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The Prospector Oct 11, 1913

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Array r
We Test Eyes
Orind Our Own Leases snd
Gusrantse ,You* a]|Fit
%ht f 10$ptttot
provincial   Legislative. Assembly
The Leading Newspaper
in the
Kootenays £
$2.00 Per Year
Annual Anniversary
G.I.A. & B. of LE.
The Indict, of tho CJrnnd International Auxiliary of tho Brotherhood
of Locomotive hlnpineerH celebrated
their annual anniversary In tho Car-
in-n't. Hall on Monday Innt. The oc
ciislon waa tlio fourth birthday of
the O.I.A., and the thirteenth of the
.Brotherhood of EQnglnoors,
A splendid programme war provided, as follows:
An nddrean hy tho prealdont of the
G.I.A., Mra. G. W. Johnson.
A chorus hy tho young ladiea of
the G.I.A. entitled "A trip to Poppy
The Engineer*]1 dream: a recitation
by Mlaa Alma BarvlB.
Instrumental solo: hy Mlaa Dolorea
Reading: hy Mrs. G, M. Harney.
"When the airship went ovor our
Mra. W. H. Baldwin Bang "Whon
the Hands of the Desert grow Cold.'
"Rock me to Sleep Mother," a roc
itatlon by Mio.   Bertha Gill.
Mrs. J. Sinclair Ming a aolo entitled "Queen of tho earth."
A guessing contest then took place
the winners receiving beautiful gifts.
Mrs. B. McGoldrlc be! iir the wlnn
ing lady and Mr. S. Murgatroyd the
winning gentlemnn.
After the conclusion of the programme, all of the company sat
down to a sumptuous banquet which
had been provided by the ladles of
the G.I.A. The tablet, were arranged
in thc shape of n big "T" with a
large birthday coke in the centre of
the table, which wat- lighted by candles representing the united ages of
the two organizations,
After the gcod things hnd bcen
heartily partaken of, ths tables were
removed and tbe flower drill of the
G.I.A. exemplified, tho brothers join
ing in the march. Dancing was then
Indulged in by the young folk untii
the sun came streaming over the
mountains, and rogret was expressed
that the hour of departure and "Old
Sol" came too soon.
Knights of Pythias
R. J. Steel, miperlntendent of the
Knights of P .thins Insurance, Department for the province of B.C.,
haa been in th,* city (nr the past
few doye r,i _ inuluj-, „ Bectlon oi
that branch. He linn met with a
considerable amount of guccc_i. In
this connection the following officers
have been elected: President F. Kum
mer; Vice-President: Rons 0. Carr;
and for the position of Secretary,
F. M. Christian.
A vory pretty wedding took place
nt Christ Church on Wednesday,
whim the Rov. E. P. Flewolllng u-
riltod In marriage Mr. Charles O.
Ilonnott tn Miss Maud.' Louise _rlr_-
The church wns beautifully decorated with white asters, Oregon
grapes, geranium,,, stnllni and ferns.
The ceremony hnd been sot for high
noon, and nome time hefore that the
llttlo church was filled with relatives
and friends ol tho contracting parties. At the appointod time the pas-
tortnr Rov. Flewelllng appeared accompanied by the groom, who was
supported by his brother Mr. Richard Bennett of Vernon, B.O. Mr.C).
K. Dexter presided nt the organ and
played the wedding march from Lohengrin as the bride appeared, accompanied by her father and sister,
Miss Florence Rrlckson as bridesmaid.
Tho Bride was gowned ln Ivory
satin, with old lace, pearl trimmings, sprays of orange blossoms,]
myrtle and white heather on bodice
und skirt. .Hor veil was ol Brussels net embroidered ln wblte silk
which had been worn by her mother
nn her wedding day.
The bridesmaid was dressed ln
pink satin, with tunic of pink ninon,
nnd panel of cream lace, a black
picture hat with pink roses. She
carried a muff to match with spray
of Ullies ol tho valley and fern and
wore a pearl pendant, the gift of the
The brides mother was gowned in
pale gray satin over pink, witb bodice of gray nlnon over pink satin,
with lace trimmings. Miss Dobbin,
aunt to the bride, was gowned in Co
In'lihagcn blue satin with oriental
trimmings and a collar of Venetian
Immediately alter the ceremony
thc wedding pnrty left the church for
the residence of the bride's parents,
where a reception was hold also a
petit breakfast partaken of.
Thc happy couple lelt on tho Spokane flyer and will spend their honey
moon In Southern California. On
their return they will reside ln Cranbrook.
Hon. Martin Bun-ell's Seed
Ancient Order of
New Wycliffe Club
Boxing Contest
Duchess wiil Return
It is officially stated that the
Duchess of Connaught will accompany ihe duke to Canada, when his
loyal highness returns on Oct. 17th.
'i'he Princess Patricia will also travel with tbe duke. The duchess has
mado remarkable progress during tbe
past few weeks and it is confidently
hoped tbat all the eiTects of ber recent  illness' will  have  disappeared.
Since tho Hon. Martin Hurrell has
became Minister of Agriculture be
baa taken an especially active Interest ln the promotion of the seed
branch of the Department. Ho has
developed tbe work of improving tho
seed of the Dominion In many ways
Hon. Hldney KUher while Minister
always objected to co-operating wltb
the provincial governments in a
good seed campaign. Mr. Hurrell
followed out the general policy of
the government of cooperating with
the provincial administration.. haH
arranged to give prizes for Held crop
Thia work in   tho   past  year   has
doubled and prizes are given.
The objects of these competitions
is to offer encouragement to the production and use of good seed more
adequate to the importance of the
grain industry nnd to stimulate groat
er interett In tield agriculture. Until
recently no special attempt had boen
mude by agricultural societies to re.
cognize by prizes tbe farmers' prat-
ttlcea ln respect td grain growing.
Ihe fall fairs and large exhibitions
were not adapted to giving recognition to growing seed grain. In many
places, particularly In thc west, thc
fair, wero held at a time ol year
when grain of 'the season's growth
was not thrpahed. Most of tbe prize
money went to tb_ live stock classes
and tbe grain and BOed exhibits were
of comparatively little Importance.
I'he grain classes were largely filled
by exhibitors who specially cleaned,
or perhaps hand picked, the small
quantity required and often showed
the same groin year after year. Under these circumstances, to offer any
largo prizes for grain would lie to do
velop oxpertness In cleaning the
qunntlty lot. exhibit rattier than to
encourage growing clean crops for
The only was to arrive at the valuo of a crop for seed purposes In to
examine lt whon growing in thc
field. As it Is impracticable to
bring tho crops to a fair for compct
ition, tho noxt host thing is to take
the competitions to the tields. This
tho field crop competitions havo done
and they have had a pronounced educational na well as commercial
Tbe organization and management
of the competitions was handed over
to the provincial Departments of
Agriculture  last  year,  support  from
the seed branch being given in the
form of subventions amounting to
two-thirds of the money paid out in
prizes, up to .SO ior each of three
kim.B of crops in a tompetltlon held
by one agricultural society. While
the provincial Departments of Agriculture are now responsible for organizing nnd judging the competitions, the Heed Branch district olh-
cors ln Quebec, the Maritime Provinces and British Columbia aro as- j
slating in the work.
Through tho provincial department
of education Mr. Burroll has Inaugurated a plan to encourage the using of hotter seeds and the education
of children in noxious woods. Siini-
ples of good seeds and noxious weed
ure helng sent to many high schools
and technical schools throughout the
At present an important nquiry is
bdng made by tho seed branch into
tbe quality of BOed used by fanners
all over Canada, Ho far no loss
than 2,057 tests of seeds from every
province havo been made. The tests
so far go to show that only about 1
farmer in live in Cnnada haH good
seed, a situation which Mr. Burrell
is very anxious to improve.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943 of the!
Ancient Order of Foresters, held its] The new Wyclifle Olub, at Wyclifle,
regular meeting on the Sth Inst. Ini will have itn formal opening on Sat-
lho Carmen's Hall. A good number urday night, The attraction will bo
of members wore in attendance to | n ten round boxing contest between
hear the report of District Cblef Ran'C. Lucca of Chicago, and Billy Milter a. E. Dupan of Lethbridge, aajl-T of Vancouver; olso o prellmin
delegate to the High Court meeting nry bout between two local boxers,
held   in  tho city   of    London,   Ont,, I Mr, Chester Staples,  the manager of
Prom his report we learn that £i. r the new club, has requested Mr, Bob
oslry la showing a steady increase Nafo of Cranbrook, to ,prlvide the en
in the West aud that the Ottlcers of! tortalnmont, The oMect of the club,
the High Court have decided to provided -ith an eicellcnt exhibition
give the western provinces all their hall by the Otis Staples Lumber Co.
attention In order tn encourage thel Is the entertainment of its employ-
already established Courts and also era during tho long winter months,
to stimulate organisers In opening fl worthy object which should meet
now on on, tho approval of »ll good citizens
The  Olty  of  London   gave a  roynl '—"—	
welcome to the ottlcers and delegates
.;,_„: u",L^tthTo«.rBua.td Si How the Guardian Cas-
citizens of London in making the e-
vent a memorable one to all In at-
Uro. Dupon'u report was n lengthy
one but nevertheless it was listened
to very attentively; his remarku regarding Court Cranbrook wore main
ly in the rapid growth of the mem-
1 orship and what pleased him most
to hear the .Secretory read three
uew applications for membership
and nay that (our candidates will be
initialed at tho next   meeting night.
His remarks were responded to by
ualty and Guaranty Company
Settle their Claims
At the Auditorium
A record crowd greeted the fourth
bill which the Provincial circuit have
brought to Saskatoon last night
when many were turned away for
first show and a goodly house saw
tho second.
The bill la led off by Visocch Brothers, two ot the raoBt foremost entertainers in vaundevllle who have
been winning audiences for tho past
three years. 0 ne of the brothers
whistles, and whistles anything from
grand opera to ragtime with tbe
same delightful case, while his brother is equally st home on the organ
The four Callfornians bring hack
memories ol the old plantations in
the rendering of the songs of Dixieland, and to give a dash to their
performance they finish with some so
lections from thc moro modern and
popular melodies of tho dny,
The Cycling Burmans combine dex
terity and humor in a unique medley. Little Miss Burman is the soul
of grace as she fairly floats around
tho stage of the Provincial. Her
partner as tho tramp cyclist is funny
and bis comedy antics on "Miiggsys
Bike" fairly brought down the house
This is easily the host cycling act
that the Provincial wtll see for some
time to some.
A -___nedy and a drama lilm supply
tbe opening numbers for a very good
hill indeed.--Saskatoon   Daily   Star.
The above company will play Inthe
Auditorium on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and really warrant
the attendance Of a large house
see advertisement in another column
A quiet but pretty wedding took
place on- Wednesday evening, when
the Rev. K. P. Flewelllng, assisted
by Rev, A. B. Lane, united in mar.
riage Mr. Robert Kley to Miss Mabel
Law. Tho church was handsomely
decorated, several friends of the contracting parties being in attendance.,
The newly wedded couple aro stran-
gors in Cranbrook, having but lately
arrived from the old country.
According to statistics compiled by I
the Department dt Custom.-,, presided
over by tho Hon. .1. D. Reld, the vol
ume of exports of manufactured arti- j
clefl from th'i Domin on it Increasing rapidly. For the lirst four
months df the present fiscal year
ending! July 31st, Inst, Canada exported $16,051,000 worth of manufactured goods, compared with $12,
659(000 worth .or the corresponding
period of 1912.
The exports of fish nre also rapidly increasing. For the tirst four]
months dt the present fiscal year .-V
032,000 worth of fiBh were exported
as agalnat $8,745,000 worth for the
first four months of the fiscnl vear
of 1912.
The products ol the forest and
mine also flhow large increntes in vol
ume of export. Of minerals wn exported .17,180,.00 worth, and dt forest products $14,171,000 worth, j
These figures are considerably in ex-1
cess of the exports for 1912 for thej
same period.
Chief Ranger .1. McLnuchlan of-the
local court, who In a few worda
thanked Bro. Unpen for his report
nnd the good work that he and the
other western delegates havo done to
fHither the interests of Forests)* in
Western Canada.
Speeches and songs by the mem-
bi rs of the local Court were then
t .c order of the evening; every mem
ber taking pgrt In tbe programme
Special mention should tie made of
Tiro. ,1, Simmfl from Crows Nest,
who gave several songs which were
I'll  greeted  with  encores.
The evening came to u close by
the singing of that old parting song
of  "Auld  Lang Syne."
l.lmore  Staples ot WyclitTe,  mana-
i'ranbrook,   B.C.
Hept,  26,  1413
Kred W, Swain,
Oeneral  Agent,
Guardian Casualty and Guaranty Co
of  iTtnli,  U.S.A.
Cranbrook,  B.C.
Dear Hir:
I am pleased '.o acknowledge re
nipt of your Company's Dank Draft
for $75.00 ns settlement In full for
iny claim under Policy No. 3925 and
Which is satisfactory to mo iu every
particular and I wish to say tbat
ALL promises mnde to me when applying for the Policy have heen carried out.
1 would especially mention that it
wns not necessary for me to wait uu
tii I had recovered from my illness
l Appendicitis) in order to get a settlement hut it was made while I am
Mill conflnod to my bed in the Hospital  and  I   recommend  your    Com-
tor of the Staples Lumber Company IP** t0  «*   ",",   *W>logto    K«*t
was in the city on company business I PROMPT nnd  FAIR  treatment   when
sick  or disabled  by  accident.
Yours truly.
Mr.and Mrs. T. H. Olll motored to
Fi rnlo on Wednesday, where tliey
will spend a few days witb friends,
NOTE!—Claims  are  settled   by   me
ttv'tn   this  Office,  thus  avoiding   the
usual   "Red   Tape"   and  delay   wherr
the Policyholder has to wait to got
bis-?  settlement  from  some far  away
__"_'._."« _■     '.    ", _T_"   point,      For   particulars   of   Policies
Martin   Bros,   are   the   local   agents,
has  been   nround  this  week  (tolng a ■""l  Pntw* H"" "™d  w   Hwflil*.
ittle canvassing on  their  behalf. 41 General Agent
Mr. and Mrs. K.. .... steel -ot Nelson is staying in Crnnhrook for a
short visit.
W. T. Bridge, repres, nting several
insurance    companies   of   which    the
Ho! for Oak Wand's Pirate Gold—Sought Since the Year 1795, It May Now Be Found
ROMANCE, adventure, ou<
\ rioslty, greed—ull these,
pi re mighty factors In the
ij activities of men.
Thore li a little island
situated ntmut four miles
from tho town of Chester
in Nov ft Scotln whose history beard wit-
ii"f_t to thc astonishing energy which may,
ho engendered by n combination of these
motives—ao energy tlrebss. persistent,'
dnuntlcss, not to he turned iiside from tbe
task It has set out to accomplish, however difficult, however hopeless this task
inuy Keeui.
Beneath the thick, unyielding duy of
this little Inland tradition fur more tbuu
a hundred years baa declared lhat thero
lie hurled huge chests of Spanish gold,
gleaming ornaments, cun.hor-.otm- antique
pierej., barbaric In tholr splendor, fit to,
deck kings and courtier* in the dsys!
when kingly state recognised no obligation to play a part In the drama of *iai-
Oak Inland, of all the pirate Islands In
which later generations lmvo delved fur,
treasures, has offered the most stubborn
resistance to the SieSVAtorS,     ill the CAM
of other burled treasures the difficulty
wtdeb lm* besot die seekers after plrst"
gold hns usually been the exact deter-
tnltisllon of ii locality, Compllested mnps|
offered by mysterious no lives, thu de<
ecendanta of the friend* or relatives of
the urininiil pirates, nnd to be hnd only
for fabulous prices from the heirs, huve
usually figured us of paramount Impor
tonce lo the organising of expeditions to
search for the treasures, lu Onk Islnnd
the problem of regaining (his long sought
for wealth has bceo n different une. The
spot where the cheat*, containing the
treasures are burled litis for more thnn a
century been pretty well agreed upon,
Tbe difficulty hns been to get deep enough
down underneath the Island to dig mil th,
treasure without flooding the shaft with
Muter and'thus compelling a cessation of
But In spite of these difficulties tlio old
haunts of the pirates hn.e been allowed
to rest In peace, untroubled hy thoto win
crave tbo hurled gold, for only a few yean
at a time. Excavation ekj.edlil-.na hsve
continued to spring up from time to tlm.
since 17!to, whon tho first Importnnt effort
to find the treasure was put forth. Si net
i lien science Imi come to tho sld of ad
venture and systematic attempts hav-
boon made to dig up the treasure, hut al
tn vain. Hdence hs. nven gono so far It
the case of an expedition headed by et*
gloccrs to decry, after n falluro to local
the treasure, ths possibility of suy mc
burled wealth. This, however, has in.
deterred later adventurers from puttln
their courage to the test In thc search, nn
(here Is aow bslug urgauisud soother t _
plorlug party which wlll seek to mine out
the deeply iuterred gold nnd Jewels,   Pro-
lessor 0, I*. Wl liln 018, of Soldiers' Grove,
Wl., i. thu leading spirit In this latest
treasure hunt, which, ii all noes as well si'
Its -.anguine protuuteri helb-ve, wlll solve
this fuHelnutlng pUUle.
Per Imps the pirates considered that the
grent  depth  to  which  they  tuuk   their
treneuro cheats wus t-uffh-ieut of a guard
for thom, or perhaps time played them a
trick in exposing certain nppeurauees of
the earth which guv« evidence that It hn I
been  disturbed   for   t xlm-.r iiouiy   purposes.    At nuy rate, the signs of pirate
visits to the Istnud  were by  no means
obscure even so long ago ns 1703, when
throe men whoso names wore Smith, Mac*
tiinnis  und   Vaughn,  who  had   puddled
over from the mainland on nn Idle visit
to the Island, lu the course of n ilesultur,.
atroll camo upon nn old clearing on which
urew plants foreign to the locality, r_d
'lover nmoug (hem. A huge tree which
-tooil In th» centre of thia rbunng bore
■tit.aii_.tio signs, such ns were in common
iho among tho freebooter*., nnd on ei-
mlntng (be spot more closely lho young
nc. discovered n depression, circular iu „ co|n d(l(.j 1Tl-J wus picked from He
haps, about twelve feet across, sod very mil    h «.„ Mly  „  ,.ult|l(.r ,.„!„, mi\
•vldently due to some artificial condition, ,|t|,ougli It weighed on ounce and a hull
Later explorations of tho Island re- im  value  .vas Infinitesimal.    Noveftli
died  In equally  Interesting  finds.    A less,  it  was the Inst  link  In thu chain
.est slrlng.mli wns found fastened to • whleh connected tbe peeullai dlscovorles
ck In the lauding place of tho Island,I with pirate treasure.
.w known um Smith.  Cove: a  bont-j   The young men at onco hegau digging
vein's whistle, of the sort la rogue la in thn depreased spot  under the great
Iio days of the huc.ea.ers. wis found «_ tree, end It was evident before they
cur Uie belt, sad, _.oet tfcrUllflf of all, wj got* very fsi thst they had .'rusk
nn old abaft. 'Llie walls werf hind, nnd
hem mul then- ihe pick marks could hr
-.oeii. The eiirli. inside the shaft was sn
loose iimt it catno ii*i..' canity, At n
depth nf teli reel ihoy cauto upon _ Inyor
of plunking, ii second layer of plunking
was lound ul twenty feet, and tt iMrtl
layer ten feet further dowu.
Hupomiitloii interfered with their con
tinning   the aearcli   further,   for  insnj wild   flames   en.    startling   apparlllooi
tslea w_i(. tub. of tbs hideous groaning.  whlcL Issued ■Cow* ut *■*.__'-_•■• ai night.
1. Mob.;    l'n      J  l'><. ll'' .■•'■   • rtw|nr|
•IS    S I'll. I'M IY..    (il\> (MM »W    4   Co. T.
ffttt n'o rest* M, ssmhi a 1.1,84Mi
fio» ini* uid -m.- s rn ill (■■*■■ '"1-r
(!«• JMI.-.I.I. Kim   r rii Bu f«ri   fsnrH*e
I mo ..is whih h Rirtnilos ss «....■» a l'l
nlr* T I      111   SmIIIi'i     lw«M        II   «•'•
I... rn est rot   iirti. ».i--   i;i h_ IMfmi
w* ttiti-r ll t'.i IHI fori, -*•« !« lf- ■'■<•
tm fat. i.uii iii KI I-n, le*. l.-t mm -oi r.
IT-IU   •*.   tc. SU foil W|-  »M«I    J*  Ww* SWISS
II 91,   I'll',    .Vh    (fl     VI    fell
■tome of tlm residents of Uie oelghboi
loud ei'* n declared Unit thej  liad seei
irange seafaring nun striding aboul h
heir hroad>topped nea boots, cutlass In J
* it, Hi*!-, ni i i I hei i  beardi iu.i theli i
■mada   bound   nn   lu   got i    bandages j
Shocking   on tint   tbs t   Iturtled   oret   ibe!
Miter, the son ml nf n ship making moor*
lugs, ibe grail Jig ol ii dory on the shore
• nd ibe a toad j   rnvorhoriilloii from the,
ideba coming llirougli the bluet tiiiiimiht j
ir ii (Shod ilu* orchestral accompaniment'
lho ghostly drama,    After a t*w of'
ibem- atorloa hnd none tbe rnuiida h wee
i nan*, to win recruits for tlio e.caret-
. oxpodltloiii sud tbe project of ir-r-eg
the  pirates'   gold   was   temporarily
.mrtanl effort i- .li-tlmer
ink place n few vuri liter.
tbe •diitfl  Waa •'Oik uiuety
The noil
ic treasure
At thi. tim
live feel In ihe ipol l" ffhloll WOfk had
already beeu -.tailed. In addition to tbe
link plonking wblolt wuh found in u* laid
ul interval* of len feet the workmen
fount, layers of charcoal mul of putty,
these hi-ii-ft laid on a (netting of cocoa*
it fibre. At s -1-Mb ot ninety feet the
.rkiasii discovsrsd s large stous wSlch
«its curiously iuecrlbed with tngrated
characters. Xbs stooa was tekeu out aad
t<\ In s fireplace which belonged (a Mr.
Smith, om* of its trio of oiigtnel iaves-rt-
The dlitsiutc went on boyoud ths ^oiet
where (lie itoan bad Istu end live feci
further ilown siioiner woudon platforw
;S|ipear«d. The men nod werlv for twt.
d'i?s si il wss Saturday night. Xo thetr
d -mi ,i when they returned to work »u
'Monday morning tbey found lhe sbeft
ifilltid with WStef It was lmpi>_.«ittle i-i
bale out the water, aud tbey decided t«
•ink s new -hsf: »ast of the first oae. Tos
first pb eta* l»r->i i-lUringuished from latsr
excsvatloot an "tbe money pit."
Ths new .bad waa sunk to the depth
of s hundred and ten feet without striking water, bui when the •l.-f-f-.M attempted to drive a shaft toward tt*
JDiooey pit. witb the .bj*-"i of nettiag
[undoriieatb ibe flrsi shaft snd possibly
[striking tbe treasure, wster nubed la
from thst point .mi th«> •-■•'-.'».-■: b«d
i flee for tbeii  lives.
It was sot until 1 _-si* tbst another cou-
paoy was formed for gelttog si the si-
rutee' gold. In the meantime interest
lu the venture asl been greatly slotted
by the deciphering of the sign* Ofl Mi.
Isrge sione which bs<< beeu found in the
fttet eboft. Dils Itooa bad been taken
Ilallfai -ii- studied by many persons, aud st laSSI "to- nt The., men osd
been shi* t« glre ,*• direct translation, IU
deelsnd that the message "ii thi una
wub:* *
The irw lined It Ion decided tu work
dot old mouey pit, hm tbls aud all suts-
iet|uenl efforts were defeated b> the flew
nt water, which li was (■> thla time bold ved came from the aithterrauean tunnel
whleh bud boon dug io tht- pirated, A
search »s. innd** for the entrauca to this
li uim'I. ftii-i 11 hah fniind on ibe beach
htddeil I'om si gill by h COIlipacI iiihhh of
ln'tn 1.  rock      After these rocks  lind  been
tmnoved fi.f dralna were iilscorered,
formed h) lines of nwka laid Ilka tbo rlbe
ft !t  fun
Innumerable auempia bave beeu made
ai In terra la of a few yc,tr« in reach ibe
iressure, but wheu lhe watei '■<■■* uot
dtlieu the workmen from tbt- shafts tbe
money of ihe company b_. glvao oui U
ree, uur of tin- iliggora bronglii fitrthee
proof of lhe eii-.i.'ii<e nf tin- ircaaut'C tu
a few lluka of it Eljiatilah chain and <m
old MtiMiiish ''"in. Those who live m the
neighborhood of the iiiuml have nil itis
faith iu Ibe world In ibe burled wssllu-
-iii.i whenever an "i* avsfin< eipedlUes
is formed the siitfirors of fui met ewevk-
iug pertiea sre glad snd eagai tu .* »—•
maabece *f tke sew e**-f«a?. ^^ THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA
Mr. Burlotto, Ki',, broke his leg on
Tuesday, Dr. Saunders came from
Baynes to set It.
MrB. Nuremdorf In. down nt ber old
home tn the States taking a holiday
Miss Annie Burlotto will be lod to
the hymeneal niter at the end nf
thtn  month.
A library of useful hooka will bo
placed in the Heboid nfter the repair
work on the Inalde in computed.
1? %ually wben n lm
eiM-u ef lovers—husebfl
of "l.srry" Doyle, captaiu ■
Hisuicuid "fans" or
Tbree yenr* ng
Oombs wa-- introduced   o "Lu ry,"
in im mind bosidCR work.
Wel!. Miss Uerlmils M< Con b. de
domestic art, and from thn   time 01   -'■■- ■•
mystery of pots and pan* und the Polo nrou
One day **f.orr
'i'tim the tale ends
  I '.rue •' ■
included, of   our-se wh.     be mat   tgs
limits, became * wen id red
ted to kuow all a
int. playing ai   .1 • a    \i -*• \[ ■■
e bs-- had ■*•■■■-   ilng
■...-,     [y 1
;     ■   _   .     time hei we
I   u' -  HcCo     -   le* Ided       get n       ed     Chey «U4
ffiltc fpvospiitkPV, (Crmtlu'Oi. U.j gl. (_
Published   Bvery
F   M.
Saturday Mon
Postage to  American,  K
A.   h.
nr.. general manager
Grace,   Rdltor
(British Isles excopted|
ntrles, SO cents a yenr extra.
Advertising ratea furnished on
f a reputn hie character   wlll
other   for-  j
advertisements brt thfl      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
is given to local manager advertisements and subscription
running and charged up against their account.
application. No
1).'    accepted   lor
the contrary
will be kept
tniii wing "i die part y cling to lus
name that has still music to charm
the \ otei But tt in a forlorn hope
There arc unmistakable signs that
the people are t Ired ■ I Laurier and
i is ;■;>. rt ... ism His attitude to
sards the important question ol Km
pin defence and Canada'a p-ut there
In, convince--! every thinking Dana
dian that Laurier puts hia own am
bitl  na ahead of  Empire need.
Laurier made a grave mistake over
reciprocity. He has made a null
jravi r mlstaki on the naval issue.
He. by his docile raaic rlty in the
.Senate, has placed the people ol this
Dominion in the position of "spongers'' on the British taxpayer. And
no self-respecting Canadian, bc he
Grit or Tory, is content to.be placed
in such a humiliating position by n
defeated and discredited noliticinn.
•   •   •   •
The work of the Cnnedian Govern-
Ladies Aid Bazaar
The Ladles ' Md t-.nci.ty o! the
Methodist Church are holding a ba-
'/.nur on Saturday afternoon, October
l_tu. iu the Itnllway Y.M.C.A. After
noou ten wlll be sorvod from !i ti) fi
and Thanksgiving dinner will he
servod (rom 6-80 to 7 p.in.
Menu Oold Meat it, Maahed Potft-
toes and Boston Baked ROaUS; Halad
uud Tickles; Bread, Butter uud Rolls
Jellies aud Onk., t'U-s; Tea and Oof-
(oe       Admission  to dinner  Stl  rents.
Rifle Association
The   Dpotllng   aliout   of   the   above
Association took place ou the range
on Saturday lust wtth a good attendance.     The   honor  of makitiK    the
j lirst Bull wan taken by Ed. Johnson
I>-,*,-■ t  at 2'H) yards;  the best aooro at this
range bolng mnde hy J, \\ LaFleur.
The tlrst Bull at 600 yards was made
by    Mr,    Bb at ford.     Shooting   was
Rood at  this range considering the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        time of day,  the light    being    very
Its use lu the outlying districts of P°or-   t,rt)flt credlt ifl due thc Com"
the Dominion ia also recognised and I niittee  on  the  target    construction,
advanced   by   the   Government   and [
ons nre
at   Port
Burwell,  which
command  Lake
Ei Ic
at Tc
Island and
at King-
at  Port
IV ill
bo erected
and (ae
;e the
car i
Ber vice
ther e.
It is hoped that a good attendance
will be on hand on Saturday, October Uth, as there will not be un
opportunity for much more shooting
this season. As dusk comes on at
nn  early hour it  Is advisable to be
commercial firms are being assisted.
Many   applicants
Many applications are being received from commercial Arms in outlying parts of Britieh Columbia for j ^_^__^__^__^__^__m__m^__^_____^_mmm_
licences to erect small wireless sta- j ftt the range as early as possible.
tions, which could bc in eommunica- j The second shoot was held on
tion with the Government chain and l Tuesday 7th, with a much larger
then have access to the outside attendance thnn on Saturday. At
world. Weather conditions there of- j ^0 yards G. P. Tlsdale waB high
ten cause complete breakdowns in j score man, Webster and Hicks being
the telegraph systems. a tie for second.   At 500 yards yards
On the Queen Charlotte Islands! the highest score was made by
thc two wireless stations are being | Hicks and Byran, the latter being
connected with the interior by tele- 'rom Lethbrldge. Second score made
phonic lines and thus secure nn out ny Underlll, though this was only
let. This shows the advantage of the Becond shoot there was a marked
wireless aa there is tin cable service  improvement in the score.    The pre-
lftth YEAR
Uo.  41
The Liberal pnrtv i«
of comfort. It wnnls
ship, and is apparent!
ing regarded ns Mm
ty of the little ellq
Isters which met r
bands of the peoph
Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
misjudged   public   bc
WANTED reciprocity negotiations,  mnde n aim
Kiully  in  need   ilnr  mistake  with   regard   to   the
new    leader-   val  issue, nnd the Liberals through
■  tired of  he   "ut  the Dominion,—feeling that they
son a I proper- aro on  the wrong side of the fence
inhlnct min : iti that matter are looking for n new
| ment   in   wireless   telegraphy   takes; from the Queen Charlotte Islands to
rank as the most  progressive in thc ] the mainland,
world. .
With the completion of three new I
wireless stations nn 'lie Great Lakes
this fall, Canada will have the largest single stretch in the world covered by wireless. The complete
chain of wireless will he from Port
Arthur to the Atlantic Coast, so
that navigation from Cape Race to
Port Arthur over the whole St.
Lawrence system, a distance of 2,000 j
miles, will be under wireless control. ]
Mr.   Burton,
Wlntf*at we wiin to L_\, We .ju,j. t fn tl i
■ -._-.l_.t_r« ol il hr- i •*■*. holfionn- ami hlpp) I
ip->id   "■: !   do   at    _ .  \   tfo .<,   ipeot   in   dij
ntid*) do) -m*  if iii* lionj ha fit (ot ui, bul If the
ii-    ind it   co  thr wl. ol., ilia  turn ua ate going to
waj    at   i|    Mould    ii    tpaaJ   is   towit   olhtt    way.
- ftutkin.
HPHIS advice of England's great critic
and essayist,  applies \\ itl. particular force to the
kind of clothes we sell.
Wc are architects nf si\le—manufacturers of sound
values—bankers of clothing satisfaction.
We are ready to
unmatclied in this oily.
. iow jou lull fabrioi and fitting models,
McCreery Bros.
Crnnbrook, B. C.
Aler to thc Baker
Lumber Co. gas resigned bis position and will leave Waldo shortly.
Louis Smith is out nt Gold Creek
helping to build a few homesteader's
shacks.. Almost all thc land has
been taken tip In that vicinity. Colonel Vine is among the holders.
Mr. and Mrs. Gallinger of Baynea,
visited their relations at Eureka,
Montana, for a day or two this
A misprint occured in last, week's
Prospector, the sum of $90.00 waa
the total collection on Missionary
Sunday at Baynes and Waldo, instead of ?20.00 as printed.
Mr.  Hales Ross arrived home laat
I Sunday after spending two weeks at
Minneapolis and Winnipeg,
Mr.  Harry  Adolph and family are
; at present visiting their relatives in
Baynefl.     Mr.  H.   Adolph.  who  is a
lawyer at Brandon,  Is also associated with the Adolph Lumber Co.
■■    Mrs.  Jones of Vulcan,   is   visiting
| her sister Mrs. J. W. Ross here
The Rev. J. Hugh McLean, B.A.,
former Presbyterian minister of tbe
Baynes aud Waldo district, visited
a number of bis old friends here .this
week. He has resigned from Bridaa-
ville, B.C., aud wlll commence paa-
torul work In Grassny Lake, Alta.,
on Sunday tlrst. <
Conatable Collins was a visitor at
Fernle nn Wednesday on business.
New desks were placed lu.Jgitldo
School last week. That's right
Look after the children's comfort
while at school. To educate means
to draw out ns well as teach. This
can be better done when the pupil
Is comfortably seated in a well-ventilated  room.
Flagstone Notes
Mr, Harby, storekeeper at Flagstone, visited Elko on Wednesday for
tbe purpose of moving his household
effects down to Flagstone.
Mr. Downs, Into of Flagstone, is
shipping the remains of hts lumber
to the pralrlo. Bert Hyde is looking
after the Job.
Mrs. Oraystone, an old friend, vis
Ited Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Madge for a
weak.  She left fnr home on Tuesdny-
Mrs. Abbey Is off to Moose Jaw
for a  month's holiday.
sence of a visitor from Lethbridge
was very welcome and appreciated.
The membe)ship is being increased
daily, there being now nearly 1x0 on
the roll.
A good road enthusiast says that
good roads will mean fewer churches
and better ones. Incldently they will
mean more automobile drives nod a
fewer people to go to church.
Violation of Seed Con-
A case of general interest to larmers and others throughout Britiah
Columbia waa recently brought under thia Act wben the Sylvester
Peed Company of Victoria, wan con-
For Men and Women
These lines are all fully guaranteed to give satisfaction.
What more can be offered or expected—your
money returned or goods exchanged. You're
fully protected.
victed of selling cnhltngo aeed of low
vitality without indicating the percentage of germination of the same.
Under flection 10 of thc Dominion
Seed Contml Act all farm and vegetable seeds which germinate lower
than two-thirds the standard vitality of good seed for that particular
oarioty, must be labeled with the
percentage of germination.
It ia tbe intention of the Dominion   Depnrtment   of   Agriculture   to
strictly enfosce all the provisions of
the Heed OVffllrol Act of 1911, and
anyone handling seeds ahould see to
it tbnt their seed compiles with this
Act. Thc Dominion Seed Laboratory at Calgary, Alberta, ie at the
service of anyone desirlous of having
seed tested either for vitality or
weed seedB.
Copies of the Act and Information
as to the same may be obtained at
imy time from the same address.
Mounted Game Heads S9£Uty
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P.O. Box 133
,-jy ,rw-mt*. wSfii* -».«'■»,»
Tor the woiuiui who Itkow Ibe hiiumiuI In fttea* nothing
»u_ while checked skirt, -mi'mounled I... n lunso )ll|i hlmmo .
Sta*st   L___.ua.     The  fI _<,fulliwu  ut  ILalu  3UWU  _,.__>
conl.. he mnro put If)'
:,r pliilll Llll,' llll Ml,'
upuu  lle Jinplut':   (ur
.«l.A.y J.*
Mill I linn thi- .kill nf navy hlut
ill. ,1 In shown u gown of ollrt
Ulolluctluu. .Ip
1 ' *M"I'_"M"»|"f,1*X'l"_"l''i**!"!**W"l"l'•_,,I*'f*,l"I"I"!"!
Professional   Carbs
£obcje   iHotices
. .j;,-.-...-.|-| . !*l-I-t!
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Mtet In Carmen's Hal), on   2nd aad
4th Thursday ol each month.
Loula Paarion, Bee, P.O. Box all.
▼letting ilrothors Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets  iu  Cannon's  Hall  lnt an'
3rd Thursdays   In every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to Brltleh
E. Y. Rrake, Prea.
I„ Pearron, Secretary
Boi 618
▼lilting membera cordially welcome
A. F. _ A. H.
Regular   meetlnga   on  tbe
third   Thuraday   ol   (very
Vlaltlng brethren welcome.
V, B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec,
No. 128, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each montb at eight o'clock,
Sojourning   Oompanlona   ara   cordially Invited.
Bx. Comp—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 83
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, 0, 0.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
▼lilting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meeta avery Monday night
jsX Baw   Fraternity   Hall.
'Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. Tnrnley, W. M. Harris,
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  Ul
Oompanlona of tha Foreat
Me.fl ln Carmen's Hnll, First and
Tblrd Wednesday of each month at
8:00 pn., sharp.
Mra. A. M. Laurie, 0. C
Mra. A. B. Bhaw, Bee.
Vlaltlng   Companions  cordially  wallet!
Oranbrook      Lodge
No.     1041
Moetn overy 2nd nn,
4th Wednoshay at i
p.m., tn Royal Blue!
Knight's Hall oi
Ha'er .street.
R. B. Garrett, Sec'y
Meeta In Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meeta avery Ind and 4th Thuraday
o! each month at 9 p.m. aharp.
Mra. L. Hayward, Ree. Sec.
Oeo. Ladda, obtel ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made welcome.
Praaident-O. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the Flrat Friday
avenlng of each montb.
Information on Poultry mattara
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Oranbrook, B.O.
P.L.S.   _   0,_.
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Marts 1st and
3rd Thuraday in
Royal Black
Knl. hta ol Ira-
land Hall at 8 p.m. shnrp, Visitors
Fred W. Bwaln, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
•nd Drujc Cure aPST-lit;
!MOlt TobattO ind Drugi. It counteract! tho
Wit tlmoal Imt .ntly-.cnn. v .1 til crivlnfl.
_.or Ulting tho treatment there will never bo 0117
Mod toadrti.lt Intoilcantt or uao drugi agitn, Ceo
lo fives lecreily. We hvvo yet lo hoar of on*
lallnre    ,i-"■■■' - *
Barristers, Sollcitora aad Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Hank Building
CRANBROOK,    ■    Britiah Columbia
Civ 11   nnd  Mining r_<U_ere—British
Columbia Land Surveyore
P.O. Box lie
Phone HI
...    B.O.
Dra.   KINO   _   QRBBN
physicians and Surgeone
Ofllce at Residence, Armatrong Ava.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 1.00 to   4.00
Bvenlnga - - - 7.80 to   1.80
Sundaya 1.30 to   4.80
Oranbrook, B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Noibuty Annul Nisi tl Cl.  Hill
Op.n D.y and Nif ht Pbonl 111
Funeral Dlreotor,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259
P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering 6" McCormick
Mowers Sf Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
hilars, Mailed under «.*,.,.,. cov.r to an. ad-
dim. Piln W.IW bos, or I bo.M fo, 110DO. Ths
l_,..la Drag Co.. I,  UatMslMS, Oat.
Notice is hereby given tbat on tha
li'.ili day of Sept., 1913.
(l.orge H. Thompson, Esq., Judge* of
ti,.* County Court of EnBt Kootenay,
Mint .1 antes A.Arm,Id,olllclal Adminis
trator for thut portion of ths County
of Kootenny included In ths Electoral District nf Crnnhrook le Administrator of all and singular tha
i statu . f Francis Duncan Cameron de
een' .1 num   ••,
Every person Indebted to tbe aald
deceased Is reuuired to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Bvery person having In possession
effects belonging to the deceased la
required forthwith to notify the
Bvery creditor or other peraon
having any claim upon or interest
ln the distribution of ths estate of
tbe aald deceased la required to sand
before thc 28th day of October 1011,
next, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and tbo full particulars of
bis claim or Interest, nnd a statement of his account and tha nature
of the security (if any* held by blm.
After the said last mentioned data
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regnrd to those claims only ol which
he shall bave bad notice.
Dated at friuihrook this 13rd day
of September, 1913,
39 Ht. Official Administrator,
Oectric Restorer for Mer
M.kn.M    ...S.E,.    a,   .HI..,        V _S.p__B«.    Wl.
taikiyoa• new,„_.. P,lei IIiboro*,two Iol
ruaka you s o.w	
.1    if ftll.d to IDT «dd,.»e
lit.,«. Cat—Mars., OBI.
PONAIO     _,     M.MaiAK
Marls Peary—AimIghll,,, the snow-
bird—Is snld to be engaged lo marry
I'onuld MucMlllan, Lho explorer, who
was with her fallier, Hear Admiral
Peary, on Uie latter's successful dash,
for the North Pole. The news comes
from the north, Newfoundland.
Miss 1'eury was placed In the George-!
town Convent. Sho was graduated from;
lhe Western High School uf Georgetown
and fascinated Washington society with'
her wholesome beauty and lier charm ofl
personality. Thrice she revisited thc|
land of hcr birth. What more fitting!
that that she should help ttie man she,
weds In hla search for further secrets'
of the vast wilderness of Ice, snow audi
Donald MacMlllau Is now In the
North at tho head of ttio Crocker land
Miss Rose Ainsworth
Who Plays
"Juno Joyce"
" A Bachelor's
Auditorium, Fri., Oct. 17
May depend on Bye-
OTTAWA, Oct. 7,-Ottawa Is very
much Interested in regard to the session of parliament and the probable
date of its opening. There have bcen
conflicting rumors for the past week
or ao about when the houso would Im*
summoned and thc prime minister
was nsked today for a statement.
"There ifl nothing official that 1
can say for the renson that the matter has not been formally decided,"
he remarked, "but I do not anticipate the house will meet before January."
Hon. G. H. Pcrley is leaving on
his trip to Europe and Speaker Landry of the senate haa just sailed for
England and France and will be absent until Chriatmns.
Thc Journal (Conservative) on
thc other hand, says:
"The probability of an early session of parliament is growing every
"Surface appearances indicate that
there will bo no meeting until alter
Christmns, but every day strengthen
a current of opinion for a fnll session and November 12 is spoken ot
in authorative circles an the date of
thc opening.
''It is being freely admitted on all
sides that the results of the by-elections in Chateauguay, Middlesex nnd
South Bruce will bc a big factor in
the final decision between November
and January.
"Should the government carry all
three seats lt could not very well, be
otherwise interpreted thnn a striking
vindication of the Conservative na
val policy and aa an equally striking
snd complete answer to tbe senate's
challenge to submit the naval queation to the people.
"And lt is being pointed out that
with such a strong Verdict in hia !n-
vor and with his hands sttengtb-
no«d by recent ompire and world o
vents, Mr. Borden might well call
an Immediate session of parliament
and re-Introduce thc naval bill."
. ,«.m Minn i ii ii i in. iii ii 11 ii ni 11 iiiiii; ;
ii THE
■ i ,,
| Cranbrook |j
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
i| Phone 177
P.O. Box 264 ::
Hill IU*. H l<4i*+_4*'»»'»W'++++**l-
The British Columbia
Fruit Growers
Victoria,  B.O.
rt.--pt.3i).    19111
To Members of the B.O. Fruit
Growers'  Association,
Tlic shipping Beasoti hring about
concluded, I am instructed by Mr.
VV. C. Ricardo, president ol this Ah
sociation and Chairman of the Trims
portation Committee, to request all
members of tbe Association to lay
before the Transportation Committee
sny grievance or comments tbey may
have on transport at ion mutters re
lnt im.. to shipments nf fruits and
It is expected that a meeting ol
the Transportation Committee will
be held early in November to con
elder the coses presented by you, -»•.
immediate reply is, therefore, advls
able in order that, if necessary th.
Secretary mny get further Informs
tlon from you or from others in sul*
stantiation of your case. It is the
the aim of the Committee to present
nothing to the Rnilwny Compan)
but what will stand the tent of criti
cism nnd examination. It is by ob
servring this rule ami Investigating
carefully all tbe cases presented t<-
it, _iiat this Association has been a
ble to secure for you tile recent re
Auctions in both froight and expresf
tariffs, which have this year snvei
the growers an amount estimated ai
over   .20.000.00.
In presenting casew .claiming rougl
handling, over-charge, etc., you wil
aid the Committee very considerably
by quoting deflnato instances ii
which the abuse occur rod, The ob
sence of direct evidence ol this kirn
is a great handicap to your case.
Tbe B.C. Fruit Growers' Associn
tion has always labored to preserv,
the moat friendly spirit between tin
growers and the railway company
believing that a spirit of co-operation between the two is by far th*
most likely method of reaching re
suits of benefit to you and, at th»
same time, satisfactory to the trans
portation companies. It is this pol
icy which has made possible th*
many reductions in rates and im
provements in service with which oui
members have expressed themselvei
well pleased.
You will realize, however, that
changes can always be made, am
must be made, in the intereHts o
our increasing trade.
An early and careful reply will %£
tiie Committee considerably in iti
efforts to build Up the most satis
factory transportation condition!
[or our  industry.
H.   M.   Window,   Sec
Coal __.mt.ir rights of the Dominloi.
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories aud in a portion o-
the Province oi British Columbia
may be leased tor a term of tweuty
one years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 8,560 acre*
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a louse must bt
made by the applicant in person v
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the die
trict in which the rights applied foi
are situated.
In surveyed territory the Und niua
he described by sections, or legal euh
til visit'iin of lection., nml in uusur
veyed territory tht* tr. ct applied (o*
shall be etaked out hy lUe »pplir„n'
Each application must he accoiu
panled hy a fee of $." which will b
refunded if the rights applied for ai
not available, hut not otherwise. i
royalty shall be paid on the inei
jchnntnhle output of the mine at tb
| rate of five cent*, per t«<n.
The person Operating the mint, lhal
furnish the Agent with sworn return
accounting for the mil quantity <*-*
| merchantable conl mined nnd pay th
royalty thereon. If tiio coal minim
rights are not being operated, sue.
returns should lie furnished at less
once a year.
The lease will include the conl mln
ing rights only, but the lessee ma.
he permitted to purchnse w!ini-v-
avnilable surface rights may be con
Bidered necessary for the working o
the mine at tbe rote of $10.do an acr,
For full information applicatiot
should be made to the Secretary o
the Department of the interior, ott*
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent o
Dominion Lands,
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Iuterio
N.U,—Unauthorized publication c
this advertisement will not be pal>
for- Jan. Ub-t
District    of   South   East   Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOE that David William
St. Kloi of .'runbioo1., B.C., occupation farmer, intends to applv fur permission to pun ha so the -following
described Lands.—
Commencing nt a poat planted lt',0
Chains noi h *,nd 60 chains weat oi
the north-west corner of Lot 'J2UD
'*. I, Kootmay District, tl.»ne east
20 chains, thence aouth tu chains,
thence weal 20 chains, thence uonh
4') chains to j.o.nt of commencement,
containing SO acrc8 ., ore 0l   jeM#
Date  AugUBt  25th,  VJI3.
Da, id William .St. Eloi.
3C",Jt. Applicant
-Oiitb    East    Luo.eiitt
TAKK NOTICE that Hair, North
wood oi Cranbrook, B.C., occupation
butcher, int. mis to apply lot permis*
tlon to purchase the following -.»-■
rihed   amis -
Commencing a', a lost planted 120
chain, north oi .be north-west bO-n i
of Lot .'a.'.-*'', Qroup Une, iM.ot.naj
Jiatrii t, tlience west ' 20 chains,
hence boi th 10 cha.n-, thence east
20 chains, tin nue north .11 chains, io
lace oi commencement, c n tain ing
ight> ,t res more or less,
Dnte September ..rd, 1913,
Uu.r-  is, rthwood,
3G-9t. Aloan.'er Lewis St. Kloi
Notice is hereby givon that on thi
6th day of October 1913,
George IL Thompson, Bat)., Judge o
the County Court of Enst. Kootenay
that James A, Arnold, Official Ad
mtnistrator for thnt portion of th<
County of Kootenay Included in tin
Electoral District of Oranbrook b
Administrator of all nnd Bingulai
thi estate of Qeorgc Walker Scott
deceased intestate.
Kvery person indebted to Bald de
ceased is required to make paymenl
forthwith to the undersigned.
Kvery person having in poaseasloi
effects belonging to the deceased It
required forthwith to notify the un
Every creditor or other person ba\
ing any claim upon or interest it
the distribution of the estate of tin
said deceased in required to send be
fore the 17th day of November, 1911
next, by registered mail address*
to the undersigned, hm name and ad
dresa and the full pnrticulars of hit
claim or interest, ntid n stat omen
of hiH account and the nature of thi
iceurlty (if auy) held by him.
After the snid last meutloned dat
the Administrator will proceed wit
the distribution of thc estate bavin;
regnrd to those claims onlj of whicl
ho shall  have had notice.
Dated at Crnnbrook thin i.th da\
of October,   1913.
J.   A.   ARNOLD.
.12t. Official  Administrate-.
District of South Eaat Kootenay
James Heed of Cranbrook, B.C., oc
ronton Clerk, intend u.t applv :o
permission to purchase the followloi
described, lands —
Commencing at a poet plant, d a*
the north west corn-r of Lot 9809
Ounce north 4(1 chnins, h nee east
20 chains, tb nee south m cha.nK
th-n-e wtBt 20 chains, to point 0
commencement and contain Hi B-
ocres more or less.
Dated September 2iHt., 1913.
Harry  .lames Reed,
Alexander Lewis Bt.8.0
39 9t. Agent.
DlBlrlcl of Pouth Enal Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOH) that I, Patrick 0
l.oa'iy of < ranbrook, It.-'., occupn
tlon Locomotive Knglneor, intend u
appl) 1 for permission to purchase tht
following described lands:
Commuting nt n posl planted i*
chnins north from the nor h WtBl
COltlT   Of  I Ol   0810, IhtltM   north  ti
ohnlns, thonca, onsl 2*1 chains, thonce
south    40    chains,    thence    west.   20
■ta_in.    tn   point    Of commencement,
containing ho acres mon-'or less.
Dated September 2iHt , 1918.
Patrick 0   Liahy,
Alexander Lewis Bt.OlOl
39-91. AlcDt
District of Soutii-Knst Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that I, Thomaf-
Christian, contractor, intend thlrtj
dajB alter date U> np] ly to the Min
later of Lands for permission to pur
1 h■ts.o the  following describod  land:-
Commenclng at a post planted 01
the East Ban', of the Moyie Diver,
near tho southeast corner of Loi
10106, tbenca east 20 chains, thenc.
south 40 chains, thence west 2*
chain 1, thence north tu chains to tht
point of commencement.
Dnted August 18th, 1913.
,1-i-Dt A. B. fJrace, Agcn
District  of  tOllth-East KoOaenay
TAKE NOTICE thut I. Philemon
James Oougeon of l ranbroo-t B.C.,
occupation trainman, inund to ap
ply    fot    permission    to  purchase' tht
foi o.vtng described it.nis.—
j   Commencing  n\\ a jost Ranted at
j iho   north-east    corner    di Lot 'Md-i,
'tllin.O    north    .(.chains, thence west
20   I h una,   t h sneo   south   411 1 bains,
.bene-    uust   20    chains, to po.nl 01
commencement    and   conta.nlngi  81
acrea more or Ickh.
Dated  Soptemhcr 21st.,  1913,
Philemon Janus Oougeon,
Alexander Lewis st.Elo.
3.1 .t. Agent,
District ot fcouUi Kaat  Kootonny
TAKE NOTIOH thai 1, Barney Mt
tiouidiic, ol Crnnhtook, it.r., occupn
t.im locomotive inglngoer, intends to
appl) for ptrmiBH.on tn purchase th<
following  described  lands-
Commencing nl n poat plnntod al
the northwest emmr .K Lot 9311,
thenee north 4« chains, thence east
20 chnins, thence south 40 tbains,
theace west 20 chaina to place ol
commtn onn nt, 1 nd contn nlng 80
ncres  more  or  less.
Dated September 21h(.,  1918.
Hm a'y MoGouldrle
Ale\and.t   Lewis St.Klol
3ii-9t. Agent,
Diatrict    ,,(   South   East   Kootenay
TAKK NOTlClfl that Edward A.
• i-n oi 1 ranbrook, occupation merchant, iut nda to upply 101 permla-
fclon to pmch.iaa tbB following described lund.
Commencing at _ post lUnted 120
chains not.h of tho nortu-west corner of Lot 9209, .;. 1, Koottnay District, thence east 20 chains, thencn
south 40 <.ban.., ihmco west 20
chaius, theneo north 10 cha.ns 10
point of commencement, c. ni.uin.u£
80 ucres more or less.
Onto  August 2Sth,  1913,
Kdward A. HIU,
30-'Jt. Ale..an'er Lewis .St. Kloi
District    of   Sotth    East   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that David Hopkins o! CrUtbiook, D.O., occupation
railway Conductor, intends to apply
or permission iq purchase the lol-
iow.'ng described lands:—
Commencing at „ post planted loo
:ha,ns north and 20 cha.n,. east ot
h' north-west corner 1(f Lot 920'.-,
Oroup Cne, Kootenny District,
ihence enst 20 cliuins, thi nee houth 4u
chains, bin nee west 20 chains, tht uro
n. rLh 40 th'iius to place of commenc0
mint, containing eighty acres moro
or less.
Date September 3rd, 1918.
David Hopkins,
36-'Jt. Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
District    of   South    East   Kooienay
TAKK NOTIOH that Ernest South
of Cn.nbroolt, B.C., occupation har
her, initiids to apply Hor permission
.0 purchase the following described
Commencing at a i »>. t jdauted 160
chains no, th nnd GO chains west ot
the north-west corner of Lot 9209,
Oroup One, Kootmay DiBtrlct, tbence
west 20 chains, th Dcu south 40
ha n , thence cast 20 chains theuce
north 4u chains, to place of coin*
mencement, containing eighty aens,
more or Uss.
Date September 3rd, 1.13.
K:n st South,
3ti-:it. Alexander Lewis Bt.Elloi
Jr. dc Vani Pfimale Plllt
*, ,r|..i,l. . ,*,nli,*gHl.t„ .11. varfill.   1I'..<
,111. .1. .-.fr..!.llglV  |„,-.',n,l It,  ,r|;illaltltg   Ihi
itntntln pu,i...n ..I _ km. I.t-ai-m, R.l".-
nll cheap iiitH.n.,,.. Dr. ri. ram: .,. lold .1
,.', a boa, a, ll,,.. I,„ till. U..I.-I lo .., eiiif.
f Im IwImU Dtlf c.„ it. (,»«.* ou
DiBtrlct    ot   So,ith   Kast   Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE tbat Harry lUibi-
clifiiui 01 t r.._!,no''., U.C., u.cui,ation
rallwa) conductor, inttnia io apply
for pormt83loii to p.urcba«'6 ihe tul
lowing (lOBcrihed lands;—
Commencing at » post planted at
tho noi'th-t-iiat corner of Lot D_0,
Qroup One, Kootenay District, tlience
north 10 clia.no, th.nje west iu
cbatUH, tlience inlilh io chaiii*,,
lh 11. e ...u. * in limine to ih.ee of
commencement, containing one hundred and niaty acred more or Uew.
Date September 8rd, 1918.
Harry Rabichaud,
3t-'Jt. Ale an :er Lowia St. Kloi
l.iatiict    „f   south    Kast   Kooienay
TAKE SOTICE that Alexander
Lent. St. Hoi, ol Cranbioos, B.C.,
otcuai'ii wooila loretm.n, iuteud.
o apply for iieni,iB3ion to purebaa-
hc following deacrlbcd iumt«—
Commencing at a Post planted ttu
han- n.'tih and 4u cba,_e '.,e.t ol
he n rth-west corner ot l.ot 9209,
;. i, Kootena* District, tbence euai
•< .luiint-, thtnee tioutn tu chain.,
tl,,-nee wet in rh..l,.6, tlun-e north
io cbalna in joint oi commencement,
Containing  1G0 acres more or lesi.
Hate August ar.th, 1913.
*i,-:,t. Alo'.ani.er Lewis St. Kloi
Niiiier i, beroby given tl,at to days
utter date, I Intend tn apply to the
M u ■'■. r n I nn.In [ui a lie nee to t,r.B
poci lor Conl and I'ctioleuni over lb0
| lollowlng li.n.lH situate 16 tbe Dlatrlct of ro.itliiiiHl Ko''t'iiay, lliitl.li
t ol,miiin, >n l.ot 4008:
Cnmmeufling at a |,i,,u plnnted at
,,i a*ai ihe Houthweat corner ol Uol
,'isi. .it, I icm'k the Houtbeast corner
,, >.l    ol    ' ll  '>>■    !■'■     Vinhli'a   claim,
ib me North a'.ong tho ««ki  Hi I
Lot 72.2 to tin. Booth line ol Loi
873 . thence West along thc south line
di Lot 8732 to the [cast Hue ,il Loi
lout/i, tbence South along tbe Bast
iim* 61 lot W069 and along tbe k„bi
line  i I   LOI    1 (1071    lo   the   North   line
of Lot 7ZH4, (hence Kakt along the
. ntti, line of Lot 72"' In the place
of commencement.
Located thla 17th dnv ol .luly, 1911
!6-4t. Locator THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK:, _, C.
Special  Notice!
2 Nights-OCT. 14 & 15-2 Nights
Cunningham & Coveney
"How to Catch an Oyster"
Ed. C. Jordan & Co.
"Tom Katz Night Out"
Aurora Meaden Trio
High Class Operatic Singers
Dippy Diers &
Flo Bennett
"Bumpity Bumps"
Introducing the novelty Spade Dance
PRICES:   25c;   35c;   50c.
Reserved Seats on Sale Monday at
Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store
One Night Only        cranbrook         One Night Only
Friday, October 17th, 1-913
A. Mayo-Bradfickl
The Great Hovt Theatre Comedy
"A Bachelor's
Entire   Original   Production
With 1,000 Laughs and 2 Tears
Clean, Clever,  Witty and  Screamingly Funny
An Extra Good Cast including
Prices -75 cents and S1.00
Local News
We do not claim to have discovered perpetual motion; but we do
claim w't we run turn out nil work
eutrustod to us to Klve perfect Hat.
Isfactlon.—KILBY KTUME8 PIC-
Mrs. Cross of Spokane waa registered nt the Cranbrook Tuesday,
W. Dawson of Pernio, wnn at the
Cranbrook Tuesday.
1'. Lund of Wardnor, was in town
Mr.   and   Mre.   J.   Allan   ol   Moyle,
were Cranhrook  visitors Thursday,
H. Craig of Calgary, was lu town
in  the city
W. Hcott of Moyie
A. It. Macdonald was at Leth-
brldge this \~eek on Mini ness.
.Mr. and Mrs. W. AU.n of Oalgary
were guests at the (."ranbrook Thurs
Mr. and Mra, R. J Steele of Nelson, were Oranbrook visitors Tuesday.
J nines   Joyce  ol   Klko,  a   prominent
district lumberman,  wits m tho city
Mr, and Mis, D w Q, Reld o! Mai
[fax, M.S., were registered at the
Cranbrook Wednesday
Mr, and Mrs Peter Bain have returned from a three months trip to
The Wife's Pride
is a nice let of Silverware for hcr
table. Good silver always makes
a fine inipessiou at the dinner or
luncheon. It adds zest to the appetite and indicates refined tastes.
We ean save you money in solid
silver or silver-plated ware of the
best quality. There are novelties
in designs nnd every piece is most
Artistically finished.
Jewelers & Opticians
J. McTavish of Bull River, was in
town Mondny on business.
Hrtt.urday, October lSth, has been
proclaimed  as Thanksgiving  Day,
Mrs. J. H.' Blnns of Vancouver,
wns in the city Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Agnew of IClko
were Cranhrook visitors Thursday.
Ira Manning left an Thursday for
Medicine flat, on business.
The Indian Commission will sit at
Creston about November 1st.
H. Darling left on Thursday on a
business trip to Calgary.
0. n. Topp of Pinch or Crook, was
in town Wednesday,
Mrs. II. L. Bawyor of Marysville,
was a Oranbrook visitor Friday.
Prod S my the, former odltor of tho
Moyle Leader, spent Hnturdny last In
Mr    and    Mrs     Fred
Dennis,hi    ol
Coleman,    wore   Cran
>rook   v Isitors
.-.-. —
Mr   and  Mra,   Hay
Staples,   and
Mrs.  Case of   Wycllfle
were    Cran-
brook visitors Friday.
District oi KnHt Koottnay
TAKE NOTIOB that William W.
Richmond, ol Traverse Olty, Mich.,
occupation Lumberman, l_-__la t..
apply for penin .una t.i purchase the
following neacrlbsd lands -
Commencing ai „ post planted
twenty cha n- '.*.,*<! nn.l eighty ehalna
south' dt Mile poat No. .1 ,,n Ihe SOth
parullell, ini'l l o,t tielng the aouth
went cora-r ol Timber Licence N'o.
1684S. th. nee west 40 chain*, thenc.*
south 20 chAin., thence west 2*1
chiln*. thenc* north so chums.
tb.nce east fiO chains, thenc, ^outh
40 chains to the place of commencement,    containing 2Hn acres,, more or
Dated   August  2.'.th,  1913.
(leo. W. Hrown, Agent
31 9t.
| For Sale Rents & Wants
WANTED—A small Orchard with
buildings, close to* Cranbroo...
1'lease send description with price
itnd  tenna to
A.  Sigvarilsen.
1'aswegin.   Hank
WANTED—Housekeeper to look after
two children aged Id and 12 year
Apply  Prospector Office.
WAN'TICU <:i.mh, mi as urst mortgage
on ranch proiwrty, value of the
same helng (10,000.00, will pay
high.*. Interest, Insurance covers
mortgage, Communicate wltll
owner.    Hut 320, city.
FOR   HALK-I.lght    Team.    Harneau
and Burrey for sale   -lHO.IMj c,„h
Also good DemocrAt mo.. »     Ap-
,       ply  Prospector.
Wa always advise people who have
stomach or bowel trouble to aea a
doctor, But to thoie who do not
wIh.i to do thin we will nny: try the
rout ure of al triple buckthorn bark
glycerins, etc., known us Ailler-l-lta.
Tills llm pie now remedy in no powerful tbat JUHT ONK l.OHK usually
relieves sour itotnAOb, krh on tbe
■tomscli and Constipation QIIUJKIjY.
People who try Adler I ka are surprised at Ita QUICK action. The
Bsa-Hrfe-Murpbr On U-tt
FOR BALE—Lodging House., suitable
tor boarding house, located over
Manning's* atore, For further m
formation enquire oi W. M. Kr
inr, over Mannings store,       tf,
If you   wnnt
really   uood    rancl.
with frame dwelling house, water,
garden, nnd . othoi large build
Ingfi, lake, etc , wrltelmo at once
yon ran have my ranch tor half
of Uh todays value, must will
thin week, t.eniiH ran be,arranged
flrat one coming takoH it. Apply
owner,   Hox  Wl,  City.
Board   and   Room,    for   Young   Men
also    Table   Hoard,   Apply    O.fl.
Hougham   Dewar Avmiuq.
K. L. T. Galbraith ol Fort Steele,
Indian Agent, ww gt Creston Thurs
day on official  business.
Thoa. Caven, M.P.P. and E. H.
.Small spent several daya this week
at Fermi' on  business.
A large number of men are now
bein»; sent to Bull Kiver to work in
the C.P.R. Logging camps, most of
theae men  came from  Arnprlor
.Mrs. Wm. Rutherford and daughter
Miss MoUie of Nelson, who have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Was
son,  returned  to  Nelson on  Monday.
August Cost, a man about Q year
old was killed at Fernie on .Saturday last, while walking on thc Great
Northern track, by being run over
by  the south-bound  passenger  train.
Mrs. Mead was spending a few days
at Moyie thia week, nnd now accompanied by her mother is enroute for
Lethbrldge, where she will make her
future home.
The flrst of n series ot Parlor
meets given hy the W.O.T.U. will be
held at the home of Mrs. J.F.Hmith
Tuesday, October Hth. Ladies are
cordially invited to nttend an interesting programme is being prepared.
A general meeting of the Cranbrook Ritle Association is called for
Monday, Uth October, at 8.30 p.m.,
In the Council Chambers of the City
Hall, to pass on the Bylaws prepared hy the Committee. All membera, or intending members, are ur
gently requested to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. Raitt nf Edmonton,
who have been staying at the Presbyterian Manse, left on Monday for
their borne. Mrs. Thomson, wbo ia
their daughter thoroughly enjoyed
this visit from her pnrentH and un-
doughtedly did,.her beet to give them
tbe beat time possible.
At the Edison Theatre tonight wl.l
ire shown the following excellent line
of fllmB:—Fortune's Pet, a two reel
feature; The Cbbc of the Missing girl
Luck is pluck and Its resourcefulness
ita wrongs and rights. These films
are the best that money can produce
and are well  worth  seeing.
Coke made in Fernie, under the
new U.S. Tariff .will enter that coun.
try free of duty, this means a reduction of about 90 cents per ton. Coal
ia also on the free list, but will be
liable to pay a duty until the Cana-
adlan government remits the duty
on coal entering Canada from the
On Friday of last week, a Are
broke out in the home of M. Martin,
which completely destroyed the build
ing aud furniture. Mr. Martin and
family were away at the time camp-
liik' at Green Hay, the lire had gained
considerable headway when discovered by a neighbor named Birch. A
tight was made to nave the building
but the tire had K"t too rnurh of a
W.   W.  KILBY
ty. O. Box mi Cranbrook, B.C
Home people say that breakfast is
wholly unnecessary, we alt know, or
at. least ought to Itnow and havo
been told that sulpher is Injurious.
Lunch ia 11 mere formality, und every
one knows that late dinners should
be cut out, Suppose wo rut them
all out and snap 0111 fltlgorB at the
high cost of living.
Friday, at ll o'clock, Paellle time,
president Wilson released an oloctrlo
current that travelled over land and
under aea to the pniminn caiial and
exploded the greatest charge ol dynamite ever used in the construction
of the big canal, the destruction nf
the Oamboa Dyke. This dyke la the
last physical obstruction to the open
ing of water communication between
the two oceans. The destruction of
Oamboa Dyke wlll be celebrated all
along tbs Pacific OOBSl
is Uie name our Mi*. Haynns
uses.     Wo also call it
Lots of it iu stock
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
B. C.
Have for sale some
very choice residential
and business lots in
different parts of the
City; also small tracts
varying from one to
five acres   in   extent.
Call and see them now
before the rush comes.
Your Home
Will be one thnt. you rut, look
lorwar.l to with much added
delight If, upon returning all
lawn out trom your day's
work, your wife can havo read-
y lor you a bottlo ol
Port and Stout
Thon you wtll most fully „t»
predate thla Htrciithcnlng hrcw
It will ronton, your energy,
flirnlnh needed Humiliation to
tho tired ho.ty and put you In
a Iramo 01 mind to re„pond to
tho plonnnnt reception await-
ing you.
Tho uon ol Kerrlngon'n Tort
nnd .tout. In tho home spoils
good nntiire, good Indigestion
nnd good nloop, l.ot no tmpply
you with „ cam*.
-_r.it por oamt of a dor,, plntn
Jnmes Kerrigan
Cranbrook, B.C.
Mr. unit Mrn. Archie Leitch retum-
oil Wednesday from tholr houoymoon
trip to tho coant.
Mr, and Mra.  I'. II   Htono ol Gala-
ta,  Mont, won* vlaltlng Oranbrook
i*n Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrn T, T, McVittie ol
Fort Htoolo, woro In tho city Wed
Tho trout nei,H,,ii thin yenr clonon
n  November  1. th.  thin dnte  being
wot by nu oriter-iti-couticll.
Mrn. !'. D. Hopo nnd Mrs. R. H,
Mooro ol Wyclllle, woro nhopping at
Cranbrook Monday.
O. 8. Frizzall of Fernie, representing the Ferule Fort Steele Brewing
Company wns transacting business
at Crnnbrook Wednesdny.
JameB Martin, who waa at Blko
and Baynes Lake the latter part of
laat week, returned to Cranbrook on
The new city clock arrived on Sat-
unlay last, and Messrs. Haworth
Bros, will commence its installation
on Monday nett.
The director of the Observatory at
the University of Santa Clara, predicts a warm and dry October. He
bases hia forecast upon the conditions, of tbe; sun, which he thinks,
will remain quiescent during the
month. Tbe prolonged warm woath-
or of last month Is explained by the
absence of sun spots.
Tbe Cranbrook Lawn Tennis Club
are giving tho'-flrst of a series of
dances to be held in tbe Masonic
Hall on Wednesday, October 15th at
9 o'clock aharp till 12. Tickets $1.50
per couple and 50c. extra lady.
Mrs. John ShAW entertained a com
pany of lady friends on Wednesday
in honor of Mrs. R. Brown and bjr
mother Mrs. Carroll, who arc leaving on Monday for Medicine Hat,
where they will reside.
A telephone line wlU be construct*,
from Wasn to tbe construction camps
of the Kootenay Central railway by
Messrs. Jordon _ Co. This line will
when completed, connect ln an Indirect way with the government line
at Windermere.
It is reported that tbe company
wbo has control of tbe Great Northern group of coal claims on Blk
River will build a railway trom Michel to the property, and that a num
her of surveyors are in tbe field locating the line.
In the world's series of Base Ball
games Philadelphia haa won three
out of four games, and now has a
big hold on the championship. Four
games haa heen played, with tbree
more to be played. Philadelphia
needs but one more game.
Cranbrook Lodge, A.F. _ A.M.
will hold a special convocation In
the Masonic Temple tonight. The
occasion being the annual visit of
Most Worshipful Orand Master Bro.
Wm. Henderson of Victoria, who ta
making a tour through the Province
Mrs. Fred Wise and her daughter
Mrs. Fred Banders of Detroit, are
visiting her sisters Mrs. H. Brlggs.
and Mrs. Woodhouse; wben leaving
Cranbrook they anticipate visiting
a few dnys tn Spokane afterward*
visiting another daughter and sister
ln Oregon.
•Betting is about even on tbe Chat-
eauguay election. The Liberals think
thnt the Laurier meetings will bring
out a hlg party vote and Inaure a
victory fnr Mr. Klahor; while Conner
vativea think that the presence of
Messrs. Pelletler, Codoro and Durlll
wlll counteract the influence of Sir
Wilfrid, and give the victory to the
On Friday laat, the all-year old
son ot Mr. McKay was hurt by a
horso nenr the Porto Rico sawmill
The child wns playing near the horse
and tn some way got within range
ot Its heels and the horse kicked the
little follow hadly on the head. He
was taken to tho honpital at Cran
brook for treatment, and the latent
report Is that tbe eyesight of nne
eye may he retained.
On account of the growth ol the
King Kdward Schools, Misa Oherr
In. ton has heen obliged to take a
larger house and yesterday moved to
the largo brick blinding on Norbury
Avenue, Just pant tbo new Human
Catholic Bchool. Tbis speaks woll
lor Miss Cherrlngton and her staff,
and alao (or the diatrict, as achools
nro grent Indloatlonn of progress.
Everyone will wish Miss Cherrlngton
continued success In her now school.
"They're all coining to it!" Ten years
ago, Henry Ford saw that excess weight
in an automobile was the one thing to be
avoided. He made a light, strong and
sturdy car. And to*day—"they're all
coming to it!"
Think what these prices mean—for the car
thnt has stood the test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T Touring Car $650;
Model T Town Car $900-f. o. b. Walkervllle, Ont., with all equipment. Cet catalogue and full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete line of Accessories, Parts and
Supplies—Cars and Trucks for hire—All
manner of repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave.        Cranbrook, B. C.
* ******** 111111111111111111IIIlllll1111111r"
ahould be made ao aa to give him j |
perfect comfort.    We carry every- ' '
thing   required   in   harneaa   and , .
horae goods,  hut only the best ' J
and most reliable lines.   If you ' '
need harness for a fsrm wagon • ,
or for a  racing- sulky,  you will ', ,
get   the   best   of   its   kind   at ' [
ii  W. M. PARK 6? CO.  !i
! I Phone 109  Cranbrook, B.C.  P.O. Box 443 ',',
*V III III 11 H III * M I *****. I111 .-H ** 111II ****  I
'Rexall Store*
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook       -       B. C.
English Church
Rev. R. P. Flewelllng Rector
Holy Communion at 8:00 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11:00
Bvening with special address 7:M
The seats in Christ Church are free
Presbyterian Church
Rov. W. Kelmnn Thomson
Morning services nt 11 a.m.
Subject—'"lho . inlrnsnosa of Christ
Violin Solo-Selected.
S. S. Bible Class, ,1 p.m.
Bvening services nt 7.30 p.m.
Subject—" John Thc Baptist Rebuking King Herod."
Anthem—''Now The Day la Over."
Holo Obligate by Mlaa Oolllnga.
Everybody ia wolcome—Come.
On Tuesday evening, October 26th,
Mr. Chambers of   Fort   Steele,    will
deliver a lecture on "Tbo Welsh Revival."
Baptist Church
O, _. Kendall
Morning worship at 11 a.m.
Subject for tho Morning service Is
"The Man without the Wedding Oar-
men t."
Bvening worship at 7.30 p.m.
Subject, for tho evening service is
"Rewards tor Conquerors or A Pillar In the Temple of Ood."
Sunday school and Bible class will
meet at .1.00 o'clock.
Bright services, good singing, and
a welcome await nil who can attend
Methodist Church
ltev, W. Kim>n Dunham
Bunday services:   Tbe   paator   will
preach at 11 ii.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject:   Social  Follies
Bvening subject: Why go to church
Alt are Invited to attend  the a.
hove services.
•Haw tne. any tastes In con.
"Yea, all tbelr uuto _*. - .3
'I hat. barn tMnktag K oi
—Ml lear you aro not steadtaet"
"Ok, but I am. I hava amo
tha hum brand ol cigaiatlaa
■____■* __■____■     AMU*
•Wfcjf do*.** JMl jack out
Mm |M in 3*Mr tet ««l ■
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
A  _RI.IAni.t- Il'-O.LATOII
Tli.ao 1*111. lire Culltnouniloil wltb (lit <r.at_l
CIS Ili'ln III. m.nt r.ilial'1. ("ine'lle. allow,! IS
aelfluc; SUCH ii. mo bfltni, uiwt.1 with much .news
br tlio nu>>t celebrate,t nliv.kun. known,
They rflii ii a,!", ni<: tiiMtto .llMiewlnl disorder.
to whkli tl,o tein.lo co-miliitinn I. Il.bl..
Pile, fi a bos.    *»•. II (much .norm), Us


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