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The Prospector May 16, 1914

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Array A Word to the Wise
Take Care of Your
Wilson - Optician
The   Leading Newspaper
in  the
$2.00 Per Year
S  •
v o ii tr m n _   20.
MAY      16th,      1914.
Women's Suffrage
Paper Read by
Geo. H. Hougham
Tho following Interesting paper on
Wo mens Suffrage wuh read belore ilie
Knox Literary mul Debating Society
un Wednesday last hy Mr. Geo.
Hougham. Tho paper wnn received
hy thc membera with close at ton tlon
and, hy tho discussion thnt took
place at tho close of tho addresB tho
membera woro forcibly ImproBnsd hy
tbo weight of some or the arguments
brought  forward.
In tho sphere of current topics,
thefe i» I suppose no subject that
has forced itself upon public attention wilh greater insistence than the
question wo are considering tbln evening.
It is well, I think, thnt the young
people of to-day should consldor thin
question seriously, for upon tho
young people of today will fall the
burden of the citizenship of tomorrow, nnd there are undoubtedly ladles here present thin evening who in
a fow years' time will find themselves the possessors of franchise
privileges, a privilege which like all
"privileges, enrries with it a corresponding responsibility,
In these days in which wc live,
days so full of impending change,
the border days between thc disestablishment of the old order and the
establishment of the new, there is
surely no more significant sign of
the times thnn the emergence of
Her claim for the vote is but a
symbol of this emergence, a sign
that she bas so emerged, a demand
that this omorgence shall be recognized.
One of tbe most convincing proofs
of tbe justice of thiH claim is to he
found, I think, in the fact that it is
acknowledged by all sorts and conditions of people, the rich, the poor,
Tory, Liberal, Socialist, Justice
must necessarily transcend party
lines, national characteristics, and
religious differences, and although
there may he widely divergent views
IU to ■.■\peliniicy and methods, the
inherent justice of the woman's
claim is attested by its universality.
This justice may be fos a time
partially obscured by the heats of
controversy in which invariably numerous nnd conflicting side issues
become identified with the main ques
tion but ultimately justice must triumph, and personally, 1 regard the
"arrival of woman" if I may so coin
n phrase, as one of the most hopeful
signs of the times, a sign that the
race Is really progressing onward
and upward.
If, however, the advocates of woman suffrage are to be found among
all peoules and parties, so also are
its opponents, and although many of
its opponents oppose from selfish mo
tlvea having good reason to fear the
day whon women shall be politically
and economically free, while yet others oppose from frivolous and shallow motives, yet there are unqnostion
ably intelligent people who advance
intelligent reasons for their opposition to the extension of frnnch.se to
women, prominent among whom mny
he mentioned Mrs. Humphry Wnrd,
the famous novellist nnd almost oq-
ua'ly famous settlement worker. If
we are to hnve nn intelligent undor-
Standing of the ense for woman suffrage, it will nlso be necessary for
us to have nu Intelligent understanding of the case against,  and  1  will
therefore endeavor within the limitations of a short paper like this to
meet Hfttuc of these objections.
.Most, prominent among them is I
think the [ilea that woman't plnce
is the home. There aro some people
who advance this in a vague sort of
way as being the last and ouly word
on woman's sphere. They claim
some kind of Divine sanction for this
argument too, on the assumption
that Ood created man to govern and
woman  to serve.
There are others again who repent
tho formula, "Woman's place is the
homo," a trifle more thoughtfully,
people who are afraid that the entrance of woman into active political life will coarsen th?m, rob them
of tho essential refinement peculiar
to true womanhood.
I wlll try to deal with these two
Regarding the tirst argument, I
appeal to a very high authority on
tho sphere of true womanhood, no
less nu authority then John Ruskin
the prophet of tho 18th  century.
Ho says, "And not less wrong,
her haps more foolishly wrong ia the
idea thnt. woman is only the shadow
and attendant image of her lord,
owing him a thoughtless and servile
This I say is the most foolish of
all errors respecting hcr who wns
mnde to be the helpmate of man.
As if he could he helped effectively
hy a shadow or worthily by a slave.
Hut even if we grant the truth of
the argument that woman's place is
the home, and it is part of a true
statement, it is rightly claimed that
this constitutes one of the most
powerful arguments for the extension of tbe franchise to women, for
modern politics is more and more
concerning itself with th? home.
More and more the governments of
our civilization are finding themselves compelled to legislate on matters tha£ intimately concern the
What more intimately concerns tbe
home than the questions of Free
Trade and  Protection ?
The lumber of which your home is
built is a question that very intimately concerns the woman who lives
in it, seeing that the manufacturers
of it are agitating all the time for
a heavy duty on all lumber imported
from the States, while practically
everything you eat, drink and wear
is the subject of legislation either in
the Provincial House or at Ottawa.
Woman's place is the home, and
the business of the State is to preserve the home as the basis on which
all great nationhood is built.
It is because the modern woman
clearly recognizes this fact that she
is asking for the privilege of helping
to decide the questions that affect
the home.
Woman's sphere as the home includes the children who grow up in
the home, and legislation long ago
cc ncerned Itself with the child when
it insisted that every child should be
educated in the State school. The
woman who sends her child to the
Mate school has a right to assist
In determining what sort of an education her child shall receive when
it gels .there, and she can only exercise this right by means of tbe vote.
Woman's place Is the borne, and
whnt more intimately affects the
home than the conditions of her hus
band's employment, the wages he receives. All lahor disputes are questions thnt affect women very materially, as she very  soon finds out
r l
eftU    ft,
Good Roads.
Good roads, pood schools, good churches all
cost money to maintain, and that money is contributed by the tax p.-;ycr3 of this community. If
you spend a dollar here, part of it at least, remains
in the hands of one of those tax payers. It does
Its share toward malting this a better place to live
If you send yonr dollar away you are doing
just that much to hint your town, its schools,
churches, and roads., Just think of this before
patronizing a mail order house. Head the advertisements and sprml your money with the progressive home merchants.
>VflKIHT8a 191.|«   t]
Overseas Club
Thu monthly business meutlng of
tin1 ovivi-hi'hb Olub was held ln tho
Maple Hall on May 12th, when a
Kuoil number of tb? members turned
out. A whist drive followed the hus
iness, and light refreshments were
Borved. Tbe winners of tbe whist
drive were Mrs. Tlsdale und Mr.
Wi'athcrhill. Bongs were contributed during tho evening by the follow
Ing. Mrs. Or. Kennedy, Mr. G,
Hougham and Mr. J. Hlms, which
wero very much appreciated by all
present. The Committee in charge
were Mr. and Mrs. Whlttaker, who
discharged their duties in their usual good manner.
The Overseas Club are arranging
for their third annual Empire Day
celebration, which will be held on
May 2.1th, Inviting all thc school anil
other smnll children of the city to
gitther together at the Government
Ilullding at 1.30 p.m. when putrlotic |
addresses will be delivered to tbem
by some of tbe best speakers in the
district, after which the children will
be marched to tho Rex theatre when
a free patriotic picture show will bo
given. Mr. Johnson, the manager of
tbis theatre has gone to considerable trouble in getting patriotic pic-
#ro9 for that day.
Candles, oranges, etc., will be given to earh child as they leave the
theatre, hy the Ladies' Committee.
In the evening a dance will bo given in the Auditorium, tickets $1.0
per couple and 50 cents for single
ladies. Refreshments will bo served.
Music by the Cranbrook Orchestra.
Dancing to commence nt 21.30k. It
Is hoped that all citizens will patronize this dance, ob it is being oat
on to help defray the expenses ot entertaining the children that day.
Fatal Drowning at
In some unaccountable manner on
Sunday last, Miss Palethorpe of
Wardner, (ell in the reservoir and
was drowned. The accident occurred
ahbut 10,00 o'clock and was not discovered until about 3-30 In the afternoon. The remains were interred on
Tuesday, undertaker McPherson having charge of the funeral arrangements.
when her husband goes out on strike
and she is compelled to go out to
work to buy the necessities of life.
Woman's place is the home, and
seeing that she has to spend so much
of her time there, she is intimately
concerned with all questions of sanitation, and housing, and it iB the
absence of her direct influence in
these matters which iB largely responsible for the disease epidemics,
and the frightful infant mortality in
our great cities.
Men have hitherto had the sole say
in these matters and have been guided by motives of private profit or
political expediency.
Woman's place is certainly the
home, and the home will he a better
place when her right to assist in determining the questions that affect
the home is acknowledged and she is
greeted there as a comrade instead
of a domestic servant.
Now with regard to the people who
regard women's entrance into political life as a menace to woman herself, a danger to her womanhood,
something different has to he said.
The tlrst and really the only necessary answer that need to be mnde to
this argument is that where women
have been granted the franchise,
these fears have been proved to be
After all, what a* curious argument it. is to advance. Is there
something morally deteriorating in
politics ?
Logically and plainly stnted, the
argument amounts to this: that the
sphere of politics which has been for
so long man's special and private
preserve han become sa unspeakably
corrupt under his incompetent management that it is not fit for a woman to enter.
If this Is true, nnd I nm afraid
that (t is to a very great, extent,
then iti is certainly high time that
a cleansing process wns Inaugurated,
and ie is this process that women
nropose to inaugurate, n process
that their opponents of n certain
class fear, and with good reason.
The granting of tbe franchise to
women will so far from detracting
from their womanhood, a*ld to, and
enohte It,, as It will increase her
wense of rOBnonslhllltVi nnd glvo to
the Indifferent woman whose sphere
Is hounded by'fo'T walls, and lh»
gossip of Mir neighbours, n new nnd
wide field for ber powers.
(Continued nn Page   3)
A Stroke of National
Mr. Borden has taken one of Sir
Wilfrid's wrecked railways and will
make it a real transportation system. While rehabilitating this rond
lie 'hns secured for the people of Can
ada concessions, substantial and remunerative. The Oovernment, in Ita
C. N. R. proposals have inaugurated
a new ern in railway assistance—an
era that will give to tha people just
returns for aid to the railways.
With the passing of air Wilfrid
Laurler's Administration passed tbe
dav when all the railways bad to do
was to ask and they received. Mr.
Borden has laid down nnd carried
Ollt the new policy of concessions for
assistance, of supervision of the expenditure of the assistance, of a
measure of Oovernment control during the period of assistance, nnd, lln
ally, of Oovernment ownership if the
recipients of Oovernment aid default
Wheu the C. N. R. approached the
Oovernment for assistance during
the present session they had on their
hands nn incomplete transcontinental encouraged by Sir Wilfrid, and n
score of subsidiary companies—railway terminals, land and others.
The Government was confronted
with the task of consolidating these
thirty companies into one system before the question of aid could be
considered  intelligently.
Next tbe Government wns confront
ed with the proposition of making
the capital stock of tho Canadian
Northern Railway system representative of its assets.. The parent
company and the various subsidiary
companies represented capital stock
of $145,000,000. The Goverment immediately reduced tbis to $100.000000
"squeezing out the water." All this
loss fell on the promoters of the
rond. To prevent stockwatering, or
future over-rapitalhation, and to
prevent lessening in value of the
Government's hold ngs, no further
stock issues are possible without the
consent of the Government. Thus
the consolidated system lias had its
capitalization reduced one-third, and
control of further Increases in capital is with the Government.
For years Canada has been giving
its wealth and credit to railways
without any returns on the part of
the corporations. Mr. Borden, In his
O. N. R. proposals, has laid down a
new principle, and one thnt will give
to the Canadian people concessions
for credit or subsidies. After the
consolidation of the C.N.R. system
and the squeezing out of the wnter.
the Government, for lending its credit, takeB two-fifths interest in the
road. Of the $100,000,000 stock for
all time the Government of Canada
owns $40,000,000, and the cnpital
stock cannot be increased without
the consent of Parliament, fin Mackenzie & Manu is placed the responsi
bility for success. If they make good
they retain thc SfiO.OOfl.OOO stock, but
if they fail on default ln their undertaking the whole of the stock
goes to the Government. Canada
owns two-fifths In any event, and all
if the owners do not live up ta their
While building the railway, the
Canadian Northen people promoted
many land companies, which bave
assets of millions. Some of theBe
real estate holdings are in Winnipeg
and are very valuable. Many of
these companies nre included in the
consolidation, thus adding millions
to the value of the stock. Othersarc
pledged hy Mackenzie & Mnnn as additional security, and in event of
their default they become the property of the Government. There Is
nlso another feature of the consolidation which makes for greater value. In most railways such paying
companies as the express and telegraph are not Included in the parent
compnny, but in the Canadian North
ern Railway system the express and
telegraph companies of the railway
are an integral part of the system,
nnd their profits go to increase the
value of the Government's holdings,
not into the pockets of promoters.
Even the money raised un the Government's credit does not leave the
Government's control, hut Its expenditure is supervised. There will
he no opportunity afforded for the
diversion of this money to other pur
pOBBS than lor which it. wns secure I.
Ilie 14.^,000,000 will be deposited to
the credit of the people of Canada,
and will only bo paid out on certificates of the Government's engineer"),
Kor many venrs there hns heen a
suspicion that assistance from llm
Government hnd often boin dlroctcJ
to other channels by the railway
companies than thnt for which it
was intended. I" iho prawnt proposals the Government hns taken sv
cry precaution thai such will not be
tbe ense.   TIiIh is the first time In
Canada that thc Government retains
Automobile Meet
On Monday last there was Been in
Cranbpook such au array of automobiles ub has never before been seen
In the city.
Some time previous to this day
Secretary W. H. Wilson of the Auto
mobile Association sent out Invitations to all the automobile owners
requesting them to bring their cars
and stand them in position iu front
Of the Provinclnl Government building for the purpose of obtalnig a
photograph to be used for advertising purposes, the object being to
prove to the world at large that in
Oranbrook and District there is sufficient Industry carried on to war-
runt the assertion being made thnt
in Crnnbrook wo huve a city worthy
of note nnd one calculated to Impres
sightseers and inventors of its possibilities,
Sharp at 3 o'clock Dr. King drove
his car into first position, quickly
followed by the government car and
BJ. A. Hill's new car; otter this the
cars began to gather In and line Up
very quickly, At 3.30 about 40 cars
were arrayed before the camera ready
for the picture to be taken by R. J.
Binning, the city photographer.
Afterward the hand formed and led
the cars down Baker Street towaid
the station in single file, so long
was the procession that the first car
was ln the station yard as the last
car was leaving the government
The occasion was an Impressive
one, nnd one that was hound to
leave its impress on the mind of the
observer; no one even though they did
know fully realized the number of
cars that are in the city doing business (wa have since enquired at the
office of tbe number of cars licensed
and tind that in the city aud district there are 140 registered). After
a short drive round thc city the automobiles drove over to Wasa to enjoy the hospitality of N. Hanson,
who had arranged for thc party a
splendid banquet and music for dancing by the Cranbrook Orchestra and
in the Hotel grounds the Cranbrook
Band rendered selectionB from time
to time during tbe evening.
The manager of the Wasa Hotel C.
J. Johnson hnd decorated the front
of thc hotel with rod, white and blue
bunting and numerous Union .lacks
llowers were used for the interior de
coratlons and the place can truly be
eaid to have been in festive cloak ar
The banquet was of the hest aud
was thoroughly enjoyed by the 150
guests. After thc banquet thc Iloor
of the dining room was cleared for
dancing while the gentlemen adjourn
ed to another part of the hotel to
have their annual meeting. Sharp
at 9 o clock the president V. Hyde
Baker' called the meeting to order
wheu the secretary was requested to
read the minutes of the last annual
and special meetings.
At the close of the last year there
was a good surplus standing to the
credit of thc Association in the bank
to the amount of $90.45, tbls was ex
ceptionally good and called for applause from the members.
A communication was then read
from Manager C. .1. Johnson re the
building of a Club House at Wasa
on the shores of the lake. Mr. John-
Bon offered to the automobile association a free site, free water, and
as far as possible free lumber to he
csed ia its construction. Mr. Hungerford Pollen, as one of the managing directors of the Unionist Investment Co., tbe syndicate own ng tbe
property nt WasH, said ia respect to
this latter clause this would naturally be governed by the kind and
size of tbe building proposed.
Mr. Johnson pointed out thnt tbey
already had boats on the lake, together with lawn tennis courts anl
i.ther .imusements that would be of
ml vantage to thc members all ol
which would be tor their use- Thc
offer was received with applause and
the meeting's best thaii.s tendered
to the management for so geiier ins
ii spirit, the meeting deciding lhat
the besl they could do lor the present wns to leave tho matter lu the
hands of the executive committee to
confer further with Mr. Pollen on the
Forty-five   members   entered their
names as members of the association
lor the coming year.
The secretary read a letter from
the secretary nf llie Hoard of Trade
relating tfl a visit from u delegation
uf seventy-live business men who anticipate visiting Oranbrook end the
West, from Winnipeg, arriving tn Cran
hrook on May 23rd.    It was suggest   !
■d   that   instead of n one hour stay \
over being made efforts be made to
Mud) a two hour stop over so as
to enable the members of the auto
association to drive tho several visitors around the city ami district.
The Becretaw reported having ordered 2U0 Klaxon danger situs to be
put up in the district for the aid ot
autoiBts at every Bharp turn.
Attention was brought to the notice of the members ot the condition
that existed in Cranbrook as to the
Streets and the danger autos run of
breaking their springs Ity going over
the raised crossings. Suggestions
were made for their improvement, a
deputation of the President, Vice-
president and Secretary wall on ine
council to see what steps could be
taken to Improve the condition.".
Mr. Oeo. Stevenson moved that a
vote of thanks be given to our host
Mr. N. Hanson, fur his generous hospitality, adding "We-owe Mr. Hanson
a deep debt of gratitude for the help
ho has given to the Automobile association and also to the Olty of
Cranhrook. he is a man who has
spared neither time nor money in his
endeavor to further our Interests
and the best we can sny of him Is
none too good." The gathering then
rose as one man and snug that soul
stirring old song "Kor He's a Jolly
Oood Fellow, aud so say all of us "
The officers elected for the year
15*14 are as follows.;
Hon. President—N.  Hanson.
President—V. Hyde Baker. <
Vice-President—Dr, J. H. King.
Sec.-Treas.-W.  H.  Wilson.
Executive—Q. F. Stevenson, A. 0,
Bowness, R. .1. McCreery, R. B.
Beattie, E. A. Hill, Geo. Hoggarth,
Dr. F. W. Green.
The meeting adjourned, the members joining the ladies in the dancing
hall. The music rendered by the Orchestra was excellent and much enjoyed by the dancers.
The following is a list of the car
owners and friends who were in attendance:
Alex Taylor, Miss Taylor, Mias
Kennedy and C. W. Connell of Kimberley.
H. W. Dr<w of K'imlierley, Miss
Hundley, Mrs. McMahon of Marysville, Jas. Martin, J. B. Henderson.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Beattie, Dr.
and Mrs. F. B. Miles, R. S. Garrett..
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilson, Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. McKowan, John
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King.
V, Hyde Baker, Percy Sims, Mi.
and Mrs. J. M. Christie, H. W. Supple.
Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Rutledge, Mr.
and MrB. I). A. Burton.
N. Hanson, .las. Austin, Mrs.
Donahue, Mrs. Dickson, Miss Johnson.
Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Green, Mr. and
Mtb. A. C. Nelson Mr. aud Mrs. K.
M. Christian.
John Reld, N. T. Gardner. F. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hoggarth. Miss
Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. H. 11.
Jas. Laidlaw, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Beale, Mrs. P. F.. Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D, McBrlde, Miss
Edith McBride, Miss Jamieson, of
Calgary, Alta; Miss Watts, of Watts
burg, C. A. McCowan, H. Palmer.
Mr. and MrB. A. C. Bowness, Mrs.
G. H. Thompson, Mr. and MrB. W.
.1. Atchison, Ed. Doolan, Miss
...Mayor Simon Taylor. Walter Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Morton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. MacFarlane.
Mrs. Jas. Woodman, J. D. Gllmour,
Mr.  Vandewson.
Robert McCreery. Oeo. McCreery,
Mr. and Mrs. M. McCreery. Miss
Mr. and MrB. J. P. Fink, Mr. and
MrB. Ad.  Paterson.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hill. Miss Steves
Fred Coffey,
P. Matheson, F.  Swlnton.
Mr. and Mrs. O, H. Pollen, Mrs. N.
A.  Walllnger,  Mrs.   Kdmondson.
Hay Armstrong ami the City Band
members.  G. Cbenuz,  R.  Chenuz,  H.
Cbenus, J. w. Kettrlnghem, T. Kct-
trlngham, A. Tolley. Mm. Tolley,
Joe  Kennedy,   It-  Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs. Webster Burton, Mr.
and Mrs. i. R. Manning,
Fred Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. George
Leask, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Liudi
Farmers' Institute
Don't forget the meeting of the
C ranbrook Farmers' Institute on
Thursday, May 2lst at 8 p.m. in the
Old Gym, The secretary is anxious
to receive names of farmers for the
Crop competitions. Entrance fee,
60c, Competitions are to be held in
Potatoes and Oats. For each mem-
h rshlp fee paid before June 30th,
tlic Agricultural Dept. pays Me. to
the local Institute, bo hnrry up, Mr.
Farmer nn I get in your annual fee
of 50c, Vou need the bulletins sent
OU( by the Dept. and your fellow
farmers need yom support and oa-op
oration In making agriculture THE
INDUSTRY of the Kootenays,
Subjects (or discussion:—
!    Offer of Department re Stud animals.
2.   Tbe best crops to put in on Virgin   K,   Kootenay soil such ns has
been recently pre-empted,
8.- Irrigation or Non-irrlgatton,
Shipping News
Winnipeg, Mny Uth, 1914,
.1.   W.   Spence,  Rgcnt,  reports
The   Allan   Liner   "Scandinavian"
f I om Glasgow Is rep uled elghl huu
died nml ninety miles north east of
Cape   Kair   nnd   will   he   due  Quebec
midnight Sunday, Montraol M< nday
night or Tuesday moi nlng, Western
passengers ihOiltd in live at ('um
hrook   May   17th.
The Allan Liner "Scotlan" from
London is reported one hundred und
forty :t•ven miles cast Cape Itace
and will be due Quebec Monday
morning, Montrenl Tuesday, West •
ern passengers should arrive at Cran
brook   Mny   17th.
Dance at Auditorium
A social dance was given at the
Auditorium on Friday night und-U"
the auspices of tbe Crnnbrook Lacrosse Club. There were some 00
couple in attendance, and a good
time was enjoyed hy nil present. The
music wns excellent and furnished by
the Cranhrook Orchestra. The Hnll
was handsomely decorated with numerous streamers of bunting and
flags, LacroBBe Hticks formed a prominent feature in the decorations.
Tbe committee on dances were the
Messrs. It. E, Beattie, W. T. Mathew
Robt. Findlay and Watson Hall. The
Misses Whitehead, VunSlyke, Kennedy and Lafleur.
The lady patronesses were Mesdames A. L. McDermot, R. O. Nelson, R. Adnmson, W. T. MatthewB,
E. Paterson nnd R. E. Beattie.
Shoot onJMay 25th.
The Crnnbrook Civilian Rifle As-
soclatlon are holding a prize shoot
un Monday, May 25th. A cup given
by Sir. V. H. Baker will be shot for
i.i the morning which is open to all
members who will not have made 70
or over out of a possible 105 during
this season. This cup is to be a
warded to the member who makes
the highest aggregate score at three
shoots to be held on May 26th, June
27th, nnd July 2!>th, with seven
shots and one sighting shot at 500
and 600 yards, on the dates mention
(d. Entries for this competition
will close '.*.3fl Monday morning.
In the afternoon Mr. G. W. F.
Carter hns offered n tirst prize to
the value of Ten Dollars ($10.00) and
a second to thfl vnlue of Five Dollurs
($5.00) for the highest aggregate
bcore nt two, live nnd six hundred
\ urds. A Iho a prize for the best
score at each of these ranges and a
consolation prize given by Mr. A. C.
Bowness, Messrs Fink Mercantile Co.
Mr. J, 1». McBride, Messrs Parks &
Co. and the Cranbrook Jobbers.
Entries for this competition close at
13,30. Members taking pnrt will be
required to pny nn entrance fee of
Twenty-five Cents to cover cost of
um muni tlon nt each rguge. and a
Marker's fee of twenty-five cents to
rover the day's shooting.
Entries mny be made at any time
wttn either the Captain or the Secretary.
Captain  and Atrs.   Carruthers   will
induct their farewell services in
('ranbrook  on  Sunday at 3 anl 8.
The Captain had heen stationed tn
the City for the last eighteen months
During his stay much has been as-
COmpllshed in the Army circles, the
soldiers roll has heen doubled, con-
grogatlons have also been increased
and over $800.00 debt has been clear
el off, local expenses met and over
(650.00 raised for rescue and Bocial
work. More than AUU garments and
a lot of meals have been given to the
poor  nnd   needy  canes  in  this city.
The Captain and Mrs. Carruthers
ine expecting to leave Oranbrook on
Tuesday. Their departure will be regarded with regret by those who
have   da.lv   come   Into   contact   with
thorn, the Captain by hts persevering ways and cheery emtio hns made
himself a general favorite with the
"Man on the Street."
Mrs, Ida Green, charged with manslaughter, who Ml led ber huwbiutd
al Coal Creek nnd who wns derlnrcd
by a Coroner's Jury to have acted lu
sell defence, was acquitted at. the
Fornle assizes on Monday. Chief
Justice Hunter charged strong
ly  In (avor of tbo accused. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
("the |tvoopcctcir, (IDrcmtaool*, §. (!T.
Published  Every  Saturday Morning at  Cranhrook,  B.O,
F. M, Christian, general manager
PoBtage to American,  European (British   Isles excoptod)   and  other  foreign countries, 60 cents a year oxtrn,
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of u reputable character will be accoptod lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Unless notice to tbe contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
20th YEAR
There's something about tbls Canadian Northern proposal thai causes
Sir  Wilfrid   l.niiiiei   to  sutler  from  a
crowd .'i painful recollections,
■   •   ■   ■
Ah yes, tl •- Lain i.' l ipposltion
spends a lo of time on I he farmers,
but it took care net - r to spend any
money oti them,
•   •   •   ■
Thu Canadian Northern is to tie
is to be linked up uub the Intercolonial, which i.-, i,nly one ol the good
features ol tho new agreement,
Strange as it mav seem, and odd,
as it may appear, the Liberal walking contest, east nud west, over the
province by Brewster and Macdonald failed to arouse any noticeable
enthusiasm  throughout   the country.
Liberal papers, all over the Dominion, arc now urging the Government to make the looters of the pub
lie treasury In connection with the
G.T.P, disgorge. They know it cannot be done. They know that Governmental sanction was behind the
looting operations. They '-. ■■■ that
the looters did not get . ' tbe la< r.
Thej know thai ,;- Liberal war
Chest ti. 1 " I •• * ,i d L911 was full
to overflows s .-■■  of  tb»  loot
ing operations, and that there is
same left in the chest yet.
The Beriousness of tbe Mexican war
does not seem to have dawned on
tbe great muss of the people. That
fatal habit of assuming that the
Mexican 1ms the same point of view
on the subject of the military power
of the United States ns the American himself is quite likely to receive
a very unpleasant shock during the
next few months. No one doubts
that In the end the United States
can crush mexlco, but there are very
grave doubts as to when that end
will be. To tho average person Mex
ico seems a little country tucked a
way under the great, und overwhelming mass of the United StatoB, But
for purposes of defence nnd offenco
Mexico la exceedingly well situated.
Its defence' is simple, because the
lines are all in ter loi* and narrow
down to wn nis Mexico City, There
are thousands of Squaru miles of
rocky, mountainous country on either side of the railways and any at
lacking force must slick to the rail
For offensive purposes, it must bo
remembered t bai t here aro no lens
than Huu miles or border between
tbo United States and Moxlco, i'n
the Mexican side --f tho border there
is nothing Imi devastation, but on
lb ■ American side thi re ure enormous areas of mote ur lens settled
and    rich    count ry    which    oilers   a
sphere ol operations which tho late
rebels will be almost certain to
seize. Tbe Texas Rangers, nnd ohe
state militia of New Mexico, MlKona
and California, wlll probably bnve
their work cut out guarding thiB
border from raiding bands bent on
The simplest way of gelling mon
ey to pay trooi s Is to allow them to
take n where thej can And it. That
hns been the Villa and Carramta
method and is n likely that it wtll
change? To the Mexican mind, es
pecially the Mexican rebel mind,
these border Btat'es oflei pi '■ a
lore, with not more risB than
The Mexicans move fasl, s e well
mounted, and, thanks to *!u United
States,  well  arme I, f, nol
be  able  to  shoot   vei
li iik range,  but   thej bad lots
of  practice  lat.
reports publish  Is thi
States, whli    I eral
gainst  the   F
■:.■■■: J,   Wil
ci — the front us i
some     .! ' ■' i ■
u ■ ■ ■■ .       tta   ed tbi      b    .pU
an I ;...,..-.       Whei
they  wiU leave a    ten
trail.   They can be bi at ■   -    '
times and killed ofl ot but
meanwhile    wbar I at  j
thro 'j'-:. which they have
Any man who was in the 9 th Al
rican war and remembers De \v.:
can realize what such warfare will
mean and De Wet was a gentleman
and a patriot, not a origand with
murder and rape ns his pastime In
The terrible part of what may
well he a phase of the Mexican war
is that the United Status itself armed and gave strength to this force.
If it was a formidable force upon
which the United Stntes trusted for
the elimination of a well- entrenched
and famous ffghtor is it not more
formidable now with a great and
rich country open to its raids'* A
feint attack at one polnl and a real
raid at anoth ir and MOO miles of
i pen frontier to guard will keep a
defence force on the alert. If ever
retribution for n mistaken policy
t. llowed hmd on the heels of the
mistake it seems as if it were about
to do so now. Guarding the border
from such raids will probably be the
first care ..f the United Stntes today.       If   patrols  of   fifty   men   to  BV-
ory mile are placed thero is work
alone for 70,000men. That is where
the volunteers will be wanted while
the regulars take erne of the advance
Truly it is saitl that the road to
bell in paved wltb good intentions.
City Planning Conference
That tin' town-planning movement
in ('uiiada has como to stay and will
have to be reckoned with in the future is demonstrated by thp fad
that it ho:\ already engaged tbo attention ot several of our provincial
1 .glslatUl'OS, The    yeur     1912    SttW
comprehensive town planning net-
passetl in New Brunswick aud Nova
Scotia, and, last year, Alberta led
the way for tho western provinces.
Ontario also bus nu act   applicable
to cities witli a population of fill,OOP
and upwards.
At the forthcoming Internatl mul
Conference on City I Manning, Tor
onto, May 25-27, ft draft lown plan
nlng act, which It is Imped will bo a
model  for   all   Canadian   provinces.
Will be submitted to the delegates
present by n special committee ap
pointed by tho Commission ol i on
nerval [oti. Frank crll Iclsm nnd full
discussion  ol  tins proposed act   will
bo   invited.      Alter   being   amended    in
accordance witb the resolutions of
tbo Conference, copies wtll be scut
to each  provincial  government,  urg
Ing   i hem  to en tel   te I   al Ion along
llle   lines   prop     ■
As uow di lifted, i in* Iiiii i'i.>\ ides
for the preparing and cat rying out
of town plannim  projects bj a Local
Board   in   each   ill J   Ol    I IW i. ■ ■ ■ I
tu the approval oi s Central rown
planning Board for thc whole prov
luce. Projects will apply chleflj to
land  Like ■   .      ■ to     building
n certs
In ,:    already
insults de   toi
I made   for
prlvati  owners U In-
and  tor  the local
■. .■  .-..   ba    ol  the un
earned  inci ropertj   values
asi I.    The   Central   Board
ts ow        '  itlve i! the
Its duty oi
Boai      xtsts.
act,  the  growth ot
regulated bo that
streets maj ade i   te   w I ith
•    the     oeral plan
town;        sin    d      'Stii n wit]
tiot   be    pel mltti        Si-d.     at    open
•   wlll   be  reserved   for   parks.
squares  and    other    mui lei] al   pur-
-•■-   and hi alt i, an et I ■.       I c   i
ven tence will be given due consideration  in all  new  building areas and,
s > far as  i ossihle,  In  old ones.
Mr. Reid, of the Dominion Immigration Department, Vancouver, is
in receipt of a communication (rom
Ottawa, with reference to Pred Cow-
[ Hn, wbo hns not been beard of since
February 32nd, 1913. Cowltn is :1G
years of age, has light hair and blue
eyes, and is of average height. He
was Inst heard of from the following
Camp 0 S.S, Caeslar, Vancouver.
N'ov. l. 1712, Camp 0,'Thurlow Island,   Vancouver,
Nov. 24, 1912, Chadamarks, Mnry
Dec. G, 1912, '"amp 4, Courtney,
V b.  'l'l-   1913,   Leslieville,   Alberta.
If anyone knowing his whereabouts
or resaon [or his disappearance i
would communicate with the Immigration authorities as above, It
would  be greatly appreciated.
On or nbout April 24th, a dance
was given at Bunny side, and it was
a very enjoyable afiair, with a larga
attendance, it was reported that a
"blind pig" was in full swing, which
was not the fact, in fact il was a
perfectly dry crowd. Another dance
will be given In the near future aud
w- hone there will be a large attendance, good music, and the same
hospitality which was evident at the
i '
-When a Lady
fs Perfume—
—She chooses  it  with as  much discrimination as she does Iter gowns ami  hats.
It must be distim live in i haracti r   It must
refinement    and il must be of strictly bin'1 •'*. ■-• 'y
Corson's Toilel Requisites fill all these require)
wheihei io Perfumes, Toilel Waters, Face Creams,
or Tab i.
They nre composed of the mosl
sive materials, carefull) compounded by
perfumes Si ffiletftequisites
on'. "IIH U. nti HID
ima, Tiiilel Water, I iliu
nil Cm
»ro pnrtlcul.r I m.
Alk four drngiiit for Ilk  i.mpl. »( Hir Orchid odor.
fits    m     ..„..,_.,/i„ llir,„„„„J„.tuir.„r/'rr/nmrt and Ivitrl Nteut ill
A Stroke of National Statesmanship
(Comtlnued from Page One)
control of expenditure of money given to railways.
Mackenzie & Manu, tbe promoters
aud buihhrs of the O.N.R., had
claims against the company aggregating millions. It is almost certain thai tbey con Id have collected
Miis money, In giving assistance,
the Oovernment demanded tlmt those
claims of Mackenzie & Mann thould
be cancelled. This Una been agreed
upon, and the Government's interest
In tbe road is made so much more
Probably the most important feature of the new proposals are those
relating to the Intercolonial, Sir
Wilfrid. InBtead of trying to make
this a prosperous road, built n competitor where the existing road was
;i losing proposition, lie also did
nothing  to  preserve  Canadian  trade
to < Canadian chni Is.   In  tho prOB-
Hit proposals the Onnadian Northorn
system must hand to tho Intercolonial its trad -■ for east ol Montreal,
ami It musl also glvo the Canadian
seaports Canadian trade. Tho Government Man also Insli ii it that tbo
rate to Canadian ports muni not be
greater than tbo ral ■ i.n tmortcan
competitive ports.
And Un nil tbcBO conce slims thn
Government simply en lm ies tho
i oto of tho 0. N. it. im monay to
i impleto it'i system.
Tbe basic featured o| tbe arrnngo-
stints" no. a
IN the cause of ftrsonal and National Liberty this modern Riemi of sunny Italy would have gjadly laid
down his life. It inspired lum to deeds of immortal grandeur, of superb valor and of boundless suffering Garibaldi would not have legislative tyranny of any kind enter into his own private life
any mor.- than will our millions of liberty-loving Italian citizens. His flaming soul scorned any
legislation which would prohibit ALL because ONE man out of thousands imbibes in gluttonous quantifies. He knew that the light wines of Italy and the barley brews of Germany are beneficial
to humanity.
Upon an old Germanic basis 57 years ago Anheuser-Busch.brcwers of Budweiser. established their
brand. The Constitution of the United States is the sole authority upon which they launched their
business in America. Every day of these 57 years has been devoted to the brewing of an honest
Barley-malt and Saazer Hop brew—tiie kind that spells Temperance throughout the wodd. Sewn
thousand. five hundred people are daily required to keep pace with the public demand for Budweiser.
Its sales exceed any other beer by millions of bottles. anheuser-dusch • st louis
Bottled only at the home plant »        _**,      ■*—,
A. C. Bowness
Distributor Cranbrook, B. C
Means   Moderation
ment may be summarized as follows:
1. The Union of all thc Companies (31 in all) in the Canadian Northern systemby the transfer to the
Canadian Northern Railway Com-
pany itself, of the stock of all the
2. The reduction of the capital
tock of the Companies thus united
from about $1411,000,000 to $100,000,-
3. The puarant.ee hy the Government of Canada of $4-rp,000,000 of seem ities of the Canadian Northern
Railway Company.
4. The Transfer to the Dominion
f Canada ol    .>40,000,000    of   atock
(inclusive of $7,000,000 already owned by tli? Dominion) as compensation for bond guarantee.
The Government is protected
hy a Mortgage from the Canadian
Northern on its entire assets and
from each of tbe otber Companies on
which mon'Jy shall shall be spent on
its assets as security against its liability.
G. Provision is made for supervision of the proceeds of the guaranteed securities to the end that
they must be applied in the completion and betterment of the system.
. Should the Company make default cither in respect of the securities now guaranteed or of nny prior
encumbrance, the Government haa
power immediately to take over the
rond as the absolute property of the
Dominion of Cnnada, subject only to
bonded  indebtedness.
H. Mackenzie, Mann & Company
and Messrs. Mackenzie nnd Mann individually release absolutely all
claim against the Canadian Northern for construction profits, commissions or other consideration for
transfers of stocks.
9, Mackenzie, Mnnn & Company
bind themselves thnt floating indebtedness will be reduced to normal Ugure within one yenr without recourse
to proceeds of guaranteed securities,
10. The Government takes, also,
as additional security the interest of
Mackenzie, Mann & ('ompany in Cnn
ad inn   Northern  Townsltes.
The Union of the various companies is' effected hy a transfer of the
shares of the various subsidiary
Companies, such as the Canadian
Northern Ontario, tbe Onnadian Nor
thorn Quebec, the Canadian Northern Pacific, the Halifax and Southwestern, the Quebec and Lake St.
(John, nnd many others to the parent Company, the Canadian Northern Itailway. hi addition to tbe n-
bovo Itailway Companies, the stock
of all the Terminal Companies owning their various terminals ami of
their steamship Compnny, aa well as
the stoek of Ibe Cuuudlnn Northern
Impress Company, Canadian Northern Telegraph Company, the Winiil
Kg Land Company, the St.. lloni-
faco & Wostffrn Lend Company, the
Mount Roynl Terminal & Tunnel
Company, tbo Canadian Northorn
Transfer Company- and all other
Companies connected with the railway   system,   am all transferred to
the Canadian Northern, and are, of
course, covered by the Government
security. These stocks were, in the
case of 18 companies, owned by the
Markcnzie & Mann Company. The
total fully paid capital of all these
Subsidiary Companies was about
(;fiS,000,000, and for this Mackenzie,
Mann & Company acoipt $23,000,000
of Canadian Northern stock. This
$23,000,000 alone, with the $77,000,-
000 already issued, makes the total
of $100,000,000 of which 40 per cent,
or two-filths, will hereafter r*-' owned by the Dominion of Canada, and
three-fifths by the present stockholders.
lt will thus he seen that a reduction of capitalization of $45,000,000
bus been effected, The Agreement
provides that no further capital of
any of the Companies now united in
one system can he issued without
tht consent oi the Government.
There is every reason to believe
that in the course of no great length
of time the road will be on a paying
basis. Its bonded indebtedness per
mile, inclusive of all the indebtedness of the various subsidiary companies, such as the Terminals, Tele,
graph, Express, Steamships, Transfer, Land Companies and others included, will, inclusive of the new
$45,000,000 issue, total little over
436,000 per mile. Taking th'.' railway Itself, with stations, etc., the
rate per mile would be a very great
deal less.
The Company's standard of road
from tb? standpoint of grades, curvature, road-bed and bridges, is
high, indeed, having regard to the
mileage cost, nnd as a consequence
should be In a position to compete
successfully for trnllic, and when
linked together as a system, become
a strong rnilway institution. Such
being the case, it will be seen thnt
upon such success the people of Canada will he well recompensed for the
guarantee now given, if, on the
oilier hand, adversity should be encountered, thc Government is in a
position upon default to o invert the
system into a notional institution
and to run it if they decide to do so
as a government railway system.
All the roads comprised in the sys
tem are brought by the arrangement
under thc Dominion jurisdiction. Tho
Government has taken to itself the
power to appoint' on the Board of
the Canadian Northern, or on the
Hoard of nny subsidiary company, a
Director, whose duties it will be to
keep the Government advised in respect of the management of tbe road.
Upon default, the Government ia empowered to dismiss thfl Directors of
the parent Company, or any of the
others, and tn appoint a new Hoard
in their place,
from the above It will bo seen
that the principle which the Government has kept In view Is to secure
for Mm people of Canada adequate
return in tbo wny of nn interest, lu
the syst'tn Itself for thc services
rendered by the Canadian people in
the way of Biding the llnnneiul oper
New Grey
Suits, $18.
AND these are
J\   the "real
fine, sturdy Suits
that wear.
We have them in
a big variety of
novel effedts—and
in the new styles.
$18. up.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, JJ. C.
attona nf tho road, mnl at the name  clvo in dorivablo from  tlio   ancooflB
time to h-iivi' tho roHpniiHihlllty lor  ol the road,    II thoy mako It n nne-
tho Bticcosfl ol tho Byfltom upon thooo
wlm liavo mado It what it Ih, Tho
••■•ly   remuneration    they    can    ,«
cihh for thomsolvofi In that dogroa
tho remuneration to tlio country in
■ >f-f-|"f-t-)"|-'i *l-i'-ni-i"tHI"tHh*l'*l,**l*,lfclH +Hi"i i,'l,T'i,T'i"i*'i'T'il"l"l"rill I "W" '
Professional   Curbs
Cobcje    Hotices
h^iti vi r-Mr+^H ^^-H^^H■^^^l^^^-4^'l 11111 i-ii iti.
Court Cranhrook No. 8943.
Meet lu   Mnplo   Hull,   cm   Hml   ami
ith Thuredny ut each month.
J.   Mcl.AOHUIN,   O.K.
Louie Pearson,  Hoc.,   P.O. Boi ell.
Vlsltinc Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Ornuhruok  Branch)
Moots   in   Mttfilo    Hall on the 2nd
ami 1th Tuesdays In every month, at
I  p.m.   Memberflbip open to British
K. Y. Brake, Pres.
I..  Pearron,  Storetvy
Visiting members curtltnlly welcome
A. F, _ A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
H.  Hiclionbotham,  W.M.
J. Lee Cranston, Sec.
No. 125,  R. A.  M.
Regular  meetingB:—2nd  Tuesday in
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning    Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Bi.  Comp.—A. C.  Shankland,  _,
Cranhrook, ll.C.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 23
Meets every Tuesday at a p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A.  Hurry,  0, 0.
E. Halsall, K. of lt. & B.
E.  A.  Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to  attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY    CITY    LODGE
Uo. 42
Meets every Mondny night
at Bew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
J. Turnley W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meets in Maple Hull , F'iist and
Third Wednesdny 0I each month at
8 00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs.  A. M. Laurie, C. O
Mrs. A. E. Bhaw, Bee.
Visiting   Companions   eordlnlly   welcome. 86tf
tiPHffl No.     1049
Meets    every    Wednesday  at 8 'p.m.,
in      Royal     Black
-NiMSS**        Knights'    Hall   on
T I Ink or  Street.
M. F.rler, Dictator.
It. S. Uarrctt, Sec'y
Meets in Roynl lllnck  Rnlghte Hall
linker Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thureday
of each month at » p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Hnyward, rcc. sec.
W. II. MacFnrlune, chief ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
The  Cranbrook   Poultry  and   Pet
Stock Association
President— C. R.  Sheppard
Meete regularly on the First Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address tho Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 8S2, Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Morts 1st und
3rd Thursday in
II o y a I Black
Knights ot lre-
Iniiil .mil at 8 ii.io. sharp. Visitors
II. S. (Jnrrntt, W. M.
W. Uunstnn, Hec. Sec.
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute
Pirn—A.  II. Smith
Sec—A,h. H. Webb
Meetings    aro    hold  on  tho Third
Thursday In tlic month at 8 p.m. in
lhe Old Oymnaaium All Welcome.
Women's Institute
Meets iu the Oarmens' Hall 1st
Tuesday afternoon in every month
ut 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on 3rd Friday evening in the
snme place at 8 p,  in.
Mrs. E. H. Leaman,' President
Mrs.   J.   Shnw,  Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All Indies cordially invited.
T.   T.   McVI TT I E
P.L.B.   *   0.1.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    ■    British Columbia
Civil   nnd  Mining E»siiie«ra—Britiah
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 236 Phone 211
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.    KING    &    GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Dfflce at Residence,  Armatrong Ave.
Office Houra:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   1.30
Sundays  - - ■ 1.30 to   4.10
Oranbrook,     -----     B.O<
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury.Avenue Nest to Citv Hall
Open Day and Night Pboae <3I
Funeral Director,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
•hone 259
P. O. Box 845
Notice is hereby given that a reserve notice of which appeared ln
tho B.C, Gazette, on Octobor 10th,
1912, is cancelled in so far as it relates to tho following expired timber
nnd   43176.
Deputy Mil
Inter ot Lands.
Victoria, B.C., Mnrch Slat
Dr. de Van's Female Pllle
A rcllnblt French regulator; utvet lalll. The*
pIllH nre eicuedinxly powerful la regulating thi
ui-nerntlvu portion uf the lemale nyntem. Refuii
hII cheap imitations. Dr. da Tan's ara lold al
fl. r Imx, nr thrctt lor Ilit. Mailed to any addreii.
f ha Soatoll Drag Co., St* CrtMrtaM, Oat
Women's Suffrage
(Comtlnued (rom Page One)
This proved by actual experience,
and as an instance of this may be
cited the case of a factory girl wlio
had neber been able to aee tbe use
of the vote to her rill aba found her
own particular occupation the suli.
Ject of legislation.
ThiB girl had always been able to
Bee tbe usefulness of Trades Unions,
but had nover realized bow helpless
is the Union that bas uo direct rep
reaentathm in Parliament.
1 mentioned just uow that Lbo women's demand for tbe vote is a stun
of ber emergence by which 1 meant
that it iB a sign tbat she bus emerg
ed from a position of economic dependence to one of limited independence owing to the development of
the industrial system which has been
responsible for her pitting her skill
against man's In every walk of life,
frum the highest profession.} to the
commonest trades and occupations.
she is no longer a bargain in the
marriage market, compelled to sell
herself to the highest bidder, but in
thousands of cases, Is mini's successful competitor,
The people who are so jealous for
women's womanhood may regret all
this, but it Is a fact that confronts
tis everywhere today, and I do not
recall that I ever heard these people
raiBe their voices in protest against
the shameful way In whlcb women's
labor has been exploited for private
profit, by using her labor power n-
gainst man's at. cheap and starvation rates in factory, shop and olllce
If it will rob women of their refinement to exercise the vote tu protect their own interests, wbat Influence does It have on them to work
all day long among whirring electric
ally driven machinery, their whole
delicate nervous systems keyed up to
an unnatural pitch, producing in
feverish haste, the dainty whltewer-x
that the ladies who don't want the
vote scramble for at bargain counters.
If it will rob women of their refine
mtnt to take an intelligent interest
tn the affairs of their country, what
does it do to them when they stand
all day in huge department stores
under the immediate supervision of
some sensual brute in the clothes of
a shopwalker.
Woman's place is surely the bom-*,
but they have been robbed of the
home, for where are tbe homes nf
the thousands of girlB that one rubs
shoulders with in the street cars nnd
restaurants of our great cities, nnd
supposing that a percentage of th..in
finally obtain homes of their own,
what sort of a training bave they
had to fit them for the science of
domestic management.
Oh, it is sickening to listen to the
cant and humbug that claims tu
want to shelter women from tbe
rough and tumble of the political
That women need sheltering is true
but the dangers they need sheltering
from are not to be found in the polling booths. Let us get down to
facts, and if we are men and claim
the old fashioned virtue of chivalry,
let. it be a real chivalry, a chivalry
that will join with intelligent womanhood the world over in endeavoring to right the wrongs from which
men and women and children suffer
Tbe wrong of the sweatshop, tbe
curse of tbe drink traffic, and all
tho unnameable vices that accompany tbat traffic, the lust for war,
war that depopulates countries, ami
leaves widows and orphans by the
If ever there was a question that
affected women, surely it is the war
fever question, for who are not tbo
silent suffereers from the devastations of the war fiend?
That there are intelligent and unselfish people who do not want to
see women equipped witb the franchise will be gsanted, but thfeir intelligence and their unselfishness are
the unwitting tools of the real opposition which comes from powerfully entrenched and selfish interests
from political bosses, ami cogs in
their party machines, from the human vultures that prey on women,
and regard them in their colosaaf ignorance as their inferiors, the test
of their own superiority being their
brute force.
It is Against this kind of superiority that women are revolting thc
world over, because it is the superiority of tyranny, and thc men who
ure wise will line up with them in
their right, for their caiibV is the
cause of humanity.
That women can not accomplish
the reforms they desire without the
voto is amply demonstrated by the
laws that arc on the statute books
affecting women thnt have boen
placed there by men who baVo legislated for mon, tho divorce laws, the
married women's property Inw and
a score of enactments tbat indicate
tho ?f.!x of tho lawmakers.
Man alone has not mnde u BUCC6B8
of society; womon nlono would not.
make a success of It
Dominance by one sex, iut matter
which, Is Intolerable, but tbe working together harmoniously can and
will do whnt nlQlther can accomplish
Vote* foe women Is tbe battli* cry
Of the democracy tlmt will never
work out its own salvation till tbo
demand  bus  boen  granted.
The vote is absolutely tho only real
weapon thut democrucy lifts, and
when the womon takes up that weapon universally, we shall seo things
accomplished that we have been trying to accomplish for generations,
lor she will umpire tbe army of democracy with the new wine of enthusiasm and mural passion.
She who brings life int.. the World,
to whom the future of tbo race is
entrusted, will alwaya place life before property, and physical nnd mor
al  health  liefore  profit.   •
The vote is a means, but only n
means, The question of the hour is
not merely giving women a vote,
lhat. is merely an incident in tbe social evolution, it is a question uf
giving woman an equal chance with
man to become bar truo, ber whole
self, and uf utilizing all her qualities
Iti the creation and regulation of the
Institutions within which nil people
male and female must  alike live.
Notice is hereby given tbat, sixty
days from date hereof, 1 intend to
apply to tho Minister of Lunds for
a Licence to prospect for Coul and
Petroleum over the following dos-
cribed lands, situate in tbe Kernie
District of Soutb Bast Kootonay, in
Hlock 4693,
Commencing nt n post plnnted at.
the North East corner of Lot 8593,
being the North WeHt corner; thenco
South HO chains, East 80 chuins,
North SO chnins anil West 80 chains
to point of commencement, and con
talning G40 acres more or less.
Located this 20th day of Match,
20 .lames Fishor, Atf'iit
Notice Is hereby given that, sixty
days from date hereof, 1 intend to
apply to the Minister of Lands for
a Licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lands, situate in the Pernio
District of South East Kootenay, in
Dlock 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
the South East, corner of Lot 7113,
being the South West, corner; tbence
North 80 chains, East K0 chains
South 80 chnins and West 80 chains
to point of commencement, and containing f.*10 aces more or less.
Located this 19th day of March,
20 James Fisher, Agvnt
Notice is hereby givon that, sixty
days from date hereof, I intend to
apply to the Minister of Lands for
a Licpnee to prospect for Coal and
Petruleum over thc following described lands, situnte in the Fernie
District of South East Kootenay, in
Ulock 45113.
Commencing at n post planted at
ur near the Northeast corner of Lot
7334; being the South East corner;
theace North SO chnins. West 80
chains. South SO chains, and Enst
80 chains to point of commencement
and containing G40 ncres more or
Located    this 23rd dny  of   Mnrch,
20 JAMES FISHER. Locator
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
btrta, the Yukon Territory, tbe North
weBt Territories and in a portion of
the Provinco ol British Columbia
may be leased for a term of twenty
one years at ao annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acre*
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must bt
mads by the appliennt in person to
the Ageut or Sub Agent of tbe dls
trict in whlcb the rights applied foi
Are situated.
In surveyed territory the Innd must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, nud in unsur
veyed territory tbe tract applied foi
shall he staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accom
panied by a fee of |5 wblch will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shnll be paid on tbe mor
chantnble output of the mine at tbe
rntc of live cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine h1i.i1.
furnish the Agont with sworn returnt
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined uud pny thr
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights nre not being operated, suoh
returns should be furnished ut leant
once a year.
Tbo lease will Include the conl mln
ing rights only, but tho lessee tnnj
be permitted to purchase wbatovef
available surface rights may be con
sidered necessary fur the working ol
the mine nt tbo rate of 110.00 nn acre
For full Information application
should bo made to tlm Seerotury ol
the Department of tbo Interior, Ottn
wa, or to any Agont or Hub Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Ministor of the  Interior
N.B,—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for.   301190. Jan. 3rd If.
Notice is hereby given tbat, sixty
days from date hereof, I intend to
apply to the Minister of Lands for
a Licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lunds, situate in the Fernie
District of South East Kootenay, in
Block  4593.
Commencing at a post planted a
bout Ono Mile East of thc Northeast
corner of Lot 7284, being the Northwest corner, thence South 80 chains,
East. HU chuins, North 80 chains, and
West HU chains to point of commence
ment, ami containing 640 acres more
or less.
Located tbls 20th day   of   March,
20 JAMES FISHER, Locator
Notice is hereby given thut, sixty
days frum dute hereof, I intend to
apply to the Minister of Lands for
a Licence to prospect for Coal and
Potroloum ovor the following described lauds, situate in tho Fernie
District of South Eust Kootonay, in
Block 4598.
Commencing at a post planted nt
the South East corner of Lot B596
being tll.> N. E. corner; thonce South
SO chains, West HO chains, North SO
chains und Eust HO chains to point.
ul' commencement, containing 040
acres more or less.
Located this 20tti  day   of    March,
20 JAME8 FISHER, Locator
Notice is hereby given tbat, sixty
days from date hereof, 1 intend to
npply to the Ministor of Lunds for
a Licence to prospect, for Coal and
Potroloum over the following described lands, situate in the Fernie
District of Soutb East Kootenay, in
Dlock 4593.
Commencing at a pust planted at
tbe North Eust corner of Lot 8734
being the South West corner; thence
North 80 chains,tbence East 80
chains, thence South 80 chains, and
West 80 chains to point of commence
ment and containing 640 acres more
or less.
Located this 22nd day of March,
HARRY  DRAPER,  Locator.
20 Jnmes FUbsr, Agunt
Notice is hereby given tbat, sixty
days from date hereof, I intend to
apply to the Ministor of Lands for
n Licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the fallowing described lands, situate in the Fernie
District of South East Kootenay, in
Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
the South East corner of Lot 8590,
being the South Wost corner; thence
North 80 chains. East 80 chains,
South 80 chuins, and West 80 chains
to point of commencement and containing 040 acres more or lesa.
Located tbls 20th day of March,
20 JAMES FISHER, Locator
Notice is hereby given thnt, sixty
days from date hereof, I intend to
apply to tho Minister of Lnnds for
a Licence to prospect for Coal ami
Petroleum over tbe billowing described lands, situato in tho Fernie
District of Soutb Enst Kootenay, in
Block 4593.
Commencing at n post planted at
the South East corner of Lot 8596,
being the South East corner; thence
North 80 chains, West 80 chains,
South 80 chains, and East 80 chains
to point of commencement and containing 040 acros more or less.
Located  this 20th day   of   March,
20 JAMES FISHER, Locator
Notice is hereby givon thnt, sixty
dnys from dnte hereof. I intend to
apply to the Ministor of Lands for
a Licence to prospect for Conl and
Petroleum over the following described lnnds, situnte in the Fernie
District of South East Kootenny, in
Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
the South East comer of Lot 11441,
being the South West corner; tbence
North 80 chains, Enst 20 rhains,
houth SU chains, ami West 20 chains
to point of commencement and con
mining 160 acres moro or less.
Located   this   87th day of March,
HARLAN   J.  PEYTON, Locator
20 .lames  Fisher,   Afl'nt
Notice is hereby given that 6U dayB
after date I intend to apply to tbe
Ministor of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Ooal and Petroleum over
the following lands situati.' in the
District of South-east Kootenay,
British   Columbia,   in   Lot  4593,
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Southwest corner ol Lot
114S0, and being tbo Southwest coiner post of Mary Donncr's claim;
thence East 35.095 chnins; thence
North L3.3G8 elm ins; tbence East
44.856 chnins; thenco North 22.457
chains; tbence West approximately HU
chuins to the East line ol Lot 85H7,
thence South approximately 36,32
chains to the place of commencement
being a part of tho lands heretofora
surveyed as Lot 11480.
Locutod this 9th.day of February,
MARY   DENNEIt,  Locator
Eathen   W.   Dutts,   Agenl
Wm. H. Brown. Witness 14
Notice is hereby given thai CO days
aftor date l intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lauds fur a licence lu
prospect for Coal nud Petroleum over
the following binds situate m the
District of South eust Kootenay,
British  Columbia,   in   Lot   4593,
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near the Southeast coiner post ol
Lot 7130, and being the Northwosl
corner post of Ulysses E. Fehr's
claim, thenco East along the Soutb
line of Lot 10074A a distance ol approximately 27.79 chulns to the West
lino of Lot 8730; tbenre South along
the West line of Lot 8730 a distancf
of approximately 4.26 chains to the
Southwest corner of said Lot 8730;
thonce East along the South line of
said Lot 8730 a distance of approxl
mately 36.til chuins to tho West Iim
of Lot 10070; tbence Houth along the
West line of Lot 10070 a distance of
approximately 3.47 chnins to the
Northeast corner post of Lot 10067;
thenco West along the North line of
Lot 10067 a distance of approximate
ly 64.40 chnins to tho East, line of
Lot 8726; thence North along the
East line of Lot H72G a distance nf
approximately 7.7-1 chainB to tbe
;lace of beginning, containing appro*
lmately 34.17 acres.
Located tbis 10th day of February,
Eathen   W.   Butts.   Agent
Win. H. Brown, Witness 14
Notice h hereby riven that, sixty
days from date hereof, I intend to
apply to tho Minister Of Landa for
a Licence to prospect for Coul und
Potroloum over tbo following ties
cribed Inmls, silnate in the Fcrnte
District, of South East Kootenny, In
Block  4593.
Oommonolng at n post plnnted al
the North East corner ol Lot 8734,
helng tbo Soutb Kast cornor; tlunco
North 80 chains, West SO ohnlns,
South ho cbalna and East xn chains
to point of commencement and run
talning mn acres more nr loss.
Located this 88ml day of   March.
20 Jajmkm FISHER, Locator
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
nfter date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lauds for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum over
the following lands Bltuate In the
District Of South-east Ko 'tenay,
Dritisb Columbia,  In  Lot  4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South-west corner pust
of Lot 11949, and being tbo Southeast corner post of Ulysses 10. Fein's
claim; thonce North nlong the Wost
boundary line ol Lot 11949 to t be
South boundary line of Lot 11951 n
distance of 55.54 chains; thence Wost
along the South boundury line of Lot
11951 to the East boundary line of
Richard Helme's claim a distance
approximating 12 chains; thenco
South along the East boundary line
of Richard Holme's claim 55.54 chains
to the North boundary line ol Lot
11948; tbence Enst to the point of
commencement, containing approximately 65 ncres.
Located this 14th day of February, 1914.
ULYSSES E.  FEHR, locator
Eathen   W.   Dutts,   Agent
Win. H. Brown, Witness 11
Notice is hereby givon that CO days
after date I intend to apply to tbe
Ministor of Lands for n licence to
prospect fur Coul and Petroleum over
the following lands situate in the
District of South-east Kontenay,
British  Columbia,  in   Lot 4593.
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near the Southwest comer post of
JLot 7845, nnd bolng tho Northwest
| corner post of Gaorge Wykes' claim;
thonco South nlong the East boundary of Lot 7842 to tbe International
Boundary a distance approximating
55.01   chnins;   thence   East   along   the
international Boundary t» the B mth
west corner of Lot 7404 a distance
approximating 53.16 cbatlii; thenc.*
North nlong the West line of Lot
7404 to the South Hue of Lot 7815 n
distance approximating 56.05 chains;
thonco West along thi South lino of
Lot 7845 to the place ol commence
ment a distance approximating 53.12
chains, containing approximately 292
Located tins 9th day of February,
Bathen w. iiuttn, Agent
Win.  H. Brown.  Witness 11
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
A hkijaiii.i', Attn u lat or
Tlieno I'IIIH nro «. pounded »itli On jtMtoi
care from the molt rallnble rei He* kmwn t
itlemc.Hlirli .in un; Mlllfl i.iH *> Ili ItilicllIUCC0I
hy ti,.- -i ■■■!■ Milled ofiyiteliini known
Thev iFo'h ipocittc t"i «lie chitieM.t.ji dlwrdoi
lou I.I Ii llii! l.'Mi;i]er«imitiiti HI 15 liable
Price 18 a box. No. « (much Urniigerl Ifl
Inn. -""i ni uii .it i; ■ i .p. , >r by me It .'it
L*v»l Drue «:«., Bt, U»Ui*rlu«n, Out.
Take notice that I intend to upply
to the Minister of Lauds for u licence
to prospect for ('oat and Petroleum
tbe following described lands,
Block 459!!, Group 1, Kootenay D.B-
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East corner of Lot 9499,
thenco North eighty chuins; thenco
Wi st eighty chuins; thence South
eighty cbalna; thence Eust eighty
chainB, to point of commencement,
thereout that part covered
I this ICth day of February
. xceptini
by Lot
I ,oci
John Livingst n, locator
Q, W. Brown, Agent
Take notice thut I intend tu apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following descrlhed lands,
Block 4593, Oroup 1, Kootenny D.s-
Commencing at a poat planted at
lho North West corner of Lot 9499,
tbence North eighty chnins; thence
West eighty chnins; thonce South
■i.'lity chnins, thence East eighty
•bains to point ol commencement.
Located this L8th day of Fel ruary
John Livingst n, locator
'2 G. w. Brown, Agent
Take not ire thai I intend to apply
to tho Minister of LandB for a llcenco
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following described lands,
Block 4598, Group 1, Ko-tenay D.s-
Commencing at a post planted at
the North Enst, corner of Lot 11984,
thonco west eighty chains; thence
North eighty chains; thence East
eighty chnins; tbence South eighty
■bains to point of commencement.
Located this 17th day of February
John Livingston, locator
'2 G. w. Brown, Agent
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the Minibter of Lnnds for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
thc following described landB,
Hlock 459:., Group 1, Kootenay D.s-
Commencing at a post planted at
tho North East corner of Lot 9499,
thonce North eighty chainB; tbence
East eighty chains; thonce South
eighty chains; thenco West eighty
chains, to point of commencement,
excepting thereout, that part covered by Lots 11980 and 11981.
Located tbis 16th day of February
John Llvlngati n, locator
12 G,  W. llrown, Agent
Take notice that I intond to npply
lo the Milliliter of Lands for n licence
to proBpect for Coal aud Petroleum
ou the foi In wing described lands,
Ulock 4593, Group 1. Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post plnnted at
ihe North West cornor of Lot 9499,
thenco West eighty chains; tbence
Bouth eighty chnins; th-nee Enst
eighty chains; tbence North eighty
chains to point of commencement.
Located tbis 16th day of February
John Livingston, locatoi
12 (!. W. Brown, Ageut'
Tako notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lunds for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
.■vor pnrt of Block 4693 described as
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 11980,
ihence South fifty chains; tbence
West eighty-nine chains, more or less
to the Eastern boundary of Lot
10981; tbence North to the southerly
boundary of Lot 10979; thence follow
ing the said boundary and tbe Westerly and Southerly boundaries of
Lot 11979 to point of commencement
Located title l7tb dny of February
Alfred. H. Webster, locator
12 (i. w. Brown, Agent
District of South-East   Kootenny
TAKE NdTICK tbnt John Henry
Lismer, of Oranbrook, B, 0., occupa
tion laborer,intends to apply for per
mission to purchase the following
described lands:—
Commencing at fl P'tst planted at
Lhe South weat corner of Lot 9r.87,
Gi..up I Kootenay District, thenco
west 20 cbalns, thenee north 40
rhnlni, thence east 20 chains, thenco
south i" chains to the point of commencement  und containing   HO   acres
noiic  or  less.
Dated March 80th, 1914. 14
Electric Restorer for Mer
PhoSnhOIlol o"*l'in** ev«MVtimr lu tlif lm<4.
 :, 1.1) Iti pinpci tuiMlun ; reituiii
jin umi vU.il:i\    I'lrnintme tlrrnv mid ill Hernia!
foalcnoM averted st ojjea.   Pho»pinmol mil
nilca you anew mnn,   Price Me box. or two iol
■',      M..I.-I i .HIM   ., Ihr.        f lie |mMH DMU
^«„ It. Uftlltftr Inti, Oni. TIIE  PKOSPECTOR. CRANBROOK. B. C.
HE Annual   Meeting  of  the   Local
Conservative   Association   will    be
held in the Committee Rooms on Hanson
Avenue, on Tuesday evening, May 19th,
at 8.30 p.m.
I. R. MANNING, Pres.
J. A. ARNOLD, Sec-Treas.
The wator
uu     the
■street daily, but the crowds that gut
ou January Lm have dwindled down
to ji single driver.
The Beattie Murphy Drug Store in
In ing renovated by a now coat of
paint hud mi by the brush of It. A.
Racklyeft. 'Hie appearance of the
store will  be much improved,
Mrs, Vngus Heed and Mrn, .1.
Woodman  will  receive Informally ut
the   hitter's   residence   on   Wednesday,
.May 20th, for the last time this
Mr. J. 0. Cummlngs, P.L.S., returned to town Monday after Burvey
[ng a targe tract **f timber lu the
Fernie district for the Fornie Lum*
Ih i' Company,
LAMB fresh spring lamb
at the Cranbrook Meat Market.   Phone
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.,
New Rates fur Users of Motors  Electric Irons.
Toasters, Stoves, Heaters. Etc.
First 4h0  h.p.  at tic.   per h.p.   hour
Second 400 b.-p. nt 5c. per h, p. hi
Over SDH h.p. as 41c  per h.p.  hour
Theae   rates  apply   to  electricity  consumed   between   I       hours
a.m. and 7 p.m. from the 1st of March   tu  the   1st   A   Sc her;
from 8 u.m. to ."> p.m. the remainder of tbe year.
On motors tli-n; will he a charge of per h. td  .
these  rates,  as—
On   motors  I   to   !".  h.p    i'i-  to    50h.p. consun r mntta
lOu "
2ou "        •■ .25
Over   200   b.p.   Consume!:   no <
Ou motors over  15 h.p.—Up to 100 b.-p. consumed, 50c.  per h.p.   ei
200     " " 25c.
Over    200 h.p. consumed no charge per h.p,
Vou are cordially  invited to  the    demonstration    at   our   office    between the 3rd nnd 15th of next month.
Plants for Sale
Victoria Rhubarb 2Jc. pur lb. .$2.00
per 100 tbs. Bedding plants, Asters,
Lobelia, i'ansy, Stocks, Petunias,
Chinese Pinks, etc., 35c. per dozen.
Fiischias, Geraniums, Ivy, ete. in
pots 20c, to 50c. inch. Cabbage nnd
Celery plnnlH 50c. per LOO. Rhubarb
roots tOc, raspberry canes 5c. Kus-
Kiati poplars 10c, 2 year Asparagus
root 5c,  cash  with  order, delivered
five.    Address,   il.   Creese,   ffattBburg
For Sale Rents & Wants
Tffenty-flvD BRconiMmiul Bowing
MnctilncH lor Salo mm monthly puy-
nionta, some >>f thom cnbinots. All
overhauled Bhtl in good condition,
From $r..iw np. Bingcr Storo, phono
!"'7. 4-tl.
I'*(ill BALE, Brantford Bicyclo, net:-
ondhand, cheap lor cash. Apply
this ofllco,
FOB   KAI.K -Silver  Qroy   Dorkings,
11 pullets and I hen.   $2.00 eacb. Boi
U20, Cranbrook, B.C.
VOR HUNT -Nlcoly turnlshod rooms,
private board if desired, centrally
located,    Phon;  111. II U.
DEMOCRAT FOIt BALE, strong und
in good condition. Can be aeen ut
the Prospector olBco, Price $40.00
FOB    SALE    OR    RENT   5 roomed
house "ii :i lots, good log barn and
chicken coop ftt  back.    Apply tn A.
Brault, IM! pooley Avcnuo,        '17-4t
WANTED    \   housekeeper f<>r  family
of thru'.     i'.nn I   wages to    right
party.    Blderly  lady  preferred.    Apply Boi 873, Crnnbrook, B.C.    '17-2
Local  News
Now you are spring cleaning huve
you noticed that that picture you
think most of wants a new glass'*
Kilby frames, repairs, renovates and
sells pictures.   Kilby Frames Pictures
Canada was the largest customer
oi Great Britain last year toi i tydes
dales, nn."'. tin • 629 oul oi s total
.■I ^ 17 aoul abroa I, South Africa
iniu.* next   with  51.
\    in   ill   til"   in    some    rubl     '
thr   yard   o!   Mc   H.   Gfl   I ■   1*1
donee on   I lansou   bro
■ .,. brl| fi le on   v! adaj evening.    N'o
ai   igi   ve    li ue   i ■   the   |
;no\i i.
Friday was pa;
ut the C.P.R.
!•'. ff. Adolph, of Haynes, wan registered at the Cranbrook Thurad iy.
ll. A. Law of Pernio, was registered at the Cranbroolt  Thursday.
J.  J. Gillespie, of Pinchcr   Creel.
wuh in the city Thuraday,
l*\ li. Gray, of Sheep Creek was in
town Thursday on company business
J. El. Bradley of Creston, wns in
tb.1 city Thursday  on  biminess.
Mnny a dazzling straw bat waa
seen on Sunday Inst, but our old
felt bat  felt just as good as ewr.
Business is good with the moving-
picture men, they asport. Things
are always moving in that Industry,
A. I■). Watts, of Wattsburg, was
transacting business at Craubrook
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie ol Pt
Hteele were Cranbrook visitors Thurs
LAMB fresh spring Iamb
at the Cranbrook Meat Mar
ket.   Phone
Ladies'   or   Q ni b   Hats   o(   nnv
st) lo  deane i  or  rei leled.      Phono
mt or npplj Miss l.. M. Smith   Fen
wick Avenue. *18-4t.
TO    LET   Thre     ro ins    ( r   light
housekeeping,  on    Vrmstrong ave,
rent $8,00  p« r  i   mth    Apply ftt  the
O.K. barhei shi      »   V Kilby.
Fun BALE. Tw. bi all cottages,
practically new, In first class con
dltlon, plastered outside an.l inside.
Applv II. Howlott, plasterer, Cran-
] rook street. tl.tl
FOH : W.E IBO ncres of First nlnsn
land' 100 in ii" 'ii wbioh Is doan .1
the remaining fid ni res Is honcli land.
Willi this gnr :: ploughs, log) Ing
rh iiim, slcl i i'n ■ i i, -:i   i'i.r-.l.-n tools,
hlAChfmtth tool  , i . ■       nod Noun"
sel of single hai ■ iol ol double
harness, no ponti' tools, nn api r, top
bulgy, wagon, Oats nml pivtatoos
nml hoiiii' garden produce Mown mnl
planted.   A BNAP nl H.H 10 0ABI1
Land Ih sltuatod nt    Cherry   Oreok,
A|.|i!y  nl   tin'  Prosi ior  omco  lor
ownor nn.l ium I'i ll
Th»> dog owner an*' his tnirl, >M <l _■
nre Boon parted when the ,i   - r	
er goes on the warpalii.
The St. ISugene hospital is being
brightened up by a fresh coat uf
paint;   It.  ('.   (.'air  has  the colilrnrt.
Krnnk Mur|,h\ left on Wednesday
mi n loiHiti-si- trip ti. Oalgary, He
is expected tn le- away aboul a weok
Mr. and .Ii- im la mil children
nr ■ nr present itaytng witb their
i,iotln-r ni  Wyclifle.
We Clean tin.- Town. Up-to
Date and Sanitary, Cranbrook
uyu & Cleaning Works. Phone
Speaking abo I pests, hon al o i
ihe man win, spends the day tinkering with an old auto In loe hark
i'. ll. McDougal, ,,| Klmhorloy,
manager -.1 tho Sullivan group ol
mines, waa In town on compan' bus
Iness Wednesday,
KII.IIV      KKAMlv        rli   :i RI5S
!    llev.  .1.   Hordman  ot    Wyclllto,   Is
I leaving bin church  In  ihnt   place to '
Inke ni, lhe woi I.  in  WflHtmlnatei   In |
! UbOUt   two   WOOks   I line
Mr.  mnl   Mrs    W    11 .1 iill  Imve 1 n ]
mov ng im i the ie i lm co lately occupied  by   Mr.   II.   Dnrllng,  on   Dur,
well   Avenue   litis   week.
let       Polici dgnrj
...        su li   Ior  •!  100    -   ..  local
., |oi   raiding
:   ... : \    that   the
place wns being conducted .i^ a nam
■ ■
,  sti Beusational   feature   at
Rex theal      toi Is  entitled
•    ■ ,       tins    is     a
\  .   noi   I ai  re   . Ill be the
Fast   Fi eight      nnd a corned]     ."
of whli      -   ■ rth seeing.
Quality in Cleaning! Cranbrook Dye & Cleaning Works.
We Clean the Town   Phone 157
Don't forget I h i annua] :: i t [ng if
Conservative Association oa
Tuesday evening at S.30 p.m. to he
held in the Club rooms on Hanson
Avenue, "!' e executi1 loi the com-
Ing year wlll be elected aad matters
of importance will be discussed.
At the Edison theatre tonight nn
e.ttra special feature in two reels
will be shown; it is entitled "Love
vs. Law," nlso Cue and Misene, Nutty Has Hit- Ideas mnl Pathe's Weekly-
Mr. Wells, a theological student,
is tnkinsr the services ot thc Church
I England, Wyclifle, next Sunday
in the place of the Rev. A. B. l.ane
who is leaving Wyclllle on the 26th
Inst, for the Old Country for a three
months trip.
ltev. A. 0. Lane was ordained to
Hie priesthood nt thc Christ church
last Sunday evening, a good attendance of members bolng present.
There were alRo eight candidates up
for confirmation, at the same servile.
A burning shack across the track
brought out thc C.P.R. lire department on Friday aliout 8.80 p.m. Thc
Bhatll was occupied hy two Italians,
the lire was lirst discovered in thc
roof, caused by heat or sparks from
the chimney. The building was gutted, notblng but thc walls standing.
.Many excellent catches of Ilsh were
roported from all over the district.
Parties ut Munroe anil Pish lakes
ret iirneil with well tilled creels. Several good catches were made on Pcr-
ly Creek. Other nlco catches were
mnile close to town ou St. Joseph
Big Surprize to
Many in Cranbrook
Local people nre surprized nt the
QUICK results received from simple
. . , i hulk, glycerine, etc., as
mixed In Adlcr-l-ka, tlm German remedy which became tannins hy curing
nppondi.itis, Iie„ttlc-Murphy Co.,
slates that this simple remedy nntl-
BepticUea the digestive system and
draws oil the impurities so thorough*
ly   thnt   A   SINGLE DOSE   relieves
,ur stomach nml constipation INSTANTLY. 4J-3t
^      m
'iin- Forost Branch ol
nn ni ui Lands uiiei, t.i
i,i•,    "i    dry  cordwood
.o.i    tacked  al i   two
'I \.
Ton "ir   will   he  li|	
,,l the Hiui.riei Fore I
May 12th, lull, when
tlcnlars mnv he ohtalne
in ihlng to tender loi ■
.1. li. Hiliin
th? Depart-
.Oi- ii i|iiaa
nil,.ii.lv   cut
mil,.ii   Iron)
nl   lln. "Hire
ei   ul   noon,
im 11,-r par-
I   n\   unyoiui
Want a Wedding Ring?
Vou cull get the bcHt in weight
ninl workmanship here for Utile money and any other hind
of Rings at a considerable reduction, We have a large
sortment of very line Jewo
and previous sto
he glad to havo
;e na f
•wolry \
il ones   aad   will I
ve  you   call  ami (
inspect   tliem   at   vour    leisure. I
There  will  he   no    pressure    lo I
buy   iinli'SH   tlic
Vi'il   tn   .li'   no.
i;».n.H   tempt
Jewelers & Opticians
(Iranbrook,    -    -   IB. (■.
Dave .iniii.li, oni' oi the pioneer*
uf the Kootenay, took uut bis .Utt-
eth consecutive mining license lust
week. Wt1 doubt if there in anitlipi
mnn In tins province tbnt has bn-b
n record. 'Dnve" mined in the Cariboo district previous to the siMk-s.
coming to Willi Horse freek in 18li4.
A large number of members o( the
Winnipeg Industrial Burenu are expected to arrive at (.'ranbrook on or
about May 23rd, ami will spend a
tew hours in the city. The Board of
Trade are making arrangements tit
show them the city during their
short stay here.
At a meeting uf the Trades Protective Society, in London' Eng.,
the great need was emphasized for
the creation ot machinery to limit
irade disputes. It waa pointed out
that in L913 tbe trade disputes totalled double tin- average of preceed
Ing years nnd involved a loss of over
n.000.000 working  days.
LAMB fresh spring lamb
at the Cranbrook Meat Market.   Phone
One of our local clergymen was
walking on Hanson Avenue this week
when he observed a smal' boy smoking a cigarette. He addressed the
urchin, giving hhn a short lecture,
on the evil etlccts of the smoking
habit, then saiil to the boy, "Do you
know where boys who smoke cigar-
tttes go to?" "Cert! behind Kenny's barn," was the reply.
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It I'ays to Deal"
Because Hi Tikis GIN FILLS
A prominent Consulting Engineer of
N»w York City, thus heartily endoriea
29 Broadway, New York.
"I bought some of your C1N FILLS
at Victoria, ll.C, last September. Your
remedy I lunl. at 60 years of age, to give
perfect relief from the Kidney and
Ulndder Troubles incident tn one of my
ago. I urgently reeoiumend OIN 1'II.I.S
to friends hh being the on* thing that
doea me good,"    H. G. WOODFORD.
Ity the time a mnn or woman Is 60,
the Kidneys unci Bladder need a little
help to keep in good working order.
GIN I'lI.I.S are what they need. GIN
IMI.I.S keep the urine neutral, prevent
colds witling on the kidneys or bladder
aud wanl oil Uheumatic attacks.
Kcincmber, every boa of GIN PII.UJ
is sold wilh « tKisitlve guarantee to give
pei feel sul infliction or your luouey
promptly refunded.
50c. a bo>, 6 for ll 50. Sample free l(
you write Nntional Drug and Chemical
Co. of CauaiU, Limited, Toruuto.   176
We Clean the Town! Cranbrook Dye & Cleaning Works.
Phone 157.
The dancn which took place nt Wyclllle lant Tuesiluy In the Club Room
was a big success. Thoro wuh quite
a large number of Cranbrook frh'iulH
uttendeil and the mimic supplied by
tlic Oranbrook Orchestra was excellent. Those prosont are In hopes
thnt the timo will not he long before tll?y can enjoy another of these
Hucini gatherings,
Mr. nd. Pulljames, uh we stated in
our issue of lust week went over to
llie Ht. Kugene llospil.nl und wns op
initcl ou the 7th iimt. for 11 "Hand"
in the base of the Htoniiicb from
whlcb he bus been sulTorlng lor ovor
n year. The doctors nlso found It
iioosBsury io remove tho appendix.
Mr. li'iilljuines camo through llie op.
oration satisfactorily nml oxpoota to
In   sitting  up  ihln  week end-.
In obsorvunco of Mothers' liny, a
largo   number   ol Oranbrookitcs nt
tended sen ice.i in llie ehnlehen on
Sunday   last,     Many  of the cblliehis
were decorated, Tho hloa, originated by Misa Minn Sarvls, with the
suggestion thai u while llower he
worn lo show honor lo mother and
a   Iel ler   ha   wnllen   to  her  if  nhe  iH [
ii\iug, this   has   neon   changed   by
some  to wear a  white  llower  for  u 1
deud  mother and a red one   for   a I
lii nit;
LAMB fresh spring lamb
at the Cranbrook Meat Market.   Phone   -   -    •    •
Chief of Police Percy AdnniH and
Mrs. Atlnms returned from OntRary
i'U Friday. Since leaving Cranhrook
the Chief haa joined thc army of
benedicks. The newly wedded couple
was met at the depot liy a large
nuiiiTier of friends, and the Cranbrook band, The automobile waa
handsomely decorated, the front had
a masked face surmounted by a policeman's cap. The procession caused
considerable merriment as it passed
down to Baker street on its way to
the residence of the chief on Norbury
P. O. Box 803 Cranbrook, B.C
Inspect Canadian
Sir Richard McBride left Victorin
on Monday nlgbt for Vancouver. He
will make a tour of Inspection over
the constructed portion of the Canadian Northern Pacific railway a distance of 138 miles from New Westminster to Cisco.
First Ship through
The lirst ship to pass through tbe
Panama Canal under regular conditions will make the trip early neit
week. According to Governor Goc-
thalB, the channel through Curarchn
will be completed   about   Thursday.
The steamship Isthmian Mt San
Francisco on May 11 witbwhat probably is the lirst cargo of California
goods to be booked for the Atlantic
via the Panama Canal. The Isthmian was ordered to proceed to
Panama dir»ct with the expectation
of being permitted to steam through
the hlg ditch.
Result is Gratifying
The Hon. W. R. Ross' is expected
to he in the Kootenays in a day or
two for the purpose of familinri/.iv
hinm-lf wltb the needs of the new
Mr, Ross is especially interested in
the matter of making lotted ol!
landB available for pre-emption, 'ind
the recent sales which have heen conducted hy his department have b ''M
very gratifying to him for two reasons—first, Ill-cause there is an assurance that a largo number of uew
settlers are to locate in the province
and, second, because lt has been demonstrated that the land policy of
the government is in no way retarding settlement, a targe parcel of the
land In the Cranbrook district remaining unapplied for since the dnte
of the pre-emption opening ou May 1.
It is said that recently a preacher
after his sermon, requested everyone
in bis congregation who were paying
..heir debts to stand up. Instantly
every man, woman and child, with
one exception, arose to their feet,
lie seated the crowd, aud then Haiti,
"Lot every man who is not paying
bis debts stand up," Tbe exception
noted, a careworn, hungry-locking
Individual, slowly assumed a perpendicular position and leaned upon
Llie back of the bench iu front of
lum. "Ilow is It, my friend," nsked tbe minister, "that you nre the
only man in this congregation that
Is not ahle to meet his obligations?
"I publish a newspaper," he meekly
replied, "and my brethren here who
have just stood up are nil suiiHcrlb
ers, and " "Let uh pray,.' eielaim
ed the minister.
The World's Best
Send for Five Roses
Cook Book-
chosen from lhe contribution! ol over two ihouwJ
•uccmM wen of Five Rmm Flour throughout Canada.
AlaO Uieful Note* on the Various clou et ul good thintf*
lo eat, ill of which have hern, carefully cltcckeJ and
f-*xheckc(] by competent authority.
DUSTLESS—By   opening   dust   damper
and   direct  draft   damper when  shaking
all dust is carried up
smoke   pipe.  See
the McClary dealer or write for booklet.   )5
Just a Gentle Reminder
that we are headquarters
Rods, Lines,
and the best assortment
of flies in town
Hardware and Mill Supplies
B. C.
! P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. |
* Give our Shamrock Brands ot
I   Hams, Bacon, Lai d, Butter, etc.  1
| a trial and see if they are not the best
on the market
which insurea the quality and cleanliness of them.
Vitus tly. thut colors ANV KINM
ot Cloth I Vrlcclly, wllh tho
Nn Cham* nf MlitakM.   Clee* and flhnpl*.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anfnnn nnmllnff n hI-m h* nnd (tnaerljiMnn wm
'IllicitIf lir-i'UrlJill! -nil* n|'iiil"lt frot) wfinllim* nn
liivimn-iii in i-ml-iiMy iniii'iiir-i-ln. ('m>miiiiilni-
..ni-HHlr.cl.jrt-iiiillil-mMHl. HANDBOOK oril'ul.nta
Mint fr»e. oiditut nffonay rof sodTmiifl pnuttiu*
I'in mil a tuhnn tiirniiuli Mnnn h. Co. ruuolva
»|nrli*. hh. Ire, wtHi-nil. i-lnirifi', initio
Scientific American.
A hamtaum-iy IlllUtntert w<-M(ty.    Ijiric-itt Mr-
I'liUiiiiii uf imy K"t.'iniiiir lournnli   Tunni t«i'
I'iiiiikIii, |:i.7r. ii y.'.ii, pOBUVjfl ih.-jj.ihI.    Milil lif
kll i.i'»ailruli'ie.


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