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The Prospector Mar 14, 1914

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We have the
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The  Leading Newspaper
io the
$2.00 Per Year
V O I, U M N E     20.
CRANBROOK,    B.    0.      SATURDAY       MORNING     MARCH     14,
No.  11
Board of Trade Meeting
Will Secure Charter for Proposed Short Line between Kootenay Central and
Cranbrook—Eight-Tenths of One Per Cent Grade Secured
A large number of members attend meeting and discuss matters of importance to Cranbrook district
The annunl meeting of the Board
ol Trad, waa held In the City Hall
on Tueeday night, when a very Inrge
representative body of the hue >.aa
men of the city were present.
President II. Darling colled the
moating to order at 8.15 when
Act.-Sec. H. Coop in the absrnce of
W. Halsall, rend the minutes of thc
Inst annunl and general meeting,
which, on the niotion of Mo.-ar.. O'
Connell and Wilson were adopted as
A letter was then rend to the meet
ing from the Hon. W. Ross, minister
of lands, re resinous woods; ln his
correspondence he advised that on or
about the 1st of April one of the
hest experts thHt cunld be obtained
in the United States on this subject
would visit Cranbrook and go into
the matter with the business men
and others of the city.
A subject ari-ini; out of the minutes was the receiving of the report
of th*. committee appointed to further the scheme of obtaining a cutoff from the Kootenay Central Railway to Cranbroftc which is considered the centrnl distributing point ot
the whole ol t :c lvuiit .nays . Mr.
Geo. Stevenson, ns secretary of the
committee, reported ns follows:
At a genernt moeting of the Board
of Trade, held in thc City Chambers
Friday evening, Nov. 28th, a special
committee wns appointed, with full
power to act und to n'd to their
numbers, for the purpose of using
every influence with the authoritiea
in an endeavor to a. sure the construction of a spur or cut-off into
Cranbrook from the Ko itenay Central Railway. The or ginnl c.mmit-
tee comprised A. C. Bowness, Geo.
P. Stevenson, R. E. Beattie, V.Hyde
Baker, J. T. Laidlaw, Dr. J. H.
King and N. Hanson. At a subsequent meeting of this committee C.
R. Ward, J. P. Fink and P. E. Wilson w,.*re asked to join the c.mmit-
tee. Mr. Pollen did not care to act
but. promised the committee every
One of the tlrst things this committee did was to ask Mr. Pollen to
interview the C.P.R. Authorities in
Calgary with a view of securing all
possible information in order to facilitate the intelligent workings ot the
Later Mr. Pollen reported that he
had interviewed thc authorities and
told them that a connection was urgently desired between the town of
Cranbrook and the Kootenay Central Railwny.
A reconnaisanc. survey Bhowed
that no engineering difficulties Misted to a rensonnble grade being obtained In about 15 miles trom a
point near Wycliffe to the cresting
ot the railway near Hungerlord.
Part of the North Star brunch
would be thus utilised.
The   C.P.R.    would   derivo   advan
takes Irom the Industrial expansion '
of Cranhrook. The expensive shops
nnd railway yards there would he
serviceable for the entire Kootenay
Central Railway when made access
ii.le. The development of the sur
rounding country especially of the
St. Mary's River in timber, minerals
and agricultural Innd would undoubt
edly Increase the value of the company's holdings of this kind, besides
which any extension of tne railway
up the valley would be made practicable.
Should it be necessary a strong
plea could be put forward for Dominion and Provincial assistance. The
public buildings and institutions established in Cranbrook by both governments would only be made effective for the entire district by such a
connecting in which would make for
enormous economies in the administration of all branches of government.
In addition to the will settled
country which the branch line would
traverse much Innd could be brought
under settlement by the lifting of reserves and the institution of irrigation systems by gravity or by meanB
of reservoirs to serve them.
No assistance hnvlng been given to
the Kootenay Central or to any railway outside ot the B.C. Southern by
the Province, and large grants have
been made of provincial lands in
Enst Kootenay for distant railways,
where eircumstances which might he
quoted to strengthen the case.
I explained that a subscription had
been taken up by the Board ot Trade
and a committee appointed to obtain thc necessary data.
Mr. Pollen in explaining the circumstances, said: "that he was under the lmpvisslon that the route
would bc from near Wyclifle directly
to Hungerlord. Mr. Pierce remarked
that in a former survey a high level
crossing ot the St. Mary'a East of
Wycllfle, had been condemned by the
government engineers; he considered
that an easy route could be got from
Porteoua or thereabouts, that he had
himself been over the country there
and thought (so I gath.red) that a
route so suggested waB quite practicable.
The final outcome ot the interview
made by Mr. Pollen on the 14th Dec.
13, as above, was tbat they advised
him in Calgary that they would like
a lull statement of the case submitted to them together with a map
clearly defining the proposed route.
The statement should say whether a
separate railway Ib proposed or lt be
a branch ot the Kootenay Central
Railway, whether the Board will obtain charterB, subsidies, Irom one or
other governments or both; and generally what ls proposed and what the
results arc likely to b.s When they
have theae particular* thoy could
then take the mattes up with the ex
ecutive ot the Company.
Acting on tbe advise obtained iu
Calgary by Mr. Pollen, a sub-commit
teo, after walking over the ground
and perusing all the dntn obtainable,
recommended to your committee thnt
Mr. Parker be engaged to go over the
ground from or about porteous to or
about Hungerlord to ascertain the
feasibility of a satisfactory grade being obtained.
Mr. Parker, under date of January
29th, 14, reported as follows:—
Mr. A. C. Bowness, chairman of the
K. C. Ry. Com.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dear Sir:
Persuant to the instructions ol
your committee, I have spent some
time in the field looking tor a ros*
sible railway location hetwecn Porteous and Hungerford, and beg to
submit for your consideration the foi
lowing report.
"From Porteous, it is possible to
follow tbe draw utilized by the Staples Lumber Co. for four miles on a
rising 0.8 per cent grade. Thence ens
torly and northerly along another
draw about five miles to Camp No. 2
on a tailing 0.87 per cent grade.
Thence northerly to Cherry Cree!-
when the North bank will be followed
towards Wood's house; the line cross
ing ths wagon road aliout one-hnlf
mile north ot Wood'B, tnence north-
eaBtesly towards the Kootenay
bench falling for three miles on a 0.14
p*.?r cent grade. Thence northerly a-
long the Koo. *nay bench aliout eight
mlleB to Hungerford on a fiillin. o.ri
per cent grnde.
The grades of thiB route nre below
one per cent; two high level stoel
bridges are eliminated over the previous route and the line at no place
touches the Indian reserves. The
country traversed will be Bubject t.i
settlement later.
The results of the survey nre very
satisfactory from an engineering
point of view, and warrants the expense of more accurate investigation
Faithfully and sincerely yours,
On receiving thc results ol Mr. Parker's labors, the commltt.e at once
instructed Mr. Parker to prepare the
maps, furthjr his report ot January
29th, and secure as much information
as possible asked for hy the Calgary
officials, and report immediately to
this committee.
The further particulars respecting
the survey work, etc., was reported
to the committee by Mr. Parker an
SURVEYS: There are no undesir
ahle engineering features of nny nature. The grades, I believe, can be
kept below 0.8 per cent. The length
nt the line will he about IS miles.
From Porteous to Hungerford, there
in an area of about 75,000 arrea of
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Agricultural Assn.
Special Prizes for the coming
Fall Fair
If our renders will senn these col"
iimns carefully, they will find published from time to time, a list of
special prizes tn be competed for at
the Fall Fair.
Tn the exhibitor obtaining the
most points in prizes at the Cranhrook Dlatrlct Agricultural Association's Fall Fair, trom the products
of Steele, Brlggs' Field and Garden
seeds, fC.OO cash.
1 point tor each prize for a single
3 points for each prize ln a collection.
In cane of a tic, preference will bt
given to first prizen.
Open to Western Cannda, Irom th
Pacific Ocean as fur east as, and in
eluding Port Arthur, Ontario
To thc exhibitor winning tho grent
est number of prises during thc   sea-
.ini from Steele, llriggn' Garden nml
Field   Heeds  $40.00
Second   highest.  135.00
Third highest  »30.00
Fourth  highest  (25.00
Filth   highest ,„  120.00
Prize tickets must he produced If
Ml (ed for, Reports to reach the Winnipeg ofllce not later   than   Octoher
20th, 1914.
nny schoolroom In tho East Kootenny. (liven for one year to the best
collection of Wild Flowers, (Irasses,
Weeds, Plants nnd Wild Fruits.
Names to he given if possible; always state when nnd whero found.
Hp.cinls given by the Ah., rial ion
for horses in harness'^
1.-115.00 to the best team nn the
field owned by nny merchant or business-man, mul worked in the city, as
a delivery team.
2.—115.00 lor the hest single liors*
or marc on the field owned by any
merchant or business mnn nnd workod In the city as a delivery horse.
Will Fence Post-Office
The government tins cnmi-ldad all
arrangements for fencing thu pout
office grounds.
Instructions lm vi' been forwarded
to tin* janitor, Mr. S. Kyles, to have
n concrete foundation, .to inches wide
nnd six inrhi'H thick imt in nt oner,
A rar of granite Ih now enroute
from Calgary to ('mnl.mak, also the
iron fence, which iH to hn placed on
top of the granite.
The J, McIMnrmld Compiiny, of
Calgary, linn the contrnct. for eon-
Ht.rnrt Ini: the fence.
The roof ot the building is to he
HtreiiKtheneii. t nd several change.
Hindi-*, owing tn the unusual   amount
of snow which collect!, on   the   ronf
during the winter months.
Commissioners Meet
The Police Conimisioncrs ot (ran
brook city held a meeting on Monday afternoon, there were present
Mayor Taylor, and CommlssionerB
Dezall and lllckenbotliain.
Minutes ol last mooting were read,
and on motion, adopt'd.
0. A. Dow, chief ol police, tendered his resignation, to take cllect April lat. His resignation wnn accepted,
The position ol thiol ol Police being vacant, a number ot applications
were read, and Percy Adams wns appointed as Chlol ul Police, the appointment to lake cllect April tho
1st, his salary to be $125 per month.
A resolution was passed ca'llng
the attention of the Chief of Police
to numerous complaints thnt have
been made regarding the stealing ot
chickens, nud Instructing the Chief
to tnke all possible steps to artist
the perpetrators.
Commission adjourned.
Tiie Ladiea' Aid of the Methodist
Church am giving a two-net p'ny,
entitled, "An Afternoon Tea In
Friendly Village, IS02". The play Is
n farce comedy nnd Is rcplrti with
witty sayings nnd fun provoking
Situational About twenty of the ladles of the church are participating,
snd will he costumed according to
the styles prevailing iu lst;2.
"Gold andfross"
Under the above heading the "Toronto Saturday Night" of March 7th,
publishes the following statement ap
parently in answer to an enquirer.
A. B. 0„ Cranbrook:—Shares at 35
cents or any other price in tbe Boundary Mining and Exploration Company, of Midway, B.C., are certainly
not a good investment. Tt is said
the company hae fair property, but
tbe wbole thing savors too much of
a stock-selling proposition.
Tbis statement Iiiih aroused tbe an.
ger of the "Modern David" as the
Toronto Haturday Night" once term*
him, and in reply thereto (for bs
Is largely interested in tbis property)
lie has issued-**-
A Challenge
By A. E. Watts
The above journal on March 7th
published a statement regarding the
property and status of the Boundary
Mining & Exploration Co., Ltd., of
Midway, B.C., indicating that their
stock is worth nothing, that it has
a fair property but the whole thing
savors too much of a Btock-selling
proposition, etc.
The first statement ls quite untrue
and the second is worse. If "Saturday Night" can prove to the opposite, I, aB president and general man
ager of thc company will deliver to
"Saturday Night" all that I am
worth and all that I may possess on
the condition that il it fulls to make
good, the control of "Saturday
Night" bc delivered to mc; the question to bc settled by arbitration:
nnd I think "Saturday Night" will
bc mine if it dares to take up tho
The books of the Boundary Mining
Co. are always open for thc Inspection of shareholders. They are now
open to any competent Auditor "Sat
unlay Night" appoints to wo... with
one appointed hy this company; one
condition being that the charges refer to recent times or the pest two
years, during whuh I have been president. Prior to that time I am not
responsih.e; but if "Saturday Night"
will publiBh the Company's past history (I am writing Ior the information of its shareholders), the public
will learn something about Inside
manipulation on a small scale, which
is simply a rellection of whnt Is going on, on a large scale among the
mighty corporations of Cnnada where
by the public Ib fleeced by the parasites of humanity.
"Saturday Night" in Its issue of
January llth, 1913, paid the writer a
high compliment in a long editorial
amongst other thinga saying:
"Once in a while an incident occurs to show that there are still
heroes born of the order ot David,
ready to attack thc (iollaths of a
revised version. There is a very
good example in thla province today, of a fight Just as unequal as
the old scriptural bout referred to,
The modern David stands forth In
the person of Mr. A. E. Wntts,
president of the Wattsburg Lumber
('ompany, whilst his entrenched
and powerful enemy Is alleged to
he the Canadian Paci'lc Railwny.
While David's weapon was a sling
Mr. Watts is depending on publicity, etc., etc.,"
Without egotism, the writer accepted the compliment as earned and de-
aerved. Some of the pebbles hit the
spot and did useful work for the
gooh ol the public.
"Saturday Nib ht" does much good
iiiiiiu* the some lines hy its fearless
criticisms of'abuses, thereby winning
the support nnd admiration of tho.i*
sands of its subscribers. Buch a
Journal can be a mighty influence
fnr good, in equal proportion it can
do bnrni nud some who may suffer
thereby are not capable of defending
themselves. Kor instance, in the
matter ot developing what ave honestly believed to he |enUlM prospects In their Initial Btn.es, It ls
very difficult (or smnll companies to
obtain funds nnd the great resources
of the country are consequently, in I
many   eases   left   undcV'lopeil.      The
suggestion of stock-Jobbing is sufficient to break up small prospecting
companies who are 'lioneatly struggling to unearth the hidden wealth In
whirl, t'annila abounds,
Investing In mining stock is n gam
hie, more or less, but Investors do
not mliiil the frequent losses made
provided the eitsh Is used In honent
endeavors to develops the proportlct
tor  whlrh   tlio money   lo subscribed,
bul In  mnny  Instances  tl pposlto
In tl noe nml proniotors Und that
mining the public, Is lar easier than
pounding rock  and an easy wny
dodge work and live In luxury
Opened for Pre-emption
Surveyed Tracts of Choice Agricultural Land in East Kootenay—Entries can be
Made May First
A complete description of where these lands are located—near Cranbrook, Fort Steele and Fernie
VICTORIA, U. 0,—Hon,   Wm.   It.
Ross, Milliliter of I_.nn.Im. .ium annouu
ced that many tracts ot logged oil
landa available lor agriculture will be
opened ou May Ut tn t.ust Kootenay
tiotne in tin; Cranbrook land record
Ing division, aome iu tli.; Ferule division. They will he opened nt tbo
offices of tbe Cranbrook and Pernio
Government Agents on May Ut at '.*
a.m. The tracts are all surveyed,
some being divided into 40 acre lots,
others into ICO acre blo_».s.
Tbe districts in which the greater
portion ol the lots lie are well supplied with transportation facilities;
both railroads and highways and
markets are in close proximity. Thft
lots in the Cranbrook District are iu
the vicinity if several railways and
good roads are found in the district.
The Crowsnr-st Pass branch of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, which
lenvt.8 the main line at Medicine Hat
and runs by way of Fernie, Cranbrook, Nelson, and the Koottnay
Lakes to meet the main line ngttin
at Revelstoke, has a brar.cb running
from Cranbrook through Marysville
to Kimberley, where the North Stnr
and Sullivan mines ate located, this
branch passing through Rome of the
lots. The Kootenny Central Railway, which also traverses some of
the lots, is being built to connect
the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Golden with the
Crowsnest Pass branch, its right of
was following the vnlley of the Kontenay. The Grent Northern Railway,
which crosses the International Bonn
dary from the United States at Gate
.■•ay, continues to thc nm]-mine*, nt
Fernie and Michel, is also close to
Borne of the groupB of lots.
The East Kootenay disl rict has
many areas of evenly sloping lauds
between the rivers and mountains,
and it has attracted considerable attention. In the Cranhrook District
the Kootenay Vnlley varies from ten
to twenty miles in width Irom rim
to rim, with areas nf flat bottom
land in places from which benches
rise in series to merge with the font
bills. Mountain streams Intersect
the bench lands, draining down to
the Kootenay. St. Mary's River, on
which a large group of the lots being
opened to pre-emption is situated, in
one of the larger tributaries of tho
Kootenay in this District. It rises
in the Selkirks about forty miles
west of Cranbrook, and flows east, in
to tbe Kootenay at Fort Hteele.huv-
ing a total length of nhout fifty
miles and a drainage-area of about
1,250 miles. Until it reaches abo t
five miles west of Cranbrook, tbe
the stream winds among tbe mountains of the range and foot-hill-, an.l
thence to its confluence with the
Kootenay. The adjacent country,
in general, is a scries of rolling hen'
dies, excepting at its month, where
on St. Mary's Prairie there arc gov
. ' 1
eral thousand /acres of low land,
Mark Creti. flown Into-v.JjJt, Mury's
River at Marysville, wlii-re*''a., laig.*
smelter in U rated, and there in u
population of abom kou people] lo.-
er iH derived from LtilH creek to drive
an air euini.re_.Hur iiiid generator for
the Sullivan Mine, VVyclff^, nt the
junction of Perry Creek nml St.
Mary's River, is another centre of
population, a large sawmill, stores,
and hotel being located there. There
are about twenty-five lumber manu-
tactories in the district.
Cranbrook haB a population of
over 4,000 people. It has goad educational advantages, The public
buildings include the Provincial ami
Dominion Government Buildings,
municipol building, six churches, two
opera-houses, banks, hospital, nine
hotels, Masonic, Odd Fellows, Pythian, and Y. M, C. A. buildings. The
city is the commercial centre of the
diBtrist, its financial and material
development, being aided by the tribu
tary lumbering and mining industries. It has two newspapers, job-
printing plants, sash and door factories, brickyards, foundry, laundries,
well appointed and Btocked stores,
■.dec trie light, telephone, witter and
sewerage systems—all tho requirements of a bustling, growing city.
Cranbrook is also a divisional point
of the Canadian Pacific Railway, aud
large engine nnd car repair-shops are
located there. Roads radiate in nil
directions, and the Kootenny Va ley
' is traversed by a main wagon mad
from Golden to Cranhrook.
Until  recently   tho devolopm nt of
the timber resources—which still are
very  rich—occupied  attention to thft
| exclusion  of agricultural  pursuits  in
| this part of the Province, and farri.8
have  not  been  sufficiently   developed
j to reach their maximum of produc-
lily demonstrated  that  the ordinary
1 ily   demonstrated   that   tue  nrdinary
! field   crops,    grains, vegetables, aud
' fruits   of   the   best   quality can be
'grown.    The Hamilton  Hros. and F.
■ H.  Worthlngton  have good  orchards;
at  Cranbrook.    Tbe  dealing  of th-3
land has given a stimulus to agrlcul- ■
' ture,  and   aB   loggers  have   removed
j the timber-crop there has been a demand for the logged-over lands. The
timber licences,  which  automatically
come    under reserve as tflo licences
lapse, were accordingly surveyed and
subdivided, and are being now opened to preemptnrs.
The group nearest    Cranbrook  are
subdivisions of former timber licences
1 on the south of St.   Mary's   River,
the nearest of the lots to Cranbrook
1 being not more than three miles from
! that city.    Tbey reach to St. Mary's
River.        The    Craiibruok-Kimberley
branch  railroad  runs through  come
of the lots, and the Government wag-
' on  road   between   Cranbrook,   Perry
Creek,  and   Marysville    also    extend
through the group. The greater por-
tlwii lies between Joseph Cr.ek and
Pem. cn-ek. a group of eight lying
east from the former, reaching to
within half a mile of St, Mary's River, Tho inn.! has been logged off mid
surveyed Into blockb ranging in extent ftoin 40 to 160 acreB. The large
ypiVer has all been cut, from twenty
to thirty stumps being left to tbe
aero, ( tearing will consist of the removal of these stumps ami a few
scattering amall pine, fir, and tama-
!raek trees. There is not much underbrush on the majority, and on othera
j clumps of small pine and fir under-
] brush. Surveyors who subdivided tbe
: lotB estimate that clearing will not
i exceed $75 an acre. Land in the vi-
jcinity produces excellent crops without irrigation. It is likely, however,
that if water were utilized better re-
[ suits could be secured. It is difficult
to get water on the majority ol
them, although there are creeks and
springs on a few. The greater portion are on bench land and rolling
country reaching from 100 feet above
the river bottom. Those to the east
of Josephs Creek are on bench land
and rolling country above the creek.
The land rises with a slope of about
10 degrees from a wagon-road which
skirts the east side of the tract, following thc cours? of Josephs Creek;
to a bench Most of it is fairly level
but bard to irrigate. It would be
possible, though at some expense, to
pump water fram Josephs ('reek. The
soil throughout this group of lots is
generally sandy loam, witb gravelly
soil In places. Josephs Creek ls a
Bmall stream which supplies water to
the Municipality of Cranbrook. Perry
Creek is one of the oldest placer
creeks In British .'oiumbia, having
produced mnny millions of dollars in
gold-dust. Flumes and pipe lln a*
were constructed nbout a ye ir Ago
preparatory to working the old diggings nt the Falls; and on another
pnrt of the creek systematic prospecting methods are being carried on.
Northward from five miles northwest of the group south of Ht. Marys
River is another block of lots on the
east of the Cianliru.JU-Klm.ier_-y Rail
road. These lots, subdivisions of
former timber licences which have
heen logged ofl, He to the north-east
; of Marysville, at the junction of
| Mark Creek and St. Mary's River.
Luk? Creek, which joins St. Mary's
River opposite Perry Creek, runs
through thc centre of ihlB ..roup, ana
logging-railroads are found on some
of the lots which could easily be con-
I verted into wagonroadB. The land,
I In general, is rolling, although there
is a good extent practically level located in a kind of flat valley. The
north-west part is a level, plain-like
country. The tract Is about 3.300
feet above sea-level. The Boil here is
1 (Continued ob Page   4)
mode of operations except that they
often part with their cudi and that
Is the last they hear of It,
Recently, I hnve bad my first ex
perience of the inner workings an 1
methods adopted by some of the pro
moting fraternity, gome of whom had
been extremely generous in the al
lotmcnt of i Jut let* to tbeuis Ives and
rather niggardly in rendering services
or anything else in return. The story
wlll be a long one and I hope inter
estlng. At nny rate, It will do fur a
moral and a warning. The names of
the Operatori will not bs dlscloieil
until near thfl end of the story.
Home time since I wuh nppr* n* h 'd
by an agent of a Company, then con
slstlng of about SOO small .hn.eln.l
ders, a million dollar company, h
debt, but possessing value.bio fr o
hold land and some lenses or licences
run till the last Thursday in October
Eastern homeseekers come from
every point In eastern Canada. They
are gathered up at central points,
sucb aB Toronto and Montreal, and
aent West by the carload. Last year
no less than 15,000 came to the west
from all parts oi Canada, and the
Canadian Pacific Railway official*, ex
pect to exceed this record fits year.
Trek to West has
WINNIl'l.'l,  Mnroli _• Tlio w-_ly
homeseokors' excursion Ir.im n.istcru
('nimiiii nin it ni thin nlternoon  nl   8
o'clock, when four carloads <•! "tlov/n
enaffnriuers arrived til tlio   1'iitridt
an t'aclflc ili'iuit imiii Toronto.  Thi.
marks tin. beginning nl  wlmt  might
lu lie called tno legltlmoto "trok' ■ Into
The western ('nnadu Irom nil quarters "1
general |miIi||i* kimw very little "I Un  t__ world,   and  the  excursions   wlll
The women's Institute
Madame Orolio, the Dressiraker ap-
I pointed l>y the Department  "I agrl
culture, Victoria, Ih expected m Cran
i luiiiik nn Mnreli autli or April 6th,
I lor the purpose ol holding classes In
ilie Olty for tho bonedt ol Hi ■ mem
hers nl tho lnenl Womens' Institute.
Momhers kindly  take ni I   tl"«
Nelson,   Mmeli   Dili  On   Bnttirdny
altori n Madamo Clroho's clnssos In
dressmaking,  drafting, cutting, nnd
fitting, wlileli she Iiiih conducted lm
I iiieiiiiieiii ni tlio Noln ii nnd Dlstrlol
Wiiiih'iih' Institute, camo to n closo
Tho closing norclses Included a ro
view id the two week's work, follow
eil by <int'i!i inn . ntiil Madntno Orolio
' stated lhal all thnl hnd taken tho
clnssos hnd obtained a good grasp ol
the work,
Afler the eloso of lho session tho
following resolution was placed he
tore the mealing nnd unanimously
adopted' "To w. K. Bcott, euporln
teliilent of Institutes, Victoria. B.C.:
Wc, the undersigned, wish to ex.reas
o r i ban a and a*>inecl t on ot the
services rendered ua by Madame
Orohe aent out by you to teach the
foundations of dressmf lug. drafting
cutting and fitlnu. She haa given
complete satisfaction nml is most
thorough and painstaking In her
Work. Our clnaaes have derived
great hcnelit from the lessons given
us and we hope at aome future time
to continue the nilvnnee.1 class work.'
To Encourage Sale of
home-raised Poultry
With the object of encouraging the
' Hale    of    British    Columhla    poultry
. stock owned and  raised by  members
| of the British Columbia Poultry  As-
[BO-lntloii, that organisation hns   issued n  director)   ol  breeders in  the
province, among  whom are mnny  In
Kooteuny and  lloundnry.
|    "Practically  every  breed  Is    listed
hcrflln  and   the   association    believes
tlml  the stork of the province Is as
i I ns, and  In many  Instances superior   tO,   Imported   stock   or  eggs,
costing oftentimes triple   the   price
paid    for    local    fowl   or   8fgl.     It
trusts that those persons desirous of
securing thoroughly reliable stock or
eggs, whether   for   utility  or  fancy
purposes,  will  pfttrottlie,  If  possible,
brooders Of  the   province,"  says  the
It may be that yonr eyea are
becoming weak ami you are a-
fraid to acknowledge it. That
is the way with a good many
people, both old and young.
The young, particularly, seem
all-aid to admit their failing
sleht, hut it ia no novelty
nowadays and certainly no discrace. We will remedy any detective eyesight and guarantee
satisfaction. Delays an* dan-
gerous-—Come Today.
Jewelers fr Opticians
Cranbrook,    -    -    B. C.
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.'
"Where It Pays to Deal''
Cranbrook        -        B. C.
Alcura Will Do It
Alcura, the widely known treat
ment for Alcoholism enn now he obtained at our store. It is Kimnin
teed to cure or benefit, or money refunded. Remedy Mint 1ms heen tried
by thousands and found to do just
as it claims.
Drunkenness is a disease. Those
who aro afflicted with the craving
for liquor huve to hu helped to
throw It off. Alcura No. 1 can be
given secretly iu coffee or food. Alcura No. 2 is the voluntary treatment.
Help your loved ones to restore
thomeolves to lives uf sobriety and
usefulness ami to regain the respect
of the community in which tney live.
Only $i.oo per box. Aflk for Free
Beattie-Murphy Oo., Limited, Druggists,  Oranbrook,  B.O. 42-3
Your Home
Will he one thnt you can look
forward to with much added
delight if, upon returning all
fagged  out   from   your   day's
work, your wife enn hnve rend-
y  fnr  you  u  bottle of
X Port Stout
Then y.m .ill moat fully np
preclate thii ttrentbenlag brew
It will rest..;., y.,iir energy,
furntuti needed ttlmulatlon to
ttie tlreil linily nntl put you In
n frame ol mind t.. re_pontl to
the pieiiennt reception nwiut-
intt you.
Tin. use ..I Kerrigan's xport.
Sttoiit     in     the     home     Hpelln
K I  imt uie,  uood  indigestion
anil u'ooil eleop,    Let na supply
yon  with a ease.
J2._0 per eime ..( n dot, plnte
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, • B.C.
Oraabrook  i pie   hava  found out
that A HlNllM. nOSW or simple
butkthorn hark, glycerins, etc., as
compounded m Acltei i ltd, the (ier*
mnn bowel nnd Btomoch iiMiuwly, re*
Hives constipation, sour stomach or
gas on tlm stomach INSTANTLY.
This Himple mixture became famous
by   OUrIng   app .mllfitIn   nml  It utitl-
mptiehftH the digestive organs and
draws oft the Impurities. It Is surprising how QIW.Kt.Y It htlpH 'IIIH.
S.4-U1* Miiryby Ov. W-ft
Council Meeting
The regular monthly meeting of the
City Council was held in the Council
Chambers ou Mondny night; there be-
ing present Mayor Taylor, and Alder
men Leask, Campbell, Uenest aud
The records of the last regular and
subsequent adjourned meet inns were
read and on motion of Aldermen
Leask and Campbell, adopted >aa read
A communication from the Provincial Secretary, announcing the appointment of Messrs. Dezall and Hickenbotham as police commissioners,
and the appointment of Messrs. Caslake and Cameron as liceuce commissioners, was read.
Jamea A. Arnold has been appointed police magistrate tor the City of
Cranbrook, stipendiary magistrate,
ami judge of the small debts court.
.\ communication from W. J. McDonald, of Victoria, regarding tuber
culosiB tests for cows, was read, and
on motion of Aldermen Leask and
Campbell, received ami tiled.
A communication from Maurice
Quain, regarding a ditch through his
property, sayiug that it was a menace to the health of the community,
was read and bled.
A letter from the Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd., re the arranging
of poles on certain streets was read,
and referred to the Board ot Works,
with power to act.
A grant of $600 was given in aid
of the Cranbrook Brass Band, the
said amount to he pa d monthly -at
the rate of $50 per month.
The finance committee presented
thi.ir monthly report, and recommended th*1 payment of accounts amounting to $4,052.33. #On motion the
accounts were ordered to be paid.
A communication from F. Deane,
representine: a financial company, of
Toledo. Ohio, was received and died.
.\fter some discussion reeardirii
the condition of back lanes and alleys, and the appointing of a city
scavenger, the matter was referred
to the health and relief
to the Health and Relief Committee,
with power to act.
Dr. J. M. H. Bell, city medical officer,   presented    hia   yearly   report,
which was as follows:
To thc Mayor and Council,
City of Crznbrook,
Hear Sirs:
I wish to thank you for the courtesy you have extended to Dr. Bayfield during my abeenre.
Today I despatched my annual report of the health of our city to the
provincial government, the gist of
the report, being ns follows:
Diphtheria; 1 case
Scarlet Fever; 1 caBe
Typhoid Fever; 1 ease.
Tuberculosis;  _ cases
Measles; 18 cases
Monlngltls; l case
Diarbeai diseases of infants 14
It has been a particularly healthy
year,    lately    there has   been    some
whooping COUgh and chicken.pox.
Dr, .1. H. M. Dell,
City Medical Officer.
It. was moved by Alderman Leask
seconded by Alderman Oenest, that
the city engineer be re-engaged, After considerable discussion, in which
improvement iu the water and sewer
system played a prominent topic, the
motion was put, the mayor declaring
tbnt it. was tost.
Alderman Leask suggested that a
committee should he appointed to en
quire Into conditions regarding the
electric lighting system, to see if it
could be purchased by the city, and
If so, at what price. A committee
of three, consisting of Aldermen
Campbell, Leask and Hickenbotham,
was appointed.
.lames A. Arnold, city treasurer,
tendered his resignation, which wa*.
accepted, and on motion. City Clerk
Roberts was appointed Olty Treasurer, without salary,
Council adjourned,
Cranbroolt, D. C.
7th Mar. 0014
To the Mayor nml Aldermen   of   the
City of Cranbrook,
I have pleasure m   lubmttt ng   report d( wort carried out by the City
engineer's    Department   during   the
past month
Public wurks
Building Permits:—Since January
1st, building permits have been Is
sued amounting tu i(,,W)M. During
the same period of last year Permits
were onlv  issued  fur $250,00,
Cement   Sidewalks:—The   sidewalk
in Lewis Bt. along tho side of the
Oddfellows Hall has been aflfccted by
the action ol the frnst scaling the
top off. The Contractors have a
greed in make this gnod nn soon as
the (rost is out of the ground.
Telephone Co.—-The Telephone Oo,
have applied f<u lines fnr planting
poles In the following Avenues nnd
Hanson   Avenue—From   Lewla   St.
to Kalns Street nu the Knit Side.
Armstrong Avenue—from Lewis st
to  KnitiH Street  on the  Kant   Side.
Norbury Avenue—Prom linker Rt.
tu Kalns Street, on tbe K. nt Hide.
Kalns Street From Fenwick Ave.
to Murweel Avenue nn the North
Pon Wick Avenue Fr..m 220 foot
North of Kdward Street to Kains
Streut ou the l-ast  Side.
For Sale Rents & Wants
POUND—Gold Locket with picture of
little girl inside. Owner can have
same hy applying at this office and
paying for this advert.
Twenty-iive second-hnnd Sewing
Machines for Sale on monthly payments, some of them cabinets. All
overhauled nnd in good condition.
From $5.00 up, Singer Store, phone
157. 4-tf.
FOR 3ALB—On easy terms, two
Brunswick Balke Pool Tables, almost new, with all accessories com
plete. These tables can be bought
for $10.00 cash, nnd balance at
$10.00 per month without Interest,
Apply R. P. Johnson, Box 70_ or
phone 366. 7 i
LOST—On or about the last wet*k iu
January, a Cold Watch, having a
white dial with blue markings, fancy back and plain black fob at
tacued, tinder will be suitably re
warded   on   returning   same   to   the
Prospector Offlc* 7
FOR SALB—1 Cyprus Incubator, L44
egg; 1 Peerless Incubator. U. egg;
can be seen al the Cranbrook Exchange.
EXCHANGE Will exchange surrey
for single buggy with tongue. Apply at Prospector Office 7
FOB BALB- One pair Ol Chaps ami
Bridle,   Spurs,   and   Bearing rein.—
These will all go cheap for Cash. Ap
ply Prospector Office.     ... 10
FOR    SALE—Silver
lirt'y   Dorkings,
ll pullets and l hen.
18.00 each. Hox
130, Craabrook, B.C.
within the reach of all
That Alcoholism is a disease Is
now recognised by Science. No man
in his senses brings disgrace and
i mil on himself ami family through
Alcura stops the craving for drink
builds up the system, steadies the
nerves. It is guaranteed to cure or
benefit or money refunded after a
fair trial. Alcura No. 1 can he given
secretly Ity any wife or mother wanting to restore n dear one to health
und usefulness. Alcura No. 2 is the
voluntary  treatment.
Can be had at our store only $1.00
per box. Ask for our free booklet a
bout Alcura.
Beattie Murphy Co.. Ltd., Drug
gists,  Cranbrook, B.C. 42 2,
tTho Dy_ that colors ANV KlNOi
i     ot Cloth Perfectly, with tho
Ni. i'h_i..*- -I M-Mttk.o.   > Ir.ii aii.lSi,t,,-i.
SALB—Thoroughbred R.C. Brown
Leghorn Kggs Ior sale, friitu excellent stock, sittings o_ U eggs $2.00
Apply  Box   ..>,  Cranbrook,  B.C.
SITUATION     wanted   as    domestic
nelp   or   housekeeper—.-Vddress   M.P,,
Care of Mr. S. G, Clark, Wycliffe,
gentleman who has resided abroad
and is thoroughly conversant with
the above languages, desires a few
private pupils. Preparation for exams, etc. For particulars apply to
Box 137, Cranbrook.
Local  News
See me about that picture which
you are about to have framed. 80
samples of moulding, to choose from
Don't forget the date, March 20th,
"Afternoon Tea in Friendly Village,
A special meeting of members will
be held at tbe City Hall Monday,
March 16th, at 8 p.m. Several matters will be discussed appertaining
to annual Government Grant. All
members requested to be present,
Don't forget—The play: "An Alter-
noonTea in Friendly Village, 18C2".
The date: Friday evening, Msrch 20,
Tbe place: Auditorium. Lots of (un.
At present there are no   poles   on
the sides of tbe   streets   specified   a-
Water Works:
Services and Meters—One meter has
heen installed.
Freeze Ups—Up to the 1st March
43 services bave been tbnwe.l out at
a cost of $193 averaging $4.fi0 each
and 9 hydrants have been thawed out
at a cost of {39.25 averaging $-1.36
each. The total cost for tbe same
perioh last year was $1298.71.
It ia not costing so much this season for thawing out, as our equipment is in better shape than last
year, and having a more etticient boil
er for handling the work.
Maintenance—The Disposal Works
have been maintained in an elliclent
manner. The Filter Trays bav_. been
cleaned ofl twice during the montb.
Plumbing ami Sewer Connections—
Sii Permits have heen iHSiied since
1st .January for tbia work, No Permit--, were issued during the same
period  laat  year.
F. O'Hara,
City    Engineer
C.P.R.s New Line
According to the Lethbrldge Herald the Canadian Pacific railway will
tLn. year complete the line between
Weyburn, Sask. and Lethbridge,
which it has hud under Construction
and which, when In operation, will
give that company u second line a
cross the pralrlo provinces uud Hritisb Columbia between Winnipeg ami
Kootonay Landing. Discussing the
ccotint the Herald nays-
The    Lethhrldgi- Wry hum    Hue   in
In  be    finished    this    yeur.      (innd
Of rourse, it hnn often been ntat
0(1 before that, such would ho the
rase, but the Montrenl Despatch
settles It, Vice Presldml Bury and
Hir Thomas Hhaughnps.y in confer
ence have arrived at thnl decision
...and Southern Albert n tin mny he
sure It Is correct.
Tbe    statement    also   that   the
work of  double  tracking  through
Suffered 10 Months with Kidney
Complaint   Gin Pills Cured.
Dunvegtn, In .ernes. Co.
I «tm perfectly cured of Kidney complaint after using Giu Pills.. Six hours
alter taking the first l'ill I obtained relief, and now after three mouths 1 feel
as well as ever.
1 suffered ten months and the Physician attending me advised me to go to
the Victoria Hospital at Halifax, a,
lu* could do nothing more for me. I
may add that 1 used a great deal of medicine, and strictly followed my physician's directions regarding diet, etc, but
without avail, until providentially X
learned of your most excellent remedy.
I am recommending (lln Pills.
Sold hy druggists and dealer! everywhere at Sue a box—I for 12.50, or
sent direct. Write for sample, free if
you mention this paper.
National Drug aud Chemical Co., of
Canada, Limited, Toronto. 175
thc mountains to Calcnry would
not be prosecuted until the Kettle
Vnlley Line from Hope to Midway
in British Columhla is completed,
confirms the exclusive announcement made in the Herald last summer. This menn_ an all-rail route
to the coast through Lethbridge
and the Crow's Nest Pass, which
will settle any doubts about the
future of the city.
The Canadian Pacific railway
has bcen guilty ol delaying construction operations in Southern
Alberta in the paBt, but tb* present announcement makes reparation, and we can forgive them
And Lethbridge is not the only
only place that will benefit. 80 will
all the British Columbia townB along
the Crow and Nelson, Grand Forks,
Pentlcton and other places in West
Kootenay and the Boundary and lurther west.
How's this for progress
A Carload of Hogs arrived
on Wednesday for the Cran
brook Meat Market.
A Carload of Beef Steers ar
rived on Fridav for the Cran*
brook Meat Market.
About three.hundred pounds
of Poultry arrived on Saturday
for the Cranbrook Meat Market.
Duties of City Engineer
The dut ies of the City Engineer
rihnll be ns followa' —
1. Hu shnll have power to suspend,
dismiss nml reinstate nny officer, wr-
vimt or employee ot bis department,
and from time to time to prescribe
tbelr reaper)Ive duties In lieu of or
In Addition to nny duties prescribed
by nny statute or by-law; nnd subject
to the terms nml conditions of tholr
leapeetlve contract*, bo shnll ulttn
have control of nil Corporation eon-
tractors work Inn under hts directions
2. He shnll make n report to the
Honrd of Works from time tn time,
upon nil hiu'h worvs nnd services ns
mny hnve been petitioned for ns local
Improvements puiHdnnt to nny bylnw
of thn (-ity of Crnnbrook In thnt lie  j
half; nnd nlso report upon such other i
works,    nervlcei,  improvements nnd |
repairs nn he may frum time to time
consider desirable in order to lm-
urove the appearai.ee of the City,
and to promote the health, safety,
and convenleoce of the Inhabitants
3. To make a report to the Oouncll ua soon after the cIobq of each
year aa possible, Hinting:
(a) The various workB ol construction carried out or in progroBa under
hia supervision during the past year,
together with the amount expended
upon such work.
(bj The coat lu detail of the main
teuanee aud repair of the Corporation workH and buildings under hla
control, and of the sowors, streets,
water systems ami aide.vall-.i-*.
(c) The cost of office expenses and
the managomont of hla department.
id) Tho Improvements and repairs
whleh, iu his opinion, ahould he undertaken by the Corporation during
the nest succeeding year.
(e)Such other matt era connected
with hln department aa he muy eon
elder of In torest or Importance,
4. To take hu.Ii moasurca aa he
may consider ncccBSAry to keep n
complete system ol levels and bench
iniiikH tu uud du the City, wltb a
vlow to a gonoral plan of Boworago,
and to the establishment of the boun
darles and levels of all the streets,
new era, private dralus, buildings ami
other worka.
,'-. To furnish to the Honrd of
Works all plana and specifications re
iiuired iu connection with the roudB,
streets, lanes, bridges, buildings, Hew
era, drains, culverts and other Corporation works, under the control of
the aaid Uoard of Works; and to furnish all levels and make all surveys
iu connection with thc same; also,
when Instructed, to inspect and report upon all plans antl specifications
required by any otber committee for
any worka under the control of any
such committee, and to he responsible to the Committee having charge
of same for the due performance of
all such works; to carry out all engineering and construction works undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by t he Corporation, except
Buch as may be entrusted to some
otber person.
6. To keep a vigilant supervision
over tbe sewers and other public
works in th*_ City, and to report concerning the condition of the same to
the proper committee.
7. To appoint suCh foremen and inspectors, and employ such laborers us
in his opinion may be necessary to
efficiently carry out any work under
his control; and all such inspectors,
foremen and laborers shall be paid
such wages as shall be determined
upon by him, subject to the approval
of the proper committee in th .t behalf, and shall be subject to suspension or dismissal at any time by him
without being entitled to any no.ice
of or compensation for such, suspension or dismissal. Nothing herein
contained shall he held to have tbe
effect of giving power to the City En
gineer to increase the salaries or the
wages of otlicers of his department
appointed by him without the concurrence and approval of the proper
committee, and he shnll not have
such power.
8. To examine or cause examination to be made into all complaints
of defective sidewalks, paving, flagging, draining, or other Corporation
works, and to take such measures as
may be necessary to secure the conservation and cleaning of the streets
and their maintenance against encroachment.
9. To sign all permits which may
be granted by the Council or by the
Committee on Works, for opening
streets, sidewalks, or other public
places; for locating and erecting telegraph, telephone, electric light and
other poles, and for laying down tele
graph, telephone, and electric light
wires, or water pipes or private
drains, or tor any other purpose
whatever; and to aee thnt all auch
work is performed to bin entire sat
10. To muse n monthly return to
be made to him of nil workmen em
ployed and materials used during the
month, and of the Amount, cost and
description of tbe work done.
11. On tne completion of all work
under his control to forthwith report
the same to the Committee in charge
thereof, nud to stato the balance (if
any) due to or by th ■ contractor oil
account thereof.
12. To examine and certify all
hills against the Corporation lor
material nnd labor and contract
work under his control,
13. To report from time to time
to the Council, or to nny Committee
thereof, as the case may require, any
obstruction he may meet with In the
COIirso of bin duties, and nny mutter
on which be mny require Advise or
1.. To furnish tbo City Solicitor
forthwith upon hla request with ull
documents and Information required
by him In connection with Corpora-
tlon matters.
1ft, To tnke charge and aupervin
(Oil of the cleaning of nil streets and
of any Corporation work which may
he from time to lime placed under
hia control.
It). To mnke all neceannry arrange-
meats for removing nil decayed or
decaying nnlmnl or vegetable nmtter
from tbe Htrects, nnd for thc tempor
nry deposit nnd subsequent removal
of house dirt, gnrbnge, etc
** tl+tlHHI -H-fr r
Kootenay   Grill
OPEN FROM 11.30 UNTIL 2.00 A.M.
Ladies' Tea Parties a specialty at all hours
for a reasonable price
Avoid Ihe rush and engage
a private box or large dining table for
Sunday Evening
('ranbrook Orchestra in Attendance from 5.30 till 8.30
p. 111.
L-I..I.J. t.,1, f.it. li t..l.,1..l.,l..1_.lnll
r r iT'pr iT^rTttttttt
Makes Hard Work Easy!
Dt 'STING, cleaning and polishing hardwood floor* is hard, bnclt-trettk-
ing work, An.alim.it never ending task and seldom satisfactory the
1 , 1 ?! W?£\ But ills easy, quick sad satisfactory the new way—usin*. the O-Cedar
I ninth Mop. Wilh it you can spend a few minutes doing what it now i_.kr» you a! moi I
I..nl a day You -.imply pais the O-Cedar Polish Mop over the floor and every purti-le of
duit and dut is taken up and held. iM Boor U |iveu a hard, duruble, l**nn_ -*uli*h Mid
omfa i_ja
It alio used for the dusting and cleaning
of the topi of high furniture, between
lhe banisters of the stairs and is so mad*
thai you can set to lhe far comer under
the bed, beneath the radiator and other
SaUif-diea Curaalec. sr Msaey UetmM
Try an O-Cedar Polish Mop for
two days at our  risk.   Teal it
every way for two days and if
you are not.delighted with it we
will promptly ri. fund your money
F. Parks & Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
MlkM It Eur to Cbu Hum H-nl-ta-Cet _____•
Stripes in
Spring Suits
NARROW individual sftripes
are one of the distinctive
novelties of the spring
season. We have these effecfts
in rich Worsteds and fine
Saxonys, in the new blues, grays
and browns—$15. to $35.
17. To k."i> 11 vigilant Nupcrvieton
ovor nil lln* RtrootHi Iniios nntl hy-
wnyti within tlio ('liy upon which nny
nnlmnl, dirt, iiimiiii'r, gBrhARC, tlll.li.
rofiiBO ur ollii*r matter nr ti.iiii-, may
In' fniinil, nml nl iiniii' mum' lln* tmmtt
tn In* ..moved.
ih. Generally, hu nlmil   give  dun
nml proper attention in nil tho uriuiI
iiiiHini'HH appertaining in the Olty'N
Kngini'i'i'ini' Department nl tlm t.ity
of Oranbrook,
W.  W.  Kll.HY
P. O. Bot 101 Orubrook, B.O tn in 111 urn i in ii 111.1 un m in 1111 ii i ii*
Professional   Carbs
Cobge   iHotices
. .KM in ii 11111111 in 111 ii iii inn it imi 11 !■■
Court Cranbroolt No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen'- Hall, on   2nd aad
tth Thursday ol each month.
Louta Pennon, Sec., P.O. Boi (11.
Vleltlng Drotbere Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
MeetB   In   Maple   Hall on the 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
• p.m.   Membership open to British
E. T. Brake, Pres.
L. Pearron,  Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially weleomt
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   tbe
third   Thursday   ol   avery
Visiting brethren wslcom*.
H.  Hiciienbotham,  W.M.
J. Lee CrnnBton, Sec.
No. 125, Ft. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tueaday in
•ach month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cor
dially Invited.
Bi. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodgs, No. SI
Meets avery Tuesday at I p.m.
at rraternlty Hall.
O. Donahue, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian, K ol R. * B.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Vltltlng brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY   CITY    LODGE
Co. 41
Meets svery Monday night
at Bsw   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially lnvltsd.
J. Turnley W. M. Harris
N. 0. Bee'y
Circle No.   161
Companions ot the Forest
Mteta in Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday ol each mo»th at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, C. 0
Mrs. A. E. Bhaw, Bee.
Vleltlng   Companions   sordlally   wel*
come. "«
No.    104.
Moots   every    Wednesday  at  H  p.m.,
in      Itoyal    Black
Knights'    Hall   on
linker Street.
R. B. Garrett, Bee'y
Meeta In Roynl Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meets avery 2nd and 4th Thuriday
ol ench month at » p.m. aharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, roc. aee.
W. B. MacFarlane, chlel ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made welcome.
Tha  Cranbrook  Poultry  and  Pit
Stook Association
Prealdtnt-O. It. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on the First Friday
evening ot each montb.
Inlormatlon on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Cranhrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
i Meets   lat   and
3rd Thursdny In
II ii v n I   Black
— Knlghta ol In
land .mil ut   8 p.r.. shnrp.   Visitor"
It. H. Onrnitt, W.  M.
W. Dunatan, Itor. Bee.
Pros.-A.  B.   Smith
Sec-Albert H. Webb,
AddroBB—Box 605, Cranhrook. B. C,
Meetings  nro  hold   Second   Saturday in oacli month at 2 p.m. in the
Old Gymnasium.
Women's Institute
Meets ln the Carmens' Hall 1st
Tuesday alternoou in every month
at i p.m. Tbe fancy work claases
meets on 2nd Friday evening in tbe
same place at 8 p. m.
Mrs. E. H. Leaman, President
Mrs.   J.  Shaw,  Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladies cordially invited.
T.   T.   McVI TTIE
P.L.S.   *   O.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarial
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
Civil   and  Mining ES-inoSrs-Brltisb
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 236
Phons 212
...    B.O.
Drs.    KING    A    GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Offl-S at Residence, Armatrong At*.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 8.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.10 to   S.80
Sunday! - - - 8.80 to   4.10
Oranbrook,     .....    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Amu Next lo City Hsll
Opao Day and Night PhosoftU
Funeral Dlraotor,
P.O. BOX .'.85
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 159 P. O. Box 845
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Minister ol Lands not later than
noon on the 7th dny of Mnrch, 1914,
for tho purchase of Llconco X IM, to
cut 380,000 feot. nf Douglas Fir and
Tamarack, nn a purl ion ot Lot 7799,
Knotenny  Dlntrlct,  near  Craubrook.
One year wlll bo allowed for the removal nf tbe timber.
Further particulars nf the Cblef
Forester, Vlctnrin, B.O., nr of District FnroHtor,  Ornnbrnnk.
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Thelo I'lll"- are c_iii|i'iiintl_i!wllh flu <i_atf_t
cat. limn the nmst 'tillable mliicUloa kti-wn It
Ecloncm mull nn mc being metl wllli .uu. li aucici
y ihu iiiiibI celuliialml I'll yalclana knuwu.
Tlmv inunnp-titic Imtlic ilt'lmMiiis ill-orilen
to v-l.l. 1.1In; (.mule ...innltiitl'iii in Unfile.
Prltfl I'. II box!    M*>. . In.'i. I> mi..user). <h i
bon. r_iil nt nil this ilontn, or by u,aii from tht
Lat ul in ua Co., at. Oatbai loat, Oat,
NOTICE Is hereby given that a reserve, the notice of which appeared
in the B.C. Gazette on the 27th of
December, 1907, is cancelled in so far
sb it relates to land covered by expired Timber Licence No. 43070 for
the purpose of issuing Pre-emption
Records covering n portion of Bnme
in favor of MessrB, Jesse I*. Abbott
anil Delbort Vnn Abbott. Tho remainder will bo opon to entry by
pre-emption on Friday, tho tirst day
of May, 1914, at 9 o'clnck in the
lorenoon; all applications to be mnde
at the office of tbe Oovernment A
gent, Cranbrook.
Deputy  Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
.1-3 mths.
given that tbe
reserve established by notice publish
ed in
the British Columbia Gazette
on tbe 27th day ol
, 1907,
is cancelled in so far aB it
to Timber Licences Nos. 31481
30358,   36502,
and 11347.  Tlmt sail
been surveyed
as Lots 2698,
1700, 2701, 2702,
270,1, 2704, 2705
2707, 2708, 2709, 2710,
8279, 8281, 8283, 10331,
11625,    11781,
11801,    11802   and    11803, Kootenay
District, and will he opened to entry by pre-emption on the Ut day
ol May, 1914,  at 9 o'clock  in    the
forenoon.      No   Pre-emption Record
will be issued to Include more than
one surveyed  lot,  and  all   applications must be made at the office of
the Government Agent, Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of LandB.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
...1 mths.
NOTICE In hereby given that tho
reserve established by notice nub-
llshed In tiio British Columbln
Gazette* on tho 27th day of December
1907, ls cancelled In so far as it re-
lutes to Timber Licences Nos. 41426,
9082 and 4481, and thnt snld lands
having been surveyed as Lots 11514,
,11515, 11518, 11519, 11520, 11521, 11526,
11685 uuil 11689, Koottnay Dlntrlct,
11681. 11681a, 11682, 11683, 11684,
11685 and 11789, Knntonny Dletrlct,
will bn opened lo entry liy pre-emption on the 1st dny ol Mny, 1914, nt
9 o'clock In the forenoon. Nn. preemption reenrd wlll he Issued to Include more thnn one surveyed int.,
and all npplicntlnns must be mnde
nt the nflleo nf the Oovernment A-
gont, .oriili1
Deputy Milliliter nf Lands
Lands Department)
Victoria, B.C.
28th   Jntiiinry.   1914.
5 3 mths
Ooal mining rights of tht Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tht Yukon Ttrrltory, tbe North
west Ttrrltoriea and in a portion ol
tht Province of Brltlth Columbia,
may be leased lor a term of twenty-
one yeart at au annual rtntal oi 11
an acrt. Not mon than _,__0 aorta
wlll bt leased to ont applicant.
Application lor a ltaat muat bt
madt by tht applicant in ptrton to
tht Agent or Sub-Agent of tht dlatrlct ln which tht rights applltd lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory tbe land muat
be described by sections, or legal tub-
divisions ol sections, and In untur
vtytd ttrrltory tht tract applltd lor
shall bt ttaktd out by tht applicant
Bach application mutt bt accompanied by a let of 15 which will bt
relunded 11 tbe rlgbts applied lor art
not availably but not otbarwlst. A
royalty tball ba paid on tbt mar
chantablt output ol tht mint at tht
rate ol rive cents per ton.
Tht person operating the mine shall
furnish tha Agent with sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity ol
mtrchantablt coal mined and pay tht
royalty thereon. II the coal mining
rights are uot being operated, suoh
returns should bt lurnlshtd at least
onct a ytar.
The leaae wlll include tht coat mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whattver
available aurfaca rights may bs considered necessary lor the working ol
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acrs
For lull information application
should be madt to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.   V7.   OOR-.
Deputy Minister ol the Iuttrloi
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not bs paid
for.—30690. Jan. 3rd-tf.
NOTICE ia hereby given that, witli
in Sixty days from the date hereof,
I intend to apply to the Minister of
Lands for a Licence to prospect for
Coal and Petroleum on tbe following
described lands in South EnBt Kontenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
the South EaBt cornor of Lot 7845,
being -the North East corner: tbence
South about 50 chains, Wost about
50 chaina, North about 50 chains,anil
East about 50 chuino to point nf commencement, containing 250 acros,
more or less.
Located this Oth day of February,
NOTICE Is hereby given that, with
in Sixty days from the date hereof,
I Intend to apply to the Minister of
Lands for a Licence to prospect lor
Coal and Petroleum on the following
described lands in South East Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
the South WeBt corner ol Lot 7285,
being tbe South EaBt corner: thenre
North 40 chainB, West about 8 chains
South 40 chains, and East about 8
chaina to point of commencement.
Located thiB 9th day of February,
NOTICE Ib hereby given that, with
in Sixty days from the date hereof,
I intend to apply to tho Minister of
Lands for a Licence to prospect for
Coal and Petroleum on tbe following
described lnnds in Soutb East Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
tho North West corner of Lot 7133,
being the Soutb Wost corner: thence
North about 20 chains, East about
60 chains, North about 60 chains,
East about 20 chains, South 80 chnins
and West 80 chnins to point ot commencement.
Located this 10th day nf Fobruary,
NOTICE is hereby given that, with
In Sixty days from the date hereof,
I intend to apply tn tbe Minister nf
Lnnds fnr n Licenoe tn prospect for
Coal nnd Potroloum nn tlio following
described lands In South East Kootenay, H.C.
Commencing nt. n pnst planted ut
tht South Enst enrnor nf Lnt 72HI,
being tin* South West corner: thonco
North 80 chains, Emit 80 chains,,
South 811 chains, West 80 chains In
point nf cinumeliorment, mnl containing 640 acres mors nr loss.
Located this Oth dny nf February,
.J. .-■■-_ si
IN THE MATTER OF the Companies Act (R.S.B.C. 1911, Chap. 39 and
Amendments thereof).
IlnviB Brothers Electric Compnny,
Limited, in Liquidation.
the above named Company carrying
on luminous bb dealers in Electric
supplies at Cranbrook, British Columbia, has gone into voluntary liquidation pursuant to the provisions
of the Companies: Act aid thst
James A. Arnold of Oranbrook, B.C.
Accountant, has been duly appointed
The Creditors are notified to meet
at the office of the undoreigned Solicitors in tho City of Cranhrook, on
the 25th dny of Mnrch, A.D., 1914,
at Throe (3) o'clock tn the afternoon
for the purpose of receiving a statement of tho affairs of the Company
and for the purpose of determining
whether nn application BUall be made
to the Court for tho appnintm nt nt
any person aa Liquidator in place of
or jo ntly with the Liquidator appointod by the Company, or for
the appointment of a committee
of inspection, and for the giving nl
any directions which muy be necessary in connection therewith.
All persons or Compnnles claiming
to bo entitled to rank as Creditors
must llle tbelr claims with tho under
signed on or before tho 31at day of
May, A.D., 1914, after whirh date the
Liquidator will proceed to distribute
the assets thereof having regard to
those claims only ot which he shall
then have received notice and he will
not be liable for the snld assets or
any part thereof to any person or
Company of whose claim he baa not
then received notice.
J. A. ARNOLD, Liquidator
by his Solicito-s,
Messrs.   Harvey,  McCarter,  Macdonald & Nlsbet, Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook,  B.C.,  March  llth,  1911.
I NOTICE is hereby given tlmt cu
| days after date 1 intend tu apply tn
I tho Minister oi Lauds for a licence
j to prospect for coal and petroleum
' owe the lollowlng lands situate in
the District ol Southeast Kootenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
! Commencing at a post planted at
! or near the Northeast corner of I.in
8588, and being the Northeast corner
Ipost of WALTER .1. ABBS' claim;
j thence South along tiie East line nt
Lot 8588 a distance oi approximately
73.32 chains to the North line of Lot
7841, thence West along the North
lint* of Lots 7841 ami 7844 a distance
of approximately 80 chains to the
East line of Lot 11919, tlience North
along the East line ol Lots 11949 nnd
11950 a distance of approximately
73.32 chains to the South lino ol
Lot 8589, theneo East along tho
South line of Lot 8589 to the plaeo
uf commencement, containing approximately 586.52 acrm, und being tiio
some Innd heretofore surveyed as Lot
Located this 8th day ol February,
WALTER .1.  ADDS, locator
Eathern  Vi.  Mutts,  Agent
Wm. II. Brown, witness.
NOTICB    is   hereby    given thnt CO
days after date I intend to apply to
the Minister   of Lands   for a licence
to prospect for coal and   petroleum
ovfcr   the following lnnds Bituatc in
the District of Southeast   Kootenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or _.*ar the Southeast corner of Lot
8589, and being tho Southeast corner
post    of     JOSEPH    S.    DANNER'S
claim, tlience North JO chains; thence
West   80   chains;   thence   South   80
chains; tbence Enst 80 chains to the
place  of   commencement,   containing
640 acres, and being the Bame land
heretofore surveyed as Lot 8589.
Located this Sth dny of February.
JOSEPH  S.  DANNER,  lncat r
Eathen W. Butts, Agont
Wm. H. Brown, witness.
NOTICE is hereby given that 60
dayB after date 1 intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
over the following lands situate in
the District of Southeast Kootenny
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 7.73 chainB North of tho
Southwest cosner of Lot 7850, and being the Southeast corner post of
F, Charles Bassett's claim, tbence
a distance of approximately SO chains
North along the Wost line of Lots
7850 and 7851 a distance of approximately 80 chains tn the South boundary line of Lot8724, thence West a-
long the South line of Lot 8724 a
distance of approximately 14.20 chain
to the East boundary line of Lot
7849, thence South along the East
boundary line of Lots 7849 and 7846
a distance of apuroximately 80 chains
to a point directly WeBt of the place
of beginning, thence Eaat approximately 14.20 chains to thc point ol
commencement, containing approximately 113.0 acres.
Located this 10th day of February,
Eathen W. Butts, Agont
Wm. H. Brown, Witness.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt 6
dayB after date I intend to upply to
the MiniBter of Lands for a licence
to proBpect for coal and petroleum
ov.r the following lands situate in
the District of Southeast Kootenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Northwest corner of Lot
35_7, and being the Northwest corner
post of Samuel P, Wilson's claim,
tbence South a distance of approximately 73.32 chnins to the north linn
of Lot 7841, thence East along the
North line of Lot 7811 a distnnre of
approximately 61.92 chains to the
NortheaBt cornor of Lot 7811, thenee
South nlong tho Enst line of Lnt 7841
a distance of approximately 6.68
chains to the Northwest cornor of lot
7S45, thonce cost along the north lino
of Lot 7845 a distant.* of approxtmat
ely 18.07 chains, thenee north a distance of approximately Ml chains,
thonce WeBt n distance ol approximately 80 chains; containing approximately 598.61 acres, and being tlio
same land heretofore surveyed as lot
Located   this Sth   dny of   February
SAMUEL 1'. WILSON, locator
Eathen Vi. Butts Agent
Wm. H. Brown. Witness.        II.4t
NOTICE Is hereby given that CO
days after date I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lnnds for a licence
to prospect for conl and pel roleum
nvor the following lends situate in
the District of Southeast Kontenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Northeast rnrncr of Lot
8590, and being the Northeast corner
claim, thonco South n distance nt approximately 35.98 chatia to th*
North line ot Lot 8589, thenco Wont
nlong the North line of Lot 8589 a
distance of approximately 60 chains
to tbe East line of l.ot 11953. theuce
North along the East lino of Lots
11953 and 11954 a distance of approximately 35.98 chains ti tbe South
line of Lot 7286, thence East along
the South lino nf Lots 72S6 and 7287
n distance of approximately 80 chains
to tho placo ot commencement, containing approximately 2.17.84 acres,
and being ths same land heretofore
surveyed aB Lot 8590.
Located this Uth dny of February,
Eathern W. Butts, Agent.
Wm. H. Brown, Witness
NOTICE is hereby givon that 60
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect Ior coal ond petroleum
over the following lands situate in
the District of Southeast Kootenay
British  Columbia,   in  Lot  4533:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 7.73 chains North of the
Southwest corner of Lot 7850, ami
being tlio Northeast corner post of
WALTER .1. ABBS' claim, thence
South along the West line o.' l.ot
7850 a distance ol approximately 7.73
chains to tho Southwest corner of
said Lot, thence East a distant e of
approximately 1.24 chainB to the
Northwest corner uf Lot 7135, thenco
South along tbe West boundary line
of Lot 7135 a distance ol approximately 72.27 chains to the Nortli
boundary line of l.ot 7133, thence
West along the North boundary l.ne
if Lot 7133 a distance of approximately nu rhains to ihe East boundary line ,,( l.ot 9381, thence North
along ibe East boundary of Lot 9381
to tin* South boundary line of Lot
7816, tl.nr.* East along tho South
boundary   Hm-   ol   Lot   78'c to tbo
Southeast cor ■ ,-t Bold l.ot a dls
ian f approximately 64.86 chains,
tbence North along the East boundary lm.. of Lot 7846 u distnnre uf
approximately 61.76 chains to a
point directly West of the plaie of
beginning, thence East a distance of
approximately 11.2(1 chains tn the
point of commencement, containing
approximately 230 acres.
Located this 10th dny of February,
WALTER .1. ADDS, locator
Eathern   w.   Butts,  Agent
Wm.   H.   Drown,  witness.
Young Men's Club
'en that t,i
A large and enthusiastic class has
icon in attendance nt the Gymnasi-
iin throughout the woek in prepnra-
.ion for the big Gymnastic Competition and Exhibit ion to bo given In
tlm QymnaBlum Friday evening,
.here is very keen rivalry between a
lumber of the beat athletes of the
Club, nnd the competition promises
iio a hard fought contest throughout. The races und sports are between two teams of seven men each,
and nre very evenly matched. The
ther events arc undergoing careful
preparation. From ovory standpoint
Friday evening should be of great
pleasure and profit to ull who attend
The public are Invited,
Two BaBkctball sanies were played
in the Gymnasium last Monday evening. The first game, between two
junior tennis, nnd resulting in a win
for the Giants over tho Athletics in
a hard fought game.
The second game betWQOU the This
ties and Commercials was a battle
royal right up In the end of tho
game, In lho tlrst half the Thistles
played the more aggressive game and
at hall-time led by n good margin.
Uut in the second hnll the Commercials came on the floor with n new
spirit, driving the Thistles back to a
defensive game. At the call of time
t looked like anybody's gam", but
the big inariMi gnincd in tho first
Imli saved thc Thistles from probable detent.   The score
Thistles, 22 points.
Commercials. 18 points.
These teams will play the last of
tbe series ot throe games next Monday night nt eight o'clock sharp.
Several ot the hoys are rounding
intn shape for truck work throughout the Biimmrr. There has hern a
verv detlnite increase in tho n imber
of members who tnko advantage nf
tho swimming pool this past weok,
the milder weather is iro.*t suggestive of .1 good "dip".
Noxt woek Bhould see n go id start
nade in getting the tennis court,
nwn bowling cmirt and athlette B*Id
n good shape lor otlt-ol di or gnmea
and sports.
On behnlf of the boys now g.ttlng
nto shape we challenge the Y. M. C.
v.,   or   nnv   otber   organisation  or
group of athletes to n  road race   of
miles, or n relny race   for   the
same distance, nnd a scries of races
in the "Cvm" next Tuesday evenin.*.
apply to I   Come on boys   snd   e«   mt,.   tho
. Ignmc, tako this up quirk!
Some ol tbe members have clubbsd
NOTICE is hereby |
dnys nftor date I intend
the Minister   ot Lands   for a licence
to primped for coal nnd   fe'ri	
the  lollowlng  lands sltunte  In | together and purchased n now* \ ictnr
over   the  lollowlng  lands Bltnnte  p,   .-»«_._  ""	
tho District „f Southeast   Kootenay gramophone fnr the dnb,   The management Is delighted with this splun
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A tallahla -mini, iwiilttn.; m-n (sill. Tli«_S
pill- an iici-Jltiiilr iiun-rliil lo tcgulstlni Hit
I.in,ill.. p„il li,n ol tin leniilo lyiteiu. RatuBl
nil eliimti Imitation*-.  Dr. difia. nt ai.l.l a,
^i bun, ot threo lor llo.   Malljd to toy adcltoti.
o l-okoll Drag Co., ** '— '*"■
NOTICE Ib heroby given that CO
dayB after dnto I Intend lo apply to
the Minister of Lands for n licence
to prospect Inr coul nnd petroleum
ovor the following lutnls situate In
the District nf Southeast Knntenay
llrltlsh Oolumbla, In Lot 4r.M3-
Commencing nt a pnst plautod nl
nr nenr the Hnulhwett corner of lot
8586 nnd being the Southwest cornor
post ol Oeorge Wykes' claim; thence
north ho chains; thenco oast 80 chains
thence South HO chnins; theneo wool
ho chains to tho plnce of commencement, Containing 040 acres, and hc.ng
the nnmo land heretofore surveyed an
Lot 8586.
Located thin nth dny iii Fobruary,
Eathen W. Hulls, Agent.
Win. H. Brown, Witness
llrltlsh Columbia, In I.Ot 4593:
Coiiinionring nt n poll planted nt
or nenr the Northwest corner nl l.ol
85H5, and being the Northwest rumor
post, of WALTER ,1. ABBS' claim,
thonce South to the Nolihwe-t cor
nor of Lot 8586 a distance approximating 35.98 chnins; thence East a-
long the North line "' l.ol Hr.Hl', to
the West line of  Lot   8591  n distance
approximating    so   chains;    tbence
North  along  the  West    line    nl    l.nl
8591 tn     the    Smith     111 I   l.nl
8592 n distance npproilmatlng 115.'8
chnins; Ihence West along lhe Bouth
line nf Lots 8592 and 72H7 n illnliin
approximating so ehalni lo tin* place
of commencement, containing opproi
Inintoly 2H7.H ncres. and being tho
same land heretofore surveyed nn Lot
Located this 13th dny of February,
WALTER J, Alius, locator
Eathern W. Butts, Agent.
Wm. II. Drown, Witness.
.lul spirit, and we hereby express our
appreciation by n luarty vote ol
thanks. This line Instrument wlll bo
put  to worv tins woek.
We Innk f..r a blr crowd at the
Gymnastic Competition Friday night,
be sure to he one nf them.
cxpcmcNCC '
Tnurr Manna
CoFVntohTt Ac.
KiU'liI a .helrli anrt ,t<>. .I'-tlnn m-,
- "Hinton film -
"iitsiillbllt .... I la
lea. i-l.i.-.l „|. i.e. t Pn .. rn ona rali.ni...
null Iih,.,,   il... ...I.  Mum. AW, ItWt-t
ll-i.l.l! >,  ._   .  . UtoXIl tin, .0, III II a
Scicun.ic American.
A   IH-nOntTlt-f   llhuHml.tl  WfllUj,      .-.iV-M   .'If-
t iln.M I  Hfif   'i'lll I"'   Ji'urnttl.     'U-f hi*   I"'
.  hliu. (ir. ii im, lANUft. pnfHUU.   Mid bj
lir-aicb -irn««, ia r Bt. Waih.iii.uu, 0.0. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B.C.
Hose bearing the       -\.
Penman trademark snuggle v*5>*.
like a second skin to every curve !j» ^
of foot and limb: They do not 8
rip, or lear because there is not a
seam about, them. And they're
made for men, women and children
in cotton, cashmere, silk and lisle—
in any weight and all popular colors.
mark I     h»
Canada  P]
Underwear     .rf»
Opened For Pre-emption
(Continued From Pa_e One)
good antl deep hb a rule, although
some parts are son.*-what gravelly.
There are severul good lots, some
specially adapted for dairy-.arming.
The timber has heen rut. only the
stumps, about twenty to the acre,
left by the loggers remaining to be
removed. In the opinion of surveyors
a number of lots in this tract would
make good apple-growing country if
water could he used, Levels would
have to he run frum .Mark or Cherry
A mile north of this group ls another block of lots. Lota 11589 and
and U590 of this trroup are about a
mile and a half east nf Kimberley,
where the North Stnr and Sullivan
mines are located. \,M e. the other
group, this consists of logged-ofl timber licences, the stumps and small
scattered timber only remaining,
Clay .soil and swamps arc found on
much of this area, the swamps being
not difficult to drain. Part of the
tract can be irrigated.
Home of the settlers mi lands north
of St. Mary's Rlvor in the Cranbrook
District, aro growing good crop, and
vegetables without water. West of
Ht. Mary's Indian Reserve are several farms where profitable farming is
being carried on  without  irrigation.
About,  three or four   miles   south
from Kort Steele three lota have been
subdivided on logged-ofl lands and in
eluded among those to be thrown o-
pen for pre-emption on May 1st .Tbey
can bo recorded at the olllce of tbe
Government   Agent- at     Grant rook,
Them liits arc on rolling bench land
the eastern  part, witb hillsldoB sloping towards the Kontenay river. The
soil Ih sandy loam to gravelly, with
gravel subsoil.     All tbe large timber
has been cut, only lhe stumps, scarce
ly more than twenty to the acre, and
scattered small pine and hr remaining.
North-west from Waldo Station, on
tbo (! rent Northern Rn I' r 1 iad, wh [ch
crosses the International Boundary
at Gateway to connect with the coal
mines at Kernie and Michel by way
Of the Kootenay Valley, and on the
west side of the Kootenay Ri\er, is
a group of forty-two lots which have
been subdivided fer pre-emption on
logged-ofl timber licences. The large
timber 1ms been taken ofl and thc
lotB surveyed Into tracts rantdng in
size from \o acres upward.
Much of tins (tr lUP, which is in the
Cranbrook Land Recording Di virion
and must be recorded af the office of
the Oovernment _.gent at Cranbrook,
covers a park-like country, level over
some   extent   nnd   slightly   rolling   in
other placet. Bome portloni are
broken. The northern part, enrnpris-
ing Lots 8706 to '2.1", was examined
by (J, H, Prince of the Forest Branch
who reported that the greater portion of this bind |i nearly level,
witli gravelly knolls i-hi-wlng in sever
a I places. \ etoep gravelly bank,
rn.m 200 to 300 feet high and in same
places very atony, extends, along the
bank of the Kootenay River. About
4(i acres In all would be comprised
by these gravelly knolls, and these
places, togothor wit*, the stony section of the river hank, are not fitted
for agriculture. The remainder could
be profitably utilized »s agricultural
land, but, with ilu- exception of some
of the blocks, wonm require Irrigation. The altitude in between 2,500
and 3,100 feel The slope in oasl
word in its gen.nil direction, On '*
number of the Iota lho soil Is a fair
loamy clay, in general In this section
it Is a deep gravelly dav. There Is
much black and rich soil In places.
Alfred Oummltiga, B.CX.8,, who
made surveys In this tract, describes
tbo lots comprised in the group south
from  those examined   by   Mr.   Prince
as a park-like country, slightly roll-
! ing in tbe southern half, with a gen
eral slope to tbe north. The northern part ts rather broken and rolling. Home of the lots -11510,11311,
!and 11513—front on the Kootenay
River, rolling bench land rising in
tiers from the river. The large timber haa been cut. A few scattered
large and small hr and pine remain.
On the southern half are clurajs ol
underbrush. The vegetation consists
of wild peavine, grass, wild roses,
and Oregon grape. The soil, suitable for agriculture is a sandy loan.
of good quality and depth on the
southerly lots, with gravel cropping
out on some of the ridges of the northern portion. The land in general
is above irrigation elevation. There
are signs that water could be secured
by digging moderately deep wells.
This district is semi-dry and in ordinary seasons crops sutler from
drought in July and August. With
the use of dry-farming methods for
the preservation of moisture during
these months, crops may bo grown
with success every year, as the rainfall is sufficient during other seasons.
There is a seepage belt which crosses
the northern end of thiB group of lot
and a small slough in tho northern
The coldest temperature in winter
in this part is about 25 degrees. In
Slimmer tho temperature goos above
95 degrees in the shade. The grow-
ng season would be from the last
of Mny to tbe middle of September.
Usually one or more heavy frosts occur In July. Tbe rainfall ls light,
and irrigation or Utilization of dry-
farming methods is generally necessary to profitable agriculture. Irrigation plants are under construction
in this neighborhood, and some are
iu operation near Waldo. In tome
seasons the rainfall is ample and Irrigation is not necesiary. Thtre is
little rain in July or August. The
Hnow Res on the ground three
months, sometimes four, at a depth
of from 14 inches to 2 feet. For Irrigation purposes a gravity flow could
be secured from Cold Creek, about
ten miles distant. There is a small
lake north of Lot 2710. South of
this lot is a well which c .mains
water to within W Or 4 feet from the
surface, and evidently in the wet sea
son is covered by a shallow lake.
There  |s also a shallow lake  in   Lot
114.:.. l'nder good conditions all
kind-* of vegetables could he grown.
and possibly some of the more hardy
fruits. U Waldo there is an expen
mental farm. Ve^etnldes under irrigation seem to he doing fairly well
Lot 32^, which adjoins this tract.
this tract, has been rut into blocks
for sale This Iol reaches eastward
to    the    Baynei    Lake    Settlement
where there is a good fanning population,
A w a iron road follows thn Kootenay Valley. This road, which runs
throughout the valley, connects from
Waldo with this tract by way of a
bridge across the Koot-nay River
about half-way between Waldo and
Krag stations, on tbe Oreat North
em Railroad, Waldo is a Lumbering
and industrial centre, two large mills
-■-one operated by the Rons Saska
toon Limber Company and amther
by the riakor Lumber Company— be-
j ing located there.
Ltds   U573,   U683,   HTH*'..  and   HTH.
are situated a number ol miles north
-Westward of the Kootenay River
and east of   Lho   Kootenay    Central
Railway,  now bring constructed In
vnlley, the rlghl of-way crossing
through Lot 11.78 from the south-
woHt corner ol Loi 11 THT-. This tract
In generally level ground, but the
soil Is gravelly. ,\ small gravel
bench    extends   through   the   O-iitre,
generally ttending north and south,
The soil is gravelly to sandy through
-out this block of lots. There are
some opeu patches uf prairie-liku
country free from timber or brush;
on the remainder there is a fair
growth of yellow pine. No water is
Lots 11788 to 11795 nave beeu subdivided for pre-emption on an expired timber licence about three
miles weBt and north of tbe group
above referred to. Skookumchuck
Creek, a tributary of the, Kootenay
River, crosses through the northern
part of tile tract, being joined hy a
small creek at the north-west corner,
where the main creek is in a canyon.
Skookumchuck Creek has a minimum
discharge of probably _0 or 70 cubic
feet per second. In June and July a
maximum discharge of 1,100 or 1,500
cubic feet per second is probable,
None of the water is used for Irrigation, but considerable is appropriated, ami will eventually water van
OUS areas in its vicinity. Several
logging roads run through the tract.
A pack -trail e _ tends fr nn one toi
lowing to the south ol Bkookum
chuck Creek. A small lake lies Ln
the northern part o| Lot 11793, and
Cedar Creek, which runs north east
erly across the south-east ol Lot
11731 and north-west ol l.ot 10792,
sinks about the centre of Lot 11798.
There are sloughs on the north-east
and norterrn line ol this lot At the
south-westerly corner of the tract
rock bluffs aro found, with level
bench ami plateau lauds :n the een
trc and broken country on the eastern side. Some fairly good land is
fo ind on some of the lots, The soil
is gravelly. The Urge timber has
been logged off, oniy flr and tamarack ol prop sire remaining,
.About a mile    west    ol   these   lots
nine others have been subdivided    on
former timber limits.     The   easterly
tract, comprising Lots 11781,   11803,
and  11503.  is level    bench   and   side-
hill,  with a northerly   slope    at    the
north end, hilly In   the   centre   anl
southern    end.     The   s_dl   is   sandy
loam, with travel subsoil, but is devoid of water.   The larire timber has
been cut, small tamarack, cedar and
pine remaining.   The tract   west   of
these lots, including six lots, is   an-
I ther    logged-ofl   area.     A   sheltered
' narrow draw extends up the middle,
.with side-hills reaching to tbe boundaries, east nnd west.   There is some
i level land at the mouth of the draw
iin Lot 11795, from where the    draw
i runs southward through the h lis for
! several   miles,   and   bench   land   with
j jack-pine brush to the north.     Tn the
draw the soil is good dark-red loam
with  no rocks,  and  gravelly  on  the
BidebillS  and   higher   land.     There   is
no water.     The large timber has all
been logged; small tamarack anl cedar in places.
The hulk of thc lots in the Fernie
Land Recording District, for which
application must be made at the office of tho Government Agent at
Fernie, where they will be opened to
entry by pre-emption on May 1st at
9 a.m., are on logged-ofl timber limits south of the Elk River, eaat ot
tbe Kootenay River, and east from
Dorr. Thore is also a lot on Spar-
wood Ridge near Sparwood. Lots
11682 to 11685 are located about a
mile and a nuarter south of the Elk
River and about two miles oast of
the Kootenay River. The tract has
been logged. It consists of rolling
parMike country. There is no under
brush. Tho vegetation is wild pea-
v ine, grass, and wild strawberry
plants. The soil is sandy loam of
considerable depth, a little stony in
The lots oast from Dorr to the
south, nearly two miles from the
tract above referred to, aro subdivisions of a logged off timber licence.
Only a few scattered small ttr and
pine trees remain. There is no underbrush. Along tho central part of
the southern boundary a line riot extends. The remainder of tbe area is
tolling. Four ridges run north and
south across the group. The soil is
a sandy loam free from atones . n
the tlat, ami sandy logm with a te..
atones on tbe remainder ol the area.
It is above possible irrigation, being
About 300 feet above the Kootenay
River,     it   seems   quite    i rob able,
I though, that water could be obtain
e.i hy sinking moderately dce|j wells
In  thfl valleys.
The laud iH part of a rolling bench
about 'iWU to ..im leet above the Ooo-
ti nay River. The rllmnte Is fl<*mi-
drv, and as the elevation Is high for
Irrigation It is likely that dry-farming methods would have to be
employed in all but wet yeara. Tho
climatic conditions fn general nro
similar to those in the ('ranbrook
vicinity. II. is undcrst iod that owners of laud situaled near the tract
Contemplate putting on water, iiiid If
thia Is done it will likely nerve tha
land on this bench.
The lot near Hpurw I,    1IHK7,    la
on the went side of Kik Rlvor, a fat
at bottom of the slopes reaching
down to thfl River from Sparwood
Ridge. Thin tlat is part of a logged
•Oil timber licence, the balance ot
whleh, rising to a broken ridge, has
been placed In reserve to allow of re-
nfToiestatloii. The soil nn tbe river-
tlat Is alluvial do posit with gravel
Board of Trade Meeting
land which ia about three thousand
feet iu elevation. One half of this a-
rea is free from rock, while the other
one-half contains some waste land
though covered with timber, lt is
Hiile to say that there ia .0,000 acres
of land suitable for mixed farming
nnd In many places the growing of
is a light sandy loam, containing a
small percentage ol gravel. Tbo subsoil is clay aud gravel. During the
year the rainfall will be in the neigh
horhood of 1.1 inches, while the snow
will average about one foot. Wells
sunk to a depth of 20 feet give pot
able water. Should the country need
Irrigation, water can be brought in
from the upper St. Mary's River.
CLIMATE The winters are short;
snow appearing about the Ural ol
January, while breaking I as boen
done in March The summers are
warm and well adapted to the matur
lUg of CTOpe, Stock put lilies i>h tins
area throughout   the winter.
CROPS On that portion ol tho n
rea that has been cropped failures
arc unknown. From tive to seven
tons per acre ol potatoes have been
harvested on ground that has only
been disced, Three cuttings of Rye
have been made in one season, while
fall wheat does well.
TIMBER; The merchantable lumber
lias been estimated hy a competent
cruiser at 120,000,000 feet in addition
to which there are over 1,000,000 ties
and a very large quantity ot mine
timber. About sixty million of the
timber will go to Wyclifle to be manufactured while the balance will go
to Wardner or be sawn ou the ground
MINERALS; immediately to thc
West are the famous North Star and
Sullivan mines. The Purcell Range
in which these mines are located extends to the North and for its entire
length is rich in mineral which will
undoubtedly be taken out and tind ita
way over the short cut to the smelters.
CRANBROOK: With a population
of 4,000, iB the capital city of East
Kootenay. Here we hnd invested in
banking buildings $70,000. The Dominion Government has another $70,-
000 and the B.C. Government has invested $25,000 in public buildings;
while the City of Cranbrook has invested in Uke institutions over $100,-
000. The Canadian Pacific Railway
has expended about $700,000 on its
divisional facilities. Manufacturing
and wholesale companies have $1,250-
000 working in the City. These tig-
urea total ovor $1,500,000.
In addition there are seven hotels
and a large and well equipped hospital. During the fiscal year ending in
March, 1913, Cranbrook as a port of
entry returned to the Oovernment o-
ver $98,000. Whon the proposed railway cut ofl connection is completed
all of the above mentioned will be a-
vuilable to the settlers of the Kootenay Valley, and will afford for
years, advantages to this newly o
pened country which It would otherwise not enjoy.
Faithfully and sincerely yours,
On February 17th, the committee
appointed a sub-committee to visit
Calgary and lay before the authorities the completed plans with all tbe
information asked for. This sub-coin
mittee consisted of Messrs. Fink, Par
ker, and Pollen, who reported to the
committee on March 7tb that tbeir
instructions had been followed and
that the proposed route and the report was enquired into very minutely
in respect to the grades and other
features of this and other routes.Tbe
authorities seems very well satisfied
with the thoroughness with which
tbo information was presented. The
only adverse comment was that the
route paralells tne K.C.R. tor about
10 miles on the northern end. Mr.
Parker was ahle to explain conclusively tbe necessity for this, nnd the
reasons for tbe locations ns shewn.
At the closo ol tbe Interview they
were Informed that It would be host
if thore wore aome sort of official
communication pass between them as
coming from the Board of Trade in
reference to the matter.
At a later data tbo committee were
advised that they could not build un
dor tho old B.C, Southern Charter or
the K.C, Charter but that a special
charter would have to be obtained,
lf tho Board of Trade at tonight's
meeting pass the following resolution, drafted up hy the comm.ttre
and cater the same on the mlnutos,
which  wliMi signed by  tbe  president
01 the Board and Its secretary, will
supplement thu plans and reports
that, have been forwarded in lt will
greatly assist In furthering tbe
Tho resolution reads aa follows:—
"Whereon the matter of a cut-oPI or
"spur of the K, O. Ry. Into ('ran
"brook Is thought desirable by this
"Board, and whereas in general
"meeting ol November _.Mh, 13 ,tbo
"Hoard appointed a Special Com-
"mittee to work out ways and tbo
"means of obtaining tho assurance
"that a branch or spur ot said
"railway would be built.
"AND WHEREAS thla Special
"committee havo secured vi.L able
"Information, also had a roconnois
"sauce yurvey made by a civil engineer.
"AND WHEREAS this Information
"shows conclusively that a feasible
"route can be obtained on very rca
"sonable grades and that a road
"can be constructed at a moderat ■
"BE IT, therefore, resolved, tbat.
"tbis Hoard in meeting, approve of
"a resolution properly drafted, set-
"tlng forth the matter as outlined
"by Mr. Dennis iu his letter, Fob-
"ruary 87th, 1914, and signed by
"the president and secretary. Kur
"ther that tbis resolution embody
"the Hoard's willingness to secure,
"if necessary, a charter, and if pos
"slide subsidies, Irom one or both
"Governments and thai on the as
"BU.at.cc   from  tbo Railway  Co.,
"thai this Hue will be constructed
"that the Hoard will lum over to
"them the charter and any snbsi
"dies ohtainod."
In reference to Ibis scheme nud  the
getting of the new charter us is om
bodied mi the Resolution, the Hon
R, v. Qroen nnd the lion, l\ D, Oav
en have both beeu communicated wllh
but replies from neitbei to date have
been received.
Messrs. Do W110SB und I', Wilson
moved   that   the   commit tee's   report
be accepted—carried,
It wna then moved by Mr, P, Wil
son and seconded by C. It. Ward tbat
the Resolution as presented and suggest eil by the special committee iu
their report be passed and that the
necessary signnturt b be ntta- bed to
a copy—carried unanimously; tho
meeting being much impressed with
the sound business policy advocated
In its contents, together with tbe val
lie it will eventually be to the committee in furthering their work in ob
tabling the cllt-ofl desired.
In speaking to the minutes Mr. J.
Ryan said: "thnt the committee on
pre-emptied lands hnd had petitions
circulated throughout the district
and that they had boen signed by
thousands of interested parties; but
tbat the government had somewhat
anticipgted them in their request in
granting to the people of this district
the wants of the petitions not received.
Mr. Geo. Stepenson advised the
meeting that be bad trS en up the
matter of freights to Cranbrook and
he had all tbe assurance necessary
that the same would be revised, and
that in all probability ( r n' rook
would then hnve th? Fame raten as
Fernie which would further the belief in concrete form of the future of
Cranbrod: as a distributing centre.
Upon the ortirers retiring at this
stage of the meeting Mr. Stew n-on
moved that a vote of thanks ho made
to them for the services they had ren
dered during the past year. Mr. Wil-
ron seconded with the proviso that
Mr. Stevenson's name be coupled to
the officers aa the efficient work be
had executed on behalf of the K. C,
cut-off wns deserving of bucIi recognition—carried.
Mr. H, Darling, the retiring president, reviewed the work of the Hoard
for the past year.
Mr. Darling moved that Mr. A. C.
BowneSH was elected by acclamation.
of the Board for the next year, Nominations were declared closed and Mr
Bownesz wns elected by acclamation.
Mr. Bowness in reply said: "That.
he realized that there was a considerable amount of work to bc done
by ttie Board which was vital to the
interests of Cranbrook, and that 1
am always ready to assist in the
work to that end."
Mr. J. M. Christie, being elected to
the vice-preaident-y by acclamation,
replied: that "I'll do my best."
Mr. J. P. Fink, on the nomination
of C. R. Ward, wns elected unanimously as Secretary.
Tit.' executive elected wore as follows: Messrs. C. R. Ward, W. A. Nes-
bit, P. E. Wilson, (Jen. Stevenson,
T. B. O'Connoll, I. Manning, H. Darling, and .1. Oampbell.
Various committees were elected to
see that the work during fe yeir
was carried out efficiently, the chair
man of each committee to lie a member of tbe Executive with power to
udd oue or two members to assist
blm la the work undertaken a. he
sow tit,
The committees appointed were: -
Legislation nnd  Clvlc-W.A.Nesbit.
Finance   and    Membership—T,    H.
Education and  Publicity—ll.  Darling.
Roads—I. Manning
Entertainment— P. E. Wilton
Retail Merchants—.1, Campbell
Natural    Roy oiiro.es-0.    R,    Ward,
who asked to be relieved of the
chairmanship   in  favor of  Mr.
Tbe  tlnnnclal   statement,   wan  thou
presented  which  wnn found to carry
over a  surplus of  $50.40.      Messrn.
Wilson and Ward moved that the fl
nanclnl   idalement    as    presented  by
the retiring council be accepted   car
' rled.
I Mr. I. Manning moved that the
committee appointed to that section
draft up a resolution re the rn'ab-
llahlng of an Dominion experimental
, farm in Ornnbrook and that, tbe snme
bo forwarded to tbe Hon. R. K.
(ireen nt. Ottawa—carried.
Mr. R. E. Beattie moved and Mr
J. Ryan seconded thai It
One Might Only, Thurs., War. 18
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"BE RESOLVED that we, the
"Board o( Trade of tbe City ol
"Cranbrook, consider it detrimental to the best interests ol the
"City that the City Council have
"decided to dispense with the aer-
" vices of the City Engineer; it is
false economy, and we, as the bust-
"ness men of the City consider it
"imperative that the City'B utili-
-tieB and Public Works should be
"supervised by a competent and responsible official. It will do the
"City an incalculable amount of
"harm when it becomes generally
"known to outsiders that we are
"too poor to keep our responsible
"officials. Prospective settlers will
"give us the go by aB they will nat
"urally conclude that the City and
"district Ib in a decrepid state,
"they will go where prospects look
"brighter. Be It therefore resolved
"that we, the Board of Trade ask
"the Council reconsider this matter and re-instate Mr. O'Hara as the
"City Engineer, and that a copy
"nf this resolution be forwarded to
"the City Council at an early date.
—carried unanimously. Several of
tbe members spoke to the motion in
regards to the Inadvisabitity of the
Council taking the step it has in this
Mr. H. Y. Packer in riBing said:
"that he was much impressed with
the enthusiasm of the meeting as
well as the business way they approached a subject brought to their
attention- becailBO of this he would
like to bring to their notice a mat-
tor of which very little was at present known. In his preliminary re-
marks ho showed how the city of
I Mm on BlISttilHOd n typhoid eplhemie,
lot-log over Mi lives, because of a
pointed water shed. Then Mr. Parker pointed out the fart that shacks
are being built near the reservoir
and the stream of water which Is our
supply, and that nt this time of the
yeur any accumulated refuses which
liad been thrown out on the fro/en
ground Is liable to find Its way Into
the drinking water of the City. That
the danger of polutlon does exist
und that the matter will grow
greater instead of leas.
To relieve thc situation, tho speaker pointed out the fact that the laud
in thc wat it shed Is at present under Government reserve, and he feels
confident that the rennitvd area can
Iin purchased at a very nominal figure, If the government does not upon proper representation grant to tho
City this area free of all cost. Mr.
Parker felt that this project Is worthy of the consideration of the Board
of Trade, and offered to assist a c nn
uiilt.ee in any way should one be appointed to look Into the matter.
At thin point the speaker read from
lhe "Prospector" of lust week where
in (hey referred to the Post Office
lire and snld that lie could not let.
iim. statement pass imohallonged.
The co mmo tit said "Cranbrook Is
fortunate in having a flr.-t Hn s lire
department, and n water supply that
Is ample for lire protection." Be*
(ipectiug  the first part  1  have only
this to Bay "We bave a very efficient
fire department, und it is \_ry fortunate for us that we ha.e." as the
statement respecting the ample water
supply Ib incorrect. We have not a
sufficient water supply as 1 will show
you. A year ago in January tbe
pressure was at the down town hydrants bet.wero UO and 65 tbs. Water
in passing from a hydrant through
100 feet of 2_ inch hose reduce* the
pressure ten po; nils, and if the fire
was in the middle of a block there
will be a pressure of about 30 tbs. to
tight it with. This pointed out the
fact that in the case of a fire obtaining any headway hefore the department arrived that brigade would
have very little use of he ng there.
He further stated that If three hydrants in the business section were to
be opened at once a good bucket brigade at each could pack away all the
water. Mr. Parker pointed out the
fact that this condition could be over
come by the expenditure of tabout
$11,000, by connecting a ten inch
main to tbe second main which has
been laid part way to the City.
"Furnishing the (Ity with Parks
and Cement Sidewalks is in my estimation aecondary to obtaining a
good and sufficient water supply."
President A. C. Bowness t hen reviewed in brief form as the hour was
getting late, the water situation,
saying "thnt he was very familiar
with the Conditions on they exist today, nnd that while be was Mayor of
the ('ity last year, the water problem was thc one lhat had caused
the Council more anxiety than nny
other or nil together, The trouble
was tbat the present system wna all
laid in wooden pipes whlcb In bla o-
Hlderod them of no use; they wore con
slderefl them of no iho; they were con
tinually leaking and causing endless
trouble. During the last year he bad
held office, there had been 188 leaks
tbat had had to be repaired on the
main line, thnt Is between the City
limits and the reservoir. If the capital could have been raised bc would
be strongly in favor of laying the
whole system with Iron pipes.
It was moved and seconded by
Messrs. Darling and Ryan that the
committee on civic matters look Into
the protection of the source nf our
water supply, etc., and work In conjunction with the City Council—carried,
A motion wan made thnt the
best thanks of the Board should be
given tn the City council for the use
I of the City Hnll ln which to hold
their meetings.
Mr. I. Manning brought to the attention of the Board the ds/rucrful
rondltlou of the Chinese hulldinra In
front of the station and wanted to
know If something could not be done
to have them removed.
MessiH. Ward and Hyatt were appointed to look into the possibility
of erecting a building near the station for the purpose of fitting It up
and UNlug anme for nn exhibition
ball for our natural resources.
Meeting Adjourned


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