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The Prospector Aug 30, 1913

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Array Pro-lnclal   I.i_le'»tlve Afiembly
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lutes and
Guarantee You a Fit
f ht f ta$pt£Ut.
The  l-cadinf Newspaper
: in theJii
Koo.en.-yi 3
$2.00 Per Year
AUC.UST 30tll, 1913.
Parochial School
The Catholic School Trustees Decide to Build at Once
Site is on Norbury Ave.
On Sunday lust tbo trustees ol th
Catholic schools arrived at a determination tiio ahead with the build,
in*- of their hdiools, thc plans tor
which were prep&rad by Messrs. Joue
and Aspen of Vnncouver, subject to
such moililicuttloiit, ns may he suggested by the local architect and
superintendent In charge, Mr. K.
O'Hara. Thru* outlay Involved will
oxceetl .I.I,000, irrespective ol the
furnishing of the schools and tho
heautllicalioii of the grounds.
l.ot-i 17 nnd in hive heen purchased
from clius. Miigcc, and lots 15-11
from the city—8 lots In all—upon
which to build these schools These
are situated at the corner ot Norbury
Avenie and Kairns street, just outside of the city limits. The new
schools are to be erected In the centre ot the blocks with the front of
the building faciiij* on Norbury Ave.
The building will he three stories
in height inclusive of the basement,
and wlll co/cr a ground space of
37 le:t hy 73 feet.
Tbe plans call ior three large class
rooms,   a   wide,   airy  vestibule  with
clock rooms mil thc usual entrance
accessories, la the basement will be
alaoett tlu hc.tutg apparatus, and
the greater part will be devoted t
play rooms, which cnn be UBed by the
children in ine'emi'iit weather, oil the
s c, ml Iloor w li ho a lurge parochial
hall, rooms for the teachers and s
on. The entire of the foundations,
baa.mint, basement partltlcns aud
stairs will be ot concrete and the
upper portion ol frame, In gtneral
i.s eet it will somen Iut resemble th
pus ut go.eminent oillce. The carry
.ng out uf the w-ork has been placed
in the very able and compete it
ti n s ol Mr. George 11. Leas,, ..bj
sue ihe 24t.li nirt his hem able to
|.ro*i.r- no I si thnn $700 In contrthu
tions for the work Irom thc merchants of the city and the mills in
lh.- vie nity. It is particularly gratifying that the Oranbrook SaBh ond
Door Company was the lirst to come
forward with a most generous contri-
tiutign at Mi. LeaBk's suggest oa.
So too, with Mr. Frnnk Par.s and
Mr, J. D. McDrulc. The Fathes* at
the Mission hove already sent in ov r
JliOO worth of the (incst lumber.
What Makes a Live Town?
Niagara fui   niany  years just  poured
and poured and poured,
Niagara for mnny years Just roarod
and roared.
But genius ham uaed  up at last it_
waRted energy,
And   now   its mum. I pictures vast nre
known Irom sea to sea.
ThiB town Imp iu Niagara., tliat roar
upon the roek,
Who waste their energy because they
1 noes and kn__lt and knock,
U   they   who   kics ami run it down
would use that energy
To boost instead, then what a town
this town oi ours would be!
What are the fun .lumen tal forces
that underlie the distinction betwe;n
the live town and the dead one? Why
Is it that one town is hustling, active, pro*>rt s_ing and seems to breath
Torth a spirit of prosperity, while another in quiet, dismal, antiquated
and oppresive to all who enter People who live in the town of the latter clans when questioned as to its
tarkwardness invariably urge poverty of resources and lack ot facilities,
but it has bet-ii our observation that
many commui .ties with natural advantage _rently inferior to those of
their .netghbert. bave been (ar mora
prosperous and progressive, and the
secret of the matter has been found,
not in n.tural conditions, but in
the people themselves.
Back some where in the history oil
some live town, there lived a man ■
who realized that optimism is an
asset aud when once started iB self-
generated, and, llle Ub darksome
antipathy, pessimism also contage-
os. He therefore commerc alized it
and taught its doctrine to his co-
dwellers. Optimism begot Btrength,
and by concerted efiort under an intelligent directorate the town gradually under went n metamorphosis.
Houses that were delapidated. inoss-
grown and dingy, changed their attire and became reaplendnnt in a
niw coat of paint, alleys and back
yards that were cluttered with tin
cans, rubbish and refuse, took on a
n at a .-pe ..ranee, rough, dirty and
neglect.d streets became smooth and
inviting. Merchants began to vie
with one another in the appearance
Oi their stores. New cases were in
stalled show windows cleaned display
made neater and the stock arranged
more orderly.
And wbat were the returns for this
eflori on the part of the people of
thiB town—in what were they repaid
tor tbis cxp?nditure of time and
money? Right here is the vital
Fo.ut. The attract veneas of a town
le one ol the most powerful factors
in its upbuilding. It draws tourists
who naturally shun the squalid, unkempt communities; it draws home
seekers, people ..lit, want to invest
where they ran expect increased val
nation on their property, who avoid
the town that has no spirit of progression and enterprise. Cap tulists
and promoters are likewise drawn to
communities where there seems to be
a sound basis of is.sperity, and are
lead to investigate the latent resources of the place. This I.ads to
the development ol niw industries
and they ia turn enhance the value
of a town us a commercial centre
•   •   •   a
It ia better to help the town accomplish on; good thing than to
point out a dozen poor ones.
When you write a letter tell how
the town looks. It is as important
a. the stamp. A good way to drive
the children away from home is to
tell them what H poor town this is.
Don't leave all the work ofdevelop-
ment in th s town for others to do.
The proper use of a hammer is to
drive home a nail or a truth.
Individual boosting of the town is
good, but concerted boosting gets
If vou doa't see this town's advantages, how do you expect a stranger
to do so?
The village baud makes sweet music, but it isn't in it with the village carpenter.
If you c n't get behind a movement for the town's good, at least
don't got in front of it.
Sessions above Clouds |    Schools Open
A session of HntcrpriBC _od|*e of
the Knlghta ol Pytaius was held a-
moQg thc clouds on Hlagle Cap, one*
of the highest peaks in Oregon.
Lodge membera to thc number ol 40
ac-oniimnlcd by Orand Chancelor
Gwin and Past Arand Chancelor Davis, started (torn enterprise with nine
pack horse., loaded with (adding and
provisions and other camping siip-
plits. Ten members mnde the 2SH ile
;o i my on horseback.
The climb to the summit was iiuuii
the day tallowing llie day ol arrival
at the base ami in Hit evening nt an
elevation of Io.iido feet, the th r.i
rent was coittcrrcd on candidates.
Tito s-ttlng lor the ceremony was
most Impressive. Atter the lodge sos
•Ion thi party returned to camp, mak
ing the distance in three hours. Un
the lollowlng day return was made
to Enterprise. Not a single mishap
ol any character marred the entire
Band Concert
Bend Concert
The Crnnbrook City Band, under
the leid-iailp ol Bandmaster Austin,
will play the f dlowlng programme ol
music at the band stand In Iront ot,
the government building Sunday even
in; at 8.45 p.m.
March—Bonelha     MeFall'
Overt'iro—Criterion   Miller
Wa't7es-_lgnora   Laurens
Int-rm.e_.tj—Annna   Orey
Medley—Scotch Melodies	
        Arr by Macklc I
Marclu-Wnslilii'ttoii   State   ...  Young
Clod Save The King
James Austin, bandmaster
We lose trust In each other not
ihroin-h the fault ol our neighbors,
hut because ol our own exactions.
We eioect too much from others, too
little Irom ourselves, alwa's viewing our frlenda from our standpoint,
forgetful df the suffer „g, the worr>*,
•n. i'he toll which demand our attention on our right and left.
Thc CiHiiliiook schools opened on
Monday of this week, the attendance
df children was a little al ove the a-
terac. for opening day. 4"U being Pre
sent to tbe roll call,
Mr. Cranston is lto'ting forward to
a very good term and bespeaks much
progress for the children. Anotbc
Interesting feature in the opening of
the South-ward schools under thu
ihirge ol Mies H'oodlnn I with Mrs.
P. J. Deane ni assistant.
The teachers tor the term are:
1   L, J. Clou-ton, high school
J—Mr. P. Dexter, entrance
J— Miss Uatkis
4-Miss Bechtel
ft—Miss Suttaby
6—Miss Richards
7—Miss Mncdonalil.
8—Miss Cartwr.ght
a—Miss Knulknei
10— Miss Pye, primal y
11—Miss Woodland
12—Mrs. Deenc, primer
Another sad fatality is to Im udded
to the liBt of prise-lighters. The
killing took place nt. Vernon, Dili.,
near Los Angeles, on Saturday last
when a right upper-cut to the jaw
by Jesse Wllitard, knocked out and
rendered unconscious John W. (Ilulli
Young, a cowboy heavyweight. Thi
Mi'iiituii'ite victim never regained
consc ousness. The blow occurred hi
the eleventh round nt a 20-roiind
scheduled l.nt.tl *. An operntion was
performed upon Ynun-'s skull without success. Concuss'oii of the brain
wnn given ns the cause nl death.
Twelc prominent rlngmcn were In*.
mediately arrested. James J. Jerri's going their hnll. There Is con
Kldcral.'c talk ol suppression ol she
sidcrnblc talk ol suppression nf the
charged with man-s'iiiighter. Arthur Polkcy, who killed Luther Mc
Carly In Calgarv, called off his light
wltll Choice Vl'ler, rclieduled lor
the 23rd ol September at the Vernon
The Need is Urgent
Something Must be Done for Them-They are a
Material Need in the Development of the City
They are the Blood which Feeds the Heart, and the Veins through which
Moid must Flow are the Connecting Roads
in our 1 sue of February 22nd,  ol     We   hme   in    mind   several   cases   teuton   thc   progress   tlmt bus lm
thia year, ive published the following: whlcn   might   easily   be brought for! made   In   recent years on thc rom
"Cianbrook will recclkc from the ward as rel.r.nces, lor instanca:  to of
"lio,|iueinl  llovei'iiiiunt  lor  thc the south-cast ot the city Mr. R. T.I
' yiar  1918,   the magnlllcent sun Williams, of Heglna, bought a tract
"o. >18.-,,noo   to be   expended   on of   Land   upon wbuh he has already,      . .    .        .    (
"Roads, Trails, „nd Bridges. | spent something like $3,01)0.00 ln de- *-••* •j0ld*n "rc •*bout the mly lV|>
' vtlo.iment work. His ranch covers southern HritiBh Columbian citie
30 acses and iB being developed for j whiih arc directly connected with
garden produce, but principally with gnj |on? gtretches of good trunk
-   view   to   the poultry and egg In- , (,„^ y.,. ._ ,ndeed „.„„,„•„„ t„ ,lU
the Kootenays, trunk roadfl in
'particlar. In this article it vnt
| tointcd out that Cranbrook togcthei
Victoria,   Feb.   18-13
J. P. Flu;, _si*.
On n .rook,  B.C.
Huve   received   an   appropl'iat on   for
Cranbrro't District of MSR.oon.   will
build hi Idee.
Thos. Oaven
"The bridge i.f.rreil to in the
' mes.a^e is to lie cm-tructed a-
"cio.b the Kootcn.iy River near
"the town ot Bull River, and is
"in reply to a wire Bent by Mr.
"Fink, ask ng Mr. Csvcn to see
"the Minielcs of Public Works
"aad urge upon lilm tbe immedi-
"ate construction of same.
"Great credit must bc givca t0
"Mr. Caven,  our member in the
"Provincial Assembly, i.'or the ef-
"ticlent  work that he  has   done
"for the benefit of Cranbroolt dis
"trict.   He has worked hard with
"the powers that be, and secured
"irore for the district than any
"and all members that has rcPrc-
"sentcd the district ln times Past
This tact can safely be said to have
brought about or assisted tnormous-
ly in the development ot Cranbrook
as a center tor all commerce in the
Kooteiays.      BUT THIS HAS  NOT
GONE FAR ENOUGH, and we would
like to suggest to the powers that be
thlit   they  consider  well  the  fights
of th* farmers and dwellers who have
ran tt   0l   ine tort or another tri-
butory to the tn n: roads or whoBQ
1 reduce   is   at present brought Inti
the   city   over trails which in most
cases are self made.   We have cn all
sides of tlic city tracts of   land   divide 1   nto sub-divisions o   from live,
ten, twenty or even more acres* and
there iin- n large number of families
who have settled  tin r on  who bave
come   from   all   quarters of the Bo-
minion,    energetic   end   Industrious,
who, if encouraged,  will: mate good
but    who    are   at   present    Beverely
hiudicipped   because   of   no   proper
ro.ids over which to bring in the la
bors    of    their    toll.    SOMETHING
dtisiry. lo ._,vb hi r neii one i
m.st past o.er the roughest ol j
trails part ol the way, in tact the i
iv r.tnr ,u looking over this part
t! e dis r.ct very nearly suffered an
ac.ldenc as the rig in passing over
thc clt.aeus of the ilis.riet, It reflects credit upon those who bave
the interests ol the district at
heart. Another point to be noticed
is   that   in 1014 it is good to know
Presbytery Meets
Interesting and Timely  Topic   Brought  Up
and Discussed
At the invitation of the ss.-i,,n of For yenrs lie was BrttiaD's premier
hoo*. Church, the Presbytery „f East evangelist, visiting all the import-
Kuoten.iv met in tbe church ut 4.3H      A    -,,_-, , ...
p.m., on Wednesday, thi Rev. w   ii. and   B»«lWMPe»_lBg   towns   in the
Blake, moderator, pres ding. | world.     I'or  over a  year    lie    held
Then, was an excellent attendance °-"J," "•-"•■■• l-otflon, where the e-
the following gentlemen being present '"""■* """""" l" *' ■*■• ,Mfycr w*"
Revs. Uli.i,e of I'rcslon. Hnckcy ol l"">l"r *•*•»••"» ■>" ,v»9 -»** to Uy-
Traili, Wunio ol Oreenwood, McKee "''<"'• »"<* "'"' 'i"'te recently, to
i.i tii, iiii Forks, i.ngie of Ne s n, I ore nto, whore abundant succMe has
i ow. n oi Waldo, Hnrtl iy ol Nnkiisp, , "tended his lab
Barklsslan  ol   Rossland,    Stevens of
an Innocent pool of water, found t0 that Cranhtook will he connected up
his Borrow that it wbb nothing more with thc Bnnff-Wit. lcrmere road
or less than a deep spring, the rig leading through some of the most
sunk in and covered its hub and beautiful scenery Ira he whole of the
on*y biy the most strenuput effort Dominion, in CriTurook there are
wes it pulled out. J. A. Pringle something like lifty automobiles and
close to this one, tog th r with those of the Immedl-
an;l there are several others who ate vicinity, there must bc seventy
are bent upt n ir.ak ng their develop-1 •« t>'   cars  which  can be sately
men. wor& a auccess, who have said puss over these roads nine
smaller tracts also in this dlrertlon months out ot the twelve of every
f.om thc city. To thc west ot th !'i»r. Fiom Cranbrook, an automo-
city on. h s only to drive to the Mc b le ean cross over the border nto
Lire r_nch. and In pas.iug observe t.e States and reach Spokane with-
the mmv families who have settled In llffcen hours, Calgary, Lethi.ridgc
in this d rectlen of the city, and one und other | o nts ol Alberta can al-
wlll ind th cads over which you so be reach.d. CarB can travel to
must travel are not what they should the aorth, south ease and weBt with
te hy am c <ans. To thc north and reaBcnablc comfort; the roads are at
ml lacllned a little west of the present In excdltnt condition. Ho
city a drive over to A. H. Playlea that our readers can easily see thit
ri.n.h would bc instructive and lorm r .n_\.o. it* the most central point,
the   basis   for   a few hours medita-   wl:h»    dlslribut.ing    pea i:,ility   lor
commerce unequalled by an/ other
city in the Kcotenays. Its pots.I ili
ties tor larger growth are good as a
considerable ii..nntitv of flat land
closely adjoint it, nnd overlooking it
are some gentle slopts lending down
from the hills siirrornding it which
would irate most excellent resident
ini quarters, in fact no hetttr coild
be found in the cointry. Its commercial interest arc not local but
extend over a country with a radius
o- 100 miles on all sides ot its boundaries. Anl industries, though in
their   infancy   as  yet,   are neverlh*-
evm'"two'Tears',' _STil^*_Brj* J*t"* om mUst'    A'
These are but a few references
which could easily be enumerate
nut. they are sufficient to bring about
the purpose we have n mind and
the suggestion we have to make
will be all the more forcible in i*
argument. We would suggest to our
member, T. Cav.n, the immediate
aud urgent needs of the small farmer, ftnd in presenting to the govern
ment the amount ot tho monies required for development work in the
dis rict he bring strongly to th.lr
a'.tentlon this -.'•o.vlng need. If for
one   yesr
Wur.iier, Thomson of Cranhrook, Dr.'
Ferguson, Biipt. nf Homo Mlssicna,
and Messrs, Greenlee ol Hosmer, Mr
Neught nt Fort   8t7ole and  Pearson
of Coal Creel:.
At the i.'.leilloon session, utter the
Presbytery was constituted hy tho
moderator, Mr. tl. Hackney, tho cUr.i
reud the minuteB of the previous
gatherings held in Nelson last Feb
At the evening session mutters
took a very In ton sting turn, whn
Mr. Si r.. ssian of Rossland, moved
lhat we try to get the famous John
"McNeil of Cooke's church, Toronto.
Mr. McNeil's '.anie as a preacher,
Mr MrN.-ll in the liiiTeretit ihiirches
an awakening would ensue, All a-
greedl and it wns decided tn net into  communication   with   McNeil.
Th i.ami: nf tile new minister ol
Windermere, the Itek. w. s. lnglis
»ns added to the Roll ol Presbytery,
lu the evening in the Bundaj school
loom the ladles ol Knox church
Bi-r.'e.i i.u excellent supper to the
member., ol the Presbytery,
An open meeting was held later at
which there wero several Interesting
speeches made; space however will not
permit us to give the several speech
in full, inucli ns wc should have liked
but in passing one cannol help but
mention the impassioned mlhress by
wit, as a soul-saver "is'world-wide.   R«v. S.  Hsrkissian on the Bneial vice
English Market for Canned Fruits
B.O. products' Chances in old count friends licit in England to tind part
ry market discussed by .I.ri. Ko.l j of thc capital required to eatol-liah
mayne. , these  local   canneries.     Home   initial
tor.    J.    H.    Hodm.i.ru-,   author ,f  etlort  Hnd   organization   m   also   re-
''Fruit  Fanning  on  the  Dry  Belt  of  quired  on   tbis  side of  thc  Atlaut.-.
British    Columbia,"    ban    written
letter to  "Can tdn"  with  regard   I
an    Kn^lmh    market for UritU.  t.'i
lumhiii Cainn.d fruit.
"It may interest those of your
readers," he says, "who arc concerned with fruit-growing in British Columhla to know that a systematic eflurt is now being made to
tlace Urit!_h Columbia canned fruit
on the I-.ngli.di market. i articular]
canned ai>rirots, peaches, |>eats ini
"The Hon.  Price UJUison,  Minister
of Finance,    and  Mr.  Scott,  Deputy
.Uid tor that reason I shall Ue glad
if uny one intcrentcd in the subject
wtlleommuiiicate with me, particularly either thosu who contemplate
fruit-farming m British Columbia, or
those who bave friends there already engaged   in fruit-farming,
"I want to make it quite clear at
tht outset that I am not writing In
the interests ot any particular land
company, individual or district, but
eimply on account of fruit-farming
gmerally in British Columbia, and
solely with -, view to establishing a
market    here  in  Kngland  for  British
wor'. (n the trunk roads was more
iu fie nature o{ repairs and the
new work undertaken was on behalf
*•_. _.    *.-...    .-,.,»._._..i,u   "*.«»" ln/0'nlBS residents   the re-
MU8T BE DONE FOR THEM. THEY   J"'1*'.  »°*l><* X.t^L _!?'».     __   *»'R"  »<-  «■«.
AHE A MATERIAL NEED IN THE   tUe l"'ne.'it's '****'' "°ul* »ccr"« to, »"
DEVELOPMENT     OP   THE   CITY,  roncern'-d _ni to the better develop -
THEY    ARE   THE BLOOD WHICH    ",ent ** the *'"t*'"!t ,n pcneral.
VEIN8    THROUGH   WHICH   THI8 I    In our lae*. issue we reprinted an
BLOOD    MUST   FLOW    ARE   THE  interetlng article Irom thc "Times.'
ine?, declare that in the mutter of
quality the canned reaches of llrtt-
sh Columbia excel those of Calltor-
aia, while, because of the sliorter
distunc.'. thc co-t ot putting the-i
on the Rritisli niarkst should be
bundan.e   ol   water is at command, jlesg*
thc electee  ltishting,   and  especlallyl    "Hitherto,     on      account   of    the
the    telephone    syst-m     cannot    be
eiualled for efficiency with the |r„-.a tack of energy on the part of th,
[ mt meins at their command and itl growers,   the   big   bro ers, wholesale
In .dentally  that in dealers    and     ln-rorters   have   not
city  on   the continent   with the i thought    it.   wortli while to make a
aire   of   fojulntm   as   has that ot | marl et  here  in   Bilglnnd  for  Ilrltisl.
Csa_broo!t are there so many phones Columbian    canned  fruit;  but recent
Minister of Agriculture for tho Prov-1 Columbia canned Iruit, nnd in order
to locus nil etlorts in Hint direction.
"I endeavored recently to ascts-
tain by menus of n question asked
lor me in the House ot Commons by
Sir Clement Klnloch Cook, M.P.,
whut o.u.iutl'y of l'ritish Columbia
fru t was imported into l''n_iiinl. but
 -   it appears that the amount, It any,
small supply, und perhaps because of is at present s.i small at not to admit of seperate classification.
"The extensive extabllshment of
local  canneries   in   British  Columbia
| which    brought    to   our readers at- as theie are in Craubrook.
will alter all thut.
"As soon as there Is a sufficiency
,     ...    —       ,   - -    .  . of British  Columbln canned  fruit   to
m ilaily use end so  many demands enquiry   has   shown    that   there   Is supply   lh:*  demands  of  the   English
market it is proposed to ptibliah
periodically a lint of nil the retailers in the various towns ol tlic t'ni
ted Kingdom who stuck  Hritisb Co*
keep ro'ir'ng into the ofibe fur niw
ones for nw iiusine!s anl  dwell ngs
Local News
Mis.    Durness   ol   Kitih mr
shopping In Cranbrook Friday.
I lt. E. Beattie, Frank Murphy, Joe where they b_'e been spendln • a ve I fruit growing 'districts of the Pro-
Campbell and Dr. Rutledge motored pleasant vacation, enjoyinK th; vui I vince. which means capital,
i to Fort Stettc   ond   Bull   River  on   Ioub scenes and the lmuront air oi     "Those   who   have    co iut fun,
Friday. M thst mountainous city.                        | England   to   fruit   farms   in British
ijuite a  market  here  for British  C;
liimliian ennned Iruit *f only the sup
ply be forthcoming.   That of coiisse,
necessitates   the   extensive   establish
ment   of   lo.nl    cunnerles in aJ, the  lumhla cnniiFd fruit and to urge the
—— ; Columbia can materially assist them certainly   should   licnclit
Bishop McNally of Calgary, accom- si.is   if    they    will   int rest    their Columbia fruit Inrmer."
A daaee will be given in
a. ni: hull on Monday night.
Harold Darling wns at Wasa this
week oa business.
Private Board lor ladv and gentlemen     Mrs. E. barrett, Hanson Ave.
The membership of the Cran'irook
public schools was increts-d at the
fall opening by about 60 new scholar
The Fernie Board of Trade is carr) . ..   .. -
ing  an   dicrotic   campaign   against Panted by bis secretary Father Har-I 	
the Ma- what are   known   as   "real   estate rlngton.  was in the city this week,
I sharks,"  which   has  the support  of looking up a few frlenda and paying!    Mr. un:i Mrs. R. ll. Cameron return
every business man tn Bast Kootenay a special visit to   the    St.    Eugene ed laBt Sat inlay,    from   an   holiday
I       *  L New School. 'trip to thc eact.   Mr. Cameron while
J. Bruce    Brown,   who   bas   been     ._,,.,    —     , „       |in the violnlty took advantage of'the
snendinir his holdnvs at the coast.    J* T* I*'1"** returned   to   cran-  opportunity of attending   the   Cuna-
returned    to   Cranbroolt^   early   this ■"•*"»* "•« <'»rllr *•<"*■   <"    the   wcck. •"■» Ttainin* s-l.rol  for Y.M.C. A.
returned    to   cranbroolt   early   tnis .....^ wmh ^^ a(ter M_ „._. M,retaril,.,  hel(1  _t  0n]lj.    0ntnrl(,
  | illnesi.   He is disposing cf his intir-  Mr.  nrd  Mrs.   Camernn  also  visited
James Doylo ol Oalgary, aeprcsent- etts in Cranbrook and will la all pr0-   tho N a.nru Fallsj Buftalo and Tor-
ing the Mountain Spring Brewing Co bahllity take up his future residence ,,nto, a'-o on. their return stayed oil
was at Cranbroo't this week on busi- in Saskntoon. for „ short wfiile •*_ Winnipeg to visit
British public tu nek for the British
Columbia produce in prelerence to
thnt Irom Calitornia—call it Colon
ini Prelerence if you will-but It
the   British
Overseas Club
Mrs. John Wolf of Fort Steele, who
A mun  n imed
was drown d
Churls    M.    Baker
the Columbia river
s viral
family   anil   ineidm'ly
funii y  circle.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. X. Hamilton ol
Vera, Hns.., were guests at the C'run-
Irook Friday.
Mr. M. Mackintosh anil son ol Ross
land, were In the city Friday, en-
mute to Scotland.
LOST— A bunch ul kcyB, please re
tin n same t« Prospector Otlice,
suitable reward. i
has been visiting friends in the prat-' ne.ir lnvermere on Tuesday, while at
rle   province,   passed   through Cranbrook Friday enroute to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Homes ol Jaflray,
wore n town Wednts.lay. If Mr.
Home cm secure a suitable resldenco
hi w 11 move to Cranhrook in
neur future.
tempting   to    measure the height of _nou,
tha river and losing hi,    al mc fell
In.   Not bein» able ti swim he was
drowned within ten feet of the bnnk.
A a e lal line of films will be run
at the Auditor um tonlih scion-
and exciting two-reel (entire, several
comedies, all of which will he well
worth seeing.
J. D. McBride, Mia. C. F. Smith,
tbe Miss Delia Greaves, Miss Frances
Drummond, Wiss Gladys Hlc'tenboth-
am and Miss Dorothy Webb, motored
to Wardner and Bull River on Friday
last In thc interests of the Agricultural associa'l n.
The Ir.i.'irio': Branch ol the Over
in Club will crlebratc the 3id An
niversary of the foundation ol the
Club in London, Kngland, August 27,
191 (I; in t*e Carman's Hull next Wed.
September tth.
A sptciat program of speeches, and
son s, also re-itations is now arrun
ged and the members will he assured
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ol a  goo.l  time.    So  far  those   who
" have ollered  to tuke pnrt  in the pro
lhe Edison  Theatre  has closed  for   gram  are   Mc-damcs   Edmunds; n,   Is
ten    days   for the purpose ol   may, Davirs.  and Bnldwin; M ises E.
number of Improvements, j Cas'akp, Brake snd Hoe; ami Messrs.
llai'e., Darling,  Raworth.  Sims; Mr,
;. nil > r . T. South are to give a duet
mi the Mandoline uud Piano.
Address, s by Messrs Cock, mailing
er, Smith, Crebbin, nnd sevtral otber
Roll   Gail   ol tbe   members during
the evening.
|    Mr. James Cion n of Hpoknne, th. juesnay next, sepiemuer inu, in mc
t    dscovcrer of the lamoiiii St.  Eugene (•„.„,,,,■. Hall, when recipes c*l Pick
mine,  passed through Crunl s 10k en- |jn„   wju   h.   g,Vw-,     A,ny   members
route to his ranch nt Cowley, Alher- *,nowinK red ies arc Invited to I ring
Mr. nnd Mit Bayard Staples ol
Wyclllle, were Cranbio.ik visitors cn
Men may mend their wuys, bin
mend so well that the patches won't
show is difficult darning.
Mr. aad Mrs. Alex Emory ol Sheep
Creek were shopping in Cranbrook on
Mrs. H. Mather aad daughter ol
Fort Steele were Cranbrook visitors teacher.
on Saturday  last. I ~
___ |    Mr.   uad   Mrs.   W.   Soden whli tn
Barnes Martin was at Kimbirley _   ihiink the members of the Cro-dePart-
Marseille, on  business several days tr.ent "or th Ir generous gift ol a ten
this week.
The regular monthly meeting ol tin
Women's Institure will he h 'Id 11
Tuesday next, September 2nd, In tile
ta, on Thursday.
Miss Fni,lie* received n visit Irom
her sister on Tuesday leaving on the
Wednesday oral for Klmneiliy where
.b ■ Is taking  up her position  ns a
them for general Information ol the
A new brick front, is boini; bull
with a Inrge and modern entranc
whuh will bc lighted by clectr ,
lights of many colors, A new box
n which tn operate the picture ma-
?hinc is being constructed which will
lie alsnliitely lire |irt>of. A niw box
ofllco will -iIhii be constructed, the interior painted, new chairs furnished
nml olher Improvements, Tho Inter*
ii r will lie lighted by electric lights
of up to date designs and when con.,
pleted tbo Ellis in will be one I ihe
cosiest theatre in British Column a
Creston to Cranbrook
The Misses Ada and Maud Hlokcn
. both un gave a dancing party at
1 their res den-e un Tuesday, It being
the occasion ol Miss Maud's b rthdny
There were about Ih'rty fib nis pro-
.ent. und during the evening refresh
mints were served. It was a mis',
enjoya'ile party and everyone proHoni
ll id a good time.
flirs. II. A. Whcbcll 1 f , n Monday
(nr the roast where they Intend spend
ing a few weeks vacation.
The Misses V.
The 1 aetosse match  between  Ornn-'
hroo't und Fornle, plnyed on the recreation grin nils lit Fornle on  Tins-
and I). Bolloil ol Ver' duy resulted lu u score of 1 to 7 in
and dliinir ser.icc in honor of their
mon lage. .---______________
Numerous Ilshlng purlins are
ar 'I'liged for today by Ike Wftltl n H
chums, who will have ti n'gbt lm
tbelr favorite places; while others
will take t.hnli guns along so ns to
I hunt in Monday, September 1st.
Tho rllle  range  Is   all   e.oiiii I ted,    "Jul n iy get.  your gin.  but   do mil
       lim| the target set In place,    All  is  forget    your    llcince"  lor the game
Miss Hamilton of Toronto nrrlvid now rcmly loi    the   sliootini.     Hut  wnribn will be busy in thu' duy.
n th*. city thin week, lor the pi rnose  where nic the riilcs und the nmmlllll j
ol In'lug n piisltlin In the Millinery   tlon?   Huiiiewlieni between Crnnbi
department ol McCreery Bros. | and the Const
'lhe lirst car ever brought over il,,
road hon i'iest in I,, Cranbrook wns
bro iihl into the city on Tuesday, by
Ulrlillr. nn ot Unit city accompanied
by Fred Little. Ml. Hevati drove u
i.'ord cur nud iiuuii. pood time, com-,
11 ting tliu dlPtancu In live and u
ball bonis. Mr. Ile'im rcKortt the
roads from Crenm to Kitchener to
be generally good; nt Coutfeil tin
boillg  bl'lilgeblillileis nte at  Work  nnl  lln',
noil. B.C., mil MIsu M. Dewar ol 8(10
kone, ate gnesls of Mrs. Haslam,
Norbury Avenue.
fa'or  ol  Fernle.
Owing  to the  letters  Honouring
Walton Hall, trainmaster nt Mae-I Mr. mid Mn. Retsnn ol lleglnn am
liod ami lormurly of Cranbroo't, wbs vstig Mrs. Warren of Liiiiisd.n AVID the city thlu week shaking bun Is ciiue. t r nl.r n'. Mr. RctHon Ih here
with iome ol bis old friends, tli for tin   purpose  of  tnklng  un  s.ne
- | I nl round tiie base ol Baker Moun
Kr nk  Dmn,  who   was   called    to (,in
Milwaukee on account of Ihe dnnth'
of  his  il'.iiglitor,
brook  Wcdneslav.
iciiiined  to  Crnn
Mrs   T. Lensli  and fnmllv return til
from HI' o on   Mondny   Ir im    Elko,
t'ie iinPiirs respecting "* brlstiun Sel
onco" one ol tbe believers o' that re-
'url.'li ns't us to state that the Ills
principnl thev tench is tn mintl tlu* '
own biialnrsB mul not int'i' • wllh
nt Inr pen ilnu' religion. Ths is ii
good Idea and om thnt could very
well be takeu to hcnrl Jiy some of mil
locil anplruntn who are Inr over tul1
ing about something whloh tbey do
not understand the lirst principnl of,
not got the bridge undor construction
uiilte computed sn thoy hml to have
the cm pulled up the slope witli rope
llllll   fvC.IC   by   n   teillil   0l   b irSOB,   but
the foreman . s ured huu it would b,
nnl b d for tilt return journey; from
Oonrfoll Hn- rond Is n llttlo rough
i n 1 lip b II In Moyie, but from Mnyle
tn Cr nbti'o'i "the r.ind is ilnndy"
in Tin'    .lily   mltliiip   tti.-v   luul   was Bj
a I lit. puncture at Yahk, but It was
an old tyre to hoglll With lo ul little
in nt. Altogether the trip was an
inny.able one, Another ).'nl Willi,
tl o road is better bedded down Mr.
lie .an is I'litbiiHiiuilli' o\_  tho ptissl.
iiHiili's of tiinking better oonneotlone
with  Oranbrook,  ns the people nml
On Saturday afternoon Inst, a very
successful successful American Tourn.
.niient wai played* <>ff on the ('ran-
brook 'r.'iuiis Cniirts, the results n.'
which is as follows
Mui'kers.'y   _   Newtnii -it
Miss  Pye  _   Macclwaltu*
Miss Patterson A Macreadj
Outer .i- Oarrett
Hicks fi Cock
Mite Chen ngt, n  _  Mahood
Mibs Service _ Raworth
Miss McBrlde _ McElwin
Miss McCready & Rourne
The Fair's Baseball
.•'inn rai'hall Teams miint compote
In order lo got this HOCOml pr|_i>. 1_
d.-iyi u>Hitiii)('L' iiimiiiicfitioii ncCMBary
Tin- preUmfnArj. roundi will bo ploy
I'd on nn 'I-iiii'r-'lny a'Urnoon nn') Pri
duy morning tn milt tho conv_ntonc_
oftb. lenmi OB fui an iioHHlhle.
T-ainf from tho *w*t to bo
m o it one o'Clork Tluirmlfiy;
thoflO lion, tin- Vt.at tty nllOUl
o'olooh tlic lamo <lny.
I'iiiii'm   Lii   he   plnyi'il on   Frulny   nl
i.t-riiiiiiti. H
Kirm  prlKo—$100; Booond fr.O
Junior iiiiH.'imll.   Three ontrtci to
n nt
merctian'e gonornlty nro dtsirlouo ol i-i't BMond prize.  Virat J20 looond lf>
having oorno good  husinOBB rolftttoim,    Log Hnwin: »3(, ami M.
wllh ili.   (Vnnhr.ok hot I BOB, Log Ohb'pplng *2i» and $10 THB  inU)SrKCTOK.  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he prospector, Cranbroolt, $f. (!f.
■8TABL18HBD   lS9ft
pE.mii*. Hv«ry Saturday   Morning at Unutbraak, B.O.
V.  M. CbMHtiau, MAimger,
Kv-Late to Anieii-an, tturopean uttd  other foreign
eountrtH,   50 w1*
year extra.
licence" wit]i you, or bo liable to)
arrest and thft ...confiscation ol gU-tt.. I
l-'or obBtructtug, hindering or de-j
laying or in nny way Interfering
wub any game warden, constable or
[•pace officer whilst in tbe discharge
ol liis duties, a ■"■•' not exceeding
MOO  or  GO dayB  imprisonment.
Mining Laws of B.C.
Must Bo Up To Mark
locntcd    and I
inns   uf   tbe
kill el
ADV_rm-EMKOTB-_dv«rtisu.g  rates lurniBhed on W'l'1'™'''"''
A',s_„..t, but t  o, a reputable character will bc accepted
Tin* mining laws ol British Uolitin   ine company  i
bin nre uui.   liberal  In  tbeir nntmo coi'UQcatos.
nnl   cbmpnru lavotirably  with those     iMinjral   clul
of any other pnrt ol thc world.   The bold   under   tl
terms   under    ivlucl Hi   lode and  "Mineral Act "
placer claims are hold are such thut     A   mineral   claim is a reotang,
i prospoctoi'    is   greatly encouraged   piece   ol  ground  not oxto din..  I
  M1 |,is »ora, antl tlio tillis, especial-   I.el sqlml'C.    Tho angles must be
conslgumoiit ot Iruit or ven-  *y   -0r mineral claims mil hydraulic   riglil    angliu    unless the botludui
imported   Into   tbe   province  leases,   aro   absolutely porlect.   11" or   m i   then.,   aro tbe sunn
AH\ I'lltTlSKltS AND SUBSORIB-IIS—Unless notice   to tbe contrary
ven to local manager advertisements mul subscriptions will 1,. kept
running" aa.l charged up against theli
iled claim
lieges aro al owed
ol    now niluoral
n i
19th YEAR
,1  will  not
i„.  perm ttcd  al  unj   po nt   ol   into
msldoratlou  m British Columbia.    II ono Infected
Thi rat Wndol mi.',   a ' KN '*•*■  „„..,„,. „...,, „„,,
BRS, and thoro are si-eral_ amn i ^ whl.h „„,,.„
these; bin above all the »orat knocs ,,sfa,.„,,v    solutl ( the prol 	
er is the man » - nol trill ni i  n                              he|     ,,,„s,,i,.,i,t,„„ ... --■■■-- — ----,           , .hll,lllc„t,
„.. statements r.-|..;.'t:. UJ the   ;     ' .-,„-   u itlo ,-  reached , «.k* -      ;    I"™* *    .„.„„„.,     „,„
which he live .   .;. nl.*     "'■„,   .fa ,„■ Hi,,    Bo   nni'ortnnl    anil    implex a           ui-Jiuont will I ted
,.,        is r.'i'su tnti.....    it  appears   rimhei    tnd-reJ  «en '«»«'        ,,„.  „,,,,„„„., „,„„,.,,,   ...  , ■.   this
      h_t illchards says (who by the «a«pn   neeMaary.      *-   ,„    h, ; „B|    kc,„  , i
Spo-* minister    ol    lands    .inn. uu .e.etablo    pests nt .nol
Sa'tranttia a i s as:
.,,,1" the  lollowlng  program  bas beet,    losl U
i.. ni',1 for   public,'   n:
H - atK_Xpse: "" : Minstrels Coming
Kelson                     '■'-"' Tn.     tlubama    Minstrels   are com
!    Evei
I'lnlilc-   nm.,..-    ...-   ,. -    --	
,if lintisli Columbia, whether (rom a fees  rotiu rod    to   bo   paid
foreign counti'i  or from othor prov iamall ns possible, consistent wllb a|    No
I nices or territorial ol tbe Dominion,   proper administration ol the mining ""
must be ui.s.uiu'lv cloan ol infection' industry,   nntl   arc much lower ili.m, claims ,,t district
In every package. ' those oi the otbei provinces ol Can-     A    mineral   claim   is   loe
Tbis'is   tho   notice   given   out  byi adn oi  tho mineral  lands undor Do-|ero.tlng  throe     'legal posts," wh  li
Thos     Uiinnlngbnm,    provincial    In-, minion   control.     1'rovlslon   Is also lire   stul laving    n height d nol
spcclor ol  fruit  ucsts,   The practice mttUB   ,,„■   ,i,,.   loruintlon   ol milling | i.s.   than    I i/oot  ubovo giwil uud
N"r' nf   culllnr    n.u nil packages ol pre \ -.arlnor.liiy    practicnllj   wltboul   '■»   sipiaro lor  i intlios ul  lensl    n eucli
smnnbl)  ib'"" fruit, nntl condemning  pcllB0| ,„,„ „  part)  ol  miners Is on ■ loco   [or .mi    less than n looi fio.i
tho  visible  Infected  packages  nut »i: ,i i ,i   i,,   tako   advantage   ,.i   those   tno top       i
i consignment,   bas  b i  lound  lnol- j.-tious nl  the   lets ami   work   tholr | .qunrtd    ..Is,
ro.i°tottoBer   ">"*vc  ""ll  ••"■'-'''' ''  ""''   "'"'   ""l' *M:~* ' ,,;l'11'*''''   ''"'"''"   ""' "'"'"''''
0   -llllllll  Sn   I'lll   II
nlisllllil'S       n      le..
liHl   lock      Hn    du
plncod .,1
;,,i auti
.oblle drlvor m
kun,.  owns  i.i- own  car and drive
visitors t<>   ili.it   olty around to set
I lie sights) ,, Cr. nnrook man had oc
I'assu'ii to i.se llis car and In driving
inu. to *"■■ nnl parts ol the •■ it.>  this
so-called-man    informed   this   youth
iin.t Spokane  ivns no I'lnc for blm
and that he had better move t,, Cran
i,i,,n   where he could easily make ilu
per day nl,,,,, .ul expenses uls,, that
ih, city bud n  population    ol    over
•j,00(1 peopl.*.    Seeing the   wny    this
man tbiew nis money around and the
.lay  b i   tal.id  the  youth   was   mueh
impressed, so wbat did he do but pur
eh ts,  ni    ;ni  gasoline  to   ma'te the
trip over   tha  road,  hut  on    second
thoURiiU. he decided t     '
train nml ' ooh over tb
B.ll.    li
.i   expeusc "i  i...,,,.....  ..  ,,  ,
ompauy, ' "  Kl"'1'' " ilneral m pinu
U'oiisldurlni     it.    succosB   llml   Ims I ■ dim red,
liars itti i'.cl alluvial mining ou n N"*. i ""'I •' posts nro placod us
.,;.,.   ,,,,   ii,  uritlali t'oliimblii   I'll," id    ns   possible "n tho lino ol tho
,,„,,,[   i,,   hydraulli    eases    i    pai ledge oi vein, shown by the dlsoovory
ticulurl)    low       II  will bo lound ."i  post,   and   mark    Hi,  i nlarios ul
, i,      i :   .'i   lho    -istiallnii the claim,    Upon each ol Uicbj |
. ...t.'.
iditioii to the                  ' "''"     ■"              Moudaj    Sopt  1st.   play
i.mhrra    ol    tin tndustrj   ccucerued ing     ,,,,,    theli    own large canvass
' j'   .          , ibmit  theii   l:i,[::,   ,blch   ia  said  to  be  tin   I n
,,.,,,„ • st   evei   constructed   loi    nu)   mln
ie.\s iu  '..iiiii-. 	
-rib         tt, -wrX'shorwbS  tfVJ
round blm     exl
hi, ..,„■   by    th,    minister regarding   the,a
___mmmm^_^_^_^_^.-      Allsl i I"'
...I..III.  .   nt.I    N.ilnl    (list    llie    I,111.lis      Ills,
tu,     ti   iii      si    ni itaiu i'i. olghl    lu	
iiim-. .IM iiii..li i- iii this I'l'o.nco,
ii ini,. the areas pi: niltted nn ri |u l
ill> iiihi. iinallor, The samo porto.1
i ,i iiinii. loasos are granted i„ ium
iieiii v ili, same. , n ., lodo mine ul
1 -ns the ■ xpend i 'it.' "i 5500,
it in, t. nm) ho spread over llvo yeats,
Is re uui.il to ol i.un ;i i'i ..\i it granl
m,l  .uii it,   rights are obtniuublo at
i sn nil  liguie,  in  ■ tse exceeding
>.1 i-r ,i. it
rin   (oil n, Byiiopsis ol  tbo min
Inwrs    un be louod siifllcltnt lu
it, li   thi   mlnei   ...   lutondiiig  Hives
tn    to   obtain    , g' nerol knowlctlgt
tlieli  scope und r_iulremcnts; [oi
ne largest   eiei   '..   pla)   L'ranbrook    •. .ii-.ul.ii..   howover,   tli,   readoi  Is
:,: th, tirst  real colored minstrel to I **<■'(
tu    11.'"   '',
one   pertor
ii.  tin
.lal, ,
in ill tn    lb,    niiint   .
tl    llle   llll'lllni
,1    llll
'f    ll
locution.   On No.  i i"t.:i
II,     llll'   following     mil:.|    In.
Initial post, l)lrocti0u ol
it'tv.i. - approximate com-
liiir); feel nl tbis claim
i Igbt, nml feel ns the
io   Irom   No     I    to Mo. 2
thounnu no occiuoti to 'i'i".' "=""-' "       • incemeni          uigesi   . ...   >u  ,,.,                                            (
train and took over the gro nd h m exl    stel •                                                thj „«,  ..a, colo,.a* „„„s ,■,,, ,„      ...,    t,
stlf.    He dil. and found to his sor by   the  .,   ,„„„.,„    ,.   ...       I.           .n d
,-ow  that he hud been  "had."     He iustm-u ■                .     .                       ,        ,B tent theatre.                  I"rtnter. Mctorla,
took the lirst train home.    Such -, ■      j    . _  . .,    es     Some well    ,own  colored   perlorm- :    i .
called-mtn wh ,   nt    tli ■   expense   ■■ ,  ,    .,.,., „jn£    rs   an    lound   among    the   crowa, ■   *            *  [(
other   people   perpetuate  sucb   deeds •'" Watts and Kdward, Hi Hen                 navnient
._n 0niy iii  for  the penitentary  and .ession _^_ _ .. ^    m„  VoU_g   Jag   „    Mac   tat   on i..inn.n
\i-ls.   iih
the Kins
the sot ner  the
et there the bettci
Buffalo Bill Weeps
Open Season
DENVER—Col,   W.   K.  Cody,   "liuf
fain liill," loo'ttd off Into Bpace and
a  moist  inmiii   mniir   iiimni  iniiini  in  ,,,,
u mist   enme  over  Ins eves  wben  bc      \
i arteii  ivlth  his fmn.>us horse [sham  t|,.
last   week.     The   burse   is   to   be  sell   wt
at auction, the proceeds to apply on ,,. .
liens acnlnst tli, now bankrupt But-  nin
fnlo   Bill    Wiiii    West nnl Far East
Show.     The   famous   scout bus ridden  ish un tor twenty-five yeare ninl
has heroine associated  In  the  minds
ol   thousands  oi   people   throtigl    *
HtJil    Billy   Young,  Jas.   II    Ma
trthm    Priace i   the     im
gi al    lancing  team   Clark   Brothers.   Mil
  !■!>.    Alabama   Minstrels    have thepe0*** f    a"CBfltrj"_ |1M,00 or lest
Th    ,,,„„   season   lor    shootins of  largest    band   ol   anj   c, ored com-   ^ _( (o|   _ _„ [8 -B0. |( c.,|litill
-n,.,i   game will commence    a Mon   pan)     nd    take   pride In *■«*■»*•."!«,• bc)ond this $100.
day text, September 1st    ,nd       tin    bette,    then     BJ'of '•"'*• c°»»^*™| \-_.,.   certiBcatcs *expl,     _
ue until February 28tb. lore"       rhe    band    ..,     naialeU.    J th.  „_tday    uf May in
*■ this time wc priot excerpts frou    main   screes   ut    i   p.m.   a*.   >•' Certificates   mnv be ob-     .   .	
.,.., laws ol the provtuce which  time tne.    .ill Uny  a concert  which     .th   m. .       e   i.  a ivba ever
think   will be    found ol advan-   will be wo th   e listening to. t .nsl mi ...) ,u. t      .. .     .Mineral clam,,   ure,    until    Crown
"'" vuotiifi   minstrel   feature   is Prof,   attng on the 31st day, lot  u no,      lgnnt is  Usuc()|   |ie],|   lhiact cully on
Martin's    orchastra    which   furnishes tionallj  Ies fee. .,.,.._,,, I" yearly lease,  a condition of winch
lh,   locution    line botavoeu Niw. 1
 I J posts must  lie distinctly uinrs
cd in ., timbered locality by hln*
in: trees und cutting underbrush,
ml in n Imli. country hv monumonti
 ih oi rock nol lens than 2 feet
n   diamelei    at    Hi.   base,  and   ut
in i    - feet    in. h   eo Umi   ilu* lino
an be distinctly seen.
Mineral, claims must bo recorded in
lhe   Mining    Recorder's nlliee for the
"liiiiiin   division    iu    which they are
gb    -.United  within   lifteen  days from  the
la,   o(   location,   ons dny extra he-
in;   allowed    for   each ten miles dis-
lance from  the  recording ofllco ufter
ihe   iii isL   ten   miles.     If   u   claim is
)m.   uut   recorded    in    time it   s deemed
l.tut-stoc'k   company    abandoned  and   open   for  relocation.
■mt  if the original  locator wif.liis to
relocate   lit-   can  only do so by  pet
iniMJioii of the Gold Commissioner ol
Mr. Robert Bingham has
arrived and is ready for
your order
Mr. Bingham hus hail years of experience in the large cities making
Women's and Men's Clothing—you
are thus assured of strictly Hrst-class
work. Wi' will received, direct from
New York, —every week—a litho-
graphed style hook. This is a great
expense hut we want the hest and
most up-to-date ideas.
,ii.l   auv   joint slock compan;
.tain   a  I'i''.' minor's Cortltt
ment ol the required i«
vidual tor n Pi
,,,,.,.||     u.     Lilt'     '.UHI     ,    llllBB.OU    .      Ul
mid  ' theilistrii't and  upon tiie paymont ol
at .i (ce i.i. $10.    Tbis also applies to a
claim   abandoned    (or   any    reason
ad ry
ilu  country as astride a magnificent
white charger.
Buffalo Bill did not try to hide his
sorrow ul parting with lis burse
comv.inion.anil openly wept ns the
animal wns led nwn>.
Ordinary    licences
.'im nntl sliuutiii* small game and
leer, ira.v be obtained at tli, government nlliee. or trnni the caint* wai*
l,ii,   ni    $2.50 yearly.   The quallftca
tbe   music   .if   the performance,   ac.
compan; nc all singers and  dancers
Important Investigation
V ctorin,    ».(!.   Wli n
nun)    of   tin' Kort'si   Act
con tide rati on   last    b >ssii
era ment    Ink!   before   tin* Iioiihi
t;(in  proposnls for the re-ad jusl
tion   fm   ;i    i'isi-1-iit's  licence is he
nm   ili in iciii'ii   and   in   m-1 «;il   residence in tne province (or six mon tba.
Tbe   general    penalty   fot carrying
n i-iii or Bhootlng  wuh.mi r licence
ur for  using another persona licence
allowing use of tho same, is pun
ii   il^^^^^^^^^^
lb,    roisession
entitles   the   holder   to
lands ol  the Crown,  or
jn which tl,e right to si,
sen e.i.   and   prospect   Io
lo.ate claims, and mine.
eliable   hy
i28.   mnl
n I
ns under,    'nt
the Gov-   game   warden   cn
 u r   warrant   nny    	
.Id nee u;ii ml   II
ne of not lis. than   lNQUI,,Y IST0 THE ,„lVALTV ,1N;"
'"  -riMUKit !
„l   which    li
nf that portion nl the
Crown Timber is . i.i.i kiiuwu „-
iiovnlty." Afier submission •■
.Ir.-ift. proposal tn tbo houso, n rep
senlntivi ,t,'nn,tit, ,,f ih, liimbcrmnii
conferred witli Hon. W It. Ross, the
minister responsible for ICorosI A.I
tu iiistiiiin.ii.     As   n result Uie nov
,1    i
wh ro
,1 tins reiniicau. i tli thot ,iul.ln„  such jear aSM_mont
to enter on a»   w0|.^   [l(,  perfo_>rr.ad  on  the same to
■ or othor   anas   th(, mient oj  ,u least ?,no   „ |my
enter is ie-. ,lu.„t  0(  s|lf.h    .„„   be   |im(|„    u,   t|lc
Mining   liocorder.    Much  assessments
must   be   recorded liefore the expira-
A free minor cnn only hold by Ip-1 tlon    of   the    yeur   nt- tbe cliiiin is
ration,   ir,'   mineral   claim   on   the jemied abandoned,    if however, the
,-ii'ne vein or lode, but may acquire r.ijuired    assessment    work has been
uthers by purchase.    In case of plac-j performed    within the year, but nat
er   claims,   onlv one enn be held   by   recorded   within    that    time,    ~ uc
location   on   each   creek, nivin*, or   miner may within thirty dnys there-
hill, and  not mu".* than two in tb3   nfter record sucii asses.mcnt-work up
sniii'c   locality,   only   one   ol   which   ,„   payment of an additional i.'ee of
jball bt n "creek" claim. tlO.    The actual cost, of the survey
—— .        ,.   ,    .  I ' .,, ...„ „,anl ,,-, , irec miner all""-   if   u   mlnoral   claim, to un amount
ii, ti.-. r      or   NOTICK    is   l.'ltiiv   pien   thjl    tno,     ill em  e   mi o   a ^  ^     _ot  „xc„CUl|11,   <;n0]   maj  a,B0  be  .„
nrrcst     without   Honourable   the   Minister   of   Land l ng hi" «"">°* crown-granted)    orded as assessment-work,   it, dur-
commltting an   will sit at   the  following  places for Ing nrow-)   i hut where oth-   n .   any   «ar,   wont   is   done to a
'game net" aad  th-  purpose  of hear.n- uny  persons reverts to««^ lntorosted as part-  greater extent than the required $1C0
iel,   persons,    or .iho desire to give evidence concern    ei lie.   nlimir        lnten_t ol the   anv lurlhei sum ui JlOO-but not less
,s   exposed   for ing  the royalty  on  umber cut fion^ ner- ..r i ^ ^.^ ,„ tb. t0,„.   _m(ly    ,„.    reCurd-a   0„j counted os
mil ntic guns,   Provincial luiuls. . u i   ,.        ...      co-ownors or pnrt-   further usScssinentB.    As soon ns as-
msslon of people     Nolson-Frlday,  September  i.tu.     Many coni   ^  a t_ 0M_ ,n.  . s.menl vo.K  t0 ■.*.. cxt„llt 0l ?500
|    Cranbroo't—Monday,  Septemhor^ 16.1 '^".t Is recorded,  ttie owner of u mineral
ilaim   is   entitled to a Crown grant
** ****i****i**.**i**i***********h***********
'Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
This Renovated and Up-to-Date
Hotel offers to its many patrons
strictly rirst-class acconiodations,
unexcelled piiisine and the finest of
Bar in Connection
Newly  erected   Bathing  Houses,
and Boats on the Lake for use of
the Hotel Guests
ur   i'I'ih   ui   Hi"   I
"'..bile hunting.' shootlug or carry-1    r-'ittin'tts" .vill "commence'at 9.30 a. terest. f0.     8ilareliol
ing „ gun, y .st have vnur "„„.-  in.  each day at tho   court-hone     In      t •   lnc„rpo.ate.l mln
ton,   thc   niimhoi  ol your licence, or  each city. ""•'
4,.|..|..|..|..H l-l lllll I'l'll'l'llhl't'l'l'l I I I I I II I it-^
|     The   East   Kootenay   Industrial   Exhibition
I is to be held at
j    Sept. 18th & 19th
I $600.00 IN  PRIZES
Registered Holsteins
Ayr shi res
Dairy Shorthorns
Grade Cattle
6 (.lasses
6 (Masses
6 Classes
6 (.lasses
6 (.lasses
_____ IJLJJJXIJUI-ULIJiX I ■»- J. I -■-«--» JU__
Beat Dairy Cow on Field      S10.00 Goods
Pink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Best Aryshirt* Cow      "Nor'west Farmer'
For Out* Vear
llrsi llnKte.ii Cow      "Nor'west Former"
For One Year
Best Jersey Cow "Culgarj Herald"
For One Yeai
Best Dairy Shorthorn   "Vancouver World"
For One Year
Best Bull (any year or hreedi    $5.00 Cash
By   Calgary   Herald  Co. and
"Farm (*   Ranch  Review  for
Oue Year
Best Cow and Calf $4.00 for 1st.
$2,00 for 2nd-Given by Farmers' Institute
Calf. 1913
$10.00 Goods
McCreery Bros.
Albert H. Webb, Secretary.     P.O. Box 605    Cranbrook
■firH-K ********* ■* * M H IIW.-H--I' -H-WH-W _ *H».'IUIIII "I "l"111111 "I **** *'l"l M'l'W'l'»»I t"l"t* l-M»HrM"M"l'
in payment o( n Im uf ?2r., and "ivlng tlic necessary notices requ red by
tbe Act. Liberal provisions arc als,,
iinule in tii' Act for obtaining mill-
-uti's and otliet' (ueilities in the way
'.I tutui'ls und drains for tbe better
ivorklnijoi elailna.
Plaser-nilning is governed by the
"Piacer-ralning Act," and by tbe interpretation i-lause its scope is de-
lined as "the mining ol any nulurul
stratum or bed o( earth, gravel, or
cement milled for .old or othor precious minerals or stones." Placer
ilinilus are of lour clusses. as follows
" 't'repk diggings': any mine iu the
Ind ii.' a slreum or ravine:
" 'Unr diggings'; nny mine between lii-li nnd low-water murks on
u river, lake, 0r other !nre.e body ol
': 'Dry diggings': uny mine over
wll ch   water   never  extends:
" 'Precious-stone diggings': any dc
Posit ol precious stones, whether iu
vi ins. beds, or crnvel-diiposits."
I The lollowlng provisions as to extent ut the various classes of rliilins
nre Hindi,  by  lhe  Aet:-
"In 'creek diggings' u claim slm-l
he tun hundred und lllty foot long,
niriisurc'i in tiie dlrei'tion of the gen-
oral courso oi tlu* Ht I*.*., i.i . and sliull
t'xleii I iu width oiic thousand loot,
measured (rom tlm general courso ol
ihe stream llvo liundrod fool on cither side ol lhe centre thereof
"Iii 'Inn diggings' ii claim shull ho
"(ii)    A     plOCO Ol llliul   not exceed-
Ing two hundred mul lllty leet
h inure .ni aii) luir which is covered
by high water, on
"(b)   A strip of Innd two liundrod
'iml   lilly   Itel    Ioiir   nt    high wuter
mark,   nud  in width extending (rom
high-water mark to extreme low wa*
. tes mark,
"lu 'illy  diggings' n eliiim sliull  tie
two hundred uud ilftv fuel s inure.
Tiie   lollowlng   provision   is made
j Inr new  discoveries  of  plaeer-iniitiii't
"If any tree minor, or party ol
I ue miners disrovefs n new looalit
for the piiiH.'cullnn of plueer-inllling
and stit'li discovery be established to
the siilisllictli.il ol lln.. (lold Com
III sslOtlor, iiitnter elnlliis of the follow Ing simi -imli Ve allowed to suoh
illHcovi'ivrs,   vl/,.
"To one dlHcovcrer, nne cliiliu liUU
lee!   lu  length'
"To u party ol two dlseovororB,
two   claims  amounting   together to
1,111111 fool   lu   length.
"And to ench member of n party
in v,nnl two in numbor, n olalm of
Uie  iiitiin iry ni™ only,
"'I'lll:   Wlllth   ol  illll'll  I'lllllllS  sbllll   in
, tlio nunc iii ordinary placer claims
' Ol llm same itlnsi. Provided that
whine „ dlsoovory Claim hns been os-
liiltlislinl I,, nnv liu'iillt.*' no lurlhar
discovery i li ill ho allowed within Hvo|
mill's thorolrom, moasurod along tho
Wllll'IColllHl S..'
Bvery plncor claim hIi I1 he m
iiciuly a", possible icctiingiinlei iti
form, nnl marked by tour legal P'"li
nl ilie cii'iieis thoreol, imniv llitntl In
Cranbrook |
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and wc insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
Phone 171 P.O. Box 264 |
llie   git i.    On ench of such pints ! toned   le(nl   posts,   but not   In tho
thill be written the nnmo oi thy l
i iitoi', lho number nnd date oil Ihsuo
ol   bis    hue minor's ocrtlllcnto tho
dllle    nl    tile location, und Hut nu
tin  f uii  loglili posts marking
tin* corners of thu claim.
A placet olalm must be riiconlod in
llie olllite ill tiie Mining Iterorder Ior
kIvoii tu tiie ola in.   in tlniborod lo-Uho mlu ng division within which the
cBl_*s all boilidary-llncs ol „ .la  *"" '« -"'"»". **lUw MUM days
claim   slial.   he   liiat.il   s0 that the   ater the lomt  there...   ll located
insis enn bo distinctly seen, under- »l li'n ton mllos o   lie ..nice of the
l„„ ,t, anl tho locator .iiinii nlso   MU -' RmwUm liy ••>•'"»» J1'*"
iii"t linil nosis mil uon: tlinn U! '"""" "' travel, Onn mldltlonal day
loot uiuit on all boundary-linos. In ■hoU lie allowed tor every ten miles
localities where tbere is im timber ii-in . mil  or  Inet'on thereof.   The
or  undciliriiHl iiiuinri.ts  ol  onrtll   niiuiber ol days shall be eotintcfl In-
mil  rook    not Ies- than J loot high cl sivo  ,„ the duy upon which such
nml 2 leet In illninctui  at. huso.  v I location w„s mado, but exclusive ot
be   erected   In   lieu of the Insliniit-. (Continued on I'Bge   II) THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
|..|«|i>|--|m|.i|ii|i.{.i|<i^|^1-^^'-|'-|>'1^ *
professional   Carbs
£obge   Hotices
■t^.|..|..-..*..l^.|..fr.M.-t-**W-*^^ ■
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd tad
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Bee,, P.O. Boi 911.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets In  Carmen's Hall 1st and
id    h r.da s    In e eru  mon'h   nt
I p.m.  Membership open to British
K. T. Brake, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular  meetings   on the
third  Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
P.L.S.   ft. O.I.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Banisters, Solicitors and Notarial
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Oolumbla
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Pboae 223
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings'.—2nd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   ar*   cordially invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. 0, Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Craabrook, B.O.
Crescsnt Lodge, No. SS
Meets every Tueeday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
G. Doaahue, C. 0.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S.
E. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Do. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
. Tun'cy, W. M. Harrl
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  US
Companions ol tha Forest
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thuraday ot each Month tt
S'.OO p.m., aharp.
MrB. A. M. Laurie, C. C
Mrs. A. K. Bbaw, Sec,
Visiting  Companions  cordially welcome. Mf
Drs.   KING   ft   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armatrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.80 to   S.S0
Sundays - - - 2.30 to   4.S0
Oranbrook, B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Notburj A..nii. Nail to Clt- Hell
Op.n D.y ind Nlghl Phoae tu
Funeral Dlrsotor,
P.O. BOX 685
Dletrlct of South-Mast K.xiteaay
TAKE NOTICE that John Heary
Lismer of Cranbrook, B.C, occupation laborer, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner ol Lot 9687,
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
weBt 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence enst 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains to tho point ol
commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
II iled  .Jdue   23rd,   1*113, 2 -Jt.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Notice of Tax Sale
Kor a Licence to Take and Use water
The Consolidated Mining &■ Smelt
Ing Co., ot Canada, Ltd., of Trail.
B.C.. will apply lur a licence tn take
nnd use one-halt cubic loot per second ot water out df nn iiiinnnied
creek, which flows in a southerly
direction through the "Hope" M.
Claim and sinks on the "Hidden
Hand" Mineral Olalm. The water
wlll be diverted near the N. Hot n
ary of the "Hore" Mineral Claim
and will be used for mining purposes
on the land described as the "Hope"
"Hamlet" and "Hidden Hand" M
This notice wns posted on the
ground on the llth day of July, 1913
The application will be filed in the
office of the Hater Recorder nt (Tun
Objections   may   bo   llled with tht
said   Wnter   Recorder   or   with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
The Consolidated Minim: t- Smelting
Comnnny ot Canada, Limited
Hy 0. H. McPougal
29-4t. Agent.
NOTIOB! IS HBRBBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of tin.' Municipal t'lniises Art and 'mm Unit Acts, nnd of n resolution of
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Crnnbrook, pasBcd „n the -Dili day ol July, A.D., 1913, 1 will, on Wednesday th: 3rd.,
day of September, A.U., 1913, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon (10 o'clock locul timo) nl tin' Mun clpal Olllce, Cranbrook, B.C., oiler (or sale by
public unction, the lands, Improvements, and real property, situate wl. in the Municipality ,,[ thi CU ol Oranbrook, and within the limits o(
Ihe Oranbrook School District, us defined by orders iu Council on the J.'th duy oi November, 1906 nml tho -.lul day oi May, 1906, and hereinafter
set forth, (or delinquent taxes mid subsequent taxes in arrears, remaining unpaid and payable t" the Corporation of the City of Oranbrook, by
lini persons or assessed owners hereinafter respectively set. forth, nnd for Interest, coats, expenses, nml Collector's Commission if Five per cent,
unless the totui amount due for suid delinquent tuxes nnd subsequent taxes In arrears, Interest, costs, expenses, and Collector's commission ot
live per cent, he sooner paid, via.:—
~    ~ Amount ot Delinquent Tnxes sub-   I   Costs  of  expenses  including  the
sequent taxes in arrears uud  in-   '   cost   of   advertising   and   collec-
terest   to  day  of  sole. tors commission of 5 per cent
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P* O. Box 845
Oranbrook      Lodge
No.    1040
'toots e-ery 2nd nni'
th  Wtdntishiiy nt I
in., in Roynl Black
n i-lit's    Hul    on
"a nr Street.
M. Brier, Dictator.
R. 8. Garrett, SeC'y
Meets In Roynl lllnck Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meets overy 2nd nnd 4th Thuraday
ol ench month at » p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, Ree. Soc.
Oeo. I.udds, chief ranger
VlBltlng brethren nuido welcome.
President--c. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly oa the First Friday
evening ot each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address tbe Becretary-A'. B. Smith
P.O. Boi 862, Craabrook, B.O.
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Certlticato ot Improve uenta
Dore" Mineral Claim, situnto In
the Kort Steele Min.ng liivia.on ol
EnBt Kootenny District.
VVhero locntedi-On Wild Horse
creek nbout 2f.ll feet below chlnn
TAKE NOTICK thnt I. Thos. T.
McVittie of Fort Steele, agent for
Margaret I.. Dole (Mrs. . r.ter) Free
Minor's Certificate No. r,72Sf.B, in
tend, sixty dnys (rom date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder lor
a Certificate ol InTprovomont, for
the purpose of oiitninimt a Croivn
(Irani of the nhovo claim.
And further Inko notice tlmt nation, under seel lun 117, must be com
ineiice.l before the issuance of such
t'clll'lcnle  of   Improvcmi'lltt.
Dated   this '.'1st  Inv   ol July, A.l).
30-4t THOS. T   McVITTIK
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, ths Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and ln a portion of
ths Province of Brltleh Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of "1
aa acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must bs
mads by the applicant in person te
ths Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe district ln wblch tbe rlgbts applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land mast
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, nml in unsur
veyed territory the tract applied (oi
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accom
panied hy a fee of $." whlcb will br
refunded if the rights npplied (or are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shall he paid on the mer
chantable output of the mine at thi
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tli. mine shall
furnish the Agent with Bivorn returna
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable conl mined and pny the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not helng operated, such
returns should be furnished.ut lenet
once a year.
The lease will include the conl mln
ing rights only, but tlio lessee may
be permitted to purchnse whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of tl0.(10 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub Agent ol
Dominion Lunds.
ff.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister ol the Interloi
N.U.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not he pnld
for. Jan. 4tb-tf
Given uuder my bund at Cranbrook, B.C., this lat day of August, A. U., 1913
City Clerk
Licence to take and use Water
all persons hiving any claim against
he estate ol the lute Gust. Andeen,
who died on or nbout the 22nd dny
of July, 1913, at Cranbrook, British
Columbia, are required on or before
the 20th day of September. 1913, to
send by post prepaid to the nndor-
s'gned Solicitors lor Lena Andeen,
the Executrix of. the said Estate,
their names and addresses and lull
pnrticulars of tbelr claims in writing and a statement, of the accounts
and the naturo of the securitl s, il
any, held by them, and such statement shall lie verified by statutory
AND TAKE NOTICE that alter
the ,20th day of September, 1913,
Lena Andeen will proceed to distribute the assets of said deceased,
having regard only tn the claims of
which she shall then Imve hud notice
and wtll aot be liable to any person
of whose claim she shall not have
then had notice.
Dated this llth day df August, A.
D., 1913.
33-4t.      Solicitors Ior said Executrix
Tenders are requested for the solo
privilege of supplying refreshments
of all sorts at the Fall Fair, Sept.
18th and 19th. Last day for receiv-
Ing same August 31st. For particulars apply
33-2t. Sec. Agr, Ass.
'TachbetendeT must be ncoompsnledl ««•"« >• •««■! mist at each com.*r wi,„ shall-grant such llconce-proyid
by an accepted cheque „„ „ chartered   uf   }-   K'u'"'     «n\i*A lor.   On   he eil  no  valid  protest  is  substantiated
l_n"    payabl"   to   the   order   of tlip   i'ost nearest the  placer ground  thr.i -tor a Period not to exceed one year
Honorable    the   Minister   ni   Public I b-lng worlodllio locator must poBt and at tbo expiration   ol   the   lirst
Works, equal to live per cent, (fi p.c.) I a.notice stating the name ol the up-
of the amount of the tender, wblcb Plicant, tbo location ,! tha ground
will be forfeited if the person tender
.UK decline to cuter into 8 continct
when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete tho work contracted for.
Ill the tender be not accepted the
choquo will bo returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept tne lowest, or any ten
By older,
Department ot Public Works,
Ottawa, August IS, 1913.
Newspapers   will   not   be paid lor
this   advertisement   if tbey Insorl ii
without   authority   (rom the Depart-
ment.—16074. 34-21
Mining Laws of B. C.
the   dny   ol  application   lor record 	
The application loi such record sin 11   crook lease is $'
NOTICE is hereby give,, tlmt Henry Dreier ol Wnsa will upply (or a
licence to take and use 75 miners
Inches of water out of Wasa creek,
which Hows la a westerly direction
through pre-emption record No. 1292
end sinks in Lot No, 1292. The water will be diverted at n point 1,10
yards from Lot No. 1292 and will be
used for irrigation purposes on the
lund descrlhed ns pre-emption record
No. 1292.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on tho 2nd ilnv of August)
1913. The application Will be llled iu
the   olllce   ot the Wnter Recordor nt
Objections mny be llled with the
Bnld Water lloeniilcr or wltll the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Purlin
ment Bullillnits, Victoria, ll.C.
Ift'lINItlfll   BIIEIEII
32-4t Applicant.
Loyal Orangi
No. 1871
Lodge I
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday In
Roynl Black
Knlghta of Ireland .mil at 8 p.ir. aharp. Visitors
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
•nd Drujc Cure SrartSA
Alcohol, Tiibutcu .nil liius., ll (ounutacl. the
afl.rll alhi'iat liiii.ntlt i.iim.e. sli ci.vln|l.
Ahn lal Inu lh. tie.lni.nl lli.i. wlll o...r beany
Eactl iiftltink lntotic.nl. or um diifiifala. Cn
. flvon secretly. We h.v. y.t to h..r ol on.
f.lluio.   Mailed under >.|i...t. cover lo .nf.il*
dm.. .Pile. 11,00 ho., oil Iio.m loi lien, na
•Mkell Drag c li uuWM a**.
npplicntlon will be mude to tin licence Commissioners loe the city iH
Crnnbrook at their n 'si meeting
held at least thirty iluys hereafter,
being on the 10th dny if. Scitoiubor,
1913, lor n transfer ol the hotel licence held by Lena Andeen for thr
Queen's hot "I, situate , n l.ot 20 in
Hlock 88 plan 609, Crnnhrook, B.C.,
to Eli.abitt.il Johnson, wife of Philip
F. Johnson, nt I'rnnlireo , formerly
of Moyle, II, C.
Notice Is hereby given that nu np
plication wlll be miidn to lhe Licence
Commissioners for the citv of Oean
bri.oi thirty dnys alter (Into hci'eol
tor a restaurant licence for the prom-
Ises known ns "Club Itc'tniirnnt"
Situate oil l.ot 19, Block 88. I'lnn
(,1.9, Crnnhrook, B.C.
Club  ftestaurnnt   Onnitun
Dated this lnt dav ol August, 1913
District, ol South-East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that 1. Thoniiis
Christian, Contrnctor, intend thirty
inys alter dato to apily to the Minister of Lands tor permission to purchase the lollowlng described land:-
Coiiiineii-ing nt n post planted on
the East Bun, of the Moyie Rlvor,
near the southeast comer of Lot
1010C, theuce enst 20 chuins, tlience
south 10 chains, thence west 20
chains, thence noith 10 chnins to the
point ol commencement.
Ilut.il  August 18th, 1918.
Loon tor.
34-9t A. B. Grace, Agent
of the
City ofjCranbrook
u Court of Revision lor tint purpose
of revit ill , ntid COrrOOtlUg tllO Assess
incut Hell ol the City o( ('riiiilii'no'i
and tho Cranbroolt School District
wl'l he he'd on Tuesiluy, September
30th., 1913. ut thn hour ol 10:31)
ii.in. Iioiul time) in ihe Municipal
Buildings, Norbury Aviuiio, Crnnbrook, B.C. Objections to Ihn snld
Ai'Hcssiiiciit lloll iniliit. lie mnde in
writing uud delivered to the Asseru-
ir, nt lonsl. tei (10) tlnvs before the
Bitting oi tho Court nl Revision.
Cranbrook,   H.C,    August    i2lh,
88-41, Assessor
Bon.it  fur the Poll   .Mr,  Sept   Htll
nnd rub.
*.JMf _-<§ter' _t-
SEALED TENDERS iidilresscd to
the. undersigned and endorsed "Tenders lor Jclty and Dredging nt the
North Arm of the Kniser lliver,
B.C.," wlll he received nt. this odlCo
until 4.1)11 p.m., on Tuesiluy. Septein-
l.ce 3D, 1913, tor the construction ol
Jetty and Dredging nt the North
Arm nl the Eraser lliver, B.C.
Plans,   specifications    nud    form ol
contrnCt   cnn   be   seen nml forms
tender   obtained   nt this DopnrtmcntlU I
and ,,t the otllcos ol ('. C. Worslold, "' '
Es,.,  District Engineer,   New West
minister,   H.C;   w. '/,. Uarlo,   Esq.,
District    Engineer,   Wlniitpog, Mun.,
.1.    S.    Mnel ni'hliiii,    Esq.,    Iliiillicl
Knglneor, Victoria, B.O ; J, I.. Mich
uud    Esi.,   District   lOnglnooi, Posl
iiHii'e lu,ildnu', Montreal, P.Q.i J. 0,
Shut,   Esq.,   DiBtrlct Bnglnoor, Con
federation   Life   Building,   Toronto,
Ont,, nud oil  li|i|illcnt I'lll  to the I''*!.
muster nt  Vnncouvor, 11.0.
Persons tendering ure untitled lllftl
tendclK will li"l I"' eoiiiilili'H'il unless
made on tl"' printed forms supplied.
nnd Blgnetl with tholr nitliiiil slcim
lures, sliitinii tlicii occupations nml
pieces    ol    resldell'-'e.   In   tho esse Ol
iirms,   the actual signature, tlio naturo nl Uu' occupation, nnd Pisco of
lie under outh and in the lorni 80
out in the Schedule to ihe Act. A
claim which shall not have l.c.n recorded with n the proscribed period
shall he doomed to hnve heen uhiin
doned. '
To Hold a Plucir claim lor more
than one year it mist be re-recorded
belo e the expiration ol the record
or re-record,
A  plnccr claim  must be  worked  by
the owner,    oi    some one on his be
I nlf, continuously, ns lar as practlc-1
able dm lnt  working hours.    It work
is discontinued for n period of seven-!
ty-two hours except during the close!
season,    lay-over,   leave   of  absence,
sickness, or for some other renson lot
the satisfaction of the Gold Commissioner, the cluiiii lb deemed abandoned,
Lay ovels ure declared by the dol
Commlss oner upon prool being glv
en   Inn   that   the   supply   ol   w.it'C
is  nsulilctcnt to .vork the claim, l'n,
dor siinilini- circumstances lie has also lhe power to decline ft close sen
son, by n notice In writing nnilt*      I
lishcd In Ine Gntotto, (or nil or any
claims    lu   h's district,    Ti nml nn
drain    licences    me    also   grnnttd
by   i in   tne    person    applying
hociiity   (or   nny damage tlmt m.i.
arise,   Clrnnis ol rl bt ot-wny fi r lh
tonitriietioii   of   tunnels   or   drains
across o lior. ululms nro nlso grnutcti
on   piiyinctll   of   ll   lee  of   126)   tbe  iiv-
ii r ol the clmii' crossed1 having ihe
rl lit for tolls, en'., ou the tunnel •■.
drain which may1 bo constructed.
Thirc toll,  li'iwoior, me, s,, far ns
the amount goes, i n lev tl I crct
on, of ilu Gold Commissioner.
lu    ho'll    llle "Miiictnl uud  PlttCCI
inliiiii*  Acts"  provision Is i le l"i
ibe [oriiiutjiiH oi mining partnerships
In,tn I,   n ucnornl nntl ilmltoJ linhil
Ity character,    Thoso are oxtcll'lvol
ndvnntnge of nnd Imve prov
I verv satisfactory in llmlr wo* i""
ehoiiltl it co-owner fil or reluse to
e nilil.mil. b s pi i ortlon ol tho nl
pond nue re (Hired ns nssossmcnl
wi r ,,n ;, cl.iim lie may ho advi i
lis d mil," mul lis llileresl in tlio
e'lilm   shall   Income   Veslel   ill   In     CO
owners who bnve mnde tho required
ev mi 'itiii-c.   mo   r ii.i nccoiil nq  i"
ill 'ir firmer lu'iiieiis.    ll il 11 iml
li*   lor'ntti n    nun    if nny cn owr.o-
Ueriiilt  his  free minor's eertlllcule  In
In* mi,   tin   mil oi hie associates s
no'    i e d cot',   imi It's lutornsl  re
'.iiIh i-i ibe remaining co*ownors
Reims   ol   Hln lipled   Crown   lunds
to bi acquired, tl.e quantlt* of
ground1 unit the term for which the
lease is to iie npplied fur. Within
thirty days application must be mud.
in writing to the Gold Commissioner
iu duplicate, with a 11 tn of the
nround oh the bnc't. nnd the application must contain th,' name of th"
applicant, Hit number O, ihe nppll-
cunts free miller's certificate, llie io-
tality of tint ground, the quantity of
the ground, the terms of the icuse
desired, anil the rent proposed lo he
fluid. A sum of *2il must nccompuny
the application, wblch Ifl returned f
the application is r.ol grnntod. Th
term of lenses must not exceed twen*
■ ty years, The extent of uro, n.l cov.
eeed by lenses is not in excess ol tie
ollowfng Creek bull a mile; by-
j draullc diggings—80 ncres; lor dred-
i glng leases—6 miles; precious stones
I illggings—10 ncres, Under Order in
Council, the minimum rentnl for
per nnntint, nud l(
liy IrailllC    Icuse    .'nil    pi
year an .extension of such licence may
ne granted loe n second or third yeai
should the ilcenceo discover conl,
petroleum, oi natural uas upon sucb
lunl during the period of his licence,
nnd jiioduce satisfactory evidence, un
der i ath, of the fuct, he may obtain
from the Lielitcnant-Governot in
Council, alter having hud the lain1'
I roperly surveyed, a lease of the
said blocs for a term ol live years,
ut un umiiini rental of If. cents an
acre, and sucb lease may be renewed
(or a (Hither period of three years,
upon payment of a renewal fee o(
>1I)U. for each parcel of 6-10 acres o(
land; and it during the term of such
lease, or within three months there
after, lie 0 ill show conclusively that
be bus continuously mid vigorously
prosecuted the work of coal or petroleum mining, and has fully carried
out tiie terms oi such lease, he shall
he entitled to purchnse the suid
lends, Including the coal, petroleum,
,,e natural gas thereunder, at the
i ate oi <3H per ucre. or in the event
the   siirfnce   rivhts   having   been
with „ condition Cut nt lonst $1000  allenntcd    trout    the Government, he
ler nullum shall be spent  in ilcv
lun.    .oi   dredging   leists the  usual
rental—ls   150   per   mile per annum;
development worth tlOOO per mile Per
milium must he done.
Mineral or placet claims,
Crown-granted, ure subject to
of 2.*> cents per acre, payable ou
.lini' eii.ituilly, but If $200 Is spent
in work in the year proceeding tlmt
dute, tii s tux is not levied. A tax
0* 2 per cent is levied qiinrterly i n
all ores and other mtnernl substances
m ncd in the I rovlnce, bused upon
the ii t valuo i',* such ore at the
mouth oi the tunnel or shaft, but
where orc-proituclng mines that uo
not produce n gross 'nine of -i20iin in
n yenr nre entitled tu a nt nl nt
ilie, t-ix. Thoso tuxes are In substitution of nil taxes on the Inu.I and for
tue taxes "ii persona] property nso-i
In, ui ibe Incomo derived Irom u
working i,( th- mine*, •.<► lone, ns the
ii ii i I.- , inly used I"' nun ii pin
poses.   H.v th.'  'Lund Act," ,, royal
ty    ol    Tn) ContS  per   M-,  hour l-iueas-
lii'.'. is levied .hi niiiiie! suitable l"i
mining props, „ cord "( props being
e insldored s 1,000 feet bontd mens
i re.
mi purchase, tbe conl, petroleum, or
kiis   underlying    such    lands    at the
rate of  >li   per acre    Provided also
thnt.    in    addition    to the rental or
! purchase   price,   there shall lie paid
in   tiie  Government as a royalty 2),
when cents per barrel (SH Imp. gallons) ol
.:,.<   i ride    petroleum    raised    or    gotten
Irom such  land.    (See chap.  159,  lie
vised    stn*nt.'«.    1911.    nnd chap, 4-1,
Where mineral is discovered in n
part' Of 'he Province remote from
Mining Reci r. er's oflices, so that the
provision! of the Act cnunot be just
lv enforced, the miners themselves
nil", l.v a t'.otliirds vote ut t, meet
mt f',,i thai purpose appoint n Min
me* Recorder Irom among thomsolves
Such Rocordi con issue miners' cer-
tiflcates, rectrds of 1111111111- property,
■tc     lllld   si'.'l   entries   will   be   valid
aotwlthstard.ng     any     Informality.
I'lll... tin '.*t Midi Mining Iteeorde,
•Imli ni t'-'H .is possiUe. forward a
Hal „i tin Ine mm i»' certlilcates
issued  l.v   nut   and ol  records  mn.li'.
',, 1 ic iif.i">t coi.i Commissioner 01
Wiring    ''-colder,  tiueth r with the
' fees 1. .• i- -.1 by  law therolor
Miner s  cert
t'ompani PrSO Miner's t'ertit
lea' •   capital,  $100,000 or
less 1	
1 omp.-nv !• ree Miner's t'ertil
Hills (capital  ovei   $100,000)
iii -l'n' . iiic Cortilleate ill Work
1 Is in	
Min.'liil   1 ti	
Aiiy pert 11 desiring t*. prospecl nn   [nt|ivld"n   Ei
conl, potloloum, nr niitilliil  cn.-  11.... inc„ie
nn)   restricted   hinds   hold   n>   thi
I I.,wn   inn;,   lie.|lllli    .1   liCOUCO   I"    .
-..,   ,0,1   1,   inti IlL'iilnl    IllOCk   "I   lloll
not exceeding t-in acres, of which the
1,1 Inrlcs shall i nn  dut ib   in '
smith   ninl   onsl    and   wesl   nntl nc
iile shall exceed mi chains   mllo)
hi length,    Dofoi'ii entering iut" pos
session   1,1   On'     "i'i    land ho shall
place   io the cornel  of sucb block n | Rocn.-diuii Mineral or Places
li'i'iil stake, oi Initial post, nml slui,l 1 Re-record   ,1 I'lnn  Claims
tin,'1,1.e Illil   un  1.1 , Htm,e nl d  llie Hn   j J*.,, I illil •     lll.-ioci   	
gie represented hy such post,   thus. n>.cordlni*      Aunndonmfnt,
"A,    II. s   N.h.    corner," m  us ibe     Mineral Calm  	
ni.,. mn,  ho, mi 1 iiiiii.I keop postod record ng       Abandonment
'.,,1    .111   days iu ,. conspicuous plnco     Placer claim  	
iiihhi tb. s.ild umi   nml .J ti Hie Recording nnv affidavit nn
Govt riniielll   iiiiii 1    , '   111,-   tit  tl l'l.   lis
well ,is publish n*  11   111  III ' ll.C   Gil
..•ii • mil iii ,1 ,oeiii iiowspnt'Ci Nu 11
llko period, 11 noil 1 if- Intention
i.inpiily lor sueii prnspoetlnu lloonco
Tie lippllciitii.il lor snld llieiicn
shull te 111 willing, in duplicate, 101,1
sllllll     lolltu 11    lhe   best   written   'Ies     I
"iiptioii possible, wiih 11 diagram ol
ibe land Bought 1,, 1 i'i red, hh i
shull   lie accompanied with n ,1 1  I
lllll).    The iriplH'Iiihi shall be mini.,
2. Ml
ver  Ihree,   III   nd
,1 1'.
ler   tlili"
I'I'I'    lilllo,    I
'111   1,11
II .ids   III
.111111*   Di elnitelit"
Km 1 rowii Ornnt
Rights  under
11  Clown (limit  nl Siirlnce
HIkIiIk     ol     dlliernl   I'lllllii
resldeiite ol nidi inoiiilier ol Hie llrm.of   the   dlstrlot,   nder   locatll
miy   be   granted by Hi' l.louton n'
iio'e'iioi'   111   t'ointil   iiiiiiu   rocoii    i"   ti"'   Asslstnnl   Cominls.loner ol     under ''Mineral Act." 	
ii'cndiitloii nf Hie Gold l'n iiinitsloii n len Is   loi  Ibe dlstr ct, nnd by htm | (For ckesv louse under "Pine
forwarded to the Minister of 1.11ml
ds,     or-m
i- an absolute necessity to lu-
itiii-c i he comfort uf tho horse mid
ilu* miOiy ni the rider. Briug
your horso hero mul Imve us lit
him witli :. saddle that will nnl
slip nr chafe. Vou might as
well Imve thp best while you are
uhout it. for uui' saddles like all
nur liarurti* lasl rti exceed!ugly
Local  News
Oui twenty years experience in picture Framing insures you of fl _utis-
i.i-iO! o., overy time.—Kilby Frame
w. ii. Scott,   of Macleod,
town Mondny.
a, u. Cameron,
town Tuesday,
■     LJ.   F,   Muir,   ot   Y.tli
; city Wednesday,
if  Seattle,  was in
The Wife's Pride
wns   in   lIlu
W. M. PARK & CO.
Phone 109  Cranbrook, B.C.  P.O. Hox 443 j
M.   J,   Homier,
tuwn on Montlny.
i.. Johnson, ,
town Wednesday
I  Moylo,
I   Kiiillierle
And the litte Ford shall lead them,
It's tirst in sales—tirst in economy
—and tirst iu the esteem of those
who love safety, surety and comfort—because of its wonderful simplicity, strength and lightness. It
leads in  snles—service—satisfaction,
Think what these price, mean—Ior the car
thai ha*, -.root! th.- test: Model I Kuna
bout $600: Model T Touring • 41 5650;
MouVI T In. ,1 i:ir S'KIO-f 0 h Walk,,!
ville, Olll . with nil equipment t>ei cata
Imiiiii' ami lull particular, from
The Hanson Garage
!■;. a. Miller, of Los AngoleB, Dal.,
.•ne in town Monday.
A. M.   Fletcher,    of    Crow's    Sent,
in*-, .ii the eity  Monday,
it.   Livesley,   of Yatik, spent Sun-
lay last tu Cranbroo!..
H   .1   Wilson,   ...    Bo-itou
wn- ,u the citj  Tuesday.
w.  m   Hay, of Fernie,
lay i»bt in Cranbrook
pent Tubs*- j
f Wy-j
F.P, Davis aad il   Staples
iliiTi-, were lu town Monday
U, Longprc,   Qi Kingsgate,  was a
Craubrool.  Monday  on  I usine in
.1. Wiftiu.    ol Chicago,    -vm regis
tered ,it  tue ■ Iranbroo .  Wedm Eidaj
a   silting
•aiii be held
jeered    m.
tbe   County   Co
tiif  tr.th 0! Sep tem
■I  iii'ii.'i'is Ferry, wm
the   . ranbrook Tucs
Complete line *
Supplies—Cars .
manner "f repairs
Norbury Ave,
Accessories Part- and
id Trucks For lure-\l!
mil \ uicauizine; done.
Cranbrook, B. C.
IIN'G   YOUR t'l.p   I'li'i*.  th  lions
PL.A.C-.  for r.''.ruks
_lsie   J udd   and ES.  Marquette,    o
at tie    were  Cranbrook   visitors  on ft
is a nice set oi Silverware foi hei
table Good silver ...way. makes
a fine impes.ioii at the ilinm-i oi
luncheon, It adds /est to tbe appetite aud indicates reliued UltOI,
We can save you money In solid
tilvei Ol silver plated wan. ol th*
b.ii   quality       ltieii   ,ue DOVeltles
in designs uud every piece ii most
artistically finished
Jewelers & Opticians
Presb) terian Church
K.?.   ff.   Kslnuiu  Thomson
Hon      W.    H     Ross,
an .**.  wlll be .it   Ci anhi
Mis. .1 Patterson and
Toronto, were Cran rook
Mi nd_y
Moruing services at it a in.
Sundn>   SchotA and Bible Clai
m.     "Please note the hour."
Evening services at 7.30 p.m.
Anthem by Choir.
The Sacrament of   the Lord's
per   will
H. F. Lloyd, ol Spokane, was a
guest at the Crnnbrook Wednesday.
Mr, Harry Drew mid Mrs. F. M.
Mahon, of ICimborley, were Cr-.in-
hrook visitor Tuesday.
A. Hurry, Burley Willes, l_d fcl.it-
im and Hurry Spence left this week
for about tbree weeks vacation to be
spent in Dull in ■ and in mini'. They
expect to havi   11 good time.   '
The [act tlml under Conh irvatlve
govcrnmeht, Canada is tn Joy ing increased prosperity is n mean giveaway nu BOiiiu people who used to
support the Laurier government.
Mr. anl Mrs. A. C, Uownoae, and
Mr. and Mis. it. Laid, ol Ooloman,
motorodto St, Maty'. Lake Thura-
| day on q Ilsh lug trip. Mr. Laid and
wife have lu'en the gUQStS of Major
LlnwnosB for the  pn
Mrs. It. Sin,a mid child arrived in
Craubrook from P.E. Island on Wod-
iioauay evening, Mr, Blinms, who is
employed al the A. 0. UowniBi store
was weiuiui ,, smile on Thursday
morning thpl  covered his whole laco.
Messrs Clapp, McLeod. Welt-tor j
and Laml), returned mi Friday Inut
from ,, fish Ing trip to St. Mary's
Lake They brought hack about t
hundred pounds of lisli, untue we it'll-
nn ovor tunc pounds,
It is illegal in use nr have m posH-
i-ssion automatic shotguns, pump-
Kvn«. «*i repenting shotguns capable
of holding more titan nne cartridge
in the magazine, Cluus contrary t
iegulalions maj   he sel'.ed.
Lord and Lady strathcona Balled
tn the Lnsltana August 23rd for
Canada, The old story has been rc-
u.ed that Strathccnn will rt tire
ns Canadian high commissioner, nnd
will bund hiw resignation to I"rainier Borden  upon his arrival..
•: titer.
E.   L.    Staples.
transacting    bus n
Mond ij
Wyclitle,     was
,-t   i 'rani rook
Mas, i
of I
tory   Service,   Friday evening, Sept.
Uh., at S p.m.
Baptist Church
Rt..  0.  E.  KENDALL
Athletic Sports
To be Pulled OH' at
Sept. 18th & 19th
Hoys' Race 60 yards dash (under 100 Us.)    Mcdftlrf-Hlold    Silver    Bn
Hoys'   Race   7fi   yards  daeh   (It.   years an<l   iilitlei "
CHrls' Rare   	
(toys'  Standing   Broad   .lump  	
Poys' Potato Race   	
50 yards Sack Race, boys Hi & under " "
tiirls'  Egg and  spoon   Race   " " " '
Oirla* Race, aged i'~- Ifi   "        " "
Hammer .brow   ■■   $8.00
Putting shot ■•  W-nn
Half MNe (open)    .15.00
100 yurdh dash (open)    .15.00
Standing Brond .lump (men)   Si.00
..tinning Hop, Skip mid Jump •■   $8.00
J Mile Race ...-    $8.00
Poys'  Relay Race  . mile (_ boyB) ...A medal for
5-a-s de  Football comp.tltlon     A medal tor
Jit nning  High  .lump	
220 yards Flat  Race (open)    .16.00
Running Broad Jump   SS.00
_20 yards Obstacle Race    .1...00
Standing High Jump  ■■   SS.0O
Pole  Vault   $8.00
130  yards HurdieRacc,   10-3!   ft.   hurdles   S8.u0
Mile   Rare     I." 00
Squaw  Race,  100  yards       ...     ...oo
Nn third priae II Iosr thi n five enter       Kntne      ta en
before the event
A  proporlj  arranged Time Table foi  thi  •  ent«  a 111   ■>•
Hold on both days ol the Pali ,
?ranbrook visitor*, on     Sunday morn'.ng service nt 11 a.m.
Sunday School at 12:1 Ti noon.
- ■ ■ "■ Evening Gospel service at 7:30 p.m.
A.  E.  French and Miss H. French,     Morning   topic:     "Wild   Grapes li
of Bull  River,   .en   Cranbrooit visit- i the Lord's Vineyard.''
ors Thursday. Bvening   topic.    "Tbe Kingship o!
,. .   ..      ..    ,    .. „,      ,,    ..  Jesus In the Great Commirslon," ur
Mr.  and -drs.  B   A.  Mardonald, of „Th_  , Alternative''-He  that
Calgary,    were    guests  at  tlu- Cran- ba,eveth   J:llil   ih   baptIzed   8h.lU b,
nrooA un  i aursaay. 8aved _nd he lhRt beiievetli not shal' j
Men's Suits Pressed 50c- Cranbroo    be condemned.
Cleaning   Work*,.   Phone   157, Thepubllc   arc    invited   to particl
  'i pate    in a bright and cheery servici
The bunting season for deer, grouse  of praise.
\ ducks   and    geese will open on Mon   ■—— ■ ■ — — ——
dav, September Ut.
The   gmdim.    of     Armstrong   and I
Norbury       avenues    commenced     on
Tuesday  morning.
A. W. Bleasdell, ex-mayor ol Fer-i
ale, was transacting business at |
Oranbrook Tuesday.
inu .2.1)0
ft.00 $2.00
ch of th*- winning team
rli o| the winning team
$3.00        $5.00 $2.00
$10.(10 $6.00
$...00 $2.00
$li).i)u $5.00
E. J. Roberts and CH. Prctcott, ]
it Spokane were registered at the i
t ranbrook Tuesday,
Mrs. Bennett and Mrs, p. 0. Hope,
ol Marysville, were shopping at j
..ranbrook on Monday.
W. T. Laidlaw, formerly with thi i
Fiiti Mercantile Co., is in the city
this wce-t on huf.iness.
S. H. Troup and Miss A. Troup
and Miss Campbell, of Philadelphia,
were   Cranhrook   visitors  Wednesday.
R. E. Sherdock, nnd Mrs. Sher-
dcfl. and child, of Lethbrldge, were
iiiests  at   the   CranbrooK  Monday.
Mr. nnl Mrs. F. O. Thompson and
:h Id, ol St. Louis, Mo., were rcgis-
tercd at the Cranbrook Sunday last.
Dan McNelsh, of Fernle, road superintendent loi   Fernie riding wna at
ranbrook on oftlcial business Wednesday.
I). McFarlane, nl Kimherley, boo'.;
keeper ror the Taylor Lumber To.,
was in town Thursday nn company
' mis n.ss.
Uoost tor the Fall Fair, Sept 18th
.in!   I'Ml
Mrs. H, Darling ond children, who
Sup | have been spending their holidays at
6    dispensed  on   Sabbath | die coast, are expected home this nf-
eptomher    Tth.   Prepare j ternoon.
The defeat of reciprocity is bring
ing millions of United States capi-
a1 to Can id for the employment of
Canadian workmen. And to t':i n.
that the Laurier government went
11 the country on a policy of keeping this money  o'.il  of Canada.
The Cranbroo'.): Public Schools
opened on Monday (or the (all term.
Nearly 500 pupils were in attendant
aud th1 High School will batf« i
membeisbip of about twenty, iwo
coming from Ft. Steele and one from
Mrs. Jos. Hillary left ou {Saturday last for her home at Drumhlller,
Alta., accompanied by Master Bell.
Mis. Hillary bas been staying with
tier daughters, Mrs. I. Bell, of Cran-]
brook and Mrs. R. J. Baldwin, o(|
Glenlily during her stay in the weBt,
Hon. R.F. Green, M.P. for Kooten
ay, is now iu .V.st Koo'.enay, l^ok-
ng o.-er the district. He is accompanied by James Scbo.eld, M.P.P.,
Neil F. McKay, M.P.P., and J. .
Forde, public works engineer. It IB
possible that Mr. Green will vial1
Fa-it Kootenay next week.
H. Von Bergen, of Berlin, arrived
at the i. r n broo't Hotel Monday
Mr. Von Bergen left during thc afternoon Tor Wasn, where he. accompanied by Wm. White aB guide, will go
on a bunting trip to the head waters of Sheep creek nnd hunt (or big
game. Tha party will Bpend about
two montns in the mountains,
Tlu hunting season will commence
on Mm lay next. Hunters are cautioned to secure their licences to carry n gun bei'ore starting out, (or we
„ndt rstnud that the game warden
has instructions to strictly enforc
the law In th s respect. Get your
licence ind button at tbe govern!
ment ofllce before Saturday noon.
I ocal members of tbe Barbers: Pn
ion picnicked at at. Mary's Lake on
Stnlay lasl. They report having a
very pleasant exper ence. "Bill" Erler nnd Tommy Bout.) caught tb^sh
Methodist Church
Rev.  W. Bison  Dunham
Sunday  Services:    Tbe  past jr  will
preach at 11:00 a.m. and 7:;t0 p.m.
English   Church
Rev. E. P. Flewelling Rector
Holly Communion at &M a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion  11:00
Evening with special address 730
It. Bingham, the new cutter and fit-
tei nf Men's garments for tho Fink
Mercantile Co.„ arrived in Crnnhroi
Wednesday .
Can have their
wants supplied by
Our slock of Loaded Shells
is very complete
IF. Parks & Co.
•    Sunit* nine.ueii  [talla-is nml rfwclc.,
in.' applying toi   naturalisation and Hardware and Mill
theli    n'l'li .itiiini-   will In' In'Ai'd nnl .       .
September  'tli. 5Uppi!6S
W    n.   MacFarlane    nml    J,   H       CRANBROOK,
Sjiencv,    ware   imlinii'  nt   (Innt  river;  ■ .     ,
ii   Saturday   last,    returning  with
.v.ll mipii baskets.
**** lllll 11 H 111 H III. HM! 111 ll'l **********+;
Poultry Keepers Take Notice
We are doalrous of publiBhiug an it-sue of our paper wholly
in the interests of the poultry-men of Cranhrook and District.
When we first began gathering the necessary particulars (or
this we did not understand fully tbe proposition we were up g-
Kalnat- We wnn ted to du all poultry men justice and get n line
un nil bhe poultry ranches of the district; but we did not realize the work it Involved nnd bow unable witli our smnll force
we were of gathering togo ther nil the facts. We found that
tbere are quite a (ow ranches which keep :inn tn _00 fowl and a
nilmborwith from 100 to 300 hut they nre In every corner and
hi the moBt nnt-of-the way places ho that it is Impossible to
visit all  of tbem.
We wnnt tbe co-operation of our readers antl their practical
assistance. We want our renders to notify us by mail of any
Hereon tbey know, the breed they Keep, and the number of
fowl tbey have, unit the location of the home or ranch as the
case may be. When we Imve this information at hand we purpose visiting us mnny places as possible and getting Information from them. Kvery poultry keeper wHil he Riven full credit
With  name,  etc.,  complete In our special issue.
We should appreciate it if all our readers will have this information written up and sent into our otlice before the end
ot the present month. Address all letters to the "Prospector"
Drawer 320,  Cranhrook. .
..I..l.il.,ti ■_■_!__ ■.»■■■ ■-■■ ■..■..■..■. i. m..e..a. m ■ ■ ■ .■..■.._.._.._.._.._. _ _._....._.._.._.._.._ I
TTTTl I TTTTTT ITI I I r'r'rri TT*(**» e"VVVVV*V<V*%*VVV*wmfm% *•" _"
One Night Only
mil the rest of the pnrty all
B. C.
For Sale Rents & Wants
+ ***** ***** t r***************l*-r************'*
1 Wah Sung Co.
Merchant  Tailors
P, o   Box 641 Crnnhrook,
In I,.'..    SkiiU  I'li'Hiie.l  'ii.e nnd up ]       	
l-'ntili    Iiii    i'li niiiiit'   nut- H.icrialty., ____
i riiiibiiiin    il.nniiu*    Workn,   T'hon , '
157                                                       WANTKD   Hor-o  In rldo nml tlrlvo;
                              nl. o nu,Mil.   Must be I'ln'iip for
'I'll*    Bonto i     meeting   of   the,      cnsli.—Prospector OBlCe, :I2
i'miltiy    AHsotlutli.il     in     poBtponOtl '    ., 	
tint I Friday, Bcptemlior llth.   Mem-1
heri iiinii.' take note
I'.m rllt-nl  I'.ill. in--   .nnl
Alwm ** mi
I'li-.i Class < utter .nnl
All  the   \'."M",|   l-'jshion
Salisfaction '.n.ir.inI _<-<!.
the  ll
• l   l
11  C
Wh* nut engage the viHitini: jjcolo-
a'istb lo cngaee in n Mtudy of the
rookaupon   t-zhleli   the   Liberal party
Hi'i'inH tn In   liniii|,Inn.
Tfi l.l'/r—Soverul axhlbltlon spauoK
in main oxhlhitlon building lor
Beptoinhor 18th nnd 19th. Apply
Sec'y Aur. Anet. .i:i-2t
i ;in  I"* in i
Full hai,K- ll,,ml lloiw, Hnrnose ,«
Buggy,    .'ii I'uHli.    Apply    Pros-
KiiiI   llsvana   and    Kred  llydtmiinl      pector Ofllco.
in..turn! from Creston to C'ranbrookj — ——	
on   Tuesday,    making   tho till' in n
little ovor llvo hours.
oMs, which they cured iiulckty hy
prated draughts of Peer—a staple
thoy wore well supptletl with. Thoy
are pl.iiiiiiiii*. to *-o on a beni hunting trip ln the noi^ future; hut "Hlg
Bill" beee to be exeusod, saylnc. that
se-iii" one bear In a year Is eaough
lor hltn.
In our innt IBaltfl we announced In
those columns ibr.t tlio weddliig eero-
nionv of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Watson
wnn pel loi'uieil by tlm Hev.l*'lewellin»;
Alter golug to proas we found our in-
formation was wrong and to right it
wo ic'd'it It iii corroot form. At thc
lln' tlit I'ihki niigc tin* ltev. O. 10.
Kcnilnll united lit holy matrimony
Mr, and Mrs, Watson lo reelile in th
kilni'i't it... I Mis. Kunlce Mosiu', daughter of Mr, nml Mrs. Ollbett Mosor.
Both the i a'ties a.* well known in
rr ii'iroo', anil friends nnd acfiuain-
t nnes i.xtinil tbelr best, wishe» to the
a-ipv ^nui le, It is the Intcnt'on ol
ti'r an.l Ibis. Watsrn to reside ,n thP
I.ailics' skirl's I'rcHnril nue i nd up.
We FYoiicli Dry Clean all Qnrmonta
worn' by Man, Woman or Oh,Id nud
iliinriinfi'i' Our Work. At Winnipeg
1'l'iccB- Cllitl.irno1! (I 'iiiiiiu* Works,1
Goods t'nli'd l'Vir ind lli'li.ir.il,
Phono ir.7.
International Polo
Daily Games between Canadian
and American Teams
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by I'. S. Government
72d Seaforth Highlanders Band
$500 Cash Prizesfor Better Babies
"Custer's Last Fi&ht" Ni&htly
A thrillii _ reproduction oftaUumous
battle with 500 Indians and 200 Soldiers
Fireworks Display Every Night
Individual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Profei_m
Seven Races Daily
Poultrymen's Meet in^ Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeting Thursday
Broadsword Battles.n Horseback
C Por UliutrateJ Daily Program and
Premium List, address 505 Chamber of
Conmwrct Building ;; Spokane, Wuh.
'I'd     HUNT- loiiiliirtnlilv
j,      nn Tuesiluy, ut Toronto,  liofore ul
i   large mnl (llstlnnulahotl hody ol spec I
tutors, I'leinli'i  llm den Inid the mr-
*   ner stone nl tho now .ethnical   mild [iron     BALK  I,lt(lit
+   mn -        j      iiiiiet.    Apply   J.
\ ******************** Mt*********************      -ii,,   |„,||,.„'   Alii   "I   lln'   Mi'tlmiliHl!
,'liurr.li  will  hold  tliolr nfflinl   Iim:
nt   iho  h I   Mra, RiitlodRo oni
inu Hotel.
(ll'iiy      Mul'f,
llrnilll.   ('nilil-
,     ...   ,1   Hillv'M' I'lll'ord at the Auditorium
liiininiii.il |0.t   ,,.,.„,,        | |(t   ,   .i-3-iievo Mo"
","',  '". "V"1.,"  ".;.',',r'.   BtB**m   was woll  worth  goolng.    The -leteh
ii.ni.il.   Apply Hox .I'd. l'n e- ufiort   „,„„   to provo'to lauahtor and
tor (iiiiee, city ,m.    c-UITod   wan   very (tinny.   Tlio
miiaiOul IfitenioliitioiiH were nil
[rood. Songs in eh ir.ietei- hy Minn
Mm1   Collins,   mi i   the Instrumental
lllillt'iiTK   hy   the   Wctiton   iiiHIi'i'H  wero
 h 'I'inllv   good,     ''Helli've   Me"   was
| wll   worth   h nli»>-   nnd Hioho in nt-
wantkii  iiiinii'iliateiv, a competent •endnnce wen. well pleased,
niiiiil to ta-e charge ol three chll     Mrs,   li.  Wats n nml her two sons
How   iiinnv   iine.Hi'iiiini things can   "'    ""'   " '    '""*'  m"""'t'" on; ,irtn in ,, latnllv   In the city,- rolurned  home Irom the const nltor
I'he night i« mother ol thc dnv,        we   Iel    go viltli ii Niinli'   how ninny   ""dnssduy next.    A  good ntienilnne-] ; , liiivin.   a-  ut   u   vorv m.'oyahlo va
,1 Victoria
The winter ol the spring;
tillage run we hold on In with grim
And ever, upon old decay, determination?     This   measures  the
The greenest mosses ollng utenl to which we are lords ol our-
iii'liiii-i tin* cloud the iitnilighi lurks, selves.   Ami liecnuse the tium-H tlmt
ThrDugh nil,,with tin* sunbeams full,cumber hh arc ho vastly in e-cis. ol
Kor (iol, win, lovelh nil Ills works,    the    tllltici-    llllll ni'l us, the process
Hath led his hope wltll nil    i, (1 "'   relinquishing   times iiml  Impor-
Whllller. lane,, in nnv regime ol soul growth.
A.   .1    King,  id Oroal   Palls,  Mon.,
*tih   in the olty Monday,   Mr, King
is   collector   of   customs,   nnd was
looking    over    the  outposts of (llite-
way and Kingsgate.
WANTM'-A waitress ut once, apply f-|l011 a'  the home ,1! Mr. and Mrs
the Canadian llestiiiirntit, Cllty   ».'■*••  Sliniison
Apply cure rriiiipcetoi' 2t|
 ; w, vi. KIl.HV
liiiOKt for the Pall Pair, Bopt lHt.li' mimhtiiuni;   AVI"NIIR
ami 19111.
. P. (I. lln- su.
'Rexall Store'
The Store with ;i Keputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Wbere It I'iiv. to Drill''
Cranbrook ll. C.
40 People 40
12 Singers 12
8  Dancers 8
Georgeously   Costumed
Cranbrook Street Honse For Sale
Big Free
on Street at 3 p.m.
Pom  llooniH, linen nml Iront verandah,   cellar,   chicken   house suitable
for   lllll fowl.   Jllin.dii ilowii and (ill). ^^^^^^^^^^^^
por   month,     l'n pure Prospector of- Br.i   very newsy and well illustrated
Many of thi .reniroo'' etlnns
who hnve been npoeiilntlng in I'ort
Mnnn mil nutate wlll he glad to
huiw that there Is now helng Issued
Irom that city n nowspaper called
Ihr 'I'ort Mann Chronicle edited and
innnugeil hy David Wilson. The Ilrst
two shoots that hive bcen published
Crnnhrook, D.o|
with   views   of Port Mann and that
Boost lor the fall Pair, Bopt lHt:,| P"" »' Wi- Prasor Valley.    We wish
and pith.
I the new venture succus.


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