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The Prospector Feb 10, 1912

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 Toric Lenses
While You Wait
**«5»9s=—i -S-"^        in   I
i^cw »,m,.ci
iii the
SI.50 Yearly
Noi 6
Meeting of   City   Council
Important    Recommendations   made   by   Inspector
A. C. Aikens and Police Committee.
$6,500 wanted by School Trustees.
The regular monthly meeting ot the
City Council was held lu tbe Oouncll
Chambers last Monday afternoon,
with A, 0, Howneas, mayor, In the
presiding chnlr, and Aldermen Cameron, Johnson, Atchison, Campbell,
nnd clapp In attendance.
The minutes of the last regular
meeting was read by the city clerk,
and on motion adopted a* read.
A cjiiiiniliilcntliiti was received and
read Irom A. C. Aikens, city electric
wire Inspector, recommending that
various wires and premises he inspected and authority he given him to
do tho same, his present authority
not .being sufficient to carry this out
Aldermen Johnson and Cameron
moved thut the resignation ol O. H,
Thompson, ns city solicitor, he received and accopted. The Cornell regretting snmc, hut extending congratulations nt Ills obtaining the position
ol Judge of the County Court, which
he assumed on the 1st of February.
The motion wns carried.
The Ilonrd of School Trustees sent
a letter to the Mayor and Council,
demanding Ihnt a bylaw hn dratted
and placed before the ratepayers for
the purpose of raising the sum ol
16,SCO.01) to be used In conjunction
with the sum of 117.500 promised liy
the Provincial Covernmeut lor the
purpose ol completing tbe prceon!
school liiilldlng, and erecting a manual school building, thought to be so
necessary for the benefit ot the children.
A communication was received from
Messrs. Harvey, McOartor ft Macdonald, representing Mr. U. H. Short
notifying the city of the tilling ol
his cellar and garden, with water,
Rowing from the streets, On motion
ol Alderman Campbell nnd Cameron,
the matter was relercd to the Board
ol Works.
Tho following accounts were presented for payment:-
School Bonn  i ay-roll  1141.56
Salaries       390.00
Police Pay-roll         431.00
City Engineer's Pay-roll   887.92
Kire Dopt    240.W
Cranbrook Electric Light I.o ... 381.25
John Choldltch   200.00
Ward ft Harris      34.70
Hsrald Publishing Co       27.30
C. S. Parker       27,90
Pittsburgh Meter Co      10.00
Niagara Palls Metal S. Wks.      5.09
Davis llro* Electric To     5.66
B. A. Hill         2.80
.1. Brault        1.75
Beattie Murphy Co     17.70
Empire Electric Co     17.10
P. Parks A Co       50.32
Pink Mercantile Co      146.65
P. DeVere Hunt      125.00
B. C. Government       2.20
B. Crooks (Miss)       4.96
Vancouver Rubbor Co     40C.00
Aqiiathotne Co       2.58
Cranhrook Sash A Door Co ...   18.97
Prospector Puh. Co       98,90
Beale A Rlwell       20.O)
T. N. Parrett     94.90
.... E. Worden   133.70
James A Leaak A Son     22.70
B. C. Gasettc       7.50
R.   C. Carr       8.70
Kootenay Telophono Lines ...     36.CO
J. D. McBrlde      14.83
Sundry™ Cnsh Payments       75.76
Municipal Construction Co ...    750.93
Sewerage Pay Roll   272.50
John Gait Bng. Co  437.66
I). O. Tate        1.45
W. E. Worden     13.55
Provincial Board ol Health ..     10.00
T. N. Parrett     36.40
C. 8. Parker '       3.85
Cranbrook Foundry     846.75
King Lumber Mills     47.23
Kootenay Telephone Lines ....     6.50
Oeneral Supplies Ltd    310.45
Pink Mercantile Co  75
Cranhrook Electric Light Co ..   2.80
Crane A Ordway      40.00
Beattie Murphy Co       8
C.P.R. Freight    164.62
O. R. Leaak   136.70
the Provincial Government made a
grant ol 14,500; and tbo City (600
for the erection of an Isolation hospital.
The veied ((ueutlon of Electric
this matter, we might mention that
street lighting wns aguln brought up,
nnd, as tbe Council is determined to
work (or and protect tho liitorostH ol
the City, tbey will not pay tbo present hill rendered, which thoy rightly
consider extortionate. The matter
was reforcd to a committee wllb
power to act. The Council after dun
consideration came to thn conclusion
that If the price demanded for the
street lights wns not reduced, they
will Issue the necessary Instructions
to the Electric Light Co., to take
down the present Tungsten lights In
use and Install tho old arc lights.
The report ot the sewerage committee was received and favorably
Aldermen Campbell ami Atchison
moved that the amendment to tbo
procedure by-law No. 3, be read—Carried. Tald by-law wus then road a
lirst, second and third time.
The Police Committee presented a
system of police supervision to the
Council that will considorali y reduce
the friction that at present exists.
That a system of colored lights he
established In different, parts of the
city, controlled from the central
telephone ollice, and 11 the pollco are
wanted In any part of the city all n
person has to do Is to ring up central, give the necessary information,
then central turn on tho colored
lights, tbe pollco observing the same
phones central, receives their Instructions, and make a hurry run to the
place where they arc wanted. The
Electric Light company Imve kindly
tillered the (roe use of these lights,
and the telephone company the free
use of phones.
The Fire and Police committee
were Instructed to get prices tor tbe
installing of these lights, and have
the system In working order as soon
a* possible.
In connection with the communication Irom Inspector Alliens, his re*
ommendatlons were of tho right kind
and will appeal to everyone. It appears that In the city there are some
6 or 8 different persons and two dll
lerent companies engaged in changing
and doing repair work on     electric
Irlng. Many of these people are incompetent or careless about tholr
work, and in mnny canes there In
great danger ol tires, (rom tho In
competent work done. Mr. Aiken
writes that in places about town the
(uses have lieen replaced by wire
nails also picture cord wire, nnd
as a matter of fact there are places
without any fuses.
This Is certainly a serious state of
affaire and as a safeguard against
(Ires, it Is absolutely necessary thnt
the strict letter ol the law should be
enforced In this matter.
Mr. Aikens stated that through the
centre of the city, along nnd branch
Ing off from main streets, there were
premises that have wires so careless
ly installed, that there Is great dan
ger ol accidents and fires. The recommendation he would make to avoid
this danger in tho future is to have
all persons who alter, or make anv
repairs in whatever shape or form
have them pass a certain examine
tion written nnd verbal, as to tholr
knowledge ol wiring, according to tho
established  rules  of   Underwriters.
Mr, Aikens also stated tbut his
authority did not fully Justify him
In making certain examinations nnd
asked tho Council to give him thai
authority, that in doing so, it would
greatly increase the usefulness of his
position and be a help to him in improving the electrical work In the
city. The matter was relered to tho
Fire and Police committee.
Total I8.1C4.67
It waa moved by Aldermen Campbell and Cameron that the City
Clerk be Instructed to draft a debenture by-law as demanded by the
Hoard ol School Trustees. —Carried
Moved    by     Aldermen Clapp and
Atchison that the estimates ol the
School   Trustee* be relered to the
finance committee.
In connection with the St. Eugene
hospital grnnt of last year, which was
not been paid up to the present time,
several of tho Aldermen wanted to
know what privileges woro given 'to
the City lor making thin grant. It
was moved hy Aldermen Johnson and
Campbell that the matter be relered
to a committee to make necessary
enquiries for the Information of the
council.—Carried.   In connection with
There is a big improvement neccs
sary In the interest taken by tho
rate payers in the doings ot tho City
Council, and the council havo provided seats aor the accommodation off rate payers who are Intorostcd In knowing what the council are doing, and
who wish to attend their meetings,
It Is all very well to have the local
press report these meetings for the
benefit of the property holders, but,
more satisfactory to all concerned If
there were n largo attendnncu 0f rate
payers at everv meeting of the council.
The Council Chamber Is to he (Itted
out with new chairs In keeping with
the rest of the furniture, and nt the
same time provide for tho comfort of
the council while engaged In the
transaction ol city business. Those
chalrB will coBt (19.50 and 21.50, and
will be purchased from the Fink Mercantile Co.
Overseas Club.
A further Htnge was taken in or
ganl/lng the Cranbrook ibranch ol the
above at a general meeting held In
tho Y.M.C.A. on Saturday night last,
wben It was decided to take tbe Carmen's Hall wherein to hold their
future meetings.
It was agreed that the initiation
fee should be II.DO for oacb lady and
gentlemen, and a monthly fee of 25
cents for gentlemen only should he
In connection with the club and to
further the Interest that Is continually growing the members have decided to hold a social In tho Oar-
men's Hall on Tuesday, February 13
at 8 p, in., when both members and
anyone Interested lu tho work or non
members nro cordially Invited and
assured of a good time.
A special committee meeting will
be held on Saturday February 10th
nt H p. in,, prompt, In the Carmen's
A garland of seven lilies wrought.
Trainmen  at Auditorium
On Thursday evening tint second
Joint annual bull given by Hulk Irk,
Moyie and Crow's Nest, divisions of
railway engineers, llremen and ladies
auxiliary took place in the Auditorium, there was a large uttendunco,
and an exceptionally good time was
enjoyed. The music provided, was
the best that money could procure,
Nolan's orchestra, being engaged to
come all the way from Spokane.
Special mention must be made to
the grand march of "brotherly love-'
which was tho feature of the evening.
Tho reception committee In charge
Mrs.  J. S. Sarvls
Mrs. T. Druramond
Mrs. G. W, Johnson
Mrs. W. O'Hearn
Mr. T. Wilson
Mr, T, 8. Olll
Mr. G. W.  Johnson
Mr. J. S. Sarvls
Mr. B. McFarlane
Mr. R. Donaldson
Mr. P. Itusnell
Mr. P, Pourhard
Thn supper was well served and enjoyed by all.
Honor  Dicken's   Memory
The 100th anniversary ol the birth
of Charles Dickons, tho English nuv-
ellst was being celebrated all over
the world    on Wednesday     Feb. 7th,
Dickens was born nt Portsmouth,
England, February 7th, 1812,
Conduct Torpedo Practice
The Hrltlidi government has grim
ted permission to the Atlantic. fl«ot
of tho United Stains, t.o conduct tor
podo practice within tho territorial
limits of tbe island ol Jamacs. Tho
only condition Is that the flout, enm-
mnnder sbnll communicate with the
British government on every oocnslon
When It Is proposed to hold practice
tor the protection of comrnorco nnd
prlvato property. The torpedo division I* going Into HrttiHli v.iiters be
cause the ocenn oil liiiennntiino Is
entirely too deep Inr torpedo prnc
Oh, what would the world bo io us
ll the children were no mors ?
We shOUldy dread the desert, behind un.
Worse than the dark holoro,
Cranbrook is Proud
Cranbrook's   Amateur  Operatic  Society
Thrills Vast Audiencies With
Unsuspected Talent.
Never before has the people of
Cranbrook been able to leel so proud
of Itself and the talent it possesses
as It did on Tuesday and Wednesday
nights, when they went In crowds to
tho Auditorium Theatre and listened
to the splendid music and singing
and saw the acting ol one ot Lionel
Monckton's muclcal comedies "The
Country Girl."
Never belore has praise been so
worthily bestowed on amateurs a* lt
has been this week, the result ol so
much work and perseverance undertaken by a number of the ladles and
gentlemen ol Cranbrook. All local
talent, all wiUi the interest of the
production at heart; all wishlull ol
the Buccess of such a task voluntarily
imposod; practice became a pleaaure
and rehearsals u joy, undor the hands
of Messrs. Geo. D. Ingram, musical
director; and C. K. Loubach, stage
'imnager. Great credit Is due both
those gentlemen lor the excellent way
they bandied such a large chorus and
produced out ol raw material such
excellent results.
Many people have still in their
mind pleasant recollections ot last
yoar's production o( "The Geisha,"
nnd again has the musical talent ol
Oranbrook been clearly proved. Many
there were In the audience that made
comparisons with tbe numerous professional companies that come to
cranbrook from time to time and
remained convinced that tbe dlffer-
tncealwav» laid in (avor ol the local
Operatic and Dramatic Society.
Very difficult It Is lor any selection ol favorite* to be made or (or
any single part ol the production
that gained In lavor with the audience be specialized, we can't do it,
lor all were excellent. Th* several
players and singers taking leading
ports were so equalised and so faithful In production that one and all
nre deserving ot the greatest praise.
When the opening overture began,
the Auditorium was crowded to Its
utmost capacity. The music aa It
floated in the air gave evidence ot
the careful way tho orchestra had
been trained and to the untiring el-
forts ot Its leader, which led to such
iierfect results.
To the rising of the curtain and
tbe perfect ease with which the members taking part In the chorus came
before the public gaze, the natural-
n-ss ot the participants was ample
proof of the manager's care and forethought in details.
Geoffrey Challoner ... G. F. Stevenson
Tbe Rajah of Bhong ... R. T. Brymner
Sir Joseph Verity ... O,    E.  Loubach
Douglas Verity   H. Darling
Granfer   Mummery ... Allan Graham
Lord    Anchester   8. McKec
Lord Graasmere   G. Sadler
Major Vicat  D. J. McSweyn
Rube Fairway    A. D.HarriB
Barry-     Archie Raworth
Marjorle Joy   Mra.    II. Benedict
Princess Meheleneh of Bhong 	
  Mrs. G   Stevenson
Madame Sophie  Miss M. Kennedy
Mre. Qulnton Haiko* 	
  Mrs. A. L. McDermol
Kurse   Mis*   Plnnlss
Mis.; Carruthers  , Miss M. Rumscl
Lady Anchester   Miss S.Finniss
Nan   Mrs. F. Bouchard
Special Dances by Miss Rumsey,
Conductor  Mr. Geo D. Ingram
Pianists   Mrs Ira   Manning
Violin   Mr.   Wm. Gucrard
"         Mr.  J. Rumsey
"         Mr. W. Thompson
Cornet  Mr. E. H. Leaman
"        Mr. H. Robinson
Trombone   Mr. W. H. Wilson
"         Mr. J. Thompson
Clarinet   Rolle Palmer
"          Chas. McCowan
Piute     Mr. R. B.Bonedlct
"       Mr. B. H. Reed
Piccolo     Edward Reed
Drums   Albert Orenlcr
Mrs. R. T. Brymner Miss Moore
Miss M. K. Patterson Miss Brown
Mis* M. Palmer Miss Birkett
Mrs. P. Rossiter Mrs. G. Miller
Miss I. Williams Miss Dirkctt.
Miss M. Service Miss Connolly
Miss Moore Mrs. R. T. Brymner
Miss I Brown Miss Cartwright
Miss G. Brown MrB. R. Fraaer
Miss B. Prest Mrs. G. Miller
Miss M. Palmer Mrs. J. Kennedy
Miss Baker. Mrs. P. S. Rossiter
Mine Mob* Miss M. Patterson
Mrs.    Chapman
R. McOreery
A. L. McDermott
H. Palmer
J. 8. Peck
G. Rumsey
G. Sadler
O. Slmms
A. B. Stanley
D.  Sutherland
M. A. Beale
B. Elwell
R. Plewelllng
A. D. Harris
R. W. Honry
|H. Inglis
] J. Lower
| Geo. Milter
| Geo. McCreery
Stage Director   0, I'i. Loubach
Musical Director   (loo. 1). Ingram
Business Director     U. T.Brymner
Secret ury-Tres   I'. .1. MoSwOyn
Electrician   Elinor Smith
Master ol properties . (Veil Corrlnon
Wardrobe Mistross . Mrs.    (J.Ingram
Special scenery painted by J. H.
Special costumes hy Mowlames
Brymner, Hiovonson, Paterson nnd
Special Electrical effects hy Empire
Electric Co., and Davis IiroB. Electric Co.
President   Mr. It. T. Brymner
Vloo-Pri'sident ... Mrs R. B.Uenedlct
Sec'y-Trensurer ... Mr. I). J. McSweyn
Conductor   Mr. G. D. Ingram
Mrs. A. I.. McDcrmot
Mrs. B. I. Patterson
Mrs.   Ira Manning
Mr.   Archie Itaworth
Mr. M. A. Macdonald
Mr. Harold Darling
Thore is another part of the programme that must not be overlookrd
and which played a lug part In the
success of the spectacular side of the
production, and reference must he
made to the nxiiulslte costumes the
ladies wore. These were entirely ot
tbelr own making and reflects great
patience. The scenery wns painted
by J. S. Mennle.and was a gem of
the scenic art, and mnde especially
(or this production. The furniture
was furnished by the Ftnli Mercantile
Cranbrook cannot but appreciate
the advertising it obtains from what
has become to be looked upon as a
yearly affair. Numerous visitors from
tho outlying districts came in to see
the play, and certainly returned home
filled with praise and admiration of
the excellent production of the Cranbrook Operatic Society. Visitors
from Nelson and other places, say
that thoy never saw anything to
equal it, and absolutely none to surpass it.
The suggestion ns thrown out hy
a number of prominent citizen* that
a tour ot several towns in the Pass
and on the prairie be made, and
can be vouched for by their sincerity
by guaranteeing the expense of the
Crnnhrook can well he proud ol
her talent.
Last Words in Forestry Laws
Premier McBride Smashes Arguments
of Critics
Victoria, Pel). 6,—Premier McBrlde
spoke un the forest hill today ami
effectively answored nil argument.* ol
the opposition. Tbe bill passed Its
second reading.
Tho government, the premier said,
imd boon very humbly taken to task
because ii) PJUtJ ihu pulley ol the
prurient hill, which moant il'1' salo by
auction uf crown tlmhor lands, was
nut adopted, In reply he would buy
that tho Conditions then mul now
wero very different. ThOll tho province wan juHt recovering from a period  of  diiii:im11..ii   which   hml   struck
CI alloy Eleven
deep nt many nf the important industries. Revenue was nbodod and
neodod urgently to rehabilitate tbo
provincial crodlt, The rovonuo occur*
ed under the tlmbor policy of thai
year had onahlod the government to
undertake and carry forward mnny nf
thooo largo development enterprises
thftt hnd made for the upbuilding nl
the province The policy had now t,,
niter hocaUBC conditions hud obangod.
The principle behind tho admlnts
tfatlon of tlmhor lands undor spoclal
license wna a BOUOd one. There could
he no more striking illustration of
the Henry George doctrine in n mod*
Hied wny. Vet at ill the province retained hy the conditions nnd in qua*"
Iflcatlons attached to tho special license in which intorest, tantamount
to govern men t part norstl lp with t he
licensees, parliament retained tho
power to Increase both rontal and
royalty charges, ho that as the timber values grow BO would the interest retained hy the people In the
province Increase.
The policy was Btich an to make the ;
Itoensee take an Interest In tho tlm*
her and in Its preservation; end to do I
all in his power tn afford It protection from tire waste, in connection
with the length of license tenure the
mill-men in financing their on tor prises
had experienced very considerable
difficulty in Retting money from the
banks, having only limited licenses
aa tangible security,   it thim became
tbo duty of the government to aaslst
the mill men in their financing by
granting such title as would make
enable tbo operators to make tbo
tlmhor IndiiHtry a live and expanding nue. Through thin coiitho Hcoreit
nf pay rolls had heen brought Into
existence which before had no chance
to exist.
The government had nnw (succeeded
in framing up a forestry code that
would measure mi with the very best
In existence. The only grievance of
the opposition was that it would appeal to tho good sense of the country
in its intrinsic merits, in their eyas
a heinous crime. The measure waa a
nnn-pnlttirnl one, framed for the good
Of  the  country,  and   hy  the  time   It
in'came a statute of British Columbia it would he the last word In
forest legislation.
The hill to relieve ilie municipality
of Pernio by validating a certain bylaw for public Works in that city
w,,h reported    complete    with    noma
Slight   amendments
Tbe fnr mul resolution that supply
be '-ranted to his majesty was dealt
with In committee nf tho whole and
adopted, thus clearing the way tor
the bringing down of the estimates
nnd the budget probably early next
A delegation of the British Columbia union of municipalities waited on
the municipal committee of the legislature today and presented 44 resolutions, mostly of minor Importance.
Tt was announced in the course of the;
conference thnt the committee wns in
favor of the proposal that R commission he appointed to redraft the Municipal Clauses Act Into three distinct parte, nne denling with tJha
cities of the first class, one with the
•irbnn municipalities nnd cities of the
second c.lnss, nnd one with rural municipalities. It was further stated
Stated that a commission to Inquire
into the question of government or
municipal ownership of public utilities would  lie recommended.
Around  the  Churches
Sunday, February 11th
Baptist Church
Rev,  O,  K.  Kendall. Pastor
Morning service: II a. m. Topic
'The Church of Cod."
Evening service 7:.W p. m. subject
■The Urgency of the King's Business'
A cordial Invitation to nil.
Farmers' Institute
Cranbrook,  February, 7th.  1912.
Editor, Prospector.
Dear Sir- Ah a delegate from the
local Farmers Institute, to the Central Farmers convention held at Victoria on the 25-26 nf last month, I
thought tt fBW words to the public in
general, of thn work that was done
there might lm ot interest. I arrived
In the Capital on the 24th, after
changing from train to boat nine
times to make the Journey. Tho
meeting was held In the large agricultural room of the Parliament
buildings, at ID o'clock on the morn
ing of the 25th, the deputy minister
of agriculture, w. w. Hcott called the
meeting to order and In a few words
of welcome extended a hearty Invitation to tbe delegates present,. He
told them this was a week of conventions, but that   he   considered    thn
Farmers Institute as the most rapre
sentative body of the agricultural
classes of the province; the Premier,
and tbe Hon. Price Ellison, also
voicing the same sentiments when lft
ter they addressed the convention
The resolutions sent in by the different Institutes were then taken up in
rotation and dealt with in « very
business like manner, the majority of
which were adopted, some rejected,
and some withdrawn. Those that
were carried to bo taken up by ft
committee and brought bofore the lo
cal hoUBe for their consideration. A
great deal of the legislation aflecttng
agriculturists being brought to the
notice of Parliament by these conventions. The following gentlemen addressed tho convention while In session. The Hon. R. McBride; Hon.
Price Ellison; Thus. Cunningham,
fruit Inspector; Mr. Hayward of tho
Cowlcban Co-operative Creamery, al
so the manager of the silica Brick
& Lime Co. of Victoria, offering the
Farmers of the province crushed lime
fnr fertilizing the land at $4.2fi per
ton F.O.B, at their works on Van
r.OUVOT Island.
1 wiis very pleased at tho way the
questions were hml Hed by those pre
sent, who took them up in n open
handed nnd generous manner, work
jlng together for the good of nil, nf
iter the resolutions were ilmillv pass
led. H v,ite ul thnnks were tendered to
I thn Agricultural Department, also Mr
| Hcott, deputy minister of agriculture
and bis able secretnry \ K. Srnd
dock. Auld I nne Bvno wns then
sung Btnnding. Tbe chairman In dls
missint- the mooting thanked*the del
ogntos f<>r their faithful labors and
the courtesy shown to Mm nnd htfl
assistants. Anyone wishing more explanation to the above can have It
by coming tu the Farmers  Institute
Knox Presbyterian Church
(Rev. 0. 0.  Main;    Pastor.)
The usual Sunday services will be
held, at 11 a. m., aud 7j30 p. ni.
Sunday School at 3 p. m.
Methodist Church
Rev.   W.   Bison   Dunham.   Pastor.
The pastor will preach »t 11 h- m., j
and 7:30 p. m.
Morning subject:  "The People    called
A preliminary discussion of the
subject of Church Union.
Evening subject:   "The    Papacy    and
A discussion of the Ne Teniere Decree.
Special musical numbers will be
rendered by the choir at the even-
in*- service.
A cordial  invitation  is extended  to
all to attend the above services.
What tbe Churches are doing.
At the Baptist Church a Teacher
ing class will be started next Monday evening nt 8 o'clock, under the
leadership of the pastor of the church
meeting at the Government building,
Oranbrook,   on    Wodnosday evening.
the 2lst of this month at * p. m.
S. Macdonald.
Secretary     F.   1
Cranbrook 'lies.
Another good exhibition was wit
nOSBOd mi Monday night when Nelson
and Crnul rooV tied by .'» to ft, says
thn Nelson News The pace wan
swift from start to nnish with lots
hard chocking nil the way through.
Both teams plnyed undoi a dlindwm
: to the slmtllnrlty of the
The young peoples guild of tbe
Presbyterian church meet every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
The Epwurth League ,,( the Methodist church meet every Tuesday evening at K o'clock. Next Tuesday tbe
subject for discussion will be Christianity in Japan, led by Mr. F.
Hov. 0. 0. Maui has tendered bis
resignation aa pastor in charge of
the Presbyterian church here, and has
accepted ft call to Vernon.
Meetings for  Prayer.
Presbyterian church, Thursday evening at H o'clock.
Methodist church,Teachers training
class and prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Baptist church, Wednesday evening
nt 8 o'clock.
ed i. number ot
iwoators, winch
breaks ni combination nnl made   it
it difficult   mutter for  the  referee,   Joe
Thompson, to render decisions
The Cranbrook boys are going to
play a return match nt Nelson next
Monday night, when „ hard light will
be put by both teams, which are
pretty evenly  matched.
A good Ri?ed crowd watched tho
game and In the third quarter a dl
version tn the   form of a dog   tight
Major Green gave a very strong address in the Methodist church under
the auspices of the Salvation Army.
The Major spoke eloquently of the
social work of tbe army, particularly did he refer to the prison work as
carried on in Ontario, and the rescue
work of the midnight mission in Piccadilly, London, England. Major
Green is the new commander for British Columbia with headquarters at
Vancouver. He is now on a tour of
inspection throughout the province,
and is accompanied by Mrs. Green.
Rev, W. K. Dunham returned Wednesday evening from the coast where
he attended the R. C. Convention of
the  Local Option  League.
took place in the rink, in which a
hull terrier and a spitz figured. Play
was suspended until the bull terrier
was choked off.
Time was called just at a very exciting moment and n goal was scored
by Nelson just a few seconds after
the bell had rung. Thore was some
controversy ns to whether play
should be resumed for a few minute*
but as the Cranhrook boys have a
hard week before them nt the Boss
land carnival arid are going to play
n return match with Nelson, it wae
decided io let the score stand aa it
wns nnd call the game n draw.
Fenwlck nnd Taylor did the scoring
for Nelson,  while Williams,   MeWha
nnd Pye scored for Cranhrook.     The
Nels.ui Position        Cranbrook
Greyorblohl        Goal     McManus
Miller          Point          Kills
Steele      Cover      Simms
Grant     Rover       Williams
Fenwlck        Center      McWtaa
Mocking     Right wing   Pye
Taylor   Left wing   Connelly iiiiHHiniiiniitiii ■iHi-Hi-t-ittiiiiiiiiin iniiiiiiiiiii«iiritHi*iiniiit>iiHiiiii»*iiiMnniM**><t»iiti»iiiiiiiMii'iiiiiiiiiHs>l'iiiiiiKi«*'n^iii
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is the Best in the Kootenays
For the month of February the subscription price is $1.50
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iiiiiMiiiiiMiiiuiiiiMiiii > mi** inininiiiHiiiimiiiiiiiiiHiiMiiiniiiniiiiiHiiiiii ihiiimiimiiiiiiiimhiiiihiiiimmiihi (feral A yoke of white not is worn with thia
nml trimmer] wilh rod nt the top. Lines of
cream-colored soutache aro used to define tbo
square yoke, at the lower edge of which aro
buttons* Three largo silk buttons nre placed
nt each Hide of the bodice on tho pleats. A
shorl tunic is edged with t. reo rows of wide
braid, and a belt of the same trimming; completes ihe costume.
There's another model, from Paquin, that
shows tlio new deep yoke. This ia a "coat
dress," the bodice trimmed with black satin on
rovers and cuffs and bias bands of the satin
arranged in paralli 1 lines around the top of tho
circular skirt* Tiny pit buttons are used on
tho cuffs aud a silk orunment is used at tbo
front fastening.
if you prefer the military lino, there is a
simple dress with a liijrli waist line outlined by,
a heavy silk cord tied in front. The plain
kimono blouse is trimmed in front with n, row
Vf soutache bands; The half-sleeves fall over
lace cuffs that are part of a lace guiuipe. A1
double-skirt effect is shown.
For yachting there la a serge dress that
suggests the sailor suit, yet has more chic than
usual. The bodice is collarless and opens nt
one side. There arc Irish lace collar nnd cuffs
used and n soft black silk tic. The skirt is
trimmed frith broad silk braid nud rings that
wtinued on the bodice. Surely this is easy;
for the home dressmaker.
Crossed bands of wide silk braid are used
on another model. These bands are the only
trimming on the simple blouse that shows the
armholc just lor a change. Braid ornaments
emphasize the waist lino and fasten tho long
tunic at tho side. The three-quarter sleeves
eve un trimmed,
A bib effeel is shown by the cut of the
bodice and its outline in cerise silk, Pipings of
this extend from tho nrmholo around lho collar.
Butt (Jits and cording aro covered with il nud
trim Ihe blouse, The laco undercuffa also are
edged with tho silk. In this dress tho deep
tunio ia slashed ai tho front, faced with tho
same material aii'd folded baek in SquarO flaps.
In :i I ale of this season's dfOSSOS it would
be an omission imbed if mi embroidered mode)
i pea rod.   In shades of blue the ln-i model is
iimiii il.    The  stitches  aro  long and easily
linl mid ilu- design 11 conventional solid
pattern for yoke and sleeve*.   A silk girdle is
I, showing only ol tho front. Tho styrt i*
ited and thoro are undercuffa of loco to
soften ibe lino of tho  li i vo.
If possible, count n wh'itn sorgo dress)
among your gowns for tho season, For city,,
muuuUiu or scaiburc they are appropriitti . ©he ytoeiicctov, (!lvaubvoolt, $, ("T.
Cranbrook, B.C.
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Unprepared    for
of  West.
Winnipeg, Peb. 6.—*tn response to a
request for a statement on the tran
sportatlon situation in the West. Mr.
Qeo. Bury, vice-president of the <'.r
R. dictated the following
The handling of the grata crop of
rii l has hern widely dtiouawd and
before attempting 'o Hz the reipon*
slbllltyi I presume the public desires,
to bear from those charged with the
operation "f tbe railways. Up to
Ketif 2, L912, 1M.677 cars ol grain of
the 1911 crop imd passed Inspection.
Un Feb. U, l«.tll. 61,106 earn ot tbi
1910 crop had passed Inspection. That
is to Hay, of the 1911 crop the railways handled from harvesting time'
up to Feb. 2, 64 per cent more cars
than were hnndled up to the same
time last year. Rut thin Is not all
the case. Threshing la*t year was
trom three weeks to a month later
than usual so that thin greatly increased tonnage wan handle! in con
stderabty less time.
Never did circumstances combine Id
such a degree  as  in   1911  to compli-
cats  transportation.    Not  only    was
the crop  late as already    mentioned
but It was of Indifferent quality     in
n-arts, resulting in much more switching at the    lake    terminals    nnd    In
many cases delay In securing disposition,   Special binding also greatly reduced the capacity of the elevators.
The coal strike in the west of which
nobody  could  estimate the duration
made it   necessary    to   bring    in n
yrear'H supply of fuel from the east
to cover locomotive requirements on
the prairies.     The Canadian    Pacific
was compelled    to use    Pennsylvania
eoal  through to British Columbia. It
war nlfln neeeHnarv to give merchants
storage  accommodation   nnd   unloading facilities,    bo    that    they    could
serve with     eastern conl  a territory
usually supplied from Alberta.   To do
this nnd  protect  the    public against
a conl famine on the plains this win
ter the Canadian Pacific brought   in
■inn,ow; tons of locomotive eoal nt a
coat of $l.r,l ,i ton    more thnn    the
price normally paid tor coal    in    the
territory where it was consumed,  t's
ually      during  the    summer    months
when coal is brought ns fnr east   as
Brandon loading Ik thus afforded for
cars  going  west  with     merchandise.
ThlH yenr the conl moved west. In the
name direction ns ihe     merchandise
which  made it more difficult and ei
pensive to handle.
It is Home what goncrally supposed
thnt the main obstacle to successful
operations ot trains in the winter is
snow. Such is not the case; the main
difficulties are low temperatures and
strong winds. It. remiires a creditable amount of pluck on the part of
railway employees to turn out to
handle locomotives ,,r to switch ears
when the temperature is away below
zero; and ihe machinery also feols the
strain.    A   prolonged     spell of    cold
weather  means  that  a  locomotive  tu
efficient   condition    will   handle   from
on<> third to one hair the number   of
cars it would pull In ordinary weather.   The effect of the cold snap which
began at Christmas and   which   (or
iteadlness,  duration and    extent    ol
territory covered, was unprecedented
and can not hs estimated    It ipe&ki
volumes tor the spirit o( 'he employ
•Si that during tbe month ol Junua '
ry :ii  ipits ot such weather 'lie grain
Inspections on the Canadian   Pacinc'
alone amounted  to 6,300  ca^s.
In my opinion there is little danger ;
f anv serious loss through tho gram '
still  m  the  interior deteriorating  by i
delay m shipment   The heat estimate I
we enn obtain is that 61.r»iW,rtrt0 bus-b- ■
els of wheat still     awaits shipment
The railways enn have all this wheat
out of the country  by early  In     the
summer     With  the advent of    warm
weather the loading will he doubled.
It Is natural for r man who cannot
get his grain shipped at once or who
rinds  his cu.r  making  slow   time     tn
transit    to assume      that  there is a
shortage in ears or locomotives.   As
far as the Canadian     Pacific is concerned we have had at nil times during the     crop movement of tbe past
season  all  the  ears and  locomotives
we have    trackage to    accommodate.
Any  congestion    which has occurred
has  been   due  to  luck    of    terminal
room and of second trneks.
It may  bo asked  why the terminal
spaoe and  the second trneks were not
available.     Speaking  for    the Canadian Pacific I would say that during
the    past, eight years    we    have had
every  year more money allotted   for
improvements than  we could expend.
Tbe men nnd material were not available to complete tbem although   the
work was prosecuted with the utmost
This year the Canadian Pacific will
carry through a great program of
terminal nnd double track construction even If other work has to take
Roconri place.
Development Exceeded Expectation.
If we are perfectly frank with each
other we will have lo admit that development of the country has carried
everybody off his feet. The rush o!
Immigration and the introduction ol
gasoline farm machinery which enables the fnrmer to break 30 acres a
day, has brought the Innd tinder cultivation at a rate unprecedented In
the history of the world. Since 1907
the acreage under grain cultivation
has Increased 'ts per cent.
In conclusion Mr. Bury advocates
greater attention to mixed farming
nnd the rnrryintr out of a policy of
education In that branch of agriculture.
plane.   The people Of the coast naturally    at    times    experienced    somo
slight   Irritation,   some  sense   or   un
Patience with those ot the other provinces in  their apathy  in  regard    to
naval   necessities     There   was  u  disposition    among  those ou    the    seaboard    to he   discouraged at     times
through the Indifference ot those who
resided  In the  Inland  provinces     lie-
cause they  regarded  this question aH
ope which might very well stand over from day to day.
Immensely Important to  Province
With  the construction   of   yet other
transcontinental  railways in Canada,
two of which  were now  forging rap
Idly forward, and with a better uu
derstnndiug of    conditions prevailing
on the coasts,  the time  would  couit
when  throughout  the  entire    Dominion Canadians would join heartily nml
willingly In the provision of a strong
and elliclent    Canadian  navy     which
would be a credit to any  nation    lu
tbe  world.   The  province ol   British
Columbia was     involved  in  the construction of a number of Important
'railway   enterprises     with   their   terminals on tidewater.   This meant inevitably  that    within  the     next  few
yeurs    the    investments of  Canadian
money  which  would  lie placed within
tbo  corporate  limits  of    British  Co
lumbia's various seaboards
into $100,1)041,000,
As n matter of honest duty to ourselves ami to those wbo Invest their
capital in our Industries we should
therefore, spare no effort In interest
Ing the people ol the eastern prov
IncSl and the pratrtSS In the urgency
ol Immediate action towards prepar
edness for defense ..f the coast lute."
he -.aid
Confidence   In   01 inw«
ti    was n  matter    of    cold blooded
ahould be given to the fact that assurance must he procured for the
safety of British Columbia's seashore and of tho Investments there
along. Within two or two and a
halt years the Panama canal might
be expected to he completed nnd this
brought home the situation wilh even
Htronger emphasis. How much larger must these investments be when
thu completion nud operation of tbe
cnnnl was taken into account ns
developing factor,
He had no hesitation in accepting
the assurance from Ottawa that It
was the Government's intention to
act quickly In naval matters. He
felt confident Ihnt the Canadian minister would llud in the lirst lord ot
Ihe adinirality a friend and a man
equal In every way to the responsibilities of his high office and one who
would give Canadians evidence thnt
the home authorities were with thont
in tbelr determination to provide tin
elliclent coast defense line. After Mr, I
Ha/eti's visit to London one might
look shortly tor a specitic and definite policy that would relieve all
anxiety nnd assure quick, tangible
and  adequate action.
Efficient   Navy   Desired.
The premier then moVod his ninend-
.. _ .ment, suggesting that the    member
must run for Albernl should recast his rslolu-
\ittlloy Two
tlon along the Hues which the amendment suggested, u what he prodto*
led ns io the course of the government's action were not releemed by
events within n few mouths he would
himself he found with Mr. Brewster
pressing the nintter to tha front, for
he   most   sincerely     appreciated    the
general desire ol British Columbia
tor mi efficient navy, capable ol protecting  the const  line ot   this prov
Spring Suitings
.olicy    that
ognltlon tno*
The Home Circle Column
Eveniig Reveries—A Column Dedicated
Tired  Mothers as  They  Join   the
Home Circle at livening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
treat deal fur their golden rule with instructiou to learn
strength, ami practice it. If we only could do
this earnestly and truly for one generation, the next might wonder whetb
er it were not a fable that st^cb, a
thing     as    ugUiiewi was ever known
upon earth. I
•   •   •   • ,
Husband and wives give expression,
to every petty feeling of irritation
and handy words back and forth till
some molehill assumes tbe proportions of a mountain. A tendency to
nag goes unchecked among the children, and almost before the parents
are aware there is a chronic condition of unpleasantness lu the home.
Young married people, especially
need to learn control in tbls direction. Another disagreeable trait to
be guarded against is tbe habit, peculiar to some people, of always being on the opposite Bide ot a question. Call attention to tbe good
points of a book, a person, a public
movement, a work o^ art, 0r what
not, and this individual is ever ready
to interpose "yes—but." Conversation In such a home gives one
to  the
Victoria.      D.     C,—Tbe     ontstnn
ing feature of  today's  proceedings in
parliament  was sn     address by   Pre
mier  McBrlde upon  the  text of    Mr.
Brewster's      naval    resolution       The
premier  elaborated  his  reasons     for
concurrence with certain portions ol
the  motion,  emphasizing  the neceesi
ty for early  an i  adequate nrtion  tot
the protection of the British  Columbia   Pacific  seahoard,   and  in  conclu* I
sion offered nn amendment to the following: effect:
"An'l whereas the government ol
Canada has decided that any scheme
of naval defence to he effective must
be by cooperation with the mother
country and other parts of the em
pire, therefore he It resolved that the
Dominion government he urged thnt
in view of the great Importance of
the immediate and adequate protec
tion of the Pacific coast of Canada
the question of naval defence he con
Hidered at the earliest possible datf.'
Mr. BrftWStsr hns accepted the
amendment and will incorporate It
with his main motion which, when in
ita amended form it comes before ths
boUSSt     will      probably   be    accepted
FCxpertf- Condemn Laurier Policy
in offering his amendment Premier
McBrlde said that Hince the change nf
government tbo people of Canada hnd
had a specific assurance from Mr.
Hazen thnt expert advice had con-
domned the naval policy of the previous government, which would have
meant the assembling of vessels
which, when assembled would be oh
Men give up a
families—their   time,   their
tbe  knowledge  they   have  gained    in I
life's experiences—  they  spend every-,
thing   freely   for   their   home's    sake, i
and the home should pay  its debt in
much outspoken love.
•   •   *   •
How ereat a beauty ami blessing
it Is to hold the royal gifts of the
soul so thnt they shn'il be music to |
some and fragrance to others, anij
life to all' Some women cling to
their homes like the honeysuckle over the door, yet like it, sweeten all
the region with the subtile fragrance
of their goodness.
• •   *   *
A man cannot do two things at a
time. A woman will broil a steal:
and see that the coffee does not boil
over, and watch the cat that she does
not steal the remnant of meat on tbe
kitchen table, nnd dress the youngest
boy and set the table and see to the
toast, and stir the oatmeal and give
the orders to the butcher nnd she can
lo it all at once nnd not half try.
• • • •
A sunshiny husband makes a merry, beautiful home, worth working in
and for. It the man is breezy, cheery
considerate and sympathetic, the
wife sings in her heart over puddings
und mending basket, and counts the
hours till he returns at night and renews her youth in the security she
feels of his approbation and admiration.
• •   •   •
It iB wicked to loaf. Kvery man Is
created for a purpose and he has no
right to shirl that responsibility. It
yon have friends or money that slm-
nly increases your responsibility. No
man hat; a right to loat. Nothing
enn he more humiliating to a parent
than to know that his son is a confirmed loafer—a mere blank—absorbing his living trom the toil ot other
hands and creating nothing
• •   •   •
Ho not—mother at your housework,
father in your study—do not always
be "too busy." The little ...heart
wants nn outlet, the upraised bud
wants a kiss, the little hearts have
something to tell you, a little grief
to briii:.'. a small game of play expected now and then. Ah, beware!
Those requirements will Blacken and
will cease, If it be too often. "Now
H n away, dear, father is busy."
Don't be troublesome, dear, mother
must do her work."
Have Arrived
If you are thinking about
a New Suit for Spring, we
invite you to inspect our offerings of New Goods.
We have just placed on
Sale a large and varied range
of the Very Newest Fabrics
which include Beautiful Fan- ..
cy Patterns for young men
as well as the more Staple
Lines for older men. We
Guarantee the Goods and
Workmanship in every way.
An early selection will
guarantee early delivery.
The new eovernment bad been in
office only a few months, but as soon
as time permitted it might be depended upon to enunciate and carry
forward a policy thnt would make
for the establishment of an efficient
Canadian navy nnd relieve the tension now existing nn tiie Pacific and
Atlantic seaboards In attempting
to bring about naval defense why
should Canada stop short of having
the most, modern, powerful and thoroughly efficient worships, the very
last word in naval equipment?
Canada Must Have Best,
If the Rainbow was regarded as
not good enough to retain a place on
the active list of tbi British navy
she was, in his opinion, not good
enoiu-h for the Canadian navy. Pair
opportunity sho iW be given Mr Hazen, to Mr Borden nnd bis government to frame an 1 perfect thi ir na-
val policy before captious criticism
wan offered.
There wan |1(, question nf this country'a financial ability she need no
longer go an a supplicant to the old
land for the protection of ber shoren
He thought that Canada might con
fldent.lv expert, when the new govern
ment hnd opportunity to confer with
the adinirality, to wit new the con
BUmatlon of a naval policy creditable   to   the   Dominion   nnd   acceptable
to Liberals and Conservatives alike.
Ah true nnd loyal Cnnndians all
should look upon this question from
ihe broad patriotic national viewpoint nnd he sincerely hoped that it the Vnnroiivcr
might be taken out of politics al- ccntly held at Kbiirne
together    and    placed on a    higher     W
Man has done wonders since he
came before the public. He has navigated the ocean, he has penetrated
the mysteries of the starry heanens,
be bos harnessed the lightning and
made lt pull street cars and light the
great cities of tbe world. But he
can't find a spool of red thread in
his wife's work basket; he can't dls*
cover her pocket in a dress hanging
in a closet; he can't hang out clothes
and get them on the line right side
up. He cannot bold clothes-pins In
his mouth while he Is doing it. either. He cannot be polite to somebody
he hates. He cannot sit in a rocking
chair without banging the rockers in*
to the baseboards. He cannot put
the tidy on the sofa pillow right side
out. He cannot sew on a button. In
short, he cannot -do a hundred things
thnt women do instinctively.
4 • • •
Let ua build our houses on the hill
top of cheerfulness, bo high that nc
shadows may rest upon It, and where
the mornings comes early and tbe
evening tarries late. She is to be
pitied whose home Ib tn some valley
of grief, with the longest night and
the shortest day. God has put us
here to make the world brighter nnd
happier by our lives and every one of
us should study how to he a blesslngW
to others. We must get the wrinkles
out of our brow and we must have
smiling faces. Let a mnn go home at
night worn nnd wearied by the tolls
of the day ami how soothing is t\
word dictated by a cheerful disposition. It is sunshine falling on his
heart.   He is happy and the cares of
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Were we good we should be beautiful] We all fed this. There nre plain
features so charming with the sparkle of cootl humor, that we love
them. There are blemished faces so
sweet that they are plcasanter to
took upon thnn the most perfect. After nil,  it  Is In tbe expression   that. 	
the actual chnrm lies.   Ho that  were I life    are    forgotten.     Smiles,     kind
tome one    to promise the secret   of words and looks characterise the chll
beauty   for   twenty-five  cents  aud    a  dren.
i»ost tmid envelope, he would scarcely | dwellings there
be (in  I...poster should  he return  the   centre of Joy
and peace nnd love have   their
Home should be the
Ask King George to
Open Highway.
Westminster Is In the peculiar position ol having two names, being
known to the residents ol Vancouver
as "the Westminster road", and to
the people ol New Westminster a* the
"Vancouver road." If the plans ot
the Canadian Highway Association
mature thi* section ot the highway
will be known as."King Oeorge Avenue."
The municipal councils ol Burnaby
and South Vancouver, through which
this road passes, have been approached with a view to having a hard surface pavement laid over the eleven
miles ol road that divide two cities.
The cost will be heavy, and it is
probable that government assistance
will have to be secured in order to
carry the scheme to completion. A
number ot automobile owner* 0l Vancouver have volunteered to give
'loo each a* a contribution towards
the paving ol the road, and the Vancouver Automobile Club has promt*'
nil to rais» the sum ol 110,000 lor the
nurpoae. Other individual donation
nre eipectcd, but the hulk ol tbe
money will have to be raised hy the
mnnielpnlillcN, in as mtirh a* these
will derive the greatest benefit Irom
thn Improvement to till* stretch    ol
B.—That i dian Hlghwiiy Association hn* heen
officially I working with this view tor some
New Westminster,    K«i>
III,  Majesty   Kltlg Oeorge    -...-._.-, ,^ ^^ ^ (or|mU lm,|tation
declare open tho ('nnwllnn   Highwayu      ^ ||Mn M|)t (f) „|B Mft)csty, as
at »ome point between Vnneouver nnd | ,t (, „nt ,.nr|.„itl that the King will
Westminster «n> n     suggestion ! pay „   visit, to Canada In
t the annuel banquet ot the evont   ol IiIh doing so,
Automobile Club, re-1certainly be nsked to officiate at thiB
1913.    Ill
he will
J. Kerr, president ol the Cana-
■   The   road
linking    Vancouver to
cause ol the bad road, particularly
in South Vancouver. Build a road
that will be permanent; a road over
which it will he a pleasure to travel,
and you will see a string ol automobiles and horse vehicles going to and
trom these cities at all hours ol the
"The ezistenco ol such a road as
w. plan will mean this; Vancouver
and Westminster are now. twelve
miles apart, but every year will see
this distance reduced by one mileat
each end, once this road is built,in six
years, or less, these two towns will
be practically one big city with a
busy stream of traffic stretching over
King Oeorge Avenue Irom Hastings
street, Vancouver, to Columbia
street, Westminster.
"Land value* nlong this road will
Increase 45 to 70 per cent as a result ol this Improvement. I know
this will he the case because my long
experience In the real estate business
haa taught me that there is nothing
that will so quickly bring land to
it* proper figure ns the existence of
good roads."
Speaking on this subject at thel The partnership heretofore existing
banquet, President W. .1. Kerr said: Ibetwern A t.anlirnn and F. W. Hnm-
"Nothlni; will so quickly promote hie has been dissolved. Mr. Humble
the good feeling between the cities ol, retiring. The new firm will collect
Vnnroiivcr and Westminster as the.all outstanding accounts and pay all
existence ol a good road between, bills.
these two thriving towns. At the
present time communications between
these two places are handicapped be-
A. H. I.anlgsn.
this   29th   day ol January,
Child Prodigy.
Bella**.—The child prodigy is sufficiently rare in this city to cause
somewhat ol a stir, and May Leslie,
a twelve-year-old poetess, Is lor the
time being a personage. It all came
about through the publication ol "A
Child's Book of Verse, by a child,"
for the work was pretty and dainty
enough to cause Inquiry to be made
into its authorship.
Hay Leslie accepts the notoriety
that has (alien to her lot with a mod
esty not always found In older poets.
She shows a charming Inclination to
talk to interviewers, even when ths
wily newspaper man takes care at
the outset to praise the large Teddy
Bear of which she Is so load.
Her father hu therefore to be applied to lor Information about the
little poetess. It appears that her
favorite poem Is "Hiawatha," aad
that like greater singers she Is subject to fits ol inspiration at awkward
hours. Sometimes ol nn evening
when Mr. Leslie supposes bis child
to lie sleeping, he bears aa eiclted
little voice calling him,"Father, I've
got a bit ot poetry. Come up I" And
taking pencil and paper he goes to
May's bedside to take down at her
dictation a little poem about a flower or a baby's slumber Bong. The
cradle songs are generally composed
to get the Teddy Bear oft to sleep.
Her poetic work has attracted
some attention In London, anil Mel-
fast folk hope one day to find May
Leslie bringing real luster to their
city. Pound!
On Baker itieet, one dour west
of Messrs, Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
liftt worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel,
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Chatter and Chart
Earnest and Facetious
"Home Again"
The Beautiful Picture given with our Combination offer of
"Tne Prospector" and the "Family Herald and Weekly
Star" Subscribers this Season.   An Inspiration
of   Love and Affection—A   Picture
that will be like a Member of
the Fatnily-A  Daily
Study for Old
and Young.
Tbe Family Herald ami Weekly Htar ol Montreal, acknowledged to be the greatest and best luinlly aud (arm paper on
the Continent Ims on many occasions given Its readers most
delightful premium pictures but this season they have secured
what Is beyond any question ol doubt the best picture ever ottered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home Again" nnd
describes a touching but Joyful incident between two friend*
who meet after antlou* separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, (amoii* (ur bis beauty aud gentle
Bess, winner of many prize* at dog show*, the pride of the
family and neighborhood, ha* h*en stolen, and after maay
days absence he e.CHpes one nlgbt from his captor and returns
home on a snowy winter's morning with tbe rope which he
broke in his struggles (or freedom dangling from bis collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Majorle, to
the door and she throws ber arm. around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of Joy which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" Is equally delighted to b. "Hume
Again" and answers her welcome by putting his yaw* on liur
shoulder Hnd resting his head against her breast wltb a Uttle
wblne, which, in bis dog language mean*—"Where I love i*
The sweet laced young moth er, a woman of soft curve*, tender eyes and parted lips—the two glad eyed children—an eager
hoy with hair like Ills mother'* and the quick gesture of ei-
clted boyhood; the warmhearted girl with rippling locks, her
affectionate arm* around the shaggy neck of the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favoured place oo
the walls of any home.
The picture i* by the celebrated artist Arthur J. Glsley,
lamous for hi* skilful and sympathetic painting ot children
and animals.
The beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy, plate paper
22x29 inches all ready lor training will be mailed KnEK to
every combination  subscriber tor   191!.
The small sum of U.25 will secure that best of all weekly
papers for a full year Including a copy ol that charming picture "Home Again" which alone is easily worth a two dollar
bill, in lact it could not he bought at that price.
Every Home in this   di.trict should take advantage of this
offer.      Call at our office and see this picture.
Yes we want you as a customer. Ask us to
send you our 1912 Catalogue. It's brim full or
all that is good in Flowers, Vegetables, Field
Roots, Grains, Plants, Small Fruits, Implements,
Bee Supplies, Poultry Supplies, etc.
Valuable hiformstlon la what we have aimed l<> tflve the
Fftrmer, (lartHmer »nd Private Planter. All It will cost you
li one moment at time and a two-cut stamp.
Write ua to-day. the day you are reading this.
Dept.  79   London, Canada. »
[.'• CinidUn (■•■ 8w«U Turalp- Acknowledged tu tht beat feeder, the beat
cooker, ths best ihtpper.   TRY IT.       ^_^___^^___
Leap Year Birthday Mug Coupon
for sliver mug awarded hy The Prospector to babies   born on
February M,   1912.
Name ol   Parent*   	
Addrea* ol Parent*   	
Nam* of Baby   	
Date and Hour of Birth
I heraby declare th. above tact, an correct.
(Name and address.)
Attending Physician
Will Aid Prospectors
It is expected to make the presence
ol prospectors one of the leading
features of the Northwest Mining
Convention, to In held In Spokane,
February 15 to 17, under the auspices
ol the Mining Men's Club. A large
attendance ol prospectors and claim
owners is expected, and it le stated
that everything possible to bring out
their views regarding tbelr needs upon legislation and other subjects, affecting the prospector, will be done.
With tlriB object In view, the Besslons
of the convention and the Bmoker In
connection with it will be as informal
as possible, and nothing will be
omitted to encourage the prospectors
to express their view*.
Another way In which it is to ben-
eflt them is by bringing them in contact with mining operators and capitalists seeking Investments, and hy
enabling them to tell the public
about tho district in which they are
The prospector also Is urged to
bring und exhibit samples ot ore and
mineral from the district In which he
is Interested. The exhibit being arranged lor will Include, not only ores
minerals, and mining products, but
new Ideas and Improvements In mln
Ing machinery will be one ol the at
Jonah's experience wus an example.
of prophet nnd loss.
"Hci'llieiiiir'writos to suy that he is
thinking of starting a dally paper,
but requires n partner. Whom would
wo propose un such? Well, we should
certainly say nn accountant. It you
can get. one. Your circulation would
then be prnctlcnlly assured.
Prematura grey hair ottcn caiiBos
the good to dye young.
"Lizzie Sly" is troubled about u
matter of etiquette. Nhe wants to
know what she should do when -a
young man presses tier (or a Bong.
All depends, my dear. If It's in company you should ask lilm (irmly but
politely to take his arm away as
people might see; but if alone- well
that'B a matter for your own private
Tbo usual bl-yoarly crop ot sentimental bosh In connection wltb the
proposed abolition of capital punishment is being gathered, lt Is nn easy
mutter (or tbo sell eoiistltut.nl armchair critics to discuss this Important subject. Assuming, lor the sake
ot argument, that a bill to eliminate
the death penalty was paused by the
legislature- what lorm of punishment
(punishment to tit the crime; we
incall) would be substituted? It. is
generally eoneeded by Intelligent pen
pie that punnl servitude lor llle is
lnllnltely harder on the criminal.
Moreover, wby should the State
maintain a miscreant (or possibly a
lung term? In all probability tho
class of people who profess a sort
of righteous horror of capital punishment, would quickly change tbelr
view point If some one very near anil
dear to them were suddenly hurried
into a premature grave to satisfy the
bloodthirsty lust ol a detestable
Theory and practice are two did
crcnt things," said    the     processor;
Yos, indeed," assented the medical
student.   "1     pay for theory and     1
hall be paid lor practice."
"Desdemona" is still worried about
her partner. She says ho goes to the
club every night, und Ib, in lact, entirely changed. We are afraid, though
we don't sec it, if we know anything
of the average man,' we should say
he has merely reversed his program.
He doubtless used to come and see
you, then go to the club and get
tight; now he goes to the club and
gets tight, and then comes to see
you. Ho, after all, wo don't see that
you can complain.
R. P. Lewis:—Verily, thou art
wise, and we grow wise, do we not,
as we grow older; but lt is by forgetting what we thought we knew
that does it.
Without working (or some special
end, It Is almost Impossible, in any
course ot action, to proceed with
much steadiness. Tho lives of our
greatest and most noble Englishmen
have been characterised by "strong
determination of purpose and fixed
resolution." The possession ol these
admirable qualities contribute a
great deal towards success in any
undertaking. After having carefully
considered in your unbiassed minds
the merits and demerits ol each respective pursuits, and having .definitely chosen the one wblcb you believe
to be the best and most adapted to
your taste and abilities, you should
devote the whole ol your time and
concentrate the whole ot your mental
powers to the study ot the subject,
persisting strenuously, until at length
as the result ol your unwavering
perseverance and unremitting assiduity, victory crowns your laudable
We know full well that In tbe ma]
itity of cases the young aspirant, a*
le pushes his way through the rugg-
id paths leading to knowledge, meets
vith difficulties Innumerable; in lact
they appear to him at first insur-
I'oiintable. As he traverses the vast
lesert he observes a multiplicity ot
ibstructtlons lying across his path
With these he must accomplish, ol
which he little dreamed at the outset. It seems apparent to him that
us sanguine anticipations are bnulk-
d, and that Ills most cherished hope
Hid ambition have proved tuttle.
At this critical point, Instead of relinquishing his hold on the precious
'.-ems of knowledge from weariness or
ihhorranre, a reaction takes place In
ihe form of a revival of energy. We
■ mlcBltatlngly affirm that by'redoub-
i nt: his efforts the youthful student
would considerably dissipate the In-
mslty of the pressure which is slowly hut surely conducing to a terrible
it.nte ot nervous despondency. Finally, be would be enabled to completely extricate himself from the intricacies In which he was Involved, and
then, whilst surrounded hy the brilliant halo of biiccobs, he would realize and heartily congratulate himself
that his valuable time had been spent
advantageously, and forthwith prepare to repp ami enloy the Irults ol
tils personal  labors.
We would Impress on our reader*,
voting and old, that it Is absolutely
ImnosslhlS to succeed without Individual exertion. Do not be dlscon-
concorted nt fnllure when commencing. There will *ure to be numerous difficulties to bo overcome at
every step; do not succumb (metaphorically speaking)  throw    yourself
into tbe abyss of despair; but rather work harder and harder, ploddlug
earnestly, serenely, nnd contentedly
thereby deriving the gratiiication ol
knowing that you have succeeded in
winning the reward by your own unaided elections.
An enthusiastic but misled Individ
ual proposes the revival of ancient
May-Day customs. Amongst these
one which he specially commends is
the parade through the streets in the
early morning of a cow, attended by
a bevy ot milkmaids. He thinks tbe
eyes ot tbe surhurhan householder
would be gladdened, It "greeted with
tho sight ol a milch cow, garlanded
wltb flowers nnd tbo silken tassels
dependent from Its gilded horns." Wo
are not sure. A nice sort al animal
tbls (or a mun to meet as lie wends
his way wearily homeward after
exciting all night sitting at the office
Dodging lamp-posts, we have noticed,
Is a* much as most ot our neighbors
can usually manage on such occasions. Gilded cows, we (ear, would
seriously compll—rate muttors.
"Johnny tlreen" Is evidently getting at UB when ho asks, "Why is
tripe better than tomatoes?" It Is
generally n matter of taste, we believe; still, it might be because lo
matoos make h "catsup," while tripe
makes a "eats supper." How's thut.
for H novice?
A very stout Western Mayor tuts n
loud taste In wnlst-coats. A showy
nlald Ib his tavorltc wear. "Why,"
asked ono of tho citizens, "docs His
Worship wear plaid vests? " "Oh"
said the other, "1 don't know, perhaps Its to keep the Aldermen In
A tadetl tlower! A withered rose
Under the waving tree It Hob;
Its petals will no more unclose
lieneath the sunny summer skies.
And siephyrs o'er it breathe a sigh,
Seeming to mourn thnt it should die.
How like Its late to that ol men;
Once It was blooming, hut, today.
Plucked by some ruthless band, and
(last to the earth, It fades away.
And thus,    wben death    dotli    make
His summons    man can    ne'er withstand.
Prolessor Rudolph Binder, ol New
York University, has written a very
brilliant dissertation on "romantic
love." We frankly admit that tbe
discourse Ib extremely Instructive. II
not exactly convincing—especially to
those old-fashioned people who still
adhere to the ancient moralistic
landmark*. Tbe professor defines the
phrase "romantic love" as "the
happiness which one person finds in
another's company." He deplores tht
fact that In our larger cities the lack
of privacy prevents the visiting informally of girls hy young men. The
home environment Is limited and un-
congenial, and these conditions are
not favorable to young people getting
acquainted. These arguments arc
startling to say the least. Few par |
ents will countenance this sort o (
privacy, and all philosophical stud- j
ents of human nature will readily
admit that this kind of "romantic
love" (associated wttb such an un
warrantable, freedom from constraint)
would undoubtedly, sooner or later,
degenerate into that familiarity
which is always the fore runner of
libidinoslty and profligacy. A young
man calling on his sweetheart, who
objects to the presence ol any mem
her ol the family, and insists on being alone Is not a desirable suitor.
The prolessor goes on to explain
that "material love" merely "wants
the possession ol the other person.'
We much preler this kind ol affection,
in contradiction to that which it
satisfied "with only the company".
Misery and degredation in their worst
forms are oftentimes the outcome of
this latter dangerous method ol
"Mamma, If I had a hat belore 1
had this one, It's all right to say
that's the hat I had had, Isn't it?"
"Certainly, Johnny." "And il that
hat once had a hole in it and I had
it mended, I couls say it had had e
hole in lt, couldn't TV" "Yes, there
Galley Nine
would be notliing Incorrest in that."
"Then it'd he good English to say
that tbe hat I had had had had t
hole la It, wouldn't It." "Johnny,
foil make my head ache."
Billy 8martaleck:—Ton seem deter
mined to floor us somehow, but It
won't be this time. What word is It
that a woman likes the best? Well,
from our experience, we should certainly say the "last one." Ain't that
Andrew Wlseguy: Yours is a gross
tale, young man. but we know of n
grocer. Ho lives not n hundred miles
Irotn this office, Is bnldhendcil, tooth
less, deal, in laet, sans hair, san-
tooth, sans hearing, nnd sands siig„i
This Is the undlndeiit cut of all. but
he sea It's all owing to the tax.
"Here is some money, my love,"
said the husband. "1 don't want
any," replied the wife, "dome now
darling, take this twenty dollar bill
nnd go out shopping," "Thank yon
dearest, hut 1 really don't care to
I would rather stay at. home and help
the hlrod girl." The husband nwoke.
and tniind, as the reader hits already
suspected, that he had been dreaming
According to the latest statistics
In connection   with the   number   ot
ini* to note that the nummi ladies'
lioftd tin1 list.  This Information Is ex- .
uoodtngly tignlttaant.   n   would tend'
to illustrate the folly of ontloa voting
to aoQompliBta two things nt the oue
time.   No wonder they cannot iiiiiimi*o
their bustnotwoa to advantage.    Tbey:
nre    kept      tn  liimy  iiwiimt*in,!    their
The liiidy "Pianist" You practice I
day in and day ont, 1 Imve heard' yoi,:
for weeks now a score, groat "pftlna" j
you are taking, no doubt; but, by
Oeorge, you aro giving me more,
Fortunes   Made  Through
Small   Inventions.
Every time anybody in the United
tjtat.fi-, [milt* tbe cap oil a beer lioiile
ui' a soda water bottle with tne m-
tt'Ul to quench bin thirst, tOltlpotail'
ly oi' othurwlNO, lie putts the (i action
ot a cent into tbe pocket of our William H. fainter of Baltimore, writer.
William A. Del'iiy, iu tbe Helen tine
A t*mni many people have pulled
these capH lu the lunl tew years.
Paiutei Ih cunsi-qiii'iiily mi* evef-ltl-
(Teasini,- millionaire, tet the cap (or
bottles Ih a small thlUg, an idea crystallized and patented, 'Ibe patent
is the source of the millions,
I'aiuler, however, carried his patent in hi* pocket lor hU yearn he-
fore he BUCOQQdod In Interesting cap!
tal tn its manufacture, Tbeu a man
of UHiiiiirt advanced the nOCOSBary cap
ital iu return ror a half Interest In
the patent and u company wuh form
liefore the time Of I'ai liter there
was a man by the name of De v."1"
fetdt, who lived in New Jersey and
wbo Invented a fltoppor that took the
trade away from the corka of our
youth. This stopper was of rubber
and was tightened by a wire attach
niont which was pulled down as a
lever nn tbe outside ol  the bottle.
A decade ago they were generally
used on milk bottles, De QuillloMt
Is said to have made llfteen million
dollars out of IiIh patent. He might
have amassed a competence luul it
not been for William Painter and
another e<|iinlly clever person who
fitted a piece nf pasteboard Intn the
neck of H milk bottle and took the
business away from him,
An Idea that is perhaps (simpler
than the pasteboard stopper ia the
"humps" on the hooks that furnish
so much employment for married men
Just before theatre time. Women hftd
been fHHtcnini; their dresses up with
hooks and eyes for a generation and
It is probable that someone has made
a lot of money out of the original
invention. Hut hooka had a way ol
coining unfastened, much to the chagrin of the neat and fussy.
Then came the genius of the hook
and eye. A man who was wide awake
despite bis residence In Philadelphia
bent one of these hooks so as tn
make a hump in it. He tried booking
it and It remained hooked. He patented ft and has monopolized the
business through his "nee that hump'
advertisements ever since.
One day a man stood behind •his
wife while Bhe put up ber hair. The
hairpins of those days were straight
pieces of wire. They did not stay
put very effectually. Tbe woman In
the ca^e bent her hairpins before putting them iu. Her husband Haw her
do it. The result was the Invention
of the crinkly hairpin which is today
used in riii-loiid lots by the women of
the world.
So Important an invention as the
telephone was made by turning a
Hcrew one-fourth of ft revolution. All
tbe millions that have resulted from
the Invention of the Hell telephone
depended upon the slight twist of the
wrist of Dr. Alexander Bell. There
had been men before Doctor Hell who
had come near finding a way to make
female gossip nnd masculine commercial intercourse easier. The Rein patents came nearest success. Hut in
the Reis patentB the current was Intermittent.
It had to leap a gap. Doctor Bell
dosed the gap when he turned the
screw. But Dr. Hell was not trying
to invent a telephone when he incidentally  stumbled  upon  his  secret.
He was working upon a method of
making speech visible, for his wife
was deaf and dumb and he was seeking an easy method of conversation
with ber. Instead he found a method
of talking over a wire to people at a
distance. He did not patent tbe idea
however, and It knocked about tbe
house for months.
Finally he demonstrated it to some
friends and they saw tbe possibility
of its application. Upon their advlce
he patented tbe invention. His pa
tent was bled at 10 o'clock in the
morning, and at three in the'afternoon another man applied for a patent on the same thing, and Inst
100 million dollars hy a nose.
ThaddciiH ITalrhnn-ffl was a New
Knglaiid tanner with long whiskers
and much Yankee ingenuity. In his
time old-fnshinned steelyards were the
only accurate means of weighing the
produce of the farm. Platform hi'iiIoh
were unknown, fnr nobody ever worked  out a  method of nrrnnglng     the
levers that supported the platform
in Hinb a way thai hu Object could
pull   equally,   uo  matter   upon   which
part of the platform it  rested.
Old  ThaddetiH Knlrbnnks  used      to
tell the Htory of tt volution of the
arrangement of these levers.   Kor   »
long time     the problem  was on    his
tnlnd.    He  used  to lie  awake  nights
sn't attempt to arrange thi.Hr lovers.
It wan in the dead of night thnt his
thinking Anally  bore fruit.    The ar
rangement  unfolded    Itself  and     the
Falrbnnks scale wns  the result,     So
dtd a    farmer moBoPOliW  the    scale
business of the World and  so did ho
write his name upon platform scales
The Germ-Kilter For
Floors and Carpets
Full Barrell $7.25
Half Harrells 4.00
Bulk -c lb
J. D. McBride
..   Cranbrook, H. ('.. Phone ft
■■■H-■• ■■H-■ + h+■^+^H.-H"| ■••'■^■l-l-l-l-I-■■■■■■I--I--I-ll 1 iH*M*H
I ++M-hH-I"M"M"HH-^
I  Central Meat
!       Market
£ Dealer in
j   Fresh and Cured Meats  ji
Creamery Butter
and Fresh Eggs   j
A. Jollifife,    Proprietor
Norbury Avenue I
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under [New Management
5-I.-M.<^~f *-»-H-H-l-l"M-m-l-H-H"H-H"l"H"l"H"H',l 11 H I *
wherever civilized mun liny* nns sells
by weight.
So did the man by the name ol
Heaton, resident ol Providence, no
tlce tbat mother was occasioned a
great deal ol trouble because the buttons constantly came off the children's shooB. Heaton devised a little
metal staple that hold* un the shoe
button* today and realized a fortune
lor hi* putna. No lesa clever was a
man of the name of T)enni*on who
pasted little rings about the hole in
a shipping tab and thus made an eye
that would not pull out.
A towell manufacturer found that
hi* machinery was not working right
and thnt his towels were suffering a
vaBt tangling of tbe thread*. While
adjusting the machines he used one
of the damaged towels to dry his
hands. He found it pleasingly absorbent, and Irom the idea to which
that gave rise were horn the bath
towell and a fortune to the .patentee.
Charles Kdward McCarthy was a
blind man and lived in South t'nro-
Hdh. He devised a method ol attaching mule power to a cotton gin and
lived hi* tile nut. in luxury nnd ease
while the mules did the work.
The patent for a typewriter lay
dormant for half a century in France
before It ever rami' into use. There
wn* a mnn hy the name ol Bhole.
made a machine In tills country and
railed It Remington, Another man
named Hrown ninde n different kind
of typewriter nnd rnllrd 11 the Hinltb
The patentees liiimoltnlized other
men liy their work. They made mill
Ion*,    and also   Hindi
idensnnt loi  th lltor who hn
read ropy.
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and See Our
Side Lines
Palace Cigar Store
A I'lionneur de preven-
ir sa noiiibreuse clientele
qu'll vient de recevoir un
nouvel assortment de cigars dc premiere clause.
Nous sollicitons votre visile rl profile* de cette
noiivt'llc auhuine.
being .struck with .the snow UUI*
Wright covered his face with hi* arm*
t much more and started across the river. About
the middle there was an air hole, hut
owing to having bis eyes covered h*
didn't H.T it. and went in.
I'hlef Mlnty, with a number ,,( helpers, nre searching the river tor th.
On Tuesday a boy named .lack Two weeks ago Mr. Wright's hou*.
Wrlphl was drowned. A number oliwas burned to the ground, the ehll-
rhlldrrn were playing on the river dren having a hard time to get out
snowballing each  other.     To escape in safety. 1       ..J
Walks   Into Air Hole PAID IN
Novelized From Eugene
Waller's Great Play
C»*»}-T.«hl.lM»,b>G.W.Dimn#b»*».C».    -
trovriNT'    !
;;(i.iuii accompanied her mother una
■ i*iia io hor bedroom to Help tliom
don their lm Is.
When lite door linil tluseil upon llietn
Builtb'8 iitfiiiiile elm hard entirely.
The siiilJe vanished from Ills (nee. mul
lm went ovor m Hrook8 und placed
both liaiuls on his shoulders.
"Joe, you're found oui," he QUOOUnc*
"Ol W found Otlt?" demanded Hrooks,
jumping up nud facing blm, very
will to.
"Tiie money you've taken."
"If you any I've taken money, you're
ft llnr!" retorted 11 rooks, wllb mi ut*
tempt ni fierce Ihdlffuuttoo, Hut the
words eume falterlngly bc'.ueen bis
blue, pjirolipd dps.
"Joe, Joe," rebuked hla friend sternly -ilil!. ii in t no lime lo four flush wlili
nn.   I'm >our friend, nml you need one
lieu.    Iny.     Itcs'ltles,   (here's   1.11111111   to
think nf."
"I don't know .■lint y«m mean." hs
protected in a choklog voice,
"Th;.t "jory of n reroltltton was ft
tl. ojplulned Snilib, "wllltuma boi
been home three days, lie hm hud the
books looked over nt night, lie leetn*
fd lo know whnt you were doing frum
the llmo joo took tbe first do I Inr, l'v«
reason to think he went nwny simply
tc jjive you it free r*-ln find i;et even
With you for whnt you Hnld io blm
Umi night ut tbe lint Joe, vm"vo got
to pull lojjetber now. mul you've got
to he on the square with me."
Ilrooks sunk limply Into n choir nnd
covered hi* face wltb uu bunds,
"Whtlt shall I do?'' lie moaned.
"Kit light nnd siiw wood."
"Bul they'll send me to Jail, won't
"yon took Hint chance. Joe, hoy.
Rut we will hnve to tight and fight
hard to net you out of It. Vou can't
run nwny. You're watched," Interrupted Ills friend. "Dctectlrea nre
downstairs, nnd If you tnsko -i false
mure mey'ii nut- you nnd spoil every
"Jlmfty, I'm done; I know I'm done!"
ho almost whimpered, plunged again
kilo tho boltomost depib of despair.
"Keep your nerve.   What huve you
lohl Kmriin?"
"She doesn't know."
"Of  course  she  doesn't,    I   mean,
where  did   you say  you  got oil  tho
money V"
"I told hor my salary was raised,
ind soino back pay"—
"I'm on. Now hrneo up. Vou look
III In.   Mere come Un; Indies."
"They are ready, Joe," announced
Mrs  Brooks.
"Come on, my hoy, and lake Ihe fain
ly io the allow," ordered Mrs, Harris,
"I'm ready," he replied, pulling bint*
srif together wllh great effort   "Jim*
ty, w:ilt llll I come hack."
Km ma aud Smith accompanied them
to tbe elevator.
"Hurry back, Joe," was Hinmn'e In-
hinctlon to her husband its tho ear
llsappenred from view.
TDL1.Y Is credited wltb being
(he (list to remark what essayists hnve pointed out ever
B Ineo- thnl friendship i.u-
proves happiness und abutes misery by
the doubling of our Joys and dividing
of our griefs. This wns (be sort of
friendship that animated Jlmsy Smith,
Ills regard began in love for Kmma
Harris, lint when he found llml this
love was .not requited lie did not for
that reason withdraw his interest lu
her. Accepting Iho cold reality with
his usual philosophy, ho thrust deep
down in Ms heart tbe passion thai
never could he eradicated, nnd Ids
sterling, unflinching honesty trans
formed It In time Into n fraternal affection ns self BnCrlflcHlcE as It was
loyal, wlileli he extended to Hie man
Kmma had chosen for her life partner.
With his keen perception be had soon
seeu that Hint man wus morally weak,
Irresolute of purpose, Incompetent In
business and Mini his love for his wife
was not of that kind which counted
■ncrftloe for her as a privilege -ind for
boa ranee. Indulgence and uu falling
considern t Ion for her gen tier a nd
purer nature as- a duty. But It wns
not for blm to Judge or lo condemn
That Km ma was satisfied was suffl
dent. No oilier consideration matter
***.! a particle. And he esteemed him-
MM nappy m being admitted to Uie
llttlo household on terms of tbe In
tlinncy of nn eider brother, in nit the
world there was no one else he cured
for or who cared for him.
When Mrs Brooks nud he re-entered
(tu apartment and she turned to lilm
aud told him that il was good to sec
him back sbfl meant it.
"It la good to me lo be hack 8gain,"
he admitted, "If only fur a few hours."
"Why a few hours, Jlmsy?"
"Williams expects nto to take the
midnight train for Boston, There ll
some legal tangle about oar dock least
"Oh. J see.    Hid Joe tell you Ihottl
Dims \
W.N.U.   No. 870
our good fortulieK nr course yon cai
mv the change," and nhe mude a ges<
lure Unit took lu Hie whole login.
"Vou menu the raise in Miliary mul
buck pay?"
"Ves. Wasn't It splendid of Captain
Williams V"
"It ceiialnly has agreed with you."
he responded evasively, "Never saw
yon look so well."
"Hid the captain tell you about It?"
"No; he never mentioned It."
"Why not?"
"Captain Williams has a habit ot
keeping a whole lot to himself."
"It came as a complete surprise—al
least lo me."
■Seems to have done your mother u
w hole lot of good. She uever did
shine up to (Imi Harlem Hat."
"In all Ihe yearn I've known you,
Jlmsy, you've uever spoken uf yom
mother or father, i suppose you don'l
care lo."
All expression of pain Hilled over hi*
"No; It ain'I pleasant," he confessed
Mrs. Brooks wan slucerly sorry for
her rather thoughtless remark
"Forgive me, Jlmsy, I wish I hadn't
said llml. Could I help lo make ll
more pleasant? I'd like to," she said
s\ mpatbetledlly,
He gutted at her with a queer look
and Tor u few moments did dor speak
lie appeared to he debating something
in his ndiid.
".My mollier, as near ns I bine been
utile tu hud oul, hiked uut Into Colo
rtido when ll was a territory. Thero
wasn't much law and, I guess, uo eon
velitlouulitles Kvery body kind o'
drift i-d it long the best or the worst
ihe) ituiid, ihe majority voting the
Straight tlekei for the worst. A shake
of ihu hand was as good as u bond,
and there wasn't any law lu the Innd
except lliat between man nnd woman
Some   of   tbem  out   there   yen rued   n*
much for tlm sanctity ot the marriage
vov>s> as an Arab iu the Sahara doe*
for a sun l.aili. It was H loose eouu
try. full of loose people. My uiothei
fell lu love with a roving miner, and
be promised to marry her, Put l*»fon
the parson wandered loto lbs . i1 ti
make a little looss change ty! . oni
rlmontal knots pa got Into nn argti
ment concerning alcoholic o h Itj
and gol plugged with a 45."
"Ves. He passed on. Later i was
shoved Into ihe midst of au UttatlSpe* i
Ing public Mj coming Into the world
without th" usual legal credentials bit
my poor mother awful hard, and before l could open my eyes she died
Then (here was an awful argument
nliotit where 1 belonged."
"Two cities claimed me. Dearer said
I was born tu Omah.-i, and Omaha
bk) fried It ou Denver. These that looked after me wheu I was a kid got n
little careless about my education, and
finally the clly of Denver adopted me
ns a favorite son. Father's only known
name wns Jim. I grabbed it. I hnd to
have it last one on (be handle, so I
etn.se Smith, feeling tolerably certain
It would [inss the scrutiny of an In-
QUlslllre world Without raising Q storm
of curiosity."
lie paused, then concluded, with «
wnn smile;
"\on see, Emma, I am some shy."
"I'm awfully sorry, Jlmsy, but It
doesn't make a loi of difference, does
it/" she na id consolingly.
"No, only that's why I en mo east.
The west ain't conducive to pleasant
"It's nothing; you could help."
"No. I figure you can't always
blame people fur whnt they can*! help.
If ii fellow comes Into Ihe world shy,
he's shy, and the chances nro he's
doing Ibe best he can tbe very Mine bo
goes to the bad."
"How?  In what wny?"
"Vou seem puzzled," he Bald, moving
his chair so that It brought him
squarely facing her. "Well, for lu
stance, out In Denver I knew a fellow
who married n girl who'd had pretty
much what sin* wanted, but he'd been
In hard luck. It wan a love match all
right both parlies being clean foolish
over each other. Well, ho didn't get
on. and she had to work pretty hard.
Finally he thought her health nnd
spirits were about busied up on account of Ibe work, and he commenced
appropriating other folks' money-got
'wiiy in. and the harder lie tried lo get
out the deeper he floundered. Finally
the big exposure came off. lie was a
thief. Now, what do you think about
blm, Emma? Do yuu Ihink because ho
WOS long on love and short on honor
bo was all bad, eh?"
She hesitated, pondcrlug the question ns something so utterly beyond
ordinary cogitation that it could not
have presented itself to her and was
not to bo HcBtly decided.
"I don't know what to think,' sho
mused. "I've always loathed u thloC
snd a liar, I know there's an awful
lot of dishonesty-in business. Father
always declared Ibat a man to drink:
or gamble or dissipate might be weak,
but that a man wbo stole or lied to
Injure people wns vicious. Somehow
I think Ihnt too."
"Maybe you're right, but I wondered
If you'd been In bis wife's place you'd
sort «.f forgiven the man and helped
him get right"
"Perhaps-1 don't know," she replied
doubtfully, "But | think if anything
iiku mat ever Happened ii wouiu m-
raost kill me."
Her thoughts were diverted from the
subject by iba ringing of the telephone
bell.   She answered It.
"Captain Williams calling." she said
to Smith, then tbrougb (he phone:
"Ask tho gem eioan to como up,
Jin t, noxious nnd mm h troubled.
regarded bei thoughtfully,
She turned from Ihe telephone and
id ni need io blm, holding out bor hand.
llo look it baaHntlngly and woudar*
"Jlmsy," she sold earnestly, "I've
never quite understood you before."
"No?" he Interrogated,
"But after what yotl told me to-
night," she weut on, "I've hnd a lima
peel, behind the CUrUllns. Vou are it
good mnn, Jlmay-fl good man. Tbat
means everything."
For the second timo In bin otillro
life- Hie first Imi Ing been when ha
proposed to her Btnlth displayed trepidation.
"Now, Fmnia, he careful/1 he reproved. "There nlti'i no celestial medals pinned on my conl signifying un
angel le career, nud don't yuu sinrt
tossing bouquets iu my dlrcctl'm.'
The doorbell rang ns ho settled himself In hi* chair n-iiln.
!    "Ah!   There's the old *.eji dog." mild
Mrs. Broui.s, hastening to let ibe enp<
i tain In.
"Good evening Mrs Brooks. (Had
, to see you."
i   Captain Will In ma grasped her hand
I'as hi* eyes  wandered over the com-
, foriahie room, nud lie added:
j    "Hello. Smith!   Meet you every time
i I come here '
i   "Oue of my  hangouts," agreed tho
i Sliperliileiidelil genially.
j    "Sit down, captain," invited Fmina,
i motioning him to a chair.
"Thanks," ho said. "Where's your
husband V"
l    "He's Jusl gone OUt.    He'll be back
In u lilile while.   Jlmsy has heen tell*
I In;; us about your eventful trip,"
i   "Kventful trip'*"
i    lie ci hoed the words wllb a bewlt-
' dered tt Ir.
I    Smith pushed his choir back so that
! Mrs Brooks could not see hliu without
.mining   In   his   direction   and,   tinob*
served hy her, motioned warning s[g*
: mils io bis employer, who did not un*
j deistand them,
I    "Spinning  a  yarn uboul  thnl   littlo
1 revolution   down   at   Hun tenia In,"   he
'■F.hv Guatemala—oh, yes-tbe revolution -very bloody ail nlr very serious," replied Williams, who had stub
.ienly realized llml he was espoetcd to
, coutirm a story thai Smith had found
' It expedient to relale to Mis   Brooks
'     "Jlmsy   s.nld   there   wasn't   a   abol
| fired," she told him.
Smith, seeing that the rnptnln under
Hi od, drew hla chair rofwurd,
|    "Kmmu, don'l you let ihe enptnin fill
you   ol .minis   lie rim !'.■ 11 nei
, than I nm " he inn   I
i'io be Continued.)
Franco-Prussian    War    Coat    Franca
Ne.ii ly  $.U:>,000,000
The  en expeudltun   thai  n
.   i ,  i   '
. |   - tht
■  tbi
!■■     .    , i  ww of l!
\ uid N a v y
■Tlu- coal N.jii -tub  I     1871   I    I
IS'.b of i owli     May,
,: .. .    :        ,   . ■•'  I-..;.'.   t W«     i ri
OO franca, oi aboui
;      ' ■       ■ CS>1     .'
.i g like $1 000,000
But 11 e ol >■•'- to ' ■■ [iroi lal in-
I .    r Perls. 1 port ol tiie ram
.■•■'-:.;    i    ■      i tain I
ti: ■ Invading i   ">'.■ ■ ■■  ' trlb lUona lm*
;.. ■   :  ■••. ■ loans, succour
for the victims of the war, repair of
damage dotve, or other Lndlred cha.ges
btul tiie vast Indemnity of I'iv.. m|j
Hard:?, with its Interest be added, the
total coat of the war la brought, up ro
& ; . sal figure of $1,073,000,000,
and to a rate ol js.ino.nno per day.
"Tbe coat ot war to Germany Is
estimated, with contingent charges,
and the reorganization or the army,
bul not he ordinary military budget,
to have been *K7ri.O"<",noo.
"in modem conditions a year of war
would cost Prance $2,400,000,000, while
for (',■ rmany the outlay would be
something approaching the vast sum
of $6,600,000,000."
We Are   Never Sorry
Thai we did our very heist.
That wt kepi faith with humanity,
I    That  we never lost nn opportunity
of helm, kind to one poorer than ourselves.
Thai we looked before we leaped.
Thut we UlOUghl before we promised
I   Thnt we listened before Judging.
Thai v.t discountenanced all talebearing,
I   Thai we remained steadfast to our
principles when rounded ou right.
|   Thai we asked forgivenoss when In
|   Thai we v%eir never discourteous.
That wo weir generous and forgiving to an em my.
j Thar we were straight for Word In all
our actions.
I   That we lent a moment to sympathize with ihn oppressed.
j    That we gave one wbo hail erred
just one more chance.
j    That we woro patient with trouble-
soma neigh bore.
j That we were ever prompt In keeping our promises.
j A certain woman went down from
Jerusalem to Jericho, and it chanced
that her gown was not fully buttoned
,up in  Ihe  back.
Now. a priest and a Levlte, meeting
the woman and perceiving bee plight,
passed hy on Ihe other side without
saying n word.
Bul a certain Samaritan passing
that way, was touched with compassion.
■ "Madam," quoth be. "your ha-hum—"
"SirI,"  the  woman  (hereupon    exclaimed, and gave him u look which
froze htm on the spot.
Wlier.ee It appears that discretion
1- Ihe better part of valor.-
Frtnch fUU It 7 P«r Ctmt—Somstimit
No Inttreit It Charged.
With none or (he timidity or hesitation or the shamefaced aspect of our
user of pawnshops does the PaiNlim
perforin IiIh Journey to ibe money lender. 1'ar from feel Inn, after tbe dour
lias closed behind blm, Ihnt he Is lu
Ilie country of Hie enemy, the l-'rench-
IIIiiu can linvo his patriotic ardor at it*
highest, for over the pawnshop files
the tricolor of Krauco lusiend of the
glldod balls, and (be guard ul Ihe door
is a holmotfld, white gloved republican
guard. Tho customary whispering us
the borrower exchanges goods for cash
is unknown. Borrowing ts n business
transaction wiih iho government.
it is not out of appreciation, of those
eoiiditioiiH, of course, (hut T.QQ0 people
daily visit the municipal pawnshops.
but tholr busl.iess trip includes a
know lod go or tho fact that whntovor
profits   will   acme   lo   ihe   eslalillsle
meats will dually go bad. to lho pro
There Is no haggling, Hays a writer
: Iii the Philadelphia Itecord.   On Jew'
! elry t'our-lirihs of ibe value of tho oh
1 joet enu be secured: ou tho other aril
; Cles two-thirds,     the InteiVht Is 7 per
: cent per nouum    Should a borrower be
In the unfortumiie position uf having
paid Interest for many years without
hem;;   nli!e   to   release   (he   Ill'llcU'   the
authorities win return n.   when inter
est has not been paid lite uh.|e, t In
I question goes (o (he auction, and llieu
(ho righteousness of Paris powtihruli
Ing is decidedly In evidence, fui nfter
the sale has been consummated uui
Tt..' . p [inal loan ind In toro* I nro deducted  from   (ho   money   secured  b.v
(hfl sale Ihe StirplltS gOOS |0 Ilk' hor
rower. Bhoutd lho money remain uu
claimed It In turned over lu ihe rails
hospitals, mid, curiously enough, these
li «pll ils profit to ihe extern of 100,-
0 ii francs a year,
When oua Una made a study of
French puwnbroklnij laws it is easily
seen that the nrsl obJOCt lorvod h.v
these bins Is (o protect pOOplu Who
want im media to money advantage*
France (nud we may soy France, for
municipal pnwuhroklng is to be found
in every e.ii'iier of tbo country) cares
little that many transections are car
rlod ou at it loss, In one year of some
2,000,000 pawned articles in Paris
1,000,000 wen- effected at n loss, since
no auction will bring a complete return on small objects. Of course this
,ls offset by Ihe return from loans on
Die oilier million articles, but should
there be n deficiency the municipality
has no hesitation tu going down In Its
pocket*, aud thus has nn Indirect mode
of taxing the well to do to support tbo
needy. Since no country has raised a
cry against charity, this, as one form
of It. can be passed without criticism.
The fact Ih, money Is lust on all loans
under **!0 francs.
Tho capital of the pawnshops consists of legacies, gifts and subventions
of Uie stale, department or the com*
mime. Occasionally, ns ut (ireuoblo
and Moutpolllcr, the establishments
nre mi well endowed thnt no Interest
Is charged. Paris, for no nnfathoninhlo
reasons, docs the largest pawiihrokm;;
business ou Ibe continent, 114,000,000
francs being the overage yearly
pledges and 30,000,000 francs redeemed. The total revenue Is 4,000.000
francs, the expense of management
1,500,000 franca, the Interest on capital
about 1,1300,000 franca and the uot profits li'iO.000 francs.
[Thrilling   Narrative of ,the  Survivors
of the Plfeahlre,
1   Five members ol (he crew of tho
wrecked liner. FilVsliiio, wlileli wenl
ashore off the conM of Sotuullbtul.
told a thrilling itora when they landed.    Don III  at  the hands of frenzied
Somalia, or by drowning or starvation
w-e-ro the alternatives ihnt seemed to
i fuce I hose ou hoard when ihe File-
autre inn on the rocks. "Moat of tho
pasFrngeiH were in their bunks nnd
many of tbem were in-leep," said
Robert Nixon, steerage steward, "Hig-
mils nf distress weir made ami rock-
eta fired, but (hose hroughl nn assistance. We puased n horrible night,
and In lho morning, to mnk.- mutters
worao, we bum- thnt ihe shore was
lined vilib savages armed with a]ienr>
'ami looking d'eliledh itttfiiMldly.
They made threatening gestures, ami
iilfoi  (her made, ll clear lo us that our
IpI'MOl  "as not dfslml.    The shore
wns only nbout tour hundred yards
nwny. ninl about (went) of the unlives
B*A no out to the Blllpl Captain ('inner,
however, would onlj allow nue nt Iho
men tn cniuo on board,  When ihe man
got on deelf be pointed lo llm f his
hart) win. were on nhore and drew
ids hand across bin thrwil In a slg
uti'eani manner, lie muttered some-
ihltig ihe whole time, hul wo could
uol make out u wont of it The mate
dressed him lu n gold hrnldod suii
and innile hliu presents or tobacco,
ami with those he swam nahoi'6."
All through the day Uw natives
watched events on the lhur, nnd a tier
dark It was though! Mint lliey might
iiempt to MirprlHe ihe nhlp's eomptuiy,
I'liieful watch was kepi and guns wen1
discharged nt Intervals,   'the ship was
iibiuid d and  thnsp on  hoard—HO
ultaftPtluH' left iti lour boats for Aden
si.me 160 miles away. The third of-
rieor'i boat capsUed, but tbo oeou-
paitln wore rescued and tbe boat was
right I At eleven o'clock m night
tliose in ihe ihinl offlcors boat -.Ightrd
Ihe IIkIh of a liner. Ihe Fit nch sleam-
Ship Adour Aft. v sixteen hours'
• niching Ihe Adour picked up two of
the other boat-, hut nn trace could be
round or iiie boat containing the second officer and twenty-thiN n other
|u raons, There wero about five wn-
im n and two chlldvi n nmong those In
the mlselna boat. \ number of animals, Including a kangaroo, four goals
mmI seveni donkeys on th-1 Flfoahlre,
wpro m : free by Iho captain before leaving the vessel. The cargo
.consisted mainly of provisions.
Tills Food-Tonic Quickly Restores Strength
Ah-i a Birlnui llltlSMi ordhmry loodiliouli
bt BupplamAiitid ly u aneticilicnint ionic
Foi tills eiir,(im
NA-DRU-CO Tasteless
Cod Liver UU Compound
Ib i ■■ ■ i it ,r-' i-,: vny ■ i-i. ■"-->-- I" Wt prerara-
(lon ike rilMcrsubUi H-ivcr of tl.*. tulurtl
Cod Liver Oil Is ontlroly rsmOVStt, Wllllt III
well lawrwn nourishing ami   llriiiD-biilldln-*
qiuillllri r.re retained. Than wo add Hypo-
l»licr,|ililieB ly build lip tic Ti^rvea. Bxtract cf
Wild Clierry ((tr dm Lunn ni.d \<um- hiui
Tubes), and Extract ol Mall (a food itoeil)
wkl. it Bid-, In tlio etslmllatlon ol oihar lomb.
CllMren In rattlnilar «n!ciy lho -plcaeani
flavor ol tla-Dru-Co TutoIotS Cod Llvor Oil
Compound, and quickly rajiin liesllli mid slrsnBtli
whan Nuimo la ai.lod byiliia natural food-lonle.
Yom Dructltl hull In ,B0c. and 11,00 Boltlea.
National Drug and Chemical Co.
ol Caiada, limited.
ron   KVcnv  ailmcnt  nir-fi   *
NA-nmi-fo -.prciric nr.ARiNQ this
TNADtMAnK.   f.l I THAT VOU fit? IT.
The Search for Happiness
I llapjUlnasa is noi wiiai we ai c to
look for. Our place |» to he ti no to
lho best we know, to sfeek thai und
jdo that: and ir hy "virtue la its own
jrejvani" is meant thai the good man
j cares only to cuntlnuo good, itcalnng
nothing more. Uu ii II is a (rue liUfJ
noblo saying'—Let ns do right, and
then  whcllier hnpplncK com
ll Ih uo Very mighty  mul-
ir ii comes life will ho sweet: if li
do not nome. life will ho bitter, not
swot i. and yet to be home. Th" well
being nf our houIk depends only on
whnl W0 are; and nobleilOSB 01 chlir
actor is nothing else imi ateudy love
of good and heavy bcucii ror evil, only
In Lho SO who have lho lion rl to sty,
"We can do without scillsli eiljov-
menl," Is there uo aecret, Man will
[have whut he tloaerves. and will find
what Ih really heal for him exactly as
ho honestly aeoka for It.—Proude.
Nurse Olrl.-—"Oh, nia'nin. what shall
J do? The Twins have fallen down Uio
j Fond Parent.—-"Dear me. how annoying! Just, go Into tho library and
get the lust number of The Mother's
Maga/lue; It contains an artlole on
'How  to  Bring Children  Up."1
I At one lime during u aenaon of
.heavy fog a London daily paper offered
\a pitV.e for tho best log story. The
story given here won tho prize.
I a morchanI received a telephone
'message ono morning from ono of his
! "Hello, Wr, Smith!" said the cleilt
[over the wire. "1 cannoL come down
to Ilie shop Hits morning on account
'of the fog. I hnve not yet arrived
|homo yerUerday."
:  ni.ye v,.Kh. Dam at Baasano. Alta.
: Tno Canadian Pacific Itutlwuy r«-
[iuii good inogix'ss lu cuunoctlon with
{the const rue Ion of their big dam tit
iiiis-'.uiu. Alta. Th it. dam la being er
tcied hy the Irrigation Department of
| tlio Cuiiudmn 1'uclflc Hallway to divert
water from ihe How River into the
mulu canal'of the eaat section of tho
ilTlgttUoU liloclt. It will consist wheu
completed of an earth embankment on
the Bouth bank of iho Ho.v River, and
a reinforced couorete vpiii In tho existing tiver channel, connected ut the
'northerly end with the canal head-
'gates. The river is approximately GOO
ileet wide at (his point, its sotilh hank
having a gravel beach several hundred
foot lu Width, ut lho thiikcsi pad of
I the base, containing approximately
one million cubic yards uf earth, lis
upper surface will be paved with
boulder con on to or reinforced concrete
The lotnl length or ihe wolr will bo
nhoui six hundred feet, another construction win he about "20 root in
length between abutments, Tho
overflow crest will ho nt u maximum
height of foriy feci, Above which eleven reel uf waler will bo retained by'
structural Httfcl gates,
The Bptllwny will contain about
40.000 cubic yards or concrete, und
1,250 ti ns of Klnfontn-i  steel.
This dam nf the C.T»;K. nt Raaaano
.Is brobuhly (hi lara^st which is now
being built in Canada
A   Rosourcoful   Legislator.
"it wilt be Impossible for us to transact any public business tonight,*' said
■ the president of the city council, "he
cause of the luck of a quorum."
* "Mr. Chairman," said the new member, arising quickly, "1 have heen elected on a pledge to my constituency (tint
I shalt work untiringly and unceasingly for the upbuilding nud uplifting of
our city, and I now and here move
thnt n committee he appointed to con
, Rider the Immediate purcha.se of as
good a quorum as the market affords
;rnd that the committee be Instructed
to secure the quorum nnd have It properly Installed hy the next meeting
night Aud furthermore," he said, with
n line patriotic touch, "let us obtain n
goml American quorum nnd uot oue
of (hose ancient Roman things!"
Pimples So Bad
. .     - h
In the Swim.
A serious accident happened nt the
supper table.    Homebody-It's always
"somebody" who in to blame-upset a
pitcher of water over the cloth.   There
was a general scampering nud a call-
! Ing for somebody to remedy the in Is*
1 chief.
I    "How   could   you   bo   so   careless.
Tom?" cried Freddie Indignantly.
"Never mind, my boy," replied Tom.
In his airy way.   "It's nil right.   We're
' ull lu (he swim now."
Fried Everything but Did It No Good.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away*
1 'About levcn years ago pimples broke
out till over my face sad neck, When lliey
wo it i :: t como out they would hi; big mid
red, in' il afti-r :> while thoy would turn white*
nnd mailer would come mil.   Sometimes
' idcy would Itch m I could hardly sleep. I
v.     Hhami-d to im d«wn street, my faco
'. looked ftu bad, 1 went to several doctors
end r«>t medietas, which did me no good, nnd
bouitht olntrocnt, sab .wind patent medicines*
',,i in  , of Un in v .mid cure mv facs und
I nKk, a friend advlred mo to try Cuticura
Olntmeni i sot one hox, and ii took tho
i...;.. ■ way bi toro I had it nil ni.-d up. I
run . .,■ ii  i, .i wonderful remedy.   Any
1 Milferrrwho tiaa pimplessl'<*"l«l u-nCuilnin,
0 ntmenl it tliey want u mm* euro,  l never
1 .-I my Map j'i"-.i I" I minim Bqftp,"
,-,-.:, a imar uatucn, Parklull, out.,
lice, .-i, I'jiO.
Sores fill Over Baby's Body
"When my baby boi* was M* uiwitiw
old i,., body trss completely covered
it tth large sn es that seemed to iu-li ami
t nnd causo icrribto luffcrlng, Tlio
ci pth n beian In pimples which would
i n nnd na', inaklus lartra lores, Dls hair
(..in- o t and Hi wt nails fell off, ans (ha
>>•■, ..re ii.'r iho enllro body* cAusIni
uitk- or no weep tor babi or myself,  Qnal
 , would *"in(> off warn l removed Ills
,i.i i    wi ii. d n Brett fn|my,femedl(ss but
n .tiittiR would in ip Film, nil ;i friend imiut-d
, ma in try Ciitlcurn h .p uu<\ oiuini'iit.   1
ii*.] Mm Outlciiro Hpap (jnil Olalnvpl hut
n MHift time l.il'iir 1 null I :<■(! Mi.il Iin WtS
i in.iiroviiijf, imd ni iir weeks1 timo ho was
entirely PUTed,     II" Imd MiITuid ld>ni.l M*
i r.iH>knii<*iuti> wo iri.-d tho Cuticura Boap and
i iiiiitu.''iit. pIi'miii.iIi wt imd tried Eoveral
fitti.-r tliins-i and doctor*] top, I think tho
CuiintfA ItHncdlen will di, i.ll thnl In clalmwl
for tii"i!i, nnd ii Rroat deal more,'' (Hiiaad)
>.![:. Nulilfi Tiibimiu. Dudiiua, Mont,, Jon
Cc'.lcwa Soap and Cullmlra Ointment sold
byd si la nnd dealora evcrywhoro, Bt-nd
io K.ti-i mm' ft uhom.Cqrp,,fiflipoltimtius
Ave., Iloston, u, ti. A., tor n Hber*' ,rc0
sumi>k oi tata, wun9»*p. boo    ,,,
Maybe It Didn't.
Tommy-I did wnsh my face, Mother—How dure yotl tell me thnt? Why,
ll'n Just as dirty as ever. Tommy—
Welt, 1 wnshctl It. but maybe it didn't
take. Ynu know my vaccination didn't
(he Drat time.
A C.-.fo of Disbelief.
Hill   You look had, .thu.   Rcen laid
up?   .llm—Today's the lirst time out
of  doors   for   three   months.     1.111-
; What was the uintti.T with you?  Jim—
i Not bin', hut lite inngistralo would uot
i believe II.— Loudon Telegraph,
The Easy Part.
"The doctor Rtiys you luiiat stop cut-
j Ing    ment    and    drinking    whisky."
"Well." replied ihe major, "meat nev-
I or did ngrco with me."
The beat rarmln-r lands lu Rlhcihi
are those nearest to Cblmt.
The Bright Aide.
"Oh, thin povertyf wept Iho bonuil*
fui wife whi'ii her" shifty eyed huHiumd
enmo home, "The gns ami eloctr|o COW-
pnuloa have siiui off their aervlco he-
cauaoyou have not paid Ihelr hills."
"Well, we ran use candles," conaoled
l dm husband.
"And (he IctephoUO company hits dta
connecled our Instrument because wo
own ii two months' rental."
|   "So much o'- oQtiat,   If any one
i,r,f!* in ring m up to Ifteltf iho (>;:"■
I Ing whli us, they wilt Ihlnk we aro not
| at humr."-Jutlgo,
Will You Be One
Of the Successful
Thirty-Six ?
There's  Still Time, But  None  To Spare
All entries in our $3,600 Cash Prize Contest
for Canadian Farmers must be received not
later than November, 15th, 1911   .:.   .:.   .-.
Four Prizes in Each Province as Follows:
PRIZE   "C"—
5100.00 to be given to tlio furmer In rrtoh
Province wim furnishes us with i lie i-ho-
i'»«iii'.ii siiiiviuir thu ))*>Kt of any kind ut
w.nk iintip on tils farm (hiring Hut with
"CANADA" Cement.
PRIZE   "D"—
f itio.oo tn be r-ivcii to tho farmer in ruch
Province win. submits tin* best nnd most
cornplsta dcsorlptlon of how any par-
tlouiar plrco of worh (nlmw-i by plmto-
graph sent In) was done.
JUDGES—T'rof. Petor Gillespie, Ledum In Tljeory of Construction, Unlvrslty of Toronto;
Prof. \V, H. Day, Professor of Physics, Ontario Agricultural Colleift*, Quelph; and Robsrl ("ralk
McLean, editor uf "Conatruotlon."
$100.HO io t>p Riven to tho farmor in rach
Province who will uso during 1911, tha
greatest numbor of barrels of "CANADA" Cement
PRIZE   "B"—
1100.00 to be given to thn farmer In each
Province Who USfiB "CANADA" Cement
for the greatest number of purposes,
TUB respottse to our aunouncemcrii of this contosl has been most gratifyiufr—ftacrip-
tions nnd pholnp-rnplis hnvo boon received from all parts of Canada.   Wo believe,
however, that in some provinces thero i\w examples of work superior to any that have
yet been described in the photographs and descriptions already received;
Yon; entry may be one of the thirty-six
There arc four j 100.000 cash prlaes for
each Province,   Thus you ure In competition
only with those surrounded by ihfcaamo con-
dttlons us yourself.
Tha eon teat is ao arranged that the umount
of cement you have used malt en no difference
(except for Prbse "A"). Neither do you have
to bo tin expert photographer or trained writer.
Wo wont facts, not art or essays. En trios wilt
be Judged from a practical, common-sense
Standpoint, Bo don't pay particular attention
to tfrnmmar or punotiwtlon, .lust tell, plainly
nnd simply, na you would In talking to Nofgh-<
bor Jones, on the n.*xt concession, how you
built the silo, or tho barn or cistern. As for
the photograph, thai neoQ not worry you. Your
son's or da-ughtor'a camera will do nicely.
In nny evertt, do not lot the Idea of having
a photograph inude drier you from entering
the oompautloiti Vour local dealer has been
requested to help In nines where tt Is not convenient for the farmer to procure a camera
in the neighborhood. Thus you arc on nn
equal footing with every other contestant.
I.et us repent, we want nn many tiwis about
tho uae of concrete on the farm as wo can get.
We knew that the fnrmors who nro using it
WOUld bo tho beat flttod lo glVO US th.-nr facta.
Tiiut'u why (he -sontost was started,
If a neighbor stopped »t your gnlr on his
wny from market and ashed you how you
linilt   that   m-w silo, you   would he clad   lo   tell
him, wouldn't you? And you'd probably
describe every step In its construction, tell
him whnt the materials cost, how much labor
.wan required, and why it Is better than the
oM one. Now, since wc can't mop at your
gale, wo Imve lo ask you to writs this same
description, We want to make It worth your
while.   So we offer these prises.
Kvery dealer who sells "CANADA" Cs-
ineni is .supplied wllh circulars giving pur-
tloulars of the prize contest. Your dealer
will give you one if you ask for tt. Or, if you
prefer, you can USO tho attached coupon or a
posl card. Herd It in us, nnd you'll rocelvs
complete details of Ihe t'ontcst by return
a v,\i i \m,i; hook ki.i-.k.
Hove you received your copy of "Whnt ths
Farmor Can Do With Conoreto"? if not, got
It al mice, by nil means. It's a namlsoinQly
tlluntralcd   book   <>f   l«"   PnfiOS,   full   of   useful
nnd praotlenl Information on the uses or Concrete, it will give you \u.lu»hh> auggaalioaig
both for the Conical ami for future use. A
post card brings It by return moll,   •
Hut,  rcimmthiT,  the  time  |*t short,  so AU
out the coupon or mall a post card NOW.
There's Bill) llmo If you hurry.
"Get Busy"
Canada Cement Co.. Limited
National Bank Building
Pier.*; send
ConteVt CJrcu<
and rook.
N,-ti,c   	 McVITTlE & PARKER
P.L.S. 4 C.K.
Bum»tt,i\  Solicitor, ate,
Banister* ami Solicitor*,
Coal!  Coal!
Oranbrook l.od*. No 14    A.K'.a- A.M.
KtJIfulHi' meatlug. uu
Ui* lWrit l'l, ur,day
ut avery jiiulith.
Vkli.lug br.lhr.u
PBOK, Sec.
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
Orders taken (or Coal
and delivered promptly
Phone 139   P.O. Box86
Rocky Muuntain Chapter
NO. 186.  R. A. M.
Kaifiilar luaailug*:—ind Tu*.
d»y   lu   mmuIi   mouth   al algid
Sojoui'iilitif Com|i*ulou. *r*
winliitlly IiivIi.mI.
W.  V.   Attl'lllK*.  Horllia K.
I.O.n.P., KRV OtTY LODGE, No. 42
Moot* every Monday
uli;lit at  New   Fraternity    Hall.     Sojourning- Oildfallnwa cordially Invited
Funeral Dlraotor,
To ull kuldM'H ol hiiiJ witlilu tke
limit*, ol Lota 4 and 28, Group t.
|Koot*u«y District and to all holders'
ol Water Record, on Joseph's Prairie
Appiirutiou ol Valor,tine Hyde
Baker (or the apportionment ol part
ol tke 300 laclin. of water from aald
Oraak recorded id lavor ol Johu T.
Galbralth on tke 2Drd clay of May, j
It/It, (or th* purpose of irrlgfttl»«
tk* northerly live acre* of lllock 45
Ik the Townsite ol Oranbrook accor
diaii to a map or plan tiled ia the
Land Hoglatry Office at Nelson, B.C.,
a. 1690; aud au application for tke
apportionment of part ol the 500
laehe* ol water from said Greek re
•orcted ii lavor of James Baker oa
tke lat day ol March, UI6, for tke
pnrpoae of Irrigating the southerly
tea acre* ol Block 18; and (or per
Blailoa to change the point ol diver-
alon and tke course of the dltcb for
tke diversion ol part of said water,
NiiTlOBI in hereby given tbat all
taxes for the year Wi, (or proper
ties altuate lu the Kort Steele Assess
ment District are now due und payable at my office lu the Government
Building, Oity of Oranbrook.
And further take notice that publi j
cation ol thi* notice i„ deomed to bo I
equivalent to a personal demand by J
the Collector of all taxes dun and
Payable by pernou* llabl. to pay the'
N.   A.   WALL1NGBR,
Acting Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District
Dated at Oranbrook, H. 0,, 9th day
ol .lauuary, 1912. a-4t
tke partnership heretofore subsisting
between us, the undersigned, as   tbe
"Agnew-McBaln  Hardware aud Trading Company",     In the    Towa   ol
will be heard before me at my office | Blko, haa thla day dissolved by in-  j '
oa tbe   lath day ol February,   1.12,   tual consent.     All debts owing     to
at   elo'oa   o'clock   lu the foreaooa,  "»ld partnership are to be paid    to
local   time,    under   the authority of   Joseph M. Agaew at Blko aforesaid
aald Water Act. I aad all claim* against the said part
Objections should be tiled with mejaerehlp   are to be presented    to the
oa or before the   Mb day of Febru-1 sala Joseph M. Agnew, by whom the
' .am. will be settled.
Dated at Hlko, B. C. tbls   2ad day
ol January, A. D. 1*12.
.1. M. A.ONHW.
wltaeae P. O. Leauly. i-4t.
art,   1912.
Dated at Oraabrook, the   23rd day
at December,   llll.
Actlag Water Ooraratssloier Craahrook Water Dlatrlct.
J. Rondall,
N.   O.
W. M.
Knights of  Pythias
Craabreuk, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   jj
Meet*   every   Tueaday
at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
C. Porter O, C.
J. M. Boyoe,
K. of R. * a.
Visiting   brethren cordially   Invited   ta at
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tlrcc Applied
To Buggy Wheele
Repairing a Specialty.
Phoae ••     •  •   •     p. o. Boi 111.
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meat in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each month.
A. CLARK,Jr., Sec.    p. 0. Boi Ml
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
M.M.V.,   V.I..
Oraduat* ol Ontario Veterinary
college. Toronto In llll. Orad-
at» aad medalist ol MoKIUIp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
la 1100. Regletered member ol
Brltleh Columbia association.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph li. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Saga's Old   Stand. Hanson Ave
Pboae HI.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
f.O   Boi 11.16. Phone 223.
Physicians and Surgeons
ides at Residence,    Armstrong At*.
ornoa hours
Forenoon* - -
- - I.N to DM
Altcrnoau* - -
- - IM to
BTcnlage - - -
-   7.10 to
- ■ 1.10 to
:      :
: ». O.
far   laic or Rait at Reasoaable
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Pbons Ho. III.
Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally locate*
Three mi-ate* from Government
Terms to  suit   buyer,  no
reasonable offer refusud
For further particulars ap.
ply at the
Prospector Office
Staara Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished ou application.
>      A.drai, i P. O. Set l>«, Ct.nbrgok     <
NOTIOB is hereby given that thirty day* (Iter date, I intend to aPPl*
to Chief Commissioner of Land* lor
a license tn prospect fnr coal aad
petroleum na tbe following laada
situate in tha dlatrlct ol South Bast
Rboteaay, British Columbia —Com
nwaeiag at a poet planted 18.18
caalaa east of tbe N.W. corner ol lot
1711, Oroup 1, thence east 4..51
ekaiac, more or less, to tke wcat
boundary ol lot 7507, group 1, tbenca north 65.70 chain*, more or less,
to 8.K. Corner of lot 7509, group 1,
taeacc west 40.51 chains more or
less to a point due north of tbe
point ol commencement; theace south
•1.70 chains, more or less, to the
point of commencement, containing
IN acres, more or less.
Located tbi* Sth day ol December,
Per W. II   Moss, Ageat.
H. 8. Morris. 51-M
F. M. MacPherson
Nerbury Avsnu. Next te City H.ll
Open Day ud Night Phos. ll)
Century Restaurant
K. T.  UyemaUu, Prop.
Oppoaitc 0. P. R. Depot.
Pboae 11*   P. O. Boi 114
FOR 8ALB—Must be sold at genuine bargain*, two Morris uf-to-date,
upright piano's. Part cash, balance
can be arrainged. These are Al In
Cranbrook   Steam    Cleaning    Work.
Office. 5-t.l
Notice of Court of Revlaion.
OIVBN that the Court of Revision
will alt on Monday March 4th. 1912
at tba hour ol 10:30 a. m. (local
time) at tbe Municipal Buildlnjt",
Cranbrook, B. C, for tho puxpoBe ol
correcting and revising the Aaae**-
ment Roll ol *e City of <'.ranl«ron».
Any person complaining ot an error
or omission In the said Roll "halt
give notice ol hie complaint In writing to the Asemor, nnd the irrounda
ol hla complaint    at leaat ten    (10) |
Tke Britiak Columbia Souther*
Railway Compaay give notice that oa
tke Ttk ol February, 1912. it la-
tead* to apply to the Water Com
mlssloner at kle office In Craabrook,
for a license to take and nse 1|
cubic teet of water per second from
Little Band Creek is Craahrook Water District. The water is to be taken from the stream about HOC leet
northeast of the northeat corner ol
Lot 1*43, to be used on 20 acre* ol
Lot. 4590, being a strip of land 10
chalae wide Irom north to south adjoining Lot 3543, Croup 1, to the
orth, lor domestic purpose*.
Dated   .th  January,   1912.
Per W. P. Ourd, Craahrook. B.O.
District ol Southeast Kootenay
Take aotlee that William Harrlaoa
ol Craahrook, occupation railwayman
lateada to apply for permission to
purchase the lollowlag deecrlbed
laada :-
Commencing at a poat planted at
tke North Wcat comer nl Lot 1744
oa Bant aide ol right ol way, theace
west 20 ckaiaa more or Icsb to Tlm
bar License 43151, thence South to
Lot 100M; thence east to right ol
way; thence following right ol way
to point nf corarueacemeat.
Name of Applleaat.
Dated   Kith December,   1911.     1-It
4-M-M"l~l"H-||-H..|.|^..|..n..H"|.    --I-I.I.I. |.|.|. ■(■■■ |..|..|..|..|..|..| ..|..|..|. -i-n-H-1-|. -H-M-H -H-t-l IIIH **
Water Freezes and Bursts Pipes
the best thing to do then is to
for the
Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water Experts :
Prompt Attention Given
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaiied
:; Plumbing Tinsmithing & Heating Co.;
'■'> Phone 340
W. F.JOHNSON & SON,  Props. P.O. Box 904;;
■ .
+++++W+4.W+4.+.\.+.\.+.M.M.W.4.+++4..W+++++-l-l-l-H'.r+l|.|..|.H.|.|.'..|. ■ + ■•++++--f+++''
Elko Notes
We, William Whyte, and Frederick
Thomas Orlffia, ol Winnipeg, Maatto-
ba, Railway Officials, giro aotlee
that on tbe 7th day of February,
1912, we Intend to apply to the Water Commissloaer at his office la Oraabrook, for a license to take and us*
1| cubic (eet of water per second
from Little Sand Creek ia Cranbrook
Water District. Tbe water Is to be
taken from tbe etream about IIM
leet northeaet ol tbe northeast comer ol Lot 3143, to be used oa Lot
3543, for irrigation purposes.
Dated   6th January,   1112.
Per W. F. Ourd, Craabrook, B.C.
We, William Whyte, aad Frederick
'lTioi.ua Griffin, ol Winnipeg, Manitoba, Railway Official*, glra aotlee
that oa tke 7th day ol February,
llll, we intend to apply to tke Water Commissioner at his office in Oranbrook, lor a licence to take aad uae
11 eubic leet ot water per second
from Little Send Oreek ia Oraabrook
Water Dietrlct. The water ic to ba
taken from the etream about UN
leal, nortkeaat ol tka nortkeast cora-
er of Lot 3143, to be used on Lot
543, for domestic purposes.
Dated   ith January,   1112.
Per W. F. Ourd, Craabrook, B.C.
Wilmer, B.C., Oct.   3,   till,
To Oeorge Burt, Spokane, Wash.
TAKB NOTIOB that I, Allison 8.
Palmer, Free Mines License No. B.
•1541, acting myself and a* agent tor
Jaa.es Larrabee, Free Miner's License
No. B B8650; O. D. Fttzslmmona,
Free Mlaer's Lineage No. B 190 acting under section 24 of the act relating to gold and other minerals
kcroby give aotlee to tbe said Oeorge
Burt of Spokane, Wash., aa aforesaid
that if he, tbe said Oeorge Burt,
tail* to contribute the sum of one
kuadrcd and two dollars and ilfty
eeats ai. proportion of etpendltura
of the aald mine aa required by section 24 of the act relating to gold
aad other minerals together with tiie
costs of advertising before the expiration of ninety days that be chall
forfeit hta claim in the said mineral
claim under Section 26 B of the gold
aad other mineral, act.
Thia aotlee will appear in the Opl-
umbiaa   newspaper lor the period ol
ninety days as required by law.
(Transferred from Wilmer Columbia)
I, Joba T. Scanlon, of Cranbrook,
B. O., by occupation a Rancher, give
notice that I Intend on the 29th day
of February, 1912, next, at eleven
o'clock la the forenoon, to apply to
ths Water Commissioner at his office
at Oraabrook, B. O., for a licence to
take and uae 3-1000 of 1 cubic feet
of water per second frum an tin-named spring rislag on Orey Hagle Mineral Claim, Lot 1915, Oroup 1, Kootenay. The water will be used on preemption record No. 1298, being sub
division 5 of Lot 4916, Oroup 1 lor
domestic purposes, the point ol diversion Is at the fountain head ol the
Baud thla 20th day ol Jan. 1912  4-5
Notice ie hereby given that on the
12th day ol January 1912. It was
ordered by Hla Honor, Peter B. Wilson, Require, Judge of the County
Court of Beat Kootenay, holden at
Oranbrook, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, Official Administrator for
that portion of the County of Kootenay Included in the Electoral Districts of Cranbrook and Fernie, be
Administrator of all and singular
the estate ol Peter Person, of Wnaa,
B. O., deceased Intestate.
Bvery person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment lorthwith to the undersigned.
Bvery person having In possession
effects belonging to tbe deceased Is
required lorthwith to notify the un-
Every creditor or other poreon
having any claim upon or Interest In
the distribution of the estate of   tbe
The British Columbia Railway
Company, give notice that oa Ue
Tth ol February, 1912, It lateada to
apply to the Water Commissioner *t
kla office la Craabrook, Inr a license Nal<i dareaerd Is required to semi he
to take aad uae It cubic feet nt wat-: fore the 7th day ot March next, by
er per aeeond from Little Sand Oreek , registered mall addressed to the unit Craabrook Water Dlatrlct. The I dersigned, hi* name and address and
Water ia to be taken Irom the stream   the full particulars ol bin claim   or
day* before
tbe sitting ol the
about   IIM   Let    nortkeaat   ol the
north***! corner of tot   3148, to be
used on   20 acre* ot Lot.   4590, belag
a etrip of. land   10 chain* wide Irom
north  to south adjoining Lot   3543,
Oroup   I, to tke aortk, (or Irrigation
Dated   ttk January,   1912.
T. M.
Per W. K. lurd, Uraakrsak, B.O.
Interest, and a statement ol hi* account nnd the nature of the security
(II any) held hy him.
Alter the nal'1 last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 1st day ol
February,  1912
4-Jt Official Administrator
Mr.  Otbson Todhuntor was a
nle visitor on Sunday.
"Scottlo"  Young is, in  101k
Hunday.    A dear   little girl    looked
rosy because nt Ills visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan ol the I'ass
burg Hotel are wook eud visitors at
the Columbia Hotel, Klko.
Tho valentine at one time   wa«
message ol    love, and many    hearts
were united by Its strange Influence,
Mr. and Mrs. Itobortson ol Waldo,
paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Blrnlo
of Klko on Saturday; riding by
»lelgh from Waldo.
Alas   lor    the    rarity    ol    Christian
charity under the sun.
Qh! It was pitilul near a whole clti-
lul.   Home they hail none.
Mr. A. Hirnle has commenced ice
cutting und packing. It wlllgivc some
idea ol tho great frost when It Ib
stated that the Ice blocks are three
feet thiok.
Another meettng In connection with
the new Presbyterian Church In Klko
was held on Wednesday of last week.
Steps arc being taken for the erection of the building.
A masquerade dance was to beheld
the old Waldo Hall Brat on February 2nd then of Feb. 9th,, now Is
Ib Indefinitely postponed. Tho big
bass drum is out of order. Why not
get down the Blko molodeon player?
This Is leap year; arc the Klko
Helios aware ot the fact, (live them
the hint. Cirls, sonic of them need
It. Speaking of leap year it may bo
interesting to know that the twentieth century will have no less than
twenty-four leap years, the greatest
number possible. February will have
live Sundays three times. 1920-1948—
ivtiite a llttlo episode worthy ol
mention here, took place In Klko
last week. Posters announced n greflt
dramatic show, character readings
from Dicken's, etc. A fow children
turned to hear the dramltlntfl. During the performance, however, thoy
disappeared. The hue and cry was
raised as evidently the hotel bill had
not been paid. A piece of smart detective work hy the hotel stall assisted by others soon brought them
to bay, and they had to hand out
the lew cents they had and look
look comlortable.
A. C. Bowness I
urnr ,,i a
1 kinds
'•'■       Aorlalsd       wntor.
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red  Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Imports)' of all kinds <>f Foreign and  Uouieetli!
Wines and Spirit*
Baker St. Cranbrook, B. C.
[MfttMJJlBlBlMlalBlillll^lil.^l.^lBlMlT-J^^, >ni|kr.>nMIBIMTMriWBT]l(l^^|M|gff|J|n|IJ|
Have you got a Valentine? The
Bending of the valentines dateH hack
to the early part of Iflst century,
when an Praia" wrote:
Appollo has peeped through the
And awakened the wity and fair,
The  boarding     school   belles     in    a
The two-penny posts in despair.
The     breath    of    the    morning     is
A magic on blosBom and spray,
And    Cockneys    and    sparrows   are
In  chorus on Valentine's  Day.
An Act to amend the
Tne    Municipal    Incorporation  Act
has been amended as follows:
1, This Act may  he cited    as    the
Municipalities     Incorporation     Act
Amendment Act, 1912."
The "Municipalities Incorporation Art," being chapter 172 of tho
Revised Statutes       of        British
Columbia, 1911, is hereby amended by
Adding ns section .ia the following
'.in. The Lieutenant Governor in
Council may, when granting letters
if Incorporation to » city municipality, vary the boundaries or reduce
the limits of the proposed municipality, as mentioned in tbe petition, in
such a way an may ho considered n-
3. Said chapter 171! is hereby amen
led by inserting tbe following an sec
tion TiA:—
"8a, When the limits ol n municipality aro extended or reduced, it
shall be lawful for the Lieutenant
Governor in Council, in and by let-
tors patent extending or reducing the
limits, to impose upon the municipality such conditions as may bt
deemed proper.'4
HOTEL g:s?rook'
Is a large anil attractive hotel of luparior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
I    Infill   I   tnfcut ■l.rl.,lialiili,t„|,,| ,l.,l.,t,.l-l..t. .Iiili.liili Ini
T I 'I IT't'f "l"l TTlTTTTTTTTTr Til HT
:i   STOVES and RANGES   ;
Iwish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of IS per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
+++4^..++JHH-+■++■ + ■'I+++++++4-f+++"
It     -V.     DRBW,    JVoilrl.tor.
»»«»»>>*>*>*>*>M»»*>MM»»» WWHMMMMMIMMI Our  Local  News
FOB uai.u-a Uuou Harlot Organ,
cheat), with terms. Apply to H, D,
Slmokelton, phone 318.
M. niiJ Mrs, Qoo, Hewetl ol
Kltchonor, was at the trainmen's
uaiu'u un Thursday night.
Thomna Hoiklns, Agont Blooptai
Dining and Parlor Oarsi O.P.R. i"'1
lor Oreston ami Nolson on Tuoaday,
0, ii.    MoDougal, ol   Klmherley,
manager ol the Bulllvan   ..ilne, v,ns
in town Thursday on company liu.l-
\ii Alex, Taylor, ol Klraberlty,
manager ol the Taylor Lumber Co.,
was In the oity Monday on oomvany
Miss Vera Uradwln ha* l«»t returned tu cranhrook Irom an exteodod
visit wnn ber parent! at Wlnghan,
al   '"»
Hanson Muck
Andrew Orr arrived during the
week from Fernle to take a position
in Uie lurni»hin< department oi tho
Oranbrook Oo-OperaUve snores
mi-  mid Mr*, w. h, Davli of w>     Mr. ami Mrs   Browning: Mr    and
di     were   Oranbrook visitor,    on Mr.. Uvesl.y, ol Moyle were in th
jhjeiday, cily  TB»r,Qa"    a1"11"11"'   il»,   I nun
■ I men's dauee,
Bunklst    Lemons   at Finks    Pure
Food Grocery, The annual m.sting o    the ehw
—— , holders oi Uie Taylor Lumbal oompa
Wm. Hblra. ol Wasa. a prominent; uy was held In the parlor ol the Oran
minion man, waa In town   Tuesday 1 brook Hotel, on Tuesda)
on buBtne**.        K1|J1V   pRAMHa  pICTURBU
Mra. Donahue, and Mrs, Oppio.   ol     Kllt|rt,   „,,  0utQt in    Periodicals.
Waaa, were giiestB at the Coamopoll
tan Tuesday.
Miss Atwood, of Moyle wus shop-
piug in Cranbrook Monday
Mr. Issue Baxter wuh BWoru lu nH n
Municipal policeman on Monday.
Mr. nnd Mra. ('.. Mott, ol Maoleod
were Cranbrook  visitors Thuninv.
M. and Mra. W, J.  IngliS, of Mont-
treal, were Oranbrook visitors Monday.
Mr. nnd Mra. 1). A. Ayroa, ol Moyle, wore Oranbrook visitors on Monday.
Qlloen  Mary  Short-bread    at  Kinks
rure Pood Grocery,
Mr. and Mra. Martin, ol IMucber
Creek, wero guests at the Cranbrook
Monday. «l
Mra. H. L, Sawyer, ol Miirytvtilc,
was shopping at Oranbrook Thi re-
NEW designs In all Post Cards
series at  PALAQB OIOAR  8T0RB.
I, K. Smith, of Montral, roproseu
ting Dawson & Co., was In town ou
Mr. and Mrs. 0, B. Gushing, ol
Calgary, were Cranbrook visitor* on
un old tinier iii this district, at ono
time manager ol thu tatnoua st icu
gene mine.
I owners ol doits shodld sue thut
ttioii licenses nre immediately renewed or else tlio dog catcher will got
busy  mul  vou  will loss  a fuvol'ltr
A sleighing    party   consisting   ol
Messrs. II. Campbell, M. Illll'lck, C
Stoves, Mrs. Wallace uud Miss Math
ews, visited Mi. ami Mrs, P. Woods,
at Cherry Oreok on Sunday lust
Mrs. W F, Walla wns taken to the
hospital on Thursday where she underwent an operation (or appendloi
tis. she is progressing as well ns
can bo oipocted.
.1. M, Dudley ol Montreal, ol tho
Y.M.C.A. will ho visiting Cranbrook
this next week to holp solve some of
tho problems that nro occupying the
minds of tho local management.
when Bprtng Gleaning, why not
have those old pictures framed lu
some of KII.IIY'S lutoBt style mouldings. Do it now? W. W. KILBY,
Praetloal Ploturo Framor
There will he a meeting ot Ihe
Farmers Institute In the Government
building on the 81st ot this month
at n p. m. sharp, A cordial invitation is given to all, member* or lloll-
tiioinbers.   to  attend
k UHfflga
Watches,  Clocks,
I'm realh good value
ii \
Jewelers & Opticians
A Safe place i" leave .i trou
blesome watcli
All «i'ik guaranteed
Mr. A. B. Watts, and Miss Watts,
of Wattsburg,    were Crnnhrook  vlai-
Magasln.s and Newspaper. » being
installed at the Palace Cigar Store,
HatiHon Block
Tho J    I)   McBrlde     hardware Co..
! has received a contract for the beat-
i Ing, and plumbing for the new Indus
tors on Monday. trml school at St. Eugene Mission,
Mr. and Mrs.  W. F, Ourd returned     The Fink Mercantile Co. are recelv
last Saturday  after  making an    ex■  lD< „ shipment ol Seville Uitter Or-
tended trip to tho far east uiiges,   (or  making marmalade  watch
                             announcement ol arrival Inter.
Local and    forolgn   newspapers  can j 	
bo found at tlio 1'nlace Cigar Store,!    W   P, White, of Spokane wai at tbe
Hainaon Block Cranhrook  Monday.    Mr.   White  was
s*«|^44«|«f*w|4III [ H*l|.|.sH-*-i"l"l"l-l-H~<-i-'ll-l"M"l"H I"H-Hr
Will Find
Our Stock of
I Game Traps I;
Very Complete at Present
We can supply all requirements
with  dispatch
F. Parks & Co. I
Hardware, Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
HMMH M I M I I I Mil 1 l-f-H I I II H I I tl I MM 44 *•+
We   have  had  consigned to us this week
a lot of Good Oranges which we offer for sale
ISO's or 176s
And a full stock of the International Stock
Food Go's Poultry Foods, Etc., has heen   received
Do not forget that we offer Whole  Corn
AT $2.T5 Per hundred pounds.
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranhrook,    B. C.
s   u. Furlong leavea today lor tha
Did country,     Mr.  Furlong ban   jiml
reoelvoxl tho *m.t news ot mm (&thtn
liint'Hb.   Wt> iinooroly hopa thai    by
tlio time ho  rt'uchi'H  bit hoini- Iir  Will
tinii ini» father very much improved
At   thi'  liocki'y  fatno  ut  N ol no ii,  on
Monday night, attw n oloialy oontaa
tod i'oni', th.' aoora wuh & t(, u Tho
CraDbrook team went to Roaaland to
play aevarat gamea during thi- win
ter carnival now being bold In thai
There were » iri,;* number ot rail
way men In tha eltj Pbureday, many
coming from Calgary, BUmonton
and other prairie towns, alio (rom
polnte west ax fnr as Nelaon, attend
the trainman'a danee In the A.udlto
a i' Uarehall, D Travoi w, i P
Campbell, and 1. H. McCarvoy, of
Calgary, were gueata at tba i i»erlal
Thursday These gentlemen an
all old time engineers who were here
during the constructs n of the Crow
line, and were Id attendance at tbe
trainmen'e dance
Poor old Ham. Did you have an
accident to your Bhoutder, wo wero
sorry to hear of it, but si ad to
know that the shoulder you hurt will
soon he better and that you will
soon be nhla to return to work.
Burglars were busy this week, last
Saturday at the Canadian Hotel,
Wednesday night at Mct'reery Pros,
also Ward & Harris, but nothing ol
nny Importance was taken, nnd tha
local police art; now busy looking for
at the
Hun- on Htock
WATCH for further announcement
of Big Sale to he held oo April 6th
by the Knox Church Ladles Aid.
They will supply you with necessities for Spring Cleaning, as well as
daintily cooked disbea for yonr
Easter Dinner.
is and sicic FOR YOURSaLF IT
a POULTRY meeting will be held
In the QoTernmoni building nest
Thursday, the Lfitb at 8 ;io p, m.
Bveryone Interested In poultry or
Pet stock ot any kind will reoolvo au
hearty wok'oine. Tha meeting is culled under the auspicos ot the Poultry
Pet Stock \S80Clatl0U. Election oi
officers for the ensuing year will take
The Women's Institute are holding
their Social and Dance in the Car-
men's Hall next Wednesday There
will be a social at which Solos, lie
citations, and a dlaloguo will be given by the executive of the Women's
Institute, entitled "Why Mrs. Gas-
kill did not engage a cook." The
ladlofl will appreciate your attfa-
dance, A dance will be given at the
i For a long time tho Auditorium
I has been in need nf renovating and
! at last it has been done. Many have
! been the remarks of commendation
Ion Mr. Geurnrd for undertaking the
| work. It was no light task, and the
expense attached to it and the vast
amount of work it involved would
have turned faint many a stouter
heart. Mr. Oournrd has the interest
of his patrons nt heart ami believes
In providing for their comfort.
Eggs for Hatching, Crystal White
Orpingtons, special selected breeders
from strictly first class class stock.
Strong winter laying strain, 13.OC
per sitting of 13, fertility guaranteed.
0. B. KENDALL, Cranbrook, P. 0.
Box 4fifi. 4-tf
There are a number of our subscribers wbo keep tbe "Prospector"
on file. In checking up our file we
find we are short of September 23,
No. 38, and October 28, No. 43; if
anyone will kindly oblige by bringing
or sending these copies to the office
we will give them double their sale
price in value.
NOTICE:—Owing to the Womcns
Institute having a social night on the
night of the 14th of thiB month, the
Farmers Institute will postpone their
regular meeting to tho evening of the
2lBt. All members of the Institute
are cordially Invited to attend a
social and dance at Carmen's Hall
on the Mth Inst.
Southern California Naval Oranges,
deep color and delicious flavor, at
Pinks Pure Pood Grocery.
We have just received notice at
this ofllce that the nineteenth Annual
Spokane Interstate Fair will he held
in Spokane, September 30 to Octo-
bet f,th inclusive, 1912. There should
he a hlg number place these dates on
their engagement lists aa usually
thin ia the biggest, show held io tbe
Cranbrook hockey team was defeated at Rossland on Wednesday by
Greenwood by a scorn of R to 3.
At the end of the first 20 minutes
Cranbrook led by two goals to one.
In the second period Crnnbrook se-
eurad another goal, and Greenwood
three, the latter thus taking the lead
which tbey increased in thn last per
lod I.v one more goal, winning the
gams ni 5-3.
Mr and Mrs Arnold Jtaworth were
in from Lethhrldge for the sole purpose of swing "The Country Girl".
Mr. ItftWnrth ia an enthusiast for the
advertising vnlun of the local paporg.
"If the local merchanta would only
realize their value they would do
more for their support." mid he.
Cranbrook Agricultural
Adjourned   Meeting
Adjniirneil annual mooting of
the (Jranlirook Agricultural Aiwo
elation will be held on Monday
night , Feb. 12 at 8 p. in., in the
Council Chamber ol the now City
Hall. The President hope* that
every citizen and those living In
tbe district, who have the welfare ol the Association at heart,
will make It a point   to attend.
"VlnHanil"  ennned  Tomato**,
Kink* Pure Food Qrocsr.
Visitors to the City
At Cosmopolitan
Chaa. Qrassoy,    Fort Steele June.
Mrs. M. Cole,     Creston
A.  K. McDougal,     Grand Fork*
H. A. Murray,     Calgary
C. McCarthy,     Calgary
II. Macculn,     Wasa
W. D. Rutledge,     Medicine Hat
It.  McNalr.     Vancouver
At Royal
H. Wells,     Marysvillo
A. Allen,     Marysvllle
K. Warren, Fort Steolo
Hrs.  G.  Anderson,     Letlihrl'lge
F. Hill,     Uthbrldge
J. Cook,     Creston
J. G. Hodgson,     Marysvillo
F. Williams,     Vancouver
G. Moore,     Lethbridgc
B. Rgge, Wasa
G.  Harcourt, Spring Wood*
At Cranbrook.
G. A. Mclntyre,     Vancouver
D. Wilson,     Toronto
O. Atkinson,     Fernle
F. D. Gauthor,     Hherhrooke
A. G. Anderson,     Calgary
N. B. Broley, Vancouver
C. H. Lango, Vancouver
C. D. McNabh,     Waldo
8. F. Jackson,    Toronto
T. II. Deeson, Nelson
J. A. Manning.     Wardnor
W. H. GniBKo,     Fort Steele
G. M. Judil,     Fort Steele
T. T.  McVlttie,     Fort Steele
A. I)nyl«,     Fnrt Steele
W. 0, ('ho»t«r,    ol Winnipeg
A. D. Hill,     Vancouver
F. BJ, Clements,    Victoria
II. Carmen,     Vancouver
K. MeOonDell,    VBncnuver
Allan Graham,     Maryovlll*
F. Swain,     Vancouver
A. McKrnzte,     Spokane
A. P,  Anderson.     Calgnry
M. Milter,     Calgary
J.  Pease,     Toronto
K. Dermnn.     Calgary
W. 8. Nate,    Lethhrldge
P   Lund,     Wardner
J. ii, Bohlttilor,   niuiHOB
<; Hamilton,   Toronto
i>.  M. NlcholH,     MoHknti,i,n
H, Q, Ambrose,     Plucber Oreek
V. I). Doty,     Vancoubor
lt. W. Drew,     NoIbuii
c. It. BtUllngton,    Oftlgarj
a. t Trittnii,   Oalgtry
t. K. Yum.    bethbrldgs
a. Collins,    Pernio
M   (lurnian,     Dublin,  Ireland.
W. II. May,     Nolmili
It   N.   AmllinvH,     I'lilgury
0, .1. Smith,    Vancouver
il. it. Ha.elwooil,    Moyie
ii  ii. [Clans,    Vanoouv*"
ii. ii. Yiiiiiik,    Nelson
J,  11. rimimoy,     Hull Hivoi
w, iv urimn, Moon Jaw
,1. M,  Bvorett,     Nelson
w. it   Hassle, Fori Steele
a. k. Dingier, Winnipeg
A. (V   llnnitmw,     MhcIooiI
A. J, Sonell,     .laftray
Frank Dickinson,    Jnilray
ti. Longhurst,    Noloon
11. II. Mi't'nll,     Montreal
(Joo  (laibott,    Vnncoiiver.
W, Itiinklii,     Wardner
('   MoNooloy,     Calgary
VVntch Cranbrook Grow.
HiiltN- At Oranbrook Monday Feb.
ith, to Mr an,i Mih Lester ciapp-
„ daughter,
DORN—At Oranbrook on   Monday,
Fob. 4th, to Mr. and Mr*. T. Ohrie-
tlan, a son
linitN At Oranbrook, Tuesday,
February 1th, to Mr, and Mrs. J. L.
Slmmi, ii daughter,
iiiiitN   At Cottage Hospital, Oran'
jrook, on iFnn, :""b, to Mr. and Mr*.
li   I,. (Iwouh, i, diiiighter.
BORN—At the Oottage hospital,
Oranbrook, on Wednesday, Feb. 7th,
to Mr. and Mrs. James tlarliilde, a
IliMlN At Cottage Hospital, Cranbrook, on Friday, Fob. 2nd, to Mr.
and Mrs, I). 0, Horseman.—a son.
Overseas Club.
(Cranhrook Ilranch.)
Moot* In Carmen's   Hall 2nd   and
4th Tuesday*    in every month, at 8
p, tn,     Membership open to   llrltlsh
N. A, Walllagor, Pre*.
W. 0, Crebbln, Sec'y.
P. T. Doi 425.
VHItlng members cordially welcomed
Dancing Club
The Club'* noxt dance which was
to have been held Ti>enday the 13th
Instant Iiiih been postponed untill St.
Valentine's Dny, February 14th. A*
this will be tho lant ol the series,
Hupper will be served and dancing
continued until a later hour than
Relations With  Germany
London, Feb. 'c—Lord Haldane,
minister of war, left London suddenly lor Berlin today altor he bad a
conlerence with the King and Sir
Edward Grey. Although no official
announcement wax made as to the
cause ol his hastily arranged Journey,
it is believed to have a direct bearing upon the strained situation
which everyone recognize* a* being
brought about hy the rielng tide ol
Indignation in England over the conviction and sentence ol Bertrand
Stewart for espionage.
On the train with Lord Haldane
wns Sir Ernest Cassell, the banker
and representative of the great financial interest* which are extending
every effort to avoid war with Ger
many. It is considered significant
that before Lord Haldane'* departure the King had a conference with
Sir Edward Grey and Lord Lans-
downe, wa*   Grey's prcdeeesaor
a* minister for "irn affair*. Rng-
lend'B hope* lor a peace'"' end Irlen-
dly cure for the nreflont 'i*amed
state ol public opinion root* largil<
•n the belief that the Kaiser may be
Induced either to pardon Stewart or
to take steps to bring about a revl
slon ol the court'a drastic action.
!! House For Sale
Near School House
American  Mason's Greet
Montreal, Feb. 7.—The Duke ol
Connaught In his capacity as grand
master ol the Grand Lodge of Free
Mason* ol England is to be the recipient of a warm Iratornal greeting inscribed on parchment. Col, J. E.
Benton, grand master ol the Grand
Lodge ol Massachusetts, which boasts
of being the oldest grand lodge on
thle hemisphere; Hon. L. 0, Southard
presiding worshipful master and a
former member of the ManearhuBetts
legislature, and Philip Nickeraon presiding worshipful master of the Win-
elow Lewis lodge In Boston, arrived
In Montreal Monday on their way to
present the greeting to hi* royal
highness at Ottawa.
Mr. Southard said that thin wa*
the first time that a grand master ol
the grand lodge In England had, heen
on this continent since the grand
lodge ol MaesachiieettA wa* formed
140 yearn ago, and as the grand
lodge of MnsnachiiBettn was Instituted hy the grand lodge of England,
nnd a* the American and Kngllsli
masons were on tho best of terms It
was only fitting that the oldest lodge
In America should present It* greetings.
"We aro also ronveying to hi*
royal highness a cordial InvtUtlon to
visit us in Boston and meet the member* ol th* craft."
Thin house has Two Good Bed
rooms, Ona l.niii», Room, Kitchen,
Good Si/.fil Paniiry and Cullar, and
is Electrically Wired Throughout.
There is also a   front   and  hack
veranda in connection,
$500,00 ("ash—Balance   to  suit   requirements of purchaser,
Enquire at
Prospector   Office
or write Box "M"
itiJuliifi *•■■*•■■■■ LLUJ, *...■. Ll Ini. In! if 11 I t ■-■-■-»-■- ■ LU ■*. ■ ■■*-■■ ■ Lj * -' '
Til1 |l*f,'|.>|..|.»|.*p**f.'*f'*f.if.t,|«.|<.|..|..|.*|«.*(i 1 i|..|.>|»i|.*f>.y.>|»|.**j.*-*.>-pfi*-pt|..-|-.-*i>f^*--.*s-<.| 1
All Our Meats are Government
Calgary, Alta.
Head Office
Nelson-Cranbrook Bowling
Last Friday, too late lor our Issue
the NelHon-Cranbrook Howling teams
with a number of tholr friends and
supporters mot In tho Y. M. 0, A.
rooms to enjoy a Hue spread an!
take part In a social time.
After enjoying tbo eatables, cigars
were passed around and everyone
made themselves bh comfortable as
possible. Mr. J. I'. Kink, an chairman, oalled upoa Mr. II. Stevens lor
a song, followed by a piano solo by
Mr. Hatsall.
Mr. Fink, in his address of welcome to tho visiting players said:
"that everyone was plensed at the
visit the Nelson hoys had made, at
the same time saying how he hoped
they would onloy themselves even ns
much as tho Cranbrook boys did up
an their visit to Nolson. The chairman also drew attention to the lact
that these visits were among those
prominent things that did tho most
to advertise the city. Among other
things expressing appreciation (or
the efforts thnt every place along the
Crow was doing to have these cordial and enjoyable visit* made.
Mr. It: J. Campbell of Nelson responded by saying how much the
boys appreciated tho welcome given
to them, and hoping although Cranhrook had beat them by a small margin during tbe day's play they would
be able to pull themselves together
tomorrow and make good.
Mr. A. Shankland was neit called
upon for a song, which was followed
by a short address on behalf af the
local team by J. Ft. Thompson.
J. Allen and W. Johnson toasted
the ladtaa, and Messrs. Turner ol
NelBon, and Teet, ol Cranhrook made
a lew remarkB respecting the work
of the Y.M.C.A. tn Nelson and Cranbrook.
D. J. McSweyn rendered a song In'
hla usual good style; H. Brown was
called upon for a few words, and F.
M. Christian, of tho Prospector responded for the Pros*.
The evening waa well spent and
proved to bo tho moans of drawing
together the memborB of the local
teams with that of the Nelson more
Tho result of tho throe game* was
a win for Cranbrook by 99 pins.
Nelson won the 2nd game by 123lpln»
Cranbrook winning tho 1st end 3rd
hy 223 and 99 nlns respectively.
Try again Nelson'
"comic" valentine, usually ol a
scurrilous and vilely Insulting nature
Is no longer fashionable, although a
few are still printed and Hold In the
backwoods "doestrlcks." Thore area
lot of superstitious rites connected
with St. Valentino's day whereby a
maiden may fo'i w.,0 ner husband is
to be, nut ibis is leap year, and the
rite that Is right lor the occasion is
to tell tho right man to hop right
over to tho marriage license clerk
and write his right name on the
right sort ol a document. Linos form
on the right.   Don't push, girls.
THE  DENNETT I*    tho    Ideal
Typewriter for the business man,
who docs not feel jusiiled In tying
up 1100 to |12S In a largo machine
but would like to send out business-like,    neat   and    up-tp-<late
work.   The little Bennett enables
him to do this, a. it is tbe only
email typewriter    that le practical.   While    there   have been   a
number of small machines on tbo
market, tbey did not stay.
Sole Agent for the Kootenay*.
P. 0. Bov, 233
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2SV P, o. Box 843
Scrap Book for February.
One thousand seven hundred and
Ave years ago, tho Hth ol Feb., Mar-
cue AurolltiB Claudius (lothicus, em-
jieror of Rome, becoming peeved because hi* coffee was cold or something of thnt sort, ordered bis minions to take a good man named Valentine out on the Flaminlan Way and
chop hla block off. Accordingly It
was done, and ever since tho world
has celebrated the anniversary nl St.
Valentine's martyrdom hy sending
love missives to his sweetheart. Funny ciiBfom, of course, but no stranger than a lot of other things In tbls
curious old ball of dirt. Exactly
what ronnertlon there is between the
assassination of a sfllnt and tho worship of Cupid deponent Is unable to
Btate, and all tho gnessm on the *ub-
Ject Beam wide of the mark. St. Voj.
entlno now hns two headquarters,
ono located at Nuremberg, near the
Black Forest nl Havana, and thn
other In UrnnVlvn noroaa the bridge
size Irom Manhattan. In factories
located In theen two cities tho great
proportion of all the valentines under which the postmen stagger on
tbe Mth, were mnaufactnred.  Tbe old
Kindergarden School
Mrs.   II.   A.   ItacKlyert,
and Trained  Teacher   on
School Hoard for London,
will commence a Kinder-
pardon Scbool in Camion's
Hall on Fob. HI.
Apply lor Particulars
P. 0. BOX 238 6tf
SEALED TENDBItS lor one or
more ol the following buildings will
be recoived at tho office of the C.P.R.
Division Engineer, up to noon, Feb.
24th, 1912 for the erection and completion of the lollowlng buildings.
following   points:
Webb,    Namaka,    Seven   Persons,
Wlonlfred,   Dunmorc,     Olive,   Nevle,
I/oughecd,   Aldereyde,   Jaflray,   Bur-
nil,w,   and Galloway.   Also a
at Yahk.
Plans and speclnrntion* can be
men at Chief Engineers office, Winnipeg, Resident Engineers office at
Cranbrook, and Medicine Hat, and
at thle ofllce,
C.P.R. Division Engineer


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