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The Prospector Mar 21, 1914

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Array 'fovinclal   Legislative Assembly
are a positive help
and a permanent
Sea WilSOn ths Optician
The  Leading Newspaper
in the
Koot .nays
$2.00 Per Year
VOLllMNIi     20.
No. 12
Cranbrook Water Supply
Adequate---But No Fire
To tbe Editor,
Dear Sir:— Thero ata those ln our
City who are advocating cement
walks; tho municipal ownership ol
tbe Electric Light Plant; a Olty mar
kot; the purchase ot land lor a park;
all of which arc most worthy sentiments; but os I said at tbe Board ol
Trade Meeting, I feel that our Water
Supply should receive first consldera
We have an excellent supply as to
purity; let ub keep it ao. Now is
the time to act along th Be lines.
We have an adequate supply Ior a
number of years, and with more ator
age, ample water for fighting large
fires for a number of hours.
At the present time we have practically no fire protection from the
Water Works. Do you realize, when
you go to sleep at night, that the
pressure at the hydrants on tho hill
will not be over 50 pounds per sq.
in.; that hy the time hose is laid to
your house, near the center of the
block, there will be a pressure of
about 30 tbs where thero should be
about 70 lbs. These are facta which
can be proven. The writer haa had
a pressure guage in his Utchen for
a number of years, and knows the
average pressure for the twenty-lour
At the Board of Trade moating, I
aald that this condition can be relieved by the expenditure of about
$11,000.00. This will connect the end
of the 12 Inch pipe which cornea to
within three-quarters of a mile of
the City limits, to tbe present system at the Post Ofllce. A ten inch
wooden pipe wlll he laid beside tbe
present eight inch main (which is
too amall, hence no Are   protection)
' to Ourda Corner, thence down Luma
den Ave., to Baker St., and then up
Baker St. to the Poat Olllce.
| There are many who queation the
advisability of   using   wooden   pipe
' nnd advocate ateel. Mr. Bowness at
the Board of Trade meeting aaid
that there were   163   leaks   repaired
; last year on the main   between   tbe
.City limit and the reservoir; but tbe
| did not fall you that these leaka
have been anticipated by the Water
Dept. ever since the City bought the
system; nor did he offer any explanation of thc cause of these leaks.
There la a cause for every eft.ct. I
will, later on, explain why a very
large majority of these leaka occur-
ed, as I will do in the caa_ of others
"too numerous" leaks in the city.
Before condemning' woohen pipe consider it fairly from all points, with
the best steel pipe.
The essentials to be considered in
any pipeline work are, 1, Low flrst
cost; 2, Durability; 3, Carrying cap-
I acity,
| The prices wblch I submit, showing tbe flrst coat of pipes, are actual
values as were used one year ago in
preparing the estimates of the City
Engineer and aro all f.o.b. Cranbrook.
10 inch wood pipe     (0.446
10 inch steel pipe      0.J51
10 inch     "      "         8.10
10 inch     "       "        1.25
10 inch     "      "         1.77
The pricoa of steel pipe vary greatly, depending on the manu facture.
It is clearly seen that the cost of
wooden pipe is from one hundred to
threo hundred per cent cheaper,
while the cost of laying is very
more out of proportion.
Tho durability of wood stave pipe
where lt will be constantly subjected to water preasure dependa entirely on the life of the material with
which lt Is wound. There are well
known Illustrations where steel
banded pipes have been in continuous
operation for over 50 years without
apparent deterioration; while the
average life ol steel or iron pipe is
trom 25 to 50 years, and may be
very much less.
In connection with carrying capacity, Rider, an eminent guthority,
states, "Wben ateel mains for a distribution systom are under consideration one inch is not too much allowance for annular ring taken uu
by tuberculation." This Bhows that
a 12 Inch ateel main will have to be
provided where a 10 inch main ia de-
aired; hence the flrat cost of pipe is
increased considerably above the figures. Wood pipe gathers no tubercu
lation and remains aa clean aa the
day lt waa installed. We do HLe
clean drinking water. Farther, a 12
inch wooden pipe with a loss ot head
ot 8.85 leet per 1000 wlll carry approximately 2,025 gallons per minute; wheri'ii- a new 12 inch iron pipe
undor the same loss ot head will carry approximately 1,810 gallons per
minute. Here ia an advantage of a-
liout 10 per cont in carrying capa-
aity ol wood pipe over lion or steel-
Have you thought of what might
happen to your children should a
fire of any size gain headway in the
school buildings? Tbere is only a 4
inch main feeding those hydrants.
What is the water pressure?
Faithfully and sincjrdy,
Canada and Peace
Or. Darby's Tour
(Special to the Prospector)
The Rev. Dr, Evans Darby, London, England, Secretary for 25 years
ol the Peace Society, recently had a
remarkably successful tour ln Western Canada—a Peace Mission.
"The tour," Dr. Darby told a Jour
naliat, "waa at a psychological moment. It followed on the opening of
the Peace Palace at the Hague, and
many circumstances, including utterances ol Cabinet Ministers, had lm
pressed the public mind. These, and
also the long pressure put on Canadian loyalty from the Motherland,
helped to prepare tho way "
"What did your Journey oorui.'.'
asked the pressman.
"A six day's crossing to Quebec
by the C.P.R. 'Empress ot India',
an almost unbroken journey by thc
Canadian Pacific Railway right a-
croas to Victoria, B. O., a strenuous
round ol remarkable meetings on the
return Eastward, a call ol three or
four points In the Eaat, and a aeeond crossing, homeward, the wbole
occupying four montha, and covering
14,000 miles—5830 by aea, and o.er
8,200 by land?"
"And you had an active time?"
"I gave over eighty addressos, bo-
lord many thousunda of Canadians—
addrosses ol various types, but all
on the one great topic ol International Peace, including a apec.al development, a Peace Policy lor Can-
"How waa the Peace qunation received?"
"Moat cordially. I found much enthusiasm, marked earncalneas, and
practical unanimity against aggrca
alve naval policy and militarism. It
la Indeed doubtful whether the Canadian warship will ever be built, lor
Canadian opinion la rapidly moving
agalnat the policy ol both political
"Tbere waa only one note ol dls-
aldenco—at Edmonton. At the Canadian Club meeting, Major Oreabach,
who seconded a vote of thanka argued tbat 'war waa good and beneficial, and necessary for a nation.'
That vl.'w was decidedly not accepted
by the audience."
"Were you exclusively In the West"
"Yea, as regards risttnate propaganda. I had not time tor more—
but I conferred with Paclflata in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and St.
John, and bad excellent meetings in
"Do you go again?"
"Another tour la projected tor the
Haatern Provlncee.   It ia under dls
cusalon, and when undertaken will bo
doubtless as effective aa tbe one in
the West."
"Indeed," Dr. Darby added, "there
are unmistakeable aigns of large developments on the queation throughout the Dominion."
"What sort of meetings bad you?"
"Oreat Public Meetings, specially
called Conferences, week.end meetings
sermons ln tbe churches, maaa meetings after service hours, Brotherhood, Ministerial Societies, Canadian
Club receptions, others with the W.
C.T.U., the Y.M.C.A., Christian Endeavors, and one at Kamloops, in
the gaol, where I preached to tbe
"Where were the Western meetinge
"At Victoria,Vancouver, Kamloops
New Westminster, Kelowna, Bummer
land, Vernou, and Revelstoke, all ln
British Columbia; at Calgary, Rod
Deer, Edmonton, and Medicine Hat,
in Alberta; at Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, and Reglna, in Saakatchewan;
and at Brandon, and Winnipeg, in
"And you mot with auccesa?"
"All tho meetinge were excellent.
Those at Winnipeg were the climax.
The newspapers proclaimed 'Peace
Week' and gave great prominence to
the effort in leading articles, and full
reports. Tbe press throughout, was
mnHt cordial, and did full justice to
thc tour and its object."
"Wire any resolutions passed?"
"Yes, at mnny meetings. Tho typical one wna thc one at Winnipeg."
"That ln the opinion of this meeting, Canada, being free Irom international difficulties, should devoteall
hor energies to the arts of 1'eaoc and
the attainment of social and economic juatice, and In so doing, can
without embnrraasmont, not the example, aa will enable her to take the
laad among nations na an advocate
of International Peace and Arbitration; thercforo, we recommend that
a generous portion of tho money lt
is proposed to spend on Naval Ar
maments, under either Conservative
or Liharal policiea, he diverted to
prosecuting an international educational propaganda for Peace gnd Ar
nitration; and that a copy ot this
Resolution be forwarded to tho
Right Honorable Robt. Laird Borden, and to the Right Houorable Sir
Wilfred Laurier."
"You found the Canadian Clubs
"Very, in nearly overy place. The
Prealdont nt Vancouver, Rev. J.
Mackay, D.D.. who ls alao president
of tho Federation nl Canadian Clubs
told mo ho would make peace the
main subject of his yonr of ofllce."
"You know thoro has boen aome
preaa criticism ol a   Peaco   policy."
"Yea, in one instance. But hero la
a pregnant fact, which shows the
trend of opinion."
"The Grain Growers' Quide at
Winnipeg took up the Peace question
prominently, anh Included it in a
list ot subjects submitted to a plebiscite ot its readers. The question
put wae;
"Do you believe that Canada in-
atead of spending millions for Naval
Armaments (either British or Canadian) should devote her energies and
spend her millions if necessary, towards the establishment of Universal Peace and Disarmament, and thi
settlement of international disputes
by Arbitration."
"In the result 6,408 men and women voted—6,060. Yes, and only 653
No.   A very remarkable result."
"I was," concluded Dr. Darby,
gr.atly interested in, and impressed
by tho wonderful Canadian scenery—
the rich prairies ol Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbo mountain grandeur of the Roclea, tho
heights and passes, and vailsys of
these mighty mountains, The wonders viewed from tho observation
cars ot tho Canadian Pacldc Railway
make an experience that is in-e.-crii e
able, and impressions that will live.
The great railway Itself is marvellous, and travel by lt a delight. Also
tho vast development ot tho Orand
Trunk Pacific Railway System and
tbo Canadian Northern eland out as
wonderful factors ln the commercial
material and human progress of the
graat Dominion tho limits of which
no man can see,"
It will be rememborod wbat a treat
was obtained hy music lovers from
the last Organ Recital that waa given ln the Methodiat Church by tholr
organist Mr. Oharlea F. Nldd.
Mr. Nldd la about to glvo another
one ln tho church on April Int. Tho
programme will be somewhat different trom that given laat month aa in
this one he is going to make a specialty of Scotch selections.
The defects that were observed in
tho organ at the last recital have
now been removed, thim ensuring tho
recital on April lot n boon to mimic
Tom Powers, an oldorly mnn, who
waa injured in a runaway accident
about ton days ago while working
for the Kenny Livery .tallies, died
on Thursday morning at tho St. Kugene hospital. The funeral services
will be held from the Cathallc church
thla morning.
Y. M^Notes
The Gymnastic Competition   given
in the Gym. ot tho Olub laat Friday
evening was a splendid auccoss. The
Judges   found   it   very   difficult   to
chooso the first five conteatants,   In
soirta casea only   one   quarter   of   a
point separated the successful   competitors from those immediately following.   The winners wero;
Jas. Brechin, prize—gold cuff links,
donated by W. H. Wilson.
M. Murray, prize—military   brushes,
donated by Beattie-Murphy Drug Co.
W. M.  Harris, prize—pair ol   boots,
donated by W. B. MacFarlane.
Wilfred Dallas,   prize—goods,   donated by P. Burna & Co.
H. L. Rohiin, prize—   hat,   donated
by E. A. HIU.
The claas work of every competitor was of a high order, some of the
juniors mado a particularly brilliant
-hoving, showing great afllty and
precision ln their work. Round aftor round of applause'from the audience showed the appreciation of the
spectators in every event.
The exhibition of high bar and
parallel bar work by Physical Instructor Mirams. was very c'assy.
HIb form was faultless and the difficult swings and turns held tbe l.rge
audience breatblaes Until with a
graceful swing the akil.ul performer
landed on tbe mat.
Tbe races were all very keenly con
tested and were provocative of no
Httle fun. The hardest fought contest of all however, was the high
jump, between teams of se.en men
each captained by Jas. Brechin and
. I. Murray, respectively. Alter each
member had in turn been eliminated,
except the captains, a battle royal
too'* place between these rivals, and
after a numbe. ot antendid jumps,
lirechin was balked and ma ing a
slight misjudgement loat hia leap at
height of five foet. Murray and
Ids team also won on the average in
this event, but Brechin's team won
nil other events.
Thore was a largo audience completely filling the balcony and lining
both sides of the .gynmaaium. There
will be more of this kind of "good
thing" later on.
The boys are getting into line for
out-of-door sports, the Bankers Foot
ball team of the Club are to meet
the Y.M.C.A. team on Saturday
noxt. There is talk of forming another team also with the hope of
forming a League.
Baseball ls also being talked of
and an effort will again be made to
put a good ball team repris.nting
tbe Club, on the field.
Tbe basket-ball game between tho
Thistles and Commercial laat Monday night was a thriller, the teams
stood eight points each at half time
but by supreme effort ln the second
half the Thistles noaed out their
fast opponents by three points. The
game was a brilliant one throughout and was singularly free from
roughness.     The score:
ThlBtleB 19 points.
Commercials 16 points.
Naxt Monday night the old rivals,
Bankers and Thistles will meet. This
will be tbo first ot a aeries of three
games to take place on successive
Monday evenings. The Bankers bave
not yet heen beaten, and tha Thistles have only been beaten by the
Bankers. The Thistles are now in
top-notch form and are datermin.d
that lf they cannot beat tbe Bankers that that team will have to extend itself to the limit. Thla aarlea
will undoubtedly bo a hard lou.bt
Claims $500.000 Damages
Working Only in the Interests of
Workmen's Compensation Bill
The spectacle uf two hundred and
llfty manu fact urors leaving their
workshops and coming to Torootoat
considerable sacrifice of time and
nionoy to voice their protests against
the proposed Workmen's Compensa-
0111 must have had Hfl effect upon
the members ol the Ontario Cabinet
when tbey held their public meeting
last mouth to hear what people hah
to say.
(Clsewhere in thlH Issue wlll he
found a list of some of tho principal
objections which the manufacturers
nro urging against the bill. These
are set forth In sober, dignified laug
uago as bi'ii-H   nn   organization   of
business mon, Let no on. Imagine
for one moment, however, thnt tha
placid  exterior  which    tbe   mnnufnr
' Hirers Imve thim far    been   able   io
i maintain In an indication that tliey
nre objecting to the hill merely be
| cause It In going to take a little
more money ont   ol   their   pockets.
I As a matter df met the hill    Is   bo
To the editor of the Prospector,
Cranbrook, B.C.
I enclose you a copy of a letter to
the Editor of "Saturday Night" and
copy of my address to shareholders
of the Company that hns been attacked by "Saturday Night" and I
wish to compliment you on your
courage in printing the whole ot
what I wrote. If truth Ib libel you
will in publishing tbe whole story be
called upon to print libel, and wheth
cr it calls for criminal or civil action, I assume the responsibility and
relieve you of all tbe onus.
Yours very truly,
Damages Half a Million Dollars
Wattsburg, B.C.
March 18 ,1914
To the Editor of "Saturday Night,"
Toronto, Ont.
Enclosed is a copy of challenge issued by me as President and General
Manager of the' Boundary Mining &
Exploration Company, Ltd., calling
upon you to make good your criticisms of the said Company and its
affairs. Copies of tbis challenge
in a mutilated form have been published in the Press of the West, only
one Editor bad sufficient courage to
publish the same as written and
that Is the oldest and most Influential journal in these parts, "The
Pro*p-«*or" of Cranbrook, wblch I
have seen i« early daya turned out
by horse-power, a.-a _«■ did better
than aome of your modern productions with their electric and asinine
power. To-duy the "Prospector"
iises electric power and common
Sense and does effective WOltJ for tho
good of tbe community.
; Tho terms o( the challenge are definite, however,  1  repeat,  that Ih,  if
' you can moke good your unjust anl
damaging statomonts, 1 will forfeit
nil I own now or may own hereafter
on thc condition that if you fail, you
deliver "Haturday Night" and nil Its
belongings to me, if yon plead that
what I own Is not worth an much an
."Saturday Night", I will provide
double the value of "Saturday
Night, ' the value to be as ascertained by eiport valuators.
If you ignore this challenge and do
not take up the gauntlet, nor apologize by lettergram within srjven days
from date, I shall give instruction.
for a writ ro be issued ai-a.nst you
for half a million dollars damages.
This Ib no bluff, but meant in earnest and tor the protection of over
600 small -shareholder., whose interests lt is my duty to protect and I
shall do ao by every means in my
Yours truly,
The story in connection with the
above will he published in full in our
nest issue. This story co.ituins some
statements that will make our readers
wonder that such men (if mich they
can call themselves) are privileged
to associate themselves witb respectable citizens. The falsity of man.
The depths to which a man will but
stoop to gain his end. AH this and
■"■irli   more  wlll   tie  shown   light   in
Uext week's issue of the "Prospector." Don't forget to obtain a copy
nud learn something of pronators'
Bob ernes,—Bd.
preposterous that ono utterly (Alls
to understand how a jurist of the
eminence of Sir William Meredith
would ever have allowed himself to
become sponsor for it.
No one among employing interests
ta opposed to a reasonable measure
tbat will ensure the payment ot a
moderate amount of compensation
to the unfortunate dependants of
those who lose their lives or are
crippled In tne pursuit of their em-'
ployment. In proof of this they
have intimated their willingness to
go as far as any civilized country in
the world has gone, and much fur
ther than most of them have gono.
What they object to, however, iB to
be squeezed for further concessions
that would handicap them so that
tbey would be unable to meet competition from outside.
On account of the complexity of
the subject, and the extreme difllculty of acquiring a grasp of all Its
details, we must be prepared to
miJ.e some allowance for the apparent reluctance of the Government to
take liberties with Sir William's
magnum opus. But the Government
will make a profound mistake if tbey
assume that the manufacturers are
objecting simply (or thc sales of objecting. If this bill is forced upon
the Province it mny be neceBSary for
employers to retrench In ways which
neither the Govornmont nor the
working people themselves at pr.s-
ent contemplate. For example, mn
ufacturers might be forced to e'im-
inate from thetr employment the
physically unfit and Incompetent who
are now retained as pensioners, but
who might become a lorlOUl charge
upon the compensation fund; or man
ufacturers might ho forced to discontinue welfare systems now In operation. Other means of protection
or of retrenchment will rendily suggest themselves, nil pointing ti tho
conclusion that, the ultimate results
may be fraught with the most serl-
oub consequences.—0, M. Murray. In
Industrial Canada.
A iii-i'tiii': of the Oranbrook Lao
ri.sso (lliili wns hold mi Vrliluy Inm.
nt which (he followliii* offlcera were
lion. Prealdont; Himnn Taylor,
1'reslil-mt; It. K. Ilniiiiii.,
Vlce-Pri'nlilcnt; .1. II. Iloylo,
Prealdont! Wntson Hnll,
Hec-Trenn.; J. Ilreclirn.
Ki.cutive Committee: Wm. Mnt-
llicwH, W. Chambers, Arch Leitch,
nnd R. H. (larreti. Tuun manager
and captain K. H. Mcl'lioe.
Epworth League
Thfj Epworth League of the Methodist Church held a very interesting
evening on Tuesday the 17th, under
the direction of the Literary Dept.
The program consisted of a debate,
and Irish readings and qiinrtettfs,
appropriate to the ol.s rvatiou of
St. Patrick's Day. The affirmative
side ot tbe debate: "Resolved that |
capital punishment be abolished" ]
was ably supported by Mr. E. W.
Turnlfcy and Mr. Geo. Soame. The
negative side was very forcibly sustained by Mr. 0, W. Rendall and Mr.
W. Reld. The discussion on both
sides proved very interesting, and
the judgeB auer a length; consideration ot the points brought forward,
gave their decision in favor of tbe
negative Side. Mr. Reid gave several very entertaining rea lings which
were highly appreciated. Two quartettes "Tbe Shamrock" and "lhe
Meeting of the Waters" w.re well
rendeied by tbe Misses R. Bechtel
and H. Egger and Messrs R, Hockey and A. Ashworth, both pitCes receiving loud applause.
Epworth League meets on Tuesday
evoolng at 8 o'clock, under the direction of thc "Citizenship Department".    Everybody  welcome.
A quiet but very pretty wedding
una held nt the lluptist para.nai;-
In this city on the nlurno.,n ol tho
eighteenth, when Mr. Hlllwrt A. Cor-
bott nnd Miss Annie 15. Yarwood.
both of C'ranbrnok. were united in
the Imly bonds uf matrimony by the
Hev. O. E. Kendall. Mr. Corbett is
the popular uinHitT carpenter in the
Sash nnd Dour Co. After n short
honeymoon the happy couple will return to the rlty nnd wlll be ready
In duo time to receive then Irl'nds
in their own home.
Council Meeting
A special meeting of the City Coun
eil was held in tbe Council Chambers
on Monday evening, iur the purpose
of passing a byluw to liceube ana re-
gulatetbo sale ol Milk and Cr_am in
»■ ranbrook,
'those present were Mayor a. Taylor,
and Aldermen Lampbili, Leas.., Ce-
. heat, -ilcn.enbo.hara, _.a:i_er.n and
! Horie.
on motion o[ Aldermen H.c.en-
botliam and Cameron, permission
was granted to introduce Bylaw No.
13G, a bylaw regulating tbe licensing
and the regulating oi mint vendors
nnd tbelr produce.
The bylaw was read a first, and
second time, and after the council
had considered the same in committe
they recommended it for ita third
reading. The said bylaw was then
road a third timo and passed.
Mr. Rumsey being ln waiting, was
given permission to address tbe coun
ell on matters pertaining to ths over
flow of water which was tilling the
busement of his bouse. In bis remarks he said: "That since tho sewer bad been finished, (which, owing
to the prevailing weaiher cjuditio__
at that time, had not been completed
properly) the water from tho sewer
iii .Wi was backing up and flowing Into the basement of his residence."
Tho matter was referred to the committee on sewers, and they were instructed to visit th*. premises, and
see what could be done to remedy
-.-_* vv.---i-..__ _._>_.._.._£, intwU • _•_.. _.**
wer to act.
The awful noise made by some of
the automobiles doing business in
the City waa called to tho Council's
notice, and after consideration the
City clerk was instructed to write to
the police Commissioners and as_
tbem to enforce the automobile bylaw; tbat automobiles for biro, wero
in the habit while standing on the
streets, an well as when ln use, of
cutting ofl the mutfllc, and making
thereby excessive noises, and to tn-
Btruct the City Police to aee that
this nuisance wbb abated.
Upon reference being made to the
eliect that the City were without a
City engineer Aldermen Hickenbotham and Cameron moved and seconded tbat Mr. J. C. Glenday be appointed City Engineer for two month
at a salary of $100.00 per montb,
and to enter upon his duties at once
The matter of connecting tbe Cranbrook Hteani Laundry with the sewer
was placed in the hands of the Sewer
committee, with power to act.
Some discussion then took place
as to the best location for the Installation of a drinking fountain;
also re the changing ol the sidewalk
grade on Norbury Avenue. Dr.J.H.
M. Bell, city health officer addressed
tba council on matters pertaining to
the InHpectlon ol milt,
Council adjourned.
First Woman Judge
Mrs. it. li. JamlMon, president of
the Local Council Ol Women of Cul
goryi who wnH recently appointed
by the attorney-general to be com-
mleelonor of tb' |u von llo court, is
tbo Hi Ht woman judge appointed In
i Cnnada.     Mm    .Inmle. on   wan former
|iy a resident of Oranbrook, her husband, Mr. It. It. JftmlOflon, at the
time being local superintendent for
the C. I', ll- During the time of her
relldt-nco at Cranbroo't Mrs, Jamie*
son took an active putt iu church
and social cirri.*, and has a host Ol
friends in tbls city who will be
pleased  to hear of her appointment.
Farmers' Institute
Mr. A. Ii. Smith President of the
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute, presided at a mrt ting held tn the old
(iym. on Saturday. March 14th, 1914
K. Worthlngton gave a report on
the B.C. Horticultural Report by
Mi. WlnslOW, He showed that ln
Home respects the report maligned
this district. The report gave a list
f trees, etc., known to do well in
Oranbrook, Mr. Arnold, of Diiier
reported loss of cattle on account of
the guard., being removed at tht
crossings in the winter. Steps are
being taken to probe this matter
properly. SldeH, or at least leaders
Were chosetl in n gopher killing con*
t i<) whlrh will he run led on during
the it. tt three or four niooths. A. II,
Webb nddresned tbe meeting on
"Don'ts" lu the rblrken line. Owing
lo the lateness of the hour tho pn-
pern on Alfalfa, and tbe Tuberculin
T nl for dairy rattle were left ovor
till the next meeting, at which a de-
ate will be held on: Can a man
mnke a living OH n tive acre plot In
Cranbrook? nnd the Co-operative
Billing of vegetables will nlso bedis-
Finances of Canada
During tbe pant few months the
Liberal Press and Liberal orators
have been systematically misrepresenting the conditions of the tinance-
of the country. Revenues were reported decreasing, expenditures grow
ing, the deht incre<sing, an! the
credit of tbe country was disappearing. It was a black calamitous picture they painted.
Hon. W. T. Whiff, the Finance
Minister, gave the facts of the   situ
ation in a speech in tbe House this
week, and it is safe guessing the Lib
erals will hereafter take a uew taek.
Mr. White showed tbat any difficult
ies which were now met were due to
the financial blundering of the old
governme.:t. The revenues were never so bouyant as at tbe present day.
commerce bad reached this year a
new high water mark, and in addition during the past two years the
net debt of the country had actually
lecreastd by $13,.".00,000, as com
pared with an increas- during the
last four yars * >f the Liberal regime
of no less than -*T*t..000,000.
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier makes the
mistake," commented Mr. White, "of
imagining that because he has ceimed
governing Canada has ceased growing." Mr. White presented aome com
pari si'iis, which gave point to this
remark. The tirst year the Conscrvn
tlves came into power tbe revenue
wnH $136,f.00,00l). This year it will
be no less than $17U,000,OIH). Trade
has been expanding. Tbe year before
tbe Conservatives came into power
the trade of Canada was $750,000,000
The next year it was $850,000,000.
Last year it reached tlio magnificent
total of a billion dollars, and tbis
year, notwithstanding the tlnancial
stringency, tbe trade will far Hiirpass
the record-breaking figures of last
There have been many Liberal at
tacks that the net deb! has been
Increasing. Tbey are not founded on
fact. On October Uth, 19U, the daj
the Borden government came into po
wer. the net deht was $321,000,000,
and ou December 3lst, 1913, it was
$303,000,000, the net ileM during the
two years of the Horden adminiNtru
tlon has actually decreased by no le. a
than $13,000,000. on tbe other hand,
(or the fanr years preceding Wll, the
increase In tbe national debt of Can
ada was no less a sum than $76,000.
000. In 1909 alone the net debt was
increased   hy   $46,000,000
There have been Liberal criticisms
of recent Canadian borrowings. Mr.
\vtn;e exposed 'be fren-led finance of
Hon. W. S, Fielding, and tbe facts
are fairly appalling. From Decern'
ber nth. 1907, t" January 23rd, 1909
the period of tbe money stringency,
thirteen months. Mr. Fielding borrowed tbe staggering total ot $100,
000,000, Of that amount, in seven
months alone, he borrowed $SO,t>00,000
But this is not all. In 1S.H there
was no borrowing by way of guaran
teus. The Laurier government iuau-
gurated the principle of bond guaran
tees. Mr. White showed that the
Canadian Northern Itailway received
guarantees Tn excess of $f-.j,000,..00,
aud the Orand Trunk Pacific guarantees to the amount of $70,000,000.
Tbe guarantH-H, tbat in to say, tbe
contingent liabilities, incurred by the
Dominion during tbe Liberal regime
amounted to a sum in excess of
Mr. White still further expired tbe
financing of the old government.Hon,
Mr. Fielding had brought iu legislation whereby be agreed to Implement
to the par value the selling ot the
Grand Trunv Pacific bonds. Mr.
White, as one of his first actions,had
to pay the sum of $5,0tt0,0iH) to the
Orand Trunk Pacific as a result ot
this grotesque agreement, receiving
absolutely nothing m return. In ad
dltlon, with more bonds to be placed
iu the market, possiMy at only seven
ty, under this Impletmutng clause,
Mr. White was confronted with tbe
danger of having to pay out some
$18,000,000 to the Orand Trunk I'n
"1 look the sensible course," said
Mi While, "1 took llie curse up
proved of by every financial man oi
thel in Canada or London, who know
anything about the transaction, 1
brought in the tlrand Trunk Pacific
Bond Purchase Act, and under the
provisions of that Act, during the
last two years, instead of wasting
lour surplus, wc have devoted it to
the purchase o( these bonds, And
what ts the result'" I bave repaired
the loss tbat would bave taken place
by reason of the tlnancial bungling
of 1905; I have purchased no less
than twenty-two millions of the
Grand Trunk Pacific bonds guaran
teed by the Dominian, Ot course,
they are absolutely good; the money
put into tbe purchase of these bonds
is not lost money; but I have saved
the implementing and 1 have prevented these bonds from being thrown
upon tbe London market. That is
what I have done with the Burplus
of 1.12."
Possibilities are Now before you
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Great Aerial Race
around the world
Money-and lots
of it.
Advertising  Rates cheerfully furnished.
Subscription Rate, $2.00 yearly,
payable  in advance
All enquiries address to
The   Prospector  Publishing Co.
Cranbrook, R. C.
Phone 145
Aeronauts from all the eivllUtad nations of the globe, with every standard t/pe of aircraft driven i.y motors, will participate in an atrial
race around the world, which will be
a feature of the sporting events to
be held during the period of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Three hundred thousand dollars,
tbe largest prize fund ever oitiered
for any sporting event in history,will
bc offered to the areonauta who participate in the stupendous contest.
This may be increased later.
The race, the climax of all the
world's aeronautical activities, is to
start from the grounds of the Panama Pacific Exposition in May, 1915,
and must be finished within ninety
days, according to the tentative plan
submitted to the Pacific Aero Club,
representative of the Aero Club of
America, which is tbe American division of th> Federation Aeronautiqtie
ThuB the flight becomes the most
tremendous aerial drama ever played
The start will he made from Han
Francisco and the finish must be
made in that city.
The route ilea across the Slerra-Ne
vada Mountains, thence by way of
Reno to Cheyenne, thence either to
Kansas City, St, Louis or Chicago,
and on to New York City. Here the
route turns up the Atlantic coast to
Belle isle, a small point between
Newfoundland and Labrador. Here
the flight acr.ms the broad expanse
of tbe Atlantic begins, wltb Cape
Farewell, Greenland, 610 miles away,
as the goal.
This is not an impossible flight, as
is proved by the accomplishment of
Carroa, the French aviator who recently (lew fiOO miles over the Mediterranean Sea from Cannes, France,
to Tunis, Africa.
From Cape Farewell, thc route will
traverse tbe Atlantic Ocean again
for a distance of 670 miles to Reykjavik, Iceland. The next stop is at
Htornaway, In the Hebrides, oft the
West roast of Scotland, a distance
of 670 miles, and here the entire Atlantic will nave heen traversed.
The flight Is then over well-traveled air lines, which run by way of Ed
inburgh, Loudon. Paris, Berlin,War-
naw, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and
then, with the Trans-Siberian Railway as a guide, through European
anb Asiatic RusHta. Thence down in
to Manchuria, past Vladivostock to
C'orea, over the Japan Sea to Kobe
and Toklo, and thence North to Kant
From Kamchatka the air traveller
has choice of routes. Hts course may
lie through up thc EaBt Cape country of Asia, which is separated from
North America by only thirty miles.
Or it may turn East at. Kamchatka
to the Commander Islands, and by
way of the Aleutian Islands to Alaska. There is no ..ap in the Tactile
Ocean here more than 200 miles wide
From the roast of Alaska the
mute runs South to Victoria and Se
attlfl, and back to tbe starting point
<>n tbo Exposltlau grounds at San
It is expected that
will see such a Rathe
and nil-folk us havi
ne together in thu
Sau   Francisco
ing uf aircraft
never   before
world.    A i tho'
the Zeppelin dirigible balloons are
rarely permitted to leave Germany,
it is fairly certain that oue or more
of these huge craft will lie entered in
the race.
France   will    unquestionably   Hend
some of its splendid ulrigiblea. There
Ih every reason to   believe   that    al'
the Powers of ihe world having aer
onautieal equipment will send olllclal
representatives frohi among their
military and naval aeronaut. . The
principle craft anil IllerS outsldo A
merlon will come from (leriunuy, Aus
nin, Belgium, Holland, Spain, imly.
France, Ithiglnnd, llumiia, India, Japan, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.      ...
In addition to the aeronauts and
their entourage, the event, will un-
doudtedly drttW every Hcieutitle nud
mil-tuiy man who it. itilercated in
aeronautics, 'I'he preparation and
Die result of this contest will have a
groat cllect upon the science and tbe
military art of aviation; in fact, It
will bave a tremendous Blgnlflcutico
in every department ot human life.
Preceding the race itself it is plan
tied tO hold a Week's meet on tllfl
Panama Pacific International Exposition grounds. During three days ol
this meet here will be .contests and
sports in which the entrants in the
great race will be put through a series ..( qualifying tests. Diirirm the
last (our days of the meet an absolutely novel programme will he arranged. It will consist of an aerial
military content, in which it Is planned to invite the troops In the vicinity of the Exposition to participate.
It is hoped thnt the fliers of all
nations will take part in one of the
most novel sham battles ever held.
A total of $25,000 in prize money has
been set aside for this preliminary
week alone.
Simple way to test
for Radium
The following description of an instrument used for determining the
radio activity of ores is offered to
those who intend to search seriously
this summer for deposits of radium-
carrying minerals. This simple apparatus is usad for measuring the activity of ores by the United States
government and all scientific institutions. It is accurate when properly
constructed and used and is an infallible guide to the estimation of the
probable p*?rcenta_e of uranium oxide
the ore contains.
The instrument is nothing hut the
ordinary gold leaf electroscope used
for detecting electrified bodies, slight
ly elaborated. The container is n
glass preserve bottle six and one-
half inches high and three inches in
diameter at the base. The diameter
of the neck is two inches. It is fitted with a rubber stopper through
which passes a brass rod which Is one
eighth of ait inch in diameter. Inside the bottle it terminates in a
cross piece which is three eighths of
an inch long. To this are attached
two strips of gold leaf ench two inches long, one on either side. After
passing through th? stopper it is
bent into shape and has n disc fastened to it. The disc is of brass one
and one-half inches wide. In the inside of the jar two strips of tin foil
are glued, a half inch wide they are
and long enough to reach from half
way up on thc bottle's sldb to meet
the bottom. The bottle rests in a
brass cup, fitting it snugly. The rod
carrying the disc is soldered to the
outside of the brass cup and is, a_
is the disc, of brass.
That is all there is to it. It can
bc constructed by anyone nt all capable of neat work, and will give the
same results as one costing a consid
erahle sum purchased from nn electrical supply house. The precautions to be observed nre to
have the stopper mnde from n
good non-conductor, ebonite, hnrd
rubber or fiber worka equally well.
The shellacing of the top and bottom
helps in Insulating the apparatus
from outside disturbances, Have the
strips of leaf hang perpendicularly
and parallel! to the strips of tin foil,
To nftix them to the crOBBpl.CO n little white of an egg Is good, though
It ls a better plan to take the Instru
ment to a sign painter or book bindery and have them fitted there, as it
requires quite n little skill. Ma*cc
sure that the whole apparatus is perfectly dry and it is then ready for
If a piece of sealing wnx be rubbed
briskly on tbe coat sleeve aud then
touched to the small disc tbe leaves
of gold at once spring apart and remain diverged for some time, because the charge of electricity gathered mi the wax Iiiih been transferred
to tbem, and being similarly electrl-
lled tbey rep ell each other. If now,
a negatively electrified body approach
ch tbe leaves at once fall, the electroscope being discharged. It tho charge
Ih allowed to remain on, the leave:*
gradually fall together again, owing
to tlic leak of the Instru in cut, It. in
a good plan to test the rate of fall
by allowing it to completely <lln
charge Itself and noting the time required.   All urea carrying radium are
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, B. C.
I P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd. |
New Zealand and Shamrock Creamery, llb-40c; 2lb-75c
Empress and Crown Creamery, lib-35c: 3lbs-S1.00
Pure tard. 3s-55c; 5s-85c: I0s-S1.70
Compound Lard, 3V*.5c; 5's-75; I0.-S1.45
Full assortment of fresh, salt & smoked fish. & poultry
negatively elcctrilied nnd hence are
capable of discharging the electroscope. Charge the instrument and
then lay the ores to he tested on the
disc, immediately under hut not
touching, Then note the rate ol fall
of the lenvcs. If any radium is pres
ent their collapse will be mnrkedly
more rapid than tlio normal rate.
This is tho standard teat for radium
and by thi« means the presence <>f
radium was lirst delected. Why the
leaves collapse is plain, nud the
speed wilh which tbey do Is directly
proportional to tlio amount of activity In the ore.
Or place the ore, without charging
tbe electroscope, on the disc and
then observe bow tbe lenvea gradually dlvorgo, Tbe charge tbey hold
increases until rhe cxpnnson inise..
tbem tn touch the tin foil strips on
tbe Hides of tbe bottle, wheu they
are Immediately discharged and fall
together again. At one, they commence to accumulate nnother charge
and tbe operation is repeated indefinitely.
To use the mnohlnl to estimate the
amount of radio activity present Is
simple. It hi best to obtain a sample of oro known as uranium content
to compnre the other unknown by.
If u .mull pill box, round nnd as hlg
lis the disc, ho that It will set well
on top of it, be ohtnlned the method
used by the writer In Inirly accurate.
Til e is I'lfteil tbrougb a lln or   HO
mesb Her i (It these ure not nt band
It will do to merely powder It lino)
nnd the box filled level with tbo top
without attempting to orowtl It In.
Tbls wny mnkes It certain that approximately tho siiine amount nl oro
is nlwnys used In tho lest. The time
II tnlies the leaves to collapse Is noted nnd compared with the time roil ii I red by the standard ore, nnd then
the result is plain.
Sir Lionel Cnrilen, Hie llrltlsh Minister In Moxti'o, luul ii i on Terence wllh
1'resldenl Wilson bo.ul'o lie left 111*
United Stntes for .'ngliind, The I'real-
delit Is understood tu bnve ex|iivsse_
bis approval nud appreciation of the
friendly seniluieni.. microti by the
llrltlsh Foreign Secielnry In lhe limine
uf I'nnimoiis
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
?."_- PsruK _.ure snErtB*t;
Alcohol, Tobacco ud llrmn. It usi.ilotacl. lbo
W2- I m°f_ (•■•""I'r-nmi.voi all cuvloii.
Mertaklni Itilrntmut Ihero wlll nav.r beany
•Md t<*_rlnk Inloikioti or un .Ir ui. .«.ln. Cm
Bi__"J___ _• _*• •"'• »•' »0 hits Of 000
K!!-''.^'.'-'.^" —_«*** «°»tr lo Mild*
tSbm_■«__»___-' **'"*!__"""'   w -,T_M*,I'TT-M
Professional   Carbs
£obge   iHotices
** IIIH IM IIIH-1111 l-l II H HI I HIU 11 HI 11 . j
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thursday ol each month.
Louis Pearson, See, P.O. Boi oil.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   Maple   Hall on the 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays In every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to British
K. T. Braks, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. r. _ A. H.
Regular   meetings   on  the
third   Thuraday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
H.  Htci;enbothnm,  W.M.
J. Lee Cranston, Sec.
No. 126, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
aach month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona   are   cordially Invited.
Ki. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, E.
Cranhrook, B.O.
Cranhrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. II
Meets every Tuesday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, C. C,
F. M. Christian, K ol R. ft 8.
E. A. HIU, M. F.
Vlaltlng brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY   CITY    LODGE
Uo. 41
Meets avery Monday night
at Haw   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfallows cordially invltsd.
J. Turnley W. M. Harris
N. 0. Sae'y
Circle No.   161
Oompanlona ol the Forest
Maeta in Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday ot each month at
8 00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mra. A. E. Bbaw, Bee.
Visiting   Oompanlona   sordlally   welcome. I6tl
No. 104*
Meeta every Wednesday nt 8 p.m.,
in Royal Black
Knights' Hnll on
linker Htreot.
M. Brier, Dictator.
R. 8. Garrett, Bee'y
Meeta ln Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Bakar Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thuraday
ol aaeh month at » p.m. aharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, ree. sec.
W. B. MacFarlane, chlel ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made welcome.
The   Cranbrook   Poultry  and   Pet
Stock Association
President—U.  H.  Sbeppard
Meeta regularly on the First Friday
svenlng ol each month.
Information on Poultry matta.'s
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Boa 862, Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday ln
Royal Black
Knights ol Ireland .mil nt 8 iut*. sharp. Visitors
R. H. Oarrctt, W.  M.
W. Dunntan, Roc. See,
Pres.—A. B.  Smith
Sec.-Albort H. Webb,
Address—Box 605, Cranbrook, B. C.
Meetings nre  bold   Second  Saturday ln each month at 2 p.m. ln the
Did Gymnasium.
Women's Institute
Meets in the Carmens' Hall 1st
Tuesday afternoon lu overy month
at 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on 2nd Friday evening In the
seme place at 8 p. m.
Mrs. B. H. Leaman, President
Mrs.  J.  Shaw,  Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladies cordially Invited.
T.   T.   McVI TT I .
F.L.I,   ft   O.I.
ORANBROOK,    ._    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Oolumbla
Civil   and  Mining Elglaeers-Britlsh
Columbia Land Survsyora
P.O. Box 236
Pbons HI
...    B.O.
Dn.    KING    &    GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence, Armatrong Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 1.00 to   4.00
Bvenlnga 7.10 to   1.10
Sundays I.JO to   4.10
Oranbrook,     -    -    -    -    -    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbniy Avenue Neat to Clly Hell
Open Day end Night Pboae tu
Funeral Dlreotor,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
NOTICB is hereby given that 00
days aftor dnte I Intend to apply to
the Minister of Lauds for a licence
to prospect lor coal and petroleum
o. r the following lands situate in
the District ol Southeast Kootenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a poet planted at
or near the Southwest corner of lot
B..tic and being the Southwest corner
post of Oeorge Wykes' claim; thence
nortli 80 cbalns; thonce cast 80 chains
thonco South 80 chnins; thence west
80 chnins to the place of commencement, containing 040 acres, and be:ng
the same land heretofore surveyed ae
Lot MM.
Located this Hth day nf February,
OEOROE WYKBH,  locator
Bathen W. nutts, Agent.
Win. H. Brown, Witness. 11
Electric Restorer for Mer
t-ionnhonol 't'torea avaiy nerve in Iha bai.
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all .exult
tteaknaie averted at once,    riuvaphoool win
make you a now men. Price SB a bin. nr Iwo f..i
ti. fcfall-tttoany address, thoSuoboll Urns
NOTICE la hereby given that a reserve, the notice of which appeared
ln the B.C. Gazette on the 27th of
December, 1907, Is cancelled lu so far
as it relates to land covered by expired Timber Licence No. 43070 for
tho purpose of Issuing Pre-emption
Records covering a portion of same
in favor of Messrs. Jesse P. Abbott
and Delbert Van Abbott. The remainder will bo open to entry by
pre-emption on Friday, the lirst day
ol May, 1914, at 9 o'clock In the
forenoon; all applications to he made
at the oltlce of tho Oovernment A-
gent, Cranhrook.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-8 mths. ;
given tbat tbe
reserve established by notice publish
ed in
the British Columbia Gazette
on the 27th day of
*, 1907,
is cancelled in so far aB it
to Timber Licences Nos. 31481,
i 33411,
30358,   30602,
and 11347.  That said
been surveyed
as Lots 2698,
2099, 2700, 2701, 2702,
2703, 2704, 2705
2707, 2708, 2709, 2710,
8279, 8281, 8283, 10331,
11625,   11781,
11801,    11802   and    11803, Kootenay
District, and will be opened to entry by pre-emption on the 1st day
ol May,  1914, at 9 o'clock  in    the
forenoon.     No   Pre-emption Record
will be Issued to Include more than
one surveyed  lot,  and  all   applications must be made at the olllce of
the Oovernment Agent, Cranhrook,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-3 mths.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt the
reserve estahllBli-d hy notice nub-
llshed In the British Columbln
Gazette* on the 27th day ot December
1907, Is cancelled in so fnr as it relates to Timber Licences Nos. 41426,
9082 and 4481, and that said lands
having been surveyed as Lots 11614,
11515, 11518, 11519, 11520, 11521, 11526,
11685 and 11689, Kootenny District,
11681, 11681a, 11682, 11683. 11684,
11685 nnd 11789. Kootenny Dletrlct,
wlll ho opened to entry hy pre-emption on the 1st day of Mny, 1914, nt
9 o'clock In the forenoon. No. preemption record wlll he issued to include more than one surveyed lot,
nnd all applications must he made
nt the ofllce of the Government A
gent, Fernie
Hi'imty Minister of Lands
Lnnds Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January,  1914.
6 3 mths
Ooal mining rlghta of tha Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
bsrta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion ot
tbe Province of British Columbia,
may be leaaed for a term of twenty
one years at an annual rental ol |1
an acre. Not more tban 2,600 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease muat ba
made by the applicant lo person to
ths Agent or Sub-Agent of the die
trict in which tbe rights applied loi
are situated.
In surveyed territory tbe land must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions ot sections, and tn unsur
veyed territory the tract applied Iol
shall be staked out by the applicant
Bach application must be accom
paniod by a tee ol 15 which will bt
relunded 11 the rights applied tor ars
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer'
chantable output ol tbe mint at tht
rate ol five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returne
accounting lor the lull quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tha
royalty thereon. II the coal mining
rights are not bolng operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at lsaat
once a year.
The lease will include the coal min
ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatevel
available surface rights may be eon
sidered necessary for the working oi
the mine at the rate ot 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ol tbe Interloi
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for.—30690. Jan. 3rd-tf.
NOTICE is hereby given that, with
in Sixty days from the date bereol,
I intend to apply to the Minister of
Lands for a Licence to prospect for
Coal and Petroleum on the following
described lands in South East Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
the South East corner of Lot 7845,
being the North East corner: thence
South about 50 chains, West about
50 chainB, North about 50 chains,and
Enst about 50 chains to point ot commencement, containing 250 acres,
more or less.
Located this 6th day of February,
11. JAS. FISHER, Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that, with
In Sixty days from the date hereof,
I intend to apply to the Minister ol
Lands for a Licence to prospect lor
Coal and Petroleum on the following
described landB in South East Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing nt a post planted at
the South West corner ol Lot 7285,
being the South Baat corner: thence
North 40 chains, Wost about 8 chainB
South 40 chnins, and East about 8
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 9th day of February,
11. JAS. FISHER, Agent
NOTICE ls hereby given that, with
in Sixty days from the date hereof,
I intend to apply to the Minister of
Lnnds for a Licence to prospect for
Coal and Petroleum on the following
described lands in South Eaat Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing nt a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 7133,
being the South West corner: thence
North about 20 chains, Bast about
60 chains, North about 60 chains,
Bast about 20 chains, South 80 chains
und West 80 chains to point ot commencement.
Li .rated tbis 10th day of February,
11. JAS.  FISHER, Agen
NOTICB is hereby riven that, with
In Sixty daya from the date bereol.
I intend tn apply to the Minister of
Lnnds for a Llconco to prospect for
Coal and Petroleum on the following
described Inu.Is In South Kast. Kootenny, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
thl> South Bust corner ol Lot. 7281,
being tne bouth West corner: thence
North 80 elinins, East 80 chains,,
Houth 80 chnins, West 80 chains to
point ot commencmneiit, and containing 640 ncres more or Iosh.
Located this oth dny of February,
11. JAS. FISHER, Agent
NOTICE is hereby given tllat 110
days after date 1 intend to apply t.
the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
owr the following lauds situate iu
the District of Southeast Kootenay
British Columbia,  In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tbe Northeast corner of Lot
8588, and being the NortheaBt corner
post of WALTER .1. ABBS' claim;
tlience South along the Kast line of
Lot 8588 a distance of approximately
73.32 chains to the North line of Lot
7841, thence West along the North
line of Lots 7841 and 7844 a distance
of approximately 80 chains to the
East line of Lot 119-19, thenee North
along the EnBt Hue of Lots 11949 anil
11950 a distance ot approximately
73.32 chains to tbo Soutb line ot
Lot. 8589, thenee Kast along the
South line of Lot 8589 to the place
of commencement, containing approximately 586.52 acn-B, and being tbe
same land heretofore surveyed as Lot
Located this 8th day ol February,
WALTER J. ABBS, locator
Bathorn W. Butts. Ageut.
Wm. H. Brown, Witness. ll
NOTICE is hereby given thnt CO
days after date I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
ovor the following lands situate in
the District ol Southeast Kootenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Northwest corner of Lot
8587, and being the NorthweBt corner
post of Sninucl P. Wilson's claim,
tlience Soutb a distance of approximately 73.32 chains to tbe north line
of Lot 7841, thence East along the
North line of Lot 7841 a distance of
approximately 61.92 chains to the
Northeast corner of Lot 7841, thence
South along the East line of Lot 7811
a distance of approximately 6.68
chains to the Northwest corner of lot
7845, tbence east along the north line
of Lot 7845 a distanc* of approximat
ely 18.07 chains, tbence north a distance ot approximately 80 chains,
thence West a distance of approximately 80 chains; containing approximately 598.61 acres, and being thc
same Innd heretofore surveyed ss lot
Located   this Sth    dny of   February
"   -" -nthrn W. BUtts-Agon-
Wm. H. Brown, Witness.
NOTICE is hereby given that 60
daya after date 1 intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
over the following lends situate in
the District of Southcnat Kootenay
British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a pnst planted at
or near the Northeast corner of Lot
8590, and being the Northrast corner
claim, thence South a distance of approximately 35.98 chads to thi
North line ot Lot 8589, thence West
along the North line of Lot 8589 a
distance of approximately 80 chains
to the Bast line of Lot 11953, thence
North along the Bast line ol Lots
11953 and 11954 a distance ot approximately 35.98 chans to tbe South
line ol Lot 7286, thence Bast along
tbe South line nf Lots 7286 and 7287
a distance of approximately 80 chains
to the place ot commencement, containing approximately 287.84 acres,
and being the same land heretofore
surveyed as Lot 8590.
Located this 13th day of February,
Kathern W. Butts, Agent.
Wm. II. Brown, Witness. 11
Dr. de Van'* Female Pills
A relist>lt 1'rem-ti rtfUlnto.*ntv.r (till. Thee,
pilli are eiceatJIngly poworlul la rcg-Utinf thi
K-.iiers-1-.e portion i»t the lentil* tyitem. KeluM
i ell ch. ap Imitation* Ur, da TM'f ete toi.I al
| (}. linn, nr three tor 110. Mailed to anv •■Mr*****
| tba •Mball l>rn« Vo., St. OftUwrlaM, Ont
NOTICK |h herehy given that fi0
daya after iintB I Intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a lieenee
to prospect fur ooal ami petroleum
ova- the following lands situate in
the Diatrict of Southeast Kootenay
n.iti.h Columbia, in Lot 4598:
Commencing ut a poit planted a'
or near the Northwest corner of Lot
858.-, and being the Northwest comer
post of WALTER J. ADDS' claim,
theuce Houth to the Northwest c »r-
ner of Lot 8r>_fi a distnnre npprnii
mating 35,98 chains; theme Kn *t a
long the North line of Lot 8!iRfl tithe WeHt line of Lot 8591 a dlst-n-r
approximating 80 chains; thence
North nlong the West, lino of Lot
8591 to the Houth line of Lot
8591 a distance npproilmnting 86.118
chains; thenre West nlong the BOUttl
lino of Lota 85.2 nnd 72R7 n (11 Btar
approximating 80 ehalni to the place
of commencement, containing appro.
imately 287.8 ncres, and being the
same land heretofore surveyed as Lot
Located this 13tli day of February,
WALTER J. ABBS, locator
Knthern W. Hutt.. Agent.
Wm. II. Brown, Witness 1
Tuke notice thst I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following described lands,
Hlock 4593, Qroup 1, Kootenay li s-
Commencing at a poBt plant d at
the North EaBt corner of Lot 9499,
thence North eighty chains; tlience
East eighty chains; tlience Houth
eighty chains; thence West el.hty
chains, to point of commencement,
excepting thereout, that part cover j
ed hy Lota 11980 and 11981.
Located this 16th day of Fe] ruary
John Livingst n, locator
12 fi. w. Brown, Agent
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and I'etr ileum
the following described lands,
Block 459:1, Qroup I, Kn ti-nay I) s
Commencing at a poBt pl-mt d at
the North Ka.t corner of l.ol 11984.
thence west eighty chains; thence
North eighty chains; thenco Blast
eighty chain..; thence South eighty
chaina to point nf commencement.
Located this 17th day of February
John Livingston, locator
12 fi. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lnnds for a licence
to prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum
over part of Block 4593 described as
Commencing at a post pli nt d at
the North West corner of Lot 11980,
tbence South fifty chains; th n.c
West eighty-nine chains, more or \e?a
to the Eastern boundary of l.ot
10981; thenre North to the southerly
boundary of Lot 10979; thence f dlow
ing the said boundary and the Westerly and Southerly boundaries of
Lot 11979 to point of commencement
Located this 17tii day of February
Alfred. H. Webster, locator
G. W. Brown, Agent
NOTICE ia hereby given that 60
days after date I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
over the following lands situate in
the District of Southeast Kootenny
Hritisb Columbia, in Lot 4598:
Commencing at n .in-.**- planted a*,
or near 7.73 chains North of the
Southwest cosner of Lot 7850, and being the Southeast corner 1 ott of
F. Charles Baasett's claim, tbence
a distance of approximately SO chains
North along thc West line of Lots
7850 and 7851 a distance of approximately 80 chains to the Houth boundary line of Lot8724, thence West a
long the South line of Lot 8724 a
distance of approximately 14.20 chain
to the East boundary line of Lot
7849, thence South along the East
boundary line of Lota 7849 and 7840
a distance of apuroximately 80 chaina
to a point directly Weat of the place
of beginning, tbence Enst approxl
mately M.20 chaina to the point ol
commencement, containing npproii
mately 113._ acr.«.
Located this loth day of February,
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
Wm. H. Brown, Witness. II
NOTICE ia hereby given that 60
days after date I Intend to apply to
tbe Minister of Lauds for a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
over the following lands situate iu
the District of Southeast Kootenay
British Columhia,  |n Lot 4593:
Commencing at 0 post planted at
or near 7.73 chains North of tho
Southwest corner of Lot 7850, and
being the Northeast coiner post of
WALTER J. ABBS' claim, thence
South along the West line ol Lot
7850 a distance of approximately 7.73
hains to the Southwest corner of
said Lot, theuce East a Mis.ante of
approximately 1.24 chaina to the
Northwest corner of Lot 7135, thence
South along tbe West boundary iii"-
of  Lot  7135  a   distance   of  approii
nately 72.27 chains to the North
boundary line or Lot 7133, thenc
Weat along the North boundary line
of Lot 7133 a distance of approximately ho chains to the East boun
dary line of Lot 9381, theme North
along the East boundary of Lot 9381
to the South boundary line of l.ol
7848, tMrtlce Enst along tbe South
boundary lino of Loi 78.(1 to the
Southeast corner of aaid l.ot a dis
lance of npprosimatoly 04,86 chulns,
thenee North along the East hoiin
dary line of Lot 7840 a distance of
approximately lii,75 ohnlns to a
point directly West of the plnce of
beginning, tlience East a distance Of
approximately    14.20   chaina   to   Ibe
point, of commencement,   conta ning
approximately 230 acres.
Located this 10til day of February,
WALTER J, ABB8, locator
Eathern   W.   Units,   Agent
Win. II. Drown, Wltuess. 11
This sinking portrait of the Hon.
Mrs. John Ward Ls one of tho dry point
etchings of ihe well known French
artist, Mr. Adrian Etbmne. Mrs. Ward,
formerly Miss Jean T. Iteid, Is the only
daughter uf the late Ambassador to
Oreat Britain and Mrs. Whltelaw Iteid.
Her husband Is a brother of the Earl of
iHtdley.    she was married ln Lundun
on J uue __j. um.
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lnnds for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following described lands,
Hlock 4593, Qroup 1, Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Worth Eust corner of Lot 9499,
'ihence North eighty chains; thence
West eighty chains; thence South
eighty chains; thenee East eighty
chnins, to point of commencement,
excepting thereout that part covered
by Lot 11980.
Located this ICth day of February
,iohn Livingst n. locator
12 (!. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice that I Intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following deecrlbed lands,
Block 4593, Group I, Ko .tenay District.
Commencing at a post planted at
the North Wosi coiner of Lot 9499,
thence North eighty chnins; thence
West eighty chains; thence Soutb
eighty chains; thence East eighty
chains to point of commencement,
Located this icth day of February
John  Livingst n,   locator
12 0.  W.  Brown, Agent
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following described lands.
Block 4591, Oroup 1, Kootenay District.
Commencing at a poet planted at
the North Wesf corner of Lot 9499,
thence West eighty chains; thence
South eighty chains; tb nee East
eighty chains; thence North eighty
chains to point of commencement,
l.< irat
.-.i ttiik ii.iii ilny ..I February
.Mm Living st n. Inramr
0. ff. BroWll, A.r-nt
NOTICE In h. n*l.y given tlmt CO
iIhvh alter iiiiii* I Intend to apply to
tin* Minister of Landa for n licence
to prospocl (or coal and ic.roloum
over Hh> following lands altuate In
tin* Dlatrlct i.f Houtlicnal   Kootenay
I ii it imIi Columbia, In Loi 4593
Commencing Al  a i *  planted at
or ii/'iu* tbo Hoiithoail cornor ..r Lot
h.'.h*i, iiiiiI being Un* Hi.uiliiimt cornor
poll nl JOSEPH 8, DANNER'S
claim, thonoo Nurtli so i-buimi; thenco
ffcal BO chaina; thonco Bouth mi
chaina; thonco Baal ko chaina in tlm
placo nf commoncomont, containing
r.lo ncroa, nml bolng tin* aamo Inttil
heretofore aurvoyod uh Lot Mm.
Locatod HiH "tli day "f Fobruary,
JOSEPH  B.  DANNER,  1 >rat>r
Qathon W. Hutt . Agent
Wm   It. Drown, Witness. 11 THB  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
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KOR SALE—One pair of Chapa and
Bridle, Spurs, and Bearing rein.—
These will all go cheap (or Cash. Apply Prospector Office.    ... 10
The Y.M.C.A. Bowlers ul Oran
brook left ou Friday for Nelson,
where they will ulay a series ot
ganieri with a Y.M.C.A. Nt-h-.nu team
The Cinderella Club danco at the
Auditorium on Tuesday night was a
pronounced .uccesB, the music wbb
excellent, and the attendance    largo.
A large number ot young folks
drove over to Fort Ste.de Tuesday
night, to attend a masquerade hall,
on returning they report having a
very pleasant time,
The new spring ties are to bo a
canary yellow. Uy a strange paradox it would have takeu a brave
man to have shown such a yellow
streak on tbe L7tb Inst.
The [luke of Wellington mnl Lord
Roberta are members of a committee
who will try to raise $50,000 for the
purpose of buying tho Waterloo hat-
Boh. Nafe was at Nelson WedOSS
day at the request of the principals
iu the Lucco-Marshal boxiog contest
to referee the hout. He returned to
Cranhrook Thursday much pleased
with bin trip.
Dr. Watt of Elko, has been stricken
with parahsis during the work, his
relatives fr.»ui Trail passed through
Cranbrook ou Friday en route to his
side. The sympathy of hio wide en
cie of fnends will be with blm nt
tbia time.
particularly,   seem  ^
dimt   their    falling   i
it   is   no  novelty   \
It may bo that your eyeB nr
becoming weak and you are h
fraid to acknowledge It. That
is the way with a good many
people, both old and young.
The young, particularly, seem
afraid tn ad
sight, hut
nowadays and certainly uo dis
grace. We will remedy any de
feet ive eyesight and gmunutot
satisfaction. Del ay b are dan
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gentleman who bas resided abroad
and is thoroughly conversant with
the above languages, de-ires a few
private pupils. Preparation for exams, etc.  Fnr particula s apply to
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Ore Shipments
On* shipments from mlnos in
Km Cranbrook ilishici fur tha
Local  News
See me about that picture which
you are about to have framed. 80
mm plea of mouldings to choose from
J. W. Helms, of Lethbridge, waa
I in town Tuesday.
1    J.  Joyce, of Elko, was in the city
Buying fur Cash you save money—
■A".   H.   MacFarlane.
Lester Clapp had a green carnation on exhibition on Tueahny We
vrondst wh -re ne got it
'leorge   Welch,   of   M_rv_vil!e,    was
transacting business   at   Cranbrook
on Tuesday
Mr and Mrs Campbell left nn
Tueaday lor Calgary, they win vj_it
points in Ne* Brunswick before returning to Cranbrook,
Buying for Cash you save money—
■A,   B,  MacFarlane,
Ed, Home of Jaflray, manager of
the East Kootenay Lumber Co., wan
In town Wednesday on Company
international Sanitary Hovers.
The best brooding device on the mar
ket. Kept, iu BtOCkl ».y ft. T, Wil
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The   regulnr   monthly   meeting   of
pftBt week and year to (late worn  the W. 0. T. V, will he held at the
us folluwa:
NnUivrui   .
Othor mines
r.'.i I.
.;;. 1:11
. 21 1
; home of Mrn. J. Wnodmnn, nn Thurs
day, Mnrch 2fi, nt  3 30 o'clock,
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Children's  Footwear  before buying—
i w. 11. MncFarlano,
Last   Saturday  Mr.   A.   Johnson.the
manager oi  the  Rax    Theatre,    was
very    badly   bitten while ejecting a ;
dog  from the hall  during  the  matinee,  fortunately for him he had on 1
a  stout  pair  of  gloves at  the  time 1
or the consequences might have been
much more serious.
At the R.i Theatre on Monday,
theee will be shown a powerful picture entitled "The Gunrosfcer of Mos
cow." an Edison Film. The story is
one that surrounds Peter the Great,
and should prove an attractive feature to the Rex patrons.
Chas. Calvin, who has been pitch
ing for the Cranbrook Base Ball for
the past three years has been engaged hy the managers of th'? Spokane club. Charlie is a south-paw,
and will surely make good. His
Cranbrook frlenda w-jii watch the result of his work with the Indians.
By selling for Cash I have brought
the prices down.—W. R. MacParlan*.
Bob Nafe, the promotor of sports,
is now busy making arrangement to
have a first class Ball Team at Grau
brook tbis seanon,    and    when    Bob
starts an enterprise of this kind h
always makes a success, and we may
therefore eipect   a   hall   team   thi.
year of which Oranbrook can be
An impression that the provincial
government was to place a licence
fee on Angling haa been current in
and about Cranbrook district; and
are able to inform tbe (.mermen that
no fee will he levied upon anglers,
who are residents of British Columbia.
By selling for Cash I have brought
the prices down.—W. B, MacFarlan.
An unknown women, who was going east on Sunday last, narrowly
escaped being seriously injured. She
attempted to hoard a train which
had started, slipped and fell between
the cars and thc platform; Bhe was
picked up and placed on thc train to
continue her journey, apparently little the worse for ber nnrrow escape
beyond  being slightly  bruised.
Allowing children to ti'.e dogs to
lhe MatinWs with them at the sover-
al Theatres in the City is something
that parents ought to have moro con
ilbsratlan in allowing them so to ho
Wit-re children nre gathered together
they will became playful under any
circumstances, and when it comes to
playing with unknown dogs their innocent playfulness is liable to heroine disastrous.
We are informed that Men'a and
Children's Foot Wear can he bought
very reasonable at McFarlane's new
The open meeting Of the W. M. C.
of the Baptist Church which was
held on the evening of the 10th Inst,
WSS largely attended, and a splendid
programme of readings, Binglng, and
rsCltatlOnn waa rendered. Vocal sel-
DCtlOni which met. witli much appreciation were given hy Mrn. J. Brechin and M.hh.h. IL and J. Palmer.
Mesdames Spcnct* and Slater contributed Inspiring readings, while Mrs.
fl. Palmer, who occupied the chnlr
gave nn Instructive, recitation.
Conformation »f tho 20 mile limit!
radius for the Parcel  post was received thla week hy Posl master Hon- ;
BROS.       {
Jewelers & Opticians     {
.rnnbrooki B. C. *
derson. Ths towns in this district
under this head am Bull River, Fort
Steele. Kimberley, Marysville, Moyie
WyclitTe, WatUburg, Wardner,. lt
should also be bourne In mind that
rhe limit of weight in parcels has
been increased to Hlbs. The useful
ness of this increase has been observed in the local office in the larger
numbers of parcels that are being
transmitted to the district.
1 can save you from -5 to 50 cents
on a pair of shoes. My stock is new
and I am selling for Cash—W. B.
The Hanson Garage has been busy
this week in the Hale of its cars, Mr.
Hanson has disposed of several iu
and out of the city. The Detroit
car is having a run with the purchas
ers and according to Mr. Hanson is
a car that can be strongly recommended. In the Carage there are
several new models of the latest
Ford Cgr that is hard to heat for
general usefulness and the Bale of
these during the season will he great
At a gathering of Liberal members
of the Senate on Thursday, Senator
Hewit Bostock of Kamloops, was
chosen leader of the opposition, to
succeed the late Senator George Ross
The choice was unanimous.
The programme at the Edison
theatre tonight will consiat of the
two reel  Ambrosia  feature entitled:
Human Eagles," "The Boo!:a Dream
Girl," and Pathe's weekly. This is
an excellent line of films and well
worth seeing.
By selling tor Ca_h I have brought
the prices down.—W. B. MacFarlan.'
St Patrick's entertainment and social given at the Rectory under the
auspices of the Ladiea' Aid of the
Catholic church on Tuesday evening
proved a great success. Meads: /
McGoldrlc. Armstrong and Greaves
were able hostesses and were assisted
by Mesdames Drummond, Doolan and
Kennedy. 4 dainty buffet luncheon
was served and enjoyed by those present. The decoration scheme of
shamrocks and green was artistically
carried out and tbe Rectory wna
quite "en fete," in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. The program
was an attractive one and was rendered well.
We are sorry to bave to record the
death of an old and one timo prominent citizen of Cranbrook, J, G.
McCnllum, who died nt his bomo in
Vancouver. last F.iday evening. Air.
McCallum was the former owner of
the business now being carried on by
F. Parks __ Co., after disposing of
which be went to the coast whe'e *<e
hnd heen conducting business under
the caption of McCallum ft Sons, Mr
McCallum, it will be remembered obtained the contract for, and personally supervised tbe construction of
the Post Ofllce in Cranbroo?. His
many frienda will join with ua in extending toward his family oir deepest sympathy.
W,   W.   KILBY
P. O. Box _0_ Cranbrook, B.C
Break Whisky's Grip on Your
Loved Ones
Drunkards will tell you with ton.'a
of sincerity tbat they do not want
to drink. The craving co mi^ from
the. Inflamed membranes of tbe r j.u-
ach driveH thom to it.
Alcura will aootbo tbo trembling
nerves and remove the craving that
Ih ruining your home aud .'< a".ing
au otherwise kind husband or 'a'her
from you. It coals only $1*00 p.r
box, and 11 It does not cure <r ben.
lit atter a trial the money will bo
Alcura No. t, la tr.Bt.l08a and can
hn given secretly in Tea, OoflOO, or
food. Alcura No. _. Ih taken voluntarily by those willing to help
Alcura can now ha obtained nt our
store. Ask for Free Booklet telling
all about It and give Alcura a trial.
Hostile Murphy Co., Limited, Druggists,  Cranbrook,  B.O, 42-1.
Presbyterian Church
Pastor -
Hev.  W.  Kelimiu Thomson
Morning Service  11  a.m.
Subject -Scones from tbo Life of
Christ: the Case of Lazarus.
H.H. and Bible  Class at 3  p.m.
Evening service IM p.m.
The Cholt will render an anthem at
each service.
Choir Leader—Mrs.   E,  Patterson
Organist—Mr.   H.   Stephens
Bible Study Class, Tuesday 8 p.m.
Literary and Debating Club will
meet on Wednesday 8 p.m.
(lod is our refuge aud strength,
Baptist Church
Rev. O. E. Kendall
Services 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible t lass, 3.00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting. Wednesday at 8.00
A cordinl invitation is extended to
LTI10 Dye Ihnt colon ANY KINDI
1 of Cloth I'l'i-lrci., with tlio I
I SAM _ 0VI. t
_   No <_••—. nt Mlti.b..   ClMa_-flhn. ..    I
I A.hyi.iiinriiiRIMnrl.al.r. __d lo. II.....I...
r Th. luliM.tn.Hl. Ii.i.l .n _». U-H.d, Monti ul i
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
Sunday    services:  The pastor will
1.roach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning  Subject—Divine  Mobility.
Evening sub'ect—The story of E.'e.
Musical Program
Morning  service
Pmlude    Selected
Anthem—"There is a Land"..Shelley
Offertory—Prelude in F. Minor 	
Postlude—Prelude pml Fugue G Bach
At the evening service Mr. Nidd
will give a briel organ recital aa a
1. Communion No. 1  B atist.
2. Larghetto   Hae
Anthem—"O How Aminhle Are Thy
Dwellings"       Richardson
Offertory—"Simple Aven'j ... Thome
Postlude—Postlude in C  Bati?te
Mrs. ('.. Stevenson, choir lender
Mr. Clma. F. Nldd, organist
All are Invited  to the nbove ser
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson ..venue
Commnndln': Officers
Captain and Mrs. Cnrrtithora
3 p.m.—Sunday Hc'.o .1 and Adult
Mlhle clnss.
7.30 p.m.—Open Air service at the
Cranbrook Hotel.
8 p.m.—Gospel Meeting in Citato'.
Y. M. C._A. Notes
Wo expect lo Imve the tenuis courts
nlecly lined up very Boon and to keep
i hem going. Wc un* Ruing to make
ill kinds of Improvement*!. Tlio court!
are open to nil ludle.i of tho town und
to members ot the Ry. V M c.A.
II wns certainly a treat for the largo
number of men who attonod the moat*
lug nt th Hy. Y.M.C.A. UWt Sunday afternoon mul heard Rev. a. ii. Rooklo,
tbe celebrated Baptist missionary of
Bolivia, south America, loll nbout his
people. Ills country nnd bis work
Tho old adage that "Fur Ileitis look
green" seemed to apply most appropriately In the case of Bolivia, with its
rich mines, fertile Holds nnd opportunities for young mon. Tlio only regrettable feature about the meeting
was the shortness of the tltnu at the
disposal of the speaker. Next Sunday,
Rov. O. B. Kendall, who kindly waived
his right to Ihe meeting lust Sunday,
In fuvor of Mr. Reekie, will address
the men on u subject nkln to the line
tnken up by Rev. Mr. Thomson, two
weeks sgo. It will bn decidedly Interesting und anothor good timo Is assured. Those who like lo delve Into
mysteries wll have ample food for
A distressing and painful accident
happened to one of the popular young
men connoted wltb the Ry. V.M.C.A.
I .iiillmll Club hist Tuesiluy. Mr. (Ion
Glbbs. who Is well known In business
circles In the city, was playing In «
practice gmne and In tho scrimmage,
wna placed 'bora do combat,' his ankle
being badly sprained. That more
damage was not done wus Indoced ro-
mnrkublc. Messrs. Hronson and Brlstow Immediately applied Ilrst kid, and
Onn Wight Only. Thurs. Mar. 28
Watch and Wait it's Advent
A Good Time Coming for All
Gus Hill presents
Tli at Thoroughly New, Bright,  Sparkling  and  Wide
Awake Musical Comedy
The 1913-14 Version of the Famous BUD FISHER'S
Comedy  Cartoon  Characters.    This Year
Greater, Stronger, Grander than ever
14 Months in New York, 6 Months in Chicago and
4 Months in Boston
Ladies and Children enjoy "Muti & Jeff" butter than a circus
Admission 75c, $1.00, $1.50        Seats at Beattie-Murphy's
no more practical**-*** demonstration
could be given of the Value of a knowledge of this important branch of
heating, und taking each an arm assisted lilm home. Mr. Uibbs, although
suffering much pain, bore himself with
great fortitude and smilingly answered
the questions of his sympathising
friends and companions, the heclc
[lush on his face betraying the almost
excruciating agony lie was so bravely
endeavoring to stilie. Next day, al-
thpugh fueling a little fevered and
sure, all fear of internal complications
had passed and with the application of
some embrocation, the remedial effects of which were miraculous, and a
iiuiet day in bed, Mr. Uibbs felt hlm-
ael- again.     .
Rifle Association
A very successful meeting was held
on Monday evening, the 16th day of
March, when a number of Important
matters were discussed, and a committee appointed to inspect and improve the rant" and targets. Shooting will commence on Saturday, A-
prll 4th, and it is expected that the
targets will by that time be thor
oughly overhauled and in good working order.
Mr. A. H. Webster was appointed
acting captain until til* retufln of
Kdward Elwell, who ia at present in
England; also an executive committee
consisting of Messrs. O. F. Tisdale,
Jas. Milne and C.  J. Little in conjunction wilh the captain, secretary
and treasurer, to look after tbe af-
f lirs of the association.
A good season is looked forward to
and it is hoped that all membera
will take an active interest lo the
and Mrs. H. H. Bourne, sand "Phil-
led-   (louts   me,"   nml   a   quartette
from the "Arcadians," which waa received with pleasure by all present.
The fifth number wns a piano duet
by Mrs. Ira Manning and Mr. Nidd,
which received a most enthusiastic
Thon followed a little sketch entitled "Afterooon Tea In a Friendly
Village, 1862.
The following is a list ot those
wbo took apart:
Mrs.  Kelly   Mrs.  C.  Patmore
Miss Skinning  Mra. J. T. Sarvis
Mrs.  Goodsonse  Mrs.   J.   Shaw
Mrs. Barton ... Mrs. H. A. McKowan
Mrs. DeVere  Mrs. J. R. McNabb
Mrs.  Vernon Mrs.  W. B.McFarlane
Mrs. Good  Mrs. W. Morton
Mrs.  Runkle   Mrs.  G.   Powe'l
Mrs. Hicks  Mrs. J. D. McBriib
MrB. Meek   Mrs. W.E.Dunham
Mrs. Bond  Mrs. T. C.  ...
Mrs. Donnelly  Mrs. T. Walto
Mrs. Lane  Mrs. J.R.Adamson
Thomaes' wife  Mrs. D. McNee
Aftrr the close of the programme
light refreshments were served which
were much appreciated.
Methodist Church
The entertainment given by the
Ladies' Aid of tits Methodist Church
on Friday night waa a complete sue
CCS.s, being largely attended »nd the
programme arranged waa eiception'
I. ly good.
The tlrst number on the program
wns an overture hy Mrs. Ira Manning anil Mr. ('. F. Nldd.
Tho second number wns a duet hy
Mcfldnmi's Htcenann nnd Quain entitle! "I would tbnt my love," and
for nn encore a "Tuscan love Bong,"
both helng nicely rendered and much
uppreciiitel by the audi. nee.
Then followed a reading hy Mr. H.
Mr.  and   Mrs.   G.   Stevenson,   Mr.
Special Council Meeting
A apeclal meeting of the City Council was held last night. There were
present Mayor Taylor and Aldermen
Leask, Horie and Hickenbotham.
On motion of Aldermen Horie and
Hickenbotham, bylaw N'o. 136 waa
finally  passed  and adapted—carried.
W. A. Jelrica of Nelson, addreaard
a dirtictory for Cranbrook. The mat-
Jas.  Milne,  representing  the City
Transfer   Company,    addressed    tha
Council in  regard to the scavenger
contract now being advertised by tbe
Council adjourned.
Tradc Manna
CopvmoHTa Ao.
Anrnnes'inillns _. k,*. -"i mnl _..nrlpll.iti nin*
.. it.-i.lv iw<-i. lulu our ..iiiii. ii fr_ wnnllipr mi
lii\..itll<HI Is |,r.ihnl.l|r |..,ii..i1,il.L%_C*.._n.,,i.il.._
icllri*. i.i- HAWIMM un I'm .in
 -1B| lur siH'urliiK ii-	
lyr.lAl n.l< . Wll hml (ilium . Ill »•
Scientific American.
A liMwtonmilf illofllnUrt wMtiIf.    I*rv"* rli*.
mUlliiii  nf  Hlif   ' I"-''   J-'uriml.     !«««•   Of
i-ni.'-u, $&n _ yiw-. fo-u-fu ih-m-miL   miui i<i
All ■_• w*.l.i_l'irt.
llll I III Hit llllll 11 I I I * 11 ******* I H-H-l' I "l-l-l-l-t*.
:: I
ij Kootenay   Grill j
OPEN FROM 11.30 UNTIL 2.00 A.M.        '_
Ladies' Tea Parties a specialty at all hours
for a reasonable price
Avoid the rush and engage
a private hox or large dining table for
Sunday Rvening
' * Cranbrook Orchestra in Attendance from 5.30 till 8.30
nil i m 11 ii 11 ii 111111 f 11111 ih hi 11 m 11 h 11


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