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The Prospector Feb 3, 1912

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 ''' ' <:. I
Toric Lenses
While You Wait
.Van , .
SI.50 Yearly
VOL. 18
Credit    Very    Interesting
Local Houses Pay Taxes, Rent, etc.
also Pay You Wages
Arising out ol the article wo published respecting the Credit syatom
In the "Prospector" last week, many
of our roadei'H ony that it Is not tho
credit, system that Is bothering them
so much as tlio Mail-Order houses.
We hern give an extract Iron the ij^t-
urday Evening Post of so recent a
date as Jnmiary 27.
"Undoubtedly the mail-order business has grown to largo proportions ol late years. It still seems
"to be growing and to be more profl-
"tablo. It lias no advantage ol
"cheap transportation; so the causes
"of its prontablooena must bo sought
"elsewhere. Tho main cause undouht-
"edly lies In the Inlying large ipinn-
"tlties nnd selling strictly for cash.
"Tho largest retail enterprise In the
"world, we believe, is found In Eng-
"lnnd; and it hnB grown up side by
"aide with the parcel post. We relor
"to the Hoehdnle stores, which buy
"In large quantities through co operation and sell strictly for cash. Wo
"are convinced that the indiscriminate
"credit system which generally char-
"acterlzes the country retail trade
"does InuuensiirenMy more to put
"that trade at a disadvantage in
"competing with mnil-order houses
"than any possible nr probable sys-
"tem ol transportation could do."
We tried last week to show the
people whero they could buy considerable better bv paying cash for their
purchases in tbe city than they could
if they bought on credit. The above
illustration clearly show where the
tradesmen caa better their business
by arranging for a better system of
doing their trade, than that at present In vogue.
We asked our readers last week it
they would let us know If they asked
their merchant to supply them with
a bill of goods and if It wns not
cheaper than thnt to he had on
credit; at present we have had no
response and so must take it lor
granted tbat the various tnerohonts
are doing something to encourage the
cash system; hut, are they doing
Would it be expecting too much to
ask those merchants who make a
rule ol pricing their goods In their
»how windows to mark distinctly
each article with the cash price and
the credit price? If they would do
tbls tho general public, who are backward about entering a store and
pricing goods could sec at a glance
what a thing cost.
The local printing houses have repeatedly turned down advertising offers that are being constantly offered
thom by tho mail-order bouses; they
realise thnt this Is the best moans to
got the attention ol the public in all
districts. So, because this door ia
closed to them they send circulars,
pamphlets or catalogues to the people, ao undermining the public with
generous offers,
With constantly receiving these the
public are well Initiated into existing
prices of the mail-order houses, and,
when they take a stroll down tho
business section ol our city, what
more natural than lor them to make
comparison,. Everyone does this,
you do, nnd we do too, none ol us
ran resist the temptation.
Now then, II a hotter understanding
was to exist between tbe person buying and the merchant with hla goods;
also the difference In price between
the present credit price and A possible cash price n much more profitable
transaction would result to all parties.
There is still another thing that
must not he lost sight of, at present
there are people In debt with a store
and their conscience pricks them;
they become ashamed ot meeting the
merchant for foer of him asking them
tor a payment. They go out of their
way to miss hhn and then with hare-
faced effrontery go into a competitors store and ask for credit. This
is not right, you know that; if you
when you got your wage cheque went
to the first man and said to hltn
"here, I want to pay a little off that
account I have standing" he would
appreciate It, say Thank you, try and
get some more pulled off as soon as
convenient, any little thing you are
wanting Just now" and give it to you
knowing that you were trying to do
the square thing by him.
In some of the stores In town they
make n regular practice of putting. 5
cents on everything they put on their
books, II you take this Into consideration you will see In the course of a
year what surplus amount you give
them when you might as well be buying something ol a luxury or perhaps
taking a holiday In the summer lor
yourself and family Anyway It
would go a long way towards It.
If we could only realize properly
what the cents mean we would he a
lot more willing to help each other-
trie people the tradesmen, and tbe
tradesmen the people.
School Report
Summary attendance lor December.
a     &S
1  al 13
I   Teacher S    ||    SS
q a    < <   a. <
I. Mitt  Dick      27 25.06 92.81
*. Misa   Close      48 40.15 83.64
I. Miss L.  Close   50 45.38 90.76
4.   Miss Suttaby    47 41.25 81.16
(. Miss Hlacocka    48 42.86 89.29
10. Miss    Stephens ... 42 37.05 85.23
6. Mlai Cartwriglit   .. 49 43.38 88.32
7. Miss    Eaton      47 41.02 87.27
8. Miss Thompson ... 43 36.00 83.73
HS L.J.  Cranston  ... 12 10.30 85.83
413   362.45   87.76
Division I. (Miss Dick,) wins tbe
Nelson Shield for highest percentage
of attendnnce.
Nathan Unrnhnrdt
Vlney Doris
Francis Drummood
Jack Hiislntu
tirade Higglns
llertrnm Murgntroyd
Ashton Powers
Pleasant llinkloy
Delia Dowe
Douglas Finnlss
Delia (Iroavea
Hollo Johnson
Marlon l/iltch
Clifford McNalib
I,i ni It McKague
Francis Noble
fleorge Pratt
Robert Pye
Mabel Turner
Willie (Iron
Philip llrlrgs
Willie Daniels
Bernadette Doyle
Caroline Uo
Ella McDormott
Orma McNabh
Norma Mosor
Sidney Murgatroyd
Roy Muster
Goodeve May ba Governor
BlOttawa.—The definite statement
waa made on Monday afternoon that
no one hns yet been appointed Governor ol the Yukon, the government
not having come to a definite decision Is the matter.
John Noble
Agness Reekie
Virgil Santo
Gladys Spence
Cordon Taylor
Merle Taylor
Nettle Servace
Noel Walllnger
Dorothy Whitmore
Muriel Baxter
Elsie Beattie
(lliidyt Brooks
Mabel Brown
Melville Dallas
Ruby Deacon
Harold Kay
(.race McFarlane
Nellie McKenna
Nettle Robinson
Florence Rutledge
May Smith
Crossley Taylor
John Turner
Violet Simpson
Milo Drummond
Klenor Auhertin
Irene Bernard
Mah Ring
John Brake
Matilda Rrault
Frank Bridget
Edward Brown
Armand English
Harold llaslam
Hattle Hollander
Wai Hoy
Jnnette Jones
Allen Lacy
Mary l.acy
Walter Laurie
Lily McReadv
Dewey McNeil
Harry Muster
Wong (juong
Viola Sarvlt
David Watton
Helen Whitmore
Helen Bnrton
Merle Bathle
Austin Chapmnn
Mabel Cameron
Otto (llll
Herman Hollander
Violet Jonee
(Continued on Page   4.)
Oeorge Black Is still favorite, with
A. S. Ooodeve, M. P., running strong
James MacKinnon of the Yukon hns
alto tho support of tl numbor of mem
hers, hut is not likely to land tho
plum. The pott carries a salary ol
16,000 per annum and a like amount
$17,500 for Public Schools
Thomas Caven, M. P. P., and Edward lilwell, ot the School Board,
succeed in interesting the Provincial Government for a sum towards the
completion and extension of the Public Schools.
The following telegram to the Prospector is self explanatory:
Victoria,  B. C. February   i st..   1912
Editor of Prospector.
Cranbrook, B. C,
"Government have granted fifteen thousand for new school twenty five
"hundred towards completion of present building Statutory proportion
"of equipment for manual training school.    We  have   got   to   thank
"Tom Caven, he's alright and working like a Trooper."
Signed Edward Elwell
Cheap! Cheaper! Cheapest!
Board of Trade sends large sum of money
out of town.   Why can't the people do likewise ?
The Hoard of Trade have for some
time been preparing a pamphlet descriptive of the City and District. It
Is to he about S" i 7" In sine, printed on Hue art paper, illustrated
throughout and be clothed tu a decorative cover, It will alno contain a
map ol tho district in size 10" x 7".
The local people were asked to figure i a this work but their prices
were too high and the work sent east
to Toronto to be done.
The price given by the Toronto
firm Ib $775.00, the local houses
$1,200.00 the majority of the
Toronto work will be done by girts
while the local houses would have to
employ mrn. The owners and employ! es of both local firms spend all
their money in the city, what do the
Toronto people spend?
There nro lots ot people who will
lift np their hnnds In horror at the
actii n of the executive in sending
this work out ot town.
We endeavor cacti week to foster
honv Industry, every day we are told
to buy our goods at borne, it the
nrieis are a little higher, you should
still patronize your local tradesmen.
And the Roard of Trade executive
for the sake of a tew dollars enUrely
disregard the principle they advocate.
What would happen If the papers ad
vised tho people to send east foi
their goods because they can get a
15 coot article fur 10 cents; the executive of the Hoard of Trade do it,
why can't the people?
Tbe fact of the work going east
will damage the local industries for
years to come. Why? Because the
very people we nre hoping to trade
with—namely the people of the Kootenay Valley, just as hooii as tno
Kootenay Central railway is opened
up—will nav: "what Is the use of
giving our work to the Cranbrook
firms,    tbe Uonrd of   Trade   bav'nt
Agricultural Association
The Annual Mooting ol the above
association will bo held next Wednesday night, February 7th, 1912, in the
new City Hall, nt 8 p. in
The officers for the ensiling year will
be elected nt this meeting.
This AsKoi-intioti it doing a most
important work in demonstrating
the possihilltlis ol the district, and
the management earnestly Invite all
those Interested to make a special
effort to be present.
W. B. Bardgett, Pros.
P. DeVere Hunt. Sec.
confidence la their work, why should
we hnve, we'll sold down east too."
If the executive were short of the
money to havo tt done at home, all
the more reason why they should
have asked the people for their assistance; and yet, what do we learn,
ao one knows anything about it.
Not one tenth part of the people
know such a pamphlet was ever proposed. Why is tbls? Some
part of their money Ib being used,
the city gave $500.00 to help the
Board In their work last year.
We doubt 11 even the city council
would spend such a large sum ol
money on nny public work without
asking the people what tbey thought
about it.
Because the Executive ol tho Hoard
ot Trade see nt to send their work
out ot town BECAUSE. THEY CAN
GET IT CHEAPER, we want to ask:
What reply mutt we give to those
people who usk; "Why can't we send
to T. Eatons, R. Simpson, or Price
Jonea for our goods, we can buy our
goods cheaper, we must wait a little
longer lor them. "tt don't see them,
wo hav'nt the least idea who does
the work, all we know Is that we got
our goods alwaya CHEAPER.
Why did they dn It? The answer Is
eaay to give. Recause they could get
it done cheaper.
Cheaper! cheaper'! cheaper!!! Is
the cry, we want the work done as
cheap as we possibly can. II they
would only stop and consider the responsibility tbat Is attached to the
$300 cheaper, they would realize that
they are paying a direct Insult to
local tradesmen, and the genera) public.
The consequence ol this act ol tbe
Executive hoard la lar reaching.
There are about 5,000 of these pamphlets aent to England and a quantity to the States, and II the executive
know much of the ways of the old
I country, and the United States especially, they know that the lirst thing
the reading public do Is took at tho
imprint. And, lo and behold, they
gaze on the name of Bn eastern firm,
What will they think? the men and
Women we arc desirous of having ns
settlers In the district—the men we
want to come with tholr capital and
their enterprise—the men who are
capable of developing and improving
the soil—they will say to themselves
"Cranhrook must be a place In the
backwoods when they hav'nt a printing office there." No work is sent, out
of tho towns in (he old "ti"':- It Is
given into the hands of the local
printer, and If he oan'1 undertake the
work, he gets It done. No blgeer setback ran lo given to nnv community
than lor its Hoard ol Trade to get
its work done In some other town
BECAUSE It can ho got so much
When such a work wns in its initial
stage. When such „ big sum of money was Involved. When the Hoard of
Trade had not sufficient funds, When
the local printer's price was so much
higher than the Eastern prices:
Why could not the people he taken
into confidence?
Why could not the people be asked
to donate their little?
When did Cranbrook ever reluse to
donate any sum of monoy o time',
lor the wellare of Cranhook.
Was a general canvas taken ol the
How many people wore asked to
carry the cost such a work involves?
Why could nut the local papers he
asked to open up a public siihscrtp
tlon to be devoted to this purpose?
This is n public iiuestlon, one that
vitally effectB not only the reputation
of the local printing houses but each
Individual in the community.
Miss Symet.      J. S. Brake.
Dr. Hall. H. B.Tooth.
A. Clark.
An important meeting will be held
in Y.M.C.A. on Saturday February,
3rd, at 8 p. m., prompt, for the pur
pose of selecting a hall, alto lor enrolling ol new members. Everyone
Local Telephone Improvements
The Telephone company were busy
this week installing their new twitch
hoards. This bad to he done owing
to the Increasing number ot subscribers, the old hoards only bad
accommodation for some 420 but the
new ones carry a capacity for 530;
this will give ample room lor present
development of Ihe city's requirement
at tbe tame time be the means ol
providing better service to the enm-
pany't pal runs
For oome wee'-s now cables havo
heen strung all over the business portion ol the city, and as can be seen
hy the nnl lee appearing In another
part ol this i-nncr, tho connecting up
of the new will cause a llttlo Interruption. This will only occur when
the telephone are not being used Inr
burilness service, and It Is hoped th„t
the people using the phone on Sunday will not forget themselves nnd
the girls down whn aro employed in
tho olflco for nny  wrong numbor
Over Sea Club
At H moellni! hold In the Y.M.C.A
on Wednesday, an active branch ol
above wat organized.
Tho following officers and commit-
toe were elected:
N. A. Walllnger,   President.
.1. Smith. Vlee-Prosldont.
Mrs. J. Brake,   Treasurer
W. 0, Crohbln,   Local Secretary.
Erecutlve Committee:
Mrs. Leslie W. C. McLelland
Trip Round the Worlp
I Thanka to the combined effort ol I
the members of the Epworth league I
and kind Iriendt the very interesting
' and unique adventure proved a
| evening last. About sixty friends as
sembled at the Methodist Church to
take part in what proved to be a
very enjoyahle social evening. The
Party wat divided Into three sections
The first se'ctlon leaving the church
at 7.45 p. m.,the others following a'
latervals of twenty minutes enroute
for Mr. Hatcllflo's residence, which
waa beautllully decorated to represent Japan. A very hearty welcome
was extended hy Mr. and Mn. Rat
cllffe. After partaking ol Japanese
biscuit! and oranges the merry parties left lor Mr. W. Slater's realdence
whlcb wat vtry appropriately adorned to represent China. Here the
tamo hearty welcome awaited the
I visitors. Alter indulging in boiled
: rice, the merry parties left hy way of
the pralrlo to the residence ol Mr.
: Uren, which waa also suitably decorated to repreteot India, and where
everybody received a inott hearty |
I welcome. India was reached about
! 10:30 p. in,whore all the partlet met
and enjoyed, without a shadow ol a
doubt a most enjoyable time, partaking nl a lavish supply ot refrrth
moots provided lor the visitors, accompanied by the swtot melody ol
\ the gramophone. Alter expressing a
hearty vote ol thanks tn the kind
friends who hnd taken such great
pains to decorate their residences to
represent those foreign countries lor
the entertainment of the young poo
; plo, the hnppy party dispersed at
I midnight, with expressions ol the
' utmost satisfaction displayed on
their laces, having had a most enjoyable evening.
His honor the Lieutenant Governor
has heen pleased to mnke the following appointments: N. W. Ilurdette,
and H. L. Sawyer, of MnryBvllle; It.
W. Drew, and Duncan McFarlane, ol
Klmherley; William Rollins, Frank M
Christian; A. R. Grace, William No
hie, Alfred Bnlmont, James McBride,
Jacob P. Fink, D. J. Elmer, Robert
Moftatt. Dr. J, W. nutledge. Ira Manning, Arthur Shankland, Isaac Baxter, John Hensi.n, James Nobles, Simon Taylor, Fred. Thrift. George
Tladale, and James HertduTKun. iM ot
Cranhrook: Chester Staples, al Wyclllle; Frank Murphy, nl GatiiWuy; Vt,
J. Nobles and Percy Hay voo'l, ol
Yahk; Tlmmas Bates 'tad Prank
Johnson, of Moyle, as Commissioners for taking affidavits la the Supreme Court, under the provincial
election Act.
Two Eminent Lawyer
Two legal gentlemen of nutstniul
Ing ability aad attainments hnve re-
reatly arrived in Vancouver to |oln
tho hrin of lliitfoll, lliissell & llnu
nlngton, whoso practice hns In recent
years developed to a Very large pro
portions. Mr. M. V Maeilonalil, ro
contly of Oranbrook) arrived last
week, anil Mr. J Mcliiuinbl Mowai
arrived this week. Mr. Macdnnald
hns achieved n provincial reputation
In ills practice In Oranbrook, nnd Ins
oratory during the last provincial
campaign placed him a ng tho eligible* to the leadership ol tho Liberal party in llrltlsh Columbia, Mr,
Macdonald Is a graduate nf Toronto
(LL.B.-UM) and of Osgood (1906).
llo prncllsed lor n tune In London,
Ontario, but has Inr ibe lasl live
been a member of Ilie tinn Harvey,
McCarter H Mncib nild, in Oranbrook
acting ns counsel in thnl Hem and In
a like capacity fnr many interior solicitors. Mr. Macdotialtl will be a de-
elded acqiilsllliin In both Ihe bat and
the ranks of thn Liberal party oi
Vancouver.—B. C. Saturday Sunset.  ,
Farming in  East Kootenay
(By G. H.  Ashworth.)
Probably in no part of nrltinh Co
lumbia has more development in a^rr
cultural  matters  taken place in    the
prow to perfection in all p»rU of tbe
district, hut so !ar have not been
planted in sufficient quantities for
shipping, nnd are nil disponed of   in
'lnThe district | th?Aoef- markets
the business
last few years,  than        ....  _	
of which Cranhrook Ih the business A,,ont 9lx miles northwest ol the
centre. Not more than Ave years aj-o j city lB tlie rit- BugMie Indian Mission
the few who prophesied a great   tu- conducted    by the   Oblftto     Fathers,
whore 150 acres arc under cultivation
ture for Bast Kootenay from nn agricultural point of view, were looked upon aa dreamers, to say the
least. In fact, In 1909, when the formation of an Agricultural Association was decided upon, many wIhc-
acros shoolt their heads and looked
upon the scheme as doomed to failure from the start; yet this year, the
third successful Fair was held, when
$2,400 wns given In prizes, nnd 111,-
ono was spent In the piirchnne of
grounds, nnd the erection of buildings.
81 tun tod as ihe district is, at n"
average altitude ot approximately
a,ooo f,.,>t, many conditions dlflorlng
from thoBC ohtalnlnit In the oldor|
parts of the Province had to he en*
countered nnd understood before successful (arming and fruit growing bo
came possible, but thanks to the
pioneer ranchors and Miners who havo
studied nnd experimented, this has
now been accomplished, nnd further
progrcnN will be assisted by tbe experimental orchard which the Tro
vlnolnl government has derided to «h
tabtlsb on the outskirts ol the city.
Being In close proximity to th<-
Rockies, and several of the highest
pointH of the Helkirks, cold air currents run down many of the valleys
during ihe summer months, with the
result that, however hot the days
nre, the nights are always cool and
pleasant, and the conditions are ideal
for the growth of hardy fruits, grains
nnd vegetables, but prevent the successful cultivation ol tho more tender
The cold air currents, however, run
in certain defined cnnuels, nnd experience has shown in other districts
that, ns more Innd is brought under
cultivation, more of the sun's heat
will be absorbed during the day, and
the night temperature raised.
Mr. W. J. Hamilton's Success.
To Mr. W. J, Hamilton belongs the
redit ot having, nfter several years
of experiment, established the first
commercial orchnrd, and he Is now
getting heavy crops of apples every
year, amongst the     moat    successful
arietlcs being Wealthy, Duchess, of
Oldenburg, Yellow Transparent, Alexander, Snow. Wagner, and Dlenhelm
Orange, as well na Yellow Kgg.
(Jrand Duke and Columbia Gage
>lu nis.
Strawberries  and   alt   small    fruits
and also an orchard about is yeart
old, which yields i*ood crops every
year. Father Fleck, who Is in charge.
Is an enthusiastic agriculturist, nnd
at tho last Fair Bhowod a collection
of vegetables of the highest class,
which included squash, pumpkin, cucumbers, corn and tomatoes. He Is
nlso Improving the livestock, having
Imported a Belgian stallion, and bcv
oral pure-bred bulls, to replace the
rrosB breeds which had previously
br. n tn use.
About ll* miles farther in the name
direction we corns lo Bt, Mary's Pra-
im eisvnted plateau of prairie
Innd. n.nsistfne of about 6,000 acre*,
lying 'irt\,*>(-n the Rt, Mnry's River
nnd the Kootennv River, and served
hy n branch ol the O.P.R., having
lis termini at Cranbrook. and the
mln n- town n! Klmherley. Here, as
In nther peris of the district, farm
Ing has been conducted n a haphaa*
ard mnnner, until the laHt couple of
years, Mie Innd being devoted to the
raising <>f rattle and horses, with a
little Kfty nnd grain for feed, and a
R?i*nll (irrenge nf potatoes nnd roots
for inrni consumption, Buch good
results, however, were obtained, that
this vear some six or seven hundred
acres were under crop, about two-
thirds for the first time, and the
crops were so good that another
four or five hundred acres have been
prepared for next spring. All grains,
roots, potatoes and fodder crops give
the finest results, and, although no
rrigntion is practised, the dry season of 1910 had very Ifttle effect on
the crops.
Atfalfn  Imd  not  been tried to    any
great   extent  until   this     year,  when
of the most progressive farmeni
sowed some twenty acres, and so
satisfactory was the "catch" that
he hns prepared twenty-five acres nd-
ditionnl for sowing next flpring.
This is the first attempt to grow
this "king" of fodder plants tn the
Crnnhrook district in large quantities, although the heat results have
been obtained in different'parte by
men who have sown small patches on
land which has been made to grow
fruit on Ht. Mary's prairie. A few
years ago, some of the ranchers
planted a small number of trees, Including apples, pears, plum* and
cherries, some nf which cams Into
(Continued on Page   4.)
Egg-Laying Contest
[nternatloaal Bgg Laying Content, The third monthly record ot the in
under the Joint nuHpices ol the Hrit- teruatlona egg-laying contest. Irom
IhIi Columbia Poultry Anaociatlon. j Dec. ao To Jnn. resulted as follows-.
Vancouver H'hlbltlon Hoard and the | Pen Clans I Bgg» IttW
2 White    Leghorn*!      1*9
li While Leghorn*         IM
io White Leghorn!         ••
3 White Leghorn* "
Provincial Government
Becond monthly   record, Nov. 2nth
to Dec. 20th. 1911:
Clans I.                                    Kcku I .Kid
Pen 2 White Leghorna   87
" 19 " " 	
" 23 " " 	
"    s" " " 	
"  12 •' " 	
"  IH " " 	
" 18     •• " 	
■'   I    "       " 	
"   ti Hrown   " 	
" II White     " 	
" 22 Hull       " 	
rlli pens hnve not laid yet.
l'laH» 2. Keits Laid
Pen 40 Sliver l.ared Wyandotte*
"   30 Hull Orpington*   54
"   34 White Wyandottet   41
"    31  llhoile    Islnnil  Itetlt   23
"    33 Ithoilc   Isliind   Heds     17
"   37 Hnrred   Rorkn     18
11   20 Huff Horkt   11
"    3« While WynndottfH   10
"   2C Hnrred Itocks   6
"   3!i Hnrred Pocks   1
Si. pens have not Ini'l yet.
average price received for egga**?'
ri nts per dozen.
Pon   temp.    Hlchcnt.     Till      decrees
lowest, 2't degreai; average mean, 42.2
Ilnln Ml on H 'lays. No snow tell
ilurlni ihe month. During tin. month
tevornl heavy rales occurred) uproot
ing tevernl trees, htll no dnmnee wat
done lo the pent.
The surprise of the month hml heen
the e.ei-llenl perfnrmiiniT of Pen ft
Tills pen hml . ll'v 3 ogga tn Us rred
It .liiiliie the lirst month) hut the
eeconil porlorl thev produced the
iiiri'est number of egga—76—tliua en
titiine   them to   eecond place     On
two iiepei'llle nrrnnioiiH this pen Iftld
fi cerH In one day,
pen 80, iii ihe heavy clime, hae alto
performed very creditably, luyine BI
Oggt 'Inline the month
No lemi limn 'I penn in ClneH I are
moulting,  some  ellghtly, others more
Heavy hlaetlne operation! ere at
protcnt bolng conducted in eloeo proximity to the penn.
rluporluteudmit rlecretary.
not laid
White Leghorn"
4 White Leghorn! 	
14 White Leghorn. 	
23 White Leghorn! 	
h White Leghorn! 	
19 White Leehorns 	
22 Huff Leghorns 	
1; itrown Leghorn!   	
12 White Lcehnrns    	
13 White Inti-horn*     	
20 White Leghorn!   	
I White Leghorn!    	
It White Leghorn!   	
IH White leghorns    	
17 Whl'e Leghorn!    	
II White Leehorns     	
21 White Lcghornn    	
21 White Leehorns    	
21 Atioona! 	
Pens 7.   IS. and  16 have
Pen. fines II. Kgg» Laid
40 Silver   l.ared   Wyandotte*   149
30 miff Orpinetnns   Ul
81 llhoile  Telnnii   rte,1s      96
34 While    Wvandnttes     91
33 Hhnile   Island    Rerls     79
35 White   Wvaniiottes      76
29 Puff    nock!      41
37 Barred   Porks      33
28 Hnrrerl    Porks      81
32 Rhode  Inland  Reds   38
to White   Wyandottet  11
30 Partridge Wyandottet  II
27 "Mver Penciled Wyandotte!    .   «
2S null    iiriunetons        8
3fi Hnrred   Porks        I
IVn 2" hns not laid vet.
Average price received for egg*
•ui in- th" month. K1 e-nts per dortn
Pen temperature hirhest 43 degreet
lowest 19. nvernce menn 33. Ruin
fell nn II itnyn, nnd nnow fell nn live
dn>"   en ini'h.-n falling on one day.
The runt were snow covered (rom
tier.   29,        PYeolIng  oreurred    on   16
dnvH Fleavy blaetlng continued
during the month) no lesn thnn nine
windows tii'lne broken on one necite-
In rinse I. penn I. 3, 9. 10 nnd 4
dlitlngulihed ttiemtolvc!, pens 2 nnd
9 laying M nml 01  egg! respectively.
Pen 10 continue! to lav regularly and
In I'lnHs II, penn 31 (73 egg*), 31
(66 eegn), 33 (r,2 eggni, 39 (67 ege«),
nnd 34 IfiO egg!), hnve heen the m"lt
productive. Plvo more pens have en
tereil the piiuliielne ('Inns.
Hevernl pens in ('Iiism II Imve moulted ellgbtly during the month. H'H"t"H"fr i' *M*M*H*t*H*H*l
h*)HlllllllllllltlllHI«»»>""> »"»1
Take advantage of the liberal offer we are placing
within your reach. At the close of February
29th we shall withdraw this bargain from the market
this month the combination offer of the
Cranbrook's Leading Paper
and the
Family Herald and
Weekly Star
together with a beautiful Premium Picture entitled
"Home Again"
AU three for the Bargain Price of $2.50, or if you
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will be $1.50. After February 29th it will be $2.00
More people read the "Prospector" in Cranbrook
than any other paper.   Join the happy throng and
fl. iiininiiiMmiMflH i ti mini mi HH«nm i'HI'j I'HWM'I'A. IV/IV, l.iiamim/.iu,   ..
The Infallible
■ A Halloween Story, il
1  Copyright by American I'rest Atto-   ' '
| elatlun, mil ) |
I *************•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t+'M'
It win n (lurk night, for there wnt
no uuiiiii un thin Halloween, nml thn
iwre, rugged liriiiiiiii'S ut Ihe lit'iist
(roe* rulilieil cronklugly in tlm tllglit
wind thnt I'liiui) from Hie smith.
Tim iiic cluck in ihu lower hull
uracil thu lhrei.i|uiirli>rn (Iflor II. ami
a* ihu chime ilicil nwny live Piiruiim
tllpiieil nut uf her pi'i'lty while Hell
ami niuiii tn tint window, All mm
I'liulil nee wilt n black* Willi ut tillrk-
aenn, lull Hhe I'tuihl lieiir llle t'l'euk of
til* lui'iint tree* mul tho goullo sighing
of Ihe wiulli wind,
Kve itimliloroil n Utile nt tho Idea
of going mil lino Unit black void all
aliiue, for tho nut lltiilil nt night.
Hhe always ni'iirrleil punt Uie dnrk cur-
lien of the hulls, mul tlio aliiiiluw* on
Ihe iinlrwuyn  linil   I n   nor dreud
•luce ehllillioiiil Tho ramming old
limine afforded tunny nhuUnwn and
eerie curnern, umi Kve hml never nut
grown her llttlo girl tomi-i. much to
thn amusement ot tho ronl ut the rum-
Hut Eve wn* eighteen nnw. nnd »ho
linil heen romlliig oul roinuuco* until
tier pretty iioiul will lined with fair
millet aud nullum kulghi* nud tholr
deeds of love uud during. At no ro-
iiiiiiii'o hnd dunned lu the plneld rou-
Mno of her lire. Kve I'liriinui hnd re-
wived 10 not out thin wltfllMf night
aud, throwing ronm to Ilie wind, give
ilio nplrltt uf Halloween nn o|i|inrlunl<
ty to tet hor fool lu lho pnths ot ro-
mil lire.
The rent of lho hounohiild wnt ntloop,
for Hive's mutter ul tint parent* hud
never given n thought lo (ho ruiniuitlc
liustlhlllllen of this merry eve. Mr.
r'uriinin hnd removed iho Iron gnte!
thut uu mlsi'hievuiis hoy* might convoy
Ihoin to the puntuttlro steps or prop
them up iiguliint Hie fountain In the
jiuUlle wimirit.    llo  hud ulnu  miilHod
TBI   BCBtTCHED   4   MATrll   AND  I1IU.D   It
BKroBg 11KB.
-the doorbell* und retired to bed at tbe
usual hour quite obllvlout te tho fact
that hit young daughter wuuld dourly
have loved io tost her fine nud fortune Id ell tho old runhluued ways of
apple purlng*. melted lend, rousted
chestnuts aud mirror*.
Kve dreanod herself tu tbe darkness
and. gratpiug hor mind mirror In one
•baking hand, opened hor duor nml
•lipped out Into Ilio black tunnel <>r lho
upper bull. She tried tu etill tho ter-
rilled beating uf bor heart, fur there In
the silent boune It sounded tu ber ear*
louder thun the ticking ot Ibe grout
cluck at the foot of tho stairs
She groped tor nod fouud (he ban-
Ittar aud went carefully duwu tbe
•oftly carpeted ntulrt until she aloud
iireithloaa bonlde tho tall clock. She
kuew thut It wnt dm wing hour to midnight end the mutt hasten outdoor* If
ahe wanted to tost tho dun in
It reiiulrcd unolhor oltorl of hurriedly nuuiinomtl coorngo lo enable her lo
reach tho rrnut duor and lot herself
oolielesnty uutnido. Once uu tbo turf
beneath the locust troo*. fur nlie Imd
luiuicdltiiely uvorntepped tho narrow
liath thut encircled the boune. she
jialued confluence by cloning bor oyo*
and groping her way bock lo Ibe gruv
♦led pa'b.
Kve bumped Into tbe trunk or a
locuit ire* and torn tied bor band on the
ruugh bark uf unolhor, and. alihougb
•he opened ber eye*, the Immediately
doted tbem again, for tbo durkuon*
•ecnied quivering wltb ghumly shape*
Then lo the accompaniment of toughing wind and running tree* Kve begun
ber wandertug*. Kor ten minute* «he
went around and iirouud and bark and
forth o»er Ihe lawn, alwaya feirful of
treepaulng on the ground* thai ad
Joined ber father'* place. Here wn*
•et another colonial bonne, pnitorned
orter the Karnam homo, for the two
place* bad once belonged to brother*,
•nd. although an Iron fence ran along
the-entire from, tbe grounds hnd no
dividing line.
Kve wat not afraid of .ludw Baektr.
tnetr neit door neighbor, ror ba wat
a genial aoul tod dovoiod to bar, but
•ba wu* feurfui ut dlncuvery, and an*
could luronoo tho btiuterlng abe must
undergo 11 her fuuciiui expedition waa
made knowu.
Bo when she felt tbe brier* catching
ber serge nkirt alio know she waa on
tbe bordort ol the rone gulden, nnd she
turned and walked an directly a* *n*
-cuuId Id the opposite direction, and aa
ber feet grated ugiiinnt gravel nhe
opened ber eye* and wns relieved to
aee tbe fnlm blur ol white trimmings
that  outlined   tbe   winuowi   of   her
Kvo knew the puih well, umi It wn*
Willi t-iii I if eiiiilliloiiio uud newborn
CQUrQSv thnt nne niiouli out her guul-
en llcot'o ul hinr, tionl lho lulri'iir bo.
fore her fine nml thivvly begun lu walk
liiirkwiinl ni'iiiiiiil tlio | hi I Is.
It ihe i liiiriu iieiii uiiiiiI, nud Una indwell hml iissui'cd her u wilt luliilllliiii,
live knew llml before she regained
Iho nliii'tliiu polni siie wuuld cillicr
toe lho fiu-e nl hor future, hiutlilllill
peering fltilll (he mirror or nhe wnuiii
moot the iiicliimlioly lulu or old iiiiini-
Slop by hi i'i i around lho tuiimc. under the urupc iirlnir llml s|wiiuoil Ihe
luii'k iH'oinlsi's, iinilcr lho ruse trelllsed
porgolii mi tlm hiiihii, ami tho iiilrrur
reliuilneil u lilnek void. Kve know she
wuuld die ot icitiii' il u fur*, niuuiid
appear In the lulrrm'. bin she loll thnt
ileiilli would ho pieferiililo III u twill-
tury existence wilhoilt lovo or romance
JiihI an nhe reni'hoil the southwest
comer ur Hie hoiif" mid na tho distant
chlmlna. uf lho cluck piiii'lalmed ma
hint sli'iikes or l'J Kvo'n hoiirl and
liroath Hci'iuct! lo suspeiiit nciiuii tut a
brief iiioiuenl Thei'i' wnn lho nniiil*-
tiikiibio fragrance ot ii gmsl eigne
Thoro iipiieiireil n  roil  glow  relic l eil
III tho mirror, uud liefore El Iilllfl
turn the wnllioil Inln n pair ol strung
uriim, while iivei her ahiuilder there
uppoiired lor an in-iiini nu astonished
fiie*. lit up hy llt,e glow nf tbe cigar,
Rite nnw n pair ut dark eyon und
caught a gllmpne of liiiiidsnmo fen-
turen, and the mirrur ilmppoil lo ink
grotind nt Kve at niggled lo tree tier-
It wat ennlly dune, for hor en pi or
made on attempt lo mild hor, Indeed,
It appeared that ho was an much nt-
tonlnhod ut Ibe onciniiilor nn wnn Kvt
herself. Iml he wa« quicker to recur.
er hit equanimity.        '
"Oho! Hu you nre tempting tha
fate*. I.ui'liuliir no liiugbod pleasant'
Luclndn wat the mime of .lodge Ib'ck.
or's black cook, nnd Kve wnn cngci
to grnsp nt thin mistaken Identity.
"Von." nhe mild un huskily an tha
could. I.uclnriii mid a voice like u fug
A hand caught her thick golden halt
und held her prisoner. "So," ho chuckled, "you have found n hulr romuror,
I.iiclniln. something thnt has turned
your woolly lorts lo lung and silken
tresses?" lie ncrnlched a match and
bold It before her lovely, blushing,
shrinking rnce.
The match fell from hit tinner!,
and Ills hold of her hair wan iiHiHi-ited.
"Oh. I bog your pardon I" ho cried in-
sliinlly "I wns surprised. Vou know
-at this boor."
There seemed nn Iniorrugntlon nl
the end nf the nontonce, and Kve found
herself explaining, coldly, huughillv
"It's Halloween." nhe mild sillily,
"I was merely lomlug an old cnarm-
for-*r—aeleuiltle ronnuus" Silo wn!
gratified at her uwu wit In flashing
thi* reply, and she wout on. "I might
ask an eiplunntlun of your presence
here In my father'! grounds?" And
there wai no doubt nlmot the question
"Your father! Why. this Is Judge
Becker's house! I am bis nephew, aud
I came out for a smoke befor*"-
"Ob. Indeed!" Interrupted Ere coolly. "I must nave mlsned my way in
the dark. I belong neit door." And,
baring become accuntomed to the
darkness, she could now nee the dim
bulk of ber fathers bouse ncross the
expanse of luwo aud mored away
from ber new acqualDtance.
But be caught up with ber and
pressed the forgotten mirror Into her
"Your scientific Instrument, tllsa
Farnam." be sold courteously. "My
uncle promised to bring me over to
1 call upon your fieople tomorrow."
]    "We will lie very glnd to see you,"
faltered Kve, hastening nor steps.
!   "Thank you," ho mid softly.   "Uood
! night"
■   "Uood night."  breathed  Ere. and,
feeling dreadfully unconventional, ahe
; fairly  ran tbe distance to her own
house and let herself nolielenily to-
I side.
When she was safely Id her room
once more she regained ner breath
and the realization of what hnd really
happened. A wano color flew to her
cheeks, and a little song almoat burst
from her lips.
"He la handsome." she murmured.
"and Una Bldwoll did nay it was nn
Infallible test, it was perfectly wonderful, though."
Bot of course everybody koows the
wonders of science are Illimitable.
Tbe neit day the young mnn called,
but did not deem It necessary to bring
hla uncle, the Judge, along wltb blm.
Kve received him wltb a telltale blush
He seemed Inclined tn discuss Hallow
een subjects, told ber many legends
connected wltb the dsy. seemingly de
limits of keeping her mind glued to the
subject. He asked her If nhe hollered
there was nny truth In tbe statement
that a young girl will nee the face ol
i ihe man nhe Is tn marry lu a looking
glass on Halloween.   Eve said thai she
1 believed In nothing bin pure science,
whereupon  he asked  ber to ctpinln
j whal scientific principle she was tenting wltb ber mirror the night before,
Bra broke down at this, nnd Ma palb
ot trua lor* waa thenrafnib emooth.
Mtmbtrs  Tint  Ltttoni  ind  Bnow a
Ftw Sampltt.
Tlllfl allolillilliln elimeil llle proles-
aur ul UUIIIUI lelillel'ly llilu llle
laboratory umi utter propping
blm up ao Hull even ill case ut a relapse he could mil hy any immobility
Hlip to Ihn Hour lefl Un room. Ilia
hour nutiiiilcd, and lho aiuileuin iriiup-
od lo, some ol litem lllllllllilllg ailell
merry dirges aa Ihn Chopin 'Marine
I'lioehre" as adapted b) Hinckley ds
Sniggles fur use hy college ttodeult
elmiiiiil'ed of nullum,
"lii'imeujeil," said Iho prufosniu
futtnly as the cites sealed Itnell. "we
ure today lo ■ tldei picinrint hiimur.
You win hnd ui".ii the blackboard a
picture, diuvvii in llle liesi milliner of
Mr Charles Howard Montgomery, rep-
I'KHcuiiug a yiuiiia wuiuaii in a hobble
skirt leuulmj agiimsl so nnyi mnuiel-
piece, while ou * ligei skill rug al ber
leet a young tuiiu in riding breechei
It discovered, 'ihruiigb Ihe upru win-
| iluw we tuiiice un occult aleaoter on
! ns wuy oul lo sen, while buck of the
yuiiiig lady on lUn auiutel a copy of
'Omar   iiuayyam   i»  Men   leaning
iiKiniint an ormolu cluck. 'In tbe left
Is ihe easiern eipunmo ot a dlvun,
The problem before the class It to Und
s lining Joke foi tho picture. Mr,
Slnlisidea, "lmI wuuld yuu suggest?"
I "She," said Mr Siulmlde*-"'Uld you
see L'bollle oft this morning. Henry?'
lie 'No; I saw him off 10*1 night.' Slit
-'Wby, I thought ue tolled Hilt morning tle-'So he did Uui be was off
iimt night'"
I'll*  professor tiyiprenned a  (roan,
and then be spoke
!    "Mr   Ungear*. If this picture were
submitted to you fur a lest, what would
you suggest?" he said
I    "Well." herniated Mr Uingeare, look-
log nmlouily aruund tn nee tf Ilia elite were clear, "I'd have the girl etk.
I 'list* you t Kiihaivui, Mr   Skllllng-
tonf   To whlcb Ihe young man fn!
to reply, 'No, Ulss Wiukietoo. 1 prefer
a derby,'"
i A murmur of something went through
the class.
] "Order, gentlemen," mid tbe professor. "Mr. Ungears Joke Is not at
all a bad one. hut n would go far better wltb what klud ol a picture, Mr.
l.yni I"
"Why, under the ntles." sold Mr.
I.ynt. "I should -un that If placed under a black ind while drawing of a
yuuog man Jumping a lady over the
warm at some seaside retort It would
ba more appropriate.'
"Yary good, Indeed," tnld tha pro-
: festor.   "Mr. minders, hire you any-
' thing to luggett in respect lo tbls picture?"
"She," laid Ur. BHndcrs-'Would ynu
marry a girl for her money, Chullle?'
He-i don't knuw. illndya. How much
have you got?"'
"Kioellenl!" said the professor, nodding approvingly it Mr Blinders,
"t'sn you Improve on that, Mr. liubb-
"I think so. yes. sir," said Dubblelgh.
"I'd put It tblt wsy Hbr—This la very
sodden. Mr Wiggles; I bsrdly know
what to siy. Tommy- 'Don't yoo ne-
llere II. Mr. Wiggles. I leard bat tell
ma she'd isnd vim today or orter.' "
Tbe profesnor removed 01s gnoses.
"Tommy, nr?' be frowned. "And
wbo. prey. Is tommy?"
"Her mile brother, sir," aald Oubb-
lelgb meekly.
"Uu Hum:" slid tbe professor, In-
attesting  th*  picture  closely     "Tbat
souodn meritorious, hut I hardly see
' where 1'nnimy roinee in."
j    "Hen hidden behind the divan, professor.'  eifiiained Hubbteigb
At tblt point Ihe props sustaining tbe
I protestor lo his chair gave way. and
I he toppled weakly ta the floor, sad by
j Hie oine the attendunts had restored
| blm  lo hit eipiliiiiriuin  Ibe bell  had
I wooded, and the undents m--h"d madly from the mom    Harpers Weekly.
iNltdld For Hipp'ntlt.
The Hlble nays it is not good
for man lo live aiuoe. which
might seem to indicate thai it is
,t neceMtary In nave sooieoudy to
f quarrel wnn io ordel lu ov nap-
% py  -New lurk  I'luea
Wtsthlr Firacatt.
Gvr'i tlrSTO.
The supposed grave of Kve la visited
by over 40.000 pilgrims lu each year. It
la to be seen at Jcdduh In a cemetery
outalde the city walls.- The tomb lo
Bfty cubits long aud twelve wide.
A  I'rsults  Wrdillnc tall,
A wealthy peasant living in west
j Prussia Invited 1,200 guests to his
duughtcr'8 wedding. Kor ench he provided ooe nod a quarter pound! of
beef, one pound of pork, tbree-quartera
of a pound of vital, half a pound of
mutton nud liulf n fowl-goose, duck
or turkey—with an unlimited nupply of
vegetublen, broad, wine und beer.
Heine's  .lenlimsy.
When Heine wnn In love he was no
Jealous thut ho poisoned a parrot belonging to his mistress for fenr it
would claim too much of her nlTectlou.
To Remove Ihe Smell of 1'e.lnt.
Put a pall of fresh, cold water with a
allco of lemon In II In your newly painted rooms. Tho water should be changed evory few hours nod if this la dono
will quite take away tlio odor.
Indications or a lung dry spell.
Te Hear the Ntwt Later.
"Tbat smnri Aleck tonus Sugg* It
going to milt om piuc* with rogg*.
Loggi ai Uuegleiou
"boggl tell yuu mi?"
"No; Kuggt sing" due-mi bnow 11
ttt-"-Bru«-uiut» Mairatine
Hit Saving Pirhips.
The lite Hill Burlaw, editor of tha
Laramie, Boumreang. believed ou lesa
lu accurate than In humorous Jour
"Yon can't achieve yonr elTeci." Barlow once said iu un address In Douglas. Wyo„ "unions you're accurate
Uncertainly nud Imircuriicy will spoil
the llncnt effect, whether It be cumlc
or whether ll lie puihetle.
"I remember n fuiieriil In Tin Can
The Wldiiw Wngg had Inst her third
In a poker dive (leorge .limes, D I),,
delivered the funeral address, nnd nn
eloquent nnd moving ndilronn It wns.
lull Oeorge, In Ins liiiiccurnte wny,
hadn't made sure whether II wan her
third or her fourth Unit tbo widow
Wnga wns burying
"Hence he spoiled n grand oration
wltb these concluding words:
"'And now we commoud to Ihe divine mercy thin widowed handmaid
who hath been boron veil again and
again and again'
"(leorge hesitated frowned, nnd added. 'And perhaps tgolo '-Uumio
Btn|*mln Fnnklln Slid to Bt levin-
tor of American Rookor.
lu curly .riiliiulni IHlleg It una not
ciiKiniuai-.v to have inure I linn l\vo or
three i hairs In a house, Our penpie followed the English i-iisiuui ur ihelr iluy
nnd mil ii|iou Simla, ur upon lieui-hes,
which I hoy lulled "tni-uiH" and which
presently developed Intn iho high
backed nettles, miyu Mm-y II. Northoud
111  thu   Honloll  liiokillg  Sclluiil   Miiu.ll
Th* middle of the seventeenth century nnw cliiili-s . nine Inln mure cum-
tin mi  unit.   Thev  were of ntruug  nnd
TtlK things llml ,tol ver tell don't
llnuro lu court us |*iirt of Ihe argu-
iieiii fur lho ili'lensti,
Ili-iivery la n Iniliii of mliiil, lun cow-
11ill'i' ufleli iillccin ilie leg!,
There are peopii' «lfn ulivnyn nils-
tike iiuiso lot logic.
Honesty In resp«ciiilile, and It la
im intuitu Hull wc i uu suy llml milcll
lor ll.
One pei'tillni'lly nliniit Hie rockiest
.pi'lllli'l In this: he senium emus III*
UUIIC.V lie litirun
The mnn who bleaks Ills word usu.
illy ll'les In si kil II logelhor HUH III
Willi Ihe clue ol cimy luuuilso.
The ski'lclon In II lusvl freiiuenlly
nlla un Ihe I nml nlep,
'I'll* uuly reul live soi-rel I* Hie dead
The things n woman enn't tell nr*
those she IIHlliilKi's lo give iil|irennlun
in lu nuiuo way.
Hpenk well nf yonr enemies. Yotl
never can loll when yuu mil) bu recuu-
Wish mil Mere ll It.iV "imln
When tn.- twIitiniltiR s nne IT
Yuu iiuui-t umi ynu tvert nsewts*
Wi'iirv nntiiim wnml,
If Hi.' iluys alien vim win young
lliiis a litilliiini line
Tu ynu hum ynu mny m-ill
IKivs lin.l wtilh Ui ilo.
Cmiiil yen turn yon tmek i* whire
IIiivIiiiiiiI nils nml sullies,
Cmiiil your feel ii" llnWII again
Ills I'lii'liiinieil iilslen,
Yen wiuilil llml iinliilillnl tliere,
Mllitleit nun llm luy,
Tusks Hint iveit t nay snap
l'-"i yuu when u liuy,
There wnt weeding to bt dona
in iim garden hut,
There wnn grust l" hn removed
From lho curnor int.
Willi inn wns annlhtr link.
Chorlng unci ichuol
Took Ilie limn yuu ininlil hive tpsit
la Hit twliutiiiiia I'iiiiI.
When our boybond It thi them*
Memory linn il slip.
W* remenilier liupiiy daytj
Other mien Wt skip
When lii. punt wn cinhir* up,
Much lu niir surprise,
Youthful ilnys welt nut all tptnt
Chasing outlet-lints.
iahly onirpiNDAi.a oiitm-LiTa *u»
•olid frame, with seat and back of durable leather. Tl* leg! und stretcher!
were often plain, hut sometimes both
leg* and back posts were turned.
Tha "alat buck" chair wnn tho kind
moat commonly In use from 1700 la
1700. Tbe number of tlm* In the Inn k
varied from two to five: tbe nhupo vu-
rled alio, and one llrm iu Pennsylvania
made "alat back" cbuira In which tha
slats woro curred to lit the figure und
furnish a more comfortable support to
tha back. Benjamin Kruoklln Used
ono of these armchair! upon rockers,
and ao Invented the first American
rocking choir and set a funhlno which
has never been permitted to punt
Of all these names that of Chippendale easily lends umi wns considered
supreme authority fur thirty yours, \
chair seems to have been his favorite
piece of furniture, and for Its design
be blended ihe tinea! points to ne
found lo tlio French, lite Hutch uud
the Chinese patterns, The result win
u masterpiece, iu which wo have soma
of Chippendale's best points, ns shown
by tbe i-hulr of his seen In one or Ihe
Illustrations. The blond sent, the
bow niiupoil tup rail, the uriiin with
tholr well known curve eliding iu
scroll work, the absence uf stretchers,
tbe ormimeuvnHou conUned to the
front leas, while the bin-k logs are
straight and plain, arter the fashion
of the Chinese, The splat limk and
bandy legs ure copied from Hie Dutch,
but the ornamentailniis of the splat
is modlded from Iim hie forms. Tha
full curve of Hie bniidv leg tenotome!
In tbe bull nud claw foot, whlcb was
so commonly lined hy Chippendale nnd
his Imituturs.
Tbe Sheraton chair is utiQiher hue
example of curly -iionlul furniture.
Tht Btthroom.
There need lie tun tho slightest Jnn
ring note lu we color scheme uf the
biilbroom no*. A pink ur blue ur
lavender tiled room-lf there lie niu-li—
with fillings to correspond, need out
be marred liy.denil while wash viol lit
or bath towels. These, in Turkish
toweling, cutiie In all the dainty pale
shades mentioned, and thoy for lho
Urst time may lie called pretty.
To Wtlh Silk Stockings.
It Is something of it puzzle how to
wash silk stockings successfully, hut
Ihe following method bus been used
with niitlsfiiiiory results: Make soup.
sods of lukewarm wuler aud a good
gristle of cuntlle noiip. Do uot tine bot
water, y it destroys the Ufa of tlio
silk. Itlnne In clear, cold water until
free from ull senp. then pull tbe stockings lengtbwlse and pront with a
warm Iruu. never u lint one. Tho/
will be as glossy ns wben new.
Te Label Jtlly,
Why not use while passepartout
paper for labeling your Jelly glasses
and preserves? II saves nn Interminable amount of posting and answer*
every requirement
W*rk W>> Eaty.
"I have always uorked ion ot fifteen
bouis a dsy." titd in.- imustrui mun.
"Well," replied io. perverse philosopher, "It oionl lie leiiiurkably easy
wurk or you couldn't du tu much of
It"—Woshlngiun Stur
Btfirt tnd Afttr.
"He told me I wns simply otnnntni
in my fancy costume.'
"And whnl din ne toll yoo wben tho
mask* wer* remuveO/ - tiuusioo foot
"T)o you believe lu suffrage for women?"
"I do."
"Want to role, do you?"
"Not especially myself."
"Thou why do you want tho ballot?"
"Because then my mother-in-law will
bo  out  eleciloiieerlug   most  of   tbo
Te Break Him Up.
"In tome eunloro cotintrlea a man
may still buve aovorul wive*."
"There ought lo be a crusade orga-
ailed ugalnnt thut."
"What toini should It takaf Bpeeckv
as or pamphlets?"
"Pert* hut*."
*t    tt
Soared Back Inta
"Hnve you been
"Very alck!"
"Tbot'! too bud.
What cored you?"
"T h e doctor's
A'orUmiii   Warn   Ton   Bu<iv t« Littin to
Hll  H ji .in,um
Til TO limn w"!i in*   iit'iuumiv «ift<'
whiMit'i* Hlill uii- Ml || IH)  MM It Htll
ttlU|l|lHll   ill   Un-   Hlllf1   "I   Hi"   IWH
tfUtlUII     'I'D    MIDI    ID    l|||     lhl-hV     mliolfl
' iVll'i   WUH   uOUIll   lu   (illc-li   Uii'    W hi't'l
All my In.'hit' II Ik Rp|t>n(Hd tu
| ll|llflll|illlti' HU- lliMlM'lli'i' I llll I vnill
I   mill'  Hllti   -l'n .1    Hiii   liiiM-   III   I tit*  t'lltl
■irui'livk*  [ini ut i   uu-  Htructurv
I  4l|*1  Will ill'Uti' lii'hv Itiid"
I      'ttlii'  ■.Illi'"    tll'IIIIIi'il   llm  Ullii'MT,  gO
|  UK HlltUld Willi Hn-  >> ll •'iliiiii'iw     'I lit'
mill   hn 'it'll   in   lllinlllHl    iiili'tiiT,    (Villi
ivmh iilmiii lii iii'-ii'iiii nun in** Hxcti
HI I Inn mid Wliu mul il |>|> k un DIM
"Tiir- pi'iH.iiiiiii iiuun nr onpruy'" \w
■,m 11 wil, itigiriiiB i " n'-'M "i'i'' whiin
•r '•Kii.-ii.'.v' In ||m lli|,V» in ''"iin'
nir chiKiifiin I'liiitiri'ii will iiiiv.h ii|<un
(tit? III It! IU > flit ll'I- Hull -.lm r Kill nt!
HiTI\   ||Ud    UU1)    Will   1(1(1   II IMIiTi't,'
rvmili   ot   iui<   in-i'ii'iiiiuii   nt   utlnir
"U ii lift wny!"  -in ii i ml   Mini'imr  mnn
wlili it wi llm mm unit im- um n with
Hm pick tin v I uii <i.'ii'"<i nit* pipH, iinri
-'(I dUWH Hm itulili'i   iiiiniiiu mi Unit hii
pick    k M'll   till    Mitt    -l-K    mn    m    Hl«
fiilliiiKiiiHiic iiinii ,\* Hit- iHiim xiinip
.'d lo pick up Iih lun tic wiii. turnip")!
li,V 1 rt'lini'lbiiiTurt, olid rtlimi im 11 nnuy
iirtrtfinbicil inniocir lm tviiH hciiiu >ui[i
polled '»> th* chwuliiB (huh'himnn. who
imiii tlm wreck ut lilt- hut in in*, ticv
iui nit
"Hn itti-ii'" lit nn ted the i.null)' mnn
I"CourHtti itnfuplliiu. iiiiiliiukiiiKl I at
ItOlllpt (u RlintrV thtttll Hm hiitlmt nidi of
1 Ufp, tu HWUktMl In t|iii||| Hm"-
, "Itiiii on uuw," unlit titt* niflpfr "It'n
vitrljt In iiic dny foi )'iu tu iih uii'w.'ii
| thiK wny. Hir"
Kit llm iiinii  went  In hln offlt'l nml
dlcttUl'll H cnlllpllllllt llp'.'HI'll ItlV olll
I'W, Wll'irtf Ullllitmi   in* nud tiiiHulti'll tO
Utkt.—ciiicimii ICvcninit I'ohu
Burt to Mut.
An lrlHhi.i.iii w.lto Willi IiIh wife, in
employtil un it inn U hirtil in .New Jrr-
ni*,v ri'iiMtily roitlld tiiiiiMi'il in ii Imd
ItiTdlciuiii'iit when in iiliemiitlnB to
I'Viide tho uiiHliiiti-ltlK nt ii nnviij-e d<>«
iiMMlHiiiuce cuino in ihu Hlmptt of lila
vvimii tho woraini cams up the don
hlltl  fiimeiieil   Ills  teeth   III  the fillf of
hor htmimiid'H icy mid WUH holding on
(or deitr life. Sui/.iiiu ii Hiuiio in the
roud, tho Irltflimiiiix wife win- Himut
to hurl It whttli iho hiiMtinnd, with
wonderful proHotme uf miml, Hhoitlod:
"Mnry. Mi'i'.v, dun't throw the Htone
Ht the doffl Throw It ut mul"— Llpplo-
A Buiy Evtninfl.
An old pur nil unod to live In ■ public boune luir whore thoro wus* Mtwuyii
■ (trout trade on KuturUuy uixhm.
One evetilhK Ihe purrot wee tnlr-ned.
Rourch wuh nimlo. nnd at leugtb It
wau discovered In the middle of a
Held, surrounded by crowi, who were
■teudlly plokluR oul Itu reiittiere.
Aa the reacuera upprouihod the now
bait naked bird wua heard to call out:
"One at a time, gentlemen, If you
pleaae. If you'll only wait you'll all
bt Barred.'*-Ideaa.
Mil.ll llll)
Stf- b^
[TIiiiha in i ii i.'m unit lllii.irstliiiis mull in4
tin u-1,11111.,1 Hlilmul ipMlal lisrml*-
fiiiiti, rain, ruin, drop, drip, dropl
lu it Noah »iiiimi;   \\ ut it ntvti .mpt
With ii would mi .ti v im.-. moral
My. bill ruin . un iiMlul inns!
lion, linn, tiii.i, nils awful tuitii
Hopo ll ni'vur ruin, usuin!
Pry. ilry, ilryt  Oh, tin oloud of "Instl
I If It ilniHti't inln s.iiiii'itiinti s .urn io butt,
i tii'ii. mini down u wottripout,
I'm drltd up iiiH'tu mul nut.
' Lin -ui nioherl  l.«i i'i imurl
Lul 'lt ruin Imi-ui n <
Cnlil, rnlil, rnlil-wiiv In-low r.ernl
I Is this awful winter niVRI ROltlfl lo sot
1 WMi lil'i stnlir-t,' iluys wart lii'lll
| 1 Mi.ill frt'i'/u to ili'iilli. I li'itil
I 'I'h'iu.lii, Html u lilu coal billl
Hurry, 1'vo unotliur clillll
i lint, hot, Iml!  Alt)'! It tiwfnl tint?
Wliurt on .tt'tli Is Ihtrl ii hid! i-"iil .poll
1'tllll III. Ill' 10 L'llOli s no  III  11. .lu.
in on in. down u dorp in- imio
iiui'ii us wlnitrl  Ruth u nuwl
Wow, wow, wow!
C   M   HA UNIT*.
tt    R
Th* Itrbir't Oillght
Th* only nijnj-mi-iii a barber - i
; aecini lo bivf ninl this It ih* [
crystallization of y*an of obmr- i
I  ration—In to we Just how uiui'b \ [
tbe putlent will Jump when the i i
mid   waler tutldeiily   i*  turned ' '
' on the buck ot Ul* neck.   Tins i •
\ propeiiHlty   In   bnrber*.   by  the '',
1 way,   reduoet   the   rolutn*   of  < t
I Btiiiuiiiiiii t'outmerce 61 per cant   ',',
New York Mull.
Th* Turk Awok*.
The Way II Works.
"One wny lo gel rid ut n bore la to
put blm under uiiilpiiiuu* tn you."
"Not on yuiir life!"
"Don't you think ho'C
"No. lie will think he hn* a Ufa-
long uiortguge on you lu thut cuae."
In Fly Tim*.
"Did you evict blui'i"
"The fly."
"No; be claimed s wnt tort rlgbta."
Th* Htughty On*.
"1 gnets I've a rlgtit to my own
"You proltnlily have aa long a* yov
keep it tu yourself."
"1 like pence."
"Well. I'd never Riled! II."
"I don't wiinl ll t"" lung ur too often,
but mill I'm lutiil ol It.*
Softening tht Blew.
"1 tluiuulii be hud u llle Job in tba
"Thoy liurdiiiH-d hlui nut."
Htr Dlfinii,
"Dn yun tlng'r"
"I du mile** 1 dud my company en
Carried tht Sign.
Whnt itut. nml mnk. ur ear Is thai
Tiuit humped Intn tlm Iruekl
A f    'een llilrtten, ' pretunt*i
,i       iiiletna from it. iiii-a.
tilrl* In  Men'. Clfttke*.
In Freni-h Swllzi-iliiuil the *he|terd
liirl* wettr tuen't t-lttllie*.
Til'   l.nrm-.l   I.Iiiii.Im.
The Inrgest Islands in tlio world nr*
New Oilllten. Roruerj ami Miitliiitiisi-nr,
In tlio order nnnu'il. New lltiliit-ii Is
iionrly four Union lho bI«o of Oroal
1 Chloroform.
Chloroform   is  now   rut-fly   usiil  by
itirgeont in priidii inneiihM! pieepl
when the dose Is v.tx sllultt l-'HIult
ties were tun ti-i'i|in-iii nnd itttet-
plnlnetl. no thnl tin' rl«l, is rVL-nrili-d ns
tmi grnnt. I'mn Iteynl'-r. huwever, n
Frent-k ntithiirlly in n rwenl etinimn
ak-ntlnii In ihe I'tint \.niti'tiiv ul Med
tetae teserts Hull Wlltdl nrltlllnt-li'reil
ruperiv I'biiirotorui u uullt nttruile**.
"Tha moat unklndeat 'at ot ill."
I    Dnrle Hnm'a i-limf  poultry  tttset la
I the funii Duck, nml autui govornmenl
tlllnrl uleili glVO! It n l.lliuli hy «uy.
, Ing llml Ihe uvi'tnge form lii'ti litya
] Inn tlity oggi per yonr,
If not li i m; guild ni inn tint uf Ntia-
[ ari'tli. Iluw nbotlt poultry ItntUtlc*
1 from  WitsliliigliihV    The  l.irin  llltldy
dues n belter egg Hlllhl -OOOUrQtO egg
rooordi rr   Doclo Hnm'i :i.it*i,i»tj
fin in flniks will prove It—but if tha
funii lii'ii on Kuiiie fitrttiH dues not
reui'h tier ami xltntitn It li Dot generally
bct'uiiHe ahe Ih n mongrel mutt, but ba-
cutiNe of liit-l. of s,\ vii-iu.
Uy tystein we do not refer to tba
gold brii'k lioiiniizn liootit. by which
one la nlile to liet-uine rich quit k from
four bent on a lot (J by 10. hut w*
apenk of trlentlllt', ten-ilble, nntnral
iiieiiiiids, by the application of which ■
flock iiiiys. nml pn.vs Ilie iiiu.vliiium.
Ou mnny fiirrns there nre no t|ieclal
breeding pent, where the boat producer! nre penned In beget tbelr kind, but
egg! for hutching me In ken irom that
gelierul flnok. Tbcse flocks often eoa-
elit of old nnd yining. iiinitm* uud Immature fowls, lly sin b tt hit nr ml*!
method a strnlti from tiest luycrn cannot be built up. With tin selection
there can be no Improvement Yvitb
a mixed up flock one cannot expect
bul their like. Htnuilnn. egg production, uniform bonion market cnrcaiw.
come from aelrcted thoroughbred urtvtV
ara bred atrnlgbt.
Un tome furui* all Ih* egg* are not
found on the day mid. lien* lay in
any old place: hence the lunl reputation of the haymow egg mitt the elan-
der that furiner* by cureless nesting
and handling cmtte the rots and tpota.
We are not knocking the furiner here,
but Blmply »ay thut tome furmere
nhould control their lien* better,
eliould have better nesting fncllltlea,
for Ion* of eu'cs nre lust In hidden
nesti, nnd many are tpnlletl fur table
ami batching buciinae tbey lie in the
bent. Rome farmers still stick Io corn
the year around. Thla i» not egg
food, but fatiener nml nut the beet,
fulte.ier nt Unit.
There It need for the ititdy of content tablea ami formulation of feed*
to mil the need* of lho fowl for th*
purpose In view, ho that fnwli may
be finely llnlnltcd fur market ur winter
eggi may be mure plentiful on tout*
Ai to bousing, there It general Improvement Ir poultry bottle conitruc-
tlon. Home farmer* have yet to team
that a henhiitiHe Ih not JttHt fur moating, but thnt It shi'itlil he a light, dry,
clean, roomy, comfortable, well ventilated ben home, a place for sleeping,
aunnlng. dusting, citing mid exercising to bring those high priced winter
eggs and wltb the ynrds a comfortable place of contineuient for bora*
while crops are growing.
Htr Pattarn
Little Sigrld wat ourn In America of
Norwegian parents. "VYbot It your
nationality, rJigrld?" isucd ibe teacher
Sigrld tossed her flaxen braids "I'm
to American ot Norwegian design."
the said proudly.—Harper's Maguzlne.
Thin  Ht'll  Ttlk.
If yoo  want  u  nwn'i candid
opinion of you. tnnk*- mm angry
and   you'll  gel   a - vt usiiiiigton
Toung Man-Hu Mite Ktn*i ta rout
Oldelt Mlllel      V\ no i-uijieH HMel  ner t
Hmall Knither Nui.hiv tin i com*
»eu bin [in *ay* the nrat feiiuw tnat
ronie* can Iihvv iiei. • Hosiuu IVan-
H* Ki-i.l  Ouill.
"It  yotlt   uioltiei   I'liinting   nny  still
life now r"
"Vet:    fniheri    portrait''—Meggen-
lurfei Blatter.
a < ntlly llml'-...
The badge of nlllce worn by the Inn!
mayor nf London i-ontnltii illntnoiiili to
lho value of *UUU,0t*) I Ihe leiiipu-
i-ary owner ur It bus In give ii Iioiul fur
It before be Ih hwiii-ii In.
Don't fall tu spray mother hen**
quartern often for crawlers.
Don't preserve eggs that are orer at
day old. and keep the water glasa tat
a cool place.
Don't ship eggs a wny when lt coat*
lees money and trouble to seenrt a
higher priced private trade at home.
Dou't neglect to flavor tbe mash with
a reasonable umniittt of salt and keeps
block of riK-k Ktilt In tbe plgeoo loft
Doo't go crazy when a ben louse Joy
rides on your bald top. Think ot poor
Biddy wheu Ji.hn lltighouse Is on tn*>
Don't lit the blood drip on tho feathers while dry picking und always keep
while feathers separate, ut Uiey com-
niuud ihe bc*t price
Don't fall tu dress poultry In th*
ityle your market demand!. To gel
and bold good trade you must cater lo
Ita whims und throw In some extra for
good measure. ,
Don't dress fuels In s pine* unscreened from files tine blowfly can
■pull ii whole shipment fine maggot
may chase away your hest aud moa*.
■.-uHii.it- customer.
Ulster Coetttell.
An oyitor  ktnll Is iiiiiile by putting into a glass half a tlu/.cu Uny little
oyllera. to which ntid a few drops of
i tabasco, a pinch of salt, n teaipoonful
Of Worcestershire Htlllcc.  II  lenupiiiiufnl
of tomnto catchup ami a tabloipoonfui
j ol' lemon Jc!se.
It llppeai's ffiiln lite le-lllniiny of
ficrvitH. llie tiiui'k uf rniiii't-lim-y, who
lluililulled nluiiil Hie year I'Jttl, Hint or
gaits wore introduced more titan a hundred yonri beforo ibis time.
Cold in i.
In 1870 I.<>nt Kitimi's presided nt lb*
trial of a man named Matthew Iluy.
with \\li .in he bul boon In the habit of
playing ohois, lie summed up ngaiuit
(be prlsouer nml when he wiih convict-
eil exclaimed. "That's checkmate I*
®hc I'voflycctov, ©vaul.vi.c.li, §, (!*,
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The Home Circle Column
I'IcumiiiI Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
tn Tired Mothers us   They  Join   the
Home Circle nl livening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
.. ■■",'■
J Htll Wut
Oranbrook bos i"n« enjoyed tbe >Ua-
tlnotlon ol being th« be?t market in
Bouthoant Kootenay. This dletlne*
tlon bM iH't'ii gained and maintained
by paying the top market or u uttiu
more (ur prodUOH and     lelllttg  nu-r-
obandlee im low nr t, little lower than
it enn be bought olnewbero.
■  •  •  *
There le more joy m   u printing
offloe over one   Dinner that payn   in
advance   and abusoa the    editor on
nvury pnKHiiiii' oooaeion than there in
in ninety nnd nine who borrow     the
paper nml ling its     pralMI without
oo&trlbuttng a oent to keep it out ol
the poor bouie
Hi^ uliurltiUik     Inw iiliiilinn,    genlftj,
olever and aooommodatlng, Vou win
Hml it a obeap place In whttih to live
sharp competition in uii braniibei ol
trade hni reduced prices that
overytbing in the movcantlli
line enn be bo bad at tbe very
luweHt iii'uri". uoiin* and in view ui
which our town imn become the great
trading iniir i of Bouthoait Kootenay.
Good tiniKN result   m hu'h    jinc«n
ami high prices result In good Urnes;
hail times remit In low [inccH mul
low prfoei In had times. This iu bis
tory.    Thin country   ih     prosperous,
iievi-ir nmre    prosperous thnn today;
there wiiti    never a time   wh«n there
wua actual HUlTerUiK*  -'ill prices were
never higher.
i  t   •   •
A "Partners Party" waa recently
held in Ohloago, the invitations reading: "Please come like fanners and
wear tanner's clothes." Thn hoiteil
Who hadn't hoen near a (arm. fnr
twenty years thought tbat the guests
would ride to the party in oi carts
and wear overalls or other working
clothes. To bor ureal surprise, they
came in automobiles and wore regulation full dress clothes. All of
which goes to show thnt it ts a great
compliment nowadays to  he c/illwl  a
•  •  •  •
You will Unit our town n pli-urni'it
place in which to live nml Almost devoid of the evil Influences usually!
existing  In   inryi!  cities.      Its  people I
Farming in East Kootenay
(Continued    from  page  one.)
bearing Idr  tho first time  this  year,
but this wus fluflktent tn  prove the
a-daptalilllty of the soil and climate
to fruit, culture,  nml  one   nmti  iilone
had   ordered   8,000 trees for Spring
The situation of this part of the
district places it out ol the range oi
the cold air currents previously referred Ut. and mii*h timber vi*)'ft allies
as H'lmi.ih, citrons, rucutnhem, etc.,
grow to perfection.
North of the Olty of Crnnhrook
Ilea the valley of the Kootenay River, which, up to the present time
ban been devoted chlclly tn the rain
irii* ol stock, for which It Is wtlinlrn
hly adapted, hut largo areas of land
are suitable for both (arm crops nnd
fruit. In lact the oldest applr trees
In the district are to bo found on
Wild Horse Creek, B tributary of the
Kooten-iy River, which niters the tatter at the old mining  town  of Kort
Rteele, twelve miles from Oranbrook.
The development ol this valley has
heen retarded through lack of transportation! but With the completion
of the Kootenay Central Hallway,
connecting the ('row's Nest I'mnch of
the O.P.R, wltb the main Hhe at
Golden, a treat agricultural development Is lookt>*l for, and a new local
market will be created hy the opening up ot the mineral wealth which
In known to exist, lt wilt also open
up the Lumbering Industry, which has
so far been untouched, nnd this in
Itself will mean a larj-e local con
sumption of agricultural  products.
In this article it is impossible to
(rive more thnn a rough outline of
the progress and possibilities of the
Cranbrook district. Situated as it
is, in a busy lumbering and mining
district, nnd adjoining the trreat coal
mines of the Fernie district, it has
one of tbe,finest markets in the Province close at hand, and would re-,
quire thousands of acres in addition
to whnt are already under cultivation to supply these markets alone.
Butter and et-^v are imported by the
carload both by Cranbrook and Pernio merchants, the former retailing
at from 80 cents to IS cents per lb.,
and the latter from lb cents to 3(1
cents ->er doMD, according to the
season. Although large quantities
of beef and pork are raised locally,
this only forms a very small proportion  of   the  nuantity   ronsumed.    the
balance having to be imported from
the Prairie provinces.
There is unlimited [re*? rnntf i»n
ttmqer land which has been cut over,
and stock thrive well on this pasttir
a**, requiring feeding only during
the worst months of the Winter.
Poultry raising has made great
proKress during the last three or
years, but tbo market lias harly been
touched, nnd there is room for
thousands of head w i thou t affecting
the market price
This is essentially a mixed farm-
inn  Country,  a tact  which  is nt    the
greatest importance to the Intending
fruit (-rower enabling him, aa it
doea, to plant bifl orchard, nnd during Ita growth to raise and sell at
thn highest prices, any kind ol agri
cultural product. In addition tn
which, whilst prices are ndvanclni*
every your, land can yet ha purchased at „ fraction of the prices demanded In the older eutabliuhed fruit
Hood loads make it ,<»,,■ it-r (or I'oun
try children to attend sobool and en
abb* them to do io with groatoi rag
ulanty Nothing io much oonoemi
the uie .>( the people In the rural din
tncts us the means ot communion
turn between communities, towns (1ihI
railroad    stations     (innd     high ways
make tt possible to centralise schools
and Churches. When a doctor is need
ed be is needed qulekly and SOI&S
times nfteu. If this unfortunate ne
CSSSity arises what a boon it is to
have good mails and what distress
bad  roadl DIM cause
what do the people of Cranbrook
know about their public school? How
many ol them ever go inside ol <■
school building, except  oo occasions
ol special entertainment*' What do
they know from personal observation
They send their ehtldrm there for the
entire yenr, nod that is about the
end ol It The puhlic schools are too
much neglected by the people They
are left as it were to run themselves.
One can see that more school visitations by parents would be a great
stimulus tO both teacher and pupils.
Why not give a little more at
tention to the training m the school.
School Report
(Continued    from page  one |
Margaret !<acy
Willard  McNubb
Kdlth Murgatroyd
Kvelyn Moore
David   Reekie
Warren H pence
Joseph Swain
Oarfleld Taylor
Samuel  Whittaker
Irnifi Ward
Muriel Walllnger
Du not complain
travagpneo with a
mouth i
il your
wife's ex
iu    your
(loud  manners are not  taught
ihe SObOOl books.   They  are inuiul lu
the  hOinO lessoim.
t   •   •   •
The daughter who is the (lower ot
the family  Ih  always    thn  ,m«    who
knows  how  tn  best  use   the  Hour    of
the family.
•   *   •   •
We liftVO lust a few women in our
community whn talks much about
heaven  at  church,  and   much    about
their neighbors on the streets   Just
give your    neighbors a rest   during
1918, ntid see  If  ynu d,,  not   enjoy   the
Mnu  bot toi
«  •   *   •
Do  |Mt  choose n vonitinu tor your
daughter- do not insist that she be
oontes only n lady, wben she might
be a genius   Who knows but that the
talent you repressed    and strangled
uii^ht hnve electrified the world Glvo
It fl,e ROopfl  ami   n  heiilty   web u>
lull'!   Inns
mn  *
sour i
"1 1      Miilliiill     nl.l   SKI
ii   'll«'i'i nil
period  ,
1  Uii-.
'll ll
thn sal
Mill        Still
thi "ii'iiii
HI'luv,   •*,
'11    lu
IV  fni
US   tlm 1.
in-  night
il rt'Hl
Will I'll
remains in nil
Wo have a fe« vnutig mi n Who
«ti>m to t ti tn W it makes them manly
nnd noble it. make themselves appear
tough, it you are tough, people will
Bud it out without any effort on your
art it is fust a< nut to be ii gen
Ueman *n I hold the respect ol the
community in which you live. Try
it during 1912 nnl ynu will never
ehnnge back.
You may set it down a-> a lact thnt
there Isn't a twelve year-old boy in
Craobrooi who hasn't his opinion 0r
vou—nnd he wouldn't be slow about
ixprsatlng it either, if a stranger
should ask him for it Rvcry man is
always maktnv character whether he
is doing anything else or not* Why
not build character dmag 1912 that
yon n ay ever look back upon It wltb
•   •   •   •
There are a few homes, even in our
beautiful little city, In which Is heard
only fault finding  Instead of loving
commendations;   bickerings  and Rtrife |
instead of sweet,    happy companion
j-hlp.   "
aiul the lesull will he purer, brighter
• • • •
Mow many wasted (lowers are
utrtiwn over graves. .lust one hud
from these Mowers, pink with life and
hope and fragrnut with sympathy,
WOllld have eased the pain of some
aching heart, had it been given while
the loved one was with us. Just try
it during CM:1, ami see how many nick
neighbors and friends vou can cany
ii llnwer and the year will prove one
nf  your mil-pi" i    mul  best
• •   •   •
(>ur young men who .visit to sue
cued In bUSinfllS must not spend theli
time and money In simply having a
good time. They must imt be iUhcoii
tented with niir little city and think
tbey me too big tor It.; The right
Way to gel Into n larger place is In
Outgrow  the    nne  you are  in.    tliow
until ii becomes tn small tn hold ynu
any longer Some ol tho young men
who mm think they imve outgrown
this place would lit  better m a mmdi
smalloi one
• i      t      •
Wben a woman puts what day she
ih at home to calleis in one corner nt
bei   caul,  it is t( sign that    her hus
band I■ making money, and that you
no longei at Rbetty to wrap   a
winte apron and your tewing up in a
paper, gu over early In the aftomoon
vtnr word (01 yonr husband to
ue ut six and slay tn te,, with her.
It may be she likes you iih well an
ever, hut "BOOlOty" demands tot
much of her time tn let her giv« au
tire afternoon to ynu l.et us re
turn to   the good   old days as    we
found them before society stole from
all  their hrlgh^neBI and  pleasure,
; |'H^-fr+'H"| >i "H1 ■H"< I* H-*.r iV 11 lii tt II11 H I **++*-H-»H
Your Meter Bill Is Too
Cut it down and um better liijhl by usinfj;
The Best on the Market
Sold By
. i »
il The Empire Electric Co. ji
Norhury Avenue
Phune 120
Opposite City Hall
Glenlily  Valley
A RisiiiK I'niil (Jiowing District of East Kootenay
An I'lrhn-ni;,' vt>ry uPprnprlHtoly ro-
nmrks that I'vury poor InborliiK man
shoiilil buy hlirnwU n town lot net
thai paid for, and thin work to add
thv neriMiHHry improvements; a little
bare nnd a llttlo bbera win in due
thin* produce you a home ofyour own
and place you oiltslde ol the landlord's R-raHP. Romember that lllty
dollars n year saved in ront will in
a few year* pay lor your own home,
and the money It eost* you to move
anil shift about will, without any
lo«« ol furniture and time, pay the
interest ol a Hve hundred dollar
mortgage against your property until you can gradually raduce It to
nothing You can all buy in that
way; why no you not risk it? If you
fall, you are no worse off;    II     you
Remnmher lllto produce* like In succeed, at any careful man is sure
Ife as   elsewhere.   May thi* be  to do, you have made a home and es-
m mind by every reader of this  talillsh a   credit equal    to   another
Marie Martlani
May Brake
Albert llrm.lt
Kathleen HroWII
Donald  Dalian
Marlon liriitninon.l
Mabel Plnlay
Ida Johnstone
Sadie I.aey
Ruasol l,euHk
Barrio McDonald
Ada McKiiiiioii
Kric McKiiiiioii
Wilmer I'nrkH
1'earl Pratt
("losflie liobinsoii
Maudlo Bcott
Ray Hcott
Cyril Selby
Hamuel Speert
r.alley Thirteen
Homer   Aubertin
l-'re'lenek llri«i;s
Howard Broiian
Ivan Ilruch
Norva!  ^aslake
Blleabetb Chapman
Cyabrlella Hamilton
Stella Johnson
Alfred .lohffe
.lames Kendall
Marlon McKlnnon
Margaxtet UeLaren
Reinn  Parker
Thomas Reekie
Harry   Smith
Hope Taylor
Helen worden
Albert Aubertin
f unei Bernard
Heetor Harnimao
Stanley  Kemball
James Logan
Thresa Lacy
Dnaald Morrison
Mirhael   Moure
Willie Noyce
Kddie Bpenoe
Mnh on
Isabel Parker
Ruby Scott
department   during  the  present  year   whloli will start y'oii In business.
Marquis Wheat
(lly Rhea. R. Saunders, Ph.D.
In view ol the creat interett which
hna been aroiiBed in Marquis wheat,
owlni; to It* phenomenal record ol
aiiccesH in Saskatchewan and to the
tact that the thousand dollar prize
recently awarded In New York City
wa* won by this variety grown on
the farm ol Mr. Heafc-er Wheeler at
Roathern, Sask., It seeiiw deBlrahle
to Rive a few partlculara in regard
to the origin ol thia wheat.
Thia Variety I* one ol a large number ol wheat* produced at the Central Kxperlmental Farm at Ottawa
by crossing Red Fife wltli various
Imported wheats of very early ripen
Ing habit. The early maturing parent ol the Marquis was Hard Red
Calcutta, obtained, as its name Indicates, from India. Marquis waa ia«o-
lated hy the Dominion Oerenllst by
selection in the year 1903. Alter be-
ine grown for three years at Ottawa
baking testa were made from the
crop ot 1MB. These . tests showed
that Marqilla standa In the first 'r„nk
lor baking strength nnd, as Its earll-
ness had already been demonstrated,
it was sent at once to the Experimental Farm at Indian Head lor Wat under piniric conditions. Although on ac
count ol the prevalence ol rust the
season ol 1007 waa very unfavorable
this wheat headed the Hat ot varieties In the plots, giving a yield ol 32
bushels [ter acre while Red Fife gave
only 12. In somewhat larger testa In
the field the results were equally encouraging, the Marquis giving nearly
the farmers generally, as soon as
be produced. The regular distribution of this variety was commenced
In the spring ol 1909, 100 samples being sent out. The total quantity ol
send available was very small.
Thia variety haa succeeded remarkably well In Hnskatcbewnn ever since
its Introduction and has also made
nn excellent record In some parts of
Manitoba and Alberta. Among tbe
more noteworthy yields may b* mentioned a tour acre Held at Brandon,
which In the year 1909 gave over 200
bushels, and a Held ol about live
acre* at Indian Head which, In the
year 1910, yielded at the rate ol 53
bUBhels per acre. For northern Saskatchewan Marquis wheat Is certainly the best variety known. Some re-
markable yields have been obtained
there, and the average quality ol the
grain produced ban been higher than
any othor »ort.
The main points In favor ol Marquis are Its enrllneas In ripening, Its
remarkable productiveness, Its strength ot Btraw. the fine appearance of
the threshed gram, its heavy weight
per bushel and the excellent color
and bnklns strength of the flour produced from It. linking testa made at
Ottawa and elsewhere on several occasions, ami the high position ol
Marquia aa a bread-making wheat
hns been clearly demonstrated.
Thla variety Is naturally attracting
much attention In tbe eajtern provinces, hut it must not h¥ supposed
that it will be equally valuable in
all climates. It is only In the districts above referred tn„».hnt ,lt haa
shown itscll    superior to all   other
lllenlily Valley, Is llm name ol tb»l
MOMOn Ul the valley ol the Mnyl*
river lying betwein the t'.l'.R. main
linn at Yahk and the Mnh,, boundary
at Klngagiitu, ll, 0., some li.uuo feet
above sen level, the valley, ten mile*
In length, is traversed by the conaec-
Hug blanch linn of the O.I'.R. from
Yahk to KlngsgatO, OVW which daily
trains, tbo Sou Spokane-Portland
fast passenger through trains, and
the local train to ami from Spokane,
Wash., also a last Soo (might, and
local freight trains.
lllenlily Valley has a school, recently opened, a post ofllca has been
granted, and a Hag station, with ex-
teiiBlve sidings aro about to be
constructed by the Canadian PaciHc
lallway company. These are situated
near the centre ol the valley. A
government road parallels the Moyle
river from Yahk to Klngagate,. Five
road bridges span the Moyle in Olen-
lily Valley, tt Is oxpectod that aa
additional government appropriation
will he expended in 1912 In providing
additional roads, necessary for the
agricultural and horticultural development ol the district. A very few
years ago thla valley, It* soli and
climatic conditions, and possibilities
were unknown excepting to tbo few
pioneer aettlors—pre-tjiiptors practically all ol them-who, with th*
faith, hope and courage that haa
been at the root of all development
on this continent since tbe days of
Columbus and Hudson, and with no
capital hut tbelr sinews and their
strong determination to "make It
stick" have succeeded in demonstrating that this picturesque valley,
girt by its lorest-clad mountains,
and well watered by the Moyie river
and its tributary creeks, fed by countless springs on bench and hillside;
Is capable ot holding its own with
with any district in Bast Kootenay
both as regards tbe quality, per acre,
also In the quality ol its produce.
The year 1911 saw the dawning of an
new era In Qlenllly Valley, and with
tbe advent of school, port office new
then- is every indication that the new
era will be one ol prosperity.
At a consequence land values have
began to rise, but ns yet, far below
prices asked and being received in
older fruit growing district. There
are some 4,000 to 5,MI> acres ol good
cultivable land In this valley, and
there Is room lor. scores of families
as It has lieen fully demonstrated
tbat a ten acre tract Is amply sultl-
clent area to fully occupy the attention of a practical hard-working farmer and to provide his family with a
generous living. We have mentioned
th* river, creek*, and springs; there
Is also siifllctcnt sub-Irrigation to
most of the land. In general fruit
growing purpose*, recent advances in
the scientific application ol dry farming principles have demonstrated
that surface irrigation Is not essential to success In the growing ol
fruit and vegetables In these mountain districts where the snowfall In
winter and tbe rainfall In spring and
autumn are generally ample tor the
farmer's requirements; but tihe creeks
and springs above mentioned will
provide water for Biirface irrigation
to those wbo feel that it will lie an
insurance agalnat loss In years ol
exceptional drought.
The soil, a* in similar valleys in
British Columbia varies from alight
loam on the bench lands and black
heavy loam along tbe river. The
timber In general Is young and easily
slashed, although there Is evidence
that some twenty years ago the valley waa heavily timbered with large
cedar, pine, Ur and Umarac, which
has heen completely destroyed by forest Hres, leaving over large areas
scarcely a trace ol their ever having
existed. Thi* incidentally makes land
clearing much easier and cheaper than
in any other timber district of B. C.
The climate doea not touch extremes
either in summer or winter, and if
fnr a    few dayt or nights in winter
the thermometer seldom reaching ten
degrees below aero, whlcb is the cold-
roads and bridges, a flag-station, and  est recorded.      The absence of high trlct worthy "of recognition by mere
the organizing 0I a Farmers Instltuta I winda and tbe purity and dryness ol  brains and brawn and capital.
tho atmosphere render the cold apell*
really enjoyable, while tbey are not
severe enough to Injure any but tha
moat delicate varieties ol fruit tree*.
Uenerally when the anow goes oil in
April the land is ready for the plow.
Regarding the fruit growing and
agricultural possibilities ol lllenlily,
strawberries fetched last season the
top market price and It waa stated hy
merchants who handled tbem that
they wore more satisfactory In slie
nnd flavor than any received Irom the
well known districts farther west, inasmuch ns thoy remained longer fresh
and saleable than tbe others. This
was due not only to the quality ol
the fruit, hut to tbo fact tbat they
were a much shorter time lu transit
than the western fruit. Vegetable*
ol all kinds wore a good crop in 1*11
and potatoes in particular did remarkably well. One point quality In
lavor ol potatoes grown In Olenllly
is tholr line flavor, due probably to
stipornhiindnnce of potash In the soil.
Apple orchards have been planted,
but are not In bearing. Apples,
Plums, pears snl other fruit tree*
arc proving thrifty and are making
good  growth  without  Irrigation.
There are great opportunities in
practical poultry raising, bee-keaping
snd dairying, as the great unsatisfied market in the east is ever increasing and tho prices obtained are much
higher than in eastern Canada,
Olenllly has shipping advantage*
over all the noted fruit growing districts of British Columbia that ar*
farther west In that It is possible to
pick small fruit late in the afternoon
and, by moans ot the fast express
service over tbe Crow line, to have
those fruits on the markets of tbo
Crow's Nest early the lollowlng morning.
Sport I* good for Rod or Oun.
Deer are plentiful, grouse and rabbit
are numerous, bears are not scarce;
and trout are caught In the Moyie of
good fighting weight and in the late
fall char afford good sport.
It ia really surprising tnat hitherto
it has been left solely to the enterprise of a few men who wish m some
cases to have w!v»b and families to
share their hardships , have struggled through every conceivable difficulty in holding down their pre-emptions while striving to demonstrate
to the world that they have here In
Olenllly Valley a potential fruit dle-
12 bushels per acre and standing tar wrt8,   No v„rWy „, „„,„ -     „,
ahead of any other aort. ! wctttl t0 prove Bql|Rlly Battafactory
Having obtained these results steps under all tho varied climatic condi-
were taken to distribute MarquiB to tions ol Canada.
Carnation Day.
Monday wuh Caranatlon Day across
the border to the south in honor of
the birth of William MrKlnley, the
third president of the United StaUm
to be assassinated The Cnranntlon
wna tbe favorite Dower ol the preBl-
President McKinlny wna born on
January, 29th,  IH4.1, nt Nllea Ohio.
Died, September, 11th, 1901, at
Ilullalo,  N. Y., assassinated
Delegates by Nine Governors
Delegates to the Northwest Mining
Convention, which is to bo held In
Bpokant February 15-17-, 1912. have
been appointed by nearly all the
Western Mining States. The Governors ol Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Wyoming,
Idaho, Mi ntfitiu mid Washington have
each appointed 2S delegates with a
vinw at their being present, in addition Governor Hnwley of Idaho, and
Governor liny of Washington, will ho
present themselves, and It is exiMjct-
a«i that poaalbly the Governors ol
Montana and Oregon will also attend.
An active Interest is being taken
by the different Western mining sections, ntiil tlelegotes hnve been appointed by commercial organizations
In Oregon, Washington, Idaho and
Montana. These sections will also be
reproaentod by exhibits of ores and
Ing sections. Many Interested in the
movement from as lar east as New
York have advised that the will attend, which la also true of the Southern states and Canada.
Certificate plan rates of fare and a
third for the round trip havo been
authorized in nil the Western States
as an Inducement to all interested in
the mining Industry to attend the
Ore Shipments
Following arc the ore shipments
from mines In the Cranbrook district
lor tho paat week „nd year to date:
Hullivnn        473 H78
St.  Kngene   101 101
There Is ample room In the vicinity ol Cranbrook for several hundred
| more Industrious and progressive Inr-
j mers.   Good Innd can bo obtained at
Aside from the delegates appointed a reasonable price and a hearty wcl-
tbe meeting will be largely attended come awaits the Bottler  who comes
by mining men Irom tbe vurlouu inln-  to make bis borne In thia dlatrlct
Notice Is hereby given that on the
12th day ol January 1912. It was
ordered by His Honor, Peter E. Wilson, Ksquire, Judge ot the County
Court of Hast Kootenay, holden at
Cranbrook, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, official Administrator for
that portion of the County of Kootenay included In the electoral Districts of Cranbrook and Fernle, be
Administrator of all and singular
the estate ot Peter Person, ot Wasa,
B. 0., deceased Intestate.
Kvery person Indebted to tbe aaid
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In possession
effects belonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to notify tbe undersigned.
Kvery creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest In
the distribution ol the estate ol the
Bald deceased la required to send before the 7th day of March next, by
registered mall addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, and a statement of bis account and tbe nature of tbe security
(if any) held by blm.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution ot tbe estate having! • •
regard to those claims only ol whlcb |))
he shall have had notice. ))
Dated at Cranbrook, thia 1st day of  • ■
February, 1912
4-2t Official Administrator
I. W. W. Threaten Invasion
;;i 11 iiiiiiii mi mm iiiiiiniiinmii»n
• ■ V
Have for Sale
■ > in the above district 20 million feet of timber. 2,000
. • piles   75   foot   long,   and   35,000  ties.    We will be '. I
. 1 glad to quote the price on application.    There is also !!
1 good Mill Site which goes with the timber.    This 11
s crown granted.    Also a few other listings as follows
Vancouver.—The 2G men arrested
on Monday when tbe police broke up
a free-speech meeting held' in the
Powell street grounds by the Industrial Workers ol the World were remanded for trial on Thursday wben
their cases were called In tho police
court today. A leader of the free-
speech movement notified the police
today tbat the Industrial Workers of
the World will bring 1600 meni to
Vancouvor to carry on the campaign
and will llll tho Jail to overflowing
rather than desist. The police are
preparing to deal promptly with tne
threatened Invasion.
Lot 60 feet; Good Cellar, Electric Lights and Water, Good
Neighborhood.   Ask for Price and Terms.
Large Airy Rooms,  Good Outbuildings;   Very    Low Price
For Quick Sale.
With good buildings,   A   money   maker.   A Bargain   tor a
quick sale.
Price Is away below tbe Market, for Immediate sale $1,000
cash will handle.
Beautiful Lawn and Fine View.   Price |2,ac0.   Term*.
WITH 1180.00 CASH UP.
Sales every  Saturday.   If you have anything to Sell tend
it to us,  and if you want  bargains, attend these sales.
Chapman's Agency
;! Real  Estate,  Auctioneers,   Loans,  Investments ;;
Insurance, Rentals, Employment ,
11 Two Doors from Auditorium Theatre   -   Norbury Ave '.
i illHHIHIl 111111II H" IMI I -M II111 III Ml Mis Found!
On Baker itieeti ona door west
ul Mfissis, Mill St Co,i ilie imly
place in town that can make
life worth living.
 ^ . a.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
•#♦♦▼♦▼'♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦•>»
"Home Again
The Beautiful Picture itiven with our Combination  offer of
"The Prospector" and the "Family Herald and Weekly
Star" Subscriber* this Season.   An Inspiration
of   Love ami  Affection—A   Picture
that will he like a Member of
the Family—A  Daily
Study for Old
and Younit.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star ol Montreal, acknow-
litdged to lie tha griiatiist and beat family and larm paper on
tba Continent has on many occasions given it* readers most
delightful premium pictures but this season they have secured
what la lieyoud nuy i|iiuatluii ol doubt tbe best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It Is entitled "Home Again" and
describes a touching but joyful incident between two frleuds
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous lor his beauty aud gentleness, winner oi iintuy prizes at dog shows, the pride ot tbe
family and neighborhood, has beea stolen, aad alter many
days absence be escapes oue night from bis captor and returns
home on a snowy winter's morning with the rops which he
broke in his struggles (or freedom dangling from his collar.
His (million I nil, brings hla little mistress, Malorle, to
tbo door and she throws hur arms around her trusty playmate's nock with cries of joy which bring her mother and brother to the door. "I.ndilie" is etiually delighted to be "Home
Again" mul answers her welcome by putting bis paws on her
shoulder nnd resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which, in his dog language means—"Where I love la
The sweet faced young moth er, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes nnd parted lips—the two glad eyed children—an eager
hoy with lm ir like his mother'* and the quick gesture ol ei-
clted boyhood; the warmhearted girl with rippling lock*, her
affectionate arms around the shaggy neck ol tbe beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favoured place on
tho walls of any home.
The picture is by Uie celebrated artist Arthur J. Ellsley,
famous for his skilful and sympathetic painting ol children
and animals.
The beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy plate paper
22x211 Inches all ready (or framing will be mailed FREH to
every  combination  subscriber lor   1912.
The small sum of .'-'.25 will secure that best ol all weakly
papers for a lull year including a copy ol that charming picture "Home Again" which alone Is easily worth a two dollar
bill, in fact It could not be bought at that price.
Every Home in this  district should take advantage of this
offer.      Call at our office and see this picture.
Chatter and Chaff
Earnest and Facetious
. .tH-M-l I -H-M-l' M +l-l-H-I »t-H *M'*MH-H-4-+++-l -H ■I-H-H-H-* H-I-IH-H-I-H-H-HI IIH-V |
Ford   1912   Cars
Chattel, and i'liafl
Johnnie Hiiulllu, druggest: You got
wbnt you deserved, my friend, and
we are glad of It, Although a chemist by profession, you did not nPP"ar
able to supply u RMTiHIT, so must
content yourself by saying, like tho
mun who put his lunula Into the lire,
"I  acknowledge the TOAST,"
A Scotsman living In London recently run across two of bis own
countrymen, and took thorn with him
to a big public dinner. In his hospi
tallty he aunt to tholr table chain
piigne, and yet more champagne, and
after a time went to sen how they
wore faring. He found thom depress
ed. 'How are you getting on?" he
asked. Tile reply came, "Oh, we're
gettln' ou Mnn, hut we're vena
fattegglt wl' time mineral water."
Uneoda Brain! We cannot see the
force of your arguments a bit. You
aay that woman lovea animals. What
aro you tilting nt, anyway?
Olintt  if Ctllfarnlt
Th. Finest Strsin In tit. World.
and a two-cent stamp ia all it will coat you
to get our big, bcuuiit'ul Catalogue of everything tliat is good iu Seed*., PJunU, Fruit*),
Implements. Bee Supplies, Poultry Supplies,
it I'l'iitiiiim *it much tliat ia food w* e-.ni.ot tell
you hen, *< »«i (or It. und Judy* for yourn.'lf.
Wi- have twelve bli* muta of the Intent and lu-at
intmrfuclirw-, ttie Cream uf the Whole World, nnd
OV«r> variety la well worth twice the price we mIc.
Valnnhle i'rem't.nw nl*. iriven.
You rati nut afford to mlu the opportunity of ict-tnir
whal we have to offer you for 1912.
Darch & Hunter Seed Co., Limited,
Dept. 79 London, Ont. u
Capital   Ample
According to Henry Hodman, - noted Knglish mining engineer, the reorganization ol the Western Steel
corporation may he nfterted by British capital. He has had several conferences at Vancouver with Messrs.
Qlbbs and Faulkner. Mr. Hodman
was at Vancouver to Inspect the
properties. He went to Victoria on
Tuesday. II the llrltlsh ayndicate
becomes Interested as a result ol Mr.
Hoffman's investigations It is understood an extensive plnn oi develop
ment ol iron properties on Vancou-
Ialand, Graham Island and the State
o( Washington, ns well as the building ol steel    works near Vancouver
and the eitension of tbe plant at
Irondale, Wash., will be carried out.
Tbia program would involve an ex-
pendlture ol millions ol dollars.
London mining corporations always have ample capital available
for investment in developed mines
with large ore tonnage, said Mr.
Hoffman. They preler shipping mlnoa
to undeveloped claims with good
showings. The attitude taken hy Canadians, I am sorry to say, is not
conducive to *n Intlin of British cap
ita! to the Dominion tor mining pur
They are unreasonable in tbeir
terms. I^ondon, with All It* eipert
advice, has been stung so olten that
the day tor palming off wild cats for
dividend earners is gone by.
Leap Year Birthday Mug Coupon
For silver mug awardod by The Proapector to babies
February 29,   1912.
Name ol    Parent*
bora on
Address of Parents
Name ol Baby
Date and Hour ol Btrth
I hereby declare the above tacts are correct.
(Name and address.)
Attending Physician
[lest Man: We nro sorry to know
you made such an IJit ot yoiiranlf
Wishing ninny happy returns of thi
day was certainly n little "bit au!.'
Joys, when shared, are undivided;
Wliilil     troubles     halved have nigh
From thia moral ia deduced—
Troubles   exchanged are trouble* re
I wna reading the oilier day an article on "Intemperance" by u rover-
and ifontleninn; nnd he argued thai
nil drunkards should be tattooed or
branded on thn wrist. This is all
right—1 dont think—for the poor
boozers ,luat fancy having to show
the bnr-tender your wrist before he
dnre serve you with a bottle ot Unas,
or a drop of Hcotch,
A curious custom prevails In Bulgaria. All newly innrrled women arc
ohllg'd to remain dumb for » month
nfter mnrrialie, except when addressed by tbeir husbands. Talk about
wouu n's suffrage. The "mere man"
hns ii high old timo in Bulgaria foi
thirty day*—-more or less—unypvay.
Some who have "had some" will he
incllnttil to envy.
Here Is nn extract from n hnndbll'
I havo hnd sent me: "A Social
Dance will lie hold nt the (irnud Ho
tel, ifey  on     Monday, February
Sth, 191?.. Dreas uot necessary,"
"Clrout Hcott". And Its' always
freezing In that province.
"Hon Solreo". We are "soiree" yon
did not choose a more comprehensible non do plume. You want to know
how to "restore" a laded umbrella.
My dear boy, nothing easier. Simply
lean it up against the owner's door,
pull Ibe hell ami   run.
One of the greatest blessings ol our
time Is the easy means nl transit ol-
fered to all whose time nnd position
enables them to roam over the
world. The mnny opportunities presented to an observant individual, ol
broadening Ihe sphere of his existence, should be taken tho utmost
advantage of, nnd a man who is able to tally appreciate the value ol
acquaintance with countries different
to his own, ia the man who will he
ol the most service to tbe world and
the one who will most benefit his
fellow creatures. Almost everyone
has, at some tlino, been Impressed
wltb the aocial advantages possessed
hy anyone who hns travelled, even If
It be only about his own country,
and who has not felt that longing to
see more of the world than perhapB
his circumstances will allow, who,
when reading of such distant wonders
as tho Pyramids of Kgypt, tbe Ool-
leaeiim nt Rome and the temples ot
India; has not expressed a hope that
someday, he may lie In a position to
see those marvels lor himself and rev
el In the beauty and mystery as
thousands have done belore him.
Travel is a factor by which oven tho
sage can lenrn.
All work is honorable, and you
have no reason to he ashamed ot even the humblest kind. The grave-
digger, foe instance, although he
digs for the dead also dig* lor
living.   Queer, isn't it?
Romeo: Because your sweetheart
thinks you perfect it is a mistake to
think the same yourself.
There is no boiibt that while you woo
You find thnt love is blind;
That* why she sees good points in you
That no one else can Und.
Mrs, A. Peterson, a Toronto woman ia lucky. Humor hns It tbat to
be born lucky is preferable to having
been horn rich. A lew days ago this
lady dlacoveretl about one hundred
small pearls whilst partaking ol an
oyster supper. Jewellers hnve declared them genuine, although It is
an open question a* to thslr value
in view of the small size. It Is very
likely, however, that the fishmonger.
Irom whom the succulent bivalve waa
purchased, will do a roaring trade
In oysters.
Kducation la the art, „i process ol
preparing youth lor the business ol
alter llle, the judicious cultivation ol
the human faculties, the formation of
character of manners, hklucatloii, In
Its most general signification, em
braces all the series ol circumstances
or means, whether casual or Intentional, by whlcb the moral, Intellectual, or physical powers are enlightened, discipline, and Dually developed. During the past lorty years
vast Improvements have been accelerated In every brunch ol knowledge,
nud tha syatem ol Technical Education Is making rapid strides. It has
enlarged Ibe studies ol schools, and
been the means of extending Uio
aphare ol practical education in Science and Art, Home persons seem to
think that children are "what you
make them", thnt is, II a child turns
nut bad, It is invariably traced to
Its pareuts.
On tho other hand, if it la good
you are favored with the Interesting
and Intensely Instructive bit of Information; "chat It is owing to the
tuition received Irom its parents,"
They wero very pious people—they be
stowed a great deal of care and at
lentlon on the moral and spiritual
development of their children. But
thla theory can never atand the test
ol accurate observation. The opinion, however, has bad, and has now
some Ingenious and smart supporters
It is never the-less a moat preposterous error. Take three Infants aged
one year, and notice tho decided dl
versttioa in their respective dispositions. How is it possible (or them
to havo acquired such obviously conspicuously differences ol character,
even before they are capable ol understanding, and wben they are perfectly ignorant of tbe powers ot surrounding bodies? One might be inclined to view tbe subject In another
light were these afore mentioned diversities noticed when tbey had nearly reached maturity. Seeing, how-
aver, that they are clearly perceptible to the casual observer at so early a stage In life, It needs no lurther
One ot the trltest of proverbs Is
that which says "What's bred In the
bone will I e sure to come out In .the
<lesh," nnd It npplles In thla case to
education, Hy the way, a rather good
anecdote was told me by a prominent officer of the Halvatlon Army,
with reference to Oeneral Booth, the
sssenco ol which 1* contained in the
following lines. A vialtor, wbo called to aee him, waa introduced to
some of hit converts. One ol these
saluted the gentleman by turning a
somersault, and exclaiming, "Hallelujah; Praise the Lord". The vtsit0r
(who was ol a somewhat nervous
temperament) was literally amased
at what he thought was the height
ol Impropriety. The Oeneral, turning to him, said "Oh never mind, he
was once tn acrobat, that accounts
'or hia apparently strange actlona",
>r words tn tbat effect.
That is sn 'orrihle tragedy which
engaged the attention ot one ol the
coroners the other day. "William
Arthur Smith." it Is reported, "aged
six, died on Monday in peculiar clr-
Btances. Deceased ate a box ot strong
augnr-coated pills under the Impression that they were sweets. Tbe Jury
returned a verdict ol accidental
Commercial Roadster   $900.00
:: All Cars Fully Equipped, None Sold Unequipped ;
lion'  is gnmsthlng' uu
I" i.'iiit'il in iho iiistnry
nf Am.moduli's' |.'jvo Pass-
1'iiiii'r Touring Cur Fully
Equipped Tup, Wind
Shield, Speedometer, Fore
Doors, Lights, Etc,, For
Can You Heat It?
Touring Car   $9.75.00
poi'iiiion, I'usy on tires, ii runs from !!<> to Wl miles pop gallon
puns mid repair) nre curried by the Agents who linvu nleo
machine shop with competent workmen toezocute repairs
Tlio Kuril cur exuells all
others in ith Miliums*.
iliii'itliilil.V. simplicity ofop-
>r gasoline and u full line of
uu  up lu iliutt giii'.'ii,'!! und
Which reminds me ol the melancholy catastrophe    which befell the immortal Tommy Dodd.
Pour hoctora tackled Tommy Dodd,
They blistered and they bled him;
With squills and anttbllioM pills.
And ipecac they led him,
They filled him up wltb aniseed,
And tried to move his liver;
But all in vain, bis little soul
Waa waited o'er tbe river.
The writer would like to draw the
attention of the local postal authorities to the importance ol increasing
the site ol the east letter box on the
Ihe station platform. Not Infrequently it is literally packed with
mail, making It a comparatively
easy matter for irresponsible children
or malicious transient* to purloin
tome ol Its contents.
Little poem
Lacks Sre.
Sent back-
Kitchen Ire.
An "Ingenuous cub reporter" waa
recently assigned to '.'do" a murder
case. The "sub-ed" told him to make
his "story" brief and to introduce a
subtile touch of poetical human interest. This is what he wrot*;-
They robbed blm of his money.
The sum I cannot tall,
They then went on their Journey
Across the big high Hill.
His precious head they bruined
Nearly beat out his brains,
Until his pulse refused
To traverae through bia velna.
It is whispered that ladles have, a*
a rule, a great lear ot lightning, and
this has been superficially ascribed to
their natural timidity; but the truth
is that It merely arise* Irom their
consciousness of b*lng "attractive."
Women's Institute ,«« Institution I* dolog » great work
  'among th "women at British Oolum-
The Women's Institute    will    hold' hia and especially In Cranbrook.
their regular monthly meeting   next!    Work ol this kind cannot help but
Tuesday, in  tbe Carmen's Hall,   at] be the means ol   uplifting the dally
3 p. m.. sharp.   It Is    to be hoped i rounds and    oltlmea irksome    teska
that n goodly number wlil attend.    I that lall to the lot ol the woman In
Krom time to timo the "l'roapec-iher home. And It Is a pleasure for
tor" haa been trying to draw the at- us to urge a large attendance at
tentlou of tne ladies to tbe fact that this meeting.   You   will be weU re-
;; Call  and  See   Us  or. Ask  for   Demonstration:
Commercial   Roadster
Town Car or Taxi
Cab   $1275.00
Delivery Car
Passenger Roadster   $900.00
I Kootenay Garage |
ll   Phone 126 Company        Durich St. Cranbrook I:
; )*> ■ "M "I' |"| 11 "I I II !■ II II ill l"l "I"!1 il I "M "H-H-I-H-H-H"I"H"I' 1"H-H
>■_*>    ■■--■■    | „| _J „l •-1«. I wl*. I lllntl.tlJlllTllllI--*-*-   *    ill itsiljll
paid. WflBlde the fact that you will
learn nomethinK about that valentine
which Ih coming on the Mtti of tbln
month. A cordial welcome will be
Riven to all.
Real Estate in the Pulpit
A Calgary clergyman on a recent
Sunday evening devoted the greater
portion of his flormon to n harangue
on real estate conditions, in this city.
It is not nccenriary to dwell upon
what the Rev. gentleman said. Suffice
It to fAy that he denounced the manner In which the bUBlnenH wan generally conducted. Real nutate method.)
may be in need of adjustment. For
the sake of argument we are quite
willing to admit that such an adfjuot-
ment is necessary. Hut why should
a minister attempt such a readjustment from his pulpit? Did he imagine that his congregation was composed of real estate speculators and
tbat their method of speculation wns
endangering their future state of existence? We hardly believe thiH to be
the cane. To the unthinking mind it
would appear to be but mini her indication of the desire for sensational-
lam which is rapidly creeping into the
Not so very Ion:* ago the pulpit
was held sacred to the teaching nf
the good n!d Goflpol—the pure and
dimple finspel of our fathers nnd forefathers whn attended al Qod'S house
for the purpose of offering up th«h
devotions nnd listening to an espoUn*
dlng of His word. To interpret the
meaning nf mnny paflflAges in the Bible is not nn easy tnsk. there nre
many seeming paradoxes tn he ex
plained, many tcsrums to tie made
clear, mnny messages to ho transmit
ted, nnd many hearts to be Cheered
hy the unfolding nf the promises con*
tamed within the Rftcrod Book. It is.
we believe, that they ruay !»• in a po
sltlon to do thin thnt young men
spend several yenrH in collobc before
formally entering the ministry, if,
however, the present condition of
affairs in continued It will not. tie ne
cesmry to hnve n knowledge of the
Bible in order tn enter the ministry
a fair oratorical ability and n church
will he nil thnt Is necessary.
We do not believe, however, thnt
sermons such ns that mentioned
above meet with genernl approval.
We believe tbat In tbe church tn t^ues-
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
'•M. W-M-i 4-m-M "I-l'l "I"l-M-H 41 -M-H
tlon the greater majority of the coti-
grcgation would much have preferred
to listen to a plain an I simple exposition or the word of (lod. The daily
preas afford s surfeit ol the aensA-
tlosnal. For Blx days in the week
the avcraire citizen rulm Ilia ahouldera
with the world; he witnesses Its joys
nnd sorrows, its happiness *nd its
miHcry, nnd on the seventh day he
The hoy hnd Jumped on n sleigh In
in motion, and loat his footinfi. He
experts n momentary respite from the
itifHcuittea worries and sordid detail*
ol the week day. Imagine then the
disappoint ment ol those who Attend
church in the expectation ol hcarliiK
and learning of belter thinga, when
thoy are compelled to listen to a
sermon on real eatata, a sermon
which prolmlily contain* nothing new
to them In lact we believe many ill
tile     congregation    would  have  been
able t<> irive tholr minister additional
pointer* if they were so requested.
-Trade Oautte,
The partnership heretofore existing
between A I.Anlnan nnd P. W. Humble tins been dissolve!. Mr. Humble
retiring. The new llrm will collect
nil oiitstnnillng accounts and pay alt
\.   K    LniugAli.
Dated     this   29th    day of January,
1D12. S-U.
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and See Our
Side Line*
Palace Cifrar Store
A I'tionneur de preven-
ir vi nombreuse clientele
qu'il vient de recevolr un
noilvel assortment de cigars dc premiere clause.
Nous sollicitons votre vi-
site et protitez de cette
nouvelle aubaine. GARDNER ADVISES
He Tells Limekiln Club Where
Danger Lies.
Man Who Swears Off on Bad Hahlta
on Naw Yaar'a Immediattly fin gnu to
Encounter Trouble— Truthfulnem Not
an Aisat In Tracimo Mulea.
By M   QUAD,
(Copyright, mn. by  Aaiuclutad Literary
Hreaa |
"W in;v to iimMiiuict' tils cnuMiii)',"
H    hind   IIihiIht   (jimliiiM   iu   llm
Jl last mooting ut tin* MindcDo
nub, "dm llrniltltT cuimiiutiK
.loQes mn lyln' HlrU nl limine nil' dni
in- hue lippniilod u> tile oluh till tiolp
in tide intn obor if wiTtMiiry nun
blp InntriH'itul to inly lilm tip n live
ilnllur bill, nit' whin, dm'a gunu ,vc
»tin n'twe ti 111) ftufi'iT
"llnitiilri" June-, it ci  if di' apben
ur ulgbi milium punHniia in tie Dnlli'il
Bit,111 Wild llllltlfl HUl't111 PlWlllVPH mi
New V'iii'-i iluy. nn' I Iiiih bin WlllCtllO1
hln phmo wid intoroat, Ue um fo'ty*
two y.'ni'H uii*, tin' his ohnritotor mny he
l) tin tod in fn'r to niniiiiiin rim la, he
um nn H Ivor ft go mnn. JmI like Mi* rent
uf ut    NVUou I I'nrnod frunj hi*, owu
km.-ki i> pon iils in Mu.ir.
II|ih dm he whs gnino in ■tv'itr oCt mi
New   V'Hi-'h (l;iy.  I Htl'llgglPtl   tVltl  III til.
but hu was -nf in hlii way*, mi' I
coulilii't move him.
"Druddor ilonen not up in rlo tnawuln'
of cJ'it faloftll day mi' I'OHOlved to lit? u
KitiiU'i' husband. Mrs. Jonei um u
woman who Iiiih got to In* kept down
by bulldOKlD*. De mini I her htiflbumj
took s new luck hIii* Imlihitj otY tin'
rttll him In lb-lit HobcntciMi ilolbirH. tin'
m-:i cunt bmiii' tin crui'Lu-d IiIh houd
wid do roiiitr piu.
Being ■ Batter Neiflhbor.
"HriubliT JoiiOM took u long lireff an'
fffiwlvi'il to be u tii-itit nilybur. hu re
•wilt was dut liiHUto or a week ue
•couldn't (Ind l>M aiiow Hbovi'l. wheel
(Biirrcr, rimrkci lu-ubct, cloiliowllno,
iimiiniiH. whhIi iiiirr, kuruwtie can or
•umbrcllii, nn' iwciitytwo different pl)i*
HOllH   hill)  got   innd   III   til 111   PPkHHO  he
bad bIioI down on dolr borrowih' nny
uio' ton itn' stigiir.
"Bruriiler Jones Itood up atralght nn
rOKOlVOd In be nil hutiexl Minn On de
wt'rr.v lie* I day hi' found 'lobon riuHani
ou tb' Hirci't nn' lm tided it ober to u
polluotnnn. no' of oo'hu dm pulieeiuiiu
put It right down in his pocket ill)'
Stood Hrudder .luliea up fur n full'
On do next dny lu* went uu' paid n
ib'iti wltli'h wuh twenty two y'nra ole
un' di'ii found out dut bis creditor bad
dun forgot nil uboiii it twenty oue
y'uiH Ago,
"Hrudder Jnitm had oeeitabunnlly h'r»
pinyiir dp rneea when lie hud n dead
mini, thing. Be rls*. up an' resolved lo
piny tin nio'. In (te t'O'Rp of n few daya
h feller cum to hi in wid n p'l titer wlinr
Ao could bev got fo'ty fur one. lie
linil $10 In cttatli but be hail gOOO outer
dr bettln' huxtm-Hs 'Blend of mnkin'
« clean fioo on dut lions he didn't
mitli*' a red.
Danger In Humble Attitude.
"KnuluYr .1 Ofleu lined to be u bad
mun fur white folkae*. to step oa. tie
kuowed be hnd rights, nn" he dared
maintain 'em. He mini who punned
blm off de platform of u street kyar
or elbowed him into de gutter htid to
■pologlze or take n Clip on de enr. Ou
de fust of de y'ur he resolved to fake
a mo' bumble attitood. an' what wnn
dp result? In de no'ae Of n week he
was frowed down ober nit teen times
an' received 'bout n dozen kicks. (le
found a thousand or more people .j*■-*-*t
* wol llo' fur Homebody wid u humble
attitood to come along
"Hrudder Jones, n-» nurtie of yo" know.
wuh hi d<* habit of ohewin' terbacker
an' smokln' h pipe an' h-*vln' a class
of beer ocoMibuoutly H» resolved to
economize. He went nmniri rtiewln"
liemp an' Jute an' sinoklrv ahovtn's an'
Vpllnters, nn' wlten water wasn't
hnndy he took snow Instead In ten,
days he lost eight pounds Of fat an'
got ho tarnnl cranky flJl his own dog
wouldn't wag lis tall for him Dot
criinkiness led up to a bout wid Krud
der ft'aydown Rebe<J, an' Hrudder
Jones   wus   a   lickeil   mnn   befo'   bo
knowod wimi was gvtlne on
Swaaring to Let Off Steam.
"Bmdder Junes uaod to swur. Oo
New Y'nr'H day he swore tie would
Iw'ar no mo". Whal um de result'/
hur am a sort of slssin uu StcamlO'
in' btllo' continually gwlno nn down
In his mind wid no escape valve to
let off de proHHtiro. an' in- um nervous,
Irrlmhi" au' cant atay hot down In a
rtietr ober two iiilultH al a Ume. (.I»
haa Jest escaped n stroke o' pnratysla
on din occoiini an' um now (ou wi-ak
lo walk iiitohi de atruet,
"My hens. I nnv ou several ocen-
ilmir*' warned yott nyiilu tiosiin' out
ill to once mi try iu to change yo
leivex ober. it bun alius inn danger'
ous un' ii hum will be, De average
mnn um good butt rur tils cold an
;ruel world. Nobody looks fur wings
on bis shoulder blades, it loo bud, tin
may be sent io prison, but it too good
Us punlshnii-iit will lie almost (is Pad.
He w|li be culled » fine.
"F-'ddei   r*»niM  iiiis  gone  buck  to
-iW'iirln an' < Iniwur au' smnkin. i
QpV bis hoieinu I'loiiiise dat Uu will
si'i bis ihiwh ou lie ueXI ua.vliiir who
lOtnes to bis ni hill to Imrry anytliin.
Ue lias glhhl'll UP de Idee ut Item'
iiuiieHt, an IT Mrs Jones ines to (111111
oul ggltl, she'll gll IllllblpOll UU Mho
nnl holler. 1/e gwllie tu sut up wid
llm tunlglll. We uui liopln1 to snvo
.ilu life nn' resloie nun io de world,
out I'eiill/e dill ll will be u cum
Honesty  In  Mule Trade,
The Hpenlici' pmi>>eil to tuke n ilrlnU
of hard cbler mul I Hell •-uutliiucd;
"lieacoii Hlllllliuns of (lis rlni) wua
ober lo my Ihhh-u lust night,   lie cum
j tiber in cplllplillll lo me dm  Wnyilowu
i Hoboei ulso of ills dub, nnd dim got
de bi'Hi  nf lilm ou a  trade     Itnuhlet-
i llebee had traded lilm n mewl Tor u
sbolgUIl, u luiiijo, n dnwg und n il renin
hunk.    | lat mow I 'pem-eil to tie lull o
| htv.uesH while de tnide was gwlue on-
prnnelb' around wlil bis bemi in do nlr
an' bis heels ti.vlii oul nt eberyililn'"-
1 hut de llOIU'Oil bad skllMMly lotrd lilm
1 Inline when he sorter eollllpMed nn' tell
' down, nu' do inal reimri was to de
,-iiv t dm iils hum's war' numbered,
"I wnul 10 take iiilvmiiuge of ills oe-
(nihil ii to say a few words to yo' on
do Hiih.h'i't or bun.-siy    a good mnny
e'nii flgo dar was a llrH'tly honest
man    [le began life wid n deteruilnn
< -h'.in in ilo ile Hi|nar' thing  under nil
u'lrcillliatuuees lie Mad a cash eU pit III
• if |2o,000 an' lots o   I'lliHi lu liuuuiii
InrUur'i lie planted tvuiernilllyooi nu'
didn't bin body to wntcl* du iinteb
^ He kept i hli kens an' dliln'l hcv uo
oi k on ih' iiouii lit- leni money uu'
luln't ax fur no t 0 U, tie signed
UODdl an'  DOteS uii  didn't  bi   fur no
Fortune Gona In Nina Yiari.
"if be bought a mewl lie took de
IWDOr'l word fur it: ir be ipld one Ilu
■onacteDilouMly p'ltited out* de ring
bones an' iimvlns nu' uwned mi <lat du
■ ''cast was gwlue on tweutj y'ars ole.
, 'ly dear ("reus, bow long du yo' reckon
tat man lasted)   lo |>*i n ue \ 'an be
1 >\its in de porebouee, an' bv ai*ber dun
got out again It wns un eipyrlineot.
\n ile real '.f de lientr) was tvaicblu1
ni iqq bow de pxperlmeoi would pan
'in ii was ti di ad failure au a solemn
w iirnlti*.
"I say to yo'" coritlniied th-' o I nan
is be looked down upon the - ore of
bald hondi on Uie front eents, "dal de
world hns no use for « *tricti* boncoi
mnn, If yo' mi In de poti'ofljre doau
steal no letters, II yo' u':1 In de houk
doan' ileal no money. Doan' beol yo'r
landlord nor butcher nor grocer Doan1
roh a blind man nor cheat no orphan,
Aside from dat yo' um expected to take
-•are of uo one
Where Honesty Slope.
"If  yo'r   mewl   has   got  de   upavlns
trade him off in de night    if somebody sticks yo' wid n plugged coin yo'
am expected to pass It off ou u street
kyur conducton    he tax assessor expect! yo' to prevarleute.   De gas man
aggers dut yo' will turn on ull de burn*
ere If de meter gits outer order,    l( |
yo' full In btnness yo'r creditors um
prepared to admire yo'r leello scheme
by   whlcb yo'  beat 'em.    We um nil
honest up to low waler murk; urtcr dul '
tioim' gib odds to nobody.
"Deacon Simmons 'pours to feel it
mo' beknse be un' Hrudder Bebee belong to de same club, au' he reckons ]
dere orter be u fraternal fcellu'. So I
dere orter. but till fraternal feelln'i
melt nwny when yo' awnp watches or
trade mewls. I am a deacon In de
church, but do yo' reckon itint I'd
lend nne of de odder deueons $2
wldout I had security for $."■'/ I's bin
llbln' right alongside of n preueher for
nigh outer ten y'nrs, but would 1 swap
WOtCh OH wid him wldout look In' to see
if he hadn't taken out some of de
wheels? As I said befn', be honest
up lo n stirtin pint, Arter dat till men
expeet yo' to lake liecr ol) yo'rself.
Dut mewl will no doubt die on do
deacon's bauds, un' while he win be
$11 outer pocket he Will bev gained $l!U
wuth o' expi-rienci' Lot us uuw turn
out de light \n\' go bottle."
What Tamper Does.
When   tbe   devil   discovers  a
temper In n   family  he hustles
nwny and  lets li  do tbe rest-
New York Tress.
Hia Double Loae.
The dinner was over, and the Inst
man to leave the cloakroom saw Hut.
tbe rustodiuu of the coats, looking
very miserable
"Well, Pat," he said, "what's the
matter? Haven't tbey paid you very
well for looking after tbe things?" j
"Sure, sor." replied the dejected one.
"It Isn't that they haven't paid me,
bur. begorra, they've taken the quarter
I put Id the plate ns a decoy."-Boston
Don't   Havo   toe   Muon   Com*   In   You<
Med mollis an ll*miii) Mii'hl-lieiJ ill
one conn whelliei a I'imii »■ -iieiuo ii
earned out on un> iim [hull ut not.
I'be conn  h ui (topi'liil >m i	
nilioii oi iiu> nniin    Mn n init'th rinilli
yellUW   0>  ilesll'Uh'li,  lis  ||   llUllltMIS   llli
! iiiiiiu I-p| M ruoiii witleii gels much
i iu ii all liie green is emu mm rosi nu
1 Willie is fn 1*11> and tliiiliiy, ihu colli
I looking; piuh mul til in* me iii.oiiii
t'lilors, but are ||p| lo l:ule
I in furnishing iu cumi nvnirl too iqv
, lab use oi it l in- rpini -u.ntiit uol
he too HitrUHlV'e ll Hie walls are
1 pimii uae tlglll'OH sproiiil, lun'eiiu run
nel, tllllle covers ninl pllliiwa, uo' in
loo luige piiiiciiis iiowinei, I siiully
nil white port ulna nre more stitlsfnc
lory nt tiie wintlows tliuvgh n nomon
i till strip ot tile tlUIH'Ctl gllUltS UIIIV dec
orale the Vllllllic  lib' lop Dl the win
ilow it ibe wiills are papered or steti
died in n design, 11 "uud cuinr, or it
turn Is likely tu in- ion pretlomlliiiiU,
1 while with hiiini-' ui ininlen ol solid
■ color will he inure plensinu "i ello«
snsti eurtllltis uiiiv lie iisetl lid Villi III go-
i ousiy in n north ruoui niPtiisiied in
yellnWi Tbey seem to Ind I I'll to ^u\
Don't !et yourself USO loo mnny d«'
signs in  yonr  tiintei-inls   It  ilie  wnll
(inper is in chrysanthemum design
dou t use roses, rbrysHntbemums and
popples together i!<-<i ta unrestrtii
Poo't uie much ot it it leeroa to
make tbe nwui sum I ler tlrny i>> dnln>
ty, nut musi he relieved with nnutber
color A wnrui brown suits shabby
turpishtutts beai aud i»» h color of
which out dot-Mi t ni"
Houitk»«pino HlISS For tht  Brul«.
A gueal book wblcb cotiutlba date
ami leugUi o( vmi u well as tba
DIOQUS nerved to i-n< b gUMt  Is of ner
vice to uie housekeeper, who eutet
tuitiH fre<ineutly, aaya Woman's World
Cover tin* new COOkbOOH with white
oilcloth nud use a small pane of glass
to Uobl li open This protects both In
Hide and outside o( the book, uud pre-
rants Uie leaves from »Ui king togetbet
where particles of lood spatter on
include a measuring cup lo tbe k'tch
en e^ulpmeut
Buy u tlrst class cookbook and study
The bulletins which are furnNlicd
free by the Lulled suites government
arc »  valuable aid io botuemaklng
Apply to your senator, representative
iir delegate to congroaa or to tbo sec*
rotary of agriculture. Washington,
The following bulletins ure both Instructive und practical for housekeepers:
Farmers' bulletin; bulletin 301. econ-
on" al use of incuts; bulletin 74, tbe
use of m.lk ss u food; bulletin 413, the
cure of milk nud Its use lu the home;
bulletin 332, nuts aud tbelr uses as a
food; bulletin 8f>, fish aa food; bulletin
175, home manufacture and use uf un-
fermented grape Juice; bulletin 34,
meats, composition und cooking; bulletin 93, sugar aa a food; bulletin 203,
use of fruit as food; bulletin 2U3, can*
ned fruit, preserves and Jellies; bulletin 375, care of food tn tbe home.
The lulled States department of agriculture wilt supply the following:
Bulletin CO. Instructions In cooking;
bulletin 0, bread uud breujpiaklng.
Idea For the Neadlewomsn.
When the fascination of ornamental
needlework has once laid bold upon a
woman It Is bard for her to resist tbe
temptation to continue the work after
back nnd eyes glv» warning that tt Is
time to Iny tt down, or the piece of
Work may bo something that hns lo
be finished within a limited spuce of
time If It is to be of nny use at all.
In thut case here Is un Idcn that may
be of service: Instead of continuing
to leave over the work, let tbe worker
take the fnttest, softest sofa pillow
available nnd put lt tn her lap. If the
arms ure allowed to rest nn tt lt will
gl v o se vera I kinds uf re! lef. The
chnnged focus relieves the strain on at
tentlve eyes. The ottered position not
only rests tbe muscles of tbe beck,
but those of the lungs, which too
often become unconsciously cramped
by tbe forwnrd droop of weary shoulders, until the swiDistress Is taking
puly "quarter sized" breaths.
Cnnl.r.no* ol W. C, T. U. to Bo
H.ld    at    Milw.uk.o,   Oct.   27,
Sv "K
Wilt    i 11.1 HN   \|.   H    *IM : vi.
The annual OOtlferOlloe or the Na
tlODQl Woman's ChrlstllU) Temperance
union will be held (till year al Mil
waukee un ivr BT Among the proud
bent speakers upon (bit otiCltsloU "ill
t)0 Uf!   ijlllnu M   N  Stevens, president
of tlio w 0, T U
Mi*   Stevens,  \\li>> has heen elected
thirteen times pre*ldnui or this organ
Uallou, given practically All 0( l)SJ
llinc to her ollbbil duties. TlirOUgb
correspondence mni travel she is in
COUSUtUl tOUl'h Whli Ibe work nil ovel
(lie Lulled BtUtes She Is a WOUtllU Ot
marked executive ability, with au ut
tractive personality!
To  Bottle  To*Ti»toei.
Tomatoes ure excellent ttoitietl, bill
unfortunately tbe skins often <T,ick
mul quite spoil ihelr iippenruiifo Here
la a Useful hint by a priilesrommi etiOlf
Prick the tomato once or twice at Ute
Ita IS   end   where   ibe   holes   will   um
abow This does nwny wltb tbe risk
ot the alt I us shrinking,
I Hear In mllld thnt liefore using rub
her rings on the bottles iin-y ibOtlld
be WOSbed In water coillllilllllg a ilttia
soda nnd (hen be tlinrultgbly dried
Hetore putting away tbe bottling up
panttus rub die metal s|>rlllgs over
with a little vaseline to prevent them
from netting rusty
Never use chipped or cracked |ors,
for if the jars are not absolutely air
i tight tne contents win uot seep.
Millinery Smartneaa,
Tbe autumn Urtts are sure to be pop*
ular, for many of them ore made of
black velvet, the most oecutniuu ma
terlal always fur nuts, sud mosi or
tbem are quite largo, wttn (trooping
brims, wblcb torm a softeniog name
Two Kinda of Writing.
Kidder-Jio yon write for art's sake
or for nmnev?
Scribbler- Por both I write for tbe
magazines for art's sake uud to my
father for money -Toledo Blade,
Bates-1  hear tbat Jones Ib making
his home more attractive,
Yates— Tea: be ha« suld but piano.-
I'hlluuYinnia Teieifruob.
The Aeroplane Sleeve.
It must be a biplane because of Ita
sleeves, for there's always a pair of
sleeves. Whether a woman actually
can fly wltb them or not U a question.
Certainly tbey look big enough and
enough like wings.
The ueroplane wings grow up from
tbe waist line and down from tbe
shoulder and come together In a
gauntlet at tbe wrist, so tbat when
the nrms of the wearer are stretched
out the sleeves are seen to be huge.
batlike affairs, extending the sides of
tbe blouse to unheard of proportions.
Tbey are as big and floppy as tbe
sleeves of a college gown. Tbe or
dlnary kimono type ts quite put Into
the shade. However, as tbey are tbe
latest thing to fly over from Paris lt
ta certain that tbey will "take."
"Josiah," naked Mrs. yniggles,"wbat
is abuse of tbi* franking privilege?"
"Congressmen composing it to carry
their speeches about, Maria," nuld
Qttlggles.—Browning's Mageziue.
Hii Fint Topper,
"When n uiai. puts on his flM high
bat" remarked tbe observer of events
nud things, "he c»n din look miv more ,
Important   tr   he   had   heen   (Jaiidi-d  a
balo."—'Tonkers Stateamgn.
Rule of  Snob Society.
Mock-i understand tbat Von Hyke
hns been dropped hy society     Wyid- I
Yes;  he made  himself unpopular  be  |
■nuse he pnld his dehr*. Iimiend of bis
'octni obligations.—1'ttctc
Net Mueh.
f>mc-Are ynu going to let tbat
oiii'tr ncmr follow hta nnturnl bawl
finpp M nne per Not murb I ami
la's iroi tr. piny a atrnlght part-Bal-
ttnore American.
Not So Excusable.
"Yes, my husband bus made a great
name for himself in literature."
"DOGS be not go ou the lecture plat*
form this spring?M
1    "Yes.   I am Just trying lo have blm
lecture lu tiie city where I spent my
"So tbat you can slmw him off to
your frlendB) An OXCUSllble ambition."
"No, Indeed! Ho that I enn show htm
off to my enemies!"   Houston Post.
She Wat Hopeful.
"I fear," hiiIiI Ihe friend of the family, "that your wedded happiness will
tie of short duration."
"Well," rejoined Hie fair maid who
bad Just been iiuiiexed by nn ttgOd
multimillionaire, "I hope your feur Is
not    without   foundation," — Chicago
The Sympathiser.
**Crnnkcr seems to feel n grent sytn-
puthy Tor any one who Is 111."
"Hub! tits Idea of sympathy Is to
get some pour Invalid In a corner nml
tell lilm bow miserable he's looking."—
Catholic .Standard nud Times.
It must be n good farm work- a
man lo whom the nxnusivo care J
ut  the bogs i'uii Me given.     I he e
itiasiers   eye   stlUllld   he   UpOM J
tbem every day. e
The pig can cat more thnn he {
can dlgi-AI nnd digest mure than e
he can Use.   Hu ll Ih not it lint *
Unit u pig can lake fill's ot all •
lie can cut. *,
riiel'e   Ih   uu   reed   lietter   for •
yoilllg plgH und calves than sweet *
Hkiiuinllk  rlglll  fl'ttlU  die ue|ni J
riiior •
I'lga, sows ninl fllltlhlllf bogs J
should   he   kepi   111   sepaiaie   in •
closures    Tbey Will be heallhier •
and derive more beiielll   Frulii *
• tholr leods by such luiuiHiim. •
• the most piollniblo pork is pro    »
• dm eil bv using ||H largely iih pits J
• llbtfl other feeds Ulan corn, •
I HUWS thill  collie 11 um  proline J
• fiiinllh'H are till)CO cerluiu lo III •
J liui'll those ipialllles mul bccoiue J
• guutl tiiulhors ilmn tliusii Unit de §
, • seen11 tioiu fuuillies thai urn less •
• proline e
, J      Wln-re II Is possible 11 In host   •
• lo defer seleelloii nr sow pt'tH a
J   fur the I need luu herd (11)111 tbey   J
• have made cuiiMdei'iihlo m-uwlll t
»».l.m*lio    Dipiihio    Will    Fr..    th.
gheop I I".!, tit Tin. P.sl.
K.'iih is I'liii.i'ii hy iim irrliiulon of n
iiiIiiiiiii  Insi'i'i   llml   llvus  nml  |H'0|III
Kllll'S till (III* Sl.lll III Slll'l'll. ll nho
llvt'S,  IIIHI'l' or ll'ss. nil llll' Wnul  llhi'l'S
Awny friaii iln> sln'i'p. un i'"sls ur nn
ilu' mi rill, ii roll ui"" Uii' for nn Imlof
lllllt. Illllo. |uM'llii|is Inr si'li'l'iil  ivi'i'ks.
; ivrlm .luni'pii ti. Winn in tin- iiri'i'ii	
'I'liu si'uii luswt i'iiiiii's from un oni!
'fills (Kg Is  um  1'iislly ili'slinyi'il  liy
dlpplug<   ivi'imiis iiii'ii- i* im Iiiiowii
■Up llml Will sini'ly ili'Slliiy Imlll Hip
: llisi-i-ls anil llll' I'HU*.    TllPPOfOI'O, If ll
mun  illps  Ills «1 P nf   Inli-i'Hili "'
llii'i'i- uii.iiiIih Iii> Hill nlrooxl I'l'i'Milnly
Llll ve iilwiiy* si'iih in i'iiiiiIiiiI. Tin- 11 nn-
m-mliil  rur Ilu- ili'Vi-lnplnii of on "XII
laying tunoct from ihu vim H*olf is n
vni'iiililu  iiiiniiiiiy     uui-  sin ill III   mn
! Biv* ii iai>oii<t iiipiiiin: sooner limn
•even iluys iiflor il"' Hmt, insi m	
i ei(K« nirvlve botn dipping*'  Be Hlinnld
' lint ili-lny Hn- lOl'Olld illpplnB Wnr(
dm ll t'lt'v*n iluys, li-sl *onn- Iiisi-.ih mny
itiiv.. tiuli'lu-il. ii it allied mummy mul
i ilii'insi'lvi's lukl i-Ki!" ngfiln
[    No one cnu «nri-ly  fr(( n  "w'k  nf
tuliei-p of icali wlili ono dipping. N«r
I* It at nil ni'cessury lo be foi'i'VlT illp-
ping sii.'i'p Ki'iiii I* ooinpnrutlvol*
en»y of eruiiU'iiiiim, If certain principle*
ur* observed. Klrst. lie very careful
lu gmlierlng the ebeep thut mine I*
left In tin- pniture, Neit, lie very
tiioiongii iii ihe opernllnn of dipping.
We will not here dl*euH» Ilie fiiriiiiili*
for dip*: (Here are ninny elllrleni pii-p
uruilnn* ou tile mnrUet, nnd mere I*
tbe eieeedlngl; edli'lent lime nnd *ul
pbur preparation, vrlileli when careful.
If made I* very effective and may hare
eon.lileruble virtue (• a deterrent of
There teem* little doubt  tbnt dips
used ii* bot a* one ran hear to thrust
bis naked nnn In and bold It there for
■ half minute are mure elllrleni thnn
hole used cnld.   Also If the wnler Willi
which tbe dip I* mined I* llnie Impregnated *ud "hard" It I* belter tu soften
It with  lye. though un exce»s nf lye
1 will Injure tbe wool,   lu leu dny* dtp
I the entire flue* again, uslnu the same
j care.    If nuw It can be put on clean,
i uninfected ground, uo fiirltn-r dipping
j will be needed,   The Unci; should, how-
I ever,  he  cnrefiilly   watched  nnd  nny
, suspected Individual tnltcu huld of nt
once.     If the sheep  must  he turned
buck lti the old and tufesteil ptiHIIire
dip tbe third time within ten or twelve
!ituy«.   To do those three dlpplmt* ut
■ um> time will oust no mure than tn dn
them at Intervals of mouth*. The three
dipping* will, If thoroughly done, ale
aolutely clean the Hocks uf scab.   Now
watch for Its rcnppearutire from chalice
Dolly M.dl.on'i Formula* In Us* at
Whit. Houu.
When ynu nro Invlled lo nn after
noon Ion nt lho While limine, whnl
over elsn mny be ki-ivi-iI yuu will In
variably be offered u clip uf lho iiiiiki
ilellcloiis In ml lion yon Imve over lulled
lu any ipiai'tor uf lho ululie. And wilh
your cup uf ion Ilium will ho linnded
un one of ihe smnll unlil rimmed piulc
n Hllee uf Ihe famuli* While lluiisi'
luyor unite, nays (innd Housekeeping
This liuiilllun und eiiliu will hnve
boon niiiile from Ilio llliluuirTlpI re
rip™, which, exclusively the Willie
llllllll' pl'upel'ly, lime lllenlily liooll
handed doVi'll fi'llltl nne iiiIsii-osh nf Ilie
exociilivo mniisloii In Illlutlieiv Whn
Ural liilruiliieeil nud llllllle llllllll ll ills
llncllve I'i il I li I'i. nf even  lho lllnsl  III
I'oi-mni gniliei'lngH Is imi known
'I'linl liull.v Minlhun iihi-iI ihese twn
rei'lpos nud dl"|ieiiHei| Hn- boullliiu ill
her Hiiiieiy gnihui'lugM la u muiior uf
j ll'iullllnli   Mllli ll  I'll' ll  Hlleci'i'dlllg   IIM
lady ut Ihn Innd Ileum with lliilloi'ing
prldo In  her  own  liniuciljiilu   potiHCH'
I slop,   Tlio I't-clpi'.H nr.' as iiiIIiiwh:
j    liully    Mml ii     lluiillloil,  -   Pour
li'iuml of Juicy  liuef, one kuu -Ul.. uf
veal,   two  huiuII   llll'lllpn,   Iwn   hiuiiII
1 I'lll'I'olH, nue Hlllip lilllli-ll. (UIO Hlllllll pud
of red peppePi two smnll while milium,
suit, nl, quarts uf water.   Hlmmor fur
B .j .;,*"Ti HsT
mm     ■>« s^Hv
1 ^ -Wr
Wr        !<^fflSiL,
aSfi -vr THN^iS
W ^m W&
&t ^SBeSSttL
mwvtL   >ummmmwmmjaam
Dinipl. In th* -Elbow.
Wlllueli n lm Weill lu I'll I'm I li Ih sum-
iiiei   hud  Hn-  pieiiHiire ut  seeing  Ih*
Hlo|ihiiuli< oilioH     Hle|iliinile Is nu ao-
iroHH. and ihe elbow  I li lu host
iidvaiiii.ue wheu -lie Is iliuing ur »up
pum ut a hiiiiii'I I'eslillirillll rttepliiiule'*
elllol  ehill'lll  is  hoi   ellinw      Voilr  Ill's!
Impression Is I In, I n is very preily In
sliiipo    Thi'i nips' a alliupse uf a
shapely nun u Hi n gll'iilll nf Ivurj
while skin, nml llnally yuu see Hi*
dimple iu Hie ellinw
Wliellii'i iiei ti ni i Is Hirnlnht nr bent
or Ivlnu lone mul gl'IP'Uflll lu her lap,
Ilie it I in | Uo is ilii'ie ll :» mil n Hilug
Hint ilopeiiilH iiiiiiu puHliloii Tin- dim
pie Is n iImiii'o and all whn |iiihh Hie-
phuiile'H liililu enn sue It. It Is deep
unit pink  alluring mid preily
II was uu Aiiiei'icmi ivnmiin who
lirst tried In vol u dimple like 11
"I iiiiiki nave ilu- Slepliaulo dimple,"
■he declared lu u I'leuch honutj
That was the beginning of th.
homily milker's lrude Nnw she liai
dune hundred., uf (Kiowa ami Hiephiiull
h, nu lunger Hie only nue wlm nn* •!•
bow dimples, though hers ure still th.
must naiiiriii nml the mosl .vuiiihful
"Iluw du ynu ilu itv" asked n wutunn '
of nne nf Hie most successful nf Ih.
Kronen dimple milkers
"My iiielliuil l> dlllleiilt," wn* tht
reply    "I use Hie knife"
"lireuitful." wns the comment.
"Vet nut so when yuu come to think
of ll," rejoined Ilie bounty nrilst "I
merely make a oul. a sharp nut too
deep utile Incision, nnd when It heal,
there Is n sllgln depression, It l(
renlly a si-nr. hut It luuks Ilk* a dimple"
"Hut Isn'i it fin in r nl and dangerouar
"ll might lie Hut II Isn't the wiljf I
do It, mul thoroln lies my secret."
Dl,I.I.V UAlllHOS.
■Is Inurs.   Then strain through a line
■lev..    Let stand overnight  uud congeal.    Skim idi' nl   Hie grouse,    I'm
lutu a kettle to heat nud Just before
serving udd Hherry lu tuslo,
!   Holly  Madison   Layer  Cage.-The
I whites of eight eggs beaten stiff, iwu
| and  one-half  eiipliils  uf  siignr.  OIK
hiuiiII cup uf butter, nne cup uf milk,
tlirco-i|unrtei's uf u cup uf cornstarch,
three cups of Hour, two nud one-half
leuspoonful* of vanilla,    l-'ullow  geu
erul   illroctli ns    fur    making.     This
uniount inuki-H four layers.
Curumel Kor Between the Ijtyeri.-
Thrce cups of brow u sugar, nne cup of
sweet cream, butter ihe size uf an egg.
uue teispoouful ur ruiillla Just before
removing frum lire. Cook un double
boiler for twenty minute*. If nut a*
much a* desired, add sugar.
HI* Theughtful Wit'*.
"I bale to Iiouhi." mild a Cleveland
lawyer to the Press man. "but my wife
I* one of the must economical u-unieii
Ilu thu world. The other dny Hlie told
mo she needed u new suit. I snld she
ought to have It by all menus, bu-
I asked her nut tu spend u big bunch nr
I money without letting me knnw iibiiui
It. Well, the next day nho said: -Tile
tullur nald he couldn't make that null
fur less than $1GD, I thought It was
too much, but lo.d him tu go ahead.'
'"Well, 1 suppose It I* nil richt.' I
said, 'but wby didn't you consult uie
lirst V
"'Why, denrie, I didn't wuut tu
niiend carfare for two visitn.'
"1 tell you, it's those Utile ocouomles
that count, eh?"-l'iilludciplilu liccord
*m*0TITI TkUL Kilt.
to the fuce.   Then tbey aeed scarcely
an/ trimming.
to much in favor I* the velvet tint
tbnt It la worn In hciihuu and out ot
aeuson. Mnny nut* uiiiUe entirely ot
a light quality ut black velvet, wltb
not even a suspicion ot straw about
tbem. were worn in the summer Muny
of these were seen at Nniriigunaett
and Newport und at other fuHtitouuhle
resort*. The hut* pictured ure both ot
black velvet trimmed wltb perky bowa
of ribbon lu oue Instance and a com
blnatloo of silk aud velvet ribbon on
tb. other model. .
Km. Ov*n Clun.
Where the uveii is uh.-o every day It
should be HioroiiKbiy cleaned out oac.
a week. With a liiii.tt knife scrap, oil
an; purtlilea ut burned pustry, *lrup
ur gravy, then brush all out. Have
ready a pall nt Um water with *ume
common washing sodu lu It, and with
a stiff brush ncuur tne top, aide, aud
bottom or the oven. Wring a cloth
uut of fresh nut water and wipe all
tbe parte prevloualy .courts'. Leave
the door open until the oven le quit,
Mnple Sugar Praline*.
Cook a pound of maple augur, grated
or broken  in email pieces, In  water
enough to keep It from burning and
a thread.
smnll piece., und a tenspouiitul of butter and hiii- until tt commence* tn
grain. Rprend on a ahnllow hull.red
olute sud when cool cut In suunre*.
Th* Win Bach.lor.
"Tbey tell mo," aald tbe fair widow,
"that you are n atudent of hnmnn natural" "Yon," admitted the old bachelor, "and I hnve learned a few thinga
Ibou'.women alao."-Chicago New..
until the Blrup spin* a thread.   Add a
pi'iinil   of   blanched   nlinovlds.   cut  In
8em. Silo Caution*.
Should the masons be cureless and
not wet the stones when applying the
mortar the stone* will draw the water
from tbe mortar and It will crumble.
Tbeu wben the tremendous pressure
of 100 tuns of alluge I* applied dlnus-
ter results. Hu It Is bettor to use wire
or rods every tew Inches.
A good mnny people In northern latitude* do not provide a roof for tbelr
silo. Just Iiocuiiho that Is ull right lu
milder section* doe* not make It suc-
cesHful there An open silo will freeze
easily. Keller roof It tightly and keep
tbe dour* cloned In wluter.
Be sure to *oi the foundation on solid
gruund; otherwise the silo may settle
to one side aud crack, mnklng ei-
penslve repair* m-cessary. ir rock prevents Hie digging of a deep foundation,
blast It uut, but remove Ibe wludows
from tbe burn before tbe explosion.—
William A. Freeboff in Farm and Fire-
Dairy Notoi.
Cooling the milk an soon u tt Is
drawn from tbe cow will Improve Its
quality, and It must be remembered
tbat a first clns* price onn be demanded only by a product of high quality.
The lies! stuck Is the stuck thai Is
never permitted to stop growing. Feed
the rnlves no that ihelr development
will he natural frum birth to maturity.
The dairy farmer who mis plenty ot
timothy hay should sell tbln and buy
alfalfa nr clover It I* poor policy to
feed timothy tn the i-ow*.
A herd of good dairy cow* I* Ibe best
Insurance ngulnnt Uatd time, or a
dump lu pru*|i«rity.
Slight Ml.undentanding.
"I'urdon me," mild the uniiiti-ur art-
let, "but didn't I overboilr you fcponk of
lay latent picture an a ram painting*"
"No, yuu didn't," growled the critic.
"I aald lt was raw."-Uoutou Tran-
Veil.d Threat.
Mrs, nenhnm—Mother says that she
would not live nlway*.
Benhnm—Ynu bet nhe wouldn't, utiles* Justifiable homicide went out uf
•tyle.-Ncw York 1'rcas.
To Beautify th. Hale.
Wben the tin Ir hoglmi fulling uut by
reiisoii uf di-mli-iill try Hiiiiinponlug
without snap, A shampoo fur this
purpose Ih niiiile ur llle beaten yolk,
of two eggs Iii ilmewaier. Muhhiik.
this well Into the scalp, wiisb out wllb
wnrtu water nud llulnli wllb a rlu*.
of cold Winer to avoid inking cold.
Make a lotion ot one und one half
drums of .pure glycerin with two
ounces of llmewnter Kvery fortnight
iiuiiie a thorough application ot mi.
lotion lo Ilu- sculp liy sepuruilug Ib.
balr la strands nud putting Ibe liquid
on wltb a aimill sort brush. After tbt
treatment tbe scalp mutt be carefully
massaged wllb the linger tips, siiiim-
luting circulation aud bringing uour-
labment to Ibe dry cuticle
| After two applications add 10 Ibt
lotion ao ounce of tincture of can-
tbarldea. Apply every nlgbt for two
weeks. Tbe treatment may be gradually left off 1. th. dandruff dloilu-
i Wben tbe balr U eireMtvely oily
Umtwoter applied wltb . small siiaug*
will Improve tbe condition. Duly ■
in.lt amount ahuuld be used, enough
to molsteu tbe scalp without making
It dump.
I Tbe bualneaa of curing dandruff I*
often n slow one. but patience bring,
about It. Just reward In a glossy, silk*
en uew growth or nulr uud nn Incalculable Improvement to aueb us doe.
not yield to the Inroads of scalp sickness Under nu conditions should
dandruff lie iiogieeieil. ns siimier or
Inter It will cuiise nn uncninfortnble
Itching and a must unattractive head
of hair.
| Plenty of fresb air and sunshine are
excellent tonics to be used In conjunction with tbe given lotion.
Pretty Things In J.welry.
Jeweled wnti-ht-H an- a toy uf tho
munieiit. The host of these, thin ue a
leaf, are euami-led, ofleu In pule pink
or pule green, with either out* tiig diamond iu the center ur else Hiirrnuudcd
by uiiiall diamonds. The anion wutch
nf tuday bus n chain attached and Is
worn on the neck us n pendant. The
fuce of the watch is, of course, nt the
back uf the ornament. And some of
these daluly toys ure lirst rate timekeepers, A gold bug Is tinuthcr useful
possession. Many of the new bugs nre
In guld In different shade* of color,
while others nre In gold und pliillnum
io give Ihe effect uf n striped mulerlal.
Suggestion, to Mother..
A plncli of boi'iicic acid in wuter Will
allay Itching from mosquito biles.
Insist on the children's Hiking tlm.
to eut properly, as much KUflerlng la
caused by hasty .wallowing ol fuud.
Do not permit your children to be
much excited during Ihe healed iluys.
The more quietly ond bygleuleaily
tbey live the more comfort for tbem
aud their mother.
Keep the baby covered, even on very
warm nights. If only a very light
shawl. He must he kept away from
drafts, which dry the skin loo quickly
and lower the temperature of tbe body.
To Improve Tough P.a*.
When peas ure rather tough and big
a pleasant variation Is iu cook them
to a soft pulp, press through a due
sieve nnd season wilh plenty of butter,
salt and pepper ns In mushing potatoes.
A little grated cheese mined through
the pens nt the Inst Improve* them.
J .anther variation Is to garnish with t
bonier of fried oitlou*.
A Ben.nra.
First Starving Aiitbor-Whnt would
yuu do. old man. If you could get S
cent* a word for your »iuu"/
Second Starving; Author -That's easy,
I'd write a dictionary.—Town and
Th* Car* of Ih* Teeth.
Fruit stain* may be removed from
the teelh by rubbing them wuh salt or
brushing tbem with a toothbrush ihnt
has been dipped In snll. The mouth
should be well rinsed after this treatment.
One often finds himself without ■
toothbrush when spending the dny
or tbe night unexpectedly nwny from
home, lu such an emergency a rinse
uf sndu water will prove effective lo
idealising the mouth and teeih Rural
water Is also nu excellent substitute,
ind one or tbe oilier ot these slmpl.
remedies la certain to be at hand.
For dully use oue af the must plea*-
int and beiioflclnl washes Is a weakened solution of eiilogue wnler A lulile-
spoonful of a fuvnrltv odor to bnlf ■
pint of wnler is tbe correct propor
lloii. and this mixture ahuuld be bottled
and kept with the toothbrush where II
i la always baudy
Bleep •• . Restorative.
Any nniiilier of women wno are rut
ting ruthlessly into their ulluwance to
•well tbe cash drawer of tbe beauty
pnrhtra could solve ihe riddle of appear
Ing fresb and animated If tbey would
tun make a practice nf taking Ihe
proper amount of sleep The vein, of
ileep ns tt restorative and a* a fountain
of youth is unbelievable until one ha.
bathed regularly therein. II alum.!
■ferns innglc In Its effect, aud many .
wiiiiinn whn hns discovered Ibe secret
is tbe envy end admiration of ber
beauty purlor friends. Rlgbi hour,
for work, eight hour* for sleep .nd
eight for play la Hie old rule Op to
uuw uu one hn* Improved on this proportion If you cure more for tbt
preservation of your youth and attractiveness than for your pleasure
lake not less than the allotted eight
tiuura of aleep from tbe twenty foe»
"Whnt kind of a head ahull ! put oa
this article about the statue ot Liberty I"
"If you want to be ncal and appropriate I should suggest lloman cap"."
-Baltimore American.
Dull Preacher Responsible.
Wife—John, denr, your troimen badly need pressing They luok aa il
you'd been sleeping In tbem.
Hubby—I have. These are the one.
1 wore to church.-Uoaton Transcript,
How She Won Out
"Bow did you manage to catch tht
man you wanted)" we asked of the
"By pretending to try to catch a man
I didn't n-aut," she confuted ~Chlean Nnw*. McVlTTlE & PARKER
l',LB. & Cffi,
biin'isiiii', Bolloltor, .to.,
Bbvi'I'imIhi'i. anil Suliciloi'ii,
Coal!   Coal!
Urmihi-iiuk  Lodge No II    AT.* A.M.
It.gular mealing, uu
the Hi led Thursday
of ovary mouth
Vislt'lllg brellii'.n
D, J, MeHWHYN, W. M.
J. 8. PUCK, Hoc.
Kocky Mountain Chapter
NO. lift. it. A. M,
lingular iiwatlugs:—'.nit Tu*.
day lu aanli month at *lghi
Sojoui'iiliig Companions are
cordially Invlteo.
W. F, Attrldge, Horlbe H.
Knights of Pythias
Crsnhroek, ll.C
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   it
MeeU   .very   Tueeday
At I p.m. At
Fraternity Htll
0. Porter 0. 0,
J, M. Iloyce,
K. of R. A 8.
Vlaltlng   br.thren cor
illally   invited   te at
Court Oranbrook No. H»4U.
Moat in Carmen'* Hall, nn   2nd and
Ith Thursday of each month.
A. CLARK,Jr., Hoc.     P. 0, Bus Ml
Visiting llnitbera Cordially Welcomed
M.M.V.. V.I..
Ur.duat. of Ontario Veterinary
<oll.(., Toronto in lill. Gradate aid medall.t of UcKllllp
V.terlnary eoll.g., Chicago, III.
IB 1100. H.gi.t.r.d msmbsr ol
British Coluiubl* association.
Of'tos at McKiNiTsiv-i livmy iarn
Milling biiigiuear and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.O   Hoi KM. Phone "IS.
B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
ins* At Reeldence,   Armetroif At..
Forenoons - - - - J.00 to 10.M
Aftarnoau. - • - - 1.00 to   1.00
Bv.nlng. T.IO to   1.00
Sunday. 1.10 te   l.M
For   Sale er Rent >t Reasoaebl.
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. III.
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
Ortlfig taken for dial
and delivered promptly
Phone 139   P.O. Box86
Fuueral Dlruotur,
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tire. Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 10     •   •   •      P. O.  Boi III
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Hiiciind-llHiiil Goods
Kumiiui-o a SPECIALTY
Sage'e Olil  Stand. Hanson Ave
Phone Ml.
Staain Boiler,   Furnace,
and baptic Tank work
a spftuially
Cost and stock estimates
furnished on application.
>     A4ar.il i P. O. Ss. 1«, CisiitusLb     ' >
F. M. MacPherson
Nortsiry Av*nu. Nsst to City Hull
Open Dsy .nil NUjbl ,'lunr Ul
Tn all holder* ol liiinl wit lm, thu
liniita ol Lota I anil 'i'i, Uruup I,
Kootsnay District und tu all buldt'r*
ut Water Hucoi'iie on .Iiiss|iIi'h t'riilrie
Ap|iluiiliin,     ul       Vuleiltllie       Hyde
Baler for thu apem'tlouiuiiiil oi inu i
ol tba IIIU melius ol water Hum aald
Crash recorded lu lavor ul John T.
Oalbralth on thu lianl day nl May,
1171, Inr tha purpose ol Irrigating
tha northerly live acre* ol lilueh II
le tbe Townsite nl Oraubrook aoenr-
dlBK t« a nia|i or I'lau tili.il In the
I,anil llagim.ry ortloe at Nnlmiu, B.C.,
as llltl; ami nu «mill est Inn Inr tka
apportionment ul liart. nl the Mil
laohee ol water Irom .Aid Creak recorded In lavor of .laiiina llakei oa
the let day nf March, Ull, lor tka
purpose nl Irritating ths aniitbarly
til acre* nf Block II; anil for per
mlaeloa lo change thn polul al diver-
■loll nod ths count ol thn ditch tor
th. dh-ermuu ol part ol eatd water,
will ba heard before ma al. my ofHca
oa ths lltli day ol February, llle,
at eleven o'clock ui the forunooa,
local time, uiidar tha authority ul
•aid Water Act.
oblaotloue ahould he lilsd with in.
oa or before tha Ith day ot Febru-
ai-y,   UUI.
Dated at Craahrook, tke 83rd day
ef neeember,   llll.
A. ll. NHLHilN,
Acting Water Commissioner Cranbrook Water Dlatrlct.
NOTICH la hereby given that thirty day. a'ter date, I Intend to apply
to Chief CommlMlnner nf I*nd. lor
a llcenae to proepect for coal aad
petroleum on the following laada
situate in the dlatrlct nl South Beat
Kootenay, Brill** Cnlumhia : -Com
nienolng at a poet plnntad 11,11
chain* eaat ol tha N.W, corner ol lot
1701, Oroup I, thence eaet 11.11
chain., more or lea*, to tke woat
boundary ol lot 7107, group 1, then
c« north (15.7(1 chain*, more or leaa,
to B.B. Corner ol lot 7100, group 1,
tbenca want 49.51 cbaina more or
lo** to • point due north ot tha
point ol coiuiniinceiiieat; thence aouth
61.70 chain*, mora or lees, to tke
point ol ciimmeneeineat, onntalaiag
IM .orea, mora or leaa.
Located this Itk day ol December,
Per W. H   Moaa, Agent.
H.  9.  Morrlii. It-It
Th* Hi Illali (lolumbla rloutli.ro
Railway Company give notice tbat on
tbe 7th ol February. 1912. it la
teada to apply to the Water Coro-
ntlaaioner at hla office In Oranbrook,
(or a llcenae to take and uae l|
cubic leet of water per aeeond (rom
Little Hand Creek In Oranbrook Wat-
er Dlatrlct. The water la to he taken Irom the atream about IMD (eat
northeaet ol the northeat corner ul
Lot IBM, to he used on 20 .ere. ol
Lot 4590, being . .trip ol land 10
chains wide Irom north to south adjoining Lot IMI, Croup 1, to the
north, lor domeetlc purpoee*.
Dated   Ith January,   1912.
I'er W. F. Ourd, Cranbrook, B.O.
NOTICII la heruhy given that nil
tales lur tba year 1 u 1 li. Inr properties altualu in the fort Steele .lanes,
ment Dlatrlct ure null due mul lml'ii
ble at my officii in the Government
Building, City ul Oraiibruok.
Anil further take notion ihnt |i ii 111 1
cation uf thla unties iu ileemed In be
equivalent tu a persoual diniiiiuil hy
the Culleotur ul all taxim dill nml
payable hy persons liable tQ pay Ihe
N    «    WAI.lilNilhlll,
Acting  Collector,
Kurt Steele Assessment   Dlatrlct
Dated at (lranhrnnk, II   0,, 'Ith day
of January, till. i-tt
tbe partnarahlp haratoluru aiihaiutlng
lietwesu ua, tha underalgneil, aa tbe
"Agnitw Mcllniu Hardware and Trailing Company", In the Town ol
Klko, ha* thla day dlaaolved by mutual consent. All debt* owing tu
■aid partnerablp are to he paid to
Joseph M. Agnew at Klko alum aald,
and all claim* agalnat the *ald part-
nerahlp are to he presented tu the
■aid Joseph M. Agnew, by wlnuii tbe
aama will be ecttled.
Dated at Blko, B. C. thla lad day
of January, A. D, 1911,
wttieee P. O. Leadly. S-4t
Dlitrlct ol Southeast Kootenay
Taks aotlce that William Harrison
ol Craahrook, occupation railwayman
latead. tn apply (or permlsalon to
purohaae the lollowlng de*i',rlli*il
laad. :-
Commanciag at a poal. planted at
tke North Weet corner ol Lot H74I
na Haat .Id. of right ol way, thence
west 10 chalna more or leaa to Timber Licence Mill, thence South to
Lot 10000; tbenca east to right ol
way; thence lollowlng right of way
to point ol commencement.
Nam* of Applicant.
Dated   16tb December,   1911       1 'it
Wilmer, B.C., Oct.   I,   1911.
To Ueorge Burt, Spokane, Waah.
TAKB NOTICB that I, Alllaon S.
Palmer, Free Mine* License No. II.
11641, acting rayuell and an agent lor
Janiee Larrahea, Free Miner's License
No. B 6Wi5l); 0, I). Fltselmillona,
Free Mlaer'a LioeniM No. B UU) acting under aectloa 24 of tha act relating to gold and other mineral*
hereby gl.e notice to the *ald O*orgu
Burt ot Spokane, Waah., aa afnreaald
tbat il ha, the aald George Burt,
tall* to contribute the aum of one
hundred and two dollar* and llfty
cent. hi. proportion of expenditure
ol the aald mine aa required by aectloa 14 of the act relating to gold
aad other mineral* together with the
coats of advertising before the e<-
plratlnn al ninety day* that he ahull
forfeit hia claim In the aald mineral
claim under Seotlon 21 R of the gold
and other mineral, act.
Thla notice will appear In the Col
umhlan   newspaper lor the period ol
ninety daya aa required by law.
(Transferred (rom Wilmer Columbian)
•i-i-i-ii-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i- ^M^^~^^^4H^^.^^^^.^^^~^H^.^^^■^l■■l'^l■■^^^l^■>^^"^-«-t'^■^''l^^l"^■t»t^^l"^^'«^^^^^^»^
Water Freezes and  Bursts Pipes
the best thing to do then is to
, PHONE 340
I! for the
Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water Experts
Prompt Attention fiiven
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaii ed
:: Plumbing Tinsmithing & Heating Co.
Phone 340 W. F. JOHNSON & SON,   Props, P. O- Box 904;;
Elko Notes
(Hy JuniBH   m. Taylor.)
The weather continues mild In 101
ko, and happy Invent am having a
good time sleigh riding Lots of
innrrlngcK anon.
Moonlight! Moonlight 11 o, hi what
lill**, when plighted lover* Inndly
klna, revelling beneath the lunar
Ileum*, yearning again lor lovn'a
yniing ilreatna.
Marrinn Knl*ey, eon of Mr. and
Mra. Tom. Folaey, had the misfortune to break hla leg Ihu other day,
waa attended to by Ur. Haundara.
Onlloy Two
Typhoid (ever ban broken out In
thin district, there lining one case at
Klko. Precaution!) have been taken,
hnwover, nml the iml lent ha* linen
The rtynipnlhy of the writer goes
nut to Mr. and Mr*. Fred. Ron, In
their sudden nnd mul bereavement.
The Wish ol so bright anil promising
a lad nn Muster JamOfl Hon, leaven
11 deep void In ii parent'B heart. Mr.
nml Mrs, (too, hnve the sympathy nl
the entire community, none iwtter
known or niorfl highly reBpocted than
the general  storekeeper.
Ilnyonil   the vale I atlll     nnn   trace
that spirit,
The loving Htnile, the pure iiiiHclnah
The   love    ol man.    the love ol Hod
liy far the noblest anil the strongest part.
Beyond    the vale, nit!    death   alone
Komi hearts that    Ilveii, aiul loved
In nne accord,
lleyond    the vale his     gnodneaa still
And beckoning onward nn we croea
the ford.
Century Restaurant
K.  Y.  Uyematsu, Prop.
Oppoelt* 0. P. R. Depot,
Phoae Ul   P. O. Boi 111
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Locate.
Three minutes from Government
Term* to  suit   buyer,  no
i-eiaoiinblt' offer r«f uaeil
Kor (urtlier particular* ap
ply at the
Prospector Office
We. William Whyte, and Frederic*.
Thoma* Ortffla, ol Winnipeg, Maalto-
ba, Railway Officials, give aotlee
that on the 7th day ot February,
1112, we Intend to apply to the Water Commtesloaer at hi. office In Craahrook, for a llcenae to take and um
li cubic leet ol water per aeeond
from Little Band Oreek ia Oranbrook
Water District. The water I. to be
taken trom th. stream about 1000
leet northeaet ol the northeaet corner ol Lot 3543, to be uaed on Lot
3543, lor irrigation purpoaM.
Dated   6th January,   111!.
Per W. F. Ourd, Craahrook, B.O.
Oh, pleaaant waya are cheerle
So In them try to walk,
And leave the world ao dreary
With all ita nolee and talk.
A Tlm* For Reflection
Aa we bid (arewell to the old year,
and herald the dawn of the new memories of bygone years flood our minds
Memorl** of happy aa well aa aad
events Memories of friend* and lac
e>, Ala* ■ eeen no more.
Tbe dawn ol the year bring* gladness and joy, hut It ahould also bring
reflection.    We have the experience ol
the past behind us, and tbe prospects
of the future before ua.    Let us profit by our peat eiperlencea, and   endeavor to make the coming year  the
crowning glory ol our Uvea.
One by one the yeara paaa o'er ua
One by one we reach tbe goal,
Have we done our duty bravely"
With a noble heart and aoul 'I
Have we nought to raise the (alien,
A. tb.y aank in deep deapalr 1
Have we tended to the suffering
Ol our (riend and brother there ?
Have we made our home feol brighter ?
And our children aeem more fair'
Have our aongs ol cheer and gladnea*
Mounted heavenward in the air ?
These are question* we must answer
On the tbreabold ol the year,
Ancient lollies leava behind ue,
Face the luture without (ear.
—Jama* M. Taylor.
We,  William Whyte, and Frederlek
Thomas Griffin, ol Winnipeg, Manitoba,  Railway   Officials,    give   aotlee
that oa the   Tth   day ot February,
till, we Intend to apply to the Water Oommieeloner at hi* office in Oranbrook, lor a lleeaee to take aad us*
l| euble (e.t   ot   water   per aeeond
(rom Little Sand Oreek la Oranbrook
Water Dlatrlct.    The water la to be
taken Irom the   etream about   HOO
(eat northeaet ol the northeaet eorn-
•r ol Lot   Ull, to be used oa Lot
III, for domeetie purpoee..
Hated   6th January,   llll.
Per W. F. Ourd, Oranbrook, B.O.
I, John T. Hcsnlon, ol Cranhrook,
B. O., by occupation a Rancher, give
notlos that I Intend on the 19th day
ol February, 1112, next, at eleven
o'clock In the forenoon, to apply to
the Water Oommieeloner at hla office
at Oranbrook, B. C, for a licence to
take and use 3-1000 ot 1 cubic leet
o( water per aeconu' (rom an un-nam-
ed spring rising on Orey Bagle Mineral Claim, Lot 1915, Oroup 1, Kootenay. The water will be used on preemption record No. 1298, being auh-
divlaion 5 ot Lot 1936, Oroup 1 (or
domeetie purpoeee, the point of diversion la at the (ountaln head ol the
Dated this tota day of Jan. 1912  4-1
bread &
A. C. Bowness
Wine   and   Spirit   Merchant
Manii'ii.'ii.ri'r  "I nil liiinl.
ni        1'iini.ii       waler.
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Pernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red  Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
liii|Hitliii' uf iill IiiihU nl  l''iii'iii«ii and   Lioiuaslic
Wines ami Spirit*
Maker St. (janl)rook, H. C.
HOTEL g:BcMbrook'
In a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all il* appointment!, with a
cuisine ol superior excellence. Railway
men, Luinlic-tnieii and Miners  all  go  to
Tb. Brlttah Columbia Railway
Company, glv. notlee that oa the
Tth ot Fehmary. llll. It tntende to
apply to the Water Oommieeloner »t
hi. office In Cranhrook, (or a Hews,
to take aad ua* 11 euble (eet o( water per eeeomd from Little Hand Creek
ia Craahrook Water District. The
water le to he taken trom the etream
about U00 (eet northeaat ol the
aortheaet corner ot Lot MM, to be
need on 10 acrea ol Lot MM, betag
a .trip of land 10 chain, wid. (rom
north to south adjoining Lot MM,
Group 1, to th. north, (or Irrigation
Dated  «th January,   111*.
Par W. F. third, Oraahroak, B.O.
Sold By
Miss Allen Heinle, was n week end
Visitor at Klko, staying a* usual at
the Columbia Hotel as the gumt o(
Mr. and Mrs. Thomaon. Mia* Allon
enjoyed a sleigh ride on Hundny
along with Miss Thomson, Mr.
Hughes anil others.
Gala Day in Blko-- The event of
the season took place in Blko last
Friday when the memhera of the
JalTray hockey club jimmied to the
city hy tie: falls, there to try conclusion* with the ne el club. A latge
ctowil gathered on the ie,- tn witness
the event. I'lay commenced .it 2
o'clock, anil a fierce struggle ensued
for some time, the teams seemed
equally balanced but the endurance
and training ol the Blko team began
to tell. Mr. Stanley Todhunter was
playing a brilliant game and Boon
forced a goal. There was no further
scoring, however, and the game ended 1 to 0 in favor of Blko.
Mr. Wm. Kerr, the genial proprietor ol tho Blk Hotel waa releree ot
the big hockey game. "Billy" ia a
true sportsman, and hia decisions
gave general sattslaction. By the
way, Blko, has an unhenten record
what ol a match with Cranhrook
Who would win? ...
On the evening of the hockey game
a dance was held, and greatly enloy
ed. Music was aupplied by the Italian band of Fernle.
The writer had the pleasure of
driving Mr. Adolph, ol the Adolph
Lumber Co., to Haynes on Sunday
morning. Mr. Adolph was returning
home Irom Victoria where he has
been transartinir business
Mr. A. Illrnle was a Oranbrook visitor on Sunday He also visited Far
nle on Friday last.
There Is to he a boom In the Blk
Illver Valley in the spring; hundreds
nf settlers for Haynes ami dlatrlct.
Wake up Blko. get the water In.
Mr and Miss Thomson, ol the Columbia Hotel, were Fernle visitors on
A woman haa no natural grace
more bewitching thnn a aweet. laugh
lt Is like the sound ol ll"'-"» "l">n ln" |
water; It leniiB Irom her heart In a
clear, sparkling rill, and the hwirt
that hears feel as If lint had In the
conl oihllarnting spring H"* much
we owo tn that sweet laugh! It turns
tho prose ol our life to poetry; tt
flings shmvers ot sunshine over the
darksome wood In which we are
travelling; it touches with light our
sleep which Is no more the Image nl
death, but gemmed with dreams that
an ths shadow ot immortality.
|   The   Wentworth
J, McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ i
I wish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving; a
Cash Discount of IS per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
ELKO, B   C.
+ 111 I II I II Ml I I I I II I 11 I H I H I ft H H-l + l IHIII4
■     W.    DRHW,    Proprietor. ) Our   Local   News
The   OOiy    Hieutle     "I   tin'      City,    TbO
Wagner Wlos, dillulom loi eating
at Fiuka Pure Fowl liriii'i'iy-
The friends ol "The Country oiri"
will he out ni loroo next Tiiosday an"
Wednesday svenlngi ■
Mr. and Mrs. T   0   MeOMgDd,   ot
l.etlilil'IdgO, were in the .ity 'I'lied.lny
Mi.ami Mrs. II, llniwn, ol (.'ronton,
Was 111 Cl-illlhl'iiiill  Weillieiiilny  on their
way lionie Irom a li'illdity trip to thu
Thomas HoskiiiH, O.l'.R, Bloeping
mul Plains far Agent, returned in
tho city nn Wednesday from Calgary
mill Muilieine lint.
The  Fink  Minennllle Co.,  tor llldg
ways Famous Ootllll ttii'l Teas    llldg |
wny'a always please. ,    Mr, nnd Mrs- 0. 18.  Humphreys, ll
IH, Smart,   A. A. Tliuiiilmiy nnd   I),
(tl'illlt, till ul OtllOagO,  were guests gt
F I'arks Ji Oo,, nre making it number oi Improvement! wltb an Idea ol
enlarging their store.
Uun't llllHrt Heeillr, III'' eelehrnti'il
1'nthn Weekly Cla.Ottl mi'l nuwa of
tho world at the Auditorium tonight
tlio  Oranbrook  Tuesday
On Thursday night in the Methodist
Church, a great revival mooting will
he hold to commence nt h p, in>   All
. nre  welcome.
New shipments of McVittlu & Pricesi
lemons ItnglUil     Dlacillt imd Slmrt-     Armours Star Hiion ni Kinks Pure
bread.-at Kinks Pure Food Grocery, food Grocery.
Pr. aud   Mrs. v   W   Q n, led on
Tho Trainmen nre holding tholr an-
nunl ball in thi Auditorium next
Thursday nud arc aiiUciimtlng a gon.l
riaturday !"»' 'or lu" """'' l"'1'"'" '
turning to Oranbrook tbiy will '""'"'
an extended trip round the worm
sH^H.^^H'.l.'1'l'i III Hit I »|e|i1»ll'l"l"l*»'l*H*r-H^*H«i-[|[
Will Find
Our  Stock of
il Game Traps
Very Complete at Present
|   We can supply all requirements
with   dispatch
iiinii' ninl goo Hilly"m viilitntlhii   at
ttio Auditorium   tonlnht.    a -iouu.
i-oinedy. [ull or Inmrlinlilu lUrpl'lMli
1'uony   OODIoqiiODOOl  mul    Under  feel'
(m  Kt-li.    IhI,     MtirriHtt-r    ()wi.   II.
Tbompfloni iiHHiiuifti tho duty ol
.hull*" of tbo County Oourt <>. Koo-
ii'imy. Prom now on it- will t«» In
order tn nny "flood Morning Judgo,
wiii'ii you moot blm.
KM.MY   Hi A MICH   I'lr.'IMtKH.
Wiih tho QiBlBtanoe ol TbOBt Uavan,
MIM' ,   KilwiuU   RJlWOll,   wln>  Ib  nnw
iii Victoria, vsiu return wiib tlm ihu
initio uf ii lai',*!) Hum (nr BOboOl 1'iir
a good amoko can alwuyn bo bail
at thr Pftlaoo t'ii'iir   Btoroi Hanoon
Wn regret that wk have to chronl
ole tha doath ur Mr, W, n. Davit*,
tatber ot v. i.. Davie .>i tbe Umpire
miootrlo Oo., Mr. navin ih u native ol
i,ns AngoleMi Oallfornia.
Mr mul Mtri, io. li. Reed luatalned
tiie Iiihh ol their youngeet uuu un
Tburaday inornlag, (rum » Bevero ami
euddeo atiai'k ol pnoumonlfti      The
tuiiurtil   will   take  plin'c  nil   Saturday
'Dm' Auditorium Ih ttiktnn on ■»i
cbauge ol Karment tin** wwk tbe
whole being redecorated and entlrelj I
ut^v ocoQory in ln'iim put on tbe etage
The stage iconei v *** boiug provided
•Hiectally (or tbe Country Qlrl S
large pai < ol tbe decorative work le
being dona by J   H   Mi nnlo
Wr will have a ihiiimenl <>( Bqutti
fin California Ornngoe foi tbe Aral
ol tbe week    Tble ihlpmonl will   bo
tbe Aral  *ood itock nl tbi aeon
Tbe Kuik Mercantile Co,
Tbe lnd*pi n Ii nt Ordei oi Forestere
bald tbelr regular meeting on Thure
■lay night a good nurobai were prei
eat, and a olaae ol Candida tee were
li • ated Mi and Mra 0 L Plum,
deputy eupreme ranger, were present,
and will ba m tbt* city eome time to
afsiet ih<> lodge in Increasing their
membership. The lathe.. prewi-d a
tine lunch nml a social dam-? w«h enjoyed by all
Co to the Palace t'icar Store (or a
good smoke rt a iisid. Hanson
A larijt' number o( complaint« are]
in circulation regarding the large
number uf dead tisb that are being)
foi n<l m tbe creek, an.I many attn
bute the killing of the Dsta to the
wflute v:atfr tiowin-- from tbe steam
laundry, which in said to contain
large i|in>ntitles of chloride o( lime.
Thin N a matter that should receive
prompt attention, art tbe season (or
the running ot tlsh up-stream will
soon be at band.
What about that Calender you received this year? Isn't it ft work of
art? It would look better on the W»H
than In a drawer.—Kilby Frames
Pictures. "NufT Hald,"
Watches, Clocks,
For reall) gouil \ .11 in -
Jewelers & Opticians
A Sale pliii tj i" If ivi< .1 trou
I   Il'SOIIIi'    W.I 11 ll
All   vvnlk   i_; 11,11.1111 < ■. ■ 11
The Cranbrook Operatic
Society —-
! F. Parks & Co. ;
Hardware, Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
■m-HHtl IH M1-M--H 11 I H I I IHI II IMI'
4>+++^^ 1^ t-fi ^^^-^+l++^-l i^s+i-+i 1^+1111 i+m h
Central Meat
Dealer in
I   Fresh and Cured] Meats  |
u .>
Creamery Butter
and Fresh Eggs
A. Joliffe, Proprietor
Norbury Avenue
»«SJ1»H**»',,**»>" f'*'"
'ill.' llSDn.tl is llir IllSlll Typfl
wrlU'i- l"i ttii> liiHiiicss until, who
ilon noi 'i-i'i liwtldoil m tying up
lliitl t,i H'J.'' mi „ lui^i' nmi'liilii',
but would 11k,. tn send out busl-
nt'ss like, Hi-Hi ninl ui' tu (into
work, 'rim little Bottnett onables
him u\ >lu tins, us 11 is thu only
Hitmii typewriter   Unit  is iinn-ti-
CAl,      Vilillu    thel'ti    llnv*    lii't'ii  *
Dumber   ut   small  rannblntvB   on
tin.' market, tlicy illil not slay.
Sole agent   tor tho   Kootenays,
Head-Quarto re—Oranbrook
P, 0,  BOX,  233
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phono 2S'> P. O, Ho* 845
Cranbrook vs. Nelson
Major sn.1 Mrs. Qreon, who has
chnrue of th»i Salvation Army work
,n this pnrt of the Dominion, will
visit Cranlirook Wednesday and
Thursday, February 7 and 8. The
Major Is noted for his wide cxperl-
enrc of revlvallstic ivork In tbe British Isles and also In Cannda. On
Wednesday In the Army Citadel a
well-nun' social will be given alter
whlcb a concert will be Riven, the
visitors taking; . very    active part.
W.    W. KILBY,
Baptist Church
Rev. o. E. Kendall, Pastor
Morninn subject—"OriRln, Characteristics, and Prlvlleites ot the sons
of God.
Evening subject—Havorness of Salt.
A cordial Invitation ia extended to
all tbe public not attending any other place of worship.
Registered Short Horn Bull
Will  Serve a Limited
Number of Cows
Noii-Kegistcil Cows
Registered I'ows
W. B. Batdgett, Prop.
Oranbrook Dairy
N. Ii  Any person bringing any
aborted cow will bu charged $100
Instead oi playing five beat men,
the Crnnhrook boys arc playing three
team from 1,1 highest men.
A bani|iiet will be held Prldny
night, alter the llrBt game, to which
all bowlers and families are Invited.
Tickets $1.00 a plate.
The    following   teams   will    play
ngainHt Nelson.
Friday Night:
J. R. Thompson.
R. Brown.
E. Stephens.
A. Hhankland.
H. Stephens.
Saturday, at 2 p. m.
W, L. Johnston
J. H. Jones.
J. Milne.
F. Rosslter.
A. Sinclair.
Saturday night at 8 p. m.
E. Myers.
J. 8. Teet.
C. Partee.
E. Turnley.
D. Hudson.
The Nelson bowling team arrived In
Cranbrook Friday and is composed ot
the following. II. Scott McGregor,
Captain; J. Allen, R. J. Campbell,
H. Pitts and ll. Turney.
Bowline  Results
J. 8. Teet   170 181 153
C. Porter     234 166 184
J. Liimley   135 139 142
E. Lumley   166 168 140
It. J. Thompson   186 140 214
886       794
Total Score
Randall      165
H. Stephens   170
W. Stephen*   153
Rossister      143
Barber   165
By Lionel Moncton
6th &, 7th
! Cranbrook Auditorium I
Special Costumes
Entire   New   Scenery
Full Orchestra of Fifteen Instruments
Chorous of over 50 Voices
75c & $1.00
Reserved Seats on Sale at Beattie - Murphy's Drug Store
■H'l I H1HI11 ll'H'l ll'l I H II11 III IMI III Mill I HI 11111 IIIIH Mill III
FOR SALE—Must he sold at genuine bargains, two Morris up-to-date,
upright piano's. Part cash, balance
can be arralnged. These are Al Instruments.
Cranhrook   Steam    Cleaning   Works
Ofltce. 5-tl
We have some cutters that we will vll for "ash .<■. the
next sixty days at cost price $45.50 'hia culler is
well worth 165.00. Anv person who plana buying a
cutter this season will make money by looking this
stock over before buying elsewhere, I his stock is hm
ited to a few cutters only.
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
Oranbrook, li, c.
Who's in the Running?
Thla year the "Prospector" u taking (*n a new rieimrturtt in looking
iift'i   thi- baliU'H, Hnd, you can ''anily
BH  frum   Olir   iiitvoi Mtilll'*   rulilliuiH   tbe
[mrUculartt iHntit.i* thofOtO. We are
extending the circle of possible »n-
trliiii for the l.iiliy race und no lu
Htead of confining the tillver miif-it tn
Oranbrook »"• will give a Hllver mug
ni> a DlOtnento of the orraHlnti to all
lialiieH born on tbe 2'Jth of Kehrunry,
anywhere tn the Kootenay Valley.
Those who are likely to he Interested
should  make a note of  this,  and    If
baby hita the date, should advise ua
j and we will gladly Bond him or her
1 a miii: engraved with bis or her name
and date of birth. We only make ono
condition and tbat Ik, that all particulate should be entered on tho
-coupon provided for the purpose to
1 be found in another column.
Tho    total   Bcore
Ramblers won 2-1
in best game ol |
the s-imnii.
Halley Ktltm-ii
0. P. R. Hhons
151 1
178 !
152 |
868 1
Thu tola!    scores
133 1
. 761
D. I'ye 	
The    tntul score    wan
The C.P.R. Hho|i*
won I
to 1
Notice to Telephone Subscribers
On Saturday night, February 3rd,
we intend to install our new switch
boards, and as tbe work will cause
more or less interruption to the service, wo would ask nur patrons to
be patient, and we will endeavor to
get our plant working In good shape
by Monday morning.
.Kootenay  Telephone   Lines,   Ltd.
Are You Mortgaged
Many larmers In thin western
country labor under a serious disadvantage ol having to pay heavy rate*
of Interest on mortgages owing to the
lack ol sufficient capital to start
with. Interest Irom 8 to 12 per cent.
Is too high. The Family Herald and
Weekly Star has taken up the fight
ol the Western farmers In earnest and
Is urging the Government to establish a loan system to assist them.
The Family Herald and Weekly
Star wants the Government to borrow large sums in England at a 'ow
rate and guarantee principal and ln-
lerest, and loan the money, under
proper supervision, to larmers at a
reasonable rate. Never did a paper
take up a more worthy cause, and
The Family Herald and Weekly Htar
deserves the credit of every Westerner. The articles appearing In The
Family Herald and Weekly Htar are
well worth reading. Tbe paper costs
only one dollar per year and Is tbe
best value In tbe newspaper world.
Sell More Canadian Grain
Winnipeg.-That 76,128,000 bushels
nl gruln havo heen marketed on the
Canadian Paclllc railway this year,
against 55,618,000 bushel* lor tbe
same period Inst year, Is shown by
roports Just completed. Of the former total 61.710,11110 bushels are wheat
and 14,388,0110 other grains, while ol
tho 56,518,000 bushels 43,607,000 bushels wero wheat and 11,911,000 bushsls
ol other (rains.
., ....... ..... ...................
r1.' S S".1 I I IT .TlTITITI I I'l'l I S I'S'I^
The Germ-Killer For
Floors and Carpets
Full Barrell $7.25
Half Barrells 4.00
Bulk 7c *b
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, H. C. Phone 5   ¥
This Store Sells Nothing but Government Inspected


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