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The Prospector Feb 1, 1913

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We Test Eyes
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in the
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FEBRUARY 1st,  1913
Propped C.P.R. Improvements
In the West during 1913
New lines this year 533
llUes ot double track 280
Miles ol tirack built last year 450
Kootenay Central, Skootaimchuck  00
Coronation to Sedgewlck      25
Kootenay Central   60
South ot Golden,   standardization of Kaslo aud   Slocaa railway from
'Whitewater to Kaslo  17
Snowflake west    >
Laoombe east to Kerrobert  M
Stirling cut  25
Suffolk southwest   25
Weyburn welt 145
Assiniboia, first division point west of   Weyburn    new  yard, Bassano
to Empress U*
Otoill to Hlvertou  20
Kemnay to Virden  -0
Whltewood to Broadview   15
Broadview to Orcntel   10
Indian Head to Reglna  **
CUplin to Swilt Current i  57
Swllt Current to .lunction I'olnt. wilh Swift Current northwest       fi
Ulclchen to Shepard  •  10
In addition to the above double tracking there will he 81 mites ol
double track built in British Colum' ia from Vancouver to Ruby Creole.
A portion ol this, between Vancouver and Now Westminster .lunction, is
already built and ln operation, thc balance lo Ruby Creek will he completed this yenr.
Tbe terminal ot North Transcotta will be further developed during
the year to provide tor increased traffic both east and west.
Additoial Local Notas
J. Stanley Peck has sold his employment agency to Mr. H. J.
Scott, who took charge ot the business dn Monday. Mr. Peck will
leave In a (ew days (or Edmonton to
accept a position with the Canadian
Northern Railway company. "Stanley" will be missed by a host of
friends who will be sorry to learn ot
bis leaving this city.
In the second game ol hockey between Nelson and Fernie, played ou
Tuesday nlgbt, the Fernie team having recovered Irom th«lr, severe attack ot cold teet, succeeded in defeating Nelson by a score ol 5—4.
Nelson has a good team, who arc
champions ot West Kootenay, but
Fernie ls the champions ot all the
The regular monthly meeting of
the Women's Institute will he held in
the Carmen's hall at 3 p.m., February 4th. There will he a stocking
darning competition, a prize to be
given by one of the directors. A
sleigh ride will take place on Thursdny, tth February to the McClure
ranch. All ladies are welcome.
Tbe second annual Valentine social
nnd dance will be held on February
WANTED quick, good housekeeper
nnd cook. Wages 135.00. Box 5,
city. 5
Preliminary work on tho now
bridge across the St. Mary's river
commenced on Monday. Superintendent Roadmastcr John Reld says
that the abutments will be completed
as rapidly as possible and the bridge
completed during tiie coming summer. The completion ot this bridge
will be a great boon to the ranchers
ot St. Mary's Prairie, as it wll'
shorten the distance to Cranhrook by
several miles.
A hockey team Irom Nelson played
n fast game with the Fernle team at
Fernie on Monday n*Rht. The Ice
wm In fairly good condition, and n
crowd ol over fo-ir hundred and fifty
witnessed the match. In the Ilrst
period tbe score was 2—1 In tavor ol
Fernle. In the second period Fernie
continued to lead, but In the third.
the score was tied, then again Fernle
took thc lead, and when the game
closed, it was again tied, the score
being 5—5.
The fancy dress carnival.at th
Arena rink on Monday night was an
unqualified success. There was a
large crowd in attendance, tbe ice being in excellent condition. Mr. and
Mrs. R. T. Brymner canturrd the
first prl'e tor hest gentlemen and
ladv, their costumes representim-;
"Winter." As a "Crusader" C.
McNabb took the hovs prhc, and tbe
beat girl, wns Mnr'on Lqltch, ss a
"Rainbow." The hest l-.omlc was
won hv 0 B. Brown, representing an
"Old Maid."
Thomns tVnn'snn, ot Fort Steele,
was taWsn to tho St. Eurcm hospital on Monday suffering Irnm hearl
trouble, Irom which he died during
the afternoon. The dec-«Rod waB
been a resident, ol this district Inr
about six vesrs, and was employed
by F. Pearson, the contractor, ns
nn accountant. Mr. Dennlson formerly lived in Cranbrook. His    wile
died here about two years ago, having two small childrrn, who, atter
his death was sent to a sister ot Mr.
Dennison, who resides at Bcllast,
Ireland. The deceased was a member ot the Masonic fraternity in Bel-
last. The funeral will take place on
Sundav, under the auspices of tlio
Cranbrook lodge, at the request ol
North Star lodge of Fort Steele, and
will be under ths direction ol Under-
j taker W. R. Beatty.
Tint athc pror-jDe-'.'P.buslnws men
of the western states are thoroughly
nlive to the vest Importance of the
forest conservation movement was
shown by nn address by F. C. Knapp
of the Portland Chamber ot Commerce. Mr. Knapp at the convention
of tbo Eastern Forestry aad Conservation  As'oclatirn in So ttle said-.
"We have a gigantic tna'i before
ns in the eradication ot tbi fatso
theories and unworthy ideals that go
to met-e up the average Americana
convictions on tho subje:t of conservation.
"I have nlways thought thnt Diogenes was on the wrong trail; it ia
not so much the "honest man" that
is tho rarest nmong mortals, but the
mnn with an open mind.
"We hnve to fight not only human
Inertia—which, paradoxically enough,
is the strongest force in nature-
hut we have to commit prejudice
and uproot tradition.
"We are n whole nation ot prodigal sons. Wo nro not only wasteful, but we glory in our wastefulness
"Thrift is not In our category of
"Indeed, we nre prone to look upon olirm not ... a virtue, but as a
ma'-eshlft of little people.
"I3\o was uot obliged to pare her
not-itce*. thin and we of tbe bounteous West have boon accustomed to
-onslder ourBelvea as dwetlora in a
Garden of Kdon from whence wn
rould took with no little acorn upon
tbe frugal ways ot the New Bnglnnd
housewife. But there dime a time
-when Adam delved nnd Kve » an,"
nnd now our day of reckoning is at
"If we would any In our Garden
ot Edon we must not only pare the
potatoes thin, but wo must plant
tho parings. We mast not only cut
tbe ripe timber with due rogard for
that which must make further
growth, but we must use the slashings and rid rest the hillsides. We
waste 1,10,000,00(1 nnd sacrifice 50
lives a year In torest fires nnd have
been doing It for n generation.
"Thua It Is ua to you and me,
members of this association, to correct the fatso popular Impreislon
nnd to mn'.-c known ovcrywhore the
fact tbat conservation is not only a
policy to Which the government ls
commiltel, hut, In i'o Iroidest sense
it means a now national Idealism
toward which Officials, lumbal men
nnd laity, nlilie, aro striving.
"And so our task heroines the
delicate nnd dillicult ouo ot popularizing an Ideal. iOaoh of ub—associates, ennfe tor t s. foltow-wor' erH,
B'ncerumen, 'combined for a common
purpose'—must go hac'i to our saver-
nl communities and tako home t'J
them through all our other verted
SMOOtnttons the IfBBOO. tbnt wo have
conned horn tog'thor. It Is t'e I'S
son thnt ts tuuirht to evrrv Boy
flcoiit nnd Camp Flu Girl; the lesson that should bn taught to evory
lnml-erm-rn, longer s-'ortsmnii. trav-
o'er and child—tbt lesBon "f re eon-
al resnonsthllty (or nntioaal conservation.'
Fire^! !
A slight fire occurred in the Prospector Office last
night at 11 p.m. The type-setting machine was put out of
commission and the publication of the paper delayed. The
cause of the fire was a back fireing of the gasoline torch.
Thanks to the prompt arrival of the Fire Department
they prevented, what could easily have been, a serious conflagration.
The Prospector is deeply indebted to the "Herald" and
its staff for their prompt and practical assistance in our time
of need.
Chicken Cranks of the District
The New Year of the Cranbrook
Poulury Association is now opened
and the directors at a recent meeting mapped out a program for tho
year thnt promises to be especially
They hope to have breed studios
and judging classes of tho different
breeds kept here with good warm discussions on thc same. Several papers
are scheduled for delivery and demonstrations on dresBing fowls, egg-testing and other lines oi work will be
A strong effort is going to be
made to so strengthen the association this year as to justify it ln
holding a winter show nest season,
and to that end every utility poul-
tryman, every fancier, whether actively engaged at present or only
a past master in the work, aud
every citizen willing to encourage
the upbuilding of an industry that
is especially adapt-d to this district and that promises much (or the
general good of Cranbrook, is urged
to come along and extend a helping
hand by attending the meetings and
swelling the meVberahlp list.
Our meetings are interesting and
becoming mere lively every-time.
This year the association will carry an ad. In tbo local press during
the breeding so am, Informing all
interested that the secretary will
supply on request,a list of members
with the breeds thoy carry and prices
of cgs (or hatching, thus placing
the stock of each member befor*- thc
purchasing    public at  little expense.
We want your help and believe we
can g vo you good value in return,
come out and give us a hand.
A. B. Smith, See.
The next regular meeting ot the
Cranbrook Poultry association will
be on Friday, February 7th at 8
p.m. In the vacant room alongside
the Imperial hotel.
Ths report ot thc delegate to the
convention at Victoria will be received and a breed study and Judging
class on Brown Leghorns will lie
held. All landers and others interested arc invited to attend
We aro having interesting hockey
games at Waldo. Our Waldo boys
being the winners lu three games out
ot (our
Douglas and David Boss are. improving after a slight illness
Mrs. D II Currle is now visiting]
In town j
A large party (rom Waldo attended the dance nt Haynes Lake laat
Friday evening They all report a
good time
Mr. Thompson In out aci'iin alter a
slight in Ury to his shoulder.
The government brldgo that is be-
In-! erected across ttie river will
make a groat Improvement to Waldo.
Tho Conservative party given nt
old Waldo hall was well attended
nnd wo are looking lorwnrd to
anothor one lu the near future
It Is iinderslooit thnt the entrance
tn tllO skating rink has been rented
fnr prize lighting, thc Ilrst round
taking place on Sunday nt one
o'clock. Spectators were lew, -as
the Waldo people do not approve o(
such performances on Sunday. It
would be ol more inlrrrst to the
pugilist it he wns ntlendlng churrh
sorvlcoa Instead ol attroaotlng young
Mr. and Mrs. Vail, o( Manistee,
Mich., are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
That gay, aud debonnalro bachelor,
ol Wyclllle, Mr. Bayard Staples, has
surrendered to the wiles o( Cupid and
joined the noble army ol benedicts.
The following telegram is self-explanatory:
C, O. Staples, Wycllfte, B.C.;
Oct cabin In shape Will be
Mr. and Mrs. II   Staples.
Tho Prospector learns that Mr.
Staples was married to a young
lady whose name is unknown at present, at Joliet, 111., on Friday last,
and is now on bis way home Ills
bachelor friends In Crantirook will
be at the depot to welcome him and
his bride. There will be great doings at Wycllfle when he reaches that
enterprising littie town.
Thc provincial board ol health has
issued the following instructions to
parents   regarding the care of teeth:
"Tho examination of many children reveals the presence ot decayed
aud decayed teeth.
"Decay ot first teeth frequently
leeds eo rrow-'u.g aud decay at
permanent teeth.
"Decayed teeth prevent tho proper
chewing ol thc lood. This Interferes
with digestion and nutrition, lowering thc resistance of thc body to
disease ond preventing the child from
growing into a   strong, robust adult..
"It the. child is not In good health
he cannot keep up with his studies.
"lt thc teeth aro decayed take
your child to the dentist at once.
-'Clean the teeth with a brush and
good tooth powder two or three
times a day.
Over-Seas Annual Meeting
The Over Sean club held Its first
annual mooting on Tuesday night in
the Carmen's Hall, the Secretary
gave a report of ths year's work,
which was followed by the auditors
report. From tbls report It wai
found that the finances of the club
were in a most satisfactory condition.
The election of officers resulted ln
thc following members being Installed (or the ensuing year.
President—1*.  T. Brake.
Vice-President—0. A. Cock.
Treasurer—Mrs. J, C. Brake.
Secretary—l.ouls Pennon.
Members ol Committee — Mrs.
Marshall, Mrs. Strachan, Mrs. H.
Clrldlcy, Mrs. E. T. Brake and Mrs.
I.lobn Iluley, Mr. Marshall, Mr. 11.
Grldlcy and Mr. N. A. Walllnger.
! Auditors,-J. F. Smith tnd Oeo.
Order of Moose
The Loyal Order ol Moose were
hosts to a large number ol invited
guests on Wednesday night,
i The order wns instituted at Cranbrook last summer, and has a membership ot 871, Thc social of Wod-
! ncsday night was to celebrate the
closing ot the charter, which had been
' lelt open to give members w*io have
signed up the privilege of becoming
charter members.
The hall was crowded with members aud invited guests at nine
o'clock, wheu Wm Erler, chairmaii
of the committee of arrangements,
called the meeting to order. A
splendid programme had boon provided, consisting of songs, speeches
and recitations.
j At 11.30 members aad guests retired to the dining room ot the
Cross Keys hotel, where a splendid
! banquet had been prepared. Here
I again speeches and songs were in
' order. Fred W. Swain acted as
] "The King" wns followed liy a
' speech from the dictator ol the
I lodge, Mr.   Kred Swain, and at    its
International Geological
(By  H.   Mortimer-Lamb, Secretary,
the Canadian   Mining Institute,
Hon. Martin Bun 111, in the house
of commons on Friday last introduced a hill to provide 110,000,000
as an aid to agriculture. The object
of the bill is hy educational efforts
to oroatc conditions which1 will result In increasing thc rural Ropula-
I tlon nnd productiveness nt thc land.
During tbe first year $700,000 will
be spent, and the amount will he
increased bv $700,000 ench year until In llll!. the sum of $1,000,000
will have boon spent. Tba money will
lie dlvldid   among the    provinces on
the basis nl.population.
Tbo ameudmciiil nf some ot the
clausis and sections of tbe Lemieux
Industrial Act., It i, understood, is
engnging the attention ot Hon, T. W.
Crothers, minister of labor.
To   whom    It   mav concern: Take
notice that Hlng lint (long on    the
unii ot January, una,   bought over
trom nnd pnld cash for pigs, bores*,
harness, wngotis, tools and Implements, that have, bcen used on
'(tiling Sling-e Garden tu whom all
the above belonged
(Signed' Sing Dat (long,
t Purchaser
conclusion thero   was u round of applause.
. "Ouc.Ouest?" was responded to by
'Alderman Chas. R. Ward, who mude
a very neat and appropriate speech.
"Tho Order" was responded to by
the .chairman. Wm. Erler, who
spoke o( the growth and extension nt
the order, and its alms and objects.
"The City ol Cranbrook" wiir responded to by Aldermen Lester Clapp
and Ross Carr.
F. M. Christian, of tho Prospector,
responded to "The Press."
"Thc Ladies" was responded to by
Mr. Wm. Macdonald, and it was
certainly a mistake tbnt the ladies
were not Invited, so as to bear thc
houquels which wero tendrod to
them by tho speaker
Cranbrook lodge, N'o. 1004, order
ot Moose, Is one ot tbo best fraternal
societies in the city It has a
membership ot 371, while there are
nearly two hundred more applications
which It is expected to increase until
tho seven hundred mark is reach-d
It is tho intention ot the lodge to
secure ground, and build a lodge
room during thc coming summer.
Besides being fitted for lodgts work,
there will be libraries, reading
rooms, large hall lor gymnasium and
bath rooms, in fact a comfortable
home (or members to spend their
Cranbrook lodge has started well,
It has a large membership, efficient
officers and committees wlm will)
spare no efforts in promoting tho
success ol thc order socially nnd
Tho sixteenth annual Kootenay
bonspiel commenced on Tuesday,
There is lu attendance a numbor ol
rinks (rom all parts id the Kootenay.
including Craubrook.
In the "All Comers" scries tho
Cranbrook rink defeated Trail, thc
score 11—10.
In the Corby competition Crnnbrook ngata defeated Trail, snore,
lu tho I-'.wnn competition Cranbrook
defeats another Trail rink, score
Tho Cranhrook rink Is composed "i
W. Cameron, skip, ,lames (il.nday,
lead, Charles Pye, second, nnd Frank
Topham, third.
At tbe Fornle spiel Crnnbrook
curlers brought homo two plocen ot
lowelry, and wo mav • -xpii-l some
Irom Trail
My mother und I wish ho jolntl)
thank tho many friends nud sympathizers for their kindness and
floral oflorlngS to our late ion nnd
brother, also (or their kindly assistance to ourselves
D   K   llluklcy
Within the   last twenty or twenty
live years, tbe   .cience ol" geology has
developed "in   a direction that      has
brought it Into direct and serviceable
association     with    those   olasBes ol
commercial   enterprise that arc     dependent on engineering      While   tins
Is especially true    iu respect of mining, ll   applies almost   equally      to
railroading,     municipal   engineering,
and other     activities ot a like    na
ture.     The   dependence ol mining on
geology is attested, for example,    by
the fact   that n geologist Is nov,   in
variably   Incl'.idi-d   on tho permanent
stall of overy mining corporation oi
importance; nnd   the demand in    recent   yearn   for the    services ot cap
able    men to    occupy such positions
.has been quit*-   nut of the proportion
to the supply      It is recognized universally, in short, that the debt    ol
| the njiniug   industry to geology      is
j enormous,'and t.;e obligation      continues     to    increase steadily      This
.largely   explains    the    circumstance
I that tho    Invitation   to tho International Geological Congress    to   hold
I the nest meeting   in Canada        was
'made, not only ut the instance      of
I tho    Cauadian   and  Ontario govorn-
i mcuts, and of the ttoyal Society    ol
, Canada, but at that of the Canadian
; Mining Institute, an association     representative,     in    a     truly national
si-niic, of J he  mining Industry ol this
country,     lt is believed thai      this
meeting will   immensely benefit mining in the Dominion.     From the educational    and   tho     scientific stand
points, much is to he expected    trom
thc luti-rclningr- oi views on Canadian
conditions a:'d    pr-'-bleui:,, bv      men
j oi Interiiuiiohal reputations-. On purely commercial grounds,   the interest
attention that   will be directed
:to the mineral resources and to
opportunities for the investment    ol
capital   in mining undertakings       In
Canada,   in   thcmse.ves   fully justify]
IUie extensive   preparations that   arc
being made and the expense that,    is
being incurred in anticipation of   the
event.      Judging (rom the character
of tlic attendance In thc past, almost
!cvery civilized    nation will be represented at the Canadian meeting     by
imcn of   recognized    eminence, Includ-
, Ing distinguished government olHotcIs,
i geologists and mining engineers      In
consulting    practice,      geographers,
\ great educationalists and writers    of
test-bunks.      Thus surrly never      a
Shelter, a    more effective opportunity
I bas presented itself of providing   lor
tbo wide-spread   disseminations      ol
authorattve informal ion on Canadian
resources and potentialities.
On these grounds, a general appeal
for sympathetic co-operation Is made
to al! classes and to thc mining
community in particular The Con-
gross has bold many meetings in other countries. In all, it has been
welcomed with open arms That
record must bo at least maintained.
Meanwblle, before proceeding to recount whut progress has been made
so far with t.he arrangements for Ihe
meeting and for the instruction and
entertainment o( the visitors. a
' word or Iwo should lie said concern
j Ing the International Geological
{Congress itself In the year 1876,
nt the International Exhibition In
Philadelphia, there was displayed a
collection "f geological maps and
80Ctions trom both America and '<
j I'luropo, It had Ilu- effect of im
pressing        on geologists     who
:aw in       ii        ilie       ad
vantage ol providing opportunities
I nnd means tor comparative study;
end in consequence, in August, 1878, ,
nt the animal meeting of the American Association lor the Advoti o
iai-ni- of Science, at I'liflnlo, under ■
iih.- presidency of Prol, William ll.
, Hogers, the projeol of lhe foundation
ill thi-   OOngtOflfl  Was broached,        ie-
ii-elvtsl    favorably, and   u oomnntttcol
vas appointed to arrange for     iho
.usi meeting, held two year.',    later
,ii Paris,        It Is   worthy ot remark
'ihnt Hip sec-rotary ot   lho comrnild'co
fi question   .vas   that distinguished
• henilsl unit goologlst, Dr. T   Sterrj (
Hunt,   who Irom 1317 lo 1X7'.!    v-as
chi'inisl  . and mineralogist Ir        Ihe
OeolOglcnl Survey  ill Canada The
objects o! the ooii'.iiess mav Im-   verv
briefly .mil sucotnily suinmurlw-d     In i
lite general Statement lhal  hv means
of the   periodical meetings the     ro
uilts ot knowledge acquired   In   nnv I
.me country are given a universal application nnd     significance   Thc con- '■
gross   endeavors to provide  tor    ri
ample, for the adoption oi uniform
systems ot mapping, nomenclature
and classification of rocks, fossils and
minerals and in other directions
broadens the boundaries and extends
the usetubacss oi geological science
(me achievement in particular that
mai in- mentioned, is tbe complla
Hon of a geological mup ol Europe,
shortly to ho issued, and it is now
proposed to undertake the preparation of a similar geological map of
the world
Socially and scientifically, Ibe last
mcetlug m Sweden was notably sue
oessful,     The opening session      was
Mended by the King of Sweden in
person, while at ihe session devoted
to the discussion ot economic problems, a number of the cabinet minis
tors proved tliolr interest and sense
of the importance of the occasion by
their presence. The arrangements
foi tlic conduct of the meeting, tot
ih" entertainment of tbe visiting
set, utists, and in connection with the
several excursions, were .planned and
carried out witli extraordinary ability and precision, and it will require
every eOru t on the part of Canadians to even equal the standard set
hy Sweden iu these respects. It Is
soared] necessary tn say, however,
that no paiii^ an- being spared by an
energetic and representative executive committee, lo which has been
entrusted tho task of preparing a
programme tor the twelfth or Canadian ntcetlng of the congress.
Th" excursions, more especially on
'hi' occasion of recent meetings, have
boon given special prominence, These
have two main purposes; one to illus-
iialT, so far i> iVssihte/ itie subjects discussed; and the other to
afinrd visiting members the opportunity of studying the features of
geological interest peculiar to the
country in which llie congress assembles, ln couneolion with the arrangements- for lhe Canadian meeting, provision has heen mnde for
over thirty excursions to mining districts aud other localities of geological interest iu Canada, between the
extreme oast and west of tbe continent, aud northward as far as I>aw
son It is computed, on lhe basis ol
the numbers in attendance at former
meetings, that the representation
Irom abroad, at the Canadian meeting, will not be less than, and may
exceed, seven hundred Each excursion will lie uniler the leadership of a
duly qualified guide, who will also bo
competent to point out and discuss
the phenomena constituting the
point of interest in each Instance
Obviously, tin- planning and effective
conduct of a series of excursions on
this scale is no light undertaking;
hut witli the assurance of local aid
ami co-operation, thc difficulties
should not prove insuperable
1 The Swedish meeting was marked
especially by the publication of a
monumental work on "Tbe Iron Ore
, lic-sourcea of the World," to which
■.ports on 'he distribution and supply of iron in lhe respective countries were contributed by eminent
authorities. The executive committee of the twelfth congress arc to
be verv heartilv congratulated on the
decision to emulate this example by
undertaking the compilation of a
Companion work on the "Coal Resources of the World " incidentally
tins report should serve to direct)
wider nt tuition lo the magnitude
and value ot Canadian resources. The
subject ot coal resources and supplies will, moreover, form one of the
principal topics lor discussion at the
meeting in Toronto, while other topics of no less economic interest, not-
ahlv tbat of the Influence of depth on
tho character of metalliferous deposits, are to l>e debated
it is unnecessary here, however, to
further discuss details, the purpose of
the present, notes being to glvo iru-rc-
Iv a general Idon of the aims and
work ol the congress and of tin- slg
nlflcance attaching lo Ms meeting in
this country With a proper reallza-
tion of the Importance ol tlu- oca*
hIoii, the mining men of Canada, nit
less than ihe public generally, mny
he i rusted to cordially co-onofsito
wiih the congress officials in making
the Canadian m/ellng an unqualified
Fui ther inhumation may be ob
tiilued by applying to tlic secretary,
Twelfth Internallonul (ieological Con
gross, Victoria Memorial Musoum,
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Empire Bicycle while they last,
fitted with roaster brake, mudguard.) roller chain, extension
handle bars. etc. Fully guaranteed. Only 25 at this price, so
write now.
185 Notre Dame, East,     Winnipeg
After Gladstone and Bright Separated
Perhaps ouo of the most entertaining storU-s Lold by Mrs. A. M, Reynolds In the life Of her father, Frank
Holt, tho famous portrait painter,
whose early death in 1888, at the age
of 4.! occurred on the eve of his being created a baronet, is that concerning Gladstone and Bright after they
wero separated by tbo tlrst Home
Rule spl't in the Liberal party.
When my father, said Mrs. Reynolds, was engaged on the portrait
of Bright, ho incidentally mentioned
that he was about to paint a similar
one of Mr. Gladstone. It must be
a very painful thing for you, Mr.
Bright, ho hazarded, that after all
■hese years you should have found
cause to sever your connection.
Indeed it te, replied Bright, with a
sigh, to think that after we have trod-!
aen the fame path together, shoulder
to shoulder and hand In hand wo
should he forced apart in tho evening of our lives! Aud by what? By
a bogey that has risen up within him
and ls beckoning him away from duty
and sense—by a Frankenstein. Do
you know, Mr. Holt, I seriously fear
that my dear old friend's mind has
become radically undermined?
When he was at Ha ward en painting Gladstone the aubjett of my father's portrait of Bright cropped up.
Ah, said Gladstoue, with much interest, aad liow did you find him'.'
Fairly well, and he spoke very affectionately of you, Mr. Gladstone.
Did he, indeed, replied the sitter,
sorrowfully, Did be, indeed? That
was a crael blow. That after a life-
lime of mutual esteem aud of good
ork undertaken and carried through
Henry Serensen, of Alberta, Advocates
Strawburning Plan
The value of straw to Canadian
farmers (ifl a means of preventing, to
a large degree, tho heavy frosts of
the spring, has not yet been fully
realized, and In this respect the views
of Henry Sorensen, of tho executive
board of the United Fanners' of Alberta association, aro very interesting. In an Interview with a Telegram representative, ho gave it as
his opinion that lho burning of straw
which at present Is generally regarded as so much waste, would do much
to lessen, if not altogether stop, severe frosts, lle has personally seen
tho expe'Iment tried, he stated, and
Quarter and the Sack
Now, said the decorator to his
brand-new apprentice, you have lln-
ished your work for tho week. But
ii* you'll May and mind the shop for
a minute, whilst I go out, I'll give you
an extra quarter, Mind you don't
forgot any messages or orders and be
sure you clearly understand thom.
The apprentice declared that ho
clearly understood his master,
Twenty minutes later tho master
camo hack, and demanded If anybody
I.ad como lu.
Ves, assented tho apprentice, Nobody's been in except somebody at*,
wanted somebody to go somewhere
sometime to do something, But 1
told him lu no timo as on Saturday
afternoon*; there waru't   not   nobody
III".-]      ■,,*.■".■'   llllllll       111-.'.I,       III."      Ell .11"* II,      (lllll    |    aUWIHUUHS      .111.Ill      llllllll. 111. W III.IM.IIJ
the result was thoroughly satisfactory,  nowhere to do nothing nohow.     He
He pointed out, however, that in this ! said In that case ho refused your ae-
undertaking  as  In  so  many  others,   coptance of tho job he's uot giving
co-operation is necessary.     The moth- [ .vou, 'eau.se he makes nothing of aiiy-
ods adopted  are  by  burning  Btraw,  one wbo does anything anyhow, aud
and thereby causing a pall of smoke  never gets nothing done wheu novel*
to hang over the soil to prevent frost   expected,
setting in,      lt  is  well  known that      The  apprentice  f.<Jt  thfl   quarter ;
frost can only take plan- when  the and was fired,
atmosphere Is clear, aud where mols-1
ture In any shape or form Is in the Education's Triumph
air.  tha soil  is absolutely safe from |    F.ddinitton, remarked Weary Willlp
its effects.      It must not. however, In
supposed ii>.it the burning of Btraw lul the"slde"o7a'dusty hedge
scattered  localities  will  have  the de*   \_  ro|        _\mj (U,
bired effi-it.     it has beop proven conclusively that only where farmers cooperate, .ml by this mean.-, having a
v/lde area under siuolce ean an)   bon
ellt accrue,     Where   this   Is   done.
larmers need only  lire  a  portion  of
their straw, and  thus have lu haud
for futim- use a plentiful BJpply,
Experiments on similar lines were
*4fcroY«r SIXTY YEARS br MtUlOtfll
OTHERS (or their CHILDRBffwyilJ
50THE» tke CHILD, SOFTEN* tb* OtJ«£
;b« be* rtmtiy (oc DIARRHCBA.   _}___•
together we should be divided on soi carried out in Canada some years ago,
0 his brother tramp, as thev  lav  by
inphasi/.ed  his  re
marks by   uprooting   au   luoffouuivo
1 1 ain't so sure, replied the other.
1 'avo a hldoa that wo couldn't get
hon without it,
Bah! was lhe the terse reply. I
never got nothing bout of goln' to
Hare Bay  you didn't, answered  W.
MWely Kanatiti, Bt mr* and uk hr "Hm*
WlMloVi B*othlti| Bymp " n4UklM MM
kind.   Twcotr-tvtteat*-.tall*.
Young men placed In positions as
Telegraphers, Freight ami Ticket
Clerks Just as fast as we can prepare
them. Railway Officials endorse our
System because our instruction is
specially prepared. Day and Mall
Courses. Write for Free Hook 19,
Dominion School Railroading, Toronto.
Murphy Agreed
For three solid  hours  the captain i
had  been  lecturing his men oi
duties of a soldier, and he thought
it was time to see bow much they had
understood of bis discourse.
Casting his eyes round the room, '
he fixed on Private Murphy as hia !
first victim.
Why should a man fight for his!
turn try?
Private Murphy scratched his head
*or a moment, and then a smile of
mlightment crossed his face.
Sure, captain, he said pleasantly,
you're quite right.      Why should he?
clear a question, Tell me, Mr. Holt
—and here his mouth twitched, for he
was evidently struggling with strong
emotion—-tell me, did you notice any.
*hiug In '.he manner of my old friend
which would lead you to believe that
his reason was becoming In any way
British Earl Worked as Miner
The Karl of Hardwlcke, who informal thc house of lords the other night
that Iip had worked underground for
two yean as a miner on this side ot
the Atlantic, would hold the title of
and  thev  proved  highly  satisfactory
lt  now  only   remains  for   farmers  to
co-operate   In   this   matter,   and   not
only would they, by doing so. render
themselves   a   great   Bervtce,   but   the j Hddteuttouuo K
Dominion win receive a great benefit
in that .housands of dollars worth of
W. No, -, I.nt perhaps you didn't
go about   it  bin UV right  spirit?
Well, what did you get bout of it?
What did I net? Two amis, four
hats, a atlok, and eight umbrellas.
wheat will
have   beeu    saved   from
Department    of     Agriculture     Advise
Farmers to Increase Their Stock
Saska! 'hewan   m ill   have   a   h
Cause and Effect
Travelling iu tho   wild   and   wolly
The greatest  authorl- West, a gentleman entered  a small
Ves, I onco travelled all over the
country a ith a troupe of trained dogs.
Didn't you find them difficult to
1 used to think they were hard to
manage, hut I've changed my mind
i-lnco I'V-3 been managing a troupe of
operatic stars.. .
What has  become of tho good  old
ln which Ihe vlllian exclaims, Hist!
And tries    to smugglo   the   clior-ll.!
a way,
And tho hero comes in and slaps
his wrist?
Will Adams, iho first lihiglishlnan
In Japan, o»o or lhe mosl delightful
books ever written, has been out of
print for thirty years or forty years,
but its i.iomory remains. TIiohh
fcrtlinato enough to have read it will
be In tores ted to learn that a memorial
to Adams was unvellod by tho llrltlsh
ambassador on Juno lii over tlm grave
In Toklo where the famous pilot lios
beside bis Japanese wife.
Will Adams, who was a navigator,
landed lu Japan In 1i,ihi and was kepi
in the country by tho Emperor on account of his knowledge of ships. Ho
waa presented with an estate, was
not allowed to return to England,
where he had a wlfo and family, and
died In Japan In lUi.0,
lie—It's'qulto true that tlicro aro
microbes in kisses.
Bho—Oli, the sweet Utile darlings'
Advice to Expectant Mothers
An Oil Th.it Is Famous.—Though
| Canada was not lho hlrthplaco of
Dr, Thomas' Electric Oil It la tho
home fi tho famous compound.
' '-'rom hero its good name was spread
ur Central ami South America, the
West ludies, Australia and New Zealand.      That ls far atleld enough Ir*
iho Atlantic, would Hold tl sasx-u newan   w ill   have   a   heavy   test its excellence,  for ln all these ■
Haron Morden today in addition to the crop of coarse grains and roughage | countries ltls on sale and In demand.
ethers which he possesses but for the   this fall, says a press bulletin issued'
fact that his great-great-grandfather,   by the Department of Agriculture at
l.onl Chancellor  Yorke,  declined on; Kegina. .-*a>.:.     What are we going to
ills deathbed to authenticate the pa-|do  with  '	
tent ot the  peerage conferred npon   ties In the livestock world today agree | township fn ort.er"thatTirmlgn\ make
him on his elevation to the woolsack   that the bee!   shortage   is   serious.   -tu, purchase of a watch and chain.
en  which he never sat.      The  sec-   This shortage 1- Increasing, not only      The  shopkeeper was very  pleased
end son of l.onl    Chancellor   Hard-  ia Canada, but throughout the whole  to oblige, hut as he wrapped up the
wicke attained his ambition to reach  continent of North   America.       The   articles purchased  he included  with;
the samo high riffles as  his father, average price of beef cattle at Wlnnl- them a fearsome-looking revolver of!
but Burvlved his appointment only by   peg for tiie year ending August 1st.' very respectable dimensions.
three days. I has been over 5 1-4 cents pe'r pound.'    1 say.'observed the astonished trav-
The present peer Is not the first, » hat better indication have we of a : eHer, what are you doing?     1 didn't I
of his family to have seen the rough ! steady future demand.     No elaborate' 0fTer to buy a revolver.
side of life       His fathea. who died   stabling is needed for the work. Cattle i    The watchmaker, puzzled in   turn. |
ln 1909. saw active service as a naval i will  -hrive  in  straw covered  sheds,  and thinking his customer must have j
officer in the Crimea, while his grand-   Will clean up th" stubble, will utilize; iost his sense and reason, replied:
tather, the fourth earl, who was also; roughage and convert it Into a profit-]     But you have bought a gold watch.
in  the  navy, hail  some  exciting  ex-   able   pit-duct.       Stork     cattle   are  jf you are going to keep it ln these
perlencos In connection with the sup-.scarce ami will be scarcer after No- parts, you'll want tho gun, too!
presslon of piracy la the It editor ran- vember 1st       Keep your calves and
ran.      An earlier holder of the title! >oung  stack,  especially  females,  for
was the Lord Lieutenant ol Ireland at I yo cannot replace them.      Buy a
Ibe time ot Robert Emmet's rebellion,! few feeders for this winter.     Whero
and hla notion, or lack of action, ut | r«>sBibio select  big,  smooth  growth}-
Ckeaw Soots
Tho MOONEY wny melius more biscuits, less homo cooking:
Bocausa MOONEY'S BISCUITS aro fresh enough and appetizing
enough io taku tlio plate of the product of your own ovsn.   For tho daily nieal
you'll like
They're tho crispost, creamiest, most delicious soda
biscuits ever produced and they'ro made in Winnipeg.   A Western biscuit for Western peoplo.
In air-tight packages or scaled tinsi
tli" llmo was iiii- Bubjoct <>( consider-
able debate hi the lm portal parliament,
A Little Brain of His Own
An experienced   colore.,   girl   had
just   been   Installed   us   housemaid.
Having oyed a patent bottlo with much
curiosity for Borne time, nho asked
her mistress; Ami what sort o' thing
Is dat, ma'am.
That, replied Madam, te a   bottle
lhat will keep things either hot or
Land sckos, honey!  exclaimed the
astonished darkey, how is It going to
know whether you want to keep it hot
or cold?
The experience of Motherhood la a trying ono to most women and muks distinctly an epoch in their liven. Not ono
woman in a hundred is preparrd or understands how to properly care for herself. Of courao nearly every woman
nowadays haa medical treatment at
such times, but many approach the
experience with an organism unfitted
for the trial of strength, and when it
is over her system has received a shock
from which it is hard to recover. Following right upon this comes tho nervous strain of caring for the child, and
* distinct change in tho mother results.
• There is nothing more charming than
a happy and healthy mother of children,
and indeed child-birth under tbe right
conditions need be no hazard to hp&lth or
beauty. The unexplainable thing is that,
with all the evidence of shattered nerves
and broken health resulting from an unprepared condition, and with ample timo
in whicli to prepare, women will persist
in going blindly to the trial.
Every woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia E. I'lnkliam's Vegetable Compound, a moat valuable tonic and Invig-
orator of tlm female organism.
In many home*
once childless there
nre now children because of tha fact
that Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegr-Lahlt
Compound rnakea
women normal, MtWjf_J_M'A\['
healthy .nd strong. 0^9!^
If j-oii mint special nrblco wrlln lo
Mln K. rink.miti Mi-.IIi-.ii-. Co. (i'iuiII-
dcntlal) l.jun, Marin. Vmir Idler nlil
he 'ipeniMl, read and nniite.i-il hjr a
woman and hold In atrlct cinllilenco.
No Mor. Weary Willies
No longer Klmll Uio clorll sleep Wins-
"ully behind lila propped k-ilKer on
balmy summer utternoons, No moro
Blmll lln1 telephone girl Indulge In
halcyon urter-luneh dreatnsl
For an enemy him urlneli wlileli
throatond thoso hoary Institutions. H
In enlloil ozone. So wonderful Is Its
power In electrifying tho dreamy clerk
llml mnny large linns nre having
noinrr machines fitted up In llu-lr oflices, much to their employees' disgust. Bocause everyone must work
ill un ozonised atmosphere; one can't
help oneself.
Not only so. but air permeatod with
this dread Bub-quantlty, when drawn
into tho lungs with deep breaths acts
an a rli.-s*. developer, Besides which
many of the clerks placed ln a r.
treated with ozone have noticeably In
oreased in hulk
And Hie diabolical machine that
works al> iir mischief Is a very simple
llttlo electrical affair about the size
of an electric fan.
animals with la-se heart girth anil
heavy hind quarters, and do it now.
Collie Tnmoed Fifty Miles to Guide
His Mongrel Chum
Every now and then someone with
.-. ranlno pet com»s out. with a story
about Its intelligence, and out of the
lot a few are worth retailing. One
such Incident is told by a German-
town man.
His family possesses n fine Scotch
collie, which has all the intelligence
Whloh mirks the good ones of nis
kind. I'he family also lias undertaken slme spring to harbor a stray
dog thai belongs to no particular
breed, and Is "Just dog." of course,
tliey aro not very proud of this uninvited guest nnd lmvo never paid much
altention lo him.
When Iho family went awny for the
summer they took the collie to their
country home, which is about fifty
miles from the city, nnd left the mongrel behind, after arranging wllh a
neighbor lo leed him. Some days
after tliey had settled In the country
they were worried and also surprised
to realize that tho colli.' was missing.
Ho had spent the othor summers at
.iir- phico and should have known his
wny about ns well as the children,
the folks thought.
A careful search about the country
did not disclose the collie, so afier
about a week the family gave up nil
idea of Undine lilm. It was at lhls
dramatic time thnt he made his reappearance, and with him "wnn the
mongrel iint had been left behind as
lacking class for the resort where his
owners slay. Both dogs were fairly
gaunt from privation and disreputable
looking finm their days spent as
I ir.'tmps. but the collie showed such un.
; mlstnkable sutlsfnetlon nt hnvlng
' (etched i.is playfellow, nnd thus right
I bought a horse with a supposedly
Incurable ringbone for $30. Cured
Iiim with 11.00 worth of MINARD'S
LINIMENT and sold him for $85.00.
Front on Liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Phllllppo, Que.
;. Matter of Taste
li>- wis tli» sort of young man wbo
takes a gir!  not anrl  talks a lot of
pretty  things,  but never dreams otI 'eJfj'n*"oversight,lhat'both doga'wo'ro
buying anything, not even a penny
bar of oocoanul candy,
They had heen walking out together
for quite :i time ami sh.- was iir-ti.ti^
a bit tlrod of It.     t) '."ning they
r.!r,w to ,r pause outside a gally-do-
roni'"'i ■ onfectloner's shop.
Look, darling! he whlspored gushingly. I can r-.-e your beautiful sweel
tace quite clearly in thai window
Given the same careful grooming and
feeding 'o improve their condition.
Eyes of l.lnck. of brown, of blue,
oil. I've -iufferorl long for yon;
P.yea of blue, or brown, of blaok,
Eyes—with hooks ndowu tho hack!
A   Hooting dry-dock  with a lifting
„  capacity of 80,000 ions has boon built
But Bhe was determined ou making   ( >  fc   B.|u„ Alh,1|1,1„
a change
Thais all right, Oeorge, about my
sweet fa,''', Bhe said   coldly,       I'm
lired of hearing about it! I wish
you'd i' member my sweet, tooth occasionally Instead.— Answers. London.
//   N. U. 913
A;i lm,ranee company has sent
large display carls to manufacturers
and other employers, whlrh boar in
bold, red letterfl this warning; No
smoking in thin room Smoking
among Inflammable materials cornea
very dono to being arson,
rrtve'se s'do is printed; Fires caused
by discarded rttrar or clgarettu
stumps o obul ly erst tie- nation Vrrn.-
000,000  yr.;irl> In  I!..- rlfuji   lo re
rtuoo Ihi: source of dangor Ho- card
hoars lb,- logend; BoBldos bolng a
source ol lire dnngor, the   habit   of
workroom" In a soui'if of
its abolition hi a move
eetioh of securing grantor
il1  hotter quality of pro-
luatlon ns woll as lu ibe dlrncilon
if lire provontion,
Argentine's corn crop for this year
is estimatod at eight million tons.
Claire—Jack told me he wauled to
see you in the worst  possible wny.
Ethyl—And what did you say?
Claire—1 told him to como tn
1 reakfast Bomo morning.
Canned Peaches or Pears
Cut Hie fruit In halves and remove
the slon s or core. i-'or each quart
,!."".',''I jar allow two cups of sugar and ono
r.ip of .M.i.-r. If llm fruit la rlpo
iriel swo.rt, less sugar mny br- used,
(inr- cup of sugar foi eiu'li quart can
if fruit Is used when tbo fruit Is nol
very nct.l,
i'cachoi tin' successfully peeled liy
dipping ilium lu boiling hot water for
Ir  fOW  millUtOB,       Tin- Hit ill   Will    slip
off iiii easily an from a fomato, when
lieatril ti fi similar mnnuer. -Wo-
man's w. thi .
Will'ng to Aeoommodatfl
MlstrO-H- 1 want you to inulersliitiil
A linn,  111.'I   I   will  not lm'." tbat big
ollcemiiii In my kitchen.
Anna—All right,   ma'am
sin.illi-- "Ue.
I   know
Scene (Sr'h.'.-'I'iv-iior'B study)—
Master—Why woro yon lair for early
school, Wright?
Wright ■ Please, sir. I must havo
overwashed myself,
Bomo real eal nto dealers in llrlllsli
Columbln woro accused of having vie-
llmlzod English nnd Scotch seniors
Iry Boiling to thom (at long range)
fruit niiir'iics which were slluaicil ou
Ilio lops of luountalnii. It Is said
thai the captain of u sUninbonl on
Kooleiisv lake one" hoard a great
splash In ihi' water. Looking over
the tall be spied llle head of a mnn
who was swimming toward his boat,
lie hnlle.l Iiim. Do you know, mild
Ibe swimmer, Ihls Is the third lime
today Hint I've fallen off tlmt blooming old ranch of mine?
Too Frail to Last
So you've broken oft your engagement with Miss Smurte7 asked tho
inquisitive friend.
Ills victim shook his head.
No, ho replied; I didn't break lt off.
Oh, then she broke lt off?
No. answered the young man, enjoying his friend's growing wonder.
But It is broken off, Isn't tt? persisted the curious one.
Oil, yes! explained tho young man
gently She told mo what her dross-
maker's yearly bill was, and I told her
what my Income was. Then our engagement gently dissolved.
No child should bo allowed to suffer an hour from worms when prompt
relief cun he got In a slniplo but
rtrong .emedy—Mother Graves'
Worm  Exterminator.
■•'oiir-yr i r-old Harry wua spending
the day "villi his aunt. Dinner was
lule and .he child began to grow restless.
Aunty, he snld finally, docs God
know everything?
Ves, dear, answered his aunt.
r.v-ry llttlo tiling? he porslsted,
Yes, ovory lime thing, was tho ro-
Well, ilion, In- snld In a tone of
conviction. God knows I'm hungry.
l.nd.v of the House—What caused
you to become a tramp?
Ragged Rogers—The family physician, muni I He advised me to tain-
long walks alter my meals, an' I've
been walking after 'em ever since.
Iii givhr modlolno in liquid form to
a bnby, place lho point of the spoon
containing the medlclnu against lho
roof of ihu mouth, Administered
In tills way II will ho Impossible for
the elilld to choko or eject tho medicine.
illustration   shows   one   of   the
many styles of body that we build for
Light Delivery  Car.
221- H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
;^!^;v.^^':-w'v,'*«'-,;-'f--*:';i-';'--j«">;*-,-i-' "•■•■      '■ -'•
" •*. >. '     • ■■'_  -', 'J*x_
Price of Car with above body lettered as you requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
Public Baths
Motherly Hostess—Our modest establishment has only ono bathroom,
bo we all havo to anrango when to
tnke our turn. What timo would you
llko to havo your bath?
Nervoua Youth (who means woll)—
Oh, your llm.- ls mine, Mrs. Brown.
I thoiicht your father looked very
handsome with his gray hair.
Yes, dear old chap, I gave lilm
Woman—I've lost a llttlo boy, policeman.
Hobby—What's hn llko?
Woman (displaying a patch)—Well
he's a patch on hla trousers llko lhls.
When llie linoleum or floorcloth has
been washed and thoroughly dried,
mnko n illlln starch In a pint basin
with boiling wuter uud rub lightly
over with a clean cloth. It will dry
very brl.thlly. wllhniit nny further
rubbing m polishing, uud hns llm advantage of bolng glossy without be-
Ing slippery.
lt Is n gnoi, plan ro sprinkle saw-
nust evenly on lho Iloor before laying down oilcloth. The sawdust
makes n soft foundation for tho oilcloth to Iio on. and It prolongs Its
wear. Tor a damp floor It ls specially recommended.
It Is nit general!) knVvn Hint oil-
marks or murks where peoplo have
i-cstcd their heads cnn bo tuknn from
the paiior on walls by mixing pipeclay
with wider to a consistency of cream, i
laying It on Hie spot, and letting It'
remain 'III Ih • following dny, when It
may bo easily remjved with a penknife or '.iiinii.
An Intelligent Youth
That Intelligent boy there, snld thn
pedagogue lo the top-luitled parent he
wns showing over Hie school promises,
Is llrown 1 um proud of llrown. I
Imve lueuliuileil 111 liliii llm lovo of
learning In such nil extent Hint ho
now prefers sluily to piny. I expect
at Ihln moment lie Is Writing Tint-
lulu's Latin prone on Hint shoot of
paper lli'i'i', whllo nil 'the other pupils are at piny,    i win asoortaln,
Hi' culled Ilio lllll III llllll.
llrown, In- flnlld, lot mo sen Ihu result of your Imluiilry.
I   I'd ralher mil, sir, blushed llrown.
Nolo the miiilesly, whispered tho
rchoolnnilef. Como, Brown, lot me
sn" wllnl Ji'ii liavo heen willing.
Ktill the hoy demurred. Bill lho
lichooliinsler Insisted nud forcibly tip-
preprinted lhe paper, And lliere In
.lent 1111111(1011 pr feminine hundw/tlng
he rend tho following:
I'lentio oxcubo my son .Tames from.
school to luv,     lle Is wanted at home.
A Wise Precaution
Tho day liefore Bho was to be married, the old negro- servant camo to
her mist.-OBB nnd entrusted her savings ln her keeping. Why should
I keop It; T thought you woro going
to lm married, said hor mlBtross.
So I is. Missus, but do you 'nposo
I'd keep nil dls money ln tho houso
wid Hint strange nigger.
A New Sensation
Mrs. Yens!— I Juut lovo to shut my
ryes and think.
Mr. Y-mst-Why don't you try that
with your mouth soniiitlmes, my denr.
7  PILLS   =
'ti     ir
Well Stated
You don't avoid hot weather by going away from home.
No, replied Miss Cayenne, but It's
bettor to be among strangers, where
tho formalities prevent giving way to
the Irritations of climate.
Prosecuting Attorney—Your honor,
tho bull pup has gone and chawed up
tho court Bible.
Judge—Well, make tho witness kiss
the bull r-up, then. Wo can't ud-
Journ court for n weok Just to hunt
up a now Bible.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Bhe ls very liberal ln her charities,
said one woman.
Yes, answered lho other, liberal,
but not always practical, Kor Instance sho wanted to send alarm
clocks to Africa to aid sufforors from
lho slespjug sickness. — Moduli's
Doctor—I soo what tho matter Is.
It's dyspepsia. All ynu havo to do
Is to Inngh heartily boforo and after
each meal.
Mrs, Ulnk Impossible I cook
them myself and wash the dishes,
He Had no Choice
One must learn to sympathize wltll
domestic frailties. I was rebuking
r. mnu the othor dny for backing up
his wife In what was not only un absurd story, but one ln which I could
see he had no belief.
You should really bo moro careful,
I said, and 1 toll you candidly 1 don't
bellovo a word of your wife's story.
You may do as you llko, he said,
mournfully, but 1'vo got to.
Ah, Yes, Too True
I can't understand why you wish
to lavish your affection on a dog. Why
don't you adopt a child?
Oh, I should bo afraid to become
fond of a child. It lt should dlo ono
couldn't have It stuffed and put In
i corner of the library, you know.
Vicar— The most wonderful organ
1 ever saw was the property of a private gentleman. It hud nearly a
hundred stops.
Sexton—Um! Tho most remark-
ablo organ 1 ever heard Is my old
woman's tongue. It ain't got uo
stops nt all.
Well? _
What Is b buttress? >
A butt! ess Is—or—why,—a nanny.
gnat, of course.   Don't ask so many
Not Cars Now
Thn city nephew wns showing his
country uncle Ilio lown from a sent
in tliu opoii nlr street car.
Yon don't often got a rhuueo tn rid*
on a rfroet car uncle, wild lho nephew.
No, snld uncle, don't bellovo I've)
ild on n street cur since we got our
new automobile.
Why He Called
Mrs, lllll—Is your husband, tho doctor, busy now?
Mrs. Pill—Indeed ho Is. Why, hn
mnde threo calls up nt your brother's
house to dny.
I didn't know anybody was sick
Thom Isn't. Ho wan trying to
collect n bill.
The Clean Up
Old m-in, wo want you In our cleanup ciiniimlr.il,
All right.
Well, nnmo your pmforonce commit-
len on dumps, alleys or backyards,
Whnt would you llko tn clean up?
l'tl like to clean up about a million
Chance for Heroism
Adorer (anxiously)—What did joilt
father say?
Sweet Girl—Oh, he got so angry
I was afraid to slay ntid listen, He's
In a perfectly terrible rage. Oo In
md appease him.
The Modern House
I want --on to build me a fashionable-
Huve you any special Ideas as to the
stylo of House you want? asked the
Not exactly.     I want ono of those
modorn places.     You know tho kind.
I tnonn—ono with a living room too
big to keep warm, and a kitchen too
smnll to cook ln.
Dentist—Wrltelcy, the novelist, wa*
In this morning and had a tooth
Friend—Ah! An extraot from a popular author, ns lt wero.
ISo • Tin.
a*M'*d«-iM n '""I irrn Willi .rl.r-atilmll.tlnt
ftUPl.tria OlliniU-I, a.n-1 lll'.rl'l' IIANO'
OLaANEn,    WiV ffl«'"li urrnan .ml rUlat
ideugits m mwm
Became of
A Caae of Too Many
Alvaretta." ho asked [ Father (sternly)-Can you lupporl
toy daughter In tbe'manner Bbo's been
accustomed to?
Lover-Yes, sir; I'm sure I can.
Father—Well, I can't do lt any long-
"Wo haven't found out yet," explain
ed Alva. "Who toll you about lt, any
I  know!''  Davo   er, bo tako her, my boy.—Penny Plcto-
I rial.
I'll. Trenton may may lova Ul* Del.
This slat. Is grot, 1 Wis.,
Though Bprlnstt«!d always mains on. Ill,,
,   New Orleans loves a Miss.
—Milwaukee Sentinel.
"Alvnrctty!" shrloked llrs. Wlntou
down the collar stairs.
"Alvarottyl" sbo shrloked more shrilly up tho nttlc stairway.
Sllenco here too.
"Where Is that girl!" fumed Alvaret-
ta Wlnton's mother as she looked Into
tbo bedrooms and then mado another |
search of the lower floor.
Tbo Wlntons were still asking that
question at 0 o'clock tbat evening, for I
Alvaretta, tbo pretty daughter of the
houso hud disappeared us suddenly snd
mysteriously as though tbo earth had
opened aud swallowed her up.
Neighbors bad Joined the anxious
family and perhaps a dozen wore sitting and standing around tho untnstod
slipper which Mrs. Winton had somehow managed to place upon the table.
Alva Winton, tho wldow'a tnly son,
wns nervoualy excited over bis sister's
•'Can't you remember where you saw
her last, ma?" bo asked for the hundredth time since 3 o'clock that afternoon.
Mrs. Winton sank Into a chnlr and
tnrned hor reddened eyes upon her
son. "It's ths queerest thing, now that
1 think of It," she answered him for
tho hundredth timo. "She mado some
remark to me whllo I was frying
those doughnuts, nnd whal wltb tho
blue smoke In the kitchen and the sputtering of the bot Isrd. 1 didn't sense
half of what she said." She smiled
deprecatlngly at the faces turned toward her.
"Well, me, what was the half of
whst yon did hoar!" patiently insisted
"She Jest ran ln through tbo smoke
and asked me If sbo could go somewhere or do something, and I says, as
I often do to Alvnretty. 'Oh. yes, run
along, do child; only don't bo too Intel'
She kissed mu and went off. and that's
tbo lost I've eoen of my daughter."
Then Mrs. Winton broke down and
cried for ths Ilrst timo that trying afternoon.
"That's nil tho clow we got to go on.
Now, suppose each ono of you take a
street nnd go to every boiiBo and nnk
If my slstor has been there or If anybody has seen her since noon. We'll
all meet here at 8 o'clock." Young Alva's voice quivered.
"Where you going, Alva?" asked Cyrus Jenkins.
"Down among the stores and along
the rlvor," eald Alva, dropping bis
Tolro at lho last word so that bis mother should not hear
"If I could only meet Irving Denby
—he might havo eeen ber." mused tho
troubled youth as he made his wny toward tho stores which were grouped
around tho postofllce.
Irving Denby wns (he youth In tbe
drug store who was deeply In lovo with
pretty Alvnrcttn Winton. Ho bored
her to dentb with his attentions, for
Alvaretta had already made her choice
nnd was engaged to Dave Beinls. who
workod lu the railroad ofllco In th*
So Alva's first Inquiry was mode at
the drug store, where living's pole,
freckled face became olonguted with
■urprlso nt Iho question.
"Alvaretta lost? Pshaw, you're Joshing met" be laughed Incredulously*
"It's tho solomn truth. Irving I
thought muybo you'd seen her go past
or something. I thought you might
llko to help find her," ended Alvu. disappointed.
"Of courso I would! Ut me see—1
did see Alvnretla about-why, It was
on my way bock from dinner It musl
hare been 1 o'clock. She bad on thai
blue dress she wears aud a while bat
1 remember bcciinso she looked great,
and 1 wondered whore she wns going."
confessed Irving, reddening to his
homely ears
"Which wny did she go!"
".Straight up the bill."
"TUnt's something I'to learned." snld
Alva, drawing a brcnlh of relief.
"You're the flrst one who's seen hoi
slnco before dinner."
At S o'clock Alrn was hurrying toward bis homo anxiously hoping Ihnt
■omo of the otber searchers hail been
more successful than himself In finding news ft his missing elster. llo
ynnd tho statement of Irving Denby
thnt he had seen Alvaretta going up
the hill tbnt led to (be rnllrond station
there bad not been n slngh- clew. Perhaps it wns bocenso the Ii.hii- between
12 and I Is snored to dinner In Little
Itlver, nnd thus no one hnd observed
Alvnretla. Inquiry nt Ihe station WM
useless, for when Irving renehed there
lie found It closed.
Perhaps Alvnrelln would have returned homo when he reached there.
Tills thought hurried his slops homo
Ryes as anxious as his own questioned hliu when he entered Ihe dining room oni-o more, lie shook hli
bend slowly nnd Ihen told Ihem whnl
little ttifni'innllnn he lind gained.
As ho finished speaking the door
oiiened quickly and admitted Dnve
Bemls. Alvaretln's sweetheart lit!
handsome face wns quite pale, nnd he
wus breathless wllh hnsle, and bt
•poke without ceremony.
"Why,  of courso
laughed mirthlessly.
"Knew what!" i	
"Tbat sbo was lost.  I'vo bcen trylug     "Somo men," said Uncle Kbcn, "keeps
to Hnd ber all tho afternoon." Iiolloriu' fur a now deal when whut
Alvn reddened angrily,   "See here,   Hoy really wants la Jos' * bnudout."—
Dave  Bemls,  you're crazy,"  he de-   Washington Slur,
clared. ———————
"So are you," retorted Dave promptly, when Mrs. Winton Interposed a
slender form between tbem.
"Stop yonr quarreling thla very In-
etnut, boys," she commanded.   "Now, I _____-
Dave, you tell what you mean about ' "Now that you havo become rich I
yonr looking for Alvnretty. After hope you wlil not forgot tbo peopl*
you'vo told, wby, we'll toll our story."     wbo woro youi- friends wheu you wer*
Davo Bemls hesitated, looked around   poor."
at tho Interested faces, flushed redly     "Oh, no- I'll not forgot thom.   Th*
and thon plunged Into bis story.
"Alvaretta was to meet mo ln Mill-
ton nt 1,45. We were going to got mar-
"Marrlodi" shrloked Mrs. Winton
"Married?" growled young Alva, doubling a list "You mean you was running away with my sister!"
"She eald her mother gavo her permission to marry mo this afternoon.
My uncle in England ls very sick, and
I've been sent for. I've got to sail tomorrow morning, and I may be gone
a yenr, for I promised to toke care of
his business and wind It up lf anything
happens to him. I telephoned all tbls
to Alvaretta this morning ns soon as I
heard of lt, aud 1 asked her tf she
wouldn't marry mo before I went I
told ber sho could take the 1:18 train
from hero, and I would meet her In
Millton, nud wo could got married In
time for bor to take tbe 3:30 back here
again. 1 was at tbo station and waited three trains, but I haven't seen her,
and that's wby I'm hero now."
"For tho Innd sake, I never heard of
such a tblngl" shrieked Mrs. Winton
when Dnve bad concluded bis recital.
"Wby, thnt child must havo been asking me lf sbo could marry Davo when
1 wasn't placing nny account on what
■be wns asking I was that Interested
friends u man bad when bo was poor
novel- let him do that, however bs may
try."—Chicago Bccord-nerald.
"How much are these pupplosi littl*
boy?" "All a quarter, 'copt that ono,
ind ho's SO cents. He swallowed a
dime yesterday."—Puok.
The lightning bug ts brilliant,
But h. hasn't any mind;
lie travels through the darkness
With bis headlight on behind.
—Cornell Widow.
"I don't know what to do with my
ion. He's so Irresponsible." "Got
blm on tbo weather bureau."—Washington Herald.
"There," sighed th* widow, pointing;
tn a cottage, "Is where my gwoet roil   noo ended."
'Ah, dear, and (lid your husband dt*   morning.
One They Tell In London en Tw*
Amerlean Polio. Offielals.
Ai in Illustration of the good nature
of l-*raDk Freest, who used to bo chief
of Scotland Yard, they tell this story
In Londont
Many years ago two American detectives chanced to .be ln Loudon together, awaiting tbe extradition of
crlmluals wbo bad beeu arrested ln
England for offenses committed ln the
United States. Tho Hotel Victoria
was then American hcadqjinrtors in
London, and one evening tlio two
Bawksbaws, wbo had hnd a convivial
day. foil asleep side by side on a
divan In tbe big smoking room of (be
hostelry. An American humorist
found a pair of handcuffs In tbo ofllce
of tbe manager of tbe botol and proceeded to sbackl* tha pair together,
whon for two or throe hours tbey
slumbered peacefully while the guests
of the hotel, American snd English,
Including tbe ladles, came to gaze upon
tbo scene.
When tbe detectives finally awakened about 1 o'clock ln the morning
lt was Impossible to find a key to the
handcuffs and henco Impossible to
liberate thom. Thoy would not hear
of sending to a pollco station for assistance lest tbe story of their ridiculous plight get out, but they had coufl-
dence thnt Freest, wbo was thon a
plain detoctlvo Inspector, would not
betray them. A messenger to Scotland Yard, nenr by. learned tbat Frocst
had gone homo long before, but got
bis address several miles aw.-iy In the
suburbs. An American newspaper
man wbo knew Freest reached his
borne by cab after 2 o'clock In tho
Ho   was  awakened   from
Houi.t.s. Town.
Southern Tunis boasts of a houseless town having a population of 5,000
people. They are troglodytes, whose
fathers, before them lived tn similar
Of Hie 3,42t known dialects In tb*
world over one-fourth aro Asiatic,
Are Really True to Life.
Washington'. Hand.
George Washington's bund wus described as that of a glniit. Ou the Inst
occasion of General Lafn.vette'B visit
to this country he remarked to Mr.
Custls when referring to a former visit,
•'You wero holding to a single anger of
lho good general's remarkable band—
lho greatest fent you could perform at
that time."
Their Ponderous Armor and Their Sixteen Foot Weapons.
Ilia pike-nan was covered wiUi de-1
fenslve armor, nn iron headpiece, iron   FlQUreS   Made   Nowadays   That
"hack ond bre.ist" and "tasses." a kind j
of iron  sprcn  protecting  him  from i
wulst to knee,  ne carried a plko six-1
teen feet long, with an ashen shaft, an   • of-m OTfUR AMf. Hli WlfinFI
Iron Head and a blunt Iron iplke at the j" SMimUN ANU HI*- lYIUUtL.
butt end,  whereby to fix It ln the
ground, and, besides Uie pike, a ropier.
Tbo pike, from Its great length, wus
a weapon which required deft handling j
In order to bo ot effective use and. es
may   he   Imagined,   was   excessively I
showy ou pnrsdo.  Tiie modern Janre |
exercise Is n pretty Bight enough, but
A Foe to look..
Tile most nnclent destroyer of bonks
known waB tbe Babylonian king. Nab-
onassai*. who in the third century B. 0.
destroyed nil tbo records of the reigns
and rulers precedent to himself.
When the Artist Cannot Get a Srtt ng
From His SubjSCt M. Work. From a
Photograph er e Description—Th.
Way th. Effigit. Ar. Made.
Dickens described Mrs. .lariey's famous waxworks as neiug "divers
ri.* old r'ko cierclse, perfectly cictut-1 iprightly ofilglcs of celebrated charge-
ed by s largo body of men. must hav* [,,_, ,ba, ,l0(J. mon or ,„.„ unsteadily
been superb.   Wo are not surprised. .„.,. ,       ,,,,,, ,,,.,. „-.„ „..-
therefore, to dud   list the postures or     v „
Instructions for (Ills exercise nis ex- '
Complexion Masks.
I.ndics of quality originally wor*
masks either to protect their complexions from tho burning sun or out of
modesty to prevent thorn from being
recognized whllo out of doors. Pop-
paea, tho wlfo of Nero, was said to
liavo been the luvcutor of tbo mask,
but tbo commou uso of It In public was
not observed till lho end of the sixteenth century.
travsgaiilly uilnute,
To give ono example, at the close ol
the instruction, on tlio word "Order
your pikes." wo Uui afler a muss of
complicated details Uio following con
elusion: "Vou place tbe butt end of
your pike by tbo ontsldo of your right
foot, your right bund holding It even
with your cyo and your thumb right up;
(lien, your left arm bolng sot akimbo by
your side, you shall stand with n full
body ln a comoly posture."—Westminster Cazctte.
A Man's Blood.
J:iie blood of nn average grown insB
weighs twenty pounds.
Outfit  H.  Was  Advised  to Carry   In
the Eighteenth Century.
A small "Traveler's Guide," dnlcd
much Inflated nnd all staring witb extraordinary earnestness ut nothing."
But Mra. .larley was suro tliey were
"so like life that If waxworks only
apoko and moved about you'd hardly
kuow tbo dlfToroiic*."
"1 won't go an far as to ray," ventured that estimable ahowwoman.
"that I'vo seen waxworks quite like
life, but I've certainly reen aome life
that was exactly llUo waxworks."
I If Mrs Jnriey were with us today
sho could lind plenty of wax figures
lhat are altogether "quite llko life," for
tbo art of counterfeiting humanity hns
made great advances since ths dnys of
Mrs. Jarley
Today waxworks aro used for a
rlcty of purposes.
The United States
"Dear mc. nol That's where we were
marrlcd."-St Louis Post-Dlspntch.
The Baddest words
Itlght off tlio bat
Are iuet theso three!
"I'm getting tut.'
-Memphis Commercial Appeal.
slumber aud without protest came all
tho wny to tbe Victoria and released
bis fellow ersftsmen.—Now York Sun.
"Tlmpers ls a quiet man."   "Yes. Indeed.   Tlmpcrs makes about ns much
lu my dongbuiitsl   I says to hor, -Ves,   uo|se ns tho letter ■«■ In 'Imbroglio.' "—
yes; run along, dol' and sbo took me   Birmingham Ago-IIcrald.
at my word!"
"But where Is sh* now!" demanded
Alvn Impatiently.
"Yes; whero is Bbe now!" repented
"Nobody knows. Listen whllo I toll
you what we know nbout It"
So Dave listened while they told blm
about tbe mysterious dlsnppearnnco
of Alrnrettn and how Irvtog Uenby's
statement tbnt be bad seen ber oo tho
wny to tho station was the only proof
they had that Alvaretta had really
started to meet her lover and be married.
"What ahull we do now!" Davo was
They Cost Little, but Th.y Are Made
Prom Old Iron Horseshoes.
An Interesting feature of Chlncso Industry lu tho making of kulvcs nnd razors from old horseshoes. Tho local
blacksmiths In tbo Interior cities aud
towns supply the great population of
, , ,„ ,-.   tho. empire with knives, razors and
There Is ono thing I certainly do  ^^ cf „„ ,„...,„. qun|lt_ „t „
very smoll cost. This cutlery comes
from small shops, where only ono or
two men nro employed, usually the
proprietor and his sons, and Is chiefly
Hindu from old horseshoes Imported
trom England and tbo continent. A
discarded steel shoe offers the best
material for blades, but tbe blacksmiths prefer tho old shoes of soft Iron
thut como from Glasgow and Hamburg.
One British firm at Tientsin brought
ovor u cargo of old horseshoes from
Horace Gr.el.y'. Fun.ral.
1'bo day Uoraco Greeley was burled
at Greenwood cemetery. Nov. 20, 1872,
stores wero closed nnd houses along
lho route wero draped In black. Plugs
on Uio shipping, In tlic harbor, were
nt half mast, nnd bells toiled from 1 to
3 o'clock. Two hundred and llfly carriages, containing tlio president of the
United States, senators und oilier
friends, wero ln tlio procession. 11 wns
oue of the most notable funerals ever
held In New York city.
m t understand."
••What Is thut?"
"When a mnn la too deep for people)
thoy say be Is ovor tbelr heads."—Baltimore American.
How oft w. meet th. mon of weighty
With speech In eolemn and Impressive
Who, seeking lo direct the world's nfTalrs,
ls always found mismanaging his ownl
-Washington Star.
Tr.. Life.
About oue tree 111 each twenty
cd lives toniuluril.v.
Soap Scraps.
Put your small pieces of soap In a
little ling nnd toss it ln Iho wash boiler. When 1 lie washing Is completed
thc undissolved pieces will still be In
tho bag for tlio next washday, instead
of on tlio linen, whero lliey nro sure to
muke scorch places when Ironed.
"If I didn't have such n large fam-
Don't  Australia recently, but could not dls-
asking  when   the dour wns  pushed   llv I could savo a llttlo money.     .   _.
slowly open nud a girl's slender form    bo too suro of It   If you didn't havo  pos* ot thom. as the nam* smiths
.en^wlUlithoSoiti.   Sbo woro a   a largo family you might have .a  said that tho Iron wns too lia.-rl.   1 bey
auto."—Houston Post
Ther. Is no fun In besting rugs,
But lifter all Is snld nnd done,
Compared lo what wc used lo do,
Tho modern method's really fun.
-Detroit Free Press.
Sorrowing Fnrnh (endeavoring to
break the news geutlyi-Pcler. father
hns left us
Frnotlcnl Peter-How much?-!.!-
I'm gtnd I'm not a looking gloss
In which folks gor.e so vainly.
"--would sear my aeul     •
l.lkt, a I'erlhot coul
To tell the truth so plainly.
-Uclrnlt News.
stepped within tho room.   Sbo
pretty blue dress showing traces of
dust around the bottom and a white
bat very much askew slop of her golden hulr.
It wns Alvaretta Winton.
"Alvarettnl"  thoy  all  screamed nt   fnsclnnUng.-I.lfo
"Has nny ono seen Irving Denby!"
she naked, slowly luoklug from ono to
uuother.   "Is bo here now!"
"No- why!" Alvn wus holding one
hand nnd Dnve Bemls tho other band,
ami ber mother hud bulb arms nround
ber neck, lt was dlrHcult for Alvaretta
tu answer until tbey freed her
"I wns going to suy lf be Is here ou* chnlr. your worship.—Judge.
of you musl tnke blm out und thrash
blm." said Alvaretta calmly, and
thereupon she proceeded to glvo most
excellent reasons why youug Ueuby
should be chastised
"lle sent word up to the houso tbat
I was wanted at tlio long dlstkneo
telephone." snld Alvaretta calmly,
-nnd ns mother wns busy I Just ran
down lhe street ami louli the message,
not kuowluu tlmt Irving was in the
buck of the store listening nt Mr
Peters' private phone Duve wunled
me to eome duwu to Million end marry
him nt once, so I told him I'd go nome
nnd ask mollier and If -tie consented
I'd meet him thero on the arrival of
the 4:45.
"Molh.-r wns frying doughnuts, and
I could scarcely see Her llirougli the
blue smoke, and the hissing of the hot
fat was noisy ton I went up lo her
nud spoke inlo her good ear I suld.
'Ms, Have bits telephoned Ihnt he's gut
In go to I'ligluuil .ml iiiii> be gone u
yeur and I <un go lu Million und ;
marry lilm uuw, I'll come rlglil homo
"I dldn'l believe she'd consent, and
so I wns never inure sarprl-cd III my
life than when she snld. -Yes, yes; run
lUoug. do!' Hu I hurried uuil got ready,
and iih I passed ine drug store I Imp
pencil to notice Hint lUe door of our
i hiir.li was wiiii- open I wns going
to be iiuirried. uud I felt kind of "oleum uud us lf*l wanted to be nlono
fur a fen minutes, so I Jusl slipped In
side there where It was dnrk mill cool,
nnd wheu I inert lo get uut I dis lure
If Ihe duor wasn't locked I cited mid
screamed, nud nobodi heard me until a
Iin If hour ago soi nody crept up the
slops nud unlocked the door I wus
right Ibere uuil pulled the door open
before be could get very Inr away It
wns Irving Denby. Wnsu't lie "lho
in  ni. Jen ting!"
Aivnrelln      " oil Indlgnnnlly around.
Belore 1111.1 one eoind answer there   gai'(len."-Washlngton Herald
rnme n knock nt lhe duor    When It
wns opened It revealed thu mild eouu-
teiimice of tho minister
"They tel. me Alvnrcttn In Insl," ho
wns beginning when llv snw Hie girl's
blooming luce
Dare Honda pressed forward, Alva-
reltn's lm nil In Ills
"You're Just In time, Mr I'vnns," It*
rulil suggestively
And Hml wns bow Alvnrettn's don*,
meat ended up la I weddlug at boint,
like tho soft Iron berauso It cun bo
more enslly worked by tbelr primitive
The Alhantbra.
The ancient home of Spain's Moorish
kiugs, tbe Albambra nt Clraundn, built
lu 1273. ls fulling to ruin. Eight of Its
mngiilliceut towers wero destroyed by
tbo French ninny generations ago,
list), contains a good deul of serious army, navy und medical department*
ndvlc* as to the luggage which should make extensive  use of them     Wax
bo carried. figures  form   part   of  tho  outfit  of
"Take." says tho book, "Iwo suits of many recruiting stations. The quarter-
clothes, one colfeo colored and ono Waster's department uses tliem to
blue; a chest tlaooel, u pair of leather ihow army costume*. Tlio hospital
breeches, a sleeping suit, three pslrsof service employs them to depict surgl-
slocklngs, two pairs of gloves, two cul operations. Museums use wnx tig-
wigs, ono hair bag (!). two caps, two nres, Shopkeepers use them for dls-
bats, two pairs of shoes, ouo pair of playing garments. Various waxworks
slippers, six 'undershirts,1 tour 'over- exhibitions sre sUII popular. And lu
■shirts," six neckties, six collars, elx ovory exposition nowadays hundreds
handkerchiefs, four pal™ of cuffs. Ihreo of wax figures ure used to portray llfo
cravats, two pairs of coltou bote and In distant Umes und climes,
two pairs of socks." Llko uny other commodity, was tig-
But Ibis Is not all, as !a shown by ures eau bs bad "roady nuido" or couth* following Horns: "Tako a lilble, a structed "lo order" The rendy mado
book of sermons, n 'Traveler's Guide,' kind are used principally In shop win-
two nlbiims. n diary, a qulro ot whit* dows. The wax bends, arms and hands
paper, quills nnd Ink, au almanac, n ot t!icso-tbe bodies nre mado of pnplor
mirror, a silver watch, a sliver snuff- inooho-aro cast In stork molds, lust
box. n eliver spoon, u pair of illvcr a* ready made coat* aro cut afler slock
shoo buckles, n silver llo pin, threo sli- patterns. Tbey sell by tbo do-on uud
ver studs, a gold seal ring, n knife and cost only 50 or $7 nplece.
fork wllb Bllvor bandies, a sowing Tb* made to order wax llguro Is east
case nn opera glass, a compass, a wax In n •penally mado mold, accurately
light and a tinder box, a toothbrush, a fashioned after tbe given model nn.|
sliver toothpick, a sword, a silver as csrefully finished es n piece of stnl
mounted enne. a padlock with which nary, whlcb Indeed lt Is.
to fasten your door at night Inside.
clothes brush, a box ot medicine.'
Pall Mall Cnzclle.
She-Why do you wish to know my methods,
ago!   He-1 merely wish to know nt     A razor commonly used by tho poorer
what nge wonmn ls really tho most class, having a cutting edge of less
thim two Inches, costs 20 t'nng-tzus,
about tl cents In American currency.
Upon tho strop tho blade tnkes n fair
tutting edgo. but ls too soft to hold it.
Any number of strappings nre ncres-
•ury before lho act of shaving cuu ho
completed. After Ihe blades ure forged
.Tudgo-You nre charged wllh break- they are simply cum hardened and not,
ing n chair over th>. man's head. "objected to the enrefu tempering on-
Prlsoner-1 didn't mean to break th* Ployed ln the production of western
cutlery.-Youth's Companion,
Parrots In India.
Parrots oro taught In India to spend
a large part of their timo repealing tlio
names of gods, and such a spokesman
brings a great price, especially among
business men, who linaglno Hint, by
owning such a parrot, their spiritual
treasures nro accumulating while lliey
attend to tholr usual occupations.
The Grs.k Symposium.
Tho (Ireek symposium was lllornlly
"drinking together." but before tbe
drinking fully began thero wus a banquet, moro or less elaborate, as tbe
wealth und t.'islo of tbe host might dictate. Tho guests camo lu their best.
Even old Socrates, Pinto tolls us In his
"Dialogue" on tho subject, wns not
above taking n llttlo citrn pains when
be wns Invited out. Somo oue met blm
one day In the market place, "frosh
man, trom tlio bnth nud anndnled," ond us
the sight of tlio sandals was unusual
Wool Watte.
All efforts lo tind n substitute for
wool waste lu lho capacity of packing
for tho Journal box of a rnlli d cur
have been unsuccessful.
nnlie-l'crkliis   Is   a   candid
Isn't he!
Sieve-Yes; he hasn't n friend In th* bo asked blm whither he was going
world.-Cluclnnntl Bl qulror. that he wus so line. "To a banquet nt
Agntbon's," be replied, "and I havo put
Snn-Sny. mninmn, father broke thla 0u my liuery because be ls o tine eren-
vase before he weut out. ture.  What say you to going wllh me
Mother   My beautiful mnlollca vnsol uulilddonV"
Wall till h« comes bnck. Hint's nil
Patagonia Panthers.
Tho pnutber on tbo plains of I'nlii-
goulti gets us near n herd of gutliuii-os
as It can, then lies down behind u Imsli
on its back. It puis ono paw up lu tb*
nir, then nnotber, then tbe third and
fourth and nfter n bit all four at once,
Thnt seems curious to tbo guunueos,
nnd tbey como cioso to Investigate, rip
Jumps tho panther aud lights on lhe
nearest one's buck nnd breaks Its neck.
Extreme Penalty In Italy.
Capital punishment was nboli-hcd In
Italy In 1888.
Son -Muy I stny up till ho doos?-
Fllegeude Blatter.
Oh. printer's Ink makes people think
And also mnk''. thnn Imy'
It helns your l»tz slid therefor. I.
A goodly thing lo Iry
-Kansas Clly Journal,
Fnllier-No, Indeedl My father never
beard me tell a Me!
A Joke en HI. Clerical Irether.
Two brothers named Chnlmcrs, one a
minister and the other n physician,
lived together In n western town. Ono
rt«- n mini culled »t lho houso und
nsked for Mr. Cbnlinera. The physician, who nnswored the door, replied;
"1 am lie."
"You ve changed considerably slnco t
Inst henrd you preach." snld tbo man,
Iron and Rust.
Experiments mado In llOI'Uiniiy r*-
spading tho protection of Iron from
lllll by pnlnt prov* tbnt ono coat ot
paint Is moro efficacious Hum two or
throe, as n slii.-lo coat Is moro elastic
uud less liable to sculo off or Ol'aclti
and thus affords moro protection fl-on.
iilino-pherlc liifltiotieos.
Marking • Book.
There's n dear old chap lu Hits town
-too gentle und loo modest to put his
nnmo or profession Into print—who administered n rebuke worth remembering to a young friend. Tho young man
showed tiltti n book In which certain
passuges were mnrkeil with pencil. Tin
older man asked If bo wight borrow
tlio book.
•-1-1 can't lend II," said lb* other. "1
borrowed It myself." ■
"Ah! And who marked these pis-
■I did."
"Oh, my boy! Yon shouldu't make
penciled coauuenls ln a borrowed
•T-I-l know lt-1"-
"Tbo owner might cruio them, yon
know. Always uso Ink and so pass
your wisdom nlongl"—Cleveland Plain
Properly Boiled Meat.
To boll raojit so os to retain tilt
Juices and soluble sails ond yet cook l<
BiilHclently It should bo plunged Inlo
boiling water nnd boiled rapidly for
about ten minutes. After tbls fast
cooking the kettle must bo pushed over
to tlio bnck of the Ure, where Its con-
touts will simmer gently. This tendi
to conguinte llie outer rind of (he
meat so tbat Ilio Juices cannot escape.
If moat Is treated In this manner tin
Insldo will bo found Juicy and tendor,
but If tbo meal ll allowed to boll II
will lie found hard and chippy, ibe
goodness having nil boiled out of it
Willie- Was   grandpa   ns   (leaf   as  ,,..,„ -pp-ny-d greatly nstotitslied.
grandma''-Clcvcliinil Plain Dealer
Artist—I'd  llko to devote my
picture In n elmrllublo purpose
Critic-Why nit give It to an Instliu-
Hun for Ilio blludf—Now Orleans
Tlio thousand limes Hint yen were light
Won't gain you nny sour,-,
tint they'll remembOl' day nml nlv.lit
The ouo llmo you wire wrong.
-Cincinnati Gnqulrir.
"I call a spado a spade."      .
"You will cnlurgo vmir vonibulnrT
"Oil. It's my brother you want to see:
he preaches nud I pructlro."-Kauiiis
City Slnr.	
Cnoeuraglng Him.
Mr. Fiilnliirl-MIss Urlgblly, l-nw-
thnt ll-Mllbol, I or—desire lo-nw-
really- Miss Brlghtly-Keep right on,
Mr. Fnlnliirt; I'll consider jour proposal nnd lmvo m.v answer ready by
the llmo yon liavo got It out of your
•yitoiu.-Phtliidclplilii I'rc.'s.
A School Fer Bachelors.
In London Ihero la n school In which
bachelors nr* taught to mako bods,
cook, sew and look after tholr home
needs generally.
Pair, Fat And-
"lion'l call mo 'ducky.' John,
afler using om. fnr an hour In a rocky  too sngiesllve."
"Whnl's new In lho news!" "Terrl-
bio scandal at Oldpnrt. It has leaked
nut Hint Mrs. Wallaby Wombat. Ill*
society lender, exacts n pereonlnge of
her son-nuts' llps."-Luulsvlllo Courier-
Aril, chokes on srtlnbokes
And writhes about In pain,
But anntis dotes on antidotes,
Aad wen bo', well nanin.
-New Vora Uall
"Why. precious!"
"Heenuse ducks niwn.vii wnddle, yon
»no»,"-Loiidon Tit lllls.
No Room Fer Deubl.
Ilnllrnnd Altnriiey-Yuu nre sur* II
was nur fllor Ihnt killed your mule!
What makes yon «o positive? Itnstui
-He dun licked ehry other triln on ds
'   Theemen of nature Is •Iwan • Jew-
It.-Oliver Wendell Holmes
Tlis Golden Crested Wren,
I I'lie golden crested wren Is Ilio smallest not only of llrlllsh but or all Ell-
ropenn birds, lis average weight Is
only uliout elghl grains troy. Th*
length of Hie feathers Is about Hire*
nml a half Inches nml Ilio Stretch ot
llie wings about live Inches, lllll when
Hie feathers uro taken off lhe length of
I llie boily does not eteeed ono Inch.
, The Scllly lllll,
Only 111* ot tllO Sdlly Isles lire Inhabited.
I Margaret Brent.
Tlio first woman to claim thn right
! lo volo lu a legislative body In America wns Margaret Brent, In 1047. ll
Maryland, Sho was a relative of
Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore, nnd th*
. reproseu'ntlv* of Leonard Cnlvorl. Hi*
govoruor, who told her lo "lake nil and
pay all."   She claimed the right nnd
I wus grnnted ihe tight of acUag U th*
I l*rd proprietor* atterney.
A Friend In Need.
"find a queer experience rocently,"
mid the Hlllvlllo poet.   '•Ilolihcr held
mo up on Ilio highway.   Didn't have a
r cut lu my pocket*, only n poem which
I wns tukln' lo tlio edllor."
"Didn't lako Hie poem, did he!"
"No,   lleml tbroo lines of It, banded
II buck to mo und laid: Trlond, lure'i
12. Ynu nerd It worse llinti I dn "-
Atlanta Constitution.
Hard te Swallow-
"If yon moke any noise." Ihrcniciieil
Ihe holdup mnn, "I'll Huff I Ills handkerchief In your mouth."
Thu victim regarded H with a |llllt<
ly stiille.
"lib, Hull's inch an old gag!" he pro-
tested-Chicago Trlhuuo.
Why Not?
Lord   Few-sends-Tins,  I confeii I
came to your iiinwstcii country, don
Tbo very
lowest cost for such n wnx figure Is
12.1. and from that sum tbo price runs
as high as 5'J.*- It all depends upon
tb* amount of time and labor expended by tho artist.
Th* sculptor In wax begins n now
fignr* by making a sltc'rh of Ids subject. When Iio cannot get ll slltlm:
from his subject be mokes use or n
photograph or n written description.
Skillful photographers con give descriptions of peoplo Ihey havo photographed tbat ore Hinnzlag for accuracy
ot detail. From this sketch a clay
model Is made. When this bus hardened It Is covered with plaster to form
r mold. Imbedded In the plaster nro
strings, which, being pulled out Just
beforo tbo pie.ster Is fully dry, cut tho
burdening mold In half, 10 tbnt when
Orni It can bo lifted off In sections.
Into this moid ls poured in due Ume
(he wai, whlcb It takes half u dny to
prepare. This wss must lie melted
■nd worked over and colored to match
the complexion of the subject Filially
It Is poured 'nto tk* mold and allowed
to burden
Th* cast I* »nt "trimmed up," nil
roughness and Irregularities bolng
•moothed off Then the eyes nre In-
aertod. These are glass eyes that
match exactly tb* shod* of the subject's eyes.
Lastly the balr la put on. Strangely
enough, this Is a most difficult opera
tlon, for tb* balr of a wai Image in
not, as one might think, merely a wig
laid on. To be sure. It Is u wig, and It
matches exactly the subject'* hair, but
ll must h* mad* to "grow." That Is. it
must seem to aprlng from the scalp and
grow st various angles Just ss real hulr
dors. So It must be put lu and not on
the scalp Th* hair ts Inserted with
needles, numbers of whlcb are Imbedded In a wooden handle ao tblt the bait
ends can be forced Into lh* wax ser-
eiot at a tlm*.
'I'h* most dim ult task ot all ts to
nuke whiskers look natural. To innke
the beard grow naturally with thc correct "grain" (very on* of th* thousands
ot hilrs. escb one-quarter of an Inch
long, has lo be Inserted seporalely-*
labor that occupies many hours.
Mine. Tussniid was the originator of
Hie waxworks •ihlMtion. She •*!•
born In Sivlleerlnnd In 1700 snd when
■ll years old wss sent to Paris to I*
placed nnder Hi* car* nt her uncle, M.
I'lirlus. srilsl to Louis XVI. Under
him sh* studied drawing and modeling.
In 1777 aim opened tbe flrsi winwork*
ln the Palais 'loyal. Figures ef rnynlty
tump tec the principal eiliil.lt. of th*
I wm work, of Europe. In this country
itbe  waiwurks ar* mure diversifies.
Iny on* wbo catchoe tie public eye, bl
'■■»* •■' " """'" — 'XtWt^Cr.^.'SW
In on* elanrMT l-rlnll** iietlee lie
ir* mnn til* It* plica s* Uii IMy
l» • consinnl cUMIng af iillMt*.  I)
girl, Imt 1 haven't found one yet
H.irloin - Why   don't  yon   advertise,
"Wanleil-u   cash   girl!" - Woiuan'l
Homo Companion.
Afler all Ilio efforts of th* wlinllitl
It allll rcinnlni generally coticeded that
Ilio only wny t-> keep n middle aged
man's hnlr from falling out Is to cover
Ms head will tencretr-Uil-iuon
U mt*r*stln| to im UM ll tl* l«*o>
lag rtm.riran witwort* ■•*» flat
l.itt'i different Ifirw wer* •ihlblt*..
la twentflr* yeii-*.-Hirp*T'i.
In tb* trm Hfl of U* Indlvldnal *a*S
da, ia tu Mfliint HI ■•• rei***> THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBKOOK,   B. C.
©he yrotyiector. ©raubvooh, §. CC
Pubti.be.1  ttvery Saturday   Morning at Cranhrooa", b.C
P*. M. Christlau, Manager
Po.ie.ge to American   European uui  other foreign countries    jo cents   a
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rates furnished on upplicaiioii.     N0
advertisements but  those oi a reputable character will be accepted     lor
ADVERTISERS AND SL'BSCRIBERS-Uulcss notice   to tbe contrary
I. given to  local  manager  advertisements anil subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their sccount.
Owing to schedule chnnges in the legal  rate   nt   Victoria   and  conse-
uuent changes in the various papers throughout   the  Province  the  "Prosl
pector" announces thnt beginning wltb January 1st. the following rhnrges
will bo made for advertising all legal notices:
(application lm Uquor license, $6.00; liquor license transler |8.60;
lund purchase $7.00; land lease -7.00; certificate of Improvement
10 cents per line tirst iusertion and 5 rents each subsequent insertion; delinquent co-ownership notice 10 cents and S cents; rlnpli
cate'certlnonte I" cents and 5 cents; water notice 10 cents and 5
rents;   coal and petroleum notlsc 16.00
..^"s OU
Utb   VKAIi
There is no longer room lor speculation as to the future ol Cranhrook
City. Surrounded by a rich mineral
district, Inhabited by a thrifty and
enterprising class ol business men,
the railway centre of a vast inland
empire, being the terminal of all road
and trails that lead Irom every mining und lumbering camp in Southeast Kootenay; Cranbrook is not only tho largest city in the district,
but It Ib the most important by long
odds from u commercial standpoint.
It is tbe distributing centre for this
vast territory of mineral lields which
surround it It is also the centre ol
a large lumbering country. Pros
pectors, miners, lumbermen, from Pilot Buy to Elk River. Irom the International Houndary to the W.luiermere
distr ct arc dependent upon its merchants for supplies, consequently they
must make their headquarters within ;
thc gates of the City of Cranhrook, !
There is no argument then, patent to j
common  judgement,   why   Cranbrook
ut the present time and in the future
will not be ii leading city ol this
large growing district. No railway
to be constructed in the future eau
escape us—ana its promoters will not
try—us public enterprises stand
rea.ly today to build to and from
this city. There is no doubt but
that Cranbrook ts now. and ever will
be the railway, lumbering, .is well as
the commercial centre of this district
These (nets are patent to all Tbe
march of progress Is on and cannot
be stopped. The new era ie about
to ■lawn tbat will make Southern
Kootenay the banner district of British Columbia with Cranbrook as ltd
The question of Judicious advertia
lug a city or town is apparent. Spokane spent and is spending thousands
ol dollars In advertising its resources
Nelson and Rossland has dune tbe
same. Cranbrook is the ceutral point
in Easa Kootenay Let us all boost
Royal Commission  on
Thn report of the Royal Municipal
Commission, comprised of Messrs. W.
H. Keary, of Now Westminster
(chairman), H, A. Maclean, K.O., ol
Victoria, and A. ED. Bull, of Vancou-
veo, was yesterday returned to bis
honor the Lieutenant-Governor, after
cabinet consideration, and foreshadows legislation recasting tho Municipal Act at the approaching suasion
.if tbe bouse, and alao measures to
create a Provincial fioard of Censorship over moving picture films und
theatrical posters, aa well at* to
create a new Ministerial Department
of the (government surli hh the Prime
Minister Intimated at Now Year's
might shortly be brought into being,
for the supervision of municipalities
generally tn the direction of uniform
ity in administration aad Increased
The commission's report iH an admirably condensed resume of conclusions nnd recommendations, the outstanding features of which may he
briefly referred to as follows: Bpoak
in« generally, the existent form of
municipal government in force in
Uritlsli Columbia is found to have
worked well and given satisfaction,
a   system  of   municipal  law having
been developed through annual ri>-
sbaplng of the municipality Act to
meet the necessities of changing
Provincial conditions, which, while
perhaps lacking in symmetry, possess
ch the v-rtue nf adaptation to the actual requirements of the country and
its people. Kor thin reason radical
change, which might easily he fouud
nan-beneficial in practice, in not re-
It ih held that it. would he -. mistake tu adopt in British Columbia
the Commission form of government,
but (if it should he deemed advisable in any municipality to relieve
the council wholly or in part of its
executive functions! the formation of
boardb of control te advised, following precedents in other provinces of
the Dominion. The recommendation
In this connection is bused largely
upon the hiicccbh in practice of the
Winnipeg system, and the commission advises legislation permitting cities of 15,01)0 population or
over, by by-law to prescribe that
their respective councils may consist
of a mayor or reeve, the usual number of aldermen und controllers fur
two year terms, half of the body re-
"t .rlx XL A.-   7smw~   . -_ -1
'■y It.» N-w Mtthoj T^alm-nt
ally Hwpt to * pr<-fi.:i!*jr<" fp-n-rs
■a-*.   If you liu-..- iu.    of tli.* 1.1-
Thoufsndi • f young nnd "li-i Lie-aged men are uie
llv    ..-ii Early .i.Uiscr<-l.o.it, Blfl ■•*- * lUld Dlpcd Uii
lowing nympto'ii i. -.1.1,1*1, m before it ■> iio I.,*]. Al.
denl ..n'l ,'i."- , *. '■-■-■ » More I '•*■■•. * 1 * dnrk ein let under Un-rn west. 1 ..
kidneysIrrtuul -, i.w.-i..ti.*..t <*f tho heart, bu-iful,dreams nu<l i<> •-.<*«. aedimenl In u loo.
pimple*on ihe I hid. <"■•■< Himtten, hollo ■■■ ehi let*, can roro eiprwslon, poor mo
In- ..'hu,iiis'in-.i. ,i. lai 1. on 1 ■■■ ■ In n"tli,i ti irnli r - nil l rli■■ ■■" - :■•
in. i".., weuii »l,.,i„ ■■;. prcnia; ..0 dotuy, bono paiaii 11.111* 1 - nt, twe throat, etc
Our N«iw Method ln.almat.1 0 m CUreymi nn*1 mnkeii mnn of you Vndnt Un Inftu*
em*- Lhe timin buu.iiiiMar.1 0, the 1.1 * 1 nurtll  - it nil] Impla* lilou-henon I 1 luers
fl,,'.t,r*".ir iii*- nerves become turong a it» I, so Lbni nervon tun .*», baihfultieaa in.'. def>
ponuttnc) v nii**ii, the eye becomes brig 11 the toco full snd eleni. imersj return.. 1. On1
Ixniv iiii'l "'" moral, physlcnl nnd lexi-al hvm-mii*. ni«> iml •nt-nted: nil dratni • < <»- no
more vital wiuto tr»ia iu -■ torn, 1 . tl tijaacke t\ud fakln rob you of your bora
eiirm.il tloltari,   Wn Mill ear* rou ur 1 ■> pty.
REAnrKi No metier who tins treated yau, write for en li Rett opinion Pt— t>t CWte,
lloorTif.-o  "The Golden Monitor" 1      1. rated   on Stent DhettM ef Mea
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.,   Detroit, Mich.
All 1 ii- it from Cnniulu roust bstddn hw«i
to our Caii.nli.m Correipondence Doimrt**
iitetittn Windsor, Out. Jl you desire to
•eo ni nefionally cnll nt our MstHcttl I intitule, in JMn.it nn wo iee ond trenl
do pnimnti i.i out Wind 'i oCiccii whlcl. aro for Corroipotidence nnd
\ta\<ur.ilocy Inr Cnnntll.m hiinlm n only,   AddreM nil lettore u-i followel
DR3. KENNEDY & KLNNEDY, Windior, Ont.
Wriiof.rr ourpHvitatuldren.
tiring annually, Suoh elected cun-
trollera nre to give tbeir time eiclu-
sively to the service of the corporation electing them, and to he ade-
quately remunerated; the boards of
control, constituted ot thc mayors or
reeves and the controllers, are to be
vested with full appointment and dls
miseal power over municipal employees, including department heads, and
full authority over ull executive
work, subject to the council right,
by u two-thirds majority to reject,
vary or refer back its uUBinesa decisions.
The suggestion originating with
the Union ol British Columbia Municipalities for 11 division of city municipalities into classes determined by
population, is rejected as both un-
necessary, chimerical and impractical
while wjth respect to major cities
(Vancouver being cited as the lending example) it is hold to ne best
speci.il charter.*, be granted nnd no
endeavor made to bring such cities
under the provisions of any general
In the matter ol local improvements, the commission recommends
tbat newspaper advertisements ot
BUCb undertakings be uu longer re
quired, mailed notices to interested
property owners being proposed in
stead, lu order t*> provide an elective cbecl. upon public service corporations und prevent tbe abuse of
public rights i)>* such, under powers
seeured through undue latitude in
tbeir respective special charters, the
appointment Is advised ol a coimnis-
sian with ample powers to enforce
reasona de action iu all such cases,
notwithstanding the powers granted
tbe corporations interested under
their private acts, such a tribunal
being either permanent or from t.roe
to time appointed by tbe t.overn-
ruent to deal with specific cases as
tbey arise. Tower would ulso be
possessed by such a commission to
give adequate servicem reumu m mm
compel public service corporations to
give adequate service to tbe public
and at reasonable cost .
Legislation is further recommended
under which municipalities may tnke
power to establish and operate such
public utilities as telephone systems,
motor bus lines, etc., within their
respective boundaries. With the object of safeguarding municipal financing, the creation is proposed ot a
Municipal Department under which
would be one or more inspectors
whose duty it would ne to see that
nil municipality books are properly
kept, including school accounts, that
these are duly audited at lenst once
annually, and that uniform system
js established in municipal accounting.
Government action is adviBed
which would result in tbe sister
Provinces of Ontario amending their
laws so ns to permit of British Columbln municipal debentures neing
available In future as securities In
the other provinces in connection
witli tlic investment of trust funds.
The power possessed by municipalities in this province to Inveet their
sinking funds In realty mortgages
(but little exercised) It Is held
should, in the interest of safety, be
abrogated; while upon the weight of
evidence presented during its investil
gatlons, the commission advises that
the present exemptions ol churches
and church sites front taxation be
It is held preferable tbnt aldermen
or coimcilliTs be elected for two-
year terms, one half the board retiring annually, and tbat no change be
made from the present system of
creating police and lieenwe boards.
As to the municipal franchise, It Is
recommended that where the landowner execi'tes an agreement of B'tle,
the owner shall retain tbe franchise
attaching only so long as he pays
the taxes, the vender if he be tbo
taxpsysi thereby securing tbo ballot. Tbe taxation for school purposes It Is rocommcnd'.M shall be tiled (for ordinary purposes) at seven
mills    in   the    dollar,    while   scbool
The Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
of Court of Ki*vision
(ilVf-.N that tho Court of lb: v in ion
will sit <>n Wednesday, March Gtb,
1913, at the. hour ot 10:30 a.m.
floral  timo) at the Municipal  lluild
Ings, Oranbrook, 11, r., for tbo pur
pOM    Ol    co. tin-ting nnd rcvlHing tbe
niioiiment mil of the uity of Oranbrook,
Any  person  complaining of an or-
1 .1 01 0D)llil0n In the said Ibdl
shull Klve notice of IiIh complaint In
wrlt.lnjr to the usbi-mihi . a ml the
grotindR of hh roitiplalut, at least
ten (10) days before thn sitting of
the said Court.
Crnnbrook,II.C,  January 20tll(1918,
T M. ROD Birrs,
4-21 Asttwit.uf
trustees will be required to possess
the same property qualifications as
A recommendation is made that
tax sale titles shall hereafter constitute absolute title to the buyer, and
amendment of the act is recommended by which mayors of smaller cities
may he> voted fair indemnity, as are
those of the larger centres of population,
Where small uum dualities nre
obliged to incur expense in the pursuit and bringing to trial of nonresident criminal [or <>ileuses within
tbelr borders, it is nihised that the
Government assume a -.bare of such
The commission included within
the scope of Us ttniulty tbe constitutions and powers uf municipal
councils, the .itinlkncatious of voters,
the administration of justice wlthlu
municipalities, and geuerally, nil
matters of municipal cbaractei Hit
tings, for the hearing of evidence offered by persona experienced In and
and having to do with municipal
government within tbo Vrovlnce, were
held at Victoria. Nultimo Vancouver
New Westminster, Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Bummerland, Pontio-
ton, Qrand Forks, Nelson. Rossland,
Cranbrook, Kernie, ltevelsioke and
Duncan For the purpose ol comparison and guidance, the commissioners also investigated the systems
of municipal government obtaining
in many placet, outside of the province, including Calgary, Edmonton,
Winnipeg, Toronto Ottawa, MouW-
renl and St. John, N.B.. in Canada;
and Spokane, Des Moines Omaha,
Boston, Washington, Memphis, New
Orleans, C.alveston, Houston, Los
Angeles, Oakland, Taconrn aud several smaller cities in the United States
where the commission form of government is in force. At the meet,
iugs n this province, the commission
ers obtniued the views of many of
the mayors, reeves, aldermen and
councillors of tbe fifty-five incorporated municipalities of British Columbia, as weil as the views of many
citizens who take a deep Interest in
tbe problems of municipal government. Ample opportunity to be
heard was given to all wishing to ap
pear before the commission, and a
great mas-, of evidence and data, cov
»ring 1200 typewritten pages, bearing chiefly upon the operation ot the
Municipal Act, was gathered from
witnesses in various Provincial centres visited, where one hundred and
fifty-eight were examined on oath or
solemn affirmation. The unsworn
testimony of witnesses at thirty-two
places outside British Columbia was
also taken nnd compiled in one of
the volumes of evidence appended to
tbe report.
"We are happy to say," remark*
tbe coimnissionees in their report
which is one of the ablest documents
of tbe kind pretented in the history
of such public inquiries in Western
Cnnada, "that tbe broadest and
most abiding impression made upon
us by the information gathered from
nil quarters is that the system of
municipal government in force in
British Columbia up to tbe present
time lias worked well. For many
years past the legislature has devoted a large pnrt of Us time to amending and reshaping the municipal law
so as to make it suitable to the
changed conditions of the Province,
A system of law which bas been developed in this way is almost sure
to be lacking In symmetry, but to
possess the great merit of be ng
adapted to the actual wants of tbe
people. Our municipal law, in substance, ls the same *« that of Ontario, Manitoba and otber Provinces
of tbe Dominion, but modified to
meet our peculiar wants. While our
discussions and investigations bave
disclosed tbe fact tbnt improvements
might well be made in severul respects, yet we think it would be a
mistake radically to change tbe pros
cut system and to substittie for it
another wblcb might be found not
nearly so useful q code as the one
which has grown up as a result of
actual experience. Nearly all those
who gave evidence were sitlstled
with the present system; but in tbe
cities on tbe Const „ numbor considered that councils bad not sufficient
time to copo wltb thc details of admin strntlon, which bud better be
left to a small body 0, men devoting tbelr entire time to the work.
Wo have great pleasure In reporting
that there appears to be no lack of
upright and intelligent men In Uritlsli Columbia prepared to take upon
tlimiwelvns tlio burden of munlclpnl
government, and thnt, ho tar as our
InvostlgnUinn has gone, their efforts
Imve resulted, In both city and district municipalities, ln good and bon
est administration. Of municipal
corruption we found  no trace whit.4.
(Continued   Nut   Week)
MEN-Don't Buy Anything until
you have examined our stock and
compared prices.
Our stock is much too  large  and
will have to be reduced to make
room for the Spring Stock.
Money may not talk  but it will
have a great effect on our clerks.
That the prominent but-lncss men
ol the western states are thoroughly
alive to the vast importance of the
forest conservation movement was
shown by un address by F. C. Knapp
ol the Portland Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Knapp at the convention
of the Eastern Forestry and Conservation  Association in  Seattle said:
"We have a gigantic task belore
ub in thu eradication of tbe false
theories and unworthy Ideals that go
to mnke up the average American's
convictions on tho subject of conssr-
"I have always thought that Diogenes was on the wrong trail; it is
not so much tbe "honest man" that
is the rarest among mortals, but the
man with an open mind.
"We have to light not only human
inertia—which, paradoxically enough,
Is the strongest lorce in nature-
hut we have to comnat prejudice
and uproot tradition.
"We are a whole nation ol prodigal sons. Wo are not only wasteful, but we glory In our wastelulneBB
" Turin |a not In our category ol
"Indeed, we are prono to look upon shrltt not us a virtue, but as a
makeshift of little people.
"Eve was not obliged to pare her
potatoes thin and we of tbe boun
terms West have heen accustomed to
consider ourselves as dwellers tn
Garden of Bden from whence we
could look with no little scorn upon
the frugal ways ol the New Kngland
housewife. Hut there came a time
'when Adam delved and Kve a.ran,"
and now our day ol reckoniug Is at
"II we would slay in our Garden
of l.den we must not only pare the
potatoes thin, but we must plant
the purlngn. We must not only cut
tbe ripe timber with due regard lor
that which must make further
growth, but we must use the slashings snd reforest the hillsides. We
waste 1.10,00(1,01)-) and Hncrillce 50
lives a year ln forest Urea and hnve
been doing it lor ,, generation.
Thus it Is up to you and ine,
members ol this association, to correct the false popular impression
and to make known everywhere the
lact that conservation is not. only a
policy to which the government Is
committed, hut, in its broadest sense
It means a new national Idealism
toward which officials, lumbermen
nnd laity, alike, are striving.
And sn our tusk becomes the
delicate und dlfllcult ono ot popular
Is-lng nn ideal. I'arh of us—aseocl-
ntt-n. crrnfoiiorntn. fellow-workers,
slnc-eren.uu, 'combined (or a common
purpose'-must go back to our several communities nud lake home to
them through all our othor varied
associations the lesson that we bnve
conned here together. It is the Ice
that   le   taught   to every Boy
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luiiiheruiun, logger, sportsman, trav-lservetloB." THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
^ .11 .l-rt - f.. J,J—!. rt.llr.   ■l.lllll. t    I ni    *   J   J    I   _M.
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4th Thursday of each month.
Louis l'eursou, Sec, P.O. Boi olll.
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Meets   ln   the   Careien'B   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays In every month, at
8 p.m.   Membership open to British
N. A. Walllnger, Pres
W. C. Crehbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Boi 425.
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings  on   the
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, Wnrsbiplul Master
J. S. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning    Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
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at Fraternity Hall.
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to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
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Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
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Meets in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
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East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, lite
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
District    of    South-East   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that John Henry
Llsmer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commenring at a post planted at
the South-west corner ot Lot 9687,
Oroup 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains to the point ot
commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated liecomner 2Ht.li. 1912. 4-9t
Dlatrlct of Fernle
to the point ol commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Located   thin Sth day of January,
4-5t Locator
DiBtrlct ol Fernie
TAKE NOTICE thut I, Julian B.
Teetzel, of Nelson, B. C, Married
Woman intend to apply to the
Chlel Commissioner of Lands, tor
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the lollowlng described lands situate ln Block 4593,
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East corner of Lot 7287,
thence 80 chnins south, 80 chaina
east, 80 chnins north, and R0 chnins
west to the point ot commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or
Located this 7th day ol January,
James Fisher
4-6t Agent
District of Fernle
TAKE NOTICE that I, George Ben-
well, Hotol Proprietor, of Nelson,
B. C, intend to apply to tho
Chlel Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to prospect lor Coal and
Petroleum over the lollowlng described lands situate in Block 4593,
South EaBt Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East corner of Lot 7287,
tlience 80 chains north, 80 chains
east, 80 chains south, and 80 chains
west to the point oi commencement,
and containing; 640 acres more or
Located this 7th day ol January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District of Fernie
TAKE NOTICE that I, Harry F.
Muerllng, of Nelson, B.C., Engineer,
Intend to       apply      to      the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lands situate tn Block 4593,
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains1 South of the Southeast corner of Lot 8585 thence 80
chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains north, and 80 chains west to
point of commencement, and containing C40 acres more'or less.
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District of Fernlo
TAKE NOTICE that I, L. K. Larson, of Nelson, R. C, Merchant,
Intend to       apply      to      the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands, lor
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lands situate In Block 4593,
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains South of the Southeast corner of Lot 8585 thence 80
chains north, 80 chains east, 80
chains aouth, and B0 chains west to
point of commencement, and containing »40 acre* more or less.
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
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Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co.,
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TAKK NOTICE that I, Sidney 8,
McCllntock, of 8pokane, We**.,
Merchant, Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a llcenco to prospect (or Coal and
Petroleum over tho following described lunds situate In Block 4593,
South Enst Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on
the Western boundary of Lot 8589,
about 40 chains south of tbe Southwest corner of Lot 8590, thence 80
chains aouth, 80 chains west 80
chains north, 80 chains east to the
point of commencement, and containing 010 ncres moro or less.
Located this 8th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
Dlslrlcl ol Fernle
TAKK NOTICB that I' Jamos Fisher, Agent, ol Rowland, B. C,
Intend to        apply      to      the
chief Coniimlesloner of Lands, for
it licence to prospect for Coal nnd
Petroleum over tho following described lands sltunte In Block 4593,
South East Kootenny:
Commencing at a post planted on
the Western boundary of Lot 1589,
about 40 chaina south of the Southwest corner of Lot 8690, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west,
10 ehalni!   south, and to chains seat
District ol East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that I, John
Laurie, of Cranbrook, B.C., Intend
to apply for the purchase ol the following described lands. Commencing at a post planted at the Southeast corner of Lot 6«!0 thauce north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 174.811 chains, thence east
11.15 chains, thence south 5.18 chaina
thence east 6S.7S chains to point ot
Dated October tt, IMS. 1! ih
District of Enst Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, William
Mulholland, ol Calgary, Alberta, ln-
tond to apply lor the purchase of
the following described lands commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of lot 6623, thence
east 125.57 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 58 cbalns, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 16.82
chains, thence south 145 cfanln.i,
thence west 60.75 chains thence
Bouth 15 chains to the point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Octoher 28, 1912. 45-9t
SEALED TENDERS will lie recolved
liy the Minister r.f Landa not later
than noon on tbt- ini day of March
11*13, for the purchase of Licence No.
X10 to cut I2,13fl,«0lt leet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, 16,000 r.'dnr poles
on Lot No. 274. Group I, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of f'hief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-iat
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Reginald J.
Lydratt, of Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply for the purchase of the
following described lands. Comraenc
ing at a post planted at the northwest corner of lot 6622 thence running east 80 chains, thence south
78.80 chains, tbence west 50.75
chaina, thence north 26 chains,
thence west 31.25 chains, thence
north 54.80 to the point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Octoher 28, 1912. 45-9t
District ol Eaet Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Powers,
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
lor the purchase of the following
described lands. Commencing at a
post planted at the southwest corner of lot 6C21, thence east 80 chains
thence north 80 cbalns, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chnins to
the point ol commencement.
R. POWERS, Locator
J. Laurie, Aeent
Dated October 28, 1912. 46-9t
District of East Kootenny
TAKE NOTICE that I, H. O. Bio*
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
for the purchase ol the following
described lands commencing at a post
planted at the southeast corner of
Lot 6624, thence running north 40
chains, thencs west 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence east
160 chains to the point of commencement.
H. G.  BLOW, locator
J. Laurie. Agent
Dated October 28.  1912. 46-trt
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913. for tiie purchase: o Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,520,000 lent 11.M.,
45,000 railway-ties, 4,60" cedar pole-i
on Lots 3877, 8S78, Group 1, Koo
tenay District, near Creaton.
Particulars   of Chief h'orester. Victoria, B.C. '9-13t
TIMBER   SALE   No.   X12
SEALED TENDEhS will bo received
by the Minister ol Lands not later
titan noon on the Sril daj ol Mtirrb
1-113, lor the purchase ol Licence No.
X12 to cut 6,440,001! feet B.M.,
10,600 railway-ties, R.r.oti cedar pole.-i
on Lot 401, Group l. Kootenay
DiBtrlct, near Creaton.
Particulars   ot Chlel Forester, Victoria, B.C. -'j-r.it
TIMBER  SALE   No    Xl:(
SEALED TENDERS will lie received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3ni day ol March
1913, lor thc purchase of Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,160,000 loot B.M., and
650 cedar poles on Lot 281, Group I,
Kootenay District,  near Crcston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria. B.C. 49-13t
District ol Bast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB thot I, Oeorge Herbert Ashworth, of Cranbrook, B. C,
occupation Accountant, intend to apply lor permission to purchase the
following described lands;—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North-west corner of Lot 8917,
tbence South 40 chains, thenco West
40 chnins, thence North 40 chains,
thence East 40 chains to point ol
commencement and containing 160 n-
cres, more or less.
Dated December 4th, 1912 49-9t
NOTICE is hereby given that 60
days nfter date I Intend to apply to
the Minister ol Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal nnd petroleum over
the following lands situate ln the
District of Southeast Kootenny, Brit
Ish Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West boundary line of Lot 8488
at or near two miles north of the
International Boundary, and being
the Northeast corner post of Chsrlce
E. Webb's clnim thence South eighty
chains; thence West eighty
chains; thenco North eighty chains
thence East eighty chains to the
point ol commencement, making 640
acres more or less.
Located this 15th day of October,
Eathen W. Butte
SO-St Agent
Dletrlct ol But Kootenay
TAKB NOTIOB that I, 1. B. Boyd,
ol Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply
tor the purchase of the following
described lands commenring at a
post planted at the east cornor of
lot 6(26, tbence running west 68.75
ehalna, thence south 54.80 chains,
theuce eaat 68.75 chains, tbenre north
54.80 chains, to the point ol commencement.
I. R. BOYD,  Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Octoher 21. 1912. 45-91
NOTICE ls hereby given tltnt 60
days alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands (or a licence to
prospect lor coal and petroleum ovor
tho following lands situnte In the
District ol Southeast Kootenay, Brtt
ish Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West line of Lot 7841 at or near
one mile North ol the International
Boundary, and being the Northeaiit
corner poBt of Charles K. Webb's
thence South eighty Plains;
Wcat eighty chains; thence
eighty chains; thence Kast
chains to the point nl rom-
niiiklng   640 acres   mote
or less.
Dlstrlot ol Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, Rsv.
Sehrof, ol Oalgary, Alberta, Intend
to apply tor the purchnso ot the lollowlng described lands. Commencing at • post planted at the northwest corner ol lot J39, thence west
80 chains, thencs south 68 chains,
thencs east 80 chains, thence north
66 ohalns to the point ol commencement.
RBV. HCHROG, locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Oetohet M, WU. 4Mt
ttlil 16th .lav ol October,
Kathen W   Butts
Titsni Msnss
CorvmoMTS 4k
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-1.rlr-l.tr ",, r-rirrlu ..nr r.|.|ii|..n |W wlii'll ft n
lu Vinton I" l''''>>l,,'lHHti>iir.hl.vJ t.i'.	
Ilnria>lMill-mi' <al. HANDBWm i'""'1
n.nl fir.rr. |t|,l...l rirjni'17 for nri,i iriirriils.
I'll.til. tnk.'ii tlriiii.'lr M11I1I1 jtrV>r. t"i-nl*.
ar...'i.rl untie., -lllnmr. I'll...", In Hi.
Scientific JUnciican.
A  finiv.iKMi.f1r MilMi*.--). WW
, ■,i,.|i..„ p| ..."  I It-MUM  l<>uiii.»
l  -iiiii, Jlrt iv >•'•(. I'"'i»i' I'i'i
(til   III-.VO-l. .Ill-It.
District ol Enst Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that Helen Mary
EasBie. of Fort Steele, occupation
married woman, intends to apply fnr
permission to purchase thp following
described Innds:™
Commencing at a post p.anted at
tbo interaectlon ol the West boundary ol the Kootenay Central right-
of-way witb the East bank nl the
Kootenay River 160 fert south oi
the South West corner ol L294
thenco Southerly '..-* chains following
the said boundary ot thc right-ot-
way to 'tn re-lnteraectlon with the
Kootenay Rlvor. thence, northerly
following the Boat bank ol Kootenay
River upstcam to place of commence
mont. containing 40 acres, more or
Wm. H. Hassle. Agent.
Dated  Nov   Hntb   I'M. R--'.!t
For a licence to take ,tnd use water.
NOTICB Is hereby given that
Mary A. Soper of Ktmhcr'ov, ll. ('.,
will apply for n llwiice to take antl
use six (6) Inches ol wator out. ol
Klmberley creek, which Hows In a
South Easterly direction through
Klmberley townsito and omptiea into
Sullivan Creek nenr and East ol
Block 1.
The water will be diverted at or
near Lot 6, Block ll, ami vill be
used tor Domestic purposes on tbe
land described as Lots I nntl 2, Hlock
5, nnd Lot 6. Hlock 12. Klmherley
This notice was posted on tiie
ground on the 4th day ol November
1912. The application will be filed
ln the olllce ol the Witter Recorder,nt
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may be died with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, I'ltrlln
ment Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
45-91 H. W.  Drew, Agent
Coal rainili7; rights of the Dominion
In M.tiiitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
■ires* Territories and in a portion of
tbe Province ol liritisl. Columbia,
may be leased i„r a term ot twenty-
one years nt an annual rental of 81
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acre*
will be leaned to one applicant.
Application lor a lease must be
marie by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Bub-Agent ol the district in which the rlghta applied tor
are situated.
In surveyoil territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions nl sections, and in uusur-
veyed territory the tract applied lor
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Eacb application must be accompanied by a fee of 15 which will be
refunded It the rlghtB applied lor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tbt
rate ot live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
.iirnlsli tbe Agent with aworu returns
accounting lor tbe (all nuantlty ol
merchantable coul mined uud pay tbo
royalty thereon. 11 tbe coal mining
rlghta are not beiui' operated, Buch
returns Should be furnluhed at least
■..lice a year.
The lease will include tbe coal mining rights only, but tbe lessee may
tio permitted to purchase whatever
available eurlaie rights may be con
siilered necessary (or tbe working ol
the mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an acre
For full Information application
should be made to tbe Secretary ol
the Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to auy Agtut or Sub-Agent, ol
Dominion  Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy  Minister  ot the  Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4tb-tl
(Section 18)
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
the llth day of February, 1913, ap-
pllcation will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
licence to sell li.juor at wholesale on
the prcmiHefl situate on Lot 6, Block
98, linker street in the (.'ity of Cranbrook, B.O.
Hated thla llth day ol January,
LH3. 2-5t
(Section 18)
NOTICK is hereby given lhat on
the llth day ol February, 1913, application will be made to the Licence
CommisHioiii'rB ol the City ol Cranbrook for a lir-once for the Balo ol liquor by whrrltaile on tbe premises
situnte on Lot 6. niock 93, Baker
street In tbe City of Crnnbrook, B.C.
Dated this llth day ol January,
1913. 2-5t
NOTICE is hereby given, in acror-
dance with thc Statutes, that all as-
HCHSPd taxes and Income tax and
school tax assessed and levied under
the "Tnxaction Act" are due and
payable on the 2nd day ol January,
1913. All trixeB collectable for the
Fort Steele Assessment Dlatrlct are
due nnd payable at my ofllce, situated at tbe Government Offices, Cranbrook. This notice, in terms ol law,
is equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Dated    nt   Crnnbrook,   B.C., the 7th
day of Jnnnary, 1913.
Deputy   Assessor and Collector, Fort
Steele 2"4t
For a licence to take and use water
NOTICE is hereby given tbat
II. W. Drew ot Klmherley, B.O,,
will apply tor a llcenco to ta^e and
use one cubic loot per second of
water out ot Klmrorlcy Oresk, whl;-h
Hows In n lOUtll easterly direction
through Klniherli'V townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near and
east ot Hlock 1, The water will be
diverted m n fton-i on Sullivan mil
and will bo useil lor Domestic pur-
posoa on the land described a. Lots
12 & 13, Block 6, Kliiielny t wnsite
This notice was poetetl on the
ground on the Ith day nl November
1912. Tlic application will be died
In the nfllr- of tht Water Recorder,at
Cranbrook. B.C.,
Objections may be llled with the
sal,! Witter Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parlto.'
ment Building*. Victoria, B.O.
If, Dl Applicant
THIN    lor    the    lailile ol a duplicate
OertlflontJ of Title to part (0.87
noKB) ot Lot 325, Group I. Kootenay
NOTICE    IH   lll.HK.liY GIVEN lhat
it is my Intention to issue at the «.
plrntlon of one month alter thn first
publication lioreol a duplicate ol tho
OtrtlnSRte of Title in tbe above men
Honed   Lot in tiie name ol Tbo Brit
mil Columbln southern Hnllwny
Company which OartlflCAte Is dated
the tth .lay ol Muy I '09 ami numln-r
ed 10411 A.
Nelson, B.O ,   31st December, 1912
(HEAL) S. R. IttlK
l-4t District Registrar
NOTIOB is hereto given that a
Court of Rovuion and Appeal, under
the provisions ol the "Taxation
Act" and the "Public School Act"
lor the Fort Steele Assessment District, will be held as follows:
At Cranbrook In the Government
Ofllce on Monday, 27th of January,
1913, at 11 o'clock Hi the forenoon.
At Fertile In the Government Oltlce
nn Wednesday 19th ol .Innuary, 1913,
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated    at   Cranhrook, B.C., the 7th
day of January. 1913.
A.  0.  NELSON,
■ludge   ol   the   Court al Revision s>
A|r|ioiil __        ___*■
fateam   Boiler,   Kuniace,
a ml Ho|ilic Tank work
a apt-clkltj
Cost and stooli  asiminias
furnished on application
Mint, t r. o. i.s i«. Ciu-weck    i
itktta Short Work of
|)...(.■. ,i..l mi I Rpptntntly .iniirlrt-t MIDI of
--.I xii,  ...n.,t.i'- .. i, -j. Ncimlria ii.i'l nil "Hn r
rma of laii.'i.in-lUmyl'M iitbtiri'tiiAI-.K'tt I'm.*.
.Iiatltliatlc Itainwb I i..- nu rniu'-l of mnry l\
• i t t*ivi.-| Ifinlnnl ).-lllf tithli>.'i<-f->rnMk''lmli1ii-ri .-•>,
in*.i thom from heat of Rsony ■n<l for im yuu.
lull Uwii rurln,: in.ti, w.imrti IM chlldrwi ft>r
wll ill LhWO WOmOd IV) lirl|i. .I'M ft f'-v. toil ll.n
h iw i-him! 0A M ■■.' from .•■• to .■' ye-arn' diin.Hu.i
n 11 1-nl-v It ■ ■ m.-l. untlvKll*. sm n iiuh'k, n\U< •ml
i.li-oluh'lvrtlhliliMr.uiio-jnt fur nil llria n.-nl ili-
..K-'i, we'll.* bldtit-yi ■•if   i-i (»ii,.iim iv mi.'.»r
Ibbott Brori* Rhiumitlo Rimidi
and jroor imIoi at ODeo^llili your euro tatty.
l-Ont propulll l'V Abbott Hm... 711 H. DwboritBU
i   .ii-mto.  111., If your ilruicglit doei not bev* *\
Sold By thi
Cnnbrook Drug I Book Co.
A Modern Romance
I sliall always remember oue tiling.
When Muriel wus In trouble you stood
by bor, unl you not h.v out of it.
What you di.". fui hev te my debt, and
l!'.l take a Ions llmo to wipe it out.
What u dear man, Hilda said when
he had ffone, and l.ady Barton bluahed
prettily at the praise.
Vaughan Seymour* did not leave
London lill -liter lunch, and he was in
the best of spirits when ho took hU
jseat in Uie train, for ho carried with
him the copies of his book, and he
knew what pleasure Hilda would take
in them.
lie longed to got to her as soon as
possible, su lie alighted at Hurnlian.
.lunction and Re' out to walk to Suiii.l-
eote. lie whistled merrily as he
tramped away, nml when ho'arrived
in Bight of the codage he put hit
hands to his mouth and uttered a
plorcing "co-ee." When Hilda did not
run out fo meet him ho began to feel
nervous, (specially as he could .*.«
thai th<-* cottage was no*, closed as was
the caso when she went Into Bognor
Do You Realize
The property ym lmvo can lie used as rash to cibtnln g.-ioi revenue bearing olty properly, also choice vacant lots Blttiatcd where the prlco Is
sure to finable antl inuy ti-eblo In the near future. Scud us prices and
full legal description of your properly and stato class of exchange desired.
Automobile, SO horso power ln good repair.
Fully modern houses centrally located.
Clear Title vacant lots with some cash for wild or Improved lands.
22 Canada Life Building,       Winnipeg, Man
for tin
lie broke Into a trot,
anil v.
en hr
reached the door he did
not si'
p to
knock,   hut   entered   at
There was no one in -the sitting
ro mi, and he saw scattered about
many thinga that woro curious. On
tho table waa a modlclno bottle, and
u sudden ch.ll struck hte heart.
U there anyone In, he called.
Tho bedroom door opened and the
nurse appeared.
Miss Grant, be gasped.    Is she ill?
Hush, the nurse aaid gently. No,
Mil-is- Grant !h not here. She has
gone to lhe hotel nt Bognor with Miss
M'hai is Vie matter? Is someone
IIP he asked anxiously.
Mr. Clay met with an accident last
night, and Ihey brought him here. He
I.** sleeping now, and 1 am very anxious that he should not be disturbed.
I am sorry lo hear If. I hope I
havo not awakened him. Oood afternoon, he safd, and he stepped quietly
un! of (he cottage.
He turned his steps in the direction
tt Bognor, but Ute sudden fright had
shaken him, and his face waa whits.
Ho went straight to th" hotol,'and
the manager met him In the hall.
Vou here, he gasped, as he saw
Ve«, do you want me? I am in a
hurry, I want to sen Mias Grant. I
shall be down In a few minute*, and
then 1 can talk to you. Hav.. thoy
ibe same s)*,ttng-room?
Yes, iho manager answered mechanically,
1 might us well let Mm have a few
minutes with her, poor" lad, ho muttered us be watched Vaughan run up
Hilda gav a glad cry when she
saw bim, and be clasped her in his
anus, and kissed her passionately.
sir Boemed 'nexprosBlbly floor to him;
fur his recent fright was In his mind.
I'i.' a. present for you, dear, he said
Rs he placed the package on tho (able,
which she opened and seized with
How proud I am of you, she cried
pnthuBlnstlcnlly, but. she suddenly remarked, Vera is In tin* bedroom. I
have a lot t.i toll you, and I don'l
know how in say li, she continued
sadly, .hu .Mr. Broun spoko of some
money to which 1 might be untitled,
]i Is from Mr. Clay, my father's
partner, pjonso don't he angry, for
I love her so much, and nho has always been io good to mo,
Whut do ynu mean, he asked half
Tlio fortune that Vera came Into
was mini'. That's all. 1 want you
to foi'gtva her  dearest.
llis face grew stern, and she gavo n
lerrlfiod ivy
i don'l understand, he said coldly,
Sho began to loll him the whole
slory, and he did not spenk until she
hail finished. Then ho sat down before tho flro, and rested bis head on
his hands, but she could not sou Um
expression of his face, and sho grow
Vou arc iut o.i*\ry Willi her. Think
of ail sho did for me, and the temptation must huve been groat, We
imiiii nol iiudorBtand it dear, for wo
don't euro foi money.
a+*+***M*n+^***J\r* 1M» **^*»V**»»*-VU^O
Beautiful French Dressed Doll
18 inches tail, eyes open and
shut, real eyelashes, completely
dressed In satin, with laco und
ribbon trimming. Beautifully trimmed bnt and real shoes and stook-
Send us your name and address
and we wll good yon 80 anta of
Christmas and other postcard.! to
tell at io cents a set [six beautiful
cards in Mich set,. Whon sold
Bond us the money, and we will
send you tho doll, all charges prepaid. Write to-d ■:- and earn yo. ir
doll now     Address
0110 utiolho
li |lll l'l.
Still he was Biletat, and uie began -
to te iiorrib'y afraid. Sho citnut and |
knelt beside him.
To i sill fu-gl- '■ ber a- I have done,!
ske -vblBpered -■
I don't euro about tit
er (irglve '  .       i      ' It doesi
doi □ attt r to mi   he Mild roughly.
a a aw lii'!.. for be bad never j
before addr tsed her In such a way,
[I   • '.money.     How:
can :, r Itb ao   li - mi
man.      It. 'fl Impossible,   Don't yon.
u ...  -"..'. I,  ie sal I fierce]
N'o, i ii m ., she Bald finallj. Wbeth
er I hava money or m>*. I am -   I the
woman '.Sa: leves you, .-.'id whom yoiij
;. .--.      fyial  el •■  niiitt irs?   1  will.
g;... - a m  ley at*ay, or ;  Enst   to
•a:.- .-.    li Is only you 1 wa     ;
llis face . ill tned   rond md
bo took ber In bis arms.
Rhe began ro cr: quietly, and the
tears Unlshi I his subjection. Vera
came In, and tbey both rose to their
feet Vaughan approached her, and
frankly hold out his Land.
You know, sin* whispered '. rar  tly.
Vr-ri, and itfuig tho money.
Antl yotl will Bii',1 allow Hilda to be
my ti'lmid. sift asked appeallngly.
Ho took her face between his
hands, and kissed her forehet I,
Now wo can all lie happy, Vera
ctit'd Joyfully.
I must ko now, Imt may 1 come bark
this evening, ho asked of Vera,
A sharp lap at tho door, and without waiting tor nn answer a sergcanl
ot pollco entered briskly.
Vaughan Beormpur, 1 hold n warrant
for your arrest on a charge of forgery .
Tho officer moved lowardB lilm, but
Vaughan leapt baok,
What do you moan, he nlo.l In astonishment
Willi a shrill cry Hilda ran and
throw bor -inns nround bis neck.
Thoy Bhan'l lako you Irom mn, she
nulled imiiii her sobs.
Tho police sorgeutit wns pollto but
lln ud In spile of Hilda's protOBt
ho told Vaughan Hint bo mum come
with lilm in mute.
I don't know what, it means, Vaughan Bald ilrinly, and lit- showed no signs
of tear. It can bo notliiug bill a mis-
tnko. Don't worry, iloni-, I shall soon
iin bnck with you niiain.
Tint dntn- closed and Hilda save
vent, to her despair. In vnlu Vera
Irled to comfort her; and to hor ro-
llef Lady Barton camo In, Vora ev
plalncd lo U>r whnt hnd happened.
Kitnil for Hiram at once, In* will
know what. Ir do, site said with decision, nnd sl>« at once procoi ded to
despatch a mossenger.
The arrest had boon so unexpected
-.liai It paralyzed all thought, Thoy
wero in utter Igiiornnro of what
\a,pi.ut was accused ami speculation
va't fnlili!.
Vnti must not cry. said Lady Bar-
...    ....    „  ton to Hilda.    Burely you have faith
IVe only want  In yonr lovr.      And don't you feci |
~m9  ne - Jti ^mM
■'-     ~_ my cUtfi?
Zhf*U CAftfetA—'
^__\_____\ f_u ix.
Wn (■>• rULKStST, UMtt ts :. uui Br ST HOME
DTI, MM *o tmra.W'bjr yen don't w*tn haie ro
kaowsrlul KIND of .<..-. jrour GvttlS it* mad*
u'.■■$.• M.Hin-l sn ImpM-skEr,
S»ud If Frr* Colcr Cm4a Story   Booker, ■ nJ
-hi 'i Itiin* "intit «f Dytlag l.1,1 o.htrf cetsfa.
What It ""cans to Mobilise
Oue ot ttte chief causes ot the bursting of Uio thunder-storm in the Balkans wns tlio fact that the various armies were mobilised. War fever ls
stronger In masses of men thnn It Is
In small numbers, nntl tho lighting
spirit among the Balkan peoples,
strong In sny case, was roused to a
tronsy by mobilisation.
Mobilisation means converting a
country's army from a ycace to a war
tooting. it Is ono of tho most mar-
rellous triumphs or rapid organisation that exists.
Supposing ilio War Oflleo give the
order for mobilisation. Telegrams
aro Immediately sent to all general
oonimamltng oiiieers, to tbo command'
cr of overy coast defence, as Portsmouth, Dover and so on, lo officers
who hold lists ofall iho Reserves, nnd
io iho County Associations,
From tlieso sources   the   order   Is
passed down from ofllcer to otBoer, till
overy single man lias heard tho news,
In order lo make certain   that   theso
messages shall got through as rapidly
■is possible,   every   telegraph   oflloe
where troops mo mobilising ls kepi
n|ien day and night.
,   Tbe ofllcers who possess lists of Ihe
reservists, and when they aro lo be
found, send them notice at once thai
tbey aro called up,      with each ol
these notices he Bends a railway war.
rant whlcb allows   the   resorvlst   lo
travel free to hlB destination, Similar
notices are sent oul to Territorials by
| In- Ti rrltorlal officers. These notices
| are nude out in time of peace, even
tlic envelopes being ready addressed
| In order thai nol  n  minute nuiv ho
'.,..> ed
j    in addition In the message sent to
j rarloiu Arms oIhoois, the nollco nil
ovor tbe country are warned ot iho
mobilisation order.     On  receipt   ol
: the warning tliey paste up posters out
■ Bide each station calling out the Ite-
| servos, Territorials and otliers,   Like
■ the -.nny mobilisation notices, theae
i ivr>'. rs p,-Q prepart tl and sent to the
; police iu times of peace,
i When the army is placed suddenly
I on a war footing It retiulres thousands
j nf horses, waggons, motor lorries, antl
'ether means of transport    lf private
utiles ore not willing to allow these
to be used they are taken willy nllly,
' there being a special law by which tho
State .tin annex \Vluu is wanted and
, ini>  compensation afterwards.     The
amount of ibis compensation Is Used
by a board of officers.
Every single man culled up la given
I a special .identity disc. This disc has
i on it bin name, number, and tbo name
lot his regiment. Ho carries It fa-
| tonetl round his neck sn ihnt If lis is
; killed In war his Identity can bo flxeti
. for a certainty
Water Really Necessary
I-.aniicry suffers from bashfulness,
and If thore Is s moro distressing complaint, we haven't met It. He had
just changed his lodgings, too, and
at tuck periods as every bashful man
knows, the suffering becomes acute.
He avoided everyone as much os possible at first, but at last he did muster
up courage enough to timidly knock
at his landlady's door at about cloven
o'clock one night and nek for a glass
of water.
It wns handed to him with a smllo
and tlic smile imiFt havo givon blm
confidence, tor In less than a minute
be wits back again.
Mny 1 ask for another RlnHs of water? he said. And the landlady, replying that, he might, gave II to him.
Another minute, and Ihen another
knock and a request for a ewer ol
wator ihls llmo, The landlady wns
puzzled; ho until lie cleaning or wash-
Ing something, she oonoluded.   Well. I
It wnn no business of hern, to long as
he tlid noi spoil the furniture.
It r rap!
May l lime another pail of wator,
lilettsc? iinerlel    thill    bashful    -."Ice
from the ii.i.tr ngaln,
(if course, Mr. Flannery! said she.
Vou tuny liavo its iiiueli water ns you
please; bill I told yon when you ciiuie
thero wan no bathroom here, and If
yon want to svlin   ■
Oh. lt hurt ii;nt! Btaminerod Planners'. Er er, you nee - cr my
room's "tt Hi-el
Miii.iiil's Llnlmonl Co,, Limited.
Qentlemen.—1 liavo used M1N-
AKD'S LINIMENT on my vessel nntl
In my faml'.v tor years, and for tho
every day il's nntl accidents of life
1 Consider It hns no equal.
1 would not start on a voyage without It, If it cost a dollar a bottlo,
OAPT.   1*.   11.   liKS.lAIllilN,
Bain,  "Storkc," SI.  Andre, ''amour-
The worlds standard
of glove perfection
Style Fit Durability.
Vraln Osmmlttlen Mtrchanti Winnipeg, Manitoba
tltfca Bllli Latitat read: Fort Arthur «r re: t WilHirn. Km ity Peter Janien
Co., Wlnnlptf.
Llbaral Advarcaa                            Prompt Rtturna CJtit Qradaa
For simplicity and quickness
of operation, combined with
accuracy of shooting and ease
of handling, Winchester Self-
Loading Rifles are in a class
by themselves. They are
made in .32, .35, .351 and. 401
calibers, giving a range of
power that enables their use
for any size of game. They
are the most advanced type
of hunting rifle and have
come to stay, as they have
proved their merits. Send
postal for illustrated catalog.
UnlmlH lia-alasf Ins (i., In Inn, Ct
Quite Easy
A lady in tho center seat of ibe railway carriage heard the request of a
telloir-paBsengei-, directly opposlto,
a-tkltiR tbe porter to opeu tho window,
and. scenting a draught she immediately drew a cloak about her.
Porter, if that window is opened,
sho Knapped, testily, I shall freeze to
And If the window' la hept closed,
returned the other passenger, I shall
surely suffocate.
Tho porter stood absolutely puzzled
between tbo two fires. Say, boss,
lie llttally said to a commercial traveller near by, what would you do?
Do? echoed the traveller. Why
man, that Ib a very simple matter.
Open the window on.' freeze ono lady,
then close it and suffocate the other.
Presence of Mind
Ono of the best stories iu Iho newly published life of Mark Twain is
tho one Illustrating his presence of
mind in nn emergency.
Boys, suld Mark, I had grea> presence of mind onco. lt was at a
fire. An old man leaned out of a
four-storey building calling for help.
Everybody In the crowd below looked
up. hut nobody did anything. The
ladders weren't long enough. Nobody
had uny presence of nilnd—-nobody but
me. 1 came to tho rescue. I yelled
for a rope. When It came I threw
the old man the end of It. Ho caught
It, and I told him to Uo lt. round his
waist, llo did so, ami I pulled him
Nothing iiiii keep ns
Head so Itchy Could Hardly Stand
It, Dandruff Showed on Coat Col-
Cured in One Month,
thai he can have done nothing wrong
I Sho had touched the right nolo, and
tllilila pitlle.l herself together with an
effort, To everyone's relief It waa
nol I ing ere Hiram Horner arrived,
an.l h" listened gravely, trying to ox-
tract sense from tiie confused ac-
tounts -vblclt .til ' troe tried to give
Humph, ho said when ihey had finished. We seem to be in the wars.
roil might ting the bell, dear, he Bald
to Lady iiit'iii
A servant came, and he told ber
.,i ask the .t.'tta." tn - "''!*• lo him.
(Tan vn t tell us anything aboul the
A Still Greater
■-■. u a lo.-t'l alderman to his son:
l.'-t'i: here, '.cok nt moi I began life
at the bottom of the ladder, and here
I on-, now ut the top. Anil what. Is
my reward' Why, when I die my
son will be Iho greatest reprobate In
the town.
To tills lh. young hopeful replied,
Ves, dad, bu-. not 'till then.
Wooden Leg ae Bank
An old miser, named Et-1, committed
titilclrie In n suburb of Vienna under
peculiar clrcd-metaiices, Stime yonrB
previously ho had married a woman
solely by reason of her possessing a
wooden leg, In which, having a great
mlsti-UBt of banks, safes nnd other
places usually In vogue for the deposit of valuables, It. waa bin Intention
to conceal u numbor of diamonds In
which ho hnd Invested the greater part
of his savings. This purpose he duly
carried Into offeel ami nil went well
until bis Wife eloped wllh n nolghbor,
forgetting, oro ber departure, to Bitr-
render her wooden leg's valuable contents.
The Last Word
Boarder—I have named this coffee
February, madam,
Landlady—-Indeed, slrl and why?
lar, Cuticura Soap and Ointment ' •— '    ^mmr was arrest-1   Boaider-Deoausell   is  cold  and
1 .. i •   io n .*-'ion.'il him when lie ap-  ciouay,
(To lie ■"■(lU.niHMl)
Ssa RUitbatb 3i  Montreal, Qua.*—"Call*
furt. Soap mi'i Ointment cured wo perna**
iieiilly from dandruff a:Ml m-alp Itch ihnt 1
•nn* mffeiini vrJtb ilnce ovor a year, l ii-ni
ii.i Inflammation or Mio in.iir* and a very
•tronj fever. When 1 recovered, my bead
wit covered *ltli Halu ainl ii-.ini-.rr. and
li uri*. soiichy I could hardly itand It, Tba
dandruff abowed on my t^at collar, I had
uaed varloua medl-doea without relief. I
beard «<r Cuticura Boap and ointment and
decided *o try (horn, und 1 nm very triad nf
it, t-witu*e I um perfectly cured,   I used
(WO boxei of CiiMnira ointment with tho
Ctltlcura Soap. It took one month to cure
uie I '■...■■ pleafiire in recommending Cut!'
i ira Boap und Ointment to anyone who la
■uffeHng *hli icalp or ukln OlieaaOlt''
(Aimed) Hector Perru, Deo. 30, ton,
Prevent falilm, Iia.tr, remove erttati and
eoalMi mi'i allay Itching nnd irrit«rii-n of
Utemlpi frequent ihampooe wiiii Cutlcuni
Boap, aaetited Uy occaelonal dreailnge wiih
CuUoura OlnUaent, afford ibe epeedluel and
uiixt ooonotnlcil troatmont, They u*.hM. in
promotlni tbe growtli nnd beauty of tho
lialr hy removing those CondltlOhfl nhlih
tend to nuke It dry. iiiiii. and IIMon, often
leadlog to premature grayneei and loii of
balr. Cntlcnm Boap und ■ lulloura Ointment)
are sold hy drnggwmind doalertthrmiBhout
(he world. I.llicnd lamplfl of Otnh nmll'-d
free, with :>-'-p. Bkln Book, Addren potb
Card Potior Drug 4 '.'hem. Oofp,, !>pt,
40U, IIoMom. V, y. A.
W. N, U, 925
A smart •■   mg di otor aal fnciug hi
pa li .'
Vob, my friend* lie satd, lilmlly, yen i
are q lite ■■■< .1 broIii now, und iu-eu i
not como here again,
The patlout recovering from .1 had
lllneas, waa relieved lo   hoar   ibla. I
Then hiH face became overcast {ik:»I». i
Dud aboud der bill, docdor, ho aald j
—iht.1 ii bn lold ho wan a German?
1 nln'l Rot moot h mniiey. VIII you I
dake di r bPI ond Ip trade?
Tho kind hearted doctoi eyed hla
p Ltleta     shabby clothea,
Well, per1 .'i'H 1 might, li« aald rigroe-'
ably,     "•■    rhal .j your trado?        j
1'■.,,.     r loader of n Sherman hand,!
dm lor, aald the patient, proudly. Wo
i'ii! blay In der front nr your houao
avery even!) g for von month.
Landlady—.What a brilliant   young
man,     1 thoughi cr naming il after
Landlady —.Bocauao It Is ho long bo-
fore It H'lllOB.
A traveller In Scotland had left Ida
wrap in n railway carrlngo, Tho guard
opening the door of one ot the car*
rlagea, Inquired: is thore a black mac*
klnioah hero?
No, anawerod one of the big Hlghlandera Inatdo, thoro Ih uo black mac-
klntoah; but thoro aro bIx red Mac-
1 expect io mako a fortune oul of on
Invention iimt 1 have Juht completed,
What la It?
\ piano ihat pan bo folded up nnd
uaed an a card-table, •' '-'-U ho n
great thing tor Hate.
Tho floating dry dor it at praar-nt under construction by tha Qrnnd 'iinnit
paclflo Hallway at Prlnco Rupert In
id be of pontoon Btruotttro with n tux*
jmelty of 110,000 tone, It Will lm tllO
Tent in lengiii and win coat approxl*
matoly i|2,000,ooi),
The aggregate RirenKili of lh.
t ii iv forces available In India ;
proximately r.o-.non rdon,
She Had Such      <
Beaul.h.l Hands
Hint ii wnn pcrfi
l!.;'t   din-   unrd
original hand
cleaner, to ir-
nt botiHirork,
H ,11! . lninrrfi
Ky any  Oilier
name do •..>/
anell m meet,
Avr-ld   TNI) It
Imtullatia, NtKl
rfiiifmii'-i the
mme :,_.
(liflat frarr. -cr .tr.l.r lo t.j.
fr.r, ,mii">n.,
Turkish Justice
TllO iiotir baiter tor somrt reason np-
peni's to lmvo licpii slngloti out for
koiiio t'xt.riioi-illiitiiy |iiml0liiiients. It
is only within Int.! years tlml. thero lum
been rosi'ltitU'tl In Turkey u law by
Whloh the linker guilty or nbort-
welght thloks ivn» niiiilsheil by having
bin fttr nulled to ilie doorpoHt. Turk-
Ish officers of tho law are notoriously
averse to giving thontBolvos inoii-
tfoiiiiic ilitin is absolutely noccssary.
If llto recnlellranl bakt-r illil not happen in bo nt liiuito when thoy nrrlvoil
to admlnlslor punislimetit thoy tilrin'i
bolher to onll agnln, but just boImH
bin (ton or bin Journeyman or his luili-
In-lit-lnw, or wborver wuh luintly, nml
nailed bin ear lo tbo tloorpoHl. l'lat
.Mu, bow dltl you eomo to pink ojit
pa for your husband?
1 didn't, pick him out, my denr, I
JtiHt tires/ blm out of tbo matrimonial
grab bag,
Yew trees IH'i' to uii age of 400 or
r.oo years. Tho red borrlos of the
yew ai'h not poisonous, ns It* commonly supposed, but tbo needs are vory
P Company, 1st King's Hnyn! Rllloa,
beeuine notod lu PlotormarltKbui'g us
tho Taylor Company, having no loss
tlum seven Tnylors In lis rtinlitt--
probably a record for any company In
lite Ai iny. Oil lho outbreak of the
liner Win' lliey were ordored I" Dundee, Nalnl and tholr Ilrst conflict Willi
ihe iiiiteiiiueu ooourrotl nt Qloncoo,
TllO t'li-intlly list thnl nlgbt read us
follows!—tjloulonattt Taylor, killed;
I'liloi'-S-lei'iteant. Taylor, severely
wtiiiiitieii; Sorgoniit Taylor, killed;
Corp. Taylor, killed; llaiiilsninn Taylor, severely wounded; Pioneer Taylor, severely wounded; Pi'lvalo Taylor, kllltil. Ttllly a Rony day for lln;
Upgordsoil -Yon know whut tbo
poet Bays about u womani II sho win
do II sbo will, ami there's an ond lo
Atom—Y68, btll that Inn'! the end
nt It; she keeps on talking I till.
Exclusive Costume
The coBtumlor came rorward to attend to tlio nervous eld beau who waa
mopping bis bald nntl shining poll
wiih a big alllt handltorohlef.
And wbat can I do for yon? be asked.
I want a lillle help in tho 'way of a
suggestion, saitl tho old fellow. I
Intent* golns to the Frenoh students'
masquerade bill tonight, and I want
a distinctly original coeliime—something I may bs suro no one else will
wear.     Whit would you suggest?
The costllDl'or looked hhn over attentively, bestowing speelal notice on
the glenmins; knob.
Well, I'll tell you, be said thoughtfully.
Why don'l you sugar your head and
go as a pill? ,
How much does .vour wife pav for
her hats?
Too much.
Jonkins's Brain
Wheu Ihey spoke of Henry .Tonkins
all the village peoplo eald, "Ills inventions prove for certain he's got
big things ln hie bead," for the scores
of weird contraptions It was Jonklns'
joy to build somewhat took their rustic fancies, and tbeir lieartB witb worship tilled. First of all ho built an
airship that did everything but fly,
though ho sold a dozen tickets—first
return from earth to sky. Then ho
mnde a shop producer, which wub
guaranteed lo bring soothing slumber
to tbo user. Henry swanked like
anything that Insomnia was conquered, and lie look lt aB a joke when the
only chap who tried it went to sleep
and never awoke.
Undeterred, un Odour Killer was bis
nest assault on fame; this would soften motor fragrance, bush the hum of
month hung game; but a public demonstration brought dlsasler In Ub
train, for the O.K. found Its master
in a ripe and rampant drain, and the
blithe nnd buoyant Jonklns suffered
typhoid for a spell, though It failed to
slop bim thinking—he would do that,
111 or well. ,
Now, ho cried, wben convalescent-^
now the world shall hall II.J. as the
brainiest of mortals that has ever
seen tho ligh* of day! With my automatic bagpipes music-lovers I'll enthrall; to-night by sleoltb I'll place
them 'neat'i MncPherson's garden
wall, Whal, joy will solzo bim when
ho hears thc airs be lovos tho best!
What vision.! of sweet banks and braes
shall punctuate his rest!
At mlilnlg.it ramo a doleful sound
from Mnc'B potato patch. It's cats!
he growled. Awn, yp fiends, and
other things to inaleh. Hang! bang.
A big revolver belched at Jonklns
chunks of lead, and locals then ro-
marked wllh truth, He'd big things In
Ills head!
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
In tl.;.. writing we desire to put beCoro oir Western Farmers Lhe
savins- and fidvantafo of loading grain dlroc*. nn cam. Shipping Brain
through nn elevator, it matters not wbothor a Government elevator or
one ran by an olovator company or individual owner, does not ndd
tho loact fraction of a cent to tho value of ho grain, nor iIoob it glvo
tho farmor nny better chiiiice «f marketing Jt to advantage than when
loaded direct on card, But loading direct .-n cars outs uut in tho flr-.!:
plaoe the elevator charge, whloh te usually \%c. per bushel, say
$17.&:) on a thousand bushel car. The elevator dockage ■ is also
euvedr this may be worth more or loss, depending partly on now dirty
the grain Is, but mostly ou tho farmer's ability In holding his own
With the elevator man taking It In. On tho average tho dockage
may be considered worth 80 per bushel to the farmer, or ssy $30 pe?
car nf 1,000 bushels. When grain is londid direct Into ear over th?
Loading Platform, tho farmer known for sure that it ia hla very own
grain that, will bo graded by the Inspector, M.d that he will without
doubt receive the full and exact outturn of hte car at whichever terminal elevator It la unloaded; for all grain '1 unloaded from Uio cars
tinder government uuperlntcndauce and welched by properly qualified
government wetghmen under the rules and rupervlslon of tbo Dominion Government Hoard of Grain Commissioners,
Of eourse, It makes no difference In our loading of tbe formers'
grain whether it has been shipped through an elevator or over the
Loading Platform, bnt It con easily be seen from what we lmvo staled
above where tbe farmer's advantage lies, when it saves him around
$50 or moro on every car he ships.
We continue to act as the farmers' agent in looking after and dls-
posing of carlot shipments of whei»t, oats, barley and flax strictly on
a commission of 1 cent per bushel. We r.ro not connected with,
nor Interested In any elevator companies or elevators, either local 07
terminal, neither are wo track buyers, in fact, wo never imy' farmers' grain on our own account, but only to kr.ndle and dispose of the
grain entrusted to us as the ugent*. of those who employ us. Many
years' experience, with a wide connection and ample-.facilities for en-
raging In this special branch of tho grain trade, havo given us a reputation of ihe highest character In it. Wt make liberal advances
en car bills of lading. Write us for shipping instructions and market Information, Wo give as references to our reliability, efficiency
snd financial standing nny city or country Hank Manager In Western
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703  Y  Grain  Exchsnge.
Winnipeg, C.nia-!.i.
Makes Cows Giro More Rich Milk.
Iniem«ti»n»l.-.iock F«m4 conquered Kniland.juflt »•, It conquered
Canada mm! the Uuiteil Sutei. by provini to the Dtirv
EipTtMhat it In the itretttrst miU. producer and health
Idtorcr In the world.
The test wub made on tliree cow« froin Uie inity herd
Of S. W. Hackney. Eiq., Leedi, EndUUT Chairman of
tha Yorkshire Federation of Dairy Farmere.
Suantlty and quality of milk wae trited for a cer-
time-then "Ut*n«Uta«l Slack Pood" wa)
added to the angular feed.
InsruH te Milk nf 14.1 plnti d*tty, and 1.81
p*t»(U «l bullae *-•%. , m    ,  _    ,     ...
Thla proree that InitfMifonal Stack Food, edited
to the rrgular feed will increait the quantity and im
prove; the quality of milk from every cow
It liiowe that latomatlenal Sleek Feed niui«,
tion and keepcowoiu better condition. It proves
tbat Internationals teck Feed In a nonev-nuker
for the farmer- that every flitter who owai one,
or a hundred, cowa ishotild feed latarnatlenal
Slock Food eveiy day.
Make the test youmlf-wajgli the milk y«j
are netting uow-thfii few! liiloraatloaal tor ft few
week?, nnd weigh again. Then you 11 ice how |ntar.
national Stoek Food will make money for yoc.
.1 cefiy nftur S.1,000 $.„..
tJMhfrretm t_H____
D-ClarK',     J
,y pill. ■<? 1
Do ymi llilnli your father would d'u-
Joot If 1 CBllO'l you .Mabel?
llo 111I1-.I11 llilnli It a lillle o,].l. Vou
see, my first iiniuo is llnutl.    ,.
A imiidorer nanictl James Soliruni,
who trrrtii" imiiilltrt ago hilled two mon
at Iron Moi.ntain, Missouri, was sen-
tenr.ittl lo nl lel.y-nlno yoat-s' Imprison,
ment for tno firm orlrae, ami then tion>
tlr'mned iti Iio Ittiimi'd for lho eooond.
HU eoiumel contends llml lho ninety-
nine yours- yentejuto, hnvlng been tlml
Imposed, iiiuiit he nerved first, mid he
littti appealed lo the Supromo Uonrl lo
confirm hln flows.
whfD you hsve Ism, bsck, frequent hes.I«rlie,, ,lr«l*
ir.strr' psins, spots Irefrrrn lite eyes, lT.in,e, in th, joirrts,
•tv. 'lhrae.qrrsrtcrs of .11 Inrrrrsri silrriprrtrr ,ns .1,1. I.,
th. kidneys fsilltlf to propolly free the system uf
prriaoooua .,'irli nud .sale mstlet-.
Tostiinulrle, loD,,.lesns.nnrl stren,th,ir thskirlu.ys.
tlrem th, flrat day you h.v. <.u,o to think yonr kid-
net, need attention, 'ihey contain ..ret nitre triirl
ATS oilier srnrrreijn r ur.th e ,,,'i.ru. Ai'iite nv .liioriin
. „ M?'d*}.v .li,..s» .nn nrver |,f « forrlholrl lu tit. sisl.m
thst is fortlflod »illi DR. TURK'S BWEEl' MTItU MllB, Sold .v.ryirlSto .t
fifty I'i'iit, A boi or m.ileti ditect by 4H
Relief for Bulfeilny Everyvvltare.—
Hi- whoso life le mnde miserable Ity
llie eiiffcrliig ll.ut OOtuon from Indiites-
lion nnd li.tit not tried PnriiH-leo',
Vogotablo l'tlltt dot-H not Itnow how
otinlly lhls fr.rnildnblo fon cun be dealt
wiih. Thoso nlllri will relievo whore
otliers fall. They are lhe result ot
louit nntl pnllent elntly antl are eonfl-
deittly itut forward ne a suro corrector
of disorders of the dlgostlvo organs,
from which -.c ninny suffer.
There's ono thing   1 want   to   see
whllo 1 nm In Kiii-optT,
And whnl Is Hint?
Tho lluhgarlan Goulash In session,
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dl.ttmptr
Going to St.iy
Meg (llvo yenrs old) was overjoyed
over n loo'oiil ndillllon to ihn family,
nnd rushed out of tlio lionso t» tell
ihe news to ii passing nolghbor.
Oli, you don't Itnow what we've gol.
In our houso loday.
What is It?
lt'n n now baby l-roUiar, nntl sits
Waited lo see Iht: effects of her words
on thu ni'lnlilinru.
Ynu don't iny so. lo he going lo
1 guess sn, very llioup.liiftilly. lie's
gol hiH tilings oft.
Lad Enough
Dldn'l S'ou Btiy your dog's liarh Is
worst) thnn his bite?
Thon for goodness sake don't 1st
blm hark! He's lust bltteu int.
"Sample free If you writs National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canada,
Limited, Toronto.
Not With the Crowd
11. wns In u big' cotton iniiniifuctur.
ing town in Lancashire, where a revival service hnd bcen held. At tho
elose Ihn minister railed upon all
thoso who wished lo go to heaven to
Bland up. All ruse lo tlinlr feet wllh
llie exooptlon of ono young mnn,
Don'l you want to .o to heaven, my
friend'.' nslted the preacher.
Oh, uyo, l wnnt io go right enough
lhe young fellow stilil, hul not wllh
[hla trip,
lini-   If 1 nnrry I'll title tin. mosl
or ItnosV why.
Peck- You'll Itnow why, nil rlglil,
Merelinnt llo eliultl- TIiIh won't tin,
lavcry lime yon eon a 6 ynu call It
it ii. What's lhe ninlicr wllh yoil—
Cleric—No. slrl It's it inntlor of hah-
II, • 1 used (o work In a Indies shoo
Mrs. West Side: I went down town
yesterday on r*. shopping tour.
Mrn. De Snuff: Did you? Tell mo
all about It Did you havo n real
gnod time?
Mrs. Went Bide: Nol ut all. I
found whnt I wanted In tho very Ilrst
Mrs.  DO Hniiff: How profoklng.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dlphthtrli
The litis! llreil all Its lawyers;
11 seeuiH Ihey hiiw
That ll would ho much cheaper lo
(Ihey llm law.
Tlic power lo seo Quickly find ii>
adze every uppnrlunity and uilvnutugu
largo and small iilike, Is lho quality
that above nil others Insures success.
Sir. Carnegie tells nbout n Htll,.
Seidell hoy who had title quality ot
astuteness highly dovolopod, Tho
lioy'e grnndnitilher was pncklng lunch
for lilm lo take to school ono mOi-ii-
111-1.   Suddenly looking up in Ihn ohl
lady's fnee,  ho  said:  Qi'iMtdmother,
does yor specs magnify?
A little, mj child, she answered,
Awoel,  lhe.i, mild  the hoy, I  ivarl
Jusl like ll  If ye wnd Ink' ilium o't.
wliou yir pai'kifi- my lunch,
More lough luck, whispered Iils wife
Well, whal nnw? ho mutton-.1.
You know Jtlss (Ireen never sings
wllhoul her music?
Well Bhe'f bi ought her music..
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pille
tatactty men llie nerd which,ooftesi
arises in every fnmlly for a ineilkin*
tO Opfll llpilltll tr'i'.lll.rle   the Irrrv.r'ls.
Kot only arc ihry rlfei-iive in all
eases ol Constipation, but Ihcy help
trral!'.' ill li'i.tl.iiig tijta I olrl or l.a
Grippe by i-lr..niiiK out llie lyslrm
and ptirlfj ing I lie blood. In the ium,
my lltcy relieve or cure BIIIoiisiijm,
Indigestion, Hi. tt Headaches, Rltctim-
atitu ami nlher conunon ntluientl.
In lhe fullesl sense of the worrls l.*r.
MoiWl ludlsn Hoot Pills nre „
A llouishold  Re.i.r dy
The files that are now In your
kitchen and dining-room were probably feasting on some Indescribable
nastlness less than an hour ago, and
as a single fly often carries many
thousands of disease germs attached
to its hairy body, It is the duty of
every housekeeper to assist in exterminating this worst enemy of the
human race.
kill flies in such Immense quantities
ns cannot be approached by any other
fly killer.
HE SAID—"Pew of ua realize liow much salt
tve cut. The fact tlmt we put salt on all
nv-ats and vegetables—in bread, calce and
, -pastry—soups end sauces—liutter mid cheese
-- shows the importance of using an
nbsolutelypnre salt."
SHE SAID-"Well. we are using WINDSOR
BAI/f and no one could make me believe
there was any better salt in the whole world
than my old standby 53
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel  practically  Fireproof
All Outside Room,
Aro the bes* ever made and are guar-
•meed to c'vo you satisfaction. At
•11 dealers, or send ua 25 cents statins; sty.o and size required.
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltd,,
68 Fraser Ave., Toronto. Ont.
Girls Wanted Here
Typing, nursing, bookkeeping, cooking, teaching—every profession open
to a girl, it seeme, is overstocked.
However, there still exists ono
tvliere competition Is not. And It ls
nothing more nor less than tho feather industry. In this trade, It appears
there Is an exceptionally good opening for young girls ot bright Intelligence. They have only to Dhow an
Interest In their work, and a desire to
get on, lo earn a modest sum per
week straight away at the manufacture of these graceful toilet adjuncts.
To begin with, a girl will be given
»ome ot Ihe tiniest feathers to knot
together. From these, when complete, is evolved tho fashionable lancer feather. And, of courso, according to tier ability, will ahe bo advanced tn the more skilled work of
rowing, curling' and malting-up ot the
So that the mother who views with
despair tho already hopelessly overcrowded business markets should apprentice htr daughter to a feather
firm. Tho work is especially lit for
nimble fingers.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Connubial Bliss
>   Mrs.      QiinckenboHs —   Am     yo'
d;. unlit ah happily m.'ii'il, Hlstnli Snug?
Mrn.   Sagg—Shn    alio-    is!    IIIohh
gOOdnoBS, aho'H done got it husband
dot's skooied to doath of hor!
Not a Satisfying Diet
Lady  :.f lho Houso—You any you
hnve not lind unyllilng to ent tti-dny?
Tramp—l.atly,  lf  you   believe  me,
ll.o only tiling I've swallowed today
Is Insulin.
You might go in the butohov's and
get sttiuo lamb to-day, nuggctttcd Mrs.
All right, responded Mr. Hoimekeep.
Anil shall 1 also atop at lhe mint anil
get some sauce to go with 11?
Breaking It Gently
Two vory grent friends—a Scotchman nnd an Englishman—met. In the
0 nmoklng room of n hotel, and the Hug-
- Ilsliniriii at once proceeded to mon-
i.'liirllz!' the conversnllon, ob he usually
Tlio Scotchman bnro lt for a long
time, then hn broke In quiatly:
I nay, old chap, I'll hack you und
mo to tell more nnd bigger Ilea In
half an hour thnn any other six mon
I know I
He paused, anil Ihen went on gently.
And I wouldn't spcuk n single word
Iho whole lime.
First Hummer nonrder—Thcy nro
tuning Paris green nn Ihn ciibbngcs.
| Second Summer Hoarder—Yen, It's
inrd to get anything Hint Isn't aril-
Qclally colored,
How did you manage asked the
landlord's friend, to get nil the guests
away from thnt other siiinmor hold?
They aot a good table river thore,
■nd they certainly hnve you beaten
s.n fnr a i locution Is eoneerueil.
You boo, wo serve four mollis a day
hero, anl thus glvo thn Indies a
chance to change their clothes moro
kitten than they had to nt the othor
Where Master   Mariners   Foregather
and Chat
The National Maritime Club. In
Fenchtirct Street, is llm meeting-place
cf ship-masters in London. The
members spend most of their lives on
tho ocean, und you may see In tho
club-rooms men who a few weeks ago,
perhaps, were weathering oul u terri-
llo hurricane in the Quit ot Mexico,
or were crawling down Hie dangerous
Formosn Channel, or steaming us hnrd
as they could go ncross the open Pacific or Atlantic,
The club wns formed n couple of
years ago by a fow ship-masters, but
it has now over six hundred men uf
the sea on Ub bonks. In no club
In London could you meet so many
men who have hnd so many strange
antl thrilling experiences.
From one ship-master a newspaper
representative gleaned the fact Hint
bo hud onco been sllx days nt sen
with a lire In the hold of Ills ship, hut
he had managed to keep the lire under, nnd reached Philadelphia safely. Another mariner mentioned in
a casual manner, that the only lillle
experiences he could call to mind was
tho picking up in tho Pacilio of a
small boat with two men lu lt. One
of the men was dead, the other barely alive; his tongue fearfully swollen
was sticking out of his mouth, and
his eyes had gone so far back in their
sockets that they were searoely visible. .He was the sole survivor from
an American ship that had foundered
in mid-Pacific during a hurricane,
Captain Widgery, the secretary, nnd
ono of the original founders ot Iho
club, has had forty-live years' experience of the sea, and is now retired.
Captain Widgery, like his club-males,
is not much disposed to talk of his experience,, but he gave the representative, afler much pressing, an account
of a hurricane ho had once been In
the Gulf of Mexico.
Tho wind wub so bad Hint the ship
could make no headway at all against
It and Captain Widgery ordered the
engines to be stopped. There wns
nothing to be done, aaid Captain Widgery, but simply to weather the hurricane out as best we could. The
Bhlp was blown over by tho force of
the wind until her deckB wero almost
perpendicular, and we lay like that
for twenty-four hours.
The water whipped up by the wind
completely enveloped the ship in a
driving cloud of spray, through which
wc could not see a yard ahead. Tho
sea Itself, you must understand, was
not heavy, for in these violent hurricanes bo much water Is blown off the
surface oi the sea, that the waves are
comparatively small.
Well, as I said, we lay for twenty-
four hours more than half blown over,
and the trouble was we did not know
where we were going, for during the
hurricane, aa we saw neither sun nor
stars, lt waa quite impossible to take
a reckoning. We miy.ht have been
blown on to the coast and wrecked;
but as lt was wo weathered the hurricane out In safety, though wo wero
blown miles and miles out of our
course. Every particle of paint on
the ship en Ihe weather Bide waB peeled off by the wind and water.
When tho representative was at the
club, ihe telephone-bell rang frequently. At each ring the steward would
come Into the smoking-room with a
message to say that Captain So-and-So
was required at tho telephone. One
of these calls was a summons thnt
warned the master mariner who answered it thnt he would be wanted to
sail that evening for Hong-Kong.
Elm Le.iris In Canadian Cooperage
Although the elm still lends among
the woods used for slack cooperage,
spruce Is rapidly supplanting It. Ill
the total cutpllt of linrrels In the Uo-
minion last year, there were used, according lo llgures compiled by the
| Forestry branch nf-tlio Department of
the interior, 80.016,U00 pieces of elm.
in staves headings and hoops, as
i.gainst 37,704,000 pieces of spruce
There wore, however, over 11,000,001)
more spruce slaves nnd 11,000,000 few
er dm staves reported for 1011 than
for 1910 In llmo, elm will probably
he used only for hoops, as it Ib the
itest. wnn I for the purpose, tlio supply
is fast diminishing, and other species
can bo used .to advantage for staves
nntl headings. Tlio ultimate substitute for elm will probably lie birch
which is comparatively plentiful.
Slack cooperage ls of vastly greater
importance titan tight cooperage In
Canada. This Is because the majority of Canadian products are of a
rough und dry nature, such as lime,
potatoes, apples, dry tlsh, flour, cereals, etc., mid becauso Canadian
woods are hest suited to slack cooperage .
White nek. Hie only wood whloh
can be used lor containers of alcoholic liquids, has been practically exhausted In Canadian woodlands. In
1911 only 2.1-68.000 oak staves wero
cut, white 7,2113,000 were Imported.
A rough estimate on the part of lhe
Forestry Branch places Hie minimum
nniount. of material used in the manufacture of all classes of cooperage
ns 62,353.190 board feet, made up as
follows: staves, 29.307,711 feet, heading, 24 466,666 feet, and hoops, 62,-
353,190 feet.
Heroism of a Boy
Tho striking heroism of little Jack
Thayer, one of the Titanic BurvivorB,
waB related by Dr. Arthur J. Smith
as an Inspiration to the young peoplo of the churches to do valiant
deeds during the -rammer In open air
and tent work.
Llttlo Jack, he said, when his
mother was put in or,, ot the life
boats, refused to go with her. He
told them he would stay with his
father and let the women be saved.
No persuasion could induce him to
go in the boat. Clasping his father's
hand he was seen awaiting the sinking of the ship.
He w.is found unconscious In the
water by one of the lifeboats and
awoko In his mother's arms. The
first thing he said as he opened his
eyes, looked nt his mother, nnd then
at the others about, was tilts:
I stayed until the last mamma; I
tried to be a man.—New York Evening Mall.
Dignity of a Free Press
in one nf his spccchmnklng tours
Attorney 'General Wlckersham stopped in a small western city, and In
Hie course of Ills stay, was standing
on the street corner talking to a
lawyer. There walked past tho
couple a man wlm wore bandages and
bruises which Indicate the activity of
the human fist.
My! exclaimed Wlckorflbom. That
iellow'tt boor, beaten up.
Yes, stild the lawyer, without concern. He's lhe editor of u scan-In-
lous paper thnt'n printed here. Ho
writes stuff abusing prominent men
und woman.
Who boat blm up'.' asked Wlokor-
fclinui, greatly Interested.
Oh, I don't know, replied the oilier,
liln paper conies nut every Tuesday
evening, nud he lonkB Hint way ovory
Wednesday morning,— Popular Mag-
A Mild PHI for Delicate Women.—
The most delicate woman can undergo a eoui-no of Parnielee's Vegetable
Pllis without lear of unpleasant consequences. Their action, while wholly effective is mild and agreeable. No
violent pains or purglngB follow their
use, ns thousands of women who have
used them can testify. They are.
therefore, Btrongly recommended to
women, who are more prone to disorders of the digestive organs than
It was lo gratify your extravagant
tastes, cried tho desperate man, that
I committed the foregry. Tho
crime Is upon your head.
Tbe woman started and gazed at
him won.leringly.
Is my crime on straight? she asked.
Mrs. Tinkle—They Bay that Mrs.
Neaurich Is becoming more proper
every day.
Mrs. Dimple—Yes, indeed, ynu
should have Been how mortified sho
was a while ago when she learned
that her husband owned common stock
ln a railroad.
How Could He?
Mr. William Slkes had found what,
in his opinion, was a snug crib. It
A-as a country mansion, and the mode
of access was easy. He waited till
midnight, nnd then approached the
house. Grasping Lie Ivy, he slowly nnd carefully climbed un tiie sido
of tiie house llll ho reached the ie.-jl
if tht: lirst-flj-r. window.
Holding on to the sill with both
hands, ho stopped to picture the
wealth that was about to become his.
His mind dwelt on the Jewellery and
plate that was so nearly within his
grasp. Then-his dream was abruptly broken by the opening of the window.     A female head appeared.
Hands up, or. 1 Are!
Woman was over unreasonable.
Careful Chauffeur
The m.in who gets this position as
my chauffeur must be able to prove
by his record that lle Is a careful
fill drive-, asserted the pompous man.
1 can easily meet your requirements,
replied tho applicant. Seven coron-
er'a Juries have exonerated me of
blamo in fatal accidents.—Buffalo
Cause of His Rise
Your father's name ls being mentioned quite frequently ln the papers
lately, said the freshman.
Yes, replied thc sophomore, he has
beguu to act on my advice.
Plants will grow more quickly lf
a few drops of ammonia be added
once a week to the water with which
they are watered. Tho water should
be lukewarm, not colder than the atmosphere of the room, and the leaves
of the plants should be kept tree from
dust by bolng sponged or syringed.
Yes, my Ron.
When a man talks a great deal
what Is he called?
An or-itor, my hoy.
And when u woinnn talks a good
deal, what Is sho culled?
A nuls'ince.—Yonkers Statesman.
W. N, U. 013
The Country Weaker
Rose Pastor Phelps Stokes, In nn
address on behalf of   a   New   York
country-week charity, lold   u   quaint
A little slum girl, sho said, stood
for the Ilrst time in her life in n
bnrnyn-1—a genuine, old-fashioned
barnyard, with Its ricks, its Inuy cows,
it's plows aud burrows and what-not.
Tho Blum child drank lt nil In delightedly, then gasped, half lo herself,
An' Jest look at tho chickens—ull
rnnnlii' urmind raw!
Tho chump who wanted lo see lf
the cigar cutter wus sharp Is not hulf
on the level Willi tlio fool Hint attempted to buy fence rails ut tho
post olllce.
The young man, loading n dog by
a Btrlng, lounged up to tho ticket
ofllce of a rnilwny stntinu nnd enquired:
Must I—aw—lake a ticket for a
No, ynu enn travel as an ordinary
passenger, was the reply.
I bonr you've got. a Government Job
now, mm mun said to nnuthor,
The other answered gayly:
That's what.
TllO first mun gnvo an envious sigh
and nsked:
Ib It hnrd work?
Not nfter you get It, was Ilio reply.
Wis Completely Cured by Less Than
Three  Boxes of
Women aro very oflou deceived
and mistaken in regard to Kidney
disoaHe. The pains in the back are
attributed to other derangements, and
kidney disease is allowed to nm on
and on until beyond the reach of medical -science.
There te needless suffering, and
life itself is risked, because backache
is not recognized as tho most marked symptom of kidney disease.
There is no treatment which so
quickly relieves and cures kidney
pains in the back as Dr. Chase's I
Kidney-Liver Pills. As proof of
this read  Mrs.   Patterson's letter:—-
Mrs. Richard Patterson, JIaldl-
mand, Gaspe Co., Que., writes: "I
will gladly say that I was cured of
kidney trouble by using Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. Wheu I began
UBlng this medicine I was crippled
with sore back and did not know
what was the trouble. In looking
over Dr. Chase's Almanac I saw
Ur. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills advertised and decided to try them.
"I had not used two lio.\es before
my back was all right, aud before I
had completed the third-box was entirely cured. There has been no
return of the old kidney trouble, and
I therefore believe the cure to be
One pill a dose, 25c. a box, nt nil
dealers or Kdmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited,  Toronto,
Extract from a young lady's letter
from Venice: Last night I lay in a
gondola in the Grand Canal, drinkins
it all lu, and life never seemed so
full befoie.— Llpplncott's,,
Regarded as one of the most po-*[
tent compounds ever introduced with
which to combat all summer complaints aud Inflammation of the
bowels, Dr. J. I). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial has won for Itself a reputation lhat no other cordial for the
purpose can aspire to. For young
or old suffering from these complaints]
it is the best medicine that can be
It Is hard to stop, said the clergyman, when onco you are started on
the down grade.
Oh, I never have any iroublo, said
tho other man, I can back-pedal better than any other man In our club.
Remember, my son that beauty Is
only skin deep, warned tho suge.
That's deep enough for me, replied
tho youu3 man.     I'm no cannibal.
First Deaf Mute—Ho wasn't so
very angry was he?
Second Deaf Mute—He was bo wild
that tho words he used almost blistered his Angers.
$100 Reward, $luu.
Tiie i-M-Wi ot tlili piper will be pleawd to I«rn
thnt there le *t lent one df-tvied tilwme tint leienn
liu been able to care In all its bucm. end that U
Catarrh, Haifa Catarrh Cure Li thc only poaltlvo
cure now kuown to ths medleal fraternity. Catarrh
being a rotutltutlonal iHacatt*. tequiria a ronatitu-
tlonal treatment. Hall'i Catarrh Cure la laken In-
ternallr, art'av direct:*/ upon lhe blood and tuucoiui
nirfan.1 of the ayatem, thereby deeiroylDg tha
'outidatfon ot Ihe dlarant, nA rlvlnit Or- patient
'Irenfth by building u-i the conatitutlon ami aeaiot.
loz nMnrfj In doing Ua work. The propiletora havo
ao much filth In It* curatlm powera that they otter
One Hurulre.1 Dollare for any tnne that ll falle to
•>ure.   Send lor list ot W.ln'.vlais
Art..rrii Y. J. CIIF.NKV * CO  Toledo. O.
So. J by all imiHiaH, .5c.
Take Uill'i Family Pine tat tonsllpatioo.
Miss Vocolo—I'm never happy unless I'm breaking Into song.
Bright Yount, Man—Why don't you
get tho hey and you won't huve to
break In
Father, our daughter Is being courted by a poet.
Is that so, mother. I'll kick him
Not so fast. Investigate flrst and
find out whether he workB for a mag-
.•/.ine or for u breakfast-food factory.
Improving  Conditions on the  Farm
Through Systematic Work
Only a few years back it was the
fashion, whenever conversation turned upon life on the farm, to shake
one's head1 and quote statistics from
tho Insautty records about tho farmer's wife. The hard work, the Isolation, the monotonous existence, did
indeed, prove too much for farm women, and It was out of tho dire extremity of their case that salvation
was evolved. Suddenly the convict-
Ion established itself here and there
about the country that It did not really havo to be, that tho answer was
itot In filling tho asylums, nor yet in
forsaking the farm for tho city, but
in changing farm conditions, socializing the farm as lt were.
In the .as1, decade club women have
become 'leeply Interested. Mrs.
Loylied, out of Minnesota, is reputed
to have aon-3 yeoman service In her
effort to curry club life Into tho rural
districts. And city women have
grown keen over the little farm Idea.
Around every large town little farm
projects fare on the increase. Clinton j
M. Shults, editor of the Farm World,
of Chicago, says that In a most positive way women are lending their
Influence to tho spread of the llttlo
farm idea. They are becoming land I
owners to an extent never before !
known in this or any other country.'
Most Important and most fur-
reaching of all movements along this!
lino of deepening Interest in farm j
life has been, according to the New
Vork Post, the organization of the International Congress of Farm Women,
'Ihe originator of tho plan, Mrs. John
T. Burns, evolved it out of her work
with her husband, who is secretary of
thc International Dry-Farming Congress in his labors for the advancement of the new agriculture.
The organization of these industrious, self-.-uerideing, toiling, energetic,
long-stiff u-lng, yet patient women is
a wonderful thing the moro ono
thinks of it, for they have been working away quietly at their varied tasks
at home without any oue making any
special plans to assist them, or concerning themselves very much about
Ihelr welfare and well-being. Within
the last few years, however, the better country life agitation and the improvement of hygienic and sanitary
condition-, of the homes of all lands
have advanced with a tremendous
force behind them—backed by the
scholarly men and women of all nations, whoso aim has bcen to do something of lasting benefit to humuanlty.
The objects of the Congress are to
Improve -he conditions, financial, physical, social and spiritual of agricultural homes. It aims to understand
more completely the signitlcanco of
the farm to the life of the nations and
the dlgniiy of the position of the farm
woman as co-worker In tho most potential and far-reaching of the national industries; to increase conservation of energy through Intercourse
and observation of procc.isei.; under-
si and ing of the modern appliances and
education In scientific management of
work; to develop further the home
through '-rnfeivnce with authority experts on dairy methods, poultry culture, kitchen gardening, improved
methods of equlplng the house, problems of nutrition, children's welfare.
Industrial education, Including home
economics, the Increase and proper
use of leisure and the stimulation
of social Intercourse In rural commuu*
I ties, This organization stands for
a more general state and national
support Mid encouragement of institute and extension work among farm
The officers of this, Its second year,
are: President, Mrs. Byrtha L. Sta-
vert, editor o'f Country Life In Canada, Winnipeg, Munltoba; vice-presidents—Miss Irma K, Mathews, superintendent of Women's Institute,
Oklahoni i Agricultural College, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mrs. Clark W.
Kellcy, Devils Luke, N.D.J Mrs. John
A. Wldstoe, Logan, Utah; secretary-
treasurer, Mrs. John T. Burns, Lethbrldge, Alberta.
The Congress will open Oct. 22,
during tho week of the International
Dry-Farming Congress, and lis sessions will be held In Knox Church
one of the largest and finest edlllces
iu Lethbrldge The program Is fast
materializing, and lt Is announced
(hat Boine FiO speakers ot world renown will address the convention.
About one-third of tho world's product of olg Iron Is accounted for In
the United Kingdom, United States
nnd Germany.
The Northern Trusts Company
Thll company acti tn tlio capacity ot
:".i:ii we shall bo glad tn forward copy of   our    booklet    'duuik-Lai.,
ibeut Trusts, Trustee, and Trust Companies." on request
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Changs of Food Brought Success and
An ambitious but ilolloato girt, nftor
fullliiK tc Ko tlirouiih Bchool on account of net-vousnosfl and hystorlai
found In Orape-NutB the only thins
Unit Boomc-d to build hei* up und turn-
IhIi her tho poaoo of health,
"From Infancy," Bho nnyn, "I lmvo
not bo.'i Btrotlg. Bolng ninblllonB
lo lourn nt any cottt I Dually aot to
lho lllk'li School, lun sunn hud to
abandon iry studio-, on account of
norvotis prostration and liyslerlu.
"My food did not ni-ree with me,
I ri-ow thin uiu'. despondent. I
could not cnloy the simplest Hoelnl
affair for I Buffered constantly from
nervousness In aplto of all Hurts of
"This wretched condition continued
until I wan twenty-five, when 1 became interested in the letters of
thoso who hud cases like mine nnd
who wero Kottlnj- woll by eallng
Cl rape-Null-.
"I had llttlo fi.it.lt but procured a
box and niter tlio first dish I experienced a peculiar hiiIIhIIciI feeling that
1 bud nevi r gained from any ordinary
food. I Hlept and rested bolter that
night and in u few days beniin lo
grow stronger.
"I hud n uew feollng of peace and
roBttiilneBi). lu u few weeks, to my
l-reiit. Joy. tin* Itendaohoes and ncrv-
oiisiiobs left mo and life hneiime
bright nud hopeful. I resumed my
fIndies mul Inter tutiglit. ten monllis
wiiii ease—of courso iming drupe-
NutB every duy. It In now four
years allien I bogatl to uhi- (irnpe-
Nuts, I am lho nihilreas of a happy
home, and tin. old weakness hns
never r.ilnniid." Nnmo given liy
Canadian Postum Oo,, Windsor, (int.
"There's u reiiHun." Howl Ihe little book. "The Road to Wcllvlllo," in
Ever read the above letter? A
new one eppeara from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human interest.
Indignant Guest—You ought to be
arrested, you said thero were bass
and plck'Ti'l In this lake.
Keat Vlaven Prop.—Waal, there's
un old Indian legend tn that effect.
Still Happy
Freddie—What's an optimist, dad?
Cobwlgger—He's  tho   fellow   who
doesn't know what's coming to him.
(inbblelon—Kd'sou declares 11.ul
four hours' Bleep per night Is enough
it any mau.
Kidder—By Jove! That Is exactly
wlmt my baby thtul.'s.—Judgo.
timid—A do,-, Unit riina under a carriage is called a can-luge dog,  isn't
Well, whut would you call one Unit
runs under an autorgoblle?
Why, a dead dog.
Village Constable (to vlllngor. who
has been knocked down hy passing
motor eycllstj—You didn't seo the
number, but could you swear to thc
Villager— I did, but I don't think
'o 'crd mc.
Why does a ent chase her tall?
I suppose It is because a eat, being
strictly g domestic animal, wants to
make lulli   ends   meet.— Iialilmore
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for     ^
They have a true safety bate
head,  witb silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy'i Matohea Iut* utlsllad Ca»
Balms sicca llll—accept no ether*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards.   Wood Pails and   Tubs.
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Good Aim
I mot. your fnllipr l:.:it. even,iir anil]
ipoko to him about our being nuir-
Did lm Htrike you favorably*?
Well, not pxactly favorably, but
rathor a'-'i.i.rntuly.-—.1iu1k<'.
Not so Clever
A man Isn't as {-mart as l»o tiiii
bo Ih.     Any'timo bo m..w.8ps to i
a Rirl U is becauso she wants to
on I
.     I have written a short story, t.
" ' ' tho amateur literary  person.
What Is tho difference between the      What Is tho first step to take
hark of a tree and the bark of a (log1!: se.Hi.K it'.'
Ono I*, the bark of a bough and the,     Uuy 510 worth of stamp;-
other Is the bark of a bow-wow
Good Amendment
Two Httle glrla, says the Bbstoti
Ulobe, wore hurrying to school in Par-
ton, Kas., fearful lest thoy would not
arrlvo there until after the lust bell
had rung for the morning session.
One said. "Let's kneel right down und
pray that we won't bo tardy."
Oh, no, said thn olher, let'fl hike on
to sehool and pray while we're hlk-
An American tourist, in pricing tea
In a Chinese store in Shanghai, waa
surprised to find that he could pur-
cha-io five pounds of a certain kind
of tea for $2, but that If be bought
Ion pounds the price would be %». Tho
American argued with the Chinaman
>hat such an arrangement was ridiculous, but the proprietor of thc afore
Insisted that logic, was on hla aide.
Moro buy, moro rich. More rich,
more can pay, ho explnined.
Figuring the Cost
Guest—That's a beautiful rug. May
I ask how much It cost you?
Host—Klvo hundred dollars, A
hundred and. fifty for it and the rest
lor furniture to match.
California consumes a   very   small
portion of the fruit sbo grows.
...   51i) worth of stamp?, adv
old hand at the business.
Young Oayloy—I say Mr. Pills, ran
you—aw—give me something to—aw
—brighten me up, donchor know?
Mr. Pills—You're lu the wron;;
place, sir.—This is a chemist's sliup,
not a night school.
Before you wero married lie said ho
would go through fire aud water for
you, didn't ho?
1 thought ho did, but I think now
he must havo meant firewater.—
Houston Post.
Ikey—Fader,   what's   superfluo-.K?
Pat lier—Wearing   a   necktie    ven
you've got a beard, Ikey.
Tho letter I Is a curious part or
speech. At first a more letter It
becomes a pronoun.
Yes, replied the plain poison, and
then U gets to be a habit.—Washington Star.
Yes, said Tom Poorman, I've been
Invited to her wedding, but I'm not
Uut, urged his friend, do you think
you can afford to have your abs<'nco
Better thaq I can afford to have my
presents notice.!.     That's the trouble.
Baths for Birds ,
Polly havo a bath! Polly have a
bath. Tbe reiterated cry came from
a largo grern parrot, who stood In a
tin basli full ot water ecstatically
Happing Ma Hcarlet-llooked wings.
Pew people who keep bird pels
know how to prevent them from languishing during the summer beat. Little do they Imagine that big and small
birds alike aro simply longing with
all Ihelr liny hearts for a cold bath-
Tholr owners. It Is true, supply their
small prisons with water lu a llttlo
glass vmo{ but thoso aro for drink-
lug purposes uot for the luxury of a
restoring and Indiscriminate splash.
Kvery Well-behaved bird knows retribution, swift and sure, follows a mark
cn Hie oarpet. \
Now let (hose who really lovo tholr
feathered friends provido lilllo swimming Imths for lho birdies. They
must, of (.nurse, vary according lo tho
bird's BUG- WIiQTOUS a pudding-basin wuuld flO com mo (la to a canary, a
parrot would roqulro bo mo thing moro
commnilt. us.
Then placo the bird In his cage
where hu can gambol unmolested. In
(ho bpek yard, on Ilio lawn, or on
Lhe aoulUry floor nro equally good po
fltlons. Anyone who knows anything of birds knows Hint, although
, inartlcuJat'-.  .hey appreciate comfort.
Dry Philosophy
Mon an' wlmmln  is different,
pnrty much nil boys am erllko.
It's a uilghiy bard matter for ns
to soo the bail points In a thief who
Is willing to hnd us money, or tho
good points In an honest man who
has refused to do us a fnvor. Human
nature Is a Weak rascal, anyhow.
lt Isn't what a man ls Unit makes
iiim happy; It's what ho thinks ho is.
As we prepare our women to understand llie functions of homomnklng
and our men to manage farms. Just
In lhat degree will our Nation be
able to compote with other nations.—
Mrs.  NY.Ilo McOIUUg, Winnipeg.
Hadn't Fallen—Yet
Mu/, iiiiil you hear lho BlOplflddor
wheu it tumbled over?
No, darling. 1 liopo papa didn't
Not yet; bo's still hanging on lo
lhe picture molding.
Big Enterprise
Why don't you lako a part lu poll*
1 never tako a part lu anything replied  Mr.   Dn Hh  BtOX.       My  rule Is
all or nothing.—Washington m*--'-
lohnny on the Spot
Johnny, said the tonohor, write a
VOIItoncO using the words, horse s''ii*o\
Johnny wrote  one night pa forgot
to lock Mio Btnblo and he hasn't BOOH
hte horno House.- Kansas City Slur.
1 think 1 must havo bcen horn un*
What Pinkos you say that?
Well, for Instance. 1 went to a crb'k-
et miuC'i °tmo. Thero wero twmty-
two player* on thb!.''**l. two umpiroB
and ten thousand persons iouk'1"1 cn»
and-tho ball hit mc;
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
JOHNSON BROS.  Proprietors A. A. JOHNSON. Manager
"Where Everybody Goes"
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, January 25th—Matinee & Evening
All the Pictures next are
Specially Attractive
Don't Fail to Come and Hear the New Orchestra
It may be that yonr eyes are becoming: weak aud you are afraid
to acknowledge it. I hat ia the
way with a good many people,
both old and young. The young,
particularly, seem afraid to admit
their failing sight, but it la no
novelty nowadays and certainly
no di.sgrace. We will lemedy
any defective eyesight and gimi-
autee satisfaction. Oelaya aie
dangerous   Come today
Jewelers & Opticians
(   Chaa    McNabb, ol Waldo, was    lu
: town Wednesday.
4'MIMMI IH-W-H4-H I *,   ■4^^^^H^^^•^-^•^^l-H-H•^-H-^!   ™ c  Loasby, or Slolar, is  thn.
i    : week the guest ot Mrs. Dooiuu
4» f !   (i    W   Donaho-o, o( Wardner     wii-s
T T i in town  Tuesday
R   I.   r  Uaibruitb, o! Fort Steele,
Indian a.n--'ut.  WIS in town Tuesday
J f 	
Hairy Mathers returned homo from
*■ IMedical Lako Saturday ou the Flyer
|    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hall were   re-
: gistored at the Cranbrook Monday,
Chas. Pye    was at Trail this week
un business.
+ 4*
Stock Bigger than Ever.   A
full Car Load just Unloaded
Many Patterns
Many Prices
We paid 10 per eent more for our
stock this year but are selling at
the same price as last year.
Floor il Cloth 35c      sq yd
inoleum 6 ft wide   55c       "   "
..     ,,    ,2 ..     ..      62 ,_2  ,.   „
Mrs. A. C llnrshaw will trnt receive until further uotice.
Mrs Fra.uk McMahon, oi Kimherley, was shuppins in Oriinhrook
| E. Elwell, of Benin and Elwell, left
on Tuesday on a business trip to
*************. -H-H--H -fr HH-l+H-i+H
*****4********+*++******+**+*+4 I I | | M I I I Uiti-t-H-l-H-l
Fot a I.icvn.se to Tako and Use Water
that Oeorge W Bade, ol Milton
Oregon,   will npplj i..r ,i licento    to
take an.l use one and three-lifths
miners feet ol «au-r out <.( Ilooth
'.'reek, wlnrli flows [n a nortberl)
direction through l.ot OtS-l and emp-
tiea int.. Si Man's Rjvei near Wyclllle. I The water will bo diverted at
a point U75 y.irds south ot th.- somh
lm.- af l.ot tilii-l in u iiinlier reserve
formerly covered hy Timber License
No, al°07, nnd will b»- used foi Irrigation purpose* on the Innd lies-
craked as Lot mi.i
This    notice   was posted on      Un-
ground on the   2Htli day ol January, .
191,,        The application will tie liled !
in the    ofllce ot    the Watol  Itecoiilei
at Cranhrook, II  ('
Objections   may  be died   wllh the ''
Water    Ifeconler or    with the Comp-
Iroller ol    Water  Rights, I'mllaiii.nl
IliiililinnH,  Vlctoriu, II   U
(I   W   Italic,  Applicant
by 11. li   Knight, Agent    .'-',- '
Fot .i I.ii'-use to Take and Use Water
that    Oeorge   W    Bade, ol   Milton,
Orer-ou, will apph for a license to
lake and use one and Ibree-llftlis
cubic feet of water out of an unnamed swamp creek rising in lt Mm-
her reserve formerly covered by Timber I.'cense No. 21807, winch flows
in a northerly direction through Lot
tfllil and empties Into Booth Creek
near the north line ol Lot 91(14    The
Water will l,e diverted at a point
..on yards south ot lhe south line oi
Lot iiiiil mul will he us'-i tor irrigation purposes mi tin* land descrlhed
as  l.ot fl 1 Af,
lln.. notloe was post.il on the
ground on the until day ot January,
I'll.'l The application will in- filed
in tin- oiiicc .,1 tin- Wain Recorder
at Cranbrook, n. c
Objections mav be filed with 111.'
Wator Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, it  C
II    W   Hade, Applicant '
by 11. U   Knight. Agent.   6-6« |
Monday ami Tuesday.—-The speck-
ted Band, by Sir A. Conau Doyle,
the initial production of the Sherlock Holmes master. Mystery series.    - reels
The Days ol Terror A film picturing the French Heviihtlrur, terrible with slrife lor supr ,-icy      of
powor, tin: masses against. the
classes and vice versa.
Wednesday and Thursday.—Sarah
Itatnh.'iiill   in  "Ln Tosen."     2 Piels
'Mi.' Sphinx       2 reels.
Friday and .Saturday.—Tht Mysterv
Ol Hi. Ilnilir of Notre Dame, by Sli
a  Coiiaii Doyle    .1 reels
Pope I'iiis X und thn Vatican
Local  News
Home of tlifl Calendars for this
vfl-ir am genuine works of Art t ml
well worth framing—H1SMICMIIHU-
Kllby Prunes Pictures.
W. H. Wilson was in .Spokane this
week, on business. He returned on
Chester O. Staples, of Wycllffo,
was in the city on business Wednesday
Alei. Taylor, of Klmberley, was
transacting business at Cranbrook
Mr. and Mrs. If. L. Sawyer, ot
Marysville, were Cranbrook visitors
Oeorge .ludd, who has been in West
Kootenay on business, returned to
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Walsh and son, of
Fort Steele, were Cranbrook visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Raworth, of Lethbridge, Alta., are spending a few
days in town.
Wo upholster furniture at reasonable prices.—F and F., Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mlcllre, oi Medicine Hat, are visiting her sister,
Mrs. Wm. Mackenzie,
OIRL WANTF.D.-For light house
vork. Apply at Niblock and Barker's tailoring store. 5
Mr and Mrs. T. O. Clark, of Wy-'
cliffc, spent Sunday last In Cram-
W. E. Worden has thirty men employed in calling Ice. He eipeets
to harvest about two thousand tons.
In the hockey game on Wednesday
night thc Rovers defeated the C.P.R.
team by u scote uf t—'t.
The Fink Mercantile Co. closed
their store on Friday afternoon on
account ol stock taking.
Mrs. N. A. Walllnger and Miss
Skinner were visiting In Spokane
this week.
Horn—At tile Cottage hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. A. Musser, January
'Wth, a daughter
Horn.—At the Cottage hospital to
iMr. ami Mrs. II. I„ Lodge, January
.list, n son.
Horn.—At the Cottage hosnltnl to
Mr. and Mrs. A C. Blaine, January1
-'list, a son.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. C. Itowness returned Thursday Irom a short visltl
to Spokane
The plunlng mill of the King Lumber company resumed operations on
Mr. and Mrs. J. If. Julian, ol Edmonton, were Crnnbrook visitors
I'liius-Iay j
W. (laltamorc was badly shaken up
by falling from a plank while unloading coal from a car in the C.P,
R   yard en Monday night
Visiting teams from Crnnhrook,
Golden, Athalmer and Inverinerc are,
expected to compete at the Wilmer
bonspiel next week
D. MncFailaiie, nl Klmherley,
bookkeeper for tin- Taj lor Lumber
company, was iu town Wednesday on
company business.
Mis Fred Ego, Mis II. MoKcn-
zie and Mr. and Mrs. II. Humble, ot
KimlK'tley, were Cranbrook visitors
Wm. Fink, ot the Cosmopolitan
hotel, who has been visiting (rieiuls
ul. Spokane, roturnod to Cran-
hriwok Thursday.
The hockey match at Ferine this
wool" would have been better bad It
uot brou tor lhe lact lhat a number
of the players bad cold feel
tl t. Jewell, ot Jaffray, piesideut
of tht- Jewell Lumber company, was
transaoting   business   in   Cranbrook
C 11 MoDougali, ol I'liulieiley,
manage] of the Sullivan mine, was
transacting business al Cranhrook
fno annual meeting ol tho Agricultural association will he held on
Tuesday, February llth in the city
hall for the purpose of electing officers (or the ensuing year
I'he Edison theatre tonight will
show the following Alms: The I'tck-
uuiiic ami the Watermelon; 'I'he Shor-
iff's Adopted Sort, and tho Idol
Muller & Hesse, tho proprietors ot
the new Cranbrook Hrowery hnve
■riven a contract to W. E. Worden
for 500 tons of iee The now Brewt
ery is located on Hospital Creek,
north ot town.
The Young People's Social club ot
Knox Presbyterian church drove out
to Mr. McClure's ranch on Tuesday
evening, January 28th. A very enjoyable time was spent by all present
which numbered about forty.
V. Hyde Itaker, Geo. Hoggarth
and N. Hanson will tea-e C'ran'irook
tomorrow on an   extended trip     to
points in California.    They will    he
away about six weeks.
The Cranbrook Lawn Tennis club
gave a very successful dance and
social in the Masonic hall on Wednesday night. About forty couples
were in attendance.
With the construction of tho Kootenay Central railway -during tho
current year, the people of Cranbrook nnd district are looking forward to a prosperous year.
Mr. C. C. Connolly, chief clerk in
thc superintendent's office, C.P.R.,
spent a fow days in Calgary this
week along with Superintendent A.
C. Harshaw.
will pay cash for one hundred yards
of Gravel or Clean Earth, delivered
as directed—See W. R. Beatty.    It.
Mrs. Scth Ryckman entertained a
number of ladies nt her home on
Itaker Hill January 28th. A contest took place during the afternoon
the prim being won by Miss McBride.
Thc managers of the Edison
theatre announces s|ieclal features
uext week: Tho Bandits of Paris,
Exploits of Your Butler, and the
Starbucks.    All three reel flints.
The annual financial statement of
tho Methodist temperance and moral
reform department shows that Fernie put up (5 and Cranhrook Sit.tin to
assist, in tiie good work
A pedestrian on Thursday night
slipped on thc icy .(ridownlk and
thrust his elbow through thn big
plate glass window of the Cosmopolitan hotel ofllce.
Brake, Duriek Ave
J.   S.
Col. Oeorgo W. florth.-il siys:
"That an ocaii-gaing ship will pass
from one ocean to the other, through;
the Panama Canal, before the end ol
thc current year."
James Cronln, of Spokane, lho discoverer of tho famous St. Eugene
mine at Moyie, passi-d llirougli Cranbrook, Tuesday en route tu Iils ranch
In Alberta.
A sleighing party will be held in
connection with the Mothodlst Epworth Loigiic next February 'th.
Sleighs leave the church at 7.1">
o'clock. Tickets Including supper at
Fort Ht'.-lo 7!i cents. Come unit
bring a friend.
VV, Hint ley, who was takon to the
hospital nbout ten dnvs n'o suffering
Irom appendlrills, uud who was operated on, died on Sunday Inst. Tho
remains were takon lo the depot
Mondnv and Bhipped to Alberta tor
W.   w.   KILRY
P.O. Box IM Oraabrook. B.C.
The Greatest Care
has been exercised in selecting these sponges and loofahs.
They are consequently good, of the
finest texture through and through—no
rough or bad spots. Low grade sponges
and loofahs soon tear—these are guaranteed
to last many years under fair conditions.
Come    in    today    and    inspect    them.
Company, Limited
"The Rexall Store"
HERE 19 an oil-burning lamp which produces a flood of
pure, w'.ite Hght—more brilliant than i;n* or electricity
—yet wonderfully mellow and easy on the eyes, lt is simple
and safe, clean and noiseless, does not fill the room with obnoxious, unheal thfulodors.  Tohave abetter lighted home, with in
Aladdin Mantle Lamp
fill icr-tallr coil rou tioiMne.   tt will pay lor Itself In the ull it saves.   I am
lhe Ijenl for the Mantle Lanip Compar-jr of America and am telling ,->u whit I
know to he ab.<olme facts.    Professor Roccri, of Leu-is Institute, Chicago, made
." a comparative test of all Ihe leading oil-buninj, lamps on the market—an I Ihe
Aladdin wai fo-ii.it to civcthe t-esl l-i.it and the must e cnn oni it-a I to ute. But you
don't need lo accept these itfong itatemenit on iny wotd only.   All 1 ask il lhe oppotlunity to provs
them at my own il.k,   I will he ghd to let you
TRY an Aladdin Lamp in Your Home Before You Buy
I lornlih Tabid, Bracket,Hanutng, Wall and Chandelltf fjpr.of lamp.—in fact Aladdin t-ampi for erttf
purpose. Just drop me a pr»t mid ami lirrtplrsi). yotiare Interested, I'll ts glad i>'*ti:ii» tv. AladjinLsmpio
ninl.v you and Icare in rcur hc-ic to use & ....;■■■ or two, entirely without obflljailoa,   Mtii lie card today.
**** ********
I Milk Milk Milk
Hillside Dairy
Experience has taught us every |iie-iau-
tion necessary for the | rroch i tir r ol lie
highest gra * ol milk.
We feel sun- that one trml wil   | r< vi  il is.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone-"Hillside Dairy," Box 373
Milk can always be obtained from
l-l 11 * M III 11111 ■!- I-I"! *** ************** llllll I*
That Stove makes me
Have to take off my
coat and sit in my
shirt sleeves to be
comfortable. I stopped putting in coal
two days ago, pulled
out the check draft
nnd yet it keeps on
heating with a grim
determination. The
dealer I bought it
from guaranteed it
to heat my house in
the coldest wtather.
It does, an then some
more. I rath r think
it would heal the fr tit
yard if I gave it a
fair v.-hanc . I he name
of it is 'Hard S rviee'
ami I bought   t from
Goats for Sale
i Nannie Gnat     -     $25.00
1 Young Hillie      -     $10.00
Apply P. 0. Drawir "M"
Cranbrook, B.C.
Liquor 11 ubit Cured
iu Three Days
No tlyimrluriiil.i Inj.'i'iiou.   Henri
fur  friiu lin'klel
Box 335 Cronlirook, B C.
Cor P.nwiek Ave ft K.iins St.
tkmamoaa x <    . > 1
ii,. 1
11 1
F. Parks &Co.
Local people are eurprl e,d at the
QUICK remits received from ilmple
buckthorn turrit, glycerine, etc., aa
mlseti In Adler-1-ka, tio Germiin remedy which heenme fsmoiia by curing
appendlcltla. De ttle-Murphy Co.,
etutea that thla simple remedy antl-
septlrl?M the dl esti-.e - stem and
drnwB or) ths Impurities so thoroughly th.it A BINOI.B DORM relieves
Hour stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. 43-St
   ScobelPs Liquor, Tobacco
elect,ic Restorer for Mm* __&k_W*$Z£
Phosphonol «"Jor" \vminant in ths bx
'■■■-——. to lln |iropet tension 1 rflttorc*,
fim mnl vitality, rrmi-uiiiio.l-vnv nttrl Ml aeiUK
ffnakiianu ■viTlctl at cmo Flioi|i(inuol wlH
nukn voii a nuw man.   l'ii.t 18 ■ \mn.M two M
Alccliol, Tnhficco nntl I'tui".
cltrtil   Blm- It   In.lunllv
'mitntnllr dfi-
1 thi iHd lor
'Diittficli tie
■-- *9 ill crivlngi.
AMr IdkIiii; Ihi trcntim-nt tin >•■ * ill nevfrbfliny
ni'fd 1 "limit intoxicrtitBorusciliuitaiifiln. Cu
be (fivuo jrcfily. vie hm yel to hour of oni
I ilinc.   M.iilrtl nnntT ii'jnitato cover to anyed*


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