clencle- In arithmetic-
lawyer.- regarding the hideous details : "}>hb "Ie Perfectly visible to the nek-
of Ihe Hrent murder case. i *d e*e-so she came and sat down he
ller testimony was not essential. | ,_'..b!_*nJ_}j'_ "i!*..b,!E!!i
The ense of llm slate was sufficiently
slrong without It. Justice would lose
nothing liy her absence. Her flight
wns not only entirely honorable-It
wns a snored duty sbo owed herself
and her family.
I'arttinaloly nhe was snfo enough
now. Sunn jifler passing tho next station they would cross tbe Hue Into (.'on-
meetlcut. nml there would be no question uf further pursuit.   If only she
Were u shade more uppronchable lie ,    , aaaaieaH . ,
was euro be could give her some vulu- P™"' I'1*""1-'10 "' I*-"*"*-' knowledge,
able advice lu the matter.
by the peg shown nt Ihe right.   Mrs.
Hen, returning repentent from the gur-1
dcu,  will  poke her head into every
mesh of the fence in her efforts to rejoin her happy companions.   The gute
will thus nllow her to entc- wllbont
excitement or comment from the lord
of the li.-ircm or from the Irate owner,  i
Hut another udviintuge mny be gained by using the goto In connection with
the luj-lng pens.   If two gates ure used,
one opening Inward in front of the I
nest, the other opening outwnrd nt tho j
hack or the side, so that the bens may |
go Into another yard after laying, the j
poiiliryinuu   may   know   which   bens
have nud have not laid.   Thus he may
avoid  Ihe  trouble  usually  connected
Willi ordiuiiry trap uests.
Tho FUg at Trenton.
The flag "thut Wushlngton had wilt
hlui when bo crossed the Delaware tu
atlaek Trenton" was not tlio "stars
and stripes." Washington crossed the
Delaware In December, 1770, und the
slurs and stripes did not have an existence until tho .1 line of 1777. when
it wns voted into being by the congress. Tho flag that waved over (Jen
eral Washington ou his wny to and
from Trenton consisted of thirteen
stripes, alternate ml und while, ns al
present, wltb a blue canton emblnzou-
ed with the crosses of s*t Ueorge und
St. Andrew, us In lho llrltlsh Hag. Till
first lime the present stars and stripes
were flung to the breeze wns ou tho
day of tho buttle of Orlskany, at l*url
Slnnwlx, Aug. li, 1777,-Nuw Voi'lt
Call your family together and
form a closer union. Ask for
suggestions on how the Income
of the farm may be increased
nnd the profits may be Invested.
Let each pull together for tho
good of the home. <§>
l* j 4$?t'$t~l't-*<S*4*i>t-*~ti'i*i-**
Washington's Birthday.
While Kelt, 'i'i must forever be chiefly
associated in the minds ot putrloUo
Americans wllh (he birthday ot the
Pother of ills Country. Hint momentous event Is not tho ouly one of Ini'
poriatice recorded under tills date In
the annals of history. Nevertheless 11
overshadows any ot the other Incidents
ond episodes with which tho historian
or tile biographer has been culled upon
to deal.
Benjamin Ogle, a lifelong friend ol
Washington nud governor ut Maryland
from 17'.l!> to lstil, was the first to suggest tho birthday ot Washington us a
InMt Slory el the Postal Syslrm Is
A per. ui depositing |n „ rfty lelt»r.
box or in a oniintrv poitodloe; where
lie also goes to buy Ills groceries, a
letter to wlileli he has nlilxnd n two-
cent postage .-tamp, 'sola that he ima
amply, even generously recompensed
tlm Government for the service ho
lias called upon them to perform with
respect to that letter, which may bo
crried to the next village, len miles
away, or lo so.™ police post, within
tlio Antic Circle, cr delivered nl the
oiisciiru slreot in u congested district ol London,   For Hint service Ihe
sender ol tlm letter pays two i l«—
a sum loo finall tn pay his fare br
one mile on u railway journey.
It is a smaii  charge for a service
Hint tho Individual ooultl imt portotm
[or himself without un outlay, lu many
eases, of hundreds of dollars! and yet
it is siilllcient. for it onaliles the llov-
ornment to pertorm the oervlce at «
I.a.-t year our Poatofllco Department
was iii receipt ol ii revenue oi a little
more Ihiin twelve million dollars, of
which ten nml n half millions came
from the sale of poilago stamps and
postcards, l-'roui this gross revenue
certiun dotlllotlons hoVS to ho tnadc—
dlBCOUIlle lo slump vendors, losses hy
lire, etc, i muling to three million
dollars, leaving h net revenue ol
JO,140,059, which exceeded expenditure
by $1,109,790,
Tin- sender of Ihe letter, who feels
lhal lie lias paid his way when ho lini
affixed his two-cent slump, is quite
In examining lho dotalli of pay-
incuts for mail transportation over
stage routes, one is often surprised lit
Ilie siiinllncss of the remuneration, us
a few instances taken at random from
the statement will show.
for instance, the distance between
Hay fortune and Souris East, Prince
Kdward island is len and a hull miles.
The mail-carrier hns to make tlireu
round trips 0 week, for which lie ia
paid $110 a year. That iiiail-carrier
travels 03 miles a week, or 3,970 miles
n year lor -VI1U- Ho must either like
rilling, or he must supplement lho Income received from tho Government
liy carrying freight nnd passengers,
l-'rnin llnirdsville lo Beiiconsville. New
Brunswick, the distance is nine and
n half miles; Uie mail is carried between tlio two places three times a
week, and lho mail-carrier ia paid
$112 a year. In the Victoria poslal
division, British Oolumbla, the Gran-
tliim — Sandwich stage route is live
and a half miles long — eleven miles
in tlio round trip. 'Two trips ore
made each week and the yearly remuneration $60. And there ore scores,
even hundreds of similar cases. These
contracts for mail carrying are awarded to the lowest tenderers. The carriers ore being paid the prices fixed
by themselves, but how those prices
can remunerate the curriers they only
The record of the dead letter branch
is always interesting, showing how
successfully tho officials overcome the
mistakes of many persons using the
mails, and also giving an insight into thousands of letters and parcels,
and enabling one to seo what odd
things the mails are culled upon to
Many of the pieces of dead mnil had
curious contents. Money, receipts,
bills, notes, deeds, contracts — these
and other liko things were to he expected, but not so baby's bibs of
which there were half a dozen, a bill
ol divorce, three butterflies, almost
three hundred pieces of cake, or four
corn-cobs. One hundred und seventy-
two certificates were found — certificates of birth, marriage, deutli, ol
character, etc. Among the finds was
one set of foxears, one mince pie,
three plum puddings, five Teddy hears
o.'le tomato, one piece of venison, two
ei'lgi. soven wills, und so forth.
Her Discovery.
"I hnve made a discovery," declared!
(he Initio.
"Yes. I find one can cook as we!! on
a. stove as on a dialing dish. Realty. I
wns surprised." —Louisville Courier-
Profitable     Business    DprWrd     From
Then In Jamaica.
Certain sen fowls ure regarded a-
r-tui'iil.  since  lliey  show   nu  fear ol
man, and lor lliifl reason seamen have
given tin-in the name bi .iij-.   These
ml . i iio- smaller spe-
Suit   of   Violtt   Cloth
That   Looks  Youthful.
ciea u| uiiniii't-. in Uie Bpriiifl nnd
-uui.noi' million.-, ••( Lheno bird*, flock
lo Mown. Keys, throe i*lota about 38
in ilea Aoutheiiat, aud \<< Pedro \\evt,.
[our islets -in to 5 ilea s.,iitli'.,f.
Jamaien.    Roth ■■( tin no lt uj a tiro!
leased for a term of bpvou years lo
private  individuals  by  ti.** colonial !
Government <>i Jamaica,
i    Although coeoanuta have b-'cn plant-
' ed  mul  a  fow liut*>  bull I un   Pedro
Keys, tho lessees derive t.ieir proflU j
i almost wholly from (lie cale ol tlio
Immense number of og_t$ laid by tho
boobies on tho islota of Ilia two groups,
During 101J three schooncra brought
;.*-1 imi down ^.-.j*.** from Morant Keys
ami throe other schooners 30,000 dozen
: from Pedro Keys,   The eggs aro put
1 in boxes <>f !><xi nnd l.ooo, which are
snld ut *:, t.i $S,gfl f.ir ii bi x "f ;,on.
Whan » bonl arrives in Jnmaica with
booby h."-'** ii Is tho occasion of no
Iilili- oxollomonl inning t!irt n^ro wo.
man who buy tbem by the box nnd
then sell them retail ohilfly in Kingston, tlumiih they nro also sold m
.S|iiiiii-'li Town, Purl \nloutco, l.lonte<
go May Mini in other lowm on the
,    Booby eggs aro peddled, hard-boiled, I
mi the streets "t Kingston, snli and
popper boing provided in order lhat
lho purchasers may eai the eggs al
. onco,
Those eggs are about two-lhlrda the
-i/.p of nn ordinary hou'a egg and mo ,
quite palatable.
Comedy In W;ir.
Inln Hif tragedy ol war are inserted
now nnd then in'* "i oomedy und l.ind-
During lho Zulu War in South Vfrl*
fii an overwhelming force of natives
was opposed i" a HUlo bond uf Kng-
■ lisli sailors,   If rom tho Zulu host slopped forth n warrior laden  wllh an
ancient   llroann,   which   ho   calmly
iiimuili'd  nn   a  tripod  in  tho  open,
: while Hn sailors looHod mi, admiring
his pluck. Imt wondering mud. v>\uU
he proposed to do,  At last one jovial
tin- BUggostod thiil their photographs
i were about to be taken, and by com-
. mnn consent no Bhota were fired.
}    Having loaded his iiii-i" with great
j deliberation, thu Zulu primed it, slgllt*-
1 fd  it,  and,  leaning  hard upon  its
breach, ho fired.  The recoil Knocked
him head over heola backward, whllo
| ft great roar went up from tho de-
; lighted  Bailors,   Ko sat up,  looking
; 'lazed, and then, tjlO amusement ever,
{he,   witli   liis  countrymen,   charged,
and   were   annihilated   be   a   volley
from the steadily aimed \iecen ot the
little band of bluejackets,
During nne of tho many battles-wag-
i ed by the Now Zealand Maoris against
: the British settlers tho latter ran out
: of ammunition. At the moment when
: death seemed imminent a Hay ul truce
j appeared from the enemy's trenches,
j and messengers camo forward witli a
J supply of cartridgoB to enable Ihe
white men to continue fighting.
Tbls charmingly youthful little Suit lt
of a purple and white mixture, and tli*
tunic sktrt shows i llmnlated underskirt of while ratine. The Jacket la
a twenty-six inch affair and of straight
' youthful line. It bns (be hlgb front
closing and one aido lapel. The front
la alighfly cut away in the new round*
*ng Hue, and tbo llttlo embroidered
arrows, Imitating darts, are very norel.
I Trimmings of large cloth bound buttonholes and imllatfon lrory buttons
uf ball form add chic to tbo suit.
Loved by Monarchs.
It is quite a mistake to suppose that
: kings and queens have neither tlm
time nor Uie inclination lo make pets
uf birds and animals,
Queen Mary, tn takrt but one instance, loves to ait with a tabby cat
! purring on her lap.   King George o(
! (ireeee is seldom seen in public with-
■ out ii mongrel cur at his heels*   The
Kaiaar   shows  great  partiality   for  a
| pug,   and  the  Queen   uf   Belgium   is
; passionately fond of horses.
I     The late Queen Victoria was devoted
to dugs, and almost wherever sho wout
1 a collie, named Roy, Spot, a fox-terrier, and ti Pomeranian, called Marco.
I accompanied her.    For fifteen years
, another  member  oi  our  own   royal
household   had  for   her   chief   pot   a
white cockatoo with a Balmou-colored
oreat, which objected to woarlng foa*
; (hers during summer, and plucked out
every  one except thoso  on  its  head,
neck and lull.
Mother, take four from fourteen
and bow much does tbnt leave?"
"Ten." proclaimed the parent, thinking Rhe was teaching the little one her
"Now, three from eight—that's rather hard, yon know."
"Yon, It's frequently got on my
nerves, too, but it eventually leaves
"Aud four from five?"
One!" excli.luu-d her elder from the
Live Stock and Dairy.
At thin point lu hia reflections the
train came lo a full stop. "Why, we'ro
there already," be muttered, glunelug
out of the* window, nnd then Involuntarily he smiled sympathetically at Ibe
She, however, did not seem to be at
till In n mood lo recolvo congratulations. She was very pule, her lips were
twitching nervously, nud when, just as
tbe train started aguin, tbe porter entered the car, followed by tbe conductor, on expression of utter terror came
Into her eyes.
Evidently ber fears were not alto*
nther groundless, The two men went
directly to her, ami while tbe pori**r
murmured consolingly, "Now, don't bi
afraid, miss; uo oue ain't gwloe to hurt
you," the conductor produced n telegraph form from wblcb ho read rapidly
In a low lone.
Wentworlh made no attempt to conceal tbo fact (lint ho WUH listening.
"Vou see," said Ihe conductor, handing her tho paper, "these Instructions
aro from police headquarters, so there
Is nothing for me lo do but give yuu
| thinking also what a nice teacher she
Martha rose with a sigh of relief
from the region of ber pinafore and
said kindly, but with somo condescension, "Well, now, you have learned
that much anyway."—Llpplncott's Magazine.
Spelling Reform.
William n. Maxwell, superintendent
of tho New York city public nchouls,
gives ibis Illustration of tbe complex*
Ity of Kugll-sh orthography: "Tbo
sound of long o is represented In thirteen different spellings—so, boat, roe,
oh, door, soul, though, low, owe, yeoman, sew, luiuibuy, beau"  Ho urges
colleges and universities iC !tl»lUiD reforming our spelling. Itut any change
must be popularized, and to this end
fhl'i suggestion has been made: (let
(bu newspapers and magazines to ogrco
to adopt a simpler spelling of, say,
twmityllvo words on .Inu. 1, 1.11.1;
twenty-llvo moro on .fan. 1, 1914, and
ao on, (ho pledge not to bo blu*^flg
unless a majority Is secured.
If Ihe sheep are exposed (o (lie chill I
rains ut autumn and winter coughs and
colds are pretty sure to haiijf to them j
till next spring.
Cement beg floors nre good, but chill
the young f"X"< Make a board frame
or WOVOU wire netting device to hold
pigs and bedding In place. II will certainly pay.
A bog Is a machine, one that oils It*
self, puts len bushels of feed Into less
space than a buw-I measure and In
doing so doubles the value uf (ho feed
used, then carries It to market ou his
Tbo morning ration of (he farm
horse should contain about oao-fourlb
of his daily ration. At noun another
fourth should he given aud at night tho
remaining heaviest feed. Most nf tbe
hay should be given at night aud bo-
fore the grain Is given,
If cabbages nro fed to dairy cows
nfler milking they will not taint the
milk, as happens when lliey are fed
before milking As a succulent food,
higher In protein (ban othor green
feeds, cabbages deservo a plneo Iu tha
ration whenever cheaply obtainable.
Ths y
In th"
..#nkey Family.
Into custody at New Haven. ■__________________.
"Itubbish!" ejaculated Wentworll.be- I „.'" ""'. monkey family llm oranrntat
fore the girl could speak,   "If you d'    -(lrt the bylobnles are right Dunned,
any such fool thing aa thai ye-'       -*" I while tin* gorillas tind the ..hlmpuuzea
yourself In about the wo-        -" " flutl i nre loft handed,
.*at scrape yon
London Street Dnnnri.
Speaking of lho jJWflrm of bcggnW
imd "imnliand'.-.rs" in Ihe ICngllsh me*
(ropollR, tno London Times nays: "The
"^eflls of London never full In attract
the professional beggar and never dis*
.appoint htm. Tho Mendicity society
tells us that a liogguv can emu moro
Ihiin Ihe wages uf the average working-
innn and that 'It h< probably un exaggeration to say that WOll over fGOO.OQO
is given away haphazard tu beggars lu
tiie .streets of I.omlou every your.1"
Washington and the Children.
Washington, ns is well known, treat
ed his wife's two children and Inter
ber grandchildren exactly as If they
were his own. Very soon after his nmr-
rlage he ordered trom London "IU sblb
lings' worlb of toys, six little bonks tor
children beginning to read and one
fashionably dressed baby to cost IU
When thn revolution hnd ended nud
lie was on his way to Mount Vernon,
Impatient ns be wus In reach homo, lie
tarried mug enough in I'hlladnipbtn io
liny gifts tor his wile und lier grand'
Anticipating Hor Wants.
Taking No Chances.
! A friend who was by way of becoming n sociologist went, to Cleveland to
look over that city's model city farm
and Infirmary, nnd Fred C. Kelly took
blm out there.
They were shown all over tho place,
including the insane ward. Just as
they were leaving that ward n man
carrying a big razor iu his hand came
out of n door and started toward blm.
Both Kelly nnd his friend ran.
■ They stopped when they reached the
, office, panting, and the superintendent,
j who Is a fat man, camo lumbering
ifter tbem.
1   "What's the matter with you'/" asked tbe superintendent.
!   "Did   he   cut   auybody's   throat?"
: chorused Kelly nnd his friend.
,   "Who?"
|   "Tbat big patient with the razor."
j   "Oh," snld Ihe superintendent, ''that
was Just an attendant who bad been
Shoving some uf the Inmates.   Come
Ion hack."
| "Not on your life!" said Kelly. "ITo
| may only be imagining that he's an
Attondanl."—Saturday livening Tost.
A Noted Climber.
t    Dr.  Tom  <».  Longstaff i* now, »t
I tlm H'.-e ol 37, one of Britain's most
. noted climbers and explorers.
!     One   ot   his   greate-t   exploits   was
j four   years   ago,   when   he   ascended
■ Mount Trisul, in tlic Himalayas. 23,-
■tno feet above sea level. Traill means
i trident,  and  the  mountain   received
that name because of \U three top-
j mo^t peaks, which are supposed by
'tiie natives lo be the trident of the
god Shiva.
; Dr. Longstaff. who i- an Etonian
, and Christ Church man. is tiie eldest
aon ol Lieutf-Oolouel [-?ngsWf. h-Ijo
'was twice chairman oi the Hull In-
. corporated Chamber of Commerce and
: Shipping. He is aa keen as his son
on travel and exploration, as is evident from the fad that he promoted
the Antarctic Expedition o! 1890, and
; subscribed no lito &*& tjrlM.QO-] *.-> the
"I do think that Mrs. tfroylo bus Iho
ui<vii.i-!-t husband lu town."
"What's his latoat?"
"Vou see. ahe wants to go to California lids wiut *r, so she has cultivated n consumptive cough nil seoBon,"
"And tbo sflngy thing has gone and
built a sleeping porch for her ou the
back Of Ihe hou.to."
Aa Instructed.
A woll known American author tells
of an amusing Incident that occurred
during a roceptlovi given In Ids bonur
by fl London society woman. Tho lionizing accorded Ibis writer, who Is a
great favorite la Knglntid, did not upset blm, nor was ho chagrined by an
embarrassing situation that confront-
id him just liefore tbe reception closed.
It was then thai the hostess brought
up lo blm her daughter, ti pretty child
of seven years, .lust as soon as she
had heen presented the youngster said
in a loud, clear voice:
"I think you're u very wonderful
"Why do yon any lhat, my dearV"
naked the author, smiling.
"Becabso," said lho utile girl, "mother told IPO to."-llar|icr's Magazine.
Sure to Guoot Wrong.
It was the busy hour In the ejnlck
lunch establishment. The overworked
waitress hurried up to tbe waiting customer.
"Tea or coffee?" she demanded.
Be smiled pleasantly upon her.
"Don't till me," he whispered. "Let
mo guess."—Brooklyn Life.
M« tor ri*1 Wiarinm.
iKngiish Sparrow (of last summer's
hatchi—What is ibis narrow, cooped
up place, mother?
Old Btrd-Thls is the inside of a
church steeple, my child.
"l'hcn tlili Is the building where the
pooplo como to worship.   Surely wo
ill'Q safe licrc':''
"Yes, We are Just nboul iifly feet
higher (linn llm deur, good, sweet little
uoys can throw, my child."—Chicago
"Daddy, let's preload you're Stitan
and I'm Kve, and you tempt, me Willi
lOine frillt."-Hla<ii and White.
Just tho Thing,
"Your poem used? i ahould soy hot!"
answered the editor.
"Would yuu give me R candid ciili-
clsm of It?"
"Certainly, It's clumsy and vulgar
nnd unspeakably Idiotic."
"Yes; set to music, It will become a
popular song."—'Tit- lii ts.
j Little Things That Count.
I Business woman shuuld nut ask favors of their employers. Tho employer
, Boon begins to feel that there aro otber
! thinga wblcb are of a great deal moro
! Importance to the employee (bun her
It Is the little things which make or
do nut make lho business woman n
success.   One of tbe first things to be
' learned by a young woman is lhat ot
being aUentlve nud showing she feels
! an Interest In the work she Is laklug
up nnd Is not Interested aloue In the
salary she will receive.
[    It certainly does not pay a business
; woman to tell of her great ability nml
'• merits.    Time will show tho sterling
finalities she possesses as nothing else
can.   Above all things, Ibere Is nothing
' more disgusting than to hear girls cou*
tlnuutly  talking uf the oppusilo sex.
Don't do It, girls.
I    Clothes are another thing  wblcb 1*>
not given enough of tho right kind of
! thought.    Tlio young woman, nccom*
( panted by a friend, will go Into a store
| and try on a garment.   Tho friend will
i begin something like (his:
"Oh, how pretty you look In that!"
or "That is certainly nifty on youi'1
and this will be repented a few times
' or something similar until n garment
: Is bought, nnd often the purchaser Is
not satisfied, but thinks If tho garment
makes ber look ho beautiful she shuuld
; nut do without It.    Always look  for
; something practical, durable and bit-
_ coming and decide Just whut you want
; before going Into a store nnd don't
, take anything else.   Always pick for
\ something which will look neatly at
well In six months after you buy it as
tt docs tin- 6*1 day.
I    'i'hen Ibe way clothes art taken enro
i of Is as Important m, If not mure Important tban, tbe buying. Always keep
. dresses, skirts snd coats on bangers
i wben not being wore sod have a case
{to slip over ibeia and always keep
| tbem brushed well.   It Is sn excellent
plan to bare ■ cleaning fluid on band
I In a bottle and look over each garment
j every nlgbt wben taking it off ond
j not Jet the spots accumulate,
i    After n season for u certain weight
! of clothing is  over take a   big  box,
, label It und put all of that weight Into
i thla box.    It Is well to have three or
four big boxes, one for summer clothing, full, whiter and spring clothing.
Ths Fad of s Princeu.
Princess I'nirtcla has thnt rare and.
rather dangerous talent for caricature.
which may be described as enllro of
the pencil, and lately she has been
amusing her family circle with some
rather daring "I'lke-ouV nf thein-
BOlVes. She represents tho Duke of Con*
naught (her father* In n violent rage,
wearing the uniform of n Held marshal
and calllPR out, "Where's my burse'.''*
This BkotOh Is framed and hung lip in
(he billiard room nt Un I morn I, 'J'bo
princess colors her aketcbos and gives
(hem a dainty and dashing finish,
Which mattes them excellent pictures,
apart from their value iih portrnIts,
•lust occasionally, of course, nhe Ima
managed to get into trouble with them,
What caricaturist docs uut?
A Fine Village Custom.
In i-' i v. ;ir   it used to be custom-*
i ary lure for lho young people lo iu.
I dull', iu choral pinging on Christmas
eve, hm f< r n low years hns been unobserved, This year it wan revived,
when  about twetily-flvo of Uie  best
I voices in town went out and In aleit
I the oltlt-cns lo a magnificent seri mule,
The singers were accompniiied by n
ei riw I ai>d alto. It is a charming way
of ushering In th ■ anniversary i f tho
birth "f Hi" Holy Child, nnd we hope
tho practice will w \- \ again tall ini .
1 desuetude.—Vlosherton Advun  ■• THE PROSPECTOR, CRANHROOK, B.C.
®he Ifroe-yectov, (Ikmibvooh, ti. t£.
|     -**f| B9TABL18HBU    IMS
Published Every Saturday   Moralng, ai Oranbrook, u.c
IF. M. Christian. Manager,
A. li. ili-iii-e,    Editor.
Postage tu Amerlonn, ISuropean nud  other lurcitu coutitliet,   tO cent.   _
year  extra.
ADVHRTISNMKNTH—Advertising   rates furnished on application,     No
advertisement, hut thone ot a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND BUBS0RIB8RS—Unless notice to tho contrary
le siveu to local luautiKur advertisements ami subscriptions will lie Kept
running and charged up agatust their account.
Uth Yt*r ORANBROOK, B.C., MAY   n
One of our metropolitan exchanges
tells of   a   man   who  held   t.   ttlclt   of
dynamite clone to bis breast and then
lighted 11 (UN.     The laat seen of him
be wna going oft with tliv dynamite,
A farmer who wna the father Of
twelve children bad rooked each other
in the same cradle with the same
great toe. He waa melting the new
est nrrlvnl one evening when his wife
remarked "William, that cradle U
ueurly worn out I'm afraid it will
full to piccei-i. "It's about uncil up'
replied hor husband; then, banding
her u ten dollar bill lie remarked:
"The next time ynu go to tuwn get a
new one, a good one. one that will
laat." . fcJ
You will never tind a busy man
meddling with other people's bust ;
neBN, nor one who ia well verued in
general science. A well stored mind
ha* not the room for gabbing,nor has
the mind ol a busy man space lor the
need ot tale bearing. Education and
bnsim-sH pre-occupy and lilt humanity above such low and debusing depravity. It is the Idler who becomes
the gossip peddler. His hrain is the
veritable workshop of the devil.Backbiting, slandering, gossiping, and lying are not members of husy, intelligent minds. Take the street loafer
and the tough, the coarse and the
vulgar, and ynu will tind where they
"(Jirls in love an't no use in the
whole blessed wpek. Hunduys tlieyre
a-looking down the road, ex pectin'
he'll come. Sunday afternoons they
can't think of nothia' else 'cause he's
here. Monday morion's they're
sleepy and kind o' dreamy und slim
pay and good fer nothiif on Tuesday
and Wednesday. Thursday they git
absent-minded an' begin to look off
towards Sundny agin', an' mope
around and let the dishwater git cold
right under their noses. Friday they
break dishes and go ofl in the host
room and snivel an' look out o' the I
winder. Saturdays they have queer'
spurts o'  working like all  p'Bsessed,
an'  spurts o1  fru/.iu'  thfllr hair     An
Sundays they begin it all over agin '
IKiW   Tn   KILL
Ylll'H  TOWN
iu much and
Iluy from peddlers .1
often as possible.
Denounce your merchant because
they make a profit on tholr goods
Glory In ths downfall ot a man who
Ims done much to build up your town
Make yonr town out a bad place
und stai> it evory obnnce you get
Refuse to unite in any scheme tor
the betterment Ot tho material Inter
ests ol the people.
Tell your merchants that you can
buy goods 1 great deal cheaper iu
-nine other town and charge them
tvith extortion, if a stranger comes
to your town tell him everything is
overdone, and predict a general crush
in the near future.
Patronise outside aowspapsrs to tbt
exclusion of your own uud then d.8
nounce yours for not being us large
and us cheap as the city papers
It you ure a merchant don't advertise In 'tie home paper, hut compel
the editor to go elsewhere for advertisements and howl like a si rs head
because be does so Buy a rubber,
stamp and use it It may save you a
few dimes and make your letter be.uL
and  wrapping  ■ ■• though
you   were   doing   business  In  a  owe'
horse town
If yon are a farmer curse the place
where you trade as the meanest on!
earth Talk this over to your neigh-
bora and tell them the men are rob-;
hers  und   thieves.    Tt   will   make  yonr
merit wins. No town will prosper,
and grow where a hick of imtorprtn
and push on the part of the citl/emr
is felt. Tbe true motto of OftOb and]
every citizen of u town Is and ahould:
be to assist and help your neighbors,!
encourage business of all kinds (don't
fear any danger In gorging the market in this line), do alt you can and
encourage all In the matter of Improvement io making the town attractive and giving it n homo-Ilka
appearance. When this is done poo*|
pie from n distance will form a good
opinion of the place, and it will he
tut Inducement tor them to locate with
we and become permanent uud substantial I'lti/eiiii.
The "Olty oi opportunity" is
Lothbrldgu, Alberta,   the   Metropolis
of   Southern    Alberta- "Tbe   Lund  ot
of Sunshlno and Plenty"
"Lethbrldge is on the threshold of
tbe greatest yenr In ns hlBtory"Oan
Eullan Pinnace.
"Ten Thousand Miners will be »■.
vork in the mini's in Lethbrldge In
.ub- of tho next six yuurH" l1 L
Nalsmith, dan-Man., A.R.&I.Oo
"Well located city properity is the
silest und moat profitable of nil in
vestments  "Andrew Oarnegto."
Lothbrldge Is the Home ol tbe
World's Drj Panning Congress for
I have for immediate sale a few lot
In the "BRONX" subdivision, only
our quartet of a mile from the street
railway line for USB.; $28 oash and
$10 per month without interest, 9«o
ne at the Royal Hotel before Mon
day evening, May 13th. C ED Mlttord
Annual Meeting
*    *    *    *. .*_.*.  |    *    ■   *   m   *   ,
Auditorium Theatre
Beg to offer
A Famous Comedy Depicting Western Life in Reality
N. B.—Again   !   am   presenting   this   attraction   undor   a   Heavy Cash Guarantee, knowing that the I,
Popular Success oi (his show here last season will again test the capacity of the Auditorium
Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy'a Dnm Store Prices 25c 50c 75c and $1.00 ..
The   xnnu.'ii  Meeting ol the Yellow
bend Pass Lumber Co . was held in
Cranbrook on Tuesdaj  afternoon   al
.vhlcb the annual election ot ofllcers
took place
The following officers .vere elected—
a   Carney, President
Lester Clapp,  Vice-President
Joseph Ryu 11. Secretary
The directors will be elected nt  .1
meeting to be helfl later,
Thf     company     own     TS     Timber
stretches    in    the    Yeib'W-neml   I'lit-s
[Country;  M  of which bus been  sold
property much less valuable; but youK      ^   ^   of   ^m   ou   wh(ch
,,""'t cnr6' deal   $10,000 bus been paid.   The re
YOUB   TOWN malalng 18 stretches are null held by
No tuwn, county or community will! the company.
ever   prosper,    to   any  great eitent. 	
where there ih a division of strife ol
»ny nature. People in towns should Fifteen delegates to a Oonservativ
Ktrive to help each other, for in help- nominating convention to select >i
inb others you invariably help your candidate for th*1 Rye-election iu tbe
self. There is no mun that cannot Kootenay riding, made necessary by
assist in the growth, prosperity and the elevation of A. S. Goodeve to thej
development of his town. However Railway Commission, were elected at
small his Influence, it has its effect, a meeting ol the Conservatives held
Competition is the life of trade and  m Crnnbrook yesterday evening.
Additional Local
a 1 tbo Edison tonight UolUoltlng
Red's Big Laugh Tho Bllent Witness
Mud and Jed in lovo
He  mel   tho   Champion"  at   tbe
ludi tort um tonight,
Dr Qreen has purchased irom the
Kootenay Qnrago Co., n 45 horse*
power Oakland Car.
Field. Garden and Flower Seeds at
■■'ink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Stephens, Mr
D. V. Mott uud Mrs. A. J, Mott. left
on Friday on an automobile trip to
•he Windermere Country,
At the Kdison next week will lie
presented the special two real feature
"War on the Plains" The bent frontier picture ever produced.
F. J, Doris is having his property
In the North End of Cranbrook subdivided and is placing them on the
market on easy terms.
Gorgomtolta Cheese at Fink's Pure
Fond Grocery.
A. R. Wehater is now located in the
Palace Cigar store with Wee. Cline.
Friends of these two old timers will
make a note of this fact.
Fresh BTRAWBBRR1RB arriving
dally-Campbell & Manning
Mr. E. T. Cooper, meenanlcal sup»r
intendent of tbe Kootenay Garage Co
I was at Moyle two days this week at-
1 tending to repairs   on a number of
I Motor boats.
Come in and See Us and
Talk it Over
or write for our booklet.
Never before has such an opportunity been
afforded   for   the   man of small capital to (*et a
fruit  farm,   vegetable  garden or chicken  ranch
near an up-to-date and prosperous town   as we
are to-day offering on easy terms of
S10.00 DOWN
for a five acre block situated from one and one-
half to two and one-half miles from the post
office in the City of Cranbrook. Kast Kootenay
District, B. C.
R. G. Thompson
MJ&tiS8&m Winnipeg, Man.
or J. W. Robinson
Van Horn Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
Special films for the ladles tonight
' nt the Auditorium.
Hotels in Nelson are making extensive preparations for the accommodation of guests, who are expected to
attend the big Conservative Convention on May Kith. Some 138 delegate
are expected to attend tbe Convention. Crnnbrook will send a dele*
'•ration of fifteen.
Raspberry Vinegar, Dalton's Lemonade and Orangeade at East Kooten
ay Mercantile House.
K. J. Cummaky, Inspector of Indian Agencies was nt the Cranbrook
this week on official business connected with the Bt. Eugene Mission
Indians. He visited Fort Steele and
other points in tbe district.
Hterlim; Itaapberry VINEGAR at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Things are commencing to boom In
the vicinity of Cranbrook, spring
plowing has commenced, and the
ground in rnptdly being cleared and
planted in fruit trees. East of town
u large acreage lias been plowed nnd
will be planted to vegetables.
Seeds of all kinds now in stock at
the East Kootenay Mercantile House
The tire brigade was called out at
■i a.m.. on Wednesday, to a lire ln a
warehoise occupleb by tbe Kast Kootenay Mercantile Co. The brigade
responded promptly. It is supposed
that tbe Ure was caused by Rome
"Hoboes" who were sleeping in the
warehouse. The building and its con
tents were distroyert, the Iobs is estimated at about 11,000, covered by
$800 Insurance.
Our stock of CHINA and GLASSWARE is the most complete in the
city—Campbell & Manning
Mr. T. It. Williams of Reginn,
office manager of the Reglna Leader,
paid a visit to the Kootenay Orchard
this week on behalf of himself and
friends,  wbo hnve made purchases of
In the Good, Old
Summer Time
In Good Old East Kootenay.
Where, under the Sun can one
find better weather, more enjoyable roads, finer scenery, better
fishing, and last—but not by any
means least—Many Good Farms.
It is truly God's
Own Land.
To enjoy
all these good
things every
man requires to
be comfortably
dressed.    Our
Stock of
Summer Wearables
Was never in better condition
for your inspection. Nothing
like a Panama Hat for hot
weather. We are showing many
new varieties.
Borne of thla Innd. He eipreaaed
himaell a« delighted with Oranbrook
and the surrounding country. Mr I
Williams will return to Oranbrook
In about a months time with hla wile
and family.
Beedera, Ploughs. Oultlvntora, at
the right price. Hast Kootenay Mercantile House.
The electorate of Kootengy, In tho:
coming by-election ahould return n
t'onaervatlve for the sent made va- j
cant by tbe reaignatlon of A. H. j
The C.P.H. Boom nt the head of
of the flume on Hull K ver, broke on
Thursday morning turning loose some
2600 ties. Which are now pawing
down river. It la expected that
most of these ties will be caught
wben they reach the big dam at the
mouth of the river.
B     W     DMW,    frevHetw.
"Beauty is as Beauty does"—
and the Ford's a joy. It's
the one car that has stood all
the tests. And that's the reason we will make and sell this
year seventy - five thousand
Ford cars to seventy - five
thousand delighted users.
The world over there is no otber oar
like the FORI) MODKL T. It's
lightest, rightest—most economical.
The two-pnasonger car coats but $775
f.o.b., Walkervllle, Ontario, complete
with all equipment,—tbe Ave passenger but mv. Today get latest catalogue—from the FORD MOTOR OO.
ol Canada, Limited, Madison and
Bleventh, or Irom our Walkervllle
Kootenay Garage Company
Bob Rieketts "In Wyoming"
HOTEL. §~«»>rook,
is a lar^e and attractive hotel of lurierior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miner* all  go to
The   Wentworth
t.*t*^>l.rl»t< J..1,, I**!-!    I    t    I    I    I    llllll*    I  ll    I    I    ll lllll    I   ll    I llllll
TrrTTTTTTT TT'I I mil" I T ■"■"■"l"! IT ■ I
Drinks   ol   ull   kinds  can be had at my store for
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different flavours.
Dalton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of  Six  Hundred Cases
Fremont   Grape  Juice,    An   uiilernninted
(irape   Temperance   Wine.
A full line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars,     Bar Glasses,  etc.
V****** *******
PHONE 340 P  0. BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing    and
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
Swinton, 30.000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron  Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,  Mines,  Ventilation   Experts
Estimates Given
Works, Edward St. Cranbrook   '
iinniuihumm -h-hh-m-i-m-hiiinn»*♦♦
Read "The Prospector"
(Continued Irom l'lice I)
with tho Qolden-Crnnhcook ulghwnj
ln the Columbia Vnlley is about TO
miles; nnd the cost of construction
pioo.wio, is being Bhnred by tbo 0.P, j
R.,whoso ofllcers hnve lor mnny yours i
iili'ireciittod the (net that British Col |
nmbln's scenery can be mnde prollt
produclm;. |
Ol this amount »l!i0,00n will pro-'
bnbly be spent thin year, nnd the loi- J
lowing summer should hoo thu rond i
Prom the summit ol the Vormllllon
surrot*Mlo<l by mnny ol the noblest
peaks la the ItocMca, lollowlng the
Vermillion River, a panorama ol
mountains, Hnowileids, giaolers, and
valleys, of lesser dimension, from out
ol which, oil en through canyons ol
groat beauty come pouring tho glacier
led streams, nnd easy of access (ram
tbo proponed road nro also many exquisite mountain lakes, lu which emerald depths aro reflected tho glaciers.
crags, and snows ol surrounding peaks
Crossing and reoroeslug tho Verm!!
Hon, which somotlmn" glides through
wide und woll dotlned channels, at
others rustics through gorgos nnd can
yons, the rond will lollow tho rlvor
which steadily Increases In volume,
whilst the vnlley widens, giving a
olenror impression thnn bolore ol Its
floral wenlth, until nonr the Junction
With the Simpson Wvor thoro Is open
park llko country, a lich pnsturngo
dotted with plnos. At thin point
the view northward up tho Vermillion, enst into the vnlley ol the
Simpson, or south lollowlng the
Kootonny down the distant valley un
til It Is lost to vleiv against the dls-
tnnt Shepherd range, Is a panorama
of natural beauty which words could
never describe.
The Kootonny Vnlley is connected
to the Columhla, via Sinclair Pass,
n pass used for years hy IndlanB.who
niter incursions Into tho rich hunting
lands of the Vermillion and Kootenay
whore moose, elk, and other game
still abounds, cros«ed the divide to
visit the Hot Springs on the western
slope, now known as the Sinclair
Springs. The llttlo emerald lake on
the exact summit. Tho trip ovor tho
Sinclair, the wonderful canyon with
Its bright red walls towering hundreds ol leet on cither side of where
the road will pass right through tbo
centre ol the ennyon itself, the magic
springs, or the enchanting view Irom
the grassy plateau above, looklag
east through the canyon into tbe
Vermillion range or west ncross the
wide valley of the Columbia, through
which the, river twists and turns to
the snow capped Purcell Range
beyond, suggest n now magnet for
As a scenic route this road will be
without a peer, and despite the lact
that it crosses the main chains of the
Rockies and traverses seventy miles of
our most typical plcturesquo mountain scenery, will bo a standard road,
not exceeding an average grade of 34
p.c. except lor a short distance up
the enst approach of the Sinclair Pass
The development ot Strathcona
Park, an area nf 240 square miles,
containing every conceivable form of
natural beauty, even to magnificent
glacier bung peaks, is intended to
provide—not only from its own great
national pork reserves—the laBt word
in a public domain of this character
nnd the Island Trunk Road programme is being formulated to conform with the Park Development, and
provide not only nn unequalled Park,
but means ot access which will be
worthy ot it.
Por development work nnd within
the park proper $100,000 has been set
aside to be eipended during 1912.
On the lower mainland co-operntlve
road building is being undertaken
with municipalities; last year Richmond, Burnnby, 8. Vancouver and
Dewdney receiving substantial bonuses, whilst the Granville Street extension to Kbnrne is a sample of Joint
work with the Point drey Council.
This year, In addition to monetary
assistance upon trunk roads, a rock
crusher has heen erected,at a central
point with a capacity of 260 yards
per day, from which municipalities
will be supplied with road making
material nt cost price.
Then ton, of particular Interest will
be the work jointly undertaken with
Point Grey to give by completion of
the Marine Drive, connection with the
Granville Street Rond, and thus provide a round trtp which has no equal
on the continent.
On the Marine Drive the Provincial
Government are working Irom the
west building n macadam road.whilst
the council have, with Government
assistance in view, let a contract for
paving weat Irom Kbnrne, which will
bring the roads within three miles ol
ench other, and means will he devised
this year to All the gnp and thus
complete the road.
To attempt to properly spend such
a vast sum as the province can now
afford for public works without proper organlzntion, would be Impossible
By organisation alone can efficiency
be maintained, organization both of
the field and accounting force; briefly
the field organization centreing at
Victoria, consists nt present ol five
District Hngineers, responsible lor the
technical designs of their several territories, and 35 Rond Superintendents
each of whom Is absolutely responsible In his own district for carrying
out the work mapped for It, und an
organisation lor the Accounting Department has been adopted, providing
for proper cost accounting of nil the
work performed, in order thnt the de
tailed cost ol every class ol work
may be ascertained.
A short time ago a convention wns
summoned ol all tbe ofllcers ol the
Public Works staff at whlcb every
Road Superintendent nnd Ongineer
was present, and among many matters dealt with, the system of cost
accounting was thoroughly explained.
Friday, May 24th, 1912
Big Programme
Athletic 6? Children's
On the Cranbrook Agricultural Association Grounds
$1,000 in Prizes!
Cranbrook City Band in Attendance
Commencing at 1:30 p. m. Sharp
Five-eights Mile Dash, Purse
One-half Mile Dash,
Four and one-half Furlongs
Matinee Race, Half-mile Heats
Two in Three
Pony Race, Half-mile Heats "
14 1-2 Hands and under, Two in Three
Squaw Race on horseback
Indian Pony Race, Half-mile heats "
Two in Three, Indian Horses and Riders
One Mile Foot Race
100 Yard Foot Race
220 Yard Foot Race
1st 2nd
$120   $80
105    70
90    60
60    40
50     25     10
Indians Wrestling on Horseback      Prize $10
Gentlemen 50c,
Ladies 25c
Grand Ball at the Auditorium
In the Evening
J. P. Fink
D. D. McLaws
God  Save  The  King!
This convention wiih probably the
mart valuable to the general public
that ban ever been held In British
Columbia, and whilst the staff of the
Public Works Department throughout
the Province atter a two days session
discussing good rond making and the
organization iiidispeuslMe thereto,
left wltb un etmrit dc corps ami a
larger incitHiire of confidence and
pride In their work than ever existed.
A peculiarly gratifying feature of the
proceeding!-, wai tbe pretence of other
prominent engineer.*., amongst whom
were the City Knglneeru of Vnncou
ver and West mint) ter, iih well as thone
representing different munlclpulltle*,
together with tbe principal officers of
many nf our highway, good roads,
automobile, and development asoocla-
tloiiH, and them* gentlemen clearly Indicate that the Higniflcence of this,
ihe Hint convention of road builders
wae appreciated ut Ita proper value. :IIE PROSPECTOR, n?AY7?7?OOTT, 7?. C.'
(Entered according io act nf Parliament of Canada In Uie year 1013 by
Aim- ii. Keane, at tha Dopartmenl
uf Agriculture.)
tow to the Beata roaorvod for Iin ited
Boino of tlm young pooplo are
grouped abau! tho door of tlio Churot).
onjoylug tho beauty and CroBhnosa of
thu HUinmei' morning, and awaiting
tlm arrival of the wedding party.
Charles nnd hln Oxford cliuui, Mr.
Cci'll liullor, who Ih boat man, are Ihe
moiltfl lit  one of Uio    pinion,  while
OhorloB lookod after tholr rooms1 mid
ItiggagOi Sho hiiHiiiy drow ihr loiicr
from her pocttot and glanotug Rgilln
curiously at tho onvolopo, which told
her noAhlng, broke tlio seal.
iuKinntiy her face grow ghastly In I
ith palor, but. she road on with dllat- j
I tut; oyoa and Qlllvot'lug nostrils to Ilio
Ilrst to arrive.   Clinrlos Is looking uol and, thon crushing iho letter in her
"Oli con, I want In hoar all nholll
li; nre you quite bui'q ho wu« tlvosvii1
Ml Chnrlio? It might linvc hern n
mi tako, you know, or Just ■< rporl."
"I'm nfriiul thero wna no mistake,"
snld Chnrlio, looking keenly at her
ii.- ilie thought struck him that por-
Imps sho luul loved Mr. linnly. ' l
snw ilie newspaper account ot It my-
self, ami ".'ns speaking afterwards ti
imnilsome ns natural good looks and
the hapnlnoflB thnt. a man ought to
feel who wlnB the woman lie loves,
ean make hltn look.
llo Is not kopt waiting long. Tho
carrlngo with the brido Boon arrives,
ami Edith In a tungnllloonl bridal robe
of while siiiln and real laee. enters
nn the ni'in of her relative. .Indue. De-
ml Hi*.   Ol' course all eyes are Inrneil
hand she Blaggerod    to ihe ti
Hofa. and covered her race wilh her I
hand.   A lady who was ln Ilio room I
kindly volunteered lo ring I'm* water |
nr anything Unit sho thought would,
revive her.    Edith refused Ihe kind
nesH and tried to recover her BQlt-
linssesalou under Ilio eyes of sluing"
ers.   Vet when t'liarleH, who had heen |
detained longer thnn ho expected
mi ilie lirlile, who pale and stately, I turned, ho was actually frightened al
Imt beautiful as a goddess Is led slow-1 the change In Kdlth.
(To no Continued,)
lv on lo lho altar to tho strains of j
Mendelsohn's Wedding March,
"The child Is simply perfect," whiskers Mrs. Thompson to her sister.
"The wedding should huvo heen lu
New'York," complained Mrs. Demllle.
who had noi unite forgiven Edith tor I
„ , mubblng her favorlt9, Senator Evaifi,
i. ffh nd "t his who said that lho bod) | ,„„ „r Washington.   "How dreadfully I by atiothor similar lu ohiirao
hnd heen found and ldeniltlod. When |
Education in Crime.
Medical men ami otliera lutereatod
lit tho psychology   of   crime under |
stand that (Times are ollen Imitated.!
..Ono Bonsatlonal murder is followod
y   by anothor similar lu ohitraoler.   A I
hud heen round and Ideutlltou. witeit i -^a |j()|th |,„,|,s •■ tM \|.iml Howell.   Bocloty woman dopes wllh the conch-
I  ' him In England, i was :ihoek«il ■ l|||c, llf ,,M, |n.il|llsm.1|1|a>.. mau ,ul,| aaotiior soon follows.   One
i" II Iitmge I saw In him; he was      „r m,rh ]imwll... „„., Klij jP,m|0   Bulcldo lumps from BOtuo high place,
'" dlssli d looklug   In fact, I should   u,.|.,,.,|, another ef the brldeBtnnlds.  nnother will Imitate his example. One
»ay he had Jusl recovered   from   ••  jeunlo had hopes at catching Charlos  young Ind) disappear, anothor ls Ih
I'iolonged drinking Ht. horielt till the sudden nnnotincomonl   able in follow.   Thieving and hold
There was a pnu'.o for «nme mlnti-
tea and then Edith naked if her aunt
had i- turned.
"Noi yet," snld Charli     ' bul  Edl
forglvo mo dear, If I seem   selllsh ■
I wain io speak tn you for a fow minutes,"  and  he  dr, w   her  gi ntly    I •
■jar,Is a sofa and sal  down   bi il
hen .
"Kdle, do yon romi mhi r a pr Is?,
, Hl,| , Am,i Carrie's,   two   made Charles feel  with sympathetic
.,... ;,..,, in, n|Bii| i, fnre wo snlli naln how hard II was [or Edith lo
im- England?" "Yes l'1" Charlie, maintain lur appearance of statel}
ami siie rose from her Beat ami turni i   compoBure.
ns li to leave ilio room. i    As everyone's  attention   wa-  fasl
Charles turned pale bul resolutely "»' d on Hie main actors iu the cer-
to,i, her hands In his, thus compell- oraony, very little notice was taken
Ing her to look In his direction again,   of a mail, ovli!
"Forglvo me darling: It seems im
possible lo gel you a moment alon
of line, and I must know my fate,
once and for all. You know you always
promised me you would marry mi
when we got big, Edle; and now tlm
tine has come—will you he my wife.'
Edith, whose hands wero i lot    prl-
seniors, kepi, her eyes fasten"! o:, tl
carpel   during this  avowal,    turning
Tmle nnd red by turns.     Sho   km w
lhat a pair of handsome  hot ei
tyis were watching her   overy   look
nml motion: Bhe knew too   from thi
linn clasp in which her hand-   wen
hehi   and   ihe   absolute   silence In
which In- waited (or lier to   speak
that he was determined to hnvo   hl«
answer to-night.    Sim ventured    on
look and then crow angelically rosy
the next instant.
"Why can't vou wait, a little longer
Chnrlio; we are hardly home yet--
I haven't had timo to tnink it over,"
she faltered.
"Why  wait, dear?    Wo know each
of ilie engagement  after Edith's ro-   ups are    nmon the) aoem lo be
turn from Ne v York Inal March, and contagious, Unman beluga aro foi-1
i. II rather Inclined 10 Und foull with ' lowers of 1.1..I11011 in habits and crime '■
tli- whole affair, na thoy a a In the clothea thoy wear.1
The simple, dignified aervl [the   From thla standpoint  lho newspapei
rhiir.ii of England thai  made Edith  publication of all kinds ot mlBcondttcl
ItHfl   ,   coles   oil,'   till   ,1- .1' ll.   Mil:'.   SOOll | Is    0|,C1|    lo    CeUBUl'O,      TllO    cilOlll    pill
one glance at Edlth'a pale face,  forward liy the press thai tho public
and ile trembling of ilie llttlo hand   demands Bonsatlonal  news ami tt is I
ook i'  in ins for a moment,   their duly to furnish 11 la no1 '.,--,.i
upon sound i. nsoulng,    rhe publico-
tion   ol   -ue   ilila'.ls  of  crime  or   iml''  .
cencj   win is ilie appetite of ihe uui-.
tator   ami  nu.,   be lalrlj   considered
nn Inciting cause ol > rime ami Inde-
i' ■!• J     Mi dlcal tti. order.
A   Simple  and  Cheap   Medicine.—A
•J.1"- '."   ■"':""';:■  »»*» atti ictcd to     . .      ,   . ,    „„,, „„,,,,,	
is some!!,:'    i,. be deelred.    There is
no medh .       ■ el ■, tive a regulator
Btlve ByBtem as Parmeloo's
lo   Pi !•-     Thej   ir e  Blmple,
tie) are cheap, the) can :•.' got any-
rhei      nd t     ■ beneficial at tlon w in
theli       . en.men.i.i Ion.   They
■ ,!■.. im of :lie pooi man nnd
ii wish   to    -.ape  doctors'
9 e I   a g i ing them a
the Church by tho Blgn of sol    I   I
of unusual Interest   .it,:'..: ; la .-
T'uis man was api arently a   tut HI
ty years of age  wil b a pli i I
uf gray  bal     - .,--:   eyebrows   and
the low. r par1 ot the fa
pletely biddi n ' graj
lie had i ome
the gr n.   Some of tht  -
■..-■< at        for a
,,r :■■ o ,,..■[ ihi ti      ned aga    to ■
„.' , ■ loi lung  :ask , the
bridal part)     n ialt) >•,- n il      h "-'"   ' '  ;' Public a 'aw has
returned, howevi rver would   '"•■■"   ' passed making II cm;
p    noticed that the man'B   yesfromll    - ■'■  tor all cltliens to '
beginning  to  end  of    be  ceremony -
. '-.I    oi   b  i ■   alom        I    -   '        ' ' <'-n" '■■'*" "■' nil
ii,.- a.- sni In ar attli tdi ' ,; - '■■""■	
tentlon till the bridal par-;.' bad turn- '
e.l  from 'ii-  i istry    to    leave   the     We've seen a lo   of promlBlug ..,-
Churchl    Hiat.    he    hastened    down simmer    down i" mere    crustaceans
io the porch through which the pro-  because   they  adopted   .he   fool   nu-
cession  had  io    pass,    appeared  to  xlra that "The easiest way i,ut is tne
change his mind and turn hack inio  Vest!"
'lie  Church    again,    thereby almost
Cinematograph Men Take Everything
In Sight on the Hill.
Future gonerntlonfl will witness ihe
Borden Cabinet at, work in tho Privy
Council chamber. It will ho a real
cinematograph  picture  allowing the
lenders of ilie nation Inking sweet
counsel together.
'Ihe other morning for half nit hour
tho cinematograph men were busy in
llm Privy Council chamber bofore n
full Cabinet witli tbeir machines, nnd
they oomfl away plonsed at Ilie good
Impression, which will ha shown In
seventy millions of people, dully
throughout tlio world when lliey nre
The picture nre part of a scheme
hy tho Vltogrnph Co. to write a cinematograph picture history of Canada
from tlm days id Jacques Curlier up
to  tbo  present   Premier.
And royally will figure in lho pie-
lure. The incline tneii hy royal por-
mission attended n skating party ul
Government House nml caught Ihe
duke moving al,mil. the duohoss ro
.living lier guests and preily I'rlncosi
"I'nt" grncefull) II uring nn the ice
wiili a crowd ei Ottawa's boat and
lie liemier in his sumptuous private ofllce wa l:hi in the net of
willing leiiei i in,,I dictating t" his
pr vnle bi crel try al! I r future I 'nun.
iluuis ie gloat ov.-r in wondering Intern :
Sneskor Landry in the Semite posed
, la,I in Ins crimson robe, while Speaker Sproule, preceded hy tho sergeuui
nt uuil-, represented tho ua i, fn n
Ins private Apartments to Ilia great
chamber, And ti v li i.-i was oo1
forgotten. Ha Minted ,,'er ngaln his
famous smile mul walked down I'ar-
hum. ut loll, iill lor the beuolil of Iu
line statesmen, who will want to
ki I ow it was dona lu tiie year < I
grace 1919 Ihe press gallery 'boys"
me also included nnl room eight, wilh
i   ,u   1' pe . I il,'!--.   roil.lopped
desks,  v dumluons   bine   books  nod
■ ■   nhal ita','- |< if, nnod specinl.
ly   under   tiie   EnqulBltlvo eve  of   Ihi
:■ ^ machine.
When  the  history  i-» complete,  s
sp<.  d set u ill be -em to lli> Majos.
ty King George, who wiil havo Camilla
as she id placed before him.
Hiflli Speed.
Tiie BaronoBB Hobs Pnsse declared
I nl » Inniiieon lu Cambridge thnt cor-
I sots caused Intligoatlon.   "And Ihey
who nny  tlm,  corseta aro good  for
| lho health," declared    lho baroness,
Btnlllng, "ure ns fur from tho (ruth
as ihe railroad man,  a railroad man,
you  know,  was    hnnstiiig ahoiii   lho
"I'ecd of Hie trnlna nn his lino.    'We
j «" ao fust,' ho snld, ibul  hells nnd
: WhlstJoa are nn ubo—the train keeps
nnead of Ilio sotinil.   Onpe, four miles
away on n nir.-iigin slteieh, nn engln-
eoi of ours saw a wagon,   llo whlsl-
! let   and rang, be cursed and  sworn
MCI yelled, bill li  was useless.   The
no-XI Imiiatil we were on llm wagon—
<rasli.   bang   ,i   dciuilnieiil,   ami   u,n
Mm'   ovorlurnod,     The   onglnoor
Pom fellow, wnn killed. Itut ||,,,
'hislly lliing ahum Um iiecldenl was
lis:   As il,e engineer  lay  ,le„,i  ,„,
'!"  ''"''olfhl.' htli v, caughl lilm up.
''""■■' '"■ lay deiid, and nil
I  In   oilorilB  hi
»lr,  tli
iniitil   lilm
Weak   on   Holy   Writ.
own until and yells Ibul bu bad
"••'il .Iiihi a ml uut . Imforu to clear
me track.'"
The Real Euuene Aram.
,v   " f Nlcs of llugeiie Aram re
"ll1"" "» t'1"1  l-onl    l.viion'n Aram i
",l" » very differ  , 0nnge t'r	
tlm who wns hanged ul  York, who,
"J*'?111"   '""'I   'he    llBllOd   uecoillll
!'' "•" "''al, w.ui moiolj a felt I Ibe
naapr unit.   li,. nBaocliilod uiiii low
1 Panlous, nun ii, (j n low wife nud
practised swindling with a mliornbla
pventuro whom i s younger days
lie was ussoelnled  wiih iu  allng
dowor roots   lor   they   wen i,
, r.iiriloiioiH   ami llnnlly murdered him
to secure a fow puuiulH, ||„, ,,,,„ __
oi ii swindle,
, A rain posses | „ vlgin'oim Intellect, bail masleied Ibe learned langu-
nges. had read ovory clnsalc tlml
'•""" hi his way. and, soya a distinguished wriler. when Ibe learned felon came lo make bis defence all Britain was astonished hv a pi,.,.,. „[
pleading Which, if given In Um pulim
among Hie defences nnd under the
name  of Tliomna  l.onl  Erakine,  so
I eelobralod for ibis species of composition, would certainly noi  be deemed
, unworthy of the collecUon of iis nu-
I thor.—I.ond.iii Globe,
is your new  nurse  Irish. French
or Herman, Freddie?"
i    "Well, I  link she's    bwokon  ling.
I Hah.— Satire,
Wireless And Longitude.
Scleral deteriuinutlotiH of longltudo
liavd of lute heen ntiidu hy Uleatia of
wireless iiiessapes, but the uiosf ambitious attempt of this nature bus
Jusl taken place befwoen litiis ami
Tunis, wireless signals connecting two
chicks, lho ciiiupaiison ot which decided lho lot gitalin    The signals it-u-
velied   the   wilole   (ildslance   tri   lime
wiiliii   works out  at neurly  200,000
miles a secoiiil.
There nre biighl dnys. light days,
iiiteriueiliaie days, und darkly, deeply, desperalel" blue days; but all urn
needed for gradation of color lu our
life pictures.
Intuit to Inlurv.
James I'uyn tolls of a whim play
being lohl by an opponent Hint
could ulwnyH tell  by  Ids fuce  wl.
In, hud u good hand,   This hu reset
ed exceedingly,    nnd applied tu I
partner for u refutation nf It; hut
wns only hi 111 moro Irritated by I
form of corroboration, "that lm b
never noticed any expression lu 1
coullieniiuco whatever."— Ktinsns (i
Over fifty Ions of railway tickets
ore isued in a year by one English
milutiy company.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Ete.
Letters which are warmly  sealed
are often but coldly opened,
Germany  possesses 85,207  utiles of
A  needle manufacturing   machine railway,         ^^
is   capable   of    producing    1,000.000 , T,   „
„ I,,1,, „ .,V(.C|,. j    Knowledge of one'u Belt Is ths can*
.luggers: "I saw n big break early
IhlH morning.' "What was it, a
bank?" "No; it was tho brenk ot
I ire of ull wisdom.
other perfectly; toll me thai you love knocking up against Charles, then in      Professor   Campbell    Swlnlon, an;
me, and that ls all I will ask to-night, nis efforts to gel out of Charles' way.   English scientist, has proposed a new j
lt won't lako long io say yes, Edle. attimbllng  against   Edith,   who  step-   plan  tor 'television,"  or seeing oh-1
"Yos." murmured    Edith,    and the ped back with a thoroughly frightened ' jeets -• -   'l-'-— - -■•» '*--   —I
look in  her eyes
ously at Charles
■oli Charlie!"
"Awkward   foil
drawing  Edllh'B
nr-xt moment she was clasped  in a
pair    of    Rtrong    nrms.    "Ami now,
Kdir."  said  niarlr-H, takiiiR 0\e. kins
that ho nahl Iin had boon hungorlng
for bo Iouk, "tell me why you have
tvnliVti mf so lately,   in New York
1 couldn't Rot you a moment to iny*
sell', and It. lias horn much tlu; same: ,ilfl bj-idoBmalcla ari(* ushers made
way nmon your return home."
"Oh well, you liavo changed f-'o
since vou wenl to Englnnd, Charlie,"
said Edith, fooling llmt she milsl «n<'
somo excuse, "and thon yon know it
is no' Hire'' weeks since your return
"Is Hint all." he answered, "well,
we'll have a fairly Rood ciiancc of get-
tlng aeiiuaiiited over again, eh,
Two days later KdiUi slarled to Join
^frs. Bomllle at Hie sea side. A number of lier young Cninpden friends
came to the station to soo lier off.
"You haven'!, got rid of me, Kdie,"
whispered Charles, rs he henl down
to say good-bye,   "hll    Mutt   Carrie
■II  bnve an  addition   tn  lier parly
: jerts at a  iMstaner* over a  wire, on
iutcliPd nerv-jthe  iirinciple  that  we  spt.ak over a
, with a faint   telephone wire     The {.rneesB is com*
plicated, hut i; depends on using ca*
said   Charles,   thode rays from a vacuum tube and
mcr^ closely   making them play  over a sensltlvo
within bis arm and pressing it against   screen in such a way as to paint a
lilm In a careSBlug sort of way. while! picture, in light, af.  the distant sta*
tion. of any persou or object at tbe
merry over tbls liitle Incident as tbey receiving station. There is little
usually do over siuiitiav occurrences ; doubt that, within a few years it will
on all such occasions. , be an every-day thing to see the face
"Kdie dear." said Charles, whn nn-! of the person you are talking with
tieeil how white and seared she look- over the 'phone, as well as hear bis
ed. "I know you foe] upset, and yonr I voice, even though he may be lnind-
nerves completely unstrung with all   reds of miles away.
ibis fuss and nonsense, hut try and j •,_.   -.
pull yourself Logothor till the speeches
are over darling." wilh another ear-
t'ssim* pressure of her hand as he
helped her into the carria.ee. "and I'M
seo lhat you won't he bothered with
any more of this sort uf thing till
you've had long enough rest to make
you your old self again."'
Ity an odd association    of    ideas,
To whom It may concern: This is
to certify that I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT myself as well as prescribed it In  my practice    whero a lini-
at tbe beach this summer.'
It Is ihr i.'iiih of July, a year later.
'Ihe Church of the Holy Trinity or
Hn' Utile town of Campden seems to
be en fete ''or some special ceremony,
inside is a mass nf evergreens and
flowers and some young men. faultlessly altlred aro showing the favored
Sheathing Felt
dliurloB' manner reminded  Edith nf|mont was required and have uever
times Iiiiik nasi when they happened  tall*' l0 BH tho desired effect.
contains no oil or tar. it is clean,
cdorle;-", waierprocl, germ and
vermin proof and practically
indestructible. Ma!:ec l-.cuces
dralt-prc:f, easy to heal, snd
ccmforlable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or write tzr sample
and Booklet to the s:
Sale ('•niadiart Manufacluren
nl Canida. limit,-.!.
Mnntrf.il, Hlnnlp.,, Calgary, v.iitr.uvrr.
lo he inuKlit out in a thunder storm I
and   he   would  coax  Iter  not  to he
afraid of ihe lightning,
Then she thonglil of Uie stranger
again, and tho looh about his eyea;
; Unit so reminded her of someone else .	
—"hut it cannot he." Bhe thought. ' , ,
Then coming back from her musing Ju5t Occurred to Him
she looked up .'ind found Charles look-1    "It  never struck me before," .-aid
Ing ai  her wiih that protecting big  Mr. Wlmploton, "but Dr. Temple 6t"p-
I brother look oi*ain (lint always gave   ped me this morning to tell me what
her a feeling of aafety. ja big.  handsome,  manly-looking fel-
"Oh Charlie,"   she    whispered, "I i low o.ir son had grown lo be."
don't care for anything while I have      "i don't so? how you rould help no-
- you lo lake care of me." | ticlng it," his wife replied.   "1 have
I "Tliat'B the wny to talk, darling," , been aware of it «!1 tho time; but I
; ho answered, "you leave the lighting i puess a mother is more likely to look
i of ilie nightmare's to me and see if' ror Buch things than a father Is."
■ 1 don't make short work or them." | „oh ,-„, realized lhat Will was
Edith tried to be aa gay and happy hdsoMO anli manly-looking, all
: a^ possihle for ( harlea     sake:  and ;   ,,,,,.    y,m m,vol. have been any more
everything passed off charmingly at t   °  ;, 0, him lhu„ , -lava bcen.-.
;;;;,;l^rtitr^j'eZ ™ ^i?-*-""",,cver Ua<1
Edith looked just as happy as anyone  striicK you neioie.
'■ could look and ibe older beads assur*      "I mean it never etruch me before
; ing one another thai they started out | bow much be resembles inc."
in life with every prospect of perfect
Hut we are told thai 1' Is always
the unexpei ted tha   happens.
The las' speei h had bi en mad'1, the
last kiss given and ihe last slipper
sent on Its errand of luck, wuh love
and healti :■' youth, wealth and the
bleesli g of friends Charles ami Edith
tvere Rtarted on their journey of life
together. Surely there was noi blue
wanting iu make thla union a perfect
Great   System
"This winter air is nice in-tl Freali,"
taid the brink citizen.
••'I hat's were you are wrong," ro*
piled the man from Chicago. "It's
i-n. Eftme uiil au ; It on y eetun rre.-h
because It lias been in cold storage."
—Washington Star.
Better  ComprorriTse
"Seems they   are   having trouble
Well, Well!
^ can use
Gjhft   i
". - -=^Z?'l I dyed ALL theso
-—*^   _—•*       of Goods
'''-=._ •   ",ilh "t" SAME one-
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE -to Use.
N'CI, Inn.-. Iii.Iii-;'!.* WU'lSt. liy, r,ntl.r.(.i....l
VVhen thej  were nearlng their firsn itiH,ni the polling places In tho mates
stopping place nn the way lo where   where women vote."
they had decided to snend ihe honey*      '-j-** what way'.'"
moon. Charles  lett  Kdlth  for a few      •■■j-|U. women won't  vote in barber
moments ta speak lo the Conductor,   Bhops, and Hie men don'l  waul, the
who was In the car behind,   lie had   i,00thb  placed  iu  millinery  stores."
scai Ihi   cai  when the irten*| '   ____..___
tli al  n in n Iio ha I bo frightened EdiUi
The truth is out. Tbe weakness of
the large majority of the members
ol the Parliamentary Press Gallery
ia not for the Holy'Writ. Th .
mind one of Chaucer's Doc tour of
Phiayk, whose "studie was but litsl
on the Ilible." In the course of his
eloquent speech at the Liberal banquet to the victors of South Renfrew
the other evening, Dr. Michael Clark
paraphrased a quotation Irom tlic
soug of Deborah in the Book of
Judges. "All, sir. the stars in their
courses are fighting against t-isera."
Kvery Liberal newspaper man present who used tbe quotation iu his
report endeavored to make it a elastic, representing iho westerner ns
having chronicled a conflict between
tho firmament und Cieero. It ia re*
ported tn have been Sir Wilfrim Laurier, himself an adept at scriptural
quotation, wbo first spotted the blunder of the newspaper men. Thereupon
there were manifold trips to the Parliamentary Library to inspect the
dust*eovered copy of the Scriptures
which there abides. A poll of tiie
press men was taken on the question
with disastrous results lo all but the
Anglican's'. Not a Presbyterian nor
a Roman Catholic in the Gallery
knew whence tho quotation was taken,
and only ono Methodist qualified,
Seven of tlio Anglicans, however, at
once recognized and located it, these
correspondents, with the one Methodist, being tho only members of tho
Parliamentary Press Gallery who apparently had any acquaintance with
the Hook of Judges. Only one Anglican ".vent wrong, and iio confessed,
amid laughter, thut he was brought
up a Presbyterian.
Irresolution frames a thousand horrors embodying each.
To tench your boys what, you do
not practise, is to drive nulls into
lath and plaster
Every year the clothing and victualling of the British Navy cost
In ihe treatment of summer complaints, the most effective remedy
that can be used is Dr. J. D. Kellogg'a
Dysentery Cordial. It Is a standard
preparation, and many people employ
it in preference to other preparations.
It is a highly concentrated medicine
and its sedative and curative qualities
are beyond question. It has been a
popular medicine for many years and
thousands can attest Its superior qualities in overcoming dysentery and
kindred complaints.
Knew His Man.
Tlio members of tlic staff of The
Montreal Star have been selling tickets for a concert by means of which
that paper aided a charitable cause.
One of them sold a ticke, to one of
tn men who are partners in business.
Then the newspaperman made a bet
with anothor member of the staff that
ho couldn't sell a ticket to tlio other
partner, who was known to be close
in money matters.
Tiie man -who took the bet soon reported that he had sold Iwo tickets
to the close one and had collected
two dollars.
But the man who had taken the
other end of the bet was still doubtful. He hunted up tiie alleged buyer,
who told him lliat he had bought the
tickets and, after tearing them up, had
thrown them into tho waste-paper
basket. Tho doubter searched tiie
waste-paper basket and found what
looked like bits of the tickets. Somewhat sadly lie went back lo Tho Star
oilice anil asked the "boys" out for
tlm promised refreshments,
Soon afterwards the man who had
taken the two tickets met the seller
and U&ked why the doubter was so
anxious t'j find out about ttie tickets,
"He nearly had me," said the close
one. "Just after yuu sold me the two
tickets, a friend came in and I re-Isold
them to him. It was fortunate for
me that there were some bits of cardboard in that waste-pnpe: basket,"
Mrs. .links—-I never knew such a
man as you arc lor making extravagant statements.
Mr. .links-Well, my dear, I suppose ,
it's force of habit. I'm a bill clerk I
for tho gas company, you know!        |
Female Lawyer—We want a writ |
of womanconfuundus.
Opposing counsel (from the enst)—
What In the world is that?
His native colleague—It's whal wo
used to call mandamus,—Puck.
"My dear Mrs. Come-up, did your
lunch here suit you'.' Have you had
quantum Bufllclt?"
"Oh. vou couldn't gel anything like i
lliat In this town. It's local option"1
—Baltimore American.
Over 26,000 persons are employed
in the business of the London Stock
Exchange every day.
In 1ST)-! gunboats covered wiih four
Inches of iron were •hot-proof. The
latest rifled eannon*shot will penetrate
twenty-fonr inches of th* best steel.
The exquisite complcxw.n of lho
young ChlneBe women Is due to tbe
great care which they give their skin
Generally speaking, the result is due
to massage.
"Wo had a fine sunrise this morning." said one New Yorker to another,
"litd yon see it?" "Sunrise?" said tho
second man. "Why, I'm always in
bed before sunrise."—New York Ledger.
Great Britain  In one year spends
nearly 1150,000,000 on tobacco.
Bronson—What's the best way io
make love to a girl?
Dawson—The worst way possil >
Then shell think yon mean If.—
"You've decided not to buy?" demanded the agent. Incredulously.
"But, my dear sir. I respectively submit that you've taken a long time to
find that out. Why, you've hnd the
free use of this car for a week. May
I ask what's the trouble?"
"Certainly." said Cheekley. "Its a
mighty serious trouble. The red
leather seats in the tonneau don't
match my wife's hair by three shades."—Harper's Weekly.
In nil lis terrible forms
brings ruin to the breeder
tn many nf lis -macks    .
—every last one ot them—
and bandage their tliroato
wilh plenty ef liol Unseed
and bran poultice, if their
glands are swollen and liable to suppurate , and
slough off, Thin cut snows
now to handle the bandage.
You Will HOOn have the
disease under control ami
need roar no new coses if
you stick close to tho use
<if "Spohn's."   Bpohn's Cure
fnr sale b>- all druggists—
SPOHN  MEDICAL CO.. Chemists, Goshen, Ind., U. 8. A.
Mr. Bacon—Something wrong with
this hash tbls morning, dear.
Mrs. Bacon—Why,
Mr. Bacon—I don't know. It needs
Mrs. Bacon—I can't think what it
can be. I put in everything 1 could
find!—Yonkers Statesman.
Rustic, seeing an aeroplane for the
ho first time—"Lawks, if that ain't
he queerest-looking balloon I over
seen!" Rustic's friend (scornfully)
—"'Balloon, that ain't no balloon!
That's parcels goln' by this noo wire*
les telegraphy!"
It is better to have loved a short
man than never to have loved a tall.
It Is illegal to set trnps with strong-
smelUng baitn on land, or to poison
wild birds and beasts.
Temperature of C2 degree below
zero, which Is a record, haa been experienced in a Polar expedition.
Biliousness is Bad Enough
in itself with its headaches, sour stomach, unpleasant breath
and nervous depression—but nervousness brings a bail train
of worse ills if it is not soon corrected. But if you will clear
jour system of poisonous bile j*ou will be riil of present
troubles and  be secure against others which may be worse.
act quickly and surely—they regulate the bowels, stimulate
tlic liver and kidneys—tone the stomach. Then your
blood will be purer and richer and your nerves won't bother
you. 'Ihe whole world over Beecham'i Pills are known as a
most efficient family remedy, harmless but sure ln action. For
all disorders of the digestive organs they are regarded as the
Best Preventive and Corrective
The direcUona wilh eery box are valuahla-eapecIaU, fer
SoM everywhere,   In boaea. 25c,
>*:. U. th. 892,
in the Church, appeared as If by
magic, : owed banded \:< r a letter,
bowed aL'aiii and disappeared.
[■ was all done so suddenly and
Edith was ho taken by surprise, lhal
nhe ivas stl I sitting with a look "f
blank amaremenl ou hei face, and
inr> letter lying In the ]>;i!m ol hor
band when Charles returned io Ills
Hf-Ht beside ber.
Edith's preoi cupled air a"'l Hie
ietti r In her hand atlracted his alien'
lion, "Well, dear, havo you bcen
writing yourtell a letter whllo I was
out," said Cliarlos, "you know wo
share nur letters now, sweet," ha nd-
dr.'d, m Edith made a movement us
IT tn pill it away,
"Yo . Charlie," said Edllh, in n low
Iremhllng voli i. ■ ill lill wo K"i to
the hotol nnd then wn will road II,"
"I'm glad wo'rn nlnioi' Ihore," ho
answered laklns In , hand, "ynu look
no thoroughly done oul lhat I think
I'll liavo lo insii: upon you remain*
Ing lltore for u  few  [lavs   ■   "
gel a ■•    ' .    -  >""
..... iusi,   ne continued wllb •
luw ""proprlotan nlr.
They wi re 6; '". ,'.i tho liutnl and
Edith  wns lefl alone foi
The Agent—"Iloro Is a line lot 1
can st-!] you for $'»n a foot."
Mrs Homebody—"I'm awfully poor
si arithmetic. Iluw much In it by
the yard?"
'A man Bholiid Blr
1 with Ills lot."
'That's a hard IhiiiK lo do when
i liia lot happens lo lie undor u Biili-
| urban frog pond."—Birmingham Ago.
ii. raid.
A Long Train.
Tho tnnnni*o of whont drawn by
tho Canadian Northern Railway iu
11110 waB increased in tlio past year
by 14,000,000 bushels. During tbo corresponding period of 1910 only '21,-
000,000 bushels were brought out of
the country. Thero is an interesting
side to this statement; it is hardly
possible to get more than 1.0(10 bushels
of wheat Into the average freight car,
for thla Is allowing an average capacity of G0,tiO:i pounds, it will bo soon,
thereloro, that if 38,750,000 bushels
were handled—the precise quantity—
nearly 40,000 ears were utilized. Taking lho average length of a ear ns
40 leet, which would allow for tho
coupling at each end, this total would
mean a continuous chain of wheat
ears holding .'10 tons each a Utile more
than MIJU miles long.
• [tlxby bI hi ho arrested for c
elty io mechanism."
"BhI wind did ho do?"
"Hid n (Holograph In Iho mool
place oi hi nftornoon bridge cluh,
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Pork Hay. Mm
anybody tlml seei
night, 'liii you?
Maria    Why, no!  You BOO, I dliln'l
know ll was .i Hocnet,—Judge,
  .va'i'h   and   chain?"
,,! tho Irnl'.i robber.
"On ii' Scottl" sobbod lho Pullman
p0ri, r  'niii'i (bore no olhlpa In 	
few ino-|;irof sslon?"—Washlnglon Star,
|    One or Pittsburg's loading manufno.
hirers does not think so highly uf the
I viilmi of n college career, lie wna
I taking n follow tnngnnlo to task iho
othor day.
|    "Woll, I hear your boh Ib through
I college"
"Yen, bo's I hrciigh."
I    "Put in lour yoni'Bi I s'pose'!''
"Four yeat's "
'     "  ., oni he learn anything whnl-
' over llnW  waa useful   during those
! "Oli yos.' He learned lo operate an
automohllo BO well lhat wo havo put
lorn in charge of one ot our big electric i.iicks."—Pittsburg I'oBt. .
McvrrriE & parker
1J. L 8, & 0. E.
B, C
VV.  P. (-UKU,
Huri'istL'i'.   Siilii'tur.  ole,
01.A.NBB00K, B, 0
harvey,  Mi-carter,
Bui'lislt'i'h nml Soliritui's,
Milling lungim-ei' itnil
11.0,  I -ninl   Siii'viiyiir,
I'.li   llox lillti. |'Iiiiiiu "US,
B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
lltlu,  at   Residence,     Armstrong   Af*.
Furenunus  ....   s.ue to 10.01
Afteiauaaa - - - -  it.00 tu   4.00
Eveulugs   - - - •    7.S0 to   I.M
Sundays 2.10 to   4.10
JHANIMUOK :      : B.  O.
K.   BEA'l
Funeral  Dire
l'lHINK  Wt)
We Deal in Everything Prom
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds nf Second -Hunt! Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sana's Old  St mul. Hanson Ave
Phons 161.
; A.  WALLER :
|   Steam   Boiler,   Kurnnco,    ,,
ami Septic Tank wui'k      <>
a specially
C'nsl uuil stock estimates.
|   furnished on application.    ' ',
Addiai. : P. O. Bub  244.  Cranbrook
F. M. MacPherson
Noibuiy Annua Naxt tu City Hall
Open Day anil Night Plioita 2JJ
Oraabrook   Lodge Nu  14    A.F.oY A.M.
rtogular meetings on
t.he third Thursday
of every inontli.
Visiting brethren
D. J. McSWKYN, W.  M.
J. S. PECK, Sec.
Rocky Mountain Chapter s"
N(i  lib, it. a. M. I
linguist- -nesting's:   'imi 'I'uoa 1
day   in  eaoli   month   at eight c
li'nloi'k. 1
Sojourning  Companions   are %
1'iirdlally Invllod. |
Bi. Comp. A. 0. Hhanltlniiil. K  *
iMt'i'ta every Monday
night at New   Pra-
_    ternity    Hall.     Sojourning Oddfellowe cordially invited.
H. J. Kendall,
N.   O.
W. M. Harris
Knight* of Pythias
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crucent   Lodge,   No.   33
Meets    every   Tuesday
at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
0, Porter C. C.
J. M. Iloyce,
K. of K. * S.
Visiting   brethren cor
dlally    invited    to attend.
Court Oranbrook No. 8948.
Meet In Carmcn'H Hall, on   2nd anil
41.1. Thiiiwlay of each month.
Louie Pearson, Sec, P.O. Hoi ,'18
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook'  Branch)
Meiita   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
und "th Tuesdays in every month, ut
S  p.m.   Membership  open  tn  BritlBh
N.   A.  Walllnger,  Pros.
W. ('. Crehhln, Soo'y,
P.O. llox .(2.r..
Visiting members cordially wolcoirfod
©lie Stan torJi
THE   STANDARD   la   (hu   Nullum,
Wi'i'kly   N'owepuuor  of   tho   Dnuih	
of Ci n.      11   Is  niilloi 1  ,,i!   ||,
li iisrs uu. most uxpunslvu i-iiKi'iii
lugs, procuring the phnm-miphs frni
ail over n„. world.
lis nrtloloa ar,. iiin-tuiiv s.-i,.,•!,.,1 on
II*    I'lllinrlal     ley    is     mughl
.ii.l- .■■■■i.,l. hi
A milwi'i'linlon in Thu Hininkir
1 lusts $2.00 per year t,. un) address i
Canada or rsi-cni lirltuln,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co.,
Limit*;., Pubiisi.sru.
Canada' Steady Growth
The Summer DustnesB Issue of "Ad
vortising," an English magazine published in London. England, devotes
as1 many us twenty-seven pages to it
comprehensive and Illustrated article on Canada ns a field for British
"Canada" says the Editor, "is not
booming, she is progressing. There
Is no rush to Canada; it is a steady
Province by province the chief commercial nnd agricultural characteristics are dealt with, this part of the
story being introduced by a statement that "the British advertiser,
approaching Canada from the sen,
meets in succession with Islands,Sea-
lands. River-lands, Hake-lands, Wheat
lands, and Mountuin-lands-six different types of commercial conditions—
any and all of which he may attack
nnd conquer." A selected list of
Canadian newspapers is included in
the nrtlcle, among which mention is
made of the "Prospector"
We understnd thnt a copy of the
Summer Number of "Advertising."
containing the article on Canada
will he sent post free to any reader
of the "Prospector" on receipt o
four international postnl reply cou
pons, value 20 cents. Canadian
readers sending a dollar bill will receive six successive numbers of th
magazine post free, direct from the
Head Offlce, "Advertising," 101
Fleet Street,  London,  England.
Hydro-Aeroplane Splendid
Magnlflcient  Exnibition  of  Aerial
Scouting—Fleet Celebrates
The fleet dressed ship on Tuesday
tu celebrate the anniversary of King
George's accession, and at noon fired
a royal salute. A magnlflcient piece
of aerial scouting was done by Coin
mnnder Sampson. After the flrst and
second squadrons had put to sea to
join the third nnd flfth in order to
make a spectacular entry into th
bay, Commander Sampson launched a
hydroplane from the shore on the opposite side of Portland bay. It Bkld-
ed along the surface of the water for
200 yards, then arose and in tbe middle of the bay did graceful right
hand circles.
Then the commander went 12 miles
out to sea and picked up the great
fleet heading toward Weymouth, the
flrst time nn aeroplane, has ever done
this. Commander Sampson circled in
front of the ships and then, steering
by compass, dashed back to the hay,
arriving over the very spot at which
he hnd started his scouting expedition
and brought his machine down. It
settled on the water as gracefully as
Thin novel feat wan performed after
Commander Sampson hnd broken
both wings of the Shortt biplane
near Lonmoor early in the morning.
Lieutenant Cray also met with a
slight accident, ln attempting to
land, biH aeroplane struck the ground
with considerable force. One of the
wings was damaged.
Leiutant Gregory also made successful aeroplane flights over the
The sailor King, George V, paid
his third visit, to the fleet since coming to the throne on Tuesday, for the
purpose of witnessing the maneuvers
of the ships and the gunnery practice
All the more Interesting because of
Its novelty will be the flights by
naval ofllcers in tho new nerlal wing
of the service before the King. This
will be the outstanding feature of the
four dny's program.
The progress made by tho students
of the naval aviation school at East-
church has been so rapid that it will
come as a surprise to many to learn
that there are already two dozen
qiiallfled aerial pilots in the navy .Six
of them will be with the fleet at Port
Innd. They will bnve with them uot
only aeroplanes of different make, but
hydro-noroplanea for the purpose of
showing how air craft can be started
from battleships, There will be a
submarine attack upon the battleship
fleet by dny and a destroyer attack
by uight.
Anchored In six lines to salute the
King when he arrives In the royal
yacht from Portsmouth will be \2
battleships nnd cruisers composing
tbe ilrst, second and third aud fifth
squadrons.     In the first and aeeond
' stEiE
When you
buy a "Kootenay "^
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
_  is guaranteed by _
I makers and dealers alike 1
to be a strung, durable
range and a  perfect
cooker and
Mnde Especially to Burn B. C
*-j( Coal
Repairs when necessary alway
in stock at Vancouver.
Sold   by PATMOHt  BROS.
squadrons will be Dreadnought battle
ships, four battle cruisers of the Indomitable type and six protected
cruisers of the new Uristol class.
Among the 25 destroyers are 13 of
the new Acorn type, while the sub-
nerlnos present include two which
ire armed with guns. With them is
the new submarine tender Adamant,
i novel type of auxiliary ship.
There is an assessor in a neighbor
ing   county   that   is certainly   doin
business with a proper spirit.     Whe
be  goes  out  to assess  and  three  or
four  dogs  meet him  at  the  gate  he
proceeds calmly to the proprietor of
the farm,   makes his assessment and
asks how  many dogs he hns.   If the
proprietor says he has none, and that
a few  dogs just  " hang  around   th
place" Mr.  Assessor just pulls out
revolver  and  speedily   dispatches th
canines in sight.     He says he may
not be elected assessor again but h
is  going  to  get  the  dog  tnx  of hiB
township   while   he   is   on   the   job
There should l>e more assessors of thi
kind in every county.
Provincial News.
Two bad Indians named Moses Paul
iiiid  Paul  Spin take,  shot and killed
constable  A.   Kindness,  and  woundu
Constable Lortng. A determined effort
is helng made to capture the outlaws
The O.P.R. roundliou.se and machine shops at Kholt were completely
destroyed by fire last Friday. Th
origin of the (lr» has not been dis
"Little Horse" a bad Indian, wit
n reward of $100 on his head was cap
tared on the Fishing Lake on Sunday
list, by the mounted police. The
indian put up a hard fight and was
shot through the back before he sur
Petor Winstanley, a rancher living
near Slocan Junction was found Sunday morning dead In the cellar of his
cabin. it is supposed that ho waB
murdered on Friday night, robber
being tbe motive, ns the cabin wa
Fruit trees   nre   being planted   o
tho   governmental   farm,   on Colonel
Payne's Innd at  Paynes Lake.      Assistant     minister    of     Agriculturne
Middloton    is    busy    superintend!!.
Baptist Church
Rev.  O. K.  Kendall. Pastor
WH BtOLIHVH the Bible Interpreted
liy the Holy Spirit rule for all things
pertaining to faith nnd practice.
Preaching services 11.0t) a.m.. 7.00
Sunday school 8.00 p.m.
The pnntor Rev, O, EO. Kendall will
lead the services of the day speaking
hi the morning on tho topic "Tho
second coming of the Lord Jesus,"
and iu the evening "The touch ot
"Como thon with us and wo will do
thee good."
Recognition of Mother's day will he
made ln the evenlm* meeting.
Forest Fire
A forest, fire occtired just south of
Oranbrooli on Tuesday afternoon
Nearby residents turned out and
fought the fire until about 10 p.m.
when they telephoned to Fire Warden
Benson for assistance. To got tho
necessary authority took some timo,
und at 11 p.m., n force of government employees were at the BCOno
and after considerable work the Ilru
was under control and early on Wednesday morning was totally extinguished A watchman was left until
after daylight as a precaution
against the ro-occurrence of the fire.
For a License to take and use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that John
Fournler of Jaflray will apply for
license to take and use oue cubic foot
of water out of Laiiglcy Oreek,which
flows in an eastern ly direction
through l.ot aufts and empties into
Little Hand creek neur Jaflray. Tho
water will bo diverted at a point
midway on the Eastern Boundary of
Lot 3055 and will be used for Irrigation purposes on the land described
as Lot 8055.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 18th day of April 1912,
the application will ho tilled in the
ofHce of tho Water Recorder at Cranhrook
objections    may he  tiled    with  the
said Water Recorder or with the Com
ptroller of Water Rights,  Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Ifi-Bt. John Fournfer, Applicant
District  Division  of  South  Kast
Take notice that I, Robert Campbell of Moyie, H. C. occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing nt n post planted near
the South West corner post of Lot
3H02, Mionce North -10 chains; thence
West 20 chnins; thence South 40
chains to the North Wost point of Lot
2801, thence East 20 chains to tho
place nf commencement, containing
30 acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Rock Hill  Mineral Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated  February  27th  1912. |2-'Jt
Provincial Elections Act
Cranbrook Electoral  District
(Hotithoru liivitilon East Kootenay)
nf Wiihii, occiipntlon rancher, intends
to apply for piTniitmion to purchase
ilio lollowlng described lands:
Commencing „t n post planted at
the North Kant Corner of I,. 8103,
thence .south I'l-Tia ehniiiH; thein'e eaHt
HO chains, thence north 211 chains,
west to ihe Kootenny river, down
Btream to point of commencement.
Untrd '.'Ist  November,  1911. 5U-9t
District of East   Kootenay
TAKK notice that 10. G. Stahl of
Waldo, I). C. occupation farmer, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a Post planted at
lho south east corner of lot G231
thence east 40 chains; thence north
40 chains; thence west 40 chains;
thence south 40 chains, to the point
of commencement, containing 160
acres more or less.
1'Mwardi'iirllHil  Stahl.
Dated Fell. 23. 1911!. lo-Dt
(Southern Division Bast Kootenay)
TAKB notice that Chnrles Oraslcy
Senior, of Baker, P.O., B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north east corner of Lot 6231,
tbence east 20 chains, thence south 40
chains, tbence east 60 chnins; tbence
south 11.91 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 51.91 chains to
the point of commencement containing 160 ncres more or less.
Charles Orasley, Senior.
B. Q. Stabl, Agent,
Dnted Feb. 24,  1912. 14-9-9t
(District of Kast Kootenay.)
Take notice that I, Coutts Llndsey
Chambers, ol Sheep Creek, farmer,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following lands:
Commencing at S. West corner   ol
Lot 6117, group 1, thence    west   40
chains, thence north 40 chains, tbence
east     40   chains,    thence   south   40
chains to the plnce of commencement
containing 160 acres more or less.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated April 23rd.  1912 *18-9t.
age Sunday morning and, strangly
perhaps, each in his sermon had
spoken of tho necessity for man to be
possessed of the lifeboat of religious
consolation ln time of spiritual shipwreck. Tbe story of the deaths of
the priests wus related yesterday by
three women survivors of the Titanic
Ullen Mocklare, Bertha Moran and
Miss McCoy.
When the liner struck, they said,
Father Byles came down in the steer-
nge passageway wltb hand uplifted,
commanding the people to be calm
and giving them absolution and bis
"He led us to where the bouts were
being lowered," said Miss Mocklare,
"meanwhile saying prayers, and helped women and children into them,
lie whispered words of comfort and
encouragement to all. The passengers were deeply impressed by his
sell control. Twice he refused to enter the boat and save himself.
"After the boat had left the ship's
side," continued Miss Mocklare, "I
could hear distinctly the voices of the
priests and tho responses of the
people to their prayers. Then tbey
grew fainter and fainter and Anally
I could only hear the strains of
"Noarer, My (lod to Thee."
The person who stands on the
strcot corner looking around for
something to gossip about or to And
limit with, can always And what he
is looking for, hut what n life he
lives. Ills soul shrivels mul withers
until It Is shown in his manners and
looks. For such a person life has lost
its savor. It. becomes sour, misanthropic, whining. He pusses from
bad to worse nnd sees no good In
anybody. His tuxes are always too
high, no matter bow low they may
bo and lie ciiHses his neighbor became
IiIh neighbor Is prosperous nml enjovs
llle. In fact be bates himself, is a
j menace to a town's prosperity, a loe
to Ood, and no good to the devil.
These persons seem to he a necessity
! evil in every town. They ought to be
put out.
(District  ol    Hast  Kootenny.
1, Frank Henry I'eai'soa ol Fori
Hteele in the Province of British Columbia. Intend to apply lor permis
slon to purchase snveuty-ilve acres of
Und hounded as follows.—
I'oiiiineucing al u post planted M
chains enst of the north enst corner,
of lot I2f> on     tl nst hunk of    all
island; thence following tho shore
down stream to its most southerly
Point; tbence tip stream In an easterly and northerly direction to lis
northerly extremity; thence following
the west bank to the point of conv
Dated this 14th day ol March, 1912.
12-9t. F. H. PEARSON,
TAKK NOTICK that 1 have received objections In writing to the
retention ol the following names on tbe Register of Voters (or tbe
Cranhrook Electoral District on the.grounds us stated  below.
And take notice tbat at a Court ol Revision to he held on the 20th
day ol May 1912. at the Court House in Cranbrook at ten o'clock in the
forenoon local time, 1 shall hear ami determine tbe said objections, and
unless such named persons, or some other Provincial Voter ou their
behalf, satisfies me that such objections nre not well founded, 1 shall
strike such names off the said Register.
Acting  Registrar ol  Voters
Dated this  Htli  Dny  ol April,  1912.
Tiie following: persons arc reported absent from the city.
Notice is hereby given tbat the re
serve existing   over Lot 6623, Croup
Ono, Kootenay District, formerly embraced in Timber License   No.  16727
hy reason of a notice bearing date of
24th December 1907 and published in
the British Columbia l.a/ette ol 27th
December 1907, is cancelled in order
tbat a sale of the said lands may be
effected to Elizabeth Ciimmlngs.
Robt. A. Fenwick
Deputy Minister of Lands,
I-ands Department
Victoria, B. 0,
February 8th 1912. l-SMo.
1. Acton, Martin Thomas  Cranbrook
12. Alleu, Richard      Swansea
10s. Beach, Bertram James     Norbury    Avenue, Cranhrook
114. Heaudry,  Frank    Cranbrook
150. Hiddlecomhe, Frank   Cranbrook
225. Bromley,   James Ray    Craubrook
276. Duller,  Fred.  William   Cranbrook
iiiiu. Carinichael,   Wilson    Cranbrook
467. Cronk, Herbert   Cranbrook
j3!i. Doig, John Aleiander   Cranbrook
374. Knglesome,  Kennedy    Cranbrook
633. Findlay.  Robert James   Cranbrook
654. Follett, Frederick   Cranbrook
68Fi. Fryer,  Charles  John        Wattsburg
T32. Cilroy, Charles Henry   L....'.l'.'.'.'".','..,. Cranbrook
735. C.lnnville, Robert      WycliBe
786. Glavey, Thomas   ]rort Steele
996. Kehoe, George   Cranbrook
1040. Kuhn,  Henry  Cranbrook
1140. Lowery, William Lewis   Armstrong Avenue.    Cranbrook
1144. Lllrusden,  William Watt      Fenwick   Avenue,    Cranbrook
1187. Marshall, Albert p  Cranbrook
1188. Marshall, John   Cranbrook
1307. Muir, David  Crnnbrook
1310. Muir,  Seymour   Cranbrook
1353. McCurdy, Charles Ervin  Cranhrook
1365. McDonald, Duncan Crant   Cranbrook
1602. Patton,  Isaac Philip  C.P.R. Boarding House,     Cranhrook
1603. Patton, John Philip   Cranbrook
1606. Patton, Silas H  Wentworth Hotel,     Cranbrook
t801. Sherring, Alfred Henry   Cranhrook
1811. SimB,  James  Cranbrook
1823. Skea, James Lemon      Royal     Hotel,     Cranbrook
1931. Sutherland, James Gordon   Cranbrook
2077. Whebell. Ralph Angus   Cranbrook
2127. Wise, Otto Frederick   Oranbrook
2153. Yeandle, Charles Henry  Cranbrook
Read "The Prospector"
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works (or u license to prospect
for Coul and Petroleum on tbe lollowlng luuds situate in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593,
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near the South East comer post
of Lot 7510 and being on the east
boundary of Block 1593, and being
the North West corner post ot tbe
Roy Allen claim: Thence south BO
chains; thence east HI) chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains
to a point of commencement, containing 640 acres moro or less.
Located this 24th day ol February,
Roy Allen,  Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-3
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days
alter dute 1 inteud to apply to the
Hon. Clue! Commissioner ut Lands
and Works (or a license to prospect
(or Coul and Petroleum on the lollowlng lands situate in tbe District
of .Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4592.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles east ol the Southeast corner post ol Lot 7510, on the
east boundury of Hlock 4593, uud be-
lug tbe north east coruer post of the
Roy Mien claim, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, tbence east 80 chains
to a point of comiueucement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day ol February,
Roy Alleu, Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to J th*
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works lor a license to prospect
I for Coal and Petroleum on the'following lands situate in tbe District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing ut a post planted nt
or near 1 mile north of the S.Eaat
corner post of Lot 7510, on the east,
boundary of Block 4593, and being
tbe South west corner post ol the
John Virgo claim, thence north 80
chains, tbence east 80 chains, theuce
south 80 chains, theuce west 80 ehalna
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more'or less.
Located this 24th day oi February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Alleu, Agent.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days
alter date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lunds
und Works (or a license to prospect
for Coal und Petroleum on tbe following lunds situate ln tbe District
ol Southeast Kootenay, Br-itlsh Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near the South East corner post
ot lot 7510 nnd being on tne east bona
dary ol ulock 4593, and being the
south west corner {Hist ot the Roy AI
Imi claim thence north BO chains tbence
east 80 chains, thence south HO chains
thence west 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres
more or less.
Located this    24th day ol February,
Roy Allen, Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
alter date I intend tn apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lor a license to prospect
lor Conl and Petroleum on the Ini
lowing lands situate In the District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Co
lumhla, III Block 459.1.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near a miles east ol the South
east comer ol Lot 7.M0 ou the East
boundary ol Block 4r.Mll. and being
the South Knit eornei post nl the
liny Allen rlnlm, thence north 80
clmlns; tbence west  80 chnins, thence
south 80 chains, Ibenc isl ml chnins
to n point, ol commencement, milking
f,40 acres more or less.
Located Oils    24th day ol February,
Roy   Allen.  I.ocntol
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April Ith, 1912   W.C.McC   IH
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after dale 1 liilcud to apply to tbe
riou. Clue! Commissioner ol Lunds
aud Works (or a license tu pruspect
lor Goal and Petruleum ou the lollowlng liunls situule in the District
ul .Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted nt
or neur 2 miles east ul the South
eust corner post ot Lot 7510, und being on tbe east boundary ul Bluck
40911, and being the North West corner post of the Roy Allen claim,
theme south no chains, tnence east
so chains, thence north so chains,
tbence west 80 chains to n poiut ol
commencement, muking 640 acres
more or less.
Located this     24th day ol February,
Roy  Allen,  Locator.
Witness John  Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 16-5
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter dale I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lunds
and Works lor a license to prospect
lor Coal and Petroleum on the lollowlng lands situate lu tiie District
ol Southeast Kootenny, llrillsli Columbia, in Block 4(03,
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles eust ot the Southeast cornel post of Lot 71.10, and be
ing on the east hoiiuitary of Blocs
1593, and being the South west col
ner post ol the John Virgo claim,
tbence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chnins. thence south 80 chnins,
thenre west HU chains to n point ol
commencement, making 61" acres
more or less.
Located tbls    24th dny ol February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen,  Agent
Posted April 9ib, 1912   W 0 McC  16-5
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lor u license to prospect
lor Coul and Petroleum on the lollowlng lands situate in the District
ot Southeast Kootenuy, British Columbia, iu Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile north of the Southeast comer post o( Lot 7510, and being ou the east boundary ot Block
4593, umi being the south east corner-
post of tbe Johu Virgo claim, thence
north 80 chains, tbence west 80 chains
thence south 80 chulns, thence east 80
chains to a point ol commencement,
making Hu acres more or less.
Located this 24th day ol February,
John Virgo Locator
Hoy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th. 1912. W.C.McC. 15-0
Notice la hsreby given that 00 days
alter date I inland to apply to . Uis
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landa
and Works lor a license to prospect
lor Coal und Petroleum on the lollowlng lands situate lu tbe District
ol Southeast Kootenny, llrltlsh Columbia, in Block 4693.
Commencing at a post planted at
ir near 1 mile north,then 1 mile east
if the South eust comer of Lot 7610,
on the east bounilury ol Block 4593,
nml helng the South West corner
post ol the John Virgo claim,
thence north 80 chulns, thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to a point ot
commencement, milking 640 acres
more or less.
Located tbls    24th day o( February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Posted April sth. 1912   W C.McO. 10-t .THK   l'KOSI-KCTOH.  IHAXBJ.'H.iY    j*. C
10c A 15c
WHIST"—He Met the Champion.   A Comedy Sf'f'" '
 -                                                                 ..uvance Spring Sty Ics in Walking Suits and Cow n    ANNUAL SKEE COttTEST-In Svvit/.erland.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon)
Terms on Application
Local  lVev*
Kilby    l
No Bye
Elections belore Autumn
r; M I N ll     Y 0 1!
nunes   Pictures
I Mrs. Ingham recovered sufficiently
to leave tlic Homo Hospital lor her
home tills week.
Phone 2.19
Miss  Vivian  Slssons  left  this  week
o visit Mrs. W. Crosby at Wyclllle.
M.  B.   King of  Vancouver  wer
t)   Box S4S   town Wednesday
Signs of  the   times—baseball
 Lacrosse Leagues fur Cranbrook.
Mr.  and
Donah,.v.   Mr.
ol Wusii were
Mr. and Mrs
knue were 0
Mrs.   W.
Grainger, Mrs.
Snow mul N. Hanson
n town Thursday.
,1, II. Wilson of Spo
mil.rook  visitors Wed-
There    is    now    ii
tage"   service   bctw
mi Craabrook.
eklv    "Auto
Molet Haifdressing College
Ladies:—Learn the Hairdress-
ing Art In 8 weeks.   Graduates
t-arn $1H to S25 a week.
Write for catalogue.
335 Sprague Ave      Spokane   Wash
King  Oeorge  has  presented  Owen'
Sound with six benutittll Swans.
W.   H.   Morris   of   Blrdar,   was i
town Wednesday ou business
Mr. anil Mis \. J. Maisey. ol
Qlelchen were Cranbrook visitors mi
Orders taken lor BBUD1NQ PLANT
ut Campbell & Manning
j r
T     T O     It K M I N P
Kilby   frames   Picture
Y ll I'
Chester Staples, with a large
of  lady   friends ailtoreil   In   (nu
Al!   Free   Miners'   certificates expire   clille an  Monday
on the 31st day uf May.     Don't [or
L-et  to renew your license.
,  Wy-
ilu'  hum
T    T o    It BS M IN li
Kllby    Kraines    Pictures
Mr. S. P. GYNK
"     Thi' Boston Olothlng lUmne openodl
{up (or businesH in tin- old Cranbrook
Drug Btore building
The Cricket scaoon Huh yoai ni
Cranbrook promises to be the most
successful iimt has boon experienced.
®ljc |iroovcvtav.
Mr   mul Mrs   II   1'   Dncey
lyn,  N'.w    were guests ut
brook Tuesday.
of  Oranbrook  did    not  go
Titanic,   aa   liist     reported
turned and    will make his
this citv  until further notice.
dowu on
Has   re-
home    iu
FOR SAl.K TWO pieces of laud each
containing four Lfi-lOOth acres,
..ne thousand dollars each.
Malcolm Horle Land lots No. 1
mul io one half cash balance to
suit. i> per cent deferred payment
VV    it.   Beattie,  OltJ IS-lt
POR  SALE—Goobs Kgss   for   hatching,    pure    bred   Toulouse    geese,
K I.. T C.albr.uth of Kort
Steele, Indian Agent, was In town
C.   H    McDougall,   manager ol  the
Sullivan Mines. Kimberley, spent Sun
day last in Cranbrook
G, F. Stephens & Co's Paint Mascott
Our Stork ul  Paint is Complete
Our Deliveries are  Prompt
Oui   I'lioue  No.   is  78
F. PARKS & Co.
CARNATIONS   for    Mother's
nt Campbell £ M:inmn$*'s
Mr.   mul    M::
Creston,  were
Sunday Ust
.Mr.   iintl   Mrs,   A.   Kervis  and   Mis
Kervis of Kimtierley,  were CmnlirooK:
visitors on Sunday tost
Mr.  nntl   Mr
1 Moorie Jaw,  1
! renewing old
R, G.  C'oin-hli.n,   of
i in the city Friday
i eggs $1.00—apply   to T.   South,
Cranbrook  Hotel,
FOR SALE—White 8.0. l.ej-horn-
Wykoil strain.heaviest layers $1.50
for 15 eggs. S.O, Rhode Island
Red, $1.50 for 15 eugs; I'ekln
Strain Duck Eggs, $1.50 for 12
6iytfs. All egtrs from first cluui
stock. -Swansea puiiltry Farm.
Wattsburg, B.O.
ti roomed house for Bale. $ltw>,.00
two lots, central, terms apply
.1. Dennett, opporiite Sns)i and
Door  Factory—lS-2t
FOR    SALK-Kpgs     tor      lmtchin,;,
White Wyandottea, $1.50    lor 13
egjrs.      White    S.   C.   Leghorns,
SI.04)  for  13  eggs.       J.   Sanderson.   SunnyHide Poultry Farm.  17-U
The dance at the Auditorium on
Wednesday evening, given by the
Uuerard Orchestra was well attended
ami a most enjoyable time wuh had.
The new lloor Ih getting into shape
now uud Ih proving a big nttruction
to tbe dancing couplftB. Mr. Oeurard
[given them- dniicos every  two  w«**ktt.
Mrn Austin Palmer and children,
accompanied hv her slater MIhh s,
Sawyer, left on Thursday for Vanoou
ver t" |Olll her husband where in the
I future thoy will take up their permait
ent real deuce, Mr. R. 1'uimer also
left with the party on a Visit to IiIh
sinter MIhh M. palmer. Mr, Palmer
will return home via  Seattle Spokane,
Full line of ORWIDN VKllKTAlU.KH
fresh    dally    at    Flnk'H    Pure    Food,
' Qrocery.
It Ih unlikely that Ihe four hyo elflC
tioim for vaoancies in the commons
will oOCUr before the Fall, The con-
BtltuencoB open are Richelieu, wheie
the Liberal was uiiHeated; South l«*Mi;
■ nox,  owing   to   the Appointment ot
Haughton Lennox to the bench; Mac-
I douatd of W. 1). Staples to the grain
commission and Kootenay, by the appointment    of   A. S, Goodeve to the
railway commission.
.1 !' S T     T 0     It R M I N h     Y O D
Kilby    Frames    PtotHrfiB
Mrs.   Win.   Tosh   is  having   her  five-
acres of land nhe recently bought lathe Kootenay addition set with apple
trees and  potatoe. The tree* planted
some three years  ago    on   the   same
hind  ure  doing  remarkably   well and
give promise of hearing conHidernbli- j < »
fruit this season,     This ahould give, w
encouragement to possible purcluuwrs, * * •f*HM-*f**M**f4*'
of land In the district.
; ;+*-M-+^**H*++*H.++*.H +*++* *fr*|-t*+.|'*|.'M^'M"l''»,++'l''H4-f
Helpful Hints
Buying Wall Paper
This is Wall Paper tiiiu-.
When you are ready to do
your papering, come in and
see mn samples. In times
pasl vou Imve found the
Wall Paper Question quite a
problem, l-et us help you
with it this year and see how
easy i: will be.
We can get you a uood
competent paper-hanger and:
relieve you ot that part ot
your trouble.
Beattie-Murphy Co.
I J V S T     T (i     K K M I N II     Y O U
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
The 41 Market Co.
This name stands tor what is best ill
Fresh Meats, Kish, Poultry, lite,  Etc.,
Our Sole Aim is in (iivt- Satisfaction     This we enn mosl
certainly ilu in tho avunt uf you glvm-* us un opp irlunily
Try  our
Urqoktield Sausage & Creamery Butter
"Second  to  Nun""'
"PHONrL 72"
************ *+*****4
The Municipal i
regular monthly meeting lur the tran
suction ul business, on Monday nex
*** ******* Ir* 'l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l'! «t 2 o'clock.
All kliuls ol OHtCK Pood, -Meat,
Scraps, and Crushed Bone can be hail
at Oampbell & Manning's
W. J. Qoelall, Provincial Auditor
ond Inspector of orticee, passed
through. Cranbrook; thia week .rum
Penile tn Nelson.
Mrs. Abhpu ol .leilrny, who has
been under the Physician's care at
the Home Hospital was able to re
turn to her home this week.
I    N. A. Walllnger has received a com-;
j inunlcatioii Irom the Provincial Gov j
eminent  tendering him  the   position]
j ..I Government  \i-mn at Port Ki-ueer j
Ous Thcls ol r-erry Creek, was., .a
town Monday neeili'ing supp^ieri,   riev-|
eral mining properties ou, i'erry Creek j
| have resumed work:
Complete, stock ol Garden SHEDS |
j it Oa,mpbel! fi Manning's
| II there had been ships seillng the
Atlantic during the Great lee Age
what u quantity ol Icebergs they
would have to dodge.
J 1* S T    To     11 R ,\I I .-, n     VOU
Kilby   Frames.   Pictures
' WANTED—100 chickens.    I   want    to
buy these nt once.  Write    Kob-
incil will hold its) ert     Taylor, Cranbrook,  11. C.
erlving     price    and       class    ol
birds. 17-lt
W.    W.  KILBY,
WaWh    Cranbrook    Grow
llORN-Un Friday, May. 3rd, at the
Home Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. J.
It.  Martin, n daughter.
HORN— on Friday, May lo, at the
Home Hospitnl to Mr. and: Mrs. A.
G.'Home. a daughtrer.
noRN—At Crnnbook, on Saturday,
May Ith. to Mr. and Mrs. p. M.
Roberts, a son.
PORN'—At Slnterville. Crnnbrook,. on
Thursday, May 9th, tt) Mr. and Nrs.
Wm. Stewart a son
Visitors to the City
111111111111 H******** •****+**t
v The Cranbrook Trading  Co. \
What about ,i nur box ul Oranges
ONLY  $3.50
A  tjoiid  stock   Oairy   llutiei   in  now
BejrinninK with Saturday a Price of th Ib.
This buttei is bettei than In!- ii i reamerj buuei       [
*********** 4**+4r*+**4********+*!
Home badly needed street, and Ian !
Improvementi ate being done in the|
;ity this week under, the illrectlpM vll
'.he city norkH committee
FOR SALB.—Eggs for hatching, Crystal White Orpingtons, special
selected breeders Ivom strictly
lirst class stock,. Strong winter la,yi.wi; strain «3.00 per alt-'
*,iug ol 1.1, fertility guaranteed,
n. E. Kendall. Oranbrook, Boa
466. tl
FOR SAI,K—One Chatham Incubator
120 eggs, ulso black cochin bantam eggs, i'j.OOper sitting. Oi
ders t.uk>n for the "Peerless'
and -'Hamilton"- incubator uud
brooders. Apply S. Macdonald
p; O: Boi 102 Craubrouk 11. C.
TO RI'NT-I)'ur!il.sh»it Room with
bat,!"., ou Armstrong Avenue
I'lione    106; tM-2t.
FOR    SALK-The    Little.   I-evonport
Restaurant,    flood opportunity
for right man. inr lurthcr psr-f
ticulnrs.        Ajipljr     to     James I
i Boyd, at resUilrnnt.
I WANT'Cli-i'iimpetent maid for Gen-|
-•uii Housework. Ap-plira-it f
must resldn at home. Apply i,ol
Mrs. c. T.  lim-is, Oiirden Ave.
mn SALIS-One pair ol registered
S.-oteh Coltii. doga; remnle bred I
to come in the Ist ul July. One
<•"■« "'in me*0 than m to,-|
Jr" llt!"* ot both. AiliU-HH P.O.
j.v,*. Cranhrook *lt,
•m-H-H-H-1 I I•'■ti1*+++'h-l++-H-M-H-+-l-+-M-l*+-r-l"M''l-»-l*1-
Block on Baker Street
Baker Street
Renting for $85.00 per month   \\
,    Mrs.  J. Grierson, U
i inorniuj- f..i &Bi  '
1 after «jh»iu" „„„
,1   on  Thursday
.loine In Moi'illni'sldc
nn a lew weeks with her
W. V. Wells.
Apply to Mrs. T. Walker
llurwell Avenue
Box Sis, Cranbrook, B.O.—19.M
^ l+HH-rHHHI-l+l-'HW'H'l-'rHH+r+H*'
.H-W-f-H-t-r-H- •
io  obtain   ORCHARD  LANDS   in the
.einity of Cranbrook or—
City Property-
Life Insurance
Fire Insurance
Accident Insurance—
'.', If  there   is   anything   we   tan  do for you, our
',', serviees are cheerfully at your disposal.
I ',************ I'*** ' ' "I ' HI *** 11III **
An Inspection ol the Curnigle hero
;ist shows that most ol the heros are
hoys.     Kvidently  the rising genera-
, tlon does not  isisl largely ol molly
| coddles.
The Ladles Alia Society intend to
give n social on May ;ilst, for the
lioneflt .,f the Catholic Church In the
\udltoiiiiiii. There will bo a nominal
•harge in connection, ladles Included.
Campbell A Manning's
A I MnlBoy, wile mul family arrived from fllolchen, Monday afternoon to Hike up their recently pur-
chased home in the Kootonny
.ITS T     T ii     II K M I N II     Y o I
Kilby   Fnu    Pictures
Fhe Rangers hnve boen appointod
lm almost every rlillng in the Prov
: ince. ami Crnnhrook riding is vary
conspicuous ni present from the fact
! lhat no nppolntmonts have been
, mnile Mr     lleo     Wiitson  ol   Fort
. Steele     illvlN nl    wnrilen lor Crali-
' I hrook dlslrlcl when In town Wedneii
day snlil that npiiolntiiients wnuiii be
'■ made   by   ol   before   tbe   l.'.th   of   Ihe
I present month,
I.argi nsliinmenls ot trull and or
iiiiiiieiitnl ti s arrived ut Cranhrook
this wiek, nml In consequence mnny
ol our oltlMM me b usy planting
Pure Food Grocery
Mrs. .1. Illiuco and her baby son
left the Cottage Hospital uud returned to her home In Creston this week
Mrs. Bllnco expresses upprecliitlon lor
the services received al. tho hands ot
Nurse Salmon.
Premium  HAMS and  BACONS are
always good at Campbell  It  Manning
Next Sunday, "Motuor's Day" will
be a si nine feature In the churches.
Thoy will invite everyone, boys and
girts to mill' a letter, or perhaps
ii,'ml a little present to Ills or her
mother, at the same lime wear a
white Qnriiatlon lu her honor on thai
•I t' H T     Tn     11 15 M I V II
Kllby    Frames    I'ii'IiiI'i
V O l'|
0. O'Hruitt, Rossland
A.  McDonald,  Wasa
p.. Olson, Taber, Alta.
W. Snow, Spokane
A. D. Cousins, Touonto-
K. G. Armstrong,, Fernie
H.  II. Dlewm.Qclc, Kimberley
0. Peterson, Missuulu
G. Gotidiei. Nelson
A. H  Brown, Fall-iuont
3. Mitchel, t'allgarj
Mi M. Smith, w»*Me
A. B. cortls* HftitliiDil. N.B-
W. A. Hajrwaltt, Hartland. N.H.
M. I.. atinalV, rnvermere
P. J. Smair, Moyle
'A. WUsimi. Calgary
R.  ,1    Murray
J. l\ Murray
3. Quln, Ainprior
J. Quin, Amprlor.
J.  A. Corg, MmRnSne Hat
D. A. Sinclair,  Btalrmon-
S. I). Brown, Is*hlirldge
R. F. Metcalfe, Vancouver
'il.  J.  Cameron,,. Calgary
W. A. Rankin., Bull River
Mrs, McClelland
F. M. Blake.  Vancouver
II.   K.   SmltaV   Minneapolis
R. II. Falrley, Calgary
G. Worthy
Fred J   Herbert. Spokane
.1.  Harvey, PhilSule&phln
j. m. Baton, Edmonton
F. M. Young,, Fort Steele
I), c, ciiilonl, Hamilton
W. C. Oniuphell. Winnipeg
G. H. Booth
0, J. Bulger, Fertile
.1, Clark, Moobo Jaw
R. 11. Chester, New York
J. A. Smith, Toronto
J. W. Manners, Spokane '
Mrs. H. McQuade, HossUind
\. Mcl'aiislanil, Calgary
F. G. Parker, Vancouver
0, P. McNeery, Calgary
L. D. Brown, Lethbrldge
J. I). Lewis, Vancouver
M. F. Ely, Creston
W. M. Thompson.
E. W. Chnter
F. H. Knight, Spokane
II. Johns-oil
It. Joyce, Elko
A.  J.  Sutherland,  Nelson
H. K. White, Vancouver
0, H. Williams
J. I.nmb, liuelph
A. Doyle, Fort Steele
D. F. llnlley, Calgary
J. W. Newman, Vancouver
II    Mllshan
W. S. Nate, Lelhlirldge
F. Kviiiim, London
M. L. Snpiii-e, Montrenl
Ceo. Iloiletl, Spokane
E. K. Potts,  Vnncouver
\. Cnrnev, Kaslo
s.  v. Miiiiek, Rnoknna
W. F, Diilton, Winnipeg
1   ••■
■K-f+4^|a| |.|.|»-M-|..|.»|.rl-- H-H-l I I I ******** HlH*
Coming next week TuoBilny
Auditorium "In Wyoming"
at  the
Wn arc Informed by the Ohio! "I
Pollco Hint n number of hoys are
making » iirncllcii of throwing stones:
at mul breaking the sewer pipes.
Chief Dow states that be desires the! Royal Hotel
parents In lie  Informed  ot  this  lact,. W.  A. Sullivan,  Slnlnr
ami II nn ollender In caught hereafter j c   F.   Mitchell, UtMlfldp
he will be piosecuted. J. C. Dyer, Bow Island
*** I* I ********** I *l*l*******+***************
'«      HEAD   OFFICE CALOARY, Alta       J
il P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd.
::   *■
"Shamrock Brand"
. ,| f*i i | 11 ******* 11 III 11 ** i***4*** | l-H-t-l-H n *..
POR SALE- Dim- of Ciiiiilirnoli's nuisi liriiutifiil homes
at u suoriflou. It is loaiUi'd in tin- ln't.1 |intt of tli«
i-i.'siiliiiitiiil dlstrlot, ninl ottouples 8 full lots. A liouiitlul
lovol liiwn. iJiuiii woodshed nml burn. The house oou-
iiiiim 7 rooms beside but!)room, toilet, puntrv umi hull
8owot'iige pipes nil laid, concrete foundiillon umi lire
liliini' in ilcn     Por Pl'ico nml lei'nis apply lo
I Chapman's     Agency ii
t    P. O. Box 62
I'hoiie 401    ''
. ••H«l*'H-!^+*t**l-W'«-H-M-M-l
Frank Dezall
A^ent foi
Decring & McCorniiek
Mowers &■ Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.'
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
A black inure strayed into my place
on Friday ol last week, Its WOiKllt IS
about  eleven  to twelve hundred,  has
brown  none, clipper]  uiiinc,  umi shod
Makes Short Work of
Di'i'ii-M-nli-d mid npiiarcntly tiopt'li'Hn caat'o uf
Sclutii'!', I.iiinlmi-'-, Gout. NoiirHlKi" unit (ill niliti*
!'■ iiihi uf lUii'iinuiiiMiii yii'ld ut once tit AIiIk.h Hn.i,
f:it. iiiiiiu ie Itt'ini'tty. Llku nn nnm*l of immcj it
Iim i-iv'-n Iimt nn I i t'Hi'f tu Mlpfji-furmil in null o( ,-t |,
lli'iiit ili.'in frum IiciIn of D-Kiiuy nntl foi- '1* yotirn
'•■•■*■ lii'i-n cutintr moiii womun mid cltlldrflii for
.vh-iin ihi'i'u •I'l'tni'd no hfltn,   J imt a t*w I<o|U«h
i> iva curwl ca cm of from .tu to tio yeorV durution
nml imt i v It -Hi-nth urn milled ■■ it ttuiek, aufo mul
iilifoliitflv f.llfil.li- iri-iilniiiiit for nil uric tu-M iim-
e um, \ven\t Itlitnryi, ole.   Liitmlollnr Ixitthiot
Abbott Bros, flh»umitlo Rtnudy
(■ml y«>ur iiim.n ut unee—mnrt your curt' tOtlfty.
Rflttl itri'imM l.v Abbott Broi,, 711 K.lhiiirlmin St.,
CIiIuhkdi in. If your (ii'uimlit dotH not iiuwit.
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug & Book Oe.
Electric Restorer for Men
' raaloiaa ivtry oerve la Iba bull]
...        ... ■ l" "■ proper lonaiiui i reiloias
payllli!   lor   thin   advertisement      and   aim and vitality. Pianialnra decay and all aaiiij
keep ol Horse-Apply to I'   l.yl ler I jfe'|\fg** •pffl^.jKS?ST3
Jaflray, D. 0. 17-41      |l.   ^alljj^anraddrw.  tieioiWuneiSj


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