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The Prospector Jul 12, 1913

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Array We Te«t Eyes
Grind Our Own Leasee and
Guarantee You a. Pit
^|4 Pr'™  tMM~ Amsmmt
^jrKVflt*\ '-t^dT^-Newspaper
v in^the'
•'■'/   i   Kootengyr
$2.00 Per Year
Lumber Trade to Boom
Prominent Lumberman Sees Prosperous Era Ahead
For Lumbering Industry
"It is a mistake to thim t'tat only
tbe ueople of western Canada are interested in the completion of the Pan
ania Canal, and that they alona
among Canadians will read benefits
trom tbe opening of that waterway.
It will conler a benefit on BaBtern
manufacturers and all business men
wbo bnve interests in.the West. All
water competition is bo.n.l to have
an effect in lowering transcontinental rates, and no doubt many products of th,- Blast and West of tbe
Dominion will be interchanged via
The above observation] were made
by Mr. R. R. Hall, ex-M.P., ot West
Peterboro, in an Interview witb the
Vancouver News-Advertiser. He bus
extrnsive lumber interests in this
Province, being president of the Big
Bend Lumber Company, which has
limits on the Columbia River and arrow lakes, and an luvestor in sever
al other lumber enterprises.
"Tbe opening of the cnnal," Si
continued, "should be of especial ad
vantage to the lumbering industry o'
British Columbia. I am informed by
no Ubs an authority than the editor
ot The American Lumberman that
the freight rates on lumber shipped
from tbe Pactttc Coast to the Avian-
tic seaboard via the Panama Canal
wiil be about {13 p?r thousand.
Lhls Is on fir lumber. Un cedar tb-
saving would be somewhat less. The
figure quoted will be the dillercnce
between tbe canal rate and tbe present railway haul. The cut will be
from 75 cents to 30 centa pfr hundred pounds.
"The rate around the Hom 1.
about 30 cents per hundred, but that
is a very long and dangerous trip.
Insurance on tbe cargo is high.
Most ol the r sk will be obviated via
the Panama Canal. Then again the
latter route means that orders can
lie received much Inter aud filled
earlier than via the Horn. That is a
consldernt i >n which will mean much
to Eastern customers. I lonk for n
big Impetus in the lumbering industry of this Province as soon as the
cannl is opened. Our own mills on
the Arrow Lakes were destroyed by
fire some time' ago. They will be
rebuilt in time tor thc Panama Cannl
Entrance Exams
Word wus received on Wet.nisiiay
from lie to. i.i _An_ the result oi
ih.- higu m.hool id ran-e e.a..auctions ot the pupils of tne Uranurou..
school, 'ihe following piit>i.8 i.a-.e.
a most satis.acuiay exam.
J. W. Pye, 6»1; Ainc.no H. Fini,
67.**; trVanoa i-l. tin-*, two. Oracle tf.
Higgms, „it; jet.se Hunter, tit>r,
Francis P. Drummond, 672; Hazel B.
la.ior, Ij.j; Wm. h. Leaman, 6.5;
Dorothy K. MacKay, t>12; Marion A.
Lelich »80; Kdith 'i. Macaonnid, 6/6;
Fran* E. Bamford, 573,
From thc above It will be seen
that twelve pupils passed out of a
class of 17, while some twelve pupils
from Fort Steele, Wardnsr, Wycltue
and Jaffray failed to get the required percentage.
Ralph Spencer of Golden ranks
first in the rural high school entrance examinations. He obtained
Ml points out of a possible 1,000.
Other results are aB follows:
Arrowhead—William J. Lightburne,
Comaplix—Vera   Sutherlml,   551.
Ferguson—Oeorge A. Ho.iston, 718.
Halls Landing-*?. N. M. Girling,
W ndermere-Mutiel M. Pitts,  682.
Golden-Ralph Spencer, 821; Kenneth Moore, 675; Dorothy Clipping-
dale, 650'; Judith Parson, MO' Boj
Hambly, 633; Francis McCowan, 626;
Marjorle Hambly, 703 Wilfrid Good,
595; Matthew L. Poll, 561.
Burtondale—Will am J. Eades, 719.
Creaton-Jennle M. Nichols, 640;
Zalla Johnson, 567.
Greenwood—C. V. EUIen Jakes, 730
George H. C. Bales, 600; Mayme
Lewie. 574; Robert Smith, 550.
Football Game
The following notice iB hung up in
the Y.M.C.A. which speaks tor itself: "The A.O.F. has challenged
the Y.M.C.A. and the Y.M.C. to mor
tal combat in a football match, to
be held on the Athletic Grounds on
Mondny nt 19k and they say that it
they cannot beat us by at least 6 to
0, they will give it up and admit
they cannot play* Get together boyB
and give it tbem where the chicken
got the axe.   Piny Ball."
The following is thc team that ia
going to try and hold the record ot
Ancient Foresters In Cranbrookk on
Monday July 14th, 1913
See ng that Cranbrook Lodge ia
winning every competition it enters,
they don't think that tbeir progress
will be interrupted by anything like
the Y.M.C.A. nnd the Y.M.C, bo
that should they (the Y.M.C.A. and
Y.M.P.) dare enter the field against
the Foresters, well, we will have it
Goal-G. Caldwell; R. Back-D.
Chandler' L. Back—Bell; R.H. Back—
J. Lower; CH. Back—J, Bird; L.H,
Back-Gridley; O. Right-F. Woods
I.Fight-C. McMillan; (!.—W. Henaer-
,Bon (caPt); I.Left—8. Watson; O.Lelt
|—F. Russell; Reservee-F. Woodward,
D. Leith, J. Martin, A. Caldwell.
The Y.M.C.A. team for the day li
R. W, Kay, A. McLaren, D. Watson,
A. Hamilton, B. W. Turnley, F. Abbott, E. Haleall, P. Simms, G. Simp
son, O. Brlstow, and O. Kuhnat,
The Road Tractor
The Provincial Government placed
through F. Dezall. local agent tor
tbe International Harvester Co., an
order tor a Road Roller ol 23,000 lbs
in weight. This roller wae delivered
ln Cranbrook on Saturday last. Dur
ing the week tbere has been Mr. Taylor here, expert trom the Internatlon
al Company, Instructing tbe local
driver with the technicalities of thc
machine and tbe hest methods of receiving the largest amount of work
Irom lt, I
The machine is very simple in construction, but owing to tbe several
uses to which it can he put by making slight changes, thc Roller wtll be
of great valuo to Road Superintendent John Rcid In making and repairing the roads in this district.
This machine cnn not only be used
as a Road Roller but with various
changes cnn bo made into u Tractor;
other changes will make it into a
Roid Holler Tractor' and still other
changes lt cnn he made so that It
wlll not only act ns n Road Roller
but bchlnli It can be drawn a grader
the latter will be nf great valuo In
making roads through this d strict.
This machine is of 25 horso power
and wlll burn Kerosene or Gasolin
cheap Kerosene at that. Economy is
a strong point in its favor. No water wagon or coal wagon ls needed
as lt carries an all day's supply ol
fuel and cooling water, This not
only euts oft a big Item of expense
tor labor and teams, but saves the
time used by steam rollers several
times a day taking on fuel or wnter. I
Besides this saving ot time, it makes
a greater saving ln the cost ot fuel
Then Ita convenience ls a big saving ol time and lahor Iir the operator, aa the power Is practically automatic after the engine Is started.
There ls nn coal to shovel or water
gauge to watch; no disagreeable
heat or dirty smoke with which the
operator haa to contend,
Road making and repairing are
both occupying the attention ot the
Provincial authorities at tbia ttino
in making lor the advancement nf
the Province In an Agricultural sens*
the providing ol nutlets for those
settlers who are so situated as to
be away from the lines ot railway Is
a commendable object and the Government are to be congratulated in
taking so much Interest in their welfare and are doing their nest to satisfy their dealres,
Down to Coppers
Calgary, July 9.—Shortage of money in the city treasury with when,
to carry on public works, the delay
In opening up of city work and the
consequent shortening of the season,
the general financial stringency and
the lack ot work compared with for.
mer years—these are conditions
wblcb make a public market an lm*
perattve necessity in Calgary.
Charity and soc ul service workers
in the city anticipate a hard winter
Money ia not likely to be plentiful.
"I .sincerely hope this market move
ment may be successful for the sake
of laboring people whoce condition
offers n discouraging outlook," said
ia deaconess whose work takes her
much among nil classes ot people
"The saying of even a 'cw cents on
each article <A' food means a great
denl when there nre several tnontl'S
to feed." Tho vigor with which tbe
women are pushing their campaign
for the copper coin Is commendable.
While it may be to the advantgge ol
the limited few to prevent the introduction of this convenience, it will be
nt the expense of a large pro-iortloi
of thc population who cun ill afford
thc unnecessary expenditure of even
a single dime.
"tine hundred nml llfty dollurs u:ora
or loss per year may seem a small
amount to some people in Calgary,
but there are many more to whom
this stun represents the ililTori-n-e between enough und actual hardship."
Mrs. E, P. Ncwhall, president ol
the Consumers' League, regards the
introduction of this citrrnncy as one
ot the most, important results of the
rejuvenation of the market. If ths
copper coin can be placed ln circulation and he made acceptable at the
hanks, and at thc shops, an economic
revolution may be effected.
Tho introduction of tbe coin allows
of prices between 5, 10, 16 and 25
cents, it increases competition and
educates tho public to elimin ite waste
as tar as possible.
Although the board ot trade bus ro
Jeotod tho petition of tho women to
circulate this coinage, lt may be pus
Bible through the market to direct
public opinion to n po'nt where It
will ho to their advantage to noil uiesce.
News bus been received tbnt J. H.
Hcrlber, nun time editor of tho Kenora Kiamlnir, (Int., has been visiting   Nelson   and hns been Presenting
I clic iiii-i. which nro no good. Ho in
eldcntly snld he wns coming to Cran
| brook nml we wish to give fair warn
ing to one readers to beware.
Boost for the Fall Fair, Rept 18th
and 19th. i
Tribute to J. F. Armstrong
Progress Made by Commissioners—Field Work and
Future Outlook
Victoria, B. C, July 2—With thc
recent passing by the Dominion Government of an amendment to the
Water Act in so far as it affects the
railway belt of this Province con
:edtng to the local legitlature juris
diction over the same, the questlo.
of dealing wtth claims and forever
removing the contusion that e.lrtcd
under the old conditions bas accu-
pied much of the attention oil Hon.
W. R. Ross, Minister of Lands.
"The legislation passed at Ofra'wa
luring the session just closed affect
Ing waters in the Railway Bolt hat
revived public interest In the subject
of water and its administration
throughout  the Province,"  be says.
A vory important branch oV the
Lands Department of the Pio.-incial
Government aliout which little bas
heretdfore appeared in print, ls
known ns the Water Rights Branch,
and the legislation, above referred to
will enable this branch for the first
time to administer the waters In al)
the streams in the railway belt un
der precisely the same laws as govern
its administration outside of the
"The failure ot the Dominion Gov
irnmcnt In the paBt either to givi
over to the Province this administration or to establish an admlnlstra
tion of its own hns resulted in mucl-
confusion and an unce-tainty ol
tights thit has been a serious handicap to development in the belt, mor
particularly to Its arid portions
Here wnter is absolutely essential ti
the conducting of successful opera
ions, ond the shrewd buyer who 1
contemplating an investment in farm
lands iB sure to ask whether _ watei
right goes with the plaee, and whe
ther there is any doubt about tb
validity of the water titles.
"The Inhabitants of the belt are t,
be congratulated on the decision o
the Government at Ottawa a lev
weeks ago, to turn the whole thin;
back to the Province, lor it ls oni*
n tbis way that a uniform admlnis
-ration can be had.
"Think ol what it would haw
meant to bave a dual administration
ln the belt, Innumera' le streams in
tbat section whose waters are mucl
in demand, Ilow now on Provincla'
and now on Domioion lands. Th
situation is further complicated b;
the fact that as fast as the Domin
Ion Government Issues patents to
private parties, the land eo patented
comes under Provincial juris Hctlon
The boundary of the belt, tborefore,
hae been a constantly changing one
as tar as water administration Ir
concerned, and many cases have ar
iBen, where the act o' either one
Government or the othet In granting
certain rights in the waters bas beer
called into question,
"This condition ie hanpily al'
changed by the amendment to tht
Railway Belt Wator Act passed a'
Ottawa a few weeks ago. A year ago
;t was agreed upon between the twi
Governments that the administration
ot the waters should be exercised lithe legislature of British Co'umbia
With that object In view an act wa
passed at Ottawa last year, but 1
was found to be defective In scern'
particulars, making in tinworkahV
and authorises the local Water Rights
Board, known as the "Board of In
vestlgatlon," to go into the railway
belt and decide controversies- there
just as It does outside the belt,
"Tbis Board Is a tribunal whnsi
members have made a special stu.lv
ot wnter mnttcrs. It moves Irom on,
place In tbe Province to another
holding sessions much in the sam
way as u country Judge. Ita partlc
iilnr problem Is to investigate all
the various claims to the waters o
neb stream and to dellne and tab
Into tbe individual rights. In tb'i
way it Is possible for the Govern
mont to know whether thero are un
apportioned waters In any stream
Unfortunately in tlio pi at tbere hu
been great laxity In tbe gran'.lng o
rights, and records have been loose
ly drawn,
"Under the Bystem which exlstef
In this Province prior to 1909 on
which in still ln vogue ln some part
of the United States, water dlsputci
were le't to be settled by onlinar-
court procedure.    Two    wnter user:
Ight go to coirt and have thel
relative rights dtlftned, hut there wa
no assurance that a tilrd might no
lator contest the tl-hts of either n-
both of these and then a tourth con
tent nil of these, and so nn.
"Much needless litigation   ls there
tore averted by bavin- all tbo wnt-
iiscrB on a stream brought belore tin
Hoard  at the same  time and thel
relative rights decided In one action.
It is readily seen, too that it wotil
havo lsien  lm] iihbII 11 lor tho Po in'
to make sitiefactnry adjudications  In
the railway belt   on    streams thn'
(lowed partly through Dominion and
partly  through Provincial   territory
prior to the passage ol the amend
ment of thle yenr to the Dominion
Act, because it coul I have reviewed
only a portion ot the rights on ev
rrv stream, whereas now lt can tak'
them nil.
"The Province ls well equipped at
he present time to exercise thi br
ger powers which are given it in thi
.ailway belt. Not only has the stai
of the Water Rights maiah been ti,
targed and made more ottecti.e, but
water legislation bus been perfected.
.luring tbe Summer of l'Jla, at ui.
instance of the Minister of Lanis, tbe
.-eorgan.zatlon of the Water night,
ot-anch waa undertaken, tnat system-
atic hydrograpblc worn might be assured, and the many problems, aris-
ng out of records, and application-
.or water might be u.o:e promptly
dealt with. To this end irrigation
and water experts were engaged, and
as a result of tholr investigation, recommendations were BUbmat.d foi
iiiae ng the engineering worn on e
permanent basis, and providing
machinery, that would, through am
endments to the Water Act, permi.
I effective administration.
"The present Provincial Water
Act ls the result of _ process of evolution beginning in the early days
ol the colony. Thc law relating to
the use ot the water of the streams
[or mining and Irrigation purposes
is a product of the West. There is
little ln either the common law of
England or in the statutes ot the
older commonwealths of Eastern
Canada to serve as a precedent.
The evolving of suitable rules and
regulations governing the use of water haB had to be worked out step
by step in the successive legislatures
nnd throughout the successive administration of British Co'umbia.
"Under the common law df England adjoining a stream had a great
deal to Bay about what should be
done, or should not be done, with
thc waters of the Btream. Diversion of the water on a l«ge scale
could be prevented by such an owner, even if he did not care to use
tbe water himself. All thiB has been
altered by legislative enactment in
BritlBh Columbia, and licences to divert unrecorded water from 8 Btream
tor mining, Irrigation and other purposes may be obtained by anyone
who can show a uae for lt.
"The amendments paBsed at the
recent session of the Provincial Parliament are in.no sense a departure
trom the spirit of former acts, but
follow-up and perfect the policy laid
down therein. By thi passage ol
the 1909 Act, which created the tribunal known as the Board of Investigation, already referred to, the
legislature of this Province lor the
first time faced squarely the matter
of dealing with the thousands of old
records and water titles which had
been issued with such freedom snl
laxity during tbe proceeding half-
century. It was hardly realized at
th s time what a tremendous undertaking wub involved in this task.
Even to prooorlv review and adludi-
cate the rights in nny one ot the
large valleys south o>( the Railway
Belt, such as the Okanagan. reoulred
extensive surveys and the gathering
of n large amount of data. Time
waB required to properly prepare
the ground for the ndindlcatlpns of
the Board, but the In'tinl stages are
now haimllv nast, adjudications having been completed in several ot the
more contentious districts and existing rights having been plnced on a
| firm basis.
"Tho Provincial Act of 1909 as
amended in 1912, require all licences
tor water privileges henceforth to
issued at thc head office in Victoria.
This insured regularity In the records which had not been possible
under former acts; but In order to
grnnt rights Intelligently the Comptroller nf Water R ghts In Victoria
required accurate field data and other local information, nnd the Act of
1909 provided no machinery for supplying this The Atlmlnlstrati.n,
therefore, In the tlrst veirs of the
operation of the a«t found itself
handicapped because of thiB shortcoming. The onlv local officers who
could he called upon bv the comptroller under the 1909 Act to ossist
him In gathering the needed information were the  water recorders.
"The men filling these positions,
were generally Government agents
with routine office duties that, fully
occupied ihelr time. Furthermore,
they were not qualified bv tra'ning
to undertake some of the new duties
such as thc inspection of dams,
headgntea, Humes and other structures, the determination ol the proper quantity ot wator required by
the applicant, the direction and control of the diversion, stornge, and
distribution of wnter. Tho amendments of this year vary the pro-
cecdure of the former Act and give
tho comptroller of water rights
local representative In every district
culled the "Engineer of the Water
District." The moment any coin-
|plaint eoniOH in, the comptroller
cull" 111*011 this local engineer to gather the noccBsnry Held dntn relating to the matter In question, and
ho Ih then qualified tn pass upon the
point after giving nil parties a hearing.
'The principle that in order to
hnlil a wnter right use of the prlvl-
legi'H grnnted must be niiiile within
n reasonable time has become more
firmly established thnn ever by the
adopt inn of the i!it;i amendments,
Thin is by no meani n now policy in
llrltlsh Columbia. On the contrary,
the statutes from the om-llest times
have embodied it. The same ronioti
Ing  that  led   Provincial   Legislature
to permit the divot-ting of ntreain
wntors for mining, Irrigation, nml
other Industrial purposes, toil them
also to Inslat. tbnt the privileges
granted be either used within stated
time, or riven up. Any other course
would hnve brought disastrous results, for all the waters of the Pro
vincc would eventually have come to
be owned by parties who coild or
not at will.
"By insisting on ub.' within a reasonable time the speculator Is discouraged, and the settler and bona
llde investor are encouraged. It
might be aald here however, thnt the
Government of Brit oh Columbia bus
been more thnn liberal In thc time
allowed for thc clearing dl landa nml
the building of worts, nnd that the
holder of a record or a privilege In
this Province need not be afraid of
bcina compelled to give up bla right
if he proceeds with a reasonable development undor the circumstances.
;'Wlitle all former acta laid stress
on the use of water privileges, nooe
of tbem supplied suitable procedure
for carrying this principle into effect. Even under the Act ot 1909 final lieuices were Issued to applicants
n'iter the approval of their plane
No further steps were required on
the part 0f the appl cants, and there
was no filial check ng up to see
which of them had constructed tbelr
works, and which of them had not.
It was therefore, only a question of
time il this system were to te continued before an adjudication of ull
tbe rights held under now licences
would be required just as had been
the case with old records.
"The amendments of 1913 tor the
first time supply the procedure whlcb
enables tho administration to keep
check on tho status ol e.-ery right
in the Province. Instead ot turniig
the applicant adrift atter his plans
and spin-Meat Ions have been appro'ed
be is given only a conditional licence at tbat time, and he Ib required to report at certain stated
times the exact amount ot improvement performed by him under this
conditional licence. His final licence
is withheld until proof iB filed bv
him of the completion of bis works
in accordance with the plans anl
specifications ae approved. In this
way tbe exact status of nil water
rights in known at the Water Rights
Branch, and their tabulation is made
possible It an applicant within the
time granted to him. completes
works capable of using only one-
tenth of the water which he was en
titled t0 use, his final licence issues
only for such amount. The time
granted to nn applicant may, how
ever, be extended it good cause is
shown therelore.
"While the Provincial Water Act
as It Btood prior to the amendments
of this year made ample provision
for power companies and municipalities, there was scarcely any specific
mention therein of an irrigation, and
what few references there were Beetn
to bave referred to companies already in distance. Tbere was not
only no provision lor the formation
ot an irrigation company, but indeed some sections seemed absolutely
hostile to the idea that such com.
Panles might be formed.
"This condition was brought about
i a secondary consequence of some
excellent leg station, and waa in u
way unavoidable until expert.nee
pointed a way out of tbe difticulty.
The law-makers in previ-ius lesslons
were so desirous of giving effect to
the principle that tho water was to
be man* ed to the soil, and were so
solicitous about preventing the passing of the major part of the waters
ot this Province Into the ownership
and control of corporate interests
that they overlooked, lor tho time
being, another essential requirement
for development in any new coun
try; thnt is, the necessity of permit
ting reclamation of large bodies o
land, always under due restriction,
and safeguards. This is precisely
whnt is provided for in Part 10A ol
ot the 1913 amendments.
"The Irrigation companies whose
organization is permitted under thi
part are strictly storage and carry
ing companies. The crention „f auch
compan es Is not incompat tie with
tbe principle that the water is to be
appurtenant to the land. It is pro
vlded thut ngreements with users
must stipulate th it the water rights
and Irrigation systems will eventu
ally bo owned by the wnter usets
"In this way the prov sloni of th
Acta are made applicable to the re
clamatlon by private capital ol large
bodies of arid land whore tbere are
no settlers, or nt any rate very tew
at the present time. Thi Minister
is empowered to placo a reserve u|i
on the water set. out In the apilica
tlon of tbo company, and as fast as
agreements are nuule by the company
tor tbe carriage ot the wi.ter lo lh.
lands nf Individuals licences are is
sued to the latter, making tin* water
appurtenant to the land. I'he , nly
licence which Is iHsued to the company In ullcencc for carriage nn I
storage nnd does not Include the
right of   tbo use of the v.-utir.
"Private capital is, i>y thine
amendments, not only permitted I -ut
Invited tn tnko the Initiative In
launching enterprises in >-il 'all Co
lumhla. Yet the water imeis nre I ro
tectnd and wlll oventunlly .."-n nntl
operate tbelr own Hyat.i-is. it's Is
coming to be tbe common t\in ot
control in the ntnt.es acroii the lln i
whero the latest Irrigntion cinil'JI
shows tbnt ninety per cent nl Irrigii-
Hon rnterprlzrs now ndopt a plan
here outlined. Experience has seemed to indicate thnt perpetual con
trol of systems creates endless trie-
tlon between companies and water
(Continued on Page   ..)
II we may believe some people
there is a new crime, and it consists in dealing in real estate. A
man who speculates in pork will
bold up his hands In holy horror nt
the thought ol speculntlng in land.
The so-called llnanclcr will lend money freely to people who wish to speculate in stockB, hut he will become
indignant if nBked for a loan to enable a man to pay lor _ town lot.
Wise editors of sn called financial
journals deprecate transactions In
city or farm property. We shall take
a whole lot more stock In these expressions of horror when we find the
journals rtlfuslng real estate advertisements, the banks refusing to pay
high prices for sites tor tbelr banking bouseB and the speculator In other things declining any unearned increment when he bus land to sell.
The truth of the matter is that,
so far from being ft quasi cr.niinnl,
tbe real estate man is tbe very lile
of a new community. Doubtless be
sometimes does things which he
ought not to do and lenves some
things undone which he ought to do,
but so does the speculator in Pork,
the man of finance and the editor of
the financial journal. As a general
proposition the real estate man
makes more money tor his clients,
whether tbey nre buyers or venders.
thnn anyone In nnv other line of
business.   The reason of this is that
The New Crime
A Suggestive Arraingment of those Interests Which
Restrict Realty Movements
tbe only tbiug of real permuticiit vnlue Ib land, and its change of ownership haa a tendency to add to ItB
value. Nothing i s lost to thc community by a land sale, but, in proportion aa the ownership of the soil
becomes general, bo is the average
wealth of the comnu.n ty. Ou economic principles, ft hundred acres
owned by one person is of less value
to tbe community than a h indred
acres owned severally liy a h-indred
people. Temporarily excessive purchases of real estate may create embarrassment, but, In the long run,
and not a very long one either, the
subdivision of land among owners Ib
an excellent thing for thr community
It It. amusing how the man whose
business consists of putting up margins on stocks, whereby be udds no tli
ing to tbe wealth or prosperity ol
tb» community, and tbe ilnanclal
institution whlcb backs bim In tu
doing, profess to look upon the man
who makes it posBlble tor an e*.ono:n
leal person io become a land lord aa
n fitting object lor censure, and how
tbey will assure you that it is a
good thing wh n real (.state ceases
to change bands rapidly. Thc real
estate man is a pioneer if prosperity, and, Instead of beiig t re ited as
if he were committing some crime,
he ie as deserving of financial support as is nny otber bUflfn sj man-
Additional Local
The refreshment rooms now being
made iu the basement of the Hanson
Uloct. is fast nearing completion. It
ih to be a model house titled up with
the latest of improvements and with
a view to the comfort of ita patrons.
Don t pose the tire unjl you have
some coul ready to put cn! It's too
much liRe criticism, it kills instead
of helping.—W. M. Hunt.
The annual tournament ol the
Cranbrook Lawn Tennis Club l-e^ina
thia afternoon. Entries are numerous and competition is ketn. The
committee extend an invitation to
friends interested in the game to at
The march o( intellect, which
licks all the world into shape, has
even   reach.-d the devil.—i.ojthe.
At the Kdison Theatre will be the
following pictures shown: "The Flow
er Girl a drama" "The Law dt Compensation a drama" "The Little
Peacemaker, drama" "An Aerial Re
moval and The Tell Tale Umbrella,
both excellent comedies.
At the executive meeting of the
Agricultural Association it was proposes to elect a committee to over-
Bee the wHfl* of repairing tbe large
Kxbibition building on the Fair
Grounds. The work will be commenced immediately.
See Messrs. He.ile and Klwell for
Fire. Life and Accident Inmrnnce.
The Orgngemen are today caking
a trip to Creston wlnre they wll
celebrate the 12th of July in good
style. Everyone iB loo' lug forward
to having a good time and a good
attendance is hoped ifor. The train
leaves Cranbrook this morning at 9
Economy Jars, worth twice the ordinary at the Crnnbrook Trading Co
On Frjday of last week, Baynes
Lake formed n Farmers' Institute
with more than forty members,
Baylies is a section nf the Kootin
(tys that jm coming to tbe front and
the congratulations of the people of
Cranbrook is theirs in the step they
have seen fit to tnke. Institute
work is always nn Impetus to any
community when properly handled
and the support which the provincial Government is giving to the farmers of the Province at this time
will be a good help to tbem in their
infancy.  Success to Haynes1
Economy Jars, worth twi'e the or
dinar,V at \Ue Cranbrook Trading 0.
Bldeho ird;-,, Drossjrsi CoushoB, Ta
hies, Parlor Hints, Etc., ..n to le
sold nt cost—Cranbroo't Rxchaage,
A, E. Wntts, with s-vernl friends,
was in Cranbroo1' the early part of
the week. Mr. Witttii Ih .Mit.hnsi istic
over tiie proHpeetH ol th" Hoiindary
Minim*; A Rxplorntlon Co., at Midway, of  which he is president.
New Spuds, cabbagei carrots, beets
green onions nnd lettuce at the Pure
Food Grocery 8torn-*--Phono your orders enrlv   I'lioiie  •_'_,
Nnpolroii was not th" wood of
which kings are mnde: he was of
thnt marble of which gods are
for med.—Heine.
IlooHt for the Fall Fnlr, Hept 18th
ond LOth,
Miss Dorothy Toye, the Nelson
singer, has already gained sutficient
popularity with her beautiful singing and become well known to tho
citizens of the Kootenays as to make
any recommendation on ber behalf
almost unnecessary. She is possessed of what may be termed a double
voice—Soprano and Tenor— and
wherever she has been beard on tills
continent or in Europe, she has received the lnudits of tbe audience
and the preBS. Miss Toye will s ng
in tbe Auditorium on Tuesday, next,
July 15th, when tbe ('ranbrook people are enjoined to attend and Bhow
their appreciation for Kootenay talent and to hear singing which it will
bc hard to find an equal of in the
concert halls ol Europe. Leaving
Cranbrook, Miss Toye proposes to
return to Europe to continue her
studies and we hope, carry the withes for lier success from tbe people at
17 Inning Game
The iiiidiiliull name at I.ililiy Mon
tana. U.S.A., on the 4th ot July between Waldu, B.O. anil Llbhy, huh
one of the greutest *.aiucs ever seen
in the state of Montana, 'lhe scire
was 3 to 2 in (avor ol Waldo; the
j-iiinc going full seventeen inning*.
r.,000 spcctiitois witli ISSnl the Kame.
Charlie Calvin pitched tor vfeldo,
while Jones, .il .Kallspoll, did the
twirling lor I.ibliy. Neither team
scored lor 11 limiiius. I.i'lty Galvtn
held l.lbliy to 8 hltB nn.l struck out
32 batsmen, walking but I man.
Hits: oil flalvin 8, OH Jones 8; Kr-
rors Waldo 1; Ubby 2.
Miss Toye^Coming
Negotiations have been completed
fos tho appearance at tbe Auditorium of MtSB Dorothy Toye. the girl
with Two Grand Opera Voices* who
will give a recital on Tuesday evening July 15th.
Miss Toye is a Canadian girl who
has been touring in Europe during
tbe last four years, bavin:; sun^ in
London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Marburg, Munich, Borne, us well as Johannesburg, South Africa. She is
unusually gifted in having the ability
to sing tenor with the full round
manly quality, as well as soprano,
with brilliance and purity of tine.
Misa Toye has been perfected both
voices, until today, she is iu the 1st
(light of World Artists. Her present
tour began ln May Uth at Winnipeg
and this is to lie her last appearance
ai Miss Toye sills for Europe to
take up her continental engagements
on July 26th, from New Vork,
Thie is the fourteenth concert in
the West nnd her recitals have been
a Bcrtcs of triumphs, ('ranbrook ifl
fortunate in having tbe op port nity
f hear ng th s celebrated artiste arid
a bumper bouse is in prospect,
It seems to be n wonder and In the
minds ol many lt amounts almost to
amazement that those lu-oiile who
vulue their lives so much should not
consider the lives of -lthers to ,t cer-
ta n eitent. There have been ninny
ciimiilnlnts regarding the warnings
issued by r-|ro I'hlcf J, Foster res-
peetlng the storage o( (Jns.illne. It
should be considered n favor or ra
thor _ duty to Hume who nre fully
watching over the llvci Ol the c'tl-
znnn oi Oranbrook and lho largo a
mount ol properly, day onil night un
censing, lor tlio cltl'.iin to llo thi-lr
part in assisting to roiluco tbo dun
ger ami reducing it to n minimum
lor tlioHe men. Whin lhe Oblol In
protection to m« men und htmsell
n.lvlsen nil users nt Gasoline of thu
conditions ol the Dylawe ol tlm city,
the least onyone cnn do Is lo tiO'O
his ndvlce nnd govern thciimelves accordingly, and not wait to be
brought up bofore the bench and
then compelled to do what they ln
Justice to human llle they ought to
do voluntarily. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he gfrafpedta, -fiDraubrooh, _■. (!
M»L_>»' iTsry Saturday   Morning at Craabraok, B.O.
F. M. OhristiftD, Manager:
Pcsiuge to American, European aud   other (orei.-n countries,   50 c_ts   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEaMENTS-Adfertising rates lurnishea on applicatioa. No
advertisement, but those ol a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS-Unless notice to the contrary
lt given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will bs kept
naming and charged up against their account.
19th YEAR
CRANBROOK, B.C   -11*1.V 12th
No. 2S
(.n  Tuesday   Canada celebrated tlwjbut^ tbe^
forty-seventh birthday of the Uomin-
i n  wnn.ii
ion,    nn    occ
niner   chapter   i
pn-juominpi   succi
ago the provinces were weicie- into n
dominion whicn stands toaay us tne
1,111'n.uti aw
UiSbory ui *Ls
my-aii years
In, tor
a    |»rogreBsive
fathers 01 Conlederation
In    drafting   a    measure
which   eliminated  Btrlte   td   a   VUI>'
large entont.
.uuch ha» beta Ba.d regarding the
tut use oi Cauaua. It is admitted
ami commercially nothing la to
[eared, but tne lesson of the punt
should man* Caoadlans thins, ser
jously ui its political juobleins.
uy political problems we do noc
mean whethCr the Liberals or Uon*
aentativea are to hold the balance of
power, but tbat whoever may be the
leaders   must   be   men   ol intreglty,
starving. Legislation for the few
should he avoided if Canada is to
Become renlly great.—Sunset.
More Recognition
The dlfleronee in the attitude ot
the Borden government and the old
Liberal administration to the went
is shown in the cabinet recognition.
Under the Laurier regime the west
bad but two cabinet ministers, Hon.
Frank Oliver and Hon. William Tem-
pieman—neither of them to say the,
leant outstanding men. Premier Bor-|
den wben he formed bis cabinet took
into his government four western
men. They were Hon. Robert Rogers
Hon. Dr. Roche, Senator Lougbeed,
lender of tbe Government in the Senate, and Hon. Martin Burrlll,
Now the west gets a Mth representative in Hon. Arthur Meigben, tlio*
new Solicitor-General, 'i he Borden
Government Ln its cabinet appoint*
ment, in its rushing ol! the Hudson
,! Kay Railway, in the establishment
ni a grain Conl mission and in the
construction of a system ol Oovem-|
ment owned elevators bas recognised
a-*- the Liberal government never did
the growing Importance of tbe west
and the necessity of dealing with
and solving western problems.
supreme, with   Bartlett   worthy    o;
lrial. The Italian Prune, Bradahftw
:..m and MonWnorency Cherry a:e
tenders in ther line for Ort-nhrook.
Raspberries are led by Herbert anu
Julhhert, two of the very best varieties anywhere, the former the hardiest berry known.
New Solicitor-General
No appointment (or a long time
has been rccelveil with such general
lavor as the promotion ol Arthur
Meigben, NT.F., lor Portage la Prairie to the position nl SoHoltor-Qener-
ul. He has hern generally recognised
as peculiarly flttotl lor the position
mul the press ol both sides ol politics imve heartily congratulated the
Premier on his selection.
■a i- ila.
: jo in. t
country m i".*
sny that Laniiiiu bus not iomu tne
lend anove ail otners. ihe no* ui
business nnd imroigiaUtn which linn
marked tne lust Iiml century is ton-
stantly increasing,   from Ureal,  lira
ian and (rom the United States come.,_._ &nd „,a...Blli m_ .sieving con
the plaintive waila ol the authoritiesi16t ,n   ,m&ia   Rml   lanu.ltts
claiming   that  uanada la taatag tne | tn    Uc   nave   had   _     a   0,i
best ol the Oltuens, with all their meo _b> ,*..-, fl,- .ta-_ce. ot the * ivorltlng model ol the Bassanc
families and household goods »™|u0_t_0-t, What uthers -iave done -1"'". the Strathmore demonatra
money—lacing them [orever, because \ }.es evej' wnat 0tn.r8 ha.„ u0.„ tion farm aud tho 3,800.000 acres ol
there is so much to otlor. L,r«ia ,a attempt-Canada can do,    | Irrigated   plots        the Canadian Pa
ing uy tne mista&e ol    _e»ia,
tiieis   of    tne    t um * '•    .
the   carnage   whtth bas ut-
[variaoly   accoma.aa.cd   *. i>*   atuon o.
. warring elements, aim
should   concaui e   tu   •»
ia-.es ,A utnt-i' nations
bill   gineinuientai   sye
country    nre   mnnitely    ■
those   ol any other nation,     .  ■
possible   exception    ol   a»i
. h ->-   an-   cased  on the British syfi
terns,   yet   with   sumctent
mtni to   mar.e them notewoi
tin-   United   states,   supposedly
must democratic country ,a th*
tin* government, and to some
tne   judiciary,   bit*t-     cco.ni
the   tooia ol big business.   This .act
is   nol   even   denltd by any but tb    ''■"
(ew   interested,   ihe   laws have beeu
mude   such   us   to lament ihe ni.tuii
(acturer and tbe financial mai;n,.tcs.
ttailways   are   permitted   to
manv hundreds each year aa in
rectors desire-, federals regarding tne everything   Is   true to the scale, the,
adulteration  ol   loods are disregard-  miniature   housi
ed;  wealths-  men escape the gallows production
by means ol tbeir wealth alone; tech-1 mable.
nlcalltles   .u-e   more   important than
common   justice,   and   the   wort-jug
1 man is   regarded ns among annuals.
mportant Inasmuch Democracy  in  thc United states to-
Mr, Mcighen is one ol the young
ust members ol the House- He is "7
and at the time ol his entry t„ I'm
liiiinent in IWS was but 89 He la un
0-eceedingly able dabater with a remarkable keen iilislytlcnl mind und u
most l igi.-nl method ot presuming
ii s arguments, He will bo a decided
acquisition to tho Government ran'ta.
II \S   Kl-'I-'N   l.KHM.   MINI*.
it   ci.nn.it   be denied tlmt Canada,     r
besides    maintaining  a  most  impor-|ccle    w
ti.nt position in thc Empire, has tail- la,0iaea
en   its   place as a nation among na-1
tions.   In   (Ireat    Brltian,     fiance,
Geemaay or any other country . I ti-
anciers,   Canada   is   regarded as the
country  of   the   iuture.   Still young,
as nations go, the Dominion has attained   an    enviable   position   which
nothing can overthrow except awrong
Idea.   Let    it   be   thought for a moment that I'ariiidn is not capable ol
taking can- ol its own interests, and
the wrong idea will grow apace.   Can
ndians must retain the belief in them
selves nnd in their country which has
accomplished   so   much   in tIn* i-nst.
It must be remembered that nothine
is too great for this country io un
dertake,    for   tbe seemingly Impossible hns already  been  won through.
-Vol so long ugo that it has been
forgotten, the Canadian Purine Railway j,Inn was deemed preposterous
for a youthful nation like Canada,
yet the Canadian Pacific has ine nne
thc greatest railway system in thc
world. This is only cue _ a dozen
undertaking to which Canada may-
point with pride, for Canada hus
shown the way.
as they call forth a memory of
mer years when British .\o;th America was i, seething hotbed ol faction-
ism   and trouble,   Confederation was
. null.
Wonderful Picture
i cific Railway will he shown at the
-•■. enth annual convention of the
Western Canada Irrigation nccocia
tic n ai Lethbridge August 5, 6, an I
i 7 next.
Nils    mo.iel    which   Is 28 feel long
' and   S   feet   deep is composed of eix
-lections,  four central  secti. na Bhow
ng   thi    tracts,   and one section cn
■ nd   sh- n ing   I he big dam and
the   demonstration   [arm.   it   is the
work   of   James    Bdwards, _ widely
■*: Em ipean   engineer,   and   la
iut     apei    pulp   of Canadian
ictun     ft   i ost    .,   large sum
ilrlng many months tn
. isti  ct.     ai !     tt    is   Insured   fori
lle is looked upon
the best legal minds
that   he Is BpQOlnlly
position of Solicit-
understood tlmt tin
t\ce is to be great
Meighen will pronab]
Government in Snpr
and will likely also
wiirv inio the Increa
rates, a matter whlc
due the attention *.
Mi Meighen is an Ontario old boy
Ins homo being at at. Marys, nut he
tins beeu practising In the west at
Portage la Prairie tor a uumner oi
years. He has naule a Special study
of western problems and thoroughly
understands and aymi-athises with
the western view point.
as having nue ol
In the house io
adapted (or the
i General, it is
work of the of-
ly enlarged,   Mr.
y appear for the
eiae t'ouit eases
undertake an i'**
sed ocean freight
h he brought he-
ii tho bouse \au\
, bird's
view,   and   .s   drawn    exact to
U shows the irrigation ditch-1
the trees   bouses   telephone lines,
\ railway tracks and even the farm nia
Li.l asjehinery        operation on the   rrlgat-
the di-  ed .'arms   of   Southern  Alberta, and
ue to the scale, the
being an exact re-
smallest size l.uaji-
E very body Is invited to see this
I wonderful model at Lethbridge during the three days of the Irrigation
' con ven th n next month.
day means liyj ociisy, for there iB
less real democracy than In man>
Canada's     forty-seventh    birthday
tliulaj    the     Dominion   a    democratic j
country, and it is essential that each
.succeeding   itirthday   uuil the democ-
Suitable Fruits
nine  a
... to every
growing rather tbanj.olng back to plant only wh
'       ' '  "   prow  ;no itaMe
bitterly opposed, yet it was accomplished without bloodshed, ami with
the most successful results. There
is no more wonderful event In history of Lhe world, for it Is unique.
In the  United  States union was not
accomplished   sav.-   aft...   th obI
bloody civil war.
The   rniohtlon
kinds   and   conditions of men iiito a! ,,(1e" attained.   The moment that the
homogeneous   mass is one which has nionoyeil Interests of the country ob-,	
disrupted the whole world on moro tn In control, democracy is lost in Hy slop. Mctntosh and Pameuse ap-
than one occasion, fn Canadn at I the shuffle, A few persons v-ill lie-j pies and Alexander nnd Wolf Kiver
the timo nf Confederation tills pro- como enormously wealthy, the re, are also sife varieties to plant. In
blem appoarod to he Insurmotintnblo.  mainder    will   be   discontented   and poors,  tho    Flemish    Beauty stands
I ward.   la ilu- history of the world it
I has been shown time and time again
that    only   through   rule by tbe pt?o
I pie at   largo,   not   through   rule  by   u
of   assimilating   all j privilege class, has complete success
well in on'
•oppcr in another
planter', interests
. kinds thrive anl
his particular location. The ft. C, Nurseries Co., of
v'nne-nver, for instance, recommend
for Cpanhfook in applet t*ie T_llow
Transpnr. n', Dv.c.l e.s and Wealthy
the    Crabs,  Tr.inscrn.leut   and
Takes Registered Mail
MBDICJNK HAT—J. S. (.Jark) pope
one of tne best known railway mail
clerks in western Canada and chief
of the clerks of the Hat and Crow's
Nest division, was today sent up lor
trial at the Supreme Court session,
due to sit here in Octoher, for tli2
theft of $1,845 worth of registered
mail. Detective Campbell of the local force, who made the at rest, said
th.tt he and Special 1'ostal Officer
T Humphries hnd visited Pope's
room and found a package of missing letters and missing clothing alleged to have bc.n stolen. In another room at the Itoyal hotel they
found $482 in cash and checks In
clothing of his and in a grip of
Pope's wns discovered a number of
registered letter envelopes and a
lar^e number of checks allegedly
stolen from the mails. Pope, accord
ing to the otlicers, said that leaving
Oranbrook one night he was drunk
and dopey and did not know what he
was doing. He said he spent the
balance nf the money.
Union Life Co. Assigns
During the past week the I'nion
Life Assurance Co., which has some
wound up and through the efforts of
brtiiti lnliit   I .1 ———.J——_LJ..t.rl.Jnt.rti ______ -_
British Columbia Nurseries Co. Ltd. i;
of Vancouver, R. C.
are in ;i position to furnish '1*1 IE BEST grade of
stock to be hail anywhere, at prices that will l*e appreciated. Planters who want the BEST TREES
that experience and capital can produce should enquire ol us for proofs of the above assertion.
The largest planters and the hest horticultural
authorities in the province will bear out our statements
when we say that no trees can be procured that are as
(JOOD and as TRUE-TO-NAME as thoie we are
furnishing our customers in this province.
Our eighty-page Catalogue, and pictures from our
Nurseries, mailed free, on application. Write for
them if you are interested.
We have a liberal proposition to oiler any LIVE
man who will represent us in districts not at present
covered by us. We want only first-class, honest, energetic men to act in the capacity of Salesmen. If you
can lill the bill and want a permanent position with us,
write immediately, giving references. Do not apply
unless you mean business.
Yours for fair dealing,
The B. C. Nurseries Co., Ltd.
14->3 SEVENTH AVE., W.
j. 111 u n in 111111111 ************************* ********************>•
******************************* ************** l**********i*t* l rile
The  East   Kootenay   Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th & 19th
See the Prize List for Horses
Premiums $500.00
Seven Classes —Draft, General Purpose, Standard
Bred, Local Thoroughbred, Roadsters—including
four-in-hand, Saddle Horses & Mercantile Horses
Hon. W. T. White, Minister of Pinnace the Metropolitan Life Assurance Co., of New York, one of the
strongest corporations in the world,
has taken over the assets nml tha,
policy holders ure given the right to
re-Insure iu the American concern on
thc terms of their existing policies.
By this agreement the Metropolitan
pays SI.OflO.OOU for thc assets of the
Union Life of which S400.000 represents good wlll us a going concern.;
The Union Uf*-* AbBoi iation has heen
in n had wny for some time and Us
position hns been steadily growing
worse. During the past year It has
been running behind at the rate of
from $15,000 to $20,000 a month.
The situation hns been serious as
the numerous small pol.cy holdera,
most of them people who could ill
afford a loss were threatened with
losing their savings. Hon. Mr.
White has given a great deal of attention und time to the case in an
ondeavor to save something for the
policy holders. A yenr ago he notified the directors of tne Union Life
that they must cut down their expenses and they were notified that
some of their assets were not considered aound. Since then, the licence
has been renewed by the Insuraace
department only from month to
month. An effort was first made to
raise capital in England but this
failed. Since then things have gone
from bad to worse and In May the
licence of the company wns cancelled.
Mr. White snw that there were but
two possible solutions if anything
waa to be saved." One was liquidation in which case it was doubtful
if thc policy holderB would get m"ch
out of their wreckage and the other
was to have the policies re-insured
in some other company. The present
satisfactory solution of what was a
situation fraught w th serious consequences to the 1-0 ley holders is dne
to Mr. White, Determined if at all
possible to save the money of ths
thousands of industrial investor*
who had depos ted their funds in the
institution he succeeded In securing
the American concern,
Fall Fair Sept. 18th & 19th
Chop Suey
Specially Prepared
Served Every Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
♦ IMI 1111II1111 ************* **************
Tribute to J. F. Armstrong
(Oomtlnued Irom Pago One)
Athletics $450.00
Albert H. Webb, Secretary,     P.O. Box 605    Cranbrook
The Poet Laureate
The iliiliruliv which control-til the
Britiah iienple today In the anointment of a poet luiii-ente to micceetl
the late Alfrnl Aimtin prom pen to
create nome new nml mu-priHlii*-; .le-
lmi-tiii'i-H from n long-ostanltihed precedent, 'Ihe luteHi inline mentioned
lor thnt time honored olllce turnout to he thnt of a poetOM, Alice
Wendell, and that It Ik a worthy
name Ik proven hy the fact that it l«
iii-ini- given a moKt KerioiiH consideration lu Hi-vi'iiil piiriK of the Hmpire,i
TIiIh Ih not the Ilrst time that
Alice Wendell iiim heen mentioned.
The reader  will  pei-h.niH   rememher
that   when    TenliyHon died, Coventry
Patmore aiigtelteii that her brow
Khoiild weai' the Inni'el wri-iilli. Thi* i
iih nnw men recognised that hIici wiih
Hei'oinl i o no Bngllnhwomoii in her
poetic achievements, not. excluding
Mrs. Drowning or Christina Rosa-ltl
And Mr. Asquith would certainly
lllld her name a gracellll solution to
a ilillicnll Hltuation.
Conspiracy Broken
LONDON—The militant euflragettc
conspirnoy no longer oxIhIk hh an effective organisation. It has beon
crushed out hy tho cut nnd nioiiHe
act.   TIiIh   statement,   in   mate   by a
correspondent ol tho Dully Mail.
'I'he lenders nro cither in prison, la
bed or In flight! but 11 (ew iiiolnteil
fanatics still remain iinohooVed antl
iilioriit.li- crimen nre Attributable lo
I'Vitimv the Crowd nnd become n
MooKe' Oranbroolt Lodgo. Order ol
MoosO) lin-i ro-oponod Its charter for
the purpi.Hc of increasing Its mem
hershlp, Application foi- membership
Hhoiild be mnde to Win. M. Uriel',
District Organiser, The ice, at pros.
cut will he 'ri.llO, when the rhiit-tcr in
cloned   the   fee will be $50.(111.   TaVO
advantage ol hub opportunity and
send In your name nl once to the
nri-nnlzer, 2'
"In the light of the amendments
rtiforrcd to, the southern portion o'
I the Province has been divided into
i districts, the divides and drainage
areas beine; followed in arriving at
i boundaries. These districts lor the
I present are ns Io'.Iowb: Victoria, Ni-
, cola, Oknnngnn, l.illooet and Cart-
, boo, Northeast and Northwest Kootenny, Southeast Kootenny, Nelson,
and Kettle Valley. The boundaries
of several o! these district will short
ly bo altered to include the railway
Pelt, thc tranBfer of which to the
Province was recently completed by
tho Dominion Parliament, Practically nn dlv slon nf the Province north
ol thc railway belt hns yet been
made, but it has been decided to
place water engineers at Kort. Qoorgb
in the Quosnel district mul mi tin'
line of the P. « Cl*!. Hallway.
"Unglnoers hnve been appointed to
the Important districts and selected
for thc northern work thnt the gen
eral Held work might proo 1 without, Interruption, nHsiHtant. engineers
hnve also been appointed fn noveral
districts. Through this nrrnngomont
the district engineer is available nt
nny time to Investigate a record or
hold n hearing on an application by
the il rectlon nf the Comptroller,
lie Ih particnliirly available lo tlic
small water user for advise, aKslH
tuncc In the settlement of disputes
nnd at the same time tn report to
the Oomutroller of Water Mights in
the administration of his dlstrlot
When formerly It wns a hardship to
mnnv applicants to appear either before the Water rocorder or the Comptroller nt. Victoria, it In now enm-
Pnrativelv ensv and Inexponslvo mat-
ler fnr blm to refer any quest ou for
"The Held work of the Past two
years Iiiih been chiefly contlnnd to
making mirveyH anil plots of Innd appurtenant to wnter records. In order thnt. the Hoard of Investigation
should this sciiKoii be in n position
to make prompt adjudications, the
preliminary Held work has again
been couiined tn surveys appurtenant
to uuch records, and In such dis-
t.l'lrt.n as, in the dlscretlnll of the
bonrd, merited Ilrst. attention.
Their work Ih now well ndvnnceil
and attention Ih how being devoted
to lines of work tbnt wlll possess u
permnnont value. Those lines .of
work nre ns follows
Systematic nnd continuous
worn in stream measurements,
'lho prevention nf wasteful
use of water.
Policing nf streams.
Kcnnomlc distribution and delivery nl wntor.
Inspecting   water   systems  to
determine  their  efficiency and
Determining  stornge  possibilities.
Drivabillty of streams for tlm
Htudy   of   the proper duty of
investigation of water powers.
general the work as outlined
will embrace collection of data and
such public supervision as will result In full utilization of the water
resources of the Province, and to
tli is end the Water Hlghts Branch is
slowly but surely overcoming out-
i-tandiiig difficulties.
"The stuff of the Water Rights
Branch which is now complete, consists, in addition to the Comptroller 0f Wnler Itlu-bts and Board ol Investigation, of fifteen Held parties
operating In nine districts known ns
wnler districts. These parties are
led by engineers experienced in hy-
drogrnphlc wm-k, nnd comprise together with axemen, cooks and other
iiHslstniitH, n total ol forty-s«vcn employees. In the drafting office are
employed ..no chief drnftsinan, sli
assistant draftsman, and nne engineer. Tiie Btnff nt the general ofllco
consist ol the chief clerk and
twelve assistant clerks, four stenn-
giiiphei-H, one Junior clerk nnd ono
'i'he position ol comptroller re-
qlilros not o»ly H man of pre*emin-
int administrative ability but an engineer who Is capable of leading hydrography work and keeping It well
In advance of the requirements of
the Hoard. In the appointment to
tills position of Mr. William Young,
<'•!'••, nn engineer whn has bad a
grent deal of practical experience in
water matters in the Province of On-
tnrio, and a graduate ol McGUl University the Minister ot Lands, has,
It Ih believed, made a most fortunate choice,
"As chairman ot tho Board of Investigation, the appointment ol Mr.
.1. V. Armatrong, who has filled the
position of Acting-Comptroller of
Water Rights since .lilac, 1911, Is n
particularly suitable one. Mr. Arm-
ntrong in Ii-'h long and elliclent service under the Water Rlghta Branch
has attained u familiarity with the
Water net. anil with mattors ol pro-
cciliirc thereunder, that, is perhaps
not piiHBOHHcd by nny othor person
lu the Province, lle nlso has been
■inleii to lenrn ot the best systems
ot procedure elsewhere, and to put
tbem into oiii-in'loii here. Dunn-; his
term ns comptroller a most Important nml complete reorganisation of
ofllce nnd other procedures ha* been
effected. /
tr_*VViT.i'rt'iTTT'i'tttTttTtt'l'Tl .' *
Professional   Carbs
an6 -
Cobge   Hotices
• '|i|i|i.|..|i,|i,|i^^.|..|.'ii.|.^^i*^ii'>i'>f'.f'.'i,'i''i|'i.-f.^.^'>j.^.^.f'.i.^,,i,4.|i,ii.i.'i''i||i|+i.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box Oli.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   Carmen's   Halt   1st  and
3rd Thursdays    in every  month, nt
I p.m.   Membership open to British
B. T. Brake, Pres.
L. Pearron,  Secretary
Box 018
▼letting members cordially welcome
A. F. _ A. M.
Regular   meetings-   ou   tbe
third   Thursdny   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B, Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
P.L.8.   *   C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    -    British Oolumbla
iraesier ol the licence for tiie snla o i
liquor by retail in ard upi-n tlic pre. I
mises  known  rs  the   "Wasa  Hotel,"!
situate at  WaBU,   British  Columbia, !
From Nils Hanson to the Unionist In-
vestment   Company,    Ltd., ot TCnsn
B. C.
Dated fits 25th day ol June,   1913. '
Holder of License.
The Unionist Investment Co.  Ltd.
Per C. w. Johnson,
Applicant for Transfer.
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 221
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
No. 126, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Bi. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 83
Meet* every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, 0.' C.
F. M. Christian, K of R. _ S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Frnternlty   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. 0. Sec'y
Drs.   KINO   &   QRBEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Oltlce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   3.80
Sundays - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook,     .....     B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury A.enu. N.it to City Htll
Op.n Day and Night Phon* IU
Kmbai mer,
Funeral Director,
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of escb Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. O.
Mrs. A. B. Shaw, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. 36tf
Cranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every ini and
I til Wi illlii bay nt 8
p.m., iii Rojal Black
Knight's I In1! un
t'n'cr Street,
W. M. Brier, Dictator.
It. 8. (inrrstt, Sec'y
Meets In Royal Black  Knlghta Hall
linker Street
Meets every 2nd nnd 4th Thursday
of each month ut I* p.m. ahnrp.
Mrs. L. Hay ward, Hoc. Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, chief ranger
visiting brethren mnde welcome.
Presldent-O. II. Sheppnrd
Meets regularly on Ibe First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Crnnhrook, ll.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st nnd
3rd Thursday in
It 0 y a 1 Black
Knights of Ire
land linil at K p.m. sharp. Visitor.
Kred W. Hwnin, W.M.
S. I.. Williams, Hecv.
ScobeH'.s Liquor, Tobacco
?,"•_, Pru,'r 9,un BngsSi*
Alcohol, 1 ooauu and I Irusu. It conut.raci. tba
•..f"*. rrw*t loil»Blly-remo«e all <...!.,..
Altai lat in. th. tii.tinoiit ihn ■ »ill n.v.i ba an"
bead toairlnk Intoxicant, ur tin ilrug.at.ii>. Can
a"a.*l,",al,S™l1'* -.VV' ''*"" l« *" «7« ''' "".
lallaia.   Mallnl uiidir .apatite co»«r lo anv ad-
___fti_ f"*Bb". •<" __ to' MM tS»
leaMU Drag cu. li. vat—aiaes, (tal.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 84S
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering 6? McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Btiam Boiler,   Furnace,
aud Septic Tank work
• speoiaUy
Cost and atook estimates
furnished un application.
•    Aaai.n i P. O. Boa IW, Ciaaatesu
NOTici*: in hereby givon that sixty
(DO) days from tints I intend to apply tn the Minister of Lands for n
licence to prospect for Ooal and Petroleum over the lollon-ln-! described
lands Bltuate in l.ot 4B98 Sotltboasl
Kootenay, lirltlnb Oolumbla.
t'oinmciicini- nt n pout, planted at
the Southeast corner ol l.ot 7:i'.iJ,
thence South HI) chnins, Kast about
lt> chains, North about -ll ohnlns,
Kant about .'() Ohnlns, North about
11(1 ohnlns, nnd West aboul, SII chitliiB
to point of coli-.iiii-tli-eiiieiit.
Located Ihln 2'lh dny of March,
'I'. 0. Proctor, Locator,
.lami-ii l*ishor,  Agotlt,
TO   THE   OWREI.8   OF   LOT    3912,
A meeting of the owners ol Lot
3912 will be held on Wednesday thc
ICth day of July, 1913, at four
o'clo::k p.m. at the olllce of Beale cJ
Klwell in the Hanson Block, Crnnbrook to make regulations as to th-
stipply, use, and ilistriUitiou of water
available for irrigation pir.osea for
aid lot 3912, as to the mui.italii
ance of the main canal, laterals un 1
.titer irrigation works nnd in nortlc-
ilar to arrange for the work for the
curr.nt yenr.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. ('. this 25th
dny of June,   1913.
Malcolm Horie.
J. W. Halictt,
J, O. Cummings.
For a License to take and use water
NOTICE is hereby given thnt Peter
ff. Bull of Wasa, B.C., will apply lor
a licence lo take and use one cubic
foot per second of water out of Tat,-
Creek, which Hows in n south-easterly direction through Lot 0682 nnd
empties into Koot-inay river. The
water will be diverted at 150 feet
west of west line of Lot 6C82 and will
be used for irrigation purposes on
the laud described ns Lot 6682, Kootenay.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 10th day of June, 1913
The application will be tiled ln the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbroo:..
Objections   may    he tiled with the
said   Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parlla-
mtnt Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
24-4t Appliennt
Ask Barley Farmers
who buys the cream of their Barley crops and they will tell
you Anheuser-Busch—-the brewers and agers of
Nature's Noblest Beverage
I he exclusive use ot Saawr Hops, its mildness
and low percentage of alcohol make it the
favorite tveruuhere.
Bottled only at the home plant in St. Loull
Anheuser-Busch Brewery -Stlouis
A. C. B0RNESS, Distributor,
Critibrook,   B.C.
A. C. BOWNESS, Distributor
LIQUOR l.li'HNi'1.1 at.
(SECTION   tn).
on the illst day nl July not, application will lie made to the Hupi-rln-
ti-n.b-iit n(  I'rnvlndnl   Police I r the
Department of Works
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for two-room nddlioi to
Bcho,.|..|i,iuaa at Hosmer (Ferula District)," will be received by the Hon-
ourabl, thc Minister oi Public Works
up to noon of Monday, the Mth d iy
of June, 1913, lor the er.ction anil
completion for a tw-room addition
with heating chnmler to Misting
school houee at Hosmer (Fernie-Dis
trict). Work to be startfd immediately on acceptance dl tender nnd
c >mpleted ready for occupation on
or hiforo August 25th, 1913.
Plans, specilicationi, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
nfter the 18th day of June, 1913, at
the otlice of Mr. J. 8. T. Alexander,
Government Agent, Pernio, B.C.; Mr.
T. Ayre, Secretary School Board,
Hosmer, B.C.; and tbe Department
of Public Works, Victoria.
Intending tenders can for the sum
of $10 (ten dollars) obtain one copy
of the plans and specifications, by
applying to the undersigned. This
slim will be refunded on return ol
pluns In good order.
Each proposal must be accompan
led hy an accepted bank chsque o.
eertitieiite of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
the Honourable the Minister ol Public Worts, for a sum o |iial to 10 per
cent of tender, which shall be for
felted if the party tendering decline
to enter into contract wben called
upon to do so, or if he full to complete thc work contracted for. The
cheques or rortillriit s iH deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers wlll be returned to them upon the elocution of
the contract,
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on tin- forms supplied
signed wltb th.* actual signature of
thc tenderer, and enclosed In the en-
i-chipes furnished.
The lowest or any t.. nder not n-'Ces
Kiii'liy accepted.
Pubic  Works Engineer
Department of Public wo.-is,
Victoria, B.C., June 16th, 1913.
Department of Works
Notice to Contractors
"Crcnton   Sehool,"
SEAI.IOII TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender lor t'rcsti n Bcllonl Extension," will be received by the Honorable, the Minister of Public Works
up to iioiin of Mondny, the 3i)th day
ot June, 1913, lor the erection mid
completion of it two room extension
to the selio il-honse nt Creston,, l"
the Yinlr Rleotoral District.
The work to tie started immediate
ly on acceptnui-e of tender and finish
ed and bunded over ready for occupation on or heforo Amc'ist   .'.th, 19111.
Pint's, specif lent lonH, contract, nnl
iorms of tender may be seen on rial
after the 16th day 01 June, 1918, ut
.-.Mice of Mr. W. IP. Teotzel, Government Agent, Nelson; Mr. J. Cronip-
ion, Secretary to the School Iio.ird,
Creator.; and the Department of Public Work.-. Victoria.
Intending tenderers can. for the sum
of ten dollars (-J0), obtain one copy of
the plans an.l specifications by applying to the undersign.d. This sum
will be refunded vital, the plans are
returned ln good order.
Each propo.al must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certi-
'icate ol deposit on a chartered bank
of Canada, mude payable to the Hon-
ourable, the Minister of Public .'orks,
ior u sum equal to 10 per cent, o'
tender, which ehall be forfeited it thc
party tendering declin* to enter into
contract when called li j on to do so,
or if he fail to complete the work
contracted for. 'lhe cheques or certificates of do| osit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them
upon the ejcecutlon of the contract.
Tenders will not bc considered in
lefis made out on the tonus supplied,
: igned with the actual signature of
the ttnderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted,
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. 0., June 10th, 1913.
NOTICE is hereby given that slf.y
(GO) days from date I intend to ap
ply to thc Minister of Issnds for a
licence to proBpect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
about 20 chains East of the Northwest corner of Lot 11140 and one
mile North of the International Boundary, thence North 80 chains, West
.« chains, South 80 chains and East
80 chains to Point of Commencement.
Located this 22nd day ol March,
Edward E. McCllntock, Locator
James Fisher, Agent.
Coal mlninf rights of the Dorainioa
la Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and In a portion ot
tha Province ol Britiah Oolumbla,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more tbnn 2,S60 acre*
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease mint be
made by the applicant In person ta
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rlghta applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions ol sections, and In unsur-
vsyed territory the tract applied lor
shall be staked out by the applicant
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee of »*, which wlll be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be pnld on the merchantable output ol the mine at the
rate ol five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting fnr the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay thej
royalty thereon, lf the conl mining
rlghtB ars not lielug operated, such
returns should he furnished at leaet
once a year.
The lease will Include the conl mln
Ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to piircbase whatever
available surface rights may he eon*
sldered necessary for the working of
the mine at tho rate ol 'in.iKI au acre
For full information application
should lie mude to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W,   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of|
this advertisement wlll tint be psld
tor. Jan. -thll
NOTICE is hereby given tbat slxtv
(CO) days from date 1 intend to i.p-
ply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Conl and Petroleum over the following described
lauds situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
about 20 chains Kast of ithe Northwest corner of Lot 1U40 and one
mile North of the International
Boundary tlience South 80 chains,
West 80 chains, North 80 chains and
East 80 chains tn point ot commence
Located this 22nd day ot March,
Richard Helme Locator.
James Flnher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty
(Ii0) days from date 1 nili ad to ripply to the Minister of Lands lor a
licence to prospect: for (nnl and Petroleum over the lollowlng described
lands situate iu Lot 4893 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted a
the Southeast corner of Lot T4U1,
tb'lice Nortli    40 rhnlns,  Kast about
katchewan to form a water.users as
si.cintiuii, which has afHUnted with
the wtBti-rn irrigation assocati.m,
and which is sending delegates to
tho convention next month, and he
lias arranged ior some ol tbe strongest speakers on Irrigation topics
Irom United states and Canada to
att.-nd nn.' address that convention.
In addition to tins an.l u large
amount ol detniled correspondence
carried on with the government ot-
licinls there has been a largo amount
..I    publicity    along    irrigation lines
70 chains, South  40 ch.iins and West Ithrotigh   the   preparation  and publi-
pnlnt ol <om
about    70 chains,
Located  this   24th  day  of  March,
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James  Fisher,  Agent.
Dletrlct of South-East Kootenay
NOTICB is hereby given thnt sixty
(GO) dnys Irom date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lnnds fnr a
licence to prospect for Coai and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted ai
the Southeast corn, r of Lot 7397,
thence North 80 chains East 811
chftitis, South nbout. 'iti chains, West
about 10 .-bains, South about In
chains, West about. 11(1 chains, South
about 20 chains and West ahont r.s
chnins to point of c.inliripnc -iiii-ui.
Located this 24th day ol March
T. (i. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
cation of articles hearing on tho sub
leet in the lending mngqslnos, tarin
journals and nowspndcrs of Canada
and the I'nited States, as well as
Elaborate preparations for the en
tertnininini „f the delegates to the
next coat nntl.>n have been made by
the, executive in coniuuction wiih
the citleens of Lethbridge, and a
large     attendaace     is    anticipated.
  I Si ml   low   convention   rates bave
TAKE   NOTICK  that  John  Heir- „    mm|,    nil railways in wes*
Usurer of Cranhrook, H.C, occupa h-rn Canoda, and tho-ie attending
tiou laborer, intends tu apply lor | uro reminded that they should pur
permission to purchnse the follow- , chas.. a Btngle ticket and obtain a
Ing described lands:— j Btandnrd   ticket, at the time to take
Commencing at a post plained at | advantage   of   thc    low   return rate.
-,1h has been set
lay,   and every
the  South-west  corner of  Lot 1G»7, | Wodnosdaj    A
' aside    as    Fin ni'-r'
farmer in Souther
Group 1, Kootenay District, theace
west 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, tbence east 20 chains, tlience
south 40 chains to tho point ot
commencement and contnlnlng 80
acres more or less.
Dated  June   _ril,   I'll, i -Jt
NOTICE is hereby given tbit. nil';
(60) dnys from date I Intend to nl1
ply to the Minister ot Lands (or ,
licence to prospect (or Coal and Pel
roleum over the following doscrlboii
lands situnte In Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Commencing nt a  post   planted   a
tin- Southeast   corner ot Lot 7401,
thonce about  70 chuins South, Heal
about    70  Cliaitll,     North   n it     70
chains and West ubout   GO ohnlns t
point, of I'.imtiienceinoiie.
Located this 24th .tn. of Miitoli
T. 0. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher Agenl.
Boost for tbe Fnll Fair, Sept 18th
nnd 1'Jth.
NOTICK is hereby given thnl Sluts
(60- days Irom date I intend to 1 p-
piy to the Minister of Lands for 0
licence to prospect for Conl and Pet
roleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Commencing at 11 post planted ni
the Southwest comer o( Lot 728i,
thence 120 chninn Ninth, 400
West. 120 chains South and too lee
Kast, claiming nil ground lying be
tween lots 7286, 7285, 7137 nnd 7136.
Located   this    2.nd   day  of  March
.Iniiies Fisher, Locator.
Alberta, Saskatchewan and llrltisii Columbia hns
been Invited to attend. The discussion throughout will be open to far
mors and tin- meetings are design,-,I
tor farmers. Experts in mixed tnrin-
ing, Irrigation and nil modern agricultural lines will be present to address the Inrnicrs, and it Is hoped
that the premiers of the three wes
tern provinces as well „s the ministers of agriculture will be in atten
dance and participate in the deliberations. 1
Provincial Handbook
Irrigation Congress
i.KTi.imim.K. ALTA. Tbe rapid
ly Increasing Interwl In Irrigation l«
flbuwn by the work tlmt. bai heen
(tone tin piiKt yenr by Western Cann
dn Irrigation Association, winch
holds Its seventh annual convention
in tatbbrl Igc, Angnai :., i; and 7.
next, in tho paal year ihe Becrctary
nl the organisation lias been one of
the busiest men in westoin C-antvlai
mnl the success (Hit hns hern oil
talnod by th a orgnnlsntlon ih In no
small inensure due lo Int. oftorts.
BovoiUocn resolutions pertaining
especially i" thc Irriicntlon and for
PBtry interests <>t lhe country and
th.- public ni general woro tntmn up
■iiiriiii*, the vi'iii l.v iho executive and
brought ><• nn Usue mth tho Dominion  nml   provinclnl  govern nts,
mnl mi active imt wiih taken in
the Intern .tlotinl Irrl ration Con
gross, which tvnt. Invited tn hold "*
next HesBinn in ''ii'-hiv. with etrong
trospoctH of acccnuncc, \ dolegn
tlon of ten from flu- ndRoelntlon wnn
Belontcd nnd attended tli" Inlornal
jni.nl Dry-Farming Congress since
hint meeting, nnd thin oomntlltoe
wlll mafce n forn.nl report nn tho nd
vantage.. i.\ somo of the methods ol
cult! Vat lot. pursued hy tin- dry tnr
mers, Thi' Secretory imn ninn m*
H'Htni the irrigators of western Hns
Mr. Fr»nk   I.   Clarke,   of  the  Pro
vinctal   Bureau of rnformatfon,    has
feet I Just   Issued   a   new   edition   of   the
Handbook of British Columbia, which
in times past hns attracted so much
attention   when   read   in other conn
tries,   mnl   been   tin'   menus   of   turning   the   readers'    tlionubts   to tbii.
Province,    Much   of   tin- letter-press
. Is   practically   the same, ih"»Kh lig-
jures havo been «itcj <•.-. tn t,rm« it nn
! tn dute,  but  lln1  Illustrations are all
new    mnl    Miri'Mle   a  striking  picture
of   thr
, which
bulb   farm   nt    Royal   *»ak,
Ikiiii;   about
some Afeks HK*> Another striking
is that of tho "Hates" head of navi
gation on the Peace River, other*
show imrkers of fruii at work in
the Kelowna Farmer's Bxobiflge
sheds, nnd growing crops In various
districts nnd widely seperated latl
»ude*. "The trade of Uri'itdi Co
lumhla Is the largest In the world
per he id nf population," is n s«*n
tence thai catches tho eve nt the
I heud ..f i paragraph on Trades nnd
[Transportation, nnd carefully rollect
ed Information is given In regnrd to
.ill    ' nrleiloi    nt   agriculture mid In
some cnsPB, artunl nalnnce si ts ore
Udded The special Industries id the
j Province receive niton*ton, lumber
iliir. mining nntl Hsharles, mnl a lies
Hi't "ii li gtvrn of the principle
ml tn«n« <.f thn province
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
'liiiid I'lll* .nr com|HiuiiJwl
Clft  ll  l''C tii.t»t
ll     la     ittltMl
pt iiim'; "mil ri .iu- iir nu mod wi1 icluucceu
"n ul"" calflbrilM i>i.\ .' .i"  known,
bi tint! it itiei Iiii I.-rill.' ulitrflflilni alurdfra
h ih.- (simla upimjiiiti.-n ■« luiil--
ri ■ ■! i: h hns    iv*. -i "i    * -it -ij,i.
Wt, ami .ii nil-linn ilotflt.oi i>t -..   iioh'IIi
l»»i Drug do,, »u ( su.*. mt», om, THE  .aoS-ECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Light Summer
We have n number of Good Books
by such Authors as
Fred White Oppenheim
Hocking Snarth
Hill Moberly
and Others
Which we are Offering at
20c each
or 3 for 50c
Company, Limited
Local News
If fl job ib worth loint; it ia worth
doing well. We do our work well.-—
Kllby Frames Pictures,
Mrs, nnd MlB-a N. Leaman leave for
tho const on Monday for a tow weeks
130   Suit*, to choose (torn at. (16.60
up—Oranbrook Rlxchange
A Young Girls Sight
R. P. Davis spent a few dnys in
the city tho fore part of the week
looking up a few .rit-n.lB,
111    pair   Pants    from   $1.25   up-
Oranbfook Kxetmi.se
Samuel Richards1 name appears t-1
this week's Gazette of appointments,
to be Secretary of the Iio iml of Kx-
aminers ui the coul mine at Hosmer,
In the place of John Wiley
200 pair Overfalls at 75 centfl-
Oraabrook Exchange,
The Y.M.C.A. loo5ts pretty these
'lays decorated .is u is with flowerB
-jet out i" boxes on tho window bIUb
mid across the balcony. The Howor
are in full bloom nnd add considerably to the appearance ot th- square.
'"'   Shirts, nil kinds and Blues-   at
<0c up—-.ranbrook  Kxchfluge,
puty Collector 0f Inland Revenue
(class B) at Cranbroo't, in the Inland Revenue Division of Vancouver,
in British Columb a. Mr. Qrace has
been filling this position now tor
j some time but this is the tirst time
his name tins appeared in the Gazette.
200    pair    Men's   Shoes from $1.00
up—Cranbrook Exchange.
ii a very precious thing. It should
not be neglected if she complaint
of headaches. The chances are
they are caused by defective eyesight. We can remedy all such
troubles quickly by providing just
the right kind of glasses thst will
enable her to see better and to dispense with the headaches. Our
service is up to date snd oui charges fair.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale Rents & Wants
f -H _ III H 111 Mitt II llflMI It* HMItnUlM^
to be hooked  up after ha bas t
once had a set of our harness on *
him,    ii-.* knows there'*   go  ig -f
lobe no chafing or galling, uo T
-train where there shouldn't be ■[•
r'-*  ■*-*•*_■<<■     a"v'   \'on^ °e just as -atiiiieii ?
ffji^^-S     a* the horsstoo.   For you'll have ^
3_w1*««_     ''   harness   !'ia:   wl"   ffe*r   a* T
Jt   .*?»/■ I [E^Sr     well as  it looks, that will cost ±
^^r&J^ \-c?     vn" '',t't- an,' ran'a vou long. ••
W. M. PARK 6? CO. |
Phone 100     Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443 |
T       _________     t______________A_J\     *    m-  *.   *     *    a\    j     1,Jut     I     llll     ll _llL_._lllta.lailllllit..^l..li   ll   lllll   I
*  -_fW l"r TTT ■ 'TtTTl T _•'. t"-_^t"T™ rTTTTTHI rTTTT PrfTn'T
Riverview Outing Place
The Best Outing Camp in East Kooten ay
(.nod  Accimodations
Gasoline Launch and Boats
Will Open June 22nd 1913
H. LUND. Proprietor
I' T*l Ttttttttt'l
■ .lul .I .I iliJnl.iii I  I
f 1* s*t I n I ■ I r
il Cranbrook
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to  Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
ot Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our  Beers
Lnda       ..'.v wgetableti at the
C^ranbrook  rradl&g Co.
The Women's institute held a very
garden party on the lawn
at Mrs D. Campbell. There were
/■ in attendance when Mr*;. J. H. Mc
Clure gave demonstrations ,>•■ Straw
terr-. Iced. A real good true was en
joyed end th-? hospitality ol the h>st
ess was all that was required to
make tbe patty a success.
A car c! fiats ati-1 wheat at pood
; nee.*-.—best prices for cash in quan-
tltles at the Cranbroolt Tra-iing Co.
500 Hats <_ Caps, all styles nnd
shapes, from 25c up—Cranbrook Exchange.
The   Cadet   boys were conaltteratily
disappointed at not being able t0 go
to   camp   at Nelson this week owing
I to orders being issued from the Mu-j
or; however, the boys are told to ex-
pect big things in August—and they
-y I will if only to Ire better prepared to
*   bring  home   to   Cranbrook   some of
T i the prizes offered.
$ —
1,000 Collars, Linen, ready to wear
. all   styles    at    5C—Cranbrook    Kx-
■ change.
■ |    At the Auditorium tonight will be
■ shown   the   following  excellent   pic-
jtures:—'"Through the Shadowed Vale
a drama*' "Eclair Journal a scenic"
' I "Aunt Kates, a   comedy"    "On   the
[ Burniog Plains, 2 reel feature"
. In the DiBtrirt Exhibit Class at
the Calgary Industrial ExhtUion,
tbe Orand Forks exhibit succeeded In
■ canturing 2nd prt'-e, the only rcaBon
1 they failed to obtain the first was
the   non-arrival   of   part of the ox-
1 hlbit sent owiog to the delay ot
tr«i«ht over the C.P.R.
Fancy Cucumbers and Tomatoes at
the Pure Food Orocery Store, next
to the 41 Meat Market—Phono 88,
Overcoats    at   your   own   prlO
Cranbrook Exchange,
Mr. Kred A. RU8fl0l1 hns resigned
hiH positii n as manager of the Agricultural Association Kail Fair on account of hla having decided to locate further east, nnd ennse'i'icntly
it pi impossible [or him to fulfill
his duties in that connection in
Rubbers, Ties, Sox, Underwear,
Suspenders, Cart ere, Sleeveholders,
Collar and Oufl Buttons, Holders,
etc—Cranbrook Exchange.
Slrawnerrlea, raspberries, peaches,
plume, apricots, cherried, etc., at the
Cranbrook Trading Co.
We have juut received a eouiinnni-
. ration from Mr. Fred A. HuHSOll lu
which I,-, says thai hfl has opened au
oltlce in Brandon, Man., and expects
to bo -stationed ni tlmt place for
the next three months nt bust. All
ul his nld friends in ('ranbrook will
wish him the best BilCCOBfl iti hit* new
j    200    pair   Ladies' Klines from $1,111
| up ■Crnnbrook Exchange,
FOR RENT—Rooms with Board 1
codarn bouse, phone 874, corner Ed
ward street i ml Ltitu.d n Avenue.
KOR BALE—Three residential lots
and shack siluate'd on llewar
Avenue for sale by Beale & Elwell at a very reasouaole price.
This is one of the choicest residential locations in the southwest portion of the city.
FOR RENT—Newly painted five
room, plastered cottage.- Apply Ed
rich anklet on or Phone 312.
Open Charter Cranl-rook Loflge
No. 1049, Loyal Order of Moose las
re-open its charter for a short period for the piuposo of increasing Ub
membership, in order to enable it, to
secure larger and better benefits lov
Its members, such as a dee doctor
and free hospital, also to provide a
free club room where its members
ean Hud recreation and uood -md Instructive rending, Fur further pul titulars apply to Wm, M. Erlor, District Organizer, 28
100 pair Hoy's Hhoes from $1.00
up   Cranbrook Exchange,
The summer camp whloh WRS held
m Moyle has broke up and those who
attended are full of the good time
they enjoyed. Rev, West man cue
timo minister at cranbrook, &ave
several inspiring addresses which
were ,* so'irce of joy mul prolit to
his hearers. This summer school is
only in its infancy, the company
only apent one week in camp. Next
year, ii at all possible, the time will
he extended to two weeks ami mnny
schemes will be thought out for tbe
enjoyment and benefit, of tbe campers.
200    poll'    Infant's Sho
up—Cranbrook Exchange
ta from 18c
KOR SALE—Light Wagon, Horse &
Harness; SO Hens and about the
same number of Chicks. Al'plv
this Oflice. 28
ii Phone 171
P.O. Box 264 ;i
IB thia wcck'M Dominion Onzotte,
I the name ul Andrew lli.njnmin (Uaec
appears   for   tbo tppoUilm.nl ol lle-
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,      •      B. C.
The   ladles   of   St. Msry's   Parish
will hold u Lawn Social on Wednesday evening, July ICth, on the Catholic   Church   Lawn.    There   will   be
manv   attractions   ns usual, Including   fu-h pondn, flower booths, candy
|booths, soft   drinks   nnd Cga", ice
i and    sandwitch»s,    tt-n   anil    colicc.
land   BOudwitches,    ten    and    coffee.
The   ladies   in   charge   arc   putting
forth   every   effort to make   lie evening a round of pleasure.   The Cran-
j brook   Band   will   he   in attendance
Innd will render many now scl-ctions.
Admission Free.
Mitts i Cloves fro n 25 cents up—
Cranhrook Exchange.
BORN—On Thursday, July 10th, to
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Jones a daughter
Linoleums,   6 foot
Cranbrook Exchnne-e.
wide   at 45 c-
Baptist Church
Ret. O.  H. KIINTUl.T,
Mm ium*   Hervlce—Baptist < liurcli—
11:0(1 u.m.
Hubjiict   "Jacob's1   Wrestling."
DvonlnR    service    —  Presbyter! in
Chiin-li 7:80 p.m.
I'l-i'iicher:   W.    Keliiinii   Thoiuson.
Presbyterian Church
R«r.  W.  Kelninn Thomson
Subject       "Ood'S    Revelation    of
H.H. & lilble Class 3:00 p.m.
A Flower Horvlro to which M.'tier's
nre invited nnd all Ihelr children .
n.innl for the Fall Pair, Hept 18tli
und 1'HI.
Economy Jnrs, worth twice the ordinary at the Cranhrook Trading Co
Messrs. Beale and Elwell have
some very choice residential lots for
sale.     Reasonable,   prices  and  easy
Stoves and Ranges, All Styles-
Cranbiook Exchange.
The Independent Order of Foresters held n very successful strawberry festival in the Orange Hall on
Wednesday evening. A goodly number being present.
Lace Curtains at 70 cents por pair
—Cranbrook Exchange
J. E, Kennedy bus purchased thc
llrduswick Bowling Alleys from D.
McLaws and reopened the Alleys on
Wednesday "I this week,
lied Mattress & Spring at 57.50
Oranbrook  Exchange-
KreBli Strawberries, peaches, Plum
and Cherr es at the Pure Food Orocery Store—Phone 23. All orders delivered promptly,
F. Chapman ol thc Chapman »-
pestment Co., wrote up this week
'ld.liOO worth ot llle Insurance- iu the
ExcelBlor Life oi Onnaha.
Dresser & Stand at *li).',0~('inn-
bl'ook Exchange.
Why not rent one of Messrs. Beale
and Elwelljs Hnlely I)epo:ilt Boxes
fm* the perfect security nl all your
title deeds and valuables. Nominal
ron tills.
Kitchen Chairs nt a rents-i Iran-
brook Exchange.
The Installation ot the officers of
thc Knights of Pythias Order will
tuke place In their Castle Hall on
| Tuesday whon all knights are re.
unlisted lo be present.
;„iiiiii.HHinmi: ■|,<,lH„|,lnll|„n„1„t„H„i„m„|.|.|^,,
■ ■ i
ii Official Announcement i
The Hanson Garage has just received a
shipment of Six Ford Automobiles, which
will be sold at Factory Prices, with
freight added. The Ford is the cheapest
and most durable car on the market, it is
cheap only in price, it is the strongest
and most serviceable car in the world,
and just what is required for travelling
in this district. There is but one price
for the Ford cars.
"You can't buy gold dollars at a discount—
nor Fords cars ut spceiul prices—any time—
anywhere. We've never made enough cars to
satisfy the demand—at regulnr prices. Don't
be deceived. 1'ord prices arc wonderfully low
—and absolutely net."
The Hanson Garage has a large stock of
Ford cars on hand, also all necessary
parts for repairing, which will be done in
short order
Cars for Touring, Outing, or Commercial purposes to let with a competent
For Further particulars Apply to
Hanson Garage
'! Norbury Ave. Cranbrook, B.C. ','.
r V* -T*T-T *»"*"*'f*,*""'T*' tTt'i
'!     HEAD   OFFICE CALOARY, Alta      ', ',
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-     i
All our Products are Government Inspected i
"The Kind That Tastes Good." i
P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd. i
CRANBROOK, -        B.   C. !
l-H-fll'M HIITIIIimt'M-M **** H 1. 11' 11111 **
****** **********************
Tailoring Company
::      Gents Suits Made-to-Order at $25.00 and
11   Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits $28.00 and $29.00   ', I
Best of Material and Good
Perfect Fit Guaranteed
Cleaning and Pressing
Garments Called For and Returned when      ;;
Give Us A Trial
Wah Sung Tailoring Co. i|
Custom Tailors
• | Van Horne St. P. O. Box 642 ',".
************ 11 It III Ml  **H*f*H-M"l-
-I It
I! Auditorium!
;:    TUESDAY   EVENING,   JULY  15th, 1913    ,:
The Girl With
ii Two Grand Opera Voices i
Soprano & Tener
PRICES     $2.00,   $1.50,   $1.00
Seats Now on Sali
1 ._—__—! J Jt 1* __LJ   *
Boost for tlia Kail Pair, Hept 18th
and 19th,
Bwitches nnd PiiBa ol jour nun
hair; also mnbro'.dury dono to ordur.
Mrs. WcBlny film *, Norbury Avcnuo.
W.   W.   KHaBY
P.O. Bu* IM Onabmak, ■ O
Methodist Church
R-T. W. Blfon Dunham
Hunday Hervlcss: The pintar will
preach ut 11:00 a.m. and 7:t0 p.m.
Morntiii; Hiilijoct: "PojltlVM-M In
Evening Subject: "Chrlit Md
All nre I'ordlally invited,


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