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The Prospector Apr 19, 1913

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Array We Test Eyes _]
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in the
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APRIL   19th.
Hon. W. R. Ross Visits at
Able and Efficient Minister of Lands Reflects Credit
On Whole Province
The Hon. William Roderlek Rosa,
Minister ot Lands, spent a few days
In Cranbrook laat week looking alter
the interests ol the Department ot
which ho Is the very ublo hoad. Mr.
Ross, wo know na a big man physically, big mentally and big hearted,
hut the speech ho delivered ln Parliament on tho land policy ol the
Government marks him as a roan pob-
(ased ol the highest ability to grapple with groat questions which are so
vitally interesting to all British Columbia. A constituency which haa the
honor and possesses the intelligence
to elect a gentleman llko W. R. Ross
does more than credit to Itself, It
contributes fully as much to the welfare of tho whole Province. Men forget that when electing a representative to parliament they are not serving their own district nnd ita special
interests only, but tbe interests of
thc wholo Province. A constituency
whose voters' list Is made up ol deluded fanatics so gullible ns to be
made tools of by designing usurpul-
oub demagogues, pay little attention
to Its own or the country's interests.
A few districts in British Columbia
nre of this sordid sort, hut they are
not of the agricultural class or ol
nify class of selfrespectlng or intelligent peoplo. Tho dry rot of socialism has infected too many who abuse
tho privilege of having their names
put on the voters' list. Mr. Rosa in
the introduction to his splendid
speech, made reference to the "honorable gentleman," who occupied the
position ol leader ol the opplsltion,
"who either by the arrogance of his
position, or by the fortuitous accident which places him there, placed
ln auch a position, it is the first ol
hlB duties to pay serious attention to
the serious business ol the Government and not to treat matters ln the
supercilious way that ho treated the
amendments to the Forest Act."
Nover have the great resources ot the
province been treated, aa they are by
tho present Government. Wo must
not overlook tho fact that on account ot tho great variety ot the conditions ol climate and elevation to
assiga any particular locality lor the
purposes of growing cereals, fruit or
anv other ot tho products ot the coll.
The lnlluenco of both climate and elevation regulate conditions. Thero is
no reason why British Columbia
should import butter, beef or egga. It
ls to be hoped tbat under tbe guidance ol tho Land Department this
state of thinga may bo overcome.
There ls another branch of the service for which we cannot sufficiently
commend tbe present government.
The Forestry Act has not come any
too soon. The careless destruction
ol the toresta of North America
amounts to untold millions. British
Columbia, up to the present had been
visited by tho most destructive torest tires, Tho valuo ot tbo trees thus
destroyed, was hitherto regarded as
ot no moment. Now the government
had faithlul and competent men selected and appointed to seo that no
llros are allowed to spread through
carelessness or design an have pro
vailed in tbe past, Tho province has
In its timber an asset not represented in its untold valae. Most of the
groat timber limits of tho east are
now practically denuded of its trees.
The pulp Industry is a growing one
and will be an Important industry ln
this province. The future prosperity
ot the country Is In tho hands ol our
present-day legislators. Posterity will
reap the benolits ot the wise preservation ot tho forests that are today,
but Insignificant. Tho hills that appear useless tor hitman habitation
have on their surface and possibly in
their depths, the source nt untold
wealth. The Free Pre-emption Policy ls a long step ahead and deserves
praise for its liberal amendments.
Mr. Ross's speech Is published in a
neat pamphlet and should be read by
everyone taking a lively interest in
tbe prosperity of the country.
Nab Three for Fraud
With pockots, suitcases and trunks
filled with blank deeda, promises to
purchase shares ol atock In tbe Anglo-Canadian Savinga and Trust Co.
ol Pernio, B.C., rubber stamps bearing tbe name of the company, pads
and other paraphenalla alleged to
have been uaed in a swindling game
at Fernie, three men wore arreated
laat night hy local police detectives
on telegraphic Information from Cblef
Conotable A. C, Minty of Fornle.
JamoB Davidson, Ed. Williams and
Fred V. Peacock are the men hold
awaiting the arrival ot offlcoro from
Britiah Columbia officers allege ln
telegrams to Chief ol Police W. J.
Doust that the tbree mon operated a
awlndllng game, having victimised,
ao tbey declare, downs ol widows
and people ol moderate means during
tbe last three* months, obtaining In
the neighborhood ol $16,000 tor atock
in the company. Shares were aold
at  110 each.
According to the telegram received from Conotable Minty. the
men are accused on one charge of securing money by falae preteneea from
Julia Kolbua Michel, a widow, after
paying ber MOO and giving bor »1M0
In stow n tho bank aa the balance
ol tbe payments ou _ valuable lot ln
Vancouver, B.C.
Tho telegram otatea that warranto
huve boon Issued lor tho men ami
tbat offlcoro will start Irom Fernle
Monday morning to return tho men
to Brltieb territory.
Peacock,   who   was  arrested at   6
o'clock by Detective Fenway, Informed the chlel tbat he would return to
Canada without extradition pnpers.
"Tho charge is all a mistake." said
Rd Williams, when taken before Captain of Pollco William Weir last
He refused to discuss the situation
further. When searched at the police
station Davidson carried a heavy rubber stamp two Inches square bearing
tho words, "Accepted April 13, 1913,
the Anglo-Canadian Savinga and
Trust Company, Ltd., Fernie, B. C."
"Theso mon bave bcen followed
throughout tho northwest tor several
weeks," aald Chief Doust last night.
"Detective Cecil Thompson bos spent
14 houra without a wink ol sleep or a
bite to oat watching lor thom."
Williams nnd Davidson were arrested at 11 o'clock last night by Detectives Thompson, Edwards and Har
rls, while eroding Riverside avenue
at tho Old National bnnk building.
Tbe trio were identified hy a yellow
flag worn on the lapel of the coat ot
Jamea Davidson, E. Williams and
Fred V. Peacock, ol tho Anglo-Cann-
dian Truot Co., whn were arrested 1n
Kro'iane for being engaged In a
awlndllng game, passed through
Oranbrook Tueoday night In charge nf
Constable Gorman, enroute to Fernle.
A meeting of the Cranbrook Turf
Association waa hold In tho Council
Chamber on Wednoaday night. There
was a lalrly large attendance, and It
waa tbe universal opinion ol those
present that a ruco-mcet obould be
b'ld on May  14'b.
Tbe following officers wore elected
President—Dr. Rutledge.
Vice President-.!. P. Kink.
Bec.-Troaa.—T. M. Roberts..
Following are tho commlttoea ap-
Flnance—Messrs. Bowness, Russell
and Matheson.
Programme—W. B. Worden, D. Burton, J. Brown and 3. F. Campbell.
Advortlslng-J. P. Fink, W. 8. Santo and J. Thompson,
Grounds-J. Brown, F. Da7all and
V. Liddleoat.
A committee was then appointed to
confer with tbe Directors of tbo Agricultural Association in regard to securing the grounda.
It Is the intent'on ol the Aasocla
tlon to make the event one worthy ol
a progressive city like Cranbrook. A
largo number ot local horaea will he
entered, and a cup and a cash prise
bung up.
For outside horars cash prima will
be givon, and It Is oipocted that a
largo numbor of horaea from Edmonton, Calgary, and other prairie towns
will be entered.
Conservatives Make GainsFavor Mr R F Green For
Portofolio of Mines
Alberta Election Retains Liberals in Power but with
Greatly Reduced Majority
(Special to The Prospector).
LETHBRIDGE, April 18-Thc result of the provincial election In Alberta today lo the return ot tho Slf-
ton Government with a largo, tbough
reduced majority. The last available figures gave the Liberals 33;
Conservatives 18 and ono independent
Liberal. Two seats. Pembina and
Cloarwntor, have not reported. Premier Rlfton is elected by a majority
ot ::<» o,i Vermillion, but Ib defeated in Macleod. Attorney-General
Cross ls elected In Edmonton, but
will have a close call la Hdson. Hon.
C.  R.  Mitchell,   Minister  of  Public
Works, is defeated In Medicine Hat
by Mayor Spencer, but tbo Liberals
claim that country polls may cut
down the load against him. Calgary's three seats havo gene straight
Conservative ond Edmonton has two
Conservatives to one liberal. In Rod
Peer, Edward Mlchener, leader of tip
ipposltton, bos a majority ot 87, but
there are still a number ot polls to
be beard from.
The following Is the summary up
to midnight loot night:
Liberals, Boar River, St. Paul, Alexander, Vormllllon, Vegrevllle, Victoria, Edmonton, St. Albert, Leduc,
Wetaaklwln, Ponoka, OamroBe, Sedge-
wick. Ribstone, Coronation, Stettler,
Lacombe, Olds, Grouard, Sturgeon,
Dldabury, Handbills, Acadin, Bed
Cllffe, Bow Valley, Glclehen, Cochrane, Nanton, Little Bow, Taber,
Oardston, Clarcsholme, total,   3S.
Conservatives, South Edmonton,
Lac St. Anne, Stony t'lalu, Edson,
Wninwilght, Red Deer, Innlsfoll,
North, Soutb and Central Oalgary,
OkotokB, Rocky Mountain, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Plncher Creek,
High River, Mncleod, Kdmouton. Total   18. Independent, Wbiteford
Clearwater and Pembina to hear
Canadian Institute of Mining Engineers   Adopt   Unanimous Resolution — I'ortofolio Needed
Meeting of City Fathers
Turns Down   Application  of Fair Association for
Donation—Other Business Transacted
A meeting of the City Council m t
In tbe Council Chambers on Monday,
April Uth, to pftSH the nccouatsMo!'
the month o( Mnrch and to transact
any other busings which waa brought
before it.
With Mayor Bowness presiding -.•.1
Hupported by Aldermen Ward, Leaa'.,
Kennedy, Carr and Clapp, the meeting waa called to order ut 2 p.m.
The motion of Aldermen Ward and
Kennedy that the minutes of the laat
regular and special meetings were
read and adopted*—carried.
A communication was read from
thc Agricultural Association, asking
for n grant from the City toward the
Fall Fair which is to he held In Sep*
ember of this year. The Mayor A.
C. Bowness, in his remark., thereon,
wished It to be placed on record that
he doesn't believe the present officers
of the association were legally elected. At the meeting at which the ol-
_ction_.of the ofllcers took place there
was a large number of persons present, who did not belong to the association, and who voted on their election; it was only after the election
had taken place that membership
dues wore taken and consequently several new members joined. "For myself I do not think a grant should be
made, owing to the unbusineas-llke
methods used in the fair* promotion
of the last two years."
They were only advised a short
time ago by the government official,
Hon. Price Ellison, that money
should not be granted to any Association outside of tho City limits,
with the possible exception of the
Farmer's Institute.
Moved by Aldermen Ward and CT*pp
that the communication be received
nnd the City Clerk notify the Agricultural Association that we are not
in a position tbls year to donate
them any assistance.—Carried.
Tbe finance committee presented
tbeir report and recommended tbe fol-
.owing accounts to be paid:—
Prince May_Wed Olga
London, -It la oald hero that contl-
dentin) negotlnti. nn aro on toot for
an ultimate tn.'.rrli..-.* hetwoen tt...
Prince ot Waloo and tbe (Irnnd Duel,
cos Olga, oldoat daughter ot tho Otar,
It le aald that it had been arrnngod
for thorn to meet for the flrat time
at Herdooro, a charming uenoldo villa. Jointly owned by Queen Alexandra
and the Empress ol Rinwin. Tho villa io nn tho ohoro of Klumpenhourg
liay, halt nn hour from Copenhagen.
It to aloo oald that the Prince mny
viait St. Petersburg and remain nt
the winter palace tor aome time during the court season there.
Two otate ball., nt Rucklnghnm Palace are provisionally arranged lor
.lino. For the express event about
2000 Invitationo will he iooued. The
court wont into halt mourning on
Wodneadny loat.
May Accompany King
London.—Tho Hrit.idi lorelgn Hoc-
rotary, Blr Edward Orey, will accompany King Oeorge to Berlin, according to tho Express, on the occanlon
of tho Wedding nl Princess Louise,
daughter ol the (ionium emperor.
Ill's will he Hir Kdward drey's llmt
olllcinl violt abroad, and ao the Hun
elan emperor aloo lo expected In Berlin, tho occanlon may have a political
Bell, J. II. M %
B. C. Livery 'Deacon) ....
Beattie-Murphy  Co., Ltd  . .
Christian & Jonea	
Crnnboook Drug _ Book Oo.
City Clerk's Sundries ....
Olty Officials Pay-roll ....
City Knglneor'n Pay-roll (Mr-
City Engineer's Pay-roll
Cranhrook Klcctrlo Light Co.
Cranhrook Mlcctrlo Light Oo,
Oranbrook Cartage « Transfer Oo	
City Livery 	
City Livery 	
Canadian Fairbanks Cn.
Canadian Braon Oomprny
Cranbrook Foundry     6.25
Craubrook   Sash   and   Door
Company, Ltd  22.92
City   Transfer & Warehouse
Company '  131.15
Cranbrook Steam Laundry   . .90
Uozali, Frank  8.4(1
41 Meat Market  1.50
Fink Mercantile Co. Ltd.  . . 5.00
Fire Dept. Pay-roll     250.00
Herald Publishing Company 15.70
Kootenay   Teleuhone   Lineo.
Ltd  18.65
Lethbridge Herald     18.40
Manning,  Ira R  12.25
McBrlde, J. D  1.41
Nelson New* Publleh'ng  Cot 15.12
Prospector Publishing Co. . . 14.95
Oliver Typewriter C<  144.00
Parrett, T. N  52.00
ParkB, F. & 0  38.15
Parker, H, If  31.00
Patmore Bros  9.65
Police   Pay-roll     310.00
Quoin taleetrjc Co., Ltd.  , . 1,65
Qualn Electric Co.,  Ltd.  . . 38.85
School Board Order, (Imper- 6
ial Bunk.     373.52
School Board Order  1,595.71
Ward & Harris  4.35
Wilson, Herchmer ft Hurly . . 18.73
Ward & Harris  8.25
Wilson, P. E  25.00
Total    16,383.92
Mr. McCliatock presented his reelc-
niition to the Council, which was, on
motion oi Aldermen Kennedy and
Ward, accepted,
A lotter was received from Messrs.
McCllntock nnd Worden in reference
to the laying of concrete oldewalks
containing somo 25,000 square teet,
All the Aldermen and Mnyor were ot
tho firm opinion that if thoy gavo
tho work to this firm they would be
<lolng a grent Injustice to other local
contractors who might wish to ten-
dor on tho work, and it waa resolved
that tenders should be called for the
construction of 25,000 aq. feet of concrete, according to specifications prepared by tho City Engineer, tendero
to be in the hands of the City Clerk
by the   28th-8ee advertisement.
At tbe request of the Mayor, tbe
Water Works foreman wbb aome time
ago Instructed to find out II there
was anyone In tbo City who wore not
mylng water rates to the Olty and
in his report to tho Council ho Bold
thoro were only threo people ln that
elnos. Mention waa made ol thc
Cranhrook Jobbers, who have, never,
since thoy built their offlccfl and warehouse, paid any rateo. On this llr'nTo
behalf it was moved by Aldermen
Ward und Kennedy that a water meter be Instnlled in the property and
the bnck arrears bc adjunted by three
months working ot tbe moter.-Cor-
Application was received Irom J.
(llenday. (oremau nt thc Water
Works for a steady wnge of $100.00,
which wlll only amount to $9.40 in
crease on the wage ho io now receiving. Moved by Aldermen Kenned)
and Ward that J. Ulenday be paid
$100.00 per month, commencing from
April 1st, it being understood tbat
Mr. Glenday shall act as general
foreman ot the city.—carried.
An account was received from Mr.
H. Y. Parker, late engineer of thc
city, for office expenditures. It
way generally considered bv the council that. thlB application was of an
absurd nature; and a motion waa
moved by Aldermen Ward and Kon-
nedy that the account he referred to
he City Solicitor for adjustment.•
Communication was also received
from tho Cranbrook School Board
asking the city tor a water pipe to
bo laid out to the new school. It
was considered that the accommodation they have at present at the
schools to be sufficient until ouch
time a" the council have laid a larger main to tbe city outskirts; wltb
nn extension of a three inch fine, it
was folt t0 be ot absolutely no uso aa
the pressure would be of a minimum
nature at thc outlet lu these circumstance*,, it «•_ moved by Aldermen
Ward nnd Kennedy thnt the City
Clerk bc instructed to notify Mr. JHc
Pbce, representing the School Hoard,
that the city cannot make anv oxten
fllon nt tho present time.—Carried.    (
For the Belief Committee Aldermen {
Kennedy reported two ladios ..bo had
made application for assistance.    In I
one case the husband hna hacn laid
sick noai-lv ell thc winter ond nt pre*
sent   aho   and   her   children bad no
means of sustinrnce nnd was cnnsld
erably behind In her rent, for whlcb
the landlord   woo pressing     In th.
other case hor husband had lott hcr
and was now in Alberta, she is iti i
the meant tun' being earnd for by her
The    Mayor    instructed    Aldermen
Kennedy in thc first rare to use his
judgment _a to what form the nssls
tanc.i should take and to do whnt h. ,
could to alleviate   nny distress oc j
caoloned.    In the nee. nd caso inrtruc j
tlono wore issued to the City Cler!. '
to communi'*ate    with  tho chief   ol
police of the Albertnn City and so* :
if some support eould nrt be obtain ',
od from the husband, who, it is un ,
derstood, is in good work nnd abb ;
to send a little for her support.
A communication wns read to th.
i'(.iiii.*!I from Dr. Bell, health Innpec
tor. respecting some of the vnrdB an* ;
alleyways of the city.    On the oug '
geotlon made, Aldermen Kennedy ni,!'
Ward moved .bat all >ards and til*
leys he cleaned up by May 15th nnl .
that notices to that effect be inse.;
ed in the local papers.   Cnn led.
Moved    by    Aldermen    Uutsk    and;
Clapp that Council adjourn
Letters just received from Ottawa
state that the Canadian Insti.ute of
Mining Engineers while In session re
ceutly ln that city unanimously adopted a resolution Btrongly ircing
the Federal Government to establish
nn Independent department of mines.
In view of the temarkable .1. velop-
ment of tho mining Industry through'*
out the Dominion, it wns held thnt
the time bod arrived whon a ooparato
department should be created, .md in
this connection the name of Mr. R.
F. Orcen, M.P., tor Kootenny, was
especially mentioned. It was point
cd out by the Institute thut Mr.
Oreon was for long Intimately identified with an ossentially mining district and later acted both as Minis
ter of Minco and aa Minister ot Lands
aad Works in the Government of thm
Province, and by all and varied qualifications, was held to be especially
well qualified to administer the department of minea for the Dominion,
slioulh Btich a department be created.
"It is understood," says The Calgary News-Telegram, "that the mining men of Onnndn strongly fa. or Mr.
Green for the office, nnd certainly
those ln British Columbia d.—they
being especially familiar w tli his
'nullifications, and unanimously urging both that the department bo
formed and thnt Mr. Urccn b.< placed in charge of it."    -
la connection with tins matter, Thej
News-Telegram a few days ac . published on Interview with Mr. E. A.
SoOVil, of Golden, who was pnBHing
through Calgary enroute to bis J
homo, nfter attending the session oil
the Canadian Institute ot Mining Iin
elneors.     In tbls interview  Mi.  Seo
vll corroborated tho news from Ot I
tawn and added that the department)
of mines wnn regarded by the mining I
engineers of Canada ns an urg.'tit no- i
Tensity tf tbe interests ol tbe industry arc to bo thoroughly looked after I
and successfully promoted. Hitherto, be said, the mines hove been under the supervision of the Secretary
of State, but the work has grown to
such proportions that It is now imperative thnt a special portfolio bo
ereate.l in order that it may be properly attended to. Tho Secretar- of
State is already loaded down with
work properly nppertaincl to his
own department, and it In impossible
for him to eive tbat attention to th..
milling industry that it deserves.
During the past few years immensely  valuable mining  ureas havo been
oponcd up throughout Canada, mora
especially  In  Northern Ontario   and
In British Columbia, end tbe activities ',! tho mining men of tbe Dominion are bolng rapidly extended.   Tho
experts gathered together in Ottawa,
Mr    Seovil  said,  hnd  considered tho
Bit.ui.tion  from  every   engle  nnd    tbe
profitable course    tor    Canada,   they
bud concluded, was nn establishment
rif n  department  of  mines tor Cnna-
nda.     In  tbis  opinion  the"  were  in
perfect  arrnrd with mining men not
members of the Institute, nnd it wnn
expected by all thnt tbe mattor will
be  presented   to  the  Governmenment
so convincingly tbat the new dopurt-
nient will shortly be formed.
As to the Minister taking chargo,
Mr. Seovil said tbat the Instituto
bad regarded Mr. Green no tbe only
logical choice, He had already had
charge of a similar department in tho
BritlBh Oolumbla Government, and ln
addition wna thoroughly familiar
mining conditions end pioblema, not
only in tbe pacific Proviuce, but
throughout the entire Dominion.
"As to Mr. Green's administrative
ability, tb.-re cnn be no question,"
observed Mr. Seovil. "and it he In
appointed, the mining Industry n!
Canada will be riven nn impetus ot
inestimable  vnlue."—-,'ewo-Telegram.
Develope Midway   Mine
Grand Forks, B.C.-The annual gen.*
eral meeting of the Boundary Mining
Jt Exploration company was held at
Midway last week. This company
owns what io known aa tbe Midway
coal mines, upon which an energetic
olicy of development work Ik being
.lurried out. Tbe following offlcoro I
were elected: ,
President nnd general manager, A. j
re. Watts, Wnttoburg, H.C.
VtCO-presldentH, A. Carney, Kuslo, ,'
and S. J. Miller, Grand Forks. |
Secretary-treasurer, E. II. .1. Fora
ter, Hpnrwond, B. C.
Directors—Thomas Caven. M   P.  P.,
Crnnbrook; J. Haigbt. Hlocnn, F. H. I
Knight.   Bpoknne;   H    Bunting,   Vic
The report of the secretary-treasurer showed n balance |n the treasury
of aome'$ic,000, while n large amount
of machinery, including pumps, compressor und hoist, wnn now being In-
-.tailed on the property. The company
has ample capital to meet all ex.
ponses in connection with the prese.it
development ol the mines, whl:u .a
bolng done Iron, the No.   2. or main
working tunnel From tbln tunnel
an incline Bba.'t In being aunk on tho
Coal seam, a Inrge oxeavation having
been made tn accomodate tbe mach
Inery necessary in the sinking of the
shaft. Two shifts of 14 men nro nt
present employed on the property,
under Mr. Keith, the resident engineer.
Thn Kettle Valley railway In building a npur to the mine and as soon
as thin in completed, tbe railway wlll
use the coal for Its locomotives. It
Is not the intention of the company
t.. try cn market the product outside
of that used by tbe rnilwny until
next fall, when it in anticipated that
there will be a sufficient amount
blocked mil to enable the compnny
to place thc coal on the market.
The meeting waa largely attended.
50 shareholders from Spokane, Victoria, Vnncouver, Medicine list nnd
other points in llrltlsh Columbia and
Alberta being present.
A more extended report concerning
J this meeting will be published In tho
Prospector next week.
London.—Under n scheme which will
shortly come Into operation, Btgnals
giving the exact Oreenwlch timo, will
bo sent out at certain hours by a
series ol wireless stations in different
parte ot the world. Theso stations
will nt lirst. ho Eiffel Tower, Paris;
Manila, Philippine Inlands; Timbuctu,
Sahara; Nord Belch, Nortli Ocrman
Sen Coant. nnd stations In Brazil,
Somalllnnd nnd the United States.
Ships, too, lltted wllh wlrcleon, and
wireless stations, will be nblo to accurately regulate their clocks hy the
The explosion ol I n oil lamp wnt.
tho enuon of n lire at Fcrnlo ou Wed
nendoy morning, which resulted In
the total destruction ot tbo residence
ol F. II. Zlmiiiln. As the house was
outside ol tho city limits, a conoid
I ...able time elapsed liefore a stream
' of water wao playing on tbo flamos.
At 4 o'clock next rinnduv afternoon, April 20th, weather permitting, tbe Cranbrook City Hand
will Rive their flrat open air concert. Thom. concerts will be givon every weok and aa Hoon an
warmer weather arrive.., will bu
changed to a mid-wok evi nlng.
Tbe following programme hna
been arranged for aext Sunday!
M/ireh—Prince nf victory . Billing
Overture—Criterion Muller
Walties-To Thee Muller
Si'li-c.lioii   -CiddilfHH Of   Liberty . . .
, , Howard
Medley—Selection ■ • Arr byDoyer
March-Lion Heart Hilling*
Ood Havo tho King.
JumoH Auntin, Bandmaster.
The government Iiiih given notice Of
thfl Introduction ol another progrcHs-
ivo meaHure. Karly in tin: session
Hon. L. P. Pelletler, Postmaster
Qenerali announced Hint ho wan
studying the question of parcel-* post,
He tucs already Concluded thut it ean
be RuceoHHfuiiy introduced tnto Oann
da and haa lost no time in giving
notice of a bill. Tho legislation wlll
be outlined Inter, but the general
pint) decided upon Ih thnt of the Stone
system will be plaeed on it bURlnOfli
basis The fourteen thousand post
masters in Canada will booome ag
nits of the system and the benefits ol
Kyatem uh adopted In tho United
HtateB.    Tho details are being work
od out at the present timo and th<
parcela post will be particularly ex
tended to district* which are nov.
reached by tbe eipreea competition
To Spendjjuge Sum
Winnipeg.—The Oanadlon Pacific
railway will expend Slt.OOO.ooo In
A-cstern t'auadu this year. Thin vast
sum Is more thuu twice the amount
of $19,000,000 spent by the company
lait year and It io tbe rerord amount over devoted to construction
,.ork by any ."' road on the continent In one yeur. Thc natural resources department of the load also has
fome huge Irrigation and industrial
sthenics on hand whlcb will raise thr
amount to '80,000,000, The mall
work Includes .. tunnel through Hob
ers pass which it is estimated will
rost icouo.noo or 18,000,000; contln
iiiition  of the  work   . f   double  tr.rk
ng, continuation nf work on terminals and yards at Transcona, IVinni
peg, Ogden Calgary, C'oqultlnm ami
Vnncoiivei.    Uuildlng "t many largo
bridges, surb as tin.I over llle lied
river ut Winnipeg, the Boutli Husk
i.tchewnn nt Medicine Hat, tho Do*
at Calgary and the Pitt in llrltlsh
Columbia. Additions to depots nnd
hotels nt Winnipeg end Vancouvor,
works which together will cost ovei
The Canadian Paolflo railway liasn
tremendous nmount ol work ahead »•:
it this year, and It is ulieerli In ivhr
ther or not the Mil.leu Binprrs! lini
•Central Alberta—will be built u
materials, men mul time a.all tl"
Hue will be built, but if not it will
no postponed till neit yeur Oranl
Hall, general mnnagoi ..( the t'ana
dian   Pacific   railway   linen,   has  jusl
returned to the cits from custom
Canada, wboi-e be has bom present
ing supplementary estlrnates lo Hli
Thomas   Hhauglinossy,  president   ot
the railway. It is odleiallv iillliollln'*
ed that th'1 Trnniro'ia yards, com
prising I0f» miles. of trunks, will bo
In operation tor the handling ot
grain this fall. The lied river
bridge wlll bo likewise In inapt lor
the opening of the fall grain rush,
flouhlc trackin,* ol the maiu lino is
proceeding apaee and It will be rushed tbrougb to completion.
Predicts Prosperity
Toronto.--A season of prosperity ln
f (he Canadian wont  to rival  any yet
j experienced in the history o.' the western provinces, was the outlook given
by sir William  Whyte nf Winnipeg,
Western Canada director of the Canadian   Pacific  railway,   whn,  accompanied by hi-! wife and daughter, Is
j prtsHlng through Toronto on his way
11., England, "Seeding throughout the
whole <>f Western Canada will be well
( i r.'ler way within a week frnrn now,"
l declared  Bll   William,  "a great crop
: was expected and tho O.P.R, would
do tbeir share to handle it, but to
i whnl extent tho (*. V. I.   w.nild go in
the matter "i additional grain eleva-
toi enlargement ol the present wheat
storage eould  not  na  yet   lie stated.
Prosperity  abounds in the west ev-
erywhere,   nnd the immigrants   and
settlers are rushing in by the thousands," hn .said.   "The policy 0f pro*
grenetv- lands   colonisation   na pursued  hy  the  0.   P.   R,   in  the pant
again   Is   to   bo   undertaken by tbat
i.wid this HCnson."
1100 Milesjn 56 Min.
| London A lu horse power automobile, iin.,n i.y .luies (loin today
established uev.»ri.l world's records at
the Rrooklonds truck. Clou* Ilrst
innd** un attempt to |,mcr the oli
hours record, but ubandoned It. otter
nn hour and - bull. He ottablisbod
the lollowlng world's records, however
Kilty miles, as minute* is.cr, seconds; 100 miles UB minutes, 29.9.1 oe.:
nude, mn. bom rerord 106 mtlea, 387
yards Til 13  PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK. J.. C.
By E. R. Punshon
Ward,  Lock  &  Co.,  Limited
London, Melbourne & Toronto-
Cash For Farm Lands
ugh land, also fot- a number ot
i if steam pi
i bo right.
rt Current, S
Shrewd invi
Moose Jaw.
•rms 5iu cash and no per month
in. cn*h ter " or 3 section
.proved fnims. Pric< s mu
nea arc bolng made in Bv,
n in tbo Canadian West.
or Saskatoon, Reglna ond
My located lols at }V.b, T
• for booklet on Swift Cun'
■nt n number of choice imi
.   Write for new list of att
.2 Canada Lite Building, Winnipeg, M-i
katohewan, tlic fiu-trst urow-
ora believe U will exceed tlm
1 farms In nil sizes close to school nnd
ve Investments in Lands, Acreago, Win-
A Discovery
In blank amazement, Green hung
doubtfully in the doorway, gaping wllh
open mouth and staring rye.-:; and
now -ind again he glanced out bis
ab lulder as if he feared to !■<■■■ Thorold ascending tho Btalrs with hLs loug
stride to And oul what was delaying
Why. he would pul her light out, he
How Feels Strong
and Vigorous
Described  at  Anlmallzod   Electricity,
He Claims for Them remarkable
Tarls, Franco.—A controversy   has
ar_?n in the scientific world over the) _________
'V rays, or vital rays, which Major'      .„_.     _      . .     - _.   .
pared, a retired cavalry onicrr, rrom- And Fit for Any Amount of Work
Montreal Man Conquered his 014
Enemy by using GIN PILLS
ed.    Tho house la largely timber; and  students gift to war office
ii  ..;:> burn readily.     Long heforo. 	
anyone can gel here, II    will   be   in . Give  Bleriot Monoplane, Fitted Com.
ashes, and as lie spoke he put his pletc, for the Use of Army
band touts "ore-head again. _,„„,._ Eng,Bndi_-,e  „._ offlc-
Dul what s the idea, Green p. lalsteu, i acquired another aeroplane recently—
«ii..: are you doing it for? la gift from Hie International Cones-
What's ihat to you'.' asked Thorold,|pondence Schools, ihu   curriculum   of
nit.li .-, return to his manner of lmpor-j which includes Ihe science of aviation.
lous and lofly pride, This'particular machine, a Bleriot
Ueli  i„  elping,   alat   i.   ashed  moaoplane fltted   with   a   60-horso- frnth*. if liu".-..^7a*-s imve ,.l
v     ' Lu,  , *,■„....,,,   _ if     '.\,;;/u':i'>'.''"■;'"•'. b^b^ii'lnveii, acted directly a mysterious lorce bus
1.--.  true, admitted   lhorold, ne it  more  than 17,000 uulc    by    Robert  intervened  unlo««i «■ «nn.*.iln.n« hnn
Blm k by this remark.     Woll, then,  Slack, a student ef the International'
It's largely because 1   do   not   know  Correspondence Schools, who   under-
must be ! took a llyiiii
lnent in spiritualistic circles, announces he has discovered.
To oblain a record of these rays
one takes a photographic plate and
wraps It up In printed matter or In
paper covered with manuscript. Then
a second wrapping is made of paper
that is opaque to actinia rays, and
lhe package is npplied either to the
forehead or to the abdomen. At the
end of an hour or two, according to
the power or the vital lluld of the
person, the plates will, says Iho inn
jor, on beini* developed, show a reproduction of tlic printed matter or
manuscript on the rust wrapping,
Sometimes however, instead of the
printod matter nn unexpected Image
appears -a portrait, a silhouette, signs
or lines,     in sueu eases, explains Mn
M the Result of Using
Or. Chase's Herue food.
muttered, so ho would   soon as look
al hi ■■   lor, whal a man.
II,  fell to rubbing llis for. head wllh
tin  si ore i ( his n -1> ai i| iir  I i oat.   »*hat 11-e to do,     The body must be i took a Hying tour or the country, wuh
Fossi   -■■■[ as Qreen was by rears for  disposed of, and   oil   traces   of   thej the object of stirring up enthusiasm
hjmi 'If nnd iils liberty, and not per-  crime hidden, for reasons which do| for aviation among other students,
haps much   accustomed   to   bestov.   nol  concern you,      Uut  I  dare not     A deputation from tho schools wait*
iiiuili il*}.-' ■ on i ivo himself,  bury the body er i; might be dug up  ed on Colonel Seely at the war olllce
he yet shuddered beneath the mystery  al  any  time       l  dare  nol  lako  It and asked him lo accept the  mono*
of th a h -.■■"   ■'        n man la) d-ad  nwny wllh me. fer f ar ol dlBcovei-y. I plane, offered In a spirit ut loynity as
I cho -'■   therefore, ■>' di .troy li  by  » gift to tho nation,
lire   by lire that to the cleanest of all      I havo beeu pumlod,   said   Colonel
lestroyers.    Nor to It fitting, he added  Seely, In ace ptlng the monoplane, to
..   li  his eyes flashed with u strange. understand the   connection   between
Hi lit. iimt lhis place where my brother lh i
en  so foully murdered should  Sen
bel  .'■  ' la-splna  th ' po trail  ol a woman ,,;i<> lay un on ibove.
lie went .. step or two n. arer the
ln-.l ami made out ;!ii.i s-i.o cerlalnly
ft:il liveI. I! :■ pale beauty and the
.-'. inordinary nature ol th ' wholo af-
fair touched his li ;.:■- with . ue
like pity.
Public In England Mulcted   by   Customs That Amount to Scandal .....
London, Kngland -The practice of   -,,".' A'1Bc?1u*lr.T«• 597 r»nrt Street,
haying Jun'o/counse, a fe'e equal 2,   "S^S. SSIT^ *"
"It nlTorilsmc great pleasure to inform
you tbnt I havo used GIN PILLS far
nbout six months, and tlmt they have
done men great deal of good. I have
had Rheumatism for a couple of Tears,
tnd last winter I saved myself from it
' f using GIN PILLS."
Soc. a hox, 6 for J.2.50. Sample free if
yon write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Turouto.     135
ri n atu In extet-t nee any longer,
deatroj It is ihe first Btep r.i   my
pens tin? experimenter's own thoughi
art* registered, Uie plate reproducing
tho Imago that occupied   tho   experimenter's mind at the Ume.
A woman once experimented with n
photographic plate on whloh was
placed .1 printed portrait of Vlotor
Hugo, At tin* end of two hours the
plait*, on helng dei elopi d, revealed
a picture of a woman r( posing lu a
Major Darget wtys  thai  thin vital j falling  memory,  lack  <>f
fluid is protean and la as caprlolotiB concentrate the mind, Irritability and
 '  " ■■ —11 y n
sir. ,1. nurlbert
.a .__ equal ..
two-thirds of tho amount paid to senior counsel was attacked at the general meeting of tho Law Society.
Ilrinsby Harper  sold  the Law  Society should protect the public as well
an look after the Interests of tho profession, and It was lime tu do away j b t usTn _ GIN PIT TJi »
I with somolhing which   was   nothing' V™*W«™_A
less than a scandal.
A friend of his had often briefed Sir
, Henry Hawkins, who   nover   wanted
more than 20 guineas and two ou the
i brief, but nowadays   leading   society
ICC.'a were asking extravagant fees.
] Thero was no objection to a K.O, get-
tin;; those fees if tho client wanted to
brief lhat K.O., but it was hard that
junior  counsel  should  also  got  two-
thirds of the amount which his lender
lit! knew of a caso where a junior
I counsel was not present in court, for
some days during a trial, but still he
! had to be paid his 65 guineas per day.
lu   another   case,   $500   was   to   be
paid   to  11  leading  counsel  and   the
usual proportion to the junior.     Both
were  perfectly  satisfied,  but  subsequently it was (leeitied to brief u well-
known K.c*     'YUc K.C. wns engag-
led In a political campaign and he asked a feo which was thought to be ah
solutoly   prohibitive,   but   the   client
It is bo easy to overlook the warn- thought it advisable to secure bis ser-
l-nf..ilva_l___,_!!e^.l_3_1",f *!!_!£SUo.fc I vices.     To the client's surprise, the
Retired Head of French Republic Discusses His Plans .or Future
Paris, France.--M. Faljleres, the
retired president of tlio republic has
been telling an interviewer his plans
for the future. 1 am going to resume
the life I led formerly in Paris when
I was president of the senate, and on
my estate In the country. For a
month at Easter and during the four
months of the long vacation I shall be
a simple wine grower. l am eager
to he among my vinos again with the
pruning knifu in iny hand, not that I
own a renowned vintage, but 1 like my
vineyard to be among the most carefully cultured lu tlio whole country-
side. I know quite well that nn ex-
president  may  recommence a poll ti
ll ternatlonal     Corresp. nd. •.- 1 -. electricity."   Hethlnks it must be I worry over llttlo things, that
1 and the arl of flying; bu: one antraallaed electrlcitj; that Is, electric ,na" *?•■ nnl ■"••■••••- h\a dang
(clear, and thai Is that the stu- Uy  filtered    through    living    bodies U[,{>.\x «^Z^lru',   r,Z i Zr' ,,m,i
re-  den      : the achools sre exceptionally which modify it.      Rven Major Dar ,i* " r'l"i       •'      t     tl
Poor thing he muttered.    I wonder   • ,oge, he muttered,   and seemed   to  alert, alive,   nrseeiug and patriol c. got'a dog ' is developed vita rays, aud ,. 1,',    J**!'   '   1 «Z
if she done  t, why she 1 been knock-  fall Into a strange and sombro mcilta        have received raanj deputaUons in a plate placed under II reproduces a *"™gFtJ fhHonou. system by ua- .^titled to "a" _M*Ml_i^t__4hir_i
ed about and locked up ere?     If sh- ,,*.,*,. this room, ha added, bul  this one is likeness of the dog itself Ing tor   Cl aae'sNerve Food      '"' '-' - roee(lual l0 ""Mttiras
lirst  counsel  engaged  explained  that  eal career;  there is nothing to debar
now he was hy the etiquette of the I him; but all tho legislative otllces for
her when this fire waa start ■!"
D«re ( ;ry   0 : ,.■■ "aU    ,i:. " "™ . ";.',' j
pr,.- thing; bul II I tr>   s, Qu  .... ,*
didn't do It, then still wh£s she been
knocked about and locked up 'ere?
Qreen, came Thorold's deep voice
from down*-tairs,   be   (lulck—I   want
Yep, sir. yes, sir, on • m iment sir,
cried Green iu answ(".
H<? looked round wildly, an I lh n
not kuowlng in the leasi whal to do,
h'a went out of the room and shut and
locked the do ir beh.'nd him I'utting
the key In his >pocke*t hi ran down
the stairs and mi . Thor Id Just coming up from the eel lay.
I want your help, Thorold said
shortly as he '.ven' In . the room
where his younger brother laj dead.
Green followed him, and found thai
he had already done much.    The d ad   Uor, sir,
youth had heen laid upon u couch, .oui  ione It, *•* r.
bis  body  had   bi-en  covered   with  a)    Aye, said-Thorold.
large while sheet.     Th a had b en a      And   and—      Gre n
task tbe m st rlrea I  il tha    Thorold   watching him askance and    sid
iu all hLs adventured and  varied ear-   you mean -mean—
eer had ever been called upon to per-      \ye, m\,\ Therold again, an '■ 1   .
form,     It was only now that hi  real-  the word sound like a terrible 'L    a-t
ised how much he had loved this boy,      Ah   wr.M> Green muttered,   as    he
bought of her lying swooning in   u
But (IrePn was thlukins of that un    bSEhaSI*1  ! V '"' whlIa ?!*** ?f 1
.  ■       ia lovely girl Ibcked   In   the  *" *'' '■ls  ;'skl li  for  something   this the members maintained,   when   thc
,    ■   above      What no'.W become of  l   ,    ' t0, ,_l_e m something.        subject was under discussion, that the
Later, speaking at a luncheon given  impressions on the plates pr
"lotcl to   Major Dargc
iel|] .al n ni 1 on
t>r_ r.
11 moi ed    and once
In       - photograph
pen ;. ■. looked ai It >vith
I. ■■      -. routten d Gre< •■   '
;■;.>.■;. urging bin   on till .his
...;■■   in In ti    ■■■■--   and    -■■ ki
you don't think as 'ow   she
"■'       ;:   " -  - we n ml :vv ) th ngs in the j
'    £  science u,.  waut   ;. ,:
-'■•'   thi    na  b :   -.   we want the men   Occupants  of  Two   Have   Narrow   E
■ ' the courage and cape From Death 00 Way to
and thi    . Igment to tly them | Pari3
Paris,     France
ir   you that wq are uot los-
ial importance of
... latlon
At the  \ ad ni.v of Sciences one of | great food cure has a wonderful record of cures.
Mr, J. Hut I belt, 28 .Tamos Ktreet.
nted bv I Brantford, Ont., writes :—"I was
very much run down in health and
an a consequence my nervous system
was very much exhausted. Close con-
finement at my work, 1 think, brought
on the trouble. 1 started using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food and by the time
1 had used op one box I felt a grent
Improvement. The continued use of
this preparation has thoroughly re-
stored my system so that 1 feel strong
bar junior, and was entitled to a fee I my department are filled.   Moreover,
equal to two-thirds of the fee which   I am 71 and there are younger men
(bo K.C, who had been briefed at the j waiting for legislative positions.      I
( big figure, was to receive.     The brig-1 have no other plans.     Perhaps I shall
vim nnd j inal junior also explained that he was   travel a little.      Our country  is  so
' ua-   entitled to a fee equal to two-thirds   beautiful that I have heen seized with
This   nf (|ln foe.  p-ijd  t0 tile counsel  who   "        ....
crimes committed in the forest ot Seu-
and vigorous and fit for any amount
of  work.
was to have been his leader, but who
had become junior as the result of the
introduction of the eminent K.C. As
counsel were satisfied in tho first instance with the fees they wero to
have received, it was hardly necessary
to say how absurd a scaudal such a
rule wns.
So serious Imd this question of big
fees become, that City poople declined
to make such exorbitant payments to
these fancy society counsel and were
ncllned to go   to   arbitration   upon
       I havo    also    used    Dr. ! P<«"ts which  should  bo legitimately
"     go ng to anticipate no*     r\_   f   Montgeroo, to the. southeast chase's Kldney-Llver rills and oint-   settled In the high courts.
statement 1 Sail h veto make m        Plrl* Qear Uu' 8Cene whore Bon" nient with splendid satisfaction, and      The chairman, C. L. Samson, said
not. Garnier and the notorious motor recommend them at every opportun- ■ the society had already appointed a
bandits carried out one of their trash: ity."  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents ' committee to deal with the subject
: of what 1
nl Sf what has been done, but
aj that a very remarkable ad-
ranee ba& been made not onlv in the
e. but outside in tbe' science
.I ..■■ .... n
Whose tnd had heen so lonel*-' and
tragic. ,
Therold did not speak, for It was
iii-t his custom to use words needlessly, hut his eyes were very terrible m
he gazed down upon that dead young
faeo. and then he drew from His pocket the photograph that Lho dead hand:
held so tijihily. To him that lovely]
girlish face was the countenance ot
a foul enchantress who had lured his
loved young brother to the most terrible and Imaginable, destroying life
ami honor alike, lu alienee he stood,
brooding ovor the dead, brooding over
the photograph, and his thoughts wero,
heavy with sombro anticipations of ihe;
After n llmt he roused himself and
pul his hand lo his forehead.
Strange, he mutterod; strnngo, how
my hf id dors ache; and indeed it was
almosl the lirst time In his life he had ;
ever had experience of such n thing
as a headache. .
Underneath ihe couch on which hisj
had placed his brother's body he now1
arranged u number of pieces of *lry \
word. liV piled these high and mJx-j
ed wiih ih.'iii all the Inflammable matt liai he could lind.
Green, he said to the little convict,
who was staring nt these preparations
with  wild eyes nf terror and
pretty   and
Pr* t'y? repealed Thorold. as if
greatly surprised at the photograph,
again, his hoad slightly on one side.
Why. 1 suppose— he said alowlj A
de-.il'*. beauty,    then,    he    concluded
Str.-ngied With Asthma is the onlv
' **ion that seem-, to convev what
Is endured from an attack of this
trouble. The relief from Dr. J. D.
K Hogg's Asthma Remedy Is bevond
rn.-a-jure. \Vh*vre all was suffering
there comes comfort and rest. Breathing becomes normal and the bronchial
tubes completely cleared. This unequalled remedy is worth many iimes
its price to all who use it.
exploits. a box, all dealers or Edmunson Bates
A motor van belonging to the Magas- * Co., Limited, Toronto.
in du Louvre was returning from Me-|-. _~ir.'^L\. -_"",. 1 •-_r. _   _  z
lun to Paris, and as it was passing        . ~ „ n„ _„-„.«,.-,
through   the   forest   two   shots   were I One on Solomon
fired at the driver from    thc    road-!    Perry—Solomon   himself    admitted
side.      A bullet struck the steering that nc waa puzzled by the way of a
wheel.       Thc  chauffeur drove off at  mon witn a railUL
full speed, several more shots being I    Mrs-   Perry—Well, ",.e'd have been
It was thought, however, that the resolution would strengthen the committee's hand, and after discussion it was
more excited over the way of a maid
with a new set of dishes.
i;o down into ihe cellar.      Vou wllli wher
Hnd  a barrel of oil.   Bring  ihe oil
up in  a  pail you  will  see standing
there.     Drench this wood and ovory-
sharply, after a momentary pause.
Ah, said Green, wisely. I don't
know nothing about that, but I know
a pretty girl when I sees one. Now.
sir. 11 she was 'ere, sir, what would
you do, sir, If she were ere thi.-*
very minute, s>,r, and you knew it?
Wby, Ihen, snld Thorold, and his
breast heaved with the violence of
his emotion; i-hc should' burn.
All, said Qreen with a quick shudder, and yet with a !<>ok of cunning
In Ids eyes, and supposing sir, just
by way ol supposing, sir. as somo one
—ns mlghl be me or anyone—was to
come to you sir. and say as 'ow they
could It II where she was, sir?
What do ynu mean? asked Thorold
Why. jusl what I says, answered
rjirni mure boldly, the cunning, Uio
avarice In Ink eyes shining out undisguised. Supposing as n cove—as it
might he me or any ono—come to
ynu and Bays as 'ow he eould tell you
she was, so as you put your
nd right on 'or with no trouble,
whnt would it b«' worth lo this 'ere
cove, sir?      Fifty  pounds or a bun-
tired at him
Half an hour later another motorvan
belonging to the Magasin du Print-
emps was attacked, probably by the
same bandit, some 50(* yards from thc
spot where the first outrage occurred.
Three shots were llrcd, but neither the
driver nor an assistant who accom- {duction,
panied him was injured. The wind Baker—Can't do that, mum: but I'll
screen was smashed by a bullet. ! give you a cent each for the holes if
Reduce cost of Livincj
Mrs. Younghrlde (at the baker's)—
The holes in the doughnuts are very
large.      You ought to make some re-
Scientist Says Man of Future Will be '     The chauffeur pulled up and be and: you'll return 'em
Inferior Product 'his companion pulled out tbeir revol-
Paris. France.—The man of the fu- verfl ;imi r'reii :i vo--ey In the diret-t-
ture, according to M. A. F. le Double iou of a JVl1 -■"-t*-ri- which they had
professor of medicine at Tours, will Previously seen. They then put on
have a large head, fewer teeth and ful1 8peei1 for p;irIs- No face of the
shorter arms than the man of today, &a_idlt has )'-?t been discovered by the
'and will compare with him unfaror-' P°-'ee'
1 .tidy in stature. j    The  Paris  judicial  authorities  nre
Among the primitive races In Austra- preparing for the trial, which begins
|lfa, the professor states, it is nor. un- next .Monday, of the members of the
common to find natives with thirty-six ! motor bandit association, The friends
or even more teeth, but the white man I And associates of Donnot and Garnier
of tomorrow will be lucky if he has   wno  are  to appear  before  the jury
number twenty-one, two of them being
women. It is expected that the trial
will last sixteen days.
twenty-eight. There i.s a tendency
tor the firs:, eleventh and twelfth rib's
to disappear, thus leaving nine instead
of twelve on either side ot tbe body.
Legs and arms are destined 10
shrink in length, but the hand, which
today shows an immense progress
compared with that of our remote ancestors, will continue to progress in
Has an insect pot into your eye?
Then I shall quict-y call thi old professor.
Is he specially export?
Not so much that, but he Is making a collection of insects.
thin;: in the room thoroughly, i tired, or whal
But—hut—, stammered Green, and I My man, said Thorold, let me ad-
thoughl with horror of iho uncons- vise you not to attempt to meddle
tions girl locked In tho room above,. witih my concerns. it Is not very
Oli, my t.od, he wnllod, what are .yuu  t;if,. to Interfere with me.
(. lug in do?
Whal la lhal to you? naked Thorold
angtlly and suspiciously, fou go and
do as yotl are told.
With nne wild hud; nl him Green
olveyed, for tho terror uf Thorold hn
heavy on hla soul Bul na ho descended Hi( collttr steps h ■ staggered
Future King Ardently Devoted to the
Scottish Bagpipes
1. Uie direction of the independence of j    London,   England.—The  Prince of
f  t.:e fingers.      The little toe will be-   Wales, during his residence at Oxford
come smaller and smaller. I is by his own desire, learning to play
.-  I ttie bagpipes.     He expressed a wish
London, — At Birmingham quarter recently to learn to play properly on
sessions the recorder passed a sen-' the Scottish national Instrument, and
lence of twelve months' hard labor arrangements wore wade for Pipe Ma-
and eighteen lashes with the cat on a 1 jor W. Itoss, of the Second Scots
carter nann-d Frederick San key, in Guard, one of Scotland's premier pip.
connection with a White Slave case.   }ers, to give him lessons.
 .— The prince took   his    first    lesson
Paris.-- A wedding party of Breton  aDollt a moli:1- ago and already shows
peasants, preceded hy bagpipe    play- remarkable progress in playing what
rs, were crossing the toll bridge near  -s admitted to be the most difficult ef
all musical Instruments,     Pipe Ma-
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—My daughter, 13 years
old, was thrown from a sleigh and injured her elbow so badly it remained
stiff and very painful for three years.
Pour bottles of MINAUD'S LINIMENT
completely cured her and she has not
been troubled for two years.
Yours truly,
St.   Joseph,  P.O.,  18th  Aug., 1900.
..I 1
or, h.-
1 Oh
1 do
fresh Ahoeh of
only jusl  undo
groaned out, lie
Ihe   whole   plai
Itrly fell.
lero I, what musl
Io rent hod tho cellar
barrel of oil had n
ar, .-ih though he bnd
ood what was iu
i. he
• be going to burn
od  her, and nil
Paris. Prance—A daring and carefully planned robbery took place in
Paris, when a messenger employed by
the Credit Lyonnals wus robbed of
The messenger was instructed while
on.his rounds to call on a lady living
in ihe Hue DftUphlne.    Her name was
stated to have been offered as guarantee by an individual who said he
desired to effect a loan from the bank.
/I'he messenger was informed by the
pay lo:i.   thc totlKeeper insisted on ' J01" ,tws -4U0S n Oxford twice a week j lady that  sbo knew nothing or the
payment and struggled to prevent the;10 £-vo tllp Prince lessons, which last  person in question
passage of the bridegroom.    Friends I about an nmir- ■■•-■• although the roy
Brest, when the bridegroom refused toi*1-' musical rostrum.-.
pay toll.   The tollkeeper insisted on Nor RoflB *UU(1S ° 0xf'
Still, urged Green, nnd paused, torn
between hie hope of gelling money out
■>f Thorold, and his sympathy for the
terrible position <»f lhe unconscious
girl above.
Thorold liad turned away, and Green
stood wa,tchlng him.
There ought to bo something In it
for me, he mused.     I'm sorry Tor 'er  ur th£ tollkeeper came to help "him ! al P;1P" ililS 01lI>' ''ad eight or nine
loo. and so pretty and all, but where   ..„.-   *,-.   tj,e   (•„.],[   which   ensued   the 1 lessons, he can already play one or
do I come In?     Don t you see how I   bridegroom aud several   members of I two simple Scottish airs.
can  save her,  when nea so ael  on  lnf. wedding party wero thrown into'    0ne result of tho prince's new hob-
burning the place, nnd if l cant, l  the river.   Two guests woro drowned, by-s that several   tlll'er   nndergrnd-
mlghl as well 'ave some coin oul tf  . nates are attempting (0 learn the bng-
ini. London.—A doll brought to Kngland ' 1"P°S and practicing parties are form-
p  up 1  B    mind    he    star'ed   |,y Catherine of Ar.-igon will he shown, *■•*■ between Pipe Major Hose' visit to
One refuses to be Tried by Magistrate
Because He is a Jew
Paris, France.—Exciting Incidents
marked the trial of two Camelots tlu
Hoi, M. Charles Maurras, the well-
known writer and member of the staff
of the principal royalist paper, and
M. de CoupiRiiy. They were accused
ot assaulting several persons who refused to shout 'Vive le Roi.' The incident took place at Versailles ou December T.
After a banquet about 400 Royalists, or Camelots dn Roi, went to the
courtyard of the palace and made a
demonstration In front of the statuo
of Louis XIV. According to the
prosecution, a railway employe, who
with his wife and friend, was abou-t to
inspect the palace; was surrounded by
the demonstrators, and because he refused to shout 'Vive le Roi!' he was
knocked down, and so badly hurt that
he could not work for a fortnight.
Two policemen who came to the rescue also received kicks and blows and
an ardent desire to know more of It.
I have only bcen through it by railway, and it was not possible during
my presidential journeys to see it ia
the manner I desire.
Asked to give some impressions of
his presidency-. M. Fallieres said: I
am glad of this, that I have always
preserved my good humor.
On Sale Everywhere.—There mav
be country merchants who do not keep
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, though (hev
are few and far between, and these
may suggest that some other oil Is
just as good. Thero Is nothing so
good as a liniment or as an internal
medldno In certain cases. Taks no
other. The demand for It shows that
it Is the only popular oil.
How  did  yon como to hav
automobile nccident?
I got absent-minded  trvlng to remember all the traffic regulations.
Caused by Lumbago, a Form oi
Muscular Rheumatism.
Lumbngo Is sudden In Its attacks
and is so intensely painful that the
sufferer is often unable to move, even
to turn In bed or rise from a chair.
The trouble chiefly occurs nmong
working men, among whom tf numbers
thousands of victims. As the attacks
come on quite frequently and are so
torturing, this disease means much
loss of time and money as well as the
endurance of much suffering. N'o
victim need's to be lold that linl-
. 1 ments, plasters and outward treatment
five soldiers and  a sergeant had to | wI1I not curG the disease,     -mia kind
fight with the rioters to prevent the  of treatment is merely a waste of timo
disturbance from spread!n
According to the evidence of the
sergeant, who had several teeth broken, one of the prisoners threatened
him with a revolver
and money. The trouble is really a
species of muscular rheumatism, and
is due to poor blood, and ean only be
cured through the blood. It Is for
this reason lhat Dr.   Williams*  Pink
The court was packed with Royal* ■ Pii}8 are so BUCcessful in curing this
lata,  who frequently interrupted  tne trouble, and those who are afflicted
proceeding  with   shouts  of  'Vive  le by -■  should iosc no Ume in giving
loi     lhe  presiding  magistrate was the Pills a trial,    lf the treatment is
M. Worms, and when he put a ques* persisted in the disease will be drlv-
tion M. Maurras said: You are a Jew, en from-the system and Ihe cure be
and I will not defend myself before a made permanent.     In substantiation
Jewish   judge.    I   refuse   to  answer Mre. Alfred Derby,   Ettyville.   Ont.,
aftt»r Thorold, who had Jusl gone out-  at an exhibition to be held this sum- Oxford
side to ■<■• thai h h motor-car was all  mer on behalf ot the National Society f   '-l,,1(* prince's partiality to the pipes
1 for the Prevention of Cruelty to chii-  lfl probable due to the fact lhat ho Is
already skilled  in dancing reels l
H ■"":.'  your  par l< n, fir,  he Bald,  dren.
bul   ih irold turned on him in anger;
h    "■      hill of grief for
the pasl  and  Rloom>  threat  for the
future, stung In olor; 1 ly by the little
L( r. me, if I  tell him, he'll put h
lr(.'lil  out,  sure ns fate he  will.      I
can see it in his eye;  if I don'l I-i!!
him,  Lhen   ihe II  burn   ivhal  aball  I
do? whal shall I do?
Ue tiulck, there cnlled Thorold's
*.'• rn io!'-.- rrom aboi0; bow much
tfmi 1 do you thiol, wo have? ft-' quit K
mm do not let me have to speak to com let a whining voIcp lhal seemed
-.„,, i*gnin, to ko i ghl  ihrouga  Iils head like u
Green trembled and   hurried,    and   kn 1*
fi - the nexi twentj ro mil   1 'I horold'i       ■■"■ •' v"     '' M' '"   !:'   '■:' '■ '■" ■■'"ll
r rn  volt ■ drove    li m    ah   1     lh<   ' ■ '■ '    ■ ,|!'   l'1'   ■ ;" ■'■'■ nc ' ^:,lt
h 1.       ko a whip,   Thorold hlmsell   you?
u  on 1  rei in lanl  to enter again   lu      :-   '        "•■■ '   :,"v-   !r' '•■'■!■■(-". his
roi m In  ■ Iih '1 bis bro 1 r 1 bodj lay,  vn ry soul  ■ ■  ■   ed •     I ■■■■     bem tth
a' i hi   busied   h m   If   •  ■ rj .-here   thi  1 tl •      Hi ;> glana .
th     ;i ..eil watch ng Groen to mnk. 1T0 hi ConlInuei
certain thai 1 ■  rythtng was don.  pro 	
P'*ii\. To '1 101 ild '■•■ room wai In lh . nth ;" -i* ni li ng school
dreadful; for the Ural tinn In his life the teacher wm questioning .1 boj
Ik  knew whal fear v hough!   aboul  Napoleon's dl .1   n.u*   Invti Ion  ^i:'J
other Scottish dances.
Good Humor Returns With Change to
Proper Food
"For many years I was a constant
surr rer from Indigestion and nervousness, amounting almost to prostra-
Llon.' wrltei a Western man.
"My blood was Impoverished, the
vision was blurred and weak, with
moving spots before my eyes. This
waa n  steady  daily condition.      i
grew Ill-tempered, and eventually got
bo nervous 1 eould not keep niy books
posted, nf<r handle accounts satisfactorily.       I   caul dei.cr.be  my   suffer-
Professor Melchnlkoft. (sneozy name
to pronounce, but we art.1 never sure
about the spelling), iu his latest hook
asserts that with sour milk and its byproducts as the chief articles of diet
one may defy time nnd the lind or tak or
and easily llvo to _0U years of age
or thereabouts.
A friend of ours who has givon the
Metchnlkoff bill nf Tare a month's trial
says that while 200 years of life on
earth tuny sound llko nn at tractive
propoiition, ir ht- htU got. to Btlck to
tho sour milk dietary as a steady
thing he wouhl he perfectly willing
to die nt the end of the first 100.
lle was going downstairs, when two
men jumped out from a dark corner
of the unlighted staircase and throw
ing a handful of pepper Into his face
temporarily blinded him. They then
knocked him down nnd snatching his
wallet, dashed downstair, and
Left Out
P'.d your uncle mention you in his
.Inst barely—It read: To my nephew
Jojin, I bequeath nothing*.
No Accounting
Mrs. A-They say your Ned's wanted by the police.
Mrs. B.—Woll, there's no accounting for tastes.
of it; for th   Brsl '.,•  ... bla life h* 0] it   Bla and the 1 ihsequent retreat     "Nothing I ate agreed with me till
feared the loss of hla lelf-cbntrol If from Moscow one dny i happened to notice drone-
he were lo enter II again,     And hla Whal did the French do then? alio Nuts In a grocery store  and bought
head continued to ach   bo tor rib 1) Lhal aaked. ;i package out of curiosity to know
al Llmea he   found   himself   hardly I    The;  ran away, aald the boj wj,a| j, nr
conscious of whal he waa doing. Ves, that Is whal thi ■ did, said the!    "| \,u,.,i the food from*the very first
I've pretty near emptied thi r.i bar I ai hi r   but  ran nwaj  Is hardly thi eating It wllh cream, and now I buy
rei, sir, said Qreen, mo. ng  towai I orrecl 1    oac .0 uae.     Wnnt. ahould h  by the '-use and uso It. dally
him qulcklj; bul 0x1 ;.-<■ mo sa; Ini    ■ '■* 1 havi aaid,          -. soon found that Grape-Nuts food wnai         ,..,.--
Bir. if wo set fire Io ir, won't it brlnj Tin :■ bent it: bo exclaimed, proud supplying brain and nerve force as no-1 ,w..    . "    J    vc' Boe.".^0.rftI' We"
A small hoy with ,1 ralher lout and
lonesome appearance walked Into the
county clerk- olllce at iho court house.
He gazed ahoul him for a lime and
final!.*, approached Deputy Henry Smiley, Please sir, Ihe lad said timidly,
"-'.1 have you ftrcn anything of a kid'v
'■around lore?     Why yon, sonny  ana-
people hero from mllea round,   ly.
The placo la lonely, Thorold answer
Constipation ■■
is an enemy within the camp, P will
undermine the 1 trongi 't constitution
and ruin the moit vigoroua health,
Jt leads to indijcitlon, blliou ness,
Impure Mood, bad Complexion, bill*
headaches, and .1 one of tin- most
frcnuenl eau 11 '-f n| pt ndk hh    To
ll'^lc I ii is ;■.!■,w "ii. ile.    |)i   M"i"'i
Indian Root Pilla pmtltlvi fy * ure
Constipation. Thfy are * ntlrcly
Vegetable in composition ond do not
ticKcn, weaken or gripe. Preserve
your health by taking
Dr. Morne'a    "
Indian Root  P Mh
W   N. U. 93
thlna In tho drug lino ovor had done
or could do.
"It wasn't long before 1 was roator-
■ -. tf. health, comfort ami hnppljiess,
"Through iht use of Ornpe-Nuta food
have you Boon nny without n llttlo
hoy? the lad asked anxiously. y,.,
roplled Smiley. Well, said the li:t|i;
chap, as a relieved look crossed his
face, I'm the lilllo boy. Where is the
An Impossibility
Pr. Ornhho had nl moat ntiecooiled in
dismissing Mra. Onesowny, when sho
stopped in lho doorway, exclaiming:
Why doctor, you didn't look to soo il
Th . use had rfat bed a 1 rltlc il slat <■
nnd 1 en the Judge aeemed to awai,
en Lo n live li*ten af .11 tiio pr°ceed-
roi the mosl Importani wUnoaa  my digestion hasi been rmtorcd,' my
* n   abi tl f  :■'  •:<■•> ■■,.;[,.ir d.        nerves aro steady onco more my oyo
So K 1 an  it." i«i.    n < d? began sight fo lomd again, my mental meul
tho reir-nir#w barrister, i,,.   an clear and oculo, and 1 hava
yes. sir, hecomo 80   gooflnnlitrcd    thnt   my
And wncn   ivori   you ■' 7 o'clockIfrlondi  aro truly astonished   at   the
nn tlic evening In quo i change.     1 feel joungoi ami bettor
1 wu> ni 11,1 lndy'< room,    r, | than 1 havo for 20 yonra,    No amount 'W tonguo wan coaled
I-'or what purpose? (,f money would induce mo lo aurren*     I know it Inn't said Uie doctor wear*
I waa drosi ng 1 . Indy'i hair, nlr.  'der what I have pol nod through ihe'ily-     V"u never Und grnsa on a race
Tin   hi-fi t-r leaned forward and u e of Grapc-Nuti!   food,"      Nnmo traelc,
anoke vorj  slowlj and Improi Ively.jgiven by Canadian Poilum t'o., VVlrnf *-■   * * *    *
Mow think, be aald. I want you Lo nor, Oni. "There's .1 ronaOTI. h-ad Any man can work Un a living It
bo voryeftroful In an wnrljig lhis quo* the llttlo book, "Tho Road to \VolJ-1 lakes genius lo gel somo other foi
Mon:  Was or was nol vear ml-rtrosfl viiie," la fikM. Ltow to earn 11 for you,
In tin room at Uie Ume? j    £Ver rdfld the above letter?    A new 1        w '■■—ir
——*  1 \onr. appearl from time to time    They      Sometimes a  married   woman  gels
Tin   nvi run   frot 'aho„   u   worth I iff a gonuinc, true, .md tu;/ of human I bo hungry for ti loving wore lhal ahe
jusl ah<nii th.it much interest. iuiik'i lo herself.
Women's Leap to Death
Paris.—A widow about t>o years of
age committed suloldo by throwing
herself from the first platform of the
121 (foi Tower. When she hud fallen
oevonly feet her foot caught in the
Ironwork of the structure, and the
body hung there for over au hour before firemen wero able to release It.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
" /•>
She Quit Cooking
Hampton—They have discovered
that music has food value.
Ithodea—Boshl Since my wife began taking piano lessons I'm slowly
starving  to death.
It Was a Job for Htguins
TllO window flew open with 11 crash,
and a man's louaeled head was thrust
out into the darkness.
What d'ye want? asked a sleepy
growling voice.
Aro you Mr. Hlggtus? camo ti
child's piping voice from the shadow
of tin: doorway below.
Vo:., whalja want?
Plea.*..*) como to No. 1."i Fifteenth
Hired as quick as you eau and brine
your Inslrumonts-
1 ain't no doctor I I'm the enrponter,
Dr. lilgglns lives two doors below.
And the window closed.
Ton minutes later Uio doorbell
rang ngnln, this time, mere violently.
Aj;,ilii Mm window win! up and out
came lllggln'e bead.
Well, wlinl do you wanl Mils Ume?
Please uir, camo the same chUtl's
voice, it'ii you we want. Pa and ma
are fliut up In the folding b*d.
questions put by a judge who i.i not
Lf French nationality. Maurras per-
sisted in his refusal to answer questions.
Contradictory statements were
made by the witnesses, somp absolutely identifying the prisoners, others
declaring that the accused did not
commit tho assault. Uut the ncetts-
ed were found guilty, do Coupigny being sent to prison for four months
and Maurras to eight months. They
were also ordered to pay J_00 to the
A few years ago I was attacked by excruciating pains in tho back
which the doctor called lumbago. 1
was not able to do a bit of work
about thc house, and suffered dreadfully every time I moved about. I
took the doctor's medicine all winter,
and used liniments, without getting
any relief. In a thoroughly discouraged condition I began using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. After using six
boxes I was  better and ahle to do
all my own work, nnd have not been
railway employe    as    compensation.   am]cic(i w|lh  the (rouble since.      I
The decision was received with uproar and cries of 'Vive Ie Hoi!' Down
with the Republic, were raited.
W» f.ffor Cue I!tmt!r-»i1 Dollars newnrtl
for any r^rt> o.* O.tarrh ihnt cnunot bt
ouiod )>■ Hairs Catarrh Cur*.
We.   ili«   uii'I.-t piird.   hav*  known   V.
j. Cheney tor '.ha in«t IB years, mitt he.
iieve him perfect I:  honest in nil Imilneaa
tii.nsaollo.iti an.l financially able lo carry
out nnv obllaatloni mndo bv hlft firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, o.
Rail's Catarrh •-'ure In mitru Intqrnally,
f.t-tlni: ilrOCtly 'i|»m tlio lilueit itntl mm:*
(i-i atirfaostl of to.' Bvistein. 'I'mtlinontsla
sent nr.-       Pries "it cvnts   per   buttle.
Hold    l'y    aU    JMllK-VtMlR.
Tako I la. it j-'ujiitly rills for constipa-
now always recommend Dr. Williams'
Pink i'llls to those ailing.
These pills are sold by nil medicine
dealers or may be had by mall nt fit)
cents a box or six boxos for JL'.r,. from
Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Out.
His Only Satisfaction
Smllh Have you taken In the nute
Jones—Surel I never miss 'em.
Smith—Vou don't own a ear. Why
are you so Interested?
.lonea—Well once a year I llko to
look at a hunch of 'em 1 don't havo
to dodge.
Advice:, from Vancouver state that
after being laid Up Since November,
during the winter aebeduto of the
Grand Trunk pacific wlnlor service,
the aa. Prince tioorgo is to be taken
over to Bsquimnlt for hcr annual
overhauling and painting, after whlob
she will take the placo of the 1'rlnce
llupert on March 1st, while tho latter
vessel Is likewise hauled out at lUstpiI-
malt to prepare for tho semi weekly
service early next, spring.
Captain McKrnzie the new Commodore of the G.-T.P, fleet who is in
command of the Princo Rupert, will
command the Prince George, while
her slater ship is being overhauled, but
Just previous to the eiuinnonremont of
tho s-omi-weckly service It. is understood that Ihero will be a general promotion of officers and It is probable
that the chief officer of one of the two
boats will receive the permanent command of tlio PrltOco (leorge.
Intertokon.- Measurements of tho
glaciers or Lhe Jllnter Rhino district
(Canton Qrlsaoiis) show that they
have advanced during .1.W2. Tho advance of Iho Pnrftdlso glacier waa
thlrly-sovon fool- or the Zapporl glacier forty,fool, and of iho Tntnbo glu6-
Ipr thirty feel, It iu known that (ho
glaciers oi the Alps have advanced
and lust in longth in past centuries, a
fact poliitiii)- Iti ulter.'iliuusi of wet and
dry periods ot long duration.
Many a man who let* his wife got
up nnd IlK'hl the fire every morning or
her liTe shows hie appreciation by
erecting a $10 tombs-tone lo her u.-m
Tlio editor of this pariteulnr paper
wus busy, ills temper ■■■ ono of iho
host, but he did uot like the look of
the seedy Individual wllh the hair who
had invaded his sanctum unannounced.
Well? the editor snapped.
1 should like to know, began thn
seedy one, wllh dignity, if there is
an opening here?
There la, Interrupted the edllor
grimly. An ingenious carpenter, foreseeing your visit, has provided uu excellent opening, You wlll find It over
there. Turn the knob to the "right
and mind you don't fall over the door
mat as you go out.
Chapped Hands
Won't Bother
if Instead of
BOnp you life
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains nolye or
iii-iils, but glycerine aud neutral
Oils which keep the (.kin smooth
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP /or a week und notice
the difference. 47
tttl'i (Mm JOUl .lu..i. r tv -ti.j   Sufi ti.nfi'iu*.
Women's commoner.t ailment
—the root of so much ot their
ill-health—promptly yields lo
ths gentle but certain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxative:;.
25c a box st your druggist's.
of cohiplete cures..'
?'J.'00-. Most Reading
*-.**     Infonnatitfn  and
Winnipeg, Man.
Wash Day
Makes the Clothes _
White as Snow
Try It I
Manilla.-!iirril hr
Thn Jolti-ii-in lUiliaml-ni-i Co
I united, M.i.Kieit, Cm,
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
Ex-Mln.ster Complains  That Premier
Gave no Reasons for His
Johannesburg, S. Africa.—tionr-ral
Hertzog liaa visited his constituency
in order to deliver a speech which has
been eagerly a wai tnd by tho whole
Tho ex-minister had a most enthusiastic reception. He was met ten
miles outside the town hy 200 mounted
burghers, who constll nto themselves
his escort, and waa conveyed to Mio
town hall in a trap drawn by a dozen young farmers.
3peci--.t Guardians of the Night Formed In Pafrla for Protection of Property
Paris,  France,—A series of burg-
i larles In the eenter of Paris haa led
to the creation of a apecial forco of
private police, or night guards, who
begin their duties this week.     Their
special   attentions   are   directed   to
guarding thc property of citizens who
havo subscribed    toward   the    N'Ig_t
Guards' Association,
Last night a reporter for a morning
newspaper accompanied nn Inspector
on his rounds of tbo Avenue dc l'Op-
era and tho adjacent streets, whloh
aro patrolod by a dozen stalwart
guards In a blue uniiorm with a
quaint helmet.. Each guard had a
police dog and a heavy automatic pistol, Tho Inspector had with him a
magnificent black German phtcp dog,
which was muzzled and hold or. leash-
All the dogs, ihe 0ffli»r explained,
had bcen specially trained for thrlr
work. Just lay a hand on mo and
soe what tho dog will do, said a guard.
The rejwrtor gave him a hearty blow
in the chest. Wllh a low growl tho
grout black dog at his side sprang at
tho newspaperman's throat. llis
master pulled him off.
The scheme is in its infnncy, but It
ta hoped before long to establish patrols In the residential districts of Paris. Subscribers may get a guard at
night to summon a doctor or a cab.
If yoti feci'.ii'rot-Mill'.-."..1 •iii'.nv-'.' n'.iiil' nithl-UKS*
si.Fri.ii from KluM-.f. lit,Mint-**, i.wivm:s DfSEASKS,
(IIRONtCkVKAi:-.! S.,1 ■'.l'l I laKs.'-KIHt'-Ri l'l IOSH.FII.KP.
wiil-- fur mr PRCE hook,   iiiK*Mt.ST  INSTHUCTIVK
U Hill!** I, ll-*.-.--KVI.ft W fill 1 F.N.I rlKI...S AI.I. about thus*
disk .ins nnd tha kfh ..nam .t, f.nKs kfj-kcti.ii bt
If It'* the rem fir lor Vinm rtw. oilmi-nt. „„i't ii»nd a
AbHoliittlyFRCC. No'lulio-rui-'ttrci-iar-. dr I i <;i
Ua,, ■ *..  „.,__....... ..-■  " 	
Buittneen and Boilermaker*,
Boilers ot    all    kinds— Engine,,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write us (or Prices
14 Straehan Ave., Toronto, Canada
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in the best remedy for UlAKIUHEA. lt in absolutely harmless,, Be sure aud a*-k for "Mra.
Wintlow'a SoottiittK Kvtup," and Uke no other
kind.   Twenty-live terns 8 bottle.
Wanted—Agents for Hail and Wind-
■tarin Insurance.     Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (.Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
Replying to an address presented by
thc women ot the town, General Hertzog said that Ms leaching of South
African nationalism had been called
racial, bnt he would, continue to
preach the doctrine.
This statement was received with
loud cheers. General Hortzog was
carried shoulder high to the platform.
Among those present waa Mr. Wll.
cocks, M.L.A.. who is a ministerial
General Hertzog referred at great
length to the recent cabinet crisis, and
attacked General Bollia in the strongest terms. He complained repeated-
i ly and emphatically that General Botha had not given a reason for dis-
' missing him, and stated that in the
speech ho (General Hertzog) delivered
in the Ilustemburg district on December 7, in which he declared that ho
believed in imperialism only so.far as
it benefited South Africa, lie preached
a doctrine which had boon preached
dozens of times in the Orange Free
State, namely, that he was a mluister
of South Africa, not of the empire,
called upon to attend to the Interests
ot South Africa and not thoso of the
empire. As a subject of the empire
he was first a South African and then
an Imperialist and when these inter-
osts conflicted, then those of South
Africa came flrst.
If egotism and envy desired the
Dutch-speaking people always to make
sacrifices to the English-speaking race
In order that true conciliation might
be secured, then South Ofrica was not
ripe for conciliation. The Interests
ef the Dutch-speaking people were being paid away as bribes in order to
obtain that conciliation.
Anxiety existed all over South
Africa because the people felt that the
interests both of the Dutch and English-speaking races were at slake. If
thero was anything inimical to the
Interests of the country, then It was
the number of foreign interests vested tn Johannesburg and other places.
He had been requested by Influential persons to lead a new party, owing to the dissatisfaction which was
felt with General Botha and General
Smuts, but he wished, at all costs, to
avoid a division.
A resolution was passed expressing
regret at tho exclusion of General
Hertzog from the ministry and admiration for the attitude he had taken.
Artie had tried hy various means
to interest his father in conversation.
Can't you see I'm trying to read?
said the exasperated parent. Now,
don't bother me.
Artie was silent almost a minute.
Then, reflectively: Awful accident on
a Bloom field trolley today.
Father looked up with Interest,
What's that? he aBked. An accident?
Ves, replied Artie, edging toward
the door, a woman hnd her eye on a
seat and a man sat on it.
A Magistrate's Wonderful Experience
With Zam-Buk
Mr. J. E. Arsenault, a Justice of
the Peace, and Btatlon master at Wellington, on the Prince Edward Island
Ity., has had a wonderful proof of the
healing power of Zam-Buk,   He says:
"Four years ago I had an accident
I slipped in the station and felt on a
freight truck, sustaining a bad cut
on the front of my leg. I thought
this would heal, but instead of doing
so it developed Into a bad ulcer and
later into a form of eczema which
spread very rapidly and also started
on the other leg. Both legs became
so swollen and sore that I could only
go about my work by having them
bandaged. My doctor said I must
stop work and lay up.
After six months of this trouble I
consulted nnother doctor, but with no
bettor result. I tried all the salves,
liniments and lotions I heard of, but
Instead of getting better I got worse.
"This was my condition when I got
Outrage Committed  When  Few  Visl-;
ton Were In That Section of j
London.—An extraordinary out- [
rage was committed at the National
Gallery recently, when four valuable |
oil paintings were damaged, the glass
each being smashed and the
pictures hacked. The damage is e-i-
timated at about $230.
A middle-aged man, giving the name
of Ernest Welch, of Salterne-road,
Parkstone, Dorset, described aa a
house painter, was arrested in connection with the affair and taken to
Vine stru-t police station and charged
with wilfully damaging the four pictures. Tliey are as follows: Mrs.
Constable, by Constable; The Gleaners, by Constable: A Castle, by a
Lake, by Richard Wilson; Hadrian's
Villa, by Richard Wilson.
The pictures are each about two feot
square and are all situated in room
23 of the National Gallery.
The act was committed about half-
Wom_n Assert Th.it Statue of Virgin
in  Cemetery  Came to  Lif-j
Paris. France.—The town of Bez-
iers is Immensely excited by a remark*
able story, which Is said to have occurred In tho old cemetery in the tow:,
recently. Nothing will convince the
superstitious people that ft is not true.
According to the story, which is:
printed with much detail, a woman
was Raving the cemetery, where she
had gone to pray at the grave of her
husband, when she noticed a statue or
the Virgin covered with moss. The
condition of the statue inspired her
witJi pity and she tried to wash the
moss from it wiih her pocket handkerchief. She declares that the statue came to life; that one of i's hands
touched the handkerchief and that a
voice said: This cloth is sacred now.
Keep it, for 1 have blessed it Lo thank
you for your act of piety.
The woman ran home to her cottage
and told hcr sick daughter what had:
I happened.     She put Llie handkerchief I
past three in the afternoon, and very ion" the girl's bed,* and tho'child, who
my first hox of Zam-Buk. Greatly
my delight that first box gave me
relief. I continued to apply it to
the pores, nnd day hy day they got
hotter. I could sec tliat at last I
had got hold of something which
would cure mc, and In the end it did.
It is now over a year since i-an.-I.uk
worked a cure in my case, and there
has been no return of thc eczema or
any trace of Lt.'*
Such Is the nature of tho great
cures which Zam-Buk is daily effecting. Purely herbal in composition,
this great balm is a sure cure for all
skin diseases, co'd sores, chopped
hands, frost bite, ulcers, blood-poison*
"M fow people were in this section of the I has been paralyzed for several years
gallery at tho time. Suddenly the
soupd of smashing glass was hoard,
and some of tho officials who hurried
to the spot stnte that they saw the
man in the act of jabbing the pictures
with a two foot rule. Tlio rulo was
afterwards found to he broken.
Welch, when arrested, had about $86
or $40 in his possession. He said
nothing when charged with the act at
the police station and seemed somewhat strange ln his manner
sat up, got out of bed and walked.
The statue is surroimdoi all day by
cripples, blind men and women, nnd
even children who arc suffering from
some disease, It was reported
among the townspeople that a blind
man recovered his sight and that a
lame man hail thrown away his crutches and walked.
A number of unbollevors visited the
cemetery and openly expressed their
"-"ptlcism.        They    woro    roughly
The officials of the gallery do not  handled by the worshipers aud elect-
despair of repairing the pictures, al- ed.
though of course the damage is great j    a number of women have organized
frum an artistic point of view. |a perpetual guard  round  the statue,
, ,, ,    .„„ia i    Welch, who was somewhat shabbily, and one of them collected monev frnm
When the baby is ill; when his little
stomach Is out of order and he Is
cross and refuses to smile, don't dose
him with castor oil. There is no
need to torture him—give Baby's Own
Tablets-—they do everything castor
oil is supposed to do, only they do it
better, and what is more the baby,
will like them. The Tablets are absolutely safe, being guaranteed by
a government analyst to contain no.
opiates or other -harmful drugs. Sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockvllle, Ont.
Bite In Pot of Butter Discloses His
Identity to the Police
Paris, France.—Improving on tho
fingerprint method of detecting crime,
the Paris police have obtained evidence of a burglar's Ideu'.ity from the
toot-hmarks which he left In a put of
Pierre Bassaud, the alleged burglar,
broke into his former employer's promises at Montreull-sous-Bols, hoping to
find jewelry nnd money. Falling in
this, he went to the kitchen and had
a fcatf. Then he rode away on a
stolen bicycle.
When arrested ho denied everything
but the police found marks of eighteen of his teeth—including one which
was broken—-exactly reproduced ln a
lump of butter Into which he had probably bitten Uy mistake in the dark.
He still protested his Innocence, declaring thnt he did not like butter, but
when the magistrate Rent for some
butter nnd mado the prisoner btto into
It the Imprint left by his irregular
teeth wan' found to he Identical with
tho Impreaslon made In tho lard at
A well known physiognomist advocates choosing one's servant;- according to the formation of their faces;—
We tried the -plan on Martha Hose —
sho only mopped a week, Although
wo chose hor tor her nose, wo sacked
hor for hor cheek.
Like Old Dobbin Did
KI—That's a wonderful auto Hank's
HI—Why so?
81—If be falls asleep Jn it, It finds
Its own way home.
',, PILLS:■-
HT..    I tVStit.lrf.-L'l •*.,>•'■•
•Oe. a box or six boxes rer $2.50,
it all dealer,, or Thi Doddi Medicine Company, Llmlttd, Toronto,
W. N. U. 939
Military Circles  Demanding Vast  Increase to Already Gigantic Fighting Machine
Berlin .—According to reports of the
well-informed Frankfurter SSeitung, lt
is intended in the present session of
the Reichstag to introduce a bill
strengthening tho German army.
From another source It is learned that
the cost will bo somewhere between
50,000,000 and 100,000,000 marks.
In the Ix)kal Anseiger some Indication Is given of the direction which
the new army bill wlll take. First
there will be an effort made to Increase tha contingent recruits, which
at the present time Is a little above
that supplied by France, wllh a much
smaller population. Secondly, in tho
Infantry, regiments with two battalions wlll be strengthened wilh another
btitalllon, and an Increase Is also regarded as necessary to tho machine
gun companies and several cavalrv
The artillery forces aro nlso regarded ns unduly weak, owing to the
fact Uiat there is no uniform system
of gun In use. The establishment of
cycle coihwmics is considered necessary, and in'nn ospeclal degroo effort
tmiHt bc made to strengthen tho army
with a Hullabl' number of flying ma-
chinos nnd dirigibles.
It is hardly likely that tho new bill
will provide for all theso wants, which
Jn the first placo must bo regarded
merely as a statement of what tho
military circles are demanding.
Vienna.—An offer of $120,000 has
been refused for a carpet in the possession of John Kernowslty, a Prague
antiquarian, who asserts that ho can
prove It to havo been used by tho pro-
phot Mahomet when at prayer.
A 11 title girl remarked to her mamma, on going to bed: 1 am not afraid
of thc dark.
No, of course not, replied her mamma.
I was a llttlo afraid onco, when I
went Into tho pantry to get a tart.
What wero you afraid of?
I was afraid 1 couldn't find thc
What's the Use?
Though he Is himself, in , private
life, a clergyman, George Birmingham,
the Irish novelist, loves a good story
on the -clergy, and one of lhe most
amusing sections in hit new book:
The Lighter side of Irish Life, deals
with thc foibles and misadventures of
Irish pastors. One of his tales may
be quoted:
A north of Ireland gentleman heard
from the lips of a clergyman of the
death of an Inveterate enemy of his
who harassed him for many years.
Well, he said, it's a comfort to think
that the devil's got that fellow at last.
The clergyman, being a clergyman,
felt bound to protest against this uncharitable view of the dead man's condition. He insinuated a hope that,
in spite of all that had passed, the
poor man might have escaped the extreme penalty.
Well, said tha other, if the devil
hasn't got that fellow, all I can say
Is that I don't see much use In our
keeping a devil at all.
A Kansas City character was clinging to a lamp-post one Sunday morning when a stranger camo along and
addressed him.
Sir, enquired tho stranger, can you
tell mo where the Second Presbyterian church is?
Mister, answered the weary one. I
don't even know where the First Presbyterian church Is.
Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Visitor—Was the Christmas mall
Rural Postmnster—IIavon't got It all
out yet. I tell you, this town owes
Its lives to me. About the first of
December all the letter:, that came
lu hero were covered with funny
looking stamps. I got kind of suspicious and It certainly puzzled me
till a New York drummer put me
wise, teli'ng me they were tuberculosis stamps. Of courso, I knew that
stuff was darned bad, so I just tips
and confiscates 'the mail as fast as it
camo in. I've got It all out In the
back room fumigating now. Pretty
narrow squeeze, but I nipped the epidemic right In the bud.      f
I-twill for the -signature of I'I. W. OliOVK.
Cures a Cold In Ono Day.   Cures Urip
in Two Days.    '._c.
burns, and bruises,
stores sell at 50c.
from Zam-Buk Co.,
celpt of price.
All druggists and
box or post
Toronto, upon re-
other visitors, no particular attention ; bed on the hand.*, ol' the statue.   This
A story of Scotch honesty comes
from Dundee. A small boy hnd taken
the prize for an exceptionally well
drawn map. After the examination
tho teacher, a little doubtfully, asked
tho hid:
Who helped you with this map,
Nobody, sir.
Come, now, tell me the truth. Did
not your brother help you?
No, sir. ho did it all.
£ree[ being paid to him by the gallery of-
' licials. The outrage was reported to
Sir Charles Ilolroyd the director of
the gallery, who Immediately investigated the affair, and thc damage done.
Lord Balcarres, M.P., who ls a
trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, expressed the utmost Indignation
nt tlic news of the outrage at Lho National Gallery,
An Irish contractor had the misfortune to run his car over an old man
who had a bottle of blueing Inside his
coat. Jumping from his ear and seeing the lluld rapidly staining tho old
fellow's breast, ho turned to bis friend,
Ftnnegan, It'll go barrud wid us!
We've killed wan o' thim blue-blooded Yankees!
Paris.—M, Harriot, mayor of Lyons
hns Issued an order forbidding the delivery of bread In open baskets and
hand nir.ii unless so completely covered by a dust-proof cloth aB to secure tho bread from the danger of
London.—Mrs. Puddlfoot, of Norfolk road, Kfckmftnsworth, the wife of
a laborer, has reared seven young
rabbits by feeding them with milk
from a spoon. They aro now l>
weeks old and able to look afler Ihem*
Paris.—In a duel with swords, M.
Liontcl took his father's placo on account of the great ago of the latter,*
and was wounded lu tiie arm, Ills
adversary was a member of the chamber named M. L-ngroslllloro. The son
though woundod, refused to give up
tho fight until It was stopped by tho
seconds. , .
Train Blown Over
Berlin.—Heavy snowstorms occurred In many parts of Germany Inst
weok and railway trafilc Is seriously
affected. A passenger train traveling from Reichenau lo Z It tail, Saxony.
was blown over by the wind, one of
tho carriages being burned. There
was no loss nt life. The railway station at Merzdurf. in Silesia, was practically wrecked by tho storm aud traffic there Is suspended,        ,
London.—Trailer tramcars will, It
Is assorted, he placed on the London
county council tramway system within
lho uext fortnight.
Pat wns standing near the car track
when ho nollcrd an automobile coming
up the street, and lo be onto ho mopped back a HUh. from llie car track.
The autoj Wont past and Just as ll
was pausing lhe driver had occasion
to turn off he track. When he did
the nuto skidded ou lhe car track causing lho bach end of It to swing
around, striking Pat und knocking him
down. t .  .   .
Pat was econ to got up and look
after the car and nay: Now phat do yo
think o' that? Whin yo stand In front
o' thim, thoy run over yo; and whin
yo g!it oul o' the way to lot thlm pass
they turn round and kick ye!
A Boon for the Bilious.—The liver
Is a very sensattve organ and easily'
deranged. When this occurs there
is undue secretion of bile and the
acrid liquid flows into the stomach and
sours it. It Is a most distressing
ailment, and many aro prone to it.
In this condition a man finds the best
remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which are warranted to speedily correct tho disorder. There is no better medicine in the entire list of pill
Thero is nothing repulsive In Miller's Worm Powders, and they are as
pleasant to take as sugar, so that few
children will refuse them. In some
cases they cause vomiting through
their action In an unsound stomach
but this is only a manifestation of
their cleansing power, no indication
that they are hurtful. They can be
thoroughly depended upon to clear
all worms from the system.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
You haven't got J. Jones Jtnklns
writing advertisements for you any
more, I hear, renin rked one business
man to another, both good advertisers
along different lines.
No, replied the other In a tone of
strong disapproval, and I'm glad of
What's wrong with hfm? I understand he had taken a course from a
correspondence school und was thoroughly competent.
Was he? And the other man spat
as though something tasted bad. Was
he? Well, let me tell you something.
I had a new brand of tooth brushes
and I wanted something extra to exploit them al' over, and I told him to
go to it good. Next day In nil tho
papers it showed up large and luminous, and at the bottom there was a
lino standing out dear which read:
If not satisfactory after a week's trial
return and get your money back.
Now what do ynu think of that?
Tooth brushes, mind you!
Time for it
I've got the dct on you.
Then I guess it's time for me to
make a dash.
Mr. Sllcer—I was reading tbe other
day that thero are eight hundred ways
of cooking potatoes.
Mrs. Sllcer—Yes?
Mr. Sllcer-—Well, my dear, don't you
think that if you tried hard you could
learn ono of thom?
Wife—Do you know Henry, yoa
haven't given ine a kiss for a wc-ek?
Professor (very absent-minded)—Is
it possible? Dear me, I wonder who
it can bo that I'vo bcen kissing the
past week, then?
are rapidly grow Ing in popular favor.
served cither witli cream or
good milk, or preserved fruit
make a most appetizing dish
for breakfast, dinner, or
These delicious toaslcd
flaky bits of white corn have
a delicateitaste that is very
pleasing at this time of year.
Post Toasties arc economical, make less work for
the busy housewife and
please everyone at the table.
"The Memory Lingers"
Said by Grocers everywhere
Canadian  Postum Cereal  Co.,
Windsor, Ont.
Husband Victim of Crime Which Doctors Attribute to Shattered Nerves
Paris, France.—Mine. Lamberjac'lt,
the divorced wife of M. Lamberjack,
managing director of a motorcar company, was in Paris assize court recently found not guilty of a charge of
homicide in connection with hcr former husband's death. She was released.
M. Lamberjack fell in lovo with and
married Mile. Virginia Bosou when he
was a professional racing cyclist and
Bhe was an embroiderer at an establishment in tho Faubourg St. Ilouore. ;
For severul years they lived together
happily. But M. Lamberjack was
ambitious and made his way in the
world, till lie was earning from $101),-
000 to $200,000 a year. With material
success their happiness came to an
end. Mme. Lamberjack reproached
her husband with infidelity. Quarrels became frequent and finally the
couple were divorced. Yet tliey continued to live under the same roof.
In Juno last year .M. I-atnbcrjack
decided to remove hla share of the
furniture. Mme. Lamberjack reproached him and then shot him fatally with a revolver.
fn the Indictment road In court
Mme. Lamberjack was described as of
uncertain temper and excessively nervous. Mme. Lamberjack pleaded
that she never intended to kill RI.
Lamberjack, nnd only lired when she
thoughet he had snatched up his coat
as If to got his revolver. When tho
president or the court asked her if she
regretted her act she hid her faco in
her hands and burst into tears.
Two eminent physicians, who examined her, said she was the victim of
Paris life, and its harassing effect on
the nerves.
forbidden by tlio police, where-
upon several gendarme*-, were attacked by the angry women. The leader
of the women who tried to induce ber
companions to precipitate a riot Is now
forbiddmi to enter the cemetery.
The bishop and clergy have thus far
refrained from expressing any opinion
regarding tho alleged miracle.
not only keeps cold out, but
conser\'esbody-warmth; body-
fat serves the same purpose,
it enables us to resist unsettled
elements and serves as the
great source of our body-heat.
Greater body-warmth means
richer blood, more fat, not
obesity but fat which the body
consumes for warmth, vitality,
resistance-power as a furnace
consumes coal for heat—
Scott's Emulsion does this.
A teaspoonful after each
meal makes body-wnnntli--
healthy, active blood —
sharpens the appetite and
makes all good food do good. ,
It drives out andkeepe out colds
by raising endurance-power
and creating strength.
Reject emh.titi.t-. for SCOTT'S.
S^otl * Bnwn--, Torunlo, Ontario   12-61
Specialist In    Mental    Disorders    Explains  Its  Effect  Upon  Ordinary
London, Kngland.—The possibility
of goiters flocking to llarley street to
be cured of a tendency to top their
drives or foozle their moshie shots is
opened by the news that after hypnotic treatment at Guy's Hospital a golfer
.who was off his game returned to the
links In splendid form.
He was an amateur plus player who
had suddenly gone stale from over
concentration on the game, and thc
method adopted by a Harley street
nerve specialist vas to InsUll In the
man's mind by suggestion the conviction that he was just as good a player
as ever.
Some Interesting opinions on the
subject were given by Dr. Edwin Ash,
Uie famous specialist ln mental disorders.
A game such as golf, he explained,
requires a very delicate co-ordination
of mind and muscle, which becomes
subconscious in the case of a player
of any skill. He plays like an automaton, and Is at his best when he
docs not trouble about his game.
Any flow of energy ln his conscious
mind, such as over anxioiy about the
result of the match, or the Idea that
he ll going to play badly, has the result of Interfering with the working of
the subconscious part. It clogs the
Wheels of tho automaton.
Now, there is no doubt that suggestion can remove that interference by
removing the particular Ideas which
havo blocked tho free running of the
automatic Impulses whloh wlll all go
to the proper swinging of a club.
Tho hypnotic sleep state Is not necessary, and ln most cases Is undesirable. My own method ln such cases
is to get tho patient's mind poised,
aud then remove by suggestion tho
Idea which is obstructing the subscou-
Sotous action of thc brain.
Students suddenly faced with nn
examination paper oflcn find their memories almost wiped out by the rush
of energy in their conscious brain.
The automaton which should reel off
date:! and figures sceinu to get ts
spoke through Its driving wheel.
Expelled for Kissing
Munich.—Great Indignation has
been oatlBOd by Uio action of the ai.
thorilles In censoring dancing nt the
carnival bulls, which were being held
IftCt Week. iPoiir policeman wlio
I were stationed In Uio dancing pavilions during tho most Important bail
of tho series frOQUontly Interfered
with couples on the floor, nnd arreted several of thom for alleged Impro-
ped dancing. Other gueuls were
ejected from the hall becauso they
kissed otieh other In public.
Time and Money
Tbat time is Wofloy, W-U.bm bloats,
Yet you wiH know my dears,
A girl with thirty thousand beat!
A Blrl with thirty years.
Takes Place of Her Alleged Lover and
Fights for Her Honor
Moscow, Russia.—A groat sensation has been caused here by the tragic death of Ivan Putokiu, Uie owner of
a school for fencing, who was killed In '
a duel with bis wife.
Mme. Putokln was an instructress
at her husband'-* school and frequently [
gave lessons to young army ofllcers, | ing their ten day
Willi whom sho was a great favorite
RI. Putokln quarreled with a lieu-!
tenant, whom he thought paid too j
marked attentions to his Wife, and a'
duel was arranged. The combatants I
met at the appointed time with their]
seconds in one of the rooms at the,
fencing school and were about -to begin the duel with rapiers wheu Mme. |
Putokln appeared.
She declared that her husband's ■
challenge was a reflection on her own
honor, and demanded that he tight
with her bc-fore he met the officer.
The other men present upheld her
view, and'fresh seconds were chosen.
The fencing master and his wife
began their deadly encounter amid encouraging remarks from the onlookers.
M. Putokln was the bettor swordsman,
and contented himself with parrying
his wife's thrusts. After the fourth
pass, however, one of Mme. Putok-
Ln's backers shouted: Finish him, my
jewel, ho Is not worthy of you!
Mme. Putokin made n furious lunge
at tier husband aud ran him through
the heart. The woman as well as
eight ofllcers who were present, were
immediately arrested.
Britiah   Detachment  to   be   Invited   to
Forest Campaign
Copenhagen. — Tho British Roy
Bcouib are to hav.. an opportunity of
visiting Denmark this year. Th ■ _ ■■*
emLng committee of the Danish Hoy
Scout**;—for the movement is a grow-
ing one hero—is planning a len i!a>i'
summer campaign ln the forests In
Now Zealand.
Iu connection with these maneuvers
which will be carried out under the
instructions of a captain In the Danish army, M. Lembeke, who Is one of
the leaders of the Boy Scout movement in Denmark, the committee has
decided to Invite bodies of English,
Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish Boy
Scoutd to join their col Ungues of
young Denmark as a holiday trip.
The two sons of the king of D*-?n
mark, Crown Prince   Frederick   and
"'riuce Knud, will join lhe scouts dur*
training.    Among
the planned festivities is a visit hy
King Christian and Queen Alexandrine
who will be at their summer residence
at Fredeusborg, near Elslnore.
German, Traitor to His Country, Gcti
Seven Years'  Servitude
Lelpslc, Germany.—WUhetm Edward
a mechanic, formerly employed in Sic-
men's & Hnlflko's engineering works,
was sentenced to seven year.*.' penal
servitude, ten years' loss of honoi
and police supervision during that
time for esplona'ge on behalf of Great
It was allege', that Kwald. who wns
formerly engaged in flttlng telegraphic
and telephonic Installations on hoard
warships, sold certain Information to
the British intelligence department,
Evidence was adduced,at th- trial
to thc effect that Ewald was regularly
employed as a spy by the British admiralty, to whom he had delivered
seven reports and plans.
This information was said to have
been given while Ewald was iu Wit-
helmshaven, Kiel and London.
Suitable for  any s\z.  at gome.
Made in all desirable cn'i'.:;r:i a'.-A
used and endorsed by hunters the wor'.d over fnr
hird usage, reliability and strong and accuiatc shooting.   No rifle will give belter satisfaction t'.ia.i the
Winchester.   Winchester rilleo arc Bold by r-'.l deahrs.
Send p$tt_t fir tmbttU, Uluttr.ttd tntnhi
wmcKESua nmmz mi n,
The Best
Farm Lubricants
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
Clingi to the bearings and insures the least
possible friction and wear. Moisture nnd
changes of temperature do not affect it.
The choice of the most successful farmers.
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperature*).
Equally good for external bearings.
£( Dorado Collar Machine Oil
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Thresher Hard Oil
Siller Star Engine Kerosene.
Imperial Motor Gasoline
Mica Axle Crease
Stock curried at 300 tank and wnrehouio
station* in Western Canada. For addreises,
price lists, etc., write any agency,
Af«i*. OfKci
Rvglnrt, Moos'* J..w, s..*.k..toon.
Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbrldge,
©he Ifraftpei'tor, ©raubrook,, §. €.
Published ."very Saturday   Morning »t Oraabrook, B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
Postage to American, European tad  other foreign countries,   50 cent-   a
ADVERTISEMENTS-Advertlslng rates furnished on application,
.dvertlsemente but thos. ol a reputable character will be accepted
PU ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS-Unleiw notice to _e contrary
la given to local manager advertlaementa and subBCriptloos will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
19th YEAR
No. 16
We agree with Dr. Young that some
limit should be set to this craze lor
subdivisions.    But,   with  all  loyalty
and respect to His Majesty's ministers   wby does not the Government
act 'up to its Provincial Scrretary's
principles?     Surely,    it   might have
made a start at least at Shawmgan
Lake, where subdlvisionnl plans come
directly beneath Its jurisdiction?    It
ls all very well to talk ol "raying
debts with assets," and ot the attendant evils ot living on our capital,
but thero is more ot this caused by
tbe unlicensed exercise ol subdivision-
al "interests"   than is dreamt ol in
the learned Doctor's philosophy.   His
advice Is none the less sapient   and
salutary and we shall do well to take
it to heart.     We can  wish nothing
better than that thc finances ot each
and alt ot our rcadetB may be in as
flourishing condition as is that ol the
Province, with eight millions credit
In the bank, and a further nine millions as reserve to meet the bonded
Indebtedness ot the Province, which—
thanks to the foresight and ability ol
the present Administration-is in the
unique condition ot being practical!)-
free ot debt.—Spokesman.
The condition ot the Liberal party,
political and otherwise is absolutely
hopeless, so long as Dr. J. A. Macdonald, the Globe editor, tills tbe
role of consulting physician.
No   wonder    tho   Liberal   membera
have sore heads.    Every scandal they
have attempted to raise against  the
Conservative Government bas proved
a boomerang.
...   i
Hon. Sydney Fisher's latest statement In England Is the veiled threat
that If Mr. Borden lorces through the
Naval Aid Bill, the Senate will kill
lt. Such contemptible actions show
how bitter to bim wbb the pill ot defeat.
•  •  •  •
"Quit you like men, bo strong!" is
Mr. Borden's message   to Canadian
manhood ln urging assistance to the
Mother Country ln this, hcr time ot
*   •   •   •
Laurier cares nothing tor tho Empire. He says to Canadians do nothing.
Which of the two policies will appeal most to tho vigorous young llle
of Cnnada? Were tho answer demanded at the polls tbo reply would be decidedly emphatic.
Knowing that Laurier la losing his
grip on the Liberal members ln the
House of Commons nnd on the Liberals throughout tho country and tbat
tho party is facing utter dcmorall.a-
tlon, owing to the struggle for load
ershlp, the Liberal machine In exerting every power, f air an.l foul, to
force an election. They nre gambling tit long oddB on tho result, but
they know 11. is their only hopo—and
a forlorn ono.
Father's Day
Hon. Wm. Pugsley hnd u had set-
.mck on April let. He hud under
tnken tho prcvlout. iiU'lit, with ihe
uflHlntnnce ol 13. M. McDonald, M.l'.,
to thwart an undertaking made by
hlH leader, who had consented tu
vote supply for two months. Sir
Wilfrid next dny agreed with the (lo-
vernmeat's resolution, nnd --ven then
Mr. Pugsley tried to thwart thu ar
run sum cut saying thnt no man oi
net of men hud nny right to tie the
hands of other membora. Hir Wll
frid showed IiIh dlBpleasurs plainly
enough and Mr. Pugsley _ mutinous
epjrlt received no encouragement even from hln hand of block ere, The arrangement, therefore, went through.
Some show of resl Ht and- will proh-
ably be made to tbo nnvy bill, If only to let the blockers down e:isily
Bnt tho blockade is broken and the
hill will go tbrougb.
• •   •   $
Liberal members who abject to
curtailment of "free speech" na they
H-e it must admit thnt it ennnot well
be distributed upon equal rights principle!, without -'trenching upon eternity" For Instance, suppose fifty
members undertook to Hpra*. as often
and aa long as Hon, H. R. Km mer
eon, the year's business could not be
transacted ln twelve monthd. The
salvation of the country's bu>fll6.1l
Ilea In tho fact that parliament is not
likely to have more tban one Emmer-
■on, although Messrs Pugsley nnd
Lemieux appear to he Vising with
him aa a consumer of tlrre. For
tunately only one of the three has
any chance of being m the next par
1 lament.
• •   •   •
If the Liberals really want to test
the feeling of the country on thc
navy issue, why d0 they not allow A.
H. Clarke, M. P., of South Essex to
reeign? Mr. Clarke waB elected by
201 malorlty in 1911 and has wanted to realRn for nome time, but the
bye-election in South EssflX are the
party is afraid of losing the Beat in
tha bye-election. The anme loaders
who fear a bye-clectlon In Houth En
anx nre the same men who defy the
•Government to go to the country,
They will have a chnnne to allow
their atrsngth In Houth Lanark,
which la now vacant. It la a Strong
Conaervfttlve sent, hut If the LauMnr
policy on the Navy is so popular,
tliey should he able to make aome
Impression with lt even lu Lanark.
For a long time we hav. this unanswerable challenge flung In o*-***-'
teeth; "What is Home Without t
Mother'.'" but here at last, 0, long
Buffering men, (s the reply: "What ia
Home Without a Father?"
Who brings home the little cheque
every montb?
Who cheerfully pays ull the way
from 10 dollars up for easter hats lor
tbe girls, and at the same time
grudges the three bones It costs blm
to replace the old plug hat that is In
tbe last stages ol disintegration?
Who chops the wood, mows the lawn
and all the other Interesting little
chores around the house?
Who carves the turkc-*- and the
chickens and while the rest of us re
mark 0n it's teuderness, smiles man
fully across the table and surveys
the gristly portion tbat remains with
a tear in his eye?
Who—but enough, enough'
Since tbe world was, Father has
been doing good by -stealth, yet only
now do we take him from his shadowy niche; stand him up for all the
world to see, and listen with bowed
heads as down through the ages
comes the clarion call: "Honor Thy
Father and Thy Mother."
We look at his prey hairs, his
_toop.ni-; form, we think of hi3 patience, his love, bis self-sacrifice; ve j
think of many words whereby we may ■
express our admiration, enly to discard them as being worse than useless. The debt we owe is too great
to be summed up In a few pretty
hrases, but we clasp his hand,
thump him on the shoulder, look into hia eyes and laugh while we shout
to all the world: "What's the matter
with Father?  He's all right."
"An Appreciation."
"What'B the matter with Father11
He's all right." Of course Is he; God
bless him, and we arc glad that he
is at last coming into his own. For
the first time in history, a whole
day—the second Sunday in April-
has been set apart and dedicated to
him, during which we are asked to
think kindly of the old chap, who so
carefully fathered us, with
thought of reward, save that the
boys might have a better chance
chance than bc had.
"Mother's Day" hna been commemorated for many years, and we venture to say that the world is a better place today because of It'a observance. Linked to the magical word
"Mother" is childhood, with all it's
vague happy memories: memories
crammed full of Santa Claua, Jack,
the Giant killer, Mother Hubbard
and many other wonderful heroes and
heroines. And what -, splendid tonic
it is, to turn the wheels of time back
over the years, and hold high revelry
with those knlghta mid ladies of old,
forgetting for the moment all of real
estate, tho high cost of living or the
naval policy.
Without a doubt, these were the
dayB ol real sport. The perplexltie
of profit and loss found no place In
their artless affairs, one did not feel
the grim necessity o( going around
wearing ,. face like a stratagem, but
wub freo to greet a friend with a joyous "Whoopee," or turn upon one's
enemy and rend him. Yet why all
these treasured memories should cluster round the word mother to the utter exclusion of father, often set us
wondering of what a rogue the old
man must bu to be thus ostracised.
a period of four years, the UBUal period.
Mr Pelletler read the House statements from R. M. Coulter, the Deputy PoBtmaster-General, Hector B.
Verret, the Assistant Deputy, and
Sidney Smith, Controller of Postal
StoreB, giving the circumstanccB ol
tbe lock transaction. These clrcum-
BtanceB were:
The patent under which tho lock
formerly used for the mail bags was
manufactured, bad expired.
The old lock was tbeu in a condition described by the efforts of the
Department as so defective that it
"could be opened by other means
tban they key, and the contents ol
tbe bags thus got at and letters and
valuables extracted."
For obvious reasons the policy of
the Department has been to change
tbe lock every fifteen or eighteen
years. A new lock was tested, found
to be satisfactory, and the contract
awarded. It was let without tender
for the reason that tho article Is a
patented one.    Says Mr. Smith.
"Tho Post onico lock bas never
been put up to competitive tender,
being covered by pntent rights the
Department waB not at liberty to
call tor tenders, besides which the
calling for tenders would lead to a
publicity and knowledge of the internal mechanism of tho lock aim n^st
lock makers and lock dealers, which
is not permissible iu the case of a
lock intended to secure the safety ol
ing tho next four yearB for thla purpose alone."
That la the answer to the mail bag
lock "scandal." Summed up it is
this; that the contract was entered
into on the advice of the expert officials of the Department, who declared that a new lock waa necesBary for
tbo safety of tho malls, the contract
is in the ordinary, form of the Department, that it does not call for
uny more locks than the Department
requires from time to time that such
locks could be purchaeod by tender,
that the price is the same as fixed by
the lato PofltmaBter-G«*eral in 1907
for the old lock, that ttio company
was not composed ot Mr. Fclletler's
friends, that there waB no graft.
Tho only man who tlt,e8 "ot onWge
unhurt from this attempt to besmirch tbe administration of tho
Post Office Department, is Hon. Ro
dolpho Lemieux, the former Minis
The Postmaster General declared
that the price for this good lock was
the same us the price paid for the
old defective luck, which price was
fixed by Mr. Lemieux white in office.
This  Mr   Lemieux solemnly  denied
Mr. Pelletler thereupon produced a
memorandum jf ihe Post Office Department, dated October 15, 1907,
signed by the Controller, and addressed to Mr. Luscbiuger, the then
-.(•.siaHftDt Deputy, fixing the price to
b? paid for thc old lock at one dollar. Tins memo was endorsed with
the initials of Mr. Lemieux ln the j
latter, own handwriting
tei with this document Mr. Lemieux
admitted tint the Initials were his.
Liberal Daring
There la cool daring In the propoe
ul of l.ibon.l Isadora tbat they should
forte their solution ot n groat nut
iion.il issue upon .. Conservative do-
vornmont, 8lnce when .li.l Liberal
leaders beoomo recognised authorities
upon national questions? Is it not
ii (net thut In almost every esse thoy
took the wrong side ol every gloat
national nuestion?
Were they right when thoy proposed commercial union w.th tho United
Were they right when thoy advoc-
Hte.l mireatricted rtcclpio uy'
rtero thoy right when they opposed tho building Ol the Canadian Tactic Railway
Lauricrism stands tor "a llttlo
Canada," with her people so busily
engaged ln material pursuits that
they have no time or inclination to
concern themselves with Umpire problems. Laurlerism is seen at Its
worst in the view lt takes ot Canada's Imperial responsibilities, Laurlerism ls the Incarnation ot tho Inability to think or act Imperially.
Laurlerism, in " word, is tbat
brand ot statesmanship ot which the
people ot Canada ure heartily tired.
Close of JFiscal Year
The financial yenr which closed on
March 3 waa tho most prosperous1 In
tho history of l-anndn and thanks to
buoyant revenues and careful flimnc
lug on the part of tho Hon. W. T.
White, tho position of the Dominion
was never so sound as at the present
Canada's securities now stand higher in  the Ihitish market  than thoso
of any other overseas Dominion.
For the first time in Canadian -history the foreign trade passed the billion dollar mark, au increase forth-1
year of some one  hundred and  .iffy
million dollars.    The revenue [or tlu
year reached   47U,UUl),000 or un   In
crease of   $36,000,000,     The   expenditure  was about   Jl.M.i.mniiiii »,, that
; the Finance Minister when ho brings
1 down his annual budget will  bo able
to announce n surplus of from fifteen
to twenty million dollars.
Through careful financing for the
first timo for yenrs C.u.ada has not
had to ral ao a solitary loan durlug
tho past fiscal year. Last fall a
loan of 96,000,000- which had matured, was paid of! in cash. Hut of the
surplus    Mr.   White    has    purchased
Were they right wben they tried to | Trom  ten  to  twelve    million  dollars
j force  through  Parliament  the  Reel*; worth of Grand Trunk Pacific bonds
procity Pact of   1811. saving the country from part of the
II they were right, tbe peoplo were j enormous Iosb Involved  in   the fam-
\ wrong and If tho people were wrong [ous "Implement" joker placed by the
In any of these cases tbey are unre- i Laurier    government   In   tho Grand
pentant still. ] Trunk   pacific   contract.    The   last
The heart of the Liberal Party is | Trunk Pacific contract. The last lean
j sound,  but that Party has been led j obtained by Mr. White was in Feb-
badly on every great occasion.    The   ruary or   1912 to meet a loan falling
0_-£raiv!!ea(3era appeared to have a genius for   due in May of $25,000,000.    Through
getting  in  wrong  on  treat  national | negotiating a loan before the spring
issues, and there le a touch of Impudence in their suggestion now that
- on a matter of national and imperial
also i consequence their views should  pre-
answered the charge as published in! veil,    Tbey were not able to carry
Another Boomerang
Hon. L. P. Pelletler, Postmaster-
General was Bhe object ot the last
''boomerang" charge r.mi tbe Opposition.   The charge wns:—
That Mr. Pelletler had contracted
with the Ontario Equipment Company ot Ottawa, for 850,OUO patent
mall bug lockl at one dollar each.
That the price was ejtcesflive.
That the cimipnny wa*. eompoied Of
Mr   Pelletler'a friends.
That tue contract should have been
let  by tender.
That, the supply "f lock*, contracted
for was ennrmouMy in .--cess of tb''
needH of the Department.
In short that there wua a big graft,
Thia question waa rnifed In tbe
Home by Hon. Hodolphe U*mleui,
ex-Postmaster -General, Mr. Lemieux went as far aa he dared in the
Hoiiho, and the charge waa amplified
and extended aa above by the Liberal
party newspapers.
Mr. Pelletier has given the House
the exact facta ot thn caan an shown
by the reconlH of tbe Department,
bearing the namea of the highest permanent olflcials of the pont.t! Hervlce, men of known capacity and lu
tegrity.     first of all,  the contract
Thla contract wan entered Into on
October 26 of Inst yonr. It, binds
the contractor to Miipply the locka ae
required nt tlm price net In the contract, onn dollar each for lock and
key, It doe*, not bind the Department to take any stipulated number
of locke.
Thle contract, drawn on the usual
form of the Poat Office Dept, 1* (or
the Liberal press, that the contract!
imd been given to his Iriends. He j
"I may say that I   do   not   know:
personally   any   of the directors of
tbat company,  that I do not know;
the manager, except (or having met j
him once, perhaps twice, but I am j
sure of my having met him once in i
my office in the presence of my officers,  when he wanted to get   $1,10
for this contract and wben I discussed the matter with him.    That Is the
only  time I met the  gentleman,   1
have never spoken to him before or
since.    That ls the friend to whom
these newspapers allude."
Thc Idea that the Department was
contracting lor 350,000 of these new
locks arose in this way, as explained
by a memorandum signed by Hector
B. Verret, Assistant Deputy Postmaster-General:—
"At page 0,441 of the Hansard of
March 19th, 1913, Mr. Lemieux asked how many new locks had been
bought for mall bags. Mr. Pelletler
answered:   350,000,
When this question was asked by
Mr. Lemieux, it was almost six
o'clock, whilst we were rushing tbe
Supplementary Estimates through.
Mr. Pelletier asked me: "How many
locks do you think we will require?"
I answered: "Ilotween 300,000 and
350,000 during the next four years,
which is the term of tbe contract."
1 am afraid tbat I have lead the
Postmaster-General astray in giving
such large figures, and I am ready
to take the blame for it.
Knowing for the pnst three years
tbat the lock was defective, and that
anyone could open it with a knife (ae
I had done myself), I told the Minister that lt was not safe, and that
a new one should he submitted. 1
discussed the matter with the Bepu
ty Ministers and the Controller of
Postal Stores, who were of the same
In the meantime, a lock had been
Patented under number 142,823. Wr
found that this lock would be perfectly snfe for the malls, and nfter
many experiments before the Postmaster-General, he came to the con
elusion that the lock should be ac
ccpted, proveded the price was the
samo as that paid for the old
out an unpopular policy even when
tbey were In power, and they are
less likely to be able now to carry
out a similarly unpopular policy
when they are in opposition.
farmers Patriotic
Here ls an example of what western
farmers really think about tbe Liberal attitude on the proposed Dreadnought gift to the Empire. In view
of the extraordinary misrepresentation of western sentiment on this
question by Opposition members, the
example Ib a striking one. It la a
resolution passed on March 26 and
telegraphed from Wllkie, Bas.., to
Premier Borden by R. James Sprers,
Secretary of the Tramping Lake Conservative Association.
"At a mass meeting of the Tramping Lake Conservative Association
held at Unity, Sask., today composed chiefly ol farmers, representing
over tlfty townships, a resolution
was passed condemning George Mc-
Oraney, M.P., nnd A. Champagne, M.
P., for misrepresenting the opinion of
the West and for the Inactivity in
the House nf Commons. At the close
of one of the most largely attended
and mo.it enthusiastic meeting! ever
held in Saskgtchewan, the following
resolution erdorslng Mr. Borden's
stand on the Naval question was
passed unanimously, 'Whereas the Bt.
Hon. R. L. Borden haa laid before
the Parliament of Cnnada a bill pro-
vising for the construction of three
dreadnoughts to cost $35,000,000;
nnd whereas the Liberal party haa
seen fit to oppose the bill and obstruct its passage, not merely by criticism and dignified debate, but wltb
great bitterness and rancour and
whereas the people of Canada are dependent both for a market for their
nroduce and for capital lor their Industries upon the people of Great
Britain and whereas lt Is not only
our duty as a component part of the
Hritish Empire to assist ln its defence
but lt is to our financial advantage
to see that present connection and
relation with the money markets of
London are kept free nnd open to
us and therefore to assist In guard
ng the mother country from the at-
tacks of foreign powers, now there
fore be lt resolved that thla convention deeply deprecates thc foo'lah and
All the ni,l i—i,. i,   , ,    , ."". I "comprehensible policy of the Liber
aV ordlne to    ae , '.' r?'Um*   **1 ■"•*■*•-*■ "* obstructing tbe passage
according to the terms ol tbe con-1 of the  Naval  mil  .-!? .	
tract, wblcb read ns follows:
"The contractor will substitute   a
"new lock lor nn old lock ns fast as
"th« ,n.ne cnn be manufactured,
"which new lock Is patented under
"No.   142,823."
After having studied thc files nnd
necn the numbor of locka in uae,
which I found wns about 120,000 1
came to the conclusion thnt my estimate ol .100,000 to 350,000 wns (a
little) too high, hut no one can determine In   advance  how   many now
of the Naval BUI and heartily endorse the policy of the Rii.ht Hon.
H. L. Borden and the Conservative
party on a bill whlcb not only protects our financial Interests, but ie
iu keeping with the traditions of our
hlood and our country,
locks will he required during Ihe period of lour years, according to tho
growth of the country anil tho requests for the opening of post ofBe-
I    Laurlerism   stands for Separation
: irom the Empire and Independence.
Laurlerism stands for ths degrada-
i tlon of   parliamentary   proceedings,
and tho relnn of power ln the hands
of tbe minority.
Laurlerism stsnds for tho "get rich
quick" principle In public life, and
the making of millionaires at the ei-
Acconllng to thc contract uo locks | pons* of the people of Cannda.
can be purchased Irom tho company! Laurlerism stands for unclennncss
unlean an order Is given hy tbo Con III tho administration of affairs, and
troller of Postal Mores, who has | the spoliation of tho resources of tho
been In the service forty-throe yearn,, Dominion hy n group ot fnvorltoB
and I will not myself authorise any j "ho wero permlttell to use public of-
pnrchase unlesB recommended by lilm, '■ 'Ice for private gain.
When I gnvo you such aiinwor I had I l-nuriorlsm stands for Cnnada doing
In mind the f'srcel Pont Hyatem, nothing to boar hor tnlr Bbnro of Bin-
whlch will, no .loiihl, rail lor a very. I'lre burdens, lt Lnurlerlslii were
considerable number of bags of huge | permitted tu dictate tho naval pol-
Blue, each of which must ho litteil Icy ol the Dominion tbe Day ol Arm-
wllh ono of these locks. The Increase  ageddon    would   find   no   Canadian
In tbs qusntlty of locks roqulreil will
thus ho abnormal and It Is not only
probable, but certoln that a vory
large quantity wlll be required dur*
Dreadnoughts fighting side by side
with the ships of other overseas Dominions and those ol tbe motherland,
labor disturbances, it was secured at
the high figure of  08J.
Tho Liberal "Witness" of Montreal
sayB of the prosperity of tho Dominion:—
"Commercial prosperity seems to
follow Mr. Borden'B stntely lead ss
faithfully as it did the white plume
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. As our trade
increased by leaps and bounds during
Sir Wilfrid's long term, so it Is continuing to increase, and Canada never bad such a year as the laat. A revenue increased by thirty-live millions has lelt a treasury running over
against the Government's many undertakings for expenditure. If Investors abroad needed assurance of Canada's prosperity, these figures would
seem to supply it."
Parting of the Ways
When former President Taft, was
negotiating the reciprocity agreement
with tbe former administration, be
frankly declared that Canada was
"at the parting ot the ways." 8he
had either to cast her lot definitely with Great Britain, or become fiscally and politically entangled with
tbe United States. Canada's answer
Is historic. She chose to remain a
Portion of the British Empire, and
Laurier and his company ot Separatists had to pack their carpet bags
and get out of office atter fifteen
years of power,
"Canada today faces a similar situation." She ls at the parting of the
waya, Laurier Is pulling hard for
Separation and Independence. He ts
deliberately seeking to block an effort to aid the motherland, and he
has come out ln his true colors as a
firm believer ln independence as the
ultimate goal. The iBsue belore the
Canadian peoplo is that of remain
ing a proud part of the Empire or
Separation, There is no compromise.
Tbe Liberal leaders, Laurier, Pugsley, Graham and Lemieux have said
we will not permit tho Government
to increase the effective naval forces
of tho Empire. Thoy claim tbat the
British Admiralty does not know
what lt wants, in asking thnt Canada's aid bo given ln the form of a
number of the most powerful ships
which science can build and money
will provide. Laurier, Pugsley and
Company know far bettor Ihan the
Admiralty what the Admiralty wants.
What this little band of Separatists
proposes ls something which will take
years to bring to nn effective condition, and is In direct opposition to
the Immediate necessities of the Admiralty.
The Government In pressing its natal bill, has behind It the real solid
sentiment of the country. It le a
business-like proposal, und the Can
nilian peoplo will receive full valuo
for tho money eipondod. The policy
of Premier P-nrdeu is "action" ln
ths manner auggosted hy tho Admiralty. The policy of Laurier Is
that we 'owe "nothing" to England,
and therefore "nothing" Is her duo.
It Is enough to make every loyal
Canadian blush for very shame!
BERLIN.-"II oiitsldo forces should
threaten us, Germany must stand
ready with her laat mun," doclarod
Dr. von llethmnmi Ilollweg, the Iin
perial ciinncellor, In Parliament today, whllo submitting the Government's bills for increasing
the army and providing new
forms of taxation. His speech
was a striking one, although he qualified his warning with the admission
that a "European conflagration In
all probability will not occur."
"Tho good intentions of the French
nnd ItUBslnn Governments are beyond
question," declared the chancellor,
"but Germany must reokon wltb tbe
treat lorce of public opinion, which,
in the form of French warlike patriotism and Russian pan-Slavism,
threatens the peaco of the world
against the wishes ol the great masses of both peoples."
The Chancellor then reiterated
Prlnco Blsmark's saying: "If the
French wait lor us to acknowledge
tbem thoy will wait torever," adding
that UiHiimrk foresaw a French attack on Gormany whenever a warllko
government, or one soaking reliel
Irom Its Internal difficulties by indulging ln foreign activity, camo to
the holm, and when the French had
reason to believe themselves stronger
than Gormany.
The French nation, he said, as a
whole was not'striving for war, but
nismnrk's contingency had been materialised i.b regards wide circles al
thu French peoplo, not only among
tbo fanatically patriotic, but also
among tho moro peaceful and
thoughtful elements of ths nation.
They believe themselves, lf not superior, at least, equal to Gormany, do
Glared tho Chancellor. Perhaps there
was much illusion in the belief awakened In France, but tbe war of 1870
was begun upon Illusion... The pre
seat French Cabinet, be admitted,
was peaceful, but the power of public oplnuon and tbe pressure of the
loudest shouters must be reckoned
General von Heeringen, Minister ol
War, spoke briefly nnd without giving details of the military measures,
which will bo communicated in confidence to the Committee of tbe Imperial Parliament.
Hugo Manse, a Socialist member,
ina.le a lengthy attack on the military hills, declaring thore was no necessity for additional militarism. Tbe
French and German Socialist members of Parliament mset in Switzerland noxt week to consider means ol
preventing the proposed military In
It was noteworthy that in thc
Chancellor's speech Great Britain
was referred to only as a Pacific factor.
Br. von Bethmann-Hollweg, although Indicating by his manner
that he had little belief In tbe practicability of tbe suggestion mado by
the British Admirallty for a year'B
naval holiday, said Germany was
willing to consider ccn-rete proposals
from the British Government.
Timber Revenue
The great importance of tbe timber asset as a factor of contribution
to provincial repenue is again illustrated by the statistics of Forests
Branch receipts for March, the aggregate contribution to revenue for last
month trom this department being
$237,512.69, an increase of $6,780.73
over February, for which month the
total receipts were $280,731.06 and
bringing the total for the first quarter ot the current year up to $738,-
317.72—almost one-third ot the total
revenue trom tbe forest asset for the
last fiscal year. The details of revenue making up this highly satisfactory March total are returned as:
Timber License Fees $178,444.40
Timber    License   Transfer
Feos        460.00
Timber    License    Penalty
Fees           87S.00
Protection, Licenses     4,081.89
Protection, Leases        204.02
Protection, Crown Grants . 37.20
Timber Lease Rentals . . . 21,652.96
Timber     Lease     Transfer
Hand-Loggers License Fees
Scaling Fees	
Scaling Expenses	
Timber Royalty	
Pulpwood Royalty	
Timber Tax   	
Trespass & Penalties ....
Timber Bonus	
Interest _ Discount     1,168.73
Timber  Sales,  Advertising
ft Cruising	
Vote 255,   Forest  Protection Fund ,.
Timber Sales Rentals ....
Interest on Leases	
clear weeks in which to dispose of accumulated slash, brush, etc., with *
minimum of danger to contiguous
timber and without tbe trifling Inconvenience of securing a permit for
sucb operations from tbe District
Forester ol Local Fire Warden, ae
tbe law directs in the beneficial
scheme of forect protection. It may
be well to remind nil Interested residents ot the Province that the forestry law prescribes a "close season" extending trom May 1 to Octr
ober 1, during which no Blush, brush,
etc., may be burned without a permit
from the Provincial Forest Boasd.
This prohibition Is contained in sections 107 and 108 of the act, which
rend as follows:
"During the close season it shall
be unlawful for any person to set
out, or cause to be set out, started
or kindled, any fire in or near any
foreatB or woodlands except for tbe
purpoBo of clearing land.c ooklng, obtaining necessary warmth, or lor
some necessary industrial purpose
permitted by the Minister, and unless
tho obligations and precautions imposed in ths following sectlans shall
be observed,
"During the cloao season no person, firm or corporation shall set
out, fires In or near slashings ot
forest debris, standing or fallen timber, or brush, grass or other inflammable material, or for any industrial
purpose without first obtaining a
permit therefor; provided that no
person shall be convicted, who shall
have set ln good faith and with reasonable care a back-tire tor the purpose of stopping th* progress ol a
fire then actually burning."
It ts greatly to their own interest
and their own convenience that settlers ond all others who have slash
on tbelr boldingB to be got rid ot,
should attend to its destruction as
soon as possible, while ull vegetation
ls as yet green and tbo ground has
not dried under the summer sun, in
order thnt the element of danger
through the fires spreading may be
reduced to a minimum—an advantage
to the Province generally, and to the
settler, but to tho settler most of all.
Conditions for burning are now described as Ideal, and llttlo difficulty
Is to be anticipated in controlling
fires. In many districts much brush
has already been successfully disposed ot and much more will have been
before the end of the montb and the
advent of the so-called "close-season." If much slash Is to be disposed ot, as by lumbermen or others
clearing large areas, it would be well
for these interested parties to consult
with tho district forestry officer, wbo
will be glad to lend his expert advice
and assistance in determining the safest and best and at the same time,
most economical method to be adopted ln the work of clearing. In many
quarters lt has been prophesied that
the coming season is likely to-be one
of the hardest yet encountered on account ol the very heavy growth ol
grass resulting from last fall's plentl-
lul rainfall. In any event the early
removal of brush and debris will do
more than anything else to keep dangerous conflagrations from ths
.    1,929.30
Residents of the forestated areas of
British Columbia, which means necessarily tbe greater portion ot the
Province, have now less thnn tbree
Wardner Presbyterian Church
After tbe opening ceremony by the
Rev. W. Stephens Sunday, April 6th
night, the church choir rendered ths
service of song, entitled "His Mother's Sermon." The story ls from ths
pen of the famous Ian Maclaran, and
the musical setting by J. H. Meredith. Mr. Atchison the school principle, read the story so effectively
that the large audience was held
spell hound during the whole evening. The choir excelled all previous
record, rendering the musical nart in
magnificent style. Mies Irene Dono-
hoe presided at the organ, and also
sung moat touchingly the solo:
"Teach ua How To Pray." A bsau-
tlful bass solo, with soprsno oblige
to entitled "Give to God in Fullest
Measure," waa highly appreciated.
The choir Is doing good work, adding brightness to the Sunday services. They deserve credit lor their attention to their harmony duties.
"They sing because they love to
Slylt is that indefinable
something that lends
character and distinction
le the appearance.
IN FIT-REFORM Garment**,
you get the work of the greitest
designers of Men's Suits and
Overcoats in Canada. These
men are artists, who originate
the styles that well-dressed
men are pleased to wear.
McCreery Bros.
., | H H11111 ill IIH HI H-**! 1111111111111IIII Ht
Professional   (£arbs|
£ob$e   Hotices
P.L.S.   *   C.B,
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   F.   OURD
Barrister, Solicitor, ste.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarlas
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Oolumbla
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 212
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   ft   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Avs.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   1.80
Sundays 2.30 to   4.10
Oranbrook, B.O.
T.   M.   RIXBN
Auditor and Accountant
P.O. Bos 371
NELSON, B.O.      47-lm*
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Annul Nail to City Hsll
Opts Dsr sad Night PI...U1
Funeral Dirsotor,
r. I I I I I fa i
Oourt Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box .'18.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   In   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
S p.m.   Membership open to British
E. T. Brake, PreB.
L, Pearron, Secretary
Box 613
Visiting members cordially welcome
Forests and Snowslides
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the j
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona   are   cordially invited.
Bi. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.C.
Orescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, C. O.
F. M. Christian, K of R. & S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
VUltlDg brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
tt Hew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfsllows cordially invited.
H. B. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
In the heavy volume., ol correspondence und requests for information
snd advice recolved dai'y at the ol
flcea of thc Forestry Branch of tho
Lands De. nrtmimt, there are neces-.-
arlly many interesting uew ideas and
helpful suggestions unfolded, the -*0'
ault of observing forestry matters
from a variety of viewpoints. The
Influence of forests in the prevention
of avalanches, and the co:)Fe.(Uont ad
vantage of forestatioa ss a security
and nil! to mining, is thus admirably illustrated in a (otter rcc.ntly to
hand, from Mr, Arthur Lak-oa, Sr., - f
Ymir, who accompanied his thoughtful communication dealing wit'i the
recent great slide near the Wilcox
Mine on Wild Horse Creek, with a
sketch, which excellently supplements
tho text of his letter.
"I saw yesterday, flays Mr. Lane
in tho hitter, "what seemed to me a
Htrikiiib' object leaaon aB to thc im
portnuce of conserving and preserving growing stnnding timber and '.he
benefit of the forestry policy in averting or checking great [orest fire...
The mountain opposite to the Wilcox
Mloe, abo fi Wll I Horse Creole, is
smooth-fa" d, in eatcd hero and therL*
by. deep t \ ■;.... or shallow ravines
which, duuug luuC winter, were tbe
pathways of small scowslldes, Yesterday, after a succession of severe
und nearly .'ontmiou*. snowstorms,
which accumulated some six nr eight
feet of enow on a level, tbe entire
face of tho mountain for a space ol
over half a mile and to a height of a
thousand feet above tho river, slid
down bodily in one continuous shoot
or snowsllde, starting at every point
simultaneously as though by pre concerted signal and cracking off from
the snow above, leaving a dhtnnt tr
regular or crenated line of cliff apparently from flvo to ten feet high
along the zone where the slido originated, strongly resembling nn Irregular brush fence at a distance. The
snow scaled o'f from underlying and
larder snow like the ccat of an oi-
lon and plunged down enveloped in
white foam nnd smoke-like mist into
the river. Tho remarkab'o feature
to me of this slide was the way in
which, at its starting point it avoided all growing or standing timber.
Tho slide invariably had it. inc>i tion
and origination point in bare plac.s
juat at the lower edge of the timber
—never from within it, although the
timber occupies V-.-haped depressions
well adapted for the accumulation <>:
bpow. During the year before last 1
noted that none of the numeromi Individual slides headed from within
growing timber area**, but invariably
from baro places burned oft by the
forest fires. If the timber covered
the mountain as it did 1 e oro the
fires there would be no fnowelldes on
that mountain nnd no menaces to
mining house.-} or plants. As it is,
it would be hazardous cr im_0Bi.ii.li-
in case ore bodies, (believe! to exist;
were discovered, to mine the ore oi
to erect buildings.
"This little incident, which I diubt
not ia common enough, and which the
foresters must often have ol,s rved in
this country,  showed me clearly  the
protection from snowslideB that standing timber   affords,     ospocial'y   at
their   Inception   and    nenr   the   a tin
niit...    No prudent miner wo *ld cut
to any extent the timber back of his
mining plant:*, on thc poor excuse o!
; being "handy,"   thereby    destroying
; his test, friend and protector, from
j the attack of bis   wont enemy, the
j snowsllde.     At    the   samo   time   he
I would, no doubt, clear oil a certain
| space round bis mining plant, as sec
( urity against forest fires..
"lt seems to n.o that n great fir.at
! lire such as those which have s.wei.t
j these mountains, is one uf thc greatest conceivable misfortunes to n min
i ing  camp.     It endangers  the  plant,
it destroys necessary timber for tu-
I ture use, It extinguishes the tlmbi
protection against snowslides,  it e.
len encourages slides, originates them
or makes them possible, and sarlous-
ly affects the wnt.r supply.    Not only docs It Knock out snd  demolish
■ our flumes, ua in our nwn c\se as tlu
I Wilcox, but it carries away uselesrl)
a vast amount of snow that should
i lie stored up for gradual lies in the
i flpring season.    Both lode minors ana
placer miners realize this.    On the
! other   hand,    timber   le't   standing
gathers th-> snow and lets the water
out gradually and  moderately,  gently,   about thc timo   it is  most  re
: quired,   in   the  spring   and   summer,
; not in  useless   torrents   swept away
1 rapidly in swollen, rivers, but quietly
1 f.nd beneficially.    I have read of sev.
j eral placer mines in northern British
i Columbia being placed hors de com
[ bat by the sudden departure of the
! sno-Afl in   the  spriuT  time,   through
' slides and water borne away In un-
' available torrents.
To me the sight of the effects of a
great forest fire such as that which
awejt through these mountains is a
; most pitiable one.    The only redeem
ing feature of a forest tiro from   a
; mining point of view is that it clears
away the brush and timber and thus
; gives   greater   opportunity    for   the
prospector to search  for and  follow
up expossd veins of mineral.    Otherwise the forest fire apparently  miss
es any law of compensation,    It ie
a deud loss in every Way, do n^  no
. good to anyone and very great harm.
I Thc tight, too, of a trand old tree
i that,  after  perhaps    a   century has
. reached    its    maturity,   standing   a
blackened ruin of stump pome six ot
; eight feet in diameter, ami simply he
■ cause John Smith forgot to put out
! bis camp fire fefore leaving for parts
! unknown, is a scny sight indeed. I
j noticed last spring that the mountain opposite us was gradually be
coming clothed with a low brush oi
, young trees.    Bnt bow mi ny years
, will  it take to restore that mountain-side to its former glery?    And
bow   many  yeara  will  it  require  to
produce a tree comparable in girth
and height to those grand old cedars
; whose  huge stumps,  blackened   nnd
j charred, ""are    crowded    al. ng    the
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Wharf at Kaslo, B.C.," will
be received at this otlice until 4.00
P.M.. on Monday, May ii. 1913, f..r
the construction _! a Pile Pent and
Timber Decking Wharf at Kaslo. Dis
trict ol Kootenay, B. 0,
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forme of
tender obtained at tbis Department
nnd at the offices of F. W. Aylmer,
Esq., District Engineer, Chase, B.O,;
C. O. Worsfold, Esq., District Engineer, Now Westminster, B. C., and on
application to the Postmaster at
Kaslo, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless)
made; on the printed forms supplied,;
and Blgned with their actual signa-
tures, .stating their occupations and
places of residence, ln tho case ofl
firms, the actual signature, the na-
i.ure of the occupation, and place of
residence of eadi member of the tirm
must be given.
Kadi tender  must  he accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chactcr j
ed bank, payable to the order of thei
Honourable   the   Minister   ot    Public
Works, equal to ton por cent UOp.C
of    the    amount    of   'the    tender,
which     will     be     forfeited     if     the
person    tendering    declines    to    enter    into    a    contract     when   called   upon to do ko, or   fall   to   com-1
plete the  work   contracted   for.     f
the    tender    be     uot    accepted    the
cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept tbeOoWeat or any tender.
By order,
Department of' Public Works,
Ottawa, April 1st. 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Depart-
n.ent.-39224. 15.2t
SEALED TENDERS will bo h-cmv
ed by the Minuter or Lands not latei
thatn-ioon on thc 13tb day ol May.
1913, for thp purchase of Licence No.
.\*31 to rut 7,198,217 feet of timber
1S6.897 railway-ties, 4M.291 mine-
props, 86(1 cedar *jOles, and 2,721
posts on lands within Lot 4591,
Group 1, Kootenny, near Moyie Lake.
Three years will be allowed for the
removal of this timber. Particulars
of Chief  Forester.   Victoria.   B.O.
TAKE NOTIOB that thirty days
uit.ee date. 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Minister ol lands for a licence to
prospect lor ouul and petroleum ou
the following described lands in tbe
District of South East Kootenay:—
OOMMENOINQ at n post placed at
or neal 3 miles east ol the C.P.R.
survey Hun at the 32-milo post,
Block 4593, Kootonny District tlience
80 chain., went; thence 80 chulns
north; theuce 80 chains east, thence
80 chains south to place of commencement.
Located Fob.   26, 1913.
Dated this 15th day of Mnrch, 1913.
12-r.t J. Livlngton, Agent.
SEALED TENDERS wlll be received by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 13th day ,,f May,
1913, for the purchase of the timber
in a flume 9,040 feet in length, situate on lnnds within Lot' 4591, Oroup
i, Kootenny, near Moyie Lake. Three
years will be allowed for removing
this timber. Particulars of rhief Forester, Victoria, 11. .,'. 12-ot
(Section  48)
on the ICth day of April nest, application will be made to the Buporin* |
tendent of Provincial Police lor tbe
transfer of the licence for tho snle
of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known ns the "Tourist Ho
tel." situate at Bull River, British
Columbia, from Jnmes Hates of Dull
lliver, British Columbia, to John
McTavlsh ot Cranbrook, British Columbia.
DATED  tbls   13th   dav of March.
Holder of Licence,
Applicant for Transfer.
11 5t[
District  ol  South-East  Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that John Henry
Listner .,( Cranbrook. 11.(.'., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to inirchnse the following  described   lands.-
Commencing al a post planted at
the South-west comer ol Lot 9b87.
ilrotip 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chaii.H, tlience north 4u
chains, tlience cast 20 chains, tbence
south lu chains to the point ot
commencement and containing nu
acres more or Icsh.
Dated  March 28th,  1913. 14-9t
D,strict „f South-East Kootenay
TAKE NOTIOH tlmt I, Thomas
Christian, contractor, intend, tnlrty
days after date i„ apply to the Min
Ister of Lnnds for permission to purchase the following described land;—*
Commencing at a post planted on
the East bank ol the Moyle river,
near the soiitheSBt corner of lot
10100. thence east *o chains; thence
south 40 chains, thence weft 20
chains; thence north 40 chain, to
point  of commencement,
A. II. ORAOB, v-Jltn.M
Dated. March 29. 1913 14-9t
Oooderbam _ Worts, special
B. C. Distillery Co.,  special curve
Corby's Special select
Sparkling Burgundy   Fouiraery  Sec
Mumm'a Eitra Dry    White Mea
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
Xll l-.ep.iirs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Catholic Church
Sunday*—Low man tt I'.IO a.m.,
Mfl. man, 10:10 a.m., Sunday tchool
trom I to t p.m., Rotary tad Btnt-
action tt 7:80 p.m.
Monduya tnd holy daya ot obll|t>
tion—Maw tt I a.m.
Wttk dtya-Mast tt I t.m. tt thi
P.Plaraondon, O.M.I.
Olrcla No.  1SI
Oompanlona ot tha Poreat
Meata In Oarmen'a Htll, Sacond and
Fourth Thurtday ol each Month tt
8:00 p.m., aharp.
Mra. L. Whlttaker, O. C.
Mra. A. E. Shaw, Bee.
Visiting   Oompanlona  cordially  wai
coma. 86tl
Salvation Army Hall
HnuBon Avenue
Captain W.  J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Sunday Services—
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
3 p.m.—Bible Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
eervices at 8 p.m.
Presbyterian Chinch
Rev. W. Kelmnn Thomson
Oranbrook     Lodge
No.    lint
Meets    every   Wed- i
neaday   tt 8 p- ro.,
ln     Royal    Blaok
Knight's   Hall    on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Oarrett, Sec'y
Matta la Royal Black Knlghta Hall;
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd tnd tth Thursday
ot each month tt » p.m. aharp.
Mra. L. Htywtrd, Ree. Sec.
Geo. Ladds, chlel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Baptist Church
In connection with the morning service there will bc a live minute ol.
jeet sermon for the hoys nud girls oi
the Church Attendance League. The
topic of the regular sermon will be
"The Corinthian Revival."
In the evening the meeting will bc
devoted to a service of song. The
tholr under tho able lendership of II
11. Short assisted by locnl talent,
wlll present a choice program of music.   The public arc cordially Invited.
Morning Service at 11.30 A. M.
Subject—"Labor That Is Not in
Sunday School aud Uible Clnss nt
3 p.m.—Young peoplo Invited.
Evening   Service   ut.   7.30   P.    M.
Subject—"The Changed Form. The
One Christ."
Violin solo by Master Vincent Fink.
Hymn selected by Quartette.
Mid-week Service Wednesday 8 p.m.
Bible Study.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elaon Dunham
Morning worship. 11:00 o'clock.
Evening Worship 7'30 o'clock.
application will bc made to the Licence Commissioners for tbe City of
Cranbrook, at their neit meeting,
held thirty days hereafter, for a
transfer of the hotel licence held by
A. D. Cameron for the Cosmopolitan
Hotel, situato on Lot 20, and the
ivtat fourteen feet of lot at, in Block
aO, Plan 6C9. Cranbrook, II. C, to
•loseph F. Campbell and John Armour ol Cranhrook, B. 0.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this
30th day of March,   1913.
Praaldant-O. R. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on the First Friday
evening ol sach month.
Information on Poultry mature
Address tha 8ecretary-A. B. Smith
P.O. Boi 868. Oranbrook, B.O,
TAKB NOTIOB that thirty <_ya
titer date, I intend to apply to the
Minister ol lands lor a llcenco to
prospsct for coal and petroleum on
tha lollowlng described lands ln ths
District ot Soutb Eaat Kootenay:—
OOMMBNOINO tt t post placed tt
or near ona mile east of. tha S, B.
oorner ol Lot 10084, Block 4588,
Kootenay District; thence 80 0 .aine
aouth; thenct 80 chains eaat; thence
80 chains north; thtnee 80 chtlns wttt
to place ol commencement.
Located Feb. 22nd, 1118.
Dtted this   Uth day ol March, 1818.
TAKB* NOTIOB that thirty days
titer date, I intend to apply to the
Minister ol landa lor a licence to
protract lor coal and petroleum on
ths lollowlng described- lands in tho
Dlatrlct ol South Baat Kootonny:*-
OOMMBNOINO at a Post placed at
or near one mile east ol the B. E.
corner ol Lot 10084, Block 4*93,
Kootenay District; thence 80 chnins
east; thence 80 chaina north;, thence
80 chaina weat; thenct 80 chains south
to place ol commencement.
Located Feb. 82nd,  1813.
Dated this 18th day al March, 1813.
18-St J. Livingston, Agont.
Cranbrook's 15th Anniversary Number
.Confined to His Home for Weeks.
"UfiiTV work, uren .train.wc and ovll haUttlQ youth brought on
Vtrloori Velu* When I worrafcnl tba aching would (AromO
ii.-vt*r.Mui.ll wim niton Ini I up for ft W«h »t u tune.    Mv l-miily
rhyiii'-latt tol'l im-itu ■(■."..■...•■ii v,L.*iiny..n,y bom-*I at 1 arunuea it.
.r.*!(lM.v-r..i ineutli i . put ioon fount) wit nil thoy w m'c i wm my
(...■lie v, loornihi now lolook upon all doctors eg huh. Iwttor Uum
rotuH Ono day my IxMitnta i too wby l ■ m off-rone boi uon ».ni
iM.lliiiiirni'.Mlili.in. Ilon-lvls'-il luofo COHmilbl)W l."iiin- vA
K-i.nc'Iy.iwh"hi.'it..."ii trmtmi'iil fmn lh--m hin-s-if u.i 1 lim-w
tbey wi-™ Hauar.' mul thlll.'.il   I wpolfl Ihem a- l Rot Tnff New
MLrnopTiirA.MENT.   M.v |iiv-.-rvs:4 iv*h P'-nift lint (low mi-l during
thA first mm-th'BtMntn.t-ut 1 WMMUuewhatutMaungcfi. uowoter.
icniithmi'dtri'iitint'iii for three month! lopnrMd WfW p-■i.hH.
withnromplstoeuro. Ieouja only oorn Bit. n woolt In n mnolilno
nhonlK'forwtrfntinrnt, now I nm enrtnni. f'-l nnd DOW lou..u u <lay.
I wish Rllnufferen. kuew ur your valunblo treni mmt mi--*---
BIXJdD rOISOKS are Uio most provnlent and mist Hrleua dl. ■•«•*.. T!i<*y Kip ih,.
very life blood of tlio vk.im nml ugTenenurely eradicated Irom the system will mum
■emue oomi.Uratlona Beware of Mercury. « may suppress the symptoms—our WE**.
ill".THOU cures all blood diseaso..
VOUNO Oil MIDDl.I* Anlll. 3IEM.-Im|ir.ldent nrli. or lnt.tr eioeneS lmvo lirnki*..
down yonr system. Vm. f.*rlUto<.vniptuiiiHi<.ali;ii*ov"r .„n. M< m .tly, fib] lloallynad
vitally youare not tbo nun. you u_i to be or aboul.. lie. Wlllyoubeed l^edangeraiBn rist
OtttlfOArevoiiavlctlmJ Havo vou Ini henol Aroyeu lotendltn lo marryt gas
HUIlEn yo...*' blood Iteeu ills-., ..IJ    Ili.vo )ni. any »oi*l I  '    ' 'or N  " JI.:t...ii.
TaTiils'r win cure you, WlmtltbaedonoforoibertltwUl.lofo; yon. CerjijuleiMn
Fr... NotnaUer wlio bun .rri.1,-1 you, w-iio form. ho-.«'t enlnlonFn-eefCherge.
BmU FMe-"li. iybo.nl, Jlnuboo.1, Kiitbnrliood." (lHuetratsdlonlllieaiosof uon.
*H.»s er rnvnfo:,-!. E..rylhlnr. Conl.d.ntuil, Qu..l.aO Li.t und Luat ef 1 io.i„i-i.i.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich
All letter*. Irom Oano'lninnrtlioaddreiecd
toour Cnnadian Corrce^wntlcnce Dopaft*
t-iic.it Iti Wiii.la.ir. Out.   il yuu .I. lire t.
aee ue perBOuully ci.1l at our *.Ic.lio.l luolitute iu Uclrml 1
I.I Ill-It
bo paliente In our Wilidaqf nflicc-s wlikh *re f*.r CorrolpontlclICO .....I
latburatury lor Canadian business only.   Address ell letters ni iollown'
Write fee out ____       .
Coal milling rights ol the Dominion
in Manitoba, Snakutcbewan and Al-
I barta, the Yukon Territory, tbe North
I weat Territories and in a portion ot
I tbe Province ol British Columbia,
. may be leneod lor a term of tnenty-
| one yours at an annual rental at 8*
an acre. Not more tban 2,880 acrea
\ will be loased to one applicant.
Application lor a lease muat be
, made by tbe applicant In parson to
j the Agent or Sub-Agent of tba dls
[trict In which the rights applied lor
! are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions ol sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory tbe tract applied lor
ehall Iio staked out by tbe applicant
Kach application must be accom-
1 panled by a fee of 15 wblcb will be
refunded if the rlghtB applied for are
not nvi.ili.ble, but not otherwise. A
; royalty "bull be paid on the met-
rln.nti.lile output of the mine at the
rate ol five centn por ton.
Tbo port.on operating the mine shall
] furnish tho Agent with sworn returns
I accounting   for  the   full   qu.ii.tjty of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon.   If the coal mining
rights nre not being ..perilled, sueb
; returns Hbonld be furnlfllie.1 at least
once a year,
Tho leann wlll Includo tbe conl mln
I Ing rights only, hut the leasee may
j be permitted to   purchnne   whatever
available surface rlgbtH may he cou-
eldered neceHsary lor the working ol
' the inlno nt the rato ot 810.00 an acre
Por   full   Information    application
1 ebould ho made to tlio Hooretury of
! tho department nl the Interior, 1 >'t«
' wa, or to any Agent or Hub-Agent ot
j Dominion I.nndH.
W.   W.   (WHY,
Deputy Minister ot the Interior
N.B."-Unauthorized   publication   nf
I tills advertlwimcnt   will  not he paid
I for. .fan. 4th If
Scobell'i Liquor, Tobacco
and DruK Cure MM
Alcohol, TobiKu sad Drusi. I. cour.'*m>i (ti.
rltada ilmunt InlUn.l.-.t.no.H III cn.Uaf*.
Altar ukl.11 ll,. Iiaalinant Ui.., wlll in.11 ll lu)
n..O luM'tak In.oalcanla er IM draft H.<" <-ae
be fl.u.MC.lly. We h.vi TO Io Iu. ol on.
lallun, Milled «id.r taoaiai. com to ••lie
Dawson's Old Currio
Dawson's Rare I.l-jueu,
Dawaon's Special
Dewar'e Special
King George IV
Black A Whito
Wblte Horse Lir-uour
Wblte Horee Cellar
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
Tlppo Cbiante
Italian Grappa
Oreeta Ulnncn
Family Orders Promptly Filled
A  Full 1,1ns of otber Choice Brands of Wines. Spirits ,-nd Liqueurs.   Cigars aud liar Glasses.
Phone 95 —Wholesale Wines and Spirits-Box 8
Cranbrook, B.C.
■ ■■■■  ■   ■ .H   I    I    H    I   H   I   I   I   I   I   *..».  ■■■■«■■
If yuu want your mill connected with a
perfect Blower System by men who
have expert experience,
apply to the
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
W. P. Johnson. & Co., P.O. Box 004
WORKS— Kdw»rd Street      •    •      Cranbrook, B.C.
We guarantee to take off any back
pressure on any system already installed.      •
n-i i' 11 "H-:. f
Autoinol.ile   will   be  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook tnd Wait connecting with incoming and outi*oing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
******************* ■»♦♦
Stttin  Boilor,   H'uri.aca,
tud Hepllc Tank work
t apauitHy
Coil tnd ttoak tttinittta
furnithtd uu appllRtlion
aesiiH 1 r 0. !•• hs c..e»,».
Make* Short Work of
li,|.i...-i..,.i and •ce.r.'n.ir ii.,|,.i..«...... „i
Belilles, Ijimben, Oeut, N,.,ir-,iK,.. end -ail „,. .■,
..Tina nt i:i , ."-1. - .Id ,| „„„ 1,, tU«,l. llr.«
Rneumtlc llemeds. .tike ... .,,».! ,.f hmt ll
11. rim In.lan. .,■ ll-f l..»l.r,,.f,i,-.»k-*.i..iS.-i,,..
lined III..,,,   (,,„„   I.,I, „f ,„„„„  ,,.,,1   ,,„ ■;,   ,,.,,,
nu mn eurlni men, »„*n.n .mi . h.i.i . 1 1,,,
mom thereHened no heap. .i.,.i • ■-» 1.	
III". -|l-aa ,,.,,   •(   ,„„„   .„,   |„ fl,, , „„• ,,„,.	
I nl talUf II lUljdl inirl.allnl ..,,, ,„„rk, . ,f„ „,,.,
■Mlutely rei iMi Ireatnieai feral uri,- n.1.1 du
eiin, fft.eickidiim.eie   LetaooflsroauTeof
**-l"'tt Bro-fRhtumitlo JUmjdy
-ml ."nr pllr.1 ill 11nt.--.ur. your care lodey.
•'in ir-M 1,1 l.v'Abbot. Bio.. 711 S. [.-..Kw,, ft,
.lilr.v... Ill, If your rlrussl.t doe. eo. ure It,
63Sold By thi
Crtnbrooli Drug • Book C& TTTF.   PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK.   H.C
Lorer.  G.   Ladd  only found  complete
relief after using the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Ladd's Mills,  Stanstead  Co., Quo.
(Special).—That the seedd ot disease
left in tlio body after an illness aro
sure to cause trouble is the experience
of Loren _. Laid, a well known young
man in this community,    JUr.  Ij-idd
has also learned that tlios-e seeds can
l>o cleared out of the body and perfect health restored by Dodd's Kidney
"At the age of six I had Scarlet
Fever," Mr. Ladd states. "At twelve
I had Typhoid Fever, and at fourteen
Parjnts   and   Guardians     Appropriate
Salaries and Neglect Education of
London, England.—The huge salaries earned by child actors are responsible for the rise of a new kind of social vampire in the form of the professional exploiter of children,
j    t'ases have already come before several magistrates  in  which    a    child
! earning as mueh as $".0 a week has
| received only enough   for   food   and
clothes,  while the balance  bas gone
t to the guardian or parent, who makes
no provision for the education and future of the child.      .Magistrates are
consequently beginning to view all np-
plications  for the  licensing of child
i actors with suspicion, and their at ti
j tude although justified by experlenc
^reacts unfairly on all bonafide cases.
BE   A
It was this prejudice on the part of
On   Anniversary     of   His     Birth     He
Grants Amnesty to All Political
Madrid, Spain.—King Alfonso lias
given further proof of his broad libera!
tendencies and desire to conciliate all
political parties by granting on the anniversary of bis birth anniQBty to all
political offenders.
1    Tho country has not yet recovered
i from the surprise caused by lhe action
I of King Alfonso in sending for repub-
j iitan politicians in order to ascertain
tbe views of their followers.
I    la thus breaking down the reaction-
I ary  traditions of the., Spanish court,
, lhe king has inaugurated a new polit-
|ical era which may be fraught with
I great good for tho nation.     Although
^ultra-Conservatives, like Senor Maura.
' | deplore the now departure,  tho Liberal:, and Republicans consider it as
1 had MetialeB.     Aliout a year later; Sir Alfred ile Rutzen ut How street
I began to bo iro.ibk*d by swellings of
tha fuce. feet and hiiiite. The doe-
tor told me I had Kidney trouble, ile
save me medicine but the swellings
continued to tome at intervals ol a
wook to a month.
"Two years ago on<* bo* ol Ilodd's
Kidney I'llls stopped lho swellings.
Last winter the swellings returned
and again I was cured by using Dodd's
Kidney Pills."
Healthy Kidneys strain the aeejs of
disease out of the blood. Dodd's laid-
ney Pills make healthy Kidneys.
that induced him to refuse an cxten
slon of Master Johnnie Browne's 11-
ceuso to 11 o'clock every night.    But]
aftor special    representations    were j
made the hero ot Uilly's Fortune, at j
the Criterion Theatre, has now boon
allowed to remain until the end of the ,
play,  satisfactory  guarantees having
been given on the subject of his education nnd satary.
That there is a very real danger of
a victory for themselves.
King Alfonso mado it-clear to r.ev-
eral leaders witli whom he talked lhat
ln future lho leaders ot nil political
parties -.vaild have access to Lho
throne. lie told Professor Azoarto,
leader of the Republican-Socialist Union, on January 14 that in tho event of
Future crises, even tho anti-Monarchists would bo consulted, and that
eventually posts in the cabinet would
1)0   given   to   Republicans   aud   Koeial
Mild In Northern B.C.
Further evidence of the mild and
even climate of the interior ot North* w™ the managers of theaters, he said,
ern British Columbia through which They tako care that the child's eilu*
tho main line of the Orand Trunk I'a- cation is looked after by these luauag-
citic Railway passes, Is to be found in ers. aud that the child is quartered
statistics for the current winter pro- in approved dressing rooms. But
pared hv tin observatory ot the Do- the children's ac', as it stands today,
■minion Metcreologlcai Department es- docs not .-mpower a magistrate to
tal.lishod at Fort George last Aug- force a parent to give a guarantee that
ust_ i the child's earnings are put away for
Those records show that between
November 1st and January 10th. there
havo only been 7 1! days ot snow;
5 days ot rain; 10 days cloudy; and
8 days of Chinook wind; the remaining t".'. 1-2 days being clear.
In November the temperature sank
to tern on the .10th. hut the maximum
lor that day was 21! above and thoro
were 4 days when the minimum was
*!0 above or higher. The average
temperature   for  tho   month   was   a
a child actor suffering an injustice was i d-ai.    „*.„ ,    ,  ...       ,,,
pointed out bv Ham* Wilson, the soli-1     '"''  **■«■- °    K":t   A fot,,,, s   new
cltor who acts for Drury l.ano Then* f° ?       ,   "h     ;/   '' ' °"se"»*lv"
£„t* "*<- *»• ~*~ Jo"<"  Sau'oWca*0 W. sT/i t°L '
Magistrate,   can   deal    eff.-tivcly  ^^tn^ol Uu-   iTZSi
u'' be  suieide  for  us  to  persi.it  In  the
present conservative   policies.     The
his future education.    This ought to
be done, because once a child is over
4  years  he is of little uso  to  tho
tage until he',is 20.
minimum of 20 abec and a maximum
of 27 above.
In Derrmlier Hi-*- Ihermmr--'v roistered 3 below zero on (he 1st and
2 below on the 10th, the maximum
on these days being V and 19 below
respectively, and Ht-t" were five daya
rrt 26 above or higher. The average
tompera-Uire for the month was a minimum of 13 above and a maximum of
in above.
In the first 10 days of January th-re
were (J days below zero and 3 days of
20 above or higher. Tho average
temperature for this period was a'
minimum of 7 below and a maximum
of 1-1 above.
With   Revolvers  and     Daggers    Thi
Threaten Conductor and Terrorize
Paris. France.—Six young   bandl
armed with revolvers    anc*   dagger
le an audacious attack oa a tram-
old reactionary bj stem, viIth iis In
trlgues, struggle.-, quarrels and men*
aceBi had had its day.
Other countries have realize- this.
Look at Great Britain, Germany,
France, Italy and Austria. These
countries tolerate things "dav which
thirty years ago were prohibited.
Their Conservative politicians r«.vo;;-
uize altered conditions,
The present political situation In
Spain signifies tbe complete fl teal er
reaction, a.** represented by s.-ner
Maura, the late premier. Spain Is
ibaadoniag her .empty quarr-i :•- and
preparing to doa. with modern social
.;.:.. political problems
A  member of tbo present cabinet
io far as I am cot.cerne.1. the form
way car on the outskirts   of    Paris of - veroment -s of secondary consid-
recently. '"      Personally, 1 am a Monurch-
... ■ i.;r was travelling toward Nol- 1st     it I Jo not believe In the nece*
. u-hen six young men ;uiuj>t_ slty or the  uselessness of the  mon-
on it and attacked   tne   conductor, archie regime as a principle,      The
Threatening him with    da?„era    and exaotpl■■ of Great   Britain   does   not
roi   srs,  they told hm    that    thoy prove that her sovereigns are better
wanted the bag In which he carried rhan those of other nations, but that
politicians are  wiser and  more
practical than ours.
,    The religious question in Spain is
of secondary importance.     The para-
the money received for tares, and
which contained about $10. The conductor shouted for help and sigualed
to the driver to stop the car. The terrified passengers rushe-d from the ve*. mount Questions are: Educational re-
hide, some climbing through the win- forms and economic development of
dows. Tb.i driver, arm<-d with bis the country. A republic has been in-
heavy driving ban He. went to the as-! stalled In Portugal and    church   and
 — slstance of bis comrade, but one of the [ state have been separated, but never-
What Is the first thing to consider  bandits pointed two revolvers at him,! theless, tbe economic situation has be-
in discussing tbo tariff? 'and told him to drive on.   This he come worse.
Well,    replied    Senator    Sorghum,  did. K tho monarchists In Spain succeed
■when a ooilBtltuen*t wants to talk Soon tbe next stopping place was in settling tho economic questions and
about regulating duties, the first thing reached. A tramway official and a achieving educational reforms, the Re-
ymt want lo do is to find out wU.it police officer, who were standing there publican party will have no reason tor
line of busln-ess ho U> in. ....:. ,
Ask your Clothier to show you
no others as good
went, to the help of the conductor, and , further existence
a  fierce "Struggle took place on the' --	
platform at tho back at thc car. One'
of the bandits was captured but Uie
othera escaped.
When the car was returning to Par*
Is with several policemen in it ns ai
guard, the bandits fired at it twice.
Tbe police rhased them and captured
three, but the olher two fled into the
house of a police oUlcer and made off!
through another door. Ono ot the
captured bandits is 20 years; thei
other two are lt)
I. X. L.
PRICE $3 50
Washes Anything ..nil    Everything
From .1 Horsc-BI.inl.et and Overalls
to the Finest Laces w.th No Injury.
Coupen Below
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Money-Hack Guarantee
Join the Army of Satisfied  Hou3e-
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and Millions Will Be
This Coupon Good for $2.00
Present or mail thin coupon nnd
$1.50 io Dominion Utilities Mfg. Co.,
Ltd., 4S-J1-... Man Street, Winnipeg,
Mon., imd you will receive ono l.x.L.
All charges prepaid anywhere ln
Canada on condition that yuur money
Is io IK- refunded if tho Washer docs
nut du .'1.11 Uiat l-j claimed,
March 1st,  1313
Regiments Home From Tripoli Get
Enthusiastic Reception In Roma
Rome,—Recently King Victor Emmanuel reviewed detachment a of tho
troops which participated in the war
against Turkey, ami afterward accompanied Ihom on their march through
tho principal streets at the capital;
Tho king, who was accompanied by
Queen Elena and his children, tho
Duke d'Aosta and other princes at the
house of Savoy, first inspected tho
troops in the Piazza Independence,
Jiis majesty then placed himself at
thh head of tho column and led his
soldiers who were accompanied by the
regimental colors, through tho Via
Nnslonalo to tho enormous new statue
ot Victor Emmanuel li, called thu altar of Uio fatherland,
King Vi< for look up his position he-
Hide the statue of his grandfather and
presented a medal for each regimental
Btandard, Tlio ceremony was the
most Imposing of (he kind lhat has
boon witnessed siueo Homo becuuio
the capital of Um  kingdom,
The streets were crowded with on-
thusJOfltlc spectators, who cheered tho
troops and Utile PrtltOO Humburt.
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Similar Misfortune
Alas, kind sir, help me! [ nm spent.
Alas, poor man! so's my money.
Corns cannot exist when llolloway's
Com Cure is applied to Ihem, because
it goes to Uie root and kills the growth.
kin.- 'I'he western part of tho
Winter Palace at Pekiti has been turn-
id over to the Republican Chinese gov-
eminent, and will be used by Presl**
ient Yuan ShUi Kai as reception
rooms for distinguished foreigners,
IJON'T waste your timo figuring
out why ii black hen lays u
white egg* Get busy nnd jump
into your LEATHER LAB EI
OVELMIAULS und \-v.l tho egg.
Tells Her Th.it He Never Goes With
out a Card to Identify Him
Berlin, Germany.—Tho gala perform-
Success Crowns Scheme Now in Oper*-
ation for Over One Year
London, England.—The practical
effort of liio Rev. 0. H, Grundy, vicar of St. Peter's, Brockley, S.E., to
lesson Lhe loneliness of life by helping
suitable couples to meet with a view
to matrimony is meeting with a measure of success.
Mr. Grundy's scheme. Inaugurated
In the early part of last year, was to
keep a register containing the names
of young women willing to take husbands who possess certain incomes.
My ageney has done quite as we*"
of the new ballot 'Kcrkyra'  at  i hoped, Mr. Grundy said.     Many of
the royal opera recently was nearly
marred by a remarkable incident,
which ls causing much discussion.
Unusual Interest was displayed ln
the production of 'Kcrkyra' because
the kaiser helped to arrange the ballet
and elaborate precautions were taken
around the opera house to prevent the
entrance of unauthorized persons,
The stage door was guarded by po-
the 110 letters I havo received came
from mere male adventurers; these I
promptly weeded out. Applications
for wives have como not only from
all parts of England, but also from
California, India, Mexico and Australia.
Ono of the most pathetic experiences has been tho case of vicars'
daughters who aro living In secluded
Leather Label
High   Grado Amorlcan Over-Hauls,
T-»nr (his out nml mull It to us with
your nar-iu and .utc-rc*-,-* and we wl'l -and
you one of our uolebrstsd CORN COG
Town Prof -.—
Vour dealer's name - • -
Town Pray ..„*
Ilcomen, lm ro u«d admiaslon to collnU*y vicarages attending to par*
Frau Popne, who played one of the 10BtB vvho -,-„ ra,)i(„v -„„.,„,, old _ni
priuclpa part- in the ballet, The WU1 shortly to leaving their daush-
Ze ,t    I •  .1, ne" 'h.!,'i T Wi^ tt!™ *-„„lic;.nU for the many societies
Tho emperor had already entered
K.M&. whoZdten.en^j \ S! *"> ^ * ^ (nnlbI°r t
ii„. ,v .,,r il. innnino   li!t".*   ^"l I solemnize lho mamago of my  first
| the body and soul of those who nre
grimly spoken of as decayed gentle*
i women.
the director to inquire about Frau
Poppe, found her still arguing with the
police. She was finally permitted
io s.o to her dressing room.
When lhe emperor was informed nf
the reason for the delay ho laughed,
and ai'ter the p'-rformanc'' sent for
Fran Poppe. to whom ho said: The
next time you had better   havo
couple; but a previous engagement
prevented mo. Here ls an extract
from a letter I received from the bride
In answer to my card of congratulation:
Wo can never repay you for bringing so much happiness into our lives.
We thi nl. ours the most romantic mar-
Id en ti float ion card with you;  I never  rlage °" recor,d antl wp l,oth feo1 that
Without one.
avel    Lumbago    l
.ce,  *1.50. .    Mosl
,'., Winnipeg. Man.
It's perfectly disgraceful
What's   tho   matter?   enquir
she   ex-
1   her
you were iho Instrument, under proVi-
donco, of bringing Kas together.
A second wedding has been arrang-
M and we hope in due time to be able
Ui announce It. Rut there aro many
couples who are In tho stago of un
Here's a deaerlplinn of a woman early correspondence which will he
who gets up in public and declares followed by interviews. They are
her«elf nn anarchist. maturing, if 1 may use the term. My
We'I, waa tbe rejoinder, maybe it's I idea is not to bring about a large num-
Just as    well I    would    like    to'ber of haphazard  marriages,  but by
boo  women crowd the males out of | ..aroful selection' and   opportune   nd-
the an in hist business      Wli
throw bombs they   wouldn't
Li*., ly to bit anybody.
ui Uieylvloe to  guide  those  who  havo tho
80! needful qualities and suitable temper-
laments Into a happy married life.
Terrier Kills Two Otten
London.—A small wire-haired terrier belonging to Mr. Lawrence, of
Stroatley, Dorks, displayed rare pluck
in killing two full-grown otters. The
dog received no injury.
Oh, papa, sho said, with a blush,
young Mr. Chestnut who owns eo
many coal mines in the .Midlands is
coming again this evening, and he
wants Lo see you on some Important
AU right, my dear, responded tho old
man, chucking her playfully under lhe
chin. I know what tho young man
That evening Mr. Chestnut came
to thc point at once.
Mr. Hendricks, ho said boldly. I
want to ask you If you havo laid In
your winter stock of coal?
Gigantic Wasps' Nest
London.—Mr. Austen, landlord of
tho Whentsheaf Inn, Nelson street,
Hyde, has found a gigantic wasps' nest
on his promises. Its shape resembles the lantern of an ordinary street
lamp, the circumference beiug four
feet and the depth two foet. It was
found in the attic of a lean-to used as
a kitchen.
Mechanic Jumps Fifty Feet and Escapes Grim Death
Berlin.—Whilo the Schuette-Lanzo
airship was landing at Mohlsdorf, lt
was swung by a gust of wind against
the roof ot a house, on which thc rear
of ihe car remained suspended. Tho
wooden frame of the craft snapped
and tore tlio outer cover of the balloon,
it is hoped that it will bo possible to
repair Lho damage in three or four
The Schuottc-Lanz is a rigid typo
of airship, which, it Is expected, will
be bought by tho war olllce. Two
army captains were on board at the
timo of the accident.
A mechanic, who jumped from the
airship while ft was In the air, broke
an arm and a leg, and sustained other
severe injuries, is said to have jumped from a height of fifty feet.
No child should be allowed to suffer
an hour from worms when prompt relief can be got in a simple but strong
remedy—Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
How old Is your baby brother? asked
small Fred of a playmate.
One year old, replied Johnny.
Huh! exclaimed Fred. I've got a
dog a year old and ho can walk twice
as well as that kid can.
Well, ho ought to, replied Johnny.
He's got twice as many legs.
Paradise for Barbers
Brussels.—The chancellor   of
Belgian legation at Pekin has written
to the mayor of Brussels requesting
him to induce a number of Belgian
barbers to emigrate to China, where
owing to the suppression ot the pig-
tall, a fortune awaits them in gratifying tho Celestials' passion tor the
western style of hair-dreBslng.
Year dnifrartst will refund money If PAZO
OINTMI-.XT fails to euro any case ot Itch-
Inti. Blind,  Bleeding or Protruding Piles
in G to 14 days.    60o.
Baby In a Suitcase
London.—An inquest .was held at
Hackney on a baby which was found
in a suitcase on the doorstep of a
house In Co Ives tone-crescent, Dalston,
In Oetober last. It died In the in-
iirmary of bronchitis,
Quite a Bargain
A man who was very miserly hoarded up his stacks of hay year after
year In tho Iropo of making double
the .price ho was offered for tbem.
A well-known hay and straw buyer in
tho district oue day askod the price
of a stock. An enormous sum was
asked, which lho buyer accepted.
Ilow about, tho terms of settlement?
asked the old miser.
Well, you see, said tho buyer, my
terms aro to settle when I fetch thc
last load away.
That't a bargain, said the miser,
slapping iho other's hand.
The old chap watched overy load go
away except the last, and that the
buyer has never fetched yet.
Perhaps more women would make
fools of themselves If all mon were
hand somo.
'roup of hoboes waiting for their
coffee to boll in a tomato-can were
telling their hard luck experiences.
I've had worse luck than anybody,
said one of thom, chailenglngly, after
listening to tho others' tale of woe.
Onco I had to sloop from Wiikesbarre
to Perth Amboy on top of a flat car
loaded wilh hard coal.
And what do you think? ho went on.
Every car on tho next train that pulled in from tho same direction was
loaded with soft coal.
Ah, Giles, paid a curate to an old
rustic whom he met on his way to
church Sunday morning, how beautiful It Is to hear thoso silver tones
pealing out from tho belfry!
Bh? replied Giles, who was deaf.
I say how beautiful lt Is, shouted the
curate, to hear thoso stiver tones
pealing out from the belfry!
I can't hear a word you say, said
Giles, thom htossed bells be making
such a terrible din.
Boggar-Ali, air. I havo a good
homo—a dollar would koop mo from
going back to It and disgracing the
wholo family.
Or nhortton, tn times of some form of distemper nmonjr your
brood marea can he stopped nnd. other mares prevented rrom
loslns colts by using "SPOHNS.*' It cleans the whole body
from germs of dlsci.se, tones up the action of all organs anil
does not "physic." Qlvo ft to nmroa In foul or out, at any
lime, for It ia absolutely safe at all times for all horne*. at
all ages and under all conditions, It is well to give the
CUR13 several weolta heforo foaling time. Also safe for
the bnby eolt. All druggists,
SPOHN medical co., Cliemista ami BaeteHologlBta,
Goshtn. Ind., U.S.A.
Lad Beselged In Bedroom by Police
and Killed
Paris, France. — The Marseille!
polieo shot and killed a desperate
criminal recently. lie was 111 years
Five boys, Ihe oldest of whom was
17, were on their way homo from a
dance at midnight when two ot them
quarrelled, Jacques Harale, the
younger of the two, drew a revolver
and shot his companion dead.
Tho tragedy happened just outside
the houso where llarale lived, and before tho pollco arrived he rushed upstairs ami shut himself fn his bedroom.
Over tho door of his room was a
fanlight. Ono of ho policemen climbed a pair of steps to soo what lie could
of the room and fell back dead with
a bullet ln his brain.
Another policeman Ihen climbed up,
and through the fanlight shot llaralo
London-*—A fox which had been
hunted for two hours was run to earth
In the dark by the Southdown Hunt.
The master cut oft tho brush by the
light of bicycle lamps.
Vital, offera a splendid opportunity
for great prollta. Wo are spi-nd-
lrig over Thirty Thousand dollar!
in Improvements.
Iluy now, before prices r.[*vance.
l'lans and prices, free.
Sterling  Bank Building,  Winnipeg
A young wife was In tears a few
mornings ago, whon her mother called . When asked what was the matter sho replied that her husband was
out late the night before and had
bcen to a drinking party.
What makes you think he had bcen
to a drinking party? asked tho mother.
Ho camo home, sobbed the young
wife, wearing a phonograph horn for a
London.—Miss Annie Maria Black-
well Lane, of Cheltenham, aged about
•10, was awarded $3000 damages for
breach ot promise, at Gloucester As-
sizes, against John Wane, aged 60.
A Fresh Start
The prominent citizen stormed Into
the editor's sanctum and without
any preliminaries begun:
Keo here, you, what in thunder do
you mean by printing my name in
your Death Notices' column? Can't
you watt until a man's dead before
you bury him? It's hurl my business fearfully. I want a contradiction in to-morrow's paper without fall.
I'm sorry, Mr. Blank- said the editor, but that is out of the question.
We never apologize and we never
withdraw a statement. But I'll tell
you what I'll do, I'll put you In the
Births' next week.
Two citizens were discussing who
should bo the hoad of the house, lho
man or tho woman.
I am the head of my establishment,
said John, I am the bread winner.
Why shouldn't I be?
Well replied tho olher, before my
wife nnd 1 wero married we made an
agreement that I should be head In
alt major matters, my wife in all tho
How has It worked?
So far uo major matters have come
DON'T let your hortci
mn down during the
.winter and get so Bofttlint
they trllUoflc flesh badly when
.you start yonrspring plowing.
,    .   ,     If homes arc not worked
regularly during lhe winter, ;•.«■ nned th«
■plendid tcnie eff-Htt of INTER;i.\TIONAL
STOCK FOOD, lo tone up the dfgeflllve
organs, enable Uiem to Ret nil llie j-iiort out
of  their   feed,   prevent   the   blood   froui
79 becoming overheated, and thus ward off disease,
"tin**,---- I-TTT-RSATIO--A-, STOCK _ODto?ilVy^Jot oLg'.'ii-.
* 25 pound pan standing in my bam. I bought a pair of three year old colls ttliil they
*_*-"workeddown that ray neighbors said I uad been beat. When I tough! lhe
colts, tliey weighed woo lbs. I ploughed a.-} acrea and thev weighed _Sso—then I
jiarvested 163 acres and threshed ami hauled one carload to tiWn, (1 miles i wei-hed
"Uiem again and they wcichciliSyi, and I aiid "They shall wrisli -,.•.<> bi-fon- -•irlii-'".
HOW, lhe Neighbors want to buy them but there's no chance".       t. (*,. Kl.Ml-rt,
For sale by dealers everywhere. Our $-,ooo.(w Stink Book—sent free when we
receive your name and address.     MniKATIONAL STOCK FOOD CO. LIMITED, TORUNTO.
_   Milled^   ,
rftt>rif the best
.     of the,
LVftsfs best wheat.
more water,
Intakes more loaves.,
; your dealer.
1     More Bread
vand- Better Bread (
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tubs allow the water to retain heat longer
■nd never rust. Being made In one seamiest piece cannot splinter
•nd to the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes it eliminated.
Used In conjunction wllh
Eddy's Washboards
Washday  Loses  Half Its Terrors
'1 ho I'j-ral Rovprnmont
board auditor haa surcharged tbe Wll-
Ipsrtcn council JIj, siicnt on whisky
and u_u.t_.
Itytmw j___\ueJtt&   '
my dt&fAc
"rTy __2______
__y<-   "-
RIM MWAU KINK1"--«-»-l
ft'* rh<- OtEANM r, .imi-i j.s 1.■nd 111 •. 1 iiomk
lirv. ..-i* (in l-iir-Wli-' you don't ha** l»
.-..•■** -*'.-1  KINDnf Olotb   jni*ir(,i-inln  ■-•  m-,1-
n(.-.'(.. MltfikM ttt r...|".*-.'.'-
BtMl (>•- Vii-P Colof f -nl, ft-orr Dankltt- ■>■ l
it* ok iti gidr-K runtii ui t'jtiHt »*-->- iiiIit eolort,
1_t) JOHNHON IMf:il M-|>-'. IM CO., I I.i.ikJ,
1 M ...irr.il   1 1-ia-U.
W   N. U   930
Man   Kills    Woman  ,ind    Gets
Brief  Pri3:,n  Term
Parts, Prance.—A tragedy nr affec*
I tion tn which the. nt'in wan 1,0 yearn old
and the woman !"■*, was descrlbod In
the Seine aaalze court. Juloa Noepp-
el, a basket seller, formed an attach'
ment for Marguerite Ball Iff, a street
hawker. At r.r.-»t Bhe returned IiIh
affections, but afterward lefl him. 1
cannot live wluhout ber, tbe old man
■ told in.; neighbors,
An attempt at reconciliation tauk
place, but whon Noeppel's advances
v-r-r*' rejected be becamo furious, fired
' twi<:o at Marguerite Dal 111 f and killed
. hor.
■ nin advocato, Mn.irf Camptnehl-
pleaded in Ibo Jury: The Infatuations
I of autumn loavo moro rcgrots itocnuse
.they must iw-edH In- the last,    Have
. piiy on old f'littn whose hearts aro
! not ready t*> din.
The Jury yieldod lo thla plea and
! f'Himi ihat extenuating circumstances'
eJtlBl d, nml win n lh*.* court Imposed
j a B0n to tic 0 at Ir'n years' Imprisonment
the Jurors Immediately signed a po-
litiou demanding a reduction to five
J years.
Fate of X-Rays Martyr
Paris.—Burned In the rlslit hand
In the course of his practlco witb
X-rays. Dr. Paulln Mery, a former
deputy fur Paris, died .1 few days ngo
at tlio age of 53. lie kept up hia
practice tu iplte of his burn, hut ci^ht
days ago had to undergo a severe operation lu his own surgory. ,
Capetown.—A company styled the
Native Fanners' Association of South
Africa Ltd., consisting entirely ot unlive  shareholders,  has   heen   formed
[in the Wakkorstroom district of tho
' Transvaal for tlio purposo of purchasing three farms of aliout 13,000 aerefl
in e-.ie.it.   The capital of tho com*
j puny has been fixed ut jao.Doo.
S A German who had not boon In the
country very long walked Into a drug
1 Btore ono (Jay. lho linil li.ln;, tn.it.
caught hit attention was an olcolrlfl
fan I 177.1 ng busily on tho soda rom-
lor, He watuhod It with groat Interest for some time, then turning
to tha rierit, he said:
I'y golly, dat's a llfely snulrrol vot
you gol Id dare, alul_ U?
Oh, ma! cxe-aimed the daughter of
tho candidate.   1 j-■ -_l saw papa _tM«
lng the cook-lady!
Thflt'8 all rlfilit d*-nr. He's acUng
as my manager and I ffaut her voto
for today's cloctlon.
Which kind of a culvert
does your waggon cross?
DOES tho road yoa use pas over rickerj-,
datij-crous wooden culverts, that are constantly in need of repairs and often washed
away entirely? Or is it carried safely across the low
places by modern, everlasting culverts?  Build your
which not only cannot be washed away, but
actually crow stronger with age and use.
Every farmer owe, it to himself to insist that the
money hr pay, for roKl-t-u.es be tpent to the hest rulvan-
t..|*r. As a ntlcpayer, he i. entitled to the best rnids that
can be made wilh that money. When culvert, are washed
out, and thc road rendered impassable, be not only suiters
inconvenience but may also be caused financial loss by
inability tn *;ct necessary supplies in time for spring plant-
inn. And at best, with wooden culverts, part of thc money
ilia, should be used tu nuke better roads must be spent
every year for repairs.
Insist upon Concrete Culverts
It will pay you and everybody else in your county.
Cannda Cement Company Limited
609.    Herald Building, Montreal
J trr.i .-I -h .
c.pr .'... ti*t
Mi, "WM Me
I'armee Can Da
WUH Caacrata."
If re* wan. t. kM«
nan .baa. Cm'*-.
cikiu, write M.
Inlorasl...  Dmr.
culverts are
neat, safe, need no
repairs, and are
Representatives of Families
Whose Forbears
Have Been on the
Stage Several
IF THERE wc a/400" of the footlights,
quite a number of the "first families" of
the American stage would be entitled to
belong to it. For there is not a profession
of lhe present day in which heredity has
played so important a part as that of the
The forbears of some of our best-known theatrical people were popular favorites before
ths American revolution. Their fourth and
fifth generations are well represented, and
the sixth is by no means rare.        *
In this day and age, when eugenics is so generally studied, it is strange that no more attention should have been directed to thc stage.
For it is certain that there is no more fruitful
study in heredity than that which is here
--'       ir    -■•
'iry /"u ftcp)'? te#/tffy'i/fi
ot Tno o/d T/zedtrica]
/*//_" .Ssrs/? Yerre.ft
Tbeafr/cff fec/>/e.
/ne/t/tf/nd f'/e/iforAf
fywot/fflfcfl Terry
FT.OM ycnerntlon to generation the stage has held
Ita own.   The great tragedians and comodliins—
the Hamlets and the l-'alstaffa—of from 100 to
200 years ago are Still represented by their hln,
In various decrees of consanguinity, behind tho foot-
Tliey are not playing the same roles, It Is true, for
they are moving along with the times; but they have
not burled their talents, nnd, mayhap, can draw as
crowded houses as their Illustrious forbears. Certainly
the "leading ladies" of a century and less ago wero
-not believers In race suicide and gave many children
to the stage, ln some cases, lilie the Kembles, all, or
most of them, became famous.
Even In the American theatrical families of several
generation., back, Uie lulenls of fathers and mothers
nre passing from ono generation down to another. Tha
famous Junius 1'iutus Booth was fullowod by hla
equally noted :;on, Edwin Hootb; and today the family
Is HlHl represented by Sidney Booth, a son of Junius
Ul IU IIS    [.until,   Jr.
And perhaps if It had not been for tho terrible
trnmiHly associated with his name, the country would
Btill bo ilnging with tales of th. achievements of John
"Wilhes Uooth, for it is well known that lhe elder
Sooth considered the younger his moBt gifted son.
Mrs. Lritlel, who died last year at the Edwin Forrest Homo at the advanced age ot St, said shortlv be.
fore her death that, while she was playing leads'with
Booth, tho lather, many years ago, she complimented'
hi in on the success of Edwin Uooth's first atago appearance- and that the tragedian replied, "Oh. that's
nothing! Wait until you see my other son. He will
make Come howl." And, as the -dear old soul added, in
Juat -is soft a whisper au though she wero playing the
pail, "He did make Rome howl."
Tho Booth family, indeed, seems to have Inherited.
trageJies as well as talents. The latest occurred only
s. few months ago, when Junius ttrutus 13oolh, 3d, mur-
tiered hia wile and committed BUicide In a London
Creaton Clarke, a popular actor, who died In 1910,
Was also il grandchild of the elder Booth, being a son
«-f Asia Sidney Booth and the popular actor. John
Sleeper Clarke. Another brother of Creston Clarke,
Wilfred Clarke, is on tlio vaudeville stage.
Tho Jeffei-sons, however, hark back many years before ilie Booths, and tliey cnn, for that matter, claim
the distinction of being tlio oldest American theatrical
family, for live generations have been known to thc
native stage. Kame was brought to the name during
the days of George II, when thc ilrst Jefferson—
Thomas—camo into his own.
Ilow the fll'Bt Jefferson came to take Up the stage
as a profession is really Interesting, It appears that,
Willie David Garrlctc and sonic actor friends were carousing at tbe White Hart inn, after thc news of the
defeat of the Pretender had spread, tho landlord announced that a comely youth was outside, and that ho
could not only slug and dance, but could tell a story
as well, Gal-rick had him ushered into the room and
At once recognized hi--, talents.
This chance meeting was Iho turning point in Jefferson's life, for In a short time be wus playing Horatio to Garrlck's Hamlet, the Duke of Um-Klugliani
to Iils Richard and Parts to his Itcimeo, Ills palron
lunl such a high regard for the young actor that
when he left tlic company to lake up theatrical ni.'ili-
ftgeimnl, Carili-k gave him one of IiIh wigs aa a fare-
Well Eift. This wig was treasured by the family until
It was destroyed  by lire In   18*12.
Among tho stage favorites that Jefferson played
Willi wero Airs. Ablngton, IIohcIub, KlttV Olive,
Bp ran gar Barry, Mossop and .Marklln. His rep-arm ry
watt extensive, ranging from Grntlono, in the •-Mer-
.vh.'iut or Venice," to .Incquos, In "As Ymi Uke it." Ho
wau married twice, but it was from his llrsi wife,
Ml-;* .May. that tllO Btago Jcffcrsons are descended,
tlii-M.-ti several children and a graiKlehlld by the second inarrlngo- io .Miss Wood, Inherited tlm family
,*■'   Ml Si May went on  tho stago after lier man-lag.-,
iCSpltO the fact that her father, wbo waa very much
pr-'iudicm)  against theaters, made Jefforsnn sign a
deed thai ho would give him MM- pounds If she became
an actress. Tho flrat Mrs. Jefferson died from excessive laughing, and ll Is said that the lum Joseph
Jefferson experienced a severe pain ut the base of tho
tii-nin when ho laughed heartily.
t The flrat Joseph Jefferson, and, likewise, the flrst
American Jefferson, eaino to thla country In 1795. It
la said that he disapproved uf hla parent'H second marriage, and that thia prompted his sailing to these
ahures. BeaideR being mi actor, he was a painter, as
was bis hiiK-brolhcr Ueorge; and this sumo talent
was enjoyed by tho Into Joseph Jefferson, who spent
many happv hours with tno brush.
/ Joseph lived at the homo of n Mrs. Fori line whllo
In Philadelphia, and thero he fell in love with one
of her two charming daughtors, Euphemla. William
Warren, who waa an equally well-known actor, mat-
rled the other histor, Hester; and that la how the two
great stage ramifies of Warren nnd Jefferson come to
lie related. Threo daughters of tho Warrens followed
the stage, and tho name of hi.-, son, William Warren,
Is i'i ill  familiar to many thoa to moors.
Tho stage also attracted the Jefferson family, for
et the eight adult children, six of them became slngo
favorites. An Interesting cast of "The Bchool for
•Vandal," given In 1831, waa mado up almost .mllrcly
•f members of tho Jefferson family, as follows:
his casta were often composed almost entirely of his
children and grandchildren, with tho addition of his
sister, Mrs. Jackson. Joseph Jefferson the flrst died
ln 1832.
Tho Jeffersons continued acting together after the
death of the father; and, when the second to bear that
name died ln Mobile, Ala., in 1842, the theater had to
be closed on account of the number of players absent.
This Joseph Jefferson was enly 38 years old, and lie
gave promlso of a worthy career at the time of his
death. Ho was the father of Joo Jefferson, or
"Hip,'* as he was familiarly known, Joseph, 2d, married Mrs. Cornelia Frances Burke. She was tlic widow
of Thomas Burke, an actor, and by this marriage had
one son, Charles BuiMte, who later became a well-
known comedian. By the second marriage, there wero
two children, Joseph Jefferson and his sister Cornelia—
Mrs. $. C. Jackson, wlio often played with her brother
bv'fore his death.
The late Joseph Jefferson was also married twice,
and was the father of fen children, of whom four sons
have followed the footlights: Charles Burke, now deceased; Joseph Warren Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson
und William Winter Jefferson.
Thc family talent does rot descend to any great
extent to the next generation, for, though Joseph Jefferson-Mias a number of grandchildren, Lauretta, a
daughter of Thomas Jefferson, is tbe only ono who
has had any desire for the stage. "Kip" often tried to
g.t his grandchildren to lake up acting, but with no
success; and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson (Eugenie Paul
Jefferson) describes in her "intimate Recollections of
Joseph Jefferson" how on one oeeoslon, when his
granddaughter.-, took the part of guests in a ballroom
scone, they hid behind tho plants ond the props for
fear that they would be seen.
I*auretln Jefferson played the part of Meenie, tn
•'Rip Van Winkle," in hcr father's company for several seasons. Ono of Joseph Jefferson's groat-grandchildren, while not adopting tiie Stage, appeared In
one of the children's parts witli Thomas Jefferson.
Khe is tlosophlne Itolfe, a granddaughter of Charles
Burke Jefferson.
Probably the best known of the American players,
who are Just ns popular With the present generation
as their forbears wero In the curly part of the lasl
century, are the Drews and the Hurry-mores. LoulSO
Drew Is tile only one in direct succession bearing thc
family name who represents tho fourth generation
on the stage. Her cousins, John and Lionel Barry-
more and Ethel Barry more Colt, wero fortunate in
hnvlng two   gifted   members   of   tho   stage,   Maurice
Barry more and Georgle brew- for their parents. Ethel
Barrymore. indeed, seems to havo inherited the histrionic abilities of hor talented grandmother, Mrs.
John Drew, wlio was Uio daughter nf Thomas Frederick Lane, an actor of considerable provincial fame
in England, and of his wife, Eliza Tranter, au actress
and a singer of ballads In her youth. Mrs. Lane later
became Mrs. Klnlock, aud died at un advanced age
in 1887.
Mrs. Drew, wnn was born In 1S20, wns married
threo times. In 1836 she espoused Henry Blaine Hunt.
whom she divorced In 1S-17; next taking the name of
George Mossop, an Irish singer and comedian. .Sho
was left a widow two years later, and then married
John Drew, another Irish comedian, on July 27. 1850.
Three children were born of thla union, ond Sirs. Drew
also adopted a son, Kidney White Drew, who married
Zauwtf<? Jefferson,
Me Six. fib Genera/ion
of Jfege <$ters
| |    a generation ago,
0    0
'a'/>e firstJosephJefferson _
(1774- '/8ytis/d//>e JeconJst-<
t/isf&/w_y or>f//e eS/o_fs
.'I Lull.   '   I  i
ci   I-'nliny
0 □
Leah BahmanHunkn^Hfthfienerahon
Revrescnfahi/e offtofcdfiawifies
Gladys Rankin, nnd both continued on the stage. Thoy
have one child, Sidney Rankin Drew, also an actor.
Johu Drew, the only son, married Josephine Baker,
nn actress, and their daughter has often appeared
before the public, sometimes in her father's company.
Besides Mrs. Barrymore, .Mrs. 'Drew had another
daughter, who married Charlos Mendum, and who died
in ism. Mer daughter, Georgtnna Drew M.-ndum, hna
kept up the family tradition by becoming an actress.
So it can ba aeon Hint the Drew stage connection
la not a nmall one, and it wan Increased bv the marriage of Lionel Barrymore to Doris Rankin. This
charming actress is a daughter of McKee Rankin and
his wife, Kitty Blanchatd, two popular stage folk of
a generation ago. Doris Itnnkln nnd her sister, Phyllis
Itankln, wero among the few of the modern actresses
who followed in (ho footsteps of their ancestors In
Hie profession and mauled into equally prominent
singe families, for Phyllis Rankin la tho wife of
Harry G. Davenport.
The Davenports can trace their stage ancestry back
many generation.*-, and It Is duublful If many of tlio
  -"iff*-* folk iut;- bpnst ur so largo a theatrical
lhe famous Edward I* Davenport
... Ell;...belli viiiing. an equally well-
known actress, who was Lhe daughter of Frod crick
vlniiiff, an actor with live brothers and two sisters on
tiie boards.
Tho Davenports had six children, all of whom faced
the footlights. The hesi known of ihem was Fanny
Davenport the American creator of many i.f Snrdou's
heroines. The others wero Harry Davenport, tho husband of Phyllis itantcin; Edward Davenport; Blanche,
an opera Blngor; May, who married William Seymour
and is ihe mother of Davenport Seymour, mid Florence Davenport* also an actress, whn married Davenport Leftwlcli and huu cue child, Davenport Leftwlch,
on iho stage.
Passing on to another family, n charming artress
who can boast scores of stage relatives is Leah Bate-
man Hunter, who moi with much success tu lho New
Theater Company in New Vork. sin- bolpngs to tbo
famous Bateman family, ami Kale Batoman, who captivated American audiences in Iha fifties, waa her
grandmother, so she Is necessarily a grandnleco of
Ellen Hatcnian, win. married M. Claude Grlppo and
was the mother of two actors, both beating the namn
M. Grlppo; of Virginia Batnnan. the actress, who
added to her already largo Stage connection by many-
lug Edward Compton, on actor] of isnbolla Bateman,
an actress, who later becaino a. nun; of Richard Batoman, an actor; ami of llnrnld Bateman, tbe only member of his family who did nut follow tiie footlights,
but became a Journalist.
This branch of ihe Batoman family descended from
Hezeklah Ltnthlcum Bateman, nn actor-manager, and
his wife, Sidney Frances Cowell, who was a daughter
Love Has New Use for the Mother-in-Law
Famous Stage Families and Their
Thomas -leJTcrson 11788-1807) married Miss May.
Joseph  .leffcrsnn   M7M-183-)   married  ISnnbeinla
I omnir,   iii-.ri--.-i.
Joseph Jelferson (IhOI-IM'J) married Mrs, Tbonini
Joseph   Jefferson    (1820-10051    married   Margaret
('If-mi-iitM I-ookyer, actress,
ThomiiM Jeff-rn on   (1887--,)
Lauretta Jefferson,
TlioimiM Frederick l.nrie married l-.l./n Trcnter
I Urn.  Kllllot'l.l,   inln *.".
I.011I-.11 1 .a tii- (1890-1-U7) in n r-"fni John Drew
Ji.Iih Draw (i_0_—> man-lei! Josephine linker
I.oulfui Drew,
(M-or*-.!-- Drew, daughter «>f Mrs. .John Drew, married Mauri.*-* lisrrywore.
Johu,  Lionel  und  l.tliel  llnrrynit-rr.
Frederick Ylaluit  (1700-1873)  married  Min-- Ilew,
runny l-.il/alielli Ylnlng  1 1 •_-.>-)Mil >  iMiirrli.l 1.. 1_
Davraporl (1810-1877),
May  Davenport  married  William  Seymour.
Duveapurt Seymour,
W. Mlien-nily  (1703-1SI0) married Christine Birch,
William   < anile,    Marrcndy   (1703-187*3)   married
Ccclle Spencer.
General Cecil Frederick Macreatty married v-trM-
. 1 kin—RttlKC  ueiirrniluu  whipped,
l.l*.**  Marremly, actress,
XV, Macready.
Helen Macready married J. II. Chute.
Cbprlc* Kenn 1 Lule married Sybil Clsrldge.
.Mariturei Chute.
linger  Kemble   (1721-1802)   married   Sarah   Ward,
Stephen    Kemble    (1758-1822)    uinrrleil    Elisabeth
Henry  Stephen   Keinhle  (17*60-1806)   mnrrled  Miss
A goes    Kemble    (1823-1800)    married   Tli<>mftft   «'.
I'm ith  Kemble Cooper und If, Cooper-tClllTa
\lulet Cuuper
"Joe" I.eatfalcj Cowell (1702-1803) m«r:ie-i i"ra»-
<-eH Sheppnrd (acCOad it If** >.
Sidney i,riiiir<'-i CawcH (!s*j:i-ls>-i j married lleie-
khilt  I,.  Hulriimn  (1812-1870).
Kate Ilstcmnn married flcnrKe Crowe.
Sidney Crowe married llnrrltiuii llunier.
I.cub llaleman llui-U'r.
of ".I01-" Leathley Cowell, nn nrtor.   author and m list,
and his second wife, Frances Bheppard, an actress,
Sydney Falrhrothor, n popular EngllBh actress, Is a
great-granddaughter of Cotvelt, by his moi rlagt to
Maria Murray, an actress. Sho was the dttughtei *<t
Charles Murray, an actor, and a granddaughter of i-ir
John Murray, Bonnio Prince Charllo's secralary.
Among Miss Bateman's cousins art- Vloln, Noll and
Fay Compton, who also belong to tho extensive Compton Btn£.> treo, Their great-grandfather was "Jlnili"
Montague, a famous low comedian. 11 in daughter,
ISmmellne, married Charlos Mackonslo, who, poniupa,
should havo been n dootor, f«r thoro were live generations of doctors in M.-f tno 1 Ik i'h family, and hi.s
brothtr became n surgeon, inst-iad, hn ussumed tbe
noma of Henry Compton and adopted tlio stage as a
Tho Terry family If another lhat has given inanv
n.'1'iiiorn of uoto to (bo stage, in. hniint; ii.. famous
Ellen Terry, whoso son, Edward Gordon rralg. and
her granddaughti r, Rosemary <Jotd*>u Crulg, have
lilsn appeared »m Un' stage,
Ellen Terry Inherited mueh of her histrionic ability
from hor mother, who was Sarah Yerrotl, 1 hough her
father was nlso an actor of note. Miss Terry's 11.ree
brothers followed the stage in various linos. Charles
wuh 11 Btago manager; George, a theater iron surer,
and I'lfil, an actor, n*-r sisters were all actresses,
as follows: Kate, who married Arthur Cowls and i«
tlu mother ot Mabel Terry Lewis; Marlt.ii Terry and
Florence Terry (Mrs. William Morris), the mother of
Alice Terry.
The marriages of the various members of -he
Terry family furnished a large stage connection, but
it is MIsb Phyllis Nellson Terry, the daughter of Pre.
Terry, who can claim iho largest numbers of stage
relatives, for her mother, Julia Nellson, belongs to
the equally extensive Nellson family.
Tbo Kemble family, however, can no doubt cla .:.
iho honor of giving mere Illustrious members to 1 e
htn^« ihan any other elan, Honor Kemble, who «■.•'
hem in 17.M. was one of the great actors of hla day,
and all of his children became famous, as did many of
his   grandchildren, ,
Frank Kemblo, an actor, married nn actress, i.nd
they havo one daughter, violet Cooper, who repre-
Bcnts tlio sixth generation of the family on ibr- stage.
Anolhtr   brother   of   Front!   K,   Kemble,   II.   Cooper-
llr P*".;, rrftzTe 	
'.,■ Oliver Surface 	
^   j-ioiv reaxle 	
    JoBrph  ,1. ff, iTi-.n
'  ' -   Atftnt
     Jl>M|lll   Jt-fTt ■        .    ...
   Hlfanbctli ji rfi rsoq    .
[Mrs, Bomtiol Otiopnifttil
llm. Cnndour  Mrs. Joseph j-.fr-..'**--*-  jr
Lady Sneemell .,,,,,,,.,.....;  Minn AnHetaoa
_,   ,          (>aUKlii(!i- ot Euphemla Jeffer»on Anilcrien)
,,Jll'-\ .-■■  Mary Anno Jefferson
.loneph Jefferaon'a grandson, the Inie Joseph Teffer-
ion, also curried lhis plan oul to a groat extent, and
HERB Is never nny lach of material, all hough
somo fehis may be so slick  lhat they'll quit
flliTe married a member of another famous stage
.hdi*.   family,   aiu-o   B-jlmore,  a  great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Cooke, a famous circus mnn of
%!f.,f_Slt.h.T.,l.M of lh. Kdnbt- fnmlly ha-no.
boen renre.entoa un the stogo since Hie death * f Mnr)
Krctl SWdonl, an ...l.>'»* »»__«*••■. "'"' "as * **r""-
Bul  ll.C
THEKt'S a new use fui* ilie molher-in-lnw— foi
iiic prospective molher-in-law.   It mny be
lhal lhe mother-in-htw of lhe reality insicatl
>1 llie prospect may *jet olon[; aboul as usual.
lotlici in
--- 'crvc << valuable
lovo with, prospectively
up your mind whether
painlcd (or u wile, nl
prospect ir, distinctly
lum as a lady lo (nil in
Look her over and male
.lie is all your fancy has
lier ape.
I      home und mother In order to give love's fond
fancy   but   thfinselves   to   contemplate.   Not
generally, though; nol n« a regular thing; not as a
rule—not by n long shot Too many of tbem liu-lfit on
clinging to tbelr mother right on Up to the limits of
the grave, if tho klcka husbands register count f^r
it waa thla way. John r>. Rockefeller, whose
knowledge of affairs Is conceded to be quite good, got
to ihiukinu if all the nice young men who are poor
an ho was once, aud as ardent in their affections; and
he iirtt another ni hum- genorous linpulies, Hu
wanted la rivo thnn nil lhe Up, and ho did:
"Rtudy your moihi rs-ln-law In f"r-* yi tarry their
daughters; ihen yon 11 make no mistake In ihu wife
Mm choose.1'
Mr. Rockefeller waa nirpri-t-l tbat so fow youn_
men took stock in ibat \ ilunblo m> of his. Thoy
wenl rii;hi along buK-'int: 1 in tin ugh ten and dodging
ihe mothora as if he Imun'i ^>i-i a woi 1
nm tin- him waa so good th.it Hev. ... R, McKay,
ine of Chicago a einlnonl clergymen, decided ii ounht
to ho broiiMht borne to overy young man lu the country; so lie explained how 11 would work, Uo polntod
oui how ono or the major prophets had poled tint u
j-iiTti moiber 1.4 only an enlarged cop) of tbe girl herself, and  Unit the filrl  who h.nl  •<  mother I.it  al   ID or
na .bed at Ml would bo sure lo i-' fni at il nr rrnbbBd
at Mi.   Ifworlte.l ni.e a to 1 prophel s propln
Ono man who Uled it befi re Mr   lloi 1.' felh 1 mado
the iii* general round tho  iher-ln-low  falily up in
Hpnclltcatlons, nnd he Htudird lor with real pleasure,
nm ihln-- be knew she man led lilm, snd lie Imd tho
pleasure, later, of glvlun a wai !'"■ duughlei us tbo
1,1 fib- or bis aforetline In fvnl,
Thoso nocldenla mn linpnen In ihe beat regulated
families, especially where 1 Im inn pectlve mothei inlaw I;: a. widow, i i..! -I 1.1 ioil    lint thu effect Hi nn far
bas )  ralher m u>u\ lo tin   number if immarrlod
girls by glvli.fi ihelr erstwhile Millers pause,
Tho fat niolher-lii-ln.. hoi  nnl In Id lln 11 h
nfi wns oxpecli d.   Mot In n In-lnw at 40 thi In       1 -i
Mil.lo   to   have   tilth    ilailglltri      Rllltll    in   Hie   w.ll.i-
r 1 'r.bt class win 11 it conn a lo adli o»v Usi ue, 1 ..11 v
years or bo of ripe rxperlenea Willi ono'a llgure enables iin- un-to-dntc woman to train down to a 1 1
11.111.11 ion or 11 sylph, llm aueli glt-li is lmvo moi hers
who neglect Iho nrst alda [0 lhe fal are learning to
Blcor the beaux oJcai ol mdmrnOi leal  liet      otlona
mav poinetlrnos Incline her to drop on him and cm h
not only hi*. iHnbiine nffecll.ons, 'iiit bis hapless firm.
The emnilenal mother, who eilea down the bach of
son-ln-law'a neck at the thought of losing her beiov..i
child, is among the great discouragers, it lakra a ii.,..
dii^ii of courage for a fond \-mth ti contompluto continual existence with a wife who Ia guaranteed by s.
m.ijor pi I liet and .lolin P. UneUefeller to .--.oil hi*
clean collar every morning before ho star.!* off tn
work, Many men nre afflicted wuh these foolish
prejudice!*, against the manifestations of true love,
Tho crabbed mother-In-1 aw, as a prospect, has thus
fur    proVOd    IO    be   the   lea** l   Of    all    the   tli Hi n ntS.
Bxpcrta among fiancees, in Chicago and cloewhere,
especially i'i the Newport claaa of New York society,
aroaagreed, niter varied experiences, ih..t Ihero never
wa» a prospective mother-in-law who waa crabbed.
Thoy mo willing to offer largo rewards for a single
■peclmen er iha breed. Tho trouble, thoy sny, is lhat
nil the prospective mothers-in-law aro Inclined to bu
loo blamed smooth; you're engaged 10 their daughters
befora you're ao much ns imi odui ed to tbem. .\n.l.
until Um coremony's over ond tho duplicates among
Hm presents havo boen safely disposed or at tin* exchange desks, tha mnl hor-In-law couldn't ba used lo
h 1   1 utler melt  in  her mouth.
tmt ^ iear or so nflerward, watch it ilaxle.  That
In   tho   u    when   dear   tin]--   daughter   wonders
whether sho really has married lhe best fellow tu ait
iim world, ami hor moihel is dead sure sho lie n'l,
'i in n 1 in (rouble begins, nnd 11 ilocnn'l lake n husband
mm loriolao-shell glassea io imd out who's boa
1 ti. all Ihose unfi resoi n pllcallnns beset tin)  Uu.
nrh in.'1 1 ur i'.' I n.ni, Ihero i« n prcvnlllnu op nlon Hi.il
Mr Itoihefeller and the lt«v. in*. McKay have opened
up 1111 interesting vlstft for Inquiry: ami li la axpci led
umi. when find-, of iho fiiiurn iher-lu-l.iw becomes
uoiMi.-iil.  rourtlnp  iim .'i  will  I.e..un,. ,,u,.  i„1ir   -nut
dream, wttii iin< falhora lu-law clutched by 1 in- collar
at ii o1,1.. 1 ..I night, while .1 voice ther-know inuaa
11 ..i.< 11 ii lili 1 ■ 1 in Ihelr e irsi
i.u He 1. alone, you old funii   i>o you wanl to
outer m* wiiii Katies bf-nuV'1
Box 325     Cranbrook, 6. C.
Cor. Fenwick Ave. and Rain.*. St.
Local  News
Men may como antl men may go,
but—Kilby Frame. 1'ictures,
C. 0. Poote, o( Moyie, was ia the
City Tuesday.
P. Matherson was at Cherry Creek
on Thursday.
Floorette, wears like leather, 37|c
per sq. yd.—Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
J. H. Chassay ol Bull River was ln
town Tuesday.
C. Jenson, ol Wasa, was In Cranbrook Monday.
Fresh strawherrles at Fink's Pur,
Food Grocery.
Alex. Taylor of Klmberley, waa ln
town Wednesday.
We challenge the world on U8.00
and 122.01) blue euits,—Fink Mere
Oc., Ltd.
Frank Derosler ol Fort Steele, was
ln town Friday.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, was in
town Thursday.
Floorette, wears like leather, 37jc
per ait. yd.—Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
P, N. Andrews of Calgary, was in
the city Wednesday.
A. B. Fenwick, of Fort Steele, waa
in town Wednesday.
Dustbane—that sanitary sweeping
compound for sale by Ira R. Manning.
J, W. Mcintosh of Victoria, waa at
the Cranbrook Monday.
Don't forget the special features at
the Auditorium ttnight.
A- Doyle of Fort Steele wub in
town Tuosday on business.
Modern dwelling to let by Beale _
Wm. Erler left on Friday for Fer
nle, on Bull Moose biiainuss.
Mr. anh Mrs. _ L. Staple! of Wy
cllffe, were ln town Thursday.
Floorette, wears like leather, 37jc
per su.. yd.—Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
Oraham Donahue left on Tuesday
lor Warden to take up ranching.
Each mouth we art) giving,
to every eiiild thai calls at our
store, a beautiful blotter cou-
taming a picture story. Duu'i
miss a tnonMi or you will spoil
the slory.—'''ink Merc. Uo. Liu
Pure foods go a long way toward-.
Insuring your health. Only the I...hi
■old by  ui. It.  Manriiug.
F. J. Smith of Moyle was registered at the CjBniopolititn Friday.
Mra. 0. E. Henderson, jr., of Bull
River, was in tho City Monday.
J. E. Ritchie, of Montreal, was reentered at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
R. L. T. Galbraith, Indian Agent,
ot Fort Steele, wae in town Friday.
Floorette, wears like leather, 37(c
per aq,. yd.—Fink Jlorc. Co., Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baldwin, ol
Kingsgate were 1n the City Monday.
We challenge tbe world on Jlg.Oo
and $22.00 blue suits.—Fink Merc.
Co., Ltd.
A Lund of Wardner. was in the city
tranaacting business on Wednesday.
Chief Fire-Ranger Geo. Watson ol
Fort Steele, was ln town Wednesday,
English Stilton Cheese at Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Mrs. J. Sterling Staples of Wy-
elite wae a Cranbrc.ok viBitor Tuesday.	
Seed Oats, wheat, rye, alfalfa, clu-
ver, and timothy—Ira. R. Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. O. Staples, of Wyclifle, were Cranbrook vlsitore Thursday.
Nalrua Linoleums, best In the
world, guaranteed to glvo satlsfac
tlon.—Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
Cons*t.al.I.* J. Walsh, of Fort Steele
was In the city Friday ou Irgul bus
BOY WANTKD-Ahout IS years old,
for poB.tlon of Junior Clerk In 0.
P. R. BltperlntMdOQt'r* olllce; apply at ofTlco.
FOR HALFI-t section land witli Improvements at a bargain, a.ii.c.
Prospector OfTlco,
FOR SALE—Horse, HarDMI, nnd .lg.
Apply to M. Kiii.il.. Boi 371,
Each month we are giving,
to every child that calls at our
store, a beautiful blotter containing a picture story. Don't
miss a month or you will spoil
the story.—Fink Merc. Oo. Ltd
Garden seeds af all kinds—Ira R.
Mrs. Taggart oi I'iuchor Creek, is
visiting her daughter Mrs. T. N. Par-
We challenge the world on $18.00
and $22.00 blue sults.-Fink Merc.
Co., Ltd. 	
Nothing pleaees some people—but
they get a kind of satisfaction out of
Matinee at both the Edlscn an.l
Auditorium, especially for the school
J. H. Chassiv of Bull lliver wbb
transacting business at Craubrook on
Nairus Linoleun.B, best in tbe
world, guaranteed to give satisfaction.—Fink Merc. Co.. Ltd.
J. McLeod. of Ottawa, a Dominion
Inspector of Fisheries, waa In tho
city Monday.
Provinclnl Constable M. Gorman ol
Elko, was In tbe City Thursday ou
legal business.
R. T. Richardson. haB been appointed a game warden tn and for Southeast Kootenay.
Nairus Linoleums, best in the
world, guaranteed to give satisfaction.—Fink Merc. Co . Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Limdberg ot
v'ancou.er, were guests at th.-cr.au-
broott 'ibursday.
J. W. Bennett and .-: Boss McKen
zie, of Fernie, were gue.c. at the
i.j-anbrooa  Monday.
Nairus Linoleums, best in tbe
world, guaranteed to give .atlsfac
tion.— Fin* Merc. Co.. Ltd
J. E. Henley wlll leave on Mouda.
neit for Winnipeg anu other eouthern
points on business.
Harry Barr and J. Sasbery of Tracy
Crees were transacting buainess at
cranbrooa  Thursday.
Edam, Dutch, Liinterger, Gorgon-
gole and Cream Brick Cheese.—Ira R.
Earl Parks, a railway man. w_
that'll to the hospital on Monday, ill
with typhoid fever,
E. Davis, and J. R. Mountain o.
Victoria, were registered at tbe
cranbrook Tuesday.
J. Turmston and F. R Sutherland
of Calgary, Were registered at the
Cranbrook Tuesday,
Best lino of $2.50 hats in B. C—
Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
The quality of the films shown at
the Edison Ib attracting all claims
from tbe highest down.
Sweet Briar boiled ham at Fink's
Pure Food Geocery.
Chas. Farrell, of Moyie, manager
of the Society Girl Mine, was at tbe
Cosmopolitan Monday.
A complete stock of poultry foods
■-Ira II. Manning.
G. Andeen came in town on Thursday and is staying over a few days
in the city on business.
Spring-Ilk., weather prevails all uv
er Cranbrook district. The road,
are ln excellent condition.
Mrs. F. E. Turpin will leave on
Monday morning for Leduc, Alta., on
a three montb holiday trip.
Best lino of $2.SO hats ln B. 0.—
Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
HORN—At Crunbrcok cn Tuesday,
April 15th, to Mr. and Mrs. Holl-
in, twins, son and daughter.
At the Rex Theatre tonight:—The
adventures of Dick Turpin, The Boss
of thc Ranch; and Pathe's Gazette.
Mr. aad Mrs. Halsall returned this
week from the coast where tbey have
boen visiting several of the roust
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bohart, Mrs.
Geo. Wilson, and Miss Donahue, ol
Wordner, were Cranbrook visitors
We aro still In the tailoring business and arc guaranteeing BatUfac
tion.-Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
Mr. ami Mrs. R. H. Bohart, Mre.
Geo. Wilson, and Miss Donahoe, ol
Wardner, were Cranbrook visitors on
Onion sets—Ira It. Manning.
Fred A. Russell has been appointed
as mnna<er uf the big Agricultural
Fair which will bo held In Cranbrook
this year.
one thing to be considered at the
Edison Theatre is that even whon n
special Ib on there Ib no advance In
the price
At thft Auditorium tonight wlll b.
nhown lho unique and exclusive pictures of our Empire and Navy, In
peace and war.
I,. M. Kills. A. 0, Ht. Clair, C. S.
i'nil'.ihIiii and F. It. Alexander of
Oalgary woro guests nt the Cran
brook on Wednesday.
Wo nro still In tho tailoring bust-
ni'Hu and are guaranteeing si.tl.-fnc-
tli.li.  -Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
Tho women of \lnnkn bnve secured
the franchise.    Now the Buffrag.ttw
know where tbey ought to go with
the consent of the rest of the world.
BORN-At    ttte   Cottage   Hospital,
Cranbrook,   on   Tuesday,    April
15th, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Watts,
Jr., twin daughters.
Fresh Strawberries—Ita R. Manning.
We are still In the tailoring business and are guaranteeing satisfaction.—Fink Merc. Co.. Ltd.
J. F. Armstrong, of Victoria, was
In town Thursday, On Friday he will
hear objections and complaints regarding water rlghtB in Cranbrook
The opposition at Ottawa regard
the closure with the same degree of
affection displayed by the Bull Moose
to the steam roller at the Chicago
Steele, Brlggs 4* McKenzte's field &
garden seeds at Fink's Pure Food
The L. O. of Mouse held a recula-
weekly meeting on Wednesday night.
Thore was a large attendance nnd s
general good time was had by mem
berfl present.
At the Edison Theatre tonight will
he shown the following special lea
tures: "A Protege of the I'. S."; "An
Apache Father's Vengeance," and
"Who's the Boss,"
Mr. and Mrs. D. McBrlde of Portland, wero registered at tho Cosnio-
rolitun Thursday. They left on Frl
day morning for Marysvillo, whore
thoy  will locate.
Beale .it   Klwell  rattresent the White
Star   *i    Dominion   Lines, and can
book you direct to all European
Postmaster R. A. Smith of Moyle
has Durchiisod the residence of Mr. A.
F*. MncDonald ln that city. This
building is considered the best residential property in Moyle.
A water main on Baker Street
Mirst on Monday, which occasioned a
small stream of water to flow down
the man street. It was repaired af-
'er about five hour's hard work.
Under tne auspices of the Mission
ary Society of Knox Presbyterian
Church, a grand concert wl'l be given in the Cburch on Thursday evening. May I5tb. Further particulars
We challenge the world on $18.00
ind $22.00 blue sults.-Fink Merc.
Co.. Ltd.
Some thirty automobiles, filled
with members of the Cranbrook Automobile Association, left Cranbrook
on Friday, enroute to Wasa, where
the annual meeting and election of
officers wlll take place.
Among tho appointments appearing
In the British Columbia Gazette are
fo be found Ernest Malcolm, clerk;
E. Etemla-Eyton, junior clerk; E'sle
van Slyke, stenographer; and Ernest
B. Offln, janitor    All of Cranbrook.
Euch month we are giving,
to overy child that calls at our
store, a beautiful blotter con*
tainine- a picture story. Don't
miss a mouth or you will spoil
the story.—Fink Merc. Co. Ltd
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. KUngensmlth,
virs.   J.  Thompson,   Master   James
'hompson, O, J. Elliott, C. E. Ayre,
G.   Todbunter,   0.    McRea,    Oordon
lockley, L. W. Mowey and Rev.   J.
ices    Colquharm,   ol Elko,  waa in
■own Monday.
We are showing a largs range ol
Uce, marquesctte and tapestry curtains, and all kinds of curtain cloths.
-Fink Merc. Co., Ltd,
April nth was the first anniversary
if the sinking of tbo steamship Ti-
tunic, und the last day on whlcb
claims against the coinpan- could be
filed. Damages in excess of $10,000,
000 or thereabouts Is eipected to be
The directors of the Young M.u's
Club bave decided to open a competitive canvass for raembershio. Tho
membership has been divided under
thc leadership of the President, J. D.
McBride and Vice-President W. H.
Wilson, the losing Bide will banquet
the winners.
We are Btill In the tailoring business and are guaranteeing smi-tuc
tion.—Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
Mr. O. F. Stalker ol Wilmer, whoBe
name appenrs among the appoint
incnts gazetted this week for tbe Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Mar-
lases will be favorably rocelved among
tbe people of this distr.ct. We
beg to congratulate Mr. Stalker upon his appointment.
Little Miss Amy Agnew, daughter
"f Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Agnew of Elko, died on Hnturdny last, of spinal
meningitis. Sho was Interred at
Cranbrook 1n thc English Church
cemetery. A largo number of friends
from Elko and Cranbrook followed
tho remains to the cemetery.
We an. showing a largo range ol
ince, marquesette and tapeitry cur*
tnlna, and all kinds ol curtain cloths
-Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
On Friday last (J. Illciistro received
bin Commission as Consular Agont for
tbo government of Italy at this
point.     Ills  territory  extends  from
Nolson, ij. ti., t„ Lethbrldge, Alts,
The consular ofllco Is located in the
BckBteln block. Mr. IHcnstr,, in eminently qualified to hold the commission which hns been entrusted to bim
by ths government of Italy.
Young Women
and girls often complain of mysterious headaches, which keep going and coming with some, but
remain waking hours with others.
There is no mystery about these
any longer. They are caused by
eye-strain or weak vision. Correct
glasses will quickly remove the
headaches, and they do not return while the glasses are worn.
We make accurate glasses for all.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOR SALE-Eggs lor Hatching trom
selected layers, S.C.ll.l. HodB, Bull
Orpingtons, White Wyandottes, S.C.
tVhlto and Biown Leghorns. $1.50
(ur 13 eggs. J.1 Uartsido, Pleasant
View, Poultry Farm, Cranbrook,
Phone the Ranch. 10-8t.
local poultry breeders with varieties
kept wlll he supplied free to all enquirers by applying to tbe Secretary
of the Cranbrook Poultry Association.
Address, A. B. Smith,
10-lSt Box 851, City
WANTED—A competent Nurse-maid.
Apply Mrs. Dr. F. W. Green,
FOR SALE—Two Peerless Brooders,
good as new, J. Gartside, Cranbrook.   Phone Ranch. 15-tf
WANTED—To loan, an Underwood or
Remington Typewriter for 2 or
3 weeks—X Y Z, Box 320, Cranbrook.
competent nurse-maid or cook desires situation in Cranbrook. The
applicant Ib living ln England at
present, but cannot afford to pay
her way to Canada; il anyone of
reliability wlll put up the tare, lt
can be deducted from her wages,
a guarantee of time will be given
if necessary. Apply by letter to
W. X. Y., Drawer 320, Crsnbrook,
for further particulars.
FOR SALE-60 H. P. boiler, 12x18
cylinder, plain slide valve engine,
and portable sawmill equipment.
No reasonable oiler refused. Phone
818, Ed. Shackleton, 16-4t
FOR SALE—On easy terms: Houses
and two lots on Dwyer Avenue.
Also two lota on Watt Avenue,
Apply to A. C. Pigott, P. O. Box
515, Cranbrook, B.C. 16-tI
FOE SALE—Residential Bargain— S
roomed private dwelling, plastered, 2 lots on Lumsden Avenue,
Baker Hill, lawn, good stable,
11600. Terms can be arranged.
See Beale ft Elwell.
FOR SALE—Two 5 roomed plastered
cottages, J800.00 each. Terms.
Phone 318, Ed. Shackleton.
FOR SALE—A fresh milch cow, Inquire ol O, P. Tlsdale, Cranbrook
or Wycllfte. U,
FOR SALE—Horse, Buggy, Harness
and Cutter. Apply to Mrs. Jas.
Heigh, Cranbroo'..
Shrubs, Gladiolas, Dahlias and Bedding out and
and Vegetable Plants
of All Kinds.
Amongst 100 Varieties
of Rose Bushes we have
the wonderful, beautiful
now rose "Sunburst"—
Rhea Reid, Killarney
Queen, these are the
finest roses in cultivation
Write (or Our descriptive Pries
Frache Bros.
Lethbrldge, Alta Columbia, II.O.
Dr. W. H. Thompson
of Spokane, Wash.
Will be located in the offices
formerly occupied by Dr. Hall
over the Parks Co. hardware
store, April 5th to June 1st,
1913, Cranbrook, B. C.    12tf
California triple weight oranges at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
The "Prospector" has been informed by Game Warden C. Ward that be
has received information from Mr. J.
McLeod, Dominion Fisheries Inspector, that an (irder-In-coiincil was
passed, opening up tbe souBon for
catching trout on the 25th of March.
Local fishermen woro within tholr
rights if thoy wero inclined to fish
Blnce that dnte.
Safety Deposit Boxes to rent at
Heal.' A-  Elwcll's.   Terms modoruto.
Mrs. Ratherlne Hayes of Windaino,
Nebraska, who bus booh visiting her
son Mr. John Hayes ul Fort Steele,
died of heart trouble on Wednesday
night. The deceased arrived at Fort
Steolo on Saturday lust ami wbb accompanied bv Mr. and Mrs. E. Cull-
en. The funeral will take place at
Steolo under the direction ot Undertaker W. 11.  llouttie.
Wo aro showing a largo rang., ol
lace, marquesette and tapestry curtains, nud all kinds ol curtain cloths.
-Fink More. Co,, Ltd.
Tonight, Saturday, at the Auditor,
lum will bo shown pictures Illustrating the Royal Navy, Tho lilms are
5,000 feet In length and wlll portrny
tho navy In all Ita making. Thoso
pictures nro meeting with distinct
BUC00SB wherever they nro shown and
should draw the largOBt lumso over
soon in the city. Owing to the ex
pensc which tho management have
been put to in securing these plcturos
tho prices will he 25c. and tho pat
ions ,ati ho assured of their money's
At tho Auditorium Theatre nil next
week thero will be shown pictures of
n first class nature. Messrs. Baldwin Bros, are arranging; for a series
of pictures better thnn linvo ever bcen
brought Into Crnnbrook before. Ed-
iicntioual, comics and lirst class dramas. Usual prices will prevail. The
Baldwin Bros. aro doing all thoy possibly can to provido for tho comfort
of their patrons and Bhould meet
with the support from tne nubile as
such efforts warrant.
Wo uro showing a large range ot
lice, marquosetto and tapestry curtains, and all kinds of curtain cloths.
-Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
R. Roble, of Spokane, was ln th?
city, conferring with Fred Kummor
about the probability of hnvlng El
Mabarraz Temple 92, of tho D. O. K.
K.'s visit Cranbrook. Finns nre as
yet In their infancy, but lf there is
anyone interested snd would llko to
be initiated into their mysteries,
names should be sent in at once to
Fred Kummer, the local representative. This Temple is nn advance degree in the Knights of Pythias and
all the local boys belonging thereto
will receive the news of a rossible
visit wltb a great deal of joy.
Beale & Elewell gauranteo absolute
security for your valuables. A steel
lined, burglar proof and fire proof
vault. Take one of these Deposit
0'« 'veuqaajo m ioa *oj
A-iiy  -At -tt
Recent orders show how the trade
is incregelng.
W. H. Wilson received three Stude-
baker autoa on Monday.
Hyde Baker has three White cars
ordered, which will be here in a few
A. O. Bowness has purchased * new
car which will be used as a delivery
Oeo. Powells new Met*-, one of the
best little cars made, will be here ln
a few days.     	
Peter Mother-on, of the CrnnbrooV
nnrnee has two carloads of the Mc-
Lnughlln-Bulcks, enroute to Cran-
hroo't, snd which are expected to arrive next week.
Farmers, business men, city dwellers, nn.l pleasure seekers now find
the auto the conveyance that can ro
anywhere at snv time, with the
greatest speed and least expense.
Cranhrook dealers In automobiles
nre looking for a Me venr. Thoy arc
-laving attention to the Increnslng demand of the most serviceable mnchlno combining business nnd plensuro.
N. Hanson, Ib mnktng the nccessnry
arrangements for the purchase of an
auto-truck, to be used in handling
freight between Cranbrook and Windermere. The car will average about
.10 miles per day at a cost of, on a
mll.age basis, about 4 cents per
mile, and will carry five tons,
All stray dogs running nbout tbe
city will be taken charge of by the
Pound Keeper, If the taxes due are
not paid Immediately.
Bv Order.
(There seems to bc some little misunderstanding about tho payment ol
taxes on dogs. If a dog is 6 months
of age or over, the owner must pay
a tax for it. The rate set down by
law is as follows:—Blttb, $5.00; dog,
*1.7S. The last date on which these
taxes becamo due was February 28th,
so that thoBs people who have not
pnid their taxes for 1913, are far ln
Beattie-Murphy Oo. deserves praise
from Cranbrook peoplo for Introducing hero the simple buckthorn hark
and glycerine mixture, known as
Adlor Ik... Thin simple German remedy first becamo famous by curing
appendicitis and It hns now been discovered thnt A SINGLE DOSE relieve* sour stomach, gas on the
stomach nnd constipation INSTANTLY. It's quick action Is a big surprise to people. *>1
We are Headquarters
Sporting Goods
The Baseball Season is
is now here and we have
just opened a large consignment of brand new
Gloves, Mitts, Bats
Balls, Masks
Be sure and use the
"Spalding Official National
League Ball"
The Ball with the Reputation
Company, Limited
I; || ********t****t*********** 111. -i -h-i-i-i ■!■ im |.;;
ii  W. M. PARK & CO.  ii
Harness, Horse Collars, Riding Saddles,
Trunks, Valises, Bags, Etc.
Saddlery  Hardware
Domestic and Imparted Leather Blankets
and Rugs.    Also all Kinds
of Leather Goods
!;     PHONE 109 P. O. Box 443    ',',
•, HI 111III IMIIII I HUH 111 H 1111111II11II 4»
Bull River
(Special Correspondence)
While tbe watchman was at his
lunch about one o'clock, a.m. Saturday, the supply of plainer shavings in
the boiler house caught fire from tbe
furnace and set fire to the frame
work of the boiler house, whlcb is attached to the main mill.
The first the watchman knew of lt
was when he came out of the cook
house from lunch and saw the fire.
He started running to the mill shouting fire as he ran, which woke no the
men. When they got there the inside
of tbe boiler house was a mass of
flame. The men soon got several
lines of hose connected up and work-
mi the lire was breaking through
into the main mill. They had tho
flames under control fn about fifteen
minutes from the time they started.
There was a dance in the school
house that night and they saw the
Ure about the same time that the
watchman did and* a lot of the boys
from there responded quickly to the
The upper story of tbe boiler house
is nearly a complete wreck and will
have to be rebuilt. The damage will
be In the vicinity of a thousand dollars.
Much credit ls due to the boys In
the wny they responded to the call
Trained firemen could not have done
much better.
(Section 48).
on the 20th day of May next, application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor the
transfer of the licence lor tbe sale of
1 tuor by retail in and upon the premises known ns the "Wardner Hotel," situate nt Wardner, British Columbia, from Robert H. Bohart to
Frank Carlson, of Crnnbrook, British
Dated this 18th day of April, 1918.
(Signed) R. H. BOHART,
Holder of Licence.
(Signed) FRANK 0ARL80N,
Applicant lor transler
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
lhat all yards and alleyways must
be cleared of garblsh, rubbish or other debris, on or prior to May 15th,
The Police have instructions to take
proceedings against persons failing
to comply with the above notice.
Cranbrook, B. C. Olty Clerk
April ICth, 1913. 16-Jt
Notice of Application for tbo Approval of Works.
TAKE NOTIOB that Alexander Mc-
1'ougiill wlll apply to the Comptroller of Water RlghtB for the approval
of tho plans of ths works to be constructed for the utilization of thc
water from Kalry Creek, which the
applicant Is, by Wator Licence No.
1526, authorized to take, storo, and
use for Pluming Saw Logs, etc.
The plans and particulars required
by subsection (1) of section 70 of the
"Water Act" as amended have been
filed with the Comptroller ol Watet
■"■PHE Suffragette says a woman can do anything that
a man can do, so why shouldn't
they bo allowed to vote!* When
your wife asks that question of
you, jusl calmly put your hands
in your trouser pockets and tell
her to do likewise.
Yes, women can do anything
a man can do, unless it is some
minor affair like getting up and
making the fire or warming the
kid's milk.
Of course, no woman would
ever become Premier. The law
says that the age must be thirty-five, and where is the woman who would own up to that
age, even to become Premier?
Don't slam the door. Susie,
when you go out.—Contributed
by H. S. Haynes.
Who, with the rest of our
staff is extremely busy marking
*tnd shelving two cars of Spring
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,      •      B. C.
Private Nursing
Miss Laatham, Graduate Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, Ire.
Apply Box 212 or Phone 444
Crnnbrook, B.C. 10*2t
Rights at Victoria and with the Water Rocorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections to tbe application may
be filed with the Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament buildings,
Dated at Fernle thle 15th day ot
April,   1913.
-   W. T. HAYNB8,
16-lt Agent ot the Applicant
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
HKALED TENDERS are invited for
the construction ol approximately
25,000 square (eet cement sidewalk.
Specifications may be obtained at
the Olty Clerk's Office.
Tenders must bs delivered to the
undersigned not later than noon on
April 88th, 1913, and accompanied with a marked cheque ol 5
p.c. on the total coat. Tbe successful tenders wlll be required to enter
into an agreement with tbo Olty for
the  due performance of the   work,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
"•«t. CMty Ctetk,


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