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The Prospector Aug 10, 1912

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Array •
Great Contest Will Close Next Saturday Night at 9:Q$hFa%
If Your
Eyes Trouble
You See
The Optician
AUG 13 ".9.2
ading. Newspape
Leading. Newspaper
? ■ in the       _   C'Ji
i***_ Jj
$2.00 Per Year
Ho. 32
Forestry Association
Convention at  Victoria
The fourteenth annual convention
ol the Canadian Forestry Association
for the reading nntl discussing of papers, and the passing of resolutions
based then-oil, will he held upon the
invitation of the government of British Columhla in the City of Victoria,
B.C., on Wednesday. Thursday and
Friday, Sept. 4, 5 & 6, 1912. Sir
Richard McBride, Premier of the
Province, and Hon. W. R, Ross, Minister of Lands, are taking n personal
interest in thin convention, and will
address the delegates upon this suh-
iect which is now the uppermost one
in British Columbia. While papers
and addresses will naturally deal
with matters that concern British
Columbia, they will not be confined
to this, and in every way the convention will be national in character
and embrace every part of Canada.
The program now in course of preparation will include addresses of the
most practical character Ity leaders
in forestry and lumbering in Canada
and the United States. It iB proposed to open with a reception to dele
gates on the evening of September 4,
followed hy regular sessions on Sept.
5 and 6, at 10 a.m., and 2:110 p.m.
The regular sessions will be held in
tbe commodious ball of the Alexandra Club, which is centrally located
and in every way fitted for such a
gathering. On the afternoon of Sept.
6, it is expected there will be an outdoor entertainment in which the ladies may participate. The details
will be announced in the program issued at Victoria.
In 1910 the vnlue of the forest products of Canada was $100,000,000 or
over $22 for every inhabitant.
Every one can see how this touches
him. It we go on as in the past,
slashing and burning our forests,
this immense industry will be lost in
a few years, and with it will go all
of its subsidiary industries. (Ireat
as this loss will be it will be exceeded hy the loss to our agriculture, waterpowers   and navigation
On the other hand the amount of
land in Canada suited only to trees
in such that ir the forests are maintained in these areas and properly
worked the resulting product will not
only keep every existing wood-working industry going for ever, but these
industries can be greatly increased
without using more than the annual
growth. At the same time our agriculture, navigation and waterpowers
will be enabled to reach their highest
The question is shall we allow this
great resource to be destroyed, or
shall we save and develops it.
The Canadian Forestry Association
is the national organization, the purpoee of which is to stir up the peo-
| pie and through them the govern-
' meats to do their duty in this respect. It has done a good deal since
it Btarted in 1900, but it could do
with more members and more means
It holds conventions in all parts of
Canada, publishes its annual report,
and the Canadian Forestry Journal,
provides illustrated lantern lectures,
and in other ways agitates this question. If you think this iu a worthy
and patriotic object and are not already a member you are invited to
become one. The membership fee is
one dollar per year Uife membership)
$10.),and this entitles you to all the
publications of the association as
well as to attendance and voting privileges at annual meetings. Address,
.lames Lawler, Secretary, Canadian
Bldg., Ottawa.
It is needless to go into details in
regards to the many attractions of
British Columbia and the Pacific
Coast. The mountains, the great
foreBts of big trees, the mines, the
fisheries, the fruit regions, all add
to that attraction, but the central
feature will be the convention and the
opportunity to see the methods of
handling tbe immense timbers of the
Pacific Coast. Victoria, the Convention city, has a population of 45,000,
te delightfully situated and is famed
for its beautiful environs. There are
many handsome buildings of which,
of course, the Provincial Parliament
Buildings are the chief. Vancouver,
through which all visitors from the
east will pass, now has a population
with its surburbs, of 140,000, and Is
very rapidly growing. There is Immense railway development in the
Fraser Vnlley, and connected with
the city itself besides its great commercial and building nctivity there
are such famous spots as Stanley
Park and Oapilano Canyon.
Arrangements have been made with
the railways which enable the Association to promise a rate of a single
fare for the round trip to all attending the Convention from all points
in Canada. This rate is, of course,
open to ladies attending the Convention.
In order to participate in this re
duced fare, delegates must purchase
first-class one-way tickets to Victoria
B.C., nnd secure certificates to that j
effect on the Standard Certificate
form from the railway agent Belling
the same. Railway ticket agents are |
supplied with these certificates and
nre instructed to issue them on application.
These certificates will be presented
to the Secretary at the meeting, and
after being signed by him will entitle
the delegate to a free return ticket
upon the presentation ot the certificates to the Railroad ticket agent at
Women's Institute
A very enjoyable and Instructive
meeting of the Women's Institute
was held in the Carmen's Hall on
Tuesday afternoon, There was a
good attendance of members and two
or three friends dropped in to sec
the cordial spirit that is exhibited
at the Institutes gatherings, also to
take  part   In   the work being done.
The afternoon was given over to
the lecture! and demonstrator (or
the day, Mrs. Doran. Mrs. Doran is
tecognlscd as being an expert In the
culinary art and her address and
practical demonstration had been
looked forward to for some time upon this topic ot "The Making
and the Preparation of Salads"
"No absolute rule, said Mrs. Doran
can ever he laid down for the making
of salads, the one rule applying to
nil salads Ih to have them cold and
to nerve them daintily. Salad is
not a today or tomorrow luxury, it
claims every season for its own. It
finds a place for itself in winter and
summer, spring and autumn In the
dally menus of the wise; especially
at this time ot the year, is thu crisp,
cold salad invaluable, both as a stlm
ulent to the appetite and as a substitute for heavy meat dishes, if Its
ingredientH are fish, cheese, eggs or
"In salad making, the prime ncces-
Ity is fresh material— fresh oil,
fresh eggH. fresh everything, the
next is that they should all be cold,
the colder the better.
We give here lor the Information
of our readers and those who are interested in the work of the institute,
the names of a few of the various
salads easily made. The first named
article Is one that should form the
hulk iu the finished sulnd, Thn salads are known consequently hy the
name of its first named Ingredient —
The Prosaic Pacher
for instant, the tlrst is Tomato salad
containing tomatoes, onions nnd cucumbers.
Beats, celery, nuts
Potatoes, carrots, onions eggs.
Apples, celery nuts.
Chicken, celery lettuce
Cabbage, nuts, celery)
Lettuce, eggs.
Salmon and pea salad. (Drain
and hone a cnn of salmon; add a cup
of cooked pens; a lemon sliced; stir
j into this combination- Mayonnaise or
Cream dressing, without crushing the
peas, serve nn crisp lettuce.
Salad dressings are of three kinds,
receipts for which follow:
French Salad Dressing-Measure into u bowl five tnhlcHpDonaful of olive
nil; two of vinegar; two of suit; one
Only A Few More Days
Of Contest Left-Candidate Will Close
Their Books on Saturday Night
at Nine o'clock
Finish Promises  to be Close and Exciting and the Plan of Campaign
Outlined by various Contestants will be of Sweeping Nature
—Ballot Box is Ready and the Judges have been   Selected—A little   Extra Effort during the
Remaining   Days May Make
You the Winner.
The "Prospector's" voting contend will clone next Saturday night at 9
o'clock. His more days and the battle of ballots, which has occupied
the attention ot the candidates and the public, will be decided, and the
result will be made known.
Only a few more days and the winners will be declared. Only a few
more dayB and the suspense will be all over. But, during these few days
enough work may be done to change the position of the leading candidate and make the result different than it would be If tbe eud were tonight.
Perhaps there are some who can predict with a degree of accuracy wbu
will be the winner of the grand price Automobile and the Piano, but the
Prospector cannot even venture to guess the names of those who will be
among the fortunate contestants.
Tt will be one of the closest contest finishes ever known in Canada.
Those who will win will not have a very big margin, while tbe losers will
he close enough to the successful ones to take away the sting of defeat.
All candidates have friends who are confident that the issue is not iu
doubt. Kncli one of the contestants is picked to win the capital prize but
Miss Wise, Miss Roberts, Master Pye and J. B. Henderson, seem to be the
favorites. However, there might be a dark horse in the race who will
come down the home stretch, and that "dark horse" may be one of the
out-of-town candidates. The Fort Steele Contestant is doing big work
and may have a big surprise in store for all.
There will doubtless be surprised candidates when the votes are all
counted. Those who are surprised may not be the winners either. The
candidates who fail to tnke advantage of the opportunity to secure every
possible combination subscription will be the surprised ones. Others will
lose because tbey hnve spent too much time in wondering how many votes
their competitors will hnve wheu the final count is over.
Judges of Contest
The following well known gentlemen will audit the votes on the closing
night of the contest. These names are sufficient guarantee to the candidates and public of the justice of the awards that will be made.
T. B. O'OONNBl.. Manager of the Royal Bank.
Mr. ROBRRT McCREBRY, ot McOreery Bros.
Mr. JAS. llAVIKS, Manager of 41 Meat Market.
The polls will close at 9 o'clock Saturday night.
Candidates must not roll or fold the subscription slips.
The address, name and initial of subscriber must be on each slip.
The amount of money muat be marked plainly after papers wanted.
Each order must be checked either "new" or "old"
Name of candidate must he on each slip.
All orders must be in the ballot hoi by 9 p.m. Saturday, August 17tb.
During next week all subscription orders and remittances will be deposit
ed in a galvanized iron ballot box, no person excepting the candidate who
drops the envelope in the box will know how many votes she has.
The ballot box will he cut open by the judges of the contest promptly
ut 9 o'clock Saturday night. The votes will he counted and the names of
the winners announced.   The result will be known by 11 o'clock.
Scandal in Insurance
American Life & Accident Ins. Co., Involved
It is iu protection and for the in- J imd been kept In tbe balance by hook
formation ol the numerous policy hoi keeping manipulation.
ders ln the American I.ile and Accl- Most of the business done by that
dent Insurance that we are publish' ; company was written In this pro-
ing below nn article taken from the' vincc, the company having a branch
Saturday Sunset of August 3rd. show office In the Dominion Trust Building tbe proper standing In which this : ing in this city. The paid-up capital
company is held in Salem, Oregait. of tbe concern is iu a very nebulous
and to what sort of a state the affair condition and practically amounts to
of the said company are in. i nothing.
There nre a large number of poople I A„ 8|,owlng how little reliance can
who have written up Insurance in this , „e p|lt upo„ tne prot«;tlon afforded
company through thc company's local ,to th, r*„nadian public by tbe state
agent Mr. J. f*. Bartlett; and we o( 0r.gon ,. i(| lnt,„sting to note
would state lor their benefit and for L^, „.,,,,„ the comp.nv-B |icen* nl
the good name and standing of  Mr. I |Upi|W Mnv ._„  m i„8Urance com-
missioner  kept  the mntter secret in
good name and standing of Mr.
Bartlett. that in all of his buslnem
in connection with giving anyone ln-iorte. to glv, the Man ol tn, „„,
surunce he tins always done the beat! „..._,...  ...      -.—  	
he could for them nnd done it nil to
the best of hte belief in tbe stability
of the company he was representing.
He has up to today been in entire
ignorance of the true Htnte of nffnirs.
pany mi opportunity to make good
the I m pa ini.en t of capital and restore
th'* surplus,
In that condition the company wan
allowed to go on and do business lu
but immediately hisi notice was drawn  Br|tl»h Oolumbla, where it Is today
to the article below he got the wires   wntint-   l"*uranr.   and   selling   stock.
The    state    insurance    commissioner
busy   with  messages  seeking   for  him
self direct authentic knowledge.
In   asking   him   what    message    we l
could give to our readers and tqr the
policy-hoi ders of the district he gave I
us   the   tetter   printed   below   and   in I
which  can  clearly  be seen  the  spirit j
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelmun Thomson
Morning service—-11 a.m.
Evening Scrv.ce-~7.3fl p.m.
The Sacrement of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed at the morning
Sunday School nnd Bible Class at
3 p.m.
Guild—Wednesday evening H p.m.
Topic—(iod's Beautiful Outdoors:
"What It teaches me."
Forestry Report
Spruce continues to hold its place
By Law   Election
The election on the Sewer System
bylaw took place on Wednesday.
From the vote recorded but little interest was manifested, the vote was
correspondingly small.
The total  vote polled was 70; lor
Under the Companies' Act of this
province the public is supposed to
get a measure of protection from frn-
dulent foreign promotors, und local
companies are supposed to be encouraged. Vet If n promotor in Vancouver wants to start un insurnnce company he must deposit $23,000 in gold
although an American concern with
its license suspended since May 20th
last still continues to do business
here on payment of a $00 fee.
A despatch from Salem, Oregan,
says the license of the American Life
and Accident Co. hus been suspended
hy the State Insurance Commissioner
because of its rotten financial condition.
Investigation of the company's assets revealed a very unstable condition. The company's statement showed mortgage loan assets in the sum
of $153,288.16, and the insurance commissioner, after investigation, refused
to accept a dollar of this amount,
thus practically wiping out the com
pany's entire capital and surplus.
Besides these, not more than $5,000
I otber assets were shown.
On the $153,283.16 mortgage notes,
$100,000 wan in the form of three con
ditionat notes signed by the Marietta
Realty Compnny, by Ii. H. Ralston,
president, and A. K. Ralston, secretary. Written in these notes, one being for $KO,000, one for $lx.04M-, and
the third Tor $2,000, was a provision
that they could not be assigned or
transferred but could be deposited
only to represent assets of the company, lt was also revealed that the
interest had never been paid on these
notes, but that the interest account
as the most important of Canadian I the~bylaw W.W«aiinTl6,  with' one
DUln   woods.     In   191 *     nrcurdin-   *n   n I annf IaiI   hull.-.*
pulp woods. In liH\ according to a I spoiled ballot
recent bulletin of the Forestry Branch
o( the Department of the Interior,o-
ver four fifths of tbe wood consumed
in the pulp industry waa of this species. The total increase of 73,801
cords  in  pulpwood  consumption   be
Additional  Locals
The Cranbrook  boys,  who have lost
but one game since organizing, fully
... ,.       ,    ,... i justified the confidence they enjoy and
>f pepper.    Mix these well and CMHL        ^ ^^ q( m ^ ^
before pouring over salad. L     t(|  wm    ^   w|)e|l   m  U|M  WftB
Cream Salad Dressing-Mix yollu CaRed the mtre Wflg 4_:1 ■„ f|lVor o(
of two eggs; one tablespoonful sugar; the Cranhrook hoys, who are deserv-
two of cornstarch; wet lu cold water; inK 0| th(l ^ghost praise dud of the
one teaspoonful salt one of mustard; whoie H0|t|erl Hi-,mort they huve re-
one of butter; und one-fourth of pep- Lelved since organizing the dub.
per. Over this mixture pour gradual Archie Lcltch, Bert McFee und Dune
ly heated vinegar and water, one i McLean were In evidence ull the timo
half cup each, place in double-boiler nm- Cranhrook are to be cungratula-
and cook until it begins to thicken, ted on having a purely local team,
stirring constantly, When cold fold | Who are surely bringing the National
in the whites of the two eggs beaten j ffama )nt,n the favor it deserves,
to stiff froth. Thin with cream justj ]Ht quarter--No goals scored by
before using. aithor club.
Mayonnaise Dressing-On a deep] 2nd quarter. Garrett scored lu 5
plate which has been chilled, drop j minutes. Mathers in 8 minutes,
yolks of two eggs. With a silver | Mathers In 0J minutes.
fork, stir drop by drop Into the eggs 3rd quarter, Berlun scored both
two cupsfull of olive oil.' The mix-j goals In 44 minutes and 134 minutes
ture will   thicken   as you stir,   Sea-, for Fernie.
son with two tcnspoonflful  of lemon !    -tth quarter,    Ourrett   scored   lu 3
Juice; one*-niinrter teaspoonful of pep- j minutes   for    Cranbrook  and  Russell
on Monday the Crnnbrook Lacrosse tween 1910 and 1911 was almost en-
Club hoarded thc special car, put on tirely confined to this species. Bul-
the east hound train by the courtesy Bum fir, hemlock and poplar together
of the C.P.R. and left at Fernie, ac made up twenty per cent of the total
companied by a crowd of their ad- consumption. The province of tjue-
mirers, to battle with the Lacrosse bee ls still at the head of the pro-
club of that place. Fernie had some ainces in thc pulp industry, consum-
new blood In their line-up, and their Ing 58 per cent of the total pulpwood
backers were ready and anxious to cut. Ontario used in 1911 nearly one
get tbeir money up OH the home team third, and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia together
consumed approximately one fifteenth
of the total.
per;    one-half   tonRpoonflll    of    salt.
Thin with cream to a desired consls-
ln 7 minutes for Fernle,
Tbe next game  will  be  with  Ross
tency. It Is Important that the tn-j land at Cranbrook, next week, and
gradients shuuld be kept cold while negotiations are under way to play
mixing. | in Spokane during the Fair there
Balsam fir is coming more generally into use as u pulp wood. It has
heen found that up to forty per cent
of this species can he used with sprue
to produce good paper. As a result
balsam fir is now worth $ti.-10 per
cord, or 09 cents per cord more than
in 1910. Spruce is worth $6.47, an
increase of 42 cents' per cord over 191
Tbe mechanical process, from which
the hulk of news pnper stock Is made
continues to be the main source of
pulp supply with 00.4 per cent of the
total Canadian product. The sulphlt
process consumed nearly one third
and the remainder, (nearly eight per
cent) was manufactured by tha soda
process. This last Is the metholi by
which kruft paper, now coming large
y Into use, is made.
The manufacture of snw-tnill  refuse
Stanley Reid, proprietor of the Palace Cigar Store, left town Saturday
last, between two suns, leaving accounts to the amount of about $1,000
Jt is supposed that he migrated to
the land of tbe free to the south.
To make room for new goods we
are compelled to sacrifice some of our
stock of china and gloss ware—Camp
bell and Manning's.
Mrs. H. R. Mathers aud daughter
und her grand-daughter Miss Pearl
Johnson of Fort Steele, left ou Mon
day for a holiday visit to relations
in Port Townsend. They are expecting to be away about six weeks.
Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons, real
bargains in Ribbons all shades, all
widths this week only—IflAST Koo
Messrs. W. K. Marble and W. T.
Porter ol Vernon, B.C., general agent
for tbe British Columbia Accident
and Employers Liability Co., Ltd.,
are now In ('raiihrook Tor t he purpose of assisting the District Agents
The Cor win-Bruce Invest ment Co., ill
opening up tbls territory lor the a
bnve mentioned insurance Co.
A mun named Mil. Farrell of Fer
nte wns killed nenr Loco mi Monday
lie was walking on Ibe track wben
nto pulp has begun In Canada during' No, 514 coming east, he got ofl the
the past yenr. It Is estimated that track letting the engine and baggage
ff the material which goes to waHte car push, and then tried to crawl an
in the woods and mills of the Domln der the Ilrst passenger car but (ell,
Ion were made Into pulp the product tbe wheels passing over and crushing
would he greater In amount than at his bead. Undertaker F. M. Macl'ber
present made irom the regular cut.    | sou will huve charge of the funeral
naively says:
About June 20, the officers of the
company submitted  for our consideration    securities    amounting    to
$ I OH,500,  which were tentatively approved, siibiect, however, to revoca
tion should the remainder of tbe securities required, amounting to $44-
723.10 not be of an acceptable class
I requested that at least $25,000 of
this additional  amount be In cash.
Nothing further has been heard from
the compnny, and there ia a growing doubt as to the probability of
the present management being able
to reorganize it.
The lesson in this is that under the
Provincial Companies' Act the people have no protection whatever from
foreign companies of the sort of the
American Life and Accident. It has
been frequently pointed out that the
Companies' Act simply stifles compet
ition in some lines and gives the peo
pie no real protection. The Instance
given above shows how little protection tbe people get from Mr. Bowser's
Companies' Act. The public would
do well to confine their insurance business to well-known companies of undoubted standing.—-Saturday Sunset,
of August 3, 12, issue.
Mr. Bartlett wishes us to convey
Lo all of our readers the following
To nil my clients who have takeu
accident and health insurance with
me in the American Life and Accident Insurance, F wish to say that I
am investigating the reports published concerning this company and if
said reports are confirmed by proper
authorities I will make arrangements
to protect every one of my policy
holders In a reliable company without extra cost to them.
Yours truly,
Serious Accident
While at St. Mary's Lake on Sunday last, Mr. Otis Staples of Vycllfle
had the misfortune to get a fish-hook
in his left eye.
Mr. Staples was casting his line
and on the back cast, the wind which
was blowing very strong forced the
ily into the pupil of the left eye. Mr
Stnples was taken to his automobile
which at once started for Wycllfte
at Marysville word wus telephoned ta
Cranhrook for Dr. King who met Mr.
Stnples on his arrival. Dr. King
soon extracted the hook, but it is
thought that Mr. Staples will lose
the sight of his eye. Mr. Staples left
the same dny for Spokane to consult
a specialist.
After the accident Mr. Staples
showed n wonderful amount of nerve,
having practically to run his automobile nearly twenty miles while miffer-
intense pain.
Salvation Army
Sunday  Morning,   11  o'clock
Holiness   Meeting
Sunday  Afternoon, ,'( o'clock
Free  nnd   Easy   Meeting
Sunday   Night,   H   o'clock
SnlVntlon Meeting
Bible Lesson*
"IS    (KID     A     RKAUTY"
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock
Salvation   Meeting
Thursday night, K'clock
HollnWB Meeting
Saturday night, x o'clock
praise  Meeting
Everybody is heartily Invited tii all
the   above   sources,   Irrespective    of
class or creed.
As m special announcement, we give
you au Invitation to bear Colonel*
Oilskin, chief secretary of Western
Canada, In the Knox Pivsbyterlnii
Chlirch on Tuesday, August 20th, at
8 o'clock p.m.
Captain Stride is very desirous,
that a large congregation will he present.
Council Meeting
A special meeting of the City council was held on Monday afternoon.
There were present Mayor Bowness,
and Aldermen Johnson, Campbell and
The object of tbe meeting was the
discussion of a bylaw re the construction of cement sidewalks.
A communication from the Kooten-
gy Telephone Lines, Ltd., was received and referred to the Mayor and
City Clerk for reply.
The report of the City Engineer
and City Assessors re sidewalks was
'ii  motion accepted.
On motion of Alderman Clapp and
Johnson, bylaw No. 113 was read a
lirst nnd second time.
The council resolved into a committee of the whole to consider bylaw
No. 110.
On rising the committee reported
that they had considered bylaw No.
118 clause by clause and recommended the same for its third reading.
On motion bylaws No. 112 nnd Ul
was read and approved and finally
To Sit in Kootenay
The municipal commission, which
commences its sittings at Victoria
next Monday, will sit iu Nelson on
September 11, in Cranbrook on September 15, lu Rossland on September 10 and at several other centres in
the province. W. H. Keary, of New
Westminster, Ih chairman and the
other members are H. A. Maclean
K. C. of Victoria and A. K. Bull of
Vancouver. The commission will inquire fully Into all workings of municipal government, and to that end
will visit tbe principal eastern Canadian centres and several United State
cities after tbelr sittings in the province are concluded. All who are lu
any way Interested In civic government are invited by tbe coinmls-slou
ers to appear before tbem. % THE PROSPECTOR, CRANRROOK, B. C.
HnTPl      Cranbrook,
Report of Minister of Mines
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  to
adian Pacific Railway. We have
built a siding 350 feet loug with capacity for live cars. The engine-
room iB 2t} x 20 feet ami the boiler-
This year unfortunately, the miner-i not. appl)
al output of the province proves to I but only
be considerably lens than it was the j tirst t~WC
proceeding year, o fact which has, mines vi
however, an explanation, without some
which an improper significance might;,,n,i
he attached to the year's diminished ores,
production. carrj
For a period ol eight months the
coal mines oi the Kast Kootenay Dis
trict were completely tied up and
mnde no production, owing to n In*
; bor  dispute  incident   to  the fixing  Of      Tli
exactly  to ai
to the district
districts   nn
,ry  in clinrnctc
mils!   li
having l
,thera   1
that   car
these averages ti
;.!•:.   KoiiTKNAY
Port  Steele Mlnln
Mineral Clo
North    Star    K
one mine,
and In the
ontioned the
ir bo greatly,
shipping orbs
taken not   to
u far
AERIAL TRAM—The aerial tram
is 1,100 feet iu length, and is of the
Leschen two-bucket type, having a
capacity   of    100 tons per dny.    The
The   Wentworth
D, McDonald     •     Proprietor
************************* t I I l-H-H-l-H-H-i-H-H-i-
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee   our work
the   agreement
' next lew years.
The luss of pi
coke   alone   Ail
this shut-down
342, while there
Ui wi
ge° for the
nml I
ek,  h.
i-ti.ui nf
ictly attributable t"
 unted  tu 123,384,
wan almost as large
un Indirect l>>ss occasioned by tho
stoppage nf the coal and coke supply
nf the  mines   and   smelters   ol    tbe
rltemwindcr l
The    Sillily
lull  do»
Me thai
tain until boiuo
ml   ,.|    reiliii'iiii:  low
heen successfully dem
iils..   u|i|ilys to thc
up, aii ahjolnlug pro
... | iiei
ii ! au
lm  in
,.l  le
hns   i
i ri"
Boundary  District.
For the monthH thai operi
I were carried on at full forco thi
Unit was more than up to the stun
Idard ol 1910, and bul lor the labor
troubles ii is probahle that, Instead
of n decreased production, tin- year
Hll would have shown an increase.
The    value of the  mineral  products
.if  the  Province  for   the   vear    l-Ul
amounts ti
vin.is yeai
The    ton]
23,499,072, which Is con
s than thai  ui the pre
uf   ore mined in tli
the Pro> mer for the Ity put
I "*■ 155 tons, a ile :   The
: ■ eceedtng  yeai  ol  east    ■
       roup,   on tho east
si.le uf Marii creek   has i n worked
ms    :,. uiiij   during the   cast   year   aud
"I    has   shipped    -ih.mi   2*.800 Ion
siiies     initiating     new    ,level.>i
work and the Installation ■'( a
power (rom Mark Oreek
The   -it     ICiu-eiie   group,
lake    has  reduced   Its  f.UTi
i um and hns Bhipped hut
across the lake the ,\uron
.1.     hut     little    ,level,it,
during the ye ir   hut   as
have   now   beeu   reorgai
hoped that  1H12 will see this proper-
paying hasis.
ty    Girl   group,   mi the
it     Movie  lake,    has   been I
on   Moyie
few tuns
.•roup has
• ut work
e ilnances
ed,    it  is
I   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
W. P. Johnson, Prop.,  P.O. Box 904
WORKS—Edward Street           •      Cranbrook, B.C.
■fiifii^,|,,fi,|.i|,,|,,jl.j,,|, |, j..|,.|,,|, |,.j.>|*>p*|ai|attt'I"'1 il,,|"i"rT,t"i*,r,l"i"l"»"-|**f*-("i-f'
crease   from   tbi
145,672 tons     r 2€ per cent, Istend
This total tonnage ffas produced bj   small quantity of ore, but not
tbe ■. .- ous  ■ stricts En the following J the list of regular shippers.
proportions    Boundary,      70.25     per.   General Interest in mining seems ti
cent;   Tr..::    Creel,    Rossland),  14.36 he accentuated,  and it  is conndentlj
per cent;   Port   Steele,   ! "4  per cent; 1 expected thnt this year will see a de
Coast   District     8.09    per    cent,   all | mui.il for  the large
Automobile   will  be  run   weekl)   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa con-
nectiit", witli incoming and out^-uni",
trains. Cloud Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
I + ******************* hr******************** ■!
+ 4^t++s^l*h-l 11*1 III l-l I I I-I-.-++. II .-1 11 I 11 +
Drinks   ol   all   kinds  can be bad at my store loi
use during tbe coming bot weather.
Thirteen different flavours.
Dal ton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of   Six  Hundred Cases
Fremont   (.rape   juice.     Au   untermeiited
Grape   Temperance    Wine.
A tub line ol domestic and foreign   wines,    liquors
and cigar.-,.     Bar Glasses, eti.
■f 1141 | .1, 14.-f-ffH"H4*l*fH4 III I I IN ff Mill IIH -f 4
nther  districts.  5.5fi  per  cent.
The   number   ... mines from which
[shipments were made in lytl  was 80
and   <•!   these    only   45 shipped  more
i than   100    tons each during the year,
■ while   but    30    shipped   In excess of
i 1.000   tons   each.     Of these latter, 6
were    in the Kelson Mining Division,
(0 In the Boundary District. .*. in the
jSlocan District. 4 In the Coast DIs-
I trict,    ..    in   the   Trail Creek  (Rosb-
jland)   Division,  2 in the Fort  Steele
Division, and 1 in KnmloopB Division
The "labor employed to the ton of
ore    mined" forms some criterion of
the total  eost  of  mining  in  a camp,
since the cost of labor is in a more
or   less   constant proportion to such
total  cost.     In this  respect   it  is in
tereBting to note in the various districts   the    number   of    tons   of ore
mined to each man employed.
An analysis shows, approximately,
that, taking the Province as a whole
there were Mfi tons of ore mined a
year for each man employed about
the mines. In this respect, however,
the districts vary very materially.
Hince in the Slocan, the figures show
113 tuns mined to the man in a year;
in the Nelson District, 1110 tons; in
Trail Creek District, .172 tons; nnd in
the Boundary, 1,201 tons mined to
the man employed.
Such generalization, of course, doe'
leposits of haematite that are know, mid the founding of associated industries.
The Fort Steele Mining Division
ppears- to have had the largest total decrease in mineral production of
i-l! the districts of the Province.
Not only did the strike of the Crows
Nest coal-mine employees cause a decrease in the output of coal and coke
of nearly $3,000,000 as compared with
liUO, hut the dlstriqt hnd, as well, a
decrease in production of silver to
the extent or about 171,000 oz., and
of lend of nearly 7,000,000 Hi. The
cause of tbe smaller production
roal and coke was the shutting down
of the colleries for a period of eight
months, due to a labor dispute over
the "agreement" as to waj.es; that
of the lessened output of silver and
lead was the direct result of the approaching exhausting of the known
ore-bodies I of thc St. Kugene mine;
the decrease was. however, in part
offset hy an increase output of these
metals hy the Sullivan mine, owned
by thc same company. There were
only tWO other mines in Fort Steele
Division that shipped ore; these were
the Aurora, which made a shipment
of about 100 tons to a concentrating
plant near Creston. for a trial as to
concentration, and the Society Girl,
which shipped 537 tons of galena-ore.
yield of placer gold is
1 at u similar small value as
of 1910—$3,000, The construction of the Kootenny Central Hallway, from Golden on tbo Canadian
Pacific main line railway, south to
the GroWBllOBt Hallway east of Crnn
brook, now in active progress, may
he expected to lead to a. resumption
of mining nt parts tributary t
upper Kootonny and upper
Mine- This property has
iv years the largest pro*
l hi the province, hut it
i   open  si-del   for  t wo or
ami   has   I i   noted   iu
is,- thnl  tiie known ore '
ne aboul oxbaustod; the pro-1
outinut's    \o  hv  worked, hut ;
diminished   force, this past j
ploying ids mon ami shipping
inc. tons ot coucontrutos eon
IS8,!4&Rj ol load.   The owners
property   the   Consolidated
and    Smelting   Company of
have   acqillrod    the Sullivan
mine.   Which  they  are  now   operating.
flulUvatl    Mme Much    development
work   was   done In I'Ul. this adding
considerably  to tho available reserve
of ore     To facilitate getting ore out
of    the   mine,    a    tunnel  was  driven
from the shaft, on the 100-foot level,
out    to    tho   surface on the hillside,
and    o    large   ore sorting house was
erected near the outlet of this tunnel
The    upper   terminal    of    this aerial
away from the mine down to the
hipping    a!railway   was    removed to a storage*
t. in j bin built Immediately below the sort
ing    house.
to be developed hy three (Moot Pel-
ton wheels—two connected to a 40-
drill compressor and one to a 120-
kw. generator. Compressed air will
he conveyed to the mine through an
8-inch pipe 5,100 feet long. Beside
the body of lend ore being mined
here, there is in the mine an immeus
(juantity of lead zinc ore awaiting development of
process    before
profitable account. The Sullivan pro
perty., like the St. Kugene, is controlled by the Consolidated Mining
& Smelting Company of Canada,
Golden Mining Division
During the past season mining has
heen more or less at a standstill,
with the exception of the Monarch
mine at Field; elsewhere in the district little has been accomplished,
other than the usual statutory assess
ment work and a certain amount of
prospecting and restakeing. Mining
will not "come to its own" till tbe
completion of the Kootenay Central
Railway, which, however, is now under active construction, between Golden and Spillimachene, at the north
end, and from the Crowsnest Railway at the south end. Several properties are in a position to ship as
soon ns transportation is provided.
The mill is HO x 40 feet, and is
situated on the main line of the Can-
room 20 x HO feet. These two build- j upper terminal is at the bottom of
ings are additions to the mill proper- .the inclined raise and the lower tor-
Power—A felton special 4-foot minal ut the mill. Thore is a differ*
Wheel complete with Polton governor ;P.nce iu elevntion of Uhi feet in the
supplies 140 'horse-power during theh,LOO feet of tram-line,
summer   months,   This   whe
and OFFICE—The company has built
the above named buildings on the opposite side of the Canadian Pacific
Railway tracks, but just below thc
mill. Kneli building is double hoarded and lined, and have Pareoid roofs.
Bach building is supplied with electric lights and running wuter.
MINK—In addition to the regular
developmont-work of blocking out
ore a tunnel and raise is well under
way to make an under ground conni'i-
tion with the mine and thc old raise
The tunnel, which will he 1K7 feet
pncity. The boiler feed-wa- lonRi 1h now in (l little ie8H t|,ftU lU8
preheated    by    a   Wainright jfeet;   ftn   -ncli|ie(l   raise will then bu
1 works
tinder a 280-foot bead, with wooden
pipe-line 1,700 feet in length aud of
12.inch pipe. The dam on Thompson
Creek is .Hi feet in width ami has a
depth of 12 feet, lu winter the pipeline furnishes the mill with necessary
water for pump distribution, boiler
.md domestic uses. During the winter the power is supplied hy a 100
horse power i;. x IS inch slide valve
engine, working under 1351b boiler-
pressure. The boiler is manufactured
by the Jencke Boiler Co., Ltd., of St
Catherines, Dut., aud has a lOOhorsc
A  hydroelectric  power
nearing completion,  power
ter        ^^^^^^
closed   heater,   and   forced   Into    the
boiler   by  a  Canada  Foundry  duplex
Mill Ki|iiipmeiit—The mill equipment consiste of the following: One
8 x 12 Inch jaw-cniHlier (Blake type)
one set 24 x 12 inch roughing-roUs;
one set 12 x 12 inch finishing rolls;
three sets three, compartment Harz
jigH; one set two compartment Harz
bull-jigs; three Deister No. 2 sand-
tables and one Deister No. A sling-
table; one Baltic dewatering and
settling box; two Yeatman hydraulic
classifiers ami three sets of elevators
also two sets of trommels. A 10 kw.
double-cylinder generator supplies the
light for mill, mine, and hunk-houses
Hires,  etc.
started on un angle of r>fi degrees,
l'.Mi feet in lmic-tb. which will tap the
mine nt its most central point.
It might he added that the milt is
supplying air for the mine hy u sin
gle-stage compressor, compressing
the air to 851b at the mine. A large
31 inch Canadian Band Machine is
being used to push the tunnel-work.
The mining operations iu this district show no improvement over last
year; there was more locations recorded than in 1910, hut the develop
ment work done during the year was
limited, as in last year, to a fow pro
perties, and with a few exceptions, a-
mounted only to the usual assessment work.
+•|'-i4*-|^^*fr*i*'^*|'*|*-|**|-«t«H4^wM-■H-iM"M"M"l"H"l I *-H^-*--H"H- 4-
I *
%    A. Jollilfe, Prop.       -       Norbury Ave.
suitable reduction
it cnn he turned to
PHONE 175   *
When you want Good, Fresh Killed
Meat.   That  is the
Central   Meat f
Try Some of Our
Prairie Creamery Butter
Put up Specially for Us
• *|**f**f**f**|'*y**]a..J**fa*|*-(**f'*$~j'*|**J**|*T*i**r**f*"T* •
Ross, Winchester
|   Sporting Rifles and Carbines
Klko,      -      B.C,
, l.,|. ml    1. ■■ 1. ■   t.,1.,1,,1, I, Iiiii  J
ttttttttttTTT ■-"■-•■ ~
The World's Favorite Bottled Beer
What made it so? - QUALITY and PURITY.
173,184,600 Bottles sold in 1911.
Bottled with crowai or roiii oily it tbt
*  Home Plant in St. Louis
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louu, Mo.
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook, B. C.
++^..t-.i..i,.t..i..t..j.....,„(..t..|..|..i..t.^.++.|. .(.^..|.^..t-i-i<-t~i-i~t~i-t-i-i-i"i'-i"t"t-«-^
C. DOWNING, Mutagen
Under New Manasement
*i"*f,*i*T"r*r"l"r'r,r*i' *i**r**i* *r*r *T**f**T,-T,T*r' r*T ■f,,|,'f,,r,f,'f""f-,|,*l**|**f',|'*|'*f*,x,,|*»f* ttt
We .|i-n.r« tn call the Rttrtitlftn of all thott
miliri'-ii -villi uv MmI •*■ Shin DbMM u>
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from t*ni'*tloiin auii bloMiCH. \u .nutter
wliiilliur hvretllUry ur acquire'., our Hi-ecillo
nilinlMj ami lieulmeiil iieiilriilltu ull pol*
t-uriili. tliel'liKxt ami 01D--I tbtm from tha
H>utmn. Ourvant experience, lu thn tm.t-
luuntof tl.ounan.la of the mont h-tIoiih ami
<-<>mpllcattHl cane** euablea iih Io |.i-ifei-t it
<-ure ..it.x>Mteiperfii.«i.tiii-(. WeiluliUHliiett-t
on the plim-Pav Onlr fee Ihe Benefit You
Derive. If you Imve any blood dlftcatte, con-
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you huiv ip.jt'iily our reniwllee wlif remove-
nil evidence* (iMIiteaiie. Unilerthelnrlueni-e
Of ilio New Methee. Treetmemt Um Kkln tie.
coinrl clenr, ulcere, pimplei nml Moictiex
lical up,enlarffoilflMUf are mlm-ed, felliu
mil lutlr urowa In again, the eyrn heroine
lirlRht, atiit-ltionautt energy return, ami the
victim realize* a uew life lm« opened up to
Seatl far BeehUt em Dluaut of Man
If aaaUe to call, write far a Qveillaa LUl
far Haeaa Troetieat
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griiwold SL,   Detroit, Mick.
HATICp      Al1 lelleni Irani Oueih muni br iiililrenicil
nVI IWEi      toour CiitsusHsati CorrcHpouilenct' Dupitrt*
^^^^^^^ iiient in WliulHor, Out.   ll ynu desire to
hcu im pci-Homilly call nt nur M, -lir.il IiiAtitnte in Detroit as we Hee anil treat
■o patleMt lu our Windsor ofllce* wlileli are lor Correspondent!  mul
I.ltliorulory  for Calladjuli IxtellleM only,    Address all letters uu follows:
Writ" fur our prlvntn luldri'Sl,	 THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
An Autocrat of
The Poultry Farm;
"Wt!!, 1 can buy en Incubator." mh
"You'd be four or five do-ek late by
tbe time you could order one and bave
It shipped here. And tomorrow la
Sunday. Ob," silo cried understand-
Ingly, "pn bad It all planned-Hint's
llie reasou be wouldn't see you until
"1 know, Flower," wltb sudden Inspiration, "I'll make an Incubator.
Come out and show me one of your
father's, so I may get an Idea of tbe
principles Involved.   Cornel"
Slightly encouraged, Flower led the
way.. Meeting ber father, she asked
coolly: "Have you auy objections to
my showing the Incubators tojlm, pu?
lie's going to make one to hutch tboso
Preston grinned.
"No objections. Kot In the lenst.
gAn   Anfnrrnt nf
_ — ° I
o He Tried to Balk Cupid, but S
g    .-        Failed. g
o — o
00000000000000000000000000 i
Jmdab Preston always bad been of a
despotic disposition, but his untui-al
tendency In lids direction seemed to
strengthen afler ids remunerative ex-
perlnients in poultry raising.
.loslah's mind apparently held but |
one thought-Ills hens. The earth was
made for the sole purpose of providing
them with a scratching ground. The
sun rose to glvo them light and
warmth. Night followed day tbat they
might have time to rest. i
When Flower Preston^Joslnb's only
Daughter, came home from boarding
school end ber father discovered by
diligent questioning that tho words Incubator, brooder, trap nest, hone cutler, elicited no answering enthusiasm
be grunted sarcastically, "A gal that's
been to boitidln' school for three years
nud don't know a leg baud from *
none cutler'" '
"You must lenrn nbout things ns soon ;
•s you cnn, dear," whispered the mother nervously,   "lf you can't talk poultry talk with your pa you might Just
•s well be lu lhe desert of Suhnryl"
"Thero's one comfort," continued Jo-
•Inli—"I ain't raised tbe only fool there  er?" asked her father tauntingly.
Is In this county." ,    "He's wrapping Uie chickens up ln
"There,   there,  pa."    Mrs.   Preston  cotton so they can't take cold," re-
spoke soothingly.   "Whut Is tbe mat-   tortcd Flower spiritedly,
ter?" I   Tbe old man smiled grimly, but tba
"Squire Curtis' boy got borne from   smile died away as Curtis entered the
college t'other day, aud what do you   room.
Ihlnk-lnstld of studylo' law so's to "I'm a little late, Mr. Preston." he
help his pn he's been studyln' bugs. Bald cheerily, "but here are your birds.'1
Pour years In college and don't know j   Be banded the autocrat a Uut wood-
1 thing but bugs!" j en boi, which the latter opened with
"Maybe bis pa wanted Won to," re-   trembling angers. He removed a sheet
marked Mrs. Preston pacifically. ', ot cotton, displaying a number of fluffy,
"Waal," harshly, "1 can't crow over   sleepy, peeping chickens.
Squire Curtis none.    Ills boy don't'   "There are eighteen," remarked Jim
know nolbln' but bugs, nnd, as near as  carelessly, "four more tbau you asked
I kin flgger out, that gal don't know   fer, bnt 1 put them all ln for good
tolldn' at all.   The only advantage is   measure."
It took ber a year less to learn 111"       |   "Tbem chicks didn't come out'n tbe
Wben young Curtis began calling at  shell today," be declared, wllb convlc-
Ihe farm, whlcb be did wltb suspicious   tion.
•promptness, Joslah'i cup of misery was [ "No," answered Jim quietly. "They
'ull. ! came out Thursday."
The new typewriter Udy'i came,   fihe'i
The chortia girls all beat a mile or two.
Her eyca are big and kind ut soft and
i Before she smiled at me I never thought
That lire could  be so  pleasant    Every
Bhe touches seems to brighten up.   1
The minute I first seen her I was duo
To fill up with  the gladness that she's
lot ot cIubh, all right, all '
She shows
I    Her shape Is lovely, and she's got the .
. [ feci all kind of tlckulfsh and light
Around the heart when sho looks up to ,
I Gee, but the world would git to seemln'
| bright
Go      If I could hold her hand awhile!
nhendl Show blm ull nbout 'cm, uud
tell him everything you know. Mf won't
burden his bralu uone. Uo might put
the egga Into cold stontgo whllo ho
builds the1 Incubator."
Un Tuesday of the third week tlio
RutiHT.it remarked bu reus ttea liy: "I
saw .Ilin tbls morning, [Tlower. 1 told
him if he brought the chickens I'd announce the engagement In the county
paper nn' give you $U00 for wi-ddlu'
.-'lower set ber red lips In a firm,
etrnlght line. Bhe bad not Inherited
all ber characteristics from ber sub*
missive mother. J
•'Lend me your pencil, pn, I want to
mnko out ft list ot wedding folderols."
Saturday evening came, but Mr. Cur-
tls did not appear.
"Where's the bug professor.  Flow*
The dny before she came I thought I'd
Iiec-aiii-u   thoy   wouldn't  let  me  have •
m Ise,
I'm glad now thnt I didn't go.   It pays
Bonic-tlmt:.-, to tlilnlc again nnd wait a bit
If I would know ft pluce where t could git
Twice what  I'm glttin'  here and holiday.-*,
Without no ty In*, when the borne team
I wonder If you think I'd lake It   Nltl
I wouldn't jump this Job while Bhe Is here,
HaeaUi-e   bo ine    morning    mebby   there
might be
An eurlhr-unke come, and then, all filled
with fear,
The   boss   end   clerks   would   run,   and
when shu'U nee
That   I   wns   not  a seared,   but  lingered
Sli« might be glad to snuggle close to
—Chicago Rec-ord-I.eri.lcL
[These articles and Illustrations must not
he reprinted without apeclal permit.-
"For tbe land's sake." be exclaimed
testily to bis wife, "can't you go lu
there aud let!" indicating wltb his
thumb the room from whlcb came tl.
sound of young voices and laughter.
"You let tbat gal git boys and bugs
Inter tbat Blim brain of hern and Bbe
.won't be good for notblnV
"There, there, pa, don't talk so loud,
Tou didn't wont my ma to come lu nnd
■et wben you used to come to see me."
Joslub's face purpled.   He clutched
. at bis collar as If be were choking.
"You don't ineuu"- be gasped.
Kirs. Preston nodded.
■ "Don't take It so burd, pa," she murmured soothingly.   "Jim Curtis Ib one
of tbe likeliest young men, and"—
"I could stand It better if 'twan't for
the bugs," be moaned feebly. "If he j
didn't want to be a lawyer like his pa, I
wby didn't be take up somethin' sensl<
JoBlab gazed at him In actual consternation.
"I hope, Mr. Preston," courteously—
"1 hope there Is uo doubt lu your mind
that these cblcks came from tbe e^ga
you gave me?"
Joslab shook bis bead mournfully.
"No," be said slowly. "They're all
right.   I know tbe strain."
He sat lu silence pondering over tho
"'How dotb tbe little busy bee Improve eacb shining hour/" suggc-su-d
Curtis, smiling. "Dugs are good for
many things, Air. Preston."
The autocrat sprang up excitedly.
"Jumping gingerbread!" be exclaimed. "I'll bet a dime you hutched them
eggs out Id the beehive."
Jim laughed pleasantly.
"i Burely did, Mr. Preston. When
Flower showed me tbe incubators three
When Mrs. Quack does take a notion to hatch she nests on the ground,
building tbo nest of sticks nnd leaves,
and when the lining of downy feathers Is finished ber laying ls done uud
incubation begins.
The duck, with n wild run and creek
to paddle ln, generally hides her nest
in the reeds and grasses by the water
aud from every dip returns to sprinkle
her eggs with her feiithers-a tip to
you to wet duck eggs under bens or
under iirtiflcinl Incubation.
Vou seldom see a pure bred duck
broody or such a pretty  picture as
Now soon the coming graduate
The cyclopedia will take down
And hunt the history all through
For words of men of high renown.
With tablet ond with pencil quick
He'll gather pearly gems of thought
Unless from nome bookstore near by
He haa a finished thesis bought-
Then soma high sounding t.Ig book name
He'll coll the thoughts he has collected.
And then he'll hand It to the p'-of
To have lt rigidly Inspected.
The prof will say tt ts a gem,
Original, profound, a prize,
While all the time he knows he tells
An educated pack of lies, ,
The graduate will get it off
Like Cicero or Henry Clay.
Hie pop wlil think he's the whole thinf,
The central star commencement day.
And then he'll sorter settle down
To ..shin' st the old mill dam •
Or maybe at (he old grist mill
He'll learn lo grind with Uncle Sam.
And If Iils pop leaves tilm a wad '-.
He'll likely lo lhe senate go,
And there hla pearly gems of thought
He at tha galierlt.ii will throw,
G  M.  BARN.T2.
"Only unmarried men wanted. That's
tbo third Job Eliza's done tne out of
tbls morning."—London Opinion.
Unmistakable Hint.
The orchestra ployed No. 6, a selec-
■ tlon tbat seemed to tbe bachelor very
beautiful.   He leaned toward tils companion and whispered
Photo by C. M. Barnltz.
una, dcoe om tub jou
"Mother Duck and Her Darlings," for
hutching quacks by machine has nature faked Mrs. Quack out of ber job
and nearly destroyed the quack's ma*
tenia! instinct
It sure Is a sight, however, to watch
a   hundred   little   rubbernecks   push
their scoops  tbrougb   tbe  nliell  und
waddle into tbe world.   One New York
plant hutched 02,000 quacks last yeur.
That's going some!
I    They  are easy   to  raise,  but  the
! spongy little wuddlers must be ban*
1 died carefully nt tlrst, aud here's tn-
i formation for tbe stuut:
i    Bed  brooders with dry sand, keep
temperature at IK) degrees first three
days, then 85 degrees. At end of week
drop to 80 degrees, and gradually tn-
Mnny miss the bullseye In the poultry biz because they don't pick h breed
to fit their purpose or tlic market cull.
The uew standard of perfection uamrs
thirty-three breeds with sixty-nine va*
rleties of chickens, excepting tho bantams. Soino are merely ornameutal;
some ure egg specialists, but grow a
poor market carcass; others are dual
purpose fowls yielding a guod qtinutlly
of eggs and a line, Juicy, meaty carcass, while some lay few eggs, Uut belong to the beef trust
Certain breeds bave white or slate
blue legs snd white or pink meat, ko
popular across the water, while others
produce that golden tinged yellow legged bon ton bird thnt Is such a ponulur,
(tolectubto morsel to tho American
Certain breeds lay the white egg thnt
is the fad for egguog ln New York,
whllo others produce the browu shell,
so popular In Browning's brown beun
Boston. So that In picking n breed
"chuckens are not Jlst ebuckens nor
nigs jlst nigs," nor ts the poultry hlq
just oue Httle thing, nor everything In
one tittle eggshell.
There aro mnny phases to poultry
culture just us Ibere are many varieties
to the breed, and no man can undertake tbem all and succeed. Here are
egg fnrmlug, broiler raising, capon culture, roasters, so many different
brandies, and the breeds that are specialists In these "various tines.
The question is, What Is your purpose
In poultry? Know tbat first, then pick
tbe fowl that's a specialist In your Hue,
tbeu know your breed and Its requirements, and you'll bit tbe spot.
\Why "Ma" Didn't Cart For Her Usual
j Smoke,
John Temple Craven te a long distance, uever full, ulwuys on the job
public speaker, and bis catalogue of
'epigrams and uuecdotes is as big as u
standard dictionary. Here is what his
wife considers his very best:
"A robust old woman in tbe mountains of north Georgia wus ill for Ihe j
first time in her life, and a doctor was I
Bent for. Partly by persuasion and
partly by force, the physician induced j
bis patient to swallow some h\x quinine capsules—n simple enough opera*
Hon, which, however, scared the eld
woman Utmost to death. She was soon
uble to sit up. and her daughter thought
she would give tbe convalescent a
treat. She took her mptiter's corncob
pipe from the shelf or mantel, tilled It
with tobacco and. picking up a live
coal between two sticks, started wltb
It toward lhe bed.
"'Ma,' she said brightly, 'Jos* look
what I got fer ye.'
"Tho old woman saw the pipe nnd
the live coal.
*"()lt away from me. Rnry!* she
screamed In terror, "rake nwny dat
(ire! Take lilt away! Don't yer know
I'h done plumb filled up wi' culr-
trldges?'"—Woman's World,
Striking a Bargain.
Charles M. Schwab lit u luncheon at
Lore t to said of a youthful millionaire:
"It's no wonder ho hus become a millionaire quickly.   His readiness ut a
bargain   Is   wonderful.   They   tell   a I
story about him aud a great captain of
■'When some ten years ago he was
struggling along lu tbe Insurance busl- j
ness he called on Hie captain of Indus-
try a ad saldi
"'Can you spare me n few moments,
Blr?' t
" 'Voting man,' the enptntn of Indus* •■
try replied, 'my time Is worth $1,000 j
bu hour, but since you come well lu-
traduced I don't mind giving you thirty minutes.'
"•That's $."HHV said tbe young man
He paused, then added quickly, 'I'll
save you Ji-'.so, sir, by just taking a
quarter of sn hour lu cash.'"— Wash- j
lugtou Star.
A western poultry journal has a circulation of T.'J.OOO, and Ub March number contains 262 pages. I'.verybody
poems to tnke pleasure In beupecking
poultry editors, and yet tbey crow and
Chicks running on  board floors tn
"How lovely that isl   Wbat Is It. do   |)ef doff0 uut„ nt end of two weekS( ,r   brooder houses often get off tbelr legs.  BtIcbfl to the bottom.   It's mighty
ju know?" I mmmtr> beat may be shut off.   (Jlve   Fresb. sandy louni aa a scratch ma*   |0Ui exercise n-lltW of 'cm  to
Making Work Easier.
Krnstus Johnson, tbe only negro man
Iu Wobrook-in-tho-Hllls, has thought
out many of the secrets of easing the
toll tbat be kuows best aud ls ever
ready to Impart them to others.
"When they comes to me for advice," be said recently to one of tbe
summer campers, "I alwua tell 'em lt
depends on what tbelr perfesslou Is- .
If they've arrived nt tbe dignity o'
buwIu' wood I alwus tell 'em to saw
tbe biggest fust. If they ask why, an'
tbey mostly does, I say, 'So's you'll
only have tbe little sticks to saw when
you gets tuckered out' An' I'll tell
ye now," concluded Ernst us graciously, quite us tf thc camper bad asked
for pointers on n back yard job, "It's
Jes' tbe same wltb pllln'. Tut the big
«own ol- Touqootsa bbocadb.
Ro far tbe punnier ts found on costumes that are made for women who
bave many gowns a season, 'i'he evening frock pictured comes under this
bead. Tbe material Is turquoise blue
brocade, with sliver lace on the bodice and a paunler hip drapery eoutlued
uuder straps weighted wltb silver las*
bier tbnn bug-*   What good Ib a bug?   weeks ego tonight I observed tbat tbe
Biies—millions on 'em—couldn't batch   temperature wns similar to that tn my
Hue smiled demurely and replied In
s low, thrilling voice:
"it Is the 'Maiden's Prayer.'"
And nt tbe same time she banded
blm her program, pointing to No. 8
wltb ber finger.
Be read and started, (or tbe real
summer, beat may
water Ilrst duy, and always have water close to feed, as they cut and drink
alternately.    As ducks do not have
out one cblckenl"
"He's studying bees now, pa, and
they're good for boney," appeaslngly.
"He has ever so many hives—newfangled ones-ln his pa's back yard.''
Joslab only groaned.
"And, pa. It's all arranged, only 1
beehives.   I verified **-£*\ Z^oX^rc^o'tt
hbr i br: irrrup-per; * ***» ** *•«■ **■«-.
section ot the hive, separating them j ■«■ Enquirer.	
from the working apartments of tbe \
bee, by a cotton cloth.   I was positive | £*■ ^^JSSnW^T
they wonld batch, but you rait, hn-irlM | ns|(ed .»e Bnf*f„'ljwom.I1.
cold he'd bave to be old fusbloned   my surprise when tbey began chipping
enough to nsk your consent, and Flow-1 the shell in nineteen days."
er, like a good girl, said she'd never
marry anybody without her pa's concent.   That's a good deal nowadays,
Terhnps It was because of .Toslnh's
reputation for Irascibility, perhaps be.
cause the young mnn felt that be could
eipress himself more satisfactorily in
vrlllng, that his formal application for
Ihe consent ot the autocrat reached
Joslab by mall.
Tbe old mnn read tbe letter several
times, groaning and grunting. Wheu
he rose there was a grim smile on bis
face and a look of determination In bis
keen gray eyes.
Tbls was oa Thursdny. In tbe evening Mrs. I'reston reminded blin-
"Aren't yon going In to see Jim, pn't"
i "Dunno's be'e cnllln' on me," testily.
i *Ilut you-ble letter*'—
I "1 ain't In no hurry to answer It
I'm makln' up my mind."
A similar reminder tbe neit evening
met wltb a Ilk* rebuff.
lint on Saturday evening Joslnh did
not want to be reminded. Uo marched Into tbe "best room," carrying a
Imall bnslol, nnd displayed Its contents-twenty Inrge eggs, fair nnd
licniillfgl, to Ihe astonished young persons.
"There, young man," be growled,
"there In ray answer. Tbree weeks
from tonight. It yoti bring mo fourteen
chickens ont'n Ihem twenty eggs, I'll
give my consent"
"All right. Mr. Preston-," returned
tbe young mnn easily, "I sboll be on
•Ti Preston." cried Flower Indignantly, ".llm doesn't know anything
■bout chicken raising, aniT-
"Tlme be did, then." ahnrply. "He-H
bave a chance to show whnt four
years of science Is good (or. And nny
little thing he don't happen to know
you eau lenrn him," ami wllb a sardonic chncklo Ihe autnerut tramped
nnl. lonvlng n greatly perpleied young
mnn and a dismayed, tearful girl.
"lle knows you enn't do It." she sobbed.   -Ihreo weeks (rom tonight."
"flood thing bo gave plenty of time,"
observed Jim cheerfully.     .*.-/«•■».
"Plenty ol tlmel" echoed tflowci d»
Ipalrlngtjr, "Wby. Jim, don't you know
mat tweii.f'biig Gays uro required ia
latch chickens?"
"Well, I'll buy a lieu on my way
tome and put tier right to work," wllb
-winkling eyes.
"'J'hei'c's very lilllo "bailee ol jour
Helng able to get u silting boll," gloom-
"Is Ihnt a particular breed''" linio-
"Jim Curtis! Don't yon know Hint
you must lmvo n lion llmt wants lo sit?
Ion caul  ke one liulcli eggs II she
loi-su't waul i»."
"Indeed, 1 ami" replied tbe Amcrl-
what   '^-"^^"-rdO    ™«  ■*-<•<">  ■• <■"■* '» BP«fb-»'
patln nt tbls time in Mie nlgbt j j.   „_
He bore tbe precious peepers .way., ^ ^ .^ U)nM ,„,.„,
""S^XS^bugs!  And two! Wbat have you smashedV-Vonker.
days ahead of tlmel"
. j-tntesmun.
Easily Answsren*.
"These kltis I tench aren't n bit
slow." observed u schoolteacher yesterday. "Iu fact, I'm afraid Ihey read
the papers. Tbo oilier day 1 proposed
the following problem to my arithmetic class:
" "A 'rich man dies and leaves $1,000,-
000. iine-lirth Is to go to bis wife,
one-slxtli to Ills son, one-seventh to
tils daughter, one-elghtb to Iils brother
und the rest to foreign missions. What
docs eacb get?'
•"A lawyer,' said the littlest boy In
llie class."—Case ami Comment.
Later tbe autocrat announced In the
county paper the engagement of bis
daughter to tbe "brilllnnt young scleu.
tist, James Curtis."
Fly Time.
Busy, thirsty, noxious Iir, '
-tt'o'ro at war, sir, you and It
Onco tils poet let you sup
Freely from his brimming cupl (
Now wo know you enrry verms-
Nevermore can w, make terms!'
Leave. 1 warn yoo, my domain,
For I'm planning a cflmpalgnl   -
Htleky paper's out of date:
Screens too oft -ou penetrate. \
But I'll summon to my shi
Weapons thut you can't evade.
1 will spread a poisoned bolt
That shall lure you to your tote
Bubtlo fumes ol formulln
Shall destroy you and your klnl
1 will catch you In a net.
Cunning traps of who I'll set   ~.
Germicides I'll uniay sround.   *
Not a corner shall Iio found
.Where a liuuury liy cun feed,
Nut a nook where you can breed.
Filthy, germ Infested fly,
-Warning fair 1 glvs hertby-
,\Vn'r» al war, sir, you und It
-Now York Tribune
Probably Get Off.
Apropos of certain unfounded chnrgei
of drunkenness among tliu imvul cadets nt Annapolis. Admiral Dewey, at
a dinner in Washington, told a slory
UllOllt n young sailor.
"Tlio siillur. after u long vuynge," be
suld, "went lislioro In Ibe tropics, and
it being a Iml dny Iio drank. In certain
tropical bats, luo much beer.
"As Ilio sailor lurched under Ills
heavy load along n pnllll hurilcred avenue his ciiplnln hulled lilm Indignantly.
" 'I.oolt here,' the captain said; 'sun-
pose you wero my cuiniiiundcr nnd yuu
met me In such n condition ns yuu'ie
lu now, sjlint jvuutil iu_ do to mof
'"'WcIlT iili, siilil tho inllor, i
wouldn't condescend lu tnko no notice
of yuu at nil, sir.' "-Chicago Journal.
' *.V.i3t*JS ■«•*.- •"• ' -~vl3i *
Office Soy ot Cour.t.
There lived a boy In nor town,
Anil lm wns WOlliirnUS wise.
lie elms, Iho hasehnll season fo.
Ills grsmlmolher's domnie.
-Milwaukee rjcntlnr.1.
I Inhl my Dachshund uncli a loko
I Ihouiihl be Old not tee,
Hut ere live minutes had claimed
' llo wa,-.si-d his tail In glee.
-hi. Nicholas Mtignnln*.
When mollier boles Mary's cars ,
She slnoils In tears and blubbers.    ■
O foolish ihlld. to fIiiikI In leura      ..j
Wliliou' o puir of I'ubueril      ,xw
— Ilarier'. t.'ai-"'—I-
Billy's Notion.
"Pnpn." began little Billy. "It tbey
sbould want to cut out my op-np"—
"Cut out your appetite?" surprlsedly
ejaculated bis sire. "Wbat are you
talking nbout?"
"Not my appetite; my npappendlt.
Tbo doctors would bnve au awful time
rinding It 1 guess. I don't know where
It Is myself I"—Judge.
Confusion ef Effects.
"Things didn't seem to work together
tn your series of dramatic representations."
"Tliey didn't." admitted Mr. Slonn-
Inglnn llnrnes. "When we played
trugody (lie hoi oniro receipts were a
farce, and when w» played farce Ihcy
were u trugcdy."-\Viislilngton Slur.
Hs Agr-ed.
"What yon need." wild Ihe wordy
medic In bis ponderous way. "Is an
enlargement uf your dully round-n
wider circle of activity,"
"Mebby Hint's right.'' said the patient. "I'm a biirehnck rider In a one
riot- circus "-Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Mr. Yoiiniiliuliiiy-Whiit nre you cry.
lug for, dear/
Mrs. Voiingliiililiy-Why, I've boiled
lhls cun ol pink nml lieiins fur Inu
hours nml Ilio cuu won't come off.'
Huston Advert Iscr,
A Ll.tsner's Imprsssian.
Afler tho bsnrltie! Ihe debute
'Molmst orators waxed llereely warm.
<-unth be, "I'hiil Lillle Necli I alo-
it wus lbs clam befrno Die llurin"
flvj*---*-   • -Wnehlhuion b'tor.
'    '        In Wall Strett.
Nowsbny-Wiialnil Hlg holdup In)
Wull strectl   l0l'—^alm_nWit,
Street r!oi!g Boiler (nenr liyi-'Rvery-
hoily's llolu' It, Duln' lll"-Ni-w York
World,    •-»(, -
' Undseldsd.
lones has hern drunk for weeks, I'm lure
Ami now, losl like a farmer,
tlu stands behvern the old gold curs
Aud wi'ihlliiB-s, suiikn charmer.
-Clnclnuuii Knuulrer.
Photo by C. M. narnlts.
UUI0HI I1L-CB AND   Hill!.IN01
erop like chicken, moist crumttf
innsli Is lu order. After llist day feed
mnsh mnde of four purls bnin, one
part comment, one part low gruila
Hour, one part rolled outs, three parts
Hue cut clover, one-halt part beef scrap
aud nne part sand..
Keep before Ihcin for three days,
but do not let ll sour. After third day
feed four or live times a dny on following until eight sveeks old: Three
ports brun, one part comment, one j
part low grado Tour, one pnrt wheal
Hilda, Bvo parts clovec or greens, 10
per cent beef scrap aud tific part snnd.
At eight weeks to fallen feed four1
parts oorninonl. two parts low grade
Hour, one pnrt bran, li! por cent licet
scrap nud one part greens.
if mush Is mlied wllh milk cut oul
beef scrap. Bonk setup In cold wnler.
scald bran and clover unless Hitler If
fresh. Keep shell and snnd liefore
(liincks. Feed Whal Ihcy eat up clean.
At ten weeks Ihey shuuld lie f»t for
market, l-'lllli, dump, overheat, crowd
Ing. sour feed, sun glare, Imd nlr nnd
fright are great duck killers
Fur a duck panic at night hang up a
Don't narrow dnwn lhe rntlnn lo a
grain or two. Your margin of profit i
will bo narrow if you dn.
Don't use kerosene nn n foA-l's comlii
nnd wiillles. It blisters. Tincture of j
beni-olti fur frost hllo. '
Don't wusle. "Woslc makes wont." I
How Into llml Is In Home, lu energy, J
tn his Prudlgnls or old went lii Ills
hogs, nnd a-iendUtrlrla uuw co io tha
tous exercise a-llflln' of 'cm  tu the
terlal or gelling tbem out on the fresb  top."-Youlirs Companion.
en rt li Invariably stops the trouble un-      ,
less they huve gone too far.
When three or four members of •
family run tbe Incubator tbero Is
about us good a chance for n big
hatch as when a half dozen aunts and
uncles butt In on the training nf the
first linliy of the newly weds wllb *
hull dozen different ways ot making
It an angel.
Hot floors lu brooders soon crlppln
the chicks. Top heat Is nature's plan
lf a chick can got Its buck up ngnlnsl
Kb mother's breast It doesn't worry
about Its feet. A hot floor dries the
life out or a chick's slinnks and feet.
An Allontown (l'n.) fancier hnd twenty-two prize bantams, valued at $2.-
000, poisoned while at a show. Ths
person who lets bale. Jealousy or ambition to win prompt hltn to n deed ot
such vllluny Is n mctiJieo lo society
nnd should he behind the liars, and
(hat's where such a villain eventually
When chicks nro not wntored regularly tbey crowd lo lhe waler vessel
and drink too much. Tbls upsets the
digestive apparatus, diarrhea follows,
and Ihen ror "dead litis." Feed little,
but often, but keep fresh water always
before tbem.
Tlic rooster Inventors are always on
tha job, one or the latest being the
Ilhode Island Whiles, a breed..composed of one half White teghurn. one-
eighth Willie Wyundotie aud llirce-
elghtlis Partridge Cochin,
A "poultry special" is run through
Missouri. Illinois and Iowa by the Itock
Island Itnllronil company for the dem
(lustration mid dissemination ol practical poilllry lofi.rniiillon Now, what
would your greiil-grmulinn think ot
auch lilgliliilullii currying on? !
if you have opcrtlled Iimt tncilbntnl
according to dlrocllon* lied fulled and
tried It every iilhcr wny wllh pour sue '
cess, throw lhe trouble maker oul be
fore it burnt yuu out or breaks you up
An All.in (lili negro who stole chick
cus when brought before court claimed
lho owner or the fowls hnd stolen hit
Wife. Ills pleading the "umvi'lllol
Inw" nnd tlml "ll fair eiehange Is III
robbery" Influenced Ibe court tochuugi
Ihe charge front n felony to petit Inr
rrny. and be got off wllh a light sen
liefore selling eggs for hatching yoi
should lest them for fcrllllly yourself
Thai ts simple honesty. Selling uu uu
certainly for a linnn iki« nrtlcla wiu-i
yon cnn prove lis worth Is Jusl us crlin
llllll as selling what you know li
Unwilling Police
Civilian policemen were
ones possessed by Glasgow at one
time. In lhe eighteenth century, according to 11. G. Graham, "tlio whole
safely ami older of Glasgow w-erc In-
. trusted to the unpaid ami reluctant
burghers: Kvery citizen who was between the years <<f eighteen ami sixty
ami paid a yearly rent ainoiintitig to
$16 hml to take his turn at guarding
ihe city, tin touch of drum tlm gentleman was at hi- post by 10 at nil-lit
all 1   strolled   wilh   weary   tread   ami
j yawning gait along tin; Trongnte and
1 High street ami up the pitch dark
lanes of winter nights till 4 in Ilia
morning. Alter lhat hour the city
was    without    a     police."—London
■ Chronicle.
Many Painful Foot Troubles Result
From Them.
In an article oo sensible shoes In the
Msy Woman's Home Companion ths
author saya:
"Seven persons out of ten suffer ef-
cruclallng pain at one time or unotner
with tholr feet A single corn no
larger than a grain of sund can tuka
all tbe 'snap' aud vitality right out of
"Two thirds ot modern foot troubles
are due to tbe fact tbat almost every-
oue—man, woman and child-wears
shoes too loose. The shoe Itself may
be correct aa to size and shape, but It
Is not fosteued tight at the only point
ot control-namely, tbe Instep.
"Wben you get your foot upon the
door ur pavement tn the act of walking the shoe edberes, and If It be
loosely fastened over tbe Instep the
foot pushes down Into tbe toe of the
shoo. At certain spots on tbe foot tbls
slipping causes friction. These spots
ure the soles of tbe foot, tbe tops, ends
and Inner sides of the tecs, the great
and little toe Joints sud occasionally
even the back of tbe heel.
"When the friction thus caused Is
continued hour after hour and dny
after day oue or more of these stmts
are almost sure to become hummed
and sore. A alight thickening, called a
'callous,' Is formed. Aa the friction
aud pressure go oo tbe resulting callous may thicken up unevenly; then
It Is called a 'corn.'"
What They Mean .
Mr. Singer told the lollowlng ftory
recently at Mansion Houie. Loudon.
lie was one day riving ii !e>.-oii to his
I school children at Goole. Me hml been
talking I'i Ihem about colors and hail
i explained  that   .-hite denoted good-
j nesti ami black sin.   Wi.shlng lo drive
hi> lesson further home, Mr. Sinker,
according   to- Tho   Church   Family
Newspaper, said, "Now children, hove
vi ,i ever policed the ci Inn  t i my
iiood I wear in church on Sundays*1
"Yes, sir. black anil white." "I'llilr
right, tin I wluit dn Uu >c colors Minify-" Alter ti short piui-e me imall
ehiiil snswi re I, "LMeeie, sir. you wear
black because you an- u sinner and
while bicauia vou are Irving to bo
The Danger From Files.
Notwithstanding all tbat has been
aald and written, many yeople continue to Ignore tbe constant danger
from (Ilea as carrleri of Infection, everywhere food ta exposed to th. visits
of these distributers of disease. A series of report, on thla subject bns recently been published In England, In
whlcb It la shown that Infectious may
remain active upon files wblcb bave
been exposed to them-and their habits thus expose tbem conttnually-for
from four to ten days. Ad Idea of lbs
distance to which Infection may be dispersed by files ls given by recent Investigations at Postwlck, near Nor.
wlcb, wbere lt wai found that marked
files traveled nearly a mile from the
notorious refuse heap that served as
their breeding ground. :<
Te Ihe Teacher.
A teacher wbo can arouse a feeling
for one single good action, far one
single good poem, accomplishes more
Ihuu be who Oils our memory with
rows on rowe of natural objects, classified wllh nsme end form, for what Is
tbe result of all these, except what we
know aa well without tbeni-that the
human figure pre-eminently and po
cullurly Is made In the Image end like
neis of Godl-Uoelhe.
*■'• Enjl.nfe Rivers,   "•
England bus uuiro iivcih for Ha «l»o
Ihuu uny oilier country mi the gluhe,
Intrinsic Value.
"Uncle  Rphr'llh  you  wero n shire
when ti young man, weren't you?"
"Yl'S,  sub:  I   Wltz one n' de sli  hrr*
Asia Is n Innd ill siipi'ilnllves,   It Is
lho oldest country In Mm world, so fnr
ns llm history ut mini cuu lm Irnrcil
It Is lhe Imgi-'t Ilncill In lhe world.
It   bus   Ihu   four   highest   iiinuiiliiln
peaks.   Tho longest single Hoc ot mil-
road  crosses  this i Uncut,  nud  In
Ihnt Country Is llie wurlila biri-uel In
^ , MO^Te-NwVjV
Military Education       '■• '
The cdueiilloii nt each ullleer In the
Itiissinn (iiiuinr.V ""Iuh'I* |,,is,h H'-i:"
eiimiuircil Willi lho ticrinnn IIWPP ol
IKiri mul |lip AlWll'Inn nicracc 01 Hi'
Tahlet to George Borrow.
Admirers of lho writings of that in*
Mined colporteur. Gaorga Borrow, author of "The 111 li If in .Spain," will he
ihfcrc.-t.fil io know lhat a memorial
IhIiIs-I. lias been nllise I to the house
ill which he lived in London 99 Here
lord senium, Broinpton, Another tablet of (Horary Interest recently plsood
in London is al 17 lleil I
W.C. lhe home al   tu
Kosscii, William Mor rli 1
Home Jones.
Oil siiuare,
t tf I). (I.
nl  Kilwiinl
Mult Wear Ornament
naval regulations In Iiiiglan-l
require olhcers In wear epaulets ntid ]
medals op nil  coremonlal  occasion-.
Tlic change ll ntlrlbutatl to tlio durbar, at which tlio relatively Breiitei ]
iniigililloclioo 1 I Hie iiriny oHIo rs »s- I
noted liy the King. |
fsn Aaed  Lothario,
gay old deceiver  named
.'        A Heated Araument.
A man lit toiiilnn who \viiu charged      f,
wll|| nss lug hh wild pleiulcil |lin| io;cil III
hi: llllll |ll||y hml II  neatt'fl nrRiiinciu | llni.ey. I.omloi
win ,-.   n iiiierwnril transpired |lmt I "iiilnmoiis H'oiuulro .
Ine"',,,,,,,,!  urguuielif ,',.„.,«■■*.,  «| fc^^Ve^'^Tt'S'r^S.
111 llm judgo tl tlm Old
Knu., doicrlintl iib an
nfW Jet-
Jet Is nowaday* more commonly employed na a standard of cumpurl-ui
Hum as an ornament It la In reality
a species of coal. Jet Is formed after
the manner of coal from wood nml
Tegcjnble metier, hut It differs considerably from ordinary coal, being much
mure devoid of earthly Impurities, .lei
consists of two kinds, soft and hunt,
hut only lhe latter le of uny u«e for
tho purpose of producing ornamental
Epsom's Races.
Klnce n'lO liurso racing hns been hcl'
annually In I'ugliiiid nt lipsoui.
'' "▼*     Eclipiso.
In nny given jenr tho number ot
.-unsea of tho sun nnd 11 n lugellu-l
caiilinl ho less Ihuu two nr nuirc II	
....r>. The luost usual lilllllbPi Is lour.
It Is very rarely Hint It "xi'Wds siv.
AslronouiiTN observe whnl ihey cull
"ecll|iso seasons" tor each .tern. 'I'l.e-i.
Insl thirty six dnys Inr solar I Iwcli.
tylhrce days lur liinur eellp-os. 'Jbo
seasons occur nhoiit Iwcnly iluys cur- THE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he $v0«*yect*or, ©ranbrook, $* ©•
Publlihed Every Saturday   Morning at Cranbrook. B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
PotUgt to American, European and  otber foreign countries,   50 cents   a
year eitra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertislngi ratea furnished on application.     No
advertisements but those of a reputab*6 character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertisemeuts aud subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
lltb Year
Advertisers Please Note
Unless new copy for uny change of Advertisement i^
received at our office before 6:00 o'clock P. M,, Thursda)
every advertisement will be run as in previous week We
particularly ask that all copy be legibly written (typewritten
copy preferred). Advanced proof** supplied when asked for;
otherwise we accept no responsibility for errors that occur in
case of late copy.
We earnestly ask all our patrons to ^i\e us their cooperation in the above, as the increasing number of our
readers makes it imperative that we have the cop) in early
to make proper display of the copy supplied and do justice
to the advertiser.
Business locals, Want notices and Situations wanted will
be received up to 3 p.m.. Friday.
About three years ago in Cranbrook there was a very enthusiastic
meeting held iu the Cranbrook Hotel commltte rooms for the purpose
of starting a rifle association in the
city, to he run  under the  rules and
Shoot when next that event takes
place. We are given *.<,- understand
that the only objection which was
met with was obtaining a rifle ranpe
near the city, but this can not trt
voiced  now as one gentleman,  a loy-
in conjunction with the Canadian Ri-1ul staunch citizen has volunteered to
He association.   The results were that 'five all the range necessary.
several citizens got to work and collected nbout 100 to 150 names of pos- [   our ofllce has been  very  busy  this
Bible members, for some reason or u-| week   check.an   up   the names ol the
ther,    conflicting   agencies   began  tt. j numerous new subscriptions that are
get their work in and the association
work so well begun had to rest iu ft-
beyance. This spring thc work was
again taken up and about 100 or the
old members were enlisted. Where is
this association now'' Is it that
these movements are to be constantly begun und let fall or is it not pos-
ible that Cranbrook can range herself
along side of the next best city of
the west. There are several of our
citizens who are asking the question
When is it going to start' Aud it is
about time those people who began
this summer to again organise should
make a move ami move, quickly, it
is not much to expect that if the
members got t-> work und had some
practice, that one of tbem could
compete in  the International   Blsley
being sent into the office by the different I'ontestents in our big prize
contest which closes August 17th ut
it p.m. prompt. It may lie that
some subscriber's name has been overlooked and consequently they are not
receiving their paper; if yon are one
f these antl will let UB know we will
at once rectify tbe same. We are reorganizing our paper and will shortly
be able to give to our readers the
hest paper ever seen in the Kootenay.
Our atafl is working towards this
end and with the cordial co-operation
of our readers we will have in Cranhrook a newspaper that we can all
he proud of, What you know, we
want to know, so that others may
know; our Phone No. is 145, and we
are always at this end of the line.
Cranbrook's Manual Training School
The aim of this scheme is to (level-   used    in   illustrating   simple   stories
tip    und     widen   the  mental   faculties I that ftrfl  belng Uught jn thfi reftdlng
and the acquirement,  by   the  pupil  of
mere• manual dexterity
and  composition lessons.    Cardboard
1 modelling   with    suitable  decoration*.
This   does   not lu any way detract  is ,(lll an advanced form of this work
Iron,   their   effecioncy   in   the   other and   woU   ,itua   for
school    subjects       Thu     pupils    are I standard  U.
found  to  ho  more  careful  und  oh Her
the   pupils   in
vant, more self reliant and tliey usually grow up witli real respect for
the dignity of labor.
Tbe tables of measurement arc put
to a practical use and their knowledge o( geometry and mechanics to
a real test.
History   and   geography take
more  desirable
Standard III girls, (as no domes*
tic science is taken1 will practise a
few Indian stitches lu the making
and decorating of mats und baskets
in Itatlia and native grasses.
The   boys  from   Standard   II   up-
waPd   will   work   In   wood.    This  in
< eludes    the    studies   of   forests   and
" u | their   uses,   trees   and   how   to   know
appearance, and the tneni wnn() protection'and wood tin-
value of a course of elay modelling -Hll-I1K and thfl m&king lilu| reading
to nature study is almost tnconceiv- o( working drawings from which mo
able to .me who has not experienced. (i(.u   t|my   ,„, mmle_    LeB80na wU1 bfl
The    materials   used  will lie paper also taken on the uses, parts adjust
cardboard,    local    clay.     intlia   and ment and care of the following tools
woot-' rule,    try-square,   saw, chisel, plane,
In   the    lowest grades clay will  be K'lage,  winding laths, lile, centre bit,
found   very   Kervicable for form and scraper,  compasses,  etc.
number   work,   and the pupils know       hi tbe woodwork section the pupils
ledge   of   nature will   be greatly en can never obtain the Bklll of a prne-
hunced while modelling various fnnts tlcal   workman  as   they do not get
vegetables and common objects from the  necessary  practise     As  they  do
the   specimens   themselves,     Design progress the wby and  the wherefore
and  freework   are   Included   in this of each step must be looked into nnd
An   Introduction   to coloi and da
sign in the flat is obtained by the
use of tinted paper, wlucb can be
mounted    in    treometnciil designs, or!
tne method of doing regarded as more
Important than thi* thing done, in
all cases, however neatness ol workmanship and a due regard to accuracy ami iimsii will be insisted upon
K-H"M 111 I'i'i 111 'M.-H"I"H"M' H
i Come!!   Come!!
To The
Rebekah Box Social
To Be  Held  at I.O.O.F. Hall
Thursday Evening
August 15, 1912
At 8:30 p.m.
Every Box a Winner
No Charge for  Admission
To the Editor of "The Prospector"
Dear Sir-
Kindly allow me to make a few
comments upon the editorial appearing In your paper of August 3rd, regarding what you heard while attend
ing a "certain church for two consecutive Sunday a."
In the first place, "you wore surprised to see how much the pulpit is
being used as an advertising medium
to reach the people" as the minister
exhorted the congregation tt* give all
the support possible to a hook agent,
specializing certain books be had for
sale." as a matter of fact this book
agent happened to be the special re
presentative of the British and For
eign Bible Society, ami had you taken the trouble to acquaint yourself
with the object .tf this Roolety you
would perhaps learn that there is a
reason why anv minister Bhould bo
recommend his congregation to support such .t work,
The above society is not for the
purpose ins you Intimate) .if making
money its objeel is to distribute the
bible over the Whole world in as many
different languages us possible, the
colporters senl oul by the society
ore allowed to use tbeir discretion fta
ti   whether they   give  \he blblBS away
or sell them at a very low price so
that n.. one, no matter bow poor,
need be without the book, then why
should not. the pulpit be used foi em
phasdl nfj auch s work'' l take exception to the statement that "tbe
minister exhorted bis congregation,
etc., etc. all he said, after mention
Ing tbe fad tbat the agent was here,
was tbat be hoped the people would
give all tbe support possible as it
was a worthy object- there was no
exhortation about it  whatever.
i:: •'■:•.  gecond place, "tbe represent
ative of a certain college was given
leave to address the congregation, etc j
strongly advising tbe people to send
their children there as heme the best
for  their  welfare."    professor  Baker-
representing    Okanagan    College    of I
Summerlaml   B.C .  a   Baptist  Educational institution, outlined the differ-
eat courses taken up also naming the
teachers in charge, of each class.
This college is efficiently epulpped j
with the very best educationalists
procurable, and the very fact that it
is affiliated with HcCHU and McMas-
ter universities is ample proof that
its professors nnd teachers rnnk hieh
In the educational world.
This is also n denominational institution supported financially by the
Baptist Churches and friends of B.C.
and other Provinces, and if the number of students attending can be Increased it necessarily means more revenue und better equipment; and as
the influences surrounding a college
of thiskind are of the hest, the faculty being composed of cultured christian men and women, und the bible
used as a text hook, why should not
its representative be offered the use
nf our nultdt to state these advantages and suggest that we send our
children for higher education?
The pastor wns quite within his
rights to invite professor linker to
speak on this subject and he explained his object in doing so; and person
ally, as a member of the Baptist
Church I consider it entirely uncalled
for on your part to criticize him in
the public press.
Thanking you in anticipation of the
publication of the above, I am,
Yours truly,
The above communication was re
reived almost, at the last minute of
going to press making it impossible
for us 'to answer it In tho present is
sue; however we will treat with it
next week, for the present it is just
as well for Mr, Short to know that
we tbink be is altogothor away from
the spirit we hoped to convey.-HJdlton
Mrs. It. V itacklyeft begs to 1111-
lounce that she will open up lier Kin
lergarten sohool on Monday, August
no,   Further particulars will be seen
hi advertisement next week,
»»l MMIMIMIMIMM *** -fr -f-f-f H-f *f *f-f-f *H-f-f -W-4*
Japanese Mining
JapS band out a good one on (told
If some of our Cobalt or Porcupine friends could hand out something like this story from Japan(
they could make some of our local
mining magnates look like dots Inside a zero of small type.
A Japanese paper relates that a
gold mln'- has been discovered along
a river some anven or eight miles
from llanii/iiva station, on the Ku
kuoka  Itiolway,   .Japan
Recent  Investigations  ure aald tn
bnve shown that one ten thousandth
part nf the ore lu the vein la pure
gold, and it Iiiih been estimated hy
authorities said to ho trustworthy
that $1,000,000,000 worth of gold la
within niiHy reach at this place,
It Is no uae thinking of stampeding
for the place, as tlio wily Japs have
done tbnt loug ago.
I rw\ ^M*T'
At Less than Manufacturers Cost
We are determined to make a
(Mean Sweep in this Department and
in order to do so have marked
everything at Less than Wholesale
Cost. A glance at our tables will
convince you that you cannot afford
to pass up such values.
See Our
15c, 25c, 50c 75c 6? 1.00 Offerings
Our First Thought
We Back Up
Every Sale With a
British Columbia Accident &
Employers'   Liability
Insurance Co.
Incorporated By Private Act of Parliament of the Province of British Columbia
Authorized Capital,  $250,000.00
Pays For All Accidents and
All Diseases
Premiums can  be  paid Monthly  ur  Yearly.
Claims Paid  HERE.
Safe  as  our  Hanks.
Low  Kates,   Large   Benefits.
Insure in this Sale Company and keep your money
in the Province—You need the Protection and British Columbian Natural Resources needs your money
for Development.
Every Man here benefits by it.
Th* Hon, 1'i-ice Ellison, Victoria, B.O
MtnlHti'i' ot Plnanco ot British Oolumbla
w, n. Brydona-JHok, mil Vancouver
Ia-oii Melchov, Ban,,, Vancouver, 11.0.
Arthur M. Valentine, Kw-., Vancouver
Memm, Unnle ft Clark,- Vancouver
.1   I.  Turnliull, Mil.. Vancouver,B .0 Menu™.  Crehun as  Mount,  Vnncouver llov-ul  Bank ol Canada,  Vancouver
Corwin-Bruce Inv. Co
District Agents for  South*Eastern British Columbia
Grocery Department
Glass Tumblers
75c Doz.
Cups 6? Saucers
Clover Pattern
$1.00 Doz.
Clover Pattern
20c to 30c
Clover Pattern
65c, 75c 6?
Meat Platters
Full  Stock  of
White Crockery
at less than Cost
Clover Pattern
Preserving Jars
90c Doz.
16c to 75c
Preserving Jars
1 lb Glass Jars
Quaker Oats
51b Packets
Usual 35c
One-half Gallon
For   Baby
Corn Starch
2 for 25c
10c packet
Vegetable Dishes
With Covers
75c each
Fry's Chocolates
2 Boxes for
The Store Where You Get the Big Dollars Worth
East Kootenay Mercantile House
Railway Commissioners
Last week the Railway Commissioners were sitting at Oalgary, being
chiefly engaged in the discussion of
freight rate cases. Among other quel
tions perhaps more directly interest-
Ing to the prnirie province, the matters were taken up and in the case
of Whitla this was not deflnately con-
eluded; hut in reference to Erickson,
the Board refused to Intervene.
The Canadian pacific made an application in connection with a diver-
Blon of the Crows Nest Pass line. The
trouble In connection with the appli-
cation was that the line was going to
leave the village of Whitla without
railway facilities, This village was
established many years ago and the
residents of the village, although of- \
fered lots, without cost, in the new
town, would have a total loss on
their buildings. The value was not
large,   hut  Commissioner  Scott  hcM I
SBALHD   TlCNDl'.ns addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
der for a Pile Wharf at OomaplU, B,
0," will be received at this olllce until 4.00 P.M.. on Wednesday. August
28, 1912, for the construction ot Pile
Bent und Timber Decking wharf at
Cotnapllx, District of Kootenay, British Columbia.
Plans, specification and form of con
tract can ne seen nnd forms of tender
obtained at this Department and at
the offices of F. W. Aylmer, Esq.,
District Engineer, Chase, B.C., C. C.
Worsfold, Esq., District Engineer,
New Westminster, B.C., I.. B. Elliot,
Esq., District Engineer, Edmonton,
Alta., and on application to the Post
master at Comapllx, B.C.
persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature
of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm
must he given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 per
cent) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do bo, or
fail to complete the work contracted
for. If the tender be not accepted
the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
strongly that tin. rights uf the residents must be respected. The chief engineer said that the object of the improvement was to secure a four-tenth
grade. In order to du this, it was
essential that the new line should be
at some distance from Whitla, and on
the other side of a very deep coulee.
The commission approved of the plan
for the new track, but added that the
railway company must either move
h11 the houses in the village, ur pay
a fair price for them. M, J, McCarthy nppeorod for the village,
W. Levesque, o( BrlckBon, B.O.,
made a strong effort to have the station at that point moved to a more
convenient location, but the board refused to intervene. He also asked for
the construction ol a mile of fencing
west of Kitchem-r, and Aotlng Superintendent Brooks stated that this
would  be ■ I one at  once.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 30, 1912.
Newspapers   will   not   Ue   paid   (or
this  advertisement  if  they  insert it
without  authority   from  the  Department.*—26890. 38-2t.
May  Postpone  Trip
It is probable that Hon. Robert
Rogers, minister of the interior, will
postpone indefinitely his proposed
trip to England. He figured on sailing for London in the course of ten
days, but will probably uot have
time to make the trip owing to the
desire of Premier Borden to have all
the ministers in Ottawa early in Sep
tember to consider the naval question and the parliamentary program.
Marriage Law
Canada's marriage laws are now
being discussed by the highest tribunal of the Empire. The Canadian
courts have already delivered Judgement on the proper Interpretation of
the laws, but an appeal to the Privy
Council followed that judgement.
There are really only two issues involved in the case. One Is as to the
power of the Dominion Parliament
to pass a marriage law, and the second involves the ne temere decree of
the Church ot Rome in ho far as it
.iffects the marriage of Roman Catholics. The docision of the Privy
Council is awaited with very great
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for School-house Eitension,
Old Michel," will be received by the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works up to noon of Wednesday, tha
2ist day of August, 1912, tor the
erection und completion of a two-
room addition to the framed school-
house of Old Michel, in the Fernie
Electoral District. B.C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may he seen on and
after the 4th day of August, 1912, at
the offices of the Government Agent.
Kernie, H.C.; Secretary of the School
Board, .1. A. Murray, Esq., Michel,
H.C; and the Depart meat of Public
Works. Parliament Buildings, Victoria
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
hank of Canada, made payable to tbe
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, for the sum of 1200, which
■•hall be forfeited If the party tender-
lltg decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
fall to complete the work contracted
for. The cheques or certificates of
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out. on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes tarnished.
The lowest or any tender not nece«-
sarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public. WorkB,
Victoria,   B.C.   1st   August,   191U.
Wolgast Price too High
Ad Wolgnst and Mrs. Wolgast left
for Cadillac, Michigan, July 28th after negotiations between the champion and Promoter Coffroth for a
match with Ritchie, or the winner of
the Murphy-Attell fight, Wolgast demanded $15,500. His figure for Joe
Rivers Was $20,500, and he Raked the
same amount for Packy McFarland.
The total of $5f>,500 for three
matches, with a demand for a shara
of the moving picture rights, caused
j Coffroth to declare the negotiations
off temporarily at least aB he said he
I had no hope of being able to meet
;Wolgaet's demands.
Contest Will Close At 9 o'clock Sharp
on the Night of August 17th.
Results Depend on Work from Now On
Grand Prize Options
1. Automobile.
2. $1,000 Piano Player
3. Four Eastern Trips
4. $700.00 in Gold
Second Prize
Upright Grand Piano
For the Candidotus Standing Third, Fourth, Eifth uud  Sixth.
For the Candidate Standlnr Seuonth, Eight, Ninth und Tenth.
90,000 VOTES
Combination Schedule
When the "Prospector" and the Canadian Home
Journal are together ordered for the same name
and address, votes are allowed as follows:—
One Year $ 3.00      4,000 Votes
Two Years     6.00 10,000     "
Three Years     9.00 18,000     "
Four Years  12.00 30,000     "
Five Years   15.00 40,000    "
Ten Years    30.00 90,000     "
Rules for Closing
All tfuiiHcriptiun orders and remittances, no matter at whut time mull
nd, muat hi! received at tbe contest omw, belore 9 p.m. Hnturdny. August
17th. II not rocolviul nt thll hour they will be worthless uii will not be
All envelope* Hliould in- ,iildr«Hsuil Prospector Content Malinger, Crnnhrook.
On the l.o.l three rinyH of thi; content nil subscription orders wilt be
deposited In a galvanised iron boi. Thle boi will be mnde to order for
the oooaBton nnd will have but one opening through whlcb envelope* con-
tuiiilui: subscription orders nnd remittances inuirt be dropped. All ordere
received hy mull on Friday nnd Hnturdny will be deposited In
tlm ballot boi unopened. No person except the candidate who drops the
envelope In the hox will know how many vote« he or she has.
The ballot box will lm out open by the Judges ol the rontonl promptly
at 9 o'clock on the night ol August 17th    The Vote! will then he counted
umi the result announced nbout  n o'clock.
Thn iioIIh will dole sharp at 9 o'clock, Allium! 17th. Candidates must
noi mil nr inlii Hie subscription slips.
The address, name mnl Initial nl subscriber must he on each slip.
Hnch order muni  bo checked either "new" or "old"
Name of cunillilute must Ihi on each slip.
All orders! muni he in ballot hoi by 9 p.m., August 17th.
Don't  Overlook  a  Single Opportunity  to  Get  Votes.    It will Pay You to Spend Your
Whole Time in the Contest from Now until the Close.   Read the Closing Rules THE  PltOSPECTOll, CllANBllOOK,   H.C.
A Modern Romance
Between thirty ami forty. She holds
a tjood position In society, aud 1 tblnl.
you will find her adaptable.
te she a friend of yours'.' Vera asked quietly-
No—not exactly a friend—merely
a client. And as she ia poor 1
thou eh t It would hi1 doing n good turn
to two people. Now what eau 1
do for you?
1 want to give sufficient money to j
some one to bring In an Income of
two hundred and llfty pounds a year,
Vou will require a settlement executed.
it sounds formidable, but you will
gt-t ono ready an soon us possible.
Certainly. What is the name ot
the bonellciary? he asked as he look ■
up his pen, and watched her keenly.
Vera had not thought of this, and
her lace blamhed. but Bhe quickly
law her way out of the difllculty.
Can'l  yon leave the name out?
As you wish; of course it can be
drawn in blank. 1 will prepare a
draft at once. You will require
trusti*i s.      Whom do you BUggest?
1 hadn't thought of that. Perhaps
we had better leave it over a day ur
two. I think Mr. Clay might do for
I am pr. pared to acl as the otln r,
If the Idea appeals to you, Brann
said quickly, but his eyes were not I
remo* . <i iron, her face.
■ 1 will let you know- in a dav or
two, she answen-d hurriedly. I am
sorry to have troubled you, but then
really Is no ^reat hurry.
She longed to Ret away, for she was
growinu uneasy under his close
scrutiny, and it seemed to her that
there was a mocking look in his eye. |
She took her leave, and crossed over
to her hotel—where Bhe al once wenl
to her  room
She blamed herself for her folly j
In not. bavins thought that It would be ■
necessary to disclose th<* name of
Hilda Grant, if she wished to carry
out her desire to give the money to
the friend whom she had robbed. At
last she decided that she would pay
Into the bank o lump sum. Hilda
would he married in a few days, and
she would (hen become Hilda Seymour. Again she was angry wiih
horself, when sho thought she might
have given the name of Hilda Seymour to Csawley Brann. t
But her thoughts quickly returned
to Uavid Clay; of their supper of thej
night   before, and or his manner to-j
wards her. which she was beginning
to hope was lhat of a lover.
She lunched in the sitting-room,
at three o'clock Lady Barton arrived. I
Mr.   Crawley   Brailn   asked   me   to ;
call.  Lady  Barton  began  in  a  quiet
well*bred voice, that Vera immediately
lt is very good of him. Tild he explain   to   yon   what   1   required.
Yes. Something In the nature of
a chaperone, I believe.
That is so, but. perhaps companion
would sound better in this case. You
cannot be much older than I am.
Lady Barton Hushed slightly, but
nhe was certainly looking better than
when she h;id recently interview! d
Crawley Brann.
You are about I went.v-one 1 shuuld
think and I am thirty-live, Lady Bar*
ton answered simply.
I am twenty-two, but f have lived
longer than lhat. Poverty Ih a hard
tusk-mast er<
H is—I, too have suffered under
Are you willing to come at once?
Vera said eagerly, for she had laken
an immediate liking to this Badjfaced
When  you  like.
1 don't know- how you are situated
but cnn you take off your things now
nnd  stay'.'
A couple of hours io pack my trunks
and I am at your command
We are forgetting one thing,
Would  live hundred  poundsa a  year.
More  llian generous.  Lady   Bartpn {
broke in quickly, but may I ask you
whal vour plana are?    Do you Intend
to travel?
Not Immediately, our first buttl-
ness is (o find a Hal lor our headquarters. What about one In the
new block facing Hyde Park? I think
tliey are called  I'arkshlc
'I'he very thing, but they are rather
expensive, Lady Barton said diffidently.
I think 1 Can afford It. Vera said
brightly. Will you go and BCttle up
your affairs?
Immediately, ! shall be back before dinner, Lady Barton replied
••.Gw lines . mu HUto Blrl, thirty yurti
•co i bud suBored ortura trom eoteou l-i
(Hi's ,f i *i \, -nt tormi, The diwBJH. runi In
my family, mul mlna WM uf a m-idy -nd
1 think I nm going ty like you, Vera
said rather shyly.
Lady Barton made no answer, but
her face was slightly Hushed, as she
took ber departure. Vera dressed
leisurely, and then went out. She
had gone but a few paces up tbe
llaymarket, when she was surprised
to hear someone calling. Site turned
quickly, and saw tbat it wus Vaughan Seymour
What mystery is this? I have
been twice to the Carlton, and they
told me there was no one of the
name of Miss Vera Stafford was staying In the  llotetl.
lt is gross carelessness, she said
quickly. I must inquire into It. But
what are you doing in town, she continued hurriedly.
.My publisher wanted to see me.
You are going back to-night?
V. s.
Her relief was great, and she stl'Ug-
gled hard tc conceal lur agitation
from his young eves.
How is Hilda?
She  Is   hardly   the  same  girl,   The '
sc-a and good food have worked won
Do yon know, Vaughan, thai you
haven't yet thanked me for giving
her to you so soon-
li was aboul that, 1 call) d to see
you. Don't be offended Vera, nl
what I am going to say. But 1 hate
tii- Idea or Hilda receiving this money from you
vVh\  '   she   ;isk( d      i i Idly Surely
ont   ma) do ll Is little thing for one
who i;  more than a sister
11 i Bee, >en are not her slstei II
you wen it might be dlfferi ut, he
aald quietly
l reallj did not think you could be
-.■ .-■ uplil, Vaughan Vou are vei>
bi Iflsh.
it i.- noi -• Iflshuesa,
Wl at • ise is it bin foohsh pride
l- noi Hilda worth some small aacrl*
lice? Vou know how uncertain literature is as a profession. Wiih
these few pounds that l am going to
give ler there will be no need for
worry, for you can always keep the
wolf from tiie door. Remember thai
Hilda  is  none  too strong
She snoke to him vi I y eai pi stl}
and for the moment sh> was honest
in her rji sire te con* Inci him for
she was not thinking •*>f the nossibli
danger to hi rsell that would l-< r«
moved hv the man-lag)
Are   vou    persuadi d ?   she   aski d
' brightly.      Cannot  you be guided b;
ii.--   .<■ ho  baa   both  •.. ir  I terests
i:  I coi sent  It fa foi   H Ida's sak
but it will ) >■ '■!, j        condition tba
I am perr-.itted to pay rhe mon
as soon as my afTa;--^ are prosperous
Yon mav do -i*- you please Have
you arranged about tlu- license for
your .redding?
Ves. It will take place ni \t Th in
Today is Saturday. I sha I ci me
down on Wednesday. Explain to Hilda that I am very busy and 1 must
stay In town. But she will be quite
content   with  you.
She hade him good-bye-, and continued he.- walk, but the- encounter had j
shaken her. and she began to realise ;
the danger of ber position, for at'
any moment some untoward chance'
might  expose her imposture.
She spent the evening uuietly at Ihi '
Hotel with Lady Barton, and tbe more
She saw of her chaperone the better >
sin liked her. On Sunday afternoon
David Clay called, and stayed for
some time
Lady  Barton quickly  Raw  lhal  lu
wus In love with Vera, bul sbo could
not   make   up   lo i   mind   If  Ids   love!
was relurned.
Crawley will have to fight for his (
money, she said to herself, and she'
wns by no means displeased at the
She bnslril horself nt Iho writing-
table which was oul of earshot of
win re lhe others were silting.
How do you like Lady Barton, Clay
was nsklng.
Very much, 1 think we shall be
friends. Sho Is very (artful, ami I
don't think ! shall find her a nuisance.
The next day Vera went wllb Lady
Barton to see the Hats, and Immediately decided upon nun in "Park-
side.'' Sim- gave lor chaperone gen
eral directions as to (lie furnishing
and thin intimated to Inr tbat she'
was going down to the country, but |
would be returning on the following
She had come to n sudd' n decision
hi go to Bognor, for she was not at
nil satisfied that Vaughan Seymour i
would not again change his mind. 1
she sent no warning telegram to 11 il- i
da, and when she unexpectedly i n* j
tered tb sitting-room she found her!
in tears.
Whal is the matter, she asked tenderly, but tin re was a foreboding of j
evil at her hi art
Vaughan won't marry me, she nils*
wered  sobbiiigly.
wi,y not? Vera demanded,
j     He  saya  that   be  is   not   going   to \
I li. ■   on vour bounty.
Indi' ii. 1 will send round for
| him.     I nevi r heard <<f anything so'
; iiotic. |
i think he is quite right Hilda cried I
th     ':■!•". Bplrlt, and i respi el him
ul] lie   mi ri   for it. but  l am so un :
Now  si.*,  what  Is 'he meaning  i '■ \
•his?   she ... ked curtly whin he cinv
In ansv 11" lo her m- ■ mg<
Merely thai 1 havi come ■■» inj
yt nbi . ond iavi d my ■■- If-respoct, br
n pip 1  •■■■ ■ h  omh i ii- Me bi
(To  he  CcntiniKd-       '      •
First Time  White  Woman  Ever Penetrated  Great  Unknown    Land
Mr. P, Amaury Talbot, accompanied
hy bis wife, has for nearly two years
been travelling in parts of Nigeria,
largo portions of which havo never
before been visited by a Government
official, and certainly never by a white
woman. Km- the first time a survey
—•anthropological, botanical, and in
parts geographical and zoological—
has been completed almost uninterruptedly from tbe Gulf of Guinea,
right through to Central Africa. Des
crlblng some of iils experiences in
the southern Nigerian bush- the home
of witchcraft    .Mr. Talbot said:---
"The bush, with Us soft green twilight, dark shadows, and quivering
lights, Is peopled hy many terrors,
but amour thesa 'oje' or witchcraft,
reigns supreme. should tho suspicion of witchcraft tall upon any one.;
only dial by ordeal can free them. I
The most usual one is that of eal ing
eaere, a poisonous beau which almost
Invariably kills lhe suspected person. The ordeala of boiling oil, poured upon the palms of ihe hands, and
of peeper-Corns inserted in ihe ryes,
are far less tin,uled. no| only because
ih.-ir -i suits are practically never fatal, but because tho physical anguish
i mailed is acknolwedged to in- |< --.
intent    than Mini cnusi d hy esei e
nm- of the mos*    Interesting    dls*
■   -:   waa ihni of ihe Lnke of the
it ad iu Ho- Obau   country.
The itume of this Uike, •-;> tl M
T tlbot, occurs in many of the tribal
songs, but tor a long time ] could not
di---o\er 'he moaning of ihe word,
ami ull luqulrb s fa h d to i licit lufor*
m i' -uv aud «ie ii l belli >i -i i waa In
Mu- neighborhood of this haunted spot
ami alten d mj i ourse, mj carrli rs
begged to i o allowi d to procei d, aud
w-re left Im hind. After a struggle
ihn'."1! ie nse buBh we could hi .- tb
i dgl    I I    tl   Bhei l    of   u;,:,-: .   along   llle
baukB    ef    Which    were    the    hoh s    o!
crocodiles, whosi   Iracka covered the
ahon       Thi- set in- waa a weird one.
B1 ■ '..- ■■■  n a - absoluti' •   '-ill- and
round aboul wen   10 '■ ■ I lilgh i>ush, s
with what were appan   tlj great tufts
...    flow ers        Tiiesi
pn   ■     ti   bi   nests ef tree frogs.
The place la a sanctur.- fer .- w lid
thlugs tor no hunter would dare to
.*. -..-■:   ti    ihi   b lab   to  ''iis  dreaded
5p0t VS Wi    BtOOd   Ht   the edge gat
lug i ut .-•• r thi wan r its quiet was
suddi ul> brokf n bj a broad ripple,
and little fish w i re •*•< en to spi ing
■■,-. ■ -- a) ove Ihe surface. A
greal python was i ri --::'.: and this
■ lenrw d, sha. ed w ith the ert*ci
iUea the gua dlaosfa p i' the Sa:rtd
Desci 11 Ing a visit ro a district^
wh« r- all (hi ho ises wi re built of
■ I ony, Mr. Talbot said:
Tiie side of our tent almost touched a tinie ebony hut built over a
large and u: ;* Bomi *li oklng pot. the
sides i f which were ornamented with
iron hooks. Before this, about hi-'as:
high, and the length of a man. was a
kind of altar made of stout ebony
blocks. In front of our tent door
was a tall carved pillar, ornament-*!
with strings of human skulls. **eV
people ull had the filed teeth aud rTiin.
shrunken appearance which are always associated with cannibal rites,
and although they one and all stoutly denied knowledge of anything of
the kind, every one of nur carriers
said that not only was ihe pot in tbe
little hut meant for the sacrifice of
human victims, but the two hideous
mud figure-; or a god and godess in
another shed on the further side of
Hie earve.l pillar had had their heads
worn away by tbe constant libations
of human blood poured over them.
You will find relief In Zam-Buk I
It eases tho*burning, atinpingl
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means euro: Why not prove
I thia 7, -u Vrttgetati and titera,-
1 «."»■* * " fotbta.
Items   of   Interest
Mascagni's massive ruby ring, and
his lost trunk, containing 17ti collars
and 76 dress shuts, evelled popular
Interest In London iu connection with
the composer's visit to conduct his
"CnvaUerla Uuatlcann."
A Innd of lnO poumU ts employed
at the Robert Browning settlement In
Walworth mad, London, for venting
out Bhoi s to Children too poor to buy
Hi 'in. Iii all "Jl's pair*-, have 1» cu
loaned, for which nut of IS pounds
was r. celved
Jokiug Is blnmed for causing the
reduction in re eulistmenta in ihe
French army \-* booh as a man
ie enlists lie- Jokers of tin- regiment
hurl at him the queattou: 'Vou have
a uliin- io . at .it home, eh ' nnd tho
man s self-res pi ct  is hurt.
Diamonds are in as greal demand
as ever, \. cording to den lor s in
pre. mn i Btonea thi \ aro an excellent
ln\ estmenl   and   an-  almost  ci rtaln
not   (..   depH i '.lie   ui   value        Oil   lhe .
contrai« thi re is a > onataul teud' ncj .
toward lilglu r prices
Mi 0 . .i Hall St. puey. a London '
rellel orgai laat Ion Instituted in a
Bmall «,i\ in ism Py a lew young'
clerks in . ■. v . 11 lan nu rchant's of
lice, hus hh< Iteied tlfii e million home
less men tu thi 21 years ol existence
at a total cost nl 30 000 pounds.
Leposavfl Jlvanovlteh, a girl of 12,
drowned herBelf iu the Danube, after
leaving a letter ler her parents. ■ ,\
plaining lhat her school marks could
never lu sntUfnt-tory, for she despaired of master!ug German doclenslous.
The -iiccesslon of i'riucess Marie
Adelaide  to tiie grand  ilucliy  of Lux -j
emburg ma'ks thi failure of ihe mnle
line iu ihe ancient house t>f Nassau
alter an existence of more \hnn one |
thousand jears. The fact that six
branches of the family were i \tant
at the beginning of the last century
makes such an event  Improbable,
Women nnd Indians combined to
make Ne?. Percee county, Idaho, dry
by a vote of l!.4u7 lo 2,127. Thus
is lhe wild west being tamed, but it
is an odd combination of tamers. It
is believed thai every eligible Indian
voted for prohibition.
A Smite Worth While
When days were dnrk,    you    might
have mado them fairer
By changing; ull my life with just
» ne smile,
Fair days were rare,  yon chose  lo
make tbem rarer;
Was it worth Witle?
You chose one day, f\-,--/eak my heart
by frowning,
When all my life hung on one tender smile,
You crushed my hopes nil eager for
your crowning
Wan  that   worth   while?
Now,  I am dying;   could you, your
frown forsaking.
Just  for one moment  lean o'er tne
i o\y and smile,
1 could forget the life you tilled wllb
Is Unit worth while?
Ilyllou Cleaver, in T.P.'s Magazine
Tlio ce/i-uiiis formed
md thou Ktlei all ow
my facp and limbs,   1
iii.\*>   man   unotherad
..itni lu-ad m foot,  1 was
Inn ii In l.ciLinnirtiui,
wltlili In (.,;;..is., fur tli
hul[ite.r tifiiti-, hi.-I pmnp
waun, nnd nm* wi.nlil
think Unit nfi.-r taking
im- treatment there n-K-
iilnrly Ri 1 did. thu
ill-eion   WOUld   Ipni   «Ci>
liavo been cured, hai it
uih not, I at leaded tho
——~Ilnsini.il for ■ <ara
runi yean, hu ymi mil sen
_, I  aavo  tt  ii   Mr   trial.
r-veryu   ■ In'lie own know <if my ca ••.   My
told nn- lhat t ■
M.' M   [M'lllllll III
H vend ..H'1-it.il'
t'Tnen ono d
inpndod *in Qui
advlco, lyni -uii
Hoap,  To mj :
.  bihiiy.    A il...'i-f
!<i novcrgat rid of ft.   I
lur.' hill.*., und I attended
t millilii1; did any good,
ii hmi Ie of in ii ii- n-i i-tn-
ii ..<-i.i.'ill,"i. I took hu
icoil I'-  w Un- Cuticura
I'luiD'Ht fin 'iiii-rnvi'ini'iit.
iiaSy'i+'Ar?!1 t'nW kmr-vurr, 	
fx-lC* i t luo'; i h(i|i-:iilnl titiiidlliun. 'Mini
I friui;ti'. 3 ' oi nl * ■ * li fr: .i DiiUiii'iit, .;. I
-I'.'/V"!'''!"!/,.!)'.'!   MlMw WAT*"
bad eon plolely dwppeariHf,   Now i»y ikln
li 'ear ami lualtliy, ami lliiuiki lo lhe 1'iltl-
rurn   l( ir-edli i I  inn i im|ihlHv    und -,r
*■ *i in . All mv ni'iiililio'ini wen- astoumlid.
'lh Cutli mil Hi-iimI,.-i tin* world tli, Ir
Ti'lK   I  III  Bold,  ami  oim  tahtit of l"n*i- -i; i,
lu,i'. com r.Hiiirr ni.ni four cake i nt ohoaner
aim ri. ll linn ufottllr liaiiplllt'M .'nto my
home.' (Hlitncd) nln, ltulln, 1/, I'riiin-lii
lie The oltflrrlilo, Klnii Nuitun. lilt*
(.'ut' ur,if-i(jtt'iiiiiil (iltilineiit.irr old every-
wliere, imt ItiotB who mdi to try thom
without (ium-'- in iv do mi hv ipui Ing in
I'ottiT firm: A Chain, Coin., iij ('oiumtiin
Ave., r ooiori, ll. h. A., ror a Ifljeral muiio|«
Ut ttttJl, l»< .1 firu, Willi J- ii. j.I.iii buult.
Tnb-tte lo the Onicn
Kill Lln  onb n and yi i lea■■ n gap
In tin- universe      Kill anything elie
and  thi r-   Is  a   i rjbi UtUti The  po
tatO is akin lo iin   «, real i   iqunah and
cabbage ami tnrtilpa ami oanltflower
are of the  aania  family,  beam an
elongated was. the lemon la a petal*
mlatlc    orange,    beel    reincarnated,
graaa, watermelons jus' Lhe aurvlvoi
of a  very  in encumber, and io oi
Bul   the onion  li  aul  gem rls. aioiu
unique, trfumphonl      It ii a ip< dal
ci ration  to  tempt   ihe  palate  of  a
weary world,     u provea the futlllty
: of man's wisdom,     lie mlghl bavi
gnesafd at everything else under lhe
; sun. but lu- would have nover gneased
I an   onion.      Science   may  deduce  a
■ new star In fore It becomes visible, or
I radium before its discovery, but this
ureiii'nt,   frayrani.   i-iany   vej-etablie
'■ueeiijMit, rragrontj i-'any vpaetab
would have gone un Interned lorove
i had not ift< pwn Inalnutitlng, yei not
haalifiil ii'ilalltfeS forced thrfmielvefl
Inlo lent brimmed oyer* and IIi|ih-k
conl anticipatory lips. With whal
a mlxturi ot gratitude and awe ahould
wo view Un; appctitclo ol nnttire turn
Ing lu r onefgh s fo llo- 'ran- diuilng
of ne re ei»> Inla n vegetable wllh un
nrtlatlo tempi rom en I - Illchmond
TlmeH Dispatch
*       Dcafitly
Wlokm    .'tsvtly  wealhor, Isn't  It?
BLlckloi why will you uae Ihnso
IdlotlQ oxproaaloiia, How cm tha
wealln r in   hi astly.
VVlohlor   Well. M'h raining oatfl ntul
Discipline and Bravery That Turned
the Tide of    Battle'
In India they tell a story of the
standard bearing elephant of a Mah-
tut ta ru'er who won a victory for
his royal master.
The bis beast was carrying on its
bade tha royal ensign, tho rallying
point of the Mahrntta host, At the
beginning cd' the engagement the i le*
phant'a mahout, just as bo ordered
it to hah received h\z death wound
and f< II ufT its back.
Tho obedient elephant stood Its
ground. Tbe .shock of battle closed
round it ami the standard it carried-
Hul the elephant never moved a yard,
refusing to advance or retire the
standard intrusted to it.
The .Mahrattas. seeing the ftng si ill
flying in Us place, would not believe
that the day was going against them
and rallied again and again round
their immovable standard bearer,
Meanwhile the elephant stood there
In the very heart of the conflict.
Btralnlng Its ears ui) the while to
catch above the din of ha tile the
sound nf the voice which would never
speak again.
Tiie wave of Ibe flght pnssrn on,
leaving the field deserted. Tbe Mali-
rattas swept by in victorious pursuit
of the now routed foe. Hut tho elephant stood in Its place with tbe
slain heap around it and the standard stiil floating above its castled
Kor three days ami nights, the story
has it, ;t remained where it had been
told tl remain, Neither bribe nor
threat could move It, Then the Mnh*
rattas sent in a distant village ami
fetched tha mahout's llttlo sou, nnd
ihe elephant, romembcrlng bow Its
dead master luul often during n brief
absence delegated his authority to
i'i - child, confessed lit1 allaginnoo,
wiiii Hie shattered buttle harness
clanging at ench stately stride, it
Hwung slowly along the road behind
lie   ]|;i|e   boy,
Parll Poatapc Exchange
"A curb market In Paris" was written mi n picture postcard received
from that clly by a Wall street broker I' SllOWCd uu open Splice ttiroii}'-
• d wiiii men, women and boys, many
of whom held books and portfolios
A letter by the same mull oxplfllned
that ibis wns the "postage slump exchange," where dealers nud collectors assembled once every month, "to
do IiiihIihhh and to rogulMo prices."
Hero om- may lind schoolboys, great
lawyers, society women, shrewd traders, writers, merchants nud men of
all professions exchanging, buying
and fijwwjns, stamps, nut) nltliuuuli
thin' is no organisation*, nil scent lo
follow unv.'tlllen laws, and Um- Kiith,-
orlnff is as inioresilng in look upon
as that sioeii market In your clly
Which has MO roof over lis bead
NOW Vork Tribune.
A   Myttrry ' '
Y  lillle boy seems to bo gelling
along flnt ly In sol I.
Yen, I can'l understand 11. eliln-r.
Bveryhody thinks lie lakis after his
Too Soon to Tell
Hav   you a good COOk now?
I dun t know.     I haven't bcotl home
siiue hn akfasl.  -London Opinion.
Hadn't Taken the House
C, host s ii nd wei rd u ppti ri t Ions
which were said to appear In an
empty house were not inducements
ui possible tenants, so th*> agent had
it elaborately done up ninl decorated
and. by way of ti mpttng bait, had
some expensive gas fillings put in tin-
house. The next week he heard
that some bold, bad man bud been
after the house. His heart hap -1
wiih hope and expectation, and he
ruithtd off in franctlc excitement to
the housekeeper of the haunt d
This te splendid, he gasped. Someone has taken the house, hasn't h.e?
I don't know sir, I'm sure. Perhaps
he'll come back for the bouse, but
he's taken nil the gas fittings.—San-
Francisco Star.
Of Course
Teacher — Tho burglar leaped
Lhiough the window as tbe detective
enterei. the mom. How would you
punctulle thai  sentence?
Bright Scholar—Make a dash a'mv
ihe burglar.
It ought not to be necessary for any
farmer to buy canned fruits or vegetables. Theso mny all be put up
light at home, and the saving is considerable- A lot of satisfaction, too,
In Knowing that your things are all
puro and good.
Why Madge Declined Tea
Mod go, three years old, is of a positive nature and always ready with
indopendt lit opinions. A woman visiting Madge's home sat next to the
little girl at table and offered ber a
spoonful of ber tea, which was declined wiih un emphatic shake of the
Take  a  little,  urged   lhe visitor-
just a little for your Stomach's sake
I ain'e dot no turn muck ache, was
I ain't  dot  no tummuck ache, whs
the indignant reply.—Indianapolis.
A Carping Frimd
A college offers me a degree for
a million.
Do you want lo he a college youth?
No, hut I'd like /« degree.
Ob. why spend all that money?
Join tho Hay Scouts.—Courier-Journal.
About What tier Husband Would Say
A Midi, woman tried Postum bemuse coffee disagreed with ber and
inr husband, Tea Ih Just as harmful
as coffee because It contains caffeine
—Ihe tame drug found In coffee. She
'My husband was sick for three
years with catarrh of the bladder, and
palpitation of the heart, caused by
c iffie. Wn i unable to work at all
and In bed pnrt of Hie time.
I ban Stomach trouble, waa weak
and fretful so 1 could not attend lo
my housework—both ol us using coffee al- the time and not reallzling it
was harmful,
One morning   the , grocer's   wife
said she believed coffee was tbe
cause of our trouble and advised
Postum, I took It home rather dubious what, iny husband would say**-
lie was fond of coffee.
"But 1 took coffee right Off tbe
table aud we haven't used a cup of
ft sline. Vou should have seen the
chuugi In us, and now iny hUHhaud
never complains of licnrl palpitation
nny more. My stomach trouble
went i.wny in two weeks afler I began I'oHlutn My children love it
and it doeslbeni good, wll It'll can't
be salt: of COtTdev"  -'   "•-
"A lady vlslled un who wan usually
hilt sick. I told ber I'd muke her a
cup ot Postum,    Sho   said   it   was
1'iiitcictm Bluff, but she watched me
muki H. ladling it thoroughly for ir.
mlmttoi- and when done she said It
wnn aplolldld. l-oiig boiling brings nut
the flavour I food quality,"    Name
given Ity ''unndhin Postum Co.. Wind
sn-. Olll, '  ''**"'
I,enl, lu phr-s. for tbe famous little
book, "The Head lo Wellvllle."
Ever regd the above letter? A
nrw one. nppunrs from time to time.
They i re u* nuinc, true, and full of
human Interest.
Cured Through Ihe   Use   ol  Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills
There b an excellent reason why
Dr. Willi.ins' I'lnk IMIls have cured
tlm mosl Bovero cases at neuralgia,
sclatlea aud other complaints in the
group known as disorders of the
u> i .cm This group also Includes Si
Vitus Mance. partial paralysis aud Uio
com mon mate ul extreme nervousness
nml cxcliablllly, Ifineh of theso complaints I'xlsi because there la something   the   mailer   whli   the   UGl'VOUS
system!    it llie nerves have tone uud
uie siitui--. iiiid healthy you will uol
hi\e nnv ol these complaints. The
roaaoi "in in- Williams' Pink Pills
cun- nervous disorders is. thnl Ihey
restore wi: It, run dew li liel \es to
Ihelr proper stale of lone. Tliey net
both i In eily upon the blood supply
imd ihe nerves, The highest medical authorities have noted that nervous troubles generally attack people
who are bloodless and that tbe
neivis mi- toned When lhe blood Is
renewed. lt Is thus seen tlmt Dr.
Williams' I'ink lMllls cure nervous
disorders by curing the cause of tbe
trouble. The following is an Instance, Miss Annie Jones. London,
Ont., says:-—"For over a yenr 1 was
an intense sufftivr from neuralgia,
which located in my face and bead.
The pain nl times was so Intense that
I could scare fly keep from screnming.
uud nothing I was doing lor the trouble a< omed to help me, As time
went on my whole nervous system
was affected. At last wben I felt
that m, ease was almost hopeless I
was ndvlfiod to try Dr. Williams' I'M.
Pills. The result of this treatment
was that I am now enjoying such
comfort ns 1 had not known for years,
and only those who bave Buffered
from neuralgic pnlns can realize wbat
a blessing the I'llls have beeu to me."
if yon are suffering from nny blood
or nervous disorder begin to^jBure
yourse'f to-day with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which you can get from
any medicine dealer or by mail at 50
cents n box or six boxes for $2.60
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont-
Snakes and   Sense
Ever since lhe serpent in the Garden of Eden double-crossed Eve, tbe
sons of men have been swatting the
But now appears Prof. II. D
Bailey of Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania with a word directed especially to farmers. He urges farmers
to desist from indiscriminate snake
swatting. What is more the profess
or wants to put some of the snakes
into lho song-bird class, which Is to
say, he wants them protected by legislation because of their co-operation
with mankind in warfare on pests
detrimental to man's agricultural purposes.
Hero is r, list of ihe professor'B
special privilege snake family; king
snake, milk snake, bull snake, fox
snake, indfgo snake, corn snake, and
common garter snake. We have the
professor's word for it, that these
snakes ure 'Harmless to mankind, and
are really benefactors because they
destroy rodents and many insects.
As a matter of actual scientific fact,
there are very few venomous snakes
iu North America, but there is a ter
rifle aversion and prejudice among
normal persona against the whole
snake kingdom. Whnt Prof. Bailey
says is doubtless very well founded
on commonsense. lt may be practi
eal absurdity lo swat a friend, even
If It be a snake. Nevertheless wc
doubt very much whether legislation
would be successful in removing so
universal a prejudice.
When it comes to legislating In the
snake's behalf bis suakesbip Is amen
able to ihe oldest law In the world
according to which he haH no bust
neas eating gophers and bugs any
how. According lo (Jenesis all ihe
snake lias any right to eat Is dust
'ind if he bad been following orders
lie wouldn't be here now.
Digging for Mia Own Money
A young man rccciilly got married
aud took a cottage, determined to
grow enough vegetables to keep the
household going. lle started tn dig
up the garden, and, after half an
hour's hard work, was astonished t
lind a sovereign nt his feet. Then
be dug With renewed ardor. Several
pennies, a six pence and a half
crown rewarded his efforts.
Blow) If this ain't a hloomin'
gold mine! be said digging away for
all he wna worth. 1 wonder what
I'll find next.
Ills (inns ached, Utile heads of perspiration trickled down bis noae, and
Ills neck felt as though It was breaking, lie could stick to it no longer.
He stralgbteuid IiIh back al laat with
a groan of pain, aud at the same In
slant Tell something cold sliding down
his leg. In a moment tin grasped thu
trutli. There wiih a hole In bis irons
ers pocket.
That's So
Ml the lramps thut como into this
town are iirreHted.
Then (bey are like bees.
Where's the comparison- bees an
Tliey are like bees because they
llll cells.
Arsrnic ~n Widely Used M India as
i..   ' icient    Rome
AsjenlC is , . -uonly employed by
the professional *.. -mer in India,
who will poison a »...oio family to
make sure ot one victim. The reports or tho Bombay Government analyst throws some light on the methods. The poison is usually given In
Kweeiments, and generally by a
strange woman who has been met in
ilie Btrett, nnd who mysteriously disappears' 'i'h is strange woman Is
found in every analyst's report, for
tho last twenty years, and In circumstances so identical that it would almost seem to he the same person.
Will tills elusive person ever ho captured by the Indian police!
Arsenic has, perhaps, boon more
frequently used that nny oilier poison
for criminal purposes, it lias been
proved Identical with the wonder elixir of the seventeenth century, when
secret poisoning became so frequent
in linty lhat the clergy, despite the
rules of the confessional, iiei|iuilnted
Pope Alexander VII tn 18(18 with lhe
extent of Hie practice.
It was found that young widows
were i.luiudaiit In Home, and thnt
most of the unhappy marriages were
speedily dissolved by Ihe death of
the husband. A secret society of
young matrons wus discovered, wblcb
met nl llie house of I.u Spurn, a re-
puled witch, who supplied them with
a flow, tasteless, colorless poison,
cur.-fully calculated to kill a husband
In |usl the time thai suited the purchaser. Ln Kpara nnd thirteen of
her companions were banged, n large
number Of lhe culprits were whipped,
half -in ked, through the streets of
Home, while others of tho highest
rank * soaped wllh hea\y fines nnd
b till'.hi ten. • London Chronicle.
Her Explanation of It.
What are you laughing al?
Maud's lOttCf. She writes tbat
they bad foggy weather nil tbo way
I don't see anything funny In that.
No, but ibe adds that the captain
must huve neglected tu tuke out clear-
lug pRocm.*—Boston Tranucrlpt,
A Medical Need Supplied.—When u
medicine Is found tbat not only acts
upon tha stonuii'h but Is so compos, ,1
that certain Ingredients of it pars nn
altered through the stomach to find
action In the bo.uls, then there lu
available n purgative and a cleanser
of great effectiveness. Pnrmelee's
Vegetable Pills are of this Character
and are the best of all pills. During
the years that Ihey hnve been in use
they" have established themselves as
no other pill has done.
Another Nimrod
Frederick Wllhelm, crown Print"
of Germany, is going to write a.a1
publish a book of his hunting experiences in India, Ceylon and (iermany.
We know not how the Kaiser
This gruesome news will brook,
Tbat Crown Prlnco    Frederick    Wllhelm
Is going to write n book.
A copying after Roosevelt,
At whom the nations look.
All hall the Royal Nimrod
Who stands and holds his gun
While  toward him, poor wild ercal
Are driven, on the run—
Let calfskin bindings cover
The deeds that'he has done!
—J. A
Mr. NEWLYWED aaM-"Hello| UxMnm
m:w V hid of Milt wi. arc using ? It tilmkcs
nil right, docau't it?"
Mr.. NEWLYWED a«ia-"Yea, It's
WINDSOR SALT. The grocer told me
atK.nt it—-snld It -wiih tin; only kind hln
ciihlonu i !> wuuld bave",
Mr. NEWLYWED aaU-"Velt, tf he fceepa
inch gund suit, i Ritesa everything tbo
in IiIh store .mint lie ijuod.'HO I would da
nil my trading there, il 1 were yuu". .
Mn.NEWLYWEDt«id-"l Intend to."    S»
Dll.  ELMOTT,   SPECIALIST.    Pill*
vale    -Il.-oasLM    and    drink    habit.
Write 81 Queen Kaat, Toronto.
Hallway Agents, Telegraphers and
Clerks In great, demand throughout
North West. Six mouths will mini-
l|y yon. Day and Mall courses.
Positions secured, Free Hook 10 explains. Dominion Bchool Telegraphy, Toronto-
should carry a stock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a Utile device of seamless
metal, unleakable, and the sure exterminator of every kind of fly and
mosquito. He tails nt 15c. General
agent, Joseph K. Wilson, 2(14 Stair
Building, Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain In Alberta, and Kscott & Manner
for .Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
When Your Eyes Reed Care
Try Ulirlae Eva Rcmedr. Nn NmnrtliiR—Freli
Fiiic — Arl-t (,'iiI,iU1.t. Try ,• '••: Writ, Writ*
Water; Eyes a nil llramilalt-il L'ji-li-.,-. lllu*
iTi.u-il   Book In each  Fai-htt|*e.     Murine  la
Ji-ui--omul-'d tijr .mr OniiUtsi ih-i ft'T-.ii.rit MtHV
ulntt"—bnt libed In llie ninl riij-fildi-ifc' I'nta-
U-'*> for tunny yeara.    Now il.-illcuiwl lo tlio l*ab*
6i- nnd told byllrttflUta at. 'An nntl Uo yt>," Ki-U-ii*.
■irln» Mj-i Bftlftntt Am'-iiIo Tulwtv.Sfc rotd U«
Murine) Eye) Remedy Co-, Chicago
ImXIm ira-uks rwltu-, «.. Irldgrturi, tot
Good Cheer
Thp vopotaljle dnys have rome,
With garden sass complete
EnnulliiK «s In laugh a lot
At the awful price ot meat.
—Baltimore Rut
We erfer Oae Hundred Dollar! Rewire
(er mra cue ot Catarrh that cannot b,
cure*  by   Heir-  Catarrh  Cure.
P. .. CHENEY at CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the unMerelcned have known p. J.
Chenry for tho laat 16 yeere, and beliora
Elm nertectly honorable In all bu.tnei.
-anaactlona. and financially able te carry
.... — obllfatlona made by Me flrr
aldlna,  Klnnen ft Marvin.
Wholeiale Drurelate. Toledo, o.
Rail', Catarrh Cure te taken Internally,
out any obltsattona made by hie firm.
Wrl         " "*    '
 „ .arrh1---         	
acting directly upon tho blood and itrnc-
eue ourfacea of the ayatem.   Testimonial,
Cent free.    Price. Vic. sor kettle.   Sold
y all Prunlata.
Take atsUTi Family  Hue far Cuall-
A Bad Investment
Uncle—So. mv dear little nephew,
you haven't forgotten your old uncle
on his birthday. You have bought
me this nice smoking cap for a present. Thanks, little nephew, hcre.',-
a dime for ynu.
cost mc thirty cents.
Lltt'r Nephew —Bio—oo—ooh!    11
cost mc thirty cents.
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Are you ftlll taking a cold plunge
every  morning?
No. 1 stopped doing that to save
Why, cold plunge doesn't lake more
than a minute or two.
I know, but 1 used to spend three-
quartet* of an hour curled up In bed
The Oil for the Farmer.—A bottle
of Dr. Thomas' Klectrlc Oil In Iho
farm house will save many a Journey
for tht1 dootor, It la not only g,a,il
for the children when taken wll.'t
colds nml croups, and for thc mature
who suffer front pain and actios, hut
lliere tire directions for lis uso on
sick cattle. There should always he
u bottle of It ill tile house.
Pity Poor Psyche
Anil whom flood this stiilun repre-
suit'.' arltctl Mrs. Qrcofl, who wits doing ihe museum undor lho guidance
of her moro iiophlstk-aU'il friend. Mis.
ht'nwi'i?- **t«.is   ■   ™ .»-■*■■
Tlml Is I'lyche, replied Mm. Drown,
cximlcil, I believe In term Colin,
till, Ihe poor thing! exrlnlincd Mm.
fjroon. How bnrbttrotiH Ihey nre In
thoso Smith American counlrlcs.
Mi'iM Wake Money
Father, our daughter Is being courted by a poet.      .     'I
Is that nu mother? I'll kick hltn
Not so fast. Investigate first and
find out whether he works for a mag
agin* or for u breakfast food factory.
Kansas t ity Journal,
Tires are Costly
(Irlggs -Ho you're going III for
yachting this summer because It's
not so expensive as iinlomobillng.
llrlggs-Yes, n yacht can stand on
a tuck and lhere's nu tire punctured
Learned by Experience
lie's the most careful man I ever
That so*
Yes. I asked lilm If he roiild
change a ?'" bill Die oilier day, and
what do yon suppose hu did,
I don't know.
Hv mado mo show the 'III hill before he'd commit himself. Paid he'd
been touched for $T> llml way before.
—Detroit Free Press,
The Chief Requisite
David  llelasco, In nn interview In
New York, condemned a certain ultra modern type of aoclely woman.
Thla type, which luckily Isn't
ininei'oiis, he snld. Uvea ou nolorlely.
To n woman of tlilu typo a lawyer
aild one dry.
Yen, madam, I cnn got you Iho ill
vorce  you desire      For $r,ntl I  ean
net you a divorce—nnd get it without
piibllelly, too,
mm wrinkled her smooth, while,
wcll-powdctcii forohond in a frown)
she bit ber rouged and over i'< d lip 111
a tnovaiice.
Du) whal would It conl, she asked
wllh publicity?
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
s8 liWt Ave., Toronto. OriUitu*
Mas. WiaeLitw'e Bqotiiino svanr ha. bees
UOTHKK8 for their CI1I1.UKUN WH1L*1
SOOTHES tb-- CIIH.U. 601-'TENS llie GUMS.
la llie best remedy tor DIAHRIMEA. II Is absolutely harmless, he sure ami ssk fot "Mse.
WlnskiW'S Knolliing Byrup," and lake ao otka,
kind.   Twtoty.Bve cents ■ botlle.
Botany v. Mercury
The   sick  ami   nlllim will   Unit   a  suio
restoration to health and vigor in
The  Eclectine Botanic Treatment
Mil'   WCttk,   nervous   and   Uvljllllul.il   nro
mnde strong anU mini*! l,y llotanlo
Treatment. Hkln ami blood diseases,
syphilis, lost vitality, omissions mid g, ii-
Ito-urlnnry ,-oiiiplutnis, chronla unit
complicated dlBenses of men und women
vlel't to Botanla Treatment when all
Other menus have failed. Our preparations were "riven the snld medal us liigli-
,-st award at ih.- liilriiuiiititial l:\i.ii.l.
tlons in Brussels ition. London lino. Palis
tail, e'ousuiuiiiiin rite, personal or ijy
letter.      Oprn   HI- H.30.
The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.
263-265   Yong^   Street,   Torontc.
Business was brisk in ihe village
store when the stranger entered.
Any of you drive up iu a trap? ho
asked casually.
Yes. 1 did, said Fanner Ttirniupa
disinterestedly.    Why?
(Iray horse, and an nld lady* Inside?
Yes,  that's right!      Hut—
(-au slie maiiiige him all right'' said
the stranger.
I should think so. replied Turin-
tips. Why, my wife's druv that old
horse ever Binee he was a S-year-old.
That's ull right, then, said the
str.injccr. 1 merely naked because
the gray hns Just gone down the
street liko a mud bull, and the old
hub's hanging ou to the back of llm
trap, screaming murder! still, If
she can manage lilm there's nothing
to get excited about, How's llle
price of 'Inters down your wuy.—London  A II MM IS.
A Midnight Scare
Knleker- Did yonr wlfo bear a burglar In the cellar?    Hooker-  No. sho
Iniii'il a burgliiretlii In Ihe collaralto.
—New York Times.
Going Some
Speeding uutolsl Hark! Hint man
shot nt us.'
1'assenger (holding tight)-- The
bullet bus no liiuiiie. lioslon Tunis-
Oh, Very Frequently
Beoii -Yawning ihey say la caused
by a luck of air supply to the lungs.
Mott   I've known loo much air tu
cause It-hut air.	
Now, what uro you feeling bad
Oh. I am utterly wrclehid. Ho
doesn't love mo as I love hltn.
How dn you know?
Why, wc discovered last evening
thnt the day wo have set for our
wedding day Is lhe day of Ihe opening of thu most lmi»irti>iil series In bo
played-hero during tlic baseball
season, and ulso there's a big bargain
tale at one or tlm downtown mines.
Ami ho wauled to change lho dnto
of tbo wedding.
Wn both wanted to change It. lie
couldn't miss the opening gnino and
I Jusl coiihlu' dream uf missing thoso
Well, thon I—
But he wauled to havo Ihe wedding
n day Inter, wblln 1 suggested having
lt a day sooner, ,-lloiislon I'ost.
«.; HtW
TTTTT'W,1'TX*IwrT,l,'»*,rTHi,T^XT T'f^i*^T^,*l,l^*lT^*t"^l*-^*i*'l"fr*r,fr*,4*<4*'
Professional   Curbs
iobijc   Hotices
P.L.S,   oi   O.H.
QRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   V.   (I II lt I)
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
ORANBROOK,     ...    II.0.
Corporation   of   the   City
of Cranbrook
Notice of Local Improvement
Court Cranbrook No. 894S.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   Hnd and
4th Thursday of each month,
W, HENDERSON, 0. 11.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box i'IB.
Visiting Hrotlmrs t'nrtlinlly Welcomed
Banisters.   Solicitors and  Notaries
Motley to Loan
Imperial Hank Building
i'HANHI-iiok:    -    Bt'itlBli Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer und B.O,
Laud Surveyor,
P.O. Box 2:lti Phone 222
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.C.
Ills.    K I N (I    41    1! It E K N
Physicians and Surgeons
niilce ut  Itesidence,   Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - W.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.110 to   3.20
Suuduys  - - - 2.110 to   4.20
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dr.   f;   B.   MILES
Olllce iu Hunsou Block
ORANBROOK,    ...    U:C.
F. M. MacPhersun
Norbury Av.uue Neit tu City Hall
Open Day suit Night Phon. Ut
Funeral Director,
ckanbropk. B..C-.
Phonic :his .
(Cranhrook  Branch)
Meets   in   the   Citrmeh's   Hull 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays In every month, at
8  p.m.   Membership open  to British
N.  A.  Walllnger,  Pies
W. 0. Orehbln, Sec'y,
P.O. Box 425.
Visiting members cordially welcome
OBANBROOK    I.ODOE    No.  34
A. F. & A.  M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, Worshipful Muster
J. 8. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each inontii at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are    cordially invited.
Ex.  Pomp.—A.  C.   Shallklanii,  E.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Frnteruity Hall.
N. S. Houston, C. C.
F. A. Stride, K. B. & S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at  Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E.  Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
In Prizes
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
Special  Attractions, Horse Racing,
Athletic  Spoils
Every City, Town and Hamlet in Kast  Kootenay
will place on exhibition   the  resourses  ol   their respective districts.
Don't Forget tho Dato-Soptembor 19-20th, 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
Alt CuiiiinuniailiiMiH to  Ue Addi-cited to
J   P. De Vere Hunt -       • See-Treas.
■Lis, | ■ ■ ■*"'l|||iH|| X _____%____% m ■..«. »..i..i. ■ ■ '.- *.. m. I
•|<i|«|.e|s,|-.|..|s,|.,|,.|,e|,.|e»|.>|^|s*|-.|. r|>-|->|.e|<^|^>t|<'|-,|..|sr|H|,e|.>|,e|.s|.>|,s|.e|M|ar|,
For Sale By
I Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd li
LJL Ji.ttitriIntiilisli tnl   I — nl, ■■■■■-■   _, ■ ■■■*■■■•
iii inu Kiiunce nt u resolution passe4 in
Council assembled oa the Sth day of
AugtiKt,  1912,  the Municipal Council
ot tbe Corporation of the   City   ot
Cranhrook,  intends to construct the
following  work as a local improvement, namely:—
"A  12 foot cement sidewalk com-
ineiii'int,' from the intersection of
the alley on South Baker   Lane
and Van Home' Street, thence to
corner    of    linker    aud    Hanson
Streets, ln Ulock 91."
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk ts-
Ioiik   the   Houth   side   ol   Baker
Street in Hlock 90."
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk a-
Iiiiib   the   south   side   of   Baker
Street on Block 89 where required
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk a
long   the   south   side   of   Baker
Street on Block 88."
"Also a 10 foot cement sidewalk a-
Ioiik   the   north   side   of   Baker
Street from tbe south west corner to the south east corner of
Block 93."
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk on
the north side of Baker Street, on
Block 94 to the south east corner
uf Lot 12 In said block."
The lands Immediately benefited by
tbe said works and improvements are
as follows:—
Ft. Frontal
Ft. Frontage
tuiuii.|t: a Grown  grant  of the above
And further take notice thut action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements.
Thos. T,  McVittie, Agent.
Dated this 22nd day of July, A.D.1912
that the report of the City Engineer
and Assessor made in pursuance of
the Local Improvement General By-
Law Is open for inspection ut tbe of
fice of the City Clerk at the City
Hall, Cranbrook, B.O., during ofUce
hours, and tbat it is the intention of
the Council to make such assessment
upon said land or real property immediately benefited for the works or
improvements as in said report set
out and for the amount set out In
such report.
that all persone concerned are hereby notitled that unless the majority
of the ownerB of the land or real pro
perty to be assessed or charged in
respect of such work representing ut
lenst one-half In value thereof, petit-
Ion the Council against such assessment within fifteen days after publication of this notice, such work
shall be undertaken and proceeded
with by the Council and the costs
thereof assessed aeninst the property
affected as provided for by the By-
Law in that behalf and by said report and resolution.
Dated this Sth day of August, 1912.
 City   llerk
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
23rd dny ot July, 1912, it was ordered hy His Honor, James A. Forln,
Esquire, Judge ot the County Court
of West Kootenay, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator (or
that portion ot tbe County ot Kootenay included in the Electoral District of Cranbrook, be Administrator
ot all and singular the estate of
Ollle Holm deceased intestate.
Every person Indebted to the said
deceiised is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or interest In the
distribution of the estate of the said
deceased is required to send before
the 3rd day of September neit, hy
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
Interest, and a statement nf his account and the nature of the security
(if any) held hy him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only ot which
he shall huve hud notice.
Dated at Crnnbrook, this 23rd day
of July, 1912.
J.   A.   AltNOUl
30-4t. (iltlcinl  Administrator
count and the nature of the security
(If any) held by him.
After the said laat mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 23rd day
of July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
j0-4t. Official Administrator
Dlslrlcl of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICK Unit I, Mubellii
Cornelia Corwln ol Crnnbrook j li. 0,
Married. woman. Intend to itpplyfor
permission to piiichase tliu following - „   .
described lands:    Commencing ul   a Dated Juno 15, 1912.
post plunted nl till noiilhwosl corner of Lot 6117, thenco north lorty
(40) chains; tbence west forty (Wl
cbnlns; tbence south forty dm cliuins
thence enst forty dm cliuins to the
in,hit of eoiiiiiieneeiuent, containing
160 ncrflfl more or less.
(Sgtl.)  Mitlioll,. Curiieliii f.'orwin
Notice Is hereby given thut nn the
23rd day of July, 1912, it wus ordered by His Honor, James A. Forln,
Esquire, Judge of the County Court
of West Kooteuny, that James A
Arnold, Official Administrator tor
tind portion of the County of Koo
teiiny Included In the Electoral Dis
trict of Crnnhrook, he Administrator
of all nnd singular the estate of
Willi,.].. Wellington Cnlliuni deceased
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased Is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In poHSASslon
infects belonging to ths deceased Is required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having uny Claim upon or Interest ill tbe
distribution of the estate of the said
deceased Is required to send before
lhe 3rd day of September neit, hy
registered mall addressed to the undersigned, his niiiiie and address nnd
tbe full particulars of his claim nr
Interest, and a statement ot hla ac-
Notice is hereby given that on the
23rd day of July, 1912, it was ordered by His Honor, James A. Forln,
Esquire, Judge of the Oounty Court
of West Kootenay, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator tor
that portion of the County of Kootenay included in the Electoral District of Cranbrook, be Administrator
ot all and singular the estate of
William Doull deceased intestate.
Every person indebted tu the said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Bvery person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Kvery creditor or other person having any claim upon or Interest in the
distribution of the estate of the snid
deceased is required to send before
the 3rd day of September neit, by
registered mull addressed to the undersigned, his mime and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, and a statement nf his account and the nature of the security
(if any) held by hltn.
After the snid last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall huve hud notice.
Dated at Crnnhrook, this 23rd day
nt July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
110-41. Official Administrator
District Division ot South East
Take notice that I, Robert Campbell of Moyie, H. C. occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
the South West corner post ot Lot
2802, tlience North 40 chains; thence
West. 20 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point ol Lot
2801, thence East 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
30 acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Rock Hill Mineral Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated May 27th, 1912 22-9t
anient   Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
By Francis Downs
Cranbrook, B.C.
Coal mining rights ot the Dominion
lo Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe Nortb
west Territories and in u portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of '1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the lund must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, und in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee ot |5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are \
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of Ave cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary tor the working of
the mlne'nt the rate nf (10.00 au acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
for. March 25-6m.
For a Licence to take and use water.
NOTICE Is hereby given thut Ir-
ing Everett of Kila, Mont., Rancher
will apply for a licence to take and
use Three Cubic teet per second ot
water out of an unnamed creek
formed by tbree springs rising on
Subdivision 14 of Lot 343, Oroup 1,
Kootenay District which Hows in a
westerly direction through said Sub-
lot and empties into Kootenay River
near Flagstone. The wuter will be
diverted at a point about 500 feet
east of the Kootenay River and will
be used for irrigation purposes on
the Innd described as Sub-lots 13 &
14 ot Lot 343 and 2 - 5 ot lot 354,
Group 1, Kootenay District.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on tbe 26th day of July,
1912. Tbe application will be filed in
the office of the Water Recorder at
Objections may be Hied with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller   of Water Rights, Parli-
For a Licence to tnke unit use water.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat
Francis Downs of Flagstone, Handier
will apply for u licence to tuke and
use 25 Miner's Inches of wnter out of
Willie Phillips Oreek rising east of
l.ot 489 which tlows in a South-wester
ly directum through Lot 189 ami empties into Kootenay Kiver near Gateway. Tbe water will be diverted at
the loot of the mountain mul will be
used for irrigation purposes on tbe
lund described as East half ol Subdivision 1, of l.ot 357, Group I,
Kootenny District,
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the 26th day of July,
1912. The application will be llled
in the office of the Water Recorder at
Cruubrook, B.C.
Objections may be liled with tbe
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
TAKK NOTICK that I, John Livingston of Cranbrook, B.C., Miner,
intend to apply lor permission to
prospect for coal uud petroleum over
the,following described lands situate
in the Flathead District nt Hritisb
COMMENCING at a post placed at
or near one mile enst of 31-mile
post on the C.P.R. Burvcy line
thence 80 chains south; tbence 80
chains west; thence 80 chains north
thence 80 chains east to place of
John Livingston
Dated this 31st day of July, 1912.
For a Licence to take and use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Ir-
ing Everett of Kila, Mont., Rancher
will apply for a licence to tuke and
use one cubic foot per second of water out ot an unnamed spring which
rises in S.W. Corner ot Sub-lot 14 of
Lot 343, Group 1, Kootenay District,
nud which Hows in n westerly direction through the same lot and empties into Kootenay River near Flagstone. The water will be diverted at
the source and will he used for irrigation purposes ou the land described
ns Subdivision 14 of lot 343, Group 1,
Kootenay District.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day of July,
1912. The application will he filed In
the ofllce of the Wnter Recorder at
Objections   may    be   llled with the
said    Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller   of Water Rights, Parliament   Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
By Francis Downs
Notice is hereby given thnt the reserve existing over Lot 9874, Group I
Kootenay District, hy reason of the
notice published in the British Columbia Gazette of tiie 27th of December, 1907, is cancelled,
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria,  B.C..  lKth May.1912.   21-13t
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Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phoae 25V P  O. Box 845
Provincial Land Sale
For Certificate of Improvement
llnrdnnellen nnd Mother-lode Miner
nl <'Infills* situate In thn Fort. Hteele
'Milling  Division     of  Ktwt Kootenny
| District, on the m.utb aide of Wild
Horse Creek, about three miles above
.old camp.
| Take notice tlini I Thos. T McVittie. P.M. n.,No. B7W0B, iikciiI for
Albert HnnkK, Free Mincr'a Certillcnte No. 3727011, Intend, ttlity duyi;
from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Itemrder for a Certificate of
Improvement.., fur the puipone ol ob*
For the purpoHe of sellini* the timber nnd opening tin* innd to nettle
ment on Timber Limits 491, 27fl, bet
ter known tie the Snywnrd Llinitg,
and 2SI ut Corn Creek, Mr. 0, H.
Prince uf Victoria with a crew of
local men Ih onil-fllng in the vicinity.
This government bind Uch from wltb
in one inilr of Crcston to eight ihH.-h,
Whether ihe bind will be Noon opened
depends on the opinion nn to the
value ami the need of the land of ibe
crtiiHer and Mr. John l.nfun, the chief
forcntrr, #ho wan in CreHtnii lant
'vct-it The land otl limits ncarer Oran
inn have been investigated mid In ot
the mime tpiiillty an thai on whlrh
tbe tie.tt loe.il fruit Ik grown and mime
of it in fi-imoilfl bottom land. The
opening of thi--. land which coinprlNR
A,SOO Keren, will greatly dttnUllftto
tho growth of thle district After
the timber Ih logged off, the land will
tie. plotted and probably nold At nltC
tion. Tbe pnrrhueer will probably
have to pay one-tenth down imd thc
balance in ten yearly payment!.
Iteeidenta nf Creston are glorying
in the thought that thc opening up
of tins land will mean tbe extermination of the rate and gopheri* which
are at prenent troubling the rancb-Ore,
Tbe lund will nut be opened for Ket-
iloment until after tbe report, of tbe
Orulfierfl ia -oihmltted to the govern
ment (bin fall, hut Mr. I'rlnce in aa-
Hiired that prepai'atlouH will shortly
be made to place  it  nn  the  market.
That the HChool diHtrlctrt from
which student.-.' COIttC to attend the
Oreaton High School, should help to
pay the Bipetlftefl of tin- school waa
the   decision   at   thc   annual   meeting
for thle district held at Creston Mer
cnn tllfl Hull     l,ns(  year ram-rd a big
Incrense in the school tax for thle dm
trict. It ii muoh higher than in the
neighboring districts, which are send*
ing pupllH bere free for the High
School Work, Motors the next annual
meeting a |0lnt meeting of Alice Hiding Duck Creek, Canyon Olty and F.*
rickeou districts will be called to din
riiRH the matter and probably provide
lor tbo espouses.
Malm Short Work of
liVf|.-if.,t.-<J am! a-i'Mrt-iill}   Ini«,.-I.--a <-■•.•>■ nf
S.-iulicii, l.iiinlii.i'ii. Uniii. Neurulic.-i atxi all ullmr
rormiof RheunutlimyliH »tonn- .*■ Ai.i».tt lirot.
Khtumtlifl lt-'mi'ily, l,ir,t- in m.Kil uf mm-)' It
li i- ifivi-fi inn-uit i'-ln-f Ui■l>'.-i'-fiini«kijn xiillrci ■.
'■-' u-.| Oii'in from li'''!"- of sim-ny iiti'l fnr 2M ymn
li.it been i-unni' met), wormm nml rhililr.-u fur
v h .tn Ultra -.i-'-mrd tin help.   J"-' it f*w .mill*"*
ii ive cured etwee nf from BO t<> *** yee-re1 itureiinn
u'nl I.■!.'■>• a Fitiih.i-. iiiiiiMillet) ii- h i-nn-i-., mift- nnd
ebiolutefy relieble treelment for nil uric, luitl die*
••.«,.., Wflftk kniniyt.. i-tr     Lit (.ilnlliir l*uUlrof
Abbott Brot. Bhiumitlo Rimidy
end    iiiim* nl niii'*-—mtirl yuur curt* traley.
Sent prepelil )■• Abbott Bim., 711 S fh-nrttorn St..
Chicago,  III.. •! )   ilr-arm*. doe* imt hSVS It*
Sold By the
Cnnbrook Drug t Book Co. j
•a VCAM'
TlMOC •*••»•
Copvuiomti Ao.
r,i*..niWn I. Iifoti.lii* l.iil.iit.bla,   Oimrmuilc.
' ni-llfii.i.lWmll.l. hli.WOI nnPalPliM
i      .Dill tr"*. Ill.l,..| ...iir, r..r .I'mrili, lisl.nl..
r.t.tils l.s,.i, Mii'.u.li Shun, Ik ( o. ratal*,
irrrl.ilH.rflr., witli.ml rh.raa, lu IM
Sckttttfic American.
A hiiHli-iiiH'lv ilti-iinst'-'l **-.-klv Une-M .'If.
I'llUUuli nl nor "li'iH"1'' ,i'uiiii»I. In iim lo,
I i-iirtiU, HH it |f.it, l»"t-.ll« plP-Mlil. e.\il by
nil tiet-kli-tilfii, THE  PROSPECTOR,  CKANBKOOK,  B. C.
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jsii111111<i>>11111111i»s^-H-H-i*i*-'H4--M4'-H--M-M-tj    Local  News    ' CHILDREN'S  EYES
1   think wn mentioned it before—but,
The Lund Land
16? Development Co., Ltd. J0.8ST Wo,'kJ^tB	
Mrs. Bench and fn
Blko to spend Beve
lily hnve gone to
nl   weeks  outing
Set- us about lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard tr Garden Tracts
Grazing   Laud-.
Cure   IlUHHUili   Caviar   in   gin
ui Oampbell ami Manning*.
Mian Ohamherlaln of Boston
wns in town Thursday.
We must clean out  ull Men'
j   w, Robinson returned Wednoedaj
Irom a business trip to Coign's
l.ue.ky the mnu wlm buys 75c, un i
ilerweur nl 2'ie, thnt is olll' price
'while the goods Inst— 0.0.8,
LOST   A   PERSIAN   OA'l-—Tlio  lln !
der will reeolve u reward by returning
the same in T. OlirtBttnii, Oranbrook
street or to tbo I'lospoctoi ofttoo.
A     Man's    Mull      ul
doiiblo the mouoy—0.0.
*!>%-- worth
Visit our Experimental Farms at ->
British Columbia r
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Green i orn
Barrister W
at     KINK'S  l-ii
V. Ourd led
, holiday  trip  to tli
Work   Shuts   ball
n Tlim
I   ;,   iMISUU'S
ret utae,I     tin*
trip to Oalgary
The 41 Market Co.
as to what is best
"~*$ Try These HM
We carry a full line of
1 *■-•' - ■—' ""c "'        /     M_m
i-sh fcr Smoked Meat,      /      1-3*5
Fresh Fish. Ktc ..  \9ft{3
Quality & Prompt
Our  Mott<
3 PHONE 72
i   tiiink we meatlouttd it before
H   R, Haaelwood ol Moyle, w
towo Tuesday ou business
i    Suit     a1     $9 95- -worth
money—0 C B
D. J   Johnson lefl tins week nu an
extended trip   through   the   eastern
Twenty dollar dinner nets (or $12.50
ine out at Campbell £  Manning
Coffey, manager for the 1'- Burn
in Creston this week on Cow
requ.ro more careful watch'
Ihr than those of thc adult.
n \ nm child complains of
Uci ej ts nt ^11 linvt! thom mth
io ,h once w I thou i dela)
Nothing ih «>t mure physlcnl
Impoi tniu e than tin1 slgln
Wc examine ej ex free i>t
charge .uui make a -tpcclalt)
ol children's eyes We ti\
lenses to mih thc sight cxaetlj
lor old nnd \ uttug, ami our
charges are tun
Jewelers & Opticians
tt. i.. t (tiiihrniiti, Indian Agont,
■ii  Fort Btooio, umi a. m, j udd «>■
mum, plnco, were In Ovnnbi'ook  Mon
tiny tm hUBluosB,
Dinnor Bets at iistotindlngly low j
pi'lcuB ni KINK'S puro food Qrooory
Mr    ami   Mrs.   OhnrlOS  Bt6VQl.ll  nnd [
children made an nutoinobllo trip to I
the Wlndarmoi'Q country HiIh   weak, i
They  reimrt  having a  good  lime.
We nro clearing oul nbout *nn!
Men's Working Bhlrts nl 46c, regular prion $1.00  0, c. s. j
It ynu want ii reliable and roilflOM
nble Job ot plumbing done or sewer
nge connections mndo, call up 13d, f.
Johusou mi phono 207. 2K-U.
Phone iK.t i
to     CHAN
The store on the corner
dn your Groceries, Peed,
It    A.  Fraser leaves    on    Tuesday j *|>
next for Kansas city, Mo., to attend
i a convention of the  Loyal Order of
I .Mouse.
See what thr.se shirts are like at
C. 0. s. before paying 50c, more for
the Aiune article elsewhere.
For Sales List.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Pettltt left for
lndermere, accompanied by Mrs. R.
. Binning,  on a  three day motor trip
! through the I'pper Columbln Vnlley.
Work   Bhlrts   half nrice-
koh salk—White s.c. Leghorn-
Wykofl strain,heaviest layers |1.5U
for 15 eggs. S.C. Khode Island
Red, $1.50 for is egga; Pekln
Strain Duck Kegs, $1.50 for 12
egkjs. All egirs from lirst class
stock. —Swansea Poultry Kami.
Wattsburg, B.O.
BORN—At the Cottage Hospital ui
unday to Mr. and Mis M. P. Hay
ood of Kinessate a daughter.
TO RENT—Furnished  houses to rent
In Moyie.   Splendid boating and tlsh-
Ing.   A good    opportunity   for   the
BORN—On Tuesday   August 6th,  at   holiday season, to have a good time.
,■^,l^■■^ll|■^■■^■,^l■^■,^.■^■.|.lH"^•t'i•^MH^■fiHwH'^fi•^•^^^t• cranbrook   to Mr.  and  Mrs   James: Apply Prospector oftiee for   pnrticu*
Malcolm a daughter. lars. __ _ 25 tf  Biehaiwe.
All shirts on display in the Windows, 95c. each; usual priee double
1 Niblock and Barker hnve been completely renovating their store anil it
is now one of the neatest and most
commodious of its kind in the city.
Crooked    Neck    Squash at  KINK'.
Pure Food Grocery.
There will be no more trouble with
your fruit jars if you use the Perfect,
the latest and tiie best on the market
quarts  .$1.25,   pints  S1.20—Cranhrooh
Doing It.
Using Talcum
These Moi Days make on* Appreciate a Good Talcum, we
have  all  the 14001.1 ones—
Rexall's Lyman's Colgate's
Mermen's Squibb's Nyal's
Babcock's William's Johnson's Eythymol also Mosquito Talcum
s city, Mo. to attend   '■ ^^^
^'   0.0,,, || Beattie-Murphy Co.
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yourself, liver figure up
weat you can save in a
year? And then the advantage of being able to do
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Guaranteed Razors
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Safety Razors
$1.00 to $5.00
F. Parks & Company
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Before buying Iruit jars, see the j Roomers wanted-Apply to Mra. J.
perfect Fruit Jar, lor Sale hy the S, Mennie, Lumsdeu Avenue, corner
Cranbroolt Eicnange,  Armstrong Ave  °< U«k|-r Park. 28-t.f
Mr. ami Mrs. .1. II. Thompson arrived irom their honeymoon trip "ii
Sunday last.
I   think we mentioned it before—but
We must clean out all Men's wear
('.  ('. S.
Mr. ami Mrs. K. W. Green lelt on
Wednesday lor Spokane to see Mr.
Otis Staples.
Remember we nre headiiuarters (or
ull kinds of chick foods—Campbell &
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. McOreery of
London, (Int., were visiting their son
the Mcl'leery Bros, this week.
lilt    about    201)1
('hong Choy
BOX 143
Green Vegetables of all Kinds
Delivered or Shipped
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at H p.m.
in    Itoyul    Black    Knights   Hall.
R. S. (Jarrett, Sec.
■■■: ®MA*jm
-•      **> ^lf®r**H
un your own ranch. Yuu cannot begin
to supply even the local demand foi fresh
nng* nl broilers, X >\v is the time to ",t*i
hold nf a ri\ e or ten acre tract while land
is cheap and next spring you mil lie sor
ry you did not secure some acreage close
to tuwn.
Refreshment Booth on Fair Grounds.
Sept. 19 - 20th.
Sealed Tenders   will be received by
the  undersigned, up to August 19th,
I (or the exclusive right of conducting
We are this week  having to crowd  a refreshment booth during the Fair,
out of our columns tt large number (if j The lowest, or any other Tender not
local news. j necessarily accepted. j   The condition of  Mr.  Otis staples
Terms and conditions made known j is  such   that  this  afternoon   we  re-
on application. iceived a message saying that he was
V. A. RUSSELL,    (not expected to live for many hours
Armstrong Ave. Oranbrook, B.C.
We   are   clearing
Men's   Working   Shirts at 4r,c,  regular priee $1.00—0.   O.   S.
Beautiful China at ridiculously low
(prices at tbe KINK MERCANTILE
Co., Ltd.
Superintendent     Reed     and j \
Judge Ryan  made a trip to Monroe!
Lake on Tuesday.    They report that
the new road is in excellent condition
)nq—aaojaq }i pauoftueui dm tjuW   I
9i.-ran.Loia stHWVtta aoiih
See what those shirts are like at
C. C. S. before paying 50c, more for
the same article elsewhere.
A regular .Assembly of Selkirk Preceptory was held in the Masonic Tem
pie on Monday evening. There was a
large attendance of members.
A line of White and Gold Bavarian
China, closing out at less than cost.
Oampbell and Manning's.
Miss Anna Beattie of the local government staff, passed a third-class
civil service examination at Nelson
last week.
Bo not miss availing yourself of
tbe opportunity to purchase a piece
or two of our pretty china while the
buying is good—The FINK MERCANTILE Co., Ltd.
Loans On Farms
Advances Mnde At Current
Kales of Interest
To Improve Farms      Buy More Land
Build Houses or Barns   Buy Stock or Tools
Pay Off Existing Claims
Borrowers are given the Privilege of Reducing their
Mortgages by Annual  Repayments on account of
'+    Principle,   Interest Ceasing on Amounts so Repaid.
*H«H>H-I- -M-H-++++++++++•
-IH"H-t-t"»'l"l'!■» M-l-l-l'l"l'l l"t-l-l-l'l-l-t-1
HEAD   OFFICE      ....
:    We  had  quit*   a    bushel    ot  news I
j somo   in   from   Wtlrdner   antl   Perry- [
1 Creek   but  ton Into  for  publication.      We hnve bought the house and bus
j ilicss.   situated   on Lot ri. block i'i,
A    Mall's    Suit     at     '-.l.'.ir,—worth
double the money—O.O.S.
J.   i).   McBrlde  an.l  W.   H.  Wilson
motored to Waldo Tuesday on husi-
, ness. returning Wednesday.
Remember, why we can Bell so
I rhean is because we Klve you oash
Special prices in Ladies' House
Dresses, Overalls, Aprons, and Chil
dreu's Crash Presses this week-
formerly owned by Yee Hong, and
take notice that we will not he res-1 See what those shirts are like at
ponslblc for uny debts either past 10. 0. S. before paying 50c. more for
or in the future incurred by the snld  tho same article elsewhere
! Yee Hong.
Mali Vow ('ompaiiy.
*I ol Kiliiiollton
Ornnbrook   on
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pettltt and Mr
anli Mrs. R. Moflatt visited Wasn and
Fort Steele on Wednesday.
think  we mentioned It belore—but
We must clean out all Men's wenr
('. O. S.
Mr. ami Mrs. T. Km
were niiests ut    the
Men's Sulls-We have some real
Bargains In Men's Summer Suits-
U M Clnrk Vancouver, of the ('an
adi'in Highway Association was in
town Wednesday.
We are clearing oul about "00
|Men's Wnrklni: Hlilits at 'fir, regll-
Ini price 11.00—O. ('. S.
Mi    and    Mrs    II
Boston,   Mass.,   well
tors Thursday
East Kootenay
A full and complete line
of harness, saddles, etc
everything up to date
Repairing a specialty
Mrs. .1. Walsh of Kort Steele and
daughter were shopping In Cranbrook
Vote every day this week for your
favorite candidate, Your friend need
the votes and you need the Prospector,
Wo are still open for a few more.
select cash customers for Feed, (iro-
eerles, Saddlery, Wagons, Carriages,
and Implements..('HANlinonK THAI)
Have you seen the diamond rings
'nnd gold watches which will he awar
! doil In the Prospector's contest. If
not, call at W. II. Wilson's Jewelery
j store and have a look at them.
f Lucky the man who buys 76c. underwear at !ir,c, that is our price
while the goods b'st—f ,('.s.
J A. 0. Itowness, James llativi, and
H. Hantielil nutoreil to Wardner and
■laffray on Tuesday.   They had a very
! ploHant. trip returning lute In the oven
i Ing.
A  large range of *.'t.rsl Toilet Sots '
nit—Campbell and
Funeral of Emperor
Miitsiililto,   who died  July "Oth,   will
____ lho burled on September I lib at'Mor
nogamn,   Ooromonlcs will i„. held at eminent timber Inspector was In tho
Harry Futa, representing the local j Vancouver     No  local  demonstration  city Thursday on official business.
Japan***, has received a oimtmilnlca-1 ,      '"' ""'de  bevond hall inaHtini:  of  —
We   are   clearing   nut   about   mm
Working   Shirts at  4*c, regular price ll.iiii-c. D, S.
for Vi.iitl to close
i Mr. and Mrs. l'l. James llavis of
W. lileaiion ofjIlriiHney Lake, were guests at the
Ornnbrook vlsl- Oranbrook on Monday,
  I    We    are   cloill'lng    out    about    1*1111
A   mUOh   lelt   want   has   been   found , Moll's    Working    Shlrtu at 4r,c,   regll'
in tho Ported Fruit Jnr—lor Snlo by lur price 11,00—O, c. s.
tho Cranhrook IDxehaiige, quarts li.n.'i  ■
,,,,,,.  || an Mrs. A. tl,  Itowness mul Mrs. Win.,
  Cameron left on Monday for an oast-'
A Carney of Kaslo. provincial gov i-rn trip    Tliey ale expected to ho a-
1   think we mentioned It before—but
Special prices In Ladies and Chll
(Iron's Hosiery, see ns before purchasing elsewhere -BAST lOHrTONAY
Mr. and Mrs, l-l. H. Small and
children left for Windermere on Tuesday, They wero iiceompiiiileil by R,
L. T. 0nlhralt.ll, Indian Agent at.
Fort Steele.
CALOARY, Alt*       s.
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their yuality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That   Tastes Good."
1 P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. I
•. ■
= When You;
i! Our  Hardware i
New '& Up-to-date
lion from   the
Vancouver,  that   the
Japanese   CoiihuI   nt  .   ',, .
Kmiisror ST   "  "","tl"""'1  It  before-but   Men's
Btnperorl     KTLUY   frames i-iuturbs
wny for some lini
Lucky  the man  who buys 75c.  un
diirwenr   at.   25c,    thai   Is our  prion
We  arc  giving  prizes  al   the   Fall I while the goods last—O.O.fl,
Fair for goods put up In  Economy , ~
Jars and  bread etc.,  made trom our,   pRAtmoAL' HCl7m|!-Y|.-|iAM|.;it
J. D. McBride
Crnnbrook, B. C. • . Phone 5   ■
■M*H -III I "111111 "I "I IIIII ******* 11 llllll III lllll'


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