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The Prospector Feb 24, 1912

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 Toric Lenses
While You Wait
Tint Jitwiti.KH
$1.50. Yea rly
VOL. 18
Ovir-Seii Club Social
The lirst social in cnnunctlnii with
the tlranbrnnk llriinch ol the ther
Mens Olitl, was hold In tho (larnien's
lle.ll on Tuesday ovenliiK Inst. Thorn
was a irooil altenilnuco ami llm svsnt
was « hunipiiiK success, Musshkus ol
congratMlation tin I boat wltilies wtro
read Irani the secretaries of tun > Olson and laithhrlilito brnnohos. Mr.
WalUnRer, prestilont, In oiienlnii si-
plalooil tho nbject'i of the t Inh.
These lislng:
(1) To help one another.
(1) To insist on tlio vital i,nullity
ol the'British supremacy of Hie sea.
(J) To urate every aide hndlml men
the necessity of heiim utile 10 hoar
(4) To draw together In the Imnd
of comradeship tho people now IIvIiik
undor the British Has:.
And any other sentiment which
would tend to closer union ul the
British Umpire. It would probably
take a considerable lime to attain
the Ideal we hope to rtfilUe, Wo
must, however, all make up out
minds to help as much as possible
and make it a strong olub In every
Way. 01 course thero will probnhly
be all sorts nnd descriptions, ,.liter-
snt Ideas, but we do not want poltt
leal or reunions Hsntitnents on press
ed In any shape or fnrm in connection with this club. These must bo
debarred and then ws wilt get alone
eery well In peace and harmony. At
present there Is no restriction as to
n.jmbsrshlp. All are welcome, though
at some future date it may he usees-
sar* to frams restrictions, hut that
will bave to be dealt with I y the
general committee After esimiiilnu
hia thanks tor tho good tflseiui i;' he
called upon Mr. Hmit.li, to spilth on
the subject, before commit,'im the
musical program which I nl brill arranged.
Mr, Smith: "I.nlles mil «,ntlenicn.
I think that tbe chairman has slated
all that is necessary in regard tn
this subject, but I would like to udd
that this great Duration of Imperial
me. It Is stereotyped on my heart.
During the Boer war Oreat Britain
was laboring under a great burden.
It would appear at that time all nations were united in disparaging her,
but we all know how well tfhe camo
out ol that, How commerce was not
touched. There was not a steamer on
the sea that was taken off her usual
course In order to carry troops to
South Africa, which shows her might
on the sea.
Application forms for membership
were then handed round, and the
Olub ia now tn be congratulated upon a membership of over sixty.
Twenty-live being gathered in en
Tuesday night.
A lavish supply of refresh n >nts
were indulged In, after which the
President proposed a hearty vote of
thanks for the kindness of Mrs. Leslie, and the other ladles who hnd taken so much trouble to provide such
an assortment of goodie goodies,
Mr. W. 0, Orebbln proposed n Hearty vote of tbanka for ths ladles of
the, Womsn's Institute whn so kindly
permitted their decorations to remain lor the occasion.
After haying partaken ot refresh
meats, the merry company indulged
In dancing until the early hours nf
the morning. The next social v-lll
be held on Tuesday March 12th, tot.
members only. Application for nd-
misaion should he made, to ths secretary before Mat. date In order that
you may have an enjoyable ■ ime on
tbat occasion.
For the occasion the wails wero
draped with the Union .lack, nn
which were placed the Clubs badge In
red and white, kindly worked by the
lady members.
The orchestra for the occasion were
composed of the following:
Pianists.—Mesdames Woods, Ken-
wick and Ismay.
Vlolln.-Mra. Walllnger. and A.
Cornet.—0. Sims.
Bong.—"A-sleep in tbe Deep: Mr.
Oeo. 81ms.
Song.—"Flight of Ages" Miss
Bong.—"Just Oood Bye" Mrs. Geo.
F. Stevenson.
Bong.-Beleeted: Mr. Hardy.
Piano Solo:   Miss Wright.
Readlng.-"8tove Pipe Hole": Mr.
Song.—"To Ho Little Qlrl" Archie
Bong.-"When we're together" MI«b
Song.—"Beauty's Kyea" Mr. Oeo.
F. Rtevenson.
Song.—"Under the Denda's " Mrs.
Oeo. F. Stevenaon,
Song, accompanied by banjo: Mr.
A vote of thanks was tendered tn
Mn. Oeo. F. Btevennon, and Mr. R.
Blwell, who accompanied most of the
singers with tbe piano.
Two hundred families from a Jewish colony in the prairies will como
to British Columbia this spring and
settle In the Whatsban valley.
It Is with deep regret that we havo
to chronicle tho death of Mr. Fred H
Fie,I. Smnll was well and lavora-
hly known In Ornnhronk. He was tbe
Hun ol Mr and Mrs. Wm. HiuiiII ol
Vancouver, and a nephew of Mr. HI.
II. Hiitnll of this city.
Mr. Small's death waa due to haart
(allure, having boon oonilned in his
home, lis hns Uniterm! along, hoping,
that he would regain sufficient
Strength, that ho might be able to
regain his health in a more salubrious climate, hut alas, tho grim reaper, claimed blm, on Saturday last,
Ills parents wore wired the snd tidings on Saturday night, and Mr. and
Mrs. Small, accompanied hy bis sister Miss .tnssphlna, and his brother
Mr. Sidney Small, nrrlvod un Monday from Vancouver.
The funeral took placs on Monday
afternoon, under the directions nt
undertaker W. it. Ileatty, the Bev,
(V 0. Main officiating at the church
and grave,
Tho casket was covered with dowers, gilts ol love and respect Irom
many friends.
Among the most beautiful ol these
tinware, was a largo pillow from
number of his friends at the Cosmo-
I olltan hotel. Wreaths from Mr. and
Mrs. fir. J, H. King; Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Ilowness, Mr. nnd Mrs. J, A,
Murray: Mr. and Mrs. Oeo, Hoggarth
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hall; Harry llar-
Isto; Mrs. H. Itoblchaud, Mr. 0. Pld-
geon, and Mr. Percy Chapman,
The funeral procession was ono ot
the largest ever seen in Oranbrook,
The pall hearers were: Messrs. R,
Davis; 8. Morris; R. Nalfe; F. Murphy; C. McKachern and J. Kennedy.
Tho deceased was extremely popular, nnd had « large circle of friends
and nci|iialntances, who very openly
expressed tbelr grief and regret at
hln unexpected and untimely demise.
Fred. Small, since his boyhood
days was very partial to horses, and
was nne of the most successful Jockeys in the Northwest. He rode the
winning mount at tbe "Derby" at
Calgary, and had the record tor the
fastest mile at Vancouver.
Mr. «nd Mrs. Wm. Small, parents
if the deceased, were formerly residents of Cranbrook, having came
here during ths early days ot the
construction nf the Crow's Nest line.
They loft on Wedneedry (or the'r
home In Vancouver, accompanied by
their son nnd daughter.
At the Edison Tneatre
Tonight at tbe Kdlson Theatre, the
Messrs. Baldwin Bros, have been fortunate in securing a reel of u'.ms Inr
their patrons that should he a deli glit to all those who are interested
In the future of the British Umpire.
Had such a plot not been discovered
and bad the navy not had such i- en aa
Lieutenant Robs, tbe plot to blow up
the ship at the naval maneuvers containing tbeir Majesties, during the
coronation festivities, the whole future of the llrltlsh Rmpire might possibly have been changed.
The aims that will be presented is
a British naval picture, and will
show how Lieutenant Robs unearths
the plot that was intended to do a
most dastardly piece of work.
Besides this picture there are others that will cause the tears to flow
down vour cheek in laughter; and
then tihero la always the interesting
World's happenings and the latest
fashions of tomorrow from Paris,
The attendance should be large as
these features are putting the Baldwin's to a considerable expense and
their idea Ib to give the people something that they perhaps only expect
to see in the largest cities.
Baptist Church
Morning Worship—11.00. Subject-
"The Oospel ol Ohrlst, the Supremo
Rxhibitlon of Divine Power."
Sunday School—3.00 p. m.
Evening Worship—7:30. Subject.—
"An Abundant Provision lor Kvery
Need ol Yours."
A cordial welcome la extended to
The Pastor, Rev. O. B. Kendall,
will conduct the services of tho day.
5000 facts about Canada
The 1912 Kdltlon ol that popular
and Indespensahle booklet, "5000
facta about Canada", compiled by
Frank Yelgh, the widely known writer and lecturer, and author ot
"Through the Heart of Canada," Is
now out and replete with new matter
Including an outline map of Canada,
a calender and the new census llgurcs.
In compact lorm Is found a wealth „f
tacts and figures of the Dominion Uint
will prove a revelation of our natural resources and growth. The mass
of Information, gathered with Intl-
nlte pains, should be In tbo hands ot
every intelligent Canadian, and the
wide aale and popularity of the publication is easily underatonk. Copies
mav be had for 25 cents from the Canadian Facts Publishing Co., C67 Spa-
dlna Ave. Toronto.
Railway must pay
Nelson, Feb."0." The special jury,
ii the forest lire controversy between
|lio King I,umber l'n.. vs 0, I'. It
turned u verdict In favor ol the
Ing company, Tho Jury linil thut
le CI'.it. was negligent In failing tn
ultitalii ti clean right nt way and in
Ulna  l»  attend  tn  the      lire  wlileli
|as reported by its    servants, tbo
Ty also found tbat   the  railway did
,i take reasonable precautions tu
'ovent tin, iin, spreading beyond the
gilt ot wav..
Tbo amount nt tho damages to lie
id tu the iiluiniiiV, has yot to bo
Cranbrook Chinamen will
(Monday Feb, no,)
'Pile  whole uf f'lilllfltiiwu  will  hu  III
Isiive rintliiiiit mi Monday evening,
ion local I'hluaiiieii will rolohruto
i, Inauguration nf the now Ohlnoso
ipiibllc.   Thev  are arniiiging  fni   it
Iries ol nddrossos, m which isvoral
our loading oltlsons will tnho pari
e iiieellllgs will he belli nn Van
irno street  nenr tin- t'.l'.li.  sheds,
id lurgc riunntltloa nt flrowork will
lett nil at night   The local hand
ll discourse patriotic Ohlnest mcl
'lies, nml the itoros in Chinatown
III ho deciiniteil  ullli the new mi-
color, togetiier    with arches of
vorgreen  ami  hunting  bull!    setose
ho Htreets,
nt'l A special    dispensation   has boon
lii'rniiied to the alien Ohlnose for this
Irfiartlruliir occasion,
Country Girl Finances
Premier   McBride's Railway Programme
Government will purchase and open up fur settlement Rich
Railway Lands of Southern British Columbia
i Mr. li. J. McSweyn, secretary
wtreasuror of the Oranbrook Operatic
,,|.-tni:lety,  hm,    Issued    the     following
statement, of receipts ami Expenditures iu oonnootlon with tho sooloty'e
rocent   produotlon   of ths "Country
Drought   forward   from 1911 „.f  ,18
Advertising  I'rngratntiies       HR.OP
Performance, first night  c 322,50
Performance, second night   intt.OU
Hank of Cominorco, overdraft    HI.34
Victoria, Feb . 30,-Preinlor Mc
Bride's railway policy waa brought
down in the Provincial Legislature
today. It involves tbe expenditure
in tbe Province ol approximately
110,004,000. It provides for the construction of the following lines:
The Kettle River Valley from Cold-
water Junction to Hope, f,f, miles.
The Canadian Northern Pacific from
Kamloops to Kelowna hy way of
Grand Prairie, Armstrong, and Vernon, with a branch to Lumhy, 145
The Pacini- and (Ireat Western railway Irom Howe Sound to Fort
Oeorge, hy way of Pemhertnn Meadows, 450 miles.
The Canadian Northern Pacific, an
extension ot Its lines on Vancouver
Island, 160 miles.
The government has induced the Canadian Pacific to take over from tho
Great Northern the Kaslo & Slocan
railway which Is to he standardized
and operated aa a part of the C.P.R.
system. The standardization of this
railway will cost |tui),l>un towards
which amount the province will give
'100,000 and thereby will save the
cost of a watron road which would be
In excess of thnt sum. This matter
was provided tor In the legislation
which was brought down in the house
All the railroad construction provided for in tho government's policy
must be commenced within six
months from this date and must be
completed hy July, 1915.
The whole program provides for the
construction ot 795 miles. The assis
tanee to the Kettle Valley line will
by a cash grant of $10,0(10 a mllo, Involving approximately tSOO.MC. This
railway begins at Midway and ascends the Kettle river to the mouth
ot ths west fork and follows that
stream to Onrml. It then takes a
northwester! 7 direction in order to
nscend the summit lying east ofiOk-
enaenn lake which it surmounts at a
roint. between Kelowna and Narania-
ta. Tt then runs' down the lake to the
outlet at P' ntteton where It crosses
the Okansten river and then extends
northwards ,,n the west side ot the
lake to Hiitutnerland.
Thence It will go westward and
southward to Princeton at tbo Junction ol the Hlnillkameen and Tula
meen to the month ol Otta creek to
Aspen drove, thence westerly to Cold
water, thence down the Coldwater to
Merrltt where it will meet tho rails
Ol the Nicola branch of tho C.P.R.
trom Hpenoei, Bridge. Tho new portion of the line will begin at the
point where the road now under construction reaches the Coldwater and
will extend In a southerly direction
to Its head and tlietire cross the divide to the headwaters of tho Oosltla-
hal'a nnd follow the latter to Hope
at or near which point the Feasor
will be bridged. The province will
give $200,000 towards the construction   ol the bridge   whlcb  la   to be
with a deck tor   highway
i The Canmliuu Northern I'acitic's
I new lino will ,'eave its main Hue
where- It comes down the North Thompson nnd will run a little to the
| south of oast, following the general
line ol tbe present highway road,
crossing tho Shuswap and Okanagan
at or near Armstrong, thence southerly to Vernon and thence, still in a
southerly direction, on the border ol
Long Lake nnd (rom that lake across
a low summit to Kelowna. The distance from Kamloops to Kelowna is
129 miles.
From Vermin a line will extend
eastward a distance of 16 miles to
l.utiiby passing through the Coldstream ranch. This railway will he
assisted by a guarantee of bonds to
the extent of '35,000 per mtle on the
same terms as the othor guarantee
to the same company.
The line from the head ol Howe
Sound to Fort George will be built
by a company to be known as the
Tactile Oreat Eastern Co., in which
tha contracting nrm ot Foley, Welch
& Stewart are the chief members. It
will rocelve aid similar to,that given
to the Canadian Northern Pacific. It
will give Vancouver connection with
Fort George and will be approximately 450 miles In length. Its location
nf route is as yet indefinite. It will
bo leased to the O.T.P, which will
also have the option ol purchase.
The plans of the Canadian Northern
Pacific on Vancouver island embraces construction Irom Victoria to
Hardy Day on the Northeast roast.
This lino for which the building of
150 miles ia provided, will go from
Victoria to Franklin Cleek on the
Albernl canal, thence by way ot Albernl diagonally across the island to
Comox to which point construction
is guaranteed by the present policy.
The aid tn he given by the government will be a bond guarantees at
the rnte nt t'r.,000 per mile. This
line will give access to Strathcona
Other matters are dealt with hy the
measures Introduced by the premier.
The R. *l N, Railway company con
sunts to tbe taxation ot Its tang
grant. This was made tree of taxation by tho legislation of 1KH4 which
grunted It to the Dominion tor railway purposes. Tho land will hereafter be subject tn taxation nt tho rate
of 1 | cents per acre, which will
yield a revenue of approximately
flS.OOO. The Canadian Pacific agrees
to pay the province the sum ol *8°7.-
000, being tho earnings ol tho Shuswap & iik.'iniii'iin railway ovor and
above operating expenses which will
go tn onset the interest charges
which tho province has had to meet
upon the bondod Indebtedness ol the
The province also la to repurchase
the unsold portions „l the 11. 0,
Southern and Oolumbla ii Western
land grants niter the company has
selected therefrom nn area nf 600,000
acres as a reserve for railway ties
and to pay the rnnipaiiy therefor a
sum ol 10 cents por acre. This will
Involve a payment of $1,000,000, The
purchase will romovo all enisling ami
future dllliculties that have arisen m
are likely to arise over pre-emptions
land purchases and mineral claims
adjacent to these lands and will re
store to the province Uie ownership
ol an extensive area, ninny parts ot
which aro likely to become valuable
for minerals now that the development of the whole southern portion
of the province may be stimulated.
Legislation Ih also provided authorising the lease of the Rsqulmall *
Nanntnio railway which now- owns Its
capital stock, aftor which the rallwny
will be operate.) ns the Island division of the C.P.R. This company
agrees forthwith to extend Its line
from a point on the Albernl exten
alon near Parksville to Comox, a distance ot between 40 and 50 miles.
Tbls legislation which was intrnduc
ed by special message today comprises six bills all ol which passed their
first reading. They will come up for
second reading tomorrow.
The Howes Sound and Northern
railway which It is said will he absorbed by Foley & Stewart in the announcement of the provincial rallway
policy, at Victoria today, Is a Vancouver enterprise, having ten miles of
main line and five miles of branches
in operation, the latter tapping the
lumber camps. Construction and
equipment to date has cost $750,000.
The president Is .1. C. Keith, a mil
llonalre; vice-president, A. E. Mc-
Bvoy, former city solicitor; director.'
J. C. GUI, W. L. Germalne, E. A.
Cleveland, C.R. They obtained their
provincial charter In 1907, from tht
head of Howe Sound to Llllooet on
the Eraser a distance of 123 miles
The same interests, two years later
under the name of the British Cnlum-
Central railway wore granted author
Ity to bnllil from Llllooet tn Fort
So far as the line has been lorated
from Newport, at the bead nl Howe
Sound,  to  Llltnnct.   the    work   being
completed last spring and plans were
tiled al Victoria The company own
tho townsite nt Newport, sxpeoted tn
become a great grain sliliipliir port;
also 10,000 acres of the choicest land
In the Pemherton meadows, where
another townsite ts already laid oul
Llllooet is exported to real, greal
benefit, its resources are lumbering
agriculture and mining. North Van
couvor is the terminus
The Fort George line is rejoicing
al being nlllcinlly placed on tho rail
way ninp to'lav. The short line from
roast, to Knotenav mill other announcements regarding southern Brlti-di
Coliltnliln. were received with great
satisfaction at Vancouver,
Debt lo Hank from "Geisha"
f 90.1,0
Geo.  D.   Ingram, services
Advertising,  Prospector
Advertising,   Herald 	
(lent of Auditorium   	
Hail rental     i'range	
Halt rental,   Y.M.C.A 	
1'aint ing    scenery,  Mennie 	
Drayago nnd Btorago, Worden
Making costumes Mrs Ingram
Material costumes,  McOreery
Material costumes,  Halsall  ...
Materia! custumes, Kink's
Reflector, Patmore Urns 	
Stage settings, Baker and Bun
Flowers, etc.. Campboll and
CoRtumos from Mrs Macaliar ..
Balance i n senres "Country
Total $879. 89
Ah will \w seen from tha above the
Society still owe $91.24; and In order
'o liquidate thin debt the committee
have arranged to give a ball at the
ludttorlum on Wednesday the nth.
nf April
Women's Institute
The Women's Institute social heiii
iast  week  wiih a  distinct  success
ivery way possible. S0 far hh the social end of the meeting nothing whnt
ever could have heen done to better
Hie good feelinc thnt existed through
out, It Was perfect, and proved r
means of drawing together the members as welt as numerous friends in
'i wny that will be lasting; nt the
-same time it showed to many of the
visiting friends the     snirlt  that pre
ails among the members of the In*
tltute, The dialogue that was giv
• n by the Institute's executive clear
'v went to show th-it the members
sre all qualified cooks and capable
Houso-kcopers, the fun that was cans
•d through the question "Why Mrs.
losklll did not engage a rook?" be
nr nskel    will  Inn"     remain in  the
n'nde of those present.
The flnsncinl end of the social wm
n'so a distinct success netting for
the  In-titute aliotit   S7B,   this  Ih    the
estimated nmnunl after the necessary
expenses have been paid and will ol
I'si'tf he n hn* help in the future
needs of the work in hand
Th» progrnmmo rendered during the
nven'na was
Miss i    Finn hi, a sour
Miss k. Connolly, n wing
Mr, Dixon, of Hi   Marl's Prairie, entertained,
Mr. f'en, Ingram, n song
MIkh N, i^nmnn. a recitation
Master WilHo f,en man
Ouartotlo by the rtnckleft Oo,
Hornet solo bv Mr, Sims
•\fter the enlnrtnlnment n nodal
dnnco wns cnlnyed, making a eood
tint'in to n most enloyable evening,
und the wt alios are ninny that tbe
ladies will soon hop their way clear
to have another such evening-
No:   8
The Bachelor Girl's Dance
When tb,. Bachelor Qirli wnt out
thttir invitations to various young
people foi their dance different oqm
had quite u laugh and looked upon
the whole thing as a hugh jjU uud
anticipated having a bushel of fun
with thn young laditiH.
Tin* invitations were seut lu tha
form uf a poem, and there ih great
praiso coming to Minn Delia   Drum'
mom), the uutliorcsH, for the originality displayed.; it reads ah toUowi
Our  l.i*up   Year  Uaiico im at ma«
o'olocb sharp
Bring  a young man and    wear « rt<l
Make him ba ready at Imlf after
And ifty you'll he prompt at the garden gate,
Should he art  like „  dunes,
Treat him to a glass of Punch,
Hnve the flrnt  dance  np'l lot.  him
Hut  tell turn you'll    hnd    inm    "hen
it'h time to go home
Tin* dance was hold In the .Am ms
hull last Monday, tin* ball i*tng
beautifully     decorated,   tbo   'mpiro
IWoCtrlC Oo furntwhinr the ftlMtrlOftl
decorations, gratis The ladies are
grateful to Mr. Maurice Qualn fur tha
sorvlcofl so kindly given,
During the evening the ladieii re
versed  the  usual custom     of   /ailing
lor the gentlemen to take the lead in
everything, hut took the le»d them-
selves, find the gentlemen had to take
a hack neat, for once truly carrying
out the main idea uf a "A Oonulne
Leap Vear Hanre." Heveral times as
the music struck up, the gentlemen
were seen to make n half rise from
Ihelr seats before they recollected
themsolvofl, and had to sit down and
wait to he aflkad, much to the amusement of the ladles, However, the
Indies, right royally did their duty,
and the way that MIsh Delia Drum
mond noted as floor manager, assls
ted by Miss Van Hlyke, reflected
great credit upon their knowledge of
what  was required of them.
Mr. ll. McOreery was clearly the
"Belle of the. Ball" with Archie
Loltch  running him a good necond.
The "Moonlight Banco" and the
"Parasol Banee" will ho long remembered an the original exeatione of the
Bachelor (llrls and there ia no doubt
but that they wero the best two
dancen ovor enjoyed in Oraabrook.
All during the evening fruit punch
was Nerved to everyone by Mies Fran-
i'ph Prummond and Mian Delta
The following ladies acted aa pat-
Mis   A.  I,.  MrBermot.
Mrs, 0. Miller.
Mrs. <;. ICrlckHon.
Mrs. <). H. Thompson
Mrs. D. Burton
Mrs, W. Cameron.
Mrs   0, Hogarth.
Mrn. T. Drtimmond.
The following were the tiaobelor
Girl's Committee:
Miss Bella Prummond
Miss Anna Beattie.
MIsh Klfieda Prummond
Minn Pa ter son
Miss Josephine Havilt,
Miss Kiln Keith.
Mine Gladys Gaakfll.
MIhb Gertie 1/eBarge.
Ml** Rose Gnskill.
Miss Klsie Van Slyke.
Miss Margaret Kennedy.
MIsh Anna Burton.
MIbb Marion Patterson.
K  Van Slyke, Secretary.
Knights of Pythias Ball
Last Friday evening Crescent I>odge
So. 38, Knight*, of Pythias, held a
ball in connection with the 49th anniversary of their order, in the Au-
There was a large attendance and
it waa considered to be the beat bail
ever held in Cranhrook.
The music was furnished by the
Guerard orcheHtra.
The hall was beautifully decorated
festoons and bunting and what waa
considered to be a new departure all
around the room there were hung
several lnrj-r mirrors ko that when
'he ilnncerH were swinging to the
music they could catch a glimpse of
themselves and others fn their en-
Commencing at '■' o'clock the music
Played on without practically a
break until the early hours of Oho
morning. Hupper had been previously provided in the K. of P. Hall, and
that supper, it was B treat to see the
participants take their repast, It
went lo prove more thnn anything
else tho fart thai they had enfloyed
themselves In the dance hall aeross
the way.
1.on bin. Feb, 28,—It has practically been arranged that Premier Ab-
qiitth will introduce the home rule
bill In the House of Commons In
March. Our  Local  News
J, H. Ohasiey, ol Bull River wns
lu town Wednesday,
Fancy Japanese Table Mats nl the
Model Variety Store,
Mrs, Johnson, . >r OroBton was shopping in Oranbrook Monilny,
K. l„ Btaploi nml 11. W, liiivls, nl
Wyollfle, wore In town Tuesday,
Bitter Oranges lor Marmalade at
Fink's Pure l''uoil l.iocory.
Mr. nml Mrs. W. v. Macdonald, "'
Milk River, wero In town Thursday,
Mm. I'-.. Ople, ol Wattsburg was In
th» Olty Thursday,
Toddy Bears, and Baby rattles, and
dolls, nt tiie Modol Varloty Store,
Mrs. J. Donald, ol Moyie was shop,
pints nt Oranbrook Thursday,
Mrs. ,i. Gamble, ,,( Moyle, was a
guest nt tho Oranbrook Thursday.
Blttor Oranges lor Marmalade at
Kink's I'lire Food Orocory,
Hntlro ohnngo ol programme at tht
Killsnn Tlientrc tonight,
LOST.—A ladles I ibagl  The Hnd.
er will bo rewardod by leaving II at
this oflloe
Towell Holders and Olothee dryers
at the Model Variety Htoro
Mr. nml Mi" .1 Mekay, ol Atlinl
mer, were guests  m the   Oranbrook
Mr. nml Mrs. K McGregor, ,,! Nel
Bon, were guests ut the Royal Wed'
Hitter Oranges fur Marmalade at
Fink's Pure Food Orocery,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ii. 0, Bmtth ol Wnr
ilner, were Onnbrook visiters Tuesday.
(Jeo. w. ii,ui ill,te, post-master at
Wanlncr,  wna in Oranbrook Tuesday
on business.
Latest iilenn in Kitchen goods, tbe
comb, paror, stircr, ami cover, at the
Model Variety Store.
Monday, Feb, IHh was oelebrated
m the   United motes ns   Lincoln's
I,ut Inlay.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Taylor, ■ Kim
lierley, were rrmitirnok visitors uu
Hiitor Oranges inr Marmalade at
Fink's Pure Food Qrooory,
hi. Huttorill, ui Oreston, wus trans,
acting iiiisiueiis ui Oranbrook Thursday!
Mrs, 0. NelHun, uf Yahk, tvliu lias
heen stnyini! nt the Home Hospital,
returned un Thursday tu hor home.
w.   w.   KILBY,
HORN.—At Hume Hospital, Oran
brook, to Mr. and Mrs, T, Christian,
a dnugbtor
BORN,—At Hume Hospital, Oran-
brook, Fob. ?. tu Mr. and Mrs. liar
tside, n dauguetr,
HORN,-At Home Hospital, Oran
brook, Feb ! t" Mr and Mrs
Lester Olapp, n daughter,
WANTKIl A black mi'l wliil'' I,MM'
ed ralilillt (Buck! must u< lam,'   Ap
ply tu Hux m Oranbrook
Mr .i Twamlsy, who has been eon
iiii'tl tu ins nome this srssk with a
iluilit attack  ,,l  I'leiirasy
Reading   mattei    enough
week run be bad al the l'u!,i"
St,,le iu  tile Hans,,!! BI »ck
Frank Christian managsr ■■'■ The
Prospector, was nt Wilmer this week
on business connected with bis paper
'Mr, and Mrs   0   B, Fryburgh,   ol
Spokane, wei ran brook visitors on
Mrs Shlrwln and Mrs Lewis ol
Klmherley, were shopping in Cranhrook Monday,
A Watch is ii delicate
piece nf machinery, it
calls (dr less attention
than most machinery, hut
must be cleaned umi oiled
occasionally to keep uood
time. It will pay you
well to lot us clean your
watch  every   12   or   IH
C.P.R. Watch Inspectors
May We call for that clock
nt \ours which lussti pped
KiiiuUR.ii ten and
infant's Screo
Mra,   R   a    Uauhlyoft,
C iilili, llll'll      llllll       l'l llllll'll
i . .,   i, li   Sohool  lluiiril
lor 1.,Hi,Inu.  « in   I'HIIlllli'lli'i'
ii KlinJurgm'tBU  Sell,,,,i  in
i iuiui'ii ■- liiili iiii Keli    I'.1
Ai'piv lor  Particulars
D. BOX 238 "ii
howling   Scores
iiavnl hiiiih, ui the Edison orohes
tin ims aoceptoil an engawmont with
Mr..    Ilui'l-uril,  nml    Will     culiinit'lico  'taker Blrwil va Hlinrks
inyiiif. nt the Auditorium on Mon> 'taker street
day ni'it, the llllll mat
When Bprlng Cleaning,   why    not
have those uld pictures (mined In
some nl KILHV'H latest alyle mould'
lugs. Ilu It uuw',' W, W. KU.HY,
Practical Picture Cramer, Total
j, -M-M-l- ■•|.|. ■• -h^-M-H-H-H-H- -M-l-H-l-m-l-H-H-M-l-l-l-'l'1.
Will Find
Our Stock of
Game Trans i
Very Complete at Present
We can supply all requirements   ::
with  dispatch
F. Parks & Co. I
Hardware. Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
**■ H"I"M"M"I"i ■ |.,|..|„|,.|,.|,J..M4 +-H
We  have had consigned to us this week
a lot of Good Oranges which we offer for sale
ISO's or I76's
And a full stock of the International Stock
Food Co's Poultry foods, Etc., has been   received
Do not forget that we offer Whole  Corn
AT S2.T5 per hundred pounds.i
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranbrook.   B. C.
Tn RBNT.—Furaunsd ruonm toi
gentlemen. Address Bog M ai aPi'ly
at The Prospector udlce. 7-tl
Roadlng matter eti.,ui:n lor the
week can be had at the 1'alace I'tnur
Store ui  the Hanson Ulock
Owing to the extreme mild weather ol tiie past week, the bouspiel
which had been arranged, has heen
indeiuiately  postponed.
Popular Hagaslnes and Paper can
uuw be had at the Palace Cigar
Store In the Hanson Ulock.
We don't know tho dine ol the
neit Provincial Election hut wo no
know we can Hive you every nut mini'
tlon fur uny wurk eiiinuiteil to ns In
Picture Framing. -KILBY FRAMBS
Chester Owlnno, editor ol the Ores
ton Review, wus in ihe   city during
the early   part  Ol    tills  week   III    Ilie
interest ol his pnpor, He made a
very pleasant cull at the Prospootor
Popular Magaslnon ami Papot  can
uuw he liud nt the I'nlare Olgftt
Store In the Hanson Pluck.
Mnny will reuieiuher the sugar rur
nival linn was held in the Clyiiinn
sunn a,nue .1 years ago, There in lu
he nu,,ther ,,n Friday the BSihI and
a cordial Invitation is extended ta
everyone i" |oln the happy throng
Then, win in, a meeting "i the
Farmers institute In the Qovcrumeut
building ,,n Hi" list „! this month
at h p. in  ,.iuti|i    a cordial invito
tKill  Is given   Id llM.  llliii'ihelw ol  nun
moinbors   to intend
Mrs   \   B   ''"ii "■    u'liiiiii'ii home
[on Wednesday, altei undergoing   an
operation for appendicitis lu the St
llugene Hospital     H Is to bo hoped
iimt siie win soon rogatn here nun
i,,I  good  health
Mi-. Housewite
Btop oleanlng old snu,kv tamp
chimneys, send i"i one ol our New
18 Bandle Power white Light Burn
are, cut the coupon out In unit big
\,i in tins paper today, National
Light Company
The Chairs that are tu be pluced III
the Council Chamber are being purchased from the Cranbrook. Oo-Opor
alive Stores, and not from tho Fink
Mercantile Co., as was stated in, the
report uf the council meottug published lust week.
Biggs fur Hatching, Crystal Whit"
Orpingtons, special selected breeders
fruru strictly lirst class class stock,
-strong winter laving strain, 13.00
per slttin" of IS. fertility guaranteed.
0. K. KBNBALli, Cranhrook, P. 0.
Mux 46ii. 4-tf
FOH SALE.—Several Belgian Hnrcs
carrying young; tiM each. AddreBs
Swansea Poultry Ranch, Wattahurg.
U. C. v-ti
JiiBt received—A carload of Furnl
turo. Cram,rook Kxchangc— Call and
see what they consist of. Prices
right. _ __
LOST.—Somewhere betweog cranhrook nnd Canal Flnt, a small parcel
Under please return same to The
Prospector Ofttie, Cranbrook.
Galley Sixteen
There was a meeting ol   the Oran
brook Board ol Trade held on Tues
day night in    the Cranhrook Hotel
committee rooms.
Spring travel to Canada by work
men, tourists and investment seekers
has already set in according to local
officials of the Soo-Hpokaue railway,
at   the
Hanson Block
On mondny night at Nelson, the
Cranbrook hockey team again defeated the crack Nelson team, by a score
ol 9 to 2.
Mrs. T. T. McVittie, Miss Gal
bralth, and Mr. Oeorge Judd, ot
Fort Steele, were Cranbrook vtslton
If the present soft weather continues, lt will be In order for the Mayor to issue orders regarding the annual cleanup day.
Mm. R, B. Benedict will receive on
next Tuesday afternoon from four to
six p. in., and on the lirst Tuesday
ot every month thereafter .
The Cranbrook Exchange has Bold
to P. Mntheson, a large consignment
uf furniture, sufficient to completely
tnrnisri :12 rooms, in the new annex
of the Imperial Hotel.
Tiie fire brigade rosponded tu an
alarm on Tuesday night miland by
a lire in one of Boatty's shacks, sit
Uatod near the |,,,wer in,use; the dam
nit" wus trilling.
nt   ilie
Ilnnson Pluck
FO. ffl, Jones, of Klmherley, was In
town Thursday, Mr. Jones, in en
faged in mining, and has several
very promising properties on Mark
We are sorry to have to chronicle
•he death ol Mrs. Bllxeheth Kerr,
the wife of the lnte George A. Kerr,
which took place on Thursday Feb
15, at. the residence of her daughter
Mrs. Win. J. Flowers. The funeral
Bervlce will he held in tho English
Church at 2 o'clock Sunday.
WANTEP-WO have position for a
good man with a fair education who
can furnish reference we will give
steady employment nnd pay
straight salary to tbe right party.
People using intoxicating liquors—
Hnve your stamps, see our big "Ad'
In this paper today. National Light
Co.   Baraga, Mich.
Thar* are a number of our sub
serlbers who keep the "Prospector"
on die. In checking up our Hie we
find we are short of September 23,
No. 31, and October 28, No. 48; if
anyone will kindly oblige by bringing
or sending these copies to the office
we will give them double their sale
price In value.
VisitorsJothe City
At Cranbrook
Chas. Blom,     Calgary
C.  E. Belyea,     Toronto
R. J. Ralnsford,     Calgary
N, McLeod,     Lethbrldge
W   B. Smith,    Hamilton
W. P. White,     Spokane
A. L. Stevens,    Vancouver
R, E. Burch,     Winnipeg
A. E. Hay,     Vancouver
J. E. Hargrave,     Vancouver
O. N. Davidson.    Fernie
Mrs.  J. A. Poison,     Vancouver
T. T. McVittie,    Fort Steele
Lee Wolf,     Chicago
J. R. Brown,     Grand Forks
II. Thomson,     Vancouver
W. Magoon,    Wardner
II.  Bell,     Winnipeg
L.  Pennock,     Galloway
C. Dlngwell,    Vancouver
J. Betchol,     Vancouver
W. Cline,     Vancouver
W. H. DeLong,     Lethbrldge
Geo.  Reynolds,     Ijetbbridge
J. O. Leaf,     Montreal
J. J. Sims,    Vancouver
H, II, Blanchert,     Vancouver.
Carl Lovick,     Wardner
R. L. Fowler,     Calgary
G. G. Jewell,    Jaffray
F. H. Pearson,Fort Steele
At Royal
S. O. Watson,    Sirdar
H   Reddy,    Calgary
G. 0. Randall,     Nelson
T. Nuttul,     Moyie
J. Blake,     Skookumchuck
F. Llnnell,     Medicine Hat
J. Roberts,     Moyle
J.   Mott,     Moyie
W. W. Cooper,     Moyie
P. PrIUkar,     Toronto
Win, Metlee,     Fort Steele
P. K. Daley,    Fort Steele
At Cosmopolitan
A. Wilnon,    Moyie
L. W. Harris,     Moyle
(!. Grassey,     Fort  Steele Junction
E. Mcquade,     Klmherley
W. Gorman,     Klmherley
Allan Mnnson,     Spokane
A. Bmpson,    Bull River
J, Hannard,    Wasa
Mrs. Donaboc,    Wasa
Johnston      202 173 114 SOS
Milne      124 l?» lf'» 4eu
Myers      187 l'l Pin 4ak
Jones     189 120 UK, U»4
Pye      us 1,11 188 808
7011   788   7nH       2211
MlBuy   ...
0, Pye
113 1211 122
130 UU 141
IP! I2t, lUi
188 I'm Pis
180 ir.H um
4;,4   f
ii ,
:| Come   and  See  Our Display \\
:: of Bargains in China    .    .    .
Special Sale
Total 1,1,3 709 080 200K
Ramblers vn shops.
l'llutll|IB„ll        .           Ill, llll 11,3 UK    J.
J.  Tlllllltiy     „     180 122 170 427   +
,1.   (4.  TOOl         132 I7H 210 020
10   Tlliuley       US Ui2 213 073
Purler       i',17 lill 1117 OOO
Total 707 7»:i '.123 840 | J
Brown        121 180 Pis 147 "
lliilhln      101 172 111', 179  ',',
Mlitiuklaml        Itll 121 100 Hi < I
I'ylur       133 LIS 170 41,11 | j
Sluclnli           I»7 107 137 431
Tula I
71,1',   IM   7H1
also |;;
No License on ('. N. It,   :'.'.
We will Sell China, Enamelwnre omi
Woodenware in Cups and Saucers,
Collanders, Wash Howls and Rolling
Pins ii 25 cents Each on Saturday.
We Imve ii Special Line ol Stationery
Barrettes, Hair Nets on our 5c, 10c,
and 15c Tables.
A Pine Assortment <if Black Rockingham Teapots from 15c to 50c each, in
in Plain Black and Decorated Styles,
Call and See Us and Look Over Our
NKW STOCK at the
Variety Store
■41IIIIIWHHI llll II I'M I "111 !■ It-III lltllWi I
Victoria, Fci,   i.i   in answer to a <«
lelotntlon    '"""    ""' local option  |J
tongue ol tlm province which waited
.i,...i, 1,1 ut today,  Premlor    MoOrldo
I'lu, noveliiini'tit liutoi nut Intend "
i>, pass luciil option laws this sessiuii   ,,
imi iii.tiie amendments to the liquor
law which    the attorney  general is
uuw Introducing,    we ahull make   it j
possible iu ontorco the law en   that
it will be »illriilt to I'vndi! It.   lt will   .   i     to ,,,,„) H,|,|„ri'ly with all Pur   reived with considerable delight    by
Ihow llml your I'lIurlH luivu not been     ' ,.„ ,i„,,,„„,„N
„,. , ties concerned. tne aoiegates,
ii vain,  while    wo cannot moot you "
on nil points wo npprecliite the plena j    "Undor the present liquor act there I 	
you hnve put rorward (or tiie better-1 am uo saloons   iu unorganised   dls-
ment ol tho province.   In connection] trlcts and by January WW, there will J   Children!   All,   KorSOOth!
with the  construction on the Oaun- be „,, Mnam Mt in British Oolum-
Hun Northern not n license has been  ...       ., ,    ,,., u ....
 ,,,^,     „,      „ ... i n cities nr  mini r pn  ties,  so   you
grantou and arrangements have been
niiiile lor such  police supervision  ns I HM " *'" ■'* l"lt K"lni! l°rwftr(l    M
will make Illicit  Boiling   exceedingly ' fast as you wish     at least you have
difficult.    Nor hns „ny licenses been  the comfort of seeing that we are not I »ut " ""'>' """" "ot t"°™ '" P"BM
granted nlont; the Kettle River Val-' going backward hy any means." BDd ""t-
ley lino, so it Is evident Uint wo are     The premier's     statement was   re- -Inglehow.
They bring their own love with them
when they come I
You know it is destined to he the great industrial centre
ot the Vancouver Metropolitan district.
You know that the population of Coquitlam has already
increased 300 per cent—that the whole town is in a state of feverish
activity—that investors all over America are looking to Coquitlam,
and that within live years it will have a population of at least ^5.000.
You know that the C. P. R, bought a thousand acres for their
terminals from and through the Coquitlam Terminal Co.
Your common sense will tell you that although Coquitlam will
in all probability have a population of 30,000 in a few years, this
centrally located property will be the first to increase in value, and
will make the most money for its owners. Take the city of Vancouver, for instance, its original area was only 3 1-2 miles, and it is
in this district, between False ('reek and Buriard Inlet, in the vicinity
of the C. P. R. tracks, station, etc., that property has become most
valuable. History is repeating itself at Coquitlam. Investments
made near the terminals will become enormously profitable. ('lose
in property will here, as in every thriving city, be always in demand
at fabulous prices.
Get 11 map of Coquitlam. See the location of the terminals,
the new business centre, the industrial centres, and note lor yourself
that it is liuht here —in the very heatl of ihe < t ming activih —that our
property is Incited. Then conic to our ofllce. We believe we
•ire better informed as to the location ol Coquitlam than any
othei person or persons, and are, therefore, best qualified to advise
vou. The directors and stockholders ol the Coquitlam Terminal
Company are men of prominence in Western Canada affairs—among
them hall a dozen conservative bank managers—and undoubtedly
possess a more intimate knowledge of the developments taking place
in Vancouver to-day than any simili.n body ol men.
Prices:      Lots from $150 to $1250.       Terms
Beale 6? Elwell
HANSON     BLOCK Toric Lenses
While You Wait
llll   JI'.WKU.H
$1,50. Yearly
VOL. 18
Ovar-Seas Club Social
The lirst social in connection with
Um Oranbrook Ilranch ol the Over
Seas Olub was held lu the Carmen's
Hall on Tuesday evening Inst. Thero
Was a good altendnnre nud the event
was a humping success. Messages ol
congratulation and best wishes were
read Irom the secretaries of tne ? el-
son and Lethlirldge branches, Mr.
Walllnger, president, lu opening ei-
plaitwd the objects ol the ( lull.
These being:
(1) To help one another.
(2) To Insist on the vital necessity
ol the'Brltish supremncy ol the sea.
(3) To urge every able bodied man
tbe necessity ot being able to bear
(4) To draw together lu the bond
ol comradeship the people now living
under the British flag.
And any other sentiment wlileli
would tend to closer union of the
British Hmi'lre. It would probably
take a considerable time to attain
the Ideal we hope to realize. We
must, however, all make up our
minds to help as much as possible
and make It a strong olub In every
way. Ol course there will probably
be all sorts and descriptions, ulflW*
snt Ideas, but we do not want uollt
leal or religious sentiments express
ed In any shape or form in connection with this club. These must he
debarred and then we will get along
rery well in peace and harmony. At
present there In no restriction as to
membership. All are welcome, though
at some future date It may be usees-
sary to frame restrictions, but that
will have to be dealt with I v the
general committee. After expreoing
hla thanks for the good asseuti ly be
called upon Mr. Smith, to Bniak on
the subject, before coinill('li'"IM 'he
musical program which I id been arranged.
Mr. Smith: "Lalien Rn.l geatlemen.
I think that the chairman has stated
all that Is necessary in regard to
this subject, but I would like to add
that tbls great question ol Imperial
tne. It is stereotyped on my heart.
During tbe Boer war Great Britain
waa laboring under a great burden.
It would appear at thnt time all nations were united in disparaging ber.
but we all know how well she came
out nf'that. How commerce wan not
touches). There was not a steamer on
tbe sea tbat was taken off her usual
course in order to carry troops to
South Africa, which shows her might
on the sea.
Application forms for membership
were then handed round, and the
Olub Is now tn be congratulated upon a membership of over sixty.
Twenty-flvs being gathered in on
Tuesday night.
A lavish supply ol refresh-mints
were indulged In, after which the
President proposed a hearty vote of
thanks for the kindness of Mrs. Leslie, and the other ladles whn had taken so much trouble tn provide such
an assortment of goodie goodies.
Mr. W. 0. Orebbln proposed a hearty vote of thanks for the ladles ol
tha Women's Institute whn sn kindly
permitted tbeir decnratlons to remain for the occasion.
After having partaken ot refreshments, the merry company Indulged
In dancing until tbe early hours of
the morning. The next social will
be held on Tuesday March 12th, for.
members only. Application for nd-
mlsalon should he made to the secretary before tbat. date In order that
you may have an enjoyable Ime on
that occasion.
For the occasion the walls wore
draped with tho Union .lack, on
which were placed the Clubs badge In
red and white, kindly worked by the
ladv members.
The orchestra lor the occasion were
composed of the following:
Pianists.—Mesdamea Woods, Ken-
wick and Ismay.
Violin.—Mrs. Walllnger, and A.
Cornet.—0. Slma.
Snng.—"Asleep In the Deep; Mr.
Oeo. 81ms.
8ong.-"r,llght of Ages" Miss
Bong.—"Just Oood Bye" Mrs. Oeo
F. Stevenson.
Bong.-Heleeted: Mr. Hardy.
Piano Solo:   Miss Wright.
Reading.—"Stove Pipo Hole": Mr
Hong.-"To Ho Little Olrl" Archie
Hong.-"When we're tngather" Miss
Song.—"Beauty's Ryes" Mr. Oeo.
F. Stevenson.
Song.—"Under the Deoda's " Mrs.
Oeo. F. Stevenson.
Song, accompanied by banjo: Mr.
A vote of thanks was tendered to
Mra. Oeo. F. Stevenson, and Mr. B.
Blwell, who accompanied most of the
singers wltb the piano.
It Is with deep regret tha: we have
to chronicle tha death ol Mr. Fred H
Fred. Hmall wns well and lavora-
bly known In Oranbruhk. He waa tbe
sun ol Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Small ol
Vancouver, and a nephew of Mr. M.
II. Hmall nf this city.
Mr. Small's death was due to heart
lallure, having heen conllned tn his
home, he hns lingered along, hoping,
that hn would regain sufficient
Htrength, thnt ho might be able to
regain his health In a more salulirl
oils climate, but alas, the grim reaper, claimed him, on Saturday last.
Ills parents were wired the and tidings on Saturday night, and Mr. and
Mrs. Hmall, accompanied by his sister Miss Josephine, and his brother
Mr, Sidney Hmall, arrived on Monday Irom Vancouver.
The funeral took place on Monday
alternoon, under tho directions ol
undertaker W, R, Beatty, the Kev,
0, 0. Main officiating at ths church
and grave.
Tho casket was covered with dowers, gilts of love and respect Irom
many friends.
Among the most beautiful of these
flowers, was a large pillow from a
number of his friends at the Oosmo-
I olitan hotel. Wreaths from Mr. nnd
Mrs. Dr. J. H. King; Mr. and Mrs.
A. 0, Ilowness, Mr. and Mrs. J. A,
Murrav: Mr. and Mrs, Oeo. Hoggarth
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hall; Harry Bar-
Isto; Mrs. H. Rohlchaud, Mr. 0. Pid-
genn, and Mr. Percy Chapman.
The funeral procession was ono ot
the largest ever seen in Oranbrook,
The pull hearers were: Messrs. B,
Davis; S. Morris; R, Nalfe; F. Murphy; 0. McBachorn and J. Kennedy.
The deceased was extremely popular, and hnd a large circle of friends
and acquaintances, who very openly
expressed their grief and regret at
his unexpected and untimely demise.
Fred. Small, since his boyhood
days was very partial to horses, snd
was one of the most successful Jockeys in the Northwest. He rode the
winning mount at the "Derby" at
Calgary, and had the record for the
fastest mile at Vancouver-
Mr. and Mrs.  Wm.  Small,  parents
f the deceased, were formerly residents of Oranbrook, having came
here during the early days of tbe
construction of the Crow's Nest line.
They left on Wedneedry for their
home in Vancouver, accompanied by
their son and daughter.
At the Edison Tnaatre
Tonight at tbe Edison Theatre, the
Messrs. Baldwin Bros, have been fortunate in securing a reel of u'.iiis lor
their patrons that should be a delight to all those who are interested
in the future of the British Bmpire.
Had such a plot not been discovered
and had the navy not bad such r en as
Lieutenant Robs, tbe plot to blow up
the ship at the naval maneuvers containing their Majesties, during the
coronation festivities, the whole future of the British Umpire might possibly have been changed.
The films that will be presented Is
a British naval picture, and will
show how Lieutenant Ross unearths
the plot that was intended to do a
most dastardly piece of work.
Besides this picture there are others that will cause the tears to flow
down vour cheek in laughter; and
then there Is always the Interesting
World's happenings and the latest
fashions of tomorrow from Paris.
Ths attendance should be large as
tbese features are putting the Baldwin's to a considerable expense and
their Idea Ib to give the people some
thing that they perhaps only expect
to see In the largest cities.
Railway must pay
Nelson, Fob,93,—The special jury,
ti the forest iin* controversy between
lho King Lumber Oo,, vs 0, p, it
'turned u verdict in favor „f the
|iing company, The Jury llml that
lie Q,P,R, wns negligent in fulling tu
falntaln n clean right ul way nnd In
illlug to attend to the lire which
|iih reported by its sorvants, tlm
iry also found that the railway did
it take reasonable precautions lu
'event tin, tlrn spreading beyond the
Ight ol way...
JThe amount ot the damages to ho
,i,l tu the plaintiffs has yet to bo
Baptist Church
Morning Worship—11.00. Huhlect-
"Tbe Gospel of Christ, the Supreme
Bxhibitlon of Divine Power."
Sunday School—3.00 p. m.
Evening    Worship—7:30.   Subject.
"An Abundant Provision lor    Bvery
Need ol Yours."
A cordial welcome ia extended to
Tbe Pastor, Rev. O. B. Kendall,
will conduct tbe services of the day.
Two hundred families, from a Jewish colony in the prairies will come
to British Columbia this spring and
settle In the Whatshan valley.
5000 facts about Canada
The 1912 Edition of that popular
and Indispensable booklet, "5000
facts about Canada", compiled by
Frank Yeigh, the widely known wrl
ter and lecturer, and author ol
"Through the Heart nf Canada," is
now out and replete with new matter
including an outline map of Cnnada,
a calender and the new census figures.
In compact form Is found a wealth of
facts and figures ot the Dominion that
will prove a revelation ol our natural resources and growth. The mass
of Infnrmation, gathered with Infinite pnins, should be In tho hnnds ot
every Intelligent f'nnadlan, and the
wide sale and popularity of the publication is easilv undercook, Copies
mav he had for 2f, rents Irom the Canadian Facts Publishing Co., €67 Hpa-
dlna Ave, Toronto.
Premier   McBride's Railway Programme
Government will purchase and open up for settlement Rich
Railway Lands of Southern British Columbia
Victoria, Feb . 20.—Premier Mc-
Brlde'a railway policy was brought
down in the Provincial Legislature j
today. It involves the expenditure
Is the Province of approximately |
310.000,000. It provides for the con ,
Btrtiction of the following lines:        [
The Kettle River Valley from Cold-
water Junction to Hope, 5C miles.
The Canadlau Northern Pacific Irom
Kamloops to Kelowna hy way ol'
Grand Prairie, Armstrong, and Vernon, with a branch to Lumhy, 145
The Pacific and Great Eastern railway from Howe Sound to Fort
George, by way of Pemberton Meadows, 450 miles.
The Canadian Northern Pacific, au
extension of its lines on Vancouver
Island, 150 miles.
O. P. R. TAKES OVER K. at H.
The government has Induced the Canadian Pacific to take over from the
Great Northern the Kaslo A Slncan
railway which is tn he standardized
and operated as a part ol the C.P.R.
system. The standardization ol this
railway nil) cost $400,000 towards
which amount the province will give
3100,000 and thereby will save the
cost ol a waeon rnad which would he
In excess of thnt sum. This matter
was provided fnr In the legislation
which was brought down in the house
All the railroad construction provided for in the government's policy
must be commenced within nix
months from this date and must be
completed hy July, 1915.
The whole program provides for the
construction of 795 miles. The assis
tanee tn the Kettle Valley line will
by a cash grant nf 310,000 a mile, In-
vnlvlng approximately 1500,000. Thla
railway begins at Midway and ascends the Kettle river to the mouth
of the west fork and follows that
stream to Garml. It then taken a
northwester!? direction in order to
ascend tbe summit lying east of ()k-
enaenn lake which it surmounts at a
ro(nt between Kelowna and Narania-
ta. It then runs down tho lake to the
outlet at I1' ntleton where It. crosses
the Okanswn river and then extends
northward* ,,n the west, side of thn
lake to Hnii'inerland
Thence it will go westward and
southward to Princeton at the Junction ol the Himllkameen and Tula
meen to the mouth ol Otta creek to
Aapen Grove, thence westerly to Cold
water, theme down the Cnldwater to
Merrltt where It will meet the rails
of the Nicola branch of the C.P.R,
from Hpenres Rrldgo. The new portion of the line will begin nt the
point where the road now under con-
atntctlon reacheu the Coldwater and
will extend In a southerly direction
tn ,lts head and thence cross the divide to the lu>a I waters of the I'mwa-
hal'n nnd follow the latter to Hope
at or near which point the Feasor
will be hridgied. Ths province will
give $200,000 towards tho construction   of tht bridge   whlcb  Is   to bs
provided     with » deck for   highway
The Canadian Northern Pacific's
new line will .'cave ita main line
where it comes down the North Thompson nnd will run a little to the
south ol east, lollowlng the general
line ol the present highway road,
crossing the Hhuswap and Okanagan
at or near Armstrong, thence southerly to Vernon and thence, still in a
southorty direction, on the border ol
Long Lake nnd Irom that lake across
a low summit to Kelowna. The distance from Kamloops to Kelowna Is
129 miles.
From Vernon a line will extend
eastward a distance of 16 miles to
Lumhy passing through the Coldstream ranch. This railway will he
assisted by a guarantee ol bonds to
the extent ol $35,000 per mile on the
same terms as the other guarantee
to the same company.
The line from the head ot Howe
Sound to Fort George will be built
by a company to be known as tbe
Pacific Great Eastern Co., In which
the contracting firm of Foley, Welch
& Stewart are the chief members. It
will receive aid similar to /that given
lo the Canadian Northern Pacific. It
will give Vancouver connection with
Fort George and will be approximately 450 miles in length. Ita location
nf mute Is as yet Indefinite. It will
be leased to the G.T.P. which will
also have the optinn nf purchase.
The plans nf the Canadian Northern
Pacific on Vancnuver island embraces construction from Victoria to
Hardy Bay on the Northeast coast.
This line for which the building of
150 miles is provided, will go from
Victoria tn Franklin Cleek on the
Albernl canal, thence by way of Albernl diagonally across tbe Island to
Comox to which point construction
is guaranteed hy the present policy.
The aid to he given hy the govern
ment will he a bond guarantees at
the rate nt $35,000 per mile. This
line will give access to Strathcona
Other matters are dealt with hy the
measures Introduced by the premier
The E. tb N. Railway company enn
stints to the taxation of Its Inng
grant. This was made free of taxation hy Ihe legislation of IHK4 which
grnnted It to tho Dominion for rail
way purposes. The land will hereat
tor he subject to taxation at the rate
of 1 | cunts per acre, which will
yield a revenue nl approximately
IIH.OOO. The Canadian Pacific agrees
to pay the province the sum of $8X7,
000, being thn earnings ol the Shu
swap & okaniiran railway over nnd
above operating expennna which
go to offset the interest charges
which thn province ban had to meet
upon the hondod Indebtednoss of the
The province also Is to repurchase
tho unsold portions of the II 0,
Southern and Columbia & Western
land grants niter tbe company has
selected therefrom nn area of 500,0011
acres as a reserve for railway ties
and io pay the company therefor a
sum ol 40 cents per acre. This will
Involve a payment of $1,000,(101). The
purchase will remove ail existing and
future difficulties that have arisen m
are likely to ariae over pre-emptions
land purchases and mineral claims
adjacent, to these lands anil will re
store to the province the ownership
of an extensive aren, mnny parts of
which are likely to become valuable
for minerals now thnt. the develop
ment of the whole southern portion
of tbe province may be stimulated.
Legislation Is also provided authorizing the lease of the Bsqulmalt &
Nanaimo rallwny which now owns Its
capital stock, aftor which the railway
will be operated Bs the Island dlvls
Ion of the C.P.R. This company
agrees lorthwith to extend Its line
from a point on the Alberni exten
sion near Parksville to Comox, a distance of between 40 and 50 miles.
This legislation which was Introduced by special message today comprts-
six bills all of which passed their
first reading. They will come up for
second reading tomorrow.
The Howes Hound and Northern
railway which it Is said will he absorbed by Foley i Stewart in the announcement of the provincial rallwBy
policy, at Victoria today, is a Van
couver enterprise, having ten miles of
main line and five miles of branches
in operation, the latter tapping the
lumber camps. Construction and
equipment to date has cost $750,000
The president Is .1 C. Keith, a mil
lionaire; vice-president, A. E. Mc
Bvoy, former city solicitor; director:
J. C. Gill, W. L. C.ermnine, E. A
Cleveland, C.E. They obtained their
provincial charter In 1907, from thi
head of Howe Sound to Llllooet nn
the Eraser a distance of 12,1 miles
The same Interests, two years later
under the name ol the British Coltim
Central railway were granted author
Ity to build from Llllooet to Fort
Ho far as the line has heen located
from Newport, at the head ol Howe
Hound, to Llllooet. the work being
cumulated last apring nnd plans were
died at Victoria The company own
the townsite of Newport, expected to
heroine a great grain shipping port;
also ii,.mm acrea of thn oholcsst land
In the Pemberton meadows, where
another townsite it, already Imd out
Llllooet la expected to reap grent
benefit. Its reHtuircoH nre lumbering,
agriculture and mining. North Van
couver is the terminus
The Fort George line is rSjolClng
at being officially placed on the rail
way ninp today, The short line from
coast, to Kootenav nnd other announcements regarding southern Hrltl-di
Coliitnbln, were received with great
satisfaction at Vancouver.
Cranbrook Chinamen will
(Monday Fob. DO,)
The nln,In oi rilltiuluiui  will  he III
Isilve clothing un Monday evening,
lieu local Chinamen will celebrate
ii> llliliiguriitloli ot the lien OutnoBO
public, Thev are arranging for u
|rics ,,f addresses, in winch gavoral
r loading citizens will tnko pari
|te moiitlugH utll he held un Van
iirnn Btl'OOt near the C.P.R. sheila,
d large ntinntitlos ol firework will
lett „il ni night.   The local band
11   tllSCOIirSO   patriotic   Chinese   uiel
... ., nnd the stores in Chinatown
|lll be decorated with tho new Ohl-
'se color,  together     with arches of
■ergreeu  and  bunting   built    across
10 streets.
A special dlsponsatlon has heen
ranted to tiie alien Chinese for this
inrtietilar occasion.
Country Girl Finances
Mr. I).    J.    McSweyn,     secretary*
reasurer of the Cranbrook  Operatic
oclety, lias   issued    the     following
tntonumt uf     receipts ami expenditures In ennnectlun with tho society's
recent    pruductiun    of the "Country
Brought   forward   from 1911 ...»   ,15
Advertising Programmes       xs.on
Performance, first night  c ;i22.5c
Performance, second night  378,0(1
Hank of Commerce, overdraft    91.24
Total $H79.8'.i
Debt to Hank from "Geisha" I 90.10
Itoyalty for production   1SW.00
Music and dialogues   Su.nu
(loo.  I).  Ingram, services    .... 100.00
Advertising,   Prospector         16.01'
Advertising,   Herald   20,oi>
Printing   programmes       50.00
Rent of Auditorium    85.00
Hill  posters      15.00
Hull rental,    Masonic   15.00
Hnii rental,   Orange     7.r,ii
Hall rental,   Y.M.C.A   10.00
Painting    scenery,   Meunie   02.00
Drayage and  atorage,  Worden 10.Or
Making costumos Mrs Ingram 25.00
Material costumos,  MoOreery 29.09
Material  costumes,   llalsall   ... 10X0
Material costumes, Fink's   20.DC
Keffectur, Patmore Bros 85
.Stage settings, linker and  Han
field           5.00
Flowers, etc., Campbell and
Manning          8.5U
Costumes from Mrs Mneabar .. 65.06
Balance , n scores "Country
Olrl."     35.00
Total $879.89
Ab will lie seen from the above the
Society still owo $91.24; nnd In order
to liquidate this debt the committee
I'ave arranged to give a ball at the
Auditorium on Wednesday the 17th.
of April
Women's Institute
The Women's Institute social held
last week was a distinct success in
■very way possible. S„ far as the so-
"ial end nf the mcetinc nothing what
ever could have heen done to better
ihe good feeling that existed through
out, It ".'as perfect, and proved c
■neans of drawing together the members as welt as numoroils friends in
>t way that will he lasting; at the
same time it showed to many of tht
viHiting friends the    snirit that pre
ails aninng the members of the In
titnte. The dialogue that was giv
■n hy the Institute's executive clear
W went to show tb-.t the members
are all qualified cooks and capable
i-n'ise-kcepers, the fun thnt was cans
-mi through the question "Why Mrs
'Inskill did not engage  a cook?"  be
nr askel    will Inn'     remain in the
nlnds of those present/
The I'-ti/itii-'nl end of the social was
a'so a distinct success netting for
the In-titnte about $75, this Is the
estimated amount after the necessary
sinenses have boon paid and will of
(♦self he n hie, help in the future
needs, of the work in hand
Th" programme rendered during the
nven'ng was
Miss I    Kinnl't. a song.
miss k. Connolly, ,. sung
Mr   Dlxnn, of St   Marl's Prairie, en-'
Mr. Hen,  Ingram,  n song
Miss N, l^nmnn. a recltntton
Master Willie Lenronn
innrtette  hy  the  Itiickleft   Co.
Cornet solo bv  Mr.  Sims
After th,. entertainment n social
dance was eninyed, making n good
flne'le tn a mosl cultivable evening,
nntl lite wishes are ninny that, the
ladles will soon see tbdr way clear
to have another such evening.
No:   8
The Bachelor Girl's Dance
When ihe llachelur Girls sent uut
their Invitations to various young
people for their dunce different ones
had i|iilie u laugh ami looked upon
the whole thing as s tiugh pku nud
anticipated having a bushel of fun
with tb" young ladies
Tile Invitations were sent lu Uie
form ut a poem, and there is great
praise coming to MIhs Delia Dnun-
mniid, tlic authoress, for the originality displayed.; It reads as follows
Our  I,,-up  Year  Dance is at nlae
u'cloch sharp
Bring a young man and    wear a red
Make him he ready at half after
And say you'll lie prompt at the garden gate.
Sli,mid he act  like a dunce.
Treat him tn a glusa of Punch,
Have the ilrst dance snd let him
run m
Bul  tell him you'll    find   lilni    when
it's time to gu hi,me
The dime,, wns held in the idaton'a
hnll last  Mnn,lay,    tho     ball     lielng
beautifully     docorated,   the   '.mpiro
Electric Co., furnishing tiie electrical
decorations, gratis. Tho Indies are
grateful to Mr, Maurice Qualn f„r tha
sorvlcos sn kindly given.
During the evening tbo ladies re
versed (lie usual custom of railing
lor tiie gentlemen to take the lead In
everything, but took the lead themselves, and the gentlemen hud to take
a buck  Heat, for once truly carrying
out tl inln idea of a "A Genuine
Leap Yenr Dance." Several times as
tho music struck up, the gentlemen
were Heen to make u half rise from
their seats iiefnre they recollected
themselves, nnd hnd to sit down and
wnlt to lie nskml. much to the amuas-
ment of the ladles. However, the
Indies, right royally did their duty,
and the wny that Miss Delia Drum
ni,>nd ncted ns floor manager, assisted by MIhs Van Hlyke, reflected
grent credit upon their knowledge ol
whnt wna required of them.
Mr, IV McCreery was clearly the
"llelle of the. Ball" with Archie
Leltch running hint a good second.
The "Moonlight Dance" and the
"Parasol Dance" will he long remem-
liered ns the original creations ol the
Bachelor Girls and thore Is no doubt
hut that they wore the best two
dances ever enjoyed In Craabrook.
All during the evening fruit pnncb
waa served to everyone by Mies Fran-
nrmnmond and Miss Delia
The  following  ladles  acted  as  patronesses:
Mrs    A.   1,.   Mrllormot.
Mrs   G. Miller.
Mrs. Q,  Erlckson.
Mrs. G. H. Thompson
Mrs. D. Burton
Mrs. W. Cameron.
Mrs. (1. Hogarth.
Mrs. T. Drummond.
The  following     were the Jaeholor
Girl's Committee:
Miss Delia Drummond
MIsb Anna Beattie.
MIsb Elfreda Drummoad.
MiHH Paterson.
Misa Josephine Havili.
Miss Ella Keith.
Miss Gladys Gasklll.
MiBs Gertie IsiBarge.
Miss Rose Gasklll.
Miss Elsie Van Slyke.
Miss Margaret Kennedy.
MIsb Annn Burton.
Miss Marlon Patterson.
E   Van Slyke, Secretary.
Knights of Pythias Ball
Last Friday evening Crescent .bodge
iVo. 38, Knights ot Pyth.aa, held a
ball io connection with the 49th anniversary of their ord«r, in the Auditorium.
There was n large attendance and
it waa considered to be the beat ball
ever held In Cranhrook.
The music was furnished by the
tiiierard Orchestra.
The hall was beautifully decorated
festoons and hunting and what wm
considered to he a new departure all
Around the room there were hunt;
several inrpe mirrors so that when
the dancers were swinging to the
music they could catch a glimpse of
themselves and others in their en-
Commencing at 'i o'etoeh the music
played on without practically a
break   until  the early hours  of     the
morning. Supper had been previous
ty provided in the K. of P Hall, and
thnt RUpper, It wiih „ treat to seethe
participants take their repast, It
went to pmve more than anything
else the fart, that they had enjoyed
themselvof. in the dance hall aeross
the way,
London, Feb. Ti. It has practically been arranged that Premier As*
ijulth will introduce Uie homo rule
bill In thu House of Commons In
March. rur. fJKUarcurvJtt, i;iianhiiuihv, i-hitihh. dolumhia
i hihiihiihhhisjhI'sjumsjimiiiiuihih. miiht«miitmiitaaa«timi»m>mi>i-iiii>»imiiiiiiihi*iii'ieiaisiaiaii*»-iniiiiiiiinaa<'Saia<««iMiiiiinti
These Three "Ours" Create Fine Art Printing
Your Printing is a Sure Index to the Quality of Your Merchandise.
Your Letter Paper, Statements, Business Cards and Envelopes, when
done  by the  Prospector Office  are GUARANTEED QUALITY.
What the Clothes is to the Man   —  Printing is to Your Commercial
The Slogan Contest is interesting the Public.      Send  in  as
many suggestions as you like — the More, the Merrier.
Each Suggestion must appear on this Coupon.
Contest Editor,     "PROSPECTOR", -
Please enter the following slogan in your contest rinsing date March 31st,   1912
, Bile Pink $nd d&id Trimmed!
LI.NKX, in flno nml conrso weaves nml in nil
the colors nf the rainbow, is n fabric of
which wi* never grow tiri'il anil which combines practical features with modish effects to such
nn extent thnt tho use of it is always sensible.
Since this fabric is so generously suppliod with
good qualities, it is not surprising to Una thnt linen,
frocks nro being shown that nro suitable for all
occasions, In simple llttlo morning drosses, in
elaborate afternoon frocks nnd in j, 11 types of suits
it is tbt' material pur excellence.
A combination of deep-blue linen with a
brighter blue brniil und net is shown iu the morning
ilros. The kimono blouse Is trimmed
Willi ii plastron of braid and buttons nt
the front, nnd tlio lower part of each
sleeve is of coarse net cilgeil with bunds
of linen. \ pierrot rutHo of net finishes (lie top. Tlic skirt is
a plain, gored pattern with
a deep hem effect.
*   l>   ..;*<,';•■
rtn Outing tSuif-
TA*Jr\       n .,    .   -
I    off
fr**y-r..>:    #^y
ag^s*ii',j*s*s i„ u.-.
Heads und Iriph lace trim the white linen dress for
nf tor noon woor. Thoro is a iunh waist line, nbovo u-lii't
In co Jh ao t in points. A do u bio row of oroohotod button"
trims? tho front, nnd n simple running design is workod ou
tho top in white poroolaln boodB. A stitched, slashod tuni«
is piked ever the elaborately headed and ombroidorod undo**-
skirt,   Cargo Inoo motifs nre Bonttorod over tho lower part.
F'ir nn nltraelive pluin-tniloreil suit the blftck-Qlld1
whltti ono in recommended to your notloo. The jm-kei i*
short, nml tit Ihe undertinn seams there nre LrlungU.8*"
InsotB of Btripod Hnon trimmed will ponrl buttons. I
brond "elinwl" collar of Btripod linen i* usod. nnd the coa*
is tied togotlior by n soft blnolj, ribbon. The troatinonl of
strlpos i,s ropontod on tlio skirt.
For occasions when tho tailored suit i* not oppropri*
f.to the pale-pink Hnon suit is suggested.   The shorl jnckot
is trimmed with deep-pink braid nnd edged with white ball
fringe   A mllltnry offect is suggested by tho
braid omnmontntlon. Motifs in white and pink
nre used on tho circular skirl at the bottom*
Kyoto! ouibrotdory is the main trimming
en the llght-bluo linen nftorn i frock.   Tho
yoke is of oireulor strips workod in oyolol  and
RJj/0 tho cmbroldory, design extends over tho sloevca
** (iml in points ut the front,    Bluo emmiel but
tons nre used to decorate tho fronl and tho
sleeves nml a narrow 1 »• ■ 11 is edged with linen
cording. This modol i.s effective in black-and-
white or in two shinies of any color. Tho oyo-
Jet work is so simple Ihnt you enn apply it iu
a very short time.
Another modol is very ehihornte in its
trimming of heavy braided net bands find its
motifs of durk braid, ll ts of eon] buff linen
nnd the loco is dyed to match. A Bqunrc-cut
top is odged wilh loco mul mi oxtonded bIiouI*
der tine is doflnod hy bands of lace. This bo mo
net m used on the underarm seuui of the blouse
uud exleiuls on the skirt below tbo bolt.    Braid
in u deeper yellow is worked in a conventional
design ou the bodico and tunlo.
J.nst in n couvinclng alliance of linen and
homBtitched vollo,  Tho skirl is cut with a high
line that gives a blboffcct A pane] at the front
r-. is trimmed with buttons ai tho knees.   The
df\ bodico in built on tlio favorite pcasant-blousa
\\f pattern, each tuck being hemstitched.   White
Wri/       braid nud buttons form the trimming.
r   / He wise ami ehooBO in time.
Elaborate /brJ>ressu
sUl   ■
: m
-n^H^Rfl^fUlium, Ifftrai.
• . lit
Linen jnd Hemstitched Voile.
\for Afternoon ©he IJvospectov. Olvmilivoolt, t-. (C
t-ubiUbvJ li.v-.-i*, 8t.tuiiiuy   Mum ing at Cranbrouk, be
K. M. c'liumiKU, Manager.
A. B. OrftPSj    Rditor.
Subscription rate, it paid in advance,   fi.Mi.
Hubncript.ou ratt\  it charged ou bonks,   $2.no.
Postage, in Amort can i EOuropsan and other foreign countries,   60 seats  a
year  eitra.
\1)\'Kt.TlSKMKNTS -Ailviirtlfling  rates furuiahad on application.     Nd
advertisements but those ui a reputable character will be aocepred   ro**
ADVBRTIBKRS and BUU80RIBBRS—Unless notice to the contrary
Ih given tu loi'tti uimiitKi'i' advertise men ts and subscriptions will )<•* kui>t
running nml charged Up against their aeoouut.
i -j@£&fa>
18th Year
We received a communication una
week ui respect to slot machines that
are placed In dtflerenl places around
town, which was signed "Pair Play"
and without uny othor signature.
Evidently the writer desired to disguise his Identity, and to Impose on
the management ol this paper, There
are two distinct handwritings m this
letter, We, most emphatically, want
ii understood, that ull communlea
t ions received ul thi* oftles lor publication, musl 11,iiiiiiii the signature
(if the write! (noi n i am ai II) lor
publication] but foi our own protso
tlon We are alwaj pleated to re*
eolve communicatii di on looal mat
ters, but In all cat o they rmtat be
signed bj the writer, otber wits it
will go into the waste papei banket,
• • * *
Did yon ever take a Jaunt up
through the alleyi ot tins beautiful
city? You i'uii tell more aba it the
Inhabitants ol a olty I y a trip
through th" back alts ye than   many
persons Imagine, Some of tin1 buck
yards are  neat  us  inns,   while  others
would put nu uiii brush leun* hog Loi
t.i shame, ffe nre glad to suy thai
the latter are few ninl tar between.
Hack yards rofloot the character ol
the owners, Sometimes the front
yard will in* bubbling over with flow
or beds and posies and the back yard
; will tie chiefly slop barrels, scrap
Iron, and brick bats, '*. ou enn guess
what king .«f people live there Home
times both front and baok ygi ds i oi
respond and are wrecks allks You
can east I) place thi dm nn - onto
times both fronl and bark sbo*s the
UtmoSl   cure   ninl   n'ti'iil.   n   tih'l    t   <
hard to tell which l| the Loans- Yo i
have na trouble In olaasMytng the
people wbo live hen U etthei the
(root or hack yard musl i»e mi ■■■ '■■'
friends, Let it be thi front om lion I
try to preseoi h )uew Ann 'roni
with a Mary \no took An U kei I
back yard is dangerous i «i ■ n mace
to g 1 health.
Home Circle Column
Evenirg Reveries—A Column Dedicated
Tired Mothers as  Thej   Join  the
Home Circle ;it Evening Tide
hts from the Editorial Pen
Tin- woman ih    the   heart   of   the     "Good Morning,"  with a   boortful
home.   If she in croBB, miserable and wish for blessings in the tune of its
dispirited, there will be little lid-and utterance, cheer     tbe heart of   faint
true happiness   within    Let Un   do and cheerful'ones, and softens manyl
her part, but let   ber refuse    to lo n hard spot that has plan* by inher ;
bor beyond her strength.   A wise ten-1 ttance or cultivation,  In the breasts
dor mother    is ut more   Importance of humanity.     Tin* love-ltght    thai
than anything i
young children,
train herself to
Important thini
i* in the wmlil tu
lm every mothei
wise neglect of Un
thnt she may bo to
her own tin* embodln
thy. hope, gentleness
horn mill love,
Lot ns take time i
The small cnlirtosics,
omit, because thoy >
some day look largoi
woalth which  « vi
for which wc struggle
nt   of    syntpa
chnrfty,  wis
I  tin
I till*
beams from the eye when one is
greoted by Biich words as "Good
night" lights many n weary spirit to
a chamber of rnst and peace and to
a laud of pleasant dreams.
• •  •  •
Man. like the fire, Ik apt to tor
ment  women hy going nut  at  night.
• •   •   •
Wc help uar children most wben we
help them to take an honoBt view of
themselves, and this we can never do
by Mattering their too easily (hitter
nl self conceit."
Be nolghborloy, he obliging, he kind
and courteous, and bhon when sorrow and sicknoHfl como you will havo
sympathy ami bolp
•  •  ■  •
Thoro mi' always a i'"'"i mnny poo
pie who keep thi' balance of tbe coin
niunity busy wondering how Uioy liv.*
ho well,
The social nolghbor is not always
the useful nolghbor, yot oncli in ber
placo hns special Influences ta exert
of equally bonoOcial conBequonceB.
Tho sympathetic* neighbor Ih also a
populai one, but she 1ms to oxerclse
continuous Lact losl  tin* solacing
Tin1 best way to keep thn hoys at
home in to make it an object for
tbem not. to go out to seek amuse*
moots, for these they will have. Every farm home   ought to tie made p. I aroint
Opportunities lor making it  buoooib
of poultry raising In the Mouth were
never better. Wi need mors men wbo
will grow poultry not the scrub
titork   that   wi*  now   nee adorning   the
barnyards of bo many boh them homey
buj tAPQy■g'.br I ani'WtTer poultr,
that will demand tin* belt prices, and
will always tlud a ri'iidy market, Wu
are buying     millions    of   dollars of
poultry produota from our northern
brothers each yoar nnd having tbem
shipped to us at fancy prloes,   why
not Just reverse this? Let's grow all
of the poultry that we need to eon
Burae and have some to ship out. We
have nn excellent opportunity lor do
ing this we hnve the soil, the elim-I
ate. the feed, ot we con grow it, tho
means, and tbe brains, so why not
iisi* thom
In iin' growing of poultry as in any ,
othor business thore are many draw >
hacks, and ll Is principally of those I
obstacles and how to over-come them
that we wish to speak in tins article,
To  itarl  right  In the poultry bust- j
ness spells mccess in mo*l Instnnoos j
To, start with poor methods, abr I
not . ted to tho purpose appliances
mid hntntes thnl do noi meal thi "'
lutrements, i\en tbo igh thej be si
pen Ive will isi allj remit In failure.
\ greal nu n il nl ' Ime, money aad
oppoi i olty it losl every year In
making mlstakoi nnd nfterwardi irv
ne, to rectify them wh eh means
more lo is of ' ime and money So
vt th" ' nnei shove everything
line endeni oi to stai'      ' I
In all ol the operations ol the farm
there Is muoh carelessness, bul we
believe that In no department is
there no much can ntss end inat
tentlon as In the growing of poultry.
This buslnest Is huilt ol little duties
and attention to the dally need ot
the itoci    Cai plessness and    nut ten
• n to these details nnd duties will
i work  out   ffl'lurt'
When only n lew chicks nre bo be
frown «nd the ranee is spacious the
need of care will he lessened nnd
tbls number will •mmehow look -jut
for themselves, hut where the number'
ol chickens go nto the hundreds aad
the ranee Is limited it needs our constant attention and care to bring the
rhiens to ' ropi ■ n aturlty
Th*1     feeding     iiuestlon    Is     little
thou -k*' of    ml   nevertheless   Is very
Important    Chlckn should be fed regularly:  *he rations should lie properly compounded giving all 'be e«sen- |
tial nutrient*,     \ few    days of lm-
proper feeding will knock ofl the in
tir<» profit that has hem made nn the j
stock during the whole year. Nothing i
should he trusted to luck, we should
kn<iw exactly what the birds demand,
and supply it in n way   that     tbey;
may   got   the  most   out of   it.        Tbey
should be given constantly, grit, wa-j
ter. scraps,    a Hiireulent  food,    dust!
baths and  other essentials for     the
comfort, of the young stock.
Mnny breeders tnke care to bring!
up a good flock of birds and then
leave th.*m to thf merry of invading
•"od«,nt'' nnd other vermin. Wo should
go though every h-mse nt night, see
that every bird is is all richt and
comfortably situated; all doors and
windows which hnve not been screened should br closed, but let the buildings be well ventilated.
!)o not trust to   the   wire     fence
the house; many of the     in-
*+,|,.H ^«H * H * H ^r H *-H*   iil^iiiiiHiiH.iitiH^iW'l^
Everybody is Talking
Spring Clothes
Everything nice nnd bright
outside makes you feci likewise.
We notice this is so in our business
We   art'   showing   nice
New   Natty
in   all   the   smart   styles   and   the
newest patterns.
New   Shoes
iu all the new toes and in all
The Latest in Hats
all new Spring Styles in
all colors *
But the same  old welcome   to   you
all.     Come in and let us show you.
l.H.*jh.*.H„W"M--I-M + M -I •!**.* M l-M -M*H
.H'-M"M»l»M»t-   +*H*++*M^+++*M*W*44*-W*+
ery heaven on earth to Its Inmates. 1 truders   will dig under   or gain   en-
•  ■   •   * I trance by different methods, so do ev-
A  cheerful     eountennnce  is a duty erythlng in yonr     power for   preven
we owe to    our neighbors     and how I tlon.
Hindi more is it necessary in the Another cause of much loss is the
home' Our friends can got out of unbusinesslike methods applied. An
our way if we are not good compon- account of all expenditures nnd in
lons, but our family cannot, Tbey comes should he carefully kept. The
nre helpless victims, shut up in thej breeder should know nt all times just
same house with us. For the sake of 1 whnt his assets end liabilities are
tbe elders, for tbe sake of all human-land bow much gain or loss. By
Ity, let us cultivate a pleasant smile. I knowing this he enn plan to prevent
ccasinnally be overdone a hearty laugh, and ft habit of cheer-(this loss, or be   finds   out how    to
ftUcnco mny
or utilized nl untimely periods The
Inquisitive neighbor is always a
dread to evorybody within the reach
of her Inquisitive curiosity, ns she
does noi Rccm to Imve nnv intuitive
respect for others' feelings as regards
their dlvulgencc of persona) affairs
to nn outsider.
A step taken for mother Le a pearl
dropped  into  voir future diadem.
rtinke the business pay him the most.
Tt mny sound unreasonable, but there
are mnny poiiltrymen who claim to
he successful who could not, if you
obould ask them, tell you what their
feed post them last month or last
year; they could not tell how much
they made Inst year—in fnct, they
■ j know very little about the linanclal
>dde nf their business, Such a state
of itTnirs should not exist—tbe poul
*rymrn should know as much about
his business as tlic hanker, merchant,
or manufacturer,
M■ nv  failures     nre due directly to
Mnke  every   home  where  there    nre
boys,  ch terful,  comfortable  nnd    enjoyable.     Kemember   the   good   exam-
pie.taught us by     the best nf book:
Let home     s'tand  before nil    other   let us kill the "tatted calf"   for the
thtngsl   No matter how     hn-h  your  prodigals,   Then     they will not   fre^
ambition may transcend    its duties,  quebt  billiard and drinking saloons
no  mutter how  for  your talents   or  but wil! love and   enjoy   the  friend
your Influence may reach   beyond  Ita  ship of the fireside.
doors, before everything else build a •  •  •   •
true bom-''   Then from Its walls shall    " the tittle i blld gets a hunt]) or a | thp ,n(.k nf for#,8|eht Rtl(1 preparation.
come forth the true woman and   the fail or a   cut, or a    skinned finger, U*rQ man s-iHV1|,i make the mistake of
true mnn, who    shall    together rule   mother    will   say   "come     to   your
and hlcss the land     l< this i<n over'   mother    and let   her pet you,"    anil
wrought picture?   We think not What she wtU kiss    the humped beat   and
honor enn he  greatei   thnn   to found   wrap up the     hurt fintrer with a lew
such a home'1  What  dignity     higher   kind  words.   Then     the child  knows
than to retgn its undl puted mistress   yoo love it, and it will love you and
What  is tbe ability   •        eak  from a  always  respect   you.  and  when   years
have passed nnd gone and they *
grown  to  manhood and   komanbood
they       (Till   look   llftCB   to   tbeir     Child-
put.He platform to a srg ntelli
gent audiences or tba s Is It n that
may command j* eal n tl I re
benrh compare 1 to thai wh ch can
Insure nnd prei ide ovei r, true boms
thnt hushan' and children "i las nnl
eal) her bl i "'i' '   " the i itdlng
star, tbe t ills •  ipii It to   i n h a po    \
iltlon Is higbei    I  m    than  to rale
an empire
growing more birds than he has am-
•ile im '--r. anil vet this mistake
«s n common ° of failure It is
nn easy matter to take rare of live
or six hnndreh small chicks on a few
small lots, but as tbey crow to maturity these quarters will become en
tlrely too small.
Filth   will   begin   to  accumulate,    a
few dav-- or  weeks of rninv   wen ther
-LM happiest   days    of   VVl),  ,(ill(ill.   ftn(,     (hw,(|H1,  w|„ romr_
eausin * loss, nml   discouragement is
their   lives
A  word of comfort  kindly spoken,
Will many a moment rheer,
word of scorn  to     a heart  t.liat's
Will   ranee   grlel   foi    ii.hIiv   n   >* j*i
(.until of California
TIip  Klii.nl  Strain   Is  thr  World
a.id a two-cont -itamp i« all it will cost ynu
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thing thut is good in Seeds, Plants, Fruits,
implement.,. Bee .Supplies, 1'oultry Supplies,
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v   .   ■        nnd U't u. nml juiJk'- lm J-..KI-. if
Wi    '.., ■■    LWfllVS   tiilf   pSBM   "f   the   Int..I   sir,.)   |,..l
Inlrirtluciinni    ihe Conm of th*  Wholt   World   ind
f'lTV   V»ri<-tf   ■■   well   worth   IWtCB   the   [Tire   we   N.k
Viil'iiiMi'   I'rem limit   aim  tft<'i*i
i .,',     it.M.i  ntToril to mhia tha ii|i|H.rtnintr of nirum
l*hll    -     iSiVS to Olttl   »nti  for  1013
Durch & Hunter Seed Co., Limited,
Dept, 7*>  London, Ont. 13
Usually next on the programme To
avoid nil this the breeder must have
Bnoitgh   foresight   tO   mnke   the   proper
olnns, nnd nrepere enough room, or
nbout tm times as much when the
fowls ate grown as when lliey are a
few weeks old.
Another gronl mistake is made in
not keeping constantly in touch with
the current market prices for market
poultry By a careful study of market conditions, the pon I try man can
plnn to have bis stock ready for the
market, when Ihe prices are the highest, or be mav Hnd out that there are
other markets ha can get bosldes the
one near lion. Many tltnen where
prices advance, tbe grower holds his
stork, thinking it will go higher, and
while he is waiting the bottom drops
out of tbe market, and he loses
In the construction of new houses,
iq:iiH.i.ioj jo t-aui ouills .»i|i ''019 'stud
is often shown. In building your
houses, tnke time, study, plan, Investigate, and And out what sort of a
house will give the best results.
Count the cost before you build, anil
build n bouse that can be run in the
easiest possible way and save time
and labor for the attendant, Consider well Its loratlon, both for summer and winter. The chicks need
plenty of shnde during the summer,
but they must have much sunshine
during the winter to get the best
In feeding, much is often lost, he-
cause we try to economize in the
quantity and quality of food mted to
rear our poultry, AR it is not a matter nf how long it will take to feed
out a hag or two ot feed, but how
quickly we can make them eat nnd
digest it, for the quicker the right
sort of food gets into tbe digestive
system the quicker it. will come out
ns growth upon the bird, nnd the
quicker It can he changed for cash.
We should never buy damaged grain
or food for poultry because it may
be a few cents cheaper. It is false
economy. The real economy in tbe
feeding of poultry so as to ohtain
the best results in the shortest possible time for market poultry and
'or the production of eggs, is to buy
■ti" best grade of everything, and
• hrn to blend ft in the right proportions ao to ret out of it all the food
value it contains.
Let the grower always take the
nrocautlons. It is as important in
this business ns in any other and
much loss is due to the failure to
make the proper plans and allowan-
ees. There nre so mnny contingencies that cenHot be put down to take
place at nny given time thnt. all we
enn do is to be ready for them when
'hey come. Some morning it looks
tike rain, nnd precautions must be
taken to ret nil the chicks under
"belter a: soon as the ruin begins to
fall, if they are to let j^x nt nil thnt
day. Some mnn might he left, ready
to look after them Immediately.
More chickens are lost annually
throughout this com try on account
of the neglect  of taking the    proper
precautions   nRnmst   emergencies ol
nit kinds thnn anv other source.
We have attempted to point out a
few of the avenues of loss to the mnn
who begins to raise poultry, these
nn1 11 few. hut there are mnnv more
which it will he well worth while to
study carefully, In conclusion, let
me sav, if vou wish to succeed In
growing poultry, you must be in love
with the work, give it close nnd careful nt tent'on, use the breeds best
suited to your conditions nnd tnstes
nnd use good business Judgment In
nil of <*(l.ir operntIons,-rThe Industrious lien.
There is No Danger
From    Fire    Through    Bad   Wiring   If   Your
House Is Wired  By
The Empire Electric Co J
Phone 129 Opposite City  Hall Night Phone 215
CRANBROOK, B.C.     -     FKRNIE,   B.C. MEDICINE HAT, Alta   ±
Maurice Quain,    General Manager
+.H„f.M-*r+.M--1-I-+-M--M**!"M-+ *I"H"H"H I ll H II r ,
A little light
A woman went into a newspaper
office nnd WiShOd to advertise for her
husband who had disappeared, when
told thnt they charged two dollars
nil inch she went out, naylng It
would break her up at that, rnte as
her husband waa over su feet long.
"Twfts but a little light she bore,
While standing at   the open door,
A  little light, a feeble spurk,
Aud yet It shone out through .the
With cheerful  ray. and gleamed afar
As brightly as the Polar Htar.
"A little light, a gentle hint,
Tbat falls upon the page of print
May clear the Vision', and reveal
The    precious    treasures    doubts
And guide men to an open door,
Where tbey new regions   may ex
pi ore.
"A  httle light dispels the gloom
That   gathers    iu    the   shadowed
Where wniit. and sickness   find their
And night seems longor than the
And hearts with many troubles cope
And feebler glows    Ibe spark    of
"0, sore the    need  that some   must
While    Journeying    through    this
vale of woe''
Dismayed, dlsheartonod, gone astray,
Oatlght in the thickets by the wHy
Kor tack of just a little light
To gllldo  their    wandering   steps
"It mav he little we enn do
To help another, It Is true;
Hut. better Ih n Httle spnrk
Or kindness,    when   the   way   is
Than .on" should walk in paths   forbidden:
Kor lack of  light we might have
Tbe Local Sampson"—Appearances
nre deceptive, ft Ih not. slxe thnt
tells in feats of strength, as doubtless you are aware
House For Sale
Near School  House
I Iin house has Two Good Bedrooms, One Living Room, Kitchen,
Good Si/,(l I'juni'y and Cellar, and
is Electrically Wired Throughout.
There is also a front and back
veranda in < onnection,
$5110.00 Cash- Balance   to  suil   requirements of purchaser.
Enquire .it
Prospector   Office
I or write Box "M"
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ron SALB-Must bo udd nt gonu- prkH.0~/a   Ur.ci-»i«-al
Ino bargains, two Morrln up-lo-dnto, V^UlldgC   Illlopilal
upright plan'o'n,   Pari cash, balance |
can lie arralngetl,   These m-,' ai instruments.
amotion; b, poweux,   j
Oraabrook   Hlonm    Cleaning   Works!
Ollico. s tl j Phone 259 I'. O   Box 845
Milt ron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application aald debentures, the Bum <»i Three
Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars
($8115.00) for payment ol Interest, and
tbo sum ul one Hundred and Thirty
Six Dollars and fllsty-Two emu*.
(818B.B2) for payment of the debt due
upon the said debentures by a rate
sufficient therefore ou all the rateable
land ni Improvements or real prop
erty  in (be said Municipality
8, Hi shall be lawful for tho said
Municipal Council to re-purcbaBe any
of the Hind debentures upon such
torms hh may bs agreed upon with
the legal bolder oi holders thoreol
nr nny pari thoreol either al the
tune of sale hi any subsoquent time
or times, and all debentures so re
purehaBod shall forthwith he cancoll
•-1 and destroyed mul no ro Issue   of
debentures so  r ohaaod  shall    lie
iniide ui consoqiience of snob re pur
chase <
0, This Mv i.aw shall take oilect
on nml after the 26tb day of March,
in. This Mv t aw may bo cite I loi
nil purposes oh the "Cranbrook .Manual Training School Debenture fly-
I .n w ■"
Read ilie first, second and third
on the Iflth day of February,
Tank NOTIOH) that ib- above Is
a true copy nf thi) proposed By-Law
upon which the vote ol the Mumcl
polity will be taken nt the Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, on Wed-
li end ay, tho 6th day ol Maroh, 1812,
between the hours of " o'clock In the
morning (in o'clock H, m. local time)
nnd     7   o'clock     in     the      even IK'   ( 8
o'clock p, m. loonl tlmoi
Olork to tho Municipal Council,
Datod nt Crnnhrook this '-''Mb day
of  February,   l!M:V § ->t
Marysville Nnws (tarns
A nine tine ot the Maryavlllo Con*
servatlve Association wuh held in the
committee rooms on Tuesday Inst,
Those present  were    N    L.   Sawyer,
president, a Melior, P,  Handloy, W.
Doane, 0. Bird, N. w.     Burrtett, F
Bidder, I,. Mnnrtiem, Wm. Bidder, J.
Horman,  Huns  Lund,  ai.  Cray,   c>.
Hodgson, J. Miller, Ceo   Mowltt, ll
Hundley, B. I.iuidcen,     W, It.  White,
W.  B. White,  H,   Martin,  I..  Herch*
mer,  H.Wehb,  nnd    Geo,   .lames ner
The meeting wns callffll to order jfi
8:30 p,  m.(   First business was     the
reading of the minutes of Inst,  meet
intt, which were adopted as read.
It  w«s resolved thnt  George Mowitt, Provincial    Oonstnble be recommended   for  the    position   of    Deputy
Miainir  Recorder,   with  headquarters
nt Marysville.
Resolved  that    Geo.  .lames be rer-
m~mmmmm■*»■••••••••» ommenrled    for the    position of  fire
A By-Law to raise the sum of Wix the present ilclwnturc indebtedness of Warden fnr the Marysville District,
Thousand Five Hundred dollars tbe City of Cranbrook other than the for tbe coming season, which posi
($6,500,00) by debentures for tbe pur- indebtedness for works of local Im- "on he held last, year,
pose of erecting and (ur furnishing proveraent nnd for school purposes is Resolved that the Local Assocta
and procuring furniture nnd appara- Two Hundred and Seven Thousand tlon should hnve the power to roconv
tus for a Manual Training School for  Nine Hundred and Forty-Seven Dol-   mend to the Government Road  Sup-
Chatter and Chaff
i-i-i-i-H"i-:-i'i-i-:.'!-i-is.ii--.-i-|..|-M-i-: :-m-i--h--h-h~m»H"H
Earnest and Facetious     i     * DllSlbjlIlC
Thh Fink
Mercantile  Co.
B. C
By-Law   No    1Q2
the City ol Cranbrook
WHKKKAS the Board ol School
Trustees lor the City ol Oranbrook
baa prepared, mul on tin' 16th day of
February, 1912, laid before thi> Municipal Council of the City of Cranbrook, a detailed estimate ol the
mun required by the said Board tu
meet the extraordinary expense of
purchasing land for a site (or, and
erecting and furnishing and procuring
[umiture and apparatus for a Manual
Training School (or the City ol
Cranbrook, which Is Hn expense which
may 1* legally incurred by the Hoard
ol School Trustees for the City ol
AND WHERKAS the said Municipal Council ol tlic City of Oranbrook
has considered the said estimate and
by resolution passed on the lf,th dfty
ol February, 1912, finally rejected the
expenditure of the said sum for the
said purpose.
AND WHEREAS within thirty days
thereafter, namely, on tlic Kith day
ol February, 1912, the Mayor or the
Corporation ol the City of Oranbrook
received a written request from the
Secretary of the School Board asking the Council to pass in the manner prescribed hy section 124 of the
Municipal Act, a by-law authorizing
tbe proposed expenditure and If necessary the raising of the money's re
quired to defray the same upon the
credit ol the Mun'rlpnlity
AND WHEREAS lor tho purpose
aforesaid, It will bo necessary to borrow upon the eredll ol tho Municipality the sum of Six Thousand Flvo
Hundred dollars (•6,600.00.)
AND WHEREAS the amoi ,! the
whole'rateable lands ,,r Improvements
or real property of tbe said City.
according to the Last Revised Assessment Roll Is Seven Hundred anil
Forty-Two Thousand Seven Hundred
and Ten Dollars ((749,710.00) for
lands and Nine Hundred and Sixty
Nine Thousand Two Hundred and
Blghty Dollars (1900,1180.1)0) (or improvements, In all the sum ol One
Million Seven Hundred and Eleven
Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety
Dollars (11,711,090.00).
AND WHEREAS It will he requisite to raise annually by rate the sum
ol Four Hundred and Blxty-Ono Dol
lars and Sixty-Two cents ($41,1.62)
(or payment of the -mid debt and interest thereon
AND WHEREAS the Municipal Council has power to pass by-laws lor
contracting debts by borrowing nmn
ey or otherwise nnd for levying
rates for payment of such debts on
the rateable lands and improvements
or rntenble real property of the Municipality lor any purpose within the
jurisdiction of the Council; but the
aggregate of such debt*! except lor
works of local Improvement, and for
school purposes, shall not exceed
twenty per cent CO ner eenti of the
assessed value of Ihe Innds nnd improvements or the real property of
tho Municipality according to tho
I^ast Revised Assessment Roll
lars and Twenty.Nine cents ('207,947.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
Olty of Cranbrook In Council assembled, enacts as follows:
1. The said proposed expenditure
ol Six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($6,500.00) for purchasing land
for a site for and erecting and furnishing and procuring furniture and
apparatus (or a Manual Training
School is hereby authorized.
2. It shall and may bo lawful (or,,, r|ll|
the Mayor of the Corporation ol tho, flj"Vp   , ...
City <>( Cranbrook to   borrow   upon I crM|, .   ..
the credit of the said Corporation by t
way of  debentures hereinafter   men- i
tioned from any   person or persons,
erintendent,    who     the   association
thinks m,,st capable.for tbo local pu
sition as foreman.
Resolved  that  the  foil,,wine  appro
priations be asked for in the govern
ment estimntcs for tbe present  year.
$5,nno ,,n  wacon mad  between  Wy
elide and Marysville.
$1,000 ,,n Street improvements
"J5,000 .ui existina    lute    road    to
Meacliem's ranch.
j $6,000 for   a bridge across    tho   St.
'Mary's river at.  loot of    St.  Mary's
| Lake.
rade wagon road on smith
Mary's Lake to Whlteflsh
$1,000 on  trnils to south nnd west
forks, north of St. Mary's river.
,   , ,    , , *2,"f)"   'or bridges    over cast    and
body or bod.es corporate,  who   may ■ n()rt„ ,„,.„„   , st   „     ,, rf
be willing to advance th. same as   a|    „„,,,„„ tlwt  th(, mnlBry hr ,„
loan, a sum of money not exceeding
structed to write to the secretary of
the whole the sun. ol Six: Thous-, „,, mWet Assoclatlon, nM ,„„.
and Five Hundred Dollars (10,500.00)1^ „,„,,,,., Assoclatlo„ rrn„„lnon,|
and to cause all such sums so raise.! | thp   „„„..,,   ,.„,,„„„„„     „,„,    (nr „
or received to be paid into the hands   ____,    , .  . .„.; „„    . t  ,    .
. ,.    __ v..        .. _ i copy oi resolutions adopted ni ,. gen
of the Treasurer of the said Corpor-  „ , ..        ...
,, ...   '        era!  meeting of the executive
ation for the purpose and with    tbe I niatrlct
beet hereinbefore recited.
uf  tbe
Yahk News Items
:1. It .-hull he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
Dumber of debentures to he made, At the Yahk Lumber cam there wnu
executed nnd Issued for such sum or [held on tho Kith inst, m the dining-
'•urns as may he required for the pur-»room, a sacred service conducted by
nose and objects aforesaid, not ex-' Mr. Brown of Moyie. The service
ccedlng, however, the sum of Six I was woll attended and-enjoyed hy all.
Thousand Pfve Hundred Dollars [The lessons that Mr. Brown taught
($6,600,00) each of the said doben- ■ ,n his sermon were instructive und
heinr of the denomination    of Five (very appropriate to local conditions.
BlO   I.yfhiroe   played   the   VlO-
Ir*-. i.ythiroe sang! a solo, ft
hoped thnl these services
continued and that Mr.
iforo lorig will be able to
with US.
Hundrod    Dollars   (xr(nn.(tn>  nnd  all Miss Bei
such debentures shall he seated with j Iin und
tho   sonJ   of the   Oortmratfon   and)is to Ui>
signed  by tho Mayor thereof. [will    he
4, The naid debentures shall bear] Brown i
date the 18th day nf July, 1912, and j again he
shall he made payable within thirty
ctr» yfws rmm the said date in inw !     February Rod and Gun
fui money of Oflnndft, nt the ofllre of1
the City Clerk of the City of Crno
hiook in Oanhrool; aforesaid, which
•tald place of paymont sbnll he iieslg-
nated hy the said debentures, and
shall hnve attached to them coupons
for the payment of Inters • end the
signntures to the said ron
he   either   written,   •■tumped
or lithographed
■■wild n
" I Hyde.      (
j Canada,
' Canada,
Idh Conservatin" bt Knink
trmorly editor of Outdoor
i ilu* loading numl er in tho
issue of Rod and (inn in
tlbllsbod hy   W. .1. Taylor.
iu   may
i Limited, Woodstock, Ont. No sports-
j mnn Interested in tho preservation »f
this Important speclos of our wild
fowl shot Id fail to procure n copy of
the Kehr nry number ntid road tblfl
S. The xn*d debentures ahull hear|artlolta from lirst to last, a faatna-
Interest at the rate of Five Per Cent L|ng taj0 )8 t)inr which has been eon
ffi p.o.l per nnnum from the date \ intuited by Martin Hunter, tho well
thereof. Which Interest shall he Pay-htnown writer who spent forty years
able ahnuallv nt the onid ofllce "f I from 1808 to 1908 in the service of the
tho City f'lerk of the Olty of Cran- Hudson I'nv Oo. Tho story which Is
hrook In Oranbrook aforesaid, In law- entitled'"n Tragedy which doused
ftll money of Canada, on the 10thUj.Q siege of Fort ffllllco" dnnls wltb
dny of each JulV, In oach vear d«r- th(l pagj )irt nf „n omployeq of the
inu the currennv thereof, nnd It shall Company, hv which iho posslonfl of
ho expressed in said dnbentures and ti*e Minns wore inflamed and tho llvos
coupons to ho so payable i of ftl* i(| |(|l, f(„.t 8nrtanKorod, nnd tho
il. it. shall ho lawful for tho May- subsoquent diplomatic handling of
or of tho said Corporation to nego- the red men by tho Factor, Fox
tlate and sell tho mild dobenturos 6rhenrtns In prince Kdward Island, A
any of them nt, *int |o««"than ninety- j Holiday Trip |n the Mlloool lllstrlct
Pvo por cent ffir.) 0f Ihelr face value British Colombia; A Moose Hunt oi
nfter doduetin** all brokerage and the Preserve of the Bhawlnlgnn c\uh
commission charges incurred in the Quebec nnd other artldoB serve. ns In
snltt thereof. terostlng reminders of the respective
7.   Thore shall b« raised and levied  character ot   this Canadian    sports
I sat, one lonely winter's eve
Watching tin* embers glow
And gazing into tin* firelight,
Thought of "tbo long ago,"
Whilst a ptcture rose before me-
A  child   With   sunny   linn.
Bonding ncBfde n mothi > s knee,
Baj Ing bis evening prayer.
Then fast my winged    thoughts flew
Heedless of dragging years;
Ind th' child had grown to manhood
With nil its hopes and fears,
1 saw btra-, 'mid a mighty throng,
Speak up for Cod and Right
Willi clarion  voice,   umi    tbund'rous
His epos with ardour bright
I, M.-Wc havo rocotvod your MS,
nnd hire placed il aside. Wo have
no enthusiasm aKoul using it, nt pre
nont, but 't will be, wo think, llko
the seaside lobster, good at a pinch
P, Fltajohw M> dear follow, there
nro several "stump duties", "ur ol
thom is to lick it before putting it
on tho i nvolope, another is to on
close u stump fnr reply when writing
lo a husv editor ror information We
let you off this time,
it. .1. Wlsoboy:*—Human   nature   I
M»ver seen nt Its 'est, nt n free lunch
countor, which Is why the latter are
0 scarce out your wny, we presume.
Kotne oue who doesn't si^'ti his
name ask tbe question "Does college
education pay?" Mo, my friend, It
doesn't. It never docs. Trs the old
man thai  pays -every time.     '
Whnt a noblo piece, of workmanship
is the mind! The creator of emotion,
bhfl motor, aye tho very essence of
our lu ing; What eloquonce Hashes
from the eve, Hits on the brow, nml
trembles on the lips of innocence:
What infinite power lies In the grasp
of Thought: The eloquent preacher,
thn i?reet statesman, the inspired
writer   the thoughtful painter,   what
a mighty inllueuce they have hnd,
have now, and nre destined to have
upon the world, They have wandered
nto tho unknown fields of religion,]
science, language nnd life; they have,
spread before n wondering, nnd ad-1
miring world the choicest gems of I
truth, the glories of high art, nnd
the priceless treasures of mystic lore.
And the greatest thoughts of the
greatest minds nre not withheld, in
Chest brigfit days, from the lowest
und the meanest. The great hook of
nature bus heen opened and beautifully illustrated, ench (lower, and
tree, nnd seed, and stone, hns heme a living witness to Supreme
Wisdom.; nnd peasant nnd peer mny
nd Ihe hook easy nnd plensnnt read-
ng. But the master-minds of the
earth are continually opening up now
coins of thought, each richer and
nore valuable thnn the Inst. The
dormers or national and International progress are continual ly groping
n the darkness, and struggling to
throw the light of wisdom on the
wonders t hey know to be there; and
, their bumble brothem, press eag-
y aftor, anxious to participate in]
the benefits  bestowed.
A deep sense of the Importance of i
the disclosure I am about to make, '
•auses me to hold my pen as I write, j
n the whole course of my experience, be it on a race-course, at a,
discourse or In a concourse, have I
found It necessary to record such u
case of malignant persecution as that
which I am about to put before my :
sympathetic and my lady readers. If
am using my persuasive powers upon
fourteen hirsute appendages with the
object of Inducing them to unite
themselves into one creat nnl mighty
body, knonn in various countries ns
n moustache. There appears to be r.
diversity of opinion in the ranks. The
hairs nre equally divided inlo two
parties of seven, each tnking a side
for itself.    If a fifteenth would make
ts appearance, as a sort of casting
.•ote, all would so smoothly, ns 11
were. My life is becoming a burden
to mo- tbat '.s, the portion of life
which I set aside to growing n moustache. Fortunately the hairs nre
growing two deep, (would thnt I
might sny "too") anil after u rapid
calculation I find that on each side
there is one de trop, or one hnlr ov
er, playing gooseberry, like, i imve
not played the     irsme but. have been
nformed on good authority thnt
that throe play and one enjoy it
AND WHKRBAS  the aggregate of in each year during tho currency   of  man's publication.
Johnny n. Olad to seo your com
plosion In Improving so much ■ i. tin*
treatment wo proscribed. Ves, ost*
meal soap ts all rlirht, mt you
should use the ontmeal inside am!
the sonp out     Write again,
Kitty McCluro (Bolfnsl I Wo fear
you are a "fust bolle" i" require
such Informal ion ns you seek to
I,now The proper wny for n lady lo
hold n cigarette Is, in our opli < n.
at a distance, nnd the greater tho
distance the greater will be no lady.
Ho the m*' tipninc crusnde Im.s
comrricneH afresh The "outbreak"
niminst th" poor h-trd-worMmr wait
rrs, hcli-boyi nnd ehnmbor-malds wns
wholly uncanceled. The "drummers"
hnve    nPpnr»ntlv    become    "fed-nn"
with the hold up"  (plenty of "up*"
eh?) policy adopted In some of the
hotels. In this connection, however,
It is   worthy of   note that a   lar^c
percentage of the educated hold
workers nre strongly advorsu to the
tipping system and would linqucs
tlonahly welcome a substantial augmentation ,d wages so as in render
thom oni li elj indup, ndent of any
pecuniary acknowledgment of their
services from the guest. 11 is uu
doubtodly B fuel that ihe afore men I
tlonod class of hotel employees aro
so absurdly underpaid tbat they are
forced to rolj solely on the travel
Imir public generally und tourists
ospoolallj to bring their Inco i ■ i p
to u sum largo enough 'o enal! i tbem
io live respootahly. To bo habitually anticipating a "tin" ni iti ave a
more or less ileiuoinii.- Mi" II' T, i tl
the individuality ol tho ro dp ant nud
imve n tondencji to material!) Icfsoti
his or hoi self-respect a couple ol
j oars ii"". whon tho writor spent
, ome considerable i ime m ; n |ipa :, .
was much Impressed not * > cay disgusted with the Fawnlnu ' ml nl,
toadlngly, llek splttal -iriit uio uf
ihe ■-rent majority ol the hir*nnts
at the fashlonoblo hotol \ftlt nil
said nnd done, we are afraid it is -i
caso of tin* commercial trovollors
•uny como nud commercial ere ollors
may go, hut "tips" will contjn ib-
m   so  form- until  ihe     irack   of
Andrew FltenoodlO propounds the
the query "Whut is a Moulin Houge
SoUbrottO?" Andrew, you naught)
hoy, why do you desire this In forma
tlon? Dost thou not know that oi ly
the (spoclos suckeri seek the fjeotlng
smiles of these ravishing albeit dangerous dimpled divinities oh you
alliteration Take a trip to <i)iy Pa-
roo, sonny,—go nlom* and when you
return ia sadder hut. wiser manj yuu
will doubtless agree with us wlun we
say that u Moulin lioiige Soubmtto
i* merely a saucy loud-voiced, painted face, scrawnoy-neckod, peroxide
haired girlie (?), who habitually dons
very abbreviated frocks, wears floi-h
colored stockings and stylish I tench
heeled .shoes--spendIng ber time alternate] v between screaming vulgar
songs, drinking cocktails und mok
Ing cigarettes, wuh these ladles?,
it is the case of the Bhorter the skirt,
the longer the engagement. Keep
clear of them, yuu poor unsophisticated kid.
Gee .lay:—No, a burning question
cannot be extinguished by a Ure on
gino; but a burning questioner can
and if you come within lifty ynrdh
of tho "Prospector" Office wo will
see what can he done with our hose.
We are  glad   to note   the  revival   of
horse hack     riding.    It Ih a splendid
and  exhllaratlngly  boathful  exercise,
and each season finds a'material  in
crease in  tho devotees of equitation
—especially     the    youngor set.   The
fair   sex    appear   to   preponderate
among the youthful riders who graduate from   the   filastorn schools    of
equestrianism.     In     the vicinity   ot
Mount Royal (Montrealj. and Quocns
Park (Toronto), scores of fresh nun
L.iexioned  girls, attired  In  becoming I
habits    and   spin red-boots, are     to
be seen    -unattended   enjoying   tbelr I
morning gallop.   For tbo most part'
they are graceful and    daring equos*
triennes, handling their  mounts very;
skilfully.     Since   tbe    "armed-heel" j
came Into vogHO, however,    amongst
ladies   who  follow   the   hounds.      the
spur is fast  superseding the whip a**1
an   Instrument of   punishment.   This;
is rather unfortunate;  because    few !
lady-riders   know   how to   use   the I
"Hteel" fudlclously.   It  tins been sin*
pested  that   the spur enables n  lady
to subdue a   fractions    horse     more
readily than the use of the whip. Be
this ns it. may. the   spectacle   of   «
member of the   fnir and   gentler box
thrashing her steed is not particular
ly  edifying to the  senttmentally-humane.    Hidden  by her    riding-habit.
however, she  can easily     glvo    hor
mount n few decisive stabs with her
spurred-heels (goading the animal Into submission) without  In the loafl
offending tho delicate susceptibilities
of the S.P.C.A. adherents.   There's a
reason, ns the advt,  writer say.
A sentence of one years Imprison
ment together with a tine ol {200.00
was imposed on one ol those infernal
cocaine vendors ol Montreal recently.
All honor to Recorder Dupuls in toll
Ing drastic    men sn res    to    eradicate
this  hellish  evil.
Apropos tho story is golnc. tin
rounds to the olTeot thai n forBlgu
gentleman gave „ taxi drlvoi a iiv ■
cenl tip, which wm thrown al the
guesl with Bitch force ,(*• to break tho
gloss panel of tbe Hotol fronl dooi
throi rh which tie Imd |iirI passed; a
slmllal grnturlt) wa« tendere i n wgt
ter last week hv *| well to do real
estate man Tilt waltfll linn if l| I id
the Ihfl "gift" to his ponkol nnd said
smllinrly "thank rou, sir."   Ho hud
not  moved   hi"  n  fOW   pacOS  n ' ;:'   Ut
ton* the gentlemnn called him back
romarking ns follows. "Ray, waiter,
you nre the Lirst mnn thnl ever than
ked me for n nickel here's n ilollai
bill for yon." Thin little anecdote
would doubtless nolnl tn n moral,
were tt not ''u tho fact thai the
Walter's "thank vou, sir,"' ■j-as moan'
Humor hnfl     it   llml   the    InirPt I
llttlo device Invented by the Vlmr nl
Clavtrate,  for the nure     of 'inline
Will   he   SO'd   nt   the   ne*vs   stands       mi
hotel rotundas Wo bom* there Is
truth in the     rumor and thut    those
1    Fhe Germ-Killer  For
I     Floors and Carpels
J Full Barrell $7.25
f Half Barrells 4.00
Bulk 7c lb
l j. 1). McBride
I   (Iran brook, 11. <
Phone fi
I H-M III-1 ! •!• I-I-I-M-I- t-l-I-H- N-l-H-H.+
•,ll-M:i"ll-i I !lll-l-l-ll-l-|.   I-1 I-l-l-I l-l-l-l-l-l l-M-H-H-l-H-
I    A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norhun   V\c.    I
I Central   Meat
\       Market
f JUST   IN-
New Zealand
j (irass-fed
Creamery Butter
r All kinds of Fish
.I..H-I-M.I.|.|..H-|..|.■..|-|..|..|..i..H..|. |..H..|..1..n..|..|..|..,.|..|..|.|..H..H..H^T
•H-M-l ••!■ -I-M-M -l-M-H-l- !•!• I •+1-1-I I-I-H-! I- -t-M-i-H-H-H-****
' T
*G. DOWNING, Manafci
Under New Management
%+.|^..|..|..|. .|..|. |..|..n.|..|..|...-|..|..W.|   1+l+l-l-l+HH-l-H-l'fH
On Uaker stieet, our door west
ol Messrs. Mill & Co., the only
place in town ihai can nuke
life   worth   livni.;.
Cosmopolitan  HoteL
E. H, SMALL,   Manager.
f •,*<-•>;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦^♦^♦^♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦•ol
affllotwl with this dlBtreoifinx allmonl
..<n ;,(.,-.nlr Uminselves vvltb ths ap
pnratits nml thnn Insure tha poacetul
lumbem ol nuosts in adjoining rooms
!'.,:, 1 ly, in ths near future, some
• ntorprislnti hallway Company win
deem it ox pud I on I to Include the   de
it m 11 pui * "' tho Bloeplnu Cat
Porters oi|itlptnonl Thorn Is no (rain
saying ihe fori that ii would prove
n ei Ital Is boon nnd bios ilng to the
■ nsseuppTS, Upon bearing tho nnnnl
"snorts" and "grunl " omerglni
hun „ herth it would he the Porters
duty la 1 nn tin curtains gfntlj and
lullnsl the small metal attnclvmenl
to the pntlont's nostrils (taking care
n 1 to awoken tho sloopor) when
ni tural end easy hreathlnc would Im
1 Ilotoly     resuH nnd   silence   on00
naaln '''ii'ti supreme to the Inde
scrlhahle |oy ol tho other occupants
nl tho rur.
Because u thing is small in sUe
Think no) thut  you may scorn it
mi' insects have a larger waist
Hut hn las than the hornet
\i r i;     We have read the opening
lull    'if   your     story ami     Ban   k'"    '"'
further Vou say "the red hud wan
sinking behind tho western bills/1
Tins is uninteresting, if you had
■aid tin* tiiiic <uu was setting In the
oast, ni something "f that sort, we
ihould have been tempted to con tin
ue.   Vou lock originality, my friend,
,1111   will  u'*-..'i   be  11  really   BUCCeSflful
A'I 11 l'l
Adolphus John No, young man, It
doesn't hurt to sow your wild oats.
flo nhead and sow ,all you wish. Hut
lt*s the gathering m of the crop thnt
Will ivnke von howl. And von hnve
to gather it too, li you don't it will
gather you In, and ono in a great
deal worse thnn the other. I
Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Great Play
.. . by . ..
Carria-ht. 1*01. bv G. W, Dillin.h.m C.     k
\     i 4
Amid dead "-Hence he cot down from
thu prate nnd returned to his ntllce,
The men reinuliipd Assembled for
consultntlon, ond in tbe crowd wort
many doubtful faces. It wns clenr
that Smith's cnlm, drowled harangue
hud mode a profound Impression. Jusl
as in prtruto life be sttructed the
warmest friendships, so in business, ic
which be gave strict and Intelllgenl
attention, he piirned the respect of ull
with whom he hnd t» deal.
The strike lender mounted the crate
and, am Id the npplnuse of tbe hot
beaded nnd discontented, delivered
himself of a tierce denunciation of thu
company as n greedy, grnsplng, oppress
(TO corpomtlon umi of Its duck super
Jutendont us a "flour flusher" and a
dispenser of "con" tulk. meaning thereby of words Intended to deceive, Bul
there were too inatiy wbu knew tbat
tinilib was neither
"For my port" one of the laborer!
mild. "I've cut a wire and sli kids, tbi
oldest of whlcb Is nine, 1 move tbat
we tnke another vote on tbln here
Tbe motion was adopted with acclamation. Tbe result of the ballot wus
OTerwhelmlngly Li fuvur of remaining
■t work.
While delegates appointed to Inform
the superintendent that there would
te no turnout were waiting upon nlain his office, the otiier men passed tb*1
abed Indicated by Smith, pushed open
the door and gazed In. while othen
crowded up behind them. Arranged
all around the vast space were neat.
white cots, ami In the center were lunjj
tables and benches.
"Say." remarked one nf the men
"Jlmsy Smith ain't no bluff, is hei
For o slow spenkln' nnd movln' mac
hp'3 the liveliest bustler I ever seen "
Half nn hour liner Smith once more
lowered  himself info the chair besldi
the president's desk.
"Well." said Cnptoln  Williams gruff
Jy, "I understand tbe strikes off."
"Tep," wus the reply.
•'/ out it up io ynu, una youfve nuuli
"How did you d<> ii?"
"Told 'em tbe truth "
The captain regarded blm from ao-
ler his bushy eyebrow*, brought to-
teihi'i lu his usual frown.
"I guess you don't often lie, smith."
"Not more than I have to"
"What preparations bad ynu made
for trouble''"
"Three thousand hired army cots In
Ko. - shed, wilh tables and benches.
Then there's these."
Ue laid before the president n num.-
fHT of bids for supplying rations thro
time* a day to from 60U fo tt,000 men
ind telegrams from various towns
irorded something to this effect:
On termi offered can snip 3<o men within forty-eignt hours.
Williams rend each paper carefully,
"A strike at tlii-; lime would have
meant heavy Inn to tin- line," be OD*
Smith nodded
Then the en fit nln gave utterance to
Ihe hlgbeal compliment be bad ever
mode to n mot  li  I In nre
"l put it up tn \ou, ne in Id, "snd
you've mode uood I guessed It wua
likely you would    Bove a cigar."
Jft i.TihW <;n Captain Williams bad
Ia    nssnred Mrs,  Br ts tbnt ba
M • u'""''' bear tbem no grudge be*
cruise nf ii'-r husband's sttacU
npmi blm. be did not return again to
the Utile tint, and It was some lime he-
fore  Mrs.   Harris  and   Ueth  fnvored
tbem   with  .' ther   visit.    Bui   this
3Id not trouble the young couple n tilt.
Commencing nn thai night wben dp
had Insisted on inking his wire to a
place of atnusetneiil, Joe's conduct inward ber linil undergone a complete)
:hnngc instciid of returning hnme ile-
oreHsed anil Irritable be was nearly
ilways la good humor and affi-ctiou-
ately COOSfderate They needed no
*her company than tbeir own nnd uo-
raslniiail> .IIiiis.v'h.
The happy transformation bad been
bMUghl "bout by an unexpected till of
luck. As .)< tp hi I net) it to hh delighted wife. In bis capacity of collector be bail become very friendly
with the manager or a concern which
transuded business wllb tbe steam-
•bin company, aud this geutleiuun hud
offered lilm $10 a week to renoer, when
reipiircd, certain little services lu tbe
mutter of collections, whlcb he wus
idle to do without interfering to uny
?xtetit whb the duties the Latin*
Auicrliiin line paid blm for performing, It was just the amount ot ibe
Idvaiice be bud asked for and Wblcb
Unptnlti Williams bud refused to give
him and It represented the difference
between very ptilnful sparing and comparative ease. And tbat wus no! nil.
[ftie thin*: lending to another, Joe was
Murlileil now and then to earn an estru
Sfj or $10 from other sources
With this prosperous turn In bis affairs the self confidence and assurance
Hint long had abandoned him under
nis repealed disappoint ids and failure tn moke hemlwitj returned Morose SUpIltetiesH gave way to vim and
mergy, His old optimism nnd revived
n most oxtravagiiin form lie began
to be Interested In ihe price ot real es-
ate and automobiles
His wife, with tbe sobering recollee-
I r   the   gulf   between   talk   nud
^enlevement, of desire j\<h\ possession,
.vas   careful   to   lUlllll   Ilu   bupes   Upon
;hcse fabrics of vision, though she Was
ton wise to see!; to restrain tbe ardor
if his Imagination She did, however,
tnke with gratitude whal tbe gods hud
riven, | lend Ilia the bestowal ot possibly greater favors, The substantial
iddltlon to their means enabled ber to
•lire ii woman who (when she Ml like
Iti ilid the dirtier work of the house-
Hold that had been such a lux upuo
ier. I.iiiie toilet necessities and icvee>
lories made tbelr iippeurunee Brooks,
*,*, ben he bad made an extra good
week. Insisted on lavishing bis uddl-
:ioii.il earnings upou her New nud
mltable clothing restored her sell re
ipect and tho pleasure that every wo-
man feels or should feel In uioklu--
bersetf Bttraetlvo
Mrs Harris ami Beth COUld DOl rail
to notice Uie change, and It bad a
gradual but marked effect on tbelr at*
:ltude toward Brooks, which been me
more civil and cordlnl. Kmiua de-
'iined to gratify tbelr Inqulsltlvenesa
beyond admitting tbat Joe was "get*
.Ing on." To oil lending questions ibe
returned evasive answers, cue reason
Doing that deep resentment rankled In
the heart of tier husband for the lofty
lisdaln under wblcb tie had suffered
fur so loug and that tie objected emphatically t.i rbe rerelutlon of tbeir
private affairs to an' body, erpn to
llmsy, Besides, as be bad p-duted
out, It would not be to their Interest
for the Intelligence tbat be was doing
iqtsldo work fo reach Captain Wil-
lla ins' en rs He wi uud elf ber be
Iropped "r so much would be given to
him tu du ibat there would be UO
time in which to devote bis energies
jo lucratively elsewhere. Tin* force or
tills could uot vfnll tn be seen by Mrs
Brooks, and. thus placed on her guard,
she was all discretion,
Soon Joe was doing so well that they
decided to take a larger flat and en*
gage a regutur servant,
Another piece cf luck came to Joe.
so unlooked f"r, in form so amazingly
Substantial, (hat ll almost made Kmma
crazy with Joy.
Looking out of the window nbout
supper time and wiihlug thut l.er bus-
band would come, she noticed n cob
jrlve up to the door and, tn ber surprise, saw her husband leap out of It
lie bounded up the stairs two ut n
lime, breathless wltb excitement, and
emptied from bis pockets on to the
table n heap of notes nnd gold. Tbeu
lie seized bold of ber and forcibly
waltzed her nrouud the room.
Finally tie sat her. pnntlltg and In*
Wlldered, in a chair and pushed the
iwintey toward her.
"There. Ill tie wonmn." he gasped
"that's for you, nil of It—every penny
of It! Vou know that three days age
when Jlmsy staried on that trip of Inspection to our South American ports
of call Williams went ton and thai
they are lo be gone for two or three
mouths, Well, I'll give you a milliou
chances nnd you'll never come near
guessing tho decent thing Williams
did lie recognized my services to the
company at last by promoting tne tu
bead a new exchange and collection
deportment with a salary of $300 a
month, the raise to dale from six
mouths bad; Here's the six months'
back pay-$1.800."
It was I2minn's turn to get up nnd
waltz when she had recovered Borne-
what  frum ber astonishment
They decided at her suggestion to
celebrate their -.'nod fortune forthwith
bv o banquet royal for two at one nf
the fosbionohle restaurants. Hastily
She donned ber prettiest costume, and
they set out. Never had she I won so
Vivacious, never more charming.
"Now." she Bold Joyfully, "you'll he
able to get 0 dress suit and I can
have n piuno."
The lack of a piano always had been
cause for keen regret
Then she began to consider bow they
might live more comfortably than tbey
bad been doing Joe proposed thai
they should avoid ibe housekeeping
ond servant problems altogether by
living in an npurtment hotel, He
thought this would be within their
me ins it they furnished tbe spurt
ment themselves Be did not think it
would cost more thnn living In a Sat
Emms fell In with this view wltb eager '-t'tMl-l I-in
Investigation proved tbe plan a ilttli
mors expensive than thej had bar
gained r<-r but they had what up
peered lo Kmn a to be a fabu nits sum
of ii,* '■'■*> oi tint d, nnd tbej found an
apartment wblcb to plenned them In a
bote! winre the arrangements appear
ed to be satisfactory that thej decided
to take it.
Then Kmma. wltb a light heart and
a full purse— which, however, did noi
remain loin,' in its bulging condition-
experienced for the llrsi lime the unalloyed    felicity    of    Sbopplng    tO    ber
heart's cm.tent, and the tangible re-
suit of der peregrinations was o
charmingly furnished nest, consplcu
ous among tbe objects In which was
ber COVeted  piano
iTo be Continued.)
Humor and
■**-■   Do yotl hear thu silence
Soft mul low
i\s a heal Id tins beau,
j'lucid, eiiini. aim out careasiug.
Sweet, un nulled peace expressing
Suve in uptiiH
vi'bsre suit it clashes
Uke tie' nulsu ut falling sashes
Or the eanmnni chug ami clatter
Of ii iruMlu crnsmng train?
Well, ti.ih alienee, you novo noted,
Ami the best iIiiiik svei voled,
HHll    I
(if tbe busy rail campaign,
Save In minis,
.As has been mentioned heretofore,
Simt>* few stules nre lu u umr.
Hut the most of litem nro resting,
For tho pest has ceasod lis posting,
/ ml there's quiet In the land.
I'urleil completely la iho band.
Ain't it grand?
How we pity
Stuie >M city
In our wittv,
Woden I .1.1.1.
iMiere they liven to tlio ftpmitlng
Of 'ic speukers who nre tnuiing
Candidates the livelong day
Ami .ii nii:iH have on display
Oratory, slushed for talr,
That Ihe u rending mr
Must absorb!
Voting aometlmea has Its uses,
Hut »e offer no excuses
Foi out mei rlmeni el being
WlthOUl   nnv   iiiv.l   fni    tn'-IHU
Csodtdotss to make them swear
They will not the .-,111111 wmi
ur 4 crooked corporution.
Hut will 00,.st thii little tuition.
Neit year we will all get busy
Ovei measures vag id dlssy.
This year, if youi honor pleases,
We »iii rest
Old ••!*• H.tt Will W.rm tht Eirth
For Mllliona of Yuri.
Tht reuton why tbt tin, rotalnt IU
bout In spito of H» iiuamity that It
Kivi'a out is explained hy thu fact that
! hrat la generated by, tho full of par-
I Uclea toward if« center.  Tlio diameter
of tho tun dlinlitMien unnuuily by 1W
meters, u llttlo more limn the ten-mil.
in,nil, pint of Its total.
According to ctiltnutea made, 30,00fl
yours will puss heforu Hi,' eolar riiilius
j iliniiiilshi's enouttli i" produce an °l
'. tevt upiirocluble by lho must delicate
liisininii'iiis.   111 will's  mippoaliiK   thai
ih,. atlrotionilcul Instrumeiita ot the
1 futuro will bo siinilii" i„  iho  Inatru
in,'ins of tbo present.   By lliit' cnlcnla.
i linns ii is oatimnted Hint tin- sun will
{ sen,1  beat to tho oartb between als
; nillllona uud eight  inilllona or  yoard
Radium, which omits hoot spontuno'
1 ously mul without cessation, Is present
in Uio sun.   Ono gram of radium frouK
' enougb heni i"   hour i„ raise n
i grain of water from tbe tompnraturc
,,i' Ice to the temperature or i„,iinm
' wntor,   Donee the proaonco of nils	
ment nssists In tbo preservation "f ibe
sun's heat Tbe spectroscope rovvnlt
great nuoutltlos ,,f bollum in the sun
quantities great l" pronortlun lo tlic
sun's otber elements. The presence ol
helium is due to Ibe dlsnggrogatlrin ol
radium.   Two grnius ,'f radium per ton
of tho sun's ol,un,mis would i nougli
for the eutlro regeneration ol all n«'
heal lost bj tho sun.- Harper >
u eekly.
The Marabou and the Hyena of
Central Africa.
Not  nn  Incident.
"Uow u iii** new tuugatloa retting
••on. splendldlT. f!•■ hn» an article
for next month tpflrlnff tho trust tc
timers, another tellluaj the presldenl
what to do mid 11 third one roust lug
the tnrirr."
"But is It pnyiiit* expebsea?*1
"Paying expanses, t>f coitrsa uot
Be Iim u<j uun* fur side Issul-*.."
Knew it Wn
"1 don't tnke
much stock In
these holdups. I
tia.e been out st
ail hours of the
Bight and no one
ever held uie   up."
"Some holdup
men must be
uiiud readers.'*
Mean   Nime,
"Charlie tried to kiss me Sunday
"hid   he  succeed?'*
*'I wondered why yon were riding
wltb Tom Itwt iiluhi."
Thfir  Pith  Makus Pinn  Interlining  For
Battleship  Armor.
The oiost remarkable use to which
ilu* sunflower has i»«'i*n put la in tbe
construction of bnttlosblpa, The sinlk
or   tin*  plant   Is   very   pithy,  and  even
when com praised into mocks this pith
is capable of absorbing 0 truniendous
[ quantity o( water    These blocks, In
which the pith retains some of Its flail*
1 bility. have been employed with much
' success In the solution of the vexed
problem of the Hulng of 11 hatlloshlp's
sides.     They  are  placed   between   two
•walls* of steel, ami the substance Is so
; resilient that it completely closes up
the hole made by a projectile, keeping
out the water for n loim; time.
Another little known use of the sun
! flower is In tho manufacture of cigars
There Is not n part of the plant that Is
without commercial  value.    The seed.
1 which Is raised by hundreds of millions
of pounds every year in Uussia, makes
a palatable edible oil,  with a residue
1 of seed cake for cuttle, or it may  be
fed In the kernel to poultry.   The bios
S0U1B furnish honey'lirst and then un
: excellent yellow dye. As for the stalks.
1 the Chinese are clever euoilgll to pet tt
sort of silky fiber from them, nnd they
'. are also good for fuel nnd for the pro
duction  of potash.    In   New  Euglaud
: lt Is believed that lho sunflower "keeps
' away malaria." It Is also believed thai
the blossoms follow the sun In its dally
course, but that is uot true.
ly.   Nine tlmef 0111 ol ten It will bring
j the sediment rigid up trom the trap
' and start II  flow  ol  witter.
I     it flushing Is desired hike 11 cork (lull
I will 111 the dm III In basin, cut 11 bole
: through ii iiiid attach 11 piece or rubber
' ttibltig to ii. ns shown in the drawing.
[ Ih'inv  the other end ot  the tube over
life failcet, place the cork lu the basin
drain and turn on the city pressure.   II
mny he necessnr.v 10 bold 11 cloth over
tbo dralUUge  boles  In   upper  part  of
baslu.    This wrinkle will sure dollars
iu  plumber*' bills, as It is ns elliclent
as a plumber's pump.
Oil Mills In Palestine
1 Altltoti;;!) the old stylo olive mills nre
fast being replaced hy the modern
Kronen machines, serig or sesunie seed
oil Is made In Palestine hy the old and
primitive methods except In one mill.
The seeds nro first soaked In water
and then shelled hy pounding Id a
large stone mortar with a huge wooden mallet They nre next roasted In
nn oven Hnd then ground In a stone
mill turned by n ctunut. the result be*
Ing n thin grayish paste. This Is then
poured Into 11 circular vnt wllb a concave bottom. When the vnt Is full, the
fluid being about three feet deep, a
man gets Into the vnt aud trends the
paste with his bare feet, which brings
the oil cuke to the bottom, nud as the
oil comes lo the top he skims it off
wllh a brass bowl. A Gemma at Sn*
rona has lately he-run the manufacture of this oil wiih 11 Europeun ma*
chine, the seeds not being roasted, but
simply crushed nnd pressed. The resulting oil Is much lighter In color and
commands n better price, hut it is suit-
I ed that by this process less oil is oh
'■ (uiiied from the same amount »f seed
I than by the native method.-Consular
j Ueport.
About   the   Eaby.
The   Immense   number   of   babies
which have been dying of late, par*
I ticularly  in  London,   leads   one   to
1 suppose  thnt   there   must    be  something wrong with the feeding of these
! unfortunate infant.--.
■    Are they nursed long enough? The
Ifl/teentn   century   moiners   used   to
nursed  their babies for nearly thrae
years.    By '.he time of the Suinrts .t
had  declined   to   between   eighteen
months and two years.    In the reign
1 of the Georges it fell to a year, and
j now    the    average    is    about   eight
I Originally, tli" nursing*bottle was
j a cow's horn. To the small end of
it were sewed two pieces of leather-
as u finger of a glove—and the infant
; drew it; nourishment between th-*
i stitches. The nurslng-hottle with its
long rubber stem succeeded the cow's
1 horn, and by easy stages that com-
paratively sanitary bottle we now
know to well was introduced.
The Elbe Going Dry.
The river Elbe Is going dry. says a
report from Tetsi-hen-l.ndenliiioh. In
Bo hem In. The ''famine rocks" In tbe
river lied, culled sn iiei-unse tbey were
uever seen except wlien great droughts
caused much suffering, are now visi-
tile. A part nt tho Telseheii bridge,
which In normal water conditions Is
submerged, now elands higb and dry.
and the low water marks hearing the
lutes lllld, IQSlI, 1701, 1710 uud IM2
can be seen.
When tht Immortals Noddtd.
The French papers have made much
| of n slip by M. Kmllie I-'aguet Iu bis
oratlou before the academy. The
academician rendered to Caesar tnorp
than was Caesar's, for he gave the
"tighter and writer" credit for a line
which belongs to Cnto. But It seems
the Immortals are uot Immune from
lapsus linguae. General Lnnglols gol
mixed up with Palestro und Solferlno
Even Scribe and Mollere refer to the
revocation of the edict of Nantes.
whl?b took place lu 1085, twelve years
after Mollere's death. But perhaps u
more glaring instance Is thnt of Mnu
tesquln, who, lu his "Esprit des Lola,"
Tolumn 1, chapter xxl. 22. writes, "1
have many times deplored the blindness
of the council of Francis 1., who rebuff
ed Christopher Columbus when be propounded his scheme for India." But
Francis 1. ascended the throne in 1515,
nine years after the dale of the death
of Columbus.—London Globe.
Whst Gold Beaters Can Do
' Gold beaters by hammering can re
duce gold leaves so thin that L'S'j.i'Oti
I must be laid upon each otber to pro-
l duce the thickness of an inch, yet eocfl
leaf is so perfect and free from holes
that one of them laid upon any aim
face, as In gliding, gives the appearance of solid gold. They nre so Ihln
that if formed Into a bonk 1,500 would
only occupy the space tit n single leaf
of common paper, und an octavo volume of an Inch thick would have 11s
imtiiy pages as the hooks of a well
stocked library of 1,500 volumes wltb
1!UU pages in each.
The Oldest Organ.
Whit Is believed m be ibe oldest or
gnu In existence has been discovered
by a German tumi-al director, who
rhited fifty nine churches in Gothland
ind In a village called Snndne rums
upon tlm remnant ot the iptnlnt old in
Btrumeut. The cusp alone bus survived  'lie fret  uf seven  eciilurles. and
its exterior is adorned wltb pamtiugti
fmui about the vear 12IU.
Bepumbir 10ft,
Octohsi tray
wnn leavei aloft
in bright array,
Kovombar- itopl
Tha rhyme mual pause
It'R time in simp
Foi Santa Clous I
-WiiRiiiimtnn Star.
Tho Wrong Market.
Mrs. Ncwlywcd—Hnvo yon any nice
stumps Ibis mnrnlngV llutcher-
Sluinps? What ure tbeyV Mrs. New-
lywed—Indeed, 1 don't know, hut my
husband Is always talking about a
slump in Hie market, nud I thought I
should like to try some.—Philadelphia
wire-Tint  wo-wc nhnll not begin
our married life with 11  snerot. shall
!Ve. dearest','
"Nn. darling," ho murmured; "tbore's
plenty of I line."
'Hollo, Debhs! You looh like iinotll
•./■ man after your vaeatluti."
"I mn another mnn," retorted tbo in
dividual addressed, "My name, sir, it
Dingbat."—Washington Herald.
Oh, hr-lp (hill ohl world In Its quest
or laughter iikiu and mnny.
ir ynu can't coin whim- Bsnlle lest
Juki K" niit'mi nnd do your best*-
Wniir tvhlakeri tlini are funny.
-VVnniilHt:tiMi Star.
Worse Luck.
Fatigued Phlllp-DId tho lady t'row
boil In'   waler  on  yoiise?    Wandering
Walter—Worse'n    dat,    Phil,    worse'n
dat   it wns spnpsuds.—Toledo Blade
Weary-It's a poor rule thnt doesn't
work **-oth ways. Willie—G'wnn! It's
a poor rule to work ut all.—Toledo
To worry in to show ymjf nana
To eviy feller in ine land
To worry in m i<*t tolka snow
Vou think vou lialn t » light In' ihOW.
Vou rnn'i wm fume nr even pelt
Unless you nort 0 biulfi yourself
Intn belltvln' n>m you bs
Plum' fiiiiur« proof, mi don't •"■u-ct
a pun 0' uirt where sophera »u
Air iiiiike a mountuln "ut •>' it.
An' don'l fciKtt (('is layin' truei
There's millions more worse oft than yo«
-1'opuin.r Magatina.
"A man Is a fonl to Introduce nn nl
; tractive mun to ihu girl he IS engaged
"I think sn too.   Come over here n
1 minute.    I want you to meet my llan
ceo."—Houston Post.
There was s young Isdy mimed flue,
Whom loin of young follows would woo.
itut every poor lover
She il look Keenly over
Ind aay, "Without cash you won't do."
-.Moitlnvir-aT, AmeHnAQ-
Slmple  Method  of  Clearing Out  Ob
itructed Pipes,
An easy met imd ot starting a (low
of witter in a washbasin when iin
drain Is clogged Is us follows: With
stopper removed, till the basin ball full
of water.    Take 11 swab and  work It
ROTH VULTURES IN NATURE.  up »luJ *>wb wi»uu» m the wuior
Tills sets up 11 [iniupiug action iii.u
agitates the waler iu the pipe violent-
Each Gorges Itself on Carrion, and the
Bird   and    Beast   Often    Battle   Fnr
Their   Food —Fairylike   Plumes   Tbat
Are ns Liflht as Air.
The ugliest storks In the world are
found  in southern  Asia  and
Africa,   Their (losh colored 1 ds nre
only partially eovored wllb slIIT, wiry
font ho rs, and banging on lho breast
tbey   bear 11  disgusting  pojtcll,  Which
answers tin* purpose of n crop,  0 (
the largest uf theso storks Is the uiaia-
I    II  stalks about  the great sandy
plains of central Africa with com
posiire uud u lordly grandeur, as il It
were   the   most   iauiutiful   bird   In   tin*
world its body feiithern are ol a dull
Uiclallle green color, and lis wings and
tall ure dingy black. Looking ill tho
awkward creature, 110 one would suspect tlm( undor Its ungainly wings ll
carried the "most exquisite and Inlry
like little.plumes, so airy tlml It Hikes
bosk el fills of (hem to weigh an ounce
They are pure while nud sn much de
sired for trimming that Ihe bird Is vlg
orously bunted by the natives, who
loll these dainty fen titers tu trailers
for 11 very large price.
The marabou foods ou carrion, like
the vulture. Its throat Is very large,
nud It will greedily eat everything Hint
comes In its way lu Ihe swamps aud
plains around Khartum, on the Nile,
ure Immense Hocks of marabous, anil
they are so daring as to come to the
slaughter houses on the outskirts of
the city In search of food, and whole
ox ears nnd shin bones with hoof attached have been found In the crops
of specimens which have been killed.
These birds are skillful Ushers. They
haunt the low marshy Islands In the
rivers and lakes of central Africa, with
elephants, monkeys, tlumlngucs and
many varieties of birds for companions, and gain their principal food from
the water. They often go In companies of ten or twelve to tlsh. Wading
In the water, the birds form a circle,
which they gradually draw together,
gathering the frightened tlsh In the
center jjj the net. when with their long
hills and quick movements they speedily provide themselves with a hearty
men I.
Although marabou mammas have
been seen proudly parading around
With n brood of diminutive downy
young ones, so shy and retiring is this
bird in Its domestic habits tbat naturalists have been unable to determine
when and how It builds its nest. The
natives assert that lt nests In high
trees, but their statement is uot confirmed.
In captivity the marabou Is lord of
the luclosure, nnd In zoological gardens,
where specimens have been conllucd,
no other birds or even smnll lieasts
dure approach the feeding trough until tb" hunger of tbls Impudent bird Is
sill is tied nnd It has retired to the warmest corner for n nap. The Immense
strength of Its bill makes It a formidable enemy, and wben fighting for food
It will often overcome the largest vultures and wage successful battles with
beasts of prey.
The hyena Inhabits the same portions of Asln and Africa as the marabou, und travelers give accounts of
terrible contests between these two
singular members of the animal kingdom. The hyena is cnlk-d the vulture
among beasts, us If prerers carrion for
Its food, nud as loug as tt can tl'td
dead animals to devour It leaves the
flocks and herds In peace. Cowardly
by nature, It rarely attacks man or
beast unless driver to desperation by
The striped hyena Inhabits {be northern latitudes of Africa, Persia ntid
Syria, while the spotted species, which
is easily tamed and Is Sometimes called hyena dog, Is found In large numbers in the vast plains of South Africa.
The hyena is a strange looking beast.
It has a big head and a heavy, shaggy
mane. The hind part of its body Is
much lower than Its shoulders, and lis
bind .legs are short. This odd formation gives It au awkward, shambling
manner of walking, which Is both ludicrous and hideous.
This creature rarely shows Itself by
day. but when the shadows nf night
fall on the plains and forests It comes
out fmm Its home among the rocks
nud caverns In search of food. African travelers are much annoyed by It.
When the camp Is silent and all are
sleeping the hyena comes prowling
round, uttering hoarse liiimau cries,
nnd should it rail to Hud stilllcletit
camp refuse to satisfy Its hunger some
poor donkey is sure to be torn In
pieces by its terribly strong Jaws,
Few animals have been ibe subject
nf si) much superstition, In ancient
times it was believed that a dog went
mad If a hyena turned its evil eye upon il. and the beast was believed by
many to bo a wicked sorcerer, who
went about lu human form by day
nud at night assumed ihe shape nf 11
hyena. The poor ami Ignorant peasantry of Arabia even at the present
dny believe lu the evil eye of this
beast nud are afraid to shoot it lest
they should incur the wrath of tho
wicked spirit wblcb they Imagine
walks tb: earth lu this itcly form.
Tbe poor hyena, however, far from
being an evil spirit. Is a real blessing
to the regions It inhabits, ns it Is a
natural scavenger, provided by the
kind wisdom of nature to dear the
ground of much loathsome and decaying matter, thereby rendering the air
sweeter and tuner aud more healthful
The fattening of two and three year
old cattle has generally beeu more
proiitable than feeding yearlings. This
has been pretty conclusively demonstrated by practical feeders throughout
.the Mississippi valley. The Missouri
experiment station conducted a rather
exhaustive lest, and it was found thai
two-year-old steers make larger gnlns
than yearlings, that they consume
from 18 to 'i'2 per cent more grain per
day, but that the older cattle fatten
In n shorter time and consequently
return a greater net profit. Yearling*
require less grain for each pound ot
gain as a rule.
Of course the condition of the nnl-
mul at the beginning of the feeding
period   Is   an   important   factor   ami
It need hardly bo said that the
moat widely diffused breed of cattle up to date la the Shorthorn.
Tills, says Robert Ollphant Frlnsle,
hae arisen cliletty from tne readiness with which It emnlgamntee
with other brecde, Ita great aptitude to fatten and to the fact that
by using Shorthorn bulls for the
purpose of crossing other breeds
the crosses eo produced Inherit the
early maturity of the aire, attain
greater weights than the cattle of
the breed to which the cows belong
usually arrive at, and If the latter
possess any marked superiority la
respect to quality of meat that
chdtacterlatlq la still retained by
tbe cross bred produce. The Shorthorn bull Tongewood Bamton, bere-
wlth pictured, was first prise two-
year-old aad champion at tbe Bath
and Weet of England show.
Montan Wax.
Montnn wnx. of which considerable
quantities nre exported from Uern.iny
to tbe United Suites. Is apparently one
of those numerous products of the distillation of eoal whlcb American manufacturers should be utile in produce
themselves, reports It. P. Skinner, consul general ut Hamburg. The term hns
been taken from the Uermun without
translation nml means simply miners'
or bituminous wax. This material Is
obtained hy tbe distillation nr the bitumen of sulphurous brown coal extracted by benzine liy means of superheated steam. Technically pure montnn
^ai hus a melting point of HO degrees
C, and It Is an excellent substitute fur
cereal ne, deriving Its great value frum
Its high melting point, a quality much
appreciated in the candle mnnitfnctur
Ing industry. The utilization ot ibis
material at the same time facilitates
the exploitation of deposits ot sulphurous coal.
may to a large extent counteract the
influence of age In determining the
cheaper gains. Consequently It lt
rather dlillet.lt to determine exactly
tbe ago at whlcb animals should be
started. As a rule, however, it Is undoubtedly more profitable to feed two
or three yenr olds. The margin between the buying ond selling price is
less with yearlings and with tbe shorter fattening period already referred to
are the two chief factors. Particularly
with the cheaper grades of cattle Is it
desirable to wait until they have passed the yearling stnge before putting
tbem Into the feed lot.
Death Roll of the Alps.
Tbe number uf finalities due 10
mountain climbing in Switzerland has
rapidly Increased during recent years
According to tin authentic compilation.
ninety deaths wen* due to mountain
climbing in the Swiss nud Italian Alps
during Ibe year ended Pee. I, IfllO
To the above figures mast he added
eighty serious accidents, four of which
had fatal effect, The causes nf tbe accidents were nscendltig mountain
peaks without n guide, landslides, defects In the litiltesi-ll iropei und sudden selling In *>r fogs, Fnr many
years the English have had Ibe greatest number <>r victims to lament, This
year, however. Hn* Rwlss nre at Hie
head of the list, followed by the Germans,  Rngllsti,  Austria lis and Italians
respect I vely,-Cousu Inr ttepnrt.
New Theory of White Liflht
An Kug1l-.li theorist. O   It. Williams
of   Manchester,   has  demons'trated   to
his own satisfaction that Newton was
wrong lu IiIh accepted theory ihnt all
colors  were contained In  white light.
Ile declares that the color Is caused by
particles in the ether of various color
j and thai he. by a simple device made
of a tens unit a Inet|tiered black plate
: with n scratch un it has seen ether, Ihe
' siinptisltltliMIs eieimet upon which the
\ scientific I henries m limn we bused,
and has made a study ot lis properties
When Carbon Oeils.
When   au   elecirie   ||g|ii   hisses   the
Cltrbon   melted   frum  nne of  the  rmls
Is actually ladling In the little crater
formed  in  tin d uf the  rod     The
supf rhcaled liquid, wllb blinding
Hashes uf light, moves nnd lumps
about very much us water does ou
beginning 10 boll.
Select the Male Pig Early.
We hnve lu mind un Instance where
a somewhat parsimonious swine breeder visited a large herd lu tbe montb
of August with the Idea In mind of
selecting a mule, says tbe town Homestead.    There   were   Bomewbere   between 50 and 100 males In this herd*
and ns feed wns high at the time the
breeder offered to  let his visitor go
Into the buncb and  have bis choke
for Si.5.   Tbe visitor, although admitting that there  were some line animals In this herd, considered the price
too high and did not make (■'purchase.
Time passed, and In the montb of December, after tbe tops ot this buncb
of males had been sold out, the same-
man   asked   for   prices   on   a   male.
There bad been a good demand that
season, and tbe breeder's price then,
was $o0. and tbe selection must then
be made after forty or Ofty of the
best had been shipped.   Tbe sale wna
! effected, but neither the buyer nor the
I breeder  would claim tbnt tbe order
j was ailed wltb ns good a pig as conl*
I have been purchased for (25 earlier
! in the season.
Keep the Young 8took Growing.
One of tbe biggest mistakes a mno
enn make ns n stoofc raiser is to stint
any young animal tn food. In the cast
of the colt It Is ensy to secure tin Increase of 200 lo 3im pounds in weight
by properly handling during the first
two years. Yearlings nre quite frequently allowed to depreciate through
neglect to provide a generous ration.
I'asiures become scanty. Hies nre annoying, und the colts begin to run down-
In flesh. Kven on good pnsture a moderate dally portion of grain will he
well Invested In securing extra growth*
of bone uud muscle. Some of the most
successful horsemen never allow n dny
to pass from tbe time their foals are
old enough to eat oats without giving
them a mesa.
Bread Prom Mature Animals.
A breeder urges Ihe necessity of constitutional vigor In the swlue herd.
He deplores the continued use of
young sires and dams. "Breeding
from mature stock always tends toward keeping up size and vigor." 1)0
says. "We need not go further than to
look nt tbe results brought nlimit by
injudicious breeding of young gills and
sires In our swlue. Not only has tbo
size been greatly reduced, but the vitality of tbo droves bus also been reduced until It Is not an uncommon*
sight to see whole droves mowed down
with cbolern. There Is uo question
tbat this evil practice has more to do*
with It than any other thing."
Keeping It Dark.
"Say, you, why don't ynu work?"
*i have no license."
"You don't need a license to work,1
"Now, don't you tell my wife that'*
Hard to Keep Up.
"Chnrllo Is always in a burry."
"Of course,"
"Why of courser*
"H« belongs to such n rnpld set."
Most alloys melt nt lower temperatures than tbelr constituent metajs.
Still Worse.
"McAdams drives me frantic.*
"Plays golf so well that be has to
talk about lt all the time, does hot"
"No; be just thinks he does."
A young mnn mny marry on bis good
looks, but tbe aged or middle aged duffer must produce tbe cold cash.
Elsie-Elsie's marriage wus dreadfully un romantic
Ida-Yes; even the man ahe married
eras tbe ono ibe was engaged to--CU-
Ctgo News,     „, _^-
A Painting Hint.
I'se shellac  for  the  luise when  re-
pnltllllig a stun nvei red and the color
wth noi bleed through ami spoil the
appearance of 'he |oi>
The principal part of everything la
the beginning.—Roman Proverb.
If you have one true friend think
yourself happy.-French Proverb.
Charity gives Itself rich; covotnns-
nesa hoards itself poor.-(jerraan Prov*
Better a tnoin house (nn empty
house) than nu HI tenant—Scandinavian Proverb.
It Is always easy to sny how tba
■hip might have been saved when tt
hu gone down.-Chinese Proverb
Stock and Fertility.
Tbe greater number or animals thnt
can be kept comfortably upon the farm
tbe better. The more stock the greater
fertility of the soil and hence tbe
larger crops each succeeding year,
which In turn permit a linger number
of auimali.
Takes a Week.
"! thought your daughter was com-;
Ing home from the beach this week.** '
"We had to let her remain another
week In order to finish saying goodby
to a young man."—Washington Herald.  ;
Nete From the Styx.
Bbade m* n Heporrer-I understand,.
Mr. Diogenes, that you have at last
found nn honest mpn.
Dlogenea—Ves; but the son nf a gun
•tola mi laatera.-Baltlmort Bon. ***«   .nvgrcviuo,   ^AAnjDiVUUJV,    HKIIJSH   COLUMBIA
P.L.S. &. C.E.
Bamsttjr,  Solictor, tic.,
Barrister* aad Solicitors,
Oraabrook Lodge No 11   AT.* A.M.
Uegulur meeting, uu
tin thlril Thursday
uf uvery month.
VisHlug brethren
0. J. McSWKYN, W. if.
t, t. PBCK, Ste.
mmiiniiiiiiii nii.ii..nii«iiii|,i| uiyiii .
Ft******* ntafftn nnnn n nn * hi i ni iminiBL
Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO. llo.  R, A. M.
Regular meetloga:—8ud Tut,
day in etob month at eight
Sojourning Com|ianlont art
eordlally Invited.
W. r. Attrldge, Serlbt tt.
Meets every Monday
night at New   Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
R. J. Rtadali, W. M. Harris
N.   0. Sec'y.
Knights of Pythias
CrMbrook, B.C.
Crtactnt   Lodge,   Mo.   ■'
Mtttl    every    Tutiday
at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
0. Porter (J. C.
J. H. Boyct,
K. of R. * a.
Visiting   brtthrtn cordially   Invlttd   to attend.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
(last In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each montb.
A. CLARK,Jr., Sec.     P. O. Bot 248
▼lilting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
M.M.V.. V.t..
Qraduatt of Ontario Vttttinar*
aetata, Toronto la Mil. Gradate aad mtdalltt ol McKllilp
Vtttriaary eolltgt, Chicago, IU.
ta IMI. Rtgltttrtd member ol
■rttltk Oolumbla ataoclation.
til 1ILL. MltHT t 0»V "SOMtTLY tTTIHOIt TO
9**101  AT   McKINiTRY I   LIVgRY »ARN
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
P.O Boa m I'hona Mi.
Physician! and Surgeons
>Bta at Rttldtnct,   Armstrong An.
ornoa hours
FonaooBi - - - - i.M to 10.M
Alteraoani I.M to   I.M
■vintage T.ll ta  I.M
Bundayi I.M to   I.M
•KANBROOK ! ». 0.
Fat   Me er lint at Rtatoaablt
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phoae No. III.
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Three mliwte* trom Government
Terms to  suit  buyer,  no
reasonable offer refused
For further particulars apply at the
Prospector Office
Funeral Director,
PHONE :i4ii
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tint Applied
To Butty Whttlt
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 10     •   •   •     P.O. Boi 111.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Are
Phoae Ml.
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stook estimates
furnished un application.
Addreae i P. O. loi Ha, Cranbrook     ,
F. M. MacPherson
Noruury Avenue N.xt to City Hall
Open Day and Night Pltona XU
Century Restaurant
K.  Y. Uytmattu, Prop.
Oppolitl C. P. R. Dtpot.
Pbont 11*   P. 0. Boi 104
(Water Act.   1909.)
To all holders oi land within tbe
limits of Lot 4, Group 1. Kootenay
District and to all holders of Water
Records on Josephs Prairie Creek.
Application of William A. Rollins
for tbe apportionment of part of the
300 inches of water from said creek
recorded In favor of John T. Gal
bralth on the 23rd, day of May, 1873,
tor the purpose of irrigating Block
195, of the said Lot 4, In the Town
aite of Cranbrook according to a n%p
or plan Bled in the Land Registry
Office at Nelson, B. 0„ as 669C; and
for permission to change the point ol
diversion and tbe course of the ditch
tor the diversion of part of said
water, will be beard before me
at my ofllce on the 18th day
of March, 1013, at eleven o'clock in
the forenoon, local time, under the
authority of the said Water Act.
Objections should be filed with me
on or before the 11th day of March,
Dated at Cranbrook, B. ('., the 14th
day of February, 1912.
Acting    Assistant    Oom-
niltaloner of Lands for the Southern
Division of Hast Kootenay.        7-4t
(Water Act, 1909.)
To all holders of land within the
limits ol Lot 4, Group 1, Kootenay
District and to nil holders of Water
Records on Josephs Prairie Creek.
Application of William B. Bardgelt
for the apportionment of part of tbe
100 inchee ot water from said creek
recorded in favor of John T. Gal-
bralth on the 23rd day of May 1872
tor the purpose of irrigating Block
183 of the said lot 4, In the Town
•ite ol Oranbrook according to a map
or plan filed In the land Registry
Office at Nelson, B. C, aa 669C; and
tor permission to change the'point of
diversion and the course of the ditch
for the diversion of part of the said
water, will be heard before me at my
office on the 18th'day of March, 1912
at eleven o'clock In the forenoon local time, under the authority ot the
eal (I water act.
Objection! should he filed with me
on or before the 1Kb day of March,
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C. the 14th
day of February, 1912.
Acting   Assistant   Coni-
cRANBunoK land niRTRicT    Premier McBride Will Not
District of Southeast Kootenay Alter  Position.
Take aotlee that William Harrison I
of Oraabrook, occupation railwayman!   victoria, Feb. 14,—Premier McBride
intends to apply lor permission     to  wlla beard from in tbe legislature to
purchase     the     followits    deneiilurt j day on the questions of better terms
leads:— land  Asiatic  Immigration.    His   con
Comnieocite at a post planted at tributlon on both subjects were ini-
the North West cortor ot Lot 1744 j portent ones ns illustrating that the
on Bast tide of right 0I way, tbence | government has nut withdrawn in
west 20 chains more or lets to Tim
ber License 43.151, thence South to
Lot 10096; tbence oast to light of
way; thence following right of way
to point of commencement.
Name of Appiioeat.
Dated    tilth December,   1911.     t-»t
+-H-H-H-I"I~I-H~|"II-I"I-I-H-H-   -M-! )• l ti ..•.'.-.-.... |. .|..|.-..|..|..|. Ill- l-H-l+H-H-H -|~H~H-H--i"t"
Water Freezes and Bursts Pipes
one particular from the position
which it has taken during the past.
The discussion urose through resolutions dealing with the result of the
recent visit of the premier and his
colleagues to Ottawa to confer with
the federal authorities on matters affecting thin province.
The premier said thnt in all consideration of this matter of better terms,
every effort haH heen made to have
the people in the eastern provinces J*
understand that what waa proposed
was not Bimply for the betterment of
I, John T. Bcanlon, of Crauhrook,
" °" SLfTXS!? * ^"SlI: *}!! the ^Mv^Um of "this^province
but rather an an arrangement based
would be   of
notice that I Intend on the 29th day
of February, 1912, next, at eleven
o'clock la the forenoon, to apply to
the Water Commissioner at his otftce
at Oranbrook, B. C, for
take and uae 3-1000 ur 1 cubic feet
of water per second from an un-nam-
ed sprint; rising on Qrey Bagle Mln
eral Claim, Lot 8115, Group 1, Koo-
on simple equity that
assistance in   the    development     of
llrltlsh Columbia and the placing of
!!?DC!.t?'thi8 Province fn B better position to
contribute  financially  to  tbe federal
Continuing the premier recapltula-
tenay.  The' water will be used on pre- J?d wha* nad tbwn done to d»te
: the matter and went on to praise the
emption record No. 1298, being tub
division 5 of Lot 49.16, Oroup 1    tor I "WiMthetlc attitude shown  by   Mr
domestic purposes, the point of diversion le at the fountain head ot the
Dated thla 20th day ot Jan. 1*12   4 5
Notice of Court of Revision.
PUBLIC    NOTICK!     18
3IVHN that the Court ot
,111 sit on Monday March 4th. 1912 j
tt the hour ol 10:30 a. m. (local
' ime) at the Municipal Buildings,
Cranbrook, B. C, for the purpose of
lorrectlng and revising the Astess-
nent Roll of the City of Cranbrook.
Any person complaining of an error
r omission In   the said   Roll   shall
ejlvt notice of hlB complaint ln wrlt-
Borden and the probability of an early adjustment. He hoped that tht
scope of the commission to be ap
pointed to consider the question
would be sufficiently wide to embrace
the many open questions that have
arisen or may arise between the Dominion and the province. He believed that British Columbia had i
strong and just claim and the best
eftortB of the government would be
put to obtain a verdict basetl on
equity for the province. The debate
on this resolution was adjourned by
H. C. Brewster.
For White British Columbia.
On the question of Asiatic immigra
tion the premier made a strong pronouncement In favor of an all white
j British Columbia and expressed   tbe
belief tbat legislation In this respect
in the future   would   be of a   much
,      .     ..     . ,    , ,    more sympathetic nature as the ted-
Ihg to the Asessor, and the grounds crftl authorltle9 woull)i according to
of his complaint    at leas   ten   (10)    he |m o( Mr    Bord      consult
day. before   the elttlng of the   sntlTttj,,,  provlnce  where    her     lntere8tfl
T. M.
The partnership heretofore eiietlng j The Is» at I*""™'
between A tanigan and F. W. Hum
bit has been dissolved.   Mr. Humble sha11 ,,e 80 "? 80 chalni'
were concerned. The debate of this
resolution was also adjourned by Mr.
Prior to     the rising of the   house
Hon. W. R. Ross introduced a bill to
amend tbe    coal nnd petroleum act.
constituted    requires that a coal or petroleum claim
In dimen-
retlrlng. The new arm will collect
all outstanding accounts and pay all
A. K. Lanigan.
Dated     this   2'Jth   day of January,
slons. The minister proposes to take
power to vary these standnrd measurements where the contour and
character of the country render this
necessary but not so ss to make the
5-4t' size of the claim substantially more
| or leSB than 640 acres. Provision is
- ulso made for a renewal of lapsed
licenses upon the payment of a $25
fee within three months ot the natural expiry of the license.
Cancellation of meserve
Notice is hereby given that the reserve existing   over Lot 6623, Oroup
One, Kootenay District, formerly embraced In Timber License   No. 16727
by reason of a notice bearing date of
24th December 1907 and published In
the British Columbia Gazette ol 27th
December 1907, Is cancelled in order
tbat a sale ot tbe said lands may be
effected to Elizabeth Cummlnge.
Robt. A. Fenwick
Deputy Mlnittec ot Lands.
Lands Department
Victoria, B. C.
February 8th 1912. 8-JMo.
SEALED TENDERS    tor   one
more of the following buildings   will;spy at
London. Feb. 19.—English feeling
over the Stewart case Is increased hy
this morning's disclosures in the
German paper. Hamburger Nachrich-
te, which has interviewedAJrsenc Ver-
ru, the Belgian criminal spy, upon
whose uncoroborated evidence Stewart was sentenced to three and „ half
years in a German fortress.
Betrayed for Gold.
He admits that he betrayed Stew-
i art for German gold. He says that
while empoyed at Hamburg as a Representative of Courage & Co., London brewers, a London director of the
brewery asked him in 1907 to collect
information for the English war ofllce
He came over to the war office and
saw a major and a lieutenant colonel. The latter engaged him as a
yearly salary of 11,250.
be received at the ofticc ol the C.P.R
Division Engineer, up to noon, Feb.
24th, 1912 for the erection and completion of tbe following buildings.
following   points:
Webb,     Namaka,    Seven    Persons,
Winnifred,   Dunmore,     Olive,   Nevis,
Lougheed,   Aldenyde,   Jaffray,   Bur-
miss,   and Galloway.   Also a
at Yahk.
Plans   and   specifications   can    he
seen at Chief Engineers office, Winnipeg,     Resident Engineers   ofllce   at ""•"*«•   A' the same time   he con
Cranbrook, and    Medicine Hat,   and "";"•* <1."rl".K Ifil,*"' l9U_s""1."'?
at this office.
He spent the next three years travelling in Germany and sent several
reports to the war office, dealing
mostly with general politics and policies.
Was Dismissed.
en 1909 the war office salary was
diminished by halt and in April 1910
| the brewery dismissed him lor unexplained reasons. A (ortnight later
the war office stopped his salary,
saying in future that he would he
payed hy results. Thereupon he entered into relationship with an nK"nt
in Brussels, who engaged him to do
counter espionage work in Germany's
At the same time
Division Enginetr
reports to the British war office, hut
was, he says, miserably paid
Visit   of   Martin.
On July .10 last, when the Anglo-
German relations were so strained
thut war seemed imminent, „ man
called Martin came to him its a reputed envoy of tbe British intelligence department and paid him (65
After Stewart wns arrested Verru do-
A truthful page is childhood's lovely cl*T*<' th,lt hc °n'1 Martln *ere    th"
the best thing to do then is to
for the
Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water Experts
Prompt Attention Given
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and    Repaii ed
I  Cranbrook
:: Plumbing Tlnsmithing* & Heating Co.
W. F, JOHNSON & SON,   Props
:, Phone 340
. '.+ -4.-.-M.-M.'-M- + "-H-+-M-M- +++++++++++.H-H. ■•■.■..!. I
P. O. Box 904 +
f^lko     N()tfc?S      |"l"l"'"!',l*""J»l»l*»l*ili«l«l»l«l"l»M"l«!  "l«l«r«lal«I«IllalfuTflaI|aJ.|jllrt-|lI|lBiaj
Mr. "Billy" Wood ami     biH liance
enjoyed a sleigh-ride on Sunday,
A. C. Bowness
Mr. J. Agnew, of tiie hardware
store, at Elko, has just returned
Winnipeg where lie was conducting
A gentleman in Elko told the wri
ter that he had quite outgrown his
Illusions. But Is not that the greatest illusion of all?
Mr. McBain, late ol the hardware
store at Elko, hns sold his beautiful
and attractive house to Mr. Joyce,
ol the Rock Creek  Lumber Oo.
The snow     is going last, and soon j
the green hills anil fertile plains    of
Elko will be seen in all their summer
array.   The     prettiest town in    the j
Pass. !
In Siberia there is a superstition
thnt a boy born on Christmas Day
must lie brought up a lawyer, otherwise he will become a thief. Personally we can't see the difference.
Wine   and   Spirit
MiinnfiK'Uuvi- ,,l :il
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red  Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
[in porter
of nil kinds
of foreign
and Spirits
and   Domeatic
I   Baker St.
mi<Mlal«lauiMI«iai«lal«l«l«l»liil.l.lsl«[t &
Cranbruok, li. C.
A hospital was also talked about,
and the name of a prominent physician mentioned. This is an institution that Elk0 stands greatly in need
of, as another case of fever is re-
At a certain store In Blko there is!
1 udvertisnient announcing a cheap I
sale ot canned vegetables, etc, on '
the same card cheap patent medicines are advertised. Is it not rather sug j
The leap yenr ball arranged liy the
ladies of Waldo and Baylies was a
perfect success, and a goodly turn j
was realized for the benelit ol the
widow and ber family. They do!
things well at Waldo.
A coyote passed leisurely along the
main street of Klko last week. Sev-
eral young men and boys attacking
it with snuwballs. The animal cross-'
ed over the yard of the North Star
Lumber Co., and disappeared in tbe
HOTEL g™,"b"ook'
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with s
cuisine ol superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  to
The   Wentworth
J, McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
Evidently Mr. Roo does nut favor
the church .nchenie, bh he thinks it ih
far better religion to pay stoic lnlin '"
thati to give to tho church. It is
more practical, Mr. Roo, hut then,
"It Ih more blessed to give than to
tfhe is a Jewell ho the jewellers
nay; and the jewellers ought to
know, although to fix that precious
jewel, the jeweller ha« been slow, fc.1-
ko folks are longing for the charivari, so hurry up, just rtx her up
amongflt your jewelery.
The God-like presence of children
purify human nature, and enrich It,
with thnoe sympathies, and sensibilities, which make parents more virtuous and Ood-like.
Whereon sweet innocence hae record
same persons, although he admitted
Martin had ,, different appenrnnce.
All this Stewart    stoutly denied at
An outward semblance ,,f the   young  *•*« trial,     demanding corroborative
evidence.   This identification   by    an
admitted  criminal,  who on  his   own
heart's grace
Where truth and love and trust are
all portrayed.
confession waH aerrctly in the pay of
both governments, was a cardinnl
point in Stewart's trial.
Parliament meets here today,   and I lintr
there will   probably  he an avnlnnchc | hor<H
My literary friend Mr. Fred. Hoo,
J. P. haH the honor of being invited
by the Chamber of Commerce to join
in the festivities at Kalispell in honor of Washington's birthday. Should
my friend see his way to go, the celebration will be all tbe pleasanter.
and no mistake.
The Klko Board of Trade met on
Tuesday ot last week, in the Klk Motel, there wus n good attendance, and
it waa resolved tn draw tbe atten
tlon of the government t«» the fact.
that Klko would be a very central
place tor the proposed long time Jail.
Will a iHil be an honor to Klko''
A woman's words porsunslvo
We ran  listen to and  meet,
with an answer that's ovaslve
And an adjective that's sweet,
Dut our logic Beams no simple
And our salt-possession tiles,
When her ctieoks are all n dimple
And she roaBOIIR Wltll her eyes.
of kindness for strangers, for those
in whom we have not one spark of
vital Interest; and to the hearts dependent upon us for sympathey   and
missioner of Lands for the Southern appreciation, have scarcely one che*-
Divlaion of Bast Kootenay.        7-U ry word.
Of all places praise should he most
lavlBhly used in tho family circle.
How many of us keep all our words <>■ questions to Sir Rdwnrd drey
Verru says: "I tin no KuKlishninii;
I wat mueh better treated hy (ier-
many. My duty, therefore, was to
save Oermnny from the efforts of
English    espionage." -Calgary Her-
Mi   sid. Keith, tlio popular linrmnn
at. Hir Kih Hotel    bun been unlortii-
in  getting iim   Insi    running
badly Injured,   While out grns-
l-HI-m-l-H+t +-HM-M-H-H
ii   STOVES and RANGES  il
Iwish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
i ELKO, B.  C.
frHIWHWMHfH4ttffffWttftl HI i III *■»
♦04X>t>4>4»e>04>4>4>4>4>«>4>4>t>4>t>4>4> **********************
inc. with some otber horses, it star
t«t to fight, getting the worst, of the
encounter; tho result being Hint the]
Hiiliunl is glittering trom a Bovore
kirk. (Ji'lte a knork out blow, such
as wns given In Cranbrook to our
local cbainpion some time ago.
■     W.    DR8W,    Propria.,,! j,4~M-W-M-l .■■■.fi+H+i-i+rtl-H^ «H"M"H-M"H"M"s-H"'j.
1 The Hardware
«L "J*
—= Store    —
"There's something 'bout a hardware
store." the Btranger said to me,
"That  makes it most attractive like
It's where I'd ruther be.
Some fellers like tu hang out at Pink's
grocery  Btore,
An'  Beattle-Murphy'B drug shop lias
attractions fer some more,
An' some there be that deem t" think
Dezall'a blacksmith's shop is tine,
But I have tried 'em all, an' say, the
hardware store fer mine.
"Wben I ain't no thin1 else t' do. 1
like t' wander here.
There's somethin' warm an' cheerin"
in its pleasant atmosphere;
Take this here keg o' nails 1 use t'
rest myself upon.
There's somethin' 'bout it dlQereut
than other chairs.   I swanl
The saws, an' hammers, an' ir.enlt'e,
the planes an' chisels,  too.
The coffee pots an' metal tubs console me  when  I'm  blue
*'I like t' sit round here sn' think, i
like the smell o'  steel,
There's somethin' 'bout a kit o' tools
that's downright sound ami real.
When  I  eet tired o' gabby  men.  tin'
weary of their bluff.
1 like to sneak In here an' sit ninuDR
the proper stuff;
Tools never brae; or lie or    Mat,  "i
flash their diamond rings,
But take 'em world-wide over,    they
are always doln'  things'
F. Parks tV Co. ii
Hardware, Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
^f*-|-H. ■. -H-H-H ■l-H-l-M-H ,H..H"MI"M I I I 11 I 11 I I
We   have   had  consigned to us this week
a lot of Good Oranges which we otTer for sale
l«SO's or 176's
And a full stock of the International Stock
Food Go's Poultry Foods, Etc., has heen   received
Do not forget that we offer Whole  Corn
AT 32.T5 per hundred pounds.:
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranbrook,    B, C.
Lux ut Kink's Pure Pood Grocery.
j. p. Kink was at Vancouver this
week uu company business.
j    See our prices    lor  oranges     tins
week.—Campbell St   MauiiliiK
I   Mrs. J. S. Staples, of Wyclllle, was
shopping iu Oranbrook Tuesday.
.Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Coster, of Wlu
nipcR, were In town Wednesday.
Toilet Sets at bargain priceB.—Cam
. pbcll i  Mannings.
K. Howard, and I). McHarchcrn. of
Kort Steele were In town  Monday.
11. W. Drew, ot Klniboiley spent
several days in Oranbrook thin week
iiu business.
Snai»s ui Dinner-Seta at Oampbell
A Manninga.
D. McClelland, and Miss McOlelland
ol Marysvillo were Oranbrook vIb!
tors Thursday.
K. Paterson hns sold his residence
on Gardon Avenue to Mr, ll McFarlane.
Special pi-ices for good Oranges at
KINK'S Pure Pood Grocery Sec
our stock before you buy.
Vtnce i.iddioat returned this week
[rom a visit to Vancouver an,I othor
coast cities.
James Kuihiy enme down trom
Bell view, Alta, tins week un bust
Oranges, special prices Baturday
ao cunts    per dosso at   Oampbell ai
Judge Q. H Thompson, was . hul
den a sitting ,,l tho County Court in
Golden tbls week
We are adding fresh papers and
maKiuuu'H to our Block Obtain
yours at tbe Palace Clgai Store,
Hanson Block
Mr and Mrs H W Davis ll Wy
chffe. were Cranbrook visitors on
Special prices for good iTanc^s at
FINK s   Pure  Food     Grocery     See
uir stock before vou buy.
Mrs T T. McVittie. Miss Gal
braith. ol Kort Steele were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and See Our
Side Lines
Palace Cigar Store
A I'lioniieur tie preven-
ir sa nombreuse clientele
qu'il vietit de recevoir tin
nouvel assortment de a-
(tars de premiere classe.
Nous sollicitons votre vi-
site er profitez de cette
nouvelle aubaine.
Visitors to the City
11. Barber,    Hosmer
.1.   It    Mlckle,      Now  York
M. J. Hill,    Winnipeg
10,  V    Dangeryeld,     Calgary
It.  II   Bond,     Winnipeg
I,   Graham,     Kernie
K. 0. HnBkervllle, Winnipeg
.1   K. Parish,    Cardsion
A.  w,  Forman,     Winnipeg
It.  Henry,     London, Bng.
Alex. F. Frank,     London, Eng.
0. Jnincs Bancroft, London, Eng.
K.   0, DeWolf,     Bonnets Ferry
J. W.  Holmes.     Lethbridgt
H. Speeder,    Winnipeg.
W. J   Ward.     Winnipeg
0, M. Pennock, Wardner
W. H, May,     Nelson
J, K.  Macdonald.     Montreal
('has   B.  Moore.     Winnipeg
J,   J,  riimiN.     Winnipeg
W. M. Klnir,     Hpokane
J   H. Wilson.     Spokane
K.   A.   Hall.      Spokane
L   flrnhnm.     Kernie
P   W   Hammond,     Nelson
Geo.   0,   Palmer.      Spokane
Oeo. Wat'on.     Kort Steele
lames  fUan,     Vancouver
W   Magoon,     Wardner
Sherwood Hercbmer.,     Kernie
tlr.  S.   Bonnell,     Fernie
[,.  r.  Kckstein.     Kernie
S.  S    Arnold,     Toronto
Window & Carpet
Cleaning Co.
W W Kilby b OK  BarberShop
Carped cleaned  with
out     removal     liv     our
Vacuum Process,
Windows   cleaned   ,it
moderate prii es.
Send a postal to Box
802 and   mn  representa
tive will i all on you  with
all parlii ulars.
I   llrnik.     Flagstone
Kr-,.,1    Foster,      Flagatons
I'M. Stnrk.     Flagstooe
H   I..  Bawyer,     Marysville
Geo     .lftlr:es,       Marysville
Hans Lund,  Marysville
('arl Brickson     Moyle
K    Williams,   Wycllfte
J. Reekie. Athalmer
0   Langdon,    Creston
Wm.  Bidwards,     Fernle
At Cranlirook
c   Rlom.     Calgary
T   M    ?oung,      Kort Steele
0    H    Day,  and  wife,     Toronto
0   11   McDougal,     Kinilsirlev
A.   London,      Montreal
fv flolv,     Vancouver
Cooper,    Toronto
Beatty wants the earth' He will
pay cash for good filling, ashes, gra
vel, or cleau earth, delivered where
directed.   W   R.  Beatty
A. Hefler. and G W Ilavis of Wy
ciffe. were guests at tbe Cranbrook
TO RENT —KurnisUed rooms tor
gentlemeu. Address Box M ar apply
at The Prospector office. 7-tl
Mr. an,! Mrs. H. L. Buchanan, of
Wycllfte, were Cranbrook visitors on
Galley Eighteen
Mr. and Mrs. M. Mclnnis, of Calgary, were registered at the Cranbrook Monday.
ROOMS TO RENT—Every conveniences, apply to the Salvation Army
or Phone 263.
FORSALE.—A nice    open      front
Franklin heating stove stove in good
condition and    S feet   of pipe. C. 0.
Main; Phone (12.
Mr. ans Mrs. E. T. Ople, of WattB-
burg were Cranbrook visitors Wednes
Swifts White Laundry Soaps will
not injure tbe finest fabrics.--Oampbell & Menning.
A Tcrlluiho,
H II    Ross.
H ii   Dunn,
.1 Mclnnis,
fi) Compton,
Beaver Dan,, wis.
Fort Steels
Kort  Steele
A   .1   Bar.hortnn,    Nelson
W    11   Ijiren,      Winnipeg
■I   0. Lennox,     Detroit
Mrs. W R. Beatty, who has heen
visiting her parents at Harrishurg,
Pa., returned home Wednesday.
Mrs. Charles Hilton, of Yahk, Was
visiting h„r mother Mrs. J. A. May-
stre, this week.
Special prices for good Oranges at
KINK'S Pure Food Grocery. See
our stock before you buy.
Mrs A. E. Jones, who haa recovered from a serins Illness, is now re-
celvelng the congratnlstlons ol her
friends on being able to tie around
Any paper, magn/tne, or book xan
be ordered from the    Palace   Cigar
Stun-    Hanson  Block
Jack Twamley is confined to his
home, ill with pli-uracy. He has been
suffering for nearly two weeks, but
hia condition does not improve, and
he Is now confined to his bed. We
hope to hear news of him before long.
FOR SALE.-Several Belgian Hares j
carrying young; t'iM each. Address |
Swansea Poultry Ranch, Wattsburg,
11   0, 7 tf
There is no way of Improving a
place as much as by encouraging
good merchants, good schools, nnd
rood people to settle among you, nud
tbln cannot ho done unless you spend
your money at. homo
C|,OTH"N(l.--W,i in,, currying one
of the best makes ol clothes In Canada and yon will ngroo witli us wn
are sure, If vou will come In nnd
look tlieui over We hnve a large
rnnge m all sizes and In many differ
ent stylos.—8.  K.  Murcnutile House.
Give a -satisfaction that
nothing will rrplaca.
They come to near to
the natural that yuu will
fed like yon did in boy*
Watchmakers and
The 1. 0. K uio liavlug ii concert
ami whist drive ui Un*. Carmen's hall
utixt Thursday. The ladles aro work
log hard to raise sufficient [uuds to
obtain regalia's uo the Quard oi
Honor that 1ms boon recently or
ganbted In connection wltb tho lodge.
Don't croak.
e that
to irogs
and stagnant ih
A   low
though are nec<
in   8V(
ry com
muinty to meat
he rate
ol   pro
grass nt which
meu ai
* iuKiiii
Now   IH tho turn*   u* make thnt
Homo Made Marmalade, [or you can
get oranges cheap nt Campbell ft
Don't lot your wife's pockot hook
remain empty A prudent, hard
working women does not like to be
obliged to ask hor husband for money
which roally belongs as much to her
hs to him.
Mr, mul Mrs. W, J Flowers
auf family, wish to express their
sincere than1*.* to all those friends
whoso sympathy and services
wore so kindly tendered in their
recent bereavement, occasioned by
the death of Mrs.  11.  A. Kerr.   __
Wo have only missod one week in
the course of the past ten months
that we have not added new subscrib
era to our fast growing list of readers. This week we want to let you
know that you have another 6 readers for companions who are learning
something about the City oj which
we are so proud.
LOST.—Somewhere betweeg Cran
hrook and Canal Flat, a Bmall parcel
tender please return Fame to The
Prospector Offlle, Cranbrook.
James Ryan, of Vancouver was in
town this week, congratulating his
friend A. C. Bowness, on his being
Mayor of the best and most prosperous city in the province. "Uncle
Jim," was formerly a member of the
City council, and be has a host of
friends in Cranbrook wha were pleased to see him.
The Private Secretary played
their return engagement nt the Auditorium on Wednesday evening.
There was a poor attendance, this
may be aocounte:! for by the many
other attractions that were taking
place on the same evening.
Jam! Jam! this week a large shipment of Chiver'n noted English Jama
these Jams are made from specially
selected fruits and cauned within a
few hours of being gathered. And
OUR prices on these perfect JamH
und Marmnlades are below what, you
have been for an inferior article.--
East Kootenay Mercantile House.
A well known minister who had
been nreaehlng a begging sermon,
concluded is as follows: "I don't
want anv to contribute who have not
paid their subscription to the home
paper, for country palters need money a great deal more than do the
heathen." Thnt minister knew what
he was talking about.
Fresh Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce,
Radishes, Cucumbers and Parsley at
Campbell ft Mannings.
Don't loaf on the streets and tell
strangers that the town is dead. It
is not. The trouble is not that of a
dead town, but that of dead energies
ol too mnny of Us people. Show that
you are alive by moving lively, wide
awake hy jumping into it, on thei
alert by improving your opportunities, nml getting' there because you
are In the lead of the procession.
There was a special meeting of the
City Council last Monday evening to
pass on the By-law that is to come
before tbe ratepayers lor endorsement
on the 6th day of March, L912.
Mayor Bowness presided, aud there
waB in attendance Aldermen Cameron, Campbell, Johnson and Erlckson.
The whole of this By-law is given
in nn another column and Bhould be
carefully road and considered by
OVory ratepayer.
Vineland Canned Vegetables aud
Fruits are packed in sanitary tins;
positively nn BOddor or acid used in
Healing thom. If you use Vineland
Can nod goods once you will always
demand them (or Vineland brand is
the finest procurable.—The Fink Mercantile   00 .   Ltd.,   Sole   AgOUtB
A new directory has heen issued by
thfl Kootenay Telephone Lines, thin
week. It announces that tho company has completed arrangements with
the Western Union, and the Great
Noi thorn Telegraph companies, and
will now receive totogl'ftms and letter*
grams for t rnnsmtsBlon over tbo
above linos to tiny point in the world
Many improvements have added to
the directory which can he road
with profit by "ll patrons ot tbe
Beale ft niwoll advise that the Mb
which thoy were offering for sale |h
ihe Pittsburg sub, Division of tlio
townsite of CoiiUltlam, arc all plm'tiil
and that » few lots are for sale sit
nn advance ol $75 over and above tlije
price thoy wore offering thom nt n
few days ago
Vincent Llddlcont    returned     th
week  from a trip to the coast  and
. if the     opinion    thnt   there    Is iii
nnother olty In the province that lu
such   largo   prospects   as     Crnnbrot
lias today.     Though     favorably it
pressed  with tho   outlook at   Kai
loops and  Vancouver  ho  still   rotni
confidence in the better future of o ir
city.      Mr  Liddicnnt will  start cojn-
tracting right away.   He has duri
the past vear a large experience with
brick   buildings nnd  in    tbe near   u
ture the city will go in strong in tin
brick  line.   "Vfn?e"  should  stand    r
good chance of securing many nf
future contracts t.-'nt will be gi
Vineland Canned Tomatoes are Just
as full flavored ns the big red, ripe
fresh Tomatoe. No coloring is used
in preparing Vineland Tomatoes. Try
a can and be convinced of their superior quality,—Tho Fink Mercantile
Co.,  Sole Agents.
A farmer whose son was an applicant for a position under the government, but had hem repeatedly turn
ed down, said: "Well, it's hard luck
but John has missed that civil service examination again. It looks like
they jest won't have him!" "What
was the trouble?" "Well, he wu?
short un spetlin' an' geography, and
missed party fur in mathematics"
"What is he going to do about it?'
"I durno. Times is .mighty hard, an
T reckon he'll have to go back ter
teaching school for a livin'l"
When Spring Cleaning, why not
have those old pictures framed in
some of KILBY'S latest style mould'
ings. Do it now? W. W. KILBY.
Practical Picture Framer.
About two weeks ago, Clark  Wallace, a lad of 15 years   while   trim
ming a log in the bush on the Wallace ranch, north of town, drove   a
very keen edged axe through a heavy
shoe, and in to the ball of his foot,
: leaving   one   toe    suspended to    the
j foot  by the skin,  the gash extended
I was about   three   inches   in   length.
I He was taken to Dr. Bell's office in
j Cranhrook,     who     inserted      seven
'stitches in the skin drawing the,gap
ing wound to a close.   The lad   has
| suffered    very    little owing to     the
skilful treatment hy the Doctor, and
with good care, the   wound is   now
healing very nicely.
We DON'T know the date of the
next Provincial Election but we DO
know we can give you every satisfaction for any work entrusted to us iu
Picture Framlng.-KILBY FRAMES
of 1 he
There arc several improvements that
can profitably be made around town
by our Board ot Works/ especially
so is this in reference to the bridge
crossing the creek on Cranhrook
Street over which nearly the whole of
tbe school children pass several times
every dny. The side rails n?e brock-
en, and pieces of wood extends out
to the Inconvenience of pedestrians.
Another danger, and tbe greatest
danger of all is tbo crowding of the
children as the pass over the bridge
when leaving school. There is great
danger of. one or more of them being
pushed into the waters below, nnd if
help is not nt hand, who is there
among us that realize the consequences. Forewarned is forearmed
it acted upon.
The "Barrier" by Rex Beach was
presented to n fairly full house at
the Auditorium last Monday. The
play is one that It is always a delight to see, there are so many phases of human ohm-actor exhibited,
that one cannot help but be interested In the plot. Tbe company ia well
balanced, but Is without the fresh
noun that characterized it the last
time It was presented here.
lift.(HI will stock nny Industrious man
on the rond to prosperity. For particulars call on S. A. Reld, Palace
01 gar Store, Iffitisnn Block
For anything In Fancy China,
Crockery, mid Glass-ware see our
stock.-Campbell A Manning.
| There are a number of our auh-
jHcribers who keep the "Prospector"
i on tile. In checking up our file we
llnd we nre short of September 2ft,
No. 38, and October 28, No. «; if
anyone will kindly oblige hy bringing
or sending these copies to the office
we will give thom double their sale
price in value.
The time was when the spring girl
always hnd her eyo on the fellow who
bad a good driving horse, tint the
fellow who has an automobile holds
over the fellow with a horse no fnr
now that there is no comparison. A
girl could tell ber fellow by the wny
be drove up to the door, or by the
sound of his hiiggy, hut now she
simply listens for the "honk" or
sniffs for the smell of the gnsollno.
Thero ia one handicap yet na to running of an auto, It requires both
hands, hut this mny be obviated la-
:• Opposite Freight Shed ||
3 Cottages
3 Residences
renting for $30.00
per month
Price $1500.00
t-,l..li.l..l.LliLljtl,.ti.l,il(ilnliil.if,il»t..l. 11, I.i I,   *i.,l,,t,,l.l,ili,t,,l ■*-"-"   I
T"l"T'i"r s| ,-|i>| ,-|„|„|, >|., (.»*-. *|-*|**t* *|* *-r *{4t *r T'|*T'|HI' ttTtlT lT
P. Burns & Co j!
Purveyors of Pure Creamery Dairy Butter
Provisioners & Exporters
All our Meats  are  Government   Inspected    '.'.
An Explanation
The price of an Orange does not signify the value of it
—there has been several lots of poor oranges brought into the
city and sold at a low figure simply because they were a
miserable stock, being void of flavor and containing little or
juice- some people think of the price only when they are
buying oranges, but they realize (to their sorrow) that they
have been duped when they are trying to eat them.
Now which would you rather have one good, full-flavored
orange or a dozen tasteless excuses—we are sure you would
prefer the one good specimen- that is the reason we handle
only t le best which are Red Shield Redlands Navals.
Let us demonstrate this fact to you.
The Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
ter on. The tandem bicycle was not
a howling success as a means of locomotion to the young people although it was touted to the skies
first, and there may be brighter days
for the old sorrel and top buggy if
the girls of today and tomorrow are
anything like their mothers of yesterday.
ANNOUNCflMBNT.—The Fast Kootenay Mercantile House Wishes to
announce to its many patrons and
friends the opening of a new department, viz: Gents Furnishings, Clothing, Hoots, and Shoes, and all associated lines. You will find every line
storked with new goods and we are |
sure if you give us a call whin in
need of anything In the above lines
you will find that our prices are right,
and the quality of the goods are of
the best. Drop In and examine our
stock. It is no trouble to show you
through whether you buy or not.—
Blast  Kootenay Mercantile House.
Geo. B. Powell, who was seriously
burned about the face and body when
the gasoline explosion took place on
Friday last was said to bo very low,
ond fears were held oa to his recovery, but late on Friday night he was
reported aB being somewhat  better.
The Provincial estimates for this
year amounts to a total of sixteen
million, and Cranbrook receives over
W.    W.    KILBY.
THE  BKNNRTT is    the    Ideal
Typewriter for the business man,
who does not feel jusiiled in tying
up $100 to $125 ia a large machine
but would like to send out business-like,    neat    and    up-tp-date
work.   The little Bennett enables
him to do this, as it is tbe only
small typewriter   that is practical.   While     there   have been   a
number of small machines on the
market, they did not stay.
Sole Agent tor the Kootenays.
Headq uarters—Cran brook
P. O. Bov, 233
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted hy
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
(.YrtiHcsted Teacher from
London School Board
li':IMP   u. m.   ,n   I2;00 m.
'-':IKP   p. in,   to    4:(H) p, in.
I'honc 226
I*. O. Box 23H
, .♦<"l"l"l"H"l"l-l-H-H-M-W-<-i-.-H"H 111 I I I'l'l-I III 11 m**.> .
< . I .
!; House For Sale i!
Near School House
This house hns Two Good Bedrooms, One I.i inn Room, Kitchen,
Good Sized Pannry and Cellar, and
is Electrical!)1 Wired Throughout,
There is also a front and hack
veranda in connection.
{500.00  Cash—Balance   to   suit   requirements of purchaser.
Enquire at
Prospector   Office
or write Box "M"
I-H'.|"-|'.|"l'■•-ih H


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