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The Prospector Apr 25, 1914

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 Provincial   Legislative Assembly
Let us advise what is
best for your
Wilson - Optician
/v-*"'" "■"■. ■
!-  The  Leading Newspaper
i in the
$2.00 Per Year
V O L U M N E     20.
CRANBROOK,    B.    C.      SATURDAY       MORNING     APRIL   25th,   1914.
No. 17.
The Allen Players in
"The Woman"
How a telephone operator in a hotel or other public place can chew
gum, do fancy work, maintain a rap
id Are of repartee with her numerous
admirers, gossip with other operator
friends along tbe line, and meantime attend to her switchboard Is
one of thc puzzles of modern civilization. Wo bnve come to take this
phenomenon ns a matter of courBo
in our every dny life, tint placed
upon the stage, the little telephone
operator becomes nn object of absorbing interest, nnd we begin to
realize for the Ilrst time hcr unlimited possibilities.
A little telephone operator, Wanda
Kelly, ia the central Ugure in thn
dramatic sensation, "The Woman:'.
She Is just thc ordinary girl we all
know, having her full share nf the
joyB and sorrows nl life, taking a
keen Interest in her work, nnd realizing to an unusual extent the high
responsibility of Inr position, But
when, for various reasons, she goes
"on the rampage" and proceeds to
oppose a great political pnrty, the
dramatic sparks begin to dy in a
shower thnt starts a tire of enthusiasm on all sides.
The most popular organization in
the West, Mies Verna Felton and
the Allen Players, will open their
local engagement on Monday, April
27th, featuring Miss Felton in the
role of thc telephone operator in
" 'I'he Woman "
Funeral of
Sir William Whyte
A general lnisli prevailed on the
great Caundiun Pacidc railway system on Wednesday last at 2.30
o'clock, when the funeral service in
Knox Presbyterian church over the
tiody of the Into Sir William Whyte
was held.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president
of the system, left Montreal on Sunday night to attend thc last rites.
The arrangements for thc funeral
were as follows:
A Bhort service was held at the
residence ot the family, and the funeral left the house, 603 River avenue, at 2 o'clock.
The following were chosen by the
employees of the Canadian Pacific
railway and the Winnipeg Electric
railway to carry the casket (rom the
house to the hearse, into Knox
church and to the grave:—G. 8.
Daly, representing, C.P.R. locomotive engineers; P. Nicks, representing
C.P.R. firemen; W. O. Chester, representing C.P.R. conductors; F. McMahon, representing C.P.R. trainmen; E. McC.rath, representing C.P.
R. machinists; J. J. Clark, ropre-
entlng C.P.R. maintenance of wny
mon; J. E. Wnles, representing W.E.
Ry. inspectors; W. G. Bqlllres, representing W.K.Hy. conductors.
Thc pallbearers were: Sir Daniel
McMlllnn, Geo. Bury, N. «. Leslie,
A. M. Nantou, .1. A. M. Aikins, J.
T. Gordon, I), K, Blllott, O. R.
Crowe,  K.   McKenzie,  JameB Fisher.
A public service wns held in Knox
church, after which the cortege moved nn follows: From the church via
Klllco to Notre Dame, to Portage,
to Main, to St. John's cemetery.
Mayor Blankcuhurg, of Philadelphia,
Issued a proclnmntlon culling upon tbt
residents of Philadelphia and otber
cities to exert overy effort to aid lu the
learck (or Wurrun McCnrrlek, seven
years eld, who hns disappeared. Tht
Mayor calls attention to tho $5,000 reward offered by tile city fur the recovery «(tbt boy or the arrest und conviction of his abductors. Tho offer of tbe
reward was decided ou by the Councils,
Tbtrt waa already a reward of $1,000,
tfftrod by friends ot Uw McCarrkk
Opening Up of Lands
VICTORIA, B. C, April 22nd-
Hon. William R. Robb, Minister of
Lands, has announced the opening
for pre-emption of a number ot
areas in various parts of British
Columbia. On May 1st areas in
Cranbrook and Fernle land divisions
of East Kootenay will be opened to
settlers at the offices of the Government Agents at Cranbrook and Fernie, these tracts aggregating over
10,080 acres, the bulk of which are
logged-ofl lands; on the same date a
tract of logged-olt land on Mains*
pi mi Peninsula, about a mile back
from the settlement of Lund, one of
the various ports of call for coasting steamers, situated 90 mileB from
Vancouver, will he opened to ajttlers
nt the office of the Government Agent in the Court House at Vancouver. On May 18th two large tracts
nf logged-over lands in the Salmon
River Valley, Vancouver Island, a
district in which riattlement is advancing rapidly, will be open for pre
emptlon, also at the office of the
Government Agent at Vancouver.
The largest of the many areas to
be opened to settlement in the near
future are those on the South Fork
of the Fra3er River. In thiB valley,
through which the Grand Trunk Pac
itic railway has just been completed,
in the reserve created in 1907 about
50,000 acres of farming land will be
opened to settlement, tho eastern
part, in the neighborhood of Mc-
llride and cast to Mount Robson
Park, on June 1st, at McBride, a
divisional point on the G.T.P. railway, where a growing city is situated 145 miles cast trom Fort George
a special office being opened there
for the purpose for one week by the
Government Agent at Fort George,
and thc western half at Fort George
on June 15th.
On June 15th also, at the office of
the Government Agent at Albernl, a
tract of 5,000 acres, which has been
subdivided into lots ot 40 acres, on
Ucluelet Peninsula, between Wreck
Bay and Long Bay and Kennedy
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Public notice is hereby given that
tbe Milk VendorB By-Law ot the Cor
poration ot City of Cranbrook has
now received tbe consent of the
Lieut. Governor in Council, and cop
ies ol said By-Law are now being
H-inted and can be obtained trom
tho undersigned on application.
The provisions of this By-Law
must be strictly obBerved as trom
May 1st, 1914.
17-2t. City Clerk.
I.O.O.F. Services
The Independent Order of Oddfellows will nttend divine service at
the Presbyterian church on Sunday
evening, April 20th, this occasion being thc 95th Rnnlvrrsnry of the
Key City Lodgo will hold thetr annual Roll-Cnll meetlog nnd social at
'.I o'clock, Monday, April 27.
Alt members of subordinate, encampment, nnd Robekah Lodges
should make it a personal point to
Notice to Dog Owners
All persons owning dogs must purchase tngs on or before April 25th.
PersonB   not complying   with   this
notice will ho prosecuted.
By Order,
Cblef of Police
A Notice to Clean Up
All residents me unfilled to clean
up tliolr promises ot all retnae ami
garbage nnd place in receptacles on
hack of lot next, to linn' no that the
City Scavengers can load for hauling away.
All  persons who   dn   not   comply
with thla order will hn prosecuted.
Hy Order,
Chief Ol  Police and  Hanltary
First Applications Claim
the first rights to the Land
Government Offices open at $ o'clock— Pre-emptors must
be on time to record their claim
Owing to numerous enquires at the
Government Oltlce re the administration of tbe new Land Act and its
relative working out in alloting of
the various sections of lands that
are to be opened up to pre-emptors
in thiB district, the local government
agent, Mr. N. A. Walllnger, commun
icated with tbe Deputy MiniBter of
Lands for a clearer reading and a
better understanding of the methods
he iB expected to follow on Friday,
May 1st, when applications are made
for the said pre-emptions under his
In reply to hia request Mr. Walllnger received the following reply.
"I have to aitmowledge the  re-
"coipt of your letter under date of
"the -ith inst., dealing with the
"precedure to he followed in connection with thc opening of cer-
"tain lands to pre-emption in your
"district on thc Ilrst of May nuxt.
"In reply I beg to advise that j
"tUia matter has heen reierred to
"the Hon. the Minister of Lands,
"who directs mo to BtnSa thnt no
"new practice will he Initiated in
"connection with the opening of
"the lands in question, that the
"applicant who is first at the door
"of the Government Otliiv at 9 o'clock on the mordtng of May Ist
"will he given the first, opportunity
"tt) record on the land, and that
"all other applicants will he given
"an opportunity to record in the
"order of their precedence at your
"office at the time of the opening
"of the office at 9 o'clock.
"Arrangements  have  been   made
"by the MiniBter for the attendance
"of some official from tbis department at Oranbroak to assist you
"in   dealing   with   these   matters,
"who will hnve full power to deal
"witb any situation thnt may do-
"velop in connection with the open-
"ing of the lands ia question.
"I have the honor to be, Mir,
Yonr obedient servant,
Deputy  Minister .if Lands,
'i'he Government Agent,
Oranbrook,  B.C.
Bombardment and Capture of Vera Cruz by
American Warships
American   Flag  Trampled
in the dust at Mexico City
EL PASO, Marco 24th-Heurta's Federal troops raid a border JTexas town,
and mob and terrify inhabitants.
Governor of Texas has ordered out the National
Mob in Mexico City tear down and trample American flag in dust. iJB*
At Vera Cruz crowds of Mexicans hurl insults to American troops.
Three thousand American Bailors
and marines advance and take entire city ot Vera Cruz,
Admiral Badger with live battleships joins fleet at Vera Cruz.
'Snipers" on roofs tire at landing
Warships again shell buildings to
drive out Mexican sharpshooters.
Admiral Fletcher tells civil officials to go ahead with tbelr duties
under American protectian.
Firing on American forces at Vera
Oruz done by wandering bands of
soldiers without officers.
Mexican troopB deserted by their
unicorn, Including Oeneral Mans, before landing of American force.
tleneral Maas orders troops to con
centrate at Hnltillo to "repel American invasion, " and calls for volunteers,
Huertn said to han.* ordered American Charge O'Shaughnecsy to
leavo Mexico and to have recalled
Charge Algara from Washington.
house passes and president signs
senate resolution giving support to
('resident Wilson.
More warship* ordered to leave for
Mexican Waters.
Huerta said to bave provoked Intervention deliberately to gain sup
port. In Mexico.
WASHINGTON, April Z2.-Three
thousand men, marines nnd snllora
of the United Stntes navy, Including
reinforcements from the squadron
which arrived with Hear Admiral
Badger, today took possession of the
entire elty nf Vera Cruz,
The advance of the American forces, was covered by firing from the
parsnips upon buildings In the south
em part of Vera Cruz, where sharp-
ahootors of the Mexican army still
'   The seizure of the city Is lielleviid
to have been made without loss of
life on thc American side.
The White House gave out the following statement:
"Dispatches received from Consul
] Canada at Vera Cruz at 1:10 p. in.
announced thnt thi American forces
are now in complete posccsBlon of
the city; that apparently no fatalities among Americans and foreign
non-combatants had occurred and
that llrlng hnd ceased, except for occasional picket shotH,"
WASHINGTON, April 22.—The Am
erlcan forces commenced un advance
to take the entire city ol Vera Cruz
at 8 o'clock under guns ot tlic war
vessels, according to a report from
Consul Canada received at the stale
department at 111 o'clock this morning.
Reinforcements from Henr Admiral
Hardger's fleet, which hnd arrived at.
Vera Cruz during tbe night, were
landed under ttie guns of tlio American warships.
Counsel Cunnda under tbe date ot
11 a.m. cabled that he expected fighting to coase within nn hour, The
total Amorlcan forces ashoro number
eil 8,000, Thoy were well Inlo lhe
city nml had the situation In hand,
A dispatch Irom Counsel Ciiiiiiiln
given out. al  II a.ui., says:—
"Firing commoncod ut daybreak,
Sl.ips now sholllng southorn purl, of
city. Large forco landed from Ad
miral Badger's lleet before daylight,
Copies of proclamation issued uv
Hear Admiral Fletcher ro<|Uoating at.
once tii1 co 0| aii,,n of the mayor
und municipal authority in restoring
order bnve lur-ii dlstl United, but have
been unabie ne yd lo get In coin
iniinlcntlon with thoso officials."
Baptist Church
O. B. Kendall
Preaching services, 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m.
llaptist Young People's Union Moll
day 8 p.m. The monthly social will
be held this week.
Junior  B.Y.P.U. Friday 4,16 p.m.
Week-end meeting lor prayer, Saturday, 8 p.m.
"Worship the Lord in the beauty ot
Presbyterian Church
llev. W. Kelnina Thomson
Morning servioos at 11 a.m. Subject 2 Cbron. VI:8vb.
S.S. and BIM I Class, :i p.m.
Evening service nt 7.:io p.m. Bub-
ject: 1 Cor. XII:I3 vs.
The members of Crnnbrook lodge
of Oddfellows will be present at the
evening service
Selections  will   be  given   uy   the
choir at   both services.
Knox church ou Sunday, May 3rd.
COIIVer,   will   conduct,   tbe  services  ill
The llev.   ,1.   S.  Henderson of Van
Methodist Church
W. Kliion lliinham
Morning subject; "Heroism In the
Christian  Service."
livening subject: "Hoclallsm, K
con,imle Salvation."
Tills will be the Bemud address >!
n series ot four sernions on "Some
Solutions Oflered for Ilu- Problem ol
I    At   the   evening   service Mr. Nl.ld
will give a brief organ recital prior
.lo the hour of coimurnivmrnt ol the
evening service.
Victoria Day
Since Cranbrook came into existence as a city, it has been its custom to celebrate Victoria Day, and
we can see no good reason why we
should not make some etlort to provide for its celebration this year.
Last year o number of enthusiastic
citizens formed themselves into a
committee nnd enrried the matter to
u successful conclusion. We would
suggest thnt a meeting of citizens be
called, committees appointed, and
the day celebrated as usual.
Athletic Sports ___&&
A game if baseball will be played
on Sunday afternoon nt the recreation grounds between n picked nine
'rom the Royal nnd Imperial hotels.
Tbe Oranbrook Lacrosse team will
journey to Fornle on May 1st, nnd
Play a league giime witb _ team
from the coal city.
On May 24th, Victoria Hay, Fernie
will play a return game with tbe
Crnnbrook tenni, nt Oranbrook.
An effort will be made by the base
ball and lacrosse fans of this city
to secure grounds east of town, have
it fenced, nnd the grounds plowed
nnd rolled, in fnct, make u recreation ground for sports that the city
mny be proud of.
Business Picking Up
Indications point to the fact that
times are Rotting better in the Cran
lirook district, especially in Crnnbrook city.
The mills of the Crow's N\>st Pass
Lumber Co., at Wardner have commenced operations, the planers are
running full time, and shipping haH
At Bull River the C.P.R. mills are
running two shifts, and n large a-
mount of logs and ties are coming
down the river to the mill.
The Jewell millB nt Jaflray have
started up,, and considerable lumber
is being shipped.
The planers of the North Star
mills at Klko are running, ami several carloads of linisbed lumber are
being shipped daily.
Ihe mill.* of the Fast Kootenay
Lumber Co., at Jaflray, have commenced operations, the planers running full time, with shipping conditions good.
Farmers' Institute
At a meeting held on the ICth tnst
it wan decided to give the following
special prizes at the fall fair to be
held on Hept. Mth and 1Mb.
Best brood drnft mare   $ 6,00
Hest draft foal, 1914   $10.00
Iiest dairy cow   % fi.00
Best dairy calf, 1914   $ 5.00
Best brood sow   J r>.00
Best il.n poultry (4)   $ r,.iM)
Parmer   making thn most points in
grains and trasses clnss ... $ T..0I1
Farmer making the most   points In
vegetable and root class   $ T..00
The Department of Agriculture is
trying to arrange potato competitions among the young people in ench
institute. This locnl institute could
not join the competition on account
of the lack of young people in the
district who could fulfil the re'iuirc-
No papon were read nt this meeting ns the attendant" wns low owing
to most of the farmers being busy
witb tbeir crops. The season seems
to bo opening In good style nnd
everything points to n good ypar on
the bind which ihotltd mean a Will
lllled exhibition hall ns well ns a
well ailed pocket book f«r the farmer.
Those who miFBfd the pruning
school missed a very useful nnd prac
tical piece of Instruction. Mr. BJ. 0,
Hunt gnve full satisfaction and a
full school ought to be assured next,
Application has been mnde to the
depnrtment re Crop Competition, in
oati and potatoes, The secretary
will be pltas-d to receive tbe numes
<tf any wishing to join the same.
The fee Is Kile, and the prizes $2r..o0,
$20.oo, sifi.ou, UO,00 and ffi.OO, There
are two separate competitions, the
potfltoei requiring half an acre and
the onts tw<> acres.
Several members ate iu receipt of
Ihe free alfalfa and coin supplied by
tbe department. Tbe Iree seed and
Ibe crop   Competitions    nie    run    at
considerable cost to the department
mul It behoves nil the farmers to
lind a band In helping towards the
liiieeesH   of   sucb   proposition!   a"   tbe
tesiiits are tabulated nnd kept an in
formation which will be reliable and
at the disposal of all farmers. It
Ih only by trying out Ibe various
crops nud COmpAHng note* with otlt
er districts that any great forward
movement IU agriculture enn !"■
made. The old saying Is, "(leaven
helps those who help themselves,"
so look  alive,  Mr, Farmer.
Four Great April Wars
It is time for Huerta to Btop and
think of wbat he iB g oing up a-
gainat when he tritB tbe April fool
game .on Uncle Sam, as this is the
time of year wh:-n the old gentleman
gets figbtiag mad.
It was on April 17th, 1775, when
the American revolution was started
and at that time Uncle Ham was a
very young mnn.
Seventy-one years passed. It was
April 2fi, 1846, when Clmeral Arista's
.Mexicans crossed the Rio Grande,
and attacked Capt. Thornton's Utile band nf drairoonfl— and the Mexican war was on.
At daybreak, April n, 1861, the
lirst shell llred by (renetal Beaura-
gard'fl battery whistled across Chnr-
lostowa harbor and burst over Fort
Bump ter. The great war of the re-
belllon is dated from tbat hour.
A third nf a century of peace followed that terrible contiict. Then,
lust Hi years ago, April 20, 1898,
President McKinlay h -ut to Spaiu
the ultimatum to withdraw all
troops from Cuba, whose people the
Congress of the United States had
voted "nre and ought to be independent." One day later war began between tbo United States and Spain.
Four great April conflicts; each
brought new power, new honors, new
triumph to the Stars and Stripes.
This is, April, 1914. Why does not
Heurta take warning?
Young People's Pouitry
The Rev. W. K. Dunham addressed
the competitors in the above at the
Manual Training school on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. A. H. Webb in
introducing thc speaker, gave a few
pointers on the handling of the
broody hen. Mr. Dunham advised
them not to help weak chicks out of
lie shell as the resultant bird would
be always weak and liable to bring
disease into the (lock. He also outlined a good ration for the baby
chicks, consisting of one part chopped oaloa tops, two parts bread
crumb's and one part boiled egg.
They were shown how to feed ao as
tu make the little fellows scratch
and grow strong instead of loaf and
grow fat. Tbe A Coop was illustrated. The speoker urged the boys to
gut a small Incubator next year and
into the most interesting and
profitable part of the business. Many
[Uestions were nsked by tbe competitors who nre determined to mnke a
good showing at the coming Fall
Kair. Mr. H. White, Chairman of
the school board ond Mr. Dexter, of
the public school were in attendance
$4000, for Cranbrook
Horse racing and Lacrosse to be
the features of the two two days
At a meeting of the Directors of
tbo Cranbrook District Agricultural
Association held on Wednesday owning, tenders were received for tbe
printing or the annunl prize  list.
The contract whs awarded to the
Herald Publishing Co. with tbe lowest tender.
The secretary repotted that be hnd
been succersful in tilling all the advertisement space with the exception
of live pages which should easily be
Piled during the next few days.
■\n offer was received from the
Uovernment of $200.00 towards the
expense of an addition to the Poultry Building If another $200.00 is
raised locally. It is Intended to put
up. a building that would be easily
added to from time to time. $3,000
was allotted to the prize list and
over fl.100.no to a Bpeclal horse racial,' program( particulars of which
wlll be published later, No bookmakers will be allowed on tbe track
Put the Pari Mutual mnchlneH will
he in operation! Lacrosse, Canada's
atlonal gome Is going to be made
a feature of. tbe sports and arrange*
nents will be made for Senior and
Junior matches.
Remember the date—Tuostay  and
Wednesday,  September  1Mb and  1Mb
Testing the water
The lire brigade was out for prac
e mi Wednesday night, umi while
i tested tbe pressure on hydrants
ami lloiO mi Baker street.
Three lines of hose 100 feet In
lotlgth was run from three hydrants,
the pressure ai th> hydrants was vi.
pounds, the noUlM used was one
three qudrtcr hieh, and two one inch
the pressure at    the   hydrants with
Micro three streams playing was ut*
pounds, which Is considered by lire-
men a good pressure lor lire purpoee* THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B.C.
©he proepeetor, ©ranbrook, $♦ <&♦
Published Every Saturday Morning at Cranbrook, B.O.
F. M. Christian, general manager
Postage to American, European  (British  isie8 excepted)  and  other  foreign countries, 50 centB a year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Unless notice to tbe contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up againBt their account.
20th YEAR
No.  17
An American newspaper bas the
following to say in regard to the
Mexican situation: "Strike fast and
Btrftc hard to gain swift and lasting peace."
"The time for peace ends. Tbe
time for mercy never ends, Wben
war comes mercy demands that tbe
nation shall strike quick and strike
Not one day of weak delay should
be allowed to invite tbe scourge of
wasting fevers. Every move should
be a forward move, and every battle
a victory. No rule but this will answer: Strike fast—strike bard.
In the House of Commons at Ottawa, on Tuesday, Mr. W. F. Cock-
abutt, of BrantforU, who is anxious
about the safety of HveB and property of Canadians in Mexico, asked
the government the following question: "In the advent of war between
the United States and Mexico will
the government take any precautions to insure the safety of Canadians in Mexico, if so, what action
will be taken*1"
The reply was that the Guvern-
wast was in communication with the
Imperial authorities on the subject.
Mr. Borden might have said, with
all candour, that the Dominion of
Canada was depending upon the Brit
ish fleet, to which it does not contribute a cent for tbe protection of
Were it not for tbe action of the
Liberal senate, Cannda today, would
have been sent to thc scene of wav,
and afforded all ncccssery protection
to Canadian lives and interests.
Cranbrook's Water
The interest taken by the people
regarding the future of the City's
Water System is somewhat hampered as to tbe relative values of a
wood pipe or steel service by the experience of those who hnve had to
do with a system tbat, like Topay,
"juat growed"
It would not  havo mattered  what
material*, this     waa     made     from,
whether wood, Iron or steel, ns either   would   be  equally   unsatisfactory
when put together so badly, wltb so
many dead ends and practically only
two or tbree of tbe lines joined  up
in what iH termed a circulating system.    Any engineer  who is qualified
to express an    opinion    would   bear
this out, and none, I nm sure, quick
er tban   your  own  bnrdwoi*Uug  Mr.
J. c. Glenday,   This is the whole
crux of thU question.    Any material
put    together    with    such    complete
lack of plan or system as tbe City's
present    service   would    have   given
just as good a service as is now to
be had, AND NO   BBJTTBR,    be   it
wood, Bteel or Iron.
As regards wood pipe, if tbis can
be proved satisfactory the cost of
replacing the system would be little
more than half what n steel service
would cost, a big item in these hard
times. Just stop and think, thnt
whore we'd spend $100,000.00 for a
ateel line the wood service would
cost leBS thnn $60,000,00, and $40.-
000.00 is an Item worth keeping in
the citizens' pockets if possible, Ar.*
you going to pny fl.OO for an article you can purchase satisfactorily
for 65 or fiO canto?
Immediately here the layman says
"Mow can we get  B service toi  foftv
to forty-five per cent cheaper than
n steel one and not repeat th" last
failure?    H"W are we to know when
to be used, haB bis pipe to be absolutely free from knots, sap wood,
nnd pitch-seams, has the tenons of
the pipe made true to tbe couplings
such as the modern up-to-date manu-
facterers turn out, and being up-to-
date himself he has all the information at his linger tips as to the elas
sitication of a good sound wood pipe
and any new things that go to make
the wood better, such as creosote on
the collars where the tar is light,
or galvanized steel bands to reiiu-
force the coupling ends. These and
anything else he includes in his spec
itications. He does exactly the same
should a steel line be proposed—
specifies thickness of shell and
weight per foot tor the pipe. And
after that be is busy when the contract is let keeping an eye on everything and seeing that the specifications are lived up to. Hid the wood
pipe company ever have the number
of cars of pipe condemned that tbe
Pittsburg Steel people did when
their pipe was not up to specification in Vancouver? We doubt it. AU
quarte rs nf infprmation give us to
understand that all pipes, be they
wood, steel or iron, are not perfect
and to get tti: perfect we have to
depend on the stringency of the spec
ifications and integrity of the engineer in charge.
The ,qliestion that has been
brought up as to the life of wood
aizainst Bteel is not a question at
all, a high school boy could tell us
that all things being equal, wood
will outlive steel, whether twenty-
flve or two hundred and fifty years
he cannot any as it entirely depends
on what conditions those are. It is
up to ua here to throw that question out, as also the one of the How
through the pipes, all authorities a-
greeing that the flow is greater in
wood than iron or steel, but to be
absolutely on the safe side tbey use
tbe figures Ol Kutter'H formula for
aspbalt'd iron pipes. Throwing these
two unnecessary questions aside we
again get hark to the same question
aa before—How can we save 40 or
45 per cent? We might answer this
question with others like tbis—How
did Kernie, Salmon Arm, Port Albernl!, or Kelowna and many other
towns about our own Blze and standard do so? and we then tind they
did it by using wood; some qt thece
towns did it by knowing what they
wanted and tbeu got it. They hnve
up-to-date fire outfits too in keeping
with Jheir water service, Buch aa
Mi-tor Trucks tbat answer a night
call in so mnny seconds, nnd still
tbey have not aivjnt all ot the $1,00.
This idea rathee nppenls to us in n
town almost built to feed a conflagration!   "A   water   Service   and   a
Fire   Department   fully equipped for
less than the cost of a steel service'
otber towns have these things and
get, them easier by saving that poor
old 40 per cent.
Self-Denial Week
we bave got it'" And again the j nnd
man thinking steel says "Steel is
expenaive so it ought tn be good",
and if careful enquiry was made
you'd very often find that is the note
reason yon are getting steel, i.e.,
becnuse it Is expensive. Then look a
WN bit deeper, and you'l find the
outside firm of Kn,'ineers called in
simply to keep the price up because
tb'jr are being pad nn tbe percentage basis. The more it costs the
more goes Into their pocket. It's
like the Green Hills far nwny, an
outside man Is called In lo do the
Woi»( local men can often do better
and eht'Sper than tbe stranger, who
hna no personal Interest In the district.
Luckily, Oranhmok hns a  capable
engineer nnd one who given tin' city
the beat In himself, no there is no
doubt he COUld take care of thr pre
vIoitH question Ol hOW wi' are Iti
know wben we Ine go) what we
wnnt, Iti this wuy, .<V emmiple we
will say tb-it nil cowts considered,
wood is decided upon, lie then pro
reed* to drnw up his plans and nec-
lllciitiniiH,  ln thcHc be rails for sizes
We re-idily reBpnnd tn tbe request
nf the Salvation Army's local representative. Captain CarnitherH to
draw the attention of our renders to
the Week of Sell Denial
This annual appeal is certainly a
ntnarkable illustration ,,t what zeal
and system can accomplish. A grr-at
deal of tin- Army's sueo-ss is due to
this yearly effort tn raise Jiinds tn
<arry on its good works of mercy
extend Its operations where
most needed We sincerely hope that.
Iriends and admirers of this noble
work will .jive liherally In response
to this appeal.
Thc Army bas LS Rescue Homes
for fallen girls and '. Children's
Homes in Canada as well as a num-
| ber of Industrial Homes for men
and women. Thousands of hungry
Children are given free breakfast*
• very day.     r>0c.    will    provide    100
children    with   s   breaWoat.    Over
! 1,000 children were enf-d for in our
( hlldren's   Homes   last year,   $1.00
! will maintain a child for a week.
2.1,'ion persons slept under our roots
every   iiigbi   and   tbe    mime   number
| receive chenp and free minis every
day. $5.00 will supply lood and
shatter (or a week  ii, ton homeless
I and  starving  people.
Over 1,000 giils were rescued Irom
; lives of shame  last   year
| by  Mm efforts nf the  Ar
will   cover   the   cosl    '.I   reaming n
| girl from such a lib'. honatlonn fni
Iblsl work wlll In thankfully recelv*
ed by the Captain who Is endeavor
Ing tu false $800.00 this year.
Forest Reserves
A forest reserve is not an area of
forest land where no trees whatever
are allowed to be cut. The object
in setting aside the land for the reserve is not to prohibit cutting altogether, but rather to regulate the
cutting and generally to treat the
forest so that a continuous crop of
timber may be taken ofl the area, instead of having it cut over once or\
perhaps twice and then left wastfe,
Experience in other lands has demonstrated that such a continuous
crop of forest trees can bl* grown,
and the setting aside of forest reserves iB oue of the first steps taken
in the introduction of such a policy
in this country. Crop after crop
can be taken oil the same area—of
course at widely separated intervals
for half a century is a short period
to allow for a crop of timber to
The primary object of a forest reserve is thus to provide fnr a perpetual supply of timber. Another
important object of the reserves is
to protect the water supply, both
the domestic supply for towns and
cities and also the supply to be used
:or the generation of power. The effect of forests at the headwaters of
streams is to regulate tbe tlow so
as to make it constant throughout
the year—not a torrent in Bprlng uud
a nearly dried -up Stream-bed m tbe
heat of summer. To be valuable as
a source of power a stream must
furnish a constant and regular supply of water. Very low water in a
stream from which a town or city
derives its water supply bas often
meant a gfleat deal ol sickness, (perhaps in the form ol nn epidemic),
for the people ol that place. Where
the forest is, tbe snow melts more
gradually in spring and the rains ol
spring and summer soak into the
ground, which acts like a sponge,
and flow oil more gradually than
where tbe forest is removed.
In hilly and mountainous regions
the cutting ofl of the forests has ol
ten led to the washing away of the
soil. This has made it impossible
for the forests to grow again, and
moreover has led to the silting up
ol the rivers in the valleys, which
made necessary the expenditure of
large sums in dredging them out a-
galn. Good examples of this maybe seen in the neighborhood of tbe
Appalachian Mountains in the Vn-
ited States.
Some reserves are important as
well in furnishing recreation lor the
people, but tbe two essential Object!
of tbe reserves, are those of provll
ing for n perpetual crop of timb-r
nnd of protecting the water supply
for power and domestic use.
Third BudgetPresented
Surplus for 1913-14 is
The third budget ol the Borden
Oovernment is in every respect and
in tbe fullest seii3e a people's budget
The story of financial stability of
trade expansion, and of tbe splendid
manner in which tho Dominion ol
Canada pnssed through a world-wide
financial stringency was gratifying
to tbe people of Cnnada and a lasting credit to the Borden Government
1 hrough every phase of the year's
work there was appnreut the influence of a wise, capable and courageous directing lorce. Readers of the
budget muat malize that Canada
owes much to the fact that her affairs during so trying a year and iu
so critical a period were in tbe
hands of a Government and of a Fin
ance MmiFter possessed of a strong
and unshakeable faltb in Canada
and equipped witb the knowledge
of world conditions by which alone
tho Dominion could be safely guided
through a period of stress and trial.
It is to tbe credit of Cannda that
the Canadian people look for a just
indication of the standing of the
Dominion, nnd the credit of Canada
maintains today the highest place In
the markets of the world.
©atestof Ae Germans'*
BlSMARCK,like all Germans,prized Personal Liberty as the breath of life—a NATURAL
RIGHT to be guarded and defended at any cost. Among our millions of law-abiding
| German-American citizens there is not a man who does not consider it insolent tyranny
"of the most odious kind for any legislation to issue this command s'Thou shalt NOTeat
this—thou shalt NOTdrinkthat?"' Germans know that there is no evil in the light wines and
beets of their fathers. EVIL ONLY IS IN TIIE MAN WHO MISUSES THEM. Fifty-seven
years ago ANHEUSEIV BUSCH founded their great institution upon the tenets of the Con
stiuition of the United States. During these fifty-seven years they have honestly brewed an
honest beer—the kind that has added to the temperance of nations. Their great brand—
BUDWEISER.—is demanded throughout the world, hs sales exceed any other beer by
ufe"-£*'(i  M-=MteiSHS9   ANHEUSEH-BUSOT
9** *wtO\j*s9
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook, B. C
spells Temperance
Then* are  a   number  of  Important
featureB   iu   the   Finance   Minister's
pr unceroont which are   of special
Intsreit, Then is the announcement that the revenues hnve been
nnd will be in the coming year sntll-
clent to meet all ordinary expendit*
um und much (if the outlay necessary on capital and special account.
The railway legacies left by the late
govern mon t willed for nn increase to
the debt of th- Dominion, but. the
total debt is, nevertheless, lower by
six millions of dollars than it waa
In tho l''H of Hill, when the present.
Government took ofllco.
The oxpAMllOn   of  Hade  ia of  spec
iai Importance, Inasmuch ns it han
no! boon mnde np of liicrenncd imports alone. The exports or Canada
bnve inc.cased in greater proportion
thnn have the imports, thim trading
to restore the trade balance which
linn   been  the subject of dlsniiuijoii   In
Canaan I fMtfm.r y((,„.H<
YBAfl   I'lll  ONK   tiV   PnUDWNO'lB
The coming year, an stated by lion
W. T. White, Will be a year for pru
dence and caution,  hut   a time uluo
for courage and confidence. Thc
worst of the financial stringency is!
over and bad times in the nature of
things produce good times, Mr.
White's statement in regard to the
financial outlook was full of reassurance for Canada. He declared his
Ilrm faith in the ability of Canada
to progress. The strength of Canada
ns he stated, lies in ber vast natural
resources, and that atrengtb ia the
foundation of the Dominion's prosperity.
The tariil changes announced by
the Minister of Finance are in the
nature of a readjustment to meet
new industrial conditions, TH*y are
of very great importance. Perhaps
of greatest importance was the Btate
ment with which the Minister Intro
duccd hia tariff changes.
"I desire," he said, "to aflirn the
adherence of the Oovernment to a
fiacal policy of reasonable protection
to Canadian industries, including, of
courBe, tbe great basic industry of
agriculture. The policy is the historic National Policy of Sir John
Macdonald, inaugurated by him and
continued by, his successors down to
the present time. We believe it ta
tbe best, indeed the only, and in a
sense tbe inevitable policy for Canada, situated as It is geographically
world to-day. Under that policy
Canada bas prospered lu the past,
and will continue to prosper in the
future. We believe It is tbe true pol
icy for Canada and for every part
of it if we are to regard as desire-
ablo stable business conditions and a
diversified national life throughout
the Dominion."
The tariff changes carry wtth them
decided benefits for tbe Canadian far
mer, The farmer keepB nil be had
before am! he gets more. In tho
maintenance of the wheat and Hour
duties the Govornmont protects the
Canadian wheat grower by preserving hla home market. This will result in the extension of tbe milling
Industry in the West and in an In-
croaflJd output of mlllfoed, which
will he an Important factor in tbe
development of the live-stock Industry In Canada. There Is tbe further
undertaking by tbe Oovernment tbnt.
every attention Is to be paid to the
ijueatlon of reduced elevator aud
transportation charges In the inter
eats of tin' farmor, Tbls Is mi Idle
promise, KlTorls made and reduc
tloim ordered already demons! rato
the wllllngnesii nud ability of the
Qovornmont. through the proper tnb
UlinlS, to look after the welfare of
the man who Is sn largely dependent,
upon transportation charges, The re
[dllOtlon of duly on nioweia, reapers,
i hinders and their parts, Ih thn most
! important a 1 Iteration made for
1 the benefit of thu farmer under   this   bend   in   seveuteeu   yenrs,
Tbe most the Lnurier Oovernment
ever did to meet tbe demand follower duties on farm implements
was to lower tbe duty by two and a
half per cent. The Borden Oovernment hns just doubled this cut and
has brought the Implement duty two
and a half per cent, lower than tbe
figure lixed in the reciprocity agreement,
This change in tbe duty means
much to the farmers of Canada, aud
will not materially affect the interests of tbe manufactures, whose position was made the subject of careful and exhaustive study by tbe Government before action was taken.
Tbe object of the llorden Government is to act impartially toward
all classes in Cannda, and the present budget demonstrates this attitude, no one industrial claBB having
b'en given more favorable treatment
than has beeu accorded to another.
A year ago the present Government
took the duty off ditching machines
and placed these machines on the
free list. This year the parts of these
machines have nlso been placed on
the free list and will hereafter enter
Canada without duty.
Tbe provision for the drawback of
duty in the cbbo of wire imported
for use in farm fencing is another ex
umple of the rare wtth which tbe
Government bas protected tbe interests of the farmer. ThiB drawback
provision is mude iu the readjustment of steel mid iron duties, a readjustment wblcb promises to bo an
Important factor in placing tbe steel
industry of Canada upon a bettor
footing. There is to be more manufacturing of Iron and steel in Canada, more money spent in tbe employment of Canadian labor, and
this Is accomplished without the necessity of increased prices to tbe con
su mer.
The position of the iron and Stool
Industry has been treated hy the
Finance Minister in a wise aad
statesmanlike' manner. lle bas not
provided a bounty on pig iron or
crude steel becnuse be does not find
that the industry requires this ns-
slstanco. Ho has however, mado provision for the manu tact uro of heavy
structural steel lu Canadian mills.
In other respects tho Iron nud steel
production |n Canada in encouraged.
Theae changes are calculated to be
of general henefil, to Cannda and uot
to Ibe steel Industry alone.
Tile    budget    throughout    tdiMwa n
(borough grasp of Canadian   affairs
al, home anil kh affected by world
conditions, It la not a elasa budget
not a manufacturer's budget, but a
budget for all Canada, ami one In
which, for tllO Ilrst time In Hcvcnteen
years, the great farming Industry Ifl
given adequate coimlderatlou and
fair treatment,
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Meet in   Maple   Hull,   on   2nd   and-.
4th ThurBday ol each month.
Louli Pearson, Sec., P.O. Box 518.
Vlaltlng Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   tn   Maple   Hall on the 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to British
_. Y. Drake. Pres.
h. Pearron,  Secretary
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Regular   meetinge   on   the
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Visiting brethren welcome.
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Stock Association
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Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
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8rd Thursdny in
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meets on 3rd Friday evening in the
tame place at 8 p.  m.
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Cottage Hospital
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Terms on Application
I'lioue 259
P. O. Box 845
Notlco Is hereby given that a rc-
eorvo, notlco of which appeared in
tho B.C. Gazette, on Octobor 10th,
1912, is cancelled In no far as lt ro-
IntcB to the following expired timber
and   43175.
Deputy Mlnlnter of Lnnds.
Lands llepartnii'iit.
Victorin, B.C., Mnrch 3l»t, 1914.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
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NOTICE Ib hereby given that a re-
Borve, the notice of which appeared
in the B.C. Gazette on the 27tb of
December, 1907, is cancelled in bo far
as it relates to land covered by expired Timber Licence No. 43070 for
the purpose of issuing Pre-emption
Records covering a portion of same
in favor of Messrs. Jesse P. Abbott
and Delbcrt Van Abbott. The remainder will be open to entry by
pre-emption on Friday, thc first day
of May, 1914, at 9 o'clock in the
forenoon; all applications to be made
at the office of tho Government A-
sent, Cranbrook.
Deputy MiniBter of Landa.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-8 mths.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the
reserve established by -notice published in tbe British Columbia Gazette
on the 27th day oi December, 1907,
Ib cancelled in bo far as it relates
to Timber Licences Nos. 31481, 33411,
34221, 30358,        36502,        26737,
41344, 31201, 31330, 34406, 32711,
21907, 37993, 37922, 37994, 33460,
33459, 26926, 28183, 2266'., 34273,
43176, 32022, 31180, 31184, 31185,
37580, 24432, 23116, 28182, 39353,
34310 and 11347. That said lands
have been surveyed as LotB 2698,
2699, 2700, 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704, 2705
2706, 2707, 2708, 2709, 2710, 8281a,
8278, 8279, 8281, 8283, 10331,
10352,     10353,    10354,
11625, 11781,
11787.    11788,    11789,
11792,    11793,    11794,
11797,    0179!,    11799,
11802   and   11803, Kootenay
District, and will he opened to entry by preemption on the 1st day
ol May,  1914, at 9 o'clock  in    the
forenoon.     No   Pre-emption Record
will be issued to include more than
one surveyed  lot,  and  all   applications must he made at the office of
the Government Agent, Cranhrook.
Deputy MiniBter of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victorin, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-3 nitliB.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho
reserve established by notlco nub-
llshed in the British Columbln
Gazette-on the 27th dny of December
1907, Ib cancelled iu 110 fnr ns tt relates to Timber Licences Nob. 41426,
9082 and 4481, nnd that said lands
liaviiiK been surveyed as Lots 11514,
JIMS, 11618, 11519, 11520, 11521, 11526,
11685 anil 111)89, Kootenny Dintrict,
11681, 11681a, 11682, 11683, 11684,
11685 nnd 11789, Kootenny Dletrlct,
will bo opened to entry by pre-emption on the let dny of May, 1914, at
9 o'clock in the forennnn. No. preemption record will Iio IbbiioiI to Include more than one Burveyed lot,
nnd nil applications must ho made
at tbe ofllce of the Government A
gent, Kernie
Deputy Milliliter of Lands
Lnnds Department,
Victoria, B.O,
28th January, 1914.
5-3 mths
Conference on City
During the last live years National
Conferences on City Planning have
been held annually In various cities
of ttie United states, anil have aroused such widespread interest that
many American cumtnunities are now
nlixioim to have the Conference held
in their city and are willing to contribute the funds-.for that purpose.
The city of Toronto, therefore, is
to be congratulated on being the
first place on this side of the International boundary to entertain the
Conference, which this year will become international in scope and char
act'jr. Tbo financial difficulties have
been overcome by a gonerous grant
from the Dominion Government,
which has appointed the Commission
of Conservation to act as hosts. The
Ontario government and the city of
Toronto are also contributing. Tho
question of city planning is thus recognized to be of national, provincial and municipal concern, and
Field-Marshall H. R. H. the Duke of
Connaught, tho Governor-General,
has graciously consented to open the
Conference and give an address.
Tho substantial assistance given
by tbe Dominion government is evidence that the town-dweller, equally
with the agriculturalist, is receiving
attention, and that not only the Fed
oral capital, but all our Canadian
cities are receiving from the Federal
authorities such advice and assistance as the Congress will afford
them. Invitations have bcen sent to
all the cities and townB in the Dominion, requesting them to send delegations to the Conference and it is
liop'id that many will take advantage of the opportunity. Money
could be spent to no greater advantage than giving some of our city
councillors the opportunity to come
into touch with experts in civic prob
lems from all over the continent.
The aldermen will carry home ideas
that, put into practice, will save
their towns-peoplo millions of dollars, besides acquiring a new Bcnec
of the responsibilities of their office
and higher ideals of civic administration.
The BCDpe of tbe Conference may
be gauged by a glance at some of
the topics which will form the main
themes of discusBion. Among these
may be cited. The relative importance of City Planning as compared1
with all other Functions of City
Government, by Andrew Wright
Crawford, editor of the city-planning
section of the "Public Ledger;" {Provision for Future Rnpid Transit, by
J. V. Davies, consulting engineer
for the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Com
pany; Rnpid Transit and the Auto
Bub, by John A. McCallum, nsalst-
ant engineer, Bonril of Estimate and
Apportionment, Now Vork City; Protecting Residential Districts, by
Lawrence Velller, secretary nnd director of the National HoiiBing Association, New York City; Toronto's
Water Front Development, liy It. !•'.
Gourlay, of thc Toronto Board; A
Consideration of the Principles nnd
Proceedure of a Canadian Town-
planning Act, n draft of which is
now being prepared by a spcclul
committee appointed by thc Commie*
slon of Conservntion; and Recreation Facilities In thc City Plnn, by
Henry    V.   Hubbard,    professor   of
Ooal mining rights of the DominiuL
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and In a portion of
the Province of Uritisb Columbia
may be leased for a term of twenty
one yeare at an annual rental ol (1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acre*
will be leased to one applicant.
Application lor a liuae mutt bi
made by the applicant in person ti
the Agent or Hub-Agent of tbe die
trict In whlcb the rlghtt applied fot
are ai tun ted.
In surveyed territory the land musl
be described hy sections, or legal sub
divisions of tectums, nnd in uusur
veyed territory the tract applied loi
shall be staked out by the applicant
Eacb application must he accom
panied by a fee of 15 which will bi
refunded If tbe rights applied for an
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbo mer
cbantnble output of the mine at thi
rate of live cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine atinli
furnish the Agont with sworn returni
accounting for the full quantity 01
merchantable coal mined and pay tht
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mltiini
rights are not bring operated, suol
returns should be furnished nt lent!
once a year.
Tbo lease wlll Include the coal min
Ing rights only, but. tbe loHsee ma)
be permitted to purchase whatevoi
available surface rights may be con
sldered necessary for the working ol
the mine nt the rate of till.UO an aire
For full Information appUoatlou
should be innile to tba Hocrotuiy o!
the Depnrtment ol the Interior, ultn
wa, or to any Agont or Hub -Agenl "
Dominion Lnnds.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of thu Interloi
N.B.—Unauthorized publication 0;
thit advertisement will not be paid
loi.   3111,911. Jan. 3rd II.
landscape   architecture    In    Harvard
Additional interesting features will
be a tour of the city and harbour of
Toronto, luncheon topics, and an
open session for the discussion ol
subjects to be submitted by members of the Conference.
Young Men's Club
A number of new members bave
signed up during the past week.
With the expiration of memberships
very little difllculty has been experienced in having members renew their
A strenuous effort to have all the
young men of the town particularly,
Lo join the Club is now being made.
For the benelit of those who are not
conversant with membership conditions we give the following outline
of the Cluh and its Held of work:
Is Th'e Young Men's Olub is not
a private enterprise foisted upon tho
community and looking for the sympathetic and sentimental support of
the community. The Club is the answer, to a demand for an institution
of this type for the benefit of young
men, It is a business proposition.
It has a commodity to sell and offers a bona-ttde return for money invested. There is no such thing as
paying something for nothing unless
a member declines ta ta*;c h.B privileges.
2. Who can be a member? Anyone
who behaves himself.
3. What is the membership fee?
Ten dollars per annum, in advance.
There are no other fees or expenses
lb connection with the Club. The
Olub is not a place to spend money
but a home for recreation where
money can be Bav ed.
4. What arc the privileges? Gymnasium work and games, boxing,
wrestling, etc., under a competent
Physical Instructor. Swimming Pool
privileges. The pool iR one of the
hest in the entire west and in larger
than the pool of many of the large
cities of the west, Thc temperature
ol tbe water is kept at from 70 to
7f> degrees fahrenheit. And maintained at tbat temperature throughout
the year.
The pool is kept in a sanitary con
dltlon, the water being emptied every Saturday night by regulation,
and the walls of the pool are carefully scoured. There are excellent
shower baths in connection with an
abundant supply of hot water. There
is also a tine rending room with a
good working reference library In
Throughout thc pnst yenr the Olub
has quite lived up to its ideal; a
comfortable home for men with a
wholesome atmosphere.
Tbe Girls' (Mass gave an excellent,
exhibition of their physical prowess
in the Gymnasium on Wednesday evening. The program was not long,
nor yet was the work done of a difficult natural But wbat was done
was well done, and for enthusiasm
this group of young ladies is bard
to beat. The games were keenly
competed and a aplcndid spirit of
the Olub life enjoyed by tbe ladles
was manifest. After the program re
fresbments were served. A large
number of the friends of thc Olub
were in attendance and ull declared
the event a decided success.
There is talk now of n joint exhibition by thc Ladles' and Men's
classes to be given in the near future as a wind up of the season.
Club members and their friends
nre urged not to forget to boost for
tbe big entertainment to be given in
tho Club on Monday, May 14, by
Thomas Elmore Lucy, of St. Louis,
Mo. Mr. Lucy is a clever cartoonist
nnd crayon artist and uses this talent proliflcly during his program to
illustrate both song and  storf.
Mr. Lucy is an impersonator as
well as an actor, reader, singer, and
crayon artist, He hns travelled
widely, and embodies the beBt things
he has seen and beard in many lnnds
in his program, personating in rapid
make-up sucb celebrities nB Mark
Twain, James Whltcomh niley, I'oe,
LInlcoln, Pope Leo, Qougb, "Hill*
Nye, and many others, Interspersing
all with a charming How of wit,
mimicry and ludicrous fun.
We can assure nur friends of a
splendid evening wllh Mr. Lucy OH
Mondayi May ith, The admission
will be nt the popular price of 60c,
Notice ib hereby given that 60 days
after date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Ooal and Petroleum over
the   following  lands  situati]  in  the
District    of    South-east    Kootenay, j trict.
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on tbe following described lands,
Hlock 4693, Group 1, Kootenay Dis-
fti  Trade Mftt:;ia
A .irft..n npiiilltis n nUctHi nnd rtMetlnt Ion inn?
I'lM-h- MitT " Mircei-.t. ii rrwtwlH	
'i.i'i'irifi   I* IM',lm),|v iinh'itl iiMii     I i.Ti'l'inlil   i
■I' tl)Pr....*1-tr-,lfi.!. Hfl'lllHO'lK "'"'"-'"'J
-I    ,1   II I'll.   OI<-|>!l|   «-•.*->----   ll'I   •■.■H.INI.f l'l.'1-l't-.,
I'i-H'iiI* t.tki'ii tlm-iii-li Mm.ii A I'd. nuulfl
utl nutlet, MM uui. iiImitv'., In tli
Scientific flnwlcatt.
lild, ' fold bi
.Hum** New Vork
nwiuo. l>. ii.
A   fiiii'lMiiiiitl-r  llliistniin.  w
« ilntlpu ol i.ny m nto  |nui
> ...i.■*!'., 117'i ii yi-.it, -.Mirim'. |i
111 i.iiw»1i'ukTl,
urwmii unit*, dm r m. wuhnw ■«>.
british  Columbia,  in  Lot 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Southwest corner of Lot
11480, and being the Southwest corner post of Mary Denner's claim;
theace East 35.095 chains; thence
North 13.SC8 chains; tbence East
44.856 chains; thence North 22,457
chains; thence West approximately 80
chains to the East line of Lot 8587,
thence South approximately 36.32
chains to the plnce of commencement
being a part of the lands heretofore
surveyed as Lot li-lso.
Located this 9th day
Eathen  W.   Butts
H. Brown, Witness
of February,
,   Agent
Notice is hereby given that GO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum over
the following lands situati' in the
District of South-east Kontenay,
British  Columbia,  in  Lot 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tbe Southeast corner post of
Lot 7130, and being the Northwest
corner post of Ulysses B, Fehr's
claim, tbence Bast along tbe South
line of Lot 10074A a distance o; approximately 27. T9 chains to tbe West
line of Lot 87,10; tbence Soutb along
tbe West line of Lot 8730 a distance
of approximately 4.26 chains to the
Southwest corner of said Lot 8730;
thence East along tbe South line of
said Lot 8730 a distance of approximately 36.01 chains to the West line
of Lot 10070; thence South along the
West line of Lot 10070 a distance of
approximately 3.47 chains to the
Northeast corner post of Lot 10067;
thence West along the North line of
Lot 10067 a distance of approximate'
ly 64.40 chains to the Bast line of
Lot 872G; thence North along thc
Kast Une of Lot 8726 a distance of
approximately 7.73 chains to the
I lace of beginning, containing appro?;
imntely 34.17 acres.
Located this 10th day ol February,
Bathen W.  Butts, Agent
Win. H. Brown, Witness 14
Notice ib hereby given that CO dayB
after date I intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lands for a licence tu
prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum over
the following Ian-la sit i.n tr in the
District of South-east Kooteuny,
British   Columbia,   in   Lot.  4593.
Commencing at a  post planted at
• near the Bo uth-west corner post
of Lot 11949, and being the Southeast corner post of Ulysses E, Fehr's
claim; tbence North along the West
boundary line ol Lot 11949 to the
South boundary line of Lot 11951 n
distance of 55.54 chains; tlience West,
along the South boundary line of Lot
11951 to tbe East boundary line of
Richard Helme'a claim a distance
approximating 12 chains; thence
South along the East boundary line
of Richard Helme'a claim 55.54 chain.!
to the North boundary line of Lot
11948; tbence East to tbe point of
commencement, containing approximately 65 acres.
Located this 14th day of February, 1914.
ULYSSES E.  FEHR, locator
Eathen  W.   Butts,  Agent
Wm. H. Brown, Witness 14
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum over
the following lands situati* in the
DiBtrlct of South-east Kootonay.
British  Columbia,   In  Lot 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Southwe.it corner post of
Lot 7i45( and being the Northwest
corner post of George Wykes' claim;
thence South along the East boundary of Lot 7842 to the International
Boundary a distance approximating
55.01 chnins; tbence East along tbe
International Boundary to the South
went corner of Lot 7404 a distance
approximating B8.1C elmiin; thenc-
North nlong the Went, line of Lot
7404 to the South line of l.ot 7845 a
distance approximating 55.or, rhains;
theace West along lb' South line of
Lot. 7845 to tho place of commencement a distance approximating 53.12
chains, containing approximately 2'jh
Located thin oth day of February,
Eathen   W.   Butts,   Afl
Win. II. Brown, Witness
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Them I'UIh hid compoumlod with tin greater
cue irom Uio tnoit h'IImIjIu remctllci known i
■ctoncoimcti ns pro bolng need wliliinuchouccM
by (!'<' lll'i.'t 'H.'lll-ltr.i  li v ■.!• It-lit. kll.iAH.
TImu slen  peel III loMfifl '
I tux.
k-Ii i
hut, NH,Ul .ilhlo KMtm-Mi.liviiMllfr.-ii
Utviil Drug Co,, HI, (JftUiMlUM, Out,
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North East corner of Lot 9499,
•thence North eighty chains; thence
West eighty chains; thence South
eighty chains; thence EaBt eighty
chains, to point of commencement,
excepting thereout that part covered
by Lot 11980.
Located this 16th day of February
John Livingstcn, locator
12 G. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice tbat I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on tbe following described lands,
Block 4593, Group 1, Kontenay Dlitrlct.
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 9499,
thence North eighty chains; tbence
West eicb t y dial ns; thence South
eighty chains; thence East eighty
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 16th day of February
Jobn Livingston, locator
12 G. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice thnt I intend to apply
to the Minister of LandB for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on tbe following described lands,
Block 4593, Group 1, Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East corner of Lot 11984,
thence west eighty chains; thence
North eighty chains; thence Eaat
eighty chains; tbence South eighty
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 17th day of February
John Livingston, locator
12 G. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice tbat I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on tbe following described lands,
Block 4593, Oroup 1, Kootenay District.
Commencing nt a post planted at
the North Enst corner of Lot 9499,
thence North eighty chains; tbence
East eighty chains; thence Soutb
eighty chains; thence West eighty
chains, to point of commencement,
excepting thereout, that part covered by Lots 11980 and 11981.
Located this 16th day of .February
John Livingston, locator
12 O. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
on the following described lands,
Block 4503, Group 1, Kootenay Diatrict.
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 9499,
tbence West eighty chains; thence
Soutb eighty chains; tb nee EaBt
eighty chains; tbence North eighty
chnins to point of commencement.
Located this 16th day of February
Jobn Livingston, locator
12 G. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice tbat I intend to apply
to tbe Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
over part of Block 4593 described as
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 11980,
tbence South fifty chnins; thence
West eighty-nine chnins. more or less
to the Eastern boundary of Lot
10981; tbence North to the southerly
boundary of Lot 10979; thence follow
Ing the said boundary and the Westerly and Southerly boundaries of
Lot 11979 to point of commencement
Located this 17th day of February
Alfred. H. Webster, locator
12 G. W. Brown, Agent
District of South-East   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE tbat John Henry
Lismer, of Cranhrook, B. C, occupa
tlon laborer, in tends tn apply for per
mission to purebasi' tbe following
described lands-
Commencing at a pout planted at
the South-west corner of Lot %M,
Group I, Knotenny District, thenre
went 2n cliuins, tbence north 40
Chains, thenre oast 20 chains, tbence
Houth 4o chains to the point of commencement uud containing Ml) acres
more nr less.
Dated March 80tb, 1914. 14
Electric Restorer for Mer
Phoanhonol «■•»•■ •**•' v ntrvt Is Iht bod.
ilin end vitality, Premature dorar ntid all teiUM
vcilcncHS nvertul til once PhoaphoDol wig
make you n uuw timii. I'rlcg Hi Iraa-nr two Iel
(ft.   Mailed tu any iddtMi.  YtMlMMUIlni
ll-       Wtm     *t—...._._*..—i—     ___.—, w TIIE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B.C.
Miss Verna Felton
and The
' WMiHjr
Allen Players
Coming from Several Weeks at Moose Jaw, will open
One Week's Engagement
at the
Auditorium, Mon. April 27
with that Stiring, Strong, Political Drama
The Woman
and following with a New  Repertoire of High Class Plays
New    Scenery   and    New    Costumes
Special Added Attraction-
Royal   Hungarian   Stringed   Quartette
Prices for week 50c and 75c.
Local  News
The Picture Framing work done by
W. W. Kilby is still hanging on the
wall. Why? Heen use excellency ol
workmanship makes bis frames last.
Remember Kilby Can Frame Pictures
Mr. J. Brewer of Windermere, waB
in  town  Monday  on  busineBB.
Navigation on the Upper Columbia
river has boon opened for the season
and steamers currying freight tor
Windermene and otber points will
now make their regular trips.
j J WITH ,
\t\\e Dye thai colors ANY KINof
i      ol'Cloth Porfectly, with tbe
NoCbiQCtol MbtikM. Olun nii-ista-pi--.    ,
■ A.k yi'iii 1 >rtiuw* -*■«•» I ■■- r. N-i.-Jfur llm.klrt.
* Tlirjoliutoii-Kt. lur.l Lu. I.luiHril, MuuUml _
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Oraabrook people have found out
tbat A BINOLH DOSE of aimple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc, aB
compounded in Adler-i-ka, thc German bowel uud Btomach remedy, re*
llsvea constipation, sour stmnach or
gas on the stomach INSTANTLY.
This simple mixture becams famous
by curing appendicitis and it anti-
Hepticizo« the digestive organs and
draws ofl the Impurities, lt is surprising how QUICKLY it. helps, THE
BMttUt-Murphy ('*> IMt
Gin Pills CurL-d Them. Free
Sample Box Leads to Cure.
Only tboio who havo been tortured
witli Kidney Trouble can anpreelale liuw
Mr. Tramper surferod. Bolng a railroad
wnn, he wa. called upon to uo nil klndl
ol heavy work. The coiuUnt strain ul
lilting, weakenod tho kldnejre,
I received the lample box of Qln Pllle
•ml wu greatly benefitted liy them, My
kldnoya w  in uuch  hud condition  r
could not lilt or eloop without pain,   lu
(act, they pal I mo nearly nil llie time.
J have tnluoi three boxoe of (iin Pllle,
working all the time iii. heavy work on
the raiirriii'l mil did nol  loec a dny
Do Hlmr|i twinge, catch you ae vuu
etoop !   Are  ynu   tub I.   i„   lllieiium-
iiim, Sii.iii,:,i or Lumbago ? line, vour
liladder give troublo ? Tako 'iin i'ilh
on our punitive guarantee Unit they will
cure you nr money refunded, .'.Oe a bui
—• for $2..',n ,\ t dealer!, or ill root If you
cannot obtain from druirgjet, Nainple
box free If you mention thin paper,
National Drug and Clieiulcal Co,, of
Canada, I.nulled, Toronto, na
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook        -        B. C.
T. C. Phillips has been appointed
lire warden (or the WyclitTe district.
Selkirk Preceptory will hold a regular monthly assembly In the Ma-
sii'ic    Temple    on    Monday  evening
R. L. T. Ualbraith of Fort Steele,
entertained a few ot his friends, to
a very enjoyable evening on Thursday, several of whom were from
The ladies of Christ Church Guild
wil! hold a Tea at the home of Mrs.
II. Darline, Burwell Avenue, in aid
of the building fund of the new
church, on Saturday 28th inst from
4 to fi o'clock.
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOR SALB—Excellent household effects by private sale. Apply G.
Grant, Dewer Avenue.
Dr. Rutledge was called to Jaffray
Tuesday on professional  businoss,
Mrs. D. Burton returned this week
from a holiday trip to Spokane.
The public Bchoois opened on Monday for the summer term.
Born—On May 21st at Ann Arbor,
Mich., to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Staples  of  Wyclifle,   a  hum.
The Otis Staples Lumber Mills at
Wycllfle, resumed operations last
The Cranbrook Lawn TenniB Club
will hold a Flannel dance on Wedm-s
lay, Mny 6th. Dancing 9 to 12. Tickets  11.50.    extra lady BOc.
Mr. Alas Tayb ■. mano [tr oi tbi
Taylor Lumber Co., at Kimberley
was in town  Monday, on company
We Clean the Town. Up-to-
Date and Sanitary. Cranbrook
Dye & Cleaning Works. Phonr
Fred Small has resigned his position in the Customs department, lit*
will i'm to Windermere and take full
charge ol a general merchandise store
On {Sunday last al Coal Creok, n
man named Arthur Qreen wnn itabb
ed  to  death,    Several  arrests  have
been  made.
IS] more staples, general manager
of tho Staples Lumber company of
WyoliffO,     win   at    Kelson   this   week
attending a meeting Ol thn .Mountain
1, nm her men 'h Association.
A reduction in bouse cooking rates
j has been oflorod by the Electric Light
compnny, which are nn inducement to
I the    housewife    during    tbe   Hiimiiier
i months,
FOUND—Gold Locket with picture of
little Kid inside. Owner can have
same by applying at tbis office and
paying for tbls advert.
Twenty-live second-hand Sewing
Machines for Snle on monthly payments, snme of them cabinets. All
overhauled and ln good condition.
From (5.00 up. Singer Store, pbone
157. 4-tf.
FOR SALE, Brantford Bicycle, secondhand, cheap for cash. Apply
this office.
for SALE—Silver Grey Dorkings,
11 pullets and 1 hen, $2.0(1 curb. Box
320, Cranbrook, B.C.
i'i'i; RENT—Nicely furnished rooms,
private board if desired, centrally
located,    Phone 441. 14-t.f.
in good condition. Cun he seen at
the Prospector office. Price $40.00
FOR BALE or trade for Cranbrook
property, A ii In. hy 12 In cylinder traction engine, carries MB tbs
of Bteam, nearly new. Would rim
n fan elsed portable Hiiwmill; what
offers?    i'M.  Shackleton, phone ;iih
i.adieu and Gentlemen having underclothing and BOCks nnd BtotlttngB
to   lil'iid   please  glVfl  me the work;
terms reasonable,   Mrs, Isabel But
ler,  111 Clark AVonUo. 14-lit
8,   O,   Wliil.i-
,1-l'llnrn   EggH
cblng;  H.BO
ror thlrtoon,
10.00 por
hundred,   It
.   T.   Wlllililllii
IDgK Farm,
ii:i Rt
W, .lllflll    to    w
in n
Country Hi
Iol,   Apply ni
toi   Officii,
icon   MAI.M
(Ht    MINT-
:, roomod
Ikiiihi* mt '■!
nlil,  Iiuuii  li>|!
i mnl
ohloken coop
III.   Illirk.     A[i|ily
o A.
Brault, W P
luloy Avi-niii'.
WANTED—A   bpllMtcoopci* lor  Ininlly
of throe,     Oood   wiik™ in   right
pnrty.    Klilrrly lady preferred,    Apply Boi 873, Crauliiinik, B.O     'ifl
If yuu have an Engagement in view
in our direction, we Invite you
to call and look through our
stock of new and bighclaBa
jewelry, neat in design and per
feet In quality. We maka a
specialty of Hem Bngagoment
Rings and their successors-
Wedding Rings. If thinking ot
either, we would appreciate a
call and a look over our stock.
We are willing to lose a sale
if you can resist qualities and
J       BROS.
i     Jewelers 6? Opticians
J Cranbrook,    -    -    B. C.
Friday next, May lnt, will be celebrated at Pern I J, aome unkind poople intimate that the principal Aoinf.
wil] be the boxing context which will
take place in tbe evening,
Quality in Cleaning;! Cranbrook Dye & Cleaning Works.
We Clean the Town. Phone 157
Everybody's doing it by the seaside, What? Watching the American tleet dropping down to Tumpico.
Garden men Ray that tbln will be
a goad yenr for vegetables. Certainly the Heed catalogue!) were never
more attractively Illustrated.
Alcura Will Do It
Alcura, the widely known treat
merit. Ior Alcoholiam can now be obtained at our store. It Ih guaranteed to cure or benefit, or money refunded. Rotnedy that Iiiih been tried
by thoimamlH and lound to do Juat
iih It clalniH.
llriinkeiineHM in a dlncnue. ThoHc
who are all Hi'led with the craving
for liquor have to be helped to
throw It oil. Alcura No. 1 ean bo
givon Mcerelly in OOlTflO or (ood. Al-
etira No. 2 in the voluntary treatment.
Help your loved oneH    to    rcHtorc
themselves to lives of sobriety and
iiiii'fiilnei.H iiiid lo ref.nl" tho reaped
of tbe community In which tuey live.
(inly $1.0(1 per box. Auk for Kree
Boattlo -Murphy Co., Limited, Drug*
rim*, Oranbrook, B.C. 42:1
J. S. Staples of Wyclifle, was in
town Monday.
At the Edison theatre tonight will
be shown a special Irish dramatic
feature in three reels entitled; "Bory
of the BogB," also a comedy entitled
"The Villian still pursued her."
Mr.-and Mrs. C. Johnson of Wasa,
were Cranbrook visitors on Wednesday. Mr. Johnson reports that the
country is looking tine now that the
snow has disappeared. Several preparations have been made in addition
to other years for the comfort of
tbe visitors to the Wasa botel.
On Monday at the Rex Theatre will
be Bhown tbfe historical film entitled
"The Tudor Princess." Tonight the
programme will consist of Tbe White
Psther; African Whaling industry
Low Caste Bernice; nnd the capture
of Bad Brown.
We Clean the Town! Cranbrook Dye & Cleaning Works.
Phone 157.
There is no licence required for ron-
•idente of the province wbo deslrts
to fish for game Ilsh. The recent n-
miudments to the Came Act bnve
made many people believe tbat n t'odi
ing licence must be taken out, but
tbis is not so, except iu tbe map of
non-reBidents wbo must take out the
customary licence.
Preparations are now under way
for the observance of the great Jubilee celebration of tbe Institution of
Oddfellowiflhlp in British Columbia,
which talies plnce In Victoria from
June B to 13th< The annual nsslons
will he held as follows; (irnnd Lodge
June mth; (irnnd Encampment Juno
9th; Robokah assembly dune 9; Department. Council of Patriarchs Mil
Hunt  June 8th.
Lee   John  was brought  before the
Court on Thursday to answer a
charge of having opium in bin posseB
Slon, He was charged under Section
3 of the Opium Act, which culls for
11 Hcntenco ol n tine of $500,00 or Imprisonment for one year. Lee John
pleaded guilty and received u $20.00
line as a reHult. The knowledge of
(his opium came by the Chief of tlio
Police acting on Information received
and nml.iiii' a raid on the prcinlttcH.
On information wired to Chief A-
dame, Mrn. Minnie Taylor wiih ar
rested on Monday on a charge of
theft, It Is leaned thnt tbe eaune
of Ihe arrest is entirely due to family troubles, and tbat her litiHband
treated ber cruelly; so taking ber I:'.
yearn old Hon ahe left blm With the
Intention of going to the United
Minleit. Hhe wiih tinned back at the
line however coining to Crnnhrm't.
She whh taken to Lethbrldge on Wed
iiiwiiiy by Conatable wigg
P, O. Boi 801 Craabrook, B.O
The World's Best
Send for Five Roses
Writ.   N»m» «nd   Add".*   plainly
P«m (..nf 1 to uitluN Ttn Cvati
miu or ni .in » _
Cook Book-
chown from the contribution! of over two thomnnJ
■ucceiilul men of Five Roin Flour throughout Cannl*.
Alio Uielul Note* on the various classes of good (hingf
to eat, all of which have berrv carefully checked anil
tfrchrcked by competent authority.
Mtgj m tmj__ to UB Of THE WOODS MIUINt CO. ____, _____
Cranbrook   Jobbers,   X»td.
Hardware and House Furnishings
B. C.
ECONOMICAL—Heats   the  house   well
without burning all the coal you can buy.
J^?__.„ __. _____ Gives steady, even
J. UrllaCQ heat on least fuel.
See the McClary dealer or write for booklet.
Sold by PATMORE BROS., b^
1 I rl I'T flT IT I TIT "TtTtITItTtTIt TTTTTlTrTrrT'l'ITr
< • * >
j Kootenay   Grill |
OPEN FROM 11.30 UNTIL 2.00 A.M.
Ladies' Tea Parties a specialty at all hours
for a reasonable price
Avoid the rush and chuuko
a private hox or large dining tahle lor
Sunday KveniiiK
Cranbrook Orchestra in Attendance from 5.30 till 8.30 ;;
p. in.
i-H-IH-HW IIII H I III llllllll HI 111111111111 H


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